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b. {abbr} :: bei
B {letter} :: letter: be
B {n} [music] :: B-flat
{f} [wind] :: gust, squall
Baß {m} :: alternative spelling of Bass
BA {initialism} :: license plate from Bamberg
BA {initialism} :: initialism of Berufsakademie
BA {initialism} :: initialism of Betriebsabrechnung
BA {initialism} :: initialism of Betriebsanleitung
BA {initialism} :: initialism of Bosnien und Herzegowina
BA {initialism} :: initialism of w:de:British Airways
BA {initialism} :: initialism of w:de:Bundesagentur für Arbeit
BA {initialism} :: initialism of w:de:Bundesanstalt für Arbeit
Baart {m} :: [rare] alternative form of Bart; beard
baba {interj} [colloquial, chiefly in Austria] :: see you, so long
babbeln {v} :: to blubber; blabber (talk incoherently)
babbeln {v} :: to babble (to talk a lot)
Baby {n} :: baby [infant]
Babyboom {m} :: baby boom
Babyboomer {m} :: baby boomer
babyeierleicht {adj} :: easy peasy
babyeinfach {adj} [chiefly childish or jocular] :: very simple; very easy; easy peasy; for babies
Babyklappe {f} :: baby hatch
Babykleidung {f} :: baby clothes, babywear
Babyöl {n} :: baby oil
babyleicht {adj} :: easy peasy
Babylonien {prop} {n} :: Babylonia
Babylonier {m} :: A Babylonian
babylonisch {adj} :: Babylonian
Babyschwimmen {n} :: baby swimming
babysitten {v} :: babysit (to watch or tend someone else's child for a period of time, often for money)
Babysitter {m} :: babysitter
Babysitting {n} :: babysitting
Babyspeck {m} :: puppy fat
Bacchanal {n} :: bacchanalia
bacchantisch {adj} :: Bacchanalian
Bach {m} :: brook, stream
Bach {prop} {m} :: surname
Bach {prop} {m} [music] :: Johann Sebastian Bach, a German organist and composer
Bach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Bache {m} [dialectal, else archaic] :: bacon
Bache {f} :: A wild sow, female wild boar (the generic term is Wildschwein, the male boar Keiler, rarely Bacher)
Bachelor {m} :: bachelor's degree
Bachelor {m} :: bachelor graduate
Bachelorgrad {m} :: bachelor's degree
Bacher {m} :: An inhabitant of Bach, Tyrol, Austria
Bachergebirge {prop} {n} :: Pohorje, a mountain range in northern Slovenia
Bachforelle {f} :: brook trout
Bachmanning {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
bachmutisch {adj} :: of or pertaining to Bakhmut
Bachofen {prop} :: surname, borne by Johann Jakob Bachofen
Bachstelze {f} :: white wagtail (Motacilla alba)
Back {n} [nautical] :: forecastle (raised part of the upper deck)
Back {n} [nautical] :: a large wooden bowl in which the meal is served
Back {n} [nautical] :: a dining table used by the crew of a ship, often foldable
Back {m} [Switzerland, otherwise obsolete, soccer] :: defender; back
Backaroma {n} :: extract (e.g. of lemon) used in baking
Backblech {n} :: baking tray (oven-proof tray)
backbord {adv} :: portside
Backbord {n} :: port [the left side of a ship when facing the fore]
Backe {f} :: cheek (on the face)
Backe {f} :: buttock, butt cheek
Backe {f} :: jaw (of a tool)
backen {vti} :: to bake; to roast
backen {vti} [colloquial, regional] :: to fry
backen {vti} [chiefly pottery] :: to fire
backen {vi} :: to stick together; to cake
backen {vt} :: to stick (something to something else)
Backenbart {m} :: sideburns
Backenknochen {m} :: cheekbone
Backenzahn {m} :: a molar (tooth)
Backfisch {m} :: a baked or fried fish, or a fish intended for baking or frying
Backfisch {m} [humorous, becoming dated] :: a teenage girl
Backform {f} :: baking tin / pan / dish; cakepan
Backgammon {n} :: backgammon
Backofen {m} :: oven
Backoffice {n} [business] :: back office
Backpfeife {f} :: slap in the face
Backpfeifengesicht {n} [colloquial] :: a slappable face, a face "in need of a slap"
Backpflaume {f} :: prune
Backpulver {n} :: A baking powder, dry leavening agent used in baking pastry etc
Backstein {m} :: a brick used in masonry
Backstube {f} :: bakery
Backtriebmittel {n} :: leavening agent, raising agent
Backup {n} {m} :: backup
Backware {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: pastries, baked goods
Bad {n} :: bath
Bad {n} :: bathroom
Bad {n} :: pool, baths
Bad {n} :: (destination) spa; (health) resort
Bad Aiblinger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Aibling
Bad Breisiger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Breisig
Baddeleyit {m} [mineral] :: baddeleyite
Bad Driburger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Driburg
Bad Dürkheimer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Dürkheim
Bad Dürrheimer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Dürrheim
Badeanstalt {f} :: bathhouse; public baths, swimming pool
Badeanzug {m} :: swimsuit (tight-fitting garment worn for swimming), bathing suit, bathing costume
Badebekleidung {f} :: swimwear
Badegast {m} :: bather, swimmer
Badegast {m} :: visitor to a spa
Badehose {f} :: A pair of swimming trunks
Badekabine {f} :: synonym of Ankleidekabine
Bademantel {m} :: bathrobe [US], dressing gown [UK]
Bademeister {m} :: bathkeeper, bath attendant, pool supervisor, swimming pool attendant, lifesaver (male or of unspecified sex)
baden {v} :: to bathe
Baden {prop} {n} :: Baden, various places with multiple hot springs, named using a former plural form of Bad ("bath")
Baden {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Baden {prop} {n} :: A spa town in Switzerland
Baden {n} :: "bathing"
Baden-Württemberg {prop} {n} :: Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Baden-Württemberg
baden-württembergisch {adj} :: relating to Baden-Württemberg
Badeort {m} :: spa
Badeort {m} :: beach resort, seaside resort
Bader {m} :: barber surgeon
Badersdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Badestrand {m} :: bathing beach
Badeteich {m} :: bathing pond
Badetuch {n} :: bath towel
Badewanne {f} :: bathtub
Badezimmer {n} :: bathroom
Bad Frankenhausener {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Frankenhausen
Bad Friedrichshaller {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Friedrichshall
Bad Harzburger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Harzburg
Bad Honnefer {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Honnef
Badi {f} [Switzerland] :: lido (open-air swimming pool)
Bad Iburger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Iburg
badisch {adj} :: Of or from Baden
Bad Kissinger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bad Kissingen
Badminton {n} [sports] :: badminton
baff {adj} [colloquial, chiefly predicative] :: flabbergasted
Bafög {n} :: German federal law concerning need-based financial aid for (university) students
Bafög {n} :: colloquial name for money which is payed to poor (university) students by the German government
BAföG {noun} :: German federal law concerning need-based financial aid for (university) students
BAföG {noun} :: colloquial name for money which is payed to poor (university) students by the German government
Bafög-Schmarotzer {m} [offensive] :: parasitic student who collects need-based financial aid from the German federal government
Bagage {f} [pejorative] :: rabble, lot
Bagage {f} [dated, luggage or military] :: baggage
Bagatelle {f} :: bagatelle
Bagdad {prop} {n} :: Baghdad
Bagel {m} :: bagel (toroidal bread roll)
Bagger {m} :: excavator (vehicle), digger (machinery)
baggern {v} :: to excavate; to dredge
baggern {v} [volleyball] :: to scoop
baggern {v} [colloquial] :: to flirt; to try to seduce
Baguette {n} {f} :: baguette
Bahamaer {m} :: Bahamian (person)
bahamaisch {adj} :: Bahamian (pertaining to the Bahamas)
Bahamas {prop} {p} :: Bahamas
Bahn {f} :: route, trail
Bahn {f} :: rail transport
Bahn {f} :: train, tram
Bahn {f} :: lane
Bahn {f} [astronomy] :: orbit
Bahn {prop} :: Deutsche Bahn, or its predecessors
Bahnübergang {m} :: level crossing
bahnbrechend {adj} :: groundbreaking
Bahndrehimpuls {m} [astronomy, physics] :: angular momentum
bahnen {vr} :: to channel
Bahnfahrer {m} :: someone driving a train (as a driver)
Bahnfahrer {m} :: someone riding a train (as a passenger)
Bahnfahrt {f} :: train ride, train trip
Bahnhof {m} :: train station
bahnhofsnah {adj} :: near a railway station
Bahnhofsuhr {f} :: station clock [at a train station]
Bahnlinie {f} :: railroad line, railway line
Bahnmoment {n} [physics] :: angular momentum
Bahnstation {f} :: train station
Bahnsteig {m} :: train platform
Bahr {prop} :: surname
Bahrain {prop} {n} :: Bahrain
Bahrainer {m} :: Bahraini (man from Bahrain)
Bahrainerin {f} :: Bahraini (woman from Bahrain)
bahrainisch {adj} :: Bahraini
Bahre {f} :: bier
Bahre {f} :: litter (A platform mounted on two shafts designed to be carried by two (or more) people to transport a third person)
Bahre {f} :: stretcher
Bahrein {prop} {n} :: alternative spelling of Bahrain
Bahuvrihi {n} [grammar] :: A bahuvrihi compound
Bai {f} [literary] :: bay
Baiern {prop} :: obsolete form of Bayern
Baikalente {f} :: Baikal teal (Anas formosa)
Baikalsee {prop} {m} :: Baikal
Baileychlor {noun} :: baileychlore
Bain-Marie {n} :: bain-marie (pan containing hot water)
bairisch {adj} :: relating to the Bavarian dialects of the German language, which include the German spoken in Bavaria and Austria
bairisch {adj} :: Bavarian, of or pertaining to Bavaria; alternative form of bayrisch
Baiser {n} :: meringue
Baisse {f} [stock market] :: bear market
Bajonett {n} :: bayonet
Bake {f} :: nautical traffic sign or buoy
Bake {f} :: a kind of road sign(s), used in Germany e.g. at level crossings
Bakkalaurea {f} [education] :: Female form of Bakkalaureus
Bakkalaureat {n} [education] :: lowest academical degree of universities and colleges; baccalaureate (Austria, United Kingdom, North America)
Bakkalaureat {n} [education] :: Final exams taken at the end of the secondary education in France
Bakkalaureus {m} [education] :: A man successfully reached the Bakkalaureat title
Bakkie {m} [Namibia] :: bakkie
Bakschisch {n} :: baksheesh (bribe or tip paid to speed up services in the Middle East an SW Asia)
Bakterie {f} [microbiology] :: bacterium
bakteriell {adj} :: bacterial
Bakterienkunde {f} :: bacteriology (the scientific study of bacteria)
Bakterienstamm {m} :: bacterial strain
Bakteriologe {m} :: bacteriologist
Bakteriologie {f} :: bacteriology (the scientific study of bacteria)
bakteriologisch {adj} :: bacteriological
bakteriolytisch {adj} :: bacteriolytic
Bakteriophage {f} :: bacteriophage
bakteriostatisch {adj} :: bacteriostatic
Bakterium {n} [dated, microbiology] :: bacterium
bakterizid {adj} :: bactericidal, antibacterial
Bakterizid {n} :: bactericide, antibiotic
baktrisch {adj} :: Bactrian (related to Bactria)
Baktrisch {n} :: Bactrian (the Bactrian language)
Balalaika {f} [musical instruments] :: balalaika
Balance {f} :: balance
balancieren {v} :: to balance
Balanitis {f} [andrology] :: balanitis
bald {adv} :: soon, near in time
bald {adv} :: almost
Baldachin {m} :: canopy, dais
Baldachinspinne {f} :: sheet weaver, money spider
baldig {adj} :: early
baldig {adj} :: fast, speedy, quick
baldig {adj} :: timely
baldmöglichst {adv} :: as soon as possible
Baldramsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Baldrian {m} :: valerian
Baldrs draumar {prop} :: Baldrs draumar
Baldur {prop} :: given name
Balearische Inseln {prop} {p} :: Balearic Islands (group of Mediterranean islands)
Balg {m} {n} :: brat (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child)
Balg {m} :: hide
Balg {m} :: (technical) bellows
Balg {m} [botany] :: follicle
Balgfrucht {f} [botany] :: follicle
balinesisch {adj} :: Balinese
Balinesisch {n} :: Balinese (the Balinese language)
Balise {f} [ETCS] :: balise
Balitiger {m} :: Bali tiger [Panthera tigris balica]
Balkan {prop} {m} :: Balkans, Balkan Peninsula
Balkanhalbinsel {prop} {f} :: Balkan Peninsula
balkanisch {adj} :: Balkan, Balkanian, Balkanic
balkanisieren {v} :: to Balkanize
balkanisiert {v} :: past participle of balkanisieren
Balkanisierung {f} :: Balkanization
Balkansprachbund {prop} {m} :: Balkan sprachbund
Balken {m} :: beam, crossbeam
Balken {m} :: bar (long, narrow drawn or printed rectangle, cuboid or cylinder, especially as used in a bar code or a bar chart; informal unit of measure of signal strength for a wireless device such as a cell phone)
Balken {m} [music] :: beam (horizontal bar which connects the stems of two or more notes to group them and to indicate metric value)
Balken {m} [heraldiccharge] :: fess
Balkenspiralgalaxie {f} [astronomy] :: barred spiral galaxy
Balkenwaage {f} :: steelyard balance
Balkon {m} [architecture] :: balcony (an accessible structure extending from a building, especially outside a window or overlooking a stage)
Balkonien {prop} {n} [jocular] :: one’s own balcony, referred to as if it were a vacation destination; the place where one spends one’s staycation
Ball {m} :: ball (round or roundish object, most often used for games)
Ball {m} [dance] :: ball [social gathering for dancing], prom [US]
Ballade {f} :: ballad
Ballast {m} [nautical or figuratively] :: ballast
ballasten {v} [nautical, rare] :: to ballast
Ballaststoff {m} :: dietary fiber
ballen {v} :: to agglomerate
ballen {v} :: to bale
ballen {v} [fist] :: to clench
ballen {v} [clouds] :: to gather
Ballen {m} :: bale
Ballen {m} [of a hand or foot] :: ball, pad
Ballerina {f} :: ballerina
ballern {v} :: to bang (make a loud, dull sound)
ballern {v} [colloquial] :: to shoot, particularly: to be trigger-happy
ballern {v} [football] :: to hammer (shoot hard)
Ballerspiel {n} [video games] :: shooter, shoot 'em up
Ballett {n} :: ballet
Balletttänzer {m} :: ballet dancer
ballförmig {adj} :: ball-shaped, spherical
Ballistik {f} :: ballistics
ballistisch {adj} :: ballistic
Ballkleid {n} :: ball dress, ballgown
Ballon {m} :: balloon
Ballsaal {m} :: A ballroom, large space used for dancing
ballsicher {adj} [sports] :: safe with the ball (is rarely tackled successfully)
Ballspiel {n} :: ballgame
Ballung {f} :: agglomeration
Ballung {f} :: concentration
Ballung {f} :: accumulation
Balmer-Serie {f} :: Balmer series
Balneologie {f} :: balneology
Balogh {prop} :: surname
Balrog {m} :: balrog
Balsam {m} :: balsam, balm; ointment
Balte {m} :: a Balt; a member of a Baltic people
Baltikum {prop} :: the Baltic (Balticum)
baltisch {adj} :: Baltic
balto- {prefix} :: Balto-
baltoslawisch {adj} :: Balto-Slavic
Balustrade {f} [architecture] :: balustrade
Balz {f} [zoology] :: courtship display
Balz {f} [zoology] :: mating season
Balz {prop} :: A diminutive of the male given name Balthasar
Balzers {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Liechtenstein
Bamberg {prop} {n} :: Bamberg (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
Bambus {m} :: bamboo
Bambusameisenwürger {m} :: bamboo antshrike
Bambuspflanze {f} :: bamboo plant
Bambuswald {m} :: a forest with bamboos; bamboo forest
Bammel {m} [colloquial] :: fear
banal {adj} :: banal
banaler {adj} :: comparative of banal
banalisieren {v} :: to banalize
Banalität {f} :: banality
banalsten {adj} :: superlative of banal
Banane {f} :: banana (fruit)
Bananenmilch {f} :: banana milk (milk into which bananas have been puréed)
Bananenrepublik {f} :: banana republic
Bananensaft {m} :: banana juice
bananig {adj} :: bananalike
Banause {m} :: banausic person
band {v} :: Past tense of binden
Band {n} :: tape, ribbon
Band {n} [anatomy] :: A ligament
Band {n} :: band or tie holding items together
Band {n} :: belt (conveyor belt, fan belt, etc.)
Band {n} :: band of the spectrum
Band {n} [figurative, pl. Bande] :: intimate bond to a person
Band {n} [figurative, pl. Bande] :: dependence, social bond
Band {n} [poetic, pl. Bande] :: shackle
Band {m} :: A volume of a multi-volume set of books
Band {f} :: A modern music band
Bandabstand {m} [physics] :: bandgap
Bandage {f} :: bandage
bandagieren {v} :: to bandage
Bandagist {m} [Austria] :: a prosthetist
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} {n} :: Bandar Seri Begawan
Bandbreite {f} :: bandwidth
Bande {f} :: gang (group of people united for some immoral or criminal objective)
Bande {f} [archaic] :: group, squad, band
Bande {f} [sports, games] :: elevated boundary of a playing field; boards
Banderole {f} :: label
Banderole {f} :: revenue stamp
Bandit {m} :: bandit
Bandlaufwerk {n} :: tape drive, streamer
Bandlücke {f} :: bandgap
Bandproduktion {f} :: assembly line production
Bandrobbe {f} :: ribbon seal
Bandscheibe {f} :: spinal disc, intervertebral disc
Bandscheibenvorfall {m} :: spinal disc herniation, slipped disc
Bandstruktur {f} [physics] :: band structure (of electrons in a semiconductor)
Bandwurm {m} :: tapeworm
Bandwurmgegenmittel {n} :: tapeworm remedy / antidote
bang {adj} :: scared, frightened, afraid, fearful
bangalisch {adj} :: Bangladeshi
Bangbüxe {f} [regional, northern Germany] :: coward; scaredy-cat
bange {adj} :: alternative form of bang
bangen {v} :: to feel dread or fear, especially for someone else without being able to do something about it
Bangigkeit {f} [chiefly in the singular] :: a feeling of anxiety, especially when caused by an uncertain dread
Bangkok {prop} {n} :: Bangkok (capital of Thailand)
Bangladesch {prop} {n} :: Bangladesh
Bangladescher {m} :: Bangladeshi (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)
Bangladescherin {f} :: Bangladeshi (female person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)
bangladeschisch {adj} :: Bangladeshi (of, from, or pertaining to Bangladesh)
Bangladesh {prop} {n} :: nonstandard spelling of Bangladesch
bangsten {adj} :: superlative of bang
Banja {f} :: Russian banya
Banjo {n} :: banjo
Bank {f} :: bench (which people sit on); pew
Bank {f} :: workbench (which things can be set down on)
Bank {f} :: bank (collection of material in a body of water)
Bank {f} [football] :: substitutes' bench
Bank {f} :: bank (financial institution)
Bank {f} :: a facility for storage of a particular thing:
Bankangestellter {m} :: bank employee; anyone who works at a bank
Bankautomat {m} [Germany] :: ATM, teller, automated teller machine
Banküberfall {m} :: bank raid, bank robbery, bank heist
Banker {m} :: banker (one who works in the banking industry); alternative form of Bänker
Bankett {n} [meal] :: banquet
Bankett {n} [road] :: verge
Bankgeheimnis {n} :: bank secrecy, bank privacy
Bankier {m} :: the owner or a high-ranking officer of a bank
Bankkaufmann {m} :: banker, bank clerk (male or of unspecified sex)
Bankkonto {n} :: bank account
Bankleitzahl {f} [banking] :: bank code, [UK] sort code
Banknote {f} :: banknote (paper currency)
Bankraub {m} :: bank robbery
bankrott {adj} :: bankrupt
Bankrott {m} :: bankruptcy
Bankräuber {m} :: bank robber
Bankwesen {n} :: banking
Bankzinsenluder {n} [humorous, rather rare] :: A politician who cares more about financial institutions than the people
Bann {m} :: jurisdiction
Bann {m} :: ban, proscription
Bann {m} :: excommunication
Bann {m} :: spell, enchantment, influence, magic, magical effect
Bann {m} [historical] :: a regiment of Hitler Youth or the SS
Banne {prop} {m} :: given name
bannen {vt} [historic or figurative] :: to ostracize; to banish; to outlaw; to excommunicate
bannen {vt} [magic] :: to immobilize or disarm (a spirit) by a spell
bannen {vt} [figurative] :: to avert; to banish; to drive off
bannen {vt} [figurative] :: to captivate; to fascinate
Banner {n} :: banner
Bannfluch {m} :: anathema
bannig {adj} :: very, extraordinarily
Bannmeile {f} [historical] :: area around a city governed by special trade laws
Bannmeile {f} [politics] :: protective area around certain government buildings in Germany, especially the Bundestag, where demonstrations are illegal
Bannstrahl {m} :: anathema
Bannstrahl {m} :: thunderbolt
Banshee {f} :: banshee (in Irish folklore, a female spirit)
bappen {v} [regional] :: to stick
Baptismus {m} [Christianity] :: the Baptist denomination
Baptist {prop} {m} [Christianity, archaic] :: the Baptist (title of Saint John the Baptist)
Baptist {m} [Christianity] :: Baptist (follower of the Baptist denomination)
Baptista {prop} {m} :: alternative form of Baptist
bar {adj} :: bare
bar {adv} :: in cash
bar {adv} :: pure
bar {prep} :: (+genitive) without
-bar {suffix} :: -able, -ible
Bar {f} :: bar (desk)
Bar {f} :: night club (pub)
Bar {n} :: bar (unit of pressure)
Bar. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Baryton
Baracke {f} :: shack, barrack
Barbadier {m} :: Barbadian [male or gender-unspecified person from the Antillean country of Barbados]
Barbadierin {f} :: female Barbadian
barbadisch {adj} :: Barbadian (of or relating to Barbados)
Barbados {prop} {n} :: Barbados
Barbar {m} :: barbarian
Barbara {prop} :: given name; very popular in the mid-twentieth century
Barbarei {f} :: barbarity
Barbarei {f} :: barbarism
barbarisch {adj} :: barbaric, barbarian, barbarous
Barbe {f} :: barbel (fish)
Barbian {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Barbie {noun} :: surname
Barbier {m} :: barber (male or of unspecified sex)
barbieren {v} [dated] :: to cut (trim, barber) the beard, to shave
barbusig {adj} :: (of a woman) topless, bare-breasted
Barcelona {prop} {n} :: Barcelona
Barceloner {m} :: A Barcelonian (a native or inhabitant of Barcelona)
Barceloner {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Barcelona
Barcode {m} :: barcode
Barde {m} :: bard, minstrel (male or of unspecified sex)
Barentssee {prop} {f} :: Barents Sea
barfüßig {adj} :: barefooted
barfuß {adv} :: barefoot
barfuss {adv} :: alternative spelling of barfuß
Bargeld {n} :: cash (money in the form of notes/bills and coins)
bargeldlos {adj} :: cashless
barhäuptig {adj} :: bareheaded
Barista {m} :: barista
Barit {m} :: alt form Baryt
Bariton {m} :: baritone
Barium {n} :: barium
Bariumcarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium carbonate
Bariumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium chloride
Bariumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium oxide
bariumperoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium peroxide
Bariumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium sulfate
Bariumtitanat {n} [inorganic compound] :: barium titanate
Bark {f} :: bark (three-masted vessel)
Barke {f} [nautical] :: (small) boat
Barmann {m} :: barman, bartender barkeeper (male or of unspecified sex) (one who tends a bar or pub)
barmherzig {adj} :: merciful, compassionate
Barmherzigkeit {f} :: mercy, compassion
Barmixer {m} :: barkeeper
Barmixerin {f} :: barkeeper woman
Béarn {prop} :: The Béarn region in the French Pyrenees
barock {adj} :: baroque
Barock {m} {n} :: Baroque (style)
Barockstil {m} :: Baroque style
Barometer {n} :: barometer (instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure)
barometrisch {adj} :: barometric
Baron {m} :: baron
Baronesse {f} :: baroness
Barrel {n} :: barrel
Barren {m} [metallurgy] :: bar
Barren {m} [gymnastics] :: parallel bars
Barriere {f} :: barrier
barrierefrei {adj} :: barrier-free
barrierefrei {adj} :: wheelchair-accessible
Barrikade {f} :: barricade
barsch {adj} :: harsh, unfriendly
Barsch {m} :: perch (fish)
Barschaft {f} :: cash
Bart {m} :: beard
Bart {m} :: bit; the part of a key which interacts with the lock
Barte {f} :: baleen (plates in the mouth of the baleen whale)
Barte {f} [obsolete] :: axe or halberd
Barte {f} [heraldry] :: axe
Bartenwal {m} :: baleen whale
Barterl {n} [Austria] :: a bib
Bartgeier {m} :: bearded vulture, lammergeier
Bartholomäberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Bartholomäus {prop} :: Bartholomew (the Apostle)
Bartholomäus {prop} :: Bartholomew (male given name)
Bartkauz {m} :: great grey owl
Baryon {n} [physics] :: baryon
Baryt {m} [mineral] :: barite
Baryton {n} :: baryton
Barzahlung {f} :: cash payment
basal {adj} :: basal
Basalebene {f} :: basal plane (e.g. of graphite)
Basalt {m} :: basalt
basalten {adj} :: basaltic
Basaltgestein {n} [geology] :: basalt rock
basalthaltig {adj} :: basaltic
basaltisch {adj} [geology] :: basaltic
Basar {m} :: bazaar
Baschkire {m} :: Bashkir (man of Bashkir origin)
Baschkirin {f} :: Bashkir (woman of Bashkir origin)
baschkirisch {adj} :: Bashkir (related to the Bashkirs, their culture or language)
Baschkirisch {prop} {n} :: Bashkir (language)
Base {f} [archaic] :: A female cousin
Base {f} [chemistry] :: base (compound that will neutralize an acid)
Baseball {m} :: baseball (ballgame)
Baseball {m} :: baseball (ball)
Baseballschläger {m} :: baseball bat
Basecap {n} :: baseball cap
Basecap {f} :: baseball cap
Baseler {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Basel
Basel-Landschaft {prop} {f} :: Basel-Country, Basel-Landschaft
Basel-Stadt {prop} {f} :: Basel-Stadt
BASF {initialism} :: Badische Anilin- & Soda-Fabrik
basieren {v} :: to base (on)
basieren {v} :: to be based (on)
basiert {adj} [especially, in combination] :: based
basiklin {adj} [botany] :: tending to grow in basic soil
Basilekt {m} [linguistics] :: basilect
Basilika {f} :: basilica
Basilikum {n} :: basil
Basilisk {m} :: basilisk (mythical creature)
Basilisk {m} :: basilisk, any reptile of genus Basiliscus
Basis {f} :: basis (foundation, principle)
Basis {f} [military] :: base
Basis {f} [mathematics] :: basis
basisch {adj} [chemistry] :: basic, alkaline
Basisdaten {p} [plurale tantum, computer science] :: basic data
Basiseinheit {f} :: base unit
Basisklasse {f} [programming, object-oriented] :: base class
Basismaterial {n} :: base material
Basiswissen {n} :: basic knowledge
Basizität {f} [chemistry] :: basicity
Baske {m} :: Basque (male or of unspecified sex)
Baskenland {prop} {n} :: the Basque Country
Baskenmütze {f} :: beret
Basketball {m} :: basketball
Basketballspieler {m} :: basketball player (male or of unspecified sex)
Baskin {f} :: Basque (member of a people)
baskisch {adj} :: Basque; Relative to the Basque people or their language
Baskisch {n} :: Basque (the Basque language)
Basler {m} :: Basler (a native or inhabitant of Basel)
bass {adj} :: greatly
Bass {m} :: bass (low spectrum of sound; section of musical group; singer; musical instrument)
Bassgitarre {f} :: bass guitar
Bassin {n} [water pool] :: basin, pool
Bassist {m} :: bassist
Basstölpel {m} :: gannet (sea bird)
Bassum {prop} {n} :: A town in Lower Saxony, Germany
Bast {m} :: bast
Bastard {m} :: bastard (a person born to unmarried parents; also used as an insult)
Bastardschildkröte {f} :: Ridley sea turtle
Bastei {f} :: bastion
basteln {v} :: to do handicrafts
basteln {v} :: to do DIY
basteln {v} :: to tinker (to fiddle with something in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it)
basten {adj} :: made of bast
bastfarben {adj} :: bast-coloured
Bastian {prop} :: given name derived from Sebastian
Bastion {f} :: bastion
Bastnäsit {n} :: bastnäsite, bastnaesite
Bataillon {n} :: battalion
Batik {f} {m} :: batik
batiken {v} :: to batik
batisten {adj} :: batiste (attributive)
batten {v} [obsolete, western Germany] :: to be useful, to be of use, to help
Batterie {f} [device that produces electricity or military] :: battery
batteriebetrieben {adj} :: battery-powered
Bau {m} :: building, construction
Bau {m} :: building site, construction site
Bau {m} :: burrow (of an animal)
Bau {m} [colloquial] :: prison, jail
Bauarbeiten {fp} [plurale tantum] :: construction works
Bauarbeiter {m} :: construction worker, building worker, builder (male or of unspecified sex)
Bauarbeiterin {f} :: construction worker, building worker, builder (female)
Bauart {noun} :: design, layout (type of construction)
Baubeginn {m} :: commencement / start of construction [the point at which construction began or will begin]
Bauch {m} :: abdomen, belly
Bauch {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bauchentscheidung {f} :: gut decision
Bauchflosse {f} :: abdominal fin, pelvic fin, ventral fin
Bauchgefühl {n} :: gut feeling
bauchig {adj} :: bulbous
bauchig {adj} :: bulging
Bauchlandung {f} :: belly landing
Bauchnabel {m} :: navel, bellybutton, umbilicus
Bauchnabelfussel {noun} :: bellybutton fluff
bauchoben {adv} [of [swollen] carcasses or cadavers and [bulged] objects] :: in a position with the belly or underside facing upwards; belly up/belly-up, [by extension, figurative] upside down
bauchreden {vt} :: to ventriloquize
Bauchredner {m} :: ventriloquist
Bauchschmerz {m} :: abdominal pain, bellyache, stomachache, tummyache
Bauchspeichel {m} :: pancreatic juice
Bauchspeicheldrüse {f} :: pancreas
Bauchtanz {m} :: belly dance
Baueinheit {f} :: unit, assembly (especially part of a machine tool)
Bauelement {n} :: device
Bauelement {n} :: component, module
Bauelement {n} :: part, element
bauen {v} :: to build; to construct
bauen {v} :: (drug-related) to roll a joint
Bauer {m} :: farmer, peasant, boor (male or of unspecified sex)
Bauer {m} [chess] :: pawn
Bauer {m} [card games] :: jack, knave
Bauer {prop} :: surname
Bauer {n} {m} [archaic or regional] :: birdcage
Bauer {m} [almost exclusively in compounds] :: one who builds something (male or of unspecified sex)
Bauernfrühstück {n} :: a dish made of fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and bacon
Bauernhaus {n} :: farmhouse (farmer's residence)
Bauernhof {m} :: A farm
Bauernmalerei {f} :: folk art, rustic painting, rural painting, naive painting [a generic term for folk art wherein peasant motifs are applied to decorate furniture and other objects]
Bauernregel {f} :: country saying
Bauernschaft {f} :: a union of farmers, or a peasants' confederation, typically on a regional level
Bauernschaft {f} :: the trade of farmers, and farmers as a group of the population
Bauernschaft {f} :: an identified region, e.g. Farster Bauernschaft.
Bauerntölpel {m} :: clodhopper
Bauerschaft {f} :: a number of outlying farms that together constitute a community but without a village centre
Baufall {m} [rare] :: ruins, rubble, wreckage, the debris of a fallen building
baufällig {adj} :: dilapidated, ramshackle (buildings)
Bauform {f} [architecture] :: style
Baugenehmigung {f} :: building permit
baugleich {adj} :: identical in construction, identically constructed
Baugruppe {f} :: assembly, subassembly, component, module
Bauhaus {prop} {n} :: Bauhaus
Bauherr {m} :: builder
Bauherr {m} :: contractor or owner of a building project
Bauholz {n} :: timber, lumber
Bauindustrie {f} :: building / construction industry
Baujahr {n} :: model year
Baujahr {n} [building] :: year of construction
Baukalk {m} :: lime (when used as a building material)
Baukasten {m} :: toy block; building block
Bauklotz {m} :: building block
baulich {adj} :: structural
baulich {adj} :: architectural
Baum {m} :: tree
Baum {m} [nautical] :: boom
Baumarkt {m} :: large hardware store, typically run by a chain, often including a garden and/or furniture department
Baumaterial {n} :: building / construction material
Baumbast {m} :: tree bast
baumbestanden {noun} :: tree-covered
baumeln {v} :: to dangle
Baumfalke {m} :: Eurasian hobby
Baumgarten {prop} {mf} :: surname
Baumgartenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Baumgartner {prop} {m} :: surname
Baumgrenze {f} :: treeline, timberline
Baumhaus {n} :: tree house
Baumhöhle {f} :: tree hole, tree hollow
Baumkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Baumkrone {f} :: treetop
Baumkronenpfad {m} [tourism] :: treetop walkway
Baumkuchen {m} :: Baumkuchen (layered cake)
Baumkunde {f} :: dendrology
baumlang {adj} :: tall or lanky
baumlos {adj} :: treeless (without trees)
Baummarder {m} :: pine marten; European pine marten
Baumralle {f} :: New Guinea flightless rail
baumreich {adj} :: wooded (having many trees), forested, arboreous (landscape)
Baumrinde {f} :: bark (of tree)
Baumschule {f} :: (tree) nursery
Baumstamm {m} :: tree trunk, log (the main structural member of a tree)
Baumstumpf {m} :: tree stump
Baumwipfel {m} :: treetop
Baumwipfelpfad {m} [tourism] :: treetop walkway
Baumwolle {f} [plants] :: cotton
Baumwolle {f} [textile] :: cotton
baumwollen {adj} :: cotton (attributive)
Baumwollhandschuh {m} :: cotton glove
Baumwollhemd {n} :: cotton shirt
Bauplan {m} :: building plan
Bauplan {m} [biology] :: bauplan
Bausch {m} :: wad
Bausch {m} :: pad
bauschig {adj} :: billowing
bauschig {adj} :: bulging, baggy, puffy
Bausoldat {m} [German Democratic Republic, military] :: construction soldier (person who didn't bear arms but instead did construction work)
Baustahl {m} :: structural steel
Baustein {m} :: brick
Baustein {m} :: building block, module, component
Baustein {m} :: device
Baustelle {f} :: building site, construction site
baustellenbedingt {adj} :: building site (attributive)
Baustil {m} [architecture] :: style
Baustoff {m} :: building material
Baustoff {m} :: nutrient
Bautechnik {f} :: structural engineering
bautechnisch {adj} :: constructional, related to structural engineering
Bauteil {n} :: component, part, unit, element
Bautzen {prop} {n} :: Bautzen
Bauwagen {m} :: construction trailer
Bauweise {f} :: design, construction [way something is built]
Bauwerk {n} :: building, edifice
Bauwesen {n} :: construction (trade of building)
Bauwirtschaft {f} :: construction industry, building trade
Bauxit {m} :: bauxite
Bauzeit {f} :: building / construction time
Ba-Wü {prop} :: abbreviation of Baden-Württemberg
Bayer {m} :: Bavarian, inhabitant of Bavaria {m}
Bayer-Bezeichnung {f} :: Bayer designation
bayerisch {adj} :: alternative form of bayrisch
Bayerischer Wald {prop} {m} :: Bavarian Forest
Bayern {prop} {n} :: Bavaria
Bayern {prop} {n} :: Short for FC Bayern München
Bayreuth {prop} {n} :: Bayreuth (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
bayrisch {adj} :: Bavarian (related to the Bundesland Bayern)
Bazi {m} [Austria, Bavaria, colloquial] :: a clever or mischievous boy
Bazi {m} [derogatory] :: a Bavarian
Bazillenträger {m} :: germ carrier
Bazillus {m} :: bacillus
Bazooka {f} :: bazooka (weapon)
Bazzit {m} [mineral] :: bazzite
Böblingen {prop} {n} :: A town in Baden-Württemberg
Bächelchen {n} :: diminutive of Bach
Büchelchen {n} :: diminutive of Buch
Bücherei {f} :: library
Bücherregal {n} :: bookcase (furniture displaying books)
Bücherschrank {m} :: bookcase
Bücherverbrennung {f} :: book burning
Bücherwurm {m} :: bookworm (insect)
Bücherwurm {m} :: bookworm (person)
Büchlein {n} :: diminutive of Buch
Bächlein {n} :: diminutive of Bach
Büchner {prop} {mf} :: surname
Büchse {f} :: box, can
Büchse {f} :: rifle
Büchse der Pandora {f} :: Pandora's box
Bck. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Becken
Bäckchen {n} :: diminutive of Backe (little cheek)
bücken {vr} :: to bend down, to stoop
Bäcker {m} :: baker (professional of male or unspecified sex)
Bäcker {m} :: agent noun of backen
Bäckerdutzend {n} :: baker's dozen
Bäckerei {f} :: bakery
Bäckerin {f} :: baker (female)
Bäckersdutzend {n} :: A baker's dozen, 13
Bückling {m} :: red herring (smoke-cured herring)
Bückling {m} :: bow
Bückling {m} [of a person] :: bootlicker; coward
Bd. {noun} :: abbreviation of Band vol.
Büdchen {n} :: diminutive of Bude (used particularly in the sense of “kiosk”)
Bäderkunde {f} :: balneology
B-dur {m} [music] :: B-flat major
be- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies working on something or change of state
be- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies touching the object
be- {prefix} :: Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies discussing or mentioning the object
Be {noun} [music] :: Sakthi flat
Böe {f} :: alternative form of
beabsichtigen {v} :: to intend
beabsichtigt {adj} :: intended
Beachparty {f} :: beach party
beachten {v} :: To note, notice, observe
beachten {v} :: To mind, heed
beachtenswert {adj} :: noteworthy
beachtet {v} :: past participle of beachten - observed, noted
beachtlich {adj} :: considerable, noticeable, remarkable, substantial
Beachtung {f} :: regard, heed, attention
Beachtung {f} :: observance
Beachtung {f} :: observation, notice
Beachvolleyball {noun} :: beach volleyball
beamen {vt} [science fiction] :: to beam (transmit matter or information via a high-tech wireless mechanism)
Beamer {m} :: video projector
beamten {v} :: to provide a post to
Beamtendeutsch {prop} {n} :: synonym of Amtsdeutsch
Beamter {m} :: officer, civil servant, public servant (male or of unspecified sex)
beamtet {v} :: past participle of beamten
Beamtin {f} :: civil servant, public servant (female)
beanspruchen {vt} :: claim (to demand ownership of something)
beanspruchen {vt} :: require
beanspruchen {vt} :: demand
beansprucht {adj} :: stressed
beanstanden {v} :: to query, complain about
Beanstandung {f} :: complaint, objection
beantragen {v} :: to apply for
beantragen {v} :: to request, to propose
beantragt {v} :: past participle of beantragen
beantworten {v} :: to answer (a question)
beantwortet {v} :: past participle of beantworten
beantwortet {adj} :: answered
bearb. {adj} :: abbreviation of bearbeitet
bearb {adj} :: alternative spelling of bearb.
bearbeitbar {adj} :: editable
bearbeitbar {adj} :: processable
Bearbeitbarkeit {f} :: editability
Bearbeitbarkeit {f} :: workability (of a metal etc)
bearbeiten {v} :: to edit, to work on something
bearbeitet {v} :: past participle of bearbeiten
Bearbeitung {f} :: edit (a change to the text of a document)
Bearbeitung {f} [chemistry] :: processing
Bearbeitung {f} [stonework, woodwork] :: dressing
Bearbeitungsdauer {f} [documents] :: preparation time
Bearbeitungsdauer {f} [chemistry, manufacturing] :: processing time
Beate {prop} :: given name derived from Latin Beata
beatmen {v} [medicine] :: to ventilate
beatmet {v} :: past participle of beatmen
beatmet {adj} :: ventilated
Beatmung {f} :: artificial respiration, ventilation
Beatmungsgerät {n} :: medical ventilator
Beatrice {prop} :: given name, Italian and English form of Beatrix
Beatrix {prop} :: given name, cognate to Beatrice
Beatrix {prop} :: asteroid number 83
Beaufortsee {prop} {f} :: Beaufort Sea
Beaufortskala {f} :: Beaufort scale
beaufschlagt {v} :: past participle of beaufschlagen - admitted; impinged
beaufsichtigen {v} :: to supervise
Beaufsichtigung {f} :: supervision
beauftragen {v} :: To commission
beauftragen {v} :: To instruct
beauftragen {v} :: To hire, employ
beauftragt {v} :: past participle of beauftragen
Beauftragte {f} :: female commissioner
Beauftragter {m} :: male commissioner
bebartet {adj} :: bearded (wearing a beard = de: einen Bart tragend)
bebaubar {adj} :: arable, cultivable
bebauen {vt} :: to build a building in [a free piece of land]; to develop
bebauen {vt} :: to cultivate
Bebauung {f} :: development, building, construction
Bebauung {f} :: cultivation
Bebauungsplan {m} :: development plan
Bebauungsplan {m} :: zoning map
beben {v} :: to shake, to quiver
Beben {n} :: a quake, shaking or trembling
beblümt {adj} :: flowery, flowered
bebrillt {adj} [rare] :: bespectacled
Bebung {f} :: trembling
Bebung {f} :: vibrato, especially as produced on a clavichord
bebuscht {adj} :: bushy, scrubby
bebust {adj} :: bosomed
Becher {m} :: cup (drinking vessel)
Becher {m} :: mug (large cup)
Becherchen {n} :: diminutive of Becher
Becherglas {n} :: A glass beaker, flat-bottomed vessel fit for liquids
Becherlein {n} :: diminutive of Becher
bechern {v} :: to booze, to tipple
-beck {suffix} :: Placename suffix found in northern Germany
-beck {suffix} :: Suffix of occupational surnames
Beck {m} [archaic to obsolete] :: baker
Beck {prop} {mf} :: surname
Beck {m} [falconry] :: The beak of a bird of prey
Becken {n} :: basin, wide bowl
Becken {n} :: a swimming pool or other artificial pool
Becken {n} [geology] :: basin
Becken {n} [anatomy] :: pelvis
Becken {n} [musical instrument] :: cymbal
Beckenbauer {prop} :: surname
Beckenboden {m} :: pelvic floor
Beckenbruch {m} :: pelvic fracture
Becker {prop} {mf} :: surname
Beckmann {prop} :: surname
Beckmann {prop} :: Ernst Otto Beckmann, German chemist
beckmesserisch {adj} :: carping
beckmesserisch {adj} :: pedantic
Becquerel {n} [physics] :: becquerel (unit of radioactivity)
bedampft {v} :: past participle of bedampfen
bedampft {adj} :: metallized (covered by a thin film of evaporated metal)
bedanken {vr} :: to thank
Bedarf {m} :: need
Bedarf {m} :: demand
Bedarfsgegenstand {m} [chiefly in the plural] :: commodity
bedauerlich {adj} :: regrettable
bedauerlicher {adj} :: comparative of bedauerlich
bedauerlicherweise {adv} :: regrettably
bedauerlichsten {adj} :: superlative of bedauerlich
bedauern {v} :: to regret
bedauern {v} :: to pity
bedauernswert {adj} :: pitiable, regrettable, deplorable, pathetic
bedächtig {adj} :: deliberate
bedächtig {adj} :: thoughtful, reflective
bedecken {v} :: to cover
bedecken {v} [gamekeeping] :: to make mate
bedeckt {adj} :: covered, coated, capped
bedeckt {adj} :: overcast
bedenken {v} :: to consider
bedenken {v} :: to keep in mind
Bedenken {n} :: concern, objection
bedenkenlos {adj} :: unscrupulous
bedenkenlos {adj} :: thoughtless, unthinking
bedenkenlos {adj} :: unhesitating, prompt
bedenklich {adj} :: serious, grave
bedenklich {adj} :: questionable, dubious
Bedenkzeit {f} :: time for consideration
bedeuten {v} :: to mean, to signify
bedeutend {adj} :: significant, meaningful
bedeutender {adj} :: comparative of bedeutend
bedeutsam {adj} :: significant, momentous
Bedeutung {f} :: meaning, sense
Bedeutung {f} :: meaning, significance
Bedeutungsübersicht {f} :: overview of meanings
Bedeutungsentlehnung {f} [linguistics, lexicography] :: semantic loan
Bedeutungserklärung {f} :: explanation of the meaning of a term; definition
bedeutungsgleich {adj} :: meaningful
bedeutungsgleich {adj} :: synonymous
Bedeutungslehre {f} :: semantics (study of the meaning of words)
bedeutungslos {adj} :: meaningless, insignificant
bedeutungsloser {adj} :: comparative of bedeutungslos
bedeutungslosesten {adj} :: superlative of bedeutungslos
Bedeutungslosigkeit {f} :: irrelevance, insignificance
bedeutungsschwanger {adj} :: meaningful
bedeutungsschwer {adj} :: pregnant (with meaning)
Bedeutungsverallgemeinerung {f} :: generalization of meaning
bedeutungsvoll {adj} :: meaningful
bedeutungsvoll {adj} :: significant, important
bedeutungsvoll {adv} :: meaningfully
bedeutungsvoller {adj} :: comparative of bedeutungsvoll
bedeutungsvollsten {adj} :: superlative of bedeutungsvoll
bedienen {vt} :: to serve
bedienen {vt} :: to operate
bedienen {vti} [card games] :: to play a card according to the grouping of the first card of a trick; to follow suit
bedienen {vr} [+ genitive] :: to help oneself (to); to use
bedienstet {adj} :: employed, on duty
Bedienung {f} :: service
Bedienung {f} :: waiter, waitress
Bedienung {f} :: operation
bedingen {v} :: to cause
bedingen {v} :: to require, have as a prerequisite or condition
bedingt {v} :: past participle of bedingen
bedingt {adj} :: conditional, provisory
bedingt {adj} :: conditioned, induced
Bedingung {f} :: requirement, condition (prerequisite)
bedingungslos {adj} :: unconditional
bedonnert {adj} :: angry, upset
bedonnert {adj} :: crazy
bedrücken {v} :: to depress, to oppress
bedrücken {v} :: to weigh down, to bear down
bedrücken {v} :: to pinch
bedrückt {v} :: past participle of bedrücken
Bedrücktheit {f} :: despondency
bedürfen {v} [formal] :: to require, need [takes the genitive of the direct object]
Bedürfnis {n} :: need
Bedürfnis {n} :: desire
bedürftig {adj} :: needy, poor, indigent
Bedürftigkeit {f} :: neediness
bedrängen {v} :: To press hard; squeeze
bedrohen {v} :: to threaten, menace
bedrohlich {adj} :: threatening
bedrohlicher {adj} :: comparative of bedrohlich
bedrohlichsten {adj} :: superlative of bedrohlich
bedroht {v} :: past participle of bedrohen
bedroht {adj} :: threatened
Bedrohung {f} :: threat (indication of imminent danger)
bedröppelt {adj} :: crestfallen
bedrucken {v} :: to print on, to imprint
bedruckt {adj} :: printed on, imprinted
Beduine {m} :: bedouin
Beefsteak {m} :: beefsteak
beeilen {vr} :: to hurry, to hasten, to rush
beeilt {v} :: past participle of beeilen
Beeilung {interj} :: hurry up!
Beeilung {f} :: hurry
beeindrucken {vt} :: To impress, to impose
beeindruckend {adj} :: impressive
beeindruckender {adj} :: comparative of beeindruckend
beeindruckt {v} :: past participle of beeindrucken
beeinflussbar {adj} :: impressionable
beeinflussen {v} :: to influence
beeinflusst {v} :: past participle of beeinflussen
beeinflusst {adj} :: influenced, governed
Beeinflussung {f} :: interference, manipulation
Beeinflussung {f} :: impact, influence
beeinträchtigen {v} :: to impair, to mar, to tarnish
beeinträchtigend {adj} :: impairing
beeinträchtigt {adj} :: affected, impaired
Beeinträchtigung {f} :: impairment
Beelzebub {m} [no plural] :: Beelzebub
Beelzebub {m} :: a demon, devil
beenden {v} :: to finish, to complete
beenden {v} :: to terminate
beenden {v} [computing] :: to exit
beendet {v} :: past participle of beenden
Beendigung {f} :: cessation, termination, ending, conclusion
Beendigung {f} :: completion
beengt {adj} :: cramped
beengter {adj} :: comparative of beengt
beengtesten {adj} :: superlative of beengt
Beer {noun} :: obsolete form of Beere
beerdigen {v} :: to bury
Beerdigung {f} :: burial
Beerdigung {f} :: funeral
Beere {f} :: berry
Beerenauslese {f} :: Beerenauslese (lit.: selected harvest of berries). A (usually white) wine made from individually picked grapes which are fully ripe and even botrytized, i.e. affected by noble rot (Edelfäule). These grapes are purposefully harvested very late, so as to be extra sweet
Beerenauslese {f} :: A quality category in German and Austrian wine classification. Among the different Prädikatswein categories the Beerenauslese is placed above Auslese and below Trockenbeerenauslese
Beerenobst {n} :: soft fruit (berries)
beerentragend {adj} :: Covered in berries
Beet {n} :: bed (for plants)
Beete {f} :: alternative form of Bete
Beethoven {prop} {mf} :: Beethoven
befahrbar {adj} :: driveable, navigable, passable, open to traffic
befahren {adj} :: vehicular
Befall {m} :: infestation
befallen {v} [of a disease] :: to affect
befallen {v} [of fear, desire, etc.] :: to seize
befallen {v} :: to infest
befangen {adj} :: biased, prejudiced
befangen {adj} :: bashful, shy, selfconscious
Befangenheit {f} :: bias
befassen {vr} [with preposition: mit] :: To attend to, to deal with, to engage oneself in, to delve into
befassen {vt} [officialese] :: to give someone the task to deal with something
befassen {vt} [regional] :: to touch
befehden {vr} :: to feud
befehden {vt} :: to feud with
Befehl {m} :: command, order
befehlen {vt} :: to command; to order (someone to do something)
befehlen {vi} :: to give orders; to be in command
befehlen {v} [dated] :: to entrust
Befehlsform {f} :: imperative
Befehlshaber {m} :: commander
befestigen {v} :: To stick, fix, attach, pin, fasten, secure
befestigt {v} :: past participle of befestigen
Befestigung {f} :: fastening
befeuchten {v} :: to moisten, wet
Beffchen {n} :: bands; preaching bands (a kind of neckwear worn chiefly by Protestant ministers)
befähigt {adj} :: gifted, capable, suitable, competent, fit
befinden {vr} :: to occupy a place; to be located; to be situated
befinden {vt} [formal] :: to find, to consider
Befinden {n} :: condition (health status of a patient), state of health
befindlich {adj} :: located, situated
befleckbar {adj} :: stainable
Befleckung {f} :: defilement, maculation, spotting
befleißen {vr} [dated, with dative] :: to endeavour, to make an effort
beflügeln {vt} :: to inspire, to spur, to buoy, to stimulate
beflügelnd {adj} :: inspiring, stimulating
beflügelt {v} :: past participle of beflügeln
beflissen {adj} :: zealous, keen
beflissen {adj} :: studious
beflissen {adj} :: obsequious
Befüllung {f} :: filling
Befüllung {f} :: inflation
befolgen {v} :: To observe, follow (orders etc); to comply with or abide by
befolgt {v} :: past participle of befolgen
befotzt {adj} :: sloppy
befotzt {adj} :: crazy
befrackt {adj} :: tailcoated
befragen {v} :: to question, to interview, to interrogate
Befragung {f} :: interrogation (act of interrogating or questioning)
befranst {adj} :: fringed, befringed
befürchten {vt} :: to fear (something), be afraid of
befürchtet {adj} :: feared, fearfully expected as a negative (unfortunate) possibility
befürchtet {v} :: past participle of befürchten
Befürchtung {f} :: apprehension, fear, misgiving
befördern {v} :: to move; to convey; to transport; to carry
befördern {v} :: to promote (an employee, soldier, etc.)
befördern {v} [somewhat, dated] :: to promote (a development)
Beförderung {f} :: transportation
Beförderung {f} [work] :: promotion
Beförderungsfahrt {f} :: transportation ride [by taxi, bus, train etc.]
Beförderungsmittel {n} :: transport, means of transport
befreien {v} :: to free (make free)
befreit {adj} :: freed from something, liberated
Befreiung {f} :: liberation
Befreiung {f} :: exemption
befrembden {v} :: obsolete spelling of befremden
befremden {v} :: to alienate
befremdend {adj} :: disconcerting, strange, peculiar
befremdet {adj} :: disconcerted
befremdlich {adj} :: strange, surprising, disconcerting, disturbing
Befremdung {f} :: disconcertment
befreunden {vr} [+ mit] :: to become friends, to make friends
befreundet {adj} :: friendly, friends
befreundet {v} :: past participle of befreunden
befriedigen {vt} :: to satisfy
befriedigen {vr} :: to masturbate
befriedigend {adj} :: satisfying
befriedigend {adj} [school] :: the number grade 3 (on a scale from 1 to 6)
Befriedigung {f} :: satisfaction
befristet {adj} :: temporary
befruchten {v} :: to fertilise (US: fertilize)
Befruchtung {f} :: fertilisation (UK), fertilization (US)
befürworten {v} :: to endorse, to support, to back
Befürworter {m} :: proponent, supporter
befugen {v} :: to authorize
Befugnis {f} :: permission, authorization
Befugnis {f} :: legal authority, capacity, competence
befugt {adj} :: authorized
befummeln {v} :: to feel up, to cop a feel
Befund {m} :: findings, results
begabt {adj} :: talented, gifted
begabter {adj} :: comparative of begabt
Begabung {f} :: talent, gift
begangen {v} :: past participle of begehen
begeben {vr} [formal] :: to go, make one's way, repair
begeben {vr} [impersonal] :: to happen
begeben {v} :: to issue
Begebenheit {f} :: incident, event, occurrence
begegnen {vi} :: to meet, encounter
Begegnung {f} :: encounter, meeting
Begegnungsstätte {f} :: meeting center
begehbar {adj} :: accessible, walk-in
begehen {vt} :: To commit, perpetrate (a crime, an offense)
begehren {vt} :: to desire
Begehren {n} :: desire
begehrenswert {adj} :: desirable, attractive
begehrlich {adj} :: covetous
begehrt {v} :: past participle of begehren
begehrt {adj} :: coveted, desirable, popular, sought-after
begeißelt {adj} :: whipped, flagellated
begeistern {vt} :: to fill with enthusiasm, enthuse
begeistern {vr} :: to be enthusiastic, enthuse (about something: für + accusative)
begeistert {adj} :: enthusiastic
begeisterter {adj} :: comparative of begeistert
begeistertsten {adj} :: superlative of begeistert
Begeisterung {f} :: enthusiasm
begeisterungsfähig {adj} :: enthusiastic
begießen {v} :: to pour water over
begießen {v} :: to water (plants etc.)
begießen {v} [culinary] :: to baste
begießen {v} [figurative] :: to celebrate
Begier {f} :: desire
Begierde {f} :: desire, craving
begierig {adj} :: eager, avid
begieriger {adj} :: comparative of begierig
begierigsten {adj} :: superlative of begierig
Beginn {m} :: start
beginnen {vi} :: to begin; to commence; to be started
beginnen {vt} [chiefly literary or with mit] :: to start something; to begin something
beginnenden {adj} :: incipient
beglaubigen {v} :: to authenticate
beglaubigen {v} :: to accredit
Beglaubigung {f} :: certification
beglücken {v} :: to make happy, to delight
beglückend {adj} :: exhilarating, cheering, uplifting, blissful, delightful
beglückwünschen {v} :: to congratulate
begleichen {v} [of a debt, bill, etc.] :: to pay, to balance
begleichen {v} [of a dispute, etc.] :: to settle
Begleichung {f} [of a debt, bill, etc.] :: payment, balancing
Begleichung {f} [of a dispute, etc.] :: settlement
begleiten {v} :: to accompany
begleiten {v} :: to conduct, escort
Begleiter {m} :: companion
Begleiter {m} :: escort
Begleiter {m} [music] :: accompanist
Begleiter {m} [grammar] :: article
begleitet {v} :: past participle of begleiten
Begleitfahrzeug {n} :: escort vehicle
Begleitung {f} :: Accompaniment. It implies the need to work with, rather than for people - to 'get alongside' people and work in true partnership with them
Begleitung {f} :: The act of enabling individuals and communities to become more included and active citizens
begnadet {adj} :: gifted, talented
begnadigen {v} [legal] :: to pardon
Begnadigung {f} [legal] :: pardon
begnügen {vr} :: to be content or satisfied (with)
begnügt {v} :: past participle of begnügen
begünstigen {v} :: To favor / favour
begünstigen {v} :: To aid and abet
begünstigt {v} :: past participle of begünstigen - benefited
begünstigt {adj} :: preferential
Begünstigung {f} :: favoring / favouring
Begünstigung {f} :: preferential treatment
Begünstigung {f} :: nepotism
Begonie {f} :: begonia
begonnen {v} :: past participle of beginnen
begraben {v} [burial] :: to bury [also figuratively]
begrabschen {v} :: alternative spelling of begrapschen
begrannt {adj} :: bristled, bearded
begrapschen {vt} [colloquial, sexual] :: to grope
Begräbnis {n} :: funeral, burial
Begräbnis {n} [archaic] :: place of burial
begreifen {vt} :: to comprehend; to grasp fully; to conceive
begreifen {vt} [rather formal] :: to understand intellectually
begreifen {vtr} [rather formal] :: to consider (to be); to see (as)
begreiflicherweise {adv} :: understandably
begrüßen {v} :: to welcome
begrenzen {v} :: to limit
begrenzt {adj} :: confined, limited, restricted
begrenzt {adj} :: narrow
Begrenzung {f} :: margin, boundary, limit, border
Begrenzung {f} :: demarcation
Begrenzung {f} :: confinement
Begriff {m} :: idea, conception, perception, understanding
Begriff {m} :: concept
Begriff {m} :: term, word
begriffen {v} :: past participle of begreifen
Begriffsklärung {f} :: disambiguation (language)
begriffsstutzig {adj} :: dense, slow, simple, obtuse, stupid
begründen {v} :: to make an argument for something, to justify, to give a reason
begründen {v} :: to establish, to found
begründet {adj} :: justified, well-founded
Begründung {f} :: reason, rationale, grounds
Begründung {f} :: explanation, justification
begrüssen {v} :: alternative spelling of begrüßen
begrüsst {v} :: past participle of begrüssen
begrüßt {v} :: past participle of begrüßen
Begrüßung {f} :: greeting
begütert {adj} :: affluent, wealthy
begutachten {v} :: to examine, assess
Begutachtung {f} :: assessment
behaart {adj} :: hairy, having hair
behaarter {adj} :: comparative of behaart
behaartesten {adj} :: superlative of behaart
behagen {v} [with dative] :: to be to someone's liking
Behagen {n} :: contentment, pleasure
behaglich {adj} :: comfortable, cosy
behaglicher {adj} :: comparative of behaglich
Behaglichkeit {f} :: comfort, the state of being comfortable
behaglichsten {adj} :: superlative of behaglich
behalten {v} :: to keep
behalten {v} :: to remember
Behalten {n} :: retention
Behamberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
behandeln {v} :: to treat (medicinally)
behandeln {v} :: to treat (physically, psychologically)
behandeln {v} :: to cover
behandelt {adj} :: treated
Behandlung {f} :: (medical, physical, or psychological) treatment
behandschuht {adj} :: gloved
beharren {v} :: to persevere, to insist (auf on)
beharrlich {adj} :: persistent, insistent
beharrlich {adj} :: obstinate
Beharrlichkeit {f} :: perseverance, insistence
beharrsam {adj} :: persistent, insistent
beharrsam {adj} :: obstinate
behauchen {v} [phonetics] :: to aspirate
behauen {v} :: to hew, to carve
behaupten {v} :: to claim, maintain, assert
behauptet {v} :: past participle of behaupten
behauptet {adj} :: asserted, alleged
Behauptung {f} :: claim, assertion
Behaviorismus {m} :: behaviorism
behavioristisch {adj} :: behavioristic
behäbig {adj} :: phlegmatic, cumbersome
behäbig {adj} :: portly
behäbig {adj} :: stolid
beheben {v} :: to resolve, to fix
beheimaten {v} :: to be or become home to somebody, something
beheimaten {v} :: to give a person a (new) homeland/home; to make something homelike for someone
beheimaten {v} :: to give an organism a (new) habitat; to re-establish, re-introduce a species
beheizbar {adj} :: heatable
beheizen {v} :: To heat
beheizt {adj} :: heated
Beheizung {f} :: heating
Behelf {m} :: makeshift
Behelf {m} :: remedy
Behelf {m} :: substitute
behelfen {vr} :: to make do, to manage, to get by
behelfsweise {adv} :: As a makeshift replacement
behelmt {adj} :: helmeted
behemdet {adj} :: shirted
behende {adj} :: agile, nimble; quick
beherbergen {v} :: to shelter, put up
beherrschbar {adj} :: manageable, controllable
beherrschen {vt} :: to master
beherrschen {vt} :: to dominate
beherrschen {vr} :: to restrain oneself
Beherrscher {m} :: ruler
beherrscht {adj} :: restrained, self-controlled
beherrscht {adj} :: ruled, governed, dominated
Beherrschten {noun} :: Inflected form of the nominalization of beherrscht: the ruled, the dominated
Beherrschung {f} :: restraint
Beherrschung {f} :: mastering, mastery
beherzigen {v} :: to take to heart
beherzigen {v} :: to heed
beherzt {adj} :: brave, courageous
Beherztheit {f} :: pluckiness, courage, spiritedness, dauntlessness, determination, stoutness
behilflich {adj} :: of service, assistant, helpful
behilflicher {adj} :: comparative of behilflich
behilflichsten {adj} :: superlative of behilflich
behindern {v} :: to hinder
behindert {adj} :: disabled, handicapped
behindertenfeindlich {adj} :: that discriminates against the disabled
Behindertensport {n} :: sport for the disabled
Behinderter {m} :: disabled person
Behinderung {f} :: handicap, disability
Behinderung {f} :: hindrance, impediment
Behälter {m} :: agent noun of behalten; container (an item in which objects or materials can be stored or transported)
Behältnis {n} :: container, vessel, vat
behämmert {adj} :: stupid, silly, crazy
behänd {adj} :: alternative form of behände
behände {adj} :: agile, nimble
Behne {prop} :: surname
beholfen {v} :: past participle of behelfen
behost {adj} :: trousers-wearing
Behörde {f} :: authority (govermental institution)
behüten {v} :: to protect
Behüter {m} :: protector, shepherd
behütet {adj} :: sheltered, protected
behütet {v} :: past participle of behüten
Behuf {m} [literary in expressions with zu, otherwise obsolete] :: purpose, aim
behuft {adj} :: hoofed, ungulate
Behuter {m} :: dated form of Behüter
behutsam {adj} :: gentle, cautious
Behutsamkeit {f} :: The attitude caution (careful/watchful attention)
bei {prep} [+ dative, locative] :: by; near
bei {prep} [+ dative, with a person, family, shop] :: at
bei {prep} [+ dative, with an organization or company] :: for; at; in
bei {prep} [+ dative, formal, reflexive] :: with; on
bei {prep} [+ dative, with an event considered certain] :: upon, at the time of
bei {prep} [+ dative, with an event considered theoretical] :: in case of, in the event of
bei {prep} [+ dative, with a continuing activity or condition] :: during; while; during the existence of
bei {prep} [+ dative, with an item that implies an activity] :: over; during
bei {prep} [+ dative, dated, in a postal address] :: care of
bei {prep} [+ dative, now dialectal, nonstandard, western and northern Germany, with accusative] :: with, to, towards
bei- {prefix} [with verbs] :: additionally
bei- {prefix} [with verbs] :: for support, supportively
bei- {prefix} [with verbs] :: in attendance
bei- {prefix} [with nouns] :: temporally concurrent or physically present
bei- {prefix} [with nouns] :: subordinate
bei- {prefix} [with nouns] :: unwanted, secondary
beibehalten {v} :: To maintain, keep
beibehalten {v} :: To retain
Beiblatt {n} [of a document] :: a supplement, a supplemental sheet
beibringen {v} :: to teach
beibringen {v} :: to break (news, information) carefully to
beibringen {v} :: to inflict on, inflict with
beibringen {v} [formal] :: to bring, to provide as evidence
Beichte {f} [Christianity] :: confession (sacramental disclosure of one's sins)
Beichte {f} [figurative] :: confession (disclosure of one's bad deeds)
beichten {v} :: to confess
Beichtvater {m} [Christianity] :: confessor (priest who accepts someone’s confession)
beidbeinig {adj} :: with or (able to be) using both legs
beide {determiner} :: both
beide {determiner} :: (the) two
beide {pron} :: both
beide {pron} :: (the) two
Beide {pron} :: alternative form of beide
beidemal {adv} :: obsolete spelling of beide Mal
Beidenhänder {m} :: a two-handed sword or other weapon
beiderseitig {adj} :: bilateral
beiderseitig {adj} :: mutual
beiderseits {adv} :: On both sides
beidfüßig {adj} :: with or (able to be) using both feet
beidhändig {adj} :: ambidextrous
beidhändig {adj} :: with both hands
beidseitig {adj} :: bilateral, mutual
beidseitig {adj} :: on both sides
beißen {vti} :: to bite
beißen {vti} :: to sting; to burn; to be sharp; to be spicy
beißen {vr} [colloquial, of colors] :: to clash
Beifahrer {m} :: front passenger
Beifahrer {m} [truck driving] :: driver's mate
Beifahrer {m} [rally racing] :: co-driver
Beifahrersitz {m} :: passenger seat
Beifall {m} :: applause
Beifallssturm {m} [applause] :: ovation
Beifang {m} [fishing] :: bycatch
beifällig {adj} :: approving
Beifuß {m} :: mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)
Beigabe {f} :: accompaniment, adjunct
Beigabe {f} :: side dish
beige {adj} :: beige
Beige {n} :: beige (uninflected, the colour as such)
Beige {n} :: beige (inflected, nominalised form of the adjective beige)
beigeben {v} :: to add
beigefarben {adj} :: beige (in colour)
beigefügt {v} :: past participle of beifügen
beigefügt {adj} :: enclosed
beigefügt {adj} :: attached, accompanying
beigegeben {adj} :: added
beigelegt {v} :: past participle of beilegen
beigemischt {v} :: past participle of beimischen - admixed
beigen {vt} [Southern Germany, Switzerland] :: to stack, pile up
beigesetzt {v} :: past participle of beisetzen - buried, interred
beigestanden {v} :: past participle of beistehen
Beihilfe {f} :: benefit, allowance, grant, subsidy
Beihilfe {f} :: aiding, abetting
Beiklang {m} :: connotation, overtone
Beil {n} :: axe, hatchet
Beilage {f} :: insert (promotional leaflet in a magazine or newspaper)
Beilage {f} :: side dish
bei lebendigem Leib {prep} :: alive
beilegen {v} :: to enclose
beilegen {v} [importance] :: to attach
beilegen {v} [dispute] :: to settle, to resolve
Beilegung {f} [dispute] :: settlement
Beilegung {f} :: attribution
Beileid {n} :: condolence
Beileid {n} :: sympathy
beiläufig {adj} :: incidental
beim {contraction} :: contraction of bei dem: at the, by the, etc. [followed by a masculine or neuter singular noun in the dative case]
beim Barte des Propheten {phrase} [idiom, colloquial, humorous] :: pledge to tell the truth
beim besten Willen {idiom} :: with the best will in the world
Beimengung {f} :: addition, admixture
Beimischung {f} :: admixture
Beimischung {f} :: addition
Bein {n} :: leg of a person, animal, or object; generally including the feet, but sometimes, in a more specific sense, excluding them
Bein {n} [archaic] :: bone
beinah {adv} :: alternative form of beinahe
beinahe {adv} :: almost; nearly
Beiname {m} :: epithet, sobriquet, byname
beinamputiert {adj} :: having lost a leg due to an amputation
Beinbruch {m} :: fracture of the leg
Beinchen {n} :: diminutive of Bein
beinfarben {adj} :: ivory in colour
Beinfreiheit {f} :: legroom
beinhalten {v} :: To contain
beinhalten {v} :: To comprise
beinhalten {v} :: To include
beinhaltet {v} :: past participle of beinhalten
beinhart {adj} :: tough, hard (as bone)
Beinhaus {n} :: ossuary, building for storing bones
beinlos {adj} [biology] :: legless
Beinpresse {f} :: leg press
Beinprothese {f} :: artificial / prosthetic leg
Beinstellen {n} :: tripping
Beiprodukt {n} :: synonym of Nebenprodukt
Beirat {m} :: advisory council
Beißreflex {m} :: bite reflex [instinctive, rhythmic up and down movements of the lower jaw in human infants, triggered by stimulation of the jaw by food intake in small children]
Beißreflex {m} [fishing] :: bite reflex [which leads fish to swallow a bait]
Beißreflex {m} :: bite reflex [instantaneous and possibly unjustified rejection of opinions or persons due to prejudices or partisan viewpoints]
beirren {v} :: to confuse, to mislead
Beirut {prop} {n} :: Beirut (capital of Lebanon)
Beiruter {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Beirut
Beiruter {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Beirut
beisammen {adv} :: together
Beisammensein {n} :: get-together
Beischlaf {m} :: sexual intercourse
Beisein {n} :: presence
beiseite {adv} [in some regions rather formal] :: alternative form of zur Seite
beiseite {adv} :: away; out of one’s way; aside [more forceful, resolute; often figurative]
beiseite {adv} :: aside (to a place where one can talk in confidence)
beisetzen {vt} :: to bury
beisetzen {vt} :: to add
Beisetzung {f} :: burial
bei sich sein {v} :: for non-idiomatic uses see bei, sein
bei sich sein {v} [idiomatic] :: to have come to; to be calm or conscious (especially after having fainted or been in shock or rage)
Beispiel {n} :: example
beispielhaft {adj} :: exemplary
beispiellos {adj} :: unprecedented; unheard-of (never having occurred, or having occurred only once and never again)
beispielsweise {adv} :: for example
beispringen {v} :: to come to assistance
beissen {v} :: alternative spelling of beißen
Beistand {m} [no plural] :: assistance, aid, support
Beistand {m} [law] :: counsel
beistehen {v} [with an object in the dative case] :: to assist
beisteuern {v} :: to contribute
Beistrich {m} [especially, Austria and South Tyrol] :: comma
Beitel {m} :: chisel (a tool for caving wood, etc.)
Beitrag {m} :: contribution (something given or offered that adds to a larger whole)
Beitrag {m} :: fee, dues (membership in a club or union)
Beitrag {m} :: article
beitragen {vi} [with zu + dative] :: to contribute to (to give something, that is or becomes part of a larger whole)
beitreten {v} [to become a member of] :: to join
Beitritt {m} [becoming a member of] :: joining
Beiwagen {m} :: sidecar
beiwohnen {vi} [formal + dative] :: to attend; to be present at (some gathering or event)
beiwohnen {vi} [formal, dated + dative] :: to sleep with; to cohabit; to have sexual intercourse with (a woman)
Beiwort {n} [grammar] :: adjective
Beiwort {n} [grammar, archaic, rare, ] :: adverb
Beiwort {n} :: epithet (term used to characterize a person or thing)
Beiz {f} [South Germany, Switzerland, Austria] :: pub, bar
Beize {f} :: mordant
Beize {f} :: marinade
beizeiten {adv} :: early
beizeiten {adv} :: in good time
Beizmittel {n} :: mordant
Beizmittel {n} :: marinade
bejagen {v} :: to hunt, to hunt after
Bejagung {f} :: hunting
bejahen {v} :: to affirm, approve; answer something in the affirmative
bejahrt {adj} :: old, elderly
bejaht {v} :: past participle of bejahen
Bejahung {f} :: yes, affirmation
bejubeln {vt} :: to cheer
bejubelt {v} :: past participle of bejubeln
Bekandtnuß {f} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Bekenntnis
bekannt {adj} :: known
Bekannte {f} :: an acquaintance, a friend
bekannter {adj} :: comparative of bekannt
Bekannter {m} :: an acquaintance, a friend
bekanntesten {adj} :: superlative of bekannt
Bekanntgabe {f} :: announcement, notification, publication
bekanntgeben {v} :: to announce, to make public
bekanntgegeben {adj} :: announced
Bekanntheit {f} :: fame
Bekanntheit {f} :: celebrity
bekanntheitsfördernd {adj} :: promoting fame or familiarity
bekanntlich {adv} :: publicly / openly (known)
bekanntmachen {v} :: to make public
Bekanntmachung {f} :: publication, the making public (of something)
Bekanntmachung {f} :: announcement, disclosure
Bekanntschaft {f} :: acquaintance
bekehren {v} [religion] :: to convert
Bekehrung {f} [religion] :: conversion
Bekeimung {f} :: seeding
bekennen {v} :: to confess
bekennen {vr} :: to plead
Bekenntnis {n} :: confession
bekifft {adj} :: stoned (high on cannabis)
beklagen {vt} :: to pity, to lament
beklagen {vr} :: to complain
beklagenswert {adj} :: deplorable
beklagenswert {adj} [of a person] :: pitiable
bekleiden {v} :: to dress
bekleiden {v} [politics] :: to hold [an office]
Bekleidung {f} :: clothing; garb
beklommen {adj} :: anxious, uneasy, apprehensive
Beklommenheit {f} :: trepidation
bekloppt {adj} [colloquial] :: nutty, nuts, crazy, mad, daft, wacky, dopey, foolish, jerky, dorky, barmy, batty, bats, loony, loco, hare-brained, bananas, off one's hinges, out of one's mind
bekümmern {vt} :: to trouble
bekömmlich {adj} :: digestible
bekömmlich {adj} :: wholesome
bekämpfen {vt} :: to fight (against something)
bekämpft {adj} :: combated
Bekämpfung {f} :: combat, fight, battle
beknackt {adj} :: daft, idiotic
beknackt {adv} :: like an idiot
bekommen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to receive; to get
bekommen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to catch
bekommen {vi} [with a dative case object, of food or drink, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to agree with (someone); to sit well with (someone)
bekoten {v} :: to soil with feces
bekrallt {adj} :: clawed (having claws)
bekreuzigen {vr} [Christianity, in particular Roman Catholicism] :: to cross oneself
bekreuzigen {vt} [Christianity, rare] :: to becross, to make the sign of the cross over someone or something
bekräftigen {v} :: To confirm, corroborate
bekräftigt {v} :: past participle of bekräftigen
bekräftigt {adj} :: confirmed, corroborated
bekriegen {vt} :: battle (to assail in battle; to fight)
bekränzen {v} :: to wreath, to garland
bekunden {v} :: To prove, show, evince
bekunden {v} :: To state, express, testify
bekundet {v} :: past participle of bekunden
beladen {v} :: to load
beladen {adj} :: loaded, laden, weighed down
Belag {m} :: surface (of a road)
Belag {m} :: covering, topping
Belag {m} :: fur (on the tongue)
Belag {m} :: lining
belagern {v} :: to besiege
Belagerung {f} :: siege (military blockade of settlement)
Belagerungszustand {m} :: state of siege
Belanda Hitam {prop} :: African KNIL soldiers
Belang {m} :: relevance, importance, significance
belangen {vt} :: to concern, to touch a matter
belangen {vt} [chiefly law] :: to prosecute, to take recourse to
belanglos {adj} :: trivial
Belanglosigkeit {f} :: irrelevancy
belangvoll {adj} :: relevant, significant
Belarusse {m} :: Belarusian (man from Belarus)
Belarussin {f} :: Belarusian (woman from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)
belarussisch {adj} :: Belarusian (pertaining to Belarus)
belassen {v} :: to leave something as it is
belastbar {adj} :: resilient, reliable
belastbar {adj} :: loadable
belasten {v} :: to burden
belasten {v} :: to incriminate
belasten {v} [banking, of bank accounts] :: to debit, to charge
belastend {adj} :: burdening
belastend {adj} :: incriminating, inculpatory
belastender {adj} :: comparative of belastend
belastet {adj} :: loaded, burdened, charged
Belastung {f} :: load, weight, pressure, strain
Belastung {f} :: burden
Belaubung {f} :: foliage
belauern {v} :: to spy on, to watch secretly
belaufen {adj} :: walked on
belaufen {v} :: to walk on
belaufen {v} :: To amount (to); to tot up
belaufen {v} :: To account for
belauschen {v} :: to overhear, to eavesdrop on
Belche {f} :: coot
belächeln {v} :: to smile condescendingly at (someone or something)
belächelt {v} :: past participle of belächeln
Belchen {prop} :: A peak in the Black Forest
Belchental {prop} :: Bełchatów
beleben {v} :: to liven up
beleben {v} :: to animate
belebt {adj} :: enlivened, having life, animated, busy
belebt {adj} [grammar] :: animate
belebter {adj} :: comparative of belebt
belebtesten {adj} :: superlative of belebt
Belebung {f} :: increase
Belebung {f} :: revival, resuscitation
Belebung {f} :: encouragement, stimulation
Beleg {m} [countable] :: evidence; piece of evidence (particularly in the context of science)
Beleg {m} :: receipt; voucher; record
Beleg {m} :: reference
belegbar {adj} :: evidential, documented
belegen {v} :: to document, back, substantiate
belegen {v} :: to occupy
Belegschaft {f} :: workforce, labour force
Belegschaft {f} :: staff, personnel
belegt {v} :: past participle of belegen
belehren {v} :: to inform
belehren {v} :: to correct
belehrend {adj} :: instructive, cautionary
belehrend {adj} :: didactic
beleibt {adj} :: a polite synonym for overweight
beleibter {adj} :: comparative of beleibt
beleibtesten {adj} :: superlative of beleibt
beleidigen {v} :: To offend
beleidigend {v} :: past participle of beleidigen; offending, offensive
beleidigt {adj} :: offended, insulted, annoyed, aggrieved, sulky
beleidigt {adv} :: sulkily
beleidigte Leberwurst {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: Someone who is offended; a sorehead. (Literal meaning: "insulted liver sausage".)
Beleidigung {f} :: insult (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)
belemmert {adj} [dated] :: alternative spelling of belämmert
belesen {adj} :: well-read
belesener {adj} :: comparative of belesen
belesensten {adj} :: superlative of belesen
beleuchten {vt} :: to light, to illuminate
beleuchten {vt} [figuratively] :: to highlight
Beleuchtung {f} :: lighting, illumination
beleumdet {adj} :: alternative form of beleumundet
beleumundet {adj} :: Having a specified reputation
belüften {v} :: To ventilate
belüften {v} :: To fan
belüften {v} :: To air
belüftet {v} :: past participle of belüften
Belüftung {f} :: ventilation
Belüftung {f} :: airing
belügen {vt} :: to lie to, to tell someone a lie, to tell someone lies
Belgien {prop} {n} :: Belgium
belgienweit {adj} [rare] :: Belgium-wide; in all of Belgium
Belgier {m} :: Belgian (man from Belgium)
Belgierin {f} :: Belgian (woman from Belgium)
belgisch {adj} :: Belgian (related to Belgium or to the Belgians)
Belgrad {prop} {n} :: Belgrade (capital of Serbia)
Belgrader {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Belgrade
Belgrader {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Belgrade
Belichtung {f} [photography] :: exposure
Belichtung {f} :: illumination (exposure to light)
Belichtungsmesser {m} :: light meter, exposure meter
Belieben {n} :: discretion
Belieben {n} :: pleasure
beliebig {adj} :: any, whichever
beliebig {adj} :: arbitrary, random
beliebt {adj} :: popular
beliebt {adj} :: admired
beliebter {adj} :: comparative of beliebt
beliebtesten {adj} :: superlative of beliebt
beliefern {v} :: to supply (a place/person mit with)
Belize {prop} {n} :: Belize
Belizer {m} :: Belizean (person from Belize)
Belizerin {f} :: Belizean (female person from Belize)
belizisch {adj} :: Belizean (pertaining to Belize)
bellen {vi} :: to bark:
bellen {v} [literally] :: like a canine
bellen {v} [figuratively] :: in a rude, loud human voice
Bellen {m} :: bark, barking (of a dog)
Belletristik {f} [literature] :: fiction, belles-lettres
bellizistisch {adj} :: bellicist, bellicistic
belämmert {adj} :: perplexed; in a sudden state of confusion (e.g. through a lack of concentration, or shock)
belämmert {adj} :: intimidated, discouraged, disheartened
belämmert {adj} [colloquial] :: stupid, silly, crazy (interchangeable with behämmert)
belobigen {v} :: to commend
belohnen {v} :: to reward
Belohnung {f} :: reward
Belorussland {prop} {n} [DDR] :: Belarus
belästigen {v} :: to molest, to harass
belästigt {v} :: past participle of belästigen
Belästigung {f} :: harassment
Belt {m} [Denmark] :: strait
Beluga {f} :: beluga whale, white whale
belustigen {v} :: to poke fun
belustigen {v} [colloquial] :: to amuse
bemalen {v} :: to paint (to add paint to)
bemannt {adj} :: manned
bemächtigen {vr} :: to seize hold (+ genitive)
bemerkbar {adj} :: noticeable, perceptible
bemerken {v} :: to notice
bemerken {v} :: to remark
bemerkenswert {adj} :: remarkable, noteworthy
Bemerkung {f} :: remark
bemühen {vr} :: to make an effort
Bemühen {n} :: effort
Bemühen {n} :: attempt, endeavour
bemähnt {adj} :: Having a (long) mane
bemüht {v} :: past participle of bemühen
Bemühung {f} :: effort; endeavor
bemitleidenswert {adj} :: pathetic (arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion)
bemittelt {adj} :: well-off, well-to-do
bemängeln {v} :: to criticize, to find fault with
bemoost {adj} :: mossy
bemützt {adj} :: capped (wearing a cap)
bemuttern {v} :: to mother
büßen {vt} :: to pay for, to make amends for
büßen {vi} [religion] :: to repent, to do penance
Ben {prop} {m} :: given name, short for Benjamin
benachbart {adj} :: neighboring, adjacent, adjoining
benachrichtigen {v} :: to notify
Benachrichtigung {f} :: notification
benachteiligen {v} :: to disadvantage
benachteiligt {adj} :: disadvantaged
benachteiligt {adj} :: handicapped, underprivileged
benannt {v} :: past participle of benennen
Bendern {prop} {n} :: A village in Gamprin, Liechtenstein
benebeln {v} :: to stupefy [to dull the capacity to think]
benedeien {v} [archaic, primarily in the Ave Maria] :: to bless
Benedict {prop} {m} :: given name, a less common spelling of Benedikt
Benedikt {prop} {m} :: given name
Benediktiner {m} :: Benedictine (monk)
Benediktiner {m} :: Benedictine (liqueur)
benehmen {vr} :: to behave
Benehmen {n} :: behavior, demeanor, manners, conduct
beneiden {v} :: to envy
beneiden {v} :: to begrudge someone something
beneidenswert {adj} :: enviable
benennen {v} :: to name, to denominate, to designate
Benennung {f} :: naming, denomination
benetzbar {adj} :: wettable
Benetzbarkeit {f} :: wettability
benetzen {v} :: To moisten
benetzen {v} :: To wet (a surface)
benetzt {v} :: past participle of benetzen
Benetzung {f} [physics] :: wetting (of a surface)
Bengalfuchs {m} :: Bengal fox
bengalisch {adj} :: Bengali, Bangladeshi
Bengalisch {n} :: language mainly spoken in Bangladesh; Bengali
Bengalkatze {f} :: leopard cat [Prionailurus bengalensis], a small wild cat of Southeast Asia
Bengel {m} [archaic] :: a club wielded as a weapon
Bengel {m} :: a young rascal
Bengel {m} [derogatory or affectionate] :: a knave, a boy
beängstigend {adj} :: frightening
benigne {adj} :: benign
Benin {prop} {n} :: Benin
Beniner {m} :: Beninese (man from Benin)
Beninerin {f} :: Beninese (woman from Benin)
beninisch {adj} :: Beninese (of, from, or pertaining to Benin)
Benjamin {prop} :: Benjamin (Biblical figure)
Benjamin {prop} :: given name; diminutive: Ben
Benkmann {prop} :: surname
Benno {prop} :: given name
benommen {v} :: past participle of benehmen
Benommenheit {f} :: light-headedness
Benommenheit {f} :: dizziness
benthal {adj} :: benthic
benthisch {adj} :: benthic
benötigen {v} :: to need, to require
benötigt {v} :: past participle of benötigen
benützen {v} [Austria, sometimes southern Germany and Switzerland] :: alternative form of benutzen
benützt {v} :: past participle of benützen
benutzbar {adj} :: usable
benutzen {v} :: to use (employ, apply)
Benutzer {m} :: user
benutzerdefiniert {adj} :: user-defined
benutzerfreundlich {adj} :: user-friendly
benutzerfreundlicher {adj} :: comparative of benutzerfreundlich
Benutzerfreundlichkeit {f} :: user-friendliness, usability
Benutzerin {f} :: a female user
Benutzerkonto {n} [computing] :: user account
Benutzername {m} :: username
Benutzeroberfläche {f} [computing] :: graphical user interface
Benutzerschnittstelle {f} [computing] :: user interface
benutzt {v} :: past participle of benutzen; used
Benutzung {f} :: use
Benz {m} [automotive, colloquial] :: Short form of Mercedes-Benz; a Merc
Benzin {n} :: petrol, gasoline
benzinbetrieben {adj} :: petrol-powered
Benziner {m} :: a car with a gasoline engine (petrol engine)
Benziner {m} :: a gasoline engine (petrol engine)
Benzinkanister {m} :: fuel jerrycan
Benzinkanister {m} :: gasoline can
Benzinmotor {m} :: gasoline engine (US), petrol engine (UK)
Benzintank {m} :: petrol tank / gas tank
Benzoid {noun} [organic chemistry] :: benzenoid
benzoider {adj} [organic chemistry] :: benzenoid
Benzol {n} :: benzene
Benzolring {m} [organic chemistry] :: benzene ring
beobachtbar {adj} :: observable
beobachtbar {adj} :: noticeable
beobachten {v} :: to watch, to observe
Beobachter {m} :: observer
Beobachtung {f} :: monitoring; surveillance; supervision
Beobachtung {f} :: observation
Beobachtung {f} [of a bird, animal, UFO, etc.] :: sighting
Beobachtungsliste {f} :: watchlist
Beobachtungsstand {m} :: observation post
bepelzt {adj} :: furred (having or wearing fur)
bepflanzen {v} :: to plant (supply with plants)
bepflanzt {v} :: past participle of bepflanzen
bepissen {v} :: to piss on, to bepiss
bepissen {vr} :: to piss one's pants laughing, to laugh one's ass off
bepisst {v} :: past participle of bepissen
bequem {adj} :: comfortable, convenient
bequem {adj} :: relaxed, easy (avoiding difficulties, effort, work)
bequem {adj} [archaic] :: suitable, fit
bequemben {v} :: obsolete spelling of bequemen
bequembt {v} :: past participle of bequemben
bequemen {vr} :: to decide to something, with displeasure
bequemen {vr} :: to suit oneself
bequemen {vr} [obsolete] :: to adapt oneself
bequemen {vr} [obsolete] :: to give in
bequemer {adj} :: comparative of bequem
Bequemlichkeit {f} :: comfort
bequemsten {adj} :: superlative of bequem
beraten {vir} :: to discuss
beraten {vt} :: to advise
beratend {adj} :: advisory
Berater {m} :: agent noun of beraten; advisor, consultant
Beratung {f} :: discussion
Beratung {f} :: consultation
Beratung {f} :: advice
beratungsresistent {adj} :: resistant to advice
Beratungsstelle {f} :: advice centre
berauben {vt} :: to rob, to steal from
Berber {m} :: Berber person
Berber {prop} {mf} :: surname
Berberaffe {m} :: Barbary macaque
Berberlöwe {m} :: Barbary lion, Atlas lion or Nubian lion [Panthera leo leo], a subspecies of lion
berüchtigt {adj} :: infamous, notorious
berückend {adj} :: breathtaking, attractive, bewitching, charming, captivating, fascinating, irresistible
berücksichtigen {v} :: To consider, regard, take into account or consideration
berücksichtigt {v} :: past participle of berücksichtigen - considered
Berücksichtigung {f} :: consideration, provision, allowance
berechenbar {adj} :: calculable
berechenbar {adj} :: predictable
berechenbarer {adj} :: comparative of berechenbar
berechnen {v} :: to calculate
berechnen {v} [computing] :: to compute
berechnend {adj} [of a person or character] :: calculating, diplomatic
Berechnung {f} :: calculation
Berechnung {f} [computing] :: computation
berechtigen {v} :: to entitle
berechtigen {v} :: to authorize
berechtigt {adj} :: entitled, eligible
berechtigt {adj} :: authorized
berechtigt {adj} :: justified
Berechtigung {f} :: entitlement, right
Berechtigung {f} :: warrant
Berechtigung {f} :: (computing) permission
bereden {v} :: to discuss, to talk over
bereden {v} [dated or regional] :: to persuade
beredet {v} :: past participle of bereden
beredsam {adj} :: eloquent, talkative
beredt {adj} :: eloquent
beredt {adj} :: meaningful
beredt {adj} :: expressive
Beredung {f} :: discussion
Bereich {m} :: area, realm, range, scope
Bereich {m} :: course of study or domain of knowledge or practice; field
Bereich {m} [wine] :: region
bereichern {v} :: to enrich
bereift {adj} :: equipped with tires
bereinigen {v} :: To settle
bereinigen {v} :: To rectify
bereinigen {v} :: To revise, adjust
bereinigt {v} :: past participle of bereinigen
bereinigt {adj} :: adjusted
bereinigt {adj} :: revised
bereinigt {adj} :: settled
bereit {adj} :: ready
bereiten {v} [meals, coffee, etc.] :: to prepare, to make
bereiten {v} [pleasure, trouble, etc.] :: to give, to cause
bereitgestanden {v} :: past participle of bereitstehen
bereitgestellt {v} :: past participle of bereitstellen
bereitgestellt {adj} :: provided
bereitgestellt {adj} :: earmarked
bereitgestellt {adj} :: appropriated
bereits {adv} :: already
Bereitschaft {f} :: willingness
Bereitschaft {f} :: standby
Bereitschaftspotential {n} [neurology] :: Bereitschaftspotential
bereitstehen {v} :: To be available or ready
bereitstellen {v} :: to provide, to supply
Bereitstellung {f} :: provision
bereitwillig {adj} :: willing, eager
bereitwillig {adv} :: willingly, readily, gladly
Berend {prop} :: given name
bereuen {v} :: to regret
Berg {m} :: A mountain, hill
Berg {prop} {mf} :: surname, as of the composer Alban Berg
Berg {prop} {n} :: A place name, listed as follows
Berg {prop} {n} :: a former duchy and later grand duchy in Westphalia (Germany)
Berg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Berg {prop} {n} :: One of three municipalities in Bavaria, Germany
Berg {prop} {n} :: One of three municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Berg {prop} {n} :: One of two municipalities in Switzerland
Berg {prop} {n} :: a municipality in Troms, Norway
bergab {adv} :: downhill
Bergahorn {m} :: sycamore
Bergakademie {f} :: mining academy
bergamaskisch {adj} :: Bergamask
Bergamotte {f} :: bergamot
bergan {adv} [dated] :: uphill
Bergarbeiter {m} :: miner
bergauf {adv} :: uphill
Bergbau {m} :: mining
Bergbussard {m} :: mountain buzzard (Buteo oreophilus)
bergen {vt} :: to save (someone); to rescue
bergen {vt} :: to salvage; to recover
bergen {vt} :: to conceal; shelter; to contain
bergen {vt} [naval] :: to take in (a sail); to shorten (a sail)
Bergen {prop} {n} :: A city in Hesse
Bergen {prop} {n} :: A town on Rügen island in the Ostsee
Bergen {prop} {n} :: The Belgian city Mons, in the former countship Hennegau (and modern Hainaut province)
Bergen {prop} {n} :: Bergen, a port city in Norway
Bergente {f} :: greater scaup (Aythya marila)
Bergente {f} :: scaup
Bergentrückung {f} :: mountain rapture [refers to King in the mountain, a prominent motif in folklore and mythology that is found in many folktales and legends.]
Bergführer {m} :: mountain guide
Bergfink {m} :: brambling [Fringilla montifringilla]
Bergfrau {f} :: female miner, female digger
Bergfrau {f} [mythology, folklore] :: mythological wild woman who lives in the mountains
Berghang {m} :: mountainside, mountain slope
bergig {adj} :: mountainous
Bergkarabach {prop} {f} :: Nagorno-Karabakh
Bergkiefer {f} :: mountain pine
Bergkristall {m} :: rock crystal
Bergland {n} :: an area with many mountains; mountainous country or mountainous region
Bergland {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Bergmann {m} :: miner, digger, pitman (male or of unspecified sex)
Bergmann {prop} :: surname
bergmännisch {adj} :: mining (attributive)
bergmännisch {adj} :: miner's
Bergmolch {m} :: alpine newt, Ichthyosaura alpestris, Mesotriton alpestris
Bergpredigt {prop} {f} :: The Sermon on the Mount
Bergschuh {m} :: mountain shoe
Bergslagit {m} [mineral] :: bergslagite
Bergspitze {f} :: peak of mountain
Bergsteigen {n} :: mountaineering, mountain climbing
Bergsteiger {m} :: mountaineer
Bergstiefel {m} :: mountain boot
Bergsturz {m} :: rockslide
Bergtal {n} :: mountain valley
Bergtapir {m} :: mountain tapir
Bergung {f} :: recovering
Bergung {f} :: salvaging
Bergwerk {n} :: mine, colliery, pit
Bergzebra {n} :: mountain zebra, (Equus zebra)
berühmt {adj} :: famous, well-known, renowned, celebrated, noted
berühmt-berüchtigt {adj} [often, ironic] :: infamous, dubiously famous
berühmter {adj} :: comparative of berühmt
berühmtesten {adj} :: superlative of berühmt
Berühmtheit {f} [famous person] :: celebrity
Berühmtheit {f} [state of being famous, no plural] :: celebrity
berühren {v} :: to touch
Berührung {f} :: contact (an act of touching physically)
Berührungsbildschirm {m} :: touch screen
berührungslos {adj} :: contactless
Bericht {m} :: report
berichten {v} :: to report
Berichterstatter {m} [journalism] :: reporter (male or of unspecified sex)
Berichterstatterin {f} [journalism] :: reporter (female)
Berichterstattung {f} :: reporting, reportage
Berichterstattung {f} :: the result of reporting; coverage, reportage
berichtigen {v} :: to correct
Berichtigung {f} :: correction (act of correcting)
berichtspflichtig {adj} :: reportable (that must be reported to the authorities)
Berichtswesen {n} [economics, journalism] :: reporting
berindet {adj} :: crusted
Beringmeer {prop} {n} :: Bering Sea
Beringsee {prop} {f} :: Bering Sea
beringt {adj} :: ringed, beringed
beritten {adj} :: mounted [riding horses]
Berkan {noun} :: barracan
Berkelium {n} :: berkelium
Berl. {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of Berlin
Berlin {prop} {n} :: Berlin, the capital city of Germany and one of its current component states
Berlin {prop} {n} [figuratively] :: The federal government of Germany
Berliner {m} :: a Berliner (native or inhabitant of Berlin)
Berliner {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Berlin
Berliner {m} :: a pastry similar to a doughnut, with a sweet filling; a Berliner
Berliner Blau {n} :: Prussian blue
Berlinerin {f} :: Berliner (female person from Berlin)
berlinerisch {adj} :: of, from or relating to Berlin
Berliner Mauer {prop} {f} :: Berlin Wall
Berliner Schnauze {f} [colloquial] :: slang used by the inhabitants of the city of Berlin, often characterized as being outspoken and using coarse humour
berlinfern {adj} :: remote from Berlin
berlinisch {adj} :: of, from or relating to Berlin
berlinnah {adj} :: near Berlin
Bermuda {prop} {n} :: Bermuda
Bermudas {noun} :: Bermuda shorts
Bern {prop} {n} :: Bern [city, canton]
Bernadette {prop} {f} :: given name
Bernd {prop} :: given name shortened from Bernhard
Berndorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Berndt {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Bernd
Berner {m} :: Bernese
Berner {adj} :: Bernese
Bernhard {prop} :: given name, cognate to the English Bernard
Bernhard {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Bernhardiner {m} :: Saint Bernard (dog)
Bernhardsthal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Bernhardt {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Bernhard
Bernhardt {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Bernhart {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Bernhard
Bernhart {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Bernstein {m} :: amber
Bernstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Bernstein {prop} {n} [historical] :: Pełczyce, Poland
bernsteinen {adj} :: amber
bernsteinfarben {adj} :: amber (attributive or coloured)
Bernsteinsäure {f} :: succinic acid
berüscht {adj} :: ruffled, ruched
bersten {vi} [chiefly literary] :: to burst
berstig {adj} :: broken
berstig {adj} [colloquial] :: uncool
Bert {prop} :: given name, short for Berthold, Albert, etc; cognate to English Bert
Berta {prop} {f} :: given name, a variant spelling of Bertha
Berta {symbol} :: The letter B in the German and Austrian spelling alphabets
Bertelsmann {prop} :: surname
Bertha {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to Bertha
Berthold {prop} {m} :: given name
Bertram {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Bertram
Bertram {prop} :: surname
Bertrandit {m} [mineral] :: bertrandite
berußen {v} :: to smut
Beruf {m} :: occupation, profession, trade, job, career
Beruf {m} :: vocation
berufen {adj} :: appointed
berufen {adj} :: called
berufen {v} :: to appoint
beruflich {adj} :: professional
Berufsbezeichnung {f} :: job title
Berufskrankheit {f} :: occupational disease
berufsmäßig {adj} [of or pertaining to a profession] :: professional
Berufspolitiker {m} :: professional politician
Berufsschule {f} [Germany] :: vocational school
berufstätig {adj} :: employed
berufsunfähig {adj} :: unfit for work (due to illness, accident etc)
Berufsverbot {n} :: an order of "professional disqualification" under German law which disqualifies the recipient from engaging in certain professions
Berufung {f} :: appointment
Berufung {f} :: vocation
Berufung {f} [legal] :: appeal
Berufungsgericht {n} [law] :: appeals court
beruhen {v} :: To consist
beruhen {v} :: To depend
beruhen {v} :: To be based (on)
beruhend {adj} :: based (on)
beruhigen {v} :: to calm
beruhigt {v} :: past participle of beruhigen
Beruhigung {f} :: reassurance, calming
Beruhigung {f} :: sedation, pacification
Beruhigungsmittel {n} :: sedative
beruht {v} :: past participle of beruhen
berußt {v} :: past participle of berußen
Berwang {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Beryll {m} [mineral] :: beryl
Beryllat {n} :: beryllate
beryllhaltig {adj} :: berylliferous
Berylliose {f} [pathology] :: berylliosis
Beryllium {n} :: beryllium; the chemical element and alkaline earth metal with the atomic number 4
Berylliumacetat {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium acetate
Berylliumcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium carbide
Berylliumchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium chloride
Berylliumerz {n} :: beryllium ore
Berylliumfluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium fluoride
berylliumhaltig {adj} :: berylliferous
Berylliumhydrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium hydride
Berylliumhydroxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium hydroxide
Berylliumkupfer {n} :: beryllium copper alloy
Berylliummetall {n} :: beryllium metal
Berylliumnitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium nitride
Berylliumoxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium oxide
Berylliumsalz {n} :: beryllium salt
Berylliumsulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium sulfate
Berylliumtellurid {n} [inorganic compound] :: beryllium telluride
Berylliumverbindung {f} :: beryllium compound
bes. {adv} :: especially (esp.)
besagt {v} :: past participle of besagen - said, implied
besagt {adj} :: implied
besagt {adj} :: aforesaid
besamen {v} :: to fertilize, to impregnate
Besan {m} [nautics] :: mizzen, mizzensail
Besan {m} [nautics] :: mizzen, mizzenmast
Besanmast {m} [nautics] :: mizzenmast
Besansegel {n} [nautics] :: mizzensail
Besatzer {m} :: occupant, occupier (male or of unspecified sex) (someone who occupies a country)
Besatzung {f} :: crew (group of people operating a ship, plane, or large facility)
Besatzung {f} :: occupation (of a country)
Besatzung {f} [by extension] :: occupational troops, occupational forces
Besatzungsarmee {f} :: occupying army (army that occupies a land)
Besatzungsmacht {f} :: occupying power
Besatzungsmitglied {n} :: crew member
besaufen {vr} :: to get drunk
beschaffen {v} :: To purchase or procure
beschaffen {v} :: To obtain or acquire
Beschaffenheit {f} :: state, condition, property
beschafft {v} :: past participle of beschaffen
Beschaffung {f} :: purchase, acquisition
Beschaffung {f} :: obtaining, procurement
beschallen {v} :: To make reverberating sound such as with loudspeakers in a large room or open space
beschallen {v} [medicine, technical] :: to treat or diagnose with ultrasound
beschatten {v} [to block light or to secretly follow] :: to shadow
beschaulich {adj} :: contemplative, pensive, reflective
beschädigen {v} :: to damage
Bescheid {m} [legal or administration] :: notification, information
bescheiden {adj} :: modest, humble
bescheiden {adj} [euphemistic] :: crappy
bescheiden {v} [legal or administration] :: to notify, to inform
bescheiden {v} :: to admit
Bescheidenheit {f} :: modesty
Bescheid geben {v} [idiom, with dative] :: to let sombody know
Bescheid sagen {v} [idiom, with dative] :: to let sombody know
Bescheid wissen {v} [with preposition über] :: to know [about]
bescheißen {v} [colloquial, vulgar] :: to deceive somebody
bescheinigen {v} :: to attest
bescheinigen {v} :: to certify
Bescheinigung {f} :: certificate, certification, attestation, credentials
bescheren {v} :: To give, bestow, present [chiefly of Christmas presents]
bescheren {v} :: To allot [chiefly by God or fate]
beschert {v} :: past participle of bescheren
Bescherung {f} :: handing out of presents [at Christmas] Um acht Uhr ist Bescherung!
Bescherung {f} :: a (nice) mess Das ist ja eine schöne Bescherung!
bescheuert {adj} :: idiotic (very foolish; stupid; nonsensical)
beschäftigen {vr} :: to keep oneself busy (mit with)
beschäftigen {v} :: to concern oneself
beschäftigt {adj} :: busy (engaged in an activity; doing a great deal)
beschäftigt {adj} :: employed
beschäftigter {adj} :: comparative of beschäftigt
Beschäftigter {m} :: nominalization of beschäftigter: employee
beschäftigtsten {adj} :: superlative of beschäftigt
Beschäftigung {f} :: occupation (activity or task with which one occupies oneself)
beschäftigungslos {adj} :: unemployed
Beschiß {noun} :: alternative spelling of Beschiss
beschichten {v} :: To coat, cover
beschichten {v} :: To face, laminate
beschichtet {v} :: past participle of beschichten
beschichtet {adj} :: coated
beschichtet {adj} :: laminated
Beschichtung {f} :: coating (process)
Beschichtung {f} :: lamination
Beschichtungsmaterial {n} :: coating material
beschickert {adj} :: drunken
beschießen {v} :: To bombard
Beschilderung {f} :: signage
beschilft {adj} :: reedy (covered in reeds)
beschimpfen {vt} :: to insult, swear at, call names, call a liar (etc.), abuse
beschimpft {v} :: past participle of beschimpfen
Beschimpfung {f} :: name-calling, slander
beschirmen {vt} [elevated] :: to protect, to shield
beschirmen {vt} [elevated] :: to stretch out forming a screen
beschirmen {vt} [elevated] :: to put on a lampshade
beschirmen {vt} [elevated] :: to guard, to look after, to sentinel
beschirmt {v} :: past participle of beschirmen
Beschiss {m} [colloquial, vulgar] :: deceit
beschissen {adj} [vulgar, slang] :: shitty
beschissener {adj} :: comparative of beschissen
beschlafen {v} [dated] :: to sleep with
beschlafen {v} :: to sleep on (a matter)
Beschlag {m} :: fitting, mounting
Beschlag {m} :: horseshoe
Beschlag {m} :: mist
beschlagen {v} :: to coat with condensation, fog up, steam up
beschlagen {v} :: to mount
beschlagen {v} :: to fit with nails, studs, clasps, etc
beschlagen {v} :: to put horseshoes on a horse
beschlagen {v} :: to furl (a sail)
beschlagen {v} :: to stamp, flatten
beschlagen {v} :: to grow moldy or tarnished
beschlagen {adj} :: coated with condensation, fogged up, steamed up
beschlagen {adj} :: tarnished
Beschlagnahme {f} :: seizure, sequestration
beschlagnahmen {v} :: To seize, appropriate
beschlagnahmen {v} :: To confiscate, impound
beschlagnahmen {v} :: To requisition
beschlagnahmen {v} :: To levy
beschlagnahmt {v} :: past participle of beschlagnahmen
beschleunigen {v} :: to accelerate
Beschleuniger {m} :: catalyst, activator, accelerant
Beschleuniger {m} :: accelerator
Beschleunigung {f} :: acceleration
Beschleunigungsmesser {m} :: accelerometer
Beschleunigungssensor {m} :: accelerometer
beschließen {v} :: to end, to close
beschließen {v} :: to decide
beschlossen {adj} :: decided, agreed
Beschluß {m} :: alternative spelling of Beschluss
Beschluss {m} :: decision (choice, judgement)
beschlussfähig {adj} :: resolute
beschämen {v} :: to embarrass; to humiliate; to shame
beschämend {adj} :: shameful
beschmieren {v} :: to spread, smear [the direct object is the surface on which the substance is spread]
beschmieren {v} :: to cover in graffiti
beschämt {adj} :: ashamed
beschmutzen {v} :: to make dirty, stain (also figurative)
beschmutzt {v} :: past participle of beschmutzen
beschneiden {v} [medicine or religion] :: to circumcise
beschneiden {v} [gardening] :: to trim; to prune
Beschneidung {f} [medicine or religion] :: circumcision
Beschneidung {f} [gardening] :: trimming
beschönigen {v} :: to whitewash
beschönigend {adj} :: euphemistic
Beschöniger {m} :: whitewasher
beschönigt {v} :: past participle of beschönigen
Beschönigung {f} :: embellishment
beschnitten {adj} :: circumcised
beschossen {v} :: past participle of beschießen
beschottern {v} [railway] :: to gravel, to ballast
beschreiben {vt} [to represent in words] :: to describe
beschreiben {vt} [mathematics, to give rise to a geometrical structure] :: to describe
beschreiben {vt} :: to write on
beschreiben {vt} [computing] :: to write (record data) to
Beschreibung {f} :: description
Beschreibungswort {n} [grammar, rare] :: describing word, adjective
beschreiten {v} :: to tread, to pursue
beschrieben {adj} :: described, delineated
beschriften {v} :: to label [by writing on it, or by using a written label]
beschriftet {v} :: past participle of beschriften
Beschriftung {f} :: label
Beschriftung {f} :: caption
beschritten {v} :: past participle of beschreiten
beschritten {adj} :: pursued
beschränken {v} :: to limit; to restrict
beschränkt {adj} :: limited, restricted, confined
beschränkt {adj} :: narrow-minded
beschränkt {adj} [maths] :: bounded
Beschränkung {f} :: restriction
beschürzt {adj} :: aproned (wearing an apron)
beschützen {v} :: to protect
Beschützer {m} :: protector
beschützt {v} :: past participle of beschützen
beschuldigen {v} :: to accuse, to blame
beschuldigt {adj} :: incriminated
Beschuldigung {f} :: accusation, allegation, charge
beschulen {v} [administrative] :: to provide with (schools and) school lessons
beschulen {v} [officialese] :: to give somebody school lessons
Beschuss {m} :: bombardment
beschusshemmend {adj} :: bulletproof
beschweigen {v} :: to not talk about
Beschwerde {f} :: complaint (a grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining)
beschwerdefrei {adj} :: complaint-free
beschwerdenfrei {adj} :: alternative form of beschwerdefrei
beschweren {vr} :: to complain
beschweren {vt} :: to weight, to weight down
beschwerlich {adj} :: onerous, burdensome
beschwerlicher {adj} :: comparative of beschwerlich
beschwerlichsten {adj} :: superlative of beschwerlich
beschwert {v} :: past participle of beschweren
beschwichtigen {v} :: to assuage; to conciliate; to pacify
beschwindeln {vt} :: to swindle
beschwipst {adj} :: tipsy
beschwören {vt} :: to conjure
beschwören {vt} :: to swear to (something)
beschwören {vt} [occult] :: to evoke, to summon
Beschwörung {f} [occult] :: evocation
beseelen {v} :: to animate, to inspire
beseitigen {v} :: to dispose of (get rid of something), remove, eliminate
beseitigen {v} [slang] :: to eliminate (kill)
Beseitigung {f} :: disposal, elimination, removal
Besen {m} :: broom
Besenginster {m} :: common broom, Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius)
besenrein {adj} :: swept-out
Besenreiser {p} :: spider veins
Besenschrank {m} :: broom closet, broom cupboard
Besenstiel {m} :: broomstick (the handle of a broom)
besessen {adj} :: obsessed
besessen {adj} :: possessed
besessen {v} :: past participle of besitzen
besessener {adj} :: comparative of besessen
Besessenheit {f} :: obsession
Besessenheit {f} [religion, mythology] :: possession
besessensten {adj} :: superlative of besessen
besetzen {v} [military and general] :: to occupy
besetzen {v} [film, theatre] :: to cast (choose someone for a performing part)
Besetzer {m} :: occupant, occupier
Besetzer {m} :: squatter
Besetzerin {f} :: a female occupant
besetzt {adj} :: occupied
Besetzung {f} :: occupation; invasion (of a country)
Besetzung {f} :: squat (occupation of a building without permission)
Besetzung {f} [theater, film] :: cast; casting
Besetzungsinversion {f} [physics] :: population inversion
besichern {v} :: to collateralize
besichtigen {v} :: to inspect, to visit (It differs from besuchen, which means to visit too.)
besichtigt {v} :: past participle of besichtigen
Besichtigung {f} :: inspection
Besichtigung {f} :: viewing
Besichtigung {f} :: sightseeing
besiedelt {v} :: past participle of besiedeln
besiedelt {adj} :: populated, settled
Besiedelung {f} :: settlement
Besiedelung {f} :: colonization
besiegen {vt} :: to defeat (to overcome in battle or contest)
besiegt {adj} :: defeated
besinnen {vr} :: to reflect; to think
besinnen {vr} :: to remember
besinnlich {adj} :: contemplative, thoughtful
Besinnung {f} :: consciousness
Besinnung {f} :: reflexion
besinnungslos {adj} :: unconscious
Besitz {m} :: ownership
Besitz {m} [legal] :: possession
besitzen {v} :: to own, to possess
besitzen {v} :: to have
Besitzer {m} :: agent noun of besitzen; owner (one who owns)
besitzergreifend {adj} :: possessive
Besitzerin {f} :: female owner (one who owns)
besitzlos {adj} :: poor
besänftigen {v} :: to appease, to soothe
besoffen {adj} :: drunk
besoffener {adj} :: comparative of besoffen
besoffensten {adj} :: superlative of besoffen
besohlen {v} :: to sole
besolden {v} :: to pay a salary to
besondere {adj} :: special, particular, extraordinary
Besonderheit {f} :: (notable) feature
besonders {adv} :: especially, particularly
besonders {adv} :: exceptionally
besonnen {adj} :: prudent, cautious, calm, circumspect
besonnen {v} :: past participle of besinnen
Besonnenheit {f} :: prudence, caution, calmness, circumspection
besorgen {vt} :: to get, to obtain
besorgen {vt} :: to deal, to manage
besorgen {v} [vulgar] :: to give it to someone
Besorgnis {f} :: worry, concern, anxiety
besorgniserregend {adj} :: alarming, worrying, worrisome
besorgt {adj} :: worried (thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen)
Besorgung {f} :: errand
bespaßen {v} [colloquial] :: to entertain
bespielbar {adj} :: playable
besprechen {v} :: to discuss (to converse or debate concerning a particular topic)
Besprechung {f} :: meeting, discussion, (gathering among business people to discuss their business)
Besprechung {f} :: Review
besprengen {v} :: to sprinkle, to spray
besprühen {vt} :: to shower
besprüht {v} :: past participle of besprühen - sprayed
besprochen {v} :: past participle of besprechen
bespucken {v} :: to spit
bessarabiendeutsch {adj} :: Bessarabia German; belonging or pertaining to the Bessarabia Germans
Bessarabiendeutscher {m} :: a (male) Bessarabia German, a German native or inhabitant of Bessarabia, or a descendant of one
besser {adj} :: comparative of gut; better
bessere Hälfte {f} :: better half
besser ein schreckliches Ende als ein Schrecken ohne Ende {proverb} :: "better a terrible end than a terror without ending"
besser ein Spatz in der Hand als eine Taube auf dem Dach {proverb} :: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
bessern {v} :: to improve, to better
besser spät als nie {phrase} :: better late than never
Besserung {f} [medicine] :: amelioration
Besserung {f} :: improvement
Besserwisser {m} [pejorative] :: know-it-all, wiseguy, wiseacre, smart aleck
besserwisserisch {adj} :: like a know-it-all
Bestand {m} :: stock, inventory
Bestand {m} :: portfolio
Bestand {m} :: population
Bestand {m} :: durable existence, persistence; duration; continuance
Bestandteil {m} :: component, element
Bestandteil {m} :: ingredient
bestatten {v} :: to bury
Bestatter {m} :: agent noun of bestatten; mortician, undertaker (male or of unspecified sex)
Bestatterin {f} :: mortician, undertaker (female)
Bestattung {f} :: funeral (ceremony in honour of a deceased person)
Bestattungsart {f} :: (method of) burial
Bestattungswagen {m} :: hearse
Bestattungswagen {} :: Leichenwagen
bestaunen {v} :: to marvel at
bestbezahlt {adj} :: highest-paid
bestücken {v} :: to equip [with weapons, fashion accessories, transistors, etc.]
bestechen {v} :: to bribe
bestechen {v} :: to win over
bestechlich {adj} [open to bribery] :: corruptible
bestechlicher {adj} :: comparative of bestechlich
Bestechlichkeit {f} [openness to bribery] :: corruptibility
Bestechung {f} :: bribery
Bestechung {f} :: corruption
Bestechungsgeld {n} :: bribe
Besteck {n} :: cutlery
Besteck {n} :: silverware
bestehen {vt} :: to succeed, to pass (an exam)
bestehen {vi} :: to consist (aus (of))
bestehen {vi} :: to exist
bestehen {vi} :: to insist (auf (on))
bestehend {adj} :: existing, established
bestehlen {vt} :: to steal from, to rob
besteigen {vt} :: to ascend, to climb, to mount (a kerb etc)
besteigen {vt} :: to board, get on, to mount (a plane, train etc.)
besteigen {vt} :: to fuck, to mate with, to mount (birds, bees, etc.)
Besteigung {f} [act of climbing a mountain] :: ascent
bestellen {vt} :: To order to come, to summon
bestellen {vti} :: To demand delivery, to order (e.g. food)
bestellen {vti} :: To reserve (e.g. a table, hotel room)
bestellen {vt} :: To convey (a message, greetings)
bestellen {vt} :: To cultivate, till
Bestellnummer {f} :: Order number or code, such as in a product catalog
bestellt {v} :: past participle of bestellen
Bestellung {f} :: order, request for a product
bestenfalls {adv} :: at best
bester Freund des Menschen {noun} :: man's best friend
besternährt {adj} :: best-nourished
bestes Wissen und Gewissen {phrase} :: the best of one's knowledge; good faith; roughly combining the senses of both English idioms, namely that one does or says something in the honest conviction of its correctness but under the condition of the fallibility of one’s knowledge and competences
besteuern {v} :: to tax
Besteuerung {f} :: taxation
bestialisch {adj} :: atrocious
Bestialität {f} :: bestiality
besticken {v} :: to embroider
bestickt {v} :: past participle of besticken
Bestickung {f} :: embroidering
Bestie {f} :: beast
bestiefelt {adj} :: booted (wearing boots)
bestiegen {v} :: past participle of besteigen
bestimmbar {adj} :: determinable, ascertainable
bestimmbar {adj} :: definable, allocatable, assignable
bestimmen {v} :: to determine
bestimmt {adj} :: certain
bestimmt {adj} :: determined
bestimmt {adj} [grammar] :: definite
bestimmt {adv} :: certainly, definitely
bestimmter Artikel {m} [grammar] :: definite article
Bestimmtheit {f} :: resolution
Bestimmung {f} :: determination (act of determining or measuring)
Bestimmung {f} :: destination (intended purpose)
Bestimmung {f} :: appointment, designation
Bestimmung {f} :: regulation
Bestimmung {f} [linguistics] :: modifier; attribute (of a noun); complement (of a verb)
Bestimmung {f} [law] :: provision (clause in a statute providing for a particular matter; a specific rule that arises from the lexical content of a statute)
Bestimmungsgrenze {f} [chemistry] :: limit (in analysis)
Bestimmungsort {m} :: destination
Bestimmungswort {n} :: in general a word which determines something (e.g. in grammar an adjective can be referred to as Bestimmungswort of the substantive and the adverb as Bestimmungswort of the verb)
Bestimmungswort {n} [grammar] :: particle
Bestimmungswort {n} [grammar] :: determinans of a compound (word), the first "part" of a compound word (e.g. the Bestimmungswort or determinans of Bestimmungswort is Bestimmung)
bestirnt {adj} :: starry
beständig {adj} :: constant, stable, steady, abiding
beständig {adj} :: resistant
beständiger {adj} :: comparative of beständig
Beständigkeit {f} :: resistance
Beständigkeit {f} :: stability, constancy
Beständigkeit {f} :: reliability
beständigsten {adj} :: superlative of beständig
Best.-Nr. {abbr} :: Bestellnummer
bestochen {v} :: past participle of bestechen
bestrafen {v} :: to punish
Bestrafung {f} :: punishment
bestrahlen {v} :: to irradiate
bestrahlt {v} :: past participle of bestrahlen
bestrahlt {adj} :: irradiated, radiated
Bestrahlung {f} :: irradiation, exposure
Bestrahlungsstärke {f} [physics] :: irradiance
bestreben {vr} :: to endeavor, to be eager
Bestreben {n} :: endeavor
bestrebt {v} :: past participle of bestreben
Bestrebung {f} :: attempt, effort
Bestrebung {f} :: aspiration
bestreichen {vt} :: to smear
bestreitbar {adj} :: controvertible, arguable
bestreiten {v} :: to deny
bestreiten {v} :: to controvert
bestreuen {v} :: To sprinkle
bestreut {v} :: past participle of bestreuen
bestrickend {adj} :: beguiling, bewitching, enchanting, engaging
bestritten {adj} :: controversial
bestürmen {v} :: to assail
bestürmen {v} :: to charge
bestrumpft {adj} :: stockinged (wearing stockings)
Bestürzung {f} :: consternation
Bestseller {m} :: bestseller
Bestsellerliste {f} :: list of bestsellers
bestätigen {v} :: to confirm, corroborate
Bestätigung {f} :: acknowledgment, affirmation, confirmation
Bestäubung {noun} :: (botany) pollination
bestuhlen {v} :: to furnish with chairs
bestusst {adj} :: crazy
Bestwig {prop} :: A municipality in Hochsauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia
Besuch {m} :: visit, call
Besuch {m} :: visitor or visitors (singular only)
besuchen {v} :: to visit
besuchen {v} :: to attend something
Besucher {m} :: visitor
Besucher {m} :: patron
Besucher {m} [software, design] :: The visitor design pattern
Besucherin {f} :: feminine noun of Besucher
besucht {v} :: past participle of besuchen
besudeln {v} :: to sully
Besäufnis {n} :: drinking binge
Beta {n} :: beta (Greek letter)
betagt {adj} [of a person] :: aged, elderly
Betain {n} [organic chemistry] :: betaine
Betalain {noun} :: betalain
betanken {vt} [to fill a fuel tank of a vehicle] :: to fuel
Betastrahl {m} :: beta ray (ray of beta particles)
betastrahlend {adj} [physics] :: beta-radiant (emitting beta rays)
Betastrahlenquelle {f} :: source of beta radiation
Betastrahler {m} [physics] :: beta emitter
Betastrahlung {f} [physics] :: beta radiation
Beta-Version {f} [computing, technology] :: beta version
Betazerfall {m} [physics] :: beta decay
Bete {f} :: beet
Beteigeuze {prop} :: Betelgeuse
beteilig {v} :: past participle of beteiligen
beteiligen {vt} :: to let someone take part in something
beteiligen {vr} :: participate
beteiligt {v} :: past participle of beteiligen
beteiligt {adj} :: involved, concerned, participating
Beteiligte {m} :: participant
Beteiligte {m} :: party
Beteiligung {f} :: participation (act of participating)
beten {v} :: to pray
betend {adj} :: praying
beteuern {v} :: to assert, affirm, aver, asseverate
beteuert {v} :: past participle of beteuern
Betlehem {prop} {n} :: Bethlehem
Beton {m} :: concrete
betonen {v} :: to emphasize
betonen {v} :: to stress
betonieren {v} [to cover with concrete] :: to concrete
Betonklotz {m} :: concrete block
Betonkonstruktion {f} :: concrete construction
Betonmauer {f} :: concrete wall
Betonmischer {m} :: concrete mixer
Betonplatte {f} :: concrete slab
Betonsperre {f} :: concrete barrier
betont {adj} :: emphasized
betont {v} :: past participle of betonen
Betonung {f} :: emphasis; accent, stress
Betonwüste {f} :: concrete desert
Betonzusatzstoff {m} :: concrete additive
Betracht {m} :: consideration
betrachten {v} :: to look (at)
betrachten {v} :: to look, to consider (at)
betrachten {v} :: to regard, to consider, look upon (something)
Betrachter {m} :: beholder, observer, viewer
betrachtet {v} :: past participle of betrachten
betrachtet {adj} :: considered, regarded
Betrachtung {f} :: contemplation
Betrachtung {f} :: viewing
Betrag {m} :: amount (total or sum of items)
Betrag {m} [mathematics] :: the magnitude or length of a vector
betragen {vt} :: to amount to, to be
betragen {vr} :: to behave
betrauern {v} :: to bemourn, to bewail
betrüben {v} :: to sadden (make sad or unhappy)
betrüblich {adj} :: sad, unfortunate
betrüblicherweise {adv} :: unfortunately
betrübt {adj} :: saddened
betrübt {v} :: past participle of betrüben
beträchtlich {adj} :: substantial, considerable
Betreff {m} :: subject, reference (of e-mails and letters)
betreffen {v} :: to concern, to affect
betreffend {adj} :: regarding, pertaining, concerning
betreffend {adj} :: concerned (postpositive)
betreffend {prep} :: regarding, concerning, with respect to
betreffs {prep} :: for, because of
betreiben {vt} :: to run, to operate (a business, an engine, etc.)
Betreiber {m} :: operator
betresst {adj} :: plaited, braided, tressed
betreten {v} :: to enter
betreten {adj} :: embarrassed
Betreten {n} :: entry
Betreten {n} :: access
betreuen {v} :: to look after; to take care
Betreuer {m} :: guardian, caretaker
Betreuer {m} :: carer, helper, nurse
betreut {v} :: past participle of betreuen
Betreuung {f} :: care
Betreuung {f} :: tutelage, guardianship
betrügen {vt} :: to cheat; to swindle
betrügen {vt} [legal] :: to defraud
betrügen {vt} [marriage] :: to deceive
Betrüger {m} :: agent noun of betrügen; fraud (person)
Betrügerei {f} :: cheating; swindling
Betrügerin {f} :: fraud [female person]
betrügerisch {adj} :: fraudulent
Betrieb {m} [countable] :: company; business
Betrieb {m} [countable] :: factory; works
Betrieb {m} [uncountable] :: operating; running (of an engine, etc.)
Betrieb {m} [uncountable] :: bustle; fuss
betrieben {v} :: past participle of betreiben
betrieben {adj} :: operated
betrieblich {adj} :: operational
betrieblich {adj} :: business (attributive)
betriebsbedingt {adj} :: operational (related to the operation of a machine, a business, etc.)
betriebsbedingte Kündigung {f} :: redundancy (dismissal of an employee because there is not enough work for them)
Betriebsbedingung {f} :: (especially in plural) operating condition(s)
betriebsbereit {adj} :: operational
Betriebsergebnis {n} :: operating income / profit
betriebsfremd {adj} :: non-company (of a different company / organization)
Betriebsrat {m} :: works council
betriebsratsverseucht {adj} :: works council (attributive)
Betriebssystem {n} [computing] :: operating system
betriebssystemübergreifend {adj} [computing] :: cross-platform, cross-OS
Betriebssystemkern {m} [computing] :: kernel
Betriebstemperatur {f} :: operating temperature (of a device)
Betriebstemperaturspanne {f} :: operating temperature range
betriebswirtschaftlich {adj} :: economic (concerning the economy)
Betriebswirtschaftslehre {f} :: business administration
betrinken {vr} :: to get drunk (to intoxicate oneself with alcohol); to bedrink oneself
betroffen {adj} :: shocked
betroffen {adj} :: affected, concerned
Betroffener {m} :: person affected by something
Betroffener {m} :: victim
Betroffenheit {f} :: consternation, dismay, shock
Betrug {m} :: fraud
Betrug {m} :: deception, deceit
Betrug {m} :: cheating
betrugsanfällig {adj} :: fraudulent, deceitful
betrunken {adj} :: drunk
betrunkener {adj} :: comparative of betrunken
betrunkensten {adj} :: superlative of betrunken
Bett {n} :: bed (for sleeping)
Bett {n} :: blanket etc
Bett {n} :: river bed
Bettbezug {m} :: duvet cover
Bettchen {n} :: diminutive of Bett
Bettdecke {f} :: blanket
Bettdecke {f} :: coverlet
Bettdecke {f} :: bedspread
betteln {v} :: to beg
Bettelstab {m} [now only used in idioms] :: beggar's staff
betten {v} :: to bed (place in a bed)
Bettendorf {prop} :: Any of several towns and cities in Germany, Luxembourg and the United States
Bettendorf {prop} :: surname
Bettendorfsch {adj} :: Bettendorf (attributive)
bettfertig {adj} :: sleepy
betätigen {v} :: to operate
betätigt {v} :: past participle of betätigen
Betätigung {f} :: activity (the state of being active)
Betätigung {f} :: service
Betätigung {f} :: operation
Bettina {prop} {f} :: given name used in Germany since the eighteenth century, originally short form of Elisabettina, an Italian diminutive of Elizabeth
Bettlaken {n} :: bedsheet
Bettlein {n} :: diminutive of Bett
Bettler {m} :: beggar
Bettler fasten selten {proverb} :: "beggars rarely have to fast"
Bettlerin {f} :: beggar
bettlägerig {adj} :: bedridden
Bettlägerigkeit {f} :: bedriddenness
Betttuch {n} :: bed sheet
Bettung {f} [railway] :: ballast
Bettwanze {f} :: bedbug
Bettwäsche {f} :: bedlinen
Bettzeug {n} :: bedclothes, bedding
betäuben {v} :: To numb; daze; stupefy
Betäubung {f} :: narcosis, anaesthesia, any state of numbness or reduced consciousness caused by outside influence
Betäubung {f} :: narcosis, anaesthesia, the act of causing such a state
Betäubung {f} :: [rare] narcotic, anaesthetic, the substance used to induce such a state
Betäubung {f} :: [figuratively] emotional numbness, a state of apathy or shock
Betäubung {f} :: [rare] physical numbness in general
Betäubungsmittel {n} :: anaesthetic, narcotic
Betäubungsmittel {n} :: [legislative language] controlled substance, drug, including those not inducing anaesthesia
betucht {adj} :: well off
betulich {adj} :: fussy, (excessively) caring
betulich {adj} :: sedate
betulicher {adj} :: comparative of betulich
betulichsten {adj} :: superlative of betulich
beugbar {adj} [grammar] :: inflectable (of a word, capable of being inflected)
beugen {vt} :: to bend something, to bow something
beugen {vr} :: to bend; to bend over; to bow
beugen {vr} [with dative, figurative] :: to give in to; to cease to resist or disagree
beugen {vt} [grammar] :: to inflect; to decline, conjugate, etc
beäugen {v} :: to eye
Beugfall {m} [grammar, obsolete] :: case
Beugung {f} :: inflection
Beule {f} :: swelling
Beule {f} :: bump
beulen {v} :: to become swelled
Beulenpest {f} :: bubonic plague
beunruhigen {vt} :: to worry, to trouble, to alarm
Beunruhigung {f} :: anxiety, worry, concern
beurteilen {vt} :: to form an opinion on, to judge
Beurteilung {f} :: judgement, assessment
Beuschel {n} [Austria] :: entrails, the internal organs
Beute {f} :: booty
Beute {f} :: prey (that which may be seized by animals)
Beutekunst {f} :: looted art
Beutel {m} :: bag, pouch, sac
Beutelratte {f} :: opossum
Beutelsäuger {m} :: marsupial
Beutelteufel {m} :: Tasmanian devil
Beuteltier {n} :: marsupial
Beutelwolf {m} :: thylacine
Beutler {m} :: marsupial
bevölkern {v} :: to populate
Bevölkerung {f} :: population
Bevölkerungsdichte {f} :: population density
bevölkerungsreich {adj} :: populous
Bevölkerungsschicht {f} :: social stratum
Bevölkerungszahl {f} :: population (number of people in a land)
bevollmächtigen {v} :: to authorize
bevollmächtigen {v} :: to give power of attorney
Bevollmächtigung {f} :: authorization, authority
Bevollmächtigung {f} :: power of attorney
Bevollmächtigung {f} :: empowerment
bevor {conj} :: before
bevorgestanden {v} :: past participle of bevorstehen
bevorstehen {v} :: To be imminent
bevorstehen {v} :: To approach
bevorstehen {v} :: To impend
bevorstehend {adj} :: imminent, impending
bevorstehend {adj} :: approaching, upcoming, forthcoming
bevorstehend {adj} :: pending
bevorzugen {v} :: to favor, to prefer
bevorzugt {adj} :: preferred, preferential, preferable
bevorzugt {adj} :: privileged
bewachen {v} :: to guard
Bewachung {f} :: custody
bewaffnen {v} :: to arm (to supply with weapons)
bewaffnet {adj} :: armed
Bewaffnung {f} :: arms; armament
bewahren {v} :: to keep, to preserve (to maintain the condition of)
bewahrheiten {vr} :: to prove true
bewahrheiten {vr} :: to come true
bewahrt {v} :: past participle of bewahren
bewaldet {noun} :: forested, tree-covered, wooded
bewandert {adj} :: knowledgeable, skilled, adept
bewegen {vt} :: to persuade; to prompt (someone to do something); to make (someone do something); to induce; to get (someone to do something)
bewegen {vtr} :: to move; to stir
bewegend {adj} :: moving, affecting, stirring
beweglich {adj} :: nimble, agile
beweglich {adj} :: versatile
beweglich {adj} :: moveable, flexible, mobile
beweglicher {adj} :: comparative of beweglich
beweglicher Feiertag {m} [Christianity] :: moveable feast
Beweglichkeit {f} :: agilitiy
Beweglichkeit {f} :: versatility
beweglichsten {adj} :: superlative of beweglich
bewegt {v} :: past participle of bewegen
bewegt {adj} :: agitated
bewegt {adj} :: choppy, rough (sea)
bewegt {adj} :: moved, touched
Bewegung {f} :: motion
Bewegung {f} [social, political] :: movement
Bewegung {interj} :: get a move on, hurry up, let's go
Bewegung 2. Juni {prop} {f} :: Movement 2 June
bewegungslos {adj} :: motionless, still, stock-still
Bewegungsspiele {noun} :: movement games
Bewegungsstörung {f} :: disruption of movement, disturbance of movement, interruption of movement
Bewegungsstörung {f} [medicine] :: movement disorder
bewegungsunfähig {adj} :: paralyzed (incapable of movement)
bewehren {v} [engineering] :: to armor, to reinforce
bewehren {v} [military, dated] :: to arm, to fortify
bewehrt {v} :: past participle of bewehren
Beweis {m} [countable] :: proof
beweisbar {adj} :: provable
Beweisbarkeit {f} :: provability
beweisen {v} :: to prove
Beweislast {f} [legal] :: burden of proof, onus, onus probandi
Beweisstück {n} :: piece of evidence
bewerben {vr} :: to apply
Bewerber {m} :: applicant (one who applies)
Bewerberin {f} :: A female applicant
Bewerbung {f} :: application (for a job or position), candidature
Bewerbungsgespräch {n} :: a job interview
bewerkstelligen {v} :: to bring about, realize
bewerkstelligt {v} :: past participle of bewerkstelligen
bewerten {v} :: to evaluate, assess
Bewertung {f} :: evaluation
Bewertung {f} :: assessment (act of assessing a tax)
Bewertung {f} :: appraisal (estimate of value, as for sale, assessment, or taxation; valuation)
bewährt {adj} :: established, reliable
bewährt {adj} :: proven, tried and tested
Bewährung {f} :: parole
bewiesen {adj} :: proved, proven
bewilligen {v} :: to grant, to concede, to allow, to approve
Bewilligung {f} :: approval, used in a legal sense
Bewirckung {f} :: obsolete spelling of Bewirkung
bewirken {v} :: to bring about (to cause to take place)
bewirkt {v} :: past participle of bewirken
bewirkt {adj} :: effected
bewirkt {adj} :: operated
bewirkt {adj} :: effectuated
bewirten {v} :: to treat, to feast, to regale, to entertain
bewirtschaften {v} :: administer, manage
Bewirtung {f} :: catering
bewittert {adj} :: weathered
bewölkt {adj} :: cloudy (covered with or characterised by clouds)
bewältigen {vt} :: to handle, to cope with
Bewältigung {f} :: coping, handling, mastering
bewogen {v} :: past participle of bewegen
bewohnbar {adj} :: habitable, inhabitable
bewohnen {vt} :: to inhabit, to occupy
Bewohner {m} :: agent noun of bewohnen; inhabitant (someone who lives in a place)
bewohnt {v} :: past participle of bewohnen
bewässern {v} [gardening] :: to water
Bewässerung {f} :: irrigation
Bewuchs {m} :: growth (vegetative ground-cover)
bewundern {v} :: to admire
bewundernswert {adj} :: admirable
bewundernswerter {adj} :: comparative of bewundernswert
bewundernswürdig {adj} :: admirable, impressive
bewundert {adj} :: admired
bewundert {v} :: past participle of bewundern
Bewunderung {f} :: admiration
bewunderungswürdig {adj} :: alternative form of bewundernswürdig
bewusst {adj} :: conscious
bewusst {adj} :: intentional
bewusster {adj} :: comparative of bewusst
bewusstesten {adj} :: superlative of bewusst
bewusstlos {adj} :: unconscious (not conscious, not awake)
Bewusstlosigkeit {f} :: unconsciousness, insensibility
Bewusstsein {n} :: consciousness, awareness
Bewusstseinsstörung {f} :: unconsciousness (disturbance of consciousness)
Bewusstseinsverlust {m} :: loss of consciousness
Bewusstseinszustand {m} :: state of consciousness, conscious state
bewußt {adj} :: obsolete spelling of bewusst
Bewußtsein {n} :: alternative spelling of Bewusstsein
bey {prep} :: obsolete spelling of bei
bey- {prefix} :: obsolete spelling of bei-
beybringen {v} :: obsolete spelling of beibringen
beym {contraction} :: obsolete spelling of beim
Beytrag {m} :: obsolete spelling of Beitrag
bez. {conj} :: abbreviation of beziehungsweise
bezahlbar {adj} :: payable
bezahlbar {adj} :: affordable
bezahlen {v} :: to pay
Bezahlschranke {f} :: paywall
Bezahlung {f} :: payment
bezastert {adj} [colloquial] :: wealthy
Bezau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
bezaubern {v} :: to enchant, to fascinate
bezaubernd {adj} :: adorable, enchanting, glamorous
bezaubert {adj} :: enchanted [magic]
bezaubert {v} :: past participle of bezaubern
Bezauberung {f} :: enchantment
bezeichnen {v} :: to name (give a name to), call, designate
bezeichnen {v} :: to identify, indicate
bezeichnen {vr} :: to describe oneself, to identify (als as)
bezeichnend {adj} :: characteristic, significant, typical, symptomatic
bezeichnenderweise {adv} :: characteristically, significantly
bezeichnet {adj} :: denoted, designated
Bezeichnung {f} :: denomination, name, term
Bezeichnung {f} :: denotation, representation
bezeugen {v} :: to witness, to testify
bezeugt {v} :: past participle of bezeugen
Bezeugung {f} :: testimony, attestation
Bezeugung {f} :: expression, declaration
bezüglich {prep} :: [+genitive] regarding, with respect to
bezichtigen {vt} :: to accuse
beziehen {v} :: to move in
beziehen {v} :: to cover, to upholster
beziehen {vr} :: to refer
Beziehung {f} :: relation, relationship, connection (zu with)
beziehungslos {adj} :: unrelated, unconnected
beziehungslos {adj} :: inconsequential
beziehungsunfähig {adj} :: single (not in a personal relationship)
beziehungsweise {conj} :: or, also
beziehungsweise {conj} :: or rather; more precisely
beziehungsweise {conj} :: andrespectively
beziffern {v} :: To estimate
beziffern {vr} :: To number
beziffert {v} :: past participle of beziffern
beziffert {adj} :: estimated
Bezirk {m} :: district
Bezirksausschuß {noun} :: alternative form of Bezirksausschuss
Bezirksausschuss {m} :: district committee
Bezirksregierung {f} :: district government, district council
Bezoid {prop} :: surname
bezopft {adj} :: pigtailed, ponytailed
Bezug {m} :: reference
Bezug {m} :: cover (f.e. of a cushion or couch)
Bezug {m} :: salary (of a civil servant)
bezugnehmend {adj} :: respective
bezugsf. {abbr} :: Abbreviation of bezugsfertig
bezugsfertig {adj} :: ready for occupancy
Bezugspunkt {m} :: datum
Bezugspunkt {m} :: benchmark
Bezugspunkt {m} :: reference point
Bezugswort {n} [linguistics] :: antecedent
bezw. {abbr} [rare] :: abbreviation of beziehungsweise
bezweifeln {vt} :: to doubt
bezwingen {v} :: to overcome
bezwingen {v} :: to defeat
Bf. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Bahnhof
Büfett {n} :: alternative spelling of Buffet
Büffel {m} :: buffalo
Büffel {m} :: coarse cloth
Büffel {m} :: lout, clod
büffeln {v} :: to swot
BfR {initialism} :: Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment)
BGA {initialism} :: Blutgasanalyse
BGB {initialism} :: Bürgerliche Gesetzbuch
Bügel {m} :: bow
Bügel {m} :: handle, hanger
Bügel {m} :: stirrup
Bügel {m} :: iron (for ironing)
Bügelbrett {n} :: ironing board
Bügeleisen {n} :: iron [for ironing clothes]
Bügelhorn {n} :: saxhorn
bügeln {v} :: to iron
Bügelverschluß {m} :: alternative spelling of Bügelverschluss
Bügelverschluss {m} [of a bottle] :: swing top
BGS {m} :: initialism of Bundesgrenzschutz
BH {m} :: bra (women’s undergarment)
Böheimkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Bühel {m} [dated or regional] :: hill
bähen {v} [regional] :: to toast, to roast
bähen {v} [regional] :: to heat, to warm
bähen {v} :: to bleat
Bhf. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Bahnhof
Bühl {m} :: alternative form of Bühel
Bühl {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bühler {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bühler {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Switzerland
Böhm {prop} :: surname
Böhme {m} :: Bohemian (inhabitant of Bohemia)
Böhmen {prop} {n} :: Bohemia
böhmisch {adj} :: bohemian
böhmisch {adj} :: Bohemian, Czech
Böhmisch {prop} {n} [dated] :: Czech; the language spoken in the Czech Republic and, depending on definition, Slovakia
Böhmisch {prop} {n} :: Bohemian; the dialects of the Czech language spoken in Bohemia
Böhmische {noun} :: the Czech language, Czech
böhmische Dörfer {phrase} :: double Dutch, all Greek, like a foreign language [an idiom referencing something the speaker does not understand]
Bühne {f} :: a stage
Bühne {f} :: a scaffolding
Bühnemann {prop} :: surname
Bühnenautor {m} :: playwright
-bühren {suffix} :: alternative spelling of -büren
Bähring {prop} :: surname
Bhutan {prop} {n} :: Bhutan
Bhutaner {m} :: Bhutanese person
Bhutanerin {f} :: Bhutanese woman
bhutanisch {adj} :: Bhutanese (pertaining to Bhutan, its people or its language)
bi {adj} [colloquial] :: bi
bi- {prefix} :: bi-
biß {conj} :: obsolete spelling of bis
biß {prep} :: obsolete spelling of bis
Biß {m} :: alternative spelling of Biss
Bianca {prop} :: given name recently borrowed from Italian
Bianka {prop} :: given name, variant spelling of Bianca
Biathlon {n} :: biathlon
Biathlon {m} :: biathlon competition
bibbern {v} :: to shiver
bibbern {v} :: to jitter
Bibel {f} :: bible
bibelfest {adj} :: well-versed in the Bible; who knows his/her Bible (well)
Bibelforscher {m} :: scientist, expert or specialist in the field of Bible research (male or of unspecified sex)
Bibelforscher {m} [regional: Palatine] :: preacher, who quotes too many Biblical sayings in his sermons
Bibelforscher {m} [regional: Southern Hessian] :: member of the sect called “Ernste Bibelforscher
Bibelforscher {m} [dated] :: Jehovah′s Witness
Biber {m} :: beaver
Biber {prop} :: surname More common in the form Bieber
Biberbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Biberbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Biberwier {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
bibl. {abbr} :: abbreviation of biblisch
Bibliographie {f} :: bibliography
bibliophil {adj} :: bibliophile
bibliophob {adj} :: bibliophobic
Bibliothek {f} :: library
Bibliothekar {m} :: librarian (male or of unspecified sex)
biblisch {adj} :: biblical (of, or relating to, the Bible)
Bicarbonat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: bicarbonate
bißchen {adv} :: alternative spelling of bisschen
Bißchen {n} :: diminutive of Biß
Bidenhänder {m} :: A two-handed sword such as a claymore
biderb {adj} :: alternative form of bieder
Bidet {n} :: bidet
bidirektional {adj} :: bidirectional
Bieber {prop} :: surname
bieder {adj} [dated] :: honest, respectable, upright, trustworthy
bieder {adj} :: (to stick simple-mindedly to society's norms) naive, simple-minded, guileless, ingenuous, oafish
bieder {adj} :: (to stick narrow-mindedly to society's norms, to be intent on being respectable) narrow-minded, bourgeois, petty bourgeois, petit bourgeois, hypocritical
bieder {adj} :: (of clothes, hairstyles, etc.) conventional, stale, conservative, drab, stodgy, prude, puritanical
Biedermannsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
biegen {vt} [auxiliary “haben”] :: to bend something (to form something into a curve)
biegen {vr} [auxiliary “haben”] :: to bend; to be bent (to form oneself or be formed into a curve)
biegen {vi} [auxiliary “sein”] :: to turn; to round a corner; to drive into a street; always requires some adverbial of location with it; otherwise use abbiegen
biegsam {adj} :: flexible, supple
Biegung {f} :: bend; curve
Biegung {f} [grammar] :: inflection
Bielefeld {prop} {n} :: a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Bienchen {n} :: diminutive of Biene
Biene {f} :: bee
Biene {f} [colloquial] :: cute, sexy woman
Bienenelfe {f} :: bee hummingbird
Bienenhaus {n} :: apiary, bee yard
Bienenkönigin {f} :: A queen bee, reproductive female bee
Bienenkorb {m} :: A beehive, man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey and/or as crop pollinators
Bienenstich {m} :: bee sting
Bienenstock {m} :: beehive
Bienenwabe {f} :: honeycomb (structure of cells made by bees)
Bienenwachs {n} :: beeswax
Bienenzüchter {m} :: beekeeper (male or of unspecified sex)
Bienenzucht {f} :: beekeeping
Bienewitz {prop} :: surname
bienn {adj} [botany] :: biennial
Bier {n} [beverage] :: beer (alcoholic drink fermented from starch material; a serving of this beverage)
Bier {n} [colloquial] :: business, beeswax (personal affairs)
Bierbauch {m} :: potbelly [caused by the frequent consumption of beer]
Bierchen {n} :: diminutive of Bier
Bierdeckel {m} :: beer mat, coaster [US]
Bierdose {f} :: beer can
biereifrig {adj} :: overly eager
bieren {v} [colloquial] :: drinking beer
bierernst {adj} :: very serious; deadly
Bierflasche {f} :: beer bottle
Biergarten {m} :: beer garden
Bierglas {n} :: beer glass, beer mug
Bierhefe {f} :: (brewer's) yeast; barm
Bierhumpen {noun} :: beer mug, stein
Bierkasten {m} :: beer case, beer crate
Bierkrug {m} :: stein; beer stein; (ornamental) beer mug
bierselig {adj} :: beery (tipsy by drinking beer)
Biertisch {m} :: beer table, as used, e.g., in beer tents
Bierwurst {f} :: A smoked, seasoned Brühwurst sausage originally from Bavaria, with a garlicky flavor and dark red color
Bierzelt {n} :: beer tent
Biest {n} :: beast
Biest {n} :: someone who behaves in an antisocial manner
bieten {vt} :: to offer; to present
bieten {vti} :: to bid; to offer to pay a certain price
bieten {vr} [of an opportunity] :: to arise; to occur
Bifurkation {f} [biology] :: bifurcation
böig {adj} :: gusty [of wind]
Bigamie {f} :: bigamy (the state of having two (legal or illegal) spouses simultaneously)
Bigamist {m} :: bigamist
böiger {adj} :: comparative of böig
Big Mac {m} :: alternative form of Big Mäc
Big Mäc {m} :: Big Mac
bigott {adj} [formal, literary] :: hypocritical; sanctimonious
bigott {adj} [formal, literary] :: narrow-minded; bigoted; usually implying religious intolerance and pettiness but less associated with racism than the contemporary English word
Bigotterie {f} [formal, literary] :: sanctimony; hypocrisy
Bigotterie {f} [formal, literary] :: narrow-mindedness; bigotry; but less associated with racism than the contemporary English word
Bihänder {m} :: two-handed sword, greatsword
bijektiv {adj} [mathematics] :: bijective; onto and one-to-one
Bikini {prop} :: Bikini atoll
Bikini {m} :: A bikini, scanty two-piece bathing suit, named after the above island
bilabial {adj} :: bilabial
Bilanz {f} :: balance sheet, balance
Bilanz {f} :: result
bilanziell {adj} :: financial (on a balance sheet)
bilateral {adj} :: bilateral
bilateralsymmetrisch {adj} :: bilaterally symmetric
Bilch {m} :: dormouse
Bild {n} :: image; picture; painting; photo (optical representation of something)
Bild {n} :: image (idea or mental concept of something)
Bild {n} [computing] :: image
Bild ↑ {abbr} :: PgUp
Bild ↓ {abbr} :: PgDn
Bildbestandteil {m} :: picture / image element / component
Bildchen {n} :: diminutive of Bild
Bildein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
bilden {vt} :: to form, to train
bilden {vr} :: to educate oneself
bildend {adj} :: formative, shaping
Bilderbuch {n} :: picture book
Bildergalerie {f} :: picture gallery
Bildergeschichte {f} :: comic
bilderreich {adj} :: figurative, graphical, picturesque
Bilderschrift {f} :: pictographic writing system
Bilderstürmer {m} :: iconoclast
Bilderstürmerei {f} :: iconoclasm
bilderstürmerisch {adj} :: iconoclastic
Bildersturm {m} :: iconoclasm
bildgebend {adj} :: imaging (attributive)
Bildgebung {f} :: imaging
bildgewaltig {adj} :: pictorial (filled with images)
bildhaft {adj} :: pictorial, graphic, iconic
Bildhauer {m} :: sculptor (male or of unspecified sex) (occupation)
Bildhauer {m} :: Sculptor (constellation)
Bildhauerin {f} :: sculptor (female)
bildlich {adj} :: pictorial, graphic, visual
bildlich {adj} :: figurative, not literal, metaphorical
bildlich {adv} :: pictorially
bildlich {adv} :: figuratively
Bildnis {m} :: portrait
Bildpunkt {m} :: pixel
Bildschirm {m} :: screen
Bildschirm {m} :: monitor
Bildschirm {m} :: display
Bildschirmabzug {m} [computing] :: the screen shot showing the current screen image
Bildschirmfoto {n} :: screenshot
bildschön {adj} [chiefly of people] :: very beautiful; classically beautiful
Bildschrimmaske {f} [computing, graphical user interface] :: a mask displaying all the widgets
Bildstein {prop} {n} :: surname
Bildstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Bildteppich {m} :: tapestry [a heavy woven cloth with decorative pictorial designs, normally hung on walls.]
Bildung {f} :: cultivation, refinement, education, culture
Bildung {f} :: formation, creation
bildungsfern {adj} :: uneducated
Bildungsministerium {n} :: education ministry
bildungspolitisch {adj} :: Relating to educational policy
Bildungsroman {m} :: A bildungsroman, a novel of personal maturation
Bildungssprache {f} [education, linguistics] :: a dialect or register of language used in eduction or training
bildungssprachlich {adj} :: erudite
Bildunterschrift {f} :: caption of a picture
Bildvorschau {f} [computing] :: preview image, thumbnail (a miniature preview of a larger image)
Bildwörterbuch {n} :: picture dictionary, visual dictionary
Bißlein {n} :: diminutive of Biß
bilinear {adj} :: bilinear
bilingual {adj} :: bilingual
Bilingualismus {m} :: bilingualism (condition of being bilingual)
Bilirubin {n} [biochemistry] :: bilirubin
Biliverdin {n} [biochemistry] :: biliverdin
Billard {n} :: billiards
Billet {n} :: ticket
Billett {n} [current in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, archaic in Austria, dated elsewhere] :: ticket (for a train, plane or other means of transportation)
Billett {n} [current in Switzerland, archaic in Austria, dated elsewhere] :: ticket (for a concert, show, etc.)
Billett {n} [Switzerland, colloquial] :: driving licence
Billett {n} [archaic, outside, Austria] :: a brief piece of writing; a short informal letter; billet
Billett {n} [archaic, outside, Austria] :: correspondance card, greeting card
Billiard {n} :: billiards
Billiarde {f} :: quadrillion (1015)
billiardste {adj} :: billionth
billig {adj} :: cheap (low-priced)
billig {adj} :: cheap (of low quality, mediocre)
billig {adj} [archaic] :: appropriate, meet
billigen {v} :: to approve, to accept
billiger {adj} :: comparative of billig
Billigheimer {m} [colloquial] :: cheapjack (someone selling cheap goods or offering cheap services)
billigsten {adj} :: superlative of billig
Billigung {f} :: approval, acceptance
Billion {num} :: A long scale billion, 1012; a short scale trillion
Billionär {m} :: literally billionaire, but due to different counting systems the meaning is actually trillionaire
billionste {adj} :: billionth, trillionth
billionstel {adj} :: trillionth
billiontel {adj} :: alternative form of billionstel
bimaxillär {adj} :: bimaxillary
Bimbes {m} {n} [regional] :: money
Bimbo {m} [offensive, ethnic slur] :: nigger (dark-skinned person, especially from Africa)
Bimbo {m} [colloquial, slightly, vulgar, possibly, offensive] :: servant; someone who does unpleasant works for another
Bimetall {n} :: bimetal
Bimetallmünze {f} :: bimetallic coin
Bimmelbahn {f} :: A small train or tram equipped with a bell
Bimmelbahn {f} :: A trackless train
bimmeln {v} :: to jingle; to chime (make the sound of a small bell)
Bims {m} :: pumice
binational {adj} :: binational
binaural {adj} :: binaural
Binde {f} :: bandage
Binde {f} :: sanitary napkin, menstrual pad, maxi pad (Damenbinde)
Bindegewebe {n} :: connective tissue
Bindeglied {n} :: connecting part, joiner, copula, link
Bindehaut {f} [anatomy] :: conjunctiva
Bindemittel {n} :: binder, thickener
Bindemittel {n} :: cement
binden {vt} :: to tie up; to fasten; to bind together
binden {vt} :: to knot
binden {vi} :: to congeal; to thicken; to set; to bond
binden {vr} :: to become involved; to commit (oneself)
Bindenameisenwürger {m} :: barred antshrike
bindend {adj} :: binding, obligatory
bindend {adj} :: stringent
bindend {adj} :: definite, firm
Binder {m} :: girder, tie
Binder {m} :: binder
Bindestrich {m} :: hyphen (symbol used to join words or to indicate a word has been split)
Bindewort {n} [grammar] :: conjunction
Bindfaden {m} :: thread, cord
Bindfäden regnen {v} [idiomatic] :: To rain cats and dogs, rain heavily or copiously (literally to rain yarn)
bindig {adj} :: cohesive
Bindung {f} :: commitment, obligation
Bindung {f} :: bond, attachment
Bindungsabstand {m} :: bond length
Bindungsdissoziationsenergie {f} :: bond dissociation energy
Bindungsenergie {f} :: binding energy
Bindungskraft {f} [physics] :: binding force
Bindungskraft {f} [technology] :: bond force, bonding force, linkage force
Bindungskraft {f} [sociology] :: bonding force
Bindungskraft {f} [economics] :: conclusive effect
Bindungslänge {f} [chemistry] :: bond length
Bindungsorbital {n} :: bonding orbital
Bindungsordnung {f} [chemistry] :: bond order
Bindungspartner {m} [physics, chemistry] :: binding partner
Bindungsstelle {f} [biochemistry] :: binding site
Bindungstypus {m} [chemistry] :: bond type
Bindungsvermögen {n} [chemistry] :: binding capacity
Bindungswinkel {m} [chemistry] :: bond angle
Bingo {n} :: bingo (game)
Binkel {m} [Austria] :: a bundle
Binkel {m} [Austria] :: an affectionate term for a child
binnen {prep} :: within (a time span)
binnen- {prefix} :: inner, internal, inland
binnendeutsch {adj} :: central-German
Binnenland {n} :: inland
Binnenländer {m} :: inlander
Binnenländerin {f} :: feminine noun of Binnenländer
binnenländisch {adj} :: inland
Binnenmajuskel {f} :: camel case
Binnenschiffahrt {f} :: obsolete spelling of Binnenschifffahrt
Binnenschifffahrt {f} :: inland water transportation, inland water transport
Binnenwirtschaft {f} :: domestic economy
Binnewies {prop} :: surname
Binom {n} [math] :: monomial
Binomialkoeffizient {noun} :: binomial coefficient
binär {adj} :: binary
binärkompatibel {adj} :: binary-compatible
Binärkompatibilität {f} :: (computing) binary compatibility, binary code compatibility
Binse {f} :: bent (grass)
Binsenwahrheit {f} :: truism
Binsenweisheit {f} :: truism
bio- {prefix} :: life
bio- {prefix} :: organically produced, or otherwise environmentally friendly
Bio {f} [school, colloquial] :: Short for Biologie (biology class)
Bio. {abbr} :: Abbreviation of Billion or Billionen
bioakkumulativ {adj} :: bioaccumulative
Bioalkohol {m} :: bioalcohol, bioethanol
Biobauer {m} :: a farmer that practices ecologically sustainable agriculture
Biochemie {f} :: biochemistry
biochemisch {adj} :: biochemical
Biodiesel {m} :: biodiesel
Biodiversität {f} :: biodiversity
Bioelektrizität {f} :: bioelectricity
Biogas {n} :: biogas
biogen {adj} :: biogenic
Biogenese {f} :: biogenesis
biogeochemisch {adj} :: biogeochemical
Biograf {m} :: biographer (male or of unspecified sex)
Biografie {f} :: biography
biografisch {adj} :: biographical
Biograph {m} :: alternative spelling of Biograf
Biographie {f} :: alternative spelling of Biografie
biographisch {adj} :: alternative form of biografisch
Bioinformatik {f} [computer science] :: bioinformatics
Biokraftstoff {m} :: biofuel
Bioladen {m} :: health food store, store stelling organic food
Biologe {m} :: biologist (male or of unspecified sex)
Biologie {f} :: biology
Biologin {f} :: biologist (female)
biologisch {adj} :: biological (of biology)
biologisch {adj} :: organic (of food or food products)
Biologismus {m} :: biologism, biological determinism
biologistisch {adj} :: biologistic, relating to biological determinism
Biolumineszenz {f} :: bioluminescence
Biom {n} :: biome
Biomasse {f} :: biomass
Biomaterial {n} :: biomaterial
Biometrie {f} :: biometrics
biometrisch {adj} :: biometric
Biomolekül {n} :: biomolecule
Bioorganik {f} :: bioorganic chemistry
bioorganisch {adj} :: bioorganic
Biophilie {f} :: biophilia
Biophysik {f} :: biophysics
Biopsie {f} [medicine] :: biopsy
Biosensor {m} :: biosensor
Biosphäre {f} :: biosphere
Biosprit {m} :: biofuel
biostratigrafisch {adj} :: biostratigraphic
biostratigraphisch {adj} :: alternative spelling of biostratigrafisch
Biosynthese {f} [biochemistry] :: biosynthesis
Biotechnologie {f} :: biotechnology (the application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences)
Bioterrorismus {m} :: bioterrorism
Biotin {n} [biochemistry] :: biotin
biotisch {adj} :: biotic
Biotit {m} [mineral] :: biotite
Biotop {n} :: biotope (geographical area)
bioverfügbar {adj} :: bioavailable
Bioverfügbarkeit {f} :: bioavailability
bipartit {adj} :: bipartite
Biphenyl {n} [organic compound] :: biphenyl
bipolar {adj} :: bipolar
Bipolartransistor {m} [electronics] :: bipolar junction transistor
Bipyridin {n} [organic compound] :: bipyridine
Bireme {f} [history, nautical] :: bireme, an ancient galley having two banks of oars, one above the other
Birgit {prop} {f} :: given name of Swedish origin
Birgitz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Birke {f} :: birch
birken {adj} :: birchen
Birkfeld {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Birkhuhn {n} :: black grouse
Birkhäuser {prop} :: surname
Birkner {prop} :: surname
Birma {prop} {n} :: Burma (Southeast Asian country)
birmanisch {adj} :: Burmese
Birmanisch {prop} {n} :: Burmese (language)
Birnbaum {m} :: A pear tree
Birne {f} :: pear
Birne {f} :: lightbulb
Birne {f} [colloquial] :: head, bonce, noggin
birnenförmig {adj} :: pear-shaped
bis {conj} [subordinating, temporal] :: until
bis {conj} [coordinating] :: to
bis {prep} [temporal] :: until, to, [US] through
bis {prep} [temporal] :: by
bis {prep} [local] :: to; all the way to
Bis {?} [music] :: B-sharp
Bisam {m} :: musk
Bisam {m} :: muskrat pelt
Bisamberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Bisamratte {f} :: muskrat
bis auf Weiteres {adv} :: until further notice
bis bald {interj} :: see you soon
Bischöfin {f} :: bishop (female)
bischöflich {adj} :: episcopal
Bischkek {n} :: Bishkek
Bischof {m} :: bishop (male or of unspecified sex)
Bischofit {m} [mineral] :: bischofite
Bischofshofen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Bischofssitz {m} :: see (diocese)
Bischofstetten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
bis dann {interj} :: see you then
Bisexualität {f} :: bisexuality
bisexuell {adj} :: bisexual
bisher {adv} :: so far, until now
bisherig {adj} :: previous, so far
Bishnupriya Manipuri {noun} :: Bishnupriya Manipuri
bis jetzt {adv} :: so far (until now; previously; yet)
Biskuit {n} {m} :: sponge cake
bislang {adv} :: so far, until now
Bismut {n} :: bismuth
Bison {m} :: bison (Bison bison)
Bisphosphonat {n} [organic chemistry] :: bisphosphonate
Biss {m} :: bite
bisschen {adv} [with ein] :: (a) bit; (a) little
bisschen {adv} [with kein] :: (not a) bit
Bisschen {n} :: diminutive of Biss
Bissen {m} :: bite
Bissen {prop} {n} :: A town in central Luxembourg
bissfest {adj} :: al dente
bissig {adj} :: snappy, snappish, biting
bissig {adj} :: acrimonious
bissig {adj} :: vicious, scathing
Bisslein {n} :: diminutive of Biss
bis später {interj} :: see you later
bistabil {adj} :: bistable
bist du gläubig {phrase} :: are you religious
biste {contraction} [Northern Germany, colloquial] :: bist + du; you're
Bistro {n} :: bistro
Bistum {n} :: bishopric
bisweilen {adv} :: sometimes, occasionally, from time to time, now and then
bisweylen {adv} :: obsolete spelling of bisweilen
bis zur Vergasung {prep} [possibly, offensive] :: ad nauseam
Bit {n} :: bit (eighth of a dollar)
Bit {n} [mathematics, computing] :: bit (binary digit)
Bit {n} [computing] :: bit (smallest unit of storage)
Bit {n} [information theory, cryptography] :: bit (datum that may take on one of exactly two values)
Bitburger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bitburg
Bitburger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bitburg
Bitcoin {mf} :: bitcoin
bitte {adv} :: please, if you please (used to make a polite request or affirm an offer)
bitte {interj} :: you're welcome (acknowledgement of thanks)
bitte {interj} :: excuse me, sorry (request to repeat information)
bitte {interj} :: here you are (when handing something over to someone)
bitte {interj} [sarcastic] :: OK then, well then, all right (indication of mock acquiescence to someone's apparent demanding attitude)
Bitte {f} :: request
bitten {vti} :: to ask, to beg, to plead, to request
bitter {adj} :: bitter
bitter {adv} :: bitterly
Bitter {m} :: bitters
bitterarm {adj} :: very poor
bitterböse {adj} :: malicious, bitchy
bitterer {adj} :: comparative of bitter
bitterkalt {adj} :: bitterly cold
Bitterkeit {f} [uncountable] :: bitterness (the quality of having a bitter taste)
Bitterkeit {f} [countable] :: bitterness, acrimony (the quality of feeling bitter)
bitterlich {adj} :: slightly bitter
bitterlich {adj} [figuratively] :: bitter
bitterlich {adv} [figuratively] :: bitterly
Bitterling {m} :: bitterling (fish)
Bitterling {m} :: bitter bolete
Bitterorange {f} :: bitter orange
bittersüß {adj} :: bittersweet
Bittersüß {m} :: bittersweet; bittersweet nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)
Bittersalz {n} [mineral] :: epsomite
Bittersalz {n} :: Epsom salts
Bitterschokolade {f} :: dark chocolate
Bitterspat {m} [mineral] :: magnesite, bitter spar
bittersten {adj} :: superlative of bitter
bitte schön {interj} :: [commonly said in answer to danke schön (thank you very much); usually not translated into English] don't mention it, not at all, you're welcome
bitte schön {interj} :: (commonly said when offering or returning something; usually not translated into English) would you like?, here you are, thank you
Bitumen {n} :: bitumen
bituminös {adj} :: bituminous
bitweise {adj} :: bitwise
bitweise {adv} :: bitwise
bivalent {adj} :: bivalent
Biwak {n} [chiefly military, mountaineering] :: bivouac (temporary encampment under the open sky or in small tents)
biwakieren {v} :: to bivouac
Biwaksack {m} :: bivouac sack, bivouac bag
bißweilen {adv} :: obsolete spelling of bisweilen
bißweylen {adv} :: obsolete spelling of bisweilen
bizarr {adj} :: bizarre
bizarrer {adj} :: comparative of bizarr
bizarrsten {adj} :: superlative of bizarr
Bizau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
bizyklisch {adj} [chemistry] :: bicyclic
Bj. {abbr} :: Abbreviation of Baujahr
Björn {prop} :: given name borrowed from Swedish in the 1930s
Bkl. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Bassklarinette
BKS {n} :: Initialism for Bosnisch/Kroatisch/Serbisch
blaß {adj} :: alternative spelling of blass
blach {adj} :: alternative form of flach
Blache {f} [chiefly Switzerland] :: tarpaulin
Blackfacing {n} :: blackface
blad {adj} [Austria, colloquial, pejorative] :: fat
blaffen {v} :: to bark briefly
blaffen {v} :: to speak or shout in an aggressive, rude manner
Blag {n} [colloquial, regional, western Germany] :: child, kid (up to circa 14 years)
blaken {v} :: to burn turbulently or with a lot of smoke and smut (like a dying candle)
blakig {adj} [Northern Germany] :: sooty, smoky
blamabel {adj} :: embarrassing, disgraceful
Blamage {f} :: public disgrace; loss of face (but usually milder)
blamieren {vt} :: to embarrass
blamieren {vr} :: to disgrace oneself
blanchieren {v} [cooking] :: to blanche
bland {adj} [medicine] :: bland
blank {adj} [archaic] :: bright
blank {adj} :: spotlessly clean; shining; polished
blank {adj} :: bare; naked; uncovered
blank {adj} :: pure; sheer
blank {adj} [colloquial] :: broke; out of money
blank {adj} [card games] :: being a player’s last one of a respective grouping of cards (which means that the card is unprotected when the player must follow suit in trick-taking games)
blankpoliert {adj} :: polished (intensely cleaned)
Blase {f} :: bubble
Blase {f} :: blister
Blase {f} :: bladder
Blasebalg {m} :: bellows
blasen {vti} :: to blow
blasen {vt} [music] :: to play (a wind instrument)
blasen {v} [vulgar] :: to fellate, to perform oral sex
Blasenbildung {f} :: blistering
Blasenentzündung {f} :: cystitis
Blasenkrebs {m} [oncology] :: bladder cancer
Blasform {f} :: blow mould
blasiert {adj} :: smug; supercilious; complacent; nonchalant (arrogantly self-involved, lacking respect for and interest in others)
blasig {adj} :: blistered
blasig {adj} :: aerated
Blasinstrument {n} :: wind instrument
Blasloch {n} [of a whale] :: blowhole
Blasmusik {f} :: The music played by brass bands
Blasphemie {f} :: blasphemy
Blasphemiker {m} :: blasphemist
blass {adj} :: pale
blassen {v} :: alternative spelling of blaßen
blassgelb {adj} :: pale yellow
blassgrün {adj} :: pale green
Blatt {n} [botany] :: a leaf; the organ of a plant or tree
Blatt {n} [botany] :: the petal of a flower or blossom
Blatt {n} :: a sheet of paper
Blatt {n} :: a sheet as a part of a magazine or of a newspaper (1 Blatt = 2 oder 4 Seiten)
Blatt {n} :: the cards of a card game
Blatt {n} [colloquial] :: the newspapers
Blatt {n} [colloquial, sometimes pejorative] :: a magazine, a periodical; in general any printed and published informing papers
Blatt {n} :: the blade of an oar
Blatt {n} :: the functioning part of a saw and other tool
Blatt {n} :: a thin plate or foil; not necessarily paper; can also be made out of aluminium, copper or other metal
Blattachsel {f} [botany] :: axil; axilla (angle or point of divergence)
Blatter {prop} :: surname
Blattgewebe {n} [biology] :: leaf tissue
Blattgold {n} :: gold leaf (beaten gold)
Blattgrün {n} :: chlorophyll
Blattlaus {f} :: aphid
Blattoberfläche {f} [biology] :: leaf surface
Blattscheide {f} [botany] :: leaf sheath
Blattspinat {m} :: leaf spinach
blau {adj} :: blue
blau {adj} :: drunk
Blau {n} :: blue
Blau {n} [heraldry] :: azure; blue in heraldry
Blaualge {f} :: blue-green alga
Blaubart {prop} :: Bluebeard
Blaubart {m} :: Bluebeard
Blaubeere {f} :: blueberry
blaublütig {adj} :: blue-blooded, aristocratic
Blaubussard {m} :: Chilean eagle, Black-chested buzzard-eagle
Blaue {f} :: (a/the) (female) blue one
blauen {v} [poetic] :: to turn blue
Blaue Nachzügler {m} [astronomy] :: blue straggler
blauer {adj} :: comparative of blau
Blauer {m} :: (a/the) (male) blue one
Blauflügelige Ödlandschrecke {f} :: blue-winged grasshopper
Blaufränkisch {m} :: a red wine grape variety
blaugrau {adj} :: blue-grey, slate blue
blaugrün {adj} :: blue-green, cyan, glaucous
Blaukohl {m} [regional, parts of southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, plant] :: red cabbage
Blaukreuz {n} :: Blue Cross
Blaulicht {n} :: (blue) emergency light
blau machen {v} :: To (illegally) stop working for one day
Blaumeise {f} :: blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus)
Blaupause {f} :: blueprint
blaurot {adj} :: blue-red, purple
Blauschimmelkäse {m} :: blue cheese
blauschwarz {adj} :: blue-black
blausten {adj} :: superlative of blau
blaustrümpfig {adj} :: bluestockinged, emancipated
Blaustrumpf {m} :: bluestocking
Blausäure {f} :: hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid, HCN
blauäugig {adj} :: blue-eyed
blauäugig {adj} [figuratively] :: innocent; naive, starry-eyed
blauviolett {adj} :: blue-violet
Blauwal {m} :: blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)
blaw {adj} :: obsolete spelling of blau
Blaxploitation {f} :: blaxploitation (film genre)
blöd {adj} :: stupid, dim-witted
blöde {adj} [dated] :: alternative form of blöd
blödeln {v} :: to talk nonsense
blöderweise {adv} :: stupidly, unfortunately
Blödit {m} [mineral] :: blödite
Blödmann {m} [offensive] :: dumbass
Blödsinn {m} :: rubbish, nonsense; bunkum, bunk
blödsinnig {adj} :: stupid, idiotic, feeble-minded
blödsinnigerweise {adv} :: idiotically
Blöße {f} :: nudity
Blech {n} :: sheet (of metal)
Blech {n} [colloquial, music] :: Brass, a collective term for all brass instruments, or all brass players, etc
Blechbüchse {f} :: tin (container)
Blechblasinstrument {n} :: brass instrument
Blechdose {f} :: tin (container)
blechern {adj} :: tinny, metallic- or hollow-sounding
Blechflöte {f} :: tin whistle
Blechkasten {m} :: metal box
Blechlawine {f} [colloquial, jocular] :: slowly advancing, long solid line of vehicles due to dense traffic or forced flow; river of metal, stream of cars
Blech reden {v} [idiomatic] :: To talk nonsense
Blechteil {n} :: sheet metal part
blecken {v} [dated] :: to bare
Blei {n} :: lead (chemical element - Pb, atomic number 82)
Bleibe {f} :: abode
bleiben {vi} :: to remain (to continue to be)
bleiben {vi} [+ infinitive] :: to keep (on); to continue [see usage notes below]
bleiben {vi} :: to stay; to remain in a place
bleiben {vi} :: to be; to be stuck; implying tardiness
bleiben {vi} [+ dative] :: to be left for someone
bleiben {vi} [+ bei] :: to stick with; to stay with
bleibend {adj} :: permanent, lasting, abiding
bleibend {adj} :: steady
bleibt {v} :: third-person singular present indicative form of bleiben; (he/she/it/one) stays/remains
Bleiburg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Bleicarbonat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lead carbonate
bleich {adj} :: pale, pallid
Bleiche {f} :: bleaching
Bleiche {f} :: bleach
Bleiche {f} :: pallor
bleichen {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to bleach
bleichen {vi} [rather rare, auxiliary sein] :: to fade, to lose colour
bleichend {adj} :: bleaching
Bleichmittel {n} :: bleach
Bleichmittel {n} :: whitener
Bleichromat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lead chromate
bleichrot {adj} :: pale red
bleichsüchtig {adj} :: pallid, anaemic, chlorotic
Bleichstoff {m} :: bleach, bleaching agent
bleiern {adj} :: leaden (made of the metal lead)
bleiern {adj} [figurative] :: heavy
bleiern {adj} [figurative] :: depressing
Bleierz {n} [mineral] :: galena (or other lead ore)
bleifarben {adj} :: leaden
bleifrei {adj} :: lead-free
Bleigehalt {m} :: lead content
Bleigewinnung {f} :: lead production
Bleigießen {n} :: molybdomancy (lead pouring)
Bleiglanz {m} [mineral] :: galena, galenite
Bleiglas {n} :: lead glass, lead crystal
bleigrau {adj} :: leaden (in colour)
bleihaltig {adj} :: plumbiferous
Bleikammerverfahren {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: lead chamber process
Bleikathode {f} :: lead cathode
Bleilegierung {f} :: lead alloy
Bleioxid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: lead oxide
bleischwer {adj} :: leaden (in weight or density)
Bleistift {m} :: pencil (writing utensil with a graphite shaft)
Bleistiftanspitzer {m} :: pencil sharpener
Bleistiftkasten {m} :: pencil box
Bleistiftspitzer {m} :: pencil sharpener
Bleistiftzeichnung {f} :: pencil drawing
Bleisulfat {n} [inorganic compound] :: lead sulfate
Bleisulfid {n} [inorganic compound] :: lead sulfide
Blende {f} :: blind (on windows)
Blende {f} :: diaphragm (in photography)
Blende {f} [mineralogy] :: translucent sulfide mineral
blenden {v} :: to blind
blenden {v} :: to dazzle (confuse the sight of by means of excessive brightness)
blendend {adv} :: dazzlingly
Blender {m} :: Dazzler, one who dazzles
Blender {m} :: One who shows off; a poseur, a fake
Blendgranate {f} :: flashbang
Blendling {m} :: mongrel
Blessur {f} :: injury, wound
bleu {adj} :: light blue
blühen {v} :: to blossom or bloom
blühen {v} :: to thrive or flourish
blähen {v} :: to inflate
blähen {v} :: to flatulate
Blühen {n} :: blossoming, blooming
Blähung {f} :: flatulence
Blick {m} :: glance, look
Blick {m} :: view
blicken {v} :: to look (at something)
Blickfeld {n} :: field of vision
Blickkontakt {m} :: eye contact
Blicksilber {n} :: regulus (of a precious metal mixture)
Blickwinkel {m} :: perspective
Blickwinkel {m} :: angle, point of view
blind {adj} :: blind
blind {adj} [of a mirror or windowpane] :: cloudy
Blinddarm {m} [medicine, anatomy] :: caecum
Blinddarm {m} [colloquial, anatomy] :: appendix
Blinddarmentzündung {f} :: appendicitis
Blindenhund {m} :: guide dog; seeing-eye dog [US]
Blindenmarkt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
blinder {adj} :: comparative of blind
blinder Passagier {m} :: See: blind Passagier
blinder Passagier {m} [idiomatic] :: stowaway
blindesten {adj} :: superlative of blind
Blindheit {f} :: blindness (condition of being blind)
blindlings {adv} :: blindly, hastily, pell-mell
Blindschleiche {f} :: slowworm
Blindstudie {f} [medicine, psychology] :: blind experiment, blinded experiment
blinken {v} :: to blink (flash on and off)
blinken {v} :: to indicate (signal that one intends to turn left or right)
Blinker {m} [automotive] :: indicator, direction indicator, turn signal
Blinker {m} [fishing] :: spoon lure
blinzeln {v} :: to squint
Blissenbach {prop} :: A German surname with several clusters of use, the densest being in the Rhineland. Spread to France and USA. Most likely derived from a village and/or creek name Blissenbach in the Bergish Land
Blissenbach {prop} :: Originally the name of a German village, now merely an isolated street on a hill top outside the municipality of Kürten in the Bergish Land, east of Cologne
Blissenbach {prop} :: Proper name of a brook or creek near Kürten in the Bergish Land east of Cologne in Germany
Blitz {m} :: (weather) lightning
Blitz {m} :: (optical) flash
Blitzableiter {m} :: arrester, lightning arrester, lightning conductor, lightning rod
blitzartig {adj} :: like lightning
blitzartig {adv} :: in a flash
blitzblank {adj} :: shiny, spick and span
blitzdingsen {v} :: to erase someone's memories of a specific event
Blitzeis {n} :: A coating of ice, caused by a downpour of freezing rain, that forms rapidly on exposed surfaces; black ice
blitzen {vi} :: to lighten
blitzen {vi} :: to flash
blitzen {vi} :: to sparkle
blitzen {vt} [speed camera or red light camera] :: to flash
blitzgescheit {adj} :: Very clever; quick on the uptake
Blitzkrieg {m} :: blitzkrieg
Blitzlampe {f} [photography] :: flash (technique), flashbulb
Blitzlicht {n} :: flash, flashlight
Blitzlicht {n} [photography] :: flashlight, photoflash
Blitzlicht {n} [photography] :: flashbulb
Blitzlichtpulver {n} [photography] :: flash powder
Blitzmeldung {f} :: newsflash
blitzsauber {adj} :: squeaky clean
Blitzschlag {m} :: lightning strike
Blitzschlag {m} :: thunderbolt
blitzschnell {adj} :: superfast, quick as a flash
Blk. {m} :: abbreviation of Balkon
blöken {v} :: to bleat, to baa (make the sound of sheep and some other animals)
bölken {v} [most often of cattle] :: to bawl; to bellow; to roar
bölken {v} [of people] :: to shout in a coarse manner; to bluster; to rumble
Bällchen {n} :: diminutive of Ball
Böller {m} :: firecracker, firework
Blümchen {n} :: diminutive of Blume
Blümchenkaffee {m} [humorous] :: weak coffee
Blümchensex {m} :: vanilla sex
blümerant {adj} :: queasy
blümeranter {adj} :: comparative of blümerant
blümerantesten {adj} :: superlative of blümerant
blün {adj} :: bleen, grue
bloß {adj} :: mere, sole
bloß {adj} :: bare, uncovered, nude
bloß {adv} :: merely, only
Bloch {m} :: log (trunk of a felled tree, cleared of branches)
Block {m} :: bloc
Block {m} :: block (thick, roughly cuboid object)
Block {m} :: block (large building or group of such)
Blockade {f} :: blockade
Blockbuster {m} :: blockbuster (film or book that sustains exceptional and widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales)
Blockflöte {f} [woodwind instrument] :: recorder
blockieren {vt} :: to block
blockieren {vt} [transport] :: to lock
blockierend {adj} :: blocking
Blockierung {m} :: obstruction, blockage
Blockierung {m} :: deadlock
Blockschrift {f} :: block letters
Blog {n} {m} :: blog
Blogger {m} [Internet] :: blogger
blond {adj} :: blond; fair; unlike English, not commonly used of anything other than hair (except beer, see hereunder)
blond {adj} [of beer] :: bright; not brown or yeasty
blond {adj} [colloquial, possibly offensive] :: stupid; naive
blondieren {v} [of hair] :: to dye blond
blondiert {v} :: past participle of blondieren
Blondine {f} :: blonde (a blonde woman)
Blons {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
bloss {adj} :: alternative spelling of bloß
bloss {adv} :: alternative spelling of bloß
bloßstellen {vt} :: to expose, to embarrass
Bläschen {n} :: blister
Bläschen {n} :: vesicle
Bläschen {n} :: cyst
Blässe {f} :: paleness
Blässe {f} :: pallor
Blässhuhn {n} :: coot (duck)
Blüte {f} :: blossom
Blüte {f} :: florescence
Blüte {f} [slang] :: counterfeit banknote
Blütenachse {m} [botany] :: receptacle, receptaculum
Blütenblatt {n} :: petal
Blütenboden {m} [botany] :: receptacle, receptaculum
Blütenlese {f} :: anthology, reader
Blütenstand {m} :: inflorescence
Blütenstaub {m} :: pollen
Blütenstiel {m} [botany] :: pedicel
Blütenstängel {m} [botany] :: pedicel
blütenweiß {adj} :: lily-white
Blütezeit {f} :: blossoming time, budding time; florescence (of flowers and other plants)
Blütezeit {f} :: heyday, prime (someone's youth or most productive years of life)
Blütezeit {f} :: golden age (of a civilization, country or other social group)
Blötsch {mf} [colloquial, regional, Rhineland] :: bump, dent (especially on a car)
Blättchen {n} :: a small leaf (plant, paper)
Blättchen {n} :: cigarette paper, used to roll cigarettes or joints
blättern {v} :: to browse
Blätterpilz {m} :: agaric
Blätterteig {m} :: puff pastry (light, flaky pastry)
Blättlein {n} :: diminutive of Blatt
blättrig {adj} :: flaky, flaking
blättrig {adj} :: leafed (having a specified form of leaf)
blubbern {v} :: to bubble (to rise up in bubbles)
blubbern {v} [colloquial] :: to blab; blabber
Bludenz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Bludesch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Bläue {f} :: blueness
Blues {m} :: blues (musical form)
Bluff {m} :: bluff
bluffen {v} :: to bluff
Bluhm {prop} :: surname
bläulich {adj} :: bluish
Blume {f} [botany] :: flower, blossom
Blume {f} [chemistry] :: efflorescence
Blume {f} [heraldiccharge] :: flower
Blume {f} [hunting] :: tail, scut (of a hare)
Blume {f} :: nose, bouquet (of a wine)
Blumenbach {prop} :: surname
Blumenbeet {n} :: flowerbed
Blumenbinse {f} :: pod grass, any plant of the genus Scheuchzeria
Blumenhändler {m} :: florist (male or of unspecified sex)
Blumenkohl {m} :: cauliflower
Blumenmuster {n} :: floral pattern
Blumenpflückverbot {n} [rare, chiefly in humorous imitations of legalese] :: a prohibition against picking flowers
Blumenstrauß {m} :: bouquet (bunch of flowers)
Blumentopf {m} :: flowerpot
Blumenverkäufer {m} :: flower seller
Blumenverkäufer {m} :: florist
Blumenwasser {n} :: flower water
blumig {adj} :: flowery
blumiger {adj} :: comparative of blumig
Blunt {m} :: blunt (marijuana cigar)
Blunze {f} [Austria] :: blutwurst
Blunze {f} [Austria, offensive] :: a stupid woman
Bluse {f} :: blouse
Blut {n} [anatomy] :: blood
blutarm {adj} :: anaemic, bloodless
Blutarmut {f} [pathology] :: anemia
Blutbad {n} :: bloodbath
Blutbank {f} :: blood bank
blutbeschmiert {adj} :: bloodstained
Blutbildung {f} [physiology] :: hematopoiesis, sanguification
Blutdruck {m} :: blood pressure
blutdruckerhöhend {adj} :: blood pressure-elevating; hypertensive
blutdrucksenkend {adj} :: blood pressure-lowering; hypotensive
Blutdrucksenkung {f} [pathology] :: hypotension
Blutegel {m} :: leech
bluten {v} :: to bleed
Blutentnahme {f} :: blood-taking (the taking of a blood sample)
Bluter {m} :: haemophiliac, bleeder (patient suffering from haemophilia)
Bluterguss {m} [medicine] :: bruise
Blutfarbstoff {m} :: blood pigment (such as haemoglobin)
Blutfehde {f} :: blood feud
Blutfleck {m} :: bloodstain
Blutgasanalyse {f} :: blood gas analysis
Blutgefäß {n} :: blood vessel
Blutgefäßsystem {n} :: circulatory system, vascular system
Blutgerinnsel {n} [medicine, blood] :: clot
Blutgerinnung {f} :: blood clotting / coagulation
blutgetränkt {adj} :: bloodsoaked
Blutgrätsche {f} :: a slide tackle at high speed that is directed right at the other player’s legs, usually deliberately so
Blutgruppe {f} :: A blood type, genetic blood classification
Blutharnen {n} [medicine] :: Urinating with blood inside the urine
blutähnlich {adj} :: bloodlike, hematoid
blutähnlicher {adj} :: comparative of blutähnlich
blutähnlichsten {adj} :: superlative of blutähnlich
Bluthochdruck {m} :: hypertension, high blood pressure
blutig {adj} :: bloody, bleeding and/or covered in blood
blutig {adj} :: violent, with bloodshed
blutig {adj} :: rare (cooked very lightly)
blutiger {adj} :: comparative of blutig
blutigsten {adj} :: superlative of blutig
Blut ist dicker als Wasser {proverb} :: blood is thicker than water
blutjung {adj} :: Very young
Blutkreislauf {m} :: bloodstream
Blutkreislauf {m} :: circulation (of the blood)
Blutkörperchen {n} :: blood cell, blood corpuscle
Blutlaugensalz {n} [inorganic compound] :: Either of potassium ferricyanide or potassium ferrocyanide
blutleer {adj} :: bloodless
blutleer {adj} [figurative] :: lifeless; boring
blutleerer {adj} :: comparative of blutleer
blutleersten {adj} :: superlative of blutleer
Blutorange {f} :: blood orange (type of orange)
Blutplasma {n} :: blood plasma
Blutplättchen {n} :: platelet
Blutprobe {f} :: blood sample (an amount of blood taken for blood tests)
Blutprobe {f} :: blood test (a serologic analysis of a sample of blood)
Blutrache {f} :: blood feud
blutrünstig {adj} :: gory
blutrünstiger {adj} :: comparative of blutrünstig
blutrünstigsten {adj} :: superlative of blutrünstig
blutrot {adj} :: very red, deep red
blutrot {adj} :: crimson (colour)
Blutsbrüderschaft {f} :: blood brother-hood
Blutsbruder {m} :: blood brother (person bound to another by ceremonial mingling of blood)
Blutschande {f} [Bible, dated, outside, Austria law] :: incest
Blutschande {f} [Nazism] :: sexual relations between people of “Aryanrace and “inferior” races, particularly Jews
Blutspender {m} :: blood donor
Blutspenderin {f} :: A female blood donor
blutt {adj} :: naked, bare
blutt {adj} :: hairless
blutt {adj} :: bankrupt
Bluttat {f} :: bloody deed
Bluttransfusion {f} [medicine] :: transfusion, blood transfusion (the transfer of blood or blood products from one individual to another)
Blutung {f} :: bleeding (the flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel)
Blutvergießen {n} [no plural] :: bloodletting, bloodshed
Blutvergiftung {f} [literally] :: A blood poisoning
Blutvergiftung {f} :: The disease septicemia, caused by pathogenic organisms in the bloodstream, characterised by chills and fever
Blutwurst {f} :: A blood sausage, blood pudding (British)
Blutzeuge {m} [literary] :: martyr
BLZ {f} :: initialism of Bankleitzahl
BMVIT {initialism} [politics] :: initialism of Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology in Austria)
BMW {prop} :: BMW initialism of Bayerische Motoren-Werke
Bön {noun} :: Bon
BND {acronym} :: Bundesnachrichtendienst, Federal Intelligence Service, the foreign intelligence agency of the German government
BND {acronym} :: Bund Neudeutschland, a catholic youth movement founded by Jesuits in Germany after World War I
Bändchen {n} :: diminutive of Band
Bünde {prop} {n} :: A town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Bündel {n} :: bundle
Bändel {m} {n} [Southern Germany, Switzerland] :: ribbon
bündeln {v} :: to bundle
Bände sprechen {v} :: to speak volumes, to say it all
bündig {adj} :: flush (smooth, even, aligned; not sticking out)
bündig {adj} :: succinct (short and to the point)
bändigen {v} :: to tame
Bündner {m} :: alliance member
Bündnerromanisch {prop} {n} :: synonym of Rätoromanisch
Bündnis {n} :: alliance, confederation
bündnisfrei {adj} :: nonaligned
BNE {n} :: initialism of Bruttonationaleinkommen
Bönhase {m} [North Germany] :: A manual labourer who is not a member of any guild
Bönhase {m} [slang, humorous] :: cat
bünzlig {adj} [Switzerland] :: boring, square (socially conventional)
Boa {f} :: boa
boah {interj} :: expression of annoyance or exasperation
boah {interj} :: expression of marvel or surprise
Bobierrit {m} [mineral] :: bobierrite
Bochum {prop} {n} :: Bochum (city in western Germany)
Bock {m} :: he-goat
Bock {m} :: buck (male of a variety of other animals)
Bock {n} :: bock beer
Bock {m} [colloquial] :: desire, interest to do something; construed with haben, kriegen, or machen + auf
Bock {m} [colloquial] :: fun, pleasure; construed with machen without auf
Bockbier {n} :: bock beer
Bockfließ {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
bockig {adj} :: stubborn
bockig {adj} :: defiant
Bockkäfer {m} :: longhorn beetle
Bocksbeutel {m} :: A wine bottle used with respect to certain German wines, with a distinctive rounded body
Bocksdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Bocksdorf {prop} {n} [historical] :: Ceru-Băcăinți, Romania
Bocksdorn {m} :: boxthorn, any plant of the genus Lycium
Bockshorn {n} [rare] :: horn of a buck
Bockshornklee {m} :: fenugreek
Bockspringen {n} [game] :: leapfrog
Bockwurst {f} :: a sausage made from ground veal flavoured with parsley and chives
Bodden {m} :: shallow bay
Boden {m} [uncountable] :: ground, soil
Boden {m} [uncountable] :: sea bottom (typically called Meeresboden)
Boden {m} [countable] :: any defined type of soil
Boden {m} [countable] :: floor
Boden {m} [countable] :: attic, garret, loft
Boden {m} [countable, colloquial] :: flooring, floor cover (often used in this sense in compound nouns: Teppichboden, Parkettboden)
Bodenart {f} :: soil type
Bodenbakterium {n} :: soil bacterium
Bodenbearbeitung {f} :: tillage, cultivation
Bodenfarbe {f} :: floor color
Bodenfarbe {f} :: floor paint
bodenlang {adj} :: floor-length
Bodenlebewesen {n} :: soil organism
bodenlos {adj} :: bottomless
bodennah {adj} :: near-ground
Bodennebel {m} :: ground fog
Bodennähe {f} :: ground proximity
Boden null {m} :: ground zero
Bodennullpunkt {m} :: ground zero
Bodensatz {m} :: sediment
Bodenschatz {m} [usually plural] :: mineral resource
Bodensee {prop} {m} :: Lake Constance
bodenständig {adj} :: down-home, down-to-earth
Bodenverdichtung {f} :: soil compaction
Bodenvereisung {f} :: ground freezing
Bodenzapfen {m} :: stalagmite
Bodo {prop} {m} :: given name, Bodo
Body {m} :: bodysuit; leotard (skin-tight, one-piece garment)
Bodybuilder {m} :: bodybuilder
Bodybuilderin {f} :: (female) bodybuilder
Bodybuilding {n} :: bodybuilding
Bodyguard {m} :: bodyguard
Boehm {prop} :: alternative form of Böhm
boßeln {v} [obsolete] :: to play skittles or ninepins
boßeln {v} [northern Germany] :: to play the ballgame of Boßeln, a form of road bowling in which a predetermined distance of several kilometres must be covered with a minimum number of throws
boßen {vt} [now dialectal, southern Germany] :: to thrash
Bogatyr {m} :: bogatyr
Bogen {m} :: bow (weapon)
Bogen {m} [music] :: bow (for playing stringed instruments)
Bogen {m} [architecture] :: arch
Bogen {m} [geometry] :: curve, arc
Bogen {m} :: sheet (of paper)
Bogenbündel {n} [neuroanatomy] :: arcuate fasciculus (bundle of axons forming part of the superior longitudinal fasciculus)
Bogenfenster {n} [architecture] :: arched window
bogenförmig {adj} :: arched, curved
bogenförmig {adj} :: bent, crooked
Bogenlinie {f} :: curved line
Bogenschießen {n} :: The practice and discipline archery
Bogenschiessen {n} :: alternative spelling of Bogenschießen
Bogenschütze {m} :: An archer, who shoots arrows from a bow
bogomilisch {adj} :: Bogomil (attributive)
Bogotá {prop} {n} :: Bogota, Bogotá (capital of Colombia)
Bogue {prop} [usually with the definite article] :: An important strait in the Pearl River Delta between Guangzhou and the South China Sea
Bohemistik {f} :: Czech studies (academic study of Czech language and literature)
Bohle {f} :: thick plank
Bohème {f} [lifestyle] :: bohemian society
Bohne {f} :: bean
bohnenförmig {adj} :: bean-shaped
Bohnen in den Ohren haben {phrase} [idiom] :: to turn a deaf ear
Bohnenkraut {n} :: savory (the herb; the leaves of the plant used as a flavouring)
Bohnensalat {m} [food] :: bean salad
Bohnenstange {f} :: beanpole; a thin pole for supporting bean vines
Bohnenstange {f} [colloquial] :: beanpole; a tall, thin person
Bohnensuppe {f} :: bean soup
bohnern {v} :: to polish with wax
bohnern {v} [regional] :: to scrub
bohren {v} :: to bore
bohren {v} :: to drill
Bohren {n} :: drilling, boring
Bohrer {m} :: agent noun of bohren
Bohrer {m} :: drill (tool)
Bohrinsel {f} :: oil platform
Bohrium {n} :: bohrium
Bohrkern {m} :: drill core
Bohrmaschine {f} :: drill (tool)
bohrsch {adj} [physics] :: Bohr (attributive)
Bohrturm {m} :: drilling rig
Bohrung {f} :: bore (the result of drilling, e.g a hole)
Bohrung {f} :: drilling, boring
Boiler {m} :: (tank-type) water heater
Boje {f} :: buoy
Bokmål {n} :: Bokmål (language)
BOKU {initialism} :: initialism of Universität für Bodenkultur, Wien (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)
bolivarisch {adj} :: Bolivarian
Bolivianer {m} :: Bolivian, person from Bolivia
Bolivianerin {f} :: female Bolivian, female person from Bolivia
bolivianisch {adj} :: Bolivian
Bolivien {prop} {n} :: Bolivia
Bolivien-Tropfenameisenwürger {m} :: Bolivian slaty antshrike
Bolle {f} [Berlin] :: bulb, tuber
Bollenhut {m} :: Bollenhut
bollern {v} :: to thud (make the sound of a dull impact)
Bollerwagen {m} :: wagon, handcart
Bollwerk {n} :: bulwark, rampart, stronghold, fortress, bastion
Bolschewismus {m} :: Bolshevism
bolschewistisch {adj} :: Bolshevik
Boltzmann-Konstante {f} :: Boltzmann constant
Bolzen {m} :: bolt in the sense of cylindrical pin
Bolzen {m} :: bolt in the sense of crossbow projectile
Bolzplatz {m} :: A soccer field that does not have standard dimensions and is usually located on a public ground for use by children
Bombardement {n} [dated, military] :: bombardment
bombardieren {v} :: to bomb
bombardieren {v} :: to bombard
Bombardierung {f} :: bombing
bombastisch {adj} :: bombastic
bombastischer {adj} :: comparative of bombastisch
Bombe {f} :: a bomb (explosive device)
Bombe {f} :: a bombe, a bomb-shaped (cylindrical, spherical or semipsherical) dessert (e.g. a chocolate-covered confectionery like a Schwedenbombe or Liegnitzer Bombe)
Bombe {f} [in particular] :: a bombe of molded ice cream
Bombenerfolg {m} :: smash hit
Bombenleger {m} :: a person who secretly sets a bomb and leaves; thus with a narrower sense than English “bomber”, which includes e.g. suicide bombers
Bombenleger {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: a person of markedly Muslim, particularly Salafi, appearance
Bombenmantel {m} :: bomb casing
Bombenwetter {n} :: clear, sunny weather
Bomber {m} :: bomber (aircraft designed to drop bombs)
Bomberjacke {f} :: bomber jacket
bombig {adj} [colloquial] :: wicked (very good)
Bommel {mf} :: bobble (on a cap)
Bon {m} :: voucher, coupon
Bon {m} :: receipt
Bonapartemöwe {f} :: Bonaparte's gull, Chroicocephalus philadelphia
bonapartistisch {adj} :: Bonapartist
Bonbon {n} {m} :: hard candy
Bonbon {n} {m} [regional, including Austria] :: sweet, candy in general
bonfortionös {adj} :: extraordinary, fantastic, excellent, exquisite, wonderful
Bonität {f} :: creditworthiness
Bonmot {n} :: bon mot
Bonn {prop} {n} :: Bonn
Bonner {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Bonn
Bonner {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Bonn
Bonobo {m} :: bonobo
Bonsai {m} :: bonsai
Bonus {m} :: bonus
Bonvivant {m} :: bon vivant
Bonze {m} :: bonze (Buddhist priest in Japan)
Bonze {m} [derogatory] :: self-interested dignitary
Bonze {m} [derogatory] :: capitalist; leading figure of the propertied class
Bonze {m} [derogatory, colloquial] :: rich person
Boofke {m} [dialectal, originally, Prussian, now, especially, Berlin] :: fool, idiot
Bookmark {f} [computing] :: bookmark
boolesch {adj} [logic, computing] :: Boolean
Boole'sch {adj} :: Boolean
boomen {v} :: to boom
Boot {n} :: boat
booten {v} [computing] :: to boot
Bootes {prop} {m} [constellation] :: Boötes (a constellation)
bootfähig {adj} [computing] :: bootable
Bootsektor {m} [computing] :: boot sector
Bootsflüchtling {m} :: boat person (A member of the refuguee group known as "boat people".)
Bootshaken {m} :: boathook, setting pole
Bor {n} :: boron
Boracit {m} [mineral] :: boracite
Boran {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: borane
Borat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: borate
Boratmine {f} :: borate mine
Boratom {n} :: boron atom
Borax {n} [mineral] :: borax
Boraxperle {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: borax bead test
Borazin {n} [inorganic compound] :: borazine
Borazol {n} [inorganic compound] :: borazine
Borcarbid {n} [inorganic compound] :: boron carbide
Bord {n} :: shelf (board fixed to the wall)
Bord {n} [heraldiccharge] :: bordure
Bord {m} :: board (of ship)
bordeauxfarben {adj} :: Bordeaux-coloured, claret
Bordell {n} :: bordello, brothel
Bordstein {m} :: kerb, curb (raised edge on the pavement / sidewalk)
Bordsteinschwalbe {f} :: alley cat, streetwalker (female)
boreal {adj} :: boreal
Borg {m} :: barrow (castrated boar)
borgen {v} :: to borrow
borgen {v} :: to lend
Borgruppe {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: boron group (of the periodic table)
Borhydrid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: borohydride
Borid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: boride
Borieren {n} :: boriding
Borke {f} [regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: bark (on a tree)
Borkenkäfer {m} :: bark beetle
Born {m} [poetic] :: well, spring (water source)
Borneo-Goldkatze {f} :: bay cat [Pardofelis badia]
borniert {adj} :: narrow-minded
bornierter {adj} :: comparative of borniert
Bornit {m} [mineral] :: bornite
Bornitrid {n} [inorganic compound] :: boron nitride
Boronsäure {f} :: boronic acid
Borosilikat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: borosilicate
Borosilikatglas {n} :: borosilicate glass
Boroxin {n} [inorganic compound] :: boroxine
Borreliose {noun} [pathology] :: borreliosis; Lyme disease
Borschtsch {m} :: borscht (beetroot soup)
Borste {f} :: bristle
borstig {adj} :: bristly
Borsäure {f} :: boric acid
Bortrichlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: boron trichloride
Bortrioxid {n} [inorganic compound] :: boron trioxide
Borussia {prop} {f} :: Borussia (kingdom)
Borussia {prop} {f} :: Borussia (national personification of Prussia)
Borussia {prop} {f} :: Short for Borussia Mönchengladbach, football club in Germany
Borussia {prop} {f} :: Short for Borussia Dortmund, football club in Germany
Borverbindung {f} :: boron compound
Borwasserstoff {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: boron hydride, borane
Borwasserstoffverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: boron-hydrogen compound; borane
Bosch {prop} {mf} :: surname
Bosch {prop} {mf} :: Carl Bosch - German chemist
Bosch {prop} {mf} :: Hieronymus Bosch - Dutch painter
Bosch {prop} {mf} :: Robert Bosch GmbH - German company
boshaft {adj} :: malicious
boshafter {adj} :: comparative of boshaft
Boshaftigkeit {f} :: malice, maliciousness
Bosheit {f} :: malice, spite, wickedness
Bosnien {prop} {n} :: Bosnia
Bosnien-Herzegowina {prop} {n} {f} :: alternative form of Bosnien und Herzegowina
Bosnien und Herzegowina {prop} :: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnier {m} :: Bosnian (citizen or belonging to one of the minorities there)
Bosnierin {f} :: Female Bosnian (citizen or belonging to one of the minorities there)
bosnisch {adj} :: Bosnian (related to Bosnia or the Bosnian language)
Bosnisch {n} :: Bosnian (the Bosnian language)
bosnisch-herzegowinisch {adj} :: Bosnian and Herzegovinan
Boson {n} [physics] :: boson
Bosporus {prop} {m} :: Bosphorus
Boss {m} :: boss (person in charge, supervisor)
Boss {m} [video games] :: boss
Bosse {f} :: bossage
bosseln {v} :: to do petty work, to tinker [+ an (object)]
Bot {m} :: bot
Botanik {f} :: botany
Botaniker {m} :: botanist (a person engaged in botany)
Botanikerin {f} :: botanist (a woman engaged in botany)
botanisch {adj} :: botanical, botanic
Bote {m} :: messenger (male or of unspecified sex)
Bote {m} :: postman, letter carrier
Bote {m} [biblical] :: apostle
Botenlohn {m} [archaic] :: a messenger's fee
Botokude {m} :: Botocudo
Botokude {m} [derogatory] :: uncivilized, bad-mannered person
botrytisiert {adj} :: botrytized
Botschaft {f} :: message
Botschaft {f} :: news, tidings
Botschaft {f} :: embassy
Botschafter {m} :: ambassador, emissary, head of mission; messenger (male or of unspecified sex)
Botschafterin {f} :: ambassador, emissary or messenger (female)
Botsuana {prop} {n} :: Botswana
botsuanisch {adj} :: Botswanan (pertaining to Botswana)
Bottich {m} :: vat, tub
Bottrop {prop} {n} :: Bottrop (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany)
Botulismus {m} :: botulism
Bouillon {f} :: bouillon
Boulevard {m} :: boulevard
Boulevardpresse {f} :: yellow press
Bouquet {n} [flowers or wine] :: bouquet
bourgeois {adj} :: bourgeois
bourgeoiser {adj} :: comparative of bourgeois
bourgeoisesten {adj} :: superlative of bourgeois
Bourgeoisie {f} :: bourgeoisie, middle class
boustrophedon {adj} :: boustrophedon
Boutique {f} :: boutique
Bowdenzug {m} :: Bowden cable
Bowieit {m} [mineral] :: bowieite
Bowle {f} :: punch (beverage)
Box {f} :: box (rectangular container)
Box {f} :: loudspeaker (encasing containing one or more loudspeaker devices)
boxen {v} :: to box (strike with the fists)
Boxen {n} :: (sports) boxing
Boxer {m} :: boxer
Boxerin {f} :: boxer (female)
Boxershorts {f} :: boxer shorts (men's underwear)
Boxhandschuh {m} :: boxing glove
Boxkampf {m} :: boxing match
Boykott {m} :: boycott
boykottieren {v} :: to boycott
Bozen {prop} {n} :: Bolzano
Bär {m} :: bear (animal)
Bär {m} :: bear (male with bear-like characteristics)
Bär {m} :: large block or hammer for machining things or pile-driving
Bär {m} [obsolete] :: boar: only used in compounds like Saubär and Schweinsbär/Schweinebär/Schweinbär
Br. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Bratsche
BR {abbr} [companies, trade unions] :: Betriebsrat (works council)
BR {abbr} [geography] :: Brandenburg (a federal state near to Berlin)
BR {abbr} [media] :: Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting)
brach {adj} :: fallow
Brache {f} :: fallow
Brachet {prop} {m} [archaic] :: June (sixth month of the Gregorian calendar)
brachial {adj} :: brachial (pertaining to the arm)
brachial {adj} :: brute (force, etc); violent (methods, etc)
brachial {adj} :: unscrupulous
Brachse {f} [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: carp bream (a fish)
Brachylogie {f} [rhetoric] :: brachylogy
brackig {adj} [of water] :: brackish (“salty” and/or “distasteful”)
Brackwasser {n} :: brackish water (“salty” or “distasteful”)
Brahmane {m} [Hinduism] :: Brahmin
Brahms {prop} :: surname, notably of Johannes Brahms, a 19th century German composer
Brailleschrift {f} :: Braille (system of writing using raised dots)
brainstormen {v} :: to brainstorm
Branche {f} [economy] :: sector, industry, trade
Branchenbuch {n} :: business directory
Brand {m} :: fire (an accidental occurrence)
Brand {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Brand {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
brandaktuell {adj} [of news] :: breaking, very topical
Brandanschlag {m} :: arson attack
Brandbeschleuniger {m} :: fire accelerant
Brandbombe {f} :: firebomb, incendiary
Brandeisen {n} :: branding iron
branden {v} :: to surge, to break (the sea or sea waves)
Brandenburg {prop} {n} :: Brandenburg (state) (Land Brandenburg)
Brandenburg {prop} {n} :: Brandenburg (province) (historical: Mark Brandenburg, Provinz Brandenburg)
Brandenburg {prop} {n} :: Brandenburg (town) (Stadt Brandenburg an der Havel)
Brandenburg an der Havel {prop} {n} :: Brandenburg an der Havel (independent city in Brandenburg, Germany)
Brandenburger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Brandenburg
Brandenburger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Brandenburg
brandenburgisch {adj} :: Brandenburg (attributive)
brandfördernd {adj} :: oxidizing / oxidising
brandgefährlich {adj} :: fire hazard (attributive)
Brandmauer {f} [construction] :: firewall
Brandmunition {m} :: incendiary ammunition
brandneu {adj} :: brand new
Brandrodung {f} :: slash and burn
Brandsatz {m} :: incendiary agent
Brandsatz {m} :: incendiary material
Brandsatz {m} :: incendiary composition
Brandschatz {m} :: the exaction of tribute from a city under the threat of setting fire to it; sum paid by a city in wartime to avoid looting and pillaging (Grimm: exactio tributi sub incendii comminatione)
brandschatzen {v} [archaic] :: to extort under threat of arson
brandschatzen {v} :: to set fire to
Brandschatzung {m} :: the exaction of tribute from a city under the threat of setting fire to it
Brandschatzung {m} :: looting and pillaging
Brandstifter {m} :: arsonist (person committing arson)
Brandstiftung {f} :: arson
Brandt {prop} :: surname
Brandteigkrapferl {n} [Austria] :: cream puff
Brandung {f} :: surf, breakers (Waves that break.)
Brandungswelle {f} :: breaking wave, surf wave
Brandwaffe {f} :: incendiary (device)
Brandwand {f} [construction] :: firewall
Brandwunde {f} :: burn, burn mark
Brandzeichen {n} :: brand (mark made by burning)
Branntkalk {m} :: quicklime
Branntwein {m} :: brandy, eau de vie
Branzoll {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Brasilianer {m} :: person from Brazil, Brazilian
Brasilianerin {f} :: female person from Brazil
brasilianisch {adj} :: Brazilian
Brasilien {prop} {n} :: Brazil
Brasília {prop} {n} :: Brasília (placename)
Brasse {f} :: carp bream (a fish)
Brat {n} [Austria] :: synonym of Brät
Bratapfel {m} :: baked apple
braten {vti} :: to pan-fry
braten {vti} :: to roast; to grill; to broil
Braten {m} :: a roast (big portion of meat, usually cooked in the oven)
Braten {n} :: roasting
Bratengabel {f} :: carving fork
Bratensoße {f} :: gravy
Bratkartoffeln {fp} :: fried potatoes; potatoes (usually cooked) cut into slices and roasted in a pan, roughly similar to home fries, cottage fries or hash browns
Bratling {m} :: gardenburger, veggie burger
Bratpfanne {f} :: frying pan
Bratsche {f} [musical instrument] :: viola
bratschen {v} :: to play a viola
Bratschenschlüssel {m} [music] :: viola clef
Bratschgeige {f} [musical instrument] :: synonym of Bratsche
Bratwurst {f} :: a sausage which has been or is suited to be fried or grilled; a bratwurst
Bratwurst {f} [now, only regional] :: a smoked sausage, made of raw Brät, which is eaten cold or cooked in water
Bratze {f} [obsolete or dialectal] :: forepaw of an animal (e. g. wild ones like lion and bear, but also of tamed ones like dog and cat)
Bratze {f} [metaphorically and ironically] :: misshapen, unattractive hand of a human
Bratze {f} [vulgar, Ruhr Area and Berlin] :: (very) unattractive woman
Brauch {m} :: custom
brauchbar {adj} :: useful, handy
brauchbar {adj} :: usable
brauchbar {adj} [colloquial] :: quite good, decent (not bad)
brauchbar {adj} :: practicable, working
brauchbar {adj} :: sound
brauchbar {adv} [colloquial] :: quite well
brauchen {v} :: to need, to be in need of
brauchen {v} :: to need to, to have to (in negation or with the adverb nur (just, only))
Brauchtum {n} :: the whole of a region’s or social group’s popular customs, especially its festivals and rituals
Brauchtum {n} [loosely] :: the whole of a region’s or social group’s traditional culture, including its music, clothing, etc
Braue {f} :: brow
brauen {v} :: to brew
Brauer {m} :: brewer (male or of unspecified sex)
Brauer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Brauerei {f} :: brewery
Brauhaus {n} :: brewery
Brauhefe {f} :: brewer's yeast
Braumeister {m} :: brewmaster
braun {adj} :: brown
braun {adj} :: tan (skin, due to sun exposure)
Braun {n} :: brown (color)
Braun {prop} :: surname Cognate with English Brown
Braunalge {f} :: brown alga
Braunbär {m} [zoology] :: brown bear (Ursus arctos)
Brauneisenstein {m} [mineral] :: limonite (so-called brown hematite)
Brauner {m} :: brown horse
Braunflügel-Ameisenwürger {m} :: mouse-colored antshrike
braun gebrannt {adj} :: alternative form of braungebrannt
braungebrannt {adj} :: tanned, suntanned, bronzed
braungelb {adj} :: brownish yellow, buff
braungrau {adj} :: brownish grey
Braunhemd {n} :: Brownshirt, a member of the Nazi organization SA
Braunit {m} [mineral] :: braunite
Braunkohle {f} [geology] :: lignite, brown coal
Braunralle {f} :: Rouget's rail
braunschwarz {adj} :: very dark, blackish brown
Braunschweig {prop} {n} :: Braunschweig, Brunswick (city in Germany)
Braunschweiger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Braunschweig
Braunschweiger {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Braunschweig
Braunstein {m} [mineral] :: pyrolusite
braunviolett {adj} :: brown-violet (in colour)
braunweiß {adj} :: brown (in some areas) and white (in others)
Brause {f} :: fizzy pop, soda pop
Brause {f} :: shower, shower bath, douche, spray
Brause {f} :: rose (of a watering can or shower head)
Brause {f} :: effervescence
Brause {f} [chemistry] :: fermentation
brausen {v} :: to make dissonant noise; roar, as done by wind or water
brausen {v} :: to drive fast; race
brausen {v} [dated] :: to shower
Braut {f} :: bride; a woman taking part in a marriage
Braut {f} [slang] :: a broad; a woman or girl
Brautente {f} :: wood duck
Brautgeld {n} :: bride price (a payment, known in some cultures, by the bridegroom [or his family] to the bride [or her family])
Brautgeld {n} [Islam] :: mahr (a bride price prescribed by Islamic law)
Brautkleid {n} :: A bridal gown, wedding dress as worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony
Brautlauf {m} [obsolete] :: wedding
Brautwerbung {f} :: courtship
brav {adj} :: excellent
brav {adj} :: honest, upright
brav {adj} :: good, well-behaved
braver {adj} :: comparative of brav
Bravour {f} :: bravery
Bravour {f} :: brilliance
bravourös {adj} :: brave
bravourös {adj} :: brilliant
bravsten {adj} :: superlative of brav
Bravur {f} :: alternative spelling of Bravour
bravurös {adj} :: alternative spelling of bravourös
bärbeißig {adj} :: grumpy
Bärbel {prop} :: given name
brüchig {adj} :: brittle, fragile
Brüchigkeit {f} :: fragility / brittleness
Bröckchen {n} :: diminutive of Brocken
Brücke {f} :: bridge
Brücke {f} [software, design] :: The bridge pattern
Brücke {f} :: pons (in the brain, "bridging" the brain stem with the rest of the brain)
bröckeln {v} :: to crumble
Brückengerüst {n} :: (dental) bridge framework
Brückenkopf {m} :: bridgehead
Brückentag {m} :: long weekend; a day which falls between two work-free days (holidays or weekend days), on which leave is preferred
BRD {prop} {f} [usually preceded by definite article] :: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, the Federal Republic of Germany
Bürde {f} :: burden
Börde {f} :: fertile plain (usually one within the North European Plain)
Bürden {prop} {n} :: A small town in Luxembourg; Burden
Brüderchen {n} :: little brother
brüderlich {adj} :: brotherly, fraternal
brüderlicher {adj} :: comparative of brüderlich
Brüderlichkeit {f} :: brotherhood, brotherliness, fraternity
brüderlichsten {adj} :: superlative of brüderlich
Brüderschaft {f} :: brotherhood, fraternity
Break {n} [tennis] :: break
Break {n} [snooker] :: break
Brecheisen {n} :: crowbar
brechen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to break
brechen {vt} [physics, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to refract
brechen {vti} [colloquial, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to vomit
brechen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to fold
brechen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to become broken; to break; to fracture
Brecher {m} [nautical or engineering] :: breaker
Brechmittel {n} :: emetic
Brechnuss {f} :: strychnine tree, nux vomica, Strychnos nux-vomica, Strychnos vomica, Strychnos spireana, a deciduous tree native to southeast Asia, a member of family Loganiaceae
Brechnuss {f} :: Jatropha curcas, a species of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, that is native to the American tropics, most likely Mexico and Central America
Brechreiz {m} :: nausea
brechreizerregend {adj} :: emetic
Brecht {prop} :: surname
Brechung {f} [physics] :: refraction (bending of any wave)
Brechung {f} [linguistics] :: vowel breaking
Brechungsindex {m} [physics] :: refractive index
Brechweinstein {m} :: tartar emetic
Brechzahl {f} [physics] :: refractive index
Bredouille {f} :: quandary, jam, pickle (dilemma, a difficult decision or choice)
Bregen {m} [regional, chiefly northern Germany] :: animal brain
Bregenwurst {f} :: a traditional sausage, which used to include brain, common chiefly in northern Germany
Bregenz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Brei {m} :: mash; mush; porridge; any semisolid food
Brei {m} :: milk pudding with chewable pieces in it, such as rice pudding, semolina pudding, etc
breiig {adj} :: mushy, mashy
breit {adj} :: broad, wide
breit {adj} [figuratively] :: wide
breit {adj} [colloquial] :: drunk or high on marijuana; stoned
Breite {f} :: breadth, width
Breite {f} [geography, astronomy] :: latitude
Breitenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Breitenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Breitenau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Alsace
Breitengrad {m} [geography] :: latitude
Breitenwang {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Breitmaulnashorn {n} :: white rhinoceros
Breitschnauzen-Halbmaki {m} :: greater bamboo lemur, Prolemur simus
breitschulterig {adj} :: broad-shouldered
breitschultrig {adj} :: alternative form of breitschulterig
Börek {m} :: börek, burek, boereg
Bremen {prop} {n} :: Bremen [state]
Bremen {prop} {n} :: Bremen [city]
Bremer {adj} :: pertaining to Bremen
Bremer {m} :: Bremer (person)
Bremerhaven {prop} :: Bremerhaven (district-free city in north-western Germany)
Bremsbelag {m} :: brake pad
bremsbereit {adj} :: ready to brake
Bremse {f} :: brake, device for causing deceleration
Bremse {f} :: horsefly, breezefly, gadfly (fly of the family Tabanidae)
bremsen {v} :: to brake, slow down, decelerate
Bremshebel {m} :: break lever
Bremskraft {f} [automotive] :: brakeforce
Bremsrakete {f} :: retrorocket
Bremsscheibe {f} :: brake disc / disk
Bremsschuh {m} :: brake shoe
Bremsstrahlung {f} [physics] :: bremsstrahlung
-büren {suffix} :: place name suffix found in northern Germany
Bärendienst {m} :: disservice; mistaken favour (something that is done with the intention to help, but turns out to be detrimental)
Bärendreck {m} [Germany, dialectal] :: blackberry or dewberry
Bärendreck {m} [Austria, southern Germany, Switzerland] :: licorice
Bärenfell {n} :: the fur of a bear, bear skin
Bärenfellmütze {f} :: bearskin (cap)
brennbar {adj} :: flammable / inflammable, combustible
brennbarer {adj} :: comparative of brennbar
Brennbarkeit {f} :: combustibility, inflammability
brennbarsten {adj} :: superlative of brennbar
Brennelement {n} :: fuel element (assembly of fuel rods in a nuclear reactor)
brennen {vi} :: to burn; to light on fire
brennen {vi} :: to burn; to be on fire
brennen {vi} :: to have a strong affection for; to be affectionate
brennen {vi} :: to be lit, to be on (of a light or lamp)
brennen {vi} :: to irritate; to induce pain or another pianful sensation; to bite; to sting [especially in the eyes]
brennen {vi} :: to smart; to sting [a sore or wound]
brennen {vt} :: to fire; to bake; to kiln [tiles and pottery]
brennen {vt} :: to distil [alcoholic beverages such as schnapps]
brennen {vt} [computing] :: to burn; to archive data on a storage medium. (such as CDs, DVDs, etc.)
brennen {vi} [figuratively] :: to emit heat
brennen {v} :: to roast
brennen {v} :: to bream (clean a ship etc. by fire and scraping)
Brennen {n} :: stinging
Brennen {n} :: burning
Brennen {n} :: cauterization
brennend {adj} :: blazing, flaming, burning
Brenner {m} :: burner
Brenner {prop} {n} :: Brennero, a municipality in South Tyrol
Brennessel {f} :: obsolete spelling of Brennnessel
brennheiß {adj} :: Very hot
Brennholz {n} :: firewood
Brennmaterial {n} :: fuel (solid combustible material)
Brennnessel {f} :: nettle (stinging herb of genus Urtica)
Brennnessel {f} :: stinging nettle, Urtica dioica
Brennofen {m} :: a kiln, an industrial furnace, especially used for firing pottery
Brennpunkt {m} :: focal point
Brennschluß {m} :: Brennschluss
Brennschneid {n} :: thermal cutting
Brennschneiden {n} :: flame cutting (especially using oxyacetylene)
Brennstab {m} :: fuel rod
Brennstoff {m} :: fuel
Brennstoffzelle {f} :: fuel cell
Brennstoffzellentechnik {f} :: fuel cell technology
Brennstoffzellenverband {m} :: fuel cell association
Brennweite {f} [optics] :: focal length (distance)
bärenstark {adj} :: strapping, strong as an ox, strong as a bear
bärenstark {adj} [colloquial] :: terrific
brenzlig {adj} [dated] :: to smell combusted or burnt materials
brenzlig {adj} :: ticklish, sensible, unsettling
brenzliger {adj} :: comparative of brenzlig
Brenztraubensäure {n} [organic compound] :: pyruvic acid
Bresche {f} :: breach (gap or opening made by breaking or battering)
Breschnew {prop} :: Brezhnev, a Russian name
Breslau {prop} {n} :: Breslau (city)
bresthaft {adj} [southern Germany, Austria, dated] :: disabled, crippled, maimed
Bretagne {prop} {f} :: Brittany (region of North West France)
Bretone {m} :: Breton
bretonisch {adj} :: Breton (related to Brittany or to the Breton language)
Bretonisch {prop} {n} :: Breton (the language)
Brett {n} :: board
Brettchen {n} :: diminutive of Brett
Bürette {f} [chemistry] :: burette
brettern {adj} :: Made of wooden boards
brettern {v} [colloquial] :: to drive fast
brettleben {adj} :: Completely flat
Brettspiel {n} :: board game
Bretzel {f} [Switzerland] :: alternative form of Brezel
Breuer {prop} :: surname
Brevier {n} [Catholicism] :: breviary
Brevier {n} [Catholicism] :: Divine Office
Brevier {n} [archaic] :: anthology, selection
Brevier {n} [archaic] :: guide
Breydenbach {prop} :: Former name of Breidenstein
Breze {f} [Southern Germany] :: pretzel
Brezel {f} {n} :: pretzel
Brezen {f} :: alternative form of Breze
Brezn {f} [Southern Germany, Austria] :: alternative form of Breze
Bürge {m} :: surety (person)
Börge {prop} {m} :: given name
Brägen {m} :: alternative form of Bregen
Bürger {m} :: citizen, inhabitant, resident; legally recognized inhabitant of a city or state
Bürger {m} :: bourgeois, burgher, member of the middle class
Bürger {m} :: (historical) burgher, freeman, usually richer and/or more influential than a peasant/worker but poorer and/or less influential than a nobleman
Bürgerhaus {n} :: a public building used for civic events
Bürgerhaus {n} :: manor house, mansion
Bürgerin {f} :: A female Bürger
Bürgerinitiative {f} :: citizen action group
Bürgerkrieg {m} :: civil war
bürgerlich {adj} :: civic, civil
bürgerlich {adj} :: bourgeois, middle-class
bürgerlich {adj} :: untitled (not of aristocratic descent)
bürgerlich {adj} [cooking] :: plain, good home
bürgerlich {adj} [politics] :: centre-right, conservative, non-socialist
Bürgermeister {m} :: mayor (male or of unspecified sex) (leader of a city)
Bürgermeisterin {f} :: mayor (female), mayoress (leader of a city)
Bürgerrecht {n} :: citizenship
Bürgerrecht {n} [in the plural] :: civil rights
Bürgerrechtler {m} :: civil rights activist
Bürgerrechtsbewegung {f} [politics] :: civil rights movement
Bürgerschaft {f} :: citizenry
Bürgersteig {m} :: sidewalk
Bürgertum {n} :: middle class
Bürgerwehr {f} [military, historical] :: civic guard, civic guards, home guard, home guards, militia
Bürgerwehr {f} :: vigilante
Brühe {f} :: broth
brühen {vt} [with hot water] :: to blanch, pour seething water over
brühen {vt} [with tea or coffee] :: to brew, put a pot on
Brühwürfel {m} :: stock cube (vegetable, meat or seasonings in a cube shape)
Bridge {n} :: bridge (card game)
Brief {m} :: letter (written message)
briefadelig {adj} :: ennobled by letters patent
Briefbeschwerer {m} :: paperweight
Briefbombe {f} :: letter bomb
Brieföffner {m} :: letter opener (knifelike device)
Brieffreund {m} :: pen pal, penfriend (male person with whom one communicates using letters)
Brieffreundin {f} :: pen pal, penfriend (female person with whom one communicates using letters)
Briefkasten {m} :: mailbox, letterbox
Briefkastenfirma {f} :: shell company
Briefkopf {m} :: letterhead
Briefmarke {f} :: postage stamp
Briefmarkensammlung {f} :: stamp collection, collection of postage stamps
Briefpapier {n} :: writing paper
Brieftasche {f} [dated in many regions] :: wallet, purse
Brieftaube {f} :: A homing pigeon (racing pigeon, homer) is a breed or variety of domestic pigeon with a strong homing instinct that is used as a message courier or in the sport of pigeon racing
Brieftaubenzüchter {m} :: homing pigeon breeder, homer breeder
Brieftaubenzüchterin {f} :: (female) homing pigeon breeder, (female) homer breeder
Briefträger {m} :: mailman, postman, postie, letter carrier, mail carrier, mailperson (male or of unspecified sex)
Briefumschlag {m} :: envelope (for a letter)
Briefwaage {f} :: letter balance
Briefwechsel {m} :: exchange of letters, communication
Briefwechsel {m} :: a collection letters exchanged between two people
Briefzusteller {m} :: mailman, postman, postie, mail carrier, letter carrier, mailperson (male or of unspecified sex)
Brigade {f} [military] :: brigade, military unit
Brigade {f} [DDR] :: the smallest work-group in an industrial plant
Brigadeführer {m} :: paramilitary rank of the nazi SA and SS, corresponds to brigadier general. Literally translates to "Brigade Leader". Next in rank to Gruppenführer, rank below is Oberführer
Brigitte {prop} :: given name, cognate to Bridget
Brikett {n} :: briquet
brillant {adj} :: brilliant
Brillant {m} [diamond] :: brilliant
Brillant {noun} [uncountable, printing, dated] :: A small size of type, standardized as 3 point
brillanten {adj} :: made of brilliants
Brillanz {f} :: brilliance
Brille {f} :: (pair of) glasses, spectacles (frames bearing two lenses worn in front of the eyes to correct vision)
Brille {f} :: (pair of) goggles (protective eyewear set in a flexible frame to fit snugly against the face)
Brille {f} :: (toilet) seat (hinged, contoured seat with a hole in the middle, of a toilet)
Brillenetui {n} :: spectacles case, glasses case
Brillengestell {n} :: spectacles frame
Brillenpinguin {m} :: African penguin
Brillenschlange {f} :: spectacled cobra
Brillenschlange {f} [derogatory] :: somebody wearing glasses
Brillenschötchen {n} :: buckler mustard, any plant of the genus Biscutella
Brillenträgerin {f} :: glasses-wearing woman
brillieren {v} :: to shine
Brilon {prop} {n} :: A town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Bärin {f} :: female bear, she-bear
bringen {vt} :: to bring; to fetch
bringen {vt} :: to take; to convey
bringen {vt} :: to lead; to cause; to bear
bringen {vt} [with “an sich”] :: to acquire; to take possession of
bringend {v} :: Present participle of bringen
brinnen {vi} [archaic or dialectal] :: to burn
Brioche {f} :: brioche
brisant {adj} :: controversial
brisant {adj} :: volatile
brisant {adj} [figuratively] :: explosive
brisanter {adj} :: comparative of brisant
Brisanz {f} [explosives] :: brisance
Brisanz {f} [figuratively] :: explosiveness
Brise {f} :: breeze
Britanniametall {n} :: Britannia metal
Britannien {prop} {n} :: Britain
Britannien {prop} {n} :: Brittania
britannisch {adj} :: British, Britannic, Brythonic
Brite {m} :: Briton (inhabitant of Great Britain)
Britin {f} :: (female) Briton; British woman
britisch {adj} :: British
Britisch-Kolumbien {prop} {n} :: British Columbia
Britisch Kurzhaar {prop} {f} :: British Shorthair
Britta {prop} {f} :: given name of Swedish origin
Bärlauch {m} :: ramsons
Brüllaffe {m} :: howler monkey, a primate of the Alouatta genus
brüllen {vti} :: to shout, roar
Brüller {m} [colloquial] :: joke, punchline
Brüllwürfel {m} [humorous] :: bad quality speakers
Bärnbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
brünett {adj} :: brunette (of a woman having brown hair)
Brünette {f} :: brunette (a girl or woman with brown hair)
Brünhild {prop} :: given name, variant of Brunhilde
Brünhilde {prop} :: given name, variant of Brunhilde
brünieren {v} :: To burnish
brünieren {v} :: To blue (steel)
brüniert {v} :: past participle of brünieren
Brünierung {f} :: burnishing
Brünierung {f} :: bluing (of steel)
Bärnkopf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Brünn {prop} :: Brno, second-largest city in the Czech Republic
brünstig {adj} :: in heat, on heat
brünstig {adj} :: ardent, fervent
Büro {n} :: office
Broccoli {m} :: broccoli
Brocken {m} :: piece (part of a larger whole)
Brocken {prop} {m} :: the Brocken, Blocksberg (a mountain in the Harz mountain range, Germany)
Brod {n} [obsolete, outside, dialects] :: alternative spelling of Brot
brodeln {v} :: to seethe, to bubble, to wallop
Brodem {m} [dated, literary] :: vapor
Brodem {m} [dated, literary] :: strong smell
Bürogebäude {n} :: office building
-broich {suffix} :: Placename suffix found in the northern Rhineland
Broiler {m} [DDR] :: broiler (chicken suitable for broiling)
Brokat {m} :: brocade
brokaten {adj} :: brocaded
Brokkoli {m} :: broccoli
Büroklammer {f} :: paper clip
Bürokrat {m} :: bureaucrat
Bürokratie {f} :: bureaucracy
bürokratisch {adj} :: bureaucratic
bürokratischer {adj} :: comparative of bürokratisch
Bürolandschaft {f} :: Office landscape
Brom {n} :: bromine
Bromalkan {n} [organic chemistry] :: bromoalkane, alkyl bromide
Bromalken {n} [organic chemistry] :: bromoalkene
Bromaromat {m} [organic chemistry] :: bromo-aromatic compound
Bromat {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromate
Bromatom {n} :: bromine atom
Brombeere {f} :: blackberry, bramble
Bromberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Bromberg {prop} {n} :: Bydgoszcz, Poland
Bromchlorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: bromine chloride
Bromcyan {n} :: cyanogen bromide
Bromdampf {m} :: bromine vapour
Bromfluorid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromine fluoride
Bromgewinnung {f} :: bromine production
bromhaltig {adj} [chemistry] :: containing bromine
Bromid {n} [chemistry] :: bromide
Bromidion {n} :: bromide ion
Bromidlösung {f} :: bromide solution
Bromidquell {m} :: source of bromide
bromieren {v} :: To brominate
bromiert {v} :: past participle of bromieren
bromiert {adj} :: brominated
bromig {adj} [inorganic chemistry] :: bromous
Brompentafluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: bromine pentafluoride
Bromsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: bromic acid
Bromthymolblau {noun} :: bromothymol blue
Bromtrifluorid {n} [inorganic compound] :: bromine trifluoride
Bromverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: bromine compound
Bromwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen bromide
Bromwasserstoffsäure {n} [inorganic compound] :: hydrobromic acid
bronchial {adj} :: bronchial
Bronchie {f} :: bronchus
Bronchitis {f} [pathology] :: bronchitis
Bronze {f} :: bronze
bronzefarben {adj} :: bronze in colour
Bronzefund {m} [archaeology, mostly in plural] :: bronze find
Bronzemedaille {f} :: bronze medal
bronzen {adj} :: bronze, bronzen
Bronzezeit {f} :: Bronze Age
Brosame {f} [dated or regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: crumb
Brosche {f} :: brooch
broschiert {adj} :: bound in paper (as a brochure)
Broschüre {f} :: brochure
Bürostuhl {m} :: office chair (desk chair used in an office)
Brot {n} [usually, uncountable] :: bread
Brot {n} [countable] :: loaf of bread
Brot {n} [countable] :: slice of bread; sandwich
Brot {n} [uncountable, figurative] :: livelihood, subsistence
Brotbackautomat {m} :: bread maker
Brotbäcker {m} :: baker (of bread)
Broterwerb {m} :: breadwinning
Broterwerber {m} :: breadwinner
Brothändler {n} :: bread dealer
Brotkasten {m} :: bread box, breadbin
Brotkasten {m} :: a nickname for the C64 home computer
Brotkorb {m} :: bread bin, breadbasket
Brotmesser {n} :: bread knife
Brotschnitte {f} :: slice of bread
Brotschrift {f} [typography] :: A font that is used for typesetting body text
Brotsuppe {f} :: bread soup
Brownie {m} :: brownie (small rich chocolate cake)
browsen {v} :: to browse
Browser {m} [computing] :: A browser program
brr {interj} :: brr (exclamation of cold)
brr {interj} :: an exclamation of disgust or aversion
Bürs {prop} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Bürschchen {n} :: diminutive of Bursche
Börse {f} :: stock market, stock exchange, bourse
Börse {f} [becoming rare: a shorthand for Geldbörse] :: wallet, purse
Brösel {m} {n} [regional, chiefly southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: crumb
Brösel {prop} {n} :: Brzice, Czechia
bröselig {adj} :: crumbly
bröseln {vi} :: to crumble (of food)
bröseln {vi} :: to crumble, fall apart, to disintegrate
bröseln {vt} :: to crumble, to render into crumbs
Börsenaufsicht {prop} {f} :: The German Securities and Exchange Commission
Börsencrash {m} :: stock market crash
Börsengang {m} :: initial public offering, IPO
börsengehandelt {adj} [economics] :: traded (on the Stock Exchange)
Börsenkrach {m} :: stock market crash
börsennotiert {adj} [economics] :: listed (on the Stock Exchange)
Bürserberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Börsianer {m} :: stockbroker
bräsig {adj} :: inflexible
brüsk {adj} :: brusque
brüskieren {v} :: to affront
Brüskierung {f} :: affront
Brüssel {prop} {n} :: Brussels (capital of Belgium)
Brüsseler {m} :: Native or inhabitant of Brussels
Brüsseler {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Brussels
Brüstchen {n} :: diminutive of Brust
Bürste {f} :: brush
bürsten {v} :: to brush
brüsten {vr} :: to boast, to brag
Bürstenschnitt {m} :: crew cut
bürstig {adj} :: alternative form of borstig
Brüstung {f} :: balustrade
Brät {n} :: ground meat, especially pork and especially as is used in the making of sausage (often with the addition of salt, spices and water)
Brötchen {n} :: a bun, bread roll
Bärtchen {n} :: diminutive of Bart
brüten {v} [of birds] :: to brood
Brüter {m} :: breeder
Bärtierchen {n} [zoology] :: tardigrade, water bear
bärtig {adj} :: bearded
Brätling {m} :: weeping milk cap (Lactifluus volemus)
Bruch {m} :: fracture
Bruch {m} :: breach
Bruch {m} [mathematics] :: fraction
Bruch {m} {n} [now chiefly in placenames] :: A wetland; marsh; moist meadow (usually kinds fit for pastoral use, rather than actual bogs or swamps)
Bruchbude {f} :: shack, rundown hut
Bruchfläche {f} :: fracture plane / fracture surface
Bruchlandung {f} :: crash landing
Bruchstück {n} :: fragment
Bruchstück {n} :: shard, splinter
Bruchstück {n} :: snippet
bruchstückhaft {adj} :: fragmentary
Bruchstrich {m} :: slash
Bruchstrich {m} :: fraction slash; fraction bar
Bruchteil {m} :: fraction
Bruchteil {m} :: fragment
Bruchteil {m} :: moiety
Bruchzähigkeit {f} :: fracture toughness
Brucit {m} [mineral] :: brucite
Bruckmann {prop} :: surname
Bruckner {prop} :: surname
Bruckneudorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Bruder {m} :: brother
Bruder {m} :: Brother
Brudermord {m} :: fratricide, killing of a brother
Brudermörder {m} :: fratricide
Bruderschaft {f} :: brotherhood
Bräuer {prop} :: surname
brummen {v} [bear etc.] :: to growl
brummen {v} :: to hum
brummen {v} [of a business] :: to boom
Brummen {n} :: mutter
Brummer {m} :: a big insect, especially a bluebottle#
Brummer {m} :: a big lorry
Brummer {m} :: an obese man
Brummer {m} :: an attractive woman
Brummer {m} :: a whopper, a ginormous thing
Brummer {m} [music, pejorative] :: a choir-singer with growling or droning voice
Brummer {m} [pejorative] :: a comic or doltish person
brummig {adj} :: grumpy, disgruntled
Brunch {m} :: brunch
Bräune {f} :: tan
Bräune {f} :: quinsy; croup
Bruneck {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Brunei {prop} {n} :: Brunei
Brunei Darussalam {prop} {n} :: Brunei Darussalam
Bruneier {m} :: Bruneian (person from Brunei)
Bruneierin {f} :: Bruneian (female person from Brunei)
bruneiisch {adj} :: Bruneian (pertaining to Brunei)
bräunen {v} :: to brown; to cook (something) in hot fat or oil until it becomes brown
Brunft {f} :: heat, rut (sexual excitement of animals)
Brunftschrei {m} :: rutting (mating) call
Brunhild {prop} :: given name, variant of Brunhilde
Brunhilde {prop} :: given name, notably of a queen in German history and mythology
bräunlich {adj} :: brownish
Brunnen {m} :: well
Brunnenkresse {f} :: watercress (Nasturtium officinale)
Brunnenthal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Brunnenwasser {n} :: well water
Bruno {prop} :: given name, cognate to English Bruno
Bruns {prop} :: surname
Brunst {f} :: heat, rut (sexual excitement of animals)
Brunst {f} :: sexual arousal of humans
Brunstatt {prop} {n} :: Brunstatt
Bräunung {f} :: browning, tanning
Bräunung {f} :: tan
Bräunungsprozeß {m} :: alternative spelling of Bräunungsprozess
Bräunungsprozess {m} :: tanning process
Bräunungsprozess {m} :: roasting process
Brust {f} :: chest
Brust {f} :: breast (of a woman); side of the chest (of a man)
Brustdrüse {f} :: mammary gland of a breast
Brustkorb {m} :: ribcage
Brustpresse {f} :: chest press
Brustwarze {f} :: nipple, teat
brut {adj} :: brut
Brut {f} :: brood
Brut {f} :: offspring, spawn
brutal {adj} :: brutal
brutaler {adj} :: comparative of brutal
Brutalität {f} :: brutality
brutalsten {adj} :: superlative of brutal
Brutblatt {n} :: Kalanchoe daigremontiana (syn. Bryophyllum daigremontianum), a plant of subgenus Kalanchoe subg. Bryophyllum of genus Kalanchoe
Bräutigam {m} :: bridegroom (a man with regard to his wedding)
Brutkasten {m} :: incubator (medical apparatus in which weak infants are supported)
Brutkasten {m} :: incubator (apparatus in which eggs are brooded)
Brutparasit {m} :: brood parasite
Brutparasitismus {m} :: brood parasitism
Brutreaktor {m} :: breeder (type of nuclear reactor)
brutto {adv} :: gross
Bruttoinlandsprodukt {n} :: gross domestic product
Bruttonationaleinkommen {n} :: gross national income
Bruttoreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: overall reaction
Bruttosozialprodukt {n} :: gross national product
brutzeln {v} :: to fry
brutzeln {v} :: to sizzle, to frizzle, to splutter
Bürzel {m} [ornithology] :: rump, hindquarter of a bird
Bürzel {m} [hunting] :: tail (of a bear, badger, boar)
bös {adj} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of böse
bös {adv} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of böse
BS {abbr} :: Bausoldat
bösartig {adj} :: malicious; vicious; malevolent
bösartig {adj} :: pernicious; virulent
bösartig {adj} [oncology] :: malignant
Büschel {n} :: bunch
Büschel {n} :: tuft
büschelförmig {adj} :: fasciculate
Büschelohrmaki {m} :: hairy-eared dwarf lemur
Böschung {f} :: embankment
Böschung {f} [by generalisation] :: vegetation, scrubs, bushes along a road
böse {adj} :: evil; malicious; wicked
böse {adj} :: bad; naughty
böse {adj} [chiefly predicative] :: angry
böse {adv} :: nastily, evilly
Böse {n} :: evil, malice, wickedness
Böse {n} :: anger
böser {adj} :: comparative of böse
Bösewicht {m} :: villain
Bsp. {abbr} :: abbreviation of Beispiel
BSP {abbr} :: Abbreviation of Bruttosozialprodukt
bspw. {abbr} :: beispielsweise
büssen {v} :: alternative spelling of büßen
Büste {f} [art] :: bust (sculptural portrayal of a person′s head and shoulders)
Büste {f} [anatomy] :: bust (the breast and upper thorax of a woman)
Büste {f} [tailoring, dressmaking] :: (tailor′s, dressmaker′s) dummy
Büste {prop} {n} :: name of a village that is an incorporated part of the town of Bismarck, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Büstenhalter {m} [formal, dated] :: brassiere
böswillig {adj} :: malevolent
böswillig {adj} :: malicious
böswillig {adj} :: malignent
Btb. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Basstuba
Bötchen {n} :: diminutive of Boot
Böttcher {m} [regional, chiefly northern and eastern Germany] :: cooper
Böttcher {prop} :: surname
Büttel {m} [archaic] :: a court officer, usher or messenger
Büttel {m} [pejorative] :: a policeman
Büttel {m} :: someone relegated to performing menial service
Büttel {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Bütterken {n} [colloquial, regional, Westphalia] :: bread and butter, open sandwich
bützen {v} [regional, chiefly western Germany] :: to kiss (most often in the context of Rhenish carnival)
Bub {m} [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: alternative form of Bube
Bube {m} :: knave; jack (playing card)
Bube {m} [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] :: boy; lad
Bube {m} [regional, northern and central Germany] :: rogue; naughty boy
Bubikopf {m} :: bob (of hair)
Buch {n} :: book
Buch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Buch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Buch {prop} {n} :: Two municipalities in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Buchbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Buchbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Bavaria, Germany
buchbar {adj} :: bookable
Buchbinder {m} :: bookbinder
Buchbinderei {f} :: bookbinding
Buchdruck {n} :: letterpress
Buche {f} [countable] :: a beech [Fagus]; the common tree
Buche {f} [uncountable] :: beech; the wood of the tree
Buchecker {f} :: beechnut
buchen {adj} :: beechen
buchen {v} :: to book
Buchenholz {n} :: beech, beechwood (The wood of the beech tree.)
Buchenland {prop} {n} [rare, dated, historical] :: Bukovina
buchenlanddeutsch {adj} :: Bukovina German; of or pertaining to the Bukovina Germans or their dialect
Buchenlaub {n} [collective] :: beech leaves (leaves of the beech tree)
Buchenwald {m} :: beech forest, beechwood forest
Buchenwald {prop} {n} [historical] :: Buchenwald
Buchfink {m} :: chaffinch [Fringilla coelebs]
Buchhalter {m} :: accountant, bookkeeper
Buchhalterin {f} :: a female accountant
buchhalterisch {adj} :: accounting (attributive)
Buchhaltung {f} :: accounting, bookkeeping
Buchhandel {m} :: book trade; publishing business
Buchhandlung {f} :: bookstore, bookshop
Buchhändler {m} :: bookseller
Buchhändlerin {f} :: female bookseller
Buchkapitel {n} :: book chapter
Buchkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Buchladen {m} :: bookstore, bookshop
bäuchlings {adv} :: lying on one’s belly; prostrate
Buchlunge {f} [arachnology] :: book lung
Buchmacher {m} :: bookmaker; bookie (male or of unspecified sex)
Buchmesse {f} :: book fair, the most famous one in the world being the annual, international Frankfurter Buchmesse at Frankfurt
Buch mit sieben Siegeln {phrase} :: (book with) seven seals (Christian concept)
Buch mit sieben Siegeln {phrase} :: something considered very hard to understand
Buchs {m} :: boxwood
Buchs {prop} {?} :: One of three municipalities in Switzerland
Buchsbaum {m} :: boxwood
Buchse {f} :: (electric) socket
Buchstabe {m} :: letter (of the alphabet)
buchstabengetreu {adj} :: literal
Buchstabensalat {m} :: alphabetical puzzle, alphabetical jumble, jumble of letters, letter salad
Buchstabenschrift {f} :: alphabetical writing system
Buchstabensuppe {f} [soup] :: alphabet soup
buchstabieren {v} :: to spell
buchstabiert {v} :: past participle of buchstabieren
buchstäblich {adj} :: literal
buchstäblich {adv} :: literally
Buchstütze {f} :: bookend
Bucht {f} :: bay, gulf
Bucht {f} :: bight
Buchtitel {n} :: book title
Buchung {f} :: A booking, notably:
Buchung {f} :: accounting entry
Buchung {f} :: reservation for a service, such as an accommodation or performance
Buchungskreis {m} :: company code / accounting area
Buchverkäufer {m} :: bookseller
Buchweizen {m} :: buckwheat
Buchweizenmehl {n} :: buckwheat flour
Buckel {m} :: boss
Buckel {m} :: hump
Buckelkopfbuntbarsch {m} :: lionhead cichlid
Buckelwal {m} :: humpback whale, Megaptera novaeangliae
bucklig {adj} :: humped, humpbacked
bucklig {adj} :: bumpy
Budapest {prop} {n} :: Budapest
Budapester {m} :: Budapester (Native or inhabitant of Budapest)
Budapester {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Budapest
Buddel {f} [regional, chiefly northern Germany, chiefly colloquial] :: bottle
buddeln {v} :: to dig (most often with one’s hands or paws)
Buddelschiff {n} :: ship in a bottle
Buddha {m} :: buddha
Buddhismus {m} :: buddhism
Buddhist {m} :: Buddhist (male or of unspecified sex)
buddhistisch {adj} :: Buddhist (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism)
Bude {f} :: kiosk, booth
Bude {f} :: shack, hut
Bude {f} [colloquial] :: apartment
Bude {f} [colloquial, slang, sports] :: goal
Budget {n} :: budget
Buße {f} :: penance
Buße {f} :: fine
Buenos Aires {prop} {n} :: Buenos Aires
Bäuerchen {n} :: diminutive of Bauer
Bäuerchen {n} :: the burp or slight vomit of a baby
Bäuerchen {n} [rare or jocular] :: an instance of burping or vomiting by an adult
Bäuerin {f} :: peasant or farmer (female)
Bäuerlein {noun} :: Peasant farmer. armes, frommes Bäuerlein
bäuerlich {adj} :: rustic
Buffet {n} [gastronomy] :: buffet
Buffet {n} [furniture] :: sideboard, buffet
Bug {m} [nautical] :: bow, prow (of a ship)
Bug {m} :: nose (of an aircraft)
Bug {m} :: shoulder joint (of an animal)
Bug {m} :: joist, joint (in woodwork)
Bußgeld {n} [legal] :: fine
bugsieren {v} :: to tow a ship
bugsieren {v} [colloquial] :: to put something in a place; to move something
bugsiert {v} :: past participle of bugsieren
Bugspriet {m} {n} [nautical] :: bowsprit
buh {interj} :: boo
buhen {vi} :: to boo
Buhfrau {f} [rare] :: feminine noun of Buhmann
Buhle {f} [archaic, literary] :: beloved, darling
Buhle {m} [archaic, literary] :: beloved, darling
Buhler {m} [, archaic, literary] :: synonym of Buhle
Buhmann {m} [colloquial] :: scapegoat
Buhne {f} :: groyne; breakwater (dam extending perpendicularly into the sea to protect the shore)
Buhruf {m} :: boo
Bukarest {prop} :: Bucharest (capital of Romania)
Bukephalos {prop} :: Bucephalus
Bukett {n} [flowers or wine] :: bouquet
bukolisch {adj} :: bucolic
Bukowina {prop} {f} [historical] :: Bukovina
bukowinadeutsch {adj} :: synonym of buchenlanddeutsch
Bulette {f} [regional, eastern Germany] :: a meatball
Bulgare {m} :: Bulgarian (native of Bulgaria)
Bulgarien {prop} {n} :: Bulgaria
Bulgarin {f} :: Bulgarian (female native of Bulgaria)
bulgarisch {adj} :: Bulgarian (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)
Bulgarisch {prop} {n} :: Bulgarian (language)
Bulimie {f} :: bulimia
Bulimielernen {n} [pejorative] :: the practice of cramming information to "regurgitate" it during a test without retaining any of it
Bullauge {n} :: porthole
Bulldogge {f} :: bulldog
Bulle {m} :: bull (male cattle)
Bulle {m} [figurative] :: bull (strong or stout man)
Bulle {m} [mildly, pejorative] :: police officer, cop, pig
Bulle {f} :: Bull (papal decree)
Bullenschwein {n} [derogatory] :: pig (police officer)
Bulletin {n} :: bulletin
Bullette {f} [regional, pejorative] :: a female cop
Bullette {f} [regional, slang] :: a Berlin citizen
bullig {adj} :: brawny
bullös {adj} :: bubblelike
Bäumchen {n} :: diminutive of Baum
Bumerang {m} {n} :: boomerang
bumfest {adj} [Austrian, colloquial] :: very firm or solid
Bäumlein {n} :: diminutive of Baum
Bummel {m} :: stroll (often in town)
Bummelbahn {f} [colloquial] :: A slow local train
bummeln {v} :: to slack, to dawdle
bummeln {v} :: to stroll, to ramble
bumsen {v} [colloquial] :: to thud
bumsen {v} [colloquial] :: to have sex
bumsfidel {adj} [colloquial, archaic, slightly vulgar] :: jolly, chirpy
Bund {m} :: alliance
Bund {m} :: a fret (of a guitar)
Bund {m} :: waistband
Bund {n} :: a bunch
Bund {m} :: confederation of German states
Bund {m} :: the German army, Bundeswehr
Bundesamt {n} :: federal office
Bundesanstalt {f} :: federal institution / agency
Bundesanwaltschaft {f} [legal] :: federal prosecutor
Bundesaußenminister {m} :: federal foreign minister
Bundesbahn {f} :: federal / state railway
Bundesbank {f} :: Deutsche Bundesbank
Bundesbürger {m} :: (German) federal citizen
bundesdeutsch {adj} :: of or pertaining to the Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesdorf {n} [dated, humorous, derogatory] :: the city of Bonn, former capital of (West) Germany, labelled the “federal village” due to its provincial character and, originally, quite small size
Bundesfinanzminister {m} :: federal / state finance minister
Bundesgebiet {n} :: federal territory
Bundesgerichtshof {m} [legal] :: federal court
Bundesgrenzschutz {m} [German law enforcement] :: Bundesgrenzschutz (Federal Border Guard, obsolete name of the Bundespolizei)
Bundesheer {prop} {n} :: the army portion of the Bundeswehr, the nation army of Germany
Bundesheer {prop} {n} :: the national army of Austria
Bundesinnenminister {m} :: federal minister of the interior
Bundesinstitut {n} :: Federal Institute
Bundeskanzler {m} :: federal chancellor (male or of unspecified sex) (head of the German federal government)
Bundeskanzlerin {f} :: federal chancellor (female) (head of the German federal government)
Bundeskriminalamt {n} :: federal office of criminal investigations
Bundeslade {f} :: the Ark of the Covenant
Bundesland {n} :: federal state
Bundesland {n} [legal context] :: One of the 16 federal states of Germany
Bundesland {n} [legal context] :: One of the 9 federal states of Austria
Bundesminister {m} :: (male) federal minister
Bundesministerin {f} :: feminine noun of Bundesminister
Bundesministerium {n} :: federal ministry
bundespolitisch {adj} :: federal policy (attributive)
Bundespolizei {f} [German law enforcement] :: federal police
Bundespräsident {m} :: president (especially of the Federal Republic of Germany)
Bundesrat {m} :: A federal council, especially: the federal council of the Federal Republic of Germany, of Austria, of Switzerland, or of the German Empire
Bundesrath {m} :: obsolete spelling of Bundesrat
Bundesregierung {f} [government] :: federal government
Bundesrepublik {f} :: federal republic
Bundesrepublik {prop} {f} :: Federal Republic of Germany
Bundesrepublik Deutschland {prop} {f} :: Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)
Bundesstaat {m} :: A state which consists of multiple relatively autonomous substates; a federal state, a federation
Bundesstaat {m} :: A state which is a relatively autonomous part of a larger state; a state which is part of a federation
Bundesstraße {f} :: federal highway; major highway
Bundesstraße {f} [legal] :: a national highway in Germany or Austria
Bundestag {m} :: federal/state parliament
Bundestagswahl {f} :: federal election
Bundestrainer {m} [sports] :: national / state coach / trainer
Bundestrojaner {m} [computing] :: "federal Trojan", a Trojan horse and spyware program that is used by the German government to fetch data from computers of suspects in criminal investigation
bundesunmittelbar {adj} :: direct to the highest level of a federal state
Bundesverband {m} :: federal association
Bundesverfassungsgericht {n} :: federal constitutional court
Bundesverkehrsminister {m} :: federal minister of transportation
Bundeswehr {prop} {f} :: the national army of the Federal Republic of Germany
bundesweit {adj} :: nationwide
Bundeswirtschaftsminister {m} :: federal minister of finance
bundrein {adj} [music, of a string instrument] :: Having the frets placed exactly right so that each note is in tune
Bungalow {m} :: bungalow (in German mainly used for bungalows with a flat roof)
Bungeespringen {n} :: bungee jumping
Bunker {m} :: bunker (hardened shelter)
bunkerbrechend {adj} :: bunker-busting
Bunkeröl {n} :: bunker oil, bunker fuel
Bunsenbrenner {m} :: Bunsen burner
Bunsenbrennerflamme {f} :: Bunsen burner flame
bunt {adj} :: mixed, varied, heterogeneous
bunt {adj} :: multi-colored; colorful; variegated
Buntbarsch {m} :: cichlid
buntfarben {adj} :: multicoloured
buntfarbig {adj} :: colourful, multicoloured
Buntkupferkies {m} [mineral] :: bornit
Buntspecht {m} :: great spotted woodpecker
Buntstift {m} :: colored pencil
Buntstiftkasten {m} :: color pencil box (made of wood or metal)
Buntwaschmittel {n} :: laundry detergent without bleach, especially for colored textiles
Bure {m} :: Boer
Burenhäutl {n} :: see Burenwurst
Burenwurst {f} :: The most popular kind of sausage sold at food stalls in Vienna
Burg {f} :: castle, fortification
Burgau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Burgau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Bavaria, Germany
Burgenland {prop} {n} :: Burgenland
burgenländisch {adj} :: Of or from Burgenland
Burger {m} :: A burger; a hamburger, cheeseburger, or similar American-style sandwich
Burggraf {m} [historical] :: a male burgrave (a military governor or commander of a castle, fortress or medieval fortified town, especially within the Holy Roman Empire)
Burggraf {m} :: similar to a French chatelain or Late Middle English castellan
Burggräfin {f} [historical] :: wife of a burgrave (a castellan or a military commander of a royal or episcopal castle)
burgähnlich {adj} :: castlelike
Burgkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Burgstall {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Burgstall {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Burgund {prop} {n} :: Burgundy (region)
Burgundisch {n} :: Burgundian (the old Burgundian language)
Burin {f} :: female Boer
bäurisch {adj} :: boorish
Burka {f} :: burka (garment, worn by Muslim women, that covers the entire body)
Burka {f} :: burka (cloak, especially of felt or karakul, worn by men of the Caucasus region)
Burke {f} :: a glass container
Burke {f} :: a burka, a coat or veil worn by peoples in the Caucasus region
Burkhard {prop} :: given name
Burkhard {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Burkhardt {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Burkhard
Burkhardt {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Burkhart {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Burkhard
Burkhart {prop} :: surname derived from the given name
Burkina Faso {prop} {n} :: Burkina Faso
burkinisch {adj} :: Burkinabe
burlesk {adj} :: burlesque
Burleske {f} :: burlesque
burmesisch {adj} :: Burmese
Burmesisch {prop} {n} :: Burmese (language)
Burrito {n} :: burrito
Bursche {m} :: boy, young man
Bursche {m} :: student
burschenschaftlich {adj} :: bursarial
burschikos {adj} :: casual, informal
burschikos {adj} [of women] :: tomboyish
Burundi {prop} {n} :: Burundi
burundisch {adj} :: Burundian (pertaining to Burundi)
Bus {m} :: a bus (public transport)
Bus {m} :: a bus (on a computer mainboard)
Busbahnhof {m} :: central bus station
Busch {m} :: bushes, brush, scrub (densely vegetated area with mainly smaller plants and some trees)
Busch {m} :: bush, shrub (individual plant)
Busch {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: no man's land; a remote, rural area
Busch {prop} {} :: surname
Buschbohne {f} :: bush bean, dwarf bean
Buschfunk {m} :: bush telegraph, gossip network, grapevine
buschig {noun} :: bushy
buschig {noun} :: brushy
Buschwindröschen {n} :: wood anemone, Anemone nemorosa
Busen {m} :: bosom
Busen {m} :: bight (area of sea)
Busenfreund {m} :: bosom friend
Busfahrer {m} :: bus driver (male or of unspecified sex)
Busfahrerin {f} :: bus driver (female)
Busfahrt {f} :: bus ride
Busfahrt {f} :: coach journey
Bushaltestelle {f} :: bus stop
busig {adj} :: busty, bosomy
Busmastering {n} [computer] :: bus mastering
Bus-Mastering {n} [computer] :: alternative form of Busmastering
Bussard {m} :: buzzard (genus Buteo)
Busse {prop} :: surname
Busse {f} :: alternative spelling of Buße
Busserl {n} [Southern Germany, Austria, colloquial] :: kiss
Bussi {n} :: kiss; peck on the cheek
bustrophedon {adj} :: boustrophedonic
Butadien {n} [organic compound] :: butadiene
Butan {n} :: butane (the organic compound)
Butanol {n} [organic compound] :: butanol
butch {adj} :: butch
Butike {f} :: rare spelling of Boutique
Butler {m} :: A butler, chief male servant, majordomo
Butler {prop} :: surname
Butt {m} [Northern Germany] :: flounder (Platichthys flesus)
Butt {m} :: lefteye flounder (fish of the family Bothidae)
Butt {m} :: turbot (fish of the family Scophthalmidae)
Butter {f} :: butter
Butter bei die Fische {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: talking turkey, cutting to the chase (request for honesty, frankness, and straightforwardness)
Butter bei die Fische {f} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: rolling up one's sleeves, getting down to brass tacks (request for honest effort, extra effort, all or nothing)
Butterblume {f} :: buttercup
Butterbrot {n} :: A slice of bread topped with butter and often other toppings; an open sandwich
Butterdose {f} :: butter dish
Butterfass {n} :: a butter-churn, vessel for churning butter
buttergelb {adj} :: butter-yellow (in colour)
butterig {adj} :: buttery
Butterkäse {m} :: Mild, full-fat cheese
Buttermesser {n} :: butter knife
Buttermilch {f} :: buttermilk (traditional buttermilk)
buttern {vi} :: to churn butter
buttern {vi} :: to develop into butter
buttern {vt} :: to butter
buttern {vt} :: to add butter
Buttersoße {f} :: butter sauce
Buttersäure {f} :: butyric acid
butterweich {adj} :: butter-soft
butterweich {adj} :: gentle
buttrig {adj} :: alternative form of butterig
Butyl {n} :: butyl
Butylalkohol {m} [organic compound] :: butyl alcohol
Butylgruppe {f} [organic chemistry] :: butyl group
Butyllithium {n} [organic compound] :: butyllithium
Butzemann {m} :: bogeyman
butzen {v} [obsolete] :: Synonym or alternative form of putzen
Bux {f} :: alternative form of Buxe
Buxe {f} [regional, northern and central Germany, chiefly colloquial] :: trousers (UK); pants (US)
Buxtehude {prop} {n} :: A city in Germany in northern Lower Saxony
Buxtehude {prop} {n} [outside northernmost Germany] :: placeholder for a remote, distant, or boring place
BVG {initialism} :: Bundesversorgungsgesetz
BVG {initialism} :: Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft
BVG {initialism} :: Berufliche Vorsorge-Gesetz
Byte {n} [computing] :: A byte, small binary data unit
byzantinisch {adj} :: Byzantine (of or pertaining to Byzantium)
byzantinistisch {adj} :: Byzantine
Byzanz {prop} {n} :: Byzantium; Byzantine Empire
bzgl. {prep} :: abbreviation of bezüglich
bzw. {adv} :: or; also
bzw. {adv} :: or rather; more precisely; i.e.
bzw. {adv} :: andrespectively