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Saab {initialism} (Swedish brand of cars and aeroplanes)  :: Saab
Saami {n} (member of Finno-Ugric people of Lapland)  :: lappalainen, saamelainen
Saami {prop} (Saami language)  :: saame, saamen kieli
Saaremaa {prop} (island and county)  :: Saarenmaa
Sabbath {n} /ˈsæbəθ/ (Jewish Saturday)  :: sapatti
Sabbath {n} (Christian Sunday)  :: sapatti
Sabbath {n} (Muslim Friday)  :: sapatti
Sabbath {n} (witches' Sabbath)  :: noitasapatti
sabbatical {adj} (relating to the Sabbath)  :: sapatti-, sapatin
sabbatical {adj} (relating to an extended period of leave)  :: sapatti-, sapatin
sabbatical {n} (extended period of leave)  :: sapattivapaa, sapattivuosi
sabbatical year {n} (year of rest for the land observed every seven years)  :: sapattivuosi, lepovuosi
sabbatical year {n} (leave with full or half pay)  :: sapattivuosi
saber {v} (sabre) SEE: sabre  ::
saber-toothed tiger {n} (sabre-toothed tiger) SEE: sabre-toothed tiger  ::
Sabina {prop} (female given name)  :: Sabina
sable {n} /ˈseɪbəl/ (animal)  :: soopeli
sable {n} (fur)  :: soopelinnahka
sabot {n} /ˈsæboʊ/ (a wooden shoe worn in various European countries)  :: puukenkä
sabotage {n} /ˈsæbətɑʒ/ (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption, destruction)  :: sabotaasi
sabotage {n} (act with intent to injure)  :: sabotaasi
sabotage {v} (deliberate destruction to prevent success)  :: sabotoida
saboteur {n} /ˌsæbəˈtɜː(ɹ)/ (a person who intentionally causes the destruction of property)  :: sabotööri, sabotoija
Sabra {prop} (native Israeli)  :: sabra
sabre {n} /ˈseɪ.bɚ/ (light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point)  :: säilä, sapeli
sabre {n} (modern fencing sword modeled after the sabre)  :: säilä
sabre-rattling {n} (display of military power as an implied threat)  :: sapelinkalistelu
sabre-rattling {n} (figuratively: any threat)  :: sapelinkalistelu
sabre-toothed {adj} (having massive curved upper canine teeth)  :: sapelihampainen
sabre-toothed tiger {n} (prehistoric cat)  :: sapelihammastiikeri
saccade {n} /səˈkɑːd/ (sudden jerk)  :: nykäys, nykäisy
saccade {n} (rapid jerky movement of the eye)  :: sakkadi
saccade {n} (act of checking a horse with a single pull of the reins)  :: vetäisy
saccade {n} (music: sounding of two violin strings together)  :: saccadé
saccharide {n} /ˈsæk.ə.ɹaɪd/ (the unit structure of carbohydrates, of general formula CnH2nOn)  :: sakkaridi
saccharin {n} /ˈsækəɹɪn/ (white crystalline powder)  :: sakariini
sac fungus {n} (fungus of the phylum Ascomycota) SEE: ascomycete  ::
Sacher torte {n} /ˈsɑkɚˌtɔɹt/ (type of chocolate torte)  :: sacherkakku
sack {n} /sæk/ (bag for commodities or items)  :: säkki
sack {n} (amount that can be put in a sack)  :: säkillinen
sack {n} (the plunder and pillaging of a city)  :: ryöstö
sack {n} (booty obtained by pillage)  :: saalis, ryöstösaalis
sack {n} (informal: dismissal from employment)  :: potkut {p}
sack {n} (colloquial: bed)  :: pehkut {p}
sack {n} (slang: scrotum)  :: munat {p}, pussit {p}
sack {v} (to plunder)  :: ryöstää
sack {v} (informal: to remove from a job or position)  :: antaa potkut
sack {v} (colloquial: to go to sleep)  :: sammahtaa
sack {v} (slang: to hit a person in the groin)  :: lyödä munille
sackcloth {n} (cloth)  :: säkkikangas
sackcloth {n} (figuratively: garment worn as act of penance)  :: säkki
sackful {n} (the amount a sack would contain)  :: pussillinen, repullinen, säkillinen
sack race {n} (type of children's game)  :: pussijuoksu
sacralize {v} (to make sacred)  :: pyhittää, julistaa pyhäksi
sacral vertebra {n} (certain vertebra)  :: ristinikama
sacrament {n} (sacred act or ceremony)  :: sakramentti
Sacramento {prop} (Sacramento, the capital city of California)  :: Sacramento
sacrament of reconciliation {n} (sacrament of confessing sins to a priest)  :: mennä niin pitkälle, että
sacred {adj} /ˈseɪkɹɪd/ (made holy)  :: pyhä, siunattu
sacred {adj} (relating to religion)  :: uskonnollinen
sacred {adj} (designated by a divine sanction)  :: pyhä
sacred {adj} (not to be profaned or violated)  :: pyhä
sacred {adj} (consecrated; dedicated; devoted)  :: pyhitetty
sacred {adj} (archaic: solemnly devoted to evil, or the like)  :: vihkiytynyt
sacred baboon {n} (Papio hamadryas) SEE: hamadryas  ::
sacred cow {n} (something which cannot be tampered with)  :: pyhä lehmä
sacred fig {n} (Ficus religiosa)  :: temppeliviikuna
sacred fir {n} (Abies religiosa)  :: meksikonpihta
sacred ibis {n} (species of wading bird)  :: pyhäiibis
sacredize {v} (to make sacred) SEE: sacralize  ::
sacred kingfisher {n} (tree kingfisher)  :: pyhimyskalastaja
sacredly {adv} (in a sacred manner)  :: pyhästi
sacredness {n} (property of being sacred)  :: pyhyys
Sacred War {prop} (name of three wars)  :: pyhä sota
sacred way {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
sacrifice {v} /ˈsækɹɪfaɪs/ (to offer as a gift to a deity)  :: uhrata
sacrifice {v} (to give away something valuable in order to gain something else of value)  :: uhrata
sacrifice {v} (to sell without profit)  :: myydä tappiolla
sacrifice {v} (chess: to give up a piece to improve position)  :: uhrata
sacrifice {v} (baseball: to advance another player by placing oneself out)  :: uhrata [transitive], uhrautua [intransitive]
sacrifice {n} (something sacrificed)  :: uhraus, uhri, uhrilahja
sacrifice {n} (baseball: play in which batter is out to help runner(s) advance)  :: uhrautuminen
sacrilege {n} (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred)  :: pyhäinhäväistys
sacristan {n} (person who maintains the sacristy)  :: suntio
sacristy {n} (room in a church)  :: sakaristo
sacrum {n} (bone at the base of the spine)  :: ristiluu
sad {adj} /sæd/ (feeling sorrow)  :: surullinen
sad {adj} (appearing sorrowful)  :: surullinen, surkea
sad {adj} (causing sorrow, lamentable)  :: surullinen
sad {adj} (poor in quality, deplorable)  :: surkea
sad {adj} (slang: socially inadequate or undesirable)  :: säälittävä
sad {adj} (dialect: soggy) SEE: soggy  ::
Saïda {prop} (port city in Lebanon) SEE: Sidon  ::
saddle {n} /ˈsædl̩/ (seat on an animal)  :: satula
saddle {n} (harness saddle on an animal)  :: sila, selustin, setolkka
saddle {n} (seat on a bicycle etc)  :: satula
saddle {n} (cut of meat)  :: satula
saddle {n} (low point, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills)  :: satula
saddle {n} (raised floorboard in a doorway)  :: kynnyslauta
saddle {v} (to put a saddle on)  :: satuloida
saddle {v} (to get into a saddle)  :: nousta satulaan
saddle {v} (to burden)  :: kuormittaa
saddlebag {n} /sædəlˈbæɡ/ (covered pouch)  :: satulalaukku
saddle blanket {n} (blanket under saddle)  :: satulaloimi, satulahuopa
saddlecloth {n} (blanket placed under a saddle)  :: satulahuopa
saddlecloth {n} (cloth displaying a racehorse's number)  :: voilokki
saddlemaker {n} (saddler) SEE: saddler  ::
saddle point {n} (geometry)  :: satulapiste
saddle point {n} (game theory)  :: satulapiste
saddler {n} (someone who makes and repairs saddles)  :: satulaseppä
saddle shoe {n} /ˈsædl̩ ʃuː/ (shoe resembling an oxford)  :: satulakenkä
Sadducee {prop} (member of an ancient Jewish sect)  :: saddukeus
sadist {n} /ˈseɪdɪst/ (one who derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others)  :: sadisti
sadistic {adj} /səˈdɪstɪk/ (of a person)  :: sadistinen
sadistic {adj} (of behaviour)  :: sadistinen
sadly {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
sadness {n} (state/emotion)  :: surullisuus
sadness {n} (event causing sadness)  :: suru
sad to say {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
safari {n} /səˈfɑːɹ.i/ (a trip into any undeveloped area)  :: safari
safari park {n} (zoo-like attraction)  :: eläinpuisto
safe {adj} /seɪf/ (not in danger)  :: (olla) turvassa
safe {adj} (free from risk)  :: turvallinen
safe {adj} (providing protection from danger)  :: turvallinen
safe {adj} (baseball: in the base)  :: turvassa
safe {adj} (properly secured)  :: turvassa, tallessa
safe {adj} (not in danger from a specified source of harm)  :: kestävä
safe {adj} (slang: wicked - cool - awesome)  :: siisti
safe {n} (box in which valuables can be locked for safekeeping)  :: kassakaappi [large], tallelokero [small]
safe and sound {adj} (having come to no harm)  :: kunnossa, turvassa
safe-deposit box {n} (box for holding valuables safe)  :: tallelokero
safeguard {n} (something that serves as a guard or protection; a defense)  :: suoja
safeguard {n} (a safe-conduct, especially in time of war)  :: kulkulupa
safeguard {v} (to protect, to keep safe)  :: turvata, suojata
safeguard {v} (to escort safely)  :: suojata, turvata
safehouse {n} (secure location)  :: turvatalo
safelight {n} (lamp in a darkroom)  :: suojavalo
safe mode {n} ((computing) troubleshooting mode)  :: vikasietotila
safe sex {n} (sexual activity that minize risks)  :: turvaseksi
safety {n} /ˈseɪfti/ (condition or feeling of being safe)  :: turvallisuus, turva
safety {n} (mechanism to prevent accidental firing)  :: varmistin
safety {n} (American football: instance of a player being sacked or tackled in the end zone)  :: safety, oma maali
safety {n} (American football: defensive player)  :: takapuolustaja
safety {n} (preservation from escape; close custody)  :: vankeus
safety {n} (safety bicycle) SEE: safety bicycle  ::
safety bicycle {n} (dated: style of bicycle)  :: turvapolkupyörä
safety helmet {n} (helmet designed to protect the head from accidental injury)  :: suojakypärä
safety net {n} (net)  :: turvaverkko
safety net {n} (figuratively: anything that provides security)  :: turvaverkko
safety pin {n} (pin in the form of a clasp)  :: hakaneula
safety pin {n} (pin of a hand grenade)  :: sokka
safety razor {n} (type of razor)  :: partahöylä, parranajokone, partakone
safety reflector {n} (type of reflector)  :: heijastin
safety valve {n} (a relief valve set to open at a pressure below that at which a container would burst)  :: varoventtiili
safeword {n} (a word used to indicate that a participant wants to stop)  :: turvasana
safflower {n} (plant)  :: saflori, värisaflori
saffron {n} (plant)  :: maustesahrami
saffron {n} (spice)  :: sahrami
saffron {n} (colour)  :: sahraminkeltainen
saffron {adj} (having an orange-yellow colour)  :: sahraminkeltainen
sag {n} /sæɡ/ (state of sinking or bending)  :: roikkuminen, painuminen; taipuminen
sag {n} (difference in elevation)  :: roikkuma
sag {v} (to sink)  :: roikkua [cable, rope etc.]; painua [surface]; painua [rod, bar etc.]
sag {v} (to give way from a vertical position)  :: painua, kallistua
sag {v} (to lose firmness)  :: taipua, notkahtaa
sag {v} (to loiter in walking)  :: löntystää, löntystellä
sag {v} (to cause to bend)  :: taivuttaa
saga {n} /ˈsɑːɡə/ (Old Norse Icelandic prose)  :: saaga
saga {n} (long epic story)  :: tarina, taru, saaga
sagacious {adj} /səˈɡeɪʃəs/ (having or showing keen discernment)  :: viisas, terävänäköinen
saganaki {n} /ˌsɑɡəˈnɑki/ (a Greek dish cooked in a frying pan, espescially a cheese appetizer)  :: saganaki
sage {adj} (wise)  :: viisas
sage {n} (wise person)  :: tietäjä
sage {n} (plant)  :: salvia
sagebrush {n} /ˈseɪd͡ʒˌbɹʌʃ/ (shrub of the genus Artemisia)  :: maruna
Sagitta {prop} (constellation)  :: Nuoli
sagittal {adj} /səˈdʒɪtəl/ (in the direction from dorsal to ventral)  :: sagittaalinen
sagittal plane {n} (anatomy: imaginary plane)  :: sagittaalitaso, nuolitaso
Sagittarius {prop} /sædʒɪˈtɛɹɪəs/ (constellation)  :: Jousimies
Sagittarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Jousimies
sago {n} (a powdered starch obtained from certain palms used as a food thickener)  :: saago
sago {n} (any of the palms from which sago is extracted)  :: saagopalmu
sago palm {n} (Metroxylon sagu)  :: saagopalmu
sago pudding {n} (milk pudding made from sago)  :: saagovanukas
Sahara {prop} /səˈhɛəɹə/ (desert)  :: Sahara
said {adj} (mentioned earlier)  :: samainen, kyseessä oleva, edellä mainittu
said {determiner} (mentioned earlier)  :: samainen, kyseessä oleva, edellä mainittu
saiga {n} (antelope)  :: saiga-antilooppi
Saigon {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City  ::
sail {n} /seɪl/ (a piece of fabric attached to a boat)  :: purje
sail {n} (a trip in a boat)  :: purjehdus
sail {n} (the blade of a windmill)  :: siipi
sail {n} (a tower-like structure found on the topside of a submarine)  :: torni
sail {n} (floating organ of siphonophores)  :: uimakello
sail {v} (to ride in a boat, especially sailboat)  :: purjehtia, seilata
sail {v} (to move briskly and gracefully through the air)  :: liitää
sail {v} (to move briskly)  :: liitää, kiitää
sail {n} (sailfish) SEE: sailfish  ::
sailboard {n} (surfboard with a small sail on a flexible mast)  :: purjelauta
sailboard {v} (to practice the sport of using a sailboard)  :: purjelautailla
sailboat {n} /ˈseɪlˌboʊt/ (a boat propelled by a sail)  :: purjevene
sail close to the wind {v} (nautical: to sail close to the direction from which the wind is blowing)  :: luovia
sail close to the wind {v} (to behave riskily)  :: luovia
sailcloth {n} (fabric)  :: purjekangas
sailfish {n} (fish)  :: purjekala
sailing {n} /ˈseɪlɪŋ/ (motion across water)  :: purjehtiminen
sailing {n} (skill to operate a vessel)  :: navigointi
sailing {n} (time of departure)  :: lähtöaika
sailing {adj} (travelling by ship)  :: purjehtiva, purjehdus-
sailing ship {n} (type of ship)  :: purjealus
sailmaker {n} (occupation)  :: purjeentekijä, purjeompelija
sailor {n} /ˈseɪlɚ/ (worker on a ship)  :: matruusi, merimies
sailplane {n} (sailplane) SEE: glider  ::
Saimaa ringed seal {n} (subspecies of the ringed seal, living only in Lake Saimaa)  :: saimaannorppa
saint {n} /seɪnt/ (person proclaimed as saint)  :: pyhimys
saint {n} ((figuratively) a person with positive qualities)  :: pyhimys
saint {n} (one who is sanctified or made holy)  :: pyhimys
Saint {n} /seɪnt/ (title given to a saint)  :: Pyhä
Saint Barbara {prop} (saint)  :: Pyhä Barbara
Saint Bernard {n} /ˈseɪnt bəɹˈnɑɹd/ (Saint Bernard breed of Dog)  :: bernhardilainen, bernhardinkoira
Saint George {prop} (Patron saint of England and several other places)  :: Pyhä Yrjö
Saint Helena {prop} /seɪnt həˈliːnə/ (island in the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Saint Helena
Saint John's bread {n} (carob) SEE: carob  ::
Saint Kitts and Nevis {prop} /seɪnt ˌkɪts ænd ˈniː.vɪs/ (a country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Kitts ja Nevis
Saint Lucia {prop} /seɪnt ˈluː.ʃə/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Lucia
Saint Mary {prop} (the mother of Jesus Christ)  :: pyhä Maria
Saint Nicholas {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Saint Nicholas {prop} (4th-century Greek bishop, patron of children and marines)  :: Pyhä Nikolaus
saintpaulia {n} (African violet) SEE: African violet  ::
Saint Petersburg {prop} (city)  :: Pietari
Saint Pierre and Miquelon {prop} (overseas territory of France)  :: Saint-Pierre ja Miquelon
Saint Valentine's Day {prop} (Saint Valentine's Day)  :: ystävänpäivä
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines {prop} /seɪnt ˈvɪnt.sənt ænd ðə ˌɡɹɛn.əˈdiːnz/ (country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Vincent ja Grenadiinit
sake {n} /sɑːkeɪ/ (Japanese rice wine)  :: sake
saker {n} /ˈseɪkə/ (falcon)  :: aavikkohaukka
Sakha {prop} (Sakha, Russia)  :: Saha, Sahan tasavalta
Sakhalin {prop} /ˌsækəˈliːn/ (island in Russia)  :: Sahalin
saki {n} (monkey)  :: saki
sakura {n} (cherry) SEE: cherry  ::
sakura {n} (cherry blossom) SEE: cherry blossom  ::
sakura {n} (cherry tree) SEE: cherry tree  ::
salaam alaikum {interj} (Muslim greeting)  :: as-salaam aleikum
salacious {adj} /səˈleɪʃəs/ (promoting sexual desire or lust)  :: hekumallinen
salad {n} /ˈsæləd/ (food)  :: salaatti
salad {n} (vegetable)  :: salaatti
salad bar {n} (buffet for salad and cold food)  :: salaattipöytä, salaattibaari
salad dodger {n} (overweight person)  :: punkero
salad dressing {n} (salad seasoning liquid)  :: salaattikastike
salamander {n} /ˈsæləˌmændə/ (amphibian)  :: salamanteri
salamander {n} (mythical creature)  :: salamanteri
salami {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
salami {n} /sɘˈlɑːmɪ]/ (sausage)  :: salami
salami tactics {n} (piecemeal removal)  :: salamitaktiikka, viipalointitaktiikka
sal ammoniac {n} (rare mineral)  :: salmiakki
salaried {adj} (describing one who is paid monthly)  :: kuukausipalkkainen
salary {n} /ˈsælɚi/ (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis)  :: kuukausipalkka, kiinteä palkka
salaryman {n} /ˈsæl.əɹ.i.mæn/ (employee)  :: toimihenkilö; salaryman [in Japanese context]
salat {n} (Islamic prayer)  :: salat, rukoushetki
sale {n} /seɪl/ (exchange of goods or services for currency or credit)  :: myynti
sale {n} (sale of goods at reduced prices)  :: alennusmyynti, ale
sale {n} (act of putting up for auction to the highest bidder)  :: huutokauppa
Salekhard {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Salehard
sale price {n} (selling price)  :: myyntihinta
sale price {n} (reduced price)  :: alennushinta, alennettu hinta, alehinta
sales assistant {n} (shop worker)  :: myyntiapulainen
salesman {n} (man whose job it is to sell things)  :: myyjä, myyntimies
salesperson {n} (salesman or saleswoman)  :: myyjä
sales pitch {n} (presentation to persuade a customer)  :: myyntipuhe
sales tax {n} (a tax)  :: liikevaihtovero
saleswoman {n} (woman whose occupation is to sell things)  :: myyjä
salicylic acid {n} (salicylic acid)  :: salisyylihappo
salience {n} /ˈseɪlˌɪiɛns/ (condition of being salient)  :: keskisyys, tärkeys, huomattavuus
salient {adj} /ˈseɪ.ljənt/ (prominent)  :: keskeinen, huomattava
saline {n} (solution) SEE: saline solution  ::
salineness {n} (salineness) SEE: salinity  ::
saline solution {n} (solution)  :: suolaliuos
salinity {n} /seɪˈlɪnəti/ (quality of being saline)  :: suolaisuus
salinity {n} (concentration of salt)  :: suolapitoisuus
saliva {n} /səˈlaɪvə/ (liquid secreted into the mouth)  :: sylki
salivary gland {n} (Any of exocrine glands producing saliva to break down carbohydrates in food enzymatically)  :: sylkirauhanen
salivation {n} (process of producint saliva)  :: syljeneritys
sallow {adj} /ˈsæ.ləʊ/ (yellowish)  :: kellertävä, harmaankeltainen
sallow {n} (Salix caprea)  :: raita
sally {n} /ˈsæ.li/ (a sortie)  :: rynnäköidä
sally {n} (a witty statement or quip)  :: sutkaista
sally {v} (to make a sudden attack from defended position)  :: rynnistää vastahyökkäykseen
sally {v} (to set out on an excursion)  :: lähteä liikkeelle
sally {n} (willow) SEE: willow  ::
salmon {n} /ˈsæmən/ (fish)  :: lohikala, lohi
salmon {n} (colour)  :: lohenpunainen
salmon {adj} (colour)  :: lohenpunainen
salmonella {n} /ˌsæl.məˈnɛl.ə/ (any of several rod-shaped bacteria, of the genus Salmonella)  :: salmonella
salmonellosis {n} (disease)  :: salmonelloosi
salmon trout {n} (rainbow trout) SEE: rainbow trout  ::
salo {n} (non-rendered pig fat)  :: läski, salo
salon {n} /səˈlɒn/ (large room)  :: salonki, seurusteluhuone
salon {n} (gathering of people)  :: seura
salon {n} (art gallery)  :: galleria, taidegalleria, salonki
salon {n} (beauty salon)  :: kauneussalonki, kauneushoitola
saloon {n} (sedan) SEE: sedan  ::
saloon {n} /səˈlun/ (tavern)  :: saluuna
salp {n} (free-swimming tunicate of the genus Salpa)  :: salpa
salpingectomy {n} (operation)  :: munanjohtimen poistoleikkaus, salpingektomia
salpinx {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
salsa {n} /ˈsɑl.sə/ (spicy tomato sauce)  :: salsa
salsa {n} (style of music)  :: salsa
salsa {n} (dance)  :: salsa
salsalike {adj} (Resembling or characteristic of salsa (the spicy tomato sauce))  :: salsamainen
salsalike {adj} (esembling or characteristic of salsa (the style of music))  :: salsamainen
salt {n} /sɔlt/ (sodium chloride)  :: suola
salt {n} (compound of an acid and a base)  :: suola
salt {n} (sailor)  :: merikarhu
salt {adj} (salty)  :: suolainen
salt {adj} (saline)  :: suolainen, suola-
salt {v} (to add salt to)  :: suolata
salt {v} (to include colorful language)  :: maustaa, höystää
salt {v} (to add something into an object)  :: terästää
salt {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
salt beef {n} (beef cured in salt)  :: suolaliha, naudan suolaliha
saltbush {n} /ˈsɔːltˌbʊʃ/ (plant of the genus Atriplex)  :: maltsa
salt cellar {n} (container holding salt for use in the kitchen or on a dining table)  :: suolasirotin
salted egg {n} /ˈsɒl.tɪd eɡ/ (Chinese preserved food)  :: suolattu muna
salter {n} (one who deals with salt)  :: suolaaja [applies]; suolakauppias [sells]
saltine {n} (salty cracker)  :: voileipäkeksi
saltiness {n} (property of being, or tasting, salty)  :: suolainen
salting {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
salting {n} (act)  :: suolaus
salt lake {n} (body of water with a high concentration of salts)  :: suolajärvi
salt lick {n} (block of salt)  :: nuolukivi
salt marsh {n} (marsh of saline water)  :: marskimaa
salt mine {n} (mine)  :: suolakaivos
saltness {n} (state or quality of being salt)  :: suolaisuus
salt of the earth {n} (a decent, dependable person)  :: kunnon ihminen
salto mortale {n} (a dangerous and daring jump with possibly lethal outcome)  :: surmanhyppy
salto mortale {n} ((figuratively) a risky, dangerous or crucial step or undertaking)  :: surmanhyppy
saltpetre {n} (potassium nitrate) SEE: potassium nitrate  ::
salt pork {n} (pork cured in salt)  :: läski
salt shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold salt and facilitate sprinkling)  :: suolasirotin
salt water {n} (brine) SEE: brine  ::
salt water {n} (any water containing dissolved salt)  :: suolavesi
saltwater crocodile {n} (Crocodylus porosus)  :: suistokrokotiili
salty {adj} /ˈsɒl.ti/ (tasting of salt)  :: suolainen
salty {adj} (containing salt)  :: suolainen
salty {adj} (of language: coarse, provocative)  :: rasvainen
salty dog {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog  ::
salty dog {n} (promiscuous man)  :: pukki
salubrious {adj} /səˈluː.bɹiː.əs/ (promoting health)  :: terveellinen
salutary {adj} /ˈsæljətɛɹi/ (effecting or designed to effect an improvement; remedial: salutary advice)  :: hyödyllinen, terveellinen
salutary {adj} (promoting good health and physical well-being)  :: terveellinen
salutation {n} (greeting)  :: tervehdys
salutation {n} (act of greeting)  :: tervehdys, tervehtiminen
salutation {n} (title)  :: titteli
salute {n}  :: tervehdys , kunnianosoitus
salvage {n} /ˈsælvɪdʒ/ (the rescue of a ship, its crew or its cargo from a hazardous situation)  :: pelastaminen
salvage {v} (to rescue)  :: pelastaa
salvation {n} /sælˈveɪʃən/ (the process of being saved (religion))  :: pelastus, pelastaminen
Salvation Army {prop} (protestant Christian charitable and evangelical organization)  :: Pelastusarmeija
salve {n} /sælv/ (ointment, cream or balm)  :: voide, salva, balsami
salve {n} (something that soothes or heals)  :: balsami
salve {v} (to calm or assuage)  :: rauhoittaa
salve {v} (to salvage)  :: pelastaa
salver {n} (A tray used to display or serve food.)  :: tarjotin
Salzkammergut {prop} (resort area in Austria)  :: Salzkammergut
Samaritan {n} /səˈmaɹɪt(ə)n/ (a native or inhabitant of Samaria)  :: samarialainen
Samaritan {adj} (of or relating to Samaria or the Samaritans)  :: samarialainen
samarium {n} (chemical element)  :: samarium
Samarkand {prop} /ˈsæmə(ɹ)kænd/ (city in Uzbekistan)  :: Samarkand
samba {n} (Brazilian ballroom dance)  :: samba
Sam Browne belt {n} (belt supported by a strap)  :: komentovyö
same {adj} /seɪm/ (not different as regards self; identical)  :: sama
same {adj} (similar, alike)  :: samanlainen
same {pron} (the identical thing)  :: samaa [partitive]
same {pron} (something similar, something of the identical type)  :: samaa [partitive]
same old story {n} (the repetition of an annoying occurrence)  :: sama vanha juttu
same sex {n} (the same gender to which one is referring)  :: sama sukupuoli
same-sex {adj} (restricted to members of a single sex)  :: yhden sukupuolen
same-sex {adj} (of or relating to homosexual men or women)  :: samaa sukupuolta oleva, samasukupuolinen, homo-
same-sex marriage {n} (gay marriage) SEE: gay marriage  ::
same to you {phrase} (I wish to you what you have just wished to me)  :: samoin sinulle, samoin
Sami {n} (member of indigenous people of Lapland)  :: saamelainen
Sami {prop} (any of the languages of the Sami)  :: saame, saamen kieli
Sami {adj} (relating to the Sami people or languages)  :: saamelainen
samisen {n} (shamisen) SEE: shamisen  ::
samlaw {n} (pedicab) SEE: pedicab  ::
Sammarinese {adj} (of, or pertaining to, San Marino)  :: sanmarinolainen
Sammarinese {n} (someone from San Marino)  :: sanmarinolainen
Samoa {prop} /səˈmoʊ.ə/ (Independent State of Samoa)  :: Samoa
Samoan {n} (person)  :: samoalainen
Samoan {prop} (Samoan language)  :: samoa
Samogitia {prop} (Samogitia)  :: Samogitia
samogon {n} (moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
Samosata {prop} /səˈmɑːsətə/ (city in Commagene)  :: Samosata
samovar {n} (metal urn with a spigot, for boiling water for making tea)  :: samovaari
Samoyed {n} /ˈsæməjɛd/ (person)  :: samojedi
Samoyed {n} (dog)  :: samojedi, samojedinkoira
sampan {n} (Chinese boat)  :: sampaani
sampi {n} (Ϡ ϡ)  :: sampii
sample {n} /ˈsæm.pəl/ (part taken for inspection)  :: näyte
sample {n} (statistics)  :: otos
sample {n} (cooking)  :: maistiainen
sample {n} (business)  :: näyte
sample {n} (music)  :: lainaus, sämpläys
sample {v} (to take or to test a sample or samples of)  :: ottaa näyte, ottaa näytteitä
sample {v} (signal processing: to reduce a continuous signal to a discrete signal)  :: ottaa näytteitä
sample {v} (music: to reuse a portion of an existing recording)  :: sämplätä
sample {v} (to make or show something similar to a sample)  :: tehdä samanlainen, näyttää samanlainen
sampling {n} (process or technique of obtaining a representative sample)  :: näytteenotto
sampling {n} (sample)  :: näyte
sampling {n} (analysis of a group by determining the characteristics of a significant percentage of its members chosen at random)  :: otanta
sampling {n} (technique for electronically splicing pieces of previously recorded sound as part of a composition)  :: samplaus, sämpläys
Samson {prop} (Israelite judge)  :: Simson
Samuel {prop} /ˈsæmjuəl/ (male given name)  :: Samuel, Samuli
Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Samuel
Samuel {prop} (biblical person)  :: Samuel
samurai {n} /ˈsæm(j)ʊɹaɪ/ (feudal Japanese warrior)  :: samurai
Sana'a {prop} (capital of Yemen)  :: Sanaa
sanatorium {n} (institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence)  :: parantola, sairashuone, sanatorio
séance {n} /ˈseɪˌɑns/ (a ceremony where people try to communicate with the spirits)  :: spiritismisessio
sanctify {v} /ˈsæŋk.tɪ.faɪ/ (to make holy)  :: pyhittää
sanctify {v} (to purify)  :: puhdistaa, vapauttaa
sanctify {v} (to make acceptable or useful)  :: pyhittää
sanctimonious {adj} /ˌsæŋk.tɪˈmoʊ.ni.əs/ (making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically)  :: tekopyhä, pyhimysmäinen, hurskasteleva, [colloquial] jeesusteleva
sanctimoniously {adv} (in a sanctimonious manner)  :: tekopyhästi
sanctimony {n} (a hypocritical form of excessive piety)  :: tekopyhyys
sanction {n} /ˈsæŋkʃən/ (approval, by an authority, that makes something valid)  :: hyväksyntä
sanction {n} (penalty, coercive measure)  :: seuraamus, sanktio, pakote
sanction {v} (to give authorization or approval to)  :: antaa hyväksyntä, hyväksyä
sanction {v} (to penalize a state, especially for violating international law)  :: sanktioida
sanctity {n} (holiness) SEE: holiness  ::
sanctuary {n} /ˈsæŋkˌtjuɛɹi/ (place of safety or protection)  :: turvapaikka
sanctuary {n} (area set aside for protection)  :: rauhoitusalue, suojelualue
sanctuary {n} (state of being protected)  :: turvapaikka
sanctuary {n} (consecrated area)  :: pyhäkkö
sanctum sanctorum {n} (Holy of Holies)  :: kaikkein pyhin
sand {n} /sænd/ (finely ground rock)  :: hiekka, santa
sand {n} (beach)  :: hietikko, hiekkaranta
sand {n} (colour)  :: hiekka, hiekanvärinen
sand {adj} (colour)  :: hiekanvärinen
sand {v} (to abrade with sand or sandpaper)  :: hioa (hiekkapaperilla)
sand {v} (to cover with sand)  :: hiekoittaa
sandal {n} /sændəl/ (type of footwear)  :: sandaali
sandal {n} (sandalwood) SEE: sandalwood  ::
sandalwood {n} /ˈsandəlwʊd/ (any of various tropical trees of the genus Santalum)  :: santelipuu
sandalwood {n} (the aromatic heartwood of the trees of the genus Santalum)  :: santelipuu
sandbag {n} (a bag filled with sand)  :: hiekkasäkki
sand bath {n} (laboratory gear)  :: hiekkahaude
sand bath {n} (bath in which body is immersed in sand)  :: hiekkakylpy
sand bath {n} (rolling in sand)  :: hiekkakylpy
sandbathe {v} (to take a sand bath) SEE: dustbathe  ::
sandblast {v} /ˈsænd.blɑːst/ (to spray with sand)  :: hiekkapuhaltaa
sandbox {n} /ˈsændbɑks/ (box with sand for children)  :: hiekkalaatikko
sandbox {n} (wiki sandbox)  :: hiekkalaatikko
sandbox {n} (isolated program execution area)  :: hiekkalaatikko
sandcastle {n} (a sculpture made of sand and resembling a miniature castle)  :: hiekkalinna
sand cat {n} (small wild cat)  :: hietakissa
sand dune {n} (mound of windblown sand)  :: hiekkadyyni
sand eel {n} (fish of the family Ammodytidae) SEE: sand lance  ::
sanderling {n} (Calidris alba)  :: pulmussirri
sandgrouse {n} /ˈsændˌɡɹaʊs/ (birds in the family Pteroclididae)  :: hietakyyhky
sandhi {n} (phonological process)  :: sandhi-ilmiö, sandhi
sandhill crane {n} (Grus canadensis)  :: hietakurki
sanding sheet {n} (sheet of sanding paper)  :: hioma-arkki
sand lance {n} (fish of the family Ammodytidae)  :: tuulenkala
sandman {n} /ˈsænd.mæn/ (figure who brings good sleep and dreams)  :: nukkumatti
sand martin {n} (bird)  :: törmäpääsky
sandpaper {n} /ˈsændˌpeɪpɚ/ (paper coated with abrasive material)  :: hiomapaperi
sandpaper {n} (a sheet)  :: hioma-arkki
sandpaper {v} (to polish or grind a surface)  :: hioa
sandpiper {n} /ˈsænd.paɪpɚ/ (bird of the family Scolopacidae)  :: sirri, sirriäinen, vikla, viklo, rantasipi, liro, rantakurvi
sandpit {n} /sændpɪt/ (children's play area)  :: hiekkalaatikko
sand sedge {n} (Carex arenaria)  :: hietikkosara
sandstone {n} /ˈsændˌstoʊn/ (sand/clay sedimentary rock)  :: hiekkakivi
sandstorm {n} (strong wind carrying clouds of sand)  :: hiekkamyrsky
sandwich {n} /ˈsænˌ(d)wɪt͡ʃ/ (snack consisting of two slices of bread)  :: kerrosvoileipä, voileipä
sandwich {n} (layers of material)  :: sandwich
sandwich {v} (to place one item between two other, usually flat, items)  :: kerrostaa
sandwich {n} (open sandwich) SEE: open sandwich  ::
sandwich cake {n} (savory Swedish cake)  :: voileipäkakku
sandwich cookie {n} (type of snack)  :: täytekeksi
sandy {adj} /ˈsændi/ (covered with sand)  :: hiekkainen
sandy {adj} (like sand)  :: hiekkamainen
sandy {adj} (sand-coloured)  :: hiekanvärinen
sane {adj} /seɪn/ (mentally healthy)  :: terve; järjissään [adverb]
sane {adj} (Mentally sound; possessing a rational mind)  :: tervejärkinen
sangfroid {n} /sɑŋˈfɹɑ/ (composure, self-possession or imperturbability)  :: kylmähermoisuus, kylmäverisyys, kylmäpäisyys
Sango {prop} (language)  :: sango
sangria {n} /sæŋˈɡɹiːə/ (Spanish wine drink with fruit, sugar and soda)  :: sangria
sanguine {adj} /ˈsæŋ.ɡwɪn/ (having the colour of blood; red)  :: verenpunainen
sanguine {adj} (anticipating the best)  :: toiveikas
sanguine {n} (blood red colour)  :: verenpunainen
sanguinolent {adj} /sæŋˈɡwɪnələnt/ (containing or tinged with blood)  :: verensekainen
sanidine {n} (variety of orthoclase feldspar)  :: sanidiini
sanitary {adj} (of health)  :: terveys-
sanitary {adj} (hygienic)  :: saniteetti-
sanitary napkin {n} (pad of cotton or other absorbent material)  :: terveysside
sanitary towel {n} (pad of cotton) SEE: sanitary napkin  ::
sanitation {n} (the hygienic disposal or recycling of waste)  :: jätehuolto
sanitation {n} (the policy and practice)  :: jätehuolto
San Marino {prop} /ˌsæn məˈɹi.noʊ/ (Republic of San Marino)  :: San Marino
sans {prep} (without) SEE: without  ::
Sanskrit {prop} /ˈsænskɹɪt/ (language)  :: sanskriitti
Santa {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Santa Claus {prop} /ˈsæn.təˌklɑz/ (fictional figure)  :: joulupukki
Santa hat {n} (red and white hat associated with Santa Claus)  :: joulupukin lakki
Santa suit {n} (costume asoociated with Santa)  :: joulupukin puku, joulupukin asu
Santa's workshop {n} (mythical structure)  :: joulupukin työpaja
Santa's workshop {n} (real-life replica)  :: joulupukin työpaja
Santa's workshop {n} (productive work environment)  :: tuottava työpaikka
Santiago {prop} (city in Chile)  :: Santiago
Santiago de Chile {prop} (Santiago) SEE: Santiago  ::
saola {n} (ruminant)  :: saola
sap {n} /sæp/ (juice of plant)  :: mahla
sap {n} (sapwood of a tree)  :: nila
sap {n} (slang: saphead)  :: hölmö, tollo, tomppeli
sap {n} (narrow ditch or trench)  :: juoksuhauta (most often “juoksuhauta” would translate into English as “trench”. In Finnish the same word covers also “sap”.)
sap {v} (undermine)  :: heikentää
sap {v} (make unstable; weaken)  :: uuvuttaa, heikentää
sapling {n} (young tree)  :: taimi
sapling {n} (youth)  :: ihmistaimi
sapodilla {n} /ˌsæpəˈdɪlə/ (tree)  :: sapotillapuu
sapodilla {n} (fruit)  :: sapotilla, sapodilla
sapote {n} /səˈpoʊti/ (fruit of various South American trees)  :: sapotilla
sapper {n} (one who saps; combat engineer)  :: pioneeri
sapphic {adj} /ˈsæf.ɪk/ (relating to lesbianism)  :: sapfinen, sapfolainen
Sapphic {adj} /ˈsæf.ɪk/ (relating to the Greek poetess Sappho or her poetry)  :: sapfolainen
Sapphic {adj} (sapphic) SEE: sapphic  ::
sapphire {n} /ˈsæf.aɪ̯ɚ/ (gem)  :: safiiri
sapphist {n} (lesbian)  :: sapfolainen
Sappho {prop} (Greek female name)  :: Sapfo
Sapporo {prop} (a city of Japan)  :: Sapporo
sappy {adj} /ˈsæpi/ (excessively sweet, emotional, nostalgic; cheesy; mushy)  :: imelä, siirappinen
saprophyte {n} /ˈsæpɹəʊfaɪt/ (organism that lives on dead organic matter)  :: marraskasvi, saprofyytti
saprotroph {n} (organism)  :: lahottaja, saprotrofi, hajottaja
sapwood {n} /ˈsapwʊd/ (wood just under the bark)  :: manto, pintapuu
Sara {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sarah  ::
sarafan {n} (a traditional long, trapeze-shaped Russian pinafore worn by women and girls.)  :: sarafaani, feresi
Sarah {prop} /ˈsæɹə/ (Wife of Abraham)  :: Saara
Sarah {prop} (given name from Hebrew)  :: Saara
Sarai {prop} (female given name)  :: Sarai
sarcasm {n} /ˈsɑːɹˌkæzəm/ (derision, facetiousness)  :: sarkasmi
sarcocarp {n} /ˈsɑː(ɹ)kəkɑː(ɹ)p/ (fleshy part of a stone fruit)  :: hedelmäliha
sarcocarp {n} (fruit which is fleshy)  :: mehevä hedelmä
sarcophagus {n} /sɑː(ɹ)ˈkɒfəɡəs/ (coffin)  :: sarkofagi
sarcophagus {n} (steel structure)  :: sarkofagi
sardine {n} (fish)  :: sardiini
Sardinia {prop} /sɑɹˈdɪniə/ (island of Italy)  :: Sardinia
Sardinian {prop} (language)  :: sardi
Sardinian {adj} (relating to Sardinia)  :: sardinialainen
Sardinian {n} (person from Sardinia)  :: sardinialainen
sardonic {adj} /sɑɹˈdɑːnɪk/ (scornfully mocking)  :: häijy, ivallinen
Sargasso Sea {prop} (an elongated area in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean)  :: Sargassomeri
sarge {n} (colloquial form of sergeant)  :: kessu
sari {n} /ˈsɑː.ɹi/ (cloth)  :: sari
sarin {n} (neurotoxin)  :: sariini
Sarkozy {prop} (surname)  :: Sarkozy
sarong {n} /səˈɹɔːŋ/ (garment made of printed cloth wrapped about the waist)  :: sarong
SARS {prop} (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)  :: SARS
sarsaparilla {n} /ˌsæspəˈɹɪlə/ (vine of the genus Smilax)  :: sarsaparilla
sartorial {adj} /sɑɹˈtɔɹ.i.əl/ (of or relating to tailoring or clothing)  :: pukeutumis-, vaatetukseen liittyvä, vaatetukseen kohdistuva
sartorial {adj} (of or relating to quality of dress)  :: hyvin pukeutunut, laadukkaasti pukeutunut
sartorial {adj} (anatomy: of sartorius)  :: räätälinlihas-, räätälinlihakseen liittyvä
sartorius {n} /sɑː(ɹ)ˈtɔːɹ.i.əs/ (anatomy: a muscle)  :: räätälinlihas
sash {n} (decorative length of cloth)  :: nauha, vyö
sash {n} (opening part of a window)  :: ikkuna; ikkunanpuite
sash {n} (graphical user interface: draggable bar)  :: kehys
sash {n} (rectangular frame in which a saw is strained)  :: raami
Sasha {prop} (male given name)  :: Sasu, Saska
sashimi {n} /saʃɪmɪ/ (dish of slices of raw fish or meat)  :: sashimi
sash window {n} (type of window)  :: liukuikkuna
Saskatchewan {prop} /səˈskætʃ.əˌwɑːn/ (Province in western Canada)  :: Saskatchewan
sasquatch {n} /ˈsæskwætʃ/ (a hairy humanoid creature)  :: isojalka
sassafras {n} /ˈsasəfɹas/ (Sassafras albidum)  :: amerikansassafras
sassafras {n} (tree of the species Sassafras)  :: sassafras
sassafras {n} (dried bark of the sassafras tree)  :: sassafras
sassy {adj} /ˈsasi/ (bold and spirited, cheeky, impudent, saucy)  :: nenäkäs, hävytön, julkea, ponteva, röyhkeä
sassy {adj} (lively, vigorous)  :: eloisa, tarmokas
Satan {prop} /ˈseɪtən/ (the Devil)  :: Saatana, paholainen
Satanism {n} /ˈseɪtənɪzm/ (devil worship)  :: satanismi
Satanism {n} (a religion founded by Anton Szandor LaVey)  :: satanismi
Satanist {n} (one who identifies with Satanism)  :: satanisti
Satanist {n} (one who worships Satan or worships self)  :: satanisti
satay {n} /sæˈteɪ/ (dish)  :: satay, satay-vartaat
satchel {n} /ˈsætʃəl/ (bag or case with one or two shoulder straps)  :: olkalaukku, reppu, koulureppu
sate {v} /seɪt/ (To satisfy; fill up)  :: tyydyttää, täyttää
satellite {n} /ˈsætəlaɪt/ (attendant on an important person)  :: apuri [neutral]; kätyri [evil or derogatory]
satellite {n} (smaller body orbiting a larger one)  :: kiertolainen
satellite {n} (country, state, office, building etc. under the control of another body)  :: vasallivaltio [country]; nukkehallitus [government]; sivutoimisto, haarakonttori [office]; sivurakennus [building]; sivu-, ala-
satellite {n} (man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body)  :: satelliitti, tekokuu
satellite {n} (colloquial: satellite TV)  :: satelliittitelkkari
satellite campus {n} (detached campus of a college or university)  :: sivukampus
satellite dish {n} (parabolic antenna)  :: satelliittiantenni, lautasantenni
satellite navigation {n} (calculating one's position and velocity using radio signals from space satellites)  :: satelliittipaikannus
satellite navigation system {n} (navigation system using artificial satellites as radio signal sources and position references)  :: satelliittipaikannusjärjestelmä
satellite phone {n} (mobile telephone that connects to a satellite)  :: satelliittipuhelin
satellite town {n} (self-contained town near a metropolis)  :: satelliittikaupunki
Saterland Frisian {prop} (language)  :: itäfriisi
satiate {v} /seɪʃɪˈeɪt/ (satisfy)  :: tyydyttää
satiate {v} (satisfy to excess)  :: kyllästää
satin {n} /ˈsætɪn/ (cloth with a glossy surface and a dull back)  :: satiini
satire {n} (literary technique)  :: satiiri
satisfaction {n} /sætɪsˈfækʃən/ (fulfillment of a need or desire)  :: tyydytys
satisfaction {n} (pleasure obtained by such fulfillment)  :: mielihyvä, tyydytys
satisfaction {n} (source of such gratification)  :: tyydytys, täyttymys
satisfaction {n} (reparation for an injury or loss)  :: hyvitys, vahingonkorvaus
satisfaction {n} (vindication for a wrong suffered)  :: hyvitys
satisfactory {adj} /sætɪsˈfækt(ə)ɹi/ (adequate or sufficient)  :: tyydyttävä
satisfied {adj} /ˈsætɪsfaɪd/ (in a state of satisfaction)  :: tyytyväinen
satisfy {v} /ˈsætɪsfaɪ/ (to meet needs, to fulfill)  :: tyydyttää
satisfy {v} (to satisfy) SEE: respond  ::
satisfying {adj} (that satisfies)  :: tyydyttävä
satrap {n} /ˈseɪtɹæp/ (governor of a Persian province)  :: satraappi
satsuma {n} (seedless cultivar of tangerine)  :: satsuma
saturate {v} (to become penetrated or soaked)  :: kyllästää, kastella läpimäräksi
saturated {adj} (full; unable to hold or contain any more)  :: kylläinen, kyllästetty
saturated {adj} (soaked or drenched with moisture)  :: läpimärkä, vettä tippuva
saturated {adj} (of a solution: containing all the solute that can normally be dissolved)  :: kylläinen
saturated {adj} (chemistry: having all available valence bonds filled)  :: tyydyttynyt
saturated fat {n} (fat containing a high proportion of saturated fatty acids)  :: tyydyttynyt rasva
saturation {n} (the act of saturating or the process of being saturated)  :: saturaatio, kyllästäminen
saturation {n} (condition in which no increase in effect is possible)  :: kyllästyminen, saturaatio
saturation {n} (chemistry: state of a saturated solution)  :: saturaatio
saturation {n} (organic chemistry: state with no double or triple bonds)  :: tyydyttyminen
saturation {n} (state of 100% humidity)  :: kylläisyys
saturation {n} (vividness of color)  :: värikylläisyys
saturation {n} (flooding of market)  :: kyllästäminen
saturation {n} (musical effect)  :: saturaatioefekti, saturaatio
Saturday {n} /ˈsætɚdi/ (day of the week)  :: lauantai
Saturn {prop} /ˈsæ.tɝn/ (planet)  :: Saturnus
Saturn {prop} (god)  :: Saturnus
saturnism {n} (lead poisoning) SEE: plumbism  ::
satyr {n} /sæt.ə(ɹ)/ (Greek mythology)  :: satyyri
satyriasis {n} (uncontrollable sexual desire)  :: satyriaasi
sauce {n} /sɔs]/ (liquid condiment)  :: kastike
sauce {n} (booze)  :: soppa
saucepan {n} (deep cooking vessel)  :: kasari
saucer {n} /ˈsɔ.səɹ/ (small dish)  :: aluslautanen, asetti, teevati
saucer {n} (object shaped like a saucer)  :: lautanen
saucy {adj} /ˈsɔː.sɪ/ (similar to sauce)  :: vetelä, kastikemainen
saucy {adj} (impertinent or disrespectful)  :: topakka, tomera
saucy {adj} (impudently bold)  :: räväkkä
saucy {adj} (mildly erotic)  :: sähäkkä
Saudi Arabia {prop} /ˌsaʊdiː əˈɹeɪbi.ə/ (country in the Middle East)  :: Saudi-Arabia
sauerkraut {n} /ˈsaʊɚˌkɹaʊt/ (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage)  :: hapankaali
Saul {prop} /sɔːl/ (first king of Israel)  :: Saul
Saul {prop} (original name of Paul)  :: Saul
Saul {prop} (male given name)  :: Sauli
sauna {n} /ˈsɔː.nə/ (sauna room or house)  :: sauna
sauna {n} (act of using a sauna)  :: saunominen, sauna
sauna {v} (to use a sauna)  :: saunoa
saunter {n} /ˈsɔntɚ/ (a leisurely walk or stroll)  :: käyskennellä
saury {n} (fish of the family Scomberesocidae)  :: saira [Pacific saury]; makrillihauki [Atlantic saury]
sausage {n} /ˈsɔsɪd͡ʒ/ (a food made of minced meat packed into a tubular casing)  :: makkara
sausage {n} (small, uncooked)  :: makkara
sausage {n} (sausage-shaped thing)  :: makkara
sausage casing {n} (membrane into which filling of a sausage is stuffed)  :: makkarankuori
sausagelike {adj} (resembling a sausage)  :: makkaramainen
sausage meat {n} (ground spiced meat that can be stuffed in a sausage)  :: makkaramassa
sausage roll {n} (short piece of sausage meat baked in a roll of pastry)  :: nakkipiirakka
sauté {v} /soʊˈteɪ/ (to cook food)  :: käristää; kuullottaa, freesata
sauté {n} (dish)  :: käristys
savage {adj} /ˈsævɪdʒ/ (Wild, not cultivated)  :: villi
savage {adj} (Barbaric, not civilized)  :: raakalaismainen, sivistymätön
savage {adj} (Fierce and ferocious)  :: villi
savage {adj} (Brutal, vicious or merciless)  :: raaka, julma
savage {n} (uncivilized or feral person)  :: villi-ihminen, villi
savanna {n} /səˈvænə/ (tropical grassland with scattered trees)  :: savanni
save {n} /seɪv/ (block that prevents an opponent from scoring)  :: torjunta
save {n} (computing: act, process, or result of saving data to a storage medium)  :: tallennus
save {v} (to help someone to survive, or rescue someone)  :: pelastaa
save {v} (to keep safe; to safeguard)  :: turvata
save {v} (to spare somebody from effort, or from something undesirable)  :: säästää
save {v} (theology: to redeem or protect someone from eternal damnation)  :: pelastaa
save {v} (to sports: to catch or deflect a shot at goal)  :: torjua
save {v} (to store for future use)  :: panna talteen, säilyttää, säästää
save {v} (to conserve or prevent the wasting of)  :: säästää
save {v} (to obviate or make unnecessary)  :: säästää
save {v} (computing: to write a file to a storage medium)  :: tallentaa
save {v} (to economize)  :: säästää
save {v} (to accumulate money)  :: säästää
save {prep} (except, with the exception of)  :: paitsi, poislukien
save face {v} (preserve reputation)  :: pelastaa kasvonsa
saving {n} /ˈseɪvɪŋ/ (reduction in cost)  :: säästö
saving {n} (something that is saved)  :: säästöt {p}
saving {n} (action of saving)  :: säästäminen
savings account {n} (account that yields a better interest than a current account)  :: säästötili
savings bank {n} (financial institution)  :: säästöpankki
savior {n} (a person who saves someone, rescues another from harm)  :: pelastaja
savoiardi {n} (small sponge cake) SEE: ladyfinger  ::
Savonia {prop} (region of Finland)  :: Savo
Savonian {adj} (of or pertaining to Savonia)  :: savolainen
Savonian {n} (person)  :: savolainen
Savonian {prop} (dialect)  :: savon murre, Savon murre; savo [informal]
savor {n} (a distinctive sensation)  :: viehätys, sivumaku, mielenkiinto
savor {v} (to possess a particular taste or smell, or a distinctive quality)  :: vivahtaa
savor {v} (to appreciate, enjoy or relish something)  :: nauttia, nautiskella
savory {adj} /ˈseɪvəɹi/ (Tasty, attractive to the palate)  :: maukas, ruokahalua herättävä
savory {adj} (Salty or non-sweet)  :: suolainen
savory {n} (herb of genus Satureja)  :: kynteli
savour {v} (savour) SEE: savor  ::
Savoy {prop} /səˈvɔɪ/ (a historical region of western Europe)  :: Savoiji
Savoy {n} (Savoy cabbage) SEE: Savoy cabbage  ::
Savoy cabbage {n} (a hardy cabbage with dense, crinkled leaves)  :: kurttukaali, savoijinkaali
savvy {adj} /ˈsæ.vi/ (well-informed and perceptive)  :: fiksu [informal], älykäs
saw {n} /sɔ/ (tool)  :: saha
saw {v} (cut with a saw)  :: sahata
saw {v} (make a motion back and forth as with a saw)  :: sahata
saw {n} (musical saw) SEE: musical saw  ::
sawbones {n} (surgeon)  :: kirurgi
sawbuck {n} (a framework for holding wood so that it can be sawed)  :: sahapukki
sawdust {n} (dust created by sawing)  :: sahanpuru
sawfly {n} (insect of the suborder Symphyta)  :: sahapistiäinen
sawhorse {n} /sɔ.hɔɹs/ (a device used to temporarily raise and support pieces of material)  :: pukki, sahapukki
sawlike {adj} (resembling a saw)  :: sahamainen
sawm {n} (Islamic fasting)  :: saum
sawmill {n} (machine, building or company)  :: saha
saw-toothed {adj} (having a jagged edge like a saw)  :: sahalaitainen, sahahampainen
saw wood {v} (idioms meaning "to snore")  :: vetää hirsiä
saxifrage {n} (plant)  :: rikko
saxitoxin {n} (type of neurotoxin)  :: saksitoksiini
Saxon {n} /sæksən/ (member of Saxon tribe)  :: saksi
Saxon {n} (native or inhabitant of Saxony)  :: saksi, saksilainen
Saxon {prop} (language of the Saxons)  :: saksi
Saxon {adj} (of Saxons, Saxony or Saxon language)  :: saksilainen, saksi-
Saxony {prop} /ˈsæksəni/ (state)  :: Saksi
Saxony-Anhalt {prop} (state)  :: Saksi-Anhalt
saxophone {n} /ˈsæksəfoʊn/ (a musical instrument of the woodwind family)  :: saksofoni
saxophonist {n} /ˈsæksəˌfoʊnɪst/ (person who plays or practices with the saxophone)  :: saksofonisti, informal fonisti
say {v} /seɪ/ (to pronounce)  :: sanoa, kertoa
say {v} (to communicate verbally or in writing)  :: sanoa, virkkaa
say {v} (to indicate in a written form)  :: näyttää
say {v} (to say) SEE: tell  ::
say cheese {v} (elicit a smile from someone for a photograph)  :: [there's no "standard" term]
say goodbye {v} (wish someone farewell upon their leaving)  :: hyvästellä
say grace {v} (say a prayer of thanks)  :: lukea ruokarukous
saying {n} /ˈseɪɪŋ/ (proverb or maxim)  :: sanonta
sayonara {interj} (goodbye, adieu) SEE: farewell  ::
says who {phrase} (who says so?)  :: sanoo kuka?
say when {v} (imperative to request when the pouring of a drink should stop)  :: sano, kun riittää
SBM {n} (small to medium business)  :: PKY
scab {n} (mange) SEE: mange  ::
scab {n} /skæb/ (incrustation over a wound)  :: rupi
scab {n} (group of diseases of potatoes)  :: rupi
scab {n} (common scab)  :: perunarupi
scab {n} (fungus disease of plants)  :: rupi
scab {n} (founding irregularity)  :: hilse
scab {n} (mean, dirty, paltry fellow)  :: hulttio
scab {n} (strikebreaker)  :: rikkuri
scab {v} (to become covered by a scab or scabs)  :: arpeutua
scab {v} (to form into scabs and be shed)  :: kesiä, kuoriutua
scab {v} (to remove part of a surface)  :: kuoria
scab {v} (to act as a strikebreaker)  :: rikkuroida
scab {v} (slang: to beg or bum)  :: pummata
scab {n} (scabies) SEE: scabies  ::
scabbard {n} /ˈskæb.əd/ (the sheath of a sword)  :: tuppi, huotra
scabby {adj} /ˈskæb.i/ (full of scabs)  :: rupinen
scabby {adj} (diseased with scab)  :: syyhyinen
scabies {n} /ˈ (an infestation of parasitic mites, Sarcoptes scabiei)  :: syyhy
scad {n} (fish)  :: piikkimakrilli
scaffold {n} /ˈskæfəld/ (structure made of scaffolding for workers to stand on)  :: telineet {p}
scaffold {n} (platform for executions)  :: mestauslava
scaffolder {n} (a person who erects and dismantles scaffolding)  :: rakennustelineasentaja
scaffolding {n} (system of tubes or poles used to support people and material)  :: rakennusteline
scalability {n} (property of being scalable)  :: skaalautuvuus
scalar product {n} (product of two vectors)  :: skalaaritulo, pistetulo, sisätulo
scale {n} /skeɪl/ (sequence for measurement)  :: asteikko
scale {n} (size or scope)  :: mittakaava, skaala, luokka
scale {n} (ratio of distances)  :: mittakaava
scale {n} (line or bar used to indicate measurement)  :: mittakaava
scale {n} (series of notes)  :: asteikko, sävelasteikko, skaala
scale {n} (gradation; progressive series; scheme of comparative rank or order)  :: asteikko
scale {v} (to change size of)  :: skaalata, muuttaa mittakaavaa
scale {v} (to climb)  :: kiivetä, kivuta
scale {v} (to tolerate increases in throughput)  :: skaalautua
scale {v} (to weigh)  :: punnita
scale {n} (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals)  :: suomu
scale {n} (coloured chitin)  :: suomu
scale {n} (flake of skin)  :: hilse
scale {n} (pine nut)  :: suomu
scale {n} (flaky material sloughed off heated metal)  :: pajahilse
scale {n} (scale mail)  :: suomupanssari
scale {v} (remove the scales of)  :: suomustaa
scale {v} (become scaly)  :: hilseillä
scale {v} (to strip or clear of scale)  :: poistaa hilse
scale {v} (to take off in thin layers or scales)  :: kuoria, höylätä
scale {v} (to separate and come off in thin layers)  :: hilseillä
scale {n} (dish of a balance)  :: vaakakuppi
scale {n} (mathematics: base for a numeral system) SEE: radix  ::
scale {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder  ::
scale {n} (device) SEE: scales  ::
scaled {adj} /skeɪld/ (covered with scales)  :: suomuinen; suomujen peittämä
scaled {adj} (with scales removed)  :: suomustettu, suomuton
scaled dove {n} (Columbina squammata)  :: suomuinkakyyhky
scaler {n} (electronic circuit)  :: multiplekseri
scaler {n} (electronic system)  :: sovitin
scaler {n} (one who scales)  :: skaalaaja, suomustaja
scaler {n} (scaling tool or device)  :: suomustin
scale ruler {n} (specialized ruler)  :: suhdeviivain
scales {n} /skeɪlz/ (device for weighing goods for sale)  :: vaaka, varsivaaka
scallion {n} /ˈskæ.lɪ.ən]/ (Allium fistulosum)  :: pillisipuli (pipe onion), kevätsipuli
scallop {n} /ˈskæləp/ (mollusc)  :: kampasimpukka
scalp {n} /skælp/ (top of the head)  :: päälaki
scalp {n} (part of head where the hair grows)  :: hiusmarto
scalp {n} (part of the skin of the head of an enemy kept as a trophy)  :: päänahka
scalp {n} (victory)  :: päänahka
scalp {v} (to remove part of the head)  :: viedä päänahka
scalpel {n} /ˈskælpəl/ (small straight knife)  :: skalpelli, leikkausveitsi
scalper {n} (one who sells tickets unofficially)  :: jobbari
scalping {n} (act of scalping)  :: skalpeeraus
scalping {n} (form of market manipulation)  :: skalpeeraus
scaly anteater {n} (pangolin) SEE: pangolin  ::
scaly-sided merganser {n} (Mergus squamatus)  :: amurinkoskelo
scam {n} /skæm/ (fraudulent deal)  :: huijaus, vedätys
scam {v} (to defraud or embezzle)  :: vedättää
scammer {n} (swindler, cheat)  :: huijari, petkuttaja
scamp {n} (rascal, swindler)  :: lurjus
scamp {n} (mischievous youngster)  :: riiviö
scan {v} /skæn/ (examine sequentially)  :: tutkia pala palalta/järjestelmällisesti, kammata [figuratively]
scan {v} (create a digital copy of an image using a scanner)  :: skannata
scan {v} (look about for)  :: tähyillä, silmäillä, tutkia
scandal {n} /ˈskændəl/ (incident that brings disgrace)  :: skandaali
scandalous {adj} /ˈskændələs/ (wrong, immoral, causing a scandal)  :: skandaalinkäryinen
scandalous {adj} (malicious, defamatory)  :: sensaatiohakuinen
scandal sheet {n} (type of tabloid)  :: skandaalilehti
Scandinavia {prop} /skændɪˈneɪvi.ə/ (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden)  :: Skandinavia
Scandinavia {prop} (Scandinavian Peninsula) SEE: Scandinavian Peninsula  ::
Scandinavian {n} /ˌskændɪˈneɪvi.ən/ (someone from Scandinavia)  :: skandinaavi
Scandinavian {adj} (of Scandinavia)  :: skandinaavinen
Scandinavian {adj} (of the North Germanic family of languages)  :: skandinaavinen, pohjoisgermaaninen
Scandinavianism {n} (habit etc.)  :: skandinavismi
Scandinavianism {n} (support)  :: skandinavismi
Scandinavian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Northern Europe, see also: Scandinavia)  :: Skandinavia, Skandinavian niemimaa
scandium {n} /ˈskændi.əm/ (chemical element)  :: skandium
Scania {prop} /ˈskæni.ə/ (region of Sweden occupying the southernmost tip of the Scandinavian peninsula)  :: Skoone
Scanian {n} (person)  :: skoonelainen
Scanian {adj} (of Scania)  :: skoonelainen
Scanian {adj} (of a Scanian, Scanian)  :: skoonelainen
Scanian {prop} (dialect)  :: skoonen murre, skoone
scanner {n} /ˈskænɚ/ (device which scans documents)  :: skanneri, kuvanlukija
scanner {n} (radio receiver)  :: skannaava radio
scanner {n} (device that uses radiation to produce images)  :: skanneri
scanner {n} (optical device)  :: skanneri
scanner {n} (one who scans)  :: skannaaja
scanning electron microscope {n} (electron microscope with matrix image)  :: pyyhkäisyelektronimikroskooppi
scanning tunneling microscope {n} (device)  :: tunnelointimikroskooppi
scanno {n} /ˈskænoʊ/ (error in scanning)  :: skannausvirhe
scant {adj} /skænt/ (very little)  :: niukka
scape {n} (leafless stalk)  :: vana
scape {n} (basal segment of antenna)  :: varsi
scapegoat {n} /ˈskeɪpˌɡoʊt/ (someone punished for someone else's error(s))  :: syntipukki
scapegoat {v} (to punish someone for the error of someone else)  :: vierittää syy, sysätä syy
scapegoat {v} (to blame something for the problems of a given society)  :: nimetä syntipukiksi
scaphoid {adj} (boat-shaped)  :: veneen muotoinen
scaphoid {n} (scaphoid bone) SEE: scaphoid bone  ::
scaphoid bone {n} (carpal bone of the wrist)  :: ranteen veneluu
scapula {n} (large flat bone) SEE: shoulder blade  ::
scar {n} (cliff) SEE: cliff  ::
scar {n} /skɑɹ/ (permanent mark on the skin)  :: arpi
scar {n} (permanent mark on the mind)  :: arpi
scar {v} (to mark the skin permanently)  :: jättää arpi
scar {v} (to form a scar)  :: arpeutua
scar {v} (to affect deeply in a traumatic manner)  :: traumatisoida
scar {n} (rock in the sea)  :: kari, luoto
scarab {n} (Scarabaeus sacer)  :: pyhä pillerinpyörittäjä
scarab {n} (Scarabidae)  :: lehtisarvinen
scarab {n} (symbol)  :: skarabee
scarce {adj} /ˈskɛəs/  :: [uncommon] harvinainen, [insufficient] riittämätön, [deficient] niukka
scarcely {adv} /ˈskɛɹsli/ (probably not)  :: tuskin
scarcely {adv} (certainly not)  :: tuskin
scarcely {adv} (almost not, by a small margin)  :: tuskin, hädin tuskin
scarcity {n} (the condition of something being scarce or deficient)  :: vähyys
scarcity {n} (an inadequate amount of something; a shortage)  :: pula
scare {n} /skɛɚ/ (minor fright)  :: säikähdys
scare {n} (something that inspires fear)  :: pelätti, kauhu
scare {v} (to frighten)  :: pelästyttää, säikäyttää
scare campaign {n} (effort to make a large group of people afraid of someone or something)  :: pelottelukampanja
scarecrow {n} /ˈskɛə.kɹəʊ/ (an effigy made to scare the birds away)  :: variksenpelätin, variksenpelätti, linnunpelätin, linnunpelätin, linnunpelätti
scarecrow {n} (tall, thin, awkward person)  :: variksenpelätin
scared {adj} /skɛɹd/ (afraid, frightened)  :: pelästynyt, peloissaan
scare quote {n} (quotation mark used to provoke reaction)  :: ironinen lainausmerkki
scarf {n} /skɑː(ɹ)f/ (long garment worn around the neck)  :: kaulaliina
scarf {v} (eat very quickly)  :: hotkia, ahmia, heittää huiviin
scarf {n} (headscarf) SEE: headscarf  ::
scarlatina {n} (scarlet fever) SEE: scarlet fever  ::
scarlet {n} (colour)  :: helakanpunainen, tulipunainen
scarlet {adj} (colour)  :: helakanpunainen, tulipunainen
scarlet fever {n} (streptococcal infection)  :: tulirokko
scar tissue {n} (type of tissue formed in a place where an injury has healed)  :: arpikudos
scar tissue {n} (feeling of there being long-term consequences of a negative event)  :: arvet {p}
scary {adj} /ˈskeəɹi/ (causing, or able to cause, fright)  :: pelottava
scathe {v} /skeɪð/ (injure)  :: vahingoittaa
scatter {v} /ˈskætə/ (to cause to separate)  :: sirottaa
scatter {v} (to disperse)  :: sirota
scatter {v} (to distribute loosely)  :: sirotella
scatter {v} (physics: to deflect)  :: sirottaa
scatter {v} (to scatter) SEE: disperse  ::
scatterbrain {n} (A flighty, disorganized or forgetful person.)  :: sähläri, hösöttäjä, häsy
scatterbrained {adj} (absent-minded) SEE: absent-minded  ::
scatterbrained {adj} (having the qualities of scatterbrain)  :: hajamielinen
scattered {adj} /ˈskætɚd/ (Randomly distributed)  :: hajanainen
scattered {adj} (meteorology: covering three eighths to four eighths of sky)  :: melko selkeä
scattered {adj} (meteorology: affecting 30% to 50% of area)  :: hajanainen
scavenger {n} /ˈskæv.ən.dʒə(ɹ)/ (animal feeding on decaying matter)  :: haaskaeläin
scenario {n} /sɪˈnɛəɹioʊ/ (outline of the plot of a dramatic or literary work)  :: käsikirjoitus, skenaario
scenario {n} (screenplay or an outline or treatment thereof)  :: käsikirjoitus, skenaario
scenario {n} (outline or model of an expected or supposed sequence of events)  :: skenaario
scenarist {n} (writer of screenplays)  :: skenaristi
scene {n} ((theater) the stage) SEE: stage  ::
scene {n} /siːn/ (the location of an event that attracts attention)  :: näyttämö, kohtaus , tapahtumapaikka
scene {n} (landscape, scenery) SEE: scenery  ::
scenery {n} /ˈsiːnəɹi/ (view, natural features, landscape)  :: maisema
scenery {n} (stage backdrops, property and other items on a stage that give the impression of the location of the scene)  :: kulissit {p}
scenic route {n} (road or path)  :: maisematie [road]; maisemareitti
scenography {n} (design of theatrical sets)  :: lavastus
scenography {n} (art or act of representation in perspective)  :: perspektiivipiirustus
scenography {n} (representation in perspective)  :: perspektiivipiirustus
scent {n} /sɛnt/ (distinctive odour or smell)  :: tuoksu (generally plesurable), haju (generally unpleasant)
scent {n} (odour left by animal)  :: haju, hajujälki (the odour in itself, whether sensed or not); vainu (the odour as sensed by a follower, usually dog)
scent {n} (sense of smell)  :: hajuaisti; vainu
scent {n} (perfume)  :: tuoksu, hajuvesi
scent {n} (figuratively: any traces that can be followed)  :: jälki, jäljet {p}; vihi, haju
scent {v} (to detect the scent of)  :: vainuta
scent {v} (to impart an odour to)  :: hajustaa
scent hound {n} (hunting dog that tracks prey using its sense of smell)  :: vainukoira
scentless {adj} (without scent)  :: hajuton
sceptre {n} (ornamental staff)  :: valtikka
schadenfreude {n} (malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune) SEE: epicaricacy  ::
schedule {n} /ˈskɛ.dʒʊl/ (time-based plan of events)  :: aikataulu
schedule {v} (to create a schedule)  :: aikatauluttaa
scheduling {n} (function)  :: aikataulutus
scheelite {n} (mineral)  :: scheeliitti
Scheherazade {prop} /ʃəˈhɛɹəzɑd/ (female given name)  :: Šeherazade
Scheldt {prop} /ʃɛlt/ (river)  :: Schelde {m}
schematic {adj} /skɪˈmætɪk/ (represented simply)  :: kaavamainen, skemaattinen, periaatteellinen
schematic {adj} (sketchy, incomplete)  :: luonnosmainen, kaavamainen
schematic {adj} (relating to a schema)  :: skemaattinen
schematization {n} (arrangement into a scheme)  :: skematisointi
schematize {v} /ˈskiːmətaiz/ (organize according to a scheme)  :: kaavamaistaa
scheme {n} /skiːm/ (a systematic plan of future action)  :: suunnitelma
scheme {n} (secret, devious plan)  :: juoni
scheme {n} (orderly combination of related parts)  :: rakenne
scheme {n} (chart or diagram)  :: kaavio
scheme {n} (mathematics)  :: järjestelmä
scheme {v} (to contrive a plan)  :: suunnitella
Schengen Area {prop} (group of European countries)  :: Schengen-alue
schism {n} /ˈskɪzəm/ (split, division, separation, discord)  :: skisma
schist {n} /ʃɪst/ (crystalline foliated rock)  :: liuske
schistosome {n} (any worm of the genus Schistosoma)  :: halkiomato
schistosomiasis {n} (various diseases)  :: skistosomiaasi, bilhartsia, halkiomatotauti
schizocarp {n} (dry fruit)  :: lohkohedelmä
schizophrenia {n} /ˌskɪt.səˈfɹiː.ni.ə/ (illness)  :: skitsofrenia
schizophrenic {adj} /ˌskɪtsəˈfɹɛnɪk/ (of or pertaining to schizophrenia)  :: skitsofreeninen, jakomielitautinen
schizophrenic {adj} (of a person: afflicted with schizophrenia)  :: skitsofreeninen, jakomielitautinen
schizophrenic {adj} (slang: behaving as if one has more than one personality)  :: skitsofreeninen, jakomielitautinen
schizophrenic {n} (a person suffering from schizophrenia)  :: skitsofreenikko
schlager {n} /ʃlɑːɡə/ (style)  :: iskelmämusiikki
schlager {n} (piece)  :: iskelmä
Schlemm's canal {n} (channel in the eye)  :: Schlemmin kanava
schlub {n} (one who is socially awkward, unattractive, clumsy)  :: tomppeli, tollo
Schmidt telescope {n} (type of telescope)  :: Schmidt-teleskooppi
schmo {n} (schmuck) SEE: schmuck  ::
schmuck {n} /ʃmʌk/ (A jerk; an unpleasant or detestable person)  :: törppö, mäntti
schnapps {n} /ʃnɑps/ (liquor)  :: snapsi, viina
schnapps {n} (serving)  :: snapsi, ruokaryyppy
schnitzel {n} (a meat dish)  :: vasikanleike
schnoz {n} (schnozzle) SEE: schnozzle  ::
schnozzle {n} (slang: human nose, especially large one)  :: klyyvari, nokka
scholar {n} /ˈskɑlɚ/ (specialist in a particular branch of knowledge)  :: tiedemies
scholarship {n} /ˈskɑːləɹʃɪp/ (study allowance)  :: apuraha, stipendi
scholarship {n} (knowledge)  :: tietämys, tiedot {p}
scholar's mate {n} (checkmate which occurs after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#)  :: koulumatti
scholastic {n} /skəˈlæstɪk/ (philosophy: member of scholasticism)  :: skolastikko
scholastic {adj} (of or relating to school, academic)  :: koulu-; akateeminen
scholastic {adj} (of or relating to scholasticism)  :: skolastinen
scholastic {adj} (pedantic, formal)  :: skolastinen
school {n} /skuːl/ (a group of fish in body of water etc...)  :: parvi
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning)  :: koulu
school {n} (college or university)  :: yliopisto
school {n} (a department/institute at a college or university)  :: koulu
school {n} ((collectively) the followers of a particular doctrine)  :: koulukunta
school {v} (educate, teach, or train)  :: kouluttaa
school age {n} (age at which a child is required to attend school)  :: kouluikä
school-age {adj} (being of an age during which attendance at school is customary)  :: kouluikäinen
schoolbag {n} (satchel)  :: koululaukku, koulureppu
schoolbook {n} (textbook used in school)  :: koulukirja
schoolboy {n} (young male student)  :: koulupoika
school bus {n} /ˈskuːl.bʌs/ (transport for schoolchildren)  :: koulubussi
schoolchild {n} /ˈsku.əltʃaɪld/ (young person attending school or of an age to attend school)  :: koululainen
school counselor {n} (school-oriented counselor)  :: oppilaanohjaaja
schoolgirl {n} (girl attending school)  :: koulutyttö
schoolgoer {n} (one who attends school)  :: koululainen
schoolgoing {adj} (attending school)  :: koulua käyvä
schoolie {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
schooling {n} (training or instruction)  :: koulutus
schooling {n} (institutional education)  :: koulutus
schooling {n} (training of horse)  :: koulutus
schoolkid {n} (kid who attends school)  :: koululainen
school-leaver {n} (recently graduated high school student)  :: tuore ylioppilas
schoollike {adj} (resembling school)  :: koulumainen
schoolmaster {n} (male teacher)  :: koulumestari
schoolmaster {n} (male teacher in charge of a small school)  :: johtajaopettaja
schoolmaster {n} (anything that teaches)  :: opettaja
schoolmasterish {adj} (resembling schoolmaster)  :: koulumestarimainen
schoolmistress {n} (woman in charge of a school)  :: rehtori
school of hard knocks {n} (source of education by adverse experience)  :: elämänkoulu, kantapään kautta oppiminen
school of thought {n} (opinion subscribed to by some connected or arbitrary group)  :: koulukunta
school shark {n} (Galeorhinus galeus)  :: harmaahai, harmaakoirahai
school sores {n} (impetigo) SEE: impetigo  ::
schoolteacher {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
school tie {n} (necktie)  :: koulusolmio
school uniform {n} (uniform items to be worn by students in a school)  :: koulupuku
schoolwork {n} /ˈskulˌwɝk/ (work done for school)  :: koulutyö
school year {n} (academic year of a school)  :: lukuvuosi
schooner {n} /skuːnə(ɹ)/ (sailing ship)  :: kuunari
Schopenhauerian {adj} /ˌʃoʊpənhaʊˈɪɹi.ən/ (of or relating to Arthur Schopenhauer)  :: schopenhauerilainen
schottische {n} (Bohemian dance)  :: sottiisi
Schrödinger's cat {prop} (thought experiment)  :: Schrödingerin kissa
schwa {n} /ʃwɑː/ (schwa)  :: švaa
sciatica {n} /saɪˈætɪkə/ (neuralgia of the sciatic nerve)  :: iskias
science {n} /ˈsaɪəns/ (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method)  :: tiede
science {n} (particular discipline or branch of learning)  :: -tiede, tieteenala
science {n} (fact of knowing something)  :: tieto
science {n} (knowledge gained through study or practice)  :: tiedot
science center {n} (location where science is exhibited)  :: tiedekeskus
science fiction {n} /ˈsaɪəns ˌfɪkʃən/ (fiction)  :: tieteiskirjallisuus
science fiction {n} (technology which is not yet practical)  :: tieteiskirjallisuus
science park {n} (an area with a collection buildings dedicated to scientific research)  :: tiedepuisto
scientia potentia est {proverb} (knowledge is power) SEE: knowledge is power  ::
scientific {adj} /ˌsaɪənˈtɪfɪk/ (of or having to do with science)  :: tieteellinen
scientifically {adv} (using science or methods of science)  :: tieteellisesti
scientifically {adv} (with regard to science)  :: tieteellisesti
scientifically {adv} (from a scientific perspective)  :: tieteellisesti
scientifically {adv} (in a scientific manner)  :: tieteellisesti
scientific calculator {n} (type of calculator)  :: tieteislaskin, funktiolaskin
scientific method {n} (method of discovering knowledge)  :: tieteellinen menetelmä
scientific methodology {n} (systematic way of finding the answer to a question about the observable world)  :: tieteellinen metodologia
scientific name {n} (formal name)  :: tieteellinen nimi
scientific research {n} (research performed using the scientific method)  :: tieteellinen tutkimus
scientism {n} (belief)  :: skientismi
scientist {n} /ˈsaɪən.tɪst/ (one whose activities make use of the scientific method)  :: tieteilijä, tiedemies
Scientological {adj} (pertaining to Scientology)  :: skientologinen
Scientologist {n} (follower of Scientology)  :: skientologi
Scientology {prop} (belief system developed by L. Ron Hubbard)  :: skientologia
sci-fi {n} /saɪ.faɪ/ (science fiction)  :: scifi
scimitar {n} /ˈsɪmɪtɑːɹ/ (sword with curved blade)  :: sapeli
scimitarbill {n} (bird of the genus Rhinopomastus)  :: sirppisäihkyjä
scimitar horned oryx {n} (Oryx dammah)  :: sapelibeisa
scintilla {n} /sɪnˈtɪlə/ (small amount)  :: hitunen
scion {n} /ˈsaɪ.ən/ (descendant)  :: vesa, perillinen
scion {n} ((detached) shoot or twig)  :: verso, jaloverso
scion {n} (heir to a throne)  :: kruununperijä
scissor {n} /ˈsɪzə/ (one blade on a pair of scissors)  :: saksenterä
scissor {n} (noun adjunct)  :: saksi-
scissor {v} (to cut using scissors)  :: saksia, leikata saksilla
scissor {v} (to excise from text)  :: saksia, leikata
scissor {v} (to move something like a pair of scissors)  :: saksata
scissor door {n} (type of automobile door)  :: saksiovi
scissor kick {n} (kick in football)  :: saksipotku
scissor kick {n} (leg movement in swimming)  :: saksipotku
scissors {n} /ˈsɪzɚz/ (tool used for cutting)  :: sakset {p}
scissors-and-paste {adj} (cut-and-paste) SEE: cut-and-paste  ::
scissors crossover {n} (type of railroad crossover)  :: puolenvaihtovaihde
sclera {n} (white of the eye)  :: silmänvalkuainen
sclerite {n} (arthropod's exoskeleton)  :: kuori
scleroderma {n} (disease)  :: skleroderma
sclerosis {n} /sklɪˈɹəʊsɪs/ (abnormal hardening of body tissues)  :: kovettuminen
sclerotin {n} (crosslinked protein component of the cuticles of insects)  :: sklerotiini
sclerotome {n} (in anatomy)  :: sklerotomi
scoff {n} /skɔːf/ (derision; ridicule; mockery)  :: pilkka, iva
scoff {v} (to jeer; laugh at with contempt and derision)  :: ivata, ilkkua, pilkata
scoff {v} (to eat food quickly)  :: ahmia
scold {n} /skoʊld/ (person who scolds, particularly a woman)  :: kääkkä
scold {v} (rebuke)  :: torua, moittia, nuhdella, parjata
scoliosis {n} (condition in which there is abnormal lateral curvature of the spine)  :: kieroselkäisyys, skolioosi
scone {n} /skoʊn/ (pastry)  :: skonssi
scoop {n} /skuːp/ (any cup- or bowl-shaped object)  :: kauha; mitta [as in kahvimitta, "coffee scoop"]; kulho [without handle]
scoop {n} (amount held by a scoop)  :: kauhallinen; mitallinen
scoop {n} (act of scooping, or taking with a scoop or ladle; a motion with a scoop, as in dipping or shovelling)  :: kauhonta, kauhominen; lapiointi [shovelling]; äyskäröinti [using bail to scoop water]
scoop {n} (news learned and reported before anyone else)  :: skuuppi
scoop {n} (opening in an automobile to admit air)  :: ilma-aukko
scoop {n} (digging attachment on a front-end loader)  :: kauha
scoop {n} (place hollowed out)  :: onkalo
scoop {n} (spoon-shaped surgical instrument)  :: kauha
scoop {n} (special spinal board used by EMS staff)  :: kauhapaarit {p}
scoop {n} (sweep, stroke, swoop)  :: pyyhkäisy, heilautus
scoop {v} (to lift, move, or collect with or as though with a scoop)  :: kauhoa, kaapia
scoop {v} (to learn something before someone else)  :: skuupata
scoop {v} (to consume alcoholic beverage)  :: ryypätä
scoopful {n} (quantity in a scoop)  :: kauhallinen
scoot {v} (to walk fast; to go quickly; to run away hastily)  :: kiiruhtaa, rientää
scoot {v} (to ride on a scooter)  :: ajaa skootterilla
scoot {v} ((of an animal) to move with the forelegs while sitting)  :: raahata takapuoltaan pitkin jotakin
scooter {n} /ˈskuːtə(ɹ)/ (a child's foot-operated vehicle)  :: potkulauta
scooter {n} (motor-scooter)  :: skootteri
scooter {n} (mobility scooter)  :: sähköpyörätuoli
scooter {n} (scoter)  :: mustalintu
scope {n} /ˈskəʊp/ (breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain)  :: ulottuvuus, ala, laajuus
scope {n} (device used in aiming a projectile)  :: kiikaritähtäin
scope {n} (scope of an identifier)  :: näkyvyysalue
scope {n} (shortened form of periscope, or telescope or oscilloscope)  :: skooppi
scope {v} (To perform a cursory investigation)  :: tutkia
-scope {suffix} (suffix to name viewing instruments)  :: -skooppi
scops owl {n} (Otus scops)  :: kyläpöllönen
scops owl {n} (bird of the genus Otus)  :: pöllönen
scorch {n} /skɔɹtʃ/ (A slight or surface burn)  :: kärventymä
scorch {n} (A discolouration caused by heat)  :: kärventymä, palanut kohta
scorch {n} (Brown discoloration on the leaves of plants caused by heat, lack of water or by fungi)  :: kuivunut kohta
scorch {v} (to burn the surface of something so as to discolour it)  :: paahtaa, korventaa
scorch {v} (to wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire)  :: kärventää, polttaa
scorch {v} (to become scorched or singed)  :: paahtua, korventua, kärventyä
scorch {v} (to move at high speed)  :: paahtaa
scorched {adj} (dried, damaged, burnt by exposure to sunlight or heat)  :: palanut
score {v} (to score) SEE: strike  ::
score {n} /skɔɹ/ (number of points earned)  :: pistemäärä
score {n} (number of points accrued)  :: pistetilanne, pelitilanne [points in the middle of a game]; ottelutilanne [games in the middle of a series of games]
score {n} (performance of an individual or group on an examination or test)  :: tulos, koetulos
score {n} (twenty, see also: twenty)  :: tiu [of eggs only]
score {n} (weight of twenty pounds)  :: leiviskä
score {n} (sheet music showing all parts)  :: partituuri
score {n} (subject, see also: subject)  :: aihe
score {n} (account; reason; motive; sake; behalf)  :: syy, tarkoitusperä
score {n} (notch or incision, especially one made as tally mark)  :: pykälä
score {n} (account of dues)  :: velka
score {n} (slang: criminal act)  :: keikka
score {n} (slang: bribe to a police officer)  :: voitelu
score {n} (slang: prostitute's client)  :: poka
score {n} (slang: sexual conquest)  :: pano, hoito
score {v} (to cut a groove in a surface)  :: tehdä taittoviiva, piirrottaa
score {v} (to record the score for a game or a match)  :: merkitä tulos
score {v} (to earn points in a game)  :: tehdä, tehdä maali, tehdä piste, maalata
score {v} (to achieve a score in e.g. a test)  :: saada tulos
score {v} (to acquire or gain)  :: hankkia, saada
score {v} (to obtain drugs or sex)  :: saada
score {v} (to obtain a sexual favor)  :: saada
score {v} (to provide a film, etc. with a musical score)  :: soitintaa
scoreboard {n} (board that displays the score in a game of contest)  :: tulostaulu, ottelutaulu
scorekeeper {n} (one who keeps track of the score)  :: kirjuri
score off {v} (to gain an advantage on somebody)  :: pistää paremmaksi
score off {v} (to scratch somebody out of a list or a group)  :: vetää yli
scorer {n} (scorekeeper) SEE: scorekeeper  ::
scorer {n} (one who scores)  :: maalintekijä
scores {pron} (many) SEE: many  ::
scoresheet {n} (sheet of paper)  :: tuloslista
scoria {n} /skɔːɹɪə/ (volcanic rock)  :: laavakivi
scoring {n} (process of keeping score)  :: pistelasku
scoring {n} (process of winning points)  :: maalinteko, pisteiden teko
scoring {n} (action of scratching)  :: raaputus
scorn {v} /skɔɹn/ (to feel contempt or disdain for something or somebody)  :: halveksia, halveksua
scorn {v} (to reject)  :: torjua
Scorpio {prop} /ˈskɔːɹpɪoʊ/ (astrological sign)  :: Skorpioni
Scorpio {prop} (constellation) SEE: Scorpius  ::
scorpion {n} /ˈskɔːpɪən/ (any of various arachnids of the order Scorpiones)  :: skorpioni
scorpionfly {n} (any insect of the family Panorpidae)  :: kärsäkorento
scorpionfly {n} (insect order Mecoptera)  :: skorpionikorento
Scorpius {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Scorpio  ::
Scorpius {prop} /ˈskɔːɹpɪəs/ (constellation)  :: Skorpioni
scorzonera {n} (black salsify) SEE: black salsify  ::
Scot {n} /ˈskɑt/ (a person born in or native to Scotland)  :: skotti
Scotch crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
Scotch tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
scoter {n} /ˈskəʊtə/ (bird)  :: mustalintu
scotfree {adv} (scot-free) SEE: scot-free  ::
scot-free {adv} /ˌskɑtˈfɹi/ (free of scot; free of tax)  :: veroton
scot-free {adv} (without consequences or penalties)  :: rangaistuksetta
Scotland {prop} /ˈskɑt.lənd/ (country in northwest Europe to the north of England)  :: Skotlanti
Scotland Yard {prop} (headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department of the London Metropolitan Police Force)  :: Scotland Yard
scotoma {n} (area of impaired or lost vision)  :: skotooma
scotophobia {n} (fear of darkness)  :: pimeänpelko, skotofobia, nyktofobia
Scots {prop} /skɒts/ (Lowland Scots language)  :: skotti, skotin kieli
Scots Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
Scottish {adj} /ˈskɑtɪʃ/ (of a person)  :: skotlantilainen
Scottish {adj} (of a thing or concept)  :: skotlantilainen
Scottish {prop} (the people of Scotland)  :: skotlantilaiset {p}
Scottish Deerhound {n} (Scottish Deerhound)  :: skotlanninhirvikoira
Scottish Gaelic {prop} (The Gaelic language of Scotland)  :: gaeli
Scottishness {n} (the quality of characteristic of being Scottish)  :: skotlantilaisuus
Scottish terrier {n} (breed of dog)  :: skotlanninterrieri, skotti
scoundrel {n} /ˈskaʊ̯ndɹəl/ (villain)  :: roisto, lurjus, konna, ketku, kanalja, hunsvotti, kelmi
scourer {n} (tool used to scour) SEE: scouring pad  ::
scourge {n} /skɔɹdʒ/ (a persistent pest, illness, or source of trouble)  :: vitsaus, maanvaiva
scourge {n} (a whip often of leather)  :: piiska, ruoska
scouring pad {n} (pad with sponge-like and abrasive side)  :: hankaussieni
scouring pad {n} (piece of rough fabric)  :: karhunkieli
scouring powder {n} (abrasive cleaner)  :: hankausjauhe
scout {n} /skaʊt/ (person sent out to gain and bring in tidings)  :: tiedustelija
scout {n} (act of scouting)  :: tiedustelu, partiointi
scout {n} (member of the scout movement)  :: partiolainen
scout {n} (one who identifies promising talent)  :: kykyjenmetsästäjä
scout {v} (to explore a wide terrain)  :: partioida
scouting {n} /ˈskaʊtɪŋ/ (act of one who scouts)  :: partiolaisuus
scouting {n} (the Scouting movement)  :: partioliike
scouting {n} (activities of boy scouts and girl scouts)  :: partio, partiotoiminta
Scouts {prop} (worldwide youth movement)  :: partioliike, partio
Scouts {prop} (members of that movement collectively)  :: partiolaiset {p}
scowl {n} /skaʊl/ (wrinkling of the brows or face)  :: kurtistus
scowl {n} (gloom; dark or threatening aspect)  :: synkkä ilme, mulkoilu
scowl {v} (to wrinkle the brows)  :: kurtistaa
scowl {v} (to look gloomy)  :: synkistellä, julmistella
scowl {v} (to look at or repel with a scowl or a frown)  :: mulkoilla
scowl {v} (to express by a scowl)  :: mulkoilla
scrabble {v} (to scrape or scratch powerfully)  :: raapia
scrabble {v} (to do rapid back-and-forth movements with hands or paws)  :: haroa
Scrabble {prop} (board game with interlocking words)  :: Scrabble, Riti-Rati sanapeli
scrag {v} (to choke)  :: kuristaa
scram {v} /skɹæm/ (go away)  :: häipyä, ottaa hatkat
scramble {v} /ˈskɹæmbl̩/ (to move hurriedly to a location using all limbs against a surface)  :: könytä
scramble {v} (to proceed to a location or an objective in a disorderly manner)  :: rynnätä, kompuroida
scramble {v} (to mix food ingredients in a mix to be cooked into a loose mass)  :: sekoittaa
scramble {v} (to process telecommunication signals to make them unintelligable to an unauthorized listener)  :: salata
scramble {v} (to ascend rocky terrain as a leisure activity)  :: kiipeillä
scramble {n} (a rush or hurry)  :: kiire
scrambled {adj}  :: sekoitettu, sotkettu
scrambled egg {n} (dish)  :: munakokkeli
scrap {n} /skɹæp/ (small leftover piece)  :: palanen, tilkku
scrap {n} (leftover food)  :: ruoantähteet {p}, tähteet
scrap {n} (discarded metal)  :: romu (metal), {p} jätteet
scrap {v} (to discard)  :: romuttaa, hylätä
scrap {n} (fight)  :: nujakka, nahina
scrap {v} (to fight)  :: tapella, nahistella
scrape {v} /skɹeɪp/ (draw an object along while exerting pressure)  :: raaputtaa
scrape {v} (cause to be in a certain state by scraping)  :: raaputtaa
scrape {v} (injure by scraping)  :: raapia, naarmuttaa
scrape {n} (injury)  :: naarmu
scrape {n} (fight)  :: tappelu
scrape {n} (awkward set of circumstances)  :: pula, vaikeudet
scraper {n} /ˈskɹeɪpɚ/ (an instrument by which anything is scraped)  :: raaputin
scrape together {v} (collect small amounts)  :: raapia kasaan
scrapie {n} /ˈskɹeɪpi/ (A degenerative prion disease)  :: scrapie, skrapi
scrap paper {n} (used paper, to be reused for jotting notes)  :: paperilappunen
scratch {v} /skɹætʃ/ (To rub a surface with a sharp object)  :: raapia, kynsiä, rapsuttaa
scratch {n} (disruption or mark on a surface)  :: naarmu, viiru
scratch {n} (money)  :: raha
scratch together {v} (collect small amounts) SEE: scrape together  ::
scrawl {n} (irregular handwriting)  :: harakanvarpaat {p}
scrawl {n} (hastily or carelessly written note)  :: harakanvarpaat {p}, raapustus, riipustus
scrawl {v} (to write hastily or illegibly)  :: raapustaa, riipustaa
scrawl {v} (to write in an irregular or illegible manner)  :: raapustaa, riipustaa
scrawny {adj} (Thin, malnourished and weak)  :: luiseva, laiha
scream {n} /ˈskɹiːm/ (loud exclamation)  :: kirkuna, kirkuminen
scream {v} (to make the sound of a scream)  :: huutaa, kirkua
screamer {n} (one who screams)  :: huutaja, kirkuja
screamer {n} (bird of family Anhimidae)  :: romisko
screech {n} /skɹitʃ]/ (high-pitched strident or piercing sound)  :: kirskahdus, kirskuna, kirskunta
screech {n} (loud harsh sound)  :: rääkäisy
screech owl {n} (Megascops)  :: pöllönen, kirkupöllönen
screech owl {n} (Tyto alba)  :: tornipöllö
screen {n} /skɹiːn/ (physical divider)  :: suoja, verho, kilpi
screen {n} (material woven from fine wires)  :: verkko
screen {n} (viewing area of electronic output device)  :: kuvaruutu
screen {n} (movie viewing area)  :: valkokangas
screen {n} (region of a video game)  :: ruutu
screen {n} (basketball: offensive tactic)  :: screen
screen {n} (baseball: protective netting)  :: suojaverkko
screen {n} (mining: stone classification device)  :: seula
screen {n} (printing: stencil upon framed mesh)  :: seula
screen {n} (nautical: collection of vessels)  :: saattue
screen {n} (architecture: dwarf wall or partition)  :: seinäke
screen {n} (genetics: technique used to identify genes)  :: seulonta
screen {v} (to filter)  :: seuloa
screen {v} (to remove information)  :: sensuroida
screen {v} (film, television: to present publicly)  :: lähettää, esittää
screen {v} (to fit with a screen)  :: asentaa verkko, asentaa verho, varustaa verkolla, varustaa verholla, verkottaa
screencap {n} (screenshot) SEE: screenshot  ::
screen capture {n} (picture or image captured from a computer screen; a screenshot)  :: ruutukaappaus
screened cable {n} (cable with incorporated shield)  :: suojattu kaapeli
screenful {n} (as much as fits on a screen)  :: ruudullinen
screening {n} (Mesh material that is used to screen)  :: suojaus
screening {n} (The process of checking or filtering)  :: tarkastus
screen name {n} (a pseudonym used for internet communications)  :: käyttäjänimi, nimimerkki
screenplay {n} /ˈskɹiːnˌpleɪ/ (script for a movie or a television show)  :: käsikirjoitus
screen protector {n} (additional protection for a screen)  :: näytönsuojakalvo
screensaver {n}  :: näytönsäästäjä, ruudunsäästäjä
screenshot {n} (image of computer screen output)  :: kuvakaappaus, ruudunkaappaus
screenshot {v} (take a screenshot)  :: ottaa kuvakaappaus
screenwriter {n} (one who writes for the screen)  :: käsikirjoittaja, elokuvakäsikirjoittaja
screw {n} /skɹuː/ (fastener)  :: ruuvi
screw {n} (ship’s propeller)  :: potkuri
screw {n} (prison guard)  :: vanginvartija [standard]
screw {n} (act of screwing)  :: pano, nussiminen
screw {v} (to connect or assemble pieces using a screw)  :: ruuvata
screw {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: naida, nussia, muhinoida
screw {v} (to cheat or treat unfairly)  :: huijata
screw {n} (backspin) SEE: backspin  ::
screwball {n} /ˈskɹuːbɔːl/ (crazy person)  :: sekopää
screw cap {n} (cap of a bottle or jar which screws onto the threaded lip of the container)  :: kierrekorkki
screwdriver {n} (tool)  :: ruuvimeisseli
screwed {adj} (beset with unfortunate circumstances)  :: pulassa
screwed {adj} (slang: intoxicated)  :: kännissä
screw thread {n} (helical ridge or groove)  :: kierre
screw up {v} (to tighten or secure with screws)  :: ruuvata, ruuvata kiinni
screw up {v} (to raise to extortionate levels)  :: kiristää, kiristää äärimmilleen
screw up {v} (to twist into a contorted state)  :: vääntää
screw up {v} (colloquial: to make a mess of; to ruin)  :: tyriä, möhliä, mämmätä
screw up {v} (colloquial: to blunder)  :: tyriä, möhliä, mämmätä
screw you {n} (a slightly politer version of "fuck you")  :: vedä käteen [vulgar], haista vittu [vulgar]
scribe {n} /skɹaɪb/ (one who writes; a draughtsman)  :: kirjuri
scribe {n} (writer and doctor of the law)  :: lainoppinut
scribe {n} (steel drawing implement)  :: piirrin
scribe {n} (writer, journalist)  :: skribentti
scribe {v} (to write)  :: kirjoittaa
scribe {v} (to record)  :: kirjata
scribe {v} (to write or draw with a scribe)  :: piirrottaa
scrimmage {n} (rough fight)  :: tappelu, nujakka
scrimmage {n} (practice game) SEE: exhibition game  ::
script {n} /skɹɪpt/ (writing; written document)  :: kirjoitus
script {n} (written characters, style of writing)  :: käsiala
script {n} ((law) an original instrument or document)  :: alkuperäisdokumentti, alkuperäinen
script {n} (procedure or program in computing)  :: koodi, ohjelma, ohjelmakoodi
script {n} (a system of writing)  :: kirjoitusjärjestelmä, kirjoitus
scriptorium {n} /skɹɪpˈtɔː.ɹɪəm/ (room set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts)  :: kirjoitushuone, scriptorium
script supervisor {n} (member of a film crew)  :: kuvaussihteeri
scripture {n} (any sacred writing or book)  :: pyhä kirjoitus, pyhä kirja
Scripture {prop} (Bible) SEE: Bible  ::
Scripture {n} (religious text)  :: pyhä kirja, Sana
scriptwriter {n} (screenwriter) SEE: screenwriter  ::
scrofulous {adj} (morally degenerate; corrupt) SEE: corrupt  ::
scroll {n} /skɹoʊl/ (roll of paper or parchment)  :: käärö
scroll {v} ((Computing) to change one's view of data on a computer's display)  :: vierittää
scroll bar {n} (graphical widget)  :: vierityspalkki
scrooge {n} /skɹuːdʒ/ (miserly person)  :: kitupiikki, saituri
scrotum {n} /ˈskɹəʊtəm/ (the bag of the skin and muscle that contains the testicles)  :: kivespussi
scrounge {v} (To obtain something of moderate or inconsequential value from another)  :: pummata
scrub {n} /skɹʌb/ (a thicket or jungle)  :: pensaikko, pusikko, puska, tiheikkö
scrub {n} (vegetation of inferior quality)  :: puska, pöheikkö
scrub {v} (to rub hard)  :: jynssätä, jyystää, kuurata
scrub {v} (to rub anything hard)  :: jynssätä
scrub {v} (to be diligent and penurious)  :: puurtaa
scrub {v} (to call off a scheduled event; to cancel)  :: perua, peruuttaa
scrub {n} (instance of scrubbing)  :: jynssäys
scrub {n} (one who scrubs)  :: jynssääjä
scrub {n} (clothing worn in surgery)  :: kirurgin asu
scrubby {adj} (covered with scrub)  :: pensaikkoinen, pusikkoinen
scrubby {adj} (inferior in size or quality)  :: kitukasvuinen, pienikokoinen [inferior in size]; huono, surkea, kurja [inferior in quality]
scrubfowl {n} (bird of the genus Megapodius)  :: isojalka
scrub nurse {n} (nurse that handles instruments to the surgeon during an operation)  :: instrumenttihoitaja
scruff {n} /skɹʌf/ (Someone with an untidy appearance)  :: törkimys, epäsiisti henkilö
scruff {n} (loose skin at the back of the neck of some animals)  :: niskanahka
scruff {n} (scruff of the neck)  :: niskavillat
scruffy {adj} /ˈskɹʌ.fi/ (untidy in appearance)  :: suttuinen, epäsiisti
scrum {n} /skɹʌm/ (a tightly-packed and disorderly crowd of people)  :: tungos
scrum {n} ((rugby) all the forwards joined together in an organised way)  :: aloitus
scrummage {n} (rugby formation of all forwards) SEE: scrum  ::
scrumptious {adj} /ˈskɹʌmp.ʃəs/ (delicious; delectable)  :: herkullinen
scrunchie {n} (small elasticated ring of fabric)  :: hiuslenkki, donitsi
scrutinise {v} (scrutinize) SEE: scrutinize  ::
scrutinize {v} /ˈskɹuːtə.naɪz/ (to examine with great care)  :: tarkastaa, tutkia tarkasti, tutkia tarkoin, tarkastella
scrutinize {v} (to audit accounts)  :: tarkastaa
scrutiny {n} /ˈskɹuː.tɪ.ni/ (intense study)  :: tarkastelu, tarkastus
scrutiny {n} (thorough inspection)  :: tarkastus, tutkimus
scry {v} /skɹaɪ/ (predict the future using crystal balls or other objects)  :: katsoa kristallipallosta
scuba diving {n} (underwater swimming)  :: laitesukellus
scud {v} (to race along swiftly)  :: kiitää
scud {n} (act of scudding)  :: kiitäminen, kiito
scud {n} (clouds or rain driven by the wind)  :: vihma [rain]
scud {n} (gust of wind)  :: puuska, tuulenpuuska
scuff {v} /skʌf/ (to scrape the feet while walking)  :: laahustaa, raahustaa
scuffle {n} /ˈskʌfəl/ (rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters)  :: käsirysy, nujakka, kahakka, kahina
scuffle {v} (to fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters)  :: nujakoida, kahakoida, kahista, kärhämöidä
scuffle {v} (to walk with a shuffling gait)  :: laahustaa
scuffle {v} (to get by (financially))  :: kitkuttaa, kituuttaa, kitkutella, nitkuttaa
scull {n} /skʌl/ (single oar mounted at the stern of a boat)  :: airo
scull {n} (one of a pair of oars)  :: airo
scull {n} (small boat)  :: jolla
scull {n} (racing boat)  :: kilpasoutuvene
scull {v} (to propel a boat with a scull or sculls)  :: soutaa
scull {v} (drink entire contents)  :: kulauttaa, kumota, kaataa kerralla kurkkuunsa
scullery {n} /ˈskʌləɹi/ (room, next to a kitchen)  :: kodinhoitohuone, apukeittiö
sculpin {n} (small fish of the family Cottidae)  :: simppu
sculptor {n} /ˈskʌlptɚ/ (a person who sculpts)  :: kuvanveistäjä
sculpture {n} (art of sculpting)  :: kuvanveisto
sculpture {n} (work of art created by sculpting)  :: veistos
sculpture {v} (to fashion into 3D figure)  :: veistää, muovata
sculpture {v} (to represent in sculpture)  :: esittää
sculpture {v} (to shape a land feature)  :: muovata
scum {n} /skʌm/ (layer of impurities)  :: kuona
scum {n} (greenish water vegetation)  :: leväpuuro [algae]
scum {n} (topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank)  :: pintaliete
scum {n} (person or persons considered to be reprehensible)  :: roskaväki, pohjasakka
scumbag {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
scumbag {n} (despicable person)  :: paskiainen; roisto, lurjus, konna
scup {n} (Stenotomus chrysops)  :: amerikanhammasahven
scupper {n} /ˈskʌp.ɚ/ (nautical: drainage hole)  :: valumisaukko, spyygatti, nieluaukko, valumisreikä
scupper {n} (architecture: drainage hole in a wall or parapet)  :: valumisaukko
scupper {v} (thwart, destroy)  :: romuttaa, pilata, tehdä tyhjäksi
scurrilous {adj} /ˈskʌ.ɹə.ləs/ (foul-mouthed)  :: rääväsuinen, ruokoton
scurrilous {adj} (coarse, vulgar, abusive, or slanderous)  :: ruokoton
scurry {v} (to run away with quick light steps)  :: kipittää, vipeltää
scurvy {n} (deficiency of vitamin C)  :: keripukki
scut {n} (a short, erect tail)  :: töpöhäntä
scutch grass {n} (couch grass) SEE: couch grass  ::
scute {n} (plate or scale)  :: kilpi
scuttle {n} /ˈskʌtəl/ (a container like an open bucket)  :: hiilisanko, sanko
scuttle {n} (a small hatch or opening in a boat)  :: luukku
scuttle {v} (To deliberately sink a ship (often by order of the captain))  :: upottaa
scuttle {v} (To move hastily, to scurry)  :: vilistää, kipittää
scuttlebutt {n} /ˈskʌtəlbʌt/ (a keg of drinking water on board ship)  :: huhupuhe
Scutum {prop} (constellation)  :: Kilpi
scythe {n} /ˈsaɪθ/ (farm tool)  :: viikate
scythe {v} (to cut with a scythe)  :: niittää
Scythian {n} /ˈsɪði.ən/ (an inhabitant of Scythia)  :: skyytti
Scythian {adj} (relating to Scythia or Scythians)  :: skyyttalainen
sea {n} /siː/ (body of water)  :: meri
sea anchor {n} (parachute to slow a drifting ship)  :: ajoankkuri
sea anemone {n} (polyp)  :: merivuokko
sea bass {n} /ˈsiːbæs/ (salt-water fish)  :: meribassi
seabed {n} (floor or bottom of the sea or ocean)  :: merenpohja
seabird {n} (any bird that spends most of its time in coastal waters)  :: merilintu
sea blubber {n} (Cyanea capillata)  :: hiusmeduusa
sea bluebell {n} (Mertensia maritima)  :: merihalikka
seaborgium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 106)  :: seaborgium
sea bream {n} (any of several species of marine fish)  :: hammasahven [Sparidae], pomfretti [Bramidae]
sea buckthorn {n} (shrub of the genus Hippophae)  :: tyrni
sea change {n} (profound transformation)  :: käännekohta
sea cow {n} (marine mammal of the order Sirenia)  :: sireenieläin, merilehmä
sea cucumber {n} (sea cucumber)  :: merimakkara
seadog {n} (dogfish) SEE: dogfish  ::
seadog {n} (sailor accustomed to the sea)  :: merikarhu
seadog {n} (heraldry: seal or similar design)  :: hylje
sea eagle {n} (genus Haliaeetus)  :: merikotkat
sea eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle  ::
seafarer {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
seafarer {n} (one who travels by sea)  :: merenkulkija
seafaring {adj} (fit to travel on the sea) SEE: seagoing  ::
seafaring {adj} (following a life at sea)  :: merenkulkija-
seafaring {n} (work or calling of a sailor)  :: merenkulku
seafood {n} (fish, shellfish, seaweed and other edible aquatic life)  :: merenantimet {p}, merenelävät {p}, meren vilja, meriruoka; kalaruoka
seagoing {adj} (made for or used on the high seas)  :: avomeri-
seagoing {adj} (fit for the high seas)  :: merikelpoinen
seagrass {n} (grasslike marine plants)  :: meriheinä
seagull {n} /ˈsiː.ɡʌl/ (bird of the family Laridae)  :: lokki
sea horse {n} (walrus) SEE: walrus  ::
sea horse {n} (fish)  :: merihevonen
sea kale {n} (Crambe maritima)  :: merikaali
seal {n} /siːl/ (pinniped)  :: hylje
seal {v} (to hunt seals)  :: pyytää hylkeitä
seal {n} (stamp used to impress a design on a soft substance)  :: leimasin
seal {n} (impression of such stamp)  :: leima
seal {n} (design or insignia associated with organization or official role)  :: vaakuna, tunnus
seal {n} (anything that secures or authenticates)  :: leima
seal {n} (something which will be visibly damaged when a covering or container is opened)  :: sinetti
seal {n} (confirmation)  :: hyväksyntä ["seal of approval"]
seal {n} (something designed to prevent leaking)  :: tiiviste
seal {n} (tight closure)  :: tiiviys
seal {v} (to place a seal on (a document))  :: sinetöidä
seal {v} (to mark with a stamp)  :: leimata
seal {v} (to fasten (something) closed so that it cannot be opened without visible damage)  :: sinetöidä
seal {v} (to prevent people or vehicles from crossing (something))  :: sulkea
seal {v} (to close securely)  :: tiivistää
seal {v} (to place in a sealed container)  :: sinetöidä, sulkea
seal {v} (chess: to place a notation of one's next move in a sealed envelope)  :: sinetöidä
seal {v} (to guarantee)  :: sinetöidä
seal {n} (chakra) SEE: chakra  ::
sea lamprey {n} (animal)  :: merinahkiainen
sealant {n} (material used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid)  :: tiivistysaine, tiiviste
sealed beam {n} (type of lamp)  :: umpiovalaisin
sealed bid {n} (type of bid)  :: suljettu tarjous
sea legs {n} (ability to walk steadily aboard)  :: merijalat {p}
sea legs {n} (crab stick) SEE: crab stick  ::
sea level {n} (nominal height of the surface of the oceans above which heights of geographical features and aircraft flight levels are measured)  :: merenpinnan taso, merenpinta
sea lily {n} (stalked crinoid)  :: (varsinainen) merililja
sea lion {n} (member of the Otariidae family)  :: merileijona
Sealyham terrier {n} (breed of terrier)  :: sealyhaminterrieri
seam {n} /siːm/ (folded back and stitched piece of fabric)  :: sauma
seam {n} (suture)  :: ommel, tikkaus
seam {n} (thin stratum of mineral)  :: suoni, juonne
seam allowance {n} /ˈsiːm əˌlaʊ.ənts/ (part of the material or fabric added to the dimensions of a pattern outside the seam)  :: saumanvara
seaman {n} /ˈsiːmən/ (mariner or sailor)  :: merimies
seaman {n} (naval rank)  :: matruusi
seamark {n} (elevated object on land)  :: maamerkki
seamark {n} (beacon, buoy etc.)  :: merimerkki
seaming machine {n} (machine)  :: saumain, saumauskone
seamless {adj} (Having no seams)  :: saumaton
seamless {adj} (Without interruption; coherent)  :: saumaton
sea monster {n} (large, aggressive creature in the sea)  :: merihirviö, turso
seamster {n} (person who sews clothes)  :: ompelija
seamstress {n} /ˈsɛm(p).stɹɪs/ (a woman who sews clothes professionally)  :: ompelijatar
Sea of Galilee {prop} (lake in northern Israel)  :: Genesaretinjärvi
Sea of Japan {prop} (the sea between Japan and the rest of Asia)  :: Japaninmeri
Sea of Okhotsk {prop} (sea)  :: Ohotanmeri
sea otter {n} (Enhydra lutris)  :: merisaukko
sea-parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
sea perch {n} /ˈsiːpɜːtʃ/ (fish of the genus Sebastes)  :: korusimppu
sea piece {n} (marine painting)  :: merimaalaus
seaplane {n} (an aircraft)  :: vesitaso
sear {v} /siːɹ/ (To char, scorch, or burn the surface of something with a hot instrument)  :: kärventää, korventaa, polttaa
sear {n} (A scar produced by searing)  :: paloarpi, palanut kohta, kärventymä
search {v} (to search) SEE: look  ::
search {n} /sɝt͡ʃ/ (an attempt to find something)  :: etsintä
search {v} (to look throughout (a place) for something)  :: etsiä, tutkia
search {v} ((followed by "for") to look thoroughly)  :: etsiä
search engine {n} (application that searches for data)  :: hakukone
searchlight {n} (a light source that projects a bright beam of light in any direction)  :: valonheitin
searchlight {n} (the light from the above source)  :: valokiila
search term {n} (word or phrase)  :: hakutermi
search warrant {n} (court order authorising the search of a place)  :: kotietsintälupa
seashell {n} (shell)  :: kotilo, simpukankuori, näkinkenkä
seashore {n} /siˈʃɔɹ/ (the coastal land bordering a sea or ocean)  :: merenranta, rannikko
seashore {n} (foreshore) SEE: foreshore  ::
sea-sickness {n} (seasickness) SEE: seasickness  ::
seasickness {n} /ˈsiːsɪk.nəs/ (a feeling of nausea caused by the motion of a ship)  :: merisairaus
seaside {n} (the area by and around the sea)  :: merenranta
season {n} /ˈsiːzən/ (quarter of a year)  :: vuodenaika
season {n} (part of year with something special)  :: kausi, sesonki [shopping]
season {n} (a group of episodes)  :: kausi
season {v} (to flavour food)  :: maustaa, höystää
seasonable {adj} (appropriate to current season)  :: vuodenaikaan sopiva
seasonal {adj} (of, related to or reliant on a season)  :: kausiluonteinen, sesonki-, kausittainen
seasonal affective disorder {n} (Depression associated with lack of natural light in winter)  :: kaamosmasennus
seasonal unemployment {n} (type of unemployment)  :: kausityöttömyys
seasoning {n} (Cooking ingredient)  :: mauste, höyste
season ticket {n} (ticket that is valid for all of the events in a series)  :: kausilippu
sea squirt {n} (animal of the class Ascidiacea)  :: merituppi
seat {n} /siːt/ (place in which to sit)  :: istumapaikka, paikka (in airplane, bus etc.)
seat {n} (horizontal portion of a chair)  :: istuinosa
seat {n} (part of an object or individual directly involved in sitting)  :: istuin (object), takamus (person)
seat {n} (part of clothing)  :: takamus
seat {n} (membership in a representative body)  :: paikka
seat {n} (location of a governing body)  :: istuntopaikka
seat {n} (electoral district)  :: vaalipiiri
seat {v} (to put an object into a place)  :: asettaa paikalleen
seat {v} (to provide places to sit)  :: mahtua, olla tilaa; sijoittaa istumaan, istuttaa
seat {v} (to request or direct to sit)  :: pyytää istuutumaan
seat {v} (legislature: to provide seat)  :: olla paikka
seat {v} (to assign the seats of)  :: jakaa paikat
seat {v} (to cause to occupy a post; to settle)  :: asettaa virkaan [cause to occupy a post]; asettua [settle oneself]
seat {v} (to rest; lie down)  :: levätä
seat {v} (to settle; to plant with inhabitants)  :: asuttaa
seat {v} (to put a seat or bottom in)  :: asentaa istuinosa
SEAT {prop} /ˈseɪæt/ (auto maker)  :: SEAT
SEAT {prop} (car)  :: Seat
seat belt {n} (restraining belt)  :: turvavyö, istuinvyö
seating {n} /ˈsiːtɪŋ/ (provision of chairs)  :: istumapaikat {p}
seating {n} (period when restaurant seats guests)  :: kattaus
sea trout {n} (Salmo trutta morpha trutta)  :: meritaimen
sea turtle {n} (any turtle that inhabits oceans)  :: merikilpikonna
sea urchin {n} (any of many marine echinoderms of the class Echinoidea)  :: merisiili
seawall {n} (coastal defence)  :: rantamuuri, rantavalli
seaward {adj} (in the direction toward the sea)  :: merenpuoleinen
seaward {adv} (toward the sea)  :: merelle, merelle päin
seawater {n} (salt water of a sea or ocean)  :: merivesi
seaway {n}  :: laivareitti
seaweed {n} (marine plants and algae)  :: merilevä
seawolf {n} (Anarhichas lupus)  :: merikissa, kissakala
seaworthiness {n} (property of being fit to go to sea)  :: merikelpoisuus
seaworthy {adj} /ˈsiːwɝði/ (fit for the sea)  :: merikelpoinen
sebaceous {adj} (of or relating to fat, sebum)  :: rasvainen
sebaceous gland {n} (gland of skin secreting sebum)  :: talirauhanen
seborrhea {n} (skin disorder)  :: seborrea, talinvuoto
seborrheic {adj} (of or pertainig to seborrhea)  :: seborrooinen
sebum {n} /ˈsibm̩/ (thick oily substance)  :: tali
secant {n} /ˈsiːkənt/ (in geometry)  :: leikkaaja, sekantti
secant {n} (in trigonometry)  :: sekantti
secateurs {n} (pruning shears) SEE: pruning shears  ::
secede {v} /sɪˈsiːd/ (To split from or to withdraw from membership of a political union, an alliance or an organisation)  :: erota
secession {n} /səˈsɛʃən/ (The act of seceding)  :: ero, eroaminen
secluded {adj} (in seclusion, isolated, remote)  :: syrjäinen
second {adj} /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ (second (numeral))  :: toinen
second {adj} (that which comes after the first)  :: toinen, kakkonen
second {adv} (at the second rank)  :: toiseksi
second {adv} (after first occurrence)  :: toisena
second {n} (number two in a series)  :: kakkonen
second {n} (one that is next in rank)  :: kakkonen
second {n} (place next below first in a race or contest)  :: kakkossija, toinen sija
second {n} (manufactured item that fails to meet quality control standards)  :: sekunda, kakkoslaatu
second {n} (additional helping of food)  :: lisää ["more"]
second {n} (another chance to achieve what should have been done the first time)  :: toinen mahdollisuus, uusi mahdollisuus
second {n} (music: interval between two adjacent notes))  :: sekunti
second {n} (second gear)  :: kakkonen, kakkosvaihde
second {n} (baseball: second base)  :: kakkospesä, kakkonen
second {v} (to follow in the next place)  :: seurata
second {n} /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ (one-sixtieth of a minute; SI unit of time)  :: sekunti
second {n} (unit of angular measure)  :: kulmasekunti, sekunti
second {n} (short, indeterminate amount of time)  :: hetki, sekunti
second {v} /ˈsɛk.(ə)nd/ (to temporarily transfer employment)  :: komentaa
second {v} (to assist, support, back)  :: tukea
second {v} (to agree as a second person)  :: kannattaa
second {n} (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)  :: sekundantti, avustaja
second {n} (one who agrees in addition)  :: kannattaja
secondary colour {n} (any of the three colours)  :: väliväri
secondary liability {n} (legal responsibility)  :: toissijainen vastuu
secondary school {n} (school)  :: yläaste ja lukio
secondary smoking {n} (passive smoking) SEE: passive smoking  ::
secondary source {n} ((historiography) document that draws on primary sources)  :: sekundäärilähde
secondary structure {n} (3D form of biopolymer)  :: sekundaarirakenne
second base {n} (the base opposite home plate)  :: kakkospesä, kakkonen
second baseman {n} (defensive player)  :: kakkosvahti
second coming {n} (the return of Jesus Christ)  :: toinen tuleminen
second cousin {n} (grandnephew or grandniece of a grandparent)  :: pikkuserkku
second-degree {adj} (causing blistering of skin)  :: toisen asteen
second-degree burn {n} (burn that blisters the skin)  :: toisen asteen palovamma
second fiddle {n} (music: fiddle part in harmony to the first fiddle)  :: toinen viulu
second fiddle {n} (music: person playing second fiddle)  :: toinen viulu
second fiddle {n} (sidekick or subordinate; the role of such a person)  :: apuri
second gear {n} (second lowest gear)  :: kakkosvaihde, kakkonen
second-growth forest {n} (forest which has been harvested and is regrowing)  :: kasvava metsä
second half {n} (period of play after half time)  :: toinen puoliaika
second-half {n} (second half) SEE: second half  ::
second hand {n} (the hand or pointer that shows the number of seconds that have passed)  :: sekuntiosoitin, sekuntiviisari
second hand {adj} (secondhand) SEE: secondhand  ::
secondhand {adj} (not new; previously owned and used by another)  :: käytetty
secondhand {adj} (dealing in such merchandise)  :: käytetyn tavaran
secondhand {adv} (indirectly)  :: epäsuorasti, välikäden kautta
secondhand embarrassment {n} (embarrassment felt for someone else: vicarious embarrassment) SEE: vicarious embarrassment  ::
second-hand smoke {n} (smoke from cigarettes, that any person including non-smokers could breathe in)  :: tupakansavu
second helping {n} (a second portion of the same thing (usually of food))  :: santsaus, santsi, lisäannos
second language {n} (language spoken other than the mother tongue)  :: muu kieli
second last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
second lieutenant {n} (the rank below a lieutenant)  :: vänrikki
secondly {adv} (in the second place)  :: toiseksi
secondment {n} (temporary transfer)  :: siirto, komennus
second of arc {n} (angle of an arc)  :: kaarisekunti, kulmasekunti
second opinion {n} (appraisal by a professional to confirm or disconfirm the advice of another person)  :: toinen mielipide
second person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is the audience)  :: toinen persoona
second-person {adj} (in the second person)  :: toisen persoonan
second-person {adj} (using verbs in the second person)  :: sinä-muotoinen
second-rate {adj} (of mediocre quality)  :: sekunda
Second Reich {prop} (German Empire, see also: German Empire)  :: Toinen valtakunta
seconds {n} (second serving)  :: lisäannos, santsaus, santsi
second to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
Second World War {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
secret {n} /ˈsiːkɹɨt/ (knowledge that is hidden)  :: salaisuus
secret {adj} (being or kept hidden.)  :: salainen
secret agent {n} (member of an intelligence agency whose identity or affiliation is kept confidential)  :: salainen agentti
secretary {n} /ˈsɛkɹətɛɹi/ (person keeping records and handling clerical work)  :: sihteeri
secretary {n} (head of a department of government)  :: ministeri
secretary {n} (leading or managerial position in certain organizations)  :: sihteeri
secretary {n} (type of desk)  :: kirjoituspöytä
secretary {n} (sagittarius serpentarius)  :: sihteeri
secretary bird {n} /ˈsɛkɹəˌtɛɹɪ bɜːd/ (member of bird family)  :: sihteerilintu
Secretary General {n} (chief administrator of an international body)  :: pääsihteeri
secretarylike {adj} (resembling a secretary or some aspect of one)  :: sihteerimäinen
Secretary of State {n} (government position)  :: valtiosihteeri; ulkoministeri [US Secr. of St.]
secrete {v} /sɪˈkɹiːt/ ((transitive) produce by secretion)  :: erittää
secrete {v} (to conceal)  :: kätkeä, piilottaa
secrete {v} (to steal)  :: varastaa, kähveltää
secretion {n} (secreted substance)  :: erite
secretion {n} (act of secreting)  :: eritys
secretion {n} (act of hiding)  :: piilottaminen, piilottelu
secretive {adj} (having an inclination to secrecy)  :: salaperäinen
secretly {adv} /ˈsi.kɹə (in a secret manner)  :: salaa, salaisesti, salassa, vaivihkaa
secret police {n} (police operating outside normal boundaries of law)  :: salainen poliisi
secret service {n} (government organization)  :: salainen palvelu
sect {n} (religious movement)  :: lahko [religious]
sectarianism {n} /sekˈteəɹi.ənɪzəm/ (rigid adherence to a particular sect, party or denomination)  :: lahkolaisuus
section {n} /ˈsɛk.ʃən/ (cutting, part cut out)  :: leike
section {n} (part, piece or subdivision of anything)  :: lohko, osa, osasto, jaos
section {n} (part of a document)  :: jakso, luku, kappale, kohta, osasto [newspaper], luku, pykälä, artikla [law]
section {n} (act or instance of cutting)  :: leikkaus
section {n} (surgery: incision or the act of making an incision)  :: leikkaus, sektio
section {n} (science: thin slice of material)  :: leike
section {v} (to cut)  :: leikata, jakaa, lohkoa
sector {n} /ˈsɛk.təɹ/ (section)  :: lohko, sektori
sector {n} (zone)  :: vyöhyke
sector {n} (part of circle)  :: sektori
sector {n} (fixed-sized unit of sequential data storage)  :: sektori
sectoral {adj} (pertaining to a sector)  :: aloittainen, alakohtainen
secular {adj} /sɛk.jə.lə(ɹ)/ (not specifically religious)  :: maallinen
secular {adj} (temporal)  :: maallinen, ajallinen
secular {adj} (not bound by the vows of a monastic order)  :: maallikko-
secular {adj} (happening once in an age or century)  :: sekulaarinen
secular {adj} (long-term)  :: pysyvä, pitkäaikainen
secular {adj} (astrophysics: of or pertaining to long-term non-periodic irregularities)  :: sekulaarinen
secular {adj} (atomic physics: unperturbed over time)  :: sekulaarinen
secular {n} (A layman, as distinguished from a clergyman)  :: maallikko
secularize {v} (to make secular)  :: sekularisoida, sekulaaristaa
secularly {adv} (in a secular fashion)  :: maallisesti
secure {adj} /səˈkjʊə(ɹ)/ (free from attack or danger; protected)  :: turvassa, turvallinen
secure {adj} (free from the danger of theft; safe)  :: tallessa, turvassa
secure {adj} (free from anxiety or doubt; unafraid)  :: peloton, varma
secure {adj} (Firm and not likely to fail; stable)  :: vakaa
secure {v} (To make secure)  :: turvata, suojata, varmistaa, kiinnittää
securitization {n} /sɪˈkjʊəɹɪtʌɪzeɪʃən/ (process of securitizing assets)  :: arvopaperistaminen
securitize {v} (to convert assets to secrities)  :: arvopaperistaa
security {n} /səˈkjɔɹ.ɪˌti/ (condition of not being threatened)  :: turvallisuus, turva
security {n} (something that secures)  :: turva
security {n} (organization or department responsible for providing security)  :: turvallisuuspalvelu, turvallisuusosasto
security {n} (something that secures the fulfillment of an obligation)  :: takaus, takuu
security {n} (finance: proof of ownership)  :: arvopaperi
security {n} (finance: property temporarily relinquished)  :: takaus, pantti, vakuus
security blanket {n} (blanket used to produce secure feeling)  :: turvariepu
security blanket {n} (any object used to produce sense of security)  :: turvariepu
Security Council {prop} (UN Security Council) SEE: UN Security Council  ::
security deposit {n} (amount of money paid in advance as security)  :: takuutalletus
security forces {n} (euphemism for army)  :: turvallisuusjoukot {p}
security guard {n} (person employed to provided security)  :: turvamies, vartija
security service {n} (government organisation established to protect its nation and its secrets from enemies)  :: suojelupoliisi, turvallisuuspalvelu
sedan {n} /səˈdæn/ (enclosed chair carried by porters)  :: kantotuoli
sedan {n} (body style for cars)  :: sedan, porrasperä
sedate {adj} (in a composed and temperate state)  :: rauhallinen, tyyni, hillitty
sedate {v} (to tranquilize)  :: rauhoittaa, antaa rauhoittavia
sedately {adv} (calmly, without excessive emotion or force)  :: tyynesti, rauhallisesti
sedation {n} (act)  :: sedaatio
sedative {n} /ˈsɛdɘtɪv/ (an agent or drug that sedates)  :: unilääke, rauhoituslääke, sedatiivi, rauhoite
sedative {adj} (calming, soothing, inducing sleep, tranquilizing)  :: rauhoittava, unettava, nukuttava
sedge {n} /sɛd͡ʒ/ (any plant of the genus Carex)  :: sara
sedge {n} (any plant of the family Cyperaceae)  :: sarakasvi
sedge frog {n} (frog of the family Hyperoliidae)  :: ruokosammakko
sedge warbler {n} (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)  :: ruokokerttunen
sediment {n} /ˈsɛd.ɪ.mənt/ (collection of small particles)  :: sedimentti, kerrostuma
sediment {v} (to deposit material as a sediment)  :: sedimentoida
sediment {v} (to be deposited as a sediment)  :: sedimentoitua
sedimentary {adj} (composed of sediment)  :: kerrostunut, sedimenttinen, sedimentti-
sedimentary rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: sedimenttikivilaji, kerrostunut kivilaji
sedimentation {n} (separation of a suspension of solid particles into a slurry)  :: sedimentoituminen, saostuminen, saostaminen
sedimentology {n} (study of natural sediments)  :: sedimentologia
seduction {n} /sɪˈdʌk.ʃn̩/ (act of seducing)  :: houkuttelu, viettely
seductive {adj} (attractive, alluring, tempting)  :: viettelevä
seductress {n} (woman who seduces)  :: viettelijätär
sedulous {adj} /ˈsɛdʒələs/ (persevering in business or in endeavors)  :: väsymätön
see {v} /si/ (perceive with the eyes)  :: nähdä, katsoa
see {v} (understand)  :: käsittää, nähdä
see {n} (diocese)  :: hiippakunta
see {n} (office of a bishop)  :: piispanistuin
see {n} (place where sovereign power is exercised)  :: valtaistuin
Seebeck effect {n} (thermodynamic effect)  :: Seebeck-ilmiö
seed {n} /siːd/ (fertilized grain)  :: siemen
seed {n} (precursor)  :: esiaste, siemen
seed {n} (semen)  :: sperma, siemen, siemenneste
seed {v} (to plant or sow seeds)  :: kylvää
seedbed {n} (ground prepared for planting of seeds)  :: kylvöpenkki
seedbed {n} (figuratively: place coductive to fulfillment)  :: kasvualusta
seed corn {n} (seed that is saved for planting)  :: siemenvilja
seed drill {n} (type of sowing machine)  :: kylvökone
seed grain {n} (seed corn) SEE: seed corn  ::
seediness {n} /ˈsiːdinəs/ (property of being unkempt)  :: rähjäisyys, nuhruisuus
seediness {n} (property of being full of seeds)  :: runsassiemenisyys
seedling {n} (young plant grown from seed)  :: taimi
seedtime {n} (the time to sow a seed)  :: kylvöaika
seed tree {n} (superior tree)  :: siemenpuu
seedy {adj} (disreputable; run-down)  :: huonomaineinen, huonokuntoinen
seedy {adj} (full of seeds)  :: runsassiemeninen
seedy {adj} (untidy; unkempt)  :: likainen, rähjäinen, nuhruinen
seedy {adj} (infirm; gone to seed)  :: huonovointinen, huonokuntoinen
seedy {adj} (suffering effects of hangover)  :: huonovointinen, huonokuntoinen
seeing {adj} /ˈsiːɪŋ/ (having vision; not blind)  :: näkevä
seeing {n} (the action of the verb to see; eyesight)  :: näkeminen
seeing {n} (the movement or distortion of a telescopic image as a result of turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere)  :: näkeminen
seeing {conj} (inasmuch as; in view of the fact)  :: koska, sikäli kuin
seeing-eye dog {n} (seeing-eye dog) SEE: guide dog  ::
seeing is believing {proverb} (you need to see something to believe it)  :: uskoo, ken näkee
seek {v} /siːk/ (to try to find)  :: etsiä
seek and ye shall find {proverb} (one finds what one looks for)  :: etsivä löytää
seeking {adj} /siːkɪŋ/ (that seeks something specified)  :: -hakuinen
seel {v} (To blind) SEE: blind  ::
seem {v} (to appear, to seem) SEE: look  ::
seem {v} /siːm/ (to appear)  :: näyttää, tuntua, vaikuttaa
seemingly {adv} (apparently) SEE: apparently  ::
see off {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
see off {v} (to accompany someone to a point of departure)  :: saattaa ulos
seep {v} /siːp/ (to ooze through pores)  :: tihkua, vuotaa
seepage {n} (process)  :: tihkuminen
seer {n} /siːɹ/ (someone who foretells the future)  :: näkijä, tietäjä
see red {v} (to become angry)  :: nähdä punaista
seesaw {n} (structure moving up and down, balanced in the middle)  :: keinulauta
seesaw {n} (movement)  :: keinuminen
seesaw {v} (to use a seesaw)  :: keinua
seesaw {v} (to fluctuate)  :: keinua
seethe {v} /siːð/ (to boil vigorously)  :: kiehua
seethe {v} ((figuratively) to be in a agitated state of turmoil)  :: [allative + 3rd-pers. sg. of] keittää
see the forest for the trees {v} (to discern overall pattern from details)  :: nähdä metsä puilta
see the light of day {v} (appear; be realised)  :: nähdä päivänvalo
see through {v} (to find something to be transparent)  :: nähdä läpi
see through {v} (avoid being deceived)  :: nähdä läpi
see through {v} (to recognize someone's true motives)  :: nähdä läpi
see through {v} (to provide support or cooperation throughout a period of time)  :: tukea ("throughout a period of time": jonkin aikana)
see through {v} (to do something until it is finished)  :: viedä loppuun
see through {v} (to constitute ample supply)  :: riittää ("for a time": joksikin ajaksi)
see-through {adj} (transparent) SEE: transparent  ::
see-through {adj} (translucent) SEE: translucent  ::
see ya {interj} (see you) SEE: see you  ::
see you {phrase} (see you later)  :: nähdään, näkemiin
see you later {phrase} (goodbye)  :: näkemiin, heippa, näkemisiin, hei hei
see you tomorrow {phrase} (see you tomorrow)  :: nähdään huomenna
segment {n} /ˈsɛɡmɛnt/ (length of some object)  :: osa
segment {v} (to divide into segments or sections)  :: segmentoida, jakaa segmentteihin
segment {n} (line segment) SEE: line segment  ::
segment {n} (circular segment) SEE: circular segment  ::
segmentation {n} (the act or an instance of dividing into segments)  :: segmentointi
segregate {v} /ˈsɛɡɹəɡət/ (to separate)  :: erotella
segue {v} /ˈsɛɡweɪ/ (to move smoothly from one topic to another)  :: siirtyä juohevasti, sujuvasti, huomaamatta
segue {v} (music: to move smoothly from one theme to another)  :: liukua
segue {v} (to play a sequence of records without talking in between)  :: soittaa putkeen
seiche {n} /seɪʃ/ (standing wave in a lake)  :: seiche-ilmiö
seine {n} /seɪn/ (fishing net)  :: nuotta
seine {v} (to fish)  :: nuotata, vetää nuottaa
Seinäjoki {prop} (a city in Finland)  :: Seinäjoki
seismic {adj} /ˈsaɪzmɪk/ (related to, or caused by an earthquake or other vibration of the Earth)  :: seisminen
seismicity {n} (factor of how seismic a region is)  :: seismisyys
seismic wave {n} (vibrational wave that travels through the Earth)  :: maanjäristysaalto, seisminen aalto
seismogram {n} (output from an accelerograph or seismograph)  :: seismogrammi
seismograph {n} /ˈsaɪz.mə.ɡɹæf/ (instrument that detects and records earthquakes)  :: seismografi
seismologist {n} (person who practices seismology)  :: seismologi
seismology {n} /saɪzˈmɑlədʒi/ (the study of the vibration of the Earth's interior)  :: seismologia
seismometer {n} (device used by seismologists to measure seismic waves)  :: seismometri
sei whale {n} (whale of the rorqual family)  :: seitivalas
seiyuu {n} (voice actor) SEE: voice actor  ::
seizable {adj} (capable of being seized)  :: takavarikoitavissa oleva
seize {v} /siːz/ (grab)  :: tarttua
seize {v} (take advantage)  :: tarttua tilaisuuteen
seize the day {v} (enjoy the present)  :: tartu hetkeen
seize up {v} (muscles stiffen)  :: mennä lukkoon
seizure {n} (act of taking possession, as by force or right of law)  :: pidätys
seizure {n} (sudden attack or convulsion)  :: kohtaus
seizure {n} (sudden onset of pain or emotion)  :: kohtaus
sejunct {adj} (separate) SEE: separate  ::
Selangor {prop} (western Malaysian state)  :: Selangor
selcouth {adj} (strange, rare, marvellous)  :: erikoinen, omituinen
seldom {adv} /ˈsɛldəm/ (infrequently, rarely)  :: harvoin
select {v} /sɪˈlɛkt/ (to choose one or more elements from a set)  :: valita
selected {adj} /sɪˈlɛktɪd/ (that have been selected or chosen)  :: valittu
selection {n} /səˈlɛkʃən/ (process or act of selecting)  :: valinta, valitseminen
selective {adj} /səˈlɛktɪv/ (of or pertaining to the process of selection)  :: valikoiva, selektiivinen
selective {adj} (choosy, fussy or discriminating when selecting)  :: valikoiva, selektiivinen
selective breeding {n} (artificial selection) SEE: artificial selection  ::
selective school {n} (type of school)  :: valikoiva koulu
selenium {n} /sɪˈliː.ni.əm/ (chemical element)  :: seleeni
selenium hexafluoride {n} (SeF6)  :: seleeniheksafluoridi
selenium yeast {n} (material that has selenium atoms incorporated into the amino acid methionine)  :: seleenihiiva
selenography {n} (scientific study of the moon)  :: kuututkimus
selenologist {n} (one who is skilled, professes or practices selenology)  :: kuututkija
selenology {n} /sɛliːˈnɒləd͡ʒɪ/ (the study of the moon and several satellites)  :: kuututkimus, selenologia
self {n} /sɛlf/ (individual person as the object of his own reflective consciousness)  :: itse
self- {prefix} (of, by, in or with oneself or itself)  :: itse-
self-absorbed {adj} (heavily concerned with oneself)  :: itseriittoinen
self-actualization {n} (psychological development)  :: itsensä toteuttaminen
self-assurance {n} (state or quality of being confident in oneself)  :: itsevarmuus
self-assured {adj} (confident on one's abilities)  :: itsevarma
self-aware {adj} (aware of oneself)  :: tietoinen itsestään
self-awareness {n} (state of being self-aware)  :: tietoisuus itsestä, itsetajunta
self-belief {n} (trust in one's positive characteristics)  :: itsetunto
self-censorship {n} (act of censoring one's own work)  :: itsesensuuri
self-centered {adj} (egotistically obsessed with oneself)  :: itsekeskeinen
self-command {n} (conscious control of one's own behaviour)  :: itsehillintä
self-complacent {adj} (complacently self-satisfied)  :: itseensä tyytyväinen, omahyväinen
self-confidence {n} (state of being self-confident)  :: itseluottamus
self-confidence {n} (measure of one's belief in one's own abilities)  :: itseluottamus
self-confident {adj} (confident in one's abilities)  :: itsevarma
self-conscious {adj} (aware of oneself as an individual being)  :: itsetietoinen
self-conscious {adj} (uncomfortably over-conscious of one's appearance or behaviour)  :: omahyväinen, itsetietoinen
self-conscious {adj} (socially ill at ease)  :: hämillinen, estoinen, vaivaantunut
self-consciousness {n} (awareness of the self as an entity)  :: minätietoisuus
self-consciousness {n} (shyness)  :: ujous, arkuus
self-contained {adj} (not requiring external or additional support)  :: omavarainen
self-contradictory {adj} (statements that contradict themselves)  :: sisäisesti ristiriitainen
self-control {n} (ability to control one's desires and impulses)  :: itsehillintä
self-critical {adj} /sɛlfˈkɹɪtɪkəl/ (capable of criticizing oneself)  :: itsekriittinen
self-criticism {n} (criticism of oneself)  :: itsekritiikki
self-deception {n} (fooling oneself)  :: itsepetos
self-defense {n} (means of defending oneself from attack)  :: itsepuolustus
self-defense {n} ((law) Defense for oneself against violence)  :: itsepuolustus
self-destruct {v} (to destroy oneself)  :: tuhota itsensä
self-destruction {n} (voluntary destruction of something by itself)  :: itsetuho
self-destructive {adj} (that causes injury to oneself or harm to one's interests)  :: itsetuhoinen
self-destructiveness {n} (state or tendency)  :: itsetuhoisuus
self-determination {n} (political independence of a people)  :: itsemääräämisoikeus
self-discipline {n} (control of oneself)  :: itsekuri
self-distance {n} (the ability to critically reflect on oneself)  :: itsekriittisyys
self-educated {adj} (having learned without the direction of a teacher)  :: itseoppinut
self-effacement {n} (keeping in the background)  :: vaatimattomuus
self-employed {adj} (working for oneself)  :: itsensä työllistävä
self-employment {n} (working for oneself)  :: itsensä työllistäminen
self-esteem {n} /ˌsɛlf.ə.ˈstiːm/ (confidence in one's own worth)  :: itsetunto
self-evidence {n} (the quality of being self-evident)  :: itsestäänselvyys
self-evident {adj} (obviously true)  :: itsestään selvä
self-examination {n} (examination of oneself)  :: itsetutkiskelu
self-fulfilling {adj} (describing a prediction that causes itself to occur as predicted)  :: itsensä toteuttava
self-government {n} (self-government)  :: itsehallinto
self-help {n} (bettering oneself without relying on the assistance of others)  :: itseapu
selfhood {n} (individuality)  :: minuus; yksilöllisyys
selfhood {n} (personality)  :: persoonallisuus; yksilöllisyys
selfhood {n} (selfishness)  :: itsekeskeisyys, itsekkyys
selfie {n} /ˈsɛlfi/ (photographic self-portrait)  :: selfie, omakuva, meitsie
selfie stick {n} (extendable arm to hold a camera)  :: selfiekeppi
self-image {n} (way a person views themself)  :: minäkuva
self-immolate {v} (to set oneself on fire)  :: tehdä polttoitsemurha
self-immolation {n} (setting oneself on fire)  :: polttoitsemurha
self-important {adj} (having too high an opinion of one's own importance)  :: itsetärkeä, tärkeilevä
self-imposed {adj} (voluntarily imposed upon oneself)  :: oma-aloitteinen, vapaaehtoinen
self-improvement {n} (following a disciplined programme to improve one’s health or character)  :: itsensä kehittäminen
self-indulgence {n} (excessive or immoderate indulgence of one's own personal desires and needs)  :: hillittömyys, omahyväisyys, tolkuttomuus
self-indulgent {adj} (exhibiting tendencies of self-indulgence)  :: hillitön, omahyväinen, tolkuton
self-inflicted {adj} (Inflicted by oneself)  :: itse aiheutettu
self-interest {n} (personal interest)  :: oma etu
selfish {adj} /ˈsɛlfɪʃ/ (holding one's self-interest as the standard for decision making)  :: itsekäs, itsekeskeinen
selfish {adj} (regard for oneself above others' well-being)  :: itsekäs, itsekeskeinen
selfishness {n} (quality of being selfish)  :: itsekkyys
self-learning {n} (learning done by oneself)  :: itseopiskelu
selfless {adj} (having, exhibiting or motivated by no concern for oneself; unselfish)  :: epäitsekäs
self-love {n} (regard for oneself)  :: itserakkaus
self-made {adj} (having achieved success by one's own efforts)  :: itse uransa luonut, oman onnensa seppä
self-made {adj} (made by oneself)  :: omatekoinen
self-pity {n} (feeling of pity for oneself)  :: itsesääli
self pollination {n} (self pollination) SEE: self-pollination  ::
self-pollination {n} (Pollination of a flower by its own pollen)  :: itsepölytys
self-pollution {n} (obsolete: masturbation)  :: itsesaastutus
self-possession {n} (confidence in one's own powers)  :: itseluottamus
self-possession {n} (calmness and composure)  :: itsehillintä
self-preservation {n} /ˌsɛlfˌpɹɛzɜˈɹ.veɪ.ʃən/ (self-preservation)  :: itsesuojelu
self-proclaimed {adj} (announced by oneself)  :: itsensä joksikin julistanut
self-raising {adj} (capable of rising without leavening agent)  :: itsenouseva
self-raising flour {n} (flour)  :: kohotusainetta sisältävä jauho
self-reference {n} (referring to itself)  :: itseviittaus
self-reliance {n} (independence)  :: itseluottamus
self-reliant {adj} (reliant upon oneself)  :: itseluottavainen
self-respect {n} (knowledge of one's own worth)  :: itsekunnioitus
self-restraint {n} (self-restraint)  :: itsekuri
self-righteous {adj} (piously self-assured and smugly moralistic)  :: omahyväinen, hurskasteleva
self-righteousness {n} (confident in one's own righteousness, self-assured, smug)  :: omahyväisyys
self-sacrifice {n} (giving up of one's own benefit)  :: uhrautuminen
self-satisfaction {n} (contentment with one's own accomplishments or situation)  :: itsetyytyväisyys
self-satisfied {adj} (satisfied with oneself)  :: itsetyytyväinen, omahyväinen
self-seeker {n} (a self-seeking person)  :: oman edun tavoittelija
self-service {n} (the practice of serving oneself)  :: itsepalvelu
self-study {n} (study without the aid of a formal education institution)  :: itseopiskelu
self-styled {adj} (claimed by the recipient)  :: kotikutoinen
self-sufficiency {n} (condition of being self-sufficient)  :: omavaraisuus [in terms of physical resources]; itseriittoisuus [mentally]
self-sufficient {adj} (able to provide for oneself independently of others)  :: omavarainen
self-talk {n} (talk to oneself)  :: itselleen puhuminen
self-taught {adj} (educated by oneself) SEE: self-educated  ::
self-worth {n} (value one assigns to oneself)  :: oma arvo
sell {v} /sɛl/ (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)  :: myydä
sell {v} (to be sold)  :: käydä kaupaksi
sell {v} (to promote a particular viewpoint)  :: myydä
sell {v} (to trick, cheat, or manipulate someone)  :: harhauttaa, huiputtaa
sell {v} (professional wrestling: to act)  :: näytellä
seller {n} /ˈsɛlɚ/ (someone who sells)  :: myyjä, kauppias
seller's market {n} (excess of demand over supply)  :: myyjän markkinat
selling price {n} (price at which an item is sold)  :: myyntihinta
sell like hot cakes {v} (to sell quickly)  :: mennä kuin kuumille kiville, mennä kaupaksi, tehdä kauppansa, käydä kaupaksi
sell off {v} (sell assets for the purpose of getting rid of them quickly)  :: myydä pois
sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
sell out {v} (sell all of a product)  :: loppuunmyydä
Selma {prop} /ˈsɛlmə/ (female given name)  :: Selma
selvage {n} (finished edge of a woven fabric parallel with warp)  :: hulpio
selvage {n} (excess area of printed or perforated sheet)  :: reunus
selvage {n} (geology: distinct border of a mass of igneous rock)  :: hulpio
semantic field {n} (group of words relating to same subject)  :: semanttinen kenttä
semantics {n} /sɪˈmæntɪks/ (science of the meaning of words)  :: semantiikka, merkitysoppi
semantics {n} (study of the relationship between words and their meanings)  :: semantiikka, merkitysoppi
semantics {n} (individual meanings of words)  :: semantiikka, merkitys, merkityssisältö
semaphore {n} /ˈsɛ.mə.fɔː/ (visual signaling system)  :: opastin, opastinjärjestelmä
semaphore {n} (visual signaling with flags)  :: lippuviittoilu
semaphore {n} (computing term)  :: semafori
semblance {n} /ˈsɛm.bləns/ (likeness, similarity)  :: ulkonäkö
semelfactive {adj} (of or relating to the semelfactive aspect)  :: semelfaktiivinen, semelfaktiivi
semelfactive {n} (semelfactive aspect)  :: semelfaktiivinen aspekti
semen {n} (semen (fluid)) SEE: sperm  ::
semen {n} /ˈsiːmən/ (male reproductory fluid)  :: siemenneste, sperma
semese {adj} /sɪˈmiːs/ (half-eaten)  :: puoliksi syöty
semester {n} /sɪˈmɛstɚ/ (half of school year)  :: lukukausi
semi {n} /semaɪ/ (semi-detached house)  :: paritalo
semi- {prefix} /sɛmi/ (half (prefix))  :: puoli-
semiannual {adj} (half-yearly)  :: puolivuosittainen, kahdesti vuodessa tapahtuva
semiarid {adj} (25 to 50 cm rainfall annually)  :: puolikuiva
semi-automatic {adj} (partially automatic)  :: puoliautomaattinen
semi-automatic {adj} (of a firearm, loading the next shell but requiring the trigger to be squeezed for each shot)  :: puoliautomaattinen, itselataava
semibreve {n} (whole note)  :: kokonuotti
semicircle {n} (half of a circle)  :: puoliympyrä
semicolon {n} /ˈsɛmikoʊlən/ (punctuation mark ';')  :: puolipiste
semi-colony {n} (country which is dependent on one or more countries)  :: puolisiirtomaa
semiconductor {n} (substance with electrical properties)  :: puolijohde
semiconscious {adj} (not fully conscious)  :: sekava
semi-detached {adj} (having one wall shared)  :: pari-, see paritalo
semi-detached {n} (house)  :: paritalo
semifinal {n} (competition)  :: välierä, semifinaali
semi-log paper {n} (graph paper with one logarithmic and one evenly spaced rule)  :: puolilogaritmipaperi
semiminor {adj} (describing each half of minor axis)  :: see: pikkuakselin puolikas
seminal {adj} (of or relating to seed or semen)  :: siemen-
seminal {adj} (highly influential)  :: uraauurtava, mullistava
seminar {n} (class held for advanced studies)  :: seminaari
seminar {n} (meeting held for the exchange of useful information)  :: seminaari
seminary {n} (theological school)  :: pappisseminaari
seminude {adj} (half-naked) SEE: half-naked  ::
semiotic {adj} /ˌsɛmiːˈɒtɪk/ (of or relating to semiotics or to semantics)  :: semioottinen
semiotics {n} (study of signs)  :: semiotiikka
semipermeable {adj} /ˌsɛmiˈpɜː(ɹ)miəbəl/ (permeable to some things and not to others)  :: puoliläpäisevä
semipornographic {adj} (partly pornographic)  :: puolipornografinen
semipostal {adj} (issued and sold for higher price than face value)  :: avustus-
semipostal {n} (type of stamp) SEE: semi-postal stamp  ::
semi-postal stamp {n} (type of postage stamp)  :: avustuspostimerkki
semi-precious {adj} (sort of or somewhat precious or valuable)  :: puolijalo [of a gem], arvokas, arvo- [valuable]
semiprime {n} (number that is the product of two primes)  :: puolialkuluku
semiquaver {n} (music)  :: kuudestoistaosanuotti
semirecumbent {adj} (half lying, half sitting)  :: puolimakaava
semi-skimmed milk {n} (type of milk)  :: kevytmaito
semi-smile {n} (faint smile)  :: hymy, hymynkare
semi-smile {n} (suppressed or forced smile)  :: hymynkare [suppressed]; hymyntapainen [forced]
Semite {n} /ˈsɛmaɪt/ (member of any of a number of ancient peoples)  :: seemiläinen
Semite {n} (descendant of any of these peoples)  :: seemiläinen
Semitic {adj} /sɛˈmɪ.tɪk/ (pertaining to the Semitic subdivision of Afro-Asiatic languages)  :: seemiläinen
Semitic {adj} (pertaining to the Semites)  :: seemiläinen
Semitic {prop} (Semitic languages in general)  :: seemiläiset kielet
Semiticness {n} (quality or state)  :: seemiläisyys
Semitism {n} (word or idiom of the Jewish vocabulary)  :: semitismi
Semitism {n} (Jewishness)  :: juutalaisuus
semitone {n} (interval between adjacent keys)  :: puoliaskel, puolisävelaskel
semi-trailer {n} (trailer without a front axle and with wheels only at the trailing end)  :: puoliperävaunu
semi-trailer {n} (tractor-trailer or big rig)  :: puoliperävaunuyhdistelmä, rekka, rekka-auto, puoilikas
semivowel {n} (sound in speech)  :: puolivokaali
semla {n} (pastry)  :: laskiaispulla
semolina {n} /ˌsɛməˈliːnə/ (hard grains of flour left after milling)  :: mannasuurimo, vehnäsuurimo, mannaryyni
semolina pudding {n} (dessert)  :: mannapuuro
sempiternal {adj} /ˌsɛm.pɪˈtəː.nəl/ (seemingly everlasting or eternal)  :: ikiaikainen
senate {n} /ˈsɛnɪt/ (the upper house in some bicameral legislative systems)  :: senaatti
Senate {prop} (legislative body)  :: senaatti
Senate {prop} (US Senate)  :: senaatti, liittovaltion senaatti
Senate {prop} (US state senate)  :: senaatti (with the name of the state), osavaltion senaatti
senator {n} /ˈsɛn.ə.tɚ/ (member in the house or chamber of a legislature called a senate)  :: senaattori
senator {n} (historic: position in government of ancient Rome)  :: senaattori
send {v} /sɛnd/ (make something go somewhere)  :: lähettää
sender {n} /ˈsɛndɚ/ (someone who sends)  :: lähettäjä
sendoff {n} (farewell party)  :: läksiäiset
send shivers down someone's spine {v} (terrify)  :: saada kylmät väreet kulkemaan pitkin selkäpiitä
send-up {n} /ˈsɛndˌʌp/ (satirical imitation)  :: parodia
send word {v} (notify via a delivered message)  :: lähettää sana
Seneca {prop} /ˈsɛnəkə/ (tribe)  :: senecat
Senegal {prop} /ˌsɛn.ɪ.ˈɡɔːl/ (Republic of Senegal)  :: Senegal
senescence {n} /sɨnˈɛsəns/ (biology: the state or process of aging)  :: vanheneminen
senescence {n} (cell biology: ceasing to divide by mitosis)  :: vanheneminen
senescence {n} (gerontology: old age)  :: vanhuus
senescence {n} (botany: fruit senescence, leading to ripening of fruit)  :: kypsyminen
senior {n} /ˈsinjɚ/ (someone older than someone else)  :: vanhempi
senior citizen {n} (old person)  :: vanhus
senior high school {n} (institution which provides secondary education)  :: lukio
sensation {n} /sɛnseɪʃən/ (physical feeling)  :: tunne, tuntemus
sensation {n} (widespread excitement)  :: sensaatio, kohu
sensationalism {n} (use of style and subject matter that is intentionally controversial, lurid, or attention-grabbing)  :: sensaationtavoittelu
sensationalist {adj} (characterized by sensationalism)  :: sensaatiohakuinen
sense {n} /sɛn(t)s/ (method to gather data)  :: aisti
sense {n} (conscious awareness)  :: tunne
sense {n} (sound judgement)  :: järki
sense {n} (meaning or reason)  :: järki
sense {n} (natural ability)  :: kyky, lahja, lahjakkuus, vaisto
sense {n} (semantics term)  :: merkitys
sense {n} (math: direction of a vector)  :: suunta
sense {n} (math: direction of rotation)  :: pyörimissuunta
sense {v} (use biological senses)  :: aistia
sense {v} (to instinctively be aware)  :: vaistota
sensei {n} /ˈsɛnseɪ/ (martial arts instructor)  :: mestari
senseless {adj} (bereft of feeling)  :: tunnoton
senseless {adj} (bereft of consciousness)  :: tajuton
senseless {adj} (lacking meaning or purpose)  :: järjetön, mieletön, älytön, älyvapaa
senseless {adj} (without consideration)  :: järjetön, mieletön, älytön, älyvapaa
senselessness {n} (being senseless)  :: mielettömyys, järjettömyys
sense of humour {n} (quality of an individual to find certain things funny)  :: huumorintaju
sense organ {n} (an organic sensor)  :: aistinelin, aistin
sensible {adj} /ˈsen.sə.bl̩/ (easily perceived, appreciable)  :: ymmärrettävä
sensible {adj} (aware of something)  :: tietoinen
sensible {adj} (acting with or showing good judgement)  :: järkevä, järjellinen
sensible {adj} (characterized more by usefulness than by fashionableness)  :: käytännöllisyys
sensibly {adv} /ˈsɛnsəbli/ (in a sensible manner; in a way that shows good sense)  :: järkevästi, mielekkäästi
sensitive {adj} /ˈsɛnsɪtɪv/ (having the faculty of sensation; pertaining to the senses)  :: aisti-
sensitive {adj} (responsive to stimuli)  :: herkkä, aistiherkkä
sensitive {adj} (easily offended)  :: herkkä, herkkätunteinen, arka
sensitive {adj} (capable of offending)  :: herkkä, arkaluonteinen
sensitive {adj} (accurate)  :: herkkä
sensitivity {n} (the quality of being sensitive)  :: herkkyys
sensitivity {n} (the ability of an organism or organ to respond to external stimuli)  :: havaintokyky
sensitivity {n} (the proportion of positive individuals in a population that will be correctly identified in a binary test)  :: erottelukyky
sensitivity {n} (the degree of response of an instrument to a change in an input signal)  :: herkkyys
sensitivity {n} (the degree of response of a film etc. to light of a specified wavelength)  :: herkkyys
sensitize {v} (to make increasingly aware of)  :: herkistyä [intransitive], herkistää [transitive]
senso lato {phrase} (in the broad sense)  :: laajassa merkityksessä
sensor {n} /ˈsɛn.sɚ/ (device or organ that detects certain external stimuli)  :: anturi, tunnistin (device); aistin; tuntoelin (organ)
sensory {adj} /ˈsɛnsəɹi/ (of the senses or sensation)  :: aisti-, aistimuksellinen, aistinvarainen, sensorinen
sensory memory {n} (brief storage in memory)  :: aistimuisti
senso stricto {phrase} (in the strict sense)  :: suppeassa merkityksessä
sensual {adj} /ˈsɛn.ʃu.əl/ (inducing pleasurable or erotic sensations)  :: sensuelli
sensuality {n} (state of being sensual, sensuous or sexy)  :: aistillisuus
sensually {adv} (in a sensual manner)  :: aistillisesti
sentence {n} /ˈsɛntəns/ (someone's pronounced opinion or judgment on a given question)  :: lausunto
sentence {n} (decision of a jury)  :: päätös, ratkaisu, tuomio
sentence {n} (judicial order for punishment, conviction)  :: tuomio
sentence {n} (punishment imposed on a person convicted of a crime)  :: tuomio, rangaistus
sentence {n} (saying, especially from a great person)  :: sanonta
sentence {n} (grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate)  :: lause, virke
sentence {n} (logic: formula with no free variables)  :: lause
sentence {n} (computing: string that can be generated by a given formal grammar)  :: lause
sentence {v} (declare a sentence on a convicted person)  :: tuomita
sententious {adj} /sɛnˈtɛn.ʃəs/ (using as few words as possible)  :: ytimekäs, niukkasanainen, lyhytsanainen, tiivis
sentient {adj} /ˈsɛn.ʃ(i)ənt/ (experiencing sensation, perceiving, thinking, or feeling)  :: tunteva
sentient {adj} (science fiction: possessing human-like awareness, knowledge and intelligence)  :: älyllinen
sentient {adj} (conscious or aware)  :: tietoinen
sentimental {adj} (characterized by sentiment, sentimentality or excess emotion)  :: tunteellinen, tunne-, sentimentaalinen
sentimental {adj} (derived from emotion rather than reason)  :: tunne-, tunneperäinen
sentimental {adj} (romantic)  :: romanttinen
sentimental value {n} (value of something from associated personal memories)  :: tunnearvo
sentinel {n} (A sentry or guard)  :: vartija, vahti
sentinel {n} (a unique phrase of characters)  :: vahti
sentinel {v} (To watch over something as a guard)  :: vahtia, vartioida
sentinel event {n} (unusual event in a medical setting which results in death or serious physical injury)  :: haittatapahtuma
sentry-box {n} (booth)  :: vartiokoppi
Seoul {prop} /səʊl/ (capital of South Korea)  :: Soul
sepal {n} /ˈsɛp(ə)l/ (part of calyx)  :: verholehti
separable {adj} (able to be separated)  :: separoituva, erottuva
separate {adj} /ˈsɛp(ə)ɹət/ (apart from; not connected to)  :: erillinen, eri, irtonainen
separate {adj} (followed by "from": not together with)  :: erillinen, erillään (adverb)
separate {v} (to divide into separate parts)  :: erottaa, jakaa
separate {v} (to disunite, disconnect)  :: erottaa
separate {v} (to cause to be separate)  :: erottaa
separate {v} (to divide itself)  :: erottua
separated {adj} /ˈsɛpəɹeɪtɪd/ (detached; not connected or joined)  :: erillään oleva
separated {adj} (estranged; living apart but not divorced)  :: erillään asuva, asumuserossa oleva
separately {adv} (in a separate manner)  :: erillään
separate the wheat from the chaff {v} (to select only that which is of value)  :: erottaa jyvät akanoista
separation {n} /sɛpəˈɹeɪʃən/ (act of disuniting two or more things)  :: erottaminen, erottelu, erotteleminen
separation {n} (an interval, gap or space that separates things)  :: väli
separation of powers {n} (model for governance)  :: vallan ositus
separatism {n} (separatism)  :: separatismi
separatist {n} /ˈsɛpəɹətɪst/ (political separatist)  :: separatisti
separatist {adj} (Advocating or seeking the separation of a country or territory)  :: separatistinen
separator {n} (an object located between two or more things and hence separates them)  :: erotin
separator {n} (device for removing one substance from another)  :: erotin; separaattori
Sephardi {n} (Sephardi)  :: sefardi, sefardijuutalainen
Sephardic {adj} (relating to the culture of the Sephardi Jews)  :: sefardijuutalainen
sepia {n} /ˈsiːpɪə/ (cuttlefish)  :: seepia
seppuku {n} (ritual suicide by disembowelment)  :: harakiri
sepsis {n} (serious medical condition in which the whole body is inflamed)  :: verenmyrkytys, sepsis
September {prop} /sɛpˈtɛmbəɹ/ (ninth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: syyskuu
septet {n} (group of seven)  :: septetti, seitsikko
septette {n} (set)  :: septetti
septette {n} (composition)  :: septetto
septicemia {n} (disease caused by pathogens in the blood)  :: verenmyrkytys, septikemia
septic tank {n} (slang: Yank) SEE: Yank  ::
septic tank {n} (watertight treatment system for domestic sewage)  :: sakokaivo [underground], saostussäiliö [above ground], septitankki [small scale, as in vehicle]
septillion {num} (a trillion trillion, 1024)  :: kvadriljoona
septillion {num} (a billion quintillion, 1042)  :: septiljoona
septoplasty {n} (corrective surgical procedure)  :: septoplastia
Septuagesima {n} (9th Sunday before Easter)  :: septuagesima
Septuagint {prop} /ˈsɛptjuːəˌdʒɪnt/ (an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek)  :: Septuaginta
septum {n} /ˈsɛptəm/ ((anatomy) wall separating two cavities)  :: väliseinä
septum {n} ((botany) partition separating the cells of a fruit)  :: väliseinä
septum {n} ((mycology) partition separating the cells of a fungus)  :: väliseinä
septum {n} ((zoology) radial calcareous plate of a coral)  :: väliseinä
septum {n} ((zoology) transverse partition dividing the shell chambers of a mollusc or rhizopod)  :: väliseinä
septum {n} ((zoology) transverse partition dividing the body cavity of an annelid)  :: väliseinä
sepulcher {n} /ˈsɛpəɫkɚ/ (burial chamber)  :: hautakammio
sepulchral {adj} /səˈpʌlkɹəl/ (suggestive of grave)  :: hautamainen
sepulchre {n} /ˈsɛpəɫkɚ/ (burial chamber)  :: hautakammio
sequel {n} /ˈsiːkwəl/ (a narrative written after another narrative set in the same universe)  :: jatko-osa
sequence {n} /ˈsikwəns/ (set of things in a set order)  :: sarja, sekvenssi
sequence {n} (series of musical phrases where a theme or melody is repeated)  :: sekvenssi
sequence {n} (poetic, music composition used in some Catholic Masses between the readings)  :: sekvenssi
sequence {n} (in mathematics, an ordered list of objects)  :: lukujono, jono
sequent {adj} (that comes after) SEE: subsequent  ::
sequent {adj} /ˈsiːkwənt/ (recurring in succession)  :: perättäinen
sequent {n} (something that follows)  :: seuraus
sequent {n} (logic)  :: seuraus
sequential {adj} (sequential)  :: peräkkäinen, peräkkäis-
sequentially {adv} (in sequence; in order)  :: peräkkäin, vuoronperään
sequin {n} /ˈsiːkwɪn/ (Italian/Turkish coin)  :: sekiini
sequin {n} (sparkling spangle used for decoration of ornate clothing:)  :: paljetti
sequoia {n} /səˈkwɔɪ.ə/ (tree)  :: punapuu
seraph {n} /ˈseɹəf/ (highest order of angels)  :: serafi
Seraphina {prop} (female given name)  :: Serafiina
Serb {n} /ˈsɝb/ (person of Serb descent, see also: Serbian)  :: serbi
Serb {adj} (of or pertaining to the Serbs or their culture)  :: serbialainen
Serbia and Montenegro {prop} (former country on the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Serbia ja Montenegro
Serbian {n} /ˈsɜː(ɹ)biːən/ (person from Serbia, see also: Serb)  :: serbialainen
Serbian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: serbia, serbian kieli
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians)  :: serbialainen
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbian language)  :: serbiankielinen
Serbian {n} (Serb) SEE: Serb  ::
Serbness {n} (quality)  :: serbialaisuus
Serbo-Croatian {prop} (South Slavic language)  :: serbokroaatti
Serbo-Croatian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbo-Croatian language)  :: serbokroaatinkielinen
sere {adj} /siːɹ/ (without moisture)  :: kuivunut
serenade {n} /ˌsɛɹəˈneɪd/ (love song)  :: serenadi
serenade {v} (serenade)  :: esittää serenadi jollekulle
serendipity {n} /ˌsɛ.ɹɛn.ˈdɪp.ə.ti/ (unsought, unintended... and/or learning experience that happens by accident)  :: onnekas sattuma
serene {adj} (peaceful, calm)  :: seesteinen, rauhallinen, tyyni
serene {adj} (fair and unclouded)  :: seesteinen, pilvetön, kirkas
serene {adj} (part of royal title)  :: kuninkaallinen, keisarillinen [etc., according to the rank of the dignitary]
serenely {adv} (in a serene manner)  :: seesteisesti, rauhallisesti
serenity {n} (state)  :: tyyneys
serenity {n} (lack of agitation)  :: tyyneys
serenity {n} (title given to a prince or other dignitary)  :: kunnianarvoisuus
serf {n} /sɝf/ (semifree peasant)  :: maaorja
serfdom {n} (state of being a serf)  :: maaorjuus
serfdom {n} (feudal system)  :: maaorjuus
sergeant {n} /ˈsɑːɹ.dʒənt/ (non-commissioned officer rank)  :: kersantti
sergeant major loach {n} (Botia rostrata)  :: touhunuoliainen
serial {adj} /sɪəɹiːəɫ/ (Having to do with or arranged in a series)  :: sarja-
serial {n} (literal work)  :: jatkokertomus [fiction]; kirjoitussarja [fact]
serial {n} (publication)  :: julkaisusarja
serialize {v} /ˈsɪɹiəlaɪz/ (convert an object into a byte sequence that can be converted back)  :: sarjallistaa
serial killer {n} (person who commits multiple murders)  :: sarjamurhaaja
serial monogamy {n} (practice of having successive marital relationships)  :: peräkkäinen yksiavioisuus
sericulture {n} (rearing of silkworms for the production of silk)  :: silkkiperhosten kasvatus
seriema {n} (species of bird in the family Cariamidae)  :: käärmekurki
series {n} /ˈsɪɹiz/ (a number of things that follow on one after the other)  :: sarja
series {n} (television or radio program)  :: sarja
series {n} (in analysis: sum of the terms of a sequence)  :: sarja
series finale {n} (the final episode of a television series)  :: päätösjakso
serif {n} (short line in a font)  :: pääteviiva
serin {n} (bird)  :: keltahemppo
serious {adj} /ˈsɪɹi.əs/ (without humor or expression of happiness)  :: vakava, vakavamielinen, totinen
serious {adj} (important; weighty; not trifling; leaving no room for play)  :: vakava
serious {adj} (really intending what is said; being in earnest)  :: vakava
seriously {adv} /ˈsɪɹi.əsli/ (in a serious or literal manner)  :: vakavasti, tosissaan, vakavissaan
serious-minded {adj} (solemn)  :: vakavamielinen
seriousness {n} (state of being serious)  :: vakavuus
sermon {n} /ˈsɝmən/ (religious discourse)  :: saarna
sermon {n} (speech of reproval)  :: saarna
Sermon on the Mount {prop} (public discourse given by Jesus)  :: vuorisaarna
seroconversion {n} (development of antibodies in blood serum)  :: vasta-aineiden kehittyminen
serological {adj} (of or pertaining to serology)  :: serologinen
serology {n} (science that studies the reaction between antigens and antibodies in serum)  :: seerumioppi, serologia
serology {n} (blood test to detect the presence of antibodies)  :: serologinen tutkimus, vasta-ainetutkimus
seropositive {adj} (testing positive for a given pathogen)  :: seropositiivinen
serotherapy {n} (the therapeutic use of sera or vaccines)  :: seerumihoito, seroterapia
serotonin {n} /ˌsɛɹəˈtoʊnɪn/ (the compound 5-hydroxytryptamine)  :: serotoniini
serous membrane {n} (thin membrane that secretes serum in body cavity)  :: herakalvo, seroosa
Serpens {prop} /ˈsɚːpənz/ (large summer constellation of the northern sky)  :: Käärme
serpent {n} /ˈsɝpənt/ (snake)  :: käärme
serpent {n} (musical instrument)  :: sinkki
Serpentarius {prop} (Ophiuchus) SEE: Ophiuchus  ::
serpentine {adj} /ˈsɚːpəntaɪn/ (sinuous, curving)  :: kiemurteleva, mutkitteleva, mutkikas
serpentine {adj} (having the form of a snake)  :: käärmemäinen
serpentine {adj} (of, pertaining to, or characteristic of snakes)  :: käärmemäinen
serpentine {adj} (crafty, deceitful)  :: juonikas
serpentine {n} (early form of cannon)  :: serpentiini
serpentine {adj} /ˈsɝːpəntin/ (of or characteristic of serpentine rocks or the plants that grow there)  :: serpentiini-
serpentine {n} (mineral)  :: serpentiini
serpentine {n} (outcrop or region)  :: serpentiinialue [region]
serpentinite {n} (metamorphic rock)  :: serpentiniitti
serrate {adj} (saw-like)  :: sahamainen
serrate {adj} (having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections)  :: sahalaitainen
serrate {v} (to make serrate)  :: hammastaa
serrated {adj} (saw-like)  :: sahalaitainen
serrated {adj} (Having a row of sharp or tooth-like projections)  :: sahalaitainen
serum {n} /ˈsɪɹ.əm/ (yellowish fluid obtained from blood)  :: seerumi, veriseerumi, verihera
serum {n} (watery fluid from animal tissue)  :: kudosneste
serum {n} (watery portion of certain animal fluids)  :: hera
serum {n} (skincare product)  :: seerumi
serum sickness {n} (allergylike reaction)  :: seerumitauti
servant {n} /ˈsɝvənt/ (one who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation)  :: palvelija
servant {n} (one who serves another, providing help in some manner)  :: palvelija
serve {n} /sɝv/ (sports: act of putting the ball or shuttlecock in play)  :: syöttö
serve {v} (to work for)  :: palvella
serve {v} (religion: to obey and worship)  :: palvella
serve {v} (to be subordinate to)  :: avustaa
serve {v} (to be suitor to)  :: kosia, kosiskella
serve {v} (to attend, supply the wants of)  :: tarjoilla
serve {v} (to bring food to)  :: tarjoilla, tarjota
serve {v} (to perform duties)  :: palvella
serve {v} (to contribute, promote)  :: hoitaa
serve {v} (to act in place of)  :: toimia
serve {v} (to treat (someone))  :: kohdella
serve {v} (military: to work or operate)  :: käyttää
serve {v} (legal: to bring to notice, deliver, or execute)  :: saattaa tietoon
serve {v} (to make legal service on (someone))  :: toimittaa, toimia, palvella
serve {v} (to spend time (of punishment))  :: istua
serve {v} (to copulate (of animals))  :: astua
serve {v} (sports: to lead off with first delivery (of the ball))  :: syöttää
serve {v} (to wind spun yarn)  :: rihmata
serve {v} (to be a servant)  :: palvella
serve {v} (to perform domestic offices)  :: palvella
serve {v} (to be in service)  :: palvella
serve {v} (to be of use)  :: toimia
serve {n} (AUS: portion of food) SEE: serving  ::
serve notice {v} (officially give a legal notice to)  :: ilmoittaa
serve notice {v} (warn or announce)  :: varoittaa
serve notice {v} (terminate employment)  :: erottaa
server {n} /ˈsɝvɚ/ (one who serves)  :: palvelija, tarjoilija
server {n} (preferred unisex term for a waitress or waiter)  :: tarjoilija
server {n} (a tray for dishes)  :: tarjotin
server {n} (computing: a program which provides services to other programs or users)  :: palvelin, palvelinohjelma
server {n} (computing: a computer dedicated to running server programs)  :: palvelin, serveri
serve someone right {v} (happen to someone who deserves it)  :: olla jollekin oikein
serve time {v} (to be in prison) SEE: do time  ::
Servian {adj} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
Servian {n} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
Servian {prop} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
service {n} /ˈsɝvɪs/ (event)  :: palvelus, palvelu
service {n} (practice of providing a service)  :: palvelu
service {n} (economics: work performed)  :: palvelu
service {n} (computing: function provided by one program or machine for another)  :: palvelu
service {n} (state of being subordinate or employed)  :: alaisuus, palvelus
service {n} (the military)  :: palvelus, asepalvelus
service {n} (set of dishes or utensils)  :: astiasto
service {n} (sports: act of initially serving the ball)  :: syöttö, aloitussyöttö
service {n} (religious rite or ritual)  :: jumalanpalvelus
service {n} (legal: delivery of a summons or writ)  :: tuomion lukeminen
service {n} (shared taxi)  :: reittitaksi
service {v} (to serve)  :: palvella
service {v} (to perform maintenance)  :: huoltaa
serviceability {n} (property of being useful)  :: käyttökelpoisuus
serviceability {n} (property of being able to be serviced)  :: huollettavuus
serviceable {adj} (easy to service)  :: huoltoystävällinen, helppohuoltoinen
serviceable {adj} (repairable instead of disposable)  :: käyttökelpoinen
serviceable {adj} (in condition for use)  :: käyttökelpoinen
service agreement {n} (formal contract of employment)  :: palvelussopimus, työsopimus
service agreement {n} (contract of providing a service)  :: palvelusopimus
serviceberry {n} (plant)  :: tuomipihlaja
serviceberry {n} (berry)  :: tuomipihlajan marja
service charge {n} (amount added to a bill)  :: palveluraha
service charge {n} (fee charged for a service)  :: palvelumaksu
service dog {n} (dog that assists a handicapped person or an official)  :: palveluskoira
service fee {n} (service charge) SEE: service charge  ::
service level agreement {n} (contract specifying the level of service)  :: palvelutasosopimus
serviceman {n} (man who serves in the armed forces)  :: sotilas [anyone]; varusmies, asevelvollinen [conscript]
serviceman {n} (one employed in service and maintenance)  :: huoltomies
service mark {n} (trademark for a service)  :: palvelumerkki
service of process {n} (delivery of information providing notice)  :: haaste
service of process {n} (effective notification of a lawsuit)  :: haaste
service pack {n} (collection of software patches or upgrades)  :: service pack, huoltopäivitys
servicescape {n} (range of services available in the market)  :: palvelutarjonta
service station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
service tree {n} (Sorbus domestica or S. torminalis)  :: välimerenpihlaja [S. domestica], etelänpihlaja [S. torminalis]
serviette {n} (napkin) SEE: napkin  ::
servile {adj} /ˈsəɹ.vəl/ (of or pertaining to a slave)  :: orja-
servile {adj} (submissive or slavish)  :: orjallinen, alamainen, orjamainen
servility {n} (condition of being servile)  :: nöyryys
serving {n} /ˈsɜːvɪŋ/ (the act of serving)  :: syöttö
serving {n} (portion of food)  :: annos
servitude {n} /ˈsɝvɪtud/ (the state of being a slave)  :: orjuus
servitude {n} (qualified beneficial interest)  :: rasite, servituutti
sesame {n} /ˈsɛsəmi/ (plant)  :: seesami
sesame {n} (seed)  :: seesaminsiemen
sesame oil {n} (oil extracted from sesame seeds)  :: seesamiöljy
sesamoid bone {n} (small bone embedded within tendon)  :: jänneluu
sesquiplane {n} (biplane having one long wing and one short one)  :: sesquiplane-kaksitaso
sesquiquadrate {n} (astrology: 135° angle between celestial objects)  :: puolitoistaneliö
sessile oak {n} (deciduous tree)  :: talvitammi
session {n} /ˈsɛʃən/ (period devoted to a particular activity)  :: istunto
session {n} (meeting of a body to conduct business)  :: istunto, kokous
set {v} /sɛt/ (to put something down)  :: asettaa, panna, pistää, laittaa
set {v} (to determine)  :: määrätä, asettaa
set {v} (to adjust)  :: asettaa, säätää
set {v} (to punch a nail into wood)  :: upottaa
set {v} (to arrange with dishes and cutlery)  :: kattaa
set {v} (to introduce)  :: kuvailla
set {v} (to locate, to backdrop)  :: sijoittaa
set {v} (to compile, to make (a crossword))  :: laatia
set {v} (to prepare (a stage or film set))  :: lavastaa
set {v} (to arrange type)  :: asetella
set {v} (to devise and assign work)  :: antaa tehtäväksi
set {v} (to direct the ball to a teammate for an attack)  :: passata
set {v} (to solidify)  :: jähmettyä, kovettua, asettua
set {v} (of a heavenly body: to disappear below the horizon)  :: laskea
set {n} (punch for setting nails in wood)  :: upotuspiikki
set {n} (device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television)  :: TV, vastaanotin, setti
set {adj} (ready, prepared)  :: valmis
set {adj} (intent, determined)  :: määrätietoinen, päättäväinen
set {adj} (prearranged)  :: kiinteä, määrätty, vakio-
set {adj} (fixed in one’s opinion)  :: vakuuttunut
set {adj} (of hair: fixed in a certain style)  :: laitettu
set {n} (matching collection of similar things, such as a set of tables)  :: sarja, setti
set {n} (collection of various objects for a particular purpose, such as a set of tools)  :: sarja, valikoima, lajitelma
set {n} (object made up several parts, such as a set of steps)  :: sarja, kuvio, kokoelma
set {n} (set theory: collection of objects)  :: joukko
set {n} (group of people, usually meeting socially)  :: ryhmä, piiri
set {n} (scenery for a film or play)  :: lavastus
set {n} (dancing: initial or basic formation of dancers)  :: alkumuodostelma, alkuasetelma
set {n} (in tennis)  :: erä
set {n} (volleyball)  :: passi, erä
set {v} (to sit) SEE: sit  ::
set {n} (badger’s home) SEE: sett  ::
set {n} (plural: set theory) SEE: set theory  ::
set forth {v} (to start) SEE: start  ::
set forth {v} (to state; to describe)  :: mainita, kuvata, esittää
set forth {v} (to present for consideration)  :: ehdottaa
set forth {v} (to begin a journey)  :: lähteä matkaan, lähteä
set free {v} (release, free, give freedom to)  :: vapauttaa
Seth {prop} /sɛθ/ (the third son of Adam and Eve)  :: Set
Seth {prop} (a male given name)  :: Seet
set in motion {v} (trigger movement or progress)  :: laittaa liikkeelle, laittaa liikkeeseen
setlist {n} (document itemizing songs to be played by an artist on tour)  :: soittolista
set off {v} (To offset) SEE: offset  ::
set off {v} (To leave; begin a journey or trip)  :: lähteä matkaan
set off {v} (To cause to explode)  :: räjäyttää, ampua
set of pipes {n} (voice for singing)  :: lauluääni
set on fire {v} (cause to begin to burn)  :: sytyttää
set on fire {v} (arouse passionate feelings in)  :: sytyttää
set out {v} (to explain)  :: yksilöidä, määritellä
set out {v} (to leave)  :: lähteä matkaan
set out {v} (to start an activity)  :: ryhtyä
set phrase {n} (expression subject to little variation)  :: vakiintunut ilmaus
set phrase {n} (idiomatic expression)  :: idiomi
set point {n} (tennis)  :: eräpallo
set point {n} (fixed location)  :: kiintopiste
set square {n} (flat triangular piece of plastic or other material used in technical drawing)  :: kolmioviivain
set square {n} (right angle tool)  :: suorakulma
set store by {v} (believe that something is very necessary)  :: pitää tärkeänä
Setswana {prop} (Tswana) SEE: Tswana  ::
sett {n} /sɛt/ (home of a badger)  :: luolasto
sett {n} (paving stone)  :: nupukivi
setter {n} /ˈsɛt.ə/ (one who sets something)  :: asettaja, asettelija
setter {n} (breed of dog)  :: setteri
setter {n} (volleyball player)  :: syöttäjä
set-theoretic {adj} (Of, relating to or using set theory)  :: joukko-opillinen
set theory {n} (mathematical theory of sets)  :: joukko-oppi
set the table {v} (arrange plates, dishes, etc. in preparation for a meal)  :: kattaa pöytä
set the table {v} (make a future outcome possible)  :: pohjustaa
setting {n} /ˈsɛtɪŋ/ (time, place, circumstance)  :: tapahtumapaikka, miljöö
setting {n} (placement of a control)  :: asetus
settle down {v} (to become quiet)  :: rauhoittua, asettua
settle down {v} (to establish a settled lifestyle)  :: asettua
settle down {v} (to get comfortable with new circumstances)  :: asettua taloksi; kotiutua
settlement {n} /ˈset.l.mənt/ (act)  :: asuttaminen
settlement {n} (newly established colony)  :: siirtokunta
settlement {n} (community of people living together)  :: yhteisö
settlement {n} ((architecture): gradual sinking of a building)  :: laskeutuminen
settlement {n} ((law) settled place of abode)  :: asunto
settlement {n} ((law) resolution)  :: ratkaisu
settlement agreement {n} (agreement)  :: sovintosopimus
settler {n} (someone who settles in a new location, especially one who makes a previously uninhabited place his home)  :: uudisraivaaja, uudisasukas
settle upon {v} (decide something over other options)  :: päätyä
settling {n} (dregs)  :: sakka, saos
set to music {v} (to adapt a literary work)  :: säveltää
set-top box {n} (device that connects some source of signal to a television set)  :: digiboksi
set up {v} (to ready something for use)  :: asentaa
set up {v} (to order logically)  :: järjestää
set up {v} (to cause to happen)  :: aiheuttaa
set up {v} (to trap or ensnare)  :: pyydystää; (to make look like guilty) lavastaa (syylliseksi)
set up {v} (to arrange for an outcome)  :: manipuloida, väärentää
set up {v} (to gel or harden)  :: kovettua, jähmettyä
set up {adj} (in a position to function)  :: valmis
setup {n} (Equipment designed for a particular purpose; an apparatus)  :: laitteisto
setup {n} (The fashion in which something is organized or arranged)  :: järjestely
setup {n} (An act to frame someone; an effort or arrangement aimed at placing the blame on somebody)  :: lavastus
setup {n} (computing: an installer)  :: asennusohjelma
sevdalinka {n} (genre of folk music)  :: sevdalinka
seven {num} /ˈsɛv.ən/ (cardinal number 7)  :: seitsemän
seven {n} (the figure seven)  :: seiska, seitsemäinen, seitsikko
seven {n} (a card bearing seven pips)  :: seiska
seven deadly sins {n} (the cardinal sins)  :: seitsemän kuolemansyntiä
sevenfold {adj} (multiplied by seven (adjective))  :: seitsemänkertainen, seitsenkertainen
sevenfold {adj} (having seven parts (adjective))  :: seitsemänosainen, seitsenosainen
sevenfold {adv} (by a factor of seven (adverb))  :: seitsemänkertaisesti, seitsenkertaisesti
seven hundred {num} /ˈsɛv.ən ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 700)  :: seitsemänsataa
seven hundred and fifty {num} (number)  :: seitsemänsataaviisikymmentä
seven hundred and fifty {n} (the figure 750)  :: numero seitsemänsataaviisikymmentä
seven-league boots {n} (boots enabling great stride)  :: seitsemän peninkulman saappaat {p}
sevennight {n} (period of seven consecutive days and nights) SEE: week  ::
seven o'clock {n} (the start of the eighth hour)  :: seitsemän (see also kello)
sevens {n} (pair of sevens)  :: seiskapari
Seven Sages {prop} (the seven ancient Greeks)  :: Kreikan seitsemän viisasta
seven seals {n} (Christian concept)  :: seitsemän sinettiä
sevensome {n} (group of seven)  :: seitsikko
seventeen {num} /ˈsɛv.ən.tiːn/ (cardinal number)  :: seitsemäntoista
seventeenth {num} /ˌsɛvənˈtiːnθ/ (ordinal number)  :: seitsemästoista (abbreviation 17.); (in names of monarchs and popes XVII)
seventh {adj} /sɛv.ənθ/ (ordinal form of the number seven)  :: seitsemäs
seventh {n} (something in the seventh position)  :: seitsemäs
seventh {n} (one of seven equal parts of a whole)  :: seitsemäsosa seitsemännes
seventh {n} (musical interval)  :: septimi
seventh heaven {n} (state of great joy and satisfaction)  :: seitsemäs taivas
seven thousand {num} (7,000)  :: seitsemäntuhatta
seventies {n} (the decade of the 1970s)  :: seitsemänkymmentäluku
seventy {num} /ˈsɛv.ən.di/ (cardinal number)  :: seitsemänkymmentä
seventy-seven {num} (77)  :: seitsemänkymmentäseitsemän
seventy-six {num} (76)  :: seitsemänkymmentäkuusi
seven virtues {n} (seven heavenly virtues)  :: seitsemän hyvettä
sever {v} /ˈsɛv.ɚ/ (to cut free)  :: katkaista; kitkeä
sever {v} (to be parted or separated)  :: joutua eroon
sever {v} (to make a separation or distinction)  :: erottaa, tehdä ero
sever {v} (legal: to disunite; to disconnect; to terminate)  :: erottaa, eriyttää [to disunite or disconnect]; lopettaa [to terminate]
several {determiner} /ˈsɛv(ə)ɹəl/ (consisting of a number more than two, but not very many)  :: usea
several {determiner} (obsolete: separate, distinct)  :: eri
several {determiner} (diverse; different; various)  :: eri
several {n} (obsolete: an area of land in private ownership)  :: omaperäismaa [archaic]
several states {n} (states of the USA, collectively)  :: osavaltiot {p}
severance {n} /ˈsɛv.ɹəns/ (act of severing)  :: irrottaminen, katkaiseminen
severance {n} (separation)  :: ero
severance {n} (severance payment) SEE: severance pay  ::
severance pay {n} (money paid to employee as compensation)  :: eroraha, irtisanomisraha, irtisanomiskorvaus
severance payment {n} (money paid to employee in case of layoff) SEE: severance pay  ::
severe {adj} /sɪˈvɪə/ (very bad or intense)  :: ankara, vakava, raju, tuima
severe {adj} (strict or harsh)  :: ankara, vaikea
severe acute respiratory syndrome {n} (form of pneumonia)  :: SARS
severed {adj} (cut off or broken apart)  :: irti leikattu
severity {n} /səˈvɛɹɨti/ (state of being severe)  :: vakavuus, ankaruus, kovuus
severity {n} (degree of something undesirable; badness)  :: pahuus
Sevettijärvi {prop} (village in Finland)  :: Sevettijärvi
Seville {prop} /səˈvɪl/ (city in Andalusia, Spain)  :: Sevilla
Seville orange {n} (Seville orange) SEE: bitter orange  ::
Sevillian {adj} (of or pertaining to Sevilla)  :: sevillalainen
Sevillian {n} (someone from Sevilla)  :: sevillalainen
sevruga {n} (Acipenser stellatus)  :: tähtisampi, sevruga
sevruga {n} (caviar)  :: sevruga-kaviaari
sew {v} /soʊ/ ((transitive) use a needle)  :: ommella
sew {v} ((intransitive) use a needle)  :: ommella
sewage {n} (suspension of water and waste)  :: jätevesi
sewer {n} /ˈs(j)uːə/ (pipes used to remove human waste and to provide drainage)  :: viemäri
sewer {n} /ˈsoʊɚ/ (person who sews clothing)  :: ompelija
sewerage {n} (sewage) SEE: sewage  ::
sewerage {n} (sewer system)  :: viemäröinti
sewing {n} (action of the verb to sew)  :: ompelu
sewing {n} (Something that is being or has been sewn)  :: ompele
sewing circle {n} (social meeting of women for sewing and talking)  :: ompeluseura
sewing machine {n} (device)  :: ompelukone
sewing needle {n} (dragonfly or damselfly)  :: sudenkorento
sex {n} /sɛks/ (act of sexual intercourse)  :: seksi, yhdyntä
sex {n} (gender (female or male))  :: sukupuoli
sex {v} (to determine the sex of)  :: määrittää sukupuoli
sex {v} (informal: to have sex with)  :: rakastella, harrastaa seksiä
sex act {n} (acts of sexual stimulation)  :: seksuaalinen teko
sex addict {n} (person)  :: seksiaddikti
sexagenarian {n} (a person who is between the ages of 60 and 69)  :: kuusikymmenvuotias
Sexagesima {n} (8th Sunday before Easter)  :: seksagesima
sex appeal {n} (sexual attractiveness)  :: sukupuolinen vetovoima
sex bomb {n} (someone highly sexy)  :: seksipommi
sex change {n} (change in sex)  :: sukupuolenvaihdos
sex club {n} (group which organises sex-related activities for its members)  :: seksiklubi
sex drive {n} (tendency to engage in sexual activity)  :: sukupuolivietti
sex education {n} (sex education)  :: seksuaalikasvatus
sex gland {n} (gland in which sex cells are produced) SEE: gonad  ::
sexily {adv} (in a sexy manner)  :: seksikkäästi
sexism {n} /ˈsɛksɪzm̩/ (gender discrimination or dislike)  :: seksismi
sexist {n} /ˈsɛksɪst/ (a person who discriminates on grounds of sex)  :: seksisti
sexist {adj} (unfairly against one sex in favour of the other)  :: seksistinen
sexless {adj} (not having gender)  :: sukupuoleton
sexless {adj} (not having sexual relations)  :: seksitön
sex life {n} /ˈsɛksˌlaɪf/ (part of a person's life that is directly concerned with sexual activity)  :: sukupuolielämä
sex machine {n} (person)  :: panokone
sex machine {n} (machine)  :: panokone
sex object {n} (person seen only as sexually attractive)  :: seksiobjekti, sukupuoliobjekti
sex offender {n} (somebody who has committed a crime of a sexual nature)  :: seksuaalirikollinen
sexologist {n} (someone who studies, or is an expert in, sex and sexuality)  :: seksologi
sexology {n} (The study of sex and sexuality)  :: seksologia, sukupuolioppi, seksologia
sex organ {n} (organ used in sexual reproduction)  :: sukupuolielin
sex partner {n} (someone that one has sex with)  :: seksikumppani
sexpert {n} (expert in sexology)  :: seksologi
sex position {n} (sex position)  :: yhdyntäasento
sex reassignment surgery {n} (surgical procedure)  :: sukuelinten korjausleikkaus
sex scene {n} (segment in a movie in which characters have sex)  :: seksikohtaus
sex shop {n} (shop that sells sexual merchandise)  :: seksikauppa
sex slave {n} (slave kept for the purpose of sexual exploitation)  :: seksiorja
sex symbol {n} (person with sexual ideals)  :: seksisymboli
sext {n} (noon) SEE: noon  ::
sextant {n} /ˈsɛkstənt/ (navigational instrument)  :: sekstantti
sextant {n} (one sixth of a circle)  :: 60 asteen kulma
sextet {n} (any group of six people)  :: kuusikko
sextet {n} (composition for six voices or instruments)  :: sekstetti
sextile {n} /ˈsɛks.taɪl/ (statistics: six-quantile)  :: sekstiili
sextile {n} (statistics: subset)  :: sekstiili
sextillion {num} (a trillion billion, 1021)  :: triljardi
sextillion {num} (a million quintillion, 1036)  :: sekstiljoona
sexton {n} /ˈsɛkstən/ (church official)  :: suntio
sex tourism {n} (travel for sex)  :: seksiturismi
sex toy {n} (sex aid)  :: seksilelu
sextuplet {n} (one of six born together)  :: kuusinkertainen
sexual {adj} /ˈsɛkʃuəl/ (of or relating to having sex)  :: sukupuolinen, seksuaalinen
sexual {adj} (of or relating to the sex of an organism)  :: sukupuolinen, sukupuoli-
sexual {adj} (of or relating to sexuality)  :: sukupuolinen, seksuaalinen
sexual abuse {n} (forcing of undesired sexual activity by one person on another)  :: seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö
sexual act {n} (sex act) SEE: sex act  ::
sexual appetite {n} (sexual desire)  :: sukupuolinen halu
sexual dimorphism {n} (physical difference between male and female individuals)  :: seksuaalinen dimorfismi, sukupuolidimorfismi
sexual frustration {n} (agitation felt by an individual whose sexual satisfaction is considerably less than desired)  :: seksuaalinen turhauma
sexual harassment {n} /ˌsɛkʃuəlhəˈɹæsmənt/ (sexual harassment)  :: sukupuolinen häirintä
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse) SEE: intercourse  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (copulation)  :: yhdyntä [of humans], seksuaalinen kanssakäyminen [of humans, formal]; parittelu [of animals]
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction)  :: yhdyntä [of humans], seksuaalinen kanssakäyminen [of humans, formal]; parittelu [of animals]
sexual intercourse {n} (the coming together of male and female in sexual intercourse) SEE: copulation  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (copulation of animals) SEE: breeding  ::
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction) SEE: coitus  ::
sexuality {n} (sexual orientation) SEE: sexual orientation  ::
sexuality {n} /sɛkʃuˈælɪti/ (that which is characterized or distinguished by sex)  :: seksuaalisuus
sexuality {n} (sexual activity)  :: seksi
sexuality {n} (concern with or interest in sexual activity)  :: seksuaalisuus
sexuality {n} (sexual potency)  :: potenssi, kyky
sexuality {n} (sexual identity)  :: sukupuolinen identiteetti
sexuality {n} (sexual receptivity)  :: seksuaalisuus
sexually frustrated {adj} (suffering from sexual frustration)  :: seksuaalisesti turhautunut
sexually mature {adj} (able to reproduce)  :: sukukypsä
sexually transmitted disease {n} (contagious disease spread through sexual intercourse) SEE: venereal disease  ::
sexually transmitted disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact)  :: sukupuolitauti
sexual minority {n} (those outside mainstream sexual expression)  :: sukupuolivähemmistö
sexual orientation {n} (sexual orientation)  :: seksuaalinen suuntautuminen
sexual partner {n} (of breeding animal: sexual partner) SEE: mate  ::
sexual partner {n} (person with whom someone has had sex)  :: seksikumppani
sexual reproduction {n} (process whereby a new organism created by combining the genetic material of two organisms)  :: suvullinen lisääntyminen
sexual selection {n} (type of natural selection)  :: sukupuolivalinta
sexual slavery {n} (criminal activity)  :: seksiorjuus
sexual tension {n} (tension between two individuals due to physical attraction)  :: seksuaalinen jännite
sex work {n} (job in which sex is involved)  :: seksityö
sex worker {n} (person who supplies sexual services for money)  :: seksityöntekijä
sexy {adj} /ˈsɛksi/ (having sexual appeal)  :: seksikäs
sexy {adj} (slang: very attractive or appealing)  :: seksikäs
Seychelles {prop} /seɪˈʃɛlz/ (country in East Africa)  :: Seychellit
SEZ {initialism} (Special Economic Zone)  :: erityistalousalue
sfumato {n} (painting technique)  :: sfumato
shabby {adj} /ˈʃæb.i/ (torn or worn; poor; mean; ragged)  :: nuhruinen, nuhjuinen, nukkavieru
shabby {adj} (clothed with ragged, much worn, or soiled garments)  :: nuhruinen, nuhjuinen, nukkavieru
shabby {adj} (mean; paltry; despicable)  :: surkea, onneton
shack {n} /ʃæk/ (crude hut)  :: hökkeli, tönö
shack {v} (Live in or with)  :: asua, bunkata
shackle {n} (a U-shaped piece of metal)  :: sakkeli
shackle {n} (restraint on one's action)  :: kahleet {p}
shackle {n} (fetter-like band worn as an ornament)  :: rengas
shackle {n} (link for connecting railroad cars)  :: kytkin
shackle {v} (to restraint using shackles)  :: kahlita, kahlehtia
shackle {v} (to inhibit the abilities of)  :: kahlita
shackle {n} (stubble) SEE: stubble  ::
shackles {n} (paired wrist or ankle restraints)  :: kahleet {p}, raudat {p}
shad {n} /ʃæd/ (fishes of the herring family)  :: täpläsilli, silli
shadbush {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
shade {n} /ʃeɪd/ (darkness where light is blocked)  :: varjo
shade {n} (something that blocks light, particularly in a window)  :: kaihdin, verho, varjostin
shade {n} (variety of color)  :: sävy
shade {n} (subtle variation in a concept)  :: sävy
shade horsetail {n} (Equisetum pratense)  :: lehtokorte, niittykorte
shadoof {n} (device used to gather water)  :: vinttikaivo
shadow {n} /ˈʃædoʊ/ (dark image projected onto a surface)  :: varjo
shadow {n} (relative darkness)  :: varjo
shadow {n} (one who secretly or furtively follows another)  :: varjostaja
shadow {n} (type of lettering form)  :: varjostus
shadow {v} (to block light or radio transmission)  :: varjostaa
shadow {v} (to secretly track or follow another)  :: varjostaa
shadow {v} (to accompany a professional in order to learn)  :: seurata
shadowbox {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadow-box {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadow-box {v} (shadowbox) SEE: shadowbox  ::
shadowbox {v} (to practice boxing moves)  :: varjonyrkkeillä
shadowboxer {n} (shadowboxer)  :: varjonyrkkeilijä
shadowboxing {n} (form of solo exercise, involving throwing punches at the air, and not at an opponent)  :: varjonyrkkeily
shadow government {n} (government-in-waiting that is prepared to take control)  :: varjohallitus
shadowless {adj} (lacking a shadow)  :: varjoton
shadow play {n} (form of storytelling using opaque figures in front of an illuminated backdrop)  :: varjoteatteri
shadowy {adj} /ˈʃædoʊɨ/ (of or pertaining to shadow)  :: hämärä
shady {adj} /ˈʃeɪdi/ (abounding in shades)  :: varjoisa, varjoinen
shady {adj} (causing shade)  :: varjostava
shady {adj} (not trustworthy; unfit to be seen or known)  :: hämäräperäinen, valonarka, kyseenalainen
shaft {n} /ʃæft/ (long narrow body of spear or arrow)  :: varsi
shaft {n} (beam or ray of light)  :: valokeila
shaft {n} (any long, thin object)  :: varsi, aisa, akseli, kanki
shaft {n} (main axis of a feather)  :: ruoto
shaft {n} (lacrosse: long narrow body of the stick)  :: varsi
shaft {n} (long passage sunk into the earth)  :: kuilu, kaivoskuilu
shaft {n} (vertical passage housing a lift)  :: kuilu, hissikuilu
shaft {n} (ventilation or heating conduit)  :: kanava
shaft {n} (the shaft of the penis)  :: varsi, kanki
shaft {v} (slang: to engage in a malicious act)  :: mopottaa
shaft {v} (to equip with a shaft)  :: varttaa
shaft {v} (slang: to have sexual intercourse)  :: kepittää
shaft bow {n} (part of a horse harness)  :: luokki, vemmel, vempele
shag {n} /ʃæɡ/ (matted material)  :: tukko
shag {n} (coarse shredded tobacco)  :: sätkätupakka
shag {n} (type of rough carpet pile)  :: karvalanka
shag {n} (sea bird)  :: merimetso, karimetso
shag {v} (to shake)  :: vipeltää
shag {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: panna
shag {n} (swing dance)  :: shag
shag {n} (act of sexual intercourse)  :: pano
shag {n} (sexual partner)  :: pano
shaggy {adj} /ˈʃæɡi/ (rough with long or thick hair, fur or wool; unshaven, ungroomed, or unbrushed)  :: takkuinen, hoitamaton
shaggy {adj} (rough; rugged; jaggy)  :: karkea
shah {n} (king of Persia)  :: šaahi, shaahi
shahada {n} (Islamic declaration of belief)  :: šahada
shaheed {n} (martyr) SEE: martyr  ::
Shahnameh {prop} (epic poem)  :: Shahnameh
shake {v} /ˈʃeɪk/ (transitive: to cause to move)  :: ravistaa, ravistella, heristää
shake {v} (to move one's head from side to side)  :: pudistaa
shake {v} (transitive: to disturb emotionally)  :: järkyttää
shake {v} (transitive: to lose, evade)  :: karistaa
shake {v} (intransitive: to move from side to side)  :: vavista, täristä
shake {v} (intransitive: to shake hands)  :: kätellä, paiskata kättä
shake {n} (act of shaking)  :: ravistus, ravistelu
shake {n} (milkshake)  :: pirtelö
shake {n} (building material: thin shingle)  :: päre
shake {n} (crack or splint in wood)  :: halkeama, särö
shake {n} (informal: instant, second)  :: vilaus
shake {n} (beverage made of ice cream and carbonated drink) SEE: float  ::
shake hands {v} (grasp another person's hands)  :: kätellä
shake one's head {v} (move one's head from side to side)  :: pudistaa päätään
shaker {n} /ˈʃeɪkɚ/ (sthg that shakes)  :: ravistin; sirotin (for salt and pepper), sekoitin (for cocktails)
Shakespeare {prop} /ˈʃeɪkspɪɹ/ (English playwright)  :: Shakespeare
Shakespearean {adj} /ʃeɪkˈspiɹi.ən/ (pertaining to Shakespeare or his works)  :: Shakespearen
Shakespearean sonnet {n} (type of sonnet)  :: englantilainen sonetti
shake up {v} (agitate)  :: ravistaa
shake up {v} (upset)  :: järkyttää
shale {n} (shell, husk, cod, pod)  :: kuori
shale {n} (sedimentary rock)  :: savikivi
shale {v} (to take off the shell, husk, cod, pod)  :: kuoria
shale gas {n} (natural gas)  :: liuskekaasu
shallot {n} /ˈʃælət/ (vegetable in the onion family)  :: salottisipuli
shallow {adj} /ˈʃæl.oʊ/ (having little depth and significantly less deep than wide)  :: matala, laakea
shallow {adj} (extending not far downward)  :: matala
shallow {adj} (concerned mainly with superficial matters)  :: pinnallinen
shallow {adj} (lacking interest or substance)  :: pinnallinen
shallow-fry {v} (to fry with a thin layer of oil)  :: paistaa, paistaa pannulla
shalom {interj} (transliteration of the Jewish greeting or farewell)  :: šalom
shalwar {n} /ˈʃʌlvɑɹ/ (garment)  :: haaremihousut {p}
sham {adj} /ʃæm/ (intended to deceive)  :: näennäinen
sham {n} (fake, imitation)  :: jäljennös, väärennös
sham {n} (trickery, hoaxing)  :: huijaus, petos, huiputus
sham {v} (to cheat or deceive)  :: huijata, huiputtaa, puijata
shaman {n} /ˈʃɑːmən/ (a medium between the concrete and spirit worlds)  :: šamaani, poppamies
shamanism {n} (range of traditional beliefs)  :: šamanismi, shamanismi
shamanist {n} (adherent of shamanism)  :: šamanisti
shamanistic {adj} (of or pertaining to shamanism)  :: shamanistinen, šamanistinen
shamble {v} /ˈʃæmbl̩/ (to walk while shuffling or dragging the feet)  :: laahustaa, raahustaa
shame {n} /ʃeɪm/ (uncomfortable or painful feeling)  :: häpeä
shame {n} (something to regret)  :: vahinko, häpeä
shame {n} (reproach incurred or suffered; dishonour; ignominy; derision)  :: häpeä
shame {n} (cause or reason of shame)  :: häpeä
shame {n} (that which is shameful and private, especially body parts)  :: häpy [body parts]
shame {v} (to cause to feel shame)  :: häpäistä, saattaa häpeään
shameful {adj} /ˈʃeɪmfəl/ (causing or meriting shame or disgrace)  :: häpeällinen
shamefully {adv} /ˈʃeɪmfəli/ (in a shamefull manner)  :: häpeällisesti
shameless {adj} (having no shame)  :: häpeilemätön
shamelessness {n} (The state or characteristic of being without shame)  :: häpeämättömyys
shamisen {n} /ˈʃæmɪsɛn/ (a Japanese musical instrument)  :: shamisen
sham marriage {n} (fake marriage)  :: näennäisavioliitto
shampoo {n} /ʃæmˈpuː/ (product for washing the hair or other fibres)  :: shampoo, hiustenpesuaine
shampoo {n} (instance of washing the hair with shampoo)  :: hiustenpesu
shampoo {n} (instance of washing other fibres with shampoo)  :: vaahtopesu
shampoo {n} (humorous slang: champagne)  :: skumppa, samppis, samppakalja
shampoo {v} (to wash hair with shampoo)  :: pestä shampoolla; shamponoida [to spread the shampoo and rub it in]
shampoo {v} (to wash (the hair, carpet, etc.) with shampoo)  :: pestä shampoolla
shamrock {n} (any of several small plants, forms of clover) SEE: clover  ::
shamrock {n} /ˈʃæm.ɹɑk/ (trefoil leaf of any clover)  :: kolmiapila
Shan {n} (Shan people)  :: shanit {p}, shan-kansa
Shan {prop} (Shan language)  :: shan
Shandong Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Shandong province)  :: Shandongin niemimaa
shanghai {v} /ˌʃæŋˈhaɪ/ (to force or trick into joining a ship)  :: shanghaijata
Shanghai {prop} /ˈʃæŋ.haɪ/ (Chinese city as provincial-level municipality)  :: Shanghai
shank {n} /ʃeɪŋk/ (lower part of the leg)  :: sääri [in humans], potka [in animals]
shank {n} (meat from that part of animal)  :: potka, etupotka [front leg], takapotka [hind leg]
shank {n} (straight, narrow part of an object)  :: varsi
shank {n} (protruding part of an object, by which it can be attached)  :: kahva, otin, ripa
shank {n} (part of curb bit)  :: varsi
shantytown {n} (area containing a collection of shacks and shanties)  :: hökkelikylä, hökkelikaupunki
shaojiu {n} (clear Chinese alcoholic beverage)  :: shaojiu
shape {n} /ʃeɪp/ (status or condition)  :: kunto
shape {n} (condition of personal health, especially muscular health)  :: kunto
shape {n} (appearance or outline)  :: muoto
shape {n} (figure)  :: muoto
shape {v} (to give something a shape)  :: muotoilla, muovata
shaped {adj} /ʃeɪpt/ (having been given a shape)  :: muotoiltu; muotoinen; hahmoinen
shapeshift {v} (change shape)  :: muuttaa muotoa
shapeshifter {n} (creature capable of changing its appearance) SEE: shape-shifter  ::
shape-shifter {n} /ˈʃeɪpʃɪftə/ (a person who can transform)  :: muodonmuuttaja
sharbat {n} (sherbet) SEE: sherbet  ::
shard {n} /ʃɑɹd/ (piece of glass or pottery)  :: siru, sirpale, pirstale
shard {n} (piece of rock or similar)  :: siru, sirpale, pirstale
shard {n} (tough scale)  :: kilpi [sheath], kuori [shell], peitinsiipi [elytron]
shard {v} (to fall apart)  :: sirpaloitua, pirstoutua
shard {v} (to break)  :: pirstoa
share {n} /ʃɛəɹ/ (portion of something)  :: osuus, osa
share {n} (financial instrument)  :: osake
share {n} (resource shared over a computer network)  :: jako
share {v} (to give)  :: jakaa
share {v} (to have in common)  :: olla yhteistä
share {v} (to divide and distribute)  :: jakaa
share {n} (plowshare) SEE: plowshare  ::
share capital {n} (part of a company's capital)  :: osakepääoma
sharecropper {n} (a farmer paying rent with crops to the landowner)  :: vuokraviljelijä
shared {adj} /ˈʃɛə(ɹ)d/ (used multiply)  :: jaettu, yhteinen
share dilution {n} (loss of stock value due to new issues)  :: osakepääoman liudentuminen
shareholder {n} (one who owns shares of stock)  :: osakkeenomistaja
shareholders' agreement {n} (agreement between shareholders)  :: osakassopimus
shareholders' meeting {n} (meeing of shareholders)  :: yhtiökokous
shareowner {n} (shareholder) SEE: shareholder  ::
shari'a {n} (Islamic religious law)  :: šari'a, šaria
sharing economy {n} (system of economic exchange)  :: jakamistalous
shark {n} /ʃɑɹk/ (fish)  :: hai
shark {n} (one who exploits others)  :: verenimijä
shark {n} (relentless and resolute person)  :: haukka
shark {n} (good poker or pool player)  :: hai; korttihai [in card games]; biljardihai [in pool]
shark attack {n} (attack on a human by a shark)  :: hain hyökkäys
shark fin {n} (fin of a shark)  :: hainevä
shark fin soup {n} (soup made from shark fins)  :: haineväkeitto
sharp {adj} /ʃɑɹp/ (able to cut easily)  :: terävä
sharp {adj} (intelligent)  :: terävä, terävä-älyinen
sharp {adj} (pointed, able to pierce easily)  :: terävä
sharp {adj} (of a note, played a semitone higher than usual)  :: korotettu, -is
sharp {adj} (musically higher-pitched than desired)  :: ylävireinen
sharp {adj} (having an intense, acrid flavour)  :: kirpeä, kipakka
sharp {adj} (intense and sudden (of pain))  :: pistävä, vihlova
sharp {adj} (exact, precise, accurate, keen)  :: täsmällinen, tarkka
sharp {adj} (offensive, critical, or acrimonious)  :: terävä
sharp {adj} (stylish or attractive)  :: tyylikäs
sharp {adj} (observant, alert, acute)  :: tarkka
sharp {adv} (exactly)  :: tasan
sharp {adv} (in a higher pitch than is correct or desirable)  :: korkealta
sharp {n} (sign for a sharp note on the staff)  :: korotusmerkki
sharp {n} (note that is sharp in a particular key)  :: ylennetty nuotti
sharp {n} (sharp object)  :: teräesine
sharp {n} (cheater or dishonest person)  :: lurjus, huijari
sharpen {v} /ˈʃɑɹpɨn/ (to make sharp)  :: teroittaa
sharpened {adj} (having sharp point or edge)  :: teroitettu
sharpener {n} (device for making things sharp)  :: teroitin
Sharpe ratio {n} (measure of risk-adjusted performance of an asset)  :: Sharpen luku
sharpshooter {n} (marksman)  :: tarkka-ampuja
sharp-witted {adj} (clever, keen of intellect, swift of thought)  :: terävä, teräväpäinen
shatter {v} /ˈʃæt.ə(ɹ)/ (to violently break something into pieces)  :: pirstoa
shatter {v} (to smash, or break into tiny pieces)  :: pirstoa
shave {v} /ʃeɪv/ (to remove hair from)  :: ajaa, ajella
shave {v} (to remove hair from one's face)  :: ajaa partansa
shave {v} (to slice thin)  :: siivuttaa
shave {n} (an instance of shaving)  :: parranajo
shaver {n} (boy) SEE: boy  ::
shaver {n} (barber) SEE: barber  ::
shaver {n} /ˈʃeɪvə/ (one who shaves)  :: parran/karvojen ajaja
shaver {n} (electric razor)  :: sähköparranajokone
shaving {n} /ˈʃeɪvɪŋ/ (A thin, shaved off slice of wood, metal, or other material)  :: lastu
shaving cream {n} (a substance that is applied to the face to provide lubrication and avoid razor burn during shaving)  :: partavaahdoke
shaw {n} (thicket) SEE: thicket  ::
shawarma {n} (Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap)  :: shawarma
shawl {n} /ʃɔːl/ (a square piece of cloth worn as a covering for the head, neck, and shoulders)  :: šaali, hartiahuivi
shawm {n} /ʃɔːm/ (wind instrument)  :: skalmeija
she {pron} /ʃi/ (person)  :: hän [both male and female]
she {pron} (ship)  :: se
shea {n} /ʃi/ (tree)  :: voipuu
shea {n} (fruit)  :: voipuun pähkinä
shea butter {n} /ˈʃeɪ ˌbʌtɚ/ (fat extracted from the fruit of the shea tree)  :: karitevoi
sheaf {n} /ʃiːf/ (bundle of grain or straw)  :: lyhde
sheaf {n} (any collection of things bound together; a bundle)  :: nippu
sheaf {n} (mathematical construct)  :: lyhde
shear {v} /ʃiɹ/ (to cut)  :: viiltää
shear {v} (to remove the fleece from a sheep)  :: keritä
shear {v} (to deform because of shearing forces)  :: leikata, leikkautua
shear {n} (a cutting tool similar to scissors)  :: keritsimet {p}
shear {n} (the act of shearing, or something removed by shearing)  :: leikkaus, leike, leikkuu
shear {n} (a force that produces a shearing strain)  :: leikkausvoima
shears {n} /ʃɪɹz/ (tool consisting of two blades with bevel edges)  :: sakset {p}, keritsimet {p}
shearwater {n} (seabird)  :: liitäjä
she-ass {n} (female ass, female donkey, jenny)  :: aasintamma
sheat {n} (a sheatfish)  :: monni
sheatfish {n} (fish of the genus Silurus)  :: monni
sheath {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
sheath {n} /ʃiːθ/ (scabbard)  :: tuppi, huotra
sheath {n} (long case)  :: tuppi, suojus
sheath {n} (tight-fitting dress)  :: kotelomekko
sheath {n} (foreskin of certain animals)  :: tuppi
sheathbill {n} /ˈʃiːɵ.bɪl/ (a bird of the genus Chionis)  :: tuppinokka
sheathe {v} /ʃiːð/ (to put something, such as a knife, into a sheath)  :: panna tuppeen
Sheba {prop} /ˈʃiːbə/ (biblical kingdom)  :: Saba
she-bear {n} (a female bear)  :: naaraskarhu
shed {v} /ʃɛd/ (to part or divide)  :: jakaa
shed {v} (to cast off, to let fall, be divested of)  :: karistaa, luoda [skin]
shed {v} (to allow to flow or fall)  :: valuttaa, vuodattaa [tears]
shed {v} (to radiate, cast, give off)  :: valottaa [to shed light], luoda
shed {n} (area between upper and lower warp yarns)  :: vire
shed {n} (temporary structure to shelter something)  :: vaja, katos, liiteri
shed {n} (poor quality automobile)  :: romu
shed a tear {v} /ˈʃɛdəˈtɪə/ (to cry)  :: vuodattaa kyyneleitä, itkeä
shed light on {v} (to illuminate)  :: valaista, valottaa
shed roof {n} (roof type)  :: pulpettikatto
sheen {n} /ʃiːn/ (splendor; radiance; shininess)  :: loiste, kiilto, hohto
sheen {v} (shine; glisten)  :: loistaa, kiiltää, hohtaa
sheep {n} /ʃiːp/ (Animal)  :: lammas
sheep {n} (One who behaves shyly)  :: hiirulainen
sheepdog {n} (dog used for herding sheep)  :: lammaskoira
sheepherder {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
sheepish {adj} /ˈʃiːpɪʃ/ (having the characteristics of a sheep)  :: lammasmainen
sheepishness {n} (the quality or property of being sheepish)  :: lammasmaisuus
sheep ked {n} (Melophagus ovinus)  :: lampaan täikärpänen
sheeple {n} /ˈʃiːpəl/ (the sheeple, one of the sheeple)  :: vaalikarja
sheep polypore {n} (Albatrellus ovinus)  :: lampaankääpä
sheep's eye {n} (a secretive, pining look, or humble doting glance)  :: kaihoisa katse
sheepshank {n} (a knot)  :: trumpettisolmu, lyhennyssolmu
sheepy {adj} (resembling a sheep)  :: lammasmainen
sheer {adj} (pure) SEE: pure  ::
sheer {adj} /ʃɪɹ/ (very thin or transparent)  :: ohut, harsomainen, seitinohut
sheer {adj} ((used to emphasize))  :: silkka
sheer {adj} (straight up and down; vertical; perpendicular)  :: äkkijyrkkä, pystysuora, suora
sheer {adv} (clean)  :: silkka
sheet {n} /ʃit/ (sheet of paper)  :: arkki
sheet {n} (sheet for baking)  :: pelti, uunipelti
sheet {n} (sheet of material)  :: levy, arkki
sheet {n} (expanse of material on the ground)  :: kerros
sheet {n} (sail)  :: purje, rätti
sheet {n} (rope to adjust sail)  :: jalus, skuutti
sheet {n} (area on ice for curling game)  :: rata
sheet {v} (to cover or wrap)  :: peittää
sheet {v} (to pour heavily)  :: sataa kaatamalla
sheet {v} (to trim a sail)  :: jalustaa, skuutata
sheet {n} (bedsheet) SEE: bedsheet  ::
sheet bend {n} (knot)  :: jalussolmu
sheet lightning {n} (broad flash of lightning)  :: elosalama
sheet metal {n} (Metal worked into a thin, flat sheet)  :: pelti, ohutlevy
sheet music {n} (hand-written or printed form of musical notation)  :: nuotti, nuotit {p}, partituuri
she-goat {n} (female goat)  :: kuttu
sheik {n} /ʃeɪk/ (leader of an Arab village, family or small tribe)  :: šeikki, sheikki
sheik {n} (Islamic religious clergy)  :: šeikki
sheik {n} (Gulf countries: official title for members of the royal family)  :: šeikki
shekel {n} (sheqel) SEE: sheqel  ::
shelduck {n} (waterfowl)  :: ristisorsa
shelf {n} /ʃɛlf/ (structure)  :: hylly
shelf life {n} (the length of time a product will last without deteriorating)  :: säilyvyysaika
shell {n} /ʃɛl/ (hard calcareous or chitinous external covering of many invertebrates)  :: kuori, kilpi, panssari (from thinnest to thickest)
shell {n} (hard covering of an egg)  :: munankuori, kuori
shell {n} (entomology: exoskeleton of certain insects)  :: kuori
shell {n} (covering of a nut)  :: kuori
shell {n} (pod)  :: palko
shell {n} (husks of cacao seeds)  :: kuoret {p}
shell {n} (conjoined scutes that comprise the "shell" of a tortoise or turtle)  :: kilpi
shell {n} (overlapping hard plates comprising the armor covering armadillo's body)  :: panssari
shell {n} (casing of an artillery projectile)  :: hylsy
shell {n} (hollow usually spherical or cylindrical projectile fired from a mortar or a cannon)  :: kranaatti
shell {n} (cartridge of a breechloading firearm)  :: ammus
shell {n} (any hollow structure; framework, or exterior structure)  :: kuori
shell {n} (music: body of a drum)  :: runko
shell {n} (nautical: outer covering of the hull)  :: laidoitus
shell {n} (nautical, rigging: outer frame or case of a block within which the sheaves revolve)  :: pesä
shell {n} (computing: general-purpose environment)  :: komentotulkki, komentorivi
shell {n} (chemistry: set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number)  :: kuori
shell {n} (emaciated person)  :: varjo
shell {n} (psychological barrier to social interaction)  :: kuori
shell {n} (business: legal entity that has no operations)  :: kuori, kuoriyhtiö
shell {v} (to remove the outer covering or shell of something)  :: kuoria
shell {v} (to bombard, to fire projectiles at)  :: pommittaa
shell {v} (informal: to disburse or give up money, to pay)  :: törsätä
shell {v} (to fall off, as a shell, crust, etc.)  :: kuoriutua
shell {v} (to cast the shell, or exterior covering)  :: kuoriutua
shellac {n} /ʃəˈlæk/ (processed secretion of the lac insect)  :: sellakka
shellac {v} (to coat with shellac)  :: lakata
shellfire {n} (artillery bombardment)  :: tykistötuli
shellfish {n} /ˈʃɛlˌfɪʃ/ (aquatic food that has a shell)  :: [no exact equivalent] äyriäinen, simpukka, osteri etc.; merenelävä
shell-less {adj} (lacking a shell)  :: kuoreton
shell shock {n} (psychiatric condition characterized by fatigue caused by battle)  :: sotapsykoosi
shell suit {n} (lightweight tracksuit)  :: tuulipuku
shelter {n} /ˈʃɛltɚ/ (a refuge or other protection)  :: suojapaikka, turvapaikka, suoja
shelter {n} (institution)  :: yömaja
shelter {v} (transitive, to provide cover)  :: suojata
shelter {v} (intransitive, to take cover)  :: suojautua
shelve {v} /ʃɛlv/ (to place on a shelf)  :: panna hyllyyn
shelve {v} (to set aside, quit, or halt)  :: hyllyttää
Shem {prop} (son of Noah)  :: Seem
shemale {n} /ˈʃi.meɪl/ (a male-to-female transsexual or transgender person)  :: [has no specific word; may use "transgender person"] sukupuolenvaihtaja
shenanigan {n} (shenanigans) SEE: shenanigans  ::
shenanigans {n} /ʃɪˈnænɪɡ(ə)nz/ (deceitful tricks)  :: metkut {p}
sheng nu {n} (leftover woman)  :: ylijäämänainen
Shenzhen {prop} /ˈʃɛnˈdʒɛn/ (a city in China)  :: Shenzhen
shepherd {n} /ˈʃɛp.əɹd/ (a person who tends sheep)  :: lammaspaimen
shepherd {n} (someone who watches over or guides)  :: paimen
shepherd {v} (watch over; guide)  :: paimentaa, kaitsea
shepherd moon {n} (moon orbiting near the edge of a ring)  :: paimenkuu
shepherd's pie {n} (a kind of meat pie)  :: shepherd's pie, paimenen piiras
shepherd's purse {n} (Capsella bursa-pastoris)  :: lutukka
sheqel {n} /ˈʃekəl/ (currency unit in Israel)  :: sekeli
sherbet {n} /ˈʃɝːbət/ (frozen fruit juice)  :: sorbetti, jäädyke
sherbet {n} (powder)  :: juomajauhe
sherbet {n} (sweet drink prepared from fruits or flower petals)  :: sherbet
Sheremetyevo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Šeremetjevo
sheriff {n} /ˈʃɛɹɪf/ (all meanings)  :: šeriffi, seriffi, sheriffi
sherpa {n} (Sherpa employed as mountain guide)  :: sherpa
sherry {n} (fortified wine)  :: sherry
sherry {n} (variety of sherry)  :: sherry
sherry {n} (glass of sherry)  :: sherrylasi
Sherwood Forest {prop} /ˈʃɝwʊd ˈfɔɹɪst/ (country park)  :: Sherwoodin metsä
she's unconscious {phrase} (she's unconscious)  :: hän on tajuton
she-tiger {n} (tigress) SEE: tigress  ::
Shetland {prop} (Shetland Islands) SEE: Shetland Islands  ::
Shetlander {adj} (related to Shetland Islands)  :: shetlantilainen, Shetlannin
Shetlander {n} (person from the Shetland Islands)  :: shetlantilainen
Shetland Islands {prop} (group of islands)  :: Shetlannin saaret, Shetlanti
Shetland pony {n} (small horse)  :: shetlanninponi
she-wolf {n} (female wolf)  :: naarassusi
shh {interj} /ʃː/ (requesting silence)  :: (ole) vaiti/hiljaa!
Shi'a {n} (branch of Islam)  :: šiialaisuus, shiialaisuus
Shi'a {n} (follower of Shi'a Islam)  :: šiia, shiia, shiialainen
shield {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
shield {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
shield {n} /ʃiːld/ (armor)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (anything that protects or defends)  :: suoja, kilpi
shield {n} (figuratively, one who protects or defends)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (heraldry)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (a spot resembling, or having the form of a shield.)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (sci fi: a field of energy that protects or defends)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (colloquial: a police badge)  :: kilpi
shield {n} (transportation: a sign or symbol identifying a highway route.)  :: kilpi, kyltti, numerokilpi, tiennumerokilpi
shield {v} (to protect, to defend)  :: suojata
shield {n} (toilet seat) SEE: toilet seat  ::
shift {n} (type of women's undergarment) SEE: slip  ::
shift {n} /ʃɪft/ (change of workers)  :: työvuoro, vuoro
shift {n} (act of shifting)  :: siirtyminen, siirto, muutos
shift {n} (gear mechanism in a motor vehicle)  :: vaihteisto
shift {n} (button on a keyboard)  :: vaihto, shift
shift {v} (to change, swap)  :: muuttaa
shift {v} (to move from one place to another)  :: siirtää
shift {v} (to change position)  :: siirtyä
shift {v} (to change gears)  :: vaihtaa
shiftwork {n} (work outside customary working hours)  :: iltatyö [evening], yötyö [night], viikonlopputyö [weekend]
shiftwork {n} (rotating mode of work)  :: vuorotyö, kolmivuorotyö
shifty {adj} /ˈʃɪfti/ (Having the appearance of someone dishonest, criminal or unreliable)  :: epäluotettavan oloinen
shifu {n} (martial arts instructor) SEE: sifu  ::
shiitake {n} /ʃɪˈtɑki/ (Lentinula edodes, an edible mushroom)  :: siitake, shiitake, siitakesieni
Shiite {n} (Shi'a) SEE: Shi'a  ::
Shiite {adj} /ʃiːaɪt/ (of or pertaining to the Shi'a branch of Islam)  :: shiialainen
Shiite {adj} (of or pertaining to the Shiites)  :: shiialainen
Shijiazhuang {prop} (a city of China)  :: Shijiazhuang
shikimic acid {n} (shikimic acid)  :: sikimihappo
shikoku {n} (dog)  :: shikoku
shilajit {n} (tar-like substance used in traditional medicine)  :: shilajit
shill {n} /ʃɪl/ (a person paid to endorse a product favourably)  :: maksettu apuri
shill {n} (an accomplice at a confidence trick)  :: vedättäjä
shill {v} (to put under cover, to sheal)  :: peittää
shilling {n} /ˈʃɪlɪŋ/ (former coin)  :: šillinki
shilling {n} (currency)  :: šillinki
shimmy {n} (abnormal vibration, especially in the wheels of a vehicle)  :: tärinä
shimmy {n} (dance that was popular in the 1920s)  :: shimmy
shimmy {v} (to vibrate abnormally, as a broken wheel)  :: täristä
Shimon {prop} (male given name) SEE: Simeon  ::
Shimshon {prop} (given name) SEE: Samson  ::
shin {n} /ʃɪn/ (front part of the leg below the knee)  :: sääri
shin {v} ((UK) to climb a mast, tree, rope)  :: kivuta, kavuta, kiivetä
shin {n} (Semitic letter)  :: šin
shinbone {n} (inner bone of the hind limb below the knee)  :: sääriluu
shine {v} /ʃaɪn/ (to emit light)  :: loistaa, paistaa, hohtaa, helottaa
shine {v} (to reflect light)  :: kiiltää, loistaa
shine {v} (to distinguish oneself)  :: loistaa, erottua
shine {v} (to be immediately apparent)  :: paistaa silmään
shine {n} (brightness from a source of light)  :: loiste, paiste, hohde, kirkkaus
shine {n} (brightness from reflected light)  :: valo, hohde, loiste
shine {n} (excellence in quality or appearance)  :: loistavuus, loisteliaisuus, loistokkuus
shine {v} (to polish)  :: kiillottaa, puleerata
shine {n} (slang: moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
shine {n} (sunshine) SEE: sunshine  ::
shine {n} (shoeshine) SEE: shoeshine  ::
shiner {n} (black eye) SEE: black eye  ::
shingle {n} /ˈʃɪŋ.ɡəl/ (small, thin piece of building material)  :: päre, kattopäre; kattolaatta; paanu
shingles {n} /ˈʃɪŋɡəlz/ (herpes zoster)  :: vyöruusu
shining {adj} /ˈʃaɪnɪŋ/ (reflecting light)  :: hohtaa
shinjitai {n} (simplified form of Japanese kanji)  :: yksinkertaistettu kanji
shinkansen {n} (bullet train) SEE: bullet train  ::
shin splint {n} (painful inflammation of muscles in the shins)  :: penikkatauti
Shinto {prop} /ˈʃɪn.toʊ/ (religion)  :: šintolaisuus
Shintoism {prop} (Shinto) SEE: Shinto  ::
shiny {adj} /ˈʃaɪni/ (reflecting light)  :: kiiltävä
shiny {adj} (emitting light)  :: loistava
shiny {adj} (excellent)  :: loistava
shiny cowbird {n} (shiny cowbird)  :: hohtoturpiaali
ship {n} /ʃɪp/ (large water vessel)  :: laiva
ship {n} (vessel which travels through any medium other than land)  :: alus
ship {v} (to send a parcel or container)  :: toimittaa, lähettää
ship {v} (to send by water-borne transport)  :: laivata, lähettää
ship {v} (to take in water over the sides of a vessel)  :: haukata
ship {v} (to pass from one person to another)  :: ojentaa
ship {v} (poker slang: to go all in)  :: korottaa all-in, panna kaikki peliin
ship {v} (sports: to trade a player to another team)  :: treidata
-ship {suffix} (Property or state of being)  :: -us
shipbuilder {n} (person)  :: laivanrakentaja, veneenveistäjä
shipbuilder {n} (firm)  :: telakka, laivanrakentaja
shipbuilding {n} (construction of ships)  :: laivanrakennus
shiplap {n} (type of wooden board)  :: puoliponttilauta
shipload {n} (amount of cargo)  :: laivalastillinen
shipment {n} /ˈʃɪpmənt/ (load of goods)  :: kuljetus, toimitus, lähetys
shipment {n} (the act of transporting goods)  :: kuljetus, kuljettaminen
ship of the line {n} (a large square-rigged warship)  :: linjalaiva
shipowner {n} (someone who owns a ship)  :: laivanisäntä, laivanvarustaja
shipping {n} (transportation of goods)  :: kuljetus
shipping {n} (body of ships belonging to one nation, port or industry)  :: laivasto
shipping {n} (passage or transport on a ship)  :: laivamatka [passage], laivakuljetus [transport], laivaus
shipping company {n} (company)  :: varustamo, laivanvarustamo
shipping container {n} (box used for movement of materials)  :: kontti
shipwreck {n} /ˈʃɪpɹɛk/ (A ship that has sunk or run aground so that it is no longer seaworthy.)  :: hylky
shipwreck {n} (An event where a ship sinks or runs aground.)  :: haaksirikko
shipwreck {v} (to wreck a vessel)  :: haaksirikkoutua
shipwrecked {adj} (stranded as a result of a shipwreck)  :: haaksirikkoinen
shipwrecky {adj} /ˈʃɪpɹɛki/ (characteristic of shipwreck)  :: haaksirikkoinen
shipwrecky {adj} (weak, feeble, shaky)  :: tutiseva, heikko, huonokuntoinen
shipwright {n} (person)  :: laivanveistäjä
shipyard {n} (place to build and repair ships)  :: telakka
Shiraz {prop} /ʃɚˈɑːz/ (a city in southern Iran)  :: Šīrāz, Shiraz
Shiraz {n} (variety of black grape)  :: shiraz, syrah
shire {n} /ʃaɪə(ɹ)/ (former administrative area of Britain; a county)  :: kreivikunta
shirk {v} /ʃɝk/ (avoid a duty)  :: pinnata
shirt {n} /ʃɝt/ (article of clothing)  :: paita
shirttail {n} (bottom part of shirt)  :: paidanhelma
shiso {n} (Perilla frutescens)  :: veripeippi
shit {n} /ʃɪt/ (solid excretory product evacuated from the bowel)  :: paska
shit {n} (definite plural: diarrhea)  :: ripuli
shit {n} (rubbish)  :: paska
shit {n} (nonsense, bullshit)  :: paska
shit {n} (nasty, despicable person)  :: paskiainen
shit {n} (not anything, nothing)  :: paska
shit {adv} (of poor quality)  :: paska
shit {adv} (despicable)  :: paska, paskamainen
shit {v} (to defecate)  :: paskantaa, paskoa, kakata
shit {v} (vulgar: to excrete (something) through the anus)  :: paskantaa
shit {v} (vulgar: to be stricken with fear)  :: olla paska jäykkänä [to have stiff shit]
shit {interj} (expression of worry, failure)  :: (voi) paska!
shitfaced {adj} (very drunk)  :: perseet olalla
shit factory {n} (humorous: infant)  :: sinappikone
shit happens {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
shithead {n} /ˈʃɪt.hɛd/ (stupid or contemptible person)  :: paskapää
shithead {n} (card game)  :: paskahousu
shithole {n} (anus) SEE: asshole  ::
shithole {n} (unpleasant person) SEE: asshole  ::
shithole {n} /ˈʃɪthoʊl/ (dirty or unpleasant place)  :: persläpi, persereikä
shithouse {n}  :: paskahuussi
shithouse {adj} (Of poor quality) SEE: shitty  ::
shitly {adv} (Terribly)  :: huonosti, pahasti
shit oneself {v} (vulgar slang: soil oneself) SEE: soil oneself  ::
shitpost {v} (a worthless online post)  :: paskapostaus {p}, paskapostaus
shitstorm {n} (Considerable backlash.)  :: paskamyrsky
shitter {n} (coarse slang for the anus) SEE: anus  ::
shitter {n} /ˈʃɪt.ə(ɹ)/ (one who defecates)  :: paskantaja
shitter {n} (coarse slang for toilet, see also: toilet)  :: paskahuusi
shitter {n} (objectionable person or thing)  :: paskiainen
shitty {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
shitty {adj} (high) SEE: high  ::
shitty {adj} /ˈʃɪti/ (unpleasant as shit)  :: paska
shitty {adj} (Of such poor quality as to resemble shit)  :: paska
shitwork {n} (work of low status or satisfaction)  :: paskaduuni, hanttihomma
shiv {v} /ʃɪv/ (stab)  :: puukottaa
Shiva {prop} /ˈʃiːvə/ (deity)  :: Shiva, Šiva
shiver {v} /ˈʃɪvəɹ/ (to tremble or shake)  :: hytistä, väristä
shiver {n} (the act or result of shivering)  :: hytinä, värinä, väristys
Shlomo {prop} (given name) SEE: Solomon  ::
Shoah {prop} (the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews) SEE: Holocaust  ::
shock {n} /ʃɑk/ (sudden, heavy impact)  :: isku, jytky
shock {n} (something surprising)  :: shokki, jymy-yllätys
shock {n} (electric shock)  :: sähköisku, sähköshokki
shock {n} (life-threatening medical emergency)  :: shokki, šokki
shock {n} (tuft or bunch)  :: tuppo, tukko
shock {v} (to cause to be emotionally shocked)  :: järkyttää, shokeerata
shock {v} (to give an electric shock)  :: antaa sähköshokki
shock {n} (arrangement of sheaves for drying) SEE: stook  ::
shock absorber {n} (device to absorb shocks)  :: iskunvaimennin
shocked {adj} /ʃɒkt/ (surprised, startled, confuded)  :: kauhistunut, shokissa
shocking {adj} (Inspiring shock; startling)  :: järkyttävä, tyrmistyttävä
shocking {adj} (Extremely bad)  :: kaamea, karmea, hirveä
shockproof {adj} (able to withstand shocks)  :: iskunkestävä
shock site {n} (offensive website)  :: šokkisivusto
shock wave {n} (A powerful compression wave)  :: iskuaalto
shod {adj} (wearing shoes)  :: kengät jalassa [of man], kengitetty [of horse]
shod {adj} (having tires equipped)  :: renkaat alla
shoddy {adj} /ʃɒdi/ (of poor quality)  :: kehno, huonolaatuinen, surkea, ala-arvoinen
shoe {n} /ʃuː/ (protective covering for the foot)  :: kenkä
shoe {n} (something resembling a shoe (e.g. brake shoe))  :: kenkä
shoe {v} (to put horseshoes on a horse)  :: kengittää
shoe {v} (to equip with protection)  :: kengittää
shoe {n} (piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse’s foot) SEE: horseshoe  ::
shoebill {n} /ˈʃu.bɪl/ (wading bird)  :: kenkänokka
shoeblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoegazing {n} /ˈʃuːɡeɪzɪŋ/ (indie music genre)  :: shoegazing
shoehorn {n} /ˈʃuːˌhɔɹn/ (tool used to assist the foot)  :: kenkälusikka
shoehorn {v} (to use a shoehorn)  :: käyttää kenkälusikkaa
shoehorn {v} (to exert great effort to insert or include something)  :: tunkea
shoelace {n} /ˈʃuːˌleɪs/ (for fastening a shoe)  :: kengännauha
shoeless {adj} (without shoes)  :: kengätön
shoemaker {n} (a person who makes shoes)  :: suutari
shoe polish {n} (product used to make shoes shine)  :: kengänkiillote, kengänkiilloke, lankki, kenkälankki
shoeshine {n} (the act of polishing shoes)  :: kenkien kiillotus, lankkaus, kengänkiillotus
shoeshine {n} (the shiny finish on shoes that have been polished)  :: kiilto
shoeshine boy {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshine girl {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshiner {n} (a person who shines shoes and other footwear, usually for a fee)  :: kengänkiillottaja
shoe shop {n} (a shop that sells footwear and related items)  :: kenkäkauppa
shoe size {n} (size of shoe)  :: kengännumero
shoe store {n} (shoe shop) SEE: shoe shop  ::
shoe tree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe)  :: lepolesti, lesti
shoetree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe) SEE: shoe tree  ::
Shona {prop} (language)  :: shona
shoo {v} /ʃuː/ (to induce someone to leave)  :: hätistää, hätistellä, ajaa tiehensä, häätää
shoo {v} (to leave under inducement)  :: häipyä
shoo {interj} (go away)  :: häivy
shoo {v} (usher) SEE: usher  ::
shoot {v} /ʃuːt/ (to fire a shot)  :: ampua, laukaista
shoot {v} (to fire multiple shots)  :: ampua
shoot {v} (to hit with a shot)  :: [+ partitive object when injuring or genitive object when killing] ampua
shoot {n} (emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant)  :: verso
shoot {n} (photography session)  :: kuvaukset {p}
shoot down {v} (to cause to fall by shooting)  :: ampua alas
shooter {n} /ˈʃuːtə(ɹ)/ (person)  :: ampuja
shooter {n} (firearm)  :: tuliase
shooter {n} (game)  :: räiskintäpeli, ammuntapeli
shooting {n} (instance of shooting)  :: ampuminen
shooting {n} (the sport or activity of firing a gun)  :: ammunta
shooting iron {n}  :: reikärauta, paukkurauta
shooting range {n} (a facility designed for firearms practice)  :: ampumarata
shooting star {n} (meteor)  :: tähdenlento
shooting star {n} (flowering plant)  :: jumaltenkukka
shoot oneself in the foot {v} (to act against one's own interest)  :: sahata omaa oksaansa, kompastua omiin jalkoihinsa
shoot one's mouth off {v} (make reckless or exaggerated statements)  :: puhua läpiä päähänsä
shoot the moon {v} (hit the moon)  :: laukaista kuuhun
shoot the moon {v} (attain great heights)  :: tavoitella kuuta taivaalta
shoot the moon {v} (achieve the lowest or highest score possible)  :: puhaltaa
shop {n} /ʃɑp/ (establishment that sells goods)  :: myymälä, kauppa
shop {n} (workshop)  :: paja, työpaja, tehdas
shop {n} (a class taught typically in junior high school, teaching vocational skill)  :: käsityö, puutyö, metallityö
shop {v} (to visit shops)  :: käydä kaupassa, shoppailla
shop {v} (to report to an authority)  :: ilmiantaa, paljastaa
shop {v} (to digitally edit a picture or photograph) SEE: photoshop  ::
shopaholic {n} (one who shops very frequently)  :: himoshoppailija
shop assistant {n} (shop employee)  :: myymäläapulainen
shopkeeper {n} (trader who sells goods in a shop)  :: kauppias, liikkeenharjoittaja
shoplift {v} (transitive: to steal something)  :: näpistää
shoplift {v} (intransitive: to steal)  :: näpistää
shoplifter {n} (one who steals from shops)  :: myymälävaras
shoplifting {n} (action of the verb to shoplift)  :: näpistys, myymälävarkaus
shoplifting {n} (theft from a shop)  :: myymälävarkaus
shopman {n} (proprietor, manager or operator of a small store)  :: myymäläpäällikkö, kauppias
shoppe {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
shopping {n} /ˈʃɑpɪŋ/ (activity of buying)  :: shoppailu, ostoksilla käyminen, ostaminen, osteleminen, shoppaileminen, ostelu
shopping {n} (things bought)  :: ostokset {p}
shopping bag {n} (strong bag for carrying purchases)  :: ostoskassi, kauppakassi
shopping basket {n} (basket for groceries and merchandise)  :: ostoskori
shopping bot {n} (bot that searches for the best price)  :: ostosrobotti
shopping cart {n} (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)  :: ostoskärry
shopping center {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping centre {n} (large retail outlet)  :: ostoskeskus
shopping list {n} (list of items that need to be bought)  :: ostoslista
shopping mall {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping precinct {n} (mall, shopping centre)  :: kauppakeskus, ostoskeskus
shopping trolley {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart  ::
shop stealer {n} (shoplifter)  :: myymälävaras
shop steward {n} (representative of workers)  :: luottamushenkilö, luottamusmies, luottamusnainen, luottamusvaltuutettu
shop window {n} (large window at the front of a shop)  :: ikkuna, näyteikkuna, vitriini
Shor {prop} (language)  :: šoori, šoorin kieli
shore {n} /ʃɔɹ/ (land adjoining a large body of water)  :: ranta, rannikko
shore {v} (support) SEE: shore up  ::
shore bird {n} (shorebird) SEE: shorebird  ::
shorebird {n} (long-legged bird)  :: rantalintu, kahlaaja
shore patrol {n} (special unit of the military police of the U.S. Navy or the Royal Navy)  :: sotilaspoliisi
shore up {v} (to reinforce (something at risk of failure))  :: pönkittää
shoreweed {n} (plantain)  :: raani
short {adj} /ʃɔːt/ (having a small distance between ends or edges)  :: lyhyt
short {adj} (constituting an abbreviation (for))  :: lyhennys, lyhyt muoto
short {adj} (of a person, of comparatively little height)  :: lyhyt
short {adj} (having little duration)  :: lyhyt
short {v} (transitive: to cause a short circuit)  :: oikosulkea
short {v} (intransitive: to short circuit)  :: mennä oikosulkuun
short {v} (business: to sell something one does not own at the moment)  :: myydä lyhyeksi, shortata
short {v} (shortchange) SEE: shortchange  ::
shortage {n} (lack or deficiency)  :: pula, puute
shortchange {v} /ʃɔɹtˈtʃeɪndʒ/ (to defraud someone by giving them less change than they ought to be given after a transaction)  :: antaa väärin takaisin
shortchange {v} (to deprive someone of something for which they payed)  :: huijata, pettää
short circuit {n} (unintentional connection)  :: oikosulku
shortcoming {n} (deficiency)  :: puute, vajavuus, vika
short corner {n} (soccer: short corner kick)  :: lyhyt kulmapotku
short corner {n} (field hockey: penalty corner)  :: lyhyt kulma
shortcut {n} /ˈʃɔːtkʌt/ (path)  :: oikotie, oikopolku, oikoreitti
shortcut {n} (method)  :: oikaisu
shortcut {n} (symlink)  :: pikakuvake
shortcut {n} (keyboard shortcut) SEE: keyboard shortcut  ::
short-eared owl {n} (owl)  :: suopöllö
short film {n} (motion picture)  :: lyhytelokuva
shorthand {n} /ˈʃɔɹt.hænd/ (a compendious and rapid method of writing)  :: pikakirjoitus
shorthanded {adv} (team sports)  :: vajaamiehinen
shorthanded {adv} (understaffed)  :: vajaamiehinen
shorthorn sculpin {n} (species of fish)  :: isosimppu
shortie {n} (something or someone that is shorter than normal)  :: pätkä, tumppi
shortie {n} (short-handed goal)  :: alivoimamaali
shortie {adj} (shorter than normal)  :: tavallista lyhyempi, lyhyenläntä
short-lived {adj} /ʃɔɹtˈlɪvd/ (not existent for very long)  :: lyhytikäinen, lyhytkestoinen
shortly {adv} /ʃɔːɹtli/ (in a short or brief time or manner)  :: pian, kohta
shortly {adv} (In few words; briefly)  :: lyhyesti
shortly {adv} (In an irritable manner)  :: töykeästi
shortness {n} (The property of being short, of being small of stature or brief)  :: lyhyys, täpäryys
shortness of breath {n} (dyspnea)  :: hengenahdistus
short of {phrase} (except) SEE: except  ::
shorts {n} (plural of short) SEE: short  ::
shorts {n} /ʃɔː(ɹ)ts/ (pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees)  :: shortsit, sortsit
short shrift {n} /ˌʃɔɹt ˈʃɹɪft/ (quick rejection)  :: pikatuomio
short-sighted {adj} (myopic) SEE: myopic  ::
short-sighted {adj} (lacking foresight)  :: lyhytnäköinen
shortstop {n} (baseball position)  :: sortti, polttaja
short story {n} (work of fiction)  :: novelli
short-tailed parrot {n} (Graydidascalus brachyurus)  :: töpöaratti
short-tailed weasel {n} (Mustela erminea) SEE: ermine  ::
short-tempered {adj} (easily angered)  :: äkkipikainen, lyhytpinnainen, kärsimätön
short-term {adj} (of the near or immediate future)  :: lyhyen aikavälin
short-term {adj} (of a short duration of time)  :: lyhytaikainen
short time {n} (reduced work hours)  :: lyhennetty työaika
shortwave {adj} (of radio waves)  :: lyhytaaltoinen
shortwave {adj} (of radio equipment)  :: lyhytaalto-
Shoshone {prop} /ʃoʊˈʃoʊni/ (Amerind people)  :: shoshonit
shot {adj} /ʃɑt/ (worn out)  :: kulunut
shot {adj} (tired, weary)  :: väsynyt, poikki, puhki
shot {n} (result of launching a projectile)  :: laukaus, iskemä
shot {n} (launching of a ball or similar object toward a goal)  :: laukaus
shot {n} (heavy iron ball used for the shot put)  :: kuula
shot {n} (small metal balls used as ammunition)  :: hauli
shot {n} (opportunity or attempt)  :: mahdollisuus, yritys
shot {n} (critical or insulting comment)  :: pisto, piikki, sivallus
shot {n} (sports slang: punch blow)  :: tälli
shot {n} (measure of alcohol)  :: shotti
shot {n} (single serving of espresso)  :: tujaus
shot {n} (photography: single unbroken sequence of photographic exposures)  :: otto
shot {n} (vaccination or injection)  :: rokotus, rokote
Shota {prop} (male given name)  :: Šota
shot glass {n} (small glass)  :: ryyppylasi, snapsilasi
shotgun {n} (gun)  :: haulikko
shotgun {n} (front seat next to driver)  :: pelkääjän paikka [humorous], matkustajan etupenkki
shotgun wedding {n} (wedding in which the bride is pregnant)  :: haulikkohäät {p}
shot on goal {n} (shot towards the goal)  :: laukaus
shot put {n} (athletics event)  :: kuulantyöntö
shot-putter {n} (athlete)  :: kuulantyöntäjä
should {v} /ʃʊd/ (If; in case of)  :: sattua (+ active 3rd infinitive in illative) in conditional mood, in a jos clause
should {v} (expressing obligation)  :: pitäisi
shoulder {n} /ˈʃoʊldɚ/ (joint between arm and torso)  :: hartia, olkapää, olka, harteet {p}, hartiat {p}
shoulder {n} (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)  :: piennar, tienreuna
shoulder bag {n} (bag suspended from the shoulder)  :: olkalaukku
shoulder blade {n} (bone)  :: lapaluu
shoulder joint {n} (glenohumeral joint) SEE: glenohumeral joint  ::
shoulder pad {n} (type of padding)  :: olkatoppaus
shoulder pad {n} (protective padding)  :: olkasuoja, olkasuojain
shoulder pole {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole  ::
shoulder-to-shoulder {adv} (in close proximity)  :: olakkain
shoulder-to-shoulder {adv} (whilst closely cooperating)  :: käsi kädessä
shout {n} /ʃaʊt/ (a loud burst of voice)  :: huuto
shout {v} (to utter a sudden and loud outcry)  :: huutaa
shout down {v} (to shout louder than someone in order to force through one's argument)  :: huutaa kovempaa kuin
shove {v} /ʃʌv/ (push roughly)  :: tuupata, töniä (frequentative), tönäistä, tyrkätä, tyrkkiä (frequentative)
shove {n} (rough push)  :: tuuppaus, tönäisy
shove it up your ass {v} (exclamation of contempt (vulgar))  :: haista paska
shovel {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
shovel {n} /ˈʃʌvəl/ (tool for moving portions of material)  :: lapio
shovel {v} (to move materials with a shovel)  :: lapioida
shovelful {n} (amount that can be moved with a shovel)  :: lapiollinen
show {v} /ʃəʊ/ (to display)  :: näyttää, [indifferently or in a way that annoys the speaker] näytellä, [in an official context] esittää
show {v} (to indicate (a fact) to be true)  :: näyttää, osoittaa
show {v} (to have a big belly, as pregnant)  :: näkyä
show {v} (to be visible)  :: näkyä
show {n} (entertainment)  :: show, näytelmä, esitys
show {n} (exhibition)  :: näyttely, esittely
show {n} (demonstration)  :: näytös, demonstraatio
show {n} (broadcast program(me))  :: ohjelma
show {n} (mere display)  :: näytös
showboat {n} /ˈʃoʊˌboʊt/ (river steamer with theatre)  :: teatterilaiva
show business {n} (entertainment industry)  :: viihdeala
showbusiness {n} /ˈʃoʊˌbɪznɪs/ (entertainment industry)  :: viihdeala
showcase {n} /ˈʃoʊˌkeɪs/ (a setting for displaying something favorably)  :: vitriini, lasikaappi, lasikko
showdown {n} (the final battle between two nemeses, in which there can be but one victor)  :: välienselvittely
shower {n} /ˈʃaʊ.ɚ/ (brief fall of rain)  :: sadekuuro, kuuro
shower {n} (device for bathing)  :: suihku
shower {n} (instance of using of this device)  :: suihku
shower {n} (quantity of something that has characteristics of a rain shower)  :: kuuro, suihku
shower {n} (battle, attack, conflict)  :: taisto
shower {n} (contemptible group of people or things)  :: joukkio
shower {v} (to spray with)  :: suihkuttaa
shower {v} (to bathe using a shower)  :: käydä suihkussa, ottaa suihku
shower {v} (to bestow liberally)  :: kylvää
shower {n} /ˈʃəʊ.ə(ɹ)/ (one who shows)  :: näyttäjä, esittelijä
shower {n} (man whose penis appears full size when flaccid)  :: lihakulli
shower {n} (bridal shower) SEE: bridal shower  ::
shower {n} (baby shower) SEE: baby shower  ::
shower cap {n} (waterproof headgear worn in shower)  :: suihkumyssy
shower curtain {n} (waterproof curtain)  :: suihkuverho
shower gel {n} (gel shower soap)  :: suihkugeeli
shower head {n} (part of a shower where the water comes out)  :: suihkukappale, suihkusuutin
showerhead {n} (perforated nozzle that showers water on a bather)  :: suihkupää
showerless {adj} (without shower)  :: suihkuton
showman {n} (person skilled in dramatic or entertaining presentation, see also: showwoman)  :: esiintyjä
showman {n} (person who produces or presents shows as a profession) SEE: impresario  ::
show off {v} (to exhibit, to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging)  :: näyttää, brassailla [slang]; (~ one's intelligence) päteä, pröystäillä, mahtailla, leveillä, ylpeillä, kehuskella, briljeerata
show-off {n} (one who shows off)  :: mahtailija, brassailija [slang]
show of hands {n} (vote by raising a hand)  :: käsiäänestys, kättennostoäänestys
show one's true colors {v} (to reveal how one really is)  :: näyttää todellinen karvansa
showpiece {n} (something worth being shown)  :: mallikappale
showpiece {n} (something made for display)  :: näyttelyesine, näyttelykappale
show trial {n} (trial held for appearance's sake)  :: näytösoikeudenkäynti
show tune {n} (song written for a musical)  :: musikaalisävelmä
show up {v} (to appear)  :: ilmestyä (paikalle)
show up {v} (to expose)  :: näyttää
showy {adj} (for show)  :: näyttävä, pramea
shrapnel {n} /ˈʃɹæpnəl/ (artillery shell)  :: srapnelli
shrapnel {n} (fragments and debris thrown out by an exploding device)  :: sirpaleet {p}
shrapnel {n} (loose change) SEE: loose change  ::
shred {n} /ʃɹɛd/ (strip)  :: suikale, kaistale
shred {n} (fragment; piece; particle)  :: palanen, kappale, hitunen
shred {v} (to cut or tear into narrow pieces or strips)  :: repiä, silputa, suikaloida
shred {v} (to drop fat and water weight before a competition)  :: tiputtaa
shred {v} (to play music very fast)  :: tiluttaa
shredder {n} /ʃɹɛdə(ɹ)/ (machine)  :: silppuri
shredder {n} (program)  :: tiedostosilppuri
shrew {n} /ʃɹuː/ (mouselike animal)  :: päästäinen
shrew {n} (woman)  :: äkäpussi
shrewd {adj} /ʃɹuːd/ (showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters)  :: näpparä, kätevä
shrewd {adj} (artful, tricky or cunning)  :: nokkela, näppärä
shrewd {adj} (streetwise)  :: kätevä
shriek {n} /ʃɹiːk/ (a sharp, shrill outcry or scream)  :: kirkaisu, rääkäisy
shriek {v} (to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry)  :: kirkaista, rääkäistä
shrift {n} /ʃɹɪft/ (confession to a priest)  :: rippi, ripittäytyminen
shrike {n} /ʃɹaɪk/ (Any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae)  :: lepinkäinen
shrill {adj} /ʃɹɪl/ (high-pitched and piercing)  :: kimeä, kimakka
shrill {v} (make a shrill noise)  :: kirkaista
shrimp {n} /ʃɹɪmp/ (decapod crustacean)  :: katkarapu
shrimp {n} (small person)  :: pirpana, ipana
shrimp plant {n} (Justicia brandegeeana)  :: onnenkäpy, käpyjaakonkukka
shrine {n} /ʃɹaɪ̯n/ (a holy place dedicated to a specific figure of respect)  :: pyhäkkö, pyhättö, alttari
shrink {v} /ˈʃɹɪŋk/ (intransitive: to contract, to become smaller)  :: kutistua
shrink {v} (transitive: to cause something to shrink)  :: kutistaa
shrink {v} (intransitive: to attempt to avoid an unwanted or intimidating duty)  :: luistaa
shrink {n} (psychiatrist or therapist (informal, belittling))  :: kallonkutistaja
shrive {v} (confess) SEE: confess  ::
shrivel {v} /ˈʃɹɪvəl/ (collapse inward)  :: romahtaa
shrivel {v} (become wrinkled)  :: kurtistua
shroom {n} (mushroom) SEE: mushroom  ::
shroom {n} (hallucinogenic fungus) SEE: magic mushroom  ::
shroud {n} /ʃɹaʊd/ (dress for the dead)  :: käärinliina, kuolinvaate
shroud {n} (mast support)  :: vantti
Shrove Sunday {n} (Sunday preceding Lent)  :: laskiaissunnuntai
Shrovetide {n} (period of three days)  :: laskiainen
Shrove Tuesday {n} (day before the beginning of Lent)  :: laskiaistiistai, [colloquial] laskiainen
shrub {n} /ʃɹʌb/ (woody plant)  :: varpu, pensas
shrubbery {n} (planting of shrubs)  :: pensaikko
shrubbery {n} (shrubs collectively)  :: pensaskasvillisuus, pensaikko
shrug {n} /ʃɹʌɡ/ (gesture)  :: olankohautus
shrug {v} (to raise the shoulders to express uncertainty, lack of concern, etc.)  :: kohauttaa olkiaan, kohauttaa olkapäitään
Shuar {n} (people)  :: shuarit {p}
Shuar {n} (person)  :: shuari
Shuar {prop} (language)  :: shuari
shudder {n} (shivering tremor)  :: väristys, vapina, tutina, puistatus
shudder {n} (moment of almost pleasurable fear; a frisson)  :: väristys
shudder {v} (to shake nervously, as if from fear)  :: väristä, vavista, tutista, puistattaa
shudder {v} (to vibrate jerkily)  :: väristä, vavista, tutista
shuffle {n} (act of shuffling cards)  :: sekoittaminen
shuffle {v} (to put in a random order)  :: sekoittaa
shuffle {v} (to walk without picking up one's feet)  :: laahustaa
shufti {n} (glance) SEE: glance  ::
shun {v} /ʃʌn/ (to avoid)  :: karttaa
shunt {n} (railway switch)  :: vaihde
shunt {n} (electric connection)  :: suntti
shunt {n} (surgical bypass)  :: suntti
shut {v} /ʃʌt/ (to close)  :: sulkea
shut down {v} (to close, terminate, or end)  :: sulkea
shut down {v} (to turn off or stop)  :: sammuttaa
shutdown {n} (action of closing)  :: sulkeminen
shut one's trap {v} (shut up) SEE: shut up  ::
shutout {n} (lockout)  :: työsulku
shutout {n} (game that ends with one side not having scored)  :: nollapeli
shutter {n} /ˈʃʌtɚ/ (one who shuts or closes)  :: sulkija
shutter {n} (protective panels over windows)  :: ikkunaluukku
shutter {n} (part of a camera)  :: suljin
shutterbug {n} /ˈʃʌtɚbʌɡ/ (person who makes a hobby of photography)  :: valokuvauksen harrastaja
shutter speed {n} (time during which the shutter of a camera remains open)  :: valotusaika
shuttle {n} (part of a loom)  :: sukkula
shuttle {n} (transport service)  :: sukkula, sukkulalinja
shuttle {v} (to go back and forth)  :: sukkuloida, pendelöidä
shuttle {v} (to transport by shuttle)  :: sukkuloida
shuttle bus {n} (transport service)  :: sukkulabussi
shuttlecock {n} /ˈʃʌtl̩kɑk/ (badminton ball)  :: sulkapallo
shuttlecock {v} (to move rapidly back and forth)  :: singahdella, sinkautella
shut up {v} /ʃʌt ˈʌp/ (close (a building) so that no one can enter)  :: sulkea, lukita
shut up {v} (terminate (a business))  :: sulkea, lopettaa (toiminta)
shut up {v} (enclose (a person, animal or thing) in a room or other place so that it cannot leave)  :: sulkea, teljetä, vangita
shut up {v} (put (an object) in a secure enclosed place)  :: laittaa talteen
shut up {v} (transitive: to stop (a person) from talking or (a person or thing) from making noise)  :: hiljentää, vaientaa, tehdä hiljaiseksi, sulkea suu
shut up {v} (intransitive: to stop talking or making noise)  :: hiljetä, vaieta, sulkea suunsa
shut up {v} (imperative: "Shut up!", see also: hold one's tongue)  :: ole hiljaa {s} / olkaa hiljaa {p}, hiljaa, suu tukkoon [impolite], turpa kiinni [rude]
shut up {v} ("I don't believe it!")  :: älä sano!, höpö-höpö!
shvitz {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
shy {adj} /ʃaɪ/ (easily frightened)  :: arka
shy {adj} (reserved)  :: ujo
shy {adj} (cautious)  :: arka, varovainen
shy {adj} (short, less than)  :: vajaa
shy {adj} (embarrassed)  :: nolo
shy {v} (to jump back in fear)  :: säikkyä, kavahtaa
shy {v} (to fling)  :: heittää
shy {n} (act of throwing)  :: heitto
shy {n} (place for throwing)  :: heittopaikka
shy away from {v} (to avoid, evade)  :: vältellä
shylock {v} /ˈʃaɪlɑk/ (to lend at exorbitant rates)  :: kiskoa, periä kiskurikorkoa, harjoittaa koronkiskontaa
shylock {n} (loan shark) SEE: loan shark  ::
shyly {adv} (in a shy manner)  :: ujosti
shyness {n} (quality of being shy)  :: ujous
Siam {prop} (the former name of Thailand)  :: Siam
siamang {n} (Symphalangus syndactylus)  :: siamanki
Siamese {adj} (Thai)  :: siamilainen
Siamese {prop} (Thai language)  :: siam, siamin kieli
Siamese {n} (Siamese cat)  :: siamilainen, siaminkissa
Siamese {n} (Siam inhabitant)  :: siamilainen
Siamese cat {n} (mammal)  :: siamilaiskissa
Siamese fighting fish {n} (a freshwater fish)  :: taistelukala
sib {n} (sibling) SEE: sibling  ::
sib {n} (kindred) SEE: kin  ::
sib {n} (kinsman) SEE: kinsman  ::
Siberia {prop} /saɪˈbɪəɹɪə/ (region of Russia)  :: Siperia
Siberian crane {n} (Grus leucogeranus)  :: lumikurki
Siberian flying squirrel {n} (Pteromys volans)  :: liito-orava
Siberian Husky {n} (Siberian Husky dog)  :: siperianhusky
Siberian tiger {n} (Panthera tigris altaica)  :: siperiantiikeri, amurintiikeri
Siberian weasel {n} (Mustela sibirica)  :: siperiankärppä
sibilant {adj} /ˈsɪb.ɪ.lənt/ (characterized by a hissing sound)  :: suhiseva, sihisevä, sihauttava
sibilant {n} (phonetics: a hissing sound)  :: sibilantti, suhuäänne
sibling {n} /ˈsɪblɪŋ/ (person who shares same parents)  :: sisarus
sic {v} /sɪk/ (incite an attack by)  :: usuttaa
siccity {n} (dryness) SEE: dryness  ::
Sichuan pepper {n} (pod of Zanthoxylum)  :: sichuaninpippuri, anispippuri, kiinanpippuri
Sicilian {adj} (relating to Sicily or its inhabitants)  :: sisilialainen
Sicilian {n} (person)  :: sisilialainen
Sicilian {n} (chess opening) SEE: Sicilian Defence  ::
Sicilian Defence {n} (chess opening)  :: sisilialainen puolustus
Sicily {prop} /ˈsɪsɨli/ (island)  :: Sisilia
sick {n} /sɪk/ (sick people)  :: sairaat {p}
sick {n} (vomit)  :: oksennus
sick {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
sick and tired {adj} (frustrated and annoyed) SEE: fed up  ::
sickbag {n} (bag for catching vomit)  :: oksennuspussi
sick bay {n} (room where basic medical supplies are kept and medical attention can be sought)  :: sairastupa
sick day {n} (day off due to sickness)  :: sairaspäivä
sickener {n} (Russula emetica)  :: tulipunahapero
sickening {adj} /ˈsɪk(ə)nɪŋ/ (causing sickness or disgust)  :: oksettava, yököttävä, ällöttävä
sickhouse {n} (infirmary) SEE: infirmary  ::
sickle {n} /ˈsɪkl̩/ (agricultural implement)  :: sirppi
sickle {v} (to cut with a sickle)  :: leikata sirpillä
sickle {adj} (shaped like the blade of a sickle)  :: sirpinmuotoinen, sirppimäinen
sick leave {n} (a type of leave from work)  :: sairausloma
sickle cell anaemia {n} (sickle cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anaemia {n} (sickle-cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anemia {n} (disease characterized by sickle-shaped red blood cells)  :: sirppisoluanemia
sickle-cell disease {n} (sickle-cell disease) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickly {adj} /ˈsɪkli/ (frequently ill)  :: sairaalloinen
sickly {adj} (weak, faint)  :: heikko
sick man of Europe {prop} (Ottoman Empire)  :: Euroopan sairas mies
sick man of Europe {prop} (any European country undergoing economic difficulty)  :: Euroopan sairas mies
sickness {n} /ˈsɪknɪs/ (the quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady)  :: sairaus
sickness {n} (nausea; qualmishness; as, sickness of stomach)  :: pahoinvointi
side {n} /saɪd/ (bounding straight edge of an object)  :: sivu, laita
side {n} (flat surface of an object)  :: sivu, tahko [mathematics]
side {n} (left or right half)  :: puoli, kylki
side {n} (surface of a sheet of paper)  :: sivu
side {n} (region in a specified position with respect to something)  :: puoli, sivu
side {n} (one possible aspect of a concept)  :: puoli, kantti
side {n} (set of opponents in a game)  :: puoli
side {n} (group having a particular allegiance in a war)  :: puoli
side {n} (television channel) SEE: channel  ::
side {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
sideband {n} (band of frequencies on each side of the frequency of a carrier wave)  :: sivukaista
sideboard {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideboard {n} (furniture)  :: senkki
sideburn {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideburns {n} /ˈsaɪd.bɚnz/ (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin)  :: poskiparta, pulisongit
side by side {adv}  :: rinnakkain, rinnatusten, vierekkäin, vieri vieressä
side-by-side {adj} (adjacent)  :: rinnakkainen, viereinen
sidecar {n} (one-wheeled attachment to a motorcycle)  :: sivuvaunu
sidecar {n} (cocktail)  :: sidecar
side dish {n} (serving of food meant as an accompanying dish)  :: lisuke
sidedish {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
side effect {n} (unintended consequence of any action)  :: sivuvaikutus
side effect {n} (medicine: an adverse effect)  :: sivuvaikutus
side effect {n} (computing: a state change caused by a function call)  :: sivuvaikutus
sidekick {n} (assistant)  :: apulainen, avustaja, salkunkantaja, apuri, oppipoika, (dialectal, very informal) sälli
sideline {n} /ˈsaɪdlaɪn/ (line at the side)  :: reunaviiva
sideline {n} (sports: side boundary of a playing field)  :: sivuraja
sideline {n} (sports: area beyond sideline)  :: kentän laita
sideline {n} (outside or perimeter of any activity)  :: sivu
sideline {n} (something additional or existing around the margins)  :: sivu-, oheis-, sivutoimi, oheistuote
sidelock {n} (sidelock)  :: ohimokihara
side of bacon {n} (salted and cured longitudinal half of a pig)  :: pekonisivu
side order {n} (accompaniment to main course) SEE: side dish  ::
sideproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
sidereal {adj} /səˈdɪɹi.əl/ (of or relating to the stars)  :: tähti-
sidereal {adj} (relating to a measurement of time relative to the position of the stars)  :: sideerinen
sidereal day {n} (day of sidereal time)  :: sideerinen vuorokausi
sidereal time {n} (time measured by apparent motion of vernal equinox)  :: tähtiaika
sidereal year {n} (orbital period)  :: sideerinen vuosi
sidespin {n} (rotation around a vertical axis)  :: sivukierre
sidesplitting {adj} (exceptionally funny)  :: ratkiriemukas
side-splitting {adj} (very funny)  :: hulvaton
side-straddle hop {n} (jumping jack) SEE: jumping jack  ::
side-striped jackal {n} (side-striped jackal)  :: juovasakaali
sidewalk {n} /saɪdwɔːk/ (paved footpath)  :: jalkakäytävä
sidewall {n} (side of a tire)  :: sivuseinä
sidewall {n} (wall)  :: sivuseinä
sideways {adj} /ˈsaɪdweɪz/ (moving or directed towards one side)  :: sivuttainen
sideways {adv} (with a side to the front)  :: sivuttain
sideways {adv} (towards one side)  :: sivulle, sivuttain
sideways {adv} (askance)  :: viistossa, viistoon, vinossa, vinosti, vinottain
sidewinder {n} (Snake Crotalus cerastes)  :: sarvikalkkarokäärme
Sidon {prop} (city state of Phoenicia)  :: Sidon
siege {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
siege {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
siege {n} /siːdʒ/ (military blockade of settlement)  :: piiritys
siege {v} (besiege) SEE: besiege  ::
siege engine {n} (large weapon of war to batter fortifications)  :: piirityskone
siege warfare {n} (warfare involving a siege)  :: piirityssota
sierra {n} (the letter "S")  :: Sakari
Sierra Leone {prop} (Republic of Sierra Leone)  :: Sierra Leone
Sierra Leonean {adj} (from or of Sierra Leone)  :: sierraleonelainen
Sierra Leonean {n} (someone from Sierra Leone)  :: sierraleonelainen
siesta {n} /sɪˈɛstə/ (an afternoon nap)  :: siesta, iltapäivätorkut {p}, tupluuri
sieve {n} /sɪv/ (device to separate larger and smaller objects)  :: seula, siivilä
sieve {n} (process that filters out unwanted pieces of input)  :: seulonta
sieve {v} (to strain, sift or sort using a sieve)  :: seuloa, siivilöidä
sift {v} /sɪft/ (to sieve or strain (something))  :: siivilöidä, seuloa
sift {v} (to separate or scatter (things) as if by sieving)  :: siivilöidä, seuloa; sirottaa, sirotella
sift {v} (to examine (something) carefully)  :: seuloa, tutkia
sifter {n} (tool for sifting)  :: seula
sifu {n} (martial arts instructor)  :: mestari
sigh {n} /saɪ/ (act of sighing)  :: huokaus, huokaisu, huoahdus
sigh {n} (manifestation of grief; a lament)  :: huokaus
sigh {v} (to inhale a larger quantity of air than usual, and immediately expel it)  :: huokaista, huoata
sigh {v} (to lament; to grieve)  :: huoata
sigh {v} (to utter sighs over; to lament or mourn over)  :: huokailla
sigh {v} (to experience an emotion associated with sighing)  :: huoata, huokaista
sigh {v} (to make a sound like sighing)  :: huoata, huokaista
sigh {v} (to exhale in sighs)  :: huokailla
sigh {v} (to express by sighs; to utter in or with sighs)  :: huokailla
sigh {interj} (expression of fatigue, exhaustion, grief, sorrow, frustration or the like)  :: ohhoijaa, huoh
sight {n} /saɪt/ (something seen)  :: näköala, näkökenttä
sight {n} (something worth seeing)  :: nähtävyys
sight {n} (device used in aiming a firearm)  :: tähtäin
sight {v} (visually register)  :: nähdä
sight {v} (get sight of)  :: saada näkyviinsä
sight {v} (take aim at)  :: tähdätä
sight {n} (eyesight) SEE: eyesight  ::
sight for sore eyes {n} (a pleasing sight)  :: ilo silmälle
sighthound {n} (sighthound)  :: vinttikoira
sightsee {v} (go sightseeing)  :: katsella nähtävyyksiä
sightseeing {n} (tourism)  :: nähtävyyksien katselu, kiertoajelu
sight-translate {v} (translate a written document out loud)  :: kääntää suoraan tekstistä
sight translation {n} (act of translating a written text out loud)  :: prima vista -kääntäminen
sigillography {n} (study of seals and sigils)  :: sinettitiede
sigma-delta converter {n} (electronic system to convert between analog and digital)  :: sigma-delta-muunnin
sigmoid colon {n} (part of colon)  :: sigmasuoli
sign {n} /saɪn/ (visible indication)  :: merkki
sign {n} (physical evidence left by an animal)  :: jälki
sign {n} (flat object bearing a message)  :: kyltti, kilpi, opaste; merkki, liikennemerkki [traffic sign]
sign {n} (astrological sign, see also: astrological sign)  :: merkki
sign {n} (math: positive or negative polarity)  :: etumerkki
sign {n} (linguistic unit in sign language)  :: viittoma
sign {n} (sign language in general[sign language, see also: )  :: viittomakieli
sign {n} (omen, see also: omen)  :: merkki, ennusmerkki
sign {n} (medicine: property of the body that indicates a disease)  :: merkki
sign {n} (military emblem)  :: tunnus
sign {n} (meaningful gesture)  :: merkki, ele
sign {n} (any of several specialized non-alphabetic symbols)  :: merkki
sign {v} (to make (a document) official by writing one's signature)  :: allekirjoittaa
sign {v} (to write one's signature on a document)  :: allekirjoittaa
sign {v} (to write one's signature somewhere)  :: allekirjoittaa, kirjoittaa nimi
sign {v} (to persuade a sports player etc. to sign a contract)  :: rekrytoida
sign {v} (intransitive: to communicate using sign language)  :: viittoa
signage {n} /ˈsaɪnɪdʒ/ (Signs taken collectively)  :: opasteet {p}
signal {n} /ˈsɪɡnəl/ (sign made to give notice)  :: merkki, signaali
signal {n} (device to give indication)  :: opastin, merkinantolaite
signal {n} (telecommunication: electric or electromagnetic action that conveys information)  :: signaali
signal {n} (foreshadowing)  :: enne, ennusmerkki
signal {n} (useful information as opposed to noise)  :: signaali
signal {n} (computing: simple interprocess communication)  :: signaali
signal {v} (to indicate)  :: viestittää, signaloida, opastaa
signal crayfish {n} (Pacifastacus leniusculus)  :: täplärapu
signalling event {n} (change of the state of a communication channel)  :: signaalinmuutos
signal-to-noise ratio {n} (figure of merit)  :: signaali-kohina suhde
signal-to-noise ratio {n} (proportion of useful information)  :: asiapitoisuus
signature {n} /ˈsɪɡnətʃɚ/ (person’s autograph name)  :: allekirjoitus, nimikirjoitus
signature {n} (act of signing)  :: allekirjoittaminen
signature {n} (computing: pattern used for matching identity)  :: tunniste
signature {n} (cryptography: data attached to a message that guarantees that the message originated from its claimed source)  :: varmenne
signature {n} (figurative: mark or sign of implication)  :: merkki, tunnusmerkki
signboard {n} (a board carrying a sign)  :: ilmoitustaulu
signer {n} (one who signs)  :: allekirjoittaja
signer {n} (one who uses sign language)  :: viittomakielen käyttäjä
significance {n} /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkəns/ (extent to which something matters)  :: merkitys, tärkeys
significance {n} (meaning)  :: tarkoitus
significand {n} (part of floating-point number)  :: signifikantti
significant {adj} /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt/ (signifying something; carrying meaning)  :: merkitsevä
significant {adj} (having a covert or hidden meanin)  :: merkitsevä
significant {adj} (having noticeable effect)  :: merkittävä, merkityksellinen
significant {adj} (reasonably large)  :: merkittävä
significant {adj} (statistics: having a low probability of occurring by chance)  :: merkitsevä
significant digit {n} (digit)  :: merkitsevä numero
significantly {adv} (in a significant manner: notably)  :: huomattavasti, merkittävästi
significant other {n} (romantic partner, regardless of marital status)  :: rakas
significant wave height {n} (measure of wave height)  :: merkitsevä aallonkorkeus
signify {v} /ˈsɪɡ nəˌfaɪ/ (to give something a meaning)  :: merkitä, tarkoittaa
sign in {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
sign language {n} (sign language)  :: viittomakieli
sign of the cross {n} (gesture)  :: ristinmerkki
sign of the times {n} (symbol of an era)  :: ajan merkki
signpost {n} (post bearing a sign that gives information on directions)  :: tienviitta
sign up {v} (to add a name to the list of people who are participating in something)  :: ilmoittaa, määrätä
sign up {v} (to add one's own name to the list of people who are participating in something)  :: ilmoittautua
sign up {v} (to agree to purchase some good or service)  :: tilata
Sigrid {prop} (female given name)  :: Siiri
siheyuan {n} (traditional type of Chinese residence)  :: siheyuan-talo
Sikh {n} /siːk/ (an adherent of Sikhism)  :: sikhi
Sikhism {prop} (religion)  :: sikhiläisyys
silage {n} (fodder stored in a silo)  :: säilörehu
silat {n} (type of martial art)  :: silat
silence {n} /ˈsaɪləns/ (lack of any sound)  :: hiljaisuus, äänettömyys
silence {v} (To make something silent)  :: hiljentää
silence is golden {proverb} (proverb)  :: vaikeneminen on kultaa
silencer {n} (attachment)  :: äänenvaimennin
silencer {n} (something that silences another thing)  :: äänenvaimennin
silent {adj} /ˈsaɪlənt/ (free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet)  :: hiljainen, äänetön
silent {adj} (not speaking; indisposed to talk; speechless; mute; taciturn)  :: hiljainen, vaitelias
silent {adj} (keeping at rest; inactive; calm; undisturbed)  :: tyyni
silent {adj} (not pronounced; having no sound; quiescent)  :: hiljainen
silent {adj} (having no effect; not operating; inefficient)  :: äänetön, tehoton
silent {adj} (without audio capability)  :: hiljainen
silent {adj} (hidden, unseen)  :: hiljainen
silent {adj} (not implying significant modifications which would affect a peptide sequence)  :: hiljainen
silent {adj} (undiagnosed or undetected because of an absence of symptoms)  :: piilevä
silent {n} (that which is silent)  :: hiljaisuus
silent {adj} (to refrain from speaking) SEE: be silent  ::
silent as the grave {adj} (to say absolutely nothing)  :: haudanhiljainen (grave-silent)
silent film {n} (film without sound)  :: mykkäelokuva
silent miscarriage {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
Silent Sam {n} /ˌsaɪlənt ˈsæm/ (person who speaks seldom and little)  :: tuppisuu
silent treatment {n} (ignoring a particular individual)  :: eristäminen, mykkäkoulu
Silesia {prop} /saɪˈliʒə/ (region)  :: Sleesia
silhouette {n} /ˌsɪ.lʊˈwɛt/ (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color)  :: siluetti, varjokuva
silica {n} /ˈsɪl.ɪ.kə/ (silicon dioxide)  :: piidioksidi, silika
silica {n} (silica group of the silicate minerals)  :: hohkasilikaatti
silica gel {n} (granular form of silica)  :: silikageeli
silica group {n} (group of minerals)  :: hohkasilikaattiryhmä
silicate {n} /ˈsɪlɪkeɪt/ (salt or mineral)  :: silikaatti
silicic acid {n} (any of a range of hydrates of silica)  :: piihappo
silicle {n} (A short silique)  :: litu
silicon {n} /ˈsɪlɪkən/ (non-metallic element)  :: pii
silicon chip {n} (wafer of silicon)  :: piisiru
silicon dioxide {n} (SiO2)  :: piidioksidi
silicone {n} /ˈsɪlɪkəʊn/ (any of a class of inert compounds of silicon)  :: silikoni
silicon monoxide {n} (chemical compound with the formula SiO)  :: piimonoksidi
silicon steel {n} (alloy of steel and silicon)  :: piiteräs
Silicon Valley {prop} (nickname for region in San Francisco)  :: Piilaakso
silicon wafer {n} (thin slice of silicon)  :: piikiekko
silicosis {n} (silica dust pneumoconiosis)  :: silikoosi, kivipölykeuhko
silique {n} (fruit with two carpels)  :: litu
silk {n} /sɪlk/ (fiber)  :: silkki
silk {n} (fabric)  :: silkki
silk-cotton tree {n} (tropical tree)  :: kapokkio
Silk Road {prop} (routes used by silk traders across Europe, Asia and northern Africa)  :: silkkitie
silkworm {n} /ˈsɪlkwɜːm/ (caterpillar)  :: silkkiäistoukka, silkkitoukka
silky anteater {n} (Cyclopes didactylus)  :: pikkumuurahaiskarhu
sill {n} /sɪl/ (base of a window)  :: ikkunalauta
sill {n} (horizontal member bearing the upright portion of a frame)  :: palkki
sillimanite {n} (mineral)  :: sillimaniitti
silly {adj} /ˈsɪli/ (foolish, showing a lack of good sense and wisdom)  :: typerä, hölmö
silly {adj} (irresponsible, showing irresponsible behaviors)  :: hölmö, ajattelematon, vastuuton, typerä
silly {adj} (playful, giggly)  :: hassu
silly {adj} (semiconscious)  :: sekava
silly {adj} (pejorative: simple, not intelligent, unrefined)  :: yksinkertainen, hölmö
silo {n} /ˈsaɪloʊ/ (vertical building for storing grain)  :: siilo, viljasiilo
silsesquioxane {n} (chemical compound)  :: silseskvioksaani
silt {n} /sɪlt/ (fine earth deposited by water)  :: liete, lieju
Silurian {adj} /saɪˈlʊəɹ.iː.ən/ (of period from 439 to 409 million years ago)  :: siluurikautinen
Silurian {prop} (Silurian period)  :: siluurikausi
silver {n} /ˈsɪl.vɚ/ (metal)  :: hopea
silver {n} (coins)  :: hopearaha
silver {n} (cutlery/silverware)  :: aterimet {p}
silver {n} (items made of silver or other white metal)  :: hopea
silver {n} (color/colour)  :: hopeanharmaa
silver {adj} (made from silver)  :: hopeinen
silver {adj} (having a color/colour like silver)  :: hopeanvärinen, hopeinen
silver ball {n} (pinball) SEE: pinball  ::
silver birch {n} (tree)  :: rauduskoivu
silver bullet {n} (bullet made of silver)  :: hopealuoti
silver carp {n} (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)  :: hopeakarppi
silvered {adj} (coated with silver)  :: hopeoitu
silver fir {n} (Abies alba)  :: saksanpihta
silver fir {n} (Pacific silver fir) SEE: Pacific silver fir  ::
silverfish {n} (type of bristletail)  :: sokeritoukka
silver-grey {n} (colour)  :: hopeanharmaa
silver-grey {adj} (colour)  :: hopeanharmaa
silver lining {n} (a good aspect of a mostly bad event)  :: hopeareunus
silver medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, silver)  :: hopeamitali
silver medalist {n} (silver medal winner)  :: hopeamitalisti
silver mine {n} (mine for silver)  :: hopeakaivos
silvern {adj} (made from silver) SEE: silver  ::
silver nitrate {n} (silver salt of nitric acid, AgNO3)  :: hopeanitraatti
silver paper {n} (aluminium foil)  :: hopeapaperi
silver plate {n} (thin layer of silver)  :: hopeointi
silver-plate {v} (to coat a metal surface with a thin layer of silver)  :: hopeoida
silver-plated {adj} (having a thin coat of silver)  :: hopeoitu
silver screen {n} (cinema screen)  :: valkokangas
silver screen {n} (by extension, movies)  :: valkokangas
silverside {n} (fish of the families Atherinidae and Atherinopsidae)  :: hopeakylki
silversmith {n} (person who makes articles out of silver)  :: hopeaseppä
silver spoon {n} (wealth passed down)  :: hopealusikka
silverware {n} (anything made from silver)  :: hopeaesine, hopeatyö, hopeaesineet {p}
silverware {n} ((US) knives, forks and spoons)  :: aterimet {p}
silver wedding {n} (anniversary celebration)  :: hopeahäät {p}
silvery-cheeked antshrike {n} (Sakesphorus cristatus)  :: hopeaposkimuura
silvery sedge {n} (Carex canescens)  :: harmaasara
Silvia {prop} /ˈsɪlvi.ə/ (female given name)  :: Sylvia
silviculture {n} (forestry)  :: metsänhoito, metsänhoitotiede
sima {n} (lower layer of Earth's outer crust)  :: sima-kerros
SIM card {n} (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data)  :: SIM-kortti
Simeon {prop} (second son of Jacob)  :: Simeon
Simeon {prop} (male given name)  :: Simeoni
simian {adj} /ˈsɪm.i.ən/ (of or pertaining to apes)  :: apina-, apinoiden {p} (genitive of noun)
simian {adj} (resembling an ape)  :: apinamainen
simian {n} (an ape or monkey)  :: apina
similar {adj} /ˈsɪməlɚ/ (Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable)  :: samanlainen
similarity {n} /sɪmɪˈlæɹɪti/ (closeness)  :: samankaltaisuus
simile {n} /ˈsɪməli/ (figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another)  :: vertaus
simmer {v} /sɪmə(r)/ ((intransitive) to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: hautua
simmer {v} ((transitive) to cause to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: hauduttaa
simmer {n} (process of simmering)  :: hauduttaminen
Simon {prop} /ˈsaɪmən/ (biblical characters)  :: Simon
Simon {prop} (male given name)  :: Simo
Simon says {n} (children's game)  :: kapteeni käskee, Topi käskee
simony {n} /ˈsaɪ.mə.ni/ (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)  :: simonia
simoom {n} /sɪˈmuːm/ (hot, dry wind)  :: samum
simple {adj} /ˈsɪmpəl/ (uncomplicated)  :: yksinkertainen (simppeli, slang)
simple fraction {n} (type of fraction) SEE: common fraction  ::
simple interest {n} (interest paid on principal)  :: yksinkertainen korko
simple leaf {n} (leaf that has an undivided blade)  :: ehyt lehti
simple machine {n} (device)  :: yksinkertainen kone
simple past {n} (the simple past tense)  :: imperfekti, preteriti
simple present {n} (present tense)  :: preesens
simpleton {n} /ˈsɪmpəltən/ (simple person lacking common sense)  :: tyhmyri, hupsu, hölmö, pöllöpää
Simplified Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using simplified characters)  :: yksinkertaistettu kiina
simplify {v} /ˈsɪmplɪfaɪ/ (to make simpler)  :: yksinkertaistaa
simplify {v} (to become simpler)  :: yksinkertaistua
simplistic {adj} (overly simple)  :: simplistinen, yliyksinkertaistettu
simply {adv} /ˈsɪmpli/ (in a simple manner)  :: yksinkertaisesti
simulacrum {n} /ˌsimjəˈleɪkɹəm/ (image or representation)  :: kuva, malli
simulacrum {n} (faint trace)  :: pilkahdus, häivä
simulate {v} /sɪmjʉːleɪt/ (to model, replicate, duplicate the behavior)  :: simuloida
simulation {n} (something which simulates)  :: simulointi, mallinnus, jäljittely
simulation {n} (process of simulating)  :: mallinnus, simulointi
simulation {n} (soccer: attempt of feigning a foul)  :: teeskentely, filmaaminen
simultaneity {n} /ˌsaɪməltəˈniɪti/ (the quality or state of being simultaneous)  :: samanaikaisuus
simultaneity {n} (simultaneity in music)  :: samanaikaisuus, simultaanisuus
simultaneous {adj} /ˌsaɪ̯m.əlˈteɪ̯n.i.əs/ (occurring at the same time)  :: samanaikainen
simultaneous interpretation {n} (type of oral translation)  :: simultaanitulkkaus
simultaneous interpreting {n} (simultaneous interpretation) SEE: simultaneous interpretation  ::
simultaneously {adv} /ˌsaɪməlˈteɪnɪəsli/ (occurring at the same time)  :: yhtä aikaa, samanaikaisesti
simultaneousness {n} (the quality or state of being simultaneous)  :: samanaikaisuus
sin {n} /sɪn/ (violation of religious law)  :: synti
sin {n} (misdeed)  :: synti
sin {v} (to commit a sin)  :: tehdä syntiä
Sinai {prop} (peninsula)  :: Siinai, Siinain niemimaa
Sinai {prop} (mountain)  :: Siinainvuori
sin bin {n} (sports: an area where players are temporarily confined while suspended from play)  :: jäähyaitio
sin bin {v} (sports: to send a player off temporarily following an infringement of a rule)  :: antaa jäähy, tuomita jäähy
since {adv} /sɪn(t)s/ (from a specified time in the past)  :: sen jälkeen
since {prep} (from (time))  :: lähtien
since {conj} (from the time that)  :: siitä lähtien, kun; sen jälkeen, kun
since {conj} (because)  :: koska
sincere {adj} /sɪnˈsɪə(ɹ)/ (earnest)  :: vilpitön
sincerely {adv} (In a sincere or earnest manner; honestly)  :: vilpittömästi, todella
sincereness {n} (sincerity) SEE: sincerity  ::
sincerity {n} (quality of being sincere)  :: rehellisyys, vilpittömyys
since when {adv} (from what time)  :: mistä lähtien
since when {adv} (Used to indicate doubt as to the veracity of a statement)  :: mistä lähtien
sine {n} /saɪn/ (trigonometric function)  :: sini
sinecure {n} /ˈsaɪ.nə.kjʊɹ/ (a position that requires no work but still gives a payment)  :: laiskanvirka, suojatyöpaikka
sine qua non {n} /ˌsɪni kwɑ ˈnɑn/ (prerequisite)  :: edellytys, kynnyskysymys
sinew {n} (tendon) SEE: tendon  ::
sinew {n} /ˈsɪnjuː/ (strength)  :: voima, jäntevyys
sinew {n} (source of acquiring strength)  :: voimanlähde
sine wave {n} (waveform)  :: siniaalto
sinewy {adj} /ˈsɪnjuːi/ (tough; having strong sinews)  :: jänteikäs
sinewy {adj} (having nervous strength)  :: lujahermoinen
sinewy {adj} (possessing physical strength)  :: jäntevä
sinful {adj} (evil) SEE: evil  ::
sinful {adj} /ˈsɪnfəl/ (constituting sin)  :: syntinen
sinfully {adv} (in a sinful manner)  :: syntisesti
sing {v} /sɪ̝ŋ/ (to produce harmonious sounds with one’s voice)  :: laulaa
Singapore {prop} /ˈsɪŋəpɔː/ (Republic of Singapore)  :: Singapore
Singaporean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Singapore)  :: singaporelainen
Singaporean {n} (a person from Singapore)  :: singaporelainen
Singapore dollar {n} (official currency of Singapore)  :: Singaporen dollari
singe {v} /sɪnd͡ʒ/ (to burn slightly)  :: paahtaa
singer {n} /ˈsɪŋɚ/ (person who sings)  :: laulaja
singeress {n} (songstress) SEE: songstress  ::
singer-songwriter {n} (singer-songwriter)  :: laulaja-lauluntekijä
singing sand {n} (type of sand)  :: laulava hiekka
singing voice {n} (quality of voice when singing)  :: lauluääni
single {adj} /ˈsɪŋɡl/ (not accompanied by anything else)  :: yksi, yksittäinen
single {adj} (not divided in parts)  :: yksi, jakamaton
single {adj} (designed for the use of only one)  :: yhden hengen
single {adj} (not married nor dating)  :: naimaton, [colloquial] sinkku
single {n} (45 RPM vinyl record)  :: single
single {n} (popular song)  :: single, sinkku
single {n} (one who is not married)  :: naimaton, sinkku
single {v} (to identify or select one member of a group)  :: valita, poimia; see also: silmätikku
single {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
single {v} (farming: to thin out) SEE: thin out  ::
single celled {adj} (consisting of one cell) SEE: unicellular  ::
singlehood {n} (The state of being single)  :: naimattomuus, sinkkuus
single-minded {adj} (intensely focused)  :: määrätietoinen
single-mindedness {n} (property)  :: määrätietoisuus
single mother {n} (a woman raising a child on her own)  :: yksinhuoltajaäiti
single parent {n} (only parent bringing up a child)  :: yksinhuoltaja
single room {n} (a hotel room with one single bed)  :: yhden hengen huone
singles {n} (sports: game between two individuals)  :: kaksinpeli
singlet {n} /ˈsɪŋɡlɪt/ (sleeveless shirt)  :: hihaton aluspaita
single ticket {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
singleton {n} (playing card)  :: singeli
singleton {n} (single object)  :: ainokainen
singleton {n} (computing: class)  :: ainokainen, singleton
singleton {n} (math: set)  :: yksiö
single transferable vote {n} (voting system)  :: siirtoäänivaalitapa
Singlish {prop} (English-based creole used in Singapore)  :: singlish
singly {adv} (in a single or unaccompanied manner; without a companion)  :: erikseen, yksitellen
singular {adj} /ˈsɪŋɡjəlɚ/ (being only one of larger population)  :: yksittäinen
singular {adj} (being the only one of a kind)  :: ainutlaatuinen, uniikki
singular {adj} (distinguished by superiority)  :: erinomainen, tavaton
singular {adj} (being out of the ordinary)  :: harvinainen, merkillinen, omituinen, kummallinen
singular {adj} (grammar: referring to only one thing)  :: yksiköllinen
singular {adj} (linear algebra: of matrix: having no inverse)  :: singulaarinen
singular {n} (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing)  :: yksikkö
singularity {n} /ˌsɪŋɡjəˈlæɹətɪ/ (peculiar state or occurrence)  :: erikoisuus, omituisuus
singularity {n} (mathematics: value for which a derivative does not exist)  :: erikoispiste
singularity {n} (physics: point of infinite density)  :: singulariteetti
Sinhala {prop} (Sinhalese) SEE: Sinhalese  ::
Sinhalese {n} /sɪnhəˈliːz/ (Sinhalese person)  :: singaleesi
Sinhalese {prop} (the language)  :: singaleesi
sinister {adj} /ˈsɪnɨstəɹ/ (ominous)  :: pahaenteinen, uhkaava
sinister {adj} (evil)  :: paha
sinister {adj} (of the left)  :: vasemmanpuolinen
sinistromanual {adj} (left-handed) SEE: left-handed  ::
Sinitic {adj} /saɪˈnɪtɪk/ (relating to the group of Chinese languages)  :: sinotiibetiläinen
sink {v} /sɪŋk/ (descend into liquid, etc)  :: upota, vajota
sink {v} (submerge)  :: upottaa
sink {v} (cause (ship, etc) to sink)  :: upottaa
sink {v} (push (something) into)  :: upottaa
sink {n} (basin)  :: pesuallas
sink {n} (heat sink)  :: lämpönielu
sink {n} (sinkhole) SEE: sinkhole  ::
sinker {n} /sɪŋkə(ɹ)/ (weight used in fishing)  :: paino
sinkhole {n} (geology: hole formed in soluble rock)  :: karstivajoama, vajoama, doliini, suppa, sortumakaivo
sinkhole {n} (depressed area)  :: vajoama, kuoppa
Sinkiang {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang  ::
sinking ship {n} (something doomed)  :: uppoava laiva
sinless {adj} (without sin)  :: synnitön
sinlessness {n} (state of being sinless)  :: synnittömyys
sinner {n} /ˈsɪnɚ/ (person who has sinned)  :: syntinen
Sino- {prefix} /ˈsɪnəʊ/ (relating to China or Chinese)  :: kiinalais-
Sinocentric {adj} /ˌsɪnɵˈsɛntɹɪk/ (focused on China)  :: Kiina-keskinen
Sinocentrism {n} /ˌsɪnɵˈsɛntɹɪzəm/ (belief that China is the center of the Earth)  :: Kiina-keskisyys
sinologist {n} (a student, or expert in sinology)  :: sinologi
sinology {n} (Chinese studies) SEE: Chinese studies  ::
Sinophobia {n} /ˌsaɪnəˈfoʊbi.ə/ (the fear of China or Chinese)  :: sinofobia
Sinophone {n} (a speaker of Chinese)  :: kiinankielinen
Sinosphere {n} (regions in East Asia influenced by Chinese culture)  :: itäaasialainen kulttuuripiiri
Sino-Tibetan {adj} (related to China and Tibet)  :: kiinalais-tiibetiläinen
Sino-Tibetan {adj} (related to Chinese and Tibetan)  :: sinotiibetiläinen
Sino-Xenic {adj} (related to Chinese readings in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese borrowings from medieval Chinese)  :: ulkokiinalainen
sinter {v} /ˈsɪntə/ (to compact and heat a powder to form a solid mass)  :: sintrata
sinuate {v} (to curve or bend)  :: kiemurrella, mutkitella
sinuous {adj} /ˈsɪn.ju.əs/ (having curves in alternate directions; meandering)  :: kiemurteleva, mutkitteleva; meanderoiva [of river, technical term]
sinuous {adj} (moving gracefully and in a supple manner)  :: sulava, sulavaliikkeinen
sinus {n} /ˈsaɪnəs/ (pouch or cavity in any organ or tissue)  :: ontelo
sinus {n} (abnormal cavity or passage caused by the destruction of tissue)  :: avanne
sinusitis {n} (inflammation)  :: sinuiitti, poskiontelotulehdus
sinusoid {adj} (sinusoidal) SEE: sinusoidal  ::
sinusoid {n} /ˈsaɪnəsɔɪd/ (sine curve)  :: sinikäyrä
sinusoid {n} (anatomy: channel for venous blood)  :: tiehyt
sinusoid {adj} (anatomy: resembling a sinus)  :: ontelomainen
sinusoidal {adj} /saɪnəˈsɔɪdəl/ (in the form of a sine wave)  :: sinimuotoinen
sip {n} /sɪp/ (A small mouthful of drink)  :: siemaus
sip {v} (to drink slowly, small mouthfuls at a time)  :: siemailla
siphon {n} /ˈsaɪfən/ (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)  :: lappo
siphon {v} (transfer by means of a siphon)  :: lappaa
sir {n} /ˈsɜː(ɹ)/ (man of a higher rank or position)  :: herra
sir {n} (address to a military superior)  :: herra [followed by the name of the rank]
sir {n} (address to any male, especially if his name or proper address is unknown)  :: herra
sire {n} /saɪə(ɹ)/ (lord, master, or person in authority)  :: herra
sire {n} (male animal)  :: koiras
sire {v} (to procreate)  :: siittää, astua
siren {n} /ˈsaɪɹən/ (nymph of Greek mythology)  :: seireeni
siren {n} (device for making a sound alarm)  :: sireeni
siren {n} (musical instrument)  :: pilli
siren {n} (dangerously seductive woman)  :: seireeni
siren {n} (salamander)  :: mutalisko
siren {n} (mammal)  :: sireenieläin
siren song {n} (enticing but dangerous appeal)  :: seireenien laulu
sirensong {n} (siren song) SEE: siren song  ::
Sirius {prop} /ˈsɪɹi.əs/  :: Sirius
sirloin {n} (cut of beef)  :: ulkofilee
sirtaki {n} /sɚˈtɑki/ (modern Greek folk dance)  :: sirtaki
sirup {n} (syrup) SEE: syrup  ::
sis {n} /sɪs/ (sister)  :: systeri
sisal {n} /ˈsʌɪsəl/ (plant)  :: sisalagaave
sisal {n} (fiber)  :: sisali, sisal, sisalkuitu
sisal {n} (mat)  :: sisalmatto
siskin {n} (small European finch) SEE: Eurasian siskin  ::
sissiness {n} (property of being sissy)  :: akkamaisuus, raukkamaisuus, pelkuruus
sissy {n} /ˈsɪsi/ (a timid, unassertive or cowardly person)  :: nynny, mammanpoika, nyhverö, nössö
sissy {adj} (effeminate)  :: akkamainen
sissy {adj} (cowardly)  :: raukkamainen
sissy {n} (childish: urination; urine)  :: pissaaminen [urination]; pissa [urine]
sissy {v} (childish: to urinate)  :: pissata
sissy {n} (sister) SEE: sis  ::
sister {n} /ˈsɪs.tɚ/ (woman or girl having the same parents)  :: sisko, sisar
sister {n} (a nun; a female member of a religious community)  :: sisar
sister city {n} (city in a relationship of cordiality)  :: ystävyyskaupunki
sisterhood {n} (state of being sisters)  :: sisaruus
sisterhood {n} (quality of being sisterly)  :: sisaruus
sisterhood {n} (religious society of women)  :: sisaristo
sister-in-law {n} (wife's sister)  :: käly
sister-in-law {n} (husband's sister)  :: nato
sister-in-law {n} (brother's wife)  :: käly
sister-in-law {n} (wife's brother's wife)  :: käly
sister-in-law {n} (husband's brother's wife)  :: käly
sister ship {n} (ship built to the same design)  :: sisaralus
sit {v} /sɪt/ (of a person, be in a position in which the upper body is upright and the legs are supported)  :: istua
sit {v} (move oneself into such a position)  :: istuutua
sit {v} (of an object: occupy a given position permanently)  :: seistä, olla, maata
sit {v} (to be a member of a deliberative body)  :: istua
sit {v} (of an agreement or arrangement, to be accepted)  :: sopia
sit {n} (meditation event)  :: istunto
sitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: sitar
sit around {v} (sit idly)  :: istuskella, istuksia
sitcom {n} (situation comedy, see also: situation comedy)  :: tilannekomedia
sit down {v} (to assume a sitting position from a standing position)  :: istuutua
site {n} /saɪt/ (place where anything is fixed; situation; local position)  :: paikka, sijaintipaikka
site {n} (a website)  :: sivusto
site map {n} (webpage that lists the contents of a website)  :: sivukartta
sit in {v} (to attend for one time)  :: vierailla
sit-in {n} (type of protest)  :: istumalakko
sitting room {n} (living room) SEE: living room  ::
sitting toilet {n} (toilet which is used while sitting)  :: istumakäymälä
situated {adj} /ˈsɪt͡ʃueɪtɪ/ (located in a specific place)  :: usually expressed with verb sijaita
situation {n} /sɪtjuːˈeɪʃən/ (position vis-à-vis surroundings)  :: sijainti
situation {n} (location)  :: sijainti
situation {n} (one's status with regard to circumstances)  :: tilanne
situation {n} (state of affairs)  :: tilanne, olosuhteet, olot
situation {n} (position of employment)  :: työpaikka, tehtävä, asema
situation comedy {n} (episodic comedy television program, see also: sitcom)  :: tilannekomedia
situla {n} /ˈsɪtjuːlə/ (archaeology: deep ceramic vase with a wide opening)  :: ruukku
sit up {v} (to rise to a sitting position)  :: nousta istumaan
sit up {v} (to sit erect)  :: istua suorassa, istua selkä suorana
sit up {v} (to show sudden interest)  :: havahtua
sit up {v} (sports: to bounce)  :: pomppia
sit up {v} (to not go to bed)  :: valvoa, olla ylhäällä
sit-up {n} /ˈsɪt.ʌp/ (exercise in which the abdominal muscles are contracted)  :: vatsarutistus, istumaannousu
six {num} /sɪks/ (cardinal number)  :: kuusi
six {n} (digit)  :: kuutonen
sixes {n} (pair of sixes)  :: kuutospari
six hundred {num} /ˈsɪks ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 600)  :: kuusisataa
six o'clock {n} (the start of the seventh hour)  :: kuusi (see also kello)
six of one, half a dozen of the other {proverb} (two alternatives are equivalent or indifferent)  :: kuusi noita ja puoli tusinaa noita toisia, ihan sama
six pack {n} /ˈsiksˌpæk/ (set of six beverage cans)  :: sikspäkki
six pack {n} (bodybuilding: highly developed set of abdominal muscles)  :: pyykkilautavatsa
six-pack {n} (set of six beverage cans)  :: sikspäkki [slang]; kuuden pakkaus
six-pack {n} (highly developed set of abdominal muscles)  :: sikspäkki
sixsome {n} (group of six)  :: kuusikko
sixteen {num} /ˈsɪks.tiːn/ (cardinal number 16)  :: kuusitoista
sixteen hundred {num} (16:00 hrs)  :: kuusitoista reikä-reikä
sixteen hundred {num} (number 1600)  :: tuhatkuusisataa
sixteen hundred {num} (year 1600)  :: tuhatkuusisataa
sixteenth {num} /ˌsɪksˈtiːnθ/ (the ordinal form of the number sixteen)  :: kuudestoista
sixteenth note {n} (sixteenth note) SEE: semiquaver  ::
sixth {adj} /sɪksθ/ (ordinal form of the number six)  :: kuudes
sixth {n} (person or thing in sixth place)  :: kuudes
sixth {n} (one of six equal parts of a whole)  :: kuudennes, kuudesosa
sixth {n} (interval)  :: seksti
sixth form {n} (final two years of secondary schooling)  :: lukio
six thousand {num} (6000)  :: kuusituhatta
sixth sense {n} (extrasensory perception)  :: kuudes aisti
sixties {n} (decade of the 1960s)  :: kuusikymmentäluku
sixtieth {adj} /ˈsɪksti.əθ/ (the ordinal form of the number sixty)  :: kuudeskymmenes
sixty {num} /ˈsɪksti/ (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentä
sixty-eight {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäkahdeksan
sixty-five {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäviisi
sixty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäneljä
sixty-nine {n} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäyhdeksän
sixty-nine {n} (sex position)  :: kuusysi, 69-asento
sixty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäyksi
sixty-seven {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäseitsemän
sixty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäkuusi
sixtysomething {n} (sexagenarian) SEE: sexagenarian  ::
sixty-three {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäkolme
sixty-two {num} (cardinal number)  :: kuusikymmentäkaksi
sizable {adj} /ˈsaɪzəbəl/ (fairly large)  :: kookas
size {n} /saɪz/ (dimensions or magnitude of a thing)  :: koko, suuruus
size {n} (a specific set of dimensions for clothing)  :: koko
size {v} (to adjust the size of)  :: sovittaa
size {v} (to classify or arrange by size)  :: luokitella/lajitella koon mukaan
size {v} (to estimate the size of)  :: arvioida koko
size {n} (thin, weak glue intended to be painted upon)  :: pohjuste
size {n} (wallpaper paste)  :: liisteri
size {n} (thickened crust on coagulated blood)  :: rupi
size {v} (to apply primer to a surface which is to be painted)  :: pohjustaa, pohjamaalata
skald {n} /skɔːld/ (a Nordic poet of the Viking Age)  :: skaldi
skate {n} /skeɪt/ (runner)  :: luistin
skate {n} (ice skate or roller skate)  :: luistin
skate {n} (act of skateboarding)  :: skeittaus
skate {n} (act of skating or ice skating)  :: luistelu
skate {v} (to move along a surface (ice or ground) using skates)  :: luistella
skate {v} (to skateboard)  :: skeitata
skate {n} (fish of family Rajidae)  :: rausku
skateboard {n} (platform on wheels)  :: skeittilauta, skede [slang], rullalauta
skateboard {v} (to use a skateboard)  :: skeitata, skedettää, rullalautailla
skateboarding {n} (riding on a skateboard)  :: skeittaus, skeittailu, skedetys
skate on thin ice {v} (to be in potentially risky situation)  :: liikkua heikoilla jäillä
skatepark {n} (recreational area)  :: skeittipuisto
skater {n} /ˈskeɪ.tə(ɹ)/ (person who skates)  :: luistelija
skater {n} (member of skateboarding subculture)  :: skeittari
skater {n} (ice hockey: player other than goaltender)  :: kenttäpelaaja
skater {n} (insect) SEE: water strider  ::
skate skiing {n} (skiing style)  :: luisteluhiihto
skating {n} (action or sport)  :: luistelu
skedaddle {v} /skɪˈdædəl/ (move or run away quickly)  :: juosta karkuun
skee ball {n} (early arcade game)  :: skee ball
skeet {n} (form of trapshooting)  :: skeet, skeet-ammunta
skeet {v} (to shoot or spray liquids)  :: ruiskuttaa
skeeter {n} (mosquito) SEE: mosquito  ::
skeg {n} /skɛɡ/ (Rudder-supporting structure)  :: skegi
skein {n} /skeɪn/ (quantity of yarn)  :: vyyhti
skein {n} (figuratively: tangle)  :: vyyhti
skein {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
skeletal muscle {n} (muscle of vertebrates)  :: luurankolihas, luustolihas
skeleton {n} (system that provides support to an organism)  :: luuranko
skeleton {n} (frame that provides support to a building)  :: runko
skeleton {n} (very thin person)  :: luuranko
skeleton {n} (type of tobogganing)  :: mahakelkkailu, skeleton
skeleton {n} (computing: client-helper procedure)  :: skeleton, skeleton-olio
skeletoneer {n} (one who competes in skeleton)  :: mahakelkkailija
skeleton in the closet {n} (shameful secret) SEE: skeleton in the cupboard  ::
skeleton in the cupboard {n} (shameful secret)  :: luuranko kaapissa
skeptic {n} /ˈskɛptɪk/ (someone who habitually doubts beliefs and claims)  :: skeptikko
skeptical {adj} /ˈskeptɪkəl/ (having, or expressing doubt)  :: skeptinen
skeptical {adj} (related to skepticism)  :: skeptinen
skeptically {adv} (in a skeptical manner)  :: skeptisesti
skepticism {n} (general disposition to doubt)  :: skeptismi
skerry {n} /ˈskɛɹi/ (small rocky island)  :: kari, luoto
sketch {v} /skɛtʃ/ (to make a basic drawing)  :: luonnostella
sketch {v} (to describe briefly and with few details)  :: hahmotella
sketch {n} (quick freehand drawing)  :: luonnos, hahmotelma, skitsi
sketch {n} (rough design or draft)  :: luonnos, hahmotelma
sketch {n} (brief description)  :: hahmotelma
sketch {n} (brief musical, dramatic or literary work etc.)  :: sketsi [humorous or satirical scene]
sketch {n} (informal: amusing person)  :: pelle, vitsi
sketch {n} (humorous newspaper article)  :: pakina
sketch {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout  ::
sketchbook {n} (book or pad with blank pages for sketching)  :: luonnoslehtiö
sketchiness {n} (property)  :: luonnosmaisuus, ylimalkaisuus
sketchy {adj} /ˈskɛtʃi/ (Roughly or hastily laid out; intended for later refinement)  :: summittainen, luonnosmainen
sketchy {adj} (Of questionable or doubtful quality)  :: huonomaineinen, huonokuntoinen
sketchy {adj} (Suspected of taking part in illicit or dishonorable dealings)  :: epäilyttävä
skewer {n} /ˈskjuːəɹ/ (pin used to secure food during cooking)  :: varras, paistinvarras
skewer {n} (chess scenario)  :: varras
skewer {v} (to impale on a skewer)  :: varrastaa, seivästää
skewer {v} (chess: to attack a piece with a less valuable piece behind)  :: varrastaa
skewness {n} (measure of the asymmetry)  :: vinous
ski {n} /skiː/ (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow)  :: suksi
ski {v} (to move on skis)  :: hiihtää [X-country], lasketella [downhill]
skiathlon {n} (skiing event)  :: yhdistelmähiihto, skiathlon
ski boots {n} (specialized footwear used in skiing)  :: monot {p}
skid {n} /skɪd/ (out of control sliding motion)  :: liirto, liuku, luisto
skid {n} (runner of a sled)  :: jalas
skid {n} (ski shaped runner or supporting surface as found on an aircraft)  :: jalas [support]; suksi [runner]
skid {n} (basic form of platform)  :: lava
skid {v} (to slide in an uncontrolled manner)  :: liukua, liirtää, liirata, luisua, luistaa
skid mark {n} (black mark left on a road surface from tires)  :: jarrutusjälki, liukujälki, sutimisjälki
skid mark {n} (any mark or stain left on a surface from a sliding or rubbing object)  :: naarmu [scratch], jälki [stain]
skid mark {n} (visible stain on underpants)  :: vauhtiraita
skid mark {n} (mark of a soiled finger)  :: sormenjälki
skid mark {n} (burn on the skin caused by scraping)  :: naarmu
skidmark {n} (black mark left on a road surface from tires)  :: jarrutusjälki, liukujälki
skidmark {n} (visible stain left on underpants)  :: paskatahra
skid row {n} (an especially dilapidated section of a city)  :: slummikortteli
skier {n} (someone who practices skiing)  :: hiihtäjä
skiff {n} (Any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person)  :: jolla
skiing {n} /ˈskiɪŋ/ (sport or activity)  :: hiihto
ski jump {n} (ramp)  :: hyppyrimäki
ski jumper {n} (someone who competes in ski jumping)  :: mäkihyppääjä
ski jumping {n} (a winter sport)  :: mäkihyppy
skilful {adj} (possessing skill, skilled)  :: taitava, taidokas
skilfulness {n} (the state or condition of being skilful)  :: taitavuus, osaaminen
skill {n} /skɪl/ (capacity to do something well)  :: taito, kyky
skilled {adj} /skɪld/ (having or showing skill)  :: taitava, taidokas
skill set {n} (set of skills)  :: taidot {p}
skill set {n} (skills needed to accomplish a specified task)  :: tarvittavat taidot {p}
skim {v} /skɪm/ (throw an object so it bounces on water)  :: heittää leipää, heittää leipiä
skim {v} (ricochet)  :: kimmota
skim {v} (read quickly, skipping some detail)  :: lukea pintapuolisesti, lukea hutaisten, lukaista, silmäillä
skim {v} (scrape off; remove (something) from a surface)  :: kuoria
skim {v} (remove cream)  :: kuoria, kaapia
skim {adj} (having lowered fat content)  :: kuoria, kimmota
ski mask {n} (A warm cap shielding the neck and head)  :: hiihtopipo
skimmed milk {n} (skim milk) SEE: skim milk  ::
skimmer {n} (spoon)  :: reikäkauha
skimmer {n} (person)  :: kuorija
skimmer {n} (bird of genus Rynchops)  :: saksinokka
skim milk {n} (milk with removed cream)  :: rasvaton maito, kurri
skimp {v} /skɪmp/ (to slight; to do carelessly; to scamp)  :: pinnata
skimp {v} (to make insufficient allowance for; to scant; to scrimp)  :: pihistellä, pihdata, pihtailla, nuukailla
skimp {v} (to save; to be parsimonious or stingy)  :: pihistellä, pihdata, pihtailla, nuukailla
skin {n} /skɪn/ (outer protective of the body of a person or animal)  :: iho [chiefly human]; nahka [chiefly animal]
skin {n} (outer protective layer of fruit)  :: kuori
skin {n} (skin and fur of an animal used by humans)  :: talja
skin {n} (congealed layer on the surface of a liquid)  :: kalvo
skin {n} (image used as the background of graphical user interface)  :: taustakuva
skin {n} (rolling paper for cigarettes)  :: sätkäpaperi
skin {n} (skinhead (clipping of))  :: skini
skin {n} (slang: bare flesh)  :: paljas pinta
skin {n} (vessel made of skin)  :: nahkaleili
skin {v} (to injure the skin of)  :: naarmuttaa, raapia; ruhjoa [severely]
skin {v} (to remove the skin of)  :: nylkeä
skin {v} (to use a replacement image for the graphical user interface of)  :: asettaa taustakuvaksi
skin {v} (soccer: to use tricks to go past a defender)  :: jallittaa
skin {v} (to become covered with skin)  :: arpeutua
skin {v} (to produce the work of another for one's own, or to use cribs)  :: luntata [to use cribs]
skin {v} (to strip of money or property (colloquially))  :: putsata
skin {v} (to high five) SEE: high five  ::
skin and bones {n} (emaciated; very skinny)  :: luuta ja nahkaa, luuviulu
skin cancer {n} (malignant growth on the skin)  :: ihosyöpä
skincare {n} (care of the skin)  :: ihonhoito
skin color {n} (color of human skin)  :: ihonväri
skin color {n} (ethnicity)  :: ihonväri
skin effect {n} (tendency of alternating current to distribute itself)  :: virranahto
skinflint {n} (one who is excessively stingy or cautious with money)  :: kitupiikki
skin graft {n} (operation)  :: ihonsiirto
skinhead {n} /ˈskɪnhɛd/ (someone with a shaved head)  :: klanipää
skinhead {n} (member of skinhead subculture)  :: skini, skinhead
skink {n} /skɪŋk/ (lizard)  :: skinkki, kaivajalisko
skin mag {n} (skin magazine) SEE: skin magazine  ::
skin magazine {n} (adult or pornographic magazine)  :: pillulehti
skinner {n} (someone who skins animals)  :: nylkijä
skinny {adj} /ˈskɪni/ (thin)  :: laiha, luiseva
skinny {n} (A skinny person)  :: laiha
skinny-dip {v} (swim in the nude)  :: uida alasti
skinny dipping {n} (practice of swimming in the nude)  :: naku-uinti, alastonuinti
skint {adj} /skɪnt/ (penniless, poor, impecunious, broke)  :: auki, rahaton
skintight {adj} (conforming tightly to the body)  :: ihonmyötäinen
skip {v} /skɪp/ (to move by hopping on alternate feet)  :: hypellä
skip {v} (to leap about lightly)  :: hyppiä, hypähdellä
skip {v} (to skim, ricochet or bounce over a surface)  :: kimmota, kimpoilla
skip {v} (to omit or disregard intermediate items or stages)  :: hypätä yli, sivuuttaa
skip {v} (not to attend)  :: olla poissa, lintsata, jättää väliin
skip {n} (leaping, jumping or skipping movement)  :: hyppely
skip {n} (An open-topped rubbish bin)  :: roskalava, jätelava
skip {n} (curling: player who calls the shots)  :: kippari, kapteeni
skipjack {n} (fish of the genus Euthynnus)  :: boniitti
skipjack {n} (Katsuwonus pelamis)  :: boniitti
skipjack tuna {n} (Katsuwonus pelamis)  :: boniitti
ski pole {n} (a slender stick used by skiers)  :: suksisauva
skipper {n} /ˈskɪpɚ/ (master of a ship)  :: kippari
skipper {n} (coach, director, leader)  :: kippari
skipper {n} (captain of sports team)  :: kippari
skipper {n} (one who fails to attend class)  :: lintsari
skipper {n} (butterfly of the family Hesperiidae)  :: paksupää
skipper {n} (fish)  :: makrillihauki
skipping rope {n} (rope for play or exercise)  :: hyppynaru
skip rope {n} (rope used) SEE: skipping rope  ::
skip rope {v} (to jump over a rope) SEE: jump rope  ::
skip town {v} (abscond from one's place of residence suddenly)  :: vaihtaa maisemaa
ski resort {n} (resort for skiers)  :: hiihtokeskus
skirmish {n} /ˈskɜː(ɹ)mɪʃ/ (brief battle between small groups)  :: kahakka, välikohtaus, yhteenotto
skirmish {n} (minor dispute)  :: suukopu, välikohtaus, yhteenotto
skirmish {v} (to engage in a minor battle or dispute)  :: kahakoida, nahistella
skirt {n} /skɜ˞t/ (clothing)  :: hame
skirt {n} (part of dress)  :: hame
skirt {n} (something resembling a skirt)  :: hame
skirt {n} (slang for woman)  :: hame
skirt {n} (border)  :: reunus, helma
skirt {v} (to be on or from the border of)  :: ympäröidä, reunustaa
skirting board {n} (panel between floor and interior wall)  :: jalkalista
ski run {n} (trail or slope for skiing)  :: latu [trail], rinne [slope]
ski school {n} (place where skiing lessons are taught)  :: hiihtokoulu
skit {n} (comedy)  :: sketsi
skit {v} (poke fun)  :: pilkata
ski track {n} (trail from/for skis)  :: latu
skitrack {n} (ski track) SEE: ski track  ::
skitter {v} /ˈskɪtə(ɹ)/  :: kipittää, viilettää, liihotella, lennähdellä
skittish {adj} /ˈskɪtɪʃ/ (easily scared)  :: säikky
ski wax {n} (wax for skis and snowboards)  :: suksivoide
skoal {interj} (toast)  :: skool
Skolt {n} (person)  :: koltta, kolttasaamelainen
Skolt Sami {prop} (language)  :: koltansaame
Skolt Sami {adj} (of or pertaining to Skolts or Skolt Sami)  :: kolttasaamelainen
Skopje {prop} (Macedonia) SEE: Macedonia  ::
Skopje {prop} (capital of Macedonia)  :: Skopje
skopos {n} (function of a text in translating and interpreting)  :: tarkoitus, skopos
Skopostheorie {n} (idea that translating and interpreting should take into account function) SEE: Skopos theory  ::
Skopos theory {n} (idea that translating and interpreting should consider function of texts)  :: skoposteoria
skua {n} /ˈskjuːə/ (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)  :: kihu
skulduggery {n} /skʌlˈdʌɡəɹi/ (devious device or trick)  :: kepponen, petos
skulk {v} /skʌlk/ (to conceal oneself; to hide)  :: piileskellä, lymyillä
skull {n} /skʌl/ (cranium)  :: kallo, pääkallo
skull and crossbones {n} (symbol of death)  :: pääkallon kuva
skullcap {n} /ˈskʌlkæp/ (cap that covers the area from the forehead to just above the back of the neck)  :: kipa
skullcap {n} (flowering plant)  :: vuohennokka
skullduggery {n} (deceptive activities) SEE: skulduggery  ::
skunk {n} /skʌŋk/ (animal)  :: haisunäätä, skunkki
skunk {n} (despicable person)  :: hylkiö
skunk {n} (walkover victory)  :: murskavoitto
skunk {n} (skunkweed) SEE: marijuana  ::
sky {n} /skaɪ/ (atmosphere above a point)  :: taivas
sky {n} (specific view, condition)  :: taivas
sky {n} (heaven)  :: taivas
sky blue {adj} (colour)  :: taivaansininen
sky blue {n} (colour)  :: taivaansininen
skyclad {adj} (nude) SEE: nude  ::
skyclad {adj} /ˈskaɪ.klæd/ (naked outdoors)  :: alasti, skyclad
skydive {n} /ˈskaɪˌdaɪv/ (an instance of skydiving)  :: laskuvarjohyppy, taivassukellus
skydive {v} (be in freefall)  :: olla vapaassa pudotuksessa
skydiver {n} (someone who skydives)  :: laskuvarjohyppääjä
skydiving {n} (jumping out of an aircraft and freefalling)  :: laskuvarjohyppy
Skye terrier {n} (terrier breed)  :: skyenterrieri
sky girl {n} (pejorative: female flight attendant)  :: lentoemo
skyhook {n} /ˈskaɪˌhʊk/ (imaginary hook suspended in the air)  :: avaruuskoukku
skyhook {n} (helicopter that lifts and transports heavy objects)  :: raskas kuljetushelikopteri
skylab {n} (space lab)  :: avaruuslaboratorio
skylark {n} /ˈskaɪ.lɑɹk/ (small brown passerine bird)  :: kiuru, leivo
skylight {n} /ˈskaɪˌlaɪt/ (opening in the roof)  :: valoaukko
skyline {n} (horizon) SEE: horizon  ::
skyline {n} /ˈskaɪˌlaɪn/ (silhouette against city or buildings)  :: taivaanranta
skype {v} /skaɪp/ (make a Skype telephone call)  :: skypettää
skyrmion {n} (particle)  :: skyrmioni
skyrocket {n} (pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
skyrocket {n} /ˈskaɪˌɹɒk.ɪt/ (type of firework)  :: ilotulitusraketti
skyrocket {n} (slang: rebuke, scolding)  :: täyslaidallinen, tykitys
skyrocket {v} (to increase suddenly and extremely)  :: nousta pilviin [figuratively], raketoida
skyscraper {n} /ˈskaɪˌskɹeɪpɚ/ (tall building)  :: pilvenpiirtäjä
skyscraping {adj} (extremely tall; as tall as a skyscraper)  :: huippukorkea
slab {n} /slæb/ (flat piece of material)  :: laatta, levy, kimpale
slab {n} (paving stone)  :: laatta
slabstone {n} (flagstone) SEE: flagstone  ::
slack {n} /slæk/ (small coal, coal dust)  :: hiilipöly (dust), hiilimurska (small coal)
slack {n} (small shallow dell or valley)  :: notko, notkelma
slack {n} (loose part of anything)  :: löysä
slack {n} (tidal marsh or periodically filling shallow)  :: kluuvi
slack {adj} (not tense)  :: löysä
slack {adj} (weak)  :: veltto
slack {adj} (not using due diligence or care)  :: huolimaton
slack {adj} (not rapid or pressing)  :: hiljainen
slack {adv} (adverb of slack)  :: löysästi, veltosti, huolimattomasti
slack {v} (to procrastinate)  :: velttoilla, viivytellä, vetelehtiä
slack {v} (to refuse to exert effort)  :: löysäillä
slacken {v} (to make less taut) SEE: loosen  ::
slacker {n} /ˈslækɚ/ (procrastinating or lazy person)  :: velttoilija, laiskimus
slack off {v} (deliberately in during one's work or study)  :: löysäillä
slack off {v} (decrease in intensity)  :: laantua
slag {n} /slæɡ/ (the impurities which result and are separated out when melting a metal or refining it from its ore)  :: kuona
slag {n} (the scoria of a volcano)  :: laavakivi
slag {n} (a woman (sometimes a man) who has loose morals relating to sex)  :: huora, lutka
slag {v} (to make slag)  :: tuottaa kuonaa
slag {v} (to talk badly about someone; to denigrate someone)  :: mustamaalata, loata, puhua pahaa
slag heap {n}  :: kuonakasa
slag off {v} (to talk insultingly to or about someone or something)  :: mollata
slalom {n} /ˈslɑː.ləm/ (sports)  :: slalom, pujottelu
slalom {n} (course used for the sport of slalom)  :: pujottelurata
slalom {n} (race or competition)  :: pujottelukilpailu
slalom {v} (to race in a slalom)  :: pujotella
slam {v} /slæm/ (to shut with sudden force and noise)  :: paiskata, läimäyttää
slam {v} (to put with force and loud noise)  :: läimäyttää
slam {v} (to strike forcefully with some implement)  :: läimäyttää, mojauttaa, iskeä
slam {v} (to speak badly of)  :: haukkua, panetella, haukkua pataluhaksi
slam {v} (basketball: to dunk forcefully)  :: donkata
slam {v} (bridge: to make a slam bid)  :: slammata
slam {v} (card games: to defeat by winning all the tricks)  :: puhdistaa pöytä, slammata
slam {v} (to drink off, quickly)  :: kulauttaa
slam {n} (sudden impact or blow)  :: läimäys, läjähdys
slam {n} (shock and noise produced by slamming)  :: läimäys, läjähdys, pamahdus
slam {n} (slam dunk)  :: donkkaus
slam {n} (insult)  :: loukkaus
slam {n} (refuse of alum works)  :: kuona
slam dunk {n} (impressively forceful dunk)  :: donkkaus
slander {n} /ˈslɑːndə/ (false or unsupported spoken malicious statement)  :: suullinen kunnianloukkaus
slander {v} (utter a slanderous statement)  :: suullisesti loukata jonkun kunniaa
slang {n} (jargon) SEE: jargon  ::
slang {n} /slæŋ/ (slang)  :: slangi
slang {n} (cant) SEE: cant  ::
slant {n} (typography: slash) SEE: slash  ::
slant {n} /ˈslænt/ (slope or incline)  :: rinne
slant {n} (sloped surface or line)  :: kalteva pinta [surface]; vinoviiva [line]
slant {n} (oblique movement or course)  :: vinottainen liike
slant {n} (sarcastic remark; indirect mocking insult)  :: vinoilu
slant {n} (slang: opportunity)  :: sauma
slant {n} (bias)  :: näkökulma, asenne
slant {n} (look, glance)  :: silmäys
slant {n} (pejorative: person of Asian descent)  :: vinosilmä
slant {v} (to lean, slope or incline)  :: viettää
slant {v} (to bias or skew)  :: painottaa, suunnata
slanted {adj} (placed at an angle)  :: vino
slant-eyed {adj} (having slanted eyes)  :: vinosilmäinen
slap {n} (A blow.)  :: läimäys, läimäytys, läpsäys, läpsy, läpsäytys
slap {n} (The sound of such a blow.)  :: läpsähdys, läpsäys, räpsähdys
slap {v} (to give a slap)  :: läimäyttää, läpsäyttää, läpäyttää, läpsäistä
slap {v} (to cause something to strike soundly)  :: mätkäyttää, läpsäistä, mätkäistä
slap {v} (To place, to put carelessly)  :: lyödä, mätkäyttää, roiskia
slapdash {adj} /ˈslæpdæʃ/ (done hastily)  :: hutiloitu
slap in the face {n} (slap in the face or on the cheek)  :: isku kasvoihin [concrete]; isku vasten kasvoja [figurative]
slapped cheek syndrome {n} (erythovirus infection)  :: parvorokko, pikkurokko
slap shot {n} (fastest shot in hockey)  :: lyöntilaukaus
slap someone five {v} (give someone five) SEE: give someone five  ::
slapstick {n} (physical comedy)  :: slapstick
slash {n} /slæʃ/ (swift cut with a blade)  :: sivallus
slash {n} (typography: / symbol)  :: vinoviiva
slash {n} (vulgar slang: female genitalia)  :: viiva
slash {v} (to make a broad cut with an edged weapon)  :: viiltää, sivaltaa
slash and burn {adj} (rough)  :: suoraviivainen
slash and burn {n} (technique)  :: kaskiviljely, kaskeaminen
slash and burn {v} (to apply the technique)  :: kasketa
slat {n} /slæt/ (thin, narrow strip)  :: säle
slat {n} (aeronautical: moveable control surface at the leading edge of a wing)  :: etureunasolakko
slat {v} (to construct with slats)  :: tehdä säleikkö
slate {n} /sleɪt/ (rock)  :: liuskekivi, saviliuske, liuske
slate {n} (tile)  :: liuskekivi
slate {n} (record of money owed)  :: piikki, tili, lasku
slate {n} (list of candidates for an election)  :: ehdokaslista, lista
slate {v} (criticise/criticize harshly)  :: murskata
slate {v} (schedule)  :: aikatauluttaa
slate {v} (destine)  :: odottaa, uskoa
slate black {n} (colour)  :: liuskemusta
slate blue {n} (dark bluish-grey color)  :: liuskeenharmaa
slate gray {n} (dark bluish-grey color)  :: savenharmaa
slattern {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
slattern {n} (slut) SEE: slut  ::
slattern {n} /ˈslætɚn/ (dated: dirty and untidy woman)  :: luuska
slaughter {n} /ˈslɔtɚ/ (killing of animals (also kosher and halal rituals))  :: teurastus, lahti
slaughter {n} (killing of many people)  :: teurastus, joukkomurha, verilöyly
slaughter {n} (a decisive defeat)  :: teurastus, rökäletappio
slaughter {v} (to butcher animals, generally for food (also kosher and halal rituals))  :: teurastaa, lahdata
slaughter {v} (to massacre people in large numbers)  :: teurastaa, lahdata
slaughter {v} (to kill in a particularly brutal manner)  :: teurastaa, lahdata
slaughterhouse {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
Slav {n} /slɑːv/ (a member of a group of peoples in Eastern Europe speaking a Slavic language)  :: slaavi
slave {n} /sleɪv/ (person owned by another)  :: orja
slave {n} (person forced to work for another)  :: orja
slave {n} (person who is forced to perform sexual acts)  :: seksiorja
slave {n} (engineering: device that is controlled by another device)  :: orja
slave {v} (to work hard)  :: raataa
slavedealing {n} (slave trade) SEE: slave trade  ::
slave driver {n} (overseer of slaves)  :: orjapiiskuri
slave driver {n} (employer who demands excessive work)  :: orjapiiskuri
slave-girl {n} (female slave)  :: orjatar
slave-girl {n} (sex slave) SEE: sex slave  ::
slavelike {adj} (resembling a slave)  :: orjamainen
slavelike {adj} (resembling conditions of slavery)  :: orjanomainen
slaveowner {n} (anyone that has control over another human being)  :: orjanomistaja
slaver {v} /ˈslævɚ/ (to drool saliva)  :: kuolata
slaver {n} /ˈsleɪvɚ/ (slave trader)  :: orjakauppias
slaver {n} (slave ship)  :: orjalaiva
slavery {n} /ˈsleɪvəɹi/ (institution or practice of owning human beings)  :: orjuus
slavery {n} (condition of servitude endured by a slave)  :: orjuus
slavery {n} (condition in which one is captivated or subjugated)  :: orjuus
slave trade {n} (traffic in slaves)  :: orjakauppa
Slavic {adj} /ˈslɑːvɪk/ (of the Slavs, their culture or languages)  :: slaavilainen
Slavicist {n} (a scholar who specializes in the study of the Slavic family of languages)  :: slavisti
Slavicness {n} (state or quality)  :: slaavilaisuus
slavish {adj} /ˈsleɪvɪʃ/ (in the manner of a slave)  :: orjamainen, orjallinen
Slavism {n} (a Slavic idiom or phrase)  :: slavismi
Slavonia {prop} (region of Croatia)  :: Slavonia
Slavonian grebe {n} (Podiceps auritus)  :: mustakurkku-uikku
Slavonic {adj} (Slavic) SEE: Slavic  ::
Slavyansk {prop} (Slovyansk) SEE: Slovyansk  ::
slaw {n} /slɔː/ (coleslaw)  :: coleslaw, kaalisalaatti
slay {v} /sleɪ/ (to kill, murder)  :: tappaa, surmata
slayer {n} /ˈsleɪə/ (one who slays)  :: surmaaja, tappaja
sleazebag {n} (morally reprehensible, disreputable, or sleazy person)  :: nilviäinen
sleazemonger {n} (one who spreads disgraceful information)  :: loanheittäjä
sleazemonger {n} (peddler of sleaze)  :: saastan levittäjä
sleazy {adj} /sliː.zi/ (Marked by low quality; inferior; inadequate)  :: kurja, rähjäinen
sleazy {adj} (Dishonorable; base; vulgar; raunchy)  :: kurja, törkyinen
sled {n} (sledge) SEE: sledge  ::
sledding {n} (act of sliding downhill on a sled)  :: pulkkailu
sled dog {n} (dog)  :: rekikoira, vetokoira
sledge {n} (sledgehammer) SEE: sledgehammer  ::
sledge {n} /slɛdʒ/ (sleigh or sled)  :: kelkka, reki
sledgehammer {n} (kind of hammer)  :: leka
sleek {adj} /sliːk/ (smooth)  :: sileä, tasainen
sleek {v} (to make smooth; glossy; or to polish)  :: silottaa, kiillottaa
sleek {n} (that which makes smooth; varnish)  :: kiillotusaine
sleep {v} /sliːp/ (to rest in state of reduced consciousness)  :: nukkua, uinua, tutia, paapia, nukahtaa, goijata
sleep {v} (to accommodate)  :: olla [number] nukkumapaikkaa, voida majoittua, mahtua nukkumaan, majoittaa
sleep {n} (state of reduced consciousness)  :: uni
sleep {n} (informal: act or instance of sleeping)  :: unet {p}
sleep {n} (substance found in the corner of the eyes / figurative objectification of sleep)  :: rähmä, unihiekka
sleep apnea {n} (brief interruptions of breathing during sleep)  :: uniapnea
sleep debt {n} (cumulative effect of not enough sleep)  :: univelka
sleep deprivation {n} (condition of forcibly being kept awake)  :: univaje
sleep disorder {n} (medical disorder of sleep patterns)  :: unihäiriö
sleeper {n} (someone who sleeps)  :: nukkuja
sleeper {n} (railroad sleeping car) SEE: sleeping car  ::
sleeper {n} (railroad tie) SEE: railroad tie  ::
sleeper agent {n} (spy placed in a target country or organisation to act as a potential asset)  :: nukkuva agentti
sleeper cell {n} (group of people who remain dormant in a community until activated)  :: nukkuva solu
sleep in {v} (to sleep late)  :: nukkua pommiin
sleepiness {n} (property of being sleepy)  :: uneliaisuus
sleeping {n} /ˈsliːpɪŋ/ (state or act of being asleep)  :: nukkuminen
sleeping {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep  ::
sleeping bag {n} (padded or insulated bag)  :: makuupussi
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (fairy tale)  :: Prinsessa Ruusunen
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (main character in this story)  :: Prinsessa Ruusunen
sleeping car {n} (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.)  :: makuuvaunu
sleeping pill {n} (a pill having a soporific effect)  :: unilääke
sleeping sickness {n} (infectious disease)  :: unitauti
sleepless {adj} (absence of sleep)  :: uneton
sleep like a log {v} (to sleep well, without disturbance)  :: nukkua kuin tukki
sleep on {v} (to postpone a decision at least overnight)  :: nukkua yön yli
sleep rough {v} ((euphemistic) sleep outdoors without a place to go home to)  :: nukkua taivasalla
sleep start {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleep twitch {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleepwalk {v} (somnambulate) SEE: somnambulate  ::
sleepwalker {n} (somnambulist) SEE: somnambulist  ::
sleepwalking {n} (act of walking while not conscious or aware of it, during sleep)  :: unissakävely
sleepwear {n} (nightclothes) SEE: nightclothes  ::
sleepy {adj} /ˈsliːpi/ (feeling the need for sleep)  :: uninen, unelias
sleepy head {n} (a sleepy person) SEE: sleepyhead  ::
sleepyhead {n} (sleepy person)  :: unikeko
sleepyhead {n} (ruddy duck) SEE: ruddy duck  ::
sleet {n} /sliːt/ (mixture of rain and snow)  :: räntä, räntäsade
sleet {n} (rain which freezes before reaching the ground)  :: jäätävä sade, jäätävä tihku
sleet {v} (to be in a state in which sleet is falling)  :: sataa räntää
sleeve {n} /sliːv/ (part of a garment that covers the arm)  :: hiha
sleeve {n} (mechanical covering or lining)  :: kaulus
sleeveless {adj} (of a garment, having no sleeves)  :: hihaton
sleigh {adj} (sly) SEE: sly  ::
sleigh {n} (vehicle on runners) SEE: sledge  ::
sleighbell {n} (bell on a sleigh)  :: kulkunen
sleighlike {adj} (resembling or characteristic of a sleigh)  :: rekimäinen
sleight of hand {n} (skill)  :: sorminäppäryys
sleight of hand {n} (performance)  :: silmänkääntötemppu
sleiveen {n} /ˈsliːviːn/ (dishonest person; trickster)  :: koijari, sluibari
slender {adj} /ˈslɛndɚ/ (thin)  :: hoikka
slender-horned gazelle {n} (Gazella leptoceros)  :: valkogaselli, saharangaselli