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IaaS {n} (Infrastructure as a Service)  :: IaaS {c}
I am {interj} (I'm) SEE: I'm  ::
iamb {n} (a metrical foot)  :: jamb {c}
iambic {adj} (consisting of iambs or characterized by their predominance)  :: jambisk
iambic pentameter {n} (a poetic meter)  :: jambisk pentameter
Iamblichus {prop} (Greek philosopher)  :: Iamblichos {m}
I am blind {phrase} (I'm blind) SEE: I'm blind  ::
I am English {phrase} (I am English)  :: jag kommer från England, jag är engelsman {m}, jag är engelska {f}
I am hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry) SEE: I'm hungry  ::
I am thirsty {phrase} (I'm thirsty) SEE: I'm thirsty  ::
I am tired {phrase} (I'm tired) SEE: I'm tired  ::
I am twenty years old {phrase} (I'm twenty years old) SEE: I'm twenty years old  ::
I am ... year(s) old {phrase} (I'm ... year(s) old) SEE: I'm ... year(s) old  ::
Iberia {prop} (region south of the Pyrenees)  :: Pyreneiska halvön, Iberiska halvön
Iberian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Iberiska halvön {c}
Iberian Sea {prop} (Balearic Sea) SEE: Balearic Sea  ::
ibex {n} (type of wild mountain goat)  :: alpstenbock {?}
Ibiza {prop} (island)  :: Ibiza {n}
-ible {suffix} (able to be done)  :: -bar
-ible {suffix} (relevant or suitable to, in accordance with)  :: -abel, -bar
-ible {suffix} (expressing capacity or worthiness in a passive sense)  :: -bar
ibuprofen {n} (pharmaceutical drug)  :: ibuprofen
-ic {suffix} (Note: these translations are a guide only. For more precise translations, see individual words ending in -ic)  :: -isk
I came, I saw, I conquered {phrase} (used to indicate a total swift victory)  :: jag kom, jag såg, jag segrade
I can't find my ... {phrase} (I can't find my ...)  :: jag kan inte hitta min ... {c}, jag kan inte hitta mitt ... {n}, jag kan inte hitta mina ... {p}
ICAO {initialism} (International Civil Aviation Organization)  :: ICAO, Internationella civila luftfartsorganisationen {c} [official Swedish name]
ICAO spelling alphabet {n} (ICAO radiotelephony spelling alphabet)  :: ICAO:s bokstaveringsalfabet {n},
Icarus {prop}  :: Ikaros {m}
ice {n} (water in frozen form)  :: is {c}
ice {n} (frozen volatile chemical)  :: is {c}
ice {n} (frozen dessert)  :: glass {c}, isglass {c}
ice {n} (icehockey: area where game is played)  :: is {c}
ice {v} (to cover with icing)  :: glasera
ice {n} (diamond) SEE: diamond  ::
ice age {n} (period of extensive glaciation (glacial period))  :: istid {c}
ice bear {n} (polar bear) SEE: polar bear  ::
iceberg {n} (huge mass of floating ice)  :: isberg {n}
iceberg lettuce {n} (vegetable)  :: isbergssallad {c}
icebox {n} (compartment of a refrigerator used as a freezer)  :: frysfack {n}
icebox {n} (refrigerator) SEE: refrigerator  ::
icebreaker {n} (ship designed to break through ice)  :: isbrytare {c}
icebreaker {n} (game, anecdote, or other activity to help introduce people)  :: isbrytare {c}
ice-cold {adj} (as cold as ice)  :: iskall
ice-cold {adj} (distant)  :: iskall
ice cream {n} (dessert)  :: glass {c}
ice cream {n} (in a cone)  :: glasstrut {c}, strutglass {c}
ice cream cone {n} (conical confection for holding ice cream)  :: glasstrut {c}, strut {c}, våffla {c}
ice cream cone {n} (any edible container used to hold ice cream)  :: behållare {c}, tråg {n}, båt {c}
ice cream cone {n} (cone filled with ice cream)  :: glasstrut {c}, strut {c}
ice cream maker {n} (machine used to make homemade ice cream)  :: glassmaskin {c}
ice cream parlor {n} (business)  :: glassbar {c}
ice cream truck {n} (vehicle)  :: glassbil
ice cube {n} (small piece of ice used for cooling drinks)  :: isbit {c}, iskub {c}
ice dancing {n} (figure skating)  :: isdans {c}
iced coffee {n} (beverage)  :: iskaffe {n}
iced tea {n} (beverage)  :: iste {n}
ice floe {n} (floe) SEE: floe  ::
ice hockey {n} (hockey)  :: ishockey {c}
Iceland {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Island
Icelander {n} (a person from Iceland or of Icelandic descent)  :: islänning {c}, isländska {f}
Icelandic {prop} (language)  :: isländska {c}
Icelandic {adj} (of or relating to Iceland)  :: isländsk, isländskt {n}, isländska {p}
Icelandic {n} (Icelander) SEE: Icelander  ::
Icelandic {n} (Icelandic horse) SEE: Icelandic horse  ::
Icelandic horse {n} (breed of horse)  :: islandshäst {c}
Icelandic Sheepdog {n} (Icelandic Sheepdog)  :: isländsk fårhund
Icelandish {prop} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
Icelandish {adj} (Icelandic) SEE: Icelandic  ::
ice lolly {n} (frozen juice)  :: isglasspinne {c}, isglass {c}
ice sculpture {n} (sculpture carved from ice)  :: isskulptur {c}
ice skate {n} (a light boot, fitted with a blade, used for skating on ice)  :: skridsko {c}
ice skating {n} (the act, or the sport, of skating on ice)  :: skridskoåkning {c}
ice swimmer {n} (one who participates in ice swimming)  :: vinterbadare {c}
ice swimming {n} (swimming in icy water)  :: vinterbad {n}
ichthyology {n} (branch of zoology devoted to the study of fish)  :: iktyologi
icicle {n} (a spear-shape of ice)  :: istapp {c}
icing {n} (sweet glaze used for baked goods)  :: glasyr
icing {n} (minor violation of ice hockey rules)  :: icing {c}
icing sugar {n} (powdered sugar) SEE: powdered sugar  ::
icky {adj} (unpleasantly sticky; yucky; disgusting)  :: äcklig
icky {adj} (excessively sentimental)  :: sliskig
icon {n} (image)  :: ikon {c}, bild {c}
icon {n} (religious painting)  :: ikon {c}
icon {n} (exemplar)  :: ikon {c}, förebild {c}
icon {n} (small picture, computer icon)  :: ikon {c}, symbol {c}
iconostasis {n} (a wall of icons)  :: ikonostas
icosahedron {n} (a polyhedron)  :: ikosaeder {c}
I could eat a horse {phrase} (very hungry)  :: jag är hungrig som en varg
-ics {suffix} (fields of knowledge or practice)  :: -tik
ICU {n} (intensive care unit)  :: intensivvårdsavdelning {c}
ID {n} (identification or identity documentation) SEE: ID card  ::
Ida {prop} (female given name)  :: Ida
IDaaS {n} (Infrastructure as a Service)  :: IDaaS {c}
ID card {n} (card or badge showing the official identity of the wearer)  :: identifikation {c}, legitimation {c}, ID-kort {n}
ide {n} (fish)  :: id {c}
-ide {suffix} (binary compound of a nonmetal)  :: -id
-ide {suffix} (any of a group of several elements)  :: -oid
idea {n} (image formed in the mind)  :: idé, tanke
idea {n} (conception of sthg to be done, plan, intention)  :: idé {c}
ideal {n} (a perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc.)  :: ideal {n}
ideal {n} ((algebra))  :: ideal {n}
ideal gas {n} (hypothetical gas)  :: perfekt klassisk gas
idempotent {adj} (mathematics: an action which, when performed multiple time, has no further effect on its subject after the first time it is performed)  :: idempotent
identical {adj} (bearing full likeness)  :: identisk
identical {adj} (of twins, such that they share the same genetic code)  :: enäggstvilling
identical {adj} (mathematics: exactly equivalent)  :: identisk
identification {n} (the act of identifying, or proving to be the same)  :: identification
identify {v} (to establish the identity of someone or something)  :: identifiera
identify {v} (to associate oneself with some group)  :: identifiera sig
identity {n} (name or persona)  :: identitet {c}
identity {n} (knowledge of who one is)  :: identitet
identity {n}  :: identitet {c}
identity {n} (algebra: element) SEE: identity element  ::
identity card {n} (a card showing one's identity) SEE: ID card  ::
identity element {n} (member of a structure)  :: identitetselement {n}
identity matrix {n} (diagonal matrix with all diagonal elements equal to 1)  :: enhetsmatris {c}
identity politician {n} (identity politician)  :: identitetspolitiker {c}
identity politics {n} (identity politics)  :: identitetspolitik {c}
identity theft {n} (deliberate assumption of another person's identity)  :: identitetsstöld {c}
ideologic {adj} (ideological) SEE: ideological  ::
ideological {adj} (of or pertaining to an ideology)  :: ideologisk
ideological {adj} (based on an ideology)  :: ideologisk
ideologue {n} (advocate of a particular ideology)  :: ideolog
ideology {n} (doctrine, body of ideas)  :: ideologi {c}
idiolect {n} (variant of a language used by a particular individual)  :: idiolekt {c}
idiom {n} (expression peculiar to a given language)  :: idiom {n}, idiomatiskt uttryck {n}
idiomaticity {n} (the quality of being idiomatic)  :: idiomacitet {c}
idiosyncrasy {n} (way of behaving or thinking)  :: egenart {c}, egenhet {c}, egenskap {c}
idiosyncrasy {n} ((medicine) individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance)  :: idiosynkrasi {c}
idiosyncrasy {n}  :: egenhet
idiosyncratic {adj} (peculiar to a specific individual)  :: idiosynkratisk, säregen, egenartad
idiot {n} (person of low general intelligence)  :: idiot {c}
idiot box {n} (television (pejorative))  :: dumburk {c}
idiotic {adj} (pertaining to or resembling an idiot)  :: idiotisk
idiotic {adj} (having the quality of idiocy)  :: idiotisk, dum
idle {adj} (not engaged in any occupation or employment)  :: overksam
idle {v} (to run at a slow speed, or out of gear)  :: gå på tomgång
idleness {n} (state of being idle; inactivity)  :: sysslolöshet {c}
I'd like to kiss you {phrase} (I'd like to kiss you)  :: jag vill kyssa dig, jag skulle vilja kyssa dig
I'd like to know {phrase} (phrase)  :: jag skulle vilja veta
idol {n} (cultural icon, especially popular person)  :: idol {c}
idolater {n} (one who worships idols)  :: avgudadyrkare {c}
idolator {n} (idolater) SEE: idolater  ::
idolatry {n} (worship of idols)  :: idoldyrkan {c}
I don't care {phrase} (I don't care)  :: jag bryr mig inte
I don't drive {phrase} (I don't drive (a car, a vehicle))  :: jag kör inte bil
I don't eat fish {phrase} (I don't eat fish)  :: jag äter inte fisk
I don't eat meat {phrase} (I don't eat meat)  :: jag äter inte kött
I don't eat pork {phrase} (I don't eat pork)  :: jag äter inte fläskkött
I don't know {phrase} (I don’t know)  :: jag vet inte
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak English (specifically English))  :: jag talar inte engelska, jag pratar inte engelska
I don't speak English {phrase} (I don't speak (fill with the name of the current foreign language))  :: jag talar inte svenska
I don't think so {phrase} (I think that what has been said is untrue)  :: det tror jag inte
I don't think so {phrase} (sarcastic)  :: jag skulle inte tro det
I don't understand {phrase} (I don't understand)  :: jag förstår inte
I don't want it {phrase} (I don't want it)  :: jag vill inte den {c}, jag vill inte det {n}
idyllic {adj} (happy, peaceful, picturescue)  :: idyllisk
i.e. {abbr} (that is)  :: dvs, d v s, d.v.s.
-ie {suffix} (forming diminutive nouns or names)  :: -is
if {conj} (supposing that)  :: om
if {conj} (whether)  :: om
if and only if {conj} (implies and is implied by)  :: om och endast om
if anything {adv} (used to suggest or state tentatively that something may be the case)  :: om något
iff {abbr} (abbreviation of if and only if)  :: omm
iffy {adj} (Of dubious authenticity, legitimacy or legality)  :: skum
if I were you {phrase} (advice introduction)  :: om jag vore du
if need be {adv} (if necessary)  :: om så krävs, om så behövs, om så erfordras, vid behov
ifs, ands, or buts {n} (speculation, doubt)  :: om och men
if the mountain won't come to Muhammad {proverb} (if one cannot get one's own way)  :: om berget inte kan komma till Muhammed, får Muhammed komma till berget
if you know what I mean {phrase} (used to allude to something unsaid or hinted at)  :: om du vet vad jag menar
Ignatius {prop} (male given name)  :: Ignatius
igneous rock {n} (one of the major groups of rock that makes up the crust of the Earth)  :: magmatisk bergart
ignis fatuus {n} (will o' the wisp) SEE: will o' the wisp  ::
ignitable {adj} (able to burn)  :: antändbar, antändlig
ignite {v} (to set fire to, to light)  :: tända
ignite {v} (to trigger)  :: tända
ignoble {adj} (not honorable)  :: simpel, tarvlig
ignominious {adj} (marked by shame of disgrace)  :: vanhedrande, skymflig, neslig, skamlig
ignominy {n} (Great dishonor, shame, or humiliation)  :: vanära, skam, nesa, skymf, smälek
ignoramus {n} (totally ignorant person)  :: dumhuvud
ignorance {n} (condition of being uninformed or uneducated)  :: okunnighet {c}, ignorans, okunskap {c}
ignorance is bliss {proverb} (Ignorance is bliss)  :: okunnighet är salighet
ignorant {adj} (characterized by ignorance)  :: ovetande, okunnig
ignore {v} (to deliberately pay no attention to)  :: ignorera
iguana {n} (any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae)  :: leguan {c}
iguana {n} (a green iguana (Iguana iguana))  :: grön leguan {c}
I hate you {phrase} (expression of intense dislike)  :: jag hatar dig {s}, jag hatar er {p}
I have a cold {phrase} (I have a cold)  :: jag har en förkylning, jag är förkyld
I have AIDS {phrase} (I have AIDS)  :: jag har aids
I have a question {phrase} (I have a question)  :: jag har en fråga
I have asthma {phrase} (I have asthma)  :: jag har astma
I have cancer {phrase} (I have cancer)  :: jag har cancer
I have diabetes {phrase} (I have diabetes)  :: jag har diabetes
I have high blood pressure {phrase} (I have high blood pressure)  :: jag har högt blodtryck
I have low blood pressure {phrase} (I have low blood pressure)  :: jag har lågt blodtryck
I have no money {phrase} (I have no money)  :: jag har inga pengar
Ikaalinen {prop} (town)  :: Ikalis
IKEA {prop} (international, originally Swedish retailer)  :: Ikea
I know {phrase} (response indicating agreement with prior statement before it was made)  :: jag vet
I know you are but what am I {phrase} (assertion that an insult made by the party to whom the phrase is directed is actually true of that party)  :: den som sa det kan va det
ikra {n} (red caviar)  :: kaviar {c}, rysk kaviar {c}
ileocecal valve {n} (sphincter muscle valve that separates the small intestine and the large intestine)  :: ileocekalklaff {c}
Iliad {prop} (ancient Greek epic poem about the Trojan War)  :: Iliaden
I like you {phrase} (I like you)  :: jag tycker om dig
I live in Melbourne {phrase} (I live in Melbourne (example city))  :: jag bor i Melbourne
ill {adj} (bad) SEE: bad  ::
ill {adj} (in poor health, suffering from a disease)  :: sjuk
ill {adj} (having an urge to vomit)  :: illamående
illative case {n} (case used to indicate movement into something)  :: illativ
I'll call the police {phrase} (I'll call the police)  :: jag ringer polisen
illegal {adj} (contrary to or forbidden by law)  :: olaglig, illegal, lagstridig
illegal combatant {n} (one who engages in combat without meeting the Geneva Convention)  :: olaglig stridande {c}
illegal immigrant {n} (immigrant who has entered a country illegally)  :: illegal invandrare {c}
illegally {adv} (in a manner contrary to the law)  :: olagligt
illegible {adj} (not clear enough to be read)  :: oläsbar
illegitimate {adj} (against the law)  :: olaglig, illegal, illegitim, lagstridig
illegitimate {adj} (born to unmarried parents)  :: illegitim, utomäktenskaplig
illegitimate {adj} (not genuine; not authorized by good usage)  :: illegitim
ill-intentioned {adj} (malevolent) SEE: malevolent  ::
illiquid {adj} (finance: not liquid)  :: illikvid
illiteracy {n} (inability to read and write)  :: analfabetism {c}
illiterate {adj} (unable to read and write)  :: analfabetisk
illiterate {adj} (having less than an expected standard of familiarity with language and literature)  :: obildad, illitterat
illiterate {n} (an illiterate person)  :: analfabet {c}, icke läskunnig {c}
ill-mannered {adj} (of or pertaining to having bad manners)  :: obelevad
illness {n} (an instance of a disease or poor health)  :: sjukdom {c}
illness {n}  :: sjukdom {c}
illocutionary {adj} (of, pertaining to, or derived from illocution)  :: illokut, illokutionär
illogical {adj} (contrary to logic; lacking sense or sound reasoning)  :: ologisk
illusion {n} (anything that seems to be something that it is not)  :: illusion {c}, synvilla {c}
illusion {n} (belief in something that is in fact not true)  :: illusion {c}, förvillelse {c}
illusion {n} (magician's trick)  :: illusion {c}, trick {n}
illusion {n} (state of being misled or deceived)  :: illusion {c}
illusive {adj} (illusory) SEE: illusory  ::
illusory {adj} (illusory)  :: illusorisk, skenbar
illustration {n} (that which illustrates)  :: illustration {n}
illustration {n} (picture designed to decorate)  :: illustration {n}
illustrator {n} (person who draws pictures)  :: illustratör {c}
illustrious {adj} (dignified)  :: illuster
Illyria {prop} (region in the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Illyrien
Ilmajoki {prop} (town)  :: Ilmola
I lost my glasses {phrase} (I lost my glasses)  :: jag har tappat bort mina glasögon
I lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys)  :: jag har tappat bort mina nycklar
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of affection or deep caring)  :: jag älskar dig
I love you {phrase} (affirmation of romantic feeling)  :: jag älskar dig
I love you {phrase} (platonic expression of inclination or liking)  :: jag gillar dig, jag tycker om dig
I'm {contraction} (I am)  :: jag är
I'm a Buddhist {phrase} (I'm a Buddhist)  :: jag är buddist
I'm a Catholic {phrase} (I'm a Catholic)  :: jag är katolik
I'm a Christian {phrase} (I'm a Christian)  :: jag är kristen
I'm afraid not {phrase} (unfortunately, no)  :: tyvärr inte
I'm afraid so {phrase} (unfortunately, yes)  :: jag är rädd för det
image {n} (graphical representation)  :: bild {c}
image {n} (mental picture)  :: bild {c}
image {n} (characteristic as perceived by others)  :: image {c}
image processing {n} (information processing for graphical data)  :: bildbehandling {c}
imaginable {adj} (able to be imagined; conceivable)  :: tänkbar
imaginary {adj} (existing in imagination)  :: imaginär
imaginary {adj} (non-real part of a complex number)  :: imaginär
imaginary part {n} (of a complex number)  :: imaginärdel
imagination {n} (image-making power of the mind)  :: fantasi {c}
imagination {n} (construction of false images)  :: inbillning {c}
imagination {n} (a mental image)  :: fantasi {c}, inbillning {c} [false image]
imagine {v} ((transitive) to form a mental image of something)  :: föreställa sig
I'm agnostic {phrase} (I'm agnostic)  :: jag är agnostisk, jag är agnostiker
imagological {adj}  :: imagologisk
imagology {n}  :: imagologi {c}
I'm allergic to aspirin {phrase} (I'm allergic to aspirin)  :: jag är allergisk mot aspirin
I'm allergic to penicillin {phrase} (I'm allergic to penicillin)  :: jag är allergisk mot penicillin
I'm allergic to pollen {phrase} (I'm allergic to pollen)  :: jag är allergisk mot pollen
imam {n} (Muslim leader)  :: imam {c}
I'm a Muslim {phrase} (I'm a Muslim)  :: jag är muslim
I'm an atheist {phrase} (I'm an atheist)  :: jag är ateist
I'm a Protestant {phrase} (I'm a Protestant)  :: jag är protestant
I'm ashamed {phrase} (I'm ashamed)  :: jag skäms
I'm a vegetarian {phrase} (I'm vegetarian)  :: jag är vegetarian
imbalance {n} (property of not being in balance)  :: obalans {c}
I'm bisexual {phrase} (I'm bisexual)  :: jag är bisexuell
I'm bleeding {phrase} (I'm bleeding)  :: jag blöder
I'm blind {phrase} (I'm blind)  :: jag är blind
imbue {v} (to permeate or impregnate completely)  :: genomsyra
I'm cold {phrase} (I'm cold)  :: jag fryser
I'm deaf {phrase} (I'm deaf)  :: jag är döv
I'm divorced {phrase} (I'm divorced)  :: jag är skild
IMF {initialism} (International Monetary Fund)  :: IMF, IVF
I'm fine, thank you {phrase} (expected, polite response to How are you?)  :: tack, jag mår bra
I'm full {phrase} (I'm full)  :: jag är mätt
I'm gay {phrase} (I'm gay)  :: jag är bög, jag är gay
I'm Hindu {phrase} (indicates that the speaker is Hindu)  :: jag är hindu
I'm hot {phrase} (I'm hot)  :: jag är varm, jag är het
I'm hungry {phrase} (I'm hungry)  :: jag är hungrig
I'm in love with you {phrase} (declaration of romantic feeling)  :: jag är kär i dig, jag är förälskad i dig, jag älskar dig
imitate {v} (to follow as a model)  :: imitera , imitera, härma
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (ethnic))  :: jag är jude
I'm Jewish {phrase} (I'm Jewish (religious))  :: jag är judisk
I'm looking for a grocery store {phrase} (I'm looking for a grocery store)  :: jag letar efter en livsmedelsbutik
I'm looking for a job {phrase} (I'm looking for a job)  :: jag söker arbete
I'm lost {phrase} (I'm lost)  :: jag är vilse
immaculate {adj} (having no stain or blemish, spotless, undefiled, clear, pure)  :: obefläckad, fläckfri
Immanuel {prop} (male given name) SEE: Emmanuel  ::
Immanuel {prop} (this figure, regarded as Christ)  :: Immanuel
I'm married {phrase} (I'm married)  :: jag är gift
immaterial {adj} (irrelevant)  :: ovidkommande, irrelevant
immature {adj} (not fully formed)  :: omogen
immature {adj} (childish)  :: omogen
immediate {adj} (without delay)  :: ögonblicklig, omedelbar
immediate {adj} (very close)  :: omedelbar
immediately {adv} (in an immediate manner)  :: ögonblickligen, på direkten, omedelbart, genast, omgående
immemorial {adj} (that is beyond memory; ancient)  :: uråldrig
immigrant {n} (person who comes to a country to settle)  :: invandrare {c}, immigrant {c}
immigrate {v} (to move in from another country or area)  :: immigrera, invandra
immigration {n} (the act of immigrating)  :: invandring {c}, immigration {c}
imminence {n} (state or condition of being imminent)  :: förestående
imminent {adj} (about to happen, occur, or take place very soon)  :: nära förestående, överhängande
immodest {adj} (lacking modesty)  :: oblyg, fräck, oförskämd
immolate {v} (kill as sacrifice)  :: offra
immoral {adj} (not moral)  :: omoralisk
immortal {adj} (not susceptible to death)  :: odödlig
immortality {n} (condition of not being susceptible to death)  :: odödlighet {c}
immovable property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
immune {adj} (protected due to innate resistance to pathogens)  :: immun
immune system {n} (system that protects the body from foreign material and organisms)  :: immunförsvar {n}, immunsystem {n}
immunization {n} (process of immunization)  :: immunisering {c}
immunodeficiency {n} (A depletion in the body's natural immune system)  :: immunbrist, immundefekt, immunsvaghet
immunoglobulin {n} (glycoprotein protecting the host)  :: immunoglobulin {n}
immunology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: immunologi {c}
immutable {adj} (unable to be changed without exception)  :: oföränderlig
I'm not interested {phrase} (I'm not interested)  :: jag är inte intresserad
I'm not religious {phrase} (I'm not religious)  :: jag är inte religiös
IMO {prep} (in my opinion)  :: efter min mening {c}, enligt min åsikt {c}, enligt mitt förmenande, i mitt tycke, enligt mig
imp {n} (demonic creature)  :: smådjävul {c}
impaired {adj} (Rendered less effective)  :: nedsatt, försämrad
impairment {n} (accounting)  :: nedskrivning {c}
impartial {adj} (treating all parties, rivals or disputants equally)  :: opartisk
impasse {n} (deadlock or stalemate situation)  :: dödläge, död punkt
impasse {n} (road with no exit) SEE: dead end  ::
impassionate {adj} (dispassionate) SEE: dispassionate  ::
impatience {n} (quality of being impatient)  :: otålighet {c}
impatient {adj} (restless and intolerant of delays)  :: otålig, utan tålamod
impatient {adj} (anxious and eager)  :: ivrig
impatiently {adv} (without patience)  :: otåligt
impeachment {n} (the act of impeaching a public official)  :: riksrättsförfarande {n}, riksrättsåtal {n}, riksrättsdom {c}
impeccable {adj} (Perfect, having no faults, flaws or errors)  :: fläckfri, oantastlig
impeccable {adj} (Incapable of wrongdoing or sin; immaculate)  :: ofelbar
impediment {n} (hindrance; that which impedes progress)  :: hinder {n}
impending {adj} (about to happen)  :: hotande, förestående, kommande
imperative {adj} (grammar: of, or relating to the imperative mood)  :: imperativ
imperative {n} (imperative mood) SEE: imperative mood  ::
imperative mood {n} (imperative mood)  :: imperativ {n}
imperfect {n} (past tense)  :: imperfekt
imperfective aspect {n} (grammatical term)  :: imperfekt, imperfektum [dated]
imperial {adj} (related to an empire)  :: kejserlig
imperial {adj} (very grand)  :: mäktig, storslagen, majestätisk
imperial {adj} (excellent, superior)  :: kunglig, förnäm, majestätisk
imperialism {n} (the policy of extending power, by force)  :: imperialism {c}
imperil {v} (to put in peril)  :: sätta på spel, äventyra
imperil {v} (to risk)  :: hota
impermeable {adj} (impossible to permeate)  :: ogenomtränglig, tät
impermeable {adj} (not allowing passage of liquids)  :: ogenomtränglig, tät, vattentät
impersonator {n} (one who fraudulently impersonates)  :: imitatör
impersonator {n} (entertainer)  :: imitatör {c}
impertinent {adj} (insolent, ill-mannered)  :: uppstudsig, oförskämd, näsvis, impertinent
impertinent {adj} (irrelevant)  :: ovidkommande, irrelevant
impious {adj} (not pious)  :: ogudaktig, gudlös
implacable {adj} (adamant or immovable)  :: enveten
implant {n} (anything surgically implanted in the body)  :: implantat {n}
implausible {adj} (unlikely)  :: osannolik
implement {n} (a tool)  :: redskap
implement {v} (bring about)  :: implementera
implementation {n} (process of moving an idea from concept to reality)  :: implementering {c}
implementation {n} (result of implementing something)  :: implementation {c}
implicate {v} (to intertwine) SEE: intertwine  ::
implied {adj} (suggested without being stated directly)  :: underförstådd
implode {v} (to collapse or burst inward violently)  :: implodera
imply {v} (to have as a consequence)  :: implicera
imply {v} (to express suggestively rather than as a direct statement)  :: antyda, insinuera
impolite {adj} (not polite)  :: oartig
import {n} (something brought in from a foreign country)  :: import {c}, införsel {c}
import {n} (practice of importing)  :: import {c}, införsel {c}
import {n} (significance, importance)  :: vikt {c}, betydelse {c}
import {v} (to bring in from a foreign country)  :: importera, föra in
importance {n} (quality or condition of being important or worthy of note)  :: vikt {c}, betydelse {c}
importance {n} (significance or prominence)  :: vikt {c}
importance {n} (personal status or standing)  :: ställning {c}
important {adj} (having relevant and crucial value)  :: viktig, betydelsefull
importantness {n} (importance) SEE: importance  ::
importune {v} (to harass with persistent requests)  :: besvära
impose {v} (to be an inconvenience)  :: vara till besvär
impossibility {n} (The quality of being impossible)  :: omöjlighet {c}
impossible {adj} (not able to be done)  :: omöjlig, ogörlig, orealiserbar
impossible {adj} (very difficult to deal with)  :: omöjlig
impossibly {adv} (in an impossible manner)  :: omöjligen
imposter {n} (Someone who attempts to deceive by using an assumed name or identity or other devious disguise) SEE: impostor  ::
impostor {n} (someone who uses assumed identity)  :: bedragare {c}
impotable {adj} (not drinkable) SEE: undrinkable  ::
impotent {adj} (incapable of sexual intercourse)  :: impotent
impoverished {adj} (with no possessions or money) SEE: poor  ::
impracticable {adj} (not practicable)  :: ogenomförbar, outförbar
imprecation {n} (act of imprecating, or invoking evil upon someone)  :: förbannelse {c}
imprecation {n} (a curse)  :: förbannelse {c}
I'm pregnant {phrase} (I'm pregnant)  :: jag är gravid, jag är med barn
impregnate {v} (to cause to become pregnant)  :: befrukta
impregnate {v} (to fill pores or spaces with a substance)  :: impregnera
impregnation {n} (act of making pregnant)  :: befruktning {c}
impressed {adj} (strongly affected, especially favourably)  :: imponerad
impressed {adj} (stamped, under pressure)  :: tryckt
impression {n} (overall effect of something)  :: intryck {n}
impressive {adj} (making, or tending to make, an impression; having power to impress)  :: imponerande, maffig
imprimatur {n} (official license to publish)  :: godkännande, sanktion
imprimatur {n} (any mark of official approval)  :: sanktion
imprison {v} (to put in or as if in prison; confine)  :: fängsla
improbable {adj} (not likely to be true)  :: osannolik
improbable {adj} (not likely to happen)  :: osannolik, föga troligt
impromptu {adj} (improvised)  :: improviserad
improper fraction {n} (arithmetic: a vulgar fraction)  :: oäkta bråk {n}, oegentligt bråk {n}
improper integral {n} (integral)  :: generaliserad integral {c}
improve {v} (to make something better)  :: förbättra
improve {v} (to become better)  :: bli bättre, förbättras
improvisation {n} (act or art of composing and rendering music, poetry, and the like, extemporaneously)  :: improvisation {c}
improvisation {n} (that which is improvised; an impromptu)  :: improvisation {c}
improvisation {n} (musical technique, characteristic of blues music)  :: improvisation {c}
improvise {v} (to make something up as one goes on)  :: improvisera
improvised explosive device {n} (explosive weapon, see also: IED)  :: improviserade sprängmedel {c}
impudent {adj} (Not showing due respect; impertinent; bold-faced)  :: näsvis, oförskämd
impugn {v} (To assault, attack)  :: attackera, angripa
impugn {v} (To verbally assault, especially to argue against an opinion, motive, or action)  :: bestrida, ifrågasätta
impugn {v} (question the validity of)  :: ifrågasätta, jäva
impulse {n} (sudden force that impels)  :: impuls, ingivelse
impulse {n} ((physics) integral force over time)  :: impuls {c}
impulsiveness {n} (the quality of being impulsive)  :: impulsivitet {c}
impulsivity {n} (impulsivity)  :: impulsivitet {c}
impute {v} (to attribute to a cause or source)  :: tillskriva {n}
impute {v} (to ascribe sin or righteousness)  :: tillskriva {n}
I'm rubber, you're glue {phrase} (I'm rubber, you're glue)  :: den som sa det, var det
I'm sick {phrase} (I'm sick/ill)  :: jag är sjuk
I'm single {phrase} (I'm single)  :: jag är ensamstående, jag är singel
I'm sorry {phrase} (I'm sorry)  :: ursäkta, förlåt, jag är ledsen, jag ber om ursäkt
I'm straight {phrase} (I'm straight)  :: jag är straight, jag är hetero, jag är heterosexuell
I'm thirsty {phrase} (I need a drink)  :: jag är törstig
I'm tired {phrase} (I am tired (in need of rest or sleep))  :: jag är trött
I'm twenty years old {phrase} (I am twenty years old)  :: jag är tjugo år
I must go {phrase} (I must go)  :: jag måste gå
I'm ... year(s) old {phrase} (I am ... year(s) old)  :: jag är ... år, jag är ... år gammal
in {prep} (contained by)  :: i
in {prep} (surrounded by)  :: i
in {prep} (part, member of)  :: i,
in {prep} (pertaining to)  :: i
in {prep} (after a period of time)  :: om
in {prep} (within a certain elapsed time)  :: om,
in {prep} (by the virtue of)  :: under
in {prep} (into)  :: i
in {prep} (during)  :: under
in {prep} (a state)  :: med
in {prep} (language, script, or tone)  :: [language]
in {prep}  :: inne, i
in {adv} (indoors; at home or the office and available for conversation)  :: inne
in {adv} (moving to the interior)  :: in
in {adj} (in fashion, popular)  :: inne
in- {prefix} (reversal of meaning)  :: o-
-in' {suffix} (-ing) SEE: -ing  ::
Ina {prop} (female given name)  :: Ina
inability {n} (lack of the ability to do something; incapability)  :: oförmåga
inaccuracy {n} (lack of accuracy)  :: felaktighet {c}
inaccuracy {n} (inaccurate statement)  :: felaktighet {c}
inactive {adj} (Not active, temporarily or permanently)  :: inaktiv
in addition {adv} (also; as well)  :: dessutom, därtill
in advance {prep} (in advance) SEE: beforehand  ::
inadvertent {adj} (not intentional)  :: oavsiktlig
inadvertently {adv} (unintentionally)  :: oavsiktligt
in a flash {adv} (very quickly) SEE: quick as a flash  ::
in all honesty {prep} (in truth)  :: i ärlighetens namn
inane {adj} (lacking sense or meaning)  :: intetsägande, andefattig
inanimate {adj} (in grammar)  :: obesjälad, livlös
in a nutshell {adv} (in summary)  :: i ett nötskal
in any case {adv} (at any rate)  :: hur som helst, i alla fall
inapposite {adj} (inappropriate)  :: olämplig, opassande
inappropriate {adj} (not appropriate or suitable)  :: opassande, olämplig
Inari {prop} (lake)  :: Enare träsk
Inari {prop} (municipality and village)  :: Enare
Inari {prop} (language)  :: enaresamiska {n}
Inari Sami {prop} (language)  :: enaresamiska {c}
in a row {prep} (successively)  :: i sträck
inaudible {adj} (unable to be heard)  :: ohörbar
inaugurate {v} (to induct into office)  :: inviga
inaugurate {v} (to dedicate ceremoniously)  :: inviga
inauguration {n} (act of inaugurating)  :: installation {c}
inbalance {n} (imbalance) SEE: imbalance  ::
in black and white {prep} (explicitly)  :: svart på vitt
in black and white {prep} (using shades of gray/grey)  :: svartvitt
in-box {n} (container)  :: inkorg {c}
in-box {n} (electronic folder)  :: inkorg
inbred {adj} (having an ancestry characterized by inbreeding)  :: inavlad
in broad daylight {prep} (in blatant and visible manner)  :: mitt på ljusa dagen
inc. {abbr} (incorporated)  :: AB
incalculable {adj} (impossible to calculate)  :: oberäknelig
incandescent {n} (incandescent lamp) SEE: light bulb  ::
incandescent {adj} (shining brightly)  :: bländande
incantation {n} (process)  :: besvärjelse {c}
incantation {n} (formula)  :: besvärjelse {c}
incarcerate {v} (to lock away in prison)  :: inspärra
incarnate {adj} (flesh-colored) SEE: crimson  ::
in case of {prep} (in the event of)  :: ifall, i det fall
incense {n} (A perfume often used in the rites of various religions)  :: rökelse {c} (virak {c})
incentive {n} (something that motivates)  :: morot {c}, incitament {n}
inception {n} (the creation or beginning of something)  :: början, påbörjande, start
incessant {adj} (without pause or stop; not ending)  :: oavbruten, oavlåtlig, oupphörlig, ständig
incest {n} (sexual relations between close relatives)  :: incest {c}
inch {n} (unit of length)  :: tum {c}
inchoate {adj} (not fully formed)  :: outvecklad
incident {n} (event or occurrence)  :: händelse, incident, tilldragelse
incident {n} (event causing interruption or crisis)  :: olyckshändelse, tillbud
incidentally {adv} (In an incidental manner)  :: apropå, i förbigående
incinerate {v} (destroy by burning)  :: förbränna
incineration {n} (the act of incinerating)  :: förbränning {c}
incircle {n} (the circle within a polygon that is tangent to each side)  :: invändig tangeringscirkel {c}
incisor {n} (tooth)  :: framtand {c}, incisiv {c}
inclement {adj} (stormy)  :: stormig, bister, omild, sträng
inclement {adj} (merciless)  :: oförsonlig, obeveklig
include {v}  :: inkludera, innefatta
including {prep} (Such as, among which)  :: inklusive, däribland
inclusive {adj} (including (almost) everything within its scope)  :: fullständig, allomfattande, omfattande
inclusive or {n} (logic, computing (noun))  :: inklusivt eller {n}
incognito {adj} (Without being known; in disguise; in an assumed character, or under an assumed title)  :: inkognito
incognito {adv} (without revealing one's identity)  :: inkognito
in cold blood {prep} (in a ruthless and unfeeling manner)  :: kallblodigt, med berått mod
incombustibility {n} (quality or state of being incombustible)  :: obrännbarhet {c}
incombustible {adj} (not flammable)  :: obrännbar
income {n} (Money one earns by working or by capitalising on the work of others)  :: inkomst {c}
income statement {n} (financial statement of net income)  :: resultaträkning {c}
income tax {n} (tax levied on income)  :: inkomstskatt {c}
incommensurability {n} (state or characteristic of being incommensurable)  :: inkommensurabilitet {c}
incommensurable {adj}  :: inkommensurabel
in common {prep} (shared with others)  :: gemensamt
incompatible {adj} (impossible to coexist; irreconcilable)  :: inkompatibel, oförenlig
incompetence {n} (inability to perform)  :: inkompetens
incomprehensible {adj} (impossible or very difficult to understand)  :: obegriplig
incompressible {adj} (not compressible)  :: inkompressibel
inconceivable {adj} (unable to be conceived, unbelievable)  :: ofattbar, obegriplig
inconsequential {adj} (having no consequence)  :: oviktig
inconsistent {adj} (not consistent)  :: inkonsekvent
inconspicuous {adj} (not prominent or easily noticeable)  :: oansenlig, diskret, tillbakadragen, undangömd, fördold, dold, förstulen, omärklig
incontinence {n} (inability to restrain discharge)  :: inkontinens {c}
incontrovertibly {adv} (in incontrovertible manner)  :: ovedersägligen
inconvenience {n} (something inconvenient or bothering)  :: olägenhet {c}, besvär {n}, krångel {c}, strul {c}
inconvenience {v} (to bother or discomfort)  :: besvära, förorsaka besvär
incorporate {v} (include as a part or ingredient)  :: arbeta in, innefatta, införliva, inkorporera, inlemma, lägga till
incorporate {v} (mix, blend)  :: blanda, legera
incorporate {v} (admit as a member of a company)  :: uppta
incorporate {v} (form into a legal company)  :: göra till en korporation
incorrect {adj} (erroneous)  :: felaktig, inkorrekt
incorrigible {adj} (incurably depraved)  :: oförbätterlig
increase {v} (become larger)  :: öka
increase {v} (make larger)  :: öka
increase {n} (increased amount)  :: ökning {c}
increase {n} (act of becoming larger)  :: ökning {c}
increasing function {n} (mathematical function)  :: växande funktion {c}
incredible {adj} (too implausible to be credible)  :: otrolig
incredible {adj} (amazing)  :: otrolig
incredulity {n} (unwillingness to believe; doubt about the truth of something)  :: misstrogenhet {c}, klentrogenhet
incredulous {adj} (Skeptical, disbelieving)  :: misstrogen, skeptisk
incredulous {adj} (difficult to believe; incredible)  :: otrolig
incredulously {adv} (in an incredulous manner)  :: misstroget
incredulousness {n} (incredulity) SEE: incredulity  ::
increment {n} (The action of increasing or becoming greater)  :: ökning, tillväxt
incubation period {n} (time between exposure and symptoms)  :: inkubationstid {c}
incubus {n} (an evil spirit)  :: incubus
incumbent {adj} (imposed on someone as an obligation, especially due to one's office)  :: ansvarig, pliktig, pliktskyldig
incumbent {adj} (being the current holder of an office)  :: sittande
incunable {n} (very early printed book, specifically one printed before 1501; an incunabulum)  :: inkunabel
incunabulum {n} (book, single sheet, or image that was printed before the year 1501 in Europe)  :: inkunabel
incur {v} (to expose oneself to something inconvenient)  :: utsätta sig för, ådra sig
incurable {adj} (unable to be cured)  :: obotlig
indebted {adj} (obligated to someone)  :: skyldig
indecision {n} (inability to decide on a course of action)  :: obeslutsamhet {c}, vankelmod {n}
indecisive {adj} (not decisive)  :: velig
indecisive {adj} (inconclusive or uncertain)  :: osäker
indecisiveness {n} (condition of being indecisive) SEE: indecision  ::
indecorous {adj} (improper)  :: opassande, otillbörlig, otillständig
indeed {interj} (indication of agreement)  :: sannerligen
indefatigable {adj} (extremely persistent and untiring)  :: outtröttlig
indefensible {adj} (not capable of being defended)  :: försvarslös
indefensible {adj} (incapable of being justified)  :: oförsvarlig
indefinite {adj} (without limit; forever, or until further notice; not definite)  :: obestämd
indefinite {adj} (vague or unclear)  :: oklar
indefinite {adj} (undecided or uncertain)  :: obestämd
indefinite {adj} (an integral without specified limits)  :: obestämd
indefinite {adj} ((linguistics) designating an unspecified or unidentified person or thing)  :: obestämd
indefinite article {n} (word preceding a noun to indicate any member of the class of objects)  :: obestämd artikel {c}
indefinite integral {n} (antiderivative)  :: obestämd integral {c}
indegree {n} (the number of edges directed into a vertex in a directed graph)  :: ingrad {c}
indelible {adj} (incapable of being canceled or forgotten)  :: outplånlig
in demand {adj} (sought-after)  :: eftersökt, efterfrågad
indentation {n} (act of indenting or state of being indented)  :: indentering {c} [programming]
indentation {n} (act of beginning a line at a distance from the flush line)  :: indrag {n}
independence {n} (state or quality of being independent)  :: oavhängighet
independence {n}  :: självständighet {c}
Independence Day {n} (annual celebration)  :: självständighetsdag {c}
independent {adj} (not dependent; not contingent or depending on something else; free)  :: självständig, oberoende
independent clause {n} (grammar: clause that can stand alone) SEE: main clause  ::
independently {adv} (in an independent manner)  :: självständigt
independent variable {n} (independent variable)  :: oberoende variabel {c}
in depth {prep} (thorough, comprehensive) SEE: in-depth  ::
in-depth {adj} (thorough, comprehensive)  :: djupgående, ingående
indescribable {adj} (impossible, or very difficult to describe)  :: obeskrivlig
indestructible {adj} (not destructible)  :: oförstörbar, outplånlig, oförgänglig
in detail {adv} (with all particulars)  :: utförligt
index {n} (alphabetical listing)  :: index {n}, förteckning {c}
index {n} (economics: single number calculated from an array of prices or quantities)  :: index {n}
index {n} (programming: key indicating location of data)  :: index {n}
index {n} (data structure)  :: index {n}
index {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
index {v} (to take stock) SEE: inventory  ::
index card {n} (piece of heavy paper stock used to record information to be stored in an index)  :: kartotekskort {n}
index finger {n} (index finger) SEE: forefinger  ::
India {prop} (the country)  :: Indien
Indian {adj} (of or pertaining to India)  :: indisk
Indian {adj} (of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: indiansk
Indian {n} (a person from India)  :: indier
Indian {n} (individual of, or related to, the aboriginal people of the Americas)  :: indian
Indianapolis {prop} (capital of the State of Indiana, USA)  :: Indianapolis
Indian cobra {n} (cobra species)  :: glasögonorm
Indian fig {n} (prickly pear) SEE: prickly pear  ::
Indian Ocean {prop} (the ocean separating Africa, southern Asia, Australia and Antarctica)  :: Indiska oceanen
Indian summer {n} (stretch of warm days in autumn)  :: indiansommar {c}, brittsommar
indicator {n} (pointer)  :: indikator {c}
indicator {n} (meter or gauge)  :: mätare {c}
indicator {n} (needle or dial on a meter)  :: indikator {c}
indicator {n} (chemical)  :: indikator {c} [often used in combination]
indicator {n} (economic measure)  :: indikator {c}
indicator {n} (trafficator)  :: körriktningsvisare {c}, [colloquial] blinker {c}
indict {v} (to accuse of wrongdoing)  :: beskylla, anklaga, angripa
indict {v} (to make a formal accusation or indictment)  :: åtala
indictment {n} (accusation)  :: anklagelse
Indies {prop} (West Indies) SEE: West Indies  ::
Indies {prop} (East Indies) SEE: East Indies  ::
indifference {n} (the state of being indifferent)  :: likgiltighet
indifferent {adj} (not caring)  :: likgiltig
indigent {adj} (poor; destitute)  :: fattig, behövande, utblottad, nödlidande
indigent {n} (a person in need or in poverty)  :: behövande [nominalized adjective]
indigestion {n} (condition caused by eating too quickly)  :: indigestion
indign {adj} (unworthy) SEE: unworthy  ::
indigo {n} (colour)  :: indigoblå
indirect free kick {n} (soccer)  :: indirekt frispark {c}
indiscreet {adj} (not discreet; wanting in discretion)  :: indiskret, oblyg
indiscriminate {adj} (Without care or making distinctions, thoughtless)  :: oaktsam, urskillningslös
indispensable {adj} (absolutely necessary)  :: oumbärlig
indium {n} (metallic chemical element)  :: indium {n}
individual {n} (person considered alone)  :: individ {c}, enskild {c}
individual {adj} (relating to a single person or thing)  :: enskild
individual {adj} (intended for a single person)  :: individuell
individual {adj}  :: individuell, enskild
individuality {n} (person) SEE: person  ::
indivisible {adj} (incapable of being divided)  :: odelbar
indivisible {adj} (incapable of being divided by a specific integer)  :: odelbar
Indochina {prop} (region in Southeast Asia)  :: Indokina
indoctrinate {v} (brainwash) SEE: brainwash  ::
indoctrinate {v} (to teach with a biased or one-sided ideology)  :: indoktrinera
indoctrination {n} (act of indoctrinating)  :: indoktrinering {c}
Indo-European {adj} (of or relating to languages originally spoken in Europe and Western Asia)  :: indoeuropeisk
Indo-European {adj} (of or relating to hypothetical parent language of Indo-European language family, see also: Proto-Indo-European)  :: indoeuropeisk, urindoeuropeisk
Indo-European {adj} (of or relating to hypothetical group of peoples having spread Indo-European languages)  :: indoeuropeisk
indolence {n} (Habitual laziness or sloth)  :: indolens {c}, slöhet {c}, lojhet {c}
indomitable {adj} (incapable of being subdued, overcome, or vanquished)  :: otämjbar, oregerlig, ostyrbar, genstörtig
Indonesia {prop} (country)  :: Indonesien
Indonesian {adj} (referring to Indonesia)  :: indonesisk
Indonesian {n} (person)  :: indones
Indonesian {prop} (language)  :: indonesiska {c}
indoors {adv} (in or into a building)  :: inomhus
indubitably {adv} (Undoubtedly; unquestionably)  :: utan tvivel, otvivelaktigt
induct {v} (to formally or ceremoniously install in an office, position, et cetera.)  :: installera
induct {v} (to draft into military service)  :: inkalla, kalla in
in due course {prep} (when the time is right)  :: i sinom tid
in due time {prep} (eventually)  :: när tiden är inne, i sinom tid
indulge {v} (to yield to a temptation)  :: unna
indulgent {adj} (prone to indulge)  :: svag, överseende, tillåtande, eftergiven
Indus {prop} (the river)  :: Indus {c}
industrial action {n} (workplace protest)  :: stridsåtgärd {c}
industrial espionage {n} (use of clandestine methods to acquire secret information for commercial advantage)  :: industrispionage {n}
industrialization {n} (process of social and economic change)  :: industrialisering {c}
industrial peace {n} (absence of industrial action)  :: arbetsfred {c}
Industrial Revolution {prop} (major technological change in the late 18th and early 19th century)  :: industriella revolutionen
industrious {adj} (hard-working and persistent)  :: flitig, ihärdig, idog
industry {n} (businesses of the same type)  :: bransch {c}, industri {c}, gren {f}
industry {n} (businesses that produce goods)  :: industri
Indus Valley Civilization {prop} (ancient civilization)  :: Indiens historia: Indus-Sarasvati
indweller {n} (inhabitant) SEE: inhabitant  ::
inebriated {adj} (behaving as though affected by alcohol)  :: berusad
inedible {adj} (not edible; not appropriate, worthy, or safe to eat)  :: oätlig
I need ... {phrase} (I need ... (something))  :: jag behöver ...
ineffable {adj} (beyond expression)  :: obeskrivlig, outsäglig
ineffable {adj} (forbidden to be uttered)  :: onämnbar
ineluctable {adj} (impossible to avoid or escape)  :: ofrånkomlig, oundviklig
inequality {n} (unfair, not equal, state)  :: ojämlikhet {c}
inequality {n} (statement that one quantity is less (or greater) than another)  :: olikhet {c}
inequation {n} (a statement that two expressions are not the same) SEE: inequality  ::
inert gas {n} (noble gas) SEE: noble gas  ::
inertia {n} (in physics)  :: tröghet
inertia {n} (unwillingness to take action)  :: tröghet
inessive {n} (inessive case)  :: inessiv {c}
inessive case {n} (case used to indicate location inside something) SEE: inessive  ::
inevitability {n} (the condition of being inevitable)  :: oundviklighet {c}
inevitability {n} (an inevitable condition or outcome)  :: oundviklighet {c}
inevitable {adj} (impossible to avoid or prevent)  :: oundviklig, ofrånkomlig
inevitably {adv} (in a manner that this impossible to avoid)  :: ofrånkomligen
inexact {adj} (imprecisely or indefinitely conceived or stated)  :: oexakt, oprecis
inexistent {adj} (nonexistent) SEE: nonexistent  ::
inexorably {adv} (in an inexorable manner; relentlessly)  :: oundvikligen, obönhörligen
inexperience {n} (lack of experience)  :: oerfarenhet {c}
inexperienced {adj} (not experienced)  :: oerfaren
inexplicable {adj} (impossible to explain)  :: oförklarlig
inexpugnable {adj} (impregnable, unconquerable)  :: ointaglig
in extenso {adv} (at full length)  :: in extenso
inextricable {adj} (impossible to solve)  :: olöslig
inextricable {adj} (impossible to escape from)  :: omöjlig att komma ur
inextricably {adv} (In an inextricable manner)  :: oupplösligt
inextricably {adv} (To an inextricable degree)  :: oupplösligt
Inez {prop} (female given name)  :: Inez
in fact {prep} (actually, in truth)  :: faktiskt
infallibility {n} (the ability to never make a mistake)  :: ofelbarhet {c}
infallible {adj} (without fault or weakness; incapable of error or fallacy)  :: ofelbar
infamous {adj} (having a bad reputation)  :: neslig, vanärande, vanfrejdad, äreslös, ökänd
infamous {adj} (disgraceful)  :: vanhederlig, skändlig, avskyvärd
infamy {n} (the state of being infamous)  :: vanära {c}, vanrykte {n}, vanfrejd {c}, äreslöshet {c}
infant {n} (very young human being)  :: spädbarn
infant {n} (legal minor)  :: underårig
infanteer {n} (soldier) SEE: infantryman  ::
infant massage {n} (massage therapy for infants)  :: spädbarnsmassage
infantry {n} (soldiers who fight on foot)  :: infanteri {n}
infantry {n} (the part of an army consisting of infantry soldiers)  :: infanteri {n}
infantryman {n} (soldier who fights on foot)  :: fotsoldat {c}, infanterist {c}
infarct {n} (area of dead tissue)  :: infarkt
infarction {n} (infarct) SEE: infarct  ::
infatuation {n} (The act of infatuating; the state of being infatuated; folly; that which infatuates)  :: förälskelse {c}
infatuation {n} (An unreasoning love or attraction)  :: förälskelse {c}
in favor of {prep} (in support of)  :: för
in favor of {prep} (for the benefit of)  :: för
in favor of {prep} (out of preference for)  :: för
infect {v} (to bring into contact with a substance that causes illness)  :: smitta
infect {v} (to make somebody enthusiastic about one's own passion)  :: smitta
infection {n} (uncontrolled growth of harmful microorganisms in a host)  :: infektion
infectious {adj} (spreading quickly between persons)  :: smittande
infectiousness {n} (state or condition of being infectious)  :: smittsamhet
infer {v} ((transitive) To conclude by reasoning or deduction, as from premises or evidence)  :: sluta sig till
inferior {adj} (of lower quality)  :: undermålig
inferior {adj} (of lower rank)  :: underordnad
inferiority {n} (quality of being inferior)  :: underlägsenhet {f}
inferiority complex {n} (a sense of inferiority)  :: mindervärdeskomplex {n}
inferno {n} (place or situation resembling Hell)  :: inferno {n}
infestation {n} (presence of a large number of pest organisms in an area)  :: angrepp {n}, härjning {c}
infidel {n} (non-believer)  :: otrogen
infiltrate {v} (to surreptitiously penetrate, enter or gain access)  :: infiltrera
infiltration {n} (entering secretly)  :: infiltration {c}
infiltrator {n} (one who infiltrates)  :: infiltratör {c}
infinite {adj} (figuratively, very large)  :: oändlig, ändlös
infinite {adj} (boundless, endless)  :: oändlig, ändlös, gränslös
infinite {adj} (greater than any positive quantity or magnitude)  :: oändlig
infinitesimal {n} (A non-zero quantity whose magnitude is smaller than any positive number)  :: infinitesimal
infinitive {n} (a mood or mode of verbs)  :: infinitiv {m}, obestämmt sätt
infinitive marker {n}  :: infinitivmärke {n}
infinity {n} (endlessness, unlimitedness, absence of end or limit)  :: oändlig, ändlös
infinity {n} (a number that has an infinite, uncountable numerical value)  :: oändlighet {c}
infinity {n} (a number which is very large compared to some characteristic number)  :: oändlighet {c}
infinity {n} (the symbol ∞)  :: oändlighetstecken {n}
infirmity {n} (feebleness)  :: skröplighet {c}, bräcklighet {c}
infix {n} (morpheme inserted into word)  :: infix {n}
in flagrante delicto {adv} (in the act of committing a misdeed)  :: på bar gärning, med byxorna nere
in flagrante delicto {adv} (while performing sexual activity)  :: med byxorna nere
inflamed {adj} (affected by inflammation)  :: inflammerad {c}
inflammable {adj} (capable of burning)  :: lättantändlig, brännbar
inflammation {n} (medical condition)  :: inflammation {c}
inflammatory {adj} (tending to inflame or provoke)  :: provocerande
inflammatory {adj} (causing or caused by inflammation)  :: inflammatorisk
inflatable {adj} (able to be inflated)  :: uppblåsbar
inflatable {n} (boat that may be inflated)  :: uppblåsbar båt
inflate {v} (to enlarge the volume occupied by an object)  :: blåsa upp
inflate {v}  :: blåsa upp
inflation {n} (expansion or increase in size)  :: uppblåsning {c}
inflation {n} (increase in prices)  :: inflation
inflect {v} (grammar)  :: böja
inflection {n} (change in the form of a word that reflects a change in grammatical function)  :: böjning
inflorescence {n} (flower cluster)  :: blomställning {c}
influence {n} (power to affect, control or manipulate)  :: inflytande {n}
influence {n} (action exerted by a person or thing with power to cause change)  :: påverkan {c}
influence {n} (person or thing exerting such power or action)  :: inflytande {n}
influence {n}  :: inflytande {n}
influence {v} (transitive: to exert an influence upon)  :: påverka, influera
influence {v} (intransitive: to exert influence)  :: påverka, influera
influential {adj} (having considerable influence)  :: inflytelserik
influenza {n} (an acute contagious disease of the upper airways and lungs)  :: influensa {c}, flunsa {c}
info {n} (abbreviation for “information”)  :: info
inform {v} (to communicate knowledge to (an)other(s))  :: informera, upplysa, meddela
inform {v} (to impart information or knowledge (intransitive))  :: informera
inform {v} (instruct) SEE: instruct  ::
informal {adj} (not formal or ceremonious)  :: informell
informatics {n} (branch of information science)  :: informatik {c}
information {n} (communicable knowledge)  :: information {c}
information technology {n} (the practice of creating and/or studying computer systems and applications)  :: informationsteknologi {c}, informationsteknik {c}
informative {adj} (providing useful or interesting information)  :: informativ, upplysande, orienterande, informerande
infrared {n} (infrared radiation)  :: infraröd strålning {c}
infrared {adj} (having the wavelength in the infrared)  :: infraröd
infrastructure {n} (underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system)  :: infrastruktur {c}
infrastructure {n} (basic facilities, services and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society)  :: infrastruktur {c}
infringement {n} (violation)  :: överträdelse {c}
in front of {prep} (at or near the front part of)  :: framför
in front of {prep} (in the presence of someone)  :: framför
infuriated {adj} (extremely angry)  :: ursinnig
-ing {suffix} (to form present participles)  :: -ande [verbs ending in -a], -ende [verbs ending in other letter than -a]
in general {adv} (generally) SEE: generally  ::
ingenuity {n} (ability to come up with solutions to difficult problems)  :: fyndighet {c}, sinnrikhet {c}, genialitet {c}
ingest {v} (to take into, or as into, the stomach or alimentary canal)  :: inta
ingot {n} (solid block of more or less pure metal)  :: tacka {c}
ingrained {adj} (being an element)  :: inrotad, ingrodd
ingrate {adj} (ungrateful) SEE: ungrateful  ::
ingratiate {v} (get someone's favor, especially through flattery)  :: ställa sig in
ingratitude {n} (thanklessness)  :: otacksamhet {c}
ingredient {n} (substance present in a mixture)  :: ingrediens {c}, råvara {c}
Ingria {prop} (region to the south of Karelia)  :: Ingermanland
Ingrid {prop} (female given name)  :: Ingrid
inguinal {adj} (of or pertaining to the groin)  :: ljumsk-
Ingushetia {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Ingusjien
inhabit {v} (to live or reside in some place)  :: bebo, befolka
inhabit {v} (to be present in some place)  :: uppta
inhabitable {adj} (fit to live in)  :: beboelig
inhabitant {n} (Someone or thing who lives in a place)  :: invånare, inbyggare
inhabited {adj} (having inhabitants)  :: bebodd
inhalation {n} (the act of inhaling)  :: inandning {c}, inhalation {c}
in heat {prep} (on heat) SEE: on heat  ::
inherent {adj} (natural part or consequence)  :: naturligt nedärvd, inneboende {c}, inherent, naturlig, medfödd
inherently {adv} (inherently, innately)  :: inherent
inherit {v} (to receive property or a title by legal succession etc.)  :: ärva
inherit {v} (to receive a characteristic by genetic transmission)  :: ärva
inheritance {n} (that which a person is entitled to inherit)  :: arv {n}
inheritance {n} (biological attributes passed to offspring)  :: arv {n}
inheritance law {n} (Area of plaw pertaining to passing on property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual)  :: arvsrätt {c}
inheritance tax {n} (tax on the property of the deceased)  :: arvskatt {c}
inheritor {n} (heir) SEE: heir  ::
inhibit {v} (to hold in or hold back; to restrain)  :: hämma, avstyra, förhindra
inhibition {n} (State of being inhibited)  :: hämning {c}
inhibitory {adj} (that inhibits)  :: hämmande, inhibitorisk
inhuman {adj} (of or pertaining to inhumanity)  :: omänsklig
inimical {adj} (harmful)  :: skadlig
inimical {adj} (hostile)  :: fientlig
initial {n} (first letter of a word)  :: initial {c}
initial public offering {n} (first offering to members of the public of stock in a company)  :: börsintroduktion {c}
initiate {v} (to begin; to start)  :: initiera, inleda, påbörja, sätta igång
initiate {v} (to confer membership on)  :: uppta
initiative {n} (a beginning; a first move)  :: initiativ {n}
injection {n} (set theory: one-to-one mapping)  :: injektion {c}
injective {adj} (inverse-deterministic)  :: injektiv
injudicious {adj} (showing poor judgement; not well judged)  :: omdömeslös
injure {v} (to wound or cause physical harm)  :: skada
injure {v} (to cause damage or impair)  :: skada
injury {n} (wound) SEE: wound  ::
injury {n} (damage or violation)  :: skada {c}
injury time {n} (additional time played straight after each of the two halves)  :: övertid {c}, stopptid {c}
injustice {n} (absence of justice)  :: orättvisa {c}
injustice {n} (violation of the rights of another)  :: oförrätt {c}, orättvisa {c}
ink {n} (coloured fluid used for writing)  :: bläck {n}
ink {n} (dark fluid ejected by squid etc)  :: bläck {n}
ink {v} (apply ink)  :: bläcka
ink bottle {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkdot {n} (small spot of ink)  :: bläckpunkt {c}
in kind {adv} (with goods or services)  :: in natura, i natura
in-kind {adj} (consisting of goods or commodities)  :: natura
inkling {n} (suspicion or hint)  :: aning, hum {n}, vink {c}
inkpot {n} (inkwell) SEE: inkwell  ::
inkwell {n} (container for ink)  :: bläckhorn {n}
inlaut {n} (inlaut)  :: inljud {n}, midljud {n}
in-law {n} (relative by marriage)  :: släkting genom giftermål, ingift
in-law {n} (father-in-law) SEE: father-in-law  ::
in-law {n} (mother-in-law) SEE: mother-in-law  ::
-in-law {adj} (related through marriage)  :: svär-
in lieu {adv} (instead (of); in place (of))  :: i stället (för)
in lieu of {prep} (instead; in place of; as a substitute for)  :: i stället för
in-line skate {n} (roller skate with all wheels aligned) SEE: rollerblade  ::
in living memory {prep} (within extant people's recorded history)  :: i mannaminne
in love {prep} (of a person or persons: enamored)  :: kär
in love {prep} (followed by "with": enamored (of a person, etc.))  :: kär, förälskad
in memoriam {adv} (in memory of)  :: in memoriam, till minne av
in my opinion {prep} (according to me)  :: i min mening
inn {n} (lodging)  :: gästgiveri {n}, värdshus {n}, krog {c}
inn {n} (tavern) SEE: tavern  ::
inner {adj} (being or occurring inside)  :: inre
inner city {n} (central part of a city)  :: centrum, city {c}, innerstad {c}
inner ear {n} (anatomy)  :: inneröra {n}
inner emigration {n} (choice of remaining in a country during dictatorship)  :: inre emigration {c}
Inner Mongolia {prop} (an autonomous region in northern China)  :: Inre Mongoliet
inner product {n} (generalization of the dot product)  :: inre produkt
innocence {n} (absence of responsibility for a crime)  :: oskuld {c}, oskyldighet {c}
innocence {n} (lack of understanding about sensitive subjects such as sexuality and crime)  :: oskuld {c}
innocence {n} (lack of ability or intention to harm or damage)  :: harmlöshet {c}
innocent {adj} (not legally responsible for a wrongful act)  :: oskyldig
innocuous {adj} (harmless)  :: ofarlig, oskadlig, oskyldig
innominate bone {n} (hip bone) SEE: hip bone  ::
innovation {n} (act of innovating)  :: innovation {c}
innovative {adj} (characterized by the creation of new ideas or things)  :: innovativ, nyskapande, påhittig, uppfinningsrik
innovative {adj} (forward looking; ahead of current thinking)  :: innovativ, visionär
innuendo {n} (A derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing, an implication or insinuation)  :: anspelning {c}, allusion {c}, insinuation {c}
innumerable {adj} (not capable of being counted) SEE: countless  ::
inoculate {v} (to provide immunity)  :: inokulera, ympa
inoculate {v} (to add one substance to another)  :: inympa, inokulera
inoculation {n} (introduction of substance into the body to produce immunity)  :: ympning {c}, inokulation {c}
in order {adv} (for the purpose of) SEE: in order to  ::
in order to {phrase} (as a means of achieving the specified aim)  :: för att
inorganic {adj} (relating to a compound that does not contain carbon)  :: oorganisk
inorganic carbon {n} (carbon not found in organic compounds)  :: oorganiskt kol {n}
in other words {prep} (stated or interpreted another way)  :: med andra ord, (mao)
in particular {adv} (especially, individually or specifically)  :: i synnerhet, särskilt
in peace {prep}  :: i frid
in person {prep} (actually present)  :: personligen
in practice {prep} (really, in effect)  :: i praktiken
in principle {prep} (with regard to fundamentals)  :: i princip
in principle {prep} (according to theory)  :: i princip
in private {prep} (privately)  :: i enrum
in progress {prep} (underway) SEE: underway  ::
input {v} (to enter data)  :: mata in
inquiry {n} (the act of inquiring)  :: förfrågan, efterforskning, undersökning
inquisitive {adj} (eager to acquire knowledge)  :: vetgirig
inquisitive {adj} (too curious; overly interested; nosy)  :: nyfiken
in recent memory {prep} (in living memory) SEE: in living memory  ::
insane {adj} (exhibiting unsoundness or disorder of mind)  :: vansinnig, galen, sinnessjuk
insane asylum {n} (mental hospital) SEE: mental hospital  ::
insanity {n} (state of being insane)  :: galenskap {c}, vansinne {n}
insatiable {adj} (not satiable; incapable of being satisfied or appeased)  :: omättlig
inscription {n} (carved text)  :: inskription {c}
inscrutable {adj} (difficult or impossible to comprehend, fathom or interpret)  :: outgrundlig
insect {n} (arthropod of class insecta)  :: insekt {c}
insecticide {n} (A substance used to kill insects)  :: insektsgift {n}
insectivore {n} (insect eating animal)  :: insektsätare {c}
insecure {adj} (not secure)  :: osäker
insecure {adj} (not comfortable in certain situations)  :: otrygg
inseminate {v} (to disperse or plant seds) SEE: sow  ::
inseminate {v} (to cause to become pregnant) SEE: impregnate  ::
insensate {adj} (having no sensation or consciousness)  :: livlös
insensate {adj} (unfeeling, heartless, cruel, insensitive)  :: känslolös, okänslig
insensitive {adj} (not having normal emotional feelings, cold, tactless, undiplomatic)  :: okänslig, känslolös
insensitively {adv} (in an insensitive manner)  :: okänsligt
insensitivity {n} (condition of being insensitive)  :: okänslighet {c}
inseparable {adj} (unable to be separated)  :: oskiljaktig
insert {v} (put in between or into)  :: sätta i [into], infoga [in between], skjuta in [in between]
inshallah {interj} (God willing (Islam))  :: insha'Allah
inshore {adj} (close to shore)  :: kustnära, kust-
inshore {adv} (near the shore)  :: nära land, vid land, vid kusten
inshore {adv} (towards the shore)  :: mot land
inside {n} (interior or inner part)  :: insida {c}
inside {prep} (within the interior of something, closest to the center or to a specific point of reference)  :: i, inuti
inside {adv} (within the interior)  :: in
inside {adj} (within)  :: insides-
inside joke {n} (joke understood by certain people)  :: internt skämt {n}
inside out {adv} (with the inside turned to be on the outside)  :: ut och in, på avigan (of a garment), avig
insider trading {n} (trading of securities by a person who has privileged access to information)  :: insiderhandel {c}
insidious {adj} (producing serious harm in a stealthy, often gradual, manner)  :: försåtlig
insidious {adj} (intending to entrap)  :: förrädisk
insightful {adj} (possessing insight)  :: insiktsfull
insignificance {n} (quality of being insignificant)  :: betydelselöshet {c}
insignificant {adj} (not significant; not important)  :: obetydlig, betydelselös
insinuate {v} (hint at (something))  :: insinuera
insolation {n} (medicine: sunstroke) SEE: sunstroke  ::
insolence {n} (Arrogant conduct; insulting, bold behaviour or attitude)  :: fräckhet {c}, oförskämdhet {c}
insolent {adj} (rude)  :: oförskämd
insoluble {adj} (not soluble)  :: olöslig
insolvency {n} (the condition of being insolvent)  :: insolvens {c}
in so many words {prep} (verbatim)  :: ord för ord
insomnia {n} (sleeping disorder)  :: insomni, sömnlöshet
inspect {v} (examine critically, scrutinize)  :: inspektera
inspect {v} (view and examine officially)  :: inspektera
inspector {n} (person employed to inspect something)  :: inspektör {c}, besiktningsman {c}
inspiration {n} (stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions)  :: inspiration {c}
inspire {v} (to infuse into the mind; to communicate to the spirit)  :: inspirera
inspire {v} (to infuse into; to affect, as with a superior or supernatural influence)  :: inspirera
in spite of {prep} (despite)  :: trots
install {v} (set something up for use)  :: installera
install {v} (admit formally into a position)  :: installera
install {v} (establish or settle in)  :: installera
installation {n} (act of installing)  :: installation {c}
installation {n} (something installed)  :: installation {c}
installation {n} (work of installation art)  :: installation {c}
installer {n} (program that installs software and prepares it for use)  :: installationsprogram {n}
installment {n} (portion of debt)  :: avbetalning {c}, amortering {c}
installment {n} (part of a serial)  :: [of broadcasts] avsnitt {n}, del {c}
instalment {n} (installment) SEE: installment  ::
instance {n} (case occurring, a case offered as an exemplification, an example)  :: instans, fall
instant {n} (period of time)  :: ögonblick {n}
instant {n} (point in time)  :: ögonblick {n}
instant {adj} (immediate)  :: ögonblicklig, omedelbar
instant {adj} (quickly prepared)  :: snabb- , kvick-
instantaneous {adj} (occurring, arising, or functioning without any delay; happening within an imperceptibly brief period of time)  :: omedelbar, ögonblicklig
instant coffee {n} (beverage)  :: snabbkaffe, pulverkaffe {n}
instantiate {v} (to represent by a concrete instance)  :: exemplifiera
instantiation {n} (something resulting from the act of instantiating)  :: instansiering {c}
instant noodle {n} (a mass of precooked noodles)  :: snabbnudlar {c-p}
instead {adv} (in the place of (it))  :: istället
instead of {prep} (in lieu of; in place of; rather than)  :: i stället för
instigate {v} (to goad or urge forward; to set on; to provoke; to incite)  :: pressa fram
instill {v} (to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature)  :: ingjuta
instinct {n} (natural or inherent impulse or behaviour)  :: instinkt {c}
instinctive {adj} (related to or prompted by instinct)  :: instinktiv
instinctive {adj} (driven by impulse, spontaneous and without thinking)  :: instinktiv
institute {n} (college)  :: institut {n}
institute {v} (to begin or initiate something)  :: inrätta
institution {n} (established organisation)  :: institut {n}
institutional {adj} (rudimentary) SEE: rudimentary  ::
instruct {v}  :: instruera
instruction {n} (act of instructing, teaching, or furnishing with knowledge; information)  :: instruktion {c}, undervisning {c}, skolväsen {n} {c}
instruction {n} (that which instructs, or with which one is instructed)  :: instruktör {c}
instruction {n} (single operation of a processor)  :: instruktion {c}
instructive case {n} (case used to indicate means)  :: instruktiv
instructor {n} (one who instructs; a teacher)  :: instruktör {c}, handledare {c}, lärare {c}, utbildare {c}
instrument {n} (musical device)  :: intrument {n}
instrument {n} (measuring device)  :: mätinstrument {n}
instrument {n} (tool)  :: instrument {n} (especially a fine tool)
instrumental {n} (instrumental case) SEE: instrumental case  ::
instrumental case {n} (case to express agency or means)  :: instrumentalis
instrumentalist {n} (one who plays a musical instrument)  :: instrumentalist {c}
insubordination {n} (quality of being insubordinate)  :: olydnad {c}
insufferable {adj} (not sufferable)  :: odräglig
insufficient {adj} (Not sufficient)  :: otillräcklig
insufficiently {adv} (not sufficiently)  :: otillräckligt
insular {adj} (separate or isolated from the surroundings)  :: avskild
insular {adj} (having an inward-looking manner)  :: tillbakadragen
insulate {v} (to separate or detach)  :: isolera
insulate {v} (to separate so as to prevent a transfer)  :: isolera
insulation {n} (The act of insulating)  :: isolering {c}
insulation {n} (The act of separating a body from others)  :: isolering {c}
insulation {n} (a medium in which it is possible to maintain an electrical field with little supply of energy from additional sources)  :: isolering, isolator {c}
insulator {n} (substance)  :: isolering
insulator {n} (structure)  :: isolator {c}
insulin {n} (polypeptide hormone)  :: insulin
insult {v} (to be rude)  :: förolämpa
insult {n} (action or speech deliberately intended to be rude)  :: förolämpning {c}
insulting {adj} (containing insult, or having the intention of insulting)  :: förolämpande
insultive {adj} (insulting) SEE: insulting  ::
insurance {n} (indemnity)  :: försäkring
insurance {n} (business)  :: försäkring
insurance company {n} (company that provides insurance policies)  :: försäkringsbolag {n}
insurmountable {adj} (incapable of being passed over)  :: oöverstiglig
insurrection {n} (mutiny or rebellion)  :: uppror, resning {c}, revolt {c}
intake {n} (place where water or air is taken in)  :: intag {n}
intake {n} (the quantity taken in)  :: intag {n}
integer {n} (integer)  :: heltal
integer factorization {n} (factorization of a positive integer)  :: heltalsfaktorisering
integrable {adj} (able to be integrated)  :: integrerbar
integrable function {n} (mathematics)  :: integrabel funktion {c}
integral {adj} (constituting a whole together with other parts or factors; not omittable or removable)  :: hel, enhetlig
integral {adj} (math: of, pertaining to, or being an integer)  :: compounds with heltal
integral {n} (limit of sums)  :: integral {c}
integral {n} (antiderivative) SEE: antiderivative  ::
integral calculus {n} (calculus of areas and volumes)  :: integralkalkyl {c}
integrand {n} (function that is to be integrated)  :: integrand {c}
integrate {v} (to subject to the operation of integration; to find the integral of)  :: integrera
integrate {v} (to desegregate, as a school or neighborhood)  :: integrera
integrated circuit {n} (thin chip)  :: integrerad krets {c}
integration {n} (process of fitting into a community)  :: integration {c}
integration {n} (in mathematics)  :: integration, integrering
integrity {n} (steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code)  :: integritet {c}
intel {n} (intelligence) SEE: intelligence  ::
intellectual {adj} (spiritual) SEE: spiritual  ::
intellectual {adj} (belonging to, or performed by, the intellect; mental or cognitive)  :: intellektuell
intellectual {n} (intelligent person, interested in intellectual matters)  :: intellektuell {c}
intelligence {n} (capacity of mind)  :: intelligens {c}
intelligence {n} (entity that has such capacities)  :: intelligens {c}
intelligence {n} (information about the enemy)  :: underrättelse {c}
intelligence {n} (a department, agency or unit designed to gather such information)  :: underrättelsetjänst {c}
intelligence agency {n} (governmental agency devoted to information gathering)  :: underrättelsetjänst {c}
intelligence quotient {n} (IQ score)  :: intelligenskvot {c}
intelligent {adj} (of high or especially quick cognitive capacity, bright)  :: intelligent, klyftig [colloquial], klok
intelligent {adj} (characterized by thoughtful interaction)  :: intelligent
intelligent design {prop} (intelligent design / Intelligent Design)  :: intelligent design
intelligentsia {n} (intellectual élite)  :: intelligentia
intelligible {adj} (capable of being understood)  :: begriplig
intend {v} (to fix the mind upon a goal)  :: avse, ämna, planera
intended {n} (fiancé) SEE: fiancé  ::
intended {n} (fiancée) SEE: fiancée  ::
intensify {v} (to render more intense)  :: intensifiera
intensify {v} (to become more intense)  :: intensifieras
intensity {n} (quality of being intense)  :: intensitet {c}
intensive {adj} (thorough, to a great degree, with intensity)  :: intensiv
intensive care {n} (support and monitoring of critically ill patients)  :: intensivvård {c}
intensive care unit {n} (intensive care unit) SEE: ICU  ::
intention {v} (intend) SEE: intend  ::
intention {n} (course intended to follow)  :: avsikt {c}, syfte
intentional {adj} (intended or planned; done deliberately or voluntarily)  :: avsiktlig, uppsåtlig
intentional {adj} (done with intent)  :: med uppsåt
interaction {n} (situation or occurrence in which two or more objects or events act upon one another)  :: växelverkan {c}
interactive {adj} (Responding to the user)  :: interaktiv
inter alia {adv} (among other things)  :: bland annat
intercardinal direction {n} (compass direction)  :: interkardinalstreck {n}
intercom {n} (an electronic communication system)  :: porttelefon
intercourse {n} (sexual intercourse)  :: samlag
interest {n} (finance: price of credit)  :: ränta {c}
interest {n} (great attention and concern from someone)  :: intresse {n}
interest {n} (attention that is given to or received from someone or something)  :: intresse {n}
interest {v} (to attract attention or concern)  :: intressera
interest-free {adj} (not charging interest)  :: räntefri
interesting {adj} (arousing or holding the attention)  :: intressant
interest rate {n} (percentage of money charged for its use per some period)  :: räntesats {c}
interface {n} (point of interconnection between entities)  :: gränssnitt {n}, beröringspunkt {c}
interface {n} (computing: point of interconnection between systems or subsystems)  :: gränssnitt {n}
interface {n} (computing: connection between a user and a machine)  :: gränssnitt {n}
interfere {v}  :: hindra, försvåra [to make difficult]
interference {n} (act of interfering with something)  :: interferens {c}
interference {n} (distortion on a broadcast signal due to atmospheric or other effects)  :: störning {c}
interferon {n} (any of a group of glycoproteins, that prevent viral replication in infected cells)  :: interferon
interfix {n} (an empty morph inserted between two morphemes)  :: fogemorfem {n}, interfix {n}
intergalactic {adj} (occurring between galaxies)  :: intergalaktisk
intergluteal cleft {n} (groove between the buttocks) SEE: gluteal cleft  ::
interior {n} (the inside of an enclosed structure)  :: interiör, insida, innandöme, det inre
interior design {n} (design of internal space)  :: inredning, heminredning
interject {v} (to insert something between other things)  :: skjuta in
interjection {n} (exclamation or filled pause in grammar)  :: interjektion {c}
interlanguage {n} (creole) SEE: creole  ::
interleave {v} (to insert (pages, which are normally blank) between the pages of a book)  :: interfoliera
Interlingua {prop} (interlanguage based on Romance languages)  :: interlingua
interloper {n} (one who interferes)  :: inkräktare {c}
intermediate {adj} (being between two extremes, or in the middle of a range)  :: mellanliggande, intermediär
intermediate frequency {n}  :: mellanfrekvens
intermezzo {n}  :: intermezzo {n}
intermission {n} (break between performances or sessions)  :: paus
intern {v} (to imprison (transitive))  :: internera
internal {adj}  :: intern
internal combustion engine {n} (a piston or a rotary heat engine)  :: förbränningsmotor {c}
internalize {v} (make something internal)  :: internalisera
international {adj} (between, concerning, or transcending multiple nations)  :: internationell
International Court of Justice {prop} (UN court)  :: Internationella domstolen {c}
internationalise {v} (to make international) SEE: internationalize  ::
internationalism {n} (cooperation between nations)  :: internationalism {c}
internationalize {v} (to make something international)  :: internationalisera
International Klein Blue {prop} (deep blue hue achieved through ultramarine pigment and a binder)  :: International Klein Blue {c}, kleinblå {c}
internationally {adv} (in an international manner)  :: internationellt
International Monetary Fund {prop} (International Monetary Fund)  :: Internationella valutafonden {c}
international organisation {n} (organisation established by treaty)  :: internationell organisation
International Phonetic Alphabet {prop} (standardized symbols for speech)  :: internationella fonetiska alfabetet
international relations {n} (study of relationships among countries)  :: internationella förbindelser
International Telecommunication Union {prop} (United Nations agency)  :: Internationella teleunionen
internecine {adj} (characterized by struggle within a group)  :: inbördes (stridigheter)
internecine {adj}  :: ömsesidigt utplånande
internet {n} (the Internet, largest global internet) SEE: Internet  ::
Internet {prop} (specific internet consisting of the global network of computers)  :: Internet, nätet, internet {n}
Internet cafe {n} (place where one can use a computer with Internet)  :: internetkafé {n}, internetcafé {n}
Internet of Things {prop} (proposed Internet-like structure connecting everyday physical objects)  :: sakernas internet {n}
Internet Protocol {n} (one of the computer networking protocols)  :: Internetprotokoll {c}
Internet Protocol {n}  :: Internetprotokoll {c}
interoperability {n} (computing)  :: interoperabilitet {c}
interplanetary {adj} (existing or occurring between between planets)  :: interplanetarisk
interpolate {v} (to introduce something, such as words, between other things, such as other words)  :: interpolera
interpolation {n} (math, science: process of estimating the value of a function)  :: interpolation {c}
interpret {v} (to explain or tell the meaning of)  :: tolka
interpret {v} (to apprehend and represent by means of art)  :: tolka
interpret {v} (to act as an interpreter)  :: tolka
interpretation {n} (act of interpreting)  :: tolkning {c}
interpretation {n} (sense given by an interpreter)  :: tolkning {c}
interpretation {n} (artist's way of expressing his thought)  :: tolkning {c}
interpreter {n} (one who interprets speech)  :: tolk {c}
interrail {v} (to travel with InterRail)  :: tågluffa (broader meaning)
interrobang {n} (the punctuation mark ‽)  :: interrobang {c}
interrogate {v} (to question or quiz)  :: förhöra
interrogation {n} (act of interrogating or questioning)  :: förhör {n}
interrogation {n} (question put; an inquiry)  :: utfrågning {c}
interrogation mark {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrogation point {n} (question mark) SEE: question mark  ::
interrupt {v} (to disturb or halt an ongoing process or action)  :: avbryta
interruption {n} (a time interval during which there is a cessation of something)  :: avbrott {n}
intersection {n} (junction of two or more paths, etc)  :: korsning {c}
intersection {n} (in geometry)  :: skärning {c}
intersection {n} (in set theory)  :: snitt {n}
intersectionality {n} (sociological methodology)  :: intersektionalitet {c}
intersex {n} (condition) SEE: intersexuality  ::
intersexuality {n} (the state of having physical features of both sexes)  :: intersexualitet
Interslavic {adj} (pertaining to contact between (individuals or groups of) different Slavic nations)  :: interslaviska
Interslavic {prop} (auxiliary Slavic language)  :: interslaviska {c}
intersperse {v} (to mix two things irregularly)  :: spränga in
interspersed {adj} (placed at intervals amongst other things)  :: insprängd mellan
interstellar {adj} (between stars)  :: interstellär
interstellar {adj} (among stars)  :: interstellär
interstice {n} (small opening or space)  :: mellanrum {n}, springa {c}, glipa {c}
intertwine {v} (To become twined together)  :: sammanflätas
interval {n} (intermission) SEE: intermission  ::
interval {n} (period of time)  :: intervall {n}, tidsintervall {n}
interval {n} (music: distance in pitch of notes)  :: intervall {n}
interval {n} (section of the real line)  :: intervall {n}
interval {n} (sports:half time) SEE: half time  ::
intervene {v} (to come between, or to be between, persons or things)  :: ingripa, intervenera
intervention {n} (act of intervening)  :: ingripande {n}
intervertebral disc {n} (disc between the vertebra in the spine)  :: mellankotskiva, intervertebraldisk
interview {n} (conversation with journalist etc.)  :: intervju {n}
interview {n} (a formal meeting for the assessment of a candidate or applicant)  :: intervju {n}
interview {v} (to have an interview)  :: intervjua
interviewee {n} (Someone being interviewed)  :: intervjuobjekt
interwar {adj} (Relating to the time between two wars)  :: mellankrigs-
interweave {v} (to combine through weaving)  :: sammanfläta
intestine {n} (alimentary canal)  :: tarm {c}, inälvor {p}
intestine {n} (subdivision of the alimentary canal)  :: tarm {c}, inälvor {p}
in the act {prep} (in the process of doing something)  :: på bar gärning
in the event {conj} (if) SEE: if  ::
in the event of {prep} (in case of) SEE: in case of  ::
in the flesh {prep} (with one's own body and presence)  :: i egen hög person
in the future {prep} (at a future time)  :: i framtiden
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king {proverb} (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)  :: i de blindas land är den enögde kung
in the least {prep} (at all) SEE: at all  ::
in the limelight {prep} (focus of attention)  :: i rampljuset
in the long run {prep} (eventually)  :: i långa loppet
in the long term {prep} (eventually) SEE: in the long run  ::
in the making {prep} (in the process of being made)  :: i vardande
in the meantime {prep} (meanwhile) SEE: meanwhile  ::
in the nick of time {prep} (at the last possible moment)  :: i sista stund, i elfte timmen, i sista ögonblicket, i grevens tid
in the past {prep} (at a past time)  :: i det förflutna, i det förgångna, förr i tiden
in the twinkling of an eye {prep} (immediately, instantaneously)  :: i ett huj, på ett ögonblick, i en handvändning
in the way {prep} (obstructing)  :: i vägen
in three days {adv} (in three days - translation entry)  :: överövermorgon, om tre dagar
intifada {n} (intifada)  :: intifada {c}
intimacy {n} (feeling of closeness and openness towards someone else)  :: intimitet {c}
intimate {adj} (closely acquainted; familiar)  :: intim
intimate {adj} (of or involved in a sexual relationship)  :: intim
intimate {adj} (personal, private)  :: intim
intimate {v} (To suggest or disclose discreetly)  :: antyda
intimidate {v} (to make timid or fearful)  :: skrämma
intinction {n} (the act of steeping or soaking the bread in the wine)  :: intinktion {c}
into {prep} (going inside)  :: in i
into {prep} (producing, becoming)  :: till
intolerance {n} (the state of being intolerant)  :: intolerans {c}
intolerance {n} (extreme sensitivity to a food or drug; allergy)  :: intolerans {c}
intonation {n} (the rise and fall of the voice in speaking)  :: intonation
in total {prep} (including all aspects of something)  :: sammanlagt, totalt
intracellular {adj} (within a cell)  :: intracellulär
intrahepatic {adj} (within the liver)  :: intrahepatisk
intramuscular {adj} (inside a muscle)  :: intramuskulär
intransigence {n} (intransigence)  :: omedgörlighet {c}
intransigent {adj} (unwilling to compromise or moderate a position)  :: omedgörlig
intransitive {adj} (of a verb, not taking a direct object)  :: intransitiv
intransitive verb {n} (action verb not taking a direct object, see also: neuter)  :: intransitivt verb
intrasexual {adj} (intrasexual)  :: innerkönsmässig, innerköns-
intravenous {adj} (inside the veins)  :: intravenös
intravenously {adv} (in an intravenous manner)  :: intravenöst
intrepid {adj} (fearless)  :: modig, oförskräckt, orädd
intricacy {n} (The state or quality of being intricate or entangled)  :: besvärlighet {c}, svårighet {c}
intricacy {n} (Perplexity; involution; complication; complexity)  :: komplexitet
intricate {adj} (having a great deal of fine detail or complexity)  :: intrikat, invecklad
intrigue {n} (plot or scheme)  :: intrig {c}
intrigue {v} (to plan)  :: intrigera
intrinsic {adj} (inherent)  :: inneboende
intro {n} (short form of introduction)  :: intro {n}
introduce {v} (to cause someone to be acquainted)  :: presentera
introduce {v} (to and make something or someone known by formal announcement or recommendation)  :: presentera
introduce {v} (to bring into practice)  :: införa
introduction {n} (act or process of introducing)  :: introduktion {c}, presentation {c}
introduction {n} (means of presenting one person to another)  :: presentation {c}
introduction {n} (initial section of a book or article which introduces subject material)  :: förord {n}, inledning {c}
introductory {adj} (introducing)  :: inledande, för nybörjare
intron {n} (genetics: portion of a split gene that is included in pre-RNA transcripts but is removed during RNA processing)  :: intron
introspection {n} (the act or process of self-examination)  :: introspektion {c}, själviakttagelse {c}
introverted {adj} (possessing the characteristic property of an introvert)  :: inåtvänd, introvert
intrude {v} (to enter without welcome; to encroach)  :: inkräkta
intrusion {n} (forcible entry)  :: intrång
intuition {n} (immediate cognition without the use of rational processes)  :: intuition {c}
intuitive {adj} (automatic, without requiring conscious thought)  :: intuitiv, reflexmässig
in turn {prep} (one after the other; successively)  :: i tur och ordning, i turordning
in turn {prep} (in due order, as a queue)  :: på tur
in turn {prep} (in response in return)  :: i gengäld
in turn {prep} (having a relationship sequentially comparable to one just mentioned)  :: i sin tur
in twain {prep} (in halves)  :: itu
inundate {v} (to cover with large amounts of water)  :: översvämma
inundate {v} (to overwhelm)  :: överväldiga, överhopa, översvämma, tynga ner
inure {v}  :: vänja
in utero {adv} (occurring within the uterus)  :: I livmodern
invade {v} (to move into)  :: invadera
invade {v} (to enter by force in order to conquer)  :: invadera
invader {n} (one who invades; an assailant; an encroacher; an intruder)  :: inkräktare
in vain {adv} (without success)  :: förgäves
invalid {adj} (not valid)  :: ogiltig, ogill
invalidate {v} (to make invalid)  :: ogiltigförklara
invariable {adj} (not variable)  :: oföränderlig
invariant {adj} (that does not vary)  :: oföränderlig
invariant {adj} (that is not affected by a specified operation)  :: invariant
invariant {n} (invariant quantity, function etc.)  :: invariant
invasion {n} (military action)  :: invasion {c}
invasive {adj} (invading a foreign country)  :: invaderande
invasive {adj} (of a plant or animal)  :: invasiv
invasive {adj} (intruding on one's privacy)  :: inträngande, påträngande
invective {n} (Something spoken or written, intended to cast opprobrium, censure,)  :: invektiv {n}
invent {v} (design a new process or mechanism)  :: uppfinna
invented {adj} (imaginary) SEE: imaginary  ::
invention {n} (something invented)  :: uppfinning {c}
invention {n} (capacity to invent)  :: uppfinningsförmåga {c}, uppfinningsrikedom {c}
invention {n} (small self-contained musical composition)  :: invention {c}
inventor {n} (inventor)  :: uppfinnare {c}
inventorize {v} (to make an inventory of) SEE: inventory  ::
inventory {n} (stock of an item on hand at a particular location or business)  :: lager {n}, inventarier {p}
inventory {n} (detailed list of all of the items on hand)  :: inventarieförteckning {c}, lagersaldo {n}, inventering {c}
inventory {n} (process of producing or updating such a list)  :: inventering {c}
inventory {v} (to take stock of the resources or items on hand; to produce an inventory)  :: inventera
inverse {adj} ((mathematics) having the properties of an inverse)  :: invers {c}
inverse {n}  :: invers {c}
inverse function {n} (function that does the opposite of another)  :: invers funktion {c}
inverse matrix {n} (linear algebra)  :: invers matris {c}
invert {n} (homosexual) SEE: homosexual  ::
invertebrate {n} (animal without backbone)  :: ryggradslöst djur {n}
invertebrate {adj} (lacking backbone)  :: ryggradslös
invertible {adj} ((mathematics) which has an inverse)  :: inverterbar
invertible matrix {n} (a square matrix which, when multiplied by another, yields the identity matrix)  :: inverterbar matris {c}
invert sugar {n} (equal mixture of glucose and fructose formed by the enzymatic hydrolysis of sucrose)  :: invertsocker
invest {v} (to commit resources in the hope of financial gain)  :: investera
invest {v} (to spend money, time, effort into sthg)  :: investera
invest {v} (to clothe or wrap with garments) SEE: clothe  ::
investigate {v} (to inquire into, study)  :: undersöka
investigate {v} (to examine)  :: undersöka, utreda
investigate {v} (to conduct an inquiry or examination)  :: utreda
investigation {n} (the act of investigating)  :: undersökning
investigative {adj} (pertaining to investigation)  :: undersökande, grävande
investigator {n} (one who investigates)  :: utredare {c}
investment {n} (placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use)  :: investering
investment bank {n} (financial institution)  :: investmentbank {c}
investor {n} (person who invests money in order to make a profit)  :: investerare
inveterate {adj} (malignant) SEE: malignant  ::
inveterate {adj} (firmly established)  :: inrotad, ingrodd
inveterate {adj} (whose habits are firmly established)  :: oförbätterlig, inbiten
invigilator {n} (supervisor of students)  :: tentamensvakt {c}, tentavakt {c} [colloquial]
invincible {adj} (impossible to defeat, destroy or kill)  :: oövervinnerlig
invisibility {n} (the state of being invisible)  :: osynlighet {c}
invisible {adj} (unable to be seen)  :: osynlig
invisibly {adv} (in a way that can not be seen)  :: osynlig, osynligt
invitation {n} (act of inviting)  :: inbjudning {c}
invitation {n} (document or spoken words conveying the message by which one is invited)  :: inbjudan {c}
invitation {n}  :: inbjudan {c}, invitation {c}
invite {v} (ask for the presence or participation of someone)  :: invitera, inbjuda
invite {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage  ::
invocation {n} (The act or form of calling for the assistance or presence of some superior being; earnest and solemn entreaty; especially, prayer offered to a divine being)  :: åkallan {c}
invoice {n} (bill)  :: faktura {c}, räkning {c}
invoice {v} (to bill)  :: fakturera
involution {n} (mathematics; an endofunction whose square is equal to the identity function; a function equal to its inverse)  :: involution
involved {adj} (complicated) SEE: complicated  ::
involved {adj} (associated with others, be or be made a participant)  :: delaktig
IOC {initialism} (initialism of International Olympic Committee)  :: IOK
iodide {n} (binary compound)  :: jodid {c}
iodine {n} (element)  :: jod {c}
ion {n} (atom or group of atoms bearing an electrical charge)  :: jon {c}
Ionian Islands {prop} (a group of islands in the Ionian Sea)  :: Joniska öarna
Ionian Sea {prop} (European sea)  :: Joniska havet
ionization {n} (any process that leads to dissociation)  :: jonisering {c}
ionosphere {n} (part of Earth's atmosphere)  :: jonosfär {c}
iota {n} (small amount)  :: jota {n}, dugg {n}, dyft {n}, smula {c}
IP address {n} (number assigned to each computer's network interface)  :: IP-adress {c}
Iphigenia {prop} (Greek hero)  :: Ifigenia
iPod {n} (device)  :: iPod, ipod
ipso facto {adv} (By that fact)  :: ipso facto, genom sakens natur
Iran {prop} (country in Western Asia)  :: Iran
Irani {adj} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Irani {n} (Iranian) SEE: Iranian  ::
Iranian {n} (person from Iran or of Iranian descent)  :: iranier
Iranian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Iran, the people or Iranian languages)  :: iransk, iranier (the people), iranska (language)
Iraq {prop} (country)  :: Irak
Iraqi {n} (person from Iraq)  :: irakier {c}
Iraqi {adj} (from or pertaining to Iraq)  :: irakisk
irascible {adj} (prone to anger)  :: lättretlig, hetlevrad, hetsig
Ireland {prop} (island)  :: Irland {n}
Irene {prop} (female given name)  :: Irene {c}
iridesce {v} (iridesce)  :: irisera
iridescence {n} (The condition or state of being iridescent; exhibition of colors like those of the rainbow; a prismatic play of color)  :: regnbågsskimmer {n}
iridescent {adj} (producing lustrous colors)  :: regnbågsskimrande, iriserande
iridescent {adj} (brilliant, lustrous, or colorful)  :: lysande, skimrande, iriserande
iridium {n} (chemical element)  :: iridium {n}
iris {n} (plant of the genus Iris)  :: iris {c}
iris {n} (part of the eye)  :: iris {c}, regnbågshinna
Iris {prop} (Greek messenger of the gods)  :: Iris
Iris {prop} (female given name)  :: Iris
Irish {prop} (the language)  :: iriska {c}
Irish {n}  :: irländare {m} {f}, irländska {f}
Irish {adj} (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)  :: irländsk
Irish {adj} (pertaining to the language)  :: irisk
Irishman {n} (man from Ireland)  :: irländare {c}
Irish setter {n} (a breed of gun dog)  :: irländsk setter {c}
Irish Wolfhound {n} (Irish Wolfhound)  :: irländsk varghund
Irkutsk {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Irkutsk
iron {n} (element)  :: järn {n}
iron {n} (for pressing clothes)  :: strykjärn {n}
iron {adj} (made of iron)  :: järn-
iron {adj} (strong, inflexible)  :: järn-
iron {v} (to pass an iron over clothing)  :: stryka
Iron Age {prop} (archaeology)  :: järnålder {c}, [definite form] järnåldern
iron curtain {n} (impenetrable barrier)  :: järnridå {c}
Iron Curtain {prop} (the dividing line between western Europe and the Soviet controlled regions)  :: järnridån {c}
iron fist {n} (ruthless control)  :: järnhand {c}
ironic {adj} (characterized by irony)  :: ironisk
ironing {n} (act of pressing clothes with an iron)  :: strykning {c}
ironing {n} (laundry that has been washed and is ready to be ironed)  :: stryktvätt {c}
ironing {n} (laundry that has recently been ironed)  :: strykt tvätt {c}
ironing board {n} (a long board on which one can iron)  :: strykbräda {c}
ironmaster {n} (proprietor of an ironworks)  :: bruksägare {c}, bruksidkare {c}, brukspatron {c}
ironmonger {n} (retailer in iron goods and hardware)  :: järnhandlare {c}
iron ore {n} (ore containing iron)  :: järnmalm {c}
ironsmith {n} (blacksmith) SEE: blacksmith  ::
irony {n} (statement that may mean the opposite of what is written literally)  :: ironi {c}
irony {n} (condition contrary to expectations)  :: ironi {c}
Iroquois {n} (hairdo) SEE: Mohawk  ::
irrational {adj} (unfounded or nonsensical)  :: irrationell
irrational {adj} (mathematics: of a number)  :: irrationell
Irrawaddy {prop} (river that flows through Burma)  :: Irrawaddy
irredentism {n} (an annexation doctrine)  :: irredentism
irrefutable {adj} (undeniable, unable to be disproved)  :: obestridlig, ovedersäglig
irregular {adj} (non-standard)  :: oregelbunden
irregular verb {n} (verb that does not follow the normal rules for its conjugation)  :: oregelbundet verb
irrelevance {n} (lack of relationship with the topic at hand, lack of importance)  :: irrelevans
irrelevant {adj} (not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected)  :: irrelevant, ovidkommande
irresistible {adj} (not able to be resisted)  :: oemotståndlig
irresponsibility {n} (character or state of being irresponsible)  :: ansvarslöshet {c}
irresponsible {adj} (lacking a sense of responsibility)  :: ansvarslös, oansvarig
irresponsible {adj} (not responsible; not subject to responsibility)  :: oansvarig
irreversible {adj} (incapable of being reversed)  :: oåterkallelig, irreversibel
irrevocable {adj} (unable to be retracted or reversed)  :: oåterkallelig
irrevocably {adv} (in an irrevocable manner)  :: oåterkalleligen
irrigate {v} (to supply farmland with water)  :: bevattna, konstbevattna
irritate {v} (to cause or induce displeasure or irritation)  :: irritera
irritating {adj} (causing irritation, annoyance or pain)  :: irriterande
irritating {adj} (Stimulates or exciting a response)  :: irriterande
is {v}  :: är
Isaac {prop} (son of Abraham and Sarah)  :: Isak
Isaac {prop} (male given name)  :: Isak
Isabel {prop} (female given name)  :: Isabella {c}
Isabella {prop} (female given name) SEE: Isabel  ::
Isaiah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Jesaja
Isaiah {prop} (prophet)  :: Jesaja {m}
Isaiah {prop} (male given name)  :: Esaias
ischemic {adj} (characteristic of, or accompanied by ischemia)  :: ischemisk
-ise {suffix} (-ize) SEE: -ize  ::
Ishikawa diagram {n} (display of causes and effects)  :: fiskbensdiagram {n}, Ishikawadiagram {n}, orsak-verkan-diagram {n}
Ishmael {prop} (eldest son of Abraham)  :: Ismael
ISIL {prop} (ISIS) SEE: ISIS  ::
ISIS {prop} (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)  :: ISIS {c}
is it going to rain {phrase} (is it going to rain)  :: kommer det (att) regna?
is it safe here {phrase} (is it safe here?)  :: är der säkert här?
Islam {prop} (religion)  :: islam
Islamic {adj} (Adjectival form of Islam)  :: islamisk, islamsk
Islamic Republic of Pakistan {prop} (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)  :: Islamiska republiken Pakistan {c}
Islamic State {prop} (jihadist group, see also: IS)  :: Islamiska staten {c}
Islamization {n} (the conversion of a society to Islam)  :: islamisering {c}
Islamophobia {n} (The fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims)  :: islamofobi
island {n} (area of land completely surrounded by water)  :: ö {c}, holme {c}, kobbe {c}, skär {n}
island {n} (entity surrounded by other entities that are very different from itself)  :: ö {c}
island chain {n} (chain-like archipelago)  :: ökedja {c}
islander {n} (person who lives on an island)  :: öbo {c}
island state {n} (state consisting of one or more islands)  :: östat {c}
isle {n} (isle) SEE: island  ::
Isle of Man {prop} (island)  :: Man
islet {n} (small island)  :: holme {c}, skär {n}, kobbe {c}
-ism {suffix} (a principle, belief or movement)  :: -ism {c}
isn't it so {phrase} (isn't it so?)  :: eller hur?, inte sant?
isochrony {n} (state of being isochronous)  :: isokroni {c}
isogloss {n} (line indicating geographical boundaries of a linguistic feature)  :: isogloss
Isojoki {prop} (municipality)  :: Storå
isolate {v} (transitive: to place in quarantine or isolation)  :: isolera
isolation {n} (state of being isolated)  :: isolering {c}
isolation {n} (act of isolating)  :: isolering {c}
isolation {n} (medicine: separation of a patient from others)  :: isolering {c}
isolationism {n} (policy of non-interaction)  :: isolationism {c}
isoleucine {n} (essential amino acid; C6H13NO2)  :: isoleucin
isomer {n} (chemistry: compounds)  :: isomer {c}
isometric {adj} (exhibiting equality in dimensions)  :: isometrisk
isometry {n} (A function)  :: isometri {c}
isomorphic {adj} ((mathematics) related by an isomorphism)  :: isomorf
isomorphic {adj} (having identical relevant structure)  :: isomorf
isosceles {adj} (having two sides of equal length, used especially of an isosceles triangle)  :: likbent
isotope {n} (atoms of the same element having a different number of neutrons)  :: isotop {c}
isotropic {adj} (having properties which are equivalent in all directions)  :: isotropisk
isotropy {n} (The property of being isotropic)  :: isotropi
ISP {initialism} (Internet service provider)  :: ISP {c}, internetleverantör {c}
I spy with my little eye {phrase} (phrase used in the game I spy)  :: vad skådar mitt norra öga
Israel {prop} (the state)  :: Israel
Israeli {n} (person from Israel or of Israeli descent)  :: israel
Israeli {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Israel, the Israeli people)  :: israelisk
Israelite {n} (descendant of Jacob)  :: israelit {c}
Israelite {adj} (of or pertaining to the ancient nation(s) of Israel, their inhabitants, or to the descendants of the patriarch Jacob)  :: israelitisk
-ist {suffix} (One who follows a particular ideology, doctrine, belief system or theory)  :: -ist
-ista {suffix} (follower) SEE: -ist  ::
is that so {phrase} (really)  :: så pass?
isthmus {n} (narrow strip of land)  :: näs {n}, ed
it {pron} (subject — inanimate thing)  :: den {c}, det {n}
it {pron} (object)  :: den {c}, det {n}
it {pron} (subject of impersonal statement)  :: det
IT {initialism} (information technology) SEE: information technology  ::
Italian {adj} (of or pertaining to Italy)  :: italiensk
Italian {n} (person)  :: italienare {c} {m}, {f} italienska {c}
Italian {prop} (language)  :: italienska {c}
Italianization {prop} (process of forced assimilation into the Italian culture)  :: italienisering {c}
Italianness {n} (quality of being Italian)  :: italienskhet {c}
Italian Peninsula {prop} (peninsula)  :: Apenninska halvön {c}
Italian Republic {prop} (official name of Italy)  :: Republiken Italien {c}
italic {adj} (having a slant to the right)  :: kursiv
italic {n} (typeface whose letters slant to the right)  :: kursiv {c}
Italic {adj}  :: italisk
Italic {prop} (Italic language)  :: italiska språk
italicize {v} (to put into italics)  :: kursivera
italics {n} (italic) SEE: italic  ::
italophone {adj} (Italian-speaking)  :: italienskspråkig, italiensktalande
Italy {prop} (European country)  :: Italien
it can't be helped {phrase} (it is inevitable)  :: det kan inte hjälpas
itch {n} (a sensation felt on an area of the skin that causes a person or animal to want to scratch)  :: klåda
itch {v} (to feel the need to scratch)  :: klia
itchy {adj} (having or creating an itch)  :: kliande
it doesn't matter {phrase} (it doesn't matter)  :: det spelar ingen roll, det kvittar
item {n} (distinct physical object)  :: föremål {n}, ting {n}, sak {c}
item {n} (matter for discussion in an agenda)  :: punkt u
item of clothing {n} (garment) SEE: garment  ::
iteration {n} (repetition in a computer program)  :: iteration {c}
iteration {n} (single repetition of the code)  :: iteration {c}
iterative {adj} (of a procedure that involves repetition)  :: Iterativ
iterator {n} (computing method)  :: iterator {c}
it figures {phrase} (phrase)  :: det ante mig
I think so {phrase} (I think so)  :: jag tror det
I think therefore I am {phrase} (philosophical proof of existence)  :: jag tänker, därmed existerar jag
itinerant {adj} (travelling from place to place)  :: kringresande
itinerary {n} (route or proposed route of a journey)  :: färdplan {n}
-itis {suffix} (suffix denoting diseases characterized by inflammation)  :: -it
it is what it is {proverb} (it is what it is)  :: det är vad det är
it never rains but it pours {proverb} (unfortunate events occur in quantity)  :: en olycka kommer sällan ensam (a misfortune seldom comes alone), när det regnar så öser det ner (when it rains, it pours)
I told you so {phrase} (told you so!)  :: vad var det jag sa
it's {contraction} (it is)  :: det är, den är
it's {contraction} (it has)  :: det har, den har
its {determiner} (belonging to it)  :: dess
its {pron} (that which belongs to it)  :: dess
it's about time {interj} (expression of impatience)  :: det är/var på tiden
it's all Greek to me {phrase} (I don't understand any of this)  :: det är rena grekiskan (it is pure Greek)
it's an emergency {phrase} (it's an emergency)  :: det är brådskande, det är bråttom
it's a pleasure {phrase} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome  ::
it's a small world {phrase} (phrase used when meeting an acquaintance or personal connection in an unexpected place or context)  :: världen är liten
it's cold outside {phrase} (it's cold outside (weather))  :: det är kall utomhus, det är kallt ute
itself {pron}  :: sig, sig själv reflexive, i sig as in, "the door itself"
it's raining {phrase} (it's raining)  :: det regnar
it's snowing {phrase} (it's snowing)  :: det snöar
it's too expensive {phrase} (it's too expensive)  :: det är för dyrt
it takes two to tango {proverb} (some things need the active cooperation of two parties)  :: det är inte ens fel om två träter (regarding conflicts)
it was delicious {phrase} (phrase said to compliment a meal after eating it)  :: det var väldigt gott
-ity {suffix} (Used to form nouns from adjectives.)  :: -het {c}
Ivalo {prop} (village in Northern Finland)  :: Ivalo
Ivan {prop} (male given name)  :: Ivan {m}
Ivanovich {prop} (patronymic)  :: Ivanovitj
I've {contraction} (I have)  :: jag har
I've been raped {phrase} (I've been raped)  :: jag har blivit våldtagen
I've been robbed {phrase} (I've been robbed)  :: jag har blivit rånad
I've been shot {phrase} (I've been shot)  :: jag har blivit skjuten
I've burned myself {phrase} (I've burned myself)  :: jag har bränt mig
I've lost my keys {phrase} (I lost my keys) SEE: I lost my keys  ::
Ivor {prop} (male given name)  :: Ivar, Ingvar
Ivorian {n} (a person from Côte d'Ivoire or of Ivorian descent)  :: ivorian {m}, ivorianska {f}
Ivorian {adj} (of, from, or pertaining to Côte d'Ivoire)  :: ivoriansk
ivory {n} (material)  :: elfenben {n}
ivory {n} (colour)  :: elfenbensfärg {c}, elfenbensvitt {n}
ivory {adj} (made of ivory)  :: elfenbens-, Elfenbens-
ivory {adj} (having colour of ivory)  :: elfenbensfärgad
Ivory Coast {prop} (Côte d'Ivoire) SEE: Côte d'Ivoire  ::
ivory tower {n} (overly-academic perspective)  :: elfenbenstorn {n}
ivy {n} (plant)  :: murgröna
I want to know {phrase} (I want to know)  :: jag vill veta
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (year))  :: jag är född i ...
I was born in ... {phrase} (I was born in ... (place name))  :: jag är född i ...
Iwo Jima {prop} (an island in Japan)  :: Ioto {n}
-ize {suffix} (suffix used to form verbs)  :: -isera
Izhevsk {prop} (capital of Udmurtia)  :: Izjevsk