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-y {suffix} (forming diminutive nouns)  :: -et {m}, -eta {f}
yacht {n}  :: iot {m}
yacht {n} (slick and light ship)  :: iot {m}
yak {n} (ox-like mammal)  :: iac {m}
yam {n} (any Dioscorea vine)  :: nyam {m}
Yandex {prop} (Yandex (in other scripts, the trademark may also be written in Roman letters))  :: Yandex
Yangtze {prop} (river)  :: Iang-Tsé
Yankee {n} (native or inhabitant of the USA)  :: ianqui
Yaoundé {prop} (capital of Cameroon)  :: Yaoundé
Yap {prop} (an atoll in the Caroline Islands of western Micronesia)  :: Yap
yard {n} (three feet)  :: iarda {f}
yarn {n} (fiber strand for knitting or weaving)  :: fil {m}
yarn {n} (story)  :: fil {m}
yarrow {n} (any of several pungent Eurasian and North American herbs, of the genus Achillea)  :: milfulles {f}
yawn {n} (the action of yawning)  :: badall {m}
yawn {v} (open the mouth and take a deep breath)  :: badallar
yeah {adv} (yes)  ::
year {n} (time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution of the Sun)  :: any {m}
yearbook {n} (reference book, published annually)  :: anuari
yearly {adj} (happening once every year)  :: anual
yearly {adv} (once a year)  :: anualment
yearn {v} (to have a strong desire; to long)  :: anhelar, ansiejar
yearning {n} (wistful or melancholy longing)  :: anhel {m}
yeast {n} (cake or dried granules used to make bread dough rise)  :: llevat {m}
yeast {n} (froth used in medicine, baking and brewing)  :: llevat {m}
yeast {n} (fungus)  :: llevat {m}
Yekaterinburg {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Iekaterinburg
yellow {adj} (having yellow as its colour)  :: groc
yellow {adj} (lacking courage)  :: covard
yellow {n} (colour)  :: groc {m}
yellow-billed loon {n} (Gavia adamsii)  :: calàbria de bec blanc
yellow card {n} (card in sports)  :: tarjeta amarilla {f}
yellowish {adj} (somewhat yellow)  :: groguenc, grogós
yellow jersey {n}  :: mallot groc
yellowness {n} (state or quality of being yellow)  :: grogor {f}
Yellow Sea {prop} (Asian sea)  :: Mar Groga {f}
Yeltsin {prop} (Russian surname )  :: Ieltsin
Yemen {prop} (Republic of Yemen)  :: Iemen {m}
Yemeni {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Yemen, or the Yemeni people)  :: iemenita {m} {f}
Yemeni {n} (A person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)  :: iemenita {m} {f}
Yerevan {prop} (the capital and largest city of Armenia)  :: Erevan
yes {particle} (word used to indicate agreement or acceptance)  ::
yes {particle} (word used to indicate disagreement or dissent in reply to a negative statement)  ::
yesterday {adv} (on the day before today)  :: ahir
yesterday {n} (day before today)  :: ahir
yesterday {n} (the recent past)  :: dia d'ahir {m}
yesteryear {n} (times gone by)  :: antany
yet {adv} (continuously up to this point in time)  :: encara
yet {adv} (in addition)  :: encara
yet {adv} (thus far)  :: encara
yet {conj} (nevertheless; however)  :: tanmateix, no obstant això
yew {n}  :: [1] teix {f}
yew {n} (Taxus baccata)  :: teix {m}
yew {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Taxus)  :: teix
yew {n} (wood of the yew)  :: teixeda {f}
Yiddish {adj} (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)  :: jiddisch
Yiddish {n} (language)  :: jiddisch {m}
yield {v} (to give way)  :: cedir
yodel {n} (song)  :: iòdel {m}
yodh {n} (Semitic letter)  :: iod {f}
yoga {n} (a Hindu discipline)  :: ioga {m}
yogurt {n} (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)  :: iogurt {m}
yoke {n} (pair of animals)  :: coble {m}
yoke {n} (wooden bar)  :: jou {m}
yoke {v} (link or join)  :: junyir, júnyer, enjovar
yolk {n} (yellow of egg)  :: rovell {m}
yonder {adv} (in a distant, indicated place)  :: allà
yonder {determiner} (distant but within sight)  :: aquell {m}, aquella {f}
Yoruba {prop} (a sub-Saharan language)  :: ioruba {m}
you {determiner}  :: [familiar] tu, [polite] vostè
you {pron} (object pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: vosaltres, vostès, vós
you {pron} (object pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: tu, vostè
you {pron} (one)  :: hom, tu, u
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the group being addressed)  :: vosaltres, vostès, vós
you {pron} (subject pronoun: the person being addressed)  :: tu, vostè
you are what you eat {proverb} (proverb)  :: ets el que menges
you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink {proverb} (you can show someone how to do something, but you can't make them do it)  :: ja pots xiular si l'ase no vol beure
you know what {phrase} (used to get attention)  :: saps què
young {adj} (in the early part of life or growth)  :: jove {m} {f}
your {contraction} (belonging to you (plural; more owners))  :: el vostre {m}, la vostra {f}
your {contraction} (belonging to you (singular; one owner))  :: el teu, la teva
you're welcome {phrase} (reply to thanks)  :: de res
Your Highness {pron} (a title of respect used to address a prince or princess)  :: Sa Altesa {f}
Your Majesty {pron} (Title of respect)  :: Sa Majestat {f}
yourself {pron} ((reflexive) your own self)  :: et
yourself {pron} (you, used emphatically)  :: mateix
yourselves {pron} (intensifier)  :: mateixos
yourselves {pron} (you (referring to the people being spoken to, previously mentioned))  :: us
youth {n} (part of life following childhood)  :: joventut {f}
youth {n} (quality or state of being young)  :: joventut {f}, [figuratively] abril {m}
youth {n} (young person)  :: jove {m} {f}
youth {n} (young persons, collectively)  :: joventut {f}
youthfulness {n} (vitality)  :: jovenesa {f}
youth hostel {n} (a supervised, inexpensive lodging place, primarily for young people)  :: alberg de joventut {m}
yo-yo {n} (toy)  :: io-io {m}
Ypresian {prop} (subdivision of the Eocene epoch)  :: Ypresià
ytterbium {n} (chemical element)  :: iterbi
yttrium {n} (chemical element)  :: itri
Yucatán {prop} (a penisula in southeast Mexico)  :: Península de Yucatán
Yucatán {prop} (a state in Mexco)  :: Yucatán
yuck {interj} (uttered to indicate disgust)  :: ecs
Yugoslavia {prop} (former country in the Balkans)  :: Iugoslàvia {f}
Yugoslavian {adj} (of or relating to Yugoslavia)  :: iugoslau
Yugoslavian {n} (a native of Yugoslavia)  :: iuguslau
yum {adj} (indication of delight)  :: nyam