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f. {adj} [grammar, chiefly following a headword] :: abbreviation of feminin
f. {adj} [of a page] :: abbreviation of folgend (singular) (“following”, “subsequent”); akin to the English f., et seq.. Compare ff.
f. {prep} :: abbreviation of für
F {letter} :: The sixth letter of the German alphabet
Fabel {f} :: fable
Fabeldichter {m} :: fabulist (writer of fables)
fabelhaft {adj} :: fabulous
Fabelwesen {n} :: mythical creature
Fabian {prop} {m} :: given name
Fabienne {prop} :: given name
Fabio {prop} :: given name
fabisch {adj} :: Fabian
Fabrik {f} :: plant (factory or industrial facility)
Fabrikant {m} :: The profession of a factory's owner: manufacturer
Fabrikarbeit {f} :: the concept of working in a factory
Fabrikat {n} :: make (brand)
Fabrikat {n} :: manufactured product
Fabrikation {f} :: the act or process of manufacturing something
Fabrikationsfehler {m} :: [production] defect
Fabrikmethode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: The abstract method of the factory method pattern
Fabrikmethode {f} [software, object-oriented] :: The factory method pattern itself
fabrikneu {adj} :: brand new
fabrizieren {v} :: to fabricate
fabulieren {v} :: To fabulate, tell stories
fabuliert {v} :: past participle of fabulieren
fabuliert {adj} :: invented
Facebook {prop} {n} :: Facebook
facebooken {vi} [colloquial] :: to Facebook
Facelift {n} {m} :: facelift (of cars or in medicine)
Facette {f} :: facet
facettenartig {adj} :: facet-like
facettenreich {adj} :: multifaceted
facettenreicher {adj} :: comparative of facettenreich
-fach {suffix} :: -fold
Fach {n} :: compartment
Fach {n} :: drawer
Fach {n} :: subject
Facharbeiter {m} :: craftsman
Facharzt {m} :: medical specialist (male or of unspecified sex)
Fachausdruck {m} :: technical term
Fachbegriff {m} :: technical term
Fachbereich {m} :: (specialist) field
Fachbereich {m} :: faculty
fachchinesisch {adj} [pejorative] :: not understandable (for technical terminology or words)
Fachchinesisch {n} [pejorative] :: technical terminology
fachen {v} [rare] :: to kindle, ignite
Fächer {m} :: fan
fächerartig {adj} :: fanlike, flabellate, flabelliform
fachgerecht {adj} :: professional, skilled, workmanlike
fachgerecht {adj} :: expert, specialist
Fachhochschule {f} :: Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences)
Fachidiot {m} [slang, pejorative] :: an expert in a certain field who is ignorant of other fields, or only looks at problems through the lens of their own field
Fachinformatiker {m} :: IT specialist, computer scientist (male or of unspecified sex)
Fachjargon {m} :: technical terminology
Fachkraft {f} :: expert; trained professional
Fachkrankenschwester {f} :: advanced practice nurse, specialised nurse
fachkundig {adj} :: expert
fachlich {adj} :: technical (having certain skills)
fachlich {adj} :: specialised
fachlich {adv} :: technically
Fachliteratur {f} :: nonfiction (factual literature)
Fachmann {m} :: expert, specialist, professional
fachmännisch {adj} :: expert; specialised
Fachmarkt {m} :: specialty retailer, a kind of supermarket but for non-food goods like furniture, electronics or toys
Fachschule {f} :: specialised school
Fachsprache {f} :: jargon, technical language, terminology
fachsprachlich {adj} :: technical
fachunkundig {adj} :: inexpert
Fachwelt {f} :: profession (totality of professionals and experts of a particular subject area)
Fachwerkhaus {n} :: half-timbered house; timber-framed house (traditional style of house common in German-speaking countries)
Fachwissen {n} :: know-how
Fachwort {n} :: technical term
Fachwortlexikon {n} :: technical encyclopaedia
Fackel {f} :: torch
fackeln {v} :: to hesitate
fad {adj} [predominant in southern Germany and Austria] :: vapid, flavourless
Fädchen {n} :: diminutive of Faden; a tiny string or thread
fade {adj} :: bland
fädeln {v} :: to thread
Faden {m} :: yarn, thread
Faden {m} :: fathom
Fadenkreuz {n} [weapon] :: crosshairs
Fadenlauf {m} :: grainline
fadennackend {adj} :: Completely naked (without a stitch of clothing)
fadennackt {adj} [archaic] :: completely naked, stark naked
fadenscheinig {adj} :: threadbare
fadenscheinig {adj} :: specious
Fadenwurm {m} :: roundworm
fader {adj} :: comparative of fade
fadesten {adj} :: superlative of fade
Faggen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fagott {n} :: bassoon
Fagottist {m} :: bassoonist
fahen {v} [dated] :: catch
fähig {adj} [with zu] :: capable (having the general capability to)
fähig {adj} [with zu] :: able (currently in the position to; most often mentally)
fähig {adj} :: qualified; skilled; skilful
Fähigkeit {f} :: ability, capability
fahl {adj} [of light] :: pale; faint
fahl {adj} [of skin] :: sallow; pale (discoloured due to sickness, shock, etc.)
fahl {adj} [of animal hair, chiefly horses] :: pale; dun-coloured
fahl {adj} [obsolete, of human hair] :: fair; blond
fahlblau {adj} :: pale blue
Fahlflanken-Ameisenwürger {m} :: Chapman’s antshrike
Fähnchen {n} :: diminutive of Fahne
Fähnchen {n} [music] :: flag
fahnden {v} [law enforcement] :: to search
Fahnder {m} :: agent noun of fahnden
Fahnder {m} [law enforcement] :: investigator
Fahndung {f} [law enforcement] :: search
Fahndungsliste {f} :: wanted list
Fahne {f} :: a flag; a banner (any cloth or fabric used as a symbol)
Fahne {f} :: an idea, an ideal
Fahne {f} :: the noticeable smell of alcohol on one's breath
Fahnenflucht {f} [military, law] :: desertion (absence with the intention of leaving permanently)
fahnenflüchtig {adj} :: in the state of being a deserter
Fahnenflüchtige {m} :: deserter
Fahnenflüchtiger {m} [military] :: deserter
Fahnenmast {m} :: flagpole, flagstaff (a tall pole up which one or more flags may be raised and flown)
Fahnenstange {f} :: flagpole, flagstaff
Fahnenträger {m} :: flag-bearer
Fähnlein {n} :: diminutive of Fahne
Fähnlein {n} :: a small flag or banner
Fähnlein {n} :: a military unit of company or batallion size
Fähnrich {m} [historical] :: the soldier wearing the flag
Fähnrich {m} :: ensign (military rank)
Fahrbahn {f} :: lane (of traffic in a road)
Fahrbahn {f} :: roadway, carriageway
Fahrbahn {f} :: runway
fahrbereit {adj} :: ready to drive or take off
fahrdynamisch {adj} :: (of a vehicle) dynamic
Fähre {f} :: ferry
fahren {vi} [of a person] :: to go (by vehicle); to sail; to travel
fahren {vi} [of a person] :: to leave (by vehicle)
fahren {vi} [of a vehicle] :: to go; to run; to drive; to sail
fahren {vi} [of a vehicle] :: to leave; to depart
fahren {vti} :: to drive; to ride; to sail (a vehicle)
fahren {vt} :: to take (someone somewhere by vehicle); to drive; to transport
fahrend {adj} :: nomadic; roaming
Fahrer {m} :: agent noun of fahren; driver (person)
Fahrerin {f} :: female driver (woman who drives some vehicle)
Fahrgast {m} :: passenger
Fahrgestell {n} [automotive] :: chassis
fahrig {adj} :: inattentive and erratic
Fahrkarte {f} :: ticket
Fahrkartenentwerter {m} [travel] :: synonym of Fahrscheinentwerter
fahrlässig {adj} :: negligent, careless
Fahrlässigkeit {f} :: negligence
Fährmann {m} :: ferryman
Fahrplan {m} :: timetable (for transport)
Fahrpreis {m} :: fare (price of a journey)
Fahrrad {n} :: bicycle
Fahrradfahren {n} :: cycling
Fahrradfahrer {m} [cycling] :: cyclist
Fahrradfahrerin {f} [cycling] :: female cyclist
fahrradfreundlich {adj} :: bike-friendly
fahrradfreundlichsten {adj} :: superlative of fahrradfreundlich
Fahrradindustrie {f} :: bicycle industry
Fahrradständer {m} :: bicycle stand, bike rack
Fahrradtasche {f} :: pannier
Fahrradweg {m} :: cycleway
Fahrradweg {m} :: cycle track, cycle path
Fahrschein {m} :: ticket (pass for transportation)
Fahrscheinautomat {m} [travel] :: ticket printer, ticket vending machine
Fahrscheinentwerter {m} [travel] :: ticket stamping machine
Fahrschule {f} :: driving school
Fahrsteig {m} :: moving walkway
Fahrstuhl {m} :: elevator, lift
Fahrstuhl {m} :: (short for Krankenfahrstuhl) wheelchair
Fahrstuhlmusik {f} :: elevator music
Fahrt {f} :: ride
Fahrt {f} :: journey
Fahrt aufnehmen {v} :: to accelerate, pick up speed (get faster)
Fahrt aufnehmen {v} [figuative] :: to pick up, gain traction, gain momentum (improve, increase faster)
fahrtauglich {adj} :: (of a person) able or fit to drive
Fährte {f} :: trail; track
fahrtüchtig {adj} [of a person] :: fit to drive
fahrtüchtig {adj} [of a vehicle] :: roadworthy
Fahrtüchtigkeit {f} [of a person] :: fitness to drive
Fahrtüchtigkeit {f} [of a vehicle] :: roadworthiness
Fährturm {m} [architecture] :: ferry tower
Fahrtwind {m} :: A gentle headwind due to forward motion
fahruntauglich {adj} :: unable or unfit to drive
fahruntüchtig {adj} [of a person] :: unfit to drive
fahruntüchtig {adj} [of a vehicle] :: unroadworthy
Fahruntüchtigkeit {f} [of a person] :: unfitness to drive
Fahruntüchtigkeit {f} [of a vehicle] :: unroadworthiness
Fahrvergnügen {n} :: Driving pleasure
Fahrwerk {n} [automotive] :: running gear
Fahrwerk {n} [aviation] :: landing gear
Fahrwind {m} :: alternative form of Fahrtwind
Fahrzeug {n} [general] :: vehicle
Fahrzeug {n} [narrower] :: motor vehicle, car
Fahrzeugbau {m} :: vehicle construction / manufacture
Fahrzeughersteller {m} :: vehicle manufacturer
Fahrzeugkatalysator {m} :: catalytic converter (in a vehicle's exhaust system)
Fahrzeugpapiere {np} :: car documents
Fahrzeugtechnik {f} :: vehicle technology
Faible {n} :: soft spot; weakness; craze [for something or someone]
fair {adj} [especially, sports] :: fair (just, honest, equitable, adequate)
Fake {n} :: fake, rip-off (inferior copy)
Fake {n} :: fake (fraudulous presentation, such as a staged video)
Fakenews {noun} :: synonym of Fake News
Fake News {noun} :: fake news
Fake-News {noun} :: synonym of Fake News
Fakir {m} :: fakir, faqir
Fakt {m} {n} :: fact
faktisch {adj} :: factual
Faktor {m} :: factor (integral part)
Faktor {m} :: (mathematics) factor
Faktum {n} :: fact (something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation)
Fakultät {f} [mathematics] :: factorial
Fakultät {f} [university] :: faculty
fakultativ {adj} :: optional, facultative
falb {adj} :: alternative form of fahl
falb {adj} [archaic] :: alternative form of fahl
Falbe {m} :: claybank (pale or dun-coloured horse; male or of unspecified sex)
Falbe {f} :: claybank (of female sex)
Falbel {f} :: furbelow
Falbkatze {f} :: African wildcat, desert cat (Felis silvestris lybica), a subspecies of the wildcat (Felis silvestris)
Falchion {noun} :: falchion
Falk {prop} {m} :: given name
Falk {prop} {m} :: surname
Falke {m} [birds] :: falcon
Falke {m} [politics] :: hawk, hard-liner
Falkenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Falkenstein {prop} {n} :: A town in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Falkenstein {prop} {n} :: A in Saxony, Germany
Falkenstein {prop} {n} :: A in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Falklandinseln {prop} {p} :: Falkland Islands
Falklandkrieg {prop} :: Falklands War
Fall {m} :: case (actual event, situation, or fact; piece of work; instance or event as a topic of study; legal proceeding; grammar: specific inflection of a word; medicine: instance of a specific condition or set of symptoms)
Fall {m} :: fall, drop
Fall {m} :: fall, decline
Fallbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Fallbeil {n} :: guillotine [machine used for execution]
Falle {f} :: trap
Falle {f} [colloquial, regional] :: bed
fallen {vi} :: to fall; to drop
fallen {vi} [military] :: to die; to fall in battle; to die in battle; to be killed in action
fallen {vi} :: to fall, to collapse, to be overthrown
fallen {vi} :: to become lower, to decrease, to decline
fallen {vr} :: (with zurück) To be allotted to; to be able to change one's fate
fällen {v} [a tree] :: to cut down, to fell
fällen {v} [chemistry] :: to precipitate
fällen {v} [a decision] :: to make
fällen {v} [a judgement or sentence] :: to pass
fallen lassen {v} :: to drop (to allow to fall from one's grasp)
Fallenstellen {n} :: trapping
Fallgatter {n} :: portcullis
fallibel {adj} :: fallible
fällig {adj} :: due (payable or supposed to occur at the current time)
Fälligkeit {f} :: due date; deadline
Fall Line {f} [geomorphology] :: fall line
Fallobst {n} [fruit] :: windfall
Fallout {m} :: radioactive fallout (radioactive particles that fall to the ground)
Fallreep {n} [nautical] :: a ladder, originally a rope ladder, used to climb on board of a ship
Fallrohr {n} :: downspout, downpipe
Fallrückzieher {m} [soccer] :: bicycle kick
falls {conj} [conditional, somewhat, formal] :: if, in the event that
falls {conj} [chiefly colloquial] :: in case, in order to be prepared if
Fallschirm {m} :: parachute
Fallschirmjäger {m} :: paratrooper
Fallschirmspringer {m} :: parachutist
Fallschirmspringer {m} :: skydiver
Fallschirmspringerin {f} :: female parachutist
Fallschirmspringerin {f} :: female skydiver
Fallstrick {m} [figuratively] :: pitfall
fallsüchtig {adj} :: epileptic
Falltür {f} :: trapdoor
Fallturm {m} :: drop tower
Falltürspinne {f} :: trapdoor spider
Fällung {f} [chemistry] :: precipitation
Fällung {f} :: felling (of trees)
Fällungsreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: precipitation reaction
fallweise {adv} :: on a case-by-case basis, from case to case
fallweise {adv} :: occasionally
fallweise {adj} :: case-by-case
falsch {adj} :: false, unfactual, untrue
falsch {adj} :: wrong (incorrect)
falsch {adj} :: wrong (disadvantageous)
falsch {adj} [chiefly predicative] :: wrong (immoral)
falsch {adj} :: fake, forged
falsch {adj} :: untruthful, perfidious
fälschen {v} :: to counterfeit, to forge
Fälscher {m} :: faker; falsifier
Falschheit {f} :: falsehood
Falschheit {f} :: deceit
fälschlich {adj} :: wrong, untrue, erroneous
fälschlicherweise {adv} :: wrongly, erroneously
falsch positiv {adj} :: (being or including a) false positive
Falschschreibung {f} :: misspelling
Falschspieler {m} :: cheat (male or of unspecified sex)
fälscht {v} :: past participle of fälschen
Fälschung {f} :: counterfeit, forgery
fälschungssicher {adj} :: unforgeable
Falsett {n} :: falsetto ("false" (singing) voice in any human)
falsifiziert {adj} :: falsified
-falt {suffix} :: -ness
faltbar {adj} :: foldable
Faltblatt {n} :: leaflet (small piece of paper with information)
Falte {f} :: fold
Falte {f} :: wrinkle
falten {v} :: to fold
faltenfrei {adj} :: unwrinkled
Falter {m} :: butterfly
Falterfisch {m} :: butterflyfish
faltig {adj} :: wrinkly (having wrinkles)
faltsch {adj} :: alternative form of falsch
Falz {m} :: fold
Falz {m} :: rabbet, rebate
Falz {m} :: seam
Falz {m} :: hinge
falzen {v} :: to fold
familiär {adj} :: familial
Familie {f} :: family
Familienbande {p} :: family ties
familienfreundlich {adj} :: family-friendly
Familienmitglied {n} :: a family member
Familienname {m} :: surname, family name, last name
Familienplanung {f} :: family planning
Familienstand {m} :: marital status
Familienstatus {m} [sociology] :: family status (one’s position within the family, e.g. adult child living outside of the parental home, etc.)
Familienstatus {m} [sociology] :: marital status (the fact of one’s being unmarried, married, divorced, or widowed); outside of official use sometimes including information about children, unmarried life partners, etc
famos {adj} :: excellent
Fan {m} :: fan, devotee
Fanal {n} :: fire signal, beacon light
Fanal {n} [figuratively] :: signal, beacon
Fanatiker {m} :: fanatic (male or of unspecified sex)
fanatisch {adj} :: fanatic, fanatical
fanatischer {adj} :: comparative of fanatisch
fanatisieren {v} :: to fanaticize
Fanatismus {m} :: fanaticism
fancy {adj} [colloquial, fashion] :: fancy
Fanfare {f} [flourish of trumpets or horns] :: fanfare
Fang {m} :: catch, capture
Fang {m} :: booty, prey
Fang {m} :: haul, draught
Fang {m} :: fang, talon, claw, tusk
Fang {m} [hunting] :: coup de grâce
Fang {m} :: hunting, fishing (fish, whales)
fangen {vt} :: to catch (grab something flying in the air)
fangen {vt} :: to catch; to capture (to take hold of a person or an animal)
fangen {vr} :: to improve in health; do well again; to do better
fangen {vr} :: to calm down; to compose oneself
fangen {vt} [colloquial, with reflexive dative] :: to catch (a disease; something unpleasant)
fangen {v} [colloquial, with eine and reflexive dative] :: to be slapped
Fänger {m} :: agent noun of fangen
Fänger {m} :: catcher, fielder
Fänger {m} :: captor
Fangfrage {f} :: trick question
fangfrisch {adj} :: freshly-caught (typically of fish)
fängig {adj} :: catchy (able to catch (fish))
Fangzahn {m} :: fang (long animal tooth used for tearing flesh)
Fanmeile {f} :: a area specially designated for football (soccer) fans, especially of a specified team
Fanny {prop} :: given name borrowed from English
Fant {m} :: an inexperienced person acting as experienced
Fant {m} :: a dandy, an irrelevant person of pompous and vain apparence
Fantasie {f} :: imagination
Fantasie {f} :: fantasy
Fantasie {f} [music] :: fantasia
Fantast {m} :: fantasist, dreamer
fantastisch {adj} :: fantastic
FAO {abbr} :: Fachanwaltsordnung
Farad {n} :: farad
Faraday-Konstante {f} :: Faraday constant
Farbänderung {f} :: colour change
Farbband {n} :: ink ribbon
Farbbeutel {m} :: paint bomb
Farbbild {n} :: color photo, colour photograph
Farb-Bild-Austast-Synchronsignal {n} [electronics, consumer] :: CVBS
Farbe {f} :: color; colour
Farbe {f} :: paint
Farbe {f} :: dye, colourant for hair
Farbe {f} :: suit (playing cards)
Farbe {f} [heraldry] :: tincture
Farbe bekennen {v} [card games] :: to follow suit
Farbe bekennen {v} [idiomatic] :: to show one's true colors, declare oneself
Farbe bekennen {v} [idiomatic] :: to nail one's colours to the mast, declare oneself
Farbe bekennen {v} [idiomatic] :: to come clean
farbecht {adj} :: colourfast
Färbemittel {n} :: dye (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied)
-farben {suffix} :: -coloured
färben {v} :: to color
färben {v} :: to dye
Färben {n} :: dyeing
farbenblind {adj} :: colorblind
Farbenblindheit {f} :: color blindness
farbenfroh {adj} :: colourful
Farbenindustrie {f} :: paint industry
Farbenindustrie {f} :: dyeworks
Farbenlehre {f} :: color theory, theory of colors
Farbenpracht {f} :: colorfulness
farbenreich {adj} :: colourful (richly coloured)
Farbenspiel {n} :: play of colors
Färberdistel {f} :: safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)
Farbfernsehen {n} :: color television (television in color)
Farbfernseher {m} :: color TV (television set that displays images in color)
Farbgebung {f} :: colouring
Farbgebung {f} :: colouration
Farbgebung {f} :: colour scheme, colourway
farbig {adj} :: colored / coloured
farbig {adj} :: chromatic
farbiger {adj} :: comparative of farbig
Farbintensität {f} :: colour intensity
Farblack {m} :: colour varnish
farblich {adj} :: colour (attributive); tonal
farblos {adj} :: colorless / colourless, pallid
farblos {adj} :: lacklustre
Farbmetrik {f} :: colorimetry
Färbmittel {n} :: dye (a colourant, especially one that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is applied)
Farbpalette {f} :: palette
Farbpigment {n} :: pigment
Farbraum {m} :: color space
Farbreaktion {f} [chemistry] :: colour reaction
Farbspektrum {n} :: colour spectrum (range of colours)
Farbstabilisator {m} [chemistry] :: colour retention agent (compound added to a food product)
Farbstift {m} :: colored pencil
Farbstiftkasten {m} :: color pencil box (made of wood or metal)
Farbstoff {m} :: dye, pigment
Farbton {m} :: shade (variety of color)
Farbtube {f} [art] :: tube of paint
Färbung {f} :: tinge, hue
Färbung {f} :: colouration, colouring
Farbwechsel {m} :: colour change
Farce {f} :: farce
färingisch {adj} :: Faroese
Farm {m} :: a small boat; barque
Farm {f} :: farm (usually with reference to farms abroad)
Farmer {m} :: farmer (male or of unspecified sex) [especially in reference to English-speaking countries]
Farmersalat {m} :: A dish of sliced vegetables with mayonnaise, yogurt, or similar
Farn {m} :: fern
Farnkraut {n} :: fern
Faro {prop} :: Faro
Färöer {prop} {p} :: Faroe Islands
Färöer {m} :: Faroish, Faroese, Faroe Islander
färöisch {adj} :: Faroese (pertaing to the Faroese language, people or Faroe Islands)
Färöisch {prop} {n} :: Faroese (language)
Farre {m} :: A young bull
Färse {f} :: heifer
Fasan {m} :: pheasant [Phasianus colchicus]
faschieren {v} [Austria] :: to mince meat
Faschiertes {n} [Austria] :: minced meat
Fasching {m} :: The week before Mardi Gras, carnival
Faschismus {m} :: fascism
Faschist {m} :: fascist (person)
Faschistin {f} :: a female fascist
faschistisch {adj} :: fascistic
faschistoid {adj} :: fascistoid
Fascho {m} [slang] :: a fascist
Fase {f} :: chamfer (an angled relief or cut at an edge)
Fasel {m} :: a young and sexually mature bull or cow
faselnackend {adj} [archaic] :: completely naked, stark naked
faselnackt {adj} [archaic] :: completely naked, stark naked
fasen {v} :: to chamfer
fasennackend {adj} [archaic] :: alternative form of fasernackt
fasennackt {adj} [archaic] :: completely naked, stark naked
Faser {f} :: fibre
faserig {adj} :: fibrous
faserig {adj} :: filamentous
faserig {adj} :: fuzzy
Fasermatte {f} :: batting
fasernackt {adj} :: completely naked, stark naked
Fass {n} :: barrel, keg
Faß {n} :: alternative spelling of Fass
Fassade {f} :: facade
fassbar {adj} :: tangible
fassbar {adj} :: comprehensible, understandable
Fassbombe {f} :: barrel bomb
Fässchen {n} :: diminutive of Fass: small barrel, keg
Fäßchen {n} :: alternative spelling of Fässchen
fassen {v} :: to gird, to surround, to confine into a form
fassen {v} :: to grasp, to catch
fassen {v} :: to seize, to capture
fassen {vr} :: to compose oneself (to calm, to free from agitation)
Fassette {f} :: alternative spelling of Facette
fassettenreich {adj} :: alternative spelling of facettenreich
fasslich {adj} :: comprehensible, understandable
Fasson {f} [dated] :: way of living, manner, shape
Fasson {n} [dated] :: revers, lapel
Fassung {f} :: a device which holds something else, e.g. a socket for a lightbulb, the setting of a jewel etc
Fassung {f} :: version
Fassung {f} :: composure, self-control
fassungslos {adj} :: stunned
fassungslos {adv} :: in bewilderment
fast {adv} :: almost; nearly
fast {adv} [in a negative clause] :: hardly
fasten {v} :: to fast
Fasten {n} :: fasting
Fastenzeit {f} [religion] :: fasting period
Fastenzeit {f} [Christianity] :: Lent
Fastfood {n} :: fast food
fastidiös {adj} :: fastidious
Fastnacht {f} :: carnival
faszial {adj} [anatomy] :: facial (relating to a facia)
Faszikel {m} [archival studies] :: bundle of papers, fascicle
Faszikel {m} :: manuscript papers
Faszikel {m} :: galley proofs
Faszikel {m} :: supplementary file
Faszikel {m} :: unbound book fragments
Faszikel {m} :: a part of series, an installment, fascicle
Faszikel {m} [medicine] :: small bundles of muscle or nerve fiber, fascicle
Faszikel {m} [botany] :: a bound collection of dried plants or leaves
Faszination {f} :: fascination
faszinieren {v} :: to fascinate
faszinierend {adj} :: fascinating
faszinierender {adj} :: comparative of faszinierend
faszinierendsten {adj} :: superlative of faszinierend
fatal {adj} :: fatal
Fatalismus {m} :: fatalism
fatalistisch {adj} :: fatalistic
Fatwa {f} {n} [Islam] :: fatwa (scholar's written response to a religious question)
fauchen {v} [animal sound] :: to hiss, to spit
faul {adj} :: rotten
faul {adj} :: lazy
Fäule {f} :: rot
faulen {v} :: to rot (become decomposed by microorganisms)
faulenzen {v} :: to laze
Faulenzer {m} :: idler; loafer; layabout
Faulheit {f} :: laziness
faulig {adj} :: foul (as in 'foul smell'), rotten, covered with mould
Fäulnis {f} :: rot
Fäulnis {f} [dentistry] :: decay
Fäulnis {f} [figurative] :: decadence
Faulpelz {m} :: lazybones
Faultier {n} :: sloth
Faun {m} :: faun (mythological creature)
Fauna {f} :: fauna
Faust {f} :: fist
Faustfeuerwaffe {f} :: A gun that is fit to be wielded by at least one hand; a handgun
Fausthandschuh {m} :: mitten
faustisch {adj} :: Faustian
Fäustling {m} :: mitten
Faustregel {f} :: rule of thumb
Faustschlag {m} :: punch
Fauteuil {m} :: armchair
Fauxpas {m} :: faux pas
favorisieren {v} :: to favor
Favorit {m} :: favourite (person who enjoys special regard or favor; person who is preferred or trusted above all others)
Favorit {m} [sports] :: favourite
Fax {n} :: fax (machine)
Fayalit {m} [mineral] :: fayalite
Fäzes {p} [medicine] :: faeces
fazial {adj} :: facial
Fazit {n} :: upshot, conclusion
Fazit {n} :: result
FBH {noun} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of Fußbodenheizung
FCKW {initialism} :: CFC (Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoff)
FDP {initialism} :: Freie Demokratische Partei
Feber {m} [Austria, dated] :: synonym of Februar
febril {adj} :: febrile
Februar {m} :: February
fechten {vi} :: to fence
fechten {vi} [poetic] :: to fight
fechten {vi} [cant] :: to beg
Fechten {n} :: fencing
Fechter {m} :: fencer
Fechterin {f} :: female fencer
Feder {f} :: feather
Feder {f} :: a spring of a machine or gadget
Feder {f} :: a pen, used as a writing tool in ancient times
Federball {m} :: the game of badminton
Federball {m} :: badminton ball; shuttlecock
Federballspiel {n} :: badminton
Federballspiel {n} :: badminton game
Federballspieler {m} :: badminton player (male or of unspecified sex)
Federbett {n} :: eiderdown
Federchen {n} :: diminutive of Feder
federführend {adj} :: leading, in charge
Federhalter {m} :: penholder, pen
federleicht {adj} :: feather-light
Federspitz {m} :: nib
Federweiss {n} :: alternative spelling of Federweiß
Federweiß {n} [mineralogy] :: French chalk (type of steatite, used to mark cloth and as a lubricant in shoes, gloves etc.)
Federweiß {n} [mineralogy] :: halotrichite (feather alum)
Federweisser {noun} :: alternative spelling of Federweißer
Federweißer {m} [oenology] :: Federweisser, must made from white grapes that has begun to ferment but that has not yet turned into wine
Federwerk {n} :: clockwork
Federzeichnung {f} :: pen and ink drawing
Fee {f} :: fairy
Feedback {n} :: feedback
Fegefeuer {n} :: purgatory
fegen {v} :: to sweep, to polish
Feh {n} [heraldry] :: vair
Feh {n} :: miniver
Fehde {f} :: feud
fehl- {prefix} :: A verb prefix; equivalent to mis-(?)
fehl- {prefix} :: A noun prefix
Fehl {m} [obsolete except in idioms] :: fault; flaw; failure
Fehl {m} [card games] :: a card that is not trump
Fehlalarm {m} :: false alarm (trigger of an unfounded response)
fehlbar {adj} :: fallible
fehlbesetzen {v} [acting] :: to miscast
fehlbesetzen {v} [position or job] :: to misassign
Fehlbesetzung {f} [acting] :: miscast
Fehlbesetzung {f} [position or job] :: misassignment
Fehlbetrag {m} :: shortfall, deficit, minus amount, missing sum
Fehldeutung {f} :: misinterpretation
Fehldiagnose {f} :: misdiagnosis
fehlen {v} :: to lack
fehlen {v} :: to be absent
fehlen {v} [dated] :: to fail
Fehlen {n} :: absence, dearth; absenteeism
Fehlen {n} :: default
fehlend {adj} :: missing
Fehler {m} :: fault, error, mistake
Fehlercode {m} :: (computing) error code
fehlerfrei {adj} :: flawless
fehlerhaft {adj} :: faulty
fehlerlos {adj} :: flawless
Fehlernährung {f} :: malnutrition, malnourishment
Fehlertoleranz {f} [system engineering] :: fault tolerance
Fehlfunktion {f} :: malfunction, dysfunction
Fehlgeburt {f} :: miscarriage (of a baby)
fehlgeschlagen {v} :: past participle of fehlschlagen
fehlgeschlagen {adj} :: failed, aborted
Fehlgriff {m} :: mistake; something done badly; decision that proved wrong
Fehlinterpretation {f} :: misinterpretation
fehlleiten {v} :: to misdirect, to misguide
Fehlschlag {m} :: failure, miss
fehlschlagen {vi} :: to fail
fehlschlagen {vi} [computing] :: to abort
Fehlschluss {m} :: fallacy (false argument)
fehlsichtig {adj} :: Having poor eyesight
Fehlstart {m} [sports] :: false start (starting before the signal)
Fehlstart {m} :: by extension: a failure at the beginning of something
Fehlstelle {f} :: vacancy, gap
Fehlstelle {f} :: imperfection, defect, blemish
Fehltritt {m} :: misstep
Fehlurteil {n} :: misjudgment
Fehlurteil {n} [law] :: miscarriage of justice
Fehlverhalten {n} :: misconduct, wrongdoing
Fehring {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
feien {vt} [elevated] :: to protect, to shield
Feier {f} :: celebration
Feier {f} :: party
Feier {f} :: ceremony
Feier {f} :: service
Feier {f} :: observance
Feierabend {m} [obsolete] :: The evening before a holiday, eve
Feierabend {m} :: Quitting time, hometime; the workday's end and the evening following it, used for relaxation or leisure
Feierbiest {n} [colloquial] :: party animal
feierlich {adj} :: solemn, ceremonious
feierlicher {adj} :: comparative of feierlich
Feierlichkeit {f} :: solemnity
feierlichsten {adj} :: superlative of feierlich
feiern {vti} :: to celebrate; to party; applicable from the most solemn to the most revelrous forms
feiern {vt} [colloquial, youth slang] :: to love; to adore
Feiertag {m} :: holiday (day on which a festival, etc, is traditionally observed)
feig {adj} [colloquial, poetic] :: alternative form of feige
feige {adj} :: cowardly, yellow
feige {adv} :: cowardly
Feige {f} :: A fig
Feige {f} [vulgar] :: vulva
Feige {mf} {n} :: nominalization of feige
Feigenbaum {m} :: fig (tree or shrub)
Feigenkaktus {m} :: Opuntia ficus-indica (Indian fig opuntia), a species of cactus
Feigheit {f} :: cowardice
Feigling {m} :: coward
feil {adj} :: vendible, for sale (often used in constructions such as feil halten, feil stehen)
feilbieten {vt} :: to offer for sale
Feile {f} :: file (tool)
feilen {v} [to smooth with a file] :: to file
feilgeboten {v} :: past participle of feilbieten
feilschen {v} :: to haggle
Feim {m} :: A heap of layered grain
fein {adj} :: fine
Feinchemikalie {f} [chiefly in the plural] :: fine chemical(s)
feind {adj} :: enemy (attributive); hostile
Feind {m} :: enemy
Feindbild {n} :: foe image
Feindin {f} :: female enemy
feindlich {adj} :: enemy (adjective), inimical, hostile, adverse, adversarial
feindlicher {adj} :: comparative of feindlich
feindlichsten {adj} :: superlative of feindlich
Feindschaft {f} :: enmity, hostility
feindselig {adj} :: hostile, unfriendly
feiner {adj} :: comparative of fein
feinfühlend {adj} :: sensitive, delicate
feinfühlend {adj} :: empathetic, tactful
feinfühlig {adj} :: sensitive
Feingehalt {m} :: fineness (of a precious metal)
Feingehaltstempel {m} :: hallmark
Feingehaltzahl {f} :: fineness (number)
feingemahlen {adj} :: finely-ground
fein geschliffen {adj} :: honed
feingeschliffen {adj} :: alternative form of fein geschliffen
fein geschliffener {adj} :: comparative of fein geschliffen
feingeschliffener {adj} :: comparative of feingeschliffen
fein geschliffensten {adj} :: superlative of fein geschliffen
feingeschliffensten {adj} :: superlative of feingeschliffen
feingliedrig {adj} :: delicate
Feinguss {m} :: investment casting
Feinheit {f} :: finesse
Feinheit {f} :: delicacy
feinherb {adj} :: (of wine) Slightly dry
Feinkornbaustahl {m} :: fine-grained structural steel
feinkörnig {adj} :: finely ground
feinkörnig {adj} :: close-grained, fine-grained
Feinkost {f} :: delicatessen [top-quality food]
feinmaschig {adj} :: narrow-meshed, tightly-woven
feinporig {adj} :: finely-pored
Feinpulver {n} :: fine powder
feinpulvrig {adj} :: finely-powdered
Feinschmecker {m} :: gourmet
Feinschmeckerlokal {n} :: gourmet restaurant
Feinsilber {n} :: fine silver (>= 99.9% pure)
Feinstaub {m} :: particulate matter
Feinste {f} :: (the) finest
feinsten {adj} :: superlative of fein
feinstgemahlen {adj} :: finely-ground
Feinstruktur {f} :: fine structure
Feinstrukturkonstante {f} :: fine-structure constant
feinstverteilt {adj} :: finely-divided
Feinunze {f} :: troy ounce
Feinunze {f} :: fine ounce (of gold)
feinverteilt {adj} :: finely / thinly dispersed / distributed
feist {adj} [pejorative] :: fat
Feistritztal {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Feitel {m} [Austria] :: pocket knife
feixen {v} [colloquial] :: to smirk
fekund {adj} :: fecund, fertile
Feld {n} :: field
Feld {n} [heraldry] :: field, background
Feld {n} [informatics] :: array
Feld {n} [chess] :: square
Feldbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Feldbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Alsace
Feldberg {prop} :: Any of several mountains in Germany
Feldberg {prop} :: surname
Feldbett {n} :: camp bed
Feldflasche {f} :: water flask
Feldforschung {f} [in scientific reserach] :: field work
Feldherr {m} :: commander-in-chief, the highest ranking general/commander of an army in war
Feldkirch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Feldkirch {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Alsace
Feldlinie {f} [physics] :: line of force (field line)
Feldmarschall {m} :: field marshal (military officer of the highest rank)
Feldmaus {f} :: field mouse
Feldmesser {m} :: land surveyor
Feldsalat {m} :: corn salad, Valerianella locusta or any member of the Valerianella genus
Feldscher {m} :: alternative form of Feldscherer
Feldscherer {m} :: barber surgeon, field surgeon, army surgeon
Feldspat {m} [mineral] :: feldspar
Feldspaten {m} :: entrenching tool
Feldspath {m} :: obsolete spelling of Feldspat
Feldspinne {f} :: liocranid sac spider
Feldstein {m} :: fieldstone
Feldthurns {prop} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Feldversuch {m} :: field trial, test run
Feld-, Wald- und Wiesen- {prefix} :: alternative spelling of Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen-
Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen- {prefix} [colloquial, idiomatic] :: common-or-garden; everyday, ordinary
Feldwebel {m} :: sergeant (noncommissioned officer)
Feldweg {m} :: dirt road
Feldzug {m} [military] :: campaign
Felge {f} :: felly, rim
Felgenband {n} :: rim tape
Felgenbremse {f} :: rim brake
Felicia {prop} :: given name, alternative spelling of Felizia
Felicitas {prop} :: given name
Felix {prop} :: given name
Felixdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Felizia {prop} :: given name, cognate to the English Felicia
Felizitas {prop} :: given name, variant of Felicitas
Fell {n} :: fur, pelt (hairy skin of an animal)
Fell {n} :: hide (the detached, tanned skin of an animal)
Fellache {m} :: fellah
Fellachin {f} :: A female fellah
Fellatio {f} :: fellatio
Fellhandschuh {m} :: fur glove
Fels {m} :: rock
Felsboden {m} :: rocky ground
Felsen {m} :: rock
Felsenbirne {f} :: serviceberry (plant)
Felsenbirne {f} :: serviceberry (fruit)
felsenfest {adj} :: adamant
Felsenpfeifer {m} :: rock pipit
Felsenpinguin {m} :: rockhopper penguin
Felsentaube {f} [preferred term] :: rock pigeon, rock dove
Felsnadel {f} :: [tall, sharp and craggy rock or mountain] pinnacle
Felsvorsprung {m} :: ledge on a rock wall
Felswand {f} :: cliff
fem. {adj} :: abbreviation of feminin
Feme {f} [history] :: a Vehmic/Vehm court (for details, see Wikipedia) (a medieval "proto-vigilante" juridical institution)
Feme {f} [literary, by comparison] :: secret gremium that orders the assassination of (usually political) enemies
feminin {adj} :: feminine, womanly
feminin {adj} [grammar] :: feminine, of or pertaining to the feminine gender
Femininum {n} [grammar, no plural] :: feminine, feminine gender
Femininum {n} [grammar] :: feminine, a word (like a substantive, pronoun) with feminine gender
Feminismus {m} :: feminism
Feminist {m} :: feminist (male or of unspecified sex)
Feministin {f} :: feminist (female)
feministisch {adj} :: feminist
Femtosekunde {m} :: femtosecond
Femur {m} {n} :: femur
Fenchel {m} :: fennel
Fendels {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fenn {n} [regional, northern and western Germany] :: mire, bog, fen
Fennek {m} :: fennec, fennec fox, (Vulpes zerda, was Fennecus zerda)
Fennich {m} [biology] :: a particular sort of panic or millet
fennoskandisch {adj} :: Fennoscandian
Fenrir {prop} {m} :: Fenrir
Fenriswolf {m} [Norse mythology] :: Fenrir
Fenster {n} :: window
Fensterbank {f} [architecture] :: windowsill
Fensterbrett {n} :: windowsill
Fensterglas {n} :: window glass
Fensterladen {m} :: window shutter
Fensterladenhalter {m} :: shutter dog (window hardware)
fensterln {v} [southern Germany, Austrian, Switzerland] :: to visit a girl who is the object of one's affections at night, either by coming to her window or by climbing through it into her room
fensterlos {adj} :: windowless
Fensterrahmen {m} :: window frame
Fensterscheibe {f} :: window pane
Ferchromid {m} :: ferchromide
Ferdinand {prop} :: given name, cognate to Ferdinand
ferial {adj} [Austria, dated] :: ferial (pertaining to a holiday)
Ferien {noun} :: vacation, holiday
Ferien {noun} :: school break
Ferienort {m} :: resort, holiday resort
Ferkel {n} :: piglet; a young/immature pig
Ferlach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Fermate {f} [music] :: fermata
fermentativ {adj} :: fermentative, enzymatic
Fermion {n} [physics] :: fermion
Fermionen-Kondensat {n} :: fermionic condensate
fermionisch {adj} [physics] :: fermionic
Fermium {n} :: fermium
fern {adj} :: remote
fern {adj} :: far away
fernab {adv} :: far away
fernab {prep} :: far away from
Fernbedienung {f} :: remote control
Fernbeziehung {f} :: long-distance relationship
fernbleiben {v} :: to stay away
Ferne {f} :: distance
Ferne {f} [in the plural] :: distant lands
Ferne {f} :: future, past
ferner {adv} :: furthermore, in addition
Ferner {m} [Austria] :: glacier
ferngehalten {v} :: past participle of fernhalten
Fernglas {n} :: small, hand-held telescope (including binoculars and monoculars)
ferngucken {v} [regional] :: to watch television
fernhalten {v} :: to keep away, to keep off
fernliegen {v} :: to be remote
fernliegen {v} :: to not be one's intention
fernmündlich {adj} [dated] :: telephonic, by telephone
Fernrohr {n} :: telescope
Fernsehapparat {m} :: synonym of Fernseher (television set)
Fernsehbild {n} :: TV picture / image
Fernsehbildröhre {f} :: TV picture tube (cathode ray tube in a TV)
fernsehen {v} :: to watch television
Fernsehen {n} :: television
Fernseher {m} :: a television set
Fernseher {m} :: a television viewer (person)
Fernsehgerät {n} :: television receiver, television set, TV set
Fernsehprediger {m} :: televangelist
Fernsehröhre {f} :: television tube
Fernsehschirm {m} :: television screen, TV screen
Fernsehsender {m} :: TV station, television station
Fernsehsendung {f} :: television program, television show
Fernsehserie {f} [media, TV] :: TV series
Fernsehstube {f} :: A television viewing room
Fernsehtaube {f} [colloquial] :: collared dove
Fernsprecher {m} [chiefly officialese] :: telephone
fernsteuern {vt} :: to telecontrol, to control remotely
Fernstudium {n} :: distance learning
Fernuniversität {f} :: a distance learning institute
Fernuniversität {f} :: the Open University
Fernverkehr {m} :: long-distance traffic
Fernwärme {f} :: district heating, teleheating
Fernweh {n} :: wanderlust (desire to travel, a longing for far-off places)
Fernwirkung {f} :: a remote effect
Fernwirkung {f} [physics] :: action at a distance
Fernzug {m} :: long-distance train
Ferredoxin {n} [protein] :: ferredoxin
Ferrit {n} :: ferrite
Ferritin {n} [protein] :: ferritin
Ferrobor {n} :: ferroboron
Ferrocen {n} [organic chemistry] :: ferrocene
Ferrochrom {n} :: ferrochrome
ferromagnetisch {adj} :: ferromagnetic
Ferromagnetismus {m} :: ferromagnetism
Ferromangan {n} :: ferromanganese
Ferroniob {n} :: ferroniobium
Ferrosilicium {n} :: ferrosilicon
Ferrotitan {n} :: ferrotitanium
Ferrovanadium {n} :: ferrovanadium
Ferschnitz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Ferse {f} :: heel
Fersengänger {m} :: plantigrade
fert {adv} [archaic] :: last year
-fertig {suffix} :: Used to form adjectives from nouns or verbs to indicate a preparedness or readiness for something
fertig {adj} [of something made] :: ready for use; done; fully prepared
fertig {adj} [of a task to be completed] :: done; finished; complete
fertig {adj} [colloquial, of something limited by time] :: finished; over
fertig {adj} [of a living being, with zu or für] :: ready to start; fully prepared
fertig {adj} [of a living being, with mit] :: done; having finished
fertig {adj} [colloquial, of a living being] :: exhausted; beat; bushed
Fertigarzneimittel {n} [medicine] :: proprietary medicine
fertigbringen {v} :: to manage, achieve
fertigen {v} :: to produce, to manufacture
fertiggemacht {v} :: past participle of fertigmachen
Fertiggericht {n} :: ready meal, TV dinner
fertiggestellt {v} :: past participle of fertigstellen
Fertighaus {n} :: prefabricated building
Fertigkeit {f} :: skill, proficiency, facility, dexterity
fertigmachen {v} [colloquial] :: to complete (to finish)
fertigmachen {v} [colloquial] :: to beat up
fertigmachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to beat oneself up
fertigmachen {vr} [colloquial] :: to get ready, dress up
fertigstellen {v} :: to finish, to complete, to accomplish
Fertigstellung {f} :: completion, conclusion
Fertigstellung {f} :: finalization
Fertigung {f} :: assembly, manufacture, production
Fertigungstechnik {f} :: manufacturing technology / engineering
Fertigungsverfahren {n} :: manufacturing process / technique
Fertigzustand {m} :: finished state
fertil {adj} :: fertile
Fes {m} :: fez
Fes {n} [music] :: F-flat
fesch {adj} :: smart, chic
Fessel {f} :: fetter, shackle
Fessel {f} :: pastern
fesseln {v} :: to chain, to bind
fesseln {v} :: to rivet (someone's attention), to captivate
fesselnd {adj} :: compelling
Fesselspiel {n} [often plural] :: bondage (sex practice)
fest {adj} :: firm; compact; hard
fest {adj} :: firm; fixed; rigid
fest {adj} :: firm; steadfast
Fest {n} :: celebration, festival, party
Feste {f} :: stronghold (A type of fortified stronghold built in the late 19th century.)
fest einprogrammieren {v} [computing] :: to hard code
Festelektrolyt {m} :: solid electrolyte
festen {vt} :: to celebrate, to party
festfragen {vt} [South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal: Izotsha] :: to drive somebody in a tight corner by posing questions; to put somebody in an embarrassing situation, to embarrass
festgehalten {v} :: past participle of festhalten
festgelegt {adj} :: determined, fixed
festgenommen {v} :: past participle of festnehmen
festgeschrieben {v} :: past participle of festschreiben
festgesetzt {v} :: past participle of festsetzen
festgestellt {v} :: past participle of feststellen; established
festhalten {v} :: to hold; to adhere
festhalten {v} :: to retain
festhalten {v} :: to record; to capture
festhalten {v} :: to detain
festigen {v} :: to consolidate; to strengthen
Festigkeit {f} :: strength
Festigkeit {f} :: firmness, steadiness
Festigkeit {f} :: hardness, solidity
Festigung {f} :: strengthening
Festival {n} :: festival
Festkommazahl {f} :: fixed-point number
Festkörper {m} :: solid (solid body)
Festkörperphysik {f} [physics] :: solid-state physics
Festland {n} :: mainland (the main landmass of a country or continent)
festlegen {v} :: to set, to determine
festlegen {v} :: to commit oneself to… (sich auf … festlegen)
Festlegung {f} :: fixing, determination
festlich {adj} :: festive
festlicher {adj} :: comparative of festlich
festlichsten {adj} :: superlative of festlich
festmachen {v} :: to fix (something) on
festmachen {v} :: to fasten
festmachen {v} [nautical] :: to moor
festmachen {v} :: to arrange
festmachen {v} :: to demonstrate, exemplify
Festmahl {n} :: feast (meal), banquet
festnageln {vt} :: to nail, to nail down (employ a nail as a fastener)
festnageln {vt} [figuratively] :: to pin down (corner somebody in order to get a firm answer)
Festnahme {f} :: arrest
festnehmen {v} :: to arrest (take into legal custody)
Festnetz {n} :: landline
Feston {n} [architecture] :: festoon
Feston {n} :: festoon (ornament)
Festplatte {f} :: hard disk, harddisk
festquatschen {vr} [colloquial] :: To become so absorbed in a conversation that you cannot let go of it (for a fairly long time), to get stuck nattering away, to get stuck in a chat
festschrauben {vt} :: to screw [tight]
festschreiben {v} :: To establish, codify, stipulate
Festschrift {f} :: festschrift
festsetzen {v} :: to set (to determine)
festsetzen {v} :: to arrest, to put in prison
Festspiel {n} :: festival
feststecken {v} :: to be stuck
feststecken {v} :: to pin
feststellbar {adj} :: detectable, ascertainable, identifiable
feststellbar {adj} :: certifiable
feststellen {v} :: to notice, to realize
feststellen {v} :: to determine, to ascertain
feststellen {v} :: to declare, to state
feststellen {v} :: (mechanics) to lock or fix into place
Feststellung {f} :: determination
Feststoff {m} :: solid (material)
Feststoff {m} :: sediment
Feststoffrakete {f} :: solid-fuelled rocket
Festung {f} :: fortress, fortification
festwachsen {v} :: to grow on; to take root
festwachsen {v} :: to increase
fetal {adj} :: fetal
Fete {f} :: party (social gathering)
Fetischismus {m} :: fetishism
fett {adj} :: fat
fett {adj} [of food] :: rich, containing a lot of fat
fett {adj} [typography] :: bold
fett {adj} [colloquial] :: awesome, phat
Fett {n} :: fat, grease
Fett {n} :: lipid
Fettalkohol {m} [organic chemistry] :: fatty alcohol
fettarm {adj} :: low-fat
fetten {vt} :: to grease, smear with fat
fetten {vi} :: to be greasy (e.g., of hair)
fettesten {adj} :: superlative of fett
Fettgewebe {n} :: adipose tissue
fetthaltig {adj} :: fatty
fetthältig {adj} :: alternative form of fetthaltig
Fetthärtung {f} :: hydrogenation (of unsaturated fats)
fettig {adj} :: fatty, greasy
Fettleber {f} :: fatty liver
fettleibig {adj} :: obese
fettleibiger {adj} :: comparative of fettleibig
Fettleibigkeit {f} :: obesity
fettleibigsten {adj} :: superlative of fettleibig
fettlöslich {adj} :: fat-soluble, lipophilic
Fettmolekül {n} :: fat molecule
Fettnäpfchen {n} [literal] :: diminutive of Fettnapf: a small dubbin-containing bowl
Fettnäpfchen {n} [figurative] :: faux pas
Fettpflanze {f} [botany, rare] :: succulent
Fettsack {m} [pejorative] :: fatso
Fettsäure {f} [organic chemistry] :: fatty acid
Fettstoffwechsel {m} [biochemistry] :: lipometabolism
fettsüchtig {adj} :: obese
Fettwanst {m} [derogatory, pejorative] :: fatso, lard-ass
fetzen {vi} [colloquial, auxiliary sein] :: to speed, to rush
fetzen {vr} [colloquial, auxiliary haben] :: to fight, to wrangle, to squabble
Fetzen {m} :: scrap, rag (torn piece of fabric or paper)
Fetzen {m} :: rags (poor quality clothing)
Fetzen {m} [Austria, slang] :: a bad grade in school
fetzig {adj} :: great, cool (very good)
feucht {adj} :: wet, humid, moist, soggy, dank
Feucht {prop} :: A town south-east of Nuremberg in Bavaria
Feuchte {f} :: humidity
Feuchte {f} :: moistness
Feuchte {f} :: moisture
feuchtfröhlich {adj} :: merry, sloshed (because of drinking alcohol)
Feuchtgebiet {n} :: wetland
feuchtheiß {adj} :: hot and humid
Feuchtigkeit {f} :: moisture, humidity, wetness
Feuchtigkeitsverlust {m} :: humidity loss, moisture loss
feuchtkalt {adj} :: clammy (damp and cold)
Feuchtphase {f} [geology] :: wet period
feudal {adj} :: feudal
Feudalismus {m} :: feudalism
feudalistisch {adj} :: feudalistic
Feudel {m} [Northern Germany] :: floorcloth
Feuer {n} :: fire
Feueralarm {n} :: fire alarm
Feuerameise {f} :: fire ant
Feuerball {m} :: a fireball
Feuerbohne {f} :: runner bean, scarlet runner bean, Phaseolus coccineus
feuerfarben {adj} :: fire-coloured; having the colour of fire; red, orange
feuerfest {adj} :: fireproof
feuerfest {adj} :: flameproof
Feuerfisch {m} :: lionfish
Feuer frei {phrase} [military] :: fire at will!
Feuergefahr {f} :: fire hazard
feuergefährlich {adj} :: flammable / inflammable
Feuerglut {f} :: alternative spelling of Feuersglut
Feuergluth {f} :: obsolete spelling of Feuersglut
Feuerholz {n} :: firewood
Feuerkäfer {m} :: fire-colored beetle
Feuerland {prop} {n} :: Tierra del Fuego (archipelago between Chile and Argentina)
Feuerleiter {f} :: fire ladder
Feuerleiter {f} :: fire escape
Feuerlöscher {m} :: fire extinguisher
Feuerlöschmittel {n} :: fire-extinguishing agent / substance
feuern {v} [weapons] :: to fire
feuern {v} :: [terminate employment] to fire
feuern {v} :: [feed a fire] to fire
feuern {v} [neurons] :: to fire
Feuerprobe {f} [literally or idiomatic] :: trial by fire
feuerrot {adj} :: fire-red; as red as fire
Feuersglut {f} :: the glowing and blazing of a fire
Feuersgluth {f} :: obsolete spelling of Feuersglut
Feuerstein {m} :: flint, chert
Feuertaufe {f} :: baptism of fire
Feuerteufel {m} :: firebug (pyromaniac)
Feuerturm {m} [rare] :: lighthouse (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)
Feuer und Flamme sein {phrase} [idiom] :: to be full of enthusiasm; to be keen as mustard
Feuerwaffe {f} :: firearm
Feuerwanze {f} :: firebug
Feuerwehr {f} :: fire brigade
Feuerwehr {f} :: fire department
Feuerwehrfrau {f} :: firewoman, firefighter (female)
Feuerwehrmann {m} :: fireman, firefighter (male or of unspecified sex)
Feuerwehrschlauch {m} :: fire hose
Feuerwerk {n} :: fireworks
Feuerwerkerei {f} :: pyrotechnics
Feuerwerksartikel {m} :: firework (individual product)
Feuerwerkskörper {m} :: firework (single item), firecracker
Feuerzeug {n} [historical] :: tinderbox
Feuerzeug {n} :: lighter
Feuilleton {n} :: feuilleton
feuilletonistisch {adj} :: feuilletonist
feurig {adj} :: fiery
feuriger {adj} :: comparative of feurig
feyn {adj} :: obsolete spelling of fein
ff. {adj} [of pages] :: abbreviation of folgend {p} (“following”, “subsequent”)
ff. {adj} :: akin to the English ff., et seqq.. (The word fortfolgend has been coined as a folk etymological explanation of this abbreviation and is not encountered in other use than this fanciful explanation, which is in fact a backronym.)
FFM {prop} {n} :: abbreviation of Frankfurt am Main
Fg. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Fagott
FH {initialism} :: initialism of Fachhochschule
fi. {adj} :: abbreviation of finnisch
Fiaker {m} :: horse-drawn taxicab
Fiaker {m} :: cabby, cabdriver of such a cab
Fiasko {n} :: fiasco
Fibel {f} :: fibula (ancient brooch)
Fibel {f} :: primer (an elementary book for teaching children to read and write)
Fibel {f} :: a textbook or manual on a specific topic
Fibonaccifolge {f} [mathematics] :: Fibonacci sequence
Fibonacci-Folge {f} [mathematics] :: alternative form of Fibonaccifolge
Fibonaccizahl {f} [mathematics] :: Fibonacci number
fibrös {adj} :: fibrous
Fichte {f} [countable] :: A spruce; the common tree [Picea]
Fichte {f} [countable] :: spruce; the wood and timber of the tree
Fichte {prop} :: surname
Fichtelgebirge {prop} {n} :: Fichtel (mountains)
Fichtelit {m} [mineral] :: fichtelite
fichten {adj} :: spruce, made of spruce wood
Fichtenast {m} :: spruce limb, spruce bough
Fichtenholz {n} :: spruce (The wood and timber of the spruce.)
Fichtenrüsselkäfer {m} :: pine weevil
Fichtenspargel {m} :: pinesap
Fichtenspinner {m} :: black arched moth, nun moth
Fichtenzapfen {m} :: spruce cone
Fichtenzweig {m} :: spruce branch
Fick {m} [vulgar] :: The sexual act, a fuck
Fick {m} [vulgar] :: A sexual partner, a fuck
fickbar {adj} [vulgar slang] :: fuckable
ficken {v} [vulgar] :: to fuck
ficken {v} [obsolete] :: to rub; to slide
ficken {interj} [vulgar] :: fuck!
Ficker {m} [vulgar] :: fucker
Ficker {prop} {mf} :: surname
fickerig {adj} :: nervous, restless, fidgety
Fickfreund {m} [vulgar] :: fuck buddy
fickrig {adj} :: alternative form of fickerig
Ficksahne {noun} [vulgar, slang] :: cum
fidel {adj} :: cheerful
fideler {adj} :: comparative of fidel
fidelsten {adj} :: superlative of fidel
Fidji {prop} {n} :: Fiji
Fidjiralle {f} :: bar-winged rail
Fidschi {prop} {n} :: Fiji
fidschianisch {adj} :: Fijian
fiduziarisch {adj} :: fiduciary
Fieber {n} :: fever
Fieberanfall {m} :: fever
Fieberbrunn {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
fieberfrei {adj} :: feverless, afebrile
fieberhaft {adj} :: feverish
fieberig {adj} :: alternative form of fiebrig
Fieberkurve {f} :: temperature curve
Fiebermittel {n} [medicine] :: antipyretic
fiebern {v} :: to have a high temperature
fiebern {v} :: to enthuse, to be excited about something
fiebersenkend {adj} [medicine] :: antipyretic
Fieberthermometer {n} :: medical thermometer
fiebrig {adj} :: feverish
Fiedel {f} :: fiddle
Fienen {prop} :: Foieni
fiepen {v} [of a bird] :: to cheep
fiepen {v} [of a dog] :: to whimper
fies {adj} :: disgusting, disagreeable
fies {adj} :: mean, uncomfortable
fies {adj} :: mean, unlikable [person]
fies {adj} [colloquial, regional, western Germany, + vor or von] :: disgusted by, finding something disgusting
fieser Möpp {m} [colloquial, regional, western Germany] :: mean person [sometimes jocular, but sometimes very serious]
Fiesling {m} :: meanie
Fietse {f} [colloquial, regional, Lower Rhine, Münsterland, Emsland] :: bike; bicycle
Fietsken {n} [colloquial, regional] :: diminutive of Fietse
figelinsch {adj} :: intricate
Figur {f} :: figure, figurine
Figur {f} :: character (being in a story)
Figur {f} :: piece (one of the small objects played in board games)
Figur {f} :: figure (a drawing or representation conveying information)
Figur {f} :: figure (the shape of human body)
figurativ {adj} :: figurative
figurbetont {adj} :: figure-hugging (that emphasizes the body shape)
figurbewusst {adj} :: figure-conscious
Figürchen {n} :: diminutive of Figur
figürlich {adj} :: figurative
figürlich {adj} [arts] :: figured
figürlich {adv} :: figuratively
figürlich {adv} :: concerning someone's figure/physique
Fiktion {f} :: fiction
fiktional {adj} :: fictional
fiktiv {adj} :: fictional
filamentartig {adj} :: filamentary
Filet {n} [cooking] :: fillet
Filet {n} [fabric] :: fillet
Filiale {f} :: branch (office of an organization with several locations)
filigran {adj} :: filigree
Film {m} :: photographic film
Film {m} :: motion picture
Filmemacher {m} :: filmmaker (male or of unspecified sex)
Filmemacherin {f} :: filmmaker (female)
filmgeschichtlich {adj} :: film history (attributive)
filmhistorisch {adj} :: synonym of filmgeschichtlich
Filmmaterial {n} :: footage
Filmstar {m} :: movie star, film star
Filmtechnik {f} :: film / cinematography technology
Filou {m} :: smart aleck, wise guy
Filou {m} :: crook, rascal
Filter {m} {n} :: filter
Filterblase {f} [internet] :: filter bubble
filterlos {adj} :: filterless
filtern {v} :: to filter
Filterpapier {n} :: filter paper
Filtertüte {f} :: coffee filter [of paper, funnel-shaped]
Filtrat {n} :: filtrate
filtrieren {v} :: to filtrate
Filz {m} :: felt
Filz {m} :: sleaze (corruption)
Filz {m} :: miser
filzen {vt} [colloquial] :: to frisk (search somebody by feeling their clothes)
filzen {vi} [colloquial] :: to sleep, rest
filzen {vt} :: to felt (make into felt)
filzen {vi} :: to become like felt
filzig {adj} :: felty, feltlike
Filzlaus {f} :: crab louse, pubic louse
Fimmel {m} [somewhat, colloquial] :: craze; unusual passion, preoccupation
fimschig {adj} [regional, Western German] :: sensitive, thin-skinned (person)
fimschig {adj} [regional, Western German] :: damageable, something that is easily broken
final {adj} :: final
Final {m} [Switzerland] :: alternative form of Finale
Finale {n} [sports] :: final
Finale {n} :: finale
finale Klasse {f} [software, object-oriented] :: final class
Financier {m} :: alternative spelling of Finanzier
Finanz {f} :: finance
Finanzamt {n} :: tax office, tax authority, revenue office, finance authority
Finanzanleger {m} :: financial investor
finanziell {adj} :: financial
Finanzier {m} :: financier
finanzieren {v} :: to pay, to finance
Finanzierung {f} :: financing, funding
finanzkräftig {adj} [economics] :: financially-strong
Finanzkrise {f} :: financial crisis
Finanzmarkt {m} :: financial market
Finanzminister {m} :: finance minister
Finanzministerium {n} :: ministry of finance
Finanzpolitik {f} :: financial / fiscal policy
finanzpolitisch {adj} [economics] :: fiscal
finanzschwach {adj} :: financially weak
finanzschwächer {adj} :: comparative of finanzschwach
Finanzwissenschaft {f} :: public finance
Findelkind {n} :: foundling
finden {vt} :: to find; to discover
finden {vt} [with a noun phrase and a predicate adjective] :: to think that (something) is (a certain way); to consider (something) to be (a certain way); to find
finden {vi} :: to find one’s way
Finderlohn {m} :: finder's reward
findig {adj} :: resourceful
Findling {m} [rare] :: foundling
Findling {m} [geology] :: glacial erratic
Finesse {f} :: finesse
Finesse {f} :: [plural] tricks
Finesse {f} :: [plural] extras, refinements
Finger {m} :: finger
Fingerabdruck {m} :: fingerprint
Fingerchen {n} :: diminutive of Finger
fingerfertig {adj} :: dexterous, skillful with one's fingers, nimble-fingered
Fingerfertigkeit {f} :: dexterity, skill with one's fingers, nimble fingers
Fingerfertigkeit {f} :: sleight of hand
Fingerfertigkeit {f} [music] :: virtuosity
Fingerfood {n} :: finger food (food that can be eaten with one's hands)
Fingerhakeln {n} :: finger wrestling
Fingerhandschuh {m} :: full-fingered glove
Fingerhut {m} :: thimble
Fingerhut {m} :: digitalis, foxglove
Fingerknöchel {m} :: knuckle (joint between the bones of a finger)
Fingerlein {n} :: diminutive of Finger
Fingernagel {m} :: fingernail
Fingersatz {m} [music] :: fingering
Fingerspitze {f} :: fingertip
Fingerspitzengefühl {n} [plural rare] :: great sensitivity, sure instinct, fingertip feel
fingieren {v} :: to feign (to represent by a false appearance of)
fini {adj} [colloquial, only used as a predicative adjective] :: done, finished
finit {adj} :: finite
Finja {prop} :: given name
Fink {m} :: finch
Finkenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Finn {prop} :: given name borrowed from Danish or Norwegian Finn
Finne {m} :: Finn (person from Finland)
Finne {f} :: big dorsal fin as found in large fish and marine mammals
Finne {f} :: the wedge-shaped end of a hammer's head
finnig {adj} :: pimply
Finnin {f} :: Finn (female person from Finland)
finnisch {adj} :: Finnish (of or pertaining to Finland, its people or language)
Finnisch {n} :: Finnish (language)
Finnja {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Finja
Finnland {prop} {n} :: Finland
Finnländerin {f} [archaic, nowadays nonstandard] :: female Finn (female person from Finland)
finnländisch {adj} :: synonym of finnisch
finster {adj} :: dark
finster {adj} :: gloomy, lowering
finsterer {adj} :: comparative of finster
Finsternis {f} :: darkness
Finsterspinne {f} :: tangled nest spider
finstersten {adj} :: superlative of finster
Finte {f} :: feint
Fiona {prop} :: given name of Goidelic origin, popular in the 1990s and the 2000s
fipsig {adj} :: insignificant, small, titchy
Firewall {f} {m} [computing] :: firewall
firm {adj} :: experienced, well versed
Firma {f} :: A company, a business
Firma {f} [specialist, legal, economics] :: A firm, the name under which a company operates, as opposed to the actual legal entity
Firmament {n} [poetic] :: firmament (sky)
Firmenname {m} :: company name
Firmensitz {m} :: headquarters
Firmenstempel {m} :: (official) company stamp
Firmung {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: confirmation (sacrament)
Firmware {f} [computing] :: firmware
firn {adj} [wine] :: aged
Firn {m} :: névé, firn
Firnis {m} :: varnish (anything resembling such a paint)
First {m} :: ridge (of a roof)
First Class {adj} [anglicism] :: first class
First-Class {noun} :: attributive of First Class
First-Class-Objekt {n} [programming, languages] :: first-class object
Fis {n} [music] :: F♯, F-sharp (the musical note one semitone above F)
Fisch {m} [countable] :: fish (cold-blooded vertebrate animal living in water)
Fisch {m} [countable, archaic or loosely] :: fish (any animal or any vertebrate living exclusively in water)
Fisch {m} [uncountable] :: fish (food)
Fischadler {m} :: osprey
fischähnlich {adj} :: fishy, fishlike
Fischamend {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
fischartig {adj} :: fishlike
Fischbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Fischbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Luxemburg
Fischbach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lucerne, Switzerland
Fischbach {prop} {n} :: Karpniki, Poland
Fischbecken {n} :: fish basin
Fischbestand {m} :: fish population
Fische {prop} {p} [zodiac constellations, astrology] :: Pisces
fischen {v} :: to fish
Fischer {m} :: fisher, fisherman (male or of unspecified sex)
Fischer {m} :: [component part in various German compound nouns, e.g., Amazonasfischer, “Amazon kingfisher”; Austernfischer, “oystercatcher”]
Fischer {m} :: [component part in various compounds for different kinds of fishing boats, e.g., Grundschleppnetzfischer, “trawler”]
Fischer {prop} {mf} :: surname
Fischerei {f} :: A fishery
Fischerei {f} :: A commercial fishing operation or company
Fischereiministerium {n} :: fisheries ministry
Fischerin {f} :: female fisher, fisherwoman
Fischermarder {m} :: fisher (marten)
Fischfang {n} :: fishing
fischfressend {adj} :: fish-eating, piscivorous
Fischfrikadelle {f} :: fishball; fishburger (meatball made of fish; a common foodstuff, especially in northern Germany)
Fischfrikadellenbrötchen {n} :: fishburger (a roll filled with a meatball made of fish; a common snack, particularly in northern Germany)
Fischgabel {f} :: fish fork
Fischhändler {m} :: fishmonger
fischig {adj} :: fishy (odor)
Fischkatze {f} :: fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus), a medium-sized cat whose habitat range extends through Indochina, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Java
Fischkorb {m} :: creel
Fischkorb {m} :: coop
Fischkutter {m} :: fishing boat
Fischmesser {n} :: fish knife
Fischnetz {n} :: fishnet, fishing net
Fischotter {m} :: European otter, Lutra lutra
fischreich {adj} :: rich in fish
Fischschwarm {m} :: shoal (group of fish)
Fischstäbchen {n} :: fish finger, fish stick
Fischteich {m} :: fishpond
Fischtreppe {f} :: fish ladder
Fischzucht {f} :: fish farming
Fisimatenten {noun} [colloquial] :: fuss; ado; useless or fretful behaviour, talk
fiskalisch {adj} :: fiscal
Fiskus {m} :: treasury, exchequer
Fiss {prop} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
fisseln {v} [chiefly impersonal] :: to drizzle or flurry: to rain or snow lightly
Fistel {f} [medicine] :: fistula
fistelig {adj} :: fistulous
Fistelstimme {f} :: A voice above one's normal pitch, used for speaking rather than singing
Fistelstimme {f} :: Someone speaking in such a voice
fisten {v} :: to fist-fuck
fit {adj} :: fit (in good shape)
Fitnessstudio {n} :: fitness centre; health club; gym (large, usually commercial, sporting facility for lifting weights and exercise)
Fittig {m} :: wing, pinion
Fittig {m} [by extension] :: coattail
fit wie ein Turnschuh {adj} [simile, colloquial] :: fit as a fiddle (perfectly fit, in perfect health)
Fitz {prop} :: surname from the Palatinate region of Germany
fix {adj} :: fixed [costs, salary]
fix {adj} :: quick
fix {adj} :: smart
fixer {adj} :: comparative of fix
Fixer {m} :: junkie (heroin user)
Fixer {m} :: one who is engaged in short selling (finance)
fixesten {adj} :: superlative of fix
Fixierbad {n} [photography] :: fixer
Fixierbad {n} [photography] :: fixing tray / bath
fixieren {v} :: to fixate
Fixiermittel {n} [photography] :: fixer
Fixiermittel {n} :: fixative
Fixiersalz {n} [photography] :: fixer (sodium thiosulfate)
Fixierung {f} :: fixing, fixation
fixirend {adj} :: obsolete spelling of fixierend
Fixpunkt {m} [mathematics] :: fixed point
Fixpunkt {m} :: benchmark
Fixpunkt {m} [computing] :: checkpoint
Fixstern {m} :: fixed star
fix und fertig {idiom} :: bushed, burnt out
Fjord {m} :: fjord (usually one in Scandinavia)
FKK {abbr} :: Freikörperkultur (literally, "free body culture"), a nudist movement in Germany
Fl. {noun} [music] :: abbreviation of Flöte
flach {adj} :: flat, level, even
flach {adj} :: shallow
flach {adj} :: plane
flach {adj} :: with little slope
flach {adj} [figuratively] :: vapid (lacking intellectual depth or refinement of jokes, films etc.)
Flachbildschirm {m} :: flat panel monitor
flachbrüstig {adj} :: flat-chested
Fläche {f} :: surface
Fläche {f} :: flat, plain
flächendeckend {adj} :: comprehensive (fully covered)
flächengleich {adj} :: coextensive (having equal areas)
flächengroß {adj} :: Particularly large
flächenmässig {adj} :: alternative spelling of flächenmäßig
flächenmäßig {adj} :: Of or pertaining to surface area, in size, in terms of surface area
flächenzentriert {adj} :: face-centered
flacher {adj} :: comparative of flach
flächig {adj} :: flat, planar
flächig {adj} :: extensive
Flächigkeit {f} :: flatness
Flachkopfkatze {f} :: flat-headed cat [Prionailurus planiceps]
Flachlandtapir {m} :: Brazilian tapir, lowland tapir, South American tapir
flachlegen {vr} [colloquial] :: to nap, to lay down
flachlegen {vt} [colloquial] :: to put in
flachlegen {vt} [vulgar] :: to bang
Flachs {m} :: flax
flachsen {adj} :: flaxen
flächsen {adj} :: alternative form of flachsen
flächsern {adj} :: flaxen
flachsfarben {adj} :: flaxen (in colour)
Flachsfaser {f} :: linen
flackern {v} :: to flicker
Fladen {m} :: a flat cake
Fladen {m} [colloquial] :: cowpat
Fladenbrot {n} :: flatbread
fladern {v} [Austria] :: to steal
Flageolett {n} :: flageolet (type of small flute)
Flagge {f} :: flag
Flaggschiff {n} [nautical or figuratively] :: flagship
flagrant {adj} :: flagrant
Flair {n} {m} :: flair [distinctive style or elegance]
Flak {noun} :: abbreviation of Flugabwehrkanone
FlaK {noun} :: abbreviation of Fliegerabwehrkanone
Flakon {m} {n} :: vial
flambieren {v} :: to flambé
flamboyant {adj} :: flamboyant
Flame {m} :: Fleming (male or of unspecified sex) (native or inhabitant of Flanders)
Flamenco {m} :: flamenco (Spanish dance)
Flamingo {m} :: flamingo
flämisch {adj} :: Flemish
Flämisch {n} :: Flemish (language)
flämischsprachig {adj} :: Flemish-speaking
Flamme {f} :: flame
Flammenfarbe {f} :: flame-colour
Flammenfärbung {f} :: flame-colour
Flammenphotometrie {f} :: flame photometry
flammenphotometrisch {adj} :: flame-photometric
Flammenwerfer {m} [military] :: flamethrower (weapon)
Flammenwerfer {m} [loosely] :: blowlamp; flame gun (similar device used for heating, burning out weeds, etc.)
Flammkuchen {m} :: tarte flambée
Flammlachs {m} [cuisine] :: Flammlachs [half of a split salmon pegged to a wooden plank, which is positioned vertically in front of a wood fire and drizzled during roasting with a saltwater solution]
Flammschutzmittel {n} :: flame retardant
Flandern {prop} {n} :: Flanders
Flanell {m} :: flannel (soft cloth material)
flanellen {adj} :: (made of) flannel
Flaneur {m} :: flâneur, stroller
flanieren {v} :: to stroll
Flanke {f} :: flank
flankieren {v} :: to flank
Flansch {m} :: flange
flapsig {adj} :: nonchalant, unheeding, impolite
Fläsch {prop} {?} :: A municipality in Graubünden, Switzerland
Fläschchen {n} :: diminutive of Flasche
Flasche {f} :: bottle; flask; flagon
Flasche {f} [colloquial] :: loser; wimp; someone lacking skill or vigour
Flaschendrehen {noun} :: spin the bottle (game)
flaschengrün {adj} :: bottle green
Flaschenhals {m} [neck of a bottle] :: bottleneck
Flaschenöffner {m} :: bottle opener
Flaschenpost {f} :: message in a bottle
Flaschenschiff {n} :: ship in a bottle
Flaschenzug {m} :: block and tackle; polyspast
Flash-back {m} :: alternative spelling of Flashback
Flashback {m} [psychology, drugs, film] :: flashback
Flattach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
flatterhaft {adj} :: flighty, scatterbrained
flatterhaft {adj} :: fickle
flattern {v} :: to flutter
flatulent {adj} :: flatulent
Flatulenz {f} :: flatulence (state of having gas in digestive system)
flau {adj} [wind] :: calm, weak, (almost) windless
flau {adj} :: flat, weak (of commerce, interest, atmosphere)
flau {adj} [in certain constructions] :: dizzy, nauseous, queasy
Flaum {m} :: fluff; down (thin hair, such as on an adolescent boy’s upper lip)
Flaurling {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Flausch {m} :: soft woolen fabric
flauschig {adj} :: fluffy, pillowy
flauschiger {adj} :: comparative of flauschig
Flause {f} [usually plural] :: illusion, vain idea
Flause {f} [usually plural] :: nonsense, blather
Flaute {f} :: calm (period free from wind)
Flaute {f} :: slack, slack period
Flechse {f} :: sinew
Flechte {f} :: lichen
Flechte {f} :: plait
flechten {vt} :: to plait; to braid; to weave
Fleck {m} :: stain, spot, blot, fleck, smear
Fleck {m} :: corner, spot (part or region)
Fleck {m} [now, archaic, regional] :: shred, flap, flake, fleck
Fleck {prop} {mf} :: surname
Fleckchen {n} :: diminutive of Fleck
Flecken {prop} {n} :: Fleky (municipality in Czechia)
Fleckenflügel-Ameisenwürger {m} :: spot-winged antshrike
Fleckengesicht-Ameisenwürger {m} :: collared antshrike
fleckig {adj} :: spotty, blotted, stained, flecked
Flederhund {m} :: megabat
Fledermaus {f} [sensu stricto] :: microbat
Fledermaus {f} :: bat (flying mammal)
Fledertier {n} :: bat [animal of the order Chiroptera]
Fleece {n} [textile] :: fleece
Fleet {n} :: a watercourse through marshland
Fleet {n} :: a kind of city canal similar to the Dutch gracht, found in Hamburg and some other northern German cities
Flegel {m} :: flail
Flegel {m} :: lout
flegelhaft {adj} :: scurrilous
flegelhaft {adj} :: uncouth
flehen {v} :: to entreat
Flehen {n} [dated] :: plea, supplication
flehentlich {adj} :: pleading, imploring
Fleisch {n} :: flesh
Fleisch {n} :: meat
Fleisch {n} :: pulp (of fruit)
Fleisch {n} [grilling] :: a slab of meat, meat which is not in the form of a sausage
Fleischbeschau {f} :: meat inspection
Fleischer {m} [regional, chiefly northern and eastern Germany] :: butcher (male or of unspecified sex)
Fleischer {prop} :: surname
Fleischerei {f} :: butchershop
fleischfarben {adj} :: flesh-coloured
Fleischfliege {f} :: flesh-fly
Fleischfresser {m} :: carnivore (animal)
fleischig {adj} :: meaty
Fleischlaberl {n} [Austria] :: meatball
Fleischpflanzl {n} [Austria, Bavarian] :: meatball
Fleischsalat {m} :: meat salad
Fleischsorte {f} :: (especially in plural) meat(s)
Fleischtag {m} :: a day of the week on which meat is eaten [used particularly if meat cannot be eaten every day of the week for religious or economic reasons]
Fleischwolf {noun} :: meatgrinder
Fleischwolf {noun} :: mincer
Fleischwunde {f} :: flesh wound
Fleischwurst {f} :: Bologna sausage, baloney/boloney or more formally, bologna
Fleiss {m} :: alternative spelling of Fleiß
Fleiß {m} :: diligence, effort
fleißig {adj} :: diligent, hard-working, busy
fleißig {adv} :: diligently
flektierbar {adj} [grammar] :: inflectable (of a word, capable of being inflected)
flektieren {v} :: to inflect
flektierend {adj} :: inflected
flennen {v} :: to cry [noisily]
Flensburg {prop} {n} :: Flensburg
flensen {v} :: to flense
Flenser {m} :: flenser
Flerovium {n} :: flerovium
fletschen {v} :: to bare, snarl
Fletschen {n} :: snarl
fleuchen {v} [poetic] :: to fly
Flex {f} :: angle grinder
flexibel {adj} :: flexible (easily bent without breaking)
flexibelsten {adj} :: superlative of flexibel
Flexibilität {f} :: flexibility
flexibler {adj} :: comparative of flexibel
Flexion {f} :: inflection
flexionsreich {adj} :: highly inflected; having many grammatical cases into which words can be inflected
Flexitarier {m} :: flexitarian (person)
flicken {v} :: to patch up, to mend
Flicken {m} :: patch
Flickenteppich {m} :: rag rug, patchwork rug
Flickenteppich {m} [figuratively] :: patchwork quilt
Flickwerk {n} :: patchwork
Flickzeug {n} :: patch kit
Flieder {m} :: lilac (shrub)
Flieder {m} [regional also] :: elder (shrub)
fliederfarben {adj} :: lilac-coloured; mauve
Fliege {f} :: fly (insect)
Fliege {f} :: bow tie
fliegen {vi} [auxiliary sein] :: to fly; to travel by air
fliegen {vi} [figuratively, auxiliary sein] :: to rush; to fly; to go quickly
fliegen {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to fly; to pilot
fliegen {vt} [auxiliary haben] :: to transport by air
fliegen {vi} [colloquial, auxiliary sein] :: to get the axe, to get kicked out
fliegen {vi} [colloquial, auxiliary sein] :: to fall; to fall down
Fliegen {n} :: (the act of) flying
fliegend {adj} :: flying; flight (attributive)
fliegend {adj} :: mobile
fliegender Teppich {m} :: magic carpet
fliegende Untertasse {f} :: flying saucer
Fliegenklatsche {f} :: flyswatter (device for swatting flies)
Fliegenpilz {m} :: fly agaric, Amanita muscaria (type of mushroom)
Flieger {m} :: aviator
Flieger {m} :: aeroplane, airplane
Fliegerabwehrkanone {f} :: anti-aircraft gun (literally "Aeroplane Defence Cannon"); abbreviated as flak
Fliegerass {n} [dated] :: flying ace
Fliegerei {f} :: aviation
fliehen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to flee; to escape
fliehen {vi} [auxiliary: “sein”] :: to diverge
fliehen {vt} [auxiliary: “haben”] :: to flee from (someone); to avoid
Fliese {f} :: tile (on walls or floors, not roof tile)
Fliesenleger {m} :: tiler
Fliess {n} {m} :: alternative spelling of Fließ
Fließ {n} {m} [dated, outside, dialects] :: stream
Fließ {prop} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fliessband {n} :: alternative spelling of Fließband
Fließband {n} :: assembly line, conveyor belt
fliessen {v} :: alternative spelling of fließen
fließen {vi} :: to flow
fließend {adj} :: Fluent (in language proficiency, etc.)
fließend Wasser {n} :: running water
Fließgleichgewicht {n} :: dynamic equilibrium
Fließgleichgewicht {n} :: steady state
Fließlaut {m} [linguistics] :: liquid
Fließpressen {n} :: extrusion
Fließtext {m} :: running text; the text of an article without headers, tables, etc
flink {adj} :: quick, nimble
Flint {m} [infrequent] :: flint, flintstone
Flinte {f} :: shotgun
Flipper {m} :: pinball
flippig {adj} :: hip, funky
flirren {v} :: to vibrate, to quiver, to whirr, to flacker
Flirt {m} :: flirtation
Flirt {m} :: flirt (one who flirts)
flirten {v} :: to flirt
Flittchen {n} [slang, pejorative, offensive] :: slut
Flitter {m} :: spangle
Flitter {m} :: a piece of cheap costume jewelry
flittern {v} :: to glisten, sparkle
Flitterwochen {fp} [no singular] :: honeymoon
Flitz {m} [obsolete] :: arrow
flitzen {v} :: to speed, to whiz, to rush
Flitzer {m} :: (male) streaker (person who runs naked through a place)
Flitzerin {f} :: (female) streaker (person who runs naked through a place)
Flitzkacke {f} [vulgar slang] :: diarrhea
Floatglas {n} :: float glass
Flocke {f} :: flake
flockig {adj} :: flaky
Flockung {f} :: flocculation
Flockung {f} :: coagulation
Flockungsmittel {n} :: flocculant
Flockungsmittel {n} :: coagulant
Floh {m} :: flea
Flohmarkt {m} :: flea market
Flohzirkus {m} :: flea circus
Floing {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Flop {m} :: flop (failure, especially in the entertainment industry)
Flor {m} :: nap, pile (kind of textile)
Flor {m} :: veil
Flor {m} :: bloom, flowering
Flor {m} [rare] :: prosperity, success
Flora {f} [botany] :: flora (plants as a group; microorganisms)
Flora {prop} [Roman god] :: Flora
Flora {prop} :: given name
floral {adj} :: floral
Florentin {prop} {m} :: given name
Florentina {prop} {f} :: given name
Florentine {prop} {f} :: given name
Florentiner {m} :: a Florentine (native or inhabitant of Florence)
Florentiner {adj} :: from, of, or pertaining to Florence
florentinisch {adj} :: Florentine
Florenz {prop} {n} :: Florence (city)
Florett {n} :: foil (light sword used in fencing)
Florfliege {f} :: common green lacewing
Florian {prop} :: given name
florid {adj} [of a disease] :: active, florid
Floridaente {f} :: mottled duck (Anas fulvigula)
florieren {v} :: to flourish; prosper
Florist {m} :: florist (male or of unspecified sex) (person who sells flowers)
Floristik {f} :: floristry
Floristin {f} :: florist (female) (person who sells flowers)
floristisch {adj} :: floristic
Floskel {f} :: empty phrase
Floss {n} :: alternative spelling of Floß
Floß {n} {m} :: raft
flößbar {adj} :: navigable by raft
Flosse {f} :: fin, flipper
Flosse {f} [slang] :: hand
Flösser {m} :: alternative spelling of Flößer
Flößer {m} :: raftsman, rafter, log driver (male or of unspecified sex)
Flösserin {f} :: alternative spelling of Flößerin
Flößerin {f} :: raftswoman, rafter, log driver (female)
Flöte {f} :: flute
Flöte {f} [regional] :: whistle
Flöte {f} [card games] :: a hand or number of fitting cards in a card game
flöten {v} :: to play the flute
flöten {v} :: to speak in a high voice, usually charmingly
flöten {v} [regional] :: to whistle
flöten {v} [regional, sport] :: to act as referee
flöten gehen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial] :: to be lost, to be gone
Flötenkonzert {n} :: flute concert (musical event)
Flötenkonzert {n} :: flute concerto (musical composition)
Flötenspiel {n} :: flute playing
Flötenspieler {m} :: flautist, flutist, flute-player (male or of unspecified sex)
Flötist {m} :: flautist, one who plays the flute
flott {adj} [nautical, predicative] :: afloat, able to navigate
flott {adj} :: quick, swift
flott {adj} :: lively, zippy
flott {adj} :: fashionable
Flotte {f} :: fleet
Flottille {f} :: flotilla
Flottillenadmiral {m} :: commodore, flotilla admiral (the lowest flag rank in the modern German navy)
Fluch {m} :: curse
fluchen {vi} :: to swear, to curse
Flucht {f} :: escape
Flucht {f} [construction, technical] :: line, alignment (vertical or horizontal line along which houses, walls, windows or other building elements are arranged)
Flucht {f} [construction, archaic] :: suite, line of rooms, number of rooms interconnected by doors
Flucht {f} [ornithology] :: flock of birds
fluchtartig {adj} :: hasty, hurried
fluchtbereit {adj} :: ready to flee
flüchten {v} :: to flee (to run away; to escape)
flüchten {vr} :: to seek refuge (in in)
Fluchtgeschwindigkeit {f} [astrophysics] :: escape velocity
flüchtig {adj} :: fleeting
flüchtig {adj} :: superficial, hasty
flüchtig {adj} :: fugitive (fleeing)
Flüchtigkeit {f} [chemistry] :: volatility
Flüchtigkeitsfehler {m} :: oversight, slip of the pen, slip of the tongue
Flüchtling {m} :: refugee
Flüchtling {m} :: escapee
flüchtlingsfeindlich {adj} :: hostile to refugees
flüchtlingsfrei {adj} :: free of refugees
Flüchtlingslager {n} :: refugee camp
flüchtlingspolitisch {adj} :: Relating to refugee policy
Flüchtlingzelt {n} :: refugee tent
Flucht nach vorn {f} :: a tactic where someone takes the initiative because they feel they cannot withstand the pressure they have come under
Fluchtpunkt {m} :: [perspective drawing] vanishing point
fluchtunfähig {adj} :: unable to escape
fluchtverdächtig {adj} :: suspected of planning to escape
fluchtwillig {adj} :: wiling to escape
Fluck {prop} :: surname
fluffig {adj} :: fluffy
Flug {m} :: flight (in the air)
Flug {m} :: airfare
Flugabsagen {n} :: flight cancellation
Flugabwehrkanone {noun} :: synonym of Fliegerabwehrkanone
Flugbegleiter {m} :: flight attendant, steward, cabin attendant (male or of unspecified sex) (member of the crew of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers)
Flugbegleiterin {f} [formal] :: flight attendant, stewardess, air hostess, cabin attendant (female) (member of the crew of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers)
Flugbenzin {n} :: aviation fuel (avgas)
Flugblatt {n} :: flyer, leaflet
Flügel {m} :: wing
Flügel {m} [musical instruments] :: grand piano
Flügelchen {n} :: diminutive of Flügel
Flügelfenster {n} :: casement window (window with hinges on the side, opening inward or outward)
Flügelfläche {f} :: wing area, wing surface
Flügelhorn {n} :: A brass instrument resembling a cornet; a bugle with valves
flügellahm {adj} :: broken-winged
flügellahm {adj} :: lame
Flügelspannweite {f} :: wingspan, span (distance between the tips of the wings of an insect, bird or craft)
Flügelspiegel {m} [ornithology] :: speculum
flugfähig {adj} :: airworthy
flügge {adj} [of birds] :: fully fledged
flügge {adj} [of people] :: grown-up, independent
Fluggesellschaft {f} :: airline (company that flies airplanes)
Flughafen {m} :: airport
Flughörnchen {n} :: flying squirrel
Flughund {m} :: megabat
Flugkapitän {m} :: (flight) captain, aircraft captain, captain of an airliner (male or of unspecified sex)
Flugkorridor {m} :: flight corridor
Fluglärm {m} :: aircraft noise
Fluglinie {f} [aviation] :: route
Fluglinie {f} [aviation, colloquial] :: airline
Flugplatz {m} :: airport, airfield (place where airplanes can take off and land)
Flugrekorder {m} :: flight data recorder, flight recorder, "black box"
flugs {adv} :: quickly
Flugsaurier {m} :: pterosaur
Flugscheibe {f} [ufology] :: flying saucer
Flugschreiber {m} :: flight recorder
Flugsimulator {m} :: flight simulator
Flugstaub {m} :: airborne / atmospheric dust
flugtauglich {adj} [aviation] :: airworthy
Flugtauglichkeit {f} [aviation] :: airworthiness
flugunfähig {adj} [ornithology] :: flightless
flugunfähig {adj} [aviation] :: unairworthy
Flugzeug {n} :: airplane
Flugzeugbau {m} :: aircraft manufacture
Flugzeugmutterschiff {n} :: seaplane carrier
Flugzeugreifen {m} :: aircraft tyre(s)
Flugzeugträger {m} [military, aviation] :: aircraft carrier
Flugzeugtriebwerk {n} :: aircraft engine
fluid {adj} :: fluid
Fluid {n} [physics, state of matter] :: fluid
Fluidität {f} :: fluidity
Fluke {f} :: fluke (lobe of a whale's tail)
Fluktuation {f} :: fluctuation
fluktuieren {v} :: to fluctuate
Flunder {f} :: flounder (a fish)
flunkern {v} :: to tell harmless lies
flunkern {v} :: to brag in an exaggerating way
Fluor {n} :: fluorine
Fluoracetamid {n} [organic compound] :: fluoroacetamide
Fluoracetat {n} [organic chemistry] :: fluoroacetate
Fluorapatit {m} [mineral] :: fluorapatite
Fluoratom {n} :: fluorine atom
Fluorcarbon {n} [organic chemistry] :: fluorocarbon
Fluorchlorkohlenwasserstoff {m} [organic chemistry] :: chlorofluorocarbon
Fluorcitrat {n} [organic chemistry] :: fluorocitrate
Fluordesoxyglucose {f} [organic compound] :: fluorodeoxyglucose
Fluoressigsäure {f} [organic compound] :: fluoroacetic acid
fluoreszent {adj} :: fluorescent
Fluoreszenz {f} :: fluorescence
Fluoreszenzfarbstoff {m} :: fluorescent dye
Fluoreszenzmessung {f} :: fluorescence measurement
fluoreszierend {adj} :: fluorescent
fluoresziert {v} :: past participle of fluoreszieren - fluoresced
Fluorgehalt {m} [chemistry] :: fluorine content
fluorhaltig {adj} [chemistry, mineralogy] :: containing fluorine
Fluorid {n} [chemistry] :: fluoride
fluoridhaltig {adj} [chemistry, mineralogy] :: containing fluoride
Fluoridierung {f} :: fluoridation
Fluoridion {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluoride ion
Fluoridvergiftung {f} [pathology] :: fluoride poisoning
fluoriend {adj} :: fluorinating
fluorieren {v} :: To fluorinate
fluoriert {v} :: past participle of fluorieren
fluoriert {adj} :: fluorinated
Fluorierung {f} :: fluorination
Fluorierungsmittel {n} [chemistry] :: fluorinating agent
Fluorierungstechnik {f} :: fluorination technology
Fluorit {m} [mineral] :: fluorite
Fluoritkristall {m} :: fluorite crystal
Fluorkohlenwasserstoff {m} [organic chemistry] :: hydrofluorocarbon
Fluorohydrid {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorohydride
fluororganisch {adj} :: fluoro-organic
Fluorose {f} :: fluorosis
Fluorradikal {n} [chemistry] :: fluorine radical
Fluorsalz {n} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorine salt
Fluorsauerstoffsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: fluorine oxyacid
Fluorverbindung {f} [chemistry] :: fluorine compound
Fluorvergiftung {f} [pathology] :: fluorine poisoning
Fluorwasserstoff {m} [inorganic compound] :: hydrogen fluoride
Fluorwasserstoffsäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: hydrofluoric acid
Fluppe {f} [colloquial] :: cigarette
fluppen {v} [colloquial, regional, auxiliary haben] :: to work; to work out; to succeed
fluppen {v} [colloquial, regional, auxiliary sein] :: to slip
Flur {m} :: hall, hallway, corridor, stairwell
Flur {f} :: farmland; field or lea, heath
Flurfunk {m} :: gossip network, rumor mill, grapevine (Informal person-to-person means of circulating information, particularly in companies and institutions.)
Fluse {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany] :: fluff, lint of fabric, wool, etc
Fluss {m} :: river
Fluss {m} :: flow
Fluß {m} :: obsolete spelling of Fluss
flussabwärts {adv} :: downstream
flussaufwärts {adv} :: upstream
Flussbarsch {m} :: European perch, Perca fluviatilis
Flussbett {n} :: riverbed
Flüsschen {n} :: diminutive of Fluss; creek, stream, rivulet
flüssig {adj} :: fluid
flüssig {adj} :: liquid
flüssig {adj} :: molten
flüssig {adj} :: fluent
Flüssiggas {n} :: liquid gas, LPG
Flüssiggastank {m} :: LPG tank
Flüssigkeit {f} :: liquid
Flüssigkeitskühlung {f} :: liquid cooling
Flüssigkristall {m} :: liquid crystal
Flüssigkristallbildschirm {m} :: liquid crystal display (LCD)
Flüssigsauerstoff {m} :: liquid oxygen
Flüssigstickstoff {m} :: liquid nitrogen
Flüssigtreibstoff {m} :: liquid fuel
Flüssigtreibstoffrakete {f} :: liquid-fuel rocket
Flüssigwasserstoff {m} :: liquid hydrogen
Flüssigwasserstoffspeicherung {f} :: liquid hydrogen storage
Flusskontrolle {f} [networking] :: flow control
Flussmittel {n} :: flux (substance)
Flussmündung {f} :: mouth of a river; river mouth
Flusspferd {n} :: hippopotamus
Flusssäure {f} [inorganic compound] :: hydrofluoric acid
Flusssediment {n} :: river sediment
Flussspat {m} [mineral] :: fluorspar, fluorite
Flussufer {n} :: riverbank
Flussufer-Ameisenwürger {m} :: Castelnau's antshrike
Flusswasser {n} :: river water
flüstern {v} :: to whisper
Flut {f} :: flood
Flut {f} :: The rising movement of the tide, the flow
Flut {f} :: high tide
fluten {vt} [nautical] :: to flood
flutschen {v} [somewhat, colloquial] :: to slip; to move smoothly (out of a grip or through something)
Flutwelle {f} :: tidal wave (tsunami)
fluvial {adj} :: fluvial
fluvioglazial {adj} :: fluvioglacial
föderal {adj} :: federal
Föderalismus {m} :: federalism
Föderalist {m} :: federalist
Föderation {f} :: federation
föderativ {adj} :: federal
fodern {v} [archaic] :: alternative spelling of fordern
Fohlen {n} :: foal, colt (young horse; young of some other species, such as camels)
Fohlen {prop} [sport] :: nickname of Borussia Mönchengladbach football team
Föhn {m} [meteorology] :: foehn (warm wind which appears on the leeward side of mountains, for example on the northern side of the alps in south Germany)
Föhn {m} :: hair dryer
föhnen {v} :: to blow-dry
Fohnsdorf {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Föhre {f} :: pine (tree)
fokal {adj} :: focal
Fokus {m} [optics] :: focus
fokussieren {v} [optics, photography] :: to focus (cause (rays of light, etc) to converge at a single point; adjust (a lens, an optical instrument))
fokussieren {v} :: to focus (concentrate one's attention)
Folge {f} :: sequence
Folge {f} :: consequence
Folge {f} [television] :: episode
Folgeerkrankung {f} [pathology] :: deuteropathy (secondary disease)
folgen {v} [with dative] :: to follow
folgend {adj} :: following, subsequent
folgendermaßen {adv} :: thus, as follows
folgenlos {adj} :: ineffectual
folgenreich {adj} :: momentous
folgenreich {adj} :: serious
Folger {m} :: agent noun of folgen; follower
folgerichtig {adj} :: logical, consistent, appropriate
folgerichtig {adv} :: logically, consistently, congruously, accordingly
folgern {v} :: to conclude, to deduce, to infer
Folgerung {f} :: deduction
Folgerung {f} :: conclusion
folgewidrig {adj} :: fatal, having adverse consequences
Folgezeit {f} :: aftermath (period after)
folglich {adv} :: thus, therefore, consequently, hence
folgsam {adj} :: obedient
Folie {f} :: foil, metal film
Folie {f} :: plastic wrap, cling film
Folie {f} :: something used as a background for a comparison
Foliensatz {m} :: presentation slide set, slide deck
Folklore {f} :: popular tales, music, festivals, clothing, etc.; old traditions and customs; folklore
Folter {f} :: torture
Folterknecht {m} :: torturer
foltern {v} :: to torture
Fön {m} :: obsolete spelling of Föhn
Fön {m} :: alternative spelling of Föhn
Fond {m} :: back (of a vehicle)
Fond {m} :: background
Fonds {m} :: fund
Fondue {n} :: fondue
Fonduegabel {f} :: fondue fork
Fonem {n} :: rare spelling of Phonem
fönen {v} :: obsolete spelling of föhnen
Foodstylist {noun} :: food stylist
Football {m} :: the kind of ball used in American football
Football {m} :: the game of American football
foppen {v} [colloquial] :: to put on, to tease, to hoax
Fopper {m} :: he who performs actions of foppen, who likes to play antics or jokes
Fopper {m} [Austria] :: a pacifier
Foraminifere {f} :: foraminifer
Forchach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
förchten {v} :: dated form of fürchten
Forchtenstein {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
forcieren {v} :: to accelerate, to force, to push
Förde {f} :: long, winding bay of the sea; fjord; firth
Förderband {n} :: conveyor belt
förderbar {adj} :: conveyable
förderbar {adj} :: recoverable
Fördergelder {np} [plurale tantum] :: subsidies, grant money
Förderland {n} :: (specified product)-producing country
förderlich {adj} :: beneficial, useful
Fördermenge {f} [mining] :: output
fordern {vt} :: to demand, ask
fordern {vt} :: to claim
fordern {vt} :: to require
fordern {vt} [figuratively] :: to challenge
fördern {vt} :: to further, to foster
fördern {vt} :: to support
fördern {vt} :: to advance
fördern {vt} :: to encourage
fördern {vt} :: to mine
fördernd {adj} :: promoting, furthering, fostering
fördernd {adj} :: promotional
fördernd {adj} :: patronizing
Forderung {f} :: a demand, a (financial) claim
Förderung {f} :: promotion
Förderung {f} :: conveyance
forderungsbesichert {adj} :: asset-backed
Forelle {f} :: trout
forensisch {adj} :: forensic (relating to the use of science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law)
Forke {f} [regional, northern Germany] :: pitchfork
Form {f} :: shape
Form {f} :: form (order of doing things)
formal {adj} :: formal [being in accord with established forms]
Formaldehyd {noun} :: formaldehyde (organic compound)
Formalie {f} :: formality
Formalismus {m} :: formalism
Formalität {f} :: formality
Formant {m} :: formant
Format {n} :: format
formatieren {v} [computing] :: to format
Formatierung {f} :: formatting
Formation {f} :: formation
Formation {f} :: configuration
formbar {adj} :: malleable
formbar {adj} :: pliable, pliant
formbar {adj} :: plastic
Formbarkeit {f} :: malleability
Formbarkeit {f} :: ductility
Formbarkeit {f} :: plasticity
formbeständig {adj} :: undeformable
Formel {f} :: formula (in mathematics or chemistry)
Formel 1 {f} :: highest motorsport class; Formula One
Formeleinheit {f} [inorganic chemistry] :: formula unit
formell {adj} :: formal (official)
formen {v} :: to form, to shape (to give something a shape)
Formiat {n} [chemistry] :: formate
formidabel {adj} :: fantastic, outstanding
formidabel {adj} [dated] :: fearsome
formieren {v} :: to deploy, to form up
-förmig {suffix} :: shaped [combining form]
formiren {v} :: obsolete spelling of formieren
förmlich {adj} :: formal, ceremonial, official
förmlich {adv} :: downright
formlos {adj} :: formless, shapeless
formlos {adj} :: amorphous
formschön {adj} :: shapely
formschön {adj} :: elegant
formstabil {adj} :: stiff
Formular {n} :: form (document to be filled)
formulieren {v} :: to frame; formulate (establish a context in words)
formulieren {v} [maths] :: to formulate
formulieren {v} [science] :: to formulate
Formulierung {f} :: wording, phrasing
Formulierung {f} :: formulation
Formung {f} :: moulding, shaping
Formung {f} :: forming
Fornach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
forsch {adj} :: brisk, bold
forschen {v} :: To research
Forscher {m} :: agent noun of forschen; researcher (male or of unspecified sex)
Forschergeist {m} :: spirit of research
Forschergruppe {f} :: research team
Forscherin {f} :: researcher (female)
Forschung {f} :: research
Forschungsanlage {f} :: research facility
Forschungseinrichtung {f} :: research facility
Forschungsgegenstand {m} :: research subject / topic
Forschungsgemeinschaft {f} :: research foundation
Forschungslabor {n} :: research laboratory
Forschungsreaktor {m} :: research reactor
Forschungszentrum {n} :: research centre
Forst {m} [chiefly literary or specialist] :: a forest, at least enclosed, usually also cultivated
Forstau {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Förster {m} :: forester (a person who practices forestry)
Försterin {f} :: forester (female) (a person who practices forestry)
Forsterit {m} [mineral] :: forsterite
Forstner {prop} :: surname
Forstwirtschaft {f} :: forestry
forstwirtschaftlich {adj} :: forestry (attributive), silvicultural
fort- {prefix} :: A prefix
fort {adv} :: away
fort {adv} :: gone
fort {adv} :: going on, continuing
Fort {n} :: fort (fortified defensive structure stationed with troops)
fortan {adv} :: henceforth
Fortbestand {m} :: continued existance
fortbestehen {v} :: to linger, survive
fortbewegen {v} :: to move on
Fortbewegung {f} :: locomotion
Fortbewegungsart {f} :: mode of transport
fortbilden {vtr} :: to continue educating
fortfahren {vi} :: to drive away, drive off
fortfahren {vt} :: to drive away, remove by means of a vehicle
fortfahren {vi} :: to continue (intransitive: resume) [followed by mit (with)]
Fortgang {m} :: (forward) march (steady forward movement or progression)
fortgehen {v} :: to continue, to go on, to keep on, to carry on
fortgekommen {v} :: past participle of fortkommen
fortgelassen {v} :: past participle of fortlassen - omitted
fortgepfanzt {v} :: past participle of fortpflanzen
fortgeschrieben {v} :: past participle of fortschreiben
fortgeschrieben {adj} :: updated
fortgeschritten {adj} :: advanced
fortgeschritten {v} :: past participle of fortschreiten
Forthgang {m} :: obsolete spelling of Fortgang
fortifikatorisch {adj} :: fortification (attributive)
fortkommen {v} :: to get away
fortkommen {v} :: to progress
Fortkommen {n} :: advancement, progressing
fortlaufend {adj} :: ongoing
fortlaufend {adj} :: progressive
fortlaufend {adj} :: consecutive, successive
fortleben {v} :: to live on
fortlocken {vt} :: to lure away
fortpflanzen {v} :: to reproduce (to generate offspring)
Fortpflanzung {f} :: reproduction (act of reproducing new individuals biologically)
fortpflanzungsgefährdend {adj} :: reprotoxic
fortpflanzungsgefährdend {adj} :: genotoxic
fortschreiben {v} :: To update
fortschreiben {v} :: To uphold
fortschreiten {v} :: to advance, achieve progress
fortschreiten {v} :: to advance, proceed
fortschreitend {adj} :: onward, progressing
fortschreitend {adj} :: progressive, advancing
Fortschritt {m} :: progress
fortschrittlich {adj} :: progressive
fortsetzen {v} :: to continue with something
Fortsetzung {f} :: continuation, resumption
Fortsetzung {f} :: instalment
Fortune {f} :: fortune, luck
fortwährend {adj} :: continuous, constant, incessant
Forum {n} :: forum
fossil {adj} :: fossil
Fossil {n} :: fossil
Fossilie {f} :: fossil
fötal {adj} :: fetal, foetal
Foto {n} :: photo
Fotoalbum {n} :: photo album
Fotoapparat {m} [photography] :: camera (device for making still pictures)
Fotochemie {f} :: alternative form of Photochemie
Fotodiode {f} :: photodiode
Fotoempfänger {m} :: photoreceptor
fotogen {adj} :: photogenic (photographing well)
Fotogenität {f} :: photogenicity
Fotograf {m} [photography] :: photographer
Fotografie {f} :: photography
Fotografie {f} :: photo
fotografieren {v} :: to photograph
Fotografin {f} [photography] :: female photographer
Fotographie {f} :: alternative form of Photographie
fotographieren {v} :: nonstandard spelling of fotografieren
Fotoindustrie {f} :: photography industry
Fotokatode {f} :: photocathode
Fotokopie {f} :: photocopy
Fotokopierer {m} :: photocopier
Fotometrie {f} :: photometry
fotometrisch {adj} :: photometric
Fotomontage {f} :: photomontage
Fotopapier {n} :: alternative form of Photopapier
Fotosphäre {f} :: photosphere
Fotostrecke {f} :: photo series
Fotosynthese {f} [biochemistry] :: photosynthesis
Fotovervielfacher {m} :: photomultiplier
Fötus {m} :: fetus
Fotz {m} [colloquial, regional, Bavaria and Austria] :: mouth
Fotze {f} [vulgar, slang] :: cunt (vulva)
Fotze {f} [vulgar, slang] :: cunt (swearword, usually towards women)
Fotze {f} [colloquial, regional, Bavaria and Austria] :: muzzle
Fotze {f} [colloquial, regional, Bavaria and Austria] :: slap in the face
fotzen {v} [colloquial, regional, Bavaria and Austria, slang] :: To slap someone in the face
Fotzhobel {m} [colloquial, regional, Bavaria and Austria] :: mouth organ
foudroyant {adj} [medicine] :: fulminant
Foul {n} [sports, chiefly team sports] :: foul (a breach of the rules, committed by an active player during the match, which creates a possible advantage for his side)
foulen {v} [sports] :: to foul (to make contact with an opposing player in order to gain advantage)
Foulspiel {n} [sports] :: foul play
Fowlersch {adj} :: Fowler (attributive)
Foyer {n} :: foyer
Fr. {abbr} :: Frau - Mistress, Mrs, woman, wife
Fr. {abbr} :: Freitag - Friday
Fr. {abbr} :: Franken - (Swiss) franc
Fracht {f} :: freight, cargo
Frachtschiff {n} :: freight ship, cargo ship
Frack {m} :: tailcoat
Frage {f} :: question (interrogative sentence or phrase)
Frage {f} :: question, issue (subject or topic for consideration or investigation)
Frage {f} :: question, doubt (challenge about the truth or accuracy of a matter)
Fragebogen {m} :: questionnaire
fragen {v} :: to ask (nach for/after)
fragen {vr} :: to wonder
fragend {adj} :: questioning, inquiring, interrogative
fragend {adv} :: inquiringly, questioningly
Fragenkatalog {m} :: questionnaire
Fragerei {f} :: badgering, lots of annoying questions
Fragewort {n} [grammar] :: question word
Fragezeichen {n} :: question mark (punctuation)
fragil {adj} :: fragile
Fragilität {f} :: fragility
fraglich {adj} :: questionable, doubtful, iffy
fraglich {adj} :: concerned (postpositive)
fraglos {adj} :: unquestionable
Fragment {n} :: fragment
fragmentarisch {adj} :: fragmentary
fragmentieren {v} :: to fragment
fragmentiert {adj} :: fragmented
fragmentiert {v} :: past participle of fragmentieren
Fragmentierung {f} :: fragmentation (act of fragmenting or something fragmented; disintegration)
fragwürdig {adj} :: questionable (inviting questions)
fragwürdig {adj} :: questionable (inviting doubt)
Fraham {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
fraisefarben {adj} :: strawberry-coloured
fraktal {adj} [mathematics] :: fractal
Fraktal {n} :: fractal
Fraktion {f} :: fraction
Fraktion {f} :: faction
fraktioniert {v} :: past participle of fraktionieren
fraktioniert {adj} :: fractional
fraktioniert {adj} :: fractionated
Fraktionschef {m} :: (business) group leader
fraktionslos {adj} :: non-attached (not belonging to a faction)
Fraktur {f} [medicine] :: fracture (bone, etc.)
Fraktur {f} [typography, strict sense] :: Fraktur, a traditional German subgroup of black letter typefaces, used for most German texts printed in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland until World War II
Frakturschrift {f} [sensu stricto] :: fraktur; [sensu lato] black letter, Gothic script
Frame {n} [animation] :: frame, division of time on a multimedia timeline
framen {v} :: to frame (construct in words so as to establish a context for understanding or interpretation)
Framework {n} [software] :: software framework
Franc {m} :: franc (currency)
Franchise {n} :: franchise
Francium {n} :: francium
Franckfurt {prop} {n} :: obsolete spelling of Frankfurt
frank {adj} [archaic] :: frank
Frank {prop} :: surname
Frank {prop} :: given name used in the Middle Ages and revived in the nineteenth century. Popular in the 1960s and the 1970s
Franke {m} :: one of the Franks
Franke {m} :: Franconian
Franke {prop} {mf} :: surname
Franken {prop} {n} :: Franconia (region in Germany)
Franken {prop} {n} [historical] :: Francia
Franken {m} :: franc (Swiss currency)
Frankenberg {prop} :: Any of several towns in Germany
Frankenberg {prop} :: surname
Frankenfels {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Lower Austria, Austria
Frankenmarkt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
Frankfurt {prop} {n} :: Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main {prop} {n} :: Frankfurt-am-Main
Frankfurt an der Oder {prop} {n} :: Frankfurt an der Oder
Frankfurter {m} :: Frankfurter
Frankfurter {f} {n} [Austrian dialect] :: a Vienna sausage
Franking {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
fränkisch {adj} :: Franconian
Fränkisch {prop} {n} :: Frankish, Old Frankish (an extinct West Germanic language, spoken by the Franks)
Fränkisch {prop} {n} :: Franconian (a group of modern German dialects)
Franklinit {m} [mineral] :: franklinite
frankophil {adj} :: Francophile
frankophon {adj} :: Francophone
frankoprovenzalisch {adj} :: Franco-Provençal (related to the Franco-Provençal language)
Frankoprovenzalisch {n} :: Franco-Provençal (language)
Frankreich {prop} {n} :: France
frankreichweit {adj} :: France-wide; in all of France
Franse {f} :: fringe
Franz {prop} :: given name
Franzensfeste {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Franziska {prop} :: given name, cognate to Frances
franziskanisch {adj} :: Franciscan
Franziskus {prop} {m} :: Francis (male given name)
Franzose {m} :: Frenchman (person of French birth or nationality)
Franzose {m} [colloquial] :: monkey wrench
Franzosenkrankheit {noun} [dated] :: syphilis
Französin {f} :: Frenchwoman (a French woman)
französisch {adj} :: French
französisch {adj} [colloquial] :: Oral sex (attributive)
Französisch {n} [uncountable] :: French language
Französisch {n} [uncountable] :: fellatio (oral sex performed on a male person)
Französische Revolution {prop} {f} :: French Revolution
Französisch-Guayana {prop} :: French Guiana (Department of French Guiana)
französisieren {v} :: to Frenchify
Französistik {f} :: French studies, Francophone studies
Franzwein {m} [archaic] :: French wine
frappant {adj} :: striking
frappieren {v} :: to astound, to astonish
frappierend {adj} :: astounding, astonishing
Frasch {prop} :: surname
Frasch {prop} :: Herman Frasch, German inventor
fräsen {v} :: to mill
Fräser {m} :: mill (cutting tool)
Fräsmaschine {f} :: milling machine (machine)
Frass {m} :: alternative spelling of Fraß
Fraß {m} :: fodder, feed, food for animals
Fraß {m} [derogatory] :: grub (food that a person does not like)
Frastanz {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Frater {m} [Roman Catholicsm] :: brother (monk who is not a priest, as distinct from a Pater)
fraternisieren {v} :: to fraternize (to associate as friends with an enemy)
Fratze {f} :: sneer; grimace; evil smile
frau {pron} [indefinite, colloquial, rare] :: one, they [indefinite third-person singular pronoun]
Frau {f} :: woman (adult female human)
Frau {f} :: wife (married woman, especially in relation to her spouse)
Frau {f} :: a title of courtesy, equivalent to Mrs/Ms, which has nearly replaced Fräulein in the function of Miss
Frau {f} :: madam (polite form of address for a woman or lady)
Frau {f} [obsolete] :: lady; noblewoman (woman of breeding or higher class)
Frauchen {n} :: mistress (of an animal)
Frauenarzt {m} :: gynecologist [UK], OB-GYN [US]
Frauenärztin {f} :: gynecologist (female)
Frauenbeauftragte {f} :: female commissioner for women's issues; woman charged with ensuring that men and women are treated equally
Frauenbeauftragter {m} :: male commissioner for women's issues; man charged with ensuring that men and women are treated equally
frauenfeindlich {adj} :: misogynistic
Frauenfeindlichkeit {f} :: misogyny
Frauenförderung {f} :: advancement of women
Frauenfuss {m} :: alternative spelling of Frauenfuß
Frauenfuß {m} :: woman's foot
Frauenheilkunde {f} :: gynecology
Frauenkirchen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Frauenmörder {m} :: murderer of women
Frauenrechtler {m} :: feminist (male or of unspecified sex)
Frauenversammlung {f} :: women's assembly, assembly of women
Frauenversteher {m} [colloquial] :: man who knows how to read women, women whisperer
Frauenvertreter {m} :: male women's representative; man charged with ensuring the advancement of women
Frauenvertreterin {f} :: female women's representative; woman charged with ensuring the advancement of women
Frauenzimmer {n} [now, chiefly derogatory or jocular] :: woman
Frauke {prop} :: given name
Fräulein {n} :: diminutive of Frau [but not freely applicable]
Fräulein {n} [archaic, address for an unmarried woman] :: miss
Fräulein {n} :: miss, young woman (especially a shop assistant)
Fräulein {n} :: young lady, missy [said jokingly or rebukingly to a little girl]
fraulich {adj} :: womanly, womanlike
Fraunhofer {prop} :: surname
Fraw {f} :: obsolete form of Frau
Fraxern {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Freak {m} [of a person] :: freak
freakig {adj} :: freakish
frech {adj} :: cheeky, barefaced, rude
frech {adj} [of a child also] :: naughty
Frechdachs {m} :: rascal
Frechen {prop} {n} :: A town in the Rhineland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
frecher {adj} :: comparative of frech
Frechheit {f} :: perkiness, brashness, guts
frechsten {adj} :: superlative of frech
Freeganer {m} :: freegan
Freeganismus {m} :: freeganism
Fregatte {f} :: frigate
-frei {suffix} [forming adjectives] :: -free (free from, devoid of, without)
frei {adj} :: free; unenslaved; unimprisoned
frei {adj} :: free; unrestricted; more negative also: unrestrained; licentious
frei {adj} :: unblocked; free for passage
frei {adj} :: independent; unaffiliated
frei {adj} [with von] :: free of (not containing or unaffected by)
frei {adj} [not freely applicable] :: liberal
frei {adj} [not freely applicable; see usage notes] :: free of charge, gratis
freiäugig {adj} :: naked-eye
Freibad {n} :: outdoor public swimming pool
Freiberg {prop} {n} :: A town in Saxony, Germany
Freibergit {m} [mineral] :: freibergite
Freiberufler {m} :: freelancer
freiberuflich {adj} :: self-employed, freelance
Freibetrag {m} :: [from taxes etc.] exemption
Freibeuter {m} :: pirate
Freibier {n} :: free beer
freibleibend {adj} :: Without obligation
Freibrief {m} [historical] :: charter
Freibrief {m} [figuratively] :: carte blanche
Freiburger {m} :: A native or inhabitant of Freiburg
Freiburg im Breisgau {prop} {n} :: Freiburg
Freiburg im Breisgau {prop} {n} [historical] :: One of the four districts of the Grand Duchy of Baden
Freidenker {m} :: freethinker
Freie Demokratische Partei {prop} {f} :: the German liberal party
freien {v} [archaic or poetic] :: to marry
freien {v} [archaic or poetic] :: to ask for marriage; to propose
freien {v} [archaic or poetic] :: to court; to woo
Freienfeld {prop} {n} :: A municipality in South Tyrol
freier {adj} :: comparative of frei
Freier {m} [archaic] :: suitor (one who courts; who proposes marriage)
Freier {m} :: john (client of a prostitute)
freie Software {f} :: free software
Freigabe {f} :: release, clearance, approval
freigeben {v} :: to release, to declassify (to put at public disposal)
freigeben {v} :: to release, to liberate (to set free from imprisonment)
freigeben {v} :: to furlough (to grant a furlough to someone)
freigeben {v} [computing] :: to unlock (to enable access to a protected resource)
freigeben {v} [computing] :: to activate, to enable (to put a software functionality into operation)
freigebig {adj} :: generous
freigegeben {v} :: past participle of freigeben
freigelegt {v} :: past participle of freilegen
freigelegt {adj} :: exposed, uncovered
freigesetzt {v} :: past participle of freisetzen
freigesetzt {adj} :: released, liberated
freigesetzt {adj} :: made redundant
freigesprochen {v} :: past participle of freisprechen - acquitted
freigiebig {adj} :: alternative form of freigebig
freihalten {v} :: to keep free
freihalten {v} :: to keep clear
Freihandel {m} :: free trade
freihändig {adj} :: freehand
Freiheit {f} :: freedom
Freiheit {f} :: liberty
freiheitlich {adj} :: pertaining to freedom, in a free way, liberal
Freiheitsberaubung {f} :: false imprisonment
Freiheitskämpfer {m} :: freedom fighter
Freiheitsstatue {prop} {f} :: (the) Statue of Liberty
Freiheitsstrafe {f} :: prison sentence, imprisonment
Freiherr {m} :: baron
Freiin {f} :: baroness (unmarried daughter of a baron)
Freikorps {n} :: A corps of military or paramilitary and free (autonomous) nature, in some cases a private militia or army
Freilandhaltung {f} [animal husbandry] :: free range
freilassen {v} :: to release, to free
Freilassung {f} :: release, manumission
Freilassung {f} :: emancipation
Freilauf {m} :: freewheel
freilebend {adj} :: wild, free-living
Freileitung {f} :: overhead line / powerline
freilich {adv} :: admittedly
freilich {adv} [especially, Southern German] :: certainly, of course, sure
Freilichtmuseum {n} :: outdoor / open-air museum
freiliegend {adj} :: exposed
freimachen {v} :: to stamp (a letter)
Freimaurer {m} :: Freemason
Freimaurer {m} :: freemason
Freimaurerei {f} :: Freemasonry
Freimut {m} :: candor
freimütig {adj} :: candid, frank, upfront
Freinberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
freipressen {vt} :: to force somebody's release
freireligiös {adj} :: nondenominational
freischalten {v} :: to activate, to unlock
Freischaltung {f} :: activation, clearing
freisetzen {v} :: To release, liberate
freisetzen {v} :: To lay off (make redundant)
Freisetzung {f} :: release, discharge
freisprechen {v} :: To acquit
freisprechen {v} :: To exonerate
freisprechen {v} :: To exculpate
Freispruch {m} :: acquittal
Freispruch {m} :: absolution
freist. {adj} [apartment listing] :: abbreviation of freistehend
Freistaat {m} :: (especially in combination) free state
Freistaat Puerto Rico {prop} {m} :: the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Freistadt {f} :: free city [of the Holy Roman Empire]
Freistadt {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Upper Austria, Austria
frei stehend {adj} :: alternative form of freistehend
freistehend {adj} :: freestanding
freisten {adj} :: superlative of frei
Freistoss {m} :: alternative spelling of Freistoß
Freistoß {m} :: free kick
Freitag {m} :: Friday
Freitagabend {m} :: Friday evening
Freitagmittag {m} :: Friday noon
Freitagnachmittag {m} :: Friday afternoon
freitags {adv} :: every Friday, on Fridays
Freitagvormittag {m} :: Friday morning (time before noon)
Freitod {m} [euphemistic] :: suicide
freiwerdend {adj} :: released, liberated
freiwerdend {adj} :: redundant
Freiwild {n} [hunting] :: unprotected game
Freiwild {n} [figuratively] :: fair game
freiwillig {adj} :: voluntary
Freiwillige {f} :: (female) volunteer
Freiwilliger {m} :: (male) volunteer
Freizeit {f} :: free time, leisure time, spare time. The time during which one is not working
Freizeitpark {m} [tourism] :: amusement park
Freizeitzentrum {n} :: leisure centre
Freizeitzentrum {n} :: recreation center
freizügig {adj} :: permissive, liberal
frembd {adj} :: obsolete spelling of fremd
fremd {adj} :: strange
fremd {adj} :: foreign
fremd {adj} :: external
fremdartig {adj} :: strange, exotic
Fremdatom {n} [physics] :: foreign atom (e.g. in a semiconductor)
Fremdbeimengung {f} [physics] :: addition of a foreign atom (in semiconductor manufacture)
Fremdbestandteil {m} :: impurity
Fremdbestimmung {f} :: heteronomy
Fremde {f} :: stranger
Fremde {f} :: alien
fremdenfeindlich {adj} :: hostile to foreigners or strangers, xenophobic
Fremdenfeindlichkeit {f} :: hatred of foreigners or strangers, xenophobia
Fremdenverkehr {m} :: tourism
fremder {adj} :: comparative of fremd
Fremder {m} :: A stranger: someone whom one does not know
Fremder {m} :: A stranger, a foreigner: someone from a different country, or from a different part of a country
fremdgehen {v} [now only slightly colloquial] :: to cheat; to be unfaithful (have sexual or romantic relations with another than one's stable partner, typically in secret)
fremdgehen {v} [figurative, colloquial, chiefly jocular] :: to be unfaithful; to prefer someone or something else
Fremdgehen {noun} :: cheating; the practice of having an affair (a relationship with someone other than one's partner)
Fremdgeher {noun} :: cheater, one who has an affair (a relationship with someone other than one's partner)
Fremdkapital {n} [finance] :: outside capital, borrowed capital
Fremdkörper {m} :: foreign body
fremdländisch {adj} :: exotic, foreign, alien
Fremdling {m} :: A stranger
Fremdscham {f} :: shame felt for actions done by someone else; vicarious embarrassment, secondhand embarrassment
fremdschämen {vr} [colloquial] :: to feel ashamed about something someone else has done; to be embarrassed because someone else has embarrassed himself (and doesn't notice)
Fremdsprache {f} :: foreign language
fremdsprachig {adj} :: foreign-language (attributive)
fremdsprachlich {adj} :: foreign-language
Fremdstoff {m} :: contaminant
Fremdwährung {f} :: foreign currency
Fremdwort {n} :: foreign word (a borrowed word of foreign origin; an unadapted or little adapted loanword)
Fremdwort {n} :: alien concept [figurative]
Fremdwörterbuch {n} :: dictionary of loanwords
frenetisch {adj} :: frenetic
frequent {adj} [dated or medicine] :: frequent
Frequenz {f} :: frequency (The quotient of the number of times n a periodic phenomenon occurs over the time t in which it occurs: f = n / t)
Frequenzbereich {m} :: (radio) band (frequency range)
Fresach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Freske {f} :: fresco
Fresko {n} :: fresco
Freskomalerei {f} :: fresco (technique)
Fresse {f} [derogatory] :: mouth
fressen {vti} [of an animal] :: to eat; to feed on; to devour
fressen {vti} [of a person, pejorative] :: to stuff oneself; to gorge oneself; to eat like a pig
fressen {vr} [figurative, chiefly with durch] :: to eat away (e.g. metal)
fressen {vt} [figurative, ] :: to consume, to guzzle, to burn (e.g. fuel, money)
fressen {vt} [colloquial, perfect only] :: to despise, to have a pet peeve against
Fresser {m} [chiefly in compounds] :: agent noun of fressen; an animal that eats
Fresser {m} :: A glutton; a person who eats immoderately or like an animal
Fresser {m} [agriculture] :: A bull or cow between the ages of four months and a year
Fressfeind {m} :: predator (natural enemy)
fresssüchtig {adj} :: voracious
Fresszelle {f} :: macrophage
Frettchen {n} :: ferret (the mammal Mustela putorius furo)
fretten {vr} [Austria, South German] :: to struggle with a very tedious task
Freud {prop} :: surname
Freude {f} :: joy, happiness
Freudenhaus {n} :: brothel (house of prostitution)
Freudentaumel {m} :: ecstasy, rapture
freudetrunken {adj} :: Drunk with joy
freudianisch {adj} :: Freudian
freudig {adj} :: joyful, cheerful
freudig {adv} :: joyfully, cheerfully
freudlos {adj} :: joyless, cheerless, bleak
freuen {vt} :: to gladden, make glad
freuen {vr} :: to be glad (about something: über + accusative)
freuen {vr} :: to look forward (to something: auf + accusative)
Freund {m} :: friend
Freund {m} :: boyfriend
Freundchen {n} [rare in a general sense] :: diminutive of Freund
Freundchen {n} [colloquial] :: a term of address used in warning someone, quite aggressive-sounding when used towards a stranger: buddy; mate; sunshine
Freundin {f} :: female friend
Freundin {f} :: girlfriend
freundlich {adj} :: friendly, benign
freundlich {adj} :: nice, pleasant
freundlicher {adj} :: comparative of freundlich
freundlicherweise {adv} :: kindly
Freundlichkeit {f} [no plural] :: kindness, friendliness (The state of being kind.)
Freundlichkeit {f} [with plural] :: kindness (An act of kindness.)
freundlichsten {adj} :: superlative of freundlich
Freundschaft {f} :: friendship
Freundschaft {f} :: relations, relatives
freundschaftlich {adj} :: friendly, amicable
Freundschaftsspiel {n} :: friendly match
Freundschaftsvertrag {m} :: treaty of friendship
Frevel {m} :: outrage, crime, sin
Frevel {m} :: iniquity
frevelhaft {adj} :: reprehensible, wanton
frevelhaft {adj} :: sinful, sacrilegious
freventlich {adj} :: reprehensible, wicked
Freya {prop} [Norse mythology] :: Freya
Freya {prop} [rare] :: given name
Friaulisch {prop} {n} :: Friulian (language)
Friaul-Julisch Venetien {prop} {m} :: Friuli-Venezia Giulia (region)
frickeln {v} [colloquial] :: to rig, fiddle, tinker
Frida {prop} :: given name of Germanic origin; a less common spelling of Frieda
Fridegunde {prop} :: given name, a rare variant of Friedegund
friderizianisch {adj} :: Frederician: pertaining to Frederick the Great or to the time of his rule
Fried {m} :: alternative form of Friede
Frieda {prop} :: given name popular at the turn of the 20th century
Friedberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Friedberg {prop} {n} :: A city in Aichach-Friedberg, Bavaria, Germany
Friedberg {prop} {n} :: A town in Wetteraukreis, Hesse, Germany
Friede {m} [formal] :: peace
Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen {phrase} :: A-okay [often with an implication that problems are being ignored or glossed over]
Friedegund {prop} :: given name
Friedegunde {prop} :: given name, a rare variant of Friedegund
Frieden {m} :: peace
Friedensabkommen {noun} :: peace agreement
Friedensforscher {m} :: peace researcher
Friedensforscherin {f} :: (female) peace researcher
Friedensforschung {f} [social sciences] :: peace research, peace and conflict studies
Friedensnobelpreis {m} :: Nobel Peace Prize
Friedensnobelpreisverleihung {f} :: the awarding of a Nobel Peace Prize
Friedenspfeife {f} :: peace pipe
Friedensprozess {m} :: peace process
Friedensprozeß {m} :: alternative form of Friedensprozess
Friedensvertrag {m} :: peace treaty
Friedenszeit {f} :: peacetime
Friederike {prop} :: given name, female form of Friedrich
friedfertig {adj} :: peaceful
friedfertig {adj} :: pacific, peaceable
Friedfertigkeit {f} :: desire for peace
Friedhof {m} :: cemetery
friedlich {adj} :: peaceful, placid, tranquil
friedlicher {adj} :: comparative of friedlich
friedlichsten {adj} :: superlative of friedlich
Friedr. {prop} {m} :: abbreviation of Friedrich
Friedrich {prop} {m} :: given name
Friedrich {prop} {m} :: surname
Friedrichstraße {prop} :: The main shopping and commercial street in central Berlin
Friedrich Wilhelm {m} [humorous] :: John Hancock (signature)
friedvoll {adj} :: placid, peaceful
friemeln {v} :: to fidget, fiddle
frieren {vi} [of a liquid, auxiliary: “sein”] :: to freeze
frieren {vi} [of a person, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to feel cold
frieren {vi} [impersonal, auxiliary: “haben”] :: to be freezing
frierend {adj} :: freezing
Fries {m} :: frieze (sculptured or richly ornamented band)
Friese {m} :: Friesian horse, Frisian horse (refers to both the breed, and an individual member of the breed)
Friese {m} :: Frisian
Friesen {prop} {n} :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace
friesisch {adj} :: Frisian (of Friesland, Frisian people, or the language)
Friesisch {prop} {n} :: the Frisian
Friesland {prop} {n} :: Frisia, Friesland
friesländisch {adj} :: Frisian
frigid {adj} :: alternative form of frigide
frigide {adj} [medicine] :: frigid (unable to take part in sexual intercourse)
frigide {adj} [rare] :: frigid (very cold)
Frikadelle {f} [regional] :: meatball
Frikassee {n} :: fricassee
frikassieren {v} :: to fricassee
frikatisiert {adj} :: fricatized
frikativ {adj} :: fricative
Frikativ {m} [phonetics] :: fricative (consonant)
Friktion {f} [physics] :: friction
Friktion {f} :: friction (conflict)
Friktion {f} :: friction (in massage)
Frisbee {n} :: frisbee
frisch {adj} :: fresh
frisch {adj} :: recent
Frische {f} :: freshness
frischen {v} [metallurgy] :: to refine pig iron into steel
frischen {v} [hunting] :: to farrow
frischgebacken {adj} :: freshly-baked
Frischhaltefolie {f} :: cling film
Frischkäse {m} :: cream cheese, soft cheese, quark
Frischling {m} :: A young/immature wild boar. The generic term is Wildschwein
Frischling {m} [colloquial] :: freshman
Frischling {m} [archaic] :: adolescent girl
Frischling {m} [archaic] :: young animal
Friseur {m} :: hairdresser; barber; friseur (male or of unspecified sex)
Friseurin {f} :: hairdresser, hairstylist, haircutter (female)
frisieren {v} :: to dress the hair
frisieren {v} [books] :: to fudge, to cook
Frisör {m} :: alternative spelling of Friseur
Frisörin {f} :: alternative spelling of Friseurin
friss oder stirb {phrase} :: take it or leave it
Frist {f} :: term, period (time limit)
fristgerecht {adj} :: timely
fristlos {adj} :: immediate (without prior notice)
Frisur {f} :: hairstyle
Friteuse {f} :: obsolete spelling of Fritteuse
fritieren {v} :: alternative spelling of frittieren
fritiert {v} :: past participle of fritieren
Frittaten {n} [Austria] :: a garnishing for soup
Fritte {f} :: a single fry, a single chip [UK]
Fritten {p} :: fries, french fries, chips [UK]
Fritteuse {f} :: deep fryer
frittieren {v} :: to deep-fry
Frittüre {f} [deep frying] :: frying oil
Fritüre {f} :: obsolete spelling of Frittüre
Fritz {prop} {m} :: A shortened form of the German male given name Friedrich
Fritz {m} [used by non-Germans, derogatory] :: a Fritz, a German
Fritzchen {n} :: diminutive of Fritz
Fritzchen {n} :: a name for a young child often used in a certain kind of joke
Fritzchen {n} [hospital slang] :: a small cushion (about 40 × 40 cm)
Fritzens {prop} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
frivol {adj} :: shameless, lewd, ribald, sleazy
frivol {adj} [obsolete] :: frivolous
Frivolität {f} :: frivolity
Fröbelstern {m} :: A Froebel star, a 16-pointed star made of folded paper and used as an Advent and Christmas decoration
Frobenius {prop} {?} :: surname
froh {m} :: frog
froh {adj} [of living beings, with über + accusative] :: glad; (momentarily) happy; (momentarily) cheerful
froh {adj} [of events] :: merry
froh {adj} [of activities] :: merry; hearty; energetic
frohe Ostern {phrase} :: Happy Easter
frohes neues Jahr {phrase} :: Happy New Year
frohes Schaffen {phrase} :: a greeting sometimes used towards someone who is working, most often when leaving them
frohe Weihnachten {phrase} :: Merry Christmas
frohgemut {adj} [literary] :: glad, of good cheer; debonair
frohgemut {adv} :: gladly
fröhlich {adj} :: merry; cheerful; both as a character trait and momentarily
fröhlicher {adj} :: comparative of fröhlich
fröhliche Weihnachten {phrase} :: merry Christmas
Fröhlichkeit {f} :: joy, glee
fröhlichsten {adj} :: superlative of fröhlich
frohlocken {vi} :: To rejoice, exult
frohlockt {v} :: past participle of frohlocken
Frohnleiten {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Frohsinn {n} :: cheerfulness
frohsinnig {adj} :: cheerful
fromm {adj} :: pious
fromm {adj} [archaic] :: righteous
frömmeln {v} :: to display much sanctimony
frommen {v} [impersonal, archaic] :: to be useful, to serve
Frömmigkeit {f} :: piety
Frömmler {m} :: somebody who displays much sanctimony
frömmlerisch {adj} :: sanctimonious
frömmlerisch {adj} :: bigoted
Fron {f} :: socage
Fron {f} [figuratively] :: hard work, slavery
Frondienst {m} :: socage
Fronleichnam {m} [holiday, uncountable] :: Corpus Christi
Front {f} :: the front end or side of something
frontal {adj} :: frontal
Frontallappen {m} :: frontal lobe
Frontantrieb {m} :: front-wheel drive
Frontläufer {m} :: forerunner
Fronvogt {m} :: taskmaster
Frosch {m} :: frog
Froschmann {m} :: frogman: combat diver, combat swimmer
Froschperspektive {f} :: worm's-eye view
Frost {m} :: frost
Frostbeule {f} :: chilblain
frösteln {v} :: to shiver, to feel chilly, to shudder
frostfrei {adj} :: frost-free
frostig {adj} :: frosty
Frostschutzmittel {noun} :: antifreeze (a substance used to lower the freezing point of water)
Frotté {n} {m} :: alternative spelling of Frottee
Frottee {n} {m} :: terrycloth, towelling
frottieren {v} :: to rub down
frotzeln {v} :: to tease, to scoff
Frucht {f} [countable] :: fruit (seed-bearing part of a plant)
Frucht {f} [uncountable] :: harvest, crop, produce, particularly of cereal
Frucht {f} [countable, figurative] :: result, effect, fruit
fruchtbar {adj} :: fertile
fruchtbar {adj} :: fruitful, prolific
fruchtbarer {adj} :: comparative of fruchtbar
Fruchtbarer Halbmond {prop} {m} :: Fertile Crescent (crescent-shaped arc of fertile land)
Fruchtbarkeit {f} :: fertility
fruchtbarsten {adj} :: superlative of fruchtbar
Früchtchen {n} :: diminutive of Frucht
Früchtchen {n} :: mischievous child, rascal
Fruchteis {n} :: sorbet
Früchte tragen {v} [idiom] :: to bear fruit
Fruchtfleisch {n} :: pulp, flesh (edible part of a fruit; residues of solid matter in juice)
Fruchtfliege {f} :: fruit fly (Tephritidae)
Fruchtfliege {f} :: fruit fly (Drosophilidae)
fruchtig {adj} :: fruity
Fruchtknoten {m} [botany] :: ovary
Fruchtkörper {m} [mycology] :: fruiting body
fruchtlos {adj} [useless; unproductive] :: fruitless
Fruchtsaft {m} :: fruit juice
Fruchtsalat {m} :: fruit salad
fruchtschädigend {adj} [pathology] :: teratogenic
Fruchtwasser {n} :: amniotic fluid
Fructose {f} :: fructose
frugal {adj} :: frugal
früh {adj} :: early
Früh {f} {m} {n} [Southern Germany, Austria] :: morning
frühblühend {adj} :: early-flowering
Frühchen {n} :: a premature baby; preemie
frühdynastisch {adj} :: protodynastic
Frühe {f} :: morning
früher {adj} :: former, previous
früher {adj} :: earlier
früher {adv} :: formerly
früher oder später {adv} :: sooner or later
frühestens {adv} :: at the earliest
frühestmöglich {adj} :: earliest-possible
Frühgeborene {noun} :: premature baby
Frühgeburt {f} :: preterm birth
Frühgeburt {f} :: preterm baby
Frühgeschichte {f} :: protohistory
Frühjahr {n} :: spring
Frühjahrsputz {m} :: spring cleaning
Frühling {m} [season] :: spring
Frühlingsfest {n} :: spring festival, springtime festival
frühlingshaft {adj} :: vernal, springlike
Frühlingssonne {f} :: spring sunshine, spring sun
Frühlingsvollmond {m} :: the first full moon of spring
Frühlingsvollmond {m} :: paschal full moon
Frühlingszwiebel {f} :: spring onion
Frühmahl {n} [dated and literary] :: breakfast
Frühmittelalter {n} [history] :: Early Middle Ages
frühmittelalterlich {adj} :: early medieval
frühmittelhochdeutsch {adj} :: Early Middle High German
frühmorgens {adv} :: early in the morning
Frühnebel {m} :: early morning fog
frühneuhochdeutsch {adj} :: early New High German (related to the early stage of the New High German language)
frühnhd. {adj} :: abbreviation of frühneuhochdeutsch
frühreif {adj} :: precocious, forward
frühreif {adj} :: premature
Frühreife {f} :: precociousness, precocity
Frührente {f} :: early retirement
Frühschoppen {m} :: morning pint, morning draught
Frühsexualisierung {f} [politics] :: sexualization at an early age; early sexualization
Frühsommer {m} :: early summer
Frühsport {m} [sports] :: early morning exercise
frühsten {adj} :: superlative of früh
Frühstück {n} :: breakfast
frühstücken {vi} :: to have breakfast; breakfast (to eat the morning meal)
frühstücken {vt} :: to breakfast on; have for breakfast (to eat as one's morning meal)
Frühstücksflocken {fp} :: cereal, breakfast cereal
Frühzeit {f} :: early days
frühzeitig {adj} :: early, ahead of time
Frühzündung {f} :: preignition
Fruktose {f} :: fructose
Frust {m} :: frustration
frustfrei {adj} :: frustration-free
Frustration {f} :: frustration
frustrieren {v} :: to frustrate
frustriert {v} :: past participle of frustrieren
frz. {adj} :: abbreviation of französisch
Fsm. {noun} :: abbreviation of Fürstentum
Fuchs {m} :: fox (animal)
Fuchs {m} [colloquial] :: a clever or cunning person
Fuchs {m} [colloquial] :: a red-haired person
Fuchs {m} [card games] :: In Doppelkopf, the ace of diamonds, which earns a side of players an extra point if they win it from the other side
Fuchs {prop} :: surname originating as a nickname
Fuchs {prop} :: surname
Fuchsbau {m} :: den of a fox
Fuchshund {m} :: hound, hunting dog
Fuchsie {f} :: fuchsia, Fuchsia
fuchsig {adj} :: ginger [in colour, chiefly hair colour]
fuchsig {adj} :: angry; mildly furious
fuchsig {adj} [rare] :: clever; cunning
Füchsin {f} :: vixen (female fox)
Fuchsschwalbe {f} :: tawny-headed swallow (Alopochelidon fucata)
Fuchsschwanz {m} :: fox's tail
Fuchsschwanz {m} :: crosscut saw
fuchsteufelswild {adj} :: hopping mad
Fuchswelpe {m} :: fox cub
fuchtig {adj} :: angry
fuchzig {num} [regional, colloquial, in southern Germany and Austria] :: alternative form of fünfzig
Fucking {prop} {n} :: Fucking (village in the Innviertel region of Austria)
fudeln {v} :: to cheat, usually at a game
fudeln {v} [possibly dated] :: to work negligently
Fuder {n} :: A wagonload, cartload
Fuder {n} :: A unit of measure for wine equal to roughly 1000 litres
Fuffi {m} [colloquial] :: [North and Central Germany] coin or banknote (of a given currency) with the nominal value of fifty
Fuffi {f} [colloquial] :: [Central Germany] motor scooter with a cubic capacity of 50 ccm
fuffzehn {num} [colloquial, regional, in northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of fünfzehn
fuffzig {num} [regional, colloquial, in northern and central Germany] :: alternative form of fünfzig
Fug {m} :: Only used in mit Fug und Recht
Fuge {f} :: joint (of bricks/tiles)
Fuge {f} :: (music) fugue
fügen {v} :: to join
fügen {v} :: to add
fügen {vr} :: to submit, to comply
Fügen {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fügenberg {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fugenelement {n} [linguistics] :: interfix
Fugenlaut {m} [linguistics, proscribed] :: interfix
fugenlos {adj} :: seamless
Fugen-s {n} [German grammar] :: An s inserted between the components of some compounds
Fügewort {n} [grammar] :: conjunction
fügsam {adj} :: amenable
Fügung {f} :: providence (manifestation of divine care or direction)
fühlbar {adj} :: noticeable, perceptible
fühlen {vt} :: to feel
fühlen {vr} :: to feel
Fühlen {n} :: feeling
Fühler {m} :: antenna; feeler
Fühler {m} [electronics] :: sensor
fühnsch {adj} :: alternative form of fünsch
Fuhre {f} :: cart
Fuhren {prop} {n} :: A small town in Tandel, Luxembourg
führen {vt} :: to lead
führen {v} [formal] :: to carry, to sell
führen {v} [of a discussion, negotiation, etc.] :: to hold, to have
führend {adj} :: leading, foremost
Führer {m} :: agent noun of führen
Führer {m} :: guide; a person who assists people by providing information, giving directions, etc
Führer {m} :: guidebook; a text which provides information about a topic
Führer {m} :: leader; someone who is ahead of others
Führer {m} :: leader; someone who determines the actions of a group
Führer {m} :: director, manager, commander; a person in charge of something or someone (chiefly in compounds)
Führer {m} [formal] :: driver, pilot; someone who operates a vehicle of some sort (chiefly in compounds)
Führer {m} [music] :: fugue theme; a melody in the form it appears in first in a fugue
Führerhauptquartier {n} :: Führer's headquarters
Führerprinzip {n} [Nazism] :: the principle that a group is entirely subordinated to a leader who has ultimate control over it
Führerschein {m} :: driver's license (US), driver's licence (Aus), driving licence (UK)
Führerstandsmitfahrt {f} [cinematography] :: a film created by placing a camera in the locomotive of a train in order to film from the train conductor's prospective, a type of locomotive phantom ride
Fuhrmann {m} :: carter, carman, teamster [driver of a team of draught animals], drayman, wagoner (male or of unspecified sex)
Fuhrmann {m} [constellation] :: Auriga
Fuhrpark {m} :: vehicle fleet
Führung {f} :: lead
Führung {f} :: leadership
Führung {f} [military] :: command
Führung {f} [business] :: management
Führung {f} :: conducted tour
Führung {f} :: conduct
Führungskraft {f} :: executive
Führungskraft {f} :: manager
Führungsposition {f} :: leading position
Führungsriege {f} :: leadership circles
Führungsrolle {f} :: leading role
Fuhrwerk {n} :: cart, wagon (drawn by animals)
Fujiko {prop} {f} :: given name
Fulda {prop} {f} :: Fulda (city in Hesse, Germany)
Fülle {f} [uncountable] :: fullness
Fülle {f} [uncountable] :: plentifulness, abundance
Fülle {f} [countable, cooking] :: filling, stuffing
füllen {v} :: to fill
füllen {v} [cooking] :: to stuff
Füllen {n} [dated] :: alternative form of Fohlen
Füllen {prop} {n} [constellation] :: Equuleus
Füller {m} :: fountain pen (pen containing a reservoir of ink fed to a writing nib)
Füller {m} :: filler
Fulleren {n} [organic chemistry] :: fullerene
fullerenartig {adj} [organic chemistry] :: fullerene-like
Füllfeder {f} :: fountain pen
Füllfederhalter {m} :: fountain pen
Füllgas {n} :: filling gas
Füllhalter {m} :: fountain pen
Füllhorn {n} :: cornucopia
füllig {adj} :: bouffant
füllig {adj} :: chubby, corpulent, portly
Füllmaterial {n} :: stuffing, padding, wadding, filler
Füllsel {n} :: filler, padding
Füllsel {n} [cooking] :: filling
Füllstand {m} :: fill level
Füllstoff {m} :: filler
Füllung {f} :: filling
Füllung {f} :: stuffing
fulminant {adj} :: splendid, furious
fulminant {adj} [pathology] :: fulminant
Fulminat {n} :: fulminate
Fulpmes {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Fumarole {f} :: fumarole
Fummel {m} [colloquial] :: drag (clothing)
fummelig {adj} :: tricky, fiddly, difficult
fummeln {v} :: to fumble (idly touch or nervously handle)
fummeln {v} :: to fiddle (adjust in order to cover a basic flaw)
fummeln {v} [colloquial] :: to make out (engage in sexual activities)
Fund {m} :: discovery, finding, find (something that is found)
Fundament {n} :: foundation
Fundament {n} :: base
Fundament {n} :: footing, grounding
fundamental {adj} :: fundamental
fundamentale Wechselwirkung {f} [physics] :: fundamental interaction
Fundamentalismus {m} :: fundamentalism
Fundamentalist {m} [religion or politics] :: fundamentalist
Fundbüro {n} :: lost and found
Fundi {m} [colloquial, especially for a group within the German Green Party] :: fundamentalist
fundiert {adj} :: well-founded
fündig {adj} [geology, mining] :: abundant, rich with mineral resources
fündig werden {v} :: to strike mineral deposits through mining
fündig werden {v} [idiomatic] :: to hit paydirt, to strike it rich
Fundort {m} :: locality
Fundort {m} :: habitat
Fundort {m} :: site
Fundstätte {f} [archaeology] :: dig, archaeological site
Fundstück {n} [archaeology] :: find
fünf {num} :: five (numerical value represented by the Arabic numeral 5; or describing a set with five elements)
Fünf {f} :: five
fünfbeinig {adj} :: five-legged
Fünfeck {n} :: pentagon
fünfeckig {adj} :: pentagonal, having five corners
Fünfer {m} :: banknote with the value of five (e.g. five euro)
Fünfer {m} :: someone or something with the number five (a bus line, a football player, etc.)
Fünfer {m} [regional, chiefly southern Germany and Austria] :: the school mark 5 (mangelhaft in Germany, nicht genügend in Austria)
fünffach {adj} :: fivefold, quintuple
fünffüßig {adj} :: five-footed
Fünfgang-Getriebe {n} :: a transmission with five gears
fünfhundert {num} :: five hundred
fünfhundertfünfundfünfzig {num} :: Five hundred fifty-five
fünfhundertmal {adv} :: five hundred times
fünfhundertste {adj} [ordinal] :: five-hundredth
fünfjährig {adj} :: five-year-old
fünfjährig {adj} :: quinquennial
Fünfklang {m} :: pentachord
Fünfliber {m} [Switzerland] :: five-franc coin/piece
fünfmal {adv} :: fivefold
fünfminütig {adj} :: five-minute
fünfmonatig {adj} :: five-month-old
fünfprozentig {adj} :: five-percent
Fünfring {f} [chemistry] :: five-membered ring
Fünfring {f} :: pentagon
fünfsilbig {adj} :: pentasyllabic
Fünfsitzer {m} :: a car with five seats; fiveseater, five-seater, five seater
fünfstellig {adj} :: five-figure, five-digit
fünfstöckig {adj} :: five-storey
fünfstündig {adj} :: five-weekly
fünftägig {adj} :: five-day (attributive)
fünfte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fifth
Fünfte Kolonne {f} :: fifth column
fünftel {adj} :: fifth
Fünftel {n} :: fifth (fraction)
fünftürig {adj} :: five-door (typically of a car)
fünfundachtzig {num} [cardinal] :: eighty-five (85)
fünfunddreissig {num} :: alternative spelling of fünfunddreißig
fünfunddreißig {num} [cardinal] :: thirty-five (35)
fünfundfünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty-five (55)
fünfundneunzig {num} [cardinal] :: ninety-five (95)
fünfundsechzig {num} [cardinal] :: sixty-five (65)
fünfundsiebzig {num} [cardinal] :: seventy-five (75)
fünfundvierzig {num} [cardinal] :: forty-five
fünfundzwanzig {num} [cardinal] :: twenty-five
fünfwertig {adj} [chemistry] :: pentavalent
fünfwöchig {adj} :: five-weekly
fünfzehn {num} :: fifteen
fünfzehnfach {adj} :: fifteenfold
fünfzehnhundert {num} :: fifteen hundred
fünfzehnjährig {adj} :: fifteen-year-old
fünfzehnmal {adv} :: fifteenfold
fünfzehnminütig {adj} :: fifteen-minute
fünfzehnmonatig {adj} :: fifteen-month (attributive)
fünfzehnstündig {adj} :: fifteen-hour
fünfzehnte {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fifteenth
fünfzig {num} [cardinal] :: fifty
fünfzigfach {adj} :: fiftyfold
fünfzigprozentig {adj} :: fifty-percent
fünfzigste {ordinal num} [ordinal] :: fiftieth
Fünfzylinder {m} :: an engine with five cylinders; five-cylinder engine
fungibel {adj} :: available, applicable
fungibel {adj} :: fungible
Fungibilität {f} :: fungibility
fungieren {v} :: act (to behave in a certain way)
fungiert {v} :: past participle of fungieren - functioned, officiated
fungizid {adj} :: fungicidal
Fungizid {n} :: fungicide
Funk {m} :: funk (music)
Funk {m} :: radio
Funkantenne {f} :: radio aerial/antenna
Funke {m} :: spark
funkeln {v} :: to sparkle
Funkemariechen {n} :: alternative form of Funkenmariechen
Funken {m} :: alternative form of Funke
funkenfrei {adj} :: non-sparking
Funkenmariechen {n} :: a particular kind of dancer in Rhenish carnival
Funker {m} :: radio operator (male or of unspecified sex)
Funkfeuer {n} :: radio beacon
Funkgerät {n} :: radio set
Funkgerät {n} :: two-way radio
Funkgerät {n} :: radio transceiver
funklig {adj} :: sparkling, scintillating
Funkloch {n} :: dead zone (an area where radio signals or mobile phone signals are blocked or severely reduced)
Funkspruch {m} :: radio message
Funktion {f} :: role
Funktion {f} [computing] :: feature (beneficial capability of a piece of software)
Funktion {f} [computing] :: subroutine
Funktion {f} [computing, logic, mathematics] :: function
funktional {adj} :: functional (in good working order)
funktionalisieren {v} :: To functionalize
funktionalisiert {v} :: past participle of funktionalisieren
funktionalisiert {adj} :: functionalized
Funktionalismus {m} :: functionalism
Funktionalität {f} :: functionality
Funktionär {m} :: functionary, official
funktionell {adj} :: functional
funktionell {adj} :: practical
funktionieren {v} :: to work, function
Funktionsabschluss {m} [programming] :: closure
Funktionsbaustein {m} [computing] :: function block / module
funktionsfähig {adj} :: functioning, working
Funktionsstörung {f} :: malfunction
Funktionsstörung {f} :: dysfunction
funktionstüchtig {adj} :: functional
funktionstüchtig {adj} :: functioning, undamaged
Funktionswort {n} [linguistics] :: function word
Funkverbindung {f} :: radio communication, radio contact
fünsch {adj} :: angry
funzelig {adj} :: dim, gloomy
funzen {v} [colloquial or slang] :: To function, to work
funzen {v} [obsolete] :: To light up an area
funzlig {adj} :: alternative form of funzelig
für {prep} [takes accusative] :: for
für {prep} [takes accusative] :: on behalf of
für {prep} [takes accusative] :: by the standards of
für {prep} [takes accusative, colloquial, nonstandard] :: in order to (with zu and infinitive)
für {prep} [takes accusative] :: in favor of, in support of
für alle Fälle {adv} :: just in case
fürbass {adv} [archaic] :: onwards, forwards
fürbaß {adv} :: alternative spelling of fürbass
Furche {f} :: furrow
Furcht {f} :: fear; fright; anxiety
furchtbar {adj} :: terrible
furchtbar {adv} :: terribly, awfully
furchtbarer {adj} :: comparative of furchtbar
furchtbarsten {adj} :: superlative of furchtbar
furchteinflößend {adj} :: awesome, awe-inspiring, terrifying
Furcht einflößend {adj} :: alternative form of furchteinflößend
furchteinflößender {adj} :: comparative of furchteinflößend
furchteinflößendsten {adj} :: superlative of furchteinflößend
fürchten {vt} :: to fear
fürchten {vr} :: to be afraid
fürchterlich {adj} :: frightening
fürchterlich {adv} :: terribly, awfully
furchterregend {adj} :: terrifying
Furcht erregend {adj} :: alternative form of furchterregend
furchtlos {adj} :: fearless
Furchtlosigkeit {f} :: fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity
furchtsam {adj} :: fearful, frightened
furchtsam {adv} :: nervously
für den Fall, dass {conj} :: in case, in order to be prepared if
fürder {adv} [archaic] :: henceforth, in the future
fürderhin {adv} [dated] :: furthermore
für die Katz sein {v} [idiomatic] :: to be for the birds
füreinander {adv} :: for each other
Furie {prop} {f} [Roman mythology] :: Fury
Furie {f} :: fury (An angry or malignant women.)
für immer {adv} :: forever, indefinitely
furios {adj} :: furious
furios {adj} :: dynamic
Furlanisch {n} :: Friulian
für lau {phrase} [colloquial] :: for free
fürn {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of für den
fürn {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of für ein
fürn {contraction} [colloquial] :: contraction of für einen
Furnier {n} :: veneer
Furore {f} :: sensation
fürs {contraction} :: für + das, for the
Fürsorge {f} :: care, solicitude
Fürsorge {f} :: welfare
fürsorglich {adj} :: caring, solicitous
Fürsprache {f} [with für] :: good word; recommendation; advocacy of someone or something
Fürsprache {f} [religion, especially, Roman Catholicism] :: intercession of a saint
Fürst {m} :: prince (sovereign prince)
Fürst der Finsternis {prop} {m} :: Prince of Darkness
Fürstenfeld {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Styria, Austria
Fürstenthum {n} :: obsolete spelling of Fürstentum
Fürstenthumb {n} :: obsolete spelling of Fürstentum
Fürstentum {n} :: principality (region or sovereign nation headed by a prince)
Fürstentum Albanien {prop} {n} :: Principality of Albania (state in Albania 1914–1925)
Fürstin {f} :: princess
fürstlich {adj} :: princely
fürstlich {adj} :: lavish, luxuriant
Fürstprimas {m} :: prince primate
Furt {f} :: ford
Fürth {prop} :: Fürth (independent city in Bavaria, Germany)
Furunkel {m} :: boil, furuncle
fürwahr {adv} [dated] :: forsooth, for sure, indeed
Fürwort {n} :: pronoun
Furz {m} :: fart
furzen {v} :: to fart
Furzer {m} :: farter
furztrocken {adj} :: Very dry
Fusel {m} [colloquial, derogatory] :: hooch, booze (liquor of low quality)
füsilieren {v} [dated] :: to execute by firing squad
füsiliert {v} :: past participle of füsilieren
Fusion {f} [economics] :: merger (legal union of two or more corporations into a single entity)
Fusion {f} :: more generally, fusion in some other technical contexts
fusionieren {v} :: to fusion
Fusionsbrennstoff {m} :: (nuclear) fusion fuel
Fusionsenergie {f} :: (nuclear) fusion energy
Fusionsenergiegewinnung {f} :: fusion energy production
Fusionsreaktion {f} :: (nuclear) fusion reaction
Fusionsreaktor {m} :: (nuclear) fusion reactor
Fusionswaffe {f} :: (nuclear) fusion weapon (hydrogen bomb)
Fuss {m} :: alternative spelling of Fuß
Fuß {m} :: foot
Fuß {m} :: footing
Fuß {m} :: pedestal
Fussabdruck {m} :: alternative spelling of Fußabdruck
Fußabdruck {m} :: footprint
Fussabstreifer {m} :: alternative spelling of Fußabstreifer
Fußabstreifer {m} :: doormat
Fußach {prop} {n} :: A municipality in Vorarlberg, Austria
Fußangel {f} :: [mil.] caltrop, mantrap
Fußangel {f} [figuratively] :: trap, pitfall
Fussball {m} :: alternative spelling of Fußball
Fußball {m} :: the sport of association football; soccer
Fußball {m} :: the ball with which association football is played: a football, a soccer ball
fußballbegeistert {adj} :: enthusiastic for football
Fußballen {m} [anatomy] :: ball of the foot
Fußballer {m} :: footballer [British]; football player [Britain], soccer player [US, Canada, Australia]
Fußballfan {m} :: a fan of the sport football (soccer), especially of particular team
Fußballmannschaft {f} :: football team, soccer team
Fußballspiel {n} :: football, soccer
Fußballspiel {n} :: football match, soccer game
Fußballspieler {m} :: footballer, football player, soccer player (male or of unspecified sex)
Fußballspielerin {f} :: footballer, football player, soccer player (female)
Fußballtennis {n} :: football tennis
Fussballweltmeisterschaftsqualifikationsspiel {n} :: (Sport) simplified spelling of Fußballweltmeisterschaftsqualifikationsspiel, used when the ß character is unavailable
Fußballweltmeisterschaftsqualifikationsspiel {n} :: a football world championship qualification game
Fußbank {f} :: footstool
Fußboden {m} :: floor
Fußboden {m} :: flooring
Fußbodenheizung {f} :: underfloor heating
Füsschen {n} :: alternative spelling of Füßchen
Füßchen {n} :: diminutive of Fuß
Fussel {mf} {n} :: fluff, lint of fabric, wool, etc
Fusselbart {m} :: fuzzy beard
fussen {v} :: alternative spelling of fußen
Füssen {prop} {n} :: Füssen (town in Bavaria)
Fußfall {m} :: prostration
Fuß fassen {vi} :: to establish oneself
Fußfehler {m} [tennis] :: foot fault
Fussgänger {m} :: alternative spelling of Fußgänger
Fußgänger {m} :: pedestrian, walker
Fußgängerstreifen {m} [Switzerland] :: pedestrian crossing; crosswalk [US, Australia]
Fußgängerüberführung {f} :: pedestrian overpass
Fußgängerzone {f} :: pedestrian zone
Fußgeher {m} [Austria] :: pedestrian
Fußgröße {f} :: foot size
Fußknöchel {m} :: ankle
fußkrank {adj} :: having foot complaints, footsore, lame
Fußkrankheit {f} :: foot disease
Fußlappen {m} :: footwrap
fußläufig {adj} :: nearby (within walking distance)
Fußmatte {f} :: doormat
Fußnähe {f} :: walking distance
Fußnote {f} :: footnote
Fußpilz {m} :: athlete's foot, tinea pedis
Fußrücken {m} :: instep (the arched part of the top of the foot between the toes and the ankle)
Fußsohle {f} :: the sole of the foot
Fußsoldat {m} :: foot soldier, infantryman
Fußspur {f} :: footprint
Fußverletzung {f} :: foot injury
Fußvolk {n} [military] :: infantry
Fußvolk {n} [dated] :: pedestrian
Fußweg {m} :: footway
Fußweg {m} :: footpath
Futhark {n} :: futhark
Futon {m} :: futon
futsch {adj} [colloquial] :: down the drain, gone, away
Futter {n} :: fodder
Futter {n} :: food (for animals)
Futter {n} :: lining
Futtermittel {n} :: fodder, feed
futtern {v} :: to feed
füttern {v} :: to feed
füttern {v} :: to line (to cover the inner surface of)
Futterpflanze {f} :: forage / fodder crop / plant
Futtersack {m} :: nosebag
Futterzusatzstoff {m} :: fodder, feed
Futur {n} [grammar] :: future tense
Futurismus {m} :: futurism
futuristisch {adj} :: futuristic
futuristischer {adj} :: comparative of futuristisch
futuristischsten {adj} :: superlative of futuristisch
FWF {initialism} [sciences, Austria] :: initialism of w:de:Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (Name of the Austrian Science Fund)