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{prop} (Chinese surname)  :: ^육, ^륙 (chiefly North Korea)
{prop} (Chinese surname)  :: /No/, /Ro/
la {n} (syllable used in solfège to represent the sixth note of a major scale)  :: /la/
label {n} (small ticket or sign giving information)  :: 라벨, 레이블
labia {n} (folds of tissue at opening of vulva)  :: 음순 (陰脣)
labia majora {n} (outer folds of vulva)  :: 대음순 (大陰脣)
labia minora {n} ((anatomy) the two inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora)  :: 소음순 (小陰脣)
laboratory {n} (place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured)  :: 연구소 (研究所)
laboratory {n} (room, building or institution equipped for scientific research)  :: 실험실 (實驗室),
labour {n} (work)  :: 노동 (勞動), [North Korea] 로동 (勞動)
labour {v} (to work)  :: 일하다
labyrinth {n} (maze)  :: 미로 (迷路)
lac {n} (a resinous substance)  :: 래커
lace {n} (cord for fastening a shoe or garment)  :: 신발끈, 구두끈
lachanophobia {n} (irrational fear of vegetables)  :: 야채 공포증
lack {n} (deficiency, need)  :: 부족
lacrosse {n} (the sport)  :: 라크로스
lactose {n} (disaccharide sugar of milk and dairy products)  :: 락토스, 유당, 젖당
lactose intolerance {n} (inability to metabolize lactose)  :: 젖당못견딤증
Lada {prop} (a Russian car)  :: 라다 /Rada/
ladder {n} (climbing tool)  :: 사다리, 사닥다리
ladies and gentlemen {n} (phrase used to address an audience of men and women)  :: 여러분
ladle {n} (deep-bowled spoon with a long, usually curved, handle)  :: 국자
Ladoga {prop} (a lake in Russia)  :: 라도가 호 /Radoga ho/
lady {n} (woman of breeding and authority)  :: 레이디, 여자
ladybird {n} (member of Coccinellidae)  :: 무당벌레
lagoon {n} (shallow body of water)  :: 석호 (潟湖), 라군
Lagos {prop} (former capital of Nigeria)  :: 라고스 /Ragoseu/
Lagrange point {n} (a point in an the orbital configuration)  :: 라그랑주점 /Rageurangju-jeom/
Lahore {prop} (Lahore)  :: 라호르 /Lahoreu/
lake {n} (body of water)  :: 호수
lake {n} (coloring agent)  :: 래커 /raekeo/
Lake Biwa {prop} (Japan's largest lake)  :: 비와 호 /Biwa ho/
lakh {num} (one hundred thousand)  :: 라크
laksa {n} (a spicy stew from Indonesia or Malaysia)  :: 락사
lamb {n} (flesh of lamb as food)  :: 양고기
lambada {n} (Brazilian dance)  :: 람바다
lambda {n} (name of the Greek letter)  :: 람다
lame duck {n} (an official who is marking time until leaving their office)  :: 레임 덕, 임기말 증후군
lamia {n} (monster in mythology)  :: 라미아
lammergeier {n} (bird)  :: 수염수리
lamp {n} (device producing light)  :: 램프, 전등, 등불
lamp {n} (oil device producing light)  :: 램프, 광명
lampoon {n} (written satirical attack)  :: 풍자문 {} (諷刺文 {})
lampshade {n} (cover over a lamp)  :: 등피, 램프셰이드
lance {n}  ::
land {n} (country or region)  :: , 나라
land {n} (ground that is suitable for farming)  :: , 토지 /土地, toji/
land {n} (part of Earth that is not covered by oceans or other bodies of water)  :: , , 토지 (土地)
land {n} (real estate or landed property)  :: , 토지 /土地, toji/
-land {suffix} (territory, country or region (suffix))  :: ()
land {v} (to arrive at land, especially a shore, or a dock, from a body of water)  :: 닿다, 상륙하다
land {v} (to bring to land)  :: 내리다, [for cargo] 부리다
land {v} (to descend to a surface, especially from the air)  :: 내리다, 착륙하다
landlocked {adj} (surrounded by land)  :: 내륙
landmass {n} (a large continuous area of land)  :: 대륙
land mine {n} (mine that is placed on land)  :: 지뢰 (地雷)
Land of the Rising Sun {prop} (Japan as the “Land of the Rising Sun”)  :: 떠오르는 태양의 땅
landscape {n} (portion of land or territory)  :: 풍경
landslide {n} (natural disaster)  :: 산사태 (山沙汰)
language {n} (body of words used as a form of communication)  :: 언어 (言語),
language {n} (computer language, see also: computer language)  :: 언어 言語
language {n} (vocabulary of a particular field)  :: 용어 用語
language barrier {n} (barrier to communication)  :: 언어장벽 /eon-eo jangbyeok/
language exchange {n} (language exchange)  :: 언어 교환 /eon-eo gyohwan/ (言語交換)
language family {n} (set of languages)  :: 어족 /eo-jok/ (語族)
lansquenet {n} (German mercenary of the 15th or 16th century)  :: 란츠크네히트
lantern {n} (case of transparent material made to protect a flame, or light)  :: 랜턴, 등롱, 손전등 [electrical]
lanthanum {n} (metallic element)  :: 란탄, 란타늄, 란타넘
Lanzhou {prop} (a city of China)  :: 란저우 /Lanjeou/
Lao {n} (person)  :: 라오스인
Lao {prop} (language)  :: 라오어
Laocoön {prop} (The Trojan and the Argonaut)  :: 라오콘 /raokon/
Lao People's Democratic Republic {prop} (country in Southeast Asia (official name))  :: ^라오 인민민주공화국
Laos {prop} (country in Southeast Asia)  :: ^라오스
Laotian {prop} (language)  :: 라오스어 /Laoseu-eo/
Laozi {prop} (influential Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism)  :: ^노자 (老子), ^로자 [North Korea]
lap {n}  :: 무릎
lap {n} (upper legs of a seated person)  :: 무릎
La Paz {prop} (capital of Bolivia)  :: 라파스 /Lapaseu/
lapidation {n} (act of stoning, sometimes to the point of death)  :: 투석형 (投石刑)
Laplace operator {n} (mathematics, physics: elliptic operator used in modeling of wave propagation, heat flow and many other applications)  :: 라플라스 작용소 /lapeullaseu jagyongso/
Lapland {prop} (region in Scandinavia)  :: 사프미 /Rapeullandeu/, 사프미 /Sapeumi/
La Pérouse Strait {prop} (strait)  :: 라페루즈 해협 /Laperujeu haehyeop/
lapsang souchong {n} (tea)  :: 정산소종, 랍상 소우총
laptop {n} (computing: a laptop computer)  :: 랩톱
larch {n} (a coniferous tree)  :: 낙엽송
lard {n} (fat from the abdomen of a pig)  :: 라드
large {adj} (of greater size, see also: big)  :: /keun/
Large Magellanic Cloud {prop} (largest satellite of Milky Way)  :: 대마젤란운
lark {n} (bird)  :: 종다리, 노고지리 [obsolete]
laryngitis {n} (inflammation of the larynx)  :: 후두염
larynx {n} (the organ)  :: 후두 (喉頭)
lasagna {n} (baked dish)  :: 라자냐 /lajanya/
laser {n} (device producing beam of light)  :: 레이저
laser beam {n} (light from a laser)  :: 레이저 빔
La Spezia {prop} (city in Liguria, Italy)  :: ^라스페치아
lass {n} (a young woman or girl)  :: 아가씨 /agassi/
last {adj} (final)  :: 마지막
lastborn {n} (youngest child of a family)  :: 막내
lastborn {n} (youngest member)  :: 막내
last night {adv} (during the night before today)  :: 어젯밤, 어제저녁
last night {n} (previous evening or night)  :: 지난밤, 어젯밤
last resort {n} (The only remaining option)  :: 최후의 수단
last year {adv} (year before this one)  :: 작년 (昨年)
Las Vegas {prop} (city)  :: 라스베이거스 /Laseubeigeoseu/
latch {n} (fastening for a door)  :: 걸쇠
late {adj} (near the end of a period of time)  :: 늦은
late {adj} (not arriving until after an expected time)  :: 지각
late {adv} (proximate in time)  :: 늦다, [be late] 지각하다
latent heat {n} (heat that is released or absorbed accompanying a change of state or of phase)  :: 잠열
later {adv} (more late)  :: 후에,
lathe {n} (machine tool used to shape a piece of material)  :: 선반 (旋盤)
lather {n} (foam of soap and water)  :: 비누 거품
Latin {n} (person native to ancient Rome or its Empire)  :: 고대로마인 (古代로마人)
Latin {n} (person whose native tongue is one descended from Latin)  :: 이탈리아어파
Latin {prop} (language of the ancient Romans)  :: 라틴어
Latin alphabet {n} (the 26-letter alphabet)  :: 로마 문자 /Roma munja/, 로마자 /Romaja/
Latin America {prop} (parts of the Americas which speak Spanish or Portuguese)  :: ^라틴 ^아메리카
Latinization {n} (act or process of Latinizing)  :: 라틴화 /Ratinhwa/
latitude {n} (angular distance north or south from the equator)  :: 위도
latitude {n} (imaginary line parallel to the equator)  :: 위선
Latium {prop} (region of central Italy)  :: 라티움 /Ratium/
latter {adj} (relating to or being the second of two items)  :: 후자
lattice {n}  :: 격자, 격자창
lattice {n} (a regular spacing or arrangement of geometric points)  :: 결정격자
Latvia {prop} (country)  :: ^라트비아
Latvian {prop} (Baltic language of Latvia)  :: 라트비아어 /Rateubia-eo/
laugh {n} (expression of mirth peculiar to the human species)  :: 웃음, 웃음소리
laugh {v} (show mirth by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face and emission of sounds)  :: 웃다
laughing kookaburra {n} (Dacelo novaeguineae)  :: 웃음물총새
laughing stock {n} (object of ridicule)  :: 웃음거리, 조소/조롱/의 대상
laugh off {v} (respond to a negative situation lightheartedly)  :: 웃다
laughter {n} (sound (as) of laughing)  :: 웃음
laundry {n} (laundering; washing)  :: 세탁 (洗濯), 빨래
laundry {n} (place or room where laundering is done)  :: 세탁실
laundry {n} (that which needs to be laundered)  :: 세탁물
lava {n} (melted rock)  :: 용암
lavash {n} (a soft, thin flatbread)  :: 라바슈
law {n} (body of rules and standards to be applied by courts)  :: 법률 (法律)
law {n} (body of rules from the legislative authority)  :: 법률 (法律)
law {n} (observed physical behavior)  :: 법칙 /法則, beopchik/
law {n} (statement that is true under specified conditions)  :: 법칙 (法則)
law {n} (written or understood rule)  :: ()
lawn {n} (a type of linen or cotton fabric)  :: , 한랭사
lawn {n} (ground covered with grass)  :: 풀밭, 초지, 잔디밭
lawn {n} (open space between woods)  :: 공터 /sup sok gongteo/
lawn mower {n} (machine for cutting grass)  :: 잔디깎기
lawnmower {n} (a device to cut grass)  :: 예취기
lawrencium {n} (chemical element)  :: 로렌슘
lawsuit {n} (case where a court is needed to resolve differences)  :: 소송
lawyer {n} (professional person authorized to practice law)  :: 변호사
lawyer's wig {n} (Coprinus comatus)  :: 먹물버섯
laxative {n} (substance with a laxative effect)  :: 변비약
layer {n} (single thickness of some material covering a surface)  ::
lay open {v} (East Asian patent publication)  :: 공개하다
laziness {n} (quality of being lazy)  :: 게으름
Lazio {prop} (Italian region)  :: 라치오 주
lazy {adj} (unwilling to work)  :: 게으른 /ge-eureun/
lazybones {n} (person who is lazy)  :: 게으름뱅이
lead {n} (chemical element)  :: , ()
lead {v} (intransitive: to guide or conduct)  :: 안내하다
leader {n} (one having authority)  :: 지도자 (指導者), 리더, 수령
leadership {n} (capacity to lead)  :: 지도력
leaf {n} (part of a plant)  ::
leaf {n} (sheet of a book)  :: 안장
leaflet {n} (small piece of paper with information)  :: 전단지 (傳單紙), 전단 (傳單)
League of Nations {prop} (International organization)  :: 국제연맹 /Gukje yeonmaeng/
leak {v} (to allow fluid to escape or enter)  :: 새다
Leaning Tower of Pisa {prop} (the leaning bell tower in the Italian town of Pisa)  :: 피사의 사탑
leap year {n} (366-day year in the Gregorian calendar)  :: 윤년 /閏年, yunnyeon/
learn {v}  :: 배우다
learn {v} (to acquire knowledge or ability)  :: 배우다 /baeuda/
learned {adj} (having much learning)  :: 박식한
least {determiner} (the smallest amount of)  :: 가장 적게 /gajang jeokge/
least significant bit {n} (bit of the largest order)  :: 최하위 비트
least weasel {n} (Mustela nivalis)  :: 무산쇠족제비 /musansoejokjebi/
leather {n} (material produced by tanning animal skin)  :: 가죽
leave {v} (To cause to remain as available, not take away, refrain from depleting)  :: 떠나다, 나가다
leave {v} (To depart (intransitive))  :: 떠나다
leave me alone {phrase} (stop talking to me)  :: 나 좀 내버려 둬
Lebanon {prop} (Lebanese Republic)  :: ^레바논
lecture {n} (a spoken lesson)  :: 강의
LED {n} (light-emitting diode)  :: 발광 다이오드
leech {n} (annelid)  :: 거머리
Leeds {prop} (city in England)  :: 리즈 /Rijeu/
leek {n} (vegetable)  :: /pa/
left {adj} (the west side of the body when one is facing north)  :: , 왼쪽
left {adv} (on the left side)  :: 왼쪽에
left bank {n} (bank to the left when facing downstream)  :: 좌안
left-handed {n} (preferring the left hand over the right)  :: 왼손잡이
left-hander {n} (a person who is left-handed)  :: 왼손잡이
leg {n} (lower limb from groin to ankle)  :: 다리
legacy {n} (money or property bequeathed to someone in a will)  :: 유산
legal {adj} (allowed or prescribed by law)  :: 합법적인 /hapbeopjeokin/
legal entity {n} (organisation that the law treats as a legal person)  :: 법인 /beob in/
legalise {v} (make legal)  :: 합법화하다 (合法化 + 하다)
legalization {n} (process of making something legal)  :: 합법화 (合法化)
legal person {n} (organization or group of people)  :: 법인
legal tender {n} (currency that cannot be refused as payment to extinguish a debt)  :: 법화, 법정통화
legato {n}  :: 레가토
legend {n} (story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events)  :: 전설 (傳說)
legislation {n} (law already enacted by legislature)  :: 법률 /beopnyul/
legislation {n} (the act of legislating)  :: 입법 /ipbeop/
legislator {n} (who creates or enacts laws)  :: 입법자
Lego {n} (toy brick)  :: 레고 /Rego/
Leicester {prop} (city)  :: 레스터
Leiden {prop} (city in South Holland)  :: ^레이던, ^라이덴
leishmaniasis {n} (pathology)  :: 리슈만편모충증
leisure {n} (freedom provided)  :: 여가
leisure {n} (time free)  :: 여가
lemon {n} (citrus fruit)  :: 레몬
lemon {n} (tree)  :: 레몬, 레몬나무
lemonade {n} (still beverage)  :: 레모네이드, 레몬에이드
lemon balm {n} (Melissa officinalis)  :: 멜리사, 레몬 밤, 레몬밤
lemongrass {n} (species of grass of the genus Cymbopogon)  :: 레몬그래스 /remongeuraeseu/
lemon meringue pie {n} (classic type of pie)  :: 레몬머랭파이 /lemon meolaeng pai/
lemur {n} (strepsirrhine primate of the infraorder Lemuriformes, superfamily Lemuroidea)  :: 여우원숭이 /yeouweonsung-i/
Lena {prop} (Lena River)  :: 레나 강 /Rena gang/, 레나 /Rena/
lend {v} (to allow to be used temporarily)  :: 빌리다
length {n} (distance from end to end)  :: 길이
leniency {n} (quality of mercy or forgiveness, especially in the assignment of punishment as in a court case)  :: 너그러움
Lenin {prop} (a Russian revolutionary and politician)  :: ^레닌
Leningrad {prop} (name of Saint Petersburg, 1924-1991)  :: ^레닌그라드
Leninism {n} (the political philosophy named after Vladimir Lenin)  :: 레닌주의
lenition {n} (weakening of consonant articulation)  :: 연음화
Lennon {prop} (surname)  :: 레논 /Renon/
lens {n} (anatomy: transparent crystalline structure in the eye)  :: 수정체 (水晶體)
lens {n} (object focusing or defocusing the light passing through it)  :: 렌즈
Lent {n} (Christian period of penitence before Easter)  :: 사순절 (四旬節)
lentil {n} (seed used as food)  :: 렌즈콩
Leo {prop} (constellation)  :: 사자 자리
leopard {n} (a large wild cat with a spotted coat, Panthera pardus)  :: 표범
leprosy {n} (infectious disease caused by infection by Mycobacterium leprae)  :: 나병 /癩病, nabyeong/
lesbian {adj} (between two women; pertaining to female homosexuality)  :: 레즈비언
lesbian {n} (female homosexual)  :: 레즈비언, 여성동성애자
leshy {n} (a woodland spirit in Slavic mythology)  :: 레시
Lesotho {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: ^레소토
less {adj}  :: 보다 적은
lesson {n} (section of learning or teaching)  :: 수업 /sueop/, -과 [suffix]
lessor {n} (owner of property that is leased)  :: 임대인
less than {n} (the character <)  :: 보다 작다 /boda jagda/
let {v} (to allow)  :: 시키다
let alone {conj} (to say nothing of)  :: 커녕
let bygones be bygones {v} (to disregard a past offense)  :: 과거를 묻지 마세요 /gwagoreul mutji maseyo/
Lethe {prop} (personification of oblivion)  :: 레테 /Rete/
let's {v} (let us; forming first-person plural imperative)  :: ㅂ시다, , 시죠
let's go {interj} (hortative of go)  :: 갑시다 [formal], 가요 /gayo/ [polite], 가자 /gaja/ [plain]
letter {n} (letter of the alphabet)  :: 문자 (文字)
letter {n} (written message)  :: 편지 (便紙, 片紙)
letter of credit {n} (trade finance document)  :: 신용장
let there be light {phrase} (let there be light)  :: 빛이 있으라
lettuce {n}  :: 상치
lettuce {n} (an edible plant, Lactuca)  :: 상치, [Jeju] 부루, 상추
leu {n} (unit of currency of Romania)  :: 레우 /reu/
leukemia {n} (cancer of blood forming tissue)  :: 백혈병
leukocyte {n} (a white blood cell)  :: 백혈구 (白血球)
lev {n} (currency of Bulgaria)  :: 레프
Levant {prop} (the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean Sea)  :: ^레반트
level {adj}  :: 수평
level {n}  :: 수준
level {n} (distance relative to a given reference elevation)  :: 수평
level crossing {n} (at-grade crossing)  :: 건널목
lever {n} (rigid piece)  :: 지레 {}
lever {n} (small such piece to trigger or control a mechanical device)  :: 지레 {}
leviathan {n} (Biblical sea monster)  :: 레비아탄
levitation {n}  :: 공중부양
lexical category {n} (linguistic category of words)  :: 품사
lexicography {n} (art or craft of writing dictionaries)  :: 사전학 (詞典學)
lexicology {n} (linguistic discipline)  :: 어휘학
Leyden jar {n} (glass jar used to accumulate static electricity)  :: ^라이덴병, ^라이덴 병
Lhasa {prop} (Capital of Xizang (Tibet))  :: 라싸 /Lassa/
li {n} (Chinese unit of distance)  :: /里, ri/
Li {prop} (Li: the Chinese surname)  :: [South Korea] /I/ [capital "i"] (), [North Korea, in South Korea after a vowel] /Ri/ ()
liaison {n} (linguistics: a sandhi)  :: 리에종
Liaoning {prop} (province of China)  :: 랴오닝 /Lyaoning/
liar {n} (one who tells lies)  :: 거짓말쟁이
libation {n} (act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice)  :: 신주 /shinju/ (神酒), 헌주/獻酒/
liberal {adj} (politically liberal)  :: 자유
liberalism {n} (a political movement)  :: 자유주의 (自由主義)
liberalism {n} (the quality of being liberal)  :: 자유주의 (自由主義)
liberate {v} (to free)  :: 해방하다 /haebang-hada/ (解放 + 하다)
liberation {n} (act of liberating or the state of being liberated)  :: 해방 (解放)
Liberia {prop} (country in Western Africa)  :: ^라이베리아
libertarianism {n} (political philosophy)  :: 자유지상주의
liberty {n} (condition of being free)  :: 자유
libidinous {adj} (having lustful desires)  :: 음탕한
libido {n} (drives or mental energies related or based on sexual instincts but not necessarily sexual in and of themselves.)  :: 리비도 /libido/
Libra {prop} (constellation)  :: 천칭 자리
library {n} (collection of books)  :: 장서
library {n} (collection of subprograms)  :: 라이브러리
library {n} (deck or draw pile)  :: 서고
library {n} (institution which holds books etc.)  :: 도서관 (圖書館)
libration {n} (astronomy: apparent wobble of the moon)  :: 칭동
libration {n} (astronomy: similar characteristic of another celesial object)  :: 칭동
libretto {n} (text of a dramatic musical work, such as an opera)  :: 리브레토
Libreville {prop} (capital of Gabon)  :: 리브르빌 /Libeureubil/
Libya {prop} (country in Northern Africa)  :: ^리비아
license {n} (legal terms of product usage)  :: 면허 (免許)
licentious {adj}  :: 방자한
lichen {n} (symbiotic association of fungi and algae)  :: 지의류
lick {n} (the act of licking)  :: 핥음 /hal-teum/
lick {v} (to stroke with a tongue)  :: 핥다 /haltda/
licorice {n} (plant)  :: 감초 (甘草)
lid {n} (top or cover)  :: 뚜껑
lie {n} (intentionally false statement)  :: 거짓말
lie {v} (be in horizontal position)  :: 놓이다
lie {v} (tell an intentional untruth)  :: 거짓말하다
Liechtenstein {prop} (Principality of Liechtenstein)  :: ^리히텐슈타인
lie down {v} (assume a reclining position)  :: 눕다
lieutenant {n}  :: 중위 /jungwi/, 소위 /sowi/, 대위 /daewi/
lieutenant general {n} (an officer above major general and below general)  :: 중장
life {n} (the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being)  :: 존재 (存在), 생활 (生活)
life {n} (the state of being alive)  :: 생명 (生命), , 생활
life cycle {n} (course of stages through which an organism passes)  :: 라이프 사이클
life insurance {n} (form of insurance)  :: 생명보험 /saengmyeong boheom/ (生命保險)
life sentence {n} (sentence of imprisonment for the rest of the defendant's life)  :: 종신형 (終身刑)
lift {n} (mechanical device for vertically transporting goods or people)  :: 엘리베이터, 승강기 (昇降機)
ligament {n} (band of strong tissue that holds the bones of an animal in position)  :: 인대 (靭帶)
ligature {n} (typography: character that combines multiple letters)  :: 합자 /hapja/
Liège {prop} (province in Belgium)  :: 리에주 /Rieju/
liger {n} (animal born to a male lion and a tigress)  :: 라이거
light {adj} (of low weight)  :: 가볍다
light {n} (electromagnetic waves)  ::
light {n} (flame or something used to create fire)  :: /bul/
light {n} (source of illumination)  ::
light {n} (spiritual illumination)  :: /bit/
light {v} (to illuminate)  :: 불켜다, 밝히다, 비추다
light {v} (to start (a fire))  :: 불붙이다
light bulb {n} (evacuated glass bulb containing a metal filament that produces light)  :: 전구 /jeongu/ (電球)
light-emitting diode {n} (a rectifying semiconductor device)  :: 발광 다이오드
lighten {v} (to alleviate)  :: 덜어주다
lighter {n} (fire making device)  :: 라이터
lighthouse {n} (building containing a light to warn or guide ships)  :: 등대 (燈臺)
lightning {n} (flash of light)  :: 번개, [stroke] 벼락
light pen {n} (a computer input device)  :: 라이트 펜
lightsaber {n} (a fictional type of sword)  :: 광검, 라이트세이버
light source {n} (a source of illumination)  :: 광원, 빛샘 [North]
lightspeed {n} (the speed of light)  :: 광속 (光速)
light year {n} (astronomical distance)  :: 광년 /gwang-nyeon/ (光年)
lignite {n} (coal)  :: 갈탄, 아탄
Lijiang {prop} (a city of China)  :: 리장 /Lijang/
like {adj} (similar)  :: 비슷한
like {prep} (similar to)  :: 비슷한
like {v} (enjoy)  :: 좋아하다
like {v} (find attractive)  :: 좋아하다
like {v} (to show support for, or approval of, something posted on the Internet by marking it with a vote)  :: 좋아요 하다
likelihood {n} (mathematical likelihood)  :: 우도
likelihood {n} (probability)  :: 가능성 /可能性, ganeungseong/
like that {prep} (in a particular manner)  :: 그렇게
lilac {n} (flower)  :: 라일락
Lilian {prop} (female given name)  :: 릴리안 /Rillian/
Lilongwe {prop} (capital of Malawi)  :: 릴롱궤 /Lillonggwe/
lily {n} (flower in the genus Lilium)  :: 나리, 백합
lily of the valley {n} (Convallaria majalis)  :: 은방울꽃
Lima {prop} (the capital of Peru)  :: 리마 /Lima/
limb {n} (major appendage of human or animal)  :: , 팔다리, 사지,
limbo {n} (place for innocent souls)  :: 림보 /rimbo/, 지옥의 변방 /jiog-ui byanbang/
lime {n} (green citrus fruit)  :: 라임
lime {n} (inorganic material containing calcium)  :: 석회
limestone {n} (abundant rock of marine and fresh-water sediments)  :: 석회암
limit {n} (boundary)  :: 제한
limited liability company {n} (type of company)  :: 유한책임회사
limnology {n} (science of lakes)  :: 육수학
limousine {n} (luxury sedan/saloon car)  :: 리무진 /limujin/, 리모 /limo/ [slang]
line {n}  :: ,
line {n} (path through two or more points, threadlike mark)  :: , , 라인
linear {adj}  :: 선형 /1,2/, 일차 /2,3/
lingerie {n} (women's underwear or nightclothes)  :: 란제리, 세탁소
lingua franca {n} (common language)  :: 공통어, 링구아 프랑카
linguine {n} (ribbons of pasta narrower than tagliatelle)  :: 링귀네
linguistics {n} (scientific study of language)  :: 언어학 /eoneohak/
lingzhi {n} (mushroom)  :: 영지 (靈芝)
link {n} (computing: hyperlink)  :: 링크
link {n} (connection)  :: 연결
Link {prop} (male given name)  :: 링크 /Lingkeu/
linker {n} (computer program that assembles objects)  :: 링커
linker {n} (short oligonucleotide)  :: 링커
Linux {prop} (operating system)  :: ^리눅스
Linyi {prop} (a prefecture-level city in China)  :: ^린이
lion {n} (big cat Panthera leo)  :: 사자 (獅子)
lion cub {n} (young lion)  :: 새끼사자
lioness {n} (female lion)  :: 암사자 /am-saja/
lip {n} (fleshy protrusion framing the mouth)  :: 입술
Lipetsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: 리페츠크 /Lipecheukeu/
liplessness {n} (medical condition)  :: 입술없음증
lipstick {n} (make-up for the lips)  :: 립스틱, 입술연지 /ipsullyeonji/
lipstick {n} (stick of this make-up)  :: 립스틱 /ripeuseutik/
liqueur {n} (a flavored alcoholic beverage)  :: 리큐어
liquid {n} (substance that is liquid)  :: 액체 /aegche/
liquid crystal {n} (phase of matter)  :: 액정
liquid crystal display {n} (display device using liquid crystal)  :: 액정 디스플레이 /aekjeong diseupeullei/, LCD
liquor {n} (strong alcoholic drink derived from fermentation and distillation)  ::
lira {n} (currency of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, former currency of Italy, etc.)  :: 리라
Lisa {prop} (female given name)  :: 리사 /Risa/
Lisbon {prop} (capital of Portugal)  :: 리스본
list {n} (enumeration or compilation of items)  :: 명부, 목록,
listen {v} (to accept advice or obey instruction)  :: 듣다 /deutta/, 들어주다 /deureojuda/
listen {v} (to expect or wait for a sound)  :: 듣다 /deutta/
listen {v} (to hear (something))  :: 들리다 /deullida/
listen {v} (to pay attention to a sound)  :: 듣다
Liszt {prop} (surname)  :: 리스트 /Liseuteu/
literary {adj} (relating to literature)  :: 문학 /munhag/
literature {n} (body of all written works)  :: 문학
lithiasis {n} (formation of stone-like deposits)  :: 결석증
lithium {n} (chemical element)  :: 리튬
lithography {n} (printing method)  :: 석판 인쇄
Lithuania {prop} (country)  :: ^리투아니아
Lithuanian {prop} (language)  :: 리투아니아어 /Rituania-eo/
litre {n} (unit of fluid measure)  :: 리터
litterfall {n} (mass of fallen plant material per unit area)  :: 낙엽량
litterfall {n} (plant material that falls to the ground)  :: 낙엽
little {adj} (small in size)  :: 작은
little {determiner} (small amount)  :: 적은
little brother {n}  :: 남동생, 아우
little emperor {n} (spoiled child)  :: 소황제
little finger {n} (outermost and smallest finger of the hand)  :: 새끼손가락, 소지 (小指)
little girl {n} (a female child)  :: 소녀
Little Red Riding Hood {prop} (a folktale)  :: 빨강모자 소녀
little sister {n}  :: 여동생
Liuzhou {prop} (a city of China)  :: 류저우 /Lyujeou/
live {v} (be alive)  :: 살다
live {v} (have permanent residence)  :: 살다
live by the sword, die by the sword {proverb} (one who uses violence can expect a violent response)  :: 칼로 흥한자는 칼로 망하리라.
liver {n} (organ of the body)  :: 간장 (肝臓), ()
livermorium {n}  :: 리버모륨
Liverpool {prop} (Liverpool, England)  :: 리버풀 /libeopul/
livestock {n} (farm animals)  :: 가축
living fossil {n}  :: 살아 있는 화석
living room {n} (room in a private house)  :: 거실 (居室)
livor mortis {n} (settling of the blood in the lower portion of the body)  :: 시반
Livorno {prop} (town)  :: 리보르노 /Riboreuno/
lizard {n} (reptile)  :: 도마뱀
Ljubljana {prop} (Capital city of Slovenia)  :: ^류블랴나
llama {n} (South Americal mammal of the camel family, Llama glama)  :: 라마
load {n} (burden)  :: /jim/
load {n} (number of articles that can be transported or processed at one time)  :: /jim/
load {v} (to put a load on or in)  :: 싣다
loan {n} (borrowed sum of money or other valuables)  :: 대부
loanword {n} (word taken from another language)  :: 외래어 (外來語), 차용어 (借用語)
Lobamba {prop} (traditional and legislative capital of Swaziland)  :: ^로밤바
lobby {n} (group of people who try to lobby)  :: 로비
lobster {n} (crustacean)  :: 가재, 바닷가재
local {adj} (of a nearby location)  :: 지방의
Local Group {prop} (cluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way)  :: 국부은하군/局部銀河群/
localization {n}  :: 지방화 /rookaraizeeshon/
location {n} (place)  :: 위치, 장소, 지점
lock {n} (something used for fastening)  :: 자물쇠
locomotive {n} (self-propelled vehicle that runs on rails)  :: 기관차
locust {n} (type of grasshopper)  :: 메뚜기
lodge {v} (to stay in any place or shelter)  :: 숙박하다
lodging {n} (place to live or lodge)  :: 숙박
Lodz {prop} (city)  :: 우치 /Uchi/
loess {n} (sediment of eolian origin)  :: 황사 (黃砂)
loft {n} (an attic or similar space)  :: 로프트
lofty {adj} (high, having great height or stature)  :: 높다
lofty {adj} (idealistic)  :: 높다
log {n}  :: 통나무
log {n} (bulky piece of timber)  :: 통나무
log {n} (trunk of dead tree, cleared of branches)  :: 통나무
logarithm {n} (for a number x, the power to which a given base number must be raised in order to obtain x)  :: 로그, 대수 (對數)
logic {n} (method of human thought)  :: 논리 (論理)
logician {n} (person who studies or teaches logic)  :: 논리 학자 /論理學者, nonli hagja/
login {n} (logging in)  :: 로그인
login {n} (user's identification)  :: 로그인, 사용자명, 사용자 이름
logo {n} (symbol or emblem that acts as a trademark or a means of identification of an entity)  :: 로고, 로고타이프
-logy {suffix} (branch of learning)  :: ()
loin {n}  :: 허리고기
Lojban {prop} (artificial logical language based on Loglan)  :: 로지반 /Rojiban/
Loki {prop} (god of mischief and trickery)  :: 로키 /Roki/
LOL {interj} (expression of laughter)  :: ㅋㅋ, , ㅎㅎ
lolcat {n} (image macro of a kitten or cat with a humurous caption)  :: 롤캣
lolicon {n} (An individual fixated on young, generally prepubescent, girls)  :: 로리콘
lolita {n} (sexually alluring girl)  :: 로리
Lolita {prop} (female given name)  :: 로리타 /Rorita/
Lomé {prop} (capital of Togo)  :: 로메 /Rome/
London {prop} (in the United Kingdom)  :: 런던
lone {adj} (having no companion)  :: 고독의 /godokui/
lonely {adj} (of person: unhappy by feeling isolated)  :: 고독한
lone wolf {n} (person who avoids the company of others)  :: 독불 장군
long {adj}  :: 길다, 멀다
long {adj} (having great duration)  :: 오래되다
long {adj} (having much distance from one point to another)  :: 길다
long {adv}  :: 길이, 오래
long {adv} (over a great distance)  :: 길게, 멀리
long {v} (to wait, to aspire)  :: 바라다, 기다리다, 갈망하다
long ago {adv} (at a time in the distant past)  :: 옛날에, 오래전
longan {n} (fruit)  :: 롱간 /long-gan/
longbow {n} (large bow)  :: 장궁
long-eared owl {n} (Asio otus)  :: 부엉이
longevity {n} (the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life)  :: 장수 (長壽)
Long Island iced tea {n} (cocktail made with iced tea)  :: 롱아일랜드 아이스티, 롱티
longitude {n} (angular distance)  :: 경도
longitude {n} (imaginary line through North Pole and South Pole)  :: 경선
longitudinal wave {n} (type of wave)  :: 종파
long live {v} (prosper)  :: ... 만세 /... manse/ (萬歲)
long time no see {interj} (idiomatic: I (or we) have not seen you for a long time)  :: [formal polite] 오래간만입니다, [informal non polite] 오랜만, [informal polite] 오랜만이에요
longwave {adj} (having a wavelength of greater than 1000 meters)  :: 장파
longyi {n} (a sarong-like garment worn around the waist)  :: 롱지
look {v} (to appear, to seem)  :: 보이다
look {v} (to face)  :: 마주하다, 향하다
look {v} (to search)  :: 찾다, 구하다
look {v} (to try to see)  :: 보다
look before you leap {proverb} (do not jump into something too precipitously)  :: 누울 자리 봐 가며 발을 뻗어라
look for {v} (search; seek)  :: 찾다
lookup table {n}  :: 룩업 테이블
loom {n} (weaving frame)  :: 직기
loon {n} (bird of order Gaviiformes)  :: 아비
loose {adj}  :: 헐거운
loose {adj} (not fixed tightly)  :: 헐거운
loose change {n} (coins kept in one's pocket or bag)  :: 잔돈
loquat {n} (fruit)  :: 비파
loquat {n} (tree)  :: 비파나무 bipanamu
Lord {prop} (God)  :: /Ju/, 주님
Lord {prop} (Jesus)  :: , 주님
Lord's Prayer {prop} (the prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples)  :: 주님의 기도
Lorraine {prop} (region east of Alsace)  :: 로렌
Los Angeles {prop} (largest city in California)  :: 로스앤젤레스
lose {v} (cause (something) to cease to be in one's possession or capability)  :: 잃다 /ilta/
lose {v}  :: 잃다 /ilta/, 잊다 /itda/ 줄다/julda/
lose {v} (shed (weight))  :: 여위다
lose {v} ((transitive) fail to win)  :: 지다, 패배하다
lose face {v} (lose respect of others)  :: 얼굴을 잃다
lost {adj} (unable to find one's way)  :: 길을 잃어버리다 /gileul iroborida/, 길을 잃다 /gileul ilda/
lost {adj}  :: 잃다 /yi-reot-da/
lotus {n} (plant of the genus Nelumbo)  :: 연꽃
loud {adj} (noisy)  :: 시끄러운 /sikkeureoun/
loud {adj} (of a sound)  :: 시끄럽다
loudly {adv} (in a loud manner)  :: 크게
loudspeaker {n}  :: 스피커
loudspeaker {n} (transducer)  :: 확성기
louis d'or {n} (any gold coin introduced in France by Louis XIII)  :: 루이도르, 루이 도르
Louisiana {prop} (US state)  :: 루이지애나 주 /ruijiaena chu/
Louisville {prop} (city)  :: 루이빌
lounge {n} (establishment)  :: 사교실, 휴게실, 라운지
lounge {n} (waiting room)  :: 라운지, 대기실
louse {n} (insect)  ::
louver {n} (a slatted opening in a wall, door or window)  :: 미늘창
louver {n} (a system of slits for ventilation)  :: 미늘창
louver {n} (a ventilating turret or lantern)  :: 미늘창
Louvre {prop} (an art museum in France)  :: 루브르 /Rubeureu/
love {n}  :: 사랑, 연정, 애정; 사랑, 연애
love {n} (object of one's romantic feelings; darling or sweetheart)  :: 연인, 자기 [colloquial]
love {n} (strong affection)  :: 사랑, 애정
love {v} (be strongly inclined towards doing)  :: 좋아하다
love {v} (care about; will good for)  :: 애정
love {v} (have a strong affection for)  :: 사랑하다, 애정을 품다
love affair {n} (adulterous relationship)  :: 러브 어페어, 정사, 연애 사건, 불륜
love at first sight {n} (an instantaneous attraction)  :: 첫눈에 사랑, 한눈에 사랑
love hotel {n} (short-stay hotel for sex)  :: 러브호텔 /rabeu hotel/
love is blind {proverb} (proverb)  :: 사랑을 하면 눈이 먼다
love letter {n} (letter about the author's love)  :: 연애편지 /yeonae pyeonji/ (戀愛便紙)
lover {n} (one who loves another person)  :: 애인 (愛人)
lover {n} (sexual partner)  :: 애인 (愛人)
love song {n} (song about love)  :: 연가, 사랑노래, 정가, 러브 송
love triangle {n} (situation in which two people vie for the love of a third)  :: 삼각관계 /samgakgwangye /三角關係
low {adj} (in a position comparatively close to the ground)  :: 낮다
lower case {n} (lower case letters, collectively)  :: 소문자 /somunja/
lower house {n} (part of a parliament)  :: 하원
low-fat {adj} (not having a high number of calories from fat)  :: 저지방 /jeojibang/
lowland {n} (area which is lower than surroundings)  :: 저지
low temperature flexibility {n} (ability of membrane to resist cracking at low temperature)  :: 저온유연성 /jeoonyuyeonseong/
loyal {adj} (firm in allegiance to a person or institution)  :: 충성
loyalty {n} (faithfulness or devotion to some person, cause or nation)  :: 충성
lozenge {n} (rhombus)  :: 마름모
Lua {prop} (a programming language (transliterations))  :: ^루아
Luanda {prop} (capital of Angola)  :: 루안다 /Luanda/
luck {n} (something that happens to someone by chance)  :: /un/
Lucknow {prop} (capital of Uttar Pradesh, India)  :: 러크나우 /Leokeunau/
lucky {adj} (being good by chance)  :: 운수 좋은 /unsu joheun/
Lufthansa {prop} (German airline)  :: 루프트한자 /Rupeuteuhanja/
luggage {n} (traveller's containers)  :: 수하물,
Luhansk People's Republic {prop} (secessionist state in Luhanshchyna, the Ukraine)  :: 루간스크 인민 공화국
Lukashenko {prop} (surname)  :: 루카셴카 /Lukasyenka/, 루카셴코 /Lukasyenko/
lukewarm {adj} (temperature)  :: 미지근한
lullaby {n} (a soothing song to lull children to sleep)  :: 자장가, 자장노래
lumber {n} (wood as building material)  :: 제목 /jaemok/ (材木)
lumen {n} (anatomy: cavity within tubular organ)  :: 내강 (內腔)
lumen {n} (SI-unit for luminous flux)  :: 루멘 /rumen/
luminosity {n} (state of being luminous)  :: 발광성
luminous intensity {n} (measure of light)  :: 광도
lunar calendar {n} (a calendar that measures the passage of the year according to the phases of the moon)  :: 음력 (陰暦)
lunar eclipse {n} (when the Earth casts its shadow over the Moon)  :: 월식 (月蝕)
lunar phase {n} (any one of the aspects presented by the moon)  :: 달의 위상 /dal-ui wisang/, 월상 (月相)
lunch {n} (meal around midday)  :: 점심 (點心), 중식 (中食)
lunchbox {n} (container for transporting meals)  :: 도시락
lung {n} (organ that extracts oxygen from the air)  :: 부아, 허파,
lung cancer {n} (cancer of the lung(s))  :: 폐암 /pye-am/ (肺癌)
Luoyang {prop} (city in Henan)  :: 뤄양 /Lwoyang/
Lupus {prop} (summer constellation of the northern sky)  :: 늑대 자리
Lusaka {prop} (capital of Zambia)  :: 루사카 /Rusaka/
lute {n} (stringed instrument)  :: 류트
lutetium {n} (chemical element with atomic number of 71)  :: 루테튬
Lutheran {adj} (related to the Lutheran church)  :: 루터교회의 /rutokyohoi-ui/ /of the Lutheran church/
Lutheranism {n} (branch of Christianity developed by Martin Luther)  :: 루터교
lux {n} (the derived unit of illuminance)  :: 럭스
Luxembourg {prop} (country)  :: ^룩셈부르크
Luxembourgish {adj} (pertaining to Luxembourg)  :: 룩셈부르크 /ruksembureukeu/
Luxembourgish {prop} (language of Luxembourg)  :: 룩셈부르크어 /Ruksembureukeu-eo/
luxury good {n} (product or service not considered essential to everyday life)  :: 사치품 /奢侈品, sachi-pum/, 호사품 /豪奢品, hosa-pum/
Luzon {prop} (largest island of the Philippines)  :: 루손 섬 /Luson seom/, 루손 /Luson/
Lviv {prop} (Lviv)  :: ^리비우
lychee {n}  :: 여지 /yeoji/
lymph node {n} (filtrating oval bodies of the lymphatic system)  :: 림프절
lynx {n} (wild cat)  :: 스라소니
Lyons {prop} (a city in France)  :: ^리옹
lyricist {n} (writer of lyrics)  :: 작사가, 작사자
lyrics {n} (the words to a song)  :: 가사 (歌詞)