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To begin with[edit]

German 'Huf' is equivalent to Korean 'gub' ().


Rule of being[edit]

Existing or persisting is nothing but resisting.

This is roughly or incorrectly suggested by the Taoist yin and yang. Newton was clever enough to snatch at it in terms of action and reaction, but no more than mechanical forces, which in fact are most universal indeed. Advise me of anything not active-cum-reactive on earth, except for quantum mechanics, which looks just crazy to me.

Rule of living[edit]

Do others as good as you like to be done by them.

This is the only moral principle I believe to be true or valid. Yet I do wonder if there were any religion that were ready to accept this w:Golden Rule (ethics).

Rule of learning[edit]

"But I shall let the little I have known go forth into the day in order that someone better than I may guess the truth, and in his work may prove and rebuke my error. At this I shall rejoice that I was yet a means whereby this truth has come to light." -- the opening quotation in Conjectures and Refutations (1963) by Karl R. Popper.

For decades, I have read no better motivation and orientation than this for learning.

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