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n/a {initialism} (not available)  :: no disponible
nag {n} (old useless horse)  :: rossí {m}
nag {n} (small horse)  :: haca {f}
Nahua {adj} (pertaining to the Nahuas)  :: nahua {m} {f}
Nahua {n} (person)  :: nahua {m} {f}
Nahuatl {prop} (language)  :: nahua {m}, [colloquial] nàhuatl {m}
naiad {n} (female deity)  :: nàiada {f}
nail {n} (on fingers and toes)  :: ungla {f}
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials)  :: clau {m}
nail {v} (employ a nail as a fastener)  :: clavar
nail polish remover {n} (solvent used to remove nail polish)  :: dissolvent {m}
Nairobi {prop} (capital of Kenya)  :: Nairobi
naive {adj} ((art) simple, childlike style)  :: naïf
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement)  :: ingenu {m}, càndid {m}
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes)  :: despullat, nu
naked eye {n} (unaided eyesight)  :: ull nu {m}
naker {n} (type of drum)  :: nacra {f}
namaste {n} (a greeting)  :: nàmaste
name {n} (reputation)  :: reputació {f}
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing)  :: nom {m}
name {v} (to designate for a role)  :: anomenar
name {v} (to give a name to)  :: anomenar
name {v} (to identify, define, specify)  :: especificar, precisar
name {v} (to mention, specify)  :: escollir
name {v} (to publicly implicate)  :: denominar
name day {n} (feast day of a saint)  :: dia onomàstic {m}, festa onomàstica {f}, onomàstica {f}
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia)  :: Namíbia
NAND {n} (binary operator)  :: NAND {f}
nanny goat {n} (female goat)  :: cabra {f}
nano- {prefix} (10-9)  :: nano-
nanometre {n} (subunit of length)  :: nanòmetre
nanosecond {n} (measure of time)  :: nanosegon {m}
nap {n} (a short period of sleep, especially during the day)  :: becaina {f}
nape {n} (back part of the neck)  :: bescoll {m} (especially for animals), nuca {f}, clatell {m} (especially for humans)
naphthalene {n} (aromatic bicyclic hydrocarbon)  :: naftalina {f}
naphthalene {n} (white crystalline hydrocarbon)  :: naftalina {f}
Napier's bones {n} (a set of numbered rods used for multiplication and division)  :: àbac neperià {m}
napkin {n} (serviette)  :: tovalló {m}, torcaboques {m}
Naples {prop} (city in Italy)  :: Nàpols {m}
Naples {prop} (province in Italy)  :: Nàpols {m}
Napoleon {prop} (male given name)  :: Napoleó {m}
Napoleon {prop} (Napoleon Bonaparte)  :: Napoleó {m}
narcissism {n} (excessive love of oneself)  :: narcisisme {m}
narcissist {n} (one who shows extreme love for himself or herself)  :: narcís {m}, narcisista {m} {f}
narcissist {n} (person full of egoism)  :: narcís {m}, narcisista {m} {f}
narcissistic {adj} (having an inflated idea of one's own importance)  :: narcisista
narcissistic {adj} (obsessed with one's image and ego)  :: narcisista
narcissus {n} (any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus)  :: narcís {m}
narcolepsy {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: narcolèpsia {f}
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land)  :: Narnia
narrate {v} (to relate a story)  :: narrar, explicar
narrative {adj} (telling a story)  :: narratiu
narrative {n} (which is narrated)  :: narració {f}, narrativa {f}
narrator {n} (in film and television)  :: narrador {m}
narrator {n} (in story)  :: narrador {m}
narrow {adj} (having small width)  :: estret {m}, estreta {f}, angost
narthex {n} (vestibule leading to the nave)  :: nàrtex {m}
narwhal {n} (Arctic cetacean)  :: narval {m}
nasal {adj} (having a quality imparted by means of the nose)  :: nasal
nasal {adj} (pertaining to the nose)  :: nasal
nasal cavity {n} (air-filled space behind nose)  :: fossa nasal {f}, cavitat nasal {f}
nasal concha {n} (bony plate in the nasal cavity)  :: conca nasal {f}
nasalization {n} (articulation such that air flows through the nose and mouth)  :: nasalització
nasal septum {n} (septum in the nose)  :: septe nasal {m}
nasturtium {n} (genus)  :: caputxina {f}
nasty {adj} (contemptible of a person)  :: menyspreable
nasty {adj} (dirty, filthy)  :: brut
Natalie {prop} (female given name)  :: Natàlia {f}
nation {n} (community of people)  :: nació {f}
nation {n} (sovereign state)  :: estat {m}
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation)  :: nacional
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country)  :: himne nacional {m}
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture)  :: nacionalisme {m}
nationalist {adj} (of or relating to nationalism)  :: nacionalista
nationally {adv} (in a way relating to the whole nation)  :: nacionalment
national park {n} (national park)  :: parc nacional {m}
National Socialism {n} (ideology of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP)  :: nacionalsocialisme {m}
nativity scene {n} (nativity scene)  :: pessebre
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)  :: OTAN {f}
natural {adj} (musically not sharp or flat)  :: natural
natural {adj} (relating to nature)  :: natural
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits)  :: gas natural {m}
naturally {adv} (in a natural manner)  :: naturalment
naturally {adv} (inherently or by nature)  :: naturalment
naturally {adv} (surely)  :: naturalment
naturalness {n} (state or quality of being natural)  :: naturalitat {f}
natural person {n} (human being)  :: persona física {f}
natural price {n} (price equal to cost of production)  :: preu de cost {m}
natural resource {n} (source of wealth that occurs naturally)  :: recurs natural {m}
natural science {n} (science involved in studying phenomena or laws of the physical world)  :: ciències naturals {f-p}
natural selection {n} (an evolutionary process)  :: selecció natural {f}
nature {n} (essential characteristics)  :: natura {f}, natural {m}
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states)  :: natura {f}
nature {n} (primitive state of being)  :: natura {f}
nature {n} (the natural world)  :: natura {f}
naturism {n} (the belief in or practice of going nude or unclad)  :: naturisme {m}
naturism {n} (the belief or doctrine that attributes everything to nature as a sanative agent)  :: naturisme {m}
naughty {adj} (bad; tending to misbehave or act badly)  :: trapella
Nauru {prop} (Republic of Nauru)  :: Nauru
Nauruan {adj} (pertaining to Nauru)  :: nauruà
Nauruan {n} (person from Nauru)  :: nauruà {m}
nausea {n} (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit)  :: nàusea {f}
nauseating {adj} (causing disgust, revulsion or loathing)  :: nauseabund
nauseating {adj} (causing nausea)  :: nauseabund
nautical {adj} (relating to ships, shipping, navigation, and seamen)  :: nàutic
Navajo {n} (person)  :: navaho {m} {f}
naval {adj} (of or relating to a navy)  :: naval
Navarre {prop} (autonomous community of Spain)  :: Navarra
Navarrese {adj} (from Navarre)  :: navarrès
Navarrese {n} (someone from Navarre)  :: navarrès {m}, navarresa {f}
nave {n} (the middle or body of a church)  :: nau {f}
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord)  :: melic {m}, llombrígol {m}
navicular bone {n} (bone)  :: navicular {m}
navigate {v} (move on the internet)  :: navegar
navigate {v} (travel over water)  :: navegar
navy {n} (sea force)  :: marina {f}
navy blue {n} (a dark blue color)  :: blau marí {m}
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Myanmar)  :: Naypyidaw
Nazi {adj} (pertaining to the Nazi Party or Nazism)  :: nazi
Nazi {n} (member of the Nazi party)  :: nazi
Nazism {prop} (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP)  :: nazisme {m}
neanderthal {n} (a primitive person)  :: neandertal {m}
Neanderthal {n} (a Homo neanderthalensis specimen)  :: neandertal {m}
Neapolitan {adj} (ice cream)  :: gelat napolità {m}
Neapolitan {adj} (pertaining to Naples)  :: napolità, napolitana
Neapolitan {n} (inhabitant or resident of Naples)  :: napolità {m}, napolitana {f}
near {v} (come closer to)  :: apropar, aproximar
Near East {prop} (region in Asia)  :: Pròxim Orient {m}
nearly {adv} (almost, but not quite)  :: gairebé, quasi
neat {adj} (archaic: with all deductions or allowances made)  :: net
neat {adj} (chemistry: with no solvent or cosolvent)  :: pur
neat {adj} (tidy, free from dirt)  :: pulcre
neat {adj} (undiluted, particularly of alcoholic drinks)  :: sol
neat {adj} (well-executed or delivered; clever, skilful, precise)  :: enginyós
nebula {n} (a space cloud)  :: nebulosa {f}
nebulous {adj} (ill-defined)  :: nebulós
nebulous {adj} (in the form of a cloud)  :: nebulós
necessarily {adv} (of necessity)  :: necessàriament
necessary {adj} (needed, required)  :: necessari
necessitate {v} (to make necessary; require something to be brought about)  :: fer necessari, necessitar
necessity {n} (quality or state of being necessary, unavoidable, or absolutely requisite)  :: necessitat {f}
neck {n} (the part of a shirt, dress etc., which fits a person's neck)  :: coll {m}
neck {n} (the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals)  :: coll {m}
neck {n} (the tapered part of a bottle toward the opening)  :: coll {m}, broc {m}
necklace {n} (jewelry)  :: collar {m}, collaret {m}
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front)  :: corbata {f}
necromancy {n} (divination involving the dead)  :: nigromància {f}
necropolis {n} (large cemetery)  :: necròpolis {f}
necrosis {n} (localized death of cells or tissue)  :: necrosi {f}
nectar {n} (any delicious drink)  :: nèctar {m}
nectar {n} (drink of the gods)  :: nèctar {m}
nectar {n} (sweet liquid secreted by flowers)  :: nèctar {m}
nectarine {n} (fruit)  :: nectarina {f}
need {n} (something required)  :: necessitat {f}
need {v} (to be obliged to)  :: haver de, caldre
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for)  :: necessitar, requerir
needle {n}  :: agulla {f}
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.)  :: agulla {f}
needle {n} (indicating device)  :: agulla {f}
needle {n} (leaf of conifer)  :: agulla {f}
needle {n} (sensor phonograph stylus)  :: agulla {f}
needless {adj} (not needed)  :: innecessari
neener {interj} (a hostile taunt)  :: elis elis
NEET {n} (person not in employment, education or training)  :: ni-ni {m} {f}
nefandous {adj} (unspeakable, appalling)  :: nefand
negative {adj} (mathematics: less than zero)  :: negatiu {m}, estrictament negatiu {m}
negative {adj} (not positive or neutral)  :: negatiu {m}
negative {adj} (of electrical charge)  :: negatiu {m}
neglect {n} (act of neglecting)  :: negligència {f}
neglect {v} (disregard)  :: negligir
neglect {v} (fail to care for)  :: negligir
neglectful {adj} (tending to neglect)  :: negligent
negligence {n} (failure to exercise a standard of care (law))  :: negligència {f}
negligent {adj} (culpable due to negligence)  :: negligent
negligently {adv} (in a negligent manner)  :: negligentment
negligible {adj} (able to be ignored or excluded)  :: negligible
negotiable {adj} (able to be transferred to another person, with or without endorsement)  :: negociable
negotiable {adj} (able to be traversed)  :: practicable
negotiable {adj} (open to negotiation or bargaining)  :: negociable
negotiate {v} (confer to reach an agreement (intransitive))  :: negociar
negotiation {n} (process of achieving agreement)  :: negociació {f}
neigh {n} (the cry of a horse)  :: renill {m}, eguí {m}, aïnada {f}
neigh {v} ((of a horse) to make its cry)  :: renillar, eguinar, aïnar
neighborhood {n} (nearby area)  :: barri {m}
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land)  :: veí {m}
neighbour {n} (fellow human)  :: proïsme {m}
neighbouring {adj} (Situated or living nearby or adjacent to)  :: veí
neither fish, flesh, nor good red herring {phrase} (unsuitable for anything or anybody)  :: ni carn ni peix
neither fish nor fowl {n} (something or someone not easily categorized; something that does not fit in a group or situation)  :: ni carn ni peix
Nemean {adj} (of or pertaining to Nemea)  :: nemeu
Nemean Lion {prop} (mythical lion of Nemea)  :: Lleó de Nemea
Nenets {prop} (language)  :: iurac
neoclassical {adj} (of a style of architecture)  :: neoclàssic
neoclassicism {n} (movement)  :: neoclassicisme {m}
neodymium {n} (chemical element)  :: neodimi
neogothic {adj}  :: neogòtic
Neolithic {adj} (of or relating to the New Stone Age)  :: neolític
Neolithic {prop} (the New Stone Age)  :: neolític {m}
neologism {n} (recently coined word)  :: neologisme {m}
neon {n} (element)  :: neó
neo-Nazi {n} (person who believes in a Nazi ideology)  :: neonazi {m} {f}
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal)  :: Nepal {m}
Nepali {adj} (pertaining to Nepal)  :: nepalès {m}, nepalesa {f}; [Valencian] nepalés {m}, nepalesa {f}
Nepali {n} (person)  :: nepalès {m}, nepalesa {f}; [Valencian] nepalés {m}, nepalesa {f}
Nepali {prop} (language)  :: nepalès {m}, nepalesa {f}; [Valencian] nepalés {m}, nepalesa {f}
nephew {n} (fraternal or sororal nephew, see also: fraternal nephew; sororal nephew)  :: nebot {m}
nephrologist {n} (physician)  :: nefròleg {m}
nephrology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with the kidneys)  :: nefrologia {f}
nepotism {n} (favoring of relatives or personal friends)  :: nepotisme {m}
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system)  :: Neptú {m}
Neptune {prop} (Roman god of the ocean)  :: Neptú {m}
neptunium {n} (chemical element)  :: neptuni
nereid {n} (mythological being)  :: nereida {f}
Neronian {adj} (pertaining to Nero)  :: neronià {m}
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons)  :: nervi {m}
nerve cell {n} (cell of the nervous system)  :: neurona {f}, cèl·lula nerviosa {f}
nervous {adj} (easily agitated)  :: nerviós
nervous {adj} (relating to the nerves)  :: nerviós
nervously {adv} (in a nervous manner)  :: nerviosament
nervous system {n} (system which coordinates the activity of the body)  :: sistema nerviós {m}
nesonym {n} (toponym of an island)  :: nesònim {m}
nest {n} (bird-built structure)  :: niu {m}
nest {n} (place for depositing eggs)  :: niu, {m}
nested {v} (successively fit inside another)  :: imbricat
nest egg {n} (savings)  :: coixí (pillow)
net {adj} (remaining after expenses or deductions)  :: net
net {n} (anything that has the appearance of a net)  :: xarxa {f}
net {n} (device for catching fish, butterflies etc.)  :: xarxa {f}
net {n} (figurative: trap)  :: xarxa {f}, malla {f}
net {n} (interconnecting system)  :: xarxa {f}
net {n} (mesh of string, cord or rope)  :: xarxa {f}
net {n} (sports: mesh-backed framework as goal)  :: xarxa {f}
net {n} (sports: mesh stretched to divide the court)  :: xarxa {f}
netball {n} (sport)  :: netbol {m}
Netherlander {n} (someone from the Netherlands)  :: neerlandès {m}, neerlandesa {f}
Netherlands {adj} (pertaining to the Netherlands)  :: holandès
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe, see also: Holland)  :: els Països Baixos {m-p}, Holanda {f}
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica)  :: ortiga {f}
network {n} (fabric or structure of fibrous elements)  :: xarxa {f}
network {n} (interconnected group or system)  :: xarxa {f}
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together)  :: xarxa {f}
neumatic {adj} (written using neumes)  :: neumàtic {m}, neumàtica {f}, pneumàtic {m}, pneumàtica {f}
neural {adj} (modelled on the arrangement of neurons)  :: neural
neural {adj} (of or relating to the nerves)  :: neural
neuralgic {adj} (pertaining to or affected by neuralgia)  :: neuràlgic
neurasthenia {n} (ill-defined medical condition)  :: neurastènia {f}
neurobiology {n} (scientific study of nerve and brain fuction)  :: neurobiologia {f}
neuroblast {n} (embryonic cell that develops into a nerve cell)  :: neuroblast {m}
neurochemistry {n} (branch of neuroscience)  :: neuroquímica {f}
neurofibroma {n} (benign tumor composed of Schwann cells)  :: neurofibroma {m}
neurofibromatosis {n} (genetic disorder)  :: neurofibromatosi {f}
neurogenic {adj} (originating in, or caused by, the nervous system)  :: neurogènic
neurohormone {n} (hormone that stimulates the nervous system)  :: neurohormona {f}
neurohypophysis {n} (posterior lobe of the pituitary gland)  :: neurohipòfisi {f}
neurolinguistics {n} (science)  :: neurolingüística {f}
neurological {adj} (dealing with the study of the brain)  :: neurològic
neurologist {n} (doctor or scientist who practices or specializes in neurology)  :: neuròleg {m}
neurology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders)  :: neurologia {f}
neuroma {n} (tumor composed of nerve cells)  :: neuroma {m}
neuromotor {adj} (pertaining to the relationship between the nervous system and movement)  :: neuromotor
neuromuscular {adj} (pertaining to the voluntary control of muscles by nerves)  :: neuromuscular
neuron {n} (a cell of the nervous system)  :: neurona {f}
neuronal {adj} (of, or relating to a neuron)  :: neuronal
neuropathic {adj} (of, or relating to neuropathy)  :: neuropàtic
neuropathy {n} (disease of the nervous system)  :: neuropatia {f}
neurophysiology {n} (branch of physiology that deals with the nervous system)  :: neurofisiologia {f}
neuropsychiatrist {n} (doctor specializing in neuropsychiatry)  :: neuropsiquiatre {m} {f}
neuropsychiatry {n} (branch of medicine)  :: neuropsiquiatria {f}
neuropsychology {n} (branch of neurology)  :: neuropsicologia {f}
neurosis {n} (mental disorder)  :: neurosi {f}
neurosurgeon {n} (brain surgeon)  :: neurocirurgià {m}
neurosurgery {n} (surgery of the brain)  :: neurocirurgia {f}
neurosurgery {n} (surgical discipline focused on treating the nervous systems)  :: neurocirurgia {f}
neurosyphilis {n} (syphilis infection affecting the nervous system)  :: neurosífilis {f}
neurotic {adj} (Overanxious)  :: neuròtic
neurotic {n} (person who has a neurosis)  :: neuròtic {m}
neurotoxic {adj} (having a toxic effect on nerve tissue)  :: neurotòxic
neurotoxin {n} (type of toxin)  :: neurotoxina {f}
neurotransmitter {n} (substance responsible for sending nerve signals across a synapse between two neurons)  :: neurotransmissor {m}
neurotropic {adj} (of or pertaining to neurotropism)  :: neuròtrop
neurotropism {n} (affinity for nervous tissue)  :: neurotropisme {m}
neutral {adj} (biology: having no sex)  :: neutre
neutral {adj} (chemistry: neither acidic nor alkaline)  :: neutre
neutral {adj} (having no obvious colour)  :: neutre
neutral {adj} (neither beneficial nor harmful)  :: neutre
neutral {adj} (not taking sides in a conflict)  :: neutral
neutral {adj} (physics: possessing no charge)  :: neutre
neutrality {n} (state of being neutral; taking no part on either side)  :: neutralitat {f}
neutral zone {n} (football: zone between the lines of scrimmage)  :: zona neutral {f}
neutral zone {n} (ice hockey: zone between the two blue lines)  :: zona central {f}, zona neutral {f}
neutrino {n} (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge)  :: neutrí {m}
neutron {n} (subatomic particle)  :: neutró
never {adv} (at no time)  :: mai
neverending {adj} (having no end)  :: interminable
never say never {phrase} (never say never)  :: mai diguis mai
nevertheless {adv} (in spite of what preceded)  :: nogensmenys, no obstant, tanmateix, ara bé
new {adj}  :: nou {m}, nova {f}
new {adj} (recently made or created)  :: nou
newborn {adj} (recently born)  :: nounat
newborn {n} (recently born baby)  :: nounat {m}, nounada {f}
New Brunswick {prop} (province in eastern Canada)  :: Nova Brunsvic
New Caledonia {prop} (overseas territory of France)  :: Nova Caledònia {f}
newcomer {n} (new participant in some activity)  :: novell
newcomer {n} (one who has recently arrived in a community)  :: nouvingut {m}, nouvinguda {f}
New Delhi {prop} (capital of India)  :: Nova Delhi {f}
New England {prop} (six states of the United States)  :: Nova Anglaterra {f}
Newfoundland and Labrador {prop} (Province in eastern Canada)  :: Terranova i Labrador
New Guinea {prop} (large island)  :: Nova Guinea {f}
newly {adv} (In a new manner)  :: novament
newlywed {adj} (recently married)  :: noucasat
newlywed {n} (a recently married person)  :: noucasat {m}, noucasada {f}
New Mexico {prop} (US State)  :: Nou Mèxic {m}
new moon {n} (phase of moon when in conjunction with sun)  :: lluna nova {f}
news {n} (new information of interest)  :: notícies {f-p}
news {n} (reports of current events)  :: [on television] telenotícies {m}, [on radio] informatiu {m}, [on paper] diari {m}
newsagent {n} (person)  :: estanquer {m}
newsagent {n} (retail business)  :: estanc {m}
New South Wales {prop} (one state of Australia)  :: Nova Gal·les del Sud
newspaper {n} (publication)  :: diari {m}, periòdic {m}
Newspeak {prop} (fictional language)  :: novaparla {f}
newt {n} (type of salamander)  :: tritó {m}
New World Order {prop} (vision for the world)  :: Nou Ordre Mundial {m}
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following)  :: cap d'any, any nou
New York {adj} (of a style, particularly of food, originating in New York)  :: novaiorquès
New York {prop} (state)  :: Nova York {f}
New York City {prop} (large city in the USA)  :: Nova York
New Yorker {n} (a native or resident of New York City)  :: novaiorquès {m}, novaiorquesa {f}
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: Nova Zelanda
New Zealander {n} (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)  :: neozelandès {m}
next {adj} (being closer to the present location than all other items)  :: proper, següent
next {adj} (following in a sequence)  :: proper, següent
next {adj} (nearest date, time, space or order)  :: proper, següent, que ve
next {prep} (on the side of)  :: al costat
nexus {n} (centre of something)  :: centre {m}
nexus {n} (connection)  :: nexe {m}
nib {n} (bill of a bird)  :: bec {m}
nib {n} (tip of a pen)  :: plumí {m}
Nicaragua {prop} (a country in Central America)  :: Nicaragua {f}
Nicaraguan {adj} (pertaining to Nicaragua)  :: nicaragüenc
Nicaraguan {n} (person from Nicaragua)  :: nicaragüenc {m}, nicaragüenca {f}
Nice {prop} (city in France)  :: Niça {?}
Nicene Creed {prop} (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith)  :: Credo de Nicea {m}
niche {n} (cavity, hollow, or recess)  :: nínxol {m}
niche {n} (ecological function of an organism)  :: nínxol {m}
Nicholas {prop} (male given name)  :: Nicolau, Micolau
nickel {n} (element)  :: níquel {m}
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name)  :: sobrenom {m}
niece {n} (fraternal or sororal niece, see also: fraternal niece; sororal niece)  :: neboda {f}
Nietzschean {adj} (pertaining to Nietzsche or his writings)  :: nietzscheà
Nigerian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people or culture)  :: nigerià
Nigerian {n} (a person from Nigeria)  :: nigerià
night {n} (darkness)  :: nit {f}, fosca {f}, obscuritat {f}
night {n} (evening or night spent at a particular activity)  :: vetllada {f}, vespre {m}
night {n} (night spent at a hotel)  :: nit {f}
night {n}  :: nit {f}
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise)  :: nit {f}
night {n} (quality of sleep obtained during a night)  :: nit {f}
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night)  :: capvespre {m}
nightgown {n} (sleeping garment worn by women)  :: camisa de dormir {f}
nightingale {n} (bird)  :: rossinyol {m}
nightmare {n} (dream)  :: malson {m}
nightshade {n} (plant of genus Solanum)  :: morella {f}
nihilism {n} (negation of one or more aspects of life; extreme philosophical scepticism)  :: nihilisme
nihonium {n}  :: nihoni {m}
Nile {prop} (river)  :: Nil {m}
nimble {adj} (quick and light in movement or action)  :: àgil
nimble {adj} (quick-witted and alert)  :: àgil
nimbus {n} (circle of light; halo)  :: nimbe {m}
nincompoop {n} (silly or foolish person)  :: ximple, bovo, babau, tonto, fava, panoli, beneit, imbècil, idiota, estúpid
nine {n} (card with nine pips)  :: nou {m}
nine {n} (the digit or figure 9)  :: nou {m}
nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: nou
nine {num} (set or group with nine components)  :: novena {f}
nine hundred {num} (cardinal number 900)  :: nou-cents
nine lives {n} (durability; near immunity to damage)  :: set vides {f-p}
nine o'clock {n} (the start of the tenth hour)  :: les nou {f}
nineteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: dinou
nineteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number nineteen)  :: dinovè {m}
nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine {num} (cardinal number 9,999)  :: nou mil nou-cents noranta-nou
ninety {num} (90)  :: noranta
ninety-eight {num} (98)  :: noranta-vuit; [Valencian] noranta-huit
ninety-five {num} (95)  :: noranta-cinc
ninety-four {num} (94)  :: noranta-quatre
ninety-nine {n} (cardinal number 99)  :: noranta-nou
ninety-one {num} (cardinal number ninety-one)  :: noranta-un
ninety-seven {num} (97)  :: noranta-set
ninety-six {num} (96)  :: noranta-sis
ninety-three {num} (93)  :: noranta-tres
ninety-two {num} (92)  :: noranta-dos
Nineveh {prop} (capital of Assyria)  :: Nínive {f}
ninja {n} (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu)  :: ninja
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine)  :: novè,
ninth {n} (one of nine equal parts of a whole)  :: novè {m}
ninth {n} (something in the ninth position)  :: novè {m}, novena {f}
niobium {n} (chemical element)  :: niobi
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland)  :: mugró {m}
nisin {n} (polycyclic peptide)  :: nisina {f}
nit {n} (egg of a louse)  :: llémena {f}
nitric acid {n} (HNO3)  :: àcid nítric {m}
nitride {n} (compound of nitrogen)  :: nitrur {m}
nitrogen {n} (chemical element)  :: nitrogen {m}
nitrometer {n} (apparatus)  :: nitròmetre {m}
nitrous oxide {n} (nitrous oxide)  :: òxid nitrós {m}
Nivkh {prop} (language)  :: Nivkh
Nivôse {prop} (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: nivós {m}
nixtamalization {n}  :: nixtamalització {f}
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} (large city in Russia)  :: Nijni Nóvgorod
no {determiner} (not any)  :: cap, gens
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden)  :: no, prohibit
no {n} (a negating expression)  :: negativa {f}, no {m}
no {n} (a vote not in favor)  :: no
no {particle} (used to show agreement with a negative question (in some languages this response is the usual word for "yes"))  :: no
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation)  :: no
Noah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Noè
Noah {prop} (male given name)  :: Noè
Noah's ark {prop} (the vessel built by Noah under God's instructions, as described in Genesis)  :: arca de Noè {f}
nobelium {n} (chemical element)  :: nobeli
nobility {n} (noble or privileged social class)  :: noblesa {f}
nobility {n} (the quality of being noble)  :: noblesa {f}
noble {adj} (having honorable qualities)  :: noble
noble gas {n} (element of group 18 of the periodic table)  :: gas noble {m}
nobody {n} (unimportant person)  :: ningú {m} {f}
nociception {n} (physiological process underlying the sensation of pain)  :: nocicepció {f}
nocturnal {adj} (primarily active during the night)  :: nocturn
nocturnal {adj} (taking place at night)  :: nocturn
nocturnality {n} (being active at night)  :: nocturnitat {f}
nocturne {n} (a dreamlike or pensive composition)  :: nocturn {m}
nod {n} (instance of moving one's head)  :: capejada {f}
nod {v} (gradually fall asleep)  :: capejar
nod {v} (incline the head up and down)  :: fer que sí amb el cap, assentir amb el cap, capejar
nodule {n} (rounded mass)  :: nòdul {m}
Nogai {prop} (language)  :: nogai
Nogai {prop} (person)  :: nogai
noise {n} (sound or signal generated by random fluctuations)  :: soroll {m}
noise {n} (technical: unwanted part of a signal)  :: soroll {m}
noise {n} (various sounds, usually unwanted)  :: soroll {m}
noise pollution {n} (excessive noise)  :: contaminació acústica {f}
noisily {adv} (in a noisy manner)  :: sorollosament
noisy {adj} (full of noise)  :: sorollós
noisy {adj} (making a noise)  :: sorollós
nomad {n} (a member of society or class who wander with their herds)  :: nòmada {m} {f}
nomadic {adj} (of or relating to any habitually wandering person)  :: nòmada
nomadic {adj} (of or relating to itinerant herdsmen)  :: nòmada
nomadism {n} (way of life of a nomad)  :: nomadisme {m}
nominalize {v} (to change into a noun, see also: substantivise)  :: nominalitzar
nominate {v} (to name someone for a particular role or position)  :: nominar
nominative {adj} (giving a name, naming; designating)  :: nominatiu {m}
nominative case {n} (case used to indicate the subject)  :: cas nominatiu {m}
non-aggression principle {n}  :: principi de no-agressió
nonagon {n} (A polygon with nine sides and nine angles)  :: enneàgon {m}
nonagonal {adj} (having nine sides and nine angles)  :: enneagonal
non-coding RNA {n} (RNA molecule which is not translated into a protein)  :: ARN no codificant {m}
none {pron} (not any thing)  :: cap
nonetheless {adv} (nevertheless)  :: nogensmenys, no obstant
no news is good news {proverb} (lack of information suggests nothing bad)  :: no tenir notícies és bona notícia
nonexistence {n} (The state of not existing)  :: inexistència {f}
nonexistent {adj} (not existent)  :: inexistent
non-governmental organization {n}  :: organització no governamental {f}
nonillion {num} (1030)  :: quintilió
nonius {n} (device for adjusting the accuracy of mathematical instruments)  :: nònius {m}
nonkilling {n} (A precept or worldview)  :: no-matar {m}
non-player character {n} (a character in a role-playing game or computer game)  :: personatge no jugador {m}
nonrepudiation {n} (assurance of digital sending or receipt)  :: irrefutabilitat {f}
nonsense {n} (meaningless words)  :: bajanada {f}, bestiesa {f}, estirabot {m}
nonstick {adj} (resistant to sticking)  :: antiadherent {m} {f}
nonviolence {n} (philosophy that rejects violence)  :: no-violència {f}
noodle {n} (string or strip of pasta)  :: fideu {m}
noodle {n} (the brain, the head)  :: cervell {m}
noon {n} (midday)  :: migdia {m}
no one {pron} (not even a single person)  :: ningú
noose {n} (an adjustable loop or rope)  :: llaç
no parking {phrase} (no parking)  :: prohibit estacionar
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem)  :: això rai
noradrenaline {n} (the compound norepinephrine)  :: noradrenalina {f}
norbixin {n} (the carboxylic acid of which bixin is the methyl ester)  :: norbixina {f}
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the family of North Germanic languages)  :: nòrdic
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the Nordic countries)  :: nòrdic
Nordic countries {prop} (group of countries)  :: països nòrdics {m-p}
norepinephrine {n} (norepinephrine)  :: norepinefrina {f}
noria {n} (a water wheel with buckets)  :: sínia {f}
normal {adj} (according to norms or rules)  :: normal
normal {adj} (healthy; not sick or ill)  :: normal
normal {adj} (of points: in the default position)  :: normal
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary)  :: normal
normal {n} (mathematics: a line perpendicular to another)  :: normal
normalcy {n} (state of being normal)  :: normalitat {f}
normality {n} (state of being normal)  :: normalitat {f}
normally {adv} (in the expected or customary manner)  :: normalment
normally {adv} (under normal conditions or circumstances; usually; most of the time)  :: normalment
Normandy {prop} (region of France)  :: Normandia {f}
normative {adj} (of, pertaining to, or using a norm or standard)  :: normatiu
Norn {prop} (language)  :: norn {m}
north {n} (compass point)  :: nord {m}, septentrió {m}
north {n} (north pole of a magnet)  :: nord {m}, septentrió {m}
north {n} (up or positive direction)  :: nord {m}, septentrió {m}
North America {prop} (continent)  :: Amèrica del Nord {f}
North American {adj} (relating to North America)  :: nord-americà
North American {n} (North American person)  :: nord-americà
North Atlantic Treaty Organization {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance)  :: Organització del Tractat de l'Atlàntic Nord {f}
North Brabant {prop} (province)  :: Brabant Septentrional {m}
northeast {n} (compass point)  :: nord-est
North East England {prop} (official region of England)  :: North East England
northern {adj} (facing, situated in or related to the north)  :: septentrional
northern bottlenose whale {n} (species of bottlenose whale)  :: zífid cap d'olla boreal {m}
Northern Cyprus {prop} (a de-facto state)  :: Xipre del Nord, República Turca de Xipre del Nord, RTXN
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe)  :: Europa del Nord
northern fur seal {n} (Callorhinus ursinus)  :: os marí septentrional {m}
Northern Ireland {prop} (Northern Ireland)  :: Irlanda del Nord {f}
northern pintail {n} (Anas acuta)  :: ànec cuallarg {m}
Northern Territory {prop} (Territory in northern Australia)  :: Territori del Nord
North Holland {prop} (province of the Netherlands)  :: Holanda Septentrional {f}
North Island {prop} (one of the two major islands making up New Zealand)  :: Illa del Nord {f}
North Korea {prop} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)  :: Corea del Nord {f}
North Ossetia-Alania {prop} (a federal subject of Russia)  :: Ossètia del Nord {f}
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state)  :: Rin del Nord-Westfàlia
North Sea {prop} (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France)  :: Mar del Nord {m} {f}
northwest {n} (compass point)  :: nord-oest
north wind {n} (wind blowing from the north)  :: tramuntana {f}
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country)  :: Noruega {f}
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides)  :: erable
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norway)  :: noruec {m}, noruega {f}
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norwegians)  :: noruec {m}, noruega {f}
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Norwegian language)  :: noruec {m}, noruega {f}
Norwegian {n} (native of Norway)  :: noruec {m}, noruega {f}
Norwegian {prop} (language of Norway)  :: noruec {m}
nose {n} (protuberance on the face)  :: nas {m}
noseband {n} (part of a bridle or halter)  :: muserola {f}
nosedive {n} (A headfirst fall or jump)  :: capbussada {f}, capbussó {m}, salt {m} de cap
nosedive {n} (A rapid fall in price or value)  :: caiguda {f} de preu, caiguda {f} de valor
nosedive {v} (To dive down in a steep angle)  :: capbussar
nosedive {v} (To perform a rapid fall in price or value)  :: caure's el preu, caure's el valor
nosey parker {n} (prying person)  :: manefla {m} {f}
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted)  :: prohibit fumar
nostalgia {n}  :: nostàlgia {f}
nostalgic {adj} (pertaining to nostalgia)  :: nostàlgic
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose)  :: nariu {m}
nosy {adj} (prying, inquisitive or curious in other’s affairs; tending to snoop or meddle)  :: dotor
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb)  :: no
notable {adj} (worthy of notice; remarkable)  :: notable
notably {adv} (in a notable manner)  :: notablement
not at all {interj} (conventional reply to expression of gratitude)  :: de res
not bad {adj} (reasonably good)  :: no està malament
notch {n} (such a cut, used for keeping a record)  :: osca {f}
notch {n} (V-shaped cut)  :: osca {f}
notch {v} (to cut a notch)  :: oscar
notch {v} (to record by notches)  :: oscar
nothing {pron} (not any thing)  :: res
nothingness {n} (state of nonexistence; the condition of being nothing)  :: no-res {m}
notice {n} (act of observing)  :: atenció {f}
notice {n} (formal notification or warning)  :: avís {m}
notice {n} (notification of termination of employment)  :: acomiadament {m} [by employer], dimissió {f} [by employee]
notice {n} (published critical review)  :: ressenya {f}
notice {n} (written or printed announcement)  :: anunci {m}, nota {f}
notice {v} (to detect)  :: adonar-se
notice {v} (to observe)  :: fixar-se en, notar
noticeably {adv} (to a detectable degree)  :: sensiblement
notification {n} (Act of notifying)  :: notificació {f}
notification {n} (A specific piece of information serving to notify)  :: notificació {f}
notion {n} (mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception)  :: noció {f}
notion {n} (sentiment; an opinion)  :: noció {f}
notoriety {n} (condition of being infamous)  :: notorietat {f}
notorious {adj} (known widely and infamously)  :: notori
notoriously {adv} (In a notorious or notable manner)  :: notòriament
notwithstanding {prep} (in spite of)  :: no obstant
not yet {adv} (expected to happened but has not for the moment)  :: encara no
nought {n} (zero)  :: zero {m}
noun {n} (grammatical category (narrow sense))  :: substantiu {m}
nourishing {adj} (that provides nourishment)  :: nodridor
nouveau riche {n} (new money)  :: nou-ric
Nov {prop} (abbreviation of November)  :: nov.
Nova Scotia {prop} (Province in eastern Canada)  :: Nova Escòcia {f}
novel {n} (work of prose fiction)  :: novel·la {f}
novelist {n} (author of novels)  :: novel·lista {m} {f}
novelize {v} (to adapt to fiction)  :: novel·lar
novella {n} (short novel)  :: novela {f}
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: novembre {m}
novena {n} (a recitation of prayers for nine days)  :: novena {f}
now {adv} (at the present time)  :: ara
now {conj} (since, because)  :: ara
now {interj} (signal to begin)  :: ara, ja
now {n} (the present time)  :: ara {m}
nowadays {adv} (at the present time)  :: actualment, avui dia
nowadays {adv} (in the current era)  :: avui dia, avui en dia
now and then {adv} ((idiomatic) sometimes; occasionally; intermittently)  :: de tant en tant
no way {interj} (absolutely not)  :: de cap manera
no way {interj} (indicates astonished disbelief)  :: impossible
nowhere {adj} (in no place)  :: enlloc
nowhere {adj} (to no place)  :: enlloc
nth {adj} (occurring at position n)  :: enèsim {m}
nu {n} (name for the letter of the Greek alphabet: Ν and ν)  :: ni {f}
nuance {n} (minor distinction)  :: matís {m}
nuance {n} (subtlety or fine detail)  :: matís {m}
nubile {adj} (marriageable)  :: núbil
nuclear {adj} (involving nuclear energy)  :: nuclear
nuclear fusion {n} (the combining of the nuclei of small atoms to form the nuclei of larger ones)  :: fusió nuclear {f}
nuclear power plant {n} (type of power plant)  :: central nuclear
nuclear reactor {n} (device)  :: reactor nuclear {m}
nuclear winter {n} (predicted drop in global temperature following a nuclear war)  :: hivern nuclear {m}
nucleic acid {n} (acidic chainlike biological macromolecule)  :: àcid nucleic {m}
nucleon {n} (a proton or a neutron)  :: nucleó {m}
nucleus {n} (core, central part of something)  :: nucli {m}
nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells)  :: nucli {m}
nucleus {n} (linguistics: centre of a syllable)  :: nucli {m}
nucleus {n} (physics: massive, positively charged core of an atom)  :: nucli {m}
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering)  :: nu
nudism {n} (the belief in or practice of social, non-sexual nudity)  :: nudisme {m}
nudist {adj} (relating to nudists and nudism)  :: nudista
nudist {n} (person who practices nudism)  :: nudista {m-f}
nudity {n} (the state of being without clothing on the body)  :: nuesa {f}
number {n} (abstract entity)  :: nombre
number {n} (grammar: state of being singular, dual or plural)  :: nombre {m}
number {n} (mathematics: number)  :: nombre {m}
number {n} (numeral)  :: xifra {f}
number {n} (performance)  :: número {m}
number {n} (quantity)  :: nombre {m}
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence)  :: número {m}
number {v} (label with numbers; assign numbers to)  :: numerar
number {v} (to total; to amount to)  :: comptar, sumar
numeral {n} (non-word symbol that represents a number)  :: número {m}, xifra
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral)  :: número {m}, xifra {f}, numeral {m}
numerator {n} (in a fraction)  :: numerador {m}
numerical {adj} (of or pertaining to numbers)  :: numèric
numerous {adj} (Indefinitely large numerically)  :: nombrós
numismatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a coin, coins, currency)  :: numismàtic
numismatic {adj} (of or pertaining to numismatics)  :: numismàtic
numismatics {n} (study of coins)  :: numismàtica {f}
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women)  :: monja {f}
nuraghe {n} (type of megalithic building)  :: nurag {m}
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick)  :: infermer {m}
nurse {v} (to breast feed)  :: alletar
nursery school {n} (a school for pre-school children)  :: escola bressol {f}
nursing {n} (caring for patients)  :: infermeria {f}
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit)  :: nou {f}
nut {n} (slang: testicle)  :: ou
nutcracker {n} (bird of the genus Nucifraga)  :: trencanous {m}
nutcracker {n} (implement for cracking nuts)  :: trencanous {m}
nuthatch {n} (passerine bird from the family Sittidae)  :: pica-soques {m}
nutmeg {n} (seed)  :: nou moscada {f}
nutmeg {n} (soccer/football sense)  :: túnel {m}
nutritional {adj} (pertaining to nutrition)  :: nutritiu, nutricional
nutritious {adj} (providing nutrients)  :: nutritiu, nutrient, nutrici, alimentós, alimentador
nuts {adj} (insane)  :: boig
nymph {n} (mythology: minor water, forest or mountain deity)  :: nimfa {f}
Nynorsk {prop} (one of the two major Norwegian (written) languages)  :: nynorsk {m}