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vacation {n} (holiday, period of leisure time)  :: вака́нция {f}, отпуска {f}
vacationer {n} (someone who is on vacation) SEE: holiday-maker  ::
vaccine {n} (substance meant to stimulate production of antibodies)  :: вакси́на {f}
vacuüm {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
vacuous {adj} (lacking meaningful content)  :: празен {m}
vacuum {n} (region of space that contains no matter)  :: вакуум {m} /vakuum/
vacuum {n} (vacuum cleaner) SEE: vacuum cleaner  ::
vacuum cleaner {n} (machine for cleaning)  :: прахосмука́чка {f}
vacuum flask {n} (a bottle, flask or similar vessel having a vacuum between its inner and outer silvered walls) SEE: thermos  ::
vacuum flask {n} (chemistry: Dewar vessel) SEE: dewar  ::
vacuum flask {n} (chemistry: Filter flask) SEE: Büchner flask  ::
vagabond {n} (a bum, a hobo, a tramp, a homeless person)  :: бездомник {m} /bezdómnik/, скитник {m} /skítnik/, клошар {m} /klošár/
vagina {n} (anatomical sense)  :: ваги́на {f}, влага́лище {n}
vagina {n} (vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
vaginal discharge {n} (vaginal fluid) SEE: vaginal fluid  ::
vague {adj} (not clearly expressed)  :: неясен /nejasen/
vaguery {n} (condition of being vague) SEE: vagueness  ::
vaguery {n} (thing which is vague) SEE: vagueness  ::
vaguery {n} (vagaries) SEE: vagary  ::
Valandovo {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Валандово {n} /Valándovo/
Valencia {prop} (capital of the Valencian Community)  :: Валенсия {f} /Valénsija/
Valencia {prop} (city in Venezuala)  :: Валенсия {f} /Valénsija/
Valencian Community {prop} (autonomous community in Spain)  :: Валенсия
Valentine {prop} (female given name) SEE: Valentina  ::
Vale of Kashmir {prop} (Kashmir Valley) SEE: Kashmir Valley  ::
valet-de-chambre {n} (valet) SEE: valet  ::
valetudinarian {adj} (of infirm health; sickly)  :: болнав
Valletta {prop} (capital of Malta)  :: Валета {f} /Valéta/
valley {n} (elongated depression between hills or mountains)  :: доли́на {f}, долчи́нка {f}
valor {n} (strength of mind in regard to danger) SEE: valour  ::
valor {n} (value, worth) SEE: value  ::
valour {n} (value) SEE: value  ::
valuable {adj} (having a great value)  :: це́нен
value {n}  :: стойност {f}
value added tax {n} (tax levied on added value of an exchange)  :: данък върху добавената стойност {m}
valve {n} (device that controls flow of gas or fluid)  :: кла́пан {m}, вентил {m}
valve {n} (vacuum tube) SEE: vacuum tube  ::
vampire {n} (mythological creature)  :: вампи́р {m}
vampirism {n} (extortion) SEE: extortion  ::
van {n} (a (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods)  :: фурго́н {m}
van {n} (enclosed railway vehicle)  :: ваго́н {m}
vanadium {n} (chemical element)  :: вана́дий {m}
Vancouver {prop} (city)  :: Ванкувър {m} /Vankúvǎr/
vandalism {n} (needless damage or destruction of property)  :: вандализъм {m} /vandalízăm/
vandalize {v} (vandalise) SEE: vandalise  ::
vane {n} (weather vane) SEE: weather vane  ::
Van Gogh {prop} (van Gogh)  :: ван Гог /van Gog/
vanilla essence {n} (vanilla extract) SEE: vanilla extract  ::
vanish {v} (become invisible or to move out of view unnoticed)  :: изчезвам /izčezvam/
vanishment {n} (disappearance) SEE: disappearance  ::
vanity {n} (dressing table) SEE: dressing table  ::
Vantaa {prop} (city in Finland)  :: Вантаа /Vántaa/
vantage {n} (advantage)  :: предимство, превъзходство
vantage {n} (place or position affording a good view; a vantage point)  :: удобна/изгодна позиция
vantage point {n} (a place or position affording a good view)  :: изгодна позиция {f}, наблюдателен пункт {m}
Vanuatu {prop} (Republic of Vanuatu)  :: Вануату {n} /Vanuátu/
vapor {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
vapor {n} (the gaseous state of a substance that is normally a solid or liquid)  :: па́ра {f}
vapour {n} (steam) SEE: steam  ::
vapour {n} (vapor) SEE: vapor  ::
Varangian {n} (member of a Scandinavian tribe)  :: варя́г {m}
varenik {n} (varenyky) SEE: varenyky  ::
vareniki {n} (varenyky) SEE: varenyky  ::
varenyk {n} (varenyky) SEE: varenyky  ::
varenyky {n} (a kind of dumplings)  :: варе́ники {m-p}
variable {n} (astronomy: a variable star) SEE: variable star  ::
variable {n} (mathematics: a quantity that may assume any one of a set of values)  :: проме́нлива {f}
variant {adj} (variable) SEE: variable  ::
variegated {adj} (streaked or spotted with a variety of colours)  :: пъ̀стър
Varna {prop} (city in Bulgaria)  :: Варна {f} /Várna/
varsity {n} (university) SEE: university  ::
vary {v} (to institute a change in) SEE: modify  ::
vas deferens {n} (vas deferens)  :: семепровод {m}, семенно каналче {n}
vase {n} (container used mainly for displaying flowers)  :: ва́за {f}
vast {adj} (very large or wide (literally or figuratively))  :: обширен {m} /obšíren/, огромен {m} /ogrómen/
vastness {n} (quality of being vast)  :: необятност {f}, обширност {f}
vastus externus {n} (vastus lateralis) SEE: vastus lateralis  ::
vates {n} (divinely inspired poet)  :: оват
Vatican {prop} (state)  :: Ватика́на {f}
Vatican City {prop} (State of the Vatican City)  :: Ватика́на {f}
Vaticanian {adj} (Vatican) SEE: Vatican  ::
vault {n} (crypt) SEE: crypt  ::
vaunt {v} (speak boastfully) SEE: boast  ::
VDU {initialism} (visual display unit) SEE: visual display unit  ::
veche {n} (a popular assembly in medieval Slavic countries)  :: ве́че {n}
vegetable {n} (a plant raised for some edible part of it)  :: зеленчук {m}
vegetarian {adj} (relating to the type of diet eaten by vegetarians)  :: вегетариански {m}
vegetarian {n} (person who does not eat any animal flesh)  :: вегетарианец {m}, вегетарианка {f}
vegetarian {n} (plant-eating animal)  :: тревоядно {n}
vegetarianism {n} (practice of following a vegetarian diet)  :: вегетариа́нство {n}
vegetation {n} (Plants)  :: растителност {f} /rastítelnost/
vehicle {n} (conveyance)  :: прево́зно сре́дство {n}
vein {n} (blood vessel)  :: жи́ла {f}
Velcro {prop} (fastener)  :: Велкро {n} /Velkro/
Veles {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Велес {m} /Véles/
Veliko Tărnovo {prop} (town)  :: Велико Търново
velocity {n} (vector quantity)  :: скорост {f}
velotaxi {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab  ::
velvet {n} (fabric)  :: кадифе {n}
venatorial {adj} (venatic) SEE: venatic  ::
venereal disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact) SEE: sexually transmitted disease  ::
Venezuela {prop} (country)  :: Венецуе́ла {f}
Venezuelan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Venezuela or the Venezuelan people)  :: венецуелски {m-p}
Venezuelan {n} (person from Venezuela or of Venezuelan descent)  :: венецуелец {m}, венецуелка {f}
Venice {prop} (city and province in Italy)  :: Вене́ция {f}
ventilator {n} (respirator) SEE: respirator  ::
Ventimiglia {prop} (town)  :: Вентимиля {f}
ventral fin {n} (fin below pectoral fin) SEE: pelvic fin  ::
venture {n} (A risky or daring undertaking or journey)  :: авантюра {f} /avantyúra/
venture {v} (to undertake a risky journey)  :: авантюра {f} /avantyúra/
venturi {n} (throat of a carburetor) SEE: throat  ::
venturi {n} (venturi tube) SEE: venturi tube  ::
venue {n} (venew) SEE: venew  ::
Venus {prop} (goddess)  :: Вене́ра {f}
Venus {prop} (personification of love) SEE: love  ::
Venus {prop} (personification of sex) SEE: sex  ::
Venus {prop} (planet)  :: Вене́ра {f}
Venus {prop} (the planet understood as the brightest evening star) SEE: evening star  ::
Venus {prop} (the planet understood as the brightest morning star) SEE: morning star  ::
verb {n} ((grammar) a word that indicates an action, event, or a state)  :: глаго́л {m}
verdant {adj}  :: зелен, свеж
verge {n} (phallus) SEE: phallus  ::
vermilion {adj}  :: ален
vermilion {n} (colour)  :: яркочервено; цинобър
vermouth {n} (wine infused with herbs)  :: вермут {m}
Veroboard {n} (stripboard) SEE: stripboard  ::
Versailles {prop} (suburb of Paris)  :: Версай {m}
verse {n} (poetic form with regular meter and a fixed rhyme scheme)  :: стих {m}
vertex {n} (anatomy: highest surface on skull)  :: теме {n} /téme/
very {adv} (to a high degree)  :: мно́го
vest {n} (garment worn over a shirt)  :: жиле́тка {f}
vestiary {n} (dressing room or stroreroom for clothes) SEE: vestry  ::
vet {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veterinarian {n} (doctor who treats animals)  :: ветеринарен лекар
veterinary {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
veterinary science {n} (veterinary medicine) SEE: veterinary medicine  ::
veterinary surgeon {n} (veterinarian) SEE: veterinarian  ::
Vetka {prop} (a town in Belarus)  :: Ветка {f}
veto {n} (invocation of that right)  :: ве́то {n}
vexillological {adj} (vexillologic) SEE: vexillologic  ::
vexillology {n} (study of flags)  :: вексилология {f}
vexillum {n} (sign of the cross) SEE: sign of the cross  ::
vexillum {n} (vane) SEE: vane  ::
v-fib {n} (ventricular fibrillation) SEE: vfib  ::
vice {n} (screw apparatus) SEE: vise  ::
vicinity {n}  :: околност {f}
vicious circle {n} (situation in which the solution to a problem creates another problem)  :: омагьо́сан кръг {m}
victim {n} (a living creature which is slain and offered as human or animal sacrifice)  :: же́ртва {f}
victimize {v} (defraud) SEE: defraud  ::
Victoria {prop} (female given name)  :: Викто́рия {f}
Victoria {prop} (Queen Victoria)  :: Виктория {f}
Victoria {prop} (state in Australia)  :: Викто́рия {f}
victory {n} (an instance of having won a competition or battle)  :: по́беда {f}
Victory Day {n} (a day to commemorate victories in important battles or wars in the countries' history)  :: Ден на По́беда {m}
video {n} (television show, movie)  :: ви́део {n}
videocassette {n} (cassette containing recorded videotape)  :: видеокасета {f} /videokaséta/
video game {n} (game controlled by a software)  :: видеоигра {f} /videoigrá/
Vidin {prop} (town)  :: Видин
Vienna {prop} (capital of Austria)  :: Вие́на {f}
Vientiane {prop} (capital of Laos)  :: Виентя́н {m}
Vietnam {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Виетна́м {m}
Vietnamese {adj} (of or pertaining to Vietnam)  :: виетна́мски
viewpoint {n} (point of view) SEE: point of view  ::
vigil {n} (keeping awake)  :: бдение {n} /bdénie/
vigilance {n}  :: бдителност {f} /bditelnost/, вигилност {f} /vigilnost/
vigilant {adj} (watchful)  :: бдителен, зорък
vigour {n} (active strength or force of body or mind; capacity for exertion, physically, intellectually, or morally; force; energy)  :: енергия {f}, сила {f}
vigour {n} (strength or force in animal or force in animal or vegetable nature or action; as, a plant grows with vigor)  :: сила {f}
Vilamovian {prop} (Wymysorys) SEE: Wymysorys  ::
villa {n} (a house used as a retreat)  :: вила {f} /víla/
village {n} (a rural habitation of size between a hamlet and a town)  :: село́ {n}
Vilnius {prop} (capital of Lithuania)  :: Ви́лнюс {m}
vinegar {n} (condiment)  :: о́цет {m}
Vinica {prop} (town in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Виница {f} /Vínica/
vinification {n} (winemaking) SEE: winemaking  ::
Vinnitsa {prop} (Vinnytsia) SEE: Vinnytsia  ::
violence {n}  :: сила {f}
violent {adj}  :: бурен
violet {n} (colour)  :: виоле́тов {m}
Violet {prop} (female given name)  :: Виолета {f}
violin {n} (string instrument)  :: цигу́лка {f}
violoncello {n} (cello) SEE: cello  ::
viper {n} (adder) SEE: adder  ::
viper {n} (a poisonous snake in the family Viperidae)  :: змия {f}, пепелянка {f} /pepeljánka/
VIP lounge {n} (airport lounge) SEE: airport lounge  ::
Virgil {prop} (Roman writer)  :: Верги́лий {m}
virgin {n} (person who has never had sexual intercourse)  :: де́вственик {m}, де́вственица {f}, деви́ца {f}
virginal membrane {n} (hymen) SEE: hymen  ::
Virginian winterberry {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
virginity {n} (state or characteristic of being a virgin)  :: де́вственост {f}
virtual {adj} (in effect; not fact)  :: виртуален /virtuálen/
virtual {adj} (simulated in a computer)  :: виртуален /virtuálen/
virtual reality {n} (virtual reality)  :: виртуална реалност {f} /virtualna realnost/
virtue {n} (excellence in morals)  :: доброде́тел {f}
virus {n} (computer virus)  :: компю́търен ви́рус {m}
virus {n} (infectious organism)  :: ви́рус {m}
visa {n} (permit)  :: ви́за {f}
viscera {n} (intestines) SEE: intestines  ::
Vishnu {prop} (the god)  :: Вишну
visible {adj} (able to be seen)  :: видим {m} /vidim/
vision {n} (ideal or goal)  :: ви́зия {f}
vision {n} (sense or ability of sight)  :: зре́ние {n}
vision impaired {adj} (visually impaired) SEE: visually impaired  ::
visit {n} (single act of visiting)  :: визи́та {f}, посеще́ние {n}
visit {v} (to avenge) SEE: avenge  ::
visit {v} (to go and meet (someone))  :: посеща́вам {impf}, посетя́ {pf}, навестя́вам {impf}, навестя́ {pf}
visit {v} (to inflict) SEE: inflict  ::
visitant {n} (migratory bird) SEE: migrant  ::
visitant {n} (spectre) SEE: spectre  ::
visiting card {n} (business card) SEE: business card  ::
visitors' book {n} (a facility for visitors' comments) SEE: guest book  ::
visitor team {n} (visiting team) SEE: visiting team  ::
visor {n} (mask) SEE: mask  ::
Vistula {prop} (Polish river)  :: Висла {f} /Vísla/
visual diary {n} (sketchbook) SEE: sketchbook  ::
vis-à-vis {adj} (face-to-face) SEE: face-to-face  ::
vis-à-vis {n} (counterpart) SEE: counterpart  ::
vitamin {n} (organic compound essential to human health)  :: витами́н {m}
Vitebsk {prop} (city)  :: Витебск {m} /Vítebsk/
vitreous humor {n} (vitreous humour) SEE: vitreous humour  ::
vitriol {n} (sulphuric acid) SEE: sulphuric acid  ::
vitriolic {adj} (bitterly scathing) SEE: caustic  ::
Vitsebsk {prop} (Vitebsk) SEE: Vitebsk  ::
vituperate {v}  :: ругая, обиждам
viva {interj} (long live ... !) SEE: long live  ::
viviparous eelpout {n} (viviparous blenny) SEE: viviparous blenny  ::
vixen {n} (attractive woman) SEE: fox  ::
Vladikavkaz {prop} (city)  :: Владикавка́з {m}
Vladimir {prop} (male given name)  :: Владимир {m}
Vladimir {prop} (Russian city)  :: Владимир {m}
Vladivostok {prop} (seaport in Russia)  :: Владивосто́к {m}
vlei {n} (marsh) SEE: marsh  ::
vlei {n} (wetland) SEE: wetland  ::
Vltava {prop} (a major river in the Czech Republic)  :: Вълта́ва {f}
völva {n} (in Old Norse society, a female practitioner of magic divination and prophecy)  :: вьолва {f}, велва {f}
Vänern {prop} (Swedish lake)  :: Венерн
vocal {adj} (of or pertaining to the voice or speech)  :: вокален
vocative {adj}  :: звателен /zvátelen/
vocative {n} (grammatical case) SEE: vocative case  ::
vocative case {n} (case of address)  :: зва́телен паде́ж {m}
vodka {n} (clear distilled alcoholic liquor)  :: во́дка {f}
vodyanoi {n} (vodyanoy) SEE: vodyanoy  ::
vodyanoy {n} (type of water sprite)  :: водник {m} /vódnik/
voetsek {interj} (get lost) SEE: get lost  ::
voetsek {interj} (go away) SEE: go away  ::
voice {n} (grammar: particular mode of inflecting or conjugating verbs)  :: залог {m} /zalóg/
voice {n} (sound uttered by the mouth)  :: глас {m}
voice box {n} (electrolarynx) SEE: electrolarynx  ::
voice box {n} (larynx) SEE: larynx  ::
voice box {n} (talk box) SEE: talk box  ::
voice mail {n} (message left on a voice mail system) SEE: voice message  ::
voila {interj} (voilà) SEE: voilà  ::
voivode {n} (a local ruler or official in various parts of central and eastern Europe)  :: войво́да {m}
Vojvodina {prop} (autonomous province of Serbia)  :: Войводина {f} /Vojvódina/
volcanic {adj} (of or pertaining to a volcano)  :: вулканичен {m} /vulkaníčen/
volcano {n} (mountain containing a magma chamber)  :: вулка́н {m}
vole {n}  :: полевка
Volga {prop} (longest river in Europe, flowing to the Caspian Sea)  :: Во́лга {f}
Volgograd {prop} (Volgograd)  :: Волгоград {m} /Volgográd/
volleyball {n} (game)  :: волейбо́л {m}
Vologda {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Вологда {f} /Vólogda/
volt {n} (unit of measure)  :: волт {m}
volume {n} (issues of a periodical over a period of one year)  :: година {f}
volume {n} (single book of a publication issued in multi-book format, such as an encyclopedia)  :: том {m}
volume {n} (strength of sound)  :: [[сила|сила (на звук)]] {f}
volume {n} (unit of three dimensional measure that consists of a length, a width and a height)  :: обем {m}
voluminous {adj} (pertaining to volume)  :: обемист {m} /obémist/
volunteer {n} (one who voluntarily offers himself/herself for service)  :: доброво́лец {m}
voluptuous {adj} (curvaceous, sexy, full-figured)  :: напета
Volvo {prop} (automobile manufacturer)  :: Волво /Vólvo/
vomer {n} (vomer bone) SEE: vomer bone  ::
vomit {v} (to regurgitate the contents of a stomach)  :: повръ̀щам {impf}, бълва́м {impf}
vote {n} (formalised choice)  :: глас {m}
vote {v} (assert a formalised choice)  :: гласу́вам {impf} {pf}
voting station {n} (polling station) SEE: polling station  ::
vowel {n} (letter)  :: гла́сна {f}
vowel {n} (sound)  :: гла́сна {f}
vowelization {n} (vocalization) SEE: vocalization  ::
voyager {n} (traveller) SEE: traveller  ::
Vratsa {prop} (town)  :: Враца
Võro {prop} (language)  :: въро {m}
vrykolakas {n} (undead creature)  :: Върколак
Vuelta a España {prop} (annual cycling race in Spain)  :: Обиколка на Испания {f}
vulcanization {n} (process by which rubber is hardened using heat and sulphur)  :: вулканизация {f} /vulkanizácija/
vulcanize {v} (to harden rubber with heat)  :: вулканизирам
vulcanologist {n} (person who studies volcanoes) SEE: volcanologist  ::
vulcanology {n} (study of volcanoes) SEE: volcanology  ::
Vulgar Era {prop} (Common Era) SEE: Common Era  ::
vulgar fraction {n} (fraction with two integers) SEE: common fraction  ::
vulgarian {n} (vulgar individual)  :: простак /prostak/, парвеню /parvenyu/
vulgarism {n} (word or term that is considered offensive or vulgar)  :: вулгаризъм {m}
Vulgar Latin {prop} (the Latin language as spoken by people)  :: простонароден латински {m} /prostonaróden latínski/
vulpine {adj} (foxlike)  :: лисича
vulpine {adj} (pertaining to a fox)  :: хитър
vulture {n} (bird)  :: лешояд {m}
vulva {n} (collectively the external female sexual organs)  :: ву́лва {f}