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xanthine {n} (group of alkaloids, including caffeine)  :: xantin {m}
Xavier {prop} (male given name)  :: Xaver
x-axis {n} (axis drawn from left to right)  :: osa x {f}
Xenia {prop} (female given name)  :: Xenie {f}
xenial {adj} (hospitable)  :: pohostinný
xeno- {prefix} (from a foreign place)  :: xeno-
xeno- {prefix} (having to do with foreigners)  :: xeno-
xenon {n} (chemical element)  :: xenon {m}
xenophobe {n} (hater of foreigners)  :: xenofob
xenophobia {n} (a pathological fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners)  :: xenofobie {f}
xenophobic {n} (xenophobe) SEE: xenophobe  ::
xerostomia {n} (dry mouth) SEE: dry mouth  ::
xerox copy {n} (photocopy)  :: xerokopie {f}
xeroxcopy {n} (xerox copy) SEE: xerox copy  ::
Xerxes {prop} (Xerxes II of Persia)  :: Xerxes {m}, Xerxés {m}
Xerxes {prop} (Xerxes I of Persia)  :: Xerxes {m}, Xerxés {m}
Xianggang {prop} (Hong Kong) SEE: Hong Kong  ::
Xinjiang {prop} (autonomous region of China)  :: Sin-ťiang {m}
Xinzhu {prop} (Hsinchu) SEE: Hsinchu  ::
xiphias {n} (xiphias) SEE: swordfish  ::
Xizang {prop} (Tibet) SEE: Tibet  ::
X-ray {n} (photograph made with X-rays)  :: RTG {n}
X-ray {n} (short wavelength electromagnetic radiation)  :: rentgen {m}
X-ray {n} (X-ray machine)  :: rentgen {m}
xylocaine {n} (lidocaine) SEE: lidocaine  ::
xylograph {n} (engraving in wood)  :: dřevoryt {m}
xylograph {n} (print taken from an engraving in wood)  :: dřevoryt {m}
xylography {n} (art)  :: dřevoryt {m}
xylophagous {adj} (of fungi, etc., feeding on wood)  :: dřevožravý, xylofágní
xylophagous {adj} (of insects, etc., feeding on wood)  :: dřevožravý, xylofágní
xylophone {n} (musical instrument)  :: xylofon {m}
xylose {n} (wood sugar)  :: xylóza {f}
xylotomous {adj} (that bores or cuts into wood)  :: dřevožravý
xyster {n} (surgical instrument)  :: rašple {f}, škrabka {f}, nástroj na oškrabování kostí {m}