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Wishing peace and prosperity to my fellow Wiktionarians. I migrated here from Wikipedia in 2007. I also see some of my prior article work or suggestions have transwiki'd their way over here magically without me even noticing. Goldenrowley 06:26, 23 March 2007 (UTC)

So-called Credentials: I have a B.A. in English and some training in French, and sometimes I understand basic Spanish.

Work in Process[edit]

I am helping to get Transwiki's logged in, and finished: User:Goldenrowley/Sandbox

Finished work[edit]

Words added for some large projects at Wikipedia (or just because), those I feel proud enough to share...

Old English[edit]

  • clæg, prætt, sceard.


Arts & Crafts terminology:[edit]

  • cycloidal, cycloidal arch, Cyclopean architecture, cyclostylar, Cyzicene, cyma(s), interior decoration, interior design, ‎interior designer
  • Pottery terminology:
    • ball clay, broken vessel, crocker(s), engobe, faience, maoilica, Mishima, potter's clay, potter's field, sherd(s), Raku.
    • (Middle English) pot-sherd.
    • (Old English) clæg, sceard.
  • spelter(s)


  • battle cry, cerauno-, chambranle(s), crushed sugar, churada/churadas, egocast/egocasts/egocasting, embay/embays/embaying, envisioner, esoterism, friendlies, hallucinosis, ignorable, increasable, ‎independent contractor, indisposable, ingeniosity, inoccupancy/inoccupancies, inoperant, introverting, issuable, japonica, kashaya, kerauno-, keraunomedicine, Japonica, long-long-lost, mantle-tree, metalware(s), memetic, memetic algorithm, ozarkite, paratext, ropeable, styliform, styloid, suburbian(s), tetherless, tetherless computing, thomsonite, thumbies, whap/whaps, whopped/whops, word on the street
  • Helped with doctrinalism, exoterism, hallucinaut.

Native American terminology:[edit]

  • Awaswas, Bay Miwok, Bodega Miwok, Cainamero(s), Carmel, Carmeleno, Coast Miwok, Chalon, Chocenyo/Chochenyo, Costanoans (add plural), Esselen, Karkin, Kroeberian, hunter-gatherers (add plural), hunter-gathering, Lake Miwok, Marin Miwok, Mission Indian(s), Miwok, Miwokan, Penutian, Plains Miwok, Ramaytush, Rumsien, San Carlos, San Juan Bautista, Salinan(s), Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Sierra Miwok, Soledad, Sonoma, Tamien/Thamien/Tamyen, tribelet(s), Valley Miwok.
  • Kashaya, qha, Pomo, Pomoan.
Mutsun (Ohlone)[edit]
  • Ahmah, Mutsun, Noso-N.

Mythology terminology:[edit]

  • phylacteries, elfland, elfenland, elfinwood(s), elfhame, elphame, elflocks, light elves, dark elves, swordbearing, sword-bearer, sword-bearing.
  • Helped with: mythopoeia, epyllion, epyllia, fairy, faerie(s), fairy ring, momentary god(s).


  • Cyclopean architecture, Cyzicene, Kroeberian, Mishima, Mozarkite, Ozarkite, Rowleian, Sancho Panzaism.
  • Helped with: Circean poison, Cyclopean, Rockwellesque.

Legal terminology:[edit]

  • constat
  • Helped with: atpatruus, non constat, ensifer.

Idioms &[edit]

  • all's well that ends well; no sooner said than done; where there's a will.
  • egocast/egocasting/egocaster, hog-wallowing, off-roader, spaminate, spaminator, waller, yell silently
  • Helped with: hog waller


  • ophid-, ophio-



  • dysphagy, bacteriophagy, psomophagy, poltophagy, allotriophagy, zoophagy, theophagy, rhypophagy, placentophagy, exophagy, endophagy, autocoprophagy, androphagy, lepidophagy, saprophagy, ophiophagy, rhizophagy, foliophagy, xylophagy, matriphagy, monophagy.

French and derivatives[edit]

  • altruisme(s), chambranle(s), Dex aie, impartial/impartiaux, impariale(s), lancette(s), pâleur, phylactère‎, pore(s), tirailler
  • Helped with: beauséant‎, celadon‎, Diex aie‎, esprit, esprit de corps, façon de parler‎, idée reçue‎.

Italian and derivatives[edit]

Music terminology:

  • con sordini, sordamente, sordino (m), sordine, sordina (f), , senza sordini, sordini levati, sordo.
  • Helped with: con sordino, sordini, senza sordino.


  • Helped with: previdential.

Spanish and derivatives[edit]

  • bautista, Californio(s), Chocheño, diseño(s), diseño de terreno, Juan Bautista, Los Carquines, San (title), San Carlos, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Juan, San Juan Bautista, Santa (title), Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa.


  • νάρδος (nárdos)


  • contra jus fasque, constat, compositum jus fasque animi, nobilis, veruti, verutus, vetula, vetulas, vetulus.
  • Helped with: atpatruus, carruca‎, et ux(.), et uxor, fasque, grosso modo‎, nobilissimus, non constat, quaeritur‎, secus‎, verutum.


  • names: Beatrijs, Ieneke, Jacoba, Jannetje, Josien/Josian, Josina, Lia, Leentje, Maartje, Maritje, Neeltje, Pieter
  • Misc words: potasch.
  • Helped with: Cor, Trees


(Old High German) ur- (Middle German) alb, alp, elbe, elber, elbisch. (German) Ur-

Old Norse[edit]

Mythology terminology:

  • Ljósálfar, Dökkálfar.