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Hi, I'm a seventeen year old student from England. I mostly contribute to en.wikipedia, where I am an administrator, under this username. See my userpage there if you want to know anything about me personally. I've decided I should branch out into other Wikimedia projects, and I thought Wiktionary was the one that was of most interest to me. I'm still new here, so please point me in the right direction if I'm going wrong, either on my talk page or on IRC, which I should be on if I'm active either here or on Wikipedia at the time.

I speak only English, but I have an interest in my local Cumbrian dialect, Old English, Old Norse and slang. I also have a great interest in obscure words, so those are the sort of areas I will be writing about.

My sandbox.

A list of pages I have created can be found here.

Template pages[edit]

Transcluded below are my page creation templates.

User:J Milburn/Mills place name[edit]



===Proper noun===
{{en-proper noun}}

# a place name

*{{cite book| last = Mills| first = David|title = The Place Names of Lancashire|origyear = 1976|publisher = Batsford Books| location = London|id = ISBN 0-7134-3248-9| pages = | chapter = Directory of Place Names}}

[[Category:Place names]]

User:J Milburn/Old English given name[edit]

==Old English==
===Proper noun===

# {{given name|male||ang:}}

User:J Milburn/Alternative Old English given name[edit]

==Old English==
===Proper noun===

# alternate spelling of þ.

[[Category:ang:Male given names]]
[[Category:Old English alternative spellings]]

User:J Milburn/Romanisation of Old English given name[edit]

Romanisation of {{OE.}} 
===Proper noun===

# {{given name|male||}}

User:J Milburn/Old English noun[edit]

==Old English==

[[Category:Old English nouns]]

User:J Milburn/Sheep counting[edit]

List of numbers (for personal use)

{{wikipedia|Yan Tan Tethera}}
From {{Celtic.}} numerals.
===Cardinal number===
#{{context|West Cumbrian|Borrowdale}} {{dialect}} [[]] in Cumbrian [[sheep]] [[counting]]
[[Category:Cardinal numbers]]

*{{cite book
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*{{cite book
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*{{cite book
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