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Here are some stuffs I would like to do when I am voted in as a local administrator as well as a bot-owner. I have written this so as not to be burthened with having to bear in mind these things.

As sysop.[edit]

  • Mass-deletion of entries (redirected or not) having typographical errors.

As botter[edit]

  • Enforcing certain normalisations of entries, such as:
    • For English entries, capitalising the first word of a definition and ending a definition with a fullstop (diff); the reverse for non-English entries (diff).
    • Shifting quotations in citation pages to their main entries, and the deletion of citation pages; but for those citation pages that have been created owing to {{no entry}}.
    • Changing the heading References to Further reading for non-inline citations (diff).
    • Wrapping non-categorized usage examples with {{ux}}/{{uxi}} (diff).
    • Changing two bullets, or a colon followed by a bullet, (which some rhymes and audios mistakenly have) to one bullet in the Pronunciation section (diff, diff).
    • Setting headings having a wrong number of levels to their right number (diff).
    • Formatting certain sections (such as Further reading and Usage notes) to include a bullet before the templet or text if that be missing.
    • Changing {{l}} to {{alter}} in the Alternative forms section (diff); fixing the parameter (diff).
    • Adding {{see desc}} beside the Latin descendant in Proto-Italic entries (diff).
    • Bolding entry terms in quotes (diff).
    • Changing the format of binominal names from ''[[]]'' to {{m|mul|}} (diff).
    • Removing instances of ‘the’ before a language name in etymologies (diff).
    • Substituting ‘Old Frankish’ with ‘Frankish’ in etymologies (diff).
    • Label WF’s audios as ‘RP’ instead of ‘UK’ or ‘Southern England’ (diff).
    • Changing a wrongly used heading Related terms to See also (diff).