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Despite the title, this is not a book, but a structured list of useful links. At first look it may seem orderly, but the links inside each section are currently listed in no particular order. The misleading title is a case of wishful thinking: i wish a Wiktionary book were available. By "book" i mean a well-structured, more or less linear account. Indeed two such books would be in order: one for newbies, like myself, and a more thorough reference book for advanced Wiktionarians.

An ideal book would be easy to read as well as thorough and authoritative. I'm afraid the following is nothing of the sort. However with more work, a better approximation to this ideal may be attainable. Help, comments or suggestions are warmly welcome.


  1. main page Main_Page
  2. welcome Wiktionary:Welcome_newcomers
  3. wiktionary faq Wiktionary:FAQ
  4. what Wiktionary is not Wiktionary:What_Wiktionary_is_not
  5. criteria for inclusion Wiktionary:Criteria_for_inclusion

Writing an Entry[edit]


  1. How to start a pageWiktionary:How_to_start_a_page
  2. starting a new page Help:Starting_a_new_page
  3. tutorial Wiktionary:Tutorial
  4. starting a new page/meta version Help:Starting_a_new_page/Meta_version
  5. how does one edit a page Wikipedia:How_does_one_edit_a_page
  6. editing faq Wikipedia:Editing_FAQ
  7. Wiktionary:Etymology Wiktionary:Etymology
  8. how to edit a page Help:How_to_edit_a_page
  9. minor edit Help:Minor_edit
  10. style guide Wiktionary:Style_guide
  11. Help:editing Help:Editing
  12. showing the contents of one page within another page Help:Showing_the_contents_of_one_page_within_another_page
  13. entry layout explained Wiktionary:Entry_layout_explained

Elements of Structure[edit]

  1. quotations Wiktionary:Quotations
  2. categories Wiktionary:Categories
  3. idioms Wiktionary:Idioms
  4. pictures Wiktionary:Pictures
  5. thesaurus considerations Wiktionary:Thesaurus_considerations
  6. images and other uploaded files Help:Images_and_other_uploaded_files
  7. namespace Help:Namespace


  1. Help:Parameter_default Help:Parameter_default
  2. Templates Help:Template
  3. index to templates Wiktionary:Index_to_templates
  4. Help:Templates Category:Templates
  5. Templates search [1]

Multilingual Issues[edit]

  1. Multilinguage issues Category:Wiktionary:Multilingual_issues
  2. Pronunciation Category:Wiktionary:Pronunciation
  3. IPA_symbols Category:IPA_symbols
  4. interlanguage link demo Help:Interlanguage_link_demo
  5. Language Category:Language


  1. Maintenance Category:Wiktionary:Maintenance
  2. nominating an article for cleanup or deletion Help:Nominating_an_article_for_cleanup_or_deletion
  3. transwiki Help:Transwiki
  4. requests for deletion Wiktionary:Requests_for_deletion

Social Aspects[edit]


  1. Licensing Category:Wiktionary:Licensing
  2. license discussion Wiktionary:License_discussion
  3. using public domain works as a base Wiktionary:Using_public_domain_works_as_a_base
  4. GNU free documentation license GNU_Free_Documentation_License
  5. Wiktionary:Copyrights Wiktionary:Copyrights

Communicating with Other Wikipedians[edit]

  1. beer parlor Wiktionary:Beer_parlour
  2. tea room Wiktionary:Tea_room
  3. mailing lists Wiktionary:Mailing_lists
  4. irc channel Wiktionary:IRC_channel
  5. list of administrators Wiktionary:Administrators


  1. staying cool when editing becomes hot Wikipedia:Staying_cool_when_the_editing_gets_hot
  2. Be bold in updating pages Wiktionary:Be_bold_in_updating_pages


  1. Meta elements of policy Category:Meta_Elements_of_Policy
  2. Policies - Wiktionary_Top_Level Category:Policies_-_Wiktionary_Top_Level
  3. Policy - Wiktionary Draft Proposal Category:Policy_-_Wiktionary_Draft_Proposal
  4. Wiktionary:List of Policy Templates Wiktionary:List_of_Policy_Templates
  5. Policy - Wiktionary Policy Implications Category:Policy_-_Wiktionary_Policy_Implications
  6. Policy - Wiktionary Policy Think-Tank Category:Policy_-_Wiktionary_Policy_Think-Tank
  7. Policy - Wiktionary Semi-Official Category:Policy_-_Wiktionary_Semi-Official
  8. Wikipedia official policy Category:Wikipedia_official_policy
  9. proposal for policies and guidelines Wiktionary:Policies_and_Guidelines - Policy

Power Structure[edit]

  1. Wiktionarians Category:Wiktionary users

Special Topics[edit]


  1. WikiSaurus Category:WikiSaurus
  2. creating a WikiSaurus entry Help:Creating_a_WikiSaurus_entry


  1. category appendices Category:Appendices
  2. appendix:contents Appendix:Contents


  1. WikiMedia Category:Wikimedia
  2. sandbox Wiktionary:Sandbox
  3. Utilities Wiktionary:Utilities


  1. Category:Reader_handbook Category:Reader_handbook
  2. Wiktionary:Help Category:Help
  3. Help contents Help:Contents

A full list of the Help namespace in the various projects[edit]

  1. Wikimedia
  2. WikiBooks
  3. WikiCommons
  4. WikiNews
  5. WikiPedia
  6. WikiQuote
  7. WikiSource
  8. Wiktionary


  1. index of categories Special:Categories
  2. *Wiktionary Category:%2AWiktionary
  3. Wiktionary (A) Category:Wiktionary
  4. community portal Wiktionary:Community_Portal
  5. Fundamental Category:Fundamental