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œcumenic {adj} (ecumenical) SEE: ecumenical ::
Öland {prop} (island) :: Öland
O {particle} (a vocative particle) :: o
oaf {n} (imbecile) :: dummerjöns
oak {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) :: ek {c}, ekträd {n}
oak {n} (wood) :: ek {c}, ekträ {n}, ekvirke {n}
oak {n} (colour) :: ek {c}
oak {adj} (made of oak wood) :: ekträ, ek
oaken {adj} (made from the wood of an oak) :: ek-, av ek
oak tree {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Quercus) SEE: oak ::
oakum {n} (fibrous caulking material) :: drevgarn {n}
oakwood {n} (wood populated with oaks) :: ekskog {c}
oar {n} (implement used to row a boat) :: åra {c}
oar {v} (row) SEE: row ::
oarlock {n} (device to hold oars in place) :: årtull {c}
oasis {n} (well surrounded by fertile region) :: oas {c}
oast {n} (a kiln for drying tobacco, malt and especially hops) :: kölna {c}, torkugn {c}
oat {n} (a widely cultivated cereal grass) :: havre
oat {n} (seeds of the oat) SEE: oats ::
oath {n} (curse) SEE: curse ::
oath {n} (solemn pledge) :: ed {c}
oath {n} (affirmed statement) :: ed {c}
oath {n} (profanity) :: ed {c}, svordom {c}
oatmeal {n} (meal) :: havre {c}, havreflinga {c}, havregryn {n}, havremjöl {n}
oatmeal {n} (breakfast cereal, see also: porridge) :: havregrynsgröt {c}
oats {n} (seeds of an oat plant) :: havre {n}
Obadiah {prop} (book of the Old Testament) :: Obadja
obedience {n} (quality of being obedient) :: lydnad {c}
obedient {adj} (willing to comply with commands) :: lydig
obelisk {n} (A tall, square, tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point) :: obelisk {c}
obelisk {n} (The dagger sign (†)) :: kors {n}
obesity {n} (act or state of being obese) :: fetma
obey {v} (to do as ordered by) :: lyda
obey {v} (to do as one is told) :: lyda
obituary {n} (brief notice of a person's death, as published in a newspaper) :: dödsannons {c}, dödsnotis {c}, minnesord {p}
obituary {n} (biography of a recently deceased person) :: minnesord {p}, nekrolog {c}, dödsruna {c}
object {n} (thing) :: objekt {n}, föremål {n}
object {n} (in grammar) :: objekt {n}
object {n} (person or thing to which an emotion is directed) :: föremål {n}
object {n} (in object-oriented programming) :: objekt {n}
object {v} (disagree with something or someone) :: invända, motsätta sig, protestera
object-based programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs) :: objektbaserad programmering {c}
objection {n} (statement expressing opposition) :: invändning {c}
objective {adj} (not influenced by emotions) :: objektiv, saklig
objective {adj} (based on observed fact) :: objektiv, saklig
objective {n} (goal) :: mål {n}
objective {n} ((grammar) the objective case) :: objekt {n}, objektkasus {n}
objective {n} (lens) :: objektiv {n}
object language {n} (lexicography: language of headwords) :: objektspråk
object language {n} (computing: target language of a compiler) :: objektspråk, målspråk
object-oriented {adj} (using entities called objects) :: objektorienterad
object-oriented programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses objects to design application and computer programs) :: objektorienterad programmering {c}
object permanence {n} (understanding that an object still exists when it disappears from sight) :: objektpermanens
oblast {n} (region or province) :: oblast
obligation {n} (social, legal, or moral requirement) :: skyldighet {c}
obligation {n} :: skyldighet {c}
obligee {n} (beneficiary of an obligation) :: fordringsägare {c}
oblique {adj} (not erect or perpendicular) :: skev, sned, snedställd, lutande
oblique {adj} (not straightforward; indirect; obscure; hence, disingenuous; underhand; perverse; sinister) :: förtäckt, indirekt, undvikande
obliterate {v} (to remove completely, leaving no trace; to wipe out; to destroy) :: utplåna
oblivion {n} :: glömska
oblivious {adj} (unaware) :: ovetande
oblivious {adj} (failing to remember) :: glömsk
oblong {adj} (longer than wide) :: avlång
oblong {adj} (roughly rectangular or ellipsoidal) :: avlång
obnoxious {adj} (offensive, very annoying) :: avskyvärd, motbjudande, vidrig, förhatlig
oboe {n} (wind instrument) :: oboe {c}
oboist {n} (performer on the oboe) :: oboist {c}
obscenity {n} (something that is obscene) :: obscenitet {c}
obscure {adj} (dark, faint or indistinct) :: mörk
obsequious {adj} (obedient, compliant with someone else's orders) :: inställsam, underdånig
obsequious {adj} (fawning, subservient) :: underdånig, krypande
observation {n} (act of observing or being observed) :: observation {c}, iakttagelse
observation {n} (recording an event; the record of such noting) :: observation, uppsikt {c}, tillsyn {c}
observation {n} (remark or comment) :: anmärkning {c}
observation wheel {n} (Ferris wheel) SEE: Ferris wheel ::
observatory {n} (place where celestial bodies or natural phenomena are observed) :: observatorium {n}
observe {v} (to notice, to watch) :: observera, iaktta
observe {v} (to follow) :: iaktta
observe {v} (to observe) SEE: notice ::
obsessed {adj} (fixated on a single topic or emotion) :: besatt
obsession {n} (compulsive or irrational preoccupation) :: besatthet {c}
obsession {n} (unhealthy fixation) :: besatthet {c}
obsessive-compulsive disorder {n} (form of anxiety) :: tvångssyndrom {n}
obsidian {n} (a type of black glass produced by volcanoes) :: obsidian {c}
obsolescence {n} (state) :: föraldring {c}
obsolete {adj} (no longer in use) :: förlegad
obstacle {n} (something that impedes, stands in the way of, or holds up progress) :: hinder {n}
obstetrician {n} (a physician who specializes in childbirth) :: obstetriker {c}
obstetrics {n} (care of women during and after pregnancy) :: obstetrik {c}, förlossningskonst {c}
obstinate {adj} (adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course, usually unreasonably) :: obstinat
obstreperous {adj} (noisily and stubbornly defiant) :: oregerlig
obstruent {n} (consonant sound formed by obstructing the airway) :: obstruent {c}
obtain {v} (to get hold of, acquire) :: erhålla
obtainable {adj} (capable of being obtained) :: anskaffbar, tillgänglig
obtuse {adj} (intellectually dull) :: trög, slö, tjockskallig
obtuse {adj} (deadened, muffled, muted) :: dov
obtuse {adj} (of an angle) :: trubbig
obtuse {adj} (botany, zoology: blunt) :: trubbig, slö
obtuse angle {n} (angle that is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees) :: trubbig vinkel {c}
obtuse-angled triangle {n} (obtuse triangle) SEE: obtuse triangle ::
obtuse triangle {n} (triangle with an obtuse angle) :: trubbig triangel {c}, trubbvinklig triangel {c}
obviate {v} (to bypass a requirement) :: undanröja, förebygga, kringgå, undvika
obvious {adj} (easily discovered or understood; self-explanatory) :: tydlig, uppenbar
obviously {adv} (in an obvious manner; clearly apparent) :: uppenbarligen, tydligen
ocarina {n} (a musical instrument) :: okarina {c}, lergök {c}
Occam's razor {prop} (both principles) :: Ockhams rakkniv {c}
occasion {n} (favorable opportunity) :: tillfälle {c}
occasion {n} (occurrence which brings with it some unlooked-for event; motive, reason) :: tillfällighet, skäl
occasion {n} (particular happening) :: händelse
occasion {n} (need) :: behov
occasion {v} (give occasion to) :: förorsaka
occasion {n} (occurrence or incident) SEE: occurrence ::
occasional {adj} (limited to certain occasions; not very often) :: tillfällig
occasionally {adv} (from time to time; now and then; once in a while; at infrequent intervals) :: ibland, då och då
occipital lobe {n} (division of cerebrum) :: occipitallob {m}
occiput {n} (back of the head or skull) :: bakhuvud {n}
Occitan {prop} (the Romance language) :: occitanska
occlusive {n} (plosive) SEE: plosive ::
occult {n} (supernatural affairs) :: ockult, ockultism
occultation {n} (astronomical event) :: ockultation
occupation {n} (activity or task with which one occupies oneself) :: sysselsättning {c}
occupation {n} (control of a country or region by a hostile army) :: ockupation {c}
occupational health and safety {n} (activity to promote health and safety in workplace) :: arbetarskydd {n}
occupational safety and health {n} (activity to promote safety in workplace) :: arbetarskydd {n}
occupied {adj} (reserved) :: upptagen
occupied {adj} (busy) :: upptagen
occupied {adj} (militarily subjugated) :: ockuperad
occupy {v} (time or space) :: uppta, ta upp
occupy {v} (reside in) :: bo i, bebo
occupy {v} (have (taken) control of) :: ockupera, annektera
occupy {v} (hold a position) :: inneha
occur {v} (take place) :: hända, ske, äga rum
occur {v} (be present or found) :: förekomma
occurrence {n} (actual instance where a situation arises) :: händelse, tillfälle {n}
ocean {n} (one of the large bodies of water) :: ocean
Oceania {prop} (geographical region) :: Oceanien
oceanic whitetip shark {n} (Carcharhinus longimanus) :: vitfenad oceanhaj {c}, årfenshaj {c}
oceanographer {n} (person who studies oceanography, the science of oceans) :: oceanograf {c}
oceanography {n} (oceanic exploration and study) :: oceanografi {c}
oceanology {n} (oceanography) SEE: oceanography ::
ocelot {n} (feline carnivore) :: ozelot {c}
ochre {n} (yellowish-orange colour) :: ockra {c}
o'clock {adv} (indication of time (the translations below are of "one o’clock")) :: klockan ett
OCR {n} (optical character recognition) :: optisk teckenigenkänning {c}, maskinläsning {c}
octagon {n} (polygon with eight sides and eight angles) :: oktagon, åttahörning {c}
octahedron {n} (a polyhedron with eight faces) :: oktaeder {c}
octane {n} (isomeric aliphatic hydrocarbons) :: oktan {n}
octane number {n} (measure of the antiknock properties of an automobile fuel) :: oktantal {n}, oktan {n}
octant {n} (nautical instrument) :: kvadrant {c}, oktant {c}
octave {n} (interval) :: oktav {c}
octet {n} (group of eight musicians performing together) :: oktett {c}
octet {n} (composition for such a group) :: oktett {c}
octet {n} (byte of eight bits) SEE: byte ::
October {prop} (tenth month of the Gregorian calendar) :: oktober {c}
octodontid {n} (any of the Octodontidae) :: buskråtta {c}
octopus {n} (mollusc) :: bläckfisk
octothorpe {n} (octothorpe) SEE: hash ::
oculist {n} (optometrist) SEE: optometrist ::
oculist {n} (ophthalmologist) SEE: ophthalmologist ::
oculus {n} (circular window or opening) :: oculus {c}, oxöga {n}
odd {adj} (strange) :: konstig, märklig
odd {adj} (not divisible by two) :: udda
oddball {n} (eccentric person) :: kuf {c}
odd function {n} (function) :: udda funktion {c}
ode {n} (a short poetical composition) :: ode
Odense {prop} (City in southern Denmark) :: Odense
Oder {prop} (river) :: Oder
Odesa {prop} (Odessa) SEE: Odessa ::
Odessa {prop} (Ukrainian city) :: Odessa
Odia {prop} (Oriya) SEE: Oriya ::
Odin {prop} (in Norse mythology, the supreme god) :: Oden
odious {adj} (arousing strong dislike) :: odiös, motbjudande, vidrig
Odisha {prop} (state in India) :: Orissa
odometer {n} (instrument attached to the wheel) :: vägmätare, odometer
odontology {n} (study of teeth) :: tandvetenskap, odontologi
odor {n} (any smell) SEE: odour ::
odorless {adj} (having no odor) :: luktlös, luktfri
odour {n} (Any smell, whether fragrant or offensive; scent; perfume) :: lukt {c}, odör {c}
odourless {adj} (odourless) SEE: odorless ::
Odysseus {prop} (son of Laertes; Greek leader during the Trojan War) :: Odysseus, Ulysses
Odyssey {prop} (epic poem describing the journey of Odysseus) :: Odysséen {f}
oedema {n} (edema) SEE: edema ::
Oedipal {adj} (of or relating to the Oedipus complex) :: oidipal
Oedipus complex {n} (Freudian theory) :: oidipuskomplex {n}
oenological {adj} (of or pertaining to oenology, the study of wine) :: enologisk
oenology {n} (scientific study of wines) :: vinberedningskonst {c}
oesophagus {n} (the tube that carries food from the pharynx to the stomach) :: matstrupe
oeuvre {n} (work of art) :: verk {n}, arbete {n}
of {prep} ((time) before, to) :: i
of {prep} (containing, comprising or made from) :: av
of {prep} (connecting numeral or quantifier with quantified) :: -s (genitive case), av (extremely rare)
of {prep} (possessive genitive: belonging to) :: -s (genitive case), av
of {prep} (objective genitive: connecting noun with object) :: -s (genitive case), av (extremely rare)
of age {prep} (old enough to be considered an adult) :: myndig
of course {adv} (naturally) :: förstås, naturligtvis, självklart, givetvis, såklart
off {adv} (in a direction away from the speaker or object) :: iväg, ifrån, från
off {adv} (into a state of non-operation or non-existence) :: av, från
off {adj} (inoperative, disabled) :: av
offal {n} (dead body) SEE: corpse ::
offal {n} (refuse) SEE: refuse ::
offal {n} (rejected parts of an animal) :: slaktavfall {n}, slaktbiprodukt {c}, slaktbiprodukter {c-p}
offal {n} (animal's organs as food) :: inkråm {n}, inälvor {p}
offal {n} (carrion) SEE: carrion ::
off and on {adv} (intermittently) :: till och från
off course {prep} (not following the planned route) :: ur kurs
offence {n} (offense) SEE: offense ::
offend {v} (sin) SEE: sin ::
offend {v} (to hurt the feelings) :: såra
offender {n} (a person who commits an offense against the law) :: gärningsman {m} {c}, gärningskvinna {f} {c} [uncommon]
offense {n} (act of offending against the law) :: lagöverträdelse {c}, överträdelse {c}
offensive {adj} (causing offense) :: stötande, anstötlig
offensive {adj} (relating to attack, offense) :: offensiv
offensive {adj} (team sports: having to do with play directed at scoring) :: offensiv
offensive {n} (an attack) :: offensiv {c}
offer {n} (proposal) :: erbjudande {n}, bud {n}
offer {n} (something put forth) :: bud {n}
offer {n} (law: invitation to enter binding contract) :: offert {c}
offer {v} (propose) :: erbjuda
office {n} (room(s) or building used for non-manual work) :: kontor {n}
office {n} (major governmental division) :: byrå {c}
office chair {n} (desk chair used in an office) :: kontorsstol
officer {n} (contraction of the term "commissioned officer") :: officer {c}
officer {n} :: officer {c}
office worker {n} (Someone who works in an office) :: kontorist {c}
official {adj} (approved by authority) :: officiell
official {n} (office holder invested with powers and authorities) :: tjänsteman {c}, ämbetsman {c}
official {n} (person responsible for applying the rules in a competition) :: domare
officially {adv} (in an official manner) :: officiellt
officiate {v} (to serve as umpire or referee) :: döma
officious {adj} (eager to please) :: fjäskig
officious {adj} (offensively intrusive or interfering) :: beskäftig
off-licence {n} (liquor store) SEE: liquor store ::
off-piste {adj} (Of snow that has not been compacted by overuse) :: offpist
off-road {adj} (designed for driving on a rugged terrain) :: terränggående
offset {n} (offset printing) :: offsettryck {n}
offside {n} (offside play) :: offside {c}
offside trap {n} (defensive play) :: offsidefälla {c}
offspring {n} (singular offspring (male, female or sex unspecified)) :: avkomling {c}, avkomma {c}, ättling {c}
offspring {n} (plural or collective offspring (only males, only females, both sexes or sex unspecified)) :: avkomlingar {c-p}, avkommor {c-p}, ättlingar {c-p}
off-the-shelf {adj} (as purchased or as commonly available) :: direkt från hyllan
off the top of one's head {prep} (in an extemporaneous manner; without careful thought, preparation, or investigation) :: på stående fot, på rak arm
off-the-wall {adj} (Wildly unconventional; bizarre; absurd) :: uppåt väggarna
of late {prep} (recently) :: på sistone, nyligen
of one's own accord {prep} (without being told to) :: självmant, av sig själv, på eget bevåg
of record {prep} (authoritative) SEE: authoritative ::
often {adv} (frequently, many times) :: ofta
oftenly {adv} (often) SEE: often ::
oftentimes {adv} (frequently) :: ofta
oftentimes {adv} (repeatedly) :: om och om igen
Oghuz {prop} (Oghuz people) :: oghuzer {p}
ogive {n} (Gothic pointed arch) :: spetsbåge {c}
ogonek {n} (diacritical mark) :: svans {c}
ogre {n} (brutish giant) :: rese, jätte {c}
ogre {n} (brutish man) :: best, troll
ogre {n} (large beast) :: best, odjur {n}
oh {interj} (expression of surprise) :: åh, å, oj
ohm {n} (the derived unit of electrical resistance) :: ohm {c}
Ohm's law {prop} (Ohm's observation) :: Ohms lag
oh my God {interj} (excitement or shock) :: herre gud, å, herre gud, herregud, Herre Gud
oh no {interj} (exclamation of alarm or concern) :: åh, nej
oh well {interj} (expression of mild disappointment or resignation) :: jaja, nåja
oi {interj} (exclamation to get attention) SEE: hey ::
oil {n} (liquid fat) :: matolja {c}, olja {c}
oil {n} (petroleum-based liquid) :: olja {c}, bergolja {c}
oil {v} (lubricate with oil) :: olja, smörja
oil {v} (to grease with oil for cooking) :: olja, smörja
oilbird {n} (Steatornis caripensis) :: oljefågel {c}
oiler {n} (oil well) SEE: oil well ::
oiler {n} (ship) SEE: oil tanker ::
oil field {n} (area under which are reserves of petroleum) :: oljefält {n}
oil lamp {n} (a simple vessel used to produce light) :: oljelampa
oil painting {n} (a painting done with oil paints) :: oljemålning {c}
oil painting {n} (art of painting with oil paints) :: oljemåleri {n}
oil palm {n} (Palm family of trees) :: oljepalm {c}
oil refinery {n} (industrial process plant) :: oljeraffinaderi {n}
oil rig {n} (oil-drilling platform) :: oljeborrtorn {n}, oljeplattform {c}
oil sand {n} (relatively loose sandstone or porous carbonate rock impregnated with bitumen) :: oljesand {c}
oil shale {n} (shale from which hydrocarbons can be produced) :: oljeskiffer
oil spill {n} (oil spill) :: oljeutsläpp {n}
oil tanker {n} (Ship) :: oljetanker
oil well {n} (hole drilled into the earth from which petroleum is pumped) :: oljekälla {c}
oily {adj} (relating to oil) :: compounds with olja
oily {adj} (covered with or containing oil) :: oljig
oink {interj} (Representing the sound made by a pig) :: nöff
oink {n} (sound made by a pig) :: grymtning {c}
oink {v} (to oink) :: grymta
ointment {n} (viscous preparation, usually containing medication) :: salva {c}
Ojibwe {prop} (language) :: ojibwe
Ojibwe {n} (member of Ojibwe people) :: ojibwa
OK {n} (endorsement; approval) :: okej, ok
OK {v} (approve) :: godkänna
OK {v} ((computing) activate the OK button) :: OK
OK {adj} (all right, permitted) :: okej
OK {adj} (satisfactory) :: okej
OK {adj} (in good health or in a good emotional state) :: bra, okej
OK {adv} (OK) :: okej
OK {interj} (acknowledgement or acceptance) :: okej, ok, okey, visst
OK {interj} (utterance expressing exasperation) :: bra, okej
OK {interj} (introduction of a sentence in order to draw attention) :: okej
okey-dokey {interj} (variant of OK) :: okidoki
okra {n} (A. esculentus) :: okra
Olaf {prop} (male given name) :: Olof
old {adj} (of an object, concept, etc: having existed for a relatively long period of time) :: gammal, förlegad, utsliten
old {adj} (of a living being: having lived for relatively many years) :: gammal, åldrig, ålderstigen
old {adj} (former) :: tidigare, före detta
old {adj} (having existed or lived for the specified time) :: gammal
old age {n} (latter part of life) :: ålderdom {c}
Old Armenian {prop} (language) :: fornarmeniska {c}
old as the hills {adj} (extremely old) :: gammal som gatan
old boy {n} (alumnus) SEE: alumnus ::
Old Catholic {adj} (pertaining to a group of churches that split from the Roman Catholic Church) :: gammalkatolsk
Old Church Slavonic {prop} (the first literary and liturgical Slavic language) :: fornkyrkoslaviska {c}
Old Dutch {prop} (language) :: fornnederländska {c}
Old English {prop} (ancestor language of modern English) :: fornengelska {c}
older brother {n} (a sibling's older brother) :: storebror {c}
older sister {n} (multi-word, compound-word or otherwise sum-of-parts translations) :: storasyster {c}
older than dirt {adj} (old as the hills) SEE: old as the hills ::
old-fashioned {adj} (outdated or no longer in vogue) :: gammalmodig, gammaldags
old-fashioned {adj} (preferring the customs of earlier times) :: gammalmodig
old folks' home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home ::
Old Frankish {prop} (Frankish) SEE: Frankish ::
Old French {prop} (French language from 9th to the early 14th century) :: fornfranska
Old Frisian {prop} (the Old Frisian language) :: fornfrisiska {c}
Old Georgian {prop} (Language) :: forngeorgiska {c}
old girl {n} (Affectionate term of address for a woman) :: lilla gumman, tjejen
old-growth forest {n} (forest that has attained great age without significant disturbance) :: urskog {c}
Old High German {prop} (Old High German) :: fornhögtyska {c}
oldie {n} (something or someone old) :: örhänge {c}
Old Irish {prop} (language) :: forniriska {c}
Old Low German {prop} (Old Saxon) SEE: Old Saxon ::
old maid {n} (elderly unmarried woman) SEE: spinster ::
Old Maid {n} (card game) :: Svarte Petter
Old Maid {n} (card) :: Svarte Petter
old man {n} (elderly man) :: gubbe {c}
Old Norse {n} (language of Scandinavia before 1400 CE) :: fornnordiska, norröna {c}
old people's home {n} (nursing home) SEE: nursing home ::
Old Persian {prop} (Translations) :: fornpersiska {c}
Old Portuguese {prop} (Portuguese language from 13th to 16th centuries) :: fornportugisiska {c}
Old Prussian {prop} (the Old Prussian language) :: preussiska {c}, fornpreussiska {c}, prusiska {c}
old salt {n} (seadog) SEE: seadog ::
Old Saxon {n} (the Old Saxon language) :: fornsaxiska {c}, fornlågtyska {c}
Old Slavonic {prop} (Proto-Slavic) :: samslaviska
Old Spanish {n} (the Old Spanish language) :: fornspanska {c}
old stick {n} (chap) SEE: chap ::
Old Swedish {prop} (language) :: fornsvenska {c}
Old Testament {prop} (first half of the Christian Bible) :: Gamla testamentet
old town {n} (older historical part of a town or city) :: gammelstad {c}, gamlestad {c}, gamla stad {c}
Old Turkic {prop} (language) :: fornturkiska {c}
old woman {n} (elderly woman) :: gumma {c}
oleaginous {adj} (falsely or affectedly earnest; persuasively suave) :: sliskig
olecranon {n} (bony process) :: olekranon
olfactory {adj} (concerning the sense of smell) :: luktsinnes-
Olga {prop} (female given name) :: Olga
oligarch {n} (a member of an oligarchy) :: oligark {c}
oligarchic {adj} (of or pertaining to oligarchy) :: oligarkisk
oligarchy {n} (Government by only a few) :: oligarki {n}
oligarchy {n} (State ruled by such a government) :: oligarki {n}
oligodendrocyte {n} :: oligodendrocyt
oliguria {n} (a decreased production in the volume of urine) :: oliguri {c}
olive {n} (fruit) :: oliv {c}
olive {n} (wood) :: olivträ {n}
olive {n} (colour) :: oliv, olivgrönt
olive {adj} (colour) :: olivfärgad
olive {n} (olive tree) SEE: olive tree ::
olive oil {n} (oil pressed from olives) :: olivolja {c}
Oliver {prop} (male given name) :: Oliver
olive tree {n} (tree that produces olives) :: olivträd {n}
Olivia {prop} (female given name) :: Olivia
Olivier salad {n} (traditional Russian salad of boiled vegetables with mayonnaise) :: legymsallad {c}
olla podrida {n} (miscellaneous assortment) SEE: hodgepodge ::
Olympiad {n} (period of four years) :: olympiad {c}
Olympian {n} (athlete) :: olympier {c}
Olympic {adj} (of or pertaining to the Olympic Games) :: olympisk
Olympic Games {prop} (international multi-sport event inspired by the ancient festival, see also: Olympics) :: Olympiska Spelen {n-p}
Olympics {prop} (sport event, see also: Olympic Games) :: OS {n}, Olympiaden {c}
Olympic Winter Games {prop} (Olympic Winter Games) :: Olympiska vinterspel, Vinter-OS {p}
Oman {prop} (country in the Middle East) :: Oman
omasum {n} (the third part of the stomach of a ruminant) :: bladmage
ombudsman {n} (official who investigates complaints) :: ombudsman
omega {n} (angular velocity) SEE: angular velocity ::
omelette {n} (dish made with beaten eggs) :: omelett {c}
ominous {adj} (giving indication of a coming ill) :: illavarslande, olycksbådande
omission {n} (the act of omitting) :: utelämnande {n}
omission {n} :: utelämnande
omit {v} (to leave out or exclude) :: utelämna
omnipotence {n} (unlimited power) :: omnipotens {c}, allsmäktighet {c}
omnipotent {adj} (having unlimited power, force or authority) :: omnipotent, allsmäktig
Omnipotent {prop} (God) :: Allmakten, den Allsmäktige
omnipresence {n} (the ability to be at all places at the same time) :: allestädesnärvaro {c}
omnipresent {adj} (being everywhere) :: allestädes närvarande
omniscient {adj} (having total knowledge) :: allvetande
omnium-gatherum {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge ::
omnivore {n} (animal eating both plants and meat) :: allätare {c}
on {adj} (in the state of being active, functioning or operating) ::
on {adv} (to an operating state) ::
on {adv} (continuing an action) :: , vidare
on {prep} (positioned at the upper surface of) :: , ovanpå, å, upp å
on {prep} (at the date of) :: [not always translated]
on {prep} (sometime during the day of) ::
on {prep} (dealing with the subject of) :: om
on {prep} (touching; hanging from) ::
on {prep} :: , av, på grund av
on all fours {adv} (on hands and knees) :: på alla fyra
on and off {adv} (intermittently) :: till och från
onanism {n} (masturbation) :: onani
on average {prep} (as a measure of central tendency) :: i genomsnitt
on average {prep} (usually) :: i allmänhet, vanligen, vanligtvis, i genomsnitt
on board {adv} (aboard) SEE: aboard ::
on board {adj} (on or in a means of transportation) :: ombord
onboard {adv} (on a vehicle) SEE: on board ::
on call {prep} (when requested) :: på jour
once {adv} (one and only one time) :: en gång
once {adv} (formerly) :: tidigare, förut, en gång, för ut
once {conj} (as soon as) :: så snart som
once again {adv} (one more time) :: återigen, än en gång, en gång till, på nytt, ånyo, åter, å nyo
once and for all {adv} (Finally, permanently, conclusively) :: en gång för alla
once more {adv} (one more time) SEE: once again ::
once upon a time {adv} (traditional beginning of children’s stories, especially fairy tales) :: det var en gång
oncilla {n} (Leopardus tigrinus) :: tigerkatt {c}, dvärgtigerkatt {c}, oncilla {c}
on cloud nine {prep} (very happy, blissful) :: i sjunde himlen
oncology {n} (branch of medicine) :: onkologi {c}
one {pron} (indefinite personal pronoun) :: man, en, expressed by nominalization when following an adjective
one {n} (neutral element in multiplication) :: etta
one {n} (digit or figure) :: etta
one {n} (dollar bill) :: endollarsedel, endollarssedel {c}
one {adj} (of a period of time) :: en {c}, ett {n}
one {adj} (in agreement) :: enad
one {adj} :: en {c} {n}, ett, not translated
one {num} (ordinal number) SEE: first ::
-one {suffix} (ketone) :: -on {c}
one {num} (cardinal number 1) :: (abstract counting) ett, (counting objects) ett {n}, en {c}
one and a half {num} (one and a half) :: halvannan, halvtannat {n}, en och en halv
one another {pron} (idiomatic, reciprocal pronoun) :: varandra
one-armed bandit {n} (gaming machine) :: enarmad bandit {c}
on earth {prep} (expletive giving emphasis after interrogative word) :: i hela världen
one at a time {adv} (individually) :: en åt gången, en i taget
one brick short of a full load {adj} (not mentally sound; insane) :: ha en skruv lös [have a loose screw]
one by one {adv} (individually) :: den ena efter den andra, en efter en, en och en
one-child policy {n} (a policy of population control) :: ettbarnspolitik {c}
one-dimensional {adj} (having length, but no width, height or depth) :: endimensionell
one-dimensional {adj} (figuratively, lacking depth or believability) :: endimensionell
one-eyed {adj} (having only a single eye) :: enögd
one for all, all for one {phrase} (motto: working for each other) :: en för alla, alla för en
one-horse town {n} (very small town) :: byhåla {c}, håla {c}
one hundred and one {num} (one hundred plus one) :: etthundraett, hundraett
oneirology {n} (the study of dreams) :: oneirologi {f}
one-legged {adj} (having only one leg) :: enbent
one man's meat is another man's poison {proverb} (people have differing tastes; what pleases one person may displease another) :: Den enes död är den andres bröd. (The death of one, the bread of the other)
one million {num} (cardinal number 1000000) SEE: million ::
one moment, please {phrase} (one moment please) :: ett ögonblick, tack
one-night stand {n} (sexual encounter) :: engångsligg, ragg, ligg, one-night stand
one of these days {adv} (one day) :: en vacker dag
onerous {adj} (burdensome) :: jobbig
one's {pron} (belonging to one) :: sin {c}, sitt {n}, sina {p}, ens
ones {n} (plural of 'one') :: ettor {c-p}
oneself {pron} :: sig själv, sig
one-sided {adj} (partial or biased in favour of one faction) :: ensidig, partisk
one-sided {adj} (with one competitor dominant over the other) :: ojämn
one-sided {adj} (having only one side) :: ensidig
one's marbles {n} (sanity) SEE: sanity ::
one swallow does not a summer make {proverb} (one instance of an event does not necessarily indicate a trend) :: en svala gör ingen sommar
one thousand {num} (cardinal number 1000) SEE: thousand ::
oneties {n} (Second decade) :: 10-tal {n}, tiotal {n}
one-two {n} (soccer: quick one-touch play between two players) :: väggpassning {c}, väggpass {n}, väggspel {n}
one up {v} (do something slightly better than a competitor) :: bräcka, överträffa, överglänsa, bräda
one up {n} (additional life) :: extraliv {n}
one-upmanship {n} (art or practice of outdoing an opponent) :: has to be explained: konsten att platta till
one-way {adj} (allowing movement in only one direction) :: enkelriktad
one-way {adj} (allowing travel in only one direction) :: enkel, enkel-
one way or another {adv} (somehow, but certainly) :: på ett sätt eller ett annat, på ett eller annat sätt, på ett eller ett annat sätt
one-way street {n} (road in which traffic is only allowed to proceed in one direction) :: enkelriktad gata {c}, enkelriktad väg {c}
one-way ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place but not back) :: enkel biljett {c}, enkelbiljett {c}
on fire {prep} (being burned by fire) :: i brand, brinnande
on foot {prep} (walking, jogging, running) :: till fots
ongoing {adj} (presently or currently happening; being in progress) :: pågående
on hand {prep} (available) :: till hands, tillhanda, tillgänglig
on heat {prep} (in estrus) :: brunstig, i löp
onion {n} (plant) :: lök {c}, gullök {c}
onion dome {n} (onion-shaped dome) :: lökkupol
online {adj} :: uppkopplad
onlooker {n} (spectator) SEE: spectator ::
only {adj} (alone in a category) :: enda
only {adv} (without others or anything further; exclusively) :: bara, endast
only {adv} :: bara, endast
only {n} (only child) SEE: only child ::
only child {n} (a person who has no siblings) :: ensambarn {n}
on offer {prep} (for sale at a reduced price) :: på rea, till nedsatt pris
onomastics {n} (branch of lexicology devoted to the study of names) :: onomastik
onomatopoeia {n} (property of a word of sounding like what it represents) :: onomatopoetikon
onomatopoeic {adj} (of or relating to onomatopoeia) :: onomatopoetisk, ljudhärmande
onomatopoeic {adj} (having the property of onomatopoeia) :: onomatopoetisk, ljudhärmande
onomatopoetic {adj} (concerning onomatopoeia) SEE: onomatopoeic ::
on purpose {prep} (purposely, with intention) :: med flit, med vilje, med mening {n}, avsiktlig
on sale {prep} (available for purchase) :: till salu
on sale {prep} (available for purchase at reduced prices) :: på rea, till nedsatt pris
onside {adj} ((football) not in an offside position) :: onside
on sight {prep} (immediately when sighted) :: vid första anblick
on-site {adj} (at a site) :: på-plats
onslaught {n} (fierce attack) :: angrepp, våldsamt anfall
onslaught {n} (large quantity of people or things resembling an attack) :: anstormning
onslaughter {n} (onslaught) SEE: onslaught ::
Ontario {prop} (Lake between Ontario province and New York State) :: Ontariosjön {c}
Ontario {prop} (Province in eastern Canada) :: Ontario {n}
Ontario {prop} :: Ontario
on the alert {prep} (very attentive, or vigilant) :: på alerten
on the contrary {prep} (opposite) :: tvärtom
on the fly {adv} ((baseball, of the ball) Without a bounce) :: i flykten, på lyra
on the fly {adv} ((idiomatic) spontaneously or extemporaneously) :: i flykten
on the lam {adj} (running away; on the run) :: på fri fot
on the loose {prep} (not in captivity) :: på fri fot, lös
on the nose {prep} (exact) :: träffande, passande
on the one hand {prep} (from one point of view) :: å ena sidan
on the other hand {prep} (from another point of view) :: å andra sidan, däremot
on the plus side {prep} (positively; from a favorable perspective) :: på plussidan
on the run {prep} (fleeing) :: på fri fot
on the same wavelength {prep} (in rapport) :: på samma våglängd
on the spot {prep} (at the very moment) :: på fläcken
on the tip of one's tongue {prep} (known but not quite remembered) :: ha något på tungan
on the way {prep} (coming) :: på väg
on the whole {prep} (for the most part) :: på det hela taget, på det stora hela
on thin ice {prep} (at risk) :: på tunn is
on time {adv} (punctually) :: i tid
on time {adv} (by running out of time) :: på tid
onto {adj} (surjective) SEE: surjective ::
ontological {adj} (of, or relating to, ontology) :: ontologisk
ontology {n} (study of being) :: ontologi {c}
on top of {prep} (atop) SEE: atop ::
onward {adv} (In a forward direction) :: framåt
onychophoran {n} (a carnivorous ecdysozoan worm) :: klomask {c}
on your mark, get set, go {phrase} (three-command start of racing) :: på era platser, färdiga, gå, klara, färdiga, gå, klara, färdiga, kör, på edra platser, färdiga, gå
oodles {n} (lots) :: massor, mängder, tonvis [colloquial]
oofless {adj} (poor) SEE: poor ::
ooh {interj} (expressing surprise) :: oj
ooh {interj} (expressing awe) :: åh
ooh {interj} (imitating ghost) :: buu, böö
oolite {n} (geology: rock of spherical grains) :: oolit
oology {n} (study of bird eggs) :: oologi
oops {interj} (acknowledging a minor mistake) :: hoppsan
oops {interj} :: oj, hoppsan
oops {v} (to blunder) SEE: blunder ::
Oort Cloud {prop} (cloud of comets in the Solar System) :: Oorts kometmoln
OP {initialism} ((internet) original poster) :: TS
opacity {n} (state of being opaque; blocking light) :: opacitet {c}
opacity {n} :: opak
opal {n} (a mineral consisting, like quartz, of silica, but inferior to quartz in hardness and specific gravity) :: opal {c}
opaque {adj} (hindering light to pass through) :: ogenomskinlig
OPEC {prop} (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) :: OPEC
open {adj} (not closed) :: öppen
open {adj} (prepared to conduct business) :: öppen
open {adj} (receptive) :: öppen
open {adj} (public) :: öppen
open {v} (to make something accessible) :: öppna
open {v} (to bring up (a topic)) :: ta upp
open {v} (to make accessible to customers) :: öppna
open {v} (to start (a campaign)) :: inleda
open {v} (to become open) :: öppnas, öppna sig
open {v} (to begin conducting business) :: öppna
open-air {adj} (taking place outdoors) :: frilufts-
open-ended {adj} (permitting unstructured response) :: öppen
open ended straight draw {n} (poker: four cards to a straight, open in both ends) :: öppet stegdrag
opener {n} (device that opens something) :: öppnare
open fire {v} (to begin firing at something or someone) :: öppna eld
open fire {n} (uncovered fire) :: öppen eld {c}
open house {n} (event where a facility or institution is open to the public for inspection or tour) :: öppet hus {n}
opening {n} (something that is open) :: öppning {c}
opening {n} (first performance of a show or play by a particular troupe) :: premiär {c}
opening {n} (first few moves in a game of chess) :: öppning {c}, spelöppning {c}
opening hours {n} (the regular times of day when a shop is open) :: öppettid {c}, öppettider {c-p}
openly {adv} (in an open manner, visibly, not covertly) :: öppet
openness {n} (accommodating attitude or opinion) :: öppenhet
open-pit mine {n} (mine with an open pit or burrow) :: dagbrott {n}
open sandwich {n} (slice of bread with toppings) :: macka {c}, smörgås {c}
open sea {n} (part of the sea) :: öppet hav
open season {n} (time period for hunting) :: jaktsäsong {c}
open source {n} (practice) :: öppen källkod {c}, open source
openwork {n} :: genombruten (adjective)
opera {n} (theatrical work) :: opera
opera {n} (building) :: opera {c}, operahus {n}
opera glasses {n} (small binoculars) :: teaterkikare
operand {n} (quantity to which an operator is applied) :: operand
operate {v} :: operera
operating system {n} (software which controls computer) :: operativsystem
operation {n} (method by which a device performs its function) :: operation {c}
operation {n} (surgical procedure) :: operation {c}
operation {n} (military campaign) :: operation {c}
operator {n} (one who operates) :: operatör {c}
operator {n} (telecommunications operator) :: telefonist {c}, telebolag {n}, operatör {c}
operator {n} (mathematical operator) :: operator {c}
operator {n} (Chinese whispers) SEE: Chinese whispers ::
operetta {n} (lighter version of opera) :: operett {c}
ophthalmologist {n} (eye specialist) :: ögonläkare {c}, oftalmolog {c}
ophthalmology {n} (eye medicine) :: oftalmologi {c}
opiner {n} :: tyckare {c}
opining {n} :: tyckande {n}
opinion {n} (thought a person has formed about a topic) :: mening {c}, uppfattning {c}, omdöme {n}, tycke {n}, åsikt {c}
opinion poll {n} (poll) :: opinionsundersökning, opinionsmätning {c}
opium {n} (drug from opium poppy) :: opium {n}
Oporto {prop} (second-largest city of Portugal) :: Porto
opossum {n} (marsupial of the Didelphidae) :: pungråtta {c}
opponent {n} (rival) :: motståndare
opportunist {n} (someone who takes advantage of any opportunity) :: opportunist {c}
opportunity {n} (chance for advancement, progress or profit) :: tillfälle
oppose {v} :: opponera
opposite {adj} (located directly across from) :: motsatt
opposite {adj} (facing the other way) :: motsatt
opposite {adj} (of complementary or mutually exclusive things) :: motsatt
opposite {n} (contrary thing) :: motsats {c}
opposite {n} (antonym) :: motsats {c}
opposite {adv} (in an opposite position) :: mittemot
opposite {prep} (across from) :: mittemot, tvärs över
opposite sex {n} (the other gender to which one is referring) :: motsatt kön {n}
opposition {n} (political) :: opposition {c}
oppress {v} (keep down by unjust force) :: nedtrycka
oppressed {adj} (Subject to oppression) :: förtryckt
oppression {n} (act of oppressing, or the state of being oppressed) :: förtryck
oppressor {n} (oppressor) :: förtryckare {c}
op shop {n} (thrift shop) SEE: thrift shop ::
opsonin {n} (an antibody) :: opsonin
opsonization {n} :: opsonisering {c}
opt {v} (to choose) :: välja
optative {n} (optative) :: optativ {c}
optical character recognition {n} (electronic identification and digital encoding of characters) :: teckenigenkänning {c}, teckentolkning {c}, textfångst {c}
optical fibre {n} (fibre used for transmitting light) :: optisk fiber {c}
optic chiasm {n} (part of the brain) :: synnervskorsning {c}
optician {n} (a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles) :: optiker {c}
optic nerve {n} (nerve) :: synnerv
optics {n} (physics of light and vision) :: optik {c}
optimal {adj} (the best) :: optimal
optimism {n} (a tendency to expect the best) :: optimism {c}
optimist {n} (a person who expects a favourable outcome) :: optimist {c}
optimist {n} (a believer in optimism) :: optimist {c}
optimistic {adj} (expecting a good outcome) :: optimistisk
optimization {n} (the design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense) :: optimering
optimize {v} (to make (something) optimal) :: optimera
optimize {v} (to make (something) more efficient) :: optimera
optimize {v} :: optimera
optimum {n} (the best or most favorable condition) :: optimum {n}
optimum {adj} (best or most advantageous) :: optimal
option {n} (one of the choices which can be made) :: alternativ {n} val, valmöjlighet,
option {n} (financial product) :: option (handel)
optional {adj} (not compulsory) :: valfri {c}, valfritt {n}, frivillig {c}, frivilligt {n}, fakultativ {c}, fakultativt {n}, volontär
optionally {adv} (in an optional manner) :: fakultativt {n}, frivilligt {n}, valfritt {n}
optometrist {n} (person trained in examining and testing the eyes for defects) :: optometriker
opulence {n} (wealth) :: rikedom
opulence {n} (abundance) :: överflöd {n}
opus {n} (a work of music or set of works with a specified rank) :: opus {n}
or {conj} (conjunction) :: eller
or {adj} (of yellow or gold tincture on a coat of arms) :: guld
orach {n} (saltbush) SEE: saltbush ::
oracle {n} (priest through whom deity provides prophecy or advice) :: orakel {n}
oracle {n} (person who is a source of wisdom) :: orakel {n}
oral {adj} (relating to the mouth) :: muntlig
oral {adj} (spoken) :: muntlig
oral cavity {n} (medical term for the mouth) :: munhåla {c}
orally {adv} (by mouth) :: oralt
orally {adv} (spoken) :: verbalt, muntligt
oral sex {n} (stimulation of the genitals using the mouth) :: oralsex {n}
orange {n} (tree) :: apelsinträd {n}
orange {n} (fruit) :: apelsin {n} {c}
orange {n} (colour) :: orange, brandgul
orange {adj} (having the colour of the fruit of an orange tree) :: orange, brandgul, apelsinfärgad
orangeade {n} (orange-flavored soft drink) :: apelsinläskedryck, apelsinlemonad
orangeade {n} (soda water and orange juice) :: apelsinlemonad
orange blossom {n} (white flower of the orange tree) :: apelsinblomma {c}
Orange Free State {prop} (former province of South Africa) :: Oranjefristaten {c}
orange juice {n} (juice of squeezed oranges) :: apelsinjuice {c}
orange peel {n} (the skin of an orange) :: apelsinskal uncountable, n
orange roughy {n} (Hoplostethus atlanticus) :: atlantisk soldatfisk {c}
orangery {n} (greenhouse in which orange trees are grown) :: orangeri {n}
orangutan {n} (arboreal anthropoid ape) :: orangutang {c}
orb {n} (period of time marked off by the revolution of a heavenly body) SEE: year ::
orb {n} (circle) SEE: circle ::
orb {n} (orbit) SEE: orbit ::
orb {n} (spherical body) :: klot {n}
orb {n} (monarch's ceremonial sphere) SEE: globus cruciger ::
orbit {n} (path of one object around another) :: omloppsbana {c}
orbit {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket ::
orbital {adj} (Of or relating to the eye socket (eyehole)) :: orbital
orbital cavity {n} (eye socket) SEE: eye socket ::
orbitational {adj} (orbital) SEE: orbital ::
orc {n} (evil monstrous humanoid creature) :: orch {c}, ork {c}
orc {n} (Orcinus orca) SEE: orca ::
orca {n} (Orcinus orca) :: späckhuggare {c}
orchard {n} (land for cultivation of fruit or nut trees) :: fruktträdgård {c}
orchestra {n} (large group of musicians who play together on various instruments) :: orkester {c}
orchestra {n} :: orkester
orchestrion {n} :: orkestrion {n}
orchid {n} (plant) :: orkidé {c}
ordain {v} (admit into the ministry of a religion) :: prästviga [of priests only], ordinera [of priests and bishops only], viga till [followed by the office in question]
ordeal {n} (a painful or trying experience) :: pärs {c}, pina {c}
ordeal {n} (trial in which the accused was subjected to a dangerous test) :: prövning {c}, gudsdom {c}
order {n} (arrangement, disposition) :: ordning {c}, följd {c}
order {n} (good arrangement) :: ordning {c}
order {n} (command) :: befallning {c}, order {c}
order {n} (request for some product or service) :: order {c}, beställning {c}
order {n} (religious group) :: orden {c}
order {n} (biology: taxonomical classification) :: ordning {c}
order {v} (to set in (any) order) :: ordna
order {v} (to set in (a good) order) :: ordna
order {v} (to issue a command) :: ge order
order {v} (to request some product or service) :: beställa, lägga en order
ordered {adj} (in order, not messy, tidy) :: ordnad, sorterad, organiserad, prydlig
ordered pair {n} (in set theory) :: ordnat par
orderliness {n} (regularity; proper arrangement) :: ordning {c}
orderly {n} (hospital attendant given a variety of non-medical duties) :: vårdbiträde {n}, sjukvårdsbiträde {n}
order of magnitude {n} (class of scale) :: storleksordning {c}
ordinal direction {n} (intercardinal direction) SEE: intercardinal direction ::
ordinal number {n} (grammar: word used to denote relative position in a sequence) :: ordningstal, ordinaltal
ordinal number {n} :: ordinaltal
ordinance {n} (edict, decree, order) :: förordning {c}
ordinarily {adv} (usually or as a general rule) :: vanligen
ordinary {adj} (normal, routine) :: vanlig, ordinär
ordinary differential equation {n} (equation) :: ordinär differentialekvation {c}
ore {n} (rock that contains materials that can be economically extracted and processed) :: malm {c}
oregano {n} (plant) :: oregano {c}, kungsmynta {c}, vildmejram {c}
oregano {n} (leaves used to flavour food) :: oregano {c}
Oregon {prop} (northwestern state of the United States of America) :: Oregon
Oregon grape {n} (Mahonia aquifolium) :: mahonia {c}
or else {phrase} (as an alternative) :: annars, annars så...
or else {phrase} (no matter what) :: annars
Oresund {prop} (strait) :: Öresund, Sundet {n} [colloquial]
Oresund Bridge {prop} (bridge) :: Öresundsbron {c}
orfe {n} (Leuciscus idus) SEE: ide ::
organ {n} (part of an organism) :: organ {n}
organ {n} (musical instrument) :: orgel {c}
organ {n} (official magazine, newsletter, or similar publication) :: organ {n}
organ donor {n} (person from whom an organ is removed) :: donator {c}, organdonator {c}
organelle {n} (a membrane bound compartment found within cells) :: organell {c}
organic {adj} (pertaining to an organ) :: organisk
organic {adj} (chemistry: relating to the compounds of carbon) :: organisk
organic {adj} (of food and food products: grown without agrichemicals) :: ekologisk
organic {n} (organic compound) SEE: organic compound ::
organic chemistry {n} (chemistry of carbon containing compounds) :: organisk kemi {c}
organic compound {n} (carbon containing covalent compound) :: organisk förening {c}
organic growth {n} (expansion without mergers\acquisitions\takeovers) :: organisk tillväxt {c}
organise {v} (organize) SEE: organize ::
organism {n} (living thing) :: organism {c}
organist {n} (musician who plays the organ) :: organist {c}
organization {n} (quality of being organized) :: organisation, organisation
organization {n} (the way in which something is organized) :: organisering
organization {n} (group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules) :: organisation {c}
organizational {adj} (of an organization) :: organisatorisk
organize {v} (to arrange in working order) :: organisera
organize {v} :: organisera
organized crime {n} (criminal organizations seen as a whole) :: organiserad brottslighet {c}, organiserad kriminalitet {c}
organizer {n} (person arranging public events) :: arrangör {c}, organisatör
organoleptic {adj} (of or pertaining to sensory properties of a particular substance) :: organoleptisk
orgasm {n} (the peak of sexual pleasure) :: orgasm
orgasm {v} (to have an orgasm) :: orgasmera
orgasmic {adj} (of or relating to orgasms) :: orgastisk
orgulous {adj} (proud, haughty) :: högmodig, högfärdig
orgulous {adj} (threatening, dangerous) :: hotande, farlig
orgy {n} (sexual group activity) :: orgie {c}
orgy {n} (excessive activity) :: orgie {c}
orientalist {n} (a person (especially a scholar) interested in the orient) :: orientalist {c}
orientation {n} :: orientering {c}
orienteer {n} (someone who takes part in the sport of orienteering) :: orienterare
orienteer {v} (to race across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass) :: orientera
orienteering {n} (racing across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass) :: orientering
orifice {n} (orifice (see anus etc. for specific body cavities)) SEE: hole ::
orifice {n} (mouth or aperture, as of a tube, pipe) :: öppning {c}, mynning {c}
origami {n} (the Japanese art of paper folding) :: origami {c}
origin {n} (beginning of something) :: ursprung {n}
origin {n} (source of a river, information, goods, etc.) :: källa {c}, ursprung {n}
origin {n} (point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect) :: origo {n}
origin {n} (ancestry) :: ursprung {n}, härkomst {c}
original {adj} (first in a series) :: original-
original {adj} (fresh, different) :: originell
original {adj} (having as its origin) :: ursprunglig
original {adj} :: original- , ursprunglig , originell ,
original {n} (object from which all later copies and variations are derived) :: original {n}, förlaga {c}
original {n} :: original , förlaga {c}
original {n} (archaism for an eccentric) SEE: eccentric ::
originally {adv} (as it was in the beginning) :: ursprungligen
original sin {n} (state of sinfulness in each human) :: arvsynd {c}
Orinoco {prop} (river) :: Orinoco
oriole {n} (any of the various colourful passerine birds) :: sommargylling
Orissa {prop} (Odisha) SEE: Odisha ::
Oriya {prop} (language) :: oriya
Orkney Islands {prop} (group of islands) :: Orkneyöarna
orlop {n} (ship) :: trossdäck {n}
ornitho- {prefix} (of or pertaining to birds) :: ornito-
ornithological {adj} (of or pertaining to ornithology) :: ornitologisk
ornithologist {n} (expert in ornithology) :: ornitolog {c}
ornithology {n} (scientific study of birds) :: ornitologi {c}
ornithosis {n} (infection) :: ornithos {c}
orphan {n} (person whose (parent or) parents have died) :: föräldralöst barn {n}
orphanage {n} (a residential institution for the care and protection of orphans) :: barnhem {n}
orphanarium {n} (orphanage) SEE: orphanage ::
orrery {n} (clockwork model) :: planetarium {n}
orthoclase {n} (potassium aluminum silicate) :: ortoklas
orthodox {adj} (Adhering to established religious doctrine or tradition) :: ortodox, renlärig
orthodox {adj} :: ortodox
Orthodox Church {n} (the Eastern body of Christendom) :: Ortodoxa kyrka {c}
orthodoxy {n} (correctness in doctrine and belief) :: ortodoxi, renlärighet {c}
orthogon {n} (a right angled triangle) :: rätvinklig triangel {c}
orthogonal {adj} (of right angles) :: ortogonal, vinkelrät, rätvinklig
orthogonal {adj} (mathematical term) :: ortogonal
orthogonal {adj} (statistically independent) :: ortogonal
orthogonality {n} (the property of being orthogonal) :: ortogonalitet
orthogonalization {n} (process of converting a set of functions or vectors) :: ortogonalisering
orthographic {adj} (projection of maps) :: ortografisk
orthographic {adj} (orthography) :: ortografisk
orthography {n} (study of correct spelling) :: rättstavning {c}, ortografi {c}
orthography {n} (aspect of language study) :: ortografi {c}
orthohelium {n} (form of helium) :: ortohelium
orthonormal {adj} :: ortonormal, ortonormerad
orthonormalize {v} (make a set of vectors orthogonal and normalized) :: ortonormalisera
orthopedia {n} (orthopedics) SEE: orthopedics ::
orthopedic {adj} (Of or relating to orthopedics) :: ortopedisk
orthopedics {n} (medicine: a branch of medicine) :: ortopedi
orthopedist {n} (orthopedic surgeon) :: ortoped
orthorexia {n} (obsession with healthy food) :: ortorexi
orthorhombic {adj} (having three unequal axes at right angles) :: ortorombisk
Orwellian {adj} (of or relating to Orwell, especially his dystopian novels) :: Orwellska
Osaka {prop} (city in Honshū, Japan) :: Osaka {c}
Oscar {prop} (male given name) :: Oskar, Oscar
OSCE {initialism} (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) :: OSSE
oscillation {n} (the act of oscillating) :: oscillation {c}, svängning {c}
osculation {n} (a contact between curves or surfaces) :: oskulation {c}
osier {n} (plant) :: korgvide {c}
Oslo {prop} (the capital and a county municipality of Norway) :: Oslo
osmium {n} (chemical element) :: osmium {n}
osmolarity {n} (osmotic concentration) :: osmolaritet {c}
osmosis {n} (movement of molecules) :: osmos {c}
osmotic {adj} (of or relating to osmosis) :: osmotisk
Osmussaar {prop} (Island in northwest Estonia) :: Odensholm
osprey {n} (bird of prey) :: fiskgjuse
Ossetia {prop} (region in the Caucasus) :: Ossetien
Ossetian {adj} (pertaining to Ossetia) :: ossetisk
Ossetian {n} (member of the people) :: osset {c}
Ossetian {prop} (language) :: ossetiska {c}
Ossian {prop} (male given name) :: Ossian
ossuary {n} (a place where the dead are buried) :: ossuarium, benhus, benurna
ostensible {adj} (meant for open display; apparent) :: påstådd, skenbar
ostensible {adj} :: skenbar
ostensibly {adv} (ostensibly) :: skenbart, till synes
osteoblast {n} (cell) :: osteoblast {c}
osteoclast {n} (cell) :: osteoklast
osteology {n} (study of bones) :: osteologi {c}
osteopenia {n} (the medical condition of having low bone density, but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis) :: osteopeni
osteoporosis {n} (bone disease) :: benskörhet {c}, osteoporos {c}, urkalkning {c}
ostracism {n} (in ancient Greece, the temporary banishment by popular vote) :: ostracism
ostracism {n} (banishment, exclusion from community) :: uteslutning, utfrysning
ostracize {v} (exclude someone) :: sky, frysa ut
ostrich {n} (large flightless bird) :: struts
Ostrobothnia {prop} (region in Finland) :: Österbotten
Ostrobothnia {prop} (historical province) :: Österbotten
Ostrobothnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Ostrobothnia) :: österbottnisk
Ostrobothnian {n} (native or inhabitant of Ostrobothnia) :: österbottning {c}
Oswald {prop} (male given name) :: Osvald
other {adj} (not the one previously referred to) :: annan
other side {n} (afterlife) SEE: afterlife ::
otherwise {adv} (differently, in another way) :: annorlunda
otherwise {adv} (under different circumstances) :: annars, i annat fall
otherwise {adv} (in all other respects) :: annars, i övrigt
otherwise {adv} (or else) SEE: or else ::
otitis {n} (inflammation of the ear) :: öroninflammation {c}, otitit {c}
otolaryngology {n} (medical study of the ear, nose and throat) :: otorhinolaryngologi {c} [sometimes shortened to "otolaryngologi"], öron-, näs- och halssjukdomar {c-p} [common name, often shortened to "öron, näsa, hals"], ÖNH [professional lingo, acronyme of "öron, näsa, hals"], otolaryngologi {c} [short form of "otorhinolaryngologi"], otorinolaryngologi {c}
otolith {n} (small particle in the inner ear) :: otolit, öronsten
otology {n} (the branch of medicine that deals with the ear) :: otologi
otorhinolaryngology {n} (otolaryngology) SEE: otolaryngology ::
ottava rima {n} (arrangement of stanzas of eight lines rhyming ab ab ab cc) :: stans {c}
Ottawa {prop} (capital of Canada) :: Ottawa
otter {n} (mammal) :: utter {c}
Otto {prop} (male given name) :: Otto
Ottoman {adj} (of the Islamic empire of Turkey) :: osmansk, ottomansk
Ottoman Empire {prop} (Turkish empire) :: Osmanska riket
Ouagadougou {prop} (capital of Burkina Faso) :: Ouagadougou
ouch {interj} (expression of one's own physical pain) :: aj
ouch {interj} (expression in sympathy at another’s pain) :: aj, aj aj aj, aj då
ouch {interj} (reply to an insult) :: aj
ought {v} (indicating duty or obligation) :: borde
ought {v} (indicating advisability or prudence) :: borde
ought {v} (indicating desirability) :: borde
ought {v} (indicating likelihood or probability) :: borde
Ouija {n} (a board with letters of the alphabet and "yes" and "no") :: ouija-bräda, anden i glaset
Oulu {prop} (city in Finland) :: Uleåborg
ounce {n} (28.3495 g) :: uns
our {determiner} (belonging to us) :: vår
Our Lady {prop} (Virgin Mary) :: Vår Fru {f}
ours {pron} (that which belongs to us) :: vår {c}, vårt {n}, våra {p}
ourselves {pron} (reflexive: us) :: oss själva
ourselves {pron} (emphatic: we) :: (vi) själva
out {adv} (away from the inside or the centre) :: ur, utur
out {adv} (away from one's usual place or not indoors) :: ute
out {adv} (away from, at a distance) :: undan, borta, ur vägen
out {adv} (into a state of non-operation or non-existence) :: ur, ut, av
out {adv} (to the end) :: ut
out {adv} (intensifier, emphasizer) :: ut
out {adv} :: ute; ute, uppe
out {prep} (away from the inside) :: ut
out {prep} :: ut (direction, the transition from in to out), ute [the state of being out]; sometimes expressed by the prefix ut. In some cases considered somewhat formal.
out {n} (means of exit) :: utväg {c}
out {v} (to reveal to be gay, bisexual, or transgender) :: [slang] outa
out {v} (to reveal as having a certain secret) :: avslöja
out {v} (to reveal (a secret)) :: avslöja
outboard {n} :: utombordare
outboard {n} (outboard motor) SEE: outboard motor ::
outboard motor {n} (engine fitted over the transom of a boat) :: utombordsmotor {c}, utombordare {c}, aktersnurra {c}
outbuilding {n} (separate building associated with a main building) :: uthus {n}
outcast {n} (one that has been excluded from a society or system a pariah) :: utstött {c}, paria {c}
outdegree {n} (number of outward edges) :: utgrad {c}
outdoor {adj} (situated in the open air) :: utomhus, ute
outdoors {adv} (in the open air) :: utomhus
outer {adj} (outside) :: yttre
outer {adj} (farther from the center) :: yttre
outer {n} (An outer part) :: utsida {n}
outer ear {n} (portion of ear) :: ytteröra {n}
outermost {adj} (farthest outside) :: yttersta
outer space {n} (region) :: yttre rymden
outfit {n} (set of clothing) :: kläder {c-p}, utstyrsel {c}, utrustning {c}
outfit {n} (cohesive group of people; a unit) :: arbetslag {n}
outfit {n} (business or firm) :: firma {c}, företag {n}
outfit {v} (to provide with) :: klä, utrusta
outfox {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
outgoing {adj} :: utåtriktad
outgoing {adj} (being replaced in office) :: avgående
outguess {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
outhouse {n} (outdoor toilet, see also: shithouse; latrine; toilet) :: utedass {n} [colloquial, but commonly used], avträde {n}
outhouse {n} :: dass {n}
outhouse {n} (outbuilding) SEE: outbuilding ::
outing {n} (public revelation of homosexuality) :: outande {c}
outlaw {n} (a fugitive from the law) :: fredlös
outlaw {n} (person without legal rights) :: fredlös
outlaw {v} (to declare illegal) :: kriminalisera
outlaw {v} (to place a ban on) :: bannlysa
outlet {n} (wall socket) SEE: wall socket ::
outlier {n} (value outside pattern in a statistical sample) :: utliggare {c}
outline {n} (line marking the boundary of an object figure) :: kontur {c}, kantlinje {c}
outlook {n} (place from which something can be viewed) :: utsiktspunkt
outlook {n} (view from such a place) :: utsikt
outlook {n} (attitude, point of view) :: åsikt
outlook {n} (expectation for the future) :: framtidsutsikt, prospekt
outmaneuver {v} (to perform movements more adroitly or successfully) :: utmanövrera
outmanoeuvre {v} (surpass) :: utmanöverera
outmost {adj} (farthest outside) :: ytterst
out of {prep} (from the inside to the outside of) :: ut ur, ute ur, utanför
out of {prep} (not part of) :: utanför
out of it {prep} (drunk) SEE: drunk ::
out of reach {prep} (beyond the distance of an outstretched hand or arm) :: utom räckhåll
out of sight, out of mind {proverb} (something not nearby is forgotten) :: ur syn, ur sinn, syns det inte finns det inte
out of the blue {prep} (unexpectedly) :: som en blixt från klar himmel (like a lightning bolt out of a clear sky)
out of the frying pan, into the fire {prep} (get from an already bad situation to a worse one) :: ur askan i elden (out of the ashes into the fire)
out of touch {adj} (no longer maintaining contact) :: verb phrases for losing contact: tappa kontakten, glida isär, glida ifrån varandra
out of touch {adj} (no longer conversant with sth) :: aningslös, dåligt påläst, ouppdaterad
out of touch {adj} (out of touch with reality) :: aningslös, inte ha en susning, inte ha en aning
out of work {prep} (unemployed) SEE: unemployed ::
outright {adv} (wholly) :: helt och hållet, fullständigt
outside {n} (outer surface) :: utsida {c}
outside {adv} (on or towards the outside) :: ut
outside {prep} (on the outside of) :: utanför
outsider {n} (someone excluded) :: utomstående {c}
outside the box {prep} (beyond convention) :: utanför ramarna, utanför sin box, utanför boxen
outskirt {n} (periphery) :: utkant {c}
outskirts {n} (the edges or areas around a city or town) :: utkant {c}, utkanter {c-p}
outsmart {v} (to beat in a competition of wits) :: överlista
outstretched {adj} (extended or stretched out) :: utsträckt
outweigh {v} :: överväga
outwit {v} (to beat in a battle of wits) :: överlista
outwit {v} (outsmart) SEE: outsmart ::
ouzo {n} (drink) :: ouzo
oval {n} (shape like an egg or ellipse) :: oval {c}
oval {adj} (oval-shaped) :: oval
ovarian follicle {n} (cellular aggregation) :: äggblåsa {c}
ovary {n} (female organ) :: äggstock
ovary {n} (botanical organ) :: fruktämne {n}
ovate {adj} (shaped like an egg) SEE: egg-shaped ::
oven {n} (chamber used for baking or heating) :: ugn {c}
ovenbird {n} (Seiurus auricapilla) :: rödkronad piplärksångare
oven glove {n} (glove designed to carry hot oven trays) :: ugnshandske {c}
oven mitt {n} (oven glove) SEE: oven glove ::
ovenproof {adj} (able to be used in an oven) :: ugnssäker
over {adj} (ended) :: över, slut, förbi
over {adv} (from upright to horizontal position) :: omkull
over {adv} (horizontally; from one place to another) :: över
over {adv} (overnight) :: över
over {adv} (again) :: igen, åter
over {prep} (physical positioning: on top of; above) :: över
over {prep} (physical positioning: across or spanning) :: över
over {prep} (physical positioning: in such a way as to cover) :: över
over {prep} (by comparison: more than; to a greater degree) :: över
over {prep} (by comparison: beyond, past, exceeding) :: över
over {prep} (math: divided by) :: över, genom
over {prep} (while using, consuming) :: över
over {interj} (end of sentence in radio communication) :: över, kom
over- {prefix} (above or higher) :: compounds with över
over- {prefix} (superior) :: compounds with över
over- {prefix} (excessively) :: compounds with över
overall {adj} (all-encompassing) :: övergripande
overall {n} (protective garment worn over clothing) :: overall {c}
overalls {n} (loose fitting pair of pants with a bib) :: snickarbyxor {c-p}
overanalyze {v} (to analyze too much) :: överanalysera
over and above {adv} :: tidigare, högre, mer än
over and out {interj} (end of conversation) :: slut kom
overarching {adj} (all-embracing) :: övergripande
overbearing {adj} (overly bossy or domineering) :: högdragen
overboard {adv} (over the edge, off a boat) :: överbord, över bord [less common]
overcharge {v} (to charge more than correct amount) :: övertrassera
overcoat {n} (garment) :: kappa {c}, överrock {c}, ytterrock {c}
overcome {v} (surmount, get the better of) :: övervinna, överkomma
overcooked {adj} (cooked for too long) :: urkokt
overcrowding {n} (having more occupants than a space can accommodate) :: trångboddhet {c}, överbeläggning
overdetermined {adj} (of linear equations) :: överbestämd
overdose {n} (excessive and dangerous dose of a drug) :: överdos {c}
overdose {v} (to dose excessively) :: överdosera
overdraft {n} (act of overdrawing a bank account) :: övertrassering {c}
overdraft {n} (amount overdrawn) :: övertrassering {c}
overdraught {n} (overdraft) SEE: overdraft ::
overdraw {v} (withdraw more money from an account than there is credit) :: övertrassera
overdue {adj} (Late; especially, past a deadline or too late to fulfill a need) :: på tiden, senkommen, försenad, över tiden
overestimate {v} (to judge too highly) :: överskatta
overestimated {v} (overrated) SEE: overrated ::
overestimation {n} :: överskattning {c}
overfishing {n} (excessive fishing) :: utfiskning {c}, överfiske {n}
overflow {v} :: översvämma
overhand knot {n} (knot) :: överhandsknop {c}
overhang seat {n} (Legislative seat distribution principle in certain countries) :: öerhängsmandat {n}
overhead {adj} (located above) :: ovan, ovanifrån
overhead {adj} (kicked over one's own head) :: nickning {c}
overhead {n} (data or steps of computation that is only used to facilitate the computations in the system and is not directly related to the actual program code or data being processed) :: overhead {c}
overhead fan {n} (ceiling fan) SEE: ceiling fan ::
overhead kick {n} (kick) :: cykelspark {c}, bicykleta {c}
overhead projector {n} (projector that projects an image over the heads of the viewers onto a screen) :: overheadprojektor {c}, OH-projektor {c}
overheat {v} (overheat) SEE: burn ::
overjoyed {adj} (very happy) :: överlycklig
overlap {v} (to extend over and partly cover something) :: överlappa
overlapping {adj} (pertaining to things which overlap) :: överlappande
overlay {v} (overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm ::
overload {v} (to load excessively) :: överbelasta
overload {v} (to create different functions for the same name) :: överlagra
overload {n} (excessive load) :: överlast {c}, överbelastning {c}, överdos {c}, överflöd {n}
overload {n} (overloaded version of a function) :: överlagring {c}
overlook {v} (to pretend not to have noticed; to pass over without censure or punishment) :: ha överseende med
overlord {n} (a ruler of other rulers) :: överherre {c}
overly {adv} (to an excessive degree) :: alltför
overmorrow {adv} (on the day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow ::
overmorrow {n} (day after tomorrow) SEE: day after tomorrow ::
over my dead body {prep} (absolutely not) :: över min döda kropp
overnight {n} (overnight stay) :: övernattning {c}
overnourished {adj} (overweight) SEE: overweight ::
overpopulation {n} (when the number of occupants of an area exceeds the ability of that area to provide for the occupants) :: överbefolkning {c}
overpower {v} (overpower) SEE: compel ::
overpower {v} (subdue someone by superior force) :: överväldiga
overrated {adj} (rated too highly) :: överreklamerad
override {v} (to counteract the normal operation of something) :: åsidosätta
overrun {v} (to infest, swarm over) :: översvämma
overseas {adv} (abroad) :: utomlands
overseer {n} (one who oversees) :: förman {c}
overshadow {v} (to dominate something and make it seem insignificant) :: överskugga
oversight {n} (omission) :: försummelse {c}, förbiseende {n}
oversight {n} (supervision) :: granskning {c}, övervakning {c}, inspektion {c}, revision {c}
oversleep {v} (to sleep for longer than planned) :: försova sig
oversnowed {adj} :: översnöad, snötäckt, snöhöljd, snöklädd
overstep {v} (To go too far beyond (a limit); especially, to cross boundaries or exceed norms or conventions.) :: överträda
overstrain {v} (subject to an excessive demand) :: överanstränga
overt {adj} (open and not secret) :: öppen
overtake {v} (to pass a more slowly moving object) :: köra om
over-the-counter {adj} (pharmacy: not requiring a prescription) :: receptfri
over-the-counter drug {n} (medicine) :: receptfritt läkemedel
over there {adv} (in that place) :: där borta
overthrow {v} (to bring about the downfall of) :: störta
over time {prep} (with respect to the passage of time) :: med tiden
overtime {n} (worktime) :: övertid {c}
overtime {n} (pay for overtime work) :: övertidsersättning {c}, övertidstillägg {n}
overtime ban {n} (refusal to work overtime) :: övertidsblockad {c}
overtly {adv} (openly) :: öppet
overtone {n} (harmonic) :: överton {c}
overture {n} (musical introduction) :: ouvertyr {c}
overview {n} (brief summary, as of a book or a presentation) :: översikt {c}, överblick {c}, resumé {c}
overweight {adj} (of a person, heavier than is healthy) :: överviktig
overweight {n} (excess of weight) :: övervikt {c}
overwhelm {v} (to overpower, crush) :: överväldiga
overwhelm {v} (overpower emotionally) :: överväldiga
overwhelm {v} :: överväldiga
overwhelming {adj} (overpowering) :: överväldigande
overworked {adj} (subjected to too much work) :: överansträngd, utarbetad
overwrite {v} (destroy old data) :: skriva över
Ovid {prop} (Roman poet) :: Ovidius
oviduct {n} (duct through which an ovum passes) :: äggledare
oviform {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped ::
ovoid {adj} (egg-shaped) SEE: egg-shaped ::
ovulation {n} (release of an ovum from the ovary) :: ägglossning {c}, ovulation
ovule {n} (botany: structure that develops into a seed) :: fröämne {n}, fröanlag {n}
ovum {n} (gamete) :: äggcell {c}
owe {v} (to be under an obligation) :: vara skyldig
owe {v} (to be in debt) :: vara skyldig
owe {v} :: vara skyldig
owing to {prep} (because of) :: på grund av
owl {n} (a bird) :: uggla {c}, uv {c}
owlet {n} (a young owl) :: uggleunge {c}
owlet moth {n} (moth of family Noctuidae) :: nattfly {n}
own {v} (defeat) SEE: defeat ::
own {v} (have rightful possession of) :: äga
own {adj} (belonging to (determiner)) :: egen {c}, eget {n}, egna {p}
own {v} (acknowledge responsibility for) :: erkänna, tillstå, vidgå
owner {n} (one who owns) :: ägare {c}
ownership {n} (legal status) :: ägande, ägarskap
own goal {n} (goal scored by player against their own team) :: självmål {n}
ox {n} (an adult castrated male of cattle) :: oxe {c}
ox {n} (any bovine animal used as a beast of burden) :: oxe {c}
oxalic acid {n} (the dicarboxylic acid (ethandioic acid)) :: oxalsyra {c}
oxbow lake {n} (crescent-shaped lake) :: korvsjö
oxeye daisy {n} (flower) :: prästkrage
oxhide {n} (skin of an ox) :: oxhud {c}
oxidation {n} :: oxidation, oxidering
oxidation number {n} (chemistry) :: oxidationstal {n}
oxidization {n} (oxidation) SEE: oxidation ::
oxychloride {n} (compound of oxygen and chlorine) :: oxyklorid {c}
oxygen {n} (chemical element) :: syre {n}, oxygen {n}
oxygen {n} (molecular oxygen) :: syrgas {c}
oxygen {n} (atom of oxygen) :: syreatom {c}
oxygen gas {n} (normal form of oxygen) :: syrgas {c}
oxygen mask {n} (mask through with oxygen may be breathed) :: syrgasmask {c}
oxymoron {n} (figure of speech) :: oxymoron, självmotsägelse
oxymoron {n} (contradiction in terms) SEE: contradiction in terms ::
oxytocin {n} (hormone) :: oxytocin {n}
oyster {n} (mollusk, see also: clam; mollusc; mussel) :: ostron
oyster {n} (food) :: ostron {n}
oystercatcher {n} (bird) :: strandskata {c}
ozone {n} (O3) :: ozon {n}
ozone layer {n} (a region of the stratosphere) :: ozonlager {n}
Øresund {prop} (strait) SEE: Oresund ::