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My name is Kasia, born in 09.01.1986. I am 2nd year student of English at Kazimierz Wielki University. My interesect concentrate around English, Polish history, Polish literature. I am computer and English geek, because I can very very long learn English and using computer. From computer - my favourite domain is Microsoft XP, and I use XP as my operating system. I rarely edit EN Wiktionary, because in real life I have a lot to do. Main I must learn English, but I have other things to do. Probably in holidays I'm going to have more a lot time than now. I've been to England.

Next to I've been learning Czech since 1st February 2008, and now my Czech is..basic;] I learnt German, exactly I was learning German between 2003-2006, and I think that English is easier language than Germany. So...In Semptember 2008 I will have been learning English for thirteen years, because I've been learning English since 1995. I'll be buying a new car..And I will go to work as English teacher after study.

Now will be more about my interesects. So in English I interesect English Kings since always. In Polish history I very like years 1750-1951, when Poland kings were Sas. August II Mocny (he was Polish King between 1697-1706 and between 1709-1733), August III Sas (he was Polish King after August II). I interesect November Uprising in 1830 Poland, and January Uprising, which was in 1863. Just..I interesect Polish history between 1750-1951. Now Polish litarature - my favourite book from Polish literature are "Dziady" written by Adam Mickiewicz (e.g Konrad Words: Liar who you called Love, because God you are only wisdom oryginal: Kłamca kto Cię nazwał miłością, bo Ty jesteś tylko mądrością translated by Kasia1986.). About computer science/operating system I wrote above. So..probably the end. But to be continued.