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façade {n} (face of a building)  :: fasáda {f}
fable {n} (fictitious narration to enforce some useful truth or precept)  :: bajka {f}
fabliau {n} (short farcical tale)  :: fabliau
fabric {n} (material made of fibers)  :: tkanina {f}
fabric softener {n} (a chemical agent used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer)  :: aviváž {f}
facade {n} (façade) SEE: façade  ::
face {v} (to face) SEE: look  ::
face {n} (front part of head)  :: tvář {f}, obličej {m}
face {n} (facial expression)  :: tvář {f}, obličej {m}
face {n} (geometry: bounding surface of a polyhedron)  :: strana {f}
face {v} (deal with, confront)  :: čelit
face {n} (typography: typeface) SEE: typeface  ::
face {n} (computing: interface) SEE: interface  ::
face {n} (amount expressed on a bill, note, bond, etc.) SEE: face value  ::
Facebook {v} (use the social-networking site Facebook)  :: facebookovat
face to face {adv} (in person)  :: tváří v tvář
face-to-face {adv} (face to face) SEE: face to face  ::
face value {n} (the stated value or amount)  :: nominální hodnota {f}
facial {adj} (of the face)  :: obličejový {m}
facial cream {n} (cosmetic product)  :: obličejový krém {m}
facial nerve {n} (nerve)  :: lícní nerv {m}
facilitate {v} (to make easy or easier)  :: usnadnit, ulehčit
facsimile {v} (fax) SEE: fax  ::
fact {n} (an honest observation)  :: fakt {m}
fact {n} (something actual)  :: fakt {m}, skutečnost {f}
fact {n} (something which has become real)  :: fakt {m}, skutečnost {f}
fact {n} (something concrete used as a basis for further interpretation)  :: fakt {m}
fact {n} (an objective consensus on a fundamental reality)  :: fakt {m}, skutečnost {f}
fact {n} (information about a particular subject)  :: fakt {m}
faction {n} (group of people)  :: frakce {f}, křídlo {n}
faction {n} (strife)  :: rozkol {m}, rozpor {m}
factor {n} (integral part)  :: faktor
factor {n} (mathematical sense)  :: faktor
factorial {n} (mathematical operation or its result)  :: faktoriál {m}
factory {n} (manufacturing place)  :: továrna {f}, fabrika {f}, závod {m}
factory farm {n} (large farm)  :: velkofarma {f}
factotum {n} (general servant)  :: děvče pro všechno {n}
factual {adj} (of facts)  :: faktický
faculty {n} (division of a university)  :: fakulta {f}
fag {n} (homosexual)  :: teplouš {m}
fag-end {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt  ::
faggot {n} (male homosexual) SEE: fag  ::
faggot {n} (piece of firewood)  :: špalek {m}
faience {n} (type of tin-glazed earthenware ceramic)  :: fajáns
fail {v} (be unsuccessful)  :: propadnout
fail {v} (not achieve a goal)  :: selhat
fail {v} (be negligent)  :: selhávat
fail {v} (cease to operate)  :: přestat fungovat
fail {v} (cause to fail)  :: nechat propadnout
failure {n} (state or condition opposite of success)  :: nezdar {m}, neúspěch {m}, selhání {n}
failure {n} (termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function)  :: porucha {f}
failure rate {n} (frequency)  :: poruchovost {f}
faint {v} (to lose consciousness)  :: omdlít
fainting {n} (an act of collapsing to a state of temporary unconsciousness)  :: mdloba {f}, omdlení {n}
fair {adj} (just, equitable)  :: fér
fair enough {interj} (very well)  :: budiž, fajn
fairheaded {adj} (blond) SEE: blond  ::
fairly {adv} (in a fair manner)  :: spravedlivě, poctivě
fairly {adv} (favorably; auspiciously; commodiously)  :: příznivě
fairly {adv} (honestly; properly)  :: čestně, správně
fairness {n} (property of being just, equitable)  :: férovost {f}
fair sex {n} (women)  :: slabé pohlaví {n}, něžné pohlaví {n}, ženy {f-p}
fairy {n} (mythical being)  :: víla {f}
fairy {n} ((derogatory slang) male homosexual)  :: teplouš
fairy floss {n} (fairy floss) SEE: candy floss  ::
fairy tale {n} (folktale)  :: pohádka {f}
faith {n} (feeling that something is true)  :: víra {f}
faithful {adj} (loyal; adhering firmly to person or cause)  :: věrný {m}
faithful {adj} (consistent with reality)  :: věrný {m}
faithfulness {n} (the state of being faithful)  :: věrnost {f}
faith will move mountains {proverb} (proverb)  :: víra hory přenáší
fake {adj} (not real)  :: falešný {m}
fakir {n} (ascetic mendicant)  :: fakír {m}
falafel {n} (Middle Eastern food)  :: falafel {m}
falcon {n} (bird of the genus Falco)  :: sokol {m}
falconry {n} (sport of hunting by using trained birds of prey)  :: sokolnictví {n}
fall {n} (season) SEE: autumn  ::
fall {n} (act of moving in gas or vacuum under the effect of gravity from a point to a lower point)  :: pád {m}
fall {v} (move to a lower position under the effect of gravity)  :: padat {impf}, padnout {pf}
fallacy {n} (deceptive or false appearance)  :: klam {m}
fallacy {n} (false argument)  :: logický klam {m}
fall asleep {v} (to pass into sleep)  :: usnout
fall behind {v} (to be late)  :: opozdit se {pf}
fall behind {v} (to be below average in performance)  :: zaostávat {impf}
fall down {v} (to fall to the ground)  :: spadnout
fall down {v} (to collapse)  :: selhat
fall equinox {n} (autumnal equinox) SEE: autumnal equinox  ::
fallible {adj} (capable of making mistakes or being wrong)  :: omylný {m}
falling star {n} (shooting star) SEE: shooting star  ::
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of love)  :: zamilovat se
fall in love {v} (to come to have feelings of love towards each other)  :: zamilovat se
Fallopian tube {n} (duct)  :: vejcovod {m}
fallout {n} (event of airborne particles falling to the ground)  :: spad {m}
fallout {n} (particles that fall to the ground)  :: spad {m}
fallow {n} (ground left unseeded for a year)  :: úhor {m}
fallow {n} (uncultivated land)  :: lada {n-p}, lado {n}
fallow deer {n} (Dama dama, a ruminant mammal)  :: daněk {m}
false {adj} (untrue, not factual, wrong)  :: nepravdivý {m}
false {adj} (spurious, artificial)  :: falešný, imitovaný, nepravý, umělý
false acacia {n} (black locust) SEE: black locust  ::
false alarm {n} (warning sound that turns out to be erroneous)  :: planý poplach
false alarm {n} (thing or occurrence initially causing fear, etc. but subsequently seen to be no cause for concern)  :: planý poplach, falešný poplach
false analogy {n} (informal fallacy)  :: klamná analogie {f}
false hellebore {n} (Veratrum)  :: kýchavice {f}
false hellebore {n} (Adonis vernalis)  :: hlaváček jarní {m}
false positive {n} (result of a test that shows as present something that is absent)  :: falešně pozitivní výsledek {m}, nesprávné pozitivní výsledek {m}, falešný poplach {m}, planý poplach {m}
falsifiability {n} (quality of being falsafiable)  :: falzifikovatelnost {f}
falsifiable {adj} (able to be proven false)  :: falzifikovatelný
falsifier {n} (one that falsifies)  :: falzifikátor {m}, falšovatel {m}
falsity {n} (untrue assertion)  :: nepravda {f}
falsity {n} (characteristic of being untrue)  :: nepravdivost {f}
falter {v} (To stammer) SEE: stammer  ::
fame {n} (state of being famous)  :: sláva {f}, věhlas {m}, proslulost {f}
familiar {adj} (known to one)  :: známý
family {n} (immediate family, e.g. parents and their children)  :: rodina {f}
family {n} (group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom)  :: rodina
family {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification, above both genus and species)  :: čeleď {f}
family {n} ((used attributively))  :: rodinný
family doctor {n} (practitioner of family medicine) SEE: general practitioner  ::
family name {n} (surname) SEE: surname  ::
family tree {n} (family tree)  :: rodokmen {m}
famine {n} (extreme shortage of food in a region)  :: hladomor {m}, hlad {m}
famine {n} (a period of extreme shortage of food in a region)  :: hladomor {m}, hlad {m}
famous {adj} (well known)  :: slavný {m}, proslulý, věhlasný
fan {n} (hand-held device)  :: vějíř {m}
fan {n} (electrical device)  :: větrák {m}
fan {n} (anything resembling a hand-held fan)  :: vějíř {m}
fan {n} (admirer)  :: milovník {m}, příznivec {m}, fanoušek {m}
fanatic {n} (one who is zealously enthusiastic)  :: fanatik {m}
fanatical {adj} (having an extreme, irrational zeal or enthusiasm)  :: fanatický {m}
fanaticism {n} (characteristic or practice of being a fanatic)  :: fanatismus {m}
Fanconi syndrome {n} (disease of the proximal renal tubules of the kidney)  :: Fanconiho syndrom {m}
fancy {v} (would like to)  :: [mít chuť na+dative case] mít chuť
fanfare {n} (a flourish of trumpets or horns)  :: fanfára {f}
fang {n} (canine tooth)  :: tesák {m}
fanny {n} (buttocks) SEE: ass  ::
fanny {n} (vulva or vagina) SEE: pussy  ::
fanny {n} (Sexual intercourse with a woman) SEE: pussy  ::
fantastic {adj} (existing in or constructed from fantasy)  :: fantastický {m}
fantastic {adj} (not believable, only possible in fantasy)  :: fantastický {m}
fantastic {adj} (wonderful, marvelous, excellent, extraordinarily good)  :: fantastický
fantastical {adj} (fantastic) SEE: fantastic  ::
fantasy {n} (literary genre)  :: fantasy {f}
FAQ {n} (acronym for Frequently Asked Questions)  :: ČKD, ČKO
faqir {n} (fakir) SEE: fakir  ::
far {n} (spelt) SEE: spelt  ::
far {adj} (remote in space)  :: daleký
far {adv} (distant in space, time, or degree)  :: daleko
farad {n} (unit of capacitance)  :: farad {m}
farandole {n} (a lively chain dance)  :: farandola {f}
farce {n} (style of humor)  :: fraška {f}
farce {n} (situation full of ludicrous incidents)  :: fraška {f}
farce {n} (ridiculous or empty show)  :: fraška {f}
fardingbag {n} (rumen) SEE: rumen  ::
fare {n} (money paid for a transport ticket)  :: jízdné {n}
fare {n} (paying passenger)  :: cestující {m}
fare {v} (to travel)  :: cestovat {impf}, jít {impf}
fare {v} (to get along)  :: vyjít {pf}, vycházet {impf}
fare {v} (to eat, dine)  :: jíst {impf}
fare {v} (to happen well, or ill)  :: dopadnout {pf}
Far East {prop} (East and Southeast Asia, see also: Far East)  :: Dálný východ {m}
fare dodger {n} (a person who deliberately avoids payment for public transport)  :: černý pasažér {m} ["black passenger"], slepý pasažér {m} ["blind passenger"]
farewell {interj} (Goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
farewell {n} (a wish of happiness at parting)  :: sbohem {n}
far-fetched {adj} (not likely)  :: přitažený za vlasy, zavlasypřitažený
farm {n} (a place where agricultural activities take place)  :: farma {f}, statek {m}
farmer {n} (person who works the land and/or who keeps livestock)  :: rolník {m}, sedlák {m}, zemědělec {m}, farmář {m}
farming {n} (agriculture) SEE: agriculture  ::
Faroe Islands {prop} (group of islands between Scotland and Iceland)  :: Faerské ostrovy {m-p}
Faroese {adj} (pertaining to the Faroese language, people or Faroe Islands)  :: faerský
Faroese {n} (person from the Faroe Islands)  :: Faeřan {m}
Faroese {prop} (language)  :: faerština
Faroish {adj} (pertaing to the Faroish language, people or Faroe Islands)  :: faerský
Faroish {n} (person from the Faroe Islands)  :: Faeřan {m}
Faroish {prop} (language)  :: faerština
far-reaching {adj} (having a broad or widespread range, scope, or influence)  :: dalekosáhlý {m}
farrier {n} (person who trims and shoes horses' hooves)  :: podkovář {m}
farrow {v} (give birth to (a litter of piglets))  :: vrh podsvinčat
Farsi {prop} (Persian language) SEE: Persian  ::
farsighted {adj} (unable to focus with one's eyes on near objects)  :: dalekozraký
farsightedness {n} (condition of being unable to focus on near objects)  :: dalekozrakost {f}
fart {v} (to emit flatulent gases)  :: prdět [frequentative or continuative], [semelfactive] prdnout si, pšoukat, [to fart silently; si] pšouknout, pouštět větry {impf}, bzdít {impf}
fart {n} (an emission of flatulent gases)  :: prd {m}
farther {adj} (comparative of far)  :: vzdálenější
farther {adv} (comparative of far)  :: dále
fascia {n} (dashboard) SEE: dashboard  ::
fascinate {v} (to evoke interest or attraction)  :: fascinovat
fascinate {v} (to spellbind)  :: fascinovat, okouzlit
fascinate {v} (to be charming or attractive)  :: okouzlit
fascinating {adj} (having interesting qualities; captivating; attractive)  :: okouzlující, fascinující
fascination {n} (the act of fascinating, bewitching, or enchanting; enchantment; witchcraft)  :: okouzlení {n}, fascinace {f}
fascination {n} (the state or condition of being fascinated)  :: okouzlení {n}, fascinace {f}
fascination {n} (that which fascinates; a charm; a spell)  :: kouzlo {n}
fascism {n} (extreme totalitarian political regime)  :: fašismus {m}
fascism {n} (system of strong autocracy or oligarchy)  :: fašismus {m}
fashion {n} (current (constantly changing) trend, favored for frivolous rather than practical, logical, or intellectual reasons)  :: móda {f}
fast {adj} (of sleep: deep or sound)  :: hluboký
fast {adj} (capable of moving with great speed)  :: rychlý
fast {adv} (with great speed)  :: rychle
fast {v} (to abstain from food)  :: postit se
fast {n} (train that only calls at some stations) SEE: express  ::
fast {n} (fasting) SEE: fasting  ::
fasten {v} (to attach or connect in a secure manner)  :: připoutat, připevnit
fast food {n} (type of meal that is often pre-prepared and served quickly)  :: rychlé občerstvení {n}
fastidious {adj} (excessively particular)  :: puntíčkářský {m}, pečlivý {m}, akurátní, náročný {m}, pedantský {m}
fastidious {adj} (overly concerned about tidiness and cleanliness)  :: úzkostlivý {m}
fasting {n} (act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food)  :: půst {m}
fasting {n} (period of time when one abstains from or eats very little food)  :: půst {m}
fat {adj} (carrying a larger than normal amount of fat on one's body)  :: tlustý
fat {adj} (thick)  :: tlustý
fat {n} (specialized animal tissue)  :: tuk {m}
fat {n} (refined substance chemically resembling the oils in animal fat)  :: tuk
fatal {adj} (proceeding from fate)  :: osudový {m}
fatal {adj} (foreboding death)  :: osudný {m}
fatal {adj} (causing death)  :: osudný {m}
Fata Morgana {n} (form of mirage caused by temperature inversion)  :: fata morgána {f}
fate {n} (that which predetermines events)  :: osud {m}, úděl {m}
fate {n} (inevitable events)  :: osud {m}
fate {n} (destiny)  :: osud {m}
father {n} (male parent)  :: otec, táta, tatínek, taťka, fotr {m} [pejorative]
fatherhood {n} (being a father)  :: otcovství {n}
father-in-law {n} (one's spouse's father)  :: tchán {m}, svekr {m} [husband's father, archaic]
fatherland {n} (fatherland)  :: otčina {f}, vlast {f}
fathom {n} (unit of length)  :: sáh {m}
fathom {v} ((transitive, figuratively) to manage to comprehend)  :: proniknout, porozumět do hloubky
fatigue {n} (weariness)  :: únava {f}
fatso {n} (an overweight person)  :: tlusťoch {m}
fatty {adj} (containing fat)  :: tučný {m}
fatty {n} (fat person)  :: tlouštík {m}, tlusťoch {m}
fatty acid {n} (acid)  :: mastná kyselina {f}
fatwa {n} (legal opinion, decree or ruling issued by a mufti)  :: fatva {f}
faucet {n} (tap) SEE: tap  ::
fault {n} (defect)  :: chyba {f}
fault {n} (geology fracture in rock)  :: zlom {m}
faulty {adj} (having or displaying faults; not perfect; not adequate or acceptable)  :: vadný
fauna {n} (animals considered as a group)  :: zvířena {f}, fauna {f}
Faustian {adj} (of or pertaining to Faust)  :: faustovský
faux pas {n} (social blunder)  :: faux pas {n}
fava bean {n} (Vicia faba)  :: bob
favicon {n} (icon for website)  :: favicon {m}
favor {n} (deed in which help is voluntarily provided)  :: laskavost, pomoc
favor {n} (goodwill; benevolent regard)  :: přízeň {f}
favor {n} (small gift)  :: pozornost {f}
favor {v} (to look upon fondly; to prefer)  :: upřednostňovat, dávat přednost, favorizovat, zvýhodňovat
favorable {adj} (pleasing) SEE: favourable  ::
favorable {adj} (useful) SEE: favourable  ::
favorable {adj} (opportune) SEE: favourable  ::
favorable {adj} (auspicious) SEE: favourable  ::
favorite {adj} (preferred)  :: oblíbený
favour {n} (favor) SEE: favor  ::
favour {v} (favor) SEE: favor  ::
favourable {adj} (pleasing)  :: příznivý
favourable {adj} (useful)  :: příznivý
favourite {adj} (favorite) SEE: favorite  ::
favouritism {n} (unfair favouring)  :: protekce {f}, nadržování {n}
fawn {n} (young deer)  :: kolouch {m}
fawn {v} (to seek favour by flattery)  :: podlézat, lísat se
fax {n} (document transmitted by telephone)  :: fax {m}
fax {v} (send document)  :: faxovat
fear {n} (uncountable: emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat)  :: strach {m}
fear {n} (a phobia; sense of fear induced by something or someone)  :: strach {m}
fear {n} (extreme veneration or awe)  :: strach {m}
fear {v} (feel fear about (something))  :: bát se {impf}
fear {v} (venerate; to feel awe towards)  :: bát se
fearful {adj} (frightening)  :: děsivý {m}, hrozný {m}, hrozivý {m}, strašlivý {m}
fearful {adj} (frightened, filled with terror)  :: vystrašený {m}, ochromený strachem {m}
fearful {adj} (tending to fear)  :: bázlivý {m}, lekavý {m}
fearful {adj} (terrible)  :: hrozný {m}, děsivý {m}, strašlivý {m}
fearless {adj} (free from fear)  :: nebojácný {m}
fearlessness {n} (quality of being fearless)  :: nebojácnost {f}
feasibility {n} (state of being feasible)  :: proveditelnost {f}, uskutečnitelnost {f}
feasible {adj} (that can be done in practice)  :: uskutečnitelný {m}, proveditelný {m}, možný {m}
feasibly {adv} (in a feasible manner)  :: proveditelně
feast {n} (large, often ceremonial meal)  :: hostina {f}
feat {n} (An accomplishment that's relatively rare or difficult)  :: čin {m}, výkon {m}, kousek {m}
feather {n} (branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds)  :: péro {n}
feather duster {n} (implement used to remove surface dust)  :: prachovka {f}
feature {n} (important or main item)  :: rys
feature {n} (one of the physical constituents of the face)  :: rys
feature {n} (computing: beneficial capability of a piece of software)  :: funkce
feature {v} (ascribe the greatest importance)  :: podtrhnout, zdůraznit
feature {v} (to star, to contain)  :: uvádět v hlavních rolích, uvádět, obsahovat {impf}
feature {v} (to appear, to make an appearance)  :: v hlavních rolích
febrile {adj} (feverish)  :: horečnatý
febrile {adj} (full of nervous energy)  :: horečnatý
February {prop} (second month of the Roman, Julian, and Gregorian calendars)  :: únor {m}
feces {n} (digested waste material discharged from the bowels)  :: stolice {f}, výkal {m}
federal {adj} (pertaining to a league or treaty; derived from an agreement or covenant between parties, especially between nations)  :: federalistický, svazový
federal {adj} (pertaining to the national government level)  :: federální, spolkový
federation {n} (array of nations or states)  :: federace {f}
federative {adj} (federal) SEE: federal  ::
Federweisser {n} (partially fermented grape must)  :: burčák {m}
fedora {n} (a felt hat)  :: plsťák {m}
fed up {adj} (frustrated)  :: mít plné zuby
fee {n} (monetary payment charged for professional services)  :: poplatek {m}, honorář {m}
feeble {adj} (deficient in physical strength)  :: slabý
feed {v} (to give food to eat)  :: krmit {impf}
feed {v} (to eat, see also: eat)  :: živit se
feed {n} (food given to (especially herbivorous) animals)  :: krmivo {n}
feed {n} (encapsulated online content that you can subscribe to with a feed reader)  :: zdroj {m}
feedback {n} (critical assessment of process or activity)  :: zpětná vazba {f}
feedback {n} (signal that is looped back to control a system within itself)  :: zpětná vazba {f}
feeder {n} (baseball:pitcher) SEE: pitcher  ::
feel {v} (transitive: to sense by touch)  :: cítit
feel {v} (transitive: to experience an emotion or other mental state about)  :: cítit {impf}
feel {v} (transitive: to think or believe)  :: cítit
feel {v}  :: pocítit, cítit, mít pocit
feeler {n} (an antenna or appendage used to feel, as on an insect)  :: tykadlo {n}
feel free {v} (as imperative, in response)  :: klidně
feeling {n} (sensation)  :: pocit {m}
feeling {n} (emotion)  :: cit {m}
feeling {n} (in plural: emotional state or well-being)  :: city {m}
feeling {n} (intuition)  :: pocit
feisty {adj} (tenacious)  :: houževnatý
feisty {adj} (belligerent)  :: útočný, agresivní
feisty {adj} (easily offended)  :: svárlivý, hašteřivý
feldspar {n} (any of a large group of rock-forming minerals)  :: živec {m}
felicitate {v} (congratulate) SEE: congratulate  ::
felicitation {n} (congratulation) SEE: congratulation  ::
felicity {n} (happiness) SEE: happiness  ::
Felix {prop} (male given name)  :: Felix
fell {v} (to make something fall)  :: kácet, skácet
fellatio {n} (oral stimulation of penis)  :: felace {f}
fellow traveller {n} (one who travels together with another)  :: souputník {m}
fellow traveller {n} (one who sympathizes without belonging)  :: sympatizant {m}
felon {n} (a person convicted of a crime)  :: zločinec {m}
felony {n} (A serious criminal offense)  :: trestný čin {m}, závažný trestný čin {m}
felt {n} (cloth made of matted fibres of wool)  :: plsť {f}, filc {m}
felt {n} (hat made of felt)  :: plsťák {m}, plstěný klobouk {m}
felt-tip pen {n} (pen that holds ink conveyed to a writing surface by a felt nib)  :: fix {m}
female {adj} (belonging to the sex that produces eggs and/or has XX chromosomes)  :: samičí [of non-human animals and plants], ženský [of humans]
female {n} (one of the feminine sex or gender)  :: žena {f} [person], samice {f} [animal]
female ejaculation {n} (forceful expulsion of fluids from the vagina)  :: ženská ejakulace {f}, mokrý orgasmus {m}
feminazi {n} (intolerant radical feminist)  :: feminacistka {f}
feminine {n} (woman) SEE: woman  ::
feminine {adj} (of the female sex)  :: ženský
feminine {adj} (of the feminine grammatical gender distinction)  :: ženský {m}
feminine {n} ((grammar))  :: ženský rod {m}
feminism {n} (the social theory or political movement)  :: feminismus {m}
feminist {adj} (relating to or in accordance with feminism)  :: feministický
feministic {adj} (feminist) SEE: feminist  ::
femoral {adj} (of, pertaining to, or near the femur or thigh)  :: stehenní, femorální
femur {n} (thighbone) SEE: thighbone  ::
fen {n} (type of wetland)  :: bažina {f}, močál {m}
fence {n} (barrier)  :: plot {m}, ohrada {f}, oplocení {n}
fence {v} (toenclose by building a fence)  :: oplotit
fence {v} (to engage in (the sport) fencing)  :: šermovat
fencer {n} (a participant in the sport of fencing)  :: šermíř {m}
fencing {n} (sport)  :: šerm {m}
fender {n} (panel of a car)  :: blatník {m}
fender {n} (shield on a bicycle)  :: blatník {m}
fennec {n} (fox)  :: fenek {m}
fennec fox {n} (fox) SEE: fennec  ::
fennel {n} (Foeniculum vulgare, the plant)  :: fenykl {m}
fennel {n} (spice used in cooking)  :: fenykl {m}
Ferdinand {prop} (male given name)  :: Ferdinand
ferial {adj} (festive) SEE: festive  ::
fermata {n} (holding a note beyond its usual duration or the notation representing it)  :: koruna {f}
ferment {v} (to react using fermentation)  :: kvasit
fermentation {n} (anaerobic biochemical reaction)  :: kvašení {n}
fermion {n} (a particle with totally antisymmetric composite quantum states)  :: fermion {m}
fermium {n} (chemical element)  :: fermium
fern {n} (plant)  :: kapradina {f}, kapraď {f}
-ferous {suffix} (producing a certain material)  :: -ferní, -nosný
ferret {n} (the mammal Mustela putorius furo)  :: fretka {f}
Ferris wheel {n} (ride at a fair consisting of large wheel)  :: ruské kolo {n}
ferroconcrete {n} (building material)  :: železobeton {m}
ferromagnetism {n} (the phenomenon whereby certain substances can become permanent magnets)  :: feromagnetismus {m}
ferry {n} (boat)  :: trajekt {m}, přívoz {m}
fertile {adj} ((of land etc) capable of growing abundant crops)  :: úrodný {m}
fertile {adj} ((biology) capable of reproducing)  :: plodný {m}
fertility {n} (the condition, or the degree of being fertile)  :: plodnost {f}
fertilization {n} (act of rendering fertile)  :: oplodnění {n}
fertilize {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate  ::
fertilize {v} (to make fertile by adding nutrients)  :: hnojit
fertilize {v} (to make creative or productive)  :: zúrodnit {pf}, zúrodňovat {impf}
fertilizer {n} (a natural substance that is used to make the ground more suitable for growing plants)  :: hnojivo {n}
fescue {n} (stick, etc., used chiefly to point out letters to children) SEE: pointer  ::
fess {n} (band)  :: břevno {n}
fester {v} (become septic or rotten)  :: hnisat
festival {n} (event or community gathering)  :: festival, svátek {m}
festive {adj} (having the atmosphere, decoration, or attitude of a festival, holiday, or celebration)  :: slavnostní
festively {adv} (in a festive manner)  :: slavnostně
fetal {adj} (pertaining to, or connected with, a fetus)  :: plodový {m}, fetální
fetcher {n} (one that fetches)  :: nosič
fetish {n} (something nonsexual which arouses sexual desire)  :: fetiš
fetishism {n} (paraphilia where the object of attraction is an inanimate object or a part of a person's body)  :: fetišismus {m}
fetter {n} (object used to bind a person or animal by its legs)  :: pouto {n}
fettered {adj} (bound by chains or shackles)  :: spoutaný {m}
fetus {n} (fetus)  :: plod {m}
feud {n} (A state of long-standing mutual hostility)  :: svár {m}
feud {n} (estate granted to a vassal)  :: léno {n}
feudal {adj} (of, or relating to feudalism)  :: feudální
feudalism {n} (social system)  :: feudalismus {m}
feudalistic {adj} (of feudalism) SEE: feudal  ::
feuilleton {n} (article that appears in a feuilleton)  :: fejeton {m}
fever {n} (higher than normal body temperature)  :: horečka {f}
feverish {adj} (in the state of having a fever)  :: horečnatý {m}
feverish {adj} (filled with excess energy)  :: horečný {m}
few {determiner} (indefinite, usually small number)  :: málo, trochu, jen pár
few {determiner} (small number)  :: málo, několik
few sandwiches short of a picnic {phrase} (Not sane)  :: šplouchat někomu na maják
fiacre {n} (small carriage for hire)  :: fiakr {m}
fiancé {n} (man who is engaged to be married)  :: snoubenec {m}, zasnoubený {m}
fiancée {n} (woman who is engaged to be married)  :: snoubenka {f}
fiasco {n} (ludicrous or humiliating situation)  :: fiasko {n}
fiat lux {phrase} (let there be light) SEE: let there be light  ::
fiber {n} (fibre) SEE: fibre  ::
Fibonacci number {n} (a number)  :: Fibonacciho číslo {n}
Fibonacci sequence {n} (sequence of numbers)  :: Fibonacciho posloupnost {f}
fibre {n} (single elongated piece of material)  :: vlákno {n}
fibre {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre  ::
fibroma {n} (benign tumour of fibrous connective tissue)  :: fibrom {m}
fibromyalgia {n} (condition characterised by chronic pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints)  :: fibromyalgie {f}
fibula {n} (calf bone) SEE: calf bone  ::
fiction {n} (literary type)  :: beletrie {f}
fiction {n} (invention)  :: fikce {f}
fictitious {adj} (invented)  :: smyšlený {m}
ficus {n} (plant of the genus Ficus)  :: fíkus {m}
fiddle {v} (to play aimlessly)  :: marnit
fiddle {v} (to play traditional tunes on a violin in a non-classical style)  :: šumařit
fiddler {n} (one who plays the fiddle)  :: houslista {m}
fief {n} (estate)  :: léno {n}
field {n} (land area free of woodland, cities, and towns; open country)  :: pole {n}
field {n} (wide, open space used to grow crops or to hold farm animals)  :: pastvina {f} [for animals], pole {n} [for crops]
field {n} (physics: region affected by a particular force)  :: pole {n}
field {n} (course of study or domain of knowledge or practice)  :: pole
field {n} (in mathematics)  :: pole {n}
field {n} (sports: area reserved for playing a game)  :: hřiště {n}
field {n} (computing: area of memory or storage reserved for a particular value)  :: pole {n}
field hospital {n} (medical unit)  :: polní nemocnice {f}
field marshal {n} (highest miliary rank after the commander in chief)  :: polní maršál {m}, feldmaršál {m}, polní maršálek {m}, feldmaršálek {m}
field mushroom {n} (genus of fungi)  :: pečárka polní {f}, žampion polní {m}
field of view {n} (angular extent of what can be seen)  :: zorné pole {n}
field trip {n} (educational trip)  :: exkurze {f}, škola v přírodě {f}
field vole {n} (field vole)  :: hraboš mokřadní {m}
fierce {adj} (extremely violent, severe, ferocious or savage)  :: krutý {m}, nelítostný {m}, zlý {m}
fierce {adj} (resolute or strenuously active)  :: urputný {m}, naprostý
fierce {adj} (threatening in appearance or demeanor)  :: ohrožující, divoký {m}
fiery {adj} (of, or relating to fire)  :: ohnivý {m}
fiery {adj} (having the colour of fire)  :: vznětlivý {m}
fiery {adj} (tempestuous or emotionally volatile)  :: vznětlivý {m}
fiery {adj} (spirited or filled with emotion)  :: ohnivý {m}
fifteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: patnáct
fifteenth {adj} (ordinal form of number fifteen)  :: patnáctý
fifth {adj} (Ordinal form of the number 5)  :: pátý {m} (abbreviation 5.)
fifth {n} (one of five equal parts of a whole)  :: pětina {f}
fifth column {n} (a group of people which clandestinely undermines a larger group, such as a nation, to which it is expected to be loyal)  :: pátá kolona {f}, vnitřní nepřítel {m}
fifth wheel {n} (anything superfluous or unnecessary)  :: páté kolo u vozu {n}
fiftieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number fifty)  :: padesátý {m}
fiftieth {n} (one of fifty equal parts of a whole)  :: padesátina {f}
fifty {num} (cardinal number)  :: padesát
fifty-eight {num} (cardinal number)  :: padesát osm, osmapadesát
fiftysomething {n} (quinquagenarian) SEE: quinquagenarian  ::
fig {n} (tree or shrub)  :: fík {m}, fíkovník {m}
fig {n} (fruit)  :: fík {m}
fight {v} ((intransitive) to contend in physical conflict)  :: bojovat, zápasit, bít se
fight {v} (to strive for)  :: bojovat
fight {v} ((transitive) to engage in (a physical conflict))  :: bojovat
fight {v} ((transitive) to contend in physical conflict against)  :: bojovat
fight {v} (to counteract)  :: bojovat
fight {n} (occasion of fighting)  :: boj {m}, rvačka {f}, bitka {f}
fight {n} (battle)  :: bitva {f}, boj {m}
fight {n} (physical confrontation)  :: rvačka {f}
fight {n} (martial arts match)  :: zápas
fight {n} (will or ability to fight)  :: bojovnost {f}
fighter {n} (person who fights)  :: bojovník {m}
fighter {n} (warrior)  :: bojovník {m}, válečník {m}
fighter {n} (aircraft type)  :: stíhačka {f}, stíhací letoun {m}
fighter {n} (boxer) SEE: boxer  ::
fighter aircraft {n} (fighter aircraft) SEE: fighter plane  ::
fighter plane {n} (military aircraft)  :: stíhací letoun
fig tree {n} (fig tree) SEE: fig  ::
figurative {adj} (metaphorical; not literal)  :: přenesený, metaforický, obrazný
figuratively {adv} (in a figurative manner)  :: obrazně
figure {n} (figure of speech) SEE: figure of speech  ::
figure {n} (drawing)  :: obrázek {m}, ilustrace {f}
figure {n} (human figure; shape of human body)  :: postava {f}
figure {v} (to solve a problem)  :: vyřešit
figure of speech {n} (word or phrase)  :: řečnická figura {f}
figure out {v} (to calculate) SEE: calculate  ::
figure skating {n} (sport where people perform spins, jumps and other moves on skates)  :: krasobruslení {n}
Fiji {prop} (Republic of the Fiji Islands)  :: Fidži
Fijian {n} (a person from Fiji or of Fijian descent)  :: Fidžijec {m}
Fijian {adj} (of, or relating to, Fiji, its people, or its language)  :: fidžijský
Fijian {prop} (language)  :: fidžijština {f}
filament {n} (fine thread or wire)  :: nitka {f}, drátek {m}
filament {n} (wire in an incandescent light bulb)  :: vlákno {n}
file {n} (collection of papers)  :: pořadač {m}, archiv {m}, složka {f}, šanon {m}
file {n} (computer terminology)  :: soubor {m}
file {v} (to commit papers)  :: podat {pf}
file {v} (to archive)  :: založit {pf}, archivovat
file {v} (to store computer data)  :: uložit {pf}
file {v} (to make a formal request)  :: požádat {pf}
file {n} (column of people)  :: zástup {m}
file {n} (chess: vertical line of squares)  :: sloupec {m}
file {n} (cutting or smoothing tool)  :: pilník {m}
file {v} (to smooth with a file)  :: pilovat
file cabinet {n} (piece of office furniture) SEE: filing cabinet  ::
file extension {n} (string of characters)  :: koncovka souboru {f}, přípona souboru {f}
file manager {n} (a computer program)  :: správce souborů {m}
file system {n} ((computing) method of organizing blocks)  :: souborový systém {m}
filial piety {n} (respect to one's parents and ancestors)  :: úcta k stáří {f}
filicide {n} (person who kills his or her own child)  :: synovrah {m}, synovražedkyně {f}, dcerovrah {m}
filing cabinet {n} (piece of office furniture)  :: kartotéka {f}
Filipino {n} (native or inhabitant of the Philippines)  :: Filipínec {m}, Filipínka {f}
Filipino {adj} (Of or pertaining to the Philippines or its people)  :: filipínský
fill {v} (occupy fully, take up all of)  :: vyplnit
fill {v}  :: plnit
fillet {n} (strip of deboned meat or fish)  :: filé {n}
fill in {v} (fill) SEE: fill  ::
fill in {v} (fill out) SEE: fill out  ::
filling {adj} (of food, that satisfies the appetite by filling the stomach)  :: sytý
filling {n} (in dentistry)  :: výplň {f}
filling station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
fill out {v} (to complete a form)  :: vyplnit
fill up {v} (make full)  :: napustit, naplnit
filly {n} (young female horse)  :: kobylka {f}
film {n} (motion picture) SEE: movie  ::
film {n} (photographic film)  :: film {m}
film director {n} (person)  :: režisér {m}
filter {n} (device for separating impurities from a fluid or other substance)  :: filtr {m}
filter {n} (electronics or software to separate unwanted signal)  :: filtr {m}
filter {n} (any device or procedure that acts to separate or isolate)  :: filtr {m}
filter {v} (to sort, sift, or isolate)  :: filtrovat
filter out {v} (To selectively remove part of something)  :: vyfiltrovat
filth {n} (dirt)  :: špína {f}
fin {n} (appendage of a fish)  :: ploutev {f}
final {n} (sports: last round in a contest)  :: finále {n}
final {adj} (last; ultimate)  :: poslední, konečný
finalist {n} (participant in final)  :: finalista {m}, finalistka {f}
finalize {v} (to make final or firm; to finish or complete)  :: dokončit
finally {adv} (lastly)  :: konečně, nakonec
finance {v} (to obtain or provide funding for a transaction or undertaking)  :: financovat
financial {adj} (related to finances)  :: finanční {m}
financial instrument {n} (instrument for borrowing)  :: finanční nástroj {m}
financial market {n} (market where financial securities and commodities are bought and sold)  :: finanční trh {m}
financier {n} (person profiting from financial transactions)  :: finančník {m}
find {v} (encounter, locate, discover)  :: nalézat {impf}, nalézt {pf}, nacházet {impf}, najít {pf}
find {v} (point out)  :: objevit, nalézt
find {v} (decide that)  :: pokládat za
find {v} (discover) SEE: discover  ::
finding {n} (result of research or an investigation)  :: zjištění {n}
find out {v} (to discover)  :: zjistit
fine {n} (payment for breaking the law)  :: pokuta {f}
finely {adv} (in a manner to produce a fine result)  :: najemno, jemně, nadrobno
fineness {n} (ratio in a precious metal)  :: ryzost {f}
finery {n} (fineness) SEE: fineness  ::
fine-tune {v} (to make small adjustments to something until optimization is achieved)  :: doladit
finger {n} ((anatomy) extremity of the hand)  :: prst {m}
finger {v} (to penetrate and sexually stimulate with one's finger)  :: prstit
finger {n} (the breadth of a finger) SEE: digit  ::
fingerboard {n} (part of musical instrument)  :: hmatník {m}
fingering {n} (specific method)  :: prstoklad {m}
fingering {n} (sexual act)  :: prstění {n}
fingernail {n} (covering near the tip of finger)  :: nehet {m}
fingerprint {n} (the pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers)  :: otisk prstu {m}
fingerprint {n} (the patterns left on surfaces where fingertips have touched)  :: otisk prstu {m}
fingerprint {n} (unique identification for public key in asymmetric cryptosystem)  :: otisk {m}, miniatura {f}
finish {n} (end)  :: konec {m}
finish {v} (to complete)  :: dokončit
finish {v} (to come to an end)  :: skončit
finished {adj} (processed or perfected)  :: dokončený {m}
finish off {v} (to kill) SEE: kill  ::
finite {adj} (having an end or limit)  :: konečný {m}
finiteness {n} (the state of being finite)  :: konečnost {f}
Finland {prop} (Nordic country)  :: Finsko {n}
Finn {n} (person from Finland)  :: Fin {m}, Finka {f}
Finnic {adj} (Finnish) SEE: Finnish  ::
Finnish {adj} (of Finland)  :: finský {m}
Finnish {adj} (of the Finnish language)  :: finský {m}
Finnish {prop} (language)  :: finština
Finno-Ugric {prop} (non-Indo-European group of languages)  :: ugrofinština, ugrofinské jazyky
Finno-Ugric {adj} (of or relating to Finno-Ugric)  :: ugrofinský
fir {n} (conifer of the genus Abies)  :: jedle {f}
fire {v} (to heat pottery, etc.)  :: vypálit
fire {v} (to terminate the employment of)  :: vyhodit
fire {v} (transitive: to shoot)  :: střílet
fire {v} (intransitive: to shoot)  :: vystřelit
fire {interj} (cry of distress indicating that something is on fire)  :: požár
fire {v} (to set on fire) SEE: set on fire  ::
fire and brimstone {n} (punishment of Hell)  :: oheň a síra
firearm {n} (personal weapon)  :: střelná zbraň {f}
firebox {n} (chamber of steam engine)  :: topeniště {n}
fire brigade {n} (group within a corporation or industrial site)  :: hasičský sbor {m}, požární sbor {m}
fire brigade {n} (organization for preventing and putting out fires)  :: hasičský sbor {m}, požární sbor {m}
fire escape {n} (emergency doors, ladders etc. as a class)  :: nouzový východ {m}, únikový východ {m}
fire escape {n} (emergency escape route)  :: úniková cesta {f}
fire extinguisher {n} (device for putting out a fire)  :: hasicí přístroj {m}
firefighter {n} (a person who puts out fires and saves lives)  :: hasič {m}, požárník {m}
firefly {n} (Lampyridae)  :: světluška {f}
firefox {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda  ::
fire house {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station  ::
firehouse {n} (fire station) SEE: fire station  ::
fire hydrant {n} (a device used by firefighters to obtain water from the main)  :: požární hydrant {m}, hydrant {m}
fireman {n} (someone skilled in fighting fire) SEE: firefighter  ::
fireplace {n} (open hearth)  :: krb {m}
firepower {n} (ability to deliver fire)  :: palebná síla {f}
fireproof {adj} (resistant to damage from fire)  :: ohnivzdorný
fire stairs {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape  ::
fire station {n} (building for firefighters)  :: hasičská stanice {f}
fire up {v} (Of an engine: to start)  :: nastartovat
firewall {n} (computer software)  :: firewall {m}
fire watch {n} (looking out for signs of fire)  :: požární hlídka {f}
firewater {n} (high proof alcohol)  :: ohnivá voda
firewoman {n} (female firefighter)  :: hasička {f}
firewood {n} (wood intended to be burned, typically for heat)  :: palivové dříví {n}
firework {n} (exploding device)  :: ohňostroj {m}
fireworks {n} (plural of firework)  :: ohňostroje {p}
fireworks {n} (event or display of fireworks)  :: ohňostroj {m}
firm {n} (business or company)  :: firma {f}
firm {adj} (fixed (in opinions))  :: nepoddajný
firm {adj} (solid, rigid (material state))  :: tvrdý, pevný
firm {v} (to make firm or strong)  :: upevnit
firm {v} (to become firm)  :: ztvrdnout
firm {v} (Australian, betting: to shorten) SEE: shorten  ::
firmly {adv} (in a firm or definite or strong manner)  :: tvrdě, pevně
firmly {adv} (securely)  :: pevně
first {adj} (numeral first)  :: první
first {adv} (before anything else)  :: zaprvé, prvně
first {n} (person or thing in the first position)  :: první
first aid {n} (basic care)  :: první pomoc {f}
first-aid box {n} (box containing first aid and medical supplies)  :: lékárnička {f}
first aid kit {n} (standard collection of first aid supplies)  :: lékárnička {f}
firstborn {n} (the first child in a family)  :: prvorozený {m}
firstborn {adj} (born as the first one in a family)  :: prvorozený {m}
first class {adj} (belonging to the best group in a system of classification)  :: prvotřídní
first come, first served {proverb} (people will be dealt with in the order they arrive)  :: kdo dřív přijde, ten dřív mele
first cousin {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin  ::
first floor {n} (floor at the level of the street)  :: přízemí {n}
First Lady {n} (the wife of the President of a country)  :: první dáma {f}
first language {n} (mother tongue) SEE: mother tongue  ::
first lieutenant {n} (rank)  :: nadporučík {m}
first light {n} (dawn) SEE: dawn  ::
first name {n} (name chosen by parents)  :: křestní jméno {n}
first person {n} (the form of a pronoun verb used when the subject of a sentence is making the statement)  :: první osoba {f}
First World War {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I  ::
fiscal policy {n} (government policy)  :: fiskální politika {f}
fish {n} (vertebrate animal)  :: ryba {f}
fish {n} (flesh of fish as food)  :: ryba {f}
fish {v} (intransitive: to try to catch fish)  :: rybařit
fisher {n} (person who fishes)  :: rybář {m} (person)
fisher cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher  ::
fisherman {n} (person catching fish)  :: rybář {m}
fisheye lens {n} (wide-angle lens with extremely wide field of view)  :: objektiv rybí oko {m}, rybí oko {n}
fishhook {n} (barbed hook for fishing)  :: háček {m}
fishing {n} (act or sport of catching fish)  :: rybolov {m}
fishing {n} (business of catching fish)  :: rybolov {m}
fishing hook {n} (fishhook) SEE: fishhook  ::
fishing line {n} (chord or line where the hook or lure is attached)  :: vlasec {m}
fishing rod {n} (rod used for angling)  :: rybářský prut {m}
fishline {n} (fishing line) SEE: fishing line  ::
fishpond {n} (freshwater pond stocked with fish)  :: rybník {m}
fishy {n} (little fish)  :: rybička {f}
fishy {adj} (of, from, or similar to fish)  :: rybí
fissile {adj} (capable of undergoing nuclear fission)  :: štěpný {m}
fission {n} (process of splitting an atom)  :: štěpení {n}
fission {n} (process by which a bacterium splits into two)  :: štěpení {n}
fist {n} (clenched hand)  :: pěst {f}
fisting {n} (sexual practice of fisting)  :: Pěstění {f-p} {pf}
fistula {n} (abnormal connection or passageway between organs or vessels)  :: píštěl {f}
fit {adj} (suitable, proper)  :: vhodný {m}
fit {v} (to conform to in size and shape)  :: vejít se {pf}
fit {v} (to have right size and cut, as of clothing)  :: sedět, padnout
fit {v} (adjust) SEE: adjust  ::
fit {v} (make ready) SEE: prepare  ::
fitness {n} (ablity to perform)  :: vhodnost {f}
fitting {n} (a small detachable part of a device or machine)  :: kování
five {num} (five )  :: pět, [collective] patery
five hundred {num} (cardinal number 500)  :: pět set
five thousand {num} (5000)  :: pět tisíc
fix {v} (to mend or repair)  :: opravit, spravit
fixed cost {n} (cost that does not vary)  :: fixní náklad {m}
fixed point {n} (value unchanged by a mapping)  :: pevný bod {m}
fixed-term contract {n} (contract which is valid only for a pre-arranged time)  :: smlouva na dobu určitou {f}
fixer {n} (chemical used in photographic development)  :: ustalovač {m}
fizz {n} (carbonated beverage) SEE: soda  ::
fizzy drink {n} (fizzy drink) SEE: soda  ::
fjord {n} (long, deep inlet)  :: fjord {m}
flabbergast {v} (To overwhelm with wonder; to stun or amaze)  :: ohromit
flag {n} (piece of cloth or often its representation)  :: vlajka {f}, prapor {m}, praporek {m}
flag {n} (use of a flag)  :: praporek {m}
flag {v} (to mark with a flag)  :: označit
flag {v} (to signal to)  :: mávnout
flag {v} (computing: to signal)  :: označit
flag {v} (weaken)  :: ochabovat
flag {n} (plant with sword-shaped leaves)  :: kosatec {m}
flag {n} (flagstone)  :: dlaždice {f}
flag {v} (lay down flagstones)  :: dláždit
flagellum {n} (whip) SEE: whip  ::
flagpole {n} (pole for flags)  :: vlajkový stožár {m}, žerď {f}
flagship {n} (ship occupied by the fleet's commander)  :: vlajková loď {f}
flagship {n} (the most important one out of a related group)  :: vlajková loď {f}
flagstaff {n} (flagpole) SEE: flagpole  ::
flail {n} (tool)  :: cep {m}
flail {n} (weapon)  :: řemdih {m}
flake {n} (thin chiplike layer)  :: vločka {f}
flambé {v} (to add and ignite alcohol to food)  :: flambovat
flame {n} (visible part of fire)  :: plamen {m}
flame {n} (romantic partner)  :: milenec {m}, milenka {f}
flamenco {n} (a genre of folk music and dance native to Andalusia, Spain)  :: flamenco {n}
flamethrower {n} (device that projects a flame)  :: plamenomet {m}
flamingo {n} (bird)  :: plameňák {m}
flammable {adj} (capable of burning)  :: hořlavý
flammable {adj} (volatile)  :: hořlavý
Flanders {prop} (subnational state in the north of federal Belgium)  :: Vlámsko {n}0
Flanders {prop} (historical county)  :: Vlámsko {n}, Flandry {f-p}
Flanders {prop} (two provinces in Belgium)  :: Flandry {f-p}
Flanders {prop} (former province and region of northern France)  :: Flandry {f-p}
flange {n} (rib or rim for strengthening)  :: příruba {f}
flange {n} (slang:vulva) SEE: vulva  ::
flanker {n} (rugby player in the back row of the scrum)  :: rváček {m}
flannel {n} (soft cloth material)  :: flanel {m}
flannel {n} (washcloth) SEE: washcloth  ::
flapjack {n} (pancake) SEE: pancake  ::
flare-up {n} (outbreak, outburst or eruption)  :: vzplanutí {n}
flash {v} (to telephone someone, only allowing the phone to ring once)  :: prozvonit
flash {n} (burst of light)  :: záblesk {m}
flash drive {n} (storage device)  :: flash disk {m}, fleška {f} [colloquial]
flashlight {n} (battery-powered hand-held lightsource)  :: baterka {f}
flashpoint {n} (the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture)  :: bod vzplanutí {m}
flask {n} (laboratory glassware)  :: baňka {f}
flat {n} (palm of the hand) SEE: palm  ::
flat {adj} (having no variations in altitude)  :: plochý, rovný
flat {adj} (of a tyre: deflated)  :: prasklý
flat {n} (apartment) SEE: apartment  ::
flatbed truck {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck  ::
flatfish {n} (fish of the order Pleuronectiformes)  :: platýs {m}, kambala {f}
flatland {n} (land of relatively constant altitude)  :: rovina {f}
flatly {adv} (in a manner showing complete certainty)  :: jednoznačně, rozhodně, kategoricky
flatly {adv} (in a manner that shows no emotions)  :: nevzrušeně, chladně, bez zájmu, jednotvárně
flatten {v} (to make something flat)  :: zploštit, zplacatit, splácnout
flatten {v} (to knock down or lay low)  :: uzemnit, srazit k zemi, rozdrtit
flatten {v} (to become flat)  :: zploštit se, zplacatit se, splácnout se
flatter {v} (to compliment someone)  :: lichotit, pochlebovat
flatterer {n} (one who flatters)  :: lichotník {m}
flattery {n} (excessive praise)  :: lichocení {n}, pochlebování {n}
flattery {n} (instant of excessive praise)  :: lichotka {f}
flatuency {n} (flatulence) SEE: flatulence  ::
flatulence {n} (state of having gas in digestive system)  :: plynatost {f}
flatus {n} (gas)  :: větry {m-p}
flatus {n} (expulsion)  :: prd {m}, vítr {m}
flautist {n} (flute player)  :: flétnista {f}
flavorless {adj} (lacking taste or flavor)  :: bez chuti
flavour {n} (a substance used to produce a taste)  :: příchuť {f}
flaw {n} (defect, fault)  :: vada
flawless {adj} (perfect; without flaws, shortcomings or defects)  :: bezchybný {m}
flax {n} (plant)  :: len {m}
flaxseed {n} (the seed of the flax plant)  :: lněné semínko {n}
flay {v} (to strip skin off)  :: stáhnout kůži
flea {n} (parasitic insect)  :: blecha {f}
flea market {n} (an outdoor market selling inexpensive antiques, curios)  :: bleší trh {m}
fleck {n} (lock) SEE: lock  ::
fleck {n} (flake) SEE: flake  ::
fleck {n} (small spot)  :: skvrna {f}
fledgling {adj} (inexperienced)  :: nezkušený
fledgling {n} (young bird)  :: ptáče {n}, ptáčátko {n}
flee {v} (to run away; to escape)  :: utéct, utéci {pf}, utíkat {impf}
flee {v} (to escape from)  :: utéci {pf}, utíkat {impf}
flee {v} (to disappear quickly)  :: zmizet {pf}, vypařit se {pf}, zdrhnout {pf} [colloquial]
fleece {n} (hair or wool of a sheep)  :: rouno {n}, vlna {f}
fleece {n} (insulating skin with the wool attached)  :: rouno {n}
fleece {n} (insulating wooly jacket)  :: flís {m}
fleet {n} (group of vessels or vehicles)  :: flota {f}, loďstvo {n}
fleeting {adj} (passing quickly)  :: prchavý {m}
Flemish {adj} (of or relating to Flanders)  :: vlámský
Flemish {prop} (the Dutch language as it is spoken in Flanders)  :: vlámština {f}
flerovium {n} (chemical element)  :: flerovium
flesh {n} (body tissue)  :: maso {n}
flesh {n} (edible part of fruit/vegetable)  :: dužina {f}
fletcher {n} (one who feathers arrows)  :: šípař {m}
fletcher {n} (a manufacturer of bows and arrows)  :: lukař {m}
fleur-de-lis {n} (heraldic charge)  :: lilie {f}
flexibility {n} (quality of being flexible)  :: ohebnost {f}
flexible {adj} (easily bent without breaking)  :: ohebný {m}
flexography {n} (a method of printing)  :: flexografie {f}
flick {n} (film) SEE: film  ::
flick {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
flight {n} (act of flying)  :: let {m}
flight {n} (instance of flying)  :: let {m}
flight {n} (group of doves or swallows)  :: hejno {n}
flight {n} (journey made by an aircraft)  :: let {m}
flight {n} (set of stairs)  :: rameno {n}
flight {n} (floor of building)  :: patro {n}, podlaží {n}
flight {n} (act of fleeing)  :: útěk {m}, úprk {m}
flight attendant {n} (member of the crew of an airplane who is responsible for the comfort and safety of its passengers)  :: letuška {f}, stevard {m}, stevardka {f}
flight code {n} (flight number) SEE: flight number  ::
flight deck {n} (aircraft cockpit) SEE: cockpit  ::
flightless {adj} (unable to fly)  :: nelétavý
flight number {n} (callsign)  :: číslo letu {n}
flighty {adj} (given to silly ideas)  :: nestálý, přelétavý
fling {v} (to throw with violence or quick movement; to hurl)  :: mrštit, hodit
flint {n} (hard fine-grained quartz which generates sparks when struck)  :: pazourek {m}
flint {n} (piece of flint, such as gunflint used to produce a spark)  :: pazourek {m}
flip-flop {n} (footwear) SEE: thong  ::
flip-flops {n} (thong) SEE: thong  ::
flipper {n} (mammal's wide limb for swimming)  :: ploutev {f}
flirt {v} (to play at courtship)  :: flirtovat
flittermouse {n} (bat) SEE: bat  ::
float {v} (to be supported by a liquid)  :: plavat, plout
flock {n} (group of birds)  :: hejno {n}
flock {n} (group of sheep or goats)  :: stádo {n}
floe {n} (a low, flat mass of floating ice)  :: kra {f}
flog {v} (to sell) SEE: sell  ::
flog {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
flog {v} (to steal) SEE: steal  ::
flood {n} (overflow of water)  :: povodeň {f}, záplava {f}, potopa {f}
flood {n} (large number or quantity)  :: záplava {f}, příval {m}, nával {m}
flood {v} (to overflow)  :: zaplavit
flood {v} (to cover as if by a flood)  :: zaplavit
floof {v} (fluff) SEE: fluff  ::
floor {n} (bottom part of a room)  :: podlaha {f}
floor {n} (mathematics: the largest integer less than or equal to a given number)  :: dolní celá část
floor {n} (storey of a building) SEE: storey  ::
floorball {n} (hockey-like ball game)  :: florbal
floor plan {n} (diagram)  :: půdorys {m}
floor tile {n} (tile for flooring)  :: dlaždice {f}
floozie {n} (vulgar or sexually promiscuous woman)  :: coura {f}, děvka {f}, běhna, lehká děva {f}, šlapka {f}
floozie {n} (prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets)  :: pouliční děvka {f}, šlapka {f}
flop {v} (to fall heavily, because lacking energy)  :: zhroutit se
flop {v} (to fail completely, not to be successful at all)  :: propadnout
floppy disk {n} (flexible disk used for storing digital data)  :: disketa {f}
flora {n} (plants considered as a group)  :: květena {f}, flóra {f}
Flora {prop} (the goddess of flowers)  :: Flóra {f}
Flora {prop} (female given name)  :: Flóra {f}
Florence {prop} (city in Tuscany, Italy)  :: Florencie {f}
Florentine {adj} (of or relating to the Italian city of Florence)  :: florentský
Florentine {n} (a native or resident of the Italian city of Florence)  :: Florenčan {m}, Florenťan {m}, Florenčanka {f}, Florenťanka {f}
floret {n} (small flower)  :: kvítek {m}
Florida {prop} (US state)  :: Florida {f}
Floridian {n} (an inhabitant or a resident of the state of Florida)  :: Floriďan {m}
florist {n} (a person who sells flowers)  :: květinář {m}
florist's {n} (a shop that sells flowers)  :: květinářství {n}
flotilla {n} (small fleet)  :: flotila {f}
flounce {v} (to make spastic motions) SEE: flounder  ::
flounder {n} (any flatfish) SEE: flatfish  ::
flounder {n} (Platichthys flesus)  :: platýs bradavičnatý {m}, flundra obecná
flour {n} (ground cereal grains)  :: mouka {f}
flourish {v} (to thrive or grow well)  :: vzkvétat {impf}, dařit se {impf}
flourish {v} (to prosper or fare well)  :: prosperovat {impf}, dařit se {impf}, vzkvétat {impf}
flourish {v} (to be in a period of greatest influence)  :: mít vliv {impf}, dopadat {impf}
flourish {v} (to make bold, sweeping movements)  :: rozmachovat se {impf}, gestikulovat {impf}
flourish {n} (ornamentation)  :: kudrlinka {f}
flourish {n} (ceremonious passage)  :: fanfára {f}, tuš {f}
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: run  ::
flow {n} (the movement of a fluid)  :: tok {m}, proudění {n}
flow {n} (the rising movement of the tide)  :: příliv {m}
flow {v} (to move as a fluid)  :: téct, proudit
flow {v} (to flow) SEE: stream  ::
flower {n} (reproductive structure in angiosperms)  :: květ {m}
flower {n} (plant that bears flowers, especially a plant that is small and lacks wood)  :: květina {f}
flower {v} (to put forth blooms)  :: kvést
flowerbed {n} (place where flowers are grown)  :: záhon {m}
flower girl {n} (florist) SEE: florist  ::
flowerpot {n} (a container in which plants are grown)  :: květináč, kořenáč {m}
flowery {adj} (of a speech or piece of writing)  :: květnatý
flu {n} (influenza)  :: chřipka {f}
fluctuate {v} (to vary irregularly; to swing)  :: kolísat
fluctuation {n} (wavering; unsteadiness)  :: fluktuace
fluent {adj} (able to speak a language accurately and confidently)  :: plynulý {m}, plynný {m}
fluently {adv} (expressing oneself easily)  :: plynule, plynně
fluently {adv} (having graceful movements)  :: plynule
fluff {v} (to make fluffy)  :: načechrat {pf}
flugelhorn {n} (brass instrument)  :: křídlovka {f}
fluid {n} (any state of matter which can flow)  :: kapalina {f}, tekutina {f}
fluid {adj} (of or relating to fluid)  :: tekutý, fluidní
fluid {adj} (in a state of flux; subject to change)  :: proměnlivý
fluid {adj} (moving smoothly)  :: plynulý
fluke {n} (stroke of luck)  :: šťastná náhoda {f}, klika {f}
fluorescent lamp {n} (a gas-discharge lamp)  :: zářivka {f}
fluorine {n} (chemical element)  :: fluor {m}
fluorosis {n} (any adverse condition due to an excess of fluoride)  :: fluoróza
fluoxetine {n} (one of SSRI antidepressant drugs)  :: fluoxetin {m}
flush {n} (poker hand)  :: fleš
flush toilet {n} (toilet that uses water to remove waste)  :: záchod {m}, záchodová mísa {f}, toaleta
flute {n} (woodwind instrument)  :: flétna {f}
fluted {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
flutist {n} (flute player) SEE: flautist  ::
flutter {v} (to flap or wave quickly)  :: třepetat
flux {n} (the rate of transfer of energy (electric flux, magnetic flux))  :: tok
fly {n} (insect of the family Muscidae)  :: moucha {f}
fly {v} (to travel through air)  :: létat {impf} [abstract], letět {impf} [concrete]
fly {n} (strip that hides the opening of trousers/pants or underpants)  :: poklopec {m}
fly agaric {n} (Amanita muscaria)  :: muchomůrka červená {f}
flyer {n} (leaflet, often for advertising)  :: leták {m}
fly-half {n} (rugby position)  :: útoková spojka {f}, útokovka {f}
flying {n} (flying (noun)) SEE: flight  ::
flying ace {n} (military aviator)  :: eso
flying buttress {n} (buttress that stands apart from the structure that it supports)  :: vzpěrný oblouk {m}
Flying Dutchman {prop} (mythical ghost ship)  :: Bludný Holanďan {m}
flying fox {n} (bat of the genera Pteropus or Acerodon)  :: kaloň {m}
flying fox {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae) SEE: megabat  ::
flying saucer {n} (disc-shaped unidentified flying object)  :: létající talíř {m}
Flying Spaghetti Monster {prop} (spaghetti deity)  :: Létající špagetové monstrum
flywheel {n} (a rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine within certain limits while the machine receives or releases energy at a varying rate)  :: setrvačník {m}
foal {n} (young horse)  :: hříbě {n}
foal {v} (give birth (equestrian))  :: ohřebit se {pf}, vrhnout hříbě
foam {n} (substance composed of a large collection of bubbles or their solidified remains)  :: pěna {f}
foam rubber {n} (foam rubber) SEE: foam  ::
focal length {n} (distance)  :: ohnisková vzdálenost {f}
focus {n} (in optics)  :: ohnisko {n}
focus {n} (exact point of where an earthquake occurs)  :: ohnisko {n}
fodder {n} (food for animals)  :: krmivo {n}
foe {n} (enemy) SEE: enemy  ::
foetus {n} (fetus) SEE: fetus  ::
fog {n} (cloud that forms at a low altitude and obscures vision)  :: mlha {f}
fog {n} (state of mind characterized by lethargy and confusion)  :: zamlžení {n}
fog {n} (Scottish: moss) SEE: moss  ::
foil {n} (thin sheet of metal)  :: fólie {f}
foil {n} (type of sword used in fencing)  :: fleret {m}
fold {v} (bend (thin material) over)  :: přeložit
fold {v} (poker: withdraw from betting)  :: foldovat
fold {n} ((geology) bending of originally flat planar surfaces)  :: vrása {f}
folder {n} (container of computer files)  :: složka {f}
folding screen {n} (furniture)  :: paraván {m}
foliage {n} (the leaves of plants)  :: listí {n}
folic acid {n} (vitamin B9, a polycyclic heterocyclic carboxylic acid)  :: kyselina listová {f}
folklore {n} (tales, legends and superstitions of a particular ethnic population)  :: folklór {m}
folklorism {n} (use of tradition outside the cultural context in which it was created)  :: folklorismus {m}
folkloristics {n} (formal academic study of folklore)  :: folkloristika
follow {v} (to go or come after in physical space)  :: sledovat
follow {v} (to go or come after in a sequence)  :: následovat {impf}
follow {v} (to carry out in accordance to)  :: řídit se, dodržet
follow {v} (to be a logical consequence of)  :: plynout
following {adj} (next in sequence or time)  :: následující
follow up {v} (take further actions after an event)  :: pokračovat {impf}, navázat {pf}, udržet v pozornosti {pf}, udržet komunikaci {pf}
fond {v} (be fond of, like) SEE: like  ::
fond {adj} (affectionate)  :: milující
fond {v} (have affection for)  :: mít náklonnost, mít slabost pro
fond {v} (be fond of, have affection for)  :: mít rád
fondle {v} (to fondle)  :: laskat
fondness {n} (the quality of being fond)  :: záliba {f}, láska {f}, slabost {f}
font {n} (typesetting: a grouping of consistently-designed glyphs)  :: písmo {n}, font {m}
fontanelle {n} (soft spot on a baby's head)  :: fontanela {f}
food {n} (any substance consumed by living organisms to sustain life)  :: potrava {f}, jídlo {n}
food chain {n} (a feeding relationship between species)  :: potravní řetězec {m}
foodie {n} (person with special interest in food)  :: gurmán, labužník
food processor {n} (kitchen appliance)  :: mixér {m}
foodstuff {n} (a material that may be used as food)  :: potravina {f}
fool {n} (person with poor judgement or little intelligence)  :: hlupák {m}, blázen {m}, šašek, pošetilec {m}, blbec {m}, blb {m}, blboun {m}, pitomec {m}, ňouma {m}
fool {n} (jester)  :: šašek {m}, klaun {m}
fool {n} (tarot card)  :: blázen
fool {v} (to trick; to make a fool of someone)  :: obelhávat, klamat
foolish {adj} (lacking good sense or judgement; unwise)  :: pošetilý {m}, hloupý {m}
foolishness {n} (state of being foolish)  :: pošetilost {f}
foolishness {n} (thing or event that is foolish)  :: pošetilost {f}
foolproof {adj} ((device) fail-safe)  :: blbuvzdorný
fool's gold {n} (mineral or other substance often mistaken for gold)  :: kočičí zlato {n}
fool's mate {n} (quickest possible checkmate)  :: mat bláznů {m}
foosball {n} (table soccer)  :: stolní fotbal {m}, stolní fotbálek {m} [colloquial], kalčo [regional]
foot {n} (part of animal’s body )  :: noha {f}
foot {n} (part of human body )  :: noha {f}
foot {n} (bottom of anything )  :: spodek {m}
foot {n} (projection on equipment )  :: noha {f}
foot {n} (unit of measure )  :: stopa {f}
foot {v} (kick)  :: kopnout
foot {v} (pay)  :: zatáhnout
foot-and-mouth disease {n} (foot-and-mouth disease)  :: slintavka a kulhavka
football {n} (Association football)  :: fotbal {m}, kopaná {f}
football {n} (game in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia)  :: australský fotbal {m}
football {n} (ball)  :: (fotbalový {m}) míč {m}
football {n} (US game) SEE: American football  ::
footballer {n} (one who plays football)  :: fotbalista {m}, fotbalistka {f}
football player {n} (footballer) SEE: footballer  ::
football tennis {n} (ball sport)  :: nohejbal {m}
footbridge {n} (bridge for pedestrians)  :: lávka {f}
footer {n} (line of information at the bottom of a page)  :: zápatí {n}
foothill {n} (hill at the base of a mountain)  :: podhůří {n}
foothills {n} (plural of foothill) SEE: foothill  ::
footnote {n} (comment at the bottom of a printed page)  :: poznámka pod čarou {f}
footpath {n} (path for pedestrians)  :: pěšina {f}
footprint {n} (The impression of the foot)  :: stopa {f}
foot soldier {n} (infantryman) SEE: infantryman  ::
footstep {n} (mark left by a foot)  :: stopa {f}
footstep {n} (signs of a course taken)  :: stopa {f}
footstep {n} (step, as in a stair)  :: schod {m}
footstep {n} (distance of one footstep)  :: krok {m}
footstep {n} (act of taking a step)  :: krok {m}
footstool {n} (a low stool)  :: podnožka {f}
footwear {n} (an item of clothing that is worn on the foot)  :: obuv {f}
footwrap {n} (a strip of cloth worn around the feet)  :: onuce {f}, ovinka {f}, zavinovačka {f}
foppery {n} (stupidity) SEE: stupidity  ::
for {conj} (because)  :: neboť
for {prep} (towards)  :: k
for {prep} (directed at, intended to belong to)  :: pro
for {prep} (supporting)  :: pro
for {prep} (because of)  :: pro, za
forage {n} (fodder for animals)  :: pícnina {f}, píce {f}
foraminifer {n} (any protist of the taxon Foraminifera)  :: dírkonošec {m}, dírkonožec {m}
forbear {v} (to keep away from)  :: zdržet se {pf}, vyhnout se {pf}
forbear {v} (to refrain from proceeding)  :: vzdát {pf}
forbearance {n} (restraint under provocation)  :: zdrženlivost {f}
forbearance {n} (not enforcing something due)  :: shovívavost {f}
forbid {v} (to disallow)  :: zakazovat {impf}, zakázat {pf}
forbidden {adj} (not allowed)  :: zakázaný
forbidden fruit is the sweetest {proverb} (forbidden things have more worthwhile short-term consequences)  :: zakázané ovoce chutná nejlépe
force {n} (anything that is able to make a big change in person or thing)  :: síla
force {n} (physical quantity)  :: síla
force {v} (compel (someone to do something))  :: nutit, přinutit
force {n} (waterfall) SEE: waterfall  ::
forced {adj} (obtained forcefully)  :: násilný, vynucený, přinucený
force majeure {n} (unavoidable catastrophe)  :: vyšší moc {f}
ford {n} (crossing)  :: brod {m}
ford {v} (to cross a stream)  :: brodit, přebrodit
forearm {n} (part of the arm)  :: předloktí {n}
foreboding {n} (sense of evil to come)  :: zlá předtucha {f}
forebrain {n} (part of the brain)  :: přední mozek {m}
forecast {n} (estimation)  :: předpověď {f}
forecast {n} (weather prediction)  :: předpověď {f}
forefather {n} (ancestor)  :: předek {m}
forefinger {n} (first finger next to the thumb)  :: ukazovák {m}, ukazováček {m}
forefront {n} (forefront)  :: popředí {n}
forego {v} (precede) SEE: precede  ::
foreground {n} (The elements of an image which lie closest to the picture plane)  :: popředí {n}
forehand {n} (stroke in racket sports)  :: forhend {m}
forehead {n} (part of face above eyebrows)  :: čelo {n}
foreign {n} (foreigner) SEE: foreigner  ::
foreign {adj} (located outside one's own country or place)  :: cizí
foreign {adj} (originating from or characteristic of a different country)  :: cizí, zahraniční
foreign {adj} (belonging to a different organization)  :: cizorodý
foreign affairs {n} (policy)  :: zahraniční věci {f-p}
foreign affairs {n} (department)  :: ministerstvo zahraničních věcí {n}
foreign country {n} (country of which one is not a citizen)  :: cizí země {f}
foreign currency {n} (currency used in a foreign country)  :: cizí měna {f}, valuta {f} (in cash), deviza {f} (not in cash)
foreigner {n} (person in a foreign land)  :: cizinec {m}, cizinka {f}
foreign exchange {n} (foreign currency) SEE: foreign currency  ::
foreign exchange market {n} (market for trading one currency for another)  :: měnový trh {m}
foreign key {n} (column referencing another table)  :: cizí klíč {m}
foreign language {n} (any language other than that spoken by the people of a specific place)  :: cizí jazyk {m}
foreign minister {n} (cabinet official)  :: ministr zahraničí {m}
foreignness {n} (quality of being, appearing, or being perceived as foreign)  :: cizost {f}
foreland {n} (headland) SEE: headland  ::
foreman {n} (leader of a work crew)  :: předák {m}
forename {n} (a name that precedes surname)  :: křestní jméno {n}
forenoon {n} (morning) SEE: morning  ::
forensic {adj} (relating to the use of science and technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law)  :: forenzní
foreplay {n} (foreplay)  :: předehra {f}
forerunner {n} (precursor, harbinger)  :: předchůdce {m}
foresee {v} (to anticipate)  :: předvídat
foresightful {adj} (having foresight)  :: prozíravý {m}
foreskin {n} (prepuce / foreskin)  :: předkožka {f}
forest {n} (dense collection of trees)  :: les {m}
forester {n} (person practicing forestry)  :: lesník {m}
forestry {n} (science of planting and growing trees)  :: lesnictví {n}
for ever {adv} (forever) SEE: forever  ::
forever {adv} (for all time, for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time)  :: navždy, na věky
foreword {n} (an introductory section)  :: předmluva {f}
for example {prep} (as an example)  :: například
forfeit {v} (to give up in defeat)  :: prohrát kontumačně
for free {prep} (without paying)  :: zdarma, zadarmo, bezplatně
forge {n} (workshop)  :: kovárna {f}
forger {n} (person who falsifies documents with intent to defraud)  :: padělatel {m}
forgery {n} (invention) SEE: invention  ::
forgery {n} (the act of forging, fabricating or producing falsely)  :: padělání {n}
forgery {n} (that which is forged or counterfeited)  :: padělek {m}, podvrh {m}
forget {v} (to lose remembrance of)  :: zapomínat {impf}, zapomenout {pf}
forget {v} (to unintentionally not do)  :: zapomenout
forget {v} (to cease remembering)  :: zapomenout, zapomínat
forgetful {adj} (liable to forget)  :: zapomnětlivý {m}
forgetfulness {n} (proneness to let slip from the mind)  :: zapomnětlivost {f}
forget-me-not {n} (plant of the genus Myosotis)  :: pomněnka {f}
forgive {v} (transitive, to pardon)  :: odpouštět {impf}, odpustit {pf}
forgiveness {n} (the action of forgiving)  :: odpuštění {n}
for God's sake {interj} (Exclamation of anger, surprise, or impatience)  :: proboha
for good {prep} (Forever; permanently)  :: navždy
forgotten {adj} (of which knowledge has been lost, which is no longer remembered)  :: zapomenutý
for instance {adv} (as an example) SEE: for example  ::
forint {n} (unit of currency)  :: forint {m}
fork {n} (eating utensil)  :: vidlička {f}
fork {n} (intersection)  :: rozcestí {n}
fork {n} (computer science: splitting of a project)  :: odnož {f}
fork {n} (forklift) SEE: forklift  ::
fork {n} (gallows) SEE: gallows  ::
forkful {n} (amount a fork will hold)  :: vidlička {f}
forklift {n} (small industrial vehicle)  :: vysokozdvižný vozík {m}
form {n} (document to be filled in)  :: formulář {m}
form {n} (level of pre-collegiate education) SEE: grade  ::
formal {adj} (being in accord with established forms)  :: formální
formaldehyde {n} (organic compound)  :: formaldehyd {m}
formality {n}  :: formalita {f}
formal language {n} (set of finite strings)  :: formální jazyk {m}
formally {adv} (in a formal manner)  :: formálně
formally {adv} (in accordance with official procedure)  :: formálně
formally {adv} (in accordance with rigorous rules)  :: formálně
format {n} (form of presentation)  :: formát {m}
format {n} (computing: file type)  :: formát
format {v} (computing: prepare a mass storage medium for initial use)  :: formátovat, naformátovat
former {adj} (previous)  :: bývalý {m} (such that it used to be)
formerly {adv} (at some time in the past)  :: dříve, kdysi
formerly {adv} (previously; once)  :: dříve
former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia {prop} (provisional designation of the Republic of Macedonia, see also: Republic of Macedonia; Macedonia)  :: bývalá jugoslávská republika Makedonie {f}
formic acid {n} (methanoic acid)  :: kyselina mravenčí {f}
formidable {adj} (causing fear, dread, awe or admiration as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive quality)  :: hrozný, ohromný, ohromující, úžasný
formidable {adj} (difficult to defeat or overcome)  :: nepřekonatelný {m}
Formosa {prop} (Taiwan) SEE: Taiwan  ::
formula {n} (in mathematics)  :: formule {f}, vzorec {m}
formula {n} (in chemistry)  :: vzorec {m}, formule {f}
Formula One {prop} (discipline in motor racing)  :: Formule 1 {f}
formulate {v} (to reduce to, or express in, a formula; to put in a clear and definite form of statement or expression)  :: formulovat
formulation {n} (act, process, or result of formulating or reducing to a formula)  :: formulace {f}
forsooth {adv} (indeed, truthfully, really)  :: věru, vskutku, namouduši
for starters {adv} (as an initial point)  :: pro začátek
fort {n} (fortified defensive structure stationed with troops)  :: pevnost {f}
for the time being {adv} (temporarily; until later)  :: prozatím
fortieth {adj} (ordinal form of forty)  :: čtyřicátý, 40.
fortieth {n} (person or thing)  :: čtyřicátý {m}, čtyřicátá {f}
fortieth {n} (one of forty equal parts)  :: čtyřicetina {f}
fortification {n} (that which fortifies)  :: pevnost {f}, opevnění {n}
fortnight {adv} (period of two weeks)  :: dva týdny {m-p}, čtrnáct dní {m-p}
fortochka {n} (small ventilation window spanning the frame of a window)  :: vyhlídka {f}, větrací okénko {n}
fortress {n} (fortified place)  :: pevnost {f}
fortuitous {adj} (happening by chance, not necessarily a lucky one)  :: náhodný {m}
fortunately {adv} (in a fortunate manner)  :: naštěstí
fortune {n} (destiny)  :: osud {m}
fortune {n} (good luck)  :: štěstí {n}
fortune {n} (lots of riches)  :: bohatství {n}
fortune favors the bold {proverb} (luck favors the adventurous)  :: odvážnému štěstí přeje
fortuneteller {n} (cootie catcher) SEE: cootie catcher  ::
forty {num} (the cardinal number occurring after thirty-nine)  :: čtyřicet
forty-one {num} (41)  :: čtyřicet jedna
fortysomething {n} (quadragenarian) SEE: quadragenarian  ::
forum {n} (place for discussion)  :: fórum {n}
forum {n} (gathering for the purpose of discussion)  :: fórum {n}
forum {n} (form of discussion)  :: fórum {n}
forum {n} (Internet message board)  :: fórum {n}
forward {adj} (at the front)  :: přední
forward {adv} (towards the front)  :: dopředu, vpřed
forward {adv} (in the usual direction of travel)  :: vpřed
forward {v} (send (something received) to a third party)  :: přeposlat
forward {n} (players nearest to the opposing rugby team)  :: rojník {m}
forward {n} (player nearest to the opposing soccer team)  :: útočník {m}
forward {n} (centre or winger in ice hockey)  :: útočník {m}
forward line {n} (soccer)  :: útok
forward pass {n} (foul in rugby)  :: přihrávka dopředu {m}
forward slash {n} (slash) SEE: slash  ::
fossil {n} (The mineralized remains of an animal or plant)  :: zkamenělina {f}, fosilie {f}
fossil fuel {n} (fuel)  :: fosilní palivo {n}
foster {v} (to nurture or bring up offspring; or to provide similar parental care to an unrelated child)  :: pečovat
Foucault's pendulum {n} (pendulum free to move in any direction)  :: Foucaultovo kyvadlo {n}
foul {n} (offence in sports)  :: faul {m}
found {v} (to begin building)  :: založit
found {v} (to start organization)  :: založit
found {v} (melt) SEE: melt  ::
foundation {n} (act of founding)  :: založení {n}
foundation {n} (that upon which anything is founded)  :: základy {m-p}
foundation {n} (endowed institution or charity)  :: nadace {f}
founder {n} (one who founds, establishes, and erects; one who lays a foundation; an author)  :: zakladatel {m}
founding {adj} (who or that founds or found)  :: zakládající
foundling {n} (abandoned child, left by its parent)  :: nalezenec {m}
foundry {n} (facility that melts metals)  :: slévárna {f}
fountain {n} (spring) SEE: spring  ::
fountain {n} (artificial water feature)  :: fontána {f}, kašna {f}
fountain {n} (structure from which a fountain issues)  :: fontána {f}
fountain pen {n} (pen containing a reservoir of ink)  :: plnící pero {n}
four {num} (the cardinal number 4)  :: čtyři, [collective] čtvery
four by two {n} (Jew) SEE: Jew  ::
four-dimensional {adj} (measurable along four mutually perpendicular axes)  :: čtyřrozměrný
four-eyes {n} (person who wears spectacles)  :: brejloun {m}
fourfold {adj} (four times as great)  :: čtyřnásobný
fourfold {adv} (by a factor of four)  :: čtyřnásobně
four hundred {num} (cardinal number 400)  :: čtyřista
four-letter word {n} (swear word) SEE: swear word  ::
four-stroke engine {n} (an engine in which the pistons perform four strokes per engine cycle)  :: čtyřdobý spalovací motor {m}
fourteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: čtrnáct
fourteenth {adj} (ordinal form of the number fourteen)  :: čtrnáctý
fourth {n} (quarter) SEE: quarter  ::
fourth {adj} (ordinal form of the number four)  :: čtvrtý (abbreviation 4.)
fowl {n} (bird) SEE: bird  ::
Fowler's position {prop} (physical position raising the patient's head by 45-60 degrees)  :: Fowlerova poloha {f}
fox {n} (Vulpes)  :: liška {f}
fox {n} (cunning person)  :: lišák {m}
fox {n} (attractive woman)  :: kočka {f}
fox {n} (fox terrier) SEE: fox terrier  ::
fox cub {n} (young fox)  :: lišče {n}
foxglove {n} (plant of the genus Digitalis)  :: náprstník {m}
foxling {n} (little fox)  :: lištička {f}, lišče {n}
fox terrier {n} (dog breeds)  :: foxteriér {m}
foxtrot {n} (a ballroom dance)  :: foxtrot {m}
Fårö {prop} (the island)  :: Fårö
fracas {n} (a noisy disorderly quarrel)  :: rvačka {f}, hádka {f}
fractal {n} (self-similar geometric figure)  :: fraktál {m}
fractal {n} (figure irregular at all scales)  :: fraktál {m}
fractal {adj} (having the form of a fractal)  :: fraktální
fractal dimension {n} (a dimension for making measurements on a fractal set)  :: fraktální dimenze
fraction {n} (part of a whole)  :: zlomek {m}
fraction {n} (arithmetic: ratio)  :: zlomek {m}
fracture {n} (act of breaking, or something broken)  :: zlomenina {f}
fragile {adj} (easily broken or destroyed)  :: křehký {m}
fragility {n} (condition or quality of being fragile)  :: křehkost {f}
fragment {n} (portion or segment of an object)  :: úlomek {m}, fragment {m}, zlomek {m}, střep {m}
fragmentation {n} (act of fragmenting or something fragmented; disintegration)  :: fragmentace {f}
fragmentation {n} (the breaking up and dispersal of a file into non-contiguous areas of a disk)  :: fragmentace {f}
fragrance {n} (pleasant smell or odour)  :: vůně {f}
frailty {n} (condition of being frail)  :: křehkost {f}, slabost {f}
frame {n} (rigid, generally rectangular mounting)  :: rám {m}
frame of reference {n} (physics: set of axes)  :: vztažná soustava {f}
framework {n} (the arrangement of support beams that represent a buildings general shape and size)  :: kostra {f}, konstrukce {f}
framework {n} (a basic conceptual structure)  :: soustava, systém, aplikační rámec {m}
franc {n} (former currency of France and Belgium)  :: frank {m}
franc {n} (any of several units of currency)  :: frank {m}
France {prop} (country)  :: Francie
Frances {prop} (feminine form of Francis)  :: Františka
Francis {prop} (male given name)  :: František {m}
francium {n} (chemical element)  :: francium {n}
frank {adj} (bluntly honest)  :: upřímný {m}
frankenword {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word  ::
Frankfurt-am-Main {prop} (city in Germany)  :: Frankfurt nad Mohanem {m}
Frankfurt an der Oder {prop} (town)  :: Frankfurt nad Odrou {m}
frankincense {n} (incense)  :: kadidlo {n}
frankness {n} (frankness)  :: upřímnost {f}
frantically {adv} (in a frantic manner)  :: zoufale
Fraser fir {n} (Abies fraseri)  :: jedle Fraserova {f}
fraternal {adj} (of brothers)  :: bratrský
fraternally {adv} (in a fraternal manner)  :: bratrsky
fraternity {n} (group of people associated for a common purpose)  :: spolek {m}
fratricide {n} (killing of one's sibling)  :: bratrovražda {f}
fratricide {n} (person who commits this crime)  :: bratrovrah {m}
fraud {n} (an act of deception)  :: podvod {m}
fraudulent {adj} (dishonest; based on fraud or deception)  :: podvodný {m}
fray {v} (to unravel)  :: třepit se
fray {v} (to cause exhaustion to a person's mental strength)  :: drásat
freak {n} (sudden causeless change or turn of the mind)  :: rozmar {m}, kapric {m}
freak {n} (nonconformist, especially in appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, or business practices)  :: podivín {m}, [pejorative] magor {m}, blázen {m}
freak {n} (person who has an obsession or extreme knowledge of something)  :: nadšenec {m}, fanda {m}, machr {m}
freak {n} (very sexually perverse individual (friendly use))  :: [colloquial] ujetej {m}
freckle {n} (small pigmentation spot on the skin)  :: piha {f}
Frederick {prop} (male given name)  :: Bedřich {m}
free {adj} (not imprisoned)  :: svobodný, volný
free {adj} (unconstrained)  :: volný
free {adj} (mathematics: unconstrained)  :: volný
free {adj} (unobstructed)  :: volný {m}
free {adj} (not in use)  :: volný
free {adj} (without obligations)  :: volný
free {adj} (software: with very few limitations on distribution or improvement)  :: svobodný
free {adj} (without)  :: prostý
free {adj} (programming: not bound)  :: volný
free {adv} (without needing to pay)  :: zadarmo
free {v} (make free)  :: osvobodit {pf}
free {adj} (obtainable without payment) SEE: free of charge  ::
free as a bird {adj} (completely free)  :: volný jako pták
freedom {n} (not being imprisoned or enslaved)  :: svoboda {f}, volnost {f}
freedom {n} (The lack of a specific constraint)  :: svoboda {f}
freedom fighter {n} (fighter)  :: bojovník za svobodu {m}
freedom fries {n} (french fries) SEE: french fries  ::
freedom of speech {n} (right to speak without fear of harm) SEE: free speech  ::
freefall {n} (being affected only by gravity)  :: volný pád {m}
free kick {n} (kick played without interference of opposition)  :: přímý kop {m}
free market {n} (type of market)  :: volný trh {m}
freemason {n} (freemason) SEE: Freemason  ::
Freemason {n} (member of the Free and Accepted Masons)  :: svobodný zednář {m}
Freemasonism {n} (Freemasonry) SEE: Freemasonry  ::
Freemasonry {prop} (institutions and ways of the Freemasons)  :: svobodné zednářství {n}
free of charge {adv} (without any payment - adverb) SEE: for free  ::
free of charge {adj} (not requiring any payment - adjective)  :: bezplatný, volný, zdarma, zadarmo
freesia {n} (plant)  :: frézie {f}
free software {n} (free of charge software) SEE: freeware  ::
free speech {n} (right to express an opinion in public)  :: svoboda slova {f}, svoboda projevu {f}, svoboda vyjadřování {f}
free throw {n} (basketball)  :: trestný hod {m}
free time {n} (time that can be spent on one's own activities rather than work)  :: volný čas {m}
free variable {n} (variable that is not bound to a storage location)  :: volná proměnná {f}
free variable {n} (in logic)  :: volná proměnná {f}
freeware {n} (free of charge software)  :: freeware {m}
freeway {n} (road designed for safe high-speed motoring)  :: dálnice {f}
free will {n} (ability to choose one's actions)  :: svobodná vůle {f}
freeze {v} (become solid due to low temperature)  :: zmrznout
freeze {v} (lower something's temperature to freezing point)  :: zmrazit
freeze {v} (be very cold)  :: mrznout
freeze {v} (become motionless)  :: ztuhnout or znehybnět
freeze {n} (period of cold)  :: mráz {m}
freezer {n} (stand-alone appliance)  :: mraznička {f}, mrazák {m}
freezing {adj} (frosty) SEE: frosty  ::
freezing point {n} (temperature)  :: bod mrazu {m}
Fregean {adj} (of or relating to Frege)  :: fregovský, fregeovský
French {prop} (Romance language spoken in France)  :: francouzština {f}, francouzský jazyk {m}
French {n} (people of France, collectively)  :: Francouzi {m-p}
French {adj} (of or relating to France)  :: francouzský
French {adj} (of or relating to the French people)  :: francouzský
French {adj} (of or relating to the French language)  :: francouzský
French bread {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette  ::
French curve {n} (drafting template)  :: křivítko {n}
french fries {n} (deep fried strips of potato)  :: hranolky {m}
French Guiana {prop} (Department of French Guiana)  :: Francouzská Guyana {f}
French kiss {n} (tongue kiss)  :: francouzský polibek {m}, francouzák {m}
French letter {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
Frenchman {n} (man of French birth or nationality)  :: Francouz {m}
French paradox {prop} (French paradox)  :: francouzský paradox
French Republican Calendar {prop} (republican calendar used for twelve years in revolutionary France)  :: Francouzský revoluční kalendář {m}
French stick {n} (a long thin loaf of bread) SEE: baguette  ::
Frenchwoman {n} (a French woman)  :: Francouzka {f}
freon {n} (non-flammable refrigerant)  :: freon {m}
frequency {n} (rate of occurrence of anything)  :: četnost {n}, frekvence {f}
frequency {n} (property of occurring often rather than infrequently)  :: častost {n}, frekvence {f}
frequency {n} (number of occurrences divided by time)  :: frekvence {f}, kmitočet {m} [of radio frequency]
frequent {adj} (done or occurring often)  :: častý {m}
fresco {n} (painting made using this technique)  :: freska {f}
fresh {adj} (new or clean)  :: svěží
fresh {adj} (of produce, not from storage)  :: čerstvý {m}
fresh {adj} (refreshing or cool)  :: svěží, osvěžující
fresh air {n} (clean air from outside)  :: čerstvý vzduch {m}
freshness {n} (freshness)  :: čerstvost {f}, svěžest {f}
freshwater {adj} (living in fresh water)  :: sladkovodní
fret {v} (one of the pieces of metal/wood/plastic across the neck of a guitar or similar string instrument)  :: pražec {m}
Freudian {adj} (relating to or influenced by Sigmund Freud)  :: freudovský
Freudian {n} (a follower of Sigmund Freud)  :: freudista {m}, freudovec {m}
Freudian slip {n} (subconscious mistake in speech or action)  :: freudovské přeřeknutí {n}
friar {n} (member of certain Christian orders)  :: fráter {m}
fricative {n} (consonant)  :: frikativa {f}
friction {n} (The rubbing of one object or surface against another)  :: tření {n}
friction {n} (A force that resists the relative motion or tendency to such motion of two bodies in contact)  :: tření {n}
Friday {n} (day of the week)  :: pátek {m}
fridge {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
fried egg {n} (egg that has been shallow fried)  :: volské oko {n}
friend {n} (person whose company one enjoys)  :: přítel {m}, kamarád {m}, přítelkyně {f}, kamarádka {f}
friend {n} (boyfriend or girlfriend)  :: kluk {m}, holka {f}, přítel {m}, přítelkyně {f}
friend {n} (person with whom you are acquainted)  :: známý {m}, známá {f}
friend {n} (person who provides assistance)  :: opora {f}
friend {n} (person who backs something)  :: příznivec {m}, příznivkyně {f}
friend {n} ((sarcastic) form of address used to warn someone)  :: kámo {m}, milej zlatej {m}
friendlily {adv} (friendly) SEE: friendly  ::
friendly {adj} (warm, approachable)  :: přátelský {m}
friendly {adj} (characteristic of friendliness)  :: přátelský
friendship {n} ((uncountable) condition of being friends)  :: přátelství {n}
friendship {n} ((countable) friendly relationship)  :: přátelství {n}
Friesland {prop} (province of the Netherlands)  :: Frísko {n}
frigate {n} (An obsolete type of sailing warship)  :: fregata {f}
frigate {n} (A 19th c. type of warship)  :: fregata {f}
frigate {n} (A modern type of warship)  :: fregata {f}
frighten {v} (to disturb with fear)  :: vystrašit
frightened {adj} (afraid, suffering from fear)  :: vyděšený, vystrašený
frigid {adj} (very cold)  :: frigidní, ledový
frigid {adj} (chilly in manner; lacking affection or zeal; impassive)  :: frigidní
fringe {n} (part of the hair)  :: ofina {f}
fringe {adj} (outside the mainstream)  :: okrajový
Frisbee {n} (a disk thrown for recreation)  :: frisbee
fritillary {n} (plant of genus Fritillaria)  :: řebčík {m}
Fritz {n} (derogatory: a German person)  :: skopčák {m}, Němčour {m}
frog {n} (amphibian)  :: žába {f}
frog {n} (end of a string instrument’s bow)  :: žabka {f}
frog {n} (a loop used to attach a scabbard etc. to a belt)  :: závěsník {m}
frog in one's throat {n} (hoarseness)  :: knedlík v krku
frogman {n} (diver)  :: žabí muž {m}, potápěč {m-p}
from {prep} (with the source or provenance of or at)  :: z, ze, od
from {prep} (with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at)  :: z, ze, od
from {prep} (with the separation, exclusion or differentiation of)  :: od, proti, před
from A to Z {prep} (comprehensively)  :: od A do Z
from the bottom of one's heart {prep} (in earnest, with one's full feelings)  :: od srdce
from time to time {adv} (occasionally)  :: čas od času, občas
front {n} (facing side)  :: předek {m}
front {n} (main entrance side)  :: předek {m}
front {n} (meteorology: interface between airmasses)  :: fronta {f}
front {n} (military: area or line of conflict)  :: fronta {f}
front {n} (major subdivision of Soviet army)  :: front {f}
front {adj} (located at or near the front)  :: přední
frontal {adj} (of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone)  :: čelní {m}
frontal bone {n} (bone of the forehead)  :: čelní kost {f}
frontal lobe {n} (Division of cerebrum)  :: čelní lalok {m}
frontal sinus {n} (sinus)  :: čelní dutina {f}
front desk {n} (reception) SEE: reception  ::
front-end loader {n} (front-end loader)  :: kolový nakladač {m}
frontier {n} (part of a country that fronts or faces another country or an unsettled region)  :: pohraničí {n}, pomezí {n}
frontispiece {n} (publishing: title page) SEE: title page  ::
frontispiece {n} (publishing: illustration)  :: frontispis {m}
frosh {n} (frog) SEE: frog  ::
frost {n} (cover of minute ice crystals)  :: jinovatka {f}, mráz {m}
frost {n} (cold weather that would cause frost)  :: mráz {m}
frostily {adv} (in a frosty manner)  :: mrazivě
frosting {n} (a layer of frost)  :: námraza {f}
frosty {adj} (cold, chilly)  :: mrazivý
froth {n} (foam)  :: pěna {f}
frothy {adj} (foamy or churned)  :: pěnivý
frounce {v} (to crease, wrinkle) SEE: frown  ::
frounce {v} (to curl) SEE: curl  ::
frown {v} (to have a frown on one's face)  :: mračit se
frozen {adj} (in the state of that which freezes)  :: zmrzlý, zamrzlý
fructose {n} (monosaccharide ketose sugar)  :: fruktóza {f}
frugal {adj} (economical, avoiding waste, thrifty)  :: skromný {m}, (about a person) spořivý {m}
frugality {n} (quality of being frugal; prudent economy; thrift)  :: skromnost {f}, spořivost {f}
fruit {n} (part of plant)  :: ovoce {n}, plod {m}
fruit {n} (food)  :: ovoce {n}
fruit {n} (figuratively: positive end result or reward of labour or effort)  :: plody {m-p}
fruit bat {n} (bat of the family Pteropodidae) SEE: megabat  ::
fruiterer {n} (seller of fruit)  :: ovocnář {m}
fruiting body {n} (fungal structure)  :: plodnice
fruitmonger {n} (fruiterer) SEE: fruiterer  ::
fruitseller {n} (fruiterer) SEE: fruiterer  ::
frump {n} (somebody who is unattractive, drab or dowdy)  :: hastroš {m}, cuchta {f}
frump {n} (clothes that such a person would wear)  :: hadry {m-p}
fry {v} (to cook (something) in hot fat or oil)  :: smažit
fry {v} ((intransitive) cook in hot fat or oil)  :: smažit se
fry {v} (suffer because of too much heat)  :: smažit se, péci se
fry {n} (fried potato)  :: čipsy {m-p}
fry {n} (young fish)  :: plůdek {m}
frying pan {n} (long-handled, shallow pan used for frying food)  :: pánev {f}
fuchsia {n} (plant)  :: fuchsie {f}
fuck {v} (to have sexual intercourse-obscene or vulgar)  :: mrdat {impf}, prcat {impf}, šukat {impf}, šoustat {impf}, jebat {impf}
fuck {n} (an act of sexual intercourse)  :: mrd {m}
fuck {interj} (fuck!)  :: kurva! do prdele! do piče!
fucked {adj} (in trouble)  :: v prdeli
fucker {n} (one who fucks)  :: zmrd {m}
fucking {adj} (as an intensifier)  :: kurva {f}, zasraný
fuck off {v} (go to hell, disappear, screw oneself)  :: odprejsknout
fuck over {v}  :: vyjebat (s někým) {pf}
fuckover {n}  :: výmrd {m}, šméčko {n}
fuck you {n} (fuck you)  :: jdi do prdele! (go to ass!), jdi do hajzlu! (go to loo!)
fuel {n} (substance consumed to provide energy)  :: palivo {n}
fuel tank {n} (a container of fuel)  :: palivová nádrž {f}
fugitive {n} (a person who is fleeing or escaping from something)  :: uprchlík
fugue {n} (piece of music)  :: fuga {f}
Fujian {prop} (province of China)  :: Fu-ťien
Fujihara {prop} (surname)  :: Fudžihara
Fujiwara {prop} (surname)  :: Fudžiwara
Fukien {prop} (Fujian) SEE: Fujian  ::
Fukuoka {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Fukuoka
Fukushima {prop} (Fukushima, Japan)  :: Fukušima
fulcrum {n} (support about which a lever pivots)  :: opěrný bod {m}
fulfill {v} (to carry out)  :: splnit {pf}
fulfillment {n} (state of being fulfilled)  :: naplnění {n} (satisfaction)
fulfilment {n} (being fulfilled)  :: naplnění {n} (satisfaction)
full {adj} (containing the maximum possible amount)  :: plný
full {adj} (complete)  :: úplný, kompletní
full {adj} (total, entire)  :: celý
full {adj} (satisfied, in relation to eating)  :: plný, sytý, nasycený, zasycený
full {n} (phase of the moon) SEE: full moon  ::
full-back {n} ((rugby))  :: zadák {m}
full board {n} (hotel rate)  :: plná penze {f}
full moon {n} (phase of moon when in opposition to sun)  :: úplněk {m}
full name {n} (full name of a person)  :: plné jméno {n}
full screen {adj} (occupying all the available displayable surface)  :: plná obrazovka {f}
full stop {n} (The punctuation mark “.”)  :: tečka {f}
full verb {n} (verb which has semantic meaning)  :: plnovýznamové sloveso {n}
fulminant {adj} (coming on quickly and destructively)  :: geniální, brilantní, skvělý {m} {n}
fumarole {n} (opening in the crust of an astronomical body that emits steam and gases)  :: fumarola {f}
fun {n} (enjoyment or amusement)  :: zábava {f}, legrace {f}
function {n} (what something does or is used for)  :: funkce {f}, účel {m}
function {n} (professional or official position)  :: funkce {f}
function {n} (relation where one thing is dependent on another)  :: funkce {f}
function {n} (mathematics: a relation between a set of inputs and a set of permissible outputs)  :: funkce {f}
function {n} (computing: routine that returns a result)  :: funkce {f}
function {n} (biology: physiological activity of an organ or body part)  :: funkce {f}
functional {adj} (in good working order)  :: funkční
functional {adj} (having semantics defined purely in terms of mathematical functions, without side-effects)  :: funkcionální
functional analysis {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: funkcionální analýza {f}
functional group {n} (characteristic grouping of elements)  :: funkční skupina {f}
functionalism {n} (architecture)  :: funkcionalismus {m} [architecture]
functionality {n} (ability)  :: funkčnost {f}
functional programming {n} (programming paradigm)  :: funkcionální programování {n}
functional requirement {n} (description of any of the functions of a software system)  :: funkční požadavek {m}
functioning {adj} (functional) SEE: functional  ::
fund {n} (sum or source of money)  :: fond {m}
fundament {n} (anus) SEE: anus  ::
fundament {n} (foundation) SEE: foundation  ::
fundamental {n} (a leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article)  :: zásadní
fundamental analysis {n} (analysis)  :: fundamentální analýza {f}
fundamental force {n} (force between elementary particles) SEE: fundamental interaction  ::
fundamental interaction {n} (basic forces that act between elementary particles)  :: základní interakce {f}
fundamentalism {n} (religion)  :: fundamentalismus {m}
fundamentalist {n} (one who reduces religion to strict interpretation of core or original texts)  :: fundamentalista {m}
fundamental particle {n} (elementary particle) SEE: elementary particle  ::
fundraiser {n} (event undertaken to get money)  :: peněžní sbírka {f}
funduscope {n} (ophthalmoscope) SEE: ophthalmoscope  ::
funeral {n} (ceremony to honour a deceased person)  :: pohřeb {m}
funeral director {n} (undertaker) SEE: undertaker  ::
funereal {adj} (relating to a funeral)  :: pohřební
fungal {adj} (of or pertaining to a fungus)  :: houbový, mykotický
fungible {adj} (able to be substituted for something of equal value)  :: zaměnitelný, směnitelný
fungicidal {adj} (having the ability to destroy or control fungus)  :: fungicidní
fungicide {n} (substance used to kill fungus)  :: fungicid {m}
fungous {adj} (of or pertaining to a fungus) SEE: fungal  ::
fungus {n} (any member of the kingdom Fungi)  :: houba {f}
funk {n} (spark) SEE: spark  ::
funnel {n} (utensil used to guide poured liquids)  :: trychtýř {m}
funnel {n} (smoke flue, chimney) SEE: chimney  ::
funny {adj} (amusing; comical)  :: legrační, zábavný
funny bone {n} (nerve)  :: brňavka {f}
fur {n} (hairy coat of a mammal, especially when fine, soft and thick)  :: srst {f}
fur {n} (hairy skin processed to serve as clothing)  :: kožešina {f}
fur coat {n} (coat made of animal fur)  :: kožich {m}
furlough {n} (leave of absence)  :: [army] dovolenka {f}
furlough {n} (documents authorizing leave of absence)  :: propustka {f}
furlough {n} (period of unpaid time off used by an employer to reduce costs)  :: nucená dovolená {f}
furnace {n} (device for heating in a factory, melting metals, etc)  :: pec {f}
furnace {n} (device for heating) SEE: oven  ::
furnish {v} (to provide with furniture or other equipment)  :: vybavit nábytkem
furnished {adj} (supplied with furniture)  :: zařízený {m}
furnishings {n} (accessories for a dress)  :: galanterie {f}
furniture {n} (large movable items)  :: nábytek {m}
furrier {n} (person who sells, makes and deals otherwise with fur)  :: kožešník {m}
furrow {v} (wrinkle) SEE: wrinkle  ::
furrow {n} (trench cut in the soil)  :: brázda {f}
fur seal {n} (marine mammal)  :: lachtan {m}
fursuit {n} (animal outfit in the furry subculture)  :: fursuit
further {adv}  :: dál
furtively {adv} (in a furtive manner)  :: kradmo, skrytě, nenápadně
furuncle {n} (boil) SEE: boil  ::
fuse {n} (cord)  :: doutnák {m}
fuse {n} (device igniting charge)  :: doutnák {m}
fuse {n} (device preventing overloading of a circuit)  :: pojistka {f}
Fus-ha {prop} (standard Arabic)  :: fusha {f}, literární arabština {f}
fusilli {n} (pasta)  :: vřetena {n-p}
fusion {n} (nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine)  :: fúze {f}
fuss {n} (excessive activity, worry, bother, or talk about something)  :: povyk {m}
futile {adj} (incapable of producing results)  :: jalový
futility {n} (quality of being futile)  :: marnost {f}, zbytečnost {f}
futsal {n} (form of soccer)  :: futsal {m}
future {n} (the time ahead)  :: budoucnost {f}
future {n} (something that will happen in moments yet to come)  :: budoucnost {f}
future {adj} (having to do with or occurring in the future)  :: budoucí
future {n} (grammar) SEE: future tense  ::
future tense {n} (time form of a verb)  :: budoucí čas
futurism {n} (art movement)  :: futurismus {m}
futurism {n} (study of possible futures) SEE: futurology  ::
futurology {n} (scientific forecasting of future trends in science, technology or society)  :: futurologie {f}
fuzz {n} (police) SEE: police  ::
fuzzy logic {n} (logic based on the notion of fuzzy set)  :: fuzzy logika {f}
fuzzy set {n} (set)  :: fuzzy množina {f}
FX risk {n} (currency risk) SEE: currency risk  ::
fylfot {n} (swastika) SEE: swastika  ::
FYROM {acronym} (abbreviation of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)  :: BJRM