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This user is currently working on
Adding missing words that are used on Wikipedia (and hopefully elsewhere) w:Wikipedia:Typo_Team/moss .

This user has a basic understanding of Hanzi.
JS-2 This user has a fair command of JavaScript, and can understand some scripts written by others.
{{t}}-2 This user can use wiki templates with ease, and can write some simple ones.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
fy-1 Dizze meidogger hat in elemintêre kennis fan it Frysk.
nl-0 Deze gebruiker heeft geen kennis van het Nederlands (of begrijpt het met grote moeite).
+10 This user's time zone is +10.

  1. sandbox of missing words extracted from minerals pages
  2. command to format raw word lists: tr " " "\n" |sort -u|sed -e 's/^/* [[/' -e 's/$/]]/'
  3. command to make generic drug suffix: sed -e 's/\([^ ]*\) \([^ ]*\) \([^ ]*\)/entry: -\1\n\n==English==\n\n===Suffix===\n{{en-suffix}}\n\n# {{lb|en|pharmacology}} {{non-gloss definition|Used to form names of [[generic]] \2 [[drug]]s}}\n#:\3\n\n/' -e "/:/s/#:/#:''[[/" -e "/#:/s/; /]]'', ''[[/g" -e "/#:/s/\n/]]''\n/"< genericstems|more