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za {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza ::
Zachariah {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah ::
Zachariah {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary ::
Zacharias {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah ::
Zacharias {prop} (male given name) SEE: Zachary ::
Zachary {prop} (male given name) :: Zakariás
Zagreb {prop} (capital of Croatia) :: Zágráb
Zakarpattia {prop} (oblast) :: Kárpátalja
Zakarpatye {prop} (Zakarpattia) SEE: Zakarpattia ::
Zakynthos {prop} (Greek island, the third largest of the Ionian Islands) :: Zákinthosz
Zambia {prop} (country in Southern Africa) :: Zambia
Zambian {adj} (Of or pertaining to Zambia or its people or language) :: zambiai
Zamboni {n} (ice resurfacer) SEE: ice resurfacer ::
Zanclean {prop} (A subdivision of the Pliocene epoch.) :: Zanclai
zander {n} (Sander lucioperca) :: fogassüllő
zeal {n} (fervor or devotion) :: buzgóság
Zealand {prop} (Dutch province) SEE: Zeeland ::
Zealand {prop} (Danish island) :: Sjælland
zealot {n} (member of the Zealot movement in Judea) :: zelóta
zealotry {n} (Something characteristic of a zealot) SEE: fanaticism ::
zealous {adj} (full of zeal; ardent) :: buzgó
zebra {n} (African animal) :: zebra
zebra crossing {n} (pedestrian crossing featuring broad white stripes) :: zebra
zebra finch {n} (bird) :: zebrapinty
Zechariah {prop} (Hebrew prophet traditionally considered the author of the Book of Zechariah) :: Zakariás
Zechariah {prop} (father of John the Baptist) :: Zakariás
zed {n} (name of the letter Z, z) SEE: zee ::
zee {n} (name of the letter Z, z) ::
Zeeland {prop} (province) :: Zeeland
zeitgeist {n} (the spirit of the age) :: korszellem
zelkova {n} (kind of tree in the elm family) :: gyertyánszil
zen {adj} (denomination of Buddhism) :: zen
zephyr {n} (light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze, see also: breeze) :: zefír
zephyr {n} (thing of fine, soft, or light quality, especially fabric) :: zefír
Zephyr {prop} (Greek god) :: Zephürosz
Zeppelin {n} (A type of large German dirigible airship of the early 20th century) :: zeppelin
zero {num} (cardinal number before 1, denoting nothing) :: nulla, zéró
zero {v} (to set to zero) :: nulláz
zeroth {adj} (ordinal number corresponding to zero) :: nulladik
Zerubbabel {prop} (a governor of the Persian Province of Judah, who led the first group of Jews returned from the Babylonian Captivity) :: Zorobábel, Zerubbábel
zest {n} (enthusiasm) :: lelkesedés
zest {n} (outer skin of citrus) :: héj
zeta {n} (Sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet (Ζ, ζ)) :: dzéta
zeta {n} (Seventh letter of the ancient Greek alphabet) :: dzéta
Zeus {prop} (supreme ruler of all Greek gods) :: Zeusz
Zichyújfalu {prop} (village in Hungary) :: Zichyújfalu
zigzag {n} (line or path) :: cikcakk
Zika virus {n} (virus) :: Zika-vírus
Zimbabwe {prop} (Republic of Zimbabwe) :: Zimbabwe
zinc {n} (element) :: cink
zip {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener ::
zip code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode ::
zip fastener {n} (a fastener used in clothing, bags) :: cipzár
zipper {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener ::
zirconium {n} (chemical element) :: cirkónium
zit {n} (pimple) :: pattanás, ragya
zither {n} (musical instrument) :: citera
zloty {n} (the currency unit of Poland) :: złoty, zloty
zodiac {n} (belt-like region in the sky) :: állatöv, zodiákus
zodiac {n} (twelve signs in astrology) :: állatöv, zodiákus
Zolian {adj} (of or relating to Émile Zola) :: zolai
zombie {n} (the undead) :: zombi
zone {n} (area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic etc) :: övezet, zóna
zone {n} (networking: that collection of a domain's DNS resource records that are not delegated to another authority) :: zóna
zone {n} (computing: logical group of network devices on AppleTalk) :: zóna
zone {n} (religion: belt worn by priests in the Greek Orthodox church) :: zóna
zonked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
zoo {n} (park where live animals are exhibited) :: állatkert
zoologic {adj} (zoological) SEE: zoological ::
zoological {adj} (of, or relating to animals) :: állati, állat-
zoological {adj} (of, or relating to zoology) :: állattani, zoológiai
zoologist {n} (one who studies zoology) :: zoológus
zoology {n} (science that studies the animal kingdom) :: állattan, zoológia
zubr {n} (zubr) SEE: wisent ::
zucchetto {n} (small skullcap worn by Catholic clergy) :: soli deo, pileólus
zucchini {n} (courgette) SEE: courgette ::
Zurich {prop} (city) :: Zürich
zygoma {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
zygomatic bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone ::
zygote {n} (fertilized egg cell) :: zigóta