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13:30 UTC, Thursday, 23 May
About Me
  • Nationality: Texan
  • ID No.: 2964
  • Main Interests NASA, Internet, USA Current events
  • Currently Reading: The Lies of George W. Bush (Mastering the politics of deception) by David Corn

My name is Mieu Mieu. I was rescued from the middle of a Houston 12-lane freeway (by Alan's daughter)

I created an original blog on Politics in 2003. The main target was the corrupting influence of war-mongering Republican idealogues such as George W. Bush, Texas good-hair Senator Cornyn, and their "House Majority Leader," (Chemical) Tom DeLay--a man who has gassed hundreds of thousands of his own people--cockroaches. (DeLay owned a toxic chemical pest exterminating company before selling it under questionable eithical standards and becoming a questionable ethical standard GOPPER politician.)

I am not as talented as other Wikians who have blogs about their Wiki-stuff, but I aspire to greatness anyway.

As of 11 of April 2005 i've made in excess of 700 edits to Wiktionary and written lots of individual word articles. For a list of articles and edits I've participated in, see this link

As a group Wiktionarians have penned a total of 6,042,390 articles since the project began.

Beliefs & Opinions

I would like to think the world is NPOV. Since that is not the case, I will do my best to be "NPOV." When that becomes impossible, I will not touch the story. I welcome aggravating criticism on any article's talk page.

Warning to general Wiki readers: The following are merely my opinions of a few issues, not facts.

  • I believe in Wiktionary, Wikipedia and other Wikis.
  • I believe that in general people are good.
  • I am pro-choice. A woman's decisions are hard enough without men getting between her and her doctor.
  • I think Darwin was really on to something. If I thought the world began with Noah's Ark, I would not believe in fossils.
  • I practice Tai Chi. I like David Carradine and reruns of Kung-Fu.
  • Dr. Hunter Thompson was one of my literary heroes. He hated Republican politicians. I know this because he was the subject of several of my CNN chats in the year 2000, when the Earth still had a chance with President William Jefferson Clinton.
  • I think it is time for the United States to embrace a third political party so we can have an opposition party. The Democrats are nothing more than Bush-lite republicans.

With a Master's Degree in English Education from a University in Pennsylvania, Alan J. Franklin, AKA HiFlyer, set out to change the world one word at a time.

That was in 1972. This is now, and looking at Wikinews, Wiktionary, and the other Wiki projects, I am a happy retiree!

I have many interviews with famous and infamous people to add to the equation, mostly done during a stint as a news production person with CNN. There are interviews with some interesting people in my library, including one with the current resident of the White House completed before his first court victory in 2001.

Hopefully, my news production stint will enable my articles here to be reasonably clear. Let's all learn the Wiki-ropes together.

And a special hello to many of my former chat mates from my SYSOP days at CNN, before the magic died and they killed off Mirc chat right along with Al Gore.

Visit my politically incorrect blog, Nasty Letters, and browse the "Archives" for good things to keep you laughing!

Now that you know my politics (?), know that they do not influence my presentation of events. Political posturing is reserved for my blog. I am registered "Independent," and I don't like the Dems much more than the GOP.

I live a mile away from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Clear Lake City and hope to bring Wiki readers first hand reports on our space program.


Alan J. Franklin has made w:Houston, Texas, his home for the last 25 years. He is the proud daddy of a grown and married daughter and the loving husband to his patient and amazing wife.