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za {n} /zɑː/ (pizza) SEE: pizza  ::
Zachariah {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary  ::
Zachariah {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah  ::
Zacharias {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary  ::
Zacharias {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah  ::
Zachary {prop} /ˈzækəɹi/ (male given name)  :: Sakari
Zagreb {prop} /ˈzɑːɡrɛb/ (capital of Croatia)  :: Zagreb
Zaire {prop} /zɑːˈɪər/ (former name of DR of Congo)  :: Zaire
Zakarpatye {prop} (Zakarpattia) SEE: Zakarpattia  ::
Zambia {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Sambia
Zambo {n} (Afro-Indian)  :: zambo
zander {n} (fish of the genus Sander)  :: kuha
zander {n} (Sander lucioperca)  :: kuha
zany {adj} /ˈzeɪni/ (ludicrously or incongruously comical)  :: hullunkurinen
Zanzibar {prop} (island region)  :: Sansibar
zapper {n} /ˈzæp.ə(ɹ)/ (remote control)  :: kaukosäädin, [colloquial] kake
Zarathustra {prop} (Zoroaster) SEE: Zoroaster  ::
z-axis {n} (axis on a graph that is usually drawn as if vertical)  :: z-akseli
zeal {n} /ziːl/ (fervor or devotion)  :: into, intohimo, kiihko
Zealand {prop} (Danish island)  :: Själlanti, Sjellanti
Zealand {prop} (Dutch province) SEE: Zeeland  ::
zealot {n} (member of the Zealot movement in Judea)  :: selootti
zealot {n} /ˈzɛl.ət/ (zealous person)  :: hihhuli, kiihkoilija, uskonkiihkoilija
zealous {adj} /ˈzɛl.əs/ (full of zeal; ardent)  :: intohimoinen
zealously {adv} (with zealotry)  :: intohimoisesti
zebra {n} /ˈziːbɹə/ (African animal)  :: seepra
zebra crossing {n} (pedestrian crossing featuring broad white stripes)  :: suojatie
zebra finch {n} (bird)  :: seeprapeippo
zebra mongoose {n} (banded mongoose) SEE: banded mongoose  ::
zebra mussel {n} (Dreissena polymorpha)  :: vaeltajasimpukka
zebra shark {n} (Stegostoma fasciatum)  :: seeprahai
Zechariah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Sakarja
Zechariah {prop} (father of John the Baptist)  :: Sakarias
Zechariah {prop} (king of Israel)  :: Sakarja
zed {n} /zɛd/ (name of the letter Z, z) SEE: zee  ::
zee {n} (name of the letter Z, z)  :: tseta
Zeeland {prop} (province)  :: Seelanti, Zeeland
zeitgeist {n} /ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst/ (the spirit of the age)  :: ajan henki
zeitnot {n} /ˈzaɪtnət/ (time trouble, time pressure (chess))  :: aikapula
zelkova {n} (kind of tree in the elm family)  :: selkova
Zemfira {prop} /zɪɱˈfiɹə]/ (transliteration of Земфира)  :: Zemfira
zen {adj} (denomination of Buddhism)  :: zen, zenbuddhalaisuus
Zen {n} (denomination of Buddhism)  :: zenbuddhalaisuus
Zen {n} (philosophy)  :: zen
Zen Buddhism {n} (the Zen denomination of Buddhism)  :: zenbuddhalaisuus, zenbuddhismi
zenith {n} (astronomy: highest point reached by a celestial body)  :: lakipiste
zenith {n} (highest point or state; peak)  :: huippu, huipennus, huippukohta, kohokohta
zenith {n} /ˈzi.nɪθ/ (astronomy: point vertically above a position or observer)  :: zeniitti
zeolite {n} (mineral)  :: zeoliitti
zephyr {n} /zɛfɹ/ (light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze, see also: breeze)  :: tuulenhenkäys
Zephyr {prop} (Greek god)  :: Zefyros
Zeppelin {n} /ˈzɛp.lɪn/ (A type of large German dirigible airship of the early 20th century)  :: zeppeliini
zepto- {prefix} (10−21)  :: zepto-
zeptometer {n} (zeptometre) SEE: zeptometre  ::
zeptomole {n} /ˈzɛptoʊˌmoʊl/ (unit)  :: zeptomooli
zeren {n} (Mongolian gazelle) SEE: Mongolian gazelle  ::
zero {adj} (informal: virtually none)  :: ei mitään
zero {adj} (meteorology: of a cloud ceiling: limiting vision to 50 feet (15 meters) or less)  :: nolla
zero {adj} (meteorology: of horizontal visibility: limited to 165 feet (50.3 meters) or less)  :: nolla
zero {n} (digit zero)  :: nolla
zero {n} (nothing, or none)  :: ei mitään
zero {n} (numeric symbol of zero)  :: nolla
zero {n} (person of little importance)  :: nolla
zero {n} (point of origin on a scale)  :: nolla, nollapiste
zero {n} (setting of a firearm)  :: lukitus
zero {num} /ˈziɹ.oʊ/ (cardinal number before 1, denoting nothing)  :: nolla
zero {n} (value of a function’s independent variables when the value of the function is zero)  :: nollakohta
zero {n} (zero value of a magnitude)  :: nollapiste
zero {v} (to cause or set some value or amount to be zero)  :: nollata, tasapainottaa
zero {v} (to set to zero)  :: nollata
zero coupon bond {n} (bond that has no coupon)  :: nollakuponkilaina
zero gravity {n} (state of weightlessness)  :: painottomuus, nollapainovoima
zero matrix {n} (matrix consisting of zeroes)  :: nollamatriisi
zero-point energy {n} (The lowest energy possible energy of a system)  :: nollapiste-energia
zero-sum game {n} (system in which one player's winnings must equal losses of others)  :: nollasummapeli
zero tolerance {n} (strict policy of enforcing all the laws or rules)  :: nollatoleranssi
zero vector {n} (vector whose value in every dimension is zero)  :: nollavektori
zest {n} (enthusiasm)  :: into, innostus
zest {n} (outer skin of citrus)  :: sitrushedelmän (ulko)kuori
zesty {adj} /ˈzɛsti/ (zestful) SEE: zestful  ::
zeta {n} (Seventh letter of the ancient Greek alphabet)  :: zeeta
zeta {n} /ˈzeɪtə/ (Sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet (Ζ, ζ))  :: tseta, tset zeta, zet
zetetic {adj} /zəˈtɛt.ɪk/ (proceeding by inquiry)  :: zeteettinen
zetetic {n} (a skeptic)  :: skeptikko
zetta- {prefix} /ˈzɛtə/ (SI prefix)  :: tsetta-
zettameter {n} (zettametre) SEE: zettametre  ::
zeugma {n} /zuɡmə/ (using a word to apply to more than one noun)  :: zeugma, iestys
Zeus {prop} /zus/ (supreme ruler of all Greek gods)  :: Zeus
Zhengzhou {prop} /ˈdʒœŋˈdʒoʊ/ (city in central China)  :: Zhengzhou
Zhitomir {prop} (Zhytomyr) SEE: Zhytomyr  ::
zig {n} (A sudden change of direction)  :: äkkikäännös
ziggurat {n} (temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley)  :: zikkurat
zigzag {adj} (moving in or having a zigzag)  :: mutkitteleva
zigzag {adv} (in a zigzag manner or pattern)  :: mutkittelevasti
zigzag {n} /ˈzɪg.zæg/ (a line or path that proceeds by sharp turns in alternating directions)  :: siksak, siksakki, [dated] sik-sak
zigzag {v} (move in a zigzag manner)  :: pujotella, säntäillä, mutkitella
Zika virus {n} (virus)  :: zikavirus
zillion {n} (unspecified large number)  :: tsiljoona
Zimbabwe {prop} (Republic of Zimbabwe)  :: Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean people or the Zimbabwean language)  :: zimbabwelainen
Zimbabwean {n} (а person from Zimbabwe or of Zimbabwean descent)  :: zimbabwelainen
zinc {n} /zɪŋk/ (Element)  :: sinkki
zinc oxide {n} (amorphous solid)  :: sinkkioksidi
Zion {prop} /ˈzaɪ.ən/ (mountain in Israel)  :: Siion
Zionism {n} (Jewish national liberation movement)  :: sionismi
zip {interj} (high-pitched sound (interjection))  :: viuh
zip {n} (any postal code)  :: postinumero
zip {n} (energy, vigor, vim)  :: puhti, virta
zip {n} (US postal code)  :: postinumero, zip-koodi
zip {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
zip {n} /zɪp/ (high-pitched sound)  :: vinkuna, viuhina [continuous], vingahdus, viuhahdus [individual]
zip {v} (to close as if with a zip fastener)  :: sulkea, sinetöidä
zip {v} (to close with a zip fastener)  :: sulkea vetoketjulla
zip {v} (to convert a computer file into a smaller package)  :: pakata
zip {v} (to move in haste)  :: vilahtaa, kipaista
zip {v} (to move rapidly with a high-pitched sound)  :: ujeltaa
zip code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode  ::
zip code {n} (US postal code)  :: zip-koodi
ZIP code {n} (region covered by one postal code)  :: postinumeroalue
ZIP code {n} (US postal code)  :: zip-koodi, postinumero
Zip drive {n} (storage device)  :: ZIP-asema
zip fastener {n} (a fastener used in clothing, bags)  :: vetoketju
zip file {n} (a compressed computer file)  :: ZIP-pakkaus, ZIP-tiedosto
zipper {n} /ˈzɪpɚ/ (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
zippo {adj} (none whatsoever)  :: nolla-
Zipporah {prop} (biblical character)  :: Sippora
zip up {v} (To compress a computer file)  :: pakata tiedosto
zip up {v} (To zip up literally with a zipper)  :: sulkea vetoketju
zircon {n} (mineral)  :: zirkoni
zirconium {n} (chemical element)  :: zirkonium
zit {n} (pimple)  :: näppylä, finni
zither {n} /ˈzɪ.ðɚ/ (musical instrument)  :: sitra
zloty {n} (the currency unit of Poland)  :: zloty
zoœcium {n} (zooecium) SEE: zooecium  ::
zodiac {n} (twelve signs in astrology)  :: (eläinradan) merkki
zodiac {n} /ˈzoʊ.dɪ.æk/ (belt-like region in the sky)  :: eläinrata
zodiacal light {n} (A soft glow of white light extending upward from the horizon along the ecliptic, particularly in the tropics.)  :: eläinratavalo
zoetrope {n} /ˈzəʊɪtrəʊp/ (optical toy)  :: zoetrooppi
zoledronic acid {n} (drug)  :: tsoledronihappo
zombie {n} /ˈzɒmbi/ (the undead)  :: zombi, zombie
zombie out {v} (become listless, vacant and unresponsive)  :: olla muissa maailmoissa, vetäytyä kuoreensa, mennä sekaisin
zone {n} (high performance phase or period)  :: huippukunto
zone {n} (religion: belt worn by priests in the Greek Orthodox church)  :: vyö
zone {n} /zoʊn/ (area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic etc)  :: alue, vyöhyke
zone {v} (to define property use classification)  :: kaavoittaa
zone {v} (to divide or assign areas)  :: jakaa (alueisiin), rajata pois [to zone off]
zone {v} (to temporarily enter a daydream state)  :: uinahtaa, pilkkiä, sammahtaa
zone out {v} (stop paying attention)  :: keskittyä muuhun [to concentrate on other things], sulkea mielestään [to close out of one's mind]
zoning {n} (legal: regulation of property use and construction)  :: yleiskaavoitus
zonked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
zoo {n} /zuː/ (park where live animals are exhibited)  :: eläintarha
zoochory {n} (dispersion of plants by animals)  :: zookoria
zoogeography {n} (the scientific study of the geographical distribution of animal species)  :: eläinmaantiede, zoogeografia
zoolatry {n} (worship of animals)  :: eläintenpalvonta, zoolatria
zoologic {adj} (zoological) SEE: zoological  ::
zoological {adj} (of, or relating to zoology)  :: eläintieteellinen
zoological {adj} /zoʊəˈlɑdʒɪkəl/ (of, or relating to animals)  :: eläintieteellinen
zoological garden {n} (zoo (stilted or formal))  :: eläintarha
zoology {n} /zuˈɑlədʒi/ (science that studies the animal kingdom)  :: eläintiede
zoom {n} (augmentation of a view)  :: zoomaus
zoom {n} (big increase)  :: räjähdys
zoom {n} /zuːm/ (humming noise from something moving very fast)  :: suhahdus
zoom {v} (to change the focal length of a zoom lens)  :: zoomata
zoom {v} (to go up sharply)  :: räjähtää
zoom {v} (to move rapidly)  :: syöksyä
zoom {v} (to move very fast with a humming noise)  :: suhahtaa
zoom in {v} (to manipulate a display so as to make it larger)  :: suurentaa (näyttöä)
zoom in {v} /ˌzuːm ˈɪn/ (to focus a zoom lens in order to obtain a larger image)  :: lähentää (kuvaa)
zoom lens {n} /zu(ː)m lɛnz/ (lens whose focal length can be rapidly changed)  :: zoom-objektiivi
zoom out {v} (focus a zoom lens)  :: loitontaa (kuva)
zoom out {v} (manipulate a display so as to make it smaller)  :: pienentää (näyttöä)
zoonosis {n} /zəʊˈɒnəsɪs/ (An animal disease that can be transmitted to humans)  :: zoonoosi
zoopathology {n} /ˌzəʊəpəˈθɒlədʒi/ (animal pathology)  :: eläinpatologia
zoophilia {n} (sexual attraction to or interaction with animals)  :: zoofilia; eläimiin sekaantuminen [act of interacting with animals]
zoophyte {n} /ˈzəʊəfaɪt/ (invertebrate animal which resembles plants)  :: zoofyytti
zoosporangium {n} (a sporangium, or conceptacle containing or producing zoospores)  :: parveiluitiöpesäke, zoosporangio
zoospore {n} (motile asexual spore of some algae and fungi)  :: parveiluitiö
zootechny {n} (zootechnics) SEE: zootechnics  ::
zootomy {n} /zoʊˈɑdəmi/ (dissection or anatomy of animals)  :: zootomia
zoöpathology {n} /ˌzəʊəpəˈθɒləd͡ʒi/ (zoopathology) SEE: zoopathology  ::
zope {n} (fish)  :: sulkava
zorille {n} (Ictonyx striatus)  :: haisuhilleri
Zoroastrianism {prop} /ˌzoʊɹ.oʊˈæs.tɹi.əˌnɪz.əm/ (religion and philosophy ascribed to Zoroaster)  :: zarathustralaisuus
zubr {n} (zubr) SEE: wisent or European bison  ::
zucchini {n} /zuːˈkiːniː/ (courgette) SEE: courgette  ::
zuhr {n} (noon prayer) SEE: dhuhr  ::
Zulu {n} (the letter "Z" in ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: tseta
Zulu {n} /ˈzuːluː/ (member of the Zulu people)  :: zulu
Zulu {n} (Zulu time)  :: UTC
Zulu {prop} (African ethnic group)  :: zulut {p}
Zulu {prop} (language)  :: zulu
Zululand {prop} (Zulu Kingdom)  :: Zulumaa
Zumba {prop} /ˈzum.b‌ə/ (dance fitness program)  :: zumba
zygoma {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
zygomatic bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
zygomorphic {adj} (biology: having bilateral symmetry)  :: tsygomorfinen, vastakohtainen
zygonema {n} (zygotene stage of meiosis) SEE: zygotene  ::
zygote {n} /'zaɪgəʊt/ (fertilized egg cell)  :: tsygootti
Zyrian {prop} (the language)  :: komi, syrjääni