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ta {interj} (thanks) SEE: thanks  ::
tab {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
tab {n} (tablature) SEE: tablature  ::
tab {v} (short for tabulator)  :: στηλοθέτης {m}
tabasco {n} (hot sauce)  :: ταμπάσκο {n}
Tabasco {n} (spicy pepper sauce)  :: σάλτσα ταμπάσκο {n}
Tabasco {prop} (state of Mexico)  :: Ταμπάσκο {n}
tabbouleh {n} (Middle Eastern salad)  :: ταμπουλέ, ταμπούλι
Tabitha {prop} (biblical woman)  :: Ταβιθά {f}
Tabitha {prop} (female given name)  :: Ταβιθά {f}
table {n} (collection of arithmetic calculations)  :: πίνακας {m}
table {n} (computing: a lookup table)  :: πίνακας {m}, ευρετήριο {n}
table {n} (flat tray that can be used as a table)  :: δίσκος {m}, τάβλα {f}
table {n} (grid of data in rows and columns)  :: πίνακας {m}
table {n} (item of furniture)  :: τραπέζι {n}
tablecloth {n} (a cloth used to cover and protect a table, especially for a dining table)  :: τραπεζομάντηλο {n}
table football {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
table of contents {n} (organized list summarizing book or document)  :: περιεχόμενα {n-p}
table scrap {n} (remnant of meal)  :: αποφάγια {n} {p}
table setting {n} (place setting) SEE: place setting  ::
table soccer {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
tablespoon {n} (a large spoon, used for eating food)  :: κουτάλι {n}, κουτάλι σούπας {n}
tablespoon {n} (a unit of measure)  :: κουταλιά {n}, κουταλιά της σούπας {n}
tablespoon {n} (Australia: a spoon for cooking)  :: κουτάλα {f}
tablespoonful {n} (measure of volume) SEE: tablespoon  ::
tablet {n} (graphics tablet) SEE: graphics tablet  ::
tablet {n} (pill) SEE: pill  ::
tablet {n} (slab of clay)  :: πινακίδα {f}, πλακίδιο {n}
tablet {n} (tablet computer) SEE: tablet computer  ::
table tennis {n} (game similar to tennis)  :: επιτραπέζια αντισφαίριση {f}, πινγκ πονγκ {n}
taboo {n} (inhibition or ban)  :: ταμπού {n}
tabular {adj} (organized as a table or list)  :: πινακοειδήσ
tabulator {n} (mechanism on a typewriter)  :: στηλοθέτης {m}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring velocity) SEE: speedometer  ::
tachycardia {n} (rapid resting heart rate)  :: ταχυκαρδία {f}
tachyon {n}  :: τάχυον {n}
tacit {adj} (Done or made in silence; implied, but not expressed; silent)  :: σιωπηρός
taciturn {adj} (untalkative, silent)  :: λακωνικός, ολιγόλογος, σιωπηλός
taciturnity {n} (The state of being taciturn)  :: εχεμύθεια {f}, ολιγολογία {f}, λακωνικότητα {f}
taciturnous {adj} (taciturn) SEE: taciturn  ::
Tacitus {prop} (Roman cognomen)  :: Τάκιτος {m}
tack {n} (hardtack) SEE: hardtack  ::
tack {n} (nautical: distance between these maneuvers) SEE: board  ::
tack {n} (small nail)  :: πρόκα {f}
tack {n} (thumbtack) SEE: thumbtack  ::
tack {v} (nautical: to turn the bow through the wind)  :: διαδρομώ
tack {v} (to nail with tacks)  :: καρφώνω
tack {v} (to stitch)  :: τρυπώνω
tackle {n} (American football: defensive position) SEE: defensive tackle  ::
tackle {n} (American football: offensive position) SEE: offensive tackle  ::
tackle {n} (gadgetry) SEE: gadgetry  ::
tackle {v} (to face or deal with)  :: αντιμετωπίζω
tactic {n} (action to achieve some end)  :: τακτική {f}
tactical {adj} (of or relating to tactics)  :: τακτικός
tactile {adj} (of, or relating to the sense of touch)  :: απτός {m}
tactile {adj} (tangible)  :: απτός {m}, ψηλαφητός {m}
tactile {adj} (used for feeling)  :: αισθητός {m}
tactlessly {adv} (in a tactless manner)  :: αδιάκριτα
tactlessness {n} (the quality of being tactless)  :: αδεξιότητα {f}
taekwondo {n} (a martial art)  :: τάεκβοντο {n}
tag {n} (short peptide sequence) SEE: short peptide sequence  ::
tag {n} (skin tag) SEE: skin tag  ::
tag {n} (small label)  :: ετικέτα
tahini {n} (sesame paste)  :: ταχίνι {n}
Taibei {prop} (Taipei) SEE: Taipei  ::
taiga {n} (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)  :: τάιγκα
taikonaut {n} (Chinese astronaut)  :: ταϊκοναύτης {m}
tail {n} (appendage of an animal)  :: ουρά {f}
tail {n} (comet tail)  :: ουρά {f} {}
tail {n} (rear of an aircraft)  :: ουρά {f}
tail {n} (tail-end of a creature)  :: ουρά {f}
tail {n} (typography: lower loop of letters)  :: ουρά {f}
tailboard {n} (tailgate) SEE: tailgate  ::
taillight {n} (rear mounted lights on a vehicle)  :: πισινό φανάρι {n}
tailor {n} (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing as profession)  :: ράπτης {m}, ράφτης {m}, μόδιστρος {m} μοδίστρα {f}
tailor {n} (Pomatomus saltatrix) SEE: bluefish  ::
tails {n} (tailcoat) SEE: tailcoat  ::
tainted {adj} (corrupted or filled with imperfections)  :: ανήθικος, διεφθαρμένος, φαύλος
Taipei {prop} (Taipei)  :: Ταϊπέι
Taishanese {adj} (Hoisanese) SEE: Hoisanese  ::
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian country)  :: Ταϊβάν {f}
Taiwanese {prop} (language)  :: ταϊβανικά {n-p}
Taizhong {prop} (Taichung) SEE: Taichung  ::
Tajiki {prop} (dialect of Persian) SEE: Tajik  ::
Tajikistan {prop} (Republic of Tajikistan)  :: Τατζικιστάν {n}
take {v} (to choose)  :: παίρνω, διαλέγω
take {v} (to get into one's possession)  :: παίρνω
take {v} (to grab and move to oneself)  :: παίρνω
take {v} (to grab with the hands)  :: παίρνω
take aback {v} (to surprise or shock)  :: ξαφνιάζω {}
take a chance {v} (to risk)  :: ρισκάρω, ριψοκινδυνεύω
take advantage {v} (profit from a situation)  :: επωφελούμαι
take apart {v} (criticise) SEE: criticise  ::
take apart {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
take apart {v} (disassemble) SEE: disassemble  ::
take away {v} (to take away) SEE: remove  ::
take back {v} (take back) SEE: withdraw  ::
take flight {v} (to flee)  :: τρέπομαι σε φυγή
take heart {v} (to be courageous)  :: αναθαρρώ, παίρνω κουράγιο
take-home {n} (take-home pay) SEE: take-home pay  ::
take ill {v} (to become ill) SEE: take sick  ::
take into account {v} (to consider or regard; to include)  :: λαμβάνω υπόψη
take off {v} (to begin flight)  :: απογειώνομαι
take off {v} (to imitate) SEE: imitate  ::
take off {v} (to quantify) SEE: quantify  ::
take off {v} (to remove)  :: βγάζω
takeoff {n} (start of flight)  :: απογείωση {f}
take on {v} (To attempt to fight or compete)  :: αντιμετωπίζω
take one's leave {v} (depart) SEE: depart  ::
take one's own life {v} (commit suicide) SEE: commit suicide  ::
take part {v} (participate or join)  :: μοιράζομαι, συνεργώ σε, παίρνω μέρος, παίρνω μερίδιο
take part {v} (share or partake)  :: μεταλαμβάνω, κοινωνώ [of the Sacrament]
take place {v} (to happen)  :: συμβαίνω, λαμβάνω χώρα
take the liberty {v} (act on one's own authority)  :: παίρνω το θάρρος, παίρνω την πρωτοβουλία
take the wrong way {v} (to misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
taking it up the ass {n} (anal sex) SEE: anal sex  ::
talent {n} (marked ability or skill)  :: ταλέντο {n}
talent {n} (talented person)  :: ταλαντούχος {m}
talent {n} (unit of weight and money)  :: τάλαντο {n}
talented {adj} (endowed with talents)  :: ταλαντούχος, προικισμένος [also means "gifted"], χαρισματικός [also means "charismatic"]
Taliban {prop} (Islamic student movement)  :: Ταλιμπάν
talisman {n} (magical protective charms)  :: φυλαχτό {n}
talk {n} (conversation)  :: συζήτηση {f}
talk {n} (lecture)  :: διάλεξη {f}
talk {n} (major topic of social discussion)  :: θέμα {n}
talk {n}  :: θέμα {n}
talk {v} (to communicate by other means than speech)  :: επικοινωνώ
talk {v} (to communicate by speech)  :: μιλώ, συνομιλώ
talk {v} ((transitive) to discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk around {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
talkative {adj} (tending to talk or speak freely or often)  :: ομιλητικός
talkativeness {n} (the state of being talkative)  :: αδολεσχία {f}, ομιλητικότητα {f}
talking book {n} (audiobook) SEE: audiobook  ::
talk over {v} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk over {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
tall {adj} (of a person)  :: ψηλός
Tallinn {prop} (Capital of Estonia)  :: Ταλλίν {n}, Ταλίν {n}
tally {n} (tally shop) SEE: tally shop  ::
Talmud {prop} (collection of Jewish writings)  :: Ταλμούδ
talus {n} (anklebone) SEE: anklebone  ::
tambour {n} (drum) SEE: drum  ::
tambourine {n} (percussion instrument)  :: ντέφι {n}
tambura {n} (stringed instrument)  :: ταμπουράς {m}
tame {adj} (not wild)  :: ήμερος {m}
tame {v} (to become tame)  :: εξημερώνομαι
tame {v} (to make something tame)  :: εξημερώνω, δαμάζω, τιθασεύω
tamer {n} (one who tames or subdues)  :: δαμαστής {m}, θηριοδαμαστής {m} [of wild animals]
Tamilian {n} (a person of Tamil ethnicity) SEE: Tamil  ::
Tamil Nadu {prop} (state in southern India)  :: Ταμίλ Ναντού
tamp {v} (to pack down)  :: πατικώνω
Tampere {prop} (city in Finland)  :: Τάμπερε
tan {v} (to become tan due to exposure to sun)  :: μαυρίζω
Tanagra {prop} (city)  :: Τανάγρα
Tanakh {prop} (body of Jewish scripture)  :: Τανάκ
tandem {n} (bicycle)  :: τάντεμ {n}
tang {n} (Ascophyllum nodosum) SEE: knotted wrack  ::
tang {n} (tongue) SEE: tongue  ::
Tanganyika {prop} (lake)  :: Modern: Τανγκανίκα
tangent {n} (in geometry)  :: εφαπτομένη {f}
tangent {n} (in trigonometry)  :: εφαπτομένη {f}
tangerine {n} (fruit)  :: μανταρίνι {n}
tangible {adj} (comprehensible by the mind; understandable)  :: αντιληπτός {m}
tangible {adj} (possible to be treated as fact)  :: ενυπόστατος {m}
tangible {adj} (touchable, palpable)  :: απτός, αισθητός {m}, χειροπιαστός {m}
Tangiers {prop} (a port city in northern Morocco)  :: Ταγγέρη
tangle {v} (to become mixed together or intertwined)  :: εμπλέκω
tangle {v} (to be forced into some kind of situation)  :: μπλέκω
tangle {v} (to mix together or intertwine)  :: πλέκω
tangy {adj} (having a sharp, pungent flavor)  :: αψύς, πικάντικος
tank {n} (closed container)  :: δεξαμενή {f}, δοχείο {n}
tank {n} (fuel reservoir)  :: υδροταμιευτήρας {m}
tank {n} (military armoured fighting vehicle)  :: άρμα μάχης {n}
tank {n} (tankful) SEE: tankful  ::
tanked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
tank top {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
tanner {n} (person whose occupation is to tan)  :: βυρσοδέψης {m}
tantalum {n} (A metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 73.)  :: ταντάλιο {n}
tantrum {n} (often childish display of bad temper)  :: νευράκια {n-p}, [regarding children] πείσματα {n-p}
Tanya {prop} (female given name) SEE: Tania  ::
Tanzania {prop} (United Republic of Tanzania)  :: Τανζανία {f}
Taoism {n} (Chinese philosophy founded by Lao-tzu)  :: ταοϊσμός {m}
tap {n} (device to dispense liquid)  :: βρύση
tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
tape measure {n} (graduated ribbon for length measurement)  :: μεζούρα {f}
taper {n} (slender wax candle)  :: λιανοκέρι {n}, αγιοκέρι {n}
taper {n} (tapering form)  :: απολέπτυνση {f}, κωνικότητα {f}
taper {v} (to diminish gradually)  :: απολεπτύνομαι, αποξύνομαι
taper {v}  :: απολεπτύνω
tape recorder {n} (an electromechanical device use to record and play back sound)  :: μαγνητόφωνο {n}
tapeworm {n} (parasitical worm of the class Cestoda)  :: ταινία {f}
tapioca {n} (Starchy food from cassava)  :: ταπιόκα {f}
tapir {n} (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae)  :: τάπιρος
tap water {n} (water from a tap)  :: νερό της βρύσης {n}
tar {n} (byproduct of tobacco smoke)  :: πίσσα {f}
tar {n} (coal tar)  :: πίσσα {f}
tar {n} (substance)  :: πίσσα {f}
tar {v} (to coat with tar)  :: πισσώνω
Taranto {prop} (city and province)  :: Τάραντας {m}, Ταράντο {m}
tarantula {n} (true tarantula)  :: ταραντούλα {f}
tarantula {n} (wolf spider)  :: ταραντούλα {f}
tarboosh {n} (fez) SEE: fez  ::
tardigrade {n} (water bear) SEE: water bear  ::
tare {n} (the empty weight of a container)  :: απόβαρο {n}
target {n} (butt or mark to shoot at)  :: στόχος {m}
target {v} (to aim something (especially a weapon) at a target)  :: στοχεύω
tarhana {n} (dried food)  :: τραχανάς
tariff {n} (a schedule of rates, fees or prices)  :: διατίμηση {f}
tariff {n} (duties imposed)  :: δασμός {m}
tariff {v} (levy a duty)  :: δασμολογώ
taro {n} (Colocasia esculenta)  :: κολοκάσι {n}
taro {n} (food from the taro plant)  :: κολοκάσι {n}
tarot {n} (card game)  :: ταρό {n}
tarot {n} (individual card)  :: ταρό {n}
tarpaulin {n} (heavy, waterproof sheet of material)  :: μουσαμάς {m}
tarragon {n} (perennial herb Artemisia dracunculus)  :: εστραγκόν {n}
tarragon {n} (the leaves of Artemisia dracunculus)  :: εστραγκόν {n}
tarry {v} (linger in expectation of)  :: ξεροσταλιάζω
tar sand {n} (oil sand) SEE: oil sand  ::
tarsand {n} (tar sand) SEE: tar sand  ::
Tarsus {prop} (city in modern Turkey)  :: Ταρσός {f}
tart {n} (pie, pastry)  :: τάρτα {f}
tart {n} (prostitute)  :: πουτάνα {f}
tart {n} (woman with loose sexual morals)  :: τσούλα {f}
tartar {n} (hard yellow deposit on the teeth) SEE: dental calculus  ::
tartaric acid {n} (white crystalline acid)  :: τρυγικό οξύ
Tarzan {prop} (fictional character)  :: Ταρζάν
Tashkent {prop} (capital of Uzbekistan)  :: Τασκένδη
tashkil {n} (vocalization) SEE: vocalization  ::
task {n} (difficult or tedious undertaking)  :: αγγαρεία {f}
task {n} (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)  :: δουλειά {f}, εργασία
Tasmania {prop} (Australian state)  :: Τασμανία {f}
Tasmania {prop} (island comprising majority of state)  :: Τασμανία {f}
Tasmanian tiger {n} (extinct carnivorous marsupial) SEE: Tasmanian wolf  ::
taste {n} ((figuratively) a small amount of experience)  :: γεύση {f}, πρόγευση {f}
taste {n} (implicit set of preferences)  :: προτίμηση {f}
taste {n} (one of the sensations produced by the tongue)  :: γεύση {f}
taste {v} (to experience)  :: γεύομαι, δοκιμάζω
taste {v} (to sample the flavor of something)  :: γεύομαι
tasteless {adj} (having no flavour)  :: άγευστος {m}
tasty {adj} (having a pleasant or satisfying flavor) SEE: delicious  ::
tasty {adj} (having or showing good taste)  :: νόστιμος
tat {n} (slang: tattoo) SEE: tattoo  ::
tat {n} (vulgar tastelessness) SEE: sleaze  ::
ta ta {interj} (bye) SEE: bye  ::
Tatiana {prop} (female given name)  :: Τατιάνα {f}
tattle {n} (tattletale) SEE: tattletale  ::
tattoo {n} (an image made in the skin with ink and a needle)  :: τατουάζ {n}, [archaic] κατάστιξη
tattoo {n} (method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface)  :: δερματοστιξία {f}
tattoo {n} (signal)  :: τυμπανοκρουσία {f}
tattoo {v} (to apply a tattoo)  :: στίζω
tattoo gun {n} (tattoo machine) SEE: tattoo machine  ::
tattooist {n} (tattoo artist) SEE: tattoo artist  ::
tau {n} (Greek letter)  :: ταυ {n}
tau {n} (tauon) SEE: tauon  ::
taunt {n} (a scornful or mocking remark)  :: χλευασμός {m}, λοιδορία {f}, σαρκασμός {m}, κοροϊδία {f}
taunt {v} (to make fun of (someone); to goad into responding)  :: λοιδορώ, χλευάζω, σαρκάζω, κοροϊδεύω
Taurica {prop} (the name by which the territory of the Crimean peninsula was known to the Greeks and Romans)  :: Ταυρίδα {f}, Ταυρική {f}
taurokathapsia {n} (bull-leaping)  :: ταυροκαθάψια {f}
Taurus {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Ταύρος {m}
Taurus {prop} (constellation)  :: Ταύρος {m}
tautology {n} (expression that features tautology)  :: ταυτολογία {f}
tautology {n} (uncountable: redundant use of words)  :: ταυτολογία {f}
tavern {n} (bar)  :: ταβέρνα {f}, καπηλειό {n}
Tavros {prop} (a city in Greece)  :: Ταύρος {n}
tawdry {adj} (gaudy)  :: αγιοβασιλιάτικος
tawny owl {n} (Strix aluco)  :: χουχουριστής
tax {n} (money paid to government)  :: φόρος {m}
tax {v} (to impose and collect a tax)  :: φορολογώ
taxable {adj} (subject to tax)  :: φορολογήσιμος
taxation {n} (act of imposing taxes and the fact of being taxed)  :: φορολογία {f}
taxation {n} (particular system of taxing people or companies)  :: φορολογία {f}
taxation {n} (revenue gained from taxes) SEE: tax revenue  ::
tax collector {n} (one who has the responsibility for collecting taxes)  :: φοροεισπράκτορας {m}
tax evasion {n} (illegal avoidance of tax)  :: φοροδιαφυγή {f}
tax haven {n} (country that levies low taxes on foreign businesses)  :: φορολογικός παράδεισος {m}
taxi {n} (vehicle)  :: ταξί {n}
taxi driver {n} (person who drives a taxicab)  :: ταξιτζής {m}, ταξιτζού {f}, οδηγός ταξί {m} {f}
taximeter {n} (device in a taxicab that calculates the fare)  :: ταξίμετρο {n}
taxi rank {n} (taxi stand) SEE: taxi stand  ::
taxman {n} (derogatory term for tax collector)  :: εφοριακός
taxonomic {adj} (of, or relating to taxonomy)  :: ταξινομικός {m}
taxonomy {n} (classification in a hierarchical system)  :: ταξινόμηση {f}
taxonomy {n} (science of finding, describing, classifying and naming organisms)  :: ταξινομία {f}
taxpayer {n} (a person who is subject to, liable for, or pays tax)  :: φορολογούμενος {m}, φορολογουμένη {f}
tax stamp {n} (revenue stamp) SEE: revenue stamp  ::
Tbilisi {prop} (the capital city of Georgia (the country))  :: Τιφλίδα {f}
Tübingen {prop} (city in Swabia)  :: Τυβίγγη {f}
T-bone steak {n} (the beek steak)  :: μπριζόλα σε κόκαλο {f}
tbsp {n} (abbreviation for tablespoon)  :: κσ {n}
Tchaikovsky {prop} (surname)  :: Τσαϊκόφσκι
tea {n} (dried leaves of tea plant)  :: τσάι {n}
tea {n} (drink made from leaves of tea plant)  :: τσάι {n}
tea {n} (main evening meal) SEE: dinner  ::
tea bag {v} (small porous bag holding tea) SEE: teabag  ::
teach {v} (to pass on knowledge)  :: διδάσκω
teacher {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
teacher {n} (person who teaches)  :: δάσκαλος {m}, δασκάλα {f}
teachercentric {adj} (focusing on teacher) SEE: teacher-centered  ::
teach grandma how to suck eggs {proverb} (don't teach an expert)  :: γέρων αλώπηξ ουχ αλίσκεται πάγη
teach grandma how to suck eggs {proverb} (teach an expert)  :: έλα παππού μου, να σου δείξω τ' αμπελοχώραφά σου [come grandpa, I'll show you your vineyards]
teaching {n} (something taught)  :: δίδαγμα {n}
teacup {n} (cup for drinking tea)  :: φλιτζάνι τσαγιού {n}
teakettle {n} (a vessel for boiling water for tea)  :: βραστήρας {m}
teal {n} (colour)  :: βαθυκύανο {n}
teal {n} (duck)  :: αγριόπαπια {f}
tea leaf {n} (thief) SEE: thief  ::
team {n} (group of people)  :: ομάδα {f}
team {n} (set of draught animals)  :: ζευγάρι {n}
teammate {n} (one who is on the same team)  :: συμπαίκτης {m}, συμπαίκτρια {f}
tea oil plant {n} (Camellia oleifera) SEE: tea oil camellia  ::
teapot {n} (vessel for tea)  :: τσαγιέρα {f}
tear {n} (drop of clear salty liquid from the eyes)  :: δάκρυ {n}
tear {v} (rend)  :: σκίζω
tear {v} (to produce tears)  :: δακρύζω
tearful {adj} (accompanied by tears)  :: δακρυσμένος, κλαμένος, έτοιμος να βάλει τα κλάματα
tearful {adj} (sorrowful)  :: δακρύβρεχτος
tear gland {n} (lacrimal gland) SEE: lacrimal gland  ::
tear one's hair out {v} (react with extreme agitation)  :: τραβάω τα μαλλιά μου
tearoom {n} (teahouse) SEE: teahouse  ::
tease {n} (stripper) SEE: stripper  ::
tease {v} (to entice)  :: σκανδαλίζω
tease {v} (to poke fun at)  :: πειράζω
tease {v} (to separate the fibers)  :: ξεφτίζω, ξεμπλέκω
tea shop {n} (a shop where tea or coffee is served) SEE: teahouse  ::
teaspoon {n} (small spoon)  :: κουταλάκι του γλυκού {n}
teaspoon {n} (unit of measure)  :: κουταλάκι του γλυκού {n}
teat {n} (feeding bottle top)  :: θηλή {f}
teat {n} (projection of mammary gland)  :: θηλή {f}
tea tree {n} (Camellia sinensis) SEE: tea plant  ::
tea tree {n} (Cordyline fruticosa) SEE: ti  ::
tea tree {n} (Kunzea ericoides) SEE: kanuka  ::
tea tree {n} (Melaleuca alternifolia)  :: τεϊόδεντρο {n}
technetium {n} (chemical element)  :: τεχνήτιο {n}
technical {adj} (pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts)  :: τεχνικός {m}
technician {n} (occupation)  :: τεχνικός {c}
technique {n} (practical aspects of a given art)  :: τεχνική {f}
techno {n} (style of music)  :: τέκνο {n}
technology {n} (a particular technological concept)  :: τεχνολογία {f}
technology {n} (body of tools)  :: τεχνολογία {f}
technology {n} (the study of or a collection of techniques)  :: τεχνολογία {f}
tectonic plate {n} (large pieces of Earth's lithosphere)  :: τεκτονική πλάκα {f}
tectonics {n} (study of crustal plates)  :: τεκτονική {f}
tedium {n} (boredom or tediousness; ennui)  :: ανία {f}
teen {adj} (teenager) SEE: teenager  ::
-teen {suffix} (to form numbers 13 - 19)  :: δεκα-
teenager {n} (person aged between thirteen and nineteen)  :: έφηβος {m}, έφηβη {f}
teetan {n} (pipit) SEE: pipit  ::
te-hee {n} (titter, snicker) SEE: titter  ::
te-hee {v} (titter, snicker) SEE: titter  ::
Teheran {prop} (Tehran) SEE: Tehran  ::
Tehran {prop} (capital of Iran)  :: Τεχεράνη
tečka {n} (tečka diacritic) SEE: dot  ::
Telangana {prop} (A state of India)  :: Τελανγκάνα
Tel Aviv {prop} (city in Israel)  :: Τελ Αβίβ {n}, Τελ Αβίβ-Γιάφα
telecommunication {n} (science and technology of communication over distance)  :: τηλεπικοινωνίες {f-p}
teleconference {n} (telephone conference) SEE: telephone conference  ::
telegram {n} (message sent by telegraph)  :: τηλεγράφημα {n}
telegram {v} (telegraph) SEE: telegraph  ::
telegraph {n} (apparatus, or a process, for communicating)  :: τηλέγραφος {m}
telegraph {v} (to send a message by telegraph)  :: τηλεγραφώ
telematics {n} (science of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices)  :: τηλεματική {f}
telencephalon {n} (the anterior part of the forebrain)  :: τελικός εγκέφαλος {m}
telepathy {n} (communication by psychic means)  :: τηλεπάθεια {f}
telephone {n} (a device used for two-way talking with other people)  :: τηλέφωνο {n}
telephone {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers  ::
telephone {v} (to call someone)  :: τηλεφωνώ, καλώ
telephone book {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory  ::
telephone box {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth  ::
telephone call {n} (connection)  :: τηλεφώνημα {n}
telephone call {n} (conversation)  :: τηλεφώνημα {n}
telephone card {n} (phonecard) SEE: phonecard  ::
telephone kiosk {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth  ::
telephone number {n} (digits assigned to a telephone)  :: τηλέφωνο {n}
telephony {n} (act of sound transmission via the electromagnetic spectrum)  :: τηλεφωνία
teleportation {n} (process of moving matter from one point to another)  :: τηλεμεταφορά {f}
teleporter {n} (truck-mounted lift) SEE: cherry picker  ::
telescope {n} (optical instrument possessing magnification)  :: τηλεσκόπιο {n}
Telescopium {prop} (small faint constellation of the southern winter sky)  :: Τηλεσκόπιον {n}
teleshow {n} (television show) SEE: television show  ::
Teletext {n} (information retrieval system)  :: τηλεκείμενο {n}
telethon {n} (television event)  :: τηλεμαραθώνιος {m}
teletype {n} (teleprinter)  :: τηλέτυπο {n}
television {n} (device for receiving television signals)  :: τηλεόραση {f}
television {n} (medium)  :: τηλεόραση {f}
television {n} (program broadcasting)  :: τηλεόραση {f}
television program {n} (The content of an individual television broadcasting.)  :: τηλεοπτικό πρόγραμμα {n}
television series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
television set {n} (television) SEE: television  ::
televisual {adj} (suitable for broadcasting on television)  :: τηλεοπτικός
televoting {n} (a form of advertising)  :: τηλεψηφοφορία {f}
telework {n} (telecommuting) SEE: telecommuting  ::
telex {n} (telex)  :: τέλεξ {n}
tell {v} (narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
tell {v} (to discern, notice, identify or distinguish)  :: καταλαβαίνω
tell {v} (to instruct)  :: λέω
tell {v} (to pass information)  :: λέω
teller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
teller {n} (bank clerk who receives and pays out money)  :: ταμίας {c}
teller {n} (person who counts the votes in an election)  :: ψηφολέκτης {m}, ψηφολέκτρια {f}
tell it to Sweeney {phrase} (expression of disbelief) SEE: tell it to the marines  ::
tell me about it {phrase} (used to express agreement and sympathy with previous speaker's statement)  :: εγώ να δεις
telltale {n} (nautical: compass in the cabin of a vessel) SEE: telltale compass  ::
telltale {n} (tattler) SEE: tattler  ::
Tellurian {n} (inhabitant of the earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
telluride {n} (sylvanite) SEE: sylvanite  ::
tellurium {n} (chemical element)  :: τελλούριο {n}
Telugu {prop} (Dravidian language of India)  :: τελούγκου
temblor {n} (earthquake) SEE: earthquake  ::
temperance {n} (state with regard to heat or cold) SEE: temperature  ::
temperature {n} (a measure of cold or heat)  :: θερμοκρασία {f}
temperature {n} (elevated body temperature)  :: θερμοκρασία {f}, πυρετός {m}
temperature {n} (in thermodynamics)  :: θερμοκρασία {f}
temperature {n} (The temperature of the immediate environment)  :: θερμοκρασία {f}
temper tantrum {n} (fit of bad temper)  :: νεύρα {n-p}, θυμός {m}
template {n} (physical object)  :: πρότυπο {n}
temple {n} (region of skull)  :: κρόταφος {m}
temple {n} (worship place)  :: ναός {m}
tempo {n} (frequency or rate)  :: ρυθμός {m}
tempo {n} (music: number of beats per minute)  :: ρυθμός {m}
temporal bone {n} (either of two compound bones at the sides of the skull)  :: κροταφικό οστό {n}
temporal lobe {n} (Division of cerebrum)  :: κροταφικός λοβός {m}
temporarily {adv} (for a relatively brief period of time)  :: προσωρινά, πρόσκαιρα
temporarily {adv} (not permanently)  :: προσωρινά, πρόσκαιρα
temporary tooth {n} (milk tooth) SEE: milk tooth  ::
tempt fate {v} (To take an extreme risk)  :: προκαλώ τη μοίρα
tempura {n} (tempura)  :: τεμπούρα
tempus fugit {proverb} (time flies) SEE: time flies  ::
ten {num} (the cardinal number occurring after 9 and before 11)  :: δέκα, ι΄ [numeral]
tenacious {adj} (unwilling to yield from a point of view etc; dogged)  :: πεισματάρης
tenacity {n} (quality or state of being tenacious)  :: επιμονή {f}
tenancy {n} (occupancy of property, etc.)  :: μίσθωση {f}, πάκτωση {f}
tenancy for life {n}  :: ισόβια επικαρπία {f}
tenant {n} (law: one who holds property)  :: νομέας {m}, επικαρπωτής {m}
tenant {n} (occupant)  :: ένοικος {m} {f}
tenant {n} (one who pays a fee in return for the use of land, etc.)  :: ενοικιαστής {m}, μισθωτής {m}
tenant {v} (to hold as, or be, a tenant)  :: ενοικιάζω, μισθώνω
Ten Commandments {prop} (Moses' ten commandments)  :: δέκα εντολές {p}
tend {v} (to be probable or likely)  :: τείνω, ρέπω
tend {v} (to look after)  :: φροντίζω
tendency {n} (likelihood of behaving in a particular way)  :: τάση {f}, ροπή {f}
tendon {n} (tough band of inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment)  :: τένοντας {m}
tendonitis {n} (inflammation of the tendon) SEE: tendinitis  ::
tendovaginitis {n} (tenosynovitis) SEE: tenosynovitis  ::
Tenedos {prop} (island)  :: Τένεδος
tenet {n} (an opinion, belief or principle)  :: δόγμα {n}
Tennessee {prop} (state)  :: Τεννεσσή {n}
tennis {n} (sport played by two or four players with strung racquets)  :: αντισφαίριση {f}, τένις {n} [colloquial]
tennis player {n} (a person who plays tennis)  :: τενίστας {m}, τενίστρια {f}
tenpin bowling {n} (bowling) SEE: bowling  ::
tense {adj} (pulled taut)  :: τεντωμένος {m}
tense {adj} (showing stress or strain)  :: τεταμένος {m}
tense {n} (verb forms distinguishing time)  :: χρόνος {m}
tenside {n} (surfactant) SEE: surfactant  ::
tension wrench {n} (torsion wrench) SEE: torsion wrench  ::
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) matrix of matrices)  :: τανυστής {m}
tent {n} (portable lodge)  :: σκηνή {f}
tentacle {n} (elongated, boneless, flexible appendage)  :: πλοκάμι {n}
tenten {n} (dakuten) SEE: dakuten  ::
tenth {n} (a tenth; one of ten equal parts of a whole)  :: δέκατο {n}
tenth {n} (something in the tenth position)  :: δέκατος
tenure {n} (a period of time possessed)  :: κατοχή {f}
tenure {n} (a right to hold land)  :: δικαίωμα γαιοκτησίας {f}
tenure {n} (a status of having a permanent post)  :: μονιμότητα {f}
tenure {n} (a status of possessing a thing or an office)  :: θητεία {f}
Teochew {prop} (city) SEE: Chaozhou  ::
Tepelenë {prop} (town)  :: Τεπελένι
tepid {adj} (lukewarm)  :: χλιαρός {m}, υπόθερμος {m}
tepid {adj} (uninterested)  :: χλιαρός {m}, άτονος {m}
tera- {prefix} (SI prefix)  :: τερα-
terabyte {n} (1,000,000,000,000 bytes)  :: τεραμπάιτ {n}, τεραδυφιοσυλλαβή {n}
teratogenesis {n} (development of congenital malformations)  :: τερατογένεση {f}
teratogenetic {adj} (teratogenic) SEE: teratogenic  ::
teratogeny {n} (teratogenesis) SEE: teratogenesis  ::
terbium {n} (chemical element)  :: τέρβιο {n}
Teresa {prop} (female given name)  :: Θηρεσία {f}
term {n} (part of a year)  :: τρίμηνο {n}
term {n} (period in office or prison)  :: θητεία {f}
term {n} (period of time, time limit)  :: θητεία {f}
term {n} (word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge)  :: όρος {m}
termes {n} (a termite) SEE: termite  ::
terminal {adj} (appearing at the end)  :: τελικός {m}, ληκτικός {m}, έσχατος {m}
terminal {adj} (resulting in death)  :: καταληκτικός {f}, μοιραίος {f}
terminal {n} (airport building)  :: τερματικός σταθμός {m}
terminal {n} (computer program that emulates a terminal)  :: τερματικό {n}
terminal {n} (device for entering data into a computer)  :: τερματικό {n}
terminal {n} (railway station)  :: σταθμός {m}, σιδηροδρομικός σταθμός {m}
terminate {v} (to end incompletely)  :: διακόπτω
termination {n} (An end in time; a conclusion)  :: τέλος {n}
termination {n} (An induced abortion)  :: έκτρωση {f}, διακοπή κύησης {f}
termination {n} (An outcome or result)  :: κατάληξη {f}
termination {n} (The last part (or morpheme) of a word, see also: suffix)  :: κατάληξη {f}
termination {n} (The process of firing an employee)  :: απόλυση {f}
terminator {n} (an AI machine in science fiction)  :: εξολοθρευτής {m}
terminology {n} (doctrine of terms)  :: ορολογία {f}
terminology {n} (terms used in any business, art, etc)  :: ορολογία {f}
termite {n} (insect)  :: τερμίτες
term of endearment {n} (word, phrase, or nickname expressing affection)  :: χαϊδευτικό {n}, υποκοριστικό {n}
tern {n} (bird of family Sternidae)  :: στέρνα {f}
Ternopol {prop} (Ternopil) SEE: Ternopil  ::
Terra {prop} (the Planet Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
terrace {n} (raised, flat-topped bank of earth with sloping sides)  :: αναβαθμός {m}, πεζούλα {f}
terrace {n} (roof of a building, especially if accessible to the residents)  :: ταράτσα {f}
terraced house {n} (type of house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
terraforming {n} (planetary engineering)  :: γαιοπλασία {f}
terrain {n} (area)  :: έδαφος {n}, έκταση {f}
terra incognita {n} (unknown land)  :: άγνωστη γη {f}
Terran {n} (inhabitant of the Earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
terrestrial {adj} (of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth or its inhabitants)  :: γήινος
Terrestrial {n} (inhabitant of the Earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
terrible {adj} (dreadful; causing alarm or fear)  :: τρομερός, φοβερός {m}, φρικτός {m}
terrible {adj} (intense; extreme in degree or extent)  :: φρικτός {m}, δεινός {m}
terrible {adj} (most formidable)  :: τρομερός {m}, φοβερός {m}, δεινός {m}
terrible {adj} (unpleasant)  :: απαίσιος {m}, φρικτός {m}
terrible {adj} (very bad)  :: απαίσιος {m}, φρικτός {m}, κάκιστος {m}
terrific {adj} (frighteningly good)  :: τρομερός {m}, φοβερός {m}, φανταστικός {m}
terrify {v} (to frighten greatly; to fill with terror)  :: τρομάζω, κατατρομάζω
terrify {v} (to menace or intimidate)  :: τρομοκρατώ
territorial integrity {n} (principle that a state’s borders are sacrosanct)  :: εδαφική ακεραιότητα {f}
territoriality {n} (fact or legal status of being a territory)  :: εδαφικότητα {f}
territoriality {n} (pattern of behaviour in animals that defines and defends a territory)  :: εδαφικότητα {f}
territoriality {n} (pattern of human behaviour characterised by defence of a particular territory or area of interest)  :: εδαφικότητα {f}
territorial waters {n} (belt of coastal waters)  :: αιγιαλίτιδα ζώνη {f}, χωρικά ύδατα {n-p}
territory {n} (administrative unit)  :: έδαφος {n}
territory {n} (area which an animal defends)  :: έδαφος {n}
territory {n} (large tract of land)  :: έδαφος {n}
terror {n} (extreme fear)  :: τρόμος {m}
terror {n} (something causing fear)  :: τρόμος {m}, φόβητρο {n}
terrorise {v} (fill with terror)  :: τρομοκρατώ
terrorism {n} (use of terror as a means of coercion)  :: τρομοκρατία {f}
terrorist {adj} (of or relating to terrorism)  :: τρομοκρατικός
terrorist {n} (person who uses terror as a weapon in a political struggle)  :: τρομοκράτης {m}
terrorize {v} (fill with terror)  :: τρομοκρατώ
terry {n} (terry cloth) SEE: terry cloth  ::
terrycloth {n} (cotton fabric) SEE: terry cloth  ::
terse {adj} (abruptly or brusquely short)  :: απότομος
terse {adj} (of a concise style or speech)  :: λακωνικός
tertiary {adj} (third rank or order)  :: τριτογενής {m} {f}, τριτοβάθμιος {m}
tesla {n} (Unit of measurement of magnetic flux density)  :: τέσλα {n}
tessellation {n} (polygon tessellation) SEE: polygon tessellation  ::
test {n} (academics: examination)  :: διαγώνισμα {n}
test {n} (challenge, trial)  :: δοκιμασία {f}, δοκιμή {f}
test {n} (product examination)  :: εξέταση {f}
test {v} (to administer an examination during the academic term)  :: εξετάζω
test {v} (to challenge)  :: δοκιμάζω
test {v} (to place a product or piece of equipment under everyday and/or extreme conditions)  :: δοκιμάζω, θέτω υπό δοκιμασία
testament {n} (credo) SEE: credo  ::
testicle {n} (male sex gland)  :: όρχις {m}, αρχίδι {m} [vulgar]
testimonial {n} (statement given under oath) SEE: testimony  ::
testimony {n} (account of first-hand experience)  :: μαρτυρία {f}, δήλωση {f}
testimony {n} (statement in court)  :: κατάθεση {f}
test tube {n} (glass tube)  :: δοκιμαστικός σωλήνας
test tube baby {n} (a baby who was conceived by in vitro fertilisation)  :: παιδί του σωλήνα {n}
tetanus {n} (disease)  :: τέτανος {m}
tetrachloromethane {n}  :: τετραχλωρομεθάνιο {n}
tetracycline {n} (antibiotic produced by bacteria)  :: τετρακυκλίνη {f}
tetracycline {n} (antibiotic with the same general structure)  :: τετρακυκλίνη {f}
tetragon {n} (rare: quadrilateral)  :: τετράγωνο {n}
Tetragrammaton {prop} (the four Hebrew letters יהוה used as the ineffable name of God)  :: τετραγράμματο {n}
tetrahedron {n} (polyhedron)  :: τετράεδρο {n}
tetrameter {n} (a line in a poem having four metrical feet (poetry))  :: τετράμετρο {m}
tetraplegia {n} (paralysis of all four limbs)  :: τετραπληγία {f}
tetraplegic {n} (quadriplegic) SEE: quadriplegic  ::
tetrapod {n} (any vertebrate with four limbs) SEE: quadruped  ::
tetrarchy {n} (government by four people)  :: τετραρχία
Texan {n} (an inhabitant or a resident of Texas)  :: Τεξανός {m}
Texan tuxedo {n} (double denim) SEE: double denim  ::
Texas {prop} (a state of the United States of America)  :: Τέξας {n}
text {n} (a brief written message transmitted between mobile phones)  :: μήνυμα {n}
text {n} (a written passage)  :: κείμενο {n}
textbook {n} (formal manual of instruction)  :: εγχειρίδιο {m}, διδακτικό βιβλίο {m}, βιβλίο {m}
Thai {prop} (language)  :: ταϊλανδικά, ταϋλανδικά {n-p}
Thailand {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Ταϊλάνδη {f}
thalamus {n} (anatomy: structure within forebrain)  :: θάλαμος {m}
thalamus {n} (botany:receptacle of a flower) SEE: receptacle  ::
thalamus {n} (thallus) SEE: thallus  ::
thalidomide {n} (drug)  :: θαλιδομίδη {f}
thallium {n} (chemical element)  :: θάλλιο {n}
Thames {prop} (river through London)  :: Τάμεσις, also : Τάμεσης
than {prep} (Introduces a comparison)  :: από
thanatology {n} (deathlore) SEE: deathlore  ::
thanatophobia {n} (fear of death)  :: θανατοφοβία {f}
Thanatos {n} (Thanatos, the god of death)  :: Θάνατος {m}
thank {v} (credit or hold something responsible)  :: ευχαριστώ
thank {v} (express gratitude or appreciation to someone)  :: ευχαριστώ, ευγνωμονώ
thankful {adj} (showing thanks)  :: ευγνώμων {m} {f}
thankfulness {n} (state of showing thanks)  :: ευγνωμοσύνη {f}
thanks {interj} (used to express appreciation or gratitude)  :: ευχαριστώ
thanks {n} (expression of gratitude)  :: ευχαριστώ {n}
thanks {n} (grateful feelings)  :: ευχαριστία {f}, ευγνωμοσύνη {f}
thanks a million {phrase} (thanks a great many times)  :: χίλια ευχαριστώ
Thanksgiving Day {n} (Thanksgiving) SEE: Thanksgiving  ::
thanks to {prep} (because of)  :: χάρη σε
thank you {interj} (an expression of gratitude)  :: ευχαριστώ
thank you very much {phrase} (greater gratitude than "thank you")  :: ευχαριστώ πολύ
Thasos {prop} (Greek island)  :: Θάσος {f}
that {adv} (to a given extent or degree)  :: τόσο
that {adv} (to a great extent or degree, very)  :: τόσο
that {conj} (connecting a clause indicating purpose ("final"))  :: για να, ώστε
that {conj} (connecting a noun clause)  :: ότι, πως
that {determiner} (what is being indicated)  :: εκείνος {m}, εκείνη {f}, εκείνο {n}, εκοίνοι {p}, εκείνες {f-p}, εκείνα {n-p}, τούτος
that {pron} (that thing)  :: αυτός {m}, αυτή {f}, αυτό {n}, αυτοί {p}, αυτές {f-p}, αυτά {n-p}
that {pron} (which)  :: που
that being said {conj} (that said) SEE: that said  ::
thatch {n} (Straw for covering roofs or stacks)  :: αχυροσκεπή {f}
Thatcher {prop} (surname)  :: Θάτσερ {m} {f}
Thatcherist {n} (proponent of Thatcherism) SEE: Thatcherite  ::
that is {adv} (in other words)  :: δηλαδή
that is to say {adv} (in other words) SEE: that is  ::
that one {pron} (specified object)  :: εκείνο
that's life {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
thaw {n} (the melting of ice, snow or other congealed matter)  :: ξεπάγωμα {n}, απόψυξη {f}
thaw {v} (to cause frozen things to melt, soften, or dissolve)  :: αποψύχω, ξεπαγώνω
thaw {v} (to melt, dissolve, or become fluid)  :: λιώνω
the {article} (article)  :: ο {m}, η {f}, το {n}
the {article} (stressed, indicating that the object in question is the only one worthy of attention)  :: ο {m}
the {article} (used as an alternative to a possessive pronoun before body parts)  :: στον {m}, στην {f} / στη {f}, στο {n}; στους {m-p}, στις {f-p}, στα {n-p}
the {article} (used with the name of a member of a class to refer to all things in that class)  :: ο {m}
the {article} (with an adjectival noun, as in “the hungry” to mean “hungry people”)  :: ο {m}, η {f}, το {n}; οι {m-p} {f-p}, τα {n-p}
the {article} (with a superlative)  :: ο {m}, η {f}, το {n}; οι {m-p} {f-p}, τα {n-p}
theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
theater {n} (lecture theatre)  :: αμφιθέατρο {n}
theater {n} (medicine: operating theatre) SEE: operating theatre  ::
theater {n} (place or building)  :: θέατρο {n}
theatre {n} (theater) SEE: theater  ::
the bends {n} (decompression sickness) SEE: decompression sickness  ::
the cowl does not make the monk {proverb} (superficial trappings)  :: το ράσο δεν κάνει τον παπά, τα ράσα δεν κάνουν τον παπά
the die is cast {phrase} (the future is determined)  :: ο κύβος ερρίφθη
the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on {proverb} (life goes on even if some will try to stop progress)  :: τα σκυλιά αλυχτούν μα το καραβάνι προχωρά
thee {pron} (thou) SEE: thou  ::
the early bird catches the worm {proverb} (be motivated so you can accomplish what you want, in the morning) SEE: the early bird gets the worm  ::
The End {n} (end of a story)  :: τέλος {n}
the end justifies the means {proverb} (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary)  :: ο σκοπός αγιάζει τα μέσα
the ends justify the means {proverb} (the end justifies the means) SEE: the end justifies the means  ::
the finger {n} (obscene gesture)  :: κωλοδάχτυλο {n}
theft {n} (act of stealing property)  :: κλοπή {f}
the grass is always greener on the other side {proverb} (the others' circumstances seem more desirable)  :: του γείτονα είναι πάντα καλύτερο, το ξένο είναι πιο γλυκό
The Hague {prop} (Dutch city)  :: Χάγη {f}
theirs {pron} (that which belongs to them)  :: δικός τους {m}, δικιά τους {f}, δική τους {f}, δικό τους {n}, δικοί τους {m-p}, δικές τους {f-p}, δικά τους {n-p}
theism {n} (belief in existence of at least one deity)  :: θεϊσμός {m}
theism {n} (belief in the existence of a personal, present and active creator God)  :: θεϊσμός {m}
theme {n}  :: θέμα {n}
theme song {n} (a song accompanying a program)  :: θεματικό τραγούδι {n}
the more the merrier {proverb} (it is more fun with more people)  :: όσο περισσότεροι, τόσο καλύτερα
then {adv} (at that time)  :: τότε
thence {adv} (from there)  :: εκείθεν
Theobald {prop} (male given name)  :: Θεοβάλδος {m}
theocracy {n} (government under the control of a Church)  :: θεοκρατία {f}
Theodora {prop} (female given name)  :: Θεοδώρα {f}
Theodore {prop} (male given name)  :: Θεόδωρος {m}
Theodosia {prop} (female given name)  :: Θεοδοσία
Theodosia {prop} (Feodosiya) SEE: Feodosiya  ::
Theodosius {prop} (male given name)  :: Θεοδόσιος
theogony {n} (origination of gods or a narrative describing the origin of gods)  :: θεογονία
theologian {n} (one who studies theology)  :: θεολόγος {m}
theologic {adj} (theological) SEE: theological  ::
theologist {n} (theologian) SEE: theologian  ::
theology {n} (study of God, or a god, or gods)  :: θεολογία {f}
the one {n} (particularly special or compatible person or thing)  :: εκλεκτός {m}
theophany {n} (a visible manifestation of a deity)  :: θεοφάνεια {f}
Theophilus {prop} (biblical character)  :: Θεόφιλος {m}
Theophilus {prop} (male given name)  :: Θεόφιλος {m}
theorem {n} (mathematical statement that is expected to be true)  :: θεώρημα {n}
theorem {n} (proved mathematical statement)  :: θεώρημα {n}
theoretical {adj} (of or relating to theory)  :: θεωρητικός {m}
theoretician {n} (expert in the theory of a science or art)  :: θεωρητικός {m}
theorization {n} (theorisation) SEE: theorisation  ::
theory {n} (a coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena)  :: θεωρία {f}
theory {n} (a field of study in mathematics)  :: θεωρία {f}
theory {n} (an unproven conjecture)  :: θεωρία {f}
theosophic {adj} (of, or relating to theosophy)  :: θεοσοφικός {m}
theosophist {n} (an advocate of, or believer in theosophy)  :: θεοσοφιστής {m}
theosophy {n} (doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism)  :: θεοσοφία {f}
therapeutical {adj} (therapeutic) SEE: therapeutic  ::
therapy {n} (healing power)  :: θεραπεία (therapeia)
therapy {n} (treatment of disease)  :: θεραπεία {f}
there {adv} (in or at that place)  :: εκεί
there {adv} (in that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc.)  :: εκεί
there {adv} (to or into that place; thither)  :: εκείσε, προς τα εκεί
there {pron} (expletive subject of verb of existence: "there is")  :: [third person of verb with no subject, often at beginning of phrase]
there are {phrase}  :: υπάρχουνε, υπάρχουν
there are plenty of fish in the sea {proverb} (there are more dating opportunities available)  :: έχει κι αλλού πορτοκαλιές που κάνουν πορτοκάλια
there be {phrase} (to exist)  :: είμαι, υπάρχω
therefor {adv} (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
therefore {adv} (consequently; by consequence)  :: επομένως, οπότε, άρα
therefore {adv} (for that or this reason; for that)  :: επομένως
there is {phrase} (third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be)  :: υπάρχει
there isn't any easy way to say this {phrase} (used to introduce bad news)  :: δεν υπάρχει εύκολος τρόπος να το πω
thereof {adv} (of this, that or it)  :: τούτου
Theresa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Teresa  ::
there's no place like home {proverb} (one feels most comfortable at home)  :: σπίτι μου, σπιτάκι μου και φτωχοκαλυβάκι μου
there you go {phrase} (here you are) SEE: here you are  ::
thermal imaging {n} (thermography) SEE: thermography  ::
thermalism {n} (therapeutic use of hot-water springs)  :: θερμαλισμός {m}
thermal paste {n} (thermal grease) SEE: thermal grease  ::
thermal printer {n} (printer that operates by applying heat)  :: θερμικός εκτυπωτής {m}
thermal spring {n} (hot spring) SEE: hot spring  ::
thermal underwear {n} (long underwear) SEE: long underwear  ::
Thermidor {prop} (the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: Τερμιντόρ {m}, Θερμιδώρ {m}
thermodynamic equilibrium {n} (state of equal temperature)  :: θερμοδυναμική ισορροπία
thermodynamics {n} (science of heat-energy conversion)  :: θερμοδυναμική {f}
thermodynamic temperature {n} (temperature defined in terms of the laws of thermodynamics)  :: θερμοδυναμική θερμοκρασία {f}
thermojet {n} (motorjet) SEE: motorjet  ::
thermometer {n} (apparatus used to measure temperature)  :: θερμόμετρο {m}
thermophile {n} (organism that lives and thrives at relative high temperatures)  :: θερμόφιλος
thermophilic {adj} (living at high temperatures)  :: θερμόφιλος, θερμοφιλικός
thermos {n} (vacuum flask)  :: θερμός {n}
thermosphere {n} (layer of the Earth's atmosphere)  :: θερμόσφαιρα {f}
Theseus {prop} (hero)  :: Θησέας {m}
Thesprotia {prop} (prefecture in Greece)  :: Θεσπρωτία {f}
Thesprotian {n} (inhabitant or resident of Thesprotia)  :: Θεσπρωτός {m}
Thessalian {adj} (of, or relating to Thessaly in Greece)  :: θεσσαλικός
Thessalian {n} (a native or inhabitant of Thessaly)  :: Θεσσαλός {m}
Thessalonian {adj}  :: θεσσαλονικιώτικος
Thessalonian {n}  :: Θεσσαλονικιός {m}, Θεσσαλονικιά {f}
Thessalonians {prop} (books of the Bible)  :: Θεσσαλονικείς
Thessaloniki {prop} (city in Greece)  :: Θεσσαλονίκη {f}, Σαλονίκη {f}
Thessaly {prop} (region of Greece)  :: Θεσσαλία {f}
theta {n} (Greek letter)  :: θήτα {n}
Thetis {prop} (the mother of Achilles)  :: Θέτις {n}
the way to a man's heart is through his stomach {proverb} (cooking food for a man is a good way to win his affections)  :: η καρδιά του άνδρα περνά απ' το στομάχι
they {pron} (third-person plural pronoun)  :: αυτοί {m}, αυτές {f}, αυτά {n}
thick {adj} (relatively great in extent from one surface to another)  :: παχής
thief {n} (one who carries out theft)  :: κλέφτης {m}
thigh {n} (upper leg)  :: μηρός {m}
thighbone {n} (femur)  :: μηριαίο οστό
thimble {n} (a protective cap for the finger)  :: δαχτυλίθρα {f}
thimble {n} (a thimbleful of something)  :: δαχτυλίθρα {f}
thin {adj} (having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt)  :: αδύνατος, λεπτός
thin {adj} (having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite)  :: λεπτός, ψιλός
thin {adj} (of low viscosity or low specific gravity)  :: αραιός
thin {adj} (scarce)  :: σπάνιος
thin {adj} (very narrow in all diameters; having a cross section that is small in all directions)  :: λεπτός
thin-film transistor {n}  :: Διαντιστάτης Λεπτής Μεμβράνης {m}, ΔΛΜ {m}
thing {n} (living being or creature)  :: πλάσμα {n}
thing {n} (that which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept)  :: πράγμα {n}
thing-in-itself {n} (thing-in-itself)  :: πράγμα αυτό καθ' αυτό, πράγμα αυτό καθαυτό
thingummy {n} (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
thingy {n} (a thing)  :: μαραφέτι {n}
think {v} (be of the opinion that)  :: νομίζω
think {v} (communicate to oneself in one’s mind)  :: σκέφτομαι
think {v} (guess, reckon)  :: νομίζω
think {v} (to conceive of something or someone)  :: θεωρώ
think {v} (to ponder, to go over in one's head)  :: σκέφτομαι
think about {v} (ponder)  :: αναλογίζομαι
think nothing of it {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
think of {v} (think) SEE: think  ::
think tank {n} (group producing research and recommendations)  :: δεξαμενή σκέψης {f}
thiosulphate {n} (thiosulfate) SEE: thiosulfate  ::
Thira {prop} (Santorini)  :: Θήρα {f}
third {adj} (the ordinal form of the cardinal number three)  :: τρίτος
third {n} (one of three equal parts of a whole)  :: τρίτο {n}
third {n} (third gear) SEE: third gear  ::
third person {n} (law: third party) SEE: third party  ::
third person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement)  :: τρίτο πρόσωπο {n}
Third Reich {prop} (Germany under the Nazi regime)  :: Τρίτο Ράιχ {n}
Third World War {prop} (World War III) SEE: World War III  ::
thirst {n} (dryness)  :: δίψα {f}
thirst {n} (figuratively)  :: δίψα {f}
thirst {v} (to be thirsty)  :: διψάω
thirst {v} (to desire)  :: διψάω
thirsty {adj} (needing to drink)  :: διψασμένος
thirteen {num} (the cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen)  :: δεκατρείς {m} {f}, δεκατρία {n}
thirteenth {adj} (13th)  :: δέκατος τρίτος
thirtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number thirty)  :: τριακοστός (abbreviation 30ός)
thirty {num} (cardinal number)  :: τριάντα
thirty-eight {num} (38)  :: τριάντα οκτώ
thirty-five {num} (35)  :: τριάντα πέντε
thirty-four {num} (34)  :: τριάντα τέσσαρες
thirty-nine {num} (39)  :: τριάντα εννέα
thirty-one {num} (31)  :: τριάντα έν
thirty-second note {n} (demisemiquaver) SEE: demisemiquaver  ::
thirty-seven {num} (37)  :: τριάντα επτά
thirty-six {num} (36)  :: τριάντα έξ
thirtysomething {n} (tricenarian) SEE: tricenarian  ::
thirty-three {num} (33)  :: τριάντα τρείς
thirty-two {num} (32)  :: τριάντα δύο
this {determiner} (known (thing) about to be mentioned)  :: αυτός {m}, ο εξής {m}
this {determiner} (known (thing) just mentioned)  :: αυτός {m}
this {determiner} (known (thing) that the speaker does not think is known to the audience)  :: ένας {m}
this {determiner} (the (thing) here)  :: αυτός {m}, τούτος {m} [colloquial], ετούτος {m} [colloquial]
this {pron} (The thing, item, etc. being indicated)  :: (Katharevousa): ούτος {m}, αύτη {f}, τούτο {n}; Demotic Greek: αυτός {m}, αυτή {f}, αυτό {n}
this is the life {phrase} (an expression of bliss)  :: αυτή είναι ζωή
thistle {n} (plant)  :: γαϊδουράγκαθο {n}
this way {n} (as follows) SEE: as follows  ::
this year {adv} (during the current year)  :: φέτος
thither {adv} (to that place)  :: προς τα εκεί, εκείσε
Thomas {prop} (biblical Apostle)  :: Θωμάς
Thomas {prop} (given name)  :: Θωμάς
Thomism {n} (the philosophy and theology of Thomas Aquinas)  :: θωμισμός {m}
thong {n} (footwear)  :: σαγιονάρα {f}
thong {n} (G-string) SEE: G-string  ::
Thor {prop} (thunder god)  :: Θώρ {m}
thoracic {adj} (of the thorax)  :: θωρακικός
thoracic cage {n} (rib cage) SEE: rib cage  ::
thoracic wall {n} (chest wall) SEE: chest wall  ::
thorax {n} (middle of three distinct divisions in an insect, crustacean or arachnid body)  :: θώρακας {n}
thorax {n} (region of the mammalian body)  :: θώρακας {m}
thorium {n} (chemical element)  :: θόριο {n}
thorn {n} (sharp protective spine of a plant)  :: αγκάθι {n}
thorny {adj} (having thorns)  :: αγκαθερός
thoroughfare {n} (a passage; a way through)  :: δίοδος {f}
thoroughfare {n} (a road open at both ends, especially one with much traffic)  :: λεωφόρος {f}
thoroughfare {n} (waterway)  :: πορθμός {m}
Thoth {prop} (Egyptian god)  :: Θωθ
thou {v} (to address someone using the informal second-person singular pronoun)  :: μιλάω στὸ ἑνικό
though {adv} (however)  :: εν τούτοις, παρά ταύτα, ωστόσο
though {conj} (although)  :: έστω και αν, αν και, μολονότι, καίτοι
thought {n} (form created in the mind)  :: σκέψη {f}
thought {n} (the state or condition of thinking)  :: σκέψη {f}
thought-form {n} (manifestation of thoughts)  :: σκεπτομορφή {f}
thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000)  :: χίλια {n}
thousandth {adj} (ordinal form of 1000)  :: χιλιοστός
thousandth {n} (one of a thousand equal parts of a whole)  :: χιλιοστό {n}
thousandth {n} (the person or thing in the thousandth position)  :: χιλιοστός
Thrace {prop} (historical and geographic area in southeast Europe)  :: Θράκη {f}
thrash {v} (to thresh) SEE: thresh  ::
thread {n} (a screw thread) SEE: screw thread  ::
thread {n} (a theme or idea)  :: θέμα {n}
thread {n} ((Internet): a series of messages)  :: νήμα {n}
thread {n} (long, thin and flexible form of material)  :: νήμα {n}, κλωστή {f}
threadbare {adj} (cloth)  :: ξεφτισμένος {m}, φθαρμένος {m}
threadbare {adj} (speech)  :: τετριμμένος {m}
Threadneedle Street {prop} (Bank of England) SEE: Bank of England  ::
threads {n} (clothes) SEE: clothes  ::
threads {n} (thread) SEE: thread  ::
threadworm {n} (pinworm) SEE: pinworm  ::
threat {n} (expression of intent to injure or punish another)  :: απειλή {f}
threat {n} (indication of imminent danger)  :: απειλή {f}
threat {n} (person regarded as a danger)  :: απειλή {f}
threaten {v} (to make a threat against someone; to use threats)  :: απειλώ
threatening {adj} (presenting a threat)  :: απειλητικός
three {num} (cardinal number 3)  :: τρία, γ΄ [numeral]
three-dimensional {adj} (existing in three dimensions)  :: τρισδιάστατος {m}
three-dimensional {adj} (having depth (or the illusion of depth) as well as height and width)  :: τρισδιάστατος {m}
threefold {adj} (triple)  :: τριπλός
three hundred {num} (cardinal number 300)  :: τριακόσια
threonine {n} (an essential amino acid)  :: θρεονίνη {f}
threshing floor {n} (floor of a threshing house)  :: αλώνι {n}
threshold {n} (bottom-most part of a doorway)  :: κατώφλι {n}
threshold {n} (entrance)  :: κατώφλι {n}
threshold {n} (outset of an action or project)  :: αφετηρία {f}
threshold {n} (point at which an action is triggered)  :: κατώφλι {n}
threshold {n} (point where one mentally or physically is vulnerable in response to provocation or to particular things in general)  :: ουδός {m}
thrice {adv} (three times, see also: three; time)  :: τρις
thrift {n} (characteristic of using a minimum of something)  :: λιτότητα {f}
thriller {n} (a suspenseful, sensational genre of fiction)  :: θρίλερ {n}
thrip {n} (insect in the order Thysanoptera) SEE: thrips  ::
throat {n} (front part of the neck)  :: λαιμός {m}
throat {n} (gullet or windpipe)  :: τραχεία {f}, λαιμός {m}
throat {n} (station throat) SEE: station throat  ::
throat back {n} (electrolarynx) SEE: electrolarynx  ::
thrombocyte {n} (platelet) SEE: platelet  ::
thrombosis {n} (formation of thrombi, causing obstruction of circulation)  :: θρόμβωση {f}
thrombus {n} (blood clot formed in blood vessels that leads to thrombosis)  :: θρόμβος {m}
throne {n} (ornate seat)  :: θρόνος {m}
throne {v} (enthrone) SEE: enthrone  ::
throne room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
through {prep}  :: από
throughout {prep} (in every part of; all through)  :: καθ' όλη τη διάρκεια
throughput {n} (rate of data transmission)  :: διαμεταγωγή
throw {n} (flight of a thrown object)  :: ρίψη {f}
throw {v} (to cause an object to move rapidly through the air)  :: ρίχνω
throwback {n} (atavism) SEE: atavism  ::
throw up {v} (to vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
throw up one's hands {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up) SEE: throw in the towel  ::
thru {prep} (through) SEE: through  ::
thrush {n} (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)  :: κίχλη {f}, [colloquial] τσίχλα {f}
thrush nightingale {n} (Luscinia luscinia)  :: τσιχλαηδόνι {n}
Thucydides {prop} (historian)  :: Θουκυδίδης {m}
thug {n} (someone who treats others violently or roughly)  :: κακοποιός {c}
Thule {prop} (the northernmost location of the ancient world)  :: Θούλη {f}
thulium {n} (chemical element)  :: θούλιο {n}
thumb {n} (digit)  :: αντίχειρας {m}
thumb {n} (part of a slider)  :: εγκοπή ευρετηρίασης {f}
thumb-a-war {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
Thumbelina {prop} (a thumb-sized girl, the main character of a fairy tale)  :: Τοσοδούλα {f}
thumb wrestle {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
thunder {n} (sound caused by lightning)  :: βροντή {f}
thunder {n} (sound resembling thunder)  :: κεραυνός {m}
thunderbolt {n} (an event that is terrible, horrific or unexpected)  :: κεραυνός {m}
thunderbolt {n} (flash of lightning accompanied by thunder)  :: κεραυνός {m}, αστραπή {f}
thunderstorm {n} (storm with thunder and lightning)  :: καταιγίδα {f}
thunderstruck {adj} (astonished, amazed or so suddenly surprised as to be unable to speak)  :: κεραυνόπληκτος {m}
thurible {n} (censer) SEE: censer  ::
Thursday {n} (day of the week)  :: Πέμπτη {f}
thus {adv} (as a result)  :: έτσι
thus {adv} (in this way or manner)  :: έτσι
thwart {v} (to prevent; to halt; to cause failure)  :: ματαιώνω
thyme {n} (plant of the genus Thymus)  :: θυμάρι {n}
thyrocalcitonin {n} (the hormone thyrocalcitonin)  :: θυρεοκαλσιτονίνη
thyroid {n} (thyroid cartilage) SEE: thyroid cartilage  ::
thyroid {n} (thyroid gland) SEE: thyroid gland  ::
ti {n} (seventh note of a major scale) SEE: si  ::
tiara {n} (papal crown)  :: τιάρα
Tiber {prop} (river)  :: Τίβερης {m}
Tiberias {prop} (town)  :: Τιβεριάδα {f}
Tibet {prop} (region in Central Asia)  :: Θιβέτ {n}
Tibet {prop} (shorthand for the Tibet Autonomous Region)  :: Θιβέτ {n}
Tibetan Plateau {prop} (plateau north of the Great Himalaya ranges)  :: Υψίπεδο του Θιβέτ {n}
Tibet Plateau {prop} (Tibetan Plateau) SEE: Tibetan Plateau  ::
tibia {n} (bone of the leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tibia {n} (segment of insect's leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tibicen {n} (flute-player) SEE: flautist  ::
tick {n} (arachnid)  :: τσιμπούρι {n}
tick {n} (unit of time defined by timer frequency) SEE: jiffy  ::
ticket {n} (admission to entertainment)  :: εισιτήριο {n}
ticket {n} (pass for transportation)  :: εισιτήριο {n}
ticket {n} (traffic citation)  :: κλήση τροχαίας {f}
ticket collector {n} (ticket validity checker) SEE: ticket inspector  ::
ticket inspector {n} (person who checks passengers have a valid ticket)  :: εισπράκτορας {m}
ticket office {n} (an office where tickets may be purchased)  :: γραφείο έκδοσης εισιτηρίων {n}
tickle {v} (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation)  :: γαργαλώ, γαργαλάω
tidal {adj} (relating to tides)  :: παλιρροιακός
tide {n} (current, stream, flood)  :: ρεύμα {n}
tide {n} (high tide) SEE: high tide  ::
tide {n} (low tide) SEE: low tide  ::
tide {n} (periodic change of sea level)  :: παλίρροια {f}
tide {n} (tendency or direction of causes, influences or events; course; current)  :: ροπή {f}
tide {v} (cause to float with the tide)  :: πάω με το ρεύμα
tie {n} (necktie) SEE: necktie  ::
tie {n} (sleeper) SEE: sleeper  ::
Tierra del Fuego {prop} (province)  :: Γη του Πυρός {f}
tie tack {n} (pin to hold necktie) SEE: tie clip  ::
tiger {n} (The mammal Panthera tigris)  :: τίγρη {m} {f}
tiger mother {n} (ambitious mother) SEE: tiger mom  ::
tiger mother {n} (protective woman) SEE: mama bear  ::
tiger mum {n} (tiger mom) SEE: tiger mom  ::
tiger's claw {n} (Indian coral tree) SEE: Indian coral tree  ::
tight {adj} (narrow) SEE: narrow  ::
tighten {v} (to make tighter)  :: σφίγγω
tightrope {n} (tightly stretched rope)  :: σχοινοβασία {f}
tightrope walker {n} (acrobat who practices tightrope walking)  :: ακροβάτης {m}, σχοινοβάτης {m}
Tigris {prop} (river in Southwest Asia)  :: Τίγρις
tilde {n} (character)  :: περισπωμένη {f}
tilde {n} (diacritical mark)  :: περισπωμένη {f}
tile {n} (mostly rectangular shaped sheet of ceramic or fired clay to cover surfaces)  :: πλακίδιο {n}, πλακάκι {n}, [roof tile] κεραμίδι {n}
tile {v} (to cover with tiles)  :: πλακοστρώνω, στρώνω με πλακάκια
tiler {n} (a person who sets tile)  :: [colloquial] πλακάς {m}
till {conj} (until)  :: μέχρι, έως, ίσαμε, ώσπου, ωσότου
till death do us part {adv} (phrase said as part of wedding vows indicating commitment)  :: μέχρι να μας χωρίσει ο θάνατος
tiller {v} (put forth new shoots)  :: αδελφώνω
tillering {n} (botanical property)  :: αδέλφωμα {n}
timber {n} (beam used to support something such as a roof or a ship)  :: δοκάρι {n}
timber {n} (trees considered as a source of wood)  :: ξυλεία {f}
timber {n} (wood that has been cut ready for construction)  :: ξυλεία {f}
timberline {n} (tree line) SEE: tree line  ::
timbre {n} (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)  :: ηχόχρωμα {n}
time {n} (inevitable passing of events)  :: χρόνος {m}, καιρός {m}
time {n} (instance or occurrence)  :: φορά {f}
time {n} (measurement of a quantity of time)  :: χρόνος {m}
time {n} (quantity of availability in time)  :: χρόνος {m}, ώρα {f}
time {n} (slang: serving of a prison sentence)  :: ποινή {f}
time {n} (time of day, as indicated by a clock, etc)  :: ώρα {f}
time {v} (to measure time)  :: χρονομετρώ
time bomb {n} (bomb with a timeout mechanism)  :: ωρολογιακή βόμβα {f}
time-consuming {adj} (requiring significant amounts of time)  :: χρονοβόρος
time is money {proverb} (time is money)  :: ο χρόνος είναι χρήμα
timeless {adj} (ageless) SEE: ageless  ::
timeless {adj} (eternal) SEE: eternal  ::
timeless {adj} (not decreasing over time in quality and appeal)  :: διαχρονικός
timeless {adj} (untimely) SEE: untimely  ::
timeline {n} (graphical representation of a chronological sequence of events)  :: χρονολόγιο {n}, χρονοδιάγραμμα {n}
timeline {n} (schedule of activities)  :: χρονοδιάγραμμα {n}, πρόγραμμα {n}
time of day {n} (time according to the clock) SEE: time  ::
times {prep} (multiplied by)  :: επί
Times Square {prop} (wide intersection in New York City)  :: Τάιμς Σκουέαρ
timestamp {n} (date and time of an event)  :: χρονόσημο {n}, χρονοσήμανση {f}
timetable {n} (a structured schedule of events)  :: χρονοδιάγραμμα {n}, δρομολόγιο {n}, ωράριο {n}
timezone {n} (time zone) SEE: time zone  ::
timid {adj} (lacking in courage or confidence)  :: αθάρρευτος
timidly {adv} (in a timid manner)  :: άτολμα
Timor-Leste {prop} (East Timor) SEE: East Timor  ::
timpanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
timpanum {n} (hearing organ) SEE: tympanum  ::
timpanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear  ::
timpanum {n} (musical instrument) SEE: kettledrum  ::
timpanum {n} (ornamental panel) SEE: tympanum  ::
timps {n} (timpani) SEE: timpani  ::
tin {n} (airtight container)  :: κονσέρβα {f}
tin {n} (element)  :: κασσίτερος {m}
tin {n} (metal pan)  :: ταψί {n}
tin {v} (to place into a tin in order to preserve)  :: κονσερβοποιώ
tin can {n} (container)  :: κονσερβοκούτι {n}
tincture {n} (added colour)  :: χροιά {f}
tincture {n} (alcoholic extract used as medicine)  :: βάμμα {n}
tincture {n} (substance that dyes)  :: βαφή {f}
tincture {v} (to stain or impregnate with colour)  :: βάφω
tinea {n} (ringworm) SEE: ringworm  ::
tinfoil {n} (tinfoil)  :: αλουμινόχαρτο {n}
tinkerer {n} (meddler) SEE: meddler  ::
tinless {adj} (without that metal)  :: ακασσιτέρωτος
tinned {adj} (preserved in tins) SEE: canned  ::
tinned {adj} (previously prepared) SEE: canned  ::
tinnitus {n} (perception of nonexistent noise)  :: εμβοές {f-p}
tin opener {n} (tin opener) SEE: can opener  ::
tin-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener  ::
Tinos {prop} (an island in Greece)  :: Τήνος {n}
Tinos {prop} (a town in Greece)  :: Τήνος {n}
tiny {adj} (very small)  :: μικροσκοπικός
tip {n} (extreme end of something)  :: αιχμή {f}, κορυφή {f}
tip {n} (small amount of money left for a servant as a token of appreciation)  :: φιλοδώρημα {n}
tip {v} (give a small amount of money to someone for a service provided)  :: δίνω φιλοδώρημα
tipi {n} (teepee) SEE: teepee  ::
tiptoe {v} (to walk quietly)  :: περπατώ ακροποδητί
tip-top {adj} (excellent) SEE: excellent  ::
tipula {n} (crane fly) SEE: crane fly  ::
tirade {n} (long, angry or violent speech)  :: υβρεολόγιο {n}
tiramisu {n} (semifreddo dessert)  :: τιραμισού {n}
Tirana {prop} (capital city of Albania)  :: Τίρανα
tire {n} (rubber covering on a wheel) SEE: tyre  ::
tire {v} (to become sleepy)  :: κουράζομαι
tire {v} (to make sleepy)  :: κουράζω
tired {adj} (fed up) SEE: fed up  ::
tired {adj} (in need of rest or sleep)  :: κουρασμένος
tired {adj} (overused) SEE: overused  ::
tiredness {n} (state of being tired)  :: κούραση
tireless {adj} (indefatigable)  :: ακούραστος
tissue {n} (aggregation of cells)  :: ιστός {m}
tissue {n} (sheet of absorbent paper)  :: χαρτί {n}
tissue {n} (woven fabric)  :: ύφασμα {n}, πλέγμα {n}, ορμαθός {m}
tit {n} (a mammary gland, teat)  :: θήλη {f}
tit {n} (chickadee) SEE: chickadee  ::
tit {n} ((slang, vulgar) a woman's breast)  :: βυζί {n}
Titan {n} (mythological giant)  :: Τιτάνας {m}
Titan {prop} (moon of Saturn)  :: Τιτάνας {m}
Titaness {n} (female Titan)  :: τιτανίς {f} τιτανίδα {f}
Titanic {adj} (of the Titans)  :: τιτανικός
Titanic {prop} (ship)  :: Τιτανικός {m}
titanium {n} (chemical element)  :: τιτάνιο {n}
tithe {n} (tenth) SEE: tenth  ::
titian {adj} (of a bright auburn colour)  :: κοκκινοχρυσός
titian {n} (bright auburn colour)  :: κοκκινοχρυσό {n}
Titian {prop} (sixteenth century Italian painter)  :: Τιτσιάνο {m}
title {n} (certificate of ownership)  :: τίτλος κυριότητας {m}
title {n} (name of a book, etc)  :: τίτλος {m}
title {n} (prefix or suffix added to a name)  :: τίτλος {m}
title {n} (right to ownership)  :: κυριότητα {f}
titling {n} (Anthus pratensis) SEE: meadow pipit  ::
titling {n} (Prunella modularis) SEE: dunnock  ::
titling {n} (stockfish) SEE: stockfish  ::
titty {n} (kitty) SEE: kitty  ::
Tōkyō {prop} (Tokyo) SEE: Tokyo  ::
tmesis {n} (insertion of one or more words between the components of a word)  :: τμήσις {f}
to {particle} (infinitive-marker)  :: (extension) -σει, να
to {prep} (in the direction of, and arriving at)  :: προς, σε
to {prep} (used after certain adjectives to indicate a relationship)  :: με
to {prep} (used to indicate ratios)  :: προς
to {prep} (used to indicate the indirect object)  :: [rendered by the bare dative case]
toad {n} (amphibian similar to a frog)  :: φρύνος {m}
to and fro {adv} (back and forth)  :: πηγαιν'ελα
toast {n} (toasted bread)  :: φρυγανιά {f}
toaster {n} (device for toasting bread)  :: φρυγανιέρα {f}
tobacco {n} (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)  :: καπνός {m}, νικοτιανή {f}
tobacco {n} (leaves of certain varieties of tobacco plant)  :: καπνός {m}
tobacconist {n} (smoker) SEE: smoker  ::
tobacconist {n} (tobacconist's shop) SEE: tobacconist's  ::
tobacconist's {n} (shop that sells tobacco products)  :: καπνοπωλείο {n}
tobacco pipe {n} (smoking tool)  :: πίπα {f}, τσιμπούκι {n}
to be continued {phrase} (continues in next episode)  :: συνεχίζεται
to boot {adv} (in addition) SEE: in addition  ::
today {adv} (nowadays)  :: σήμερα
today {adv} (on the current day)  :: σήμερα
today {n} (today (noun))  :: σήμερα
today's {adj}  :: σημερινός
toddler {n} (young human child)  :: νήπιο {n}
toffee apple {n} (candy apple) SEE: candy apple  ::
tofu {n} (protein-rich food made from curdled soy milk)  :: τόφου {n}
toga {n} (loose outer garment worn by the citizens of Rome)  :: τόγα {f}
Togarmah {prop} (grandson of Japheth)  :: Θοργαμά {m}
together {adv} (at the same time, in the same place)  :: μαζί
together {adv} (into one place)  :: μαζί
toggle {n} (toggle switch) SEE: toggle switch  ::
Togliatti {prop} (Tolyatti) SEE: Tolyatti  ::
Togo {prop} (Togolese Republic)  :: Τόγκο {n}
toil {n} (labor, work)  :: κόπος {m}, μόχθος {m}
toilet {n} (fixture used for urination and defecation, see also: flush toilet; squat toilet; chemical toilet; urinal; latrine)  :: λεκάνη {f}
toilet {n} (personal grooming)  :: τουαλέτα {f}
toilet {n} (room used for urination and defecation, see also: bathroom; men's room; ladies' room; outhouse; portable toilet; latrine; shitter)  :: τουαλέτα {f}, αποχωρητήριο {n}, αφοδευτήριο {n}
toilet brush {n} (brush to clean toilet bowl)  :: πιγκάλ {n}
toilet paper {n} (paper to clean oneself after defecation or urination)  :: χαρτί υγείας {n}
toilet water {n} (perfumed mixture of water and alcohol) SEE: eau de toilette  ::
Toisanese {adj} (Hoisanese) SEE: Hoisanese  ::
Tokelau {prop} (a territory of New Zealand in the Pacific)  :: Τοκελάου
Tok Pisin {prop} (language)  :: τοκ πίσιν
Tokyo {prop} (capital of Japan)  :: Τόκιο {n}, Τόκυο {n}
tolerance {n} (ability to endure pain or hardship)  :: ανοχή {f},
tolerance {n} (ability to tolerate)  :: ανοχή {f}, ανεκτικότητα {f}
tolerance {n} (permitted deviation from standard)  :: ανοχή {f}
tolerant {adj} (tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something)  :: ανεκτικός
toleratable {adj} (tolerable) SEE: tolerable  ::
to let {adj} (being advertised for rent (of a room or property)) SEE: for rent  ::
toll {n} (fee for using roads and bridges)  :: διόδια {n-p}
toll {n} (tollbooth) SEE: tollbooth  ::
toll {v} (entice) SEE: entice  ::
toll booth {n} (a booth on a toll road or toll bridge where the toll is collected)  :: διόδια {n-p}
toll road {n} (toll road) SEE: turnpike  ::
tollway {n} (turnpike) SEE: turnpike  ::
tolstovka {n} (kosovorotka) SEE: kosovorotka  ::
tom {n} (male cat)  :: γάτος {m}
tom {n} (male turkey) SEE: turkey-cock  ::
tomato {n} (fruit)  :: ντομάτα {f}
tomato {n} (tomato plant)  :: ντοματιά {f}
tomato paste {n} (concentrate of tomato purée)  :: ντοματοπελτές {m}
tomato sauce {n} (ketchup) SEE: ketchup  ::
tomayto, tomahto {phrase} (to suggest a distinction without a difference)  :: όχι Γιάννης, Γιαννάκης
tomb {n} (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)  :: τάφος {m}, ταφικό μνημείο {n}
tomboy {n} (girl who acts as a typical boy would)  :: αγοροκόριτσο {n}
tombstone {n} (stone on grave)  :: ταφόπλακα {f}, ταφόπετρα {f}
tom cat {n} (male cat)  :: κεραμιδόγατος {m}, αλητόγατος {m}
tomcat {n} (tom) SEE: tom  ::
Tom, Dick and Harry {n} (anybody or everybody; random or unknown people)  :: κάθε καρυδιάς καρύδι [negative connotation]
tome {n} (large or scholarly book)  :: τόμος {m}
tome {n} (one in a series of volumes)  :: τόμος {m}
Tommy gun {n} (Thompson submachine gun) SEE: Thompson submachine gun  ::
tomnoddy {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
tomorrow {adv} (on the day after the present day)  :: αύριο
tomorrow {n} (the day after the present day)  :: αύριο
tomorrow night {adv} (during the night of the day after)  :: χθες νύχτα
Tomsk {prop} (а city in Russia)  :: Τομσκ {m}
Tom Thumb {prop} (the thumb-sized hero of a fairy tale)  :: Κοντορεβιθούλης {m}
ton {n} (unit of weight)  :: τόνος {m}
tone poem {n} (piece of symphonic music which has a narrative) SEE: symphonic poem  ::
Tonga {prop} (country)  :: Τόνγκα, Τόγκα
tongs {n} (an instrument)  :: λαβίδες
tongue {n} (flap in a shoe)  :: γλώσσα {f}
tongue {n} (language) SEE: language  ::
tongue {n} (organ)  :: γλώσσα {f}
tongue depressor {n} (device used to depress the tongue)  :: γλωσσοπίεστρο {n}
tongue-tie {n} (oral anomaly) SEE: ankyloglossia  ::
tongue-twister {n} (phrase which is difficult to say)  :: γλωσσοδέτης {m}
Tonian {prop} (Tonian period)  :: Τόνια {f}
tonic {n} (soda pop) SEE: soda pop  ::
tonic {n} (tonic water) SEE: tonic water  ::
tonight {adv} (during today's evening)  :: απόψε
tonight {adv} (during today's nighttime)  :: απόψε
tonight {n} (nighttime today)  :: απόψε
tonkatsu {n} (Japanese dish made from pork cutlet)  :: τονκάτσου {n}
tonne {n} (1000 kilograms)  :: τόνος {m}
tonos {n} (Modern Greek stress-marking diacritic)  :: τόνος {m}
tonsil {n} (palatine tonsil)  :: αμυγδαλή {f}
tonsillectomy {n} (surgical removal of tonsils)  :: αμυγδαλεκτομή {f}
tonsillotomy {n} (surgical procedure)  :: αμυγδαλοτομία {f}
too {adv} (likewise)  :: επίσης
too {adv} (more than enough; as too much)  :: υπερβολικά
toodeloo {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
tool {n} (a software for developers)  :: εργαλείο
tool {n} (equipment used in a profession)  :: εργαλείο {n}
tool {n} (mechanical device intended to make a task easier)  :: εργαλείο {n}, όργανο {n}
tool {n} (penis)  :: εργαλείο {n}
tool {n} (person or group used or controlled by another)  :: υποχείριο {n}, ενεργούμενο {n}
toolbar {n} (row of icons in a graphical user interface)  :: γραμμή εργαλείων
toolbox {n} (set of routines)  :: εργαλειοθήκη {f}
toolbox {n} (storage case for tools)  :: εργαλειοθήκη {f}
toolkit {n} (assembly of tools)  :: εργαλειοθήκη {f}
toolkit {n} (set of basic components for developing software)  :: εργαλειοθήκη {f}
too many cooks spoil the broth {proverb} (with too many people a task won't be done very well)  :: όπου λαλούν πολλοί κοκόροι αργεί να ξημερώσει
toon {n} (town) SEE: town  ::
to one's way of thinking {prep} (in one's opinion) SEE: in one's opinion  ::
tooth {n} (biological tooth)  :: δόντι {n}
tooth {n} (gear tooth)  :: δόντι {n}
tooth {n} (saw tooth)  :: δόντι {n}
toothache {n} (ache in a tooth)  :: πονόδοντος {m}, οδονταλγία {f}
toothbrush {n} (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue)  :: οδοντόβουρτσα {f}
toothed jelly mushroom {n} (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum) SEE: toothed jelly fungus  ::
toothless {adj} (Being weak)  :: ξεδοντιάρης {m}
toothless {adj} (Having no teeth)  :: άδοντος {m}, [informal] φαφούτης {m}, ξεδοντιάρης {m}
toothpaste {n} (paste for cleaning the teeth)  :: οδοντόκρεμα {f}, οδοντόπαστα {f}
toothpick {n} (stick for removing food residue from the area between the teeth)  :: οδοντογλυφίδα {f}
tooth socket {n} (socket in the jaw)  :: φατνίο {n}
toothy {adj} (having prominent teeth)  :: δοντάς {m}, δόντιας {m}
top {n} (child’s spinning toy)  :: σβούρα {f}
top {n} (garment worn to cover the torso)  :: πάνω {f}
top {n} (lid, cap, cover)  :: καπάκι {n}
top {n} (uppermost part)  :: κορυφή {f}
topaz {n} (gem)  :: τοπάζιο {n}
toper {n} (drunkard) SEE: drunkard  ::
top hat {n} (a cylindrical hat)  :: ημίψηλο {n}
topiary {adj} (relating to the art of topiaries)  :: φυτογλυπτικός, φυτογλυπτική, φυτογλυπτικό, κηπογλυπτικός, κηπογλυπτική, κηπογλυπτικό
topiary {n} (decorative trimmed shrub)  :: φυτόγλυπτο
topiary {n} (plant sculpture technique/art)  :: φυτογλυπτική, κηπογλυπτική
topic {n} (discussion thread) SEE: thread  ::
topic {n} (subject; theme)  :: θέμα {n}
topless {adj} (naked from the waist up)  :: γυμνόστηθος
top notch {adj} (of the highest quality) SEE: top-notch  ::
topnotch {adj} (of the highest level) SEE: top-notch  ::
topological space {n} (a set that has a topology)  :: τοπολογικός χώρος {m}
topological space {n} (a set with its topology)  :: τοπολογικός χώρος {m}
topology {n} (anatomical structure)  :: τοπολογία {f}
topology {n} (arrangements of computer nodes)  :: τοπολογία {f}
topology {n} (study of geometric properties that are not changed by stretching etc.)  :: τοπολογία {f}
toponym {n} (placename) SEE: placename  ::
topple {v} (to push, throw over, overturn or overthrow something)  :: ανατρέπω, αναποδογυρίζω
topple {v} (to totter and fall, or to lean as if about to do so)  :: καταπίπτω, κλονίζομαι
top secret {adj} (information classified at the highest level)  :: άκρως απόρρητο
toque {n} (chef) SEE: chef  ::
tor {n} (hill) SEE: hill  ::
Torah {prop} (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law)  :: Τορά {f}, Πεντάτευχος {f}
torch {n} (flashlight) SEE: flashlight  ::
torch {n} (stick with flame at one end)  :: δαυλός {m}, πυρσός {m}
torch {v} (set fire to)  :: πυρπολώ
torero {n} (bullfighter) SEE: toreador  ::
torment {n} (extreme pain)  :: μαρτύριο
tormentor {n} (someone who torments)  :: βασανιστής {m}
tornado {n} (column of air)  :: ανεμοστρόβιλος {m}, σίφουνας {m}
Toronto {prop} (provincial capital on Ontario, Canada)  :: Τορόντο {n}
torpedo {v} (to send a torpedo)  :: τορπιλίζω
torque {n} (a rotational or twisting force)  :: στροφορμή {f}, στρεπτική ροπή {f}
torque wrench {n} (lockpicking tool) SEE: torsion wrench  ::
torrential {adj} (coming or characterized by torrents; flowing heavily or in large quantities)  :: καταρρακτώδης
torso {n} (body excluding the head and limbs)  :: κορμός {m}
tortilla {n} (Spanish omelette) SEE: Spanish omelette  ::
tortoise {n} (land-dwelling reptile)  :: [tortoise or turtle] χελώνα {f}
torture {n} (intentional causing of somebody's experiencing agony)  :: βασανιστήρια {n-p}
torture {v} (to intentionally inflict unnecessary pain or suffering on helpless victims)  :: βασανίζω
torturer {n} (one who tortures)  :: βασανιστής {m}
to say the least {interj} (interjection)  :: και λίγα λες
tosser {n} (wanker) SEE: wanker  ::
total {adj} (complete)  :: παντελής {m} {f}, πλήρης {m}
total {adj} (entire)  :: ολικός {m}, συνολικός {m}
total {n} (amount)  :: σύνολο {n}
total {n} (sum)  :: άθροισμα {n}
total {v} ((intransitive) to amount to)  :: ανέρχομαι
total {v} (to add up)  :: αθροίζω
total {v} (to demolish)  :: καταστρέφω, κατεδαφίζω
totalitarian {adj} (related to the system of government)  :: ολοκληρωτικός {m}
totalitarianism {n} (system where state wields absolute control)  :: ολοκληρωτισμός {m}
to that end {prep} (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
to the max {prep} (very) SEE: very  ::
totipotence {n} (totipotency) SEE: totipotency  ::
totter {n} (unsteady movement)  :: παραπάτημα {n}, τρέκλισμα {n}
totter {v} (move or stand unsteadily)  :: παραπαίω, παραπατώ, τρεκλίζω
toubeleki {n} (lute)  :: τουμπελέκι {n}
toucan {n} (Ramphastid)  :: τουκάν {n}
toucan crossing {n} (pelican crossing) SEE: pelican crossing  ::
touch {n} (act of touching)  :: επαφή {f}
touch {n} (sense of perception by physical contact)  :: αφή {f}
touch {v} (affect emotionally)  :: συγκινώ
touch {v} (make physical contact with)  :: αγγίζω
touched {adj} (mentally deficient) SEE: touched in the head  ::
touch screen {n} (input/output device)  :: οθόνη αφής {f}, απτική οθόνη {f}
touch wood {interj} (hopefully; said when touching something wooden) SEE: knock on wood  ::
touch wood {v} (to make contact with wood or another material to avert bad luck) SEE: knock on wood  ::
tough {adj} (difficult to chew)  :: σκληρός {m}
tough {adj} (resilient) SEE: resilient  ::
tough {adj} (rowdy or rough)  :: σκληρός {m}
tough {adj} (rugged or physically hardy)  :: σκληρός {m}, τραχύς {m}
tough {adj} (stubborn) SEE: stubborn  ::
tough {n} (one who obtains things by force)  :: σκληρός {m}
tough {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
tough {v} (toughen) SEE: toughen  ::
tough out {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
Toulouse {prop} (a city in France)  :: Τουλούζη, Τουλούζ
toupe {n} (hairpiece) SEE: toupee  ::
tour {n} (guided visit)  :: περιήγηση {f}, ξενάγηση {f}
tour {n} (journey through given list of places)  :: περιοδεία {f}
tour {n} (journey)  :: περιοδεία {f}
tour {v} (to make a journey)  :: περιοδεύω, περιηγούμαι
tour de force {n} (Feat demonstrating brilliance or mastery in a field)  :: κατόρθωμα {n}
tour de force {n} (Outstanding display of skill)  :: κατόρθωμα {n}
Tour de France {prop} (annual long-distance cycling race through France)  :: Γύρος της Γαλλίας {m}, Γύρος Γαλλίας {m}
tourism {n} (the act of travelling or sightseeing)  :: τουρισμός {m}
tourist {n} (someone who travels for pleasure)  :: τουρίστας {m}
tournament {n} (series of games)  :: πρωτάθλημα {n}
tour operator {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency  ::
tovarish {n} (comrade) SEE: comrade  ::
tow {n} (act of towing)  :: ρυμούλκηση {f}
tow {n} (something that tows)  :: ρυμουλκό {n}
tow {v} (pull something using a line)  :: ρυμουλκώ
toward {prep} (for the purpose of)  :: για
toward {prep} (in relation to)  :: προς
toward {prep} (in the direction of)  :: προς
toward {prep} (located near)  :: προς
towards {prep} (toward) SEE: toward  ::
tow bar {n} (a bar, or ball, usually at the rear of a vehicle, where a trailer, or caravan or other similar item can be attached and towed)  :: κοτσαδόρος {m}
towel {n} (cloth used for wiping)  :: πετσέτα
towelling {n} (terry cloth) SEE: terry cloth  ::
tower {n} (structure)  :: πύργος {m}
Tower of Babel {prop} (tower erected at Babel)  :: Πύργος της Βαβέλ {m}
to whom it may concern {phrase} (salutation) SEE: to whom this may concern  ::
to whom this may concern {phrase} (phrase used to begin a formal letter to an unknown recipient)  :: προς κάθε ενδιαφερόμενο
town {n} (settlement)  :: πόλη {f}
town gas {n} (manufactured gas supplied to consumers)  :: αεριόφως {n}
town hall {n} (a building that houses the local government offices of a town)  :: δημαρχείο {n}
townhouse {n} (row house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
townhouse {n} (town hall) SEE: town hall  ::
town square {n} (an open area in a town)  :: πλατεία {f}
toxaemia {n} (toxemia) SEE: toxemia  ::
toxin {n} (a toxic or poisonous substance)  :: τοξίνη {f}
toy {n} (something to play with)  :: παιχνίδι {n}
toy soldier {n} (toy soldier)  :: στρατιωτάκι {n}
toy with {v} (handle carelessly)  :: παίζω με, σκέπτομαι να
Trabzon {prop} (port in Turkey)  :: Τραπεζούντα {f}
trace {n} (mark left as a sign of passage)  :: ίχνος {n}
trace element {n} (chemical element in an organism’s diet)  :: Ιχνοστοιχείο {n}
trachea {n} (thin-walled, cartilaginous tube connecting the larynx to the bronchi)  :: τραχεία {f}
tracheophyte {n} (plant possessing vascular tissue) SEE: vascular plant  ::
track {n} (beaten path)  :: μονοπάτι {n}, ατραπός {f}
track {n} (caterpillar track) SEE: caterpillar track  ::
track {n} (course; way)  :: τροχιά {f}
track {n} (distance between two opposite wheels)  :: μετατρόχιο {n}
track {n} (entire lower surface of the foot)  :: πατημασιά {f}, ίχνος {n}
track {n} (mark left by something that has passed along)  :: τροχιά {f}
track {n} (mark or impression left by the foot)  :: ίχνος {n}
track {n} (path or course laid out for a race or exercise)  :: στίβος {m}
track {n} (permanent way; the rails)  :: ράγα {f}
track {n} (physical track on a record)  :: αυλακιά {f}
track {n} (sound stored on a record)  :: κομμάτι {n}
trackball {n} (computing device)  :: ιχνόσφαιρα {f}
tracker {n} (agent noun of track)  :: ιχνηλάτης {m}, ανιχνευτής {m}
trackpad {n} (touchpad) SEE: touchpad  ::
tractor {n} (any piece of machinery that pulls something)  :: γερανός {m}, ελκυστήρας {m}
tractor {n} (farm vehicle)  :: ελκυστήρας {m}, [colloquial] τρακτέρ {n}
tractor {n} (truck (or lorry) for pulling a trailer)  :: γερανός {m}
tradeoff {n} (advantage that necessitates loss) SEE: trade-off  ::
trader {n} (one who gains a livelihood from trading)  :: έμπορος {m}
trade union {n} (organization)  :: συντεχνία {f}, συνδικάτο {n}
trade unionist {n} (a member of a trade union) SEE: unionist  ::
tradition {n} (a part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation)  :: παράδοση {f}
traditional {adj} (observant of tradition)  :: παραδοσιακός {m}
traditional {adj} (of or pertaining to tradition)  :: παραδοσιακός {m}
Traditional Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using traditional characters)  :: τα παραδοσιακά κινέζικα
traditionalism {n} (philosophical system which makes tradition the supreme criterion)  :: παραδοσιαρχία {f}
traditionally {adv} (traditional manner)  :: παραδοσιακά
traducer {n} (someone or something that translates languages) SEE: translator  ::
traductology {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)  :: μεταφρασιολογία {f}
trafficator {n} (blinking light) SEE: indicator  ::
traffic jam {n} (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)  :: μποτιλιάρισμα {n}
trafficking {n} (human trafficking) SEE: human trafficking  ::
trafficking {n} (the distributing of illegal drugs) SEE: drug trafficking  ::
traffic light {n} (signalling device)  :: φανάρι {n}
traffic sign {n} (traffic sign)  :: πινακίδα {f}
tragedy {n} (disastrous event, especially one involving great loss of life or injury)  :: τραγωδία {f}
tragedy {n} (drama or similar work)  :: τραγωδία {f}
tragicomedy {n} (drama that combines elements of tragedy and comedy)  :: ιλαροτραγωδία {f}
tragus {n} (small piece of thick cartilage of the external ear)  :: τράγος {m}
trail {n} (route for travel over land)  :: μονοπάτι {n}
trail {n} (track followed by a hunter)  :: ίχνος {n}
trailer {n} (preview of a film)  :: τρέιλερ
train {n} (group of animals, vehicles, or people)  :: καραβάνι {n}
train {n} (line of connected cars or carriages)  :: αμαξοστοιχία {n}, τραίνο, τρένο {n}
train {n} (series of events or ideas which are interconnected)  :: ειρμός {m}, ακολουθία {f}, αλληλουχία {f}
train {n} (that which is drawn along)  :: ουρά {f}
train {v} (to improve one's fitness)  :: γυμνάζομαι, προπονούμαι
train {v} (to move (a gun) laterally so that it points in a different direction)  :: στρέφω
train {v} (to practice an ability)  :: προπονούμαι [sport], εξασκούμαι, εξασκώ, ασκούμαι, ασκώ
train {v} (to teach a task)  :: προπονώ [sport], εκπαιδεύω
train crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
trainer {n} (person who trains another; coach)  :: εκπαιδευτής {m}
training collar {n} (choke collar) SEE: choke collar  ::
train of thoughts {n} (train of thought) SEE: train of thought  ::
train station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
traitor {adj} (traitorous)  :: προδοτικός
traitor {n} (a betrayer)  :: προδότης {m}
traitor {n} (one who violates his allegiance and betrays his/her country)  :: προδότης {m}, δοσίλογος {m}
traitor {v} (act the traitor toward)  :: προδίδω
traitorous {adj} (characteristic of a traitor)  :: προδοτικός {m}
traitorous {adj} (law: constituting treason; treasonable or seditious)  :: στασιαστικός {m}, ανατρεπτικός {m}
Trajan {prop} (the Roman emperor)  :: Τραϊανός {m}
trajectory {n} (course of development)  :: τροχιά {f}
trajectory {n} (path of a body)  :: τροχιά {f}
tram {n} (passenger vehicle)  :: τραμ {n}
tramcar {n} (streetcar) SEE: streetcar  ::
tramontana {n} (north wind of the Mediterranean)  :: τραμουντάνα {f}
tramontane {adj} (an easterly wind)  :: τραμουντάνα {f}
tramp {n} (promiscuous woman)  :: παλιογυναίκα {f}
tramp {v} (to hitchhike) SEE: hitchhike  ::
tramper {n} (recreational walker) SEE: hiker  ::
trampoline {n} (gymnastic and recreational device)  :: τραμπολίνο
trance {n} (A genre of electronic dance music)  :: trance
tranche {n} (slice) SEE: slice  ::
tranquilizer {n} (anything that tranquillizes or soothes)  :: ηρεμιστικό {n}, καταπραϋντικό {n}
tranquilizer {n} (drug used to reduce anxiety or tension)  :: ηρεμιστικό {n}, αγχολυτικό {n}
trans- {prefix} (across, through, over, beyond, to or on the other side of, outside of)  :: δια-
transaction {n} (act of conducting or carrying out business, negotiations, plans)  :: συναλλαγή {f}, διενέργεια {f}, διεξαγωγή {f}, δοσοληψία {f}
transaction {n} (deal or business agreement)  :: συναλλαγή {f}
transaction {n} (exchange or trade, as of ideas, money, goods, etc.)  :: δοσοληψία {f}
transaction {n} (finance: economic transaction: a valid currency transfer)  :: δοσοληψία {f}
transaction {n} (finance: transfer of funds into, out of, or from an account)  :: συναλλαγή {f}
transactional {adj} (of, pertaining to or involving transactions)  :: συναλλακτικός {m}
transaxial plane {n} (transverse plane) SEE: transverse plane  ::
Transcaucasia {prop} (region of southwest Asia) SEE: South Caucasus  ::
transcendence {n} (superior excellence; supereminence)  :: υπεροχή {f}
transcendence {n} (the act of surpassing usual limits)  :: υπέρβαση {f}
transcendence {n} (the state of being beyond the range of normal perception)  :: υπέρβαση {f}
transcendence {n} (the state of being free from the constraints of the material world, as in the case of a deity)  :: υπέρβαση {f}
transcendental {adj} (independent of experience)  :: υπερβατικός {m}
transcendental {adj} (in mathematics)  :: υπερβατικός {m}
transcendental {adj} (supernatural)  :: υπερβατικός {m}, υπερφυσικός {m}
transcript {n} (copy of any kind; an imitation)  :: αντίγραφο {n}
transcript {n} (inventory of courses and grades)  :: αναλυτική βαθμολογία {f}
transcript {n} (sequence of RNA produced by transcription)  :: μεταγραφή {f}
transcript {n} (something which has been transcribed)  :: αντίγραφο {n}
transcript {n} (written version of what was said orally)  :: απομαγνητοφώνηση {f}
transcription {n} (in linguistics)  :: μεταγραφή {f}
transcriptome {n} (set of messenger RNA molecules)  :: μεταγράφωμα {n}
transfection {n} (introduction of foreign DNA into a eukaryotic cell)  :: επιμόλυνση or διαμόλυνση
transfer {n} (act)  :: μεταφορά {f}, μεταβίβαση {f}
transfer {n} (design)  :: μεταποτύπωση {f}, χαλκομανία {f}
transfer {v} (to be or become transferred)  :: μεταφέρομαι, μετακινούμαι, μετατίθομαι, μεταβιβάζομαι
transfer {v} (to convey the impression of something from one surface to another)  :: μεταθέτω, μεταβιβάζω
transfer {v} (to move or pass from one place, person or thing to another)  :: μετακινώ, μεταφέρω, μεταθέτω
transference {n} (term used in psychology)  :: μεταβίβαση {f}
transference {n} (the act of conveying or transfering)  :: μεταφορά {f}, μεταβίβαση {f}
transfix {v} (to fix or impale)  :: ανασκολοπίζω, καρφώνω
transfix {v} (to pierce with a sharp pointed weapon)  :: διατρυπώ
transfix {v} (to render motionless, by arousing terror, amazement or awe)  :: καθηλώνω
transform {v} (change greatly the appearance or form of)  :: μεταμορφώνω
transform {v} (in electricity: subject to the action of a transformer)  :: μετασχηματίζω
transformation {n} (act of transforming)  :: μετασχηματισμός {m}
transformation {n} (linguistics: rule that systematically converts one syntactic form into another)  :: μετασχηματισμός {m}
transformation {n} (mathematical term)  :: μετασχηματισμός {m}
transformer {n} (device that changes the characteristics of AC electricity)  :: μετασχηματιστής {m}
transformer {n} (something that transforms)  :: μετασχηματιστής {m}
transfuge {n} (deserter) SEE: deserter  ::
transfuge {n} (turncoat) SEE: turncoat  ::
transgender {adj} (not identifying with culturally conventional gender roles)  :: διεμφυλικός {m}
transgender {n} (a transgender person)  :: διεμφυλικός {m}
transgression {n} (violation of a law, command or duty)  :: παράβαση {f}
transient {adj} (Decaying with time, especially exponentially)  :: εφήμερος {m}
transient {adj} (operating beyond itself; having an external effect)  :: ενυπάρχων {m}
transient {adj} (passing or disappearing with time; transitory)  :: παροδικός, πρόσκαιρος {m}
transient {adj} (remaining for only a brief time)  :: παροδικός, εφήμερος {m}, φευγαλέος {m}
transient {n} (traveller)  :: περιοδεύων {m}
transistor {n} (solid-state semiconductor device, with three terminals)  :: κρυσταλλοτρίοδος {f}
transistor {n} (transistor radio) SEE: transistor radio  ::
transitive {adj} (grammar, of a verb: taking an object or objects)  :: μεταβατικός
transitive verb {n} (a verb that is accompanied by a direct object)  :: μεταβατικό ρήμα {n}
transitivity {n} (the degree in which a verb can govern objects)  :: επαγωγή {f}, μεταβατικότητα {f}
transl. {n} (abbreviation of the equivalent of translation)  :: μτφρ.
translate {v} (to change text from one language to another)  :: μεταφράζω
translatese {n} (Awkwardness or ungrammaticality of translation) SEE: translationese  ::
translation {n} (act of translating between languages)  :: μετάφραση {f}
translation {n} (genetics: process for producing proteins)  :: πρωτεϊνογένεση {f}
translation {n} (result of translating between languages)  :: μετάφραση {f}
translation studies {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)  :: μεταφρασιολογία {f}, μεταφραστικές σπουδές {f-p}
translative {n} (translative case) SEE: translative case  ::
translatology {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting) SEE: translation studies  ::
translator {n} (someone who translates)  :: μεταφραστής {m}
translingual {adj} (Existing in multiple languages)  :: διαγλωσσικός {m}
transliteration {n} (product of transliterating)  :: μεταγραμματισμός {m}
translocator {n} (translocon) SEE: translocon  ::
translucent {adj} (allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it)  :: ημιδιαφανής {m} {f}
translucent {adj} (clear, lucid, or transparent)  :: διαφανής {m} {f}, διαυγής {m} {f}
trans man {n} (a female-to-male transgender or transsexual person)  :: τράνσμαν {m}
transmigration {n} (departure)  :: μετανάστευση {f}, αποδημία {f}
transmigration {n} (movement of a soul)  :: μετεμψύχωση {f}
transmissible spongiform encephalopathy {n} (any fatal, degenerative disease transmitted by prions)  :: μεταδοτική σπογγοειδής εγκεφαλοπάθεια
transmission {n} (act of transmitting)  :: μετάδοση {f}
transmission {n} (assembly of gears)  :: κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων {n}, ταχύτητες {f-p}
transmission {n} (fact of being transmitted)  :: μετάδοση {f}, διάδοση {f}
transmission {n} (passage of a nerve impulse)  :: μεταβίβαση {f}
transmission {n} (something transmitted)  :: μετάδοση {f}
transmission tower {n} (electricity pylon) SEE: electricity pylon  ::
transmit {v} (to send out a signal)  :: μεταδίδω
transmit {v} (to spread or pass on e.g. a disease or signal)  :: μεταδίδω
transmitter {n} (electronic device)  :: πομπός {m}, αναμεταδότης {m}
transmitter {n} (something that transmits something)  :: διαβιβαστής {m}, πομπός {m}
transnational {adj} (between or beyond national boundaries)  :: [beyond national boundaries] υπερεθνικός {m}, [between national boundaries] διεθνικός {m}
Transnistria {prop} (Transnistria, an autonomous territory in Moldova)  :: Υπερδνειστερία {f}
transom {n} (transom window) SEE: transom window  ::
transparency {n} (quality of being transparent; transparence)  :: διαφάνεια {f}
transparent {adj} (see-through, clear)  :: διαφανής {}
transphobia {n} (fear or hatred of transsexuality or transgenderism)  :: τρανσφοβία
transpiration {n} (botany: the loss of water by evaporation in terrestrial plants)  :: διαπνοή {f}
transpiration {n} (physiology: the process of giving off water vapour through the skin or mucous membranes)  :: εφίδρωση {f}
transpiration {n} (the passage of gases through fine tubes)  :: ανάδοση {f}
transpire {v} (obsolete: to perspire) SEE: perspire  ::
transpire {v} (to become known)  :: μαθεύομαι
transpire {v} (to happen, take place) SEE: happen  ::
transport {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
transportation {n} (act of transporting)  :: μεταφορά {f}, διακίνηση {f}
transpose {n} (algebra: move (a term) to the other side of an equation)  :: αντιμεταθέτω
transpose {n} (music: write or perform (a piece) in another key)  :: διασκευάζω
transpose {n} (reverse or change the order of two)  :: αναστρέφω, αντιμεταθέτω
transsexual {adj} (being a transsexual)  :: διαφυλικός {m}, τρανσέξουαλ
transsexual {n} (person whose gender identity did not match his/her birth sex, and who therefore is changing or has changed sex)  :: διαφυλικός {m}, τρανσέξουαλ
transsexualism {n} (transsexuality) SEE: transsexuality  ::
transsexuality {n} (the state, condition, or properties of being transsexual)  :: τρανσεξουαλικότητα {f}
transubstantiate {v}  :: μετουσιώνω
transubstantiation {n} (conversion of one substance into another)  :: μετουσίωση {f}
transversely {adv} (In a transverse manner)  :: εγκάρσια, εγκαρσίως
transvest {v} (cross-dress) SEE: cross-dress  ::
transvestism {n} (condition of being a transvestite)  :: παρενδυσία {f}
transvestite {n} (cross-dresser, see also: cross-dresser)  :: τραβεστί {n}
trap {n} (bend, sag, or other device in a waste-pipe to prevent the escape of noxious gases)  :: σιφώνι {n}
trap {n} (covering over a hole or opening; a trapdoor)  :: παγίδα {f}
trap {n} (device designed to catch or kill animals)  :: παγίδα {f}, δόκανο {n}
trap {n} (device used to hold and suddenly release an object)  :: παγίδα {f}
trap {n} (trap shooting) SEE: trapshooting  ::
trap {n} (trick or arrangement designed to catch someone in a more general sense)  :: παγίδα {f}
trap {v} (to catch in a trap or traps)  :: παγιδεύω
trap {v} (to ensnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap)  :: παγιδεύω
trap {v} (to set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game)  :: στήνω παγίδες
trapdoor {n} (door set into floor or ceiling)  :: καταπακτή {f}
trapeze {n} (trapezium) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapeze artist {n} (trapezist) SEE: trapezist  ::
trapezium {n} (polygon with no parallel sides and no equal sides)  :: τραπέζιο {n}
trapezium {n} (polygon with two parallel sides)  :: τραπέζιο {n}
trapezoid {n} (quadrilateral with no sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapezoid {n} (quadrilateral with two sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapped {adj} (caught in a trap)  :: εγκλωβισμένος
trash bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
trash can {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can  ::
trashman {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
trauma {n} (serious injury to the body)  :: τραύμα {n}
travel {n} (act of traveling)  :: ταξίδι
travel {v} (to be on a journey)  :: ταξιδεύω
travel agency {n} (tour operator) SEE: tour operator  ::
travel agent {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency  ::
traveler {n} (one who travels) SEE: traveller  ::
traveler's check {n} (check draft) SEE: traveller's cheque  ::
traveller {n} (Ireland: member of the nomadic ethnic minority) SEE: Irish Traveller  ::
Traveller {n} (member of a minority in Ireland) SEE: Irish Traveller  ::
traveller's cheque {n} (preprinted cheque for a fixed amount)  :: ταξιδιωτική επιταγή {f}
travelling salesman problem {n} (mathematical problem)  :: πρόβλημα του πλανόδιου πωλητή {n}
travel sickness {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
traverse {v} (to travel across, often under difficult conditions)  :: διασχίζω
trawler {n} (fishing boat)  :: τράτα {f}
tray {n} (flat carrier for items being transported)  :: δίσκος {m}
tray {n} (items on a full tray)  :: δίσκος {m}
tray {n} (object on which things are carried)  :: δίσκος {m}
treacherous {adj} (deceitful; inclined to betray)  :: δόλιος {m}, επίβουλος {m}
treacherous {adj} (exhibiting treachery)  :: προδοτικός {m}, δόλιος {m}
treacherous {adj} (unreliable; dangerous)  :: ύπουλος {m}
treachery {n} (deliberate disregard for trust or faith)  :: δολιότητα {f}, κακοπιστία {f}, επιβουλή {f}
treachery {n} (the act of violating the confidence of another)  :: προδοσία {f}
treachery {n} (treason) SEE: treason  ::
treason {n} (crime of betraying one’s government)  :: εθνική προδοσία {f}
treason {n} (providing aid and comfort to the enemy)  :: προδοσία {f}
treasure {n} (collection of valuable things)  :: θησαυρός {m}
treasure hunt {n} (search for a treasure (game or real))  :: κυνήγι θησαυρού {n}
treasurer {n} (government official in charge of the Treasury)  :: υπουργός οικονομικών {m} {f}
treasurer {n} (head of a corporation's treasury department)  :: ταμίας {m} {f}
treasurer {n} (official entrusted with the funds and revenues of an organisation)  :: ταμίας {m} {f}
treasure trove {n} (hidden treasure, subsequently discovered)  :: κρυμμένος θησαυρός {m}, εύρημα {n}
treasury {n} (place where state or royal money and valuables are stored)  :: πλούτος
treat {n} (An entertainment, outing, or other indulgence provided by someone for the enjoyment of others)  :: κέρασμα {n} [edible], δώρο {n} [non-edible]
treat {n} (An unexpected gift, event etc., which provides great pleasure)  :: χαρά {f}, δώρο {n}
treat {n} ((obsolete) An entreaty) SEE: entreaty  ::
treat {n} ((obsolete) A parley or discussion of terms; a negotiation) SEE: negotiation  ::
treat {v} (celebrate or reward with a present)  :: κάνω δώρο, χαρίζω
treat {v} (to care for medicinally or surgically)  :: υποβάλλω σε αγωγή, υποβάλλω σε θεραπεία, θεράπων ιατρός {m} [treating doctor]
treat {v} (to discourse, to represent)  :: μιλώ
treat {v} (to entertain with food or drink)  :: κερνάω, φιλεύω
treat {v} (to entreat or beseech)  :: ικετεύω, εκλιπαρώ
treat {v} (to handle a subject in writing or speaking)  :: πραγματεύομαι
treat {v} (to handle, deal with or behave towards in a specific way)  :: φέρομαι, συμπεριφέρομαι, μεταχειρίζομαι, αντιμετωπίζω, χειρίζομαι
treat {v} (to negotiate)  :: διαπραγματεύομαι
treat {v} (to subject to a specific action)  :: επεξεργάζομαι, κατεργάζομαι
treatise {n} (systematic discourse on some subject)  :: διατριβή {f}, πραγματεία {f}
treatment {n} (medical care for an illness or injury)  :: αγωγή {f}, θεραπεία {f}, θεραπευτική αγωγή {f}
treatment {n} (preserving or giving particular properties)  :: επεξεργασία {f}, κατεργασία {f}
treatment {n} (process or manner of treating)  :: μεταχείριση {f}, συμπεριφορά {f}, αντιμετώπιση {f}
treaty {n} (a binding agreement under international law)  :: συνθήκη {f}
treble clef {n} (music symbol)  :: κλειδί του Σολ {n}
tree {proverb} (large woody plant)  :: δέντρο {n}
tree-line {n} (timberline) SEE: tree line  ::
treenail {n} (peg)  :: ξυλόκαρφο {n}
tree surgeon {n} (arboriculturist) SEE: arboriculturist  ::
tree trunk {n} (the main structural member of a tree)  :: κορμός {m}
trema {n} (the diacritical mark) SEE: diaeresis  ::
tremor {n} (earthquake)  :: σεισμός {m}
tremor {n} (shake, quiver, or vibration)  :: τρεμούλα {f}, ρίγος {n}
tremor {v} (to shake or quiver; to tremble)  :: τρέμω, ριγώ
tremulous {adj} (trembling or shaking)  :: τρέμουλος
trench {n} (long, narrow ditch or hole)  :: χαράκωμα {n}
trench foot {n} (medical condition)  :: πους των χαρακωμάτων {n}, πόδι των χαρακωμάτων {n}
trendy {adj} (in accordance with the latest trend)  :: τρέντι
Trentino-Alto Adige {prop} (region)  :: Τρεντίνο-Άνω Αδίγης
trepan {n} (trephine) SEE: trephine  ::
trepang {n} (sea cucumber) SEE: sea cucumber  ::
trespass {n} (law: interference to another's enjoyment of his property)  :: παράνομη είσοδος {f}, παραβίαση {f}
trespass {n} (sin) SEE: sin  ::
trespass {v} (legal: to enter someone else's property illegally)  :: καταπατώ, εισέρχομαι παρανόμως
trespass {v} (to commit an offence)  :: παραβαίνω
trespass {v}  :: καταπατήσει
trial {adj} (Attempted on a provisional or experimental basis)  :: δοκιμαστικός {m}, πειραματικός {m}
trial {adj} (Pertaining to a trial or test)  :: δοκιμαστικός {m}
trial {adj} (Triple)  :: τριπλός {m}
trial {n} (appearance at judicial court)  :: δίκη {f}, εκδίκαση {f}
trial {n} (chance to test something out)  :: δοκιμή {f}
trial {n} (difficult experience)  :: δοκιμασία {f}
trial court {n} SEE: court of first instance  ::
triangle {n} (love triangle) SEE: love triangle  ::
triangle {n} (percussion instrument)  :: τρίγωνο {n}
triangle {n} (polygon)  :: τρίγωνο {n}
triangle pose {n} (trikonasana) SEE: trikonasana  ::
Triangulum {prop} (constellation)  :: Τρίγωνον {n}
Triangulum {prop} (spiral galaxy) SEE: Triangulum Galaxy  ::
Triangulum Australe {prop} (constellation)  :: Νότιον Τρίγωνον {n}
Triassic {prop} (the geologic period)  :: Τριαδική {f}
tribadism {n} (sexual practice)  :: πλακομούνι {n}
tribal {adj} (based on or organized according to tribes)  :: φυλετικός {m}
tribal {adj} (of or relating to tribes)  :: φυλετικός {m}
tribal chief {n} (the chief of a tribe)  :: φύλαρχος {m}
tribe {n} (group of people)  :: φύλο {n}, φυλή {f}
triboelectric effect {n} (the generation of static electricity by friction)  :: τριβοηλεκτρικό φαινόμενο {n}
triboelectricity {n} (electricity produced by the triboelectric effect)  :: τριβοηλεκτρισμός {m}
tribology {n} (science and technology of lubrication)  :: τριβολογία {f}
tribunal {n} (assembly including one or more judges to conduct judicial business)  :: δικαστήριο {n}
tribune {n} (elected official in Ancient Rome)  :: τριβούνος {m}
tribune {n} (place or an opportunity to speak; platform)  :: βήμα {n}
triceps {n} (triceps brachii) SEE: triceps brachii  ::
trichotillomania {n} (disorder)  :: τριχοτιλλομανία {f}
trichotomy {n} (division or separation into three)  :: τριχοτόμηση {f}
trick {n} (winning sequence in cards)  :: μπάζα {f}, χαρτωσιά {f}
trick or treat {interj} (extortion)  :: κέρασμα ή φάρσα
trickster {n} (fraud) SEE: fraud  ::
tricky {adj} (adept at using deception)  :: δυσνόητος {m}
tricky {adj} (hard to deal with)  :: περίπλοκος, μπερδεμένος
tricolour {n} (A flag with three stripes of different colours)  :: τρίχρωμη σημαία
tricycle {n} (cycle with three wheels)  :: τρίκυκλο
trident {n} (three-pronged spear)  :: τρίαινα {f}
tridimensionality {n} (quality of being tridimensional) SEE: three-dimensionality  ::
triduan {adj} (lasting three days)  :: τριήμερος
Trieste {prop} (city)  :: Τεργέστη
trigger {n} (finger-operated lever used to fire a gun)  :: σκανδάλη {f}
trigger {n} (similar device used to activate any mechanism)  :: σκανδάλη {f}
trigger {v} (to fire a weapon)  :: πυροδοτώ
trigger {v} (to initiate something)  :: πυροδοτώ
trigger finger {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
trigger-happy {adj} (having a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm irresponsibly)  :: αψίθυμος {m}, φιλοπόλεμος {m}, πολεμοχαρής {m} {f}
trigonometric function {n} (a function of an angle)  :: τριγωνομετρική συνάρτηση {f}
triiodomethane {n} (iodoform) SEE: iodoform  ::
trillion {num} (a million million, 1012)  :: τρισεκατομμύριο {n}
trilobite {n} (member of the class Trilobita)  :: τριλοβίτης {m}
trilogy {n} (collection of three works)  :: τριλογία {f}
trinal {adj} (having three parts, triple) SEE: tripartite  ::
Trinidad and Tobago {prop} (country)  :: Τρινιδάδ και Τομπάγκο {n}, Τρινιντάντ και Τομπάγκο {n}
trinitarianism {n} (doctrine of three persons or hypostases in one Godhead)  :: τριαδισμός {m}
trinity {n} (group or set of three people or things)  :: τριάδα {f}
Trinity {prop} (Christianity: three persons of the Godhead)  :: Αγία Τριάδα {f}
trip {n} (journey)  :: ταξίδι {n}
tripartite {adj} (done by three parties)  :: τριμερής
tripartite {adj} (in three parts)  :: τριμερής
tripedal {adj} (having three legs) SEE: three-legged  ::
triple {v} (to become three times as large)  :: τριπλασιάζομαι
triple {v} (to multiply by three)  :: τριπλασιάζω
Tripoli {prop} (capital of Libya)  :: Τρίπολη
Tripura {prop} (state)  :: Τρίπουρα {f}
trisect {v} (to cut into three pieces)  :: τριχοτομώ
trishaw {n} (cycle rickshaw) SEE: cycle rickshaw  ::
triskaidekaphobia {n} (Fear of the number 13.)  :: τρισκαιδεκαφοβία {f}
trismus {n} (lockjaw) SEE: lockjaw  ::
Tristan {prop} (male given name)  :: Τριστάνος {m}
Tristan da Cunha {prop} (British territory)  :: Τριστάν ντα Κούνια {n}
trite {adj} (used so many times that it is commonplace, or no longer interesting or effective; worn out, hackneyed)  :: τετριμμένος {m}, κοινότοπος {m}
Triton {prop} (god of the sea)  :: Τρίτων {m}
Triton {prop} (seventh moon of Neptune)  :: Τρίτων {m}
triumph {n} (conclusive success; victory; conquest)  :: θρίαμβος {m}
triumph {n} (trump card) SEE: trump  ::
triumph {v} (to prevail over rivals)  :: θριαμβεύω
triumvirate {n} (a ruling group of three)  :: τρίο {n}
triunity {n} (the fact or state of being three in one)  :: τριαδικότητα {f}
Trivandrum {prop} (Thiruvananthapuram) SEE: Thiruvananthapuram  ::
trivia {n} (quiz) SEE: quiz  ::
trivial {adj} (common, ordinary)  :: κοινός {m}
trivial {adj} ((mathematics) self-evident)  :: τετριμμένος {m}
trivial {adj} (of little significance or value)  :: ασήμαντος, τιποτένιος {m}, μηδαμινός {m}
trivialise {v} (trivialize) SEE: trivialize  ::
Troad {prop} (historical term for peninsula in modern Turkey)  :: Τρωάδα {f}
Troödos {prop} (mountain range)  :: Τρόοδος
troglodyte {n} (anything that lives underground)  :: τρωγλοδύτης {m}
troglodyte {n} (reclusive or out-of-date person)  :: τρωγλοδύτης {m}
troika {n} (carriage)  :: τρόικα {f}
troika {n} (group of three) SEE: triumvirate  ::
Trojan {n} (Trojan asteroid) SEE: Trojan asteroid  ::
Trojan horse {prop} (epic wooden horse)  :: δούρειος ίππος {m}
troll {n} (person who provokes others)  :: τρολ {n}
troll {n} (supernatural being)  :: τρολ {m}
troll {v} (to saunter) SEE: saunter  ::
troll {v} (to trundle) SEE: trundle  ::
trolley bus {n} (bus powered via overhead electric cables)  :: τρόλεϊ
trombone {n} (a musical instrument in the brass family)  :: τρομπόνι {n}
trope {n} (music: phrase or verse added to the mass when sung by a choir)  :: τρόπος {m}
trope {n} (music: short cadence at the end of the melody in some early music)  :: τρόπος {m}
tropic {adj} (tropical) SEE: tropical  ::
Tropic {n} (one of the two Tropics) SEE: tropic  ::
tropical {adj} (dated: metaphorical, figurative) SEE: figurative  ::
tropical {adj} (from or similar to a hot humid climate)  :: τροπικός {m}
tropical {adj} (of or pertaining to the tropics)  :: τροπικός {m}
troposmia {n} (troposmia) SEE: parosmia  ::
trot {n} (toddler) SEE: toddler  ::
trot {n} (Trotskyist) SEE: Trotskyist  ::
Trotskyism {n} (the political philosophy named after Leon Trotsky)  :: τροτσκισμός {m}
Trotskyist {n} (a supporter of Trotskyism) SEE: Trotskyite  ::
trouble {n} (conflict with law)  :: προβλήματα {n-p}
trouble {n} (difficulty)  :: μπελάς {m}
trouble {n} (distressful or dangerous situation)  :: μπελάς {m}, φασαρία {f}, ταραχή {f}
trouble {n} (malfunction)  :: πρόβλημα {n}
trouble {n} (violent occurrence)  :: φασαρία {f}, ταραχή {f}
trouble {v} (to bother; to annoy)  :: ενοχλώ
trough {n} (a long, narrow container open at the top)  :: σκάφη {f}
troupial {n} (icterid) SEE: icterid  ::
trouser {n} (pair of trousers) SEE: trousers  ::
trouser {v} (to pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
trousers {n} (article of clothing for the lower body) SEE: pants  ::
trout {n} (fish)  :: πέστροφα {f}
trove {n} (treasure trove) SEE: treasure trove  ::
trowel {n} (mason's tool)  :: μιστρί {n}
Troy {prop} (an ancient city)  :: Τροία {f}
truancy {n} (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties)  :: σκασιαρχείο {n} [school], φυγοπονία {f}
truck {n} (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)  :: φορτηγό, φορτάμαξα, νταλίκα {f}
truck {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon  ::
truck {v} (drive a truck)  :: οδηγώ φορτηγό
truck {v} (trade) SEE: trade  ::
trucker {n} (one who drives a truck) SEE: truck driver  ::
true {adj} (A state in Boolean logic that indicates an affirmative or positive result)  :: αληθής
true {adj} (concurring with a given set of facts)  :: αληθινός
true {adj} (Genuine)  :: αληθινός, αυθεντικός {m}
true {adj} (Legitimate)  :: αληθινός, νόμιμος {m}
true {adj} (Loyal, faithful)  :: αληθινός, πιστός
true {v} (straighten)  :: αληθεύει
True Cross {prop} (cross on which Christ was crucified)  :: Τίμιος Σταυρός {m}, τίμιο ξύλο {n}
true or false {adj} (having as answers only true or false)  :: σωστό ή λάθος
true seal {n} (earless seal) SEE: earless seal  ::
truffle {n} (confection)  :: τρούφα {f}
truffle {n} (tuber)  :: ύτανο {n}, τρούφα {f}
truism {n} (banality or cliché)  :: κοινοτυπία {f}
truism {n} (self-evident or obvious truth)  :: κοινοτυπία {f}
truly yours {phrase} (yours truly) SEE: yours truly  ::
trumeau {n} (mirror) SEE: trumeau mirror  ::
Trump {prop} (surname)  :: Τραμπ
trump card {n} (trump) SEE: trump  ::
trumpet {n} (brass instrument)  :: τρομπέτα {f}, σάλπιγγα {f}
trumpet {n} (elephant noise)  :: σάλπισμα {n}
trumpet {n} (musician playing a trumpet)  :: σαλπιγκτής {m}, τρομπετίστας {m}, τρομπέτα {f}
trumpet {v} (make an elephant call)  :: σαλπίζω
trumpet {v} (sound loudly)  :: διασαλπίζω
truncate {adj} (botany, anatomy: having an abrupt termination)  :: κολοβός {m}, ακρωτηριασμένος {m}
truncate {adj} (truncated)  :: κολοβός {m}, περικομμένος {m}
truncate {v} (shorten a decimal number by removing trailing (or leading) digits; to chop)  :: περικόπτω
truncate {v} (shorten something as if by cutting off part of it)  :: κονταίνω
truncated icosahedron {n} (polyhedron)  :: κόλουρο εικοσάεδρο {n}
truncation {n} (act of truncating)  :: αποκοπή {f}, περικοπή {f}
truncation {n} (removal of the least significant digits from a decimal number)  :: αποκοπή {f}
truncation {n} (replacement of a solid angle by a plane)  :: κολόβωση {f}
truncheon {n} (short club)  :: γκλοπ {n}
trunk {n} (extended nasal organ of an elephant)  :: προβοσκίδα {f}
trunk {n} (large suitcase or chest)  :: μπαούλο {n}
trunk {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car)  :: πορτ-μπαγκάζ {n}, αποσκευές {f-p}
trunk {n} (swimming trunks) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
trunk {n} (telecommunications line)  :: κόμβος {m}
trunk {n} (torso) SEE: torso  ::
trunk {n} (tree trunk)  :: κορμός {m}
trust {n} (a group of businessmen or traders)  :: σύμπραξη {f}
trust {n} (confidence in or reliance on some person or quality)  :: εμπιστοσύνη {f}
trust {n} (confidence in the future payment for goods or services supplied; credit)  :: πίστωση {f}
trust {n} (dependence upon something in the future; hope)  :: πίστη
trust {n} (the confidence vested in a person who has legal ownership of a property to manage for the benefit of another)  :: καταπίστευμα {n}
trust {v} (To give credence to)  :: πιστεύω
trust {v} (To place confidence in)  :: εμπιστεύομαι
trustee {n} (person to whom property is legally committed in trust)  :: διαχειριστής {m}
trustworthiness {n} (the state or quality of being trustworthy or reliable)  :: αξιοπιστία {f}
trustworthy {adj} (reliable)  :: αξιόπιστος {m}
truth {n} (conformity to fact or reality)  :: αλήθεια {f}, ορθότητα {f}
truth {n} (something acknowledged to be true)  :: αλήθεια {f}
truth {n} (state or quality of being true to someone or something)  :: αλήθεια {f}
truth {n} (that which is real)  :: αλήθεια {f}, πραγματικότητα {f}
truth {n} (true facts)  :: αλήθεια {f}
try {n} (an attempt)  :: απόπειρα
try {v} (to attempt)  :: δοκιμάζω
try {v} (to make an experiment)  :: πειραματίζομαι
try {v} (to put on trial)  :: δικάζω
try {v} (to work on something)  :: προσπαθώ
try-hard {n} (person of little talent) SEE: tryhard  ::
trypanosome {n} (any of a group of protozoan parasites transmitted by biting insects)  :: τρυπανόσωμα {n}
tryptophan {n} (essential amino acid)  :: θρυπτοφάνη {f}
tryst {n} ((obsolete) a mutual agreement, a covenant)  :: συμφωνία {f}
tryst {n} (prearranged meeting, now especially between lovers)  :: συνάντηση {f}, ραντεβού {n}
tsampouna {n} (bagpipe)  :: τσαμπούνα {f}
tsao shu {n} (grass script) SEE: grass script  ::
tsar {n} (an emperor)  :: τσάρος {m}
tsarism {n} (system of government)  :: τσαρισμός {m}
tsaritsa {n} (tsarina) SEE: tsarina  ::
tsk tsk {interj} (tut tut) SEE: tut tut  ::
Tsolak {prop} (given name)  :: Τσολάκης
T-square {n} (rule with a short perpendicular crosspiece at one end)  :: ταυ {n}, παραλληλογράφος {m}, ταφ {n}
Tsukuyomi {prop} (Japanese moon god)  :: Τσουκουγιόμι {m}, Τσουκιγιόμι {m}
tsunami {n} (large, destructive wave generally caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean)  :: τσουνάμι {n}
Tsuut'ina {prop} (Sarcee) SEE: Sarcee  ::
Tsuu T'ina {prop} (Sarcee) SEE: Sarcee  ::
Tswana {prop} (language)  :: τσουάνα {n-p}
Tuareg {n} (member of the Tuareg people)  :: Τουαρέγκ {m} {f}
Tuareg {prop} (people)  :: Τουαρέγκ {m-p}
tub {n} (bathtub) SEE: bathtub  ::
tub {n} (broad, flat-bottomed vessel)  :: κάδος {m}
tube {n} (a pipe)  :: σωλήνας {m}
tube {n} (the London underground) SEE: Tube  ::
tubercular {adj} (pertaining to tuberculosis)  :: φυματικός
tubercule {n} (tubercle) SEE: tubercle  ::
tuberculosis {n} (infectious disease)  :: φυματίωση {f}
tuck {n} (short sword) SEE: rapier  ::
tucker {n} (slang: food) SEE: grub  ::
Tuesday {n} (day of the week)  :: Τρίτη {f}
tufa {n} (volcanic rock) SEE: tuff  ::
tug {n} (tugboat) SEE: tugboat  ::
tugboat {n} (small, powerful boat)  :: ρυμουλκό πλοίο
Tula {prop} (city)  :: Τούλα {f}
tulip {n} (plant)  :: τουλίπα {f}
tumble {v} (to fall end over end)  :: πέσει
tumble drier {n} (tumble dryer) SEE: tumble dryer  ::
tumbler {n} (acrobat) SEE: acrobat  ::
tumbler {n} (drinking glass without stem)  :: ποτήρι {n}
tumor {n} (oncology, pathology: an abnormal growth)  :: όγκος {m}
tumour {n} (tumor) SEE: tumor  ::
Tumushuke {prop} (Tumxuk) SEE: Tumxuk  ::
tuna {n} (fish)  :: τόνος {m}
tundra {n} (flat treeless arctic region)  :: τούντρα {f}
tuneful {adj} (having or producing a pleasing tune)  :: μελωδικός
tune out {v} (zone out) SEE: zone out  ::
tungsten {n} (chemical element)  :: βολφράμιο {n}
tuning fork {n} (fork-shaped object which emits a tone)  :: [invariable] διαπασών {n}
Tunis {prop} (capital of Tunisia)  :: Τύνιδα {f}
Tunisia {prop} (Republic of Tunisia)  :: Τυνησία {f}
Tunisian {adj} (pertaining to Tunisia)  :: τυνησιακός
Tunisian {n} (person from Tunisia)  :: Τυνήσιος {m}
tunnel {n} (an underground or underwater passage)  :: σήραγγα {f}
tunnel vision {n} (restricted field of vision)  :: σωληνοειδής όραση {f}
tup {n} (ram) SEE: ram  ::
tup {v} (fuck) SEE: fuck  ::
turbid {adj} (having the lees or sediment disturbed; roiled; muddy; thick; not clear)  :: θολός {m}
turbidity {n} (the state of being turbid)  :: θολότητα {f}
turbinal {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate bone {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbine {n} (rotary machine)  :: στρόβιλος {m}, στροβιλομηχανή {f}
turbocompressor {n} (turbocharger) SEE: turbocharger  ::
turbot {n} (any of various flatfishes of family Scophthalmidae)  :: καλκάνι {n}
turbot {n} (triggerfish) SEE: triggerfish  ::
turd {n} (piece of solid feces)  :: κουράδα {f}, σκατό {n}
tureen {n} (broad deep serving dish for soup or stew)  :: σουπιέρα {f}
turf {n} (a layer of earth covered with grass; sod)  :: χλόη, γρασίδι {n}
turf {n} (a piece of such a layer cut from the soil and used to make a lawn)  :: χλοοτάπητας {m}
turf {n} (a racetrack; or the sport of racing horse)  :: ιπποδρόμιο {n}
turf {n} ((slang) the territory claimed by a person, gang, etc. as their own)  :: έδαφος {n}
turf accountant {n} (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker  ::
Turin {prop} (city)  :: Τορίνο {n}, Τουρίνο {n}
Turinese {adj} (of or relating to Turin)  :: τορινέζικος, τουρινέζικος
Turinese {n} (a person from Turin)  :: Τορινέζος {m}, Τουρινέζος {m}, Τορινέζα {f}, Τουρινέζα {f}
Turk {n} (a person from Turkey)  :: Τούρκος {m}
Turk {n} (Muslim) SEE: Muslim  ::
turkey {n} (bird)  :: γαλοπούλα {f}, διάνος {m}
Turkey {prop} (country at intersection of Europe and Asia)  :: Τουρκία {n}
Turkish {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language)  :: τούρκικος, τουρκικός {m}
Turkish {prop} (official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)  :: τουρκικά {n-p}, τούρκικα {n-p}
Turkish bath {n} (steam bath)  :: χαμάμ {m}, Τουρκικό μπάνιο
Turkish coffee {n} (coffee prepared by boiling and without filtering)  :: Τουρκικός καφές, Ελληνικός καφές
Turkish delight {n} (confection)  :: λουκούμι {n}
Turkmen {n} (Turkman) SEE: Turkman  ::
Turkmenistan {prop} (Central Asian country)  :: Τουρκμενιστάν {n}
Turks and Caicos Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Νήσοι Τερκς και Κάικος, Νήσοι Τερκς και Κέικος
Turku {prop} (A city in Finland)  :: Τούρκου {n}
turmeric {n} (plant)  :: κουρκουμάς {m}
turmeric {n} (spice)  :: κουρκούμη {f}
turmoil {n} (a state of great disorder or uncertainty)  :: αναταραχή {f}, οχλαγωγία {f}, σάλος {m}, αναβρασμός {m}, ταραχή {f}
turn {n} (chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others)  :: σειρά {f}
turn {n} (change of direction or orientation)  :: στροφή {f}
turn {n} (movement about an axis ending up with the same orientation)  :: περιστροφή {f}
turn {n} (one's chance to make a move in a game)  :: σειρά {f}
turn {n} (poker, obsolete: flop) SEE: flop  ::
turn {v} (become)  :: γίνομαι, απογίνομαι , κλείνω
turn {v} (move around an axis through itself)  :: γυρίζω
turn around {v} (to change to the opposite direction from a previous position)  :: γυρίζω
turn around {v} (to physically rotate horizontally 360 degrees)  :: γυρίζω
turning {n} (A turn or deviation from a straight course)  :: στροφή {f}
turning point {n} (a T-junction) SEE: T-junction  ::
turning point {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads  ::
turn into {v} (intransitive: become)  :: γίνομαι
turn into {v} (transitive: cause to become)  :: κάνω, μεταμορφώνω
turnip {n} (white root of Brassica rapa)  :: γογγύλι {f}
turnip {n} (yellow root of Brassica napus) SEE: swede  ::
turnkey {adj} (ready to use without further assembly)  :: ολικής ανάθεσης
turnkey {n} (slang: warder)  :: δεσμοφύλακας {m}
turn off {v} (leave a road)  :: στρίβω
turn off {v} (switch off appliance or light)  :: κλείνω, σβήνω, απενεργοποιώ
turn over {v} (to transfer) SEE: transfer  ::
turnpike {n} (gate or bar set across a road to stop traffic) SEE: tollgate  ::
turnpike {n} (military: beam with spikes) SEE: cheval de frise  ::
turnpike {n} (toll road)  :: διόδια {n-p}
turn signal {n} (turn signal) SEE: indicator  ::
turntable {n} (part of hi-fi system)  :: πικάπ {n}
turn-up {n} (fabric turned up at the bottom of trousers)  :: ρεβέρ {n}
turophile {n} (cheese-lover)  :: τυρόφιλος {m}
turquoise {n} (colour)  :: τυρκουάζ {n}
turquoise {n} (gemstone)  :: τυρκουάζ {n}
turtle {n} (land or marine reptile with a shell)  :: χελώνα {f}
turtle {n} (sea turtle)  :: νεροχελώνα {f}
turtle {n} (turtle dove) SEE: turtle dove  ::
turtle dove {n} (bird in the genus Streptopelia)  :: τριγόνι
turtleneck {n} (high, close-fitting collar rolled up)  :: ζιβάγκο {n}
turtleneck {n} (turtleneck sweater)  :: ζιβάγκο {n}
Tuscany {prop} (region in Italy)  :: Τοσκάνη {f}
tusk {n} (pointed tooth)  :: χαυλιόδοντας {m}
Tutankhamon {prop} (Egyptian Pharaoh)  :: Τουταγχαμών {m}
tutelage {n} (The act of guarding or protecting; guardianship; protection)  :: κηδεμονία {f}
tutor {n} (one who teaches another)  :: προγυμναστής {m}
Tuva {prop} (a republic of the Russian Federation)  :: Τιβά {f}
Tuvalu {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: Τουβαλού
tuxedo {n} (formal jacket)  :: σμόκιν {n}
TV series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
twat {n} (vulgar slang, vagina)  :: μουνί {n}
tweed {n} (coarse woolen fabric)  :: τουίντ {n}
tweedy {adj} (preppy) SEE: preppy  ::
tweet {v} (to make a short high-pitched sound)  :: κελαηδώ
twelfth {adj} (ordinal form of twelve)  :: δωδέκατος {}
Twelfth cake {n} (cake eaten on Twelfth Night) SEE: king cake  ::
twelve {num} (cardinal number 12)  :: δώδεκα
twelveth {adj} (twelfth) SEE: twelfth  ::
twenty {n} (a banknote with a denomination of 20)  :: εικοσάρικο {n}, εικοσάρι {n}
twenty {num} (cardinal number)  :: είκοσι, κ΄ [numeral]
twenty-eight {num} (number)  :: είκοσι-οκτώ
twenty-five {num} (twenty-five)  :: είκοσι πέντε
twenty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: είκοσι τέσσερα
twenty-nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: είκοσι εννέα
twenty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: είκοσι ένα
twenty-seven {num} (twenty-seven)  :: είκοσι εφτά, είκοσι επτά
twenty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: είκοσι έξι
twenty-three {num} (twenty-three)  :: είκοσι τρείς
twenty-two {num} (twenty-two)  :: είκοσι δύο
twice {adv} (two times)  :: δις
twilight {n} (evening twilight)  :: λυκόφως {n}, μισοσκόταδο {n}, σούρουπο {n}, μούχρωμα {n}
twilight {n} (faint light; dubious medium)  :: μισοσκόταδο {n}, σύθαμπο {n}
twilight {n} (light before rising and after the setting of the Sun)  :: λυκόφως {n}, σούρουπο {n}, μούχρωμα {n}
twilight {n}  :: χαραυγή {f}
twilight years {n} (old age) SEE: golden years  ::
twilitten {adj} (illuminated by twilight) SEE: twilit  ::
twin {adj} (forming a pair of twins)  :: δίδυμος
twin {n} (either of two people who shared the same uterus, or of two similar or closely related objects)  :: δίδυμος {c}
twin {n} (twin crystal) SEE: twin crystal  ::
twinge {n} (a pinch; a tweak; a twitch)  :: τσίμπημα {n}
twinge {n} (sudden sharp pain)  :: σουβλιά {f}, σφάχτης {m}
twinge {v} (a sudden sharp pain)  :: σουβλίζω
Twin Towers {prop} (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center)  :: Παγκόσμιο Κέντρο Εμπορίου
twin town {n} (sister city) SEE: sister city  ::
twist {v} (to turn the ends in opposite directions)  :: στρίβω
twisty {adj} (curly) SEE: curly  ::
twitch {n} (Elymus repens) SEE: couch grass  ::
Twitter {v} (tweet) SEE: tweet  ::
two {num} (one plus one)  :: δύο
two beers, please {phrase} (two beers, please)  :: δύο μπίρες, παρακαλώ
two birds with one stone {n} (two things by one action)  :: μ' ένα σμπάρο δυο τρυγόνια
two by two {adv} (in pairs)  :: δυο-δυο
two-dimensional {adj} (existing in two dimensions)  :: δισδιάστατος
two-edged sword {n} (double-edged sword) SEE: double-edged sword  ::
twofold {adj} (double)  :: διπλάσιος {}
twofold {adv} (in a double degree)  :: διπλάσια {}
two hundred {num} (cardinal number 200)  :: διακόσια
two-line double pica {n} (meridian) SEE: meridian  ::
two-line English {n} (double English) SEE: double English  ::
two-line great primer {n} (double great primer) SEE: double great primer  ::
two-line pica {n} (double pica) SEE: double pica  ::
two-move checkmate {n} (quickest possible checkmate) SEE: fool's mate  ::
twoness {n} (duality) SEE: duality  ::
two-party system {n} (dominance of two parties)  :: δικομματισμός {m}
two-sided {adj} (reversible) SEE: reversible  ::
two-sided {adj} (symmetrical) SEE: symmetrical  ::
two thousand {num} (cardinal number)  :: δύο χιλιάδες
two-wheeled {adj} (birotate) SEE: birotate  ::
-ty {suffix} (-ity) SEE: -ity  ::
tycoon {n} (wealthy, powerful business person)  :: μεγαλοεπιχειρηματίας {m} {f}, βασιλιάς {m}, μεγιστάνας {m}
tympanic membrane {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear  ::
tympanum {n} (triangular space between the sides of a pediment)  :: τύμπανο {n}
type {n} (biology: individual representative of its taxonomic group)  :: είδος {m}
type {n} (block with a raised letter or character on its surface)  :: χαρακτήρες {m} {p}
type {n} (blood group) SEE: blood type  ::
type {n} (computing theory: tag indicating data type)  :: τύπος {m}
type {n} (grouping based on shared characteristics)  :: τύπος {m}
type {n} (individual that represents the ideal for its class)  :: τύπος {m}
type {v} (to determine blood group)  :: ομαδοποιώ
type {v} (to enter characters into a computer using keyboard)  :: πληκτρολογώ
type {v} (to use a typewriter)  :: δακτυλογραφώ
typeset {adj} (set in type)  :: στοιχειοθετημένος {m}
typeset {v} (to set into type)  :: στοιχειοθετώ
typesetter {n} (a typesetter)  :: στοιχειοθέτης {m}, τυπογράφος {m} {f}
typesetting {n} (setting or composition)  :: στοιχειοθεσία {f}
typewriter {n} (machine used to print text by pressing keys)  :: γραφομηχανή {f}
typewriter {n} (one who uses a typewriter)  :: δακτυλογράφος {m} {f}
typhoid {n} (typhoid fever) SEE: typhoid fever  ::
typhoon {n} (hurricane in the Pacific)  :: τυφώνας {m}
typhus {n} (disease)  :: τύφος
typist {n} (person who types)  :: δακτυλογράφος {m-f}
typo {n} (compositor) SEE: typesetter  ::
typo {n} (error)  :: τυπογραφικό λάθος {n}
typographer {n} (person skilled in typography)  :: τυπογράφος {m}
typographer {n} (typewriter) SEE: typewriter  ::
typographic {adj} (typographic) SEE: typographical  ::
typographical {adj} (pertaining to typography or printing)  :: τυπογραφικός
typographical {adj} (printed) SEE: printed  ::
tyrannical {adj} (despotic, oppressive, authoritarian)  :: τυραννικός {m}
tyrannical {adj} (of, or relating to tyranny, of a tyrant)  :: τυραννικός {m}
tyrannize {v} (to oppress someone)  :: τυραννώ
tyrannize {v} (to rule as a tyrant)  :: τυραννώ
tyranny {n} (absolute power, or its use)  :: τυραννία {f}
tyranny {n} (extreme severity or rigour)  :: τυραννία {f}
tyranny {n} (government in which a single ruler has absolute power)  :: τυραννία {f}
tyranny of the majority {n} (situation where majority makes selfish decisions) SEE: dictatorship of the majority  ::
tyrant {n} (absolute ruler)  :: τύραννος {m}
tyrant {n} (harsh and cruel ruler)  :: τύραννος {m}
tyrant {n} (oppressive and harsh person)  :: τύραννος {m}
tyre {n} (wheel covering)  :: λάστιχο {n}, ελαστικό {n}, επίσωτρο {n}
Tyre {prop} (an ancient sea port and city state of Phoenecia)  :: Τύρος
Tyrian purple {adj} (colour)  :: πορφυρός
Tyrian purple {n} (colour)  :: πορφύρα {f}
Tyrian purple {n} (dye)  :: πορφύρα {f}
Tyrnavos {prop} (a town in Greece)  :: Τύρναβος {n}
tyrosine {n} (nonessential amino acid)  :: τυροσίνη {f}
Tyrrhenian Sea {prop} (Part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Τυρρηνική θάλασσα {f}
tzatziki {n} (appetizer made from yoghurt)  :: τζατζίκι {n}
tzouras {n} (lute)  :: τζουράς {m}