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baa {n} (bleating of sheep) :: balido {m}
baa {interj} (cry of sheep) ::
baa {v} (to make the cry of sheep) :: balir, balar
Baal {prop} (deity) :: Baal {m}
Baalism {prop} (pagan religion centred on the worship of Baal) :: baalismo {m}
Baalite {n} (a worshipper of Baal) :: baalita {m} {f}
babassu {n} (Attalea speciosa, a tall Brazilian feather palm) :: babaçu {m}
Baba Yaga {prop} (hag who flies through the air in a mortar) :: Baba Yaga {f}
babble {n} (idle talk) :: balbuciação {f}
babble {n} (inarticulate speech) :: balbuciação {f}
babble {n} (the sound of flowing water) :: murmúrio {m}
babble {v} (to utter words indistinctly) :: balbuciar
babble {v} (to talk much) :: balbuciar
babble {v} (to make a continuous murmuring noise) :: murmurar
babby {n} (baby) SEE: baby ::
babe {n} (baby or infant) SEE: baby ::
babe {n} (darling) SEE: baby ::
babe {n} (attractive person) :: miúda {f} [informal]
babesia {n} (any of the hematozoa of the genus Babesia) :: babésia {f}
babiroussa {n} (hoglike quadruped) :: babirusa {m}, babirussa {m}
babirusa {n} (a member of the genus Babyrousa) :: babirussa {f}
Babism {n} (19th-century Persian pantheistical religious sect) :: babismo {m}
Babist {n} (a believer in Babism) :: babista {m} {f}
baboon {n} (primate) :: babuíno {m}
babouche {n} (Turkish or oriental slipper) :: babucha {f}
babushka {n} (matryoshka) SEE: Russian doll ::
baby {n} (very young human being) :: bebé {m} [Portugal], bebê {m} [Brazil], nenê {m}
baby {n} (young animal) :: filhote {m}
baby {n} (immature or infantile person) :: criancinha {f}
baby {n} (term of endearment) :: querido
baby {n} (form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive) :: docinho, belo {m}, bela {f}
baby {n} (lastborn of a family) :: benjamim {m}
baby boom {n} (post-World War II baby boom (1946 to 1964)) :: baby boom {m}
baby boom {n} (any increase in the birth rate) :: baby boom {m}
baby boomer {n} (person born after Second World War) :: baby boomer {m} {f}
baby bottle {n} (bottle with a teat) :: [Portugal]: biberão {m}, [Brazil]: mamadeira {f}
baby carriage {n} (pram) SEE: pram ::
baby doll {n} (night-dress) :: beibidol, beibidol {m}
baby food {n} (food designed for babies) :: comida de bebê/bebé, papinha
Babylon {prop} (capital of Babylonia) :: Babilônia
Babylonia {prop} (ancient region and empire of southern Mesopotamia) :: Babilônia {f}, Babilónia {f}
baby powder {n} (astringent powder) :: talco {m}
baby shower {n} (party) :: chá de bebê
babysit {v} (To watch or tend someone else's child for a period of time, often for money) :: pajear
babysitter {n} (baby or child caretaker) :: babá {m}
baby tooth {n} (tooth which will be replaced) SEE: milk tooth ::
baby weight {n} (weight of a baby at birth) SEE: birth weight ::
baccalaureate {n} (bachelor's degree) SEE: bachelor's degree ::
baccarat {n} (card game) :: bacará {m}
Bach {prop} (German composer) :: Bach
bachelor {n} (unmarried man) :: solteirão {m}, solteiro {m}
bachelor {n} (bachelor's degree) :: bacharelado {m}
bachelor {n} (person who has achieved bachelor's degree) :: bacharel {mf}
bachelorette {n} (unmarried woman) :: solteira {f}
bachelorette party {n} (bachelorette party) :: despedida de solteira {f}
bachelor party {n} (party) :: despedida de solteiro {f}
bachelor's degree {n} (first or lowest academic degree) :: bacharelado {m}
bacillar {adj} (shaped like a rod or staff) :: bacilar
bacillar {adj} (relating to a bacillus) :: bacilar
bacilliform {adj} (shaped like a bacillus; rod-shaped) :: baciliforme, bacilar
bacillophobia {n} (fear of microbes) :: bacilofobia {f}
bacillus {n} (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus) :: bacilo {m}
back {adj} (near the rear) :: de trás, traseiro, dos fundos, posterior
back {adj} (not current) :: antigo
back {adj} (far from the main area) :: afastado
back {adj} (phonetics: produced in the back of the mouth) :: posterior
back {adv} (to or in a previous condition or place) :: de volta
back {adv} (away from the front or from an edge) :: para trás
back {adv} (in a manner that impedes) :: para trás
back {n} (the rear of body) :: [of a person] costas {f-p}, [of an animal] lombo
back {n} (the reverse side) :: dorso {m}, reverso {m}, traseira {f}, parte de trás
back {n} (that which is farthest away from the front) :: fundo {m}
back {n} (the part of something that goes last) :: fundo {m}
back {n} (the edge of a book which is bound) :: lombada {f}
back {n} (the backrest, the part of a piece of furniture which receives the human back) :: encosto (para as costas) {m}
back {n} (a position behind most players on the team) :: zagueiro {m}, beque {m}
back {v} (to go in the reverse direction) :: [of a vehicle] [Portuguese Portuguese] fazer marcha atrás, [Brazilian Portuguese] fazer marcha-à-ré
back {v} (to support) :: apoiar
backache {n} (any pain or ache in the back, see also: lumbago) :: dor nas costas {f}
back and forth {adv} (from one place to another and back again) :: para frente e para trás, para e para
backboard {n} (basketball) :: tabela {f}
backbone {n} (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord) :: coluna vertebral {f}, espinha {f}, espinha dorsal {f}
backbone {n} (any fundamental support, structure, or infrastructure) :: base {f}, espinha dorsal {f}
backbone {n} (courage, fortitude, or strength) :: firmeza {f}
backbone {n} (backbone) SEE: spine ::
back cover {n} (cover on the opposite side of the front cover) :: contracapa {f}
backdate {v} (to backdate) SEE: antedate ::
back door {n} (subsidiary entrance to building) :: porta dos fundos {f}, porta traseira, porta de trás, porta do cavalo {f} [informally]
back door {n} (secret, unprotected means of access) :: porta dos fundos {f}
back door {n} (computing: secret means of access) :: backdoor {m} {f}
back door {n} (automotive: rear door) :: porta traseira, porta de trás
backdoor {n} (backdoor (all definitions)) SEE: back door ::
backdrop {n} (a decorated cloth hung at the back of a stage) :: pano de fundo {m}
backdrop {n} (background of a historical event) :: pano de fundo {m}, contexto {m}
backfire {v} (fail) :: sair pela culatra, sair o tiro pela culatra
backflip {n} (an act of rotating your body) :: mortal para trás {m}
back-formation {n} (linguistic process) :: derivação regressiva {f}
backgammon {n} (board game) :: gamão {m}
back garden {n} (garden at the rear of a property) :: quintal {m}
background {n} (social heritage) :: instrução {f}, formação {f}, experiência {f}
background {n} (part of picture) :: fundo {m}, plano de fundo
background {n} (relevant information) :: antecedente {m}, histórico {m}
background {n} (less important feature) :: segundo plano {m}
background {n} (computer background) :: plano de fundo {m}
background {n} (activity not visible to the user) :: segundo plano {m}
background check {n} (review of one's record) :: verificação de antecedentes {f}
background music {n} (music played in a public space) :: música de fundo {f}, música ambiente {f}
background music {n} (music in a film, video game or other medium) :: música de fundo {f}
backlash {n} (sudden backward motion) :: coice {m}, reação {f}
backlash {n} (violent or abrubt reaction) :: comoção {f}, revolta {f}, motim {m}
backlash {n} (mechanical: distance of free movement between connected parts) :: jogo {m}
backlit {adj} (Illuminated from behind) :: retroiluminado
back of beyond {n} (A remote place) :: quinto dos infernos {m}
backpack {n} (worn on a person's back, e.g., for hiking) :: mochila {f}
backpacker {n} (a traveler) :: mochileiro {m}
backpackers {n} (hostel) SEE: hostel ::
back page {n} (final page) SEE: back cover ::
back seat {n} (seat) :: banco traseiro {m}, banco de trás {m}
backside {n} (back side of something) :: traseira {f}
backside {n} (buttocks) :: traseiro {m}
backslide {v} (to revert to a previous, worse state) :: regredir, regressar, retroceder, decair
backslide {v} (to renege on one's obligations or commitments) :: apostatar
backspace {n} (computer key) :: backspace {m}
backstage {n} (the area behind the stage) :: coxia {f}, coxias {f-p}
backstroke {n} (a swimming stroke swum on one's back) :: nado de costas {m}
back to square one {adj} (located back at the start, as after a dead-end or failure) :: voltar à estaca zero
back to the drawing board {adv} (back to the beginning) :: de volta à prancheta de desenho
backup {n} (copy of file or record) :: backup {m}, becape {m}, cópia de segurança {f}, cópia de reserva {f}
backup {adj} (standby, reserve or extra) :: reserva {f}
backup {adj} (intended as backup) :: backup {m}
back vowel {n} (Any vowel sound produced in the back of the mouth) :: vogal posterior {f}
backward {adj} (of the direction towards the back) :: traseiro, posterior
backward {adj} (of the direction reverse of normal) :: retrógrado
backward {adj} (reluctant to advance) :: retrógrado
backward {adj} (undeveloped) :: retrógrado, atrasado
backward {adj} (of an outdated value) :: antiquado
backward {adv} (in the direction towards the back) :: para trás
backward compatibility {n} (compatibility with older systems) :: retrocompatibilidade {f}, compatibilidade retroativa {f}, compatibilidade reversa {f}
backwards {adj} (behind current trends) :: atrasado
backyard {n} (yard to the rear of a house) :: quintal
bacon {n} (cut of meat) :: toucinho defumado, bacon {m}
Baconian {adj} (of or pertaining to Francis Bacon and his philosophical system) :: baconiano
bacteria {n} (bacteria) :: bactérias
bactericidal {adj} (that kills bacteria) :: bactericida
bacteriological {adj} (of or pertaining to bacteriology) :: bacteriológico
bacteriologist {n} (microbiologist) :: bacteriologista {m} {f}
bacteriology {n} (scientific study of bacteria) :: bacteriologia {f}
bacteriophage {n} (a virus that infects bacteria) :: bacteriófago {m}
bacteriostatic {adj} (of or relating to bacteriostasis or a bacteriostat) :: bacteriostático
bacterium {n} (single celled organism with no nucleus or organelles) :: bactéria {f}
Bactria {prop} (Greek name for ancient country) :: Báctria {f}
Bactrian camel {n} (Camelus bactrianus) :: camelo bactriano {m}
bad {adj} (unfavorable; negative) :: ruim, mau
bad {adj} (not suitable or fitting) :: mau, errado
bad {adj} (not appropriate, of manners etc.) :: ruim, mau, feio [familiar]
bad {adj} (tricky; stressful; unpleasant) :: mau, desagradável
bad {adj} (evil, wicked) :: mau, malvado, ruim
bad {adj} (faulty; not functional) :: quebrado, enguiçado, estragado
bad {adj} (of breath: malodorous) :: mau, ruim
bad {adj} (spoilt, rotten, overripe) SEE: spoilt ::
bad {adv} (badly) SEE: badly ::
Badajoz {prop} (province) :: Badajoz {f}
Badajoz {prop} (city) :: Badajoz {f}, Badalhouce {f}
bad apple {n} (a person who is not wholesome) :: maçã podre {f}
badass {adj} (belligerent and troublesome) SEE: belligerent ::
bad breath {n} (unpleasant breath) :: mau hálito {m}, halitose {f}
bad faith {n} (malicious motive by a party in a lawsuit) :: má fé {f}
bad faith {n} (intent to deceive or mislead) :: má fé {f}
bad faith {n} (existentialist concept of denying one's total freedom of will) :: má fé {f}
badge {n} (distinctive mark) :: distintivo {m}
badge {n} (nameplate) :: tarja {f}
badge {n} (card to grant access) :: crachá {m}
badge {n} (something characteristic) :: marca {f}
badger {v} (fart) SEE: fart ::
badger {n} (mammal) :: texugo {m}
bad luck {n} (misfortune) :: azar
badly {adv} (in a bad manner) :: mal
badminton {n} (a racquet sport) :: badminton {m}, badmínton {m}
badminton player {n} (a person who plays badminton) :: badmintonista {m} {f}
badmouth {v} (to criticize or malign, especially unfairly or spitefully) :: falar mal
badness {n} (the quality of being bad) :: ruindade {f} [especially in the sense of low-quality], maldade {f} [especially in the sense of evil]
bad news {n} (news of unpleasant, unfortunate or sad events) :: notícia {f}
badware {n} (malware) SEE: malware ::
bael {n} (a tropical fruit tree from India, Aegle marmelos) :: marmeleiro-da-índia {m}, marmeleira-da-índia {f}
Baetic {adj} :: bético
baffle {v} (to totally bewilder; confuse or perplex) :: desconcertar
baffled {adj} (thoroughly confused, puzzled) :: confuso
baffling {adj} (puzzling and frustrating) :: desconcertante, desorientador
bag {n} (flexible container) :: sacola, saco
bag {n} (ugly woman) :: feia {f}, feiosa {f}
bag {v} (to put into a bag) :: ensacar, empacotar
bag {n} (suitcase) SEE: suitcase ::
bag {n} (backpack) SEE: backpack ::
bagel {n} (toroidal bread roll that is boiled and then baked) :: bagel {m}
baggage {n} (luggage) SEE: luggage ::
Baghdad {prop} (city) :: Bagdá, Bagdade
bagpipe {n} (bagpipes) SEE: bagpipes ::
bagpiper {n} (one who plays the bagpipes) :: gaiteiro {m}
bagpipes {n} (musical wind instrument) :: gaita de foles {f}
baguette {n} (a variety of bread that is long and narrow in shape) :: baguete {f}
Bahamas {prop} (country in the Caribbean) :: Bahamas {f-p}
Bahamian {adj} (pertaining to the Bahamas) :: bahamense, bahamiano
Bahá'í Faith {prop} (religion) :: bahaísmo {m}
Bahia {prop} (state in northeastern Brazil) :: Bahia {f}
Bahrain {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Bahrein, Barém
baht {n} (unit of currency) :: baht {m}
baiji {n} (freshwater dolphin) :: golfinho-lacustre-chinês {m}
Baikal {prop} (a large lake in Russia) :: Baikal {m}, Baical {m}
Baikonur {prop} (city and cosmodrome in Kazakhstan) :: Baikonur {f}, Baiconur {f} [rare]
bail {n} (security) :: fiança {f}, caução
bail {n} (release from imprisonment on payment of such money) :: fiança {f}
bailiff {n} (steward) SEE: steward ::
bailiff {n} (equivalent officers of the court in foreign contexts) :: oficial de justiça {m}, meirinho {m}
bain-marie {n} (pan containing hot water) :: banho-maria {m}
bait {n} (substance used in catching fish) :: isca {f}
bait {n} (anything which allures) :: isca {f}, engodo {m}
bait {v} (to attract with bait) :: iscar, engodar, cevar
bait {v} (to affix or attach a bait) :: iscar
Baja California {prop} (mountainous peninsula) :: Baixa Califórnia {f}, Baja Califórnia {f}
Baja California {prop} (state of Mexico) :: Baja Califórnia {f}, Baixa Califórnia {f}
Bajan {prop} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian ::
Bajan {adj} (Barbadian) SEE: Barbadian ::
bake {v} (to cook in an oven) :: assar
bake {v} (to dry by heat) :: secar no calor
baked {adj} (cooked by baking) :: cozinhado
baked beans {n} (food) :: feijão cozido {m}, feijões cozidos {m-p}
Bakelite {n} (heat-resisting chemically inert resin) :: baquelite {f}, bakelite {f}, baquelita {f}
baker {n} (person who bakes and sells bread, etc) :: padeiro {m} [bread], pasteleiro {m} [cakes]
Baker {prop} (Occupational surname) :: Padeiro
baker's {n} (bakery) SEE: bakery ::
baker's dozen {n} (cousin) SEE: cousin ::
baker's dozen {n} (group of thirteen) :: dúzia de frade {f}, dúzia de treze {f}
bakery {n} (a shop in which bread and such is baked and sold) :: padaria {f}
bakery {n} (the trade of a baker) :: panificação {f}
baking {n} (action in which something is baked) :: assamento {m}
baking powder {n} (dry leavening agent used in baking) :: fermento químico {m}
baking soda {n} (common name for sodium bicarbonate) :: bicarbonato de sódio {m}
baklava {n} (sweet pastry) :: baclava {f}
baksheesh {n} (bribe or tip) :: baksheesh {m}
Baku {prop} (the capital of Azerbaijan) :: Bacu
balaclava {n} (headgear) :: balaclava {f}
balalaika {n} (Russian instrument) :: balalaika {f}
balance {n} (equilibrium) :: equilíbrio
balance {n} (scales) :: balança
balance {n} (awareness of both viewpoints) :: equilíbrio {m}
balance {n} (accounting: list of credits and debits) :: balanço {m}
balance {v} (to bring to equipoise) :: equilibrar
balance {v} (to make concepts agree) :: equilibrar
balance {v} (to hold precariously) :: equilibrar
balance {v} (accounting: to make credits and debits correspond) :: balancear
balance {v} (be in equilibrium) :: equilibrar
balance {v} (to estimate) SEE: estimate ::
balance {n} (astrology: Libra) SEE: Libra ::
balance of probabilities {n} (legal standard) :: balanço de probabilidades {m}
balanitis {n} (inflammation of glans penis) :: balanite {f}
balcony {n} (structure extending from a building) :: sacada {f}, balcão {m}, varanda {f}
balcony {n} (structure overlooking a stage) :: camarote
bald {adj} (having no hair) :: calvo, careca {m}
bald {adj} ((of tyre) whose surface is worn away) :: careca {m}
bald eagle {n} (species of eagle native to North America) :: águia americana {f}, águia careca {f}, águia calva {f}
balderdash {n} (nonsense) :: besteira {f}
balding {adj} (becoming bald) :: calvejante
baldness {n} (The state of being bald) :: calvice {f}
Baldrs draumar {prop} (eleventh book of the Poetic Edda) :: Baldrs draumar
Baldwin {prop} (given name) :: Valdivino {m}
baldy {n} (slang for someone who is bald) :: careca {m} {f}
bale {v} (to remove water from a boat) SEE: bail ::
bale {n} (rounded bundle of goods) :: fardo {m}
bale {n} (bundle of compressed wool or hay) :: fardo {m}
bale {v} (to wrap into a bale) :: enfardar
Balearic Islands {prop} (group of Mediterranean islands) :: Ilhas Baleares {f-p}, Baleares {f-p}
baleen {n} (plates in mouth of baleen whale) :: barbas de baleia {f-p}
Bali {prop} (name of island) :: Báli {f}
Balinese {n} (inhabitant) :: balinês {m}
Balinese {n} (cat) :: balinês {m}
Balinese {adj} (of or relating to Bali, or its inhabitants, language or culture) :: balinês {m}
Bali tiger {n} (Panthera tigris balica) :: tigre de Bali {m}
Balkan {adj} (Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula) :: balcânico
Balkanian {adj} (Balkan) SEE: Balkan ::
Balkanic {adj} (of or relating to Balkan peninsula) SEE: Balkan ::
Balkanization {n} (fragmentation of a region into several small states) :: balcanização {f}
Balkanize {v} (to break up) :: balcanizar
Balkan Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in southeastern Europe, see also: Balkans) :: Península Balcânica {f}
Balkans {prop} (geographical region in the southeast of Europe, see also: Balkan Peninsula) :: Balcãs {m-p}, Bálcãs {m-p}
ball {n} (solid or hollow sphere) :: bola {f}
ball {n} (object, generally spherical, used for playing games) :: bola {f}
ball {n} (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape) :: bola {f}
ball {n} (ballistics: a solid nonexplosive missile) :: bala {m}
ball {n} (mathematics: set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance of a given point) :: círculo {m}
ball {n} (testicle) :: saco, bolas, ovos [vulgar], colhão {m-p}
ball {n} (in plural - mildly vulgar slang - nonsense) :: besteira {f}
ball {n} (in plural — slang — courage) :: bolas {f}, colhões {m-p}
ball {n} (anatomy: ball of a foot) :: bola do pé {f}
ball {v} (vulgar slang: have sexual intercourse with) :: comer [vulgar] [Brazil]
ball {n} (formal dance) :: baile {m}
ballad {n} (narrative poem) :: balada {f}
ballad {n} (slow romantic song) :: balada {f}
ballast {n} (heavy material placed in the hold of a vessel) :: lastro {m}
ballast {n} (material laid to form a bed for a road) :: balastro {m}
ball bearing {n} (bearing assembly with spherical balls) :: rolamento {m}, rolimã {m}
ball boy {n} (A male person responsible for retrieving balls) :: boleiro {m}
ballerina {n} (female ballet dancer) :: bailarina {f}
ballet {n} (form of dance) :: balé {m}
ballet {n} (theatrical presentation) :: balé {m}
ballet dancer {n} (a person who dances in ballets) :: bailarina {f}, bailarino {m}
ball game {n} (game played with a ball) :: jogo de bola {m}
ball hog {n} (player who keeps the ball to themselves, rather than passing it) :: fominha {m-f}
ballista {n} (crossbow-like military engine for hurling large missiles) :: balista {f}
ballistic {adj} (relating to ballistics) :: balística {f}
ballistic missile {n} (missile) :: míssil balístico {m}
ballistics {n} (science of the study of falling objects) :: balística {f}
ballistic vest {n} (bulletproof vest) SEE: bulletproof vest ::
ball lightning {n} (a short-lived, glowing ball sometimes observed to float in the air) :: raio globular {m}
balloon {n} (slang: woman’s breast) SEE: boob ::
balloon {n} (inflatable and buoyant object) :: balão, bexiga
balloon {n} (child’s toy) :: balão {m}
balloon {n} (inflatable object to transport people through the air) :: balão {m}
balloon {n} (speech bubble) SEE: speech bubble ::
balloonfish {n} (blowfish) SEE: blowfish ::
ballot {n} (paper used for vote-casting) :: boletim {m}, cédula {f}
ballot {n} (process of voting) :: votação
ballot box {n} (a sealed box into which a voter puts a voting slip) :: urna {f}
ball pen {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen ::
ball pit {n} (type of play area) :: piscina de bolinhas {f} [literally: small balls pool]
ballpoint pen {n} (pen) :: caneta esferográfica {f}, esferográfica {f}
ballroom {n} (large room used for dancing) :: salão de baile {m}
balls {n} (follow the translations in the entry "ball") SEE: ball ::
balls {n} (testicles) :: saco {m}, colhões {m-p}
balls {n} (bravery) :: colhões {m-p}
balls {n} (rubbish) :: besteira {f}
balls-up {n} (something which beccomes botched in some way) SEE: screwup ::
balm {n} (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants) SEE: balsam ::
balm {n} (plant or tree yielding such substance) SEE: balsam ::
balm {n} (soothing lotion) SEE: balsam ::
balm {n} (figurative: something soothing) SEE: balsam ::
Balochi {prop} (language) :: balochi {m}
balsa {n} (a tree) :: balsa {f}
balsa {n} (wood) :: balsa {f}
balsam {n} (sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from some plants) :: bálsamo {m}
balsam {n} (soothing ointment) :: bálsamo {m}
balsam {n} (flowering plant of the genus Impatiens) :: balsamina {f}
Balthazar {prop} (one of the Magi) :: Baltasar {m}
Baltic {prop} (Baltic Sea) SEE: Baltic Sea ::
Baltic {adj} (of the Baltic region or sea) :: báltico
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Baltic languages) :: báltico
Baltic {adj} (pertaining to the Balts) :: báltico
Baltic {prop} (Baltic region, Baltic states) :: Báltico
Baltic Sea {prop} (a sea) :: Mar Báltico {m}
Baltimore {prop} (city in central Maryland, USA) :: Baltimore {f}
balun {n} (electronic device) :: balun
balustrade {n} (row of balusters) :: balaustrada {f}
Balzacian {adj} (of or pertaining to Honoré de Balzac or his writings) :: balzaquiano
Balzacian {n} (follower of Honoré de Balzac) :: balzaquiano {m}, balzaquiana {f}
Bamako {prop} (capital of Mali) :: Bamako {f}
Bambara {prop} (language) :: bambara {m}
bamboo {n} (plant) :: bambu {m}
bamboo {n} (wood) :: bambu {m}
bamboo {adj} (made of bamboo) :: de bambu
bamboo antshrike {n} (a passerine bird) :: [Brazil]: choca-do-bambu
Bamboo Curtain {prop} (political barrier between communist and capitalist in Asia) :: Cortina de Bambu {f}
bamboo shoot {n} (edible part of some bamboo types) :: broto de bambu {m}
bamboozle {v} (to con, defraud, trick) :: lograr, ludibriar
ban {v} (forbid) :: proibir, banir
ban {n} (prohibition) :: proibição {f}
banal {adj} (common) :: banal
banalisation {n} (the action of making something banal) :: banalização {f}
banalize {v} (to make banal) :: banalizar
banana {n} (fruit) :: banana {f}
banana {n} (plant) :: bananeira {f}
banana {n} (colour) :: amarelo-banana
banana peel {n} (outermost layer of the banana) :: casca de banana {f}
bananaquit {n} (Coereba flaveola) :: cambacica {f}
banana republic {n} (country) :: república de bananas {f}, república de banana {f}, república bananeira {f}
banana skin {n} (banana skin) SEE: banana peel ::
banana split {n} (A dessert containing a banana cut in half) :: banana split
Banbury story of a cock and a bull {n} (roundabout, nonsensical story) :: história sem pé nem cabeça {f} (a story without feet or head)
band {n} (strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together) :: banda {f}, cinta {f}, faixa {f}
band {n} (part of radio spectrum) :: banda {f}
band {n} (group of musicians) :: banda {f}, grupo {m}
band {n} (group of people loosely united for a common purpose) :: grupo {m}
bandage {n} (medical binding) :: bandagem {f}, atadura {f}, curativo {m}, penso {m}
bandage {v} (to apply a bandage to something) :: pensar {f}
bandage {n} (adhesive bandage) SEE: band-aid ::
band-aid {n} (adhesive bandage) :: penso {m}, band-aid {m}
Bandar Seri Begawan {prop} (capital of Brunei) :: Bandar Seri Begawan {f}
banderilla {n} (decorated barbed stick used in bullfighting) :: bandarilha {f}
bandicoot {n} (small Australian marsupial with a long snout) :: bandicoot {m}
bandit {n} (one who robs others) :: ladrão {f}
bandit {n} (an outlaw) :: bandido {m}
bandit {n} (one who cheats others) :: ladrão {m}, trapaceiro {m}
banditry {n} (acts characteristic of a bandit) :: banditismo {m}
bandmate {n} (someone with whom one shares membership in a band) :: colega de banda {m} {f}
bandog {n} (guard dog) SEE: guard dog ::
bandstand {n} (platform for bands to play on) :: coreto
band-tailed antshrike {n} (bird) :: [Brazil]: choca-de-cauda-pintada
Bandung {prop} (capital city of West Java Province) :: Bandung {f}
bandurria {n} (plectrum-plucked stringed instrument with a flat-backed pear-shaped body) :: bandurra {f}
bandwidth {n} (width of a frequency band) :: largura de banda
bandwidth {n} (width of the smallest frequency band within which the signal can fit) :: largura de banda
bandwidth {n} (measure of data flow rate in digital networks) :: largura de banda
bane {v} (to (kill by) poison) SEE: poison ::
bane {n} (killer) SEE: killer ::
bane {n} (source of harm or ruin; affliction) :: desgraça {f}, flagelo {m}
bang {n} (A sudden percussive noise) :: estalo {m}, estrondo {m}
bang {n} (A strike upon an object causing such a noise) :: pancada {f}
bang {n} (An explosion) :: explosão {f}
bang {n} (hair that hangs down over the forehead) :: franja {f}
bang {n} (The symbol !) :: ponto de exclamação {m}
bang {v} (to make sudden loud noises) :: estalar
bang {v} (slang: to engage in sexual intercourse) :: comer
bang {v} (to hammer) :: martelar
bang {interj} (verbal percussive sound) :: bangue, cabum
Bangalore {prop} (state capital of Karnataka, India) :: Bangalore {f}
banger {n} (cylinder) SEE: cylinder ::
Bangkok {prop} (the capital of Thailand) :: Bangkok {f}, Banguecoque {f}
Bangla {prop} (Bengali) SEE: Bengali ::
Bangladesh {prop} (country) :: Bangladeche, Bangladesh {m}
Bangladeshi {n} (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent) :: bangladeshi {m} {f}
Bangladeshi {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Bangladesh) :: bangladeshi
Bangui {prop} (capital of the Central African Republic) :: Bangui {f}
bang up {v} (to damage) :: danificar, estragar
banish {v} (to send someone away and forbid that person from returning) :: banir
banister {n} (the handrail on the side of a staircase) :: corrimão {m}
banister {n} (one of the vertical supports of a handrail) :: balaústre {m}
banjo {n} (a musical instrument) :: banjo {m}
Banjul {prop} (capital of the Gambia) :: Banjul {f}
bank {n} (institution) :: banco {m}
bank {n} (branch office) :: banco {m}
bank {n} (storage for important goods) :: banco {m}
bank {n} (device used to store coins or currency) :: cofre {m}
bank {v} (to put into bank) :: depositar
bank {n} (edge of river or lake) :: margem {f}
bank {n} (an underwater area of higher elevation, a sandbank) :: banco {m}
bank {n} (embankment, an earth slope) :: talude {m}
bankable {adj} (reliable) SEE: reliable ::
bank account {n} (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank) :: conta bancária {f}
bankbook {n} (booklet used to record bank transactions) :: caderneta {f}, livrete {m}
bank card {n} (card issued by a bank) :: cartão bancário {m}
banked slalom {n} :: banked slalom
banker {n} (one who conducts the business of banking) :: banqueiro {m}
bank machine {n} (automated teller machine) SEE: automated teller machine ::
banknote {n} (paper currency) :: cédula {f}, nota {f}
bankrupt {adj} (having been legally declared insolvent) :: bancarrota {f}, falido
bankruptcy {n} (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency) :: falência {f}, bancarrota {f}
bank statement {n} (statement of transactions and balances) :: extrato {m}
banner {n} (flag) :: bandeira {f}, estandarte {m}
banner {n} (large sign) :: banner {m}
banner {n} (large piece of cloth with a device or motto borne in a procession) :: estandarte {m}
banner {n} (cause or purpose; a campaign or movement) :: bandeira {f}
banner {n} (advertisement in a web page) :: banner {m}
banner {n} (principal standard of a knight) :: estandarte {m}
banner {adj} (exceptional; very good) :: excepcional
banquet {n} (a large celebratory meal; a feast) :: banquete
banshee {n} (in Irish folklore, a female spirit) :: banshee {f}
banter {n} (good humoured conversation) :: caçoada {f}, brincadeira {f}, resenha {f}
banter {v} (to tease mildly) :: caçoar, bulir
bantustan {n} (territory defined as a homeland for black South Africans) :: bantustão {m}
banya {n} (a Russian steam bath) :: banya {m} {f}
banyan {n} (Indian trader, merchant) :: baniano {m}, baniane {m}
banyan {n} (tropical Indian fig tree) :: figueira-de-bengala {f}
banyan {n} (type of loose gown worn in India) :: baniana {f}
banzai {interj} (hurrah) SEE: hurrah ::
banzai {interj} (a celebratory cheer) :: banzai
baobab {n} (Adansonia digitata) :: baobá {m}, embondeiro {m}, calabaceira {f}
baptise {v} (baptise) SEE: baptize ::
baptism {n} (Christian sacrament) :: [Brazil] batismo {m}, [Portugal] baptismo {m}
baptismal {adj} (relating to baptism) :: batismal
baptismal font {n} (a basin used for baptism) :: pia batismal {f}
baptism by fire {n} (baptism of fire) SEE: baptism of fire ::
baptism of fire {n} (the first experience of a severe ordeal) :: batismo de fogo {m}
Baptist {adj} (of the Baptist religious denomination) :: batista
baptistry {n} (space where a baptismal font is located) :: batistério {m}
baptize {v} (Perform the Christian sacrament of baptism) :: batizar
baptize {v} (To dedicate or christen) :: batizar
bar {n} (vertical bar mark) SEE: pipe ::
bar {n} (solid object with uniform cross-section) :: barra {f}
bar {n} (metallurgy: solid object of round, square, hexagonal, octagonal or rectangular section) :: barra {f}
bar {n} (cuboid piece of any commodity) :: barra {f}
bar {n} (business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages) :: bar {m}, taberna {f}
bar {n} (counter of such a premises) :: balcão {m}, bar {m}
bar {n} (closet containing alcoholic beverages in a private house or a hotel room) :: bar {m}
bar {n} (official order prohibiting some activity) :: proibição {f}
bar {n} (profession of lawyers) :: advocacia {f}
bar {n} (nautical: sand formation) :: barra {f}
bar {v} (to obstruct the passage of) :: barrar
bar {v} (to prohibit) :: proibir
bar {v} (to lock or bolt with a bar) :: barrar
bar {n} (unit of pressure) :: bar {m}
bar {n} (music: section of a staff) SEE: measure ::
bar {prep} (with the exception of) SEE: except ::
bar {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries) SEE: fess ::
bar {n} (soccer: crossbar) SEE: crossbar ::
bar {n} (strikethrough) SEE: strikethrough ::
bar {n} (music: vertical line across a staff) SEE: bar line ::
Barabbas {prop} (insurrectionary whom Pontius Pilate freed instead of releasing Jesus) :: Barrabás {m}
Barack {prop} (male given name) :: Barack {m}
barb {n} (bit for a horse) SEE: bit ::
barb {n} (beard or something that resembles a beard) SEE: beard ::
Barbadian {adj} (of or relating to Barbados) :: barbadiano
Barbados {prop} (country in the Caribbean) :: Barbados
Barbara {prop} (cognates and transliterations of female given name) :: Bárbara
barbarian {adj} (uncivilized) :: bárbaro {m}
barbarian {n} (an uncivilized person) :: bárbaro {m}
barbarian {n} (a derogatory term for someone from a developing country) :: bárbaro {m}
barbarian {n} (a warrior associated with Sword and Sorcery stories) :: bárbaro {m}
barbaric {adj} (uncivilised) :: bárbaro
barbarity {n} (state of being barbarous) :: barbaridade {f}, barbárie {f}
barbarous {adj} (barbarian) SEE: barbarian ::
barbarous {adj} (barbaric) SEE: barbaric ::
Barbary {prop} (Mediterranean North Africa) :: Berbéria {f}, Berberia {f}
Barbary lion {n} (Panthera leo leo) :: leão-do-atlas
barbecue {n} (cooking instrument) :: churrasqueira {m}
barbecue {n} (meal) :: churrasco {m}
barbecue {v} (to cook food on a barbecue, see also: ) :: grelhar
barbecue {v} (grill) SEE: grill ::
barbecue sauce {n} (type of sauce) :: molho de churrasco {m}
barbed wire {n} (twisted strands of steel wire) :: arame farpado {m}
barbel {n} (fish) :: barbo {m}
barbel {n} (whisker-like sensory organs of certain fish) :: barbilhão {m}, barbilho {m}
barbell {n} (wide steel bar with premeasured weights) :: barra {f}
barber {n} (person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards) :: barbeiro {m}
barber {v} (to cut the hair) :: barbear, cortar cabelo
barberry {n} (Berberis) :: bérberis {f}, uva-espim {f}
barber shop {n} (business which offers haircuts to men) SEE: barbershop ::
barbershop {n} (barber's shop) :: salão de cabeleireiro/cabeleireira {m}, barbearia {f}
barbican {n} (A tower at the entrance to a castle or fortified town) :: barbacã {f}
barbiturate {n} (derivative of barbituric acid that acts as a depressant of the central nervous system) :: barbitúrico {m}
barcarole {n} (Venetian folk song) :: barcarola {f}
Barcelona {prop} (capital of Catalonia) :: Barcelona {f}
barcode {n} (set of machine-readable parallel bars) :: código de barras {m}
barcode reader {n} (electronic device) :: leitor (de código de barras) {m}
barcode scanner {n} (barcode reader) SEE: barcode reader ::
bard {n} (professional poet and singer) :: poeta {m}, bardo
bardo {n} (state of existence between death and subsequent reincarnation) :: bardo
bardolatry {n} (excessive worship of William Shakespeare) :: bardolatria {f}
bare {adj} (naked, uncovered) :: nu {m}
bare {adv} (barely) SEE: barely ::
barefaced {adj} (shameless) :: descarado
barefoot {adj} (wearing nothing on the feet) :: descalço, descalça {f}
barefoot {adv} (wearing nothing on the feet) :: descalço
barefoot doctor {n} (farmer with basic medical training) :: médico de pés descalços {m}, médica de pés descalços {f}
barefooted {adj} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot ::
barefooted {adv} (barefoot) SEE: barefoot ::
barely {adv} (by a small margin) :: apenas
barely {adv} (almost not at all) :: mal
barely {adv} (merely) SEE: merely ::
Barents Sea {prop} (part of the Arctic Ocean) :: Mar de Barents {m}
barf {n} (vomit) SEE: vomit ::
barf {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit ::
barfly {n} (person who spends much time in a bar) :: botequeiro {m}
bargain {n} (agreement or contract concerning sale of property) :: transação {f}, barganha {f}
bargain {v} (to make a bargain) :: barganhar
barge {n} (flat-bottomed bulk carrier mainly for inland waters) :: barcaça {f}
Bari {prop} (town in Italy) :: Bari
barista {n} (person who prepares coffee in a coffee shop for customers) :: barista {m} {f}
baritone {n} (male voice) :: barítono {m}
baritone {n} (musical range) :: barítono {m}
baritone horn {n} (baritone horn) SEE: baritone ::
barium {n} (chemical element) :: bário
bark {v} (to make a loud noise (dogs)) :: latir, ladrar
bark {n} (short, loud, explosive utterance) :: latido {m}
bark {n} (exterior covering of a tree) :: casca {f}
bark {v} (to strip the bark from, to peel) :: descascar
bark {n} (three-masted vessel, foremast and mainmast square-rigged, mizzenmast schooner-rigged) :: barca {f}
bark {v} (to girdle) SEE: girdle ::
barking dogs seldom bite {proverb} (people who make threats rarely carry them out) :: cão que ladra não morde
bark up the wrong tree {v} (bark up the wrong tree) :: [literally "knock the wrong door"] bater à porta errada, bater na porta errada
barley {n} (Hordeum vulgare or its grains) :: cevada {f}
bar line {n} (vertical line across a staff) :: barra de compasso {f}
barman {n} (bartender) SEE: bartender ::
barn {n} (child) SEE: child ::
barn {n} (building) :: celeiro
barn {n} (unit) :: barn {m}
Barnabas {prop} (An early Christian) :: Barnabé {m}
barnacle {n} (barnacle goose) SEE: barnacle goose ::
barnacle {n} (marine crustacean) :: craca {f}, percebe {m}
barnacle goose {n} (Branta leucopsis) :: ganso-de-faces-brancas {m}
Barnaul {prop} (city in Russia) :: Barnaul {f}
barn owl {n} (An owl of the genus Tyto) :: coruja-das-torres {f}
barn swallow {n} (species of swallow) :: andorinha-de-bando {f}, andorinha-das-chaminés {f}, andorinha comum {f}
bar of chocolate {n} (chocolate bar) SEE: chocolate bar ::
barometer {n} (an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure) :: barômetro {m}
baron {n} (male ruler of a barony) :: barão {m}
baroness {n} (female ruler of a barony) :: baronesa {f}
baronet {n} (hereditary title) :: baronete {m}
baronial {adj} (belonging or relating to a baron) :: baronial
barony {n} (a dominion ruled by a baron or baroness) :: baronato {m}, baronia {f}
baroque {adj} (laden with detail) :: barroco
baroque {adj} (complex and beautiful) :: barroco
baroque {adj} (embellished) :: barroco
Baroque {adj} (relating or belonging to the Baroque period) :: barroco
Baroque {prop} (period in architecture) :: Barroco {m}
Baroque {prop} (period in art) :: Barroco {m}
Baroque {prop} (period in music) :: Barroco {m}
baroque organ {n} (type of pipe organ) :: órgão barroco {m}
baroscope {n} (barometer) SEE: barometer ::
barrack {n} (a building for soldiers) :: quartel
barracks {n} (buildings used by military personnel) SEE: barrack ::
barracuda {n} (predatory competitor) SEE: shark ::
barracuda {n} (marine fish) :: barracuda {f}
barrage {n} (artificial obstruction, such as a dam, in a river) :: barragem {f}
barred antshrike {n} (a passerine bird) :: [Brazil]: choca-barrada
barrel {n} (tube) SEE: tube ::
barrel {n} (jar) SEE: jar ::
barrel {n} (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop) :: barril
barrel {n} (quantity) :: barril {m}, tonel {m}
barrel {n} (metallic tube of a gun) :: cano {m}
barrel organ {n} (pipe instrument with air controlled pins in a revolving barrel) :: realejo {m}
barren {adj} (unable to bear children; sterile) :: estéril, infértil
barren {adj} (infertile) :: estéril, infértil; árido
barrette {n} (A clasp or clip for gathering and holding the hair) :: prendedor de cabelo {m}
barricade {n} (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence) :: barricada
barrier {n} (structure that bars passage) :: barreira {f}
barrier {n} (obstacle or impediment) :: obstáculo
barrier {n} (boundary or limit) :: limite {m}
barring {prep} (excepting) :: salvo
barring {prep} :: salvo, exceto, excetuando-se.
barrister {n} (lawyer with the right to speak as an advocate in higher lawcourts) :: barrister {m}
barrow {n} (mound of earth and stones raised over a grave) :: túmulo {m}
barrow {n} (small vehicle used to carry a load and pulled or pushed by hand) :: carrinho de mão {m}
bar-tailed godwit {n} (bar-tailed godwit) :: fuselo, chalreta
bartender {n} (person who works in a bar) :: barman {m}
barter {n} (exchange of goods or services) :: permuta
barter {v} (exchange goods or services without involving money) :: trocar
Bartholin's gland {n} (gland on the vaginal orifice that secretes mucus) :: glândula de Bartholin {f}
Bartholomew {prop} (the Apostle) :: Bartolomeu {m}
Bartholomew {prop} (male given name) :: Bartolomeu {m}
baryon {n} (heavy subatomic particle) :: barião {m} [Portugal], bárion {m} [Brazil]
basalt {n} (hard rock) :: basalto {m}
bascule bridge {n} (type of movable bridge) :: ponte basculante {f}
base {n} (something from which other things extend) :: base {f}
base {n} (starting point of thought) :: base {f}
base {n} (permanent structure for housing military) :: base {f}
base {n} (headquarters) :: base {f}, sede {f}
base {n} (chemical compound that will neutralize an acid) :: base {f}
base {n} (safe zone in children's game) :: pique {m}
base {n} (baseball: one of the three places that a runner can stand in safety) :: base {f}
base {n} (lowermost part of a column) :: base {f}
base {n} (electronics: controlling terminal of a transistor) :: base {f}
base {n} (geometry: lowest side or face) :: base {f}
base {n} (math: number raised to the power of an exponent) :: base {f}
base {v} (have as its foundation or starting point) :: basear-se em
base {v} (be located) :: basear-se em, ficar em
base {adj} (low) :: baixo
base {adj} (of inferior quality) :: ruim
base {adj} (immoral) :: baixo
base {n} (bass) SEE: bass ::
base {n} (apron) SEE: apron ::
base {n} (housing of a horse) SEE: housing ::
baseball {n} (ball game) :: beisebol {m} [Brazil], basebol {m} [Portugal]
baseball {n} (ball used in baseball-game) :: bola de beisebol {f} [Brazil]
baseball bat {n} (device which is swung to try to make contact with baseballs) :: taco de beisebol {m}, bastão de beisebol {m}
baseball cap {n} (cap) :: boné {m}
baseball player {n} (a person who plays baseball) :: basebolista {m} {f}, beisebolista {m} {f}
baseboard {n} (panel or molding between floor and interior wall) SEE: skirting board ::
based {adj} (founded on) :: baseado {m}
Basel {prop} (city in Switzerland) :: Basileia {f}
baseless {adj} (based on something that is not true) SEE: unfounded ::
baseline {n} (datum used as the basis for calculation or for comparison) :: referência
basement {n} (floor below ground level) :: porão {m}
basement {n} (mass of rock) :: embasamento {m}
Basenji {n} (Basenji) :: basenji {m}
bash {v} (collide) SEE: collide ::
bashful {adj} (inclined to avoid notice) :: tímido, recatado
Bashkir {adj} (of or relating to Bashkortostan or its people) :: bachquir
Bashkir {n} (a Bashkir person) :: bachquir {m} {f}
Bashkir {prop} (language) :: bachquir {m}
Bashkiria {prop} (Bashkortostan) SEE: Bashkortostan ::
Bashkortostan {prop} (federal subject of Russia) :: Bashkortostão, Basquíria
basic {adj} (necessary, essential for life or some process) :: básico
basic {adj} (elementary, simple, merely functional) :: básico
basic {adj} (chemistry: of a base) :: básico
basically {adv} (in a fundamental or basic manner) :: basicamente
basidiomycete {n} (fungus of phylum Basidiomycota) :: basidiomiceto {m}
basil {n} (plant) :: manjericão, alfavaca {f}, basílico {m}
basil {n} (herb) :: manjericão {m}, alfavaca {f}
Basil {prop} (male given name) :: Basílio {m}
basilica {n} (Christian church building having a nave) :: basílica {f}
basilisk {n} (snake-like dragon type) :: basilisco {m}
basin {n} (wide bowl for washing) :: bacia {f}, pia {f}
basin {n} (area of land that drains into a common outlet) :: bacia {f}
basis {n} (starting point for an argument) :: base {f}, fundamento {m}
basis {n} (underlying condition) :: fundamento {m}
basis {n} (linearly independent, spanning set of vectors) :: base {f}
bask {v} (to take great pleasure or satisfaction; to feel warm or happiness) :: gozar, desfrutar
basket {n} (container) :: cesto {m}, cesta {f}
basket {n} (notional place to store items before ordering them online) :: carrinho {m}
basket {n} (basketball: hoop from which a net is suspended) :: cesta {f}
basket {n} (basketball: act of putting the ball through the basket) :: cesta {f}
basketball {n} (the sport) :: basquete {m}, basquetebol {m}, bola-ao-cesto {f}
basketball {n} (the ball used in the sport) :: bola de basquete/basquetebol {f}
basketball player {n} (person who plays basketball) :: basquetebolista {m} {f}, basquetista {m} {f}
basking shark {n} (Cetorhinus maximus) :: tubarão-frade {m}, tubarão-peregrino {m}
Basque {n} (language) :: basco {m}, vasconço {m}
Basque {n} (member of a people) :: basco {m}, basca {f}
Basque {adj} (relative to the Basque people or their language) :: basco
Basque Country {prop} (geographical region in Spain and France) :: País Basco {m}
Basque Country {prop} (the region where the Basque language is spoken) :: País Basco {m}
Basque Country {prop} (autonomous community within Spain) :: País Basco {m}
Basque Shepherd Dog {n} (Basque Shepherd Dog) :: pastor basco {m}
bas relief {n} (a low or mostly-flat sculpture) :: baixo-relevo {m}
bass {adj} (low in pitch) :: baixo, grave
bass {n} (low spectrum of sound) :: baixo {m}
bass {n} (section of musical group) :: baixo {m}
bass {n} (singer) :: baixo {m}
bass {n} (musical instrument) :: baixo {m}, baixo {m}
bass {n} (clef sign) :: clave de fá {f}
bass {n} (perch) :: perca {f}
bass clef {n} (music symbol) :: clave de {f}
bass drum {n} (large drum with a low pitch) :: bumbo {m}
Basseterre {prop} (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis) :: Basse-Terre {f}, Basseterre {f}
bass fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
bass guitar {n} (stringed musical instrument) :: contrabaixo {m}, baixo {m}
bassist {n} (musician) :: baixista {m} {f}
bassoon {n} (musical instrument in the woodwind family) :: fagote {m}
bassoonist {n} (person who plays the bassoon) :: fagotista {m} {f}
bass viol {n} (musical instrument) SEE: double bass ::
bass violin {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
bast {n} (fibre made from the phloem of certain plants) :: entrecasca {f}
bastard {n} (longsword) SEE: longsword ::
bastard {n} (person born to unmarried parents) :: bastardo {m}, bastarda {f}
bastard {n} (mongrel) :: mestiço
bastard {n} (contemptible etc. person) :: filho da mãe, sacana {m} {f}, filho da puta {m}
bastard {n} (informal: child that does not know his father) :: bastardo {m}
bastard {adj} (of or like a bastard (illegitimate human descendant)) :: bastardo
bastard {interj} (exclamation of dismay) :: bosta!, merda!
bastard wing {n} (tuft of feathers) :: álula {f}
bastille {n} (prison) SEE: prison ::
bastille {n} (fortress) SEE: fortress ::
bastille {n} (citadel) SEE: citadel ::
bastille {n} (castle tower, or fortified building; small citadel or fortress) :: bastilha {f}
bastion {n} (projecting part of a rampart) :: bastião {m}
bastion {n} (well-fortified position) :: bastião {m}
bat {n} (small flying mammal) :: morcego {m}
bat {n} (club used for striking the ball in sports) :: bastão {m}, taco
bat {v} (hit) :: tacar
Batavia {prop} (Jakarta during the Dutch East Indies period) :: Batávia {f}
Batavia {prop} (the land of the ancient Batavians) :: Batávia {f}
Batavia {prop} (the Netherlands from 1795 to 1806 as a French client state) :: Batávia {f}
batch {n} (quantity of baked goods made at one time) :: fornada {f}
batch {n} (quantity of anything produced in one operation) :: lote
bate {v} (simple past of beat) SEE: beat ::
bate {v} (masturbate) SEE: masturbate ::
Batesian mimicry {n} (resemblance of a non-poisonous species to a poisonous one) :: mimetismo batesiano {m}
bath {n} (tub) :: banheira {f}
bath {n} (room) :: banheiro {m}
bath {n} (act of bathing) :: banho {m}
bath {v} (To wash a person or animal in a bath) :: banhar
bathe {v} (to clean oneself) :: banhar
bathe {v} (to sunbathe) SEE: sunbathe ::
bather {n} (One who bathes or swims) :: banhista {m} {f}
bathhouse {n} (a building with baths for communal use) :: casa de banho {f}, terma {f}
bathhouse {n} (a building where swimmers change clothes) :: vestiário {m}
bathing cap {n} (cap worn by swimmers) SEE: swim cap ::
bathing suit {n} (tight fitting garment for swimming) SEE: swimsuit ::
bathing trunks {n} (pair of shorts or briefs) SEE: swimming trunks ::
bath mat {n} (mat used next to a bathtub) :: tapete de banheiro/banho {m}
bathos {n} (depth) SEE: depth ::
bathos {n} (nadir) SEE: nadir ::
bathos {n} (anticlimax) SEE: anticlimax ::
bathrobe {n} (terrycloth robe) :: roupão {m}
bathroom {n} (a room with a bathtub) :: banheiro {m} [Brazil], casa de banho {f} [Portugal]
bathroom {n} (room with a toilet) SEE: toilet ::
bathroom scales {n} (flat floor-mounted scales) :: balança de banheiro {f}
Bathsheba {prop} (biblical character) :: Bate-Seba {f}
bath towel {n} (towel for drying the body) :: toalha de banho {f}
bathtub {n} (large container in which a person may bathe) :: banheira
bathymetric {adj} (of, pertaining to, or derived from bathymetry) :: batimétrico, batométrico
bathymetry {n} (the measurement of the depths of the seas) :: batimetria {f}, batometria {f}
bathypelagic {adj} (of or pertaining to the ocean between 1000 and 4000 meters deep) :: batipelágico
bathyscaphe {n} (self-propelled deep-sea submersible) :: batiscafo {m}
batik {n} (A method of dyeing fabric) :: batique {m}, batik
Batman {particle} (the bat-themed hero) :: Batman
baton {n} (military staff of office) :: bastão {m}
baton {n} (music: conductor's stick) :: batuta {f}
baton {n} (sports: object transferred by relay runners) :: testemunho [Portugal], bastão [Brazil]
baton {n} (club of the police) :: cassetete {m}
Bats {prop} (language) :: bats {m}
Bats {prop} (a commune in France) :: Bats
battalion {n} (army unit) :: batalhão {m}
battalion {n} (any large body of troops) :: batalhão {m}
batter {v} (to hit or strike violently and repeatedly) :: bater, espancar
batter {n} (beaten mixture of flour and liquid) :: polme {m}
batter {n} (player attempting to hit the ball) :: batedor {m}
battering ram {n} (type of siege engine used to smash gates and walls) :: aríete {m}
battery {n} (device storing electricity) :: pilha {f}, bateria {f}
battery {n} (legal: act of unlawful violence) :: lesão corporal {f}
battery {n} (coordinated group of artillery) :: bateria {f}
battery {n} (array of similar things) :: série {f}
battery electric vehicle {n} (electric vehicle that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery packs) :: veículo elétrico a bateria {m}
battle {n} (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat) :: batalha {f}
battle {n} (struggle; a contest; as, the battle of life) :: luta {f}
battle {v} ((intransitive) to join in battle; to contend in fight) :: batalhar {f}
battle-ax {n} (battle axe) SEE: battle axe ::
battle axe {n} (electric guitar) SEE: electric guitar ::
battle axe {n} (ancient military weapon) :: acha {f}
battle cry {n} (something the troops yell out when going to war or battle) :: grito de guerra {m}
battle cry {n} (motto or personal statement) :: grito de guerra {m}
battlefield {n} (field of a land battle) :: campo de batalha {m}
battlefront {n} (line along which opposing armies engage in combat) :: frente de batalha
battleground {n} (location) SEE: battlefield ::
battlement {n} (indented parapet formed by a series of rising members) :: ameia
Battle of Britain {prop} (series of air engagements between the British Royal Air Force and the German Luftwaffe during World War II) :: batalha da Grã-Bretanha {f}
battleship {n} (warship) :: couraçado {m}, encouraçado {m}
battleship {n} (guessing game) :: batalha naval {m}
baud {n} (A rate defined as the number of signalling events per second) :: baud {m}
Baudelairean {adj} (of or pertaining to Baudelaire or his works) :: baudelairiano
bauhinia {n} (any flowering plant of the Bauhinia genus) :: bauínia {f}
bauxite {n} (ore) :: bauxita {f}
Bavaria {prop} (state) :: Baviera {f}, Bavária {f}
Bavarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bavaria) :: bávaro {m}
Bavarian {n} (person from Bavaria or of Bavarian descent) :: bávaro {m}, bávara {f}
Bavarian {prop} (German dialect) :: bávaro {m}
bay {n} (shrub) :: loureiro {m}, louro {m}
bay {n} (herb) :: louro {m}
bay {n} (body of water) :: baía
bay {n} (compartment) :: vão {m}
bay {n} (distance between two supports in a vault) :: tramo {m}, intercolúnio {m}
bay {adj} (of reddish-brown color) :: alazão
bay {n} (brown colour/color) :: alazão {m}
bay {n} (reddish-brown horse) :: alazão {m}
Bayesian {adj} (of or pertaining to Thomas Bayes) :: bayesiano
bay leaf {n} (herb) :: louro {m}
Bay of Bengal {prop} (Large bay in the northeastern Indian Ocean) :: Golfo de Bengala {m}
bayonet {n} (weapon) :: baioneta {f}
bayou {n} (slow-moving creek or swamp) :: brejo {m}
bazaar {n} (marketplace) :: bazar, mercado {m}
bazooka {n} (American shoulder fired rocket grenade launcher) :: bazuca {f}
BBC {prop} (British Broadcasting Corporation) :: BBC {f}
BC {adv} (before Christ) :: a.C., A.C. (antes de Cristo)
béchamel sauce {n} (white sauce made with butter, flour and milk) :: molho béchamel {m}, béchamel {m}
be {v} (occupy a place) :: estar
be {v} (occur, take place) :: ser
be {v} (exist) :: ser, existir
be {v} (have a certain age) :: ter
be {v} (elliptical form of "be here", or similar) :: estar
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject and object are the same) :: ser
be {v} (used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same) :: ser
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominal) :: ser
be {v} (used to connect a noun to an adjective that describes it) :: ser, estar
be {v} (used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase) :: ser, estar
be {v} (used to form the passive voice) :: ser
be {v} (used to form the continuous forms of various tenses) :: estar + gerund
be {v} ((archaic) used to form the perfect aspect with certain intransitive verbs) :: ser [archaic], ter [modern]
be {v} (used to form future tenses, especially the future subjunctive) :: use the future subjunctive tense
be {v} (used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like) :: fazer, estar
be able to {v} (have ability to) :: poder, saber, conseguir
beach {n} (sandy shore) :: praia {f}
beach {v} (run something aground on a beach) :: abicar, encalhar [accidentally]
beachfront {n} (land alongside a beach) :: balneário {m}
beach volleyball {n} (sport) :: voleibol de praia
beacon {n} (signal fire) :: almenara {f}
beacon {n} (signaling or guiding mark erected as guide to mariners) :: farol {m}
bead {n} (rosary ball) :: conta {f}
bead {n} (pierced small round object) :: conta {f}, miçanga {f}
bead {n} (small drop of liquid) :: gota {f}
bead tree {n} (Melia azedarach) :: amargoseira
beagle {n} (dog) :: beagle {m}
beak {n} (structure projecting from a bird's face) :: bico {m}
beak {n} (slang: human nose) SEE: schnozzle ::
beaker {n} (flat-bottomed vessel) :: béquer {m}
beakhead {n} (protruding part at the bow of a sailing ship) :: beque {m}
be all ears {v} (to listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate) :: ser todo ouvidos
beam {n} (large piece of timber or iron) :: trave, viga {f}
beam {n} (principal horizontal beam in a building) :: viga {f}
beam {n} (ray) :: feixe {m}, raio
bean {n} (seed) :: feijão {m}
bean {n} (guinea coin) SEE: guinea ::
beanbag {n} (piece of furniture) :: pufe {m}
bean curd {n} (tofu) SEE: tofu ::
bean goose {n} (Anser fabalis) :: ganso-campestre {m}
beanie {n} (cap that fits the head closely) :: touca {f}, gorro {m}
bean sprout {n} (a sprout grown out of a bean) :: broto de feijão {m}
beanstalk {n} (the stem of a bean plant, proverbially fast growing and tall) :: de feijão {m}
bear {v} (to give birth) SEE: give birth ::
bear {n} (large mammal of family Ursidae) :: urso {m}, [♀] ursa {f}
bear {n} (investor who sells in anticipation of falling prices) :: baixista {m} {f}
bear {n} (large hairy man) :: urso {m}
bear {v} (to support or sustain) :: suportar
bear {v} (to carry) :: portar, levar, carregar
bear {v} (to be equipped with) :: portar
bear {v} (to declare as testimony) :: atestar
bear {v} (to put up with) :: suportar, aguentar
bear {v} (to produce or yield) :: criar, gerar
bear {v} (to endure with patience; to be patient) :: aguentar
bearable {adj} (able to be borne) :: suportável
bearcat {n} (red panda) SEE: red panda ::
bearcat {n} (giant panda) SEE: giant panda ::
bear cub {n} (young bear) :: filhote de urso {m}
beard {n} (facial hair) :: barba {f}
bearded {adj} (having a beard) :: barbado, barbudo
bearded vulture {n} (vulture) SEE: lammergeier ::
beardless {adj} (without a beard) :: sem barba, imberbe
beardless {adj} (not having reached manhood) :: imberbe
bearer {n} (one who bears) :: portador {m}
bear garlic {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons ::
bear hug {n} (any especially large hug, usually friendly) :: abraço de urso {m}
bearing {n} (mechanical device) :: rolamento {m}
bearing {n} (nautical sense) :: rumo {m}
bearing {n} (posture) :: conduta {f}
bear in mind {v} (remember, consider) :: ter em mente
bear out {v} (To corroborate, prove, or confirm) :: confirmar, corroborar
bear's breech {n} (acanthus) SEE: acanthus ::
bear's breech {n} (Acanthus mollis) :: branca ursina {f}, erva gigante {f}
bear witness {v} (deliver testimony) :: testemunhar
bear witness {v} (prove, demonstrate) :: provar
be ashamed {v} (feel from ashamed) :: envergonhar-se
beast {n} (non-human animal) :: fera {f}, besta {f}
beast {n} (violent/antisocial person) :: fera {f}, besta {f}
beast of burden {n} (animal that carries or pulls a load) :: animal de carga {m}, animal cargueiro {m}
beast of prey {n} (animal) :: predador {m}
beat {v} (to hit, to knock, to pound, to strike) :: bater
beat {v} (to strike or pound repeatedly) :: bater
beat {v} (to win against) :: bater
beat {v} (to mix food) :: bater
beat {adj} (exhausted) :: abatido, batido
beat {n} (act of reporting before a rival) SEE: scoop ::
beat around the bush {v} (to treat a topic but omit its main points) :: fazer rodeios, usar de rodeios (to use roundabout conversations)
beat around the bush {v} (to delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant) :: enrolar, embromar
beater {n} (a kitchen implement for mixing) :: batedor {m}, batedeira {f}
beater {n} (person who drives game towards the shooters) :: batedor {m}
beater {n} (an automobile in poor operating condition) :: calhambeque {m}, lata-velha {f}
beatification {n} (the act of beatifying) :: beatificação {f}
beatify {v} (to take step in declaring a person a saint) :: beatificar
beating {n} (action of the verb to beat) :: sova {f}, surra {f}
Beatles {prop} (rock music quartet) :: Os Beatles {m-p}
beatnik {n} (beatnik) :: beatnik {m} {f}
Beatrice {prop} (female given name) :: Beatriz {f}
beau {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend ::
Beauceron {n} (Beauceron) :: pastor de Beauce {m}
Beaufort scale {prop} (measure for the intensity of the wind) :: escala de Beaufort {f}
beautification {n} (beautifying, making beautiful) :: embelezamento {m}
beautifier {n} (someone or something which makes beautiful) :: embelezador {m}, embelezadora {f}
beautiful {adj} (possessing charm and attractive) :: belo {m}, bela {f}, bonito {m}, bonita {f}, lindo {m}, linda {f}
beautiful {adj} (of weather: pleasant, clear) :: limpo
beautifully {adv} (In a beautiful manner) :: belamente
beautify {v} (to make beautiful or more beautiful) :: embelezar
beauty {n} (quality of pleasing appearance) :: beleza {f}
beauty {n} (beautiful male) :: beleza {f}
beauty {n} (beautiful female) :: beleza {f}, beldade {f}
beauty {n} (something particularly good or pleasing) :: beleza {f}
beauty contest {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant ::
beauty is in the eye of the beholder {proverb} (people have different ideas of what is beautiful) :: a beleza está nos olhos de quem vê
beauty is only skin deep {proverb} (a person's character is more important than their outward appearance) :: quem vê cara não vê coração
beauty pageant {n} (competition on attractiveness) :: concurso de beleza {m}
beauty parlor {n} (salon with hairdressers and beauticians) :: salão de beleza {m}
beauty salon {n} (beauty salon) SEE: beauty parlor ::
beauty spot {n} (birthmark) SEE: mole ::
beaver {n} (semiaquatic rodent) :: castor {m}
be born {v} (to come into existence through birth) :: nascer
be born yesterday {v} (to be inexperienced) :: ser nascido ontem {m}
be bothered {v} (have enthusiasm) :: estar animado
be called {v} (to have a specific name) :: chamar-se
be careful {interj} (proceed with caution) :: tome cuidado
because {adv} (on account) :: porque, pois, que, por causa de, devido a
because {conj} (by or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that) :: porque, já que
because {conj} (as known because; as inferred because; as determined because) :: porque
because of {prep} (on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of) :: por causa de
Bechuanaland {prop} (former name for Botswana) :: Bechuanalândia {f}
beckon {v} (to wave or nod to somebody with the intention to make the person come closer) :: acenar
become {v} (to begin to be) :: tornar-se, virar, transformar-se em, ficar
become {v} (to look attractive on, be suitable for) :: cair bem em
becoming {n} (The act or process by which something becomes) :: devir
becoming {adj} (pleasingly suitable) :: apropriado, adequado, favorável
becoming {adj} (decent, respectable) :: decente, respeitável
bed {n} (piece of furniture) :: cama {f}, leito {m}
bed {n} (bed as general place or concept) :: leito {m}
bed {n} (prepared spot to spend the night in) :: cama {f}
bed {n} (flat surface or layer on which something else is to be placed) :: superfície {f}
bed {n} (foundation or supporting surface) :: base {f}, alicerce {m}
bed {n} (the bottom of a lake or other body of water) :: leito {m}
bed {n} (area where a large number of shellfish is found) :: banco {m}
bed {n} (garden plot) :: canteiro {m}
bed {n} (deposit of ore, coal etc.) :: leito {m}, estrato {m}
bed {v} (to go to a sleeping bed) :: deitar
bed {v} (to put oneself to sleep) :: dormir
bed {v} (to have sexual intercourse with) :: dormir com
bed {n} (shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear) SEE: pallet ::
bed and breakfast {n} (guesthouse providing breakfast) :: hospedagem domiciliar {f}
bedbound {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden ::
bedbug {n} (small nocturnal insect) :: percevejo {m}
bedclothes {n} (sheets, blankets, quilts or other coverings used on a bed) :: roupa de cama {f}
bedcover {n} (decorative cover for a bed) SEE: bedspread ::
bedding {n} (bedlinen) :: roupa de cama {f}
bedevil {v} (to harass) :: atormentar
bedfast {adj} (unable to leave one's bed) SEE: bedridden ::
bedlam {n} (place or situation of chaos) :: alvoroço {m}, cafarnaum {m}, motim {m}, tumulto {m}
bedlinen {n} (cloth items used to make up a bed) :: roupa de cama {f}
bedouin {n} (desert-dweller) :: beduíno {m}, beduína {f}
bedpan {n} (chamber pot used while still in bed) :: comadre {f}
bedridden {adj} (confined to bed) :: acamado
bedrock {n} (underground solid rock) :: rocha-mãe {f}
bedroom {n} (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping) :: quarto {m}, dormitório {m}
bedroom community {n} (residential urban community of a nearby metropolis) :: cidade dormitório {f}
bed sheet {n} (sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen) :: lençol {m}
bedsheet {n} (a sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen) :: lençol {m}
bedside table {n} (nightstand) SEE: nightstand ::
bedsore {n} (Lesion caused by pressure) :: escara {f}
bedspread {n} (topmost covering of a bed) :: colcha {f}
bedtime {n} (time when one goes to bed to sleep) :: hora de dormir {f}
bee {n} (insect) :: abelha {f}
bee {n} (name of the letter B, b) :: {m}
beech {n} (tree of genus Fagus) :: faia {f}
beech marten {n} (Martes foina) :: fuinha {f}
bee-eater {n} (bird in the family Meropidae) :: abelharuco {m}
beef {n} (cow, bull) SEE: cow ::
beef {n} (meat) :: bife {m}, carne bovina {f}
beefsteak {n} (steak) :: bisteca {f}
beef up {v} (to strengthen or reinforce) SEE: strengthen ::
beefy {adj} (robust) SEE: robust ::
beefy {adj} (muscular) SEE: muscular ::
beehive {n} (home of bees) :: colmeia {f}
beehive {n} (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey) :: colmeia {f}, colméia {f} [Brazil], cortiço {m}
beekeeper {n} (someone who keeps bees) :: apicultor {m}, apicultora {f}, abelheiro {m}, abelheira {f}
beekeeping {n} (raising bees) :: apicultura {f}
Beelzebub {prop} (a Semitic deity, another name for the Devil) :: Belzebu {m}
been there, done that {phrase} (assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or topic) :: essa é velha
beer {n} (alcoholic drink made of malt) :: cerveja {f}
beer {n} (drink made from roots) :: cerveja {f}
beer {n} (solution produced by steeping plant materials) :: cerveja {f}
beer {n} (glass of beer) :: cerveja {f}
beer {n} (variety of these beverages) :: cerveja {f}
beer belly {n} (protruding abdomen) :: pança de cerveja {f}
beer bottle {n} (a bottle designed to contain beer) :: garrafa de cerveja {f}
beer can {n} (can containing beer) :: lata de cerveja {f}
beer gut {n} (beer belly) SEE: beer belly ::
bee sting {n} (puncture from a bee) :: picada de abelha {f}
beestings {n} (first milk drawn from an animal) SEE: colostrum ::
beeswax {n} (wax secreted by bees) :: cera de abelha {f}
beet {n} (Beta vulgaris) :: beterraba {f}
beetle {n} (insect) :: escaravelho {m}, besouro {m}
Beetle {n} (Volkswagen car) :: fusca {m} [Brazil], carocha [Portugal]
beetroot {n} (a normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet) :: beterraba {f}
before {prep} (earlier than) :: antes de
before {prep} (in front of in space) :: ante, em frente a, na frente de, diante de
before {prep} (in front of according to an ordering system) :: antes de
before {adv} (at an earlier time) :: antes
before {adv} (in advance) :: primeiro
before dark {prep} (before night begins to fall) :: antes de anoitecer, antes do cair da noite
beforehand {adv} (at an earlier time) :: em antemão
before long {prep} (soon) SEE: soon ::
befoul {v} (to make foul, to soil) :: conspurcar
befriend {v} (make friends) SEE: make friends ::
befuddle {v} (perplex or confuse) :: confundir
beg {v} (to request the help of someone, ask for money) :: mendigar
beg {v} (to supplicate, to plead with someone for help) :: suplicar
beget {v} (to cause, to produce) :: engendrar, gerar
beget {v} (to procreate) :: ter filho, gerar, procriar
beggar {n} (person who begs) :: mendigo {m}, mendiga {f}
beggar {n} (person suffering poverty) :: mendigo {m}
beggars can't be choosers {proverb} (when resources are limited, one must accept even substandard gifts) :: a cavalo dado não se olha os dentes
begin {v} (to start, to initiate or take the first step into something.) :: começar, iniciar
beginner {n} (someone who just recently started) :: novato {m}, iniciante, principiante
beginning {n} (act of doing that which begins anything) :: começo {m}, início {m}, princípio {m}
beginning {n} (that which is begun) :: começo {m}, princípio {m}
beginning {n} (that which begins or originates something) :: originador {m}, gerador {m}
beginning {n} (initial portion of some extended thing) :: começo {m}, início {m}, princípio {m}
begonia {n} (plants of the genus Begonia) :: begônia {f}, begónia {f}
beguile {v} (to deceive or delude (using guile)) :: enganar
beguile {v} (charm, delight) :: entreter, distrair, encantar
behalf {n} (stead) SEE: stead ::
behave {v} (to act in a specific manner) :: comportar-se
behave {v} (to act in a polite or proper way) :: comportar-se
behave oneself {v} (to act in a polite or proper way) SEE: behave ::
behavior {n} (way an animal or human behaves or acts) :: comportamento {m}, conduta {f}
behavior {n} (way matter or systems behave) :: comportamento {m}
behavioral {adj} (of or relating to behavior) :: comportamental
behaviorism {n} (approach to psychology focusing on behavior) :: behaviorismo {m}
behaviour {n} (behavior) SEE: behavior ::
behead {v} (to remove the head) :: decapitar, degolar
beheadal {n} (beheading) SEE: beheading ::
beheader {n} (one who beheads or decapitates) :: decapitador {m}
beheading {n} (an instance of beheading) :: decapitação {f}
behemoth {n} (mighty beast in the Book of Job) :: Beemôt {m}
behest {n} (vow) SEE: vow ::
behest {n} (promise) SEE: promise ::
behest {n} (command, bidding) :: comando {m}, ordem {f}
Behçet's disease {n} (multi-system disorder) :: doença de Behçet {f}
behind {prep} (at the back of) :: atrás
behind {prep} (to the back of) :: atrás
behind {prep} (after, time- or motion-wise) :: depois
behind {prep} (responsible for) :: por trás
behind {prep} (in support of) :: apoiando
behind {adv} (at the back part; in the rear) :: para trás
behind {adv} (toward the back part or rear; backward) :: para trás
behind {n} (rear, back-end) :: traseira {f}
behind {n} (butt, buttocks) :: traseiro {m}, bunda {f}
behind bars {prep} (in jail or prison) :: atrás das grades
behind closed doors {prep} (in private) :: a porta fechada, a portas fechadas, entre quatro paredes
behind the scenes {prep} (in secret; out of public view) :: nos bastidores, por detrás dos bastidores, por baixo dos panos
behind the wheel {prep} (in control of a vehicle) :: no volante
behold {v} (to see, to look at) :: ver, contemplar
behold {interj} :: eis
behove {v} (to befit, to suit) :: convir
beige {n} (colour) :: bege
beige {adj} (having a slightly yellowish gray colour) :: bege
Beijing {prop} (capital of China) :: Pequim {m}
Beijinger {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese ::
Beijingese {n} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese ::
Beijingese {adj} (Pekingese) SEE: Pekingese ::
being {n} (a living creature) :: ser {m}, criatura {f}
being {n} (the state or fact of existence) :: existência {f}
Beirut {prop} (capital of Lebanon) :: Beirute
Belarus {prop} (country) :: Bielorrússia {f}, Belarus
Belarusian {adj} (pertaining to Belarus) :: bielorrusso [Portugal], bielo-russo [Brazil]
Belarusian {n} (language) :: bielorrusso {m} [Portugal], bielo-russo {m} [Brazil]
Belarusian {n} (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent) :: bielorrusso {m} [Portugal], bielo-russo {m} [Brazil]
belated {adj} (later in relation to the proper time) :: tardio, atrasado {m}, atrasada {f}
belch {v} (expel gas from the stomach through the mouth) :: arrotar
belch {n} (sound one makes when belching) :: arroto
beleaguer {v} (to besiege; to surround with troops) :: sitiar
beleaguered {adj} (beset by trouble or difficulty) :: fustigado
Belfast {prop} (capital of Northern Ireland) :: Belfast
belfry {n} (tower or steeple specifically for containing bells, especially as part of a church) :: campanário {m}, torre sineira {f}
belfry {n} (part of a large tower or steeple, specifically for containing bells) :: campanário {m}
Belgian {n} (Belgian, person from Belgium) :: belga {m} {f}
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgium) :: belga
Belgian {adj} (of or pertaining to Belgians or Belgian people) :: belga
Belgian Congo {prop} (Belgian colony) :: Congo Belga {m}
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Umbrella term for the four Belgian sheepdog variants) :: pastor belga {m}
Belgium {prop} (country in Europe) :: Bélgica
Belgorod {prop} (a city in Russia) :: Belgorod {f}
Belgrade {prop} (capital of Serbia) :: Belgrado
belie {v} (to contradict or show to be false) :: desmentir
belief {n} (mental acceptance of a claim as truth) :: crença {f}
belief {n} (something believed) :: crença {f}
belief {n} (the quality or state of believing) :: crença {f}
belief {n} (religious faith) :: crença {f}
belief {n} (religious or moral convictions) :: crença {f}
believability {n} (state or quality of being believable) :: credibilidade
believable {adj} (capable of being believed; credible) :: crível
believe {v} (to accept that someone is telling the truth (object: person)) :: acreditar, crer
believe {v} (to accept as true) :: acreditar, crer, confiar
believe {v} (to consider likely) :: acreditar, crer, achar
believe {v} (to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth) :: acreditar, crer
believer {n} (person who believes) :: crente {m} {f}
belittle {v} (to knowingly say that something is smaller or less important than it actually is) :: depreciar
Belize {prop} (country) :: Belize
Belizean {n} (person from Belize) :: belizenho {m}
Belizean {adj} (Pertaining to Belize) :: belizenho
Belizian {n} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean ::
Belizian {adj} (Belizean) SEE: Belizean ::
bell {n} (percussive instrument) :: sino {m} [especially a big one], campainha {f} [small]
bell {n} (sounding of a bell as a signal) :: badalada {f}
bell {n} (informal: telephone call) :: toque {m}
bell {n} (signal at a school) :: sinal {m}, campainha {f}
Bella {prop} (female given name) :: Bela {f}
belladonna {n} (a plant, Atropa belladonna) SEE: deadly nightshade ::
bellboy {n} (A male worker, usually at a hotel, who carries luggage and runs errands) :: carregador {m}
belle {n} (beautiful woman) :: beldade {f}, bela {f}
belles-lettres {n} (humanities) SEE: humanities ::
belles-lettres {n} (light literary compositions valued for their aesthetic properties) :: belas-letras {f-p}
bellflower {n} (plant of genus Campanula) :: campânula {f}
bellicist {n} (warmonger) SEE: warmonger ::
bellicist {adj} (of or relating to bellicism, bellicists) :: belicista
bellicose {adj} (warlike in nature) :: bélico {m}
belligerent {adj} (engaged in warfare) :: beligerante
belligerent {adj} (eager to go to war) :: beligerante, belicoso
belligerent {adj} (of or pertaining to war) :: bélico
belligerent {adj} (hostile, eager to fight) :: beligerante
belligerent {adj} (acting violently) :: belicoso
belligerent {n} (state or other armed participant in warfare) :: beligerante {m}, beligerantes {p}
bellmaker {n} (bellmaker) :: sineiro {m}
Bellman-Ford algorithm {n} (shortest-path algorithm) :: algoritmo de Bellman-Ford {m}
bellow {v} (to make a noise like the deep roar of a large animal) :: bramir, rugir, urrar
bellows {n} (air blower) :: fole {m}
bellows {n} (any flexible container or enclosure) :: sanfona {f}, fole {m}
bellows {n} (informal: lungs) :: bofes {m-p}
bell pepper {n} (spicy-sweet vegetable) :: pimentão {m}, pimento {m}
bell ringer {n} (bell ringer) :: sineiro {m}
Bell's palsy {n} (paralysis of cranial nerve VII, the facial nerve) :: paralisia de Bell {f}
bell tower {n} (tower in which a bell (or set of bells) is hung; a belfry) :: torre sineira {f}
belly {n} (abdomen) :: barriga {f}, pança {f}, ventre {m}
bellyache {n} (pain in the belly, stomach, or abdomen) :: dor de barriga {f}
bellybutton {n} (the navel or umbilicus) SEE: navel ::
belly dance {n} (form of dance) :: dança do ventre {f}
belly dancer {n} (person who performs belly dances) :: dançarina do ventre {f}
Belmopan {prop} (Belmopan) :: Belmopan {f}
belong {v} (have its proper place) :: pertencer
belong {v} (be accepted in a group) :: pertencer
belong {v} (be part of a group) :: pertencer
belong {v} (be the property of) :: pertencer
belong {v} (set theory: be an element of) :: pertencer
belonging {n} (the action of the verb to belong) :: pertencimento {m}
belongings {n} (plural form of belonging) :: pertences {m-p}
beloved {adj} (loved) :: amado
beloved {n} (someone who is loved) :: amado {m}
below {prep} (lower in spatial position than) :: abaixo de
below {prep} (lower in value than) :: abaixo de, menos de/que
below {prep} (downstream of) :: a jusante de
below {prep} (south of) :: a sul de
below {prep} (unsuitable to the rank or dignity of) :: abaixo de
below {adv} (in a lower place) :: embaixo
below {adv} (farther down) :: abaixo
belowstairs {adv} (downstairs) SEE: downstairs ::
Bel Paese {n} (mild creamy Italian cheese) :: Bel Paese {m}
belt {n} (band worn around the waist) :: cinto {m}, cinta {f}
belt {n} (band used for safety purposes) :: cinto {m}
belt {n} (band used in a machine to help transfer motion or power) :: correia
belt {n} (powerful blow) :: pancada {f}
belt {n} (geographical region) :: cinturão {m}
belt {v} (surround) :: cingir, cercar, rodear
belt {v} (fasten a belt) :: cintar
beltway {n} (a freeway that encircles a city) SEE: ring road ::
beluga {n} (cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas) :: beluga {f}
belvedere {n} (raised structure offering a pleasant view of the surrounding area) :: belvedere {m}, belveder {m}, belver {m}, torre de observação {f}
bemock {v} (mock) SEE: mock ::
bemol {n} (bemol) :: bemol {m}
bemuse {v} (to confuse or bewilder) :: confuso
be my guest {v} (do as you wish) :: fique à vontade, sinta-se à vontade
bench {n} (long seat) :: banco {m}
bench {n} (sports: where players sit when not playing) :: banco {m}
bench {n} (workbench) SEE: workbench ::
benchlet {n} (stool) SEE: stool ::
benchmark {n} (surveyor's mark) :: ponto de referência
bench press {n} (exercise) :: supino {m}
bend {v} (to cause to shape into a curve) :: dobrar, curvar
bend {v} (to become curved) :: dobrar-se, curvar-se
bend {v} (to change direction) :: virar, curvar
bend {v} (to force to submit) :: obrigar
bend {n} (curve) :: curva {f}
bend {n} (decompression sickness) :: doença de descompressão {f}
bend {n} (heraldry: one of the ordinaries) :: banda
bendable {adj} (able to be bent or flexed or twisted without breaking) :: dobrável
bend down {v} (to bend one's legs while upright to get to a lower position) :: agachar-se
bend over backwards {v} (make a great effort) :: fazer de tudo
bend sinister {n} (diagonal band on coat of arms going from top right to bottom left) :: barra {f}
bend the truth {v} (change or leave out certain facts of a story) :: distorcer a realidade
bendy {adj} (Having the ability to be bent easily) :: flexível {mf}
beneath {adv} (below or underneath) :: abaixo, embaixo
beneath {prep} (below) :: embaixo de
Benedict {prop} (male given name) :: Benedito {m}, Bento {m}
Benedictine {n} (monk or nun) :: beneditino {m}
benediction {n} (a short invocation for divine help, blessing and guidance, usually after a church worship service) :: bênção {f}
benefactor {n} (on who gives gifts or help) :: benfeitor
beneficent {adj} (beneficent) :: beneficente
beneficial {adj} (helpful or good to something or someone) :: benéfico
beneficiary {n} (one who benefits from the distribution, especially of an estate) :: beneficiário {m}, beneficiado {m}
benefit {n} (advantage, help or aid) :: benefício
benefit {n} (payment, subsidy) :: pagamento {m}, subsídio {m}
benefit {n} (performance given to raise funds) :: beneficente, evento beneficente {m}
benefit {v} (to be or provide a benefit to) :: beneficiar
benefit {v} (to receive a benefit) :: beneficiar-se de
benefit of the doubt {n} (a favorable judgement given in the absence of full evidence) :: benefício da dúvida {m}
Benevento {prop} (province of Italy) :: Benevento {f}
Benevento {prop} (town and capital of Benevento) :: Benevento {f}
benevolence {n} (disposition to do good) :: benevolência {f}
benevolent {adj} (having a disposition to do good) :: benevolente
Bengal {prop} (region in South Asia) :: Bengala {f}
Bengali {n} (language) :: bengali
Bengal tiger {n} (Panthera tigris tigris) :: tigre-de-bengala
Benghazi {prop} (Benghazi, Libya) :: Bengasi
benign {adj} (kind, gentle, mild) :: benigno
benign {adj} ((medicine) not posing any serious threat to health) :: benigno
Benin {prop} (country) :: Benim
Beninese {n} (person) :: beninense {m} {f}
Beninese {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Benin) :: beninense
Benjamin {prop} (the youngest son of Jacob) :: Benjamim {m}
Benjamin {prop} (male given name) :: Benjamim {m}
bent {adj} (folded) :: torto
bent {n} (area) SEE: grassland ::
bento {n} (a Japanese packed lunch) :: bentô
benumb {v} (make numb) SEE: numb ::
benzene {n} (aromatic compound C6H6) :: benzeno {m}
benzine {n} (benzene) SEE: benzene ::
benzoic {adj} (pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin) :: benzoico
benzoic {adj} (derived from benzoic acid or its derivatives) :: benzoico
benzyl {n} (chemical compound) :: benzilo {m}
benzylic {adj} :: benzílico
be off with you {phrase} (go away; get out) :: vai/ embora
be oneself {v} (to act naturally) :: ser si mesmo
Beowulf {prop} (Epic poem) :: Beowulf {m}
be prepared {phrase} (motto) :: sempre alerta, sempre pronto
bequeath {v} (to give or leave by will) :: legar
bequeath {v} (to hand down; to transmit) :: legar, transmitir
bequest {n} (will of the deceased) :: testamento {m}
be quiet {interj} (remain silent) SEE: silence ::
berate {v} (chide vehemently) :: repreender, admoestar
Berber {n} (Member of northwest African ethnic group) :: berbere {m}
Berber {prop} (a group of closely related languages) :: berbere {m}
berdache {n} (person who identifies with a gender identity not exclusively corresponding to their biological sex) SEE: two-spirit ::
bereave {v} (To take away someone or something important or close) :: espoliar
bereavement {n} (The state of being bereaved; deprivation; especially the loss of a relative by death) :: luto {m}
bereft {adj} (deprived of) :: destituído, privado
beret {n} (type of brimless cap) :: boina {f}
Bergamo {prop} (city and capital of Bergamo) :: Bérgamo
beriberi {n} (pathology: ailment caused by deficiency of vitamin B) :: beribéri
be right back {phrase} (indicate speaker will return in a moment) :: volto
Bering Sea {prop} (sea) :: Mar de Bering {m}
Bering Strait {prop} (strait between Russia and Alaska) :: Estreito de Bering {m}
berkelium {n} (transuranic chemical element) :: berquélio {m}
Berlin {prop} (capital city of Germany) :: Berlim
Berliner {n} (native or inhabitant of Berlin) :: berlinense {m} {f}, berlinês {m}
Berliner {n} (doughnut) :: sonho {m}, bola de berlim
Berlin Wall {prop} (wall that parted Berlin) :: Muro de Berlim {m}
Berlin Wall {n} (barrier designed to keep people from crossing a border) :: muro de Berlim {m}
Berlusconi {prop} (surname) :: Berlusconi
Bermuda {prop} (island group) :: Bermudas {p}
Bermuda shorts {n} (a type of knee-high shorts) :: bermuda {f}
Bermuda Triangle {prop} (area in Atlantic Ocean) :: Triângulo das Bermudas {m}
Bermuda Triangle {n} (any area where things mysteriously disappear) :: sumidouro {m}
Bern {prop} (city) :: Berna {f}
Bernard {prop} (male given name) :: Bernardo
Bernicia {prop} (Anglo-Saxon kingdom in northwestern England and southeastern Scotland) :: Bernícia {f}
berry {n} (small fruit) :: baga {f}
berserk {adj} (injuriously, maniacally, or furiously violent or out of control) :: fora de controle
Bert {prop} (male given name) :: Beto
berth {n} (bunk) :: camarote
berth {n} (space to moor) :: vaga
berth {v} (to bring a ship into berth) :: atracar
beryl {n} (gem) :: berilo {m}
beryllium {n} (chemical element) :: berílio {m}
beseech {v} (to beg) :: rogar, implorar
beset {v} (to surround or hem in) :: cercar
be sick {v} (vomit) SEE: vomit ::
beside {prep} (next to) :: ao lado de, do lado de
beside {prep} (not relevant to) :: irrelevante para
besides {prep} (in addition to) :: além de
besides {prep} (other than; except for) :: além de, a não ser, exceto
besides {adv} (also; in addition) :: além disso, fora isso, ademais
besides {adv} (moreover; furthermore) :: além disso, fora isso
besiege {v} (to surround with armed forces) :: cercar, sitiar, assediar
besiege {v} (to vex, to attack continually) :: cercar, assediar
besiege {v} (to assail or ply) :: assediar
be silent {v} (refrain from speaking) :: calar-se
Beslan {prop} (city in North Ossetia-Alania, Russia) :: Beslan {f}
besmirch {v} (make dirty) :: sujar
besmirch {v} (tarnish; debase) :: conspurcar, macular, deslustrar
bespectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles (glasses)) :: com óculos
bespoke {adj} (individually or custom made) :: sob medida
Bessarabia {prop} (region) :: Bessarábia {f}
Bessarabian {adj} (of Bessarabia) :: bessarábio
Bessarabian {n} (native of Bessarabia) :: bessarábio
best {adj} (superlative of the adjective good) :: o melhor
best {adv} (superlative of the adverb well) :: melhor
best {n} (person) :: melhor {m}
best friend {n} (an especially close and trusted friend) :: melhor amigo {m}, melhores amigos {m-p}, melhor amiga {f}, melhores amigas {f-p}
bestial {adj} (beast-like) :: bestial
bestiality {n} (status of animal) :: bestialidade {f}
bestiality {n} (sexual activity) :: zoofilia {f}, bestialidade {f}, bestialismo {f}
bestiary {n} (A medieval treatise of animals) :: bestiário {m}
best man {n} (primary attendant to the groom) :: padrinho {m}
bestow {v} (to present a thing as a gift or honour) :: conceder, conferir
best regards {n} (polite closing of a letter) :: [Brazil]: atenciosamente, cordialmente; [Portugal]: com os melhores cumprimentos
bestride {v} (dominate) SEE: dominate ::
bestseller {n} (book or thing sold in large numbers) :: best-seller {m}
bet {n} (a wager) :: aposta
bet {n} (A degree of certainty) :: aposta {f}
bet {v} (To stake or pledge upon the outcome of an event) :: apostar
bet {v} (To be sure of something) :: apostar
beta {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet) :: beta {m}
beta {adj} (beta) :: beta {m}
beta blocker {n} (blocking agent) :: beta-bloqueador {m}
betel {n} (either of two plants: the betel pepper or betel nut) :: bétele {m}
betel leaf {n} (leaf of the betel) :: folha de bétele {f}
betel palm {n} (Areca catechu, an Asiatic palm) :: areca {f}, arequeira {f}
be that as it may {adv} (nevertheless) :: seja como for, de qualquer forma, de todo modo
Bethesda {prop} (pool in Jerusalem) :: Betesda {f}
Bethlehem {prop} (City) :: Belém {m}
betray {v} (to deliver into the hands of an enemy) :: trair
betray {v} (to prove faithless or treacherous) :: trair
betray {v} (to violate the confidence of, by disclosing a secret) :: trair
betray {v} (to disclose or discover) :: revelar
betrayal {n} (treason) SEE: treason ::
betrayer {n} (someone who betrays) :: traidor, informante
betroth {v} (to promise to give in marriage) :: prometer
betrothal {n} (mutual promise) :: esponsais {m-p}, noivado {m}
betrothed {n} (fiancé or fiancée) :: comprometido {m}
betrothment {n} (betrothal) SEE: betrothal ::
better {adj} (comparative of the adjectives good or well) :: melhor
better {adv} (comparative form of the adverb well) :: melhor
better {v} (to improve) :: melhorar
better an egg today than a hen tomorrow {proverb} (a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush) SEE: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ::
better late than never {adv} (it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all) :: antes tarde do que nunca
better safe than sorry {proverb} (it is preferable to be cautious) :: é melhor prevenir do que remediar
better than nothing {adj} (almost worthless) :: melhor do que nada
betting {n} (act of placing a bet) :: aposta {f}
Betty Boop {prop} (the fictional character) :: Betty Boop {f}
between {prep} (in the position or interval that separates two things) :: entre
between {prep} (shared in confidence by) :: entre
between {prep} (in transit from one to the other) :: entre
between {prep} (combined by effort or ownership) :: entre
between {prep} (one of, representing a choice) :: entre
between a rock and a hard place {prep} (in a difficult and inescapable position) :: entre a cruz e a espada (between the cross and the sword)
betwixt {prep} (between, specifically between two things) :: entre
bevel {n} (An edge that is canted, one that is not a 90 degree angle) :: esquadria {f}
bevel {v} (give a canted edge to a surface) :: biselar
bevel {adj} (Having the slant of a bevel; slanting) :: biselado {m}, biselada {f}
beverage {n} (drink) :: bebida {f}
bevor {n} (plate armour protecting the lower face and neck) :: barbote {m}
bevy {n} (large group of birds) :: bando {m}
bevy {n} (large group or collection) :: bando {m}
bewail {v} (to wail over) :: lamentar
beware {v} (use caution, pay attention (to)) :: precaver-se; prestar atenção
beware of the dog {phrase} (beware of the dog) :: cuidado com o cachorro
Bewick's swan {n} (Bewick's swan) :: cisne-pequeno {m}
bewilder {v} (confuse) :: confundir, desconcertar
bewilder {v} (disorientate) :: desorientar
bewildered {adj} (confused) :: confuso {m}, desorientado {m}, perplexo {m}
bewitch {v} (to cast a spell) :: enfeitiçar
bewitched {adj} (Under a spell; entranced) :: enfeitiçado {m}
bey {n} (governor of a Turkish dominion) :: bei {m}
Beyblade {n} (spinning top toy) :: Beyblade
beyond {prep} (beyond) SEE: above ::
beyond {n} (unknown) SEE: unknown ::
beyond {prep} (further away than) :: além
beyond {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife ::
beyond a reasonable doubt {prep} (legal standard) :: para além de qualquer dúvida razoável
bezant {n} (coin minted at Byzantium) :: besante {m}
bezant {n} (heraldic representation of a gold coin) :: besante {m}, arruela {f}
bezoar {n} (mass of undigested matter) :: bezoar
Bharat {prop} (India) SEE: India ::
Bharat {prop} (an alternative name of India) :: Bharat {m}
bhikkhu {n} (Buddhist monk) :: bico
Bhubaneshwar {prop} (Bhubaneswar) SEE: Bhubaneswar ::
Bhubaneswar {prop} (capital of Odisha, India) :: Bhubaneswar {f}
Bhutan {prop} (Himalayan country) :: Butão
Bhutanese {n} (person from Bhutan) :: butanês {m}
Bhutanese {adj} (pertaining to Bhutan) :: butanês
bi {adj} (bisexual) :: gilete {m}
bi- {prefix} (two-) :: bi-
Biafra {prop} (a short-lived secessionist state in southern Nigeria in the late 1960s) :: Biafra {f}
Biafran {adj} (of, from or relating to Biafra) :: biafrense
Biafran {n} (a person from Biafra) :: biafrense {m} {f}
biannual {adj} (occurring every two years) SEE: biennial ::
biannual {adj} (occurring twice a year; semi-annual) :: bianual
biarchy {n} (rule by 2 people) SEE: diarchy ::
bias {n} (inclination towards something; predisposition, partiality) :: viés {m}, distorção {f}, tendência {f}, tendenciosidade {f}
bias {n} (statistics: difference between expectation and true value) :: enviesamento
biased {adj} (exhibiting bias; prejudiced) :: tendencioso
biased {adj} (angled at a slant) :: oblíquo, enviesado
biathlon {n} (winter sport) :: biatlo
Białystok {prop} (city) :: Bialystok {f}
bib {n} (item of clothing for babies) :: babador, bibe {m}
bib {n} (upper part of an apron or overalls) :: peitilho {m}
bibimbap {n} (Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, beef, a whole egg, and gochujang) :: bibimbap {m}
bible {n} (comprehensive manual) :: Bíblia {f}
bible {n} (omasum) SEE: omasum ::
Bible {prop} (Jewish holy book) SEE: Tanakh ::
Bible {prop} (Christian holy book) :: Bíblia {f}
biblical {adj} (of or relating to the Bible) :: bíblico
biblical {adj} (in accordance with the teachings of the Bible) :: bíblico
biblical {adj} (very great, exceeding previous records) :: bíblico
biblio- {prefix} (relating to books) :: biblio-
biblioclast {n} (one who destroys books) :: biblioclasta {m} {f}
biblioclastic {adj} (destroying books) :: biblioclasta
Bibliodrama {n} (the acting of stories from the Bible) :: bibliodrama {m}
bibliographer {n} (person who compiles bibliographies) :: bibliógrafo {m}
bibliographic {adj} (of or pertaining to bibliography) :: bibliográfico
bibliographically {adv} (concerning bibliography) :: bibliograficamente
bibliography {n} (section of a written work) :: bibliografia {f}
bibliography {n} (list of books or documents) :: bibliografia {f}
bibliography {n} (study of the history of books) :: bibliografia {f}
biblioklept {n} (a person who steals books) :: biblioclepta {m} {f}
bibliolater {n} (worshipper of books) :: bibliólatra {m-f}
bibliolatry {n} (excessive reverence for the Bible) :: bibliolatria {f}
bibliological {adj} (relating to bibliology) :: bibliológico
bibliology {n} (the study of the history of books and the art of printing) :: bibliologia {f}
bibliomancy {n} (divination by interpreting a passage from a book) :: bibliomancia {f}
bibliomania {n} (passion for owning valuable books) :: bibliomania {f}
bibliomaniac {n} (person who is obsessed with owning valuable books) :: bibliomaníaco {m}
bibliometric {adj} (of or pertaining to bibliometrics) :: bibliométrico
bibliometry {n} (quantitative analysis of text) :: bibliometria {f}
bibliophage {n} (person who loves books) SEE: bookworm ::
bibliophage {n} (creature that consumes books) :: bibliófago {m}
bibliophile {n} (person who loves books) :: bibliófilo {m}, bibliófila {f}
bibliophilia {n} (love of books) :: bibliofilia {f}
bibliophilic {adj} (having or pertaining to bibliophilia) :: bibliófilo, bibliofílico
bibliophily {n} (bibliophily) SEE: bibliophilia ::
bibliophobia {n} (fear or dislike of books) :: bibliofobia {f}
bibliopole {n} (bookseller, especially of secondhand or rare books) :: bibliopola {m} {f}
bibliotaph {n} (one who hides books and keeps them from use) :: bibliótafo {m}
bibliotherapeutic {adj} (relating to bibliotherapy) :: biblioterapêutico
bibliotherapy {n} (form of therapy) :: biblioterapia {f}
biblist {n} (a biblical scholar) :: biblista {m} {f}
bicameral {adj} (having two separate legislative chambers) :: bicameral
bicarbonate {n} (chemistry) :: bicarbonato {m}
bicarbonate {n} (of soda) :: bicarbonato {m}
bicarbonate of soda {n} (sodium bicarbonate) SEE: sodium bicarbonate ::
bicephalous {adj} (Having two heads) :: bicéfalo
biceps {n} (any muscle having two heads) :: bíceps
biceps {n} (biceps brachii) SEE: biceps brachii ::
biceps brachii {n} (biceps brachii) :: bíceps braquial {m}
bicycle {n} (vehicle) :: bicicleta {f}
bicycle kick {n} (kick) :: bicicleta {f}
bicycle lane {n} (lane of a roadway designated for use by cyclists) :: faixa/pista para ciclistas {f}
bicycle path {n} (segregated path for the use of bicycles) :: ciclovia {f}
bicyclist {n} (rider of bicycle) SEE: cyclist ::
bid {v} (to issue a command) :: mandar, ordenar, intimar
bid {v} (to invite) :: convidar, intimar
bid {v} (intransitive: to make an offer) :: oferecer
bid {n} (offer at an auction) :: licitação {f}, lance {m}
bidet {n} (low-mounted plumbing fixture for cleaning the genitalia and anus) :: bidê {m}
bidimensional {adj} (two-dimensional) SEE: two-dimensional ::
bidirectional {adj} (moving in two directions) :: bidirecional
bidirectional {adj} (operating in two directions) :: bidirecional
Biella {prop} (town and capital of Biella) :: Biella
biennial {adj} (happening every two years) :: bienal
bifurcate {v} (divide into two) :: bifurcar
big {adj} (of a great size, see also: large) :: grande
big {adj} (adult) :: maior, adulto
bigamist {n} (someone who practices bigamy) :: bígamo {m}
bigamy {n} (state of having two spouses simultaneously) :: bigamia {f}
Big Apple {prop} (nickname for New York City) :: Grande Maçã {f}
big baby {n} (Adult or youth prone to immature behavior associated with babies.) :: bebezão {m}
Big Bad Wolf {n} (fictional evil wolf) :: Lobo Mau {m}
big bang {n} (explosion creating a universe) :: big bang {m}
Big Bang {prop} (cosmic event) :: Big Bang {m}
Big Ben {prop} (the hour bell in London) :: Big Ben {m}
big brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) SEE: older brother ::
big cat {n} (any large feline animal) :: grande felino {m}
big cheese {n} (an important figure) :: figurão {m}
big data {n} (collection of data sets) :: Big Data {m}
big deal {interj} (so what) :: grande coisa
Big Dipper {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky) :: Grande Carro {m}, Caçarola {f}
big eater {n} (glutton) SEE: glutton ::
Bigfoot {n} (unidentified yeti-like animal) :: Pé-Grande {m} [as an individual creature], pé-grande {m} [as a species]
bigger {adj} (comparative of big) :: maior
bight {n} (large bay) :: enseada
Big Mac {n} (burger) :: Big Mac {m}
bigorexia {n} (mental disorder) :: vigorexia {f}
bigorexic {adj} (suffering from bigorexia) :: vigoréxico {m}, vigoréxica {f}
bigorexic {n} (a person suffering from bigorexia) :: vigoréxico {m}, vigoréxica {f}
bigot {n} (translations to be checked) :: fanático {m}, intolerante {m}
bigotedness {n} (bigotry) SEE: bigotry ::
bigotry {n} (intolerant prejudice, opinionatedness, or fanaticism; fanatic intolerance) :: preconceito {m}, fanatismo {m}
big screen {n} (surface) :: telão {m}
big shot {n} (person with reputation or importance) SEE: big cheese ::
big sister {n} (a sibling's older sister) SEE: older sister ::
big toe {n} (largest of the toes of the foot of a human) :: hálux {m}, dedão do {m}
big wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel ::
Bihar {prop} (a state in eastern India) :: Bihar {m}
bijection {n} (function that is both a surjection and an injection) :: bijeção {f}
bike {n} (bicycle) :: bici {f}, bicicleta {f}, bicla {f}
bike {n} (motorcycle) :: mota {f}, moto {f}
bike {n} (promiscuous woman) :: puta {f}; (figurative sense: vaca {f}, cabra {f})
bike {v} (to ride a bike) :: andar de bicicleta, pedalar
bike {v} (to travel by bike) :: ir de bicicleta
bike cab {n} (cycle rickshaw used as taxi) SEE: pedicab ::
bike lane {n} (bicycle lane) SEE: bicycle lane ::
bike path {n} (bicycle path) SEE: bicycle path ::
biker {n} (person who rides a bicycle) SEE: cyclist ::
bikini {n} (bathing suit) :: biquíni
bilabial {adj} (articulated with both lips) :: bilabial
bilabial {n} (a speech sound articulated with both lips) :: bilabial {f}
bilateral {adj} (having two sides) :: bilateral
bilateral {adj} (involving both sides equally) :: bilateral
bilberry {n} (type of blueberry from the cowberry family) :: arando {m}
bile {n} (secretion produced by the liver) :: fel {f}, bile {f}, bílis {f}
bile duct {n} (structure carrying bile) :: ducto biliar {m}
bilin {n} (pigment formed as a metabolic product of certain porphyrins) :: bilina {f}
bilingual {adj} (speaking two languages) :: bilíngue
bilingual {adj} (written in two languages) :: bilíngue
bilingual {n} (a person who is bilingual) :: bilíngue {m} {f}, diglota {m} {f}
bilingualism {n} (condition of being bilingual) :: bilinguismo {m}
bilirubin {n} (bile pigment) :: bilirrubina {f}
bill {n} (bird's beak) :: bico {m}
bill {n} (beaklike projection) :: bico {m}
bill {n} (written inventory) :: declaração {f}
bill {n} (official statement) :: declaração
bill {n} (draft of a law) :: projeto de lei
bill {n} (invoice) :: conta, fatura
bill {n} (advertisement) :: anúncio {m}
bill {n} (bill of exchange) :: promissória {f}, conta
bill {v} (to charge or enter in a bill) :: cobrar
bill {n} (piece of paper money) SEE: banknote ::
Bill {prop} (male given name) :: Bill {m}
billboard {n} (large advertisement along side of highway) :: outdoor {m}
billet {v} (to lodge soldiers, or guests, in a private house) :: aquartelar
billet-doux {n} (love letter) SEE: love letter ::
billfold {n} (wallet) SEE: wallet ::
billhook {n} (agricultural implement) :: podão {m}
billiards {n} (a cue sport) :: bilhar {m}
billion {n} (a thousand million; 1,000,000,000; a milliard) :: bilhão {m}, mil milhões
billion {n} (a million million; 1,000,000,000,000) :: bilião {m} [Portugal], trilhão {m} [Brazil]
billionaire {n} (wealth exceeding one billion (10⁹)) :: bilionário {m}
bill of exchange {n} (document demanding payment from another party) :: letra de câmbio {f}
billow {n} (large wave) :: vaga {f}
Billy {prop} (William) SEE: William ::
billy goat {n} (male goat) :: bode {m}, cabrão {m}
Billy Wix {prop} (Tyto alba) SEE: western barn owl ::
bilocation {n} (paranormal ability) :: bilocação {f}
bimonthly {adv} (once every two months) :: bimestral
bimoraic {adj} (having two morae) :: bimoraico
bin {n} (container used for storage) :: tonel
bin {n} (container for rubbish) :: latão
binary {adj} (being in a state of one of two mutually exclusive conditions such as on or off) :: binário
binary {adj} (logic states) :: binário
binary {adj} (using binary number system) :: binário
binary {n} (number system) :: binário {m}
binary {n} (executable computer file) :: binário {m}
binary operation {n} (two-operand operation) :: operação binária {f}
binary operator {n} (operator taking two operands) :: operador binário {m}
binary star {n} (stellar system in which two stars orbit their center of mass) :: estrela binária {f}
binary star system {n} (binary star) SEE: binary star ::
binary system {n} (astronomy: system of two celestial objects) SEE: binary star ::
binary tree {n} (a data structure) :: árvore binária {f}
bind {v} (transitive to tie or fasten tightly together, with a cord, band, ligature, chain, etc.) :: amarrar
bind {v} (transitive connect) :: conectar, juntar, copular, ligar
bind {v} (transitive couple) :: acoplar
bind {v} (transitive put together in a cover, as of books) :: encapar, encadernar
binder {n} (cover or holder for unbound papers, pages etc.) :: fichário {m} {m-p}
binder clip {n} (device for binding sheets of paper) :: prendedor de papel {m}
binding {adj} (assigning something that one will be held to) :: vinculante
binding {n} (spine of a book) :: lombada {f}, lombo {m}, dorso {m}
binding {n} ((chemistry) the sticking together) :: ligação
binge {n} (a short period of excessive consumption, especially of excessive alcohol consumption) :: compulsão
binge {n} (regarding bulimia nervosa, rapid and excessive consumption of food) :: compulsão alimentar {f}
binge drinking {n} (consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol) :: bebedeira, tosga
binge eating disorder {n} (medical disorder) :: transtorno da compulsão alimentar periódica
bingo {n} (game of chance) :: bingo {m}
binky {n} (pacifier) SEE: pacifier ::
bin man {n} (garbage collector) SEE: garbage collector ::
binocular {adj} (using two eyes or viewpoints) :: binocular
binoculars {n} (hand-held device for looking at a distance) :: binóculo {m}
binomial {adj} (consisting of two parts) :: binomial
binomial {n} (algebra: polynomial with two terms) :: [Brazil] binômio {m}, binómio {m}
binomial nomenclature {n} (The scientific system of naming each species of organism with a Latinized name in two parts) :: nomenclatura binomial {f}
binucleate {adj} (having two nuclei) :: binucleado
bio- {prefix} (life) :: bio-
bioaccumulation {n} (the process by which substances accumulate in the tissues of living organisms) :: bioacumulação {f}
bioaccumulative {adj} (tending to accumulate in organisms) :: bioacumulativo
bioanthropological {adj} (of or relating to bioanthropology) :: bioantropológico, antropobiológico {m}
bioanthropologist {n} (specialist in bioanthropology) :: bioantropólogo {m}, antropobiólogo {m}
bioanthropology {n} (biological anthropology) :: bioantropologia {f}, antropobiologia {f}
biochemical {adj} (of or relating to biochemistry) :: bioquímico
biochemical {adj} (involving chemical processes in living organisms) :: bioquímico
biochemist {n} (A chemist whose speciality is biochemistry) :: bioquímico {m}, bioquímica {f}
biochemistry {n} (the chemistry of those compounds that occur in living organisms, and the processes that occur in their metabolism and catabolism) :: bioquímica {f}
biocidal {adj} (able to kill living organisms) :: biocida
biocide {n} (any substance that can destroy living organisms) :: biocida {m}
biodegradability {n} (capacity of a material to decompose over time) :: biodegradabilidade {f}
biodiesel {n} (fuel) :: biodíesel {m}
biodiversity {n} (diversity of flora and fauna) :: biodiversidade {f}
bioenergy {n} (energy produced from a biological resource) :: bioenergia {f}
biofilm {n} (aggregation of microorganisms) :: biofilme {m}
biofuel {n} (biofuel) :: biocombustível {m}
biogenesis {n} (principle) :: biogênese {f}, biogénese {f}
biogenesis {n} (biosynthesis) SEE: biosynthesis ::
biogeography {n} (study of geographical distribution of living things) :: biogeografia {f}
biographer {n} (the writer of a biography) :: biógrafo
biographic {adj} (biographical) SEE: biographical ::
biographical {adj} (relating to an account of a person's life) :: biográfico
biography {n} (personal life story) :: biografia {f}
biohazard {n} (biological risk) :: risco biológico {m}, biorrisco {m}
bioinformatics {n} (field of science) :: bioinformática {f}
biological {n} (of biology) :: biológico
biological {n} (consanguine) :: biológico
biological clock {n} (mechanism) :: relógio biológico {m}
biological immortality {n} (phenomenon) :: imortalidade biológica {f}
biologist {n} (student of biology) :: biólogo {m}, bióloga {f}, biologista {m} {f}
biology {n} (study of living matter) :: biologia {f}
bioluminescence {n} (emission of light by a living organism) :: bioluminescência {f}
biomarker {n} (indicator of a biological state) :: biomarcador
biomass {n} (total mass of living things) :: biomassa {f}
biomass {n} (vegetation used as fuel) :: biomassa {f}
biome {n} (biological community) :: bioma {m}
biomedical {adj} (pertaining to biomedicine) :: biomédico {m}, biomédica {f}
biomedicine {n} (a branch of medical science) :: biomedicina {f}
biometric {adj} (of, pertaining to or using biometrics) :: biométrico
biometrics {n} (measurement of biological data) :: biometria {f}
biomolecule {n} (molecules) :: biomolécula {f}
bionic {adj} (related to bionics) :: biónico [Portugal], biônico [Brazil]
bionics {n} (engineering based on biological systems) :: biónica {f} [Portugal], biônica {f} [Brazil]
biophilia {n} (love of nature and all living things) :: biofilia
biophysical {adj} (relating to biophysics) :: biofísico
biophysics {n} (science) :: biofísica {f}
biopiracy {n} (appropriation of biomedical knowledge) :: biopirataria {f}
biopirate {n} (one who engages in biopiracy) :: biopirata {m} {f}
bioprogram {n} (a hypothetical program in the brain, responsible for the construction of a language) :: bioprograma {m}
biopsy {n} (removal and examination of a sample of tissue for diagnostic purposes) :: biopsia {f}, biópsia {f}
biorhythm {n} (biological pattern) :: biorritmo {m}
bioscience {n} (sciences dealing with living organisms) :: biociência {f}
bioscope {n} (an early form of movie projector) :: bioscópio {m}
biosphere {n} (part of Earth capable of supporting life) :: biosfera {f}
biosynthesis {n} (synthesis of organic compounds) :: biossíntese
biotechnology {n} (use of living organisms in industrial, agricultural, medical applications) :: biotecnologia {f}
biotechnology {n} (application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences) :: biotecnologia {f}
biotic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or produced by life or living organisms) :: biótico
biotite {n} (dark brown mica) :: biotita {f}
biotope {n} (geographical area) :: biótopo
bipolar {adj} (involving both poles) :: bipolar
bipolar {adj} (relating to or having bipolar disorder) :: bipolar
bipolar disorder {n} (psychiatric diagnostic category) :: transtorno bipolar {m}
bipolarity {n} (state of being bipolar) :: bipolaridade {f}
birch {n} (tree) :: bétula {f}, vidoeiro {m}
birchen {adj} (made of birch) :: de bétula/vidoeiro
bird {n} (animal) :: pássaro {m}, ave {f}
bird {n} (woman) :: [Portugal] rapariga {f}, [Brazil] moça {f}, gata {f}
bird {n} (vulgar hand gesture) :: banana {f}
bird {n} (penis) :: pinto {m}
birdcage {n} (cage to keep birds in) :: gaiola {f}
birdcatcher {n} (a person who catches or snares birds, wildfowl) :: passarinheiro {m}
bird cherry {n} (Prunus padus) :: azereiro-dos-danados {m}
bird flu {n} (avian influenza) SEE: avian influenza ::
birdhouse {n} (aviary) SEE: aviary ::
birdie {n} (badminton: shuttlecock) SEE: shuttlecock ::
birdie {n} (bird, birdling) :: passarinho
birdlime {n} (serving of a prison sentence) SEE: time ::
bird of paradise {n} (bird) :: ave-do-paraíso {f}
bird of paradise {n} (flower) :: estrelítzia {f}
bird of passage {n} (bird) SEE: migrant ::
bird of prey {n} (carnivorous bird) :: ave de rapina {f}
birds of a feather flock together {proverb} (people of similar character, etc. tend to associate) :: diga-me com quem andas e eu te direi quem és [tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are]
birds of the feather flock together {proverb} (birds of a feather flock together) SEE: birds of a feather flock together ::
birdsong {n} (musical sound made by a bird) :: canto {m}
birdwatching {n} (observing wild birds) :: observação de aves {f}, passarinhar [informal]
biretta {n} (square cap) :: birreta {f}
biro {n} (ballpoint pen) SEE: ballpoint pen ::
Birobidzhan {prop} (city in Russia) :: Birobidjan {f}
birth {n} (process of childbearing; beginning of life) :: nascimento
birth {n} (instance of childbirth) :: parto {m}, nascimento {m}
birth {n} (beginning or start; a point of origin) :: nascimento {m}, origem {f}
birth {n} (circumstances of one's background) :: nascimento {m}
birth {v} (to give birth (to)) :: dar à luz, parir
birth certificate {n} (official document certifying the details of a person's birth) :: certidão de nascimento
birth control {n} (voluntary control of the number of children conceived) :: controle de natalidade {m}
birthdate {n} (date of birth) SEE: date of birth ::
birthday {n} (anniversary) :: aniversário {m}
birthday {n} (date of birth) :: data de nascimento {f}
birthday boy {n} (a male whose birthday it is) :: aniversariante {m} {f}
birthday cake {n} (a cake made to celebrate a birthday) :: bolo de aniversário {m}
birthday card {n} (greeting card) :: cartão de aniversário {m}
birthday party {n} (a party held to celebrate a birthday) :: festa de aniversário {f}
birthday suit {n} (nakedness) :: in one’s birthday suit: como veio ao mundo
birth defect {n} (any of several medical disorders that are present at birth) :: defeito congénito/congênito {m}, malformação/anomalia congénita/congênita {f}, defeito de nascença {m}
birthmark {n} (a mark on the skin formed before birth) :: marca de nascimento {f}
birthplace {n} (location) :: terra natal {f}
birthrate {n} (rate of live births to population) :: natalidade {f}
birth weight {n} (weight of a baby at birth) :: peso à nascença {m}, peso ao nascer {m}, peso no nascimento {m}
birthweight {n} (birthweight) SEE: birth weight ::
birthwort {n} (Aristolochia) :: aristolóquia {f}
biryani {n} (dish of spiced rice) :: biryani {m}
biscuit {n} (cracker) SEE: cracker ::
biscuit {n} (small, flat baked good, see also: cookie) :: biscoito {m}
bisector {n} (A line or curve that bisects or divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts) :: bisectriz {f}
bisexual {adj} (sexually attracted to both men and women) :: bissexual, bi
bisexual {adj} (botany: having both male and female organs) :: bissexuado
bisexual {n} (bisexual person) :: bissexual, bi {m} {f}
bisexual {adj} (hermaphrodite) SEE: hermaphrodite ::
bisexuality {n} (psychology) :: bissexualidade {f}
Bishkek {prop} (capital of Kyrgyzstan) :: Bishkek {f}
Bishnupriya Manipuri {prop} (language) :: bishnupriya manipuri
bishop {n} (church official, supervisor of priests and congregations) :: bispo {m}
bishop {n} (chess piece) :: bispo {m}
bishopric {n} (diocese) :: episcopado {m}, bispado {m}
bishopric {n} (function of being bishop) :: episcopado {m}, bispado {m}
Bislama {prop} (a creole spoken on the South Pacific island-nation of Vanuatu) :: bislama
bismuth {n} (chemical element) :: bismuto {m}
bison {n} (A wild ox, Bison bonasus) :: auroque {m}, bisão {m}, bisão-europeu {m}, bisonte {m}
bison {n} (A similar American animal, Bison bison) :: bisão {m}, bisão-americano {m}, bisonte {m}
Bissau {prop} (capital of Guinea-Bissau) :: Bissau {f}
bissextile {n} (leap year) SEE: leap year ::
bissextile {adj} (having an extra day) :: bissexto {m}
bissextile year {n} (year with an extra day) :: ano bissexto {m}
bistro {n} (small restaurant) :: bistrô {m}
bisyllabic {adj} (comprising two syllables) SEE: disyllabic ::
bit {n} (metal in horse's mouth) :: bocado {m}, bocal {m}, morso {m}, freio {m} [Brazil]
bit {n} (rotary cutting tool) :: broca {f}, pua {f}, verruma {f}
bit {n} (small amount of something) :: bocado {m}, pedaço {m}, porção {f}, pitada
bit {n} (portion) :: bocado {m}, pedaço {m}, porção {f}
bit {adv} (to a small extent) :: um pouco
bit {n} (math: binary digit) :: bit {m}
bit {n} (computing smallest unit of storage) :: bit {m}
bit {n} (datum that may take on one of exactly two values) :: bit {m}
bit {n} (coin) SEE: coin ::
bit by bit {adv} (small amount at a time) :: de pouco em pouco
bitch {n} (female canine) :: cadela {f}, cachorra {f}, loba [wolf]
bitch {n} (disagreeable, aggressive person, usually female) :: puta {f}, vagabunda {f}, vadia {f}
bitch {v} (complain (about something) spitefully) :: choramingar
bitch {n} (complaint) SEE: complaint ::
bitch {n} (playful variation on dog (sense "man")) SEE: dog ::
bitch out {v} (to complain) SEE: bitch ::
bitch out {v} (to fear from something) SEE: chicken out ::
bitcoin {n} (cryptocurrency) :: bitcoin {m}
bite {v} (to cut off a piece by clamping the teeth) :: morder
bite {v} (to hold something by clamping one’s teeth) :: abocanhar
bite {v} (to attack with the teeth) :: morder
bite {v} (to take hold) :: agarrar
bite {v} (to bite a baited hook or other lure) :: morder
bite {v} (to fall for a deception) :: cair
bite {v} (to sting) :: picar, morder
bite {n} (act of biting) :: mordedura {f}, mordida {f} [Brazil]
bite {n} (wound left behind after having been bitten) :: mordedura {f}, mordida {f} [Brazil]
bite {n} (swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting) :: picada {f}
bite {n} (mouthful) :: bocado {m}
bite off more than one can chew {v} (To try to do too much) :: dar um passo maior do que a perna
bite the dust {v} (to die) :: ir desta para a melhor
Bithynia {prop} (ancient region) :: Bitínia {f}
Bitola {prop} (city) :: Bitola
bitrate {n} (frequency of bits at passing point) :: taxa de bits {f}
bitstock {n} (drill bit-carrying crank for boring holes) :: pua {f}
bitter {adj} (having an acrid taste) :: amargo
bitter {adj} (harsh, piercing or stinging) :: agudo, penetrante
bitter {adj} (hateful or hostile) :: encarniçado
bitter {adj} (cynical and resentful) :: amargurado {m}
bitter melon {n} (plant) :: melão-de-são-caetano {m}
bitter melon {n} (fruit) :: melão-de-são-caetano {m}
bittern {n} (bird of the subfamily Botaurinae) :: abetouro
bitterness {n} (quality of being bitter in taste) :: amargura {f}
bitterness {n} (quality of feeling bitter) :: amargura {f}
bitter orange {n} (tree) :: laranjeira-azeda {f}, laranjeira-amarga {f}, laranjeira-da-terra {f}
bitter orange {n} (fruit) :: laranja azeda {f}, laranja amarga {f}, laranja-da-terra {f}
bittersweet {adj} (both bitter and sweet) :: agridoce
bittersweet {adj} (expressing contrasting emotions of pain and pleasure) :: agridoce {m}
bittersweet {n} (the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara) :: doce-amarga, dolce-amarga
bitumen {n} (Mineral pitch) :: betume
bivalve {n} (Any mollusc of taxonomic class Bivalvia) :: bivalve {m}, bivalvo {m}
bivouac {n} (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering) :: bivaque {m}
bivouac {v} (to set up camp) :: bivacar
biweekly {adj} (occurring every two weeks) :: quinzenal
biweekly {adv} (every two weeks) :: uma vez a cada duas semanas
biweekly {adv} (twice a week) :: duas vezes por semana
bixin {n} (an apocarotenoid that is the active ingredient of annatto) :: bixina {f}
bizarre {adj} (strangely unconventional) :: bizarro, estranho
blab {n} (gossip) SEE: gossip ::
black {adj} (absorbing all light) :: negro, preto, atro
black {adj} (without light) :: escuro
black {adj} (relating to people with dark skin) :: negro, afrodescendente, preto
black {adj} (bad; evil) :: negro, atro, sombrio
black {adj} (illegitimate, illegal or disgraced) :: negro, sombrio
black {adj} (off coffee or tea, without milk or other whitener) :: preto
black {adj} (absorbing all light) :: negro, preto, atro
black {adj} (without light) :: escuro
black {adj} (relating to people with dark skin) :: negro, afrodescendente, preto
black {adj} (bad; evil) :: negro, atro, sombrio
black {adj} (illegitimate, illegal or disgraced) :: negro, sombrio
black {adj} (off coffee or tea, without milk or other whitener) :: preto
black {n} (colour/color) :: preto {m}
black {n} (dye, pigment) :: preto {m}, negro {m}
black {n} (pen, pencil, etc. with black pigment) :: preto {m}, preta {f}
black {n} (dark-skinned person) :: negro {m}, negra {f}
black {v} (to blacken) SEE: blacken ::
black alder {n} (Alnus glutinosa tree) :: amieiro {m}
black alder {n} (wood or other product) :: amieiro {m}
black and white {adj} (black-and-white) SEE: black-and-white ::
black-and-white {adj} (using shades of grey/gray) :: preto e branco
black-and-white {adj} (displaying images in shades of grey/gray) :: preto e branco
black bear {n} (American black bear) :: urso-negro
black bear {n} (Asiatic black bear) :: urso negro asiático {m}
Blackbeard {prop} (pirate's name) :: Barba Negra {m}
blackberry {n} (shrub) :: amoreira {f}
blackberry {n} (fruit) :: amora {f}, amora-silvestre {f}, silva {f}
blackberry lily {n} (Iris domestica, an ornamental plant) :: flor-leopardo {f}
blackbird {n} (Turdus merula: blackbird) :: melro {m}
black bloc {n} (group of individuals during a demonstration) :: black bloc {m}
blackboard {n} (a surface that can be written upon with chalk) :: lousa {f}, quadro-negro {m}, quadro de giz {m}, quadro {m}
black box {n} (recorders in an aircraft) :: caixa-preta {f}, caixa-negra
black box {n} (theoretical construct or device) :: caixa-preta {f}, caixa-negra {f}
black caiman {n} (caiman) :: jacaré-açu {m}
blackcap {n} (Sylvia atricapilla) :: toutinegra {f}
black cat {n} (Martes pennanti) SEE: fisher ::
black child {n} (black child, see also: pickaninny) :: moleque [can be offensive], negrinho {m} [can be offensive]
black coffee {n} (coffee served without cream or milk) :: café puro {m}
black-crested antshrike {n} (bird) :: [Brazil]: Choca-de-crista-preta
black-crowned night heron {n} (Nycticorax nycticorax) :: savacu, socó-dorminhoco {m}
black currant {n} (shrub) :: groselheira negra {f}
black currant {n} (berry) :: groselha negra {f}
Black Death {prop} (14th century pandemic outbreak) :: peste negra {f}
Black Ditch {prop} (Taiwan Strait) SEE: Taiwan Strait ::
black earth {n} (chernozem) SEE: chernozem ::
black elder {n} (Sambucus nigra) SEE: elder ::
blacken {v} (make black) :: enegrecer
blacken {v} (defame, sully) :: conspurcar
blacken {v} (become black) :: enegrecer
black eye {n} (bruised eye) :: olho roxo {m}
black-eyed pea {n} (cowpea bean) :: feijão-frade {m}, feijão-carito {m}, chícharo {m}
black eyed susan {n} (Rudbeckia hirta) :: margarida-amarela {f}
black-footed cat {n} (Felis nigripes) :: gato-bravo-de-patas-negras {m}
Black Forest {prop} (German forest and mountain range) :: Floresta Negra {f}
Black Forest gâteau {n} (type of gâteau originating in the Black Forest region of Germany) :: bolo floresta negra {m}, floresta negra {m}
black friar {n} (a member of the religious order of the Dominicans) :: dominicano {m}
Black Friday {prop} (day after U.S. Thanksgiving Day) :: Black Friday {m} {f}, Sexta-Feira Negra {f}
black gold {n} (petroleum) :: ouro negro {m}
black grouse {n} (Lyrurus tetrix) :: faisão montês {m}
blackguard {n} (scoundrel) SEE: scoundrel ::
blackhead {n} (skin blemish) :: cravo {m}, comedão {m}, ponto negro {m}
black-headed gull {n} (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) :: guincho-comum {m}
black hole {n} (celestial body) :: buraco negro {m}
black humor {n} (subgenre of comedy) :: humor negro {m}
black ice {n} (invisible film of ice) :: gelo negro {m}
blacking {n} (shoe polish) SEE: shoe polish ::
blackish {adj} (somewhat black) :: meio negro/preto, um tanto negro/preto
blackjack {n} (card game) :: vinte-e-um {m}
black lead {n} (graphite) SEE: graphite ::
blackleg {n} (scab) SEE: scab ::
Black Legend {prop} (the depiction of Spain as cruel, greedy and fanatical) :: Lenda Negra {f}
black liquor {n} (a waste product in pulp and paper industry) :: licor negro {m}, lixívia negra {f}
blacklist {n} (list or set of people or entities to be shunned or banned) :: lista negra {f}
black locust {n} (Robinia pseudoacacia) :: acácia-bastarda {f}, acácia-branca {f}, falsa-acácia {f}
black magic {n} (magic derived from evil forces) :: magia negra {f}
blackmail {n} (extortion of money by threats of public accusation, exposure, or censure) :: chantagem {f}
blackmail {v} (to extort money) :: chantagear
blackmailer {n} (someone who blackmails) :: chantagista {m} {f}
black mangrove {n} (Avicennia germinans) :: siriúba {f}
black market {n} (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls) :: mercado negro {m}
black market {n} (people who engage in such trade or that sector of the economy) :: mercado negro {m}
black metal {n} (a subgenre of heavy metal) :: black metal {m}
black mulberry {n} (tree) :: amoreira-preta {f}
black mulberry {n} (fruit) :: amora-preta {f}
blackness {n} (state or quality of being black) :: negridão {f}, negrura {f}, negror {m}
blackout {n} (a temporary loss of consciousness) :: desmaio {m}
blackout {n} (A large-scale power failure) :: blecaute {m}, apagão {m}
blackout {n} (The mandatory blinding of all light) :: blecaute {m}
blackout curtain {n} (A current which blocks light) :: cortina blackout {f}
black pepper {n} (spice) :: pimenta-do-reino {f}, pimenta-preta {f}, pimenta-negra {f}, pimenta-redonda {f}
black pudding {n} (a sausage) :: morcela {f}
black rhinoceros {n} (Diceros bicornis) :: rinoceronte-negro {m}
black rice {n} (type of rice) :: arroz negro/preto {m}
black salsify {n} (Scorzonera hispanica) :: escorcioneira {f}
black scabbardfish {n} (Aphanopus carbo) :: peixe espada preto {m}
Black Sea {prop} (an inland sea between southeastern Europe and Asia Minor) :: Mar Negro {m}
black sheep {n} (nonconformist) :: ovelha negra {f}
black sheep {n} (disliked person) :: ovelha negra {f}
blackshirt {n} (member of a fascist party) SEE: fascist ::
blackshirt {n} (uniformed Italian fascist, member of a paramilitary wing of the party) :: camisa negra {m} {f}
black skimmer {n} (bird) :: talha-mar {m}
blacksmith {n} (iron forger, see also: smith) :: ferreiro {m}, ferreira {f}
blacksmith {n} (farrier (colloquial)) :: ferrador {m}, ferradora {f}
black swan {n} (Cygnus atratus) :: cisne-negro {m}
black tea {n} (tea leaves which have been "fermented") :: chá preto {m}
black tern {n} (black tern) :: gaivina-preta {f}
blackthorn {n} (Prunus spinosa) :: abrunheiro-bravo {m}
black vulture {n} (Aegypius monachus) SEE: Eurasian black vulture ::
blackwater {n} (contaminated waste water) :: esgoto {m}
black widow {n} (species of venomous spider) :: viúva-negra {f}
black widow {n} (a murderous woman) :: viúva-negra {f}
black willow {n} (Salix nigra) :: salgueiro-negro {m}
black woodpecker {n} (Dryocopus martius) :: peto preto
bladder {n} (flexible sac in zoology) :: bexiga {f}
bladder {n} (urinary bladder) SEE: urinary bladder ::
bladder cherry {n} (plant having a bright paper-like covering) :: alquequenje {m}
blade {n} (sharp-edged or pointed working end of a tool or utensil) :: lâmina {f}
blade {n} (thin plate, foil) :: lâmina {f}
blade {n} (the flat part of a leaf or petal) :: limbo {m}
blade {n} (slang term for a weapon such as a dagger) :: lâmina {f}
blade {n} (flat outer part of an oar) :: {f}
blade {n} (part of a propeller) :: {f}, aleta {f}
blade {n} (airfoil in windmills and windturbines) :: {f}
blade of grass {n} (a single instance of a plant described by the mass noun grass) :: folha de grama {f}
Blagoveshchensk {prop} (city in Siberia) :: Blagoveshchensk {f}
blah {n} (nonsense talk) :: blablablá {m}
Blaise {prop} (male given name) :: Brás {m}
blame {n} (state of having caused a bad event) :: culpa {f}
blame {v} (place blame upon) :: culpar
blame {n} (responsibility) SEE: responsibility ::
blame {n} (culpability) SEE: culpability ::
blameworthiness {n} (culpability) SEE: culpability ::
blameworthy {adj} (deserving blame of censure) :: culpável
Blanche {prop} (female given name) :: Branca
bland {adj} (Mild; dull; soft; gentle; smooth in manner; suave) :: suave
bland {adj} (Having a soothing effect; not irritating or stimulating) :: suave
bland {adj} (Lacking in taste or vigor) :: insosso
blank {adj} (free from writing, printing or marks) :: em branco
blank {n} (simulation cartridge) :: festim {m}
blank {n} (void space on a paper) :: branco {m}, lacuna {f}
blank {n} (space to be filled in on a form or template) :: lacuna {f}
blank {n} (space character) :: espaço {m}
blank {v} (to make void) :: apagar
blanket {n} (fabric) :: cobertor {m}, manta {f}, coberta {f}
blasé {adj} (unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity) :: blasé
Blasius {prop} (male given name) :: Brás {m}
blaspheme {v} (to speak against God or religious doctrine) :: blasfemar
blasphemous {adj} (lacking piety or respect for the sacred) :: blasfemo {m}
blasphemy {n} (Irreverence toward something sacred) :: blasfémia {f} (Portugal), blasfêmia {f} (Brazil)
blast {n} (violent gust of wind) :: ventania
blast {n} (explosion) :: explosão
blastema {n} (a clump of undifferentiated cells or blasts from which an organ or body part will develop) :: blastema {m}
blast furnace {n} (furnace where iron ore is smelted) :: alto-forno {m}, alto forno {m}
blastoconidium {n} (a holoblastic conidium that detaches at maturity) :: blastoconídio {m}
blastoderm {n} (point from which the embryo develops) :: blastoderma {m}, blastoderme {f}
blastopore {n} (the opening into the archenteron) :: blastóporo {m}
blastula {n} (an early form in the development of an embryo) :: blástula {f}
blatant {adj} (obvious, on show) :: óbvio {m}, gritante, evidente
blay {n} (bleak) SEE: bleak ::
blaze {n} (fast-burning fire) :: labareda {m}
blazer {n} (a jacket) :: blazer {m}, blêizer {m}
bleach {v} (to treat with bleach) :: branquear (clothing), oxigenar (hair), alvejar
bleach {n} (chemical) :: lixívia {f}, descorante {m}, alvejante {m}, água sanitária {f}
bleachers {n} (tiered, exposed spectator seating) :: arquibancada
bleak {adj} (without color) :: pálido {m}, pálida {f}
bleak {adj} (desolate and exposed) :: desolado
bleak {adj} (cheerless) :: desanimado
bleak {n} (small European river fish) :: alburnete {m}
bleary {adj} (Tired, having senses dulled by exhaustion) :: exausto {m}
bleat {n} (cry of a sheep or a goat) :: balido {m}
bleat {v} (to make the cry of a sheep or goat) :: balir
bleed {v} (lose blood) :: sangrar
bleed {v} (draw blood) :: sangrar
bleeding {n} (the flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel) :: sangramento, hemorragia
bleed out {v} (die due to excess bloodloss) :: esvair-se em sangue, sangrar até morrer, sangrar até a morte
bleep {n} (high-pitched sound) :: pi {m}
Blekinge {prop} (a province of southeastern Sweden) :: Blekinge {f}
blemish {n} (small flaw which spoils the appearance of something) :: mácula {f}, mancha
blend {n} (in linguistics) SEE: portmanteau word ::
blend {n} (mixture) :: mistura {f}, mescla {f}, combinação {f}, amálgama {f}
blend {v} (to mix) :: misturar
blende {n} (sphalerite) SEE: sphalerite ::
blender {n} (machine) :: liquidificador
blennorrhea {n} (an inordinate secretion and discharge of mucus) :: blenorragia {f}
blenny {n} (fish of Blenniodei) :: blênio {m}
blepharospasm {n} (spasm of eyelid) :: blefaroespasmo {m}, blefarospasmo {m}
bless {v} (confer blessing on) :: abençoar, bendizer, benzer
blessed {adj} (having divine aid, or protection, or other blessing) :: abençoado
blessed {adj} (worthy of worship; holy) :: bendito, bento
blessing {n} (divine or supernatural aid or reward) :: bênção {f}
blessing {n} (pronouncement invoking divine aid) :: bênção {f}
blessing {n} (act of declaring, seeking or bestowing favor) :: bênção {f}, benzimento {m}, bendição {f}
blessing {n} (thing one is glad of) :: bênção {f}
blessing {n} (prayer before a meal) SEE: grace ::
bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed) :: saúde! [Brazilian], santinho! [European], viva, Deus te crie
bless you {interj} (short for "God bless you") SEE: God bless you ::
bleuatre {adj} (bluish) SEE: bluish ::
blimp {n} (airship) :: dirigível {m}
blind {adj} (unable to see) :: cego
blind {adj} (failing to see) :: cego
blind {n} (covering for a window) :: persiana {f}, estore {m}
blind {v} (make temporarily or permanently blind) :: cegar
blind alley {n} (course of inquiry) SEE: impasse ::
blind alley {n} (street that leads nowhere) SEE: dead end ::
blind date {n} (romantic meeting between two people who have never met before, see also: miai) :: encontro às cegas {m}
blindfold {n} (a covering, usually a bandage, for the eyes) :: venda {f}
blindfold {n} (something that obscures vision (literally or metaphorically)) :: venda {f}
blindfold {v} (To cover the eyes, in order to make someone unable to see) :: vendar
blindfold {v} (To obscure understanding or comprehension) :: vendar
blind gut {n} (caecum) SEE: caecum ::
blinding {adj} (very bright) :: cegante, ofuscante
blinding {n} (act of causing blindness) :: cegamento {m}
blindingly {adv} (extremely) SEE: extremely ::
blind man's buff {n} (game where someone is blindfolded and tries to catch the others) :: cabra-cega {f}
blindness {n} (condition of being blind) :: cegueira {f}
blind spot {n} (place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina) :: ponto cego {m}
blind spot {n} (part of the road that cannot be seen) :: ponto cego {m}
blindworm {n} (slowworm) SEE: slowworm ::
blink {v} (to close and reopen both eyes quickly) :: piscar
blink {v} (to flash headlights) :: piscar
blink {v} (to flash on and off at regular intervals) :: piscar
blink {n} (a quick view) :: olhadela {f}
blink {n} (The act of very quickly closing both eyes and opening them again) :: piscada, piscadela {f}
blinker {n} (eye shield) :: antolho {m}
bliss {n} (perfect happiness) :: júbilo {m}, gáudio {m}, êxtase {f}
blister {n} (bubble on the skin) :: bolha {f}
blister {n} (bubble on a painted surface) :: bolha {f}
Blitzen {prop} (reindeer of Santa Claus) :: Relâmpago {m}
blitzkrieg {n} (fast military offensive) :: blitzkrieg {f}, guerra-relâmpago {f}
blizzard {n} (severe snowstorm) :: nevão {m}, nevasca {f}
blizzard {n} (figuratively: large amount of paperwork) :: montanha {f}, monte {m}
BL Lac object {n} (type of galaxy with AGN) :: objeto BL Lac
bloat {v} (to cause to become distended) :: inchar
bloat {v} (to fill soft substance with gas, water, etc) :: encher
blob {n} (shapeless or amorphous mass) :: amorfo
Blochian {adj} (of or relating to Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch) :: blochiano
block {n} (substantial often approximately cuboid piece) :: bloco
block {n} (chopping block; cuboid base for cutting or beheading) :: bloco {m}
block {n} (group of buildings demarcated by streets) :: quadra {f}, quarteirão {m}
block {n} (residential building consisting of flats) :: bloco {m}
block {n} (distance from one street to another) :: quadra {f}, quarteirão {m}
block {n} (set of paper sheets) :: resma {f}
block {n} (computing: logical data storage unit) :: bloco {m}
block {n} (chemistry: portion of macromolecule) :: bloco
block {n} (something that prevents passing) :: bloqueio {m}
block {n} (volleyball: defensive play) :: bloqueio {m}
block {v} (to fill, making it impossible to pass) :: entupir
block {v} (to prevent passing) :: bloquear, impedir, obstruir
block {v} (to prevent an action) :: impedir, bloquear
block {n} (stupid fellow) SEE: blockhead ::
block {n} (solitary confinement) SEE: solitary confinement ::
blockade {n} (the isolation of something) :: bloqueio
blockade {v} (to create a blockade against) :: bloquear
blockbuster {n} (film or book, that sustains exceptional and widespread popularity and achieves enormous sales) :: arrasa-quarteirão {m}
blocker {n} (something or someone that blocks) :: bloqueador {m}
blockhead {n} (stupid person) :: idiota {m} {f}
block of flats {n} (apartment building) SEE: apartment building ::
Bloemfontein {prop} (city) :: Bloemfontein {f}
blog {n} (a personal or corporate website) :: blog {m}, blogue {m}
blog {v} (to contribute to a blog) :: blogar
blogger {n} (contributor to a blog) :: blogueiro {m}, bloguista {m} {f}
blogosphere {n} (the totality of blogs) :: blogosfera {f}
blogpost {n} :: post de/em blog {m}, postagem de/em blog {f}
bloke {n} (man) :: cara {m}, tipo {m}
blond {n} (fair-haired person) :: loiro {m}, louro {m}, loira {m}, loura {f}
blond {n} (a pale yellowish color) :: loiro {m}
blond {adj} (of a pale golden colour) :: loiro, louro
blond {adj} (having blonde hair or complexion) :: loiro, louro
blonde {n} (blond) SEE: blond ::
blonde {adj} (blond) SEE: blond ::
blood {n} (vital liquid flowing in animal bodies) :: sangue {m}
blood {n} (family relationship due to birth, e.g. between siblings) :: sangue {m}
blood {n} (blood test or blood sample) :: teste/amostra de sangue
blood {v} (to cause to be covered with blood) :: ensanguentar
blood bank {n} (place where human blood or blood plasma is typed and stored) :: banco de sangue {m}
bloodbath {n} (indiscriminate killing or slaughter) :: banho de sangue {m}
blood-brain barrier {n} (structure in the central nervous system) :: barreira hematoencefálica {f}
blood brother {n} (unrelated male friend confirmed by a ceremonial mingling of blood) :: irmão de sangue {m}
blood cell {n} (any of the cells normally found in the blood) :: célula sanguínea {f}
blood clot {n} :: trombo {m}, coágulo de sangue
blood corpuscle {n} (blood cell) SEE: blood cell ::
blood feud {n} (feud between clans or families) SEE: vendetta ::
blood flow {n} (continuous circulation of blood in the cardiovascular system) :: fluxo sanguíneo {m}
blood fluke {n} (schistosome) SEE: schistosome ::
blood group {n} (blood type) SEE: blood type ::
bloodhound {n} (dog) :: sabujo {m}
blood is thicker than water {proverb} (relationships are stronger within the family) :: o sangue é mais grosso que a água
bloodless {adj} (taking place without loss of blood) :: incruento
bloodletting {n} (ancient medical practice) :: sangria {f}
blood libel {n} (accusation that Jews murder children) :: libelo de sangue {m}
bloodlust {n} (the desire for bloodshed) :: sede de sangue {f}
blood moon {n} (moon as it appears during a total lunar eclipse) :: lua sangrenta {f}
blood orange {n} (type of orange) :: laranja-da-china {f}
blood plasma {n} (clear fluid portion of blood) :: plasma sanguíneo {m}
blood pressure {n} (pressure exerted by the blood against the walls of the arteries and veins) :: pressão sanguínea {f}, pressão {f}
blood pudding {n} (blood sausage) SEE: blood sausage ::
blood red {n} (deep vivid red colour) :: sanguíneo {m}, sanguino {m}
blood red {adj} (of a deep vivid red colour) :: sanguíneo, sanguino
bloodroot {n} (plant) :: sanguinária do Canadá {f}
blood sausage {n} (type of sausage) :: morcela {f}
bloodshed {n} (shedding or spilling of blood) :: derramamento de sangue {m}
bloodshed {n} (carnage, destruction of life, slaughter) :: carnificina {f}, massacre {m}
bloodshot {adj} (reddened and inflamed) :: injetado
bloodstone {n} (type of green chalcedony) :: heliotropo {m}, heliotrópio {m}
bloodstream {n} (flow of blood through the circulatory system of an animal) :: corrente sanguínea {f}
bloodsucker {n} (vampire) SEE: vampire ::
bloodsucker {n} (parasite) SEE: parasite ::
bloodsucker {n} (animal that drinks the blood of others) :: sugador/chupador de sangue {m}
bloodsucker {n} (one who attempts to take as much from others as possible) :: sanguessuga {f}, parasita {m} {f}
blood tax {n} (a tax paid by bloodshed; especially, a derogatory term for military conscription) :: imposto de sangue {m}
blood test {n} (a serologic analysis of a sample of blood) :: exame de sangue {m}
bloodthirsty {adj} (thirsty for blood) :: encarniçado {m}, encarniçada {f}, sanguinário {m}, sanguinária {f}, sanguinolento {m}, sanguinolenta {f}
blood transfusion {n} (taking blood from one and giving it to another individual) :: transfusão de sangue {f}
blood type {n} (blood classification) :: tipo sanguíneo {m}
blood vessel {n} (component of the circulatory system that carries blood) :: vaso sanguíneo {m}
bloodwood {n} (Brosimum paraense) :: muirapiranga {f}, conduru {m}
bloodwood {n} (Pterocarpus) :: pau-sangue {m}, chora-sangue {m}
bloodwork {n} (blood test) SEE: blood test ::
bloody {adj} (covered in blood) :: ensanguentado {m}
bloody {adj} (characterised by great bloodshed) :: sangrento {m}
bloody {adj} (intensifier) :: puto {m}
bloody mary {n} (cocktail made from vodka and tomato juice) :: bloody mary {m}, maria sangrenta {f}
bloom {n} (flower) SEE: flower ::
bloom {n} (blossom) SEE: blossom ::
bloom {v} (open its blooms) SEE: blossom ::
blooming {adj} (opening in blossoms) :: florescência
blossom {n} (flowers on trees) :: flor {f}
blossom {n} (state or season for such flowers) :: floração {f}, florada {f}
blossom {v} (have or open into blossoms) :: desabrochar, florir, florescer
blossom {v} (begin to thrive or flourish) :: florescer, prosperar
blot {n} (blemish, spot or stain) :: mancha {f}, borrão {m}
blot {n} (stain on someone's reputation or character) :: mácula {f}
blot {v} (to cause a blot) :: manchar, borrar
blotch {n} (An uneven patch of color or discoloration) :: mancha {f}
blotter {n} (piece of blotting paper) SEE: blotting paper ::
blotting paper {n} (absorbent paper used to dry ink) :: mata-borrão {m}
blotto {adj} ((very) drunk or intoxicated) SEE: drunk ::
blouse {n} (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt) :: blusa {f}
blouse {n} (military: a loose-fitting uniform jacket) :: blusão {m}
blow {v} (to produce an air current) :: soprar, assoprar, bufar
blow {v} (to propel by an air current) :: soprar, assoprar
blow {v} (to be propelled by an air current) :: ser soprado
blow {v} (to create or shape by blowing) :: assoprar
blow {v} (to blow a musical instrument to make it give a sound) :: assoprar
blow {v} (to make a sound as if being blown) :: assoprar
blow {v} ((of a cetacean) exhale visibly through the spout the seawater) :: assoprar
blow {v} (to explode) :: explodir, estourar
blow {v} (to cause to explode) :: explodir, estourar
blow {v} (to cause sudden destruction) :: detonar
blow {v} (be very undesirable) :: ser ruim/uma porcaria, uma merda
blow {v} (to squander) :: jogar fora
blow {v} (to fellate) :: chupar
blow {v} (to leave) :: vazar, sair
blow {n} (strong wind) :: ventania {f}
blow {n} (act of striking or hitting) :: golpe {m}
blow {n} (damaging occurrence) :: desgraça {f}
blow {n} (cocaine) SEE: snow ::
blow {v} (blossom) SEE: blossom ::
blow-dryer {n} (an electrical device used for drying hair) SEE: hairdryer ::
blower {n} (person) :: assoprador {m}, soprador
blower {n} (device) :: soprador
blower {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone ::
blowfish {n} (any species of fish of the family Tetraodontidae that have the ability to inflate themselves to a globe) :: baiacu {m}, peixe-balão {m}, fugu {m}
blowfish {n} (a delicacy popular in Japan served raw as sushi that may, if improperly prepared, contain deadly levels of neurotoxins) :: fugu {m}
blowfly {n} (flies of the family Calliphoridae) :: varejeira {f}
blowgun {n} (weapon) :: zarabatana {f}
blowjob {n} (the act of fellatio) :: boquete {m}; chupeta {f}, chupada {f}
blow me down {interj} :: macacos me mordam {m}
blow off steam {v} (to vent to relieve stress) :: desabafar
blow one's nose {v} (to expel mucus from nose) :: assoar o nariz
blow one's top {v} (lose one's temper) SEE: lose one's temper ::
blowpipe {n} (weapon) SEE: blowgun ::
blow the whistle {v} (disclose information to the public) :: botar a boca no trombone
blow the whistle {v} (make a sound which signals a referee's action or the end of a game) :: apitar
blowtorch {n} (tool) :: maçarico {f}
blow up {v} (to explode (transitive)) :: explodir
blow up {v} (to explode (intransitive)) :: explodir
blow up {v} (to inflate) :: encher
blow up {v} (to enlarge) :: ampliar
blow up in one's face {v} (fail disastrously) :: explodir na cara de
bludgeon {n} (short heavy club) :: clava {f}
blue {n} (sky, literally or figuratively) SEE: sky ::
blue {adj} (blue-colored, see also: dark blue; light blue) :: azul, azulado
blue {adj} (depressed) :: deprimido, triste, melancólico
blue {adj} (pornographic) :: pornográfico, pornô, profano
blue {n} (colour) :: azul {m}
blue {n} (blue pigment) :: azul {m}
blue {v} (to make blue) :: azular
blue {v} (to turn blue) :: azular
blue {n} (argument) SEE: argument ::
blue {n} (blue uniform) SEE: blues ::
blue {n} (bluefish) SEE: bluefish ::
Bluebeard {prop} (the title character) :: Barba Azul {m}
blueberry {n} (fruit) :: mirtilo {m}
blueberry {n} (plant) :: mirtilo {m}
blue blood {n} (noble or aristocratic ancestry) :: sangue azul
bluebottle {n} (man-of-war) SEE: man-of-war ::
bluebottle {n} (cornflower) SEE: cornflower ::
bluebottle {n} (blowfly of the genus Calliphora) :: varejeira azul {f}
blue cheese {n} (kind of cheese with bluish mold) :: queijo azul {m}
blue-eyed {adj} (having blue eyes) :: de olhos azuis
blue-eyed boy {n} (someone's favourite, especially a young one) :: menina dos olhos {f}
blue-eyed soul {n} (white soul) SEE: white soul ::
bluefish {n} (Pomatomus saltatrix) :: anchova {f}, enchova {f}
blue giant {n} (very luminous star) :: gigante azul {f}
blue green {adj} (colour/color) :: azul-esverdeado
blue-green {adj} (color between blue and green) :: verde-água
blue jay {n} (species of North American jay) :: gaio {m}
blue jeans {n} (denim trousers, see also: jeans) :: jeans azuis {m-p}
blue mussel {n} (Mytilus edulis) :: mexilhão {m}
blueprint {n} (cyanotype reproduction process) :: cianotipo {m}
blueprint {n} (any detailed technical drawing) :: planta {f}, projeto {m}
blues {n} (musical form) :: blues {m}
blues {n} (musical composition) :: blues {m}
blues {n} (feeling of sadness) :: tristeza {f}
blue screen {n} (film technique) SEE: chromakey ::
blue screen of death {n} (screen indicating a system error) :: tela azul da morte {f}
bluestone {n} (slate) SEE: slate ::
bluestone {n} (limestone) SEE: limestone ::
bluestone {n} (basalt) SEE: basalt ::
blue supergiant {n} (a large blue giant) :: supergigante azul {f}
bluethroat {n} (bird) :: pisco-de-peito-azul {m}
blue tit {n} (Cyanistes caeruleus) :: chapim-azul {m}
bluetongue {n} (disease of ruminants) :: febre catarral {f}, língua azul {f}
Bluetooth {prop} (personal area wireless network) :: Bluetooth {m}
blue whale {n} (a whale, Balaenoptera musculus) :: baleia-azul {f}
blue-winged kookaburra {n} (Dacelo leachii) :: kookaburra-azul {f}
bluff {n} (act of bluffing) :: blefe {m}
bluff {n} (poker: attempt to represent yourself as holding a stronger hand than you do) :: blefe {m}
bluff {v} (to make a bluff) :: blefar
bluff {v} (to scare with a false show of strength) :: blefar, enganar, iludir, ludibriar
bluff {n} (high, steep bank) :: falésia {f}, ribanceira {f}, despenhadeiro {m}, precipício {m}
bluish {adj} (somewhat blue in color) :: azulado
blunder {n} (mistake) :: erro {m}, confusão {m}, gafe {f}, mico {m}, pontapé {m}
blunderbuss {n} (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle) :: bacamarte
blunt {adj} (having a thick edge or point, not sharp) :: cego, rombo, obtuso
blunt {adj} (dull in understanding; slow of discernment) :: obtuso
blunt {adj} (abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious) :: brusco
blunt {adj} (hard to impress or penetrate) :: obtuso
blunt {n} (cigar filled with marijuana) :: beque {m}
blunt {v} (to dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker) :: cegar
blunt {v} (to repress or weaken) :: reprimir
blur {v} (make indistinct or hazy, to obscure or dim) :: desfocar
blur {v} (smear, stain or smudge) :: borrar
blur {n} (A smear, smudge or blot) :: borrão {m}
blurb {n} (a short description of a book, film, or other work) :: sinopse, resumo, síntese
blurred {adj} (Out of focus) :: desfocado {m}
blurriness {n} (characteristic of being blurry) :: desfocagem {f}
blurry {adj} (not clear, crisp, or focused) :: borrado, desfocado
blush {n} (an act of blushing) :: enrubescimento {m}, corar
blush {n} (makeup) :: blush {m}
blush {v} (to redden in the face from shame, excitement or embarrassment) :: corar, ruborizar, enrubescer
blustery {adj} (blowing in loud and abrupt bursts) :: tempestuoso
Bluto {prop} (the antagonist of Popeye) :: Brutus {m}
boa {n} (snake) :: jiboia {f}, boa {f}
boa constrictor {n} (snake) :: jiboia {f}, jiboia-constritora {f}
boar {n} (wild boar) SEE: wild boar ::
boar {n} (male pig) :: barrão {m}, cachaço {m}
board {n} (piece of wood or other material) :: tábua
board {n} (amount paid for meals and lodging) :: diária, despesa
board {n} (device containing electrical switches) :: painel de controle {m}
board {n} (blackboard, whiteboard, etc.) :: quadro {m}, lousa {f}
board {n} (committee) :: conselho {m}, comitê {m}, junta {f}
board {n} (side of a ship) :: bordo
board {v} (to step or climb) :: embarcar
board {v} (to provide someone with meals and lodging) :: hospedar
board {v} (to receive meals and lodging in exchange for money) :: hospedar-se
board {v} (nautical: to capture an enemy ship) :: embarcar
board {n} (basketball: a rebound) :: rebatida, taco
board game {n} (game played on a board) :: jogo de tabuleiro {m}
boarding {n} (embarkation) :: embarque {m}
boarding house {n} (private house for paying guests) :: pensão {f}, pensionato {m}
boarding pass {n} (a document to board a plane, ship, etc.) :: cartão de embarque {f}
boarding school {n} (school which provides board and lodging) :: colégio interno {m}, internato {m}
board of directors {n} (group of people elected by stockholders) :: diretoria {f}
boards {n} (examination) :: comentários
board up {v} (to block doors or windows with boards) :: fechar com tábuas
boast {n} (brag) :: ostentação {f}
boast {v} (to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself) :: ostentar, exibir-se, gabar
boastful {adj} (tending to boast or brag) :: orgulhoso {m}
boat {n} (water craft) :: barco {m}, bote {m}
boathook {n} (hook attached to a pole to push out or pull in things, see also: setting pole) :: bicheiro {m}
boatload {n} (A large quantity.) :: variedade, carregamento
boatman {n} (a man in charge of a small boat) :: barqueiro {m}
boatswain {n} (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship) :: contramestre {m}
boatyard {n} (shipyard) SEE: shipyard ::
bob {n} (bobber) SEE: float ::
bob {n} (curtsey) SEE: curtsey ::
Bob {n} (person or system receiving a message) :: Bob {m}
bobber {n} (buoyant fishing device) SEE: float ::
bobbin {n} (spool around which wire is coiled) :: bobina {f}, carretel {m}
bobbin {n} (small spool in a sewing machine) :: carretel {m}
bobcat {n} (North American wild cat) :: lince-vermelho {m}
bobolink {n} (songbird) :: triste-pia
Boccaccian {adj} (of or pertaining to Boccaccio or his works) :: bocaciano
bocce {n} (A game similar to bowls or pétanque) :: bocha {f}
Boche {n} (German) SEE: German ::
bodge {v} (do a clumsy or inelegant job) SEE: botch ::
bodhicitta {n} :: bodicita {m}
bodhisattva {n} (bodhisattva) :: bodhisattva {m} {f}
bodice {n} (kind of under waist stiffened with whalebone) :: corpete {m}
bodily {adj} (relating to the body) :: corporal, corpóreo
bodily fluid {n} (biofluid) :: fluido corporal {m}
bodkin {n} (dagger) SEE: dagger ::
bodkin {n} (hairpin) SEE: hairpin ::
body {n} (physical structure of a human or animal) :: corpo {m}
body {n} (fleshly or corporeal nature of a human) :: corpo {m}
body {n} (corpse) :: corpo {m}
body {n} (torso) :: corpo {m}
body {n} (largest or most important part of anything (e.g. car bodywork)) :: grosso {m}, carroceria {f}
body {n} (organisation, company or other authoritative group) :: organismo {m}, ente {m}
body {n} (group having a common purpose or opinion) :: organização {f}
body {n} (collection of knowledge) :: corpus {m}
body {n} (any physical object or material thing) :: corpo {m}
body {n} (substance, material presence) :: sustância {f}, substância {f}
body {n} (comparative viscosity, solidity or substance) :: substância {f}
bodybuilder {n} (a person who uses diet and exercise to build an aesthetically muscular physique) :: culturista {m} {f}
bodybuilding {n} (sport of muscle development) :: fisiculturismo {m}, culturismo {m}, fisioculturismo {m}, musculação {f}
body clock {n} (biological clock) SEE: biological clock ::
body corporate {n} (corporation) SEE: corporation ::
body corporate {n} (legal person) SEE: legal person ::
body double {n} (film stand-in) :: dublê de corpo {m} {f}
bodyguard {n} (person responsible for protecting an individual) :: guarda-costas {m}
body image {n} (subjective inner picture of one's physical appearance) :: imagem corporal {f}
body language {n} (non-verbal communication) :: linguagem corporal {f}
body mass index {n} (the measure of the weight in comparison with the height of a person) :: índice de massa corporal {m}
body odour {n} (unpleasant smell on a perons's body) :: odor corporal {m}
body of water {n} (significant accumulation of water) :: corpo d'água {m}, corpo de água {m}
body part {n} (anatomy: part of organism) :: parte do corpo {f}
Boeing {prop} (An American aerospace company) :: Boeing {f}
Boeotia {prop} (a district in Greece) :: Beócia {f}
Boeotian {adj} (pertaining to Boeotia) :: beócio
Boeotian {adj} (stupid, foolish) :: beócio
Boeotian {n} (inhabitant of Boeotia) :: beócio {m}
Boeotian {n} (dull or ignorant person) :: beócio {m}
Boer {n} (South African of Dutch descent) :: bóer {m} {f} [Portugal], bôer {m} {f} [Brazil]
bog {n} (expanse of marshland) :: turfeira {f}
bog {v} (to become mired or stuck) :: atolar
bog {n} (coarse slang for toilet) SEE: shitter ::
bogatyr {n} (medieval Russian heroic warrior, see also: bahadur) :: bogatyr {m}, bogatir {m}
bog down {v} (to become stuck) :: atolar
bogey {n} (booger) SEE: booger ::
bogey {n} (standard of performance set up as a mark to be aimed at) SEE: benchmark ::
bogeyman {n} (menacing, ghost-like monster in children's stories) :: bicho-papão {m}
bogie {n} (cigarette) SEE: cigarette ::
bogie {n} (ghost) SEE: ghost ::
bogie {n} (booger) SEE: booger ::
Bogomil {n} (member of a dualist Christian sect) :: bogomilo
Bogomilism {n} (beliefs and practices of the Bogomils) :: bogomilismo {m}
Bogotá {prop} (Bogota) SEE: Bogota ::
Bogota {prop} (capital of Colombia) :: Bogotá {f}
bogue {n} (bayou) SEE: bayou ::
bogus {adj} (counterfeit or fake; not genuine) :: falso {m}, falsificado {m}, adulterado {m}
Bohemia {prop} (The region of the Czech Republic) :: Boémia {f}, Boêmia {f}
bohemian {n} (unconventional person) :: boêmio {m} [Brazil], boémio {m} [Portugal]
bohemian {adj} (unconventional) :: boêmio [Brazil], boémio [Portugal]
Bohemian {n} (native or resident of Bohemia) :: boêmio {m} [Brazil], boémio {m} [Portugal]
Bohemian {n} (dialect of the Czech language) :: boêmio {m} [Brazil], boémio {m} [Portugal]
Bohemian {adj} (of, or relating to Bohemia or its language) :: boêmio [Brazil], boémio [Portugal]
bohemium {n} (rhenium) SEE: rhenium ::
bohrium {n} (chemical element) :: bório {m}
boil {n} (accumulation of pus) :: abcesso, furúnculo {m}, pústula {f}, carbúnculo {m}, cisto {m}, íngua {f}, bubão {m}, tumor {m}
boil {n} (point at which fluid begins to change to a vapour) :: fervura {f}
boil {v} (heat (a liquid) until it begins to turn into a gas) :: ferver
boil {v} (cook in boiling water) :: ferver
boil {v} (begin to turn into a gas) :: ferver, evaporar
boiled {adj} (angry) SEE: angry ::
boiled {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
boiled egg {n} (boiled egg (generic)) :: ovo cozido {m}
boiled egg {n} (hard-boiled egg) :: ovo cozido {m}
boiled egg {n} (soft-boiled egg) :: ovo quente {m}
boiler {n} (device for heating circulating water) :: caldeira {f}
boiler {n} (hot water heater with storage) :: caldeira {f}
boiler room {n} (a room that houses the boiler) :: sala da caldeira
boiling {adj} (that boil(s)) :: fervente
boiling point {n} (temperature at which a liquid boils) :: ponto de ebulição {m}
boisterous {adj} (full of energy; noisy) :: ruidoso
boisterous {adj} (characterized by violence and agitation; wild; stormy) :: tumultuoso
bok choy {n} (Chinese cabbage, Brassica rapa chinensis) :: couve-chinesa {f}
bokeh {n} (subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of an image) :: bokeh {m}
Bokmål {n} (language) :: bokmal {m}
bold {adj} (courageous, daring) :: corajoso, bravo, audacioso
bold {adj} (having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface) :: negrito
bold {adj} (presumptuous) SEE: presumptuous ::
boldly {adv} (in a bold manner) :: audazmente
boldness {n} (courage) :: valentia {f}
bolete {n} (type of mushrooms) :: boleto {m}
Bolivarian {adj} (of or relating to Simon Bolívar) :: bolivariano
Bolivia {prop} (country in South America) :: Bolívia {f}
Bolivian {n} (Bolivian person) :: boliviano {m}
Bolivian {adj} (pertaining to Bolivia) :: boliviano
Bolivian slaty antshrike {n} (passerine bird of the antbird family) :: [Brazil]: choca-da-bolívia
bollard {n} (post to secure mooring lines) :: cabeço {m}
bollard {n} (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian area) :: pilarete {m}
Bollywood {prop} (Indian film industry) :: Bollywood {m}
Bologna {prop} (city) :: Bolonha {f}
bolognese {n} (Italian sauce) :: molho à bolonhesa {m}
Bolognese {adj} (of or relating to Bologna) :: bolonhês
Bolognian {adj} (of or relating to Bologna) SEE: Bolognese ::
Bolshevik {n} (a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which seized power in the October Revolution of 1917) :: bolchevique {m}
bolster {n} (a large cushion or pillow) :: cabeceira {f}
bolster {v} (to brace, reinforce, secure, or support) :: apoiar
bolt {n} (metal fastener) :: parafuso
bolt {n} (sliding pin or bar in a lock) :: trinco {f}, ferrolho {m}, tranca {f}
bolt {n} (bar to prevent a door from being forced open) :: barra {f}, tranca {f}
bolt {n} (short, stout, blunt-headed arrow) :: virote {m}
bolt {n} (lightning spark) :: relâmpago {m}, faísca {m}
bolt {n} (large roll of material) :: rolo {m}
bolt {n} (iron to fasten the legs of a prisoner; a shackle; a fetter) :: grilhão {m}
bolt {v} (to connect pieces using a bolt) :: aparafusar
bolt {v} (to secure a door) :: trancar
bolt from the blue {n} (something totally unexpected) :: imprevisto {m}
Bolzano {prop} (town and capital of Bolzano) :: Bolzano
bomb {n} (device filled with explosives) :: bomba {f}
bomb {v} (attack with bombs) :: bombardear, bombear
bomb {n} (success) SEE: success ::
bombard {n} (medieval primitive cannon) :: bombarda {f}
bombard {v} (to attack something with bombs, artillery shells, or other missiles) :: bombardear
bombard {v} (to attack something or someone by directing objects at them) :: bombardear
bombard {v} (to direct at a substance an intense stream of high-energy particles, usually sub-atomic or made of at most a few atoms) :: bombardear
bombardier beetle {n} (beetle) :: besouro bombardeiro {m}
bombardment {n} (act of bombing, esp towns or cities) :: bombardeamento, bombardeio
bombastic {adj} (pompous or overly wordy) :: bombástico
Bombay {n} (Mumbai) SEE: Mumbai ::
Bombay {n} (former name of Mumbai, see also: Mumbai) :: Bombaim
Bombay {n} (cat) :: bombaim {m}
Bombay cat {n} (Bombay) SEE: Bombay ::
bomber {n} (aircraft) :: bombardeiro {m}
bombing {n} (action of dropping bombs from the air) :: bombardeio {m}
bombproof {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter ::
bombshell {n} (a bomb or artillery shell designed to explode on impact) :: bomba {f}, granada {f}
bombshell {n} (something that is very surprising, shocking, amazing or sensational) :: bomba {f}, sensação {f}
bomb shelter {n} (air-raid shelter) SEE: air-raid shelter ::
bona fide {adj} (done in good faith) :: em boa fé
bona fide {adj} (genuine) :: genuíno
bona fides {n} (good faith) SEE: good faith ::
Bonapartism {n} (pratices and ideology of Napoleon Bonaparte) :: bonapartismo {m}
Bonapartist {n} (one attached to Napoleon's policy) :: bonapartista {m} {f}
bon appétit {interj} (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat) :: bom apetite, bom proveito
Bonaventure {prop} (male given name) :: Boaventura {m}
bond {n} (that which binds, a band) :: ligação {m}
bond {n} (link, connection or union) :: ligação
bond {n} (in chemistry, a link or force between neighbouring atoms in a molecule) :: ligação
bond {n} (binding agreement, a covenant) :: laço {m}, vínculo {m}
bond {n} (documentary obligation to pay a sum or to perform a contract) :: vínculo {m}
bondage {n} (The state of being enslaved or the practice of slavery) :: escravidão {f}
bone {n} (material) :: osso {m}
bone {n} (component of a skeleton) :: osso {m}
bone {n} (fishbone) :: espinha {f}
bone {v} (to remove bones) :: desossar
bone {v} (slang: have sexual intercourse with) :: transar, foder, comer
boned {adj} (beset with difficult or impossible situation) :: ferrado [slang]
bone density {n} (bone mineral density) :: densidade óssea {f}
bone marrow {n} (bone marrow) :: medula óssea {f}, medula {f}, tutano {m}
boner {n} (erect penis) :: pau duro {m}, tesão {m}
boner {n} (rigid state of penis or clitoris) SEE: erection ::
bonfire {n} (fire to burn unwanted items or people) :: fogueira {f}
bonfire {n} (large, outdoor controlled fire) :: fogueira {f}
bongo {n} (mammal) :: bongo {m}
bongo {n} (drum) :: bongô {m}
bongo drum {n} (bongo) SEE: bongo ::
Boniface {prop} (male given name) SEE: Bonifatius ::
Bonifatius {prop} (male given name) :: Bonifácio {m}
bonjour {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
bonkers {adj} (mad, crazy) :: maluco, doido, pirado
Bonn {prop} (a city in Germany) :: Bona {f}, Bonn {f}
bonnet {n} (cover over the engine of a motor car) :: capô {m}
bonobo {n} (pygmy chimpanzee) :: bonobo {m}
bonsai {v} (a miniaturized tree or plant) :: bonsai {m}
bonsai {v} (the art of growing miniaturized trees or plants) :: bonsai {m}
bonus {n} (something extra that is good) :: bónus {m} [Portugal], bônus {m} [Brazil], bonus {m}
bonus {n} (extra amount of money given as a premium) :: bónus {m} [Portugal], bônus {m} [Brazil], bonus {m}
bon voyage {interj} (wish of good journey) :: boa viagem
bony {adj} (resembling, having the appearance or consistence of, or relating to bone) :: ósseo
bony {adj} (full of bones) :: ossudo
bony {adj} (having prominent bones) :: ossudo
bonze {n} (Buddhist monk or priest in East Asia) :: bonzo {m}
boo {interj} (loud exclamation intended to scare someone) :: bu
boo {interj} (word used ironically in a situation where one might have scared someone, but said someone was not scared) :: bu
boo {interj} (exclamation used by a member of an audience) :: bu
boo {n} (derisive shout) :: vaia {f}, apupo {m}
boo {v} (to shout boos derisively (intransitive)) :: vaiar, apupar
boob {n} (breast (colloquial)) :: mama {f}
boo-boo {v} (A minor injury) :: dodói
booby {n} (stupid person) :: tolo {m}
booby {n} (bird) :: mergulhão {m}
booby trap {n} (antipersonnel device deliberately hidden or disguised as a harmless object) :: armadilha {f}
booger {n} (a piece of solid or semi-solid mucus) :: macaco {m}, meleca {f}, catota {f}, monco {m}
boogie {n} (Dancing, usually exhibiting movements of the buttocks) :: rebolado {m}
book {n} (collection of sheets of paper bound together containing printed or written material) :: livro {m}
book {n} (convenient collection of small paper items, such as stamps) :: álbum {m}
book {n} (major division of a published work, larger than a chapter) :: livro {m}, parte {f}
book {n} (script of a musical) :: livreto {m}
book {n} (usually in plural: records of the accounts of a business) :: livro {m}
book {v} (to reserve) :: reservar
book {v} (to write down, register, record) :: anotar
book {v} (to record the details of an offender) :: multar
book {n} (ebook) SEE: e-book ::
bookbinder {n} (person whose profession is binding books) :: encadernador {m}
bookbinding {n} (art, craft or process of binding books) :: encadernação {f}
bookcase {n} (furniture displaying books) :: estante {f}
bookie {n} (bookmaker) SEE: bookmaker ::
booking {n} (writing something in (a) book(s)) :: anotar
booking {n} (reservation for a service) :: reserva {f}
bookjacket {n} (jacket of a book) SEE: dust jacket ::
bookkeeping {n} (skill of keeping records of financial transactions) :: escrituração {f}
booklet {n} (small book) :: livreto {m}
book lung {n} (A lamellate respiratory organ found in arachnids) :: filotraquéia {f}
bookmaker {n} (a person who calculates odds and accepts bets; a bookie) :: agenciador de apostas
bookmark {n} (strip used to mark a place in a book) :: marcador {m}, marca-livro {m}, marcador de páginas
bookmark {n} (record of the address of a file or page) :: favorito {m}, marcador {m}
Book of Mormon {prop} (one of the sacred works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) :: O Livro de Mórmon {m}
bookrack {n} (rack for books) SEE: bookshelf ::
bookseller {n} (person) :: livreiro {m}
bookseller {n} (business) :: livraria {f}
bookshelf {n} (shelf for storing books) :: estante
bookshop {n} (shop that sells books) :: livraria {f}
bookstand {n} (stall where books are sold) :: banca (de livros) {f}
bookstand {n} (stand made for holding books open) :: atril
bookstore {n} (bookshop) SEE: bookshop ::
bookworm {n} (insect) :: traça {f}
bookworm {n} (avid reader) :: rato de biblioteca {m}, bibliófago {m}
Boolean {adj} (logic: pertaining to data items that have values “true” and “false”) :: booleano
Boolean {n} (type of variable) :: booleano {m}
boom {v} (to make a loud, resonant sound) :: estrondear, ribombar
boom {n} (abrupt, low-pitched sound) :: estrondo {m}
boom {interj} (sound of explosion) :: bum
boom {n} (spar extending the foot of a sail) :: retranca {f}
boom {n} (horizontal member of a crane) :: lança {f}
boom {n} (period of prosperity) :: boom {m}
boom {v} (to be prosperous) :: florescer, prosperar
boomerang {n} (flat curved airfoil) :: bumerangue
boon {n} (A blessing or benefit) :: bênção {f}
boor {n} (an uncultured person) :: rústico {m}
boorish {adj} (behaving as a boor) :: caipira [Brazil]
boost {v} (to lift or push from behind) :: impulsionar
boot {n} (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg) :: bota {f}
boot {n} (the act or process of bootstrapping) :: inicialização {f}, boot {m}
boot {v} (to start a system) :: iniciar, inicializar
boot {n} (kick) SEE: kick ::
boot {n} (luggage storage compartment of a sedan/saloon style car) SEE: trunk ::
bootblack {n} (shoeshiner) SEE: shoeshiner ::
booth {n} (A small stall for the display and sale of goods) :: banca {f}
booth {n} (An enclosure just big enough to accommodate one standing person) :: cabine {f}
bootlicker {n} (person who behaves in a servile or obsequious manner) :: puxa-saco {m} {f}
bootstrap {n} (the process by which the operating system of a computer is loaded into its memory) :: arranque {m}
bootstrap {v} (to load the operating system) :: boot {m}, inicialização {f}
bootstrap {v} :: desenrascar
booty {n} (plunder) :: espólio {m}
booty {n} (The buttocks) :: bunda {f}
booze {n} (any alcoholic beverage) :: bebida {f}, birita {f}
Bophuthatswana {prop} (a former bantustan of South Africa) :: Bophuthatswana {m}
borage {n} (Borago officinalis) :: borragem
borane {n} (any binary compound of boron and hydrogen) :: borano {m}
borax {n} (crystalline salt) :: bórax {m}
Bordeaux {prop} (a city in France) :: Bordéus
bordello {n} (brothel) SEE: brothel ::
border {n} (the outer edge of something) :: borda {f}, margem {f}
border {n} (a decorative strip around the edge of something) :: orla {f}
border {n} (the line or frontier area separating regions) :: fronteira {f}, raia {f}
border {v} ((transitive) to put a border on something) :: orlar
border {v} ((transitive) to lie on, or adjacent to a border) :: fazer fronteira com
border collie {n} (border collie) :: border collie {m}
Border Collie {n} (Border Collie) SEE: border collie ::
bordereau {n} (a statement with listing) :: borderô {m}
borderer {n} (person who resides near a border) :: raiano {m}
border guard {n} (person) :: guarda de fronteira {m} {f}
borderland {n} (land near a border) :: fronteira {f}
borderline {n} (boundary) :: fronteira {f}
border on {v} (To be almost like some other thing) :: beirar
bordure {n} (contrasting border round a shield) :: bordura {f}
bore {v} (to make a hole) :: cavar
bore {v} (to inspire boredom) :: chatear, aborrecer, entediar
boreal {adj} (relating to the north) :: boreal
Boreas {prop} (Greek god) :: Bóreas {m}
bored {adj} (suffering from boredom) :: aborrecido, chateado, entediado
boredom {n} (state of being bored) :: aborrecimento {m}, tédio {m}
bore water {n} (water accumulated in aquifers below the earth's surface) :: água de poço/poços {f}
boric acid {n} (White crystalline solid soluble as a weak acid) :: ácido bórico {m}
boring {adj} (causing boredom) :: entediante, enfadonho, chato, maçante
Boris {prop} (male given name) :: Bóris {m}
Borjomi {prop} (resort town) :: Borjomi
born {adj} (given birth to) :: nascido, nato, nado
born {v} (be born) SEE: be born ::
Borneo {prop} (island) :: Bornéu {f}
borneol {n} (bicyclic organic compound) :: borneol {m}
Bornholm {prop} (Danish island in the Baltic Sea) :: Bornholm {f}
born with a silver spoon in one's mouth {adj} (born rich or in a wealthy family) :: nascer em berço de ouro
boro {v} (borrow) SEE: borrow ::
boron {n} (chemical element) :: boro {m}
borough {n} (administrative district) :: município {m}, concelho {m}, distrito {m}
borough {n} (municipal borough) :: município {m}, concelho {m}, distrito {m}
borrow {v} (receive temporarily) :: emprestar, tomar emprestado
borrow {v} (adopt (an idea) as one's own) :: adoptar
borrow {v} (in a subtraction) :: transportar
borrower {n} (one who borrows) :: emprestador {m}
borrowing {n} (loanword) SEE: loanword ::
borscht {n} (beetroot soup) :: borscht {m}, borsch {m}
borzoi {n} (breed of dog) :: borzói {m}, borzoi {m}
Bose-Einstein condensate {n} (gaseous superfluid) :: condensado de Bose-Einstein {m}
Bosna {prop} (river in Bosnia and Herzegovina) :: Bosna {m}
Bosnia {prop} (northern part of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a geographic and historical entity) :: Bósnia {f}
Bosnia {prop} (short for 'Bosnia and Herzegovina') :: Bósnia
Bosnia and Herzegovina {prop} (country on the Balkan peninsula) :: Bósnia e Herzegovina {f}, Bósnia-Herzegóvina {f}
Bosniak {n} (person belonging to autochthonous South Slavic people) :: bosníaco {m}
Bosniak {n} :: bósnio {m}
Bosnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bosnia) :: bósnio {m}
Bosnian {n} (the people) :: bósnio {m}
Bosnian {n} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian) :: bósnio {m}
bosom {n} (chest, breast) :: seio {m}
boson {n} (particle) :: bóson {m}, bosão {m}
bosonic {adj} (of, pertaining to, or resembling a boson) :: bosônico
Bosphorus {prop} (a strait that passes through Istanbul) :: Bósforo {m}
boss {n} (supervisor) :: supervisor {m}, chefe {m} {f}, capataz {m} {f}
boss {n} (person in charge) :: chefe {m} {f}
boss {n} (head of a political party) :: líder {m} {f}
boss {n} (term of address to a man) :: chefe {m}
boss {n} (enemy in video game) :: chefe {m}, chefão {m}, guardião {m}
bossy {adj} (tending to give orders to others) :: mandão {m}
Boston {prop} (place name) :: Boston {f}
bot {n} (robot) SEE: robot ::
bot {n} (larva of a botfly) :: berne {m}
bot {n} (a piece of software for doing repetitive tasks) :: bot {m}
botanic {adj} (pertaining to botany) SEE: botanical ::
botanical {adj} (Of or pertaining to botany) :: botânico
botanical garden {n} (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons) :: jardim botânico {m}
botanical name {n} (scientific name of plants) :: nome botânico {m}
botanic garden {n} (botanical garden) SEE: botanical garden ::
botanist {n} (a person engaged in botany) :: botânico {m}, botânica {f}, botanista {m} {f}
botanize {v} (do the work of a botanist) :: botanizar
botany {n} (scientific study of plants) :: botânica {f}
botch {v} (to perform (a task) in an unacceptable or incompetent manner) :: arruinar
botch {v} (to do something without skill, without care, or clumsily) :: atrapalhar-se
Boötes {prop} (a constellation) :: boieiro {m}
botfly {n} (insect) :: mosca-varejeira {f}
both {determiner} (each of two; one and the other) :: ambos
both {conj} (both...and...) :: ambos ... e ..., tanto ... quanto ...
bother {v} (to annoy, disturb) :: incomodar
bother {v} (make or take trouble) :: dar-se ao trabalho
bother {v} (to do something which is of negligible inconvenience) :: dar-se ao trabalho
bother {n} (trouble, inconvenience) :: incômodo {m}
bother {interj} (mild expression of annoyance) :: porcaria!, droga!
Botswana {prop} (Republic of Botswana) :: Botsuana {f}
Botswanan {n} (person from Botswana) :: botsuano {m}, botsuana {f}
Botswanan {adj} (pertaining to Botswana) :: botsuano
bottle {n} (container) :: garrafa {f}, botelha {f}
bottle {n} (contents of such a container) :: garrafa {f}
bottle {v} (seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption) :: engarrafar, embotelhar
bottle {n} (container with a rubber nipple) SEE: baby bottle ::
bottle bank {n} (container) :: vidrão {m}
bottle gourd {n} (calabash) SEE: calabash ::
bottleneck {n} (neck of a bottle) :: gargalo {m}
bottleneck {n} (narrowing of the road, especially resulting in a delay) :: engarrafamento {m}
bottleneck {n} (part of a process that is too slow or cumbersome) :: gargalo {m}
bottlenose dolphin {n} (species of dolphin) :: golfinho-nariz-de-garrafa {m}
bottle opener {n} (device to open bottles) :: abridor de garrafas {m}, abridor {m}
bottle shop {n} (liquor store, bottle shop) :: loja de bebidas {f}
bottle up {v} (to put into bottles) :: engarrafar
bottom {n} (abyss) SEE: abyss ::
bottom {n} (lowest part) :: fundo {m}
bottom {n} (euphemistic: buttocks or anus) :: cu {m}, fundilho {m}
bottom {n} (gay sexual slang: penetrated partner in sex) :: passivo {m}
bottom {n} (physics: bottom quark) SEE: bottom quark ::
bottom quark {n} (bottom quark) :: quark bottom {m}
bottoms up {interj} (Cheers!) :: tchim-tchim {m}
bottom the house {v} (clean a house extremely thoroughly) :: faxinar
botulism {n} (medical condition) :: botulismo {m}
bougainvillea {n} (flower) :: bougainvillea {f}
bough {n} (tree branch) :: galhada {f}, galho {m}
bouillon {n} (a clear seasoned broth) :: caldo {m}
Boulangism {n} (the French political movement identified with Georges Boulanger) :: boulangismo {m}
Boulangist {n} (a supporter of Boulangism) :: boulangista {m-f}
boulder {n} (large mass of stone) :: pedregulho {m}, rocha {f}
boules {n} (game played with metal balls) :: petanca {f}
boulevard {n} (broad, landscaped thoroughfare) :: alameda {f} [Brazil], bulevar {m}
bounce {v} (to change direction of motion after hitting an obstacle) :: rebater
bounce {v} (to move quickly up and down) :: quicar, pular
bounce {v} (to cause to move quickly up and down) :: quicar
bounce {n} (change of direction of motion after hitting an obstacle) :: rebatida {f}
bounce {n} (movement up and down) :: quique {m}
bounce off the walls {v} (to be overly active) :: ferver
bouncer {n} (member of security personnel) :: leão-de-chácara {m} [Brazil], segurança {m} {f}
bound {adj} (obliged to) :: obrigado
bound {n} (boundary, border of territory) :: limite {m}, divisa {f}
bound {n} (mathematics: value greater (or smaller) than a given set) :: limite {m}, cota {f}
bound {v} (to surround a territory) :: limitar
bound {n} (sizeable jump) :: salto {m}
bound {v} (to leap) :: saltar
boundary {n} (dividing line or location between two areas) :: fronteira {f}
boundary {n} ((topology) the set of points in the closure, not belonging to the interior) :: fronteira {f}
bounty {n} (something given liberally) :: dádiva {f}
bounty {n} (reward) :: recompensa {f}
bounty {n} (generosity) SEE: generosity ::
bounty hunter {n} (person who catches criminals in return for a reward) :: caçador de recompensas {m}
bouquet {n} (bunch of flowers) :: buquê
bouquet {n} (scent of wine) :: buquê {m}
bourdon {n} (bumblebee) SEE: bumblebee ::
bourgeois {adj} (of or relating to the middle class) :: burguês {m}, burguesa {f}
bourgeois {adj} (of or relating to capitalist exploitation) :: burguês
bourgeois {n} (individual member of the middle class) :: burguês {m}, burguesa {f}
bourgeoisie {n} (class) :: burguesia {f}
bourgeoisification {n} (embourgeoisement) SEE: embourgeoisement ::
bourgeoisify {v} (to make bourgeois) :: aburguesar, aburguesarse
bourse {n} (stock exchange) SEE: stock exchange ::
boustrophedon {n} (writing that is alternately right-to-left and left-to-right) :: bustrofédon {m}
boutique {n} (a small shop, especially one that sells fashionable clothes, jewelry and the like) :: boutique {f}, butique {f}
Bouvet Island {prop} (uninhabited volcanic island in the South Atlantic Ocean) :: Ilha Bouvet {f}
bovarysm {n} (anxiety to escape from an unsatisfactory social or sentimental condition) :: bovarismo {m}
bovine {adj} (of, relating to or resembling cattle) :: bovino
bovine spongiform encephalopathy {n} (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) :: encefalopatia espongiforme bovina {f}
bow {n} (weapon used for shooting arrows) :: arco {m}
bow {n} (bend in a rod or planar surface) :: curva {f}
bow {n} (rod used for playing stringed instruments) :: arco {m}
bow {n} (type of knot with two loops) :: laço {m}
bow {v} (to play music on using a bow) :: tocar (com arco)
bow {v} (to become bent) :: curvar, arquear
bow {v} (to bend a thing) :: curvar, arquear
bow {v} (to bend oneself as a gesture of respect or deference) :: curvar-se
bow {n} (gesture made by bending forward at the waist) :: reverência {f}
bow {n} (front of a boat or ship) :: proa {f}
bow and arrow {n} (weapon) :: arco e flecha
bowdlerize {v} (to remove or alter parts of a text considered offensive) :: censurar, expurgar
bowel {n} (large intestine) :: intestino grosso {m}
bowel {n} (intestines, entrails) :: intestino, entranha {f}
bowel {n} (interior of something) :: entranhas {f-p}
bowels {n} (deepest or innermost part) :: entranhas {f-p}
bowels {n} (intestines) :: intestinos {m-p}
bowhead {n} (Balaena mysticetus) :: baleia-da-groenlândia {f}
bowhead whale {n} (a whale, Balaena mysticetus) SEE: bowhead ::
bowl {n} (container for food) :: tigela {f}
bowl {n} (ball used in lawn bowls) :: bocha
bowl {n} (lawn bowls) SEE: bowls ::
bowl {n} (haircut) SEE: bowl cut ::
bowl cut {n} (haircut) :: corte/cabelo/estilo tigelinha
bowler {n} (pitcher) SEE: pitcher ::
bowler {n} (bowler hat) SEE: bowler hat ::
bowler hat {n} (hard round black felt hat) :: chapéu coco {m}
bowline {n} (knot) :: lais de guia {m}
bowling {n} (a game played by rolling a ball down an alley) :: boliche {m}, bólingue {m} [Portugal]
bowls {n} (precision sport) :: bowls {m}
bowman {n} (archer) SEE: archer ::
bowsprit {n} (spar projecting over the prow of a sailing vessel) :: gurupés {m}
bowstring {n} (string of an archer's bow) :: corda de arco {f}
bowtie {n} (necktie shaped like a bow) :: gravata de laço {f} [Portugal], gravata borboleta {f} [Brasil]
bow wow {n} (sound of a dog barking) :: au-au
bow-wow {interj} (bow wow) SEE: bow wow ::
box {n} (cuboid space; container) :: caixa {f}
box {n} (as much as fills a box) :: caixa {f}
box {n} (compartment to sit inside) :: camarote {m}
box {n} (small rectangular shelter) :: cubículo {m}
box {n} ((slang) television) :: tevê {f}, televisão {f}, televisor {m}
box {n} ((slang, vulgar) the vagina) :: boceta {f}
box {n} (computer, or the case in which it is housed) :: gabinete {m}
box {v} (to place inside a box) :: encaixotar
box {n} (shrub or tree of the genus Buxus) :: buxo {m}, buxeiro {m}, buxeira {f}
box {n} (blow with the fist) :: soco {m}
box {v} (to strike with the fists) :: socar
box {v} (to fight against (a person) in a boxing match) :: boxear
box {v} (to participate in boxing) :: boxear
box {n} (rectangle) SEE: oblong ::
box {n} (input field on an electronic display) SEE: text box ::
box {n} (wood from a box tree) SEE: boxwood ::
box calf {n} (calfskin) :: vaqueta
boxcutter {n} (utility knife) SEE: utility knife ::
boxer {n} (participant in a boxing match) :: boxeador {m}, boxeadora {f}, pugilista {m} {f}
boxer {n} (breed of dog) :: boxer {m}
boxers {n} (boxer shorts) SEE: boxer shorts ::
boxer shorts {n} (underwear) :: samba-canção {m} [Brazil]
boxing {n} (the sport of boxing) :: boxe
Boxing Day {n} (Boxing Day) :: Boxing Day {m}
boxing glove {n} (padded mitten worn in boxing) :: luva de boxe {f}
box office {n} (ticket office) :: bilheteria {f}
box-office bomb {n} (a motion picture that generates relatively low revenue at the box office) :: fracasso de bilheteria {m}
box someone's ears {v} (slap on the side of the head) :: dar um pé de ouvido {m}
box tree {n} (tree of the genus Buxus) :: buxo {m}
boxwood {n} (Buxus sempervirens) :: buxo {m}, buxinho {m}, buxo anão {m}
boy {n} (young male) :: garoto {m}, menino {m}, moço {m}, rapaz {m}, mancebo {m}, puto {m}, miúdo {m} [Portugal]
boy {n} (male servant) :: criado {m}
boy {n} (male of any age, used as a friendly diminutive) :: rapaz {m}, moço {m}
boy {n} (adult male found attractive) :: garanhão {m}
boy {n} (male friend) :: garotos {m-p}, meninos {p} [all mostly said by female speakers], rapaziada {m-p} [mostly said by male speakers], rapazes {m-p}, turma {p}, galera {p}, meninada {p}
boy {n} (affectionate term of address for male dog) :: garotão {m}
boy {interj} (surprise or pleasure) :: puxa
boyar {n} (rank of aristocracy) :: boiardo {m}
boycott {v} (to abstain from dealing with a person or organisation as a protest) :: boicotar
boycott {n} (the act of boycotting) :: boicote {m}
boyfriend {n} (male partner in a romantic relationship) :: namorado {m}
boyfriend {n} (male friend) :: amigo {m}
boyhood {n} (The state or period of being a boy) :: meninice {f}
boyish {adj} (like a boy) :: pueril, infantil
Boy Scout {n} (male member of the Scout Movement) :: escoteiro {m}
bra {n} (brassiere) :: sutiã {m}
Brabantian {adj} (pertaining to Brabant) :: brabantino, brabanção, brabante
Brabantian {n} (Brabantian person) :: brabantino {m}
brace {n} (harness) SEE: harness ::
brace {n} (system to correct crooked teeth) SEE: braces ::
brace {n} (curly bracket) SEE: curly bracket ::
brace {n} (bitstock) SEE: bitstock ::
bracelet {n} (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament) :: bracelete {m}, pulseira {f}
braces {n} (handcuffs) SEE: handcuffs ::
braces {n} (device for straightening teeth) :: aparelho de dente
braces {n} (keyboard symbols) :: chaves {f-p}
brachial {adj} (pertaining or belonging to the arm) :: braquial
brachialgia {n} (pain in the arm) :: braquialgia {f}
brachialis {n} (muscle that flexes the elbow joint) :: braquial {m}
brachiation {n} (movement by swinging arms between holds) :: braquiação {f}
brachiator {n} (creature that moves by means of brachiation) :: braquiador {m}
brachio- {prefix} (relating to the arm) :: braquio-
brachiopod {n} (any of the many marine invertebrates of the phylum Brachiopoda) :: braquiópode {m}
brachioradialis {n} (muscle that flexes the forearm) :: braquiorradial {m}
brachiosaurus {n} (herbivorous dinosaur) :: braquiossauro {m}
brachium {n} (upper arm) SEE: upper arm ::
brachy- {prefix} (short) :: braqui-
brachycephalic {adj} (having a head that is short from front to back) :: braquicéfalo, braquicefálico
brachycephalid {n} (any member of the Brachycephalidae) :: braquicefalídeo {m}
brachycephaly {n} (congenital condition wherein the skull is flattened) :: braquicefalia {f}
brachydactyly {n} (abnormal shortness of the fingers or toes) :: braquidactilia {f}
brachydont {adj} (having low-crowned, short teeth) :: braquiodonte, braquidonte
brachyfacial {adj} (having a short face) :: braquifacial
brachylogy {n} (concise speech) :: braquilogia {f}
brachyology {n} (abbreviated expression) :: braquilogia {f}
brachyonychia {n} (condition in which the end of the thumb is widened and flattened) :: braquioníquia {f}
brachypterous {adj} (having short wings) :: braquíptero
brachytherapy {n} (type of radiotherapy) :: braquiterapia {f}
bracken {n} (any of several coarse ferns) :: feto-águia {m}
bracket {n} (item attached to a wall to hold up a shelf) :: cantoneira {f}, cachorro {m}, consola
bracket {n} (generically any of "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", "<" and ">") :: parêntese {m}
bracket {n} (sport: printed diagram of games in a tournament) :: tabela {f}
bracket {n} (square bracket) SEE: square bracket ::
bracket {n} (round bracket) SEE: round bracket ::
bracket fungus {n} (fungus of the family Polyporaceae) :: poliporo {m}
brackish {adj} (slightly salty) :: salobro {m}, salobre {m} {f}
brackish {adj} (repulsive) SEE: repulsive ::
bract {n} (leaf or leaf-like structure) :: bráctea {f}
bracteal {adj} (relating to bracts) :: bracteal
bracteole {n} (a bract subtending an inflorescence whose stalk itself is subtended by a bract) :: bractéola {f}
brag {v} (to boast) :: gabar-se, vangloriar-se
brag {n} (boast) SEE: boast ::
Bragança {prop} (city in the homonymous district of Portugal) :: Bragança {f}
braggadocio {n} (braggart) SEE: braggart ::
braggart {n} (one who constantly brags or boasts) :: fanfarrão {m}, gabarola {m} {f}
braggart {adj} (characterized by boasting) SEE: boastful ::
Brahman {prop} (concept of Hinduism) :: Brahman {m}, Brâman {m}
brahmin {n} (caste) :: brâmane {m}
braid {v} (to intertwine) :: trançar {f}
braid {n} (weave of three or more strands) :: trança {f}
braille {n} (system of writing using raised dots) :: braile {m}, braille {m}
brain {n} (organ) :: cérebro {m}
brain {n} (intelligent person) :: crânio {m} [slang]
brain {n} (person providing intelligence) :: cabeça {m} {f}
brain {n} (brains: intellect) :: intelecto
brainchild {n} (creation) :: criação
brain-dead {adj} (in medicine: having cessation of brain activity) :: com morte cerebral, cerebralmente morto
brain-dead {adj} (colloquially: having no useful thoughts) :: descerebrado
brain death {n} (irreversible cessation of brain activity) :: morte cerebral {f}
brain drain {n} (emigration of educated people) :: fuga de cérebros {f}
brainless {adj} (unintelligent; having little or no common sense) :: descerebrado
brain stem {n} (part of the brain that connects the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum) :: tronco cerebral {m}
brainstorm {n} (brainstorming) SEE: brainstorming ::
brainstorming {n} (method of problem solving) :: tempestade cerebral {f}, tempestade de ideias {f}, brainstorming {m} {f}, brainstorm {m}
brainwash {n} (effect upon one's memory, belief or ideas) :: lavagem cerebral {f}
brainwash {v} (to affect one's mind) :: fazer lavagem cerebral em
brain-washing {n} (form of indoctrination) :: lavagem cerebral {f}
braise {v} (To cook in a small amount of liquid) :: estufar, refogar
brake {n} (device used to slow or stop a vehicle) :: freio {m}, [Portugal] travão {m}
brake {n} (something that slows or stops an action) :: freio {m}
brake {v} (to operate brakes) :: freiar
brake {v} (to be stopped or slowed (as if) by braking) :: freiar
bramble {n} (blackberry) :: amoreira {f}
bramble {n} (plant in the genus Rubus) :: sarça {f}
bramble {n} (any thorny shrub) :: espinheiro {m}
brambling {n} (bird) :: tentilhão-montês {m}
bran {n} (outside layer of a grain) :: farelo {m}
branch {n} (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk) :: galho {m}, ramo {m}
branch {n} (part that divides like the branch of a tree) :: ramo {m}, broto {m}
branch {n} (location of an organization with several locations) :: filial {f}, departamento {m}, divisão {f}, repartição {f}
branch {n} (area in business or of knowledge, research) :: divisão {f}, ramo {m} [in science, in arts]
branch {v} (to arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree) :: dividir, partir, separar, brotar
branch {v} (to produce branches) :: brotar
branch off {v} (to diverge into two or more separate paths) :: brotar, separar-se
branch office {n} (office separate from the headquarters of the business) :: filial {f}
brand {n} (mark made by burning) :: marca a fogo {f}
brand {n} (name, symbol, logo) :: marca {f}
brand {n} (a specific product, service, or provider so distinguished) :: marca {f}
Brandenburg {prop} (state) :: Brandenburgo {m}
Brandenburg {prop} (city) :: Brandenburgo {f}
brandish {v} (to move a weapon) :: brandir
brand name {n} (trade name) SEE: trade name ::
brand new {adj} (utterly new) :: novo em folha {f}, zero bala {m} {f}
brandy {n} (liquor) :: brande {m}, brandy {m}
brane {n} (hypothetical object) :: brana {f}
bras d'honneur {n} (obscene gesture) :: [Brazil] banana {f}, [Portugal] manguito {m}
Brasília {prop} (The capital of Brazil) :: Brasília {f}
brass {n} (alloy of copper and zinc) :: latão {m}
brass {n} (made of brass (attributive use)) :: de latão {m}
brass {n} (class of wind instruments) :: metais {m-p}
brass {n} (colour of brass) :: bronze
brass {n} (slang: money) :: dinheiro {m}
brass {n} (slang: a prostitute) :: prostituta {f}
brass {adj} (of colour of brass) :: bronze
brassica {n} (cabbage family) :: brássica {f}
brassiere {n} (bra) SEE: bra ::
brass instrument {n} (musical instrument) :: metal {m}
brass knuckles {n} (weapon which reinforces the fist) :: soco-inglês {m}, soqueira {f}
brat {n} (a selfish, spoiled, or unruly child) :: pirralho {m}, mimado {m}
brat {n} (bratwurst) SEE: bratwurst ::
Bratislava {prop} (The capital of Slovakia) :: Bratislava
bratwurst {n} (A small pork sausage) :: bratwurst
bravado {n} (a show of defiance or courage) :: bravata {f}
bravado {n} (a false show of courage) :: bravata {f}
brave {adj} (strong in the face of fear) :: bravo, valente, corajoso
brave new world {n} (ambitious, often utopian, vision of the future) :: admirável mundo novo {m}
bravery {n} (being brave) :: bravura {f}, braveza {f}
bravo {interj} (interjection) :: bravo
brawl {n} (A fight or quarrel) :: rixa {f}, briga {f}, confronto, pancadaria {f}
brawl {v} (fight or quarrel) :: lutar, brigar
brawny {adj} (characterized by brawn) :: musculoso
bray {v} (to make the cry of a donkey) :: zurrar, ornejar
bray {n} (the cry of a donkey) :: zurro {m}, ornejo {m}
brazen {adj} (impudent, immodest, or shameless) :: descarado {m}
brazen bull {n} (ancient torture device consisting of a hollow brass bull where victims were imprisoned and burned to death) :: touro de bronze {m}, touro de Fálaris {m}, touro siciliano {m}
brazier {n} (An upright standing or hanging metal bowl used for holding burning coal) :: braseiro {m}
Brazil {prop} (Portuguese-speaking country in South America) :: Brasil {m}
Brazilian {n} (person from Brazil) :: brasileiro {m}, brasileira {f}
Brazilian {adj} (pertaining to Brazil) :: brasileiro
Brazilianness {n} (the quality or characteristic of being Brazilian) :: brasilidade
Brazilian Portuguese {prop} (Portuguese spoken and written in Brazil) :: português brasileiro {m}, português do Brasil
Brazilian Shorthair {n} (breed of cat) :: pelo curto brasileiro
Brazilian Sign Language {prop} (sign language) :: língua brasileira de sinais {f}, LIBRAS {f}
brazil nut {n} (tree) :: castanheiro-do-pará {m}, castanheira-do-pará {f}
brazil nut {n} (nut) :: castanha-do-pará {f}
brazilwood {n} (timber tree) :: brasil {m}, pau-brasil {m}, pernambuco {m}
Brazzaville {prop} (the capital of the Republic of the Congo) :: Brazzaville {f}
breach {n} (figuratively: the act of breaking) :: parada {f}
breach {n} (break of a law or obligation) :: infração {f}
breach {n} (gap) :: fissura {f}
breach {n} (breaking up of amicable relations) :: término {m}
breach of contract {n} (failure to perform) :: quebra (de contrato) {f}
bread {n} (baked dough made from cereals) :: pão {m}
bread {n} (countable: any variety of bread) :: pão {m}
bread {n} (slang: money) :: massa {f}, guito {m}, grana {f}
bread {v} (to bread) :: panar
bread and circuses {n} (food and entertainment provided by the state) :: pão e circo {m}
breadbasket {n} (stomach) SEE: stomach ::
breadbasket {n} (basket for storing or carrying bread) :: cesta de pão {f}, cesta de pães {f}
breadcrumb {n} (tiny piece of bread) :: migalha {f}, farelo {m}, pão ralado
breadfruit {n} (tree) :: fruta-pão {f}
breadfruit {n} (fruit) :: fruta-pão {f}
breadmaker {n} (baker) SEE: baker ::
breadstick {n} (slender loaf of crisp bread) :: gressino {m}
breadth {n} (width) SEE: width ::
breadwinner {n} (primary income-earner in a household) :: ganha-pão {m}
break {v} (intransitive: to separate into (to end up in) two or more pieces) :: quebrar, partir, [if flexible material] romper
break {v} (transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces) :: quebrar, partir, [if flexible] romper
break {v} (intransitive, of a bone: to crack) :: quebrar, partir
break {v} (transitive: to cause (a bone) to crack) :: quebrar, partir
break {v} (to ruin financially) :: quebrar
break {v} (transitive: to do that which is forbidden by (something)) :: desrespeitar, violar
break {v} (intransitive: to stop functioning properly or altogether) :: quebrar, partir
break {v} (transitive: to cause to stop functioning) :: estragar, partir
break {v} (of a wave, to collapse into a surf) :: quebrar
break {v} (to interrupt or cease one's work or occupation temporarily) :: pausar
break {v} (to do better than a record) :: quebrar
break {n} (instance of breaking something into pieces) :: quebra {f}
break {n} (physical space that opens up in something or between two things) :: fenda {f}, fresta {f}
break {n} (rest or pause, usually from work) :: pausa
break {n} (temporary split in romantic relationship) :: tempo {m}
break {n} (act of escaping) :: fuga {f}
breakable {adj} (fragile) SEE: fragile ::
break a law {v} (violate a law) :: infringir uma lei
break a leg {interj} (expression of best wishes to a performer) :: merda!
break a sweat {v} (to start sweating) :: começar a suar
break a sweat {v} (to put effort into something) :: esforçar-se
break bread {v} (to eat a meal, especially shared) :: comer em conjunto
break bread {v} (Christianity) :: comungar
break camp {v} (pack up a campsite and move on) :: levantar acampamento
breakdancing {n} (Style of dance) :: breakdance
break down {v} (to cease to function) :: cessar
break down {v} (to become unstable or collapse, mentally or otherwise) :: despedaçar
break down {v} (to become weak and ineffective) :: inutilizar, debilitar
break down {v} (to divide into parts for analysis) :: decompor
break down {v} (to digest) :: digerir
breakdown {n} (failure, particularly mechanical) :: avaria {f}
breakdown {n} (lapse of mental stability) :: colapso {m}
break-even point {n} (The point where total costs equal total sales revenue) :: ponto de equilíbrio {m}
breakfast {n} (first meal of the day) :: [Brazil] café da manhã {m}, pequeno-almoço {m}, desjejum {f},[Angola] mata-bicho {m}
breakfast {v} (to eat the morning meal) :: desjejuar
breakfast cereal {n} (food made from processed grains) :: cereal matinal
break in {v} (to make something new function well through use) :: amaciar
breaking news {n} (news that just happened or is happening) :: notícias de última hora {f-p}, últimas notícias {f-p}
break of dawn {n} (daybreak) SEE: daybreak ::
break one's fast {v} (archaic: to eat breakfast) :: desjejuar
breakout {n} (An escape from prison) :: fuga {f}
breakout {n} (An escape from any restrictive or confining situation) :: libertação {f}
breakout {n} (An outbreak) :: explosão {f}
break ranks {v} (military) :: sair de formação
break ranks {v} (idiomatic) :: romper com
break someone's heart {v} (to cause a person to feel grief or sadness) :: partir o coração de
break the ice {v} (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness) :: quebrar o gelo
breakthrough {n} (military advance) :: brecha {f}
breakthrough {n} (major progress) :: avanço {m}
break up {v} (to end a relationship) :: terminar, acabar
breakup {n} (breakdown) SEE: breakdown ::
breakwater {n} (construction in or around a harbour) :: quebra-mar {m}
break wind {v} (to fart) :: soltar gases
bream {n} (fish of the genus Abramis) :: brema {f}
bream {n} (Abramis brama) :: brema-do-mar {f}
bream {n} (American fresh-water fish, of various species of Pomotis and allied genera) :: mudfish {m}
bream {n} (marine sparoid fish of the genus Pagellus, and allied genera) :: esparídeo {m}
breast {n} (milk-producing organ) :: seio {m}, peito {m}
breast {n} (chest) :: peito {m}, peitos {m-p}
breast {n} (seat of emotions) :: coração {m}
breast {n} (animal's thorax) :: peito {m}
breast {n} (choice cut of meat from poultry or other animals) :: peito {m}
breastbone {n} (the central narrow bone in the front of the chest) :: esterno {m}
breast cancer {n} (cancer of the breast) :: câncer de mama {m} [Brazil], cancro de mama {m} [Portugal]
breastfeed {v} (feed a baby milk via the breasts) :: amamentar, dar de mamar, aleitar
breastfeeding {n} (activity) :: aleitamento {m}
breast milk {n} (milk produced by humans) :: leite de peito {m}
breastpin {n} (brooch) SEE: brooch ::
breastplate {n} (armor) :: couraça {f}
breaststrap {n} (breastplate) SEE: breastplate ::
breaststroke {n} (swimming stroke) :: nado de peito {m}, bruços {m-p}
breaststroke {v} (to swim using this stroke) :: nadar de peito
breasty {adj} (having large breasts; busty) :: peituda {f}
breath {n} (act or process of breathing) :: respiração
breath {n} (single act of breathing in and out) :: respiração {f}, respiro {m}
breath {n} (air expelled from the lungs) :: hálito, bafo {m}
breath {n} (rest or pause) :: respiro {m}, folga {f}
breath {n} (small amount) :: pingo {m}
breathalyzer {n} (a device that measures alcohol in expired air) :: etilómetro {m} [Portugal], etilômetro {m} [Brazil], alcoolímetro {m}, alcoolómetro {m} [Portugal], alcoolômetro {m} [Brazil], bafómetro {m} [Portugal], bafômetro {m} [Brazil], balão {m} [Portugal, colloquial]
breathe {v} (to draw air in and out) :: respirar
breathe {v} (to exchange gases in similar way) :: respirar
breathe {v} (figuratively: to live) :: respirar
breathe {v} (to draw into lungs) :: respirar
breathe {v} (to whisper quietly) :: cochichar, murmurar, sussurrar
breathe {v} (to stop and catch one's breath) :: respirar, resfolegar
breathe down someone's neck {v} (to follow or supervise too closely) :: fungar no cangote
breathless {adj} (that makes one hold one's breath) :: ofegar {m}
breathlessness {n} (state of being breathless or out of breath) :: falta de ar {f}
breathlessness {n} (difficult respiration) SEE: shortness of breath ::
breathtaking {adj} (stunningly beautiful) :: de tirar o fôlego
breathtaking {adj} (very surprising or shocking) :: de tirar o fôlego
breath test {n} (test) :: teste do bafômetro {m} [Brazil]
Breda {prop} (city the Netherlands) :: Breda {f}
breeches {n} (a garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs) :: calções
breed {v} (to sexually produce offspring) :: procriar
breed {v} (of animals, to mate) :: cruzar
breed {v} (to keep animals and have them reproduce) :: criar
breed {v} (to propagate or grow plants) :: criar, cultivar
breed {v} (to yield or result in) :: gerar
breed {n} (all animals or plants of the same species or subspecies) :: raça {f} (of animals), variedade {f} (of plants)
breed {n} (race or lineage) :: raça {f}
breeder {n} (professional plants or animal breeder) :: criador {m}
breeder {n} (slang, derogatory: person focussed on the rearing of their children) :: reprodutor {m}
breeding {n} (copulation) SEE: sexual intercourse ::
breeze {n} (a light, gentle wind) :: brisa {f}
breezefly {n} (horsefly) SEE: horsefly ::
Bremen {prop} (state) :: Bremen {m}
Bremen {prop} (city) :: Bremen {f}, Brema {f}
Brendan {prop} (male given name) :: Brandão {m}
Brescia {prop} (city and province of Italy) :: Bréscia
Breslau {prop} (Wroclaw) SEE: Wroclaw ::
Brest {prop} (A city in Brittany) :: Brest {f}
Brest {prop} (A city in Belarus) :: Brest {f}
brethren {n} (the body of members) :: confraria {f}, confrades {m} {f}, irmãos {m-p}
brethren {n} :: irmãos {p}
Breton {n} (person from Brittany) :: bretão {m}, bretã {f}
Breton {n} (the language) :: bretão {m}
Breton {adj} (pertaining to Brittany) :: bretão
breviary {n} (a book containing prayers and hymns) :: breviário {m}
brevity {n} (the quality of being brief in duration) :: brevidade {f}
brew {n} (beer) SEE: beer ::
brew {v} (make tea or coffee) :: infundir
brew {v} :: fermentar
brew {n} (something brewed) :: infusão {f}
brew {n} (hill) SEE: hill ::
brew {n} (cup of tea) SEE: cup of tea ::
brewer {n} (someone who brews) :: cervejeiro {m}
brewery {n} (building where beer is produced) :: cervejaria
brewery {n} (company that brews beer) :: cervejaria {f}
Brexit {prop} (withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU) :: Brexit {m}
Brezhnev {prop} (surname) :: Brejnev
briar {n} (any thorny plant) :: sarça {f}
bribe {n} (inducement to dishonesty) :: suborno {m}, propina {f}
bribe {v} (to give a bribe) :: subornar
bribery {n} (making of illegal payment to persons in official positions as a means of influencing their decisions) :: suborno {m}
BRIC {prop} (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) :: BRIC {m}
bric-a-brac {n} (small ornaments and other miscellaneous items of little value) :: porcariada {f}
brick {n} (hardened block used for building) :: tijolo {m}
brick {n} (a building material) :: tijolo {m}
brick {n} (term for a helpful, reliable person) :: mão {f}
brick {n} (electronic device) :: tijolo {m}
brick {adj} (made of brick(s)) :: de tijolo
bricklayer {n} (craftsman) :: pedreiro {m}
BRICS {prop} (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) :: BRICS {m-p}
bride {n} (woman in the context of her own wedding) :: noiva {f}
bridegroom {n} (bridegroom, groom) :: noivo {m}
bride price {n} (sum paid to the family of the bride) :: dote {m}
bridesmaid {n} (woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony) :: dama de honra {f}
bridge {n} (construction or natural feature that spans a divide) :: ponte {f}
bridge {n} (bony ridge of the nose) :: ponte {f}
bridge {n} (replacement for teeth) :: ponte {f}
bridge {n} (nautical) :: passadiço {m}
bridge {n} (piece on string instruments) :: cavalete {m}
bridge {v} (to span as if with a bridge) :: superar
bridge {n} (card game) :: bridge {m}
bridgehead {n} (area of ground on the enemy's side of an obstacle) :: cabeça de ponte {f}
Bridget {prop} (female given name) :: Brígida {f}
Bridgetown {prop} (capital of Barbados) :: Bridgetown {f}
bridle {n} (headgear for horse) :: brida {f}
brie {n} (mild French cheese) :: brie {m}
brief {adj} (of short duration) :: breve
brief {adj} (concise) :: breve
brief {v} (to summarize) :: resumir
briefcase {n} (case used for carrying documents) :: pasta {f}, maleta {f}
briefing {n} (short and concise summary of a situation) :: resumo {m}
briefs {n} (male underwear) :: cueca {f}
brig {n} (two-masted vessel) :: brigue {m}, brigantim {m}
brigade {n} (military unit) :: brigada
brigadier {n} (an army rank) :: brigadeiro {m}
brigand {n} (bandit) :: bandido {m}
brigandine {n} (coat of armor) :: brigantina {f}
bright {adj} (visually dazzling, luminous, radiant) :: claro, brilhante, luminoso, radiante
bright {adj} (intelligent) :: brilhante, inteligente
bright {adj} (vivid) :: vívido, alegre
bright {adj} (happy) :: radiante, alegre
brighten {v} (make brighter in color) :: clarear, iluminar
brighten {v} (make more cheerful) :: animar
brighten {v} (become brighter in color) :: clarear
brighten {v} (become brighter in mood) :: animar-se
brightness {n} (the quality of being bright) :: claridade {f}, clareza {f} [figurative], brilho
bright side {n} (a consoling aspect of a difficult situation) :: lado bom {m}
brilliant {adj} (shining brightly) :: brilhante
brilliant {adj} (of a colour: both light and saturated) :: brilhante
brilliant {adj} (of a voice or sound: having a sharp, clear tone) :: claro
brilliant {adj} (of surpassing excellence) :: brilhante
brilliant {adj} (magnificent or wonderful (primarily UK usage)) :: brilhante
brilliant {adj} (highly intelligent) :: brilhante
brilliant {n} (cut gemstone) :: brilhante {m}
brillig {n} (nonce word) :: briluz {m}
brillo pad {n} (scouring pad containing soap) :: palha de aço {f}, bombril {m} [Brazil]
brim {n} (an edge or border (originally specifically of the sea or a body of water)) :: aba {f}
brim {n} (the topmost rim or lip of a container) :: boca {f}
brim {n} (a projecting rim, especially of a hat) :: aba {f}, rebordo {m}
brimstone {n} (sulfur) SEE: sulfur ::
Brindisi {prop} (city) :: Brindisi
brine {n} (salt water) :: salmoura {f}
brine {v} (to preserve food in a salt solution) :: salmourar
brine shrimp {n} (an aquatic crustacean of the genus Artemia) :: artémia {f} [Portugal], artêmia {f} [Brazil]
bring {v} (to transport toward somebody/somewhere) :: trazer
bring about {v} (To cause to take place) :: causar, provocar, ocasionar
bring forth {v} (to create, bring into existence) :: criar
bring forward {v} (make happen earlier) :: adiantar
bring home the bacon {v} (to make a living) :: chegar ao fim do mês
bring it {v} (to apply maximum effort to an effort) :: dar o máximo de si
bring owls to Athens {v} (to undertake a pointless venture) SEE: carry coals to Newcastle ::
bring to light {v} (expose) :: trazer à luz, trazer à luz do dia
bring up {v} (to raise children) :: criar
brinjal {n} (an aubergine) SEE: eggplant ::
brink {n} (edge) :: beira {f}
briny {n} (sea) SEE: sea ::
briny {adj} (salty) :: salgado {m}, salobro {m}, salobre {m} {f}
brioche {n} (type of bun) :: brioche {m}
Brisbane {prop} (Capital of Queensland, Australia) :: Brisbane {f}
brisk {adj} (full of liveliness and activity) :: vivo, vivaz, brioso {m}
brisk {adj} (abrupt, sharp in one's manner or tone) :: brusco {m}
brisket {n} (the chest of an animal) :: peito {m}
brisket {n} (a cut of meat from an animal chest) :: peito {m}
briskly {adv} (fast, quickly, swiftly) :: vivamente
bristle {n} (stiff or coarse hair) :: cerda {f}
bristle {n} (hair or straw of a brush, broom etc.) :: cerda {f}
bristletail {n} (insect of the order Zygentoma) :: traça {f}, traça-de-livros {f} [Brazil], lepisma {m}
Bristol {prop} (city in south-west England) :: Bristol {f}
Brit {n} (British person) SEE: Briton ::
Britain {prop} (United Kingdom) SEE: United Kingdom ::
Britain {prop} (island, see also: Great Britain; British Isles) :: Grã-Bretanha {f}
Britain {prop} (Brittany) SEE: Brittany ::
britches {n} (pants) SEE: pants ::
britches {n} (breeches) SEE: breeches ::
Briticism {n} (word or expression used in Britain) :: inglesismo {m}
British {prop} (citizens or inhabitants of Britain) :: britânicos {m-p}
British {prop} (the citizens or inhabitants of the UK) :: britânicos {m-p},
British {prop} (history: ancient inhabitants of the southern part of Britain) :: britões {m-p} [Portugal], bretões {m-p} [Brazil]
British {prop} (the British English language) :: inglês britânico
British {adj} (of Britain) :: britânico {m}
British {adj} (colloquial: of the UK) :: britânico {m}
British {adj} (history: of the ancient inhabitants of the southern part of Britain) :: britônico {m}
British Columbia {prop} (province of Canada) :: Colúmbia Britânica {f}
British Commonwealth {prop} (Commonwealth of Nations) SEE: Commonwealth of Nations ::
British Empire {prop} (empire) :: Império Britânico {m}
British English {n} (English language as in Britain, especially in England) :: inglês britânico {m}
British Isles {prop} (group of islands) :: Ilhas Britânicas {f-p}
British Virgin Islands {prop} (British overseas territory) :: Ilhas Virgens Britânicas {f-p}
Briton {n} (inhabitant of Great Britain) :: bretão {m}
Brittany {prop} (region of North West France) :: Bretanha {f}
brittle {adj} (able to break or snap easily under stress or pressure) :: frágil , quebradiço {m} , quebradiça {f}
brittle star {n} (echinoderms) :: ofiuroide {m}
Brittonic {adj} (Brythonic) SEE: Brythonic ::
Brno {prop} (city in Czech Republic) :: Brno {f}
bro {n} (a male sibling) SEE: brother ::
broach {n} (brooch) SEE: brooch ::
broad {adj} (wide) SEE: wide ::
broad {adj} (having a specified width) :: largo
broad {n} (whore) SEE: whore ::
broadband {n} (wide band of electromagnetic frequencies) :: banda larga {f}
broadband {n} (high-capacity internet connection) :: banda larga {f}
broad bean {n} (edible bean that has broad seeds) :: fava {f}
broadcast {n} (transmission of a radio or television programme) :: difusão {f}, transmissão {f}
broadcast {n} (programme transmitted) :: transmissão {f}
broadcast {n} (act of scattering seed) :: semeadura {f}
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message or signal through radio waves or electronic means) :: transmitir
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message over a wide area) :: transmitir, difundir
broadcast {v} (to appear as a performer, presenter, or speaker in a broadcast programme) :: apresentar
broadcast {v} (to sow seeds over a wide area) :: semear
broadcasting {n} (business or profession of radio and television) :: transmissão {f}
broaden {v} (to make broad) :: alargar
broaden {v} (to become broad) :: alargar-se
broad-headed bug {n} (any insect in the family Alydidae) :: alidídeo {m}
brocade {n} (fabric) :: brocado {m}
Broca's aphasia {n} (a disorder where a suffer is unable to use fluent grammar) :: afasia de Broca {f}
Broca's area {n} (area of the frontal lobe of the brain) :: área de Broca {f}
broccoli {n} (plant Brassica oleracea var. italica) :: brócolis {m-p}
brochure {n} (booklet of printed informational matter) :: brochura {f}, panfleto {m}, folheto {m}
brocialist {n} :: esquerdomacho
broke {adj} (lacking money; bankrupt) :: quebrado, duro, liso
brokeback {adj} (derelict) SEE: derelict ::
brokeback {adj} ((slang) homoerotic, see also: homoerotic) :: bicha, gay
broken {adj} (fragmented) :: quebrado
broken {adj} (having the bone in pieces, fractured) :: quebrado, fraturado
broken {adj} (of a line: dashed) :: tracejado
broken {adj} (not working properly) :: estragado
broken {adj} (completely defeated and dispirited) :: destruído
broken {adj} (having no money) :: duro
broken heart {n} (feeling of grief or loss) :: coração partido {m}
broken record {n} (Someone or something that constantly repeats itself, causing annoyance) :: disco riscado {m}, disco quebrado {m}
broker {n} (mediator between a buyer and seller) :: intermediário {m}, corretor
broker {v} (to mediate in a sale or transaction) :: intermediar
bromatology {n} (study of food) :: bromatologia {f}
bromide {n} (chemistry: binary compound of bromine and another element) :: brometo {m}
bromide {n} (platitude) SEE: platitude ::
bromine {n} (nonmetallic chemical element) :: bromo {m}
bronchial {adj} (Of or relating to the bronchi or to the bronchioles) :: bronquial
bronchiolitis {n} (inflammation of the bronchioles) :: bronquiolite {f}
bronchitis {n} (inflammation of the lungs) :: bronquite {f}
bronchodilator {n} (drug used to dilate and relax the bronchial passages) :: broncodilatador {m}
bronchoscopy {n} (technique) :: broncoscopia {f}
bronchospasm {n} (difficulty in breathing due to a contraction of smooth muscle in the walls of the bronchi and bronchioles) :: broncoespasmo {m}
bronchus {n} (Either or two branches of the trachea) :: brônquio {m}
Bronx {prop} (borough of New York City) :: Bronx {m}
bronze {v} (to tan) SEE: tan ::
bronze {n} (alloy) :: bronze {m}
bronze {n} (colour) :: bronze {m}
bronze {adj} (made of bronze) :: brônzeo
bronze {adj} (having a bronze colour) :: bronze, bronzeado, brônzeo
bronze {n} (bronze medal) SEE: bronze medal ::
Bronze Age {prop} (archaeology) :: idade do bronze {f}
bronze medal {n} (medal made of, or having the colour of, bronze) :: medalha de bronze {f}
bronze medalist {n} (bronze medal winner) :: medalhista de bronze
brooch {n} (jewellery with pin) :: broche {m}
brood {n} (the young of certain animals) :: ninhada {f}
brood {n} (the young of any egg-laying creature) :: ninhada {f}
brood {n} (the children in one family) :: prole {f}
brood {v} (to keep an egg warm) :: chocar
brood {v} (to dwell upon moodily and at length) :: ruminar, cismar
brook {n} (a small stream) :: riacho {m}, corgo {m}, córrego {m}
brook {v} (tolerate) SEE: tolerate ::
Brooklyn {prop} (borough of New York City) :: Brooklyn {m}, Brooklin {m}
broom {n} (domestic utensil) :: vassoura {f}, vassoira {f}
broom {n} (Fabaceae shrub) :: gesta {f}, giesta {f}, giesteira {f}
broom {v} (to sweep) :: varrer
broth {n} (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled) :: caldo
broth {n} (soup made from broth) :: brodo {m}
brothel {n} (house of prostitution) :: bordel {m}, lupanar {m}, prostíbulo {m}; [vulgar] putaria {f}, puteiro {m} [vulgar]
brother {n} (male sibling) :: irmão {m}
brother {n} (male having parents in common) :: irmão {m}
brother {n} (male fellow member of a religious community) :: frade {m}, irmão {m}
brother {n} (peer) :: irmão {m}
brother-german {n} (brother by birth) :: irmão de sangue {m}, irmão germano {m}
brotherhood {n} (state of being brothers or a brother) :: irmandade {f}, fraternidade {f}
brotherhood {n} (an association of any purpose, a fraternity) :: irmandade {f}, fraternidade {f}
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's brother) :: cunhado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's brother) :: cunhado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's sister's husband) :: cunhado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's sister's husband) :: concunhado {m}, cunhado {m}
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's sister's husband) :: concunhado {m}, cunhado {m}
brotherly {adj} (of or characteristic of brothers) :: fraterno, fraternal
brouhaha {n} (fuss, uproar) :: bafafá {m}
brow {n} (forehead) SEE: forehead ::
brow {n} (eyebrow) SEE: eyebrow ::
brow {n} (the projecting upper edge of a steep place such as a hill) :: pico
browbeat {v} (to bully in an intimidating way) :: intimidar
brown {n} (colour) :: castanho {m}, marrom {m}
brown {adj} (having a brown colour) :: castanho, marrom
brown {v} (to become brown) :: acastanhar
brown {v} (to cook until brown) :: dourar
brown {v} (to tan) SEE: tan ::
brown bear {n} (Ursus arctos) :: urso-pardo {m}
brown coal {n} (lignite) SEE: lignite ::
brown dwarf {n} (starlike object) :: anã marrom {f}
Brownian motion {n} (random motion of particles suspended in a fluid) :: movimento browniano {m}
brownie {n} (small rich cake) :: brownie {m}
brownish {adj} (of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown) :: amarronzado
brownnose {v} (fawn) SEE: fawn ::
brown noser {n} (one who brownnoses) :: puxa-saco {m} {f}, lambe-botas {m} {f}
brown rat {n} (Rattus norvegicus) :: ratazana {f}
Brownshirt {n} (a uniformed member of the Nazi party) :: camisa-parda {m}, camisa-marrom {m}, camisa-castanha {m}
brown sugar {n} (partially refined sugar) :: açúcar mascavo {m}
browse {v} (scan, casually look through) :: observar
browse {v} (navigate through hyperlinked documents) :: navegar
browser {n} (web browser) SEE: web browser ::
brucellosis {n} (infection by the bacterium, Brucella) :: brucelose {f}
Bruges {prop} (city in Belgium) :: Bruges {f}
bruise {n} (medical: mark on the skin) :: hematoma {m}, roxo {m}
Brumaire {prop} (the second month of the French Republican Calendar) :: brumário {m}
brumous {adj} (wintry) SEE: wintry ::
brunch {n} (a meal) :: brunch {m}
Brunei {prop} (a country in Southeast Asia) :: Brunei
brunette {adj} (Of a woman having brown or black hair) :: morena, de/com cabelo castanho
brunette {n} (A girl or woman with brown or black hair) :: morena {f}
brunette {n} (often with dark eyes and a relatively dark or olive complexion) :: morena {f}
brunion {n} (nectarine) SEE: nectarine ::
Bruno {prop} (male given name) :: Bruno {m}
bruschetta {n} (Italian toasted bread topped with garlic and tomatoes) :: brusqueta {f}
brush {n} (implement) :: brocha {f} (for painting), escova {f} (for hair or cleanliness), pincel {m}
brush {n} (electrical contact) :: escova {f}
brush {n} (act of brushing) :: escovada {f}, escovamento {m}, escovadela {f}, pincelada {f}
brush {n} (wild vegetation) :: mato {m}
brush {n} (short experience) :: encontro {m}
brush {v} (to clean (with a brush)) :: escovar
brush {v} (to untangle/arrange) :: escovar
brush {v} (to apply) :: pincelar
brush {v} (to remove) :: esfregar
brush {v} (to touch) :: roçar
brushwood {n} (fallen branches and twigs) :: capim {m}
brushwood {n} (small trees and shrubs) :: mato {m}
brusque {adj} (rudely abrupt, unfriendly) :: brusco
brusquely {adv} (in a brusque manner) :: bruscamente
Brusselian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to, Brussels) :: bruxelense, bruxelês
Brusselian {n} (someone from Brussels) :: bruxelense {m} {f}, bruxelês {m}, bruxelesa {f}
Brussels {prop} (capital of Belgium) :: Bruxelas
Brussels sprout {n} (vegetable) :: couve-de-bruxelas {f}
brutal {adj} (savagely violent) :: brutal
brutal {adj} (in heavy metal, to describe the speed of the music and the density of riffs) :: brutal
brutality {n} (a state of being brutal) :: brutalidade {f}
brute {n} (animal destitute of human reason) :: besta {f}, criatura {f}
brute {n} (brutal person) :: bruto {m}
bruxism {n} (habit of grinding the teeth) :: bruxismo {m}
Bryansk {prop} (city in Russia) :: Briansk {f}, Bryansk {f}
Bryce {prop} (given name) :: Brício {m}
Bryce {prop} (surname) :: Brício {m}
bryology {n} (The study of bryophytes) :: briologia {f}
bryophyte {n} (member of the Bryophyta; moss, liverwort, or hornwort) :: briófita {f}
Brythonic {adj} (of or relating to the Brythonic language subgroup) :: britônico
bête noire {n} (an anathema) :: besta negra {f}
bubble {n} (Greek) SEE: Greek ::
bubble {n} (spherically contained volume of air or other gas) :: bolha {f}, borbulha {f}
bubble {n} (small spherical cavity in a solid) :: bolha {f}
bubble {n} (anything resembling a hollow sphere) :: bolha {f}
bubble {n} (period of intense speculation in a market) :: bolha {f}
bubble {v} (to rise up in bubbles) :: borbulhar
bubble {n} (someone who has been fooled) SEE: dupe ::
bubble {v} (to cry, weep) SEE: weep ::
bubble {v} (to cheat, delude) SEE: cheat ::
bubble level {n} (tool) SEE: spirit level ::
bubble wrap {n} (cushioning material) :: plástico-bolha {m}
bubbly {adj} (cheerful, lively) :: alegre {m} {f}, feliz {m} {f}, vivo {m}, animado {m}
bubo {n} (inflamed lymph node) :: bubão {m}
bubonic plague {n} (disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis) :: peste bubónica {f} [Portugal], peste bubônica {f} [Brazil]
buccaneer {n} (pirate) :: bucaneiro {m}
bucentaur {n} (a supposed mythical monster, half ox, half man) :: bucentauro
Bucephalus {prop} (the warhorse of Alexander the Great) :: Bucéfalo {m}
Bucharest {prop} (The capital of Romania) :: Bucareste
buck {n} (ram) SEE: ram ::
buck {n} (male deer, goat, etc.) :: macho (“male”; some male animals have unique names)
bucket {n} (container) :: balde {m}
bucket {n} (amount held in this container) :: balde {m}
Buckingham Palace {prop} (the official London residence of the British monarch) :: Palácio de Buckingham {m}
buckle {v} (to distort under longitudinal compression) :: entortar
buckle {n} (belt clasp) :: fivela {f}
buckle {v} (to fasten) :: afivelar
buckler {n} (small shield) :: broquel
buck's party {n} (bachelor party) SEE: bachelor party ::
buckthorn {n} (plant of the genus Rhamnus) :: aderno {m}, alaterno {m}
bucktooth {n} :: dentuça {f}
bucktoothed {adj} (having buckteeth) :: dentuço
buckwheat {n} (Fagopyrum esculentum plant) :: trigo-mouro {m}, trigo-mourisco {m}, trigo-sarraceno {m}, fagópiro {m}
buckwheat {n} (fruit of this plant as cereal) :: trigo-mouro {m}, trigo-mourisco {m}, trigo-sarraceno {m}
bucolic {adj} (rustic, pastoral, country-styled) :: bucólico
bud {n} (newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded) :: botão, rebento {m}
bud {v} (to form buds) :: brotar, rebentar
bud {n} (slang: buddy) :: parceiro {m}
Budapest {prop} (the capital city of Hungary) :: Budapeste
buddha {n} (enlightened being) :: buda {m}
Buddha {n} (Buddha) :: Buda {m}
Buddhic {adj} (Buddhist) :: búdico {m}
Buddhism {n} (religion and philosophy) :: budismo {m}
Buddhist {adj} (of, relating to, or practicing Buddhism) :: budista
Buddhist {adj} (of, relating to a Buddhist, Buddhists) :: budista
Buddhist {n} (practitioner of Buddhism) :: budista {m} {f}
Buddhist {n} (follower of Buddha) :: budista {m} {f}
Buddhistic {adj} (of, relating to Buddhism) :: budístico {m}
buddy {n} (friend or casual acquaintance) :: companheiro {m}
buddy {n} (partner for a particular activity) :: colega {m} {f}
buddy {n} (informal address to a stranger) :: parceiro {m}
budge {v} (intransitive: to move) :: mover-se
budgerigar {n} (species of parakeet) :: periquito australiano {m}
budget {n} (amount of money or resources) :: orçamento {m}, verba {f}
budget {n} (itemized summary of intended expenditure) :: orçamento {m}
budget {adj} (of, or relating to a budget) :: orçamentário
budget {adj} (appropriate to a restricted budget) :: em conta
budget {v} (construct or draw up a budget) :: orçar
budget {v} (allow for in a budget) :: financiar
budgetary {adj} (of or pertaining to a budget) :: orçamentário {m}
Buenos Aires {prop} (capital of Argentina) :: Buenos Aires {f}
buff {adj} (Unusually muscular) :: bombado
buffalo {n} (Old World mammals) :: búfalo {m}
buffalo {n} (North American bison) :: bisão {m}
Buffalo {prop} (a city in New York State) :: Búfalo {f}, Buffalo {f}
buffer {n} (portion of memory in computing) :: buffer {m}
buffer {n} (solution to stabilize pH) :: solução tampão
buffer {v} (maintain a given acidity) :: tamponar
buffer solution {n} (buffer solution) :: solução tampão
buffet {n} (counter or sideboard) :: buffet {m}
buffet {n} (food) :: buffet {m}
bufflehead {n} (a duck in the goldeneye genus, Bucephala albeola) :: pato-de-touca-branca {m}
buffoon {n} (one who acts in a silly or ridiculous fashion) :: palhaço {m}, bufão {m}
bug {n} (an insect of the order Hemiptera) :: hemíptero
bug {n} (a colloquial name for insect) :: bicho {m}, bichinho {m}
bug {n} (problem that needs fixing (especially in computing)) :: defeito {m}, falha {f}, bug {m}, erro {m}
bug {n} (contagious illness, bacteria, virus) :: micróbio {m}
bug {n} (an enthusiasm for something) :: ânimo {m}
bug {n} (an electronic listening device) :: [Brazil] grampo {m}
bug {v} (to annoy) :: chatear
bug {v} (to install an electronic listening device in) :: [Brazil] grampear
bugger {n} (heretic) SEE: heretic ::
bugger {n} (whippersnapper) SEE: whippersnapper ::
bugger factor {n} (Murphy's law) SEE: Murphy's law ::
bugger off {interj} (go away) SEE: get lost ::
buggy {n} (A small motor vehicle, such as a dune buggy) :: bugue {m}
buggy {adj} (containing programming errors) :: bugado
buggy {n} (shopping cart) SEE: shopping cart ::
bugle {n} (music: simple brass instrument) :: clarim
build {v} ((transitive) to form by combining materials or parts) :: construir
build {n} (physique) :: físico {m}
build castles in the air {v} (to have any desire, idea, or plan unlikely to be realized) :: fazer castelos no ar
builder {n} (a person who builds or constructs things) :: construtor {m}, construtora {f}, empreiteiro {m}, empreiteira {f}
builder {n} (a bodybuilder) SEE: bodybuilder ::
building {n} (act or process of building) :: construção {f}, edificação {f}
building {n} (closed structure with walls and a roof) :: edifício {m}, prédio {m}
building material {n} (any material which is used for construction purposes) :: material de construção {m}
building site {n} (place where a building is located, under construction, or will be erected) :: canteiro de obras
building worker {n} (construction worker) SEE: construction worker ::
built-in {adj} (constructed as a non-detachable part) :: acoplado
built-in {adj} (essential) :: essencial {m}
built-in {adj} (included) :: incorporado
Bujumbura {prop} (capital of Burundi) :: Bujumbura {f}
Bukhara {prop} (city in Uzbekistan) :: Bucara {f}, Bukhara {f}
bukkake {n} (act of multiple people ejaculating on someone) :: bukkake
bulb {n} (rounded solid object) :: bulbo {m}
bulb {n} (bulb-shaped root) :: bulbo {m}
bulb {n} (light bulb) SEE: light bulb ::
bulbourethral gland {n} (bulbourethral gland) :: glândula bulbouretral {f}
bulbous {adj} (growing from a bulb or producing bulbs) :: bulboso
Bulgaria {prop} (country) :: Bulgária {f}
Bulgarian {adj} (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language) :: búlgaro
Bulgarian {n} (native of Bulgaria) :: búlgaro {m}, búlgara {f}
Bulgarian {n} (language) :: búlgaro {m}
bulge {n} (Something sticking out) :: protuberância, saliência, bojo {m}
bulge {v} (to stick out from) :: protuberar
bulimia {n} (eating disorder) :: bulimia nervosa
bulimia nervosa {n} (eating disorder) SEE: bulimia ::
bulk {n} (volume) :: volume {m}, quantidade {f}
bulk {n} (major part of something) :: grosso {m}
bulk {n} (unpackaged goods in transport) :: granel
bulk {adj} (large in size, mass, or volume) :: em massa
bulkhead {n} (partition on ship) :: antepara {f}, comporta {f}
bulky {adj} (large in size, mass, or volume) :: grosso, volumoso, massudo
bull {n} (uncastrated adult male bovine) :: touro {m}, toiro {m}
bull {n} (adult male animal) :: macho {m}
bull {n} (large, strong man) :: brutamontes {m}
bull {n} (slang: policeman) :: tira {m} {f}
bull {adj} (large and strong) :: grande {m}
bull {adj} (male) :: macho {m}
bull {v} (force oneself) :: forçar
bull {n} (document) :: bula {f}
bull {n} (seal) :: selo {m}
bull {n} (nonsense) :: papo-furado {m}, conversa fiada {f}, besteira {f}
bullcrap {n} (bullshit) SEE: bullshit ::
bulldog {n} (breed of dog) :: bulldog {m}, buldogue {m}
bulldozer {n} (tractor) :: trator (de terraplanagem/terraplenagem) {m}
bullet {n} (projectile) :: bala {f}
bullet ant {n} (Paraponera clavata) :: tocandira {f}
bullet hole {n} (wound) :: tiro {m}
bullet hole {n} (hole) :: buraco de bala {m}, tiro {m}
bulletin board {n} (a board) :: quadro de avisos {m}
bulletproof {adj} (capable of withstanding a bullet) :: à prova de balas
bulletproof vest {n} (bulletproof vest) :: colete à prova de balas {m}, colete balístico {m}
bullet train {n} (Japanese high-speed train) :: trem-bala {m}
bullet train {n} (high-speed train) :: trem-bala {m}
bull fiddle {n} (instrument) SEE: double bass ::
bullfighter {n} (a toreador or matador) :: toureiro {m}, toireiro {m}, toureador {m}
bullfighting {n} (spectacle of manipulating and killing a bull) :: tauromaquia {f}, tourada {f}, corrida de touros {f}
bullfinch {n} (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) :: dom-fafe {m}
bullfrog {n} (bullfrog) :: rã-touro {f}
bullhorn {n} (portable device which electronically amplifies a person’s natural voice) :: megafone {m}
bullion {n} (bulk quantity of precious metal) :: barra {f}
bullionism {n} (an economic theory that defines wealth by the amount of precious metals owned) :: bulionismo {m}
bull market {n} (state of stock market) :: mercado altista {m}
bullock {n} ((archaic) a young bull) :: novilho {m}
bull ring {n} (bullring) SEE: bullring ::
bullring {n} (area in which a bullfight is takes place) :: praça de touros {f}
bullroarer {n} (musical instrument) :: rombo {m}
bullseye {n} (centre of a target) :: na mosca {f}, muche {f}
bullshit {n} (deceitful statements, etc) :: besteira {f}, asneira {f}, merda {f}
bullshit {n} (object of frustration) :: palhaçada
bullshit {v} (to tell lies, exaggerate) :: enganar {m}
bullshit {v} (to have casual conversation with no real point) :: bater papo
bullshit {interj} (expression of disbelief) :: mentira {f}, nada a ver
bully {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp ::
bully {n} (person who is cruel to others) :: rufião {m}, valentão {m}
bully {v} (to intimidate) :: intimidar, bulir, oprimir
bully {v} (act aggressively towards) :: atormentar, aterrorizar, maltratar, tiranizar, oprimir
bully {adj} (very good; excellent) :: valente
bully {interj} (well done!) :: bravo
bullying {n} (act of intimidating a person) :: bullying {m}
bullying {n} (persistent acts intended to make life unpleasant) :: bullying {m}
bulrush {n} (Any of several wetland plants) :: junco {m}, taboa {f}
bulwark {n} (a defensive wall or rampart) :: baluarte {m}
bulwark {n} (a defense or safeguard) :: baluarte {m}
bulwark {n} (a breakwater) :: quebra-mar {m}
bulwark {n} ((nautical) the planking or plating along the sides of a nautical vessel above her gunwale) :: amurada {f}
bum {n} (informal: buttocks or anus) :: nalgas, cu, ânus {m}, traseiro {m}, bunda {f}, bumbum {m}
bum {n} (informal: butt(ocks) specifically) :: nalgas, bunda {f}, nádegas {f-p}, bumbum {m}
bum {n} (anus specifically) :: cu, ânus {m}, brioco {m}, toba {m}
bum {n} (hobo) :: sem-teto {m} {f}
bum {v} (to beg for something) :: implorar
bumblebee {n} (genus of bee) :: abelhão {m}, mamangaba {f}, mangangá {f}
bumfodder {n} (toilet paper) SEE: toilet paper ::
bumfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy ::
bump {n} (the sound of such a collision) :: estrondo {m}
bump {n} (a protuberance on a level surface) :: saliência {f}, protuberância {f}
bump {n} (a swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury) :: inchaço {m}, galo
bumper {n} (impact absorber on a vehicle) :: para-choque {m}, para-choques {m}
bumper car {n} (vehicle) :: carrinho de choque {m}
bumpy {adj} (jumpy; causing or characterized by jolts and irregular movements) :: acidentado
bumpy {adj} (covered with bumps) :: enrrugado
bun {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie ::
bun {n} (A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced) :: pãozinho (doce) {m}
bun {n} (A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head) :: coque {m}
bunch {n} (a group of similar things) :: penca {f}, cacho {m}, molho {m} [coletivo de chaves]
bunch {n} (an informal body of friends) :: cambada
bunch {n} (a considerable amount) :: penca {f}
bundle {n} (group of objects held together by wrapping or tying) :: fardo {m}
bundle {n} (package wrapped or tied up for carrying) :: pacote {m}, embrulho {m}
bundle {n} (biology: cluster of closely bound muscle or nerve fibres) :: feixe {m}
bundle {n} (colloquial: large amount, especially of money) :: monte {m}
bundle {v} (to tie or wrap together) :: enfardar
bung {n} (bribe) SEE: bribe ::
bungalow {n} (small house or cottage) :: bangalô {m}
bungee jumping {n} (jumping from a great height with a cord) :: bungee jumping {m}, bungee jump {m}
bungling {n} (incompetence) :: deslize {m}, gafe {f}
bunion {n} (bump on the big toe) :: joanete {m}
bunk {n} (one of a series of berth in tiers) :: beliche {m}
bunk {n} ((nautical) built-in bed on board ship) :: beliche {m}
bunk bed {n} (two or more beds fixed on top of one another) :: beliche {m}
bunkbed {n} (bunk bed) SEE: bunk bed ::
bunker {n} (hardened shelter) :: casamata
bunny {n} (young rabbit) :: coelhinho {m}
bunny {n} (women in a costume of rabbit ears and tail) :: coelhinha {f}
Bunsen burner {n} (small laboratory gas burner) :: bico de Bunsen {m}
bunting {n} (bird) :: emberiza {f}
buoy {n} (moored float) :: bóia {f}
buoy {v} (maintain or enhance enthusiasm or confidence) :: sustentar
buoy {n} (life preserver) SEE: life preserver ::
buoyance {n} (buoyancy) SEE: buoyancy ::
buoyancy {n} (physics: upward force on an immersed body) :: impulsão {f}, empuxo
bur {n} (prickly husk) SEE: burr ::
burble {v} (to bubble, to gurgle) :: borbulhar
burden {n} (heavy load) :: carga, fardo {m}
burden {n} (responsibility, onus) :: responsabilidade {f}, obrigação
burden {n} (cause of worry) :: preocupação {f}
burden {v} (encumber) :: carregar
burden of proof {n} (duty of a party in a legal proceeding) :: ônus da prova {m}
burden of proof {n} (obligation of the person making a claim to provide evidence for their position) :: ônus da prova {m}
burdensome {adj} (of or like a burden; arduous or demanding) :: exigente
burdock {n} (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium) :: bardana
bureau {n} (translations to be checked) :: escritório {m}, birô {m}
bureau {n} (desk) :: mesa, escrivaninha, birô {m}
bureau {n} (chest of drawers for clothes) :: cômoda {f}, cômodas {f-p}
bureau {n} (office (room)) SEE: office ::
bureaucracy {n} (system of administration) :: burocracia {f}
bureaucrat {n} (An official in a bureaucracy) :: burocrata {m} {f}
bureaucratic {adj} (of or pertaining to bureaucracy) :: burocrático
bureau de change {n} (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged) :: casa de câmbio {f}
burg {n} (fortified town in medieval Europe) :: burgo {m}
Burgas {prop} (city in Bulgaria) :: Burgas {m}
burgee {n} (a broad tapering pennant) :: flâmula {f}, galhardete {m}
Burgenland {prop} (the easternmost federal state of Austria) :: Burgenland {m}
burgeon {v} (to grow or expand) :: desabrochar
burger {n} (informal: hamburger) :: xis {m}
burger bar {n} (fast-food restaurant primarily selling hamburgers) :: hamburgueria {f}
burggrave {n} (one appointed to the command of a burg) :: burgrave {m}
burglar {n} (thief who steals from premises) :: ladrão {m}
burglary {n} (the crime of breaking into) :: arrombamento {m}
burgomaster {n} (the mayor of a town in certain countries) :: burgomestre {m}
burgundy {n} (color) :: bordô
burgundy {adj} (color) :: bordô, vinho
Burgundy {prop} (region) :: Borgonha {f}, Burgúndia {f}
burial {n} (interment) :: enterro, sepultura, inumação
burka {n} (female garment that covers the whole body) :: burca
Burkina Faso {prop} (country) :: Burquina Faso
burlap {n} (strong cloth) :: serapilheira {f}, aniagem {f}
burly {adj} (well-built) :: corpulento {m}, grandão {m}
Burma {prop} (Southeast Asian country (former name), see also: Myanmar) :: Birmânia {f}
Burmese {adj} (Of or relating to Burma) :: birmanês {m}, birmã {m}, birmane {m}
Burmese {n} (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent) :: birmã {m} {f}, birmane {m} {f}
Burmese {n} (cat) :: birmanês {m}, sagrado da Birmânia {m}
Burmese {prop} (language) :: birmanês {m}, birmã {m}, birmane {m}
burn {n} (physical injury) :: queimadura {f}
burn {n} (act of burning something) :: queimada {f}, queima {f}, queimamento {m}
burn {n} (physical sensation in the muscles) :: queimação {f}
burn {v} (to cause to be consumed by fire) :: queimar, atear fogo
burn {v} (to be consumed by fire) :: arder, queimar, pirar
burn {v} (to overheat so as to make unusable) :: queimar
burn {v} (to become overheated) :: queimar
burn {v} (to injure with heat or chemicals) :: queimar
burn {v} (to feel hot due to embarrassment) :: queimar, arder
burn {v} (computing: to write data) :: gravar
burn {v} (to betray) :: queimar
burn {n} (vegetable disease) SEE: brand ::
burn {v} (to cauterize) SEE: cauterize ::
burn {v} (to sunburn) SEE: sunburn ::
burn down {v} (cause a structure to burn to nothing) :: carbonizar
burner {n} (computing: device that allows data or music to be stored on a CD) :: gravador de CD {m}
burning {adj} (so hot as to seem to burn (something)) :: ardente
burning {adj} (feeling very hot) :: ardente
burning {adj} (feeling great passion) :: ardente
burning {n} (fire) :: queima {f}
burning bush {n} (biblical object) :: sarça ardente {f}
burn one's bridges {v} (burn one's bridges) :: queimar as pontes
burnoose {n} (a thick hooded cloak) :: albornoz {m}
burn out {v} (to tire due to overwork) :: ficar esgotado/exausto
burnout {n} (using the throttle to spin the wheels of a vehicle being held stationary) :: borrachão {m}
burnt {adj} (carbonized) :: queimado
burnt {adj} (sun-burned) :: queimado
burn the midnight oil {v} (work through the night) :: passar a noite em claro, virar a noite, fazer uma direta
buro {n} (office) :: escritório {m}
buro {n} (desk) :: mesa, escrivaninha
buro {n} (chest of drawers for clothes) :: cômoda {f}, cômodas {f-p}
burocracy {n} (structure and regulations in place to control activity) :: burocracia {f}
burocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to bureaucracy) :: burocrático
burp {n} (a softer belch) :: arroto {m}
burp {v} (to emit a burp) :: arrotar [Brazil]
burqa {n} (burka) SEE: burka ::
burr {n} (seed pod with sharp features) :: ouriço {m}
burr {n} (mispronouncion of "r") :: rotacismo {m}
burr cell {n} :: equinócito
burrito {n} (Mexican dish) :: burrito {m}
burro {n} (small donkey) :: burrico {m}, burrego {m}, burrinho {m}
burrow {n} (a tunnel or hole) :: túnel, toca
burrow {v} (to dig a hole) :: cavar
burst {n} (instance or act of bursting) :: estouro {m}, explosão {f}
burst {v} (to break from internal pressure) :: arrebentar, estourar
burst {v} (to cause to burst) :: estourar
burst out laughing {v} (suddenly start laughing intensely) :: explodir em risadas
burst someone's bubble {v} (to disillusion; to disabuse someone of a false notion or rationalization that has grown comfortable) :: cortar o barato de alguém
Burundi {prop} (a country in Eastern Africa) :: Burúndi
bury {v} (inter a corpse in a grave or tomb) :: enterrar
bury {v} (place in the ground) :: enterrar, soterrar
bury {v} (hide or conceal as if by covering with earth) :: enterrar
bury {v} (to put an end to; to abandon) :: esquecer
Buryatia {prop} (Buryatia, Russia) :: Buriatia {f}
bury the hatchet {v} (to stop fighting or arguing) :: fazer as pazes
bus {n} (vehicle) :: ônibus {m} [Brazil], autocarro {m} [Portugal], [Angola] machimbombo {m}
bus {n} (electrical conductor) :: barramento {m}
bus {n} (medical slang: ambulance) SEE: ambulance ::
Busan {prop} (Busan, South Korea) :: Busan {f}
Buscemi {prop} (city of Sicily) :: Buscemi
bus driver {n} (driver of a bus) :: motorista de autocarro/ônibus {m} {f}
bush {n} (category of woody plant) :: arbusto {m}, moita {f}
bush {n} (remote undeveloped and uncultivated rural area) :: mato {m}
Bush {prop} (surname) :: Bush {m} {f}
bush dog {n} (a wild canine animal) :: cachorro do mato {m}
bushel {n} (dry measure) :: alqueire {m}
bushido {n} (ethical code of the samurai) :: bushido {m}
Bushism {prop} (political philosophy) :: bushimo {m}
Bushman {n} (Bushman) :: bosquímano {m}
bushmaster {n} (pit viper) :: surucucu {f}
bush pig {n} (pig of the genus Potamochoerus) :: porco vermelho {m}
business {n} (commercial enterprise or establishment) :: negócio {m}
business {n} (occupation, work or trade of a person) :: ramo, trabalho {m}, negócio {m}
business {n} (commercial, industrial or professional activity) :: negócio {m}
business administration {n} (course of study) :: administração {f}
business card {n} (small card) :: cartão {m}, cartão de visita {m}
business class {n} (class of travelling) :: executiva {f}
business cycle {n} (economic fluctuation) :: ciclo de negócios {m}
business hours {n} (hours and days when a given business is available to the public) :: horário de atendimento {m}, horário de funcionamento {m}
business hours {n} (hours and days when businesses generally operate) :: horário comercial {m}
businessman {n} (a man in business, one who works at a commercial institution) :: empresário {m}, homem de negócios {m}, negociante {m} {f}
business model {n} (way in which a business ensures it generates income) :: modelo de negócios {m}
business trip {n} (business trip) :: viagem a negócios {f}
businesswoman {n} (woman of business) :: mulher de negócios {f}
bus lane {n} (lane for bus) :: faixa de ônibus {f}
bus station {n} (major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large number of routes) :: estação de ônibus {f}, rodoviária {f}
bus stop {n} (a stop for public transport buses) :: ponto de ônibus {m} [Brazil], parada de ônibus {m} [Brazil], paragem (de autocarro) {f} [Portugal]
bust {n} (sculptural portrayal of a person's head and shoulders) :: busto {m}
bust {n} (breasts and upper thorax of a woman) :: busto {m}
bustard {n} (any of several birds of the family Otididae) :: abetarda {f}
buster {n} (loser, uncool person) :: otário {m}
bustier {n} (a tight-fitting women's top) :: bustiê {m}
bustle {n} (excited activity) :: freneticidade {f}
busty {adj} (having large breasts) :: peituda
busy {adj} (doing a great deal) :: ocupado
busy {adj} (engaged) :: ocupado
busybody {n} (someone who interferes with others) :: intrometido {m}
but {conj} (rather) :: mas, porém
but {conj} (although) :: embora, mas
but {conj} (except) :: exceto, salvo
butane {n} (the organic compound) :: butano {m}
butanone {n} (the simple aliphatic ketone: CH3CH2COCH3) :: butanona {f}
butcher {n} (a person who prepares and sells meat) :: talhante {m} {f} [Portugal], açougueiro {m}, açougueira {f} [Brazil]
butcher {n} (a brutal or indiscriminate killer) :: carniceiro {m}
butcher {v} (To slaughter animals and prepare meat for market) :: abater, talhar, cortar
butcher {v} (to kill brutally) :: trucidar, massacrar
butcher's {n} (butcher’s shop) :: matadouro, talho {m}, açougue {m}
butchershop {n} (a butcher's shop) :: matadouro, talho {m}, açougue {m}
butchery {n} (abattoir) SEE: abattoir ::
butler {n} (manservant having charge of wines and liquors) :: mordomo {m}
butler {n} (chief male servant) :: mordomo {m}
butt {n} (larger or thicker end of anything; blunt end) :: bumbum {m}
butt {n} (buttocks) :: cu, bunda {f}, nádegas {f-p}
butt {n} (remnant of a smoked cigarette or cigar) :: bituca {f}, guimba {f}, beata {f}
butt crack {n} (groove between buttocks) :: cofrinho
buttcrack {n} (butt crack) SEE: butt crack ::
butte {n} (hill) :: planalto {m}
butter {n} (soft foodstuff made from milk) :: manteiga {f}
butter {v} (to spread butter on, see also: spread; butter) :: amanteigar, passar manteiga em
buttercup {n} (flower of the genus Narcissus) SEE: daffodil ::
buttercup {n} (herb of the genus Ranunculus) :: ranúnculo {m}
butter dish {n} (specialised dish in which butter is served) :: manteigueira {f}
butterfingers {n} (clumsy person who drops things) :: mão furada {f}
butterfly {n} (insect) :: borboleta {f}, panapaná {m} [Brazil]
butterfly {n} (swimming stroke) SEE: butterfly stroke ::
butterfly effect {n} (technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory) :: efeito borboleta {m}
butterfly net {n} (net used to collect butterflies) :: puçá {m}
butterfly stroke {n} (swimming stroke) :: nado borboleta {m}, estilo borboleta {m}
buttermilk {n} (traditional buttermilk) :: leitelho {m}, soro de manteiga {m}
butter up {v} (to flatter) :: bajular
buttfuck {n} (sodomy) SEE: sodomy ::
butthole {n} (anus) SEE: anus ::
butt in {v} (join conversation when not welcome) :: intrometer-se
butt-naked {adj} (naked) SEE: naked ::
buttock {n} (each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body) :: nádega {f}, traseiro {m}, fundilhos {m-p}
button {n} (knob or small disc serving as a fastener) :: botão {m}
button {n} (a mechanical device meant to be pressed with a finger) :: botão {m}
button {n} (in computer software, an on-screen control that can be selected) :: botão {m}
button {n} (a badge worn on clothes) :: bottom {m}, botão {m}
button {n} (botany: a bud) :: botão {m}
button {n} (slang: clitoris) :: grelo {m}
button {v} (to fasten with a button) :: abotoar
buttonhole {n} (hole for a button) :: casa de botão {f}, casa {f}, botoeira {f}
button mushroom {n} (Agaricus bisporus) :: champignon {m}
buttonwood {n} (mangrove) SEE: mangrove ::
buttress {n} (brick or stone structure built against another structure to support it) :: botaréu {m}, contraforte {m}
buttress {n} (anything that serves to support something) :: contraforte {m}, apoio {m}, proteção {f}, anteparo {m}, reforço {m}
buttress {n} (feature jutting out from mountain; crag, bluff) :: contraforte {m}
butyl {n} (Any of four isomeric univalent hydrocarbon radicals, C4H9) :: butil {m}
buy {v} (to obtain something with money) :: comprar, adquirir
buy {v} (to accept as true) :: engolir
buy {n} (purchase) SEE: purchase ::
buyable {adj} (that can be bought) :: comprável
buyer {n} (person who makes purchases) :: comprador {m}, compradora {f}
buying power {n} (purchasing power) SEE: purchasing power ::
buy the farm {v} (to die) :: bater as botas
buzz {n} (humming noise) :: zumbido {m}
buzz {n} (telephone call) :: ligação {f}
buzz {v} (to make a low, humming or sibilant sound) :: zumbir
buzzard {n} (bird of the genus Buteo) :: águia-de-asa-redonda {f}, milhafre {m}
buzzard {n} (scavenging bird) SEE: vulture ::
buzzer {n} (device) :: cigarra {f}
buzzword {n} (word drawn from or imitative of technical jargon) :: buzzword {m} {f}
Bwiti {prop} (an animistic religion of Gabon and Cameroon) :: bwiti {m}, buiti {m}
by {prep} (near, or next to) :: perto, próximo {m}
by {prep} (not later than) :: até
by {prep} (indication of passive voice) :: por
by {prep} (indicates creator of a work) :: por, de
by {prep} (indicates a means) :: por, a
by {prep} (indicates a rule followed) :: por
by {prep} (indicating amount of progression) :: em
by {prep} (steady progression) :: por
by {prep} (with the authority of) :: por
by {adv} (along a path) :: por mim {s}, por nós {p}
by accident {adv} (accidentally) SEE: accidentally ::
by all means {prep} (emphatically yes, definitely) :: absolutamente, com certeza, sem dúvida
by and by {adv} (soon) SEE: soon ::
by and large {adv} (mostly, generally; with few exceptions) :: em geral, no geral
Byblos {prop} (port city in Lebanon) :: Biblo, Biblos, Byblo, Byblos
by chance {prep} (unexpected(ly); accidental(ly)) :: por acaso, casualmente
bycoket {n} (type of ancient cap or headdress) :: abacote {m}
by default {prep} (in absence of any opposing action) :: por omissão, por defeito
Bydgoszcz {prop} (a city in Poland) :: Bydgoszcz {f}
by dint of {prep} (because of) SEE: because of ::
by dint of {prep} (by means of) SEE: by means of ::
bye {interj} (short for goodbye, see also: goodbye) :: tchau, até mais, até logo [see you soon, a bit formal], até breve [see you soon, formal], adeus [formal, leaving for long]
bye-bye {n} (goodbye, see also: bye; goodbye) :: tchau tchau
by-election {n} (special election) :: eleição suplementar {f}
Byelorussian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic) :: RSS da Bielorrússia
by far {prep} (to a large extent) :: de longe
by foot {adv} (on foot) SEE: on foot ::
by hand {prep} (manually) SEE: manually ::
by hand {prep} (manually) :: à mão
by heart {prep} (knowing completely) :: de cor, de memória, na ponta da língua
by hook or by crook {prep} (by any means possible) :: como for, por bem ou por mal
bylaw {n} (law or rule governing the internal affairs of an organization) :: estatuto
bylina {n} (traditional East Slavic oral epic narrative poem) :: bilina {f}
by means of {prep} (By using) :: por meio de
by mistake {prep} (mistakenly) SEE: mistakenly ::
by no means {prep} (certainly not) :: de modo algum
by now {prep} (now) :: por ora, por agora
by oneself {prep} (without help) :: sozinho {m}
by oneself {prep} (without company) :: sozinho, , por si
bypass {n} (road) :: desvio {m}, contorno {m}
bypass {n} (circumvention) :: desvio {m}
bypass {n} (alternative passage for a bodily fluid) :: ponte {f}, bypass {m}
bypass {v} (to avoid an obstacle etc, by constructing or using a bypass) :: contornar
bypass {v} (to ignore the usual channels or procedures) :: contornar
byproduct {n} (secondary or additional product) :: derivado {m}
by-product {n} (secondary product) :: subproduto {m}
by-product {n} (side effect) :: subproduto {m}
byre {n} (a barn, especially one used for keeping cattle) :: vacaria {f}
bystander {n} (a person who, although present at some event, does not take part in it; an observer or spectator) :: espectador {m}
byte {n} (unit) :: byte {m}, baite {m}
by the Grace of God {prep} (By divine right) :: pela graça de Deus
by the time {prep} (when) SEE: when ::
by the way {prep} (incidentally) :: a propósito, aliás, por sinal, diga-se de passagem, já agora
by turns {adv} (one after the other) SEE: in turn ::
by virtue of {prep} (because of) :: em virtude de
byword {n} (a proverb) :: dito {m}
Byzantine {adj} (of or pertaining to Byzantium) :: bizantino
Byzantine {adj} (belonging to the civilisation of the Eastern-Roman empire) :: bizantino
Byzantine {adj} (overly complex or intricate) :: bizantino
Byzantine {n} (native of Byzantine Empire) :: bizantino {m}, bizantina {f}
Byzantine Empire {prop} (Greek-speaking empire in the Eastern Mediterranean region) :: Império Bizantino {m}
Byzantium {prop} (Byzantine Empire) SEE: Byzantine Empire ::
Byzantium {prop} (ancient Greek city) :: Bizâncio