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About Me

Hi there! I'll keep it short, my name is Jock Boy (no not really, I just am a stickler for privacy) and I am a huge football fan and player as well as playing a little baseball. I do have a lot of activities going on, practices, school, homework, so I will be on and off kind of frequently throughout my career here. I also am known for leaving the computer abruptly, but don't mind that! I also use twinkle to revert vandalism (go Firefox!).

It's very early in my wiki career, but I hope to become an admin within about two years, maybe earlier if I make a few less mistakes and get an FA, which I probably won't have time to do for the next couple of months.

Created Pages

none currently


At this point of time I do not have the time required to write any FA's due to my yr 11 studies, however a I do have plans of writing a few articles here and there in the near future. I think i might getinto rating articles someday, once again when I have time or get bored with my other Wikipedia duties


Main Article: Special:Contributions/Promethean

WikiProject Miami Dolphins

I just created WP:DOLPHINS, but I hope to have it fully complete by December or January. Not much more to write here. If you want to send me a query about that, it's best to reach me via my talk rather than my email.


I am a huge Twinkle fan, though I will switch to huggle in the future. I already know that the complaints should be coming soon, because I can already tell that I have made a few too many so far.



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Jock Boy (t-c)

Who am I?

Who am I?
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Gender: Male
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Interests: Football, ESPN, Wikipedia, Sports, Video Games

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What I am currently working on

Current Wikipedia Tasks

  • Start making non-revert contribs

Current Interest

  • Creating a WikiProject (maintaining {WP:DOLPHINS)

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