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baa {interj} (cry of sheep)  :: me
baa {n} (bleating of sheep)  :: me, meleme
baa {v} (to make the cry of sheep)  :: melemek
baba {n} (holy man, spiritual leader)  :: baba, peder, pederler {p}, babalar {p}, peder
Baba Yaga {prop} (hag who flies through the air in a mortar)  :: Baba Yaga, Yek, Yeg, Yiğ
baboon {n} (primate)  :: şebek
babouche {n} (Turkish or oriental slipper)  :: terlik
baby {n} (form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive)  :: bebek
baby {n} (very young human being)  :: bebek
baby {n} (young animal)  :: yavru
baby bottle {n} (bottle with a teat)  :: biberon
baby fat {n} (bodyfat gained by a woman during pregnancy)  :: doğum kiloları
babyism {n} (state of being a baby)  :: bebeklik
Babylon {prop} (capital of Babylonia)  :: Babil
Babylonia {prop} (ancient region and empire of southern Mesopotamia)  :: Babil
babysitter {n} (baby or child caretaker)  :: çocuk bakıcısı
Bacchus {prop} (the Roman god of wine)  :: Diyonisos
bachelor {n} (unmarried man)  :: bekâr {m}
bachelor pad {n} (dwelling of unmarried man)  :: bekâr evi
bachelor party {n} (party)  :: bekarlığa veda partisi
bacillus {n} (any bacteria in the genus Bacillus)  :: bacillus
back {adj} (near the rear)  :: arka
back {adv} (to or in a previous condition or place)  :: geri
back {n} (the rear of body)  :: sırt
back and forth {adv} (from one place to another and back again)  :: ileri geri
backbone {n} (any fundamental support, structure, or infrastructure)  :: omurga
backbone {n} (series of vertebrae that encloses the spinal cord)  :: omurga
backgammon {n} (board game)  :: tavla {n}
backlog {n} (an accumulation or buildup)  :: birikme, birikmiş iş, terakküm, artbirikim
backpack {n} (worn on a person's back, e.g., for hiking)  :: sırt çantası
backronym {n}  :: kısaltma ad
backslash {n} (punctuation mark)  :: ters bölü
backspace {n} (computer key)  :: geri tuşu, silme tuşu
backspace {n} (typewriter key)  :: geri tuşu, silme tuşu
backspace {v} (remove a character)  :: geri tuşu
back-to-back {adj}  :: sırt sırta
back to the wall {n} (very difficult situation)  :: kuyruğu kapana kısılmak
back up {v} (To copy as a security measure)  :: yedeklemek
back vowel {n} (Any vowel sound produced in the back of the mouth)  :: kalın ünlü, kalın sesli, art ünlü, art sesli
bacon {n} (cut of meat)  :: domuz pastırması
bacon {n} (thin slice of pork)  :: jambon
bacterium {n} (single celled organism with no nucleus or organelles)  :: bakteri
Bactria {prop} (Greek name for ancient country)  :: Baktria
Bactrian camel {n} (Camelus bactrianus)  :: çift hörgüçlü deve
bad {adj} (evil, wicked)  :: kötü
bad {adj} (not good)  :: kötü
badger {n} (mammal)  :: porsuk
badly {adj} (ill, unwell)  :: kötü
badly {adv} (in a bad manner)  :: acil, fena
badminton {n} (a racquet sport)  :: badminton, tüylü top
badness {n} (the quality of being bad)  :: kötülük
bad news {n}  :: kötü haber
bad-tempered {adj} (showing anger)  :: hırçın, kötü huylu
bag {n} (flexible container)  :: çanta, [plastic] poşet, [generally paper] paket, torba
bag {n}  :: torba
Baghdad {prop} (city)  :: Bağdat
Baghdadi {n} (person from Baghdad)  :: Bağdatlı
bagpipes {n} (musical wind instrument)  :: gayda
Bahamas {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Bahamalar {p}
Baharna Arabic {prop} (the language)  :: Bahreyn Arapçası
Bahrain {prop} (Country in the Middle East)  :: Bahreyn
Bahraini {n} (a person from Bahrain or of Bahraini descent)  :: Bahreynli
Baikal {prop} (a large lake in Russia)  :: Baykal, Baykal gölü
Baikonur {prop} (city and cosmodrome in Kazakhstan)  :: Baykonur
bailout {n} (a backup supply of air in scuba diving)  :: kurtarmak
bailout {n} (a rescue, especially a financial rescue)  :: kefaletle serbest bırakmak, mali yardım
bake {v} (to cook in an oven)  :: fırınlamak
bake {v} (to dry by heat)  :: kurutmak
baker {n} (person who bakes and sells bread, etc)  :: fırıncı
bakery {n} (a shop in which bread and such is baked and sold)  :: fırın
Bakhchisaray {prop} (city in Crimea)  :: Bahçesaray
baking powder {n} (a dry leavening agent used in baking)  :: kabartma tozu
baking soda {n} (common name for sodium bicarbonate)  :: karbonat
Baklahorani {prop} (Baklahorani)  :: Baklahorani, Baklahoran
baklava {n} (sweet pastry)  :: baklava
baksheesh {n} (bribe or tip paid to speed up services in the Middle East and SW Asia)  :: bahşiş
Baku {prop} (the capital of Azerbaijan)  :: Bakü
Balaklava {prop} (a former city in Crimea)  :: Balıklava
balalaika {n} (Russian instrument)  :: balalayka
balance {n} (equilibrium)  :: denge
balance {n} (scales)  :: terazi, kantar
balance sheet {n} (summary of assets, liabilities and equity)  :: bilanço
balcony {n} (structure extending from a building)  :: balkon
bald {adj} (having no hair)  :: kel
bald {adj} ((of tyre) whose surface is worn away)  :: kabak
baldness {n} (The state of being bald)  :: dazlak, dazlaklık, kellik
bale {v} (to wrap into a bale)  :: paketlemek
Balearic Islands {prop} (group of Mediterranean islands)  :: Balear Adaları {p}
Balkan {adj} (Of or relating to the Balkan Peninsula)  :: Balkan
Balkan Peninsula {prop} (peninsula in southeastern Europe, see also: Balkans)  :: Balkan Yarımadası
Balkans {prop} (geographical region in the southeast of Europe, see also: Balkan Peninsula)  :: Balkanlar {p}
ball {n} (ballistics: a solid nonexplosive missile)  :: gülle, mermi
ball {n} (formal dance)  :: balo
ball {n} (mathematics: set of points in a metric space lying within a given distance of a given point)  :: küre
ball {n} (object, generally spherical, used for playing games)  :: top
ball {n} (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)  :: yumak
ball {n} (solid or hollow sphere)  :: top
ball {n} (testicle)  :: taşak, haya, yumurta
ballet {n} (classical form of dance)  :: bale
balloon {n} (child’s toy)  :: balon
ballpoint pen {n} (pen)  :: tükenmez kalem
Baltic Sea {prop} (a sea)  :: Baltık Denizi
balustrade {n} (row of balusters)  :: tırabzan, korkuluk
Bambara {prop} (language)  :: Bambara
banana {n} (fruit)  :: muz
banana peel {n} (outermost layer of the banana)  :: muz kabuğu
banana republic {n} (country)  :: muz cumhuriyeti
Bandung {prop} (Capital city of West Java Province)  :: Bandung
bandwagon {n} ((figuratively) Current movement that attracts wide support)  :: çoğunluk partisi, grup vagon
bandwagon {n} (Large wagon to carry a band)  :: bando arabası
bandwagon effect {n} (bandwagon effect)  :: sürü etkisi, bando etkisi
bane {n} (source of harm or ruin; affliction)  :: felaket, yıkım
bang {interj} (verbal percussive sound)  :: pat
bang {n} (An explosion)  :: patlama
bang {n} (hair that hangs down over the forehead)  :: kâkül, perçem
Bangkok {prop} (the capital of Thailand)  :: Bangkok
Bangladesh {prop} (country)  :: Bangladeş
Bangladeshi {n} (person from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent)  :: Bangladeşli
Bangor {prop} (city in Wales)  :: Bangor
banishment {n} (The act of banishing)  :: sürgün
banjo {n} (a musical instrument)  :: banjo
bank {n} (institution)  :: banka
bank account {n} (fund deposited by a customer for safekeeping in a bank)  :: banka hesabı
banker {n} (one who conducts the business of banking)  :: bankacı
banknote {n} (paper currency)  :: banknot
bankruptcy {n} (legally declared or recognized condition of insolvency)  :: iflas
banner {adj}  :: bayrak
banner {n} (flag)  :: alem
banter {n} (good humoured conversation)  :: muhabbet
banter {v} (to engage in banter)  :: muhabbet etmek
banter {v} (to tease mildly)  :: takılmak
banya {n} (a Russian steam bath)  :: banya
baobab {n} (Adansonia digitata)  :: baobap
Baphomet {prop} (pagan deity)  :: Baphomet, Bafomet
baptism {n} (Christian sacrament with water)  :: vaftiz
bar {n} (business licensed to sell intoxicating beverages)  :: bar, meyhane
bar {v} (to lock or bolt with a bar)  :: sürgülemek
bar {v} (to obstruct the passage of)  :: önünü kesmek, sürgülemek, yasaklamak
bar {v} (to prohibit)  :: yasaklamak
Barbados {prop} (country in the Caribbean)  :: Barbados
barbarian {adj} (uncivilized)  :: barbar
barbarian {n} (a derogatory term for someone from a developing country)  :: barbar
barbarian {n} (an uncivilized person)  :: barbar
barbarian {n} (a warrior associated with Sword and Sorcery stories)  :: barbar
barber {n} (person whose profession is cutting (usually male) customers' hair and beards)  :: berber
Barcelona {prop} (capital of Catalonia)  :: Barselona
barcode {n} (set of machine-readable parallel bars)  :: barkod, bar kod
bard {n} (professional poet and singer)  :: ozan
bare-bones {adj} (minimalist)  :: barebone, basit, en hayâtî gerçekler
barista {n}  :: barmen
barium {n} (chemical element)  :: baryum
bark {n} (exterior covering of a tree)  :: ağaç kabuğu
bark {n} (figurative: abrupt utterance)  :: hav, havlama, bağırma, bağırış
bark {n} (short, loud, explosive utterance)  :: hav, havlama
bark {n} (similar sound of other animals)  :: hav, havlama
bark {v} (to abrade or rub off any outer covering from)  :: soymak, kabuğunu soymak
bark {v} (to make a clamor)  :: bağırmak
bark {v} (to make a loud noise (dogs))  :: havlamak, ürümek
bark {v} (to speak sharply)  :: bağırmak
bark {v} (to strip the bark from, to peel)  :: soymak, kabuğunu soymak
barkeeper {n}  :: barmen
barking dogs seldom bite {proverb} (people who make big threats never usually carry them out)  :: havlayan köpek ısırmaz
barky {adj} (having bark)  :: kabuklu
barley {n} (Hordeum vulgare or its grains)  :: arpa
barn {n} (building)  :: ahır
Barnaul {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Barnaul
barn owl {n} (An owl of the genus Tyto)  :: peçeli baykuş
barn swallow {n} (species of swallow)  :: kır kırlangıcı
barometer {n} (an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure)  :: barometre, basınçölçer
barrack {n} (a building for soldiers)  :: baraka
barred spiral galaxy {n} (spiral galaxy)  :: çubuklu sarmal galaksi, çubuklu sarmal gök ada
barrel {n} (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)  :: fıçı
barricade {n} (a barrier constructed across a road, especially as a military defence)  :: barikat
barring {prep} (excepting)  :: başka, dışında, gayrı, hâricinde
bartender {n} (person who works in a bar)  :: barmen
barter {n} (an equal exchange)  :: takas
baryon {n} (heavy subatomic particle)  :: baryon
basalt {n} (hard rock)  :: bazalt
base {n} (chemical compound that will neutralize an acid)  :: baz
base {n} (electronics: controlling terminal of a transistor)  :: baz
base {n} (foundation)  :: temelesas, kaide
base {n} (headquarters)  :: karargâh, merkez, üs
base {n} (lower, horizontal line in a triangle or the horizontal plane of a 3D object)  :: taban
base {n} (lowermost part of a column)  :: temel
base {n} (permanent structure for housing a military)  :: üskaide, karargah,
baseball {n} (ball game)  :: beyzbol
baseball {n} (ball used in baseball-game)  :: beyzbol topu
baseball player {n} (a person who plays baseball)  :: beyzbolcu
based {adj} (founded on)  :: tabanlı, temelli
basement {n} (floor below ground level)  :: bodrum
Bashkir {prop} (language)  :: Başkurtça
Bashkortostan {prop} (federal subject of Russia)  :: Başkurdistan
basilica {n} (Christian church building having a nave)  :: bazilika
basilisk {n} (snake-like dragon type)  :: basilisk
basin {n} (area of land that drains into a river)  :: havza
basin {n} (bowl for washing, often affixed to a wall)  :: tekne
basin {n}  :: leğen, kase, havza
basin {n} (rock formation scooped out by water erosion)  :: koy
basis {n} (linearly independent set of vectors)  :: temel, taban
basket {n} (basketball: act of putting the ball through the basket)  :: basket
basket {n} (container)  :: sepet
basketball {n} (the ball used in the sport)  :: basketbol topu
basketball {n} (the sport)  :: basketbol, basket
basketball player {n} (person who plays basketball)  :: basketbolcu, basketçi
Basmachi {prop} (a rebel against the Russian or Soviet rule in Central Asia)  :: basmacı
Basque {adj} (relative to the Basque people or their language)  :: Bask
Basque {n} (member of a people)  :: Bask
Basque {prop} (language)  :: Baskça
Basque Country {prop} (autonomous community within Spain)  :: Bask Bölgesi
Basque Country {prop} (geographical region in Spain and France)  :: Bask Ülkesi
Basra {prop} (city in Iraq)  :: Basra
bass {adj} (low in pitch)  :: bas
bassoon {n} (musical instrument in the woodwind family)  :: fagot
bastard {adj} (of or like a bastard (bad person))  :: piç, piçler {p}
bastard {interj}  :: orospu çocuğu, piç
bastard {n} (contemptible etc. person)  :: piç
bastard {n} (humorously: man, fellow)  :: piç
bastard {n} (informal: child that does not know his father)  :: piç
bastard {n} (mongrel)  :: melez, piç
bastard {n} (person born to unmarried parents)  :: piç
bastard {n}  :: piç
bat {n} (small flying mammal)  :: yarasa
bath {n} (act of bathing)  :: banyo, yunu
bath {n} (room)  :: banyo, yunak
bath {n} (tub)  :: küvet
bath {v} (To wash a person or animal in a bath)  :: yıkamak, banyo yaptırmak
Bath {prop} (City in England)  :: Bath
bathe {v} (to clean a person by immersion in water)  :: çimmek, yunmak, yıkanmak
bathe {v} (to clean oneself)  :: çimmek, yunmak, yıkanmak
bathe {v} (to immerse oneself in water)  :: çimmek, yunmak, yıkanmak
bathroom {n} (a room containing a bath where one can bathe)  :: banyo
bathroom {n} (a room containing a toilet)  :: tuvalet [-ti]
bathtub {n} (large container in which a person may bathe)  :: küvet
batman {n} (servant to an army officer)  :: emir eri, emirber, hizmet eri, yaver
Bats {prop} (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in Georgia)  :: batsça
battering ram {n} (type of siege engine used to smash gates and walls)  :: şahmerdan
battery {n} (device producing electricity)  :: pil, [car] akü
battery {n} (set of cages for hens)  :: folluk
battle {n}  :: cenk {n}, savaş {n}
battle {n} (general action, fight, or encounter; a combat)  :: harp, savaş
battle {v}  :: cenk etmek, savaşmak
battlefield {n} (field of a land battle)  :: savaş meydanı, savaş alanı
battlefront {n} (line along which opposing armies engage in combat)  :: cephe
battlement {n} (indented parapet formed by a series of rising members)  :: mazgallı siper, siper
battle of the sexes {n} (game theory)  :: cinsiyetlerin savaşı
Batumi {prop} (city)  :: Batum
Baumkuchen {n} (a kind of layered cake)  :: makara
Bautzen {prop} (city in Germany)  :: Bautzen
Bavaria {prop} (state in Germany)  :: Bavyera
bay {n} (body of water)  :: koy
bay {n} (brown colour/color)  :: doru
Bay of Bengal {prop} (Large bay in the northeastern Indian Ocean)  :: Bengal Körfezi
bayonet {n} (weapon)  :: süngü
bay window {n} (type of window)  :: cumba
bazaar {n} (marketplace)  :: pazar
BC {initialism} (before Christ)  :: (milattan önce)
béchamel sauce {n} (white sauce made with butter, flour and milk)  :: beşamel, beşamel sos
BDSM {n} (sexual practice)  :: BDSM
be {v} (exist)  :: var
be {v} (occupy a place)  :: bulunmak, olmak
be {v} (occur, take place)  :: olmak, var olmak
be able to {v} (have ability to)  :: edebilmek
beach {n} (sandy shore)  :: kumsal, kıyı, plaj, sahil, çimerlik, yalı kenarı
beach volleyball {n} (sport)  :: plaj voleybolu
beacon {n} (signal fire)  :: fener
bead {n} (rosary ball)  :: boncuk
beak {n} (structure projecting from a bird's face)  :: gaga
be all ears {v} (to listen carefully or eagerly; to anticipate)  :: kulak kesilmek
beam {n} (large piece of timber or iron)  :: kiriş
beam {n} (principal horizontal beam in a building)  :: kiriş
beam {n} (ray)  :: ışın
bean {n} (seed)  :: fasulye
bean {n} (software: short for JavaBean)  :: eleman
bear {n} (large hairy man)  :: ayı
bear {n} (large mammal of family Ursidae)  :: ayı
bear {v} (to put up with)  :: katlanmak
beard {n} (facial hair)  :: sakal
bearded {adj} (having a beard)  :: sakallı
beardless {adj} (without a beard)  :: sakalsız
beast of prey {n} (animal)  :: yırtıcı hayvanlar
beautiful {adj} (possessing charm and attractive)  :: güzel
beautify {v} (to make beautiful or more beautiful)  :: güzelleştirmek
beauty {n} (quality of pleasing appearance)  :: güzellik
beauty is in the eye of the beholder {proverb} (people have different ideas of what is beautiful)  :: güzellik bakanın gözündedir
beauty mark {n} (dark spot on face)  :: ben
beaver {n} (aquatic rodent)  :: kastor, kunduz
be born {v} (to come into existence through birth)  :: doğmak
be called {v} (to have a specific name)  :: çağrılabilir
because {conj} (by or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that)  :: çünkü
because of {prep} (on account of, by reason of, for the purpose of)  :: (NOUN +) yüzünden, (GEN +) yüzünden
become {v} (to begin to be)  :: olmak
become {v} (to look attractive on, be suitable for)  :: yakışmak
bed {n} (bed as general place or concept)  :: döşek
bed {n} (piece of furniture)  :: yatak
bed {n} (prepared spot to spend the night in)  :: yatak, döşek
bedbug {n} (small nocturnal insects)  :: tahtakurusu
bedouin {n} (desert-dweller)  :: bedevi
bedrock {n} (underground solid rock)  :: ana kaya, ana kayaç
bedroom {n} (room in a house where a bed is kept for sleeping)  :: yatak odası
bed sheet {n} (sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: çarşaf
bedsheet {n} (a sheet, a piece of cloth cut and finished as bedlinen)  :: yatak çarşafı
bedstraw {n} (any plant of the herb genus Galium)  :: yoğurtotu
bee {n} (insect)  :: arı
bee {n} (name of the letter B, b)  :: be
beech {n} (tree of Fagus family)  :: kayın
beefcake {n} (imagery of muscular men)  :: kas yumağı (muscle-skein)
beefcake {n} (muscular, desirable man)  :: biftekkek
beefsteak {n} (steak)  :: biftek
beehive {n} (figurative: any place in which people are very busy)  :: kovan, arı kovanı
beehive {n} (home of bees)  :: kovan, arı kovanı
beehive {n} (man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey)  :: kovan
beekeeper {n} (someone who keeps bees)  :: arıcı
beekeeping {n} (raising bees)  :: arıcılık
beer {n} (alcoholic drink made of malt)  :: bira
beer belly {n} (protruding abdomen)  :: bira göbeği
beeswax {n} (wax secreted by bees)  :: balmumu
beet {n} (Beta vulgaris)  :: pancar
beetle {n} (insect)  :: böcek
beetroot {n} (a normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet)  :: pancar
before {prep} (earlier than in time)  :: önce
beforehand {adv} (at an earlier time)  :: öncesinde
beg {v} (to request the help of someone, ask for money)  :: çanta
beggar {n} (person who begs)  :: dilenci
begin {v} (To start, to initiate or take the first step into something.)  :: başlamak
beginner {n} (someone who just recently started)  :: acemi, çöne
beginning {n} (act of doing that which begins anything)  :: başlangıç, iptida
beginning {n} (initial portion of some extended thing)  :: başlangıç
beginning {n} (that which begins or originates something)  :: başlangıç
beginning {n} (that which is begun)  :: başlanan
begonia {n} (plants of the genus Begonia)  :: begonya
beguile {v} (charm, delight)  :: ayartmak
beguile {v} (to deceive or delude (using guile))  :: kanına girmek, yoldan çıkarmak, ayartmak, baştan çıkarmak
behave {v} (to act in a polite or proper way)  :: düzgün davranmak, terbiyeli davranmak, görgülü davranmak, terbiyeli olmak, terbiyesini takınmak, edebini takınmak
behave {v} (to act in a specific manner)  :: davranmak
behavior {n}  :: davranış
behavior {n} (way an animal or human behaves or acts)  :: davranış, tutum
behavioral {adj} (of or relating to behavior)  :: davranışsal
behaviorism {n} (approach to psychology focusing on behavior)  :: davranışçılık
behaviour {n}  :: davranış
behaviour {n} (the way matter moves or acts)  :: davranış
behead {v} (to remove the head)  :: boynunu vurmak, [colloquial] kafasını uçurmak, [colloquial] kellesini uçurmak
beheading {n} (an instance of beheading)  :: boynunu vurma
behemoth {n} (mighty beast in the Book of Job)  :: behemot, dev yaratık
behemoth {n} (mighty monster)  :: dev, dev hayvan
behemoth {n} (something of great size and power)  :: dev
Behçet's disease {n} (multi-system disorder)  :: Behçet hastalığı
behind {prep}  :: arkada
behold {v} (to see, to look at)  :: bakmak
behoove {v} (to suit; to befit)  :: düşmek, yaraşmak
beige {n} (colour)  :: bej
Beijing {prop} (capital of China)  :: Pekin
being {n} (a living creature)  :: yaratık
being {n} (the state or fact of existence)  :: varlık
Beirut {prop} (capital of Lebanon)  :: Beyrut
Belarus {prop} (country)  :: Beyaz Rusya, Belarus
Belarusian {n} (person from Belarus or of Belarusian descent)  :: Beyaz Rus, Beyaz Rusyalı, Belaruslu
Belarusian {prop} (language)  :: Beyaz Rusça
belch {v} (expel gas from the stomach through the mouth)  :: geğirmek
beleaguered {adj} (beset by trouble or difficulty)  :: yıpranmış
Belfast {prop} (capital of Northern Ireland)  :: Belfast
Belgian {n} (Belgian, person from Belgium)  :: Belçikalı
Belgian Sheepdog {n} (Umbrella term for the four Belgian sheepdog variants)  :: Belçika çoban köpeği
Belgium {prop} (country in Europe)  :: Belçika
Belgorod {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Belgorod
Belgrade {prop} (capital of Serbia)  :: Belgrad, Belgrat
Belgradian {n} (someone from Belgrade)  :: Belgradlı
belief {n}  :: inanç
believe {v} (to accept as true)  :: inanmak
believe {v} (to accept that someone is telling the truth (object: person))  :: inanmak
believe {v} (to consider likely)  :: inanmak
believe {v} (to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth)  :: inanmak
believe in {v} (ascribe existence to)  :: inanmak
believe in {v} (believe that something is right or desirable)  :: inanmak
believe in {v} (have confidence in)  :: güvenmek, inanmak
believe it or not {adv} (you may not believe the following, but it is true)  :: ister inan, ister inanma
believer {n} (person who believes)  :: mümin, inanan
Belize {prop} (country)  :: Belize
bell {n} (informal: telephone call)  :: zil
bell {n} (percussive instrument)  :: çan
bell {n} (signal at a school)  :: zil
bell {n} (sounding of a bell as a signal)  :: çalma
bell curve {n} (bell shaped curve typical of the normal distribution)  :: çan eğrisi
bellflower {n} (plant of genus Campanula)  :: çan çiçeği, meryemanaeldiveni, boru çiçeği, çıngırak otu
bellows {n} (air blower)  :: körük
bell pepper {n} (spicy-sweet vegetable)  :: dolma biber, dolmalık biber, biber
belly {n} (abdomen)  :: göbek, karın
belly dance {n} (form of dance)  :: göbek dansı, oryantal
belt {n} (band used for safety purposes)  :: kemer
belt {n} (band used in a machine to help transfer motion or power)  :: kayış
belt {n} (band worn around the waist)  :: kemer
bench {n} (long seat)  :: bank
benchmark {n} (a standard for evaluating or measuring)  :: mihenk taşı
bend {v} (to become curved)  :: bükmek
bend {v} (to cause to shape into a curve)  :: bükmek
bend {v} (to force to submit)  :: bükmek
bend over {v} (to bend one's upper body forward)  :: eğilmek
benefactor {n} (on who gives gifts or help)  :: hayırsever
benevolence {n} (disposition to do good)  :: hayırseverlik, yardımseverlik, iyilikseverlik, esirgemezlik, himmet
Bengali {prop} (language)  :: bengalce
Bengal tiger {n} (Panthera tigris tigris)  :: Bengal kaplanı
Benghazi {prop} (Benghazi, Libya)  :: Bingazi
benign tumor {n} (tumor which can usually be removed without serious complications)  :: iyi huylu tümör, selim tümör, iyi huylu ur, selim ur [rare]
Benin {prop} (country)  :: Benin
Beninese {n} (person)  :: Beninli
Benjamin {prop} (male given name)  :: Bünyamin
Benjamin {prop} (the youngest son of Jacob)  :: Bünyamin
benzaldehyde {n} (C6H5CHO)  :: benzaldehit
bequeath {v} (to give or leave by will)  :: mirasla bırakmak, vasiyetle bırakmak
bequeath {v} (to hand down; to transmit)  :: vasiyet etmek
berate {v} (chide vehemently)  :: azarlamak, fırça atmak, haşlamak, paylamak
bereft {adj} (deprived of)  :: yoksun, mahrum
beret {n} (type of brimless cap)  :: bere
Bergen {prop} (city in Norway)  :: Bergen
Bering Sea {prop} (sea)  :: Bering Denizi
berkelium {n} (transuranic chemical element)  :: berkelyum
Berlin {prop} (capital city of Germany)  :: Berlin
Berliner {n} (native or inhabitant of Berlin)  :: Berlinli
Berlin Wall {prop} (Berlin Wall)  :: Berlin Duvarı
Bermuda {prop} (island group)  :: Bermuda
Bermuda Triangle {prop} (any area where things mysteriously disappear)  :: Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni
Bermuda Triangle {prop} (area in Atlantic Ocean)  :: Bermuda Şeytan Üçgeni
berry {n} (small fruit)  :: meyve, yemiş
beryl {n} (gem)  :: beril
beryllium {n} (chemical element)  :: berilyum
besides {prep} (in addition to)  :: dışında {p}
bespectacled {adj} (wearing spectacles (glasses))  :: gözlüklü
Bessarabia {prop} (region)  :: Besarabya
Bessel function {n}  :: Bessel funksyonu
best {adj} (superlative of the adjective good)  :: en iyi
best friend {n} (an especially close and trusted friend)  :: kanka
best man {n} (primary attendant to the groom)  :: sağdıç
best of breed {n} (any product thought to be the best of its type)  :: seçme, türünün en iyisi
bestow {v} (present a thing as a gift or honour)  :: sunmak
best regards {n} (polite closing of a letter)  :: saygılarımla
beta {n} (letter of the Greek alphabet)  :: beta
beta function {n} (function which generalizes the notion of a factorial)  :: beta fonksiyonu
betake {v} (to go or move)  :: yola koyulmak
beta version {n} (software in an early status)  :: beta sürümü, ikincil sürüm
Bethlehem {prop} (City)  :: Beytüllahim, Betlehem
betimes {adv} (in good season or time)  :: erken, erkenden, vaktinde, zamanında
betray {v} (to deliver into the hands of an enemy)  :: ihanet etmek
betray {v} (to disclose or discover)  :: ele vermek
better {adj} (comparative of the adjectives good or well)  :: daha iyi
better late than never {adv} (it’s better to do something late, than to never do it at all)  :: geç olsun da güç olmasın
between {prep} (in the position or interval that separates two things)  :: arasında
betwixt {prep} (between, specifically between two things)  :: beyninde
be up against the wall {phrase}  :: köşeye sıkışmak
beverage {n} (a drink)  :: içecek, meşrubat
bevy {n} (large group of birds)  :: kuş sürüsü
bevy {n} (large group or collection)  :: sürü
bewail {v} (to wail over)  :: ağlamak
bewildering {adj}  :: hayret verici, şaşırtıcı, sersemletici
bewitch {v} (to cast a spell)  :: büyülemek, büyü yapmak
bewitching {adj} (enchanting)  :: büyüleyici
bey {n} (governor of a Turkish dominion)  :: bey
B-flat major {n} (major key with B-flat as its tonic)  :: si bemol majör
Bhutan {prop} (Himalayan country)  :: Bhutan
bias {n} (a voltage or current applied for example to a transistor electrode)  :: önyargı
bible {n} (comprehensive manual)  :: İncil
Bible {prop} (Christian holy book)  :: Kitab-ı Mukaddes, Kutsal Kitap, İncil
bibliophile {n} (person who loves books)  :: kitapsever, bibliyofil
bibliopole {n} (bookseller, especially of secondhand or rare books)  :: sahaf
biceps {n} (any muscle having two heads)  :: iki başlı
biceps {n} (the upper arm, especially the muscles)  :: pazı
biceps brachii {n} (biceps brachii)  :: pazı, iki başlı üst kol kası
biceps femoris {n} (the flexor of the knee)  :: iki başlı uyluk kası
bicycle {n} (vehicle)  :: bisiklet
bicycle helmet {n} (a helmet)  :: bisiklet kaskı
big {adj} (of a great size, see also: large)  :: büyük
big bang {n} (explosion creating a universe)  :: büyük patlama
big data {n} (collection of data sets)  :: büyük veri
big deal {interj} (so what)  :: hıh, o da bir şey mi
big deal {n} (something very important)  :: çok mühim, çok önemli
Big Dipper {prop} (bright circumpolar asterism of the northern sky)  :: Büyük Ayı
Bigfoot {n} (unidentified yeti-like animal)  :: Kocaayak [calque], yeti, karakoncolos, germakoçi [literally 'mountainman' in laz language]
biggest {adj} (of a great size, see also: large)  :: en büyük
big-headed {adj} (arrogant)  :: kendini beğenmiş, kibirli, [colloquial] koca kafalı
Big Mac {n} (burger)  :: Big Mac
bigoted {adj} (being a bigot)  :: bağnaz
bigotry {n} (intolerance or prejudice)  :: bağnazlık
bikini {n} (bathing suit)  :: bikini
bilberry {n} (type of blueberry from the cowberry family)  :: yabanmersini
bilious {adj} (irritable, irascible)  :: aksi, ters, huysuz
bilious {adj} (of or pertaining to bile)  :: safraya dair, safrasal, öde ait
bilious {adj} (suffering from real or supposed liver disorder)  :: huysuz
bilirubinuria {n} (medicine)  :: bilirubinüri
bill {n} (bird's beak)  :: gaga
bill {n} (invoice)  :: fatura
billboard {n} (large advertisement along side of highway)  :: ilan panosu, ilan tabelası, reklam panosu, reklam tabelası
billiards {n} (a cue sport)  :: bilardo
billion {num} (a million million; 1,000,000,000,000)  :: trilyon
billion {num} (a thousand million; 1,000,000,000; a milliard)  :: milyar
billionaire {n} (wealth exceeding one billion (10⁹))  :: milyarder
billowy {adj} (full of billows or surges)  :: dalga dalga, dalgalı
bilocation {n} (paranormal ability)  :: bilokasyon
binary {adj} (having two parts)  :: çiftli
binary {adj} (logic states)  :: iki terimli, ikilik
binary {adj} (Not ASCII)  :: ikilik
binary {adj} (on or off)  :: iki terimli, ikilik
binary {adj} (using binary number system)  :: ikili
binary {n} (executable computer file)  :: ikili kod
binary {n} (number system)  :: ikili sayı sistemi
bind {v} (transitive connect)  :: bağlamak
bind {v} (transitive couple)  :: birleştirmek
bind {v} (transitive put together in a cover, as of books)  :: ciltlemek
binge {n} (a short period of excessive consumption, especially of excessive alcohol consumption)  :: alem, içki alemi, çilingir sofrası
binitarianism {n} (belief)  :: biniteryanizm {m}
binoculars {n} (hand-held device for looking at a distance.)  :: dürbün, bakaç
binomial nomenclature {n} (The scientific system of naming each species of organism with a Latinized name in two parts)  :: ikili adlandırma
biochemical {adj} (of or relating to biochemistry)  :: biyokimyasal
biochemist {n} (A chemist whose speciality is biochemistry)  :: biyokimyacı
biochemistry {n} (the chemistry of those compounds that occur in living organisms, and the processes that occur in their metabolism and catabolism)  :: biyokimya
biofuel {n} (biofuel)  :: biyoyakıt
biography {n} (personal life story)  :: biyografi, yaşamöyküsü
bioinformatics {n} (field of science)  :: biyoenformatik
biological {adj} (consanguine)  :: biyolojik
biological {adj} (of biology)  :: biyolojik, dirim bilimsel
biological weapon {n} (biological pathogen)  :: biyolojik silah
biologist {n} (student of biology)  :: biyolog, dirim bilimci
biology {n} (study of living matter)  :: biyoloji, dirim bilimi, yaşam bilimi
bioluminescence {n} (emission of light by a living organism)  :: biyoluminesans
biophilia {n} (love of nature and all living things)  :: biyofili
biopsy {n} (removal and examination of a sample of tissue for diagnostic purposes)  :: biyopsi
biotechnology {n} (application of the principles and practices of engineering and technology to the life sciences)  :: biyoteknoloji
biotechnology {n} (use of living organisms in industrial, agricultural, medical applications)  :: biyoteknoloji
biotite {n} (dark brown mica)  :: biyotit
bipolar disorder {n} (psychiatric diagnostic category)  :: bipolar bozukluk
birch {n} (birch-bark canoe)  :: huş kayığı, huş kanosu
birch {n} (punishment device)  :: huş sopası, huş kırbacı
birch {n} (tree)  :: huş, huş ağacı
birch {n} (wood)  :: huş
bird {n} (animal)  :: kuş
bird {n} (penis)  :: kuş
bird's-eye view {n} (view from directly or high above)  :: kuş bakışı
Birmingham {prop} (city and borough in England)  :: Birmingham
Birmingham {prop} (city in Alabama)  :: Birmingham
Birmingham {prop} (city in Michigan)  :: Birmingham
birth control {n}  :: doğum kontrolü, [family planning] aile planlaması
birthday {n} (anniversary)  :: doğum günü
birthday boy {n} (a male whose birthday it is)  :: doğum günü çocuğu
birthday cake {n} (birthday cake)  :: doğum günü pastası
birthday girl {n} (a female whose birthday it is)  :: doğum günü kızı
birthmark {n} (a mark on the skin formed before birth)  :: leke, yama, ben
biscuit {n} (small, flat baked good, see also: cookie)  :: bisküvi
bisexual {adj} (sexually attracted to both men and women)  :: biseksüel
bisexual {n} (bisexual person)  :: biseksüel
bisexuality {n} (psychology)  :: biseksüellik
Bishkek {prop} (capital of Kyrgyzstan)  :: Bişkek
bishop {n} (chess piece)  :: fil
bishop {n} (church official, supervisor of priests and congregations)  :: piskopos
bismuth {n} (chemical element)  :: bizmut
bit {n} (metal in horse's mouth)  :: gem, oyan
bit {n} (portion)  :: parça
bit {n} (rotary cutting tool)  :: matkap, delgi
bit {n} (small amount of something)  :: azıcık, biraz, gıdım, parça, parçacık, zerre
bit {n} (small amount of time)  :: an, biraz [in usage, 'birazdan'], az sonra
bitch {v} (complain (about something) spitefully)  :: deneme
bite {n} (act of biting)  :: ısırık
bite {n} (mouthful)  :: lokma
bite {n} (swelling of one's skin caused by an insect's mouthparts or sting)  :: ısırık
bite {n} (wound left behind after having been bitten)  :: ısırık
bite {v} (to cut off a piece by clamping the teeth)  :: ısırmak
bite {v} (to sting)  :: sokmak, ısırmak
bite the dust {v} (to die)  :: can vermek, canı çıkmak, dünyaya gözlerini yummak, nalları dikmek
Bitola {prop} (city)  :: Manastır, Manasdır
bitter {adj} (having an acrid taste)  :: acı, keskin, acılı, yakıcı, sert, şiddetli, iliklere işleyen
bitterness {n} (quality of being bitter in taste)  :: acılık
bitter orange {n} (fruit)  :: turunç
bittersweet {n} (the bittersweet nightshade, Solanum dulcamara)  :: yaban yasemini
bivouac {n} (encampment for the night, usually without tents or covering)  :: açık ordugâh
bizarre {adj} (strangely unconventional)  :: tuhaf, acayip, garip
black {adj} (absorbing all light)  :: kara, siyah
black {adj} (Bad; evil)  :: kara
black {adj} (relating to persons of African descent)  :: siyah, zenci
black {adj} (without light)  :: karanlık
black {n} (colour/color)  :: siyah, kara
black {n} (person)  :: siyah, zenci
black and blue {adj} (covered in bruises)  :: mosmor
blackberry {n} (fruit)  :: böğürtlen
blackberry {n} (shrub)  :: böğürtlen
blackbird {n} (common thrush, Turdus merula)  :: karatavuk
blackboard {n} (a surface that can be written upon with chalk)  :: tahta, kara tahta
black box {n} (recorders in an aircraft)  :: kara kutu
black box {n} (theoretical construct or device)  :: karanlık kutu
black coffee {n} (coffee served without cream or milk)  :: koyu kahve
blackcurrant {n} (berry)  :: kuş üzümü
blackcurrant {n} (shrub)  :: kuş üzümü
Black Death {prop} (the Black Death)  :: kara ölüm
black-eyed pea {n}  :: börülce
black-eyed pea {n} (cowpea bean)  :: börülce
black-eyed pea {n} (cowpea plant)  :: börülce
black-eyed pea {n} (Vigna unguiculata unguiculata)  :: börülce
black grouse {n} (Lyrurus tetrix)  :: orman horozu
black hole {n} (celestial body)  :: kara delik
blackish {adj} (somewhat black)  :: siyahımtırak, siyahımsı
blacklist {n} (list or collection of people or entities to be shunned or banned)  :: kara liste
black magic {n} (magic derived from evil forces)  :: kara büyü
blackmail {n} (payment of money exacted by means of intimidation)  :: şantaj
black market {n} (people who engage in such trade or that sector of the economy)  :: kara borsa
black market {n} (trade that is in violation of restrictions, rationing or price controls)  :: kara piyasa, kara borsa, yeraltı ekonomisi
black marketeer {n} (trader on the black market)  :: kara borsacı
blackness {n} (state, property or quality)  :: karalık, siyahlık
black olive {n} (olive picked after it has ripened)  :: siyah zeytin, kara zeytin
black pepper {n} (spice)  :: karabiber
black rhinoceros {n} (Diceros bicornis)  :: kara gergedan, siyah gergedan
Black Sea {prop} (an inland sea between southeastern Europe, Caucasus and Asia Minor)  :: Karadeniz
blacksmith {n} (iron forger)  :: demirci
black widow {n} (a murderous woman)  :: karadul
black widow {n} (a shahid widow)  :: karadul
black widow {n} (species of venomous spider)  :: karadul
black woodpecker {n} (Dryocopus martius)  :: kara ağaçkakan
blah {interj}  :: falan
blanch {v} (to grow or become white)  :: beyazlatmak
blanket {n} (fabric)  :: battaniye, örtü
blanket {n} (layer of anything)  :: örtü
blanket {v} (to cover)  :: örtmek, sarmak, kaplamak
blanket {v} (to traverse or complete)  :: kapsamak
blasé {adj} (Unimpressed with something because of over-familiarity)  :: usanmış, bezgin
blaspheme {v} (to speak against God or religious doctrine)  :: küfretmek
blasphemy {n} (Irreverence toward something sacred)  :: küfür, hürmetsizlik, kutsaltanımazlık, dine hakaret
blast {n} (explosion)  :: patlama
blaze {n} (fast-burning fire)  :: çılgın alev
bleach {n} (chemical)  :: çamaşır suyu
bleach {v} (to treat with bleach)  :: rengini açmak
bleak {adj} (without color)  :: solgun, soluk, renksiz
bleed {v} (lose blood)  :: kanamak [-ar]
bleeding {n} (the flow or loss of blood from a damaged blood vessel)  :: kanama
bleed to death {v} (die from loss of blood)  :: kan kaybından ölmek
bleep {n} (high-pitched sound)  :: bip
bleep {v} (to emit high-pitched sound)  :: biplemek, bip bip yapmak,
bless {v} (confer blessing on)  :: kutsamak, takdis etmek
blessing {n} (good fortune)  :: talih, baht
bless you {interj} (said to somebody who has sneezed)  :: çok yaşa [singular, informal], çok yaşayın [plural, formal]
blind {adj} (unable to see)  :: kör, görme engelli, görmez, âmâ, gözsüz
blind alley {n} (a street that leads nowhere)  :: çıkmaz sokak
blindness {n} (condition of being blind)  :: körlük
bliss {n} (perfect happiness)  :: mutluluk, huzur, erinç, gönül rahatlığı, dirlik
blitzkrieg {n} (fast military offensive)  :: yıldırım savaşı
blizzard {n} (severe snowstorm)  :: tipi
blockhead {n} (stupid person)  :: ahmak, aptal, gerzek, hıyarağası, mankafa
blockhouse {n} (a reinforced building from which to control hazardous operations)  :: korugan
blockhouse {n} (a sturdy military fortification, often of concrete, with gunports)  :: korugan, tahkîm edilmiş sığınak
blockhouse {n} (a temporary wooden fortification with a projecting upper story)  :: gözetleme binâsı
blog {n} (a personal or corporate website)  :: ağ günlüğü
blog {v} (to contribute to a blog)  :: bloglamak
blond {adj}  :: sarışın
blond {n} (fair-haired person)  :: sarışın
blood {n} (family relationship due to birth, e.g. between siblings)  :: kan, kan bağı
blood {n} (vital liquid flowing in animal bodies)  :: kan
blood {v} (to cause to be covered with blood)  :: kanatmak
bloodiness {n} (the characteristic of being bloody)  :: kanlılık
bloodless {adj} (lacking blood)  :: kansız
blood orange {n} (type of orange)  :: kan portakalı
blood red {adj} (of a deep vivid red colour)  :: kan rengi, koyu kırmızı
blood red {n} (deep vivid red colour)  :: kan rengi, koyu kırmızı
bloodthirsty {adj} (eager to resort to violence)  :: kana susamış, hunhar
blood vessel {n} (component of the circulatory system that carries blood)  :: kan damarı, damar
bloody {adj} (characterised by great bloodshed)  :: kanlı, hunhar
bloody {adj} (covered in blood)  :: kanlı
bloody {adj} (intensifier)  :: lanet, lanet olası, kahrolasıca
blossom {n} (flowers on trees)  :: çiçek, bahar
blouse {n} (an outer garment, usually loose, that is similar to a shirt)  :: bluz
blow {v} (to produce an air current )  :: üflemek, esmek
blow a kiss {v} (kiss one's hand towards the recipient)  :: öpücük göndermek
blowgun {n} (weapon)  :: tüftüf
blowjob {n} (the act of fellatio)  :: sakso
blow up {v} (to enlarge)  :: büyütmek
blow up {v} (to explode (intransitive))  :: havaya uçmak
blow up {v} (to explode (transitive))  :: havaya uçurmak
blow up {v} (to inflate)  :: şişirmek
bludgeon {n} (short heavy club)  :: sopa
blue {adj} (blue-colored)  :: mavi, gökçe
blue {adj} (depressed)  :: efkarlı, hüzünlü, sıkıntılı
blue {adj} (of or pertaining to US Democratic Party)  :: demokrat
blue {adj} (pornographic)  :: kırmızı noktalı
blue {n} (anything blue)  :: mavi, mavili
blue {n} (blue clothing)  :: mavili, maviler
blue {n} (colour)  :: mavi, gök, kök, gökçe
blue {n} (liquid added to a laundry wash to prevent yellowing of white clothes)  :: ağartıcı, çivit
blue {n} (ocean, deep waters)  :: mavilik, maviler
blue {v} (to brighten (laundry))  :: ağartmak, çivitlemek
blue {v} (to make blue)  :: mavileşmek, mavileştirmek, gökçeleşmek, gökçeleştirmek
blue {v} (to turn blue)  :: mavileşmek, gökçeleşmek
blueberry {n} (fruit)  :: yaban mersini
blueberry {n} (plant)  :: yaban mersini
blue-eyed {adj} (having blue eyes)  :: mavi gözlü, [colloquial] maviş
bluefish {n} (voracious fish)  :: lüfer
blue jay {n} (Species of North American jay)  :: mavi tüylü alakarga, mavi alakarga
blue jeans {n} (denim trousers, see also: jeans)  :: kot, kot pantolon
blueprint {n} (any detailed plan of action)  :: plan
blueprint {n} (any detailed technical drawing)  :: dizayn, tasarım
blueprint {n} (print produced by this process)  :: mavi kopya, ozalit kopya [mil.]
blues {n} (musical form)  :: blues
blue screen of death {n} (screen indicating a system error)  :: mavi ekran
blueshift {n} (change in wavelength)  :: maviye kayma
blue straggler {n} (unusually hot and blue star)  :: mavi başıboş
blue whale {n} (a whale, Balaenoptera musculus)  :: gök balina
bluff {n} (act of bluffing)  :: blöf
bluff {n} (poker: attempt to represent yourself as holding a stronger hand than you do)  :: blöf
bluff {v} (to make a bluff)  :: blöf yapmak
bluish {adj} (somewhat blue in color)  :: gökçül, mavimsi, mavimtırak
blunder {n} (mistake)  :: hata
blunderbuss {n} (old style of firearm with a distinctive large opening at the muzzle)  :: alaybozan
Blu-ray {n} (format)  :: blu-ray, blu-ray disk
blush {n} (makeup)  :: allık
board {n} (blackboard, whiteboard, etc.)  :: tahta
board {n} (piece of wood or other material)  :: tahta
board {n} (side of a ship)  :: borda
board {v} (nautical: to capture an enemy ship)  :: bordalamak
boarding school {n} (school which provides board and lodging)  :: yatılı okul
boast {n} (brag)  :: böbürlenme, iftihar etme, övünme
boast {v} (to brag; to talk loudly in praise of oneself)  :: böbürlenmek, iftihar etmek, övünmek
boat {n} (water craft)  :: kayık, sandal
boatload {n} (A large quantity.)  :: gemi yükü, [military] tekne yükü
boatman {n} (a man in charge of a small boat)  :: kayıkçı
boatswain {n} (the officer (or warrant officer) in charge of sails, rigging, anchors, cables etc. and all work on deck of a sailing ship)  :: lostromo
bobby {n} (police officer)  :: aynasız
body {n} (any physical object or material thing)  :: cisim
body {n} (corpse)  :: ceset
body {n} (fleshly or corporeal nature of a human)  :: beden
body {n} (largest or most important part of anything (e.g. car bodywork))  :: gövde, karoser
body {n} (organisation, company or other authoritative group)  :: kuruluş
body {n} (physical structure of a human or animal)  :: vücut, beden
bodyguard {n} (person responsible for protecting an individual)  :: özlük muhafızı
body hair {n} (androgenic hair)  :: vücut kılı
body language {n} (non-verbal communication)  :: vücut dili, beden dili
body snatcher {n} (One who secretly removes without right or authority a dead body from a grave)  :: nebbaş, mezar soyguncusu
Boer {n} (South African of Dutch descent)  :: Boer
boffin {n} (scientist or engineer)  :: bilim adamı
bog {n} (expanse of marshland)  :: bataklık
bogatyr {n} (medieval Russian heroic warrior)  :: bahadır
bogeyman {n} (any make-believe threat)  :: öcü, korkutku, canavar
bogeyman {n} (menacing, ghost-like monster in children's stories)  :: gulyabani, hortlak, öcü, karakoncolos, umacı
Bogota {prop} (capital of Colombia)  :: Bogotá
bogus {adj} (counterfeit or fake; not genuine)  :: sahte, yapmacık
bogus {adj} (incorrect; useless; broken)  :: yanlış
Bohemia {prop} (The region of the Czech Republic)  :: Bohemya
bohemian {adj} (unconventional)  :: bohem
boil {v} (begin to turn into a gas)  :: kaynamak
boil {v} (heat (a liquid) until it begins to turn into a gas)  :: kaynatmak
boiled egg {n}  :: pişmiş yumurta
boiler {n} (hot water heater)  :: kazan
boilerplate {n} (sheet of steel)  :: kazan saçı
boilerplate {n} (standard text used routinely)  :: standart metin
boiling point {n} (temperature at which a liquid boils)  :: kaynama noktası
bold {adj} (having thicker strokes than the ordinary form of the typeface)  :: kalın
Bolivia {prop} (country in South America)  :: Bolivya
Bolivian {n} (Bolivian person)  :: Bolivyalı
bollocks {n} (an idiot or disagreeable person)  :: saçma
Bolshevik {n} (Bolshevik)  :: Bolşevik
bomb {n} (device filled with explosives)  :: bomba
bomb {v} (attack with bombs)  :: bombalamak
bomber {n} (aircraft)  :: bombardıman uçağı
bomber {n} (bomb setter)  :: bombacı
bona fide {adj} (done in good faith)  :: iyi niyetle, samimiyetle
bon appétit {interj} (used to wish someone enjoyment of the meal they are about to eat)  :: afiyet olsun
bondage {n} (The state of being enslaved or the practice of slavery)  :: esaret, esirlik, kölelik
bondage {n} (The state of lacking freedom; constraint)  :: görev
bone {n} (component of a skeleton)  :: kemik
bone {n} (material)  :: kemik
bone marrow {n} (bone marrow)  :: kemik iliği
bonhomous {adj}  :: iyi huylu, iyi niyetli
bonito {n} (fish of Sarda)  :: torik, palamut
bonsai {interj} (a miniaturized tree or plant)  :: bonsai, bonsay
bon voyage {interj} (wish of good journey)  :: iyi yolculuklar, [informal] güle, güle
boo {interj} (exclamation used by a member of an audience)  :: yuh
booby trap {n} (antipersonnel device deliberately hidden or disguised as a harmless object)  :: bubi tuzağı
booger {n} (a piece of solid or semi-solid mucus)  :: sümük
book {n} (collection of sheets of paper bound together containing printed or written material)  :: kitap, betik
book {n} (convenient collection of small paper items, such as stamps)  :: albüm
book {n} (major division of a published work, larger than a chapter)  :: cilt
book {v} (to reserve)  :: yer ayırma, kitap
bookcase {n} (furniture displaying books)  :: kitaplık
booking {n} (A reservation for a service, such as accommodation in an hotel)  :: rezervasyon
bookless {adj} (without books)  :: kitapsız
booklet {n} (small book)  :: kitapçık
bookseller {n} (person engaged in the business of selling books)  :: kitapçı
bookshop {n} (shop that sells books)  :: kitabevi
bookworm {n} (avid reader)  :: kitap kurdu
bookworm {n} (insect)  :: kitap kurdu
Boolean {adj} (logic: pertaining to data items that have values “true” and “false”)  :: Boole'ca, Boole'sal
boomerang {n} (flat curved airfoil)  :: bumerang
boon {n} (A blessing or benefit)  :: bereket, şükran
boon {n} (a gift; a benefaction; a grant; a present)  :: lütuf
boot {n} (heavy shoe that covers part of the leg)  :: çizme
booth {n} (An enclosure just big enough to accommodate one standing person)  :: kulübe, kabin
booth {n} (A small stall for the display and sale of goods)  :: stant [trade]
bootstrap {n} (a loop at the top of a boot to help in pulling it on)  :: çizme bağı
bootstrap {v} (to load the operating system)  :: başlatma
booty {n} (plunder)  :: ganimet, olca, yağma, çapul, plaçka, talan
borax {n} (crystalline salt)  :: boraks
border {n} (a decorative strip around the edge of something)  :: süs
border {n} (the line or frontier area separating regions)  :: hudut, sınır
border {n} (the outer edge of something)  :: kenar
border {v} ((transitive) to lie on, or adjacent to a border)  :: sınırdaş olmak
border {v} ((transitive) to put a border on something)  :: sınırlamak
border collie {n} (border collie)  :: sınır colliesi
bordering {adj} (having a common boundary or border)  :: sınırdaş, hemhudut
boreal {adj} (relating to the north)  :: kuzey
boredom {n} (state of being bored)  :: can sıkıntısı, bunaltı, usantı, melal [archaic], usanç
boring {adj} (inciting boredom)  :: sıkıcı
Borjomi {prop} (resort town)  :: Borjomi
boron {n} (chemical element)  :: bor
boron nitride {n} (binary compound of boron and nitrogen)  :: bor nitrür
borscht {n} (beetroot soup)  :: borş
Bose-Einstein condensate {n} (gaseous superfluid)  :: Bose-Einstein yoğunlaşması
Bosnia {prop} (northern part of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a geographic and historical entity)  :: Bosna
Bosnia {prop} (short for 'Bosnia and Herzegovina')  :: Bosna
Bosnia and Herzegovina {prop} (country on the Balkan peninsula)  :: Bosna-Hersek
Bosniak {n} (a person with ties to Bosnia, traditional adherence to Islam, and common culture and language)  :: Boşnak
Bosniak {n}  :: Boşnak
Bosnian {adj} (of or pertaining to Bosnia)  :: Bosnalı, Boşnak
Bosnian {n} (the people)  :: Bosnalı, Boşnak
Bosnian {prop} (the standardized variety of Serbo-Croatian)  :: Boşnakça
boson {n} (particle)  :: bozon
Bosphorus {prop} (a strait that passes through Istanbul)  :: İstanbul Boğazı
boss {n}  :: ağa
boss {n} (person in charge)  :: patron, amir, müdür, şef
botanical garden {n} (a place where a variety of plants are grown for scientific reasons)  :: botanik bahçesi
botany {n} (scientific study of plants)  :: botanik, bitki bilimi
Boötes {prop} (a constellation)  :: Boötes
both {conj} (both...and...)  :: hem... hem...
bother {v} (to annoy, disturb)  :: rahatsız etmek, canını sıkmak
Botswana {prop} (Republic of Botswana)  :: Botsvana
bottle {n} (container)  :: şişe
bottle {n} (contents of such a container)  :: şişe
bottle {v} (seal (a liquid) into a bottle for later consumption)  :: şişelemek
bottlenose dolphin {n} (species of dolphin)  :: afalina
bottle opener {n} (device to open bottles)  :: açacak
bottomless {adj} (having no bottom)  :: altsız
bottom quark {n} (bottom quark)  :: alt kuark
bougainvillea {n} (flower)  :: begonvil
boulevard {n} (broad, landscaped thoroughfare)  :: bulvar
bounded function {n} (function)  :: sınırlı fonksiyon
bounty {n} (reward)  :: armağan
bounty {n} (something given liberally)  :: hediye
bouquet {n} (bunch of flowers)  :: buket
bouzouki {n} (lute)  :: buzuki
bow {n} (rod used for playing stringed instruments)  :: yay
bow {n} (weapon used for shooting arrows)  :: yay
bow and arrow {n} (weapon)  :: yay ve ok
bowel {n} (large intestine)  :: bağırsak
bowl {n} (container)  :: çanak
bowstring {n} (string of an archer's bow)  :: kiriş, yay kiriş
bowtie {n} (necktie shaped like a bow)  :: papyon
bow wow {n} (sound of a dog barking)  :: hav hav
box {n} (cuboid container)  :: kutu sandık
boxer {n} (participant in a boxing match)  :: boksör
boxer shorts {n} (underwear)  :: baksır, paçalı don
boxing {n} (the sport of boxing)  :: boks, yumrukoyunu
box office {n} (ticket office)  :: gişe
boxwood {n} (Buxus sempervirens)  :: şimşir
boy {n} (young male)  :: oğlan
boyfriend {n} (male friend)  :: arkadaş
boyfriend {n} (male partner in a romantic relationship)  :: erkek arkadaş, sevgili
boyish {adj} (like a boy)  :: oğlansı
Boy Scout {n} (a member of the Scout Movement)  :: izci
boy's name {n} (A name given to a male)  :: erkek adı, erkek ismi
bozbash {n} (a mutton or lamb soup)  :: bozbaş
bra {n} (brassiere)  :: sütyen, sutyen
bracelet {n} (a band or chain worn around the wrist as jewelry or an ornament)  :: bilezik
bracket {n} (generically any of "(", ")", "[", "]", "{", "}", "<" and ">")  :: ayraç, parantez
brag {v} (to boast)  :: böbürlenmek, iftihar etmek, övünmek
brain {n} (organ)  :: beyin
brainchild {n} (creation)  :: buluş
brain stem {n} (part of the brain that connects the spinal cord to the forebrain and cerebrum)  :: beyin sapı
brainstorming {v} (method of problem solving)  :: beyin fırtınası
brake {n} (device used to slow or stop a vehicle)  :: fren
brakeforce {n}  :: fren kuvveti
bran {n} (outside layer of a grain)  :: kepek
branch {n} (area in business or of knowledge, research)  :: dal
branch {n} (location of an organization with several locations)  :: şube
branch {n} (something that divides like the branch of a tree)  :: dal
branch {n} (woody part of a tree arising from the trunk and usually dividing)  :: dal
brand new {adj} (utterly new)  :: çil, gıcır [slang], yepyeni [absolute superlative], yepisyeni [humorous superlative]
brash {adj} (impudent or shameless)  :: terbiyesiz
brash {adj} (insensitive or tactless)  :: utanmadan
brass {n} (alloy of copper and zinc)  :: pirinç
brass instrument {n} (musical instrument)  :: üflemeli çalgı
brave {adj} (strong in the face of fear)  :: cesur, mert
bravery {n} (being brave)  :: cesaret, cesurluk, yiğitlik
Brazil {prop} (Portuguese-speaking country in South America)  :: Brezilya
Brazilian {n} (person from Brazil)  :: Brezilyalı
breach {n} (assault)  :: Saldiri
breach {n} (break of a law or obligation)  :: kanun disi is yapmak
breach {n} (figuratively: the act of breaking)  :: kirmak
breach {n} (gap)  :: bosluk
bread {n} (baked dough made from cereals)  :: ekmek
bread {n} (countable: any variety of bread)  :: ekmek
bread {n} (slang: money)  :: ekmek parası
breadbasket {n} (basket used for storing or carrying bread)  :: ekmek sepeti
breadcrumb {n} (tiny piece of bread)  :: ekmek kırıntısı
breadless {adj} (without bread)  :: ekmeksiz
breadless {adj} (without food)  :: ekmeksiz
break {n} (rest or pause, usually from work)  :: ara; ara
break {n} (snooker: number of points in one visit)  :: seri
break {v} (intransitive: to separate into (to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: kırılmak, kırmak
break {v} (intransitive: to stop functioning properly or altogether)  :: bozulmak
break {v} (to divide (money) into smaller units)  :: bozmak
break {v} (to do better than a record)  :: (rekor) kırmak
break {v} (to win a game as receiver in tennis)  :: servis kırmak
break {v} (transitive: to cause to stop functioning)  :: bozmak
break {v} (transitive: to separate into (to cause to end up in) two or more pieces)  :: kırmak
break down {v} (to become unstable or collapse, mentally or otherwise)  :: çökmek
break down {v} (to become weak and ineffective)  :: zayıflamak
break down {v} (to cease to function)  :: bozulmak
break down {v} (to decay)  :: çürümek
break down {v} (to digest)  :: sindirmek
breakfast {n} (first meal of the day)  :: kahvaltı
breakfast {v} (to eat the morning meal)  :: kahvaltı etmek, kahvaltı yapmak
breakneck {adj} (dangerously fast; hell-for-leather)  :: kafa göz yarabilen, son derece tehlikeli
break someone's heart {v} (to cause a person to feel grief or sadness)  :: kalbini kırmak
break the ice {v} (to start to get to know people, by avoiding awkwardness)  :: buzları eritmek (to melt the ices away), kabuğundan çıkmak, kabuğunu kırmak
break wind {v} (to fart)  :: yellenmek
bream {n} (Abramis brama)  :: çapak balığı
breast {n} (chest)  :: göğüs
breast {n} (female organ)  :: meme
breast cancer {n} (cancer of the breast)  :: meme kanseri
breaststroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: kurbağalama
breaststroke {v} (to swim using this stroke)  :: kurbağalama yüzmek
breath {n} (air expelled from the lungs)  :: nefes
breath {n} (single act of breathing in and out)  :: nefes
breath {n}  :: soluk, nefes {n}
breathe {v}  :: [1,2,3] soluk almak, [1,2,3] nefes almak
breathe {v} (to draw air in and out)  :: nefes almak, solumak
breather {n} (short break)  :: ara
breather {n} (something that breathes)  :: nefes alan
breathtaking {adj} (stunningly beautiful)  :: nefes kesici
breeze {n} (activity that is easy)  :: çok kolay , çocuk oyuncağı
breeze {n} (a light, gentle wind)  :: meltem, yel, esinti, hafif rüzgâr
breeze {v} (blow gently)  :: hafiften esmek, püfür püfür esmek
breeze {v} (to move casually, in a carefree manner, but not slowly)  :: coşarak gitmek
Bremen {prop} (city)  :: Bremen
Bremen {prop} (state)  :: Bremen
Brescia {prop} (city and province of Italy)  :: Brescia
Brest {prop} (A city in Belarus)  :: Brest
Brest {prop} (A city in Brittany)  :: Brest
Breton {prop} (the language)  :: Bretonca
brevity {n} (succinctness; conciseness)  :: özlülük
brevity {n} (the quality of being brief in duration)  :: kısalık
bribe {n} (inducement to dishonesty)  :: rüşvet
bribe {v} (to give a bribe)  :: rüşvet vermek
brick {n} (hardened block used for building)  :: tuğla
brick red {adj} (colour)  :: kiremit rengi
brick red {n} (colour)  :: kiremit rengi
bride {n} (bride)  :: gelin
bridegroom {n} (bridegroom, groom)  :: damat
bridesmaid {n} (woman who attends the bride at a wedding ceremony)  :: nedime
bridge {n} (card game)  :: briç
bridge {n} (construction or natural feature that spans a divide)  :: köprü
bridge {n} (nautical)  :: köprü
bridge {n} (replacement for teeth)  :: köprü
bridle {n} (headgear for horse)  :: dizgin, yular
bridle {v} (to put a bridle on.)  :: gemlemek
briefcase {n} (case used for carrying documents)  :: evrak çantası
briefing {n} (a short and concise summary of a situation)  :: brifing, brifingler {p}
bright {adj} (visually dazzling, luminous, radiant)  :: parlak, aydınlık
brine {n} (salt water)  :: salamura
brine {n} (the sea or ocean)  :: tuzlu su
bring {v}  :: getirmek
bring {v} (to transport toward somebody/somewhere)  :: getirmek
bring about {v} (To accomplish)  :: başarmak
bring about {v} (To cause to take place)  :: yerine getirmek
briny {adj} (salty)  :: tuzlu
Brisbane {prop} (Capital of Queensland, Australia)  :: Brisbane
bristle {n} (stiff or coarse hair)  :: sert kıl
bristly {adj} (covered with bristles)  :: kıllı
Bristol {prop} (city in south-west England)  :: Bristol
Britain {prop} (island, see also: Great Britain, see also: British Isles)  :: Britanya
British {adj} (of Britain)  :: İngiliz
British English {prop} (English language as in Britain, especially in England)  :: İngiliz İngilizcesi
British Virgin Islands {prop} (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean)  :: Birleşik Krallık Virgin Adaları
Brno {prop} (city in Czech Republic)  :: Brno
bro {n} (brother; a male sibling)  :: ağabey, ağa, abi
broach {v} (make a hole in)  :: delmek
broad bean {n} (edible bean that has broad seeds)  :: bakla
broadcast {adj} (scattered widely)  :: geniş alana dağılan/dağılmış
broadcast {adj} (transmitted, signalled, or communicated via radio waves or electronic means)  :: yayınlanan, yayınlanmış
broadcast {n} (a program transmitted)  :: yayın
broadcast {n} (a radio or TV transmission on air)  :: yayın
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message or signal via radio waves or electronic means)  :: yayınlamak
broadcast {v} (to transmit a message over a wide area)  :: yayınlamak
broadcaster {n} (organisation)  :: yayımcı
broadcaster {n} (person)  :: yayımcı
broadcasting {n} (business or profession of radio and television)  :: yayım, yayın
broccoli {n} (plant Brassica oleracea var. italica)  :: brokoli
brochure {n} (booklet of printed informational matter)  :: broşür, kitapçık
broke {adj} (lacking money; bankrupt)  :: meteliksiz
broken {adj} (fragmented)  :: kırık
broken {adj} (having the bone in pieces, fractured)  :: kırık
broken {adj}  :: kırık, bölünmüş
broken {adj} (not working properly)  :: bozuk
broker {n} (mediator between a buyer and seller)  :: komisyoncu, simsar
broker {n}  :: simsar
bromine {n} (nonmetallic chemical element)  :: brom
bronchitis {n} (inflammation of the lungs)  :: bronşit
bronze {n} (alloy)  :: bronz, tunç
brooch {n} (jewellery with pin)  :: broş
broom {n} (domestic utensil)  :: süpürge
broth {n} (water in which food (meat or vegetable etc) has been boiled)  :: et suyu
brothel {n} (house of prostitution)  :: genelev, kerhane, umumhane
brother {n} (male fellow member of a religious community)  :: kardeş
brother {n} (male having parents in common)  :: kardeş, birader
brother {n} (male sibling)  :: erkek kardeş, kardeş, birader, ağabey [elder], abi [elder, colloquial]
brother {n} (peer)  :: kardeş
brother {v} (to treat as a brother)  :: kardeş saymak, kardeş bellemek, kardeş bilmek
brotherhood {n} (an association of any purpose, a fraternity)  :: kardeşlik, birlik
brotherhood {n} (body of persons engaged in same business)  :: kardeşlik, birlik, dernek, lokal, cemiyet
brotherhood {n} (persons of a like kind)  :: kardeşlik, birlik
brotherhood {n} (state of being brothers or a brother)  :: kardeşlik, biraderlik
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's brother)  :: kayın
brother-in-law {n} (one's husband's sister's husband)  :: elti
brother-in-law {n} (one's sister's husband)  :: enişte
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's brother)  :: kayın
brother-in-law {n} (one's wife's sister's husband)  :: bacanak
brown {adj} (having a brown colour)  :: kahverengi
brown {n} (colour)  :: kahverengi, kongur, konur
brown {v} (to become brown)  :: kahverengileşmek
brown bear {n} (Ursus arctos)  :: boz ayı, bozayı
brown falcon {n}  :: kahverengi doğan
brownish {adj} (of a colour which resembles brown; somewhat brown)  :: kahverengimsi, kahvemsi, kahvemtırak, bozumsu, bozumtırak, bozlak, kumral
brown trout {n} (species of freshwater trout)  :: dere alabalığı
browse {v} (move about while eating parts of plants)  :: otlamak
browse {v} (navigate through hyperlinked documents)  :: göz atmak
browse {v} (scan, casually look through)  :: gözden geçirmek
brucellosis {n} (infection by the bacterium, Brucella)  :: bruselloz, Malta humması
Brunei {prop} (A country in Southeast Asia)  :: Bruney
brunette {adj} (Of a woman having brown or black hair)  :: esmer
brunette {n} (A girl or woman with brown or black hair)  :: esmer
brunette {n} (often with dark eyes and a relatively dark or olive complexion)  :: esmer
brush {n} (implement)  :: fırça
Brussels {prop} (capital of Belgium)  :: Brüksel
Brussels sprout {n} (vegetable)  :: Brüksel lahanası
Bryansk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Bryansk
bubble {n} (spherically contained volume of air or other gas)  :: köpük
bubblegum {n} (chewing gum)  :: sakız
bubble memory {n}  :: köpük bellek
bubonic plague {n} (disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis)  :: hıyarcıklı veba
Bucharest {prop} (The capital of Romania)  :: Bükreş
Bucharestian {n} (someone from Bucharest)  :: Bükreşli
bucket {n} (amount held in this container)  :: kova
bucket {n} (container)  :: kova
buckle {n} (belt clasp)  :: toka
buckle up {v} (to fasten one's seat belt or safety belt)  :: emniyet kemerini bağlamak
buckwheat {n} (fruit of this plant as cereal)  :: karabuğday
bud {n} (newly formed leaf or flower that has not yet unfolded)  :: filiz, sürgün
Budapest {prop} (the capital city of Hungary)  :: Budapeşte
Budapestian {n} (someone from Budapest)  :: Budapeşteli
Buddha {n} (Buddha)  :: Buda
Buddhism {n} (religion and philosophy)  :: Budizm
buddy {n} (friend or casual acquaintance)  :: ahbap
budget {n} (amount of money or resources)  :: bütçe
budget {n} (itemized summary of intended expenditure)  :: bütçe
buffalo {n} (North American bison)  :: bizonu
buffalo {n} (Old World mammals)  :: kara sığır
buffer {n} (portion of memory in computing)  :: arabellek
buffeting {n} (random oscillations of the airplane)  :: gövde titreşimi
bug {n} (a colloquial name for insect)  :: böcek
bug {n} (an insect of the order Hemiptera)  :: böcek
bug {v} (to annoy)  :: kızdırmak
buggy {adj} (infested with insects)  :: böcekli
build {v} ((transitive) to form by combining materials or parts)  :: yapmak, inşa etmek
building {n} (act or process of building)  :: inşa, inşaat
building {n} (closed structure with walls and a roof)  :: bina
building block {n} (block made of wood or plastic that is used as a children's toy)  :: inşaat kutusu parçası
building block {n} (component that is part of a larger construction)  :: yapı taşı
building site {n} (place where a building is located, under consruction, or will be erected)  :: şantiye
buildup {n} (accumulation)  :: artış, büyüme, gelişme, geliştirme, propaganda, reklam
Bukhara {prop} (one of the major cities of Uzbekistan, capital of the Bukhara region)  :: Buhara
bulbourethral gland {n} (bulbourethral gland)  :: Cowper bezleri {p}
Bulgaria {prop} (country)  :: Bulgaristan
Bulgarian {adj} (relating to Bulgaria, its people or the Bulgarian language)  :: Bulgar
Bulgarian {n} (native of Bulgaria)  :: Bulgar, Bulgaristanlı
Bulgarian {prop} (language)  :: Bulgarca
bulgur {n} (Middle Eastern food)  :: bulgur
bulimia {n} (eating disorder)  :: bulimiya nervoza
bulk {adj} (large in size, mass, or volume)  :: cüsseli, hacimli
bulk {n} (size, mass or volume)  :: cüsse, hacim, kütle, yığın
bulk {n} (unpackaged goods in transport)  :: yığın
bull {n} (adult male animal)  :: boğa, öküz
bull {n} (slang: policeman)  :: aynasız
bull {n} (uncastrated adult male bovine)  :: boğa
bulldozer {n} (tractor)  :: buldozer
bullet {n} (projectile)  :: mermi, kurşun
bulletproof {adj} (capable of withstanding a bullet)  :: kurşun geçirmez
bullfight {n} (public spectacle)  :: boğa güreşi
bullfighting {n} (spectacle of manipulating and killing a bull)  :: boğa güreşi
bullseye {interj} (By extension, a response when someone makes an accurate statement)  :: tam isabet
bullseye {n} (shot which hits the centre of a target)  :: tam isabet
bullseye {n} (The centre of a target)  :: orta
bullshit {n} (card game)  :: blöf
bullshit {n} (deceitful statements, etc)  :: saçmalık
bullshit {n} (object of frustration)  :: saçmalık
bullshit {v} (to tell lies, exaggerate)  :: saçmalamak
bully {n} (person who is cruel to others)  :: zorba
bumblebee {n} (genus of bee)  :: hezen arısı, bombus
bump {n} (a light blow or jolting collision)  :: çarpma, vuruş
bump {n} (a protuberance on a level surface)  :: tümsek, yumru
bump {n} (a swelling on the skin caused by illness or injury)  :: şiş, şişlik
bump {n} (the sound of such a collision)  :: küt
bumper {n} (impact absorber on a vehicle)  :: tampon
bun {n} (A small bread roll, often sweetened or spiced)  :: çörek, hamburger ekmeği
bun {n} (A tight roll of hair worn at the back of the head)  :: topuz
bundle {n} (group of objects held together by wrapping or tying)  :: bohça
bundle {n} (package wrapped or tied up for carrying)  :: bohça
buoy {n} (nautical: a moored float)  :: şamandıra
burden {n} (heavy load)  :: yük
burden {n} (responsibility, onus)  :: zahmet, yükümlülük, sorumluluk
burdock {n} (any of the species of biennial thistles in the genus Arctium)  :: dulavratotu, dulavratot
bureau {n} (chest of drawers for clothes)  :: şifonyer
bureau {n} (translations to be checked)  :: büro
bureaucracy {n} (system of administration)  :: bürokrasi
bureaucrat {n} (An official in a bureaucracy)  :: bürokrat
bureaucratic {adj} (of or pertaining to bureaucracy)  :: bürokratik
bureau de change {n} (a place where foreign currency can be exchanged)  :: döviz bürosu
burek {n} (a type of baked or fried filled pastry)  :: börek
burger {n} (informal: hamburger)  :: burger
Burgundy {prop} (region)  :: Burgonya
Burjanadze {prop} (surname)  :: Burcanadze
burka {n} (female garment that covers the whole body)  :: burka
burka {n} (male garment made from felt or karakul (Caucasus))  :: yamçı
Burkina Faso {prop} (country)  :: Burkina Faso
Burma {prop} (Southeast Asian country (former name))  :: Birmanya
Burmese {adj} (Of, from, or pertaining to Burma)  :: Burmaca
Burmese {n} (a person from Myanmar or of Burmese descent)  :: Burmaca
Burmese {prop} (language)  :: Burmaca
burn {n} (act of burning something)  :: yanma
burn {v} (be consumed by fire)  :: yanmak
burn {v} (cause to be consumed by fire)  :: yakmak
burocracy {n} (structure and regulations in place to control activity)  :: bürokrasi
burocratic {adj} (of or pertaining to bureaucracy)  :: bürokratik
burp {v} (to emit a burp)  :: geğirmek
burrito {n} (Mexican dish)  :: burrito
Bursa {prop} (city in Turkey)  :: Bursa
burst {v} (to break from internal pressure)  :: patlamak
burst {v} (to cause to burst)  :: patlatmak
Burundi {prop} (A country in Eastern Africa)  :: Burundi
Buryatia {prop} (Buryatia, Russia)  :: Buryatya
bus {n} (vehicle)  :: otobüs
bush {n} (category of woody plant)  :: çalı
business card {n} (small card)  :: kartvizit
businessman {n} (a man in business, one who works at a commercial institution)  :: iş adamı
business trip {n} (business trip)  :: iş gezisi
businesswoman {n} (woman of business)  :: iş kadını
bus station {n} (major bus stop, one that serves as a transfer point between a large number of routes)  :: otogar, terminal
busy {adj} (doing a great deal)  :: meşgul
but {conj} (although)  :: ancak, fakat, ama
but {conj} (except)  :: hariç, başka
but {conj} (rather)  :: ama, fakat
butane {n} (the organic compound)  :: bütan
butanol {n} (alcohol of butane)  :: bütanol
butcher {n} (a person who prepares and sells meat)  :: kasap
butcher's {n} (butcher's shop)  :: kasap dükkanı
buteo {n} (raptor of the genus Buteo)  :: şahin
butt {n} (buttocks)  :: kıç, kalça
butter {n} (soft foodstuff made from milk)  :: tereyağı
butterfly {n} (insect)  :: kelebek
butterfly effect {n}  :: kelebek etkisi
butterfly effect {n} (technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory)  :: kelebek etkisi
butterfly stroke {n} (swimming stroke)  :: kelebek
buttermilk {n} (traditional buttermilk)  :: yayık ayranı
buttock {n} (each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body)  :: makat, kaba et, kalça [also the whole butt]
button {n} (a badge worn on clothes)  :: rozet
button {n} (a mechanical device meant to be pressed with a finger)  :: düğme, tuş, buton
button {n} (botany: a bud)  :: düğme
button {n} (in computer software, an on-screen control that can be selected)  :: düğme
button {n} (knob or small disc serving as a fastener)  :: düğme
button {v} (to fasten with a button)  :: düğmelemek
buxom {adj} (having a full, voluptuous figure)  :: dolgun
buy {v} (to obtain something with money)  :: satın almak
buy off {v} (pay off)  :: rüşvet vermek
buy time {v} (purposefully cause a delay to something, in order to achieve something else)  :: zaman kazanmak
buzz {n} (audible friction of voice consonants)  :: cızırtı, cızıltı
buzz {n} (humming noise)  :: vızıltı, mırıltı, vız, cızırtı, cızıltı
buzz {n} (information spread behind the scenes)  :: fısıltı
buzz {v} ((aviation) to fly at high speed and at a low altitude)  :: vınlamak, vız geçmek
buzz {v} (to communicate, as tales, in an undertone)  :: mırıldamak, fısıldamak
buzz {v} (to make a low, humming or sibilant sound)  :: vızıldamak, vızlamak, cızıldamak, cızırdamak
buzz {v} (to talk to incessantly or confidentially in a low humming voice)  :: mırıldamak
buzzard {n} (Genus Buteo)  :: şahin
buzzword {n} (word drawn from or imitative of technical jargon)  :: moda sözcük, tutulan sözcük, moda kelime, tutulan kelime
by {prep} (indicates a means)  :: tarafından
by {prep} (indicates creator of a work)  :: tarafindan
by all means {prep} (emphatically yes, definitely)  :: kesinlikle, her hâlükârda, ne olursa olsun
Byblos {prop} (port city in Lebanon)  :: Biblos
by default {prep} (in absence of any opposing action)  :: gıyaben, varsayılan
Bydgoszcz {prop} (a city in Poland)  :: Bydgoszcz
Byelorussian SSR {prop} (Soviet republic)  :: Belarus SSC, Beyaz Rusya SSC
by hand {prep} (manually)  :: eliyle
by heart {prep} (knowing completely)  :: ezbere, ezberden
by means of {prep} (By using)  :: aracılığıyla, vasıtasıyla
by no means {prep} (certainly not)  :: asla, ne olursa olsun, hiçbir şekilde
byproduct {n} (secondary or additional product)  :: yanürün, yan ürün
by-product {n} (secondary product)  :: yanürün, yan ürün
by-product {n} (side effect)  :: yanetki, yan etki
byte {n} (unit)  :: byte
by the way {prep} (incidentally)  :: aklıma gelmişken, bu arada, sırası gelmişken
Byzantine {adj} (belonging to the civilisation of the Eastern-Roman empire)  :: Bizans
Byzantine {adj} (of or pertaining to Byzantium)  :: Bizans
Byzantine {adj} (overly complex or intricate)  :: karmakarışık
Byzantine {n} (native of Byzantine Empire)  :: Bizanslı
Byzantine Empire {prop} (an ancient Greek-speaking empire of Eastern Europe)  :: Bizans İmparatorluğu
Byzantium {prop} (ancient Greek city)  :: Bizantion