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wad {n} (compact mass) :: prop
wad {n} (soft plug) :: prop
Wadden Sea {prop} (Wadden Sea) :: Waddenzee
waddle {v} (To walk with short steps, tilting the body from side to side) :: waggelen
wade {v} (to walk through water or something that impedes progress) :: waden
wading bird {n} (long-legged bird) :: waadvogel {m}
wafer {n} (biscuit) :: wafel {f}
wafer {n} (religious token) :: hostie {f}
waffle {n} (flat pastry) :: wafel {f}
waffle {n} (speech or writing that is vague) :: gezwam {n}
waffle {v} (to speak or write at length without any clear point or aim) :: zwammen
waffle {v} (vacillate) SEE: vacillate ::
waffle iron {n} (a cooking appliance used to make waffles) :: wafelijzer {n}
waft {v} (to float easily and gently on the air) :: zweven, fladderen
wag {v} (to swing from side to side) :: kwispelen
wag {v} (to not go to school) :: spijbelen
wage {n} (money paid to a worker) :: loon {n}, salaris {n}, arbeidsloon {n}
wage {v} (to conduct or carry out) :: voeren, leiden, voeren
wage earner {n} (someone who works for wages) :: kostwinner {m} {f}
wager {n} (an agreement) :: weddenschap {f}
wager {n} (the subject of a bet) :: inzet {m}
wager {v} (put up as collateral) :: wedden, weddenschap afsluiten, verwedden
waggon {n} (wagon) SEE: wagon ::
wagon {n} (4-wheeled cart, see also: cart) :: wagen
wagon {n} (child's riding toy) :: bolderkar
Wahhabite {n} (follower of Wahhabism) :: wahabiet {m}
waif {n} (wanderer) :: zwerver
wail {n} (loud cry or shriek) :: schreeuw {m}, kreet {m}
wail {v} :: huilen
wainscot {n} (an area of wooden panelling on the lower part of a room's walls) :: lambrisering {f}
wainscot {v} (to decorate a wall with a wainscot) :: lambriseren
wainscotting {n} (Wooden (especially oaken) panelling on the lower part of a room’s walls) :: lambrisering {f}
waist {n} (part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach) :: middel {n}
waist {n} :: middendek {n}
waistcoat {n} (a sleeveless, collarless garment) :: vest {n}
waistline {n} (line around the body at the waist; its measurement) :: taillelijn {f}, taille {f}
wait {v} (delay until some event) :: wachten, afwachten
wait {v} (to serve customers) :: bedienen
wait {v} (transitive: delay until) SEE: await ::
waiter {n} (a server in a restaurant or similar) :: ober {m}, kelner {m}
wait for {v} (wait) SEE: wait ::
waiting {n} (the act of staying or remaining in expectation) :: wachten, afwachten
waiting {n} (attendance, service) :: bedienen
waiting list {n} (ordered list of people waiting to obtain a good or service) :: wachtlijst {f}
waiting room {n} (room) :: wachtkamer {f}
waitlist {n} (waiting list) SEE: waiting list ::
waitress {n} (female waiter) :: serveerster
waive {v} (to abandon, give up) :: verlaten, opgeven
waive {v} (to relinquish; to give up claim to) :: afzien van, laten varen, opgeven, verzaken
waive {v} (to put aside, avoid) :: afzien van, laten varen, opgeven, verzaken
waive {v} (to sway) :: zwenken
waiver {n} (the act of waiving) :: verklaring van afstand, vrijstelling
wake {v} (to stop sleeping) :: ontwaken, wakker worden
wake {v} (to make somebody stop sleeping) :: wekken, wakker maken
wake {n} (period after death) :: wake, dodenwake
wake {n} (path left behind a ship on the surface of the water) :: kielzog {n}
wake up {v} (to (become) awake) :: wakker worden, ontwaken
wake up {v} (to awaken (someone else)) :: wakker maken, wekken
wake up {v} (to become more aware of a real-life situation.) :: wakker worden, ontwaken
wake up on the wrong side of bed {v} (to be irritable) SEE: get up on the wrong side of the bed ::
waldmeister {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff ::
waldo {n} :: robotarm {m}
Wales {prop} (a constituent nation of the UK) :: Wales {n}
walk {v} (to move on the feet) :: lopen [main translation, but can mean ‘to run’ in Flanders], wandelen [‘to stroll / be on a walk’], stappen [usually means ‘to go out on the town’ or ‘to step’]
walk {v} (colloquial: to avoid a criminal court case) :: vrijuit gaan
walk {v} (to travel a distance by walking) :: lopen, wandelen
walk {v} (to take for a walk) :: uitlaten
walk {n} (trip made by walking) :: wandeling {f}
walk {n} (distance walked) :: wandeling {f}
walk {n} (manner of walking) :: loopje {n}
walk {n} (maintained place on which to walk) :: pad {n}
walkabout {n} (public stroll) :: rondgang {m},
walker {n} (person who walks) :: wandelaar
walking cane {n} (walking stick) SEE: walking stick ::
walking frame {n} (framework device) :: looprek {n}
walking stick {n} (cane) :: wandelstok, stok {m}
walking stick {n} (insect) SEE: stick insect ::
walkman {n} (any personal cassette player) :: walkman {m}
walk-on {n} (actor with a small part) :: figurant {m}, nevenfiguur {m} {f}
walk-on {n} (small part in a play or film) :: nevenrol {f}
walk on eggshells {v} (to act carefully to avoid upsetting someone) :: op eieren lopen
walk on eggshells {v} (to handle sensitive matters delicately) :: op eieren lopen
walk the talk {v} (to act in accordance with one's words) :: de daad bij het woord voegen
walkway {n} (clearly defined path) :: voetpad
wall {n} (defensive rampart) :: muur
wall {n} (structure built for defense surrounding an area) :: muur
wall {n} (substantial structure acting as side or division in a building) :: muur {m}, wand {m}
wall {n} :: muur
wallaby {n} (Any of several species of Marsupial) :: wallaby {m} {f}
Wallachia {prop} (region in Romania) :: Walachije
wall chaser {n} (power tool) :: muurfrees {f}, sleufmachine {f}
walled garden {n} (garden enclosed by walls) :: omheinde tuin {m}
wallet {n} (case for keeping money) :: portemonnee {m}, portefeuille {m}
walleye {n} (Sander vitreus) :: glasaugenbarsch
walleyed {adj} (having eyes with a pale coloured iris) :: met glasogen
walleyed {adj} (having eyes of different colour) :: ogen met verschillende kleuren
walleyed {adj} (suffering from exotropia) :: ogen met divergent strabisme
walleyed {adj} (having bulging eyes) :: uitpuilende ogen
wallflower {n} (any of several short-lived herbs or shrubs of the Erysimum) :: steenraket {f}, muurbloem {m} {f}
wall in {v} (enclose by surrounding with walls) :: ommuren
Wallis and Futuna {prop} (an overseas territory of France in Oceania) :: Wallis en Futuna
Wallonia {prop} (a region) :: Wallonië {n}
Walloon {prop} (Romance language) :: Waals {n}
Walloon {n} (an inhabitant of Wallonia) :: Waal {m}, Waalse {f}
Walloon {adj} (referring to the French-speaking people of southern Belgium) :: Waals
Walloon {adj} (referring to the Romance language) :: Waals
Walloon Brabant {prop} (province) :: Waals-Brabant {n}
wallop {n} (a heavy blow, punch) :: knal {m}
wallow {v} (to roll oneself about, as in mire; to tumble and roll about; to move lazily or heavily in any medium; to flounder; as, swine wallow in the mire) :: wentelen
wallow {v} :: zwelgen
wallpaper {n} (decorative paper for walls) :: behang {n}, behangpapier {n}, behangselpapier {n}
wallpaper {v} (to cover with wallpaper) :: behangen
walls have ears {proverb} (be careful about what you say) :: de muren hebben oren
wall socket {n} (electricity power point) :: stopcontact {n}
walnut {n} (tree) :: walnotenboom {m}
walnut {n} (nut) :: walnoot {m}
walnut {n} (wood) :: walnotenhout {n}
walrus {n} (large Arctic marine mammal) :: walrus {m}
Walter {prop} (male given name) :: Wouter {m}
wand {n} (hand-held narrow rod) :: staf {m}, roede {m}
wander {v} (to move without purpose or destination) :: zwerven, rondtrekken
wander {v} (to commit adultery) :: vreemdgaan
wander {v} (to go somewhere indirectly) :: dolen
wander {v} (of the mind, to lose focus or clarity of argument or attention) :: afdwalen
wanderer {n} (one who wanders) :: wandelaar {m}, dwaler, zwermer {m}
wandering spider {n} (spider of the family Ctenidae) :: kamspin
wane {v} (to progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity, etc.) :: tanen
wangle {v} (falsify) SEE: falsify ::
waning moon {n} (moon as it progresses from full moon to a new moon) :: afnemende maan {f}, wanende maan {f}
wank {v} (intransitive: to masturbate) :: rukken [vulgar], zich aftrekken, masturberen [not vulgar]
wank {v} (transitive: to masturbate) :: aftrekken
wanker {n} (person who wanks) :: rukker
wanker {n} (idiot) :: nietsnut
wannabe {n} (someone who wishes something but lacks the qualifications) :: Wilt zijn, wannabe
want {v} (desire) :: willen
want {n} (lack (of)) :: tekort {n}
want {v} (lack) SEE: lack ::
wanton {adj} (undisciplined) :: onbeheerst onkuis
wanton {adj} (lewd, immoral; sexually open/free) :: wellustig, losbandig
wapiti {n} (the American elk) :: wapiti {m}, wapitihert {n}
war {n} (conflict involving organized use of arms) :: oorlog {m}, krijg {m}
war cemetery {n} (cemetery reserved for the graves of victims of warfare) :: oorlogskerkhof {n}
war crime {n} (offense for violations of the law of war) :: oorlogsmisdrijf {n}
war criminal {n} (person guilty of a war crime) :: oorlogsmisdadiger {m}
ward {n} (action of a watchman) :: bewaking
ward {n} (person under guardianship) :: curandus {m}
ward {n} (fencing term) :: pareren
ward {n} (area of a castle) :: binnenplein
ward {n} (section of a prison) :: blok van een gevangenis
ward {n} (administrative subdivision of cities) :: district
ward {n} (Mormonism: subdivision of church) :: gebied, wijk
ward {n} (part of a hospital where patients reside) :: paviljoen
ward {n} (minor looked after by a guardian) :: pupil
ward {n} (on a lock or key) :: inkeping in sleutelbaard
-ward {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: -waarts
-ward {suffix} (forming adjectives) :: -waarts
warden {n} (a chief administrative officer of a prison) :: gevangenbewaarder {m} {f}
warden {n} (an official charged with supervisory duties) :: opzichter {m}
ward off {v} (to parry, or turn aside) :: afweren
ward off {v} (to avert or prevent) :: ontwijken, voorkomen
wardrobe {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet ::
wardrobe {n} (movable furniture for storing clothes) :: kledingkast {c}
wardrobe {n} :: garderobe, kledingkast
wardrobe malfunction {n} ((euphemism) an accidental instance of indecent exposure) :: garderobedefect
-wards {suffix} (forming adverbs) :: -waarts
-wards {suffix} (forming adjectives) :: -waarts
warehouse {n} (A place for storing large amounts of products) :: pakhuis {n}
warfare {n} (the waging of war or armed conflict against an enemy) :: krijgsvoering {f}, oorlogvoering {f}, strijd {m}
warfare {n} (military operations of some particular kind) :: krijgsvoering {f}, oorlogvoering {f}, strijd {m}
war grave {n} (burial place) :: oorlogskerkhof {n}
war hammer {n} (weapon) :: krijgshamer {m}, strijdhamer {m}
warhead {n} (part of a missile, projectile, torpedo, rocket, or other munition) :: springkop
warlike {adj} (belligerent) :: strijdlustig, oorlogszuchtig
warlike {adj} (bellicose) :: krijgshaftig, strijdlustig
warlock {n} (male magic-user) :: heksenmeester
warlord {n} (high military officer in a warlike nation) :: krijgsheer
warm {adj} (having a temperature slightly higher than usual) :: warm
warm {adj} (being something that causes warmth) :: warm
warm {adj} (caring, of relation to another person) :: warm
warm {v} (to make or keep warm) :: opwarmen, verwarmen, warm houden
warm {v} (to increasingly favour) :: warmlopen
warmonger {n} (one who advocates war) :: oorlogsstoker {m}, oorlogsstookster {f}
warn {v} (to make someone aware of impending danger) :: waarschuwen, verwittigen, waarnen [obsolete]
warn {v} (to notify someone of something untoward) :: waarschuwen, verwittigen, waarnen [obsolete]
warn {v} :: waarschuwen
warning {n} (instance of warning someone) :: waarschuwing {f}, waarning {f}, verwittiging {f}
warning {n} (something spoken or written that is intended to warn) :: waarschuwing {f}, waarning {f}
warning {interj} (warning of danger in signs) :: opgelet!, waarschuwing
warning triangle {n} (a triangle used to warn other road users) :: gevarendriehoek {m}, gevaarsdriehoek {m}
war of nerves {n} (conflict in which demoralizing and frightening tactics are used) :: zenuwoorlog, zenuwenoorlog
warp {n} (state of being bent out of shape) :: vervorming
warp {n} (distortion or twist) :: scheeftrekking
warp {n} (threads) :: schering {f}
war paint {n} (pigment) :: oorlogsverf {f}
warp and woof {n} (threads in a woven fabric) :: schering en inslag
warp beam {n} (warp roll) :: kettingboom {m}
warrant {v} (to guarantee) :: garanderen
warrant {v} (to justify) SEE: justify ::
warrant {v} (to authorize) SEE: authorize ::
warranty {n} (legal: an agreement which states that the goods or property in question will be in exactly the same state as promised) :: garantie
warrior {n} (person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare) :: krijger {m}
warrior {n} :: strijder {m}, strijdster {f}
Warsaw {prop} (capital city of Poland) :: Warschau
Warsaw Convention {prop} (international treaty) :: Conventie van Warschau
Warsaw Pact {prop} (military alliance) :: Warschaupact {n}
warship {n} (ship built or armed for naval combat) :: oorlogsschip {n}, oorlogsbodem {m}
Warsovian {adj} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian ::
Warsovian {n} (Varsovian) SEE: Varsovian ::
wart {n} (type of growth occurring on the skin) :: wrat {f}
warthog {n} (a species of wild pig) :: knobbelzwijn {n}, wrattenzwijn {n}
wartime {n} (period of a war) :: oorlogstijd {m}
warts and all {adj} (of a description which does not conceal shortcomings or imperfections) :: wratten en al inbegrepen, in de staat waarin het zich bevindt
wash {v} (to clean with water) :: wassen, spoelen, afspoelen
wash {v} (to move or erode by the force of water in motion) :: wegspoelen
washbasin {n} (basin used for washing, sink) :: wastafel {f}, wasbak {m}, waskom
washcloth {n} (cloth used to wash) :: waslap {m}, washand {f}, washandje {n}
washer {n} (something that washes) :: wasmachine {m}, vaatwasser {m}
washer {n} (person who washes for a living) :: wasserettejuffrouw {f} (launderette woman)
washing ball {n} (laundry ball) SEE: laundry ball ::
washing machine {n} (machine that washes clothes) :: wasmachine {f}
Washington {prop} (Washington) :: Washington {n}
Washington, D.C. {prop} (federal capital of the United States of America) :: Washington D.C.
washrag {n} (square piece of cloth for washing the face and body) :: washandje
washroom {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
washstand {n} (table for washing) :: wastafel {f}
wash up {v} (wash one's hands and/or face (US)) :: zich opfrissen, zich wassen
wash up {v} (clean utensils, dishes, etc.) SEE: do the dishes ::
wasp {n} (insect) :: wesp {f}
wasp waist {n} (waist like that of a wasp) :: wespentaille {f} {m}
waste {n} (desolate place) :: woestenij
waste {n} (loss, ineffective use) :: verkwisting, verspilling
waste {n} (decay) :: wegkwijning, verval
waste {n} (useless products, garbage) :: afval, rommel, vuil
waste {adj} (barren) :: woest, braakliggend
waste {adj} (excess) :: overtollig
waste {v} (to destroy) :: verwoesten
waste {v} (to decay) :: doen wegkwijnen
waste {v} (to squander) :: verspillen, verkwisten, vermorsen, verdoen, verklungelen
waste {v} (slang: to kill) :: koud maken
waste {v} (to weaken) :: wegkwijnen, verzwakken
waste away {v} (lose energy) :: wegkwijnen
wastebasket {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can ::
wasteful {adj} (inclined to waste) :: verspillend, verkwistend
wasteland {n} (region with no remaining resources; desert) :: woestenij {f}
waste of time {n} (meaningless or fruitless activity) :: tijdverspilling {f}
wastepaper {n} (unwanted paper that has been discarded) :: oudpapier {n}
waste product {n} :: afvalstof {c}
waste sorting {n} (seperation of waste) :: afvalscheiding
waste time {v} (allow time to elapse in an unproductive manner) :: tijd verspillen
watch {n} (portable or wearable timepiece) :: horloge {n}
watch {n} (particular time period) :: wacht
watch {n} (person or group of people who guard) :: wacht
watch {v} (to look at for a period of time) :: kijken
watch {v} (to observe) :: bekijken, kijken naar, opletten
watch {v} (to attend or guard) :: zorgen voor, opletten
watch {v} (to be wary) :: opletten, uitkijken
watch cap {n} (knitted cap) SEE: beanie ::
watchdog {n} (dog) SEE: guard dog ::
watcher {n} (guard) SEE: guard ::
watchlist {n} (list for special attention) :: observatielijst {f}
watch out {v} (to use caution) :: oppassen
watch over {v} (to guard and protect) :: bewaren, bewaken, behoeden
water {n} (mineral water) SEE: mineral water ::
water {n} (clear liquid H₂O) :: water {n}
water {n} (spa water) :: bronwater {n}, spawater {n}, plat water {n} [colloquial]
water {n} (one of the basic elements) :: water {n}
water {n} (body of water, or specific part of it) :: wateren {p}
water {n} (urine) :: water {n} [colloquial]
water {n} (serving of water) :: watertje
water {v} (to pour water into the soil surrounding (plants)) :: water geven, sproeien, begieten
water {v} (to provide (animals) with water) :: water geven
water {v} (colloquial: to urinate) :: wateren, plassen
water {v} (to fill with or secrete water) :: wateren
waterbed {n} (bed with a mattress filled with water) :: waterbed {n}
water cannon {n} (device shooting water) :: waterkanon, brandspuit {m} {f}
water carrier {n} (Aquarius) SEE: Aquarius ::
water carrier {n} (domestique) SEE: domestique ::
water clock {n} (device for measuring time) :: wateruuwerk
water closet {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet ::
water closet {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
watercolor {n} (a painting technique) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {n} (an artwork) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {n} (any paint used in this method) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolor {adj} (pertaining to the methods or products of watercolor) SEE: watercolour ::
watercolour {n} (pigment) :: waterverf {f}, aquarel
watercolour {n} (painting) :: aquarel
watercolour {n} (genre) :: aquarel
watercourse {n} (channel through which water flows) :: waterloop {m}, loop {m}
watercress {n} (Nasturtium officinale) :: witte waterkers {f}
watercress {n} (Nasturtium microphyllum) :: slanke waterkers {f}
water cycle {n} (the natural cycle of water through evaporation, condensation and precipitation) :: waterkringloop {m}
water diviner {n} (water diviner) SEE: dowser ::
water dog {n} (water dog) :: waterhond {m}
water down {v} (to dilute) :: aanlengen
water down {v} (to make weaker) :: verwateren
waterfall {n} (flow of water over the edge of a cliff) :: waterval {f}
waterfall {n} (waterfall-like outpouring) :: waterval {f}
water fountain {n} (device designed to dispense drinking water) :: drinkfontein
waterfowl {n} (birds that spend most of their non-flying time on water) :: watervogels
water hemlock {n} (plant in the genus Cicuta) SEE: cowbane ::
watering can {n} (utensil for watering plants) :: gieter
watering pot {n} (watering can) SEE: watering can ::
water lily {n} (Any members of Nymphaeaceae) :: waterlelie {f}
watermark {n} (translucent design impressed on paper) :: watermerk
watermelon {n} (plant) :: watermeloen {f}
watermelon {n} (fruit) :: watermeloen {f}
watermill {n} (mill powered by water) :: watermolen {m}
water pipit {n} (bird) :: waterpieper {m}
water pollution {n} (water pollution) :: watervervuiling {f}
water polo {n} (a water sport) :: waterpolo {n}
water pox {n} (A common childhood disease caused by virus) :: waterpokken
waterscape {n} (aquatic landscape) :: waterzicht {n}
watershed {n} (boundary between adjacent catchment basins) :: waterscheiding {f}
watershed {n} (critical point marking a change in course or development) :: keerpunt {m}
watershed {n} (drainage basin) SEE: drainage basin ::
water softener {n} (device which reduces the calcium and magnesium concentration of hard water) :: waterverzachter {m}
water-soluble {adj} (dissolving easily in water) :: wateroplosbaar
waterspout {n} (tornado that occurs over a body of water) :: waterhoos {f}
waterspout {n} (channel through which water is discharged) :: waterspuwer {m}
water table {n} (level underground) :: grondwaterstand {m}, freatisch vlak
water tap {n} (a spout connected to a socket to provide water from the main water supply) :: kraan
water tower {n} (tank of water) :: watertoren {m}
water under the bridge {n} (something in the past that cannot be controlled but must be accepted) :: gedane zaken maken geen keer
water vapor {n} (water in a gaseous state) :: waterdamp {m}
water vapor {n} :: waterdamp {m}
waterway {n} (navigable body of water) :: vaarweg {m}, waterweg {m}, vaarwater {n}
watery {adj} (wet, soggy or soaked with water) :: waterig
waterzooi {n} (Flemish stew) :: waterzooi {f}
watt {n} (derived unit of power) :: watt
waulk {v} (full) SEE: full ::
wave {v} (to move back and forth repeatedly) :: zwaaien, zwenken, wapperen
wave {v} (to wave one’s hand) :: zwaaien, wuiven
wave {n} (moving disturbance, undulation) :: golf {m}, baar {f} [archaic]
wave {n} (moving disturbance in a field) :: golf {m}
wave {n} (shape which alternatingly curves in opposite directions) :: golf {m}
wave {n} (sudden unusually large amount of something) :: golf {m}
wave {n} (A group activity in a crowd imitating a wave going through water) :: wave {m}
wavefunction {n} (notion in quantum mechanics) :: golffunctie {f}
wavelength {n} (the length of a single cycle of a wave) :: golflengte
waver {v} (to sway back and forth) :: zwaaien, wuiven, wiegen
waver {v} (to flicker, glimmer, quiver) :: flikkeren, flitsen
waver {v} (to fluctuate or vary) :: schommelen, variëren
waver {v} (to shake or tremble) :: schudden, beven
waver {v} (to falter; become unsteady; begin to fail or give way) :: wankelen
waver {v} (to be indecisive between choices; to feel or show doubt or indecision; to vacillate) :: twijfelen, weifelen
waver {n} (act of wavering, vacillating) :: translated by nominalizing the verb
waver {n} (someone who waves) :: wuiver {m}, zwaaier
wax {n} (oily, water-resistant substance) :: was {m}
wax {n} (preparation containing wax, used as a polish) :: was
wax {adj} (made of wax) :: wassen
wax {v} (apply wax to) :: wassen, was aanbrengen, met was insmeren
wax {v} (to assume specified characteristic) :: worden
wax {v} (literary: grow) :: groeien, toenemen, wassen [archaic]
wax {n} (process of growing) :: wassen, aanwassen
wax {n} (beeswax) SEE: beeswax ::
wax {n} (earwax) SEE: earwax ::
waxing moon {n} (The moon as it progresses from a new moon to a full moon) :: wassende maan {f}
way {adv} (very) SEE: very ::
way {adv} (far) SEE: far ::
way {n} (road, direction, path) :: weg
way {n} (method or manner) :: manier
way {adv} (much) SEE: much ::
waybill {n} (document that lists the final destination (and other details) of each part of a cargo) :: vrachtbrief
wayfarer {n} (traveller) :: reiziger {m}
waylay {v} (to lie in wait for and attack from ambush) :: belagen, opwachten
waylay {v} (to accost or intercept unexpectedly) :: onderscheppen
way of life {n} (style of living) :: leefwijze {c}
Way of the Cross {n} (series of images) :: kruisweg
way too {adv} (all too, much too, to a degree that is very excessive) :: veel te
wayward {adj} (given to wilful, perverse deviation from the expected norm; tending to stray) :: eigenzinnig
WC {initialism} (abbreviation for water closet) :: wc {m}
we {pron} (the speakers, or the speaker(s) and other person(s) not being addressed (exclusive we: he or she or they and I)) :: wij, we
we {pron} (the speaker(s) and the listener(s) (inclusive we: you and I)) :: wij, we
weak {adj} (lacking in force or ability) :: zwak, slap
weak {adj} (dilute, lacking in taste or potency) :: flauw
weak {adj} (grammar: regular in inflection) :: zwak
weaken {v} (to make weaker) :: verzwakken
weaken {v} (to become weaker) :: verzwakken
weaker sex {prop} (women regarded collectively) :: zwakke geslacht {n}
weakest link {n} (the part of a system that is most likely to fail or cause problems) :: zwakste schakel {m} {f}
weakling {n} (person of weak or even sickly physical constitution) :: zwakkeling {m}
weakling {n} :: zwakkeling {m}
weakness {n} (condition of being weak) :: zwakte
weak verb {n} (Translations) :: zwak werkwoord {n}
wealth {n} (riches; valuable material possessions) :: rijkdom {m}
wealth {n} (great amount; an abundance or plenty, usually of money) :: rijkdom {m}
wealth {n} (power, of the kind associated with a great deal of money) :: vermogen {n}
wealth {n} :: weelde {f}
wean {v} (to cease to depend on the mother for nourishment) :: spenen
wean {v} (to cease to depend) :: ontwennen
weapon {n} (instrument of attack or defense in combat) :: wapen {n}
weapon {n} (means of harming or exerting control) :: wapen {n}
weapon of mass destruction {acronym} (weapon causing large-scale death or destruction) :: massavernietigingswapen {n}
wear {v} (to have on (clothes)) :: dragen, aanhebben
wear {v} (to exhaust physically) :: vermoeien, uitputten
wear {n} (clothing) :: kledij {f}, kleding {f}
wear {n} (damage) :: sleet {m}, slijtage {f}
wear down {v} (to cause physical or mental fatigue) :: verslijten {}
wearer {n} (one who wears) :: drager {m}, draagster {f}
wear one's heart on one's sleeve {v} (to be transparent or forthright about one's emotions) :: het hart op de tong hebben
wear rose-colored glasses {v} (to be excessively optimistic) :: kijken met een rose bril
wear the pants {v} (wear the trousers) SEE: wear the trousers ::
wear the trousers {v} (to be the dominant partner) :: de broek aanhebben
weary {adj} (tired, fatigued) :: uitgeput, vermoeid
weary {adj} :: vermoeid
weary {v} (to make weary) :: uitputten, vermoeien
weasel {n} (least weasel, Mustela nivalis) :: wezel {f} {m}
weasel word {n} (A word used to qualify a statement so as to make it potentially misleading) :: vaagtaal {f}, wezelwoord {n}
weather {adj} (state of the atmosphere) :: weer {n}
weather {adj} :: weer {n}
weather {adj} (situation) SEE: situation ::
weather balloon {n} (meteorological balloon) :: weerballon {m}
weathercock {n} (weather vane) :: windhaan {m}, weerhaan {m}
weather forecast {n} (prediction of future weather) :: weersverwachting {f}, weersvoorspelling {f}
weathering {n} (breaking down of rocks) :: verwering {f}
weather map {n} (map showing the analysis of meteorological quantities) :: weerkaart {c}
weather report {n} (translations) :: weerbericht {n}
weather satellite {n} (weather satellite) :: Weersatelliet {m}
weather vane {n} (a device showing the direction of the wind) :: windwijzer
weave {v} (to form something by passing strands of material over and under one another) :: weven
weave {v} :: weven
weave {n} (a type or way of weaving) :: weefsel {n}
weaver {n} (one who weaves) :: wever {m}, weefster {f}
weaving {n} (process of making woven material) :: weven {n}
web {n} (the World Wide Web (also spelled Web)) :: net {n}, web {n}
web {n} (spiderweb) SEE: spiderweb ::
web browser {n} (a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web) :: webbrowser {m}
webcam {n} (video camera viewed over a network) :: webcam, [very informal] cam
web design {n} (creation of web pages) :: webdesign {n}
weblog {n} (blog) SEE: blog ::
webmaster {n} (the person responsible for maintaining a website) :: webmaster {m}
web page {n} (a single page in a website) :: webpagina
web server {n} (software) :: webserver
web server {n} (computer) :: webserver
website {n} (a collection of pages on the World Wide Web) :: website {f} {m}, webstek {m}
wed {v} :: trouwen
wedding {n} (marriage ceremony) :: bruiloft {f}, trouw {m}, huwelijk {n}, hoogtijd {m}
wedding cake {n} (cake used as part of a wedding ceremony) :: bruiloftstaart {m}, bruidstaart {m}
wedding day {n} :: trouwdag {m}, huwelijksdag, bruiloftsdag {m}
wedding dress {n} (the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony) :: trouwjurk {m} {f}
wedding gown {n} (wedding dress) SEE: wedding dress ::
wedding ring {n} (a ring symbolizing marriage) :: trouwring {m}
wedge {n} (simple machine) :: wig {m}, spie {f}
wedge {n} (group of birds flying in V formation) :: vendel {n}
wedge {n} (typography: háček) SEE: háček ::
wedge product {n} (in differential geometry) :: uitproduct {n}
Wednesday {n} (day of the week) :: woensdag {m}
wee {adj} (small, little) :: klein, petieterig, pietepeuterig
wee {n} (urine) :: pis {m}, urine {f}
wee {n} (act of urination) :: plas {m}
wee {v} (to urinate) :: plassen, pipi doen, wateren, pissen, urineren
weed {n} (cigar) SEE: cigar ::
weed {n} (the weed) SEE: tobacco ::
weed {n} (unwanted plant) :: onkruid
weed {n} (slang: marijuana) :: wiet {n}
weed {n} (informal: puny person) :: zwakkeling {m}
weed {n} ((archaic) apparel) :: lijngewaad
weed {n} (duckweed) SEE: duckweed ::
week {n} (period of seven days) :: week {f}
weekday {n} (weekday) :: werkdag {m}, weekdag {m}
weekend {n} (break in the working week) :: weekend {n}, weekeinde {n}
weekly {adv} (once every week) :: wekelijks, eenmaal per week
weekly {adv} (every week) :: wekelijks, elke week
weekly {adj} (of or relating to a week) :: wekelijks, wekelijkse
weekly {adj} (happening once a week or every week) :: wekelijks, wekelijkse
weekly {n} (publication that is published once a week) :: weekblad {n}
weep {v} (to cry, shed tears) :: huilen, wenen, schreien
weeping willow {n} (Salix babylonica) :: treurwilg {m}
weepy {adj} (inclined to weep) :: huilerig, tranerig
wee small hours {n} (very early morning) :: de vroege uurtjes
weevil {n} (beetle in the superfamily Curculionoidea) :: snuitkever {m}
weevil {n} (beetle in the family Curculionidae) :: snuitkever {m}
wee-wee {n} (childish: male or female genitalia) :: piemel {m} [male]
weft {n} (horizontal threads) :: inslag {m}
weigh {v} (to determine the weight of an object) :: wegen
weigh {v} :: wegen
weighing {adj} (weighing) :: weging
weight {n} (physics: mass) SEE: mass ::
weight {n} (force due to gravity) :: gewicht
weight {n} (object to make something heavier) :: gewicht
weight {v} (in mathematics) :: wegen
weightlifter {n} (person who competes for maximum weight lifted) :: gewichtheffer {m}
weight loss {n} (reduction of body mass) :: gewichtsverlies {n}
weight stack {n} (a block of calibrated weight, often used in an exercising machine) :: gewichtsblok {n}
weighty {adj} (having weight) :: zwaarwegend, gewichtig, wichtig
Weimar Republic {prop} (Germany between 1919 and 1933) :: Weimarrepubliek
weir {n} (adjustable dam) :: weer {n}, stuw {m}, overlaat {m}
weird {adj} (having supernatural or preternatural power) :: bovennatuurlijk
weird {adj} (having an unusually strange character or behaviour) :: vreemd, raar, bizar, eigenaardig
weird {adj} (deviating from the normal; bizarre) :: vreemd, raar, ongewoon, bizar, eigenaardig, merkwaardig
weird out {v} (make feel strange) :: de kriebels bezorgen
welcome {adj} (whose arrival is a cause of joy) :: welkom, welkome, graag gezien
welcome {interj} (greeting given upon someone's arrival) :: welkom!
welcome {n} (act of greeting someone's arrival) :: verwelkoming {f}, begroeting {f}, ontvangst {f}
welcome {n} (utterance of such a greeting) :: welkom {n}
welcome {v} (affirm or greet the arrival of someone) :: verwelkomen, welkom heten
welcome {v} (to accept willingly) :: verwelkomen, graag ontvangen
welcomingly {adv} (in a welcoming manner) :: gastvrij
weld {v} (to bind, unite) :: verbinden, samenvoegen
weld {v} (to join materials (especially metals) by applying heat) :: lassen, wellen
welder {n} (one who welds) :: lasser
welder {n} (item of equipment) :: lasapparaat {n}
welfare state {n} (social system in which the state takes overall responsibility for the welfare of its citizens) :: verzorgingsstaat {m}, welvaartsstaat {m} [chiefly Belgium]
welfare state {n} (country in which such a system operates) :: verzorgingsstaat {m}, welvaartsstaat {m} [chiefly Belgium]
welfare trap {n} (situation) :: werkloosheidsval {m}
welkin {n} (sky) SEE: sky ::
welkin {n} ((archaic) the sky, the upper air, the heavens) :: uitspansel {n}, hemelgewelf {n}
well {adv} :: goed, wel
well {adj} (in good health) :: gezond
well {interj} (used to introduce a statement that may be contrary to expectations) :: nou, nou ja
well {interj} :: nou
well {n} (hole sunk into the ground) :: bron {f}, put {m}
well {n} (spring) :: bron {f}, wel {f}
well {v} (to issue forth) :: vloeien, opwellen
well begun is half done {proverb} (much depends on the beginning of an endeavour) :: een goed begin is het halve werk
well-deserved {adj} (richly deserved) :: welverdiend
well-disposed {adj} (friendly and sympathetic) :: geporteerd
well done {adj} (well cooked) :: goed doorbakken
well done {interj} (exclamation of praise) :: goed zo, goed gedaan
well-endowed {adj} (wealthy) :: goed voorzien
well-formed {adj} (syntactically correct) :: welgevormd, goed gevormd
well-heeled {adj} (rich; affluent) :: rijk, welvarend,
Wellington {prop} (capital of New Zealand) :: Wellington
Wellington boot {n} (Wellington boot) SEE: Wellington boots ::
Wellington boots {n} (waterproof rubber boot) :: laarzen, rubberlaarzen, [Flemish] botten
well-meant {adj} (Having good intentions, even if resulting in unfortunate consequences) :: goedbedoeld, welgemeend
well-ordering {n} (a type of total order) :: welordening {f}
well-read {adj} (well informed and knowledgeable because of having read extensively) :: belezen
well-to-do {adj} (rich) :: welgesteld
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to Wales) :: Welsh, Wels
Welsh {adj} (of or pertaining to the Welsh language) :: Welsh, Wels
Welsh {prop} (language) :: Welsh {n}, Wels {n}, Kymrisch {n}
Welsh {prop} (collectively, people of Wales) :: Welshmen {p} [there is not really a word for this]
weltanschauung {n} (worldview) SEE: worldview ::
weltschmerz {n} (world-weariness) :: weltschmerz {m} {f}
wench {n} (a young woman) :: meid {f}
Wend {n} (Slav) SEE: Slav ::
Wendish {adj} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
Wendish {prop} (Sorbian) SEE: Sorbian ::
Wendy {prop} (female given name) :: Wendi
wentletrap {n} (any of numerous species of elegant marine shells of the genus Epitonium) :: wenteltrap {m}
were- {prefix} (man) :: weer {m}
werebear {n} (shapeshifter) :: weerbeer {m}, manbeer {m}
werejaguar {n} (shapeshifter) :: weerjaguar {m}
wererat {n} (shapeshifter who can assume the shape of a rat) :: weerrat {m}
weretiger {n} (shapeshifter who can assume the shape of a tiger) :: weertijger {m}
werewolf {n} (wolflike human) :: weerwolf {m}
wergeld {n} (reparative payment) :: weergeld {n}
Wernicke's area {n} (posterior section of the superior temporal gyrus) :: gebied van Wernicke
west {n} (compass point) :: westen {n}
west {adj} (towards the west) :: west, westelijk, westelijke
west {adv} (towards the west) :: westwaarts
West {prop} (Western world) :: Westen {n}
West Bank {prop} (territory) :: Westelijke Jordaanoever {m}
West Coast {prop} (the western seaboard of the United States) :: westkust {f} {m}
western {adj} (pertaining to the west) :: westelijk, westers
western {adj} (blowing from the west) :: westelijk
Western {adj} (of, situated in, or related to the West) SEE: western ::
Western {n} (work of a genre dealing with Old West) SEE: western ::
Western Australia {prop} (state of Australia) :: West-Australië
western barn owl {n} (Tyto alba) :: kerkuil
western capercaillie {n} (Tetrao urogallus) :: auerhoen {n}, berghoen
western diamondback rattlesnake {n} (Crotalus atrox) :: Texaanse ratelslang
westerner {n} (inhabitant of Europe and North America) :: westerling {m}
Western Europe {prop} (Western Europe) :: West-Europa {n}
westernization {n} (assimilation of the western culture) :: verwestersing, verwesterlijking
western osprey {n} (Pandion haliaetus) SEE: osprey ::
Western Sahara {prop} (a territory in northern Africa) :: Westelijke Sahara
Western Wall {prop} (ancient wall in Jerusalem, remnant of the Jewish Second Temple) :: Westmuur {m}, Westelijke muur {m}, Klaagmuur {m}
West Flanders {prop} (Belgian province in Flanders) :: West-Vlaanderen {n}
West Flemish {adj} (from or relating to West Flanders) :: West-Vlaams
West Flemish {prop} (group of Flemish dialects) :: West-Vlaams {n}
West Frisian {prop} (language spoken in Friesland) :: Fries {n}, Westerlauwers Fries {n}
West Frisian {prop} (the Western Frisian dialect of Dutch) :: West-Fries
West Frisian Islands {prop} (chain of islands) :: Waddeneilanden
West Germanic {adj} :: West-Germaans
West Germany {prop} (former European country) :: West-Duitsland {n}
West Indian {adj} (of or from the West Indies) :: West-Indisch, Antilliaans
West Indian {n} (of or from the West Indies) :: West-Indiër {m}, Antilliaan {m}
West Indies {prop} (islands of the Caribbean sea) :: West-Indië
Westminster Abbey {prop} (large Gothic church) :: Westminster Abbey
Westminster Cathedral {prop} (chuerch) :: Kathedraal van Westminster {f}
westside {n} (western side) :: westkant, westzijde, westerzijde
West Slavic {prop} (of or relating to the West Slavs) :: West-Slavisch
westward {adv} (towards the west) :: westwaarts
westwards {adv} (towards the west) :: westwaarts
wet {adj} (of an object: covered with or impregnated with liquid) :: nat, vochtig
wet {adj} (made of liquid or moisture) :: nat
wet {adj} (of weather: rainy, see also: rainy) :: nat, vochtig
wet {adj} (sexually aroused, having a moistened vulva) :: nat
wet {v} (cover or impregnate with liquid) :: natmaken
wet {v} (urinate accidentally in or on) :: plassen
wet behind the ears {adj} (inexperienced, not seasoned) :: nat achter de oren
wet blanket {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity) :: spelbreker, spelbreekster
wet dream {n} (literally) :: natte droom, nachtejeculatie
wet dream {n} (figuratively) :: natte droom
wether {n} (castrated buck goat) :: weer {m}
wether {n} (castrated ram) :: hamel {m}
wetland {n} (land that is covered mostly with water, with occasional marshy and soggy areas) :: drasland {n}, moer {m}, vochtgebied {n}
wet nurse {n} (woman hired to suckle another woman's child) :: zoogmoeder {f}, min {f}
wet oneself {v} (lose control of one's bladder) :: broekplassen
wet one's pants {v} (wet oneself) SEE: wet oneself ::
wet season {n} (rainy season) SEE: rainy season ::
whack {n} (A blow, impact or slap) :: klop {m}
whack {v} (to hit, slap or strike) :: slaan
whack {v} (to kill) :: afmaken
whale {n} (large sea mammal) :: walvis {m}
whalebone {n} (horny material from fringed plates of upper jaw of baleen whale) :: balein {n}
whale shark {n} (Rhincodon typus) :: walvishaai
whaling {n} (practice of hunting whales) :: walvisvaart, walvisjacht {f} {m}
wharf {n} (man-made landing place) :: kaai {f}, werf {m}
wharf {n} :: werf {m}, kade {f}
what {pron} (What? (interrogative pronoun)) :: wat
what {pron} (relative pronoun: that which; those that; the thing that) :: wat, hetgeen
what {pron} (nonstandard relative pronoun) :: dat, wat
what {adv} (such) :: wat, welk [archaic]
what {interj} (expression of surprise) :: wat!
what {determiner} (which) :: welk, wat voor
what about {adv} (used to make a suggestion) :: wat zeg je van
what about {adv} (used to ask someone to consider something or someone that they have apparently not considered) :: en, hoe zit het met
whataboutery {n} (whataboutism) SEE: whataboutism ::
whataboutism {n} (propaganda technique) :: jij-bak
what a lovely day {phrase} (what a lovely day) :: wat een mooie dag
what a pity {phrase} (used to express regret) :: wat jammer
what are you doing {phrase} (what are you doing) :: wat ben je aan het doen?, waar ben je mee bezig?
whatchamacallit {n} (any object the actual name of which the speaker does not know or cannot remember) :: dinges {m} {n}
what date is it today {phrase} (what date is it today?) :: de hoeveelste is het vandaag?
whatever {determiner} (no matter which; for any) :: welke ... ook, hoegenaamd
whatever {determiner} (anything) :: maakt niet uit, het zal wel
what goes around comes around {proverb} (actions have consequences) :: wie wind zaait, zal storm oogsten, dat komt ervan
whath {determiner} (which ordinal number) SEE: whatth ::
what is that {phrase} (what is that?) :: wat is dat?
what is your name {phrase} (what is your name?) :: hoe heet u? [formal], hoe heet jij? [informal], wat is uw naam? [formal], wat is je naam? [informal], wat is jouw naam? [informal]
what languages do you speak {phrase} (what languages do you speak?) :: [formal] welke talen spreekt u?, [informal] welke talen spreek je?
what number {adv} (what number, which (in a numbered series)) :: hoeveelste
what of it {interj} (so what) :: wat dan nog, nou en
what's done is done {proverb} (Events that have already taken place cannot be changed) :: gedane zaken nemen geen keer
what's good {phrase} (what's up) SEE: what's up ::
what's-his-name {pron} (A person or entity whose name one does not remember) :: jeweetwel, dinges
what's on your mind {phrase} (what is bothering you?) :: wat scheelt er?
what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander {proverb} (If something is acceptable for one person, it is acceptable for another) :: gelijke monniken, gelijke kappen
what's the matter {phrase} (what's wrong?) :: Wat is er aan de hand?
what's up {phrase} (informal, How are you?) :: wat is er?, hoe gaat het?
what's your job {phrase} (what's your job?) :: wat is uw baan? [formal], wat is je baan? [informal], wat is jouw baan? [informal]
what's your phone number {phrase} (what's your phone number?) :: Wat is je telefoonnummer? [informal], Wat is uw telefoonnummer? [formal]
whatth {n} (which ordinal number) :: hoeveelste
what the hell {phrase} (an intensive form of what) :: wat voor de donder?, wat donder?
what the hell {phrase} (why not?) :: lekker boeiend, ach schijt
what time is it {phrase} (what is the time of day?) :: hoe laat is het?
wheat {n} (grain) :: weit {f}, tarwe {m}
wheat flour {n} (flour from wheat) :: tarwebloem {m} {f}
wheel {n} (a circular device facilitating movement or transportation) :: wiel {n},rad {n}
wheel {n} (steering device in a vessel) :: stuurwiel {n}
wheel {n} (steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle) SEE: steering wheel ::
wheelbarrow {n} (small cart) :: kruiwagen {m} {f}
wheelchair {n} (chair) :: rolstoel {m}
wheelhouse {n} (compartment for navigating) :: stuurhuis {n}, stuurhut
wheel of Fortune {prop} (Tarot card) :: rad van fortuin {n}
Wheel of Fortune {prop} (television game show) :: Rad van Fortuin {n}
whelk {n} (edible sea snail of the family Buccinidae) :: wulk
when {adv} (direct question) :: wanneer
when {adv} (indirect question) :: wanneer
when {conj} (at what time) :: wanneer
when {conj} (at such time as) :: als, wanneer
when {conj} (as soon as) :: als, wanneer, zodra
when {conj} (at a time in the past) :: toen
when {pron} (what time; which time) :: wanneer
whence {adv} (from where; from which place or source) :: waarvandaan
whence {conj} :: waarvandaan, waarvandaan
whenever {conj} (when) SEE: when ::
whenever {conj} :: wanneer ook
when Hell freezes over {adv} (never) :: wanneer Pasen en Pinksteren op één dag vallen
when in Rome {proverb} (adjust to local customs) SEE: when in Rome, do as the Romans do ::
when in Rome, do as the Romans do {proverb} (behave as those around do) :: 's lands wijs, 's lands eer
when pigs fly {adv} (never, expressed by an idiom) :: wanneer Pasen en Pinksteren op één dag vallen, met sint-juttemis
when push comes to shove {phrase} (when the pressure is on) :: als puntje bij paaltje komt
when the cat's away {proverb} (People take advantage of the absence of authority) :: als de kat van huis is
when the cat's away the mice will play {proverb} (in the absence of a controlling entity, subordinates will take advantage of circumstances) :: als de kat van huis is, dansen de muizen op tafel
where {conj} (at or in which place) :: waar, waarvan, waarvandaan
where {conj} (to which place or situation) :: waartoe, waarheen
where {adv} (at or in what place) :: waar
where {adv} (to what place) :: waarheen, waarnaartoe
where {adv} (from what place) :: waarvan, waarvandaan
where {pron} (the place in which) :: waar, waarheen, waarvan, waarvandaan
where {n} (the place in which something happens) :: waar {n}, waarheen {n}, waarvan {n}, waarvandaan {n}
whereabouts {adv} (near what location) :: waaromtrent,
whereabouts {n} (location) :: verblijfplaats
whereafter {adv} (translation) :: waarna
where are we {phrase} (where are we) :: waar zijn we?
where are we going {phrase} (where are we going?) :: waar gaan we?
where are you {phrase} (where are you?) :: waar ben je? [informal], waar ben U? [formal]
where are you from {phrase} (in which country or region were you born or raised) :: [informal] waar kom je vandaan?, [formal] waar komt u vandaan?
whereas {conj} (but in contrast; whilst on the contrary…) :: hoewel, terwijl, ofschoon
whereas {conj} (it being the case that…) :: aangezien, terwijl, waarbij, vermits
whereat {conj} (translation) :: waaraan
whereby {adv} (by which) :: waarbij
where can I find a hotel {phrase} (where can I find a hotel) :: waar kan ik een hotel vinden
where does this bus go {phrase} (where does this bus go) :: waar gaat deze bus naartoe?
where does this train go {phrase} (where does this train go) :: waar gaat deze trein naartoe?
where do you live {phrase} (where do you live?) :: waar woon je?
wherefore {conj} (because of which) :: waarom, waarvoor
wherefrom {adv} (from which) :: waarvandaan
whereinto {adv} (translation) :: waarheen
where is the toilet {phrase} (where is the toilet?) :: waar is het toilet?, waar is de wc?
wherenot {n} (wherever) SEE: wherever ::
whereof {conj} (of what; of which; of whom) :: waarvan
whereon {adv} (translation) :: waarop
where there is a will there is a way {phrase} (if someone wants or wills something strongly enough, a way can be found) :: willen is kunnen, waar een wil is, is een weg
where there's smoke, there's fire {proverb} (if there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring) :: waar rook is is vuur
whereto {adv} :: waartoe
whereunder {adv} (translation) :: waaronder
whereupon {conj} (in consequence of which) :: waardoor, waarna
wherever {adv} (emphatic form of "where") :: waar toch
wherever {conj} (in any place, anywhere) :: waar, waar ook
wherever {conj} (in all places, everywhere) :: waar ook
wherewith {adv} (with which) :: waarmee
wherewithal {n} (the ability and means to accomplish some task) :: middelen, waarmede
wherewithal {adv} (in what way; how) :: waarmede
where you at {phrase} (where are you) SEE: where are you ::
wherry {n} (a kind of boat) :: veerboot {m} {f}
whet {v} (hone or rub on with some substance for the purpose of sharpening) :: wetten, slijpen, scherpen
whet {v} (stimulate or make more keen) :: wetten, scherpen
whether {conj} (introducing indirect questions) :: of
whether {conj} (if, whether or not) :: of
whether {conj} (introducing adverbial clause; no matter whether or not) :: of
whetstone {n} (stone used to hone tools) :: slijpsteen
whew {interj} :: oef
whey {n} (liquid remaining after milk has been curdled) :: wei {f}
which {determiner} ((interrogative) what, of those mentioned or implied) :: welk
which {determiner} ((relative) the one(s) that) :: welk, dewelke, hetwelk
which {pron} ((interrogative) what one or ones) :: welk, hetwelk, dewelke
which {pron} ((relative) who, whom, what) :: die, dat
whiff {n} (waft; brief, gentle breeze; light gust of air) :: zuchtje, vlaag, vleug, adem
whiff {n} (odour carried briefly through the air) :: vleug {c}
whiff {n} (short inhalation of breath) :: teug {c}, trek {m}
whiff {v} (waft) :: geuren
whiff {v} (sniff) :: snuiven, ruiken
whiff {adj} (having a strong or unpleasant odor) :: geurig, sterk van geur
while {n} (uncertain duration of time, a period of time) :: tijdje {n}, momentje {n}, een hele tijd {m}, poosje {n}
while {conj} (during the same time that) :: terwijl
while {conj} (although) :: hoewel, terwijl
while {conj} (as long as) :: zolang
while {conj} (until) SEE: until ::
while away {v} (spend time idly) :: tijd verdrijven
whilst {conj} (while, at the same time) :: terwijl
whim {n} (fanciful impulse) :: gril
whimper {n} (a low intermittent sob) :: snik {m}
whimper {v} (to cry or sob softly and intermittently) :: zuchtenkreunen, dreinen
whimsical {adj} (Given to whimsy; capricious; odd; peculiar; playful; light-hearted or amusing) :: vreemd, willekeurig, curieus, speels, luchtig
whimsicality {n} (caprice) SEE: caprice ::
whine {n} (a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound) :: zeuren, huilen, jammeren
whine {v} (to complain or protest with a whine or as if with a whine) :: zeuren
whinge {n} (to complain or protest) :: mopperen, zeuren, zagen
whip {n} (rod or rope) :: zweep
whip {v} (to hit with a whip) :: geselen
whip {n} (whipped cream) SEE: whipped cream ::
whiplash {n} (lash of a whip) :: zweepslag
whiplash {n} (whiplash injury) :: whiplash {c}
whipped cream {n} (thick cream that has had air incorporated into it by rapid beating) :: slagroom {m}
whippersnapper {n} (young, cheeky person) :: snotneus, branie
whipping {n} (punishment) :: geseling, zweepslagen
whipping {n} (defeat) :: pak slaag
whipping {n} (cooking technique) :: opkloppen
whipping {n} (nautical term) :: betakeling
whipstaff {n} (bar to steer a vessel) :: kolderstok {m}
whirlpool {n} (swirling body of water) :: draaikolk
whirlwind {n} (a violent windstorm of limited extent characterised by an inward spiral motion of the air) :: windhoos {m} {f}, wervelwind {m}
whirr {v} (To move or vibrate (something) with a buzzing sound) :: snorren, gonzen, zoemen, brommen
whisk {n} (kitchen utensil) :: garde {m}
whisker {n} (part of the beard) :: bakkebaarden
whisker {n} (hair of the beard) :: baardhaar
whisker {n} (long projecting hair at the sides of the mouth of a cat) :: snor
whisker {n} ((colloquial) very small distance between two things) :: op een haar na, ei zo na
whiskey {n} (alcoholic drink) :: whisky {m}
whisky {n} (whiskey) SEE: whiskey ::
whisper {n} (act of speaking in a quiet voice) :: gefluister {n}
whisper {v} (to talk in a quiet voice) :: fluisteren, fezelen, wisperen, vezelen, ruinen
whist {n} (card game) :: wiezen {n}
whistle {n} (device used to make a whistling sound) :: fluitje {n}
whistle {n} (sound made by whistling) :: fluittoon {m}
whistle {n} (sound similar to the sound made by whistling) :: fluittoon {m}
whistle {v} (to produce a whistling sound) :: fluiten
whistle {v} (to move in such a way as to make a whistling sound) :: fluiten
whistle {n} (slang: a suit) SEE: suit ::
whistle-blower {n} (one who reports a problem or violation to the authorities) :: klokkenluider {m}
white {adj} (bright and colourless) :: wit
white {adj} (of or relating to Caucasians) :: blank
white {n} (color/colour) :: wit {n}
white {n} (Caucasian person) :: blanke {m} {f}
white {n} (white wine) SEE: white wine ::
white as a sheet {adj} (pale as if suffering from shock) :: spierwit, lijkbleek
white bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear ::
white-bearded antshrike {n} (passerine bird) :: witbaard-mierklauwier
white-billed diver {n} (Gavia adamsii) :: geelsnavelduiker {m}
white blood cell {n} (cytology: a type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response) :: witte bloedcel
white bread {n} (bread made from white flour) :: wittebrood {n}
white bream {n} (European fish) :: blei
white cabbage {n} (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba) :: wittekool {f}
white coffee {n} (coffee with milk added) :: koffie met melk {m}
white-collar {adj} (of or pertaining to office work and workers) :: witteboorden-
white-collar crime {n} (non-violent crime) :: witteboordencriminaliteit {f}
white dwarf {n} (white dwarf star) :: witte dwerg
whitefish {n} (beluga) SEE: beluga ::
white gold {n} (A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal) :: witgoud {n}
white hole {n} (singularity) :: wit gat {n}
White House {prop} (the official residence of the President of the United States of America) :: Witte Huis
white lie {n} (deliberate untrue statement which is intended to produce a favorable result) :: leugen om bestwil {f}
white lightning {n} (illegally distilled whiskey) SEE: moonshine ::
white night {n} (night with only civil twilight) :: witte nacht {f}
white noise {n} (random signal with flat power spectral density) :: witte ruis {m}
white-nosed coati {n} (Nasua narica) :: witsnuitneusbeer {m}
whiteout {n} (correction fluid) SEE: correction fluid ::
white owl {n} (Tyto alba) SEE: western barn owl ::
white pepper {n} (Light-colored seed of pepper) :: witte peper {m}
white pointer {n} (great white shark) SEE: great white shark ::
white poplar {n} (Populus alba) :: abeel {m}
white rice {n} (rice with the hull polished off) :: witte rijst {m}
white roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt ::
White Russian {n} (Belarusian person) SEE: Belarusian ::
White Russian {prop} (Belarusian language) SEE: Belarusian ::
white sauce {n} (mayonnaise) SEE: mayonnaise ::
white sauce {n} (béchamel sauce) SEE: béchamel sauce ::
White Sea {prop} (a sea to the northwest of Russia) :: Witte Zee {f}
white-shouldered antshrike {n} (passerine bird) :: witschouder-mierklauwier
whitesmith {n} (tinsmith) SEE: tinsmith ::
white stork {n} (large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia) :: ooievaar {m}
white wagtail {n} (bird in the wagtail family) :: witte kvikstaart
whitewash {n} (lime and water mixture) :: witkalk
whitewash {v} :: witten
white whale {n} (a cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas) SEE: beluga ::
white wine {n} (light coloured wine) :: witte wijn
whither {adv} (to which place) :: waarheen, werwaarts
Whitsun {n} (Whitsunday) :: Pinksteren
Whitsunday {n} (the Sunday of the feast of Pentecost) :: Pinksteren {m}
whittle {n} (large knife) :: (groot) mes {n}
whittle {v} (cut or shape wood with a knife) :: kerven, snijden, aanspitsen
whittle {v} (reduce or gradually eliminate something) :: afknagen, verminderen
who {pron} (who? (interrogative pronoun)) :: wie
who {pron} (who (relative pronoun)) :: die, wie, dat, wat
who are you {phrase} (who are you?) :: wie bent u?, wie ben jij?, wie ben je?
who cares {phrase} (reply to an unimportant statement) SEE: so what ::
who'd have thunk it {phrase} (Who would have thought that would happen?) :: wie had dat gedacht?
whodunit {n} (a crime novel or drama) :: detectiveverhaal {n}
whoever {pron} (whatever person or persons) :: wie (dan) ook
who knows {phrase} :: wie zal het zeggen?, wie weet het?
whole {adj} (entire) :: heel
wholegrain {n} (cereal grain that contains germ, endosperm, and bran) :: volkoren
wholeheartedly {adv} (in a wholehearted manner; with one's whole heart; enthusiastically) :: van ganser harte
whole number {n} (integer) SEE: integer ::
whole number {n} (natural number) SEE: natural number ::
wholesale {n} (sale of products, often in large quantities, to retailers or other merchants) :: groothandel {m}
wholesaler {n} (person or company that sells goods wholesale to retailers) :: grossier, groothandelaar
whole shebang {n} (the entire thing) :: de hele rataplan, de hele mikmak
wholesome {adj} (promoting virtue or being virtuous) :: deugdelijk
wholly {adv} (to the fullest extent) SEE: completely ::
whom {pron} (relative pronoun) :: die; [1] wie, [2] waarmee, [2] waarvan, [2] waaronder
whoopee {v} (spontaneous expression of delight or joy) :: joepie
whooper {n} (whooping crane) SEE: whooping crane ::
whooper {n} (whooper swan) SEE: whooper swan ::
whooper swan {n} (the species of swan Cygnus cygnus) :: wilde zwaan
whooping cough {n} (a contagious disease) :: kinkhoest {m}
whooping crane {n} (Grus americana) :: kraanvogel {m}
whoosh {n} (breathy sound) :: gesuis, geruis, gesis
whopper {n} (something remarkably large) :: knoert {m}, joekel {m}, kanjer {m}
whopper {n} (outrageous lie) :: grote leugen {m}
whore {n} (prostitute) :: hoer {f}
whore {n} (sexually promiscuous person) :: slet {f}, hoer {f}, hoertje
whore {v} (to pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whoremaster {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp ::
whoremaster {n} (man who uses the services of prostitutes) :: hoerenloper
whoremaster {n} (exploiter of people) :: uitzuiger
whorl {n} (pattern of concentric circles.) :: kringel {m}, wervel {m}, winding {f}, wartel {m}, werdel {m}
whorl {n} (circle of three or more leaves, flowers, or other organs.) :: bladerkrans {f}
whose {determiner} (of whom (interrogative)) :: van wie, wiens {m} {n}, wier {f-p}
whose {determiner} (of whom (relative)) :: van wie, wiens {m} {n}, wier {f-p}
whose {determiner} (of which (relative)) :: waarvan
who would have thought it {phrase} (who'd have thunk it) SEE: who'd have thunk it ::
why {adv} (for what reason) :: waarom
why {adv} :: waarom, waarvoor (slang; wrong grammar used)
why {n} (the reason) :: waarom {n}
why {interj} (exclamation of surprise) :: wel, nou
wick {n} (the porous cord that draws up liquid fuel for burning) :: lont {f}
wicked {adj} (evil or mischevous) :: kwaadaardig, slecht
wickedness {n} (wicked thing) :: boosheid {f}
widdershins {adv} (anticlockwise, counter-clockwise) :: tegenwijzerzin {m}
wide {adj} (having a large physical extent from side to side) :: wijd, breed
widescreen {n} (screen with a wider than normal aspect ratio) :: breedbeeld {n}
widescreen {adj} (filmed in a greater aspect ratio) :: breedbeeld
widespread {adj} (affecting a large area) :: wijdverspreid
widget {n} (unnamed, unspecified, or hypothetical manufactured good or product) :: dingetje, prul
widow {n} (woman whose spouse has died) :: weduwe {f}
widow {n} (single line of type carried over to the next page) :: weduwe {f}
widower {n} (a man whose spouse has died and who has not remarried) :: weduwnaar {m}
widow-maker {n} (something which or someone who takes the lives of men) :: weduwenmaker {m}
widow's mite {n} (numismatics: lepton) SEE: lepton ::
width {n} (measurement of something from side to side) :: breedte {f}
wield {v} (to handle with skill and ease) :: beheersen
wield {v} (to exercise authority or influence) :: uitoefenen
wife {n} (married woman) :: vrouw {f}, echtgenote {f}
wifebeater {n} (singlet) SEE: singlet ::
wife carrying {n} (Scandinavian sport) :: vrouwdragen {n}
Wi-Fi {n} (computing: wireless data communication standard) :: Wi-Fi, draadloos internet
wig {n} (head of artificial hair) :: pruik {m}
wigeon {n} (a kind of duck) :: smient
wiggle {v} (to move with irregular motions) :: wiebelen
Wijchen {prop} (village in the Netherlands) :: Wijchen
wiki {n} (collaborative website) :: wiki
wiki {v} (research on a wiki) :: wikiën
wiki {v} (contribute to a wiki) :: wikiën
wikify {v} (to adapt (text) to a wiki, see also: wiki; -ify) :: wikificeren
Wikipedia {prop} (online encyclopedia) :: Wikipedia
Wikipedian {n} (a person who uses, edits, or contributes to Wikipedia) :: Wikipediaan {m} {f}
Wiktionarian {n} (A person who contributes to Wiktionary) :: Wikiwoordenboekmedewerker
Wiktionary {prop} (the collaborative project; a particular version of this project written in a certain language) :: WikiWoordenboek {n}
wild {adj} (not domesticated or tamed) :: wild
wild {adj} (raucous, unruly, and savage) :: wild
wild boar {n} (Sus scrofa) :: everzwijn {n}, wild zwijn {n}
wild cat {n} (Felis silvestris) SEE: wildcat ::
wildcat {n} :: wilde kat {f}, wilde staking
wildebeest {n} (gnu) SEE: gnu ::
wilderness {n} (uncultivated tract of land) :: wildernis {f}
wildfire {n} (Greek fire) SEE: Greek fire ::
wildfowl {n} (wild bird) :: wild gevogelte
Wild Hunt {n} (folk myth) :: Wilde Jacht
wildland {n} (natural area) :: onbebouwd(e) land/grond, wildernis, woestenij
wildlife {n} (animals and plants in their natural environment) :: wildleven {n}
wildlife reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
wildlife sanctuary {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
wildling {n} (wild plant) :: wilde plant
wildling {n} (wild animal) :: wild dier/ beest
wild rice {n} (any species of Zizania) :: wilde rijst {m}
wild turkey {n} (Meleagris gallopavo) :: kalkoen
wile {n} (trick or stratagem) :: list {f}, fint {f}, sluwigheid {f}
Wilhelmina {prop} (female form of William) :: Wilhelmina
will {v} (indicating future action) :: zullen
will {n} (act of choosing to do something; conscious intent or volition) :: wil {m}, wens {m}
will {n} (legal document) :: testament {n}, laatste wilsbeschikking {f}
William {prop} (male given name) :: Willem, Wim
Williams {prop} (surname meaning "son of William") :: Willems, Willemse, Willemsen
willing {adj} (ready to do something that is not a matter of course) :: bereid
willingly {adv} (of one’s own free will) :: graag, willens
will o' the wisp {n} (strange light) :: dwaallicht
willow {n} (tree) :: wilg {m}
willpower {n} (strength of will) :: wilskracht {m} {f}
willy {n} (The penis) :: piemel {m}
willy-nilly {adv} (whether desired or not) :: willens nillens
will you marry me {phrase} (marriage proposal) :: wil je met me trouwen
wilt {v} (to droop) :: verwelken
wilt {v} (to fatigue) :: verslappen, moe worden
wilt {n} (drooping) :: verwelking
wilt {n} (disease) :: verwelkingsziekte
wily {adj} (sly, cunning) :: gewiekst, snood
wimp {n} (someone who lacks confidence) :: sul {m}, sukkel {m} [all mildly offensive]
wimple {n} (Cloth used to cover a nun's head) :: nonnenkap
wimple {n} (Fold or pleat) :: plooi
wimple {n} (Ripple) :: rimpel
wimple {n} (Curve or bend) :: kromming, bocht
win {v} (transitive: achieve victory in) :: winnen, overwinnen
win {v} (intransitive: achieve by winning) :: winnen, overwinnen
win {n} (individual victory) :: overwinning {f}
wince {n} (gesture of shrinking away) :: samentrekking {f}, stuip {m}
wince {v} (to flinch as if in pain) :: samenkrimpen, samentrekken, stuipen, huiveren
winch {n} (machine) :: windas
wind {n} (movement of air) :: wind {m}
wind {n} (flatus) :: wind {m}
wind {v} (blow air through (a wind instrument)) :: blazen
wind {v} (to turn coils of something around) :: winden, wikkelen
wind {v} (to tighten a clockwork mechanism) :: opwinden
wind {v} (to introduce by insinuation) SEE: insinuate ::
wind back {v} (to wind towards the beginning) :: terugspoelen
winded {adj} (short of breath) :: buiten adem
wind farm {n} (collection of wind turbines) :: windmolenpark {n}
windflower {n} (Anemone nemorosa) SEE: wood anemone ::
Windhoek {prop} (capital of Namibia) :: Windhoek {n}
windhover {n} (common kestrel) SEE: common kestrel ::
wind instrument {n} (type of musical instrument) :: blaasinstrument {n}
windmill {n} (machinery) :: windmolen {m}
windmill {n} (structure) :: windmolen {m}
windmill {n} (child's toy) :: windmolentje {n}
windmill {v} (to rotate with a sweeping motion) :: molenwieken
window {n} (opening for light and air) :: raam {n}, venster {n}, ruit {f}
window {n} (period of time) :: interval {n}
window {n} (area on a computer screen) :: venster {n}
window {n} (shop window) SEE: shop window ::
window box {n} (flower box) :: vensterdoos {f}
window frame {n} (framework around a window) :: raamkozijn {n}
windowpane {n} (piece of glass filling a window) :: vensterruit {f}, vensterglas {n}, ruit {f}
windowsill {n} (the horizontal member protruding from the base of a window frame) :: vensterbank
windpipe {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
windpipe {n} (trachea) :: trachee de
windpipe {n} :: luchtpijp {f}
wind power {n} (power harnessed from the wind) :: windenergie {f}
windrow {n} (row of cut grain or hay) :: zwad, zwade
windrow {n} (line heaped up by the wind) :: wal (also specified by substance, e.g. turfwal)
windscreen {n} (windshield) SEE: windshield ::
windscreen wiper {n} (a device to clear a windscreen) SEE: windshield wiper ::
windshield {n} (screen located in front of a vehicle to protect from wind and weather) :: voorruit
windshield wiper {n} (device to clear a windshield) :: ruitenwisser {m}
wind up {v} (to excite) :: opwinden
windward {adj} (towards the wind) :: windwaarts, bovenwinds, loefwaarts, loefzijdig
windy {n} (fart) SEE: fart ::
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from grapes) :: wijn {m}
wine {n} (alcoholic beverage made from other fruit or vegetables) :: wijn
wine {n} (wine colour) :: bordeauxrood {n}
wine {v} (entertain with wine) :: wijn serveren
wine {v} (drink wine) :: wijn drinken
wine bottle {n} (bottle for holding wine) :: wijnfles {m} {f}
wine cellar {n} (underground place for storing wine) :: wijnkelder {m}
wine glass {n} (glass vessel for drinking wine from) :: wijnglas {n}
winemaker {n} (a person or company that makes wine) SEE: vintner ::
wine vinegar {n} (vinegar made from wine) :: wijnazijn {m}
wing {n} (part of an animal) :: vleugel {m}, vlerk {f}, vleder {m}, wiek {f}
wing {n} (part of an aircraft) :: vleugel {m}
wing {n} :: [1,2,3,5] vleugel {m}
wing {v} (to fly) SEE: fly ::
wing {v} (to throw) SEE: throw ::
winged {adj} (having wings) :: gevleugeld
winger {n} (offensive player) :: vleugelspeler {c}
wingspan {n} (the distance from left wingtip to right) :: spanwijdte
wink {v} (To blink with only one eye as a message, signal, or suggestion) :: knipogen
wink {v} (To twinkle) :: flonkeren, twinkelen
wink {n} (a blink) :: knipoog {m}
wink {n} (an instant) :: ogenblik {n}
winkle {n} (gastropod) SEE: periwinkle ::
winner {n} (one who has won or often wins) :: winnaar {m}, winnares {f}
Winnie the Pooh {prop} (the fictional bear) :: Winnie de Poeh
winnow {v} (to separate the heavier and lighter with a current of air) :: wannen
winnow {n} (something that winnows) :: wan {m} {f}
winnowing basket {n} (basket used to winnow) :: wan {m} {f}
win over {v} (to persuade) SEE: persuade ::
winsome {adj} (charming, engaging, winning) :: innemend
winter {n} (fourth season, marked by short days and lowest temperatures) :: winter {m}
winter {v} (spend the winter, as in a particular place on holiday) :: winteren
winter {v} (store over winter) :: winteren
winter coat {n} (warm coat) :: winterjas {m}, wintermantel {m}
winter coat {n} (seasonal appearance) :: winterkleed {n}, wintervacht {f}
winter depression {n} (disorder) :: winterdepressie {f}
wintergreen {n} (evergreen) SEE: evergreen ::
winterkill {n} (mortality resulting from lethal wintery conditions among a human, animal, and/or vegetal population) :: wintersterfte
winter storm {n} (A winter storm) :: winterstorm {m}, sneeuwstorm {m}
wintertide {n} (wintertime) SEE: wintertime ::
wintertime {n} (the season of winter) :: wintertijd {m}
winter tire {n} :: winterband {m}
win-win {adj} (of a situation that benefits two parties) :: win-win
wipe {v} (remove surface substance) :: vegen
wipe {v} (erase a computer disk) :: wissen
wipeout {n} (The action of the verb "wipe out") :: botsing {f}
wipe the slate clean {v} (to make a fresh start, forgetting differences) :: met een schone lei beginnen
wire {n} (thin thread of metal) :: draad {m}
wire {n} (metal conductor that carries electricity) :: elektriciteitsdraad, snoer, ader
wire {v} (to fasten with wire) :: vastbinden
wire {v} (to equip with wires for use with electricity) :: electrificeren
wire {v} (to add something into an electrical system by means of wiring) :: aansluiten
wire {n} (informal: telegraph) SEE: telegraph ::
wire {n} (informal: message transmitted by telegraph) SEE: telegram ::
wire cutters {n} (hand tool) :: draadschaar {f}
wireless {adj} (not having any wires) :: draadloos
wireless {adj} :: draadloos
wiretap {v} (to install or to use such a device) :: aftappen
wiry {adj} (thin, muscular and flexible) :: pezig
wisdom {n} (element of personal character) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} (piece of wise advice) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} (discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to apply relevant knowledge in an insightful way) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to make a decision based on the combination of knowledge, experience, and intuitive understanding) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} (ability to know and apply spiritual truths) :: wijsheid {f}
wisdom {n} :: wijsheid
wisdom tooth {n} (rearmost molar in humans) :: verstandskies {m}, [Belgium] wijsheidstand {m}
wise {adj} (showing good judgement) :: wijs
wisely {adv} (in a wise manner) :: wijselijk
wisent {n} (The European bison, Bison bonasus) :: wisent {m}
wish {n} (desire) :: wens
wish {v} (to hope for an outcome) :: wensen, willen
wish {v} (to bestow a thought) :: wensen
wishable {adj} (desirable) SEE: desirable ::
wishful thinking {n} (illusion that what one would like is true) :: wensdenken {n}
wisp {n} (a small bundle, as of straw or other like substance) :: sliert
wistful {adj} (full of longing) :: droefgeestig, weemoedig, melancholisch
wit {v} (Know, be aware of) :: weten
wit {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence ::
witch {n} (person who uses magic) :: heks {f}, kol {f}, tovenaar {m}
witch {n} (Glyptocephalus cynoglossus) SEE: Torbay sole ::
witchcraft {n} (the practice of witches) :: hekserij {f}
witch doctor {n} (someone believed to heal through magic) :: sjamaan {m}
witches' Sabbath {n} (supposed meeting of witches at midnight to practice sorcery or to take part in a demonic orgy) :: heksensabbat
witch hazel {n} (tree of the genus Hamamelis) :: toverhazelaar {c}
witch-hunt {n} (persecution of persons believed to be using magic) :: heksenjacht {m} {f}
witch-hunt {n} (campaign to punish dissident persons) :: heksenjacht {m} {f}
witch's milk {n} (milk secreted from the breasts of newborn babies) :: heksenmelk {m}
with {prep} (against) :: met, tegen
with {prep} (in the company of) :: met, bij
with {prep} (in addition to) :: met
with {prep} (in support of) :: voor, bij
with {prep} (expressing manner) :: door
with {prep} (by means of) :: met
with {prep} (as nourishment) :: met
with a grain of salt {adv} (with common sense and skepticism) :: met een korreltje zout
with bated breath {prep} (eagerly) :: met ingehouden adem
withdraw {v} (pull back) :: terugtrekken
withdraw {v} (take back) :: terugnemen
withdraw {v} (remove, stop providing) :: intrekken
withdraw {v} (extract (money from an account)) :: afhalen [Flanders], pinnen [the Netherlands], opnemen
withdraw {v} (retreat) :: terugtrekken
withdraw {v} :: terugtreden
wither {v} ((intransitive) shrivel, droop, dry up) :: verschrompelen
withering {adj} (tending to destroy, devastate, overwhelm or cause complete destruction) :: vernietigen, verwelken ,verdorren
withering {adj} (diminishing rapidly) :: verleppen, verbleken
withering {adj} (tending to make someone feel small) :: iemand het zwijgen opleggen
witherite {n} (mineral) :: witheriet
withers {n} (part of the back of a draft animal) :: schoft {}
with flying colors {prep} ((idiom) extremely well) :: met vlag en wimpel, glansrijk
withhold {v} (to retain) :: onthouden, onttrekken (aan)
within {prep} (spatial enclosure) :: binnenin
without {prep} (not having) :: zonder
without a doubt {prep} (certainly) SEE: certainly ::
without a doubt {prep} (probably) SEE: probably ::
without a doubt {prep} :: ongetwijfeld, zonder twijfel
without doubt {prep} (without a doubt) SEE: without a doubt ::
without loss of generality {prep} (without loss of generality) :: zonder verlies van algemeenheid (z.v.v.a.)
with pleasure {prep} (willingly, without argument) :: met genoegen, gaarne, graag
with respect to {prep} (pertaining to) :: ten opzichte van, met betrekking tot
withspeak {v} (speak against) SEE: oppose ::
withspeak {v} (contradict) SEE: contradict ::
withstand {v} (to resist) :: weerstaan
withy {n} (osier) SEE: osier ::
withy {n} (long, flexible twig of the osier) SEE: osier ::
witness {n} (attestation of a fact or event) :: getuigenis
witness {n} (one who has a personal knowledge of something) :: getuige {m}
witness {n} (someone called to give evidence in a court) :: getuige
wits' end {n} (at (one's) wits' end) SEE: perplexed ::
witty {adj} (possessing a strong intellect or intellectual capacity) :: wijs
witty {adj} (clever; amusingly ingenious) :: geestig
wizard {n} (person skilled with magic) :: tovenaar {m}, magiër {m}
wizard {n} (computing: program or script used to simplify complex operations) :: assistent {m}
wizardess {n} (sorceress) SEE: sorceress ::
wizened {adj} (withered) :: verschrompeld, gekrompen, ineengekrompen
woad {n} (Isatis tinctoria) :: wede {f}
woad {n} (blue dye made from the plant) :: wede {f}
wobble {v} (move with an uneven or rocking motion) :: wiebelen, wankelen
wobble {v} (cause to wobble) :: wiebelen
wobbler {n} (tantrum) SEE: tantrum ::
wobbly {adj} (unsteady and tending to wobble) :: wankel,mank,kreupel,
Woden {prop} (the Germanic chief god) :: Woen {m}, Wodan {m}, Odin {m}
woe {n} (grief; sorrow; misery; heavy calamity) :: droefheid, lijden, ellende, ongeluk
wog {n} (person of Italian descent) SEE: wop ::
wok {n} (large round pan) :: wok {m}
wolf {n} (animal) :: wolf {m}
wolfberry {n} :: almindelig bukketorn
wolf cub {n} (young wolf) :: welp {m}, wolvenwelp {m}
wolf down {v} (consume quickly) :: opschrokken
wolffish {n} (fish) :: zeewolf {m}
wolf in sheep's clothing {n} (a disguised danger) :: wolf in schaapskleren {m}
wolfkin {n} (young or small wolf) SEE: wolf cub ::
wolfling {n} (wolf cub) SEE: wolf cub ::
wolfram {n} (tungsten) SEE: tungsten ::
wolf spider {n} (any of several spiders of the family Lycosidae) :: wolfsspin {f}
wolf whelp {n} (young, esp. infant, wolf) SEE: wolf cub ::
wollastonite {n} (grey inosilicate mineral) :: wollastoniet
wolverine {n} (Gulo gulo) :: veelvraat
woman {n} (adult female person) :: vrouw {f}
woman {n} (wife) SEE: wife ::
womanhater {n} (hater of women) SEE: misogynist ::
womanizer {n} (habitual seducer of women) :: vrouwenloper {m}, wijvenloper {m}
womb {n} (uterus) :: baarmoeder
womb {n} (belly) SEE: belly ::
wombat {n} (marsupial) :: wombat {m}
wombly {adj} (of or pertaining to the womb) :: baarmoeder-
wonder {n} (something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel) :: wonder {n}
wonder {v} (to be affected with surprise) :: zich verwonderen
wonder {v} (to ponder about something) :: zich afvragen
wonderful {adj} (excellent, extremely impressive) :: fantastisch, heerlijk
wonderfully {adv} (in a wonderful manner) :: wonderlijk, fantastisch
wonderfully {adv} (to an extent inspiring wonder) :: wonderlijk
wonderment {n} (state of wonder) :: verwondering {f}
wont {n} (habitual way of doing things) :: gewoonte {f}
wont {adj} (accustomed or apt) :: gewend, gewoon
wont {v} (To make (someone) used to; to accustom) :: wennen
wont {v} (To be accustomed) :: gewend
wonton {n} (Chinese dumpling) :: wantan
woo {v} (to endeavor to gain someone's affection) :: het hof maken
wood {n} (substance) :: hout {n}
wood {n} (wood from a particular species) :: houtsoort
wood {n} (woodland) :: woud, woudland {n}
wood {n} (firewood) :: brandhout
wood {v} (to cover or plant with trees) :: bebossen
wood anemone {n} (Anemone nemorosa) :: bosanemoon
wood cudweed {n} (Gnaphalium sylvaticum) :: bosdroogbloem
woodcutter {n} (lumberjack) SEE: lumberjack ::
wood ear {n} (black fungus) :: judasoor {n}
wooden {adj} (made of wood) :: houten
wooden {adj} (figuratively) :: houterig
wooden spoon {n} (spoon made from wood) :: houten lepel {m}, pollepel
wooden spoon {n} (prize for coming last in a competition) :: rode lantaarn
wood grouse {n} (Tetrao urogallus) SEE: western capercaillie ::
woodlouse {n} (any species of suborder Oniscidea) :: pissebed {m}, varkensbeest {n} [maybe only in Flanders]
wood mouse {n} (European rodent) :: bosmuis {f}
woodpecker {n} (bird in Picinae) :: specht {m}, groene specht {m}
wood pigeon {n} (Columba palumbus) :: houtduif {m} {f}
woods {n} (forest) SEE: forest ::
wood spirit {n} (spiritual being) :: bosgeest {m}
woodwind instrument {n} (musical instrument) :: houtblazer
woodworm {n} (larvae that bore into wood) :: houtworm
woody {n} (erection) SEE: erection ::
woody {n} :: houtig (houtige) , verhout
wooer {n} (someone who woos or courts) :: huwelijkskandidaat {n}
woof {n} (set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom) :: inslag {m}
woof {n} (sound of a dog) :: waf, woef
wool {n} (hair of sheep, etc.) :: wol {m}
wool {n} (cloth or yarn) :: wol
woolen {adj} (made of wool) :: wollen
woolly {adj} (made of wool) :: wollig
woolly bear {n} (hairy caterpillar) :: behaarde rups {c}
woolly hat {n} (beanie) SEE: beanie ::
woozy {adj} (dizzy, disoriented, or drunk) :: wazig
wop {n} (person of Italian descent) :: spaghettivreter {m}, macaronivreter {m}, pizzavreter {m}
Worcestershire sauce {n} (English condiment) :: Worcestersaus
word {n} (unit of language) :: woord {n}
word {n} (promise) :: erewoord {n}, woord {n}
word {n} (an angry debate; argument) :: woordenwisseling {f}
word {v} (say or write using particular words) :: verwoorden, onder woorden brengen, formuleren
word {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb ::
word for word {adv} (in exactly the same words) :: woord voor woord
word-hoard {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
Wordian {prop} (A subdivision of the Permian period.) :: Wordien
wording {n} (choice of words) :: woordkeuze, verwoording {f}, formulering {f}
wordlist {n} (collection of all words from a particular source) :: woordenlijst
word of honor {n} (a promise, or a pledge of one's good faith) :: woord van eer {n}
word of honour {n} (word of honor) SEE: word of honor ::
word of mouth {n} (verbal means of passing of information) :: mond-tot-mond {n}, mond-tot-mond communicatie {f}
word processor {n} (software) :: tekstverwerker {m}
wordster {n} (one who uses words instead of actions) SEE: hypocrite ::
word-stock {n} (vocabulary) SEE: vocabulary ::
work {n} (labour, employment, occupation, job) :: werk {n}, job {f}, arbeid {m}
work {n} (place where one is employed) :: werk {n}, arbeidsplaats {f}
work {n} (effort expended on a particular task) :: werk {n}, arbeid {m}
work {n} (result of a particular manner of production) :: werk {n}
work {n} (literary, artistic, or intellectual production) :: werk {n}, werkstuk {n}
work {n} (measure of energy expended in moving an object) :: arbeid {m}
work {v} (to do a specific task) :: werken
work {v} (shape, form, or improve a material) :: bewerken
work {v} (provoke or excite) :: bespelen
work {v} (cause to happen) :: bewerkstelligen
work {v} (function correctly) :: werken
workbench {n} (sturdy table) :: werkbank {f}
workday {n} (Those days of a week on which work is done) :: werkdag {m}
worker {n} (person who performs labor) :: arbeider {m}, arbeidskracht {c}
worker bee {n} (sterile bee) :: werkster {f}, werkbij {f}
workers of the world, unite {phrase} (workers of the world, unite) :: proletariërs aller landen, verenigt U!
working day {n} (day of a week in which work is done) :: werkdag
working dog {n} (type of dog breed) :: werkhond {m}
working title {n} (a temporary name) :: werktitel {m}
working week {n} (range of days of the week) SEE: workweek ::
work in progress {n} (work) :: werk in uitvoering
workmate {n} (coworker) SEE: coworker ::
work of art {n} (product of the fine arts) :: kunstwerk {n}
work out {v} (to calculate) :: uitrekenen
work placement {n} (practicum) SEE: practicum ::
workroom {n} (A room where work is done) :: werkkamer
works {n} (Plural form of work) :: werken
works {n} (An act associated with moral or religious standing) :: daden
workshop {n} (small manufacturing room) :: atelier {n}
workshop {n} (intensive course of education) :: workshop
workshop {n} :: werkplaats {f} {m}
workshy {adj} (disinclined to work) :: werkschuw, arbeidsschuw
worksome {adj} (industrious) SEE: industrious ::
worksome {adj} (laborious) SEE: laborious ::
workstead {n} (laboratory) SEE: laboratory ::
work-to-rule {n} (labor protest in which the minimum work is carried out) :: stiptheidsactie {f} (accuracy action), modelactie {f} (model action), langzaamaanactie {f} (slow-down action)
work up {v} (To develop) SEE: develop ::
workweek {n} (range of days of the week) :: werkweek {m} {f}
world {n} (human collective existence) :: wereld {f} {m}
world {n} (the universe) :: wereld {m} {f}
world {n} (the Earth) :: aarde {f} {m}, wereld {m} {f}
world {n} (inhabited planet) :: wereld {f} {m}
World Bank {prop} (group of five financial organization) :: Wereldbank {f} {m}
world champion {n} (winner of world cup or world championship) :: wereldkampioen {m}
World Exposition {n} (a regular international exposition) :: wereldtentoonstelling
world-famous {adj} (renowned in many parts of the world) :: wereldberoemd
world language {n} (language spoken internationally) :: wereldtaal {f}
worldly {adj} (concerned with the human, earthly or physical rather than spiritual) :: materieel
worldly {adj} (concerned with the secular rather than sacred) :: wereldlijk, seculier
worldly {adj} (versed in the ways of the world) :: wereldwijs
world peace {n} (ideology of universal global understanding and nonviolence) :: wereldvrede
world power {n} (nation which influences world affairs) :: wereldmacht {f}
world's oldest profession {n} (euphemism for prostitution) :: het oudste beroep ter wereld {n}
World Trade Organization {prop} (World Trade Organization) :: Wereldhandelsorganisatie
worldview {n} (personal view of the world) :: wereldbeeld {n}
worldview {n} (totality of one's beliefs about reality) :: wereldbeeld {n}
worldview {n} (general philosophy or view of life) :: wereldbeeld {n}
world war {n} (a war involving the major nations of the world) :: wereldoorlog {m}, wereldbrand {m}, wereldkrijg {m}
World War I {prop} (war) :: Eerste Wereldoorlog {f}, Grote Oorlog {m}, Eerste Wereldkrijg {m}
World War II {prop} (war from 1939 to 1945) :: Tweede Wereldoorlog {m}
World War III {prop} (hypothetical world war (World War III)) :: Derde Wereldoorlog {m}
World War One {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
World War Two {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II ::
worldwide {adj} (affecting every place in the world) :: wereldwijd, wereldwijde
worldwide {adv} (throughout the world) :: wereldwijd, over de hele wereld
worm {n} (animal) :: worm {m}, pier {m}, wurm {m}
worm {n} (contemptible being) :: worm {m}, mormel {n}
worm {n} (self-replicating program) :: worm {m}
worm {n} (something helical, especially the thread of a screw) :: draad {m}, schroef {f}
worm {v} (to move with one's body dragging the ground) :: zich wurmen
worm {v} (to get (into) gradually or slowly) :: zich wurmen
worm {v} (to work one's way by artful or devious means) :: zich wurmen
worm-eaten {adj} (eaten by worms, especially having a worm inside) :: wormstekig
wormwood {n} (Artemisia absinthium) :: alsem {m}
worn {v} (past participle of wear) :: gedragen
worried {adj} (thinking about unpleasant things that have happened or that might happen) :: ongerust, bezorgd
worrisome {adj} (causing worry; perturbing or vexing) :: verontrustend, verontrustende
worrisome {adj} (of a person: inclined to worry) :: ongerust, ongeruste
worry {v} (be troubled) :: bezorgd zijn, zich zorgen maken
worry {n} (strong feeling of anxiety) :: zorg {m} {f}
worry {v} (strangle) SEE: strangle ::
worse {adj} (comparative form of bad) :: slechter, erger
worse for wear {adj} (Drunk) :: dronken
worsen {v} (transitive: make worse) :: verergeren
worsen {v} (intransitive: get worse) :: verergeren
worsen {v} :: verslechteren
worship {n} (devotion accorded to a deity or to a sacred object) :: verering {f}, aanbidding {f}
worship {v} (to honor and adore, especially as a deity) :: vereren, aanbidden
worship {v} :: aanbidden
worst {adj} (Most inferior) :: slechtst, ergst
worst comes to worst {adv} (if a bad situation develops) :: in het ergste geval
wort {n} (any of various plants or herbs) :: kruid {n}
wort {n} (liquid extract) :: wort
worth {adj} (obsolete: valuable, worthwhile) SEE: worthwhile ::
worth {adj} (equal in value to) :: gelijkwaardig aan, waard
worth {adj} (deserving of) :: gewaardeerd
worth {adj} (making a fair equivalent of) :: vermogen
worth {n} (value) :: waarde {f}
worthless {adj} (not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential) :: waardeloos
worth one's while {adj} (important enough to spend time, effort or money on) :: de moeite waard
worthwhile {adj} (good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on) :: de moeite lonend, de moeite waard, waardevol
worthy {adj} (having worth, merit or value) :: waardig
would {v} (indicating an action or state that is conditional on another) :: zou/zouden (past tense of zullen); Het zou hier warmer zijn, als je het venster niet had geopend/niet zou hebben geopend
would {v} (indicating a possible (but not definite) future action or state) :: zou/zouden (past tense of zullen); We zaten op de bank ons afvragend of de bus deze keer te laat zou zijn.
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that was planned or intended) :: zou/zouden (past tense of zullen); De ober zei dat hij meteen terug zou keren
would {v} (indicating an action in the past that happened repeatedly or commonly) :: Use the past tense; 's winters zaten we bij het gat in het bevroren meer en visten we urenlang.
would {v} (used to express a polite request) :: zou/zouden (past tense of zullen), gelieve; Zou u a.u.b. de TV kunnen uitzetten, Gelieve de TV uit te schakelen, a.u.b.
would like {v} (transitive) :: willen
would like {v} (intransitive) :: zouden graag willen
wound {n} (injury) :: wonde {f}, verwonding {f}, kwetsuur {f}
wound {n} (something that offends a person’s feelings) :: wonde {f}
wound {n} (an injury to a person by which the skin is divided) :: verwonding {f}
wound {v} (hurt or injure) :: verwonden, kwetsen
wound {v} (hurt (someone's feelings)) :: kwetsen
wove {v} (simple past of to weave) :: weefde, weefden
woven {adj} (fabricated by weaving) :: geweven
wow {interj} (amazement) :: wauw
wow {interj} :: wauw
wrack {v} (rack) SEE: rack ::
wrack {n} (archaic or literary: revenge, persecution) :: wraak
wraith {n} (A ghost or specter, especially seen just after a person's death) :: spook {n}
wramp {v} (to sprain a part of the body) SEE: sprain ::
wrap {v} (to enclose completely in fabric, paper, etc) :: inpakken
wrap {n} (garment) :: omslag
wrap around one's little finger {v} (to successfully control or influence) :: om zijn/haar vinger winden
wrapper {n} (something that is wrapped around something else as a cover or protection) :: omslag, verpakking
wrapping paper {n} (paper used for wrapping parcels or presents) :: pakpapier {n}
wrap up {v} (To fold and secure something to be the cover or protection) :: inpakken, omhullen, verpakken
wrap up {v} (To finish off a task completely) :: afronden
wrap up {v} (To wear abundant clothing as protection from the weather) :: inpakken
wrap up {v} (To summarize or recapitulate) :: samenvatten
wrath {n} (great anger) :: gramschap {f}, woede {f}, toorn {m}
wreath {n} (ornamental circular band) :: krans
wreath {n} (heraldry: support of a crest) :: wrong {m}
wreck {n} (ruined object or person) :: wrak
wreck {n} (collision) :: botsing {f}
wreck {v} (to cause severe damage) :: beschadigen
wreck {v} (to ruin) :: ruïneren,verwoesten
wreck {v} (to dismantle wrecked objects) :: ontmantelen
wrecker {n} (tow truck) SEE: tow truck ::
wrecking ball {n} (heavy steel ball used for demolition) :: sloopkogel {m}
wren {n} (bird of family Troglodytidae) :: winterkoninkje {n}
wrench {n} (screw) SEE: screw ::
wrench {n} (violent twisting movement) :: ruk
wrench {n} (hand tool) :: moersleutel, schroefsleutel, sleutel, Engelse sleutel
wrench {n} (violent emotional change caused by separation) :: moeilijk afscheid {n}, verdriet {n}
wrench {v} (to pull or twist) :: afbreken, loswringen
wrench {v} (to sprain a joint) :: verstuiken, omslaan, verzwikken
wrench {v} (to use a wrench) :: los/vastdraaien
wrest {v} (to seize) SEE: seize ::
wrest {v} (to obtain by pulling or violent force) :: wegrukken, losrukken
wrest {v} (to distort, pervert, twist) SEE: distort ::
wrestle {v} (to contend, with an opponent, by grappling and attempting to throw) :: worstelen
wrestler {n} (person who wrestles) :: worstelaar {m}
wrestling {n} (sport) :: worstelen {n}
wretch {n} (exile) SEE: exile ::
wretch {n} (unhappy, unfortunate, or miserable person) :: wrak {n}, ellendeling {m} {f}
wretched {adj} (very miserable) :: ellendig
wriggle {v} (to twist one's body and move the limbs) :: wiebelen
wriggle {v} (to make or cause to wriggle) :: wiebelen
wright {n} ((obsolete) a builder or creator of something) :: wrecht {m}, maker {m}, schepper {m}
wring {v} (to squeeze or twist tightly so that liquid is forced out) :: uitwringen
wring {v} (to obtain by force) :: afpersen
wring {v} (to hold tightly and press or twist) :: wringen
wring {v} :: wringen, uitwringen
wrinkle {n} (line or crease in the skin) :: rimpel {m}
wrinkle {v} (to make wrinkles in; to cause to have wrinkles) :: kreuken
wrist {n} (wrist) :: pols {m}
wristband {n} :: polsband
wristwatch {n} (watch worn on the wrist) :: polshorloge {n}, horloge {n}, uurwerk {n}
writ {n} (a written order) :: bevelschrift, gerechterlijke opdracht, dwangbevel
write {v} (to form letters, etc.) :: schrijven
write {v} (to send a letter to) :: schrijven (naar)
write {v} (to be the author of) :: schrijven
write {v} (to be an author) :: schrijven
write {v} (record (data)) :: schrijven
write down {v} (to set something down in writing) :: opschrijven, neerschrijven, noteren
writer {n} (person who writes; an author) :: schrijver {m}, schrijfster {f}, auteur {m} {f}
writhe {v} (to twist or contort the body) :: kronkelen, draaien, vervormen
writing {n} (written letters or symbols) :: schrift {n}, schrijfsel {n}, geschrift {n}
writing {n} (something written) :: schrijfsel {n}, geschrift {n}
writing {n} (process of representing a language) :: geschrijf {n}, schrijven {n}
writing {n} (work of an author) :: schrijfsel {n}, werk {n}, oeuvre {n}
writing {n} (made for or used in writing) :: schrijf-
written {adj} :: geschreven
Wroclaw {prop} (a city in southwestern Poland) :: Wrocław, Wroclaw, Breslau [historical]
wrong {adj} (incorrect) :: fout, verkeerd, onjuist, mis
wrong {adj} (immoral) :: slecht, fout, verkeerd
wrong {adj} (improper) :: slecht, fout, verkeerd
wrong {adj} (not working) :: fout, verkeerd, mis
wrong {adv} :: fout, foutief, verkeerd, onjuist
wrong {n} (something immoral) :: misstand {m}, wantoestand {m}, onrechtmatige daad {f}
wrong {n} (opposite of right) :: verkeerde {n}, kwaad {n}, onrecht {n}
wrong {v} (to treat unjustly) :: benadelen, onrecht doen, aandoen
wrong {v} (to slander or impute evil) :: onbillijk beoordelen
wrought iron {n} (form of iron that is not cast) :: smeedijzer {n}
WRT {prep} (abbreviated forms of prepositions denoting with respect to) :: m.b.t.
wrung {v} (past tense of wring) :: wrong, wrongen
wrung {v} (past participle of wring) :: gewrongen
wry {adj} (contorted) :: verdraaid, verwrongen
wry {adj} (dryly humorous) :: droog, ironisch
wry {adj} (twisted) :: verdraaid, verwrongen
wry {v} (to turn away) :: wegdraaien, zich afkeren
wry {v} (to divert) :: wegdraaien
wry {v} (to twist) :: wringen, verwringen, verdraaien
WSC {prop} (Mandarin) SEE: Mandarin ::
Wuchiapingian {prop} (A subdivision of the Permian period.) :: Wuchiapingien
wuderove {n} (herb) SEE: sweet woodruff ::
wudu {n} (ritual washing before contact prayer) :: woedoe
wunderkind {n} (child prodigy) SEE: child prodigy ::
WW1 {prop} (World War I) SEE: World War I ::
wy {n} (name of the letter Y, y) SEE: wye ::
wye {n} (name of the letter Y, y) :: Griekse ij, i-grec
wyvern {n} (mythical dragon-like creature) :: wyvern