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H {letter}  :: The eighth letter of the German alphabet
H {n} [music]  :: B
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Haft
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Haftung
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Halt
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Handel
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Handschrift
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Haus
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Heck
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Heft
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Heim
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Heimat
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Heizung
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Helligkeit
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hengst
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hitze
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Höhe
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hoheit
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Holz
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Horn
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hornist
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hort
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hotel
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hub
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hunt
H. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Hundert
HB {abbr} [Switzerland]  :: Hauptbahnhof (main train station)
H-Bombe {f}  :: Short for Wasserstoffbombe (hydrogen bomb)
H-Dur {n}  :: B major (the major key with B as its tonic)
HNO {initialism}  :: [abbreviation of Hals-Nasen-Ohren] ENT; ear, nose and throat
HP {abbr} [apartment listing]  :: Abbreviation of Hochparterre
HQ {noun}  :: initialism of Hauptquartier
HWB {initialism} [real estate]  :: initialism of Heizwärmebedarf (number that categorizes the energy loss of a building)
HWB {initialism} [transportation]  :: initialism of Hochwaldbahn (a railway line in Trier, Germany)
Haß {m}  :: alternative spelling of Hass
Haack {prop}  :: surname
Haar {n}  :: hair
Haar in der Suppe {n} [idiomatic]  :: fly in the ointment [literally: hair in the soup]
Haaransatz {m}  :: the hairline (on the head)
Haarausfall {m}  :: alopecia, hair loss
Haarband {n}  :: hairband, snood
Haaresbreite {f}  :: whisker (literally: width of a hair)
Haarfarbe {f}  :: hair color
Haarkleid {n}  :: coat of hair
Haarknoten {m}  :: chignon, bun, topknot
Haarnadelkurve {f}  :: hairpin
Haarnetz {n}  :: hairnet
Haarschnitt {m}  :: haircut
Haarshampoo {n}  :: shampoo (product for washing hair)
Haarspalter {m}  :: pettifogger, nitpicker
Haarspalterei {f}  :: hair-splitting
Haarspray {n}  :: hair spray
Haarteil {n}  :: hairpiece
Haarverlust {m}  :: hair loss
Haarwachstum {n}  :: hair growth
Haarwaschmittel {n}  :: shampoo (for washing the hair)
Haarwurzel {f}  :: hair root, root of a hair
Haas {prop}  :: surname
Haastadler {m}  :: Haast's eagle
Hab und Gut {np}  :: belongings, possessions
Habakuk {prop} {m} [religion]  :: Habakkuk
Haböd {prop} {n}  :: A small town in lower Bavaria
Habe {f}  :: belongings, possession
Haben {n}  :: a credit
Habenichts {m}  :: have-not
Haber {m} [obsolete, dialectal, obsolete]  :: oat
Haberer {m} [Austria, colloquial]  :: friend, close companion
Haberkorn {prop}  :: surname
Habgier {f}  :: greed
Habicht {m}  :: hawk
Habitat {n}  :: habitat
Habitus {m}  :: habitus, disposition, bearing
Habseligkeit {f} [usually, in plural]  :: belonging
Habsucht {f}  :: greed
Habub {m}  :: haboob
Hack {n}  :: minced meat, ground meat
Hackbraten {m}  :: meatloaf
Hackbrett {n}  :: hammered dulcimer (musical instrument)
Hacke {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: heel (of the foot)
Hacke {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: the back of the shoe, which is around the heel (including or excluding the sole, for which alone Absatz is used)
Hacke {f}  :: hoe
Hackepeter {m}  :: minced meat
Hacker {m}  :: Someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer, web site, or file
Hackfleisch {n}  :: minced meat
Hackfleisch {n} [figurative, colloquial]  :: the victim of a beating or a harsh reprehension
Hackfleischverordnung {f} [literally]  :: ground meat directive, a regulation concerning the professional processing, labeling and storage of ground meat
Hackfresse {f} [vulgar]  :: very derisive term for a person that is perceived as ugly, comparable to shitface
Hackordnung {f}  :: pecking order
Hadaikum {prop}  :: the Hadean
Hader {m}  :: dispute, quarrel
Hades {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hades (god)
Hades {prop} {m} [Greek mythology]  :: Hades (underworld)
Hadith {m} [Islam]  :: hadith
Hadron {n}  :: hadron
Haerle {prop}  :: surname
Hafen {m}  :: harbor/harbour; port; haven
Hafen {m} [regional, Southern Germany]  :: pot
Hafenanlage {f}  :: harbor installation (US), harbour installation (Commonwealth)
Hafenbecken {n}  :: harbor basin (US), harbour basin (Commonwealth)
Hafenbecken {n}  :: dock
Hafenmeister {m} [nautical]  :: harbormaster, port master, havener [archaic] (male or of unspecified sex)
Hafenmeisterin {f}  :: harbormistress, harbormaster (female)
Hafenstadt {f}  :: port (town or city with a dock or harbour)
Hafer {m}  :: oat
Haferbrei {m}  :: oatmeal, porridge
Haferflocke {f}  :: porridge oats
Hafergrütze {f}  :: groat(s), oat groat(s)
Hafergrützensuppe {f}  :: oat groat soup; soup, the basic ingredients of which are oat groats and water or milk
Hafermehl {n}  :: oatmeal
Haff {n}  :: a bay or lagoon behind a spit
Hafling {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in South Tyrol
Hafnium {n}  :: hafnium
Hafniumverbindung {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hafnium compound
Haft {f}  :: custody, imprisonment
Haftbefehl {m} [legal]  :: arrest warrant
Haftstrafe {f}  :: prison sentence, imprisonment
Haftung {f}  :: liability
Haftung {f}  :: adhesion
Haftungseigenschaft {f}  :: adhesion property/characteristic
Hag {m} [archaic or regional]  :: hedge; haw; enclosure
Hag {m} [archaic or regional]  :: grove; woods; small forest
Hagebutte {f}  :: rose hip, fruit of a rose plant, especially of Rosa canina
Hagedorn {m}  :: hawthorn
Hagel {m}  :: hail
Hagelkorn {n} [weather]  :: hailstone
Hagelkorn {n} [medicine]  :: chalazion
Hagelwetter {n}  :: hailstorm
Hagen {prop} {n}  :: Hagen (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Hagen {prop} {n}  :: surname
Hagen {prop} {n}  :: given name
Hahn {m}  :: cock, rooster
Hahn {m}  :: stopcock, tap, spigot, faucet
Hahn {prop} {mf}  :: surname originating as a nickname
Hahnenfuß {m}  :: buttercup (herb of the genus Ranunculus)
Hahnenkamm {m}  :: cockscomb (fleshy red crest of a rooster)
Hahnrei {m} [dated or jocular]  :: cuckold (man with an unfaithful wife)
Hai {m}  :: shark
Haidinger {prop}  :: surname
Haifisch {m}  :: shark
Haifischflossensuppe {f}  :: shark fin soup
Haiku {n} {m}  :: haiku (Japanese poem of a specific form: 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables)
Haiku {n} {m}  :: haiku (poem in any language of the same form)
Hain {m} [chiefly literary, poetic]  :: grove; woods; small forest
Hainbuche {f}  :: hornbeam
Haiti {prop} {n}  :: Haiti
Haitianer {m}  :: Haitian (man from Haiti)
Haitianerin {f}  :: Haitian (woman from Haiti)
Haken {m}  :: hook
Haken {m}  :: catch, hitch (a concealed difficulty, especially in a deal or negotiation)
Haken {m}  :: checkmark
Hakenkreuz {n}  :: fylfot, swastika
Halali {noun}  :: the ritual end of a hunt by horse
Halali {noun}  :: the signal blown on the horn marking the end of a hunt by horse
Halbblut {n}  :: half-breed, half-caste, half-blood
Halbbruder {m}  :: half brother
Halbdoppellaut {m} [rare, dated]  :: an umlaut; ä, ö or ü
Halbfinale {n}  :: semifinal
Halbfingerhandschuh {m}  :: half-fingered glove
Halbgotisch {f} [typography]  :: rotunda
Halbgott {m}  :: demigod
Halbgott {m}  :: in the phrase "Halbgott in weiß": an ironic way to describe a physician, especially an arrogant one
Halbinsel {f}  :: peninsula
Halbjahr {n}  :: half year, half of the year
Halbkreis {m}  :: semicircle (half of a circle)
Halbkugel {f}  :: hemisphere, half of any sphere
Halbleiter {m}  :: semiconductor
Halbleiteranwendung {f}  :: semiconductor application
Halbleiterbauelement {n}  :: semiconductor device
Halbleitereigenschaft {f}  :: semiconductor property/characteristic
Halbleiterherstellung {f}  :: semiconductor manufacturing
Halbleiterindustrie {f}  :: semiconductor industry
Halbleitertechnik {f}  :: semiconductor technology
Halbmetall {n}  :: semimetal, metaloid
Halbmetallcharakter {m}  :: semimetal/metalloid character
Halbmonatsschrift {f}  :: Fortnightly; a publication issued fortnightly
Halbmond {m}  :: half-moon, crescent
Halbschlaf {m}  :: doze (The state of being half asleep.)
Halbschwester {f}  :: half sister
Halbstufenpotential {n} [physics]  :: halfwave potential
Halbton {m} [music]  :: halftone
Halbturn {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Halbwahrheit {f}  :: half-truth
Halbwaise {f}  :: half orphan
Halbwertszeit {f}  :: half-life
Halbwertzeit {f}  :: alternative form of Halbwertszeit
Halbwissen {n} [deprecative]  :: superficial knowledge, especially that of an autodidact who overestimates their own proficiency
Halbzeit {f} [sports]  :: half; half time
Halbzeug {n}  :: semi-finished or pre-production product
Halde {f}  :: spoil heap
Halde {f}  :: hill
Halfter {m} {n}  :: halter
Halfter {mf}  :: holster
Halid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: halide
Halikarnassos {prop} {m}  :: Halicarnassus
Halit {m} [mineral]  :: halite
Hall {m}  :: echo, resonance, reverberation
Halle {f}  :: hall
Halle {prop} {n}  :: Halle, a city in Saxony-Anhalt near the river Saale, Germany
Halle {prop} {n}  :: any of several other cities with the same name
Hallein {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Halleluja {n}  :: hallelujah
Hallenbad {n}  :: indoor public swimming pool
Hallig {f}  :: Hallig (one of a number of German North Sea islands liable to flooding)
Hallimasch {m}  :: honey fungus, armillaria
Hallo {n}  :: hello
Hallo-Welt-Programm {n} [programming]  :: a Hello World (program)
Hallraum {m} [room]  :: echo chamber
Halluzination {f}  :: hallucination (sensory perception of something that does not exist)
Halluzinogen {n}  :: hallucinogen (that which causes hallucinations)
Hallwang {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Halm {m}  :: stalk
Halma {n}  :: halma
Halma {n}  :: Chinese checkers (board game)
Halo {m}  :: halo (circular band of coloured light, visible around the Sun or Moon etc., caused by reflection and refraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere)
Halogen {n}  :: halogen (any element of group 7)
Halogenatom {n}  :: halogen atom
Halogenglühlampe {f}  :: halogen lamp
Halogenid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: halide
Halogenierung {f} [chemistry]  :: halogenation
Halogenkohlenwasserstoff {m} [organic chemistry]  :: halocarbon
Halogensauerstoffsäure {f}  :: halogen oxyacid
Halogenverbindung {f} [chemistry]  :: halogen compound
Halogenwasserstoff {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrogen halide
Halogenwasserstoffsäure {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrohalic acid
Halon {n} [organic chemistry]  :: halon
Haloperoxidase {f} [enzyme]  :: haloperoxidase
Halophyt {m}  :: halophyte
Hals {m}  :: neck
Hals {m}  :: throat
Hals- und Beinbruch {interj} [idiomatic]  :: break a leg
Halsabschneider {m}  :: cutthroat
Halsband {n}  :: collar
Halsband {n}  :: necklet, necklace
Halseisen {n}  :: iron collar, jougs
Halsentzündung {f}  :: sore throat
Halskette {f}  :: necklace
Halsregion {f}  :: neck region
Halsschlagader {f}  :: carotid, carotid artery
Halsschmerz {m}  :: sore throat
Halstuch {n}  :: neckerchief
Halt {m}  :: hold
Halt {m}  :: support
Halt {m}  :: halt, stop
Haltbarkeit {f}  :: durability
Haltbarkeit {f}  :: stability
Haltbarkeit {f}  :: shelf life (maximum time a material can be stored under specific conditions)
Haltepunkt {m}  :: stop
Haltepunkt {m} [computing]  :: breakpoint
Haltepunkt {m} [transportation]  :: bus stop
Haltepunkt {m} [transportation, railways]  :: small station
Halter {m}  :: holder, owner
Halter {m}  :: holder, mount, retainer, bracket
Haltestelle {f}  :: stop (place to get on and off line buses or trams)
Haltung {f}  :: attitude
Haltung {f}  :: posture
Haltung {f}  :: husbandry (also see Tierhaltung)
Haltung {f} [military]  :: attention
Halve Hahn {m} [regional, in the Rhineland]  :: a cheese sandwich, cut in half
Halver {prop} {n}  :: A town in the Sauerland of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Hamburg {prop} {n}  :: Hamburg (German state)
Hamburg {prop} {n}  :: Hamburg (German city)
Hamburger {adj}  :: pertaining to Hamburg
Hamburger {m}  :: Hamburger (person)
Hamburger {m}  :: hamburger (food)
Hamburger Schule {prop} {f} [music genre]  :: "Hamburg school", a musical current originating in Hamburg, Germany during the 1980s and early 1990s encompassing elements from punk, grunge and experimental pop
Hamen {m} [agriculture]  :: yoke [for draft animals]
Hamen {m} [fishing]  :: stake-net, draw-net, gillnet [a quadrangular fishing net which is kept open by a frame or diagonal poles, and is left in the water for only a short time]
Hamen {m} [fishing]  :: fishhook made of tin or brass
Hamm {prop}  :: surname with an etymology similar to that of English Hamm
Hamm {prop}  :: Hamm (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Hammel {m}  :: wether
Hammel {m}  :: mutton
Hammelfleisch {n}  :: mutton
Hammer {m}  :: hammer, mallet
Hammer {m} [colloquial]  :: sensation
Hammer {m} [sports]  :: a hard shot, slam
Hammer und Sichel {noun}  :: hammer and sickle
Hammerhai {m}  :: hammerhead shark
Hammerwerfen {n}  :: hammer throw
Hammerwurf {m}  :: hammer throw
Hampel {prop}  :: surname
Hampelmann {m} [toy]  :: jumping-jack
Hampelmann {m} [hence]  :: A person who is weak of will and easily influenced
Hamster {m}  :: hamster
Hanau {prop} {n}  :: A town in Hesse, Germany
Hand {f}  :: hand
Hand in Hand {adv} [idiomatic]  :: hand in hand
Handarbeit {f}  :: manual work
Handball {m}  :: handball (team sport; ball used in team sport)
Handballspiel {n}  :: handball
Handballspiel {n}  :: handball match, handball game
Handballspieler {m}  :: handballer, handball player (male or of unspecified sex)
Handbremse {f}  :: handbrake
Handbremshebel {m}  :: handbrake (lever)
Handbuch {n}  :: handbook, manual
Handel {m}  :: deal
Handel {m}  :: trade, trading
Handeln {n}  :: action, behaviour
Handelsblatt {n}  :: trade journal
Handelsdefizit {n}  :: trade deficit
Handelsform {f}  :: commercial form
Handelsmarine {f}  :: merchant navy (civilian naval fleet)
Handelsname {m}  :: brand, tradename
Handfläche {f} [anatomy]  :: palm (inner, concave part of hand)
Handgelenk {n}  :: wrist
Handgemenge {n}  :: brawl, scuffle
Handgepäck {n}  :: carry-on, hand luggage
Handgranate {f}  :: hand grenade
Handhabung {f}  :: handling, manipulation
Handlanger {m}  :: A handyman
Handlanger {m} [politics]  :: A henchman
Handlesen {n}  :: palm reading, palmistry
Handlichkeit {f}  :: handiness
Handlung {f}  :: plot (e.g. of a play)
Handlung {f}  :: deed (result of an act)
Handlung {f}  :: action, act
Handlungsstrang {m}  :: (literature, theatre) plot line, strand (of the plot)
Handpuppe {f}  :: hand puppet
Handschelle {f}  :: handcuff
Handschellen {f}  :: handcuffs
Handschellen {f}  :: shackles
Handschlag {m}  :: handshake
Handschrift {f}  :: handwriting
Handschrift {f}  :: manuscript
Handschuh {m}  :: glove
Handschuh {m}  :: mitten
Handschuh {m}  :: gauntlet
Handschuh {m}  :: mitt
Handschuhfach {n} [automotive]  :: glove compartment, glove box
Handspiel {n}  :: handball (offence of touching the ball with the hands)
Handstand {m}  :: handstand (a movement or position in which a person is upside down)
Handtasche {f}  :: handbag, [US] purse
Handtäschchen {n}  :: diminutive of Handtasche
Handtuch {n}  :: towel (cloth used for wiping)
Handvoll {f}  :: handful
Handvoll {f}  :: fistful
Handwerk {n}  :: labour, especially of a manual type
Handwerk {n}  :: trade (skilled practice)
Handwerk {n}  :: something made by hand, handcraft
Handwerker {m}  :: craftsman
Handwerker {m}  :: contractor
Handwerksberuf {m}  :: skilled trade (of a craftsman)
Handwerkskunst {f}  :: craftsmanship
Handwörterbuch {n}  :: “small” dictionary, concise dictionary
Handy {n}  :: mobile phone, mobile, cell phone, cellular phone
Handyspiel {n}  :: mobile game
Handyvertrag {m}  :: a mobile phone contract, plan
Hanf {m}  :: hemp
Hang {m}  :: slope, hill, hillside
Hang {m}  :: inclination; bias; a disposition, or liability towards something/someone
Hangar {m}  :: hangar
Hanna {prop}  :: Hannah [biblical character]
Hanna {prop}  :: Anna [biblical prophetess]
Hanna {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Hannah (and sometimes spelled Hannah); a diminutive form of Johanna
Hannah {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin, variant spelling of Hanna
Hanne {prop} {f}  :: given name, a short form of Johanne
Hannebachit {m} [mineral]  :: hannebachite
Hannelore {prop}  :: given name
Hannersdorf {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Hannersdorf {prop} {n} [historical]  :: Jindřišská, Czechia
Hannes {prop}  :: given name, short form of Johannes
Hanno {prop}  :: given name, a diminutive of Johann or Johannes
Hannover {prop} {n}  :: Hanover, a former province of Prussia, now part of Lower Saxony, Germany
Hannover {prop} {n}  :: Hanover, capital of Lower Saxony, Germany
Hanns {prop}  :: given name, a rare spelling variant of Hans
Hanoi {prop} {n}  :: Hanoi
Hans {prop}  :: given name, a medieval shortened form of Johannes (John)
Hanse {f} [historic]  :: a kind of commercial, and sometimes military, confederation of cities in the later Middle Ages; in particular the Hanseatic League of northern Germany
Hanse {f} [by analogy]  :: any similar confederation based first and foremost on commercial interests
Hanseat {m} [historical]  :: a Hanseatic merchant
Hanseat {m}  :: a native or inhabitant of a Hanseatic city
Hanseat {m}  :: a crisp, flat, round cookie, covered half with white icing and half with reddish icing
Hansestadt {f} [history]  :: Hanseatic city
Hanswurst {noun}  :: Hanswurst
Hantel {f} [weightlifting]  :: dumbbell (a weight with two disks attached to a short bar)
Hanzi {n}  :: Hanzi
Hapax Legomenon {n}  :: hapax legomenon (a word occurring only once in a given corpus)
Hapax Legomenon {n}  :: A concept, an idea of a genius
Hapaxlegomenon {n}  :: alternative form of Hapax Legomenon
Happen {m}  :: morsel
Happen {m}  :: snack
Happs {m} [colloquial, regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: bite of food
Happy End {n}  :: happy ending
Harakiri {n}  :: hara-kiri
Harald {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Scandinavia
Haratin {m} [rare]  :: Haratin
Hardware {f} [computing]  :: hardware
Hardwarebeschleunigung {f}  :: hardware acceleration
Hardwarebeschreibungssprache {f} [electronics]  :: hardware description language
Hardwareentwickler {m} [programming]  :: hardware developer
Hardwareentwicklerin {f} [programming]  :: female hardware developer
Harem {m}  :: harem
Harfe {f}  :: harp
Harfenspieler {m}  :: harp player, harpist (male or of unspecified sex)
Harke {f} [regional, chiefly northern and central Germany]  :: rake
Harmlosigkeit {f}  :: harmlessness, innocence
Harmlosigkeit {f}  :: inoffensiveness
Harmonie {f}  :: harmony
Harmonisierung {f}  :: harmonization
Harmonium {n}  :: harmonium
Harn {m} [formal]  :: urine
Harn lassen {v} [technical]  :: to pass urine
Harnblase {f}  :: urinary bladder
Harnisch {m}  :: armour of a medieval knight
Harnröhre {f} [anatomy]  :: urethra
Harnstein {m}  :: (medical) urinary stone, urolith, urinary calculus
Harnstoff {m} [organic compound]  :: urea
Harnsäure {f} [organic compound]  :: uric acid
Harnsäurebildung {f}  :: uric acid formation
Harpune {f}  :: harpoon
Harpyie {f}  :: (mythology) harpy
Harpyie {f}  :: a bird, the harpy eagle or American harpy eagle
Harpyie {f}  :: a butterfly native to southern Chile
Harrer {prop}  :: surname
Harri {prop}  :: given name
Harry {prop}  :: given name borrowed from
Hartholz {n}  :: hardwood
Hartkäse {m}  :: hard cheese (literal meaning)
Hartlot {n}  :: (hard) solder (for brazing)
Hartlöten {n}  :: brazing (hard-soldering)
Hartmetall {n}  :: carbide, but especially tungsten carbide
Hartmut {prop}  :: given name; name of a prince in the Gudrun Lied
Hartung {m} [poetic]  :: January
Hartzinn {n}  :: pewter
Haruspex {m}  :: haruspex
Harz {n}  :: resin
Harz {prop} {m}  :: Harz
Hasardeur {m}  :: gambler
Hasch {n}  :: hashish
Haschee {n}  :: hash
Haschisch {m} {n}  :: hashish
Hase {m}  :: hare (animal of either sex)
Hase {m} [constellation]  :: the constellation Lepus
Hasel {mf}  :: hazel
Hasel {m}  :: dace (fish)
Haselhuhn {n}  :: hazel grouse
Haselnuß {f}  :: alternative spelling of Haselnuss
Haselnuss {f}  :: hazelnut
Haselstrauch {m} [tree, shrub]  :: hazel
Hasenfuß {m}  :: coward
Hasenscharte {f}  :: harelip, cleft lip
Hashtag {m}  :: A hashtag
Haspel {f} {m}  :: reel (device for a harvesting machine)
Haspel {f} {m}  :: bobbin
Haspel {f} {m}  :: windlass
Hass {m}  :: hatred, hate
Hasse {f} [Vienna]  :: Burenwurst
Hassium {n}  :: hassium
Hassliebe {f}  :: love-hate relationship
Hast {f} [uncountable, chiefly literary]  :: haste
Hatschek {noun}  :: háček
Hatten {prop} {n}  :: Hatten (municipality in Lower Saxony)
Hatting {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Hatz {f}  :: hunt, chase (hunting)
Hauß {n}  :: obsolete form of Haus
Hauß {n}  :: obsolete form of Haus
Haube {f}  :: bonnet, cap
Haube {f}  :: hood
Haubenmeise {f}  :: crested tit (Lophophanes cristatus)
Haubennetzspinne {f}  :: cobweb spider
Haubenpinguin {m}  :: royal penguin
Haubentaucher {m}  :: great crested grebe
Haubitze {f}  :: howitzer
Hauch {m}  :: breath from the mouth
Hauch {m}  :: whisper; sough
Hauch {m}  :: aspiration
Hauch {m}  :: waft (of air)
Hauch {m}  :: mist (on something)
Hauch {m}  :: hint or whiff (of something)
Hauchlaut {m} [linguistics, phonetics]  :: voiceless glottal fricative; the sound denoted by /h/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet
Haue {f} [colloquial]  :: spanking
Hauer {m}  :: the small, sharp tusk of a wild boar or similar animal
Hauerit {m} [mineral]  :: hauerite
Haufen {m}  :: heap, hive, pile
Haufen {m}  :: crowd, lot, group
Haufen {m}  :: dog feces
Hauhechel {f}  :: restharrow, any plant of the genus Ononis
Haupt {n} [dated, elevated, poetic]  :: head (body part)
Haupt {n} [dated]  :: head; leader; chief
Haupt {n} [heraldiccharge]  :: chief
Haupt {n} [in compounds]  :: see haupt-
Hauptanliegen {n}  :: main concern (matter of concern)
Hauptanteil {m}  :: majority, lion's share
Hauptanwendungsgebiet {n}  :: main area of application
Hauptartikel {m}  :: lead story (in a newspaper)
Hauptbahnhof {m}  :: main train station
Hauptbestandteil {m}  :: basis (main ingredient or component)
Hauptdeck {n}  :: main deck
Hauptfaktor {m}  :: main / chief factor
Hauptfeld {n} [sports]  :: main group of competitors in a race, e.g. of cycling or long-distance running; peloton
Hauptfeld {m} [military slang]  :: clipping of Hauptfeldwebel
Hauptgericht {n}  :: main dish, main course, entree (American English)
Hauptgrund {m}  :: main / chief reason
Hauptgruppe {f} [chemistry]  :: main group (of the periodic table)
Hauptgruppenelement {n} [chemistry]  :: main group element
Hauptgruppennachbar {m} [chemistry]  :: main group neighbour (in the periodic table)
Haupthimmelsrichtung {f}  :: cardinal point (cardinal point)
Hauptinhalt {m}  :: main content; gist
Hauptkomponente {f}  :: main / chief component
Hauptlinie {f}  :: main line
Hauptmann {m} [military ranks]  :: captain
Hauptplatine {f} [computing]  :: mainboard, motherboard
Hauptproduzent {m}  :: main producer (of a material)
Hauptprozessor {m} [computing]  :: central processing unit, CPU
Hauptquartier {n} [military]  :: headquarters
Hauptquelle {f}  :: main / primary source
Hauptreihe {f} [astronomy]  :: main sequence
Hauptreihenstern {m} [astronomy]  :: main-sequence star
Hauptrolle {f}  :: lead (starring role in a drama)
Hauptsache {f}  :: most important thing
Hauptsache {f} [legal]  :: main issue
Hauptsatz {m} [grammar]  :: main clause (a clause that can stand alone syntactically)
Hauptschlagader {f}  :: aorta
Hauptschule {f}  :: a type of basic secondary school in Germany that follows elementary school but does not qualify for higher university education
Hauptseite {f}  :: main page, home page
Hauptsitz {m}  :: headquarters, head office
Hauptspeise {f}  :: main dish
Hauptspiegel {m}  :: primary mirror (of a telescope)
Hauptstadt {f}  :: capital (capital city)
Hauptstraße {f}  :: main street
Hauptsturmführer {m}  :: a former military rank in the SS and SA in Nazi Germany, equal to a "Hauptmann" (captain) in the regular Wehrmacht
Hauptteil {m}  :: principal part
Hauptverdächtiger {m}  :: prime suspect
Hauptverkehrszeit {f}  :: rush hour
Hauptversammlung {f}  :: annual general meeting
Hauptwort {n} [grammar]  :: noun (sensu stricto), substantive
Hauptwurzel {f}  :: main root, primary root
Hauptzeuge {m}  :: principal witness, key witness, star witness
Hauptzeugin {f}  :: female principal witness, key witness, star witness
Haus {n}  :: house
Haus {n}  :: theatre
Hausarbeit {f}  :: housework
Hausarbeit {f}  :: homework
Hausarrest {m}  :: house arrest
Hausarzt {m}  :: family doctor (male or of unspecified sex)
Hausaufgabe {f}  :: homework assignment
Hausbesetzer {m}  :: squatter (male or of unspecified sex)
Hausbesetzerin {f}  :: squatter (female)
Hausbesetzung {f}  :: squatting (occupation of a house without permission)
Hausbesetzung {f}  :: squat (house that has been occupied without permission)
Hauschild {prop}  :: surname
Hausdurchsuchung {f}  :: house-search
Hausen {m}  :: Huso, genus of sturgeon
Hausente {f}  :: domestic duck (Anas platyrhynchos dom.)
Hauser {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Hausflur {m}  :: corridor; landing
Hausfrau {f}  :: housewife
Hausfriedensbruch {m} [legal]  :: trespass (premeditated unallowed presence on a property)
Haushalt {m}  :: household
Haushalt {m} [government]  :: budget
Haushalt {m} [biology]  :: balance [between the production and consumption of a biochemical]
Haushaltsausschuss {m}  :: budget committee
Haushaltsgegenstand {m} [especially, in plural]  :: household item(s) / object(s)
Haushaltsgerät {n}  :: household appliance
Hausherr {m}  :: head of the household
Hausherr {m} [sports]  :: host
Hausherr {m}  :: landlord
Haushund {m}  :: pet dog
Hausinstallation {f}  :: domestic electrical wiring
Hauskatze {f}  :: house cat, domestic cat
Hausmann {m}  :: househusband, house husband
Hausmaus {f}  :: house mouse
Hausmeister {m}  :: caretaker or janitor (male or of unspecified sex) (someone who repairs and potentially cleans a building)
Hausparty {f}  :: house party
Hausrotschwanz {m}  :: black redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros)
Hausärztin {f}  :: family doctor (female)
Hausschaf {n}  :: domestic sheep
Hausschuh {m}  :: slipper (a low shoe that can be slipped on and off easily and is usually worn indoors)
Hausschwein {n}  :: domestic pig
Hausse {f} [stock market]  :: bull market
Hausspinne {f}  :: house spider (genus Tegenaria)
Hausspinne {f}  :: (regionally) daddy longlegs
Haussuchung {f} [dated]  :: house-search
Haustafel {f} [Christianity]  :: The proper domestic or household order in the Christian home. It implies the highly practical nature of the instructions: an individual's "haustafel duties" are not related to abstract beliefs they are expected to hold to, but rather to specific actions they are expected to perform
Haustier {n}  :: A pet, in the sense of a companion animal
Haustür {f}  :: front door
Haustür {f}  :: doorstep, threshold
Haustrauung {f}  :: house wedding
Haustürschlüssel {m}  :: front door key
Hausverbot {n}  :: ban on entering the house or premises
Hauswirt {m}  :: landlord
Haut {f}  :: skin, hide of a person, animal or (part of a) plant
Haut {f} [by extension, metonymy]  :: a creature, especially a person
Haut {f}  :: skin (membrane found on the surface of an object, like a sausage)
Hautarzt {m}  :: dermatologist (male or of unspecified sex) (one who is skilled, professes or practices dermatology)
Hautausschlag {m}  :: rash
Hautausschlag {m}  :: eczema
Hautentzündung {f} [disease]  :: skin inflammation, dermatitis
Hautfarbe {f}  :: complexion, skin color
Hautfett {n}  :: sebum
Hautgout {m}  :: haut gout
Hautkontakt {m}  :: skin contact
Hautkrankheit {f} [pathology]  :: skin disease, dermatosis
Hautkrebs {m}  :: skin cancer
Hautärztin {f}  :: dermatologist (female) (one who is skilled, professes or practices dermatology)
Hautschuppe {f}  :: dandruff
Hautschutz {m}  :: skin protection
Havana-Katze {f}  :: Havana Brown (cat)
Havanna {prop} {n}  :: Havana
Havarie {f}  :: accident, emergency (most often of a ship); shipwreck
Havel {prop} {f}  :: Havel (river in Berlin Germany)
Hawaii {prop} {n}  :: Hawaii (island)
Hawaii {prop} {n}  :: Hawaii (state)
Hawaiianisch {prop} {n}  :: Hawaiian (Hawaiian language)
Hawara {m} [rare]  :: alternative form of Haberer, representing an Austrian German pronunciation.
Haydn {prop}  :: surname, notably of Joseph Haydn, an 18th century Austrian composer
Haüyn {m} [mineral]  :: hauyne, haüyne, hauynite
Hb. {noun} [music]  :: abbreviation of Hoboe
Hbf {abbr}  :: Hauptbahnhof (main train station)
Hbf. {abbr}  :: Hauptbahnhof (main train station)
Höchst {prop}  :: Any of several towns in the German-speaking area
Höchst {prop}  :: A district of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
Höchst {prop}  :: A village in south Hesse, Germany
Höchst {prop}  :: A village in Vorarlberg, Austria
Höchstbietender {noun}  :: The highest bidder, who offers the best price
Höchstmenge {f}  :: maximum amount / quantity
Höchststand {m}  :: peak (highest level)
Höchstwert {m} [maths]  :: maximum (value)
Höcker {m}  :: hump
Höckerschwan {m}  :: mute swan (Cygnus olor)
Häcksel {n} {m} [agriculture]  :: chaff, chopped straw
Hdt. {abbr}  :: abbreviation of Hundert
Hdt. {prop}  :: abbreviation of Herodot, Herodotos, Herodotus
H-dur {noun}  :: alternative spelling of H-Dur
Headhunter {m} [business, recruiting]  :: headhunter
Heap {m} [computing]  :: heap
Heard und McDonaldinseln {prop} {p}  :: Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Hebamme {f}  :: midwife (accoucheuse)
Hebel {m}  :: lever
Hebelarm {m}  :: lever arm
Hebelwirkung {f} [finance, physics]  :: leverage
Hebraistik {f}  :: Hebrew studies (academic study of Hebrew language and literature)
Hebräer {m}  :: historic: Hebrew (People)
Hebriden {prop} {fp}  :: Hebrides (group of islands)
Hebräisch {prop} {n}  :: Hebrew (language)
Hebräisch {prop} {n}  :: Hebrew (alphabet)
Hecht {m}  :: pike (a fish)
Hechtbarbe {f}  :: mangar, a fish (Luciobarbus esocinus)
Heck {n}  :: stern (of a ship)
Heck {n}  :: tail (of an aeroplane)
Heck {n}  :: back (of a car)
Heck {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Heckantrieb {m}  :: rear-wheel drive
Hecke {f}  :: hedge
Hecken {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Hecken {prop} {n}  :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin department of Alsace
Heckenschere {f}  :: hedge cutters, hedge shears, hedge trimmer, hedge clippers
Heckenschütze {m}  :: sniper
Heckklappe {f}  :: tailgate (car)
Heckscheibe {f}  :: rear window
Hedonik {f} [rare]  :: hedonism
Hedonismus {m}  :: hedonism
Hedonist {m}  :: hedonist
Hedwig {prop} {f}  :: given name, borne by a 12th/13th century Silesian saint
Heer {n}  :: army (ground forces)
Heeresamt {n}  :: department (especially within a ministry of defense) or other governmental agency in charge of a nation's army (as opposed to Luftwaffe = air force, Kriegsmarine = navy etc.)
Heerzug {m} [military]  :: train
Heerzug {m} [dated, military]  :: campaign
Hefe {f}  :: yeast
Hefe {n} [colloquial]  :: clipping of Hefeweizen; hefeweizen
Hefepilz {m}  :: yeast (type of fungus)
Hefeteig {m}  :: yeast dough
Hefeweizen {n}  :: hefeweizen (unfiltered type of wheat beer)
Heft {n}  :: booklet, cahier to write in
Heft {n}  :: notebook
Heft {n}  :: notepad, writing pad
Heft {n}  :: exercise book
Heft {n}  :: haft of a melee weapon
Heft {n}  :: number (of a journal)
Heftchen {n} [often, derogatory]  :: pamphlet, especially one with lowbrow or sensationalistic content (e.g. comic strips, crime fiction, pornography)
Heftchen {n}  :: diminutive of Heft
Hefter {m}  :: binder, file, a plastic or cardboard piece with prongs for hole-punched papers
Hefter {m}  :: stapler
Heftigkeit {f}  :: fierceness, vehemence
Heftpflaster {n}  :: band-aid, adhesive bandage, [UK] sticking plaster
Hegemonie {f}  :: hegemony
Hegen {noun}  :: nurture
Hehl {m} {n} [obsolete]  :: secret
Hehler {m}  :: agent noun of hehlen; receiver and usually peddler of stolen goods; fence
Hehlerei {f}  :: handling (criminal offence)
Hehn {prop}  :: surname
Heia {f} [childish]  :: bed
Heide {f}  :: heath, heathland
Heide {prop} {f}  :: surname
Heide {m}  :: heathen, pagan
Heide {prop} {f}  :: given name, pet form of Adelheid
Heide {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Heidekraut {f}  :: heather
Heidelbeere {f}  :: bilberry, blueberry, huckleberry, whortleberry, hurtleberry
Heidelberger {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Heidelberg
Heidelerche {f}  :: woodlark (Lullula arborea)
Heidemarie {prop}  :: given name, combination of Heide and Marie
Heidi {prop}  :: given name
Heidin {f}  :: female heathen, pagan
Heiermann {m} [money, colloquial, dated]  :: A five-Deutschmark coin
Heiermann {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Heißhunger {m}  :: munchies, craving (for food)
Heike {prop}  :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian form of Heinrike, feminine of Heinrich ( =Henry)
Heißklebepistole {f}  :: hot glue gun
Heiko {prop}  :: given name, a Low German and West Frisian form of Heinrich
Heil {n}  :: luck, health, salvation
Heiland {m}  :: savior
Heilanstalt {f} [healthcare]  :: sanatorium
Heilbronn {prop}  :: A city in Baden-Württemberg
Heilbronn {prop}  :: surname
Heilbutt {m}  :: halibut (fish of genus Hippoglossus)
Heiler {m}  :: agent noun of heilen
Heiligabend {prop} {m}  :: Christmas Eve (day before Christmas Day)
Heilige {f}  :: female saint
Heilige {f} [colloquial]  :: virtuous, honest woman
Heilige Schrift {f}  :: scriptures, Holy Scripture
Heiligenberg {prop} {m} [dated]  :: Svatý Kopeček, a historical town, nowadays a part of the city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic
Heiligenschein {m}  :: aureola, aureole
Heiliger {m}  :: male saint
Heiliger {m} [colloquial]  :: virtuous, honest man
Heiliger Geist {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost
Heiliger Gral {m}  :: Holy Grail
Heiliger Stuhl {prop} {m}  :: Holy See (episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Church)
Heiliger Vater {prop}  :: Holy Father (pope)
Heiligkeit {f}  :: holiness, holyness
Heiligtum {n}  :: sacred site
Heiligtum {n}  :: sacred, venerated object
Heilkraut {n}  :: medicinal herb
Heilkunde {f}  :: medicine, medical science
Heilmittel {n}  :: remedy (a medicine, application, or treatment that relieves or cures a disease)
Heilpflanze {f}  :: medicinal plant
Heilsarmee {prop} {f}  :: Salvation Army
Heilsgeschichte {f}  :: Heilsgeschichte
Heißluftballon {m}  :: hot air balloon
Heilung {f}  :: healing
Heilwasser {n}  :: curative water(s)
Heim {n}  :: home
Heim {n}  :: hostel
Heim {n}  :: asylum
Heimat {f}  :: home, homeland
Heimat {f}  :: country of origin
Heimatland {n}  :: homeland, home country
Heimatschutz {m}  :: homeland security
Heimatschutz {m}  :: an earlier form of Umweltschutz ("protection of the environment")
Heimatschutzministerium {prop} {n}  :: (United States) Department of Homeland Security
Heimatstadt {f}  :: hometown
Heimchen {n}  :: house cricket
Heimcomputer {m} [computer hardware]  :: home computer
Heimlichkeit {f}  :: secrecy, furtiveness
Heimspiel {n} [sports]  :: home game
Heimtextilien {fp}  :: home textiles, household textiles
Heimtier {n}  :: An animal from an animal shelter
Heimtier {n}  :: A formal term for a pet, as opposed to a farm animal or a wild animal. In 1986 this definition of the term became a law in article 1 of the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, German: Europäische Übereinkommen zum Schutz von Heimtieren
Heimweg {m}  :: way home
Heimweh {n}  :: homesickness
Heimwerker {m}  :: Handyman
Heimwerkergerät {n}  :: do-it-yourself tool, do-it-yourself appliance
Heine {prop}  :: given name; rarely used today
Heine {prop}  :: surname, notably of Heinrich Heine
Heiner {prop}  :: given name, a short form of Heinrich (Henry)
Heiner {prop}  :: surname
Heinfels {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Heini {m}  :: scatterbrained, stupid person; nut
Heini {prop}  :: given name
Heinrich {prop} {m}  :: given name
Heinrich {prop} {m}  :: surname derived from the given name
Heinz {prop}  :: given name, a popular diminutive of Heinrich
Heirat {f}  :: marrying; marriage; wedding (the act of marrying; the contracting of a marriage)
Heiratsgut {n} [Austria, otherwise dated]  :: dowry
Heisenberg {prop}  :: surname
Heisenbergsche Unschärferelation {noun}  :: Heisenberg uncertainty principle
Heiterkeit {f}  :: happiness, cheer, cheerfulness, joy
Heiterwang {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Heizdraht {m}  :: heating wire (especially in a thermionic valve)
Heizelement {n}  :: heating element
Heizer {m}  :: stoker, fireman (male or of unspecified sex)
Heizkörper {m}  :: radiator
Heizöl {n}  :: heating oil
Heizleiter {m}  :: heating element (electrical conductor with a high resistance)
Heizleiterlegierung {f}  :: heating-conductor alloy
Heizlüfter {m}  :: electric fire or space heater with a fan; fan heater
Heizspirale {f}  :: heating coil / element
Heizstrahler {m}  :: any heater using radiant heating, such as an electric fire without a fan
Heizung {f}  :: heating (a system that raises the temperature of a room or building)
Hektar {n}  :: hectare
Hektik {f}  :: hecticness
Hektor {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Hector
Held {m}  :: hero
Held {m}  :: protagonist
Heldentat {f}  :: heroic deed
Heldentenor {noun} [literally]  :: hero and tenor; A singer with a deep, strong voice that spans the range between baritone and tenor
Heldentum {n}  :: heroism
Heldin {f}  :: heroine
Helena {prop}  :: given name
Helene {prop}  :: given name
Helfer {m}  :: agent noun of helfen
Helfershelfer {m}  :: accessory; accomplice (to a crime)
Helga {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Scandinavia, ultimately from
Helge {prop}  :: given name
Helge {prop}  :: given name, a less common variant of Helga
Helgoland {prop}  :: Heligoland (German island in the North Sea)
Helibert {prop} {m}  :: given name
Helikopter {m}  :: helicopter
Helikopterrotor {m}  :: helicopter rotor
Heliometer {n}  :: heliometer
Helios {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Helios
Heliostat {m}  :: heliostat
Heliozentrismus {m}  :: heliocentrism
Helium {n}  :: helium; the chemical element and lighest noble gas with the atomic number 2
Heliumatom {n}  :: helium atom
Heliumballon {m}  :: helium balloon
Heliumbrennen {n}  :: helium burning
Heliumhydrid {n}  :: helium hydride (ion)
Heliumisotop {n}  :: helium isotope
Heliumkern {m}  :: helium nucleus
Helix {f}  :: helix
Hella {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Helene and Helga
Helldunkelmalerei {f} [art]  :: chiaroscuro
Helle {n}  :: pale lager
Helle {f}  :: brightness
Hellebarde {f}  :: halberd
Hellene {m}  :: Hellene (person)
Hellenische Republik {prop} {f}  :: Hellenic Republic (official name of Greece)
Heller {m}  :: heller
Helligkeit {f}  :: brightness
Hellsehen {n}  :: clairvoyance
Hellseher {m}  :: clairvoyant
Hellseherei {f}  :: clairvoyance
Hellstern {noun} [literally]  :: "bright star"
Hellstern {noun} [Christianity]  :: The Christian faith
Hellwege {prop}  :: A village in Rottenburg, Lower Saxony
Helm {m}  :: helmet
Helm {m}  :: helm roof
Helm {m} [heraldry]  :: helmet, as shown above a coat of arms
Helmholtz {prop}  :: surname
Helmina {prop}  :: given name, short for Wilhelmina
Helmine {prop}  :: given name, short for Wilhelmine
Helmut {prop}  :: given name popular during the first half of the 20th century
Helsinki {prop} {n}  :: Helsinki
Hemd {n}  :: shirt
Hemimorphit {m} [mineral]  :: hemimorphite
Hemisphäre {f}  :: hemisphere
Hemmnis {n}  :: hindrance; obstruction
Hemmnis {n} [golf]  :: hazard
Hemmschuh {m}  :: brake shoe
Hemmschuh {m} [by extension]  :: hindrance
Hemmung {f} [psychology]  :: inhibition
Hemmung {f}  :: scruple
Hemmung {f}  :: hindrance, hindering
Hemmungslosigkeit {f}  :: lack of restraint
Hendiadyoin {m} [rhetoric]  :: hendiadys
Hendrik {prop}  :: given name
Hengst {m}  :: stallion
Henkel {m}  :: handle
Henker {m}  :: hangman
Henker {m}  :: executioner
Henne {f}  :: hen (female chicken)
Hennegau {prop}  :: The Hainaut region, a former countship and present Belgian province
Hennin {m} {n}  :: hennin
Henny {prop}  :: given name derived from Henriette and Johanna
Henny {prop}  :: given name derived from Heinrich and Johannes
Henotheismus {m}  :: henotheism (religion: belief in one ("main") deity without denying the existence of other deities)
Henry {prop} {m}  :: given name borrowed from
Hentai {m} {n} {f}  :: hentai (anime, manga)
Hepatitis {f}  :: hepatitis
Heppenheim {prop} {n}  :: a city in South Hesse
Heptafluoroniobat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: heptafluoroniobate
Heptahydrat {n} [chemistry]  :: heptahydrate
Heptamolybdat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: heptamolybdate
Heptan {n} [organic compound]  :: heptane
Heptasulfid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: heptasulfide
Heptoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: heptoxide
Hera {prop} {f} [Greek god]  :: Hera
Herabsetzung {f}  :: decrease, reduction, lowering
Herabsetzung {f}  :: disparagement, belittling
Herabsetzung {f}  :: depreciation
Heraklit {prop} {m}  :: Heraclitus
Heraldik {f}  :: heraldry (the profession of devising and blazoning arms)
Herausforderung {f}  :: challenge (that which encourages someone to do something they otherwise would not)
Herausgeber {m}  :: editor; publisher (male or of unspecified sex)
Herbarium {n}  :: herbarium
Herbeiführung {f}  :: induction (bringing about)
Herberge {f}  :: hospice, hostel
Herbert {prop} {m}  :: given name
Herbizid {n}  :: herbicide
Herbst {m}  :: autumn, fall
Herbst {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Herbstanfang {m}  :: beginning of fall, beginning of autumn, early fall, early autumn
Herbstgrasmilbe {f}  :: harvest mite
Herbstlaub {n} [collective]  :: autumn leaves, autumn foliage, fall foliage
Herbstsonne {f}  :: autumn sun
Herbsttrompete {f}  :: black chanterelle (mushroom)
Herbstwald {m}  :: autumn forest
Herbstwetter {n}  :: autumn weather
Herbstwind {m}  :: autumn wind
Herd {m}  :: stove, cooker
Herd {m} [dated]  :: fireplace, hearth
Herd {m} [figuratively]  :: the household as the traditional workplace of women
Herde {f}  :: herd
Herder {prop}  :: surname
Herdfeuer {n}  :: hearth, or more literally: the fire therein (particularly as a place around which the family gathers)
Heribert {prop} {m}  :: given name
Hering {m}  :: herring
Hering {m}  :: tent peg
Heringsfischer {m}  :: herring fisherman, herringer
Herkules {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hercules
Herkules {prop} {m} [constellation]  :: Hercules
Herkunft {f}  :: origin, source
Herkunft {f}  :: descent (lineage or hereditary derivation)
Herkunft {f}  :: etymology (origin of a word)
Herkunftsbezeichnung {f}  :: designation of origin
Herkunftsland {n}  :: country of origin
Herkunftsort {m}  :: place / point of origin
Hermann {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to English Herman
Hermann {prop} {m}  :: surname derived from the given name
Hermannstadt {prop}  :: Sibiu (city in Transylvania/Sibiu County (Romania))
Hermannstadt {prop}  :: Heřmanovice (village in Moravia/Okres Bruntál (Czech Republic))
Hermaphrodit {m}  :: hermaphrodite (individual or organism having both male and female gonads)
Hermelin {n}  :: ermine [Mustela erminea]
Hermelin {n} [heraldry]  :: ermine
Hermelin {m}  :: ermine (white fur of the ermine)
Hermelin {m}  :: Trichosea ludifica (moth of the Noctuidae family)
Hermeneutik {f}  :: hermeneutics
Hermes {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hermes
Hermina {prop}  :: given name, a Latinate variant of Hermine
Hermine {prop}  :: given name
Herne {prop}  :: Herne (city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Heroin {n}  :: heroin
Herold {m}  :: herald
Herostrat {prop} {m}  :: Herostratus
Herostrat {m}  :: Someone who commits a crime in order to achieve herostratic fame
Herpes {m}  :: herpes
Herr {m}  :: Mr., mister, sir
Herr {m}  :: gentleman
Herr {m}  :: master, lord, generally denotes that somebody has control over something, either in a generic or in a regal sense
Herr {m}  :: Lord, God
Herr {m}  :: Used as a title of respect that is not translated into English or replaced with Sir:
Herr der Heerscharen {prop} {m} [Christianity]  :: Lord of Hosts; Lord Sabaoth (the almighty God, particularly in the context of the Old Testament)
Herr werden {v} [used with genitive]  :: to master, to get under control
Herrenhaus {n}  :: manor house
Herrenmoral {f} [philosophy]  :: master morality; morality of the strong-willed
Herrenuhr {f}  :: man's watch
Herrenvolk {n}  :: master race
Herrgott {m} [Christianity]  :: Lord, God
Herrin {f}  :: lady
Herrlichkeit {f}  :: glory, splendour
Herrnhuter {m}  :: Herrnhuter (male or of unspecified sex)
Herrschaft {f}  :: lordship
Herrschaft {f}  :: reign, dominion
Herrschaft {f} [in the plural, obsolete or ironic]  :: ladies and gentlemen (used to courtly address an audience)
Herrschaftssprache {f}  :: language of the ruling class
Herrscher {m}  :: agent noun of herrschen; monarch, sovereign
Herrscherpersönlichkeit {f}  :: (important) ruler
Hersteller {m}  :: agent noun of herstellen; manufacturer
Herstellerin {f}  :: feminine noun of Hersteller
Herstellung {f}  :: production (act of producing)
Herstellungskosten {p}  :: production costs
Herstellungsprozess {m}  :: manufacturing process
Herstellungsverfahren {n}  :: manufacturing process
Herta {prop}  :: given name, a spelling variant of Hertha
Hertha {prop}  :: given name popular at the turn of the 20th century
Hertz {n}  :: hertz
Hertz {n}  :: obsolete spelling of Herz
Hertzog {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Herzog
Herumgeeiere {n} [colloquial]  :: tortuous maneuvering
Herunterkühlen {n}  :: cooling down
Herz {n}  :: heart
Herz {n} [card games]  :: hearts
Herz {n}  :: sweetheart, darling
Herzanfall {m} [cardiology, pathology]  :: heart attack
Herzchen {n}  :: diminutive of Herz, particularly a little symbol in the form of
Herzchen {n} [derogatory]  :: naive, gullible person
Herzchen {n} [sometimes, derogatory]  :: sweetie pie
Herzinfarkt {m}  :: myocardial infarction (necrosis of heart muscle), heart attack
Herzinsuffizienz {f}  :: heart failure
Herzklappe {f}  :: heart valve
Herzklopfen {n}  :: heart palpitations
Herzkrankheit {f} [pathology]  :: heart disease
Herzlosigkeit {f}  :: heartlessness
Herzlosigkeit {f} [zoology]  :: acardia
Herzmuskel {m}  :: cardiac muscle
Herzmuskelgewebe {n}  :: cardiac muscle tissue
Herzog {m}  :: duke
Herzogin {f}  :: duchess
Herzogtum {n}  :: a country ruled by a duke: duchy
Herzrhythmusstörung {f}  :: cardiac arrhythmia/dysrhythmia
Herzschlag {m}  :: heartbeat
Herzschlag {m} [dated]  :: heart attack
Herzschrittmacher {m}  :: pacemaker
Herzstillstand {m} [pathology]  :: cardiac arrest
Herzversagen {n}  :: heart failure
Hesekiel {prop}  :: Ezekiel [biblical character]
Hesekiel {prop}  :: the book of Ezekiel
Hesperien {n}  :: Hesperia (western land)
Hess {}  :: alternative spelling of Heß
Hesse {m}  :: A man born in or residing in the state of Hesse; a Hessian
Hesse {prop} [Hessian]  :: Hesse
Hesse {prop}  :: surname for an inhabitant of Hesse
Hessen {prop} {n}  :: Hesse
Hete {f} [colloquial, slightly derogatory]  :: A person with a heterosexual orientation; breeder
Heteroaromat {m} [organic chemistry]  :: heteroaromatic compound
Heteroatom {n} [chemistry]  :: heteroatom
Heterocyclus {n} [chemistry]  :: heterocycle
Heteroelement {n} [chemistry]  :: heteroelement
Heteronomie {f}  :: heteronomy
Heteropolysäure {f} [inorganic chemistry]  :: heteropoly acid
Heterosexualität {f}  :: heterosexuality
Heterosexuelle {f}  :: heterosexual (female)
Heterosexueller {m}  :: heterosexual (male or of unspecified sex)
Heterozygot {n}  :: heterozygote
Hethiter {m}  :: Hittite (a man from the Hittite people)
Hethiterin {f}  :: Hittite (a woman from the Hittite people)
Hethitisch {n}  :: Hittite (the Hittite language)
Hethitologie {f}  :: Hittitology
Hetze {f}  :: hurry, rush
Hetze {f}  :: hunt, chase
Hetze {f}  :: hate speech
Hetzjagd {f}  :: persistence hunting
Heu {n}  :: hay
Heu {n} [colloquial]  :: plentiful money
Heu {n} [slang]  :: marijuana
Heuchelei {f}  :: hypocrisy
Heuchler {m}  :: hypocrite (person practising hypocrisy)
Heuer {f} [nautical]  :: pay (of a seaman)
Heuert {prop} {m} [archaic]  :: July (seventh month of the Gregorian calendar)
Heugabel {f}  :: fork; pitchfork; hayfork
Heuhaufen {m}  :: haystack
Heulen {n}  :: crying; yelling
Heuler {m}  :: agent noun of heulen
Heuler {m}  :: a baby seal left by its mother
Heuler {m}  :: a type of firecracker
Heuler {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Heumann {prop}  :: surname
Heuschnupfen {m}  :: hay fever
Heuschober {m}  :: haystack
Heuschrecke {f}  :: grasshopper
Heuschrecke {f}  :: locust
Heute {n}  :: today
Hexacarbonyl {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexacarbonyl
Hexachlorid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexachloride
Hexachloroplatinat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexachloroplatinate
Hexacyanoferrat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexacyanoferrate (ferrocyanide or ferricyanide)
Hexadezimalzahl {f} [computing, mathematics]  :: hexadecimal number
Hexaeder {n} {m} [geometry]  :: hexahedron
Hexafluorid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexafluoride
Hexafluorophosphat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexafluorophosphate
Hexafluorosilicat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hexafluorosilicate
Hexagon {n}  :: hexagon
Hexahydrat {n} [chemistry]  :: hexahydrate
Hexameter {m}  :: hexameter
Hexan {n} [organic compound]  :: hexane
Hexe {f}  :: witch
Hexenjagd {f}  :: witch-hunt
Hexenküche {f}  :: literally, witches' kitchen (room containing the cauldron)
Hexenküche {f}  :: witches' or wizard's cuisine (things which might be cooked up in a cauldron)
Hexenküche {f}  :: witches' cauldron
Hexenkessel {m}  :: a witch's cauldron
Hexenkessel {m}  :: (metaphorical) boiling pot, boiling point, lions' den, uproar
Hexensabbat {m}  :: (witchcraft) Sabbath, witches' Sabbath
Hexensabbat {m}  :: (figurative) bedlam, pandemonium
Hexenschuss {m}  :: lumbago
Hexer {m}  :: warlock, male witch
Hexerei {f}  :: witchcraft; sorcery
Heyde {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Heide
Heyde {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Heide
Heylung {f}  :: obsolete spelling of Heilung
Höfen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Häferl {n} [Austrian]  :: Diminutive form of Häfn; cup
Höfler {prop}  :: surname
Höflichkeit {f} [uncountable]  :: courtesy, politeness, courtliness (the state of being polite)
Höflichkeit {f} [countable]  :: courtesy, politeness (an act of politeness)
Häfn {m} [Austrian]  :: pot
Häfn {m} [Austrian]  :: prison
Hüftbein {n} [anatomy]  :: hip bone
Hüfte {f} [anatomy]  :: hip
Hüftgelenk {n}  :: hip (joint)
Hüftgelenksprothese {f}  :: (artificial) hip replacement
Hüfthalter {m}  :: girdle
Hüftknochen {m}  :: hip bone
Häftling {m}  :: prison inmate
Hügel {m}  :: hill
Hügelgrab {n}  :: tumulus, burial mound, grave mound
Höhe {f}  :: height
Höhenangst {f}  :: vertigo, acrophobia
Höhenkrankheit {f}  :: altitude sickness
Höhenlage {f}  :: altitude (height above sea-level)
Höhenmesser {m}  :: altimeter
Höhenunterschied {m}  :: drop (difference in altitude)
Höhepunkt {m}  :: highlight; climax; high; high point
Höhepunkt {m}  :: orgasm, climax
Häher {m}  :: jay (bird)
Höhle {f}  :: cave
Höhle {f}  :: cavity (of the body)
Höhle des Löwen {f}  :: lion's den
Höhlenbewohner {m}  :: cave dweller
Höhlenbewohnerin {f}  :: A female cave dweller
Höhlenforscher {m}  :: a scientist who is studying and/or exploring caves, speleologist/spelaeologist
Höhlenforschung {f}  :: speleology
Höhlenkunde {f}  :: speleology
Höhlenlöwe {m}  :: cave lion [Panthera leo spelaea]
Höhlenmalerei {f}  :: cave painting
Höhlenmensch {m}  :: caveman
Hähnchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hahn (“cock, rooster”)
Hähnchen {n}  :: chicken (meat)
Hühnchen {n}  :: diminutive of Huhn
Hühnchen {n}  :: chicken [meat]
Hühnerauge {n} [callus on the foot]  :: corn
Hühnerfleisch {n}  :: chicken (meat)
Hühnergott {m} [regional, especially East German]  :: A stone (to be found at the coasts of the Baltic Sea) with generally one, but at times several, naturally formed holes (usually used as amulet, talisman or mascot) being in most cases a flint nodule whose chalk deposits are washed out or weathered; self-bored stone, ≈ adder stone
Hühnerhabicht {m}  :: chickenhawk, goshawk
Hühnerschlag {m}  :: chicken coop
Hühnerstall {m}  :: henhouse (house for chickens to live in)
Hühnersuppe {f}  :: chicken soup
Hibiskus {m}  :: hibiscus
Hickhack {n}  :: squabbling
Hidschab {m}  :: hijab
Hieb {m}  :: blow
Hier {n} [abstract]  :: here, this place
Hierarchie {f}  :: hierarchy (body of ruling officials)
Hieroglyphe {f}  :: hieroglyph
Hieroglyphenschrift {f}  :: hieroglyphic writing system
Higgs-Boson {n} [physics, atomic]  :: Higgs boson
Highlight {n}  :: culmination
Highlight {n}  :: highlight
Hightech {f} {n}  :: high tech
Hijab {m}  :: alternative spelling of Hidschab
Hilbertraum {m}  :: Hilbert space
Hilda {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Hilda
Hilde {prop}  :: given name, variant of Hilda
Hildebrand {prop}  :: given name
Hildebrand {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name, Hildebrand
Hildebrandt {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Hildebrand
Hildebrandt {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Hildebrant {prop}  :: given name, a less common spelling of Hildebrand
Hildebrant {prop}  :: surname derived from the given name
Hildegard {prop}  :: given name used since Middle Ages, best known for the 12th century saint Hildegard of Bingen
Hildesheim {prop} {n}  :: Hildesheim (city in Lower Saxony, Germany)
Hilfe {f}  :: help
Hilflosigkeit {f}  :: helplessness
Hilfskellner {m}  :: assistant waiter; busboy (waiter who clears tables and assists in serving, but does not take orders etc.)
Hilfsmittel {n}  :: device, resource
Hilfsorganisation {f}  :: aid agency
Hilfssprache {f}  :: auxiliary language
Hilfsverb {n} [grammar, broad sense]  :: auxiliary verb, helping verb (including modal verb)
Hilfsverb {n} [grammar, narrow sense]  :: auxiliary verb, helping verb (excluding modal verb)
Hilfswort {n} [grammar]  :: auxiliary verb
Hilfszeitwort {n} [grammar]  :: auxiliary verb
Himalaja {prop} {m}  :: Himalayas (mountain range in Asia)
Himalaya {prop} {m}  :: Himalayas (mountain range in Asia)
Himbeere {f}  :: raspberry
Himmel {m}  :: sky
Himmel {m}  :: heaven
Himmel {m} [automotive]  :: headliner (interior fabric covering the roof of a vehicle)
Himmelberg {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Himmelfahrt {f} [religion]  :: ascension
Himmelfahrt {f} [holiday]  :: Short for Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day)
Himmelfahrt {f} [religion]  :: assumption
Himmelreich {n}  :: Kingdom of Heaven
Himmelreich {n} [rare]  :: clipping of schlesisches Himmelreich
Himmelsachse {f}  :: celestial axis
Himmelsbläue {f}  :: blue of the sky, azure
Himmelskönigin {f}  :: (Catholicism), singular only: Queen of Heaven, title for the Blessed Virgin Mary; Regina Coeli
Himmelskönigin {f}  :: (mythology) a goddess of heaven
Himmelskörper {m}  :: celestial body, heavenly body
Himmelskunde {f}  :: astronomy
Himmelslicht {n}  :: light in or from the sky
Himmelslicht {n}  :: skylight (diffuse sky radiation)
Himmelsäquator {m} [astronomy]  :: celestial equator
Himmelsrichtung {f}  :: compass point
Himmelsschreiben {n}  :: skywriting, in general
Himmelsschreiber {m}  :: skywriter (male or of unspecified sex)
Himmelsschreiberin {f}  :: skywriter (female)
Himmelsschrift {f}  :: skywriting, specifically the writing
Himmelstürmer {m}  :: utopian, idealist
Hinblick {m}  :: regard, view
Hindernis {n}  :: obstacle
Hindi {n}  :: The Hindi language
Hindi {m}  :: A Hindi-speaking person
Hinduismus {m}  :: Hinduism
Hingabe {f}  :: commitment
Hinkelstein {m}  :: menhir
Hinrich {prop}  :: given name, a Low German variant of Heinrich (Henry)
Hinrichsen {prop}  :: surname
Hinrichtung {f}  :: execution (the act of putting to death)
Hinsicht {f}  :: regard, aspect, respect, viewpoint
Hinsicht {f}  :: concern
Hinterbänkler {m} [politics]  :: backbencher
Hinterbänklerin {f}  :: feminine noun of Hinterbänkler
Hinterdeck {n}  :: afterdeck (of a ship or boat)
Hinterende {n}  :: back (the part of something that goes last)
Hintergaumen {m}  :: soft palate, velum
Hintergrund {m}  :: background
Hinterhalt {m}  :: ambush
Hinterhof {m}  :: backyard
Hinterhornbach {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Hinterindien {prop} {n}  :: a peninsula in Southeast Asia; Indochina
Hinterkopf {m}  :: occiput
Hinterland {n}  :: hinterland
Hinterlassenschaft {f} [formal]  :: bequest; legacy (property left for inheritance)
Hinterlassenschaft {f} [often, plural]  :: heritage (artefacts or sometimes cultural creations left for posterity)
Hinterlassenschaft {f} [often, plural, colloquial]  :: something left behind and not cleared away, such as bottles and glasses after a party
Hinterlassenschaft {f} [colloquial, euphemism]  :: feces
Hinterlist {f}  :: deceitfulness
Hinterlist {f}  :: insidiousness
Hinterlist {f}  :: trap
Hinterlistigkeit {f} [no plural]  :: The state of deceitfulness, insidiousness
Hinterlistigkeit {f} [with plural]  :: An act of deceitfulness, insidiousness
Hintern {m} [colloquial]  :: The backside, bottom, butt, booty, hinder
Hinternvoll {noun}  :: a fully punished backside, i.e. a severe spanking
Hinterreifen {m}  :: rear tire, rear tyre
Hinterteil {n}  :: behind, hindquarter, butt
Hintertür {f}  :: back door
Hintertürchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hintertür
Hintertürchen {n}  :: loophole (method of escape)
Hinterwäldler {m}  :: backwoodsman, hick, hillbilly
Hinterziehung {f} [of tax]  :: evasion
Hinterzimmer {n}  :: backroom
Hinweis {m}  :: hint; pointer; an act or thing which makes someone aware of something
Hiob {prop} {m}  :: Job (biblical character)
Hiobsbotschaft {f}  :: Job's news, bad news
Hippach {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Hippie {m}  :: hippie, hippy
Hippokrates {prop}  :: Hippocrates
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie {f}  :: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Hiragana {n}  :: hiragana (Japanese syllabary)
Hirm {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Burgenland, Austria
Hirn {n} [countable]  :: brain (organ)
Hirn {n} [uncountable]  :: brain (meat)
Hirnaktivität {f}  :: brain activity
Hirnanhangdrüse {f}  :: pituitary gland
Hirngespinst {n}  :: chimera, fantasy
Hirngespinst {n}  :: pipe dream
Hirnhaut {f}  :: meninges
Hirnhautentzündung {f}  :: meningitis
Hirnkoralle {f}  :: brain coral
Hirnschale {f}  :: braincase (the part of the skull containing the brain)
Hirnschädel {f}  :: cranium, braincase
Hirnstamm {m}  :: brain stem
Hirnzelle {f}  :: brain cell
Hirsch {m}  :: deer
Hirschkäfer {m}  :: stag-beetle (Lucanus cervus)
Hirschkuh {f}  :: doe, hind
Hirschzecke {f}  :: deer tick
Hirse {f}  :: millet
Hirsutismus {m}  :: hirsutism
Hirt {m}  :: alternative form of Hirte
Hirte {m}  :: herdsman, herder, shepherd, stockman, pastoralist (male or of unspecified sex)
Hirtenhund {m}  :: shepherd dog, sheepdog
Hirtin {f}  :: shepherdess, shepherd (female) (a person who tends sheep or other animals)
Hirzel {prop}  :: A small town in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland
His {noun} [music]  :: B-sharp
Hisbollah {prop}  :: Hezbollah
Hispanistik {f}  :: Hispanic studies, Spanish studies
Histologie {f}  :: histology
Historie {f}  :: history (historical narrative)
Historiker {m}  :: historian (writer of history; a chronicler)
Historikerin {f}  :: female historian (female writer of history; a female chronicler)
Historizität {f}  :: historicity
Hit {m}  :: hit (A success, especially in the entertainment industry.)
Hit {m} [slang]  :: hit (A dose of an illegal or addictive drug.)
Hit {m} [computing, Internet]  :: hit
Hitlersee {prop} {m}  :: Szczedrzyk (village in Poland)
Hitze {f}  :: heat
Hitzebeständigkeit {f}  :: heat resistance
Hitzeentwicklung {f}  :: heat generation
Hitzeindex {m} [meteorology]  :: heat index
Hitzeschild {n} [space science]  :: heat shield
Hitzewelle {f} [weather]  :: heatwave, hot spell
Hitzfeld {prop}  :: surname
Hitzkopf {m}  :: hothead
Hitzköpfigkeit {f}  :: hotheadedness
Häkchen {n}  :: diminutive of Haken
Häkchen {n}  :: checkmark
Häkchen {n}  :: háček
Hölder {prop}  :: surname
Hülfe {f} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of Hilfe
Hälfte {f}  :: half; fifty percent of something
Hälfte {f}  :: half, share; any of two correlating pieces, whatever the size
Hölle {f}  :: hell
Hülle {f}  :: covering, wrapping
Hülle {f}  :: case, sheath
Hülle {f}  :: husk (useless, dried-up, worthless exterior)
Hülle {f}  :: mantle (anything that covers or conceals something else)
Hülle {f}  :: shell (any hollow structure; framework, or exterior structure)
Hülle {f}  :: cladding (hard coating, bonded onto the outside of something to add protection)
Hülle {f} [aeronautics]  :: envelope (bag containing the lifting gas of a balloon or airship)
Hülle {f} [chemistry]  :: shell (set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number)
Hülle {f} [mathematics]  :: closure (smallest set that both includes a given subset and possesses some given property)
Hüllenelektron {n} [physics, chemistry]  :: shell electron
Höllenfeuer {n}  :: hellfire
Hälmchen {n}  :: diminutive of Halm
Hülse {f}  :: pod
Hülse {f}  :: case
Hülsenfrüchtler {m}  :: a plant of the Fabaceae family
Hülsenfrucht {f}  :: legume
Hölzchen {n}  :: match (device to make fire)
Hölzchen {n}  :: diminutive of Holz
Häm {n} [biochemistry]  :: haem / heme
Hämatit {m} [mineral]  :: haematite / hematite
Häme {f}  :: ridicule, spite
Hämerythrin {n} [biochemistry]  :: haemerythrin / hemerythrin
Hämmchen {n} [regional, Rhineland, cooking]  :: pork knuckle
Hämmerchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hammer
Hämochromatose {f} [pathology]  :: haemochromatosis / hemochromatosis
Hämocyanin {n}  :: hemocyanin
Hämodialyse {f}  :: haemodialysis
Hämoglobin {n}  :: hemoglobin (the iron-containing substance in red blood cells that transports oxygen)
Hämolyse {f}  :: hemolysis
Hämosiderin {n} [biochemistry]  :: haemosiderin / hemosiderin
Hn. {noun} [music]  :: abbreviation of Horn
Hündchen {n}  :: doggy, puppy
Händchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hand
Hände hoch {interj}  :: hands up
Händedruck {m}  :: handshake
Händel {noun} [obsolete]  :: fighting, quarreling
Händel {prop} {mf}  :: surname derived from a pet form of Hans, from Johannes (John)
Hündin {f}  :: female dog, bitch, she-dog
Hündin {f}  :: short for Wolfshündin, Fuchshündin, etc
Hündin {f}  :: slut
Händlein {n}  :: diminutive of Hand
Händler {m}  :: trader, merchant
Händlerin {f}  :: (female) merchant or trader
Hüne {m}  :: giant, hulk (tall man, typically also muscular)
Hüne {m} [mythology]  :: giant
Hänfling {m}  :: linnet
Hänfling {m}  :: a small and thin person
Hängebauchschwein {n}  :: potbellied pig
Hängebrücke {f}  :: suspension bridge
Hängematte {f}  :: hammock
Hönne {prop} {f}  :: a branch of the river Ruhr
Hänschen {prop} {n}  :: given name, diminutive of Hans
Hänsel {prop}  :: A nickname for a man named Hans or Johannes
Hänsel {prop}  :: Hansel, the boy in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel
Hobbit {m}  :: hobbit
Hobby {n}  :: a hobby (activity)
Hobel {m}  :: plane (tool)
Hobelkäse {m}  :: swiss cheese variety
Hoch {n}  :: high, anticyclone
Hochaltar {m} [Roman Catholicism]  :: high altar
Hochburg {f}  :: a fortress located on top of a hill or mountain
Hochburg {f}  :: stronghold (a place or region where a certain ideology, religion etc. is held by a great majority of the population or with great conviction)
Hochchinesisch {n} [language]  :: Standard Chinese
Hochdeutsch {n} [common usage]  :: Standard German (including the colloquial; antonym of dialect)
Hochdeutsch {n} [linguistics]  :: High German
Hochdruck {m}  :: high pressure
Hochdruck {m}  :: letterpress (printing)
Hochdruckgebiet {n} [meteorology]  :: high pressure area
Hochebene {f}  :: a plain that is higher as the surrounding area; plateau, tableland
Hochfilzen {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Hochformat {n}  :: upright format, portrait format
Hochfrequenz {f}  :: high frequency
Hochgebirge {n}  :: high mountains
Hochgeschwindigkeitszug {m}  :: high-speed train
Hochhaus {n}  :: skyscraper, high-rise building
Hochkomma {n}  :: apostrophe
Hochkultur {f}  :: high culture
Hochkultur {f}  :: advanced civilization
Hochland {n}  :: highlands
Hochland-Ameisenwürger {m}  :: upland antshrike
Hochleistung {f}  :: high performance
Hochleistungskeramik {f}  :: high-performance ceramic
Hochleistungswerkstoff {m}  :: high-performance material
Hochmittelalter {n} [history]  :: High Middle Ages
Hochmoor {n}  :: moor, high rainfall zone in the highlands
Hochmut {m}  :: arrogance, hubris
Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall {proverb}  :: pride comes before a fall
Hochofen {m}  :: furnace (device for heating in a factory, melting metals, etc)
Hochofenprozess {m}  :: blast furnace process
Hochparkett {n} [theater]  :: Upper part of the stalls; parterre, parquet circle
Hochparterre {n}  :: raised first floor [US], raised ground floor [UK]
Hochrad {n}  :: penny farthing
Hochrechnung {f}  :: projection, forecast
Hochrhein {prop} {m}  :: High Rhine
Hochsauerland {prop}  :: A district (properly Hochsauerlandkreis) in North Rhine-Westphalia
Hochschild {prop}  :: surname
Hochschule {f}  :: college, university, graduate school
Hochschulzugangsberechtigung {f}  :: eligibility for university admission
Hochsitz {m}  :: hide; blind (covered structure for observing animals)
Hochsommer {m}  :: midsummer (the middle of summer)
Hochspannung {f} [electricity]  :: high tension, high voltage
Hochspannung {f} [figuratively]  :: high tension
Hochsprache {f} [linguistics]  :: standard language
Hochsprache {f} [programming]  :: high-level language, HLL
Hochsprung {m}  :: high jump
Hochstapler {m}  :: conman, con man, impostor
Hochtechnologie {f}  :: high technology
Hochtemperaturmodifikation {f}  :: high-temperature modification
Hochtemperaturreaktor {m}  :: high-temperature reactor
Hochtemperatursupraleiter {m}  :: high-temperature superconductor
Hochtöner {m}  :: tweeter (high-frequency loudspeaker)
Hochvakuum {n}  :: high vacuum
Hochverrat {m}  :: high treason
Hochwasser {n}  :: flood, flooding
Hochzeit {f}  :: wedding (a ceremony in which people are married and/or a celebration thereof)
Hochzeit {f}  :: heyday, height
Hochzeitsreise {m}  :: honeymoon
Hochzeitstag {m}  :: wedding day
Hochzeitstorte {f}  :: wedding cake
Hocke {f} [position assumed by bending deeply at the knees while resting on one's feet]  :: squat, crouch
Hocker {m}  :: stool
Hocker {m}  :: taboret
Hocker {m}  :: a guest who does not leave his seat all the time
Hocker {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Hockey {n}  :: hockey [family of sports]
Hockey {n}  :: field hockey
Hockeyschläger {m}  :: hockey stick
Hode {mf}  :: testicle
Hoden {m} [anatomy]  :: testicle
Hodensack {m} [anatomy]  :: scrotum
Hoechst {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Höchst
Hof {m}  :: yard, court, courtyard (open area by a house or enclosed by houses)
Hof {m}  :: court (residence and entourage of a nobleman)
Hof {m}  :: farmyard (central area of a farm, excluding the fields)
Hof {m} [by extension]  :: farm, agricultural enterprise
Hof {prop} {n}  :: a city in Bavaria
Hofbräu {prop} [literally]  :: "court brew" (i.e. the Bavarian royal court), a brand of beer from Munich associated with the Oktoberfest and the Hofbräuhaus
Hoffart {f} [archaic]  :: haughtiness, self-importance
Hoffmann {prop}  :: surname
Hoffnung {f}  :: hope, the belief or expectation that something wished for can or will really happen
Hoffnung {f} [inanimate]  :: hope, the actual thing wished for
Hoffnung {f} [animate]  :: hope, a person or thing that is a source of hope
Hoffnungslosigkeit {f}  :: hopelessness
Hoffnungsträger {m}  :: beacon of hope, rising star
Hofjude {m} [historical]  :: Court Jew (prominent or wealthy Jew attached to a court by special privilege, generally in relation to periods before Jewish emancipation)
Hofkammer {prop} [historical]  :: The Exchequer or Bureau of Finance of the later Austrian Empire
Hofmann {prop}  :: surname
Hofnarr {m} [person in a mediaeval royal court]  :: jester
Hofrat {m} [historical]  :: The Aulic Council of the Austrian Empire
Hofrat {m} [historical]  :: Councilors of the Aulic Council
Hofrath {m}  :: obsolete spelling of Hofrat
Hoheit {f} [nobility, title]  :: Highness
Hoheit {f}  :: sovereignty
Hohenthurn {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Carinthia, Austria
Hohepriester {m}  :: high priest
Hohlkathodenlampe {f}  :: hollow-cathode lamp
Hohlleiter {m}  :: waveguide
Hohlraum {m}  :: cavity
Hohlraum {m}  :: void, hollow
Hohlraumresonator {n}  :: cavity resonator
Hohlzahn {m}  :: hemp-nettle
Hohmeyer {prop}  :: surname
Hohn {m}  :: mockery; scorn; derision
Hokuspokus {m}  :: hocus-pocus
Holding {f}  :: holding company
Holger {prop}  :: given name
Holland {prop} {n}  :: Holland (the two provinces)
Holland {prop} {n} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: Netherlands (the country)
Holleman {prop}  :: surname
Holländer {m}  :: person from Holland (a region in the Netherlands)
Holländer {m} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: a Dutch person (from any region)
Holländisch {n}  :: Dutch (the Dutch language)
Holm {m}  :: rail, bar (on which to hold on to)
Holm {m} [regional, northern Germany]  :: small island
Holmium {n}  :: holmium
Holocaust {prop} {m} [historical]  :: the Holocaust
Holocaust {m}  :: a holocaust
Hologramm {n}  :: hologram
Holozän {prop} {n}  :: Holocene
Holpern {n}  :: jolt, rumble
Holunder {m}  :: elder
Holunderbeere {f}  :: elderberry (fruit)
Holunderblüte {f}  :: elderflower, elder blossom (The blossom of the elderberry, often specifically the European species Sambucus nigra.)
Holunderbusch {m}  :: elder bush (A small tree or shrub, often specifically the European species Sambucus nigra.)
Holz {n} [uncountable]  :: wood (material)
Holz {n} [countable]  :: a particular kind of wood
Holz {n} [countable]  :: a piece of wood, usually small
Holz {n} [countable, literary]  :: grove; woods; small forest
Holz vor der Hütte {noun} [idiomatic]  :: (large) breasts
Holzblasinstrument {n}  :: woodwind instrument
Holzdübel {m}  :: peg
Holzfäller {f}  :: lumberjack
Holzfäller {f}  :: woodchopper
Holzfäller {f}  :: tree feller
Holzgau {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Holzgerüst {n}  :: wooden scaffolding, timber scaffolding
Holzkirche {f}  :: wooden church
Holzklotz {m}  :: wooden block, wooden log
Holzkohle {f}  :: charcoal
Holznagel {m}  :: a wooden nail
Holznagel {prop}  :: surname
Holzquirl {m}  :: wooden beater
Holzscheit {n}  :: log (splitted log used as firewood)
Holzschnitt {m}  :: woodcut
Holzschutz {m}  :: wood preservation
Holzschutzmittel {n}  :: wood preservative
Holzstück {n}  :: a piece of wood
Holztaube {f}  :: culver
Holzweg {m}  :: woodway
Holzwirtschaft {f}  :: wood economy
Holzwurm {m}  :: woodworm
Homepage {f}  :: homepage
Homer {prop} {m}  :: Homer
Hommage {f}  :: homage
Homo {m}  :: A homosexual, gay
Homocaust {prop} {m} [rare]  :: Homocaust
Homocystein {n} [organic compound]  :: homocysteine
Homodimer {n} [chemistry]  :: homodimer
Homogenität {f}  :: homogeneity (quality of being homogeneous)
Homograph {m}  :: homograph
Homolog {n} [chemistry]  :: homologue (member of a homologous series)
Homomorphismus {m}  :: homomorphism (notion in mathematics)
Homonym {n} [semantics]  :: homonym (word with the same sound and spelling as another but different meaning)
Homöopath {m}  :: homeopath (male or of unspecified sex)
Homöopathie {f}  :: homeopathy
Homöopathin {f}  :: homeopath (female)
Homophobie {f}  :: homophobia
Homos {noun}  :: The plural of Homo
Homos {noun}  :: The genitive singular of Homo
Homosexualität {f}  :: homosexuality
Homosexuelle {f}  :: homosexual (female)
Homosexueller {m}  :: homosexual (male or of unspecified sex)
Homosphäre {f}  :: homosphere
Homotaurocholsäure {f} [organic compound]  :: homotaurine
Honduras {prop} {n}  :: Honduras
Hongkong {prop} {n}  :: Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China)
Honig {m}  :: honey
Honigbiene {f}  :: honeybee
Honigbär {m}  :: honey bear, kinkajou
Honigdachs {m}  :: honey badger
Honigjäger {m}  :: "Honey Chaser": An expression referring to one who pursues "easy" opportunities, but inevitably gets "stung" by the unanticipated, but predictable consequences of their actions
Honigtopfameise {f}  :: honeypot ant, honey ant
Honk {m} [colloquial]  :: moron (stupid person)
Honorar {n}  :: fee, remuneration
Honorar {n}  :: royalty payment
Hooligan {m}  :: hooligan
Hopfen {m}  :: hop (Humulus lupulus)
Horchposten {m}  :: listening post
Horde {f}  :: horde
Horizont {m}  :: horizon
Hormon {n}  :: hormone
Horn {n}  :: horn (musical instrument)
Horn {n}  :: horn (projection, of an animal, altar, etc.)
Horn {n}  :: cornet
Horn {n} [anatomy]  :: cranial parietal bones
Horn {n}  :: horn (substance from which animal horns are made)
Horn {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Hornburg {prop}  :: Hornburg, town in Lower Saxony
Hornburg {prop}  :: surname derived from the town
Hornerz {n} [mineral]  :: horn silver
Hornhaut {f}  :: callus, scarf-skin, horny skin
Hornhaut {f}  :: cornea
Hornisse {f}  :: hornet
Hornmoos {n}  :: hornwort
Hornung {m} [poetic or, archaic]  :: February
Horoskop {n}  :: horoscope
Horror {m}  :: horror
Horrorfilm {m}  :: horror film
Horst {m}  :: the nest of a bird of prey, an eyrie
Horst {m} [literary]  :: bush; thicket; small forest
Horst {m} [short for Fliegerhorst]  :: military airport; air force base
Horst {m} [geology]  :: horst
Horst {prop} {m}  :: given name
Horst {m} [colloquial, youth slang]  :: loser; nerd; idiot
Hort {m}  :: shelter, refuge
Hort {m} [short for Kinderhort]  :: after-school nursery; kind of childcare commonly attached to primary schools in German-speaking Europe
Hort {m} [poetic, otherwise obsolete]  :: hoard, treasure
Horus {prop} {m}  :: Horus
Hose {f}  :: trousers
Hosea {prop} [biblical]  :: Hosea (prophet)
Hosenträger {m}  :: suspender, brace
Hosianna {interj}  :: hosanna
Hospital {n} [literary, dated]  :: alternative form of Spital
Hospitation {f}  :: hospitation (visit)
Hostie {f}  :: host (consecrated wafer)
Hot Dog {m} {n}  :: alternative form of Hotdog
Hot Pants {p}  :: alternative spelling of Hotpants
Hotdog {m} {n} [food]  :: hot dog
Hotel {n}  :: hotel
Hotelgast {m}  :: hotel guest
Hotelier {m}  :: hotelier
Hotkey {m}  :: hotkey
Hotpants {p}  :: hot pants
Hotspot {m} [planetology, geology]  :: hot spot
Hottentottenente {f}  :: Hottentot teal
House {n}  :: house music, house
Hoyerswerda {prop}  :: Hoyerswerda (independent city in Saxony, Germany)
Hüpfburg {f}  :: bouncing castle
Hr. {noun}  :: abbreviation of Herr
Hörbeispiel {n}  :: audio clip, audio example, audio sample, audio excerpt, sound bite
Hörbuch {n}  :: audiobook (audio-book, audio book), talking book
Härchen {n}  :: diminutive of Haar
Hürde {f}  :: hurdle
Hören {n}  :: hearing
Hörer {m}  :: agent noun of hören
Hörer {m}  :: listener
Hörer {m}  :: receiver (radio/TV/telephone)
Häresie {f}  :: heresy
Häretiker {m} [Christianity]  :: heretic (male or of unspecified sex)
Häretikerin {f} [Christianity]  :: heretic
Hörigkeit {f}  :: serfdom
Hörigkeit {f} [hence]  :: dependence
Hörnchen {n}  :: diminutive of Horn
Hörnchen {n} [often Milchhörnchen]  :: a German pastry, shaped like a croissant
Hörnchen {n}  :: squirrel (in the broad sense, member of the family Sciuridae)
Hörrohr {n}  :: ear trumpet
Hörsaal {m}  :: lecture auditorium, lecture hall
Hrsg. {m}  :: abbreviation of Herausgeber
Hörspiel {n}  :: radio drama, radio play
Härtbarkeit {f}  :: hardenability
Härtbarkeit {f}  :: temperability
Härte {f}  :: hardness
Härte {f}  :: toughness
Härtefall {noun}  :: hardship clause
Härtewert {m}  :: hardness (numerical value)
Härtung {f}  :: hardening
Härtung {f}  :: tempering
Hörvermögen {n} [sense used to perceive sound or its degree of functioning]  :: hearing
Hörverstehen {n}  :: listening comprehension
Hörverstehen {n}  :: auding
Höschen {n}  :: diminutive of Hose
Höschen {n}  :: panties, pants
Höschenwindel {f}  :: diaper, nappy
Häselgehr {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Tyrol, Austria
Hütchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hut
Hüter {m}  :: keeper
Hüttau {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Hütte {f}  :: hut, cabin, shack
Hütte {f}  :: cottage
Hütte {f}  :: mill
Hüttenkäse {m}  :: cottage cheese
Hüttenrauch {m}  :: smelter dust (white smoke or dust released during the refining of metals)
Hüttenwerk {n}  :: mill
Hüttenwerk {n}  :: smelter
Hüttenwesen {n}  :: metallurgy
Hüttschlag {prop} {n}  :: A municipality in Salzburg, Austria
Huë {prop}  :: Hue, in Vietnam (all senses)
Hub {m}  :: lift, lifting
Hubbel {m} [regional, northern and central Germany]  :: a bump on a surface
Hubbel {m}  :: [particularly] a speed bump
Hubble-Konstante {f}  :: Hubble constant
Huber {prop}  :: surname
Hubert {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Hubert
Hubraum {m}  :: cubic capacity or cylinder capacity
Hubschrauber {m}  :: helicopter
Huchen {m}  :: huchen, Danube salmon (Hucho hucho) (fish)
Huf {m}  :: hoof, the solid toe of an ungulate animal such as of horses and oxen
Huf {m} [colloquial]  :: the human foot, mostly used in phrases
Häufchen {n}  :: diminutive of Haufen
Hufeisen {n}  :: horseshoe
Häufigkeit {f}  :: frequency (rate of occurrence of anything; property of occurring often rather than infrequently)
Huflattich {m}  :: coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara (type of plant)
Hufschlag {m}  :: hoofbeat
Hufschmied {m}  :: blacksmith; farrier
Huftier {n}  :: hoofed animal
Häufung {f}  :: accumulation
Häufung {f}  :: aggregation, agglomeration
Hugenotte {m}  :: Huguenot
Hugo {prop} {m}  :: given name, cognate to Hugh
Huhn {n}  :: hen
Huhn {n} [chiefly in the plural]  :: chicken
Hula-Hoop-Reifen {m}  :: hula hoop (toy in the form of a large hoop)
Huld {f} [dated]  :: favor (goodwill; benevolent regard)
Huld {f} [Christianity, dated]  :: grace (free and undeserved favour, especially of God; divine assistance in resisting sin)
Hulda {prop}  :: Huldah (biblical figure)
Hulda {prop}  :: given name popular in the 19th century
Huldigung {f} [historical]  :: homage (obligation to a feudal lord)
Humanismus {m}  :: humanism
Humanist {m}  :: humanist
Humanität {f}  :: humanity (human condition)
Humanmedizin {f}  :: human medicine
Humboldt-Pinguin {m}  :: Humboldt penguin
Humbug {m}  :: humbug
Huminstoff {m}  :: humus, humic acid
Hummel {f}  :: bumblebee
Hummel {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Hummelchen {n}  :: diminutive of Hummel
Hummer {m}  :: lobster
Humor {m}  :: humor (something funny)
Humpen {m}  :: tankard (massy container, usually for beer)
Humus {m}  :: humus
Hund {m}  :: dog, hound
Hund {m} [pejorative]  :: scoundrel; dog (mean or morally reprehensible person)
Hund {m}  :: board with casters used to transport heavy objects
Hunde, die bellen, beißen nicht {proverb}  :: barking dogs seldom bite
Hundeblick {m}  :: a facial expression showing innocence and meekness, often in a charming way, arousing pity and affection in those who see it; puppy dog eyes (but possibly with a more positive undertone)
Hundeführer {m}  :: dog handler
Hundefutter {n}  :: dog food
Hundehalter {m}  :: dog owner, dog holder
Hundehütte {f}  :: doghouse, kennel
Hundeleben {n} [idiomatic]  :: dog's life (miserable, unhappy existence)
Hundeleben {n} [non-idiomatic]  :: life of a dog
Hundeleine {f}  :: leash for dogs
Hundert {f}  :: the number 100 (hundred)
Hundert {n}  :: A unity of hundred things
Hundertjähriger Krieg {prop}  :: Hundred Years' War
Hundertmillionstel {n}  :: one hundred-millionth (fraction)
Hundertstel {m}  :: hundredth
Hunderttausende {noun}  :: hundreds of thousands
Hundesohn {m} [pejorative]  :: "son of a dog", similar to but not as intense as Hurensohn; son of a bitch
Hundshai {m}  :: school shark (Galeorhinus galeus)
Hundsrobbe {f}  :: true seal, earless seal
Hundsstern {prop} {m}  :: Sirius, Canicula
Hundstage {p}  :: dog days
Hunger {m}  :: hunger
Hungersnot {f}  :: famine
Hungerstreik {m}  :: hunger strike
Hunne {m}  :: Hun (member of a nomadic tribe, most likely of Turkic origin)
Hunnin {f}  :: Hun (female member of a nomadic tribe, most likely of Turkic origin)
Hunnisch {n}  :: Hunnic (the language of the Huns)
Hunsrück {prop} {m}  :: A low mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Hunt {m} [countable]  :: minecart
Hupe {f}  :: horn (a sound-emitting device in and for cars)
Häupt {n} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of Haupt
Häuptling {m}  :: chief (leader or co-leader of a tribe)
Häuptling {m} [humorous]  :: leader of some other kind
Häuptling {m} [obsolete]  :: patriarch (leader of a family)
Häuptling {m} [obsolete]  :: high member of the Frisian nobility
Hure {f} [mildly vulgar]  :: whore (prostitute) (female)
Hure {f} [vulgar, derogatory]  :: whore; slut (sexually unreserved woman); fornicatrix, fornicator (female)
Hurenkind {n} [typography]  :: widow
Hurensohn {m} [vulgar, pejorative]  :: son of a bitch, son of a whore
Hurra {n}  :: hooray
Hurrikan {m}  :: hurricane (strong windstorm in North and Central America)
Hurriter {m}  :: Hurrian (male member of the Hurrian people)
Hurriterin {f}  :: Hurrian (female member of the Hurrian people)
Hurritisch {n}  :: Hurrian (the language of the Hurrians)
Husar {m}  :: hussar
Häuschen {n}  :: small house
Häusle {n}  :: diminutive of Haus
Häuslein {n}  :: diminutive of Haus
Huso {m} [vulgar]  :: short form of Hurensohn ("son of a whore")
Häussinger {prop}  :: surname
Husten {m}  :: cough
Husten {n}  :: cough
Hut {m}  :: hat [see usage notes]
Hut {m} [of mushrooms]  :: head; top
Hut {f}  :: guard
Häutchen {n}  :: membrane (separating tissue)
Häutchen {n}  :: diminutive of Haut
Hutmacher {m}  :: hatmaker; hatter, capper, milliner (male or of unspecified sex)
Hutmacher {m}  :: the Hatter (often referred to as the Mad Hatter, this term was never used by Carroll), a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass
Häutung {f}  :: skinning
Häutung {f}  :: moulting
Hávamál {prop}  :: Hávamál
Hävecker {prop}  :: surname
Hyazinthe {f}  :: hyacinth
Hybridisierung {f}  :: hybridization
Hybris {f}  :: hubris
Hydra {prop} {f} [Greek mythology]  :: Hydra (mythical serpent)
Hydrant {m}  :: fire hydrant
Hydrat {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrate
Hydraulic Fracturing {n} [oil drilling]  :: hydraulic fracturing
Hydraulik {f}  :: hydraulics
Hydrauliköl {n}  :: hydraulic oil
Hydrazin {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrazine
Hydrid {n} [chemistry]  :: hydride
Hydridion {n}  :: hydride ion
Hydridokomplex {m}  :: hydrido complex
Hydrierkatalysator {m}  :: hydrogenation catalyst
Hydrierung {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrogenation
Hydroborierung {f}  :: hydroboration
Hydrochemie {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrochemistry
Hydrochinon {n} [organic compound]  :: hydroquinone
Hydrodesulfurierung {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrodesulfurization
Hydroformylierung {f} [organic chemistry]  :: hydroformylation
Hydrogenase {f} [enzyme]  :: hydrogenase
Hydrogencarbonat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrogen carbonate, bicarbonate
Hydrogeniumoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hydrogen oxide
Hydrogenolyse {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrogenolysis
Hydrokultur {f}  :: hydroponics
Hydrolase {f} [enzyme]  :: hydrolase
Hydrologie {f}  :: hydrology
Hydrolyse {f} [chemistry]  :: hydrolysis
Hydronym {n}  :: hydronym (name of a body of water)
Hydrosphäre {f}  :: hydrosphere
Hydroxid {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxide
Hydroxidion {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxide ion
Hydroxyaldehyd {n} [organic chemistry]  :: hydroxy aldehyde
Hydroxychinolin {n} [organic compound]  :: hydroxyquinoline
Hydroxygruppe {f} [chemistry]  :: hydroxy group; hydroxyl
Hydroxyketon {n} [organic chemistry]  :: hydroxy ketone
Hydroxylamin {n} [chemistry]  :: hydroxylamine
Hydroxylapatit {n} [mineral]  :: hydroxylapatite
Hydrozirconierung {f} [organic chemistry]  :: hydrozirconation
Hygiene {f}  :: hygiene
Hygrometer {n} [meteorology]  :: hygrometer
Hymne {f}  :: anthem (solemn secular song)
Hymne {f} [possibly dated]  :: hymn (religious song)
Hyäne {f}  :: hyena (animal)
Hyperbaton {n} [rhetoric]  :: hyperbaton
Hyperbel {f}  :: hyperbole
Hyperbel {f} [mathematics]  :: hyperbola
Hyperfeinstruktur {f} [physics]  :: hyperfine structure
Hyperinflation {f}  :: hyperinflation
Hyperkaliämie {f} [pathology]  :: hyperkalaemia
Hyperkalzämie {f} [pathology]  :: hypercalcemia
Hyperkorrektur {f}  :: hypercorrection (use of a nonstandard form)
Hyperlink {m} [computing, Internet]  :: hyperlink
Hypernatriämie {f} [pathology]  :: hypernatremia
Hyperonym {n}  :: hypernym, umbrella term
Hyperoxid {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hyperoxide
Hyperparathyreoidismus {m} [pathology]  :: hyperparathyroidism
Hyperraum {m}  :: hyperspace
Hyperschall {m}  :: hypersonic sound
Hypertextlink {m} [computing, Internet]  :: synonym of Hyperlink (hyperlink)
Hyperthermie {f}  :: hyperthermia
Hypnos {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Hypnos
Hypnose {f}  :: hypnosis
Hypobromit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypobromite
Hypochlorit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypochlorite
Hypochonder {m}  :: hypochondriac (male or of unspecified sex)
Hypokaliämie {f} [pathology]  :: hypokalaemia
Hypokalzämie {f} [pathology]  :: hypocalcemia
Hypomanganat {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypomanganate
Hyponatriämie {f} [pathology]  :: hyponatremia
Hyponitrit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hyponitrite
Hyponym {n} [linguistics]  :: hyponym
Hypophosphit {n} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypophosphite
Hypophyse {f}  :: pituitary gland (endocrine gland)
Hyposensibilisierung {f}  :: hyposensitization
Hypostase {f} [philosophy, religion, genetics]  :: hypostasis
Hypotenuse {f}  :: hypotenuse
Hypothalamus {m} [anatomy]  :: hypothalamus
Hypothek {f}  :: mortgage
Hypothese {f}  :: hypothesis
Hypothyreose {f} [pathology]  :: hypothyroidism
Hypoxie {f}  :: hypoxia
Hysterese {f}  :: hysteresis
Hysterie {f}  :: hysteria
Hysteriker {m}  :: hysteric
h {initialism} [common, not restricted to scientific usage]  :: hour
{interj}  :: huh? uh? (expresses that one has not understood a statement)
{interj}  :: directed at a horse: move on!, go faster! - giddyup
hüa {interj}  :: directed at a horse: move on!, go faster! - giddyup
haarartig {adj}  :: hairlike
haaren {v}  :: To moult
haaren {v}  :: To lose one’s hair
haargenau {adj}  :: Very exact
haarähnlich {adj}  :: hairlike
haarig {adj}  :: hairy
haarsträubend {adj}  :: hair-raising
haben {vt}  :: to have; to possess, to own
haben {vt}  :: to have; to hold, to contain
haben {v} [auxiliary, with a past participle]  :: to have forms the perfect and past perfect tense
haben {vr} [colloquial]  :: to make a fuss
haben {v} [colloquial, with es and mit]  :: to be occupied with, to like
haben Sie Allergien gegen irgendwelche Medikamente {phrase}  :: are you allergic to any medications?
haben können {v}  :: See: haben können
haben können {v} [idiomatic]  :: to be able to stand or endure something
haben können {v} [idiomatic]  :: to tolerate something (e.g. food)
habgierig {adj}  :: greedy
habitabel {adj}  :: habitable
habituell {adj}  :: habitual
hab's {contraction}  :: habe es
hach {interj}  :: expresses musing or nostalgia
hach {interj}  :: signals the end of a conservation, typically when nobody has spoken for a short while
hacke {adv} [slang]  :: very drunk
hackedicht {adj}  :: very drunk, fucked (drunk), completely sloshed, legless
hacken {v}  :: to chop, to hack
hacken {v} [colloquial]  :: to be choppy, to not work properly, to not run smoothly
hacken {v}  :: to hack, to illegally gain access to an electronic network or device
hadern {v}  :: to bicker, quarrel, struggle (with)
hadern {v}  :: to be dissatisfied (with)
hadernhaltig {adj} [of paper]  :: containing cotton linters
-haft {suffix}  :: an adjectival suffix
haftbar {adj}  :: liable
haftbar machen {v}  :: to hold liable
haften {v}  :: to stick
haften {v}  :: to be liable
haftfähig {adj}  :: liable
hageln {vi} [impersonal, weather]  :: to hail
hager {adj}  :: gaunt
haitianisch {adj}  :: Haitian (pertaining to the country, people, or language)
hakelig {adj}  :: jerky, juddery
haken {v}  :: to hook (to attach a hook; catch with a hook; insert in a way reminiscent of a hook)
haken {v} [hockey]  :: to hook (trip or block another player with one’s hockey stick)
haken {v}  :: to stick, get stuck, get caught
haken {v} [figurative]  :: to be an obstacle or difficulty
halb {adj}  :: half, halfway
halb {adv}  :: a half-hour before, thirty minutes before [used with the number of the following hour]
halb voll {adj}  :: half-full
halbautomatisch {adj}  :: semiautomatic
halbblind {adj}  :: purblind
halber {postp}  :: for the sake of
halbfertig {adj}  :: half-finished
halbfett {adj} [typography]  :: semibold
halbflüssig {adj}  :: semiliquid, semifluid
halbgefüllt {adj}  :: half-full
halbherzig {adj}  :: halfhearted
halbieren {v}  :: to halve, to cut in half, to bisect
halbimmergrün {adj} [botany]  :: semideciduous
halbjährig {adj}  :: semiannual, half-yearly
halbjährlich {adj}  :: biannual, semi-annual
halbleitend {adj}  :: semiconducting
halbmetallisch {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: semimetallic
halbnackt {adj}  :: half-naked, seminude
halboffiziell {adj}  :: semi-official
halbquantitativ {adj}  :: semiquantitative
halbseiden {adj}  :: Partially silken
halbseiden {adj}  :: doubtful, questionable, iffy, shady, seedy
halbseiden {adj} [obsolete]  :: homosexual
halbseitig {adj}  :: half-page
halbstaatlich {adj}  :: semipublic
halbstark {adj}  :: rowdy
halbstündig {adj}  :: half-hourly
halbstündlich {adj}  :: half-hourly
halbtägig {adj}  :: half-day
halbtäglich {adj}  :: alternative form of halbtägig
halbtrocken {adj}  :: semi-sweet, medium sweet (typically, of wine)
halbverklungen {adj}  :: Partially faded
halbvoll {adj}  :: half-full
halbwüchsig {adj}  :: adolescent, half-grown
halbwegs {adv}  :: halfway
halbwegs {adv}  :: reasonable, partly, partway
halbwollen {adj}  :: half-woolen
hallöchen {interj}  :: hello there
halleluja {interj}  :: hallelujah
hallen {v}  :: to echo
hallisch {adj}  :: city hall (attributive)
hallo {interj}  :: hello (a general greeting used when meeting somebody)
halluzinogen {adj}  :: hallucinogenic
halogenhaltig {adj} [chemistry]  :: halogenated
halogenieren {v} [chemistry]  :: To halogenate
halogeniert {v}  :: past participle of halogenieren
halogeniert {adj} [chemistry]  :: halogenated
haloniert {adj}  :: haloed
halsabschneiderisch {adj}  :: cutthroat
halsbrecherisch {adj}  :: breakneck
halsbrecherischer {adj}  :: comparative of halsbrecherisch
halt {interj}  :: stop!, wait!
halt {adv} [colloquial, modal particle]  :: so, just, simply, indicating that something is generally known, or cannot be changed, or the like; often untranslatable
haltbar {adj}  :: durable, lasting
haltbar {adj}  :: tenable
halten {vt}  :: to hold
halten {vt}  :: to stop; to halt; to hold back
halten {vt}  :: to support; to hold up
halten {vt}  :: to keep; to maintain; to hold
halten {vt} [of animals]  :: to keep
halten {vi}  :: to hold; to keep; to stay
halten {vi}  :: to stop
halten {vt} [with preposition für]  :: to consider, to regard
halten {vr} [with preposition: an]  :: to adhere (to)
halten {v} [with preposition: von]  :: expresses a positive or negative opinion depending on quantity
-haltig {suffix}  :: -ferous, -iferous (containing a specified substance, especially metal)
haltig {adj}  :: alternative form of erzhaltig
haltlos {adj}  :: untenable
haltlos {adj} [of a person or character]  :: unstable
hammerhart {adj}  :: Very hard, difficult
hampeln {v}  :: to jump about
hampeln {v}  :: to fidget
hamstern {v}  :: to hoard
hanbalitisch {adj} [Islam]  :: Hanbali, Hanbalite
handeln {v}  :: to trade, to deal
handeln {v}  :: to negotiate, haggle
handeln {v}  :: to act, to take action
handeln {v} [with von]  :: to be about
handeln {vr} [with um]  :: to be, to happen to be
handelsüblich {adj}  :: customary
handelsüblich {adj}  :: commercial
handelseinig {adj}  :: in agreement
handfest {adj}  :: tangible, solid
handfest {adj}  :: handy
handfest {adj}  :: strong
handgeführt {adj}  :: handheld
handgeführt {adj}  :: hand-guided
handgreiflich {adj}  :: violent
handgreiflich {adj}  :: blatant, palpable
handhaben {v}  :: To handle, wield, manipulate
handhaben {v}  :: To manage, operate
handlich {noun}  :: handy
handlungsfähig {adj}  :: capacitated
handlungsunfähig {adj}  :: incapacitated
handlungsutilitaristisch {adj}  :: utilitarian
handsam {adj}  :: synonym of handlich
handschriftlich {adj}  :: handwritten
handtellergroß {adj}  :: palm-size
handverlesen {adj}  :: handpicked
handwarm {adj}  :: lukewarm
handwerklich {adj}  :: artisanal
handyfrei {adj}  :: mobile-free
handzahm {adj} [literally or figuratively]  :: handtame
hanebüchen {adj}  :: outrageous, scandalous
hanfen {adj}  :: hempen
hangen {vi} [Switzerland]  :: to hang
hangen {vt} [Switzerland]  :: to hang
hanseatisch {adj}  :: Hanseatic
hansisch {adj}  :: Hanseatic
hantelförmig {adj}  :: dumbbell-shaped
hantieren {v}  :: to handle; to tamper
hantierend {adj}  :: plying
hantiert {v}  :: past participle of hantieren
hantig {adj}  :: bitter, rough
hapax legomenon {n}  :: alternative case form of Hapax Legomenon
hapern {v} [impersonal]  :: to be scarce, insufficient, stagnant, problematic
haplologisch {adj}  :: haplologic
happig {adj}  :: steep; insolently expensive
happig {adj}  :: unacceptable; insolent
happy {adj} [colloquial, chiefly predicative]  :: glad; satisfied; momentarily happy
haptisch {adj}  :: haptic (relating to the sense of touch)
harmlos {adj}  :: harmless
harmlos {adj}  :: innocuous
harmlos {adj}  :: inoffensive
harmloser {adj}  :: comparative of harmlos
harmlosesten {adj}  :: superlative of harmlos
harmonieren {vi}  :: to harmonize
harmonisch {adj}  :: harmonic, harmonious
harmonisieren {vt}  :: to harmonize
harnen {v} [very, formal]  :: to urinate
harntreibend {adj}  :: diuretic
harren {v}  :: to await
harsch {adj}  :: rough, harsh
harsch {adv}  :: harshly
hart {adj}  :: hard
hart {adj}  :: severe, harsh
hart {adv}  :: hard
hart {adv}  :: sharply, roughly, severely
hart {adv}  :: close (an [+ dative] to)
hartgesotten {adj}  :: hard-boiled, hardened, unscrupulous
hartnäckig {adj}  :: obstinate, stubborn
hartnäckig {adj} [figurative]  :: indelible
hartversilbert {adj}  :: hard silverplated
harzig {adj}  :: resinous
harzig {adj}  :: sluggish
haschen {v} [dated]  :: to catch
haschen {v}  :: to consume hashish
haschieren {v} [cooking]  :: to hash
hasenfüßig {adj}  :: yellow-bellied, cowardly
hassen {v}  :: to hate
hasserfüllt {adj}  :: hateful, hate-filled
hast du Allergien gegen irgendwelche Medikamente {phrase}  :: are you allergic to any medications?
hasten {v}  :: to hurry, to rush
hastig {adj}  :: hasty
hatschi {interj} [onomatopoeia]  :: achoo (the sound of a sneeze)
hatschi {interj} [colloquial]  :: bless you; gesundheit (used a response to someone’s sneezing, also sometimes one’s own)
hatzi {interj}  :: achoo
hau ruck {interj}  :: heave ho!
hauchdünn {adj}  :: razor-thin; sheer
hauen {v} [literary]  :: to thrust, slash (with a weapon)
hauen {vt}  :: to cut, hew
hauen {v} [colloquial]  :: to hit, beat, bang, whack
hauen {vr} [colloquial]  :: to fling oneself
hauen {v} [regional]  :: to chop, chop down
haufenweise {adv}  :: in heaps, in piles, heaps of, piles of
haufenweise {adv}  :: by the score, in large numbers, abundance of, plenty of
haupt- {prefix}  :: head, chief, main
hauptamtlich {adj}  :: full-time (as one's main occupation)
hauptberuflich {adj}  :: fulltime (occupation)
hauptsächlich {adj}  :: main
hauptsächlich {adv}  :: mainly
hausbacken {adj}  :: homemade
hausbacken {adj}  :: homely, unadventurous
hausen {v} [colloquial, humorous or derogatory]  :: to dwell, to reside
hausgemacht {adj}  :: homemade, home-made
hausgesessen {adj}  :: resident (living in his own, separate home)
haushaltspolitisch {adj}  :: fiscal
haushaltspolitisch {adj}  :: budgetary
haushoch {adj}  :: considerable, very great
haussen {adv}  :: alternative spelling of haußen
hauteng {adj}  :: skintight
hautfarben {adj}  :: skin-coloured
hautfreundlich {adj}  :: skin-friendly (does not harm the skin)
hautschonend {adj}  :: gentle on the skin
hautverträglich {adj}  :: hypoallergenic
havariert {adj} [nautical]  :: damaged by an accident
hawaiianisch {adj}  :: Hawaiian
hawaiisch {adj}  :: Hawaiian
hüben {adv}  :: over here
häbig {adj}  :: good-natured
hübsch {adj}  :: pretty, handsome
höchsten {adj}  :: superlative of hoch
höchstens {adv}  :: at most
höchstpersönlich {adv}  :: in person
höchstrein {adj}  :: extremely pure
höchstselbst {pron}  :: personally; one's (my, your, his, her, etc.) very self
hd. {adj}  :: abbreviation of hochdeutsch
heben {vt}  :: to lift; to raise
heben {vt}  :: to heave; to hoist
heben {vr}  :: to rise; to lift
hebräisch {adj}  :: Hebrew
hecheln {v}  :: to pant or breathe fast and loudly through one’s mouth (much like dogs do when hot or short of breath)
hecheln {v}  :: to hackle
hecheln {v} [figurative]  :: to heckle; to slag off
hecheln {v} [archaic]  :: to hit; to beat
hecheln {v} [obsolete]  :: to copulate with; to fuck
hecken {v}  :: to hatch (devise)
hecken {v} [of small animals]  :: to give birth to a large number of young
hedonisch {adj}  :: hedonic
hedonistisch {adj}  :: hedonistic
heften {v}  :: to fasten
heften {v}  :: to tack
heften {v}  :: to stick
heftig {adj}  :: fierce, heavy, vehement, severe, violent
heftiger {adj}  :: comparative of heftig
heftigsten {adj}  :: superlative of heftig
hegelianisch {adj}  :: Hegelian
hegelsch {adj}  :: synonym of hegelianisch
hegemonial {adj}  :: hegemonic
hegemonisch {adj}  :: hegemonic
hegen {v}  :: to cherish
hegen {v}  :: to harbor
hegen und pflegen {v}  :: to care for deeply
hegen und pflegen {v}  :: to maintain well
hehlen {vi} [+ mit]  :: to buy and sell stolen (or illegal) goods
hehr {adj}  :: sublime; noble
hehr {adj}  :: holy
heiß {adj}  :: hot
heiß {adj} [slang]  :: horny (sexually aroused)
heißblütig {adj}  :: hot-blooded
heidnisch {adj}  :: heathen, pagan
heißen {vi}  :: to have a name; to be named; to be called; but implying that one “owns” this name, not necessarily that one goes by it
heißen {vt} [dated except in fixed expressions]  :: to call (someone something)
heißen {vi}  :: to mean
heißen {v} [impersonal]  :: to say, to be said; to go, run (like)
heißen {vt}  :: to direct, call to do something
heißgeliebt {adj}  :: passionate
heikel {adj}  :: delicate (requiring careful handling)
heikel {adj}  :: picky (of a person with regard to food)
heil {adj}  :: whole; intact; unhurt; safe
heil {adj} [in combination with certain nouns]  :: sheltered; innocent; ideal
heilbar {adj}  :: curable
heilbringend {adj}  :: beneficial
heilen {v}  :: to heal
heilend {adj}  :: healing, curing
heilend {adj}  :: curative
heilfroh {adj}  :: deeply glad (often implying relief)
heilfroh {adj} [casual use]  :: satisfied; glad
heilig {adj}  :: holy
heilig {adj}  :: sacred
heiligen {vt}  :: to hallow
heiligen {vt}  :: to justify
heiligsprechen {v} [Roman Catholicism]  :: to canonize (declare someone a saint, thereby recommending their veneration to the whole Church)
heillos {adj}  :: hopeless
heim {adv}  :: home; always as a direction, thus never in the sense of at home
heimatlos {adj}  :: without a homeland; stateless
heimelig {adj}  :: cosy
heimgekehrt {v}  :: past participle of heimkehren
heimgekommen {v}  :: past participle of heimkommen
heimisch {adj}  :: domestic (internal to a specific nation or region)
heimisch {adj}  :: homely (characteristic of or belonging to the home; domestic)
heimkehren {v}  :: to return home
heimkommen {v}  :: to come home
heimlich {adj}  :: secret, clandestine (done or kept in secret)
heimtückisch {adj}  :: treacherous, perfidious
heimtückisch {adj}  :: insidious
heimtückisch {adj}  :: malicious
heimtückisch {adv}  :: treacherously
heimtückisch {adv}  :: insidiously
heimtückisch {adv}  :: maliciously
heimzahlen {v}  :: to pay back
heinacht {adv} [obsolete]  :: alternative form of heint
heint {adv} [obsolete]  :: tonight
heiraten {v}  :: to marry
heisa {interj}  :: hooray
heischen {vt} [formal]  :: to request, to ask, to bespeak
heischen {vt} [dated, formal]  :: to beg, to implore
heiser {adj}  :: hoarse
heiss {adj}  :: alternative spelling of heiß
heissen {v}  :: alternative spelling of heißen
-heit {suffix}  :: Converts an adjective into a noun and usually denotes an abstract quality of the adjectival root. It is often equivalent to the English suffixes -ty and -ness:
-heit {suffix}  :: Converts concrete nouns into abstract nouns:
heiter {adj}  :: cheerful
heiter {adj}  :: fair (weather)
heizbar {adj}  :: heatable
heizen {v}  :: to heat
hektisch {adj}  :: hectic
heldenhaft {adj}  :: heroic
heldisch {adj}  :: heroic
helfen {v}  :: to help (someone); to assist; to aid [+ dative]
heliozentrisch {adj}  :: heliocentric
heliumgekühlt {adj}  :: (liquid) helium-cooled
hell {adj}  :: clear, bright, light
hellblau {adj}  :: light blue
hellbraun {adj}  :: light brown, tan
helle {adj}  :: bright
hellen {v} [poetic]  :: to brighten
hellenisch {adj}  :: Hellenic
hellenistisch {adj}  :: Hellenistic
hellenophil {adj}  :: Hellenophile
hellfarben {adj}  :: brightly coloured
hellgelb {adj}  :: bright / light yellow
hellgoldgelb {adj}  :: bright golden-yellow
hellgrau {adj}  :: light gray
hellgrün {adj}  :: bright green
hellgrüner {adj}  :: comparative of hellgrün
hellgrünsten {adj}  :: superlative of hellgrün
hellhörig {adj} [of walls, apartments, etc.]  :: poorly soundproofed, having thin walls
hellhörig {adj} [mainly in certain idioms, see derived terms]  :: alert
hellhörig {adj} [dated]  :: having a keen ear, clairaudient
hellhäutig {adj}  :: light-skinned
helllicht {adj}  :: bright (of daylight)
hellorange {adj}  :: bright/light orange
hellrosa {adj}  :: light / bright pink
hellrot {adj}  :: bright red
hellrötlich {adj}  :: light reddish
hellsehen {v}  :: to be clairvoyant
hellseherisch {adj}  :: clairvoyant
hellsichtig {adj} [of a person]  :: clairvoyant
hellt {v}  :: past participle of hellen
hellviolett {adj}  :: light violet; lilac
hellwach {adj}  :: wide awake
helvetisch {adj}  :: Helvetian, Swiss
hemdsärmelig {adj}  :: shirt-sleeved
hemdsärmelig {adj}  :: casual
hemizygot {adj}  :: hemizygous, hemizygotic
hemmen {v}  :: to check
hemmen {v}  :: to hamper
hemmend {adj}  :: inhibitory, retardant
hemmend {adj}  :: repressive
hemmungslos {adj}  :: unrestrained
henken {vt} [dated or archaic]  :: to hang; to execute by hanging
heparinisieren {v}  :: To heparinize
heparinisiert {v}  :: past participle of heparinisieren
heparinisiert {adj}  :: heparinized
hepatisch {adj}  :: hepatic
hepatotoxisch {adj}  :: hepatotoxic
her {adv}  :: hither, to this place, to here, to me/us
her {adv}  :: ago
her- {prefix}  :: Adverbial and separable verbal prefix that indicates a movement
herab- {prefix}  :: down-
herab {adv}  :: downwards
herabfliegen {vi}  :: To fly down
herabgeflogen {v}  :: past participle of herabfliegen
herabgesetzt {v}  :: past participle of herabsetzen
herablassend {adj}  :: condescending (assuming a tone of superiority or a patronizing attitude)
herabrieseln {v} [formal]  :: to trickle down
herabsetzen {v}  :: to reduce (price etc.)
herabsetzen {v}  :: to belittle (to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is)
herabsetzend {adj}  :: disparaging, pejorative
herabsteigen {vt} [a mountain]  :: to descend
herabstufen {v}  :: to downgrade
herabstufen {v}  :: to degrade
herabwürdigen {v}  :: to disparage, to vilify
heraldisch {adj}  :: heraldic
heran {adv}  :: near, close to, over to (to the direction of the speaker or an object)
heran- {prefix}  :: A prefix
heranführen {vt}  :: to lead someone or something to
heranführen {vt}  :: to (slowly) introduce so. to
herangeführt {v}  :: past participle of heranführen
herangekommen {v}  :: past participle of herankommen
herangewachsen {v}  :: past participle of heranwachsen
herangewachsen {adj}  :: grown, adult, grown-up, full-grown
herangezogen {v}  :: past participle of heranziehen
herangezogen {adj}  :: used
herangezogen {adj}  :: consulted
herankommen {v}  :: to approach, to come close
heranwachsend {adj}  :: adolescent
herauf- {prefix}  :: A prefix, conveying a movement on something
heraufgesetzt {v}  :: past participle of heraufsetzen
heraufsetzen {v}  :: To raise prices
heraus {adv}  :: out of (in the direction of the speaker)
heraus- {prefix}  :: A prefix, conveying a movement out of something
herausbringen {v}  :: To release or bring out
herausfinden {v}  :: to find out
herausfordern {v}  :: To challenge
herausfordern {v}  :: To defy
herausfordern {v}  :: To provoke
herausgeben {vt}  :: To release, to publish
herausgebracht {v}  :: past participle of herausbringen - released, brought out
herausgefordert {v}  :: past participle of herausfordern
herausgefordert {adj}  :: challenged
herausgefordert {adj}  :: defied
herausgefunden {v}  :: past participle of herausfinden - found, found out
herausgegeben {v}  :: past participle of herausgeben
herausgegeben {adj}  :: released
herausgegeben {adj}  :: published
herausgelöst {v}  :: past participle of herauslösen
herausgeprustet {v}  :: past participle of herausprusten
herausgestellt {v}  :: past participle of herausstellen
herausgestellt {adj}  :: exposed
herauskriegen {v}  :: to work out, suss out
herauslösen {v} [chemistry]  :: to dissolve out
herauslösen {v}  :: to separate from
herausnehmen {v}  :: to take out
herausprusten {v}  :: to burst out with something while laughing out and snorting
herausragend {adj}  :: outstanding
herausragend {adj}  :: prominent, jutting
herausschauen {v}  :: to look out, to be looking out [e.g. of a window]
herausschauen {v}  :: to peek out
herausschreien {v}  :: to shout out
herausstellen {v}  :: To emphasize, underline
herausstellen {vr}  :: To come to light
herausziehen {vt}  :: to pull out (aus of)
herauszoomen {v}  :: to zoom out
herb {adj}  :: tart, bitter
herb {adj}  :: harsh
herbei {adv}  :: hither, here, to here, to this place
herbeieilen {vi}  :: to come running
herbeiführen {v}  :: to precipitate, cause, induce
herbeigeeilt {v}  :: past participle of herbeieilen
herbeigeführt {adj}  :: induced, brought about
herüber {adv}  :: over here
herbsten {vi} [impersonal]  :: to become autumn
herbsten {vt} [regional, colloquial]  :: to harvest (ripe grapes for wine)
herbstfarben {adj}  :: autumnal (in colour)
herbstlich {adj}  :: autumn, autumnal
hereditär {adj}  :: hereditary
herein {adv}  :: in (in the direction of the speaker)
herein- {prefix}  :: A verbal prefix indicating movement inwards towards the speaker
hereinfallen {v}  :: to fall for something/somebody
hereingekommen {v}  :: past participle of hereinkommen
hereinkommen {v}  :: to come in
hereinlassen {v}  :: to let in
hereinrufen {v}  :: to call in
hergegangen {v}  :: past participle of hergehen
hergehen {vi}  :: To follow, to be going with
hergehen {vi} [Southern Germany, Austria]  :: To come
hergehen {v} [impersonal, slang]  :: To happen
hergehen {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To turn active
hergehört {v}  :: past participle of herhören
hergekommen {v}  :: past participle of herkommen
hergeleitet {v}  :: past participle of herleiten
hergeleitet {adj}  :: derived
hergeleitet {adj}  :: deduced
hergerührt {v}  :: past participle of herrühren
hergestellt {adj}  :: produced, made, manufactured
herhören {v}  :: to listen
heringsähnlich {adj}  :: herringlike
herkömmlich {adj}  :: conventional, traditional
herkommen {v}  :: to come over, come here (towards the speaker)
herkommen {v}  :: to come from
herlaufen {v}  :: to come running
herlaufen {v}  :: to run with someone, run (ahead/behind etc. someone)
herleiten {v}  :: To deduce
herleiten {v}  :: To derive
hermeneutisch {adj} [humanities]  :: hermeneutical
hermetisch {adj}  :: hermetic
hermitesch {adj} [maths]  :: Hermitian
heroisch {adj}  :: heroic
herpetologisch {adj}  :: herpetological
herrenlos {adj}  :: abandoned, unclaimed: not evidently belonging to anyone
herrühren {v}  :: To spring, stem, arise or issue (from)
herrichten {v}  :: to arrange
herrichten {v}  :: to prepare
herrichten {v}  :: to decorate
herrichten {v}  :: to renovate
herrisch {adj}  :: bossy, authoritarian
herrklären {v} [slang]  :: to mansplain
herrlich {adj}  :: Fantastic; marvelous; wonderful; splendid; glorious; lovely
herrlicher {adj}  :: comparative of herrlich
herrlichsten {adj}  :: superlative of herrlich
herrschen {v}  :: to rule
herrschend {adj}  :: prevalent, prevailing
herrschend {adj}  :: dominant, ruling, reigning
herrschsüchtig {adj}  :: domineering
herstellbar {adj}  :: producible, manufacturable, contrivable
herstellen {v}  :: to produce
herstellen {v}  :: to establish, make, install
herum- {prefix}  :: A prefix
herum {adv}  :: about, around. Schaue um dich herum. - Look around you
herumfliegen {v}  :: to fly around
herumgehen {v}  :: to walk around, walk about
herumgehen {v}  :: to go around, circulate
herumgestanden {v}  :: past participle of herumstehen
herumgetrieben {v}  :: past participle of herumtreiben
herumlaufen {vi}  :: to wander
herumlaufen {vi}  :: to run around
herumquasseln {v}  :: to chitchat
herumschleppen {v} [colloquial]  :: to drag/lug around
herumstehen {v}  :: To stand around
herumstehen {v}  :: To mingle
herumtreiben {vr}  :: to run around, to hang around, to roam the streets
herunter {adv}  :: down (from a high to a low position, downwards)
herunter- {prefix}  :: A prefix; down-(?)
herunterfahren {v}  :: To shut down
heruntergekommen {adj}  :: decayed, dilapidated, run-down
heruntergekommen {v}  :: past participle of herunterkommen
heruntergeladen {v}  :: past participle of herunterladen
heruntergelassen {v}  :: past participle of herunterlassen
heruntergesetzt {v}  :: past participle of heruntersetzen - lowered, marked-down (of a price)
herunterkommen {v}  :: to come down, to descend
herunterkommen {v}  :: to decay
herunterladen {v} [computing]  :: to download (to transfer data from a remote computer to a local one)
herunterlassen {v}  :: to lower, to drop
herunterspielen {v}  :: to downplay
hervor- {prefix}  :: A prefix
hervorbringen {v}  :: to bring forth
hervorgegangen {v}  :: past participle of hervorgehen
hervorgehen {v}  :: To result; to follow (logically)
hervorgehen {v}  :: To arise (from)
hervorgerufen {v}  :: past participle of hervorrufen - caused
hervorgerufen {adj}  :: evoked, provoked, generated
hervorheben {v}  :: to emphasize, highlight
hervorragend {adj}  :: outstanding, superb
hervorragend {adj}  :: paramount, eminent
hervorrufen {v}  :: to arouse, to evoke, to induce, to cause, to bring about
hervorsehen {v}  :: to show (of an object)
hervorsehen {v}  :: to look out (of a person)
herzallerliebst {adj}  :: Greatly beloved
herzen {v}  :: to hug, embrace
herzen {v}  :: to caress
herzerfreuend {adj}  :: heartfelt; heartwarming
herzerfrischend {adj}  :: heartwarming
herzerquickend {adj}  :: heartwarming
herzförmig {adj}  :: heart-shaped (in the shape of a stylized heart)
herzhaft {adj}  :: hearty, savory, savoury
herzig {adj}  :: sweet (having a pleasing disposition); cute
herzlich {adj}  :: cordial
herzlich {adj}  :: hearty
herzlos {adj}  :: heartless, unfeeling
herzlos {adj} [zoology]  :: acardiac
herzzerreißend {adj}  :: heartbreaking
hessisch {adj}  :: Hessian
hetero- {prefix}  :: hetero- (other; different)
heterocyclisch {adj} [chemistry]  :: heterocyclic
heterocyklisch {adj}  :: alternative form of heterocyclisch
heterogen {adj} [also grammar]  :: heterogeneous
heteroklitisch {adj}  :: heteroclitic
heteronom {adv}  :: heteronomous
heterosexuell {adj}  :: heterosexual
heterotroph {adj}  :: heterotrophic
heterotyp {adj}  :: heterotypic
heterozygot {adj}  :: heterozygous
heth. {adj}  :: abbreviation of hethitisch
hethitisch {adj}  :: Hittite (related to the Hittites, their country or their language)
hetzen {v}  :: to agitate
hetzen {v} [auf]  :: to sic, to set upon (of dogs etc.)
heucheln {v}  :: to feign (friendship, morality, etc.); to be hypocritical
heuchlerisch {adj}  :: hypocritical, duplicitous
heuer {adv}  :: [regional, southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland] this year
heuern {v} [nautical]  :: to hire (a seaman)
heulen {v}  :: to howl, to whine
heulen {v} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: to weep, to cry
heurig {adj}  :: this year's, occurring this year
heuristisch {adj}  :: heuristic
heut {adv} [colloquial or poetic]  :: alternative form of heute
heute {adv}  :: today
heutig {adj}  :: today's (of the day of today)
heutig {adj}  :: contemporary; present-day (of the present age)
heutzutage {adv}  :: nowadays, these days (in the present era; in the world as it is today)
hexadezimal {adj}  :: hexadecimal
hexagonal {adj}  :: hexagonal
hexakisoktaedrisch {adj}  :: hexoctahedral, hexakisoctahedral
hexameren {adj}  :: hexameric
hexen {v}  :: to perfom witchcraft, cast a spell/spells
hexen {v}  :: to work miracles
heyß {adj}  :: obsolete form of heiß
heydnisch {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of heidnisch
heyßen {v}  :: obsolete spelling of heißen
heylen {v}  :: obsolete spelling of heilen
höfisch {adj}  :: courtly
höflich {adj}  :: polite (well-mannered)
hüfthoch {adj}  :: waist-high
hüftsteif {adj}  :: stiff and awkward
hügelig {adj}  :: hilly, undulating
höhenkrank {adj}  :: suffering from altitude sickness
höhenverstellbar {adj}  :: height-adjustable
höher {adj}  :: comparative of hoch
höherwertig {adj}  :: superior (high-order, high-value)
hühnermüde {adj}  :: (of soil) polluted with chicken parasites etc
höhnisch {adj}  :: scornful, sneering
hibbelig {adj}  :: restless, nervous, jittery
hicksen {v}  :: to hiccup
hie {adv} [archaic]  :: alternative form of hier
hie und da {adv} [literary, otherwise dated]  :: alternative form of hier und da
hienieden {adv} [dated, now, only poetic or jocular]  :: down here
hienieden {adv} [dated, in particular]  :: down here on earth, in this world (not up in heaven)
hier {adv} [location]  :: here; in this place; refers to an environment one is currently in, or to something within reach
hier {adv} [location]  :: there; right there; in that place; refers to something that is considered nearby, or can be seen and pointed at
hier {adv} [abstract]  :: here (within this context)
hier {adv}  :: used with the definite article or the determiner dieser (this, that) to express proximity (“this”)
hier {interj} [colloquial]  :: Used for emphasis or to call for attention, often when changing the subject
hier und da {adv}  :: here and there
hieran {adv}  :: here; at this place
hieran {adv}  :: here; to this place
hierarchisch {adj}  :: hierarchical
hieratisch {adj}  :: hieratic
hierauf {adv}  :: (on) here, on this
hierauf {adv} [figurative]  :: after this, hereupon
hieraus {adv}  :: herefrom
hieraus {adv}  :: thereof
hierbei {adv}  :: hereby
hierdurch {adv}  :: hereby, thus
hierein {adv}  :: herein
hierfür {adv}  :: for this (purpose), therefor
hiergegen {adv}  :: against here or this
hierher {adv}  :: hither, here (to this place)
hierherum {adv}  :: around here
hierhin {adv}  :: to here (to this place)
hierin {adv}  :: herein
hiermit {adv}  :: hereby (formal phrase)
hiernach {adv}  :: according to this (just mentioned thing), in accordance with this
hiernach {adv}  :: per this; according to this
hiernach {adv}  :: after this, subsequent to this
hiernächst {adv}  :: next to this
hiernechst {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of hiernächst
hiernieden {adv}  :: obsolete spelling of hienieden
hieroglyphisch {adj}  :: hieroglyphic
hierokratisch {adj}  :: hierocratic
hiervon {adv}  :: hence, from this
hierzu {adv}  :: hereto
hierzulande {adv}  :: in this country
hiesig {adj}  :: local
hieven {v} [nautical, construction]  :: to heave
hilflos {adj}  :: helpless
hilflos {adv}  :: helplessly
hilfreich {adj}  :: useful, helpful
hilfsbedürftig {adj}  :: needy
hilfsbereit {adj}  :: helpful
himbeerfarben {adj}  :: raspberry-coloured
himmelan {adv} [poetic]  :: heavenwards, towards heaven
himmelangst {adj}  :: scared stiff
himmelblau {adj}  :: sky blue
himmelhoch {adj}  :: sky-high, sky high
himmelschreiend {adj}  :: appalling, outrageous
himmelweit {adj} [colloquial]  :: enormous
himmlisch {adj}  :: celestial, heavenly
himmlisch {adj}  :: divine
hin {adv}  :: (to) there; thither [archaic]
hin- {prefix}  :: Adverbial and separable verbal prefix that indicates a movement
hin oder her {interj}  :: or not, disregard, aside; expressing the will to ignore the nature/status of something or someone
hin und her {adv}  :: back and forth
hin und wieder {adv}  :: now and then
hinab {adv}  :: down, below
hinauf {adv}  :: up; upward; upwards (toward the top)
hinauf- {prefix}  :: A prefix, conveying a movement upwards (toward the top)
hinaufgehen {v}  :: to climb, to go up
hinaufschauen {v} [regional]  :: to look up to/at
hinaufwollen {v}  :: to want to go up, come up, etc
hinaus {adv}  :: out (away from the speaker)
hinaus- {prefix}  :: A prefix, conveying a movement out of something
hinausgegangen {v}  :: past participle of hinausgehen
hinausgehen {v}  :: to go out
hinausgehen {v} [of a window etc.]  :: to look, to face
hinausgelehnt {v}  :: past participle of hinauslehnen
hinausgeragt {v}  :: past participle of hinausragen
hinausgeschoben {v}  :: past participle of hinausschieben
hinauslehnen {vr}  :: to lean out
hinausragen {v}  :: To project or jut out
hinausragen {v}  :: To tower over
hinausschiebbar {adj}  :: deferrable
hinausschieben {v}  :: to postpone
hinauswerfen {v}  :: to throw out, eject
hinbekommen {vt} [colloquial]  :: to manage, to succeed with
hinüber {adv}  :: across, there (towards a different side)
hinüber {adv} [colloquial, figuratively]  :: dead; spoiled, gone off; utterly broken, out of order
hinderlich {adj}  :: hampering, in the way
hindern {v}  :: to impede
hindern {v}  :: to prevent
hindurch {adv}  :: through, throughout
hinein {adv}  :: in (away from the speaker)
hinein- {prefix}  :: A prefix, conveying a movement into something
hineinblicken {v}  :: to look in
hineinblättern {v}  :: to browse
hineinbringen {v}  :: to take in
hineinbringen {v} [colloquial]  :: to get in
hineingegangen {v}  :: past participle of hineingehen
hineingehen {v}  :: to go in
hineingezogen {adj}  :: pulled/drawn into
hineingezoomt {v}  :: past participle of hineinzoomen
hineinmischen {vr}  :: to interfere, to intervene
hineinmischen {vt}  :: to mix into, to blend into
hineinmusen {v}  :: to mix into, to add as a mush
hineinspielen {v}  :: to come into play, to have a part to play (in [+ acc] in)
hineinzoomen {v}  :: to zoom in
hinfällig {adj}  :: decrepit, frail
hinfällig {adj}  :: obsolete
hinfällig {adj}  :: invalid
hinge {v}  :: first- and third-person singular subjunctive past of hängen
hingegen {adv}  :: on the other hand
hingegen {adv}  :: however, but
hingehalten {v}  :: past participle of hinhalten
hingehen {v}  :: to go (there)
hingehen {v}  :: (of time) to pass
hingekriegt {v}  :: past participle of hinkriegen
hingelegt {v}  :: past participle of hinlegen
hingenommen {v}  :: past participle of hinnehmen
hingenommen {adj}  :: accepted, tolerated
hingerissen {v}  :: past participle of hinreißen
hingestellt {v}  :: past participle of hinstellen
hinhalten {v}  :: to hold out [with the hand etc.]
hinhalten {v}  :: to stall (employ delaying tactics against)
hinhauen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben]  :: to hit hard at a point
hinhauen {vt} [auxiliary verb: haben]  :: to toss something at a point
hinhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: haben]  :: to hurry up
hinhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: haben]  :: to go well; to proceed fine
hinhauen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein]  :: to fall violently
hinhauen {vr} [auxiliary verb: haben]  :: to hit a hay; to hit a sack; to sleep
hinken {v}  :: to limp, to hobble (walk with difficulty due to injury)
hinkünftig {adj}  :: future (in use from now on)
hinknieen {v}  :: alternative spelling of hinknien
hinknieend {adj}  :: kneeling down
hinknien {vir}  :: to kneel down
hinkriegen {vt} [colloquial]  :: to manage, to succeed with
hinlegen {v}  :: to put down, lay down
hinlegen {vr}  :: to lie down
hinlänglich {adj}  :: sufficient, adequate
hinnehmbar {adj}  :: acceptable, tolerable
hinnehmen {v}  :: To accept
hinnehmen {v}  :: To take
hinreichend {adj}  :: sufficient, adequate, enough
hinreichend {adj}  :: ample
hinreichend {adv}  :: sufficiently, adequately
hinreißen {v}  :: to enrapture
hinreißend {adj}  :: gorgeous
hinrichten {v} [to kill as punishment]  :: to execute
hinsetzen {vr}  :: to sit down
hinsetzen {vt}  :: to put, place [in a given position]
hinsichtlich {prep}  :: regarding, concerning, with regard to
hinstarren {v} [with preposition zu]  :: to stare at
hinstarren {v} [followed by vor sich]  :: to stare into space
hinstellen {vt}  :: to put down
hinstellen {vt}  :: to describe
hinstellen {vr}  :: to stand; to park
hinstrecken {v}  :: to stretch out, to hold out
hinstrecken {vr}  :: to loll
hinstrecken {vr}  :: to extend, to take (time)
hinten {adv}  :: behind; in the back
hinten {adv} [chiefly colloquial]  :: over (there); yonder (unspecified locative for something at some distance)
hintendrein {adv} [regional]  :: behind
hinter {prep}  :: behind
hinter- {prefix}  :: after-
hinter- {prefix}  :: back-
hinter schwedischen Gardinen {adv}  :: in prison, in jail, behind bars
hintereinander {adv}  :: consecutively
hintereinander {adv}  :: in tandem, in succession, one after another
hinterer {adj} [attributive only]  :: back, hind
hinterfotzig {adj}  :: malicious, insidious, sneaky
hinterfotzig {adj}  :: common, low, vulgar, mean
hinterfotzig {adv}  :: backwards
hinterfotzig {adv}  :: from behind
hinterfotzig {adv}  :: secretly, insidiously, stealthily
hinterfragen {v}  :: to question
hintergehen {vt} [with accusative]  :: to deceive, to betray, to cheat, to hoodwink
hinterher {adv}  :: behind
hinterher {adv}  :: afterwards
hinterhältig {adj}  :: sneaky, underhand
hinterhältig {adj}  :: treacherous
hinterlassen {v}  :: to leave
hinterlassen {v}  :: to leave behind
hinterlassen {v}  :: to bequeath
hinterlegen {v}  :: to deposit
hinterlegt {v}  :: past participle of hinterlegen
hinterlistig {adj}  :: insidious, treacherous
hinters {contraction}  :: behind the, to the rear of the
hinters Licht führen {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: pull the wool over somebody's eyes
hintertreiben {v}  :: to foil; thwart (prevent from being accomplished)
hintertrieben {v}  :: past participle of hintertreiben
hinterwäldlerisch {adj}  :: hillbilly, backwoods (attributive)
hinterziehen {v}  :: to evade (taxation)
hinterzogen {v}  :: past participle of hinterziehen
hinunter {adv}  :: down
hinunterschlucken {v}  :: to swallow
hinweg {adv}  :: away
hinweg {adv}  :: over, across
hinweggeschaut {v}  :: past participle of hinwegschauen
hinweggesehen {v}  :: past participle of hinwegsehen
hinwegschauen {v}  :: synonym of hinwegsehen
hinwegsehen {v}  :: to look over
hinwegsehen {v} [figuratively]  :: to overlook, to ignore
hinwegtäuschen {v}  :: [transitive, with proposition über] to belie
hinweisen {v}  :: to portend (to signify)
hinweisen {v}  :: to point out
hinwollen {v}  :: to want to go there
hinzu- {prefix}  :: A prefix
hinzu {adv}  :: in addition, besides
hinzubekommen {vt}  :: to get in addition
hinzufügen {v}  :: to add
hinzukommen {v}  :: to be added
hipp, hipp, hurra {interj}  :: hip hip hooray!
hippokratisch {adj}  :: Hippocratic
hirnlos {adj}  :: brainless, witless, mindless
hirntot {adj}  :: brain-dead
hirschledern {adj}  :: deerskin (attributive)
hissen {vt} [a flag or sail]  :: to hoist
histologisch {adj}  :: histological
historisch {adj}  :: historical, historic
hitlerisch {adj}  :: Hitlerish
hitzebeständig {adj}  :: refractory
hitzebeständig {adj}  :: heat-resistant
hitzebeständig {adj}  :: fireproof
hitzefrei {adj}  :: Excused from school because of excessively high temperatures
hitzig {adj}  :: heated
hitzköpfig {adj}  :: hotheaded
häkeln {v}  :: to crochet
hökern {vi}  :: to trade
hl. {adj}  :: abbreviation of heilig (plural heilige)
häßlich {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of hässlich
hüllen {v} [with in]  :: to wrap, to drape, to cover
höllisch {adj}  :: infernal, hellish
höllisch {adv} [colloquial]  :: like hell, damn
hölzern {adj}  :: wooden, ligneous
hölzern {adj}  :: awkward
hämisch {adj}  :: malicious, spiteful, hateful
hämisch {adj}  :: derisive, gleeful
hämmerbar {adj}  :: malleable
hämmerbar {adj}  :: ductile
hämmern {v}  :: to hammer
hämolytisch {adj}  :: haemolytic
hämorrhagisch {adj}  :: haemorrhagic
händeringend {adj}  :: urgent, desperate
händisch {adv} [computing jargon, otherwise southern Germany, Austria]  :: manually, by hand
hündisch {adj}  :: doglike, canine
hündisch {adj}  :: fawning, sycophantic
hängen {vi}  :: to hang; to be suspended
hängen {vi}  :: to be attached to; to be fond of; to be devoted to; to cling to
hängen {vi} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: to depend on
hängen {vt} [colloquial, otherwise proscribed]  :: to hang something; to suspend
hängen {vt}  :: to hang something; to suspend
hängen {vt}  :: to hang someone; to execute by hanging
hängen {vr}  :: to hang on to; to follow
hobbymäßig {adj}  :: amateurish (in the manner of a hobby)
hoch {adj}  :: high, tall
hoch {adj}  :: large, big, heavy
hoch {adj}  :: grand, important
hoch {adj} [mathematics]  :: to the power of
hochachtungsvoll {adj} [dated]  :: yours sincerely, yours faithfully
hochaktuell {adj}  :: Very up-to-date
hochalpin {adj}  :: high-alpine
hochauflösend {adj}  :: high-resolution
hochbeansprucht {adj}  :: highly stressed
hochbeglückt {adj}  :: overjoyed (very happy)
hochbetagt {adj}  :: aged (very old)
hochdekoriert {adj}  :: highly-decorated
hochdeutsch {adj}  :: High German
hochdosiert {adj}  :: high-dosage
hochdramatisch {adj}  :: highly dramatic
hochelegant {adj}  :: highly elegant
hochempfindlich {adj}  :: highly sensitive
hochempfindlich {adj} [photography]  :: high-speed (film)
hochenergetisch {adj}  :: high-energy
hochentzündlich {adj}  :: highly inflammable / flammable
hochexplosiv {adj}  :: high explosive (attributive)
hochfest {adj}  :: high-strength
hochfliegen {vi}  :: To fly up
hochfliegen {vi}  :: To be hurled up
hochgeachtet {adj}  :: highly respected
hochgeboren {adj}  :: high-born
hochgeborn {adj}  :: obsolete spelling of hochgeboren
hochgefährlich {adj}  :: highly dangerous
hochgeflogen {v}  :: past participle of hochfliegen
hochgehen {vi} [auxiliary verb: sein]  :: to go high; to ascend
hochgeladen {v}  :: past participle of hochladen
hochgelegen {adj}  :: high-altitude
hochgelobt {adj}  :: highly praised, highly commended
hochgenommen {v}  :: past participle of hochnehmen
hochgerechnet {v}  :: past participle of hochrechnen
hochgeschleudert {v}  :: past participle of hochschleudern
hochgeschleudert {adj}  :: thrown up [as a stone]
hochgestellt {adj}  :: superscript (attributive)
hochgestellt {adj}  :: raised
hochgestellt {adj}  :: high-ranking
hochgiftig {adj}  :: highly toxic / poisonous
hochgradig {adj}  :: intense
hochhackig {adj}  :: high-heeled
hochhalten {v}  :: to hold up
hochhalten {v}  :: to uphold
hochherzig {adj}  :: magnanimous, generous, noble
hochintelligent {adj}  :: highly intelligent
hochinteressant {adj}  :: fascinating (very interesting)
hochkant {adj}  :: upended
hochkant {adv}  :: upright, on end
hochklassig {adj}  :: high-class
hochkompliziert {adj}  :: highly complex
hochkonzentriert {adj}  :: highly-concentrated
hochladen {v}  :: to upload (to transfer data)
hochleistungsfähig {adj}  :: heavy-duty
hochleistungsfähiger {adj}  :: comparative of hochleistungsfähig
hochleistungsfähigsten {adj}  :: superlative of hochleistungsfähig
hochmögend {adj}  :: powerful, influential
hochmittelalterlich {adj}  :: High Medieval (relating to the High Middle Ages)
hochmodern {adj}  :: ultramodern
hochmolekular {adj} [chemistry]  :: macromolecular; high-molecular weight
hochmütig {adj}  :: arrogant
hochnehmen {v}  :: to tease
hochnäsig {adj}  :: snooty, stuck-up, haughty
hochnäsig {adj}  :: supercilious, arrogant
hochprozentig {adj}  :: high-percentage
hochreaktiv {adj}  :: highly reactive
hochrechnen {v}  :: to project
hochrein {adj}  :: high-purity (attributive)
hochrheinisch {adj}  :: of or pertaining to the High Rhine (Hochrhein)
hochrot {adj}  :: bright red, like a very intense blush
hochschleudern {v}  :: to throw up, to fling or hurl up high
hochschmelzend {adj}  :: refractory (having a high melting point)
hochschwanger {adj}  :: very pregnant; in the late stages of pregnancy
hochsprachlich {adj}  :: literary; standard (of language)
hochstabil {adj}  :: highly-stable
hochstehend {adj}  :: superior
hochtechnologisch {adj}  :: high-tech
hochtourig {adj}  :: high-speed
hochtoxisch {adj}  :: highly toxic
hochtrabend {adj}  :: pompous, pretentious, highfalutin
hochverehrt {adj}  :: highly-esteemed
hochverräterisch {adj}  :: high treason (attributive), highly-treasonable
hochverschuldet {adj}  :: highly-indebted (heavily in debt)
hochwarmfest {adj}  :: high-temperature resistant
hochwertig {adj}  :: high-cost, high-grade, valuable, high-class, high-value, high-quality, worthy, premium, upmarket
hochwertig {adj} [chemistry]  :: Having a high valency
hochwertiger {adj}  :: comparative of hochwertig
hochwertigsten {adj}  :: superlative of hochwertig
hochzeitlich {adj}  :: nuptial, bridal
hocken {v}  :: to squat
hoffen {v}  :: to hope
hoffentlich {adv}  :: hopefully [it is hoped that]
hoffnungslos {adj}  :: hopeless
hoffnungsloser {adj}  :: comparative of hoffnungslos
hoffnungslosesten {adj}  :: superlative of hoffnungslos
hoffnungsvoll {adj}  :: hopeful
hoffärtig {adj}  :: arrogant, haughty
hohe See {f}  :: high seas
hohe Stirn {f} [idiomatic]  :: a receded hairline due to male pattern baldness
hohe Stirn {f} [also]  :: a forehead that happens to be long or high
hoheitlich {adj}  :: sovereign
hoheitlich {adj}  :: royal, majestic, regal
hohl {adj}  :: hollow
hohl {adj}  :: concave, cupped
hoi {interj} [Southern Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol]  :: hi! an informal greeting acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence
hold {adj} [archaic, poetic]  :: friendly, comely, graceful
holen {vt}  :: to (go) get, to fetch (to go somewhere and take something)
holen {vt} [always with reflexive dative, colloquial]  :: to get (to acquire, buy)
holistisch {adj}  :: holistic
holländisch {adj}  :: Hollandish, of Holland (region)
holländisch {adj} [somewhat, colloquial]  :: Dutch, of the Netherlands (country)
holografisch {adj}  :: holographic
holomorph {adj} [mathematics]  :: holomorphic
holozän {adj}  :: Holocene
holperig {adj}  :: bumpy, jolty
holpern {v}  :: to jolt, to bump, to rumble
holprig {adj}  :: bumpy (rough; jumpy)
holpriger {adj}  :: comparative of holprig
holprigsten {adj}  :: superlative of holprig
holzfrei {adj}  :: woodfree
holzhaltig {adj}  :: Containing wood, especially wood pulp
holzig {adj}  :: woody (non-herbaceous)
holzschlifffrei {adj}  :: Free of wood pulp
hom. {adj}  :: abbreviation of homerisch
homerisch {adj}  :: Homeric (of or pertaining to the Ancient Greek father of poetry, Homer)
homerisch {adj}  :: Homeric (represented by Homer or originating in his works)
homerisch {adj}  :: Homeric (characteristic of Homer or his style)
homiletisch {adj}  :: homiletic
homocyclisch {adj}  :: homocyclic
homogen {adj}  :: homogeneous
homogenisieren {v}  :: To homogenize
homogenisiert {v}  :: past participle of homogenisieren - homogenized
homoiohydrisch {adj} [ecology, of plants]  :: homoiohydric
homolog {adj}  :: homologous (all senses)
homöomorph {adj}  :: homeomorphic
homonom {adj}  :: homonomic, homonomous
homonuklear {adj}  :: homonuclear
homöopathisch {adj}  :: homeopathic
homophob {adj}  :: homophobic
homorgan {adj}  :: homorganic
homosexuell {adj}  :: homosexual
homöostatisch {adj}  :: homeostatic
homozygot {adj}  :: homozygous
honduranisch {adj}  :: Honduran
honett {adj}  :: honourable
honigfarben {adj}  :: honey-coloured
honigsüß {adj}  :: honey-sweet
honorig {adj}  :: honorable, noble
honorig {adj}  :: generous
hoppeln {v}  :: to hop; to scuttle (describing, in particular, the movement of the hare)
hopsen {v}  :: to hop; to lollop; to dance awkwardly
horchen {v}  :: to eavesdrop (to hear a conversation one is not intended to hear)
horchen {v}  :: to listen
hordenweise {adv}  :: in hordes
horizontal {adj}  :: horizontal
hormonhaltig {adj}  :: Containing hormones
horrend {adj}  :: horrendous
horten {v}  :: to hoard
hüpfen {v}  :: to hop
hüpfen {v} [of ball]  :: to bounce
häppchenweise {adj}  :: piecemeal
häppchenweise {adv}  :: bit by bit, in small bits, in a piecemeal fashion
hüppen {v} [colloquial, regional, northern and central Germany]  :: alternative form of hüpfen
hörbar {adj}  :: audible
hören {v}  :: to hear
hören {v}  :: to listen to
hären {adj} [attributive, archaic]  :: made of hair
hörend {adj}  :: hearing (able to hear)
hörenswert {adj}  :: worth hearing
häretisch {adj}  :: heretic, heretical
hörig {adj}  :: enslaved
härtbar {adj}  :: hardenable
härtbar {adj}  :: temperable
härten {v}  :: to solidify, harden, become hard
härten {v}  :: to set, harden, make hard
härter {adj}  :: comparative of hart
härtesten {adj}  :: superlative of hart
hässlich {adj}  :: ugly
hässliches Entlein {phrase}  :: ugly duckling [an ugly young person expected to turn beautiful]
hüsteln {v}  :: to cough slightly
hüten {vt}  :: to watch
hüten {vt} [of animals]  :: to herd, to tend
hüten {vr}  :: to be wary, to watch out
hätscheln {v}  :: to fondle, feel up
hätscheln {v}  :: to pamper
hu {interj}  :: an exclamation of feeling cold
huch {interj}  :: Expression of surprise
huckepack {adv}  :: carried on someone’s back (particularly another person); piggyback
hufeisenförmig {adj}  :: horseshoe-shaped
häufen {v}  :: To heap (up), to pile up
häufen {v}  :: To amass, accumulate, aggregate
häufen {vr}  :: to pile up, to accrete
häufend {adj}  :: heaping
häufig {adj}  :: frequent
häufig {adj}  :: common
häufig {adv}  :: frequently, often
häufig {adv}  :: in common, at once, together
häufiger {adj}  :: comparative of häufig
häufigsten {adj}  :: superlative of häufig
huhu {interj} [colloquial]  :: hello
hui {interj}  :: an exclamation of pleasant surprise
human {adj}  :: humane
humanistisch {adj}  :: humanistic
humanitär {adj}  :: humanitarian
humoral {adj}  :: pertaining to the bodily fluids
humoral {adj}  :: pertaining to the transport of substances in the blood or lymph
humoral {adj}  :: pertaining to the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters
humorig {adj}  :: humorous, amusing, funny
humoristisch {adj}  :: humorous
humorlos {adj}  :: humorless
humorvoll {adj}  :: humorous
humpeln {v}  :: to hobble, to limp
humusreich {adj}  :: humus-rich (of soil)
hundeartig {adj}  :: doglike, canine
hundekalt {adj}  :: freezing cold
hundemüde {adj}  :: dog-tired
hundert {num}  :: one hundred
hunderterlei {adj}  :: Of many different types
hunderterste {adj} [ordinal]  :: hundred-and-first
hundertfach {adj}  :: hundredfold
hundertjährig {adj}  :: hundred-year
hundertjährig {adj}  :: hundred-year-old
hundertmal {adv}  :: a hundred times
hundertpro {adj}  :: synonym of hundertprozentig
hundertprozentig {adj}  :: hundred-percent
hundertste {ordinal num} [ordinal]  :: hundredth
hundertstel {adj}  :: hundredth
hunderttausend {num} [cardinal]  :: one hundred thousand
hunderttausendste {adj} [ordinal]  :: hundred thousandth
hunderttägig {adj}  :: of a hundred days
hundertundzweite {adj} [ordinal]  :: hundred-and-second
hundertzweite {adj} [ordinal]  :: alternative form of hundertundzweite
hundsgemein {adj}  :: Very mean or common
hundsmüde {adj}  :: alternative form of hundemüde
hungern {v}  :: to hunger
hungrig {adj}  :: hungry (desirous of food)
hungriger {adj}  :: comparative of hungrig
hungrigsten {adj}  :: superlative of hungrig
hunnisch {adj}  :: Hunnic (related to the Huns)
hunnisch {adj}  :: Hunnish
hunsrückisch {adj}  :: Hunsrückisch (attributive)
hupen {v}  :: to sound the horn
hupfen {v} [colloquial, regional, Southern Germany and Austria]  :: alternative form of hüpfen
huronisch {adj}  :: Huronian
hurra {interj}  :: hooray
hurritisch {adj}  :: Hurrian (of or pertaining to the Hurrians)
huschen {v}  :: to scurry
häuslich {adj}  :: domestic, homely, household
häuslich {adj}  :: domesticated
husten {v}  :: to cough
häuten {vt}  :: to skin
häuten {vr}  :: to moult
hybridisieren {v}  :: To hybridize
hybridisiert {v}  :: past participle of hybridisieren
hybridisiert {adj}  :: hybridized
hydratisiert {v}  :: past participle of hydratisieren
hydratisiert {adj}  :: hydrated
hydraulisch {adj}  :: hydraulic
hydrieren {v} [organic chemistry]  :: To hydrogenate
hydrieren {v}  :: translation of hydrate in the film "Back to the Future II"
hydriert {v}  :: past participle of hydrieren
hydrogentartrat {n} [chemistry]  :: hydrogen tartrate, bitartrate
hydrolysieren {v} [chemistry]  :: To hydrolyze / hydrolyse
hydrolysiert {v}  :: past participle of hydrolysieren - hydrolyzed / hydrolysed
hydrophil {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: hydrophilic (having an affinity for water)
hydrophob {adj} [physics, chemistry]  :: hydrophobic (lacking an affinity for water)
hydroponisch {adj}  :: hydroponic
hygienisch {adj}  :: hygienic
hygrisch {adj}  :: hygric
hygroskopisch {adj}  :: hygroscopic
hyperaktiv {adj}  :: hyperactive
hyperbolisch {adj} [maths]  :: hyperbolic
hypergeometrische Verteilung {f} [probability theory]  :: hypergeometric distribution
hypergolisch {adj}  :: hypergolic
hyperkatalektisch {adj}  :: hypercatalectic
hypermetropisch {adj}  :: hypermetropic
hyperpolarisiert {v}  :: past participle of hyperpolarisieren
hyperpolarisiert {adj}  :: hyperpolarised / hyperpolarized
hypertroph {adj}  :: hypertrophic
hyperventilieren {v}  :: to hyperventilate
hypo- {prefix}  :: hypo-
hypobromig {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypobromous
hypochlorig {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypochlorous
hypochondrisch {adj}  :: hypochondriac
hypodorisch {adj} [music]  :: hypodorian
hypofluorig {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: hypofluorous
hypoionisch {adj}  :: hypoionic, hypoosmotic
hypolokrisch {adj} [music]  :: hypolocrian
hypolydisch {adj} [music]  :: hypolydian
hypomixolydisch {adj} [music]  :: hypomixolydian
hypoäolisch {adj} [music]  :: hypoaeolian
hypophrenisch {adj}  :: hypophrenic
hypophrygisch {adj} [music]  :: hypophrygian
hypothekenbesichert {adj}  :: mortgage-backed
hypothetisch {adj}  :: hypothetic, hypothetical
hypsometrisch {adj}  :: hypsometric
hysterisch {adj}  :: hysterical