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n00b {n} (beginner) SEE: newbie ::
n/a {initialism} (not applicable) :: inte tillämpbar
n/a {initialism} (not available) :: i.u., ingen uppgift
naan {n} (flat bread) :: naanbröd {n}
nab {v} (to seize a criminal) :: haffa
Naberezhnye Chelny {prop} (city in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia) :: Naberezjnyje Tjelny
nabob {n} (an Indian ruler) :: nabob
nabob {n} (someone of great wealth) :: nabob
NaCl {n} (sodium chloride) SEE: sodium chloride ::
NaCl {n} (table salt) SEE: table salt ::
nacre {n} (pearly substance on the interior of shells) SEE: mother-of-pearl ::
nada {pron} (nothing) SEE: nothing ::
Nadia {prop} (female given name) :: Nadja
nadir {n} (figuratively the lowest point) :: lågvattenmärke [slightly informal]
Nadsat {prop} (Russian-influenced argot used in A Clockwork Orange (1962)) :: Nadsat
naevus {n} (abnormal area on skin) SEE: mole ::
NAFTA {acronym} (North American Free Trade Agreement) :: NAFTA
nag {v} (complain about insignificant matters) :: tjata, nagga
nag {v} (bother with memories) :: älta
Nagorno-Karabakh {prop} (region in South Caucasus) :: Nagorno-Karabach
Nagorny Karabakh {prop} (Nagorno-Karabakh) SEE: Nagorno-Karabakh ::
Nagykanizsa {prop} (town in Hungary) :: Nagykanizsa
nah {interj} (no) ::
Nahuatl {prop} (language) :: nahuatl
Nahum {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Nahum
nail {n} (on fingers and toes) :: nagel {c}
nail {n} (spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood or similar materials) :: spik {c}
nail {v} (employ a nail as a fastener) :: spika, nagla
nail clipper {n} (nail trimmer) :: nagelklippare {c}
nail cutter {n} (nail clipper) SEE: nail clipper ::
nail file {n} (A file for shaping one's fingernails and toenails) :: nagelfil {c}
nail gun {n} (gun which drives nails) :: spikpistol {c}
nail polish {n} (cosmetic lacquer) :: nagellack {n}
nail polish remover {n} (solvent used to remove nail polish) :: nagellackborttagningsmedel {n}
nail trimmer {n} (nail clipper) SEE: nail clipper ::
Nairobi {prop} (capital of Kenya) :: Nairobi {n}
Naissaar {prop} (island in northern Estonia) :: Nargö
naive {adj} (lacking experience, wisdom, or judgement) :: naiv, blåögd, oskyldig
naivety {n} (naïveté) SEE: naïveté ::
naked {adj} (not wearing any clothes) :: naken, bar, blottad, avklädd, näck
naked eye {n} (unaided eyesight) :: blotta ögat
Nakhodka {prop} (city in Russia) :: Nachodka
Nalchik {prop} (city in Russia) :: Naltjik
namaste {n} (a greeting) :: namaste
namaz {n} (prayer) SEE: prayer ::
namaz {n} (salat) SEE: salat ::
name {n} (word or phrase indicating a particular person, place, class or thing) :: namn {n}
name {n} (reputation) :: namn {n}
name {v} (to give a name to) :: döpa, namnge
name {v} (to mention, specify) :: nämna
name {v} (to identify, define, specify) :: nämna
name {v} (to publicly implicate) :: nämna
name {v} (to designate for a role) :: utnämna
name card {n} (business card) SEE: business card ::
name day {n} (feast day of a saint) :: namnsdag {c}
nameless {adj} (having no name) :: namnlös
namely {adv} (specifically) :: nämligen
nameplate {n} (A plate or plaque inscribed with a name) :: namnskylt {c}
namesake {n} (person with the same name as another) :: namne
namespace {n} (conceptual space) :: namnrymd {c}
nametag {n} (tag with one's name on it) :: namnlapp {c}
Namibia {prop} (Republic of Namibia) :: Namibia
nanny {n} (child's nurse) :: barnflicka {c}, barnpassare
nanometer {n} (nanometre) SEE: nanometre ::
nanometre {n} (subunit of length) :: nanometer {c}
nanosecond {n} (measure of time) :: nanosekund {c}
Naomi {prop} (Biblical character) :: Noomi
nap {n} (a short period of sleep, especially during the day) :: tupplur {c}
nap {v} (To have a nap) :: ta en tupplur
nape {n} (back part of the neck) :: nacke {c}
napkin {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
napkin {n} (sanitary napkin) SEE: sanitary napkin ::
napkin {n} (serviette) :: servett {c}
Naples {prop} (city in Italy) :: Neapel {n}
Naples yellow {n} (yellow pigment, lead(II) antimonate) :: neapelgult {n}
nappy {n} (diaper) SEE: diaper ::
narcissism {n} (excessive love of oneself) :: narcissism {c}
narcissistic {adj} (having an inflated idea of one's own importance) :: narcissistisk
narcissistic {adj} (obsessed with one's image and ego) :: narcissistisk
narcissus {n} (any of several bulbous flowering plants, of the genus Narcissus) :: narciss {c}
narcolepsy {n} (sleeping disorder) :: narkolepsi
narcotic {n} (class of drugs) :: narkotika {c}, knark {n}
narcotic {n} (numbing drug) :: narkotika {c}, knark {n}
narcotic {adj} (related to narcotics) :: narkotisk
narcotic {adj} (sleep inducing) :: narkotisk
Narnia {prop} (a fictional land) :: Narnia
narrate {v} (to relate a story) :: berätta
narrative {n} (which is narrated) :: berättelse {c}
narrow {adj} (having small width) :: trång, smal, [long and narrow] långsmal
narrow-minded {adj} (having restricted or rigid views, and being unreceptive to new ideas) :: trångsynt, trångsinnad, enkelspårig, stelbent
narrow-minded {adj} (intolerant, bigoted or prejudiced) :: trångsynt, intolerant, fördomsfull
narthex {n} (vestibule leading to the nave) :: narthex {c}
Narva {prop} (City in Estonia) :: Narva
narwhal {n} (Arctic cetacean) :: narval {c}
nasal {n} (vowel or consonant articulated with air flowing through the nose) :: näsljud, nasalljud
nasal bone {n} (either of two small oblong bones which form "the bridge" of the nose) :: näsben {n}
nasal cavity {n} (air-filled space behind nose) :: näshåla {c}
nasalization {n} (articulation such that air flows through the nose and mouth) :: nasalitet
nasal septum {n} (septum in the nose) :: nässkiljevägg {c}
nasturtium {n} (a plant used in salads) :: krasse {c}
Natalia {prop} (female given name) SEE: Natalie ::
Natalie {prop} (female given name) :: Natalia, Nathalie
Nathanael {prop} (biblical Apostle) :: Natanael
Nathaniel {prop} (cognate of the name) SEE: Nathanael ::
nation {n} (community of people) :: nation {c}
nation {n} (sovereign state) :: stat {c}
nation {n} (association of students) :: nation {c}, studentnation {c}
national {adj} (of or having to do with a nation) :: nationell
national {n} (subject) :: medborgare {c}
national anthem {n} (official song of a nation or country) :: nationalsång {c}
national archive {n} (place for storing materials relating to the history of a nation) :: riksarkiv {n}
national day {n} (day marking a country's establishment) :: nationaldag {c}
national debt {n} (money owed by the government of a nation) :: statsskuld {c}
national emblem {n} (official emblem of a nation or country) :: nationalsymbol
nationalisation {n} (making private assets public) :: förstatligande {n}
nationalism {n} (idea of supporting one's country and culture) :: nationalism {c}
nationalist {adj} (of or relating to nationalism) :: nationalistisk
nationalist {n} (advocate of nationalism) :: nationalist {c}
nationalistic {adj} (of, relating to, or advocating nationalism) SEE: nationalist ::
nationality {n} (membership of a nation or state) :: nationalitet {c}
nationality {n} (nationalism) SEE: nationalism ::
nationality sign {n} (sign on an automobile) :: nationalitetsmärke {n}
nationalization {n} (nationalisation) SEE: nationalisation ::
nationalize {v} (to make a private asset public) :: förstatliga, nationalisera, socialisera
national park {n} (national park) :: nationalpark {c}
National Socialism {n} (ideology of Adolf Hitler's NSDAP) :: nationalsocialism {c}
National Socialist {n} (Nazi) :: nationalsocialist {c}
national sports team {n} (national sports team) :: landslag
national treasure {n} (something deemed to be of value to an entire nation) :: Nationalskatt {m}
nation of laws {n} (nation-state subject to rule of law) :: rättsstat {c}
nation-state {n} (nation state or nation-state) :: nationalstat {c}
native {adj} (characteristic of or existing by virtue of geographic origin) :: inhemsk
native {n} (native speaker) SEE: native speaker ::
Native American {adj} (of the American Indians) SEE: Indian ::
native language {n} (one's first language learned in childhood) SEE: mother tongue ::
native speaker {n} (person who grew up with a particular language as their mother tongue) :: (person) med ... som modersmål, modersmålstalare {c}
nativity {n} (Nativity) SEE: Nativity ::
Nativity {prop} (birth of Jesus) :: Kristi födelse
nativity scene {n} (nativity scene) :: julkrubba {c}
NATO {prop} (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) :: NATO
natural {adj} (relating to nature) :: naturlig
natural child {n} (child born to unmarried parents) :: kärleksbarn {n}
natural disaster {n} (natural phenomenon) :: naturkatastrof {c}
natural gas {n} (mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons associated with petroleum deposits) :: naturgas {c}
natural history {n} (study of the origins and evolution of all living) :: naturhistoria {c}
natural history {n} (study of all natural phenomena) :: naturhistoria {c}
naturalize {v} (to acclimatize an animal or plant) SEE: acclimatize ::
natural log {n} (natural logarithm) SEE: natural logarithm ::
natural logarithm {n} (logarithm in base e) :: naturliga logaritmen {c}
naturally {adv} (in a natural manner) :: naturligt
naturally {adv} (inherently or by nature) :: av naturen, naturligt
naturally {adv} (surely) :: naturligtvis, givetvis
natural number {n} (positive integer or non-negative integer) :: naturligt tal {n}
natural numbers {n} (number theory) :: naturliga tal {n-p}
natural preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
natural reserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
natural resource {n} (source of wealth that occurs naturally) :: naturtillgång {c}, naturresurs {c}
natural science {n} (science involved in studying phenomena or laws of the physical world) :: naturvetenskap {c}
natural selection {n} (natural selection) :: naturligt urval {n}
nature {n} (the natural world) :: natur {c}
nature {n} (essential characteristics) :: natur {c}
nature {n} (primitive state of being) :: natur {c}
nature {n} (everything related to biological and geographical states) :: natur {c}
nature preserve {n} (nature reserve) SEE: nature reserve ::
nature reserve {n} (area managed to conserve natural features) :: naturreservat {n}
naturopathy {n} (system of therapy) :: naturmedicin {c}, naturopatisk medicin {c}, naturopati {c}
naughty {adj} (bad; tending to misbehave or act badly) :: stygg
Nauru {prop} (Republic of Nauru) :: Nauru
nausea {n} (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit) :: illamående {n}
nausea {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness ::
nauseous {adj} (causing nausea) :: kväljande
nauseous {adj} (afflicted with nausea) :: illamående
nautical mile {n} (nautical: a unit of measure equal to 1852 metres) :: sjömil {c}, nautisk mil {c}, distansminut {c}
Navajo {prop} (language) :: navajo
naval {adj} (of or relating to a navy) :: örlogs-, sjö-, flott-
Navarre {prop} (autonomous community of Spain) :: Navarra
nave {n} (the middle or body of a church) :: skepp {n}
nave {n} (hub of a wheel) :: nav {n}
navel {n} (remnant of umbilical cord) :: navel {c}
navel-gazing {n} (excessive focus on oneself; self-indulgent introspection) :: navelskådning {c}
naïveté {n} (lack of sophistication, experience, judgement or worldliness; artlessness; gullibility; credulity) :: naivitet {c}
navigation {n} (canal) SEE: canal ::
navigation {n} (theory, practice and technology of charting a course for a ship, aircraft or spaceship) :: navigation {c}, navigering {c}
navigation {n} (traffic or travel by vessel) :: sjöfart {c}, sjötrafik {c}, luftfart {c}, lufttrafik {c}
navigator {n} (officer who navigates) :: navigatör {c}
navigator {n} (sea explorer) :: sjöfarare {c}
navy {n} (sea force) :: marin {c}
Naypyidaw {prop} (capital of Myanmar) :: Naypyidaw
Nay Pyi Taw {prop} (Naypyidaw) SEE: Naypyidaw ::
Nazareth {prop} (Nazareth) :: Nasaret
nazi {adj} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
nazi {n} (Nazi) SEE: Nazi ::
Nazi {n} (member of the Nazi party) :: nazist {c}
Nazi {adj} (pertaining to the Nazi Party or Nazism) :: nazistisk
Nazi {adj} :: nazist {c}
Nazism {prop} (the ideology of Adolf Hitler’s NSDAP) :: nazism {n}
NB {phrase} (Nota bene; used in written English to introduce something to be noted) :: obs, observera
N-bomb {n} (neutron bomb) SEE: neutron bomb ::
n-dimensional {adj} (having arbitrary number of dimensions) :: n-dimensionell
née {adj} (used to indicate maiden name of a woman) :: född (often shortened f.)
née {adj} (used to indicate a former name) :: född (often shortened f.), tidigare
neanderthal {n} (a primitive person) :: neandertalare {c}
neanderthal {n} (a Homo neanderthalensis specimen) SEE: Neanderthal ::
Neanderthal {adj} (of or pertaining to Homines neanderthalenses) SEE: neanderthal ::
Neanderthal {n} (a primitive person) SEE: neanderthal ::
Neanderthal {n} (a Homo neanderthalensis specimen) :: neandertalare {c}
neap {adj} (designating type of tide) :: nipflod
Neapolitan {adj} (pertaining to Naples) :: neapolitansk
Neapolitan {n} (inhabitant or resident of Naples) :: neapolitan {c} [man or woman], neapolitanska {c} [woman]
Neapolitan {prop} (language of Naples, Italy) :: neapolitanska {c}
near {adj} (physically close) :: nära
near {prep} (in close proximity to) :: i närheten av
near {adv} (nearly) SEE: nearly ::
nearby {adj} (adjacent) :: i närheten, nära
nearby {adv} (close to) :: i närheten
nearly {adv} (almost, but not quite) :: nästan, uppemot
nearsightedness {n} (property of being nearsighted) :: närsynthet {c}, myopi
neat {n} (cattle) SEE: cattle ::
neat {adj} (tidy, free from dirt) :: prydlig
nebula {n} (a space cloud) :: nebulosa
nebulously {adv} (in a manner like that of a cloud or haze) :: suddigt, oklart, nebulärt (astronomy)
nebulously {adv} (as if viewed through a cloud or haze) :: suddigt
nebulously {adv} (vaguely) :: oklart
necessary {adj} (needed, required) :: nödvändig
necessitate {v} (to make necessary; require something to be brought about) :: kräva, nödvändiggöra
necessity {n} (that which is necessary) :: nödvändighet {c}
necessity {n} :: förnödenhet
necessity is the mother of innovation {proverb} (necessity is the mother of invention) SEE: necessity is the mother of invention ::
necessity is the mother of invention {proverb} (a person in need will find a way) :: nöden är uppfinningarnas moder
neck {n} (the part of body connecting the head and the trunk found in humans and some animals) :: hals {c}
neck {n} (the tapered part of a bottle toward the opening) :: hals {c}
necklace {n} (jewelry) :: halsband {n}
necklace {n} (figurative: anything resembling a necklace in shape) :: pärlband {n}
necktie {n} (strip of cloth worn around the neck and tied in the front) :: slips {c}
necro- {prefix} (related to death) :: nekro-
necrocracy {n} (government that still operates under the rules of a former, dead leader) :: nekrokrati {c}
necromancer {n} (person who practices necromancy) :: nekromant {c}
necromancy {n} (divination involving the dead) :: nekromanti
necrophilia {n} (pathological attraction to dead bodies) :: nekrofili
necrophilia {n} :: nekrofili {c}
necropsy {n} (pathological dissection of a corpse) :: obduktion {c}
necrosis {n} (localized death of cells or tissue) :: nekros {c}
nectar {n} (sweet liquid secreted by flowers) :: nektar {c}
nectar {n} :: nektar
nectarine {n} (fruit) :: nektarin {c}
need {n} (something required) :: behov {n}
need {v} (to have an absolute requirement for) :: behöva
need {v} (to be obliged to) :: måste, nödgas
neediness {n} (characteristic of being needy) :: bekräftelsebehov {n}
needle {n} (implement for sewing etc.) :: nål {c}, [for knitting] sticka {c}
needle {n} (indicating device) :: nål {c}, visare {c}
needle {n} (sensor phonograph stylus) :: nål {c}
needle {n} (leaf of conifer) :: barr {n}
needle in a haystack {n} (idiomatic) :: nål i en höstack
needlenose pliers {n} (a variety of pliers with long, narrow extensions) :: näbbtång {c}
ne'er-do-well {n} (good-for-nothing) SEE: good-for-nothing ::
nefarious {adj} (sinful, villainous, criminal, or wicked, especially when noteworthy or notorious for such characteristics) :: skändlig, gudlös
negate {v} (negate) :: negera
negative {adj} (not positive or neutral) :: negativ
negative {adj} (of electrical charge) :: negativ
negative {adj} (mathematics: less than zero) :: negativ
negative {n} (photography) :: negativ {n}
neglect {v} (disregard) :: försumma
neglect {v} :: försumma
neglect {n} (act of neglecting) :: försummelse {c}
negligible {adj} (able to be ignored or excluded) :: försumbar
negotiable {adj} (open to negotiation or bargaining) :: förhandlingsbar
negotiate {v} (confer to reach an agreement (intransitive)) :: förhandla, underhandla
negotiate {v} (arrange a mutual agreement (transitive)) :: förhandla, underhandla
negotiate {v} (coping with, getting over) :: klara av
negotiating table {n} (place for negotiations) :: förhandlingsbord {n}
negotiation {n} (process of achieving agreement) :: förhandling {c}, underhandling {c}
negress {n} (A black female) :: negress {c}
negro {n} (Negro) SEE: Negro ::
Negro {n} (person with dark skin) :: neger, negress {f}
Nehemiah {prop} (book of the Bible) :: Nehemja
Nehemiah {prop} (male given name) :: Nehemja {m}
neigh {n} (the cry of a horse) :: gnägg
neigh {v} ((of a horse) to make its cry) :: gnägga
neigh {v} (to make a sound similar to a horses' cry) :: gnägga
neighborhood {n} (largely obsolete: quality of being a neighbor) :: grannskap {n}
neighborhood {n} (nearby area) :: grannskap {c}, kvarter {c}
neighborhood {n} (division of a municipality or region) :: bostadsområde
neighborhood {n} (quality of physical proximity) :: närhet
neighborhood {n} (neighborly kindness or good will) :: grannsämja {c}
neighbour {n} (a person living on adjacent or nearby land) :: granne, nabo
neighbour {n} (fellow human) :: nästa {c}, medmänniska {c}
neighbour {v} (to be adjacent to) :: vara granne med
Nei Mongol {prop} (Inner Mongolia) SEE: Inner Mongolia ::
neither {determiner} (not one of two; not either) :: ingendera, ingen av
neither {pron} (not either one) :: ingendera, ingen av dem
neither {conj} (not either (used with nor): neither X nor Y) :: varken X eller Y; vare sig X eller Y [restricted to two options]
neither {conj} (also not) :: inte heller
neither fish nor fowl {n} (something or someone not easily categorized; something that does not fit in a group or situation) :: varken fågel eller fisk
nematic {adj} :: nematisk
Nemean {adj} (of or pertaining to Nemea) :: nemeisk
Nemean Lion {prop} (mythical lion of Nemea) :: Nemeiska lejonet
nemesis {n} (archenemy) SEE: archenemy ::
nene {n} (Branta sandvicensis) :: Hawaiigås {c}
Nenets {n} (person) :: nentsier {c}
Nenets {prop} (language) :: nentsiska
Neo {prop} (male given name) :: Neo
Neo-Aramaic {prop} (modern Aramaic languages) :: nyarameiska {c}
neoclassicism {n} (movement) :: nyklassicism {c}
neodymium {n} (chemical element) :: neodym {n}
Neo Latin {prop} (New Latin) SEE: New Latin ::
Neo-Latin {n} (New Latin) SEE: New Latin ::
neoliberalism {n} (political ideology) :: nyliberalism {n}
Neolithic {prop} (the New Stone Age) :: neolitisk tid {c}
neo-Luddite {n} :: neoluddit {c}
neon {n} (element) :: neon {n}
neonate {n} (newborn infant) SEE: newborn ::
neo-pagan {adj} (of or relating neo-paganism) :: nyhednisk
neopaganism {n} (modern or revived form of paganism) :: nyhedendom {c}
neophyte {n} (early Christian convert) :: nyomvänd
neoplasm {n} (abnormal new growth of disorganized tissue) :: neoplasm {c}, tumör {c}
Nepal {prop} (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) :: Nepal
Nepalese {adj} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepalese {n} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepalese {prop} (Nepali) SEE: Nepali ::
Nepali {adj} (pertaining to Nepal) :: nepalesisk
Nepali {n} (person) :: nepales
Nepali {prop} (language) :: nepali
nephew {n} (fraternal or sororal nephew, see also: fraternal nephew; sororal nephew) :: nevö {c}, [fraternal] brorson {c}, [sororal] systerson {c}
nephrolith {n} (kidney stone) SEE: kidney stone ::
nephron {n} (basic structural and functional unit of the kidney) :: nefron {n} {c}
nephrotoxic {adj} (poisonous to kidney tissue) :: nefrotoxisk
nepotism {n} (favoring of relatives or personal friends) :: nepotism {c}, svågerpolitik {c}
Neptune {prop} (eighth planet of the solar system) :: Neptunus
neptunium {n} (chemical element) :: neptunium {n}
nerd {n} (intellectual, skillful person, generally introverted) :: nörd {c}
nerve {n} (bundle of neurons) :: nerv {c}
nerve {n} ((colloquial) neuron) :: nerv {c}
nerve {n} ((botany) vein; grain in wood) :: ådra {c}
nerve {n} (patience) :: nerver {c-p}, tålamod {c}
nerve {n} (stamina) :: uthållighet {c}, stamina {c}
nerve {n} (agitation caused by a negative emotion) :: nervig {c}
nerve {v} (strengthen) SEE: strengthen ::
nerve {v} (encourage) SEE: encourage ::
nerve cell {n} (cell of the nervous system) :: nervcell, neuron
nerve fibre {n} (axon) SEE: axon ::
nerve impulse {n} (signal transmitted along a nerve fibre) :: nervimpuls
nervosity {n} (nervousness) SEE: nervousness ::
nervous {adj} (apprehensive, anxious) :: nervös
nervousness {n} (state or quality of being nervous) :: oro, nervositet
nervous system {n} (system which coordinates the activity of the body) :: nervsystem {n}
-ness {suffix} (appended to adjectives to form nouns meaning "the state of being...", "the quality of being...", or "the measure of being...") :: -het, -skap
nest {n} (bird-built structure) :: rede {n}, bo {n}
nest {n} (place for depositing eggs) :: näste {n}, bo {n}
nest {n} (hideout) :: näste {n}, tillhåll {n}
nest {v} (to build or settle into a nest) :: bygga bo
nest {v} (to successively place inside another) :: stapla
Nestorian {adj} (related to the teachings of Nestorius) :: nestoriansk
Nestorian {n} (A member of a "Nestorian" church) :: nestorian {c}
Nestorianism {n} (The religious beliefs of the followers of Nestorius) :: nestorianism {c}
net {n} (mesh of string, cord or rope) :: nät {n}
net {n} (device for catching fish, butterflies etc.) :: nät {n}
net {n} (device for trapping something) :: nät {n}
net {n} (interconnecting system) :: nät {n}
net {n} (The amount remaining after expenses are deducted, profit) :: netto {n}
Netherlandic {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlandish {prop} (Dutch) SEE: Dutch ::
Netherlands {prop} (country in northwestern Europe, see also: Holland) :: Nederländerna {n-p}
Netherlands {adj} (pertaining to the Netherlands) :: nederländsk, holländsk
Netherlands Antilles {prop} (former autonomous territory) :: Nederländska Antillerna {p}
netizen {n} (member of Internet community) :: nätmedborgare {c}
net minder {n} ((ice hockey) goalkeeper) :: burväktare {c} [informal], målvakt {c}
net profit {n} (the gross revenue minus all expenses) :: nettovinst {c}
net sales {n} (total sales minus customers' discounts etc.) :: nettoomsättning {c}
nettle {n} (stinging herb of genus Urtica) :: nässla {c}, brännässla
nettle {v} :: nässla, brännä
net weight {n} (weight of a product) :: nettovikt
network {n} (multiple computers and other devices connected together) :: nätverk {n}
network {n} :: [1, 2] ett nätverk
network neutrality {n} (principle for user-access networks) :: nätneutralitet {c}
neural {adj} (of or relating to the nerves) :: nerv-, neural
neuralgic {adj} (pertaining to or affected by neuralgia) :: neuralgisk
neurohypophysis {n} (posterior lobe of the pituitary gland) :: neurohypofys
neurology {n} (branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system and its disorders) :: neurologi {c}
neuromuscular {adj} (pertaining to the voluntary control of muscles by nerves) :: neuromuskulär
neuron {n} (a cell of the nervous system) :: neuron {c}, nervcell {c}
neuroscience {n} (scientific study of the nervous system) :: neurovetenskap {c}
neurosis {n} (mental disorder) :: neuros {c}
neurotic {adj} (Overanxious) :: neurotisk
neurotic {n} (person who has a neurosis) :: neurotiker {c}
neurotoxicologist {n} (toxicologist who specialises in neurotoxicology) :: neurotoxikolog {c}
neuter {adj} (neutral, neither one thing nor another) :: neutral, opartisk
neuter {adj} :: neutrum
neuter {n} (the neuter gender (grammar)) :: neutrum {n}, t-genus {n}
neuter {n} (grammar: noun of the neuter gender) :: neutrum {n}
neuter {n} :: neutrum
neuter {v} (to remove sex organs from an animal) :: kastrera
neutral {adj} (not taking sides in a conflict) :: neutral
neutralise {v} (to make inactive or ineffective) :: neutralisera
neutrality {n} (state of being neutral; taking no part on either side) :: neutralitet {c}
neutral zone {n} (ice hockey: zone between the two blue lines) :: neutral zon {c}, mittzon {c}
neutrino {n} (en elementary particle with extremely small mass and no electric charge) :: neutrino {c}
neutron {n} (subatomic particle) :: neutron {c}
neutron bomb {n} (atomic bomb that produces a greater amount of neutrons) :: neutronbomb {c}
neutron-rich {adj} (having a large ratio of neutrons to protons) :: neutronrik
neutron star {n} (star composed of neutrons) :: neutronstjärna
neutrophil {adj} (easily stained by neutral dyes) :: neutrofil
never {adv} (at no time) :: aldrig
never ever {adv} (emphatic never) :: aldrig någonsin
never mind {v} (it is not important) :: (det är) sak samma, (det) spelar ingen roll, det kvittar, [colloquial] kvittar lika, strunt samma, [vulgar] skit samma
never mind {v} (do not be concerned (about someone or something, or about doing something)) :: inte bry sig
never mind {v} (I was wrong; I withdraw my previous statement) :: inget, ingenting, det var inget
never say die {interj} (do not despair) :: ge inte upp, håll modet uppe
nevertheless {adv} (in spite of what preceded) :: icke dess mindre, trots det, icke desto mindre, ändå, likväl
nevus {n} (benign lesion on skin) SEE: mole ::
new {adj} (recently made or created) :: ny
new {adj} (additional, recently discovered) :: ny, nyupptäckt
new {adj} (current or later) :: ny
new {adj} (distinguishing something established more recently) :: ny
new {adj} (in original condition, pristine) :: ny
new {adj} (refreshed, reinvigorated) :: ny
new {adj} (newborn) :: ny
new {adj} (of recent origin) :: ny
new {adj} (strange, unfamiliar) :: ny
new {adj} (recently arrived or appeared) :: ny
new {adj} (inexperienced, unaccustomed) :: ny
newb {n} (newbie) SEE: newbie ::
newbie {n} (new (inexperienced) user or participant) :: nybörjare {c}, blåbär {n}
newborn {adj} (reborn) SEE: reborn ::
newborn {adj} (recently born) :: nyfödd
New Brunswick {prop} (province in eastern Canada) :: New Brunswick
New Caledonia {prop} (overseas territory of France) :: Nya Kaledonien
newcomer {n} (one who has recently arrived in a community) :: nykomling
newcomer {n} (new participant in some activity) :: nybörjare
New Delhi {prop} (capital of India) :: New Delhi
New English {prop} (form of the English language spoken since the Great Vowel Shift, completed in roughly 1550) :: nyengelska {c}
newfound {adj} (newly discovered) :: nyfunnen
New Guinea {prop} (large island) :: Nya Guinea
New High German {prop} (modern German language) :: nyhögtyska {c}, yngre nyhögtyska {c}
New Jersey {prop} (a northeast state of the United States of America) :: New Jersey
New Latin {prop} (Latin after the Middle Ages) :: nylatin {n}
newly {adv} (In a new manner) :: nyligen
newlywed {adj} (recently married) :: nygift
Newman {prop} (surname meaning "new man") :: Nyman
new moon {n} (phase of moon when in conjunction with sun) :: nymåne {c}, nymånad {c}
new moon {n} (the moon when in conjunction with sun) :: nymåne {c}
new moon {n} (phase of moon when it is waxing) :: nymåne {c}
new moon {n} (the moon when it is waxing) :: nymåne {c}
new potato {n} (one of the earliest potatoes of a new crop) :: [new potatoes collectively] färskpotatis {c}, nypotatis {c}
news {n} (new information of interest) :: nyhet {c}, nyheter {c-p}
news {n} (reports of current events) :: nyheter {c-p}
news agency {n} (organisation that gathers and distributes news) :: nyhetsbyrå {c}
news anchor {n} (presenter of news broadcasts) :: nyhetsankare {c}, nyhetsuppläsare {c}
newscaster {n} (one who delivers the news) :: nyhetsuppläsare
news conference {n} (press conference) SEE: press conference ::
newsfeed {n} (a feed of news content) :: nyhetsflöde {n}
newsletter {n} (publication) :: nyhetsbrev {n}
newspaper {n} (publication) :: tidning {c}, dagstidning {c}, morgontidning {c}, kvällstidning {c}
newspaper {n} (paper on which newspapers are printed) :: tidningspapper {n}
Newspeak {prop} (fictional language) :: nyspråk {n}
newsprint {n} (inexpensive paper used in newspapers) :: tidningspapper {n}
newsreader {n} (news anchor) SEE: news anchor ::
newsreel {n} :: journalfilm {c}, filmjournal {c}, nyhetsfilm {c}, veckojournal {c}
newsroom {n} (the office of a news organisation) :: redaktion {c}
newt {n} (type of salamander) :: vattenödla {c}
New Testament {prop} (second half of the Christian Bible) :: Nya Testamentet {n}
New World {prop} (North America and South America) :: Ny Värld
New Year {n} (January 1 in the Julian and Gregorian calendar and the days following) :: nytt år {n}, nyår {n}
New Year's Eve {prop} (holiday on December 31st) :: nyårsafton {c}
New Year's resolution {n} (vow one makes for the coming year) :: nyårslöfte {n}
New York {prop} (state) :: New York, staten New York
New York {prop} (city) SEE: New York City ::
New York City {prop} (large city in the USA) :: New York
New Yorker {n} (a native or resident of New York City) :: New York-bo {c}
New Yorker {n} (a native or resident of the state of New York) :: new yorkare {c}, new yorkbo {c}
New Zealand {prop} (country in Oceania) :: Nya Zeeland
New Zealand {prop} (attributive form - relating to New Zealand) :: nyzeeländsk
next {adj} (following in a sequence) :: nästa
next {adj} (being closer to the present location than all other items) :: nära, närmast
next {adj} (nearest date, time, space or order) :: nästa
next {adv} (In a time, place or sequence closest or following) :: näst
next {adv} (On the first subsequent occasion) :: härnäst
next {prep} (on the side of) :: bredvid
next {n} (the one that follows after this one (in languages with a definite article that is generally required in this sense)) :: nästa
nextly {adv} (next) SEE: next ::
next to last {adj} (penultimate) SEE: penultimate ::
next year {adv} (year after this one) :: nästa år
nexus {n} (connection) :: förbindelse
négligée {n} (nightgown) :: negligé {c}
NGO {n} (non-governmental organization) :: NGO
n-heptane {n} (hydrocarbon CH3(CH2)5CH3) :: n-heptan {c}
Niagara River {prop} (river in North America) :: Niagarafloden
nib {n} (tip of a pen) :: pennspets {c}
nib {n} (bill of a bird) :: näbb {c}
nibble {n} ((computing) A unit of memory equal to half a byte, or four bits) :: nibble
nibling {n} (a nephew or niece) :: (siblings' children) syskonbarn {n}, (siblings' son) nevö {c}, (siblings' daughter) niece {c}, (brother's children) brorsbarn {n}, (brother's son) brorson {c}, (brother's daughter) brorsdotter {c}, (sister's children) systerbarn {n}, (sister's son) systerson {c}, (sister's daughter) systerdotter {c}
Nicaragua {prop} (a country in Central America) :: Nicaragua
Nicaraguan {adj} (pertaining to Nicaragua) :: nicaraguansk
nice {adj} (pleasant) :: vänlig, sympatisk, trevlig
nice {adj} (attractive) :: fin, vacker
nice {adj} (having a pleasant taste or aroma) :: god, smaklig, läcker
nice {adj} (showing or requiring great precision or sensitive discernment) :: fin
nice {interj} :: snyggt, [slang] najs
Nice {prop} (city in France) :: Nice
Nicene Creed {prop} (official creed of the early Christian church stating tenets of the Christian faith) :: Nicaenska trosbekännelsen {c}
nice to meet you {phrase} (pleased to meet you) SEE: pleased to meet you ::
niche {n} (cavity, hollow, or recess) :: (en) nisch
niche {n} (ecological function of an organism) :: (en) nisch
niche {n} (position of opportunity) :: (en) nisch
Nicholas {prop} (male given name) :: Nils, Nikolaus, Niklas, Klas
Nicholson {prop} (surname meaning "son of Nicholas") :: Nilsson
nick {v} (slang: to steal) :: norpa, knycka, sno
nickel {n} (element) :: nickel {n}
nickel silver {n} (alloy) :: nysilver
nickname {n} (familiar, invented given name) :: smeknamn {n}, öknamn {n} [a deregatory nickname]
nickname {n} (byname) :: tillnamn {n}, binamn {n}
nicotine {n} (addictive alkaloid derived from tobacco) :: nikotin {n} {c}
nicotine patch {n} (adhesive patch) :: nikotinplåster {n}
niece {n} (fraternal or sororal niece, see also: fraternal niece; sororal niece) :: niece {c}, [fraternal] brorsdotter {c}, [sororal] systerdotter {c}
niece-in-law {n} (Niece of someone's husband.) SEE: niece ::
niece-in-law {n} (Niece of someone's wife.) SEE: niece ::
nief {n} (fist) SEE: fist ::
Nietzschean {adj} (pertaining to Nietzsche or his writings) :: nietzscheansk
Nietzschean {n} (a supporter of Nietzsche's ideas) :: nietzschean {c}
nifty {adj} (good, useful) :: fiffig
Niger {prop} (country) :: Niger
Niger {prop} (river) :: Niger
Nigeria {prop} (a country in Western Africa) :: Nigeria
niggardly {adj} (withholding) :: knusslig, snål, njugg, gnidig
nigger {n} (negro person) :: neger, nigger, svarting
nigh {adj} (near, close by) :: nära, när
nigh {v} (to approach) :: närma
nigh {adv} (almost; nearly) :: nästan, närpå
night {n} (period between sunset and sunrise) :: natt {c}
night {n} (night spent at a hotel) :: övernattning
night {n} (nightfall) :: skymning
night {n} (darkness) :: mörker
night and day {adv} (day and night) SEE: day and night ::
night blindness {n} (nyctalopia; the inability to see clearly in faint light) :: nattblindhet
nightcap {n} (warm cap worn at night) :: nattmössa {c}
nightcap {n} (beverage) :: sängfösare {c}
nightclub {n} (establishment that is open late at night) :: nattklubb {c}
nightdress {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown ::
nightfall {n} (the close of the day; the coming of night) :: kvällning, nattens (mörkrets) inbrott
nightgown {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) :: nattlinne
nighthawk {n} (night owl) SEE: night owl ::
nightie {n} (sleeping garment worn by women) SEE: nightgown ::
nightingale {n} (bird) :: sydnäktergal {?}
nightjar {n} (nocturnal bird of the family Caprimulgidae) :: nattskärra {c}
nightlife {n} (Selection of nocturnal activities) :: nattliv {n}
nightmare {n} (dream) :: mardröm {c}
nightmare {n} (experience) :: mardröm {c}
nightmarish {adj} (resembling a nightmare) :: mardrömslik
night owl {n} ((idiomatic) one who stays up late at night or goes to bed late) :: nattuggla {c}
nightshade {n} (deadly nightshade) SEE: deadly nightshade ::
nightshade {n} (plant of genus Solanum) :: nattskatta {c}, potatisväxt {c}
night shift {n} (period) :: nattskift {n}
night shift {n} (group of workers) :: nattskift {n}
nightshirt {n} (shirt-like garment) SEE: nightgown ::
nightstand {n} (small table placed at the head side of a bed) :: nattduksbord, sängbord
nighttime {n} (hours of darkness) :: natt {c}, nattetid {c}
night vision {n} (ability to see in the dark) :: mörkerseende {n}
nightwork {n} (work carried out at night) :: nattarbete {n}
nihilism {n} (negation of one or more aspects of life; extreme philosophical scepticism) :: nihilism
Nike {prop} (Greek goddess of victory) :: Nike {f}
nil {n} (nothing) :: noll
nilas {n} (thin sheets of sea ice) :: blåis {c}
Nile {prop} (river) :: Nilen
nimble {adj} (quick and light in movement or action) :: kvick, vig, smidig, snabb, lätt, ledig, flink
nimble {adj} (quick-witted and alert) :: kvick, snabbtänkt, livlig, pigg, vaken
nimbus {n} (circle of light; halo) :: nimbus {c}
Nina {prop} (female given name) :: Nina {c}
nincompoop {n} (silly or foolish person) :: idiot, pucko, dumhuvud, dumbom, flane, fjompa, störding, nöt
nine {num} (cardinal number) :: nio
nine {n} :: nia
nine hundred {num} (cardinal number 900) :: niohundra
nineteen {num} (cardinal number) :: nitton
nineties {n} (the decade of the 1990s) :: nittiotal {n}, 90-tal {n}
ninetieth {adj} (ordinal form of ninety) :: nittionde
ninety {num} (90) :: nittio
ninety-nine {n} (cardinal number 99) :: nittionio
ninety-seven {num} (97) :: nittiosju
ninja {n} (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu) :: ninja {c}
ninny {n} (a silly or foolish person) :: jöns, dumbom
ninth {adj} (ordinal form of nine) :: nionde (abbreviation 9:e)
ninth {n} (something in the ninth position) :: nia {c}
ninth {n} (one of nine equal parts of a whole) :: niondel {c}
niobium {n} (chemical element) :: niob {n}
nip {n} (playful bite) :: nafs {n}
nip {n} (cold weather) :: nyp {n}
nipple {n} (projection of mammary gland) :: bröstvårta {c}, [medical] nippel {c}, [of animals] spene {c}
nipple {n} (artificial nipple for bottle feeding) :: napp {c}, dinapp {c}
Nipponese {adj} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
Nipponese {prop} (Japanese) SEE: Japanese ::
nippy {adj} (rather cold (of weather)) :: småkylig
nirvana {n} (Buddhist state of bliss) :: nirvana
nit {n} (egg of a louse) :: gnet {c}
nitpick {v} (to correct minutiae or find fault) :: kritisera småsaker
nitrate {n} (any salt or ester of nitric acid) :: nitrat {n}
nitric acid {n} (HNO3) :: salpetersyra {c}
nitric oxide {n} (binary compound of nitrogen and oxygen) :: kväveoxid {c}
nitride {n} (compound of nitrogen) :: nitrid {c}
nitrocellulose {n} (the chemical nitrocellulose) :: cellulosanitrat {n}
nitrogen {n} (chemical element) :: kväve {n}
nitrogen monoxide {n} (nitric oxide) SEE: nitric oxide ::
nitro-hydrochloric acid {n} (aqua regia) SEE: aqua regia ::
nitrous acid {n} (weak acid, HNO2) :: salpetersyrlighet {c}
Niue {prop} (Republic of Niue) :: Niue
Nivkh {prop} (language) :: Nivchiska
Nivôse {prop} (the fourth month of the French Republican Calendar) :: nivôse {c}, snömånad {c}
Nizhny Novgorod {prop} (large city in Russia) :: Nizjnij Novgorod
no. {n} (number) :: nr
no {determiner} (not any) :: ingen {c}, inga {p}, inget {n}
no {determiner} (used to show an activity is forbidden) :: [followed by a noun denoting an activity] ingen, [followed by infinitive] förbjudet att, förbjuden, [preceded by a noun denoting an activity] förbjudet
no {determiner} (not; not properly) :: ingen {c}, inga {p}, inget {n}
no {particle} (used to show disagreement or negation) :: nej
no {particle} (used to show agreement with a negative question (in some languages this response is the usual word for "yes")) :: nej
no {n} (a negating expression) :: nej {n}
Noah {prop} (biblical character) :: Noa, [in old translations] Noak
Noah {prop} (male given name) :: Noah
Noah's ark {prop} (the vessel built by Noah under God's instructions, as described in Genesis) :: Noas ark
nobelium {n} (chemical element) :: nobelium
Nobel laureate {n} (person who has been awarded a Nobel Prize) :: nobelpristagare {c}
Nobel Prize {n} (international prize) :: Nobelpris {n}
nobility {n} (noble or privileged social class) :: adel {c}
noble {n} (aristocrat) :: [male] adelsman {c}, [female] adelsdam {c}
noble {adj} (having honorable qualities) :: ädel, nobel
noble {adj} (of or relating to the nobility; distinguished from the masses by birth) :: adlig, välboren
noble gas {n} (element of group 18 of the periodic table) :: ädelgas
nobleman {n} (man of noble rank, title, or status; peer; aristocrat) :: adelsman {c}
noble rot {n} (fungus) :: ädelröta {c}
noblewoman {n} (a woman of noble rank) :: adelsdam {c}, adelskvinna {c}, adelsfru {c}
nobody {pron} (not any person; the logical negation of somebody) SEE: no one ::
nobody's perfect {phrase} (phrase to remind that we all fail at times) :: ingen är perfekt
nocebo {n} (pharmacologically inactive substance experienced as harmful due to previous negative perception) :: nocebo
noctule {n} (bat of the genus Nyctalus) :: brunfladdermus {c}
nocturnal {adj} (primarily active during the night) :: natt-, nattaktiv, aktiv om natten
nocturnal {adj} (taking place at night) :: nattlig
nocturne {n} (a dreamlike or pensive composition) :: nocturne {c}
nod {v} (incline the head up and down) :: nicka
nod {n} (instance of moving one's head) :: nick {c}
node {n} (computer attached to a network) :: nod {c}
node {n} (vertex of a graph of a network) :: nod {c}, knutpunkt {c}
Noel {prop} (male given name) :: Noel
no entry {phrase} (entry is forbidden) :: tillträde förbjudet, ej ingång
no-fly zone {n} (an airspace in which aircraft, especially military aircraft, are forbidden to fly) :: flygförbudszon {c}
no-frills {adj} (basic or simple) :: utan krusiduller
no idea {interj} (I don't know) :: ingen aning
noise {n} (various sounds, usually unwanted) :: oljud {n}, buller {n}
noise {n} (sound or signal generated by random fluctuations) :: brus {n}
noise {n} (technical: unwanted part of a signal) :: brus {n}
noise {v} (make noise) :: brusa, väsnas
noise pollution {n} (excessive noise) :: ljudförorening, buller
noisy miner {n} (grey bird) :: larmhonungsstare {c}
Nokia {prop} (a town in Finland) :: Nokia
no kidding {interj} (exclamation of amazement) :: se där, jaha, jaså
no longer {adv} (not any more) :: inte längre
nomad {n} (a member of society or class who wander with their herds) :: nomad {c}
nomad {n} (a wanderer) SEE: wanderer ::
no man's land {n} (place where no one can or should be) :: ingenmansland {n}
no man's land {n} (stretch of land between the border posts of two contiguous sovereign states) :: ingenmansland {n}
no matter {adv} (regardless of) :: oavsett, än
no matter {adv} (it's unimportant) :: spelar ingen roll
no matter what {pron} (whatever) :: vare sig, oavsett
nomenclature {n} (set of names or terms) :: nomenklatur {c}
nomination {n} (act) :: nominering
nominative {n} (the nominative case) SEE: nominative case ::
nominative {adj} (giving a name, naming; designating) :: nominativ
nominative case {n} (case used to indicate the subject) :: nominativ {c}
no more {adv} (not any longer) :: inte mer, inget mer
-nomy {suffix} (system of rules, laws, or knowledge about a particular field) :: -nomi
non- {prefix} (not) :: icke-, o-
non-binary {adj} (not binary) :: icke-binär
non-breaking space {n} (a variant of the space character) :: fast mellanslag
nonce {n} (a stupid or worthless person) SEE: goof ::
nonce {n} (a nonce word) SEE: nonce word ::
nonce word {n} (word invented for the occasion) :: tillfällig ordbildning {c}, tillfällighetsbildning {c}
nonchalant {adj} (indifferent; unconcerned; behaving as if detached) :: nonchalant
nonchalant {adj} :: nonchalant
noncommissioned officer {n} (non-commissioned officer) SEE: non-commissioned officer ::
non-commissioned officer {n} (person of authority in the military who has not received a commission) :: underofficer
nonconformism {n} (refusal to conform to common standards, conventions, rules, traditions or laws) :: nonkonformism {c}
nonconformism {n} (Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England; dissenter) :: nonkonformism {c}
nonconformity {n} (rejection of or the failure to conform, especially to standards, rules, or laws) :: nonkonformism {c}
nonconformity {n} (religion: refusal to adhere to a state religion) :: nonkonformism {c}
non-disclosure agreement {n} (contract not to disclose certain information) :: sekretessavtal
none {pron} (not any person) :: ingen, inte någon
none {pron} (not any thing) :: ingen {c}, inte någon, {c}, inget {n}, inte något {n}
nonempty {adj} (of set, such that it contains at least one element) SEE: non-empty ::
non-empty {adj} (containing at least one element) :: icke-tom
nones {n} (midday) SEE: noon ::
nones {n} (midday meal) SEE: lunch ::
nonetheless {adv} (nevertheless) :: inte desto mindre, hur som helst
nonexistent {adj} (not existent) :: obefintlig, icke-existerande
nonintersecting {adj} (not intersecting) :: icke-skärande, som inte skär (varandra)
non-iron {adj} (not needing to be ironed) :: strykfri
nonkilling {n} (A precept or worldview) :: ickedödande
nonlinear {adj} (of a system: whose output is not directly proportional to its input) :: icke-linjär
nonmathematical {adj} (not mathematical) :: icke-matematisk
non-negotiable {adj} (not subject to negotiation) :: icke förhandlingsbar
non-player character {n} (a character in a role-playing game or computer game) :: spelledarperson (SLP)
nonplussed {adj} (bewildered) :: ställd
nonprofit {adj} (not seeking to produce a profit) :: ideell, icke-vinstdrivande
nonprofit {n} (nonprofit organization) :: ideell organisation {c}
nonsense {n} (meaningless words) :: nonsens {n}, strunt
nonsense {n} (untrue statement) :: nonsens {n}
non-smoker {n} (somebody who does not smoke tobacco) :: icke-rökare {c}
nonsymmetric {adj} (asymmetrical) SEE: asymmetrical ::
nonviolence {n} (philosophy that rejects violence) :: icke-våld {n}
nonzero {adj} (not equal to zero) :: nollskild
noob {n} (newbie) :: noob {c}
noodle {n} (fool) SEE: fool ::
noodle {n} (string or strip of pasta) :: nudel {c}
no offense {phrase} (no offense) :: inget illa ment
nookie {n} (sexual intercourse) :: sex
noon {n} (midnight) SEE: midnight ::
noon {n} (midday) :: middag {c}
no one {pron} (not even a single person) :: ingen
noose {n} (an adjustable loop or rope) :: löpsnara {c}, rännsnara {c}
no pain, no gain {proverb} (discomfort is necessary to achieve goals) :: vill man vara fin, får man lida pin [if you want to be fancy, you will have to suffer], stekta sparvar flyger ej i munnen [fried sparrows do not fly in the mouth], friskt vågat är hälften vunnet [to dare is half winning]
no parking {phrase} (no parking) :: parkering förbjuden
nope {particle} (informal "no") :: nepp
nope {n} (informal "no") :: nepp
no problem {interj} (it does not pose a problem) :: inga problem {n-p}
no problem {interj} (no thanks or apology is necessary) :: ingen orsak
nor {conj} (nor) :: eller
noradrenaline {n} (the compound norepinephrine) :: noradrenalin
nordic {adj} (Nordic) SEE: Nordic ::
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the Nordic countries) :: nordisk
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the external features of Nordic peoples) :: nordisk
Nordic {adj} (of or relating to the family of North Germanic languages) :: nordisk
Nordic combined {n} (cross-country skiing and ski jumping) :: nordisk kombination {c}
Nordic countries {n} (the Nordic countries collectively) :: Norden {c}
Nordic walking {n} (sport) :: stavgång {c}
norepinephrine {n} (norepinephrine) :: noradrenalin
Norfolk Island {prop} (external territory of Australia) :: Norfolkön
Norfolk Island pine {n} (conifer endemic to Norfolk Island) :: rumsgran {c}
norm {n} (that which is normal) :: norm
norm {n} (math: function that maps vectors to non-negative scalars) :: norm
Norma {prop} (constellation) :: Vinkelhaken
normal {adj} (according to norms or rules) :: normal
normal {adj} (usual, ordinary) :: normal
normal {adj} (healthy; not sick or ill) :: normal
normal {n} (mathematics: a line perpendicular to another) :: normal {c}
normalcy {n} (state of being normal) :: normalitet {c}
normality {n} (state of being normal) :: normalitet {c}
normalize {v} (to make normal) :: normalisera
normal time {n} (soccer: the two standard periods of play) :: ordinarie tid {c}, ordinarie speltid {c}
Norman {n} (a person from Normandy) :: normand
Norman {n} (a Northman) :: Nordbo
Norman {prop} (the Norman language) :: normandiska
Norman {adj} (of or pertaining to Normandy and its inhabitants) :: normandisk
Normandy {prop} (region of France) :: Normandie {n}, Normandiet {n}
Norn {prop} (language) :: norn
north {n} (compass point) :: nord, norr
north {adj} :: norr
North America {prop} (continent) :: Nordamerika
North American {adj} (relating to North America) :: nordamerikansk
North American {n} (North American person) :: nordamerikan {c}
North Atlantic Treaty Organization {prop} (intergovernmental military alliance) :: Nordatlantiska Fördragsorganisationen {c}
North Brabant {prop} (province) :: Noord-Brabant
northeast {n} (compass point) :: nordost
North East England {prop} (official region of England) :: Nordöstra England
northerly {n} (wind blowing from the north) :: nordanvind
northerly {adj} (from/to the north) :: nordlig
northern bilberry {n} (shrub and berry) SEE: bog bilberry ::
northern birch mouse {n} (Sicista betulina) :: buskmus
Northern Europe {prop} (sociopolitical region of Europe) :: Nordeuropa {c}
Northern European {adj} (Northern European) :: nordeuropeisk
northern hawk owl {n} (Surnia ulula) :: hökuggla {c}
Northern Hemisphere {n} (hemisphere to the north of its equator) :: norra halvklotet {n} (definite singular)
Northern Ireland {prop} (Northern Ireland) :: Nordirland
northern lapwing {n} (Vanellus vanellus) :: tofsvipa {c}
northern lights {n} (the aurora of the northern hemisphere) :: norrsken {n}
Northern Marianas {prop} (Northern Marianas) :: Nordmarianerna
northern pike {n} (Esox lucius) :: gädda {c}
northern pintail {n} (Anas acuta) :: stjärtand {c}
northern raccoon {n} (Procyon lotor) SEE: raccoon ::
Northern Sea Route {prop} (a shipping lane in the Arctic Ocean) :: Nordostpassagen
Northern Territory {prop} (Territory in northern Australia) :: Northern Territory
North Frisian {prop} (Frisian language) :: nordfrisiska {c}
North Korea {prop} (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) :: Nordkorea
North Korean {n} (person from North Korea) :: nordkorean
North Korean {adj} (pertaining to North Korea) :: nordkoreansk
North Ossetia {prop} (North Ossetia-Alania) SEE: North Ossetia-Alania ::
North Ossetia-Alania {prop} (a federal subject of Russia) :: Nordossetien
north pole {n} (northernmost point on celestial bodies) :: nordpol {c}
North Pole {prop} (northernmost point on Earth) :: nordpolen {c}
North Rhine-Westphalia {prop} (state) :: Nordrhein-Westfalen
North Sea {prop} (an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean between Britain, Scandinavia and Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France) :: Nordsjön
North Star {prop} (Pole Star) SEE: Pole Star ::
northwest {n} (compass point) :: nordväst
north wind {n} (wind blowing from the north) :: nordanvind
Norway {prop} (Scandinavian country) :: Norge {n}
Norway lemming {n} (Norway lemming) :: fjällämmel {c}
Norway maple {n} (Acer platanoides) :: lönn, skogslönn
Norwegian {prop} (language of Norway) :: norska {c}
Norwegian {n} (native of Norway) :: norrman {m}, norska {f}, norsk either gender
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norway) :: norsk
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to Norwegians) :: norsk
Norwegian {adj} (of or pertaining to the Norwegian language) :: norsk
Norwegian Bokmål {prop} (Bokmål) SEE: Bokmål ::
Norwegian Nynorsk {prop} (Nynorsk) SEE: Nynorsk ::
Norwegian Sea {prop} (part of the Atlantic) :: Norska havet {n}
nose {n} (protuberance on the face) :: näsa {c} [human]
nose {n} (snout, nose of an animal) :: nos
nose {n} (tip of an object) :: nos {c} [animal], spets
nose {n} (length of a horse’s nose) :: noslängd {c}
nose {n} (skill in recognising bouquet) :: näsa
nose {n} (skill at finding information) :: väderkorn
nose {v} (to move cautiously) :: smyga
nose {v} (to snoop) :: nosa, snoka, lägga näsan i blöt
nose {v} (to detect) :: vädra
nose {v} :: lägga sig i, lägga näsan i blöt, snoka
noseband {n} (part of a bridle or halter) :: nosgrimma {c}
nosebleed {n} (haemorrhage from the nose) :: näsblod
nosegay {n} (A small bunch of fragrant flowers or herbs.) :: blomsterbukett {c}, blomkvast {c}, bukett {c}
nose-picking {n} (insertion of a finger into one's nostril, especially to remove mucus.) :: näspetning
nosh {n} (blowjob) SEE: blowjob ::
nosh {v} (to perform fellatio (on)) SEE: blow ::
nosh {n} (slang: food) SEE: grub ::
nosh {n} (snack) SEE: snack ::
nosh {v} (snack) SEE: snack ::
no smoke without fire {proverb} (gossip or accusations are often substantiated by fact) :: ingen rök utan eld
no smoking {phrase} (phrase used in notices indicating that the smoking of cigarettes is not permitted) :: ingen rökning, rökning förbjuden, rökfritt
nostalgia {n} (bittersweet yearning for the things of the past) :: nostalgi {c}
nostalgia {n} :: nostalgi
nostalgia {n} (longing for home or familiar surroundings) SEE: homesickness ::
nostalgic {adj} (pertaining to nostalgia) :: nostalgisk
nostril {n} (either of the two orifices located on the nose) :: näsborre {c}
nosy {adj} (prying, inquisitive or curious in other’s affairs; tending to snoop or meddle) :: nyfiken
not {adv} (negates meaning of verb) :: inte, ej, icke
not {conj} (And not) :: inte, icke, ej
not {interj} :: inte, icke, ej
not {n} (unary negation function) :: icke
notable {adj} (worthy of notice; remarkable) :: anmärkningsvärd, framstående, betydande
not at all {adv} (not) :: inte alls, alls inte, rakt inte
not at all {interj} (conventional reply to expression of gratitude) :: ingen orsak, det var så lite
notch {n} (V-shaped cut) :: hack
note {n} (memorandum) :: anteckning {c}
note {n} (character indicating the length and pitch of a tone) :: not {c}
note {n} (banknote) SEE: banknote ::
notebook {n} (book) :: anteckningsbok {c}, anteckningsblock {n}, skrivbok {c}
notebook {n} (notebook computer) :: bärbar dator {c}, notebook {c}
not even {adv} (constitutes an emphatic negation) :: inte ens
not even one {determiner} (none at all) :: inte en enda
not-for-profit {adj} (not aiming for profit) SEE: nonprofit ::
no thank you {interj} (polite way of saying no) :: nej tack
nothing {pron} (not any thing) :: inget, ingenting, intet
nothing {pron} (something trifling) :: inget, ingenting, bagatell {c}
nothing {n} (a nobody, a person of no consequence) :: ingen {c}
nothing but {adv} (nothing but) :: inget annat än, intet annat än, ingenting annat än
nothing to sneeze at {n} (something decent or acceptable) :: ingenting att fnysa åt
nothing ventured, nothing gained {proverb} (if one takes no risks, one will not gain any benefits) SEE: no pain, no gain ::
no through road {n} (cul-de-sac) SEE: cul-de-sac ::
notice {n} (written or printed announcement) :: meddelande {n}
notice {n} (prior notification) :: besked {n}
notice {v} (to observe) :: notera, observera, uppfatta, förnimma, märka, lägga märke till
notice {v} (to detect) :: tänka på
notice board {n} (bulletin board) SEE: bulletin board ::
notification {n} (Act of notifying) :: anmälan {c}
notification {n} (A specific piece of information serving to notify) :: kungörelse {c}, meddelande {n}
notify {v} ((transitive) to give (someone) notice of (something)) :: meddela, avisera
notion {n} (mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception) :: begrepp
notorious {adj} (known widely and infamously) :: ökänd
not to mention {conj} (much less) :: för att inte tala om
not touch something with a barge pole {v} (to avoid at all costs) :: inte ta i med tång
not touch something with a ten foot pole {v} (to avoid at all costs) :: inte ta i med tång
notwithstanding {adv} (never the less) SEE: nevertheless ::
notwithstanding {prep} (in spite of) :: oaktat, trots
not worth a brass farthing {adj} (worth nothing) :: inte värd ett rött öre /not worth a red (i.e. copper) öre/, inte värd ett ruttet lingon /not worth a rotten lingonberry/, inte värd ett korvöre
nougat {n} (a confection of honey and roasted nuts) :: nougat
noughties {n} (First decade) :: 00-tal, nollnolltal {n}
noughts and crosses {n} (game) SEE: tic-tac-toe ::
noun {n} (grammatical category (narrow sense)) :: substantiv {n}
noun {n} (grammatical category (broad sense)) :: nomen {n}
noun {v} (convert into a noun) SEE: substantivise ::
noun phrase {n} (phrase that can serve as the subject or the object of a verb) :: nominalfras {c}
noun substantive {n} (noun) SEE: noun ::
nourishment {n} (something that nourishes; food) :: näring {c}
nous {n} (reason in philosophy) :: nous, förnuft
Novaya Zemlya {prop} (archipelago in Russia) :: Novaja Zemlja
novel {n} (work of prose fiction) :: roman {c}
novella {n} (short novel) :: kortroman {c}
novelty {n} (state of being new) :: nyhet {c}
novelty {n} (new product) :: nyhet {c}
November {prop} (eleventh month of the Gregorian calendar) :: november
Novgorod {prop} (city) :: Novgorod
Novgorodian {n} (native or inhabitant) :: novgorodbo {c}, novgoroder {p}
Novial {prop} (an international auxiliary language) :: novial
novice {n} (beginner) :: nybörjare {c}, novis {c}
novice {n} (new member of a religious order) :: novis {c}
novitiate {n} (the period during which a novice of a religious order undergoes training) :: novitiat {n}
novity {n} (novity) SEE: novelty ::
Novorossiysk {prop} (city) :: Novorossijsk
now {adv} (at the present time) :: nu
now {n} (the present time) :: nu {n}
nowadays {adv} (at the present time) :: numera, nu för tiden, numer
nowadays {adv} (in the current era) :: nu för tiden
nowadays {adv} :: nuförtiden
now and again {adv} (now and then) SEE: now and then ::
now and then {adv} ((idiomatic) sometimes; occasionally; intermittently) :: av och till, till och från, då och då
nowhere {adv} (in no place) :: ingenstans
nowheres {adv} (nowhere) SEE: nowhere ::
Nowheresville {n} (a geographical location that is deemed obscure or unimportant) :: Tjotahejti
nowhither {adv} (to no place) SEE: nowhere ::
now or never {adv} (now or never) :: nu eller aldrig
no worries {interj} (you're welcome) SEE: you're welcome ::
nozzle {n} (short tube) :: munstycke, pip {c}
nozzle {n} (inlet or outlet pipe) :: pip
nuance {n} (minor distinction) :: nyans {c}
nuance {n} (subtlety or fine detail) :: nyans {c}
nuanced {adj} (having nuances) :: nyanserad
Nubian {n} (inhabitant of ancient Nubia or a person of Nubian descent) :: nubier {c}
Nubian {adj} (pertaining to Nubia, its people or its language) :: nubisk
nuclear {adj} (pertaining to the nucleus of a cell) :: nukleär, kärn-
nuclear {adj} (involving nuclear energy) :: kärn-, kärnkraft-, kärnenergi-
nuclear {adj} (of a weapon: deriving its force from nuclear energy) :: nukleär, kärnvapen-
nuclear bomb {n} (nuclear bomb) :: atombomb {c}
nuclear family {n} (a family unit consisting of a father, mother and children) :: kärnfamilj {c}
nuclear fission {n} (nuclear reaction that releases energy) :: kärnklyvning {c}, atomklyvning {c}
nuclear membrane {n} (double lipid bilayer surrounding genetic material in eukaryotic cells) :: kärnmembran
nuclear power {n} (power from nuclear reactions) :: kärnkraft {c}
nuclear power {n} (nation with nuclear weapons) :: kärnvapenmakt {c}
nuclear power plant {n} (type of power plant) :: kärnkraftverk {n}
nuclear power station {n} (type of power station) SEE: nuclear power plant ::
nuclear reaction {n} (process) :: kärnreaktion {c}
nuclear reactor {n} (device) :: kärnreaktor {c}
nuclear war {n} (war fought using nuclear weapons) :: kärnvapenkrig {n}
nuclear waste {n} (type of waste) SEE: radioactive waste ::
nuclear weapon {n} (explosive device) :: kärnvapen {n}
nucleic acid {n} (acidic chainlike biological macromolecule) :: nukleinsyra {c}
nucleolus {n} (part of nucleus of a cell) :: nukleol {c}
nucleon {n} (a proton or a neutron) :: nukleon {c}
nucleosome {n} (repeating subunit in chromatin) :: nukleosom
nucleotide {n} (monomer constituting DNA or RNA) :: nukleotid {c}
nucleus {n} (physics: massive, positively charged core of an atom) :: atomkärna {c}
nucleus {n} (cytology: large organelle found in cells) :: cellkärna {c}
nucleus {n} :: kärna {c} cellkärna {c}
nuclide {n} (nucleus specified by its atomic number and atomic mass) :: nuklid {c}
nude {adj} (without clothing or other covering) :: naken, näck
nudism {n} (the belief in or practice of social, non-sexual nudity) :: nudism {c}
nudity {n} (the state of being without clothing on the body) :: nakenhet
nudiustertian {adj} (Of or relating to the day before yesterday) :: i förrgår
nuke {n} (Nuclear weapon) :: atombomb {c}, kärnvapen {n}
nuke {v} (To use a nuclear weapon on a target) :: atombomba
nuke {v} (To cook food or beverages in a microwave oven) :: mikra
nullify {v} (to make legally invalid) :: omintetgöra, annullera, upphäva, ogiltigförklara
null set {n} (empty set) SEE: empty set ::
numb {adj} (without the power of sensation) :: valen, domnad
numbat {n} (small marsupial) :: myrpungdjur {n}
number {n} (abstract entity) :: tal {n}
number {n} (mathematics: number) :: heltal {n}
number {n} (used to show the rank of something in a list or sequence) :: nummer {n}
number {n} (quantity) :: antal {n}, numerär {c}
number {n} (grammar: state of being singular, dual or plural) :: numerus {n}
number {n} (performance) :: nummer {n}
number {v} (label with numbers; assign numbers to) :: numrera
numberful {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
number plate {n} (license plate) SEE: license plate ::
Numbers {prop} (fourth book of the Bible) :: Fjärde Moseboken
number sign {n} (hash) SEE: hash ::
numbersome {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
number theory {n} (branch of pure mathematics) :: talteori
numerable {adj} (numerous) SEE: numerous ::
numeral {n} (word or symbol representing a number, see also: noun numeral) :: siffra {c}
numerator {n} (in a fraction) :: täljare {c}
numerator {n} (person who counts things) :: räknare {c}
numeric {adj} (of, or relating to numbers) SEE: numerical ::
numerical {adj} (of or pertaining to numbers) :: numerisk
numerous {adj} (Indefinitely large numerically) :: talrik
numismatist {n} (one who collects coins and/or currencies) :: numismatiker {c}
nun {n} (member of a Christian religious community of women) :: nunna {c}
nuncio {n} (one who bears a message) SEE: messenger ::
nuptials {n} (wedding ceremony, see also: wedding) :: bröllop {n}, vigsel {c}
nurse {n} (person trained to provide care for the sick) :: sjuksköterska {c}, sjukskötare {c}
nurse {v} (to breast feed) :: amma
nurse {n} (wet nurse) SEE: wet nurse ::
nursemaid {n} (child's nurse) :: barnflicka {c}, barnpassare
nursery rhyme {n} (short poem or song for children) :: barnramsa {c}
nursery school {n} (a school for pre-school children) :: daghem {c}, dagis {c}, förskola {c}
nursing {n} (breastfeeding) SEE: breastfeeding ::
nursing bra {n} (bra specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers) :: amnings-bh {c}
nursing home {n} (place of residence) :: ålderdomshem {n} [for elderly], äldreboende {n}, åldringshem {n} [Finland Swedish]
nut {n} (hard-shelled fruit) :: nöt {c}
nut {n} (that fits on a bolt) :: mutter {c}
nut {n} (slang: insane person) :: galen, knäppis {c}
nutcase {n} (an eccentric or odd person) :: original {c}
nutcase {n} (slang: someone who is insane) :: knasboll {n}, knäppgök {n}
nutcracker {n} (implement for cracking nuts) :: nötknäppare {c} {c-p}
nutmeg {n} (tree) :: muskot {c}, muskotträd {n}
nutmeg {n} (seed) :: muskot {c}, muskotnöt {c}
nutmeg {n} (soccer/football sense) :: tunnel {c}
nutrient {n} (substance that provides nourishment) :: näringsämne {n}
nutrient {adj} (providing nourishment) :: närande
nutrition {n} (nutrition) :: näring, näringslära
nutritional {adj} (pertaining to nutrition) :: närings- [noun prefix], näringsmässig
nutritious {adj} (providing nutrients) :: näringsrik
nuts {n} (nut) SEE: nut ::
nuts {adj} (insane) :: knäpp
nutshell {n} (the shell that surrounds the kernel of a nut) :: nötskal {n}
nutty {adj} (barmy, crazy, mad) :: knasig
Nuuk {prop} (capital of Greenland) :: Nuuk, Godthåb
nychthemeron {n} (one day and one night) :: dygn {n}, dygn {p}
nyctalopia {n} (night blindness) SEE: night blindness ::
nyctophobia {n} (fear of the night) :: nyctofobi {c}, skotofobi {c}, mörkrädsla
nylon {n} (substance) :: nylon
nymph {n} (insect larva) :: nymf {c}
nymph {n} (mythology: minor water, forest or mountain deity) :: nymf {c}
nymphet {n} (A sexually attractive girl or young woman) :: lammkött (slang)
nymphomaniac {n} (woman with excessive sexual desire) :: nymfoman {c}
nymphomaniac {adj} (of woman: having excessive sexual desire) :: nymfoman
Nynorsk {prop} (one of the two major Norwegian (written) languages) :: nynorska {c}
Nyx {prop} (the primordial goddess of night) :: Nyx