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ta {interj} /tɑː/ (thanks) SEE: thanks  ::
tab {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette  ::
tab {n} (tablature) SEE: tablature  ::
tab {v} /tæb/ (small flap or strip of material attached to something)  :: linguetta
tabby {adj} (brindled)  :: soriano
tabby {n} /ˈtæb.i/ (cat)  :: soriano
tabernacle {n} (portable tent used before the construction of the temple)  :: tabernacolo {m}
tabernacle {n} (small ornamented cupboard or box used for the sacrament of the Eucharist)  :: tabernacolo {m}
tabernacle {n} (temporary place of worship, especially a tent)  :: tabernacolo {m}
tabetic {adj} (of or pertaining to tabes)  :: tabetico
table {n}  :: tavola {f} , tavolo {m}
table {n} /ˈteɪbəl/ (item of furniture)  :: tavola {f}, tavolo {m}
tablecloth {n} (a cloth used to cover and protect a table, especially for a dining table)  :: tovaglia {f}
table football {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
tableland {n} (flat region of terrain)  :: altopiano {m}, pianoro {m}, tavoliere {m}
table of contents {n} (organized list summarizing book or document)  :: contenuti {m-p}
table setting {n} (place setting) SEE: place setting  ::
table soccer {n} (foosball) SEE: foosball  ::
tablespoon {n} (a large spoon, used for eating food)  :: cucchiaio da tavola {m}
tablespoon {n} (a unit of measure)  :: cucchiaiata {f}
tablespoonful {n} (measure of volume) SEE: tablespoon  ::
tablet {n} (graphics tablet) SEE: graphics tablet  ::
tablet {n} (pill) SEE: pill  ::
tablet {n} (tablet computer) SEE: tablet computer  ::
table tennis {n} (game similar to tennis)  :: tennistavolo {m}, ping-pong {m}, ping pong {m}
taboo {v} /təˈbuː/ (mark as taboo)  :: tabuizzare
tabula rasa {n} (the idea that the mind comes into the world as a blank state)  :: tabula rasa {f}
tachistoscope {n}  :: tachistoscopio {m}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring rpm)  :: tachimetro {m}
tachometer {n} (device for measuring velocity) SEE: speedometer  ::
tachyarrhythmia {n} (pathological tachycardia)  :: tachiaritmia {f}
tachycardia {n} /tæ.kɪˈkɑː(ɹ).di.ə/ (rapid resting heart rate)  :: tachicardia {f}
tachyon {n}  :: tachione {m}
tachyphagia {n} (excessively rapid eating of food)  :: tachifagia {f}
Tacitean {adj}  :: tacitiano
Tacitism {n}  :: tacitismo {m}
taciturn {adj} /ˈtæsɪtɝn/ (untalkative, silent)  :: taciturno
taciturnous {adj} (taciturn) SEE: taciturn  ::
Tacitus {prop} /ˈtæsɪtʊs/ (Roman cognomen)  :: Tacito {m}
tack {n} (hardtack) SEE: hardtack  ::
tack {n} (nautical: distance between these maneuvers) SEE: board  ::
tack {n} /tæk/ (thumbtack) SEE: thumbtack  ::
tackle {n} (American football: defensive position) SEE: defensive tackle  ::
tackle {n} (American football: offensive position) SEE: offensive tackle  ::
tackle {n} (American football, rugby: play where a defender brings the ball carrier to the ground)  :: placcaggio {m}
tackle {n} (gadgetry) SEE: gadgetry  ::
tackle {n} (sports: attempt to take control over the ball)  :: tackle {m}, placcaggio {m}, scivolata {f}
tackle {n} /ˈtækəl/ (fishing: angling gear)  :: esca {f}
tackle {v} (to face or deal with)  :: affrontare, contrastare
tacky {adj} (gaudy, flashy, showy, garish)  :: pacchiano
tacky {adj} /ˈtæki/ (colloquial: in bad taste)  :: di cattivo gusto, tamarro
tact {n} (careful consideration in dealing with others to avoid giving offense)  :: tatto
tactic {adj} (describing a polymer whose repeat units are identical)  :: tattico
tactic {n} /ˈtæktɪk/ (action to achieve some end)  :: tattica {f}, stratagemma {m}, piano {m}, programma {m}
tactical {adj} (of or relating to tactics)  :: tattico (all senses)
tactician {n} /tækˈtɪʃən/ (person skilled in tactics)  :: tattico {m}
tad {n} /tæd/ (a little bit)  :: po’ {m}
tadpole {n} /ˈtædpoʊl/ (toad or frog larva)  :: girino {m}
taekwondo {n} (a martial art)  :: taekwondo
tag {n} (short peptide sequence) SEE: short peptide sequence  ::
tag {n} (skin tag) SEE: skin tag  ::
tag {n} /tæɡ/ (small label)  :: etichetta {f}
tagliatelle {n} /ˌtæl.jəˈtɛl.i/ (flat ribbons of pasta)  :: tagliatelle {f}
tag question {n} (question inviting agreement)  :: question tag {f}, tag question {f}
Tagus {prop} (Iberian river)  :: Tago {m}
tahini {n} /tɑː.ˈhiː.ni/ (sesame paste)  :: tahina
Tahitian {n} (native or inhabitant)  :: tahitiano {m}, tahitiana {f}
Taibei {prop} (Taipei) SEE: Taipei  ::
taiga {n} /ˈtaɪɡə/ (subarctic zone of coniferous forest)  :: taiga {f}
tail {n} (comet tail)  :: chioma {f}
tail {n} /teɪl/ (appendage of an animal)  :: coda {f}
tail {v} (to tail)  :: pedinare
tailback {n} (a traffic jam)  :: colonna {f}
tailboard {n} (tailgate) SEE: tailgate  ::
tailbone {n} /ˈteɪlˌboʊn/ (final fused vertebrae)  :: coccige
tailcoat {n} /ˈteɪlkoʊt/ (formal evening jacket)  :: frac {m}
tailfin {n} (fin at the tail of fish)  :: pinna caudale {f}
taillight {n} (rear mounted lights on a vehicle)  :: fanalino di coda {m}
tailor {n} (Pomatomus saltatrix) SEE: bluefish  ::
tailor {n} /ˈteɪlɚ/ (person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing as profession)  :: sarto
tailpiece {n} (secures strings on a musical instrument)  :: cordiera {f}
tailpipe {n} /ˈteɪlpaɪp/ (exhaust pipe)  :: tubo di scarico {m}, tubo di scappamento {m}
tails {n} (side of coin)  :: code
tails {n} (tailcoat) SEE: tailcoat  ::
tailwind {n} (a wind that blows in the same direction as the course of an aircraft or ship)  :: vento di coda
Tainan {prop} (a city in Taiwan)  :: Tainan
taint {n} (The perineum)  :: perineo {m}
taint {v} /teɪnt/ (To contaminate or corrupt something with an external agent, either physically or morally)  :: contaminare, infettare, macchiare
taint {v} (To spoil food by contamination)  :: guastare
Taipei {prop} (Taipei)  :: Taipei
Taishanese {adj} (Hoisanese) SEE: Hoisanese  ::
Taiwan {prop} (East Asian country)  :: Taiwan {m}
Taiwanese {n} /ˌtaɪwɑˈniːz/ (person from Taiwan)  :: taiwanese {m} {f}
Taizhong {prop} (Taichung) SEE: Taichung  ::
Tajik {prop} /ˈtɑːdʒɪk/ (language)  :: lingua tagica {f}
Tajiki {prop} (dialect of Persian) SEE: Tajik  ::
Tajikistan {prop} (Republic of Tajikistan)  :: Tagikistan {m}
tajine {n} (Moroccan stew)  :: tajine
take {n}  :: [2,5,9,10] prendere, [1,4,6] portare, [3, also to rape] violentare
take {v} /teɪk/ (to grab with the hands)  :: prendere
take {v} (to grab and move to oneself)  :: prendere
take a bow {v} (to accept applause at the end of a performance)  :: inchinarsi, fare un inchino
take a chance {v} (to risk)  :: rischiare
take advantage of {v} (exploit)  :: avvantaggiarsi
take advantage of {v} (make use of)  :: sfruttare, approfittare
take aim {v} (position oneself and/or one's weapon)  :: prendere di mira, prendere la mira
take a look {v} (to examine or observe)  :: [idiomatic] dare un'occhiata, esaminare
take apart {v} (criticise) SEE: criticise  ::
take apart {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
take apart {v} (disassemble) SEE: disassemble  ::
take away {v}  :: portare via, asportare, rubare, togliere, levare
take away {v} (to take away) SEE: remove  ::
take back {v} (take back) SEE: withdraw  ::
take by storm {v} /ˌteɪk baɪ ˈstɔːɹm/ (To capture by means of a sudden, overwhelming attack)  :: prendere d'assalto
take care {v} (to be in charge of something)  :: curarsi, occuparsi, badare
take care of {v} (deal with)  :: ci penso io
take care of {v} (look after)  :: badare
take flight {v} (to flee)  :: darsi alla fuga
take for granted {v} (assume something to be true without verification or proof)  :: dare per scontato
take for granted {v} (give little attention to or to underestimate the value of)  :: dare per scontato
take heart {v} (to be courageous)  :: forza e coraggio [interjection], prendere coraggio
take-home {n} (take-home pay) SEE: take-home pay  ::
take ill {v} (to become ill) SEE: take sick  ::
take into account {v} (to consider or regard; to include)  :: tenere conto di
take it from me {v} (believe me)  :: dammi retta
taken {adj} (informal: in a relationship)  :: impegnato, coinvolto
taken {adj} /ˈteɪkən/ (infatuated, fond of or attracted to)  :: infatuato {m}, attratto {m}, coinvolto {m}
take off {v} (to begin flight)  :: decollare
take off {v} (to imitate) SEE: imitate  ::
take off {v} (to quantify) SEE: quantify  ::
take off {v} (to remove)  :: togliere
takeoff {n} (start of flight)  :: decollo {m}
take offense {v} (feel and possibly show resentment)  :: offendersi, aversene a male, prendersela
take on {v} (To acquire, bring in, or introduce)  :: caricare
take on {v} (To assume responsibility for)  :: prendere in carico
take on {v} (To attempt to fight or compete)  :: affrontare, sfidare, provarci
take on {v} (To begin to have or exhibit)  :: assumere, prendere le sembianze
take one's leave {v} (depart) SEE: depart  ::
take one's own life {v} (commit suicide) SEE: commit suicide  ::
take out {v} (slang: to kill or destroy)  :: far fuori [slang]
take out {v} (to remove)  :: cavare
take over {v} (to adopt a further responsibility)  :: assumere
take over {v} (to annex a territory)  :: impossessarsi, annettere
take part {v} (participate or join)  :: partecipare
take place {v} (to happen)  :: avere luogo
take revenge {v} (to avenge; to get back at)  :: vendicare
take the bull by the horns {v} (to deal directly with a matter; to confront a difficulty)  :: prendere il toro per le corna
take the piss {v} (to mock or ridicule (transitive))  :: prendere per il culo, prendere in giro
take the waters {v}  :: passare le acque
take the wrong way {v} (to misunderstand) SEE: misunderstand  ::
take up the gauntlet {v} (accept a challenge)  :: raccogliere il guanto
taking it up the ass {n} (anal sex) SEE: anal sex  ::
talc {n} /tælk/ (soft mineral)  :: talco {m}
talcose {adj}  :: talcoso
talcum powder {n} (perfumed talc)  :: borotalco {m}, talco {m}
tale {n} /ˈteɪl/ (type of story)  :: racconto {m}, favola {f}, fiaba {f}
talent {n} (marked ability or skill)  :: talento {m}
talent {n} (people of talent collectively)  :: talenti {m-p}
talent {n} /ˈtælənt/ (unit of weight and money)  :: talento {m}
talent {n} (talented person)  :: talento {m}
talented {adj} (endowed with talents)  :: dotato, talentuoso
Taliban {n} (member of the Taliban movement or its militia)  :: talebano {m}, talibano {m}
talisman {n} /ˈtæl.ɪsˌmæn/ (magical protective charms)  :: talismano {m}
talismanic {adj} /ˌtælɪzˈmænɪk/ (of, relating to, or like, a talisman)  :: talismanico
talk {n}  :: argomento {m} , conversazione {} {f}, discorso {m}
talk {n} (lecture)  :: discorso
talk {n} (major topic of social discussion)  :: argomento
talk {n} (meeting, negotiation)  :: conferenze
talk {n} /tɔk/ (conversation)  :: conversazione
talk {v} (to communicate by speech)  :: parlare
talk {v} ((transitive) to discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk around {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
talkative {adj} /ˈtɑːkədɪv/ (tending to talk or speak freely or often)  :: loquace, chiacchierino, garrulo
talkativeness {n} (the state of being talkative)  :: parlantina {f}
talk back {v} (to reply impertinently; to answer in a cheeky manner)  :: rispondere
talk down {v} (patronize)  :: degnarsi, trattare dall'alto in basso, trattare con arroganza
talking book {n} (audiobook) SEE: audiobook  ::
talking statue {n}  :: statua parlante {f}
talk over {v} (discuss) SEE: discuss  ::
talk over {v} (persuade) SEE: persuade  ::
talk shop {v} (discuss one's work)  :: parlare di lavoro
tall {adj} (of a building)  :: alto
tall {adj} /tɔl/ (of a person)  :: alto
Tallinn {prop} /ˈtɑːlɪn/ (Capital of Estonia)  :: Tallinn
tallophyte {n} (vascular plant that does not have roots)  :: tallofita {f}
tall order {n} (a difficult challenge)  :: compito arduo {m}
tallow {n} /tæləʊ/ (hard animal fat obtained)  :: sego {m}
tall ship {n}  :: nave d'alto bordo {f}
tall story {n} (a tale or an account of questionable veracity)  :: panzana {f}, storiellina {f}
tally {n} /ˈtæli/ (tally shop) SEE: tally shop  ::
tally {v} (to count something)  :: conteggiare
Talmud {prop} /ˈtɒlˌmuːd/ (collection of Jewish writings)  :: Talmud {m}
talon {n} /ˈtælən/ (hooked claw)  :: branca {f}, grinfia {f}
talus {n} /ˈteɪləs/ (anklebone) SEE: anklebone  ::
tamaraw {n} (Bubalus mindorensis)  :: tamarro
tamarind {n} (fruit)  :: tamarindo {m}
tamarind {n} /ˈtæməɹɪnd/ (tropical tree)  :: tamarindo {m}
tamarisk {n} (shrub of the genus Tamarix)  :: tamerice {f}
tambour {n} (drum) SEE: drum  ::
tambourine {n} /ˌtæm.bəˈɹiːn/ (percussion instrument)  :: tamburello {m}
tame {adj} /teɪm/ (not wild)  :: addomesticato, domato {m}
tame {v} (to become tame)  :: addomesticato {m}, essere domato
tame {v} (to make something tame)  :: addomesticare, domare
tamer {n} (one who tames or subdues)  :: domatore {m}, domatrice {f}
Tamilian {n} (a person of Tamil ethnicity) SEE: Tamil  ::
tamp {v} /tæmp/ (to plug up with clay or other material)  :: borrare
tamper {v} /ˈtæm.pə(ɹ)/ (alter by making unauthorized changes)  :: manomettere
tampon {n} /ˈtʰæmpʰɔn]/ (A plug of cotton or other absorbent material)  :: tampone {m}, assorbente interno {m}, stuello {m}
tampon {v}  :: stuellare, tamponare
tan {adj} (dark skin)  :: abbronzato {m}
tan {n} (bark of tree)  :: corteccia {f}
tan {n} /tæn/ (darkening of skin)  :: abbronzatura {f}
tan {v} (to become tan due to exposure to sun)  :: abbronzarsi
tan {v} (to turn animal hide into leather)  :: conciare
tandem {n} /ˈtændəm/ (bicycle)  :: tandem {m}
tang {n} (Ascophyllum nodosum) SEE: knotted wrack  ::
tang {n} (part of small instrument inserted into handle)  :: codolo {m}
tang {n} /tæŋ/ (tongue) SEE: tongue  ::
Tanganyika {prop} (lake)  :: Lago Tanganica
Tanganyika {prop} (territory, former country)  :: Tanganika {f}
tangent {n} /ˈtæn.dʒənt/  :: tangente {f}
tangential {adj} (merely touching)  :: tangenziale
tangential {adj} (only indirectly related)  :: tangenziale
tangential {adj} /tænˈdʒɛnt.ʃəl/ (referring to a tangent)  :: tangenziale
tangerine {n} /ˈtæn.dʒəˌɹin/ (fruit)  :: mandarino {m}
tangerine {n} (tree)  :: mandarino {m}
tangible {adj} (comprehensible by the mind; understandable)  :: tangibile
tangible {adj} (possible to be treated as fact)  :: tangibile
tangible {adj} /ˈtæn.dʒə.bl/ (touchable, palpable)  :: tangibile
Tangiers {prop} (a port city in northern Morocco)  :: Tangeri {f}
tangle {v} /ˈteɪŋ.ɡəl/ (to mix together or intertwine)  :: intrecciare
tango {n} /ˈtæŋɡoʊ/ (letter T in ICAO spelling alphabet)  :: Taranto, Torino
tank {n} (fuel reservoir)  :: cisterna {f}
tank {n} (military armoured fighting vehicle)  :: carro armato {m}
tank {n} (muscular and physically imposing person)  :: energumeno
tank {n} (tankful) SEE: tankful  ::
tank {n} /teɪŋk/ (closed container)  :: tanica, serbatoio, bombola {f} (scuba diving), cisterna {f}
tanked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
tanker {n} (member of a tank crew)  :: carrista {m}
tanker {n} (tank truck)  :: autocisterna {f}
tanker {n} (vessel)  :: nave cisterna {f}, petroliera {f}
tank top {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet  ::
tanner {n} /ˈtænɚ/ (person whose occupation is to tan)  :: pellaio {m}, conciatore {m}
tannic acid {n} (any of various complex phenols)  :: acido tannico {m}
tannicity {n} (tannin levels)  :: tannicità {f}
tansy {n} /ˈtæn.zi/ (plant of the genus Tanacetum)  :: tanaceto {m}
tantalic {adj} (containing pentavalent tantalum)  :: tantalico
tantalizing {adj} (teasing, desirable, but out of reach)  :: allettante
tantalum {n} (A metallic chemical element with an atomic number of 73.)  :: tantalio {m}
tantamount {adj} /ˈtæn.təˌmaʊnt/ (equivalent in meaning or effect)  :: equivalente
tantrum {n} /ˈtæntɹəm/ (often childish display of bad temper)  :: bizza {f}
Tanya {prop} (female given name) SEE: Tania  ::
Tanzania {prop} /ˌtænzəˈniːə/ (United Republic of Tanzania)  :: Tanzania {f}
tap {n} /tæp/ (device to dispense liquid)  :: rubinetto {m}
tape {n} /teɪ̯p/ (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
tape {n} (video or audiocassette tape)  :: nastro {m}, audiocassetta {f}, videocassetta {f}
tape measure {n} (graduated ribbon for length measurement)  :: fetuccia {f}
taper {v} /ˈteɪpɚ/ (to make thinner or narrower at one end.)  :: affusolare
tape-recorded {adj} (recorded on tape)  :: magnetofonico
tape recorder {n} (an electromechanical device use to record and play back sound)  :: magnetofono {m}, registratore a nastro {m}
tapestry {n} /ˈtæpəstɹi/ (heavy woven cloth)  :: arazzo {m}, tappezzeria
tapeworm {n} (parasitical worm of the class Cestoda)  :: verme solitario {m}, tenia {f}
tapioca {n} /tæpiˈoʊkə/ (Starchy food from cassava)  :: tapioca {f}
tapir {n} /ˈteɪpə/ (large odd-toed ungulate with a long prehensile upper lip of the family Tapiridae)  :: tapiro {m}
taproot {n} /ˈtæpˌɹuːt/ (a long tapering root possessed by many plants)  :: fittone {m}
tap water {n} (water from a tap)  :: acqua del rubinetto {f}
tar {n} (byproduct of tobacco smoke)  :: catrame {m}
tar {n} (coal tar)  :: catrame {m}
tar {n} /tɑɹ/ (substance)  :: catrame {m}
tar {v} (to coat with tar)  :: catramare
tarantella {n} /ˌtɛɹənˈtɛlə/ (rapid dance)  :: tarantella
Tarantian {prop}  :: Tarantiano
Tarantino {n} (dialect of Sicilian)  :: tarantino {m}
Tarantino {n} (native or inhabitant of Taranto)  :: tarantino {m}, tarantina {f}
Taranto {prop} (city and province)  :: Taranto {f}
tarantula {n} /təˌɹænt͡ʃələ/ (true tarantula)  :: tarantola {f}
tarantula {n} (wolf spider)  :: tarantola {f}
tarboosh {n} /tɑːˈbuːʃ/ (fez) SEE: fez  ::
tardigrade {n} /ˈtɑɹdɪˌɡɹeɪd/ (water bear) SEE: water bear  ::
tare {n} /tɛɚ/ (the empty weight of a container)  :: tara {f}
target {n} (goal or objective)  :: obiettivo {m}
target {n} /ˈtɑɹɡɪt/ (butt or mark to shoot at)  :: bersaglio {m}
tarmac {n} (bituminous road surface)  :: asfalto {m}
taro {n} (food from the taro plant)  :: colocasia {f}
taro {n} /ˈtæɹəʊ/ (Colocasia esculenta)  :: colocasia {f}
tarot {n} /ˈtæɹəʊ/ (card game)  :: tarocco {m}
tarpan {n} /ˈtɑɹpən/ (Equus ferus ferus)  :: tarpan {m}
tarpaulin {n} /ˈtɑːɹpəlɪn/ (heavy, waterproof sheet of material)  :: telone impermeabile {m}, tela cerata {f}
tarragon {n}  :: dragoncello {m}
tarragon {n} /ˈtɛɹəɡɑn/ (perennial herb Artemisia dracunculus)  :: estragone, dragoncello
tar sand {n} (oil sand) SEE: oil sand  ::
tarsand {n} (tar sand) SEE: tar sand  ::
tarsier {n} (insectivorous primate)  :: tarsio
Tarsus {prop} (city in modern Turkey)  :: Tarso
tart {adj} (sharp (figuratively))  :: aspro, tagliente
tart {adj} /tɑɹt/ (with sharp taste, sour)  :: acido, aspro
tart {n} (pie, pastry)  :: torta, crostata
tart {n} (prostitute)  :: puttana, prostituta
tart {n} (woman with loose sexual morals)  :: donnaccia
tartar {n} /ˈtɑɹ.tɚ/ (hard yellow deposit on the teeth) SEE: dental calculus  ::
tartare {adj}  :: tartar {f}
tartaric acid {n} (white crystalline acid)  :: acido tartarico {m}
Tartu {prop} /ˈtɑɹtu/ (second-largest city in Estonia)  :: Tartu
tashkil {n} (vocalization) SEE: vocalization  ::
task {n} (difficult or tedious undertaking)  :: incombenza {f}
task {n} /tæsk/ (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)  :: compito {m}
Tasmania {prop} (Australian state)  :: Tasmania
Tasmania {prop} (island comprising majority of state)  :: Tasmania
Tasmanian tiger {n} (extinct carnivorous marsupial) SEE: Tasmanian wolf  ::
Tasmanian wolf {n} (extinct carnivorous marsupial)  :: tilacino {m}
tassel {n} /ˈtæsəl/ (ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads)  :: nappa
taste {n} (implicit set of preferences)  :: gusto {m}, inclinazione {m}
taste {n} /teɪst/ (one of the sensations produced by the tongue)  :: gusto {m}
taste {v} (to experience)  :: provare
taste {v} (to have a taste)  :: assaggiare
taste {v} (to sample the flavor of something)  :: gustare, assaggiare, assaporare, godere
tastebud {n} (a small organ on the tongue used for tasting)  :: papilla gustativa {f}
tastevin {n}  :: tastevin {m}
tasting {n} (small amount of food or drink)  :: degustazione {f}
tasting {n} (taking of a small amount of food or drink in order to taste it)  :: degustazione {f}
tasty {adj}  :: saporito {m}, saporita {f}
tasty {adj} /ˈteɪsti/ (having a pleasant or satisfying flavor) SEE: delicious  ::
tat {n} (slang: tattoo) SEE: tattoo  ::
tat {n} /tæt/ (vulgar tastelessness) SEE: sleaze  ::
ta ta {interj} /təˈtɑː/ (bye) SEE: bye  ::
tathata {n}  :: talità {f}
Tatiana {prop} (female given name)  :: Tatiana
tatter {n} (A shred of torn cloth)  :: cencio {m}, straccio {m}, strofinaccio {m}
tatters {n} /ˈtætɚz/ (ragged clothing, fabric, paper etc)  :: stracci
tattle {n} (tattletale) SEE: tattletale  ::
tattler {n} (bird of the genus Heteroscelus)  :: totano {m}
tattler {n} (device that records mileage, speed etc.)  :: tachimetro {m}
tattler {n} (one who tattles)  :: chiacchierone {m}
tattoo {n} /tæˈtu(ː)/ (an image made in the skin with ink and a needle)  :: tatuaggio {m}
tattoo {v} (to apply a tattoo)  :: tatuare
tattoo gun {n} (tattoo machine) SEE: tattoo machine  ::
tattooist {n} (tattoo artist) SEE: tattoo artist  ::
tau {n} /taʊ/ (Greek letter)  :: tau {m} {f}
tau {n} (tauon) SEE: tauon  ::
taunt {n} (a scornful or mocking remark)  :: scherno
taunt {v} /tɔnt/ (to make fun of (someone); to goad into responding)  :: schernire
tauon {n} (particle)  :: tauone {m}
taurokathapsia {n} (bull-leaping)  :: taurocatapsia {f}
tauromachy {n} (bullfighting)  :: tauromachia {f}
Taurus {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Toro {m}
Taurus {prop} /ˈtɔːɹəs/ (constellation)  :: Toro {m}
taut {adj} (containing only relevant parts, brief and controlled)  :: conciso {m}
taut {adj} (showing stress or anxiety)  :: teso {m}, tirato {m}, ansioso {m}
taut {adj} /tɔːt/ (tight; under tension, as in a rope or bow string)  :: teso {m}, tirato {m}
tautological {adj} (of, relating to, or using tautology)  :: tautologico
tautologically {adv} (in a tautological manner)  :: tautologicamente
tautology {n} (in logic)  :: tautologia {f}
tautology {n} /tɔˈtɒl.ə.d͡ʒi/ (expression that features tautology)  :: tautologia {f}
tavern {n} /ˈtævɚn/ (bar)  :: taverna {f}, osteria {f}, birreria {f}
tawny owl {n} /ˈtɔːni aʊl/ (Strix aluco)  :: allocco {m}
tax {n} /tæks/ (money paid to government)  :: tassa {f}, imposta {f}
taxation {n} /tæksˈeɪ.ʃən/ (revenue gained from taxes) SEE: tax revenue  ::
tax break {n} (a deduction in tax)  :: agevolazione fiscale {f}
tax collector {n} (one who has the responsibility for collecting taxes)  :: esattore {m}
tax dodger {n} (one who avoids or evades taxes)  :: evasore {m}
tax evasion {n} (illegal avoidance of tax)  :: evasione fiscale {f}
tax haven {n} (country that levies low taxes on foreign businesses)  :: paradiso fiscale {m}
taxi {n} /ˈtæ (vehicle)  :: taxi {m}, tassì {m}
taxidermy {n} /ˈtæksɪdɚmi/ (art of stuffing dead animals)  :: tassidermia {f}
taxi driver {n} (person who drives a taxicab)  :: tassista {m} {f}, taxista {m} {f}
taximeter {n} (device in a taxicab that calculates the fare)  :: tassametro {m}
taxi rank {n} (taxi stand) SEE: taxi stand  ::
tax office {n} (government-established place to discuss tax affairs)  :: ufficio tributi {m}
taxonomic {adj} (of, or relating to taxonomy)  :: tassonomico
taxonomically {adv} (in the way or manner of taxonomy)  :: tassonomicamente
taxonomy {n} /tækˈsɑːnəmi/  :: tassonomia {f}
taxpayer {n} (a person who is subject to, liable for, or pays tax)  :: contribuente
tax stamp {n} (revenue stamp) SEE: revenue stamp  ::
Taylorism {n} (scientific management; a theory of management of the early 20th century that analyzed workflows in order to improve efficiency)  :: taylorismo {m}
Tbilisi {prop} /t(ə)ˈbi.lə.si/ (the capital city of Georgia (the country))  :: Tbilisi
T-bone steak {n} (the beek steak)  :: fiorentina {f}, costata {f}
Tchaikovsky {prop} /tʃaɪˈkɑvski/ (surname)  :: Čajkovskij
tea {n} (drink made from leaves of tea plant)  :: {m}
tea {n} (drink made from other plants)  :: tisana {f}
tea {n} (main evening meal) SEE: dinner  ::
tea {n} /tiː/ (dried leaves of tea plant)  :: {m}
tea bag {v} (small porous bag holding tea) SEE: teabag  ::
tea ceremony {n} (detailed ritual in Japan or Asia for preparing, serving and drinking tea)  :: cerimonia del tè {f}
teach {v} /titʃ/ (to pass on knowledge)  :: insegnare
teacher {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
teacher {n} /ˈtit͡ʃɚ/ (person who teaches)  :: insegnante {m} {f}, docente {m} {f}, professore {m}, professoressa {f}, maestro {m}, maestra {f}
teachercentric {adj} (focusing on teacher) SEE: teacher-centered  ::
teacher's pet {n} (student perceived to be favored by the teacher)  :: cocco della maestra {m}
teaching {n} /ˈtiːtʃɪŋ/ (something taught)  :: insegnamento {m}
teach someone a lesson {v} (punish (informal))  :: dare una lezione
teahouse {n} (a cafe that sells tea)  :: sala da tè {f}, casa da tè {f}
teak {n} /tiːk/ (tree)  :: teak, teck
teakettle {n} (a vessel for boiling water for tea)  :: teiera {f}, bollitore {m}
teal {adj} (colour)  :: foglia di tè
teal {n} (colour)  :: blu petrolio, foglia di tè
teal {n} (duck)  :: alzavola
tea leaf {n} (leaf of the tea plant)  :: foglia di tè {f}
tea leaf {n} (thief) SEE: thief  ::
team {n} /tiːm/ (group of people)  :: squadra {f}
teammate {n} /ˈtiːmˌmeɪt/ (one who is on the same team)  :: compagno di squadra {m}, compagna di squadra {f}
teamwork {n} (cooperative effort of a team)  :: lavoro di squadra {m}
tea oil plant {n} (Camellia oleifera) SEE: tea oil camellia  ::
tea plant {n} (Camellia sinensis)  :: pianta del tè {f}
teapot {n} (vessel for tea)  :: teiera {f}
tear {n} (hole or break caused by tearing)  :: strappo {m}, squarcio {m}
tear {n} /tɪə/ (drop of clear salty liquid from the eyes)  :: lacrima {f}
tear {v} (become torn)  :: strapparsi
tear {v} (move at excessive speed)  :: macinare
tear {v} (remove by tearing)  :: strappare, staccare
tear {v} /tɛɚ/ (rend)  :: strappare, dilaniare
tear {v} (to demolish; to tear down)  :: demolire
tear gas {n} /ˈtɪəɡæs/ (tear gas)  :: gas lacrimogeno {m}
tear gland {n} (lacrimal gland) SEE: lacrimal gland  ::
tearoom {n} (teahouse) SEE: teahouse  ::
tease {n} (stripper) SEE: stripper  ::
tease {v} /tiːz/ (to separate the fibers)  :: cardare
tease {v} (to comb)  :: pettinare
tease {v} (to entice)  :: tentare, sedurre
tease {v} (to poke fun at)  :: burlarsi di
tease {v} (to provoke or disturb)  :: provocare, stuzzicare
teaser {n} (a short film or quote meant to draw an audience to a film or show)  :: anteprima
tea shop {n} (a shop where tea or coffee is served) SEE: teahouse  ::
teaspoon {n} /ˈtiˌspun/ (small spoon)  :: cucchiaino da tè {m}
teat {n}  :: capezzolo {m}
teat {n} (feeding bottle top)  :: tettarella {f}
teat {n} /tiːt/ (projection of mammary gland)  :: tettarella, capezzolo {m}
tea tree {n} (Camellia sinensis) SEE: tea plant  ::
tea tree {n} (Cordyline fruticosa) SEE: ti  ::
tea tree {n} (Kunzea ericoides) SEE: kanuka  ::
technetium {n} /tɛkˈni.ʃi.əm/ (chemical element)  :: tecnezio {m}, tecneto {m}
technical {adj} /ˈtɛk.nɪk.əl/ (pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts)  :: tecnico
technical {n} (pickup truck-based fighting vehicle)  :: tecnica {f}
technically {adv} (based on precise facts)  :: veramente, tecnicamente
technically {adv} (having certain skills)  :: tecnicamente
technically {adv} (regarding the scientific state of art)  :: tecnicamente
technician {n} /tekˈnɪʃən/ (occupation)  :: tecnico {m}
technifermion {n} (technicolor fermion)  :: tecnifermione {m}
technique {n} /tɛkˈniːk/ (practical aspects of a given art)  :: tecnica {f}
techno {n} (style of music)  :: techno
technobabble {n} /ˈtɛknoʊbæbəl/ (fake technical language used in fiction)  :: tecno bla-bla
technocracy {n} /tɛkˈnɒkɹəsi/ (a system of governance where people who are skilled or proficient govern in their respective areas of expertise)  :: tecnocrazia {f}
technological {adj} (of, relating to, or involving technology)  :: tecnologico {m}
technologically {adv} (in a technological manner)  :: tecnologicamente
technologist {n} /tɛkˈnɑləd͡ʒɪst/ (a scientist or engineer who specializes in a particular technology)  :: tecnologo {m}, tecnologa {f}
technology {n} (a particular technological concept)  :: tecnologia {f}
technology {n} (body of tools)  :: tecnologia {f}
technology {n} /tɛkˈnɑlədʒi/ (the study of or a collection of techniques)  :: tecnologia {f}
technopolymer {n} (plastic material)  :: tecnopolimero {m}
technostructure {n} (a corporate structure including technicians or other skilled professionals)  :: tecnostruttura {f}
tectonic {adj} ((geology) relating to large-scale movements)  :: tettonico
tectonics {n} (study of crustal plates)  :: tettonica {f}
tedder {n} (machine for stirring and spreading hay)  :: spandifieno {m}
teddy bear {n} (a stuffed toy bear)  :: orsacchiotto {m}
tedious {adj} /ˈti.di.əs/ (boring, monotonous)  :: noioso, tedioso, fastidioso, palloso, soporifero {m}
tediousness {n} (quality of being tedious)  :: noia {f}, monotonia {f}, fastidiosità {f}, pallosità {f}, noiosità {f}, fastidiosaggine {f}, tediosità {f}, stucchevolezza {f}
teem {v} /tiːm/ (overflowing with)  :: brulicare
teen {adj} /tiːn/ (teenager) SEE: teenager  ::
-teen {suffix} (to form numbers 13 - 19)  :: -dici [11 to 16], dici- [17 to 19]
teenager {n} /ˈtiːn.ˌeɪ.dʒə(ɹ)/ (person aged between thirteen and nineteen)  :: giovincello, adolescente, ragazzino {m}, ragazzina {f}
teeny {adj} (very small (informal))  :: piccolo piccolo
teetan {n} (pipit) SEE: pipit  ::
teething {n} (eruption of milk teeth)  :: dentizione {f}
teething troubles {n} (small problems)  :: imprevisti {m-p}, problemi di crescita {m-p}, contrattempi {m-p}, incidente di percorso {m}, difficoltà {f}
teetotal {adj} (abstinent from alcohol)  :: astemio
teetotaler {n} /ˈtitoʊtəlɚ/ (person who completely abstains from alcohol.)  :: astemio
teetotaller {n} /ˈtitoʊtəlɚ/ (person who completely abstains from alcohol)  :: astemio {m}
te-hee {n} (titter, snicker) SEE: titter  ::
te-hee {v} (titter, snicker) SEE: titter  ::
Teheran {prop} (Tehran) SEE: Tehran  ::
Tehran {prop} /ˈtɛ.ɹæn/ (capital of Iran)  :: Teheran
tečka {n} /ˈtɛt͡ʃkə/ (tečka diacritic) SEE: dot  ::
telamon {n} (male figure as pillar)  :: telamone {m}
Tel Aviv {prop} /ˈtɛl.əˈviːv/ (city in Israel)  :: Tel Aviv {f}
tele- {prefix} (over a distance)  :: tele-
telecommunication {n} (science and technology of communication over distance)  :: telecomunicazioni
telecommuting {n} (practice of using telecommunications technology to work from a remote location)  :: telelavoro {m}
teleconference {n} (telephone conference) SEE: telephone conference  ::
telediastolic {adj} (occurring towards the end of a ventricular diastole)  :: telediastolico
telegram {n} /ˈtɛləˌɡɹæm/ (message sent by telegraph)  :: telegramma {m}
telegram {v} (telegraph) SEE: telegraph  ::
telegraph {n} /ˈtɛl.ə.ɡɹæf/ (apparatus, or a process, for communicating)  :: telegrafo {m}
telegrapher {n} (a telegraph operator)  :: telegrafista {mf}
telegraphic {adj} (of, or relating to the telegraph)  :: telegrafico
telegraph post {n} (pole that carries telephone lines)  :: palo del telegrafo {m}
telekinesis {n} /ˌtɛləkɪˈniːsɪs/ (ability to move objects with the power of one's thoughts)  :: telecinesi {f}
Telemachus {prop} /təˈlɛməkəs/ (the son of Odysseus)  :: Telemaco {m}
telematic {adj} (pertaining to telematics)  :: telematico
telematics {n} (science of sending, receiving and storing information via telecommunication devices)  :: telematica {f}
telematics {n} (the use of GPS technology)  :: telematica {f}
telemetry {n} (the science, and associated technology, of automatic recording)  :: telemetria {f}
teleological {adj} /tɛliːəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l/ (pertaining to teleology)  :: teleologico
telepathic {adj} /ˌtɛlɪˈpæθɪk/ (of, relating to, or using telepathy)  :: telepatico
telepathically {adv} (by means of telepathy)  :: telepaticamente
telepathy {n} /tɛˈlɛpəθi/ (communication by psychic means)  :: telepatia {f}
telephone {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers  ::
telephone {n} /ˈtɛləfoʊn/ (a device used for two-way talking with other people)  :: telefono {m}
telephone {v} (to call someone)  :: telefonare
telephone book {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory  ::
telephone booth {n} (a small enclosure housing a public telephone)  :: cabina telefonica {f}
telephone box {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth  ::
telephone call {n} (conversation)  :: telefonata {f}
telephone card {n} (phonecard) SEE: phonecard  ::
telephone directory {n} (a listing of telephone subscribers)  :: elenco telefonico {m}
telephone exchange {n} (equipment)  :: centrale telefonica {f}, autocommutatore {m}
telephone exchange {n} (rooms)  :: centrale telefonica {f}, autocommutatore {m}
telephone kiosk {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth  ::
telephone number {n} (digits assigned to a telephone)  :: numero telefonico {m}
telephone pole {n} (utility pole that supports telephone lines)  :: palo del telefono {m}
telephony {n} /təˈlɛf.ə.ni/ (act of sound transmission via the electromagnetic spectrum)  :: telefonia {f}
telephotography {n}  :: telefotografia {f}
teleport {v} /tɛlipɔː(ɹ)t/ (travel without physically crossing distance)  :: teletrasportare
teleportation {n} (process of moving matter from one point to another)  :: teletrasporto
teleporter {n} /tɛlipɔː(ɹ)tə(ɹ)/ (truck-mounted lift) SEE: cherry picker  ::
teleprompter {n} /ˈtɛləˌpɹɑmptəɹ/ (device that displays scrolling text)  :: gobbo elettronico {m}, suggeritore elettronico {m}
telescope {n} /ˈtɛləˌskoʊp/ (optical instrument possessing magnification)  :: telescopio {m}, cannocchiale {m}
teleshow {n} (television show) SEE: television show  ::
Teletext {n} (information retrieval system)  :: teletext {m}
telethon {n} /ˈtɛl.əˌθɒn/  :: teletono
television {n} (device for receiving television signals)  :: televisore {m}
television {n} (program broadcasting)  :: televisione {f}
television {n} /ˈtɛlɪˌvɪʒən/ (medium)  :: televisione {f}
television program {n} (The content of an individual television broadcasting.)  :: programma televisivo {m}, trasmissione televisiva {f}
television series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
television set {n} (television) SEE: television  ::
television show {n} (a live or recorded TV broadcast or program)  :: programmazione televisiva {f}
televoting {n} (a form of advertising)  :: televoto {m}
telework {n} (telecommuting) SEE: telecommuting  ::
tell {v}  :: dire, contare
tell {v} /tɛl/ (narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
tell {v} (to instruct)  :: insegnare
tell {v} (to pass information)  :: dire, raccontare
teller {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine  ::
teller {n} /ˈtɛləɹ/ (bank clerk who receives and pays out money)  :: cassiere {m} {f}
tellin {n} (marine bivalve mollusc)  :: tellina {f}
tell it to Sweeney {phrase} (expression of disbelief) SEE: tell it to the marines  ::
tell it to the marines {phrase} (expression of disbelief)  :: raccontalo a qualcun altro, dillo a qualcun altro
tell off {v} (to rebuke)  :: dare una lavata di capo, sgridare, ammonire
telltale {adj}  :: rivelatore {m}, rivelatrice {f}
telltale {n} (nautical: compass in the cabin of a vessel) SEE: telltale compass  ::
telltale {n} (nautical: yarn that indicates relative direction of airflow)  :: mostravento {m}
telltale {n} (tattler) SEE: tattler  ::
Tellurian {n} (inhabitant of the earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
telluride {n} (binary compound of tellurium)  :: tellururo {m}
telluride {n} (sylvanite) SEE: sylvanite  ::
telluride {n} (Tellurium analog of ether)  :: tellururo {m}
tellurium {n} (chemical element)  :: tellurio {m}
telly {n} (Television)  :: tele {f}
telophase {n} (final stage of mitosis or meiosis)  :: telofase {f}
Telugu {prop} /ˈtɛl.ə.ɡuː/ (Dravidian language of India)  :: lingua telugu
Telychian {prop}  :: Telychiano
temblor {n} /tɛmˈblɔː/ (earthquake) SEE: earthquake  ::
temerity {n} /təˈmɛɹəti/ (reckless boldness)  :: temerità {f}
temper {n} /ˈtɛmpɚ/ (tendency to be of a certain type of mood)  :: carattere, temperamento
temperament {n} /ˈtempəɹəmənt/ (a person's normal manner of thinking, behaving or reacting)  :: temperamento {m}, carattere {m}
temperance {n} (one of seven virtues)  :: temperanza {f}
temperance {n} (state with regard to heat or cold) SEE: temperature  ::
temperance {n} (Tarot card)  :: temperanza
temperate {adj} /ˈtɛmpəɹət/ (moderate; not excessive heat, climate)  :: temperato
temperature {n} (elevated body temperature)  :: febbre {f}
temperature {n} /ˈtɛmp(ə)ɹətʃə(ɹ)/ (a measure of cold or heat)  :: temperatura {f}
temper tantrum {n} (fit of bad temper)  :: scatto d'ira {m}
tempest {n} (storm)  :: procella {f}
tempest in a teapot {n} (big fuss made in a small context)  :: tempesta in un bicchiere d'acqua
template {n} /ˈtɛmplət/ (physical object)  :: mascherina {f}, sagoma {f}, modello {m}, stampo {m}, calibro {m}
temple {n} (contrivance used in a loom)  :: tempiale {m}
temple {n} (region of skull)  :: tempia {f}
temple {n} /ˈtɛmp(ə)l/ (worship place)  :: tempio {m}
tempo {n} /ˈtɛm.pəʊ/ (frequency or rate)  :: ritmo {m}
temporal {adj} ((euphemistic for) lasting a short time only)  :: temporale
temporal {adj} (of limited time)  :: temporale
temporal {adj} (of the temples of the head)  :: temporale
temporal {adj} /ˈtɛm.pəɹ.əl/ (of or relating to time)  :: temporale
temporarily {adv}  :: temporaneamente
temporary {adj} (for a limited time, ephemeral, not constant)  :: temporaneo
temporary tooth {n} (milk tooth) SEE: milk tooth  ::
temporoparietalis muscle {n} (muscle)  :: muscolo temporoparietale {m}, temporoparietale {m}
tempt {v} /tɛmpt/ (to provoke someone to do wrong)  :: tentare
tempt {v} (to attract, allure)  :: tentare
temptation {n} /tɛmpˈteɪʃən/ (act of tempting)  :: tentazione {f}
temptation {n}  :: tentazione {f}
tempura {n} /ˈtɛmpʊɹə/ (tempura)  :: tempura {m-f}
tempus fugit {proverb} (time flies) SEE: time flies  ::
ten {n} (the number following nine)  :: dieci {m}
ten {num} /tɛn/ (the cardinal number occurring after 9 and before 11)  :: dieci
tenant {n}  :: inquilino
tenant {n} /ˈtɛ.nənt/ (one who pays a fee in return for the use of land, etc.)  :: inquilino, locatario
tenant farmer {n} (a person who farms land rented from a landlord)  :: industriante {m}
tench {n} /tɛnt͡ʃ/ (species of freshwater game fish)  :: tinca
Ten Commandments {prop} (Moses' ten commandments)  :: dieci comandamenti {m-p}, Decalogo {m}, decalogo {m}
tend {v} /tɛnd/ (to make a tender of; to offer or tender)  :: appaltare
tend {v} (to be probable or likely)  :: tendere
tend {v} (to look after)  :: avere cura di, accudire, curare
tendency {n} /ˈtɛndənsi/ (likelihood of behaving in a particular way)  :: tendenza {f}
tendentious {adj} (biased opinion)  :: tendenzioso
tendentiously {adv} (in a tendentious manner)  :: tendenziosamente
tender {adj} (fond, loving, gentle, sweet)  :: carino {m}, tenero {m}, dolce {m}
tender {adj} (soft and easily chewed)  :: tenero {m}, morbido {m}, soffice {m}
tender {adj} /ˈtɛn.dɚ/ (sensitive or painful)  :: delicato {m}, sensibile {m} {f}
tender {adj}  :: tenero {m}, tenera {f}
tender {n} (fuel-carrying railroad car)  :: tender
tender {n} (law: an offer to buy or sell something)  :: gara d’appalto, offerta
tender {n} (means of payment)  :: valuta, moneta
tender {n} (nautical: a boat used for transportation btw a ship and the shore)  :: scialuppa
tender {v} (formal: to offer, give)  :: presentare, dare, sottoporre, offrire
tender {v} (to offer a payment)  :: battere, fare una offerta, offrire
tenderfoot {n} (novice)  :: novizio
tenderloin steak {n} (Any of several steaks cut from the tenderest part of the loin of beef)  :: filetto di bue
tender loving care {n} (considerate and compassionate care)  :: placebo
tenderly {adv} (in a tender manner)  :: teneramente
tenderness {n} /ˈtɛn.dɚ.nɪs/ (a tendency to express warm, compassionate feelings)  :: tenerezza {f}
tendinous {adj} (pertaining to a tendon or sinew)  :: tendineo
tendon {n} /ˈtɛndən/ (tough band of inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment)  :: tendine {m}
tendonitis {n} (inflammation of the tendon) SEE: tendinitis  ::
tendovaginitis {n} (tenosynovitis) SEE: tenosynovitis  ::
tendril {n} (hair-like tentacle)  :: cirro {m}
tendril {n} /ˈtɛn.dɹəl/ (thin, spirally coiling stem)  :: cirro {m}
tendrilled {adj}  :: viticcioso
tenebrous {adj} /ˈtɛ.nə.bɹəs/ (dark and gloomy)  :: tenebroso
tenement {n} (a building that is rented to multiple tenants, especially a low-rent, run-down one)  :: casamento {m}, condominio {m}, case popolari {f-p}, casermone {m}
tenet {n} (an opinion, belief or principle)  :: principio {m}, fondamento {m}, cardine {m}
tenfold {adj} (ten times as much)  :: decuplo
tenfold {adv} (by ten times as much)  :: decuplicare
tennessine {n} /ˈtɛn.əˌsiːn/  :: tennesso {m}, tennessinio {m}
tennis {n} /ˈtɛ.nɪs/ (sport played by two or four players with strung racquets)  :: tennis {m}
tennis player {n} (a person who plays tennis)  :: tennista {m} {f}
tenor {n} /tɛnə(ɹ)/  :: tenore
tenpin bowling {n} (bowling) SEE: bowling  ::
tense {n} /tɛns/ (verb forms distinguishing time)  :: tempo {m}
tenside {n} (surfactant) SEE: surfactant  ::
tension {n} /ˈtɛnʃən/  :: tensione
tension wrench {n} (torsion wrench) SEE: torsion wrench  ::
tensive {adj} (pertaining to tension)  :: tensivo
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) function of several variables)  :: tensore {m}
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) image of a tuple under a tensor product map)  :: tensore {m}
tensor {n} ((mathematics, physics) matrix of matrices)  :: tensore {m}
tensor {n} (muscle)  :: tensore {m}
tensor tympani {n} (muscle)  :: tensore del timpano {m}, muscolo tensore del timpano {m}
tent {n} /tɛnt/ (portable lodge)  :: tenda {f}
tentatively {adv} /ˈtɛntətɪvli/ (Of, or having to do with being tentative)  :: tentativamente
tenten {n} (dakuten) SEE: dakuten  ::
tenth {adj} /tɛnθ/ (ordinal form of ten)  :: decimo {m}, decima {f} (before the noun) (abbreviations 10º {m}, 10ª {f}); (in names of monarchs and popes) decimo {m}, decima {f} (after the name) (abbreviation X)
tenth {n} (a tenth; one of ten equal parts of a whole)  :: decimo {m}, decima {f}
tenth {n} (something in the tenth position)  :: decimo {m}, decima {f}
ten thousand {num} (10,000)  :: diecimila
ten to {n} (example: ten to two)  :: le due meno dieci
tenure {n} (a period of time possessed)  :: durata {f} di un incarico {m}, di un mandato {m}
tenure {n} (a right to hold land)  :: godimento di un terreno
tenure {n} (a status of having a permanent post)  :: essere di ruolo or titolare {m} di una cattedra {f}
tenure {n} /ˈtɛn.jɚ/ (a status of possessing a thing or an office)  :: essere titolare {m}, permanenza {f} in carica {f}, gestione {f}
Teochew {prop} (city) SEE: Chaozhou  ::
TEOTWAWKI {n} /ti.ɑt.wɑk.i]/ ((acronym) The end of the world as we know it)  :: la fine del mondo come lo conosciamo
Tepelenë {prop} (town)  :: Tepelenë
tepid {adj} /ˈtɛpɪd/ (lukewarm)  :: tiepido
tepid {adj}  :: tiepido
tepid {adj} (uninterested)  :: tepido, indifferente, molle, fiacco
Teramo {prop} (capital)  :: Teramo {f}
Teramo {prop} (province)  :: Teramo
terato- {prefix} (pertaining to birth defects and similar abnormalities)  :: terato-
teratogenetic {adj} (teratogenic) SEE: teratogenic  ::
teratogeny {n} (teratogenesis) SEE: teratogenesis  ::
teratology {n} ((medicine) study of congenital malformations)  :: teratologia {f}
teratology {n} ((toxicology) study of the mechanisms in bringing about malformations.)  :: teratologia {f}
terawatt-hour {n} (unit of electrical energy)  :: terawattora {m}
terbium {n} (chemical element)  :: terbio {m}
terbuthylazine {n} (selective herbicide)  :: terbutilazina {f}
tercet {n} (three-line stanza in a poem)  :: terzina {f}
terebrant {adj}  :: terebrante
teredo {n}  :: teredine {f}
Terence {prop} (male given name)  :: Terenzio
Teresa {prop} /təˈɹiː.sə/ (female given name)  :: Teresa {f}
Teresian {adj}  :: teresiano
terlipressin {n} (analogue of vasopressin)  :: terlipressina {f}
term {n} (one of the addends in a sum or in another mathematical operation)  :: termine {m}
term {n} (part of a year)  :: trimestre {m}
term {n} (period of time, time limit)  :: scadenza {f}
term {n} /tɝm/ (limitation, restriction or regulation)  :: termine {m}
term {n} (word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge)  :: termine {m}
termes {n} /ˈtɜːmiːz/ (a termite) SEE: termite  ::
terminal {n} /ˈtɚmɪnəl/ (airport building)  :: terminal {m}
terminate {v} /ˈtɝmɪneɪt/ (to end incompletely)  :: cessare, terminare
termination {n} /tɚmɪˈneɪʃən/ (ending up of a polypeptid chain)  :: terminazione
terminographer {n}  :: terminografo {m}
terminography {n}  :: terminografia {f}
terminology {n} (terms used in any business, art, etc)  :: terminologia {f}
terminology {n} /ˌtɚməˈnɑləd͡ʒi/ (doctrine of terms)  :: terminologia {f}
termite {n} /ˈtɜː(ɹ).maɪt/ (insect)  :: termite {m}
tern {n} /tɝn/ (bird of family Sternidae)  :: sterna {f}
ternary {adj} (Mathematics: Having three variables)  :: ternario
Terni {prop} (province)  :: Terni
Terni {prop} (town)  :: Terni {f}
Ternopol {prop} (Ternopil) SEE: Ternopil  ::
terpenic {adj}  :: terpenico
Terpsichore {prop} /ˌtəːpˈsɪkəɹi/ (Greek mythology: one of the nine muses)  :: Tersicore {f}
Terra {prop} (the Planet Earth) SEE: Earth  ::
terraced house {n} (type of house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
terra firma {n} /tɛɹəˈfɜːmə/ (land)  :: terraferma {f}
terraforming {n} (planetary engineering)  :: terraformazione {f}
terramare {n} /ˌtɛɹəˈmɑːɹɪ/ (prehistoric settlements of the Po valley)  :: terramare {f-p}, terremare {f-p}
Terramycin {n}  :: terramicina {f}
Terran {n} /ˈtɛ.ɹən/ (inhabitant of the Earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
terrarium {n} (an enclosure where very small animals are displayed)  :: terrario
terrestrial {adj} (of, relating to, or inhabiting the Earth or its inhabitants)  :: terrestre {m} {f}
Terrestrial {n} (inhabitant of the Earth) SEE: Earthling  ::
terrible {adj} /ˈtɛ.ɹə.bl̩/  :: terribile
terrific {adj} /təˈɹɪfɪk/ (frighteningly good)  :: eccezionale, stupendo
terrifying {adj} /ˈtɛɹɪfaɪ.ɪŋ/ (frightening or intimidating)  :: terrificante, terribile, spaventoso
territorial {adj} (of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area, or territory)  :: territoriale {m} {f}
territorialization {n} (the process of territorializing)  :: territorializzazione {f}
territorial waters {n} (belt of coastal waters)  :: acque territoriali {f-p}, mare territoriale {m}
territory {n} /ˈtɛɹɪˌtɔɹi/ (large tract of land)  :: territorio {m}
terror {n} /ˈtɛɚ/  :: terrore {m}
terrorise {v} (fill with terror)  :: terrorizzare
terrorism {n} /ˈtɛɹəɹɪzəm/ (use of terror as a means of coercion)  :: terrorismo {m}
terrorist {n} /ˈtɛɹəɹɪst/ (person who uses terror as a weapon in a political struggle)  :: terrorista {m} {f}
terrorize {v} /ˈtɛɹəɹaɪz/ (fill with terror)  :: terrorizzare
terry {n} /ˈtɛɹi/ (terry cloth) SEE: terry cloth  ::
terrycloth {n} (cotton fabric) SEE: terry cloth  ::
tersely {adv} (In a brief, concise, or to the point manner)  :: chiaramente, concisamente, succintamente, brevemente, sinteticamente, puntualmente
tertiary {adj} /ˈtɜː.ʃi.ə.ɹiː/ (third rank or order)  :: terziario
tertiary {n}  :: terziario {m}
Tertiary {adj} (of the first part of the Conzoic era)  :: terziario
Tertiary {prop} (first part of the Conzoic era)  :: terziario
tertiary alcohol {n} (alcohol R3C-OH)  :: alcol terziario {m}
tertile {n} (group)  :: terzile {m}
terza rima {n} /ˌtɝtsə ˈɹimə/ (arrangement of triplets rhyming aba bcb cdc)  :: terza rima {f}
tessellation {n} (polygon tessellation) SEE: polygon tessellation  ::
tessellation {n}  :: tessellazione, tassellazione
test {n} (academics: examination)  :: esame {m}
test {n} /tɛst/ (challenge, trial)  :: prova, verifica
test {v}  :: esaminare, provare, valutare, verificare
test {v} (to challenge)  :: testare, mettere alla prova
test {v} (to place a product or piece of equipment under everyday and/or extreme conditions)  :: testare
testament {n} (credo) SEE: credo  ::
testament {n} (part of the Bible)  :: testamento {m}
testament {n} /ˈtɛst.ə.mənt/ (document containing a person's will)  :: testamento {m}
testamentary {adj} (of or pertaining to a will or testament)  :: testamentario
testator {n} /tesˈteɪ.tɚ/ (One who dies having made a legally valid will)  :: testatore {m}
testicle {n} /ˈtɛstɪkəl/ (male sex gland)  :: testicolo {m}, coglione {m} [vulgar]
testicular {adj} /tɛsˈtɪkjələ/ (testicular)  :: testicolare
testimonial {n} (statement given under oath) SEE: testimony  ::
testimony {n} /ˈtɛstɪmoʊni/ (statement in court)  :: testimonianza {f}
testing {n} /ˈtɛstɪŋ/ (the act of conducting a test)  :: prova
testosterone {n} /tɛsˈtɒstəˌɹoʊn/ (steroid hormone)  :: testosterone {m}
test the waters {v} (explore or probe)  :: tastare il terreno
test tube {n} (glass tube)  :: provetta {f}
test tube baby {n} (a baby who was conceived by in vitro fertilisation)  :: figlio della provetta {m}
tetanus {n} /ˈtɛt̚nɨs/ (disease)  :: tetano {m}
tetany {n} (condition)  :: tetania {f}
tetchy {adj} /ˈtɛtʃi/ (easily annoyed or irritated)  :: suscettibile, permaloso, irascibile
tether {n} (a rope, cable etc. that holds something in place whilst allowing some movement)  :: cavezza {f}, guinzaglio {m}, briglia {f}, redine {f}
tether {n}  :: guinzaglio {m}
tether {n} (the limit of one's abilities, resources etc)  :: portata {f}, campo {m}
tether {v} (to restrict something with a tether)  :: imbrigliare, incatenare, tenere al guinzaglio
tetherball {n} (sport)  :: tetherball {m}
Tethys {prop} /ˈtɛθɪs/ (moon of Saturn)  :: Teti {m}
tetra {n} (fish)  :: tetra {m}
tetrabromide {n} (bromide containing four bromine atoms per molicule)  :: tetrabromuro {m}
tetrachloride {n} (choloride containing four chlorine atoms in each molicule)  :: tetracloruro {m}
tetraethyl {n} (four ethyl groups in a molicule)  :: tetraetile {m}
tetrafluoride {n} (chloride)  :: tetrafluoruro {m}
tetrafluoromethane {n} (carbon tetrafluoride)  :: tetrafluorometano {m}
Tetragrammaton {prop} (the four Hebrew letters יהוה used as the ineffable name of God)  :: tetragramma {m}
tetrahedral {adj} (pertaining to a tetrahedron)  :: tetraedrico
tetrahedron {n} /tɛtɹəˈhiːdɹən/ (polyhedron)  :: tetraedro {m}
tetrahydride {n} (tetrahydride)  :: tetraidruro {m}
tetrahydrocannabinol {n} /tɛtɹəhaɪdɹə(ʊ)ˈkænəbɪnɒl/ (THC)  :: tetraidrocannabinolo {m}
tetrahydrofolate {n} (coenzyme)  :: tetraidrofolato {m}
tetraiodide {n} (an iodide with four iodine atoms)  :: tetraioduro {m}
tetrakis hexahedron {n} (polyhedron with 24 triangular faces and 36 edges)  :: tetracisesaedro {m}
tetramethylammonium hydroxide {n}  :: idrossido di tetrametilammonio {m}
tetraplegic {n} (quadriplegic) SEE: quadriplegic  ::
tetrapod {n} (any vertebrate with four limbs) SEE: quadruped  ::
tetrapolar {adj} (having or relating to four poles)  :: tetrapolare
tetrapyrrole {n} (any of several natural pigments with four pyrrole rings)  :: tetrapirrolo {m}
tetrarchic {adj}  :: tetrarchico
tetrarchy {n} (government by four people)  :: tetrarchia {f}
Tetris {prop} /ˈtɛtɹɪs/ (game in which falling shapes must be manipulated)  :: Tetris
tetroxide {n} (oxide containing four oxygen atoms)  :: tetrossido {m}
Teutonic {adj} (having qualities regarded as typical of German people)  :: teutonico
Teutonic {adj} /ˌtjuːˈtɒn.ɪk/ (relating to the ancient Germanic people)  :: teutonico
Teutonic Knights {prop} (order)  :: Cavalieri Teutonici, Ordine Teutonico
Texan {adj} /ˈtɛksən/ (of or pertaining to Texas)  :: texano
Texan {n} (an inhabitant or a resident of Texas)  :: texano {m}
Texan tuxedo {n} (double denim) SEE: double denim  ::
texel {n} (image representing the smallest unit of a texture)  :: texel {m}
text {n} (a book, tome or other set of writings)  :: testo {m}
text {n} (a brief written message transmitted between mobile phones)  :: sms {m}
text {n} /tɛkst/ (a written passage)  :: testo {m}
text {v} (to send a text message to)  :: messaggiare
textbook {n} /ˈtɛkst.bʊk/ (formal manual of instruction)  :: libro di testo {m}
textual {adj} /ˈtɛk.stju.əl/ (of or pertaining to text)  :: testuale
textual criticism {n} (discipline for reconstructing old text forms)  :: critica testuale {f}
texture {n} /ˈtɛkstʃə(ɹ)/ (computer graphics: image applied to a polygon)  :: texture {f}
-th {suffix} /-θ/ (used to form the ordinal numeral)  :: -esimo, -to [4, 5, 6], -imo [7, 10]
Thai {adj} /taɪ/ (Of or pertaining to Thailand)  :: tailandese
Thai {n} (person from Thailand or of Thai origin)  :: tailandese, tailandesi {p}
Thai {prop} (language)  :: tailandese {m}, thailandese {m}
Thai boxing {n}  :: thai boxe, boxe thailandese
Thaification {n} (assimilation)  :: thaificazione {f}
Thailand {prop} /ˈtaɪ̯lænd/ (country in Southeast Asia)  :: Tailandia {f}, Thailandia {f}
Thais {prop} (female given name)  :: Taide, Taisia
thalamus {n} (botany:receptacle of a flower) SEE: receptacle  ::
thalamus {n} (thallus) SEE: thallus  ::
thalassotherapy {n} (medecine)  :: talassoterapia {f}
thallium {n} (chemical element)  :: tallio {m}
thallophyte {n} /ˈθæləfaɪt/ (plant consisting of thallus only)  :: tallofita {f}
thallus {n} /ˈθæl.əs/ (thallus)  :: tallo {m}
Thames {prop} /tɛmz/ (river through London)  :: Tamigi
than {prep} /ðæn/ (Introduces a comparison)  :: di, che
thanatology {n} /θanəˈtɒlədʒi/ (deathlore) SEE: deathlore  ::
thanatophobia {n} (fear of death)  :: tanatofobia {f}
Thanatos {n} /ˈθænəˌtɒs/ (Thanatos, the god of death)  :: Tanato {m}
Thanetian {prop}  :: Thanetiano
thank {v}  :: ringraziare
thank {v} /θæŋk/ (express gratitude or appreciation to someone)  :: ringraziare
thankful {adj} (showing thanks)  :: riconoscente, grato {m}
thankfully {adv} (fortunately)  :: fortunatamente
thank goodness {interj} (express gratitude)  :: meno male
thankless {adj} (ungrateful)  :: ingrato {m}, irriconoscente
thanks {interj} /θæŋks/ (used to express appreciation or gratitude)  :: grazie
thanks {n} (grateful feelings)  :: ringraziamento
thanks a million {phrase} (thanks a great many times)  :: grazie mille
Thanksgiving {prop} (Thanksgiving Day)  :: giorno del ringraziamento {m}
Thanksgiving Day {n} (Thanksgiving) SEE: Thanksgiving  ::
thanks to {prep} (because of)  :: grazie a
thank you {interj} /ˈθæŋk juː/ (an expression of gratitude)  :: grazie
thank you very much {phrase} (greater gratitude than "thank you")  :: tante grazie, grazie mille
that {conj} (connecting a clause indicating purpose ("final"))  :: perché
that {conj} /ˈðæt/ (connecting a noun clause)  :: che
that {determiner} (what is being indicated)  :: quello {m}, quella {f}
that {pron} (that thing)  :: quello {m}, quella {f}
that {pron} (which)  :: che
that being said {conj} (that said) SEE: that said  ::
Thatcherism {prop} (political ideology of Thatcher's governments)  :: thatcherismo {m}
Thatcherist {n} (proponent of Thatcherism) SEE: Thatcherite  ::
Thatcherite {adj} (supporting Thatcherism)  :: thatcheriano
Thatcherite {adj} /ˈθætʃəɹaɪt/ (of or relating to Thatcherism)  :: thatcheriano
Thatcherite {n} (advocate of Thatcherism)  :: thatcheriano {m}, thatcheriana {f}, thatcherista {m} {f}
that is {adv} (in other words)  :: cioè, cioè a dire
that is to say {adv} (in other words) SEE: that is  ::
that one {pron} (specified object)  :: quello
that said {phrase} (however)  :: ciò detto
that's all {phrase} (that's all)  :: tutto qui
that ship has sailed {phrase} (that opportunity is lost)  :: hai perso il treno
that's it {phrase} (There is nothing more to the issue)  :: è tutto, pace, amen
that's it {phrase} (Yes!, exactly!)  :: proprio, esattamente, esatto
that's life {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
that's that {phrase} (there is nothing more to say or to do concerning the matter!)  :: questo è, punto e basta
thaw {n} (a warmth of weather)  :: disgelo
thaw {n}  :: fusione {f}, scongelamento {m}
thaw {n} (the melting of ice, snow or other congealed matter)  :: disgelo
thaw {v} (to cause frozen things to melt, soften, or dissolve)  :: fondere, scongelare
thaw {v} /θɔː/ (to melt, dissolve, or become fluid)  :: fondersi, scongelarsi
the {article} /ði/ (article)  :: il {m}, lo {m}, la {f}, i {m-p}, gli {m-p}, le {f-p}
the {article} (used as an alternative to a possessive pronoun before body parts)  :: il {m}, lo {m}, la {f}, i {m-p}, gli {m-p}, le {f-p}
the {article} (used with the name of a member of a class to refer to all things in that class)  :: il {m}, lo {m}, la {f}, i {m-p}, gli {m-p}, le {f-p}
the {article} (with an adjectival noun, as in “the hungry” to mean “hungry people”)  :: i {m-p}, gli {m-p}, le {f-p}
the {article} (with a superlative)  :: il {m}, lo {m}, la {f}; i {m-p}, gli {m-p}, le {f-p}
theanine {n} (amino acid)  :: teanina {f}
theater {n} (cinema) SEE: cinema  ::
theater {n} (medicine: operating theatre) SEE: operating theatre  ::
theater {n} /ˈθi(ə)tɚ/ (place or building)  :: teatro {m}
theatre {n} /ˈθɪə.tɚ/ (theater) SEE: theater  ::
Theban {adj} (pertaining to Thebes)  :: tebano
the bee's knees {n} (something excellent, outstanding)  :: il meglio del meglio
the bends {n} (decompression sickness) SEE: decompression sickness  ::
Thebes {prop} /θibz/ (Any of two important cities in antiquity, either in Greece or Egypt.)  :: Tebe {f}
the bill, please {phrase} (the bill, please)  :: il conto, per favore
the cowl does not make the monk {proverb} (superficial trappings)  :: l’abito non fa il monaco
the die is cast {phrase} (the future is determined)  :: il dado è tratto
thee {pron} /ðiː/ (Objective case of 'thou')  :: [informal and addressing one person; used after a preposition] te, [informal and addressing one person; used before a verb] ti
thee {pron} (thou) SEE: thou  ::
the early bird catches the worm {proverb} (be motivated so you can accomplish what you want, in the morning) SEE: the early bird gets the worm  ::
the early bird gets the worm {proverb} (whoever arrives first has the best chance of success)  :: chi primo arriva meglio alloggia (he who arrives first, stays better), chi dorme non piglia pesci (he who sleeps doesn't catch any fish)
The End {n} (end of a story)  :: Fine {f}
the end justifies the means {proverb} (morally wrong actions are sometimes necessary)  :: il fine giustifica i mezzi
the ends justify the means {proverb} (the end justifies the means) SEE: the end justifies the means  ::
theft {n} /θɛft/ (act of stealing property)  :: furto {m}
the fuck {phrase} (vulgar: intensifier used after interrogative pronouns)  :: cazzo
the grass is always greener on the other side {proverb} (the others' circumstances seem more desirable)  :: l'erba del vicino è sempre più verde
The Hague {prop} /ðə ˈheɪɡ/ (Dutch city)  :: L'Aia {f}
the icing on the cake {n} (something that intensifies the appreciation of something else)  :: la ciliegina sulla torta {f} (the (little) cherry on the cake)
their {determiner} /ðɛɚ/ (belonging to them (plural))  :: il loro m sing, la loro f sg, i loro {m-p}, le loro {f-p}, loro
theirs {pron} /ðɛɚz/ (that which belongs to them)  :: il loro {m}, la loro {f}, i loro {m-p}, le loro {f-p}
the line is busy {phrase} (the line is busy)  :: la linea è occupata
them {pron} /ðɛm/  :: [after preposition] loro, [indirect object] loro, [colloquial] gli, [indirect object, emphatic] a loro, [indirect object with an imperative verb] loro, [colloquial; becomes glie- when used with a direct object] gli, [direct object] li {m}, le {f}, [direct object, emphatic] loro
thematic {adj} /θɪˈmætɪk/ (relating to, or having a theme or a topic)  :: tematico
thematically {adv} (in a thermatic manner)  :: tematicamente
theme {n} /θiːm/  :: tema {m}
theme song {n} (a song accompanying a program)  :: sigla {f}, sigla musicale {f}, intro {f}
the more the merrier {proverb} (it is more fun with more people)  :: più siamo meglio è
themselves {pron} /ðɛmˈsɛlvz/  :: essi stessi
then {adv} (at the same time; on the other hand)  :: allo stesso tempo
then {adv} /ðɛn/ (at that time)  :: allora
then {adv} (in that case)  :: allora
then {adv} (next in order)  :: poi, quindi
then {adv} (soon afterward)  :: poi, quindi
then {n}  :: allora
the night is young {phrase} (It's not very late)  :: la notte è giovane
Theobald {prop} /ˈtɪbəɫd/ (male given name)  :: Teobaldo
theobromine {n} (alkaloid)  :: teobromina {f}
theocentric {adj} /θiːəʊˈsɛntɹɪk/ (having God as main focus)  :: teocentrico
theodicy {n} /θiːˈɒd.ɪ.si/ (a justification of a deity)  :: teodicea
theodolite {n} (instrument)  :: teodolite {m}
Theodora {prop} (female given name)  :: Teodora
Theodore {prop} (male given name)  :: Teodoro
Theodosia {prop} (female given name)  :: Teodosia
Theodosia {prop} (Feodosiya) SEE: Feodosiya  ::
Theodosius {prop} (male given name)  :: Teodosio
theogony {n} /θɪˈɑːɡənɪ/ (origination of gods or a narrative describing the origin of gods)  :: teogonia {f}
theologian {n} /θi.əˈloʊdʒən/ (one who studies theology)  :: teologo {m}
theologic {adj} (theological) SEE: theological  ::
theological {adj} (of or relating to theology)  :: teologico {m}, teologica {f}
theologist {n} (theologian) SEE: theologian  ::
theology {n} /θi.ˈɒ.lə.dʒi/ (study of God, or a god, or gods)  :: teologia {f}
the one {n} (particularly special or compatible person or thing)  :: quello scelto {m}, quella scelta {f}
theonym {n} (name of a god)  :: teonimo {m}
theophany {n} /θiːˈɒfəni/ (a visible manifestation of a deity)  :: teofania {f}
Theophilus {prop} (biblical character)  :: Teofilo
Theophilus {prop} (male given name)  :: Teofilo
theorbo {n} /θi.ˈɔɹ.boʊ/ (theorbo)  :: chitarrone {m}, tiorba {f}
theorem {n} /ˈθiɹəm/ (proved mathematical statement)  :: teorema {m}
theoretical {adj} /ˌθi.əˈɹɛtɪkl/ (of or relating to theory)  :: teorico
theoretically {adv} (in theory)  :: teoricamente
theoretician {n} (expert in the theory of a science or art)  :: teorico, teorizzatore {m}
theorist {n} /ˈθɪəɹɪst/ (someone who constructs theories)  :: teorico {m}
theorization {n} (theorisation) SEE: theorisation  ::
theory {n} (a field of study in mathematics)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} (an unproven conjecture)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} (in logic: a set of axioms and all statements derivable from them)  :: teoria {f}
theory {n}  :: teoria {f}
theory {n} /ˈθɪəɹi/ (a coherent set of statements attempting to explain observed phenomena)  :: teoria
theosophic {adj} /ˌθi.əˈsɑ.fɪk/ (of, or relating to theosophy)  :: teosofico
theosophy {n} /θi.ˈɒs.ə.fi]/ (doctrine of religious philosophy and mysticism)  :: teosofia {f}
the pen is mightier than the sword {proverb} (more power can achieved writing than fighting)  :: ne uccide più la penna della spada, la penna ferisce più della spada
therapeutic {adj} /θɛɹəˈpjuːtɪk/ (of, or relating to therapy)  :: terapèutico
therapeutical {adj} (therapeutic) SEE: therapeutic  ::
therapist {n} (one who provides therapy)  :: terapista {m} {f}
therapy {n} /ˈθɛɹ.ə.pi/ (treatment of disease)  :: terapia
there {adv} /ðɛɚ/ (in or at that place)  :: , , ivi
there {adv} (to or into that place; thither)  :: ci, vi
thereabout {adv} (near that place, time, or date)  :: nei pressi, nei dintorni, nelle vicinanze
there are {phrase}  :: ci sono
there be {phrase} (to exist)  :: esserci
thereby {adv} /ðɛɹˈbaɪ/ (by that)  :: in tal modo
therefor {adv} /ðɛəɹˈfɔɹ/ (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
therefore {adv} (consequently; by consequence)  :: dunque
therefore {adv} /ˈðɛəɹfɔɹ/ (for that or this reason; for that)  :: quindi, dunque, perciò
therefore {adv}  :: dunque, quindi, per questo
there is {phrase} (third-person singular simple present indicative form of there be)  :: c’è, [plural] ci sono
there is an exception to every rule {proverb} (every rule has an exception)  :: ogni regola ha la sua eccezione.
theremin {n} /ˈθɛɐ.ɹəˌmɪn/ (electronic musical instrument)  :: theremin {m}
thereof {adv} /ðɛˈɹʌv/ (of this, that or it)  :: ne
Theresa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Teresa  ::
there's many a slip twixt cup and lip {proverb} (in any situation something can always go wrong)  :: tra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare
there's more than one way to skin a cat {proverb} (a problem generally has more than one solution)  :: c'è più di un modo di scuoiare un gatto
there's no place like home {proverb} (one feels most comfortable at home)  :: dove si nasce, ogni erba pasce
there you go {phrase} (here you are) SEE: here you are  ::
therio- {prefix} /ˈθɪəɹɪə(ʊ)/ (Forming compound words having the sense of "wild animal")  :: terio-
thermal {adj} (caused, brought about by heat)  :: termico
thermal {adj} (pertaining to heat or temperature)  :: termico
thermal {n} /ˈθɝməl/ (column of rising air)  :: corrente ascensionale
thermal imaging {n} (thermography) SEE: thermography  ::
thermalism {n} (therapeutic use of hot-water springs)  :: termalismo {m}
thermalization {n} (The process of reaching thermal equilibrium)  :: termalizzazione {f}
thermal paste {n} (thermal grease) SEE: thermal grease  ::
thermal spring {n} (hot spring) SEE: hot spring  ::
thermal underwear {n} (long underwear) SEE: long underwear  ::
thermic {adj} /ˈθɜː(ɹ)mɪk/ (related to heat)  :: termico
Thermidor {prop} /ˈθɝmədɔɹ/ (the eleventh month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: termidoro {m}
thermionic {adj} (concerning the emission of electrons from a heated electrode)  :: termoionico
thermoballistic {adj}  :: termobalistico
thermochemical {adj} (pertaining to thermochemistry)  :: termochimico
thermochemistry {n} (the study of the thermodynamics of chemical reactions)  :: termochimica {f}
thermochromatic {adj}  :: termocromatico
thermocoagulation {n} (coagulation by means of heat)  :: termocoagulazione {f}
thermocouple {n} (a transducer consisting of two different metals welded together at each end)  :: termocoppia {f}
thermodesorber {n}  :: termodesorbitore {m}
thermodesorption {n}  :: termodesorbimento {m}
thermodynamic {adj} (relating to the conversion of heat)  :: termodinamico
thermodynamic {adj} (relating to thermodynamics)  :: termodinamico
thermodynamic equilibrium {n} (state of equal temperature)  :: equilibrio termodinamico {m}
thermoelectric {adj} (of, pertaining to, or exhibiting thermoelectricity)  :: termoelettrico
thermoelectricity {n} (physics: direct conversion of heat into electricity)  :: termoelettricità {f}
thermojet {n} (motorjet) SEE: motorjet  ::
thermologist {n} (one who practices thermology)  :: termogista {m} {f}
thermometer {n} /θɚˈmɑmɪtɚ/ (apparatus used to measure temperature)  :: termometro {m}
thermonuclear {adj} (of, or relating to the fusion of atomic nuclei at high temperatures)  :: termonucleare
thermophile {n} (organism that lives and thrives at relative high temperatures)  :: termofilo
Thermopylae {prop} /θəɹˈmɒpɨliː/ (narrow pass in eastern Greece)  :: Termopili {f-p}
thermoregulation {n} (the maintenance of a constant internal temperature of an organism)  :: termoregolazione {f}
thermos {n} (vacuum flask)  :: termos {m}
thermosphere {n} (layer of the Earth's atmosphere)  :: termosfera {f}
thermostatistics {n} (application of statistical methods to thermodynamics)  :: termostatistica {f}
thermotropism {n} (thermotropic movement of a plant or plant part)  :: termotropismo {m}
thermovoltaic {adj} (thermoelectric)  :: termovoltaico
the road to hell is paved with good intentions {proverb} (well-intended acts can lead to disasters)  :: la strada per l'inferno è lastricata di buone intenzioni, di buone intenzioni è lastricata la via per l'inferno, di buone intenzioni è lastricato l'inferno
thesaurus {n} /θɪˈsɔːɹəs/ (book of synonyms)  :: dizionario dei sinonimi, tesoro {m}
these {determiner} /ðiːz/ (plural of this)  :: questi
these {determiner}  :: questi
these {pron} (plural of this)  :: questi {m-p}
these days {adv} (currently)  :: oggidì
Theseus {prop} (hero)  :: Teseo
the shoemaker's children go barefoot {proverb} (one often neglects those closest to oneself)  :: in casa del ciabattino le scarpe sono sfondate (in a shoemaker's house shoes are broken), il figlio del calzolaio va in giro con le scarpe rotte (the shoemaker's son gets around with broken shoes), il calzolaio ha le scarpe rotte (the shoemaker has broken shoes), il sarto va con i calzoni strappati (the tailor gets around with ripped trousers)
thesis {n} (written essay submitted for a university degree)  :: tesi {f}
thesis {n} /ˈθiːsɪs/ (statement supported by arguments)  :: tesi {f}, tema {f}
the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak {proverb} (achieving something is made impossible by frailty)  :: lo spirito è pronto, ma la carne è stanca
Thessalonians {prop} (books of the Bible)  :: Tessalonicesi
Thessaloniki {prop} (city in Greece)  :: Salonicco {f}
Thessaly {prop} /ˈθesəli/ (region of Greece)  :: Tessaglia {f}
the straw that broke the camel's back {n} (The small additional burden which causes failure)  :: la goccia che fa traboccare il vaso [the drop of water that makes the glass overflow]
thetic {adj} (dogmatic)  :: tetico
thetic {adj} (pertaining to a thesis)  :: tetico
Thetis {prop} /ˈθɛtɪs/ (the mother of Achilles)  :: Teti {f}
the whole while {n} (always)  :: sempre
they {pron} /ðeɪ/ (third-person plural pronoun)  :: essi, loro
they {pron} (one, people, some people)  :: si
thiazidic {adj} (of or pertaining to a thiazide)  :: tiazidico
thiazole {n} (class of unsaturated heterocyclic compounds)  :: tiazolo
thick {adj} (heavy in build)  :: pesante
thick {adj} /θɪk/ (relatively great in extent from one surface to another)  :: spesso
thick {n} (most active or intense part of something)  :: folto {m}
thick {n}  :: tonto
thick as thieves {adj} (intimate, close-knit)  :: culo e camicia, pappa e ciccia
thickening {n} (a substance, usually a source of starch, used to thicken a sauce)  :: addensante {m} {f}
thickening {n} (the process of making something, or becoming, thick or viscous)  :: ispessimento {m}
thicket {n} (copse)  :: boscaglia {f}, fratta {f}, macchia {f}, boschetto {m}, roveto {m}, ammasso {m}
thief {n} /θiːf/ (one who carries out theft)  :: ladro {m}, ladra {f}
thieve {v} /θiːv/ (commit theft)  :: rubare
thigh {n} /θaɪ/ (upper leg)  :: coscia {f}
thighbone {n} (femur)  :: femore {m}
thimble {n} (rings used in a ship's rigging)  :: redancia {f}
thimble {n} /ˈθɪmbəl/ (a protective cap for the finger)  :: ditale {m}
thin {adj} (having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt)  :: magro, sottile, emaciato {m}, consunto {m}
thin {adj}  :: sottile, magro
thin {adj} (very narrow in all diameters; having a cross section that is small in all directions)  :: sottile
thin {adj} /ˈθɪn/ (having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite)  :: sottile, fine
thine {determiner} /ðaɪn/ (possessive determiner)  :: tuo {m}, tua {f}, tuoi {m-p}, tue {f-p}
thine {pron} (possessive pronoun)  :: il tuo {m}{s}, la tua {f}{s}, i tuoi {m} {p}, le tue
thing {n} (penis)  :: coso {m}
thing {n} /θɪŋ/ (that which is considered to exist as a separate entity, object, quality or concept)  :: cosa {f}
Thing {n} /θɪŋ/ (public assembly)  :: ting, thing
thingamajig {n} (something that one does not know the name of)  :: coso
thingamajigger {n} (something that one does not know the name of)  :: coso
thingummy {n} /ˈθɪŋəmi/ (thingy) SEE: thingy  ::
thingy {n} /ˈθɪŋi/ (a thing)  :: coso, qualcosa
think {v} (be of the opinion that)  :: credere, pensare
think {v} (communicate to oneself in one’s mind)  :: pensare, riflettere
think {v} (consider, judge, regard something as)  :: considerare, trovare
think {v} (guess, reckon)  :: credere, pensare, supporre
think {v} /θɪŋk/ (to ponder, to go over in one's head)  :: cogitare
thinker {n} /ˈθɪŋ.kɚ/ (intellectual)  :: pensatore
think nothing of it {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
think of {v} (think) SEE: think  ::
think up {v} (create in one's mind; invent)  :: ideare, inventare
thin-skinned {adj} (overly sensitive to criticism)  :: permaloso
thioacid {n} (acid formally derived from an oxyacid)  :: tioacido {m}
thioaldehyde {n} (analogue of aldehyde)  :: tioaldeide {m}
thiocyanate {n} (salt of ester of thiocyanic acid)  :: tiocianato {m}
thioether {n} (analogue of an ether in which the oxygen has been replaced by sulfur)  :: tioetere {m}
thiolic {adj} (of or pertaining to a thiol)  :: tiolico
thiophene {n} (aromatic heterocyclic compound)  :: tiofene {m}
thiosulfate {n} (salt or ester of thiosulfuric acid)  :: tiosolfato {m}
thiosulphate {n} /θaɪə(ʊ)ˈsʌlfeɪt/ (thiosulfate) SEE: thiosulfate  ::
third {adj} /θɝd/ (the ordinal form of the cardinal number three)  :: terzo {m}, terza {f}, terzo {m} [in names of monarchs and popes], terza {f} [after the name; abbreviation III]
third {n} (interval)  :: terza {f}
third {n} (one of three equal parts of a whole)  :: terzo {m}
third {n} (person or thing in the third position)  :: terzo {m} {f}
third {n} (third gear) SEE: third gear  ::
third {v} (divide into three parts)  :: atterzare
third person {n} (law: third party) SEE: third party  ::
third person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is not the audience or the one making the statement)  :: terza persona {f}
Third Reich {prop} (Germany under the Nazi regime)  :: terzo Reich {m}
Third-Worldism {n}  :: terzomondismo {m}
Third-Worldist {adj}  :: terzomondista
Third World War {prop} (World War III) SEE: World War III  ::
thirst {n} (figuratively)  :: avidità {f}, sete {f}
thirst {n} /θɝst/ (dryness)  :: sete {f}
thirst {v} (to be thirsty)  :: avere sete
thirsty {adj} /ˈθɜː(ɹ)st.i/ (needing to drink)  :: assetato
thirteen {num} /ˈθɝ.tin/ (the cardinal number occurring after twelve and before fourteen)  :: tredici {m}
thirteenth {adj} /ˌθɝˈtiːnθ/ (13th)  :: tredicesimo {m}, tredicesima {f}, (abbreviations 13º {m}, 13ª {f}); (in names of monarchs and popes) tredicesimo {m}, tredicesima {f} (after the name) (abbreviation XIII)
thirteenth {n} (one of thirteen equal parts of a whole)  :: tredicesimo {m}
thirteenth {n} (something in the thirteenth position)  :: tredicesimo {m}, tredicesima {f}
thirtieth {adj} /ˈθɝti.əθ/ (the ordinal form of the number thirty)  :: trentesimo {m}, trentesima {f} (abbreviations 30º {m}, 30ª {f})
thirtieth {n} (one of thirty equal parts of a whole)  :: trentesimo
thirtieth {n} (the person or thing in the thirtieth position)  :: trentesimo {m}, trentesima {f}
thirty {num} /ˈθɝti/ (cardinal number)  :: trenta
thirty-eight {num} (38)  :: trentotto
thirty-fifth {n} (35th part)  :: trentacinquesimo
thirty-fifth {num} (35th)  :: trentacinquesimo
thirty-five {num} (35)  :: trentacinque
thirty-four {num} (34)  :: trentaquattro
thirty-nine {num} (39)  :: trentanove
thirty-one {num} (31)  :: trentuno
thirty-second note {n} (demisemiquaver) SEE: demisemiquaver  ::
thirty-seven {num} (37)  :: trentasette
thirty-six {num} (36)  :: trentasei
thirtysomething {n} (tricenarian) SEE: tricenarian  ::
thirty-three {n} (phonograph record)  ::  ; trentatré giri {m}
thirty-three {num} (33)  :: trentatrè
thirty-two {num} (32)  :: trentadue
this {determiner} /ðɪs/ (the (thing) here)  :: questo {m}, questa {f}, sto {m}, sta {f}
this {pron} (The thing, item, etc. being indicated)  :: questo {m}, questa {f}
this evening {adv} (during the evening of today)  :: stasera
this morning {n} /ðɪs ˈmɔɹnɪŋ/ (during the morning of today)  :: stamattina, stamani
this one {pron} (a specified object)  :: questo
thistle {n} /θɪsl̩/ (plant)  :: cardo {m}
this way {n} (as follows) SEE: as follows  ::
this year {adv} (during the current year)  :: quest'anno, uguanno
thole {n} /θoʊl/ (pin for oars)  :: scalmo {m}
Thomas {prop} (given name)  :: Tommaso
Thomas {prop} /ˈtɑm.əs/ (biblical Apostle)  :: Tommaso {m}
Thomism {n} (the philosophy and theology of Thomas Aquinas)  :: tomismo {m}
Thomson {prop} (surname)  :: Di Tommaso, Tommasi
thong {n} (footwear)  :: infradito {m}, ciabatta {f}
thong {n} (G-string) SEE: G-string  ::
thong {n} /θɒŋ/ (leather strip)  :: cinghia {f}, correggia {f}, laccio {m}
thoracic {adj} (of the thorax)  :: toracico
thoracic cage {n} (rib cage) SEE: rib cage  ::
thoracic vertebra {n} (any vertebrae in the chest region)  :: vertebra toracica {f}, vertebra dorsale {f}
thoracic wall {n} (chest wall) SEE: chest wall  ::
thorium {n} (chemical element)  :: torio {m}
thorn {n} /θɔɹn/ (sharp protective spine of a plant)  :: spina {f}, aculeo
thorn in someone's side {n} (thorn in someone's side)  :: spina nel fianco
thorny {adj} (troublesome)  :: spinoso
thorny {adj} /ˈθɔɹni/ (having thorns)  :: spinoso {m}
thorough {adj} (utter; complete; absolute)  :: totale, completo
thorough {adj} /ˈθʌ.ɹoʊ/ (detailed)  :: minuzioso {m}, accurato {m}
thoroughly {adv} /θɜːɹ.ə.liː/ (in a thorough or complete manner)  :: completamente, totalmente, assolutamente
thorp {n} (a hamlet, a village)  :: villaggio {m}
those {determiner} /ðoʊz/ (plural of that)  :: quelle {f}, quei {m-p}, quegli {m-p}
those who can't use their head must use their back {proverb}  :: chi non ha testa abbia gambe
thou {pron} /ðaʊ/ (singular informal form of "you")  :: tu
thou {v} (to address someone using the informal second-person singular pronoun)  :: dare del tu
though {adv} /ðoʊ/ (however)  :: comunque, nonostante, in ogni caso, ad ogni modo
though {conj} (although)  :: anche se
thought {n} (the state or condition of thinking)  :: pensiero {m}
thought {n} /θɔt/ (form created in the mind)  :: idea {f}
thought experiment {n} (attempt to solve a problem using human imagination)  :: esperimento mentale {m}
thoughtful {adj} (demonstrating kindness or consideration)  :: premuroso
thoughtful {adj} /ˈθɔt.f(ə)l/ (demonstrating thought or careful consideration)  :: pensieroso
thought police {n} (a group that aims to control what other people think)  :: psicopolizia {f}
thousand {num} /ˈθaʊz(ə)nd/ (cardinal number 1000)  :: mille {m}
thousandfold {adj} /ˈθaʊzəndfəʊld/ (Repeated a thousand times)  :: millecuplo {m}, millecupla {f}
thousand one {num} (one thousand plus one)  :: mille uno
thousand one {num} (thousand-first)  :: millunesimo [for things in a sequence], mille uno
thousandth {adj} /ˈθaʊznθ/ (ordinal form of 1000)  :: millesimo (abbreviations 1000º {m}, 1000ª {f}, 1.000º {m}, 1.000ª {f})
thousandth {n} (one of a thousand equal parts of a whole)  :: millesimo {m}
thousandth {n} (the person or thing in the thousandth position)  :: millesimo {m}, millesima {f}
Thrace {prop} /θɹeɪs/ (historical and geographic area in southeast Europe)  :: Tracia {f}
thrall {n} /θɹɔl/ (one who is enslaved)  :: essere schiavo
thrash {v} (to defeat utterly)  :: annientare
thrash {v} (to thresh) SEE: thresh  ::
thrash {v} /θɹæʃ/ (to beat mercilessly)  :: infierire, sferzare, percuotere
thread {n} (a screw thread) SEE: screw thread  ::
thread {n} (a theme or idea)  :: filo {m}, filo conduttore {m}
thread {n} ((Internet): a series of messages)  :: forum {m}
thread {n} /θɹɛd/ (long, thin and flexible form of material)  :: filo {m}, refe {m}
Threadneedle Street {prop} (Bank of England) SEE: Bank of England  ::
threads {n} (clothes) SEE: clothes  ::
threads {n} /θɹɛdz/ (thread) SEE: thread  ::
threadworm {n} (pinworm) SEE: pinworm  ::
threat {n} (indication of imminent danger)  :: minaccia {f}
threat {n} (person regarded as a danger)  :: minaccia {f}
threat {n} /θɹɛt/ (expression of intent to injure or punish another)  :: minaccia {f}
threaten {v}  :: minacciare
threaten {v} /ˈθɹɛt.n̩/ (to make a threat against someone; to use threats)  :: minacciare
threateningly {adv} (In a threatening manner)  :: minacciosamente
three {n} (digit/figure 3)  :: tre
three {num} /θɹi/ (cardinal number 3)  :: tre
threefold {adj} (three times as great)  :: triplo {m}
threefold {adj} (triple)  :: triplo {m}
threefold {adv} (by a factor of three)  :: tripletta {f}
three fourths {num} (3/4)  :: tre quarti
three hundred {num} /ˈθɹiː ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 300)  :: trecento {m}
three of a kind {n} (hand with three cards of the same rank)  :: tris
three-piece suit {n} (suit consisting of matching jacket, trousers and waistcoat)  :: completo {m}
three-pronged {adj} (having three prongs)  :: triforcuto
three-quarter {n}  :: trequarti {m}
three-quarter back {n} (rugby position)  :: trequarti {m}
three quarters {num} (3/4)  :: tre quarti
threesome {n} /ˈθɹiːsəm/ (a group of three people)  :: trio {m}
three thousand {num} (3,000)  :: tremila
threonine {n} (an essential amino acid)  :: treonina {f}
thresh {v} /θɹɛʃ/ (to separate the grain from the straw or husks)  :: trebbiare
thresher shark {n} (any of three species of sharks)  :: squalo volpe {m}
threshing floor {n} (floor of a threshing house)  :: aia {f}
threshold {n} (entrance)  :: soglia di casa {f}, entrata {f}, uscio {m}
threshold {n} (point at which an action is triggered)  :: soglia
threshold {n}  :: soglia {f}
threshold {n} /ˈθɹɛʃhoʊld/ (bottom-most part of a doorway)  :: soglia {m}
thrice {adv} /θɹaɪs/ (three times, see also: three; time)  :: tre volte
thrift {n} /θɹɪft/ (characteristic of using a minimum of something)  :: parsimonia, frugalità, risparmio, economia
thriftiness {n} (the property of being thrifty)  :: parsimonia {f}
thrifty {adj}  :: economico {m}
thrifty {adj} /ˈθɹɪfti/ (given to, or evincing, thrift)  :: parsimonioso
thriller {n} (a suspenseful, sensational genre of fiction)  :: thriller {m}
thrip {n} (insect in the order Thysanoptera) SEE: thrips  ::
thrive {v} (to prosper by industry)  :: prosperare, fiorire
thrive {v} /θɹaɪv/ (to increase in bulk or stature)  :: prosperare
throat {n}  :: gola {f}
throat {n} (station throat) SEE: station throat  ::
throat {n} /ˈθɹoʊt/ (front part of the neck)  :: gola {f}
throat back {n} (electrolarynx) SEE: electrolarynx  ::
throb {n} (beating, vibration or palpitation)  :: battito {m}, palpito {m}, pulsazione {f}
throb {v} (to vibrate or pulsate with a steady rhythm)  :: pulsare
throb {v} /θɹɒb/ (to pound or beat rapidly or violently)  :: battere, picchiare
thrombocyte {n} (platelet) SEE: platelet  ::
thrombocytopenia {n} (abnormally low platelet count)  :: piastrinopenia
thromboembolic {adj} (of or pertaining to a thromboembolism)  :: tromboembolico
thrombogenesis {n} (the formation of clots)  :: trombogenesi {f}
thrombosis {n} /θɹɑmˈboʊsɪs/ (formation of thrombi, causing obstruction of circulation)  :: trombosi {f}
thrombus {n} (blood clot formed in blood vessels that leads to thrombosis)  :: trombosi {f}
throne {n} (lavatory or toilet)  :: trono {m}
throne {n} (third highest order of angel)  :: trono {m}
throne {n} /θɹəʊn/ (ornate seat)  :: trono {m}
throne {v} (enthrone) SEE: enthrone  ::
throne room {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
throng {n} /θɹɔŋ/ (group of people)  :: calca {f}
throttle {n} (the lever or pedal that controls this valve)  :: pedale {m}, manetta {f}
throttle {n} /ˈθɹɒtəl/ (a valve)  :: acceleratore {m}
throttle {v} (to cut back speed)  :: rallentare
throttle {v} (to strangle someone)  :: soffocare
through {n} (From one side to the other)  :: attraverso
through {prep}  :: attraverso
through {prep} /θɹuː/ (from one side of an opening to the other)  :: attraverso
throughout {prep} /θɹuːˈaʊt/ (in every part of; all through)  :: in ogni parte, dappertutto
throw {v} /θɹoʊ/ (to cause an object to move rapidly through the air)  :: gettare, lanciare, tirare
throw away {v} (discard or dispose of)  :: buttare via
throw-away {adj} (designed to be thrown away)  :: usa e getta, monouso
throwback {n} /ˈθɹoʊ.bæk/ (atavism) SEE: atavism  ::
throw in the towel {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up)  :: gettare la spugna, gettare le armi
throw out {v} (dismiss or expel someone from duty or attending)  :: buttare via
throw the baby out with the bathwater {v} /θɹəʊ ðə ˈbeɪbi aʊt wɪð ðə bɑːθˈwɔːtə(ɹ)/ ((idiomatic) to discard something valuable)  :: buttare il bambino con l'acqua sporca
throw up {v} (to vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
throw up one's hands {v} ((idiomatic) to quit; to give up) SEE: throw in the towel  ::
thru {prep} /θɹuː/ (through) SEE: through  ::
thrum {n} /θɹʌm/ (short piece of yarn)  :: filaccia {f}
thrush {n} /θɹʌʃ/ (one of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae)  :: tordo {m}
thrust {n} (force due to propulsion)  :: spinta {f}
thrust {n} /θɹʌst/ (an attack with a sword)  :: stoccata
thud {n} /ˈθʌd/ (the sound of a dull impact)  :: tonfo {m}
thug {n} /θʌɡ/ (someone who treats others violently or roughly)  :: delinquente {m}, teppista {m} {f}
thulium {n} (chemical element)  :: tulio {m}
thumb {n} /θʌm/ (digit)  :: pollice {m}, dito grosso {m}
thumb-a-war {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
Thumbelina {prop} /ˌθʌmbəˈliːnə/ (a thumb-sized girl, the main character of a fairy tale)  :: Mignolina {f}, Pollicina {f}
thumbnail {n} /ˈθʌmneɪl/ (small picture)  :: anteprima {f}
thumb one's nose {v} (to place a thumb upon the tip of the nose in a gesture of disrespect)  :: fare marameo
thumbtack {n} /ˈθʌm.tæk/ (nail-like tack)  :: puntina {f}
thumb wrestle {n} (thumb war) SEE: thumb war  ::
thunder {n} /ˈθʌn.dɚ/ (sound caused by lightning)  :: tuono {m}
thunder {v} (to make a noise like thunder)  :: tuonare
thunderbolt {n} (flash of lightning accompanied by thunder)  :: fulmine, folgore, saetta, lampo
thunderstorm {n} /ˈθʌn.ə(ɹ)ˌstɔː(ɹ)m/ (storm with thunder and lightning)  :: temporale {m}
Thurgau {prop} (Canton)  :: Canton Turgovia
thurible {n} /ˈθjʊəɹɪbəl/ (censer) SEE: censer  ::
Thuringia {prop} (state)  :: Turingia
Thuringian {n} /θjʊˈɹɪndʒɪən/ (a native or inhabitant of Thuringia)  :: turingese {m} {f}
Thursday {n} /ˈθɝzdi/ (day of the week)  :: giovedì {m}
thus {adv} (as a result)  :: quindi, perciò, dunque, pertanto
thus {adv} /ˈðʌs/ (in this way or manner)  :: così
thus and so {adj} (in such a way)  :: così e così, in questo modo, in quel modo, in questa maniera, in quella maniera
thus and so {n} (generic thing)  :: tal dei tali {m}
thus far {adv} (so far)  :: finora, fino ad ora
thwart {n} (seat attached to both sides of a boat)  :: arcaccia {f}
thwart {v} /θwɔː(ɹ)t/ (to prevent; to halt; to cause failure)  :: sventare
thy {determiner} /ðaɪ/ (possessive determiner)  :: tuo
thy {determiner}  :: tuo
thylakoid {n} (membrane within plant chloroplasts)  :: tilacoide {m}
thyme {n} /taɪm/ (plant of the genus Thymus)  :: timo {m}
thymine {n} /ˈθaɪmɪn/ (a base which appears in DNA)  :: timina {f}
thymosin {n}  :: timosina {f}
thymus {n} /ˈθaɪməs/ (ductless gland located behind the breastbone)  :: timo {m}
thyroid {adj} (referring to the gland situated in the neck)  :: tiroide
thyroid {n} (thyroid cartilage) SEE: thyroid cartilage  ::
thyroid {n} /ˈθaɪɹɔɪd/ (thyroid gland) SEE: thyroid gland  ::
thyroxine {n} (the hormone)  :: tiroxina {f}
thyrsus {n} /ˈθɜːsəs/ (staff)  :: tirso {m}
thysanuran {n} (species of order Thysanura)  :: tisanuro
ti {n} /tiː/ (seventh note of a major scale) SEE: si  ::
Tianjin {prop} (a city of China)  :: Tientsin {m}, Tianjin {m}
tiara {n} (papal crown)  :: tiara {f}
Tiber {prop} /ˈtaɪbəɹ/ (river)  :: Tevere {m}
Tiberius {prop} /tɪˈbɛɹiʊs/ (given name)  :: Tiberio {m}
Tibet {prop} /tɪˈbet/ (region in Central Asia)  :: Tibet {m}
Tibetan fox {n} (Vulpes ferrilata)  :: volpe tibetana
Tibetan Mastiff {n} (Tibetan Mastiff)  :: mastino tibetano {m}
Tibetological {adj} (relating to Tibetology)  :: tibetologico
Tibet Plateau {prop} (Tibetan Plateau) SEE: Tibetan Plateau  ::
tibia {n} (bone of the leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tibia {n} (segment of insect's leg) SEE: shinbone  ::
tibial {adj} (Of or pertaining to a tibia)  :: tibiale {m} {f}
tibicen {n} /tɪˈbaɪsɪn/ (flute-player) SEE: flautist  ::
Ticino {prop} (a canton of Switzerland)  :: Canton Ticino {m}
tick {n} (checkmark)  :: segno di spunta {m}
tick {n} /tɪk/ (arachnid)  :: zecca {f}
tick {n} (unit of time defined by timer frequency) SEE: jiffy  ::
ticket {n}  :: [1,2] biglietto {m}, multa {f}, [3] contravvenzione {f}
ticket {n} (pass for transportation)  :: biglietto {m}
ticket {n} /ˈtɪkɪt/ (admission to entertainment)  :: biglietto {m}
ticket collector {n} (ticket validity checker) SEE: ticket inspector  ::
ticketing {n} (issuing or selling of tickets)  :: bigliettazione {f}
ticket inspector {n} (person who checks passengers have a valid ticket)  :: bigliettaio {m}
ticket office {n} (an office where tickets may be purchased)  :: biglietteria {f}
ticket stamping machine {n} (ticket validating machine)  :: obliteratrice {f}
ticking {n} (a strong cotton or linen fabric)  :: traliccio {m}, vergatino {m}
tickle {v} (to touch in a manner that causes tingling sensation)  :: solleticare, titillare
ticklish {adj} /ˈtɪk(ə)lɪʃ/ (sensitive or susceptible to tickling)  :: solleticoso
tidal {adj} /ˈtaɪd(ə)l/ (relating to tides)  :: di marea
tidal island {n} (piece of land that is connected to the mainland at low tide but separated at high tide)  :: isola tidale {f}
tidal wave {n} (figurative: sudden, powerful surge)  :: marea {f}
tidal wave {n} /ˈtaɪdəlweɪv/ (large and sudden rise and fall in the tide)  :: onda di marea
tidal wave {n} (tsunami)  :: maremoto {m}, tsunami
tidbit {n} (a tasty morsel of food)  :: bocconcino {m}, leccornia {f}
tiddlywinks {n} (game in which the objective is to shoot winks into a cup)  :: giuoco della pulce
tide {n} (high tide) SEE: high tide  ::
tide {n} (low tide) SEE: low tide  ::
tide {n} /taɪd/ (periodic change of sea level)  :: marea {f}
tidiness {n} (the quality of being tidy)  :: compostezza {f}
tiding {n} (news, new information)  :: notizie {f-p}, novità {f}
tidy {adj} /ˈtaɪdi/ (arranged neatly)  :: ordinato {m}
tie {n} (sleeper) SEE: sleeper  ::
tie {n} (strong connection between people)  :: legame {m}, vincolo {m}
tie {n} /taɪ/ (necktie) SEE: necktie  ::
tie {n} (tie score)  :: pareggio {m}
tie {v} (to attach or fasten with string)  :: legare
tier {n} /ˈtɪɚ/ (layer or rank)  :: strato, ripiano
tie tack {n} (pin to hold necktie) SEE: tie clip  ::
tiff {n} (petty quarrel)  :: litigio {m}, litigata {f}, baruffa {f}
tiger {n} /ˈtaɪɡɚ/ (The mammal Panthera tigris)  :: tigre {f}
tiger cub {n} (young tiger)  :: tigrotto {m}
tiger mother {n} (ambitious mother) SEE: tiger mom  ::
tiger mother {n} (protective woman) SEE: mama bear  ::
tiger mum {n} (tiger mom) SEE: tiger mom  ::
tiger's claw {n} (Indian coral tree) SEE: Indian coral tree  ::
tiger shark {n} (Galeocerdo cuvier)  :: squalo tigre {m}
tight {adj} (narrow) SEE: narrow  ::
tight {adj} /taɪt/ (pushed/pulled together)  :: aderente, teso, stretto
tight {adj} (under high tension)  :: teso {m}, tesa {f}, tirato
tight {adj} (well-rehearsed and accurate)  :: nitido {m}
tight {adv} (firmly)  :: stretto
tighten {v} /ˈtaɪ.tən/ (to make tighter)  :: stringere
tighten the purse strings {v} (to decrease or cause to decrease spending)  :: stringere i cordoni della borsa [literally], tirare la cinghia
tight-knit {adj} (tightly knit)  :: affiatato {m}
tight-lipped {adj} (unwilling to divulge information)  :: reticente, nulladicente
tightly {adv} /ˈtaɪtli/ (in a tight manner)  :: strettamente
tightness {n} (the quality of being tight)  :: strettezza
tightrope walker {n} (acrobat who practices tightrope walking)  :: funambolo {m}
tights {n} (dancer's garment)  :: calzamaglia {f}
tights {n} /taɪts/ (women's garment)  :: collant {m}
Tigrinya {prop} (language)  :: tigrigna {f}
tile {n} /taɪl/ (mostly rectangular shaped sheet of ceramic or fired clay to cover surfaces)  :: [floor and wall tile] piastrella {f}, mattonella {f}, [roof tile] tegola {f}, coppo {m}
tile {v} (to cover with tiles)  :: piastrellare
till {conj} (until)  :: fino a
till {prep} /tɪl/ (Until)  :: fino a
till {v} (to work or cultivate)  :: arare
tillable {adj} (able to be tilled)  :: arativo, dissodabile, lavorativo
tillage {n} /ˈtɪlɪdʒ/ (cultivation of arable land)  :: coltivazione {f}
tiller {v} /ˈtɪlə/ (put forth new shoots)  :: accestire
tilt {n} /tɪlt/ (inclination of part of the body)  :: inclinazione
timber {n} /ˈtɪmbə/ (trees considered as a source of wood)  :: legno {m}
timber {n} (wood that has been cut ready for construction)  :: legname {m}
timberline {n} /ˈtɪmbɚˌlaɪn/ (tree line) SEE: tree line  ::
timbre {n} /ˈtæm.bɚ/ (quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume)  :: timbro {m}
timbric {adj} (timbric)  :: timbrico
time {n} (instance or occurrence)  :: volta {f}
time {n} (measurement of a quantity of time)  :: tempo {m}
time {n} (quantity of availability in time)  :: tempo {m}
time {n} (ratio of comparison)  :: volta {f}
time {n} (slang: serving of a prison sentence)  :: pena {f}
time {n} /taɪm/ (inevitable passing of events)  :: tempo
time {n} (time of day, as indicated by a clock, etc)  :: ora {f}
time {v} (to choose the time for)  :: fissare, programmare
time heals all wounds {proverb} (negative feelings eventually fade away)  :: il tempo guarisce ogni ferita
time is money {proverb} (time is money)  :: il tempo è denaro
time-lapse {adj} (photographic technique)  :: time-lapse
timeless {adj} (ageless) SEE: ageless  ::
timeless {adj} (eternal) SEE: eternal  ::
timeless {adj} (untimely) SEE: untimely  ::
timeliness {n} (the state of being timely)  :: tempestività {f}
time machine {n} (device used to travel in time)  :: macchina del tempo {f}
time of day {n} (time according to the clock) SEE: time  ::
timer {n} (device used to measure time)  :: temporizzatore {m}
times {prep} /taɪmz/ (multiplied by)  :: per
time series {n} (set of data points representing values of a variable at different times)  :: serie storica {f}
timetable {n} (a structured schedule of events)  :: orario {m}
time travel {n} (hypothetical or fictional travel to the past or future)  :: viaggio nel tempo {m}
time trial {n} (race in cycling)  :: cronometro {f}
time tunnel {n} (passageway enabling time travel)  :: tunnel temporale {m}
time will tell {phrase} (results of an action cannot be known beforehand)  :: chi vivrà vedrà, il tempo lo dirà
time zone {n} (range of longitudes where a common standard time is used)  :: fuso orario {m}
timezone {n} (time zone) SEE: time zone  ::
timid {adj} /tɪmɪd/ (lacking in courage or confidence)  :: timido, pavido, impaurito
timidly {adv} (in a timid manner)  :: timidamente
Timișoara {prop} /ˌtimiˈʃwɑɹɑ/ (city in Romania)  :: Timișoara
timocracy {n} (form of government)  :: timocrazia {f}
timolol {n} (kind of beta-adrenergic receptor blocker)  :: timololo {m}
Timor-Leste {prop} (East Timor) SEE: East Timor  ::
timorous {adj} /ˈtɪməɹəs/ (fearful, timid)  :: timido
Timothy {prop} (companion of Paul)  :: Timoteo
Timothy {prop} (male given name)  :: Timoteo
Timothy {prop} /ˈtɪməθi/ (books in the New Testament)  :: Timoteo
timpani {n} (kettledrums)  :: timpani {p}
timpanist {n} (someone who plays the timpani)  :: timpanista {m} {f}
timpanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
timpanum {n} (hearing organ) SEE: tympanum  ::
timpanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear  ::
timpanum {n} (musical instrument) SEE: kettledrum  ::
timpanum {n} (ornamental panel) SEE: tympanum  ::
timps {n} (timpani) SEE: timpani  ::
tin {adj} (made of tin)  :: di stagno
tin {n} (airtight container)  :: lattina {f}, barattolo {m}
tin {n} (metal pan)  :: gamella {f}
tin {n} /tɪn/ (element)  :: stagno {m}
tinamou {n} (bird of the family Tinamidae)  :: tinamo {m}
tin can {n} (container)  :: lattina {f}, barattolo {m}
tincture {n} /ˈtɪŋk.tʃə/ (alcoholic extract used as medicine)  :: alcolato {m}
tine {n} (on antler)  :: ramificazione corna cervidi
tine {n} /taɪn/ (prong)  :: rebbio {m}, dente {m}, punta {f}
tinea {n} /ˈtɪ.ni.ə/ (ringworm) SEE: ringworm  ::
tinge {n} (the degree of vividness of a colour; shade, hue or tint)  :: sfumatura {f}
tingle {n} (prickling sensation)  :: solletico {m}
tingle {v} (to have a prickling or mildly stinging sensation)  :: titillare, solleticare
tingling {n} (a tingling sensation)  :: solletico {m}
tinker {n} (member of the travelling community)  :: zingaro {m}
tinker {n} (mischievous person)  :: zingaro {m}
tinker {n} /tɪŋkə(ɹ)/ (itinerant tinsmith)  :: stagnino {m}, calderaio {m}, lattoniere {m}
tinker {v} (to fiddle with something in an attempt to fix, mend or improve it)  :: arrabattarsi
Tinkerbell {n} (fictional fairy)  :: Campanellino {f}, Trilli {f}, Trilli Campanellino {f}
tinkerer {n} (meddler) SEE: meddler  ::
tinned {adj} (previously prepared) SEE: canned  ::
tinned {adj} /tɪnd/ (preserved in tins) SEE: canned  ::
tinnitus {n} /ˈtɪn.ɪ.təs/ (perception of nonexistent noise)  :: acufene {m}
tin opener {n} (tin opener) SEE: can opener  ::
tin-opener {n} (can opener) SEE: can opener  ::
tinsmith {n} (a person who makes or repairs things with tin)  :: lattoniere {m}
tiny {adj} /ˈtaɪni/ (very small)  :: minuscolo, piccolo, piccino, minuto, microscopico
-tion {suffix} /-ʃən/ (producing a noun meaning the action or effect of a verb)  :: -zione (unless previous letter was "s", when "t" remains as is, like in "digestione", "questione", etc.)
tip {n} (area or place for dumping something, such as rubbish or refuse, as from a mine; a heap)  :: discarica {f}
tip {n} (small amount of money left for a servant as a token of appreciation)  :: mancia {f}
tip {n} /tɪp/ (extreme end of something)  :: punta {f}, estremità {f}
tip {v} (give a small amount of money to someone for a service provided)  :: lasciare mancia
tipi {n} /ˈtiːpi/ (teepee) SEE: teepee  ::
tip of the iceberg {n} (only the beginning)  :: punta dell'iceberg {f}
tipsy {adj} /ˈtɪ (slightly drunk)  :: brillo {m}, brilla {f}, alticcio {m}, alticcia {f}
tiptoe {n} /ˈtɪpˌtoʊ/ (tips of one's toes)  :: punta dei piedi
tiptoe {v} (to walk quietly)  :: camminare in punta di piedi
tip-top {adj} (excellent) SEE: excellent  ::
tiptop {n} (very topmost point)  :: di prim'ordine
tipula {n} (crane fly) SEE: crane fly  ::
tirade {n} /ˈtaɪɹeɪd/ (long, angry or violent speech)  :: diatriba {f}
tiramisu {n} /ˌtɪɹəˈmisu/ (semifreddo dessert)  :: tiramisù {m}
Tirana {prop} /tɪˈɹɑː.nə/ (capital city of Albania)  :: Tirana
tire {n} (rubber covering on a wheel) SEE: tyre  ::
tire {v} /ˈtaɪ̯ɚ/ (to become bored)  :: stancarsi
tire {v} (to bore)  :: stancare
tired {adj} (fed up) SEE: fed up  ::
tired {adj} (overused) SEE: overused  ::
tired {adj} /taɪɚd/ (in need of rest or sleep)  :: stanco, esausto, fatto, distrutto, affaticato, stracco {m}
tiredness {n} (state of being tired)  :: sfinitezza {f}
tireless {adj} (indefatigable)  :: instancabile
tiresome {adj} (causing fatigue or boredom)  :: fastidioso {m}, fastidiosa {f}, noioso {m}, noiosa {f}
tiresomeness {n} (the state or quality of being tiresome; wearisomeness; tediousness)  :: fastidiosità {f}, fastidiosaggine {f}, importunità {f}, stucchevolezza {f}
tiring {adj} (that tires or tire)  :: faticoso {m}, faticosa {f}
Tirzah {prop} (biblical place)  :: Tersa
Tirzah {prop} (biblical woman)  :: Tersa
tissue {n} (aggregation of cells)  :: tessuto {m}
tissue {n} /ˈtɪʃu/ (woven fabric)  :: tessuto
tissue paper {n} (thin, translucent paper)  :: carta velina
Tisza {prop} (a river)  :: Tibisco {m}
tit {n} (chickadee) SEE: chickadee  ::
tit {n} ((slang, vulgar) a woman's breast)  :: tetta {f} [slang], [informal, slang] poppa {f}, seno {m}, mammella {f}, zizza {f}, zinna {f}
tit {n} /tɪt/ (a mammary gland, teat)  :: capezzolo {m}
Titan {n} /ˈtaɪtən/ (mythological giant)  :: Titano
Titan {prop} (moon of Saturn)  :: Titano {m}
Titania {prop} /taɪˈteɪni.ə/ (moon of Uranus)  :: Titania {m}
titanic {adj} /taɪˈtæn.ɪk/ (titanic)  :: titanico
titanium {n} /taɪˈteɪni.əm/ (chemical element)  :: titanio {m}
tit for tat {adv} (returning exactly what one gets)  :: pan per focaccia
tit fuck {n} (stimulation of a penis by breasts)  :: spagnola
tithe {n} /taɪð/ (tenth) SEE: tenth  ::
tithe {n} (tax paid to the Church)  :: decima
Tithonian {prop} (age 152.1-145Ma ago)  :: Tithoniano
titian {adj} (of a bright auburn colour)  :: tiziano, tizianesco, rosso tiziano
titian {n} /ˈtɪʃən/ (bright auburn colour)  :: rosso tiziano {m}
Titian {prop} /ˈtɪʃən/ (sixteenth century Italian painter)  :: Tiziano {m}
Titianesque {adj} /tɪʃəˈnɛsk/ (suggesting Titian's style)  :: tizianesco
title {n} (name of a book, etc)  :: titolo {m}
title {n} /ˈtaɪtl̩/ (prefix or suffix added to a name)  :: titolo {m}
title {v} (the act of assigning a title)  :: intitolare
titled {adj}  :: nobile, titolato
title page {n} (page in a book)  :: frontespizio {m}
titling {n} (Anthus pratensis) SEE: meadow pipit  ::
titling {n} (Prunella modularis) SEE: dunnock  ::
titling {n} (stockfish) SEE: stockfish  ::
Titoism {n} (socialist ideology)  :: titoismo
Titoist {adj} (of or relating to Titoism)  :: titoista
Titoist {adj} (of, relating to, or resembling w:Josip Broz Tito)  :: titoista
Titoist {n} (a person who accepts the philosophy of Titoism)  :: titoista {m} {f}
titrant {n} (reagent of known concentration and volume)  :: titolante {f}
titrate {v} /ˈtɪtɹeɪt/ (to ascertain the concentration of a solution)  :: titolare
titration {n} /taɪˈtɹeɪʃən/ (determination of concentration, by addition of reagent until completion of reaction)  :: titolazione {f}
tittle {n} (dot on i and j)  :: puntino {m}
tittle {n} /ˈtɪt.əl/ (a small amount)  :: punto {m}
titty {n} (kitty) SEE: kitty  ::
Titus {prop} (biblical character)  :: Tito
Titus {prop} (male given name)  :: Tito
Titus {prop} /ˈtaɪtəs/ (book of the Bible)  :: Tito
Tōkyō {prop} (Tokyo) SEE: Tokyo  ::
tmesis {n} /t(ə)ˈmiːsɪs/ (insertion of one or more words between the components of a word)  :: tmesi {f}
to {particle} /tu/ (infinitive-marker)  :: -are, -ere, -ire
to {prep} (indicating a necessity)  :: da
to {prep} (in the direction of, and arriving at)  :: a, in, per
to {prep} (used after certain adjectives to indicate a relationship)  :: a
to {prep} (used to indicate purpose)  :: per
to {prep} (used to indicate ratios)  :: a, per
to {prep} (used to indicate the indirect object)  :: a
toad {n} /toʊd/ (amphibian similar to a frog)  :: rospo {m}
toadstool {n} /ˈtoʊdˌstu(ə)l/ (an inedible or poisonous mushroom)  :: fungo velenoso
toady {n} (sycophant flattering others to gain personal advantage)  :: leccaculo {m}, adulatore {m}, ruffiano {m}, sicofante {m}
to all intents and purposes {adv} (for every functional purpose)  :: a tutti gli effetti
to and fro {adv} (back and forth)  :: avanti e indietro
Toarcian {prop}  :: Toarciano
to arms {adv} (to arms)  :: all'arme!
toast {n} (salutation)  :: brindisi {m}
toast {n} /toʊst/ (toasted bread)  :: pane tostato
toasted {adj}  :: tostato
toaster {n} /ˈtoʊstɚ/ (device for toasting bread)  :: tostapane
tobacco {n} (leaves of certain varieties of tobacco plant)  :: tabacco {m}
tobacco {n} /təˈbækoʊ/ (any plant of the genus Nicotiana)  :: tabacco {m}
tobacconist {n} (smoker) SEE: smoker  ::
tobacconist {n} (tobacconist's shop) SEE: tobacconist's  ::
tobacconist's {n} (shop that sells tobacco products)  :: tabaccheria {f}
tobacco pipe {n} (smoking tool)  :: pipa {f}
Tobias {prop} (male given name)  :: Tobia
Tobias {prop} /təˈbaɪəs/ (biblical character)  :: Tobia
Toblerone {n} (A chocolate bar having triangular wedges)  :: Toblerone {m}
to boot {adv} (in addition) SEE: in addition  ::
toccata {n} /təˈkɑːtə/ (musical piece)  :: toccata {f}
Tocquevillian {adj} (of or characteristic of Tocqueville)  :: tocquevilliano
to date {adv} (until now)  :: finora
today {adv} (nowadays)  :: oggi, oggigiorno, attualmente
today {adv} /tʊˈdeɪ/ (on the current day)  :: oggi
today {n} (today (noun))  :: oggi
today's {adj}  :: odierno, di oggi
toddle {v} (walk unsteadily)  :: trotterellare
toddler {n} (young human child)  :: bambino {m}, bambina {f}, piccolo {m}, piccola {f}, trotterellino {m}, trottolino {m}
toe {n} (any equivalent part in an animal)  :: dito della zampa {m}, dito del piede {m}, dito {m}
toe {n} (part of a shoe or sock covering the toe)  :: punta {f}
toe {n} /toʊ/ (each of the five digits on the end of the foot)  :: dito del piede {m}, dito {m}
to each his own {proverb} (every person is entitled to his or her personal preferences)  :: a ciascuno il suo
toe ring {n} (toe ring)  :: anello per alluce {m}
to err is human {proverb} (Everybody makes mistakes)  :: errare è umano
toffee {n} /ˈtɔfi/ (uncountable: type of confectionery)  :: caramella mou {f}
toffee apple {n} (candy apple) SEE: candy apple  ::
tofu {n} /ˈtoʊfu/ (protein-rich food made from curdled soy milk)  :: tofu {m}
toga {n} (loose wrap gown)  :: toga {f}
toga {n} /ˈtoʊɡə/ (loose outer garment worn by the citizens of Rome)  :: toga {f}
togate {adj} /ˈtəʊɡeɪt/ (clad in a toga)  :: togato
together {adv}  :: insieme, assieme
together {adv} /tʊˈɡɛðɚ/ (at the same time, in the same place)  :: insieme
toggle {n} /ˈtɑ.ɡəl/ (toggle switch) SEE: toggle switch  ::
toggle switch {n}  :: commutatore
Togliatti {prop} (Tolyatti) SEE: Tolyatti  ::
Togo {prop} (Togolese Republic)  :: Togo {m}
toil {n} (labor, work)  :: lavoro {m}, fatica {f}
toil {n} (trouble, strife)  :: disputa {f}, tenzone {f}, litigio {m}, baruffa, diverbio {m}
toilet {n} (dressing room)  :: toeletta {f}, toilette {f}, [rare] toletta {f}
toilet {n} (fixture used for urination and defecation, see also: flush toilet; squat toilet; chemical toilet; urinal; latrine)  :: water {m}, water closet {m}, WC {m}, tazza {f}, vaso {m}, vaso sanitario {m}
toilet {n} (place resembling a filthy toilet)  :: schifezza {f}, cesso {m} [slang]
toilet {n} (room used for urination and defecation, see also: bathroom; men's room; ladies' room; outhouse; portable toilet; latrine; shitter)  :: bagno {m}, gabinetto {m}, toilette {f}, ritirata {f}; water {m}, cesso {m}, WC {m} [informal]; toeletta {f}, toletta {f} [rare]
toilet {n} /ˈtɔɪ.lət/ (personal grooming)  :: toeletta {f}, toilette {f}, toletta {f} [rare]
toilet bowl {n} (receptacle designed to receive the dejections of humans)  :: tazza {f}, water {m}
toilet paper {n} (paper to clean oneself after defecation or urination)  :: carta igienica {f}
toilet roll {n} (roll of toilet paper)  :: rotolo di carta igienica {m}
toilet water {n} (perfumed mixture of water and alcohol) SEE: eau de toilette  ::
Toisanese {adj} (Hoisanese) SEE: Hoisanese  ::
Tokelau {prop} (a territory of New Zealand in the Pacific)  :: Tokelau
token {n} (piece of stamped metal used as a substitute for money)  :: gettone {m}
token {n} /ˈtoʊkən/ (something serving as an expression of something else)  :: simbolo {m}, segno {m}
Tokyo {prop} (capital of Japan)  :: Tokyo {f}, Tokio {f}
Tokyoite {adj} (relating to Tokyo)  :: edochiano
Tokyoite {n} (person from Tokyo)  :: edochiano {m}, edochiana {f}
tolerance {n} (ability to tolerate)  :: tolleranza {f}
tolerance {n} /ˈtɒləɹəns/ (ability to endure pain or hardship)  :: tolleranza {f}
toleratable {adj} (tolerable) SEE: tolerable  ::
tolerate {v} /ˈtɑl.ə.ɹeɪt/ (to allow without interference)  :: tollerare
to let {adj} (being advertised for rent (of a room or property)) SEE: for rent  ::
toll {n} /toʊl/ (fee for using roads and bridges)  :: pedaggio {m}, dazio {m}
toll {n} (tollbooth) SEE: tollbooth  ::
toll {v} (entice) SEE: entice  ::
toll {v} (to make the noise of a bell)  :: suonare
toll booth {n} (a booth on a toll road or toll bridge where the toll is collected)  :: casello {m}
toll-free {adj} (of phone call: without additional toll)  :: numero verde
tollgate {n}  :: pedaggio, barriera {f}
toll road {n} (toll road) SEE: turnpike  ::
tollway {n} (turnpike) SEE: turnpike  ::
tolstovka {n} (kosovorotka) SEE: kosovorotka  ::
toluene {n} (liquid hydrocarbon)  :: toluene {m}, toluolo {m}
Tolyatti {prop} (city)  :: Togliatti {m}
tom {n} (male of other animals)  :: maschio {m}
tom {n} (male turkey) SEE: turkey-cock  ::
tom {n} /tɑm/ (male cat)  :: gatto {m}
tomato {n} (fruit)  :: pomodoro {m}
tomato {n} /təˈmætoː/ (tomato plant)  :: pomodoro {m}
tomato juice {n} (juice made from tomatoes)  :: succo di pomodoro {m}
tomato sauce {n} (ketchup) SEE: ketchup  ::
tomb {n} /tuːm/ (small building or vault for the remains of the dead)  :: tomba {f}
tombak {n} (brass with zinc content below 28%)  :: tombacco {m}, similoro {m}
tombak {n} (type of goblet drum)  :: darabouka {f}
tomboy {n} /ˈtɒmbɔɪ/ (girl who acts as a typical boy would)  :: maschiaccio {m}
tombstone {n} (stone on grave)  :: lapide {f}, pietra tombale {f}
tomcat {n} (tom) SEE: tom  ::
Tom, Dick and Harry {n} (anybody or everybody; random or unknown people)  :: Tizio, Caio e Sempronio {m}
tomentum {n} (matted woolly down on the surface of a plant)  :: tomento {m}
Tommy gun {n} (Thompson submachine gun) SEE: Thompson submachine gun  ::
tomnoddy {n} /tɒmˈnɒdɪ/ (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
tomo- {prefix} (forms terms relating to sections or cutting)  :: tomo-
tomography {n} (imaging by sections or sectioning)  :: tomografia {f}
tomorrow {adv} /təˈmɑɹoʊ/ (on the day after the present day)  :: domani
tomorrow {n} (the day after the present day)  :: domani
tomorrow is another day {proverb} /təˈmɑɹoʊ ɪz əˈnʌðɚ deɪ/ (a phrase indicating that tomorrow will bring new opportunities)  :: domani è un'altro giorno
tomorrow night {adv} (during the night of the day after)  :: domani sera
Tom Thumb {prop} (the thumb-sized hero of a fairy tale)  :: Pollicino {m}
-tomy {suffix} /-təmi/ (cutting, incision, section)  :: -tomia {f}
ton {n} (register ton)  :: tonnellata {f}
ton {n} /tʌn/ (unit of weight)  :: tonnellata {f}
tondo {n} (a round work of art)  :: tondo {m}
tone {n} /toʊn/ (specific pitch, quality and duration; a note)  :: tono {m}
tone-deaf {adj} (unable to distinguish differences in pitch)  :: che non ha orecchio
toneme {n} (phoneme)  :: tonema {m}
tone poem {n} (piece of symphonic music which has a narrative) SEE: symphonic poem  ::
Tonga {prop} /ˈtɑŋ.ɡə/ (country)  :: Tonga
tongs {n} /tɔŋz/ (an instrument)  :: tenaglie {f-p}
tongue {n} (flap in a shoe)  :: linguetta {f}
tongue {n} (language) SEE: language  ::
tongue {n} /tʌŋ/ (organ)  :: lingua {f}
tongue kiss {n} (kiss with contact between tongues)  :: bacio con la lingua {m}
tongue-tie {n} (oral anomaly) SEE: ankyloglossia  ::
tongue-twister {n} (phrase which is difficult to say)  :: scioglilingua {m}
tonic {n} (first note of a scale)  :: tonica {f}
tonic {n} (soda pop) SEE: soda pop  ::
tonic {n} /ˈtɒnɪk/ (tonic water) SEE: tonic water  ::
tonic water {n} (carbonated beverage)  :: acqua tonica {f}
tonight {adv} (during today's nighttime)  :: stanotte
tonight {adv} /təˈnait/ (during today's evening)  :: stasera
tonight {n} (nighttime today)  :: stasera, stanotte
tonkatsu {n} /tɑŋˈkætsu/ (Japanese dish made from pork cutlet)  :: tonkatsu {m}
tonkotsu {n} /tɑŋˈkɑtsu/ (Japanese broth made from pork marrow)  :: tonkotsu {m}
tonometric {adj} (of or pertaining to tonometry)  :: tonometrico
tonometry {n} (the measurement of tension or pressure)  :: tonometria {f}
tonsil {n} /ˈtɑn.səl/ (palatine tonsil)  :: tonsilla {f}
tonsil {n}  :: tonsilla {f}
tonsillitis {n} /tɒnsəˈlaɪtɪs/ (inflammation of the tonsils)  :: tonsillite {f}
tonsillolith {n} (calculus)  :: tonsillolito
Tony {prop} /ˈtoʊni/ (male given name)  :: Tony {m}, Tonio {m}
too {adv} (more than enough; as too much)  :: troppo
too {adv} /tu/ (likewise)  :: anche, pure
too bad {phrase} (That's a pity)  :: peccato {m}
toodeloo {interj} (goodbye) SEE: goodbye  ::
tool {n} (equipment used in a profession)  :: attrezzo {m}, strumento {m}
tool {n} (penis)  :: arnese {m}
tool {n} /tuːl/ (mechanical device intended to make a task easier)  :: arnese {m}, strumento {m}
toolbar {n} (row of icons in a graphical user interface)  :: barra degli strumenti {f}, toolbar {f}
toolbox {n} (set of routines)  :: toolkit
toolbox {n} (storage case for tools)  :: cassetta degli attrezzi {f}, scatola degli attrezzi {f}
tool post {n} (clamp that attaches a tool holder to a machine tool)  :: portautensili {m}
too many {determiner} (excessive)  :: troppo
too many balls in the air {n} (too many tasks, responsibilities, or details to cope with or manage successfully)  :: troppa carne sul fuoco {f} (literally: too much meat on the fire)
too many cooks spoil the broth {proverb} (with too many people a task won't be done very well)  :: troppi galli nel pollaio
too much {adv} /tu ˈmʌtʃ/ (excessively)  :: troppo
toon {n} /tuːn]/ (town) SEE: town  ::
to one's way of thinking {prep} (in one's opinion) SEE: in one's opinion  ::
toot {n} /tuːt/ (a fart)  :: scoreggia {f}
tooth {n} (gear tooth)  :: dente {m}
tooth {n} (saw tooth)  :: dente {m}
tooth {n} /tuːθ/ (biological tooth)  :: dente {m}
toothache {n} /ˈtuθˌeɪk/ (ache in a tooth)  :: mal di denti {m}
tooth and nail {adv} (viciously)  :: con le unghie e con i denti
toothbrush {n} /ˈtuːθbɹʌʃ/ (brush for cleaning the teeth and tongue)  :: spazzolino da denti {m}
toothed jelly mushroom {n} (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum) SEE: toothed jelly fungus  ::
toothless {adj} (Being weak)  :: inefficace, impotente
toothless {adj} (Having no teeth)  :: sdentato
toothpaste {n} /ˈtuːθpeɪst/ (paste for cleaning the teeth)  :: dentifricio
toothpick {n} (stick for removing food residue from the area between the teeth)  :: stuzzicadenti {m}
top {adj} (on the top)  :: superiore
top {n} (child’s spinning toy)  :: trottola {f}
top {n} (garment worn to cover the torso)  :: parte superiore, top {m}
top {n} (gay sexual slang: gay man who likes to penetrate in sex)  :: attivo {m}
top {n} (lid, cap, cover)  :: coperchio {m}, cappuccio
top {n} (top of a ship's mast)  :: coffa {f}
top {n} /tɑp/ (uppermost part)  :: cima {f}
top {n} (uppermost part of a visual field)  :: sommità
topaz {n} /ˈtoʊpæz/ (gem)  :: topazio {m}
toper {n} /ˈtəʊpə/ (drunkard) SEE: drunkard  ::
top hat {n} (a cylindrical hat)  :: cilindro {m}
topic {n} (discussion thread) SEE: thread  ::
topic {n} /ˈtäpik/ (subject; theme)  :: tema {m}, categoria {f}, argomento {m}, soggetto {m}
topless {adj}  :: col seno scoperto
topmast {n} (mast below topgallant mast)  :: albero di gabbia {m}, albero di trinchetto {m}, alberetto {m}
top notch {adj} (of the highest quality) SEE: top-notch  ::
topnotch {adj} (of the highest level) SEE: top-notch  ::
topographer {n} (A person who studies or records topography)  :: topografo {m}
topography {n} /təˈpɑɡɹəfi/ (the features themselves (the terrain))  :: topografia {f}
topological {adj} (of or relating to topology)  :: topologico
topological space {n} (a set that has a topology)  :: spazio topologico {m}
topological space {n} (a set with its topology)  :: spazio topologico {m}
topology {n} /təˈpɑlədʒi/ (study of geometric properties that are not changed by stretching etc.)  :: topologia {f}
toponym {n} (placename) SEE: placename  ::
toponymic {adj}  :: toponimico
topping {n} /ˈtɑpɪŋ/ (food on top)  :: companatico {m} [on bread]
topple {v} (to push, throw over, overturn or overthrow something)  :: abbattere, abbattersi
topple {v} (to totter and fall, or to lean as if about to do so)  :: reclinare, reclinarsi
topsy-turvy {adj} (backwards or upside down)  :: sottosopra
topsy-turvy {adj} (disorderly, chaotic)  :: sottosopra
topsy-turvy {adv} (backwards or upside down)  :: bilo-balo, sotto-sopra
toque {n} /toʊk/ (chef) SEE: chef  ::
tor {n} /tɔɹ/ (hill) SEE: hill  ::
Torah {prop} /tɔːɹə/ (the Five Books of Moses - the full body of Jewish law)  :: Torà {f}
torch {n} (flashlight) SEE: flashlight  ::
torch {n} /tɔɹtʃ/ (stick with flame at one end)  :: fiaccola {f}, torcia {f}
torch {v} (set fire to)  :: incendiare
toreador {n} (a bullfighter)  :: torero
torero {n} (bullfighter) SEE: toreador  ::
toric {adj} /tɔːɹɪk/ (pertaining to or shaped like a torus)  :: torico
torment {n} /ˈtɔː(ɹ)mɛnt/ (extreme pain)  :: cruccio {m}, tormento {m}, tarlo {m}
torment {v} (to cause severe suffering)  :: tormentare
tornado {n} /tɔː(ɹ)ˈneɪ.dəʊ/ (column of air)  :: ciclone {m}, tromba d'aria {f}
toroid {n}  :: toroide {m}
Toronto {prop} /təˈɹɒn(t)oʊ/ (provincial capital on Ontario, Canada)  :: Toronto {m}
torpedo {n} (fish)  :: torpedine {f}
torpedo {n} /tɔɹˈpi.doʊ/ (underwater weapon)  :: torpedine {f}
torpedo {v} (to send a torpedo)  :: silurare
torpedo boat {n} (warship designed to fire torpedoes)  :: torpediniera {f}
torpedo bomber {n} (aircraft)  :: aerosilurante {m}
torpedo tube {n} (tube through which torpedoes are launched)  :: lanciasiluri {m}
torque {n} /tɔː(ɹ)k/ (a rotational or twisting force)  :: coppia {f}
torque wrench {n} (lockpicking tool) SEE: torsion wrench  ::
torrential {adj} /tɔˈɹɛnt.ʃəl/ (coming or characterized by torrents; flowing heavily or in large quantities)  :: torrenziale
torsion {n} /ˈtɔː.ʃən/ (the act of turning or twisting)  :: torsione {m}
torsional {adj} (Of, pertaining to, or achieved using torsion)  :: torsionale
torso {n} /ˈtɔɹ.soʊ/ (body excluding the head and limbs)  :: tronco {m}, busto {m}, torso {m}
tortilla {n} /tɔɹˈti.ə/ (Spanish omelette) SEE: Spanish omelette  ::
tortoise {n} /ˈtɔːɹ.təs/ (land-dwelling reptile)  :: [tortoise or turtle] tartaruga {f}, testuggine {f}
Tortonian {n}  :: Tortoniano
tortuous {adj} /ˈtɔɹt͡ʃuəs/  :: contorto
torturer {n} (one who tortures)  :: aguzzino {m}, seviziatore {m}, torturatore {m}, tormentatore {m}, tormentatrice {f}
torus {n} /ˈtɔːɹəs/ (shape in 3-dimensional Euclidean space)  :: toro {m}
to say the least {interj} (interjection)  :: a dir poco
Tosk {prop} (Tosk)  :: tosco {m}
toss {n} /tɔs/ (toss of a coin before a match)  :: testa o croce, lancio moneta
toss {v} (to flip a coin)  :: tirare, lanciare una moneta, fare testa o croce
toss {v} (to stir or mix (a salad))  :: rigirare, voltare, mescolare
toss {v} (to throw with an initial upward direction)  :: tirare un pallonetto
tosser {n} (wanker) SEE: wanker  ::
toss up {v} (to make a decision based on chance)  :: tirare a sorte
total {adj} (entire)  :: totale, intero
total {n} (sum)  :: somma {f}
total {n} /ˈtəʊ.təl/ (amount)  :: totale {m}
totalitarianism {n} (system where state wields absolute control)  :: totalitarismo {m}
totally {adv} /ˈtoʊt.(ə)l.i/ (In a total manner; completely)  :: totalmente, completamente
to that end {prep} (therefore) SEE: therefore  ::
to the letter {adv} (idiomatic for “literally”, following the rules as they're written)  :: alla lettera
to the max {prep} (to the maximum possible degree or extent)  :: a palla
to the max {prep} (very) SEE: very  ::
to thine own self be true {proverb} (proverb)  :: sii sincero con te stesso
totipotence {n} (totipotency) SEE: totipotency  ::
totipotency {n} (ability to produce differentiated cells on division)  :: totipotenza {f}
totipotent {adj} (exhibiting totipotency)  :: totipotente
totter {v} /ˈtɑːtɚ/ (move or stand unsteadily)  :: barcollare
toucan {n} /ˈtuːˌkæn/ (Ramphastid)  :: tucano {m}
toucan crossing {n} (pelican crossing) SEE: pelican crossing  ::
touché {interj} /tuːˈʃeɪ/ (acknowledgement)  :: touché
touch {n}  :: [1,3] tatto {m}, [2] contatto {m}
touch {n} (sense of perception by physical contact)  :: tatto {m}
touch {v} (affect emotionally)  :: commuovere
touch {v} /tʌt͡ʃ/ (make physical contact with)  :: toccare
touchdown {n} (landing)  :: atterraggio {m}
touchdown {n} /ˈtʌtʃdaʊn/ (football score)  :: touchdown
touched {adj} (mentally deficient) SEE: touched in the head  ::
touched {adj} /tʌtʃt/ (moved)  :: commosso {m}, commossa {f}
touch hole {n} (small hole for ignition)  :: focone {m}
touchiness {n} (the property of being touchy)  :: ombrosità {f}, suscettibilità {f}, permalosità {f}, spigolosità {f}
touch screen {n} (input/output device)  :: schermo tattile {m}
touchstone {n} (A standard of comparison or evaluation)  :: pietra di paragone {f}
touchstone {n} (A stone used to test the quality of gold alloys)  :: pietra di paragone
touch wood {interj} (hopefully; said when touching something wooden) SEE: knock on wood  ::
touch wood {v} (to make contact with wood or another material to avert bad luck) SEE: knock on wood  ::
touchy {adj} /ˈtʌtʃi/ (easily offended; oversensitive)  :: permaloso, facilmente irritabile, suscettibile
tough {adj} (difficult to chew)  :: duro
tough {adj} (rugged or physically hardy)  :: duro, resistente
tough {adj} (stubborn) SEE: stubborn  ::
tough {adj} /tʌf/ (resilient) SEE: resilient  ::
tough {n}  :: bullo {m}, duro {m}
tough {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
tough {v} (toughen) SEE: toughen  ::
tough cookie {n} (person who can endure physical or mental hardship)  :: osso duro {m}
toughness {n} (state of being tough)  :: robustezza
tough nut to crack {n} (challenging problem to solve)  :: gatta da pelare {f}
tough out {v} (endure) SEE: endure  ::
Toulouse {prop} (a city in France)  :: Tolosa
toupe {n} /tuːˈpeɪ/ (hairpiece) SEE: toupee  ::
tour {n} /tɔː(ɹ)/ (journey through given list of places)  :: tournée {f}, [abbrivation] tour {f}
Tour de France {prop} /ˌtʊɹ də ˈfɹæns/ (annual long-distance cycling race through France)  :: Tour de France {m}, Giro di Francia {m}
tourer {n} (motor car)  :: torpedo {f}
tourism {n} (collectively, the tourists visiting a place or landmark)  :: turismo {m}
tourism {n} /tɔːɹɪz(ə)m/ (the act of travelling or sightseeing)  :: turismo {m}
tourist {n} (someone who travels for pleasure)  :: turista {m} {f}
tourist office {n} (an office which provides information for tourists)  :: ufficio turismo {m}, ufficio turistico {m}
tournament {n} ((graph theory))  :: torneo {m}
tournament {n} /ˈtʊɹnəmɪnt/ (series of games)  :: torneo {m}
tour operator {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency  ::
tout {n} /taʊt/ (someone advertising for customers in an aggressive way)  :: strillone {m}, imbonitore {m}
tout {v} (To flaunt, to publicize/publicise; to boast or brag; to promote)  :: pubblicizzare, propagandare, sbandierare
tovarish {n} /tɒˈvɑːɹɪʃ/ (comrade) SEE: comrade  ::
tow {n} (bundle of fibers)  :: capecchio {m}
tow {n} (something that is towed)  :: rimorchio {m}, traino {m}
tow {v} /toʊ/ (pull something using a line)  :: trainare, rimorchiare
toward {prep} (for the purpose of)  :: per
toward {prep} (in relation to)  :: verso
toward {prep} (located near)  :: presso
toward {prep} /tʊˈwɔːɹd/ (in the direction of)  :: verso
towards {prep} /tʊˈwɔːɹdz/ (toward) SEE: toward  ::
towel {n} /taʊl/ (cloth used for wiping)  :: asciugamano
towelling {n} (terry cloth) SEE: terry cloth  ::
tower {n} (Tarot card)  :: la torre, il fulmine
tower {n} /ˈtaʊɚ/ (structure)  :: torre {f}
Tower of Babel {prop} (tower erected at Babel)  :: Torre di Babele {f}
Tower of London {prop} (a fortress in London)  :: Torre di Londra {f}
tower over {v} (to be considerably taller than)  :: torreggiare
to whom it may concern {phrase} (salutation) SEE: to whom this may concern  ::
to wit {adv} (namely, specifically)  :: cioè
town {n} /taʊn/ (settlement)  :: città {f}
town hall {n} (a building that houses the local government offices of a town)  :: municipio {m}
townhouse {n} (row house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
townhouse {n} (town hall) SEE: town hall  ::
town square {n} (an open area in a town)  :: piazza {f}
town twinning {n} (pairing of towns or cities)  :: gemellaggio {m}
towpath {n} (path alongside a canal or river)  :: alzaia {f}
tow truck {n} /ˈtoʊ.tɹʌk/ (motor vehicle for towing)  :: camion di rimorchio {m}, carro attrezzi {m}
toxaemia {n} (toxemia) SEE: toxemia  ::
toxic {adj} /ˈtɑk.sɪk/ (having a harmful chemical nature)  :: tossico {m}, tossica {f}
toxicology {n} (scientific study of poisons and poisoning)  :: tossicologia {f}
toxicopharmacological {adj} (pertaining to toxicopharmacology)  :: tossicofarmacologico
toxicopharmacology {n} (pharmacology of toxic substances)  :: tossicofarmacologia {f}
toxin {n} (a toxic or poisonous substance)  :: tossina {f}
toxoplasmosis {n} (disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii)  :: toxoplasmosi {f}
toy {n} /tɔɪ/ (something to play with)  :: giocattolo {m}, balocco {m}
Toyger {n}  :: gatto Toyger
toy soldier {n} (toy soldier)  :: soldatino {m}
Trabzon {prop} (port in Turkey)  :: Trebisonda
trace {n} /tɹeɪs/ (mark left as a sign of passage)  :: orma
traceability {n} /ˌtɹeɪsəˈbɪlɪti/ (ability to trace a process)  :: tracciabilità {f}
trace element {n} (chemical element in an organism’s diet)  :: oligoelemento {m}
trachea {n} /ˈtɹeiki.ə/ (thin-walled, cartilaginous tube connecting the larynx to the bronchi)  :: trachea {f}
tracheal {adj} (of or pertaining to the trachea)  :: tracheale
tracheitis {n} (inflammation of the trachea)  :: tracheite {f}
tracheo- {prefix} (relating to the trachea)  :: tracheo-
tracheophyte {n} /ˈtɹeɪki.əˌfaɪt/ (plant possessing vascular tissue) SEE: vascular plant  ::
tracheotomy {n} (surgery to insert a tube into the neck)  :: tracheotomia
trachoma {n} (infectious disease)  :: tracoma {m}
track {n} (beaten path)  :: mulattiera {f}, pista battuta, viottolo {m}, sentiero {m}
track {n} (caterpillar track) SEE: caterpillar track  ::
track {n} (circular data storage unit on a side of magnetic or optical disk)  :: traccia
track {n} (course; way)  :: scia
track {n} (distance between two opposite wheels)  :: passo
track {n} (entire lower surface of the foot)  :: impronta
track {n} (mark or impression left by the foot)  :: sentiero
track {n} (path or course laid out for a race or exercise)  :: pista
track {n} (permanent way; the rails)  :: binario {m}
track {n} (physical track on a record)  :: solco
track {n} (session talk)  :: sessione {f}, discorso {m}
track {n} (sound stored on a record)  :: traccia
track {n} /tɹæk/ (mark left by something that has passed along)  :: traccia, scia, tracciamento
track {n} (tract or area, as of land)  :: traccia
track {v} (to discover the location of person or an object)  :: rintracciare
track {v} (to follow the tracks of)  :: seguire
track {v} (to monitor someone's or something's movement)  :: monitorare
track {v} (to observe the (measured) state of an object over time)  :: tracciare
track and field {n} (group of athletic sports)  :: atletica leggera {f}
track cycling {n} (Cycling discipline)  :: ciclismo su pista {m}
tracklist {n} (a list of tracks appearing on an album)  :: tracklist {f}
trackpad {n} (touchpad) SEE: touchpad  ::
track stand {n} (bicycling technique)  :: surplace {m}
tract {n} (a series of connected body organs)  :: apparato
tractor {n} (any piece of machinery that pulls something)  :: motrice {f}
tractor {n} /ˈtɹæktə/ (farm vehicle)  :: trattore {m}
tractor {n} (truck (or lorry) for pulling a trailer)  :: motrice {f}
tractor beam {n} (science fiction device)  :: raggio traente {m}
tractrix {n} (curve)  :: trattrice {f}
trade {n} (skilled practice of an occupation)  :: mestiere
trade {n} /tɹeɪd/ (buying and selling)  :: commercio {m}
trade deficit {n} (negative balance of trade)  :: disavanzo commerciale
trade fair {n} (exhibition for a particular field)  :: fiera campionaria {f}, salone {f}
trademark {n} /ˈtɹeɪdmɑː(ɹ)k/ (identification of a company's product)  :: marchio registrato {m}
tradeoff {n} (advantage that necessitates loss) SEE: trade-off  ::
trader {n} /ˈtɹeɪdɚ/ (one who gains a livelihood from trading)  :: commerciante {m} {f}
trade union {n} (organization)  :: sindacato {m}
trade unionist {n} (a member of a trade union) SEE: unionist  ::
trade wind {n} /ˈtɹeɪdˑwɪnd/ (steady wind)  :: aliseo {m}
trading card {n} /ˈtɹeɪd.ɪŋ ˌkɑɹd/ (collectible card featuring information of interest to purchasers)  :: figurina {f}
trading post {n} (place where trading of goods takes place)  :: base commerciale {f}
tradition {n} /tɹəˈdɪʃən/ (a part of culture that is passed from person to person or generation to generation)  :: tradizione {f}
traditional {adj} /tɹəˈdɪʃənəl/ (of or pertaining to tradition)  :: tradizionale
Traditional Chinese {prop} (Chinese written using traditional characters)  :: cinese tradizionale {m} {f}
traditional Chinese medicine {n} (medical practices of Chinese culture)  :: medicina tradizionale cinese {f}
traduce {v} /tɹəˈdus/ (to pass into another form of expression)  :: tradurre
traducer {n} (someone or something that translates languages) SEE: translator  ::
traductology {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)  :: traduttologia
traffic {n} (commercial transportation or exchange of goods)  :: traffico {m}
traffic {n} (exchange or flux of information, messages or data)  :: traffico {m}
traffic {n} (illegal trade or exchange of goods, often drugs)  :: tratta {f}
traffic {n} (pedestrians or vehicles on roads or on the air)  :: traffico {m}, viabilità {f}
trafficator {n} (blinking light) SEE: indicator  ::
traffic circle {n} (an intersection with a circular shape and, usually, a central island)  :: rotatoria {f}
traffic cone {n} (cone-shaped marker)  :: birillo {m}
traffic jam {n} (situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow)  :: ingorgo {m}, ingorgo stradale {m}
trafficking {n} (human trafficking) SEE: human trafficking  ::
trafficking {n} (the distributing of illegal drugs) SEE: drug trafficking  ::
traffic light {n} (signalling device)  :: semaforo {m}
traffic sign {n} (traffic sign)  :: segnale stradale {m}
tragedy {n} (disastrous event, especially one involving great loss of life or injury)  :: tragedia {f}
tragedy {n} (drama or similar work)  :: tragedia {f}
tragic {adj} (relating to tragedy)  :: tragico
tragic {adj} /ˈtɹædʒɪk/ (causing great sadness)  :: tragico
tragicomic {adj} (related to tragicomedy)  :: tragicomico
trail {n} (route for travel over land)  :: sentiero {m}, pista {f}
trail {n} (track followed by a hunter)  :: traccia {f}
trail {v} (drag behind)  :: trascinare, trainare, strascicare
trail {v} (leave (a trail of))  :: lasciar tracce di
trail {v} /tɹeɪl/ (follow behind)  :: pedinare, seguire, inseguire
trailer {n} /ˈtɹeɪlɚ/ (furnished vehicle towed behind another, used as a dwelling when stationary)  :: roulotte {f}, caravan {m}
trailer {n} (vehicle towed behind another, used for carrying equipment)  :: rimorchio {m}
train {n} (group of animals, vehicles, or people)  :: carovana
train {n} /tɹeɪn/ (line of connected cars or carriages)  :: treno {m}
train {v} (to improve one's fitness)  :: esercitarsi
train {v} (to practice an ability)  :: allenare
train-bearer {n} (attendant who supports the train)  :: caudatario {m}
train crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
trainer {n} /ˈtɹeɪnɚ/ (person who trains another; coach)  :: allenatore {m}
training {n}  :: addestramento {m}
training {n} /ˈtɹeɪnɪŋ/ (training)  :: allenamento {m}
training collar {n} (choke collar) SEE: choke collar  ::
train of thought {n} (flow of thinking)  :: filo del ragionamento {m}
train of thoughts {n} (train of thought) SEE: train of thought  ::
train station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
trait {n} /tɹeɪ/ (an identifying characteristic, habit or trend)  :: caratteristica {f}, tratto {m}
traitor {n} (a betrayer)  :: traditore
traitor {n} /ˈtɹeɪtɚ/ (one who violates his allegiance and betrays his/her country)  :: traditore, voltagabbana, banderuola, giravolta
Trajan {prop} (the Roman emperor)  :: Traiano {m}
tra-la-la {interj}  :: trallallà, trallallero
tram {n} /tɹam/ (passenger vehicle)  :: tram {m}
tramcar {n} (streetcar) SEE: streetcar  ::
tramp {n} (promiscuous woman)  :: puttana {f}, sgualdrina {f}
tramp {n} /tɹæmp/ (homeless person)  :: vagabondo {m}, barbone {m}
tramp {v} (to hitchhike) SEE: hitchhike  ::
tramper {n} /ˈtɹæmpɚ/ (recreational walker) SEE: hiker  ::
trample {n} (the sound of heavy footsteps)  :: calpestio {m}
trample {v} ((intransitive) to cause emotional injury as if by trampling)  :: offendere, violare
trample {v} ((intransitive) to walk heavily and destructively)  :: calpestare, pestare
trample {v} (to treat someone harshly)  :: offendere, urtare
trample {v} ((transitive) to crush something by walking on it)  :: calpestare, pestare
trampoline {n} /ˈtɹæmpəliːn/ (gymnastic and recreational device)  :: trampolino elastico {m}
trance {n} /tɹæns/ (A genre of electronic dance music)  :: trance
trance music {n} (Style of dance music)  :: trance
tranche {n} (finance)  :: tranche
tranche {n} /tɹæntʃ/ (slice) SEE: slice  ::
tranquil {adj} (calm; without motion or sound)  :: calmo, pacifico, quieto
tranquil {adj} /ˈtɹæŋ.kwɪl/ (free from emotional disturbance)  :: tranquillo, sereno, calmo
tranquilizer {n} (drug used to reduce anxiety or tension)  :: ansiolitico {m}
tranquillity {n} (the absence of disturbance; peacefulness)  :: tranquillità {f}
tranquillity {n} (the absence of stress; serenity)  :: tranquillità {f}
tranquillity {n} (the state of being tranquil)  :: tranquillità {f}
trans- {prefix} (across, through, over, beyond, to or on the other side of, outside of)  :: tras-
transaction {n} /tɹænˈzækʃən/  :: transazione
transalpine {adj} (on the other side of the Alps)  :: transalpino
transavantgarde {n}  :: transavanguardia {f}
transaxial plane {n} (transverse plane) SEE: transverse plane  ::
Transcaucasia {prop} /ˌtɹænskɔːˈkeɪzjə]/ (region of southwest Asia) SEE: South Caucasus  ::
transceive {v} /tɹænˈsiv/ (transmit and receive)  :: ricetrasmettere, transricevere
transceiver {n} (combined radio transmitter and receiver)  :: ricetrasmettitore {m}, ricetrasmissione {m}
transcendental {adj} /ˌtɹænsɛnˈdɛntəl/ (independent of experience)  :: trascendentale
transclusion {n}  :: transclusione {f}
transcriber {n} (person who transcribes)  :: trascrittore {m}
transcript {n} /ˈtɹænskɹɪpt/ (sequence of RNA produced by transcription)  :: trascritto
transcription {n} /tɹænˈskɹɪpʃən/ (in genetics)  :: trascrizione
transcriptional {adj} (Of or pertaining to transcription)  :: trascrizionale
transdifferentiation {n} (change of one type of differentiated cell into another)  :: transdifferenziazione {f}
transdimensional {adj} (all senses)  :: transdimensionale
transduce {v} (to convert energy)  :: trasdurre
transelevator {n}  :: transelevatore {m}
transfected {adj} (Infected with nucleic acid)  :: transfettato
transfer {n} (act)  :: trasferimento {m}
transfer {n} (genetics)  :: trasferimento
transfer {n} (instance)  :: trasferimento bancario {m}, bonifico {m}
transfer {v} (arrange for something to belong to or be controlled by somebody else)  :: trasferire, passare, conferire
transfer {v} /tɹænsˈfɝ/ (to move or pass from one place, person or thing to another)  :: trasferire
transfer {v} (to be or become transferred)  :: trasferirsi
transfer {v} (to convey the impression of something from one surface to another)  :: decalcare, ricalcare
transferable {adj} (able to be transferred)  :: cedibile, trasferibile, trasmissibile
transferase {n} (enzyme which catalyses the transfer of a functional group)  :: transferasi {f}
transferee {n}  :: cessionario {m}
transference {n} (term used in psychology)  :: transfert {m}
transference {n} (the act of conveying or transfering)  :: transferenza {f}
transfermium {adj} (an element beyond fermium)  :: transfermico
transferrin {n} (glycoprotein)  :: transferrina {f}
transform {n} (in mathematics)  :: trasformata {f}
transform {v} (change the nature, condition or function of)  :: trasformare
transform {v} (in electricity: subject to the action of a transformer)  :: trasformare
transform {v} (in mathematics: subject to a transformation)  :: trasformare
transform {v} /tɹænzˈfɔɹm/ (change greatly the appearance or form of)  :: trasformare, modificare
transform {v} (undergo a transformation)  :: trasformarsi
transformation {n} /tɹæns.fɔɹ.meɪ.ʃən/  :: trasformazione {f}
transformer {n} /tɹænsˈfɔɹmɚ/ (device that changes the characteristics of AC electricity)  :: trasformatore {m}
transformism {n} (the doctrine that living organisms have evolved from previously existing forms of living matter)  :: trasformismo {m}
transfuge {n} (deserter) SEE: deserter  ::
transfuge {n} (turncoat) SEE: turncoat  ::
transfusional {adj} (of, pertaining to, or involving transfusion)  :: trasfusionale
transgender {n} /tɹanzˈdʒɛndə/ (a transgender person)  :: transgender
transgenic {adj} /tɹɑːnzˈdʒɛnɪk/ (genetically modified)  :: transgenico
transgress {v} (to act in violation of some law)  :: trasgredire
transhumance {n} /tɹænzˈhjuːməns/ (the movement of people with their grazing animals to new pastures)  :: transumanza {f}
transhumanism {n} (philosophy favoring the use of science and technology)  :: transumanesimo {m}, transumanismo {m}
transient {adj} (passing or disappearing with time; transitory)  :: transitorio {m}
transistor {n} (small portable radio)  :: radiolina {f}
transistor {n} (transistor radio) SEE: transistor radio  ::
transistor radio {n} (a small radio having transistors)  :: radiolina {f}
transitive {adj} (grammar, of a verb: taking an object or objects)  :: transitivo
translate {v} /ˈtɹænzleɪt/ (to change text from one language to another)  :: tradurre
translate {v} (to change from one medium to another)  :: trasferire, riversare
translatese {n} (Awkwardness or ungrammaticality of translation) SEE: translationese  ::
translation {n} (genetics: process for producing proteins)  :: traduzione
translation {n} (math, physics: motion without deformation or rotation)  :: traslazione {f}
translation {n} (result of translating between languages)  :: traduzione {f}
translation {n} /tɹænzˈleɪʃən/ (act of translating between languages)  :: traduzione {f}
translation {n}  :: translazione/traslazione
translationese {n} (Awkwardness or ungrammaticality of translation)  :: traduttese {m}
translation studies {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting)  :: scienza della traduzione {f}
translative {n} (translative case) SEE: translative case  ::
translatology {n} (study of theory and practice of translating and interpreting) SEE: translation studies  ::
translator {n} /ˈtɹænzleɪtɚ/ (someone who translates)  :: traduttore {m}, traduttrice {f}
transliterate {v} (to represent letters or words in the characters of another alphabet or script)  :: traslitterare
transliteration {n} (product of transliterating)  :: traslitterazione {f}
translocation {n} (genetics: transfer of chromosomal segment)  :: traslocazione
translocator {n} (translocon) SEE: translocon  ::
translogarithmic {adj} (function which is trancendental and logarithmic)  :: translogaritmico
translucent {adj} /tɹænzˈluː.sənt/ (allowing light to pass through, but diffusing it)  :: traslucido {m}
transmembrane {adj} (Traversing a cellular membrane)  :: transmembrana
transmigrate {v} (to migrate to another country)  :: trasmigrare
transmigration {n}  :: trasmigrazione {f}
transmissible spongiform encephalopathy {n} (any fatal, degenerative disease transmitted by prions)  :: encefalopatia spongiforma transmissibile {f}
transmission {n} /tɹænsˈmɪʃən/ (passing of a communicable disease)  :: trasmissione
transmission tower {n} (electricity pylon) SEE: electricity pylon  ::
transmittance {n} (fraction of incident radiation)  :: trasmittanza
transmontane {adj} /ˌtɹænz.mɑnˈteɪn/ (of or relating to the other side of the mountains)  :: oltramontano
Transnistria {prop} (Transnistria, an autonomous territory in Moldova)  :: Transnistria {f}
transom {n} (nautical: transverse structural member)  :: arcaccia {f}
transom {n} /ˈtɹænsəm/ (transom window) SEE: transom window  ::
transonic {adj} (just above or below the speed of sound)  :: transonico
transpadane {adj}  :: transpadano {m}
transparent {adj} /tɹænsˈpɛɹənt/ (see-through, clear)  :: trasparente
transparent {adj}  :: trasparente
transpersonal {adj} (transcends the personal)  :: transpersonale
transphobia {n} (fear or hatred of transsexuality or transgenderism)  :: transfobia {f}
transpire {v} /tɹænˈspaɪ̯ɚ/ (obsolete: to perspire) SEE: perspire  ::
transpire {v} (to happen, take place) SEE: happen  ::
transplant {n} (medicine: operation)  :: trapianto {m}
transplant {v} (medicine: transfer (tissue/organ))  :: trapiantare
transplant {v} (resettle or relocate (something))  :: trapiantare
transplant {v} /tɹænzˈplænt/ (uproot and replant (a plant))  :: trapiantare
transplantation {n} (A surgical operation)  :: trapianto, trapiantazione
transport {n} (act of transporting)  :: trasporto {m}, porto {m}
transport {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
transport {n} (state of being transported by emotion)  :: trasporto {m}
transport {n}  :: trasporto {m}
transport {v} (historical: deport to a penal colony)  :: deportare
transport {v} (move someone to strong emotion)  :: trasportare
transport {v} /tɹænzˈpɔɹt/ (carry or bear from one place to another)  :: trasportare
transportable {adj} /tɹænsˈpɔɹtəbəl/ (Capable of being transported; easily moved)  :: trasportabile
transportation {n} /tɹænspɚˈteɪʃən/  :: trasporto {m}
transrealism {n} (literary mode)  :: transrealismo {m}
transsexual {adj} (being a transsexual)  :: transessuale {m}
transsexual {n} (person whose gender identity did not match his/her birth sex, and who therefore is changing or has changed sex)  :: transessuale {m}
transsexual {n}  :: transessuale {m},{f}
transsexualism {n} (transsexuality) SEE: transsexuality  ::
transsexuality {n} (the state, condition, or properties of being transsexual)  :: transessualità {f}
Trans-Siberian {adj} (across Siberia)  :: transiberiano
Transtiberine {adj} (located beyond the river Tiber)  :: trasteverino
transubstantiation {n} (Roman Catholic dogma)  :: transustanziazione {f}
transuranic {adj} (element with atomic number greater than 92)  :: transuranico
transversely {adv} (In a transverse manner)  :: attraverso
transverse wave {n} (type of wave)  :: onda trasversale {f}
transvest {v} (cross-dress) SEE: cross-dress  ::
transvestite {n} (cross-dresser, see also: cross-dresser)  :: travestito
Transylvania {prop} /tɹænslˈveɪni.ə/ (Transylvania)  :: Transilvania {f}
trap {n}  :: [1,2] trappola {f}
trap {n} /tɹæp/ (device designed to catch or kill animals)  :: trappola, tranello {m}
trap {n} (trap shooting) SEE: trapshooting  ::
trap {v} (to catch in a trap or traps)  :: intrappolare
trap {v} (to ensnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap)  :: intrappolare
Trapani {prop} (city)  :: Trapani {f}
Trapani {prop} (province)  :: Trapani
trapdoor {n}  :: botola {f}
trapdoor {n} (door set into floor or ceiling)  :: botola
trapdoor {n} (similar door on a stage)  :: botola {f}
trapeze {n} /tɹəˈpiːz/ (trapezium) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapeze artist {n} (trapezist) SEE: trapezist  ::
trapezist {n} (gymnast who performs on a trapeze)  :: trapezista {m}
trapezium {n} (polygon with no parallel sides and no equal sides)  :: trapezoide {m}
trapezium {n} (polygon with two parallel sides)  :: trapezio {m}
trapezoid {n} (quadrilateral with no sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapezoid {n} /ˈtɹæpəzɔɪd/ (quadrilateral with two sides parallel) SEE: trapezium  ::
trapper {n} (one who traps animals)  :: trapper {m} {f}, cacciatore {m}
Trappist {n} (a monk or nun of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance)  :: trappista {m} {f}
trash {n} (container)  :: cassonetto {m}
trash {n} (people of low social status or class)  :: feccia {f}
trash {n} (something of poor quality)  :: mondezza {f}, porcheria {f}, robaccia {f}
trash {n} /tɹæʃ/ (things to be discarded)  :: spazzatura {f}, immondizia {f}, rifiuti
trash {v} (to discard)  :: scartare
trash bag {n} (plastic bag for the disposal of household waste) SEE: garbage bag  ::
trash can {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can  ::
trashman {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector  ::
trauma {n} /ˈtɹɔ.mə/ (serious injury to the body)  :: trauma {m}
traumatic {adj} (of, caused by, or causing trauma)  :: traumatico
travel {n} (act of traveling)  :: viaggio {m}
travel {v} /ˈtɹævəl/ (to be on a journey)  :: viaggiare
travel agency {n} (company)  :: ufficio viaggi {m}
travel agency {n} (tour operator) SEE: tour operator  ::
travel agent {n} (travel agency) SEE: travel agency  ::
traveler {n} /ˈtɹævl̩ɚ/ (one who travels) SEE: traveller  ::
traveler's check {n} (check draft) SEE: traveller's cheque  ::
traveller {n} (Ireland: member of the nomadic ethnic minority) SEE: Irish Traveller  ::
traveller {n} /ˈtɹævəlɚ/ (one who travels)  :: viaggiatore {m}, viaggiatrice {f}, viandante {m}, girovago
Traveller {n} (member of a minority in Ireland) SEE: Irish Traveller  ::
travel sickness {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
travertine {n} /ˈtɹavətɪn/  :: travertino {m}
travesty {n} /ˈtɹæ.vəs.ti/ (An absurd or grotesque misrepresentation)  :: farsa
trawl {v} /tɹɔl/ (To fish with a trawl)  :: pescare con rete a strascico, sciabicare
trawler {n} (fishing boat)  :: peschereccio {m}, battello {m}
tray {n} (in computing)  :: barra {f}
tray {n} /tɹeɪ/ (object on which things are carried)  :: vassoio {m}
treachery {n} /ˈtɹɛtʃəɹi/ (treason) SEE: treason  ::
treacle {n} /ˈtɹiː.kəl/ (molasses or golden syrup)  :: melassa {f}
tread {v} /tɹɛd/ (to step on)  :: calpestare
treadle {n} /ˈtɹɛdl̩/ (a foot-operated pedal or lever that generates circular motion)  :: pedale {m}
treadmill {n} /tɹɛd.mɪl/ (piece of indoor sporting equipment)  :: treadmill {m}, tapis roulant
tread water {v} (to make no progress)  :: annaspare
tread water {v} (to remain afloat in water without use of any buoyancy aid)  :: stare a galla
treason {n} /ˈtɹiː.zən/ (crime of betraying one’s government)  :: tradimento {m}
treasure {n} (any single thing one values greatly)  :: tesoro {m}
treasure {n} (term of endearment)  :: tesoro {m}
treasure {n} /ˈtɹɛʒɚ/ (collection of valuable things)  :: tesoro {m}
treasure {v} (consider to be precious)  :: apprezzare
treasure hunt {n} (search for a treasure (game or real))  :: caccia al tesoro {f}
treasure map {n} (map on which is marked the location of a treasure)  :: mappa del tesoro {f}
treasurer {n} /ˈtɹɛʒəɹə(ɹ)/  :: tesoriere {m}
treasure trove {n} (hidden treasure, subsequently discovered)  :: ritrovamento {m}, reperimento {m}, rintracciamento {m}, scoperta {f}
treasury {n} (collection of artistic or literary works)  :: tesoro {m}
treasury {n} (place where state or royal money and valuables are stored)  :: tesoreria {f}
treasury {n} /ˈtɹɛʒəɹi/ (place where treasure is stored safely)  :: tesoreria {f}
treat {n} (An unexpected gift, event etc., which provides great pleasure)  :: sorpresa {f}
treat {n} ((obsolete) An entreaty) SEE: entreaty  ::
treat {n} ((obsolete) A parley or discussion of terms; a negotiation) SEE: negotiation  ::
treat {v} /tɹit/ (to negotiate)  :: trattare
treat {v} (to discourse, to represent)  :: trattare
treatise {n} /ˈtɹiːtɪs/ (systematic discourse on some subject)  :: trattato
treatment {n} (medical care for an illness or injury)  :: trattamento {m}, cura {f}
treatment {n} /t͡ʃɹiːtmənt/ (process or manner of treating)  :: trattamento {m}
treaty {n} /ˈtɹiːdi/ (a binding agreement under international law)  :: trattato {m}
treble {v} /tɹɛbəl/ (to multiply by three)  :: triplicare
trebuchet {n} /ˈtɹɛb.juˌʃɛt/ (trebuchet)  :: trabucco {m}, trabocco {m}
tree {proverb} ((computing theory) recursive data structure)  :: albero {m}
tree {proverb} ((graphical user interface) tree list)  :: albero {m}
tree {proverb} ((graph theory) graph tree with no cycles)  :: albero {m}
tree {proverb} (pole with storage hooks)  :: albero {m}
tree {proverb} /tɹi/ (large woody plant)  :: albero {m}
tree {v} (chase up a tree)  :: albero
tree frog {n} (frog of the family Hylidae)  :: raganella {f}
tree hollow {n} (tree hollow)  :: albero cavo {m}
tree-line {n} (timberline) SEE: tree line  ::
tree surgeon {n} (arboriculturist) SEE: arboriculturist  ::
tree trunk {n} (the main structural member of a tree)  :: tronco {m}
trellis {n} (An outdoor garden frame which can be used to grow vines or other climbing plants)  :: pergolato {m}, graticcio {m}, pergola {f}, traliccio {m}
trellis {n} /ˈtɹɛlɪs/ (An outdoor garden frame which can be used for partitioning a common area)  :: graticcio {m}, inferriata {f}, recinzione {f}
trema {n} /ˈtɹɛmə/ (the diacritical mark) SEE: diaeresis  ::
Tremadocian {n}  :: Tremadociano
tremble {n} (a shake)  :: tremore
tremble {v} /ˈtɹɛmbl̩/ (to shake)  :: tremare, tremolare
tremor {n} /ˈtɹɛmɚ/ (shake, quiver, or vibration)  :: tremore
trench {n} (military excavation)  :: trincea {f}
trench {n} /tɹɛntʃ/ (long, narrow ditch or hole)  :: fosso {m}
trench coat {n} (military-style raincoat)  :: trench {m}
Trentino-Alto Adige {prop} (region)  :: Trentino-Alto Adige
Trento {prop} (city)  :: Trento {f}
Trento {prop} (province)  :: Trento {f}
trepan {n} /tɹɪˈpæn/ (tool to bore)  :: perforatrice {f}, trivella {f}, trapano {m}
trepan {n} (trephine) SEE: trephine  ::
trepanation {n} (practice of drilling a hole in the skull)  :: trapanazione
trepang {n} /tɹɪˈpaŋ/ (sea cucumber) SEE: sea cucumber  ::
trepidation {n} /ˌtɹɛp.ɪˈdeɪ.ʃən/ (a fearful state)  :: trepidazione, timore, preoccupazione, insicurezza, dubbio, incertezza, apprensione
trespass {n} /ˈtɹɛspæs/ (sin) SEE: sin  ::
trespassing {n} (unauthorized entry on private property)  :: sconfinamento {m}
Treviso {prop} (province)  :: Treviso
Treviso {prop} (town)  :: Treviso {f}
tri- {prefix} /tɹaɪ/ (three)  :: tri-
triacontahedron {n} (polyhedron with 30 faces)  :: triacontaedro {m}
triad {n} /tɹaɪ.æd/ (grouping of three)  :: triade
triad {n} (underground society)  :: triade {f}
triage {n} (the process of sorting patients)  :: priorità {f}
triage {n} /ˈtɹi.ɑʒ/ (assessment or sorting according to quality)  :: sorteggio {m}, assegnazione {f}, scelta {f}
trial {adj} (Triple)  :: triplo {m}
trial {n} (appearance at judicial court)  :: processo {m}
trial {n} (difficult experience)  :: prova {f}, tribolazione {f}
trial {n} /ˈtɹaɪəl/ (chance to test something out)  :: prova {f}, test {m}
trial and error {n} (solution by learning from mistakes)  :: prove ed errori, tentativi ed errori
trial court {n} SEE: court of first instance  ::
trial number {n}  :: triale {m}
triangle {n} (love triangle) SEE: love triangle  ::
triangle {n} (percussion instrument)  :: triangolo {m}
triangle {n} /ˈtɹaɪˌæŋɡəl/ (polygon)  :: triangolo {m}
triangle inequality {prop} (the triangle inequality)  :: disuguaglianza triangolare {f}
triangle pose {n} (trikonasana) SEE: trikonasana  ::
triangular {adj} /tɹaɪˈæŋ.ɡjə.lɚ/ (shaped like a triangle)  :: triangolare
triangularis muscle {n} (muscle)  :: muscolo triangolare {m}, depressore dell'angolo della bocca {m}, muscolo depressore dell'angolo della bocca {m}
triangular number {n} (an integer which is the sum of n natural numbers)  :: numero triangolare {m}
triangular prism {n} (prism with triangular base)  :: prisma triangolare {m}
triangulation {n} (surveying technique)  :: triangolazione {f}
Triangulum {prop} (spiral galaxy) SEE: Triangulum Galaxy  ::
triathlete {n} (An athlete who competes in the triathlon)  :: triatleta {m} {f}
tribal {adj} /ˈtɹaɪbəl/ (of or relating to tribes)  :: tribale
tribasic {adj} (of an acid)  :: tribasico {m}
tribasic {adj} (of a salt)  :: tribasico {m}
tribe {n} /tɹaɪb/ (group of people)  :: tribù {f}
triboelectricity {n} (electricity produced by the triboelectric effect)  :: triboelettricità {f}
tribology {n} /tɹaɪˈbɒləd͡ʒi/ (science and technology of lubrication)  :: tribologia
tribulation {n} /ˌtɹɪbjʊˈleɪ̯ʃən/ (adversity)  :: tribolazione {f}
tribune {n} /ˈtɹɪbjuːn/ (elected official in Ancient Rome)  :: tribuna
tributary {adj} (related to the paying of tribute)  :: tributario {m}
tributary {n} (nation, state etc.)  :: vassallo {m}
tributary {n} /ˈtɹɪbjʊtəɹi/ (stream which flows into a larger one)  :: affluente {m}
tribute {n} (payment made by one nation to another in submission)  :: tributo {m}
tribute {n} /ˈtɹɪbjuːt/ (acknowledgment of gratitude, respect or admiration; an accompanying gift)  :: omaggio {m}
tricameralism {n} (tricameralism)  :: tricameralismo
tricarboxylic acid cycle {n} (the Krebs cycle)  :: ciclo degli acidi tricarbossilici {m}
tricentennial {adj} (occurring every 300 years)  :: tricentenniale
triceps {n} (any muscle having three heads)  :: tricipite {m}
triceps {n} (triceps brachii) SEE: triceps brachii  ::
trichina {n} (roundworm of the genus Trichinella)  :: trichina {f}
trichloroacetic {adj} (pertaining to trichloroacetic acid)  :: tricloroacetico
trichloroethylene {n} (hydrocarbon)  :: tricloroetilene {m}
trichlorofluoromethane {n} (chlorofluorocarbon CFCl3)  :: triclorofluorometano {m}
trichology {n} /tɹʌɪˈkɒlədʒi/ (knowledge or study of hair)  :: tricologia {f}
trichotillomania {n} (disorder)  :: tricotillomania
trick {n} /tɹɪk/ (effective, clever or quick way of doing something)  :: trucco {m}
trick {v} (to fool; to cause to believe something untrue)  :: imbrogliare
trickery {n} /tɹɪ.kə.ɹi/ (underhanded behavior)  :: inganno {m}, trappoleria {f}, accalappiamento {m}, accalappiatura {f}, tiro mancino {m}
trickle {n} /ˈtɹɪkəl/ (a very thin flow; the act of trickling)  :: gocciolio {m}, sgocciolio {m}
trickle {v} (to flow in a very thin stream or drop continuously)  :: gocciolare, sgocciolare
trick or treat {interj} (extortion)  :: dolcetto o scherzetto
trick question {n} (complex question)  :: trabocchetto {m}
trickster {n} (fraud) SEE: fraud  ::
trickster {n} (impish or playful person)  :: indiavolato {m}
trickster {n} (mythological or literary figure)  :: folletto {m}, spiritello {m}, gnomo {m}, coboldo {m}, diavoletto {m}
trickster {n} (one who performs tricks)  :: imbroglione, truffatore {m}, lestofante {m}
tricky {adj} /tɹɪki/ (hard to deal with)  :: insidioso, ingannevole, pericoloso
tricolor {adj} (having three colors)  :: tricolore
tricolour {n} (A flag with three stripes of different colours)  :: tricolore
triconodont {n}  :: triconodonte
tricuspid {adj}  :: tricuspide
tricycle {n} /ˈtɹaɪsɪkəl/ (cycle with three wheels)  :: triciclo {m}, tricicletto
tricyclist {n} (person who rides a tricycle)  :: riciclista {m} {f}
trident {n} (three-pronged spear)  :: tridente {m}
tridermic {adj} (relating to the three germ layers of the embryo: ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm)  :: tridermico
tridimensionality {n} (quality of being tridimensional) SEE: three-dimensionality  ::
triennial {adj} (lasting for three years)  :: triennale {m} {f}
triennial {adj} /tɹaɪˈɛnɪəl/ (happening every three years)  :: triennale {m} {f}
Trier {prop} (city in Germany)  :: Treviri
Trieste {prop} (city)  :: Trieste {f}
Trieste {prop} (province)  :: Trieste
Triestine {adj} (of, from or relating to Trieste)  :: triestino
trifle {n} (insignificant amount)  :: un tantino, un po', bagattella {f}, briciola {f}
trifle {n} (kind of pewter)  :: peltro {m}
trifle {n} /ˈtɹaɪfl̩/ (dessert)  :: zuppa inglese {f} [a similar Italian dessert]
trifle {n} (thing of little importance or worth)  :: cosa da poco, inezia {f}, bagattella {f}
trifling {adj} /ˈtɹaɪfliŋ/ (trivial)  :: insignificante
triforce {n} (Shape composed of three triangles in a specific alignment)  :: Triforza
triforium {n} (gallery of arches)  :: triforio {m}
trigger {n} (event that initiates others, or incites a response)  :: innesco {m}, detonatore {m}
trigger {n} (pulse in an electronic circuit that initiates some component)  :: impulso {m}
trigger {n} (similar device used to activate any mechanism)  :: levetta {f}
trigger {n} /ˈtɹɪɡə/ (finger-operated lever used to fire a gun)  :: grilletto {m}
trigger {v} (to fire a weapon)  :: premere il grilletto
trigger {v} (to initiate something)  :: innescare
trigger finger {n} (forefinger) SEE: forefinger  ::
triggerfish {n} (fish)  :: pesce balestra {m}
trigger guard {n} (A thin loop surrounding the trigger of a weapon to keep it from accidental discharge)  :: guardamano {m}
triglyceride {n} /tɹʌɪˈɡlɪsəɹʌɪd/ (lipid, ester of glycerol and three fatty acids)  :: trigliceride {m}
triglyceridemia {n} (presence of triglycerides in the blood)  :: trigliceridemia {f}
trigonal {adj} (triangular)  :: trigono
trigonometric {adj} (of or relating to trigonometry)  :: trigonometrico
trigonometric function {n} (a function of an angle)  :: funzione trigonometrica {f}
trigonometry {n} (branch of mathematics)  :: trigonometria {f}
trihedral {adj}  :: triedrico {m}
trihedron {n} (geometric figure)  :: triedro {m}
trihydride {n} (trihydride)  :: triidruro {m}
triiodomethane {n} (iodoform) SEE: iodoform  ::
trill {n} /tɹɪl/ (rapid alternation of notes)  :: trillo {m}
trill {n} (vibrating consonant)  :: consonante vibrante {f}, trillo {m}
trillion {num} (a million million million, 1018)  :: trilione {f}
trillion {num} /ˈtɹɪljən/ (a million million, 1012)  :: bilione {f}
trilobite {n} /ˈtɹaɪ.ləˌbaɪt/ (member of the class Trilobita)  :: trilobite {m}
trilogy {n} (collection of three works)  :: trilogia {f}
trim {adj} (fit)  :: in forma
trim {n} (a moderate haircut)  :: spuntata (capelli-barba-baffi)
trim {n} (arrangement of sails relative to the wind)  :: orientamento
trim {n} (the manner in which a vessel floats)  :: assetto (nave-aereo)
trim {v} (to reduce slightly)  :: tagliare, decorare, bilanciare
trimaran {n} (type of boat)  :: trimarano {m}
trimer {n} (molecule)  :: trimero {m}
trimerous {adj} (organized in threes)  :: trimero
trimester {n} /ˈtɹaɪ.mɛs.tə(ɹ)/ (period of three months)  :: trimestre
trimillennial {adj} (occurring every 3000 years)  :: trimillenniale
trimolecular {adj} (involving three molecules)  :: trimolecolare
trinal {adj} /ˈtɹaɪnəl/ (having three parts, triple) SEE: tripartite  ::
Trinidad and Tobago {prop} /ˌtɹɪn.ɪ.dæd ænd toʊˈbeɪ.ɡoʊ/ (country)  :: Trinidad e Tobago {m}
Trinidadian {n} (a person from Trinidad)  :: trinidadiano {m}, trinidadiana {f}
Trinitarian {adj} (believing in the Trinity)  :: trinitario
trinity {n} (group or set of three people or things)  :: trinità {f}
Trinity {prop} (Christianity: three persons of the Godhead)  :: trinità
trinket {n} (a mere trifle)  :: chincaglieria {f}
trinket {n} (a small showy ornament or piece of jewelry)  :: fronzolo {m}, ciondolo {m}, ninnolo {m}, gingillo {m}, fronzolo, cineseria {f}
trinomial {adj} (consisting of three parts)  :: trinomiale
trinomial {n} (an expression consisting of three terms)  :: trinomio {m}
trio {n} (a piece of music written for three musicians)  :: trio {m}
trio {n} (passage in the middle of minuet)  :: trio {m}
trio {n} /ˈtɹioʊ/ (group of three musicians)  :: trio {m}
trio {n}  :: trio {m}
triorchidism {n} (form of polyorchidism)  :: triorchidismo {m}
triose {n} (sugar containing three carbon atoms)  :: trioso {m}
trioxide {n} (oxide containing three oxygen atoms in each molecule)  :: triossido {m}
trip {n} (act of tripping someone)  :: sgambetto {m}
trip {n} (period of time in which one experiences drug-induced reverie or hallucinations)  :: trip {m}
trip {n} /tɹɪp/ (journey)  :: viaggio {m}, gita {f}
trip {v} (fall over or stumble over an object)  :: inciampare
trip {v}  :: inciampare
tripartite {adj} (done by three parties)  :: tripartito
tripartite {adj} /tɹaɪˈpɑɹtaɪt/ (in three parts)  :: tripartito
tripe {n} (entrails)  :: trippa {f}
tripe {n} (something valueless)  :: stupidaggine {f}
tripe {n} /tɹaɪp/ (stomach lining of animal for food)  :: trippa {f}
tripedal {adj} (having three legs) SEE: three-legged  ::
triphosphate {n} (any salt or ester containing three phosphate groups)  :: trifosfato {m}
triphthong {n} /ˈtɹɪfθɔŋ/ (monosyllabic vowel combination involving movement from one vowel to another)  :: trittongo {m}
triple {adj} (three times the quantity)  :: triplo {m}
triple {adj} /ˈtɹɪpəl/ (made up of three related elements)  :: triplo
triple {n} (sequence of three elements)  :: triplo {m}
triple {v} (to become three times as large)  :: triplicare
triple {v} (to multiply by three)  :: triplicare
triploblastic {adj} (exhibiting triploblasty)  :: triploblastico
triplophonia {n}  :: triplofonia {f}
tripod {n} (a three-legged stand or mount)  :: treppiedi {m}, cavalletto {m}
tripolar {adj} (having three electrical connections)  :: tripolare
tripolar {adj} (having three poles)  :: tripolare
tripolar {adj} (involving three centers of military, economic or political power)  :: tripolare
Tripoli {prop} /ˈtɹɪpəli/ (capital of Libya)  :: Tripoli {f}
Tripolitania {prop} (historic region)  :: Tripolitania {f}
triptych {n} /ˈtɹɪpˌtɪk/ (art: a picture or series of pictures painted on three tablets connected by hinges)  :: trittico {m}
triquetra {n} (shape formed of three vesica piscis)  :: trinacria {f}, triquetra {f}
trireme {n} /ˈtɹaɪ.ɹiːm/ (galley with three banks of oars)  :: trireme {f}
trisect {v} (to cut into three pieces)  :: trisecare
trishaw {n} (cycle rickshaw) SEE: cycle rickshaw  ::
triskaidekaphobia {n} /ˌtɹɪskaɪdɛkəˈfəʊbi.ə/ (Fear of the number 13.)  :: triscaidecafobia {f}
triskele {n} /ˈtɹaɪ.skil/ (symbol consisting of three connected curves)  :: triscele
triskelion {n} (any figure or object composed of three interlocked spirals, limbs (especially bent human legs), or any similar symbol with three protrusions and a threefold rotational symmetry)  :: triscele {m}
trismus {n} (lockjaw) SEE: lockjaw  ::
Tristan {prop} /ˈtɹɪstən/ (male given name)  :: Tristano
trisyllabic {adj} /ˌtɹaɪ.sɪˈlæb.ɪk/  :: trisillabico {m}
trisyllable {n}  :: trisillabo {m}
tritheism {n} (belief in three gods)  :: triteismo {m}
tritheism {n} (form of Christianity that denies the Trinity)  :: triteismo {m}
tritium {n} (radioactive isotope of hydrogen)  :: trizio {m}
Triton {prop} /ˈtɹaɪtən/ (seventh moon of Neptune)  :: Tritone {m}
tritone {n} (an interval of three whole tones)  :: tritono {m}
triulose {n} (dihydroxyacetone considered as a ketotriose)  :: triulosio {m}
triumph {n} (a state of joy or exultation at success)  :: trionfo {m}
triumph {n} /ˈtɹaɪ.ʌmpf/ (conclusive success; victory; conquest)  :: trionfo {m}
triumph {n}  :: trionfo {m}
triumph {n} (trump card) SEE: trump  ::
triumph {v} (to prevail over rivals)  :: trionfare
triumph {v} (to succeed)  :: trionfare
triumphant {adj} /tɹaɪˈʌmfənt/ (celebrating victory)  :: trionfante
Trivandrum {prop} (Thiruvananthapuram) SEE: Thiruvananthapuram  ::
trivia {n} /ˈtɹɪvi.ə/ (quiz) SEE: quiz  ::
trivial {adj} (common, ordinary)  :: banale, ordinario
trivial {adj} /ˈtɹɪ.vi.əl/ (of little significance or value)  :: insignificante
trivialise {v} (trivialize) SEE: trivialize  ::
Troad {prop} /ˈtɹəʊ.æd/ (historical term for peninsula in modern Turkey)  :: Troade
troak {v} /tɹoʊk/ (exchange goods or services without involving money)  :: barattare
trochlea {n} (a structure resembling a pulley)  :: troclea {f}
trochlear {adj} (shaped like, or resembling, a pulley; related to, or connected with, a trochlea)  :: trocleare
trodden {adj} /ˈtɹɑdən/ (crushed by being walked on)  :: calpestato
Troödos {prop} (mountain range)  ::  ; Troodos
trogon {n} (species of bird)  :: trogone {m}
troika {n} /ˈtɹɔɪ.kə/ (group of three) SEE: triumvirate  ::
Trojan {n} /ˈtɹoʊdʒən/ (Trojan asteroid) SEE: Trojan asteroid  ::
Trojan horse {n} (computing: malicious program)  :: cavallo di Troia {m}, trojan {m}
Trojan horse {prop} (epic wooden horse)  :: cavallo di Troia {m}
Trojan War {prop} (mythical war)  :: Guerra di Troia {f}
troll {n} (person who provokes others)  :: troll {n}
troll {v} /tɹoʊl/ (to saunter) SEE: saunter  ::
troll {v} (to trundle) SEE: trundle  ::
trolley {n} (cart or shopping cart)  :: carrello {m}
trollop {n} /ˈtɹɒl.əp/ (strumpet)  :: puttana {f}, sgualdrina {f}, battona {f}, baldracca {f}, squillo {f}, peripatetica {f}
trombone {n} /ˌtɹɑmˈboʊn/ (a musical instrument in the brass family)  :: trombone {m}
Tromsø {prop} (municipality in Norway)  :: Tromsø
troop {n} /tɹuːp/ (collection of people)  :: truppe
trooper {n} /ˈtɹuːpə(ɹ)/ (a soldier)  :: soldato {m}
troops {n} /tɹuːps/ (military personnel in uniform)  :: truppe {p}
trope {n} (music: phrase or verse added to the mass when sung by a choir)  :: tropo {m}
trope {n} (music: short cadence at the end of the melody in some early music)  :: tropo {m}
trope {n} /ˈtɹoʊp/ (figure of speech in which a word or phrase is used other than in a literal manner)  :: tropo {m}
-trophic {suffix} (used to form adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -trophy)  :: -tropico
trophic level {n} (position of a group of organisms in a food chain)  :: livello trofico
trophy {n} /ˈtɹoʊfi/ (object rewarding success)  :: trofeo {m}
tropic {adj} (tropical) SEE: tropical  ::
tropic {n} (either of the two parallels)  :: tropico {m}
-tropic {suffix}  :: -tropico, -tropo
Tropic {n} (one of the two Tropics) SEE: tropic  ::
tropical {adj} (dated: metaphorical, figurative) SEE: figurative  ::
tropical {adj} (from or similar to a hot humid climate)  :: tropicale
tropical {adj} /ˈtɹoʊ.pɪ.kəl/ (of or pertaining to the tropics)  :: tropicale
tropical geometry {n} (branch of geometry)  :: geometria tropicale {f}
tropicalization {n}  :: tropicalizzazione {f}
tropicalize {v} (modify something for use in the tropics)  :: tropicalizzare
tropical rainforest {n} (forest)  :: foresta pluviale tropicale
tropicbird {n} /ˈtɹɒ.pɪkˌbɜɹd/  :: fetonte {m}
tropism {n} ((biology) turning of an organism)  :: tropismo {m}
troposmia {n} (troposmia) SEE: parosmia  ::
troposphere {n} (lower levels of the atmosphere)  :: troposfera {f}
-tropy {suffix}  :: -tropia
trot {n} (a gait of a person faster than a walk)  :: trotterellio {m}
trot {n} (gait of an animal between walk and canter)  :: trotto {m}
trot {n} (toddler) SEE: toddler  ::
trot {n} (Trotskyist) SEE: Trotskyist  ::
trot {n} (ugly old woman)  :: megera {f}
trot {v} ((of a horse) move at a gait between a walk and a canter)  :: trotto
trot {v} (walk rapidly)  :: trottare
Trotskyism {n} (the political philosophy named after Leon Trotsky)  :: trotskismo, trotschismo
Trotskyist {n} (a supporter of Trotskyism) SEE: Trotskyite  ::
troubadour {n} (an itinerant performer of songs)  :: trovatore {m}, trobadore {m}, trovatrice {f}, trobairitz {f}
trouble {n} (difficulty)  :: problema {m}, difficoltà {f}, dissesto {m}
trouble {n}  :: pena {f}, disturbo {m}, disagio {m}
trouble {n} /ˈtɹʌbl̩/ (distressful or dangerous situation)  :: guaio {m}, problema {m}, impiccio {m}, tumulto {m}
trouble {v} (to bother; to annoy)  :: esagitare, infastidire, disturbare, agitare
troublemaker {n} (one who causes trouble, especially deliberately)  :: piantagrane {m}, attaccabrighe {m}, casinista, combinaguai
trough {n} (a gutter under the eaves of a building)  :: grondaia {f}, gronda {f}
trough {n} (a long, narrow container open at the top)  :: madia {f}
trough {n} (a long, narrow depression between waves or ridges)  :: avvallamento {m}, fossa {f}
trough {n} /tɹɔf/ (a long, narrow, open container for feeding animals)  :: trogolo
troupial {n} /ˈtɹuːpɪəl/ (icterid) SEE: icterid  ::
trouser {n} /ˈtɹaʊzɚ/ (pair of trousers) SEE: trousers  ::
trouser {v} (to pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
trousers {n} /ˈtɹaʊzɚz/ (article of clothing for the lower body) SEE: pants  ::
trousseau {n} /ˈtɹuːsəʊ/ (bridal clothes)  :: corredo {m}
trout {n} /tɹaʊt/ (fish)  :: trota {f}
trouvère {n} (a lyric poet using the Northern langue d'oïl)  :: trovero {m}
trove {n} /tɹoʊv/ (treasure trove) SEE: treasure trove  ::
trowel {n} (scoop-like gardening tool)  :: paletta {f}
trowel {n} /ˈtɹaʊ.əl/ (mason's tool)  :: cazzuola {f}
Troy {prop} (an ancient city)  :: Troia
truancy {n} (the act of shirking from responsibilities and duties)  :: assenteismo
truce {n} /ˈtɹuːs/ (a period of time in which no fighting takes place)  :: tregua {f}
truck {n} /t͡ʃɹʌk/ (vehicle designed for carrying cargo)  :: autocarro {m}, camion {m}
truck {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon  ::
truck {v} (drive a truck)  :: guidare un autocarro, guidare un camion
truck {v} (trade) SEE: trade  ::
truck driver {n} (person employed to drive a truck)  :: camionista
trucker {n} /ˈt(ʃ)ɹʌkɚ/ (one who drives a truck) SEE: truck driver  ::
true {adj} /tɹu/ (concurring with a given set of facts)  :: vero
true {adj}  :: vero
true {n} (State of being in alignment)  :: centratura {f}
true seal {n} (earless seal) SEE: earless seal  ::
truffle {n} (confection)  :: tartufo {m}
truffle {n} /ˈtɹʌ.fəl/ (tuber)  :: tartufo {m}
truism {n} (banality or cliché)  :: banalità {f}, clichè {m}, luogo comune {m}, tautologia {f}
truism {n} (self-evident or obvious truth)  :: ovvietà {f}, tautologia {f}
truly {adv} /ˈtɹuːli/ (honestly, genuinely)  :: veramente
truly yours {phrase} (yours truly) SEE: yours truly  ::
trumeau {n} /tɹuːˈməʊ/ (mirror) SEE: trumeau mirror  ::
trump {n} (playing card of that suit)  :: briscola {f}
trump {n} (something that gives one an advantage)  :: asso nella manica {m}
trump {n} /t͡ʃɹʌmp/ (suit that outranks all others)  :: seme vincente {m}, briscola di seme {f}, briscola {f}
trump card {n} (trump) SEE: trump  ::
trumpet {n} (elephant noise)  :: barrito {m}
trumpet {n} (musician playing a trumpet)  :: tromba {f}, trombettista {m}
trumpet {n} /ˈtɹʌmpɪt/ (brass instrument)  :: tromba {f}
trumpet {v} (make an elephant call)  :: barrire
trumpet {v} (play the instrument)  :: suonare la tromba
trumpet {v} (proclaim loudly)  :: strombazzare
trumpeter finch {n} (Bucanetes githagineus)  :: trombettiere {m}
Trumpism {prop}  :: trumpismo {m}
Trumpist {n}  :: trumpista {m-f}
truncated {v} (Deprived of one of its parts or of its end)  :: troncato
truncated cuboctahedron {n} (polyhedron with 12 square, 8 hexagonal and 6 octagonal faces)  :: cubottaedro troncato {m}, grande rombicubottaedro {m}
truncated dodecahedron {n} (polyhedron with 12 decagonal faces, 20 triangular faces and 90 edges)  :: dodecaedro troncato {m}
truncated icosahedron {n} (polyhedron)  :: icosaedro troncato {m}
truncated icosidodecahedron {n} (polyhedron with 12 decagonal, 30 hexagonal and 30 square faces)  :: icosidodecaedro troncato {m}
truncated octahedron {n} (polyhedron with 14 faces and 36 edges)  :: ottaedro troncato, tetracaidecaedro
trunk {n} (extended nasal organ of an elephant)  :: proboscide {f}
trunk {n} (large suitcase or chest)  :: baule
trunk {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car)  :: baule {m}, bagagliaio {m}
trunk {n} (swimming trunks) SEE: swimming trunks  ::
trunk {n} /tɹʌŋk/ (tree trunk)  :: tronco {m}
trunk {n} (torso) SEE: torso  ::
truss {n} (framework of beams)  :: struttura reticolare {f}
truss {n} /tɹʌs/ (bandage and belt)  :: cinto {m}
trust {n}  :: fiducia {f}, confidenza {f}, speranza {f}, aspettazione {f}, credito {m}, amministrazione fiduciaria {f}, consorzio {m}, responsibilità {f}, compito {m}, incarico {m}, fede {f}
trust {n} /tɹʌst/ (confidence in or reliance on some person or quality)  :: fiducia {f}
trust {v} (To place confidence in)  :: fidare, avere fiducia
trustworthiness {n} /ˈtɹʌst.wɜɹ.ði.nɛs/ (the state or quality of being trustworthy or reliable)  :: fidatezza, attendibilità, affidabilità
trustworthy {adj} /ˈtɹʌst.wɜɹ.ði/ (reliable)  :: affidabile
truth {n} (that which is real)  :: verità {f}
truth {n} /t͡ʃɹuːθ/ (state or quality of being true to someone or something)  :: veritate {f}, verità
truthful {adj} (accurately depicting what is real)  :: realista
truthful {adj} /ˈtɹuːθ.f(ə)l/ (honest, and always telling the truth)  :: sincero
truth value {n} (values in logic)  :: valore di verità {m}
try {n} (an attempt)  :: tentativo {m}, prova {f}
try {n} (a score in rugby)  :: meta {f}
try {v} /tɹaɪ/ (to attempt)  :: cercare, tentare, provare
try {v}  :: tentare, provare (to do di fare), cercare (to do di fare) , provare
try {v} (to make an experiment)  :: provare
try {v} (to put on trial)  :: mettere alla prova
try {v} (to put to test)  :: provare, testare
try {v} (to taste, sample, etc)  :: assaggiare
try {v} (to work on something)  :: cercare
try-hard {n} (person of little talent) SEE: tryhard  ::
trying {adj} (irritating, stressful or bothersome)  :: irritante
trying {adj} /ˈtɹaɪ.ɪŋ/ (Difficult to endure; arduous)  :: difficile, impegnativo {m}, arduo {m}
try on {v} (to test the look of)  :: provare, misurare
try out {v} (to test something)  :: saggiare, collaudare, testare
tsao shu {n} (grass script) SEE: grass script  ::
tsar {n} /zɑɹ/ (an emperor)  :: zar {m}
tsarina {n} /tsaˈɹiːnə/ (empress or wife of a tsar)  :: zarina {f}
tsaritsa {n} (tsarina) SEE: tsarina  ::
T-shirt {n} /ˈtiːʃɜːt/ (type of shirt)  :: maglietta {f}
tsk tsk {interj} /təsk təsk/ (tut tut) SEE: tut tut  ::
tsunami {n} /suˈnɑmi/ (large, destructive wave generally caused by a tremendous disturbance in the ocean)  :: tsunami {m} [invariable], maremoto {m}
tsundere {n} /ˈtsundəɹeɪ/ (character who fits the archetype of being cold or hostile before gradually showing a warm and caring side)  :: tsundere {f}
Tsuut'ina {prop} (Sarcee) SEE: Sarcee  ::
Tsuu T'ina {prop} (Sarcee) SEE: Sarcee  ::
tub {n} (bathtub) SEE: bathtub  ::
tub {n} (slow-moving craft)  :: bagnarola {f}
tub {n} /tʌb/ (broad, flat-bottomed vessel)  :: tinozza {f}, vaschetta {f}
tuba {n} /ˈtu.bə/ (a large brass musical instrument)  :: tuba {f}
tube {n} (a tin can)  :: lattina
tube {n} (cylindrical container)  :: tubo {m}, tubetto {m} [e.g. toothpaste]
tube {n} (the London underground) SEE: Tube  ::
tube {n} /tjuːb/ (a pipe)  :: tubo
Tube {prop} (informal: the London underground)  :: la metropolitana di Londra {f}
tuber {n} /tjuːbə(ɹ)/ (fleshy underground stem)  :: tubero {m}
tuberal {adj} (characteristic of a tuber)  :: tuberale
tubercule {n} (tubercle) SEE: tubercle  ::
tuberculosis {n} (infectious disease)  :: tubercolosi {f}
tubing {n} (tubes)  :: condotta {f}
tub of lard {n} (fat person)  :: barilotto {m}
tubulin {n} (proteins used as the material for microtubules)  :: tubulina
tuck {n} (short sword) SEE: rapier  ::
tuck {v} (curl into a ball; fold up and hold one's legs)  :: rannicchiarsi
tuck {v} (fit neatly)  :: incastrare, incastrarsi, adattarsi
tuck {v} (place somewhere safe or hidden)  :: ripiegare, infilare
tuck {v} (sew folds)  :: cucire le pieghe, pieghettare
tuck {v} /tʰʌk/ (push the end of fabric out of sight)  :: rimboccare, ripiegare
tucker {n} /ˈtʌkɚ/ (slang: food) SEE: grub  ::
tuck in {v} (to push in loose clothing)  :: infilare il fondo della camicia nei pantaloni
Tuesday {n} /ˈtuzdeɪ/ (day of the week)  :: martedì {m}
tufa {n} (volcanic rock) SEE: tuff  ::
tuff {n} /tʌf/ (a rock composed of compacted volcanic ash)  :: tufo {m}
tuft {n} (clump of trees)  :: macchia d'alberi
tuft {n} (cluster of threads)  :: fiocco, rappa
tuft {n} (gold tassel)  :: nappina dorata
tuft {n} /tʌft/ (bunch)  :: cespo {m}, ciuffo {m}, ciocca, zolla {f}
tuft {v} (be formed into tufts)  :: a forma di ciuffo
tuft {v} (provide or decorate with tufts)  :: infiocchettare, ornare di ciuffi, impennacchiare
tuft {v} (secure with tufts)  :: trapuntare
tufted antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antibird family)  :: averla formichiera dal ciuffo
tug {n} (sudden pull)  :: strattone {m}
tug {n} (tugboat) SEE: tugboat  ::
tug {v} (to pull repeatedly)  :: tirare
tug {v} (to tow by tugboat)  :: rimorchiare
tug {v} /tʌɡ/ (to pull with great effort)  :: trascinare
tugboat {n} /ˈtʌɡboʊt/ (small, powerful boat)  :: rimorchiatore {m}
tughra {n} (signature of an Ottoman sultan)  :: tughra
tug of war {n} (game)  :: tiro alla fune {m}
tuition {n} /tuˈɪʃən/ (sum of money paid for instruction)  :: retta {f}
tulip {n} /ˈtjuːlɪp/ (plant)  :: tulipano {m}
tulipomania {n} (enthusiasm for tulips, as in a period in the Dutch Golden Age during which contract prices for bulbs of the recently introduced tulip reached extraordinarily high levels and then suddenly collapsed)  :: tulipomania {f}
tumble {n} /tʌmbəl/ (a fall)  :: caduta {f}
tumble {v} (to fall end over end)  :: cadere, precipitare, rovinare, crollare, ruzzolare
tumble drier {n} (tumble dryer) SEE: tumble dryer  ::
tumble dryer {n} (electrical device)  :: asciugatrice
tumbler {n} (drinking glass without stem)  :: bicchiere {m}
tumbler {n} (movable obstruction in lock)  :: nottolino {m}, cilindro
tumbler {n} (part of a gunlock)  :: percussore {m}
tumbler {n} /ˈtʌmblɚ/ (acrobat) SEE: acrobat  ::
tumbler {n} (variety of pigeon)  :: piccione tomboliere {m}
tummy {n} /tʌmi/ (childish language for stomach)  :: pancia {f}
tumor {n} /tuː.məɹ/ (oncology, pathology: an abnormal growth)  :: tumore {m}
tumoral {adj} (of or pertaining to a tumor)  :: tumorale
tumorectomy {n} (surgical removal of a tumor)  :: tumorectomia {f}
tumour {n} (tumor) SEE: tumor  ::
tumult {n} (riot or uprising)  :: tumulto {m}
tumult {n} /ˈtjuː.mʌlt/ (noise as made by a crowd)  :: tumulto {m}
Tumushuke {prop} (Tumxuk) SEE: Tumxuk  ::
tuna {n} /ˈtuː.nə/ (fish)  :: tonno {m}
tundra {n} /ˈtʌndɹə/ (flat treeless arctic region)  :: tundra {f}
tune {n} (informal: act of tuning)  :: regolazione {f}, messa a punto
tune {n} (song, short musical composition)  :: composizione {f}
tune {n} /t(j)un/ (melody)  :: melodia {f}
tune {v} (to adjust a mechanical, electric or electronic device so that it functions optimally)  :: regolare, registrare, mettere a punto
tune {v} (to make more precise, intense, or effective)  :: affinare
tune {v} (to modify a musical instrument)  :: accordare
tune out {v} (zone out) SEE: zone out  ::
tuner {n} (device that shows the deviation of the played pitch from the desired pitch)  :: accordatore {m}
tuner {n} (person who tunes a piano or organ)  :: accordatore {m}
tuner {n} (the component of an audio system that receives radio broadcasts.)  :: sintonizzatore {m}
tungsten {n} /ˈtʌŋstən/ (chemical element)  :: tungsteno {m}, wolframio {m}
tungsten carbide {n} (Very hard grey compound used as an abrasive)  :: carburo di tungsteno {m}
tungstic {adj} (of or relating to tungsten)  :: tungstico
tunic {n} /tjuːnɪk/ (garment)  :: tunica {f}
tuning fork {n} /tjʉːnɪŋ foːk/ (fork-shaped object which emits a tone)  :: corista {m}
Tunis {prop} (capital of Tunisia)  :: Tunisi {f}
Tunisia {prop} /tjuːˈnɪzi.ə/ (Republic of Tunisia)  :: Tunisia {f}
Tunisian {adj} (pertaining to Tunisia)  :: tunisino
Tunisian {n} (person from Tunisia)  :: tunisino
tunnel {n} /ˈtʌn(ə)l/ (an underground or underwater passage)  :: tunnel {m}
tup {n} /tʌp/ (ram) SEE: ram  ::
tup {v} (fuck) SEE: fuck  ::
turban {n} /ˈtɜː(ɹ)bən/ (man's head-dress)  :: turbante {m}
turban {n} (woman's hat)  :: turbante {m}
turbanned {adj} (Wearing a turban)  :: inturbantato
turbid {adj} (having the lees or sediment disturbed; roiled; muddy; thick; not clear)  :: torbido
turbidity {n} (the state of being turbid)  :: torbidezza {f}, torbidità {f}
turbinal {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbinate bone {n} (nasal concha) SEE: nasal concha  ::
turbine {n} /ˈtɜ(ɹ)baɪn/ (rotary machine)  :: turbina {f}
turboalternator {n}  :: turboalternatore {m}
turbocompressor {n} (turbocharger) SEE: turbocharger  ::
turbojet {n} (type of jet engine)  :: turbogetto {m}, turboreattore {m}
turboprop {n} (type of gas-turbine aircraft engine)  :: turboelica {f}
turbot {n} /ˈtɜːbət/ (any of various flatfishes of family Scophthalmidae)  :: rombo {m}
turbot {n} (triggerfish) SEE: triggerfish  ::
turbulence {n} (disturbance in gas, fluid)  :: turbolenza
turbulent {adj} /ˈtɜː.bjə.lənt/  :: turbolento
turd {n} /tɜːd/ (piece of solid feces)  :: stronzo {m}
turf {n} (a layer of earth covered with grass; sod)  :: erba, zolla erbosa
turf {n} (a piece of peat used as fuel)  :: torba {f}
turf {n} (a piece of such a layer cut from the soil and used to make a lawn)  :: zolla d'erba {f}
turf accountant {n} (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker  ::
turgid {adj} /ˈtɝːdʒɪd/ (distended beyond natural state)  :: turgido
Turin {prop} (city)  :: Torino {f}
Turin {prop} /tjɜː(ɹ)ˈɪn/ (province)  :: Torino
Turinese {adj} (of or relating to Turin)  :: torinese
Turinese {n} (a person from Turin)  :: torinese {m} {f}
Turing machine {n} (abstract machine)  :: macchina di Turing {f}
turion {n}  :: turione {m}
Turk {n} (Muslim) SEE: Muslim  ::
Turk {n} /tɝk/ (a person from Turkey)  :: turco {m}, turca {f}
turkey {n} (failure)  :: fiasco {m}
turkey {n} (stupid person)  :: oca {f}, scemo {m}
turkey {n} /ˈtɝ.ki/ (bird)  :: tacchino {m}
Turkey {prop} /ˈtɝ.ki/ (country at intersection of Europe and Asia)  :: Turchia {f}
Turkish {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Turkey, the Turkish people or the Turkish language)  :: turco {m}
Turkish {prop} /ˈtɝ.kɪʃ/ (official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)  :: turco {m}
Turkish alphabet {prop} (the alphabet used in the Turkish language)  :: alfabeto turco
Turkish Angora {n}  :: gatto Turkish Angora
Turkish coffee {n} (coffee prepared by boiling and without filtering)  :: caffè turco
Turkish delight {n} (confection)  :: lokum {m}
Turkish Van {n}  :: gatto Turkish Van
Turkish Vankedisi {n}  :: gatto Turkish Vankedisi
Turkmen {n} (Turkman) SEE: Turkman  ::
Turkmenistan {prop} /tɝːkˈmɛn.ɪ.stæn/ (Central Asian country)  :: Turkmenistan
Turks and Caicos Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Isole Turks e Caicos
turmeric {n} (dye)  :: curcumina {f}
turmeric {n} /ˈtuː.mə.ɹɪk/ (spice)  :: curcuma {f}
turmoil {n} /ˈtɜːmɔɪl/ (a state of great disorder or uncertainty)  :: caos, disordine, scompiglio
turn {n} (chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others)  :: turno
turn {n} (change in temperament or circumstance)  :: cambiamento {m}, mutamento {m}, variazione {f}, svolta {f}, china {f}
turn {n} (change of direction or orientation)  :: giro {m}, virata {f}, sterzata {f}, svolta {f}
turn {n} (character; personality; nature)  :: tipo
turn {n} (one's chance to make a move in a game)  :: turno {m}
turn {n} (poker, obsolete: flop) SEE: flop  ::
turn {n} (single loop of a coil)  :: spira {f}, spirale {f}
turn {n} (time required to complete a project)  :: periodo {m}, lasso {m}, lasso di tempo
turn {v} (become)  :: divenire, diventare
turn {v} (change one's direction of travel)  :: girare, svoltare, virare
turn {v} (change the direction or orientation of (something))  :: girare, invertire, cambiare, svoltare
turn {v} (complete)  :: completare, compiere
turn {v} (metamorphose)  :: mutare, trasformare, cambiare
turn {v} /tɜːn/ (move around an axis through itself)  :: girare, ruotare
turn a blind eye {v} (to ignore or deliberately overlook)  :: chiudere un occhio
turn a deaf ear {v} (to refuse to listen or hear something)  :: fare orecchi da mercante
turncoat {n} /ˈtɝn.koʊt/ (a traitor)  :: voltagabbana {m} {f}, pentito {m}, traditore {m}, giravolta, banderuola
turn down {v} (refuse, decline, deny)  :: rifiutare
turning point {n} (a T-junction) SEE: T-junction  ::
turning point {n} (crossroads) SEE: crossroads  ::
turning point {n} (decisive point)  :: svolta {f}, inversione {f}
turn in one's grave {v} (to be appalled, offended or disgusted by something, despite being deceased)  :: rigirarsi nella tomba, rivoltarsi nella tomba, girarsi nella tomba
turnip {n} /ˈtɜ˞.nɪp/ (white root of Brassica rapa)  :: rapa {f}
turnip {n} (yellow root of Brassica napus) SEE: swede  ::
turnip greens {n} (leaves of the turnip plant)  :: cime di rape
turnkey {adj} (ready to use without further assembly)  :: chiavi in mano
turn of events {n} (deviation from the expected)  :: ironia della sorte
turn off {v} (switch off appliance or light)  :: spegnere
turn on {v} ((transitive) to power up)  :: accendere
turn over {v} (to flip over)  :: ribaltare, capovolgere
turn over {v} (to relinquish)  :: restituire, consegnare
turn over {v} (to transfer) SEE: transfer  ::
turnover {n} (act of overturning something)  :: scombussolamento {m}
turnover {n} (rate of change or replacement)  :: movimento degli affari, giro d'affari {m}
turnover {n} (sales transacted)  :: giro d'affari
turnpike {n} (gate or bar set across a road to stop traffic) SEE: tollgate  ::
turnpike {n} (military: beam with spikes) SEE: cheval de frise  ::
turnpike {n} (toll road)  :: autostrada {f}
turn signal {n} (turn signal) SEE: indicator  ::
turnstile {n} /ˈtɝnstaɪl/ (rotating mechanical device)  :: tornello {m}
turnstone {n} (coastal wading bird)  :: voltapietre {m}
turntable {n} (circular rotating platform of a record player or DJ console)  :: piatto {m}
turn the tables {v} (To reverse a situation so that the advantage has shifted)  :: cambiare le carte in tavola
turn to {v} (to consult for advice)  :: rivolgersi
turpentine {n} /ˈtɜː.pən.ˌtaɪn/ (volatile essential oil)  :: acquaragia {f}, trementina {f}
turquoise {adj} (having a pale greenish-blue colour)  :: turchese
turquoise {adj} (made of turquoise)  :: di turchese {m} {f}
turquoise {n} (colour)  :: turchese {m}
turquoise {n} /ˈtɚ.k(w)ɔɪz/ (gemstone)  :: turchese {m}
turret {n} /ˈtʌɹət/ (a little tower)  :: torretta {f}
turtle {n} /ˈtɝtəl/ (land or marine reptile with a shell)  :: tartaruga {f}
turtle {n} (turtle dove) SEE: turtle dove  ::
turtle {v} (to flip over onto the back or top; to turn upside down)  :: ribaltare
turtle dove {n} /ˈtɝtəldʌv/ (bird in the genus Streptopelia)  :: tortora {f}
turtleneck {n} (high, close-fitting collar rolled up)  :: dolcevita {m}, collo alto {m}
turtleneck {n} (turtleneck sweater)  :: dolcevita {m}, collo alto {m}
Tuscan {adj} /ˈtʌs.kən/ (of or relating to Tuscany or its inhabitants)  :: toscano
Tuscan {n} (person from or inhabitant of Tuscany)  :: toscano {m}, toscana {f}
Tuscan porterhouse {n}  :: bistecca alla fiorentina
Tuscany {prop} /ˈtʌskəni/ (region in Italy)  :: Toscana {f}
tusk {n} /ˈtʌsk/ (pointed tooth)  :: zanna {f}
tutor {n} /ˈtutɚ/ (one who teaches another)  :: istitutore {m}, istitutrice {f}, precettore {m}, precettrice {f}, aio {m}, aia {f}
tutu {n} (ballet skirt)  :: tutù {m}
Tuvalu {prop} /tuːˈvɑː.luː/ (country in Oceania)  :: Tuvalu
tuxedo {n} /tʌkˈsidoʊ/ (formal suit)  :: smoking {m}
Tuzla {prop} (a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina)  :: Tuzla
TV {n} /ˈtiːˈviː/ (abbreviation for television)  :: TV {f}, tivù {f}
TV series {n} (series) SEE: series  ::
twat {n} (idiot)  :: coglione
twat {n} /twɑt/ (vulgar slang, vagina)  :: figa {f}
tweak {n} (a sharp pinch or jerk; a twist or twitch; as, a tweak of the nose)  :: pizzicotto, tirata di naso
tweak {n} (a slight adjustment or modification)  :: ritocco, miglioria {f}, modifica {f}
tweak {n} (trouble; distress; tweag)  :: agitazione {f}, ansietà {f}
tweed {n} (coarse woolen fabric)  :: tweed {m}
Tweedledum and Tweedledee {n} /ˌtwiːdəlˈdʌm ən ˌtwiːdəlˈdiː/ (people who spend a lot of time together, and look and act similarly)  :: Pincopanco e Pancopinco {m-p}, pappa e ciccia {f-p}
tweedy {adj} (preppy) SEE: preppy  ::
tween {v} (tween)  :: intercalare
tweezers {n} (small pincer-like instrument, usually made of metal, used for handling small objects)  :: pinzetta
twelfth {adj} /twɛlfθ/ (ordinal form of twelve)  :: [before the noun] dodicesimo {m}, [in names of monarchs and popes] dodicesimo {m} [after the name]
twelfth {n} (interval)  :: duodecima {f}
twelfth {n} (one of twelve equal parts of a whole)  :: dodicesimo {m}
Twelfth cake {n} /ˈtwɛlfθ ˌkeɪk/ (cake eaten on Twelfth Night) SEE: king cake  ::
twelve {num} /twɛlv/ (cardinal number 12)  :: dodici
Twelve Labours of Hercules {prop} (the series of labours)  :: dodici fatiche di Ercole {f-p}
twelveth {adj} (twelfth) SEE: twelfth  ::
twelve-tone technique {n} (system of musical composition)  :: dodecafonia
twentieth {adj} /ˈtwɛnti.əθ/ (ordinal)  :: ventesimo {m}, ventesima {f} (before the noun) (abbreviations 20º {m}, 20ª {f}); (in names of monarchs and popes) ventesimo {m}, ventesima {f} (after the name) (abbreviation XX)
twentieth {n} (ordinal object)  :: ventesimo {m}, ventesima {f}
twentieth {n} (portion of whole)  :: ventesimo {m}
twenty {num} /ˈtwɛn(t)i/ (cardinal number)  :: venti {m}
twenty-eight {num} (number)  :: ventotto
twenty-eighth {adj} (ordinal form of twenty-eight)  :: ventottesimo, 28º
twenty-eighth {n} (one of twenty-eight equal parts of a whole)  :: ventottesimo {m}
twenty-eighth {n} (person or thing in the twenty-eighth position)  :: ventottesimo {m}
twenty-fifth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-five)  :: venticinquesimo, 25º
twenty-fifth {n} (one of twenty-five equal parts of a whole)  :: venticinquesimo {m}
twenty-fifth {n} (person or thing in the twenty-fifth position)  :: venticinquesimo {m}
twenty-first {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-one)  :: ventunesimo {m}, ventunesima {f} (abbreviations 21º {m}, 21ª {f})
twenty-first {n} (ordinal)  :: ventunesimo {m}, ventunesima {f}
twenty-first {n} (portion of a whole)  :: ventunesimo {m}
twenty-five {num} (twenty-five)  :: venticinque
twenty-five to {n} (example: twenty-five minutes to two)  :: le due meno venticinque
twenty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: ventiquattro
twenty-four seven {adv} (constantly)  :: tutti i giorni 24 ore su 24, tutti i giorni ventiquatt'ore su ventiquattro
twenty-fourth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-four)  :: ventiquattresimo, 24º
twenty-fourth {n} (one of twenty-four equal parts of a whole)  :: ventiquattresimo {m}
twenty-fourth {n} (person or thing in the twenty-fourth position)  :: ventiquattresimo {m}
twenty-nine {num} (cardinal number)  :: ventinove
twenty-ninth {adj} (ordinal form of the number twenty-nine)  :: ventinovesimo, 29º
twenty-ninth {n} (one of twenty-nine equal parts of a whole)  :: ventinovesimo {m}
twenty-ninth {n} (person or thing in the twenty-ninth position)  :: ventinovesimo {m}
twenty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: ventuno
twenty-second {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-two)  :: ventiduesimo, 22º
twenty-second {n} (one of twenty-two equal parts of a whole)  :: ventiduesimo {m}
twenty-second {n} (person or thing in the twenty-second position)  :: ventiduesimo {m}
twenty-seven {num} (twenty-seven)  :: ventisette {m}
twenty-seventh {adj} /ˌtwɛn(t)iˈsɛvənθ/ (ordinal for of twenty-seven)  :: ventisettesimo {m}, ventisettesima {f}
twenty-seventh {n} (one of twenty-seven parts)  :: ventisettesimo {m}
twenty-seventh {n} (person or thing in the twenty-seventh position)  :: ventisettesimo {m}, ventisettesima {f}
twenty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: ventisei
twenty-sixth {adj} (ordinal number)  :: ventiseiesimo
twenty-sixth {n} (one of twenty-six equal parts of a whole)  :: ventiseiesimo
twenty-sixth {n} (the person or thing in the twenty-sixth position)  :: ventiseiesimo {m}, ventiseiesima {f}
twenty-third {adj} (the ordinal form of the number twenty-three)  :: ventitreesimo, 23º
twenty-third {n} (one of twenty-three equal parts of a whole)  :: ventitreesimo {m}
twenty-third {n} (person or thing in the twenty-third position)  :: ventitreesimo {m}
twenty-three {num} (twenty-three)  :: ventitré
twenty two {num} (22)  :: ventidue
twenty-two {n} (.22 calibre pistol or rifle)  :: ventidue {m}
twenty-two {num} (twenty-two)  :: ventidue
twice {adv} /twaɪs/ (two times)  :: due volte
twice-weekly {adj} (happening twice each week)  :: bisettimanale
twiddle one's thumbs {v} (to circle one's thumbs around one another)  :: girarsi i pollici
twiddle one's thumbs {v} (to wait or dawdle)  :: girarsi i pollici
twig {n} /twɪɡ/ (a small thin branch)  :: ramoscello {m}, verga {f}
twilight {n} (evening twilight)  :: crepuscolo {m}
twilight {n} (faint light; dubious medium)  :: crepuscolo {m}, penombra {f}
twilight {n} /ˈtwaɪlaɪt/ (light before rising and after the setting of the Sun)  :: crepuscolo {m}
twilight years {n} (old age) SEE: golden years  ::
twilitten {adj} /ˈtwaɪlɪtən/ (illuminated by twilight) SEE: twilit  ::
twill {n} /twɪl/ (weaving pattern)  :: armatura
twin {n} (twin crystal) SEE: twin crystal  ::
twin {n} /twɪn/ (either of two people who shared the same uterus, or of two similar or closely related objects)  :: gemello {m}
twin-cam {adj} (Describing an engine with a pair of overhead camshafts)  :: bialbero
twine {n} (strong thread)  :: spago
twink {n} /twɪŋk/ (gay slang: young, attractive, slim man)  :: fico {m}
twink {n} (weak or effeminate man)  :: checca {f}
Twin Towers {prop} (the two main buildings of the World Trade Center)  :: Torri Gemelle {f-p}
twin town {n} (sister city) SEE: sister city  ::
twist {n} (anything twisted, or the act of twisting; the degree of stress or strain when twisted)  :: distorsione {f}
twist {n} (distortion to the meaning of a word or passage)  :: travisamento {m}, forzatura {f}
twist {n} (sliver of lemon peel)  :: scorza {f}
twist {n} (sprain, especially to the ankle)  :: contorsione {f}
twist {n} (sudden bend (or short series of bends) in a road, path, etc)  :: piega {f}, giravolta {f}
twist {n} /twɪst/ (twisting force)  :: torsione {f}, contorsione {f}, distorsione {f}
twist {n} (type of thread)  :: filamento {m}, filo {m}
twist {v} (to turn the ends in opposite directions)  :: torcere
twisted {adj} /ˈtwɪstɪd/ (contorted)  :: contorto
twisty {adj} (curly) SEE: curly  ::
twitch {n} (Elymus repens) SEE: couch grass  ::
twitch {n} /twɪt͡ʃ/ (brief, small (sometimes involuntary) movement out of place and then back again)  :: tic {m}, spasimo {m}
twitch {v} (to perform a twitch; spasm)  :: spasimare
twitter {n} /ˈtwɪtɚ/ (sound made by birds)  :: cinguettio {m}
twitter {v} (to utter chirps)  :: cinguettare
Twitter {v} (tweet) SEE: tweet  ::
two {n} (digit or figure)  :: due {m} or {p}
two {n} (two-dollar bill)  :: biglietto da due dollari {m}, bancanota da due dollari {f}
two {num} /tu/ (one plus one)  :: due
two beers, please {phrase} (two beers, please)  :: due birre, per favore
two-edged sword {n} (double-edged sword) SEE: double-edged sword  ::
two-faced {adj} (deceitful, hypocritical or duplicitous)  :: doppio, bifronte
two-faced {adj} /ˈtuːˈfeɪst/ (having two faces or plane surfaces)  :: bifronte
twofold {adj} (double)  :: duplice
two heads are better than one {proverb} (joint thinking pays)  :: due teste sono meglio di una
two hundred {num} /ˈtuː ˈhʌn.dɹəd/ (cardinal number 200)  :: duecento
two-legged {adj} (having two legs)  :: bipede
two-line double pica {n} (meridian) SEE: meridian  ::
two-line English {n} (double English) SEE: double English  ::
two-line great primer {n} (double great primer) SEE: double great primer  ::
two-line pica {n} (double pica) SEE: double pica  ::
two-move checkmate {n} (quickest possible checkmate) SEE: fool's mate  ::
twoness {n} (duality) SEE: duality  ::
two pair {n} (poker hand that contains two pairs)  :: doppia coppia {f}
two-sided {adj} (reversible) SEE: reversible  ::
two-sided {adj} (symmetrical) SEE: symmetrical  ::
two thousand {num} (cardinal number)  :: duemila
two-wheeled {adj} (birotate) SEE: birotate  ::
two-wheeler {n} (bicycle or motorcycle)  :: due ruote {f}
two-wheel tractor {n} (tractor with one axle)  :: motocoltivatore {m}
-ty {suffix} (-ity) SEE: -ity  ::
tycoon {n} /taɪˈkuːn/ (wealthy, powerful business person)  :: magnate {m} {f}, capitano d'industria {m}, mogol {m}, tycoon {m}
tympanic membrane {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (eardrum) SEE: eardrum  ::
tympanum {n} (middle ear) SEE: middle ear  ::
tympanum {n} (triangular space between the sides of a pediment)  :: timpano {m}
Tyndallization {n}  :: tindalizzazione {f}
type {n} (blood group) SEE: blood type  ::
type {n} (computing theory: tag indicating data type)  :: tipo {m}
type {n} (individual considered typical of its class)  :: archetipo {m}
type {n} (individual that represents the ideal for its class)  :: archetipo {m}
type {n} (preferred sort of person)  :: tipo {m}
type {n} /taɪp/ (grouping based on shared characteristics)  :: tipo
type {v} (to enter characters into a computer using keyboard)  :: digitare
type {v} (to use a typewriter)  :: dattilografare
TypeScript {prop} /ˈtʌɪpskɹɪpt/ (scripting programming language)  :: TypeScript {m}
typesetting {n} (setting or composition)  :: composizione {f}
typewriter {n} (machine used to print text by pressing keys)  :: macchina da scrivere {f}
typhoid {n} /ˈtaɪfɔɪd/ (typhoid fever) SEE: typhoid fever  ::
typhoid fever {n} (illness)  :: febbre tifoide {f}
Typhon {prop} /ˈtaɪfɒn, -fən/ (monster with 100 heads)  :: Tifone {m}
typhoon {n} /taɪˈfun/ (hurricane in the Pacific)  :: tifone
typical {adj} /ˈtɪpɨkəl/ (capturing the overall sense of a thing)  :: tipico
typicity {n} (quality of wine)  :: tipicità {f}
typing {n} (the act of typing)  :: digitazione {f}
typing {n} /ˈtʌɪpɪŋ/ (Assigning by type)  :: classificazione {f}
typist {n} /ˈtaɪpɪst/ (person who types)  :: dattilografo {m}, dattilografa {f}
typo {n} (compositor) SEE: typesetter  ::
typo {n} /ˈtaɪpəʊ/ (error)  :: refuso {m}
typographer {n} (typewriter) SEE: typewriter  ::
typographic {adj} (typographic) SEE: typographical  ::
typographical {adj} (pertaining to typography or printing)  :: tipografico
typographical {adj} (printed) SEE: printed  ::
typographical error {n} (typing error)  :: errore di battitura {m}
typological {adj} (Of or relating to typology)  :: tipologico
typology {n} /taɪˈpɒl.ə.d͡ʒi/ (systematic classification of the types of something according to their common characteristics)  :: tipologia {f}
tyrannosaur {n} (large bipedal carniverous dinosaur)  :: tirannosauro {m}
tyranny {n} (absolute power, or its use)  :: tirannia {f}
tyranny {n} (extreme severity or rigour)  :: tirannia {f}
tyranny {n} (office or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler)  :: tirannide {f}
tyranny {n} /ˈtɪɹəni/ (government in which a single ruler has absolute power)  :: tirannide {f}
tyranny of the majority {n} (situation where majority makes selfish decisions) SEE: dictatorship of the majority  ::
tyrant {n} (harsh and cruel ruler)  :: tiranno {m}
tyrant {n} (oppressive and harsh person)  :: tiranno {m}
tyrant {n} /ˈtaɪɹənt/ (absolute ruler)  :: tiranno {m}
tyre {n} /taɪə(ɹ)/ (wheel covering)  :: gomma {m}, pneumatico {m}
Tyre {prop} /ˈtaɪə(ɹ)/ (an ancient sea port and city state of Phoenecia)  :: Tiro
Tyrian purple {adj} (colour)  :: porpora
Tyrian purple {n} (colour)  :: porpora {m}
Tyrian purple {n} (dye)  :: porpora {f}
Tyrrhenian Sea {prop} (Part of the Mediterranean Sea)  :: Mar Tirreno {m}