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I have a basic understanding of Choctaw.

I made a table comparing the various Choctaw orthography standards:

IPA Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3 Traditional Dictionary
a a a a
i i i i
o o o o
aa á ā a (unmarked)
ii í ī i / e
oo ó ō o (unmarked)
ãː a ą a aⁿ
ĩː i į i iⁿ
õː o ǫ o, u oⁿ, uⁿ
ə a v
ɪ i i
ʊ o u
IPA Variant 1 Variant 2 Traditional Dictionary
b b
ch č ch
f f
h h
k k
l l
ɬ lh ł hl, lh [1] ł, lh [2]
m m
n n
p p
s s
ʃ sh š sh
t t
w w
j y


  1. ^ The former is used before a vowel; the latter, before a consonant. The intervocalic use of <hl> conflated the common consonant cluster /hl/ with /ɬ/.
  2. ^ Dictionary editors John Swanton and Henry Halbert systematically replaced all instances of <hl> with <ł>, regardless whether <hl> stood for /ɬ/ or /hl/. Despite the editors' systematic replacement of all <hl> with <ł>, the digraph <lh> was allowed to stand.