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C++ {prop} (C++)  :: سِي++ {m} /sī blas blas/, سِي بْلَس بْلَس {m}
cab {n} (taxi) SEE: taxi  ::
cabaret {n} (live entertainment held in a restaurant or nightclub)  :: كَبَارِيه {m}
cabbage {n} (plant)  :: مَلْفُوف {m}, كُرُنْب {m}
cable {n} (assembly of wires for electricity)  :: كَابْل {m}
cable television {n} (television received through coaxial cables)  :: تِلِفِزْيُون كَبْلِيّ {m}
Cabo Verde {prop} (Cape Verde) SEE: Cape Verde  ::
cacao {n} (cacao tree)  :: شَجَرَة اَلْكَاكَاو {f} /šajarat al-kākāw/
cacao {n} (cocoa bean)  :: كَاكَاو {m} /kākāw/
cachalot {n} (sperm whale) SEE: sperm whale  ::
caciocavallo {n} (Italian cheese type)  :: قشقوان, كاتشوكافالو
cacolet {n}  :: شُقْذُف {m}
cactus {n} (member of the Cactaceae)  :: صَبَّار {m}
cadet {n} (a student at a military school who is training to be an officer)  :: تِمْلِيذ عَسْكَرِيّ {m}, تِمْلِيذَة عَسْكَرِيَّة {f}
Cadillac {prop} (a brand of luxury automobile)  :: كَادِيلَاك {m} /kadilāk/
Cadiz {prop} (port city in Andalusia, Spain)  :: قَادِس
cadmium {n} (chemical element)  :: كَادْمِيُوم {m} /kadmiyum/
Caesar {prop} (ancient Roman family name)  :: قَيْصَر {m}
Caesar {n} (a title of Roman emperors)  :: قَيْصَر {m}
Caesarea {prop} (any of the places called Caesarea)  :: قيسارية {f}
Caesarean section {n} (incision in the womb)  :: وِلَادَة قَيْصَرِيَّة {f} /wilāda qayṣariyya/
Caesar salad {n} (Caesar salad)  :: سَلَطَة قَيْصَر
caesium {n} (a metallic chemical element)  :: سِيزْيُوم {m} /sizyum/
café {n} (coffee shop)  :: مَقْهًى {m}, مَقْهَاة {f}
cafe {n} (café) SEE: café  ::
cafeteria {n} (restaurant)  :: مَقْصَف {m}
caffeine {n} (alkaloid found naturally in tea and coffee plants)  :: كَافِيِين {m}
cage {n} (enclosure)  :: قَفَص {m}
caiman {n} (alligator relative)  :: كَيَامِن {m}, كَيْمَن {m}
Cain {prop} (son of Adam and Eve)  :: قَابِيل {m}
Cairns {prop} (city in Queensland, Australia)  :: كِيرْنْز {m} /kirnz/
Cairo {prop} (capital of Egypt)  :: اَلْقَاهِرَة {f}
cake {n} (a sweet dessert)  :: كَعْكَة {f}
cake {n} (a trivially easy task or responsibility) SEE: piece of cake  ::
calamari {n} (as mollusk) SEE: squid  ::
calamity {n} (event resulting in great loss)  :: بَلَاء {m}, بُؤْس {m}, مُصِيبَة {f}
calcium {n} (chemical element of atomic number 20)  :: كَلْسِيُوم {m} /kalsiyum/
calculate {v} ((transitive) to determine value)  :: حَسَبَ
calculate {v} ((intransitive) determine values or solutions)  :: حَسَبَ
calculation {n} (act or process of calculating)  :: حَسْب {m}
calculator {n} (electronic device that performs mathematical calculations)  :: آلَة حَاسِبَة {f} /ʾāla ḥāsiba/
Calcutta {prop} (former name of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal)  :: كَالْكُوتَا {f} /kalkūtā/
Calcutta {prop} (current name of the city) SEE: Kolkata  ::
calendar {n} (system by which time is divided)  :: تَقْوِيم
calendar {n} (means to determine the date)  :: تَقْوِيم
calender {n} (machine)  :: مَاكِينَة صَقْل اَلْوَرَق {f} /mākīnat ṣaql al-waraq/
calender {v} (to press between rollers)  :: صَقَلَ
calends {n} (the first day of a Roman month)  :: غُرَّة {f}
calf {n} (young cow or bull)  :: عِجْل {m}
calf {n} (anatomy: back of the leg below the knee)  :: بَطَة {f}, رَبْلَةُ {f}
calf {n} (muscle in the back of the leg below the knee)  :: بَطْن اَلسَّاق {f}
calf bone {n} (smaller lower-leg bone)  :: شَظْيَة {f}
Cali {prop} (California) SEE: California  ::
California {prop} (state of the United States of America)  :: كَالِيفُورْنِيَا {f}
californium {n} (chemical element)  :: كَالِيفُورْنِيُوم {m} /kaliforniyum/
caliph {n} (political leader of the Muslim world)  :: خَلِيفَة {m}
caliphate {n} (Islamic government)  :: خِلَافَة {f}
call {v} (to request, summon, or beckon)  :: دَعَا, اِتَّصَلَ
call {v} (to contact by telephone)  :: اِتَّصَلَ بِ, تَلْفَنَ
call {v} (to name or refer to)  :: دَعَا, سَمَّى
call an ambulance {phrase} (request to call an ambulance)  :: أُطْلُب سَيَّارَة إِسْعَاف /ʾuṭlub sayyārat ʾisʿāf/
call a spade a spade {v} (to speak the truth)  :: تسمية الأشياء بمسمياتها
calligrapher {n} (one who practices calligraphy)  :: خَطَّاط {m}
calligraphy {n} (art of writing with decorative strokes)  :: خَطّ {m}
calling card {n} (printed card identifying the bearer) SEE: business card  ::
calling name {n} (nickname) SEE: nickname  ::
Callisto {prop} (satellite of Jupiter)  :: كَالِيسْتُو {m} /kalīstū/
call it a day {v} (to retire)  :: اِعْتَزَلَ
call the police {phrase} (call the police)  :: أُطْلُب اَلشُّرْطَة, نَاد اَلشُّرْطَة
call to prayer {n} (A public proclamation made five times a day in Muslim societies)  :: أذان
calm {adj} (free from anger and anxiety)  :: هَادِئ
calm down {v} (To become less excited)  :: أَهْدَأَ, هَدَّأَ
calm down {v} (To cause to become less excited)  :: أَهْدَأَ, هَدَّأَ
calorie {n} (amount of heat to raise 1 gram of water by 1°C)  :: سُعْر {m}, سُعْرَة {f}, وَحْدَة حَرَارِيَّة {f} /waḥda ḥarāriyya/, كالوري {m} /kaluri/
cam {n} (camera) SEE: camera  ::
Cambodia {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: كَامْبُودِيَا {f} /kambōdiyā/, كَمْبُودِيَا {f} /kambōdiyā/
Cambodian {prop} (the language of the Cambodian people) SEE: Khmer  ::
Cambrian symbol {n} (literary: vegetable emblematic of Wales) SEE: leek  ::
Cambridge {prop} (city)  :: كَامْبْرِدْج {m}
camcorder {n} (electronic device)  :: كَامِيرَا فِيدِيُو {f} /kāmērā fīdiyū/
came {v} (simple past of come)  :: جَاءَ {m}, اَتَى {m}
camel {n} (beast of burden)  :: جَمَل {m}
camelopard {n} (giraffe) SEE: giraffe  ::
camembert {n} (creamy cheese from France)  :: كَامَامْبِير {m} /kamambir/
camera {n} (still camera)  :: كَامِيرَا {f} /kāmērā/, آلَة تَصْوِير {f} /ʾālat taṣwīr/
camera {n} (movie camera)  :: كَامِيرَا {f} /kāmērā/, كَامِيرَا فِيدِيُو {f} /kāmērā fīdiyū/
Cameron {prop} (surname)  :: كَامِيرُون /kamirūn/
Cameroon {prop} (country in Central Africa)  :: اَلْكَامِيرُون {m}
camomile {n} (plant)  :: بابونج {m} /babunij/
camp {n} (outdoor place)  :: مُخَيِّم {m}
camp {v} (to live in a tent)  :: خَيَّمَ
camp {n} (summer camp) SEE: summer camp  ::
campaign {n} (series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal)  :: حَمْلَة {f}
campfire {n} (fire at a campground)  :: نَار مُخَيَّم
camphor {n} (white transparent waxy crystalline isoprenoid ketone)  :: كَافُور
camping {n} (recreational activity)  :: تَخْيِيم {m}
campus {n} (grounds or property of a school, etc)  :: حَرَم اَلْجَامِعَة {m}
can {v} (to be able)  :: قَدَرَ, اِسْتَطَاعَ, أَمْكَنَ
can {v} (may)  :: اِسْتَطَاعَ, مُمْكِن
can {n}  :: صَفِيحَة {f}
Canaan {prop} (historic region)  :: كَنْعَان
Canada {prop} (country in North America)  :: كَنَدَا {f}
Canadian {n} (person from Canada)  :: كَنَدِيّ {m}, كَنَدِيَّة {f}
Canadian {adj} (of or pertaining to Canada)  :: كَنَدِيّ
Canadian dollar {n} (official currency of Canada)  :: دُولَار كَنَدِيّ {m} /dōlār kanadiyy/
canal {n} (artificial waterway)  :: قَنَاة {f}
Canary Islands {prop} (an archipelago off the coast of north-western Africa)  :: جُزُر اَلْكَنَارِيَّة {f-p}
Canberra {prop} (Capital of Australia)  :: كَانْبِرَا {f} /kanberā/
cancel {v} (invalidate, annul)  :: أَلْغَى
cancelled {adj} (No longer planned or scheduled)  :: مُلْغًى
cancer {n} (disease of uncontrolled cellular proliferation)  :: سَرَطَان {m}
Cancer {prop} (constellation)  :: بُرْج اَلسَّرَطَان {m}, اَلسَّرَطَان {m}
Cancer {prop} (astrological sign)  :: بُرْج اَلسَّرَطَان {m}, اَلسَّرَطَان {m}
candelabrum {n} (candle holder)  :: قِنْدِيل {m}, شَمْعَدَان {m}
candidate {n} (person running in an election)  :: مُرَشَّح {m}, مُرَشَّحَة {f}
candle {n} (a light source)  :: شَمْعَة {f}, قِنْدِيل {m}
candle holder {n} (candle holder) SEE: candlestick  ::
candlestick {n} (a holder with a socket or spike for a candle)  :: شَمْعَدَان {m}, قِنْدِيل {m}
candy {n} (piece of candy)  :: حَلْوَى {f}, حَلْوَى سُكَّرِيَّة {f}
candy cane {n} (candy in the shape of a cane)  :: حَلْوَى قَصَبٍ {m}
candy floss {n} (sweet)  :: غَزْل اَلْبَنَات {m}
candy store {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop  ::
cane {n} (slender flexible stem of plants such as bamboo)  :: بُوص {m}
cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick  ::
cane {n} (sugar cane) SEE: sugar cane  ::
can I come in {phrase} (phrase)  :: هَل يُمْكِنُنِي أَن أَدْخُل؟ /hal yumkinu-nī ʾan ʾadḵul?/, هَل أَنَا مِن المُمْكِن أَن أَدْخُلَ؟, أَتَسْمُحُ لِي بِالدُّخُول؟ /ʾa-tasmuhu lī bi-d-duḵūl?/
canine {adj} (pertaining to dogs)  :: نَاب {m}
canine {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth  ::
canine tooth {n} (tooth)  :: نَاب {m}
can I use your phone {phrase} (can I use your phone?)  :: هَل مُمْكِن اَسْتَعْمَل تِلِفُونَك؟, هَل مُمْكِن أَسْتَعِمَلُ تِلِفُونَكَ؟ [to a man/to a woman]
cannabis {n} (plant)  :: قِنَّب هِنْدِيّ {m}, قِنَّب {m}
cannabis {n} (marijuana) SEE: marijuana  ::
Cannes {prop} (a city in France)  :: كَان {m}
cannibal {n} (an organism which eats others of its own species)  :: غُول {f}
Cannizzaro reaction {n} (disproportionation of an aldehyde into an alcohol and a carboxylic acid)  :: تَفَاعُل كَانِّيزَارُو {m}, رَدّ فِعْلِ كَانِّيزَارُو {m}
cannoli {n} (tube of fried pastry filled with ricotta)  :: كَانُّولِي {m}
cannon {n} (artillery piece)  :: مِدْفَع {m}
canny {adj} (pleasant, nice) SEE: pleasant  ::
can opener {n} (device used to open tin cans)  :: فَتَّاحَة {f}
can-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener  ::
Canopus {prop} (star)  :: سُهَيْل
canteen {n} (small cafeteria or snack bar)  :: مَقْصَف {m}
Canticle of Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs  ::
Canticles {prop} (Song of Songs) SEE: Song of Songs  ::
Cantonese {n} (person from Canton)  :: كَانْتُونِيّ {m} /kantūniyy/, كَانْتُونِيَّة {f} /kantūniyya/
Cantonese {prop} (language)  :: كَانْتُونِيَّة {f} /kantūniyya/
Cantopop {n} (Cantonese pop music)  :: كَانْتُوبُوب {m} /kantubūb/
can't wait {v} (to eagerly anticipate)  :: لَا اَسْتَطِيع اَلاِنْتِظَار
canvass {v} (to campaign) SEE: campaign  ::
canyon {n} (a valley cut in rock by a river)  :: تلعَة {f}
can you help me {phrase} (can you help me?)  :: هَل يُمْكِنُكَ مُسَاعَدَتِي؟ {m}, هَل يُمْكِنُكِ مُسَاعَدَتِي؟ {m}/{f}
caoutchouc {n} (natural rubber)  :: مَطَّاط {m}, كَاوْتْشُوك {m}
cap {n} (head covering)  :: قُبْعَة {f}
capable {adj} (able and efficient)  :: قَادِر
cape {n} (headland)  :: رَأْس {m}
cape gooseberry {n} (fruit)  :: قُرُنْفِش {m}, حَرَنْكَش {m}
Cape of Good Hope {prop} (a cape in southwestern South Africa)  :: رَأْس اَلرَّجَاء اَلصَّالِح {m}
caper {n} (crime) SEE: crime  ::
Capernaum {prop} (The biblical town)  :: كفرناحوم {m}
Cape Verde {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: كَاب فِيرْدِي {m}, اَلرَّأْس اَلْأَخْضَر {m}
capillary {n} (any of small blood vessels that connect arteries to veins)  :: شَعِيرَة دَمَوِيَّة {f} /šaʿīra damawiyya/
capital {n} (money and wealth)  :: رَأْسْمَال {m}, رَأْس مَال {m}
capital {n} (uppermost part of a column)  :: تَاج العَمُود {m}
capital {n} (capital letter) SEE: capital letter  ::
capital {n} (capital city) SEE: capital city  ::
capital city {n} (city designated as seat of government)  :: عَاصِمَة {f}, حَاضِرَة {f}
capitalism {n} (socio-economic system based on private property rights)  :: رَأْسْمَالِيَّة {f}
capital letter {n} (letters A B C)  :: حَرْف كَبِير {m}
capital punishment {n} (punishment by death)  :: إِعْدَام {m}, عُقُوبَة اَلْإِعْدَام {f} /ʿuqūbat al-ʾiʿdām/, عُقُوبَة اَلْمَوْت {f} /ʿuqūbat al-mawt/
capitol {n} (Capitoline temple of Jupiter) SEE: Capitol  ::
capitol {n} (particular capitol buildings) SEE: Capitol  ::
Capitol {prop} (legislative building in Washington, D.C.)  :: كَابِيتُول الوِلَايَات المُتَّحِدَة {m}
Capitol Hill {prop} (Congress) SEE: Congress  ::
Capitol Hill {prop} (the hill in Washington, DC)  :: كَابِيتُول هِيل {m} /kābitul hil/
capitulation {n} (surrender to an enemy)  :: اِسْتِسْلَام {m}
Cappadocia {prop} (ancient region)  :: قباذق, قبادوقيَة
cappuccino {n} (beverage)  :: كَابُتْشِينُو {m}
Capricorn {prop} (constellation) SEE: Capricornus  ::
Capricorn {prop} (astrological sign)  :: بُرْج اَلْجَدْي {m}, اَلْجَدْي {m}
Capricornus {prop} (constellation)  :: بُرْج اَلْجَدْي {m}, اَلْجَدْي {m}
Capricornus {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Capricorn  ::
capsicum {n} (plant of the genus Capsicum (only terms covering capsicum in general apply, NOT species-specific))  :: نَبَات فُلْفُل {m}
capsicum spray {n} (pepper spray) SEE: pepper spray  ::
capsule {n} (weasel) SEE: weasel  ::
captain {n} (An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major)  :: نَقِيب {m}, قِبْطَان {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of a sea-going vessel)  :: طَيَّار {m}, قَبِطَان {m}
captain {n} (The person lawfully in command of an airliner)  :: طَيَّار {m}
captain {n} (One of the athletes on a sports team designated to make decisions)  :: كَبْتِن {m}
captivate {v} (to attract and hold interest and attention of)  :: أَسَرَ
captivity {n} (state of being captive)  :: أَسْر {m}, سَبْي {m}
car {n} (automobile, a vehicle steered by a driver)  :: سَيَّارَة {f}, عَرَبَة {f}
car {n} (passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not)  :: عَرَبَة {f}
car {n} (railway car, railroad carriage) SEE: carriage  ::
Caracas {prop} (capital of Venezuela)  :: كَرَاكَاس {m}
carafe {n} (bottle for serving wine, water, or beverages)  :: غَرَّافَة {f}
carambola {n} (fruit) SEE: star fruit  ::
caramel {n} (confection)  :: كَرَامِيل {m}, كَرَامِيل {m} /karamel/
carat {n} (weight)  :: قِيرَاط {m}
caravan {n} (convoy or procession)  :: قَافِلَة {f}
caravanserai {n} (an inn having a central courtyard where caravans can rest)  :: كَارْوَانْسَرَا {m}
caraway {n} (plant)  :: كروياء {f} /karawyaaʾ/, كرويا {f} /karawyaa/, كروية {f} /karawyaa/
car bomb {n} (automobile made a bomb)  :: سَيَّارَةٌ مُفَخَّخَةٌ {f}
carbon {n} (chemical element)  :: كَرْبُون {m}
carbonated water {n} (water containing carbon dioxide)  :: مِيَّاه غَازِيَّة {f}, مَاء اَلصُّودَا {m} /māʾ aṣ-ṣōdā/
carbon monoxide {n} (chemical of the formula CO)  :: أَوَّل أُكْسِيد اَلْكَرْبُون {m}
carboxylic acid {n} (organic compound containing a carboxyl functional group)  :: حمض كربوكسيليّ
carburetor {n} (a device in an internal combustion engine)  :: مَازِج {m}
carburettor {n} (motor car part) SEE: carburetor  ::
carcass {n} (body of a dead human) SEE: corpse  ::
card {n} (flat, normally rectangular piece of stiff paper, plastic etc.)  :: بِطَاقَة {f}, كَارْت {m}, وَرَقَة {f}, كَرْت {m}
card {n} (playing card) SEE: playing card  ::
card {n} (card game) SEE: card game  ::
cardamom {n} (plant)  :: هَال {m}, هَيْل {m-p}
cardamom {n} (spice)  :: حَبْهَان {m-p}, هَال {m}, هَيْل {m-p}
cardboard {n} (material resembling heavy paper)  :: كَرْتُون {m}, وَرَق مُقَوَّى {f}
card game {n} (any of very many games played with playing cards)  :: لَعْبَة وَرَق {f} /laʿbat waraq/
cardiac {adj} (pertaining to the heart)  :: قَلْبِيّ
cardiac arrest {n} (cessation of the heartbeat resulting in the loss of effective circulation of the blood)  :: سكتَة قلبيَة {f}
Cardiff {prop} (The capital city of Wales)  :: كَارْدِيف {m} /kārdif/
cardinal virtues {n} (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance)  :: اَلْفَضَائِل اَلرَّئِيسِيَّة {f-p}
cardiology {n} (study of the structure of the heart)  :: طِبّ اَلْقَلْب {m}
cardiovascular {adj} (relating to the circulatory system)  :: جِهَاز اَلدَّوَرَان {m}, جِهَاز قَلْبِيّ وِعَائِيّ {m}
cardiovascular system {n} (circulatory system) SEE: circulatory system  ::
cards {n} (card game) SEE: card game  ::
care {n} (treatment of those in need)  :: عِنَايَة {f}, رِعَايَة {f}
care {v} (to be concerned about)  :: اِهْتَمَّ بِـ /ihtamma bi-/
care {v} (to look after)  :: اِهْتَمَّ بِـ /ihtamma bi-/
career {n} (one's calling in life; a person's occupation)  :: مِهْنَة {f}
carefree {adj} (worry free, light hearted, etc.)  :: مُرْتَاحُ اَلْبَالِ, خَالِي اَلْقَلْبِ
carefully {adv} (in a careful manner)  :: بِعِنَايَة /bi-ʿināya/
care killed the cat {proverb} (curiosity killed the cat) SEE: curiosity killed the cat  ::
careless {adj} (not concerned or worried) SEE: carefree  ::
care of {prep} (for distribution by (the named intermediary))  :: عِنَايَة, رِعَايَة
caress {v} (touch or kiss lovingly)  :: لَاطَفَ
caretaker {n} (One who takes care of a place or thing.)  :: مُحَافِظ {m}
cargo ship {n} (ship that carries cargo)  :: سَفِينَة شَحَن {f} /safīnat šaḥan/
Caribbean Sea {prop} (a tropical sea in the Western Hemisphere)  :: اَلْبَحْر اَلْكَارِيبِيّ {m} /al-baḥr al-karībiyy/
caricature {n} (pictorial representation of someone for comic effect)  :: كَارِيكَاتِير {m} /kārīkātēr/, كَارِيكَاتُور {m}, رَسْم هَزْلِيّ {m}
caricature {n} (grotesque misrepresentation)  :: كَارِيكَاتِير {m} /kārīkātēr/, كَارِيكَاتُور {m}, رَسْم هَزْلِيّ {m}
Carl {prop} (male given names cognate to Carl) SEE: Charles  ::
Carl {prop} (transliterations of "Carl")  :: كَارْل {m} /karl/
carnation {n} (flower)  :: قَرَنْفُل {m}
carnival {n} (festive occasion marked by parades)  :: كَرْنَفَال {m}
carob {n} (tree)  :: خَرُّوب
caron {n} (háček diacritic) SEE: háček  ::
car park {n} (car park) SEE: parking lot  ::
Carpathians {prop} (mountainous system in Central Europe)  :: كَارْبَات /karbāt/
carpenter {n} (carpentry person)  :: نَجَّار {m}
carpet {n} (a fabric used as a floor covering)  :: سَجَّادَة {f}, بِسَاط {m}
car rental {n} (hiring of cars for short periods)  :: تَأْجِير سَيَّارَات {m}
carriage {n} (wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power)  :: عَرَبَة {f}
carriage {n} (railroad car)  :: عَرَبَة {f}
carrot {n} (Daucus carota ssp. sativus)  :: جَزَر {m}
carry {v} (to carry) SEE: bear  ::
carry {v} (to transport by lifting)  :: حَمَلَ, imperfect: يَحْمِلُ
carry coals to Newcastle {v} (do something unneeded or redundant)  :: كَمُسْتَبْضِعِ التَّمْرِ إِلَى هَجَر (carry dates to Hajar)
carry out {v} (To fulfill)  :: شَغَّلَ, نَفَذَ
cart {n} (small, open, wheeled vehicle, see also: wagon)  :: عَرَبَة نَقْل {f}, عَرَبَة {f}
carte de visite {n} (business card) SEE: business card  ::
Carthage {prop} (ancient city in North Africa)  :: قَرْطَاج {m}
cartilage {n} (dense connective tissue)  :: غُضْرُوف {m}
cartography {n} (creation of charts and maps)  :: عِلْم اَلْخَرَائِط {m}
cartoon {n} (humorous drawing or strip)  :: كَارِيكَاتِير {m} /karikatīr/, كَارِيكَاتُور {m} /karikatūr/, رَسْم هَزْلِيّ {m}
cartoon {n} (animated cartoon)  :: كَرْتُون {m}, فِيلْم كَرْتُون {m} /film kartūn/
carving {n} (the object produced)  :: نَحْت {m}
Casablanca {prop} (city)  :: الدَّار الْبَيْضَاء {f}, كَازَابْلَانْكَا {f}
case {n} (piece of work)  :: عُلْبَة
case {n} (instance or event as a topic of study)  :: حَالَات {p} /ḥālāt/
case {n} (legal proceeding)  :: دَعْوَى {m}
case {n} (box containing a number of identical items of manufacture)  :: عُلَب {p}
case {n}  :: عُلْبَة {f}
case {n} (grammatical case) SEE: grammatical case  ::
cash {n} (money in the form of notes/bills and coins)  :: نَقْد {m}, نُقُود {m-p}
cash dispenser {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
cashew {n} (tree)  :: كَاجُو {m}
cashew {n} (cashew nut) SEE: cashew nut  ::
cashew nut {n} (the seed of the cashew tree)  :: جَوْز الكَاجُو {m}
cashier {n} (one who works at a till or receiving payments)  :: كَاشِير {m} /kāšēr/, كَاشِير {m}, صَرَّاف {m}
cashier {n} (person in charge of the cash of a business or bank)  :: أمين الصندوق
cash in {v} (to die) SEE: die  ::
cash machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
cashpoint {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
casino {n} (a public building or room for entertainment, especially gambling)  :: كَازِينُو {m}
casket {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin  ::
Caspian Sea {prop} (landlocked sea)  :: بَحْر قَزْوِين {m}
cassata siciliana {n} (Sicilian cake with liqueur, ricotta, candied fruit and chocolate)  :: كَاسَّاتَا {f}, كَاسَّاتَا سِيشِيلْيَانَا {f}
cassette {n} (small flat case containing magnetic tape)  :: كَاسِيت {m} /kaset/, كَاسِيت {m} /kasīt/
cast {v} (to throw forcefully)  :: صَبَّ, رَمَى
cast {n} (medicine: supportive and immobilising device)  :: ضِمَاد مِنَ الْجِبْس
caste {n} (hereditary social class)  :: طَبَقَة {f}, طَبَقِيَّة {f} (system)
castella {n} (Japanese sponge cake)  :: كَاسْتِيلَا {f} /kastēla/
castle {n} (fortified building)  :: قَلْعَة {f}, قِلْعَة {f}, بُرْج {m}, قَصْر {m}
castle {n} (chess piece) SEE: rook  ::
castrate {v} (remove the testicles of)  :: خَصَى
castration {n} (act of removing the testicles)  :: إِخْصَاء {m}
Castries {prop} (capital of Saint Lucia)  :: كَاسْتْرِيس {m} /kastris/
Catalan {prop} (The language of Catalonia)  :: اَلْقَطَلُونِيَّة {f}, اَلْكَتَلَانِيَّة {f}
catalogue {n}  :: كتالوك
Catalonia {prop} (autonomous community in Spain)  :: كَتَلُونْيَا {f}
Catalonian {adj} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan  ::
Catalonian {n} (Catalan) SEE: Catalan  ::
catapult {n} (slingshot) SEE: slingshot  ::
catastrophe {n} (any large and disastrous event of great significance)  :: كَارِثَة {f}, فَاجِعَة {f}, مُصِيبَة {f}
catastrophe {n} (disaster beyond expectations)  :: نَكْبَة {f}, فَاجِعَة {f}
catch {v} (to intercept an object in the air etc. )  :: أَمْسَكَ, مَسَكَ
catchphrase {n} (a group of words)  :: شِعار
caterpillar {n} (larva of a butterfly)  :: يَرَقَة {f}, دُودَة اَلْفَرَاشَة {f} /dūdat al-farāša/
catfish {n} (type of fish)  :: سَمَك سُلُور {m}
cat food {n} (type of food formulated for the feeding of cats)  :: القط الغذاء
catharsis {n} (in drama, a release of emotional tension)  :: تَنْفِيس {m}
cathedral {n} (principal church of a bishop's diocese)  :: كَاتِدْرَائِيَّة {f}
Catherine {prop} (female given name)  :: كَاتْرِين {f} /katrīn/
Catholic {adj} (of the Western Christian church, as differentiated from the Orthodox church)  :: كَاثُولِيكِيّ
Catholic Church {n} (Roman Catholic Church) SEE: Roman Catholic Church  ::
Catholicism {n} (faiths, practices and doctrines of a Catholic Church)  :: اَلْمَذْهَب اَلْكَاثُولِيكِيّ {m}
catholicity {n} (Catholicism) SEE: Catholicism  ::
cat's tongue {n} (chocolate confectionery)  :: لِسَان قِطّ {m}
cattle {n} (domesticated bovine animals)  :: مَوَاشٍ {f-p}, مَاشِيَة {f-p}
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the Caucasus region or people)  :: قَوْقَازِيّ {m}
Caucasian {adj} (pertaining to the anthropological race)  :: يَافِثِيّ {m}, قَوْقَازِيّ {m}
Caucasian {n} (native of the Caucasus region)  :: قَوْقَازِيّ {m}
Caucasian {n} (member of Caucasian race)  :: يَافِثِيّ {m}, يَافِثِيَّة {f}, قَوْقَازِيّ {m}, قَوْقَازِيَّة {f}
Caucasology {n} (the historical, linguistic or geopolitical studies of Caucasus region)  :: دراسَة القوقاز
Caucasus {prop} (geographic region)  :: اَلْقَوْقَاز {m}
cauldron {n} (large bowl-shaped pot)  :: مِرْجَل {m}
cauliflower {n} (Vegetable)  :: قَرْنَبِيط {m}, قُنَّبِيط {m}
cauliflower {n} (Edible head of a cauliflower plant)  :: قَرْنَبِيط {m}, قُنَّبِيط {m}
causality {n} (agency of cause)  :: سببيَة, عليَة
causate {v} (cause) SEE: cause  ::
causation {n} (causality) SEE: causality  ::
cause {n} (source or reason of an event or action)  :: سَبَب {m}
cause {v} (to set off an event or action)  :: تَسَبَّبَ
cause and effect {n} (causality) SEE: causality  ::
cautious {adj} (careful)  :: وَرِع, حَذِر
cavalry {n} (military service that fights with riding horses)  :: فَارِس {m} /fāris/, سلاح الفرسان {m} /silāḥ al-fursān/
cave {n} (large, naturally occurring cavity formed underground)  :: كَهْف {m}, غَار {m}, مَغَارَة {f}
Cave {prop} (18th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الكهف
caveman {n} (early humans or related species)  :: رَجُل كَهْف {m}
caviar {n} (roe of the sturgeon or other large fish (black caviar))  :: كَافْيَار {m} /kafyār/
cavy {n} (guinea pig) SEE: guinea pig  ::
Cayenne {prop} (capital of French Guiana)  :: كَايِين {m} /kayīn/
Cayman Islands {prop} (British territory in the Caribbean)  :: جُزُر كَايْمَان {f-p}
CD {n} (abbreviations of compact-disc which are actually in use, see also: compact disc)  :: سِي دِي {m}
CD player {n} (CD player)  :: مَشْغَل سِي دِي {m}, مَشْغَل CD {m} /mašḡal sī dī/
cease {v} (intransitive)  :: قَطَعَ, [imperfect] يَقْطَعُ
ceasefire {n} (in warfare, an agreed end to hostilities for a specific purpose)  :: هُدْنَة {f}, وَقْف نَار {m}
cedar {n} (coniferous tree in genus Cedrus)  :: أَرْز
cedilla {n} (mark placed under the letter c)  :: سِدِيلَا {f}
cee {n} (name of the letter C, c)  :: سِي {m}
ceil {n} (ceiling) SEE: ceiling  ::
ceiling {n} (upper limit of room)  :: سَقْف {m}
celebrate {v} (honour by rites, ceremonies, etc.)  :: اِحْتَفَلَ
celebrate {v} (to engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event)  :: اِحْتَفَلَ
celebration {n} (formal performance of a solemn rite)  :: اِحْتِفَال {m}
celebration {n} (social gathering for entertainment and fun)  :: اِحْتِفَال {m}
celery {n} (herb)  :: كَرَفْس {m}
celestial {adj} (relating to heaven (religious))  :: سَمَاوِيّ
celestial {adj} (relating to sky)  :: سَمَاوِيّ, سَمَاوِيَّة {f}
cell {n} (component of an electrical battery)  :: خَلِيَّة {f}
cell {n} (room in a prison for containing inmates)  :: زِنْزَانَة {f}
cell {n} (small group of people forming part of a larger organization)  :: خَلِيَّة {f}
cell {n} (basic unit of a living organism)  :: خَلِيَّة {f}
cell {n} (region of radio reception that is a part of a larger radio network)  :: خَلِيَّة
cell {n} (informal: a cellular telephone, see also: mobile phone)  :: خَلَوِيّ
cellar {n} (underground space)  :: قَبْو {m}, سِرْدَاب {m}
cello {n} (musical instrument)  :: تْشِيلُو
cellophane {n} (the transparent plastic film)  :: سِيلُوفَان {m} /silufān/
cell phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
cellular {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
cellular phone {n} (mobile phone) SEE: mobile phone  ::
cellulose {n} (the polysaccharide cellulose)  :: سِلْيُولُوز {m} /silyulūz/
Celsius {adj} (metric scale of temperature)  :: سِيلْزْيُوس {m} /sīlzyus/, سَلْسْيُوس {m} /salsyus/
cembalo {n} (cembalo) SEE: harpsichord  ::
cement {n} (a powdered substance)  :: أَسْمَنْت {m}
cement {n} (the paste-like substance)  :: أَسْمَنْت {m}
cement {v} (to affix with cement)  :: سَمْنَتَ
cemetery {n} (a place where the dead are buried) SEE: graveyard  ::
censer {n} (religious ornamental container for burning incense)  :: مَبْخَرَة {f}
censorship {n} (use of state or group power to control freedom of expression)  :: رَقَّابَة {f}
censure {v} (to criticize harshly)  :: لَام, اِسْتِنْكَر, اِسْتِهْجَن
census {n} (official count of members of a population)  :: تَعْدَاد اَلسُّكَّان {m}, إِحْصَاء اَلسُّكَّان {m}
cent {n} (subunit of currency in US and elsewhere)  :: سِنْت {m}, سَنْت {m}
centaur {n} (mythical half-man, half-horse)  :: قنطور {m} /quntur/
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the perimeter of a circle)  :: مَرْكَز {m}
center {n} (point equidistant from all points on the surface of a sphere)  :: مَرْكَز {m}
center {n} (point on a line midway between the ends)  :: مَرْكَز {m}
center {n} (point in the interior of figure with mean coordinates)  :: مَرْكَز {m}
center {n} (place where a function or activity occurs)  :: مَرْكَز {m}
centimetre {n} (one-hundredth of a metre)  :: سِنْتِمِيتْر {m} /sintimitr/
centipede {n} (a segmented arthropod of class Chilopoda)  :: حَرِيش {m}
central {adj} (being in the centre)  :: مَرْكَزِيّ
Central African Republic {prop} (country in Central Africa)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة أَفْرِيقِيَا اَلْوُسْطَى {f} /jumhūriyyat ʾafrīqiyā l-wusṭā/
Central Asia {prop} (smaller area of Central Asia)  :: آسْيَا اَلْوَسَطَى {f}, وَسَط آسْيَا
Central Europe {prop} (geographical region in the center of Europe)  :: أُورُوبَا اَلْوَسَطَى
central heating {n} (heating system)  :: تَدْفِئَة مَرْكَزِيَّة {f}
centralization {n} (the act or process of centralizing)  :: مَرْكَزِيَّة {f}
Central Kurdish {prop} (Kurdish dialect)  :: الكردية المركزية
central processing unit {n} (part of a computer)  :: وحدَة المعالجَة المَرْكَزِيَّة {f}
centre {n} (center) SEE: center  ::
centre {v} (center) SEE: center  ::
centrifuge {n} (device for separation of substances)  :: طَرْد مَرْكَزِيّ {m}
century {n} (100 years)  :: قَرْن {m}
cephalalgia {n} (headache) SEE: headache  ::
Cephas {prop} (male given name)  :: نهشبشس {m} /kiafas/
Cerberus {prop} (mythological three-headed dog)  :: سِيرْبِيرُوس
cerebellum {n} (part of the hindbrain in vertebrates)  :: مُخَيْخ {m}
cerebral {adj} (retroflex) SEE: retroflex  ::
ceremony {n} (ritual with religious significance)  :: مَرَاسِم {m-p}, طُقُوس {m-p}, طَقْس مُقَدِّس {m}
ceremony {n} (official gathering to celebrate)  :: رَسْمِيَّات {f-p}, مَرَاسِم {m-p}, حَفْل {m}
ceremony {n} (formal socially-established behaviour)  :: حَفْل رَسْمِيّ {m}
Ceres {prop} (dwarf planet)  :: سِيرِيس {f}
cerium {n} (chemical element)  :: سِيرْيُوم {m} /siryum/
certain {adj} (sure, positive, not doubting)  :: أَكِيد, [said of a person] مُتَأَكِّد
certain {determiner} (having been determined but not specified)  :: مُحَدَّد
certainly {adv} (without doubt, surely)  :: بِالتَّأْكِيد /bi-t-taʾkīd/, بِدُون شَكّ, بِدُون نِقَاش
certainly {adv} (emphatic affirmative answer)  :: بِالتَّأْكِيد /bi-t-taʾkīd/, بِدُون شَكّ, بِدُون نِقَاش
certificate {n} (a document containing a certified statement)  :: شَهَادَة {f}
cerumen {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax  ::
cervical vertebra {n} (any of the seven vertebrae of the neck)  :: فَقَرَة عُنُقِيَّة {f} /faqara ʿunuqiyya/
cervix {n} (neck) SEE: neck  ::
cervix {n} (lower, narrow portion of the uterus where it joins with the top end of the vagina)  :: عُنُق اَلرَّحِم {m}
cesarean section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section  ::
c'est la vie {phrase} (such is life) SEE: such is life  ::
Ceylon {prop} (Sri Lanka) SEE: Sri Lanka  ::
Ceylon {prop} (old name for Sri Lanka)  :: سِيلَان {m}
Chad {prop} (country)  :: تْشَاد {m}
Chadian {adj} (pertaining to Chad)  :: تْشَادِيّ
Chadian {n} (person from Chad)  :: تْشَادِيّ {m}, تْشَادِيَّة {f}
chador {n} (a loose robe worn by Muslim women)  :: شَادُور {m} /šādur/
chain {n} (series of interconnected rings or links)  :: سِلْسِلَة {f}
chain {n} (series of interconnected things)  :: سِلْسِلَة {f}
chain reaction {n} (type of nuclear reaction)  :: تَفَاعُل متسلسل
chair {n} (furniture)  :: كُرْسِيّ {m}, مَقْعَد {m}
chair {n} (distinguished professorship)  :: كُرْسِيّ مُعَلِّم {m}
chair {n} (chairperson) SEE: chairperson  ::
chairman {n} (person presiding over a meeting)  :: رَئِيس {m}
chairperson {n} (a person who presides over a meeting, a board)  :: رَئِيس {m}
chaise longue {n} (reclining chair with a long seat)  :: مَضْجَع {m}
chalk {n} (a soft, white, powdery limestone)  :: طَبْشُورَة {f}
chalk {n} (a piece of chalk used for drawing and on a blackboard)  :: طَبْشُورَة {f}
chalk {n}  :: طبشورَة
challenge {n} (that which encourages someone to do something they otherwise would not)  :: [indefinite] تَحَدٍّ {m}, [definite] التَّحَدِّي {m}
challenge {n} (difficult task)  :: تَحَدٍّ {m}, [definite] التَّحَدِّي {m}
chamber {n} (bedroom)  :: غُرْفَة {f}
chamber {n} (legislative body)  :: مَجْلِس {f}
chamber {n} (enclosed space similar to a room)  :: مَجْلِس {f}
chameleon {n} (reptile)  :: حِرْبَاء {m}
champagne {n} (sparkling wine made in Champagne)  :: شَمْبَانْيَا {f}
Champagne {n} (champagne) SEE: champagne  ::
champian {n} (field of inquiry or study) SEE: field  ::
champian {n} (flat expanse of land) SEE: plain  ::
champian {n} (species of landscape) SEE: plain  ::
champian {n} (level open countryside) SEE: plain  ::
champian {n} (battlefield) SEE: battlefield  ::
chance {n} (an opportunity or possibility)  :: فُرْصَة {f}
chancellor {n} (important notary; person in charge of some area of government)  :: مُسْتَشَار {m}
chandelier {n} (branched, often ornate, lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling)  :: ثُرَيَّا {f}, نَجَفَة {f}
Changchun {prop} (a sub-provincial city in northeastern China)  :: تْشَانْج شُون {m} /tšang šūn/, تْشَانْجْشُون {m} /tšangšūn/
change {v} (to become something different)  :: تَغَيَّرَ, imperfect: يَتَغَيَّرُ
change {v} (to make something into something different)  :: غَيَّرَ, imperfect: يُغَيِّرُ
change {n} (the process of becoming different)  :: تَغْيِير {m}, تَبْدِيل {m}
change {n} (small denominations of money given in exchange for a larger denomination)  :: فَكَّة {f}
change one's mind {v} (to decide differently than one had decided before)  :: غَيَّرَ رَأْيَهُ
Chang Jiang {prop} (Yangtze) SEE: Yangtze  ::
Changsha {prop} (city in south-central China)  :: تْشَانْغ شَا {f} /tšang šā/, تْشَانْغْشَا {f} /tšangšā/
Changzhou {prop} (a city of China)  :: تْشَانْغْجُو {m} /tšanḡjū/
channel {n} (physical confine of a river or slough)  :: قَنَاة {f}
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies)  :: قَنَاة {f}
channel {n} (broadcasting: specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television)  :: قَنَاة {f}
chanoyu {n} (tea ceremony) SEE: tea ceremony  ::
chanson {n} (French song)  :: تْشَانْسُون {m} /tšansōn/
chaos {n} (state of disorder)  :: فَوْضَى {f}
chaos theory {n} (chaos theory)  :: نظريَة الشواش {f}
Chaplin {prop} (transliterations of the surname)  :: تْشَابْلِن
chapter {n} (section in a book)  :: فَصْل {m}
chapter {n}  :: بَاب (bāb) {m}
character {n} (being in a story)  :: شَخْصِيَّة {f}
character {n} (moral strength)  :: خُلْق {m}
character {n} (symbol for a sound or a word)  :: حَرْف {m}, رَمْز {m}
characteristic {n} (distinguishing feature)  :: صِفَة {f}
charcoal {n} (substance)  :: فَحْم الْخَشَب {m}
charcoal drawing {n} (charcoal drawing) SEE: charcoal  ::
charge {n} (accusation)  :: تُهْمَة {f}
charger {n} (a device that charges or recharges)  :: شَاحِن {m}
chariot {n} (vehicle used in warfare)  :: عربة
charity {n} (providing of goods or money)  :: إِحْسَان {m}
charity {n} (goods or money given)  :: صَدَقَة {f}
Charity {prop} (107th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الماعون
Charles {prop} (given name)  :: تْشَارْلْز {m}
Charles's law {prop} (physical law stating the density of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its temperature at constant pressure)  :: قَانُون شَارْلْ {m}
Charlotte {prop} (female given name)  :: شارلوت
charm quark {n} (charm quark)  :: كُوَارْك سَاحِر {m} /kuwark sāḥir/
Charon {prop} (a moon of Pluto)  :: شَارُون {m} /šarūn/
chart {n} (map) SEE: map  ::
chart {n} (table) SEE: table  ::
chart {n} (diagram) SEE: diagram  ::
chase {n} (hunt) SEE: hunt  ::
chase {v} (to hunt) SEE: hunt  ::
chase {v} (to pursue, to follow at speed)  :: طَارَدَ
chasma {n} (aurora) SEE: aurora  ::
chassis {n} (base frame of motor vehicle)  :: شَاصِي
chaste {adj} (modest) SEE: modest  ::
chaste {adj} (innocent) SEE: innocent  ::
chasten {v} (discipline) SEE: discipline  ::
chasten {v} (purify) SEE: purify  ::
chastity {n} (abstaining from sexual activity)  :: عِفَّة {f}, طَهَارَة {f}
chat {n} (informal conversation)  :: مُحَادَثَّة {f}, ثَرْثَرَة {f}
chat {n} (exchange of text or voice messages in real time)  :: دَرْدَشَة {f}
chatterbox {n} (one who chats or talks to excess)  :: ثَرْثَار
chatty {adj} (chatting a lot or fond of chatting)  :: ثَرْثَار
chauffeur {n} (a person employed to drive a motor car)  :: سائِق {m}
chauvinism {n} (excessive patriotism)  :: شُوفِينِّيَّة {f} /šufinniyya/
chauvinism {n} (unwarranted bias)  :: شُوفِينِّيَّة {f} /šufinniyya/
chauvinist {n} (chauvinist person)  :: شُوفِينِّيّ {m} /šufīnniyy/
cheap {adj} (low in price)  :: رَخِيص
cheat {v} (violate rules to gain advantage)  :: غَشَّ
cheater {n} (cheat) SEE: cheat  ::
Cheboksary {prop} (city)  :: تْشِيبُوكْسَارِيّ {m} /tšībuksāriyy/
Chechen {prop} (language)  :: شِيشَان {m} /šīšan/
Chechnya {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: اَلشِّيشَان {m}
check {n} (a bill, particularly at a restaurant)  :: فَاتُورَة {f}, حِسَاب {m}
check {v} (to inspect, examine)  :: اِسْتَأْنَى, دَقَّقَ, ضَبَطَ, أَوْقَفَ
check {n} (bank order) SEE: cheque  ::
checkers {n} (draughts) SEE: draughts  ::
checkmate {interj} (said when making the conclusive move in chess)  :: مَات {m}, كِش مَلِك {m}
checkmate {n} (conclusive victory in a game of chess)  :: شَاه مَات
checksum {n} (number serving to detect error)  :: تَدْقِيق مَجْمُوع {m}
cheddar {n} (cheese)  :: شِيدَر {m} /šidar/
cheder {n} (school)  :: كُتَّاب {m}
cheek {n} (part of face)  :: خَدّ {m}, وَجْنَة {f}
cheekbone {n} (bone)  :: عَظْم وَجْنِيّ {m}
cheerful {adj} (happy)  :: مَسْرُور, فَرِح
cheers {interj} (toast when drinking)  :: فِي صِحَّتِكَ! {m}, فِي صِحَّتِكِ! {f}
cheese {n} (dairy product)  :: جُبْنَة {f}, جُبْن {m}
cheeseburger {n} (hamburger with cheese)  :: تْشِيز بَرْغَر {m}, تْشِيز بَرْجَر {m} /tšīz bargar/
cheesecake {n} (dessert food)  :: كَعْكَة الْجُبْنِ {f}, تْشِيز كَيْك
cheetah {n} (Acinonyx jubatus)  :: فَهْد {m}, شِيتَه {f} /šītah/
Chelyabinsk {prop} (city)  :: تْشِيلْيَابِينْسْك {m} /tšilyābinsk/
chemical {adj} (relating to chemistry)  :: كِيمَاوِِيّ {m}
chemical element {n} (any one of the simplest chemical substances that cannot be decomposed in a chemical reaction)  :: عُنْصُر كِيمِيَائِيّ {m}
chemical reaction {n} (process in which chemical substances are changed into others)  :: تَفَاعُل كِيمِيَائِيّ {m}
chemical weapon {n} (noxious substance in a delivery system)  :: أَسْلِحَة كِيمِيَائِيَّة {m-p} /ʾasliḥa kīmiyāʾiyya/
chemist {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
chemist {n} (pharmacist) SEE: pharmacist  ::
chemistry {n} (branch of natural science)  :: كِيمِيَاء {f}
chemistry {n} (application of chemical theory and method to a particular substance)  :: كِيمِيَاء {f}
chemist's {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
Chengdu {prop} (capital of Sichuan province, China)  :: شِينْغْدُو {m} /šinḡdū/, تْشِينْغْدُو {m} /tšingdū/
Chennai {prop} (state capital of Tamil Nadu, India)  :: تْشِينَاي {m} /tšināy/
cheque {n} (a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity)  :: شِيك {m} /šēk, šīk/
Cherkessk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: تْشِيرْكِيسْك {m} /tširkisk/
Chernobyl {n} (city in Ukraine)  :: تْشِيرْنُوبِيل {m} /tširnūbil/
cherry {n} (fruit)  :: كَرَز {m} (collective), كَرَزَة {f}
cherry blossom {n} (blossom of the cherry tree)  :: زَهْرَة كَرَز {f}
cherry pie {n} (flowering plant) SEE: heliotrope  ::
chervil {n} (spice)  :: سرفيل {m} /serfyil/
chess {n} (two-player board game)  :: شَطْرَنْج {m}, شِطْرَنْج {m}
chessboard {n} (square board used in the game of chess)  :: رَقْعَة اَلشَّطْرَنْج {f} /raqʿat aš-šaṭranj/
chest {n} (strong box)  :: صُنْدُوق {m}, صَنْدُوق {m}
chest {n} (thorax)  :: صَدْر {m}
chest {n} (coffin) SEE: coffin  ::
chestnut {n} (nut of the chestnut tree)  :: كَسْتَنَاء {f}
chevron {n} (diacritical mark) SEE: háček  ::
chew {v} (to crush food with teeth prior to swallowing)  :: مَضَغَ
chewing gum {n} (flavoured preparation for chewing)  :: عِلْكَة {f}, لُبَان {m}
Chhattisgarh {prop} (Chhattisgarh)  :: تْشَاتِيسْغَار {m} /tšatisḡār/
chi {n} (Greek letter)  :: خِي {m}
chi {n} (the fundamental life-force or energy)  :: تْشِي {m}, كِي {m}
chiaroscuro {n} (artistic technique using exaggerated light contrasts)  :: اَلْجَلْاَء وَاَلْقُتْمَة {m}
Chiayi {prop} (a city in Taiwan)  :: جْيَائِي {m}, جْيَايِي {m}, تْشْيَايِي {m}, تْشْيَائِي {m}
Chiba {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: تْشِيبَا {f}
chic {adj} (Elegant)  :: أَنِيق
Chicago {prop} (large US city)  :: شِيكَاغُو {f}
chick {n} (young bird)  :: فَرْخ {m}
chick {n} (young chicken)  :: صُوص {m}
chick {n} (young woman)  :: فَتَاة {f}
chicken {n} (bird)  :: دَجَاجَة {f}
chicken {n} (meat)  :: دَجَاج {m}, لَحْم دَجَاج {m}
chicken nugget {n} (piece of chicken in batter)  :: كُتْلَة صُلْبَة دَجَاج
chicken-or-egg question {n} (a question to decide which of two interdependent things happened first)  :: مُعْضِلَة الدَجَاجَةِ وَالبَيْضَةِ /muʿḍila(t) ad-dajājati wal-bayḍati/
chickpea {n} (plant)  :: حُمُص {m-p}
chickpea {n} (seed)  :: حُمُص {m-p}
chicory {n} (Cichorium intybus)  :: اَلْهِنْدِبَاء {f-p}
chide {v} (loudly admonish)  :: قَرَّعَ, وَبَخَّ
chief {n} (leader of group, etc.)  :: شَيْخ {m}, قَائِد {m}
chief {n} (head of an organization)  :: رَئِيس {m}, مُدِير {m}, شَيْخ {m}
chiefly {adv} (mainly)  :: غَالِبًا
chief of state {n} (the titular head of a nation) SEE: head of state  ::
Chihuahua {n} (breed of dog)  :: شِيوَاوَا {m}
child {n} (a female or male child, a daughter or son)  :: طِفْل {m}, طِفْلَة {f}, وَلَد {m}, [son] اِبْن {m}, [daughter] اِبْنَة {f}
child {n} (a minor)  :: طِفْل {m}, طِفْلَة {f}
childbirth {n} (act of giving birth)  :: مَخَاض {m}, وَضْع {m}, وِلَادَة {f}, مِيلَاد {m}, مَوْلِد {m}
child bride {n} (very young bride)  :: عُرُوس طِفْلَة {f}
childhood {n} (the state of being a child)  :: طُفُولَة {f}
childhood {n} (time when one is a child)  :: طُفُولَة {f}
Children of Israel {prop} (17th sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الإسراء, سورة بني إسرائيل
chile {n} (chili) SEE: chili  ::
Chile {prop} (country in South America)  :: تْشِيلِي {f}, شِيلِي {f},
chili {n} (spicy fresh or dried fruit of capsicum)  :: فِلْفِل حَار {m}
chilli {n} (chili) SEE: chili  ::
chill out {v} (relax or take time out)  :: ٍإسترخى /istarxa/
chimney {n} (vertical tube or hollow column; a flue)  :: مَدْخَنَة {f}
chimpanzee {n} (ape)  :: شِمْبَانْزِي {m} /šimbanzī/
chin {n} (bottom of a face)  :: ذَقْن {f} /ḏaqn/
china {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: mate) SEE: mate  ::
china {n} (porcelain)  :: خَزَف {m}
China {prop} (country in east Asia)  :: اَلصِّين {f}
China {prop} (region corresponding to the People's Republic of China and Taiwan)  :: اَلصِّين {f}
China {prop} (civilization of the Chinese people)  :: اَلصِّين {f}
Chinatown {n} (a Chinese district outside China)  :: حَيّ صِينِي {m}, تْشَايْنَاتَاوْن {m}
Chinese {prop} (any language spoken in China, see also: Literary Chinese; Mandarin; Cantonese; Wu; Min Nan)  :: صِينِيَّة {f}, صِينِيّ {m}
Chinese {prop} (writing system of Chinese)  :: صِينِيَّة {f}
Chinese {n} (the people of China)  :: صِينِيّ {m}, صِينِيَّة {f}, صِينِيُّون {m-p}, صِينِيَّات {f-p}
Chinese {n} (person born in China)  :: صِينِيّ {m}, صِينِيَّة {f}
Chinese {n} (Chinese food or meal)  :: صِينِيّ {m}
Chinese {adj} (relating to China)  :: صِينِيّ
Chinese {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin  ::
Chinese cabbage {n} (bok choy) SEE: bok choy  ::
Chinese character {n} (CJKV character)  :: حَرْف صِينِيّ {m}, طَابِع صِينِيّ {m}, رَمْز صِينِيّ, هَانْزِي {m} /hanzī/, هَانْزِي {m}
Chinese grapefruit {n} (pomelo) SEE: pomelo  ::
Chinese lantern {n} (bladder cherry) SEE: bladder cherry  ::
Chinese parsley {n} (coriander) SEE: coriander  ::
Chinese whispers {n} (game in which a phrase is whispered from player to player)  :: هَاتِف عَرَبِيّ {m}, هَاتِف لَاسِلْكِيّ‏‎ {m}
chiropractor {n} (chiropractor)  :: مُقَوِّم اَلْعِظَام {m}
chirp {n} (birds)  :: تَغْرِيدَة {f}, تَغْرِيد {m}
chirp {v} (birds)  :: غَرَّدَ
chisel {v} (to cheat) SEE: cheat  ::
chisel {n} (tool consisting of a slim oblong block of metal)  :: إِزْمِيل {m}
Chisinau {prop} (The capital city and a municipality of Moldova)  :: كِيشِينَاو {m} /kišināw/
Chita {prop} (city in Russia)  :: تْشِيتَا {f}
Chittagong {prop} (the city of Chittagong)  :: شِيتَاغُونْغ {m} /šitāḡūnḡ/
chlorinate {v} (to add chlorine to)  :: كلور /kalwara/
chlorine {n} (chemical element)  :: كُلُور {m}
chloroform {n} ((chemistry) an anesthetic)  :: كْلُورُوفُورْم {m} /klurufūrm/
chlorophyll {n} (green pigment)  :: كْلُورُوفِيل
chocolate {n} (food made from ground roasted cocoa beans)  :: شُوكولاتَة {f} /šokolāta/
chocolate cake {n} (cake containing chocolate)  :: كَعْكَة الشُوكُولَاتَةِ {f}, فَطِيرَة الشُوكُولَاتَةِ {f}
chocolate egg {n} (Easter treat) SEE: Easter egg  ::
choice {n} (option or decision)  :: اِخْتِيَار {m}
choir {n} (singing group)  :: كُورَال {m} /kōrāl/, جَوْقَة {f}
cholecyst {n} (gall bladder) SEE: gall bladder  ::
cholesterol {n} (an essential component of mammalian cell membranes)  :: كُولِسْتِرُول {m} /kulistirūl/
Chongqing {prop} (a municipality in central China)  :: تْشُونْغْتْشِينْغ {m} /tšunḡtšīnḡ/
choose {v} (to choose) SEE: take  ::
choose {v} (to pick)  :: اِخْتَارَ
choose {v} (to elect)  :: اِخْتَارَ
chop-chop {interj} (hurry up)  :: يالا بنا
Chopin {prop} (surname)  :: شُوبَان {m} {f} /šubān/
chopper {n} (helicopter (formal translations)) SEE: helicopter  ::
chopper {n} (axe/ax) SEE: axe  ::
chopping board {n} (a sturdy board, upon which one chops and prepares food)  :: لَوْح تَقْطِيع {m}
chopstick {n} (single eating utensil)  :: أَعْوَاد الْأَكْل {p}, هَاشِي {m} [from Japanese], عَصَا الْأَكْل {m}
Chorasmia {prop} (large oasis region on the Amu Darya river delta in western Central Asia)  :: خُوَارِزْم
chord {n} (combination of three or more notes)  :: وَتَر {m}, اِئْتِلَاف نَغَمَات {m}
chorus {n} (group of singers and dancers in the religious festivals of ancient Greece)  :: كَوْرَس {m}
Christ {prop} (title for Jesus of Nazareth)  :: الْمَسِيح {m}
Christchurch {prop} (a town in England)  :: كْرَايْسْتْشِيرْش {m} /kraystširš/
Christchurch {prop} (a city in New Zealand)  :: كْرَايْسْتْشِيرْش {m} /kraystširš/
Christian {n} (member of the Christian religion)  :: مَسِيحِيّ {m}, مَسِيحِيَّة {f}, نَصْرَانِيّ {m}, نَصْرَانِيَّة {f}
Christian {adj} (of, like or relating to Christianity or Christians)  :: مَسِيحِيّ, نَصْرَانِيّ
Christianity {prop} (monotheistic religion)  :: مَسِيحِيَّة {f}, نَصْرَانِيَّة {f}
Christianization {n} (converting to Christianity)  :: تَمْسِيح {m}, تَنْصِير {m}
Christianize {v} (to (cause to) convert to Christianity)  :: نَصَّرَ
Christmas {prop} (Christian holiday)  :: عِيد اَلْمِيلَاد {m}, اَلْكْرِيسْمَاس {m} /al-krismas/, اَلْمِيلَاد {m}
Christmas card {n} (greeting card that celebrates Christmas)  :: بِطَاقَة عِيد اَلْمِيلَاد {f} /biṭāqat ʿīd al-mīlād/
Christmas tree {n} (a tree used during the Christmas holiday season)  :: شَجَرَةُ اَلْمِيلَادِ {f}
Christopher {prop} (a male given name)  :: كْرِيسْتُوفَر /kristūfar/
chromium {n} (chemical element)  :: كْرُوم {m}
chromosome {n} (structure in the cell nucleus)  :: كْرُومُوسُوم {m} /krumusūm/, صِبْغِيّ
chronograph {n} (device which marks or records time or time intervals)  :: كْرُونُوغْرَاف {m}
chronology {n} (determining the order of events)  :: تاريخ {m}
chronology {n} (arrangement into chronological order)  :: تأريخ {m}
chubby {n} (erection) SEE: boner  ::
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukchi Peninsula, see also: Chukchi Peninsula)  :: تْشُوكُوتْكَا {f} /tšukūtkā/, تْشُوكُوتْكَا {f} /tšukotkā/
Chukotka {prop} (short for Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, see also: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug)  :: تْشُوكُوتْكَا {f} /tšukūtkā/, تْشُوكُوتْكَا {f} /tšukotkā/
church {n} (house of worship)  :: كَنِيسَة {f}, كنائس {p} /kanāʾis/
church {n} (a religious organization)  :: كَنِيسَة {f}, كنائس {p} /kanāʾis/
Churchill {prop} (placename or surname)  :: تْشَرشِل {m} /tšaršil/
Church of England {prop} (established Christian church in England)  :: كَنِيسَة إِنْجِلْتِرَا {f}
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints {prop} (major denomination of the Latter Day Saint movement)  :: كنيسة يسوع المسيح لقديسي الأيام الأخيرة
Church of Scotland {prop} (national Presbyterian church of Scotland)  :: كَنِيسَة إِسْكُتْلَنْدَا {f}
chutney {n} (condiment)  :: تْشَاتْنِي {m}
CIA {prop} (Central Intelligence Agency)  :: سِي أَي إِي {m} /sī ʾay ʾey/
ciao {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
ciao {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
ciao {interj} (transliteration of the Italian greeting or farewell)  :: تْشَاو
cicada {n} (any of several insects of the order Hemiptera)  :: زِيز {m}
cicatrice {n} (scar) SEE: scar  ::
cicatrix {n} (scar that remains after the development of new tissue) SEE: scar  ::
Cicero {prop} (Roman statesman and orator)  :: شِيشِرُون {m} /šiširūn/
cider {n} (soft drink) SEE: soft drink  ::
cigar {n} (tobacco product)  :: سِيجَار {m} /sijār/, سِيجَار {m} /sigār/, سِيكَار {m} /sikār/
cigarette {n} (cigarette)  :: سِيجَارَة {f}
cigarette lighter {n} (lighter) SEE: lighter  ::
cilantro {n} (leaves of the coriander plant)  :: كُزْبَرَة {f}
Cincinnati {prop} (city in Ohio)  :: سينسيناتي
cinder {n} (ember) SEE: ember  ::
cinder {n} (partially or mostly burnt material)  :: جَمْرُ مُنْطَفِيّ {m}
Cinderella {prop} (fairy tale)  :: سِنْدِرِيلَا {f}
Cinderella {prop} (main character in this fairy tale)  :: سندريلا
cinema {n} (movie) SEE: movie  ::
cinema {n} (a film/movie theatre)  :: سِينَمَا {f} {}
cinnamon {n} (spice)  :: قِرْفَة {f}
circa {prep} (approximately, about)  :: حَوَالِي
Circassian {n} (a native or inhabitant of Circassia)  :: جَرْكَس {m}, شَرْكَس {m}
circle {n} (two-dimensional outline geometric figure)  :: دَائِرَة {f}
circle {n} (disc, two-dimensional solid geometric figure)  :: دَائِرَة {f}
circle {n} (group of persons)  :: حَلْقَة {f}
circular {adj} (of or relating to a circle)  :: دَائِرِيّ
circular {adj} (in the shape of, or moving in a circle)  :: دَائِرِيّ
circulatory system {n} (parts of an animal body)  :: جِهَاز اَلدَّوَرَان {m}
circumcise {v} (to remove the foreskin from the penis)  :: خَتَنَ
circumcision {n} (removal of foreskin from penis)  :: خِتَان {m}
circumcision {n} (female circumcision) SEE: female circumcision  ::
circumstance {n} (that which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event)  :: حَالَة {f}, ظَرْف {m}
circus {n} (company that travels)  :: سِيرْك {m}
cirrhosis {n} (chronic disease of the liver)  :: تَشَمَّع {m}
cistern {n} (reservoir for holding water)  :: صِهْرِيج {m}, فِنْطَاس {m}
citation needed {phrase} (A portion of a wiki needs to be validated by a source.)  :: بحاجَة لمصدر
cite {v} (quote) SEE: quote  ::
citizen {n} (legal member of a state)  :: مُوَاطِن {m}, مُوَاطِنَة {f}
citizenship {n} (state of being a citizen)  :: مُوَاطِنِيَّة {f}
city {n} (large settlement)  :: مَدِينَة {f}
city hall {n} (building)  :: بَلَدِيَّة {f}
civet coffee {n} (coffee made from eaten berries) SEE: kopi luwak  ::
civilise {v}  :: مَصَّرَ
civilization {n} (organized culture)  :: حِضَارَة {f}
civilize {v} (civilise) SEE: civilise  ::
civil law {n} (legal system contrasting with common law)  :: قَانُون مَدَنِيّ {m}
civil servant {n} (a government employee)  :: مُوَظَّف {m}, مُوَظَّفَة {f}
civil war {n} (war between factions within a single country)  :: حَرْب أَهْلِيَّة {f}
Civil War {prop} (civil war) SEE: civil war  ::
civvies {n} (mufti (dress)) SEE: mufti  ::
clabber {n} (curdled milk)  :: لَبَن {m}
claim {n} (new statement of truth made about something)  :: دَعْوَى {f}
claim {v} (to state a new fact)  :: ٱِدَّعَى /iddaʿā/, زَعَمَ
claimant {n} (party who initiates a lawsuit) SEE: plaintiff  ::
clank {v} (to make a clanking sound)  :: قَعْقَعَ
clap {v} (To applaud by clapping the hands)  :: صَفَّقَ
clarinet {n} (woodwind musical instrument)  :: كْلَارِينِيت {m}
clash {n} (loud sound)  :: تصادم
clash {v} (conflict)  :: يتصادم
class {n} (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes)  :: صِنْف
class {n} (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher)  :: فَصْل {m}
classical {adj} (literature etc)  :: كْلَاسِيكِيّ /klāsikiyy/
Classical Arabic {prop} (Classical Arabic)  :: اَلْفُصْحَى {f}, فُصْحَى اَلتُّرَاث {f}
classical music {n} (the more serious forms of European and American music)  :: مُوسِيقَى كْلَاسِيكِيَّة {f} /mūsīqā klāsikiyya/
Classical Syriac {prop}  :: لُغَةٌ سُرْيَانِيَّة {f}
classification {n} (act of forming into classes)  :: تَصْنِيف {m}
classmate {n} (student who is in the same class in school)  :: زَمِيل دِرَاسَة {m}, رَفِيق صَفّ {m}
classroom {n} (room in a school)  :: صَفّ {m}, غُرْفَة اَلتَّدْرِيس {f} /ḡurfat at-tadrīs/, فَصْل {m}, فَصْل مَدْرَسِيّ {m}
classy {adj} (elegant and fashionable)  :: أنيق
classy {adj} (showy)  :: كشخه
classy {adj} (of a superior type)  :: ذو نوع راقي وعالي
clatter {v} (To make a rattling noise)  :: قَعْقَعَ
clause {n} (grammar: verb along with a subject and modifiers)  :: جُمْلَة {f}, بَنْد {m}
clavicle {n} (collar bone)  :: تَرْقُوَة {f}
claw {n} (curved horny nail)  :: مِخْلَب {m}
claw {n}  :: المخلب
clay {n} (mineral substance)  :: طِيِن {m}, صَلْصَال {m}
clean {adj} (not dirty)  :: نَظِيف
clean {v} ((transitive) to remove dirt from a place or object)  :: نَظَّفَ
clean {adj} (empty) SEE: empty  ::
cleanliness {n} (the property of being cleanly)  :: نظافة {f}
clear {adj} (transparent in colour)  :: شَفّاف
clear {adj} (free of ambiguity or doubt)  :: وَاضِح
cleaver {n} (a squarish knife used for hacking)  :: ساطور {m} /satur/, الساطور /al-satur/
cleft chin {n} (cleft chin)  :: طَابَع اَلْحُسْن {m} /ṭabaʿ al-ḥusn/
clementine {n} (citrus fruit)  :: كَلِيمُونْتِين {m} /kalimuntin/
Cleopatra {prop} (a given name of women in the Ptolemy dynasty)  :: كْلِيوْبَاتْرَا {f} /kliwbātrā/
clever {adj} (mentally quick or sharp)  :: ذَكِيّ
client {n} (a customer or receiver of services)  :: زَبُون
client {n} (person who receives help or advice from a professional person)  :: عَمِيل {m}
client service {n} (customer service) SEE: customer service  ::
cliff {n} (a (near) vertical rock face)  :: جُرْف {m}
climate {n} (long-term atmospheric conditions)  :: مُنَاخ {m}
climate change {n} (changes in the Earth's climate)  :: تَغَيُّر اَلْمُنَاخ {m}
climatology {n} (science)  :: عِلْم اَلْمُنَاخ {m}
climax {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure) SEE: orgasm  ::
climb {v} (to ascend, to go up)  :: تَسَلَّقَ
climb {v} (to mount, to move upwards on)  :: تَسَلَّقَ
cling {v} (hold tightly)  :: تَمَسَّكَ
clinic {n} (medical facility)  :: عِيَادَة {f}
clipboard {n} (in computing: buffer for temporary storage)  :: الحافظَة {f}
clipping {n} (piece of something removed by clipping)  :: قُلَامَة {f}
clitoral glans {n} (clitoral glans)  :: حشفَة البظر
clitoris {n} (elongated erectile organ)  :: بَظْر {m}
cloakroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
clock {n} (instrument to measure or keep track of time)  :: سَاعَة {f}
clockwise {adv} (in a circular fashion in the same direction as the hands of an analogue clock)  :: بِإِتِّجَاه عَقَارِب السَّاعَة
clockwisely {adv} (clockwise) SEE: clockwise  ::
close {v} (obstruct (an opening))  :: أَغْلَقَ, أَقْفَلَ
close {v} (move (a door))  :: أَغْلَقَ
close {adj} (at a little distance)  :: قَرِيب
closed {adj} (not open)  :: مُغْلَق
closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
closet {n} (furniture)  :: خِزَانَة {f}
close to {prep} (near)  :: بِالْقُرْب مِن /bi-l-qurb min/, بِجَانِب /bi-jānib/
cloth {n} (a form of attire)  :: قُمَاش
clothes {n} (apparel)  :: مَلَابِس {f}, ثِيَاب {f}, كِسْوَة {f}
clothes dryer {n} (appliance)  :: مُجَفِّف مَلَابِس {m}
clothes peg {n} (an object used to attach wet laundry to a clothesline)  :: مِشْبَك مَلَابِس {m}
clothespin {n} (a clip or fastener) SEE: clothes peg  ::
clothing {n} (clothes)  :: مَلَابِس {m}, ثِيَاب {m}
clotted cream {n} (thick cream)  :: قِشْطَة {f}, قِشْدَة {f}
cloud {n} (visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air)  :: سَحَابَة {f}, سِحَابَة {f}, غَيْمَة {f}, غَمَامَة {f}
cloud computing {n} (computing services provided over the Internet)  :: حَوْسَبَة سَحَابِيَّة {f} /ḥawsaba saḥābiyya/
clouded {adj} (filled with clouds)  :: غَائِم
cloud nine {n} (a state of happiness)  :: قمَة السعادَة
clove {n} (spice)  :: قَرَنْفُل {m}
clove {n} (constitutive bulb of garlic)  :: فَصّ {m}
clove pink {n} (carnation) SEE: carnation  ::
clover {n} (plant in genus Trifolium)  :: نَفَل {m}
clown {n} (performance artist working in a circus)  :: مُهَرِّج {m}
club {n} (weapon)  :: هِرَاوَة {f}
club {n} (association of members)  :: نَادٍ {m} [indefinite], اَلنَّادِي {m} [definite]
club {n} (nightclub)  :: نَادٍ لَيْلِيّ {m} [indefinite], اَلنَّادِي اَللَّيْلِيّ {m} [definite]
club {n} (playing card symbol, ♣)  :: سِبَاتِي {m}
clubs {n} (plural of club) SEE: club  ::
clubs {n} (one of the four suits of playing cards, marked with the symbol ♣)  :: اَلسِّبَاتِي {m}
clumsy {adj}  :: أخرق
cluster {n} (group of galaxies or stars)  :: عُنْقُود {m}, عُنْقُود نَجْمِيّ {m}
c'mere {contraction} (here) SEE: here  ::
c'mere {contraction} (come) SEE: come  ::
c'mon {contraction} (come on)  :: يَااللّٰه /ya-llāh/
coach {n} (trainer)  :: مُدَرِّب {m}, مُمَرِّن {m}
coadjutor {n} (assistant) SEE: assistant  ::
coal {n} (uncountable: carbon rock)  :: فَحْم حَجَرِيّ {m}, فَحْم {m}
coal {n}  :: فحم
coalition {n} (group of organizations)  :: تَحَالُف {m}
coast {n} (edge of land meeting ocean, sea, gulf, bay)  :: ساحل, شاطئ, تلَة, هبوط تلَة
coat {n} (outer garment covering the upper torso and arms)  :: مِعْطَف {m}
coat hanger {n} (device used to hang up coats, shirts, etc)  :: الشانق {m}
coat of arms {n} (a hereditary design depicted on an escutcheon)  :: شِعَار نَبَالَة {m}
coax {v} (persuade gradually)  :: تَمَلَّقَ
cob {n} (gull) SEE: gull  ::
cobalt {n} (chemical element)  :: كُوبَلْت
cobra {n} (venomous snake)  :: كُوبْرَا {f} /kubrā/, كُوبْرَا {f}
cobweb {n} (a spider’s web) SEE: spiderweb  ::
Coca-Cola {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke  ::
Coca-Cola {prop} (particular carbonated soft drink)  :: كُوكَا كُولَا {f} /kukā kulā/
cocaine {n} (the narcotic)  :: كُوكَايِين {m} /kukayīn/
coccyx {n} ((medical) final fused vertebrae)  :: عُصُص {m}
cock {n} (slang: penis) SEE: dick  ::
cock {n} (any male bird)  :: ذَكَر {m} [suffix "for any kind"]
cock {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird) SEE: rooster  ::
cock-a-doodle-doo {interj} (cry of the rooster)  :: كُوكُوكِعُو
cockchafer {n} (beetle of genus Melolontha)  :: دُودَة بَيْضَاء {f}
cockle {n} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle  ::
cockroach {n} (type of insect)  :: صُرْصُور
cocktail {n} (alcoholic beverage)  :: كُوكْتَيْل {m} /kuktayl/, كُوكْتِيل {m} /kokteyl/
cocoa {n} (hot drink)  :: كَاكَاو {m} /kākāw/
coconut {n} (fruit of coco palm)  :: جَوْزَةُ اَلْهِنْد {f}, نَارْجِيل {f}, جَوْز الْهِنْد
cocoon {n} (protective case)  :: شَرْنَقَة {f}
code {n} (set of rules for converting information)  :: رُمُوز {m}
code {n} (source code) SEE: source code  ::
code-mixing {n} (code-switching) SEE: code-switching  ::
code-switching {n} (phenomenon of alternating between two or more languages)  :: تَنَاوَب لُغَوِيّ {m}
codex {n} (early book)  :: مخطوطة {f} /maxṭuṭa/
coding {n} (encoding) SEE: encoding  ::
coefficient of friction {n} (ratio)  :: معامل الاحتكاك
coercion {n} (actual or threatened force for the purpose of compelling action by another person)  :: قهر, قسر, غصب, عنت, دفع, جبر, اِضْطِرار, إِلْزام, إِكْراه, إرْغام, إِجْبار
coercion {n} (use of force to compel)  :: أَهَمِّيَّة, وُجُوب
coetaneous {adj} (contemporary) SEE: contemporary  ::
coffee {n} (beverage)  :: قَهْوَة {f}
coffee {n} (beans)  :: بُن {m}
coffee {n} (plant)  :: بُن {m}
coffee {adj} (of a pale brown colour)  :: (bunni)
coffee bar {n} (establishment that sells coffee) SEE: café  ::
coffee grinder {n} (a device for pulverizing or powdering coffee beans)  :: طَاحُونَة قَهْوَة {f} /ṭāḥūnat qahwa/
coffeehouse {n} (café) SEE: café  ::
coffee shop {n} (café) SEE: café  ::
coffee table {n} (type of table)  :: طَاوِلَة قَهْوَة {f} /ṭāwilat qahwa/, طَاوِلَة لِلْقَهْوَة {f} /ṭāwila lilqahwa/
coffin {n} (box for the dead)  :: تَابُوت {m}
cognac {n} (type of brandy)  :: كُونْيَاك {m} /kunyāk/, كُونْيَاك {m} /kunyak/
cognate accusative {n} (object of kindred sense or derivation)  :: مفعول مطلق
cognitive {adj} (relating to mental functions)  :: إدراكية.
cognitive dissonance {n} (conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistencies between one's beliefs and one's actions or other beliefs)  :: تنافر معرفي {m}
cohort {n} (colleague) SEE: colleague  ::
coiffure {n} (hairstyle) SEE: hairstyle  ::
coil {n} (something wound)  :: مِلَفّ {m}, وَشِيعَة {f}
Coimbra {prop} (city and municipality in Coimbra, Portugal)  :: قلمرية
coin {n} ((currency) a piece of currency)  :: قِرْش {m}, عُمْلَة {f}
coinage {n} (currency) SEE: currency  ::
coinage {n} (neologism) SEE: neologism  ::
coincidence {n} (state of events appearing to be connected when they are not)  :: صُدْفَة {f}, مصادفة
coitus {n} (sexual interaction, see also: sexual intercourse)  :: جِمَاع {m}, مُجَامَعَة {f}, مُضَاجَعَة {f}
coke {n} (Coke) SEE: Coke  ::
Coke {n} (Coca-Cola)  :: كُولَا {f} /kulā/
cola {n} (drink)  :: كُولَا {f} /kolā/, كُولَا {f}
colander {n} (a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it used for draining food such as pasta)  :: مِصْفَاة {f}
cold {adj} (having a low temperature)  :: بَارِد
cold {adj} (of the weather)  :: بَرْدَان
cold {n} (low temperature)  :: بُرُودَة {f}
cold {n} (illness)  :: زُكَام {m}, رَشْح {m}, بَرْد {m}
cold-blooded {adj} (having an unregulated body temperature) SEE: ectothermic  ::
cold fusion {n} (hypothetical form of nuclear fusion)  :: اِنْدِمَاج بَارِد {m}
coldness {n} (the relative lack of heat)  :: بُرُودَة {f}
cold war {n} (a period of hostile relations)  :: حَرْب بَارِدَة {f}
Cold War {prop} (a period of history from 1945-1991)  :: حَرْب بَارِدَة {f}
cole {n} (cabbage) SEE: cabbage  ::
colic {n} (pain)  :: مَغْص {m}
collaborate {v} (to work together on a piece of work)  :: تَعَاوَنَ [مع máʿa]
collaborate {v} (to cooperate treasonably)  :: تَعاوَنُ مَعَ العَدُوّ
collapse {v} (to fall down suddenly; to cave in)  :: تَفَرَّغَ مِنَ الْهَوَاء
collar {n} (fabric garment part fitting around throat)  :: يَاقَة {f}
collar {n} (decorative band or other fabric around the neckline)  :: طَوْق {m}
collar {n} (device for restraining animal)  :: طَوْق {m}
collar {v} (to arrest) SEE: arrest  ::
collarbone {n} (clavicle) SEE: clavicle  ::
colleague {n} (fellow member of a profession)  :: زَمِيل {m}, زَمِيلَة {f}
collect {v} (to gather together)  :: جَمَعَ
collection {n} (set of items)  :: جَمَعَ {f}
college {n} (institution of higher education)  :: مَعْهَد {m}
college {n} (non-specialized, semi-autonomous division of a university)  :: مَعْهَد {m}
college {n} (institution of further education at an intermediate level)  :: كُلِّيَّة {f}, كُلِّيَّة {f}
collision {n} (collision) SEE: wreck  ::
colloquial {adj} (of oral communication language)  :: [Eastern Arabic] عَامِّيّ, [Western Arabic] دَارِج
colloquialism {n} (an expression more often spoken than written)  :: عَامِّيَّة {f}, [Western Arabic states] دَارِجَة {f}
cologne {n} (eau de Cologne)  :: مَاء كُولُونِيَا {m}, كُولُونِيَا {f}, عِطْر {m}, شَذًا {m}, أَرِيج {m}
Cologne {prop} (city in Germany)  :: كُولُونْيَا {f} /kulūnyā/
Colombia {prop} (country in South America)  :: كُولُومْبِيَا {f} /kolombiyā/
Colombo {prop} (capital of Sri Lanka)  :: كُولُومْبُو {m} /kulumbū/
colon {n} (punctuation mark)  :: نُقْطَة مُزْدَوِجَة {f} /nuqṭa muzdawija/, [dual] نُقْطَتَان {f}
colon {n} (the last part of the digestive system)  :: قُولُون {m} /qulūn/
colonel {n} (commissioned office in the armed services)  :: عَقِيد {m}, زَعِيم {m}, زَعِيم رُتْبَة {m}, كُولُونِيل {m} /kulunīl/
colonialism {n} (colonial domination policy)  :: اِسْتَعْمَارِيَّة {f}
colonnade {n} (a series of columns at regular intervals)  :: رِوَاق {m}
colony {n} (region or governmental unit)  :: مُسْتَعْمَرَة {f}
color {n} (spectral composition of visible light)  :: لَوْن {m}
colorize {v} (to add color to)  :: لَوَّنَ {m}
Colosseum {prop} (ancient stadium in Rome)  :: كولوسيوم
colostrum {n} (a form of milk)  :: لَبَأ {m}
colour {n} (colour) SEE: color  ::
colour {adj} (colour) SEE: color  ::
colour {v} (colour) SEE: color  ::
Columbia {prop} (poetic: America)  :: كُولُومْبِيَا {f} /kulumbiyā/
Columbia {prop} (female personification of the USA)  :: كُولُومْبِيَا {f} /kulumbiyā/
column {n} (upright supporting member)  :: عَمُود {m}
coma {n} (Deep sleep)  :: غِيبُوبَة {f}
comb {n} (toothed implement for grooming the hair)  :: مُشْط {m}, مِشْط {m}, مِمْشَط {m}
comb {v} (to groom the hair with a toothed implement)  :: مَشَطَ
combat {n} (a battle; a fight; a struggle for victory)  :: قِتَال {m}
combine {n} (combine harvester) SEE: combine harvester  ::
combine harvester {n} (combine)  :: حَصَّادَة شَامِلَة {f} /(ḥaṣṣāda šāmila/, حَصَّادَة {f}
combust {v} (be consumed by fire) SEE: burn  ::
come {v} (to move nearer)  :: جَاءَ, أَتَى
come {v} (to arrive, to appear)  :: قَدِمَ
come back {v} ((intransitive) To return to a place)  :: عَادَ, رَجَعَ
comedian {n} (entertainer)  :: كُومِيدْيَان /kōmidyān/
come down {v} (graduate) SEE: graduate  ::
comedy {n} (dramatic work that is light and humorous or satirical in tone)  :: كُومِيدِيَا {f} /kōmīdiyā/, كُومِيدِيَا {f} /kōmēdiyā/
comedy {n} (the genre of such works)  :: كُومِيدِيَا {f} /kōmīdiyā/, كُومِيدِيَا {f} /kōmēdiyā/
come in {v} (to enter) SEE: enter  ::
come on {interj} (expression of encouragement)  :: يَااللّٰه /ya-llāh/
comet {n} (a celestial body, generally with a tail)  :: مُذَنَّب {m}
comeuppance {n} (an outcome which is justly deserved)  :: قصاص عادل {m}
comfort {n} (contentment, ease)  :: رَاحَة {f}
comfort {n}  :: الراحَة
comfort {v} (to provide comfort)  :: وَاسَى, عَزَّى, سَلَّى
comfort {v} (console) SEE: console  ::
comfortable {adj} (providing physical comfort and ease)  :: مُرِيح, وَثِير
comfortable {adj} (in a state of comfort)  :: مُرْتَاح
comfort woman {n} (forced prostitute)  :: إِمْرَأَة مِتْعَة {f}, نِسَاء مِتْعَة {f-p} (plural)
comics {n} (artistic medium)  :: هَزْلِيَّة {f}, مَجَلَّة هَزْلِيَّة {f} /majalla hazliyya/
coming {n} (act of arriving; an arrival)  :: إتْيَان {m}, أَتْي {m}, مَجِيء {m}
Comintern {prop} (international association of Communist parties)  :: اَلْكُومِنْتَرْن {m} /al-kumintarn/
comma {n} (punctuation mark ',')  :: فَاصِلَة {f}, ،
command {n} (order)  :: أَمْر {m}
command {v} (to order)  :: أَمَرَ {pf}, يَأْمُرُ {impf}
commander {n} (One who exercises control and direction of a military or naval organization)  :: آمِر {m}, أُمَرَاء {p} [plural of آمر]
commandment {n} (a command or edict)  :: وَصِيَّة {f}
comment {v} (to comment) SEE: observe  ::
comment {n} (spoken remark)  :: تَعْلِيق {m}, مَلْحُوظَة {f}
comment {n}  :: تعليق
comment {v} (to remark)  :: عَلَّقَ
comment {v}  :: علّق ب
commerce {n} (large scale trade)  :: تِجَارَة {f}
commercial {n} (advertisement in a common media format)  :: إِعْلَان تِجَارِيّ {m}
commercial {adj} (of or pertaining to commerce)  :: تِجَارِيّ
commie {n} (communist) SEE: communist  ::
commitment {n} (promise or agreement to do something in the future)  :: التزام
commit suicide {v} (to kill oneself)  :: اِنْتَحَرَ
committee {n} (group of persons convened for the accomplishment of some specific purpose)  :: لَجْنَة {f}
commo {n} (communist) SEE: communist  ::
commo {n} (communication) SEE: communication  ::
commodity {n} (anything movable traded)  :: بِضَاعَة {f}, [plural] بَضَائِع {f-p}, سِلْعَة {f}
common {adj} (usual)  :: شَائِع
common {adj} (found in large numbers or in a large quantity)  :: شَائِع
common sense {n} (ordinary understanding)  :: الذوق العام {m}, الحس المشترك {m}
commonwealth {n} (form of government)  :: كُومُنْوِلْث {m} /kumunwilṯ/
Commonwealth {prop} (Commonwealth of Australia) SEE: Commonwealth of Australia  ::
Commonwealth of Australia {prop} (formal and full name of Australia)  :: اَلْكُومُنْوِلْث اَلْأُسْتْرَالِيَّا {m} /al-kumunwilṯ al-ʾustrāliyyah/
Commonwealth of Independent States {prop} (successor to the Soviet Union)  :: اِتِّحَاد اَلدُّوَل اَلْمُسْتَقِلَة {m}
communicate {v} (to express or convey ideas, either through verbal or nonverbal means)  :: تَفَاهَمَ
communication {n} (concept of exchanging information)  :: اتِّصَالَات {f-p} /ittiṣalāt/
communism {n} (philosophy)  :: شُيُوعِيَّة {f}
communism {n} (society)  :: شُيُوعِيَّة {f}
communist {n} (person who follows a communist philosophy)  :: شُيُوعِيّ {m}, شُيُوعِيَّة {f}
Communist {n} (communist) SEE: communist  ::
Communist {adj} (communist) SEE: communist  ::
community {n} (group of people sharing a common understanding)  :: مجتمع {m}
community {n} (commune or residential/religious collective)  :: مِلَّة
community {n}  :: جماعة, جالية {f}
community language {n} (unofficial language spoken as a local lingua franca) SEE: lingua franca  ::
Comoran {adj} (Comorian) SEE: Comorian  ::
Comoran {n} (Comorian) SEE: Comorian  ::
Comorian {adj} (pertaining to the Comoros)  :: جُزُر اَلْقَمَر ['iDaafa (إضافَة) is used]
Comoros {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: جُزُر اَلْقَمَر {f-p}
compact disc {n} (optical disc used to store data)  :: سِي دِي {m}, CD {m} /sī dī/, قُرْص مَضْغُوط {m}, قُرْص سِي دِي {m}
compact disk {n} (CD) SEE: compact disc  ::
companion {n} (someone with whom one spends time or keeps company)  :: رَفِيق {m}, زَمِيل {m}
company {n} (in legal context, a corporation)  :: شَرِكَة {f}
company {n} (in non-legal context, any business, without respect to incorporation)  :: شَرِكَة {f}
comparable {adj} (similar) SEE: similar  ::
comparative {n} (grammatical construction)  :: دَرَجَة نِسْبِيَّة {f} /daraja nisbiyya/
comparative degree {n} ((grammar)) SEE: comparative  ::
compare {v} (to assess the similarities between two things or between one thing and another)  :: قَارَنَ
comparison {n} (act of comparing or the state of being compared)  :: مُقَّارَنَة {f}, مُقَّابَلَة {f}
compartment {n} (chamber)  :: مَقْصُورَة {f}
compass {n} (instrument to determine cardinal directions)  :: بُوصُّلَة {f}, بَرْجَل {m}, حُكّ {m}
compass {n} (pair of compasses) SEE: pair of compasses  ::
compassion {n} (deep awareness of the suffering of another)  :: رَحْمَة {f}
compassionate {adj} (having, feeling or showing compassion)  :: رَحْمٰن
compatriot {n} (somebody from one's own country)  :: زَمِيل {m}, مُوَاطِن /muwāṭin/
compete {v} (to contend)  :: تَنَافَسَ
competition {n} (action of competing)  :: مُنَافَسَة {f}
competition {n} (contest for a prize or award)  :: مُنَافَسَة {f}, مُسَابَقَة {f}
compile {v} (assemble from a collection)  :: تجميع
complain {v} (to express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment)  :: تَذَمَّرَ, اِشْتَكَى, شَكَا
complete {v} (to finish)  :: اِنْتَهَى, أَكْمَلَ
complete {adj} (with everything included)  :: كَامِل
completely {adv} (in a complete manner)  :: تَمَامًا
complex {adj} (not simple or straightforward)  :: مَعْقِد
complex {n} (problem) SEE: problem  ::
complexion {n} (appearance of the skin on the face)  :: بَشْرَة {f}
complexity {n} (The state of being complex; intricacy; entanglement)  :: تَعْقِيد {m}
complex number {n} (number of the form a + bi)  :: عَدَد عَقَدِيّّ {m}, عَدَد مُرَكِّب {m}
complicate {v} (to combine intricately)  :: تَعَقَّدَ, عَقَّدَ
complicated {adj} (difficult or convoluted)  :: مُعَقِّد
compliment {n} (expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement)  :: مُجَامِلَة {f}
component {n} (smaller, self-contained part of larger entity)  :: جُزْء {m}, عَامِل {m}, عُنْصُر {m}
composer {n} (one who composes music)  :: مُلَحِّن {m}, مُؤَلِّف مُوسِيقِيّ
composite number {n} (number that is the product of at least two numbers other than itself and 1)  :: عَدَد غَيْر أَوَّلِيّ {m}
composition {n} (synthesis as opposed to analysis) SEE: synthesis  ::
composition {n} (essay) SEE: essay  ::
composition {n} (work of music, literature or art)  :: تَأْلِيف {m}
compromise {n} (settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions)  :: حَل وَسَط {m}
compromise {v} (to breach a security system)  :: يخترق
compulsory {adj}  :: واجب حدوثه
compunction {n} (a pricking of conscience)  :: نَدَم {m}, وَخَز الضَّمِير {m}
computation {n} (the act or process of computing)  :: تحسيب
computational linguistics {n} (interdisciplinary field)  :: لِسَانِيَّات حَاسُوبِيَّة
computer {n} (device)  :: حَاسُوب {m}, حَاسِب {m}, كَمْبْيُوتَر {m}
computer game {n} (electronic game)  :: لَعْبَة كَمْبْيُوتَر {f} /laʿbat kambyūtar/
computer virus {n} (program) SEE: virus  ::
computing {n} (calculation) SEE: calculation  ::
comrade {n} (mate, companion, or associate)  :: رَفِيق {m}
comrade {n} (fellow socialist or communist)  :: رَفِيق {m}
comrade {n} (title used in leftist circles)  :: رَفِيق {m}
Conakry {prop} (capital of Guinea)  :: كُونَاكْرِي {m} /konakrī/
conceal {v} (to hide something)  :: أَخْفَى
conceive {v} (to become pregnant)  :: حَبِلَ
concentrate {v} (bring to, or direct toward, a common center)  :: رَكَّزَ
concentrate {v} (focus one's thought or attention)  :: رَكَّزَ, تَرَكَّزَ
concentration camp {n} (camp where large numbers of persons are detained)  :: مُعَسْكَر اِعْتِقَال {m}
concept {n} (something understood and retained in the mind)  :: مَفْهُوم {m}
conception {n} (initiation of an embryonic animal life)  :: حَبَل {m}, حَمْل {m}
concern {v} (to be of importance to)  :: خَصَّ
concerned {adj} (showing concern)  :: مُهْتَمّ
concerned {adj} (involved or responsible)  :: مُعْنِيّ
concerning {prep} (Regarding)  :: فِي مَا يَتَعَلَق بِـ
concert {n} (a musical entertainment in which several voices or instruments take part)  :: عَزْف {m}, حَفْلَة مُوسِيقِيَّة {f} /ḥafla mūsīqiyya/
concise {adj} (brief and precise)  :: وَجِيز
conclusive {adj} (pertaining to a conclusion)  :: نِهَائِيّ
conclusive {adj} (decisive)  :: قَطْعِيّ
concord {n} ((grammar) Agreement of words with one another) SEE: agreement  ::
concord {n} (A state of agreement; harmony; union)  :: سِلْمِيّ
concordance {n} (agreement) SEE: agreement  ::
concrete {n} (building material)  :: خَرَسَانَة {f}
concubine {n} (a woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife)  :: سُرِّيَة {f}
concubine {n} (mistress) SEE: mistress  ::
concussion {n} (an injury to part of the body, most especially the brain)  :: اِرْتِجَاج {m}
condemnation {n} (act of judicially condemning, or adjudging guilty)  :: إِدَانَة {f}
condensed milk {n} (milk that has been reduced to syrup)  :: حَلِيب مَكْثِف {m}
condiment {n} (something used to enhance flavor)  :: تَابِل {m}
condition {n} (logical clause or phrase)  :: شَرْط {m}
condition {n} (state of an object)  :: حَالَة {f}, وَضْع {m}
conditional {adj} (in logic)  :: شَرْطِيّ
conditional mood {n} (conditional) SEE: conditional  ::
condolence {n} (sympathy when someone has died)  :: تَأْسِيَّة {f}, تَعْزِيَّة {f}
condom {n} (flexible sleeve worn on the penis)  :: عَازِل ذَكَرِيّ {m}, وَاقٍ ذَكَرِيّ {m}, كُونْدُوم {m}, كَانْدُوم {m} [colloquial, dialectal]
condor {n} (California condor)  :: كُنْدُور {m}
cone {n} (surface of revolution)  :: مَخْرُوط {m}
confectioner's {n} (sweetshop) SEE: sweetshop  ::
confectionery {n} (shop where confectionery is sold) SEE: sweetshop  ::
conference {n} (a meeting of people)  :: مُؤْتَمَر {m}
confess {v} (to admit to the truth)  :: اِعْتَرَفَ
confession {n} (open admittance)  :: إِقْرَار {m}, اِعْتِرَاف {m}
confession {n} (disclosure of one's sins to a priest)  :: إِقْرَار {m}, اِعْتِرَاف {m}
confetti {n} (small pieces of colored paper generally thrown about at festive occasions)  :: نِثَار {p}
confident {adj} (being very sure of or positive about something)  :: وَاثِق {m}, وَاثِقَة {f}
confidential {adj} (meant to be kept secret within a certain circle)  :: سَرِّيّ, خُصُوصِيّ
confidentiality {n} (something told in confidence) SEE: secret  ::
configuration {n} (arrangement of electrons)  :: تَهايُؤ {m}
confine {v} (arrest) SEE: arrest  ::
confine {v} (detain) SEE: detain  ::
confirm {v} (to assure)  :: أَكَّدَ
confirm {v}  :: يؤكد
confiscation {n} (the act or process of confiscating an item from public use; expropriation)  :: اِسْتِيلَاء {m}
conflagration {n} (a large, ferocious, and destructive fire)  :: حَرِيق {m}
conflict {n} (clash or disagreement)  :: صِرَاع {m}, نِزَاع {m}
conflict of interest {n} (conflicting interests in position of trust)  :: صراع مصالح {m}
Confucianism {n} (philosophy)  :: كُونْفُشْيُوسِيَة {f}
Confucius {prop} (Chinese philosopher)  :: كُونْفُوشِيُوس {m}
confuse {v} (to mix up; to puzzle; to bewilder)  :: أَرْبَكَ
confuse {v} (to embarrass)  :: أَرْبَكَ
confusing {adj} (difficult to understand)  :: مُرْبِك
congeniality {n} (quality of being congenial)  :: حَرَارَة {f}
Congo {prop} (country with Brazzaville as capital)  :: اَلْكُونْغُو {m}
Congo {prop} (country with Kinshasa as capital)  :: اَلْكُونْغُو {m}
Congo-Brazzaville {prop} (Congo) SEE: Congo  ::
Congo-Kinshasa {prop} (Congo) SEE: Congo  ::
congratulate {v} (to express one’s sympathetic pleasure or joy to the person(s) it is felt for)  :: هَنَّأَ, يُهَنِّئُ [non-past]
congratulation {n} (act of congratulating)  :: تَهْنِئَة {f}
congratulations {interj} (expressing approbation)  :: مُبَارَك, مَبْرُوك
congress {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: sexual intercourse  ::
congress {n} (legislative body)  :: [US Congress] كُونْجْرِس {m} /kungris/, كُونْغْرِس {m} /kunḡris/
congress {n} (conference)  :: مُؤْتَمَر {m}, اِجْتِمَاع {m}
Congress {prop} (the two legislative bodies of the USA)  :: اَلْكُونْغْرِس {m} /al-kunḡris/
conjugation {n} (act of conjugating a verb)  :: اِقْتِرَان {m}, تَصْرِيف اَلْأَفْعَال {m} (inflection of verbs), تَصْرِيف {m}
conjunction {n} (grammar: word used to join words or phrases)  :: حَرْف عَطْف {m}
conjunctive mode {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
conjunctive mood {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
conlang {n} (constructed language) SEE: constructed language  ::
Conley {prop} (Transliterations of the surname)  :: كُونْلِي /konlī/
Connecticut {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: كُونِيتِيكَت {m} /kunitikat/
connection {n} (act of connecting)  :: عَلَاقَة {f}
connection {n} (feeling of understanding and ease of communication between two or more people)  :: عَلَاقَة {f}, صِلَة {f}
connective tissue {n} (type of tissue)  :: نسيج ضام
Connelly {prop} (Transliterations of the surname)  :: كُونِلِي /konelī/
Connemara {prop} (district of western County Galway)  :: كُونِّيمَارَا {f}
connexion {n} (connection) SEE: connection  ::
conquer {v} (defeat in combat)  :: قَهَرَ, اِنْتَصَرَ
conscience {n} (moral sense)  :: ضَمِير {m}, طَوِيَّة {f}, وِجْدَان {m}
conscious {adj}  :: واعٍ
consensual {adj} (With consensus)  :: توافقي
consensus {n} (general agreement)  :: إِجْمَاع {m}, تَوَافُق {m}
conservatism {n} (political philosophy that favors maintaining limited government involvement)  :: سِيَاسَة مُحَافَظَة {f} /siyāsa muḥāfaẓa/
conservative {n} (one who favors the status quo)  :: مُحَافِظ {m}
conservative {adj} (cautious) SEE: cautious  ::
conservativism {n} (conservatism) SEE: conservatism  ::
consider {v} (think about seriously)  :: إِعْتَبَرَ
consider {v} (assign some quality to)  :: إِعْتَبَرَ
considering {prep} (considering)  :: بِالْأَخْذ فِي الاِعْتِبَار /bi-l-ʾaḵḏ fī l-iʿtibār/
consist {v} (to be composed (of))  :: تَكَوَّنَ (of: مِن)
console {v} (to comfort)  :: وَاسَى, عَزَّى, سَلَّى
consonant {n} (sound)  :: صَامِت {m}
consonant cluster {n} (consonant cluster)  :: اِجْتِمَاع السَّاكِنِين, التَّقَاء السَّاكِنِين
consort {n} (husband, wife, companion or partner)  :: عشيق
conspiracy {n} (act of working in secret to obtain some goal)  :: مُؤَامِرَة {f}
conspiracy theory {n} (hypothetical speculation)  :: نَظَرِيَّة اَلْمُؤَامَرَة {f} /naẓariyyat al-muʾāmara/
conspire {v} (to secretly plot)  :: تآمر
constant {adj} (unchanged through time)  :: ثَابِت
Constantinople {prop} (Constantinople)  :: اَلْقُسْطَنْطِينِيَّة {f}
constellation {n} (image associated with a group of stars)  :: كَوْكَبَة
constellation {n} (modern astronomy: any of 88 officially recognized regions)  :: كَوْكَبَة
constellation {n}  :: أبراج
constipation {n} (state of bowels)  :: إِمْسَاك {m}
constitution {n} (formal or informal system of primary principles and laws regulating a government or other institutions)  :: دُسْتُور {m}, نِظَام {m}, قَانُون أَسَاسِيّ {m} /qanūn ʾasāsī/
constitutional monarchy {n} (monarchy limited by laws and a constitution)  :: مَلِكِيَّة دُسْتُورِيَّة {f} /malikiyya dustūriyya/
constraint {n} (something that constrains)  :: متطلب
constructed language {n} (an artificially created language)  :: لُغَة مُصْطَنَعَة {f} /luḡa muṣṭanaʿa/
construction {n} (process of constructing)  :: بِنَاء {f}
construction {n} (structure)  :: مَبْنَى {m}, بِنَاء {f}
constructive criticism {n} (criticism)  :: نَقْد بَنَّاء {m}
construe {v} (to translate) SEE: translate  ::
consul {n} (official who protects the interests of citizens)  :: قُنْصُل {m}
consulate {n} (the residency of a consul)  :: قُنْصُلِيَّة {f}
Consultation {prop} (42nd sura of the Qur'an)  :: سورة الشورى
consumer {n} (person purchasing goods)  :: مُسْتَهْلِك, مُسْتَنْفِد {m}
consumption {n} (the act of consuming something)  :: اِسْتِهْلَاك {m}
contact {n} (an act of touching physically)  :: مُلَامَسَة {f}
contact {n} (an establishment of communication)  :: إتِّصال {m}
contact lens {n} (thin lens placed directly on the eye)  :: عدسَة لاقصَة {f}, عَدَسَة {f}
contacts {n} (Plural form of contact) SEE: contact  ::
contain {v} (to contain) SEE: hold  ::
container {n} (a very large, typically metal, box used for transporting goods)  :: حَاوِيَة {f}
contemplation {n} (The act of the mind in considering with attention; continued attention of the mind to a particular subject; meditation; musing; study)  :: تَفَكُّر {m}
contemporaneous {adj} (existing or created in the same period of time)  :: مُتَعَاصِر {m}, مُتَزَامِن {m}, مُتَوَاقِت, مُعَاصِر {m}
contemporary {adj} (from the same time period)  :: مُعَاصِر
contemporary {adj} (modern)  :: عَصْرِيّّ, حَدِيث, مُعَاصِر
contempt {n} (a feeling or attitude)  :: اِحْتِقَار {m}
content {n} (that which is contained)  :: مُحْتَوَى {m}
content {adj} (satisfied)  :: مَبْسُوط, فَانِع, مُحْتَوَى
content management system {n}  :: نِظَام إِدَارَة اَلْمُحْتَوَى {m} /niẓām ʾidārat al-muḥtawā/
contentment {n} (state or degree of being contented)  :: الرضا
contents {n} (that which is contained)  :: مُحْتَوَى {m}
contents {n} (table of contents) SEE: table of contents  ::
contest {n} (competition, see also: competition)  :: مُسَابَقَة {f}
contest {n} (combat) SEE: combat  ::
context {n} (text in which a word appears)  :: سِيَاق {m}
context {n} (circumstances or settings)  :: حَالَة {f}
continent {n} (each of main land-masses on earth's surface)  :: قَارَّة {f}
continental drift {n} (continental drift)  :: نظريَة الانجراف القَارِّيّ {f}
continue {v} (transitive: proceed)  :: تَابَعَ [transitive], اِسْتَمَرَّ [transitive], دَامَ [intransitive]
continue {v} (intransitive: resume)  :: تَابَعَ [transitive], اِسْتَمَرَّ [transitive], دَامَ [intransitive]
contra {adv} (to the contrary to something)  :: عَلَى اَلْعَكْس, عَلَى اَلنَّقِيض مِن, ضِد
contraband {n} (goods which are prohibited from being traded, smuggled goods)  :: تَهْرِيب {m}
contract {n} (agreement that is legally binding)  :: عَقْد {m}
contradiction {n} (the logical incompatibility of opposing elements)  :: تَنَقُّص {m}
contrariwise {adv} (on the contrary) SEE: on the contrary  ::
contrary to {prep} (despite) SEE: despite  ::
contribute {v} (to give something, that is or becomes part of a larger whole)  :: سَاهَمَ
contribution {n} (the act of contributing)  :: مُسَاهَمَة {f}
control {v} (to exercise influence over; to suggest or dictate the behavior of)  :: سَيْطَرَ
control engineering {n}  :: هَنْدَسَةٌ التَّكَكُّمَ {f} /hendesetut-taħakkume/
control tower {n} (airport control tower)  :: بُرْج مُرَاقَبَة {m}
convene {v}  :: عَقَدَ (ʕaqada)
convenience {n}  :: رَاحَة {f} (leisure)
convenient {adj} (of or pertaining to convenience; simple; easy; expedient)  :: مُنَاسِب, مُلَائِم
conversation {n} (talking)  :: حَدِيث {m}, [esp. on the phone] مُكَالَمَة {f}, مُحَادَثَة {f}, كَلَام {m}, حِوَار {m}
convert {v} (transform (something) into another form, substance, state, or product)  :: حَوَّلَ
convert {v} (undergo a conversion of religion, faith or belief)  :: حَوَّلَ {m}
convertible {n} (car whose roof can be removed or folded)  :: حَنْطُور {m}
convey {v} (to carry)  :: نَقَلَ
convey {v} (to communicate)  :: أَبْلَغَ, نَقَلَ
convict {n} (person convicted of a crime)  :: سَجِين {m}, مُدَان {m}
convince {v} (to make someone believe, or feel sure about something)  :: أَقْنَعَ
convoy {n} (group of vehicles traveling together for safety, especially one with an escort)  :: قَافِلَة {f}
coo {v} (make a soft murmuring sound, as a pigeon)  :: هَدَلَ
cook {n} (a person who prepares food for a living)  :: طَبَّاخ {m}
cook {v} (to prepare (food) for eating)  :: طَبَخَ
cook {v}  :: طَبَخَ
cookie {n} (bun) SEE: bun  ::
cookie {n} (small, flat baked good, see also: biscuit)  :: كُوكِي {m}, بَسْكَوِيت {m}
cookie {n} (HTTP cookie) SEE: HTTP cookie  ::
cooking {n} (the process of preparing food by using heat)  :: طَبْخ {m}
cooking oil {n} (purified fat)  :: زَيْت اَلْطَهِي {m}
Cook Islands {prop} (self-governing country in Oceania)  :: جُزُر كُوك {f-p} /juzur kuk/
cool {adj} (having a slightly low temperature)  :: بَارِد
cool {v} (to make colder (literally))  :: يُبَرِّد {m}
cooler {n} (chilled mixed drink)  :: مبرد
coop {n} (enclosure for birds)  :: قُنّ {m}, خُمّ {m}
cooperate {v} (to work together)  :: تَعَاوَنَ
cooperation {n} (act of cooperating or being cooperative)  :: تَعَاوُن {m}
coordinate {n} ((mathematics, cartography) A number representing the position of a point along a line, arc, or similar one-dimensional figure․)  :: تَنْسِيق {m}
cootie {n} (louse) SEE: louse  ::
cooze {n} (vagina) SEE: vagina  ::
Copenhagen {prop} (capital of Denmark)  :: كُوبِنْهَاغِن {m} /kūbinhāgin/
Copernicus {prop} (surname)  :: كُوبِرْنِيكُوس {m} /kubirnikus/
copper {n} (chemical element)  :: نُحَاس {m}, نَحَاس {m}
coppern {adj} (made of copper) SEE: copper  ::
copper sulphate {n} (the common name for cupric sulphate, CuSO4)  :: سُلْفَات اَلنُّحَاس {f-p}
Copt {n} (member of the Coptic Church)  :: قِبْطِيّ {m}, قُبْطِيّ {m}; الْقِبْط, الْقُبْط [collective]; أَقْبَاط {m-p} [plural]
Coptic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Copts, Coptic Orthodox Church or to the Coptic language)  :: قِبْطِيّ
copula {n} (grammar: linking kind of word)  :: رَابِطَة {f}, رَابِط {m}, عِمَاد {m}
copulate {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) SEE: bed  ::
copulate {v} (copulate) SEE: cover  ::
copulate {v} (copulate) SEE: mate  ::
copulate {v} (to engage in sexual intercourse) SEE: make love  ::
copulate {v} (take part in a sexual act) SEE: have sex  ::
copulation {n} (copulation) SEE: sexual intercourse  ::
copulation {n} (the coming together of male and female in sexual intercourse)  :: مُضَاجَعَة {f}
copy {n} (result of copying; an identical duplication)  :: نُسْخَة {f}
copy {v} (produce something identical)  :: اِنْتَسَخَ, نَسَخَ
copybook {n} (student's exercise book) SEE: exercise book  ::
copycat {n} (one who imitates others' work without adding ingenuity)  :: تَقْلِيد
coquetry {n} (affectation of amorous tenderness)  :: دَلَال {m}
coral {n} (substance)  :: مَرْجَان {m}
coral {n} (colony)  :: مَرْجَان {m}
Coral Sea {prop} (part of the Pacific Ocean)  :: بَحْر كُورَال {m} /baḥr kurāl/
core {n} (central part of fruit, containing the kernels or seeds)  :: نِوَاة {f}
Corfu {prop} (island)  :: كُورْفُو
coriander {n} (Coriandrum sativum plant)  :: كُزْبَرَة {f}, قُسْبَرَة {m}
cork {n} (bark of the cork oak)  :: فِلِّين {m}
cork {n} (bottle stopper)  :: فِلِّينَة {f}
corn {n} (maize) SEE: maize  ::
corn {n} (the fruits of a cereal crop)  :: غَلَّة {f}
corn dog {n} (hot dog coated in cornbread batter and deep-fried)  :: كُورْنْدُوغ {m}
cornea {n} (layer forming the front of the eye)  :: قَرْنِيَّة {f}
corner {n} (point where two converging lines meet) SEE: angle  ::
corner {n} (space in the angle between converging lines or walls)  :: زَاوِيَة {f}, رُكْن {m}
corn flakes {n} (breakfast cereal)  :: رَقَائِق ذُرَة {f-p}
corny {adj} (excessively sentimental)  :: ثَقِيل الظَِلّ, سَخِيف
coronal mass ejection {n} (coronal mass ejection)  :: لفظ كتليّ إِكْلِيلِيّ {m}
coronation {n} (the act or solemnity of crowning)  :: تَتْوِيج {m}
corporal punishment {n} (form of punishment achieved by inflicting blows to the offender's body)  :: عُقُوبَة بَدَنِيَّة {f} /ʿuqūba badaniyya/
corpse {n} (dead body)  :: جُثَّة {f}, جُثْمَان {m}, جِيفَة {f}, مَيِّت {m}, جَسَد {m}
corpus {n} (body) SEE: body  ::
correct {adj} (free from error)  :: صَحِيح {m}, صَوَاب {m}
correct {v} (To make something that was not valid become right)  :: صَحَّحَ
correction {n} (act of correcting)  :: تصحيح
correspond {v} (To be equivalent or similar in character, quantity, quality, origin, structure, function etc)  :: ماثل
correspond {v} (To exchange messages, especially by postal letter, over a period of time)  :: راسل
corridor {n} (narrow hall or passage)  :: رِوَاق {m}, دِهْلِيز {m}, رَدْهَة {f}, مَمَرّ {m}
corridor {n} (tract of land)  :: طَرِيق ضِيق
corridor {n} (airspace)  :: مَمَرّ جَوِّيّ, مُـخـتَرَق /muḵtaraq/ جَوِّيّ
corrupt {adj} (in a depraved state)  :: مرتش، فاسد
corruption {n} (bribing)  :: فَسَاد {m}
corruption {n}  :: فَسَاد {m}
Corsica {prop} (island in the Mediterranean)  :: كُورَسِيكَا {f}
cortisone {n} (corticosteroid hormone)  :: كُورْتِيزُون {m} /kurtizūn/
corvette {n} (modern warship)  :: فرقيطَة {f}
cos {conj} (because) SEE: because  ::
cosine {n} (trigonometric function)  :: جَيْب تَمَام {m}
cosmetics {n} (preparations to change or enhance the beauty)  :: مُسْتَحْضَرَات اَلتَّجْمِيل {f-p}
cosmic {adj} (of or from or pertaining to the cosmos or universe)  :: كَوْنِيّ
cosmodrome {n} (a site for launching spacecraft)  :: كُوسْمُودْرُوم {m} /kusmudrūm/
cosmology {n} (study of the physical universe)  :: عِلْم الكَوْن الفِيزِيَائِيّ {m}
cosmonaut {n} (an astronaut, especially a Russian or Soviet one, see also: astronaut)  :: رَجُل فَضَاء {m}, رَائِد فَضَاء {m}, مَلَّاح فَضَائِيّ {m}
cosmonautics {n} (astronautics (Russian context), see also: astronautics)  :: مِلَاحَة فَضَائِيَّة {f}, مِلَاحَة الفَضَاء {f}
cosmopolitan {n} (cosmopolite) SEE: cosmopolite  ::
cosmopolite {adj} (cosmopolitan person)  :: مُوَاطِن اَلْعَالَم {m}
cosmos {n} (the universe)  :: كَوْن {m}, اَلْكَوْن {m}, فَضَاء {m}
cosplay {n} (subculture centered on dressing as characters)  :: كُوسْبْلَاي {m} /kusplay/
Cossack {n} (member of a population)  :: قُوزَاق {m} /quzāq/
cost {v} (to incur a charge, a price)  :: سَاوَى
costa {n} (rib) SEE: rib  ::
Costa Rica {prop} (country)  :: كُوسْتَارِيكَا {f} /kostarīkā/
cost of living {n} (average cost of a standard set of basic necessities of life)  :: تكاليف المعيشَة
costume {n} (dress of a particular country, period or people)  :: بَذْلَة {f}, بَدْلَة {f}
cotangent {n} (trigonometric function)  :: ظِلّ اَلتَّمَام {m}
Cotonou {prop} (the de-facto capital of Benin)  :: كُوتُونُو {m} /kutunū/
cottage {n} (A small house; a cot; a hut)  :: كُوخ {m}
cottage cheese {n} (cheese curd product)  :: جُبْن قُرَيْش {m}
cotton {n} (plant)  :: قُطْن {m}, قُطُن {m}
cotton candy {n} (cotton candy) SEE: candy floss  ::
cotton swab {n} (a small wad of cotton wrapped around the end of a small rod)  :: عُود أُذُن {m}
couch {n} (furniture for seating of more than one person)  :: فِرَاش {m}, أَرِيكَة {f}, مَضْجَع {m}
cougar {n} (Puma concolor)  :: أسد أمريكي
cough {v} (push air from the lungs)  :: سَعَلَ
cough {v} (make a noise like a cough)  :: سَعَلَ
cough {n} (expulsion of air from the lungs)  :: سُعَال {m}
could I see the menu, please {phrase} (said to ask for a menu)  :: قَائِمَة اَلطَّعَام لَو سَمَحْت /qāʾimat aṭ-ṭaʿām law samaḥt/
coulomb {n} (unit of electrical charge)  :: كُولُون {m} /kulūn/
council {n} (committee that leads or governs)  :: مَجْلِس {m}
counsel {n} (consultation)  :: شُورَى {f}
count {v} (to enumerate or determine number)  :: عَدَّ imperfect: يَعُدُّ
count {n} (ruler of a county (m))  :: كُونْت {m}
countenance {n} (face)  :: مَلَامِح {m-p}
counterfoil {n} (the part of a cheque that is retained in the chequebook as a record)  :: كَعْب {m}
counterpane {n} (topmost covering of a bed) SEE: bedspread  ::
country {n} (region of land)  :: وِلَايَة {f}, بَلَد {f}
country {n} (nation state)  :: بَلَد {f}, وَطَن {m}
country {n} (the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city)  :: رِيف {m}
country {adj} (of, from or pertaining to the countryside (adjective))  :: رِيفِيّ, نِسْبَة إِلَى الرِّيف /nisba ʾilā r-rīf/
country bumpkin {n} (unsophisticated person from a rural area)  :: قروي
countryman {n} (somebody from one's own country)  :: مواطن /muwāṭin/
countryside {n} (a rural area, or the rural part of a larger area)  :: رِيف {m}
coup {n} (coup d'état) SEE: coup d'état  ::
coup d'état {n} (sudden overthrow of a government)  :: اِنْقِلَاب {m}
coupling {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: sexual intercourse  ::
courage {n} (quality of a confident character)  :: شَجَاعَة {f}
courage {n}  :: شَجَاع
courageous {adj} (brave) SEE: brave  ::
courageous {adj} (of an action, that requires courage)  :: شجاع
courgette {n} (a small marrow/squash)  :: كُوسَا {f}, كُوسَة {f}
course {n} (learning program)  :: دَوْرَة {f}, [usually plural] دَوْرَات {f}, حَلَقَة دِرَاسِيَّة {f} /ḥalaqa dirāsiyya/
court {n} (enclosed space; a courtyard)  :: مَحْكَمَة {f}
court {n} (hall, chamber, or place, where justice is administered)  :: مَحْكَمَة {f}
court {n} (tribunal established for the administration of justice)  :: مَحْكَمَة {f}
court {n}  :: منطقَة أو محكمَة
courteous {adj} (showing regard for others)  :: مُهَذَّب, مُؤَدَّب
courtesy {n} (polite behavior)  :: مَجَامَلَة {f}
court of cassation {n} (the highest court of appeal)  :: الْمَحْكَمَة الْعُلْيَا, مَحْكَمَة التَّمْيِيزِ {f}, مَحْكَمَة النَّقْضِ {f}
courtyard {n} (unroofed walled area)  :: فِنَاء {m}
couscous {n} (pasta of North African origin)  :: كُسْكُس {m}
cousin {n} (nephew or niece of a parent)  :: اِبْن عَمّ {m} [father’s brother's son], بِنْت عَمّ {f} [father’s brother's daughter], اِبْن عَمَّة {m} [father's sister’s son], بِنْت عَمَّة {f} [father's sister’s daughter], اِبْن خَال {m} [mother's brother’s son], بِنْت خَال {f} [mother's brother’s daughter], اِبْن خَالَة {m} [mother's sister’s son], بِنْت خَالَة {f} [mother's sister’s daughter]
covenant {n} (binding agreement)  :: ميثاق {m}, عَهْد {m}
cover {n} (lid)  :: غِطَاء
cover {v} (to conceal or protect)  :: غَطَّى, imperfect: يُغَطِّي
coverage {n} (amount by which covered)  :: تغطيَة {f}
covet {v} (to wish for with eagerness)  :: طَمُعَ, طَمِعَ, جَشِعَ
cow {n} (female domesticated ox or other bovine)  :: بَقَرَة {f}
cow {n} (any domestic bovine regardless of sex or age)  :: بَقَرَة {s}, بَقَر [collective], اَبْقَار {p}
coward {n} (a person who lacks courage)  :: جَبَان {m}
cowardice {n} (the lack of courage)  :: جَبَانَة {f}
cowardly {adj} (showing cowardice)  :: جَبَان
cowboy {n} (person who tends cattle)  :: رَعَوِيّ الْبَقَر {m}, بَقّار {m}
co-wife {n} (Co-wife)  :: ضَرَّة {f}
coworker {n} (somebody with whom one works; a companion or workmate)  :: زَمِيل {m}, زَمِيلَة {f}
Cowper's fluid {n} (pre-ejaculate) SEE: pre-ejaculate  ::
Cowper's gland {n} (Bulbourethral gland)  :: غدَة كوبر
coyote {n} (canine)  :: قَيُّوط {m}
C-pop {n} (Cantopop) SEE: Cantopop  ::
C-pop {n} (Mandopop) SEE: Mandopop  ::
crab {n} (crustacean)  :: سَرَطَان {m}
crack {n} (attempt at something) SEE: try  ::
crack of dawn {n} (sunrise) SEE: sunrise  ::
Cracow {prop} (city)  :: كْرَاكُوف {m} /krakuf/
cradle {n} (oscillating bed for a baby)  :: مَهْد {m}
cradle song {n} (lullaby) SEE: lullaby  ::
craft {n} (device; means; art) SEE: device  ::
craft {n} (strength; power; might) SEE: strength  ::
crane {n} (bird)  :: كُرْكِيّ {m}, غُرْنُوق {m}
crane {v} (to extend (one's neck))  :: رَفَعَ
cranial orbit {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
cranium {n} (skull) SEE: skull  ::
crank {n} (methamphetamine) SEE: methamphetamine  ::
crash {n} (vehicle accident)  :: حَادِث إِصْطِدَام {m}
crash {v} (to collide, fall or come down violently)  :: تَحَطَّمَ
crash {v} (computing: to terminate unexpectedly)  :: تَحَطَّمَ
crash course {n} (quick, intense course)  :: حَلَقَة دِرَاسِيَّة مُكَثِّفَة {f} /ḥalaqa dirāsiyya mukaṯṯifa/
crate {n} (box or basket)  :: فِنْطَاس {m}
crater {n} (astronomy: hemispherical pit)  :: فَوَّهَة اَلْبُرْكَان {f} /fawwahat al-burkān/
crater {n} (geology: opening of a volcano)  :: فَوَّهَة اَلْبُرْكَان {f} /fawwahat al-burkān/
crater {n} (pit left by an explosion)  :: فَوَّهَة اَلْبُرْكَان {f} /fawwahat al-burkān/
craving {n} (strong desire; yearning)  :: تَوْق {m}, تَشَوُّق {m}, شَبَق {m} [sexual craving], غُلْمَة {m} [sexual craving]
crawl {v} (to move along the ground)  :: زَحَفَ, [imperfect:] يَزْحَفُ, دَبَّ
crawler {n} (sycophant) SEE: sycophant  ::
craziness {n}  :: جنون (junoon)
crazy {adj} (insane, demented)  :: مَجْنُون
Córdoba {prop} (city)  :: قُرْطُبَة {f}
cream {n} (oily part of milk)  :: قِشْطَة {f}, قِشْدَة {f}
cream {n} (product to apply to the skin)  :: كْرِيم {m}
create {v} (to put into existence)  :: خَلَقَ
create {v}  :: خَلَقَ
creation {n} (act of creation)  :: اِبْتِكَار {m}, خَلْق {m}
creator {n} (one who creates)  :: مُبْدِع {m}
creator {n} (the deity that created the world)  :: خَالِق {m}
credit card {n} (card connected to a credit account used to buy goods or services)  :: بِطَاقَة اِئْتِمَان {f} /biṭāqat iʾtimān/, بِطَاقَة تَسْلِيف {f} /biṭāqat taslīf/, كْرِدِت كَرْد {m}
creed {n} (that which is believed)  :: عَقِيدَة {f}
creep {v} (to move slowly with the abdomen close to the ground) SEE: crawl  ::
creepy {adj} (producing a fearful sensation)  :: مفزع {m}
crematorium {n} (place where dead bodies are cremated)  :: مَحْرَقَة {f}
crematory {n} (crematorium) SEE: crematorium  ::
crescent moon {n} (the moon as it appears in its first or last quarter)  :: هلال {m} /hilaal/
cress {n} (a plant)  :: حُرْف {m}, رَشَاد {m-p}
Crete {prop} (island)  :: كِرِيت {f} /kirit/, [archaic] إِقْرِيطْش {f} /ʾiqriṭš/
cricket {n} (insect)  :: جُدْجُد {m}, صُرْصُر {m}, صُرْصُور {m}
cricket {n} (game)  :: كْرِيكِت {m} /krikit/
crime {n} (act violating the law)  :: جَرِيمَة {f}
crime {n} (practice or habit of committing crimes)  :: جَرِيمَة {f}
Crimea {prop} (peninsula, see also: Crimean peninsula)  :: اَلْقْرِم {m}, اَلْقِرِم {m}, كْرِيمِيَا {f} /krimiyā/ [Egypt]
Crimean {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea  ::
Crimean {prop} (Crimean peninsula) SEE: Crimean peninsula  ::
Crimean peninsula {prop} (peninsula, see also: Crimea)  :: شِبْه جَزِيرَة اَلْقِرِم {f} /šibh jazīra l-qirim/
crime scene {n} (location of a crime)  :: مَسْرَح جَرِيمَة
criminal {n} (person guilty of a crime, breaking the law)  :: مُجْرِم {m}
criminal offence {n} (crime) SEE: crime  ::
criminal record {n} (a record of past crimes)  :: سَجَّل اَلْجِنَائِيَّة {m}
criminology {n} (the study of crime and criminals, especially their behaviour)  :: علم الجريمَة {m} /ʿilm al-jarimiyya/
crimson {n} (deep, slightly bluish red)  :: قِرْمِزِيّ {m}
crimson tide {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation  ::
crisis {n} (unstable situation in political, social, economic or military affairs)  :: أَزْمَة {f}
crisis {n} (traumatic or stressful change in a person's life)  :: أَزْمَة {f}
crispy {adj} (having a crisp texture)  :: مُقَرْمَش {m}, مُقَرْمَشَة {f}
criterion {n} (standard for comparison and judgment)  :: معيار {m}
critic {n} (person who appraises the works of others)  :: نَقَّاد {m}, نَاقِد {m}
critic {n} (one who criticizes; a person who finds fault)  :: ناقد
critical {adj} (inclined to find fault)  :: النقد
critically {adv} (in a critical manner, with criticism)  :: انتقاد
criticise {v} (to find fault)  :: اِنْتَقَدَ
criticism {n} (act of criticising)  :: نَقْد
criticize {v} (to evaluate) SEE: criticise  ::
criticize {v} (to find fault) SEE: criticise  ::
croak {v} (of a frog, to make its cry)  :: نَقَّ
Croatia {prop} (Country in Europe)  :: كُرُوَاتِيَا {f}
Croatian {adj} (of or pertaining to Croatia)  :: كُرُوَاتِيّ
Croatian {n} (person of Croatia)  :: كُرُوَاتِيّ‏ {m}, كُرُوَاتِيَّة {f}
Croatian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: كُرُوَاتِيَّة {f}
crocodile {n} (reptile)  :: تِمْسَاح {m}
crocodile tear {n} (display of tears that is forced or false)  :: دُمُوع اَلتَّمَاسِيح {m-p}
croissant {n} (a flaky roll or pastry in a form of a crescent)  :: كْرُوَاسَان {m}
cross {n} (geometrical figure)  :: صَلِيب {m}
cross {n} (wooden post with a perpendicular beam, used for crucifixion)  :: صَلِيب {m}
cross {n} (definite: the cross on which Christ was crucified)  :: صَلِيب
cross {prep} (cross product of)  :: عَبْر, خِلَال
cross {v} (go from one side of something to the other)  :: عَبَرَ
crossroad {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads  ::
crossroads {n} (intersection)  :: مُفْتَرَق {m}, تَقَاطُع {m}
crossword {n} (word puzzle)  :: كلمات متقاطعَة
crossword puzzle {n} (crossword) SEE: crossword  ::
croup {v} (to croak) SEE: croak  ::
crow {n} (any bird of the genus Corvus)  :: غُرَاب {m}, زَاغ {m}
crowd {n} (group of people)  :: حَشِد {m}, زَحْمَة {f}
crowd {n} (group of things)  :: كَوْم {m}
crowd {n}  :: حَشِد {m}
crowded {adj} (containing too many of something)  :: مُزْدَحِم
crown {n} (royal headdress)  :: تَاج {m}
crown {n} (topmost part of of the head)  :: يَافُوخ {m}
crown prince {n} (next king)  :: ولي العهد {} /wali aleahd/
crucial {adj} (extremely important)  :: حَاسِم
crucifixion {n} (execution by being nailed or tied to an upright cross)  :: صَلْب {m}
cruel {adj} (not nice; mean; heartless)  :: [indefinite] قَاسٍ, [definite] الْقَاسِي
cruise {n} (sea voyage)  :: رِحْلَة بَحْرِيَّة {f} /riḥla baḥriyya/
crumb {n} (small piece of biscuit, cake, etc)  :: كِسْرَة {f}
crusade {n} (grand concerted effort)  :: حَرْب صَلِيبِيَّة {f}
Crusade {n} (campaigns by Christian forces to the Holy Land)  :: حَمْلَة صَلِيبِيَّة {f} /ḥamla ṣalībiyya/
crusader {n} (person engaged in a crusade)  :: صليبي /salibi/
crutch {n} (device to assist in motion as a cane)  :: عُكَّاز {m}
crux {n} ((heraldry) cross on a coat of arms) SEE: cross  ::
cry {v} (intransitive: to weep)  :: بَكَى
cry {v} (intransitive: to shout, scream, yell)  :: صَاحَ
crying {n} (Action of the verb cry)  :: بُكَاء {m}
cry over spilt milk {v} (to worry about unfortunate events which have already happened)  :: لَا تَبْكِ عَلَى اَلْحَلِيب اَلْمَسْكُوب
crystal {n} (array of atoms)  :: قَرِيس, قَرِيت
crystal {n} (mineral)  :: قَرِيس, قَرِيت
crystal ball {n} (globe used to foretell the future)  :: كُرَة بِلَّوْرِيَّة {f}
C-section {n} (Caesarean section) SEE: Caesarean section  ::
Côte d'Ivoire {prop} (the Ivory Coast)  :: كُوت دِيفْوَار {f} /kōt divwār/, كُوت دِيڤْوَار {f} /kōt divwār/
Ctesiphon {prop} (ancient ruined city)  :: قُطَيْسَفُون, طَيْسَفُون
Cuba {prop} (country and largest island in Caribbean)  :: كُوبَا {f}
cube {n} (geometry: polyhedron having of six identical square faces)  :: كَعْبَة {m}, مُكَعَّب {m}
cube {n} (object more or less in the form of a cube)  :: كَعْبَة {m}
cubit {n} (anatomy: ulna) SEE: ulna  ::
cuckold {n} (man married to an unfaithful wife)  :: دَيُّوث {m}
cuckoo {n} (the bird)  :: وَقْوَاق {m}
cucumber {n} (plant)  :: خِيَار {m}
cucumber {n} (edible fruit)  :: خِيَار {m}
cue {n} (name of the letter Q, q)  :: كُو {m}
cuisine {n} (characteristic style of preparing food)  :: طَبْخ, طَبِيخ {m}, مَطْبَخ {m}
culinary {adj} (relating to the practice of cookery or the activity of cooking)  :: مَطْبَخِيّ
cult {n} (a sect)  :: شِيعَة {f}
cultivable {adj} (capable of being cultivated)  :: صالح للزراعَة {m}
cultivation {n} (art or act of cultivating)  :: تَهْذِيب {m}
cult of personality {n} (situation of being falsely idolized)  :: عِبَادَة شَخْصِيَّة {f} /ʿibāda šaḵṣiyya/
cultural {adj} (pertaining to culture)  :: ثَقَافِيّ
Cultural Revolution {prop} (any Cultural Revolution)  :: ثَوْرَة ثَقَافِيَّة {f} /ṯawra ṯaqāfiyya/
cultural studies {n} (diverse field of study)  :: دِرَاسَات ثَقَافِيَة {f-p}
culture {n} (arts, customs and habits)  :: ثَقَافَة {f}
culture {n} (the beliefs, values, behavior and material objects that constitute a people's way of life)  :: ثَقَافَة
culture {n} (computing: language and peculiarities of a geographical location)  :: حضارة
culture {n} (botany: cultivation) SEE: cultivation  ::
culture shock {n} (state of anxious confusion)  :: صَدْمَة ثَقَافِيَّة {f} /ṣadma ṯaqāfiyya/
cum {n}  :: مَنْي
cum {v} (slang: have an orgasm; ejaculate)  :: قَذْف الْمَنْي
cumin {n} (plant Cuminum cyminum)  :: كَمُّون {m}
cumin {n} (its seed used as spice)  :: كَمُّون {m}
cummerbund {n} (sash)  :: حِزَام {m}, حِزَام عَرِيض {m}
cuneiform {n} (ancient writing system)  :: مسمارية /msmari/
Cuneo {prop} (city in Piedmont, Italy)  :: كُونِيُو {m}
cunnilingus {n} (oral stimulation of female genitals)  :: لَحْس بَظْر {m}, لَعْق بَظْر {m}
cunnilingus {n}  :: تَبْظِير {m}
cunt {n} (genitalia)  :: كِس {m}, كُس {m}
cup {n} (drinking vessel)  :: كَأْس {m}, كُوب {m}, فِنْجَان {m}
cup {n} (unit of measure)  :: كُوب {m}
cupboard {n} (enclosed storage)  :: خِزَانَة {m}
Cupid {prop} (god of love, son of Venus)  :: كْيُوبِيد {m}
cupola {n} (architecture: dome-shaped ornamental structure)  :: قُبَّة {f}
cupping {n} (therapeutic treatment)  :: حجامة
curator {n} (administrator of a collection)  :: منظم معارض
curcumin {n} (a polyphenol)  :: كُرْكُم {m}
curd {n} (part of milk that coagulates)  :: خُثَارَة {f}
curd cheese {n} (cottage cheese) SEE: cottage cheese  ::
cure {n} (method, device or medication that restores good health)  :: عِلَاج {m}
cure {v} (to restore to health)  :: شَفَى
curfew {n} (a regulation requiring people to be off the streets and in their homes by a certain time)  :: مَنْعُ التَّجَوُّل {m}, حَظْرُ التَّجَوُّل {m}
curiosity {n} (inquisitiveness; the tendency to ask questions, investigate, or explore)  :: فُضُول {m}
curiosity killed the cat {proverb} (undue curiosity is dangerous)  :: الْفُضُولُ قَتَلَ الْقِطَّ
curious {adj} (inquisitive)  :: فُضُولِيّ
Curitiba {prop} (State capital of Paraná)  :: كوريتيبا
curium {n} (chemical element)  :: كُورْيُوم {m} /kuryum/
curlew {n} (migratory wading bird)  :: كَرَوَان {m}
curly {adj} (having curls)  :: مُجَعَد {m}
curly {n} (a person or animal with curly hair)  :: مُجَعَد {m}
currency {n} (money or other item used to facilitate transactions)  :: عُمْلَة {f}
current {n} (part of a fluid that moves continuously in a certain direction)  :: تَيَّار {m}
current {n} (time rate of flow of electric charge)  :: تَيَّار {m}
current {adj} (existing or occurring at the moment)  :: جَارٍ
currently {adv} (At this moment)  :: حَالِيًّا
curriculum {n} (set of courses and coursework)  :: [منهج، نظام]
curriculum vitae {n} (written account of one's education, accomplishments, etc.)  :: سِيرَة ذَاتِيَّة {f} /sīra ḏātiyya/
curry {n} (sauce or relish)  :: كَارِي {m}
curse {n} (supernatural detriment)  :: لَعْنَة {f}
curse {v} (to place a curse upon)  :: لَعَنَ
curse word {n} (vulgarity) SEE: swear word  ::
cursor {n} (part of scientific instruments that indicates position)  :: مُؤَشِّر {m}
cursor {n}  :: مُؤَشِّر {m}
curtain {n} (piece of cloth covering a window)  :: سِتَارَة {f}
cushion {n} (soft material in cloth bag)  :: وِسَادَة {f}
custard {n} (sauce)  :: كَاسْتَرْد {m}
custody {n} (legal right to take care of something or somebody)  :: حَبْس {m}
custody {n}  :: رِعَايَة {f}
custom {n} (frequent repetition of the same act)  :: عَادَة {f}, عُرْف {m}
customer {n} (one who purchases or receives a product or service)  :: زَبُون {m}, عَمِيل {m}
customer service {n} (act of providing services)  :: خِدْمَة اَلْعُمَلَاء {f} /ḵidmat al-ʿumalāʾ/
custom house {n} (official building, in a port, where customs are collected and shipping is cleared for entry and exit)  :: جُمْرُك {m}
customs {n} (the duties or taxes imposed on imported or exported goods)  :: رُسُوم {m-p}
customs {n} (custom house) SEE: custom house  ::
cut {v} (to perform an incision)  :: جَرَحَ
cut {v} (to divide with a sharp instrument)  :: قَطَعَ
cute {adj} (having features mainly attributed to infants and small or cuddly animals)  :: فَاتِن, قَشِيب, جَذَّاب
cuticle {n} (strip of hardened skin at the base of the finger and toenail)  :: بُشَيْرَة {f}
cuticle {n} (outermost layer of skin of vertebrates) SEE: epidermis  ::
cuticula {n} (covering outside epidermis) SEE: cuticle  ::
cutlass {n} (machete) SEE: machete  ::
cut the mustard {v} (be good or effective enough)  :: يفي بالغرض
cutting board {n} (chopping board) SEE: chopping board  ::
cuttlefish {n} (any of various squidlike mollusks)  :: حَبَّار {m}
cyan {n} (a colour between blue and green)  :: سَمَاوِيّ {m} {}
cybernetics {n} (science of communication and control)  :: سَبْرَانِيَّة {f}
cyborg {n} (person who is part machine)  :: سَايْبُورْغ {m}
cycle {n} (vehicle) SEE: bicycle  ::
cycling {n} (The sport of riding and racing bicycles)  :: رُكُوب اَلدَّرَاجَات {m}
cyclone {n} (rotating system of winds)  :: إِعْصَار {m}
cyclops {n} (giant of mythology)  :: سَايْكْلُوب {m} /sayklub/
Cygnus {prop} (constellation)  :: الدَّجَاجَة {f}
cylinder {n} (geometry: surface)  :: أُسْطُوَانَة {f}
Cynic {n} (member)  :: كَلْبِيّ {m}
Cynic {adj} (relating to the Cynics)  :: كَلْبِيّ
cypress {n} (an evergreen coniferous tree)  :: سَرْوَة {f}, سَرْو {m-p}
Cyprus {prop} (country)  :: قُبْرُص {f}
Cyrenaica {prop} (province on the North African coast)  :: بَرْقة
Cyril {prop} (male given name)  :: كِيرُلُس {m} /kirulus/, كِيرِيل /kiril/, سِيرِيل /siril/,
Cyril {prop} (Kirill) SEE: Kirill  ::
Cyrillic {adj} (of or pertaining to Cyrillic)  :: سِرِيلِيّ
Cyrillic {prop} (a script or alphabet)  :: كِيرِيلِيَّة {f}, سِرِيلِيَّة {f}, أَبْجَدِيَّة كِيرِيلِيَّة /ʾabjadiyya kīrīliyya/, أَبْجَدِيَّة سِرِيلِيَّة /ʾabjadiyya sirīliyya/
Czech {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the country, people, culture or language)  :: تْشِيكِيّ
Czech {prop} (language)  :: تْشِيكِيَّة {f}
Czechia {prop} (country in Europe)  :: تشيكيا {f}
Czechoslovakia {prop} (former country in Central Europe)  :: تْشِيكُوسْلُوفَاكِيَا {f} /tšekoslovākiyā/
Czech Republic {prop} (country in Central Europe)  :: جُمْهُورِيَّة اَلتّْشِيك {f} /jumhūriyyat at-tšīk/, اَلتّْشِيك {f}