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each {determiner} (every)  :: alle, jeder
each other {pron} (to one another; one to the other)  :: einander, sich
each to his own {proverb} (proverb)  :: jedem das Seine
eager {adj} (excited by desire in the pursuit of any object)  :: begierig, gierig, eifrig
eagerly {adv} (in an eager manner)  :: eifrig
eagle {n} (a gold coin with a face value of $10.00)  :: Zehn-Dollar-Note {f}
eagle {n} (any of several large carnivorous birds in the family Accipitridae)  :: Adler {m}, [poetic] Aar {m}
eagle owl {n} (large owl of genus Bubo)  :: Uhu {m}; Schuhu {m} [dialectal]
eaglet {n} (an eagle chick)  :: [♂♀] Adlerjunges {n}
ear {n} (external part of the organ of hearing) SEE: pinna  ::
ear {n} (fruiting body of a grain plant)  :: Ähre {f}, Getreideähre {f}
ear {n} (organ of hearing)  :: Ohr {n}
ear {n} (slang: police informant)  :: Informant {m}, Spitzel {m}
ear {v} (archaic: to plough)  :: pflügen
ear {v} (plough) SEE: plough  ::
earache {n} (pain in the ear)  :: Ohrenschmerzen {m-p}
ear canal {n} (tube or meatus running from the outer ear to the eardrum)  :: Gehörgang
eardrum {n} (membrane separating outer and middle ears)  :: Trommelfell
earl {n} (a British nobleman)  :: Graf
earlap {n} (earflap) SEE: earflap  ::
earlap {n} (earlobe) SEE: earlobe  ::
earless {adj} (lacking ears)  :: ohrlos
earlier {adv} (comparitive of early and of soon)  :: früher, eher
ear lobe {n} (a part of the ear)  :: Ohrläppchen {n}
early {adj} (arriving at a time before expected)  :: früh, verfrüht
early {adj} (at a time in advance of the usual)  :: früh, verfrüht, frühzeitig
early {adj} (near the start or beginning)  :: früh
early {adv} (at a time before expected)  :: früh
early bird {n} (one who wakes early)  :: Frühaufsteher {m}, früher Vogel {m}
early fetal demise {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
Early Middle Ages {prop} (Translations)  :: Frühmittelalter {n}
Early New High German {prop} (form of German)  :: Frühneuhochdeutsch
early riser {n} (early bird) SEE: early bird  ::
early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise {proverb} (Benjamin Franklin quote)  :: Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund
earmark {v} (to specify or set aside for a particular purpose)  :: bestimmen
earmuff {n} (garment to keep the ears warm)  :: Ohrenschützer {m-p}
earmuffs {n} (objects that cover ears)  :: Ohrenschützer {m}
earn {v} (deserve)  :: verdienen
earn {v} (transitive: receive (money) for working)  :: verdienen
earnest {adj} (ardent)  :: leidenschaftlich, sehnsüchtig
earnest {adj} (important, serious)  :: ernst, ernsthaft, aufrichtig
earnest {adj} (intent)  :: intensiv
earnings {n} (wages, money earned, income)  :: Einkommen {n}, Verdienst {m}, Lohn {m}
earphone {n} (sound device held near the ear)  :: Ohrhörer {m}
earphones {n} (small speakers worn over the ears)  :: Ohrhörer {m-p}
earpick {n} (instrument for removing earwax)  :: Ohrlöffel {m}
earplug {n} (protective clothing for the ear canal)  :: Ohropax {n}, Ohrenstöpsel {m}, Ohrstöpsel {m}
earring {n} (piece of jewelry)  :: Ohrring {m}
earth {n} (any general rock-based material)  :: Erde {f}, Grund {m}
earth {n} (electrical connection)  :: Erde {f}
earth {n} (fox's lair)  :: Erdloch {n}, Erdbau {m}, Bau {m}
earth {n} (one of the four basic elements)  :: Erde {f}
earth {n} (soil)  :: Erde {f}, Land {n}
earth {n} (the ground, land)  :: Grund {m}, Erde {f}, Land {n}, Boden {m}
earth {prop} (our planet, third out from the Sun) SEE: Earth  ::
earth {v} (connect electrically to the earth)  :: erden
earth {v} (to bury)  :: beerdigen
Earth {prop} (third planet from the Sun)  :: Erde {f}
Earth Day {prop} (global day of observance of the need to protect the earth)  :: Tag der Erde {m}
earthenware {n} (ceramic)  :: Töpferwaren {f-p}
Earthling {n} (inhabitant of the planet Earth)  :: Erdling {m}, Terraner {m}
earthquake {n} (shaking of the surface of a planet)  :: Erdbeben {n}
earth science {n} (any of the sciences dealing with the planet Earth)  :: Erdkunde
earthworm {n} (person)  :: Kriecher {m}
earthworm {n} (worm (animal))  :: Erdwurm {m}, Regenwurm {m}, Aalwurm {m}, Tauwurm {m}, Gemeiner Regenwurm {m}
earwax {n} (waxy substance secreted by the ear)  :: Ohrenschmalz {n}, Zerumen {n}
earwig {n} (the insect)  :: Ohrwurm {m}, Ohrenkriecher {m}, Ohrkneifer {m}
earworm {n} (catchy tune that gets stuck in one's head)  :: Ohrwurm {m}
ease {n} (State of being comfortable or free from stress)  :: Bequemlichkeit
ease {v} (To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc)  :: lindern
easel {n} (upright frame for displaying or supporting something)  :: Staffelei {f}
easement {n} (legal right to use another person's property)  :: Dienstbarkeit
ease nature {v} (to urinate and/or defecate (euphemism)) SEE: relieve oneself  ::
easier said than done {adj} (easy to propose, but difficult to accomplish)  :: leichter gesagt als getan
easiness {n} (the quality of being easy; simplicity)  :: Leichtigkeit {f}
east {n} (compass point)  :: Osten {m}, Ost {m}
East {prop} (Eastern world)  :: Osten {m}
East {prop} (wind from the east)  :: Ostwind {m}
East al-Quds {prop} (East Jerusalem) SEE: East Jerusalem  ::
East Asia {prop} (the Far East)  :: Ostasien
East Asian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to East Asia)  :: ostasiatisch
East Asian {n} (a person from East Asia)  :: Ostasiat {m}, Ostasiatin {f}
eastbound {adj} (moving or heading towards the east)  :: nach Osten, Richtung Osten
eastbound {adv} (toward the east)  :: nach Osten, Richtung Osten
East China Sea {prop} (a sea)  :: Ostchinesisches Meer {n}
East Coast {prop} (the eastern seaboard of the United States)  :: Ostküste {f}
East Elbia {prop}  :: Ostelbien
East Elbian {adj}  :: ostelbisch
Easter {n} (Christian holiday)  :: Ostern {n}
Easter Bunny {prop} (Symbolic rabbit sometimes depicted delivering Easter eggs to children)  :: Osterhase {m}
Easter egg {n} (a chocolate confection in the shape of an egg)  :: Osterei {n}
Easter egg {n} (a dyed or decorated egg)  :: Osterei {n}
Easter egg {n} (an undocumented function hidden in a program)  :: Easter Egg {n}
Easter egg hunt {n} (activity)  :: Ostereiersuche {f}
Easter Island {prop} (Island in the Pacific)  :: Osterinsel {f}
Easter Monday {prop} (Monday after Easter Sunday)  :: Ostermontag {m}
eastern {adj} (related to the east)  :: östlich
Eastern Arabic {prop} (Levantine Arabic) SEE: Levantine Arabic  ::
Eastern Armenian {n} (language)  :: Ostarmenisch {n}
Eastern Bloc {prop} (The largely Communist countries of the eastern world)  :: Ostblock {m}
easterner {n} (a native or inhabitant of the east)  :: Ostler {m}, Ostlerin {f}, Ossi {m} {f} [East Germany]
Eastern Europe {prop} (Eastern Europe)  :: Osteuropa {n}
Eastern European {adj} (Eastern European)  :: osteuropäisch
Eastern European {n} (Eastern European person)  :: Osteuropäer {m}, Osteuropäerin {f}
Eastern Hemisphere {n} (hemisphere of the Earth)  :: östliche Hemisphäre {f}
eastern jackrabbit {n} (European hare) SEE: European hare  ::
Easter Sunday {prop} (Easter Sunday)  :: Ostersonntag {m}
East Flanders {prop} (East Flanders)  :: Ostflandern
East Frisia {prop} (region in Lower Saxony)  :: Ostfriesland
East Frisian {prop} (Frisian language)  :: Ostfriesisch {n}, ostfriesische Sprache {f}, osterlauwerssches Friesisch {n}
East Frisian {prop} (Low German dialect)  :: Ostfriesisch {n}, ostfriesisches Platt {n}
East German {adj} (East German)  :: ostdeutsch
East German {adj} (of or pertaining to an East German, East Germans)  :: ostdeutsch
East German {adj} (of or pertaining to East Germany)  :: ostdeutsch
East German {n} (East German person)  :: Ostdeutscher {m}, Ostdeutsche {f}
East Germany {prop} (former European country)  :: Ostdeutschland {n}
East Jerusalem {prop} (eastern sector of Jerusalem)  :: Ostjerusalem {n}
East Prussia {prop} (historical province of Germany)  :: Ostpreußen {n}
East Punjab {prop} (state in India)  :: Pandjab
East Sea {prop} (Baltic sea) SEE: Baltic Sea  ::
East Sea {prop} (Dead Sea) SEE: Dead Sea  ::
East Sea {prop} (East China Sea) SEE: East China Sea  ::
East Sea {prop} (Sea of Japan) SEE: Sea of Japan  ::
East Sea {prop} (South China Sea) SEE: South China Sea  ::
East Slavic {adj} (of or relating to the East Slavs)  :: ostslawisch
East Timor {prop} (Country in Oceania)  :: Osttimor {n}
East Timorese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to East Timor or the East Timorese people)  :: osttimorisch
East Timorese {n} (person from East Timor or of East Timorese descent)  :: Osttimorer {m}, Osttimorerin {f}
East Turkestan {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang  ::
eastward {adv} (towards the east)  :: ostwärts
easy {adj} (comfortable) SEE: comfortable  ::
easy {adj} (requiring little skill or effort)  :: leicht, einfach
easy as pie {adj} (very easy)  :: kinderleicht
easy come, easy go {proverb} (easily won and easily lost; usually said when resigned to a loss)  :: wie gewonnen, so zerronnen
easy does it {interj} (do something gently or slowly)  :: immer mit der Ruhe
eat {v} (consume)  :: essen, fressen [used for animals or rude for people]
eat {v} (eat a meal)  :: essen
eatable {adj} (able to be eaten) SEE: edible  ::
eater {n} (one who eats)  :: Esser {m}
eatery {n} (a restaurant or café, etc.)  :: Esslokal {n}
eating disorder {n} (psychological disorder)  :: Essstörung {f}
eat one's hat {v} (to express disbelief about a proposition)  :: ich freß einen Besen, wenn, ich will Emil heißen, wenn
eat pussy {v} (to perform cunnilingus)  :: Muschi lecken
eau de toilette {n} (lightly scented perfume)  :: Eau de Toilette {f}
eave {n} (the underside of a roof that extends beyond the external walls of a building)  :: Traufe {f}
eaves {n} (underside of a roof)  :: Traufe {f}, Dachüberstand {m}, Dachüberstand {m}
eavesdrop {n} (concealed aperture through which an occupant can surreptitiously listen to people)  :: lauschen
eavesdrop {v} (to hear a conversation one is not intended to hear)  :: belauschen, horchen, lauschen, abhören, zuhören
eavesdropping {n} (interception of electronic communication)  :: Abhören {n}
eavesdropping {n} (listening to private conversation)  :: Lauschen {n}, Abhören {n}
eavestrough {n} (roof gutter)  :: Regenrinne {f}, Dachrinne {f}
e-banking {n}  :: Internetbanking {n}
ebb {n} (low tide)  :: Ebbe {f}
Eblaite {prop} (extinct Semitic language)  :: Eblaitisch {n}
Ebola {n} (Ebola fever) SEE: Ebola fever  ::
Ebola {n} (Ebola virus) SEE: Ebola virus  ::
Ebola fever {n} (illness caused by the Ebola virus)  :: Ebolafieber {n}
Ebola virus {n} (virus)  :: Ebolavirus {n}
ebonite {n} (product of vulcanizing rubber with sulfur)  :: Ebonit {n}
ebony {adj} (deep, dark black colour)  :: ebenholzfarben
ebony {adj} (made of ebony wood)  :: aus Ebenholz
ebony {n} (colour)  :: Ebenholz {n}
ebony {n} (wood)  :: Ebenholz {n}
e-book {n} (electronic book)  :: E-Book {n}, E-Buch {n}, elektronisches Buch {n}, Digitalbuch {n}
e-book reader {n} (e-reader) SEE: e-reader  ::
EBRD {initialism} (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)  :: EBWE
Ebro {prop} (Spanish river)  :: Ebro {m}
ebullient {adj} (agitated)  :: überschwenglich, übersprudelnd
ebullioscope {n} (an instrument used to measure the boiling point of liquids)  :: Ebullioskop {m}
ECB {initialism} (European Central Bank)  :: EZB
Ecbatana {prop} (city in Iran)  :: Ekbatana {n}
eccentric {adj} (deviating from the norm)  :: exzentrisch, schrullig
eccentric {adj} (having a different center)  :: außermittig
eccentric {adj} (not at or in the centre)  :: exzentrisch
eccentric {adj} (not perfectly circular)  :: exzentrisch, elliptisch, eiernd
eccentric {n} (person who does not behave like others)  :: Exzentriker {m}, Exzentrikerin {f}, Querulant {m}
eccentricity {n} (a ratio between distances in a conic section)  :: Exzentrizität {f}
eccentricity {n} (eccentric behaviour)  :: exzentrisches Verhalten {n}
ecchymosis {n} (skin discoloration) SEE: bruise  ::
Ecclesiastes {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: [Catholic] Kohelet, [Protestantic] Prediger
ecclesiastic {adj} (pertaining to the church)  :: kirchlich
ecclesiastical {adj} (pertaining to the church)  :: kirchlich, sakral, Sakral-
Ecclesiastical Latin {prop} (Latin language)  :: Kirchenlatein {n}
ecclesiology {n} (branch of theology)  :: Ekklesiologie {f}
ecgonine {n} (tropane alkaloid found naturally in coca leaves)  :: Ecgonin {n}
echidna {n} (any of the four species of small spined monotremes)  :: Ameisenigel {m}, Schnabeligel {m}, Echidna {f}
echinoderm {n} (member of the Echinodermata)  :: Stachelhäuter {m}
echo {n} (displaying on the command line of the command that has just been executed)  :: Tastaturecho {n}, Bildschirmecho {n}
echo {n} (reflected sound)  :: Echo {n}, Widerhall {m}
echo {n} (the letter E in the ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: Echo {n}, Emil [Germany]
echo {v} (to repeat back what another has just said)  :: widerhallen, wiederholen, zurückwerfen, hallen
echolalia {n} (echoing of words or phrases)  :: Echolalie {f}
echolocation {n} (use of echos to detect objects)  :: Echoortung {f}
echt {adj} (genuine)  :: echt
eclair {n} (an oblong chocolate covered creme filled pastry)  :: Éclair {n}, Liebesknochen {m}, Hasenpfote {f}
eclaircissement {n} (explanation of something obscure or unknown)  :: Aufklärung {f}
eclectic {adj} (selecting a mixture of what appear to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles)  :: eklektisch
eclecticism {n} (arts: based on multiple art styles)  :: Eklektizismus {m}
eclipse {n} (passage of a planetary object between others)  :: Finsternis {f}, Eklipse {f}, [solar] Sonnenfinsternis, [lunar] Mondfinsternis
ecliptic {n} (Earth's orbital plane)  :: Ekliptik {f}
eclogue {n} (pastoral poem)  :: Ekloge {f}
eco- {prefix} (concerning ecology or the environment)  :: öko-
ecocide {n} (destruction of an ecosystem)  :: Ökozid {m}
ecolabel {n}  :: Umweltzeichen {n}
E-collar {n} (Elizabethan collar) SEE: Elizabethan collar  ::
ecologic {adj} (related to ecology) SEE: ecological  ::
ecological {adj} (relating to ecology)  :: ökologisch
ecologically {adv} (in an ecological manner)  :: ökologisch
ecologist {n} (A scientist who studies ecology)  :: Ökologe {m}, [female] Ökologin {f}
ecology {n} (branch of biology)  :: Ökologie {f}
e-commerce {n} (commercial activity conducted via the Internet)  :: elektronischer Handel {m}, Internethandel {m}, Online-Handel {m}
ecomusicology {n} (study of music, culture, and nature)  :: Ökomusikologie
econometrics {n} (branch of economics)  :: Ökonometrie {n}
economic {adj} (pertaining to an economy)  :: ökonomisch
economical {adj} (careful with money)  :: sparsam, wirtschaftlich, ökonomisch
economical {adj} (relating to economy) SEE: economic  ::
economic crisis {n} (period of economic slowdown) SEE: financial crisis  ::
economic growth {n} (growth)  :: Wirtschaftswachstum {n}
economic refugee {n} (person fleeing poverty)  :: Wirtschaftsflüchtling
economics {n} (study)  :: Ökonomie {f}, Wirtschaftswissenschaft {f}
economism {n} (Definition)  :: Ökonomismus {m}
economist {n} (expert in economics)  :: Wirtschaftswissenschaftler {m}, Ökonom {m}
economy {n}  :: Binnenwirtschaft
economy {n} (frugal use of resources)  :: Wirtschaft {f}, Ökonomie {f}
economy {n} (production and distribution and consumption)  :: Wirtschaft {f}, Ökonomie {f}
ecosystem {n} (system of an ecological community and its environment)  :: Ökosystem {n}
ecotone {n} (a region of transition)  :: Ökoto
ecotourism {n} (responsible travel)  :: Ökotourismus {m}
ecru {adj} (beige) SEE: beige  ::
ECSC {initialism} (European Coal and Steel Community)  :: EGKS {f}
ecstasy {n} (drug)  :: Ecstasy {f}, Teile {f}, Pillen {f}
ecstasy {n} (intense emotion)  :: Ekstase {f}
ecstasy {n} (intense pleasure)  :: Ekstase {f}
ecstasy {n} (trance associated with mystic or prophetic exaltation)  :: Ekstase {f}
ecstatic {adj} (Extremely happy)  :: ekstatisch
ecstatic {adj} (Feeling or characterized by ecstasy)  :: ekstatisch
ectopic pregnancy {n} (type of pregnancy)  :: Eileiterschwangerschaft {f}
ectoplasm {n} (cytology: the outer granule-free layer of cytoplasm)  :: Ektoplasma {n}
ectoplasm {n} (parapsychology: an immaterial or ethereal substance)  :: Ektoplasma {n}
ectoplasm {n} (parapsychology: visible substance believed to emanate from spiritualistic mediums)  :: Ektoplasma {n}
ectoplasmic {adj} (of or relating to ectoplasm)  :: ektoplasmisch
ectoplastic {adj}  :: ektoplastisch
Ecuador {prop} (country in South America)  :: Ecuador {n}
Ecuadorian {adj} (pertaining to Ecuador)  :: ecuadorianisch
Ecuadorian {n} (person from Ecuador)  :: Ecuadorianer {m}, Ecuadorianerin {f}
ecumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical  ::
ecumenical {adj} (ecclesiastical: pertaining to the Christian Church in a worldwide sense)  :: ökumenisch
ecumenism {n} (philosophy)  :: Ökumene {f}
eczema {n} (acute or chronic inflammation of the skin)  :: Ekzem {n}
eczematous {adj} (of or pertaining to eczema)  :: ekzematös
Edam cheese {prop} (type of cheese)  :: Edamer {m}
eddy {n} (air or water running in an opposite direction to the main current)  :: Wirbel {m}
eddy current {n} (an induced electric current)  :: Wirbelstrom {m}
edelweiss {n} (a European perennial alpine plant)  :: Edelweiß {n}
edema {n} (excessive accumulation of serum in tissue)  :: Ödem {n}
edentate {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless  ::
edentulism {n} (toothlessness) SEE: toothlessness  ::
edentulous {adj} (toothless) SEE: toothless  ::
Edgar {prop} (male given name)  :: Edgar
edge {n} (an advantage)  :: Vorsprung {m}
edge {n} (boundary line of a surface)  :: Rand {m}
edge {n} (in graph theory: any of the pairs of vertices in a graph)  :: Kante {f}
edge {n} (joining line between two vertices of a polygon)  :: Seite {f}
edge {n} (place where two faces of a polyhedron meet)  :: Kante {f}
edge {n} (thin cutting side of the blade of an instrument)  :: Klinge {f}
edgeways {adv} (with the edge uppermost)  :: hochkant
edgy {adj} (on the edge between acceptable and offensive)  :: grenzwertig
edible {adj} (that can be eaten without harm; suitable for consumption)  :: essbar, [old spelling] eßbar
edible dormouse {n} (dormouse which is food)  :: Siebenschläfer {m}
edict {n} (a proclamation of law)  :: Edikt {n}
e-dictionary {n} (electronic dictionary)  :: elektronisches Wörterbuch {n}
edification {n} (building)  :: Gebäude {n}, Bauwerk {n}
edification {n} (the act of edifying, or the state of being edified)  :: Erbauung {f}
edifice {n} (building)  :: Bauwerk {n}, Gebäude {n}
edifice {n} (school of thought)  :: Lehrgebäude {n}, Gedankengebäude {n}
edify {v} (To instruct or improve morally or intellectually)  :: bestärken, erbauen, edifizieren
Edinburgh {prop} (capital of Scotland)  :: Edinburgh {n}
edit {n} (a change to the text of a document)  :: Bearbeitung {f}
edit {v} (to change a text, or a document)  :: bearbeiten, redigieren, editieren
editability {n}  :: Editierbarkeit {f}
editable {adj} (capable of being edited)  :: editierbar
Edith {prop} (female given name)  :: Edith
editing {n} (an act or instance of something being edited)  :: Bearbeitung {f}
edition {n} (literary work)  :: Ausgabe {f}
edition {n} (whole set of copies)  :: Auflage {f}
editor {n} (newspaper editor)  :: Redakteur {m}, Redakteurin {f}
editor {n} (program for modifying text files)  :: Editor {m}, Texteditor {m}
editorial {adj} (of or relating to an editor, editing, or an editorial)  :: redaktionell
editorial {n} (article giving the opinion of editors)  :: Leitartikel {m}
editor in chief {n} (highest ranking editor)  :: Chefredakteur {m}
edit war {n} (a dispute over the content of a page on a wiki or other editable work)  :: Edit-War {m}, Bearbeitungskrieg {f}
Edmonton {prop} (city in Canada)  :: Edmonton
Edmund {prop} (male given name)  :: Edmund
Edomite {n} (person descended from Esau (Edom))  :: Edomiter {m}, Edomiterin {f}
Edomite {prop} (the Semitic language of the Edomites)  :: Edomitisch {n}
e-dress {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address  ::
educate {v} (to instruct or train)  :: ausbilden
educated {adj} (having attained a level of higher education)  :: gebildet, ausgebildet
educated guess {n} (guess based on experience or knowledge)  :: fundierte Vermutung {f}
educatee {n} (someone who is being educated)  :: Schüler
education {n} (facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally)  :: Bildung {f}, Schulung {f}, Aufklärung {f}
education {n} (process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment)  :: Ausbildung {f}, Erziehung {f}, Schulung {f}, Unterricht {m}
educator {n} (teacher) SEE: teacher  ::
Edward {prop} (male given name)  :: Eduard
eel {n} (Anguilla anguilla) SEE: European eel  ::
eel {n} (any fish of the order Anguilliformes)  :: Aal {m}, Aalartige {p}
eelbuck {n}  :: Aalkorb {m}, Aalreuse {f}
eeler {n} (a fisherman)  :: Aalfischer {m}
eelgrass {n} (plant)  :: Gewöhnliches Seegras {n}
eelpot {n}  :: Aalkorb {m}, Aalreuse {f}
eelpout {n} (fish of the family Zoarcidae)  :: Aalmutter {f}, Bartfisch {m}
eelskin {n} (the skin of a hagfish)  :: Aalhaut {f}
eelspear {n} (A spear for spearing eels)  :: Aalspeer {m}
eely {adj} (Thin and slippery)  :: aalglatt
eeny, meeny, miny, moe {n} (similar children's counting-out games in other languages)  :: ene mene mu
eerie {adj} (fearful)  :: unheimlich
eerie {adj} (weird)  :: unheimlich
Eeyore {n} (negative or pessimistic person)  :: I-Ah
effect {n} (movie and television industries term)  :: Effekt {m}
effect {n} (result of an action)  :: Auswirkung {f}, Wirkung {f}
effect {n} (scientific phenomenon)  :: Effekt {m}
effect {n} (sound engineering: alteration in sound)  :: Effekt {m}
effect {v} (to make or bring about; to implement)  :: bewirken
effecter {n} (effector) SEE: effector  ::
effective {adj} (actually in effect)  :: wirksam, in Kraft
effective {adj} (efficient, serviceable, or operative)  :: effektiv, wirkungsvoll
effective {adj} (having the power to produce a required effect or effects)  :: wirksam
effective {adj} (producing a decided or decisive effect)  :: wirksam
effectively {adv} (essentially)  :: tatsächlich
effectively {adv} (in an efficient or effective manner; with powerful effect)  :: effektiv, wirksam
effectiveness {n} (degree)  :: Wirksamkeit {f}
effectiveness {n} (property)  :: Wirksamkeit {f}, Effektivität {f}
effect size {n} (a measure of the strength or magnitude of the effect)  :: Effektstärke {f}
effeminacy {n} (the quality of being effeminate)  :: Weichlichkeit {f}, Verweiblichung {f}
effeminate {adj} (of a man, behaving like a woman)  :: weibisch, tuntig
effendi {n} (title of respect)  :: Efendi {m}, Effendi {m}
effervescent {adj} (enthusiastic)  :: überschäumend, spritzig
effervescent {adj} (fizzy)  :: sprudelnd, brausend
effete {adj} (effeminate) SEE: effeminate  ::
efficacious {adj} (effective)  :: wirksam
efficacity {n} (efficacy) SEE: efficacy  ::
efficacy {n} (ability to produce effect)  :: Wirksamkeit {f}
efficiency {n}  :: Effizienz
efficiency {n} (extent to which a resource is used for the intended purpose)  :: Effizienz {f}
efficiency {n} (one-room apartment)  :: Einzimmerwohnung {f}, Einraumwohnung {f}
efficient {adj} (making good use of resources)  :: effizient
efficiently {adv} (in an efficient manner)  :: effizient
effigy {n} (dummy or other crude representation)  :: Abbild {n}, Bildnis {n}, Puppe {f}
effigy {n} (likeness of a person)  :: Bildnis {n}
effluvium {n} (A gaseous or vaporous emission, especially a foul-smelling one)  :: Effluvium
effort {n} (endeavour) SEE: endeavour  ::
effort {n} (the amount of work involved in achieving something)  :: Anstrengung {f}, Aufwand {m}
effortless {adj} (without effort)  :: mühelos
effrontery {n} (insolent and shameless audacity)  :: Dreistigkeit, Frechheit {f}, Unverschämtheit {f}
effusive {adj} (extravagant or excessive)  :: überschwänglich
E-flat {n} (mechanism for producing an E-flat)  :: Es {n}
E-flat {n} (tone between D and E)  :: Es {n}
E flat major {n} (Major chord of E-flat)  :: Es-Dur
E flat major {n} (Major scale of E-flat)  :: Es-Dur
E-flat minor {n} (minor key)  :: es-Moll
e.g. {adv} (abbreviation for “for example”)  :: [[[zum Beispiel]]] z. B. (dated: [[[zum Exempel]]] z. E.), [[[beispielsweise]]] bspw.
egalitarian {adj} (characterized by social equality and equal rights for all people)  :: egalitär
egalitarian {n} (person who accepts or promotes social equality and equal rights for all people)  :: Egalitarist {m}, Egalitaristin {f}
egalitarianism {n} (political doctrine of universal equality)  :: Egalitarismus {m}
egg {n} (body housing an embryo)  :: Ei {n}
egg {n} (egg of domestic fowl as food item)  :: Ei {n}
egg {n} (ovum)  :: Eizelle
egg {n} (something shaped like an egg)  :: Ei {n}
egg and spoon race {n} (race in which competitors must carry an egg on a small spoon)  :: Eierlaufen {n}
eggar {n} (moth)  :: Wollraupenspinner {m}, Glucke {f}
eggbeater {n} (eggwhisk) SEE: eggwhisk  ::
egg cell {n} (ovum) SEE: ovum  ::
eggcup {n} (a small dish used to support a boiled egg while it is eaten)  :: Eierbecher {m}
egghead {n}  :: Eierkopf {m}
eggnog {n} (alcoholic beverage)  :: Eierkognak {m}
egg on {v} (provoke)  :: anstiften
eggplant {n} (edible fruit)  :: Aubergine {f}, Eierfrucht {f}, [Austrian] Melanzani
eggplant {n} (plant)  :: Aubergine {f}, Eierpflanze {f}, Eierfrucht {f}, Melanzani {f} [Austria]
egg salad {n} (dish made of hard-boiled eggs)  :: Eiersalat {m}
eggs and bacon {n} (bacon and eggs) SEE: bacon and eggs  ::
egg-shaped {adj} (having the shape of an egg)  :: eiförmig
eggshell {n} (object)  :: Eierschale {f}
eggwhisk {n} (utensil)  :: Schneebesen {m}
egg yolk {n} (central part of an egg) SEE: yolk  ::
ego {n} (the self)  :: Ich {n}, Ego {n}
egocentric {adj} (egotistical)  :: egozentrisch
egocentric {n} (person who is egocentric)  :: Egozentriker {m}
egocentricity {n} (quality of being egocentric)  :: Egozentrik {f}
egocentrism {n} (following ones egotistical desires)  :: Egozentrismus {m}
egoism {n} (tendency to think of self)  :: Egoismus {m}
egoist {n} (advocate of egoism)  :: Egoist {m}, Egoistin {f}
egoist {n}  :: Egoist {m}
egoist {n} (person who talks excessively about himself or believes in his own importance or superiority) SEE: egotist  ::
egoistic {adj} (egoistical)  :: egoistisch
egomaniac {n} (person obsessed with their own (supposed) importance)  :: Egomane {m}
egotism {n} (belief that one is superior)  :: Egotismus
egotist {n} (egocentric or self-centered person) SEE: egoist  ::
egotistic {adj} (egoistic) SEE: egoistic  ::
egotistic {adj} (egotistical) SEE: egotistical  ::
egotistical {adj} (egoistical) SEE: egoistical  ::
egregious {adj} (Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion)  :: unerhört
egress {n} (exit) SEE: exit  ::
egress {n} (process of exiting)  :: Ausgang {m}, Austritt {m}
egret {n} (Any of various wading birds of the genera Egretta or Ardea)  :: Reiher {m}
Egypt {prop} (country in North Africa)  :: Ägypten {n}
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egypt)  :: ägyptisch
Egyptian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Egyptians)  :: ägyptisch
Egyptian {n} (person from Egypt)  :: Ägypter {m}, Ägypterin {f}
Egyptian {prop} (language)  :: Ägyptisch {n}
Egyptian Arabic {prop} (Egyptian Arabic)  :: Ägyptisch-Arabisch {n}
Egyptian pyramid {n} (pyramidal tomb of ancient Egypt)  :: Pyramide von Gizeh {f}
Egyptologist {n} (A person; one who is skilled professes or practices Egyptology)  :: Ägyptologe {m}, [female] Ägyptologin {f}
egyptology {n} (Egyptology) SEE: Egyptology  ::
Egyptology {n} (the study of ancient Egypt)  :: Ägyptologie {f}
eh {interj} ((Canadian) an interjection used to ascertain the continued attention)  :: ne, nicht
eh {interj} (used as a tag question)  :: gell, oder, ne, nicht wahr
Eid al-Adha {prop} (Islamic festival)  :: Opferfest {n}
Eid al-Fitr {prop} (religious celebration)  :: Fest des Fastenbrechens {n}, ʿĪdu l-Fitr {n}
eider {n} (duck of genus Somateria)  :: Eiderente {f}
Eider {prop} (Eider River)  :: Eider
eidetic {adj} (pertaining to a memory of perfect clarity)  :: eidetisch
Eifelian {prop}  :: Eifelium
Eiffel Tower {prop} (tower in Paris)  :: Eiffelturm {m}
eigenfunction {n} (function)  :: Eigenfunktion {f}
eigenvalue {n} (change in magnitude of an eigenvector)  :: Eigenwert {m}
eigenvector {n} (vector not rotated by linear transformation)  :: Eigenvektor {m}
eight {n} (Playing card with value 8)  :: Acht {f}
eight {n} (The digit/figure 8)  :: Acht {f}
eight {num} (cardinal number 8)  :: acht
eighteen {num} (cardinal number)  :: achtzehn
eighteenth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number eighteen)  :: achtzehnte
eighteenthly {adv} (in the eighteenth place)  :: achtzehntens
eighth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eight)  :: achte (abbreviation 8.)
eighth {n} (one of eight equal parts of a whole)  :: Achtel {n}
eighth {n} (person or thing in the eighth position)  :: Achte
eighthly {adv} (in the eighth place)  :: achtens
eighth note {n} (eighth note) SEE: quaver  ::
eighties {n} (the decade of the 1980s)  :: achtziger Jahre {n-p}, Achtziger {p}
eightieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number eighty)  :: achtzigste
eightieth {n} (One of eighty equal parts of a whole)  :: Achtzigstel {n}
eightieth {n} (The person or thing in the eightieth position)  :: Achtzigste
eight o'clock {n} (the start of the ninth hour)  :: acht Uhr
eight thousand {n} (cardinal number)  :: achttausend
eighty {num} (80)  :: achtzig {f}
eighty-eight {num} (88)  :: achtundachtzig
eighty-five {num} (the cardinal number 85)  :: fünfundachtzig
eighty-four {num} (84)  :: vierundachtzig
eighty-nine {num} (89)  :: neunundachtzig
eighty-one {num} (81)  :: einundachtzig
eighty-seven {num} (87)  :: siebenundachtzig
eighty-six {num} (cardinal number 86)  :: sechsundachtzig
eighty-three {num} (83)  :: dreiundachtzig
eighty-two {num} (82)  :: zweiundachtzig
Eighty Years' War {prop} (Dutch war of independence)  :: Achtzigjähriger Krieg {m}
Einang stone {prop} (stone)  :: Einangstein
Eindhoven {prop} (city in the Netherlands)  :: Eindhoven
Einstein {prop} (Albert Einstein)  :: Einstein
einsteinium {n} (element with atomic number 99)  :: Einsteinium {n}
Einstein's constant {prop} (constant)  :: Einsteinkonstante {f}
either {adv} ((after a negative) as well)  :: auch
either {conj} (Introduces the first of two options)  :: entweder...oder
either {determiner} (each of two)  :: beide
either {determiner} (one or the other)  :: entweder
ejaculate {n} (the liquid ejected during ejaculation)  :: Ejakulat {n}
ejaculate {v} (eject abruptly)  :: ejakulieren
ejaculate {v} (eject semen or vaginal fluid)  :: [both] ejakulieren
ejaculation {n} (ejection of semen through the urethra)  :: Ejakulation {f}, Samenerguss {m}
eject {v} (to cause to come out of a machine)  :: ausstoßen
eject {v} (to compel to leave)  :: auswerfen, ausweisen
ejecta {n} (material which has been ejected, especially from a volcano)  :: Ejecta {f}
ejection seat {n} (seat in an aircraft which can be ejected from the cockpit)  :: Schleudersitz {m}
eke out {v} (obtain with difficulty)  :: zusammenkratzen
eke out {v} (supplement)  :: aufbessern
ekranoplan {n} (ground-effect vehicle)  :: Ekranoplan
elaborate {adj} (detailed)  :: ausführlich, durchdacht
Elam {prop} (ancient civilization)  :: Elam {n}
Elamite {n} (an inhabitant of ancient Elam)  :: Elamiter {m}, Elamiterin {f}
elapse {v} ((of time) to pass or move by)  :: vergehen, verrinnen
elastic {adj} (capable of stretching)  :: dehnbar, elastisch
elastic {adj} (elasticated) SEE: elasticated  ::
elastic {n} (elastic band) SEE: elastic band  ::
elastic band {n} (loop of rubber or similar material)  :: Gummiband {n}
elasticity {n} (adaptability) SEE: adaptability  ::
elasticity {n} (physics: property by which a material can regain its original dimensions)  :: Elastizität {f}
elasticity {n} (quality of being elastic)  :: Elastizität {f}
elated {adj} (extremely happy and excited)  :: beschwingt, ermutigt, freudig erregt
elation {n}  :: Begeisterung, freudige Erregung
elative {n} (elative case of a noun)  :: Elativ {m}
elative case {n} (case used to indicate movement out of something)  :: Elativ {m}
Elbe {prop} (European river)  :: Elbe {f}
Elbian {adj} (pertaining to the Elbe)  :: elbisch
Elbląg {prop} (a city in Poland)  :: Elbing {n}, Elbląg {n}
elbow {n} (joint between upper arm and forearm)  :: Ellbogen {m}
elbow {n} (pipe fitting)  :: Rohrbogen {m}
elbow {v} (to push with the elbow)  :: Swiss: ellbögeln
elbow bone {n} (olecranon) SEE: olecranon  ::
elbow bone {n} (ulna) SEE: ulna  ::
Elbrus {prop} (mountain)  :: Elbrus {m}
elder {adj} (greater than another in age or seniority)  :: älter
elder {n} (Sambucus)  :: Holunder {m}, Holder {m}, Holler {m}
elder {n} (Sambucus nigra)  :: Holunder {m}, Schwarzer Holunder, Holler {m}, Holder {m}
elderberry {n} (elder tree) SEE: elder  ::
elderberry {n} (fruit)  :: Holunderbeere {f}
elder brother {n} (a sibling's older brother)  :: großer Bruder {m}
eldercare {n} (care for the elderly)  :: Altenpflege {f}
elderly {adj} (old)  :: älter, ältlich, bejahrt
elderly care {n} (eldercare) SEE: eldercare  ::
elder sister {n} (a sibling's older sister)  :: große Schwester {f}
Eleanor {prop} (female given name)  :: Eleonore
e-learning {n} (learning conducted via electronic media)  :: E-Learning {n}, E-Lernen {n}
Eleatic {adj}  :: eleatisch
Eleatic {n}  :: Eleate {m}
Eleazar {prop} (biblical character)  :: Eleasar
elecampane {n} (Inula helenium)  :: Alant {m}
elect {adj} (who has been elected)  :: gewählt
elect {v} (to choose in election)  :: wählen
elect {v} (to choose or make decision)  :: entscheiden, wählen
electable {adj} (able to be elected to office)  :: wählbar
election {n} (process of choosing a new leader or representatives)  :: Wahl {f}
Election Day {prop} (Election Day) SEE: polling day  ::
electioneering {n} (campaigning for elective office)  :: Wahlwerbung {m}
elector {n} (official)  :: Wahlmann {m}, Elektor {m}
elector {n} (person eligible to vote)  :: Wähler {m}, Wählerin {f}
Elector {n} (elector or prince-elector)  :: Kurfürst {m}
electoral college {n} (body of electors empowered to elect someone to a particular office)  :: Wahlmännerkollegium {n}, Wahlkollegium {n}
Electoral College {prop} (body chosen to elect the president and vice president of the US)  :: Electoral College {n}, Wahlmänner-Gremium {n}
electoral district {n} (district represented by one or more elected officials)  :: Wahlkreis {m}
electoral fraud {n} (illegal interference with an election)  :: Unzulässige Wahlbeeinflussung
Electoral Palatinate {prop} (historical territory of the Holy Roman Empire)  :: Kurpfalz {f}
electoral system {n} (voting system) SEE: voting system  ::
electorate {n} (dominion of an elector in the Holy Roman Empire)  :: Kurfürstentum {n}
electorate {n} (geographic area encompassing electoral district) SEE: electoral district  ::
electorate {n} (those entitled to vote collectively)  :: Wählerschaft {f}
electric {adj} (electrical)  :: elektrisch
electric {adj} (electronic (musical instrument))  :: elektronisch, elektrisch
electric {adj} (emotionally thrilling)  :: elektrisierend
electric {n} (electric car)  :: Elektro-Auto
electrical {adj} (related to electricity and electronics)  :: elektrisch
electrical engineering {n} (branch of engineering)  :: Elektrotechnik {f}
electric car {n} (a car that uses electric motors)  :: Elektroauto {n}, E-Auto {n}
electric catfish {n} (catfish of Malapteruridae)  :: Elektrischer Wels
electric chair {n} (A device used for performing execution by electrocution)  :: elektrischer Stuhl {m}
electric charge {n} (electromagnetic state)  :: Ladung {f}
electric circuit {n} (path or interconnected group of paths (at least one of which is closed) that can carry an electric current)  :: Stromkreis {m}
electric current {n} (measurement of the rate of flow of electric charge)  :: elektrischer Strom {m} , Strom {m}
electric eel {n} (species of fish)  :: Zitteraal {m}
electric guitar {n} (guitar which requires electronic amplification)  :: Elektrogitarre {f}
electrician {n} (tradesman who works with electrical equipment)  :: Elektriker {m}, Elektrikerin {f}
electricity {n} (electric power)  :: Strom {m}
electricity {n} (form of energy)  :: Elektrizität {f}
electric ray {n} (fish of the order Torpedodiniformes)  :: Zitterrochen {m}
electric shock {n} (physical reaction)  :: Stromschlag, elektrischer Schlag {m}, Elektroschock {m}
electric vehicle {n} (vehicle that uses an electric motor as the means of propulsion)  :: Elektrofahrzeug {n}, Elektroauto {n}
electrification {n} (the act of electrifying, or the state of being charged with electricity)  :: Elektrifizierung {f}, [Swiss German] Elektrifikation {f}, [dated] Elektrisierung {f}
electrify {v} (to excite suddenly and violently)  :: elektrisieren
electro- {prefix} (meaning electricity or electrical)  :: Elektro-, elektro-
electrocardiogram {n} (trace of an electrocardiograph)  :: Elektrokardiogramm {n}, EKG {n}
electrocute {v} (to cause death from immediate complications resulting from electric shock)  :: elektrokutieren
electrocution {n} (accidental death or suicide by electric shock)  :: Tod durch Stromschlag {m}
electrocution {n} (a severe electric shock)  :: Stromschlag {m}
electrocution {n} (deliberate execution by electric shock)  :: Hinrichtung auf dem elektrischen Stuhl {f}
electrode {n} (the terminal through which electric current passes)  :: Elektrode {f}
electrodynamic {adj} (involving dynamics of electric charges)  :: elektrodynamisch
electrodynamics {n} (study of phenomena associated with moving electric charges)  :: Elektrodynamik {f}
electroencephalography {n} (measurement of electrical activity in medicine)  :: Elektroenzephalografie {f}
electroflotation {n} (removal of pollutants by electrical means)  :: Elektroflotation {f}
electrogravimetry {n}  :: Elektrogravimetrie {f}
electrokinesis {n} (particle or fluid transport produced by an electrical field)  :: Elektrokinese {f}
electroluminescence {n} (generation of light by application of an alternating current or by electric discharge)  :: Elektrolumineszenz {f}
electrolysis {n} (chemical change)  :: Elektrolyse {f}
electrolyte {n} (substance that ionizes and conducts electricity)  :: Elektrolyt {m}
electrolytic capacitor {n} (capacitor that uses an electrolyte)  :: Elektrolytkondensator {m}, Elko {m}
electromagnet {n} (magnet)  :: Elektromagnet {n}
electromagnetic {adj} (pertaining to electromagnetism)  :: elektromagnetisch
electromagnetic induction {n} (production of an electrical potential difference)  :: elektromagnetische Induktion {f}
electromagnetic radiation {n} (radiation)  :: elektromagnetische Strahlung {f}
electromagnetic wave {n} (electromagnetic radiation)  :: elektromagnetische Welle {f}
electromagnetism {n} (a fundamental force)  :: Elektromagnetismus {m}
electromechanical {adj} (combining the fields of mechanics and electronics)  :: elektromechanisch
electron {n} (the negatively charged subatomic particles that orbit atoms)  :: Elektron {n}
electron affinity {n}  :: Elektronenaffinität {f}
electron capture {n}  :: Elektroneneinfang {m}
electron donor {n}  :: Elektronendonator {m}
electronegativity {n} (degree of electron attraction)  :: Elektronegativität {f}
electron hole {n}  :: Defektelektron {f}
electronic {adj} (generated by electronic device)  :: elektronisch
electronic {adj} (operating on behavior of electrons)  :: elektronisch
electronic {adj} (pertaining to electrons)  :: elektronisch
electronic book {n} (e-book) SEE: e-book  ::
electronic cigarette {n} (electronic cigarette)  :: elektrische Zigarette {f}, elektronische Zigarette {f}, E-Zigarette {f}
electronic game {n} (game played on an electronic device)  :: elektronisches Spiel {n}
electronic mail {n} (e-mail) SEE: e-mail  ::
electronics {n} ((physics))  :: Elektronik {f}
electron microscope {n} (any of several forms of microscope that use a beam of electrons)  :: Elektronenmikroskop {n}
electron shell {n} (type of nebula)  :: Atomhülle {f}, Elektronenhülle {f}
electron volt {n} (a unit for measuring the energy of subatomic particles)  :: Elektronenvolt {n}, Elektronvolt {n}
electrostatic {adj} (of, relating to, or producted by electrostatics or static electricity)  :: elektrostatisch
electrostatics {n} (branch of physics)  :: Elektrostatik {f}
electrum {n} (fossil resin) SEE: amber  ::
elegance {n}  :: Eleganz {f}
elegance {n} (grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners)  :: Eleganz {f}
elegant {adj} (exhibiting elegance)  :: elegant
elegy {n} (mournful or plaintive poem or song)  :: Elegie {f}
element {n} (alchemy: one of the four basic building blocks)  :: Element {n}
element {n} (chemistry: simplest chemical substance)  :: Element {n}
element {n} (heating element)  :: Bauelement {n}
element {n} (set theory: object in a set)  :: Element {n}
element {n} (simplest or essential part or principle of anything)  :: Element {n}
elemental {adj} (basic, fundamental, elementary) SEE: elementary  ::
elementary {adj} (relating to the basic, essential or fundamental part of something)  :: elementar
elementary charge {n}  :: Elementarladung {f}
elementary particle {n} (a subatomic particles that does not consist of smaller particles)  :: Elementarteilchen {n}
elementary school {n} (school for children) SEE: primary school  ::
elephant {n} (mammal)  :: Elefant {m}, Elefantenbulle {m}, Elefantin {f}, Elefantenkuh {f}, Elefantenkalb {n}
elephantiasis {n} (disease)  :: Elefantenkrankheit {f}
elephant seal {n} (mammal of the genus Mirounga)  :: See-Elefant {m}
elevate {v} (ennoble) SEE: ennoble  ::
elevate {v} (promote) SEE: promote  ::
elevated {adj} (Above ground level)  :: gehoben
elevating work platform {n} (aerial work platform) SEE: aerial work platform  ::
elevation {n} (act of raising)  :: Hebung {f}, Erheben {n}
elevation {n} (architecture)  :: Aufriss {m}
elevation {n} (condition of being elevated)  :: Erhebung {f}
elevation {n} (distance of a celestial object above the horizon)  :: Höhe {f}, Höhenwinkel {m}
elevation {n} (raising of the host)  :: Elevation {f}
elevation {n} (that which is raised)  :: Erhebung {f}
elevator {n} (permanent construction) SEE: lift  ::
elevator music {n} (music played as a background in elevators and businesses)  :: Fahrstuhlmusik {f}
eleven {num} (the cardinal number occurring after ten and before twelve)  :: elf
eleven hundred {num} (one thousand one hundred)  :: elfhundert {f}, eintausendeinhundert, tausendeinhundert
eleven o'clock {n} (the start of the twelfth hour)  :: elf Uhr
eleventh {adj} (ordinal form of eleven)  :: elfte(r)
eleventhly {adv} (in the eleventh place)  :: elftens
elf {n} (a magical being)  :: Elf {m}, Elfe {f}, Elb {m}, Alb {m}, Alp {m}
elfin wood {n} (trees)  :: Krumholz
elfinwood {n} (krummholz)  :: Krumholz
Elfreda {prop} (female given name)  :: Elfriede
Elgar {prop} (male given name)  :: Adelger
Elias {prop} (male given name) SEE: Elijah  ::
elicit {v} (to evoke, educe)  :: elizitieren, auslösen, entlocken, eruieren, herauslocken, hervorlocken, hervorrufen, locken
elicit {v} (To use logic to arrive at truth.)  :: schließen, schlussfolgern
eligible {adj} (meeting the necessary requirements to participate; worthy of being chosen)  :: erwünscht
Elijah {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Elia
Elijah {prop} (male given name)  :: Elias
eliminate {v} (completely destroy)  :: eliminieren, zerstören
eliminate {v} (kill)  :: umbringen, eliminieren
elimination {n} (act of causing a quantity to disappear from an equation)  :: Elimination {f}
elimination {n} (act of eliminating, expelling or throwing off)  :: Elimination {f}
elimination {n} (act of obtaining by separation, or as the result of eliminating; deduction)  :: Elimination {f}
Elisabeth {prop} (female given name) SEE: Elizabeth  ::
Elisha {prop} (biblical prophet)  :: Elisa
Elisheba {prop} (biblical wife of Aaron)  :: Elischeba
elision {n} (the omission of a letter or syllable)  :: Elision {f}
elite {adj} (Of high birth or social position)  :: elitär, Elite-, Eliten-, Auslese-
elite {n} (group with higher status)  :: Elite {f}, Auslese {f}, Oberschicht {f}, Führungsschicht {f}, Spitzengruppe {f}, [figurative] Spitze {f}
elite {n} (person who is among the best at certain task)  :: Elite {f}
elitism {n} (belief society should be run by elite)  :: Elitarismus {m}
elitist {adj} (of or relating to elitism)  :: elitär
elitist {n} (someone who believes in rule by an elite group)  :: Elitist {m}
elixir {n} (alchemy: liquid which was believed to turn non-precious metals to gold)  :: Elixier {n}
elixir {n} (liquid which is believed to cure all ills)  :: Elixier {n}, Zaubertrunk {m}, Heilmittel {n}
elixir {n} (pharmacy: sweet taste-masking liquid)  :: Elixier {n}, Heilmittel {n}
elixir of life {n} (elixir that brings immortality)  :: Lebenselixier {n}
Elizabeth {prop} (female given name)  :: Elisabeth
Elizabeth {prop} (mother of John the Baptist)  :: Elisabeth
Elizabeth {prop} (wife of Aaron) SEE: Elisheba  ::
Elizabethan collar {n} (protective medical device)  :: Schutzkragen {m}
elk {n} (moose) SEE: moose  ::
elk {n} (wapiti - Cervus canadensis) SEE: wapiti  ::
Ella {prop} (female given name)  :: Ella
Elliott wave {n} (Elliott wave)  :: Elliott-Welle {f}
ellipse {n} (curve)  :: Ellipse {f}
ellipsis {n} (mark used in printing to indicate an omission)  :: Ellipse {f}, Auslassungszeichen {n}
ellipsoid {adj} (shaped like an ellipse) SEE: elliptical  ::
ellipsoid {n} (surface all of whose cross sections are elliptic or circular)  :: Ellipsoid {n}
elliptic function {n} (any function of a complex variable which is periodic in two directions)  :: elliptische Funktion {f}
elm {n} (tree of genus Ulmus)  :: Ulme {f}
Elmer {prop} (male given name)  :: Elmar
El Niño {n} (a global coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon)  :: El Niño {m}
elongated {adj} (extensive in length)  :: verlängert
elope {v} (run away with a lover to get married)  :: durchbrennen
elope {v} (run away with a paramour)  :: durchbrennen
eloquence {n} (the quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing)  :: Redegewandtheit {f}, Eloquenz {f}, Sprachfertigkeit {f}, Beredsamkeit {f}, Redseligkeit, Redseligkeit
eloquent {adj} (fluently persuasive and articulate)  :: redegewandt, eloquent
El Salvador {prop} (country in Central America)  :: El Salvador {n}
else {adv} (statement in computing that indicates the result of a conditional statement (if) evaluating as false)  :: else, sonst
else {adv} (word that implies any result with the exception of the one being referred to)  :: sonst, anders, andernfalls, ansonsten
elsewhere {adv} (in or at some other place)  :: woanders, anderswo
elsewhere {adv} (to some other place)  :: woanders, anderswo
elucidate {v} (make clear)  :: erläutern, verdeutlichen, erklären
elucidation {n} (A making clear; the act of elucidating or that which elucidates, as an explanation, an exposition, an illustration)  :: entdeckung {f}
elude {v} (to evade)  :: sich entziehen
elusive {adj} (evading capture, comprehension or remembrance)  :: flüchtig, schwer fassbar
elute {v} (to separate substances using a solvent)  :: eluieren, herauslösen [non-technical terminology]
elver {n} (a young eel)  :: Älchen {n}
Elvira {prop} (female given name)  :: Elvira
Elysium {prop} (In mythology, the home of the blessed after death)  :: Elysion {n}
emaciate {v}  :: abmagern, abmergeln, ausmergeln
emaciated {adj} (thin or haggard)  :: ausgemergelt
e-mail {n} (an e-mail address)  :: E-Mail-Adresse {f}
email {n} (e-mail) SEE: e-mail  ::
e-mail {n} (message sent via e-mail)  :: E-Mail {f}, Mail {f}
e-mail {n} (system)  :: E-Mail {f}
email {v} (e-mail) SEE: e-mail  ::
e-mail {v} (intransitive: to send an e-mail or e-mails)  :: mailen
e-mail {v} (to send an e-mail or e-mails to)  :: mailen
e-mail {v} (to send via e-mail)  :: mailen
email address {n} (e-mail address) SEE: e-mail address  ::
e-mail address {n} (unique identifier)  :: E-Mail-Adresse
Emajõgi {prop} (river in Estonia)  :: Emajõgi, Embach
E major {n} (the major chord with a root of E)  :: E-Dur {n}
E major {n} (the major key with E as its tonic)  :: E-Dur {n}
emanate {v} (To come from a source)  :: ausstrahlen
emanation {n} (That which flows)  :: Emanation {f}, Ausströmung {f}, Ausstrahlung {f}, Ausdünstung {f}, Aussendung {f}
emanation {n} (The act of flowing)  :: Ausströmen {n}, Emanation {f}
emancipation {n} (act of setting free from the power of another)  :: Emanzipation {f}, Freilassung {f}
emasculate {adj} (castrated, emasculated)  :: entmannt
emasculate {v} (to weaken)  :: schwächen
emasculate {v} (to castrate)  :: entmannen
emasculation {n} (castration)  :: Entmannung {f}
embalm {v} (to treat a corpse in order to prevent decomposition)  :: einbalsamieren
embankment {n} (artificial mound of earth and stone)  :: Böschung {f}, Bahndamm {m}
embarge {n} (embargo) SEE: embargo  ::
embarge {v} (to board a barge)  :: an bord gehen
embarge {v} (to put in a barge)  :: an bord verladen
embargo {n} (a ban on trade with another country)  :: Embargo {n}, Ausfuhrsperre {f}, Handelsverbot {m}, Handelsembargo {n}
embargo {n} (an order by the government prohibiting ships from leaving port)  :: Embargo {n}, Beschlagnahme {f}
embargo {n} (a temporary ban on making certain information public)  :: Verbot {n}
embark {v} (to get on a boat)  :: einschiffen
embarkation {n} (embarking)  :: Einschiffung {f}
embarrass {v} (to humiliate; to disrupt somebody's composure or comfort with acting publicly or freely)  :: verlegen machen
embarrassed {adj} (Having a feeling of shameful discomfort)  :: verlegen
embarrassing {adj} (causing embarrassment)  :: peinlich
embarrassment {n} (state of confusion)  :: Verlegenheit {f}
embassy {n} (organization representing a foreign state)  :: Botschaft {f}
embattled {adj} (subject to or troubled by battles, controversy or debates)  :: umkämpft
embed {v} (lay as in a bed; lay in surrounding matter)  :: betten, einbetten
embedded {adj} (part of; firmly, or securely surrounded; lodged solidly into)  :: eingebettet
embedding {n} (in mathematics)  :: Einbettung {f}, Einschluss {m}
embellish {v} (To make more beautiful and attractive; to decorate)  :: schmücken
embellish {v} (To make something sound or look better or more acceptable than it is in reality, to distort)  :: ausschmücken
ember {n} (glowing piece of coal or wood)  :: Glut {f}
embers {n} (remains of a fire)  :: Glut {f}
embetterment {n} (improvement) SEE: improvement  ::
embezzle {v} (to steal money that one has been trusted with)  :: unterschlagen
embezzlement {n} (The fraudulent conversion of property from a property owner)  :: Unterschlagung {f}
embiggen {v} (Make bigger)  :: vergrößern
emblem {n} (representative symbol)  :: Emblem {n}
embodiment {n} (entity typifying an abstraction)  :: Verkörperung {f}, Inbegriff {m}, Inkarnation {f}
embody {v} (include or represent, especially as part of a cohesive whole)  :: verkörpern
embody {v} (represent in a physical form; to incarnate or personify)  :: verkörpern
embolism {n} (obstruction or occlusion of an artery by an embolus)  :: Embolie {f}
emboss {v} (to mark or decorate with a raised design or symbol)  :: prägen
embrace {n} (hug)  :: Umarmung {f}
embrace {v} ((metaphorical) to enfold or include (ideas, principles, etc))  :: annehmen, umarmen
embrace {v} (to hug (a person))  :: umarmen
embrasure {n} (Any of the indentations between the merlons of a battlement)  :: Scharte {f}, Schießscharte {f}
embroider {v} (to add imaginary detail to a narrative)  :: ausschmücken
embroider {v} (to stitch a decorative design on fabric with needle and thread)  :: sticken
embroidery {n} (fabric)  :: Stickerei {f}
embroidery {n} (ornamentation)  :: Stickerei {f}, Sticken {n}
embroil {v} (to draw into a situation)  :: verwickeln
embryo {n}  :: Embryo {m}
embryo {n} (fertilized egg before developing into a fetus)  :: Embryo {m}
embryologic {adj} (embryologic) SEE: embryological  ::
embryological {adj} (of or pertaining to embryology)  :: embryologisch
embryologically {adv} (regarding embryology)  :: embryologisch
embryologist {n} (expert or specialist in embryology)  :: Embryologe {m}, Embryologin {f}
embryology {n} (the scientific study of embryos)  :: Embryologie {f}
embryonic {adj} (embryology: of or relating to an embryo)  :: embryonal, [quasi prefix] Embryonal-
emend {v} (to correct and revise)  :: emendieren
emerald {adj} (rich green colour)  :: smaragdgrün, smaragdfarben
emerald {n} (colour)  :: Smaragdgrün {n}
emerald {n} (gemstone)  :: Smaragd {m}
emerge {v} (to come into view)  :: entstehen, auftauchen
emerge {v} (to come out of)  :: herauskommen
emergence {n} (the arising of emergent structure in complex systems)  :: Emergenz {f}
emergency {n} (situation requiring urgent assistance)  :: Notfall {m}, Notlage {f}, Notstand {m}
emergency brake {n} (type of brake)  :: Notbremse {f}
emergency escape {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape  ::
emergency exit {n} (exit for evacuation)  :: Notausgang {m}
emergency physician {n} (emergency physician)  :: Notarzt {m}, Notärztin {f}
emergency room {n} (Hospital department primarily used for the treatment of the most serious, often life-threatening conditions)  :: Notaufnahme {f}
emergency stairs {n} (fire escape) SEE: fire escape  ::
emerging {adj} (becoming prominent; newly formed; emergent; rising)  :: entstehend
Emery {prop} (male given name)  :: Emmerich
emery cloth {n} (An abrasive material)  :: Schleifleinen {n}
emetic {adj} (causing nausea and vomiting)  :: emetisch
emetic {n} (an agent that induces vomiting)  :: Emetikum {n}, Brechmittel {n}
emigrant {n} (someone who leaves a country to settle in a new country)  :: Auswanderer {m}, Auswanderin {f}, Emigrant {m}, Emigrantin {f}
emigrate {v} (to leave one's country in order to reside elsewhere)  :: auswandern, emigrieren
emigration {n} (act of emigrating)  :: Auswanderung {f}, Emigration {f}
emigration {n} (body emigrants; emigrants collectively)  :: Auswanderung {f}
Emil {prop} (male given name)  :: Emil
Emile {prop} (Emil) SEE: Emil  ::
Emilian {prop} (language)  :: Emilianisch {n}
Emily {prop} (given name)  :: Emilie
eminent {adj} (of a person: distinguished, noteworthy)  :: angesehen
eminent {adj} (remarkable, great)  :: ausgesprochen
eminently {adv} (in an eminent manner)  :: besonders
eminently {adv} (to a great degree)  :: besonders
E minor {n} (the minor chord with a root of E)  :: e-Moll {n}
E minor {n} (the minor key with E as its tonic)  :: e-Moll {n}
emir {n} (Islamic prince or leader)  :: Emir {m}
emirate {n} (country ruled by an emir)  :: Emirat {n}
emissary {n} (an agent sent on a mission to represent the interests of someone else)  :: Emissär {m}, Emissärin {f}, Abgesandter {m}
emission {n} (something that is emitted)  :: Ausstoß, Emission
emission nebula {n} (type of nebula)  :: Emissionsnebel {m}
emit {v} (to send out or give off)  :: emittieren, aussenden
Emma {prop} (female given name)  :: Emma
Emmanuel {prop} (figure whose birth is foretold) SEE: Immanuel  ::
Emmanuel {prop} (male given name)  :: Immanuel, Emanuel
Emmanuel {prop} (this figure, regarded as Christ) SEE: Immanuel  ::
Emmeline {prop} (female given name)  :: Emmeline
Emmentaler {prop} (Swiss cheese)  :: Emmentaler {m}
emmer {n} (Triticum dicoccum)  :: Emmer
emmetropia {n} (perfect vision)  :: Emmetropie {f}
emoji {n} (ideogrammatic icon)  :: Emoji {n}
emolument {n} (Payment for an office or employment)  :: Vergütung {f}, Honorar {n}
emoticon {n} (representation of an emotion of the writer)  :: Emoticon {n}
emotion {n} (person's internal state of being)  :: Gefühl {n}, Empfindung {f} Emotion {f}
emotional {adj} (appealing to or arousing emotion)  :: emotional
emotional {adj} (characterised by emotion)  :: emotional
emotional {adj} (determined by emotion rather than reason)  :: emotional
emotional {adj} (easily affected by emotion)  :: emotional
emotional {adj} (of or relating to the emotions)  :: emotional
emotional {adj} (readily displaying emotion)  :: emotional
empathic {adj} (showing or expressing empathy)  :: empathisch, einfühlsam
empathize {v} (to feel empathy for another person)  :: mitfühlen, Mitgefühl haben, mitempfinden
empathy {n} (capacity to understand another person's point of view)  :: Einfühlungsvermögen {n}
empathy {n} (intellectual identification)  :: Empathie {f}
emperor {n} (ruler of an empire)  :: Kaiser {m}, Imperator {m}
emperor penguin {n} (largest penguin)  :: Kaiserpinguin {m}
emphasis {n} (prominence given to a syllable or words)  :: Betonung {f}, Gewichtung {f}
emphasis {n} (special attention or prominence given to something)  :: Emphase {f}
emphasis {n} (special weight or forcefulness given to something considered important)  :: Betonung {f}, Nachdruck {m}
emphasize {v} (stress)  :: betonen
emphatic {adj} (of emphatic consonants)  :: emphatisch
emphysema {n} (abnormal accumulation of air in tissues)  :: Lungenaufblähung {f}
emphysema {n} (pulmonary emphysema) SEE: pulmonary emphysema  ::
empire {n} (group of states)  :: Weltreich {n}, Imperium {n}
empire {n}  :: Imperium {n}, Reich {n}
empire {n} (political unit)  :: Reich {n}
empire {n} (state ruled by an emperor)  :: Kaiserreich {n}, Kaisertum {n}
empiric {adj} (empiric) SEE: empirical  ::
empiric {n} (one guided by empiricism) SEE: empiricist  ::
empiric {n} (unqualified or dishonest practitioner) SEE: charlatan  ::
empirical {adj} (pertaining to, derived from, or testable by observations)  :: empirisch
empirical {adj} (pertaining to or based on experience)  :: empirisch, erfahrungsgemäß
empirical {adj} (verifiable by means of scientific experimentation)  :: empirisch
empirical formula {n} (a notation indicating the ratios of the various elements present in a compound)  :: Summenformel
empiricism {n} (philosophical theory)  :: Empirismus {m}
employ {v} (to give someone work)  :: einstellen, anstellen, anwerben
employ {v} (to put into use)  :: einsetzen, verwenden
employee {n} (individual who provides labor to a company or another person)  :: Arbeitnehmer {m}, Angestellter {m}, Angestellte {f}
employee benefit {n} (non-wage benefit) SEE: fringe benefit  ::
employer {n} (person or entity which employs others)  :: Arbeitgeber {m}, Arbeitgeberin {f}
employment {n}  :: Gebrauch, Benützung
employment {n} (the act of employing)  :: Anstellung {f}
employment {n} (the state of being employed)  :: Beschäftigung {f}, Erwerbstätigkeit {f}
employment {n} (the work or occupation for which one is paid)  :: Arbeit {f}
employment agency {n} (organisation that matches employers to employees)  :: Jobbörse {f}
employment contract {n} (category of contract)  :: Arbeitsvertrag {m}
empower {v} (to give permission to)  :: bevollmächtigen, (to zu) ermächtigen, (to zu) befähigen
empowerment {n} (granting of power)  :: Empowerment {n}
empress {n} (female monarch of an empire)  :: Kaiserin {f}
empress {n} (wife or widow of an emperor)  :: Kaiserin {f}
emptiness {n} (the state or feeling of being empty)  :: Leere {f}, Leerheit {f}
empty {adj} (devoid of content)  :: leer
empty {v} (to make empty)  :: leeren, entleeren, ausleeren
empty-handed {adj} (having given or received nothing)  :: mit leeren Händen
empty-handed {adj} (having nothing to give)  :: mit leeren Händen
empty set {n} (the unique set that contains no elements)  :: leere Menge {f}
empty space {n} (vacuum) SEE: vacuum  ::
empty sum {n} (result of adding no numbers)  :: Nullsumme {f}
empty vessels make the most sound {proverb} (proverb)  :: leere Töpfe klappern am meisten, ein leerer Topf am meisten klappert, ein leerer Kopf am meisten plappert
empyema {n} (collection of pus)  :: Empyem
Emsian {prop}  :: Emsium
emu {n} (A large flightless bird, Dromaius novaehollandiae)  :: Emu {m}
emulate {v} (in computing of a program or device: to imitate another program or device)  :: emulieren
emulate {v} (to copy or imitate, especially a person)  :: nachahmen
emulsifier {n} (a substance that helps an emulsion form)  :: Emulgator {m}
emulsion {n} (suspension of one liquid in another)  :: Emulsion {f}
enable {v} (to allow a way out or excuse for an action)  :: anordnen
enable {v} (to give strength or ability to; to make firm and strong)  :: [jemanden] berechtigen
enable {v} (to make able)  :: aktivieren, befähigen, einschalten, ermöglichen, freigeben
enablement {n} (act of enabling)  :: Ermöglichen {n}, Ermöglichung {f}
enamel {n} (covering on the tooth)  :: Zahnschmelz {m}, Schmelz {m}
enamel {n} (opaque, glassy coating baked onto metal or ceramic objects)  :: Email {n}, Emaille {f}
enamel {v} (to coat with enamel)  :: emaillieren
enamor {v} (to inflame with love)  :: erobern
enantiomer {n} (one of a pair of mirror-image stereoisomers)  :: Enantiomer
encapsulate {v} (networking: to enclose data in packets)  :: kapseln
encapsulate {v} (object-oriented programming: To enclose objects in a common interface)  :: kapseln
encapsulate {v} (to enclose as if in a capsule)  :: einkapseln, kapseln, verkapseln
encapsulate {v} (to epitomize)  :: zusammenfassen
encapsulation {n} (act of enclosing in a capsule)  :: Abkapselung
encase {v} (to enclose in a case)  :: eingehüllen
encephalitis {n} (inflammation of the brain)  :: Enzephalitis {f}, Gehirnentzündung {f}
encephalomyocarditis {n} (viral disease affecting pigs and primates)  :: Enzephalomyokarditis
encephalopathy {n} (condition affecting the brain)  :: Enzephalopathie {f}
enchant {v} (to attract and delight)  :: verzaubern
enchanted {adj} (under the influence of enchantment)  :: verzaubert
enchanter {n} (A warlock or sorcerer)  :: Zauberer {m}, Zaubererin {f}
enchanting {adj} (having the ability to enchant)  :: bezaubernd
enchantress {n} (attractive woman skilled at using magic)  :: Zauberin {f}
enchantress {n} (beautiful, charming and irresistible woman)  :: bezaubernde Frau {f}
enchondroma {n} (a cartilage cyst found in the bone marrow)  :: Enchondrom
enclave {n} (entity completely surrounded by another)  :: Enklave {f}
enclitic {adj} (clitic which joins with the preceding word)  :: enklitisch
enclitic {n} (clitic which joins with the preceding word)  :: Enklitikon {n}
enclosure {n} (act of enclosing)  :: Beilegen {n}
enclosure {n} (act of separating and surrounding an area etc. with a barrier)  :: Einzäunen {n}, Einschließen {n}
enclosure {n} (area partially or entirely enclosed by walls, fences or buildings)  :: Gehege {n}, eingefriedetes Grundstück {n}, Einschließung {f}
enclosure {n} (something enclosed)  :: Anlage {f}, Beilage {f}
encoder {n} (a device to encode a signal)  :: Encoder
encoding {n} (character encoding (computing))  :: Kodierung {f}
encompass {v} (encircle)  :: umschließen, umgeben, umfassen
encompass {v} (include)  :: umfassen, beinhalten, abdecken
encompass {v} (surround)  :: umfassen, enthalten, einschließen
encore {interj} (please perform again)  :: Zugabe!, Da capo!
encore {n} (brief extra performance after the main performance is complete)  :: Zugabe {f}
encounter {n} (unplanned meeting)  :: Begegnung {f}, Treffen {n}
encounter {v} (meet (someone) or find (something) unexpectedly)  :: treffen, begegnen
encourage {v} (mentally support or motivate)  :: ermutigen
encourage {v} (spur on, recommend)  :: empfehlen
encouragement {n} (the act of encouraging)  :: Ermutigung {f}
encroach {n} (encroachment) SEE: encroachment  ::
encroach {v} (to advance gradually beyond due limits)  :: ausdehnen
encroach {v} (to intrude unrightfully on someone else's rights or territory)  :: eingreifen
encrust {v} (To cover with a hard crust)  :: überkrusten
encrypt {v} (to conceal information by means of a code or cipher)  :: verschlüsseln
encrypted {adj} (that is in code)  :: verschlüsselt
encryption {n} (process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, and/or passwords)  :: Verschlüsselung {f}
encumbered {adj} (weighted down, loaded sufficiently to make slow)  :: behindert, belastet, verschuldet
encumbrance {n} (burden)  :: Belastung {f}, dingliche Belastung {f}
encumbrance {n} (interest, right, burden or liability)  :: Verschuldung {f}, Schuldenlast {f}, Grundstückslast {f}
encyclical {n} (papal letter delivered to Bishops)  :: Enzyklika {f}
encyclopaedia {n} (encyclopedia) SEE: encyclopedia  ::
encyclopedia {n} (comprehensive reference with articles on a range of topics)  :: Enzyklopädie {f}, Lexikon {n}, Konversationslexikon {n}
encyclopedic {adj} (of or relating to comprehensiveness and other characteristics of an encyclopedia)  :: enzyklopädisch
encyclopedic dictionary {n} (form of dictionary with long, detailed entries on words)  :: Allbuch, enzyklopädisches Wörterbuch
end {n} (death)  :: Tod {m}, Ende {n}
end {n} (extreme part)  :: Ende {n}, Schluss {m}
end {v} (ergative, intransitive: be finished, be terminated)  :: enden
end {v} (transitive: finish, terminate (something))  :: beenden
endanger {v} (to put someone or something in danger)  :: gefährden
endbrain {n} (telencephalon) SEE: telencephalon  ::
endearment {n} (state of being endeared)  :: Zärtlichkeit {f}
endeavor {n} (a sincere attempt)  :: Bemühung {f}
endeavor {n}  :: Bemühung {f}, Bestrebung {f}, Anstrengung {f}
endeavor {n} (enterprise; assiduous or persistent activity)  :: Unternehmen {n}
endeavor {v} (attempt through application of effort)  :: anstrengen, (such) bemühen, bestreben
endemic {adj} (prevalent in a particular area)  :: endemisch
endemic {n} (individual or species that is endemic)  :: Endemit {m}
endgame {n} (part of a chess game)  :: Endspiel {n}
ending {n} (last part of something)  :: Ende {n}
ending {n} (termination or conclusion)  :: Ende {n}, Ablauf {m}, Beendigung {f}
end in itself {n} (something without a purpose)  :: Selbstzweck {m}
endive {n} (salad vegetable)  :: Chicorée {m}, Endivie {f}
endless {adj} (having no end)  :: endlos, unbegrenzt
endless {adj} (indefinite)  :: unbegrenzt, unbeschränkt, unendlich
endlessly {adv} (in an endless manner)  :: endlos
endocarditis {n} (inflammation of the endocardium)  :: Endokarditis {f}
endocardium {n} (membrane that lines the interior of the heart)  :: Endokard {n}
endocarp {n} (inner layer of the pericarp)  :: Endokarp {n}
endocrinologist {n} (practitioner of endocrinology)  :: Endokrinologe {m}, Endokrinologin {f}
endocrinology {n} (study of the endocrine glands)  :: Endokrinologie {f}
end of the line {n} (termination point of a railway or similar transportation system)  :: Endstation {f}
end of the world {n} (End of the planet Earth)  :: Ende der Welt {n}
end of the world {n}  :: Weltuntergang {m}
endogamy {n} (the practice of marrying within one's own social group)  :: Endogamie {f}
endogenous {adj} (produced, originating or growing from within)  :: endogen
endometrium {n} (mucous membrane)  :: Endometrium {n}
endonym {n} (a name used by a group or category of people to refer to themselves or their language)  :: Endonym {n}
endoparasite {n} (indwelling parasite)  :: Endoparasit {m}, Entoparasit {m}, Innenparasit {m}
endoplasmic {adj} (of, or relating to endoplasm)  :: endoplasmatisch
endoplasmic reticulum {n} (network of membranes)  :: endoplasmatischen Retikulum
endopod {n} (endopodite) SEE: endopodite  ::
endorphin {n} (any of a group of peptide hormones)  :: Endorphin {n}
endorse {v} (support)  :: empfehlen, bestätigen, unterstützen
endorsement {n} (the act or quality of endorsing)  :: Beführwortung {f}
endoscope {n} (instrument)  :: Endoskop {n}
endoscopy {n} (examination using an endoscope)  :: Endoskopie {f}
endosome {n} (endocytic vacuole)  :: Endosom
endosymbiosis {n} (living within another organism)  :: Endosymbiose {f}
endosymbiotic theory {n} (the theory that concerns the origins of mitochondria and chloroplasts)  :: Endosymbiontenhypothese
endothermic {adj} (absorbing heat)  :: endotherm
endpaper {n} (either of two folded sheets of paper used to connect the front and back covers of a book to the first and last pages)  :: Vorsatz {m}, Nachsatz {m}
endpoint {n} (either of two points at the end of a line)  :: Endpunkt {m}
end product {n} (finished product) SEE: finished product  ::
end times {n} (the days leading up to the second coming of the Messiah)  :: Endzeit {f}
endurable {adj} (able to be endured; tolerable; bearable)  :: erträglich
endurance {n} (the measure of a person's stamina or persistence)  :: Ausdauer {f}
endure {v} (to continue despite obstacles)  :: ertragen, aushalten
endure {v} (to last)  :: von Bestand sein
endure {v} (to tolerate something)  :: dulden
end user {n} (the final consumer of a product; the intended recipient or user)  :: Endbenutzer {m}
end user license agreement {n} (a contract between the manufacturer or copyright holder)  :: Endbenutzer-Lizenzvertrag {m}, Endbenutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung {f}
-ene {suffix} (alkene)  :: -en
enema {n} (injection of fluid into the rectum)  :: Einlauf {m}, Klistier {n}
enemy {adj} (of, relating to, or belonging to an enemy)  :: feindlich
enemy {n} (someone who is hostile to, feels hatred towards, opposes the interests of, or intends injury to someone else)  :: Feind {m}, Gegner {m}
energetic {adj} (Of or relating to energy)  :: Energie-
energetic {adj} (Possessing, exerting, or displaying energy)  :: energisch, energiegeladen (person); Energie besitzend (possessing energy)
energetically {adv} (in an energetic manner)  :: energetisch
energy {n} (capacity to do work)  :: Energie {f}
energy {n} (impetus behind activity)  :: Energie {f}
energy {n} (physics)  :: Energie {f}
energy carrier {n}  :: Energieträger {m}
energy drink {n} (caffeinated soft drink)  :: Energy-Drink {m}
energy source {n} (source from which energy can be extracted)  :: Energiequelle {f}
enervate {v} (to reduce strength or energy; debilitate)  :: schwächen
enfant terrible {n} (unconventional badly-behaved person)  :: Enfant terrible {n}
enforce {v}  :: durchsetzen , bekräftigen
enforce {v} (to exert)  :: durchsetzen
Engadin {prop} (long valley in the Swiss Alps)  :: Engadin
engaged {adj} (agreed to be married)  :: verlobt
engaged {adj} (already involved in a telephone call)  :: besetzt
engagement {n} (an appointment, especially to speak or perform)  :: Verpflichtung {f}
engagement {n} (connection or attachment)  :: Bindung {f}
engagement {n} (In any situation of conflict, an actual instance of active hostilities)  :: Gefecht {n}
engagement {n} (period of time when marriage is planned or promised)  :: Verlobung {f}, Verlöbnis {n}
engagement ring {n} (a ring signifying a promise to wed)  :: Verlobungsring {m}
en garde {interj}  :: en garde
Engels {prop} (surname)  :: Engels
engender {v} (to bring into existence, cause)  :: erzeugen
engine {n} (brain or heart)  :: Getriebe {n}
engine {n} (influential group)  :: Motor {m}
engine {n} (locomotive)  :: Lokomotive {f}, Lok {f}
engine {n} (mechanical device)  :: Motor {m}, Triebwerk {n}, Antrieb {m}
engine block {n} (casting containing piston cylinders)  :: Motorblock {m}
engine displacement {n} (volume of air/fuel mixture)  :: Hubraum {m}
engine driver {n} (person)  :: Lokomotivführer {m}
engineer {n} (locomotive operator)  :: Maschinist {m}, Maschinistin {f}
engineer {n} (person qualified or professionally engaged in engineering)  :: Ingenieur {m}, Ingenieurin {f}
engineering {n} (application of science to the needs of humanity)  :: Ingenieurwissenschaft {f}, Ingenieurwesen {n}, Engineering {n}
engineering {n} (area aboard a ship where the engine is located)  :: Maschinenraum {m}
engineering {n} (profession)  :: Maschinenbau {m}, Engineering {n}
engineer's scale {n}  :: Dreikantmaßstab {m}
engine room {n} (compartment on a ship)  :: Maschinenraum {m}
England {prop} (England)  :: England {n}
English {adj} (of or pertaining to England)  :: englisch
English {adj} (of or pertaining to the English language)  :: englisch
English {n} (14-point type)  :: Mittel
English {prop} (people from England)  :: Engländer {m}, Engländerin {f}
English {prop} (the English language)  :: Englisch {n}, englische Sprache {f}
English bond {n} (in bricklaying, an arrangement of bricks)  :: Englischer Verband {m}
English-Canadian {adj} (anglophone Canadian, English-speaking Canadian, English-language Canadian)  :: anglophon kanadisch, anglofon kanadisch, englischsprachig kanadisch, englischsprechend kanadisch
English-Canadian {adj} (English-Canadian)  :: anglokanadisch, englischkanadisch, englisch-kanadisch
English Carrier {n} (English Carrier)  :: Carriertaube {f}, Karriertaube {f}, Carrier {m}, Karrier {m}, [older term] Englische Bagdette {f}, [older term] Englische Botentaube {f}
English Channel {prop} (The part of the Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain and France)  :: Ärmelkanal {m}
English horn {n} (cor anglais) SEE: cor anglais  ::
Englishman {n} (male native or inhabitant of England)  :: Engländer {m}
English studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: Anglistik {f}
Englishwoman {n} (a female native or inhabitant of England)  :: Engländerin {f}
engram {n} (postulated change in neural tissue)  :: Engramm {n}
engrave {v} (carve text or symbols into (something))  :: gravieren
engraved {adj} (decorated with engravings)  :: graviert
engraver {n} (person who engraves)  :: Graveur {m}, Stecher {m}
engraver {n} (tool used in this process)  :: Stichel {m}
engraving {n} (an engraved image)  :: Gravur {f}, Stich {m}
engraving {n} (the practice of incising a design onto a hard, flat surface)  :: Gravieren {n}, Stechen {n}
engrossed {adj} (finalized)  :: ausgefertigt
engrossed {adj} (preoccupied)  :: entrückt, vertieft
engulf {v} (surround; cover)  :: verschlingen
enhance {v} (augment or make something greater)  :: erhöhen, vergrößern
enhance {v} (improve something by adding features)  :: verbessern
enhanced {adj} (improved)  :: verstärkt
enhancement {n} (an improvement)  :: Verbesserung {f}, Erweiterung {f}
enharmonic {adj} (Describing two or more identical notes that are written differently when in different key)  :: enharmonisch
enhydros {n} (chalcedony containing liquid)  :: Enhydros {n}
enigma {n} (something puzzling, mysterious or inexplicable)  :: Rätsel {m}
enigmatic {adj} (pertaining to an enigma)  :: rätselhaft
enjail {v} (put in jail) SEE: imprison  ::
enjoy {v} (to receive pleasure or satisfaction from something)  :: genießen, sich erfreuen an
enjoyable {adj} (giving pleasure or delight)  :: angenehm, unterhaltsam
enjoyment {n} (the condition of enjoying anything)  :: Genuss {m}, Vergnügen {n}
enjoy oneself {v} (take pleasure)  :: Spaß haben
enjoy your meal {phrase} (bon appétit) SEE: bon appétit  ::
enlarge {v} (make larger)  :: vergrößern
enlargement {n} (Act of making larger)  :: Vergrößerung {f}, Erweiterung
enlargen {v} (enlarge) SEE: enlarge  ::
enlighten {v} (to make clear to the intellect)  :: aufklären
enlightened {adj} (educated or informed)  :: aufgeklärt, informiert
enlightened {adj} (exceedingly wise)  :: erleuchtet
enlightened {adj} (made aware of something)  :: informiert
enlightenment {n} (act of enlightening, state of being enlightened)  :: Aufklärung {f}
Enlightenment {prop} (the Enlightenment)  :: Aufklärung {f}
en masse {adv} (in a single body or group)  :: in Massen
enmity {n} (hostile or unfriendly disposition)  :: Feindschaft {f}
enneagon {n} (a polygon with nine sides; a nonagon)  :: Neuneck {n}
enneagram {n} (nine-pointed stellate polygon)  :: Enneagramm {n}
ennoble {v} (To bestow with nobility, honour or grace)  :: adeln
ennoblement {n} (act of ennobling or something which ennobles)  :: Adelung {f}
ennui {n} (listlessness, boredom)  :: Langeweile {f}, Apathie {f}
ennui {n} (melancholia, depression)  :: Depression {f}, Melancholie {f}
enoki {n} (Flammulina velutipes) SEE: enoki mushroom  ::
enoki mushroom {n} (Flammulina velutipes)  :: Samtfußrübling {m}
enologist {n} (an expert in the science of enology)  :: Önologe
enology {n} (scientific study of wines)  :: Kellerwirtschaft
enormousness {n} (great size)  :: Riesigkeit {f}
enough {adv} (sufficiently)  :: genug
enough {determiner} (sufficient)  :: genug
enough {interj} (stop!)  :: halt!, das genügt
enough {pron} (a sufficient or adequate number, amount, etc)  :: genug
enough is enough {phrase} (the limit of patience or tolerance has been reached)  :: das Maß ist voll
enqueue {v} (to add an item to a queue)  :: (in eine Warteschlange {f}) einreihen
enquiry {n} (a question)  :: Anfrage {f}
enrage {v} (to fill with rage)  :: wütend machen, in Wut versetzen, in Rage versetzen
enrapture {v} (to fill with great delight or joy; to fascinate)  :: hinreißen, entzücken
enravish {v} (to enrapture) SEE: enrapture  ::
enrich {v} (to increase the amount of one isotope in a mixture of isotopes)  :: anreichern
enrich {v} (to make rich(er))  :: bereichern
enriched uranium {n} (uranium enriched with a higher amount of U-235)  :: angereichertes Uran {n}
enrichment {n} (the act of enriching)  :: Bereicherung {f}
enrichment {n} (the process of making enriched uranium)  :: Anreicherung {f}
enroll {v} (to enlist (someone) or make (someone) a member of)  :: immatrikulieren
enroll {v} (to enter (a name) in a register, roll or list)  :: anmelden, einschreiben, sich immatrikulieren
enrolment {n} (act of enrolling or state of being enrolled)  :: Einschreibung {f}, Immatrikulation {f}, Aufnahme {f}, Anmeldung {f}
en route {adj} (along the way)  :: unterwegs
en route {adj} (on the way)  :: unterwegs, en Route
ensemble {n} (a coordinated costume or outfit; a suit)  :: Ensemble {n}
ensemble {n} (a group of musicians, dancers etc who perform together; the chorus of a ballet company)  :: Ensemble {n}
ensemble {n} (a group of separate things that contribute to a coordinated whole)  :: Ensemble {n}
ensemble {n} (a piece for several instrumentalists or vocalists)  :: Ensemble {n}
ensign {n} (banner)  :: Fahne {f}
ensign {n} (military officer)  :: Fähnrich {m}
enslave {v} (to make subservient; to strip one of freedom; enthrall)  :: versklaven
enslavement {n} (the act of enslaving or the state of being a slave; bondage)  :: Versklavung {f}
ensnare {v} (To snare, to catch through a snare or trap)  :: fangen
ensue {v} (to occur as consequence)  :: folgen, ansetzen, erfolgen, nachfolgen
ensure {v} (assure) SEE: assure  ::
ensure {v} (make sure or certain)  :: sicherstellen, gewährleisten
ent {n} (a fictional large talking tree)  :: Ent {m}
ENT {initialism} (ear, nose and throat)  :: HNO
entail {v} (to imply or require)  :: bedingen, mit sich bringen, nach sich ziehen, verursachen
entail {v} (to settle or fix inalienably on a person or thing)  :: als unveräußerliches Gut vererben
enter {n} (Enter) SEE: Enter  ::
enter {v} (to go into (a room, etc.))  :: hereingehen, eintreten, betreten, hereinkommen
enter {v} (to type into a computer)  :: eingeben
enteritis {n} (intestinal disease)  :: Enteritis {f}
enterprise {n} (company, business, organization, or endeavor)  :: Unternehmen {n}
enterprise {n} (undertaking, especially a daring and courageous one)  :: Unterfangen {n}
enterprise {n} (willingness to undertake projects, energy and initiative)  :: Unternehmungsgeist {m}, Unternehmungslust {f}
enterprise application integration {n}  :: Unternehmensanwendungsintegration {f}
enterprising {adj} (Being very able and ingenious in business dealings.)  :: unternehmungslustig
entertain {v} (to amuse)  :: unterhalten
entertainer {n} (person who entertains)  :: Unterhalter {m}, Entertainer {m}
entertainment {n} (activity designed to give pleasure or relaxation)  :: Unterhaltung {f}
enthalpy {n} (a measure of the heat content)  :: Enthalpie {f}
enthral {v} (hold spellbound) SEE: enthrall  ::
enthral {v} (make subservient) SEE: enthrall  ::
enthronement {n} (the act of enthroning or the state of being enthroned)  :: Inthronisation {f}
enthronise {v} (enthrone) SEE: enthrone  ::
enthuse {v} (to cause (someone) to feel enthusiasm)  :: begeistern
enthuse {v} (to feel enthusiasm)  :: begeistern
enthusiasm {n} (feeling of excited, lively interest)  :: Begeisterung {f}, Enthusiasmus {m}, Schwärmerei {f}
enthusiastic {adj} (with zealous fervor; excited, motivated)  :: enthusiastisch, begeistert
enthusiastically {adv} (in an enthusiastic manner)  :: enthusiastisch
entice {v} (To lure; to attract by arousing desire or hope.)  :: locken, verführen
entire {adj} (internal; interior) SEE: internal, interior  ::
entire {adj} (whole)  :: ganz
entire {n} (stallion) SEE: stallion  ::
entitle {v}  :: betiteln
entitle {v} (to bestow the right to do something)  :: berechtigen
entitle {v} (to give a title to a book etc.)  :: benennen
entitlement {n} (something that one is entitled to)  :: Anspruch {m}
entitlement {n} (the right to have something)  :: Anspruch {m}, Berechtigung {f}
entity {n} (that which exists as an individual unit)  :: Wesen {n}
entity {n}  :: Wesen Wesenheit Dasein
entomologist {n} (scientist who studies insects)  :: Entomologe {m}; [female] Entomologin {f}
entomology {n} (study of insects)  :: Entomologie {f}, Insektologie {f}, Insektenkunde {f}
entourage {n} (retinue of attendants, associates or followers)  :: Gefolge {n}
entrails {n} (internal organs)  :: Eingeweide {n-p}
entrance {n} (The place of entering, as a gate or doorway)  :: Eingang {m}, [vehicle] Einfahrt {f}
entrance {n} (The right to go in)  :: Zutritt {m}
entranced {adj} (held at attention, as if by magic)  :: bezaubert
entrance examination {n} (examination used by an educational institution to select which students it will grant admission to)  :: Aufnahmeprüfung {f}, Zugangsprüfung {f}
Entrange {prop} (a commune in France)  :: Entringen
entrée {n} (act of entering)  :: Zutritt {m}
entrée {n} (dish served before the main course of a meal)  :: Vorspeise {f}
entrée {n} (main dish) SEE: main course  ::
entreaty {n} (petition, solicitation, prayer)  :: Flehen {n}
entrecôte {n} (a premium cut of beef)  :: Entrecote {n}
entrench {v} (dig)  :: graben, ausheben
entrench {v} (establish financial position)  :: Fuß fassen, etablieren, festigen
entrench {v} (surround with a trench)  :: eingraben, verschanzen, mit einen Graben umgeben
entrenching tool {n} (short shovel)  :: Klappspaten {m}
entrepreneur {n} (person who organizes and operates a business and assumes the associated risk)  :: Unternehmer {m}, Unternehmerin {f}
entrepreneurial {adj} (having the spirit, attitude or qualities of an entrepreneur; enterprising)  :: unternehmerisch
entrepreneurship {n} (quality of being an entrepreneur)  :: Unternehmertum {n}
entresol {n} (an intermediate floor in a building)  :: Zwischengeschoss {n}
entropy {n} (measure of the amount of information in a signal)  :: Entropie {f}
entropy {n} (tendency of a system to descend into chaos)  :: Entropie {f}
entropy {n} (term in thermodynamics)  :: Entropie {f}
entrust {v} (To trust to the care of)  :: anvertrauen
entry {n} (act of entering)  :: Eintritt {m}
entry {n} (doorway that provides a means of entering a building)  :: Eingang {m}
entry {n} (item in a list)  :: Eintrag {m}
entry {n} (permission to enter)  :: Zutritt {m}
entry {n} (record in a log or in a database)  :: Eintrag {m}
entry {n} (room)  :: Flur {m}
entry {n} (term in a matrix)  :: Element {n}
entryphone {n} (an electronic communication system, see also: intercom)  :: Sprechanlage {f}
entwist {v}  :: flechten, umwinden, verflechten
enumerate {v} (to specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order)  :: aufzählen
enunciation {n} (act of enunciating)  :: Erklärung {f}
envelop {v} (to surround or enclose)  :: einhüllen, umhüllen
envelope {n} (bag containing the lifting gas)  :: Hülle {f}
envelope {n} (geometry: object that is the tangent to a family of objects)  :: Hüllkurve {f}
envelope {n} (something that envelops)  :: Umschlag {m}
envelope {n} (wrapper for mailing)  :: Briefumschlag {m}, Umschlag {m}
enviable {adj} (Arousing or likely to arouse envy.)  :: beneidenswert
envious {adj} (feeling or exhibiting envy)  :: neidisch
environment {n} (area around something)  :: Umgebung {f}, Umwelt {f}
environment {n} (natural world or ecosystem)  :: Umwelt {f}
environment {n} (political or social setting, arena or condition)  :: Umfeld
environment {n} (software or hardware on a computer)  :: Umgebung {f}
environmental {adj} (pertaining to the environment)  :: Umwelt-
environmentalism {n} (ideology seeking to prevent the degradation of environment)  :: Ökologismus {m}
environmentalist {n} (one who advocates for the protection of the biosphere)  :: Umweltschützer {m}, Umweltschützerin {f}
environmentally friendly {adj} (causing little harm to the environment)  :: umweltfreundlich
environmental protection {n} (protecting the environment)  :: Umweltschutz {m}
environment variable {n}  :: Umgebungsvariable
envisage {v} (to conceive or see something within in one's mind)  :: vorstellen
envoy {n} (representative)  :: Gesandter {m}
envy {n} (resentful desire of something possessed by another)  :: Neid {m}
envy {v} (to feel displeasure towards (someone) because of their good fortune, possessions)  :: beneiden
enwrap {v} (To wrap around, surround)  :: einhüllen, einwickeln, umhüllen
Enzedder {n} (Kiwi) SEE: Kiwi  ::
enzymatic {adj} (of, relating to, or caused by enzymes)  :: enzymatisch
enzyme {n} (catalytic protein)  :: Enzym {n}
eon {n} (geological time period)  :: Äon {m}
eosin {n} (red, acidic dye)  :: Eosin {n}
epaulet {n} (shoulder decoration)  :: Achselstück {n}, Achselklappe {f}, Epaulette {f}
epee {n} (A fencing sword)  :: Degen {m}
epenthesis {n} (insertion of a phoneme or letter into a word)  :: Epenthesis, Epenthese; Fugenelement, Fugenzeichen, Fugenlaut [in case of compounds]
ephedrine {n}  :: Ephedrin {n}
ephemeral {adj} (existing for only one day)  :: Eintags-
ephemeral {adj} (lasting for a short period of time)  :: flüchtig, kurzlebig, vergänglich
Ephesians {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Epheser
Ephesus {prop} (a city of ancient Anatolia, in what is now Turkey)  :: Ephesus
epibiont {n} (organism that lives on the surface)  :: Epibiont {m}
epic {adj}  :: episch
epic {adj} (extraordinary)  :: außergewöhnlich, wahnsinnig, Wahnsinns-, toll, denkwürdig
epic {adj} (Momentously heroic)  :: episch
epic {adj} (of, or relating to, an epic)  :: episch
epic {n} (events appropriate to an epic)  :: Epos {n}
epic {n} (extended narrative poem)  :: Epos {n}
epicardium {n} (layer of tissue between the pericardium and the heart)  :: Epikard {n}
epicaricacy {n} (rejoicing at or deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of others)  :: Schadenfreude {f}
epicarp {n} (exocarp) SEE: exocarp  ::
epicene {n} (epicene word)  :: (epicene substantives:) Epicönum, Epikoinon
epicene {n} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite  ::
epicentre {n} (point above earthquake)  :: Epizentrum {n}
epicist {n} (epics writer)  :: Epiker {m}
epicrisis {n} (critical or analytical summing-up)  :: Epikrise {f}
epicure {n} (epicure; a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink)  :: Genießer {m}, Feinschmecker {m}
Epicurean {adj} (relating to Epicurus or his philosophy)  :: epikureisch
Epicurean {n} (a follower of Epicurus and Epicureanism)  :: Epikureer {m}, Epikureerin {f}
Epicurus {prop} (ancient Greek philosopher)  :: Epikur
epicycle {n} (a small circle whose centre is on the circumference of a larger circle)  :: Epizykel
epicycloid {n} (locus)  :: Epizykloide {f}
epidemic {adj} (like an epidemic)  :: epidemisch
epidemic {n} (widespread disease)  :: Epidemie {f}, Seuche {f}
epidemiological {adj} (of or pertaining to epidemiology) SEE: epidemiologic  ::
epidemiologist {n} (Scientist specialized in epidemiology)  :: Epidemiologe {m}, Epidemiologin {f}
epidemiology {n} (branch of medicine dealing with transmission and control of disease in populations)  :: Epidemiologie {f}
epidermis {n} (skin's outer layer in animals)  :: Oberhaut {f}, Epidermis {f}
epididymis {n} (tube)  :: Nebenhoden {m}
epigenetics {n} (The study of heritable changes caused by the activation and deactivation of genes without any change in DNA sequence)  :: Epigenetik {f}
epigenetics {n} (The study of the processes involved in the genetic development of an organism, especially the activation and deactivation of genes)  :: Epigenetik {f}
epiglottis {n} (an organ)  :: Epiglottis {m}
epigone {n} (follower, disciple)  :: Epigone {m}, Epigonin {f}
epigone {n} (imitator of artist or style)  :: Epigone {m}, Epigonin {f}
epigram {n} (brief but witty saying)  :: Epigramm {n}
epigram {n} (inscription in stone)  :: Epigramm {n}
epigram {n} (short, witty or pithy poem)  :: Epigramm {n}
epigraph {n} (inscription)  :: Epigraph {n}
epigraphy {n} (study of inscriptions)  :: Epigraphik {f}
epilate {v} (to remove hair)  :: epilieren
epilation {n} (loss of hair)  :: Haarausfall {m}
epilation {n} (removal of hair)  :: Epilation {f}
epilator {n} (electrical device)  :: Epilierer {m}, Epiliergerät {n}
epilepsy {n} (medical condition)  :: Epilepsie {f}, Fallsucht {f}
epileptic {adj} (of or relating to epilepsy)  :: epileptisch, fallsüchtig
epileptic {n} (person who has epilepsy)  :: Epileptiker {m}, Epileptikerin {f}
epilogue {n} (brief oration or script at the end of a literary piece)  :: Epilog {m}, Nachwort {n}
epilogue {n} (short speech at the end of a play)  :: Epilog {m}
epinephrine {n} (epinephrine)  :: Epinephrin {n}
Epiphanes {prop} (epithet)  :: Epiphanes
epiphany {n} (illuminating realization or discovery)  :: Erleuchtung {f}, Heureka-Moment {m}, Aha-Erlebnis {n}
epiphany {n} (manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being)  :: Erscheinung {f}, Offenbarung {f}, Manifestation {f}, Epiphanie {f}
Epiphany {n} (Christian feast)  :: Dreikönigsfest {n}, Erscheinung des Herrn {f}, Heilige Drei Könige {p} {m}
epiphenomenalism {n} (doctrine)  :: Epiphänomenalismus {n}
epiphyte {n} (plant that grows on another)  :: Aufsitzerpflanze {f}, Epiphyt {m}
Epirus {prop} (one of the 13 peripheries)  :: Epirus
Epirus {prop} (region; historical kingdom)  :: Epirus
episcopate {n} (bishops as a group)  :: Episkopat {m}, [worldwide] Weltepiskopat {m}
episode {n} (incident or action connected with a series of events)  :: Episode {f}
episode {n} (installment of a drama told in parts)  :: Episode {f}, Folge {f}
epistaxis {n} (nosebleed)  :: Epistaxis {f}
epistemological {adj} (of, or relating to, epistemology)  :: erkenntnistheoretisch
epistemology {n} (branch of philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge)  :: Erkenntnistheorie {f}, Epistemologie {f}
epistle {n} (book of the New Testament)  :: Apostelbrief {m}
epitaph {n} (inscription on a gravestone)  :: Epitaph {n}, Grabinschrift {f}
epitaxy {n} (type of overgrowth)  :: Epitaxie {f}
epithelium {n} (membranous tissue)  :: Epithel {n}
epithet {n} (abusive or contemptuous word or phrase)  :: Beiwort {n}
epithet {n} (term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person)  :: Beiwort {n}
epithet {n} (term used to characterize a person or thing)  :: Beiwort {n}, Epitheton {n}
epithet {n} (word in the scientific name of a taxon following the name of the genus or species)  :: Epitheton {n}
epitome {n} (embodiment or encapsulation of)  :: Verkörperlichung {f}
epitome {n} (summary)  :: Abriss {m}
epitomize {v} (be an epitome)  :: verkörpern
epitope {n} (target of an immune response)  :: Epitop, {n}
epitrochoid {n} (geometric curve)  :: Epitrochoide {f}
e pluribus unum {proverb} (United States' motto)  :: aus vielen eines
epoch {n} (particular period of history)  :: Epoche {f}, Ära {f}
epochal {adj} (highly important)  :: epochal
eponym {n} (name of a person that has given rise to the name of something)  :: Namensgeber {m}, Eponym {n}
eponym {n} (word formed from a person’s name)  :: Eponym {n}
eponymous {adj} (relating to the person after which something is named)  :: namensgebend
epopee {n} (an epic, saga)  :: Epopöe
epoxide {n} (any cyclic ether, having a three-membered ring)  :: Epoxid {n}
epsilon {n} (name for the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: Epsilon {n}
Epsilon Pegasi {prop} (star)  :: Enif
epyllion {n} (little epic poem)  :: Epyllion
equal {adj} (mathematics: exactly identical)  :: gleich
equal {adj} (the same in all respects)  :: gleich
equal {n} (person or thing of equal status to others)  :: Gleichgestellter {m}, Gleichgestellte {f}
equal {v} (be equal to)  :: gleichen
equal {v} (informal: have as its consequence)  :: gleichen
equalitarian {adj} (egalitarian) SEE: egalitarian  ::
equality {n} (equal treatment of people irrespective of social or cultural differences)  :: Gleichberechtigung {f}
equality {n} (fact of being equal)  :: Gleichheit {f}
equality {n} (mathematics: fact of having the same value)  :: Gleichheit {f}
equalize {v} (to make the score equal)  :: ausgleichen
equally {adv} (in an equal manner)  :: gleichermaßen, gleich, gleichmäßig
equal sign {n} (a symbol)  :: Gleichheitszeichen {n}
equanimity {n} (state of being calm)  :: Gelassenheit {f}, Gleichmut {m}
equanimous {adj} (Calm and composed; of stable disposition)  :: gleichmütig
equation {n} (assertion)  :: Gleichung {f}
equator {n} (celestial equator) SEE: celestial equator  ::
equator {n} (circle around the earth)  :: Äquator {m}
Equator {prop}  :: Erdäquator {m}
equatorial {adj} (of, near, or relating to the equator)  :: äquatorial
equatorial {n} (kind of telescope)  :: Äquatorial {n}
Equatorial Guinea {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: Äquatorialguinea {n}
Equatorial Guinean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Equatorial Guinea, the Equatorial Guinean people or the Equatorial Guinean culture)  :: äquatorialguineisch
Equatorial Guinean {n} (A person from Equatorial Guinea or of Equatorial Guinean descent)  :: Äquatorialguineer {m}, Äquatorialguineerin {f}
equerry {n} (responsible for the care of horses)  :: Stallmeister {m}
equestrianism {n} (the art of riding horses)  :: Reitsport {m}, Pferdesport {m}, Reiten {n}
equiangular {adj} (geometry: having all internal angles equal)  :: gleichwinklig
equidistant {adj} (occupying a position that is an equal distance between several points)  :: äquidistant
equilateral {adj} (referring to a polygon all of whose sides are of equal length)  :: gleichseitig
equilateral triangle {n} (a triangle having all three sides equal)  :: gleichseitiges Dreieck
equilibrium {n} (chemistry: state of a reaction in which the rates of the forward and reverse reactions are the same)  :: Gleichgewicht {n}
equilibrium {n} (condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced)  :: Gleichgewicht {n}, Balance {f}
equilibrium {n} (mental balance)  :: Ausgeglichenheit {f}
equilibrium {n} (physics: state of a body at rest or in uniform motion in which the resultant of all forces on it is zero)  :: Gleichgewicht {n}
equinoctial {n} (celestial equator) SEE: celestial equator  ::
equinox {n} (intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial equator)  :: Äquinoktium {n}, Tagundnachtgleiche {f}
equip {v}  :: ausrüsten
equipage {n} (a type of horse-drawn carriage)  :: Equipage {f}
equipage {n} (equipment or supplies, especially military ones)  :: Ausrüstung {f}
equipment {n} (the act of equipping)  :: Ausrüstung {f}
equipment {n} (whatever is used in equipping)  :: Ausrüstung {f}
equiprimordial {adj} (existing together as equally fundamental ab initio)  :: gleichursprünglich
equitable {adj} (fair, just, or impartial)  :: ehrlich, fair, gerecht
equity {n} (justice, impartiality and fairness)  :: Gerechtigkeit {f}, Gleichheit {f}, Fairness {f}, Billigkeit {f}
equity {n} (legal tradition)  :: Billigkeitsrecht {n}
equity {n} (ownership, especially in terms of net monetary value of some business)  :: Aktienkapital {n}, Aktienanteil {m}, Aktien {p} {f}, Unternehmensbeteiligungen {p} {f}
equity {n} (ownership interest in a company)  :: Eigenkapital {n}, Reinvermögen {m}
equivalence {n} (an equivalence relation)  :: Äquivalenz {f}
equivalence {n} (the condition of being equivalent)  :: Gleichwertigkeit {f}
equivalence {n} (the relationship between two propositions)  :: Äquivalenz {f}
equivalence class {n} (Any one of the subsets into which an equivalence relation partition is set)  :: Äquivalenzklasse {f}
equivalence gate {n} (a physical Boolean device)  :: XNOR-Gatter {n}
equivalence relation {n} (binary relation)  :: Äquivalenzrelation {f}
equivalent {adj} (equal-area) SEE: equal-area  ::
equivalent {adj} (of two sets, having a one-to-one relationship)  :: äquivalent
equivalent {adj} (relating to the corresponding elements of an equivalence relation)  :: äquivalent
equivalent {adj} (similar or identical in value)  :: gleichwertig, entsprechend
equivalent {n} (anything that is virtually equal to something else)  :: Entsprechung {f}, Äquivalent {n}
equivocal {adj} (capable of being ascribed to different motives, or of signifying opposite feelings, purposes, or characters)  :: fragwürdig
equivocal {adj} (having several applicable significations)  :: doppeldeutig, mehrdeutig
equivocal {adj} (uncertain, doubtful)  :: fragwürdig
Equuleus {prop} (second smallest constellation of the northern sky)  :: Füllen {n}
-er {suffix} ((used to form agent nouns) person or thing that does...)  :: -er {m}
-er {suffix} (used to form the comparative of adjectives)  :: -er
-er {suffix} (used to form the comparative of adverbs)  :: -er
era {n} (time period)  :: Ära {f}, Epoche {f}
eradiate {v} (To spread out light rays in all directions)  :: ausstrahlen
eradicate {v} (to completely destroy; to reduce to nothing radically)  :: ausrotten, ausmerzen, auslöschen
eradicate {v} (to pull up by the roots)  :: mit der Wurzel ausreißen
erase {v} (to remove markings or information)  :: auslöschen
eraser {n} (chalkboard eraser)  :: Tafelschwamm {m}
eraser {n} (thing used to erase something written or drawn)  :: Radiergummi {m} {n}, [colloquial] Radierer {m}, [colloquial] Gummi {m} {n}
erastes {n} (the older partner in a pederastic relationship)  :: Erastes
erbium {n} (chemical element)  :: Erbium {n}
e-reader {n} (device)  :: E-Book-Lesegerät {n}, E-Book-Reader {m}, E-Reader {m}
erect-crested penguin {n} (Eudyptes sclateri)  :: Kronenpinguin {m}
erectile {adj}  :: aufrichtbar
erectile dysfunction {n} (erectile dysfunction)  :: erektile Dysfunktion {f}
erection {n} (act of building)  :: Errichtung {f}
erection {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris)  :: Erektion {f}
eremetic {adj} (of or pertaining to eremites) SEE: eremitic  ::
eremite {n} (hermit) SEE: hermit  ::
eremitical {adj} (eremitic) SEE: eremitic  ::
ereyesterday {adv} (on the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday  ::
ereyesterday {n} (the day before yesterday) SEE: day before yesterday  ::
ergative {n} (ergative case) SEE: ergative case  ::
ergative case {n} (case used to indicate the agent of a verb)  :: Ergativ {m}
ergativity {n} (linguistic: structuring property of grammar)  :: Ergativität {f}
ergo {conj}  :: ergo
ergonomic {adj} (of, or relating to the science of ergonomics)  :: ergonomisch
ergonomics {n} (science)  :: Ergonomie {f}
Eric {prop} (male given name)  :: Erich
Erica {prop} (female given name)  :: Erika
Eridanus {prop} (constellation)  :: Eridanus
Erie {prop} (one of Great Lakes)  :: Eriesee {m}
Erika {prop} (female given name) SEE: Erica  ::
erinaceous {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog)  :: igelartig, igelähnlich
Eris {prop} (dwarf planet)  :: Eris {m}
eristic {adj} (provoking)  :: eristisch
eristic {n} (one who is disputatious)  :: Eristiker {m}
eristic {n} (type of dialogue)  :: Eristik {f}
Eritrea {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Eritrea
Eritrean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Eritrea, the Eritrean people or the Eritrean culture)  :: eritreisch
Eritrean {n} (A person from Eritrea or of Eritrean descent)  :: Eritreer {m}, Eritreerin {f}
Erlenmeyer flask {n} (conical laboratory flask)  :: Erlenmeyerkolben {m}
erlking {n} (erlking)  :: Erlkönig {m}
erm {interj} (expression of uncertainty)  :: äh
Ermengarde {prop} (female given name)  :: Irmgard
ermine {n} ((heraldry) a white field with black spots)  :: Hermelin {n}
ermine {n} (Mustela erminea)  :: Hermelin {n}
ermine {n} (the white fur of this animal)  :: Hermelin {m}
erne {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle  ::
Ernest {prop} (given name)  :: Ernst
erode {v} (To wear away by abrasion, corrosion or chemical reaction)  :: erodieren
erogenous {adj} (sensitive to sexual arousal)  :: erogen
erogenous zone {n} (erogenous zone)  :: erogene Zone {f}
Eros {prop} (God of love)  :: Eros {m}
erosion {n} (destruction by abrasive action of fluids)  :: Erosion {f}
erosion {n} (in dentistry)  :: Erosion {f}
erosion {n} (the changing of a surface by mechanical action)  :: Erosion {f}
erosion {n} (the result of having being eroded)  :: Erosion {f}
erotic {adj} (tending to arouse sexual desire)  :: erotisch
erotology {n} (study of sexual behavior)  :: Erotologie {f}
err {v} (make a mistake)  :: irren, sich irren, Fehler machen
err {v} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
errand {n} (purpose of a small trip)  :: Besorgung {f}
errand {n} (trip to accomplish a small task)  :: Besorgung {f}, Auftrag {m}
errand boy {n} (male employed to run errands)  :: Botenjunge {m}
errant {adj} (straying from the proper course or standard)  :: errant
erratic {adj} (deviating from the common course in opinion or conduct)  :: gestört, verhaltensauffällig
erratic {adj} (unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes; not consistent)  :: erratisch, unstet, unregelmäßig
erratic {n} (rock)  :: Findling {m}
erratum {n} (error, especially one in a printed work)  :: Erratum {n}
erroneous {adj} (containing an error; inaccurate)  :: unrichtig, fehlerhaft
erroneously {adv} (in an erroneous manner)  :: irrtümlicherweise, fälschlicherweise
erroneously {adv} (incorrectly) SEE: incorrectly  ::
error {n} (difference between a measured or calculated value and a true one)  :: Fehler {m}
error {n} (mistake)  :: Fehler {m}
error {n} (one or more mistakes in a trial that could be grounds for review of the judgement)  :: Irrtum {n}
error {v} ((nonstandard) To make a mistake; to result in an error) SEE: err  ::
error bar {n} (bar denoting one standard deviation)  :: Fehlerbalken {m}
errorfree {adj} (free from errors)  :: fehlerfrei
error message {n} (message displayed when an unexpected condition occurs)  :: Fehlermeldung {f}
error-prone {adj} (in the habit of making errors)  :: fehleranfällig
ersatz {n} (something made in imitation)  :: Ersatz {m}
erstwhile {adj} (former, previous)  :: vormalig, ehemalig, früher
erstwhile {adv} (erstwhile) SEE: formerly  ::
erudite {adj} (scholarly, learned)  :: belesen, gelehrt
erudition {n} (profound knowledge, especially that based on learning and scholarship)  :: Belesenheit {f}, Gelehrtheit {f}
erupt {v} (to violently eject)  :: ausbrechen
eruption {n} (sudden release of pressure or tension)  :: Ausbruch {m}
eruption {n} (violent ejection, such as that of lava from a volcano)  :: Eruption {f}, Ausbruch {m}, Vulkanausbruch {m}
Erymanthian Boar {prop} (boar)  :: erymanthische Eber
erysipelas {n} (severe skin disease)  :: Erysipel {n}
erythema {n} (abnormal redness)  :: Erythem {n}
erythrocyte {n} (red blood cell) SEE: red blood cell  ::
erythronium {n} (vanadium) SEE: vanadium  ::
Erzya {prop} (language)  :: Ersja
Esau {prop} (son of Isaac and Rebekah)  :: Esau
Esbjerg {prop} (Danish city)  :: Esbjerg {n}, Esberg
escalate {v} (to intensify)  :: eskalieren
escalation {n} (a deliberate or premeditated increase in the violence or geographic scope of a conflict)  :: Eskalation {f}
escalation {n} (an increase or rise, especially one to counteract a perceived discrepancy)  :: Eskalation {f}
escalator {n} (mechanical device)  :: Rolltreppe {f}, Fahrtreppe {f}
escapade {n} (daring or adventurous act; undertaking which goes against convention)  :: Eskapade {f}, Abenteuer {n}, Streich {m}
escape {n} (act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation)  :: Flucht {f}
escape {v} (to avoid capture)  :: davonkommen
escape {v} (to elude)  :: entgehen, ausweichen
escape {v} (to get free)  :: entgehen
escape velocity {n} (minimum velocity)  :: Fluchtgeschwindigkeit {f}
escapism {n} (inclination to escape)  :: Eskapismus {m}
escarpment {n} (steep descent or declivity)  :: Steilhang {m}, Böschung {f}, Abhang {m}
Escaut {prop} (the river Scheldt) SEE: Scheldt  ::
eschatology {n} (system of doctrines concerning final matters, such as death)  :: Eschatologie {f}
eschatology {n} (the study of the end times)  :: Eschatologie {f}
eschew {v} (avoid, shun)  :: meiden, scheuen
escort {n} (group of people who provide safety)  :: Eskorte {f}
escort {v} (To attend to in order to guard and protect)  :: eskortieren
e-scrap {n} (e-waste) SEE: e-waste  ::
escritoire {n} (A writing desk with a hinged door)  :: ausklappbarer Schreibsekretär {m}
escrow {n}  :: Treuhand
esker {n} (ridge created under glacier)  :: Os {m} {n}, Ås {m} {n}, Wallberg {m}, Esker {m}
Eskimo {n} (member of the Eskimo people(s))  :: Eskimo {m}
Eskimo kiss {n}  :: Nasenkuss {m}, Eskimokuss {m}
esophageal cancer {n} (cancer)  :: Speiseröhrenkrebs {m}
esoteric {adj} (confidential; private)  :: geheim
esoteric {adj} (having to do with concepts that are highly theoretical)  :: esoterisch
esoteric {adj} (Understood only by a chosen few or an enlightened inner circle.)  :: esoterisch
esotericism {n} (doctrines or practices)  :: Esoterik {f}
esotericism {n} (tendency)  :: Esoterik {f}
esoterism {n} (inward forms of faith and religion)  :: Esoterik
esp. {adv}  :: bes., bsd.; insb., insbes.
ESP {initialism} (extrasensory perception)  :: ASW
especially {adv} (particularly)  :: besonders
Esperantist {n} (specialist or speaker of Esperanto)  :: Esperantist {m}, Esperantistin {f}
Esperanto {prop} (auxiliary language)  :: Esperanto {n}
Esperantology {n} (study of Esperanto)  :: Esperantologie {f}
espionage {n} (act of learning secret information through clandestine means)  :: Spionage {f}
espouse {v} (accept, support, take as one’s own)  :: eintreten für, Partei ergreifen für
espouse {v} (become married to)  :: heiraten, ehelichen, sich vermählen mit, zur Frau nehmen, zum Mann nehmen
espresso {n} (strong type of coffee)  :: Espresso {m}
esprit {n} (liveliness, or active mind and spirit)  :: Esprit {m}
esprit {n} (spirit, enthusiasm)  :: Esprit {m}
-esque {suffix} (in the style of)  :: -esk
esquire {n} (shield bearer)  :: Schildknappe {m}, Knappe {m}
-ess {suffix} (female suffix)  :: -in {f} (-trix {f}, -öse {f})
essay {n} (an attempt)  :: Versuch {m}
essay {n} (written composition)  :: Aufsatz {m}, Essay {n}
essayist {n} (one who composes essays; a writer of short compositions)  :: Essayist {m}, Essayistin {f}
Essen {prop} (city)  :: Essen {n}
essence {n} (concentrate)  :: Essenz {f}, Extrakt {m}
essence {n} (fragrance)  :: Essenz {f}, Parfüm {n}
essence {n} (inherent nature)  :: Wesen {n}
essence {n} (significant feature)  :: Essenz {f}, Wesen {n}
essence {n} (true nature of something)  :: Wesen {n}
essential {adj} (necessary)  :: essenziell, notwendig
essential {adj} (of high importance)  :: wesentlich, unentbehrlich
essential oil {n} (volatile oil used to make perfumes and flavourings)  :: ätherisches Öl {n}
essential tremor {n} (Neurological condition)  :: essentieller Tremor {m}
essive case {n} (case used to indicate a temporary state of being)  :: Essiv {m}
-est {suffix} (second-person singular present tense of verbs)  :: -st
-est {suffix} (superlative of adjectives and adverbs)  :: -ster {m}, -ste {f}, am ...-sten [adverbs]
establish {v} (To appoint, as officers, laws, regulations, etc.; to enact; to ordain)  :: einsetzen
establish {v} (To form; to set up in business)  :: eröffnen, gründen, niederlassen, herstellen
establish {v} (To found; to institute)  :: eröffnen, gründen, niederlassen
establish {v} (To make stable or firm; to confirm)  :: feststellen, etablieren
establish {v} (To prove and cause to be accepted as true; to establish a fact; to demonstrate)  :: etablieren, begründen, festlegen, festsetzen
estate {n} (area of land under single ownership)  :: Gut {n}, Landgut {n}
estate {n} (body style of cars) SEE: station wagon  ::
estate {n} (housing estate) SEE: housing estate  ::
estate car {n} (station wagon) SEE: station wagon  ::
estate sale {n} (sale of a person's possessions after their death)  :: Wohnungsauflösung {f}, Haushaltsauflösung {f}
estate tax {n} (tax on the property of a deceased person)  :: Erbschaftsteuer {f}
esteem {n} (favourable regard)  :: Achtung {f}, Ansehen {n}, Wertschätzung {f}
esteem {v} (to regard with respect)  :: schätzen, ansehen, achten
ester {n} (compound with carbon-oxygen double bond joined via carbon to another oxygen atom)  :: Ester {m}
Esther {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Ester
Esther {prop} (female given name)  :: Esther
estimate {n} ((construction and business) a document specifying how much a job will probably cost)  :: Kostenvoranschlag {m}
estimate {n} (rough calculation or guess)  :: Schätzung {f}, Abschätzung {f}
estimate {v} (to calculate roughly)  :: abschätzen, schätzen
Estonia {prop} (country)  :: Estland
Estonian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to the country of Estonia, its people or their language)  :: estnisch
Estonian {n} (person)  :: Este {m}, Estin {f}
Estonian {prop} (language)  :: Estnisch {n}
Estonian SSR {prop} (former country)  :: Estnische SSR {f}
estragon {n} (tarragon) SEE: tarragon  ::
estrange {v} (cause to feel less close or friendly; alienate)  :: entfremden
estrange {v} (remove from an accustomed place or set of associations)  :: entfremden
estrangement {n} (The act of alienating)  :: Entfremdung {f}, Verfremdung {f}
estrangement {n} (The state of being alien)  :: Entfremdung {f}, Verfremdung {f}
estrogen {n} (estrogen)  :: Östrogen {n}
estuary {n} (place where ocean tides and river water merge)  :: Ästuar {n}
Esztergom {prop} (a city in Hungary)  :: Esztergom {n}, Gran {n}
eta {n} (Greek letter)  :: Eta {n}
et al. {phrase} (and others)  :: u. a. (und andere {p}, und anderes {n} [of uncountable objects])
etatism {n} (total control of the State over an individual citizen)  :: Etatismus {m}
etc. {phrase} (abbreviation of “et cetera”; and the rest; and so forth, see also: et cetera, see also: and so forth)  :: etc., &c., rc., ꝛc. (et cetera); u. s. w., usw. (und so weiter); u. ä., u. ähnl. (und ähnlich)
et cetera {phrase} (and so on, see also: and so forth, see also: etc.)  :: etc., et cetera
etch {v} (to engrave)  :: radieren, ätzen, beizen
etch {v} (to make a lasting impression)  :: einbrennen, einprägen
eternal {adj} (lasting forever)  :: ewig
eternally {adv} (forever)  :: ewig
eternity {n} (infinite time)  :: Ewigkeit {f}
eternity {n} (informal: a comparatively long time)  :: Ewigkeit {f}
eternity {n} (period of time that elapses after death)  :: Ewigkeit {f}
eternity {n} (time extending infinitely far into the future)  :: Ewigkeit {f}
eth {n} (letter)  :: Eth
ethane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon, C2H6)  :: Ethan {n}, Äthan {n}
ethanol {n} (simple aliphatic alcohol: CH3-CH2-OH)  :: Ethanol {n}, Äthanol {n}
ethene {n} (ethylene) SEE: ethylene  ::
ether {n} (archaic: space filling substance)  :: Äther {m}
ether {n} (organic chemistry: a compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups)  :: Äther {m}, Ether {m}
ether {n} (the fifth classic physical element)  :: Äther {m}, Ether {m}
ethereal {adj} (Pertaining to the hypothetical upper, purer air, or to the higher regions beyond the earth or beyond the atmosphere)  :: ätherisch
ethical {adj} (of or relating to the study of ethics)  :: ethisch
ethician {n} (ethicist) SEE: ethicist  ::
ethics {n} (standards of conduct)  :: Verhaltenskodex {m}, Ethik {f}
ethics {n} (study of principles governing right and wrong conduct)  :: Ethik {f}
Ethiopia {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Äthiopien {n}
Ethiopian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Ethiopia)  :: äthiopisch
Ethiopian {n} (person)  :: Äthiopier {m}, Äthiopierin {f}
ethmoid bone {n} (bone of the skull between the eyes and at the roof of the nose)  :: Siebbein {n}
ethnic {adj} (of or relating to a group of people)  :: ethnisch
ethnic cleansing {n} (ethnic cleansing)  :: ethnische Säuberung {f}
ethnic group {n} (ethnic group)  :: ethnische Gruppe {f}, Ethnie {f}
ethnicity {n} (An ethnic group)  :: ethnische Gruppe {f}
ethnicity {n} (The characteristics of an ethnic group)  :: Ethnizität {f}, Volkszugehörigkeit {f}, ethnische Zugehörigkeit {f}
ethnic minority {n} (people with different characteristics to those of the majority)  :: ethnische Minderheit {f}
ethnocentrism {n} (the tendency to look at the world primarily from the perspective of one's own culture)  :: Ethnozentrismus {m}
ethnography {n} (branch of anthropology)  :: Ethnographie {f}, Ethnografie {f}
ethnolect {n} (language variety)  :: Ethnolekt {m}
ethnologic {adj} (ethnologic) SEE: ethnological  ::
ethnological {adj} (of or relating to ethnology)  :: ethnologisch
ethnologist {n} (one who practices ethnology)  :: Ethnologe {m}, Ethnologin {f}
ethnology {n} (branch of anthropology)  :: Ethnologie {f}, Völkerkunde {f}
ethnomusicology {n} (study of music and culture)  :: Ethnomusikologie
ethologic {adj} (ethologic) SEE: ethological  ::
ethos {n} (The character or fundamental values of a person, people, culture, or movement.)  :: Gesinnung
ethyl {n} (C2H5)  :: Ethyl {n}, Äthyl {n}
ethylene {n} (compound)  :: Ethen {n}, Äthen {n}, Ethylen, Äthylen
ethyne {n} (the compound C2H2)  :: Ethin {n}, Äthin
etiolate {v} (to make pale through lack of light)  :: etiolieren, vergeilen
etiological {adj} (of or pertaining to an aetiology)  :: ätiologisch
etiquette {n} (customary behavior)  :: Etikette {f}
etiquette {n} (forms to be observed in social or official life)  :: Etikette {f}
Etruria {prop} (ancient country)  :: Etrurien {n}
Etruscan {adj} (pertaining to the region and culture of Etruria)  :: etruskisch
Etruscan {n} (inhabitant of Etruria)  :: Etrusker {m}, Etruskerin {f}
Etruscan {prop} (extinct language of Etruria)  :: die etruskische Sprache {f}, Etruskisch {n}
Etruscologist {n} (a person who specialises in the Etruscans)  :: Etruskologe {m}, Etruskologin {f}
etude {n} (a song)  :: Etüde {f}
etymological {adj} (of or relating to etymology)  :: etymologisch
etymologically {adv} (Based on or belonging to etymology)  :: etymologisch
etymologist {n} (person who specializes in etymology)  :: Etymologe {m}
etymologize {v} (to find or provide etymology for a word)  :: etymologisieren
etymology {n} (account of the origin and historical development of a word)  :: Etymologie {f}, Wortherkunft {f}
etymology {n} (study of the historical development of languages, particularly of individual words)  :: Etymologie {f}
etymon {n} (source word)  :: Etymon {n}
EU {initialism} (European Union, see also: European Union)  :: EU {f}
Euboea {prop} (Greek island)  :: Euböa
eucalyptus {n} (any of many trees of genus Eucalyptus)  :: Eukalyptus
Eucharist {n} (ceremony)  :: Eucharistiefeier {f}
Eucharist {n} (sacrament)  :: Eucharistie {f}
eucharistic {adj} (pertaining to the Eucharist)  :: eucharistischen
Euclid {prop} (Greek mathematician)  :: Euklid {m}
Euclidean {adj} (of traditional geometry)  :: euklidisch
Euclidean geometry {n} (mathematical system)  :: euklidische Geometrie {f}
Euclidian space {n} (Euclidean space) SEE: Euclidean space  ::
euergetism {n} (the practice of élite in Greek and Roman cities to distribute a part of their wealth to the community)  :: Euergetismus
Eugene {prop} (male given name)  :: Eugen {m}
Eugenia {prop} (female given name)  :: Eugenie
eugenics {n} (science of improving stock)  :: Eugenik {f}, Eugenetik {f}, Rassenhygiene {f}
eugenist {n} (eugenicist) SEE: eugenicist  ::
Eugenius {prop} (given name)  :: Eugenius
eukaryote {n} (any of the single-celled or multicellular organisms whose cells contain at least one distinct nucleus)  :: Eukaryote
Euler's formula {prop} (Euler's formula)  :: eulersche Formel {f}
Euler's identity {prop} (equation)  :: eulersche Identität {f}
Euler's totient function {n} (number theory)  :: Eulersche Phi-Funktion
eulogy {n} (an oration to honor a deceased person)  :: Lobrede {f}, Lobesrede {f}, Traurrede {f}
eulogy {n} (high praise or recommendation)  :: Lobrede {f}
eunuch {n} (castrated human male)  :: Eunuch {m}, weiblicher Eunuch {m}, Kastrat {m}
eunuch {n} (such a man who was harem guard or in Middle Eastern courts under Roman Emperors, important officials of the state)  :: Eunuch {m}
eunuchism {n} (eunuchism)  :: Eunuchismus {m}
eunuchry {n} (state of being a eunuch)  :: Eunuchsein {n}
euphemism {n} (use of a word or phrase to replace another word with one considered less offensive)  :: Euphemismus {m}
euphemism {n} (word or phrase that is used to replace another in this way)  :: Euphemismus {m}
euphemistic {adj} (of euphemism)  :: beschönigend [linguistics], verhüllend [linguistics], euphemistisch [linguistics, elevated style]
euphemistically {adv} (in a euphemistic manner)  :: euphemistisch
euphonium {n} (brass instrument)  :: Euphonium {n}
euphoria {n} (an excited state of joy)  :: Euphorie {f}, Hochgefühl {n}, Glücksgefühl {n}
euphoric {adj} (feeling great well-being or elation or intense happiness; characterized by euphoria)  :: euphorisch
Euphrates {prop} (river in the Middle East)  :: Euphrat {m}
Eurasia {prop} (the largest landmass on Earth, consisting of Europe and Asia)  :: Eurasien {n}
Eurasian {adj} (pertaining to Eurasia)  :: eurasisch
Eurasian badger {n} (Meles meles)  :: Dachs {m}
Eurasian black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus)  :: Mönchsgeier {m}
Eurasian bullfinch {n} (a small passerine bird)  :: Dompfaff {m}
Eurasian jay {n} (Garrulus glandarius)  :: Eichelhäher {m}
Eurasian siskin {n} (Spinus spinus)  :: Zeisig {m}
Eurasian sparrowhawk {n} (Accipiter nisus)  :: Sperber {m}
Eurasian Union {prop} (EAU) SEE: EAU  ::
Eurasian Union {prop} (the Eurasian Union)  :: Eurasische Union {f}
eureka {interj} (exclamation indicating sudden discovery)  :: Heureka
Euripides {prop} (a Greek tragedian)  :: Euripides {m}
euro {n} (currency unit of the European Monetary Union)  :: Euro {m}, Teuro {m}
Eurocrat {n} (employee of the EU)  :: Eurokrat {m}, Eurokratin {f}
Eurogroup {n} (body of Eurozone finance ministers)  :: Euro-Gruppe {f}
Eurolinguistics {n} (branch of linguistics)  :: Eurolinguistik
Euromaidan {prop} (series of anti-government protests in Ukraine)  :: Euromaidan {m}, Euromajdan {m}
Europa {prop} (a moon of Jupiter)  :: Europa {f}
Europa {prop} (princess abducted to Crete by Zeus)  :: Europa {f}
Europe {prop} (continent)  :: Europa {n}
Europe {prop} (European Union) SEE: European Union  ::
European {adj} (relating to Europe or the European Union)  :: europäisch
European {n} (person)  :: Europäer {m}, Europäerin {f}
European alder {n} (black alder) SEE: black alder  ::
European ash {n} (Fraxinus excelsior) SEE: common ash  ::
European bison {n} (the wisent species Bison bonasus)  :: Wisent {m}
European bitterling {n} (Rhodeus amarus)  :: Bitterling {m}
European bullhead {n} (species)  :: Groppe {f}
European Central Bank {prop} (central bank for the European Union)  :: Europäische Zentralbank {f}
European Commission {prop} (executive branch)  :: Europäische Kommission
European eel {n} (fish)  :: Europäischer Aal {m}
European garden spider {n} (Araneus diadematus)  :: Gartenkreuzspinne {f}
European hedgehog {n} (Erinaceus europaeus)  :: Braunbrustigel
Europeanisation {n} (assimilation)  :: Europäisierung {f}
European otter {n} (Lutra lutra)  :: Fischotter {m}
European perch {n} (Perca fluviatilis)  :: Flussbarsch {m}
European redbud {n} (Judas tree) SEE: Judas tree  ::
European seabass {n} (Dicentrarchus labrax)  :: Europäischer Wolfsbarsch {m}
European smelt {n} (Osmerus eperlanus)  :: Stint {m}
European Stability Mechanism {prop} (organisation)  :: Europäischer Stabilitätsmechanismus {m}
European swamp thistle {n} (marsh thistle) SEE: marsh thistle  ::
European Union {prop} (European supranational organisation)  :: Europäische Union {f}
European Union {prop} (Nazi-era antifascist resistance group)  :: Europäische Union {f}
European wildcat {n} (Felis silvestris silvestris)  :: Waldkatze {f}, europäische Wildkatze {f}
europium {n} (chemical element)  :: Europium {n}
Europol {prop} (the criminal intelligence agency of the European Union)  :: Europol
Europop {n} (European pop music)  :: Europop {m}
Euro-sceptic {adj} (Of or pertaining to Euro-sceptics or Euro-scepticism)  :: euroskeptisch
Eurosceptic {n} (one who is sceptical of increasing the powers of the European Union)  :: Euroskeptiker {m}, Euroskeptikerin {f}
Euro-sceptic {n} (One who is sceptical of increasing the powers of the European Union)  :: Euroskeptiker {m}, Euroskeptikerin {f}
Euro-skeptic {n} (One who is skeptical of increasing the powers of the European Union)  :: Euroskeptiker {m}, Euroskeptikerin {f}
Euroskeptic {n} (One who is skeptical of increasing the powers of the European Union)  :: Euroskeptiker {m}, Euroskeptikerin {f}
Eurotunnel {prop} (Channel Tunnel) SEE: Channel Tunnel  ::
Eurovision {prop} (television network)  :: Eurovision {f}
Eurozone {n} (those European Union members whose official currency is the euro)  :: Eurozone {f}
Eurydice {prop} (mythology)  :: Eurydike {f}
euryhaline {adj} (Able to tolerate various saltwater concentrations.)  :: euryhalin
Eusebius {prop} (given name)  :: Eusebius
Eustachian tube {n} (tube that links the pharynx to the cavity of the middle ear)  :: Ohrtrompete {f}
eutectic {adj} (describing chemical composition/temperature of a mixture that gives the lowest temperature at which it becomes fully molten)  :: eutektisch
eutectic {n} (material that has the composition of an eutectic mixture/alloy)  :: Eutektikum {n}
euthanasia {n} (practice of killing a human being or animal)  :: Sterbehilfe {f}, Euthanasie {f}
euthanasist {n} (a person who performs euthanasia)  :: Euthanasist {m}, Euthanasistin {f}, Sterbehelfer {m}, Sterbehelferin {f}
euthanize {v} (submit (a person or an animal) to euthanasia)  :: einschläfern
euthyroid {adj} (Having normal thyroid function)  :: euthyreot
eutrophic {adj} (rich in nutriets)  :: eutrophisch, nährstoffreich
Euxine Sea {prop} ( ) SEE: [[ ]]  ::
EVA {initialism} (ethylene-vinyl acetate) SEE: ethylene-vinyl acetate  ::
EVA {initialism} (extravehicular activity) SEE: extravehicular activity  ::
evacuate {v} (to move out of an unsafe location into safety)  :: evakuieren , entleeren , annullieren
evacuation {n} (act of emptying)  :: Evakuierung {f}
evacuation {n} (act of leaving a place for protection)  :: Evakuierung {f}
evadable {adj} (that can be evaded)  :: vermeidlich
evaluate {v} (to draw conclusions from by examining)  :: evaluieren
evaluation {n} (assessment)  :: Beurteilung {f}
evanesce {v} (To transition from the solid state to gaseous state)  :: sublimieren
evangelical {adj}  :: evangelisch, evangelikal
evangelist {n} (itinerant or special preacher, especially a revivalist)  :: Evangelist {m}, Evangelistin {f}
evangelist {n} (preacher of the gospel)  :: Evangelist {m}, Evangelistin {f}
evangelist {n} (writer of a gospel)  :: Evangelist {m}, Evangelistin {f}
Evangelist {n} (gospel writer)  :: Evangelist {m}, Evangelistin {f}
evangelize {v} (tell people about Christianity)  :: evangelisieren
evaporate {v} (to transition from a liquid state into a gaseous state)  :: sieden, verdampfen
evaporated milk {n} (milk that has been concentrated by evaporation)  :: Kondensmilch {f}
eve {n} (day or night before)  :: Vorabend {m}
Eve {prop} (given name)  :: Eve {f}, Eva {f}
Eve {prop} (the first woman)  :: Eva {f}
even {adj} (arithmetic: divisible by two)  :: gerade
even {adj} (flat and level)  :: eben
even {adv} (emphasising comparative)  :: noch
even {adv} (implying extreme example)  :: sogar, auch, selbst
even function {n} (unaffected by sign)  :: gerade Funktion {f}
even if {adv} (irrespective of)  :: selbst wenn
evening {n} (time of day between dusk and night)  :: Abend {m}
evening {n} (time of day between the approximate time of midwinter dusk and midnight)  :: Abend {m}
evening primrose {n} (flowering plant of the genus Oenothera)  :: Nachtkerze {f}
evening star {n} (planet Venus seen in the evening)  :: Abendstern {m}
even number {n} (positive integer that can be divided by two)  :: gerade Zahl {f}
event {n} (computing: action which triggers an event handler)  :: Ereignis {n}
event {n} (occurrence of social or personal importance)  :: Ereignis {n}
event-driven {adj}  :: ereignisgesteuert
event-driven programming {n}  :: ereignisorientierte Programmierung {f}
event handler {n}  :: Ereignisbehandler {m}
event horizon {n} (gravitational sphere within which light cannot escape)  :: Ereignishorizont {m}
even though {conj} (although)  :: obwohl
event loop {n}  :: Ereignisschleife {f}
eventually {adv} (in the end)  :: schließlich, letztendlich
ever {adv} (always)  :: immer, stets, ewig
ever {adv} (at any time)  :: jemals, je
Everest {prop} (Mount Everest) SEE: Mount Everest  ::
Everett {prop} (male given name)  :: Eberhard
evergreen {adj} (of plants, that do not shed their leaves)  :: immergrün
evergreen {n} (tree or shrub)  :: immergrüne Pflanze {f}
everlasting {adv} (Continuing indefinitely)  :: endlos
everlasting {adv} (Lasting or enduring forever)  :: ewig
every {determiner} (all of a countable group)  :: jeder, jede, jedes
everybody {pron} (all people)  :: alle {p}, jedermann, jeder
every cloud has a silver lining {proverb} (in every bad situation there is an element of good)  :: nach Regen folgt Sonnenschein
every day {adv}  :: jeden Tag, täglich
everyday {adj} (appropriate for ordinary use, rather than for special occasions)  :: [in combined words] Alltags-, alltäglich
everyday {adj} (commonplace, ordinary)  :: alltäglich, gemein
every dog has its day {proverb} (proverb)  :: ein blindes Huhn findet auch einmal Korn (even a blind hen sometimes finds a grain of corn)
every man for himself {phrase} (forget about comradeship; save yourselves!)  :: jeder ist sich selbst der Nächste
everyone {pron} (every person)  :: alle, jedermann, jeder
every other {adj} (all except for some previously mentioned set)  :: jeder andere
every other {adj} (every second) SEE: every second  ::
every second {adj} (every other; each alternate)  :: jeder zweite
every so often {adv} (occasionally)  :: ab und zu
everything {pron} (all the things)  :: alles {n}
everything but the kitchen sink {n} (Almost everything, whether needed or not)  :: mit Sack und Pack, mit Kind und Kegel (both only similar), alles, was nicht niet- und nagelfest ist
every time {adv} (at each occasion that)  :: jedes Mal, wenn
every time {adv} (used to express a preference)  :: immer
everywhere {adv} (at all places)  :: überall
evict {v} (to expel)  :: vertreiben, verweisen, ausweisen
eviction {n} (the act of evicting)  :: Räumung {f}, Vertreibung {f}, Ausweisung {f}
evidence {n} (anything admitted by a court as proof)  :: Beweismittel {f}, Indiz {n}
evidence {n} (facts presented in support of an assertion)  :: Beweis {m}, Indiz {n}
evidently {adv} (obviously)  :: offensichtlich
evil {adj} (intending to harm)  :: böse, übel
evil {n} (evil)  :: Böse {n}, Übel {n}
evildoer {n} (person who performs evil acts)  :: Übeltäter {m}
evil eye {n} (evil eye)  :: böser Blick {m}
evilness {n} (of or relating to evil)  :: Boshaftigkeit {f}
evince {v} (show or demonstrate clearly)  :: bekunden, zeigen, zum Vorschein bringen, an den Tag legen, erkennen lassen
eviscerate {v} (to disembowel)  :: ausnehmen, ausweiden
eviscerate {v} (to make ineffectual or meaningless)  :: entkräften, schwächen, bedeutungslos machen, aushöhlen, unterlaufen
eviscerate {v} (to remove an organ or its contents)  :: Organ entnehmen
evocative {adj} (that evokes (brings to mind) a memory, mood or image; redolent or reminiscent)  :: evokativ, wachrufend, heraufbeschwörend, hervorrufend, atmosphärisch, sinnträchtig
evoke {v} (to cause the manifestation of)  :: hervorrufen
evolution {n} (biology: change in the genetic composition of a population over time)  :: Evolution {f}
evolution {n} (general: a gradual process of development)  :: Evolution {f}
evolutionary {adj} (of or relating to evolution)  :: evolutionär
evolutionary biology {n} (sub-field of biology)  :: Evolutionsbiologie {f}
evolutionary developmental biology {n} (branch of biology)  :: evolutionäre Entwicklungsbiologie {f}
evolutionary theory {n} (theory of evolution)  :: Evolutionstheorie {f}, Deszendenztheorie {f}, Abstammungstheorie {f}
evolutionism {n} (any evolutionary theory or belief system)  :: Evolutionismus {m}
evolutionist {n} (a proponent or supporter of evolutionism)  :: Evolutionist {m}, Evolutionistin {f}
evolutionistic {adj} (of or pertaining to evolutionism)  :: evolutionistisch
ew {interj} (expression of disgust or nausea)  :: igitt, pfui
e-warfare {n} (cyberwarfare) SEE: cyberwarfare  ::
e-waste {n} (discarded electric and electronic equipment)  :: Elektronikschrott {m}, Elektroschrott {m}
ewe {n} (female sheep)  :: Mutterschaf {n}, Aue {f}, Zibbe {f}, Zicke {f}
ewer {n} (widemouthed pitcher)  :: Krug {m}
ex {n} (informal: An ex-husband, ex-wife or ex-partner)  :: Ex {m} {f}
ex {n} (name of the letter X, x)  :: Ix {n}, Iks {n}
ex- {prefix} (former)  :: ex-, Ex-
exacerbate {v} (to make worse)  :: erbittern, verschlimmern, verschärfen
exacerbation {n} (increase in severity)  :: Verschärfung {f}, Verschlimmerung {f}, Erbitterung {f}
exact {adj} (habitually careful)  :: exakt, genau
exact {adj} (precisely agreeing)  :: exakt, genau
exact {adj} (precisely conceived or stated)  :: exakt
exactly {adv} (in an exact manner)  :: genau
exactly {interj} (signifying agreement or recognition)  :: ganz genau
exactness {n} (the state of being exact)  :: Genauigkeit {f}, Exaktheit {f}
exact science {n} (field of science capable of quantitative expression)  :: exakte Wissenschaft {f}
exaggerate {v} (to overstate, to describe more than is fact)  :: übertreiben
exaggerated {adj} (that has been described as greater than it actually is)  :: übertrieben
exaggeration {n} (act of exaggerating)  :: Übertreibung {f}
exalt {v}  :: erhöhen
exalt {v} (to elevate in rank, status etc.)  :: erhöhen
exalt {v} (to honor)  :: ehren
exameter {n} (exametre) SEE: exametre  ::
examination {n} (formal test)  :: Prüfung {f}, Test {m}, Überprüfung {f}, Erprobung {f}, Versuch {m}, Examen {n}
examine {v} (to check the health or condition of something or someone)  :: untersuchen
examine {v} (to determine the aptitude, skills or qualifications of someone by subjecting them to an examination)  :: untersuchen, prüfen
examine {v} (to interrogate)  :: befragen
examine {v} (to observe or inspect carefully or critically)  :: untersuchen
exam paper {n} (paper on which questions of an examination are written)  :: Prüfungsbogen {m}
example {n} (person punished as a warning to others)  :: Exempel {n}
example {n} (something representative of a group)  :: Beispiel {n}, Exempel {n}
example {n} (something serving as a pattern of behaviour)  :: Vorbild {n}, Beispiel {n}
example {n} (something serving to explain or illustrate a rule)  :: Beispiel {n}
exanimate {adj} (lifeless; dead)  :: leblos, tot, entseelt
exanimate {adj} (spiritless, dispirited, disheartened, not lively)  :: lustlos
exasperated {adj} (greatly annoyed; made furious)  :: verärgert, außer sich
exasperation {n} (the act of exasperating)  :: Überforderung {f}, Verzweiflung {f}, Verbitterung {f}, Frust {m}, Frustration {f}, Verdruss {m}, Entrüstung {f}
exbibyte {n} (260 bytes)  :: Exbibyte {n}
ex-boyfriend {n} (a former boyfriend)  :: Ex-Freund {m}
excavation {n} (act of excavating, or of making hollow)  :: Grabung {f}, Ausgrabung {f} [archaeology]
excavation {n} (archaeological excavation)  :: Ausgrabung {f}
excavation {n} (material dug out in making a channel or cavity)  :: Aushub {m}
excavation {n} (uncovered cutting in the earth, in distinction from a covered cutting or tunnel)  :: Ausschachtung {f}
excavator {n} (vehicle, often on tracks, used to dig ditches etc; a backhoe)  :: Bagger {m}, Aushubmaschine {f}
exceed {v} (to be better than something else or than expected or desirable)  :: übertreffen, übersteigen, überbieten, überrunden, übertrumpfen
exceed {v} (to be larger, greater than something else or than expected or desirable)  :: überschreiten, hinausgehen über
exceed {v} (to go beyond the limits of something)  :: überschreiten, hinausgehen über
excel {v} (intransitive: to be much better than others)  :: sich hervortun
excel {v} (transitive: to surpass someone or something)  :: ausstechen, übersteigen, übertreffen
excellence {n} (the quality of being excellent)  :: Vortrefflichkeit {f}
Excellency {n} (Form of address for certain high officials or dignitaries)  :: Exzellenz {f}
excellent {adj} (of the highest quality)  :: ausgezeichnet, hervorragend, großartig
excellently {adv} (very well)  :: ausgezeichnet
excelsior {n} (3-point type)  :: Brillant, Viertelcicero
except {prep} (with the exception of)  :: außer
except {v} (to exclude)  :: außer
exception {n} (act of excepting or excluding; exclusion)  :: Ausnahme {f}
exception {n} (computing: an interruption in normal processing)  :: Ausnahme {f}, Ausnahmebedingung {f}, Exception {f}
exception {n} (that which is excepted or taken out from others)  :: Ausnahme {f}
exceptional {adj} (forming an exception)  :: außergewöhnlich
exceptional {adj} (superior due to exception or rarity)  :: außergewöhnlich
exceptionalism {n} (state of being exceptional)  :: Exzeptionalismus {m}
exceptionally {adv} (unusual, remarkable or exceptional degree)  :: besonders, außergewöhnlich, außerordentlich, ausnahmsweise, überdurchschnittlich
exception handler {n}  :: Ausnahmebehandler {m}
exceptionless {adj} (without exception)  :: ausnahmslos
exception that proves the rule {n} (a form of argument)  :: Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel, Ausnahmen bekräftigen die Regel
excerpt {n} (a clip, snippet, passage or extract from a larger work)  :: Auszug
excerpt {v} (to select or copy sample material (excerpts) from a work)  :: exzerpieren
excess {n} (degree by which one thing exceeds another)  :: Überschuss {m}, Übermaß {n}
excess {n} (insurance condition)  :: Eigenbeteiligung {f}, Selbstbeteiligung {f}, Zuzahlung {f}, Kostenbeteiligung {f}, Franchise {f}
excessive {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something)  :: übermäßig, exzessiv
excessively {adv} (in excess)  :: exzessiv
excessively {adv} (to an excessive degree)  :: übermäßig
exchange {n} (act of exchanging or trading)  :: Austausch, Tausch {m}
exchange {v} (To replace with a similar item)  :: umtauschen
exchange {v} (To trade or barter)  :: tauschen
exchange rate {n} (currency rate (finance))  :: Wechselkurs {m}
exchange student {n} (a student in an exchange scheme)  :: Austauschstudent {m}, Austauschstudentin {f}
excimer laser {n}  :: Excimerlaser {m}
excipient {n} (Drug additive without therapeutic or diagnostic effect)  :: Hilfsstoff {m}
excise {n} (excise tax) SEE: excise tax  ::
excise tax {n} (any of various taxes levied on the production or sale of certain goods)  :: Verbrauchsteuer {f}
excitation {n} ((physics) change in state as an excited state is formed by the absorption of a quantum of energy)  :: Anregung {f}, Erregung {f}
excitation {n} ((physiology) activity produced in an organ, tissue, or part, such as a nerve cell, as a result of stimulation)  :: Erregung {f}
excite {v} (to arouse or bring out (eg feelings); to stimulate)  :: erregen, anregen (nerves)
excite {v} (to stir the emotions of)  :: erregen
excited {adj} (being in a state of higher energy)  :: angeregt
excited {adj} (having great enthusiasm)  :: erregt, aufgeregt
excitement {n} (state of being excited)  :: Aufregung {f}, Begeisterung {f}, Spannung {f}, Erregung {f}, Reiz {m}, Aufgeregtheit {f}, Erregtheit {f}
exciting {adj} (causing excitement)  :: aufregend, spannend
exciton {n} (bound state of electron and hole)  :: Exziton {n}
exclaim {v} (to cry out)  :: ausrufen
exclamation {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark  ::
exclamation {n} (loud calling or crying out; outcry)  :: Ausruf {m}
exclamation {n} (word expressing outcry)  :: Exklamation
exclamation mark {n} (punctuation “!”)  :: Ausrufezeichen {n}
exclamation point {n} (exclamation mark) SEE: exclamation mark  ::
exclave {n} (a country's territory not connected to the main part)  :: Exklave {f}
exclude {v} (to eliminate from diagnostic consideration)  :: ausschließen
excluding {prep} (to the exclusion of)  :: mit Ausnahme von
exclusion {n} (act of, see also: excluding or shutting out)  :: Exklusion
exclusionary {adj} (acting to exclude something)  :: ausschließend
exclusion zone {abbr} (a geographic area in which some sanctioning authority prohibits specific activities)  :: Sperrgebiet, Sperrzone
exclusive {adj} (excluding items or members that do not meet certain conditions)  :: ausschließlich
exclusive {adj} (exclusionary) SEE: exclusionary  ::
exclusive {adj} (of high quality and/or reknown)  :: exklusiv
exclusively {adv} (to the exclusion of anything or anyone else)  :: ausschließlich, exklusiv
exclusive or {n} (exclusive disjunction)  :: Exklusives Oder {n}
exclusive right {n} (The power to allow or disallow others from taking certain actions)  :: ausschließliches Recht
excommunicate {v} (to officially exclude someone from membership of a church or religious community)  :: exkommunizieren
excommunication {n} (act of excommunicating or ejecting)  :: Exkommunikation {f}
excrement {n} (animal solid waste)  :: Ausscheidungen {f-p}, Kot {m}
excrete {v} (to discharge from the system)  :: ausscheiden
excretion {n} (process of removing from the body)  :: Ausscheidung {f}, Exkretion {f}
excursion {n} (brief recreational trip)  :: Ausflug {m}, Exkursion {f}
excuse {n} (explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgement)  :: Ausrede {f}
excuse {v} (allow to leave)  :: sich entschuldigen
excuse {v} (explain with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement)  :: entschuldigen
excuse {v} (forgive, pardon)  :: entschuldigen, verzeihen
excuse me {phrase} (request for an apology)  :: Entschuldigung!
excuse me {phrase} (request for attention)  :: Entschuldigung, Verzeihung
excuse me {phrase} (request to pass)  :: Entschuldigung, darf ich bitte durch? (lit., "may I pass please")
excuse me {phrase} (request to repeat)  :: Entschuldigung?, wie bitte? [less formal]
excuse me {phrase} (sorry, as apology)  :: Entschuldigung, entschuldigen Sie [more formal], es tut mir leid (implies speaker is to blame)
execrate {v} (To feel loathing for)  :: verabscheuen
execration {n} (An act or instance of cursing)  :: Abscheu {m}, Fluch {m}, Verwünschung {f}
executable {adj} (capable of being executed)  :: ausführbar
executable {n} (file that can be run)  :: ausführbare Datei {f}
execute {v} (to kill as punishment)  :: hinrichten
execution {n} (act of executing or the state of being executed)  :: Ausführung {f}
execution {n} (act of putting to death or being put to death as a penalty)  :: Hinrichtung {f}
execution {n} (carrying into effect of a court judgment, or of a will)  :: Ausführung {f}
execution {n} (carrying out of an instruction by a computer)  :: Ausführung {f}
executioner {n} (the person who carries out the execution)  :: Henker {m}, Scharfrichter {m}
executive {adj} (designed for execution)  :: exekutiv
executive {n} (branch of government responsible for enforcing laws and judicial decisions)  :: Exekutive {f}
executive committee {n} (the cabinet of ministers for a city government)  :: Vorstand {m}, Exekutivausschuss {m}, Exekutivkomitee {n}
exedra {n} (a semicircular recess)  :: Exedra {f}
exegesis {n} (formal written exposition or explanatory essay)  :: Exegese {f}
exegetic {adj}  :: exegetisch
exegetical {adj} (exegetic) SEE: exegetic  ::
exemplar {n} (role model) SEE: role model  ::
exemplary {adj} (deserving honour, respect and admiration)  :: vorbildlich
exemplary {adj} (good enough to serve as an example to others)  :: vorbildlich, beispielhaft
exemplary {adj} (ideal) SEE: ideal  ::
exemplary {adj} (perfect) SEE: perfect  ::
exempt {adj} (free from duty or obligation)  :: befreit, ausgenommen
exempt {v} (to grant freedom or immunity from)  :: befreien, ausnehmen
exemption {n} (act of exempting)  :: Befreiung {f}, Freistellung {f}
exemption {n} (deduction from the normal amount of taxes)  :: Freibetrag {m}
exemption {n} (freedom from a defect or weakness)  :: Freisein {n}
exemption {n} (state of being exempt; immunity)  :: Befreiung {f}, Freistellung {f}
exercise {n} (any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability)  :: Übung {f}
exercise {n} (physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness)  :: Übung {f} [a specific exercise], Training {n}, Sport {m} [general exercising]
exercise {v} (to perform activities to develop skills)  :: üben, trainieren
exercise bicycle {n} (exercise machine)  :: Ergometer {m}
exercise book {n} (booklet for students)  :: Heft {n}
exercise machine {n} (fitness device)  :: Trainingsgerät {n}, Heimtrainer {m}
exert {v} (to make use of)  :: ausüben
exert {v} (to put in vigorous action)  :: anstrengen
exertion {n} (the action of exerting)  :: Anstrengung {f}, Kraftanstrengung {f}
exessive {n} (exessive case) SEE: exessive case  ::
ex-girlfriend {n} (a former girlfriend)  :: Ex-Freundin {f}
exhalation {n} (meteor) SEE: meteor  ::
exhale {v} (breathe out (intransitive))  :: ausatmen
exhaust {n} (exhaust gas)  :: Abgas
exhaust {n} (exhaust pipe) SEE: exhaust pipe  ::
exhaust {n} (system consisting of the parts of an engine through which burned gases or steam are discharged)  :: Auspuff {m}
exhaust {n} (the foul air let out of a room through a register or pipe provided for the purpose)  :: Abluft {f}
exhaust {n} (the steam let out of a cylinder after it has done its work there)  :: Abgas {n}
exhaust {v} (to empty by drawing or letting out the contents)  :: erschöpfen, dezimieren
exhausted {adj} (in a state of exhaustion)  :: erschöpft
exhaustive {adj} (including every possible element)  :: vollständig
exhaust pipe {n} (pipe that vents waste gases from the engine)  :: Auspuffrohr {n}, Auspuff {m}
exhaust valve {n} (valve through which the products of combustion escape)  :: Abblaseventil
exhibit {n} (article as evidence in court)  :: Beweisstück {n}
exhibit {n} (something exhibited)  :: Ausstellungsstück {n}, Exponat {n}
exhibit {v} (demonstrate)  :: zeigen, an den Tag legen
exhibit {v} (display or show (something) for others to see)  :: zeigen, zur Schau stellen
exhibit {v} (display publicly)  :: ausstellen
exhibit {v} (submit to a court)  :: vorlegen
exhibition {n} (large scale public showing of objects or products)  :: Ausstellung {f}
exhibitionism {n} (practice of displaying one's private bodily parts in public)  :: Exhibitionismus {m}
exhibitionism {n} (practice of drawing attention to oneself)  :: Exhibitionismus {m}
exhibitionist {adj} (compulsively seeking attention)  :: exhibitionistisch
exhibitionist {n} (one who attempts by his behaviour to draw attention to himself)  :: Selbstdarsteller {m}, Poseur {m}
exhibitionist {n} (someone who exposes their genitalia in public)  :: Exhibitionist {m}, Exhibitionistin {f}
exhilarating {adj} (refreshingly thrilling)  :: berauschend, aufregend
exhilaration {n} (the act of enlivening the spirits)  :: Erheiterung {f}
exhilaration {n} (the state of being enlivened, cheerful or exhilarated)  :: Heiterkeit {f}
exhort {v} (urge)  :: ermahnen, anhalten
exhumation {n} (the act of digging up that which has been buried)  :: Exhumierung {f}
exhume {v} (To dig out of the ground; to take out of a place of burial; to disinter)  :: exhumieren
ex-husband {n} (a former husband)  :: Ex-Ehemann {m}, Exmann {m}
exile {n} (someone who is banished from one's home or country)  :: Exilant {m}
exile {n} (the state of being banished from one's home or country)  :: Exil {n}
exile {v} (to send into exile)  :: ins Exil schicken, exilieren
exine {n} (outer layer of a pollen grain or spore)  :: Exine {f}
exist {v} (to be)  :: bestehen, existieren
existence {n} (the state of being, existing, or occurring)  :: Existenz {f}, Sein {n}
existent {adj} (existing; having life or being, current; occurring now)  :: existent, existierend
existential {adj}  :: existenziell
existentialism {n} (philosophical movement)  :: Existentialismus {m}
existentialist {n} (a person who adheres to the philosophy of existentialism)  :: Existentialist {m}
existing {adj} (that exists)  :: bestehend, existierend
exit {n} (action of leaving)  :: Abtritt {m}, Austritt {m}, Ausstieg {m}, Abwanderung {f}
exit {n} (death)  :: Tod {m}, Exitus {m}
exit {n} (passage from inside to outside)  :: Ausgang {m}
exit {n} (way out)  :: Ausweg {m}, Ausfahrt {f}, Ausgang {m}
exit {v} (die)  :: sterben
exit {v} (go out)  :: ausgehen, hinausgehen
exit {v} (leave)  :: verschwinden, aussteigen, abgehen
exit poll {n} (poll taken of a sample of voters as they leave a voting station)  :: Wahltagsbefragung {f}
ex negativo {adv} (from the negative)  :: ex negativo
ex nunc {adv} (law: from now on)  :: ex nunc
exobiology {n} (biology dealing with extraterrestrial lifeforms)  :: Exobiologie {f}
exodus {n} (sudden departure)  :: Exodus {m}
Exodus {prop} (book of Torah and Old Testament)  :: Exodus {m}
Exodus {prop} (departure of Hebrew slaves)  :: Exodus {m}
exogamous {adj} (of or relating to exogamy)  :: exogam
exonerate {v} (Of a body of water, to discharge (oneself), empty oneself)  :: ausleeren, entleeren, abfließen
exonerate {v} (To free from accusation or blame)  :: freisprechen, freisprechen, lossprechen; entlasten
exonerate {v} (To free from an obligation, responsibility or task)  :: befreien, entlasten, abnehmen, entbinden, entbinden, entlasten; befreien
exonerate {v} (To relieve (someone or something) of a load; to unburden (a load))  :: erleichtern
exonym {n} (a name given to a group or category of people or historical persons by a secondary person or persons other than the people it refers to)  :: Exonymon, Exonym {n}
exophthalmos {n} (abnormal protrusion of the eyeball)  :: Exophthalmus {m}
exoplanet {n} (planet outside Earth's solar system)  :: Exoplanet, extrasolarer Planet
exorbitant {adj} (exceeding proper limits)  :: exorbitant, maßlos
exorcise {v} (To drive out an evil spirit from a person, place or thing, especially by an incantation or prayer)  :: exorzieren
exorcism {n} (ritual driving out of evil spirits)  :: Exorzismus {m}, Teufelaustreibung {f}, Teufelsbeschwörung {f}
exorcist {n} (a person who practices exorcism)  :: Exorzist {m}, Exorzistin {f}, Geisterbeschwörer {m}, Geisterbeschwörerin {f}, Geisteraustreiber {m}, Geisteraustreiberin {f}, Geisterbanner {m}, Geisterbannerin {f}, Teufelsbanner {m}, Teufelsbannerin {f}
exorcize {v} (exorcise) SEE: exorcise  ::
exoskeleton {n} (hard outer structure)  :: Exoskelett {n}
exosphere {n} (the uppermost layer of a planet's atmosphere)  :: Exosphäre {f}
exothermic {adj} (releasing heat)  :: exotherm
exotic {adj} (foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign)  :: exotisch
exotic {adj} (non-native to the ecosystem)  :: exotisch
exoticism {n} (the state of being exotic)  :: Exotik {f}
expand {v} ((transitive) to change from a smaller form/size to a larger one)  :: expandieren
expansion {n} (act of expanding)  :: Expansion {f}
expansion cooling {n}  :: Expansionskühlung {f}
expatriate {n} (person living outside own country)  :: Auswanderer {m}
expect {v} (To consider obligatory)  :: erwarten
expect {v} (To consider reasonably due)  :: erwarten
expect {v} (To look for, look forward to, anticipate)  :: erwarten
expectancy {n} (expectation or anticipation; the state of expecting something)  :: Erwartung {f}
expectant {adj} (marked by expectation)  :: erwartend
expectant {adj} (pregnant)  :: schwanger, guter Hoffnung
expectation {n} (act or state of expecting)  :: Erwartung {f}
expectation {n} (that which is expected or looked for)  :: Erwartung {f}
expected {adj} (anticipated; thought to be about to arrive or occur)  :: erwartet
expected value {n} (weighted average of outcomes)  :: Erwartungswert {m}
expectorant {n} (agent or drug)  :: Schleimlöser {m}, Abhustemittel {n}, Expektorans {n}, Hustenlöser {m}, schleimlösendes Mittel {n}
expectorate {v} (spit) SEE: spit  ::
expediency {n} (quality of being fit or suitable to effect some desired end)  :: Zweckmäßigkeit {f}, Zweckdienlichkeit {f}, Opportunität {f}
expedient {adj} (simple, easy, or quick; convenient)  :: nützlich, ratsam, zweckmäßig
expedient {n} (a means for achieving an end)  :: Ausflucht {f}, Ausweg {m}, Hilfsmittel {n}, Mittel {f} (zum Zweck), Nothilfe {f}, Notlösung {f}
expedite {v} (accelerate progress)  :: beschleunigen
expedition {n} (An important enterprise, implying a change of place)  :: Expedition {f}
expel {v} (to deport)  :: abschieben, deportieren, verbannen
expel {v} (to eject)  :: verjagen
expel {v} (to remove from membership)  :: ausweisen
expenditure {n} (act of expending)  :: Aufwand {m}
expenditure {n} (amount expended)  :: Ausgaben {f-p}, Unkosten {n-p}, Aufwendungen {f-p}
expense {n} (loss)  :: Verlust {m}
expensive {adj} (having a high price or cost)  :: teuer
expensively {adv} (in an expensive manner)  :: teuer
expensiveness {n} (quality of being expensive)  :: Teuerheit {f}, Kostspieligkeit {f}, Teuerung {f}
experience {n} (activity which one has performed)  :: Praxis {f}, Erlebnis {n}, Erfahrung {f}
experience {n} (collection of events and/or activities from which an individual or group may gather knowledge)  :: Erlebnis {n}, Erfahrung {f}
experience {n} (event(s) of which one is cognizant)  :: Erlebnis {n}, Erfahrung {f}
experience {n} (the knowledge thus gathered)  :: Erfahrung {f}
experience {v} (to observe or undergo)  :: erfahren, erleben
experienced {adj} (having experience)  :: erfahren
experience points {n} (set of points accumulated by a player character)  :: Erfahrungspunkt {m}
experiential {adj} (of, related to, encountered in, or derived from experience)  :: auf Erfahrung beruhend
experiment {n} (test under controlled conditions)  :: Experiment {n}, Versuch {m}
experiment {v} (to conduct an experiment)  :: experimentieren
experimental {adj} (of or pertaining to an experiment)  :: experimentell
experimentation {n} (act of experimenting)  :: Experimentieren {n}
expert {n} (person with extensive knowledge or ability)  :: Experte {m}
expertise {n} (advice or opinion of an expert)  :: Expertise {f}
expertise {n} (great skill or knowledge)  :: Expertise {f}
expert witness {n} (witness with topical expertise)  :: Sachverständiger
expire {v} (become invalid)  :: ablaufen, erlöschen, verfallen
expire {v} (die) SEE: die  ::
expire {v} (exhale) SEE: exhale  ::
expire {v} (to exhale (something))  :: ausatmen
expired {adj} (dead) SEE: dead  ::
expired {adj} (that is no longer valid)  :: abgelaufen, verfallen
expiry {n} (death) SEE: death  ::
expiry {n} (end, termination)  :: Ablauf {m}
explain {v} (excuse)  :: erklären
explain {v} (report)  :: erklären, erläutern
explainable {adj} (explicable) SEE: explicable  ::
explanable {adj} (explainable) SEE: explainable  ::
explanation {n} (something that explains)  :: Erklärung {f}
explanation {n} (the act or process of explaining)  :: Erläuterung {f}, Erklärung {f}, Ausführung {f}
expletive {adj} (serving to fill up)  :: Füllwort {n}
expletive {n} (profane, vulgar term)  :: Kraftausdruck {m}, Schimpfwort {n}
explicatable {adj} (explicable) SEE: explicable  ::
explicate {v} (explain meticulously)  :: explizieren, haarklein erläutern
explicit {adj} (very specific)  :: eindeutig, ausdrücklich, deutlich, explizit
explode {v} (to destroy with an explosion)  :: sprengen, explodieren
explode {v} (to explode (intransitive))  :: explodieren, platzen
exploded view {n} (a view in a drawing showing how parts in an assembly fit together)  :: Explosionszeichnung {f}, Explosionsgrafik {f}
exploit {n} (computing security)  :: Exploit {n}
exploit {n} (heroic or extraordinary deed)  :: Heldentat {f}
exploit {v} (use for one’s advantage)  :: ausnutzen, ausbeuten
exploitation {n} (act)  :: Ausbeutung {f}
exploiter {n} (one who exploits)  :: Ausbeuter {m}, Ausbeuterin {f}
exploration {n} (act of exploring)  :: Erkundung {f}
exploration {n} (physical examination)  :: Untersuchung {f}
explore {v} (to examine diagnostically)  :: untersuchen
explore {v} (to examine or investigate something systematically)  :: erforschen
explore {v} (to (seek) experience first hand)  :: erforschen
explore {v} (to travel somewhere in search of discovery)  :: erforschen
explorer {n} (person who by expedition seeks new information)  :: Entdecker {m}
explorer {n} (person who explores)  :: Forscher {m}, Forscherin {f}
explosion {n} (violent release of energy)  :: Explosion {f}
explosive {adj} (easily driven to anger)  :: aufbrausend, explosiv
explosive {adj} (with the capability to, or likely to, explode)  :: explosiv
explosive {n} (explosive substance)  :: Sprengstoff {m}; Sprengmittel {n}
explosive belt {n} (belt with explosives, worn by suicide bombers)  :: Sprengstoffgürtel {m}
exponential {adj} (expressed in terms of a power or e)  :: exponentiell
exponential {adj} (in modern English, used to describe a high or rapid rate of change)  :: exponentiell
exponential {adj} (relating to an exponent)  :: exponentiell
exponentiate {v} (to use exponentiation)  :: potenzieren
export {n} (something that is exported)  :: Exportgut {n}, Exportware {f}
export {n} (the act of exporting)  :: Export {m}, Ausfuhr {f}
export {v} (computing: send (data) from one program to another)  :: exportieren
export {v} (to sell (goods) to a foreign country)  :: exportieren, ausführen
exporter {n} (person who or organization that exports)  :: Exporteur {m}
exposé {n} (publication)  :: Exposé
expose {v} (to reveal, uncover, make visible, bring to light, introduce to)  :: aufdecken, offenbaren, entblößen
exposition {n} (action of putting something out to public view)  :: Ausstellung {f}, Exposition {f}
exposition {n} (fiction: opening section)  :: Einführung {f}
exposure {n} (condition)  :: Kontakt {m}, Einwirkung {f}
exposure {n} (film exposed)  :: Belichtung {f}
exposure {n} (gardening)  :: Lage {f}
exposure {n} (lack of protection)  :: Einwirkung {f}, Witterung {f}
exposure {n} (part exposed)  :: Lage {f}
exposure {n} (taking a photograph)  :: Belichtung {f}
exposure {n} (time & f-number)  :: Belichtung {f}
expound {v} (expose)  :: auslegen
express {adj} (specific or precise)  :: ausdrücklich
express {v} (to convey meaning)  :: ausdrücken, äußern
expression {n} (colloquialism or idiom)  :: Redensart {f}
expression {n} ((computing) a piece of code in a high-level language that returns a value)  :: Ausdruck {m}
expression {n} (facial appearance)  :: Ausdruck {m}
expression {n} (mathematics: arrangement of symbols)  :: Ausdruck {m}
expression {n} (particular way of phrasing an idea)  :: Ausdruck {m}
expressionism {n} (genre in music)  :: Expressionismus {m}
expressionism {n} (movement in the arts)  :: Expressionismus {m}
expressionless {adj} (without expression)  :: ausdruckslos
expressly {adv} (in an expressive or explicit manner)  :: ausdrücklich
express train {n} (a train making limited stops)  :: Schnellzug, Intercity, ICE
expressway {n} (freeway) SEE: freeway  ::
expressway {n} (US: divided highway)  :: Autobahn
expropriate {v} (to deprive a person of their property)  :: enteignen
expropriation {n} (act of expropriating)  :: Enteignung {f}, Expropriation {f}
expulsion {n} (the act of expelling or the state of being expelled)  :: Entfernung {f}, Vertreibung {f}, Ausweisung {f}
exquisite {adj} (especially fine)  :: exquisit
exquisite {n} (fop, dandy) SEE: fop  ::
extant {adj} (currently existing; not having disappeared)  :: vorhanden
extant {adj} (still alive; not extinct)  :: überlebend, lebend, verbleibend
extant {adj} (still in existence)  :: existent
extemporaneous {adj} (without preparation)  :: unvorbereitet
extemporize {v} (to act, particularly to perform or speak, without prior planning or thought)  :: extemporieren
extend {v} (to cause to increase in extent)  :: ausdehnen, erweitern
extend {v} (to cause to last for a longer period of time)  :: ausdehnen, ausweiten
extend {v} (to increase in extent)  :: erweitern
extensibility {n} (capability of being extended)  :: Erweiterbarkeit {f}
extensible {adj} (capable of being extended)  :: erweiterbar
extension {n} (act of extending or the state of being extended)  :: Ausdehnung {f}, Erweiterung {f}
extension {n} (anatomy: that property of a body by which it occupies a portion of space)  :: Ausdehnung {f}
extension {n} (finance: written engagement on the part of a creditor)  :: Verlängerung {f}
extension {n} (semantics: capacity of a concept or general term to include a greater or smaller number of objects)  :: Ausdehnung {f}
extension {n} (telecommunication: phone extension number)  :: Durchwahl {f}
extension cord {n} (an electrical cord)  :: Verlängerungskabel {n}
extensive {adj} (wide)  :: umfangreich
extensively {adv} (to a great extent)  :: umfassend
extent {n} (space, area, volume to which something extends)  :: Umfang {m}, Ausmaß {n}, Größe {f}
extenuating circumstance {n} (fact that mitigates a crime)  :: mildernde Umstände
exterior {adj} (being from outside a country) SEE: foreign  ::
exterior {adj} (external) SEE: external  ::
exterior {adj} (outer) SEE: outer  ::
exterior {n} (The outside part)  :: Äußeres {n}, Außenseite {f}
exterior angle {n} (angle)  :: Außenwinkel {m}
exterminate {v}  :: ausrotten
exterminate {v} (to kill all of a population)  :: ausrotten
extermination camp {n} (facility built by the Nazis) SEE: death camp  ::
external {adj} (outside of something)  :: Außen-, extern
externally {adv} (on the surface or the outside)  :: äußerlich
extinct {adj} (extinguished, no longer alight (of fire, candles etc.))  :: erloschen
extinct {adj} (having died out)  :: ausgestorben
extinct {adj} (no longer erupting)  :: erloschen
extinction {n} (the action of making or becoming extinct)  :: Aussterben {n}
extinct language {n} (dead language) SEE: dead language  ::
extinguish {v} ((literally) to hunt down (a species) to extinction)  :: auslöschen
extinguish {v} ((psychology) to bring about the extinction of a conditioned reflex)  :: auslöschen, abschalten
extinguish {v} (to destroy or abolish something)  :: auslöschen
extinguish {v} (to put out, as in fire; to end burning; to quench)  :: löschen
extinguisher {n} (anything that extinguishes something)  :: Löschgerät {n}, Gluttöter {m}
extirpate {v} (to destroy completely)  :: ausrotten [a species or group], austilgen, ausmerzen, auslöschen
extol {v} (to praise; to make high)  :: preisen
extortion {n} (the practice of extorting money or other property)  :: Erpressung {f}
extortioner {n} (someone who extorts) SEE: extortionist  ::
extortionist {n} (someone who extorts)  :: Erpresser {m}, Erpresserin {f}
extra {adv} (to an extraordinary degree)  :: besonders
extra {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
extra- {prefix} (outside, beyond)  :: außer-, extra-
extract {n} (essence supposed to form the basis of all vegetable extracts) SEE: extractive principle  ::
extract {n} (portion of a document)  :: Auszug {m}
extract {n} (solution made by drawing out from a substance)  :: Extrakt {n}
extract {n} (something extracted)  :: Auszug {m}
extract {v} (to withdraw in process)  :: entziehen
extraction {n} (extract obtained from a mixture or from a plant etc) SEE: extract  ::
extractor hood {n} (kitchen device)  :: Dunstabzugshaube {f}, Wrasenabzug {m}
extracurricular {adj} (outside of the normal curriculum of an educational establishment)  :: außerschulisch
extradite {v} (to remove a person from one state to another by legal process)  :: ausliefern
extradition {n} (a formal process by which a criminal suspect is handed over to another government)  :: Auslieferung {f}
extraimperial {adj} (located outside of an empire)  :: außerreichisch
extrajudicial {adj} (carried out without legal authority)  :: außergerichtlich
extralegal {adj} (occurring outside the law)  :: extralegal, rechtsfrei
extramarital {adj} (adulterous)  :: außerehelich
extramarital {adj} (taking place outside marriage)  :: außerehelich
extra-natural {adj} (supernatural) SEE: supernatural  ::
extraneous {adj} (not belonging to, or dependent upon, a thing)  :: fremd
extranet {n} (private computer network accessed via the Internet)  :: Extranet {n}
extraordinary {adj} (not ordinary)  :: außerordentlich, außergewöhnlich
extrapolate {v} (to estimate the value of a variable outside a known range)  :: extrapolieren
extrapolation {n} (calculation of an estimate)  :: Extrapolation {f}
extrapolation {n} (inference)  :: Extrapolation {f}
extrasensory {adj} (of or relating to extrasensory perception)  :: übersinnlich, außersinnlich
extrasensory perception {n} (supposed ability to obtain information without the use of normal sensory channels)  :: außersinnliche Wahrnehmung {f}, ASW {f}
extrasolar {adj} (originating in a solar system other than ours)  :: extrasolar
extrasolar {adj} (originating outside the Solar System)  :: extrasolar
extrasystole {n} (premature contraction of the heart)  :: Extrasystole {f}
extraterrestrial {adj} (originating from outside of the Earth)  :: außerirdisch, extraterrestrisch
extraterrestrial {n} (being originating from outside of the Earth)  :: Außerirdischer {m}, Außerirdische {f}
extra time {n} (an additional period played at the end of some games of football)  :: Verlängerung {f}
extravagant {adj} (exceeding the bounds of something)  :: extravagant
extravaganza {n} (event or display of fantastic or chaotic behaviour or conduct)  :: Zauberposse {f}, Ausstattungsstück {n}, Extravaganza {f}, Spektakel {n}
extravehicular activity {n} (work outside of spacecraft)  :: Außenbordeinsatz {m}
extreme {adj} (drastic, or of great severity)  :: extrem
extreme {adj} (excessive, or far beyond the norm)  :: extrem
extreme {adj} (in the greatest or highest degree; intense)  :: extrem
extreme {adj} (of a place, the most remote, farthest or outermost)  :: extrem
extreme {n} (greatest or utmost point, degree or condition)  :: Extrem {n}
extremely {adv} (to an extreme degree)  :: extrem, äußerst, krass (slang)
extreme sport {n} (sport)  :: Extremsport {m}
extremism {n} (extreme ideas or actions)  :: Extremismus {m}
extremist {adj} (holding extreme views)  :: extremistisch
extremist {adj} (of, or relating to extremism)  :: extremistisch
extremist {n} (person)  :: Extremist {m}, Extremistin {f}
extremity {n} (extreme measure)  :: Äußerste {n}, Extremste {n}
extremity {n} (furthest point)  :: Extremität {f}, äußerstes Ende {n}
extremity {n} (hand or foot)  :: Extremität {f}
extremity {n} (limb) SEE: limb  ::
extremophilic {adj} (Of, or pertaining to the extremophiles)  :: extremophil
extremum {n} (mathematics)  :: Extremum {n}
extricate {v} (to free, disengage, loosen or untangle)  :: befreien
extrovert {adj} (one who is outgoing, sociable)  :: extravertiert
extroverted {adj} (possessing the characteristic property of an extrovert)  :: extrovertiert
extubate {v} (remove a tube from the body)  :: extubieren
ex tunc {adv} (law: from the beginning, from the outset)  :: ex tunc
exuberance {n} (An instance of exuberant behaviour)  :: Überschwang {m}
exuberance {n} (The quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness)  :: Exuberanz {f} (obsolete), Überfluss {m}, Überschwänglichkeit {f}
exuberant {adj} (abundant, luxuriant, profuse, superabundant)  :: üppig
exuberant {adj} (people very high-spirited)  :: exuberant, überschwänglich, ausgelassen, lebendig, enthusiastisch
exult {v} (rejoice)  :: jubeln, jauchzen
exultation {n} (lively joy at success or victory)  :: Jubel {m}
ex-wife {n} (a former wife)  :: Ex-Frau {f}
eye {n} (ability to notice what others might miss)  :: Auge {n}
eye {n} (hole in needle)  :: Öhr {n}, Nadelöhr {n}
eye {n} (loop of metal)  :: Öse {f}
eye {n} (mark on an animal resembling an eye)  :: [on a peacock] Pfauenauge {n}
eye {n} (of a hurricane)  :: Auge {n}
eye {n} (of a potato)  :: Knospe {f}, Trieb {m}
eye {n} (organ)  :: Auge {n}
eye {v} (to look as if intending to do sthg)  :: ins Auge fassen
eye {v} (to observe carefully)  :: beäugen
eye {v} (to view narrowly)  :: beäugen
eyeball {n} (ball of the eye)  :: Augapfel {m}
eyeblink {n} (act of blinking one's eyelids)  :: Augenblick
eyeblink {n} (moment)  :: Augenblick
eyebright {n} (any of the flowering plants of the genus Euphrasia)  :: Augentrost
eyebrow {n} (hair that grows over the bone ridge above the eye socket)  :: Braue {f}, Augenbraue {f}
eyebrow pencil {n} (makeup used to define or draw on the eyebrows)  :: Augenbrauenstift {m}
eyecatcher {n} (eyecatcher) SEE: eye-catcher  ::
eye contact {n} (action of looking at another human or animal in the eye)  :: Blickkontakt {m}
eyecup {n} (coon eyes) SEE: coon eyes  ::
eyecup {n} (eyebath) SEE: eyebath  ::
eye doctor {n} ((mainly US) an ophthalmologist)  :: Augenarzt {m}, Augenärztin {f}
eyedrop {n} (eye medicine)  :: Augentropfen {m}
eye for an eye {n} (compensation for an injury)  :: Auge um Auge
eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth {proverb} (compensation for an injury)  :: Auge um Auge, Zahn um Zahn
eyeglass {n} (a monocle)  :: Augenglas {n}
eyeglass {n} (eyepiece) SEE: eyepiece  ::
eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
eyehole {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket  ::
eyelash {n} (hair growing on the edge of an eyelid)  :: Wimper {f}, Augenwimper {f}
eyeless {adj} (having no eyes)  :: augenlos
eyelet {n} (A small hole to receive a cord or fastener)  :: Öse {f}
eyelid {n} ((anatomy) A thin skin membrane that covers and moves over an eye)  :: Augenlid {n}, Lid {n}
eyeliner {n} (makeup)  :: Lidstrich {m}, Kajal {n}
eye MD {n} (ophtalmologist) SEE: eye doctor  ::
eye of the beholder {n} (evaluation depending on person who sees)  :: Auge des Betrachters
eye patch {n} (cloth patch worn in front of one eye)  :: Augenklappe {f}
eyepiece {n} (lens or combination of lens)  :: Okular {n}
eye shadow {n} (makeup around the eyes)  :: Lidschatten {m}
eyesight {n} (faculty of sight)  :: Sehvermögen, Sehen {n}, Sicht {f}, Sehkraft {f}
eye socket {n} (socket of eye)  :: Augenhöhle {f}; Orbita {f} [scientific]
eyesore {n} (a displeasing sight)  :: Schandfleck {m}
Eyetie {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop  ::
eye tooth {n} (canine tooth) SEE: canine tooth  ::
eyetooth {n} (canine tooth of the upper jaw)  :: Augenzahn {m}
eyewall {n} (ring of towering thunderstorms of a cyclone)  :: Eyewall, Augenwall
eyewitness {n} (person who has seen and testify about an event)  :: Augenzeuge {m}, Augenzeugin {f}
eyot {n} (islet) SEE: islet  ::
eyrie {n} (bird of prey's nest)  :: Horst {m}
Ezekiel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Ezechiel, ( Protestant also) Hesekiel
Ezra {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Esra
Ezra {prop} (Jewish high priest)  :: Esra
élan {n} (spirit, zeal)  :: Elan {m}
éminence grise {n} (a secret or unofficial decision-maker; the power behind the throne, see also: power broker)  :: graue Eminenz {f}