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Raahe {prop} (town)  :: Brahestad
rabbi {n} (Jewish scholar or teacher)  :: rabbin {c}
rabbinic {adj} (Related to rabbis)  :: rabbinsk
rabbit {n} (mammal)  :: kanin {c}
rabble {n} (the mass of common people; the lowest class of people)  :: pöbel {c}
rabies {n} (viral disease)  :: rabies {c}
raccoon {n} (nocturnal omnivore living in North America, Procyon lotor)  :: tvättbjörn {c}
raccoon {n} (any mammal of the genus Procyon)  :: tvättbjörn {c}
raccoon {n} (any mammal of the subfamily Procyoninae)  :: halvbjörn {c}
raccoon {n} (any mammal of the family Procyonidae)  :: halvbjörn
raccoon dog {n} (Nyctereutes procyonoides)  :: mårdhund {c}
race {n} (contest)  :: kapplöpning {c}
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of a common heritage)  :: ras {c}
race {n} (a large group of people set apart from others on the basis of common, physical characteristics)  :: ras {c}
race {n} (one of the categories from the many subcategorizations of the human species)  :: ras {c}
race {n} (a population geographically separated from others of its species that develops significantly different characteristics; informal for subspecies)  :: ras {c}
race hatred {n} (hatred towards an ethnic group)  :: rashat {n}
raceme {n} (botany: an inflorescence in which the flowers are arranged along a single central axis)  :: centripetal inflorenscens {c}, obegränsad blomställning {c}, racemös blomställning {c}, botrytisk blomställning {c}
racer {n} (something used for racing)  :: racerbil
racewalking {n} (sport in which people try to walk as fast as possible)  :: gång {c}
Rachel {prop} (younger daughter of Laban)  :: Rakel
rachitis {n} (rickets)  :: engelska sjukan, rakit
racial {adj} (of a race)  :: rasmässig, ras-
racism {n} (race discrimination or dislike)  :: rasism {c}
racist {n} (person who believes a particular race is superior to others.)  :: rasist {c}
racist {adj} (relating to racism)  :: rasistisk
rack {n} (torture device)  :: sträckbänk {c}
rack {n} (frame for hanging objects)  :: (for clothing) klädhängare {c}
rack {n} (cut of meat)  :: revbensspjäll
rack {n} (woman's breasts)  :: hylla {c} [literally "shelf"]
racket {n} (implement)  :: racket {n}
racket {n} (loud noise)  :: oväsen {n}
racoon {n} (raccoon) SEE: raccoon  ::
rada {n} (soviet) SEE: soviet  ::
radar {n} (method of detecting distant objects)  :: radar {c}
radian {n} (unit)  :: radian {c}
radiant {adj} (radiating light and/or heat)  :: strålande
radiate {v}  :: lysa upp, stråla, upplysa, utstråla
radiation {n} (shooting forth of anything from a point or surface)  :: strålning {c}, utstrålning {c}
radiation {n} (process of radiating waves or particles)  :: strålning {c}
radiation {n} (transfer of energy via radiation)  :: strålning {c}
radiation {n} (radioactive energy)  :: strålning {c}
radiation dose {n} (amount of radiation)  :: strålningsdos {c}
radiator {n} (device that lowers engine coolant temperature by conducting heat to the air)  :: kylare {c}
radiator {n} (finned metal fixture that carries hot water or steam in order to heat a room)  :: element {n}, värmeelement
radical {n}  :: radikal
radicalization {n} (the process or result of radicalizing)  :: radikalisering {c}
radio {n} (technology)  :: radio {c}
radio {n} (receiver)  :: radio {c}, radioapparat {c}
radioactive {adj} (exhibiting radioactivity)  :: radioaktiv
radioactive decay {n} (physical process)  :: radioaktivt sönderfall {n}, sönderfall {n}
radioactive fallout {n} (material from a radioactive plume)  :: radioaktivt nedfall {n}
radioactive waste {n} (type of waste)  :: radioaktivt avfall
radioactivity {n} (emission of ionizing radiation)  :: radioaktivitet {c}
radioactivity {n} (radiation emitted)  :: radioaktivitet {c}
radio-controlled car {n} (radio-controlled car)  :: radiobil {n}
radiogram {n} (radiograph) SEE: radiograph  ::
radiogram {n} (device combining radio and gramophone)  :: radiogrammofon {c}
radiograph {n} (image produced by radiation)  :: röntgenbild {c}, röntgenfoto {n}
radio signal {n} (signal transmitted / received by radio)  :: radiosignal {c}
radio station {n} (broadcast station emitting an audio signal)  :: radiostation {c}
radiotelephony {n} (the transmission of sound using modulated radio waves rather than wires)  :: radiotelefoni {c}
radio telescope {n} (astronomical device)  :: radioteleskop
radio wave {n} (electromagnetic radiation)  :: radiovåg {c}
radish {n} (plant)  :: rädisa {c}
radish {n} (edible root)  :: rädisa {c}
radium {n} (chemical element)  :: radium
radius {n} (line segment)  :: radie
radix {n} (biology: root) SEE: root  ::
radon {n} (chemical element)  :: radon {n}
raffle {n} (drawing)  :: bråte, tombola
raffle {v} (to award by means of a raffle)  :: lotta ut
raft {n} (flat, floating structure)  :: flotte {c}
raft {n} (inflatable floating craft)  :: flotte {c}
rafter {n} (one of a series of sloped beams)  :: taksparre {c}
raga {n} (melodic mode used in Indian classical music)  :: raga
ragbag {n} (collection of miscellaneous things) SEE: hodgepodge  ::
rag doll {n} (a doll made from cloth and rags)  :: trasdocka {c}
rage {n} (a violent anger)  :: vrede {c}, raseri {n}, ilska {c}, ursinne {n}
ragequit {v} (slang: quit a video game in anger)  :: ragequitta
Ragnarok {prop} (the final battle in Norse mythology)  :: Ragnarök
ragout {n} (stew of meat and vegetables mixed together)  :: ragu {c}
Ragusa {prop} (Dubrovnik) SEE: Dubrovnik  ::
raid {n} (attack for the purpose of making arrests, seizing property, or plundering)  :: räd {c}
rail {n} (means of transportation) SEE: railway  ::
rail {n} (horizontal bar; railing)  :: räcke {n}
rail {n} (metal bar that makes the track of a railroad)  :: skena {c}, räl {c}
rail {n} (horizontal piece of wood in a door or window)  :: spröjs {c} (both horisontal and vertical), slå {c} (both horisontal and vertical)
rail {n} (small bird in the family Rallidae)  :: rall {n}
rail {v} (to complain)  :: skälla, smäda
railroad {n} (permanent road consisting of fixed metal rails) SEE: railway  ::
railroad {n} (transportation system) SEE: railway  ::
railroad crossing {n} (level crossing) SEE: level crossing  ::
railroad station {n} (place where trains stop for passengers) SEE: railway station  ::
railroad tie {n} (piece supporting the rails of a railroad)  :: syll {c}
railroad track {n} (track for trains)  :: järnvägsspår {n}
railway {n} (track, consisting of parallel rails)  :: järnväg {c}, järnvägsspår {n}
railway {n} (transport system using these rails)  :: järnväg {c}
railway station {n} (place where trains stop)  :: järnvägsstation {c}
rain {n} (condensed water from a cloud)  :: regn {n}
rain {n} (any matter falling)  :: regn {n}
rain {n} (an instance of particles falling)  :: regn {n}
rain {v} (of rain: to fall from the sky)  :: regna
rain {v} (to fall in large quantities)  :: regna
rain {v} (to issue in large quantities)  :: låta något regna, låta något hagla
rainbow {n} (multicoloured arch in the sky)  :: regnbåge {c}
rainbow trout {n} (Oncorhynchus mykiss (countable))  :: regnbågsforell {c}
rainbow trout {n}  :: regnbågslax
rain buckets {v} (to rain heavily) SEE: rain cats and dogs  ::
rain cats and dogs {v} (to rain very heavily)  :: ösregna, spöregna, stå som spön i backen
rain cloud {n} (cloud from which rain is falling)  :: regnmoln {n}
raincoat {n} (waterproof coat)  :: regnjacka {c}
raindrop {n} (droplet of rainwater)  :: regndroppe {c}
rainfall {n} (amount of rain that falls on a single occasion)  :: nederbörd {c}, regn {n}
rainforest {n} (forest in a climate with high annual rainfall and no dry season)  :: regnskog {c}
rain pitchforks {v} (rain cats and dogs) SEE: rain cats and dogs  ::
rains {n} (rainy season)  :: regn
rainwater {n} (rainfall) SEE: rainfall  ::
rainwater {n} (water sourced from rain)  :: regnvatten {n}
rainy {adj} (abounding with rain)  :: regnig
rainy season {n} (portion of the year when rainfall amounts are greatest)  :: regntid {c}, regnperiod {c}
raise {v} (to cause to rise)  :: höja
raise {v} (to collect)  :: dra in, samla in
raise {v} (to bring up, to grow)  :: uppfostra
raise {v} (poker term)  :: höja
raise {v} (to exponentiate)  :: upphöja
raise {n} (increase in wages)  :: löneförhöjning {c}, löneökning {c}, lönehöjning {c}
raise {n} (poker: a raising bet)  :: höjning {c}
raise the bar {v} (to raise standards)  :: höja ribban
raise the stakes {v} (up the ante) SEE: up the ante  ::
raisin {n} (dried grape)  :: russin {n}
raising {n} (recruitment) SEE: recruitment  ::
raison d'être {n} (Reason for existence)  :: existensberättigande
rajah {n} (Hindu prince)  :: raja {c}, radja {c}
rake {n} (garden tool)  :: kratta {c}, räfsa {c}, raka {c}
rake {n} (rail transport: set of vehicles)  :: radda {c}
rake {v} (use a rake on)  :: kratta, räfsa, raka
rake {v} (search thoroughly)  :: finkamma, raka, rafsa
rake {v} (spray with gunfire)  :: peppra
rake together {v} (collect small amounts) SEE: scrape together  ::
raking {n} (act of using a rake)  :: krattning {c}, krattande {n}
raking {n} (space gone over with a rake)  :: det krattade
Rakvere {prop} (Town in Estonia)  :: Rakvere, (Wesenberg)
Ralph {prop} (male given name)  :: Ralf
ram {n} (male sheep)  :: bagge, gumse
Ramadan {prop} (holy ninth month of Islamic lunar calendar)  :: ramadan {c}
rambade {n} (nautical)  :: rambatt {c}
ramble {n} (stroll) SEE: stroll  ::
ramble {v} (wander) SEE: wander  ::
rambunctious {adj} (energetic and difficult to control)  :: bångstyrig, oregerlig
ramen {n} (soup noodles of wheat, with various ingredients (Japanese style))  :: ramen {c}
Ramism {n} (theories based on the teachings of Peter Ramus)  :: ramism {c}
Ramist {n}  :: ramist {c}
ramp {n} (inclined surface)  :: ramp {c}
rampant {adj} (rearing animal)  :: stegrande
rampant {adj} (heraldry)  :: stegrande
rampant {adj} (unrestrained)  :: otyglad, hejdlös, ohejdad, vild
rampant {adj} (rife and menacing)  :: grasserande
ramson {n} (ramsons) SEE: ramsons  ::
ramsons {n} (Allium ursinum)  :: ramslök {c}
rancid {adj} (rancid) SEE: offensive  ::
rancid {adj} (being rank in taste or smell)  :: härsken
random {adj} (all outcomes being unpredictable)  :: slumpmässig
random {adj}  :: [1,4] slumpvis, [1,4] slumpmässig
randomise {v} (arrange randomly; to make random)  :: slumpa
random number generator {n} (algorithm that generates numbers selected at random)  :: slumptalsgenerator {c}
random variable {n} (measurable function from a sample space)  :: slumpvariabel {c}
range {n} (line of mountains, buildings etc.)  :: bergskedja {c}
range {n} (selection, array)  :: urval {n}
range {n} (area for practicing shooting)  :: skjutbana {c}
range {n} (maximum reach of capability)  :: räckvidd {c}
range {n} (math: set of values of a function)  :: värdemängd {c}
range {v} (to classify) SEE: classify  ::
range {v} (to separate into parts) SEE: sift  ::
rank {adj} (having a very strong and bad odor)  :: stank
rank {adj} (highly offensive; disgusting)  :: vämjelig
rank {n} (In a pipe organ, a set of pipes of a certain quality for which each pipe corresponds to one key or pedal)  :: verk
rank {n} (position of a person, place, thing, or idea in relation to others based on a shared property such as physical location, population, or quality)  :: klass {c}, placering
rank {n} (a level in an organization such as the military)  :: grad {c}
rank {n} (chess: one of the horizontal lines of squares)  :: rad {c}
rank {v} (to have a ranking)  :: gradera, klassificera, klassa, placera
ransack {v} (to make a thorough search or examination for plunder)  :: rannsaka
ransom {n} (money paid for the freeing of a hostage)  :: lösen, lösensumma {c}
ransomware {n} (malware)  :: utpressningsprogram {n}, utpressningsprogramvara {c}, utpressningstrojan
ranunculus {n} (buttercup) SEE: buttercup  ::
rapacity {n} (greed)  :: girighet {c}, rovgirighet {c}
rapakivi {n} (form of granite)  :: självfrätsten {c}, förvittrad granit
Rapa Nui {prop} (language)  :: rapa nui
rape {n} (act of forcing sexual activity)  :: våldtäkt {c}
rape {v} (force sexual intercourse)  :: våldta
rape {n} (rapeseed) SEE: rapeseed  ::
rape culture {n} (rape culture)  :: våldtäktskultur {c}
rapeseed {n} (rapeseed plant)  :: raps {c}
Raphael {prop} (Archangel)  :: Rafael {pr}
Raphael {prop} (given name)  :: Rafael {pr}
rapid {adj} (Very swift or quick)  :: snabb, hastig
rapid {n} (section of river)  :: fors {c}
rapier {n} (slender straight sharply pointed sword)  :: rapir {c}, värja {c}
rapine {n} (seizure of someone's property by force)  :: röveri {n}, plundring {c}, rov {n}
rapine {v} (plunder)  :: plundra
rapist {n} (someone who rapes someone else)  :: våldtäktsman {c}, våldtäktskvinna
rapper {n} (performer of rap music, or one who raps)  :: rappare {c}
rap sheet {n} (Printed police record)  :: straffregister {n}
raptor {n} (bird of prey) SEE: bird of prey  ::
rara avis {n} (rare or unique person or thing)  :: främmande fågel {c}
rare {adj} (cooked very lightly)  :: blodig
rare {adj} (very uncommon)  :: sällsynt, rar, ovanlig
rare bird {n} (unusual or exceptional person or thing) SEE: rara avis  ::
rarefy {v} (to make rare etc.)  :: förtunna
rarely {adv} (not occurring at a regular interval)  :: ovanligen, sällan
rarity {n} (measure of the scarcity of an object)  :: sällsynthet, rarhet
rarity {n} (rare object)  :: raritet
rascal {n} (cheeky person)  :: lymmel, rackare, slyngel
rash {adj} (hasty)  :: förhastad
rash {n} (of skin)  :: utslag {n}
rash {n} (surge in problems)  :: våg {c}, utbrott {n}
rashly {adv} (in a rash manner)  :: förhastat, obetänksamt
raspberry {n} (plant)  :: hallonbuske {c}, hallonsnår {n}
raspberry {n} (fruit)  :: hallon {n}
raspy {adj} (rough, raw)  :: raspig, skrovlig
raster graphics {n} (structure representing grid of pixels)  :: rastergrafik
rat {n} (rodent)  :: råtta {c}
rat-arsed {adj} (extremely drunk) SEE: shitfaced  ::
ratatouille {n} (traditional French Provençal stewed vegetable dish)  :: ratatouille
rate {n} (speed) SEE: speed  ::
rate {n} (proportional relationship between amounts)  :: grad {c}
rate {n} (relative speed of change or progress)  :: tillväxttakt {c} [growth rate, of national or local economy]
rate {n} (set price or fee determined in relation to a particular scale or standard)  :: taxa {c}, tariff {c}, kurs {c} [concerning stocks or mutual funds]
rate {n} (wage calculated in relation to a unit of time)  :: ackordslön {c}
rate {n} (tax levied by a local authority)  :: kommunalskatt {c}
rate {n}  :: proportion {c}
rate {v} (assign a particular rank or level)  :: gradera
ratel {n} (Mellivora capensis) SEE: honey badger  ::
rather {adv} (preferably)  :: hellre, helst
rather {adv} (somewhat, fairly)  :: ganska, rätt
ratify {v} (give formal consent to)  :: ratificera, stadfästa, bekräfta
rational {adj} (reasonable; not absurd)  :: rationell
rational {adj} (arithmetic: of a number)  :: rationell
rational {n} (rational number) SEE: rational number  ::
rational number {n} (quotient of integers)  :: rationellt tal
rat king {n} (conglomeration of rats with tails joined)  :: råttkung {c}
ratline {n} (net like ropework of the shrouds)  :: vevling {c}
rat out {v} (to inform authorities (about someone))  :: tjalla på, ange
rats {interj} (damn, darn)  :: tusan
rattan {n} (climbing palm)  :: rotting {c}
rattan {n} (material)  :: rotting {c}
rattle {n} (sound)  :: rassel {n}
rattle {n} (baby’s toy)  :: skallra {c}
rattle {v} (to create a sound by shaking)  :: skallra, rassla, skramla
rattle {v} (to scare, startle, unsettle, or unnerve)  :: skaka om, skaka, skrämma, göra nervös
rattle {v} (to make a rattling noise)  :: skramla, rassla
rattle {n} (death rattle) SEE: death rattle  ::
rattle off {v} (list or recite quickly)  :: rabbla upp
rattler {n} (rattlesnake) SEE: rattlesnake  ::
rattlesnake {n} (poisonous snake)  :: skallerorm {c}
Rauma {prop} (Finnish city)  :: Raumo
raven {n} (bird)  :: korp {c}
raven {adj} (of the color of the raven; jet-black)  :: korpsvart, ramsvart
ravenous {adj} (very hungry)  :: svulten
ravine {n} (a deep narrow valley)  :: ravin {c}
ravish {v} (rape) SEE: rape  ::
ravishing {adj} (Extremely beautiful)  :: förtjusande, hänförande
raw {adj} (uncooked)  ::
rawhide {n} (untanned hide)  :: råskinn
raw material {n} (material in its unprocessed, natural state)  :: råvara {c}, råmaterial {n}
raw material {n} (input to an installation which processes it)  :: råvara {c}, råmaterial {n}
ray {n} (beam of light or radiation)  :: stråle {c}
ray {n} (mathematics: line extending indefinitely in one direction from a point)  :: stråle {c}
ray {n} (colloquial: tiny amount)  :: stråle {c}
ray {n} (marine fish with a flat body, large wing-like fins, and a whip-like tail)  :: rocka {c}
ray gun {n} (a science fiction energy weapon)  :: strålpistol {c}
Raymond {prop} (male given name)  :: Raymond
razor {n} (shaving knife)  :: rakkniv {c}
razor {n} (shaving instrument)  :: rakhyvel {c}
razorbill {n} (a large black and white auk, Alca torda)  :: tordmule {c}
razor blade {n} (razor blade)  :: rakblad {n}
razor strop {n} (leather strop for whetting a razor)  :: strigel {c}
R&D {n} (Research and Development)  :: FoU
re- {prefix} (again)  :: åter-
reach {v} (to obtain by stretching forth, to extend so as to touch)  ::
reach {v} (to arrive at by effort)  :: , nå fram till
reach {v}  :: uppnå
react {v} (to act upon each other)  :: reagera
react {v}  :: reagera
reaction {n} (action in response to an event)  :: reaktion {c}
reaction save {n} (an instinctive blocking of the ball)  :: reflexräddning {c}
reactive power {n} (imaginary component of the power of an alternating current circuit)  :: reaktiv effekt {c}
reactor {n} (a device which uses atomic energy to produce heat)  :: reaktor {c}
reactor {n} (a chemical substance which responds to the presence or contact with another substance)  :: reagent {c}
read {v} (look at and interpret letters or other information)  :: läsa
read {v} (speak aloud words or other information that is written)  :: läsa
read {v} (have the ability to read text or other information)  :: läsa
read {v} (be able to hear (in a radio communication))  :: förstå, höra, uppfatta
read {v} (make a study of)  :: studera
read {n} (a reading or an act of reading)  :: läsning {c}
readability {n} (property of being capable of being read; legibility)  :: läsbarhet
readable {adj} (legible) SEE: legible  ::
readable {adj}  :: läsbar
readableness {n} (readability) SEE: readability  ::
read between the lines {v} (to infer a meaning that is not stated explicitly)  :: läsa mellan raderna
reader {n} (person who reads a publication)  :: läsare {c}
readily {adv} (showing readiness)  :: villigt, beredvilligt
readily {adv} (easily)  :: lätt
readiness {n} (state or degree of being ready)  :: beredskap {c}
reading {n} (process of interpreting written language)  :: läsning
read off {v} (dictate from a list)  :: läsa upp, ropa upp
read off {v} (read from a scale)  :: läsa av, avläsa
read-only {adj} (capable of being read but not written)  :: skrivskyddad {c}, skrivskyddat {n}
read someone's lips {v} (discern what somebody is saying)  :: läsa på läppar, läsa någons läppar
read up {v} (learn by reading)  :: läsa på
ready {n} (cash) SEE: cash  ::
ready {adj} (prepared for immediate action or use)  :: beredd
ready {adj} (inclined, apt to happen)  :: redo
ready, set, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
ready, steady, go {phrase} (on your mark, get set, go) SEE: on your mark, get set, go  ::
reagent {n} (substance used in chemical reactions)  :: reagens {n}
real {adj} (true, genuine, not merely nominal)  :: sann, verklig
real {adj} (genuine, not artificial, counterfeit or fake)  :: riktig, verklig, äkta
real {adj} (genuine, unfeigned, sincere)  :: riktig, äkta
real {adj} (that has physical existence)  :: verklig
real {adj} (mathematics: relating to numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to the points on a line)  :: reell
real {adj} (law: relating to immovable tangible property)  :: fast
real {adj} (absolute, complete, utter)  :: typisk, äkta, verklig
real {n} (a gender in Scandinavian languages)  :: reale {n}
real {n} (former unit of currency of Spain and Spain's colonies)  :: real {c}
real {n} (a unit of currency used in Brazil)  :: real {c}
real {n} (mathematics: a real number) SEE: real number  ::
real {adv} (really) SEE: really  ::
real axis {n} (mathematics)  :: reell axel {c}
real estate {n} (property that cannot easily be moved)  :: fast egendom {c}, fastighet {c}
realgar {n} (mineral)  :: realgar
realism {n} (concern for fact or reality)  :: realism
realistic {adj} (relating to the representation of objects, actions or conditions as they actually are or were)  :: realistisk
reality {n} (state of being actual or real)  :: verklighet {c}, realism {c}
reality {n} (a real entity, event etc.)  :: realitet {c}
reality {n} (entirety of all that is real)  :: verklighet {c}
reality {n} (an individual observer's subjective perception)  :: verklighet {c}
reality {n}  :: verklighet {c}
reality check {n} (wake-up call)  :: verklighetskoll {c}, verklighetscheck {c}
realization {n} (act of making real)  :: förverkligande {n}, realisering {c}
realize {v} (to become aware of)  :: [that: att] inse
realize {v} (to make real)  :: realisera, verkliggöra, förverkliga, sanna
really {adv} (actually)  :: egentligen, verkligen, sannerligen
really {adv} (informally, as an intensifier; very, very much)  :: verkligen
really {interj} (indicating surprise at, or requesting confirmation of, some new information)  :: verkligen?, jaså?, säger du det?
really {interj} (indicating affirmation, agreement)  :: verkligen
really {interj}  :: verkligen, jaså
realm {n} (sphere or influence)  :: sfär {c}
realm {n} (territory or state)  :: rike {n}
real number {n} (limit of a convergent sequence of rational numbers)  :: reellt tal {n}
real number {n} (floating-point number) SEE: floating-point number  ::
real numbers {n} (smallest set)  :: reella tal
realpolitik {n} (pragmatic international government policy)  :: realpolitik {c}
real property {n} (real estate) SEE: real estate  ::
realtime {adj} (computer term)  :: realtids-
realtor {n} (dealer in real estate)  :: fastighetsmäklare {c}, mäklare {c}
ream {v} (to enlarge a hole)  :: brotscha, upprymma
ream {n} (bundle of paper)  :: ris {n}
reamer {n} (tool for boring)  :: brotsch {c}, rivare {c}, upprymmare {c}
reap {v} (to cut with a sickle)  :: skörda
reaper {n} (one who reaps)  :: slåtterkarl {c}, skördeman {c}, lieman {c}
reaper {n} (the Grim Reaper) SEE: Grim Reaper  ::
reap hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
reaping hook {n} (sickle) SEE: sickle  ::
reap what one sows {v} (receive justice)  :: som man sår får man skörda
rear {n}  :: baksides
rear admiral {n} (naval officer below the rank of vice admiral)  :: konteramiral {c}
rear admiral {n} (proctologist) SEE: proctologist  ::
rear-view mirror {n} (mirror inside a vehicle giving view of the traffic behind)  :: backspegel {c}
reason {n} (that which causes: a cause)  :: anledning {c}, skäl {n}, orsak {c}
reason {n} (motive for an action or determination)  :: anledning {c}, skäl {n}, motiv
reason {n} ((the capacity of the human mind for) rational thinking)  :: förstånd {n}, förnuft {n}
reason {n}  :: orsak, anledning {n}
reason {v} (to deduce by being rational)  :: resonera
reason {v} (to perform a process of deduction or of induction)  :: slutleda
reason {v} (to converse; to compare opinions)  :: diskutera
reason {v} (to persuade by reasoning)  :: argumentera
reason {v} (to arrange and present the reasons for or against; to examine, debate, discuss) SEE: debate  ::
reassess {v} (assess again) SEE: re-evaluate  ::
reave {v} (to plunder, pillage, rob, pirate, or remove)  :: röva
rebar {n} (steel reinforcing bar for concrete)  :: armeringsstång {c}
rebate {n} (A deduction from an amount to be paid; an abatement)  :: avdrag {n}
Rebecca {prop} (female given name)  :: Rebecka
Rebekah {prop} (sister of Laban and wife to Isaac)  :: Rebecka
rebel {n} (person who resists an established authority)  :: rebell {c}, upprorsman {m}
rebel {v} (to resist or become defiant towards)  :: göra uppror, rebellera, resa sig
rebellion {n} (armed resistance)  :: uppror
rebellion {n} (defiance)  :: uppror {n}, trots {n}
reboot {n} (instance of rebooting)  :: omstart {c}
reboot {v} (to restart a system)  :: starta om, reboota
reborn {adj} (revived or regenerated, especially emotionally or spiritually)  :: pånyttfödd
reborn {adj} (reincarnated)  :: reinkarnerad
rebroadcast {v} (broadcast again)  :: återutsända
rebuff {n} (refusal)  :: avvisande
rebus {n} (puzzle)  :: rebus
rebut {v} (deny the truth of something)  :: vederlägga
rebuy {v} (to buy again)  :: återköpa
recalcitrant {adj} (marked by a stubborn unwillingness to obey figures of authority)  :: motspänstig, motsträvig
recalcitrant {adj} (hard to deal with or operate)  :: enveten, hårdnackad
recalcitrant {adj}  :: svårkuvad
recall {v} (to remember, recollect)  :: minnas, dra sig till minnes, komma ihåg
recall {v} (to order the return of (faulty product))  :: återkalla
recall {v} (to recall) SEE: reproduce  ::
recapitalize {v} (to change how a corporation is structured)  :: återkapitalisera
recapitulation {n} (subsequent enumeration of the major points)  :: rekapitulering {c}, sammanfattning {c}
receipt {n} (act of receiving)  :: mottagning {c}, mottagande {n}
receipt {n} (amount received)  :: intäkt {c}, inkomst {c}, fångst {c}, bärgning {c}, skörd {c}
receipt {n} (written acknowledgement)  :: kvitto {n}, kvittens {c}, mottagarbevis {n}
receipt {n} (obsolete: recipe)  :: recept {n}
receipt {v} (to give a receipt)  :: kvittera
receipt {v} (to mark a bill)  :: kvittera, signera, skriva under
receive {v} (get)  ::
receive {v} (take possession of)  :: mottaga
receiver {n} (person who receives)  :: mottagare {c}
receiver {n} (person who accepts stolen goods)  :: hälare {c}
receiver {n} (electronic device)  :: mottagare {c}
receiver {n} (telephone handset)  :: telefonlur {c}, lur {c}
recent {adj} (having happened a short while ago)  :: ny, nylig
recently {adv} (in the recent past)  :: nyligen, på senare tid
receptacle {n} (container)  :: behållare {c}, kärl {n}
reception {n} (act of receiving)  :: mottagande {n}
reception {n} (electronics: act or ability to receive signals)  :: mottagning {c}
reception {n} (social engagement)  :: mottagning {c}, reception {c}
reception {n} (reaction)  :: mottagande {n}
reception {n} (front desk)  :: reception {c}, vakt {c}
receptionist {n} (employee who receives visitors and/or calls, typically in an office setting)  :: receptionist {c}
receptivity {n} (the state of being receptive)  :: mottaglighet, receptivitet
recess {n} (a break, pause or vacation)  :: paus {c}, rast {c}, lov {n}, skollov {n}
recess {n} (an inset, hole, space or opening)  :: utrymme {n}, spel {n}, mån {c}
recess {n} (a time of play)  :: rast {c}
recession {n} (a period of reduced economic activity)  :: recession {c}, lågkonjunktur {c}
recessive {adj} (in genetics)  :: recessiv
rechargeable {adj} (able to be recharged)  :: laddbar, uppladdningsbar
recipe {n} (instructions for making or preparing food dishes)  :: recept {n}
recipient {n} (one who receives)  :: mottagare
recipient {n} (individual receiving donor organs or tissues)  :: mottagare {c}, organmottagare {c}
reciprocal {n} (in mathematics)  :: invers {c}
recite {v} (to recite) SEE: say  ::
reckless {adj} (careless or heedless; headstrong or rash)  :: obetänksam
reckless {adj} (indifferent to danger or the consequences)  :: vårdslös, lättsinnig
reckon with {v} (To take into account)  :: räkna med
reclaim {v} (to recycle) SEE: recycle  ::
reclaim {v} (to tame or domesticate a wild animal) SEE: tame  ::
reclusive {adj} (preferring privacy)  :: enstörig
recognise {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: känna igen
recognise {v} (to acknowledge the existence or legality of something)  :: erkänna
recognise {v} (to realise or discover the nature of something)  :: erkänna
recognize {v} (to match in memory; to know from a previous encounter)  :: känna igen
recognize {v} (to acknowledge the existence or legality of something)  :: erkänna
recognize {v} (to realize or discover the nature of something)  :: erkänna
recognized {adj} (notable, distinguished, honored)  :: betydande
recoil {n} (pushback from a fired firearm)  :: rekyl {c}
recoil start {n}  :: startsnöre {n}
recollect {v} (to recall past events)  :: erinra sig, minnas, dra sig till minnes, komma ihåg
recommend {v} (to commend to the favorable notice of another)  :: rekommendera
reconciliation {n} (reestablishment of friendly relations)  :: försoning {c}
reconsider {v} (To consider a matter thought already to have been decided)  :: ompröva
reconstruct {v} (to construct again)  :: återuppbygga, rekonstruera
reconstruction {n} (something reconstructed or restored)  :: rekonstruktion {c}
reconstruction {n} (act of restoring)  :: återuppbyggnad {c}, rekonstruktion {c}
reconstruction {n} (attempt to understand)  :: rekonstruktion {c}
record {n} (information put into a lasting physical medium)  :: nerteckning {c}, inspelning {c}
record {n} (vinyl disc/disk)  :: skiva {c}, platta {c}
record {n} (computing: set of data relating to a single individual or item)  :: post {c}
record {n} (most extreme known value of some achievement)  :: rekord {n}
record {v} (make a record of)  :: anteckna
record {v} (make an audio or video recording of)  :: spela in
record {v} ((intransitive) make audio or video recording)  :: spela in
recorder {n} (recording device)  :: bandspelare {c}, inspelningsapparatur {c}, fickminne {n}
recorder {n} (someone who records)  :: ljudtekniker {c}, inspelningsassistent {c}
recorder {n} (musical instrument)  :: blockflöjt {c}
recording {n} (reproduction stored in a permanent medium)  :: inspelning {c}
record label {n} (brand of a company that produces records) SEE: label  ::
recourse {n} (act of seeking assistance or advice)  :: tillflykt {c}
recover {v} (intransitive: to get better, regain health)  :: återhämta sig, tillfriskna, vederfås
recovery {n} (return to normal health)  :: återhämtning {c}
recovery {n} (renewed growth after a slump)  :: återhämtning {c}
recovery boiler {n} (boiler for recovering soda)  :: sodapanna {c}
recreate {v} (to produce again, to recreate) SEE: reproduce  ::
recreation {n} (activity that diverts, amuses or stimulates)  :: förströelse
recruit {n} (newly enlisted soldier)  :: rekryt {c}
recruitment {n} (process or art of finding candidates or recruits)  :: rekrytering
rectal {adj} (Of -, via - or related to the rectum)  :: ändtarms-, rektal
rectangle {n} (quadrilateral)  :: rektangel
rectangular {adj} (having a shape like a rectangle)  :: rektangulär
rectangular coordinates {n} (Cartesian coordinates) SEE: Cartesian coordinates  ::
rectify {v} (to correct or amend something)  :: korrigera
rectify {v} (to convert alternating current into direct current)  :: likrikta
rectilinear {adj} (in a straight line)  :: rätlinjig
rector {n} (headmaster)  :: rektor {c}
rectum {n} (terminal part of the large intestine)  :: ändtarm {c}, rektum
recumbent {n} (special type of bicycle)  :: liggcykel
recuperate {v} (recover, especially from an illness) SEE: recover  ::
recurrence {n} (recourse) SEE: recourse  ::
recurrent {adj} (recurring time after time)  :: återkommande
recursion {n} (in mathematics)  :: rekursion {c}
recyclable {adj} (able to be recycled)  :: återvinningsbar
recycle {v} (to break down and reuse component materials)  :: återvinna, återanvända
recycle bin {n} (container)  :: papperskorg {c}, soptunna {c}, återvinningscontainer {c}
recycle bin {n} ((computing) in Microsoft Windows, a storage location for deleted files)  :: papperskorg {c}
recycling {n} (the practice of sorting and collecting waste materials for new use)  :: återvinning {c}
red {adj} (having red as its colour)  :: röd
red {adj} (of hair: orange-brown)  :: röd
red {n} (colour)  :: röd, rött
redact {v} (to reduce to form, as literary matter; to digest and put in shape)  :: redigera
red bandfish {n} (Cepola macrophthalma)  :: röd bandfisk {c}
red beet {n} (beetroot) SEE: beetroot  ::
red blood cell {n} (haemoglobin-carrying blood cell in vertebrates)  :: erytrocyt, röd blodkropp
red-breasted merganser {n} (Mergus serrator)  :: småskrake {c}
red cabbage {n} (a variety of cabbage having red leaves)  :: rödkål {c}
red card {n} (sports: card)  :: rött kort {n}
red clover {n} (Trifolium pratense)  :: rödklöver {c}
Red Cross {prop} (Red Cross)  :: Röda Korset {n}
redcurrant {n} (plant)  :: röda vinbär {n}
redcurrant {n} (fruit)  :: röda vinbär {n}
red deer {n} (Cervus elaphus)  :: kronhjort
redden {v} (to become red)  :: rodna
reddish {adj} (resembling the colour red)  :: rödaktig
reddish {adj} (quite red; red to a certain extent)  :: rödaktig
redeem {v} (to expiate, atone for)  :: gottgöra, sona
redeem {v} (to save from a state of sin)  :: frälsa
redeemer {n} (one who redeems)  :: redentor {c}
redemption {n} (the recovery, for a fee, of a pawned article)  :: lösen
redemption {n} (salvation from sin)  :: frälsning {c}
red fox {n} (Vulpes vulpes)  :: rödräv {c}, räv {c}
red-handed {adj} (in the act of wrongdoing)  :: med fingrarna i syltburken, på bar gärning
red herring {n} (smoke-cured herring)  :: böckling {c}
red hot {n} (hot dog) SEE: hot dog  ::
redirect {n} (redirection) SEE: redirection  ::
redirection {n} (setting a new direction)  :: omdirigering {c}
red-legged partridge {n} (red-legged partridge)  :: rödhöna {c}
red-light district {n} (area of prostitution)  :: bordellkvarter
red lynx {n} (bobcat) SEE: bobcat  ::
redo {v} (to do again)  :: göra om
red ochre {n} (clay-like material)  :: rödmylla {c}
red onion {n} (a type of onion with reddish purplish skin)  :: rödlök {c}
redoubt {n} (fortification)  :: redutt
red panda {n} (Ailurus fulgens)  :: kattbjörn {c}, mindre panda {c}, liten panda {c}, röd panda {c}
red poppy {n} (Papaver rhoeas) SEE: corn poppy  ::
red rail {n} (extinct bird)  :: rödrall {?}
Red Sea {prop} (sea between Africa and Arabia)  :: Röda havet
redshift {n} (change in wavelength)  :: rödförskjutning
Red Square {prop} (Moscow square)  :: Röda torget
red squirrel {n} (Sciurus vulgaris)  :: ekorre {c}
redstart {n} (ground feeding bird)  :: rödstjärt {c}
red tape {n} (excessive bureaucracy)  :: byråkrati
red-throated diver {n} (loon)  :: smålom {c}
red-throated pipit {n} (Anthus cervinus)  :: rödstrupig piplärka {c}
red turtle dove {n} (bird)  :: röd turkduva
reduce {v}  :: reducera
reductio ad absurdum {n} (proof by contradiction) SEE: proof by contradiction  ::
redundancy {n} (state of being redundant)  :: redundans {n}
redundant {adj} (superfluous)  :: överflödig
reduplication {n} (the act of, or an instance of, reduplication )  :: fördubbling {c}
red wine {n} (red coloured wine)  :: rödvin {n}, rött vin {n}
reed {n} (music: part of mouthpiece)  :: rör {n}
reed {n} (weaving)  :: vävsked {n}
reed {n}  :: vass, säv
reef {n} (rocks at or near surface of the water)  :: rev {n}
reef {v} (sailing)  :: reva
reef {n} (reef knot) SEE: reef knot  ::
reef knot {n} (type of knot)  :: råbandsknop {c}
reek {n} (unpleasant smell)  :: stank, odör
reek {n} (vapor)  :: ångor
reek {v} (to have or give off a strong, unpleasant smell)  :: stinka
reek {v} (to be evidently associated with something unpleasant)  :: stinka
reel {n} (dance, music)  :: reel {c}
reel {n} (compilation of film)  :: rulle {c}
reel {v} (to spin or revolve repeatedly)  :: rulla, spola
reel {v} (to walk shakily or unsteadily)  :: vackla
reelect {v} (to elect for a subsequent time)  :: omvälja, återvälja
reelection {n} (the act of being elected after already being elected once)  :: omval {n}
reeling {n}  :: yrsel {c}
reel off {v} (list effortlessly and quickly)  :: rabbla upp
reenact {v} (To recreate an event, especially a historical battle)  :: återuppföra, återuppleva, rekonstruera, iscensätta, återskapa
reenactment {n} (replication of earlier event)  :: rekonstruktion {c}, återuppförande {n}, iscensättning {c}, återskapande {n}
re-evaluate {v} (evaluate again)  :: omvärdera
refectory {n} (dining-hall)  :: refektorium {n}
refer {v} (to direct to a source for help or information)  :: [till] hänvisa, [till] referera
refer {v} (to submit to an authority figure for consideration)  :: [till] hänvisa
refer {v} (to direct the attention of)  :: [till] hänvisa
referee {n} (sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game)  :: domare {c}
referee {n} (person who settles a dispute)  :: skiljedomare {c}
referee {n} (person who writes a letter of reference)  :: referens {c}
referee {v} (to act as a referee)  :: döma
reference {n} (academic writing: identification of a source)  :: källhänvisning
reference {n} (academic writing: source)  :: källa {c}
reference {n}  :: referens
referendum {n} (direct popular vote)  :: folkomröstning {c}
refine {v} (to reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities; to free from dross or alloy)  :: raffinera
refine {v} (to purify from what is gross, coarse, vulgar, inelegant, low, and the like; to make elegant or excellent; to polish)  :: raffinera, förfina
refine {v} (to affect nicety or subtlety in thought or language)  :: raffinera, förfina
refinement {n} (act, or the result of refining; the removal of impurities, or a purified material)  :: förfining {c}
refinement {n} (high-class style; cultivation)  :: förfining {c}, raffinemang {n}
refinement {n} (fine or subtle distinction)  :: förfining {c}, raffinemang {n}
refinery {n} (building used to produce refined products)  :: raffinaderi {n}
refining {n} (process) SEE: refinement  ::
reflation {n} (the act of restoring deflated prices)  :: reflation
reflect {v} (to mirror, or show the image of something)  :: återkasta
reflection {n} (act of reflecting; the state of being reflected)  :: reflexion
reflector {n} (small reflecting disk on a vehicle)  :: reflex {c}
reflex {n} (automatic response)  :: reflex {c}
reflexive {adj} (in grammar)  :: reflexiv
reflexive {adj} (in mathematics)  :: reflexiv
reflexive {n} (reflexive pronoun) SEE: reflexive pronoun  ::
reflexive pronoun {n} (a part of speech)  :: reflexiv pronomen
reflexivity {n} (The condition or state of being reflexive)  :: reflexivitet {c}
reform {n} (amendment)  :: reform {c}
reform {v} (to put into a new and improved form or condition)  :: reformera
reform {v} (to return to a good state)  :: reformera
reformer {n} (one who reforms, or who works for reform)  :: reformator
reformer {n} (one who was involved in the Reformation)  :: reformator
reformulate {v} (to formulate again)  :: omformulera
refract {v} (to cause to change direction)  :: bryta
refraction {n} (bending of any wave)  :: refraktion {c}
refractory {adj} (Obstinate; strongly opposed)  :: motspänstig
refrain {n} (burden of song)  :: refräng {c}
refresh {v} (to renew or revitalize)  :: uppfriska
refrigerate {v} (freeze) SEE: freeze  ::
refrigerate {v} (cool down) SEE: cool down  ::
refrigeration {n} (process of transferring heat from an object in order to cool it)  :: kylning {c}, avkylning {c}
refrigerator {n} (appliance that refrigerates food)  :: kylskåp {n}
refuel {v} (to refill with fuel)  :: tanka
refugee {n} (person seeking political asylum)  :: flykting {c}
refugee {n} (person seeking economic asylum)  :: flykting {c}
refugee {n} (person seeking refuge from natural disaster)  :: flykting {c}
refugee camp {n} (camp built to receive refugees)  :: flyktingläger {n}
refund {n} (amount of money returned)  :: återbetalning
refusal {n} (the act of refusing)  :: vägran {c}
refuse {v} ((transitive) decline (request, demand))  :: vägra
refuse {v} ((intransitive) decline a request or demand)  :: vägra
refutation {n} (an act of refuting)  :: vederläggning, motargument, motbevis
refute {v} (to prove (something) to be false or incorrect)  :: motbevisa, vederlägga
regain {v} (to get back, to recover possession of)  :: återfå, återvinna
regard {v} (to look at; to observe)  :: anser
regard {v} (to consider, look upon in a given way)  :: anser
regarding {prep} (concerning)  :: rörande, angående, beträffande, gällande
regardless of {prep} (without attention to)  :: oavsett, bortsett från
regards {n} (greeting to pass to another person)  :: hälsningar
regards {n} (greeting at the end of a letter)  :: hälsningar
regency {n} (system of government)  :: regentskap {c}
regent {n} (one who rules in place of the monarch)  :: regent {c}
regicide {n} (the killing of a king)  :: kungamord {n}
regicide {n} (one who kills a king)  :: kungamördare {c}
regime {n} (form of government)  :: regim {c}
regiment {n} (army unit)  :: regemente {n}
Regina {prop} (female given name)  :: Regina
region {n} (any considerable and connected part of a space or surface)  :: trakt, region, bygd {c}, nejd {c}
region {n} (an administrative subdivision)  :: region
regional {adj} (pertaining to a specific region)  :: regional
register {v} (to enter in a register)  :: registrera
register {v} (mail: to record officially and handle specially)  :: rekommendera
register {n} (cash register) SEE: cash register  ::
regret {v} (feel sorry about some past thing)  :: beklaga, ångra
regret {v} (to feel sorry about anything)  :: beklaga
regret {n} (instance of such an emotion)  :: ånger {c}
regular {adj} (with constant frequency)  :: regelbunden
regular {n} (routine visitor)  :: stamgäst {c}
regular expression {n} (computing: a concise description of a pattern to be matched)  :: reguljärt uttryck
regulate {v} (control) SEE: control  ::
regulate {v} (adjust)  :: reglera
regulation {n} (law or administrative rule)  :: reglering {c}
rehab {n} (An act of rehabilitation)  :: rehab {c}
rehabilitate {v} (to restore (someone) to their former state, reputation, possessions, status etc.)  :: rehabilitera
rehabilitate {v} (to restore into society)  :: rehabilitera
rehabilitate {v} (to recover)  :: rehabilitera
rehabilitation {n} (process)  :: rehabilitering {c}
rehearsal {n} (practicing of performance to test or improve it)  :: repetition {c}
Reich {n} (a German empire or nation)  :: Rike, Riket
Reichstag {prop} (the lower chamber of the federal parliament of Germany until 1945)  :: Reichstag {c}
reign {n} (The exercise of sovereign power)  :: regering {c}, maktutövning
reign {n} (The period during which a monarch rules)  :: regering {c}, regeringstid {c}
reign {v} (exercise sovereign power)  :: regera, härska
reimbursement {n} (compensating someone for an expense.)  :: ersättning
rein {n} (strap or rope)  :: tygel {c}, töm {c}
rein {v} (to direct or stop a horse using reins)  :: tygla
reincarnation {n} (rebirth of a mental capacity in a physical life form)  :: själavandring {c}
reincarnation {n}  :: reinkarnation
reindeer {n} (Rangifer tarandus)  :: ren {c}, rendjur {c}
reinforce {v} (to strengthen by addition)  :: förstärka, armera
reinforced concrete {n} (building material)  :: armerad betong {c}
reinforcement {n} (thing that reinforces)  :: förstärkning {c}
rein in {v} (stop or slow something)  :: tygla
reinstate {v} (To bring back into use or existence)  :: återinföra
reinsurance {n} (insurance purchased by insurance companies)  :: återförsäkring {c}
reinterpret {v} (to interpret again)  :: omtolka
reintroduce {v} (introduce again)  :: återinföra
reiterate {v} (to say or do for a second time)  :: upprepa
reiterate {v} (to say or do repeatedly)  :: upprepa
reiterate {adj} (repeated)  :: upprepad
reject {v} (to throw away, reject) SEE: discard  ::
reject {v} (refuse to accept)  :: avslå, avvisa, avfärda, rata
rejoice {v} (be happy)  :: glädjas, fröjda sig
rejoinder {n} (reply)  :: replik
relapse {n} (the act or situation of relapsing)  :: recidiv {n}
relate {v} (to narrate) SEE: narrate  ::
relation {n} (way in which two things may be associated)  :: relation {c}, samband {n}
relation {n} (mathematics: set of ordered tuples, a Boolean function of two or more arguments)  :: relation {c}
relation {n} (set of ordered tuples retrievable by a database)  :: relation {c}
relation {n} (member of one's family)  :: släkting {c}, anhörig {c}, familjemedlem {c}
relational {adj} (relative) SEE: relative  ::
relationship {n} (connection or association)  :: förhållande {n}
relationship {n} (romantic or sexual involvement)  :: förhållande {n}
relationship anarchy {n} (practice of forming relationships unbound by societal rules or categories)  :: relationsanarki
relative {adj} (conditional; depending on something else)  :: relativ
relative {n} (someone in the same family; someone connected by blood, marriage, or adoption)  :: släkting {c}
relatively {adv} (proportionally)  :: relativt, proportionellt
relatively {adv} (somewhat) SEE: somewhat  ::
relative pronoun {n} (pronoun that introduces a relative clause)  :: relativpronomen
relativity {n} (the state of being relative)  :: relativitet {c}
relax {v} (to calm down)  :: förslappa
relax {v}  :: slappna av, koppla av
relaxation {n} (act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed)  :: avspänning {c}
relay {n} (electrical actuator)  :: relä {n}
relay {n} (athletics discipline)  :: stafett {c}
release {n} (event of setting free)  :: frisläppande {n}, frigöring {c}
release {v} (to let go (of))  :: släppa, lössläppa
release {v} (to make available to the public)  :: släppa, ge ut
release {v} (to free or liberate)  :: frige
relevance {n} (property or state of being relevant, pertinency)  :: relevans {c}
relevancy {n} (relevance) SEE: relevance  ::
relevant {adj} (directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic)  :: relevant
reliable {adj} (fit to be relied on)  :: pålitlig
reliable {adj}  :: pålitlig
relict {n} (relic)  :: relikt {n}
relief {n} (removal of stress or discomfort)  :: lättnad, [from pain] lindring {c}
relief {n} (feeling associated with removal of stress or discomfort)  :: lättnad {c}
relief {n} (person who takes over a shift)  :: avlösare {c}, avlösning {c}
relief {n} (humanitarian aid or assistance)  :: nödhjälp {c}, bistånd {n}
relief {n} (aid or assistance offered in time of need)  :: nödhjälp {c}, bistånd {n}
relief {n} (law: court-ordered compensation, aid, or protection, redress)  :: skadestånd {n}
relief {n} (reduction in tax)  :: skattelättnad {c}
relief {n} (type of artwork)  :: relief {c}
relief {n} (difference of elevations on a surface)  :: relief {c}
relieved {adj} (alleviated)  :: lättad
religion {n} (system of beliefs dealing with soul, deity and/or life after death)  :: religion {c}
religiosity {n} (quality of being religious)  :: religiositet {c}
religious {adj} (concerning religion)  :: religiös
religious {adj} (committed to the practice of religion)  :: religiös
religious {adj}  :: religiös
religiousness {n} (religiosity) SEE: religiosity  ::
religious studies {n} (study of religious beliefs, behaviours and institutions)  :: religionsundervisning
reluctant {adj} (not wanting to take some action)  :: motvillig
rely {v} (rest with confidence)  :: lita på
remain {n} (That which is left; relic; remainder)  :: kvarvara {n}
remain {n}  :: kvarblivande , kvarbliva , kvarlevor , kvarlåtenskap
remain {v} (to stay behind while others withdraw)  :: bli kvar, kvarbliva, stanna kvar
remain {v} (to continue unchanged)  :: återstå, stanna kvar, kvarstå
remain {v} (to await; to be left to)  :: kvarlämnas
remain {v} (to continue in a state of being)  :: förbli, förbliva [dated], fortsätta att vara
remain {n} (That which is left of a being after its life is gone) SEE: remains  ::
remainder {n} (mathematics: amount left over after repeatedly subtracting the divisor)  :: rest {c}
remainder {n}  :: rest {c}
remaining {adj} (which remains)  :: återstående, kvarvarande
remains {n} (remains) SEE: wreck  ::
remains {n} (what is left after a person (or any organism) dies; a corpse)  :: kvarlevor {c-p}
remain to be seen {v} (to be as yet unknown)  :: återstå att se [i.e. "det återstår att se"]
remark {n} (expression of something noticed)  :: anmärkning {c}
remark {n}  :: anmärkning {c}
remark {v} (to make a remark or remarks; to comment)  :: påpeka, notera, anmärka
remarkable {adj} (worthy of being remarked)  :: anmärkningsvärd
remedy {n} (medicine, application, or treatment)  :: botemedel {n}
remedy {v} (To provide or serve as a remedy for)  :: lätta
remember {v} (to recall from one's memory)  :: komma ihåg, minnas
remember {v} (to memorize)  :: komma ihåg, minnas, memorera
remember {v} (to not forget to do something required)  :: komma ihåg
remember {v} ((obsolete) to remind) SEE: remind  ::
remind {v} (Cause one to experience a memory; bring to a person's notice)  :: påminna
reminder {n} (something that reminds)  :: påminnelse {c}, [mostly literary] erinran {c}
reminder {n} ((finance) Writing that reminds of open payments)  :: påminnelse {c}, betalningspåminnelse {c}
remit {v} (to postpone) SEE: postpone  ::
remnant {n} (small portion remaining of a larger thing or group)  :: rest {c}
remorse {n} (feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning)  :: ånger {c}, samvetskval {n}
remote {adj} (at a distance)  :: avlägsen
remote control {n} (device used to operate an appliance or mechanical toy from a short distance away)  :: fjärrkontroll {c}
remote sensing {n} (remote viewing) SEE: remote viewing  ::
remote viewing {n} (paranormal ability to gather information from great distances)  :: fjärrsyn
remove {v} (to remove) SEE: delete  ::
remove {v} (to take away)  :: avlägsna, ta bort
remuneration {n} (something given in exchange for goods or services rendered)  :: ersättning {c}
remuneration {n} (a payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument)  :: ersättning {c}, lön {c}
remuneration {n} (a recompense for a loss; compensation)  :: ersättning {c}, kompensation {c}, gottgörelse {c}
ren {n} (a kidney) SEE: kidney  ::
renaissance {n} (Renaissance) SEE: Renaissance  ::
Renaissance {prop} (14th century revival)  :: Renässansen {c}
Renaissance {prop} (the period)  :: Renässansen {c}
renal {adj} (pertaining to the kidneys)  :: renal, njur-
renal pelvis {n} (funnel-like dilated proximal part of the ureter in the kidney)  :: njurbäcken {n}
renegade {n} (outlaw or rebel)  :: avfälling {c}, renegat {c}
renegade {n} (disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion etc.)  :: överlöpare {c}, renegat {c}
renew {v} (to make new again)  :: förnya
renewable {adj} (Able to be renewed)  :: förnybar
renewable {adj} (Sustainable)  :: förnybar
rennet {n} (An enzyme)  :: löpe, ostlöpe
renovate {v} (to renew; to revamp)  :: renovera, restaurera
renovate {v} (to restore to freshness or vigor)  :: renovera, restaurera
renown {n} (Fame or wide recognition)  :: ryktbarhet {c}, anseende {n}, namnkunnighet {c}
renowned {adj} (famous)  :: berömd
rent {n} (payment made by a tenant)  :: hyra {c}
rent {n} (payment made for the use of equipment or a service)  :: hyra {c}
rent {v} (to occupy premises in exchange for rent)  :: hyra
rent {v} (to grant occupation in return for rent)  :: hyra ut
rent boy {n} (young male prostitute)  :: eskortpojke {c}
reopen {v} ((transitive) to open again)  :: återöppna
reopen {v} ((intransitive) to open again)  :: återöppna
reorder {v} (order again, give a new order to)  :: ordna om, sortera om, arrangera om
reorganization {n} (act or process)  :: omorganisation {c}
repair {n} (act of repairing something)  :: reparation {c}
repair {v} (to restore to good working order)  :: reparera, laga
repartee {n} (swift witty retort)  :: fyndighet, kvickhet, slagfärdighet, kvick replik, rappt svar, raljerande
repatriate {v} (to restore somebody to his or her own country)  :: repatriera, skicka tillbaka
repeal {v} (to cancel)  :: upphäva, avskaffa
repeat {v} (do or say again)  :: repetera, upprepa
repeated {adj} (said or done again)  :: upprepad
repeatedly {adv} (done several times)  :: upprepade gånger
repechage {n} (heat for competitors who have lost in a previous round)  :: uppsamlingsheat {n}
repel {v} (physics: to force away)  :: repellera
repent {v} (to feel sorrow or regret for what one has done or omitted to do)  :: ångra
repentance {n} (feeling of regret or remorse)  :: ånger {c}, ruelse {c}
repentant {adj} (feeling sorrow for wrongdoing)  :: ångerfull, botfärdig
repercussion {n} (a consequence or ensuing result of some action)  :: återverkan
repertoire {n} (list of dramas, operas, pieces, parts, etc., which a company or a person has rehearsed)  :: repertoar {c}
repetition {n} (act or an instance of repeating or being repeated)  :: repetition {c}, upprepning {c}
rephrase {v} (find a different way to say something)  :: omformulera
replace {v} (to substitute)  :: ersätta, byta ut, byta, byta mot
replacement {n} (a person or thing that takes the place of another; a substitute)  :: substitut
replay {n} (the replaying of something)  :: repris
replenish {v} (to refill)  :: fylla på, komplettera
repletion {n} (the condition of being replete)  :: överfyllnad
replica {n} (an exact copy)  :: replika {c}
reply {v} (to give a written or spoken response)  :: svara, besvara
report {v} (to relate details of)  :: rapportera
report {n} (information describing events)  :: rapport {c}
report card {n} (grades)  :: betyg
reportedly {adv} (according to reports or rumors)  :: enligt uppgift
reporting {n} (activity that results in reports)  :: rapportering {c}, journalistik {c}
repository {n} (a location for storage, often for safety or preservation)  :: lager
repossess {v} (To reclaim ownership of property for which payment remains due)  :: återta
reprehensible {adj} (blameworthy)  :: klandervärd, förkastlig
represent {v} (to stand in the place of)  :: representera
representative {n} (one who speaks for another)  :: representant
representative {n} (company agent)  :: representant {c}
repression {n} (act of repressing)  :: förtryck {n}
repression {n} (involuntary rejection from consciousness)  :: förträngning {c}
reprise {n} (repetition) SEE: repetition  ::
reproach {v} (to criticize or rebuke someone)  :: klandra, förebrå
reproduce {v} (to produce an image or copy of something)  :: reproducera
reproduce {v} (to generate offspring)  :: föröka
reproduce {v} (to produce again, to recreate)  :: återskapa
reproduce {v} (to bring something to mind)  :: återkalla, dra sig till minnes
reproducibility {n} (quality of being reproducible)  :: reproducerbarhet {c}, upprepbarhet {c}
reproduction {n} (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically)  :: reproduktion {c}, fortplantning {c}
reproduction {n} (a duplicate)  :: replika {c}
reproduction {n} (the process by which an organism produces others of its kind) SEE: procreation  ::
reproductive organ {n} (organ used in sexual reproduction) SEE: sex organ  ::
reptile {n} (a cold-blooded vertebrate)  :: reptil {c}
republic {n} (a type of state)  :: republik {c}
republic {n} (one of the kinds of parts constituting Russia)  :: delrepublik {c}
republican {adj} (favoring a republic as form of government, favoring republicanism)  :: republikansk
republican {adj} (of or belonging to a republic)  :: republikansk
republican {n} (someone who favors a republic)  :: republikan {c}
Republican {adj} (republican) SEE: republican  ::
Republican {adj} (pertaining to the Republican Party)  :: republikansk
Republican {n} (supporter of the Republican Party of the U.S.)  :: republikan {c}
republicanism {n} (republicanism as a form of government)  :: republikanism {c}
Republic of Albania {prop} (Official name of Albania)  :: Republiken Albanien
Republic of Estonia {prop} (official name of Estonia)  :: Republiken Estland
Republic of Finland {prop} (official full name of Finland)  :: Republiken Finland
Republic of Latvia {prop} (Official name of Latvia)  :: Republiken Lettland {c}
Republic of Lithuania {prop} (Official name of Lithuania)  :: Republiken Litauen {c}
Republic of The Gambia {prop} (official name of Gambia)  :: Republiken Gambia
repugnant {adj} (offensive or repulsive; arousing disgust or aversion)  :: motbjudande
repugnant {adj} ((law) opposed or in conflict)  :: motstridig
reputation {n} (what somebody is known for)  :: rykte, anséende, renommé
request {n} (act of requesting)  :: begäran, bön {c}, önskemål {n}, önskan {c}
request {n} (formal message requesting something)  :: anhållan {c}, anmodan {c}, begäran {c}
request {n} (state of being sought after)  :: efterfrågan {c}
request {v} (to express the need or desire for)  :: anhålla om, be, bedja, utbe sig, utbedja sig
request {v} (to ask somebody to do something)  :: anmoda, begära, uppmana
requiem {n} (mass to honor and remember a dead person)  :: rekviem {n}
requiem {n} (musical composition composed for such a mass)  :: rekviem {n}
requiem {n} (piece of music composed to honor a dead person)  :: rekviem {n}
requiescat in pace {phrase} (may s/he rest in peace)  :: vila i frid
require {v} (ask) SEE: ask  ::
requirement {n} (necessity)  :: krav
requisite {adj} (essential; required)  :: nödvändig, erforderlig
reredos {n} (screen or decoration behind the altar in a church) SEE: retable  ::
rescind {v} (repeal, annul, or declare void)  :: upphäva, återkalla, ogiltigförklara, annullera
rescue {v} (to save from any danger or violence)  :: rädda, undsätta
rescue {v}  :: rädda
rescue {n} (act of rescuing, saving)  :: räddning {c}, undsättning {c}
rescuer {n} (person who rescues)  :: räddare {c}
research {n} (inquiry or examination)  :: forskning {c}
research {n} (piece of research)  :: undersökning {c}
research {v} (to examine with continued care)  :: forska
researcher {n} (one who researches)  :: forskare
reseller {n} (a company or individual that purchases goods or services with the intention of reselling them rather than consuming or using them)  :: återförsäljare
resemblance {n} (state of resembling)  :: likhet {c}
resemblance {n} (that which resembles)  :: likhet {c}
resemble {v} (compare) SEE: compare  ::
resemble {v} (to be like or similar to something else)  :: likna
reservation {n} (act of withholding)  :: reservation {c}
reservation {n} (something withheld)  :: undantag {n}
reservation {n} (limiting qualification)  :: reservation {c}, förbehåll {n}, invändning {c}
reservation {n} (tract of land)  :: reservat {n}
reservation {n} (arrangement by which something is secured in advance)  :: reservation {c}, bokning {c}
reservation {n} (area that separates opposing traffic lanes)  :: mittremsa {c}
reserve {v} (to reserve) SEE: hold  ::
reserve {n} (the act of reserving or keeping back; reservation)  :: reservation {c}
reserve {n} (that which is reserved or kept back, as for future use)  :: reserver {p}
reserve {n} (known unexploited natural resource)  :: tillgång
reserve {n} (tract of land reserved, or set apart, for a particular purpose)  :: reservat {n}
reserve {n} (tract of land reserved for Aboriginal people)  :: reservat {n}
reserve {n} (military: body of troops in the rear of an army)  :: reserv {c}
reserve {n} (sports: reserve player)  :: reserv {c}
reserve {n}  :: reserv
reserve {v} (to keep back; to retain)  :: reservera
reserve {v} (to keep in store for future or special use)  :: reservera
reserve {v} (to book in advance)  :: reservera
reserve bank {n} (reserve bank as a central bank) SEE: central bank  ::
reserved {adj} (set aside for the use of a particular person or party)  :: reserverad
reservist {n} (a soldier who is assigned as reserved; after training, no longer in full active duty)  :: reservare {c}
reset {v} (to set back to the initial state)  :: återställa
reset {v} (to set to zero)  :: nollställa
reset {v} (to adjust again after an initial failure)  :: återställa
residence {n} (place where one lives)  :: bostad {c} [if living in a building], boplats {c}, boställe {n} [otherwise]
residence {n} (building used as a home)  :: bostad {c}
resident {n} (person living at a location or an area)  :: boende {c}, invånare {c}
residual {adj} (concerning a residue)  :: kvarvarande, resterande, överbliven
resign {v} (quit a job or position)  :: avgå
resign {v} (to give up)  :: resignera
resile {v} (to start back; recoil)  :: rygga tillbaka, dra sig ur
resile {v} (to spring back; rebound)  :: rekylera, studsa tillbaka
resilience {n} (the mental ability to recover quickly from depression, illness or misfortune)  :: elasticitet {c}
resin {n} (secretion of plants)  :: kåda {c}
resin {n} (viscous liquid of plant origin)  :: kåda {c}
resin {n} (similar synthetic compound)  :: harts {c}
res ipsa loquitur {phrase} (maxim where improbable facts imply negligence)  :: saken talar för sig själv
resist {v} (to withstand actions or effects of)  :: motstå, stå emot
resistance {n} (act of resisting)  :: motstånd {n}
resistance {n} (shortened form of electrical resistance)  :: resistans {c}
resistance {n} (underground organization struggling for liberation)  :: motståndsrörelse {c}
resistant {adj} (that which makes resistance)  :: motståndskraftig
resistant {adj} (that which is not overcome by a disease or drug)  :: resistent, motståndskraftig
resistor {n} (one who resists, especially a person who fights against an occupying army)  :: motståndsman {c}, motståndskämpe {c}
resistor {n} (an electric component that transmits current in direct proportion to the voltage across it)  :: resistor {c}, motstånd {n}
resolute {adj} (firm, unyielding, determined)  :: resolut, bestämd
resolution {n} (statement of intent)  :: löfte {n}
resolution {n} (computing, photography: degree of fineness of image)  :: upplösning {c}
resolution {n} (computing: number of pixels in an image as stored or displayed)  :: upplösning {c}
resolution {n} (formal statement adopted by an assembly)  :: resolution {c}
resolve {v} (to find a solution to)  :: lösa
resolve {v} (to solve again)  :: lösa om
resolve {v} (to make a firm decision)  :: besluta, resolvera
resolve {n} (will power)  :: beslutsamhet
resonance {n}  :: resonans
resort {n} (a relaxing environment for people on vacation)  :: semesterort {c}, kurort {c}, badort {c}
resort {n} (something or someone turned to for safety)  :: tillflykt {c}, tillhåll {n}
resort {v} (to repeat a sorting process)  :: omsortera
resoundingly {adv} (with a loud sound)  :: rungande
resource {n} (something that one uses to achieve an objective)  :: resurs {c}
resource {n}  :: resurs
respect {n} (admiration for a person or entity because of perceived merit)  :: respekt {c}, aktning {c}
respect {n} (particular aspect of something)  :: avseende {n}, hänseende {n}
respect {v} (to have respect for)  :: att ha respekt för
respect {v} (to have regard for the rights of others)  :: att respektera
respect {v} (to abide by an agreement)  :: att respektera
respiration {n} (breathing)  :: andning {c}, respiration {c}
respiration {n} (process of biological energy extraction)  :: cellandning {c}
respirator {n} (device to allow breathing)  :: respirator
respiratory system {n} (system of organs)  :: respirationssystem {n}, andningssystem {n}
respite {n} (brief interval of rest or relief)  :: andrum {n}
respond {v} (to say in reply, to respond) SEE: return  ::
respondent {n} (person who answers for the defendant in a case before a court)  :: svarande {c}
respondent {n} (person that participates in research involving questionnaires)  :: svarande {c}
response {n} (an answer or reply)  :: svar {n}, respons {c}
responsibility {n} (the state of being responsible)  :: ansvar
responsibility {n} (a duty, obligation or liability for which someone is responsible)  :: ansvar {n}
responsible {adj} (answerable for an act performed or for its consequences)  :: ansvarig
responsible {adj} (able to answer reasonably for one's conduct)  :: ansvarstagande, ansvarsfull, ansvarskännande
responsible {adj} (involving a degree of personal accountability)  :: ansvarsfull, med förtroende
responsible {adj} (being a primary cause or agent of some event or action)  :: ansvarig
responsible {adj} (able to be trusted)  :: ansvarsfull, pålitlig
responsive {adj} (able to receive and respond to external stimuli)  :: responsiv
rest {n} (relief afforded by sleeping; sleep)  :: vila {c}
rest {n} (relief from exertion; state of quiet and recreation)  :: paus {c}
rest {n} (repose afforded by death)  :: vila {c}
rest {n} (pause of a specified length in a piece of music)  :: paus {c}
rest {n} (symbol indicating a pause in music)  :: paustecken {n}
rest {n} (physics: absence of motion)  :: vila
rest {n} (object designed to be used to support something else)  :: stöd {n}
rest {n}  :: vila
rest {v} (intransitive: take repose)  :: vila
rest {v} (give rest to)  :: vila, låta vila
rest {v} (stop working, become inactive)  :: vila
rest {v} (stay, remain, be situated)  :: ligga
rest {v} (intransitive: lie or lean or be supported)  :: vila
rest {n} (remainder)  :: rest
rest {v} (to remain) SEE: remain  ::
rest area {n} (rest area along a road)  :: rastplats {c}
restart {n} (act of restarting)  :: omstart {c}, återstart {c} [restarting something previously stopped]
restart {v} (To start again)  :: starta om, börja om (om (Eng. over) can be replaced by på nytt (Eng. again))
restart {v} (In computing, to reboot)  :: starta om
restate {v} (rephrase) SEE: rephrase  ::
restaurant {n} (an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables)  :: restaurang {c}
restaurateur {n} (owner of a restaurant)  :: restauratör {c}
rest in peace {v} (blessing or expression of hope)  :: vila i frid
restlessness {n} (state or condition of being restless)  :: rastlöshet {c}
rest on one's laurels {v} (to rely on a past success instead of trying to improve oneself further)  :: vila på sina lagrar, vila på lagrarna
restore {v} (To reestablish, or bring back into existence)  :: återställ
restore {v} (To bring back to a previous condition or state)  :: återställ
restore {v} (To give back, or make restitution)  :: återställ
restraining order {n} (order issued by legal authority forbidding specified action)  :: besöksförbud, kontaktförbud
restrict {v} (to restrain within bounds)  :: inskränka, begränsa
restricted {adj} (limited within bounds)  :: avgränsad, begränsad
restroom {n} (public room containing a toilet)  :: toalett {c}
result {n} (that which results)  :: resultat {n}
result {n} (fruit, beneficial or tangible effect)  :: resultat {n}
result {n}  :: resultat {n}
resumé {n} (summary)  :: CV {n}
resume {n} (curriculum vitae) SEE: curriculum vitae  ::
resume {v} (start something again that has been stopped or paused)  :: fortsätta, återuppta
resurrection {n} (Christianity: the Resurrection)  :: uppståndelsen
resuscitate {v} (To restore consciousness)  :: återuppliva
resuscitate {v} (To regain consciousness)  :: kvickna till, komma till liv
resuscitation {n} (the act of resuscitating)  :: återupplivning {c}
retable {n} (table or shelf behind an altar)  :: retabel {n}, altaruppsats {c}
retail {n} (sale of goods directly to the consumer)  :: detaljhandel
retain {v} (to keep in possession or use)  :: , bevara
retaliate {v} (do something harmful to get revenge)  :: vedergälla
retarded {adj} (delayed in development)  :: efterbliven
retarded {adj} (having mental retardation)  :: utvecklingsstörd
retarded {adj} (stupid, irrational)  :: efterbliven
retch {v} (To make an effort to vomit)  :: hulka
reticence {n} (the avoidance of saying too much)  :: förtegenhet
reticent {adj} (reserved)  :: tillbakadragen, sluten, förtegen, tystlåten
reticulocyte {n} (immature red blood cell, having a reticular network of RNA)  :: retikulocyt {c}
retina {n} (thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball)  :: näthinna {c}, retina {c} [formal]
retinue {n} (group of servants)  :: följe
retirement {n} (act of retiring, or the state of being retired)  :: pensionering
retirement home {n} (multi-residence housing facility intended for the elderly)  :: äldreboende {n}, ålderdomshem {n}, åldringshem {n} [Finland Swedish]
retort {v} (to retort; to throw back) SEE: return  ::
retort {n} (sharp or witty reply)  :: replik, genmäle
retort {v} (To say something sharp or witty in answer to a remark or accusation)  :: replikera, genmäla
retort {n} (flask used for distillation)  :: retort
retract {v} (to take back or withdraw something one has said)  :: ta tillbaka
retractable {adj} (capable of being retracted)  :: infällbar, indragbar
retreat {v} (to withdraw military forces)  :: retirera
retreat {n} (lavatory) SEE: toilet  ::
retreat {n} (outhouse) SEE: outhouse  ::
retreat {n} (to turn back, retreat) SEE: return  ::
retribution {n} (punishment inflicted in the spirit of moral outrage or personal vengeance)  :: vedergällning {c}
retrieve {v} (to remember or recall something)  :: minnas
retro {adj} (of, or relating to the past, past times, or the way things were)  :: retro
retroactive {adj} (extending in scope, effect, application or influence to a prior time or to prior conditions)  :: retroaktiv
retroflex {adj} (of any of the retroflex pronunciations)  :: retroflex
retrograde {adj} (Directed backwards...)  :: bakåtsträvande
retromingent {adj} (cowardly) SEE: cowardly  ::
retronym {n} (A new coinage for an old concept)  :: retronym
return {n} (answer) SEE: answer  ::
return {v} (to come or go back)  :: återvända
return {v} (to go back in thought, narration, or argument)  :: återvända
return {v} (to give something back to its original holder or owner)  :: återlämna
return {v} (tennis: to bat the ball back over the net in response to a serve)  :: returnera
return {v} (computing: to relinquish control to the calling procedure)  :: returnera
return {v} (computing: to pass back (data) to the calling procedure)  :: returnera
return {v}  :: [1] återlämna, [1,5] returnera, [3,4] återvända
return {n} (act of returning)  :: återkomst, återvändo
return {n} (return ticket)  :: retur, returbiljett
return {n} (item that is returned)  :: retur
return {n} (finance: gain or loss from an investment)  :: avkastning
return {n} (finance: tax return)  :: återbäring, skatteåterbäring, deklaration, självdeklaration
return {n} (computing: carriage return character)  :: retur, returtangent, vagnretur
return {n} (computing: return value)  :: returvärde
return {n}  :: [1,2] retur {c}, [obsolete; 1,] vagnretur {c}, [5] återkomst, [7] återbäring
return {v} (to take something back to a retailer for a refund) SEE: take back  ::
return ticket {n} (a ticket granting permission to travel to a place and back again)  :: returbiljett {c}
Reuben {prop} (first son of Jacob)  :: Ruben
Reuben {prop} (male given name)  :: Ruben
reunification {n} (the unification of something that was previously divided; used especially of a country)  :: återförening
reunion {n} (the process or act of reuniting)  :: återförening {c}
reunion {n} (a planned event at which members of a dispersed group meet together)  :: återförening {c}
reunion {n} (reunification) SEE: reunification  ::
reunite {v} (to unite again)  :: återförenas (reciprocal)
reuptake {n} (Reabsorption of neurotransmitter by neuron)  :: neuronal återupptag
reuse {n} (returning a discarded item into something usable)  :: återanvändning {c}
reuse {v} (to use again)  :: återanvända
Reuven {prop} (given name) SEE: Reuben  ::
rev {v} (to increase the speed of a motor)  :: varva
revalue {v} (to value again, give a new value to)  :: omvärdera
revanchism {n} (political policy of endeavouring to regain lost territory)  :: revanschism {c}
revanchist {n} (revanchist, vengeful person)  :: revanschist {c}
revanchist {adj} (advocating a policy of revanche)  :: revanschistisk
rev counter {n} (rev counter) SEE: tachometer  ::
reveal {v} (to uncover)  :: uppenbara
reveille {n} (the sounding of a bugle or drum early in the morning to awaken soldiers)  :: revelj {c}, väckning
revel {v} (make merry)  :: festa, fira
revelation {n} (the act of revealing or disclosing)  :: avslöjande {n}
revelation {n} (something dramatically disclosed)  :: avslöjande {n}
revelation {n} (manifestation of divine truth)  :: uppenbarelse {c}
Revelation {prop} (book of Bible)  :: Uppenbarelseboken {c}
reveller {n} (one who revels)  :: rumlare {c}, svirare {c}, hålligångare {c}
revenant {n} (Someone who returns from a long absence)  :: återvändare {c}
revenant {n} (supernatural being)  :: gengångare {c}
revenge {n} (retaliatory action)  :: hämnd {c}
revenge is a dish best served cold {proverb} (emotional detachment is preferable when taking revenge)  :: hämnd är en rätt som bäst serveras kall
revenge porn {n} (explicit media distributed as revenge)  :: hämndporr {c}
revenue {n} (turnover, total sales)  :: omsättningen
revenue {n} (net sales) SEE: net sales  ::
revere {v} (to regard someone or something with great awe or devotion)  :: beundran, akta och ära, vörda
reverence {n} (veneration; profound awe and respect)  :: vördnad
reverse {n} (gear)  :: back {c}
reverse Polish notation {n} (an arithmetic notation)  :: omvänd polsk notation {c}
reversible {adj} (clothing that can be worn inside out)  :: vändbar
review {n} (second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact)  :: recension {c}
review {n} (account intended as a critical evaluation of a text or a piece of work)  :: recension
review {n} (stage show made up of sketches)  :: revy
review {v} (to write a review)  :: recensera
review {v} (to look back over in order to correct or edit; to revise.)  :: se över, ompröva
reviewer {n} (critic)  :: recensent {c}
revile {v} (to attack with abusive language)  :: smäda, skymfa, håna, åkväda
revisionist {adj} (of or pertaining to revisionism)  :: revisionistisk
revisionist {n} (a proponent of revisionism)  :: revisionist
revive {v} (to recover from a state of neglect)  :: återuppliva
revive {v} (to bring again to life)  :: återuppliva
revoke {v} (to cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing)  :: återkalla
revolt {v} (to rebel)  :: revoltera, göra uppror
revolt {n} (act of revolting)  :: revolt {c}, uppror {n}
revolting {adj} (repellent)  :: motbjudande
revolution {n} (political upheaval)  :: revolution {c}
revolution {n} (removal and replacement of a government)  :: revoltion {c}
revolution {n} (turning of an object around an axis)  :: rotation {c}
revolution {n} (traversal of one body through an orbit around another body)  :: rotation {c}
revolution {n} (sudden, vast change in a situation or discipline)  :: revoltion {c}
revolution {n}  :: [2] vridning {c}
revolutionary {adj} (of or pertaining to a revolution in government)  :: revolutionär
revolutionary {adj} (something that signifies great change)  :: revolutionär, banbrytande
revolutionary {n} (A revolutionist; a person who revolts)  :: revolutionär {c}
revolutionize {v} (to radically or significantly change, as in a revolution)  :: revolutionera
revolve {v} (to orbit a central point)  :: kretsa
revolve {v} (to turn on an axis)  :: rotera, snurra runt
revolver {n} (a handgun with revolving chambers)  :: revolver {n}
reward {n} (something of value given in return for an act)  :: belöning {c}
reward {v} (give a reward to)  :: belöna
reword {v} (rephrase) SEE: rephrase  ::
Reykjavik {prop} (Capital of Iceland)  :: Reykjavik
Reynard {prop} (name in European folklore for the red fox)  :: Mickel räv
Reynold {prop} (male given name)  :: Ragnvald, Reinhold
RFID {n} (Initialism for radio-frequency identification)  :: RFID
Rügen {prop} (Germany’s largest island)  :: Rygen
rhabdomyosarcoma {n} (tumor)  :: rabdomyosarkom {n}
rhapsody {n}  :: rapsodi {c}
rhebok {n} (Pelea capreolus)  :: råbocksantilop {c}
rheme {n} (part of a sentence)  :: rema {n}
rhenium {n} (chemical element)  :: rhenium {n}
rhetoric {n} (art of using language for persuasion)  :: retorik {c}
rhetorical {adj} (part of or similar to rhetoric)  :: retorisk
rhetorical device {n} (type of phrase)  :: retorisk figur {c}
rhetorical question {n} (question)  :: retorisk fråga {c}
rheumatic {adj} (referring to rheumatism)  :: reumatisk
rheumatic {n} (person suffering from rheumatism)  :: reumatiker {c}
rheumatoid arthritis {n} (chronic and progressive disease)  :: reumatoid artrit {c}, kronisk ledgångsreumatism {c}, ledgångsreumatism {c}
rheumatology {n} (branch of medicine)  :: reumatologi {c}
Rhine {prop} (river that flows through Europe)  :: Rhen
Rhineland {prop} (land on both sides of the river Rhine)  :: Rhenlandet {n}
Rhineland-Palatinate {prop} (state)  :: Rheinland-Pfalz {n}
rhinencephalon {n} (smell-brain) SEE: smell-brain  ::
rhinitis {n} (inflammation)  :: rinit {c}, snuva {c}
rhinoceros {n} (herbivorous pachyderm with horn(s))  :: noshörning {c}
rhizome {n} (horizontal underground stem of some plants)  :: jordstam {c}, rhizom {c}, rotstock {c}
rho {n} (letter of Greek alphabet)  :: rho
Rhodes {prop} (island)  :: Rhodos
rhodium {n} (chemical element)  :: rodium {n}
rhododendron {n} (flowering shrub in the genus Rhododendron)  :: rhododendron {c}, alpros {c}
rhombencephalon {n} (hindbrain) SEE: hindbrain  ::
rhombus {n} (A parallelogram having all sides of equal length)  :: romb
rhubarb {n} (any plant of the genus Rheum)  :: rabarber {c}
rhyme {n} (word that rhymes with another)  :: rim {n}
rhyme {v} (transitive, to rhyme with)  :: rimma
rhyme {v} (reciprocal)  :: rimma
rhyme {v} (put words together)  :: rimma
rhyme {n} (rime) SEE: rime  ::
rhyme or reason {n} (logic or common sense)  :: rim och reson
rhythm {n} (variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time)  :: rytm
rhythm and blues {n} (rhythm and blues)  :: rhythm and blues {c}
rib {n} (curved bone)  :: revben {n}
ribbed vault {n} (structure created by intersection of vaults)  :: kryssribbvalv {n}
ribbit {interj} (the sound made by a frog or toad)  :: kvack
ribbon {n} (long, narrow strip of material)  :: band {n}
ribbon seal {n} (a species of true seal)  :: bandsäl
rib cage {n} (part of skeleton)  :: bröstkorg {c}
ribonucleic acid {n} (derivative of DNA, used in the transcription of genetic material)  :: ribonukleinsyra {c}
ribose {n} (naturally occurring pentose sugar)  :: ribos
ribosome {n} (organelle)  :: ribosom {c}
rice {n} (plants)  :: ris {n}
rice {n} (seeds used as food)  :: ris {n}
rice cooker {n} (kitchen appliance designed to cook rice)  :: riskokare {c}
ricefield {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
rice flour {n} (flour made of rice)  :: rismjöl
rice paddy {n} (field immersed in water dedicated for the cultivation of rice) SEE: paddy  ::
rice wine {n} (alcoholic drink brewed from rice)  :: risvin {n}
rich {adj} (having wealth)  :: rik
Richard {prop} (male given name)  :: Rikard {m}, Rickard {m}, Richard {m}
rick {n} (stack or pile, of straw, hay etc.)  :: stack {c}
rickets {n} (disorder of infancy)  :: rakit {c}, rakitis {c}, engelska sjukan {c}
rickety {adj} (not strong because of poor construction or upkeep)  :: skranglig
ricksha {n} (rickshaw) SEE: rickshaw  ::
rickshaw {n} (two-wheeled carriage)  :: riksha {c}, rickshaw {c}
ricotta {n} (Italian whey cheese)  :: ricotta {c}
riddle {n} (sieve) SEE: sieve  ::
riddle {n} (verbal puzzle)  :: gåta
ride {v} (to transport oneself by sitting on and directing a horse, bicycle etc.)  :: rida [animal], åka [bike]
ride {v} (to be transported in a vehicle as a passenger)  :: åka
ride {n} (lift)  :: skjuts {c}
ride height {n} (ground clearance) SEE: ground clearance  ::
rider {n} (driver) SEE: driver  ::
rider {n} (one who rides)  :: ryttare
rider {n} (cyclist) SEE: cyclist  ::
ridge {n} (line of intersection)  :: ås {c}
ridge {n} (highest point on a roof)  :: nock {c}
ridge {n} (chain of mountains)  :: bergsrygg {c}, rygg {c}
ridge {n} (chain of hills)  :: ås {c}
ridge {n} (elevation on ocean bottom)  :: rygg {c}
ridiculous {adj} (foolish, absurd)  :: löjlig
Riemann surface {n} (manifold)  :: Riemannyta {c}
riffraff {n} (the rabble)  :: pöbel {c}, kreti och pleti, patrask {n}, pack {n}
rifle {n} (firearm with a rifled barrel)  :: gevär {n}
rift {n} (shallow place in a stream) SEE: ford  ::
rig {v} (to fit out with a harness)  :: rigga
rig {v} (to equip and fit a ship)  :: rigga
rig {v} (to manipulate something dishonestly)  :: rigga
Riga {prop} (capital of Latvia)  :: Riga
right {adj} (straight, not bent)  :: rak
right {adj} (perpendicular)  :: rät, rätvinklig, vinkelrät
right {adj} (complying with justice, correct)  :: rätt, riktig
right {adj} (appropriate, fit for purpose)  :: rätt
right {adj} (of direction)  :: höger
right {adj} (conservative)  :: höger-
right {adv} (exactly)  :: just, precis
right {adv} (very, extremely)  :: riktigt
right {adv} (in a correct manner)  :: rätt
right {adv} (on the right side)  :: åt höger
right {adv} (towards the right side)  :: till höger, åt höger
right {interj} (checking agreement)  :: eller hur?, va?, inte sant?
right {n} (legal or moral entitlement)  :: rätt {c}, rättighet {c}
right {n} (right, not left, side)  :: höger, höger sida
right {n} (right-wing politicians and parties)  :: högern
right {v} (to correct)  :: rätta, korrigera [minor corrections]
right {v} (to set upright)  :: rätta, räta (something which is almost—but not quite—the right way), räta upp
right {v} ((intransitive) to return to normal upright position)  :: räta upp sig
right {adj} (all right, not requiring assistance) SEE: all right  ::
right angle {n} (angle of 90 degrees)  :: rät vinkel {c}
right-angled triangle {n} (right-angled triangle) SEE: right triangle  ::
right away {adv} (very soon; immediately)  :: genast, ögonblickligen
right back {n} (a defender who plays on the right)  :: högerback {c}
right coset {n} (copy of a subgroup)  :: högersidoklass {c}
righteous {adj} (free from sin or guilt)  :: rättskaffens, rättfärdig
righteousness {n} (quality or state of being righteous)  :: rättfärdighet {c}
rightful {adj} (by right, by law)  :: rättmätig
right-handed {n} (of one who uses their right hand in preference to, or more skillfully than their left.)  :: högerhänt
right-handedness {n} (state of being right-handed)  :: högerhänthet {c}
right-hand man {n} (A trusted assistant)  :: högra hand {c}
right now {adv} (immediately) SEE: immediately  ::
right now {adv} (at this precise moment)  :: just nu
right of way {n} (right to proceed first in traffic)  :: väjningsplikt {c}
right triangle {n} (a triangle having a right angle as one of its interior angles)  :: rät triangel {c}, rätvinklig triangel {c}
right wing {n} (political)  :: högerfalang {c}
right wing {n} (hockey)  :: högerytter {c}
right-wing {adj} (resisting political change)  :: höger-
rim {n} (edge around something)  :: rand {c}, kant {c}
rim {n} (wheel rim)  :: fälg {c}
rime {n} (hoar frost)  :: rimfrost
rind {n} (hard outer layer of fruit, cheese)  :: skal [of fruit]
ring {n} (circumscribing object)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (round piece of (precious) metal worn around the finger)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (bird band)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (place where some sports take place)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (geometry: a planar geometrical figure)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (astronomy: a formation of various pieces of material orbiting around a planet)  :: ring {c}
ring {v} (to produce the sound of a bell or a similar sound)  :: ringa
ring {v} (to make, produce sound)  :: ringa
ring {v} (of something spoken or written, to appear to be, to seem, to sound)  :: låta
ring {v} (to telephone someone)  :: ringa
ring {n} (algebra: an algebraic structure)  :: ring {c}
ring {n} (burner) SEE: burner  ::
ring down the curtain {v} (stop) SEE: stop  ::
ringed seal {n} (Pusa hispida)  :: vikare
ring finger {n} (finger between the middle finger and little finger)  :: ringfinger {n}
ringing {n} (technique used in the study of birds)  :: ringmärkning
ringleader {n} (person who starts and leads a disturbance, a conspiracy, or a criminal gang)  :: anstiftare {c}
ringmaster {n} (the person who manages the performers in a circus ring)  :: cirkusdirektör {c}
ring road {n} (highway)  :: ringväg {c}, ringled {c}
ringtone {n} (sound made by a telephone when ringing)  :: ringsignal
ring up the curtain {v} (start) SEE: start  ::
rinse {v} (to wash something quickly using water and no soap)  :: skölja
rinse {v} (to remove soap from something using water)  :: skölja
rinse {n} (the action of rinsing)  :: rensning {c}, sköljning {c}, avsköljning {c}
rinse {n} (hair dye)  :: toning {c}
rinse aid {n} (cleaning product said to improve finish of items in dishwashers)  :: spolglans {c}
riot {n} (wanton or unrestrained behavior)  :: tumult {n}
riot {n} (tumultuous disturbance of public peace)  :: kravall {c}, uppror {n}, tumult {n}, upplopp {n}
rip {v} (to fart) SEE: fart  ::
rip {v} (to mock) SEE: mock  ::
riparian {adj} (of or pertaining to a riverbank)  :: strand-
rip current {n} (strong water flow)  :: ripström
ripe {adj} (ready for reaping or gathering, of fruits and seeds)  :: mogen
ripe {adj}  :: mogen
ripen {v} (to grow ripe)  :: mogna
ripost {n} (fencing: a thrust given in return)  :: ripost {c}
ripost {n} (a quick and witty response to a taunt)  :: ripost {c}
ripost {n} (an answer or reply rapidly uttered)  :: ripost {c}
riposte {n} ((fencing))  :: ripost {c}
riposte {n} (a quick and usually witty response to a taunt)  :: ripost {c}
riposte {n} (an answer or reply, rapidly uttered)  :: ripost {c}
riposte {v} (fencing: to attempt to hit an opponent after parrying an attack)  :: ripostera
riposte {v} (to respond quickly; particularly if the response is humorous)  :: ripostera
ripped {adj} (copied or stolen usu. from an identified source)  :: rippad [slang]
riptide {n} (rip current) SEE: rip current  ::
rise {v} (to move upwards)  :: stiga
rise {v} (of a celestial body: to appear to move from behind the horizon)  :: gå upp
rise {v}  :: stiga upp
risible {adj} (provoking laughter)  :: löjlig, skrattretande
rising star {n} (emerging talent)  :: framtidslöfte {n}, stjärnskott {n}, talang {c}, gödkalv {c}
risk {n} (possible, usually negative, outcome)  :: risk {c}
risk {n} (likelihood of a negative outcome)  :: risk {c}
risk {n} (potential (conventionally negative) impact of an event)  :: risk {c}
risk {v} (to incur risk to something)  :: riskera, äventyra
risk {v} (to incur risk of something)  :: riskera
risk {v}  :: riskera, ta en risk
risk management {n} (process of dealing with risk)  :: riskhantering {c}
risky {adj} (dangerous, involving risks)  :: riskabel, riskfylld
risqué {adj} (bordering on the indelicate)  :: ekivok, vågad
rite {n} (ritual)  :: rit {c}
rite of passage {n} (ceremony to celebrate a transition)  :: övergångsrit {c}
ritual {adj} (related to a rite)  :: rituell
ritual {n} (rite)  :: ritual {c}
ritually {adv} (in a ritual manner)  :: rituellt
rivalrous {adj} (having a relationship of rivalry)  :: rivaliserande
river {n} (large stream which drains a landmass)  :: flod {c}, älv {c}, å {c}
river {n} (any large flow of a liquid)  :: flod {c}
riverboat {n} (watercraft)  :: flodbåt {c}
river horse {n} (hippopotamus) SEE: hippopotamus  ::
rivet {n} (cylindrical mechanical fastener)  :: nit {c}
rivet {v} (to attach or fasten parts by using rivets)  :: nita, nita ihop
rivet {v} (to install rivets)  :: nita
rivulet {n} (small brook)  :: å, ström {c}
rix-dollar {n} (A rix-dollar)  :: riksdaler
roach {n} (US: cockroach) SEE: cockroach  ::
roach {n} (Rutilus rutilus)  :: mört {c}
road {n} (a way for travel)  :: väg {c}, bilväg {c}
roadblock {n} (Something that blocks or obstructs a road)  :: vägspärr {c}
road hog {n} (bad or inconsiderate driver)  :: bildrulle {c}
road salt {n} (deicing or anti-icing salt)  :: vägsalt {n}, salt {n}
roadside {n} (area on either side of a road)  :: vägkant {c}, vägren {c}
roadstead {n} (partly-sheltered anchorage outside a harbour)  :: redd
road trip {n} (recreational or impromptu excursion)  :: road trip
roadway {n} (main or central portion of a road used by the vehicles)  :: vägbana, körbana
roadwork {n} (construction or maintenance done to roads)  :: vägarbete {n}
roar {v} (to make loud, deep cry of emotion)  :: ryta
roar {v} (of animals, to make a loud deep noise)  :: ryta
roast {v} (to cook food by heating in an oven or fire)  :: steka, rosta, grilla, ugnssteka
roast {n} (cut of meat)  :: stek {c}
roast beef {n} (Beef cooked by roasting)  :: rostbiff {c}
roastbeef {n} (roast beef) SEE: roast beef  ::
rob {v} (to steal from, using violence)  :: råna
rob {v} (to deprive of)  :: beröva
rob {v} (to commit robbery)  :: röva, råna
robber {n} (one who robs)  :: rånare {c}, rövare {c}
robbery {n} (act or practice of robbing)  :: rån {n}
robbery {n} (attempt of taking the property of another by threat)  :: rån {n}
robbery {n}  :: rån {n}
robe {n} (long, loose outer garment)  :: talar {c}, rock {c}, dräkt {c}
Robert {prop} (given name)  :: Robert
robin {n} (Erithacus rubecula)  :: rödhake
robin {n} (Turdus migratorius)  :: vandringstrast
Robin Hood {prop} (legendary English outlaw)  :: Robin Hood
robot {n} (intelligent mechanical being)  :: robot
robot {n} (machine to perform complex tasks)  :: robot {c}
robot {n} (traffic light) SEE: traffic light  ::
robust {adj} (evincing strength)  :: robust
rock {n} (natural mineral aggregate)  :: berg {n}, sten {c}
rock {n} (mass of projecting rock)  :: klippa {c}
rock {n} (large stone or boulder)  :: klippblock {n}, stenblock {n}
rock {n} (hill or island without vegetation)  :: skär {n} [island]
rock {n} (something strong, stable, and dependable)  :: klippa {c}
rock {n} (distinctive composition of minerals)  :: bergart {c}
rock {n} (precious stone or gem)  :: ädelsten {c} [generally], diamant {c} [especially]
rock {n} (lump of ice)  :: isbit {c}
rock {n} (confectionery made from sugar)  :: polkagris {c} [approximately]
rock {n} (crystallized lump of crack cocaine)  :: crack {n}
rock {v} (move gently back and forth)  :: gunga, vagga [baby], vyssja [baby]
rock {v} (cause to shake or sway violently)  :: skaka
rock {v} (sway or tilt violently back and forth)  :: kränga [vehicle]
rock {v} (disturb the mental or emotional equilibrium)  :: chocka, skaka
rock {n} (act of rocking)  :: gungning {n}, vaggande {n}, vyssjande {n}
rock {n} (style of music)  :: rock {c}, rock'n'roll {c}
rock {v} (to play, perform, or enjoy rock music)  :: rocka, spela rock
rock {v} (slang: to be very favourable or skilful)  :: rocka
rock {n} (distaff) SEE: distaff  ::
rock crystal {n} (clear quartz)  :: bergkristall {c}
rock dove {n} (Columba livia)  :: klippduva
rocket {n} (a rocket engine)  :: raketmotor {c}, raket {c}
rocket {n} (non-guided missile)  :: raket
rocket {n} (a vehicle)  :: raket
rocket {n} (a projectile firework)  :: raket {c}
rocket {n} (arugula) SEE: arugula  ::
rocket engine {n} (reaction engine)  :: raketmotor {c}
rock face {n} (expanse of rock)  :: klippvägg {c}
rockfish {n} (Taurulus bubalis) SEE: long-spined bullhead  ::
rock hyrax {n} (Procavia capensis)  :: klipphyrax {m}
Rockies {prop} (Rocky Mountains) SEE: Rocky Mountains  ::
rocking chair {n} (chair with a curved base which can be gently rocked)  :: gungstol
rocking horse {n} (a child’s toy consisting of a (usually wooden) horse mounted on a rocker or swing)  :: gunghäst {c}
rockmelon {n} (melon) SEE: melon  ::
rock paper scissors {n} (popular child's game)  :: sten, sax och påse
rocks {n} (money)  :: kulor, stålar {c-p}
rocks {n} (testicles)  :: ballar
rockweed {n} (Fucus vesiculosus) SEE: bladderwrack  ::
Rocky Mountains {prop} (mountain range)  :: Klippiga bergen {n-p}
rococo {n} (style of baroque architecture etc.)  :: rokoko {c}
rococo {adj} (in the rococo style)  :: rokoko-
rod {n} (straight round stick, shaft, or bar)  :: spö {n}, stång {c}, stav {c}
rod {n} (fishing rod or pole)  :: metspö {n}, spö {n}
rod {n} (stick or bundle used for punishment)  :: spö {n}, ris {n}
rod {n} (stick to measure length)  :: måttstock {c}
rod {n} (connector, part of a machine)  :: stång {c}
rod {n} (part of the retina of the eye)  :: stav {c}
rod {n} (slang: penis)  :: stake {c}
rod {n} (slang: pistol) SEE: pistol  ::
rodent {n} (mammal of the order Rodentia)  :: gnagare {c}
Rodinia {prop} (ancient world supercontinent)  :: Rodinia {n}
roe {n} (roe deer) SEE: roe deer  ::
roe {n} (eggs of fish)  :: rom
roebuck {n} (male roe deer)  :: råbock
roe deer {n} (small deer species, Capreolus capreolus)  :: rådjur
roentgenium {n} (chemical element)  :: röntgenium
roger {interj} (received)  :: uppfattat
Roger {prop} (male given name)  :: Roger
rogue {n} (a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person)  :: skurk {c}
rogue state {n} (state or nation acting outside of the accepted international norms and policies)  :: skurkstat {c}
roil {v} (to annoy)  :: irritera, reta upp
Roland {prop} (male given name)  :: Roland
role conflict {n} (conflict)  :: rollkonflikt
roleplay {n} (roleplaying game) SEE: roleplaying game  ::
roleplaying game {n} (type of game in which the players assume the role of a character)  :: rollspel {n}
roll {v} (to cause to revolve)  :: rulla
roll {v} (to wrap round on itself)  :: rulla, rulla ihop
roll {v} (to bind or involve by winding)  :: rulla, rulla upp
roll {v} (to drive or impel forward with an easy motion)  :: rulla
roll {v} (to press or level with a roller)  :: valsa, [dough] kavla, kavla ut
roll {v} (to move, or cause to be moved, upon rollers or small wheels)  :: rulla
roll {v} (to beat with rapid, continuous strokes, as a drum)  :: virvla
roll {n} (the act of rolling)  :: rullande {n}, rullning {c}
roll {n} (that which rolls; a roller)  :: rulle {c}, kavle {c} [for dough]
roll {n} (one of a set of revolving cylinders between which metal is pressed)  :: vals {c}
roll {n} (that which is rolled up)  :: rulle {c}
roll {n} (a scroll)  :: bokrulle {c}
roll {n} (an official or public document)  :: förteckning {c}, lista {c}, register {n}, rullor {p}
roll {n} (quantity of cloth wound into a cylindrical form)  :: rulle {c}, tygrulle {c}
roll {n} (shortened raised biscuit or bread)  :: bulle {c}, kuvertbröd {n}, småfranska {c}
roll {n} (oscillating movement of a vessel from side to side)  :: böljande {n}, böljning {c}
roll {n} (a heavy, reverberatory sound)  :: mullrande {n}, dundrande {n}
roll {n} (the uniform beating of a drum)  :: virvel {c}
rollator {n} (walking frame with wheels)  :: rollator {c}, rullator {c}
roller {n} (slang: police) SEE: cop  ::
roller {n} (tool for applying paint or ink)  :: roller {c}
roller {n} (hair roller) SEE: hair roller  ::
roller bearing {n} (type of bearing)  :: rullager
rollerblade {n} (type of roller skate)  :: inlines
rollercoaster {n} (amusement ride)  :: bergochdalbana {c}, berg-och-dal-bana {c}
roller skate {n} (a boot having small wheels)  :: rullskridsko {c}
rolling pin {n} (food preparation utensil)  :: kavel, brödkavel {c}
rolling stock {n} (any railway vehicle)  :: rullande materiel {c}
rolling stone {n} (womanizer) SEE: womanizer  ::
roll out the red carpet {v} (extend the utmost hospitality)  :: rulla ut röda mattan
roll up one's sleeves {v} (roll one's sleeves up)  :: kavla upp ärmarna
roll up one's sleeves {v} (prepare to work)  :: kavla upp ärmarna
roly-poly {n} (A toy that rights itself when pushed over)  :: vippdocka {c}
Rom {n} (a member of the Romani people)  :: rom; zigenare, zigenerska
Rom {prop} (language) SEE: Romani  ::
Rom {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani macrolanguage) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {n} (member of the Roma/Romani people) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {adj} (Romani) SEE: Romani  ::
Roma {prop} (the Romani people)  :: rom
Romaine lettuce {n} (Lactuca sativa longifolia)  :: romansallat {c}
Roman {adj} (of or from Rome)  :: Romer, Romerska
Roman {n} (a native or resident of Rome)  :: romare {c}
Roman alphabet {n} (Latin alphabet) SEE: Latin alphabet  ::
Roman candle {n} (a type of firework)  :: romerskt ljus
Roman Catholic {adj} (of or pertaining to the (Roman) Catholic Church, Roman Rite of the Catholic Church)  :: romersk-katolsk
Roman Catholic {adj} (of or pertaining to a (Roman) Catholic person, (Roman) Catholics)  :: romersk-katolsk
Roman Catholic {n} (person who belongs to the (Roman) Catholic Church, Roman Rite of the Catholic Church)  :: romersk-katolik {c}
Roman Catholic Church {prop} (part of the Christian churches in union with the pope in Rome)  :: Romersk-katolska kyrkan {c}
Romance {adj} (of or dealing with languages or cultures derived from Roman influence and Latin)  :: romansk
Romance language {n} (language descended from Latin)  :: romanskt språk {n}
Roman Empire {prop} (empire)  :: Romerska riket
Romani {n} (member of the Roma people) SEE: Rom  ::
Romani {prop} (language)  :: romani
Romani {adj} (of or belonging to the Roma people)  :: romsk; zigensk
Romani {prop} (nomadic people) SEE: Roma  ::
Romania {prop} (South-Eastern European country)  :: Rumänien
Romanian {adj} (of or relating to Romania, its people, or language)  :: rumänsk
Romanian {n} (native of Romania)  :: rumän {m}, rumänska {f}
Romanian {prop} (official language of Romania)  :: rumänska {c}
Roman nose {n} (aquiline nose) SEE: aquiline nose  ::
Roman numeral {n} (numeral represented by letters)  :: romersk siffra {c}
Roman numerals {n} (system of numerals)  :: romerska siffror {c-p}
Romans {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Romarbrevet
Romans {prop} (30th sura of the Qur'an)  :: Romarbrevet {c}
Romansch {prop} (the Romance language)  :: rätoromanska
romantic {adj} (fantastic, idealistic)  :: romantisk
romantic {adj} (concerned with, or conducive to, romance and love)  :: romantisk
romantic {n} (person with romantic character)  :: romantiker {c}
romantic {n} (person who is behaving romantically)  :: romantiker {c}
Romantic {adj} (Of or pertaining to Romanticism)  :: romantisk
romanticist {n} (advocate or follower of romanticism)  :: romantiker {c}
romantic orientation {n} (romantic orientation)  :: romantisk läggning {c}
Rome {prop} (city)  :: Rom
Romeo {n} (boyfriend) SEE: boyfriend  ::
Rome wasn't built in a day {proverb} (it takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive)  :: Rom byggdes inte på en dag
Ronald {prop} (male given name)  :: Ronald
rood screen {n} (carved screen)  :: korskrank {n}
roof {n} (the cover at the top of a building)  :: tak {n}
roof {n} (the upper part of a cavity)  :: tak {n}
roofer {n} (craftsman who lays or repairs roofs)  :: takläggare {c}
rook {n} (bird)  :: råka
rook {n} (chesspiece)  :: torn {n}
rookie {adj} (amateur) SEE: amateur  ::
room {n} (space)  :: plats {c}, utrymme {n}, rum {n}
room {n} (division in a building)  :: rum {n}
room and board {n} (a place for lodging with daily meals)  :: kost och logi
roommate {n} (a person with whom one shares a room)  :: rumskamrat {c}
roommate {n} (US: with whom one shares an apartment or house)  :: inneboende {c}, samboende {c}, sambo {c}
roomy {adj} (spacious)  :: rymlig
rooster {n} (flower) SEE: violet  ::
rooster {n} (male chicken; male gallinaceous bird)  :: tupp {c}
root {n} (part of a plant)  :: rot {c}, rötter {p}
root {n} (of a tooth)  :: rot, tandrot
root {n} (part of a hair under the skin)  :: hårrot {c}
root {n} (primary source)  :: källa {c}
root {n} (arithmetic: number or expression which when raised to a power gives the specified number or expression)  :: rot
root {n} (analysis: zero of a function)  :: nollställe, rot {c}
root {n} (philology: word from which another word or words are derived)  :: rot, ordrot
root {v} (rummage, root out)  :: rota, böka
root {v} (cheer)  :: heja [followed by preposition på]
root {n} (arithmetic: square root) SEE: square root  ::
root {n} (root vegetable) SEE: root vegetable  ::
root and branch {adj} (complete, total)  :: genomgripande, radikal, grundlig
rooted {adj} ((computing) having a compromised root account)  :: rotad
root for {v} (encourage a favored person)  :: heja på, hålla på
roots {n}  :: rötter {c}
root vegetable {n} (edible root)  :: rotfrukt {c}, rotsak {c}
rope {n} (thick, strong string)  :: rep {n}
rope {n} (a length of this string)  :: rep {n}
rope ladder {n} (flexible ladder)  :: repstege {c}, fallrep {n}
ropemaker {n} (maker of ropes)  :: repslagare {c}
rorqual {n} (whale with long skin folds below mouth)  :: fenval {c}
rosé {n} (wine)  :: rosévin {n}
Rosa {prop} (female given name) SEE: Rose  ::
rosary {n} (Catholic prayer beads)  :: radband
rose {n} (shrub)  :: ros {c}
rose {n} (flower)  :: ros {c}
Rose {prop} (female given name)  :: Rosa
rosehip {n} (the fruit of a rose plant)  :: nypon {n}
rosemary {n} (shrub)  :: rosmarin {c}
Rosemary {prop} (female given name)  :: Rose-Marie, Ros-Marie
rose quartz {n} (reddish-colored quartz)  :: rosenkvarts {c}
Rosetta Stone {prop} (large inscribed stone)  :: Rosettastenen {c}
rosewater {n} (a liquid produced by steeping rose petals in water)  :: rosenvatten {c}
rosin {n} (liquid resin) SEE: resin  ::
roster {n} (schedule) SEE: schedule  ::
roster {n} (a list of names)  :: lista {c}, schema {n}
rostrum {n} (zoology: beak) SEE: beak  ::
rostrum {n} (dais, pulpit, or similar platform)  :: talarstol {c}, plattform {c}, podium {n}
rostrum {n} (platform for a film or television camera)  :: plattform {c}, podium {n}
rostrum {n} (projecting prow of a rowed warship)  :: skeppsnäbb {c}
rostrum {n} (beak-shaped projection on the head of some insects)  :: näbb {c}, spröt {n}
rostrum {n} (zoology: snout of a dolphin)  :: näbb {c}
rosé wine {n} (pink coloured wine)  :: rosévin {n}
rot {v} (to decay)  :: ruttna
rota {n} (schedule)  :: arbetsschema {n}
rotation {n} (act of turning around a centre)  :: rotation {c}
rotation {n} (single cycle of turning)  :: varv {n}
rotation {n} (isometry)  :: rotation {c}
rotten {adj} (decayed, gone bad)  :: rutten
rotten {adj} (mean)  :: rutten
rotula {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
roué {n} (A debauched or lecherous person)  :: rumlare
rouge {n} (blush) SEE: blush  ::
rough {adj} (not smooth)  :: ojämn
roughage {n} (dietary fibre) SEE: dietary fibre  ::
rough-legged buzzard {n} (Buteo lagopus)  :: fjällvråk {c}
roughly {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
roughy {n} (orange roughy) SEE: orange roughy  ::
round {adj} (circular or cylindrical)  :: rund
round {adj} (spherical)  :: rund
round {adj} (of corners that lack sharp angles)  :: rund, rundad, avrundad
round {adj} (complete, not lacking)  :: allsidig
round {adj} (of a number that has been rounded off)  :: avrundad, rund
round {adj}  :: rund
round {n} (circular or repetitious route)  :: runda, varv
round {n} (outburst)  :: runda
round {n} (song with each subset starting at a different time)  :: kanon
round {n} (serving)  :: runda
round {n} (individual ammunition shell)  :: patron
round {n} (segment of a sport event)  :: rond, omgång {c}
round {n} (stage of a sports competition)  :: runda, omgång {c}
round {n} (golf etc: way around the course)  :: runda, golfrunda
round {v} (to shape into a curve)  :: runda
round {v} (to complete, fill out)  :: runda av
round {v} (to approximate a number)  :: avrunda
round {v} (to turn past a boundary)  :: runda
round {v} (to turn and attack someone)  :: vända
round {prep} (around) SEE: around  ::
round {adv} (around) SEE: around  ::
roundabout {adj} (circuitous)  :: omständlig, tillkrånglad, indirekt
roundabout {n} (road junction at which traffic streams circularly around a central island)  :: rondell
roundabout {n} (children's play apparatus which rotates around a central axis when pushed)  :: karusell {c}
roundabout {n} (fairground carousel)  :: karusell
roundabout {n} (detour)  :: omväg {c}
round bracket {n} (parenthesis, bracket)  :: parentes {c}
roundel {n} (heraldry: a circular spot; a charge in the form of a small coloured circle)  :: of tincture: kula {c}; of metal: byzantin {c}
roundpole fence {n} (fence)  :: gärdsgård {c}, gärdesgård {c}
round the clock {prep} (24 hours per day) SEE: around the clock  ::
round trip {n} (a trip from one destination to another and then returning to the starting location)  :: tur- och returresa {c}
round up {v} (to collect or gather (something) together)  :: samla ihop
round up {v} (to round up a number)  :: avrunda
roundworm {n} (animal of the phylum Nematoida)  :: rundmask {c}
router {n} (someone who routes or directs items from one location to another)  :: logistiker {c}
router {n} (a device that connects local area networks to form a larger internet)  :: router {c}
routine {n} (course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure)  :: rutin {c}
routine {n} (set of normal procedures, often performed mechanically)  :: rutin {c}
routine {n} (computing: set of instructions designed to perform a specific task)  :: rutin {c}
routine {adj} (according to established procedure)  :: rutinmässig
routine {adj} (regular; habitual)  :: rutinmässig
rover {n} (one who roves)  :: vandrare {c}, nomad {c}
row {n} (line of objects)  :: rad {c}
row {n} (in a table)  :: rad {c}
row {v} (transitive:to propel over water using oars)  :: ro
row {n} (noisy argument)  :: gräl, bråk, tumult
row {n} (continual loud noise)  :: oväsen
row {v} (intransitive: to argue noisily)  :: gräla, bråka
rowan {n} (Sorbus aucuparia)  :: rönn {c}
rowan {n} (tree or shrub of the genus Sorbus)  :: rönn {c}
rowanberry {n} (fruits of the rowan)  :: rönnbär {n}
rowboat {n} (small boat that is rowed)  :: roddbåt {c}, [for one rower] eka {c}
rowdy {adj} (rough and disorderly)  :: stökig
rowdy {n} (boisterous person)  :: bråkmakare, bråkstake
row-equivalence {n} (relation between two matrices of the same size, such that every row of one matrix is a linear combination of the rows of the other matrix, and vice versa)  :: radekvivalens
rowhome {n} (house) SEE: rowhouse  ::
row house {n} (rowhouse) SEE: rowhouse  ::
rowhouse {n} (house)  :: radhus {n}
rowing boat {n} (rowboat) SEE: rowboat  ::
rowlock {n} (support for an oar)  :: årtull {c}
Roxana {prop} (the wife of Alexander the Great)  :: Roxana
Roxanne {prop} (female given name) SEE: Roxana  ::
royal {adj} (of or relating to a monarch or their family)  :: kunglig
royal {n} (nautical: a sail)  :: röjel, bovenbramsegel, överbramsegel
royal {adj} (majestic) SEE: majestic  ::
royal blue {adj} (colour)  :: kungsblå
royalism {n} (advocacy of a king or royal house)  :: rojalism {c}
royalist {n} (supporter of monarchy)  :: rojalist {c}
royal jelly {n} (substance secreted by bees)  :: drottninggelé {c}
Roy G. Biv {prop} (mnemonic)  :: ROGGBIV
rösti {n} (traditional dish in Germanophone Switzerland made from fried potatoes)  :: rösti {c}, potatisplätt {c}
résumé {n} (CV) SEE: curriculum vitae  ::
RSVP {v} (initialism meaning reply please)  :: OSA, o.s.a.
rub {v} (to move one object while maintaining contact with another object over some area)  :: gnida, gnugga, gno
rub {v}  :: gnida, stryka , gnugga , skava
rubber {n} (pliable material derived from the sap of the rubber tree)  :: gummi
rubber {n} (condom)  :: gummi {n}
rubber {n}  :: gummi
rubber {n} (eraser) SEE: eraser  ::
rubber band {n} (elastic band) SEE: elastic band  ::
rubberneck {n} (tourist) SEE: tourist  ::
rubbish {n} (nonsense)  :: skitsnack
rubbish bin {n} (garbage can) SEE: garbage can  ::
rubble {n} (the broken remains of an object, usually rock or masonry)  :: bråte
Rube Goldberg machine {n} (comically overcomplicated machine)  :: Rube Goldberg-maskin
rubeola {n} (measles) SEE: measles  ::
rubidium {n} (element with atomic number 37)  :: rubidium {n}
Rubik's cube {n} (cubical mechanical puzzle)  :: Rubiks kub {c}
ruble {n} (Russian monetary unit)  :: rubel {c}
rubric {n} (heading in a book highlighted in red)  :: rubrik {c}
rub salt in the wound {v} (to make an injury feel worse)  :: strö salt i såren
ruby {n} (type of gem)  :: rubin {c}
ruby {n} (5½-point type) SEE: agate  ::
rucksack {n} (a bag carried on the back) SEE: backpack  ::
ruction {n} (noisy quarrel or fight)  :: bråk {n}, gräl {n}, gruff {n}
rudd {n} (fish Scardinius erythrophthalmus)  :: sarv {c}
rudder {n} (underwater vane used to steer a vessel)  :: roder {n}
rudder {n} (control surface of an aircraft)  :: roder {n}
ruddy {adj} (reddish)  :: rödlätt, rödfärgad, rödblommig, rödaktig
ruddy {adj} (a mild intensifier)  :: rackarns, jädra, attans
ruddy duck {n} (Oxyura jamaicensis)  :: amerikansk kopparand {c}
ruddy shelduck {n} (duck)  :: rostand {c}
rude {adj} (bad-mannered)  :: ohövlig, oförskämd
rudimentary {adj}  :: rudimentär
Rudolph {prop} (male given name)  :: Rolf
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer {prop} (the red-nosed reindeer)  :: Rudolf med röda mulen {c}
rue {v} (to repent or regret a past action or event)  :: ruelse {c}
rue {n} (any of various perennial shrubs)  :: vinruta
ruff {n} (circular frill or ruffle on a garment)  :: pipkrage
ruff {n} (the bird Philomachus pugnax (syn. Calidris pugnax))  :: brushane
ruff {v} (play a trump card) SEE: trump  ::
ruff {n} (fish of the genus Gymnocephalus) SEE: ruffe  ::
ruffe {n} (fish of the genus Gymnocephalus)  :: gers {c}, gärs {c}
ruffian {n} (scoundrel, rascal)  :: skurk {c}, rackare {c}, slyngel {c}, lymmel {c}
rufous-bellied kookaburra {n} (Dacelo gaudichaud)  :: vitnäbbad kokaburra {c}
rug {n} (wig) SEE: wig  ::
rug {n} (partial floor covering)  :: matta {c}
Ruhnu {prop} (island in the middle of the Gulf of Riga)  :: Runö
ruin {n} (remains of destroyed construction)  :: ruin
ruin {n} (the state of being a ruin, destroyed or decayed)  :: ruin
ruin {v} (to cause the economical ruin of)  :: ödelägga, ruinera (financially)
ruin {v} (to ruin) SEE: wreck  ::
Ruism {n} (Confucianism) SEE: Confucianism  ::
rule {n} (regulation)  :: regel {c}
rule {v} (to regulate, be in charge of, make decisions for, reign over)  :: styra, regera
rule {n} (straight-edge) SEE: ruler  ::
rule of thumb {n} (a general guideline rather than a strict rule)  :: tumregel {c}
ruler {n} (measuring or drawing device)  :: linjal {c}
ruler {n} (person who rules or governs)  :: härskare {c}, ledare {c}
rum {n} (distilled spirit)  :: rom {c}
rumba {n} (dance)  :: rumba {c}
rumble {n} (low, heavy, continuous sound)  :: dån {n}, buller {n}
rumble {n} (street fight or brawl)  :: väsen {n}, oväsen {n}, bråk {n}, liv {n}
rumble {v} (to make a low pitched noise)  :: rumla, kurra, morra, gny
rumble {v} (to move while making a rumbling noise)  :: skramla, skaka, rassla
rumble {v} (to fight, brawl)  :: rumla, kivas, bråka, leva
rumen {n} (first stomach of ruminants)  :: våm {c}
ruminant {n} (artiodactyl ungulate mammal which chews cud)  :: idisslare
ruminate {v} (to chew cud)  :: idisla
rumination {n} (negative cyclic thinking)  :: älta
rumor {n} (statement or claim from no known reliable source)  :: rykte {n}
rumor {n} (uncountable: information)  :: rykte {n}
rump {n} (the buttocks)  :: rumpa {c}
rumpled {adj} (creased, ruffled, dishevelled)  :: skrynklig, rufsig
rumpus {n} (noise and confusion)  :: tumult {n}, bråk {n}, rabalder {n}
run {v} (to move quickly on two feet)  :: springa
run {v} (to be in charge of)  :: driva, leda, styra
run {v} (to flow)  :: rinna
run {v} (to have a liquid flowing from)  :: rinna
run {v} (to be a candidate in an election)  :: kandidera
run {n} (the route taken while running)  :: runda {c}
run {n} (flow of liquid)  :: flöde {n}, ström {c}, rinnande {n}
run {n} (creek)  :: bäck {c}
run {v} (to smuggle illegal goods) SEE: smuggle  ::
run after {v} (chase)  :: jaga, jaga efter
run amok {v} (run amok)  :: löpa amok
run away with {v} (to overwhelm) SEE: overwhelm  ::
rundown {adj} (run-down) SEE: run-down  ::
run-down {adj}  :: nedgången
rune {n} (letter or character)  :: runa {c}
runestone {n} (stone with a runic inscription)  :: runsten {c}
run for it {v} (escape)  :: lägga benen på ryggen
Réunion {prop} (Overseas department of France)  :: Réunion
runner {n} (somebody who runs, who moves at a fast pace)  :: löpare
runner {n} (part of unevenly burning cigarette)  :: sne(d)fitta
runner {n} (botany: long stolon)  :: utlöpare
runner-up {n} (the person who finishes second)  :: tvåa {c}
running shoes {n} (spiked trainers)  :: löparskor {c-p}, springskor {c-p}, spikskor {c-p}
running shoes {n} (sneakers)  :: löparskor {c-p}, springskor {c-p}, sportskor {c-p}, tennisskor {c-p}, gymnastikskor {c-p}
running text {n} (body of text)  :: löpande text, löptext, brödtext
running the gauntlet {n} (physical punishment by which a person is compelled to run through a double line of soldiers who attempt to strike him as they pass)  :: gatlopp {n}
running track {n} (track for running events)  :: löparbana {c}
run-of-the-mill {adj} (ordinary)  :: ordinär
run out {v} (to use up)  :: få slut (på)
run out {v} (to expire, to come to an end)  :: gå ut, förfalla
run over {v} (to drive over, causing injury or death)  :: köra över
runs {n} (diarrhea)  :: diarré {c}, rännskita {c}, ränneskita {c}
run-time {adj} (Of, relating to, or happening during run time)  :: exekverings-, kör-
runway {n} (section for landing or take-off)  :: landningsbana {c}, startbana {c}, rullbana {c}
runway {n} (platform for fashion shows)  :: catwalk {c}
runway {n} (usual path taken by animals)  :: djurstig {c}, djurstråk {n}
Rus {prop} (people)  :: ruser {c-p}
ruse {n} (trick)  :: trick {n}, knep {n}
ruse {n} (guile)  :: skenmanöver, avledningsmanöver {c}
rush {n} (onslaught) SEE: onslaught  ::
rush hour {n} (times of day when traffic jams are commonplace, principally due to commuting)  :: rusningstid {c}
rusk {n} (light, soft bread, often toasted or crisped in an oven)  :: skorpa {c}
russet {n} (fabric)  :: vadmal {n} {c} [historical in this tense: red-brown, coarse fabric]
russet {adj} (color)  :: rödbrun
Russia {prop} (country in Asia and Europe)  :: Ryssland
Russian {n} (a person from Russia)  :: ryss {m}, ryska {f}
Russian {prop} (the Russian language)  :: ryska
Russian {adj} (of or pertaining to Russia)  :: rysk
Russian doll {n} (wooden doll)  :: rysk docka {c}, matrjosjka {c}, babusjka {c}
Russian Federation {prop} (Russia)  :: Ryska federationen
Russian Orthodox Church {prop} (Russian Orthodox Church)  :: Rysk-ortodoxa kyrkan {c}
Russian sturgeon {n} (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii)  :: rysk stör
russification {n} (Russification) SEE: Russification  ::
Russification {n} (cultural Russification)  :: russifiering
Russo- {prefix} (relating to Russia or Russian)  :: rysk-
Russophobia {n} (the fear of Russia or Russian)  :: rysskräck {c}, russofobi {c}, ryssfobi
rust {n} (result of oxidation)  :: rost {c}
rust {n} (colour)  :: rostbrun, rostfärgad
rust {n} (plant disease)  :: rost
rust {v} (to oxidise)  :: rosta
rustic {adj} (unfinished, roughly finished)  :: grov
rusty {adj} (affected by rust)  :: rostig
rusty {adj} (of the rust color, reddish or reddish-brown)  :: rostfärgad
rusty {adj} (lacking recent experience, out of practice)  :: ringrostig
rusty {adj}  :: rostig , rostfärgad
rut {n} (sexual desire or oestrus)  :: brunst
rut {v} (To be in the annual rut)  :: löpa
rutabaga {n} (edible root)  :: kålrot {c}, rotabagge {m} (dialectal, Västgötska)
Ruth {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Rut
Ruth {prop} (female given name)  :: Rut, Ruth
ruthenium {n} (chemical element)  :: rutenium {n}
rutherfordium {n} (chemical element)  :: rutherfordium {n}
ruthless {adj} (without pity or compassion)  :: hänsynslös, skoningslös, obarmhärtig
rutile {n} (the most frequent of the three polymorphs of titanium dioxide)  :: rutil
Rwanda {prop} (country)  :: Rwanda
rye {n} (the grass Secale cereale or its grains as food)  :: råg {c}
rye {n} (rye bread) SEE: rye bread  ::
rye bread {n} (type of bread)  :: rågbröd {n}
Rzeczpospolita {prop} (Poland) SEE: Poland  ::