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Saami {prop} (Saami language)  :: język lapoński {m}
Saar {prop} (river in France and Germany)  :: Saara {f}
Saarland {prop} (state)  :: Saara {f}
Sabbath {prop} (Biblical seventh day)  :: szabat {m}, szabas {m}, sabat {m}
Sabbath {prop} (witches' Sabbath)  :: sabat {m}
saber {n} (sabre) SEE: sabre  ::
saber-toothed tiger {n} (sabre-toothed tiger) SEE: sabre-toothed tiger  ::
sable {adj} (of black colour on a coat of arms)  :: czarny
sable {n} (animal)  :: soból {m}
sable {n} (heraldic colour)  :: czarna
sabot {n} (a wooden shoe worn in various European countries)  :: sabot {m}, drewniak {m}
sabotage {n} (act with intent to injure)  :: sabotaż {m}
sabotage {n} (deliberate action of subversion, obstruction, disruption, destruction)  :: sabotaż {m}
sabotage {v} (deliberate destruction to prevent success)  :: sabotować
sabre {n} (light sword, sharp along the front edge, part of the back edge, and at the point)  :: szabla {f}
sabre {n} (modern fencing sword modeled after the sabre)  :: szabla {f}
sabre-rattling {n} (display of military power as an implied threat)  :: pobrzękiwać szablami, pobrzękiwać szabelką
sabre-toothed tiger {n} (prehistoric cat)  :: tygrys szablozębny {m}
saccharide {n} (the unit structure of carbohydrates, of general formula CnH2nOn)  :: sacharyd {m}
saccharin {n} (white crystalline powder)  :: sacharyna {f}
sac fungus {n} (fungus of the phylum Ascomycota) SEE: ascomycete  ::
sack {n} (bag for commodities or items)  :: worek {m}
sack race {n} (type of children's game)  :: wyścig w workach {m}
sacrament {n} (sacred act or ceremony)  :: sakrament {m}
sacred {adj} (made holy)  :: święty {m}
sacred baboon {n} (Papio hamadryas) SEE: hamadryas  ::
sacredize {v} (to make sacred) SEE: sacralize  ::
sacred way {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
sacrifice {n} (something sacrificed)  :: ofiara {f}
sacrifice {v} (to give away something valuable in order to gain something else of value)  :: poświęcać, poświęcić
sacrifice {v} (to offer as a gift to a deity)  :: złożyć w ofierze
sacrifice {v} (to sell without profit)  :: poświęcać, poświęcić
sacrilege {n} (desecration, profanation, misuse or violation of something sacred)  :: świętokradztwo {n}, profanacja {f}
sacristy {n} (room in a church)  :: zakrystia {f}
sacrum {n} (bone at the base of the spine)  :: krzyż {m}
sad {adj} (dialect: soggy) SEE: soggy  ::
sad {adj} (feeling sorrow)  :: smutny
Saïda {prop} (port city in Lebanon) SEE: Sidon  ::
saddle {n} (cut of meat)  :: comber {m}
saddle {n} (harness saddle on an animal)  :: siodło {n}
saddle {n} (low point, in the shape of a saddle, between two hills)  :: przełęcz {f}
saddle {n} (raised floorboard in a doorway)  :: listwa progowa {f}
saddle {n} (seat on a bicycle etc)  :: siodełko {n}
saddle {n} (seat on an animal)  :: siodło {n}
saddle {v} (to put a saddle on)  :: siodłać {impf}, osiodłać {pf}
saddlebag {n} (covered pouch)  :: juk {m}
saddlemaker {n} (saddler) SEE: saddler  ::
saddle point {n} (geometry)  :: punkt siodłowy {m}
saddler {n} (skilled trade)  :: siodlarz {m}
sadism {n} (enjoyment of inflicting pain)  :: sadyzm {m}
sadist {n} (one who derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others)  :: sadysta {m}
sadistic {adj} (of a person)  :: sadystyczny {m}
sadistic {adj} (of behaviour)  :: sadystyczny {m}
sadly {adv} (in a sad manner)  :: smutno
sadly {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
sadness {n} (state/emotion)  :: smutek {m}
sad to say {adv} (unfortunately) SEE: unfortunately  ::
safari park {n} (zoo-like attraction)  :: park safari
safe {adj} (free from risk)  :: bezpieczny {m}
safe {adj} (not in danger)  :: bezpieczny {m}
safe {adj} (properly secured)  :: bezpieczny {m}
safe {adj} (providing protection from danger)  :: bezpieczny {m}
safe and sound {adj} (having come to no harm)  :: cały i zdrowy {m}, cała i zdrowa {f}
safe mode {n} ((computing) troubleshooting mode)  :: tryb awaryjny {m}
safety {n} (condition or feeling of being safe)  :: bezpieczeństwo {n}
safety {n} (mechanism to prevent accidental firing)  :: zabezpieczenie {n}
safety pin {n} (pin, in the form of a clasp)  :: agrafka {f}
safety pin {n} (pin of a hand grenade)  :: zawleczka {f}
safety valve {n} (a relief valve set to open at a pressure below that at which a container would burst)  :: zawór bezpieczeństwa {m}
saffron {adj} (colour)  :: szafranowy
saffron {n} (colour)  :: szafran {m-in}, (kolor) szafranowy {m-in}
saffron {n} (dye)  :: szafran {m-in}
saffron {n} (plant)  :: szafran {m-in}, krokus {m-an}
saffron {n} (spice)  :: szafran {m-in}
sag {n} (difference in elevation)  :: obniżenie {n}
sagacity {n} (quality of being sage)  :: roztropność, mądrość {f}
sage {adj} (wise)  :: mądry, rozumny
sage {n} (plant)  :: szałwia {f}, szałwia lekarska
sage {n} (wise person)  :: mędrzec
Sagittarius {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Strzelec {m}
Sagittarius {prop} (constellation)  :: Strzelec {m}
Sahara {prop} (desert)  :: Sahara {f}
Saharan {adj} (related to the Sahara desert)  :: saharyjski
saiga {n} (antelope)  :: suhak
Saigon {prop} (Ho Chi Minh City) SEE: Ho Chi Minh City  ::
sail {n} (a piece of fabric attached to a boat)  :: żagiel {m}
sail {n} (a tower-like structure found on the topside of a submarine)  :: kiosk {m}
sail {n} (sailfish) SEE: sailfish  ::
sailboat {n} (a boat propelled by a sail)  :: żaglówka {f}
sailing {n} (motion across water)  :: (act) żeglowanie {n}, (sport) żeglarstwo {n}
sailing ship {n} (type of ship)  :: żaglowiec {m}
sailor {n} (worker on a ship)  :: marynarz {m}, żeglarz {m}
sailplane {n} (sailplane) SEE: glider  ::
sainfoin {n} (perennial herbs)  :: sparceta {f}
saint {n} (person proclaimed as saint)  :: święty {m}, święta {f}
Saint Andrew's cross {n} (cross that has a form of two intersecting oblique bars)  :: krzyż świętego Andrzeja {m}
Saint George {prop} (Patron saint of England and several other places)  :: Święty Jerzy {m}
Saint Helena {prop} (island, United Kingdom overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean)  :: Święta Helena {f}
Saint Kitts and Nevis {prop} (a country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Christopher i Nevis, Saint Kitts i Nevis
Saint Lucia {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Lucia {n}
Saint Nicholas {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
saintpaulia {n} (African violet) SEE: African violet  ::
Saint Petersburg {prop} (city)  :: Petersburg {m}, Sankt Petersburg {m}
Saint Pierre and Miquelon {prop} (overseas territory of France)  :: Saint-Pierre i Miquelon
Saint Valentine's Day {prop} (Saint Valentine's Day)  :: walentynki {p}
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Saint Vincent i Grenadyny
Saiph {prop} (a blue star in the constellation Orion)  :: Saif
sake {n} (Japanese rice wine)  :: sake {n}
saker {n} (falcon)  :: raróg {m}
Sakha {prop} (Sakha, Russia)  :: Jakucja {f}
Sakhalin {prop} (island in Russia)  :: Sachalin {m}
Sakmarian {prop} (subdivision of the Permian period)  :: Sakmar
sakura {n} (cherry blossom) SEE: cherry blossom  ::
sakura {n} (cherry) SEE: cherry  ::
sakura {n} (cherry tree) SEE: cherry tree  ::
salaam {interj} (a Muslim greeting)  :: salam
salaam alaikum {interj} (Muslim greeting)  :: salam alejkum
salad {n} (a food made primarily of a mixture of raw ingredients, typically vegetables)  :: sałatka {f}, surówka [of raw vegetables]
Salafism {n} (a Sunni Islamic movement)  :: salafizm {m}
salamander {n} (amphibian)  :: salamandra {f}
salami {n} (sausage)  :: salami
salary {n} (fixed amount of money paid on monthly or annual basis)  :: pensja {f}, płaca {f}, wynagrodzenie {n}
sale {n} (exchange of goods or services for currency or credit)  :: sprzedaż {f}
sale {n} (sale of goods at reduced prices)  :: wyprzedaż {f}
Salekhard {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Salechard {m}
salesman {n} (man whose job it is to sell things)  :: sprzedawca
salesperson {n} (salesman or saleswoman)  :: sprzedawca {m}, sprzedawczyni {f}
saleswoman {n} (woman whose occupation is to sell things)  :: sprzedawczyni {f}
salicylic acid {n} (salicylic acid)  :: kwas salicylowy {m}
saline {adj} (salty)  :: słony {m}, zasolony {m}
salineness {n} (salineness) SEE: salinity  ::
salinity {n} (concentration of salt)  :: zasolenie {n}
salinity {n} (quality of being saline)  :: słoność {f}
saliva {n} (liquid secreted into the mouth)  :: ślina {f}
salivary gland {n} (Any of exocrine glands producing saliva to break down carbohydrates in food enzymatically)  :: ślinianka {f}, gruczoł ślinowy {m}
salivate {v} (to produce saliva)  :: wydzielać ślinę, ślinić się
salivate {v} (to show eager anticipation)  :: ślinić się
sally {n} (willow) SEE: willow  ::
salmon {adj} (colour)  :: łososiowy
salmon {n} (fish)  :: łosoś {m-an}
salmonella {n} (any of several rod-shaped bacteria, of the genus Salmonella)  :: salmonella {f}
salmon trout {n} (rainbow trout) SEE: rainbow trout  ::
salo {n} (non-rendered pig fat)  :: sadło {n}
salon {n} (beauty salon)  :: salon {m}
salon {n} (large room)  :: salon {m}
saloon {n} (sedan) SEE: sedan  ::
salpinx {n} (Fallopian tube) SEE: Fallopian tube  ::
salt {adj} (saline)  :: słony
salt {adj} (salty)  :: słony
salt {n} (additional bytes inserted into an encryption)  :: sól {f}
salt {n} (compound of an acid and a base)  :: sól {f}
salt {n} (sailor)  :: wilk morski {m}
salt {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
salt {n} (sodium chloride)  :: sól {f}, sól kuchenna {f}
salt {v} (to add salt to)  :: solić, posolić
salt cellar {n} (container holding salt for use in the kitchen or on a dining table)  :: solniczka {f}
saltern {n} (modern saltworks)  :: salina {f}
saltiness {n} (property of being, or tasting, salty)  :: słoność {f}, zasolenie {n}
salting {n} (salt marsh) SEE: salt marsh  ::
saltire {n} (Saint Andrew's cross) SEE: Saint Andrew's cross  ::
salt of the earth {n} (a decent, dependable person)  :: sól ziemi
salt shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold salt and facilitate sprinkling)  :: solniczka {f}
salt water {n} (brine) SEE: brine  ::
salty {adj} (containing salt)  :: słony
salty {adj} (tasting of salt)  :: słony
salty dog {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog  ::
Salvadorian {adj} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
Salvadorian {n} (Salvadoran) SEE: Salvadoran  ::
salvage {n} (the rescue of a ship, its crew or its cargo from a hazardous situation)  :: ocalenie {n}
salvage {v} (To rescue)  :: ocalić
salvation {n} (the process of being saved (religion))  :: zbawienie {n}, ratunek {m}
salvo {n} (concentrated fire from pieces of artillery)  :: salwa
samara {n} (winged indehiscent fruit of trees such as the ash, elm or maple)  :: skrzydlak {m}
Samara {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Samara {f}
Samaritan {adj} (of or relating to Samaria or the Samaritans)  :: samarytański
Samaritan {n} (a native or inhabitant of Samaria)  :: Samarytanin {m}, Samarytanka {f}
samarium {n} (chemical element)  :: samar {m}
Samarkand {prop} (city in Uzbekistan)  :: Samarkanda {f}
samba {n} (Brazilian ballroom dance)  :: samba {f}
same {adj} (not different as regards self; identical)  :: taki sam
same {adj}  :: sam {m}, równy
same {pron}  :: (to) samo
same-sex {adj} (of or relating to homosexual men or women)  :: homoseksualny
same-sex {adj} (restricted to members of a single sex)  :: jednopłciowy
same-sex marriage {n} (gay marriage) SEE: gay marriage  ::
same to you {phrase} (I wish to you what you have just wished to me)  :: nawzajem, wzajemnie
Sami {n} (member of indigenous people of Lapland)  :: Lapończyk {m}, Laponka {f}
Sami {prop} (any of the languages of the Sami)  :: język lapoński
samisen {n} (shamisen) SEE: shamisen  ::
samizdat {n} (a samizdat publication)  :: bibuła {f}
samizdat {n} (underground publishing)  :: drugi obieg {m}
Samland {prop} (peninsula which juts into the Baltic)  :: Sambia
samlaw {n} (pedicab) SEE: pedicab  ::
Samoa {prop} (Independent State of Samoa)  :: n
Samogitia {prop} (Samogitia)  :: Żmudź {f}
Samogitian {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to the region of Samogitia, or its people)  :: żmudzki {m}
Samogitian {n} (a person from Samogitia)  :: Żmudzin {m}, Żmudzinka {f}
Samogitian {prop} (Baltic language spoken in Samogitia)  :: żmudzki {m}
samogon {n} (moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
Samos {prop} (an island belonging to the Sporades and a city)  :: Samos {n}
Samos {prop} (a prefecture in the eastern part of the Aegean)  :: Samos {n}
Samosata {prop} (city in Commagene)  :: Samosata
samovar {n} (metal urn with a spigot, for boiling water for making tea)  :: samowar {m}
sampan {n} (Chinese boat)  :: sampan {m}
sample {n} (statistics)  :: próba {f}
samsara {n} (cycle of reincarnation)  :: samsara {f}
Samsung {prop} (company)  :: Samsung
Samuel {prop} (biblical person)  :: Samuel {m}
Samuel {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Księga Samuela {f}
Samuel {prop} (male given name)  :: Samuel
samurai {n} (feudal Japanese warrior)  :: samuraj {m}
San {prop} (river)  :: San {m}
Sana'a {prop} (capital of Yemen)  :: Sana
sanation {n} (act of healing or curing)  :: sanacja {f}
sanatorium {n} (an institution that treats chronic diseases, and provides supervised recuperation and convalescence)  :: sanatorium {n}
séance {n} (a ceremony where people try to communicate with the spirits)  :: seans
sanctimonious {adj} (making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically)  :: świętoszkowaty, świętojebliwy [vulgar]
sanctimony {n} (a hypocritical form of excessive piety)  :: świętoszkowatość {f}, fałszywa pobożność {f}
sand {n} (finely ground rock)  :: piasek {m}
sandal {n} (sandalwood) SEE: sandalwood  ::
sandal {n} (type of footwear)  :: sandał {m}
sandalwood {n} (any of various tropical trees of the genus Santalum)  :: sandałowiec {m}
sandbag {n} (a bag filled with sand)  :: worek z piaskiem {m}
sandbathe {v} (to take a sand bath) SEE: dustbathe  ::
Sandbian {prop} (subdivision of the Ordovician period)  :: Sandb
sandblast {v} (to spray with sand)  :: piaskować
sandbox {n} (box with sand for children)  :: piaskownica {f}
sandbox {n} (wiki sandbox)  :: brudnopis {m}
sandhi {n} (a phonological process)  :: sandhi {n}
sandpaper {n} (paper coated with abrasive material)  :: papier ścierny {m}
sandpit {n} (children's play area)  :: piaskownica {f}
sandstone {n} (sand/clay sedimentary rock)  :: piaskowiec {m}
sandstorm {n} (strong wind carrying clouds of sand)  :: burza piaskowa {f}
sandwich {n} (open sandwich) SEE: open sandwich  ::
sandwich {n} (snack consisting of two slices of bread)  :: kanapka {f}
sane {adj} (Mentally sound; possessing a rational mind)  :: rozsądny {m}
sang-froid {n} (composure, level-headedness, coolness in trying circumstances)  :: zimna krew {f}
sanguinary {adj} (accompanied by bloodshed)  :: krwawy {m}
sanguinary {adj} (consisting of or similar to blood)  :: krwawy {m}
sanguinary {adj} (eager for bloodshed)  :: krwiożerczy {m}
sanguine {adj} (anticipating the best)  :: optymistyczny {m}
sanguine {n} (blood red colour)  :: krwistoczerwony {m}
sanguine {n} (bloodstone)  :: heliotrop {m}
sanguine {n} (red crayon)  :: czerwona kredka {f}
sanicle {n} (plant)  :: żankiel {m}
sanitary napkin {n} (pad of cotton or other absorbent material)  :: podpaska {f}
sanitary towel {n} (pad of cotton) SEE: sanitary napkin  ::
San José {prop} (A city in California, USA) SEE: San Jose  ::
San Marino {prop} (capital city)  :: San Marino {n}
San Marino {prop} (Republic of San Marino)  :: San Marino {n}
sans {prep} (without)  :: bez
San Sebastián {prop} (coastal city of Spain)  :: San Sebastian {m} [indeclinable], San Sebastián {m} [indeclinable]
Sanskrit {prop} (language)  :: sanskryt {m}
Santa {prop} (Santa Claus) SEE: Santa Claus  ::
Santa Claus {prop} (fictional figure)  :: Święty Mikołaj
Santiago de Chile {prop} (Santiago) SEE: Santiago  ::
Santonian {prop} (subdivision of the Late Cretaceous epoch)  :: Santon
Santorini {prop} (Greek island)  :: Santoryn {m}
sap {n} (juice of plant)  :: sok
sapper {n} (one who saps; combat engineer)  :: saper {m}
Sapphic {adj} (sapphic) SEE: sapphic  ::
sapphire {adj} (colour)  :: szafirowy {m}
sapphire {n} (gem)  :: szafir {m}
Sappho {prop} (Greek female name)  :: Safona
saprophyte {n} (organism that lives on dead organic matter)  :: saprofit {m}
Sara {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sarah  ::
Saracen {n} (Arab or any Muslim, especially one involved in the Crusades)  :: Saracen {m}
Saracen {n} (member of a nomadic people from the Sinai near the Roman province of Arabia in the early centuries CE)  :: Saracen {m}
sarafan {n} (a traditional long, trapeze-shaped Russian pinafore worn by women and girls.)  :: sarafan {m}
Sarah {prop} (given name from Hebrew)  :: Sara {f}
Sarajevan {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Sarajevo)  :: sarajewski {m}
Sarajevan {n} (someone from Sarajevo)  :: sarajewianin {m}, sarajewianka {f}
Sarajevo {prop} (city)  :: Sarajewo {n}
Saransk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Sarańsk {m}
Saratov {prop} (city)  :: Saratów {m}
sarcasm {n} (derision, facetiousness)  :: sarkazm
sarcoidosis {n} (multisystem disorder)  :: sarkoidoza {f}
sarcopenia {n} (gradual age-related loss of skeletal muscle)  :: sarkopenia {f}
sarcophagus {n} (coffin)  :: sarkofag {m}
sarcophagus {n} (steel structure)  :: sarkofag {m}
sardine {n} (fish)  :: sardynka {f}
Sardinia {prop} (island of Italy)  :: Sardynia {f}
Sardinian {adj} (relating to Sardinia)  :: sardyński
sari {n} (cloth)  :: sari {n}
Sarmatism {n} (belief that the people of the Polish Commonwealth descended from the ancient Sarmatians)  :: m
sartorial {adj} (of or relating to tailoring or clothing)  :: krawiecki
sashimi {n} (dish of slices of raw fish or meat)  :: sashimi {n}
Satan {prop} (the Devil)  :: Szatan {m}
satanic {adj} (evil)  :: szatański, diaboliczny, diabelski
satanic {adj} (relating to Satanism)  :: satanistyczny
satanic {adj} (relating to Satan)  :: szatański, diabelski
satanical {adj} (satanic) SEE: satanic  ::
Satanism {n} (a religion founded by Anton Szandor LaVey)  :: satanizm {m}
Satanism {n} (devil worship)  :: satanizm {m}
Satanist {prop} (one who identifies with Satanism)  :: satanista {m}, satanistka {f}
Satanist {prop} (one who worships Satan)  :: satanista {m}, satanistka {f}
satay {n} (dish)  :: satay {m}, saté {n}
satellite {n} (man-made apparatus designed to be placed in orbit around a celestial body)  :: sztuczny satelita
satellite dish {n} (parabolic antenna)  :: antena satelitarna {f}, talerz {m} [colloquial]
satin {n} (cloth with a glossy surface and a dull back)  :: satyna {f}
satire {n} (literary technique)  :: satyra {f}
satiric {adj} (satirical) SEE: satirical  ::
satisfied {adj} (in a state of satisfaction)  :: zadowolony {m}
satrapy {n} (territory)  :: satrapia {f}
saturation {n} (chemistry: state of a saturated solution)  :: nasycenie {n}
saturation {n} (the act of saturating or the process of being saturated)  :: saturacja {f}
Saturday {n} (day of the week)  :: sobota {f}
Saturn {prop} (god)  :: Saturn {m}
Saturn {prop} (planet)  :: Saturn {m}
saturnism {n} (lead poisoning) SEE: plumbism  ::
satyr {n} (Greek mythology)  :: satyr {m}
sauce {n} (liquid condiment)  :: sos {m}
saucepan {n} (deep cooking vessel)  :: rondel
saucer {n} (small dish)  :: spodek {m}
Saudi {adj} (pertaining to Saudi Arabia)  :: saudyjski {m}
Saudi {n} (person from Saudi Arabia)  :: Saudyjczyk {m}, Saudyjka {f}
Saudi Arabia {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Arabia Saudyjska
sauerkraut {n} (a dish made by fermenting finely chopped cabbage)  :: kiszona kapusta {f}
sauna {n} (act of using a sauna)  :: sauna {f}
sauna {n} (sauna room or house)  :: sauna {f}
sausage {n} (for slicing)  :: kiełbasa {f}
sausage {n} (small, uncooked)  :: kiełbaska {f}
Sava {prop} (river)  :: Sawa {f}
savage {adj} (Barbaric, not civilized)  :: barbarzyński {m}, niecywilizowany {m}
savage {adj} (Brutal, vicious or merciless)  :: brutalny {m}, bestialski {m}, okrutny {m}, bezlitosny {m}
savage {adj} (Fierce and ferocious)  :: brutalny {m}, bestialski {m}, okrutny {m}
savage {adj} (Wild, not cultivated)  :: dziki {m}, zdziczały {m}
savage {n} (uncivilized or feral person)  :: dzikus {m}
savagery {n} (Being savage)  :: dzikość {f}
savannah {n} (savanna) SEE: savanna  ::
save {v} (accumulate money)  :: oszczędzać
save {v} (redeem or protect someone from eternal damnation)  :: zbawić
save {v} (to help someone to survive)  :: ratować
save {v} (to write a file to a disk)  :: zapisywać
save face {v} (preserve reputation)  :: zachować twarz {pf}
savings bank {n} (financial institution)  :: bank oszczędnościowy {m}
savory {n} (herb of genus Satureja)  :: cząber {m}
savour {v} (savour) SEE: savor  ::
Savoy {n} (Savoy cabbage) SEE: Savoy cabbage  ::
saw {n} (musical saw) SEE: musical saw  ::
saw {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth  ::
saw {n} (saying or proverb)  :: powiedzenie {n}, przysłowie
saw {n} (tool)  :: piła {f}, piłka {f}
saw {v} (cut with a saw)  :: piłować {impf}, przepiłować {pf}, rżnąć {impf}, przerżnąć {pf}
sawdust {n} (dust created by sawing)  :: trociny {p}
sawfish {n} (ray with saw-shaped snout)  :: piła {f}
sawm {n} (fasting, abstention)  :: saum {m}
sawmill {n} (machine, building or company)  :: tartak
sawtooth {n} (sawtooth wave) SEE: sawtooth wave  ::
saxifrage {n} (plant)  :: skalnica {f}
Saxon {adj} (of Saxons, Saxony or Saxon language)  :: saksoński, saski
Saxon {n} (member of Saxon tribe)  :: Sas {m}
Saxon {n} (native or inhabitant of Saxony)  :: Sas {m}, Saksończyk {m}
Saxony {prop} (state)  :: Saksonia {f}
saxophone {n} (a musical instrument of the woodwind family)  :: saksofon {m}
saxophonist {n} (person who plays or practices with the saxophone)  :: saksofonista {m}, saksofonistka {f}
say {v} (to communicate verbally or in writing)  :: mówić
say {v} (to pronounce)  :: mówić {impf}, powiadać {impf}, powiedzieć {pf}, wymawiać, rzec
say goodbye {v} (wish someone farewell upon their leaving)  :: żegnać się {impf}, pożegnać się {pf}
saying {n} (proverb or maxim)  :: powiedzenie
scab {n} (incrustation over a wound)  :: strup {m}
scab {n} (mange) SEE: mange  ::
scab {n} (scabies) SEE: scabies  ::
scab {n} (strikebreaker) SEE: strikebreaker  ::
scabbard {n} (the sheath of a sword)  :: pochwa {f}
scabies {n} (an infestation of parasitic mites, Sarcoptes scabiei)  :: świerzb {m}
scaffold {n} (platform for executions)  :: szafot {m}
scaffold {n} (structure made of scaffolding, for workers to stand on while working on a building)  :: rusztowanie {n}
scaffolding {n} (system of tubes or poles used to support people and material)  :: rusztowanie {n}
scalar {adj} (having magnitude)  :: skalarny {m}
scalar {n} (quantity with magnitude)  :: skalar {m}
scalar product {n} (product of two vectors)  :: iloczyn skalarny {m}
scale {n} (assigning a magnitude)  :: skala {f}
scale {n} (device)  :: waga {f}
scale {n} (flake of skin)  :: łuska {f}
scale {n} (keratin pieces covering the skin of certain animals)  :: łuska {f}
scale {n} (limescale) SEE: limescale  ::
scale {n} (ordered numerical sequence)  :: skala {f}
scale {n} (ratio of distances)  :: skala {f}
scale {n} (series of notes)  :: skala {f}
scale {n} (size or scope)  :: skala {f}
scale {v} (to tolerate increases in throughput)  :: skalować się
scalene {adj} (sides of different lengths)  :: różnoboczny {m}
scales {n} (device for weighing goods for sale)  :: waga {f}
scalp {n} (bed of shellfish) SEE: scaup  ::
scalper {n} (one who sells tickets unofficially)  :: konik {m}
scaly anteater {n} (pangolin) SEE: pangolin  ::
scam {n} (fraudulent deal)  :: oszustwo {n}, przekręt {m}, szwindel {m}
scamper {v} (To run quickly and lightly, especially in a playful manner or in an undignified manner)  :: pędzić
scandal {n} (incident that brings disgrace)  :: skandal {m}
Scandinavia {prop} (Scandinavian Peninsula) SEE: Scandinavian Peninsula  ::
Scandinavian {adj} (of Scandinavia)  :: skandynawski {m}
Scandinavian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in Northern Europe, see also: Scandinavia)  :: Skandynawia {f}
scandium {n} (chemical element)  :: skand {m}
scanlation {n} (the process of scanlation)  :: skanlacja {f}
scapegoat {n} (someone punished for someone else's error(s))  :: kozioł ofiarny {m}
scaphoid {n} (scaphoid bone) SEE: scaphoid bone  ::
scapula {n} (large flat bone) SEE: shoulder blade  ::
scapular {n} (a short cloak with an embroidered image of a saint)  :: szkalperz {m}
scar {n} (a permanent mark on the skin sometimes caused by the healing of a wound)  :: blizna {f}
scarab {n} (Scarabaeus sacer)  :: skarabeusz {m}
scare {v} (to frighten)  :: straszyć {impf}
scarecrow {n} (an effigy made to scare the birds away)  :: strach na wróble {m}
scared shitless {adj} (terrified) SEE: scared stiff  ::
scarf {n} (headscarf) SEE: headscarf  ::
scarf {n} (long garment worn around the neck)  :: szalik {m}
scarlatina {n} (scarlet fever) SEE: scarlet fever  ::
scarlet {adj} (colour)  :: szkarłatny
scarlet {adj} (sinful)  :: grzeszny, nierządny
scarlet {n} (colour)  :: szkarłat {m}
scarlet fever {n} (streptococcal infection)  :: szkarlatyna {f}
scary {adj} (causing, or able to cause, fright)  :: straszny, przerażający {m}
scat {v} (An imperative demand, often understood by speaker and listener as impertinent)  :: sio
scatterbrained {adj} (absent-minded) SEE: absent-minded  ::
scavenger {n} (animal feeding on decaying matter)  :: padlinożerca
scene {n} (landscape, scenery) SEE: scenery  ::
scene {n} ((theater) the stage) SEE: stage  ::
scene {n} (the location of an event that attracts attention)  :: scena
scent {n} (distinctive odour or smell)  :: zapach {m}, woń {f}
scent {n} (figuratively: any traces that can be followed)  :: trop {m}, ślad {m}
scent {n} (odour left by animal)  :: zapach {m}
scent {n} (perfume)  :: zapach {m}, perfumy {p}
scent {v} (to detect the scent of)  :: zwietrzyć, zwęszyć
scent {v} (to impart an odour to)  :: wypełniać wonią
scented {adj} (having a pleasant aroma)  :: pachnący {m}
sceptic {n} (sceptic) SEE: skeptic  ::
sceptre {n} (ornamental staff)  :: berło {n}
schedule {n} (time-based plan of events)  :: harmonogram
scheelite {n} (mineral)  :: szelit {m}
Scheherazade {prop} (a female name)  :: Szeherezada {f}
Scheldt {prop} (river)  :: Skalda
scheme {n} (a systematic plan of future action)  :: plan {m}, program {m}
scheme {n} (secret, devious plan)  :: intryga {f}
scherzo {n} (music)  :: scherzo {n}
schism {n} (division within a religious body)  :: schizma {f}
schism {n} (split, division, separation, discord)  :: schizma {f}
schism {n} (split within Christianity)  :: schizma {f}
schistous {adj} (schistose) SEE: schistose  ::
schizophrenia {n} (illness)  :: schizofrenia {f}
schizophrenia {n} (informal: condition in which disparate activities coexist)  :: schizofrenia {f}, schiza {f}
Schlemm's canal {n} (channel in the eye)  :: kanał Schlemma {m}
schmo {n} (schmuck) SEE: schmuck  ::
schnitzel {n} (a meat dish)  :: sznycel {m}
Schnoodle {n} (Poodle/Schnauzer hybrid)  :: sznauceropudel, pudlosznaucer
schnoz {n} (schnozzle) SEE: schnozzle  ::
schnoz {n} (schnozzle) SEE: schnozzle  ::
schnozzle {n} (slang: human nose)  :: nochal {m}
scholarship {n} (study allowance)  :: stypendium {n}
scholar's mate {n} (checkmate which occurs after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Qh5 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qxf7#)  :: mat szewski
school {n} (a department/institute at a college or university)  :: szkoła {f}
school {n} (a group of fish etc.)  :: ławica
school {n} (an institution dedicated to teaching and learning)  :: szkoła {f}
school {n} (a particular doctrine)  :: szkoła {f}
school {n} (college or university)  :: uczelnia {f}, szkoła {f}
schoolboy {n} (young male student)  :: uczeń {m}
school bus {n} (transport for schoolchildren)  :: autobus szkolny {m}
school crossing attendant {n} (crossing attendant) SEE: crossing guard, lollipop man, lollipop lady  ::
schoolie {n} (school-leaver)  :: absolwent {m}, absolwentka {f}
schoolie {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
school sores {n} (impetigo) SEE: impetigo  ::
schoolteacher {n} (schoolteacher) SEE: teacher  ::
school year {n} (academic year of a school)  :: rok szkolny {m}
schooner {n} (sailing ship)  :: szkuner {m}
Schrödinger's cat {prop} (thought experiment)  :: kot Schrödingera {m}
schwa {n} (schwa)  :: szwa {f}
science {n} (collective discipline of learning acquired through the scientific method)  :: nauka {f}
science fiction {n} (fiction)  :: fantastyka naukowa {f}
scientific {adj} (of or having to do with science)  :: naukowy
scientifically {adv} (methodically) SEE: methodically  ::
scientist {n} (one whose activities make use of scientific method)  :: naukowiec {m}
scimitar {n} (sword with curved blade)  :: sejmitar {m}
scissor kick {n} (kick in football)  :: strzał nożycami {m}, nożyce {f-p}
scissor kick {n} (tribadism)  :: [not vulgar] nożyczki
scissors {n} (tool used for cutting)  :: nożyczki {p}
sclera {n} (white of the eye)  :: twardówka {f}
scold {v} (rebuke) SEE: rebuke  ::
Scooby snack {n} (A treat)  :: Scooby Chrupki
scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle)  :: hulajnoga {f}
scooter {n} (motor-scooter)  :: skuter {m}
scooter {n} (scoter)  :: uhla {f}, markaczka {f}
-scope {suffix} (suffix to name viewing instruments)  :: -skop {m}
scorch {v} (to wither, parch or destroy something by heat or fire)  :: przypiekać
score {n} (number of points earned)  :: wynik {m}
score {v} (intransitive: to earn points in a game)  :: zdobyć punkt/punkty {pf}, zdobywać punkty {impf}, punktować {impf}, zapunktować {pf}
score {v} (to have sexual intercourse)  :: zaliczyć {pf}
score {v} (to scratch paper to make it easier to fold)  :: nadciąć
scoreboard {n} (board that displays the score in a game of contest)  :: tablica wyników {f}
scorecard {n} (card allowing spectators to identify players and record progress)  :: karta wyników {f}
scorer {n} (scorekeeper) SEE: scorekeeper  ::
scorn {n} (contempt, disdain)  :: pogarda {f}, lekceważenie {n}
scorn {v} (to feel contempt or disdain for something or somebody)  :: gardzić, lekceważyć
scorn {v} (to reject)  :: wzgardzić, odrzucić
scorn {v} (to scoff or express contempt)  :: szydzić, drwić
scornful {adj} (showing scorn or disrespect; contemptuous)  :: pogardliwy {m}
Scorpio {prop} (astrological sign)  :: Skorpion {m}
Scorpio {prop} (constellation) SEE: Scorpius  ::
scorpion {n} (any of various arachnids of the order Scorpiones)  :: skorpion {m}
Scorpius {prop} (astrological sign) SEE: Scorpio  ::
Scorpius {prop} (constellation)  :: Skorpion {m}
scorzonera {n} (black salsify) SEE: black salsify  ::
Scot {n} (a person born in or native to Scotland)  :: Szkot {m}, Szkotka {f}
Scotch {n} (people of Scotland)  :: Szkoci {p} {m}
Scotch {n} (uncountable: whisky made in Scotland)  :: szkocka {f}
Scotch crow {n} (hooded crow) SEE: hooded crow  ::
Scotch tape {prop} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
scotfree {adv} (scot-free) SEE: scot-free  ::
Scotland {prop} (country in northwest Europe to the north of England)  :: Szkocja {f}
Scots Gaelic {prop} (Scottish Gaelic) SEE: Scottish Gaelic  ::
Scotsman {n} (a man from Scotland)  :: Szkot {m}
Scotswoman {n} (a woman from Scotland)  :: Szkotka {f}
Scottish {adj} (of a person)  :: szkocki {m}, szkocka {f}, szkockie {n}
Scottish {adj} (of a thing or concept)  :: szkocki
Scottish {prop} (the people of Scotland)  :: Szkoci {m-p}
Scottish Gaelic {prop} (The Gaelic language of Scotland)  :: język szkocki gaelicki
scoundrel {n} (villain)  :: łotr {m}, drań {m}, obwieś {m}, łajdak {m}
scouring pad {n} (abrasive pad) SEE: scourer  ::
scout {n} (member of the scout movement)  :: skaut {m}, skautka {f}, harcerz {m}, harcerka {f}, harcownik
scouting {n} (the Scouting movement)  :: skauting {m}
scrabble {v} (to scribble) SEE: scribble  ::
Scrabble {prop} (board game with interlocking words)  :: Scrabble
scramble {v} (to move hurriedly to a location using all limbs against a surface)  :: leźć
scrambled egg {n} (dish)  :: jajecznica {f}
scrap {n} (discarded metal)  :: złom {m}
scrap {n} (fight)  :: bójka {f}
scrap {n} (leftover food)  :: resztki {p}
scrap {n} (small leftover piece)  :: kawałek {m}, urywek {m}
scrap {v} (to discard)  :: wyrzucać {impf}, wyrzucić {pf}
scrape {v} (draw an object along while exerting pressure)  :: skrobać
scrapheap {n} (junkyard) SEE: junkyard  ::
scratch {n} (disruption or mark on a surface)  :: rysa {f}, zadrapanie {n}
scratch {v} (To rub a surface with a sharp object)  :: drapać, skrobać
scratch together {v} (collect small amounts) SEE: scrape together  ::
scrawl {n} (irregular handwriting)  :: bazgroł
scrawl {v} (to write in an irregular or illegible manner)  :: bazgrać
scrawny {adj} (Thin, malnourished and weak)  :: wychudzony {m}
scream {n} (loud exclamation)  :: krzyk {m}
screech owl {n} (Tyto alba)  :: płomykówka zwyczajna {f}
screen {n} (informational viewing area)  :: ekran {m}
screencap {n} (screenshot) SEE: screenshot  ::
screenplay {n} (script for a movie or a television show)  :: scenariusz {m}
screenshot {n} (image of computer screen output)  :: zrzut ekranu {m}
screenwriter {n} (one who writes for the screen)  :: scenarzysta {m}, scenarzystka {f}
screw {n} (Archimedes screw) SEE: Archimedes screw  ::
screw {n} (backspin) SEE: backspin  ::
screw {n} (fastener)  :: wkręt {m}, śruba {f}
screw {n} (ship’s propeller)  :: śruba {f}
screw {n} (simple machine)  :: śruba {f}
screwdriver {n} (tool)  :: śrubokręt {m}, wkrętak {m}
screw thread {n} (helical ridge or groove)  :: gwint {m}
screw up {v} (colloquial: to blunder)  :: spieprzyć {pf}
screw up {v} (colloquial: to make a mess of; to ruin)  :: spieprzyć {pf}
screw up {v} (to tighten or secure with screws)  :: przyśrubować {pf}
screw up {v}  :: zmiąć, zgnieść, zmrużyć, spieprzyć
scribble {v} (to write or draw carelessly and in a hurry)  :: bazgrać, gryzmolić
scribe {n} (one who writes; a draughtsman)  :: pisarz
script {n} (a system of writing)  :: pismo {n}
script {n} ((law) an original instrument or document)  :: pismo {n}
script {n} (procedure or program in computing)  :: skrypt {m}
script {n} (text of the dialogue and action for a drama)  :: scenariusz {m}
script {n} (writing; written document)  :: pismo {n}
script {n} (written characters, style of writing)  :: pismo {n}
Scripture {n} (Bible) SEE: Bible  ::
Scripture {n} (Edda) SEE: Edda  ::
Scripture {n} (Koran) SEE: Koran  ::
Scripture {n} (Tanakh) SEE: Tanakh  ::
scriptwriter {n} (screenwriter) SEE: screenwriter  ::
scrivener {n} (professional writer)  :: skryba {m}
scrofulous {adj} (corrupt) SEE: corrupt  ::
scroll {n} (roll of paper or parchment)  :: zwitek {m}, zwój {m}
scroll {v} ((Computing) to change one's view of data on a computer's display)  :: scrollować, przewijać
scroll bar {n} (graphical widget)  :: pasek przesuwania {m}
scroll saw {n} (fretsaw with an oscillating blade)  :: wyrzynarka {f}
scrooge {n} (miserly person)  :: skąpiec {m}, sknera {m}, sknera {f}, sknerus {m}
scrotum {n} (the bag of the skin and muscle that contains the testicles)  :: moszna {f}, worek mosznowy {m}
scrounge {n} (scrounger) SEE: scrounger  ::
scrub {n} (cancellation) SEE: cancellation  ::
scrub {v} (to call off a scheduled event; to cancel)  :: odwołać
scruffy {adj} (untidy in appearance)  :: niechlujny {m}
scrum {n} (a tightly-packed and disorderly crowd of people)  :: tłum {m}, ścisk {m}
scrum {n} ((rugby) all the forwards joined together in an organised way)  :: młyn {m}
scrum-half {n} (rugby player)  :: łącznik młyna {m}
scrummage {n} (rugby formation of all forwards) SEE: scrum  ::
scrummaging machine {n} (scrum machine) SEE: scrum machine  ::
scrunchie {n} (small elasticated ring of fabric)  :: gumka {f}
scruple {n} (hesitation from the difficulty of determining what is right)  :: skrupuł {m}
scrupulous {adj} (having principles)  :: zasadniczy {m}
scrupulous {adj} (meticulous)  :: drobiazgowy {m}
scrupulously {adv} (in a careful manner)  :: skrupulatnie
scrutinise {v} (scrutinize) SEE: scrutinize  ::
scrutny {n} (scrutiny) SEE: scrutiny  ::
scrutore {n} (escritoire) SEE: escritoire  ::
scuffling {n} (scuffling)  :: szuranie
sculptor {n} (a person who sculpts)  :: rzeźbiarz {m}
sculptress {n} (a woman sculptor)  :: rzeźbiarka {f}
sculpture {n} (art of sculpting)  :: rzeźbiarstwo {n}
sculpture {n} (work of art created by sculpting)  :: rzeźba {f}
scumbag {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
scurvy {n} (deficiency of vitamin C)  :: szkorbut {m}
scurvy-grass {n} (Cochlearia)  :: warzucha {f}
scutch grass {n} (Bermuda grass) SEE: Bermuda grass  ::
scuttlebutt {n} (gossip, rumour, idle chatter)  :: plotka
Scylla {prop} (personification of the rock)  :: Scylla
scythe {n} (farm tool)  :: kosa {f}
scythe {v} (to cut with a scythe)  :: kosić
Scythian {adj} (relating to Scythia or Scythians)  :: scytyjski
Sczedrzik {prop} (Szczedrzyk) SEE: Szczedrzyk  ::
sea {n} (body of water)  :: morze {n}
sea anemone {n} (polyp)  :: ukwiał {m}
seaborgium {n} (chemical element with atomic number 106)  :: seaborg {m}
sea cucumber {n} (sea cucumber)  :: strzykwa {f}
seadog {n} (dogfish) SEE: dogfish  ::
seadog {n} (sailor accustomed to the sea)  :: [lit.: sea wolf] wilk morski {m}
sea eagle {n} (Haliaeetus albicilla) SEE: white-tailed eagle  ::
seafarer {n} (one who travels by sea)  :: żeglarz {m}
seafarer {n} (sailor) SEE: sailor  ::
seafaring {adj} (fit to travel on the sea) SEE: seagoing  ::
seagull {n} (bird of the family Laridae)  :: mewa {f}
sea holly {n} (Eryngium maritimum)  :: mikołajek nadmorski {m}
sea holly {n} (Eryngium)  :: mikołajek {m}
sea horse {n} (fish)  :: konik morski {m}
seal {n} (pattern, design)  :: pieczęć {f}
seal {n} (pinniped)  :: foka {f}
seal {n} (security against leakage)  :: uszczelnienie {n}
seal {n} (something designed to prevent liquids or gasses from leaking)  :: uszczelka {f}
seal {n} (something which will be visibly damaged when a container is opened)  :: plomba {f}
seal {v} (to fasten (something) closed so that it cannot be opened without visible damage)  :: zaplombować
seal {v} (to place a seal on (a document))  :: przypieczętować
sea leopard {n} (Hydrurga leptonyx) SEE: leopard seal  ::
sea lettuce {n} (beach cabbage) SEE: beach cabbage  ::
sea lettuce {n} (sand lettuce) SEE: sand lettuce  ::
sea lettuce {n} (slender sea lettuce) SEE: slender sea lettuce  ::
sea level {n} (nominal height of the surface of the oceans above which heights of geographical features and aircraft flight levels are measured)  :: poziom morza {m}
sealing wax {n} (wax formerly melted onto a letter to seal it)  :: lak {m}
seam {n} (folded back and stitched piece of fabric)  :: szew {m}
seam {n} (suture)  :: szew {m}
seaman {n} (mariner or sailor)  :: marynarz {m}
seamstress {n} (a woman who sews clothes professionally)  :: szwaczka {f}
sea oats {n} (Chasmanthium latifolium) SEE: river oats  ::
Sea of Azov {prop} (sea)  :: Morze Azowskie {n}
Sea of Japan {prop} (Asian sea)  :: Morze Japońskie {n}
Sea of Okhotsk {prop} (sea)  :: morze Ochockie {n}
sea-parrot {n} (puffin) SEE: puffin  ::
seaplane {n} (an aircraft)  :: wodnosamolot {m}
search {n} (an attempt to find something)  :: poszukiwanie {n}, przeszukiwanie {n}
search {v} (to look throughout (a place) for something)  :: szukać {impf}, przeszukać {pf}, przeszukiwać {impf}
search engine {n} (application that searches for data)  :: wyszukiwarka {f}, szukajka {f} [colloquial]
searocket {n} (Cakile)  :: ruwkiel {f}
sea salt {n} (salt prepared by evaporating sea water)  :: sól morska {f}
seashell {n} (shell)  :: muszla {f}, muszelka {f}
seashore {n} (foreshore) SEE: foreshore  ::
seasickness {n} (a feeling of nausea caused by the motion of a ship)  :: choroba morska {f}
sea-sickness {n} (seasickness) SEE: seasickness  ::
seaside {n} (the area by and around the sea)  :: wybrzeże {n}
season {n} (part of year with something special)  :: sezon {m-in}
season {n} (quarter of a year)  :: pora roku {f}
season {v} (to flavour food)  :: przyprawić, przyprawiać
seasoning {n} (Cooking ingredient)  :: przyprawa {f}
seat {n} (horizontal portion of a chair)  :: siedzenie {m}, siedzenia {m-p}
seat {n} (place in which to sit)  :: siedzenie {m}, siedzenia {m-p}, miejsce siedzące {n}, miejsca siedzące {n-p}, siedzisko {n}, siedziska {n-p}
seat belt {n} (restraining belt)  :: pas bezpieczeństwa {m}
sea urchin {n} (any of many marine echinoderms of the class Echinoidea)  :: jeżowiec {m}
seaweed {n} (marine plants and algae)  :: glon {m}, wodorost {m}
Sebastian {prop} (given name)  :: Sebastian {m}
sebum {n} (thick oily substance)  :: łój {m}
secant {n} (in geometry)  :: sieczna {f}
secant {n} (in trigonometry)  :: sekans {m}
secateurs {n} (pruning shears) SEE: pruning shears  ::
secession {n} (The act of seceding)  :: secesja {f}
second {adj} (second (numeral))  :: drugi
second {adj} (that which comes after the first)  :: drugi
second {n} (attendant of a duel or boxing match standing in for a contestant)  :: sekundant {m-pr}
second {n} (SI unit of time)  :: sekunda {f}
second {n} (unit of angular measure)  :: sekunda {f}
secondary smoking {n} (passive smoking) SEE: passive smoking  ::
second-half {n} (second half) SEE: second half  ::
second hand {adj} (secondhand) SEE: secondhand  ::
secondhand {adj} (not new; previously owned and used by another)  :: używany
second helping {n} (a second portion of the same thing (usually of food))  :: dokładka {f}
second last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
second-level domain {n} (a domain name that contains a single period)  :: domena drugiego poziomu {f}
second-level domain {n} (a domain that is immediately below a top-level domain)  :: domena drugiego poziomu {f}
second of arc {n} (angle of an arc)  :: sekunda kątowa {f}
second person {n} (the form of a verb used when the subject of a sentence is the audience)  :: druga osoba {f}
Second Reich {prop} (German Empire, see also: German Empire)  :: Druga Rzesza {f}
seconds {n} (second serving)  :: dokładka {f}
second to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate  ::
Second World War {prop} (World War II) SEE: World War II  ::
secret {adj} (being or kept hidden.)  :: sekretny, tajny, tajemny
secret {n} (knowledge that is hidden)  :: sekret {m-in}, tajemnica {f}
secret admirer {n} (romantic admirer)  :: tajny wielbiciel {m}
secretary {n} (person keeping records and handling clerical work)  :: sekretarz {m}, sekretarka {f}
Secretary General {n} (chief administrator of an international body)  :: sekretarz generalny {m}
secretion {n} (secreted substance)  :: wydzielina {f}
secretive {adj} (having an inclination to secrecy)  :: skryty {m}, tajemniczy {m}
secretly {adv} (in a secret manner)  :: potajemnie, skrycie
secret of Polichinelle {n} (secret known to everyone)  :: tajemnica poliszynela {f}
sect {n} (religious movement)  :: sekta {f}
section {n} (image that shows an object as if cut along a plane) SEE: cross-section  ::
sector {n} (fixed-sized unit of sequential data storage)  :: sektor {m}
sector {n} (part of circle)  :: wycinek {m}
secular {adj} (not specifically religious)  :: świecki
secularization {n} (transformation of values from religious to non-religious)  :: sekularyzacja {f}
secure {adj} (free from attack or danger; protected)  :: bezpieczny {m}
security {n} (condition of not being threatened)  :: bezpieczeństwo {n}
Security Council {prop} (UN Security Council) SEE: UN Security Council  ::
sedentary {adj} (not moving much; sitting around)  :: siedzący {m}
sedevacantism {n} (belief that actual pope is not a true and legitimated one)  :: sedewakantyzm
sedge {n} (any plant of the genus Carex)  :: turzyca {f}
sedge warbler {n} (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)  :: rokitniczka {f}
sediment {n} (collection of small particles)  :: osad {m}
sedimentary rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: skały osadowe
sedimentology {n} (study of natural sediments)  :: sedymentologia {f}
sedition {n} (insurrection or rebellion)  :: rokosz {m}, bunt {m}
seduce {v} (to entice or induce someone to engage in a sexual relationship)  :: uwodzić {impf}, uwieść {pf}
seduce {v} (to win over or attract someone)  :: uwodzić {impf}, uwieść {pf}
seducer {n} (someone who seduces, especially a man who seduces a woman)  :: uwodziciel {m}
seduction {n} (act of seducing)  :: uwodzenie {n}
seductress {n} (woman who seduces)  :: uwodzicielka {f}
see {n} (diocese)  :: biskupstwo {n}, diecezja {f}
see {v} (perceive with the eyes)  :: widzieć, dostrzegać
see {v} (understand)  :: widzieć, rozumieć
seed {n} (fertilized grain)  :: nasienie {n}, nasionko {n}
seed {v} (to plant or sow seeds)  :: siać
seed grain {n} (seed corn) SEE: seed corn  ::
seeing-eye dog {n} (seeing-eye dog) SEE: guide dog  ::
seek {v} (to try to find)  :: poszukiwać {impf}, szukać {impf}
seek and ye shall find {proverb} (one finds what one looks for)  :: szukajcie, a znajdziecie, kto szuka, ten znajdzie
seel {v} (To blind) SEE: blind  ::
seem {v} (to appear)  :: wyglądać, wydawać się
seemingly {adv} (apparently) SEE: apparently  ::
see off {v} (to accompany someone to a point of departure)  :: odprowadzać {impf}, odprowadzić {pf}
see off {v} (to defeat) SEE: defeat  ::
seer {n} (someone who foretells the future)  :: jasnowidz
seesaw {n} (structure)  :: huśtawka {f}
see through {v} (avoid being deceived)  :: przejrzeć
see through {v} (to recognize someone's true motives)  :: przejrzeć
see-through {adj} (translucent) SEE: translucent  ::
see-through {adj} (transparent) SEE: transparent  ::
see ya {interj} (see you) SEE: see you  ::
see you {phrase} (see you later)  :: [informal] do zobaczenia, na razie, cześć, [colloquial] nara, [familiar] pa, pa pa
see you later {phrase} (goodbye)  :: [informal] do zobaczenia, na razie, cześć, [colloquial] nara, [familiar] pa, pa pa, na razie
see you soon {interj} (goodbye)  :: na razie
segment {n} (circular segment) SEE: circular segment  ::
segment {n} (line segment) SEE: line segment  ::
Seine {prop} (river of northern France)  :: Sekwana {f}
seismic {adj} (related to, or caused by an earthquake or other vibration of the Earth)  :: sejsmiczny {m}
seismogram {n} (output from an accelerograph or seismograph)  :: sejsmogram {m}
seismograph {n} (instrument that detects and records earthquakes)  :: sejsmograf {m}
seismologic {adj} (relating to the field of seismology) SEE: seismological  ::
seismologist {n} (person who practices seismology)  :: sejsmolog {m} {f}
seismology {n} (the study of the vibration of the Earth's interior)  :: sejsmologia {f}
sei whale {n} (whale of the rorqual family)  :: sejwal {m}
seize the day {v} (enjoy the present)  :: chwytaj dzień
Sejm {prop} (the lower house of the Polish parliament)  :: Sejm {m}
sejunct {adj} (separate) SEE: separate  ::
Selandian {prop} (subdivision of the Paleocene epoch)  :: Seland
seldom {adv} (infrequently, rarely)  :: rzadko
select {v} (to choose one or more elements from a set)  :: wybierać {impf}, wybrać {pf}
selection {n} (process or act of selecting)  :: selekcja {f}
Selenite {n} (inhabitant of the Moon) SEE: Lunarian  ::
selenium {n} (chemical element)  :: selen {m}
self- {prefix} (of, by, in or with oneself or itself)  :: samo-
self-assertive {adj} (determined to advance one's own personality or views)  :: apodyktyczny {m}
self-cleaning {adj} (that cleans itself)  :: samoczyszczący {m}
self-conceit {n} (vanity)  :: zarozumiałość {f}
self-confident {adj} (confident in one's abilities)  :: pewny siebie {m}
self-consciousness {n} (The awareness of the self as an entity)  :: nieśmiałość {f}, zakłopotanie {n}
self-control {n} (ability to control one's desires and impulses)  :: samokontrola {f}
self-defense {n} (means of defending oneself from attack)  :: samoobrona {f}
self-esteem {n} (confidence in one's own worth)  :: samoocena {f}
self-harm {n} (deliberate injuring of one's body)  :: samookaleczanie {n}
selfheal {n} (plant of genus Prunella)  :: głowienka {f}
selfie {n} (photographic self-portrait)  :: samojebka {f}, focia z rąsi {f}, słitfocia {f}, selfik {m}
self-image {n} (way a person views themself)  :: obraz samego siebie {m}
self-indulgent {adj} (exhibiting tendencies of self-indulgence)  :: dogadzający sobie {m}
selfish {adj} (regard for oneself above others' well-being)  :: samolubny
selfishness {n} (quality of being selfish)  :: egoizm {m}
self-made {adj} (of a person, having achieved success by one's own efforts)  :: zawdzięczający wszystko samemu sobie
self pollination {n} (self pollination) SEE: self-pollination  ::
self-portrait {n} (portrait of the painter who painted it)  :: autoportret {m}
self-possession {n} (calmness and composure)  :: spokój {m}, opanowanie {n}
self-propelled {adj} (having its own means of propulsion)  :: samobieżny {m}
self-reliance {n} (independence)  :: niezależność {f}
self-reliant {adj} (reliant upon one's self)  :: niezależny {m}
self-sacrifice {n} (giving up of one's own benefit)  :: samopoświęcenie {n}
self-service {n} (the practice of serving oneself)  :: samoobsługa {f}
self-sufficiency {n} (condition of being self-sufficient)  :: samowystarczalność {f}
self-sufficient {adj} (able to provide for oneself independently of others)  :: samowystarczalny {m}
self-taught {adj} (educated by oneself) SEE: self-educated  ::
sell {v} (to agree to transfer goods or provide services)  :: sprzedawać {impf}, sprzedać {pf}
seller {n} (someone who sells)  :: sprzedawca {m}, sprzedawczyni {f}
sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
Sellotape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
semantic {adj} (of or relating to semantics or the meanings of words)  :: semantyczny {m}
semantics {n} (science of the meaning of words)  :: semantyka {f}
semen {n} (male reproductory fluid)  :: sperma {f}, nasienie {n}
semester {n} (half of school year)  :: semestr
semiacetal {n} (hemiacetal) SEE: hemiacetal  ::
semicircle {n} (half of a circle)  :: półkole {n}
semicircular {adj} (in the shape of a semicircle)  :: półkolisty {m}
semicolon {n} (punctuation mark ';')  :: średnik {m}
semiconducting {adj} (having the characteristics of a semiconductor)  :: półprzewodnikowy {m}
semiconductor {n} (substance with electrical properties)  :: półprzewodnik {m}
semi-detached {n} (house)  :: bliźniak {m}
semifinal {n} (competition)  :: półfinał {m}
semifinalist {n} (person who competes in the semifinals)  :: półfinalista {m}, półfinalistka {f}
semigroud {n} (semiheap) SEE: semiheap  ::
seminar {n}  :: seminarium {n}
seminarist {n} (student at a seminary)  :: seminarzysta {m}, seminarzystka {f}
seminude {adj} (half-naked) SEE: half-naked  ::
semi-nude {adj} (seminude) SEE: seminude  ::
semiotics {n} (study of signs)  :: semiotyka {f}
semi-precious {adj} (sort of or somewhat precious or valuable)  :: półszlachetny
semiquaver {n} (music)  :: szesnastka {f}
semivowel {n} (sound in speech)  :: spółgłoska półotwarta {f}
semolina {n} (hard grains of flour left after milling)  :: semolina {f}
senate {n} (the upper house in some bicameral legislative systems)  :: senat {m}
senator {n} (member in the house or chamber of a legislature called a senate)  :: senator {m}
send {v} (make something go somewhere)  :: wysyłać {impf}, wysłać {pf}
sender {n} (someone who sends)  :: nadawca {m}
Seneca {prop} (tribe)  :: senekowie
Senegal {prop} (Republic of Senegal)  :: Senegal
Senegalese {n} (person from Senegal)  :: Senegalczyk {m}, Senegalka {f}
senescence {n} (biology: the state or process of aging)  :: starzenie się {n}
senescent {adj} (characteristic of old age)  :: starczy
senescent {adj} (growing old)  :: starzejący się
senile {adj} (exhibiting the deterioration in mind)  :: zniedołężniały
senile {adj} (of, or relating to old age)  :: starczy
senility {n} (the losing of memory and reason)  :: starczość {f}
senior {adj} (older)  :: starszy
senior {n} (someone older than someone else)  :: starszy {m}
sensation {n} (physical feeling)  :: czucie {n}
sensation {n} (widespread excitement)  :: sensacja {f}
sense {n} (math: direction of a vector)  :: kierunek {m}
sense {n} (meaning or reason)  :: sens {m}
sense {n} (method to gather data)  :: zmysł {m}
sense {v} (to instinctively be aware)  :: przeczuwać {impf}
sense of humour {n} (quality of an individual to find certain things funny)  :: poczucie humoru {n}
sensible {adj} (acting with or showing good judgement)  :: sensowny
sensibly {adv} (in a sensible manner; in a way that shows good sense)  :: rozsądnie
sensitive {adj} (responsive to stimuli)  :: wrażliwy
sensitivity {n} (the quality of being sensitive)  :: czułość {f}
sensualism {n} (doctrine: everything reduces to transformed sensation)  :: sensualizm
sentence {n} (decision of a jury)  :: wyrok {m}, orzeczenie {n}
sentence {n} (grammatically complete series of words consisting of a subject and predicate)  :: zdanie {n}
sentence {n} (punishment imposed on a person convicted of a crime)  :: wyrok {m}
sentence {v} (declare a sentence on a convicted person)  :: skazać
sentience {n} (state or quality of being sentient)  :: świadomość {f}
sentient {adj} (conscious or aware)  :: przytomny
sentimental value {n} (value of something from associated personal memories)  :: wartość sentymentalna {f}
Seoul {prop} (capital of South Korea)  :: Seul {m}
sepal {n} (part of calyx)  :: działka kielicha {f}
separable verb {n} (type of verb)  :: czasownik rozdzielnie złożony {m}
separate {adj} (apart from; not connected to)  :: oddzielny, osobny {m}
separate {v} (cause (things or people) to be separate)  :: rozdzielać / rozdzielić
separate {v} (disunite something from one thing)  :: oddzielać / oddzielić
separately {adv} (in a separate manner)  :: oddzielnie, osobno
separate the wheat from the chaff {v} (to select only that which is of value)  :: oddzielić ziarno od plew {pf}
separatism {n} (separatism)  :: separatyzm {m}
Sephardic {adj} (relating to the culture of the Sephardi Jews)  :: sefardyjski
seppuku {n} (ritual suicide by disembowelment)  :: seppuku {n}
September {prop} (ninth month of the Gregorian calendar)  :: wrzesień {m-in}
septic tank {n} (slang: Yank) SEE: Yank  ::
septillion {num} (a trillion trillion, 1024)  :: kwadrylion {m}
septuagenarian {n} (One who is between the age of 70 and 79)  :: siedemdziesięciolatek {m}, siedemdziesięciolatka {f}
Septuagint {prop} (an ancient translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek)  :: Septuaginta
septum {n} ((anatomy) wall separating two cavities)  :: przegroda {f}
sepulcher {n} (burial chamber)  :: grobowiec {m}
sepulchral {adj} (hollow and deep)  :: grobowy
sepulchral {adj} (suggestive of grave)  :: grobowy
sequence {n} (in mathematics, an ordered list of objects)  :: ciąg {m}
sequent {adj} (that comes after) SEE: subsequent  ::
sequent {adj} (that follows on) SEE: consequent  ::
sequin {n} (sparkling spangle used for decoration of ornate clothing:)  :: cekin {m}
sequoia {n} (tree)  :: sekwoja {f}
Sequoyah {prop} (Inventor of the syllabary for writing Cherokee)  :: Sekwoja
serac {n} (a sharp ridge of ice between crevasses of a glacier)  :: serak {m}
Serb {adj} (of or pertaining to the Serbs or their culture)  :: serbski {m}
Serb {n} (person of Serb descent)  :: Serb {m}, Serbka {f}
Serbia {prop} (a country in southeastern Europe)  :: Serbia {f}
Serbia and Montenegro {prop} (former country on the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Serbia i Czarnogóra
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to Serbia and Serbians)  :: serbski {m}
Serbian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbian language)  :: serbski {m}
Serbian {n} (person from Serbia; see also Serb#Translations, see also: Serb)  :: Serb {m}, Serbka {f}
Serbian {n} (Serb) SEE: Serb  ::
Serbian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: serbski {m}
Serbo-Croatian {adj} (pertaining to the Serbo-Croatian language)  :: serbsko-chorwacki, serbochorwacki
Serbo-Croatian {prop} (South Slavic language)  :: [język] serbsko-chorwacki {m}
serenade {n} (serenade)  :: serenada {f}
serene {adj} (fair and unclouded)  :: pogodny
serene {adj} (part of royal title)  :: najjaśniejszy
serene {adj} (peaceful, calm)  :: spokojny, opanowany, niewzruszony
serenity {n} (state)  :: spokój {m}
serf {n} (semifree peasant)  :: chłop pańszczyźniany {m}, kmieć {m}
sergeant {n} (non-commissioned officer rank)  :: sierżant {m}
Sergius {prop} (male given name)  :: Sergiusz {m}
serial {adj} (Having to do with or arranged in a series)  :: seryjny
seric {adj} (made of silk) SEE: silken  ::
series {n} (a number of things that follow on one after the other)  :: szereg {m}, seria {f}
series {n} (in analysis: sum of the terms of a sequence)  :: szereg {m}
series {n} (television or radio program)  :: serial {m}
serif {n} (short line in a font)  :: szeryf {m}
serigraphy {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
serine {n} (nonessential amino acid; CH2OH.CH(NH2)COOH)  :: seryna {f}
serious {adj} (important; weighty; not trifling; leaving no room for play)  :: poważny {m}
serious {adj} (without humor or expression of happiness)  :: poważny {m}
seriously {adv} (in a serious or literal manner)  :: poważnie
sermon {n} (religious discourse)  :: kazanie {n}
sermon {n} (speech of reproval)  :: kazanie {n}
Sermon on the Mount {prop} (public discourse given by Jesus)  :: kazanie na górze {n}
serotonin {n} (the compound 5-hydroxytryptamine)  :: serotonina {f}
serpent {n} (snake)  :: wąż {m}
Serpentarius {prop} (Ophiuchus) SEE: Ophiuchus  ::
Serpukhovian {prop} (subdivision of the Carboniferous period)  :: Serpuchow
Serravallian {prop} (subdivision of the Miocene epoch)  :: Serrawal
serum {n} (blood serum containing antibodies) SEE: antiserum  ::
servant {n} (one who is hired to perform regular household or other duties, and receives compensation)  :: służący {m-pr}, służąca {f}
serve {n} (AUS: portion of food) SEE: serving  ::
server {n} (computing: a program which provides services to other programs or users)  :: serwer {m}
server {n} (one who serves)  :: kelner {m}, kelnerka {f}
server {n}  :: serwer {m}
serve someone right {v} (serves you right!)  :: dobrze Ci tak! {m} {f}, masz na co zasłużyłeś! {m}, masz na co zasłużyłaś! {f}, sam jesteś sobie winien! {m}, sama jesteś sobie winna! {f}
serve time {v} (to be in prison) SEE: do time  ::
Servian {adj} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
Servian {n} (Serbian) SEE: Serbian  ::
service {n} (computing: function provided by one program or machine for another)  :: usługa {f}
service {n} (economics: work performed)  :: usługiwanie {n}, usługa {f}, serwis {m}, służba {f}
service {n} (the military)  :: służba {f}
serviceman {n} (man who serves in the armed forces)  :: wojskowy {m}
service station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
serviette {n} (napkin) SEE: napkin  ::
serving {n} (portion of food)  :: porcja {f}
sesame {n} (plant)  :: sezam {m}
sesame {n} (seed)  :: sezam {m}
sesterce {n} (sestertius) SEE: sestertius  ::
set {adj} (intent, determined)  :: zdeterminowany {m}
set {adj} (of hair: fixed in a certain style)  :: ułożony {m}
set {adj} (prearranged)  :: ustalony {m}, określony {m}
set {adj} (ready, prepared)  :: gotowy {m}
set {n} (badger’s home) SEE: sett  ::
set {n} (collection of various objects for a particular purpose, such as a set of tools)  :: zestaw {m}
set {n} (device for receiving broadcast radio waves; a radio or television)  :: odbiornik {m}
set {n} (group of people, usually meeting socially)  :: grupa {f}, zespół {m}
set {n} (in tennis)  :: set {m}
set {n} (matching collection of similar things, such as a set of tables)  :: komplet {m}
set {n} (plural: set theory) SEE: set theory  ::
set {n} (scenery for a film or play)  :: plan {m}, dekoracje {f-p}
set {n} (set theory: collection of objects)  :: zbiór {m}
set {n} (volleyball)  :: set {m}
set {v} (of a heavenly body: to disappear below the horizon)  :: zachodzić
set {v} (to adjust)  :: nastawić, ustawiać
set {v} (to arrange type)  :: składać
set {v} (to arrange with dishes and cutlery)  :: zastawić, nakryć
set {v} (to determine)  :: ustalać, określać
set {v} (to devise and assign work)  :: zadawać
set {v} (to introduce)  :: nakreślić
set {v} (to locate, to backdrop)  :: umiejscawiać
set {v} (to prepare (a stage or film set))  :: przygotowywać
set {v} (to put something down)  :: kłaść, stawiać
set {v} (to sit) SEE: sit  ::
set {v} (to solidify)  :: zastygać, tężeć, wysychać
set fire {v} (to light using fire)  :: podpalać {impf}, podpalić {pf}
set forth {v} (to begin a journey)  :: wyruszyć
set forth {v} (to present for consideration)  :: przedstawić
set list {n} (setlist) SEE: setlist  ::
set off {v} (To offset) SEE: offset  ::
set on fire {v} (cause to begin to burn)  :: podpalić
set phrase {n} (idiomatic expression)  :: związek frazeologiczny {m}
set square {n} (flat triangular piece of plastic or other material used in technical drawing)  :: ekierka {f}
Setswana {prop} (Tswana) SEE: Tswana  ::
set-theoretic difference {n} (set-theoretic difference) SEE: relative complement  ::
set theory {n} (mathematical theory of sets)  :: teoria mnogości {f}
setting {n} (placement of a control)  :: ustawienie {n}, konfiguracja {f}
settlement {n} (A colony that is newly established; a place or region newly settled)  :: osada {f}, osiedle {n}
settlement {n} ((architecture): The gradual sinking of a building)  :: osiadanie {n}
settlement {n} ((finance) The delivery of goods by the seller and payment for them by the buyer)  :: rozliczenie {n}, spłacenie {n}, uregulowanie {n}
settlement {n} ((law) A disposition of property, or the act of granting it)  :: zapisanie {n}
settlement {n} ((law) A settled place of abode; residence; a right growing out of legal residence)  :: zasiedzenie {n}
settlement {n} (The state of being settled)  :: porozumienie {n}, ugoda {f}
settlement agreement {n} (a contractual agreement between parties to actual or potential litigation by which each party agrees to a resolution of the underlying dispute)  :: ugoda {f}
settler {n} (someone who settles in a new location, especially one who makes a previously uninhabited place his home)  :: osadnik {m}
Sevastopol {prop} (city)  :: Sewastopol {m}
sevdalinka {n} (genre of folk music)  :: sevdalinka {f}, sevdah {m}
seven {n} (a card bearing seven pips)  :: siódemka {f}
seven {n} (the figure seven)  :: siódemka {f}
seven {num} (cardinal number 7)  :: siedem, [collective] siedmioro
seven deadly sins {n} (the cardinal sins)  :: siedem grzechów głównych {p}
seven hundred {num} (cardinal number 700)  :: siedemset
sevennight {n} (period of seven consecutive days and nights) SEE: week  ::
seven seas {n} (all of the Earths oceans)  :: siedem mórz
seventeen {num} (cardinal number)  :: siedemnaście, [collective] siedemnaścioro
seventeenth {num} (ordinal number)  :: siedemnasty (abbreviation 17.)
seventh {adj} (ordinal form of the number seven)  :: siódmy (abbreviation 7.)
seventh {n} (musical interval)  :: septyma {f}
seventh heaven {n} (state of great joy and satisfaction)  :: siódme niebo
seven thousand {num} (7,000)  :: siedem tysięcy
seventies {n} (the decade of the 1970s)  :: lata siedemdziesiąte {p}, lata 70. {p}
seventieth {adj} (ordinal form of the number seventy (70))  :: siedemdziesiąty (abbreviation 70.)
seventy {num} (cardinal number)  :: siedemdziesiąt
seventy-eight {num} (78)  :: siedemdziesiąt osiem
seventy-five {num} (75)  :: siedemdziesiąt pięć
seventy-four {num} (74)  :: siedemdziesiąt cztery
seventy-nine {num} (79)  :: siedemdziesiąt dziewięć
seventy-one {num} (71)  :: siedemdziesiąt jeden
seventy-seven {num} (77)  :: siedemdziesiąt siedem
seventy-six {num} (76)  :: siedemdziesiąt sześć
seventy-three {num} (73)  :: siedemdziesiąt trzy
seventy-two {num} (72)  :: siedemdziesiąt dwa
severable {adj} (capable of being severed)  :: wypowiadalny {m}
several {determiner} (consisting of a number more than two, but not very many)  :: kilka
severance {n} (severance payment) SEE: severance pay  ::
severance payment {n} (money paid to employee in case of layoff) SEE: severance pay  ::
severe {adj} (strict or harsh)  :: srogi
severe {adj} (very bad or intense)  :: poważny
Seville {prop} (city in Spain)  :: Sewilla {f}
sew {v} ((transitive) use a needle)  :: szyć
sewerage {n} (sewage) SEE: sewage  ::
sewing machine {n} (device)  :: maszyna do szycia {f}
sex {n} (act of sexual intercourse)  :: seks {m}
sex {n} (gender (female or male))  :: płeć {f}
sex {v} (to determine the sex of)  :: seksować
sexagenarian {n} (a person who is between the ages of 60 and 69)  :: sześćdziesięciolatek {m}, sześćdziesięciolatka {f}
sex appeal {n} (sexual attractiveness)  :: seksapil {m}, atrakcyjność seksualna {f}
sex gland {n} (gland in which sex cells are produced) SEE: gonad  ::
sexism {n} (gender discrimination or dislike)  :: seksizm {m}
sex life {n} (part of a person's life that is directly concerned with sexual activity)  :: życie seksualne {n}
sexology {n} (The study of sex and sexuality)  :: seksuologia {f}
sex shop {n} (shop that sells sexual merchandise)  :: sex shop {m}
sextillion {num} (a trillion billion, 1021)  :: tryliard {m}
sexton {n} (church official)  :: zakrystian {m}
sexual {adj} (of or relating to having sex)  :: płciowy {m}
sexual {adj} (of or relating to sexuality)  :: seksualny {m}
sexual {adj} (of or relating to the sex of an organism)  :: płciowy {m}
sexual act {n} (sex act) SEE: sex act  ::
sexual harassment {n} (sexual harassment)  :: molestowanie seksualne {n}
sexual intercourse {n} (sexual interaction)  :: stosunek płciowy {m}
sexuality {n} (concern with or interest in sexual activity)  :: seksualność {f}
sexuality {n} (sexual activity)  :: seksualność {f}
sexuality {n} (sexual identity)  :: seksualność {f}
sexuality {n} (sexual orientation) SEE: sexual orientation  ::
sexuality {n} (sexual potency)  :: seksualność {f}
sexuality {n} (sexual receptivity)  :: seksualność {f}
sexuality {n} (that which is characterized or distinguished by sex)  :: seksualność {f}
sexually transmitted disease {n} (disease contracted through sexual contact)  :: choroba przenoszona drogą płciową {f}
sexual minority {n} (those outside mainstream sexual expression)  :: mniejszość seksualna {f}
sexual orientation {n} (sexual orientation)  :: orientacja seksualna {f}
sexual reproduction {n} (process whereby a new organism created by combining the genetic material of two organisms)  :: rozmnażanie płciowe
Seychelles {prop} (country in East Africa)  :: Seszele
Sfax {prop} (Tunisian city)  :: Safakis
shabrack {n} (saddlecloth of a cavalry horse)  :: czaprak {m}
shackle {n} (restraint fit over an appendage)  :: kajdany {p}
shackle {n} (stubble) SEE: stubble  ::
shad {n} (fishes of the herring family)  :: aloza
shadbush {n} (serviceberry) SEE: serviceberry  ::
shade {n} (darkness where light is blocked)  :: cień {m}
shade {n} (variety of color)  :: odcień {m}
shade horsetail {n} (Equisetum pratense)  :: skrzyp łąkowy {m}
shadow {n} (dark image projected onto a surface)  :: cień {m}
shadow-box {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadowbox {n} (diorama) SEE: diorama  ::
shadow-box {v} (shadowbox) SEE: shadowbox  ::
Shadow Cabinet {n} (a senior group of opposition politicians who shadow the members of the government)  :: gabinet cieni {m}
shadow play {n} (form of storytelling using opaque figures in front of an illuminated backdrop)  :: teatr cieni {m}
shadowy {adj} (of or pertaining to shadow)  :: cienisty {m}
shaft {n} (long passage sunk into the earth)  :: szyb {m}
shaft {n} (ventilation or heating conduit)  :: szyb {m}
shaft {n} (vertical passage housing a lift)  :: szyb {m}
shag {v} (to have sexual intercourse with)  :: pieprzyć się
shag {v} (to shake)  :: mieszać {n}
shaggy {adj} (rough with long or thick hair, fur or wool; unshaven, ungroomed, or unbrushed)  :: kudłaty {m}, kosmaty {m}
shah {n} (king of Persia)  :: szach {m}
shahada {n} (Islamic declaration of belief)  :: szahada {f}
shaheed {n} (martyr) SEE: martyr  ::
shake {n} (beverage made of ice cream and carbonated drink) SEE: float  ::
shake {v} (intransitive: to shake hands)  :: podać sobie dłonie
shake {v} (transitive: to cause to move)  :: trząść {impf}, potrząsnąć {pf}
shake {v} (transitive: to disturb emotionally)  :: wstrząsnąć {pf}
shake {v} (transitive: to lose, evade)  :: pozbyć się
Shakespeare {prop} (English playwright)  :: Szekspir {m}
Shakespearean {adj} (pertaining to Shakespeare or his works)  :: Szekspirowski, szekspirowski
shako {n} (military dress hat)  :: czako {n}
shale gas {n} (natural gas)  :: gaz łupkowy {m}
shall {v} (indicating the simple future tense)  :: powinno się
shallot {n} (vegetable in the onion family)  :: szalotka {f}
shallow {adj} (extending not far downward)  :: płytki
shallow {adj} (having little depth and significantly less deep than wide)  :: płytki
shallow {n} (shallow portion of an otherwise deep body of water)  :: mielizna {f}
shalom {interj} (transliteration of the Jewish greeting or farewell)  :: szalom
shalwar {n} (garment)  :: szarawary {f-p}
sham {adj} (intended to deceive)  :: udawany {m}
shaman {n} (a medium between the concrete and spirit worlds)  :: szaman {m}
shamanism {n} (range of traditional beliefs)  :: szamanizm {m}
shame {n} (uncomfortable or painful feeling)  :: wstyd {m}
shame {v} (to cause to feel shame)  :: zawstydzać
shameful {adj} (causing or meriting shame or disgrace)  :: haniebny {m}
shamefully {adv} (in a shamefull manner)  :: haniebnie
shameless {adj} (having no shame)  :: bezwstydny {m}
shamelessly {adv} (in a shameless manner)  :: bezwstydnie
shampoo {n} (product for washing the hair or other fibres)  :: szampon {m}
shamrock {n} (any of several small plants, forms of clover) SEE: clover  ::
shamrock {n} (trefoil leaf of any clover)  :: koniczyna {f}, dzięcielina {f}
Shanghai {prop} (Chinese city)  :: Szanghaj {m}
shank {n} (lower part of the leg)  :: goleń {f}
shaowei {n} (siu mei) SEE: siu mei  ::
shape {n} (appearance or outline)  :: kształt {m}, forma
shape {n} (condition of personal health, especially muscular health)  :: forma, kondycja
shaped {adj} (Hyponyms) SEE: -shaped  ::
-shaped {suffix} (having a shape similar to)  :: -kształtny {m}
shapeshifter {n} (A creature capable of changing its appearance)  :: zmiennokształtny {m}
sharaga {n} (sharashka) SEE: sharashka  ::
sharbat {n} (sherbet) SEE: sherbet  ::
shard {n} (piece)  :: skorupa {m}, odłamek {f}
share {n} (financial instrument)  :: akcja {f}
share {n} (plowshare) SEE: plowshare  ::
share {n} (portion of something)  :: część {f}
share {v} (to divide and distribute)  :: udostępniać
share {v} (to give)  :: dzielić się
share {v} (to have in common)  :: dzielić
share {v} (to tell to another)  :: dzielić się
shareholder {n} (one who owns shares of stock)  :: akcjonariusz {m}
shari'a {n} (Islamic religious law)  :: szariat {m}
shark {n} (scaleless cartilaginous fish)  :: rekin {m}
sharp {adj} (able to cut easily)  :: ostry
sharp {adj} (forming a small angle)  :: ostry
sharp {adj} (having an intense, acrid flavour)  :: ostry
sharp {adj} (pointed, able to pierce easily)  :: ostry
sharpen {v} (to make sharp)  :: ostrzyć {impf}
sharpshooter {n} (marksman)  :: strzelec wyborowy {m}
sharp tongue {n} (speaking in a harsh manner)  :: cięty język {m}
shashlik {n} (skewered dish)  :: szaszłyk {m}
shave {n} (an instance of shaving)  :: golenie {n}
shave {v} (to remove hair from)  :: golić {impf}, ogolić {pf}
shave {v} (to remove hair from one's face)  :: golić się {impf}, ogolić się {pf}
shaver {n} (barber) SEE: barber  ::
shaver {n} (boy) SEE: boy  ::
shaver {n} (electric razor)  :: golarka {f}
shaver {n} (pillager) SEE: pillager  ::
shaver {n} (sharper) SEE: sharper  ::
shaw {n} (thicket) SEE: thicket  ::
shawarma {n} (Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap)  :: szałarma {f}
shawl {n} (a square piece of cloth worn as a covering for the head, neck, and shoulders)  :: szal {m}
shawm {n} (wind instrument)  :: szałamaja {f}
shchi {n} (a type of Russian soup)  :: szczi {p}
she {pron} (person)  :: ona
sheaf {n} (bundle of grain or straw)  :: snop {m}
sheaf {n} (sheave) SEE: sheave  ::
shear {n} (the act of shearing, or something removed by shearing)  :: ścinanie {n}
shear {v} (to cut)  :: ciąć, ścinać
shear {v} (to deform because of shearing forces)  :: ścinać
shear {v} (to remove the fleece from a sheep)  :: strzyc
shears {n} (tool consisting of two blades with bevel edges)  :: nożyce {p}
shearwater {n} (seabird)  :: burzyk {m}
sheath {n} (condom) SEE: condom  ::
sheath {n} (scabbard)  :: pochwa {f}
she-cat {n} (a female cat)  :: kocica {f}
shed {n} (temporary structure to shelter something)  :: szopa {f}
shed light on {v} (to illuminate)  :: oświecić, objaśnić
sheep {n} (animal)  :: owca {f}
sheepdog {n} (dog used for herding sheep)  :: owczarek {m}
sheepherder {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
sheepishly {adv} (in a sheepish way)  :: z zakłopotaniem
sheeple {n} (the sheeple, one of the sheeple)  :: leming {m}
sheer {adj} (pure; unmixed)  :: czysty {m}
sheer {adj} (straight up and down; vertical; perpendicular)  :: urwisty {m}
sheer {adj} (very thin or transparent)  :: przezroczysty
sheet {n} (bedsheet) SEE: bedsheet  ::
sheet {n} (sheet of paper)  :: arkusz {m}
sheet metal {n} (Metal worked into a thin, flat sheet)  :: blacha {f}
she-goat {n} (female goat)  :: koza {f}
Sheinwoodian {prop} (subdivision of the Silurian period)  :: Sheinwood
shekel {n} (ancient unit of weight)  :: sykl {m}
shekel {n} (sheqel) SEE: sheqel  ::
shelf {n} (structure)  :: półka {f}
shell {n} (casing of an artillery projectile)  :: łuska {f}
shell {n} (chemistry: set of atomic orbitals that have the same principal quantum number)  :: powłoka walencyjna {f}
shell {n} (computing: general-purpose environment)  :: powłoka {f}
shell {n} (covering of a nut)  :: łupina {f}
shell {n} (entomology: exoskeleton of certain insects)  :: pancerz {m}
shell {n} (hard covering of an egg)  :: skorupka {f}
shell {n} (husks of cacao seeds)  :: plewa {f}
shell {n} (pod)  :: strąk {m}, strączek {m}
shellac {n} (processed secretion of the lac insect)  :: szelak {m}, gumilaka {f}
shellfish {n} (aquatic food that has a shell)  :: skorupiak {m}
shelter {n} (a refuge or other protection)  :: schronienie {n}
shelve {v} (to place on a shelf)  :: odkładać na półkę
shelve {v} (to store, set aside, quit, or halt)  :: odkładać na półkę
shenanigan {n} (shenanigans) SEE: shenanigans  ::
shepherd {n} (a person who tends sheep)  :: pasterz {m}
shepherdess {n} (female shepherd)  :: pasterka {f}, pastuszka {f}
shepherd's purse {n} (Capsella bursa-pastoris)  :: tasznik {m}
Sheremetyevo {prop} (airport in Russia)  :: Szeremetjewo {n}
sheriff {n} (all meanings)  :: szeryf {m}
she-tiger {n} (tigress) SEE: tigress  ::
Shetland {prop} (Shetland Islands) SEE: Shetland Islands  ::
Shevchenko {prop} (surname)  :: Szewczenko {m} {f}
she-wolf {n} (female wolf)  :: wilczyca {f}
shh {interj} (requesting silence)  :: sza, ciii
Shi'a {n} (follower of Shi'a Islam)  :: szyita {m}
shield {n} (anything that protects or defends)  :: osłona
shield {n} (armor)  :: tarcza {f}, szczyt {m} [archaic]
shield {v} (to protect, to defend)  :: osłaniać
shield volcano {n} (volcano)  :: wulkan tarczowy {m}
shift {n} (act of shifting)  :: przesunięcie
shift {n} (change of workers)  :: zmiana {f}
shift {n} (type of women's undergarment) SEE: slip  ::
Shiite {n} (Shi'a) SEE: Shi'a  ::
shiksa {n} (non-Jewish girl)  :: sziksa {f}
shilajit {n} (tar-like substance used in traditional medicine)  :: mumio {n}
shill {n} (a person paid to endorse a product favourably)  :: słup {m}
Shimon {prop} (male given name) SEE: Simeon  ::
Shimshon {prop} (given name) SEE: Samson  ::
shin {n} (front part of the leg below the knee)  :: goleń {f}
shinbone {n} (inner bone of the hind limb below the knee)  :: kość piszczelowa
shine {n} (shoeshine) SEE: shoeshine  ::
shine {n} (slang: moonshine) SEE: moonshine  ::
shine {n} (sunshine) SEE: sunshine  ::
shine {v} (to emit light)  :: świecić {impf}
shine {v} (to reflect light)  :: lśnić
shiner {n} (black eye) SEE: black eye  ::
shingles {n} (herpes zoster)  :: półpasiec {m}
shinkansen {n} (bullet train) SEE: bullet train  ::
Shinto {prop} (religion)  :: shinto, szinto, sinto, shintoizm {m}, sintoizm {m}, szintoizm {m}, szyntoizm {m}
Shintoism {prop} (Shinto) SEE: Shinto  ::
shiny {adj} (reflecting light)  :: błyszczący
ship {n} (large water vessel)  :: statek {m}, okręt {m}
-ship {suffix} (Property or state of being)  :: -stwo {n}
shipbuilding {n} (construction of ships)  :: okrętownictwo {n}
shipment {n} (load of goods)  :: przesyłka {f}, transport {m}
shipyard {n} (place to build and repair ships)  :: stocznia {f}
Shiraz {prop} (a city in southern Iran)  :: Sziraz {m}
shire {n} (former administrative area of Britain; a county)  :: hrabstwo {n}
shire {n} (rural or outer suburban local government area of Australia)  :: hrabstwo
shirt {n} (article of clothing)  :: koszula {f}
shit {adj} (of poor quality)  :: gówniany
shit {n} (definite plural: diarrhea)  :: sraczka {f}
shit {n} (rubbish)  :: kupa
shit {n} (solid excretory product evacuated from the bowel)  :: gówno, łajno {n}
shit {v} (to defecate)  :: srać
shit ass {n} (shitass) SEE: shitass  ::
shitfaced {adj} (very drunk)  :: najebany, napierdolony, nabzdryngolony
shit happens {phrase} (expression of acceptance of misfortune) SEE: such is life  ::
shithouse {adj} (of poor quality)  :: gówniany, chujowy
shithouse {n} (outhouse)  :: sracz {m}
shitload {n} (vulgar slang: a large amount)  :: pierdyliard {m}, w chuj, w pizdu
shit oneself {v} (vulgar slang: be very scared)  :: obsrać się, posrać się
shit oneself {v} (vulgar slang: soil oneself)  :: zesrać się
shitstorm {n} (A violent situation.)  :: burdel {m}, sajgon {m}, meksyk {m}
shitstorm {n} (Considerable backlash.)  :: gównoburza [Internet slang], chryja {f}
shitter {n} (anus (vulgar)) SEE: ass  ::
shitty {adj} (very bad; unpleasant; miserable; insignificant)  :: gówniany, chujowy
Shiva {prop} (deity)  :: Śiwa {m}
shive {n} (shiva) SEE: shiva  ::
shiver {n} (the act or result of shivering)  :: drżenie {n}
shiver {v} (to tremble or shake)  :: drżeć
Shlomo {prop} (given name) SEE: Solomon  ::
Shoah {prop} (the systematic mass murder of 6 million Jews) SEE: Holocaust  ::
shoal {n} (group of fish)  :: ławica {f}
shock {n} (arrangement of sheaves for drying) SEE: stook  ::
shock {n} (electric shock)  :: porażenie {n}
shock {n} (something surprising)  :: szok {m}
shock {n} (sudden, heavy impact)  :: wstrząs {m}
shock absorber {n} (device to absorb shocks)  :: amortyzator {m}
shock wave {n} (A powerful compression wave)  :: fala uderzeniowa
shod {adj} (wearing shoes)  :: obuty {m} (of man), podkuty {m} (of horse)
shoe {n} (piece of metal designed to be attached to a horse’s foot) SEE: horseshoe  ::
shoe {n} (protective covering for the foot)  :: but {m}
shoe {v} (to put horseshoes on a horse)  :: podkuwać, podkuć
shoeblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoehorn {n} (tool used to assist the foot)  :: łyżka do butów {f}
shoelace {n} (for fastening a shoe)  :: sznurowadło {n}
shoemaker {n} (a person who makes shoes)  :: szewc {m}
shoe polish {n} (product used to make shoes shine)  :: pasta do butów {f}
shoeshine boy {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoeshine girl {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner  ::
shoetree {n} (device to preserve the shape of a shoe) SEE: shoe tree  ::
shogun {n} (shogun)  :: siogun {m}, szogun {m}, shogun {m}
shoo {interj} (go away)  :: sio
shoo {v} (to induce someone to leave)  :: pogonić
shoo {v} (usher) SEE: usher  ::
shoot {interj} (expressing disdain)  :: kurcze!, kurde!
shoot {n} (emerging stem and embryonic leaves of a new plant)  :: pęd {m}
shoot {n} (photography session)  :: sesja {f}
shoot {v} (to fire a shot)  :: strzelać {impf}, wystrzelić {pf}
shoot {v} (to fire multiple shots)  :: strzelać
shoot {v} (to hit with a shot)  :: postrzelić
shooting {n} (instance of shooting)  :: strzelanie {n}, palba {f}
shooting star {n} (meteor)  :: spadająca gwiazda {f}
shoot oneself in the foot {v} (to act against one's own interest)  :: strzelić sobie w stopę
shoot the shit {v} (chat casually) SEE: shoot the breeze  ::
shop {n} (establishment that sells goods)  :: sklep {m}, skład {m}
shop {n} (workshop)  :: warsztat {m}
shop {v} (to digitally edit a picture or photograph) SEE: photoshop  ::
shop {v} (to visit shops)  :: kupować, robić zakupy
shopaholic {n} (common term applied to someone suffering from oniomania)  :: zakupoholik {m}
shopaholic {n} (one who shops very frequently)  :: zakupoholik {m}
shopaholism {n} (addiction)  :: zakupoholizm {m}
shop assistant {n} (shop employee)  :: sprzedawca {m}, sprzedawczyni {f}
shoppe {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
shopping {n} (activity of buying)  :: zakupy {p}
shopping cart {n} (conveyance used to carry items while shopping)  :: wózek sklepowy {m}
shopping center {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping centre {n} (large retail outlet)  :: centrum handlowe {n}
shopping mall {n} (shopping centre) SEE: shopping centre  ::
shopping trolley {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart  ::
shop window {n} (large window at the front of a shop)  :: witryna {f}, wystawa {f}
shore {n} (land adjoining a large body of water)  :: brzeg {m}
shore {v} (support) SEE: shore up  ::
shore bird {n} (shorebird) SEE: shorebird  ::
shore pine {n} (lodgepole pine) SEE: lodgepole pine  ::
short {adj} (having a small distance between ends or edges)  :: krótki
short {adj} (having little duration)  :: krótki
short {v} (shortchange) SEE: shortchange  ::
short circuit {n} (an unintentional connection of low resistance or impedance in a circuit)  :: zwarcie {n}, spięcie {n}
short circuit {v} (cause a short circuit)  :: spiąć {pf}, zewrzeć {pf}
shortcoming {n} (deficiency)  :: niedociągnięcie
shortcut {n} (path)  :: skrót {m}
shortcut {n} (symlink)  :: skrót {m}
shorten {v} (to make shorter)  :: skracać {impf}, skrócić {pf}
shortly {adv} (in a short or brief time or manner)  :: wkrótce
shortness of breath {n} (dyspnea)  :: duszność
short of {phrase} (except) SEE: except  ::
shorts {n} (pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees)  :: szorty {p}
shorts {n} (plural of short) SEE: short  ::
short-sighted {adj} (myopic) SEE: myopic  ::
short story {n} (work of fiction)  :: opowiadanie {n}, nowela {f}
short-tailed hawk {n} (Buteo brachyurus)  :: myszołów krótkoogonowy
Shoshone {prop} (Amerind people)  :: Szoszoni {p}
shot {n} (launching of a ball or similar object toward a goal)  :: strzał {m}
shot {n} (photography: single unbroken sequence of photographic exposures)  :: kręcenie {n}
shot {n} (result of launching a projectile)  :: strzał {m}
Shota {prop} (male given name)  :: Szota
shotgun {n} (gun)  :: strzelba {f}
shot-putter {n} (athlete)  :: kulomiot {m}, kulomiotka {f}
should {v} (expressing likelihood)  :: powinno
should {v} (expressing obligation)  :: powinien {m}, powinna {f}, powinno {n}
shoulder {n} (joint between arm and torso)  :: ramię {n}, bark {m}
shoulder {n} (part of a road where drivers may stop in an emergency)  :: pobocze {n}
shoulder blade {n} (bone)  :: łopatka {f}
shoulder joint {n} (glenohumeral joint) SEE: glenohumeral joint  ::
shoulder pole {n} (carrying pole) SEE: carrying pole  ::
shout {n} (a loud burst of voice)  :: krzyk {m}
shout {v} (to treat with shouts or clamor)  :: krzyczeć
shout {v} (to utter a sudden and loud outcry)  :: krzyczeć
shout {v} (to utter with a shout)  :: krzyczeć
shove it up your ass {v} (exclamation of contempt (vulgar))  :: chuj ci w dupę
shovel {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
shovel {n} (tool for moving portions of material)  :: łopata
show {v} (to display)  :: pokazywać {impf}, pokazać {pf}
show {v} (to indicate (a fact) to be true)  :: pokazywać
showbusiness {n} (The entertainment industry.)  :: przemysł rozrywkowy {m}, szołbiznes {m}
shower {n} (baby shower) SEE: baby shower  ::
shower {n} (bridal shower) SEE: bridal shower  ::
shower {n} (brief fall of rain)  :: deszcz {m}, kapuśniak {m}
shower {n} (device for bathing)  :: prysznic {m}
shower {n} (instance of using of this device)  :: prysznic {m}
showman {n} (person who produces or presents shows as a profession) SEE: impresario  ::
show off {v} (to exhibit, to demonstrate something for the purpose of bragging)  :: popisywać się
showy {adj} (for show)  :: na pokaz
shrapnel {n} (fragments and debris thrown out by an exploding device)  :: szrapnel {m}
shrapnel {n} (loose change) SEE: loose change  ::
shred {n} (fragment; piece; particle)  :: kawałek {m}
shred {n} (strip)  :: strzęp {m}
shred {v} (to cut or tear into narrow pieces or strips)  :: drzeć, podrzeć
shredder {n} (machine that tears up objects into smaller pieces)  :: niszczarka {f}
shrew {n} (mouselike animal)  :: ryjówka {f}
shrew {n} (woman)  :: zołza {f}, hetera {f}, sekutnica {f}
shriek {n} (a sharp, shrill outcry or scream)  :: krzyk {m}
shriek {v} (to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry)  :: krzyczeć {impf}, krzyknąć {pf}
shrike {n} (Any of various passerine birds of the family Laniidae which are known for their habit of catching other birds and small animals and impaling the uneaten portions of their bodies on thorns)  :: dzierzba, srokosz
shrimp {n} (decapod crustacean)  :: krewetka {f}
shrine {n} (a holy place dedicated to a specific figure of respect)  :: świątynia {f}, miejsce kultu {n}
shrine {v} (enshrine) SEE: enshrine  ::
shrink {v} (intransitive: to contract, to become smaller)  :: kurczyć się
shrive {v} (confess) SEE: confess  ::
shroud {n} (dress for the dead)  :: całun {m}
Shrove Tuesday {n} (day before the beginning of Lent)  :: tłusty czwartek {m}
shrub {n} (woody plant)  :: krzew {m}, krzak {m}
shrug {v} (to raise the shoulders to express uncertainty, lack of concern, etc.)  :: wzruszyć ramionami
shuffle {v} (to put in a random order)  :: tasować
shuffle {v} (to walk without picking up one's feet)  :: powłóczyć
shufti {n} (glance) SEE: glance  ::
shun {v} (to avoid)  :: unikać, stronić
shut {v} (to close)  :: zamykać {impf}, zamknąć {pf}
shutter {n} (protective panels over windows)  :: okiennica {f}
shuttlecock {n} (badminton ball)  :: lotka {f}
shut up {v} (close (a building) so that no one can enter)  :: zamknąć
shut up {v} (enclose (a person, animal or thing) in a room or other place so that it cannot leave)  :: zamknąć
shut up {v} ("I don't believe it!")  :: nie gadaj!
shut up {v} (imperative: "Shut up!")  :: zamknij się, zamknijcie się, zamknij ryj [rude], zamknijcie ryje [to group, rude], morda w kubeł [rude], zamknij dupę [vulgar], stul dziób [insulting], stul pysk [highly insulting]
shut up {v} (intransitive: to stop talking or making noise)  :: zamknąć się
shut up {v} (put (an object) in a secure enclosed place)  :: zamknąć
shut up {v} (terminate (a business))  :: zamknąć
shut up {v} (transitive: to stop (a person) from talking or (a person or thing) from making noise)  :: zamknąć
shvitz {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
shy {adj} (cautious)  :: nieśmiały
shy {adj} (reserved)  :: nieśmiały
shy {v} (to avoid due to timidness or caution) SEE: shy away  ::
shylock {n} (loan shark) SEE: loan shark  ::
shyness {n} (quality of being shy)  :: nieśmiałość {f}
si {n} (seventh note of a major scale)  :: si
Siam {prop} (the former name of Thailand)  :: Syjam {m}
Siamese cat {n} (mammal)  :: kot syjamski {m}
Siamese fighting fish {n} (a freshwater fish)  :: bojownik syjamski
sib {n} (kindred) SEE: kindred  ::
sib {n} (kinsman) SEE: kinsman  ::
sib {n} (sibling) SEE: sibling  ::
Siberia {prop} (region of Russia)  :: Syberia {f}
Siberian Husky {n} (Siberian Husky dog)  :: husky syberyjski {m}
sibling {n} (person who shares same parents)  :: rodzeństwo {n}
sic {v} (incite an attack by)  :: szczuć {impf}, poszczuć {pf}, napuszczać {impf}, napuścić {pf}
Sicilian {adj} (relating to Sicily or its inhabitants)  :: sycylijski
Sicilian {n} (person)  :: Sycylijczyk {m}, Sycylijka {f}
Sicily {prop} (island)  :: Sycylia
sick {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
sick {n} (vomit)  :: wymiociny {p}
sick and tired {adj} (frustrated and annoyed) SEE: fed up  ::
sickle {n} (agricultural implement)  :: sierp {m}
sickle cell anaemia {n} (sickle cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell anaemia {n} (sickle-cell anaemia) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickle-cell disease {n} (sickle-cell disease) SEE: sickle-cell anemia  ::
sickly {adj} (frequently ill)  :: chorowity, schorowany
sickly {adj} (having the appearance of sickness)  :: chorowity
sickly {adj} (weak, faint)  :: wątły
sickness {n} (the quality or state of being sick or diseased; illness; disease or malady)  :: choroba {f}
side {n} (bounding straight edge of an object)  :: strona {f}
side {n} (left or right half)  :: strona {f}
side {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
side {n} (television channel) SEE: channel  ::
sideburn {n} (sideburns) SEE: sideburns  ::
sideburns {n} (facial hair reaching from the top of the head down the side of the face to the side of the chin)  :: baki, bokobrody
side by side {adv}  :: obok siebie
sidedish {n} (side dish) SEE: side dish  ::
sidelock {n} (sidelock)  :: pejsy {m-p} [usually plural]
sidelock {n} (sidelocks worn by Hasidic and Orthodox male Jews (payess, payot))  :: pejsy {m-p} [usually plural]
side order {n} (accompaniment to main course) SEE: side dish  ::
sideproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
side-straddle hop {n} (jumping jack) SEE: jumping jack  ::
side-striped jackal {n} (side-striped jackal)  :: szakal pręgowany
sidewalk {n} (paved footpath)  :: chodnik {m}
sidewards {adj} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
sidewards {adv} (sideward) SEE: sideward  ::
Sidon {prop} (city state of Phoenicia)  :: Sydon
siege engine {n} (large weapon of war to batter fortifications)  :: machina oblężnicza {f}
siemens {n} (derived unit of electrical conductance)  :: siemens {m}, simens {m}
Sierpinski triangle {n} (a fractal consisting of three copies of itself)  :: trójkąt Sierpińskiego {m}
Sierra Leone {prop} (Republic of Sierra Leone)  :: Sierra Leone
siesta {n} (an afternoon nap)  :: poobiednia drzemka {f}
sieve {n} (device to separate larger objects)  :: sitko {n}, sito {n}
sieve {n} (process that filters out unwanted pieces of input)  :: odcedzanie
sieve {v} (to strain, sift or sort using a sieve)  :: przesiać, przesiewać, odcedzić, cedzić
sievert {n} (SI unit of radiation dose)  :: siwert {m}
sift {v} (to separate or scatter (things) as if by sieving)  :: przesiać, przesiewać, odsiać, odsiewać
sift {v} (to sieve or strain (something))  :: przesiać, przesiewać
sifter {n} (tool for sifting)  :: sito {n}
sigh {interj} (expression of fatigue, exhaustion, grief, sorrow, frustration or the like)  :: ech
sigh {n} (act of sighing)  :: westchnięcie {n}
sigh {v} (to inhale a larger quantity of air than usual, and immediately expel it)  :: wzdychać
sight {n} (device used in aiming a firearm)  :: celownik {m}
sight {n} (eyesight) SEE: eyesight  ::
sight {n} (something seen)  :: widok {m}
sight {n} (something worth seeing)  :: atrakcja turystyczna {f}
sight {v} (get sight of)  :: zobaczyć
sight {v} (take aim at)  :: celować
sight {v} (visually register)  :: dojrzeć, zobaczyć
sighthound {n} (sighthound)  :: chart
sign {n} (traffic sign)  :: znak drogowy {m}
sign {v} (to make (a document) official by writing one's signature)  :: podpisywać {impf}, podpisać {pf}, podpisywać się {impf}, podpisać się {pf}
signal {n} (device to give indication)  :: sygnał {m}
signal {n} (indication)  :: sygnał {m}
signature {n} (person’s autograph name)  :: podpis {m}
signed {adj} ((mathematics, computer science) having both positive and negative varieties)  :: ze znakiem
significant {adj} (having noticeable effect)  :: znaczny, znaczący
significantly {adv} (in a significant manner: notably)  :: znacząco, znacznie
significant other {n} (romantic partner, regardless of marital status)  :: sympatia {f}
sign in {v} (log in) SEE: log in  ::
sign language {n} (sign language)  :: język migowy {m}
signpost {n} (post bearing a sign that gives information on directions)  :: drogowskaz {m}
sign up {v} (to add one's own name to the list of people who are participating in something)  :: zapisać się / zapisywać się
Sikhism {prop} (religion)  :: sikhizm {m}
silence {n} (lack of any sound)  :: cisza {f}, milczenie {n} [when nobody talks]
silence is golden {proverb} (proverb)  :: milczenie jest złotem
silent {adj} (free from sound or noise; absolutely still; perfectly quiet)  :: milczeć [verb "to be silent"]
silently {adv} (in a silent manner; making no noise)  :: cicho
silent miscarriage {n} (missed abortion) SEE: missed abortion  ::
Silesia {prop} (region)  :: Śląsk {m}
Silesian {adj} (of or pertaining to Silesia)  :: śląski {m}
Silesian {n} (inhabitant of Silesia)  :: Ślązak {m}, Ślązaczka {f}
silhouette {n} (representation of the outlines of an object filled in with a black color)  :: zarys, kontur
Siliana {prop} (Tunisian town)  :: Siljana
silica gel {n} (granular form of silica)  :: silikażel {m}
silicate {n} (salt or mineral)  :: krzemian {m}
silicon {n} (non-metallic element)  :: krzem {m}
Silicon Valley {prop} (nickname for region in San Francisco)  :: Dolina Krzemowa {f}
silk {n} (fiber)  :: jedwab {m}
silk-screen printing {n} (screen printing) SEE: screen printing  ::
silkworm {n} (caterpillar)  :: jedwabnik morwowy {m}
sill {n} (base of a window)  :: parapet {m-in}, podokiennik {m-in}
sill {n} (layer of igneous rock)  :: sill {m-in}
silly {adj} (foolish, showing a lack of good sense and wisdom)  :: głupi
silt {n} (fine earth deposited by water)  :: muł {m}, {m}
silver {adj} (having a color/colour like silver)  :: srebrny
silver {adj} (made from silver)  :: srebrny
silver {n} (metal)  :: srebro {n}
silver ball {n} (pinball) SEE: pinball  ::
silver goal {n} (first goal scored during the first half of extra time)  :: srebrny gol {m}
silver lining {n} (a good aspect of a mostly bad event)  :: światełko w tunelu
silver screen {n} (cinema screen)  :: srebrny ekran
silver sulfide {n} (Ag2S)  :: siarczek srebra {m}
silvery-cheeked antshrike {n} (Sakesphorus cristatus)  :: mrowiec czarnolicy
Silvia {prop} (female given name)  :: Sylwia {f}
Silvius {prop} (male given name)  :: Sylwiusz {m}
SIM card {n} (small, removable card which stores mobile phone data)  :: karta SIM
Simferopol {prop} (city)  :: Symferopol {m}
similar {adj} (Having traits or characteristics in common; alike, comparable)  :: podobny {m}
similar {adj} (of geometric figures, having the same shape)  :: podobny {m}
similarity {n} (closeness)  :: podobieństwo {n}
simile {n} (figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another)  :: porównanie {n}
simmer {v} ((intransitive) to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: gotować na wolnym ogniu
simmer {v} ((transitive) to cause to cook or undergo heating slowly)  :: gotować na wolnym ogniu
Simon {prop} (male given name)  :: Szymon {m}
Simone {prop} (female given name)  :: Szymona {f}, Ksymena {f}, Simona {f}
Simonides {prop} (poet)  :: Symonides {m}
Simon says {n} (children's game)  :: Szymon mówi
simony {n} (act of buying and selling ecclesiastical offices and pardons)  :: symonia {f}, świętokupstwo {n}
simoom {n} (hot, dry wind)  :: samum {m}
simple {adj} (simple-minded)  :: prostak (noun)
simple {adj} (uncomplicated)  :: prosty {m}, łatwy {m}, lekki [easy]
simple group {n} (a group having no normal subgroups other than the trivial group and itself)  :: grupa prosta {f}
simple sentence {n} (sentence containing one independent clause and no dependent clause)  :: zdanie pojedyncze {n}
simpleton {n} (simple person lacking common sense)  :: prostak {m}
simply connected {adj} (in topology, having its fundamental group a singleton)  :: jednospójny {m}
simulate {v} (to model, replicate, duplicate the behavior)  :: symulować
simultaneous {adj} (at the same time)  :: równoczesny {m}, jednoczesny {m}
simultaneous {n} (simultaneous interpreting) SEE: simultaneous interpreting  ::
simultaneous interpreting {n} (simultaneous interpretation) SEE: simultaneous interpretation  ::
simultaneously {adv} (occurring at the same time)  :: równocześnie, jednocześnie
sin {n} (violation of religious law)  :: grzech {m}, przewina {f}
sin {v} (to commit a sin)  :: grzeszyć {impf}, zgrzeszyć {pf}
since {conj} (because)  :: ponieważ, skoro
since {conj} (from the time that)  :: od czasu kiedy, odkąd
since {prep} (from (time))  :: od
sincere {adj} (earnest)  :: szczery {m}
sincereness {n} (sincerity) SEE: sincerity  ::
since when {adv} (from what time)  :: od kiedy?, od kiedy to?
sine {n} (trigonometric function)  :: sinus {m}
Sinemurian {n} (subdivision of the Jurassic period)  :: Synemur
sine qua non {n} (prerequisite)  :: warunek sine qua non {m}, warunek niezbędny {m}
sinew {n} (tendon) SEE: tendon  ::
sinful {adj} (evil) SEE: evil  ::
sing {v} (to produce harmonious sounds with one’s voice)  :: śpiewać {impf}, zaśpiewać {pf}
Singapore {prop} (Republic of Singapore)  :: Singapur
Singaporean {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Singapore)  :: singapurski
Singaporean {n} (a person from Singapore)  :: Singapurczyk {m}, Singapurka {f}
singer {n} (person who sings)  :: piosenkarz {m}, piosenkarka {f}, śpiewak {m}, śpiewaczka {f}
Singer {prop} (surname)  :: Zynger
singeress {n} (songstress) SEE: songstress  ::
singing {n} (the act of using the voice to produce musical sounds; vocalizing)  :: śpiew {m}
single {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
single {v} (farming: to thin out) SEE: thin out  ::
single celled {adj} (consisting of one cell) SEE: unicellular  ::
single-handedly {adv} (alone; without assistance; by oneself)  :: samodzielnie
single room {n} (a hotel room with one single bed)  :: pokój jednoosobowy {m}, jedynka {f}
singlet {n} (a sleeveless shirt)  :: podkoszulek {m}
single ticket {n} (one-way ticket) SEE: one-way ticket  ::
single transferable vote {n} (voting system)  :: pojedynczy głos przechodni
singular {adj} (being out of the ordinary)  :: osobliwy
singular {adj} (linear algebra: of matrix: having no inverse)  :: nieodwracalna {f}, osobliwa {f}
singular {n} (grammar: form of a word that refers to only one thing)  :: liczba pojedyncza {f}
singularity {n} (physics: point of infinite density)  :: osobliwość {f}
Sinhala {prop} (Sinhalese) SEE: Sinhalese  ::
Sinhalese {adj} (of or pertaining to Sri Lanka)  :: syngaleski {m}
Sinhalese {n} (Sinhalese person)  :: Syngalez {m}, Syngalezka {f}
Sinhalese {prop} (the language)  :: syngaleski {m}
sinicization {n} (process of sinicising)  :: sinizacja {f}
sink {n} (basin)  :: zlew {m}, zlewozmywak {m}
sink {n} (sinkhole) SEE: sinkhole  ::
sink {v} (cause (ship, etc) to sink)  :: zatapiać {impf}, zatopić {pf}
sink {v} (descend into liquid, etc)  :: tonąć
sink {v} (submerge)  :: topić, zanurzać
sinker {n} (sinker nail) SEE: sinker nail  ::
Sinkiang {prop} (Xinjiang) SEE: Xinjiang  ::
sinless {adj} (without sin)  :: bezgrzeszny
sinner {n} (person who has sinned)  :: grzesznik {m}, grzesznica {f}
Sinocentrism {n} (belief that China is the center of the Earth)  :: sinocentryzm {m}
sinologist {n} (a student, or expert in sinology)  :: sinolog {m}
sinology {n} (Chinese studies) SEE: Chinese studies  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Japanese) SEE: Sino-Japanese  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Korean) SEE: Sino-Korean  ::
Sino-Xenic {adj} (Sino-Vietnamese) SEE: Sino-Vietnamese  ::
sinus {n} (pouch or cavity in any organ or tissue)  :: zatoka {f}
sinusoid {adj} (sinusoidal) SEE: sinusoidal  ::
sinusoidal {adj} (in the form of a sine wave)  :: sinusoidalny {m}
sir {n} (address to any male, especially if his name or proper address is unknown)  :: pan {m}, panie {m} (vocative case)
Sirach {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Mądrość Syracha {f}
sire {v} (to procreate)  :: spłodzić
siren {n} (device for making a sound alarm)  :: syrena {f}
siren {n} (nymph of Greek mythology)  :: syrena {f}
sirensong {n} (siren song) SEE: siren song  ::
Sirius {prop}  :: Syriusz {m}
sirup {n} (syrup) SEE: syrup  ::
siskin {n} (small European finch) SEE: Eurasian siskin  ::
sissy {n} (sister) SEE: sis  ::
sister {n} (a nun; a female member of a religious community)  :: siostra {f}
sister {n} (attributively: of an entity that has a special relationship with another)  :: siostrzany
sister {n} (senior nurse)  :: siostra {f}
sister {n} (woman or girl having the same parents)  :: siostra {f}
sister-in-law {n} (brother's wife)  :: bratowa {f}
sister-in-law {n} (husband's sister)  :: szwagierka {f}
sister-in-law {n} (wife's sister)  :: szwagierka {f}
Sisyphean {adj} (incessant, see also: Incessant or incessantly recurring, but futile)  :: syzyfowy
Sisyphean {adj} (Relating to Sisyphus)  :: syzyfowy
sit {v} (of a person, be in a position in which the upper body is upright and the legs are supported)  :: siedzieć {impf}
sitar {n} (musical instrument)  :: sitar
sit down {v} (to assume a sitting position from a standing position)  :: siadać {impf}, usiąść {pf}
site {n} (place fitted or chosen for any certain permanent use or occupation)  :: miejsce {n}
sit-in {n} (type of protest)  :: strajk okupacyjny {m}
sit on it {v} (sit on) SEE: sit on  ::
sitting duck {n} (an obvious or unconcealed target)  :: łatwy cel, łatwa zdobycz {f}
sitting room {n} (living room) SEE: living room  ::
situation {n} (one's status with regard to circumstances)  :: sytuacja {f}
situation {n} (position vis-à-vis surroundings)  :: sytuacja {f}, pozycja {f}
situation {n} (state of affairs)  :: sytuacja {f}, położenie {n}
sit-up {n} (exercise in which the abdominal muscles are contracted)  :: brzuszek {m}
six {n} (digit)  :: szóstka {f}
six {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześć, [collective] sześcioro
six hundred {num} (cardinal number 600)  :: sześćset
six of one, half a dozen of the other {proverb} (two alternatives are equivalent or indifferent)  :: wart Pac pałaca, a pałac Paca
sixteen {num} (cardinal number 16)  :: szesnaście, [collective] szesnaścioro
sixteenth {num} (the ordinal form of the number sixteen)  :: szesnasty (abbreviation 16.)
sixteenth note {n} (sixteenth note) SEE: semiquaver  ::
sixth {adj} (ordinal form of the number six)  :: szósty
sixth {n} (interval)  :: seksta {f}
sixth {n} (person or thing in sixth place)  :: szósty
six thousand {num} (6000)  :: sześć tysięcy
sixties {n} (decade of the 1960s)  :: lata sześćdziesiąte {p}, lata 60. {p}
sixtieth {adj} (the ordinal form of the number sixty)  :: sześćdziesiąty, 60.
sixty {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt
sixty-eight {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt osiem
sixty-five {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt pięć
sixty-four {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt cztery
sixty-nine {n} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt dziewięć
sixty-one {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt jeden
sixty-seven {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt siedem
sixty-six {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt sześć
sixty-three {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt trzy
sixty-two {num} (cardinal number)  :: sześćdziesiąt dwa
sizable {adj} (sizeable) SEE: sizeable  ::
size {n} (assize) SEE: assize  ::
size {n} (dimensions or magnitude of a thing)  :: rozmiar {m}, wielkość {f}
sizeable {adj} (fairly large)  :: znaczny, znaczący
sizzle {n} (the sound of water hitting a hot surface)  :: skwierczenie {n}
sizzle {v} (to make the sound of water hitting a hot surface)  :: skwierczeć
skate {n} (ice skate or roller skate)  :: łyżwa {f}
skate {n} (runner)  :: łyżwa {f}
skateboard {n} (platform on wheels)  :: deskorolka {f}
skater {n} (insect) SEE: water strider  ::
skater {n} (person who skates)  :: łyżwiarz {m}
skating {n} (action or sport)  :: łyżwiarstwo {n}
skating rink {n} (frozen surface for skating)  :: lodowisko {n}
skedaddle {v} (move or run away quickly)  :: zwiewać, zwiać
skeeter {n} (mosquito) SEE: mosquito  ::
skein {n} (winning streak) SEE: winning streak  ::
skeleton {n} (frame that provides support to a building)  :: szkielet {m}
skeleton {n} (system that provides support to an organism)  :: szkielet {m}, kościec {m}
skeptic {n} (someone who habitually doubts beliefs and claims)  :: sceptyk {m}, sceptyczka {f}
skepticism {n} (general disposition to doubt)  :: sceptycyzm
sketch {n} (lookout) SEE: lookout  ::
sketch {n} (quick freehand drawing)  :: szkic {m}
sketch {n} (short musical, dramatic or literary work or idea)  :: skecz {m}
skew {adj} (neither perpendicular nor parallel)  :: skośny
ski {n} (one of a pair of long flat runners designed for gliding over snow)  :: narta {f}
ski {v} (to move on skis)  :: zjeżdżać na nartach
skiascope {n} (retinoscope) SEE: retinoscope  ::
skier {n} (someone who practices skiing)  :: narciarz {m}
ski jump {n} (ramp)  :: skocznia {f}
ski jumping {n} (a winter sport)  :: skoki narciarskie {p}
ski lift {n}  :: wyciąg narciarski {m}
skill {n} (capacity to do something well)  :: umiejętność {f}
skilled {adj} (having or showing skill)  :: umiejętny {m}
skim {v} (ricochet)  :: rikoszetować
skimpy {adj} (small or inadequate; not generous, or of a garment, very small, light, or revealing)  :: skąpy {m}; (of a garment) kusy {m}
skin {n} (congealed layer on the surface of a liquid)  :: kożuch {m}
skin {n} (outer covering of the body of a person or animal)  :: skóra {f}
skin {n} (skinhead)  :: skin {m}
skin {n} (skin of an animal used by humans)  :: skóra {f}
skinhead {n} (member of skinhead subculture)  :: skinhead {m}, skin {m}, skinio {m}, łysol {m}, łysy {m}
skin mag {n} (skin magazine) SEE: skin magazine  ::
skinny {adj} (thin)  :: chudy
skip {n} (An open-topped rubbish bin)  :: kosz na śmieci {m}
skipping rope {n} (rope for play or exercise)  :: skakanka {f}
skip rope {n} (rope used) SEE: skipping rope  ::
skip rope {v} (to jump over a rope) SEE: jump rope  ::
skirt {n} (clothing)  :: spódnica {f}
skirting board {n} (panel between floor and interior wall)  :: listwa przypodłogowa {f}
skitrack {n} (ski track) SEE: ski track  ::
Skopjan {adj} (from Skopje)  :: skopijski {m}
Skopjan {n} (someone from Skopje)  :: skopijczyk {m}, skopijka {f}
Skopje {prop} (capital of Macedonia)  :: Skopie {n}, Skopje {n} [rare]
Skopje {prop} (Macedonia) SEE: Macedonia  ::
Skopostheorie {n} (idea that translating and interpreting should take into account function) SEE: Skopos theory  ::
skua {n} (predatory seabird of the family Stercorariidae)  :: wydrzyk {m}
skull {n} (cranium)  :: czaszka {f}
skullcap {n} (cap that covers from the forehead to just above the back of the neck)  :: jarmułka {f}
skullcap {n} (flowering plant)  :: tarczyca {f}
skullduggery {n} (deceptive activities) SEE: skulduggery  ::
skunk {n} (animal)  :: skunks {m}
skunk {n} (skunkweed) SEE: marijuana  ::
sky {n} (atmosphere above a point)  :: niebo {n}, firmament {m-in}
sky {n} (heaven)  :: niebo {n}, niebiosa {p}
sky {n} (specific view, condition)  :: niebo {n}
sky blue {adj} (colour)  :: błękitny
sky burial {n} (a Tibetan funeral practice)  :: pogrzeb powietrzny {m}
skyclad {adj} (nude) SEE: nude  ::
skydiver {n} (someone who skydives)  :: spadochroniarz
skylark {n} (small brown passerine bird)  :: skowronek polny {m}
skyline {n} (horizon) SEE: horizon  ::
skyrocket {n} (pocket) SEE: pocket  ::
skyscraper {n} (tall building)  :: wieżowiec {m}, drapacz chmur {m}
slag {n} (a woman (sometimes a man) who has loose morals relating to sex)  :: dziwka {f}, puszczalska {f}
slag {n} (the impurities which result and are separated out when melting a metal or refining it from its ore)  :: żużel {m}
slag {n} (the scoria of a volcano)  :: żużel {m}, scoria
slaked lime {n} (calcium hydroxide) SEE: calcium hydroxide  ::
slalomist {n} (slalomer) SEE: slalomer  ::
slam {n} (poetry slam) SEE: poetry slam  ::
slander {n} (false and malicious statement)  :: oszczerstwo {n}, pomówienie {n}
slander {v} (utter a slanderous statement)  :: szkalować
slang {n} (cant) SEE: cant  ::
slang {n} (jargon) SEE: jargon  ::
slang {n} (slang)  :: slang {m}, żargon {m}, gwara {f}
slanting {n} (quality of being slanted)  :: nachylenie {n}, pochylenie {n}, pochyłość {f}
slap {n} (A blow.)  :: klaps {m}, klepnięcie {n}, policzek {m}
slapdash {adj} (done hastily)  :: niedbały {m}, niestaranny {m}
slapdash {adv} (in a hasty or careless manner)  :: byle jak
slap in the face {n} (slap in the face or on the cheek)  :: policzek {m}, liść {m} [slang]
slap someone five {v} (give someone five) SEE: give someone five  ::
slash {n} (slash fiction) SEE: slash fiction  ::
slash {n} (symbol)  :: ukośnik {m}
slasher {n} (horror movie)  :: slasher {m}
slattern {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
slattern {n} (slut) SEE: slut  ::
slaughter {n} (a decisive defeat)  :: rzeź {f}
slaughter {n} (killing of animals (also kosher and halal rituals))  :: rzeź {f}
slaughter {n} (killing of many people)  :: rzeź {f}
slaughterhouse {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir  ::
Slav {n} (a member of a group of peoples in Eastern Europe speaking a Slavic language)  :: Słowianin {m}, Słowianka {f}
slave {n} (person forced to work for another)  :: niewolnik {m}, niewolnica {f}
slave {n} (person owned by another)  :: niewolnik {m}, niewolnica {f}
slave {n} (person who is forced to perform sexual acts)  :: niewolnik {m}, niewolnica {f}
slave-girl {n} (sex slave) SEE: sex slave  ::
slaver {n} (slave ship)  :: statek niewolniczy {m}
slaver {n} (slave trader)  :: handlarz niewolników {m}
slaver {v} (to drool saliva)  :: ślinić się
slavery {n} (condition in which one is captivated or subjugated)  :: niewola {f}
slavery {n} (condition of servitude endured by a slave)  :: niewola {f}
slavery {n} (institution or practice of owning human beings)  :: niewolnictwo {n}
Slavic {adj} (of the Slavs, their culture or languages)  :: słowiański {m}
Slavicist {n} (a scholar who specializes in the study of the Slavic family of languages)  :: slawista {m}
Slavic studies {n} (academic discipline)  :: slawistyka {f}
slavish {adj} (in the manner of a slave)  :: niewolniczy
Slavism {n} (a Slavic idiom or phrase)  :: słowianizm {m}, slawizm {m}
Slavistics {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavo- {prefix} (relating to Slavic race or languages)  :: słowiano-
Slavonia {prop} (region of Croatia)  :: Slawonia
Slavonic {adj} (Slavic) SEE: Slavic  ::
Slavonic studies {n} (Slavic studies) SEE: Slavic studies  ::
Slavophile {n} (person who is interested in the development and prosperity of the Slavic race)  :: słowianofil {m}
Slavyansk {prop} (Slovyansk) SEE: Slovyansk  ::
sleaze {n} (a person with low moral standards)  :: kanalia {f}, gnida {f}
sleaze {n} (low moral standards)  :: zgnilizna {f}, zepsucie {n}, niemoralność {f}
sleazy {adj} (Dishonorable; base; vulgar; raunchy)  :: obskurny, plugawy
sleazy {adj} (Marked by low quality; inferior; inadequate)  :: obskurny, podejrzany
sled {n} (sledge) SEE: sledge  ::
sledge {n} (sledgehammer) SEE: sledgehammer  ::
sledge {n} (sleigh or sled)  :: sanie {f-p}, sanki {f-p}
sledgehammer {n} (kind of hammer)  :: młot dwuręczny {m}, młot kowalski {m}
sleep {n} (state of reduced consciousness)  :: sen {m}
sleep {v} (to rest in state of reduced consciousness)  :: spać
sleeper {n} (horizontal wooden or concrete structural member supporting railway lines)  :: podkład {m}
sleeper {n} (railroad sleeping car) SEE: sleeping car  ::
sleeper {n} (someone who sleeps)  :: śpiący
sleep in {v} (to sleep late)  :: wyspać się
sleeping {adj} (asleep) SEE: asleep  ::
sleeping {n} (state or act of being asleep)  :: spanie {n}
sleeping bag {n} (padded or insulated bag)  :: śpiwór {m}
Sleeping Beauty {prop} (fairy tale)  :: Śpiąca Królewna {f}
sleeping car {n} (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.)  :: wagon sypialny {m}
sleep over {v} (to sleep over)  :: nocować {impf}
sleep start {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleep twitch {n} (hypnic jerk) SEE: hypnic jerk  ::
sleepwalk {v} (somnambulate) SEE: somnambulate  ::
sleepwalker {n} (somnambulist) SEE: somnambulist  ::
sleep with {v} (have sex with)  :: przespać się z ...
sleepy {adj} (feeling the need for sleep)  :: senny, śpiący
sleepy head {n} (a sleepy person) SEE: sleepyhead  ::
sleepyhead {n} (ruddy duck) SEE: ruddy duck  ::
sleepyhead {n} (sleepy person)  :: śpioch {m}
sleet {n} (mixture of rain and snow)  :: deszcz ze śniegiem
sleet {n} (rain which freezes before reaching the ground)  :: marznący deszcz {m}
sleeve {n} (part of a garment that covers the arm)  :: rękaw {m}
sleigh {adj} (sly) SEE: sly  ::
sleigh {n} (vehicle on runners) SEE: sledge  ::
sleuth {n} (bloodhound)  :: ogar
slice {n} (thin, broad piece cut off)  :: plaster {m}, plasterek {m}; kromka {f} (of bread), pajda {f} (of bread); kawałek {m};
slicer {n} (slicing cucumber) SEE: slicing cucumber  ::
slide {n} (item of play equipment)  :: zjeżdżalnia {f}
slide {n} (rubble, earth and stones moving down)  :: osuwisko
slide {v} (to lose balance)  :: poślizgnąć się
slide {v} (to move with low friction)  :: ślizgać się
slide fastener {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
slide fastener {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
slide rule {n} (analog calculator)  :: suwak logarytmiczny {m}
slide tackle {n} (soccer tackle)  :: wślizg {m}
slight {adj} (insignificant)  :: drobny, mały {m}
slightly {adv} (to a small extent or degree)  :: trochę
slim {adj} (slender)  :: szczupły {m}
slime {n} (mucilaginous substance or mucus-like substance)  :: śluz {m}, szlam {m}
sling {n} (bandage)  :: temblak {m}
sling {n} (instrument for throwing)  :: proca {f}
sling {n}  :: proca
slinger {n} (someone who slings or who uses a sling)  :: procarz {m}
slip {n} (nautical: space for a ship to moor) SEE: berth  ::
slip {v} (to lose one's traction)  :: poślizgnąć się, pośliznąć się
slip of the tongue {n} (mistake in speech)  :: przejęzyczenie {n}
slipper {n} (low shoe usually worn indoors)  :: kapeć {m}
slipper animalcule {n} (paramecium) SEE: paramecium  ::
slippery {adj} (of a surface)  :: śliski
slipstick {n} (slide rule) SEE: slide rule  ::
slivovitz {n} (rakija made of distilled, fermented plum juice)  :: śliwowica {f}
slobber {v} (To allow saliva or liquid to run from one's mouth)  :: ślinić się
sloe {n} (tree Prunus spinosa) SEE: blackthorn  ::
slogan {n} (phrase associated with a product, used in advertising)  :: hasło {n}, slogan {m}
sloop {n} (single-masted sailboat)  :: slup {m}
slop {n} (scraps which are fed to pigs)  :: pomyje {n-p}
slope {n} (area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward)  :: zbocze {n}, skarpa {f}, stok {m}
slope {n} (offensive: person of East Asian descent)  :: żółtek {m}
sloth {n} (laziness)  :: lenistwo {n}
sloth {n} (mammal)  :: leniwiec {m}
slot machine {n} (vending machine) SEE: vending machine  ::
slough {n} (the skin shed by a snake or other reptile)  :: wylinka {f}
Slovak {adj} (of Slovakia or its language)  :: słowacki, słowaccy {p} {m}, słowackie {p} {f}
Slovak {n} (native of Slovakia)  :: Słowak {m-pr}, Słowaczka {f}
Slovak {prop} (language of Slovakia)  :: słowacki {m-in}
Slovak Cuvac {n} (Slovak Chuvach)  :: czuwacz słowacki
Slovakia {prop} (Slovakia)  :: Słowacja {f}
Slovene {adj} (adjective)  :: słoweński
Slovene {n} (a person)  :: Słoweniec {m-pr}, Słowenka {f}
Slovene {prop} (the language)  :: słoweński
Slovenia {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Słowenia {f}
Slovenian {adj} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {n} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovenian {prop} (Slovene) SEE: Slovene  ::
Slovincian {prop} (of the Slovincian people and their language)  :: język słowiński {m}, słowiński {m}
Slovyansk {prop} (city)  :: Słowiańsk
slow {adj} (not quick in motion)  :: wolny, powolny
slowcoach {n} (plodder) SEE: plodder  ::
slowly {adv} (At a slow pace)  :: powoli, wolno
slowness {n} (quality of being slow)  :: powolność {f}
slowworm {n} (Anguis fragilis)  :: padalec {m}
sluff {n} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
sluff {v} (slough) SEE: slough  ::
slug {n} (gastropod)  :: ślimak {m}
slug {n} (lazy person) SEE: sluggard  ::
sluggard {n} (lazy or idle person)  :: leń {m}
sluggish {adj} (habitually idle and lazy; slothful; dull; inactive; as, a sluggish man)  :: opieszały {m}
sluice {n} (passage for water)  :: śluza {f}
slum {n} (dilapidated neighborhood)  :: slums {m}
slump {v} (to collapse heavily)  :: upadać
slur {n} (insult or slight)  :: oszczerstwo {n}, obelga {f}
slur {v} (to articulate poorly)  :: bełkotać {impf}
slurp {v} (drink noisily)  :: siorbać
Slurpee {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slushie {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
Slush Puppie {n} (slush) SEE: slush  ::
slushy {n} (flavored shaved ice served as a drink) SEE: slush  ::
slut {n} (a female dog)  :: suka {f}
slut {n}  :: flejtuch {m}, suka {f}
slut {n} (prostitute) SEE: whore  ::
slut {n} (sexually promiscuous woman)  :: kurwa {f}, dziwka {f}, szmata {f}
slyly {adv} (in a sly manner)  :: chytrze
smack {n} (sharp blow)  :: klaps {m}, chlast {m}
smack {n} ((slang) heroin) SEE: horse  ::
smack {v} (To slap someone)  :: dawać klapsa, klapnąć, plasnąć
small {adj} (not large)  :: mały
small {adj} (young)  :: mały, młody
small beer {n} (small serving of beer)  :: małe piwo {n}
small beer {n} (something of little importance)  :: małe piwo {n}
small caps {n} (font variant)  :: kapitaliki {m-p}
small-eared galago {n} (Otolemur garnettii) SEE: northern greater galago  ::
smaller {adj} (comparative of small)  :: mniejszy
small intestine {n} (upper part of the intestine)  :: jelito cienkie {n}
small potatoes {n} (small fry) SEE: small fry  ::
smalltown {n} (small town) SEE: small town  ::
smaragdine {n} (emerald) SEE: emerald  ::
smart {adj} (exhibiting intellectual knowledge, such as that found in books)  :: bystry, sprytny, zmyślny
smart {adj} (good-looking)  :: elegancki
smart {v} (to hurt or sting)  :: piec, szczypać
smart ass {n} (one promoting his own personality, wishes or views) SEE: smartass  ::
smartphone {n} (electronic handheld device)  :: smartfon {m}
SME {initialism} (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise)  :: MŚP {n-p}
smear {n} (Pap smear) SEE: Pap smear  ::
smear {v} (to spread (a substance))  :: mazać {impf}, pomazać {pf}, smarować {impf}, posmarować {pf}
smear {v} (to spread (a surface) with a substance)  :: mazać {impf}, pomazać {pf}, smarować {impf}, posmarować {pf}
smell {n} (sensation)  :: zapach {m}, woń {f}
smell {n} (sense of smell)  :: węch {m}, zmysł powonienia {m}
smell {v} (sense with nose)  :: wąchać {impf}, powąchać {pf}
smell {v} (to have a particular smell, whether good or bad; if descriptive, followed by "like" or "of")  :: pachnieć, wonieć
smell-brain {n} (part of brain involved with smelling)  :: węchomózgowie {n}
smelt {n} (production of metal, especially iron, from ore) SEE: smelting  ::
smetana {n} (type of soured cream)  :: śmietana {f}
smile {n} (a happy face expression using mouth, but without producing voice)  :: uśmiech {m}
smile {v} (to have a smile on one's face)  :: uśmiechać się {impf}
smiley {n} (emoticon) SEE: emoticon  ::
smiley {n} (representation of a smiling face)  :: buźka {f}
smith {n} (craftsperson who works metal)  :: kowal
Smith {prop} (most common surnames by language)  :: Nowak
Smith {prop} (surnames derived from the equivalents of "smith")  :: Kowalski {m}
smithy {n} (forge) SEE: forge  ::
smock {n} (a blouse)  :: bluza {f}
smock {n} (a loose garment worn as protection)  :: kitel {m}
smock {n} (undergarment)  :: kitel {m}
smoke {n} (baseball slang:fastball) SEE: fastball  ::
smoke {n} (colloquial: cigarette)  :: fajka {f}
smoke {n} (visible particles and vapour given off by burning material)  :: dym {m}
smoke {v} (to give off smoke)  :: dymić
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale smoke from a burning cigarette)  :: palić {impf} (fajkę, papierosa)
smoke {v} (to inhale and exhale tobacco smoke regularly or habitually)  :: palić (fajkę, papierosa)
smoke alarm {n} (smoke detector) SEE: smoke detector  ::
smoked {adj} (of food, preserved by treatment with smoke)  :: wędzony
smoke detector {n} (device)  :: wykrywacz dymu {m}
smoker {n} (bee smoker) SEE: bee smoker  ::
smoker {n} (person who smokes tobacco habitually)  :: palacz {m}, palaczka {f}
smoker {n} (smoking car) SEE: smoking car  ::
smokescreen {n} (disguise, mask, cover)  :: zasłona dymna {f}
smokestack {n} (a conduit or group of conduits atop a structure allowing smoke to flow out) SEE: chimney  ::
smoking {n} (smoking of tobacco)  :: palenie {n}
smoking room {n} (room designated for smokers)  :: palarnia {f}
smolder {v} (To burn with no flame and little smoke)  :: tleć
Smolensk {prop} (city)  :: Smoleńsk {m}
smooth {adj} (lacking friction, not rough)  :: gładki
smoothie {n} (smooth-talker)  :: pochlebca {m}
smoothly {adv} (in a smooth manner)  :: gładko
smother {v} (in cookery: to cook in a close dish)  :: dusić
smother {v} (to extinguish or deaden)  :: zdusić
smother {v} (to reduce to a low degree of vigor or activity)  :: przydusić
smother {v} (to suffocate)  :: udusić
SMS {n} (a text message sent on a cell phone)  :: SMS {m-in}, esemes {m-an}
SMS {v} (to send a message on a cell phone)  :: esemesować
smuggle {v} (to import or export, illicitly or by stealth, without paying lawful customs charges or duties)  :: przemycać {impf}, przemycić {pf}
smuggler {n} (One who smuggles things)  :: przemytnik {m}, przemytniczka {f}, szmugler {m}, szmuglerka {f}, kontrabandzista {m}, kontrabandzistka {f}
smurf {n} (fictional character)  :: smerf {m}
smut {n} (promiscuous woman) SEE: slut  ::
smut {n} (soot) SEE: soot  ::
snack {n} (an item of food eaten between meals)  :: przekąska {f}
SNAFU {n} (major glitch or breakdown)  :: potknięcie, wpadka {f}
SNAFU {n} (ridiculously chaotic situation)  :: bałagan {m}, burdel {m}
snag {n} (one of the secondary branches of an antler)  :: odrostek {m}
snag {n} (stump or base of a branch)  :: tylec {m}
snag {v} (to catch or tear)  :: zadrzeć {pf}
snagging list {n} (list of construction problems) SEE: punch list  ::
snail {n} (any animal of the class Gastropoda having a shell)  :: ślimak {m}
snake {n} (legless reptile)  :: wąż {m-an}
snake {v} (to move in a winding path)  :: wić się
snake eagle {n} (bird of prey)  :: gadożer {m}
snakefly {n} (insect of order Raphidioptera)  :: wielbłądka {f}
snake hawk {n} (laughing falcon) SEE: laughing falcon  ::
snaky {adj} (twisty) SEE: twisty  ::
snap {v} (to snap one's fingers)  :: pstrykać palcami {impf}, pstryknąć palcami {pf}
snapdragon {n} (any plant of the genus Antirrhinum)  :: lwia paszcza {f}
snapshot {n} (A glimpse of something)  :: migawka {f}
snare {n} (music: type of drum)  :: werbel {m}
snare {n} (trap)  :: sidła {n-p}, pułapka {f}m
snare drum {n} (tubular drum)  :: werbel {m}
Snark {prop} (fantastical monster)  :: Żmirłacz
snarky {adj} (sarcastic and irreverent)  :: kąśliwy, cięty
snarl {n} (act of snarling)  :: warczenie {n}
snarl {v} (To entangle)  :: zaplątywać się
snarl {v} (To growl)  :: warczeć
snarl {v} (To speak crossly)  :: odwarkiwać, odburkiwać
sneaker {n} (leisure shoes, often worn for sports; trainers)  :: tenisówki {f-p}, trampki {f-p}
sneer {v} (to mock with a grimace)  :: drwić {impf}, szydzić {impf}, kpić {impf}
sneeze {n} (act of sneezing)  :: kichnięcie {n}
sneeze {v} (expel air as a reflex)  :: kichać {impf}, kichnąć {pf}
snicker {v} (to emit a snicker)  :: chichot
sniff {v} (to make a short audible inhalation)  :: węszyć [smell about], niuchać [smell], pociągać nosem [make noises because of a runny nose]
snipe {n} (bird of the family Scolopacidae)  :: bekas {m}, kszyk {m}, bekas kszyk {m}
sniper {n} (a person using long-range small arms for precise attacks from a concealed position)  :: snajper {m}
snippet {n} (a tiny piece or part)  :: skrawek {m}, strzęp {m}, (mały) fragment {m}
snitch {n} (informer, usually one who betrays his group)  :: donosiciel {m}, (coll.) kapuś {m}
snitch {n} (nose)  :: nochal {m}, kinol {m}
snitch {n} (thief)  :: złodziej {m}
Sněžka {prop} (mountain)  :: Śnieżka
snog {v} (slang: kiss passionately)  :: migdalić się {impf}, uderzać w ślinę {impf}
snood {n} (hairnet) SEE: hairnet  ::
snood {n} (neckwarmer) SEE: neckwarmer  ::
snooker {n} (cue sport)  :: snooker {m}
snoot {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle  ::
snooze {n} (A period of sleep; a nap)  :: drzemka {f}
snooze {v} (To sleep, especially briefly; to nap)  :: zdrzemnąć się
snore {v} (breathe during sleep with harsh noises)  :: chrapać {impf}
snort {v} (to exhale roughly through the nose)  :: parskać
snot {n} (contemptible child)  :: smarkacz {m}, smark {m}
snot {n} (mucus)  :: smark {m}, smarki {p} {f}
snout {n} (long, projecting nose, mouth, and jaw of a beast)  :: ryj {m}
snout {n} (nose of a man (in contempt))  :: ryj {m}
snout moth {n} (eggar) SEE: eggar  ::
snow {n} (colour)  :: śnieżnobiały {m}
snow {n} (precipitation)  :: śnieg {m}
snow {v} (have snow fall from the sky)  :: padać, prószyć, sypać
snowball {n} (ball of snow)  :: śnieżka {f}, kulka śnieżna {f}, kulka śniegowa {f}
snowball fight {n} (scuffle or play fight whose object is to hit unallied participants with snowballs)  :: śnieżki {f-p}
snowball's chance in hell {n} (Little or no likelihood of occurrence or success)  :: zobaczyć jak świnia niebo
snowboarding {n} (the sport of sliding downhill on a snowboard)  :: snowboard {m}
snow bunting {n} (bird)  :: śnieguła zwyczajna, śnieguła, śnieżka
snowdrift {n} (bank of snow)  :: zaspa {f}, zaspa śnieżna {f}
snowdrop {n} (plant)  :: przebiśnieg {m}, śnieżyczka {f}, śnieżyczka przebiśnieg {f}
snowfall {n} (instance of falling of snow)  :: opad śniegu {m}
snowflake {n} (crystal)  :: płatek śniegu {m}
snowflake {n} (flower)  :: śnieżyca
snow fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox  ::
snow globe {n} (decorative object)  :: śnieżna kula
snow leopard {n} (a large feline mammal, Uncia uncia)  :: pantera śnieżna {f}, irbis {m-an}
snowman {n} (figure made of snow)  :: bałwan {m}
snow plow {n} (vehicle)  :: odśnieżarka {f}, pług śnieżny {m}
Snow Queen {prop} (fairy tale character with power over snow and ice)  :: Królowa Śniegu {f}
snowshoe {n} (flat footwear worn to facilitate walking in deep snow)  :: rakieta śnieżna {f}
snow-white {adj} (as white as snow)  :: śnieżnobiały {m}
Snow White {prop} (character from Snow White (Schneewittchen))  :: Królewna Śnieżka {f}
snowy {adj} (covered with snow)  :: śnieżny
snowy owl {n} (large white owl)  :: sowa śnieżna {f}
so {adv} (in a particular manner)  :: tak
so {adv} (to a particular extent)  :: tak
so {adv} (very)  :: tak
so {conj} (in order that)  :: aby
so {conj} (with the result that)  :: więc
so {n} (sol) SEE: sol  ::
soak {v} (to be saturated with liquid by being immersed in it)  :: przesiąknąć
so-and-so {n} (name used to take the place of an epithet)  :: taki-owaki
soap {n} (soap opera) SEE: soap opera  ::
soap {n} (substance)  :: mydło {n}
soap {v} (apply soap in washing)  :: mydlić
soapbox {n} (soapbox car) SEE: soapbox car  ::
soap bubble {n} (sphere of soap water)  :: bania
soap dish {n} (a container for soap)  :: mydelniczka {f}
soapmaker {n} (maker of soap)  :: mydlarz {m}
soap opera {n} (television serial)  :: telenowela {f}, opera mydlana {f}
soar {n} (upward flight)  :: wznoszenie {n}
soar {v} (to fly aloft with little effort)  :: szybować {impf}, poszybować {pf}
soar {v} (to mount upward on wings)  :: wzbijać się {impf}, wzbić się {pf}
soar {v} (to rise rapidly or high)  :: wzlatywać {impf}, wzlecieć {pf}
sob {n} (a cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath)  :: łkanie
sob {v} (weep with convulsive gasps)  :: łkać, szlochać
sober {adj} (not drunk)  :: trzeźwy
sobriquet {n} (familiar name for a person)  :: przydomek {m}, przezwisko {n}
so-called {adj} (so named)  :: tak zwany (tzw.)
soccer {n} (game)  :: piłka nożna {f}
Sochi {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Soczi {n}
sociable {adj} (tending to socialize or be social; friendly; inviting; congenial)  :: towarzyski
social {adj} (extroverted or outgoing)  :: towarzyski {m}
social {adj} (relating to society)  :: społeczny {m}
social anxiety {n} (social anxiety disorder) SEE: social anxiety disorder  ::
social climber {n} (one who tries to improve his or her social position)  :: karierowicz {m}, karierowiczka {f}
social contract {n} (agreement or contract)  :: umowa społeczna {f}
social Darwinism {n} (theory)  :: darwinizm społeczny {m}
socialism {n} (group of socialist political philosophies)  :: socjalizm {m}
socialism {n} (intermediate phase of social development)  :: socjalizm {m}
socialism {n} (political philosophy of social and economic equality)  :: socjalizm {m}
socialist {adj} (of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism)  :: socjalistyczny {m}
socialist {n} (one who practices or advocates socialism)  :: socjalista {m}
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia {prop} (Yugoslav state that existed from 1943 until 1992)  :: Socjalistyczna Federacyjna Republika Jugosławii {f}
Socialist Republic of Vietnam {prop} (official name of Vietnam)  :: Socjalistyczna Republika Wietnamu
social media {n} (interactive forms of media)  :: media społecznościowe
social phobia {n} (social anxiety disorder) SEE: social anxiety disorder  ::
societal {adj} (societal)  :: społeczny {m}
society {n} (group of people sharing culture)  :: społeczeństwo {n}
society {n} (group of persons who meet from time to time to engage in a common interest)  :: stowarzyszenie {n}, towarzystwo {n}
society {n} (high society) SEE: high society  ::
society {n} (people of one’s country or community as a whole)  :: społeczeństwo {n}
Socinian {adj} (pertaining to the Socinians)  :: socyniański {m}
Socinian {n} (a member of a certain nontrinitarian Christian denomination)  :: socynianin {m}
socioeconomic {adj} (of or pertaining to social and economic factors) SEE: socio-economic  ::
sociological {adj} (of or pertaining to sociology)  :: socjologiczny
sociologically {adv} (sociologically)  :: socjologicznie
sociologist {n} (scientist studying the field of sociology)  :: socjolog {m}, socjolożka {f}
sociology {n} (study of society, human social interactions, etc.)  :: socjologia {f}
sociopolitical {adj} (socio-political) SEE: socio-political  ::
sock {n} (covering for the foot)  :: skarpeta {f}, skarpetka {f}
sock {n} (gun sock) SEE: gun sock  ::
sock {n} (sock puppet) SEE: sock puppet  ::
socket {n} (computing interprocess communication channel)  :: gniazdo
socket {n} (mechanical opening)  :: gniazdko {n}
Socrates {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Sokrates
Socratic {adj} (characteristic of the philosopher Socrates)  :: sokratyczny
sod {n} (stratum of soil)  :: darń {f}
sodalite {n} (mineral)  :: sodalit {m}
sodality {n} (companionship) SEE: companionship  ::
sodium {n} (a reactive metal)  :: sód {m}
sodium benzoate {n} (the sodium salt of benzoic acid)  :: benzoesan sodu
sodium chloride {n} (chemical term for table salt; NaCl)  :: chlorek sodu {m}
sodium hydrogen carbonate {n} (NaHCO3) SEE: sodium bicarbonate  ::
sodium hydroxide {n} (caustic alkali)  :: wodorotlenek sodu {m}
sodium lamp {n} (sodium vapor lamp) SEE: sodium vapor lamp  ::
sodium sulfate {n} (Na2SO4)  :: siarczan sodu {m}
sod off {v} (go away)  :: odczepić się [informal], odwalić się [vulgar]
sodomite {n} (one who practices sodomy)  :: sodomita {m}
sodomy {n} (sex held to be unnatural)  :: sodomia {f}
sofa {n} (upholstered seat)  :: kanapa {f}, sofa {f}
sofa-bed {n} (sofa that unfolds into a bed)  :: wersalka {f}
so far {adv} (until now; previously; yet)  :: dotychczas, dotąd
Sofia {prop} (the capital city of Bulgaria)  :: Sofia
Sofian {adj} (from Sofia)  :: sofijski {m}
Sofian {n} (someone from Sofia)  :: sofijczyk {m}, sofijka {f}
soft {adj} (foolish) SEE: foolish  ::
soft {adj} (giving way under pressure)  :: miękki
soft chancre {n} (chancroid) SEE: chancroid  ::
soft drink {n} (sweet, non-alcoholic carbonated beverage)  :: napój gazowany
softly {adv} (not loudly, inaudible)  :: cicho
softly {adv} (softly, gently)  :: delikatnie
soft paraffin {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly  ::
soft roe {n} (milt) SEE: milt  ::
soft serve {n} (frozen dessert)  :: lody włoskie {m-p}
soft soap {n} (soft-soap) SEE: soft-soap  ::
soft spot {n} (fontanelle) SEE: fontanelle  ::
software {n} (encoded computer instructions)  :: oprogramowanie {n}
Sogdiana {prop} (an ancient Iranian-speaking civilization)  :: Sogdiana {f}
soil {n} (country or territory)  :: ziemia {f}
soil {n} (mineral or organic material serving as a natural medium for the growth of land plants)  :: ziemia {f}
soil {n} (mixture of sand and organic material)  :: ziemia {f}, gleba {f}
soil {n} (unconsolidated mineral or organic material on the immediate surface of the earth)  :: gleba {f}, grunt {m}
soil {v} (to defecate into one's clothing) SEE: soil oneself  ::
soil {v} (to make dirty)  :: brudzić
sojourn {n} (A short stay somewhere)  :: pobyt, pobyt {m}
solace {n} (consolation)  :: pociecha {f}
solace {n} (source of comfort)  :: pociecha {f}
solace {v} (to give solace to)  :: przynosić pociechę
solanine {n} (poisonous glycoalkaloid found in many species of nightshade)  :: solanina {f}
solar eclipse {n} (when the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun)  :: zaćmienie Słońca {n}
solarium {n} (establishment where one can rent sunbeds)  :: solarium {n}
solar system {prop} (Solar System) SEE: Solar System  ::
Solar System {prop} (the Sun and all the heavenly bodies that orbit around it)  :: Układ Słoneczny {m}, System Słoneczny {m}
solar wind {n} (outflow of charged particles from the solar corona into space)  :: wiatr słoneczny {m}
solder {n} (any of various alloys that are used to join small pieces of metal together)  :: cyna {f}, spoiwo lutownicze {n} [formal], lut {m}
solder {v} (to join with solder)  :: lutować
soldering iron {n} (tool)  :: lutownica {f}
soldier {n} (member of an army)  :: żołnierz {m}, wojak {m}
soldier of fortune {n} (mercenary)  :: najemnik {m}
sole {n} (bottom of a shoe or boot)  :: podeszwa {f}
sole {n} (bottom of the foot)  :: podeszwa {f}
sole {n} (fish)  :: sola {f}
sole {v} (put a sole on (a shoe or boot))  :: podzelować
solenoid {n} (solenoid)  :: solenoid {m}
solicit {v} (To disturb or trouble; to harass)  :: nagabywać
solid {adj} (extremely filling)  :: sycący {m}
solid {adj} (in the solid state)  :: stały {m}
solid {adj} (lacking errors or inconsistencies)  :: rzetelny {m}
solid {adj} (large, massive)  :: masywny {m}
solid {adj} (of one color)  :: jednolity
solid {adj} (strong, unyielding (as of foundations etc))  :: solidny {m}
solid {n} (chemistry: fundamental state of matter)  :: ciało stałe {n}
solid {n} (geometry: three-dimensional object)  :: bryła {f}
solid angle {n} (three-dimensional analog of an angle)  :: kąt bryłowy {m}
solidarity {n} (psychological or material support)  :: solidarność {f}
solidarity {n} (unifying bond between individuals with common goal or enemy)  :: solidarność {f}
Solidarity {prop} (political movement)  :: Solidarność
solipsism {n} (theory)  :: solipsyzm {m}
solitaire {n} (patience) SEE: patience  ::
solitaire {n} (person who lives alone) SEE: solitary  ::
solitary {adj} (living alone or being by one's self)  :: samotny {m}, samodzielny {m}
solitary {adj} (not much visited or frequented; remote from society)  :: odludny {m}
solitary {adj} (performed, passed, or endured alone)  :: samotny {m}
solitary {adj} (single; individual; sole)  :: pojedynczy {m}
solitary {n} (one who lives alone)  :: samotnik {m}
solitary {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement  ::
solitude {n} (state of being alone)  :: samotność {f}
Solomon {prop} (king of Israel)  :: Salomon {m}
Solomon Islands {prop} (A country in Melanesia)  :: Wyspy Salomona
Solomon's seal {n} (plant of genus Polygonatum)  :: kokoryczka {f}
Solon {prop} (statesman and lawgiver)  :: Solon {m}
so long as {phrase} (as long as) SEE: as long as  ::
solstice {n} (point where the earth stands at the extreme of its ellipsis around the sun)  :: przesilenie {n}
solution {n} (An act, plan or other means, used or proposed, to solve a problem.)  :: rozwiązanie {n}
solution {n} (answer to a problem (mathematics))  :: rozwiązanie {n}
solution {n} (liquid mixture)  :: roztwór {m}
solve {v} (to find an answer or solution)  :: rozwiązywać
solvent {n} (liquid that dissolves a solid, liquid, or gaseous solute)  :: rozpuszczalnik {m}
solyanka {n} (a thick, spicy and sour soup in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine)  :: solanka {f}
Somali {adj} (pertaining to Somalia)  :: somalijski {m}
Somali {n} (a person)  :: Somalijczyk {m}, Somalijka {f}
Somali {prop} (a language)  :: somalijski {m}
Somalia {prop} (country in the Horn of Africa)  :: Somalia {f}
somber {adj} (dark or dreary in character; joyless; grim)  :: ponury, posępny
some {determiner} (certain proportion of)  :: niektórzy {p} {m}, niektóre {p} {f}
some {determiner} (certain, unspecified or unknown)  :: jakiś {m}
some {determiner} (considerable quantity or number of)  :: kilka {p} {f}
some {determiner} (unspecified amount of)  :: trochę
some {determiner} (unspecified quantity or number of)  :: kilka {p} {f}
some {pron} (indefinite amount, part)  :: trochę
some {pron} (indefinite quantity or number)  :: trochę
somebody {pron} (some unspecified person)  :: ktoś {m}
somebody's {pron} (belonging to somebody (possessive form of somebody))  :: czyjś
someday {adv} (sometime; at some time in the future)  :: któregoś dnia, kiedyś
someone {pron} (some person)  :: ktoś
something {pron} (unspecified object)  :: coś
something is rotten in the state of Denmark {phrase} (Hamlet quotation, used in other contexts to mean "something is not right.")  :: źle się dzieje w państwie duńskim
sometime {adv} (at an unstated or indefinite time in the future)  :: kiedyś
sometime {adv} (obsolete: sometimes) SEE: sometimes  ::
sometimes {adv} (on certain occasions, but not always)  :: czasem, niekiedy, czasami
somewhat {adv} (limited extent)  :: trochę, nieco, dość
somewhat {pron} (something) SEE: something  ::
somewhere {adv} (in some place)  :: gdzieś
somewhere {adv} (to some place)  :: gdzieś
somewhere else {adv} (in some other place)  :: gdzie indziej
somnambulation {n} (sleepwalking) SEE: sleepwalking  ::
somnambulism {n} (sleepwalking)  :: somnambulizm {m}
somnambulist {n} (a sleepwalker)  :: lunatyk {m}, lunatyczka {f}
somnial {adj} (Pertaining to dreams)  :: senny
son {n} (a male person in relation to his parents)  :: syn {m-pr}
son {n} (an adopted son)  :: syn {m-pr}
son {n} (male descendant)  :: syn {m-pr}
sonata {n} (a musical composition for one or a few instruments)  :: sonata {f}
sonata form {n} (a form of classical music)  :: forma sonatowa {f}
sonatina {n} (piece resembling a sonata but shorter or simpler)  :: sonatina {f}
song {n} (music with words)  :: piosenka {f}
song {n} (sound of a bird) SEE: birdsong  ::
song {n} (the act or art of singing)  :: śpiew {m}
songbird {n} (bird)  :: ptak śpiewający {m}
Song of Solomon {prop} (book of the Bible) SEE: Song of Songs  ::
Song of Songs {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Pieśń nad pieśniami {f}
song thrush {n} (song thrush)  :: drozd śpiewak {m}
son-in-law {n} (son-in-law)  :: zięć {m-pr}
sonnet {n} (sonnet, a type of poem)  :: sonet {m}
sonny {n} (a familiar form of address for a boy)  :: synek {m}
son of a bitch {n} (objectionable person)  :: sukinsyn {m}, skurwysyn {m} [more vulgar]
son of a whore {n} (objectionable person)  :: sukinsyn {m}
sonogram {n} (spectrogram) SEE: spectrogram  ::
sonometer {n} (audiometer) SEE: audiometer  ::
sonorous {adj} (capable of giving out a deep resonant sound)  :: donośny {m}
sonorous {adj} (full of sound and rich, as in language or verse)  :: dźwięczny {m}
sonorous {adj} (wordy or grandiloquent)  :: górnolotny {m}
soon {adv} (within a short time)  :: wkrótce, niedługo
sooner or later {adv} (set phrase; eventually)  :: prędzej czy później
soot {n} (Fine black or dull brown particles)  :: sadza {f}, kopeć {m}
soothe {v} (To ease or relieve pain or suffering)  :: koić {impf}, ukoić {pf}, uspokajać {impf}, uspokoić {pf}
soothing {adj} (Giving relief)  :: kojący {m}, uspokajający {m}
soothing {adj} (Tending to soothe)  :: uspokajający {m}
soothingly {adv} (in a soothing manner)  :: łagodnie, uspokajająco
sop {n} (easily frightened person) SEE: milksop  ::
sop {n} (gravy) SEE: gravy  ::
sophism {n} (flawed argument superficially correct in its reasoning, usually designed to deceive)  :: sofizmat {m}, sofizm {m} [historical]
sophisticated {adj} (appealing to the tastes of an intellectual)  :: wyszukany {m}, wyrafinowany {m}, wymyślny {m}
sophisticated {adj} (complicated, especially of technology)  :: złożony {m}, skomplikowany {m}
sophisticated {adj} (having obtained worldly experience)  :: obyty {m}
sophistication {n} (complexity)  :: finezja {f}, wyrafinowanie {n}
sophistication {n} (cultivated intellectual worldliness; savoir-faire)  :: obycie {n}, wyrobienie {n}
sophistication {n} (enlightenment or education)  :: zaawansowanie {n}
sophistry {n} (an argument that seems plausible, but is fallacious or misleading )  :: sofistyka {f}
sophistry {n} (the art of using deceptive speech or writing )  :: sofistyka {f}
Sophocles {prop} (Greek dramatic poet)  :: Sofokles {m}
Sorbian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Sorbs or to the Sorbian language)  :: łużycki {m}
Sorbian {prop} (language)  :: łużycki {m}
sorcerer {n} (magician/wizard drawing upon natural powers)  :: czarownik {m}, czarodziej {m}
sorceress {n} (magician/wizard drawing upon natural powers)  :: czarodziejka {f}, czarownica {f}, zamawiaczka {f}
sorcery {n} (magical power)  :: czary, czarnoksięstwo {n}, czarna magia {f}, magia {f}
sore {adj} (annoyed) SEE: annoyed  ::
sorghum {n} (cereal)  :: sorgo
sororal {adj} (of or pertaining to a sister)  :: siostrzany
sororal nephew {n} (son of one's sister)  :: siostrzeniec {m}
sororal niece {n} (daughter of one's sister)  :: siostrzenica {f}
sorority {n} (group of women or girls associated for a common purpose)  :: stowarzyszenie kobiet {n}
sorority {n} (social organization of female students at a college or university)  :: korporacja studentek {f}
sorrel {adj} (colour)  :: gniady
sorrel {n} (colour)  :: gniady {m}
sorrel {n} (plant)  :: szczaw {m}
sorrow {n} (unhappiness)  :: smutek {m}
sorry {adj} (poor, regrettable)  :: przykry, żałosny
sorry {adj} (regretful for an action or grieved)  :: przepraszam, przykro mi
sorry {interj} (expression of regret or sorrow)  :: przepraszam, przykro mi
sorry {interj} (request to repeat)  :: przepraszam?, słucham?
sort {n} (act of sorting)  :: sortowanie {n}
sort {n} (type)  :: typ {m}, rodzaj {m}
sortie {n}  :: desant, wypad
so-so {adj} (neither good nor bad)  :: tak sobie
soteriology {n} (the study of salvation)  :: soteriologia {f}
so that {conj} (in order to)  :: aby, żeby
São Tomé and Príncipe {prop} (Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe)  :: Wyspy Świętego Tomasza i Książęca
Sãotomense {prop} (Forro) SEE: Forro  ::
sotto {adj} (music, informal: sotto voce (adjective)) SEE: sotto voce  ::
sotto {adv} (music, informal: sotto voce (adverb)) SEE: sotto voce  ::
sought-after {adj} (sought-after) SEE: in demand  ::
soul {n} (life, energy, vigour)  :: życie {n}
soul {n} (soul music)  :: soul {m}
soul {n} (the spirit or essence of a person that is believed to live on after the person’s death)  :: dusza {f}
soulless {adj} (without a soul)  :: bezduszny
soulmate {n} (Someone with whom one has a special connection)  :: bratnia dusza
sound {adj} (sound asleep) SEE: sound asleep  ::
sound {n} (air bladder) SEE: swim bladder  ::
sound {n} (cuttlefish) SEE: cuttlefish  ::
sound {n} (long narrow inlet)  :: cieśnina {f}
sound {n} (sensation perceived by the ear)  :: dźwięk {m}, fonia {f}
sound {n} (vibration capable of causing this)  :: dźwięk {m}, fonia {f}
sound {v} (to produce a sound)  :: brzmieć
soup {n} (dish)  :: zupa {f}
soupçon {n} (suspicion, suggestion) SEE: suspicion  ::
soupçon {n} (very small amount) SEE: modicum  ::
soupspoon {n} (soupspoonful) SEE: soupspoonful  ::
sour {adj} (having an acidic, sharp or tangy taste)  :: kwaśny
sour {adj} (made rancid by fermentation, etc.)  :: zjełczały
source {n} ((computing) source code) SEE: source code  ::
source {n} ((electronics) terminal)  :: źródło {n}
source {n} (informant)  :: źródło {n}
source {n} (person, place or thing)  :: źródło {n}
source {n} (spring)  :: źródło {n}, zdrój {m}
source code {n} (human-readable instructions in a programming language)  :: kod źródłowy {m}
sour cherry {n} (fruit)  :: wiśnia {f}
sour cherry {n} (Prunus cerasus)  :: wiśnia {f}
sour cream {n} (cream which has been treated with a benign bacterium)  :: śmietanka {f}
sourdough {adj} (made from sourdough)  :: na zakwasie
sourdough {n} (dough)  :: ciasto na zakwasie {n}, zakwas {m}
soutane {n} (a long gown)  :: sutanna {f}
south {adj} (of or pertaining to the south)  :: południowy
south {n} (compass point)  :: południe {n}
South Africa {prop} (country)  :: Republika Południowej Afryki {f}, Południowa Afryka {f}
South African {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to South Africa)  :: południowoafrykański {m}
South America {prop} (continent that is the southern part of the Americas)  :: Ameryka Południowa
South American {adj} (relating to South America)  :: południowoamerykański {m}
South American squirrel monkey {n} (Saimiri sciureus) SEE: common squirrel monkey  ::
South Asia {prop} (South Asia)  :: Azja Południowa {f}
South Australia {prop} (state of Australia)  :: Australia Południowa {f}
southeast {adj} (southeastern)  :: południowo-wschodni
southeast {n} (compass point)  :: południowy wschód {m-in}
Southeast Asia {prop} (a subregion of Asia)  :: Azja Południowo-Wschodnia {f}
southern {adj} (of or pertaining to a southern region)  :: południowy
southern {adj} (of the south)  :: południowy
southern beech {n} (Nothofagus)  :: bukan {m}
Southerner {n} (someone from the south of a region) SEE: southerner  ::
Southern Europe {prop} (Southern Europe)  :: Europa Południowa {f}
Southern European {adj} (Southern European)  :: południowoeuropejski {m}
Southern Ocean {prop} (the ocean surrounding Antarctica)  :: Ocean Południowy {m}, Ocean Antarktyczny {m}
Southern Sesotho {prop} (Sotho) SEE: Sotho  ::
South Holland {prop} (province)  :: Holandia Południowa {f}
South Korea {prop} (country in East Asia)  :: Korea Południowa {f}
South Korean {adj} (of South Korea)  :: południowokoreański {m}
South Ossetia {prop} (South Ossetia)  :: Osetia Południowa {f}
southpaw {n} (informal: one who is left-handed)  :: mańkut {m}, leworęczny {m}
south pole {n} (the southernmost point on a celestial body)  :: biegun południowy {m}
South Pole {prop} (the southernmost point on Earth)  :: biegun południowy {m}
South Sudan {prop} (country in Africa)  :: Sudan Południowy {m}
southward {adv} (towards the south)  :: na południe
southwest {adj} (towards the southwest)  :: południowo-zachodni
southwest {n} (compass point)  :: południowy zachód {m}
South Yemen {prop} (country)  :: Jemen Południowy
souvenir {n} (item of sentimental value to remember an event or location)  :: pamiątka {f}
sovereignty {n} (of a nation: the state of making laws and controlling resources without the coercion of other nations.)  :: suwerenność {f}
soviet {n} (council)  :: rada {f}
soviet {n} (form of government)  :: rada {f}
Soviet {adj} (pertaining to the Soviet Union or its republics)  :: radziecki, sowiecki
Soviet {prop} (soviet) SEE: soviet  ::
Sovietology {n} (the field of study of the Soviet Union)  :: sowietologia {f}
Soviet Russia {prop} (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) SEE: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Russia) SEE: Russia  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (Soviet Union) SEE: Soviet Union  ::
Soviet Russia {prop} (the unofficial term of the Soviet Union in the early stages)  :: Rosja Radziecka {f}
Soviet Union {prop} (USSR, see also: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, see also: USSR)  :: Związek Radziecki {m}
sovnarkhoz {n} (a regional economic council of the Soviet Union (historical))  :: sownarchoz {m}
sow {n} (female pig)  :: locha {f}, maciora {f}
sow {v} (disperse seeds)  :: siać {impf}
so what {interj} (reply of indifference)  :: i co z tego?
sow the wind, reap the whirlwind {proverb} (every decision has consequences; a person's actions will come back to them)  :: kto sieje wiatr, zbiera burzę
soy {n} (soy sauce) SEE: soy sauce  ::
soy milk {n} (a beverage made from soy beans)  :: mleko sojowe {n}
Soyuz {n} (a Soviet/Russian spacecraft)  :: Sojuz {m}
spa {n} (spa)  :: uzdrowisko
space {n} (area beyond atmosphere of planets)  :: kosmos {m}, przestrzeń kosmiczna {f}
space {n} (bounded or specific physical extent)  :: miejsce {n}
space {n} (gap between written characters, lines etc.)  :: spacja {f}, odstęp {m}
space {n} (geometry: set of points)  :: przestrzeń
space {n} (mathematics: generalized construct or set)  :: przestrzeń {f}
space {n} (physical extent in two or three dimensions)  :: przestrzeń {f}
space {n} (while) SEE: while  ::
space alien {n} (an extraterrestrial being)  :: kosmita {m}
space complexity {n} (amount of space)  :: złożoność pamięciowa {f}
spacecraft {n} (vehicle that travels through space)  :: statek kosmiczny, pojazd kosmiczny {m}
spaceman {n} (astronaut)  :: astronauta {m}, kosmonauta {m}
spaceship {n} (vehicle that flies through space)  :: statek kosmiczny
space shuttle {n} (vehicle capable of travelling repeatedly btw Earth and outer space)  :: prom kosmiczny {m}
Space Shuttle {prop} (a space transportation system)  :: prom kosmiczny {m}
spacetime {n} (four dimensional continuum)  :: czasoprzestrzeń {f}
space-time {n} (spacetime) SEE: spacetime  ::
spacewoman {n} (a female astronaut)  :: astronautka {f}, kosmonautka {f}
spacious {adj} (having much space; roomy)  :: przestronny {m}
spacious {adj} (large in expanse)  :: obszerny {m}
spaciousness {n} (the state or quality of being spacious)  :: obszerność {f}
spade {n} (a garden tool with a handle and a flat blade for digging)  :: szpadel {m}
spade {n} (one of the black suits in a deck of cards)  :: pik {m}
spades {n} (card game)  :: piki {p}
spades {n} (spade) SEE: spade  ::
spades {n} (suit of playing cards)  :: pik {m}
spaghetti {n} (dish containing spaghetti)  :: spaghetti {n}
spaghetti {n} (informally: any type of pasta) SEE: pasta  ::
spaghetti {n} (pasta)  :: spaghetti {n}
spaghetti {n} (spaghetti code) SEE: spaghetti code  ::
Spain {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Hiszpania {f}
spall {n} (splinter of stone)  :: odłamek {m}
spall {v} (to break into fragments)  :: rozpaść się
spallation {n} (fragmentation due to stress or impact)  :: rozbicie
spallation {n} (physics: nuclear reaction in which a nucleus fragments into many nucleons)  :: spalacja {f}, kruszenie {n}
spam {n} (tinned meat product) SEE: SPAM  ::
spam {n} (unsolicited bulk electronic messages)  :: spam {m}
spammer {n} (someone who sends spam)  :: spamer {m}
span {n} (space from thumb to little finger)  :: piędź {f}
span {v} (to cover or extend over an area or time period)  :: obejmować, mieć zasięg, rozciągać się
Spanglish {prop} (blend of English and Spanish)  :: Spanglish
Spaniard {n} (somebody from Spain)  :: Hiszpan {m-pr}, Hiszpanka {f}
Spanish {adj} (of or pertaining to Spain)  :: hiszpański
Spanish {prop} (Romance language of Spain and the Americas)  :: hiszpański
spanning tree {n} (tree which includes all vertices of a graph)  :: drzewo rozpinające {n}
spanworm {n} (measuring worm) SEE: measuring worm  ::
spar {n} (rafter of a roof) SEE: rafter  ::
spare time {n} (free time) SEE: free time  ::
spare tire {n} (extra tire) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spare tire {n} (fat around midsection) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spare tyre {n} (extra tyre)  :: koło zapasowe {n}
spare wheel {n} (extra wheel) SEE: spare tyre  ::
spark {n} (particle of glowing matter)  :: iskra {f}
spark gap {n} (gap between two terminals)  :: przerwa iskrowa {f}
sparkling {adj} (of a beverage)  :: [water] gazowana {f}, gazowany {m}, gazowane {n}, [wine] musujące {n}, [alcoholic drink] musujący {m}, musująca {f}
sparkling {adj} (of an object)  :: lśniący
sparkling wine {n} (wine)  :: wino musujące {n}
spark plug {n} (device that forms a high-voltage spark for fuel ignition)  :: świeca zapłonowa {f}
sparrow {n} (bird of the family Emberizidae)  :: trznadel {m}
sparrow {n} (bird of the family Passeridae)  :: wróbel {m}
sparrow {n} (Passer domesticus) SEE: house sparrow  ::
sparrow hawk {n} (Accipiter nisus) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk  ::
sparrow hawk {n} (Falco sparverius) SEE: American kestrel  ::
sparrowhawk {n} (Eurasian sparrowhawk) SEE: Eurasian sparrowhawk  ::
Sparta {prop} (ancient city-state in southern Greece)  :: Sparta {f}
Spartan {adj} (spartan) SEE: spartan  ::
spasmodic {adj} (convulsive; consisting of spasms)  :: konwulsyjny {m}
spasmodic {adj} (erratic or unsustained)  :: nieregularny {m}
spasmodic {adj} (intermittent or fitful; occurring in short bursts)  :: przerywany {m}
spasmodic {adj} (of or relating to a spasm)  :: spazmatyczny {m}
spastic {n} (clumsy person)  :: niezdara {m}
spat {n} (covering or decorative covering worn over a shoe)  :: getry {f-p}
spat {n} (quarrel)  :: sprzeczka {f}
spat {v} (to quarrel)  :: sprzeczać się
spate {n} (a river flood; an overflow or inundation)  :: powódź {f}
spatial {adj} (pertaining to space)  :: przestrzenny {m}
spatula {n} (kitchen utensil for turning and lifting)  :: łopatka {f}, szpachelka {f}
spay {v} (remove the ovaries)  :: sterylizować
speak {v} (to be able to communicate in a language)  :: mówić
speak {v} (to communicate with one's voice using words)  :: mówić {impf}, rozmawiać {impf}
speaker {n} (loudspeaker)  :: głośnik {m}
speaker {n} (one who makes a speech to an audience)  :: mówca {m}
speaking {adj} (eloquent) SEE: eloquent  ::
speak of the devil {phrase} (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive)  :: o wilku mowa, o wilku mowa, a wilk tuż
speak of the devil and he appears {phrase} (expression used when a person mentioned in the current conversation happens to arrive)  :: o wilku mowa, a wilk tu
spear {n} (long stick with a sharp tip)  :: dzida {f}, włócznia {f}
spear {n} (sharp tool used by fishermen to retrieve fish)  :: harpun {m}
spear carrier {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
spearcaster {n} (athlete who throws spears) SEE: javelin thrower  ::
spearhead {n} (the leading military unit in an attack)  :: szpica {f}
spearhead {n} (the pointed head, or end, of a spear)  :: grot {m}
spearhead {v} (to drive or campaign ardently)  :: stać na czele, zainicjować
spearmint {n} (Mentha spicata)  :: mięta zielona {f}
spearthrower {n} (atlatl) SEE: atlatl  ::
special {adj} (distinguished by a unique or unusual quality)  :: specjalny {m}, wyjątkowy {m}
special {adj} (of particular interest or value; certain; dear; beloved; favored)  :: wyjątkowy {m}
special interest group {n} (advocacy group) SEE: advocacy group  ::
specialization {n} (act or process of specializing)  :: uszczegółowienie {n}, specjalizacja {f}
special relativity {n} (physics theory)  :: szczególna teoria względności {f}
specialty {n} (particularity) SEE: particularity  ::
specialty {n} (that in which one specializes)  :: specjalność {f}, specjalizacja {f}
species {n} (group of plants or animals having similar appearance)  :: gatunek {m-in}
species {n} (rank in a taxonomic classification)  :: gatunek {m-in}
specification {n} (explicit set of requirements)  :: specyfikacja {f}
specificness {n} (specificity) SEE: specificity  ::
specimen {n} (example)  :: przykład {m}, okaz {m}
specimen {n} (sample)  :: próbka {f}
speckled {adj} (marked with dots)  :: cętkowany
spectacle {n} (optical instrument) SEE: spectacles  ::
spectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles) SEE: bespectacled  ::
spectacles {n} (a pair of lenses set in a frame)  :: okulary {m-p}
spectacles {n} (plural of spectacle) SEE: spectacle  ::
specter {n} (ghostly apparition)  :: widmo {n}, zjawa {f}
spectroscopic {adj} (of, or relating to spectroscopy or to a spectroscope)  :: spektroskopowy
spectroscopically {adv} (by means of a spectroscope)  :: spektroskopowo
spectroscopy {n} (scientific study of spectra)  :: spektroskopia {f}
spectrum {n} (range of colors)  :: widmo {n}
spectrum {n} (range)  :: spektrum {n}
speculator {n} (one who speculates; as in investing)  :: spekulant {m}
speech {n} (a dialect or language) SEE: dialect, language  ::
speech {n} (an oration, session of speaking)  :: mowa {f}, przemówienie {n}
speech {n} (vocal communication)  :: mowa {f}
speech balloon {n} (speech balloon) SEE: speech bubble  ::
speech is silver {proverb} (proverb)  :: mowa jest srebrem
speech is silver, silence is golden {proverb} (proverb)  :: mowa jest srebrem, a milczenie złotem
speechless {adj} (not speaking; not knowing what to say)  :: oniemiały {m}, milczący {m}
speed {n} (luck, success, prosperity) SEE: luck, success, prosperity  ::
speed {n} (rapidity)  :: szybkość {f}
speed {n} (rate of motion)  :: szybkość {f}, prędkość {f}
speed {n} (slang: methamphetamine)  :: [slang] spid {m}
speed bump {n} (transverse ridge in the road)  :: próg zwalniający {m}
speeding {n} (driving faster than the legal speed limit)  :: przekroczenie prędkości
speed limit {n} (maximum speed permitted)  :: ograniczenie prędkości {n}
speed of light {n} (the speed of electromagnetic radiation in a perfect vacuum)  :: prędkość światła {f}
speed of sound {n} (speed at which sound is propagated)  :: prędkość dźwięku
speed skating {n} (The sport of racing around an oval course on ice skates)  :: łyżwiarstwo szybkie {n}
speedway {n} (motorcycle racing)  :: żużel {m}
speedwell {n} (plant)  :: przetacznik {m}
speleology {n} (scientific study of caves)  :: speleologia {f}
spell {n} (indefinite period of time)  :: krótki okres {m}
spell {n} (magical effect of such incantation)  :: czar {m}, urok {m}
spell {n} (magical incantation)  :: czar {m}, zaklęcie {n}
spell {v} (to write or say the letters that form a word)  :: przeliterować
spellbound {adj} (fascinated by something; entranced as if by a spell)  :: oczarowany, zafascynowany
spelling {n} (act, practice, ability, or subject of forming words with letters, or of reading the letters of words; orthography)  :: ortografia {f}
spelling {n} (a specific spelling of a word)  :: pisownia {f}
spelling {n} (manner of spelling of words)  :: pisownia {f}
spelling bee {n} (spelling competition)  :: dyktando {n}
spelt {n} (a type of wheat, Triticum aestivum spelta)  :: pszenica orkisz {f}
spelunk {n} (cave, cavern, grotto) SEE: cave  ::
spend {v}  :: tracić (money, etc.) spędzać (time)
spendthrift {n} (someone who spends money wastefully)  :: rozrzutnik {m}
sperm {n} (cell)  :: plemnik {m}
sperm {n} (semen (fluid))  :: sperma {f}
spermatozoon {n} (reproductive cell of the male)  :: plemnik {m}, spermatozoid {m}
sperm bank {n} (vulgar: vagina) SEE: cunt  ::
sperm whale {n} (sperm whale)  :: kaszalot {m}
spew {n} (ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate  ::
spew {n} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
spew {v} (to vomit)  :: wymiotować, zwymiotować, [vulgar] rzygać
sphene {n} (titanite) SEE: titanite  ::
sphenoid {n} (sphenoid bone) SEE: sphenoid bone  ::
spheral {adj} (spherical) SEE: spherical  ::
sphere {n} (astronomy: apparent outer limit of space) SEE: celestial sphere  ::
sphere {n} (mathematics: regular three-dimensional object)  :: sfera {f}
sphere {n} (region in which something or someone is active)  :: obszar {m}, sfera {f}
sphere {n} (spherical physical object)  :: sfera {f}
spherosome {n} (plant organelle)  :: sferosom
sphincter {n} (band of muscle)  :: zwieracz {m}
sphincteric {adj} (sphincteral) SEE: sphincteral  ::
sphinx {n} (mythology: creature with the head of a person and the body of an animal)  :: sfinks {m}
sphinx {n} (person who keeps his/her thoughts and intentions secret)  :: sfinks {m}
Sphinx {prop} (Greek mythological creature)  :: Sfinks {m}
Sphinx {prop} (large monument in Egypt)  :: Sfinks {m}
spice {n} (plant matter used to season or flavour food)  :: przyprawa {f}
spice {n} (Yorkshire dialect: sweets, candy) SEE: sweets, candy  ::
spice {v} (to add spice or spices to)  :: przyprawiać, przyprawić
spicewood {n} (spicebush) SEE: spicebush  ::
spider {n} (arthropod)  :: pająk {m}
spiderweb {n} (net-like construct of a spider)  :: pajęczyna {f}
spiderwood {n} (neinei) SEE: neinei  ::
spiderwort {n} (plant)  :: trzykrotka {f}
spigot {n} (faucet) SEE: tap  ::
spike {n} (anything resembling like a nail in shape)  :: kolec {m}
spike {n} (very large nail)  :: kolec {m}
spill {v} (transitive: to drop something so that it spreads out)  :: wylać, rozlać się
spillikins {n} (a game of skill)  :: bierki {m-p}
spill one's guts {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit  ::
spin {n} (circular motion)  :: obrót {m}
spin {n} (physics: quantum angular momentum)  :: spin {m}
spin {v} (to make yarn)  :: prząść
spin {v} (to turn around quickly)  :: obracać się, wirować
spinach {n} (a particular edible plant, Spinacia oleracea)  :: szpinak {m}
spinal column {n} (vertebral column) SEE: vertebral column  ::
spinal cord {n} (thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue)  :: rdzeń kręgowy {m}
spindle {n} (rod in spinning and winding thread)  :: wrzeciono {n}
spindle {n} (tree of the genus Euonymus)  :: trzmielina {f}
spine {n} (backbone)  :: kręgosłup {m}
spine {n} (bound edge of a book)  :: grzbiet {m}
spine {n} (rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant)  :: kolec {m}
spine pig {n} (porcupine) SEE: porcupine  ::
spinet {n} (short, compact harpsichord)  :: szpinet {m}
spinning top {n} (a toy)  :: bąk {m}
spinning wheel {n} (device for spinning thread with a wheel and a spindle)  :: kołowrotek {m}
spin-off {n} (by-product) SEE: by-product  ::
spin-off {n} (offshoot) SEE: offshoot  ::
spinster {n} (unmarried woman)  :: stara panna {f}
spiny anteater {n} (common name for echidna) SEE: echidna  ::
spiny lobster {n} (spiny lobster)  :: langusta {f}
spiral of Archimedes {n} (Archimedean spiral) SEE: Archimedean spiral  ::
spire {n} (tapering architectural structure)  :: iglica {f}
spirit {n} (alcohol)  :: alkohol {m}, spirytus {m}
spirit {n} (enthusiasm)  :: duch {m}
spirit {n} (manner or style)  :: duch {m}
spirit {n} (soul)  :: dusza {f}
spirit {n} (supernatural being)  :: duch {m}
Spiritism {prop} (a philosophical doctrine)  :: spirytyzm
spirit level {n} (spirit level)  :: libella {f}
spirit path {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
spirit road {n} (spirit way) SEE: spirit way  ::
spiritual {adj} (of or pertaining to the spirit or the soul)  :: duchowy {m}
spiritus asper {n} (Ancient Greek diacritical mark) SEE: rough breathing  ::
spiritus lenis {n} (Ancient Greek diacritical mark) SEE: smooth breathing  ::
spit {n} (a narrow, usually sandy peninsula)  :: mierzeja {f}
spit {n} (an instance of spitting)  :: splunięcie {n}
spit {n} (a rod on which meat is grilled/broiled)  :: rożen {m}
spit {n} (saliva)  :: ślina {f}
spit {v} (to evacuate saliva from the mouth)  :: pluć {impf}
spitter {n} (baseball sense) SEE: spitball  ::
spittoon {n} (receptacle for spit)  :: spluwaczka {f}
splash {n} (the sound made by an object hitting a liquid)  :: plusk {m}
splash {v} (to hit or agitate liquid)  :: pluskać
spleen {n} (organ)  :: śledziona {f}
splice {v} (to unite in marriage) SEE: marry  ::
splinter {n} (a group that formed by splitting off from a larger membership)  :: odłam {m}
splinter {n} (long, sharp fragment of material, often wood)  :: odłamek {m}, drzazga {f}
split {n} (acrobatic feat)  :: szpagat {m}
split {n} (baseball pitch) SEE: split-finger fastball  ::
split {v} (divide along a more or less straight line)  :: dzielić {impf}, rozszczepiać {impf}
split {v} (separate)  :: rozejść się {pf}
split {v} (share out)  :: dzielić {impf}, rozdzielać {impf}
split hairs {v} (to consider fine details)  :: dzielić włos na czworo {impf}
spoiled {adj} (spoilt) SEE: spoilt  ::
spoiler {n} (document, review or comment)  :: spoiler {m}
spoils of war {n} (profits extracted as the result of winning a war)  :: łupy wojenne {m-p}
spoilsport {n} (someone who puts an end to harmless fun)  :: złośliwiec {m}
spoke {n} (part of a wheel)  :: szprycha {f}
spoken {adj} (concerning speech)  :: mówiony, ustny
spondee {n} (word of two syllables)  :: spondej {m}
spondyle {n} (joint of the backbone) SEE: vertebra  ::
sponge {n} (marine invertebrate)  :: gąbka {f}
sponge {n} (piece of porous material used for washing)  :: gąbka {f}
sponge {n} (sponge cake) SEE: sponge cake  ::
sponge {n} (sponge pudding) SEE: sponge pudding  ::
sponge cake {n} (type of cake)  :: biszkopt {m}
spongecake {n} (cake which has a firm yet well aerated structure) SEE: sponge cake  ::
spontaneity {n} (the quality of being spontaneous)  :: spontaniczność {f}
spontaneous {adj} (done by one's own free choice, or without planning)  :: spontaniczny {m}
spontaneous {adj} (random) SEE: random  ::
spontaneous {adj} (self generated; happening without any apparent external cause)  :: spontaniczny {m}, samorzutny {m} [physics, chemistry]
spontaneously {adv} (in a spontaneous manner)  :: spontanicznie
spool {n} (spindle)  :: szpula, szpulka {f}
spoon {n} (measure that will fit into a spoon) SEE: spoonful  ::
spoon {n} (scooped utensil for eating (or serving))  :: łyżka {f}, łyżeczka {f} [teaspoon]
spoon {v} (to lie together)  :: łyżeczkować
spoonbill {n} (paddlefish) SEE: paddlefish  ::
spoonerism {n} (phrase where sounds are transposed)  :: gra półsłówek {f}
sporange {n} (sporangium) SEE: sporangium  ::
sport {n} (any athletic activity that uses physical skills)  :: sport {m}
sport acrobatics {n} (acrobatic gymnastics) SEE: acrobatic gymnastics  ::
sporting {adj} (pertaining to sports)  :: sportowy {m}
sportswriter {n} (journalist who specializes in sports) SEE: sports writer  ::
sport utility vehicle {n} (vehicle)  :: samochód terenowy {m}, terenówka {f} [colloquial]
spot-backed antshrike {n} (bird)  :: perlinek
spotted dog {n} (Lycaon pictus) SEE: African hunting dog  ::
spotted dragonet {n} (Callionymus maculatus)  :: lira kalion
spot-winged antshrike {n} (Pygiptila stellaris, Thamnophilus stellaris)  :: chronka wielkodzioba
spousal {adj} (of or relating to marriage)  :: małżeński
spouse {n} (husband or wife)  :: małżonek {m}, małżonka {f}
spouse {v} (to get married to) SEE: espouse  ::
spout {n} (a tube through which liquid is poured or discharged)  :: dzióbek {m}, wylew {m} [formal]
spout {v} (to gush forth in a stream)  :: lać się {impf}
spout {v} (to speak tediously and at length)  :: rozwodzić się {impf}
sprat {n} (any of various small marine fish in the genus Sprattus.)  :: szprot {m}
spray {n} (small branch of flowers or berries)  :: kiść {f}
spray can {n} (pressurized canister) SEE: aerosol can  ::
sprayhood {n} (companionway cover) SEE: dodger  ::
spread {v} ((intransitive) to take up a larger area, expand)  :: rozprzestrzeniać się
spread {v} (to extend, stretch out (limbs etc))  :: rozłożyć
spread {v} (to smear, distribute in a thin layer)  :: smarować, rozsmarować, rozsmarowywać
spread {v} (to stretch out, expand)  :: podzielić
spread {v} ((transitive) to disseminate, make known or present)  :: rozprzestrzeniać, rozprzestrzeniać się
Spree {prop} (river in Germany)  :: Sprewa {f}
spring {n} (device made of flexible material)  :: sprężyna {f}
spring {n} (erection of the penis) SEE: erection  ::
spring {n} (first season)  :: wiosna {f}
spring {n} (water source)  :: źródło {n}
springboard {n} (flexible diving board)  :: trampolina
spring equinox {n} (vernal equinox) SEE: vernal equinox  ::
springer {n} (springbok) SEE: springbok  ::
springer {n} (springer spaniel) SEE: springer spaniel  ::
springer {n} (springing cow) SEE: springing cow  ::
springer {n} (spring salmon) SEE: spring salmon  ::
spring roll {n} (egg roll) SEE: egg roll  ::
spring roll {n} (shredded vegetables wrapped in a pancake)  :: sajgonka {f}
springtail {n} (springtail)  :: skoczogonek {m}
springwater {n} (water originating from a spring)  :: woda źródlana {f}
sprinkle {v} (to cause to fall in fine drops)  :: [liquid] prysnąć, [solid substance] sypnąć
sprinkle {v} (to cover an object)  :: [liquid] sprysnąć, [solid substance] posypać
sprinkler {n} (irrigation device)  :: zraszacz {m}
sprite {n} (the green woodpecker, or yaffle) SEE: green woodpecker  ::
sprout {n} (Brussels sprout) SEE: Brussels sprout  ::
spruce {adj} (smart and elegant)  :: elegancki
spruce {n} (tree from the genus Picea)  :: świerk {m}
spur {n} (A rigid implement, often roughly y-shaped, that is fixed to one's heel for purpose of prodding a horse)  :: ostroga {f}
spurdog {n} (spiny dogfish) SEE: spiny dogfish  ::
spurge {n} (any plant of the genus Euphorbia)  :: wilczomlecz {m}
spurious {adj} (false)  :: fałszywy, nieprawdziwy, nieautentyczny, podrobiony
spur on {v} (spur) SEE: spur  ::
spurt {v} (to gush)  :: bryzgać {impf}
sputnik {n} (a Soviet robotic space satellite)  :: sputnik {m}
sputum {n} (matter coughed up and expectorated from the mouth)  :: plwocina {f}
spy {n} (person who secretly watches)  :: szpieg {m}
spyglass {n} (binoculars) SEE: binoculars  ::
spyglass {n} (portable telescope)  :: luneta
spying {n} (espionage) SEE: espionage  ::
spyware {n} (program)  :: programy szpiegujące {m-in-p}
Spy Wednesday {n} (Holy Wednesday) SEE: Holy Wednesday  ::
squad {n} (sports team)  :: drużyna {f}, ekipa {f}
squad {n} (unit of tactical military personnel or police officers)  :: szwadron {m}, oddział {m}
squadron {n} (air force: tactical unit of at least two flights)  :: eskadra {f}
squadron {n} (army: body of cavalry)  :: szwadron {m}, eskadron {m}
squadron {n} (navy: detachment of vessels)  :: eskadra {f}
squall {n} (squall line, multicell line or part of a squall line) SEE: squall line  ::
squall {n} (sudden storm, as found in a squall line)  :: szkwał {m}
squalor {n} (squalidness)  :: plugastwo {n}, brud {m}
squander {v} (to waste)  :: marnować/zmarnować, marnotrawić/zmarnotrawić
square {adj} (fair) SEE: fair  ::
square {adj} (shaped like a square)  :: kwadratowy
square {n} (act quarrelling) SEE: quarrel  ::
square {n} (astrology) SEE: quadrate  ::
square {n} (mortarboard) SEE: mortarboard  ::
square {n} (open space in a town)  :: skwer {m-in}, plac {m-in}
square {n} (second power)  :: kwadrat {m-in}
square {n} (square meal) SEE: square meal  ::
square {n} (tool)  :: węgielnica {f}, kątownik {m-in}
square {n} (type of polygon)  :: kwadrat {m-in}
square {v} (math: to multiply by itself)  :: podnosić do kwadratu, podnosić do drugiej potęgi
square {v} (to take opposing sides) SEE: quarrel  ::
square bracket {n} (symbol [ or ])  :: nawias kwadratowy {m}
squared {adj} (raised to the second power)  :: kwadrat, do kwadratu
square kilometer {n} (square kilometre) SEE: square kilometre  ::
square root {n} (number)  :: pierwiastek kwadratowy {m}
squash {n} (plant and its fruit of the genus Cucurbita)  :: dynia {f}
squash {n} (soft drink) SEE: cordial  ::
squat {n} (building occupied without permission)  :: squat {m}, skłot {m}
squat {n} (position assumed by bending deeply at the knees while resting on one's feet)  :: kucki {f-p}, przysiad {m}
squat {n} (toilet)  :: ubikacja kucana {f}, ubikacja narciarska {f}
squat {v} (to bend at the knees)  :: kucać, kucnąć
squat cage {n} (power rack) SEE: power rack  ::
squeamish {adj} (easily bothered or upset; tending to be nauseous or nervous)  :: wrażliwy {m}
squid {n} (sea animal)  :: kalmar
squill {n} (plant of the genus Scilla)  :: cebulica {f}
squint {n} (hagioscope) SEE: hagioscope  ::
squint {v} (to look with the eyes partly closed, as in bright sunlight)  :: mrużyć oczy {impf}
squire {n} (armor-bearer who attended a knight)  :: giermek {m}
squirm {v} (to evade a question, an interviewer etc.)  :: wywinąć się
squirm {v} (twist in discomfort, especially from shame or embarrassment)  :: wprawić w zakłopotanie
squirm {v} (twist one’s body with snakelike motion)  :: wić się
squirrel {n} (rodent)  :: wiewiórka {f}
squirrel around {v} (To move or search erratically)  :: buszować
squirrel away {v} (To stash or hide)  :: chomikować
squirt {n} (small child)  :: smarkacz {m}
Srebrenica {prop} (Bosnian town)  :: Srebrenica
Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte {prop} (the administrative capital of Sri Lanka)  :: Sri Dźajawardanapura Kotte
Sri Lanka {prop} (a country in South Asia)  :: Sri Lanka {f}
Sri Lankan {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Sri Lanka or to the Sri Lankan people)  :: lankijski {m}
Sri Lankan {n} (A person from Sri Lanka or of Sri Lankan descent)  :: Lankijczyk {m}, Lankijka {f}
SSR {initialism} (Soviet Socialist Republic)  :: SRR
st {n} (saint)  :: św.
st {n} (street)  :: ul.
-st {suffix} (first)  :: -szy {m}
St. {n} (St.) SEE: St  ::
stable {adj} (relatively unchanging)  :: stabilny
stable {n} (building for animals with hoofs)  :: stajnia {f}
stack {n} (a pile of identical objects)  :: stos {m}, sterta {f}
stack {n} (computing: data structure)  :: stos {m}
stack {v} (To place objects or material in the form of a stack)  :: stertować
stadium {n} (venue where sporting events are held)  :: stadion {m}
staff {n} (employees of a business)  :: personel {m}, pracownicy {p}
staff {n} (long, straight stick)  :: laska {f}, kij {m}
staff {n} (series of horizontal lines)  :: pięciolinia {f}
stag {n} (adult male deer)  :: jeleń, rogacz
stag {n} (castrated bull)  :: kastrat {m}
stag {n} (colt or filly)  :: źrebak {m}, młoda klacz {f}
stag {n} (European wren)  :: strzyżyk {m}
stag {n} (social event for a groom)  :: wieczór kawalerski {m}
stag beetle {n} (large beetle in Lucanidae)  :: jelonek rogacz {m}
stag-beetle {n} (a large black beetle with a pair of strong mandibles)  :: jelonek rogacz {m}
stage {n} (in theatre)  :: scena {f}, podium {n}, estrada {f}
stage {n} (phase)  :: etap {m}, faza {f}, okres {m}
stage-coach {n} (horse-drawn coach to transport passengers and mail)  :: dyliżans {m}
stage fright {n} (state of nervousness about performing)  :: trema {f}
stage whisper {n} ((theater) A line that is performed on stage as if it were whispered, but is spoken loud enough that the audience can hear)  :: szept sceniczny
stagflation {n} (inflation accompanied by stagnant growth)  :: stagflacja {f}
stagger {v} (to begin to doubt and waver in purposes)  :: wahać się
staggered {adj} (astonished) SEE: astonished  ::
staging {n} (theater: performance of a play)  :: inscenizacja {f}
stagnation {n} (inactivity)  :: stagnacja {f}
stag party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party  ::
stain {n} (blemish on one's character or reputation)  :: plama {f}, skaza {f}
stain {n} (discoloured spot or area)  :: plama {f}
stain {n} (reagent or dye used to stain microscope specimens so as to make some structures visible)  :: barwnik {m}, kontrast {m}
stain {v} (to coat a surface with a stain)  :: bejcować
stain {v} (to discolour something)  :: plamić
stained glass {n} (coloured glass)  :: witraż {m}
stainless {n} (stainless steel) SEE: stainless steel  ::
stainless steel {n} (corrosion-free alloy)  :: stal nierdzewna {f}
staircase {n} (stairway)  :: schody {p}, klatka schodowa {f}
stairs {n} (contiguous set of steps)  :: schody {p}
stairwell {n} (a shaft in a multi-story building enclosing a stairway or staircase)  :: klatka schodowa {f}
stake {n} (piece of wood)  :: pal {m}, kół {m}
stake {n} (wager or pledge)  :: stawka {f}
stakeholder {n} (person or organisation with a legitimate interest)  :: interesant {m}, interesariusz {m}
stalemate {n} (blocked situation without personal loss)  :: pat {m}
stalemate {n} (chess term)  :: pat {m}
Stalin {prop} (Stalin)  :: Stalin {m}
Stalinism {n} (Communist philosophies espoused by Josef Stalin)  :: stalinizm {m}
Stalinist {adj} (of or relating to Stalinism)  :: stalinowski
Stalinist {n} (a person who accepts the philosophy of Stalinism)  :: stalinowiec, stalinista
stalk {n} (petiole, pedicel, or peduncle of a plant) SEE: petiole, pedicel, peduncle  ::
stalk {n} (stem or main axis of a plant)  :: łodyga {f}
stalk {v} (to approach slowly and quietly in order not to be discovered when getting closer)  :: zakradać się
stalk {v} (to (try to) follow or contact someone constantly, often resulting in harassment)  :: nękać, stalkować
stallion {n} (uncastrated male horse)  :: ogier {m}
stamen {n} (A flower part that produces pollen)  :: pręcik {m}
stamina {n} (power of sustained exertion)  :: wytrzymałość {f}
stammer {n} (involuntary repetition of sounds in speech)  :: jąkać się
stammer {v} (to stutter)  :: jąkać się
stammerer {n} (stutterer) SEE: stutterer  ::
stamp {n} (postage stamp) SEE: postage stamp  ::
stamp-collecting {n} (stamp hobby) SEE: philately  ::
stampede {n} (any sudden flight or dispersion)  :: paniczna ucieczka {f}
stance {n} (opinion or point of view)  :: stanowisko {n}
stand {n} (grandstand) SEE: grandstand  ::
stand {v} (to remain motionless)  :: stać
stand {v} (to rise to one’s feet)  :: wstawać
stand {v} (to support oneself on the feet in an erect position)  :: stać {impf}
standard {adj} (falling within an accepted range)  :: standardowy
standard {n} (level of quality)  :: standard {m}
standard {n} (something used as a measure)  :: standard {m}
standard-bearer {n} (person who carries flag or banner)  :: poczet sztandarowy
standard deviation {n} (statistical measure)  :: odchylenie standardowe {n}
standardize {v} (standardise) SEE: standardise  ::
stand corrected {v}  :: poprawię się
standing {adj} (permanent)  :: pozostający
standing {adj} (upright)  :: stojący
standing order {n} (Regular transfer of fixed sum between bank accounts)  :: zlecenie stałe
stand out {v} (be obvious in contrast to one's surroundings)  :: wyróżniać się
stand the test of time {v} (remain useful over a long period)  :: przetrwać próbę czasu
stand up {v} (rise from a sitting position)  :: wstawać {impf}, wstać {pf}
stand-up bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
Stanislaus {prop} (male given name- the standard or most popular form)  :: Stanisław
Stanley knife {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife  ::
stanza {n} (a unit of a poem)  :: zwrotka {f}, strofa {f}
stapes {n} (bone in the middle ear)  :: strzemiączko {n}
staple {n} (basic food)  :: podstawowe pożywienie {n}
staple {n} (basic or essential supply)  :: podstawowy artykuł {m}
staple {n} (length of fibers in wool)  :: stapel {m}
staple {n} (one of set of rods hammered into structure)  :: klamra {f}
staple {n} (U-shaped metal fastener)  :: klamra {f}
staple {n} (wire fastener in general)  :: klamra {f}
staple {n} (wire fastener used to secure stacks of paper)  :: zszywka {f}
staple {v} (secure with a staple)  :: zszyć
stapler {n} (device which binds together paper)  :: zszywacz {m}
star {n} (actor)  :: gwiazda {f}
star {n} (asterisk)  :: gwiazdka {f}
star {n} (astronomy: a luminous celestial body)  :: gwiazda
star {n} (celebrity)  :: gwiazda {f}
star {n} (concave polygon)  :: gwiazda {f}
star {n} (luminous celestial body)  :: gwiazda {f}
star {n} (quality rating symbol)  :: gwiazdka {f}
star anise {n} (a plant, Illicium verum)  :: anyż gwiaździsty {m}
starch {n} (carbohydrates)  :: skrobia {f}
starch {n} (laundry stiffener)  :: krochmal {m}
starch {n} (stiff manner)  :: sztywność {f}
starch {n} (substance)  :: skrobia {f}
starch {v} (apply laundry starch)  :: krochmalić
stare {v} (To look fixedly)  :: gapić się, wpatrywać się
starfish {n} (various echinoderms)  :: rozgwiazda {f}
star fruit {n} (fruit)  :: oskomian pospolity {m}
stark {adj} ((obsolete) hard, firm; obdurate)  :: twardy {m}, sztywny {m}
stark {adj} (severe; violent; fierce (now usually in describing the weather))  :: gwałtowny
starkers {adj} (completely nude)  :: goły jak święty turecki, golusieńki, w czym Pan Bóg stworzył, w stroju Adama
starlight {n} (light emitted from stars other than the Sun)  :: światło gwiazd {n-p}
starling {n} (bird)  :: szpak {m}
starling {n} (pilings)  :: izbica
Star of David {prop} (symbol of Jewish Community and Judaism)  :: gwiazda Dawida {f}
starring {v} (present participle of "to star") SEE: star  ::
starry sturgeon {n} (Acipenser stellatus) SEE: sevruga  ::
start {n} (beginning of an activity)  :: początek {m}
start {n} (beginning point of a race)  :: start {m}
start {v} (of an activity, to begin)  :: zacząć {pf}, rozpocząć {pf}
start {v} (to awaken suddenly)  :: zerwać się (z łóżka) {pf}
start {v} (to begin)  :: zacząć
start {v} (to initiate operation of a vehicle or machine)  :: uruchomić, zapalić
start {v} (to jerk suddenly in surprise)  :: poderwać się
start {v} (to set in motion)  :: ruszyć
starter {n} (electric motor that starts an internal-combustion engine)  :: rozrusznik {m}
starter motor {n} (starter motor) SEE: starter  ::
starve {v} (to die because of lack of food)  :: głodować
Star Wars {prop} (Star Wars)  :: Gwiezdne wojny {p}
state {n} (a condition)  :: stan
state {n} (any sovereign polity)  :: stan {m}, państwo {n}
statecraft {n} (statesmanship) SEE: statesmanship  ::
statefunction {n} (wavefunction) SEE: wavefunction  ::
stateless {adj} ((law) without a state or nationality)  :: bezpaństwowy {m}
statement {n} (computing: instruction in a computer program)  :: instrukcja {f}
statement {n} (declaration or remark)  :: stwierdzenie {n}, twierdzenie {n}
statement {n} (finance: document that summarizes financial activity)  :: wyciąg {m}
statement {n} (presentation of opinion or position)  :: oświadczenie {n}
state of the art {adj} (at the highest level of development)  :: najnowszy {m}, najnowocześniejszy {m}
statesman {n} (political leader who promotes the public good)  :: mąż stanu {m}
static electricity {n} (electrostatics) SEE: electrostatics  ::
statics {n} (branch of mechanics)  :: statyka {f}
station {n} (Australia: very large livestock farm) SEE: ranch  ::
station {n} (place where a vehicle may stop)  :: dworzec {m}, stacja {f}
stationary bicycle {n} (exercise bicycle) SEE: exercise bicycle  ::
stationer's {n} (stationary shop)  :: sklep papierniczy {m}
stationery {n} (writing materials)  :: artykuły papiernicze {p}
statist {n} (statistician) SEE: statistician  ::
statistic {adj} (statistical) SEE: statistical  ::
statistician {n} (person who compiles, interprets, or studies statistics)  :: statystyk {m}
statistics {n} (collection of measurements)  :: statystyka {f}
statistics {n} (mathematical science)  :: statystyka {f}
stator {n} (stationary part of a motor)  :: stojan
statue {n} (three-dimensional work of art)  :: posąg {m}
stature {n} (a person or animal's natural height when standing upright)  :: [of a person] wzrost {m}
stature {n} (respect coming from achievement or development)  :: wysoka pozycja {f}
staunch {adj} (loyal, trustworthy, reliable, outstanding)  :: wierny
staunch {v} (to stop, check, or deter an action)  :: zatrzymać, zastopować
staunch {v} (to stop the flow of (blood))  :: zatamować
Stavropol {prop} (city)  :: Stawropol {m}
stay {n} (period of time spent in a place)  :: pobyt {m}
stay {v} (To continue to have a particular quality)  :: zostawać
stay {v} (To remain in a particular place)  :: zostawać {impf}, zostać {pf}; zatrzymywać się {impf}, zatrzymać się {pf}
steadfast {adj} (firmly loyal or constant; unswerving)  :: oddany
steadfast {adj} (fixed or unchanging; steady)  :: niezachwiany, niezłomny
steak {n} (slice of beef)  :: stek {m}, befsztyk {m}
steal {n} (the act of stealing)  :: kradzież {f}
steal {v} (to get or effect surreptitiously or artfully)  :: skradać się
steal {v} (to illegally take possession of)  :: kraść {impf}, ukraść {pf}
steam {n} (water vapor)  :: para {f} wodna
steam {n} (water vapor used for heating or as source of kinetic energy)  :: para {f}
steam {v} (to produce or vent steam)  :: parować
steam bath {n} (room for bathing)  :: łaźnia parowa {f}
steamboat {n} (vessel powered by steam)  :: parowiec {m}, parostatek {m}
steam engine {n} (piston engine driven by steam)  :: maszyna {f} parowa
steam engine {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive  ::
steamer {n} (steamship or steamboat)  :: parowiec {m}
steam locomotive {n} (locomotive powered by steam)  :: parowóz {m}
steamship {n} (vessel propelled by steam)  :: parowiec {m}
steam turbine {n} (system through which steam is passed)  :: turbina parowa
steamy {adj} (erotic)  :: zmysłowy
stearin {n} (the triglyceride of stearic acid)  :: stearyna {f}
steed {n} (stallion)  :: rumak {m}
steel {n} (metal)  :: stal {f}
steep {adj} (near-vertical)  :: stromy
steep {v} (to make tea/coffee)  :: zaparzać {impf}, zaparzyć {pf}
steeple {n} (spire) SEE: spire  ::
steerageway {n} (minimum speed of a ship)  :: prędkość sterowna {f}
steering group {n} (A committee that arranges the schedule of business for a legislative assembly or other organization)  :: grupa koordynująca
steering wheel {n} (wheel-shaped control)  :: kierownica {f}
steganography {n} (steganography)  :: steganografia {f}
stein {n} (A beer mug)  :: kufel {m}
stellar wind {n} (equivalent of solar wind)  :: wiatr gwiazdowy {m}
St. Elmo's fire {n} (electrical discharge)  :: ognie świętego Elma
stem {n} (linguistics: main part of a word)  :: rdzeń {m-in}, temat {m-in}
stem {v} (to be caused)  :: wywodzić się
stem {v} (to stop, hinder)  :: tamować
stem cell {n} (primal undifferentiated cell)  :: komórka macierzysta {f}, komórka pnia {f}
stench {n} (a strong foul smell, a stink)  :: fetor {m}, smród {m}
steno {n} (stenographer) SEE: stenographer  ::
stenographer {n} (someone skilled in the transcription of speech)  :: stenograf {m}
stenography {n} (the practice of transcribing speech, usually using shorthand)  :: stenografia {f}
stentorian {adj} (of a voice suitable for giving speeches to large crowds)  :: tubalny {m}, stentorowy {m}
step {n}  :: krok {m}
step {n} (manner of walking)  :: chód {m}, krok {m}
step {n} (one of a set of rests in a stair or ladder)  :: stopień {m}
step {n} (small space or distance)  :: krok {m}
step {n} (space passed over by one movement of the foot in walking or running)  :: krok {m}
step {v} (intransitive: to move the foot in walking)  :: zrobić krok
Stepanakert {prop} (the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic)  :: Stepanakert {m}
stepbrother {n} (son of one's stepfather or stepmother)  :: brat przyrodni {m}
stepdaughter {n} (daughter of one's spouse and not of one's self)  :: pasierbica {f}
stepfather {n} (husband of one's biological mother, other than one's biological father)  :: ojczym {m}
Stephen {prop} (male given name)  :: Stefan, Szczepan
stepmother {n} (wife of one's biological father, not one's biological mother)  :: macocha {f}
steppe {n} (the grasslands of Eastern Europe and Asia)  :: step {f}
stepson {n} (son of one's spouse and not of oneself)  :: pasierb {m}
steradian {n} (derived unit of solid angle)  :: steradian {m}
stereo {adj} (of a pit of images)  :: stereograf {m}, stereogram {m}
stereo {adj} (of sound)  :: stereo {n}, dźwięk stereo {m}
stereo {n} (device)  :: sprzęt stereo {m}
stereo {n} (system)  :: stereo {n}
stereometry {n} (science of measuring solids)  :: stereometria {f}
sterile {adj} (unable to reproduce)  :: bezpłodny {m}
stern {n} (black tern) SEE: black tern  ::
stern {n} (the rear part or after end of a ship or vessel)  :: rufa {f}
sternum {n} (breastbone) SEE: breastbone  ::
steroid {n} (class of organic compounds)  :: steroid {m}
stethoscope {n} (medical instrument)  :: stetoskop {m}, słuchawka {f}
Stettin {prop} (Szczecin) SEE: Szczecin  ::
steven {n} (a prayer) SEE: prayer  ::
steven {n} (a promise) SEE: promise  ::
steven {n} (clamor) SEE: clamor  ::
steven {n} (command) SEE: command  ::
steven {n} (speech) SEE: speech  ::
steven {n} (tune) SEE: tune  ::
steven {n} (voice) SEE: voice  ::
steven {v} (to bespeak) SEE: bespeak  ::
steven {v} (to call out) SEE: call out  ::
steven {v} (to speak up (for)) SEE: speak up  ::
steven {v} (to utter) SEE: utter  ::
steven {v} (to vote) SEE: vote  ::
Steven {prop} (male given name) SEE: Stephen  ::
stevia {n} (any species of genus Stevia)  :: stewia {f}, skupnia {f}
stevia {n} (sweetener)  :: stewia {f}, stewiozyd {m}
stew {v} (to cook (food))  :: dusić {impf}
stewardess {n} (female flight attendant)  :: stewardessa {f}
stick {n} (cane or walking stick)  :: laska {f}
stick {n} (hockey stick)  :: kij {m}
stick {n} (long piece of wood)  :: kij {m}, pałka {f}
stick {n} (twig or small branch)  :: patyk {m}, gałązka {f}
stick {v} (to tolerate, endure, stick with) SEE: stick with  ::
sticker {n} (price tag) SEE: price tag  ::
sticking plaster {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid  ::
stick insect {n} (insects of the family Phasmidae)  :: patyczak {m}
stick note {n} (post-it note) SEE: post-it note  ::
stick out {v} (to persist) SEE: stick it out  ::
stickpin {n} (pin to hold necktie) SEE: tie clip  ::
sticky {adj} (able or likely to stick)  :: lepki
sticky note {n} (post-it note) SEE: post-it note  ::
sticky rice {n} (glutinous rice) SEE: glutinous rice  ::
sticky tape {n} (adhesive tape) SEE: adhesive tape  ::
stiff {adj} (of an object, rigid, hard to bend, inflexible)  :: sztywny
stigma {n} (mark of infamy)  :: piętno {n}
stigma {n} (scar or birthmark)  :: piętno {n}, znamię {n}
stiletto {n} (awl) SEE: awl  ::
stiletto {n} (rapier) SEE: rapier  ::
stiletto {n} (short sharp stabbing weapon)  :: sztylet {m}
stiletto {n} (woman's shoe with a tall, slender heel)  :: szpilka {f}
still {adj} (not moving)  :: nieruchomy
still {adv} (up to a time, as in the preceding time)  :: nadal, wciąż
still life {n} (work of art)  :: martwa natura {f}
stilt {n} (crutch) SEE: crutch  ::
stilt {n} (walking pole)  :: szczudło {n}
stimulus {n} (anything that induces a person to take action)  :: bodziec {m}
stimulus {n} (anything that may have an impact or influence on a system)  :: bodziec {m}
stimulus {n} (in physiology: something external that elicits or influences a physiological or psychological activity or response)  :: bodziec {m}
stimulus {n} (in psychology: anything effectively impinging upon any of the sensory apparatuses of a living organism)  :: bodziec {m}
sting {n} (pointed portion of an insect or arachnid used for attack) SEE: stinger  ::
sting {v} (of an insect: to bite)  :: żądlić, [perfective] użądlić, kąsać, [perfective] ukąsić
stinger {n} (pointed portion of an insect)  :: żądło {n}
stingy {adj} (unwilling to spend or give)  :: skąpy
stink {v} (have a strong bad smell)  :: śmierdzieć {impf}
stinkbird {n} (hoatzin) SEE: hoatzin  ::
stinker {n} (person who stinks)  :: śmierdziel {m}
stinky {adj} (having a strong, unpleasant smell)  :: śmierdzący {m}
stint {v} (to be sparing or mean)  :: skąpić
stipulation {n} (something that is stated or stipulated as a condition of an agreement)  :: warunek {m}, zastrzeżenie {n}
stipule {n} (basal appendage)  :: przylistek {m}
stirrup {n} (footrest)  :: strzemię {n}
stirrup {n} (stapes) SEE: stapes  ::
stirrup bone {n} (stapes) SEE: stapes  ::
stir up {v} (to cause (trouble etc))  :: wywoływać, wzniecać
stitch {n} (an intense stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage)  :: kolka {f}
stitch {n} (arrangement of stitches or method of stitching in knitting)  :: ścieg {m}, splot {m}
stitch {n} (arrangement of stitches or method of stitching in sewing)  :: ścieg {m}
stitch {n} (furrow) SEE: furrow  ::
stitch {n} (single pass of the needle in sewing)  :: ścieg {m}
stitch {n} (single turn of the thread in knitting)  :: oczko {n}
stitch {v} (agriculture: to form land into ridges) SEE: plough/plow  ::
stitch {v} (form stitches in) SEE: sew  ::
stitch {v} (unite by stitches) SEE: sew together  ::
St John's wort {n} (any plant of the genus Hypericum)  :: dziurawiec {m}
stoat {n} (stoat) SEE: ermine  ::
stochastic {adj} (random)  :: stochastyczny
stochastic matrix {n} (matrix)  :: macierz stochastyczna {f}
stochastic process {n} (a function of random variables)  :: proces stochastyczny {m}
stock {n}  :: [1] asortyment {m}, [3] zapas {m}, [4] inwentaż {m}, akcja {f}, [6] udział {m}, [7] kolba {f}
stock {n} (rolling stock) SEE: rolling stock  ::
stock exchange {n} (building and the associated organization)  :: giełda {f}
Stockholm {prop} (capital of Sweden)  :: Sztokholm {m}
Stockholmer {adj} (of, from or pertaining to Stockholm)  :: sztokholmski
Stockholmer {n} (someone from Stockholm)  :: sztokholmczyk {m}, sztokholmka {f}
stocking {n} (garment (for translations of "sock", see sock))  :: pończocha {f}
stockpile {n} (supply for future use)  :: zapas {m}, zapasy {p}
stockpile {v} (accumulate a stockpile)  :: gromadzić zapasy
stoichiometric {adj} (of, or relating to stoichiometry)  :: stechiometryczny {m}
stoichiometry {n} (the study of the relationships of reactants and products in chemical reactions)  :: stechiometria {f}
stoker {n} (poker) SEE: poker  ::
stole {n} (ecclesiastical garment)  :: stuła {f}
stole {n} (scarf-like garment)  :: etola {f}
stomach {n} (appetite) SEE: appetite  ::
stomach {n} (belly)  :: brzuch {m}
stomach {n} (digestive organ)  :: żołądek {m}
stomach {n} (figuratively: desire, appetite) SEE: appetite  ::
stomach {n} (pride, haughtiness) SEE: haughtiness  ::
stomachache {n} (pain in the abdomen)  :: ból brzucha {m}
stompie {n} (cigarette butt) SEE: butt  ::
stone {adj} (constructed of stone)  :: kamienny {m}
stone {n} (centre of some fruits)  :: pestka {f}
stone {n} (medical: hard, stone-like deposit)  :: kamień {m}
stone {n} (small piece of stone)  :: kamyk {m}
stone {n} (substance)  :: kamień {m}
stone {v} (to kill)  :: kamienować
stone {v} (to remove stone from)  :: drylować
Stone Age {prop} (prehistoric period)  :: epoka kamienia {f}
stone curlew {n} (species of large terrestrial birds)  :: kulon {m}
stoned {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
stone fruit {n} (fruit with soft flesh and a hard pit)  :: pestkowiec {m-an}
stone loach {n} (Barbatula barbatula)  :: śliz pospolity
stone marten {n} (Martes foina) SEE: beech marten  ::
stone's throw {n} (short distance)  :: rzut beretem {m}, rzut kamieniem {m}
stoning {n} (lapidation) SEE: lapidation  ::
stony {adj} (containing stones)  :: kamienisty {m}
stony {adj} (hard as stone)  :: kamienny {m}
stooge {n} (straight man) SEE: straight man  ::
stool {n} (a seat)  :: stołek {m}, taboret {m}
stool {n} (footstool) SEE: footstool  ::
stool pigeon {n} (decoy)  :: kapuś {m}, kabel {m}
stoop {v} (to bend the upper part of the body forward and downward)  :: zniżać się
stop {n} (consonant sound) SEE: plosive  ::
stop {n} (place to get on and off line buses or trams)  :: przystanek {m}
stop {v} (cause (something) to cease moving)  :: zatrzymać {pf}
stop {v} (cease moving)  :: zatrzymać się {pf}
stop {v} (stay a while)  :: zatrzymać się
stopwatch {n} (timepiece)  :: sekundomierz {m}
store {n} (in computing) SEE: memory  ::
store {n} (shop) SEE: shop  ::
storeman {n} (warehouseman) SEE: warehouseman  ::
storey {n} (floor)  :: piętro {n}, kondygnacja {f}, poziom {m}
stork {n} (large wading bird)  :: bocian {m}, bociek {m}
storksbill {n} (plant of the genus Erodium)  :: iglica {f}
storm {n} (disturbed state of the atmosphere)  :: burza {f}, sztorm {m-in} [at sea]
storm in a teacup {n} (tempest in a teapot) SEE: tempest in a teapot  ::
storm sewer {n} (structure for channeling surface runoff) SEE: storm drain  ::
stormy {adj} (of or pertaining to storms)  :: burzowy
stormy {adj} (violent; passionate; rough)  :: burzliwy
story {n} (account of events)  :: opowieść {f}, historia {f}
story {n} (lie) SEE: lie  ::
story {n} (storey) SEE: storey  ::
stout {adj} (obstinate) SEE: obstinate  ::
stove {n} (heater)  :: kuchenka {f}, piecyk {m}
stovepipe hat {n} (stovepipe hat) SEE: top hat  ::
straight {adj} (direct, truthful, frank)  :: prosty
straight {adj} (having all cylinders in a single row)  :: prosty
straight {adj} (heterosexual)  :: hetero
straight {adj} (not crooked or bent)  :: prosty
straight {n} (five cards in sequence)  :: strit {m}
straight {n} (heterosexual) SEE: heterosexual  ::
straight away {adv} (very soon; immediately) SEE: right away  ::
straight flush {n} (poker hand)  :: poker {m}
straightly {adv} (agreeably; correspondingly; suitably; in a manner conformable)  :: prosto
strain {n} (race; stock; generation; descent; family)  :: szczep {m}
strainer {n} (utensil)  :: sito {n}, cedzak {m}
strait {n} (narrow channel of water)  :: cieśnina {f}
Strait of Messina {prop} (narrow section of water between the eastern tip of Sicily and the southern tip of mainland Italy)  :: Cieśnina Mesyńska {f}
strand {n} (beach)  :: plaża {f}
strange {adj} (in quantum mechanics)  :: dziwny
strange {adj} (not normal)  :: dziwny
strange {adj} (not yet part of one’s experience)  :: obcy
stranger {n} (foreigner)  :: cudzoziemiec {m}
stranger {n} (newcomer)  :: przybysz {m}
stranger {n} (person whom one does not know)  :: obcy {m}, nieznajomy {m}
stranglehold {n} (grip or control so strong as to stifle or cut off)  :: kontrola nad sytuacją
strangulation {n} (act of strangling)  :: uduszenie {n}
Strasbourg {prop} (city in France)  :: Strasburg {m}
stratagem {n} (tactic)  :: fortel {m}, chwyt {m}, zagrywka {f}
strategic {adj} (of or pertaining to strategy)  :: strategiczny
strategical {adj} (strategic) SEE: strategic  ::
strategically {adv} (in a strategic manner)  :: strategicznie
Strategic Defense Initiative {prop} (Star Wars) SEE: Star Wars  ::
strategist {n} (one who devises strategies)  :: strateg {m}
strategy {n} (plan of action)  :: strategia {f}
stratosphere {n} (region of the uppermost atmosphere)  :: stratosfera {f}
stratovolcano {n} (volcano)  :: stratowulkan {m}
straw {adj} (made of straw)  :: słomiany
straw {n} (dried stalks considered collectively)  :: słoma {f}
straw {n} (drinking straw) SEE: drinking straw  ::
strawberry {adj} (colour)  :: truskawkowy
strawberry {adj} (flavour)  :: truskawkowy
strawberry {n} (fruit)  :: truskawka {f}
strawberry {n} (plant)  :: truskawka {f}
strawberry tree {n} (the American plant Arbutus menziesii)  :: chruścina {f}
strawberry tree {n} (the European plant Arbutus unedo)  :: chruścina jagodna {f}
strawen {adj} (Made of straw)  :: słomiany {m}
stray {adj} (having gone astray)  :: bezdomny (o zwierzęciu), zbłąkany
strayed {adj} (Who has lost his way) SEE: stray  ::
streak-backed antshrike {n} (Thamnophilus insignis)  :: chronka wenezuelska
stream {n} (small river)  :: strumień {m}, potok {m}, rzeczka {f}
street {n} (paved part of road in a village or a town)  :: ulica {f}
streetcar {n} (tram) SEE: tram  ::
street child {n} (street urchin) SEE: street urchin  ::
streetlight {n} (lamps set along a street)  :: latarnia uliczna {f}
strength {n} (quality of being strong)  :: siła {f}
strengthen {v} (to make strong or stronger)  :: stawać się coraz silniejszym, wzmacniać
strengthening {n} (that to strengthen)  :: wzmacniająca
strength tester {n} (high striker) SEE: high striker  ::
streptococcus {n} (bacterium)  :: paciorkowce
stress {n} (emotional pressure)  :: stres {m}
stress {n} (force)  :: naprężenie {n}
stress {n} (on a point in an argument)  :: nacisk {m}, emfaza {f}
stress {n} (on a syllable) SEE: accent  ::
stress {n} (when speaking)  :: nacisk {m}
stress {v} (to emphasise (a syllable))  :: akcentować
stretcher {n} (simple litter designed to carry a sick, injured, or dead person)  :: nosze {p}
stretcher-bearer {n} (person who carries people on a stretcher)  :: noszowy {m}
stretch mark {n} (stripes on the surface of the skin)  :: rozstęp {m}
stretch one's legs {v} (to walk about, especially after prolonged time sitting or lying down)  :: [idiomatic] rozprostować kości
strew {v} (to distribute objects or pieces of something)  :: rozrzucić
stride {v} (to walk with long steps)  :: kroczyć
strife {n} (violent conflict)  :: konflikt {m}, kłótnia {f}, niesnaska {f}
strike {n} (work stoppage)  :: strajk {m}
strike {v} (to stop working to achieve better working conditions)  :: strajkować
strike through {v} (to partly obliterate by drawing a line over) SEE: cross out  ::
strike while the iron is hot {v} (act on an opportunity promptly)  :: kuj żelazo póki gorące
string {n} (any similar long, thin and flexible object)  :: struna {f}
string {n} (long, thin structure made from twisted threads)  :: sznurek {m}
string {n} (physics: subject of study in string theory)  :: struna {f}
string {n} (stringed instrument) SEE: stringed instrument  ::
string bass {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass  ::
stringed instrument {n} (type of musical instrument)  :: instrument strunowy {m}
string instrument {n} (musical instrument that produces sound by strings) SEE: stringed instrument  ::
string quartet {n} (composition for four string players)  :: kwartet smyczkowy {m}
string quartet {n} (group of four string players)  :: kwartet smyczkowy {m}
strip {n} (strip steak) SEE: strip steak  ::
striped {adj} (having stripes, decorated or marked with bands differing in color)  :: paskowany, w paski
striped alder {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
stripper {n} (one who removes their clothing in a sexually provocative manner)  :: striptizer {m}, striptizerka {f}
striptease {n} (arousing act)  :: striptiz {m}
stripy {adj} (striped) SEE: striped  ::
strive {v} (to try to achieve)  :: starać się
stroke {n} (act of striking with a weapon)  :: cios
stroke {n} (act of stroking)  :: głaskanie {n}
stroke {n} (blow)  :: cios {m}
stroke {n} (line drawn with a pen or pencil)  :: kreska {f}
stroke {n} (loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted)  :: wylew {m}, apopleksja {f} [obsolete]
stroke {n} (particular style of swimming)  :: styl {m}
stroke {n} (single movement with a tool)  :: pociągnięcie {n}
stroke {n} (streak made with a brush)  :: pociągnięcie {n}
stroke {n} (thrust of piston)  :: suw {m}, skok {m}
stroke {n} (UK: symbol "/")  :: ukośnik {m}
stroke {v} (to move one's hand or an object over the surface of)  :: głaskać
stroll {n} (wandering on foot)  :: spacer {m}, przechadzka {f}
stroll {v} (wander on foot)  :: spacerować
stroller {n} (seat on wheels)  :: wózek {m}
strong {adj} (capable of producing great physical force)  :: silny {m}
strong {adj} (capable of withstanding great physical force)  :: wytrzymały, solidny
strong {adj} (having an offensive or intense odor or flavor)  :: mocny
strongbox {n} (sturdy box with a lock) SEE: safe  ::
stronghold {n} (a fortress)  :: twierdza {f}
strongman game {n} (high striker) SEE: high striker  ::
strong nuclear interaction {n} (strong nuclear interaction)  :: oddziaływanie silne
strong point {n} (excellent characteristic or ability) SEE: forte  ::
strontium {n} (chemical element)  :: stront {m}
strop {n} (bad mood) SEE: bad mood  ::
structural {adj} (of, relating to, or having structure)  :: strukturalny
structural {adj} (used in building)  :: budowlany
struggle {n} (strife, effort)  :: walka {f}, bój {m}, bitwa {f}
struggle {v} (to strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight)  :: walczyć {impf}, bić się {impf}
strumpet {n} (A prostitute)  :: ladacznica {f}
strychnine {n} (very toxic, colourless, crystalline alkaloid)  :: strychnina {f}
stubborn {adj} (refusing to move or change one's opinion)  :: uparty
stubbornness {n} (state of being stubborn)  :: upór {f}, upartość {f}
stud {n} (sexually attractive male)  :: przystojniak {m}, ciacho {n}
stud {n} (type of poker) SEE: stud poker  ::
student {n} (person enrolled at a university)  :: student {m}, studentka {f}
student {n} (person who studies an academic subject)  :: student {m}, studentka {f}
student {n} (schoolchild) SEE: schoolchild  ::
studies {n} (academic field of study)  :: studia {p}
study {n} (examination) SEE: examination  ::
study {n} (mental effort to acquire knowledge)  :: nauka {f} uczenie się {n}
study {v} (look at minutely)  :: wpatrywać się
study {v} (to acquire knowledge)  :: uczyć się
study {v} (to revise/review materials)  :: uczyć się
study {v} (to take a course)  :: studiować
stuff {n} (miscellaneous items; things)  :: rzeczy {p}
stuff {v} (preserve a dead animal)  :: wypychać
stuff {v}  :: teges
stuff {v} (to fill (something) up in a compressed manner)  :: wypchać, napchać, nadziewać {impf}, nadziać {pf}
stuffed shirt {n} (one who is overly-officious)  :: formalista {m}, nadęty facet {m}, sztywniak {m}
stumbling-block {n} (stumbling block) SEE: stumbling block  ::
stump {n} (remains of something that has been cut off)  :: [of a limb] kikut {m}; [of a tree] karpina {f}, karpowina {f}, pniak {m}, pień {m}
stunt {n} (dangerous feat)  :: wyczyn kaskaderski {m}
stuntman {n} (one who performs stunts)  :: kaskader {m}
stupefy {v} (dull the senses or capacity to think)  :: ogłuszać {impf}, ogłuszyć {pf}
stupid {adj} (lacking in intelligence)  :: głupi
stupidity {n} (property of being stupid)  :: głupota {f}
sturdy {adj} (of firm build)  :: mocny {m}, solidny {m}, silny {m}
sturdy {adj} (solid in structure or person)  :: mocny {m}, solidny {m}, silny {m}, niezachwiany {m}
sturgeon {n} (fish of family Acipenseridae)  :: jesiotr {m}
stutter {n} (speech disorder)  :: jąkanie {n}
stutter {v} (to speak with spasmodic repetition)  :: jąkać się
stutterer {n} (one who stutters)  :: jąkała
sty {n} (inflammation) SEE: stye  ::
sty {n} (ladder) SEE: ladder  ::
sty {v} (to rise up) SEE: ascend  ::
stye {n} (bacterial infection of the eyelash or eyelid)  :: jęczmień {m-in}
stylist {n} (designer) SEE: designer  ::
stylist {n} (hairdresser) SEE: hairdresser  ::
stylophone {n} (small synthesizer operated using a stylus)  :: stylofon {m}
stylus {n} (pen for writing on touch-sensitive screen)  :: rysik {m-in}
Styria {prop} (Austrian state)  :: Styria {f}
Styrian {adj} (of, from or relating to Styria)  :: styryjski
Styrian {n} (someone from Styria)  :: Styryjczyk
styrofoam {n} (polymer)  :: styropian {m}
Styx {prop} (river of the underworld)  :: Styks
subcontractor {n} (contractor hired by contractor)  :: podwykonawca {m}
subculture {n} (portion of a culture distinguished by its customs or other features)  :: subkultura {f}
subcutaneous {adj} (Pertaining to the fatty layer under the skin)  :: podskórny
subdomain {n} (domain name prefaced with additional parts separated by a period)  :: subdomena {f}
subfamily {n} (taxonomic category)  :: podrodzina {f}
subhuman {n} (untermensch)  :: podczłowiek
subject {n} (citizen in a monarchy)  :: poddany {m-pr}, poddana {f}
subject {n} (in grammar)  :: podmiot {m-in}
subject {n} (main topic)  :: temat {m-in}
subject {n} (particular area of study)  :: przedmiot {m-in}
subject {n} (person ruled over by another, especially a monarch or state authority)  :: poddany {m-pr}
subjectivity {n} (state of being subjective)  :: subiektywność {f}
subjugate {v} (to forcibly impose obedience or servitude)  :: podporządkowywać {impf}, podporządkować {pf}
subjunctive {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
subjunctive mode {n} (subjunctive mood) SEE: subjunctive mood  ::
subjunctive mood {n} (subjunctive mood)  :: tryb łączący {m}
sublime {adj} (noble and majestic)  :: wzniosły
subliminal message {n} (message under normal perception)  :: percepcja podprogowa
submachine gun {n} (short range machine gun)  :: pistolet maszynowy {m}
submarine {n} (undersea boat)  :: okręt podwodny {m}, łódź podwodna {f}
submarine sandwich {n} (sub) SEE: sub  ::
submenu {n} (secondary menu available through another menu)  :: podmenu {n}
submissive {adj} (meekly obedient or passive)  :: pokorny
subnormal {adj} (computing theory: denormal) SEE: denormal  ::
subordinate {adj} (placed in a lower class, rank, or position)  :: podrzędny, podrzędny
subordinate clause {n} (a clause that cannot stand alone)  :: zdanie podrzędne {n}
suboxide {n} (oxide containing a small proportion of oxygen)  :: podtlenek {m}
subplot {n} (a subsidiary plot within a story)  :: wątek {m}
subpoena {n} (writ requiring someone to appear in court to give testimony)  :: wezwanie do sądu {n}
subproduct {n} (byproduct) SEE: byproduct  ::
subscribe {v} (to sign up to receive a publication)  :: abonować
subscriber {n} (a person who subscribes to a publication or a service)  :: abonent {m}, abonentka {f}
Subscriber Identity Module {n} (component on a SIM card that stores information to identify a mobile phone user)  :: karta SIM
subscription {n} (access to a resource for a period of time)  :: abonament {m}, prenumerata {f} [for a print publication]
subsequent {adj} (following in time)  :: kolejny, dalszy, późniejszy {m}
subsequently {adv} (subsequently)  :: później
subset {n} (mathematics: of a set)  :: podzbiór {m}
subsidy {n} (financial support)  :: subwencja {f}
subsistent {adj} (inherent) SEE: inherent  ::
substance {n} (drugs)  :: narkotyk {m}
substance {n} (essential part)  :: istota {f}
substance {n} (material possessions)  :: majątek {m}
substance {n} (matter)  :: substancja {f}
substance {n} (theology: hypostasis) SEE: hypostasis  ::
substantive {adj} (substantival) SEE: substantival  ::
substitute {v} (to use in place of something else, with the same function)  :: podstawiać, zamienić, zastąpić
substitute teacher {n} (supply teacher) SEE: supply teacher  ::
substitution {n} (substitute) SEE: substitute  ::
subterranean {adj} (below ground, under the earth, underground)  :: podziemny
subterraneous {adj} (subterranean) SEE: subterranean  ::
subtitle {n} (heading below a title)  :: podtytuł {m}
subtitle {n} (textual versions of the dialog in films)  :: napisy {m-p}
subtle {adj} (hard to grasp)  :: subtelny
subtleness {n} (property of being subtle)  :: subtelność {f}, delikatność {f}
subtlety {n} (an instance of being subtle)  :: subtelność {f}
subtlety {n} (quality or act of being subtle)  :: subtelność {f}, delikatność {f}
subtly {adv} (with subtleness, in a subtle manner)  :: subtelnie, delikatnie
subtract {v} (to remove or reduce)  :: odejmować
subtraction {n} (process)  :: odejmowanie {n}
subtrahend {n} (A number or quantity to be subtracted from another)  :: odjemnik {m}
suburb {n} (area on the periphery of a city or large town)  :: przedmieście {n}
suburban {n} (relating to outskirts of a city)  :: podmiejski
subvention {n} (subsidy) SEE: subsidy  ::
subvertisement {n} (piece of subvertising) SEE: subvert  ::
subway {n} (underground railway)  :: metro {n}
subway {n} (underground walkway)  :: przejście podziemne {n}
subzero {adj} (sub-zero) SEE: sub-zero  ::
succeed {v} (To fall heir to; to inherit)  :: odziedziczyć
success {n} (achievement of one's aim or goal)  :: powodzenie {n}, sukces {m}
successful {adj} (resulting in success)  :: udany
successor {n} (integer or cardinal immediately following another)  :: następnik {m}
successor {n} (next heir in order or succession)  :: następca {m}
successor {n} (person who inherits a title or office)  :: następca {m}
succinct {adj} (brief and to the point)  :: zwięzły {m}, treściwy {m}
succor {n} (Aid, assistance or relief from distress)  :: sukurs
succuba {n} (a female demon or fiend) SEE: succubus  ::
such {determiner} (like this, that, these, those; used to make a comparison with something implied by context)  :: taki
such as {prep} (for example) SEE: for example  ::
such is life {phrase} (used to express the acceptance of misfortune)  :: takie jest życie
suck {n} (sycophant) SEE: sycophant  ::
suck {v} (to use the mouth to pull in (liquid etc))  :: ssać
sucker {n} (lollipop) SEE: lollipop  ::
sucker {n} (one who is easily fooled)  :: frajer {m}
suckle {v} (to give suck to)  :: karmić mlekiem
suck off {v} (to give a blowjob)  :: ssać pałę [vulgar], ssać fiuta [vulgar], ssać chuja [vulgar], obciągać, robić loda
sucrose {n} (a disaccharide)  :: sacharoza {f}
Sudan {prop} (Republic of Sudan)  :: Sudan {m-in}
sudden {adj} (happening quickly and with little or no warning)  :: nagły
sudden {n} (surprise) SEE: surprise  ::
sudden infant death syndrome {n} (medical syndrome)  :: nagła śmierć łóżeczkowa {f}, zespół nagłego zgonu niemowląt {m}
suddenly {adv} (happening quickly and with little or no warning)  :: nagle
Sudeten {adj} (of or pertaining to Sudeten)  :: sudecki
Sudeten {prop} (series of mountains)  :: Sudety {p}
Sudetenland {prop} (region in Czechia)  :: Kraj Sudetów {m}, Kraj Sudecki {m}
sudoku {n} (a puzzle using numbers)  :: sudoku {n}
sue {v} (to file a legal action)  :: pozwać
suede {n} (type of leather)  :: zamsz {m}
suet {n} (fat)  :: sadło {n}, łój {m}
Suez Canal {prop} (canal)  :: Kanał Sueski {m}
suffer {v} (to feel pain)  :: cierpieć
suffer {v} (to undergo hardship)  :: doświadczać
suffering {n} (condition)  :: cierpienie
suffice {v} (be enough, sufficient, adequate)  :: wystarczać, wystarczyć
suffice {v} (satisfy)  :: zadowolić, wystarczać, wystarczyć
sufficient {adj} (adequate to wants)  :: dostateczny {m}, wystarczający {m}
sufficiently {adv} (in a sufficient manner)  :: wystarczająco
suffix {n} (letters or sounds added at the end of a word to modify the word's meaning)  :: przyrostek {m-in}
suffocate {v} ((transitive) to cause someone to suffer severely reduced oxygen supply to his body)  :: dusić
suffocate {v} ((transitive) to kill someone by depriving him of a sufficient oxygen intake)  :: dusić
suffragette {n} (female supporter of women's right to vote)  :: sufrażystka {f}
suffragist {n} (suffragette) SEE: suffragette  ::
sugar {n} (any of a series of carbohydrates used by organisms to store energy)  :: cukier {m}
sugar {n} (generic term for sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc)  :: cukier {m}
sugar {n} (sucrose from sugar cane or sugar beet and used to sweeten food and drink)  :: cukier {m}
sugar {n} (term of endearment)  :: kochanie {n}, słonko
sugar {v} (to add sugar to, to sweeten)  :: słodzić, posłodzić
sugar {v} (to make something seem less unpleasant)  :: osładzać, osłodzić
sugar beet {n} (type of beet)  :: burak cukrowy {m}
sugar bowl {n} (small receptacle for serving sugar on a table)  :: cukiernica {f}
sugar cane {n} (species of grass whose sap is a source of sugar)  :: trzcina cukrowa {f}
sugarfree {adj} (sugar-free) SEE: sugar-free  ::
sugar pea {n} (mangetout) SEE: mangetout  ::
sugar substitute {n} (food additives)  :: słodzik
sugary {adj} (covered with or containing a large amount of sugar)  :: cukrowy
suggest {v} (to ask for without demanding)  :: proponować
suggest {v} (to imply but stop short of saying directly)  :: sugerować
suggest {v} (to make one suppose)  :: sugerować
suggest {v} (to recommend)  :: sugerować
suggestion {n} (something suggested)  :: propozycja {f}
suggillation {n} (livor mortis) SEE: livor mortis  ::
suicide {n} (instance of killing oneself)  :: samobójstwo {n}
suicide {n} (person killing oneself)  :: samobójca {m}, samobójczyni {f}
suit {n} (card games: set of cards distinguished by color and emblems)  :: kolor {m}
suit {n} (pursuit, chase) SEE: pursuit  ::
suit {n} (single garment that covers the whole body)  :: kostium {m}, kombinezon {m}
suit {n} (suit of clothes)  :: garnitur {m}
suit {v} (to be fitted to)  :: odpowiadać, pasować
suit {v} (to be suitable or apt for one's image)  :: pasować
suitcase {n} (large piece of luggage)  :: walizka {f}
suite {n} (musical form pre-dating the sonata)  :: suita {f}
Sukhumi {prop} (capital city)  :: Suchumi
sulfate {n} (inorganic chemistry: any salt of sulfuric acid)  :: siarczan {m}
sulfate {n} (organic chemistry: any ester of sulfuric acid)  :: siarczan {m}
sulfide {n} (any compound of sulfur and a metal or electropositive element or group)  :: siarczek {m}
sulfite {n} (salt of sulfurous acid)  :: siarczyn {m}
sulfur {n} (element)  :: siarka {f}
sulfuric acid {n} (H2SO4)  :: kwas siarkowy {m}
sulfur mustard {n} (mustard gas) SEE: mustard gas  ::
sulk {v} (to express ill humor or offense by remaining sullenly silent or withdrawn)  :: obrażać się, dąsać się
sully {v} (to damage, corrupt)  :: skalać
sully {v} (to soil, stain, dirty)  :: skalać
sulphur dioxide {n} (the compound SO2) SEE: sulfur dioxide  ::
sulphuric acid {n} (H2SO4)  :: kwas siarkowy {m}
sulphurous acid {n} (sulphurous acid) SEE: sulfurous acid  ::
sulphur tuft {n} (Hypholoma/Naematoloma fasciculare) SEE: sulfur tuft  ::
sultan {n} (ruler)  :: sułtan {m}
sultanate {n} (state ruled by a sultan)  :: sułtanat {m}
sum {n} (arithmetic problem)  :: suma {f}
sum {n} (quantity obtained by addition or aggregation)  :: suma {f}
sum {n} (quantity of money)  :: suma {f}
sum {n} (summary) SEE: summary  ::
sum {n} (summit) SEE: summit  ::
sum {v} (give a summary of) SEE: summarize  ::
sumac {n} (shrub or small tree)  :: sumak {m}
Sumatra {prop} (the largest island of Indonesia)  :: Sumatra {f}
Sumerian {adj} (pertaining to Sumer)  :: sumeryjski {m}, sumerski {m}
Sumerian {n} (person)  :: Sumer {m} / Sumeryjczyk {m}, Sumeryjka {f}
Sumerian {prop} (language)  :: sumeryjski {m}
summand {n} (term of addition)  :: składnik {m}
summarise {v} (summarise) SEE: summarize  ::
summarize {v} (To prepare a summary)  :: streszczać
summary {adj} (performed speedily)  :: doraźny {m}
summary {n} (condensed presentation)  :: streszczenie {n}, skrót {m}
summer {n} (hottest season)  :: lato {n}
summer camp {n} (institution devoted to housing and entertaining children)  :: kolonia letnia {f}, obóz harcerski {m}
summer time {n} (daylight saving time) SEE: daylight saving time  ::
summit {n} (gathering of leaders)  :: szczyt {m}
summit {n} (peak, top of mountain)  :: szczyt {m}, wierzchołek {m}
summon {v} (to call people together)  :: wzywać
sumo {n} (form of wrestling)  :: sumo {n}
sum up {v} (sum up) SEE: summarize  ::
sun {n} (a star, especially when seen as the centre of any single solar system)  :: słońce {n}
sun {n} (light and warmth received from the sun)  :: słońce {n}, promienie słoneczne, światło słoneczne
sun {prop} (the star around which the Earth revolves)  :: słońce {n}
Sun {prop} (star)  :: słońce {n}
sunbathe {v} (to expose one's body to the sun)  :: opalać się
sunbed {n} (tanning device) SEE: tanning bed  ::
sunblock {n} (sunscreen) SEE: sunscreen  ::
Sunday {n} (day of the week)  :: niedziela {f}
Sunday driver {n} (one who drives slowly)  :: niedzielny kierowca {m}
sunderling {adv} (separately) SEE: separately  ::
sundew {n} (group of insectivorous plants)  :: rosiczka {f}
sundial {n} (simple timekeeping device which makes use of sunlight)  :: zegar słoneczny {m}
sundown {n} (sunset) SEE: sunset  ::
sunfish {n} (fish of the family Molidae)  :: samogłów
sunflower {n} (flower)  :: słonecznik {m}
sunglasses {n} (tinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from the sun)  :: okulary słoneczne {m-p}, okulary przeciwsłoneczne {m-p}
sunlight {n} (electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun)  :: światło słoneczne {n}
Sunni {n} (follower of the Sunni branch of Islam)  :: sunnita {m}
Sunnite {n} (Sunni) SEE: Sunni  ::
sunny {adj} (weather, day)  :: słoneczny
sunrise {n} (time of day)  :: wschód słońca {m}
sunrose {n} (rockrose) SEE: rockrose  ::
sunscreen {n} (a form of sunblock)  :: krem do opalania {m}
sunset {n} (attributively: of or relating to the final period of life)  :: zmierzch {m}
sunset {n} (changes in color of sky at sunset)  :: zachód słońca {m}
sunset {n} (final period of life)  :: zmierzch {m}
sunset {n} (time of day)  :: zmierzch {m}, zachód słońca {m}
sunspot {n} (region on the sun's surface)  :: plama słoneczna {f}
suntanned {adj} (having a suntan) SEE: tanned  ::
sunup {n} (change in color of sky) SEE: sunrise  ::
sunup {n} (time of day) SEE: sunrise  ::
superacid {n} (medium having very high acidity)  :: superkwas {m}
superb {adj} (of the highest quality; exceptionally good)  :: znakomity {m}
superbly {adv} (excellently)  :: znakomicie
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious {adj} (supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)  :: superkalifradalistodekspialityczny
supercilious {adj} (showing contemptuous indifference)  :: wyniosły
supercomputer {n} (computer that has great processing power)  :: superkomputer {m}
superconductor {n} (a substance)  :: nadprzewodnik {m}
superexchange {n}  :: nadwymiana {f}
superficial {adj} (shallow, lacking substance)  :: powierzchowny
superfluous {adj} (excess of what is sufficient)  :: niepotrzebny {m}, zbyteczny {m}, nadmierny {m}
superfluousness {n} (superfluity) SEE: superfluity  ::
superhero {n} (a fictional crime-fighting character with superpowers)  :: superbohater {m}
superlative {adj} (exceptionally good)  :: doskonały, znakomity
superlative {n} (form of adjective expressing "most")  :: stopień najwyższy {m-in}
superlative {n} (highest degree of something)  :: superlatyw {m-in}
superlative degree {n} ((grammar))  :: stopień najwyższy {m}
supermajority {n} (qualified majority) SEE: qualified majority  ::
superman {n} (übermensch)  :: nadczłowiek {m}
supermarket {n} (store)  :: supermarket {m}
supermassive black hole {n} (Any black hole with a large mass)  :: supermasywna czarna dziura {f}
supermoderator {n} (A moderator capable of moderating every forum on a web site)  :: super moderator {m}
supermoon {n} (a full moon or new moon, when the Earth–Moon distance is in the lowest tenth of its range)  :: superksiężyc {m}
supernal {adj} (exalted, exquisite, superlative)  :: cudowny
supernal {adj} (pertaining to heaven or to the sky)  :: niebiański
supernova {n} (exploding star)  :: supernowa {f}
supernumerary {n} (person in a play or movie with a minimal part) SEE: walk-on  ::
superpower {n} (fictional extraordinary ability)  :: supermoc {f}
supersede {v} (Displace in favour of another)  :: zastąpić, zamienić
supersede {v} (Set aside)  :: odłożyć, unieważnić
supersede {v} (Take the place of)  :: zastąpić
supersonic {adj} (ultrasonic) SEE: ultrasonic  ::
superstar {n} (very famous person)  :: wielka gwiazda {f}, supergwiazda {f}
superstition {n} (a set of beliefs that future events may be influenced by one's behaviour in some magical or mystical way)  :: przesąd {m}
superstitious {adj} (susceptible to superstitions)  :: przesądny
supper {n} (dinner at night)  :: kolacja {f}
supper {n} (food before going to bed)  :: kolacja {f}, wieczerza {f}
supper hour {n} (all senses) SEE: dinnertime  ::
suppertime {n} (all senses) SEE: dinnertime  ::
suppliant {adj}  :: błagający, błagalny, proszalny
suppliant {n} (one who pleads or requests earnestly)  :: suplikant {m}
support {n} (answers and resolution of problems)  :: wsparcie {n}, pomoc {f}
support {n} (financial or other help)  :: wsparcie {n}
support {n} (set of points where the function is not zero)  :: nośnik {m}
support {n} (something which supports)  :: podpora {f}, wspornik {m}
support {v} (to back a cause, party, etc., mentally or with concrete aid)  :: popierać {impf}, [e.g. for a sports team] kibicować {impf}
support {v} (to help, particularly financially)  :: wspierać
support {v} (to keep from falling)  :: wspierać
suppose {v} (conclude; believe)  :: przypuszczać {impf}, przypuścić {pf}
supposed {adj} (expected) SEE: expected  ::
supposed {adj} (intended) SEE: intended  ::
supposed {adj} (obliged) SEE: obliged  ::
supposed {adj} (Presumed to be true, but without proof)  :: przypuszczalny, domniemany
supposedly {adv} (as a matter of supposition)  :: podobno
supposition {n} (assumption)  :: założenie {n}
suppository {n} (medicine in the form of a small plug that is inserted into a bodily cavity)  :: czopek {m}
suppression order {n} (gag order) SEE: gag order  ::
supraglacial {adj} (of, relating to, or situated or occurring at the surface of a glacier)  :: supraglacjalny
supranational {adj} (of greater than national scope)  :: ponadpaństwowy {m}
supremacy {n} (quality of being supreme)  :: supremacja {f}
supreme court {n} (court of law representing the highest legal authority within a jurisdiction)  :: najwyższy sąd {m}
supremum {n} (element of a set)  :: supremum {n}, kres górny {m}
sura {n} (chapter of the Qur'an)  :: sura {f}
sure {adj} (certain, reliable)  :: pewny, pewien
sure {interj} (of course)  :: oczywiście, [exclamation] pewnie!
surely {adv} (certainly, undoubtedly)  :: z pewnością
surely {adv} (with confidence)  :: pewnie
surely {adv} (without fail)  :: pewnie
surety {n} (certainty) SEE: certainty  ::
surface {n} (up-side of a flat object)  :: powierzchnia {f}
surface car {n} (streetcar) SEE: streetcar  ::
surf riding {n} (surfing) SEE: surfing  ::
surge {n} ((electricity) electrical spike)  :: skok napięcia {m}
surgeon {n} (doctor who performs surgery)  :: chirurg {m}
surgery {n} (doctor's consulting room)  :: gabinet lekarski
surgery {n} (medical specialty)  :: chirurgia {f}
surgery {n} (procedure involving major incisions)  :: operacja {f}
surge suppressor {n} (surge protector) SEE: surge protector  ::
surgical {adj} (of or relating to surgery)  :: chirurgiczny {m}
surgical {adj} (precise or very accurate)  :: chirurgiczny {m}
Suriname {prop} (country)  :: Surinam
surjection {n} (function of "many-to-one" mapping relationship)  :: suriekcja {f}
surjective {adj} (of, relating, or being a surjection)  :: suriektywny {m}, na {m} {f} {n}
surname {n} (name that indicates family)  :: nazwisko {n}
surplice {n} (liturgical vestment)  :: komża {f}
surprise {n} (feeling that something unexpected has happened)  :: niespodzianka {f}
surprise {n} (something not expected)  :: niespodzianka {f}
surprise {v} (cause (someone) to feel surprise)  :: dziwić
surprise {v} (do something to (a person) that they are not expecting, as a surprise)  :: zaskakiwać
surprised {adj} (caused to feel surprise)  :: zdziwiony {m}
surreal {adj} (having the intense reality of a dream)  :: surrealistyczny {m}
surrealism {n} (artistic movement and aesthetic philosophy)  :: surrealizm {m}
surrealist {n} (surrealist artist)  :: surrealista {m}, surrealistka {f}
surround {v} (to encircle something or simultaneously extend in all directions)  :: otaczać
surround {v} (to enclose to prevent escape)  :: otaczać
surveillance {n} (observation of individuals or groups of individuals)  :: inwigilacja {f}
survey {n} (act of surveying)  :: nadzór {m}
survey {n} (an examination)  :: ankieta {f}
surveyor {n} (person occupied with the process of determining positions on the Earth's surface)  :: geodeta {m}
survive {v} (live longer than)  :: przeżyć
survive {v} (live past a life-threatening event)  :: przeżyć
survive {v} (object, concept: continue to exist)  :: przeżyć
survive {v} (person: continue to live)  :: przeżywać {impf}, przeżyć {pf}
Surzhyk {prop} (language)  :: surżyk {m}
Susan {prop} (female given name)  :: Zuzanna {f}
Susanna {prop} (female given name) SEE: Susan  ::
susceptibility {n} (emotional sensitivity)  :: czułość {f}
susceptibility {n} (the condition of being susceptible)  :: podatność {f}
susceptible {adj} (especially sensitive)  :: wrażliwy
susceptible {adj} (likely to be affected by)  :: podatny
sushi {n} (Japanese dish)  :: sushi {n}
suslik {n} (Spermophilus or Citellus)  :: suseł {m}
suspect {adj} (viewed with suspicion)  :: podejrzany {m}
suspect {n} (person suspected of something)  :: podejrzany {m}, podejrzana {f}
suspect {v} (believe to be guilty)  :: podejrzewać
suspender {n} (an item used hold up trousers)  :: szelki {p}
suspenders {n} (stocking supporter) SEE: garter  ::
suspenders {n} (trouser supporter) SEE: suspender  ::
suspension bridge {n} (bridge where the deck or roadway is suspended from cables)  :: most wiszący {m}
suspicion {n} (act of suspecting something or someone, especially of something wrong)  :: podejrzenie {n}
suspicion {n} (condition of being suspected)  :: podejrzenie {n}
suspicion {n} (imagining without evidence)  :: podejrzenie {n}
suspicion {n} (slight indication)  :: ślad {m}, trop {m}, poszlaka {f}, cień {m}
suspicion {n} (uncertainty, doubt)  :: podejrzliwość {f}
sustain {v} (to maintain something)  :: podtrzymać
sustain {v} (to provide for or nourish something)  :: podtrzymać
sustainable {adj} (able to be sustained: environmental term)  :: możliwy do utrzymania, podrzymywalny
sustainable {adj} (able to be sustained)  :: możliwy do utrzymania, podrzymywalny
sutler {n} (a person who follows an army, selling provisions)  :: markietan {m}, markietanka {f}
Suva {prop} (capital of Fiji)  :: Suva {f}
Suvalkija {prop} (Suvalkija)  :: Suwalszczyzna Jaćwież
Svalbard {prop} (islands north east of Greenland)  :: Svalbard {m-in}
Svan {prop} (language)  :: swański
svirel {n} (an old folk Russian wind instrument)  :: żalejka {f}
Swabian {n} (person)  :: Szwab {m}
Swadesh list {n} (lists of vocabulary)  :: Lista Swadesha {f}
swag {n} (burglar's or thief's booty; a boodle)  :: łup {m}, zdobycz {f}
swag {n} ((slang) style; a fashionable appearance or manner)  :: styl {m}, maniera {f}
swag {n} (SWAG) SEE: SWAG  ::
Swahili {prop} (language)  :: suahili {n}
swallow {n} (bird)  :: jaskółka {f}, dymówka {f}
swallow {v} (to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach)  :: połknąć, połykać
swallowtail {n} (butterfly)  :: paź królowej {m}
swamp {n} (type of wetland)  :: bagno {n}, bagnisko {n}, błota {p}
swamp holly {n} (American winterberry) SEE: American winterberry  ::
swan {n} (waterfowl of the genus Cygnus)  :: łabędź {m}
swanling {n} (baby swan, young swan) SEE: cygnet  ::
Swansea {prop} (a city in South Wales)  :: Swansea {n} [indecl]
swan song {n} (a final performance)  :: łabędzi śpiew
swap {n} (exchange)  :: zamiana {f}
swap {v} (exchange or give (something) in exchange for)  :: zamieniać, zamienić, zamieniać się, zamienić się
swarm {n} (a mass of people or animals in turmoil)  :: mrowie {n}
swarm {n} (large number of insects)  :: rój {m}
swarm spore {n} (zoospore) SEE: zoospore  ::
swarthy {adj} (dark) SEE: dark  ::
swarthy {adj} (dark-skinned) SEE: dark-skinned  ::
swarthy {adj} (dusky) SEE: dusky  ::
swarthy {adj} (tawny) SEE: tawny  ::
swastika {n} (a cross with arms of equal length all bent halfway along at a 90° angle)  :: swastyka {f}
swath {n} (The track cut out by a scythe in mowing)  :: pokos
swathe {n} (swath) SEE: swath  ::
sway {n} (Rule; dominion; control)  :: władza {f}
sway {v} (to influence or direct by power and authority)  :: rządzić
sway {v} (to move or swing from side to side; or backward and forward; to rock)  :: trząść
Swazi {prop} (Swati language)  :: suazi
Swaziland {prop} (Kingdom of Swaziland)  :: Suazi
swear {v} (to curse, to use offensive language)  :: kląć {impf}, zakląć {pf}, przeklinać {impf}, przekląć {pf}, skląć {pf}, wyklinać {impf}
swear {v} (to take an oath)  :: przysięgać {impf}, przysiąc {pf}, przyrzekać {impf}, przyrzec {pf}, kląć się {impf}, zaklinać się {impf}
swear word {n} (impolite or offensive taboo word)  :: przekleństwo {n}
sweat {n} (fluid that exits the body through pores)  :: pot {m}
sweat {v} (informal: to work hard)  :: pocić się
sweat {v} (to emit sweat)  :: pocić się {impf}
sweater {n} (similar garment worn for warmth)  :: sweter {m}, pulower {m}
sweatshirt {n} (loose shirt)  :: bluza {f}
sweatsuit {n} (two-piece garment worn during exercise)  :: dres {m}
swede {n} (plant)  :: brukiew {f}
swede {n} (turnip) SEE: turnip  ::
swede {n} (yellow root of Brassica napus)  :: brukiew {f}
Swede {n} (Swedish person)  :: Szwed {m}, Szwedka {f}
Sweden {prop} (Scandinavian country)  :: Szwecja {f}
Swedish {adj} (of or pertaining to Sweden)  :: szwedzki
Swedish {adj} (of or pertaining to the Swedish language)  :: szwedzki
Swedish {prop} (language)  :: szwedzki {m-in}
sweep {n} (chimney sweep) SEE: chimney sweep  ::
sweep {v} (to clean using a broom or brush)  :: zamiatać {impf}, zamieść {pf}
sweep something under the rug {v} (to conceal a problem expediently)  :: zamiatać pod dywan {impf}, zamieść pod dywan {pf}
sweet {adj} (containing a sweetening ingredient)  :: słodzony {m}
sweet {adj} (having a helpful disposition)  :: miły {m}, uroczy {m}
sweet {adj} (having a pleasant smell)  :: słodki {m}
sweet {adj} (having a pleasant sound)  :: słodki {m}, melodyjny {m}
sweet {adj} (having a pleasant taste)  :: słodki {m}
sweet {adj} (having a pleasing disposition)  :: miły {m}, uroczy {m}
sweet {adj} (having a taste of sugar)  :: słodki {m}
sweet {adj} (not having a salty taste)  :: słodki {m}
sweet {adj} (of a wine: retaining a portion of sugar)  :: słodkie {n}
sweet {adv} (in a sweet manner)  :: słodko
sweet {n} (basic taste sensation induced by sugar) SEE: sweetness  ::
sweet {n} (food eaten for dessert) SEE: dessert  ::
sweet {n} (sugary confection)  :: cukierek {m}, słodycze {p}
sweet {n} (sweetheart) SEE: sweetheart  ::
sweet dreams {n} (sweet dreams)  :: słodkich snów
sweetener {n} (food additive)  :: słodzik {m}
sweet flag {n} (a plant)  :: tatarak {m}
sweet gale {n} (Myrica gale) SEE: gale#Etymology 3  ::
sweetheart {n} (a person very much liked or loved by someone else)  :: sympatia {f}, ukochany {m}, kochanie {n}, ukochana {f}
sweetheart {n} (darling) SEE: darling  ::
sweetie {n} (sweetheart)  :: kochanie {n}
sweetness {n} (condition of being sweet or sugary)  :: słodycz {f}
sweetness {n} (pleasant disposition)  :: słodycz {f}
sweet potato {n} (tuber)  :: batat {m}
sweet potato {n} (vine)  :: wilec ziemniaczany {m}
sweet potato {n} (yam) SEE: yam  ::
sweetshop {n} (shop selling predominantly confectionery)  :: cukiernia {f}
sweet woodruff {n} (Asperula odorata)  :: przytulia wonna {f}, marzanka wonna {f}
swell {n} (series of waves)  :: falowanie
swell {v} (intransitive: to become bigger, especially due to being engorged)  :: puchnąć, powiększać, pęcznieć
swift {n} (bird)  :: jerzyk {m}
swiftness {n} (state of being swift) SEE: quickness  ::
swim {v} (move through water)  :: pływać {impf} [abstract], płynąć {impf} [concrete]
swim bladder {n} (fish organ)  :: pęcherz pławny {m}
swim cap {n} (cap worn by swimmers)  :: czepek {m}, czepek pływacki {m}
swimming {n} (human activity of moving oneself through water)  :: pływactwo {n}
swimming pool {n} (pool for swimming)  :: basen {m}
swimming trunks {n} (a pair of shorts or briefs worn for swimming or bathing)  :: kąpielówki {p}
swimmist {n} (swimmer) SEE: swimmer  ::
swimsuit {n} (tight-fitting garment worn for swimming)  :: strój kąpielowy {m}
swine {n} (contemptible person)  :: świnia {f}
swine {n} (pig) SEE: pig  ::
swineherd {n} (person who herds and tends swine, keeper of swine/pigs)  :: świniopas {m}
swine influenza {n} (swine flu) SEE: swine flu  ::
swing {n} (hanging seat)  :: huśtawka {f}
swing {v} (to ride on a swing)  :: huśtać się {impf}
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to Swiss language(s) or Swiss dialect(s))  :: szwajcarski {m}
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to Switzerland)  :: szwajcarski {m}
Swiss {adj} (of or pertaining to the Swiss people)  :: szwajcarski {m}
Swiss {n} (Swiss person)  :: Szwajcar {m}, Szwajcarka {f}
Swiss Army knife {n} (type of pocket knife)  :: szwajcarski nóż oficerski {m}
switch {n} (device to turn electric current on and off)  :: wyłącznik {m}
switch {n} (movable section of railroad track)  :: zwrotnica {f}
switch on {v} (to turn a switch to the "on" position)  :: włączać {impf}, włączyć {pf}
Switzerland {prop} (sovereign country)  :: Szwajcaria {f}
swoon {n} (infatuation) SEE: infatuation  ::
sword {n} (weapon)  :: miecz {m}
swordfish {n} (Xiphias gladius)  :: miecznik {m}, włócznik, ryba miecz
sword of Damocles {n} (thing or situation which causes a prolonged state of impending doom or misfortune)  :: miecz Damoklesa {m}
swot {n} (one who swots)  :: kujon {m}
Sybil {prop} (female given name) SEE: Sibyl  ::
sycamore {n} (Platanus)  :: platan {m}
sycamore {n} (sycamore maple) SEE: sycamore maple  ::
sycamore maple {n} (Acer pseudoplatanus)  :: jawor {m} / jawór {m}
sycophant {n} (one who uses compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage from another person.)  :: pochlebca, cmokier, lizus {m}
Sydney {prop} (in Australia)  :: Sydney {n}
Sydney {prop} (language) SEE: Dharuk  ::
Syktyvkar {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Syktywkar {m}
syllabary {n} (system)  :: sylabariusz {m}
syllabary {n} (table)  :: sylabariusz {m}
syllabize {v} (syllabify) SEE: syllabify  ::
syllable {n} (unit of speech)  :: sylaba {f}, zgłoska {f}
syllabus {n} (a summary of topic)  :: program nauczania {m}
syllogism {n} (inference from premises)  :: sylogizm {m}
sylph {n} (A slender girl)  :: sylfida {f}
sylph {n} (The elemental being of air)  :: sylf {m}, sylfida {f}
Sylvester {prop} (male given name)  :: Sylwester {m}
symbiosis {n} (relationship of mutual benefit)  :: symbioza {f}
symbol {n} (character or glyph)  :: symbol {m-in}
symbol {v} (symbolize) SEE: symbolize  ::
symbolic {adj} (Pertaining to a symbol)  :: symboliczny
symbolically {adv} (in a symbolic manner)  :: symbolicznie
symmetric {adj} (symmetrical) SEE: symmetrical  ::
sympathetic nervous system {n} (sympathetic nervous system)  :: układ współczulny
sympathy {n} (feeling of pity or sorrow for the suffering or distress of another)  :: współczucie {n}
sympathy {n} (mutual relationship)  :: sympatia {f}
symphony {n} (piece of orchestral music)  :: symfonia {f}
symptom {n} (indicators and characteristics of the presence of something else)  :: symptom {m-in}
symptom {n} (something that indicates a disease or disorder)  :: objaw {m-in}, symptom {m-in}
symptomatic {adj} (relating to a symptom)  :: symptomatyczny {m}
synaesthesia {n} (physiological or psychological phenomenon)  :: synestezja {f}
synagogue {n} (place)  :: synagoga {f}, bożnica {f}
sync {n} (synchronization) SEE: synchronization  ::
sync {v} (synchronize) SEE: synchronize  ::
synchrocyclotron {n} (particle accelerator)  :: synchrocyklotron {m}
synchronisation {n} (synchronisation) SEE: synchronization  ::
synchronised swimming {n} (swimming event)  :: pływanie synchroniczne
synchronize {v} (cause two events to have coordinated timing)  :: synchronizować
synchrony {n} (synchronicity) SEE: synchronicity  ::
synclinal {n} (synclinal fold)  :: synklina
syncline {n} (concave upward fold) SEE: synclinal  ::
syncretism {n} (fusion of different inflexional forms)  :: synkretyzm {m}
syncretism {n} (fusion of different systems or beliefs)  :: synkretyzm {m}
syndicalism {n} (the belief that capitalism should be replaced with labor unions)  :: syndykalizm {m}
syndicalist {n} (believer in the principles of syndicalism)  :: syndykalista {m}
syndrome {n} (recognizable pattern of symptoms or behaviours)  :: syndrom {m}
synecdoche {n} (figure of speech that uses the name of a part of something to represent the whole)  :: synekdocha {f}
syngas {n} (synthesis gas) SEE: synthesis gas  ::
synonym {n} (word with same meaning as another)  :: synonim {m-in}
synopsis {n} (brief summary)  :: streszczenie {m}
syntagma {n} (sequence of linguistic units)  :: syntagma {f}
syntagma {n} (syntactic string of words)  :: syntagma {f}
syntagmatarchy {n} (square formation of 256 soldiers) SEE: syntagma  ::
syntax {n} (formal rules of a computer language)  :: składnia {f}, syntaksa {f}
syntax {n} (set of rules that govern how words are combined)  :: składnia {f}, syntaksa {f}
syntax {n} (study of the structure of phrases and sentences)  :: składnia {f}, syntaksa {f}
syntaxis {n} (syntax) SEE: syntax  ::
syntaxis {n} (syntax) SEE: syntax  ::
syntaxis {n} (syntaxy) SEE: syntaxy  ::
synthesizer {n} (music: an electronic keyboard instrument)  :: syntezator {m}
synthetic {adj} (Artificial, not genuine)  :: syntetyczny {m}, sztuczny {m}
synthetic {adj} (Of, or relating to synthesis)  :: syntetyczny {m}
synthetic {adj}  :: syntetyczny
syphilis {n} (sexual disease caused by Treponema pallidum)  :: kiła {m}, syfilis {m}
Syria {prop} (country in the Middle East)  :: Syria {f}
Syriac {prop} (language)  :: syryjski {m}
syringe {n} (hypodermic syringe)  :: strzykawka {f}
syrinx {n} (panpipes) SEE: panpipes  ::
syrup {n} (liquid)  :: syrop {m}
system {n} (collection of organized things; whole composed of relationships among its members)  :: układ {f}
systematic {adj} (carried out using a planned, ordered procedure)  :: systematyczny {m}, planowy {m}
systematic {adj} (of, or relating to taxonomic classification)  :: systematyczny {m}
systematic {adj} (of, relating to, or being a system)  :: systemowy {m}
systematically {adv} (in an organized manner)  :: systematycznie
system of equations {n} (set of equations)  :: układ równań {m}
syzygy {n} (astronomical conjunction)  :: syzygium
Szczecin {prop} (city in Poland)  :: Szczecin {m}
Szczedrzyk {prop} (village)  :: Szczedrzyk {m}
Szlachta {prop} (nobility of Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania)  :: szlachta {f}