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& {conj} (abbreviation of and)  :: &
1000th {adj} (abbreviation of thousandth)  :: 1000è {m}, 1000a {f}
100 percent {adj} (complete, whole) SEE: one hundred percent  ::
100 percent {adv} (completely, wholly) SEE: one hundred percent  ::
100th {adj} (abbreviation of hundredth)  :: 100è {m}, 100a {f}
1st {adj} (abbreviation of first, see also: first)  :: 1r {m}, 1a {f}, 1rs {m-p}, 1es {f-p}
2-methylpropane {n} (isobutane) SEE: isobutane  ::
33 {n} (thirty-three) SEE: thirty-three  ::
3-dimensional {adj} (three-dimensional) SEE: three-dimensional  ::
3rd {adj} (abbreviation of third, see also: third)  :: 3r
6th {adj} (abbreviation of sixth)  ::
8th {adj} (abbreviation of eighth)  ::
œcumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical  ::
Île-de-France {prop} (region)  :: Illa de França {f}