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pacemaker {n} (medical implement) :: kalp pili
Pacific Ocean {prop} (the world's largest body of water) :: Büyük Okyanus, Pasifik Okyanusu
pacifier {n} (for a baby) :: emzik
pack {v} (to make a pack) :: paketlemek
package {n} (something which is packed) :: paket
packet {n} (small pack) :: paket
packing needle {n} (large needle) :: çuvaldız
packsaddle {n} (saddle for carrying goods) :: semer
pad {v} (to stuff) SEE: stuff ::
paddy {n} (wet land where rice grows) :: pirinç tarlası, çeltik tarlası
paddy field {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy ::
Padishah {n} (Padishah) :: padişah
pagan {adj} (relating to non-Abrahamic religions) :: pagan
paganism {n} (local religions practiced before the introduction of Christianity) :: paganlık, paganizm
page {n} (boy child) SEE: boy ::
page {n} (one side of a leaf of a book) :: sayfa, bet [uncommon]
page {n} (Internet: web page) SEE: web page ::
Paget's disease {n} (Paget's disease) :: Paget hastalığı
pagination {n} (act of creating pages) :: sayfalandırma
pagination {n} (act of numbering pages) :: numaralama
pagoda {n} (a tiered tower with multiple eaves) :: pagoda, uzakdoğu tapınağı
PAH {n} (abbreviation: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) :: PAH
pail {n} (bucket) SEE: bucket ::
pain {n} (ache or bodily suffering) :: acı, ağrı
pain {n} (suffering or anguish, especially mental) :: acı, dert, keder
painful {adj} :: ağrılı
painkiller {n} (a drug that numbs the pain in the body) :: ağrı kesen
painless {adj} (without pain or trouble) :: ağrısız, acısız
painlessly {adv} (in a painless manner) :: ağrısızca
paint {n} (substance) :: boya
paint {v} (apply paint to) :: resim yapmak, boyamak
paintball {n} (sport) :: boyartop
paintball {n} (capsule) :: boyartop
painter {n} (artist) :: ressam
painter {n} (laborer) :: boyacı
pair {n} (number of things resembling one another, or belonging together) SEE: set ::
pair {n} (two similar or identical things) :: çift
pair {n} (two people in relationship) :: çift
pair {n} (couple of working animals attached to work together) :: çift
pair of binoculars {n} (binoculars) SEE: binoculars ::
pair of compasses {n} (tool used to draw circles) :: pergel
pair of eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
pair of glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
pair of scissors {n} (scissors) SEE: scissors ::
pair of specs {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
pair of spectacles {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles ::
pajamas {n} (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in) :: pijama
Pakistan {prop} (country in South Asia) :: Pakistan
Pakistani {n} (A person from Pakistan or of Pakistani descent) :: Pakistanlı
palace {n} (large, lavish residence) :: saray
Palace of Westminster {prop} (building in London housing the House of Commons and House of Lords) :: Westminster Sarayı
Palaic {prop} (Indo-European language) :: Palleci
palatal {adj} (pertaining to the palate) :: damaksıl
palatal {adj} ((dentistry) on the side facing the palate) :: damaksıl
palatal {adj} ((phonetics) articulated at the hard palate) :: damaksıl
palatal {n} ((phonetics) palatal consonant) :: damaksıl ünsüz
palate {n} (roof of the mouth) :: damak
Palau {prop} (Republic of Palau) :: Palau
Palauan {n} (someone from Palau) :: Palaulu
paleanthropology {n} (study of ancient human remains) SEE: paleoanthropology ::
paleoanthropologist {n} (specialist in paleoanthropology) :: paleoantropolog
paleoanthropology {n} (study of ancient human remains) :: paleoantropoloji
paleoclimate {n} (the climate of the Earth at a specified point in geologic time) :: geçmiş iklim
Paleolithic {n} (Old Stone Age) :: Eski Taş Devri, Kaba Taş Devri, Yontma Taş Devri
Palermo {prop} (city) :: Palermo
Palestine {prop} (geographic region) :: Filistin
Palestine {prop} (West Bank and Gaza Strip collectively) :: Filistin
Palestine {prop} :: Filistin
Palestinian {n} (inhabitant of Palestine or Arab of Palestinian descent) :: Filistinli
palindrome {n} (a sequence of units that reads the same forwards as backwards) :: palindrom
palladium {n} (chemical element) :: palladyum
palliate {v} (to relieve the symptoms of) :: dindirmek, yatıştırmak, hafifletmek
palliate {v} (to cover or disguise the seriousness of something by excuses and apologies) :: örtbas etmek
palm {n} (inner, concave part of hand) :: aya, avuç içi
palm {v} (to hold or conceal something in the palm of the hand) :: avuçlamak
palm {n} (palm tree) SEE: palm tree ::
palm oil {n} (edible plant oil) :: palm yağı
palmtop {n} (personal digital assistant) SEE: personal digital assistant ::
palm tree {n} (tropical tree) :: palmiye
palsy {n} (complete or partial muscle paralysis of a body part) :: felç
pamphlet {n} (booklet) SEE: booklet ::
Pan {prop} (Greek god of nature) :: Pan
Panama {prop} (country) :: Panama
Panamanian {n} (person from Panama) :: Panamalı
pan-Arabism {n} (movement) :: pan-Arabizm
pancake {n} (thin batter cake) :: krep
Pancake Day {prop} (Shrove Tuesday) SEE: Shrove Tuesday ::
Pancake Tuesday {prop} (Shrove Tuesday) SEE: Shrove Tuesday ::
panchromatic {adj} (sensitive to all visible colours) :: pankromatik
pancreas {n} (gland near the stomach) :: pankreas
pandeism {n} (belief combining elements of pantheism and deism) :: pandeizm {m}
pandeist {adj} (of or relating to pandeism) :: pandeist
pandeist {n} (one who believes in pandeism) :: pandeist
Pandora {prop} (Character in Greek mythology) :: Pandora
Pandora's box {n} (A source of unforeseen trouble.) :: Pandora'nın kutusu
panel {n} (rectangular section of a surface) :: pano
panel {n} (group of people gathered to judge, interview, discuss etc) :: açık oturum, panel
panentheism {n} (a doctrine that the universe is within God) :: panenteizm, tüm tanrıcılık
panentheism {n} :: panenteizm {m}
Pangaea {prop} (supercontinent prior to Triassic) :: Pangea
panic {n} (overpowering fright) :: panik, telaş
panorama {n} (picture representing a continuous scene) :: Panorama {n}
pansexuality {n} (sexual orientation) :: panseksüellik
pant {n} (a pair of pants) SEE: pants ::
pantheism {n} (belief that the universe is divine) :: panteizm
panther {n} (big cat with black fur) :: panter
panther {n} (big cat of genus Panthera) :: panter, pars
panties {n} (short underpants for women or girls) :: külot
pantry {n} (storage room) :: kiler
pants {n} (garment covering the body from the waist downwards) :: pantolon, koncuk
pants {n} (undergarment covering the genitals) :: don, [for women] külot, tuman
pants {adj} (of inferior quality) :: boktan
pants {v} (pull someone’s pants down) :: donunu indirmek
Pan-Turkism {n} (political movement) :: Türkçülük, Pan-Türkizm
panty {n} (panties) SEE: panties ::
pantyhose {n} (nylon tights worn about legs) :: külotlu çorap
papa {n} (Father (familiar, conversational)) SEE: dad ::
papakha {n} (type of hat) :: papak
paparazzi {n} (paparazzo) SEE: paparazzo ::
paparazzo {n} (freelance photographer of celebrities) :: paparazi
papaya {n} (tree) :: papaya
papaya {n} (fruit) :: papaya
paper {n} (sheet material) :: kâğıt
paper {n} (written document shorter than a book) :: kâğıt
paper {n} (newspaper) SEE: newspaper ::
paper {n} (wallpaper) SEE: wallpaper ::
paper {n} (wrapping paper) SEE: wrapping paper ::
paper {v} (to document) SEE: document ::
paper aeroplane {n} (toy aeroplane made by folding up a sheet of paper) :: kağıt uçak
paper airplane {n} (paper aeroplane) SEE: paper aeroplane ::
paper clip {n} (paper clip) :: ataş, tutturgaç [very rare]
paper cut {n} (wound caused by piece of paper) :: kâğıt kesiği
paper towel {n} (sheet of absorbent paper) :: kâğıt havlu
paperweight {n} (small, decorative, somewhat weighty object) :: prespapye
Paphos {prop} (city in Cyprus) :: Baf
Papua New Guinea {prop} (country in Oceania) :: Papua Yeni Gine
Papua New Guinean {n} (citizen of Papua New Guinea or of Papua New Guinean descent) :: Papua Yeni Gineli
papyrus {n} (plant in the sedge family) :: papirüs
papyrus {n} (material made from this plant) :: papirüs
papyrus {n} (scroll or document written on this material) :: papirüs
parabola {n} (a conic section) :: parabol
Paracel Islands {prop} (group of islands) :: Parasel Adaları
parachute {n} (a device designed to control the fall of an object) :: paraşüt
parachuting {n} (sport) :: paraşütle atlama
paraclete {n} (advocate) :: paraklit
parade {n} (organized procession) :: gösteri, alay
parade {n} (any succession or series) :: dizi, sıra, silsile
paradigm {n} (way of viewing reality) :: paradigma
paradigm {n} (example serving as a model or pattern) :: paradigma
paradigm {n} (linguistics: all forms which contain a common element) :: paradigma
paradise {n} (heaven) :: cennet
paradox {n} (apparent contradiction which is nonetheless true ) :: paradoks, çelişki
paradox {n} (in logic: a self-contradictory statement ) :: paradoks, çelişki
paradoxical frog {n} (frog) :: paradoks kurbağası
paraffin {n} (kerosene) SEE: kerosene ::
paragon {n} (model or pattern) :: örnek
paragon {n} (companion) ::
paragon {n} (comparison; competition) :: denk
paragon {v} (to serve as a model for) :: örnek olmak, örneklemek
paragraph {n} (passage in text) :: paragraf
Paraguay {prop} (country in South America) :: Paraguay
Paraguayan {n} (person from Paraguay) :: Paraguaylı
parakeet {n} (various species of small parrots) :: muhabbetkuşu
parallax {n} :: paralaks
paralysis {n} (loss of muscle control) :: felç, inme
paramedic {n} (individual trained to stabilize people outside of hospital) :: sıhhiyeci
parameter {n} (variable kept constant during an experiment, calculation or similar) :: parametre
paramount {adj} (supreme) :: azam, ulu, yüce
paranoia {n} (A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution) :: paranoya, yansıtımca
paranoid schizophrenia {n} (form of schizophrenia accompanied by delusions) :: yansıtımcalı usyarılım
paraphilia {n} (sexual deviation) :: parafili
paraphrase {n} (restatement of a text) :: açım, açımlama, açımlanım, şerh [archaic], teşrih [archaic]
paraphrase {v} (to compose a paraphrase) :: açımlamak, şerh etmek [archaic], teşrih etmek [archaic]
parapsychology {n} (study of that which cannot yet be explained) :: parapsikoloji
parasite {n} ((generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing resources from another living organism) :: parazit
parcel {n} (package wrapped for shipment) :: koli
parent {n} (person from whom one is descended) :: ebeveyn, ana baba
parent {n} (person who acts as a parent in rearing a child) :: ebeveyn, veli
parent {n} (biology: organism from which a plant or animal is biologically descended) :: ebeveyn
parent {n} :: ebeveyn
parenthesis {n} (either of a pair of brackets ( )) :: parantez
parenthesis {n} (both round brackets) :: parantez
parenthesis {n} ((mathematics, logic) brackets used to clarify expressions by grouping terms affected by a common operator) :: parantez
parenthood {n} (state of being parent) :: ebeveynlik
parents {n} (one's parents) :: ebeveyn, ana baba
Paris {prop} (capital of France) :: Paris
Paris {prop} (Trojan prince) :: Paris
Parisian {n} (someone from Paris) :: Parisli
Parisian {adj} (of Paris) :: Parisli
park {n} (ground for recreation) :: park
parka {n} (long jacket) :: parka
parking lot {n} (open area, generally paved, where automobiles may be left when not in use) :: durguluk, park yeri
Parkinson's disease {n} (Parkinson's disease) :: Parkinson hastalığı
parlance {n} (A certain way of speaking (or using words)) :: deyim, deyiş, tâbir
parliament {n} (institution with elected or appointed members) :: parlamento, meclis
Parliament {prop} (parliament) SEE: parliament ::
parlor {n} (drawing room) :: oturma odası, salon
parmesan {n} (hard, full-fat Italian cheese from Parma) :: parma peyniri
Parmesan {n} (parmesan) SEE: parmesan ::
parody {n} (expression making fun of something else) :: parodi
paroemia {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb ::
parquet {n} (the part of a theatre between the orchestra and the parquet circle) SEE: stall ::
parrot {n} (kind of bird) :: papağan, dudu
parrot {n} (person who repeats what was said) :: papağan
parrot {v} (to repeat exactly without showing understanding) :: papağanlamak
parrot fever {n} (disease) :: papağan ateşi, papağan hastalığı, psitakoz
parser {n} (computer program) :: ayrıştırıcı
parsley {n} (herb) :: maydanoz
part {n} (fraction of a whole ) :: parça
parthenogenesis {n} (reproduction from a single gamete without fertilisation) :: partenogenez
participate {v} (to join in, to take part, to involve oneself) :: katılmak
participial {n} (participle) SEE: participle ::
participle {n} (verb form) :: ortaç, durum ortacı, sıfat-fiil, partisip
particle {n} (body with very small size) :: parçacık
particle {n} (word) :: edat, ilgeç
particle {n} (elementary particle or subatomic particle) :: parçacık
particle accelerator {n} (a device that accelerates electrically charged particles to extremely high speeds) :: parçacık hızlandırıcı
particle physics {n} (particle physics) :: parçacık fiziği
particular {adj} :: tikel , kısmi
particular {adj} (known only to an individual person or group) SEE: confidential ::
partisan {n} (member of a body of detached light troops) SEE: guerrilla ::
partner {n} (someone who is associated with another in a common activity or interest) :: ortak
partnership {n} (state of being associated with a partner) :: ortaklık
partnership {n} (association of two or more people to conduct a business) :: ortaklık
part of speech {n} (the function a word or phrase performs) :: sözcük türü
partridge {n} (any bird of the genera Perdix or Alectoris) :: keklik
party {n} (social gathering) :: parti, şölen, eğlenti
party {n} (political group) SEE: political party ::
pasha {n} (title) :: paşa
Pashto {prop} (official language of Afghanistan) :: Peştuca, Afganca
Pashtun {prop} (Pashto) SEE: Pashto ::
pass {v} (to go past) :: geçmek
pass {v} :: geçmek
pass {n} (opening, road, or track, available for passing) :: geçit, boğaz, dar yol
pass {n} (the state of things) :: durum, vaziyet
pass {n} (permission or license to pass, or to go and come) :: geçiş izni, giriş-çıkış izni
pass {n} (document granting permission to pass or to go and come) :: giriş kartı, paso, ruhsat, pasaport
pass {n} :: el çabukluğu
pass {n} (password) SEE: password ::
pass away {v} (to die (euphemistic)) :: göçmek [literally 'to migrate'], Hakk'ın rahmetine kavuşmak [literally 'to meet the grace of God'], vefat etmek [albeit not being a euphemism, archaic wording distances the occurrence of death from its unpleasantness], ruhunu teslim etmek, ebediyete intikal etmek, vaktini doldurmak
passenger {n} (one who rides or travels in a vehicle) :: yolcu
pass gas {v} (break wind) SEE: break wind ::
passionflower {n} (plant of the genus Passiflora) :: çarkıfelek
passionflower {n} (flower) :: çarkıfelek
passion fruit {n} (edible fruit) :: çarkıfelek
passive smoking {n} (inhalation of smoke from somebody else´s tobacco) :: pasif içicilik
pass on {v} (To die) SEE: die ::
Passover {prop} (Jewish festival) :: Fısıh
passport {n} (official document) :: pasaport, buyruldu, geçişlik
pass through {v} (to surreptitiously penetrate, enter or gain access) SEE: infiltrate ::
password {n} (word used to gain admittance) :: parola
password {n} (computing: string of characters known only to a user) :: şifre
past {adj} (ago) SEE: ago ::
past {n} (period of time that has already happened) :: geçmiş
past {n} ((grammar) past tense) :: geçmiş zaman
past {adj} (having already happened; in the past) :: geçmiş
past {adj} (of a period of time: having just gone by) :: geçen, geçtiğimiz, önceki
pasta {n} (dough) :: makarna
pastern {n} (area on a horse's leg) :: bukağılık
pastiche {n} (work that imitates the work of a previous artist) :: pastiş
pastime {n} (that which amuses) :: eğlence, hobi, meşgale
pastirma {n} (highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef) :: pastırma, bastırma
pastor {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd ::
pastrami {n} (seasoned smoked cut of beef) :: pastırma
pastry {n} (food group) :: hamur işi
pastry shop {n} (pastry shop) SEE: patisserie ::
past tense {n} (form of language) :: geçmiş zaman
pasture {v} (graze) SEE: graze ::
pasture {n} (land on which cattle can be kept for feeding) :: otlak, mera
Patagonia {prop} (geographical region) :: Patagonya
patch {n} (figuratively: fit) SEE: fit ::
patch {n} (paltry fellow) SEE: fool ::
patch {n} (piece of cloth used to repair a garment) :: yama
patch file {n} (patch) SEE: patch ::
patella {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap ::
patent {n} (patent leather) SEE: patent leather ::
patented {adj} (for which a patent has been granted) :: patentli
patent leather {n} (glossy leather) :: rugan
paternal aunt {n} (the sister of one's father) :: hala, yenge [in-law]
paternal grandfather {n} (one's father's father) :: dede, büyükbaba
paternal grandmother {n} (one's father's mother) :: babaanne
paternal uncle {n} (brother of one's father) :: amca, enişte [father's brother-in-law], emmi
paternity {n} (fatherhood) SEE: fatherhood ::
paternity test {n} (test) :: babalık testi
paternoster {n} (a rosary) SEE: rosary ::
path {n} (a trail for the use of, or worn by, pedestrians) :: patika
path {n} (a course taken) :: yol
path {n} (a metaphorical course) :: yol
path {n} (a method or direction of proceeding) :: yol
path {n} (computing: a specification for a location within a hierarchical or tree-like structure) :: yol
pathetic {adj} (arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion) :: dokunaklı, acıklı
pathogen {n} (an organism or substance that causes disease) :: patojen
pathologist {n} (expert in pathology) :: patoloji uzmanı
pathology {n} (branch of medicine) :: patoloji
pathology {n} (abnormality) :: patoloji
pathway {n} (footpath, path or track) :: patika, yolak
patience {n} (quality of being patient) :: sabır
patient {adj} (not losing one's temper while waiting) :: sabırlı
patisserie {n} (pastry shop) :: pastane
patrimony {n} (inheritance from one's ancestor) :: miras
patriot {n} (person who loves, supports and defends their country) :: vatansever, yurtsever
patriotism {n} (love of one's own country) :: yurtseverlik, vatanseverlik, vatanperverlik, ülke sevgisi
pattern {n} (that from which a copy is made) :: kalıp, şablon
pattern {n} (motif or decoration) :: örüntü, patern
pattern {n} (intelligible arrangement which has a mathematical, geometric, statistical etc. relationship) :: örüntü
pattern language {n} :: desen dili
pauper {n} (one who is extremely poor) :: düşkün, fukara
pavement {n} (footpath) :: kaldırım
pavement {n} (surface of road) :: kaldırım
paw {n} (soft foot of an animal) :: pati, ayak, pençe
pawn {n} (chess piece) :: piyon
pawn {n} (someone who is being manipulated) :: piyon, oyuncak
pay {v} (to give money in exchange for goods or services) :: ödemek
pay attention {v} (to be attentive) :: dikkatli olmak
payess {n} (sidelocks worn by Hasidic and Orthodox male Jews) SEE: sidelock ::
payload {n} (That part of a cargo that produces revenue) :: uçuş yükü
payload {n} (The total weight of passengers, crew, equipment and cargo carried by an aircraft or spacecraft) :: uçuş yükü
payload {n} (That part of a rocket, missile or torpedo that is not concerned with propulsion or guidance) :: uçuş yükü
payot {n} (sidelocks worn by Hasidic and Orthodox male Jews) SEE: sidelock ::
Pazardzhik {prop} (a town in southern Bulgaria) :: Pazarcık
Pécs {prop} (city in Hungary) :: Peçuy
pea {n} (plant) :: bezelye
pea {n} (edible seed) :: bezelye
peace {n} (tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence) :: barış, sulh, huzur
peace {n} (state of mind) :: huzur
peace {n} (harmony; lack of conflict in personal relations) :: huzur
peace {n} (state of being free from war) :: barış, sulh
peaceful {adj} (not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil) :: barışta, sulhta [obsolecent]
peaceful {adj} (inclined to peace; peaceable) :: uysal, yumuşak başlı
peaceful {adj} (motionless and calm; placid) :: huzurlu, sakin
peace pipe {n} (pipe) :: barış çubuğu
peach {n} (tree) :: şeftali
peach {n} (fruit) :: şeftali
peachtree {n} (peach) SEE: peach ::
peacock {n} (pheasant of one of the genera Pavo and Afropavo) :: tavus kuşu, tavus
peanut {n} (a legume resembling a nut) :: yer fıstığı
peanut butter {n} (a spread made from ground peanuts) :: fıstık ezmesi
pear {n} (fruit) :: armut, kertme
pear {n} (tree) :: armut
pearl {n} (light-colored tern) SEE: tern ::
pearl {n} (mother-of-pearl) SEE: mother-of-pearl ::
pearl {n} (rounded shelly concretion produced by certain mollusks) :: inci
pearl {n} (fringe or border) SEE: fringe ::
pearl diver {n} (dishwasher) SEE: dishwasher ::
pear tree {n} (a tree of the genus Pyrus) :: armut ağacı
peasant {n} (member of the agriculture low class) :: köylü, taşralı, ekinci
peasant {n} (country person) :: yerli, taşralı, dışarlıklı, köylü
peasant {n} (uncouth, crude, or ill-bred person) :: çemiş, hödük, hırbo
peatland {n} :: turbalık
pebble {n} (stone) :: çakıl
Pecheneg {n} (member of a Turkic people) :: Peçenek
pecker {n} (slang for penis) SEE: dick ::
pecker {n} (slang for woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker ::
pecker {n} (slang for courage) SEE: courage ::
peckerwood {n} (woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker ::
peculiar {adj} (out of the ordinary) :: olağandışı, tuhaf
ped {n} (pedestrian) SEE: pedestrian ::
pedagogy {n} (profession of teaching) :: pedagoji
pedagogy {n} (activities of educating, teaching or instructing) :: pedagoji
pedal {n} (lever operated by one's foot) :: pedal, ayaklık
pederast {n} (practitioner of pederasty) :: oğlancı
pederasty {n} (pederasty) :: oğlancılık
pederasty {n} (archaic: homosexual anal sex) SEE: sodomy ::
pedestal {n} (the base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp, or the like) :: ayaklık, duraç, kaide, taban, oturtak
pedestrian {adj} (of or intended for pedestrians) :: yaya
pedestrian {n} (somebody walking rather than using a vehicle) :: yaya
pedestrian crossing {n} (place for pedestrians to cross a street) :: yaya geçidi
pee {n} (urine) :: çiş
pee {v} (to urinate) :: çiş yapmak, işemek
pee {n} (name of the letter P, p) :: pe
pee {v} (to pass urine from the body) SEE: urinate ::
pee {n} (liquid excrement) SEE: urine ::
peek {v} (To look slyly, or with the eyes half closed, or through a crevice; to peep) :: dikizlemek, göz atmak
peekaboo {n} (game for small children) :: ce-e
peep {n} (look) :: gözetlemek
pee-pee {n} (childish: urine) SEE: wee-wee ::
pee-pee {n} (childish: genitalia) SEE: wee-wee ::
peephole {n} (hole) :: gözetleme deliği, kapı dürbünü
peeping tom {n} (person who secretly watches someone to gain sexual pleasure) :: röntgenci
peer {v} (to look with difficulty or as if searching) :: gözetlemek
peer {n} (someone or something of equal level) :: akran, emsâl, taydaş, yaşıt
peer {n} (noble) :: asilzâde, lord
peer pressure {n} (encouragement by one's peers) :: mahalle baskisi
peevishness {n} (the state of being peevish) :: kıllık
peg {n} (a cylindrical object) :: ağaç çivi
peg {n} (a protrusion used to hang things on) :: mandal
peg {n} ((cribbage)) :: pim
peg {v} (To fasten using a peg) :: asmak
peg {v} (To affix or pin) :: tutturmak
peg {v} (To throw) :: atmak
peg {v} (To indicate or ascribe an attribute to) :: tahmin etmek (tahmi:n)
peg {v} ((cribbage) To move one's pegs to indicate points scored) :: tahmin etmek (tahmi:n)
pegasus {n} (winged horse) :: tulpar [from Mongo-Turkic mythology]
Pegasus {prop} (mythical winged horse) :: Pegasus, Tulpar [equivalent from Mongo-Turkic mythology]
Pegasus {prop} (constellation) :: Pegasus, Kanatlıat, Tulpar, Feres
pejorative {adj} (disparaging, belittling or derogatory) :: ablak, alçaltıcı, aşağılayıcı, küçültücü, yermeli, pejoratif (sociology)
pejorative {n} (disparaging, belittling or derogatory word or expression) :: aşağılama, hakaret
pekan {n} (fisher) SEE: fisher ::
Pekin duck {n} (breed of domestic duck) :: Pekin ördeği
Peking {prop} (Beijing) SEE: Beijing ::
Peking duck {n} (dish consisting of duck and pancake) :: Pekin ördeği
pelican {n} (any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae) :: pelikan
pelletize {v} (to form into pellets) :: peletlemek, topaklamak
Peloponnese {prop} (region of Greece) :: Mora, Mora Yarımadası
pelvis {n} (bone) :: pelvis
pen {n} (wing) SEE: wing ::
pen {n} (writing tool) :: kalem, yazgaç
pen {n} (writer, or his style) :: kalem
pen {v} (to write) :: kaleme almak, yazmak
penalize {v} (to subject to a penalty) :: cezalandırmak
penalty {n} (penalty kick) SEE: penalty kick ::
penalty area {n} (area on a soccer pitch) :: ceza sahası
penalty box {n} (penalty area) SEE: penalty area ::
penalty kick {n} ((soccer) a form of direct free kick) :: penaltı
penalty mark {n} (spot from where penalty kicks are taken) :: penaltı noktası
penalty spot {n} (spot from where penalty kicks are taken) :: penaltı noktası
pencil {n} (graphite writing-instrument) :: kurşun kalem, kalem
pencil box {n} (container for stationery) SEE: pencil case ::
pencil case {n} (object purposed to contain stationery) :: kalemlik, kalem kutusu
pencil sharpener {n} (a device used to sharpen pencils) :: kalemtıraş
pendant {n} (a piece of jewellery hung from a chain worn around the neck) :: pandantif
pending {adj} (awaiting a conclusion or a confirmation) :: beklemede
pending {adj} (begun but not completed) :: işlemde
pending {adj} (about to happen; imminent or impending) :: askıda, beklemede, eli kulağında, yakın
pendulum {n} (body suspended from a fixed support) :: sarkaç, rakkas, pandül
penetrate {v} (enter into) :: sokmak
penetrate {v} (insert the penis into an opening, such as a vagina) :: sokmak
penguin {n} (flightless sea bird) :: penguen
penicillin {n} (penicillin) :: penisilin
peninsula {n} (piece of land projecting into water) :: yarımada
penis {n} (male organ for copulation and urination) :: penis, [vulgar, slang] yarak, [vulgar, slang] sik, erkeklik organı, alet
penis {n} (penis) SEE: member ::
penised {adj} (having a penis) :: penisli
penisless {adj} (without a penis) :: penissiz
Pennsylvania {prop} (US state) :: Pennsylvania
penny {n} (1/100 of a pound sterling or British pound) :: peni
penology {n} (study of punishment and prevention of crime) :: penoloji
pentad {n} (a group or series of five things) :: beşlik
pentagon {n} (a polygon with five sides and five angles) :: beşgen
pentagram {n} (shape of five-pointed star) :: pentagram
pentane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C5H12) :: pentan
Pentecost {prop} (Christian festival) :: pankot
pentose {n} (saccharide containing five carbon atoms) :: pentoz
penultimate {adj} (next-to-last in a sequence) :: sondan bir önceki
peony {n} (Paeonia genus of flowering plants) :: şakayık
people {n} (a body of human beings; a group of two or more persons) :: halk
people {n} (a group of persons forming or belonging to a particular nation etc.) :: halk
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen {prop} (South Yemen) :: Yemen Demokratik Halk Cumhuriyeti
people's republic {n} (people's republic) :: halk cumhuriyeti
People's Republic of Bangladesh {prop} (People's Republic of Bangladesh) :: Bangladeş Halk Cumhuriyeti
People's Republic of China {prop} (official name of China) :: Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones {proverb} (one shouldn't criticize others for having the same fault) :: dinime söven Müslüman olsa
pepper {n} (plant) :: biber
pepper {n} (spice) :: karabiber
pepper {n} (fruit of the capsicum) :: biber, paprika
pepper {v} (add pepper to) :: biberlemek
pepper shaker {n} (a small container designed to hold pepper and facilitate sprinkling it) :: biberlik
pepper spray {n} (non-lethal riot-control agent) :: biber gazı
Pepsi {prop} (the brand of drink) :: Pepsi
peptide {n} (class of organic compounds) :: peptit
peptide bond {n} (amine bond) :: peptit bağı
per {prep} (for each) :: başına
percent {n} (a part or other object per hundred) :: faiz, yüzde
perch {n} (fish of the genus Perca) :: levrek
perch {n} (fish in the taxonomic family Percidae) :: levrek
perch {n} (fish in the taxonomic order Perciformes) :: levrek
perch {n} (rod used by bird) :: tünek
perch {v} (to rest on a perch, to roost) :: tünemek, konmak
perch {v} (to stay in an elevated position) :: tünemek
perch {v} (to place something on a perch) :: kondurmak, tünetmek
perchlorate {n} (salt) :: perklorat
percolate {v} ((transitive) pass a liquid through a porous substance) :: filtrelemek
percolate {v} ((intransitive) drain through a porous substance) :: teressüh etmek [obsolete]
percolate {v} ((intransitive) spread slowly or gradually) :: sızmak
perdition {n} (eternal damnation) :: cehennem
perdition {n} (hell) :: cehennem
peregrine falcon {n} (Falco peregrinus) :: doğan, gökdoğan
perestroika {prop} (reform in the Soviet Union in 1980s) :: perestroyka
perfect {adj} (excellent and delightful in all respects) :: mükemmel
perfection {n} (being perfect) :: mükemmellik, mükemmeliyet, kusursuzluk
perfectitude {n} (perfection) SEE: perfection ::
perfect number {n} (a number that is the sum of all of its divisors except itself) :: mükemmel sayı
perfidious {adj} (pertaining to perfidy) :: hain, kalleş
perfidiously {adv} (in a perfidious manner) :: haince, kalleşçe
perforator {n} (hole punch) SEE: hole punch ::
performance {n} (the act of performing; carrying into execution or action; accomplishment) :: performans
performance {n} (live show or concert) :: performans
perfume {n} (substance providing a pleasant smell) :: parfüm
perfume {n} :: parfüm
perfumery {n} (shop selling perfumes) :: parfümeri
perhaps {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty) :: belki
peri {n} (sprite in Persian mythology) :: peri
perineum {n} (anatomical term) :: perine, apış arası
period {n} (history: period of time seen as coherent entity) :: dönem
period {n} (punctation mark “.”) :: nokta
period {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation ::
periodic table {n} (chart) :: periyodik tablo, periyodik cetvel
periphery {n} (outside boundary, parts or surface) :: çevre, dolay, etraf, civar
periphery {n} (Greek administrative region) :: periferi
peristalsis {n} (rhythmic contraction of the digestive tract) :: peristalti
perjury {n} (deliberate giving of false or misleading testimony under oath) :: yalancı tanıklık
Perl-based {adj} :: Perl tabanlı
permission {n} (authorisation) :: izin, müsaade
permission {n} (act of permitting) :: izin, müsaade
permutate {v} (carry out a permutation) :: sıra değiştirmek
permutation {n} (ordering of a set of distinct elements) :: permütasyon
pernicious {adj} (causing much harm) :: habis, muzır, [medicine] pernisiyöz, zararlı
pernicious {adj} (causing death or injury) :: ölümcül, [medicine] pernisiyöz
perpendicular {adj} (at or forming a right angle to) :: dik
perpendicular {n} (line or plane) :: dik
perpetuate {v} (to make perpetual) :: ölümsüzleştirmek
perpetuate {v} (to prolong the existence of) :: ölümsüzleştirmek, kalıcılaştırmak
persecution {n} (the act of persecuting) :: zulüm
Persephone {prop} (Greek goddess) :: Persephone
perseverance {n} (persistent determination to adhere to a course of action; insistence) :: azim, tahammül, sabır
persevere {v} (To persist steadfastly) :: sebat etmek
Persia {prop} (Iran) SEE: Iran ::
Persian {prop} (the Persian language) :: Farsça, Acemce
Persian {n} (person from Persia) :: Fars, Acem
Persian {n} (Persian cat) :: İran kedisi
Persian {n} :: [2] farsça
Persian {adj} :: Farslı
Persian Gulf {prop} (gulf between Iran and the Arabian peninsula) :: Basra Körfezi
persimmon {n} (fruit) :: Trabzon hurması, Japon hurması, hurma
persimmon {n} (tree) :: Trabzon hurması, Japon hurması
persist {v} (continue to exist) :: ısrar etmek
persistence {n} (property of being persistent) :: devamlılık, süreklilik
persistency {n} (state or characteristic of being persistent) :: kalıcılık
person {n} (individual) :: kişi
person {n} (specifically a human being, see also: human; human being; man) :: birey
person {n} (the physical body seen as distinct from the mind) :: beden, vücut
person {n} (any individual or formal organization with standing before the courts) :: kişi, şahıs
person {n} (grammar: linguistic category) :: kişi, şahıs
personal {adj} (of or pertaining to a particular person) :: kişisel, özel, zatî, şahsi
personal computer {n} (small computer for use by one person at a time, see also: PC) :: kişisel bilgisayar
personal digital assistant {n} (hand-held electronic organizer) :: cep bilgisayarı, kişisel sayısal yardımcı
personality disorder {n} (class of mental disorders) :: kişilik bozukluğu, şahsiyet bozukluğu
personalize {v} (adapt to an individual) :: kişiselleştirmek
personal pronoun {n} (part of speech) :: kişi zamiri
persona non grata {n} (a person who is not welcome) :: istenmeyen adam
personification {n} (person, thing or name typifying a certain quality or idea) :: tecessüm
personification {n} (literary device) :: tecessüm
personification {n} (artistic representation of an abstract quality as a human) :: tecessüm
personnel {n} (employees, office staff) :: personel {p}, çalışanlar {p}, kadro
perspicacious {adj} (showing keen insight) :: zeki
perspicacity {n} (Acute discernment or understanding; insight) :: cesaretli
perspiration {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat ::
perspire {v} (sweat) SEE: sweat ::
persuasion {n} (the act of persuading) :: ikna, kandırma
persuasion {n} (a strongly held conviction, opinion or belief) :: kanaat, kanı
persuasion {n} (one's power of persuading) :: ikna, kandırma
persuasion {n} (a sort, type, or kind with respect to convictions and beliefs) :: itikat
pertain {v} (to belong) :: âit olmak, ilgili olmak, mahsus olmak
pertain {v} (to relate, to refer) :: uygun olmak, uymak
pertussis {n} (whooping cough) SEE: whooping cough ::
Peru {prop} (country in South America) :: Peru
Peruvian {n} (person from Peru) :: Perulu
pervasive {adj} (manifested throughout) :: yaygın
perverse {adj} (Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the (morally) right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted) :: sapık
perversion {n} (sexual practice or act considered abnormal; sexual deviance; immorality) :: sapıklık sapkınlık
pervert {n} (sexually perverted person) :: sapık
Pesach {prop} (Passover) SEE: Passover ::
pesky {adj} (annoying, troublesome, irritating) :: can sıkıcı, nahoş, sinir bozucu
peso {n} (currency) :: peso
pessimism {n} (general belief that bad things will happen) :: pesimizm, kötümserlik, karamsarlık
pessimism {n} (doctrine that this world is the worst of all possible worlds) :: pesimizm, kötümserlik, karamsarlık
pessimist {n} (someone who habitually expects the worst outcome) :: pesimist, kötümser, karamsar, bedbin
pessimistic {adj} (marked by pessimism and little hopefulness) :: pesimist, karamsar
pessimistic {adj} (always expecting the worst) :: kötümser
pesticide {n} (substance used to kill or repress the activities of pests) :: pestisit
pet {n} (an animal kept as a companion) :: evcil hayvan
pet {v} (fondle (an animal)) :: okşamak
petal {n} (one of the component parts of the corolla of a flower) :: taç yaprak
Petrarchan sonnet {n} (type of sonnet) :: İtalyan sone
petroglyph {n} (a rock carving, especially one made in prehistoric times) :: petroglif
petrol {n} (gasoline) SEE: gasoline ::
petrolatum {n} (petroleum jelly) SEE: petroleum jelly ::
petroleum {n} (oil) SEE: oil ::
petroleum jelly {n} (pale yellow semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum) :: vazelin
petrol station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station ::
phablet {n} (electronic handheld device) :: fablet, phablet
phallic {adj} (having to do with the penis) :: fallik
phallus {n} (penis) SEE: penis ::
pharaoh {n} (supreme ruler of ancient Egypt) :: firavun
pharmaceutics {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy ::
pharmacologic {adj} (pharmacological) SEE: pharmacological ::
pharmacological {adj} (of or having to do with pharmacology) :: farmakolojik
pharmacologist {n} (student of or one who is versed in pharmacology) :: farmakolog
pharmacology {n} (science that studies the effects of chemical compounds on living animals) :: farmakoloji
pharmacy {n} (a place where prescription drugs are dispensed) :: eczane
pharyngitis {n} (inflammation of the pharynx) :: farenjit
pharynx {n} (part of alimentary canal) :: yutak
phase {n} (distinguishable part of a sequence) :: aşama, devre, evre
pheasant {n} (bird of family Phasianidae, often hunted for food) :: sülün
phenological {adj} (pertaining to phenology) :: belirti bilimsel
phenology {n} (study of the effect of climate) :: belirti bilimi
phenomenon {n} (observable fact or occurrence) :: fenomen
pheromone {n} (chemical) :: feromon
philander {n} (lover) SEE: lover ::
philanderer {n} (fickle lover) :: flört
philanthropy {n} (benevolent altruism with the intention of increasing the well-being of mankind) :: hayırseverlik, insanseverlik, yardımseverlik
philately {n} (stamp collecting) :: filateli, pulculuk
philia {n} (friendship) SEE: friendship ::
Philippines {prop} (Republic of the Philippines) :: Filipinler {p}
philology {n} (historical linguistics) :: filoloji, dil bilimi
philosopher {n} (person devoted to studying philosophy) :: felsefeci, filozof
philosopher's stone {n} (philosopher's stone) :: felsefe taşı
philosophy {n} (academic discipline) :: felsefe
philosophy of science {n} (study of the assumptions, foundations, and implications of science) :: bilim kuramı, bilim teorisi
phlegm {n} (mucus secreted in the bronchial passages) :: balgam
-phobia {suffix} (used to form nouns meaning fear) :: -fobi
phobia {n} (irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety) :: fobi
phobophobia {n} (fear of fear) :: fobofobi
Phobos {prop} (mythology) :: Phobos
Phobos {prop} (moon of Mars) :: Phobos
Phoenicia {prop} (land of the Phoenicians) :: Fenike
Phoenician {adj} (of, from, or related to the country or civilisation of Phoenicia) :: Fenikeli
Phoenician {prop} (Semitic language spoken by the inhabitants of Phoenicia) :: Fenikece
Phoenician {n} (inhabitant of Phoenicia) :: Fenikeli
phoenix {n} (mythological bird) :: anka, zümrüdüanka, simurg, tuğrul, konrul
Phoenix {prop} (capital city of Arizona, United States) :: Phoenix
phone {v} (to call (someone) on the telephone) :: aramak
phone {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone ::
phone book {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory ::
phonebook {n} (telephone directory) SEE: telephone directory ::
phone booth {n} (telephone booth) SEE: telephone booth ::
phone call {n} (telephone call) SEE: telephone call ::
phoneme {n} (indivisible unit of sound) :: sesbirim
phone number {n} (telephone number) SEE: telephone number ::
phonetic alphabet {n} (writing system) :: fonetik alfabe
phonetics {n} (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols) :: sesbilgisi, fonetik
phonograph {n} (archaic record player) SEE: gramophone ::
phonology {n} (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages) :: sesbilim, fonoloji
phosphorus {n} (element) :: fosfor
phosphorylation {n} (the process of transferring a phosphate group from a donor to an acceptor) :: fosforilasyonu
photo {n} (photograph) :: fotoğraf
photo {v} (to take a photograph) :: fotoğraf çekmek
photocopier {n} (machine which reproduces documents by photographing the original over a glass plate and printing duplicates) :: fotokopi makinesi
photocopy {n} (copy made using a photocopier) :: fotokopi
photocopy {v} (to make a copy using a photocopier) :: fotokopi çekmek
photograph {n} (picture) :: fotoğraf
photograph {v} (to take a photograph) :: fotoğraf çekmek, resim çekmek, fotoğraflamak
photographer {n} (one who takes photographs) :: fotoğrafçı
photographic memory {n} (eidetic memory) :: fotografik hafıza
photography {n} (occupation of taking (and often printing) photographs) :: fotoğrafçılık
photon {n} (quantum of light) :: foton
photosynthesis {n} (biological process) :: fotosentez, ışılbileşim
photosynthetic {adj} (of or relating to photosynthesis) :: fotosentetik
PHP-based {adj} :: PHP tabanlı
phrase {n} (short written or spoken expression) :: deyim, tabir, ifade
phrase {n} (grammar: group of two or more words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence) :: öbek
phrase {v} (to express by means of words) :: anlatmak, ifade etmek
phrase book {n} (book of everyday expressions and vocabulary) :: sözcük grupları kitabı
phrasebook {n} (book used to learn foreign language) SEE: phrase book ::
phraseology {n} (phrasebook) SEE: phrase book ::
phraseology {n} (study of set or fixed expressions) :: deyim bilimi, frazeoloji
phrenology {n} (the discredited "science" or pseudo-science of phrenology) :: frenoloji
Phrygia {prop} (ancient kingdom) :: Frigya
Phrygian cap {n} (conical close-fitting cap with the top bent forward) :: Frigya başlığı
phycology {n} (study of algae) :: fikoloji, algoloji
phylum {n} ((biology, taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below kingdom and above class) :: şube, dal, filum
physical education {n} (curriculum component) :: beden eğitimi
physician {n} (medical doctor) :: doktor, hekim, tabip
physicist {n} (person whose occupation specializes in the science of physics) :: fizikçi
physics {n} (branch of science) :: fizik, doğam (doğa kuramı)
physiology {n} (branch of biology) :: fizyoloji
pi {n} (letter of Greek alphabet) :: pi
pi {n} (irrational mathematical constant) :: pi, pi sayısı
piano {n} (a keyboard musical instrument) :: piyano
piastre {n} (Ottoman or Middle Eastern currency) :: kuruş
pick {v} (to pick) SEE: choose ::
pick {n} (pickaxe) :: kazma
pick {n} (tool to open a lock) :: çilingir
pick {n} (choice) :: seçmek
pick {n} (music: plectrum) SEE: plectrum ::
pickaxe {n} (heavy iron tool) :: kazma
picket {n} (sentry) SEE: sentry ::
pickle {n} (cucumber preserved in brine or vinegar syrup) :: turşu, kornişon, salatalık turşusu
pickle {n} (any vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish) :: turşu
pickpocket {n} (one who steals from the pocket of a passerby) :: kapkaççı, yankesici
picnic {n} (a meal eaten outdoors) :: piknik
pictogram {n} (picture that represents a word or an idea) :: resim yazı, resimli çizenek
picture {n} (representation of visible reality produced by drawing, etc) :: resim, tasvir, çizim
Pi Day {prop} (March 14th, an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi)) :: Pi Günü
pide {n} (bread) :: pide
pide {n} (meal) :: lahmacun
pie {n} (type of pastry) :: turta
pie {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza ::
piece {n} (part of a larger whole) :: parça
piece {n} :: tane
piece {n} (hairpiece) SEE: hairpiece ::
piece of cake {n} (simple or easy job) :: [lit. child's toy] çocuk oyuncağı
Piedmont {prop} (region) :: Piyemonte
pie iron {n} (device for making sandwiches) :: tost makinesi
pier {n} (raised platform built from the shore out over water) :: iskele
pierce {v} (create a hole for jewelry) :: deldirmek
piercing {n} (hole for jewelry) :: pirsing
piercing {n} (the jewelry itself) :: pirsing
piety {n} (reverence and devotion to God) :: dindarlık, sofuluk, takva, züht
piety {n} (reverence to one's family) :: saygı, hürmet, ihtiram
pig {n} (mammal of genus Sus) :: domuz, hınzır
pig {n} (someone who overeats or eats rapidly) :: obur
pig {n} (nasty or disgusting person) :: tiksindirici
pig {n} (dirty or slovenly person) :: pasaklı
pig {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet ::
pig {n} (pork) SEE: pork ::
pigeon {n} (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae) :: güvercin
piggy bank {n} (small container to store small saved coins in) :: kumbara
piglet {n} (young pig) :: domuz yavrusu [domuzcuk]
pigling {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet ::
pigpen {n} (pigsty) SEE: pigsty ::
pigsty {n} (enclosure where pigs are kept) :: domuz ahırı
pigsty {n} (dirty or very untidy place) :: karmaşa, arapsaçı
pike {n} (turnpike) SEE: turnpike ::
pike {n} (long spear) :: mızrak, kargı
pikeman {n} (soldier) :: mızraklı, mızrakçı
pike-perch {n} (zander) SEE: zander ::
pilaf {n} (dish) :: pilav
pilaff {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf ::
Pilate {prop} (Pontius Pilate) :: Pilatus
pilau {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf ::
pile {n} (heap) :: pil, yığmak, yığın
pile {n} (hemorrhoid) SEE: hemorrhoid ::
pile driver {n} (machine for forcing a pile into the ground) :: kazık çakıcı
piles {n} (plural of pile) SEE: pile ::
pilgrim {n} (traveler, especially to religious sites) :: hacı
pilgrimage {n} (religious journey, or one to a sacred place) :: hac
pill {n} (small object for swallowing) :: hap, tablet
pillage {v} (loot or plunder by force) :: yağma, talan, çapulculuk
pillar {n} (large post, often used as supporting architecture) :: sütun
pillar {n} (essential part of something) :: direk
pillow {n} (soft cushion used to support the head in bed) :: yastık
pillow fight {n} (a play fight that involves hitting others with pillows) :: yastık savaşı
pilot {n} (controller of aircraft) :: pilot
pimp {n} (prostitution solicitor) :: pezevenk
pimp {v} (to act as procurer of prostitutes) :: pezevenk
pimple {n} (inflamed spot on the surface of the skin) :: sivilce
pin {n} (jewellery attached with a pin) SEE: brooch ::
pinata {n} (candy-filled container that is hit with a stick) :: piñata
pincers {n} (gripping tool) :: kerpeten
pinch {v} (to squeeze a small amount of skin) :: çimdiklemek
pinch off {v} (To separate (something) from something else) :: çimdik atmak, çimdiklemek
pine {n} (tree of the genus Pinus) :: çam
pineal gland {n} (small endocrine gland) :: epifiz
pineapple {n} (plant) :: ananas
pineapple {n} (fruit) :: ananas
pineapple guava {n} (feijoa) SEE: feijoa ::
pinecone {n} (seed-bearing cone of a pine tree) :: çam kozalağı
pine marten {n} (Martes martes) :: ağaç sansarı, zerdeva
pine tree {n} (pine) SEE: pine ::
ping pong {n} (table tennis) SEE: table tennis ::
pink {n} (flower) :: karanfil
pink {n} (pale red colour) :: pembe
pink {adj} (colored/coloured between red and white) :: pembe
pinkie {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger ::
pinkish {adj} (somewhat pink) :: pembemsi, pembemtırak
pinky {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger ::
Pinocchio {prop} (protagonist) :: Pinokyo
Pinocchio {prop} (fairy tale) :: Pinokyo
pinto {adj} (pied, mottled) :: benekli
pious {adj} (of or pertaining to piety) :: dindar, imanı bütün, sofu, salih, mütedeyyin
pious {adj} (practiced under the pretext of religion) :: bağnaz, yobaz
pipe {n} (musical instrument) :: kaval
pipe {n} (hollow tube) :: boru
pipe {n} (smoking tool) SEE: tobacco pipe ::
pipe dream {n} (near impossibility) :: boş hayal, hülya
pipit {n} (passerine bird from the genus Anthus) :: incir kuşu
pique {n} (feeling of irritation or resentment) :: darılma, incinme, kırılma
piracy {n} (robbery at sea) :: korsanlık
piracy {n} (unauthorized duplication) :: korsanlık
piracy {n} (unlicensed broadcasting) :: korsan yayın
Piraeus {prop} (city) :: Pire
piranha {n} (South American fish) :: pirana
pirate {n} (one who plunders at sea) :: korsan
pirate {n} (one who breaks intellectual property laws) :: korsan
pirate {v} (make and/or sell an illegal copy) :: korsan satış yapmak
pirate {adj} (illegal imitated or reproduced) :: korsan
Pisces {prop} (constellation) :: Balık
Pisces {prop} (astrological sign) :: Balık
pismire {n} (ant) SEE: ant ::
piss {n} (urine) :: çiş, idrar, sidik
piss {v} ((vulgar) to urinate) :: işemek, çiş yapmak, çiş etmek, siğmek
pisser {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
pistachio {n} (tree) :: fıstık, antep fıstığı
pistachio {n} (fruit) :: fıstık
pistol {n} (handgun) :: tabanca
pit {n} (hole in the ground) :: çukur
pit {n} (service area at a motor racetrack) :: pit
pit {n} (mine) SEE: mine ::
pit {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit ::
pita {n} (bread pouch used for making sandwiches) :: pide
pitaya {n} (dragon fruit) SEE: dragon fruit ::
pitch {n} (the perceived frequency of a sound or note) :: perde
pith {n} (albedo) SEE: albedo ::
pith {n} (spinal cord; marrow) SEE: spinal cord ::
pitta bread {n} (flat bread made from wheat flour) SEE: pita ::
pity {n} (feeling of sympathy) :: şefkat, merhamet, acıma
pity {interj} (what a pity) SEE: what a pity ::
pizza {n} (baked Italian dish) :: pizza
PKK {prop} (Kurdistan Workers Party) :: PKK
place {n} (location, position) :: yer, mekân
place {n} (open space, courtyard, market square) :: meydan
placename {n} (the name of a place) :: yer adı
placenta {n} (anatomy: placenta) :: plasenta, etene
plagiarism {n} (copying of someone's ideas) :: intihal
plague {n} (specific disease "the Plague") :: veba
plain {n} (an expanse of land with relatively low relief) :: ova
plan {n} (technical drawing) :: plan
plan {n} (set of intended actions) :: plan
plan {v} (to design) :: planlamak
Planck's constant {n} (constant) :: Planck sabiti
plane {n} (level or flat surface) :: düzlem
plane {n} (math: flat surface extending infinitely in all directions) :: yüzey
plane {n} (a tool) :: rende
plane {n} (airplane) :: uçak, [obsolete] tayyare
planet {n} (each of the seven major bodies which move relative to the fixed stars in the night sky) :: gezegen, planet [rare]
planet {n} (rocky or gaseous spherical bodies orbiting the Sun) :: gezegen, planet [rare]
planet {n} (similar body in orbit around a star) :: gezegen, planet [rare]
planetary nebula {n} (nebulosity) :: gezegenimsi bulutsu
planetology {n} (the study of planets) :: gezegen bilimi, planetoloji
planetree {n} (plane) SEE: plane ::
planned economy {n} (economy in which government directly manages) :: planlı ekonomi
planner {n} (planning notebook or software) :: ajanda
plant {n} (organism capable of photosynthesis) :: bitki
plant {v} (place in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow) :: ekmek, dikmek
plant {n} (factory) SEE: factory ::
planter {n} (box or pot) :: saksı
plaque {n} :: plak
plasma {n} (high energy state of matter) :: plazma
plastic {n} (synthetic thermoplastic polymer) :: plastik
plastic {n} (any similar synthetic material) :: plastik
plastic art {n} (three-dimensional art form) :: plastik sanat
plastic bag {n} (type of packaging) :: poşet
plasticity {n} (quality of being plastic) :: esneklik, plastiklik
plate {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: foot) SEE: foot ::
plate {n} (flat dish) :: tanner
plate {n} (prize given to the winner in a contest) SEE: prize ::
plateau {n} (level expanse) :: plato, yayla
platelet {n} (particle found in the blood of mammals) :: trombosit, kan pulcuğu
platform {n} (stage for speeches and performances) :: platform, podyum
platform {n} (place or opportunity to express one's opinion) :: platform
platform {n} (high shoe type) :: apartman topuk
platform {n} (computing: particular type of operating system or environment) :: platform
platform {n} (politics: political stance on a broad set of issues) :: platform
platform {n} (travel: raised structure for passengers) :: peron
platinum {n} (metal) :: platin
Plato {prop} (Greek philosopher) :: Eflatun, Platon
platonic love {n} (intimate but non-sexual affection) :: platonik aşk
platypus {n} (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) :: gagalı memeli
play {v} (act in a manner such that one has fun) :: oynamak
play {v} (produce music using a musical instrument (transitive sense), affecting a noun) :: çalmak
play {v} (produce music using a musical instrument (intransitive sense, not affecting a noun)) :: çalmak
play {v} (act in a performance) :: oynamak
play {v} (participate in (a sport or game)) :: oynamak
play {n} (playful activity) :: oyun
play {n} (literary composition intended to be represented) :: oyun
play {n} (theatrical performance) :: oyun, tiyatro oyunu
playback {n} (replaying of recorded sound or moving images) :: geri oynatım, playback
playback singer {n} (singer whose songs are lip-synced by an actor) :: playback şarkıcısı
playboy {n} (man who devotes himself to pleasure) :: playboy, kazanova, çapkın, hovarda
player {n} (one who plays any game or sport) :: oyuncu, sporcu
player {n} (dramatic actor) :: oyuncu
player {n} (one who plays a musical instrument) :: çalgıcı
player {n} (gambler, see also: gambler) :: kumarcı, kumarbaz
player {n} (electronic device) :: oynatıcı
player {n} (software application) :: oynatıcı
player {n} (one without serious aims) :: oyunbaz, oyuncu
player {n} (person "playing the field") :: çapkın
player {n} :: oyuncu
playful {adj} (liking or prone to play) :: oyuncu, oyunbaz
playground {n} (large open space to play on, usually for children) :: oyun alanı, oyun sahası
playground {n} (open-air space on a school campus where the children can play) :: okul bahçesi
playground {n} (small area for children) :: oyun alanı, oyun sahası
playground {n} (space to do what one pleases) :: deneme tahtası
play hooky {v} (to stay away from school, work, etc. without suitable permission or excuse) :: asmak, kaçmak, kaytarmak, kırmak
playhouse {n} (venue for performing plays) SEE: theater ::
playing card {n} (one of usually 52 rectangular pieces of card) :: iskambil, oyun kağıdı, iskambil kağıdı
PlayStation {n} (series of video game consoles) :: PlayStation
plaza {n} (a towns' public square) :: meydan
PLC {n} (Abbreviation for a programmable logic controller) :: PLC
plead {v} (to present an argument) :: açıklamak, ileri sürmek
plead {v} (to beg) :: yalvarmak
pleasant {adj} (giving pleasure; pleasing in manner) :: sevimli, tatlı, hoş, güzel
please {adv} (interjection to make a polite request) :: lütfen, [formal] zahmet olmazsa
pleased to meet you {phrase} (polite formula used when being introduced to somebody) :: (tanıştığımıza) memnun oldum
please pass the salt {phrase} (please pass the salt) :: lütfen tuzu uzatın
please repeat after me {phrase} (phrase) :: [formal] lütfen benden sonra tekrar ediniz, [formal] lütfen benden sonra tekrar et
please say that again {phrase} (please say that again) :: [informal] lütfen tekrar söyle, [formal] lütfen tekrar söyleyin
please sit down {phrase} (please sit down) :: lütfen yerine otur
please speak more slowly {phrase} (please speak more slowly) :: [formal] lütfen daha yavaş konuşun, [informal] lütfen daha yavaş konuş
please turn left {phrase} (please turn left) :: lütfen sola dönün
please turn right {phrase} (please turn right) :: lütfen sağa dönün
pleasing {adj} (giving pleasure) :: hoşnut
pleasure {n} (a state of being pleased) :: zevk, memnuniyet
plectrum {n} (music: small piece for plucking strings) :: mızrap, tezene, pena, çalgıç
plectrum {n} (anatomical part) :: plektrum
Pleiades {prop} (Greek mythology) :: Ülker
Pleiades {prop} (astronomy) :: Ülker
plenipotentiary {n} :: tam yetkili
plenty {n} (a more than adequate amount) :: bolluk
plethora {n} (excess, abundance) :: çokluk, doluluk, fazlalık
Pleven {prop} (city) :: Plevne
pliers {n} (gripping tool which multiplies the strength of the user's hand) :: pense, kargaburun
PLMN {n} (public switched telephone network) :: PLMN
plot {n} (area of land used for building on or planting on) :: arsa
plot {n} (secret plan to achieve an end) :: komplo
plough {n} (device pulled through the ground) :: saban
plough {v} (vulgar: to have sex with) :: düzmek, sikmek, becermek
Plough {prop} (name for the brightest seven stars of the constellation Ursa Major) SEE: Big Dipper ::
plov {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf ::
Plovdiv {prop} (city) :: Filibe
plow {n} (plough) SEE: plough ::
plow {v} (plough) SEE: plough ::
plowman {n} (male plower) :: sabancı
plum {n} (the fruit) :: erik
plum {n} (raisin) SEE: raisin ::
plum tree {n} (tree that bears plums) SEE: plum ::
plunder {v} (to take all the goods of, by force (as in war) (transitive)) :: yağmalamak, talan etmek
plunder {v} (to take by force or wrongfully) :: gasp etmek
plunder {v} (to commit robbery or looting (intransitive)) :: çalmak, aşırmak
plunder {n} (instance of plundering) :: yağma, talan
plunder {n} (loot attained by plundering) :: ganimet, olca, yağma, çapul, talan, plaçka
plural {adj} (more than one) :: çok
plural {n} (word in plural form) :: çoğul, çokluk
plurality {n} (the state of being plural) :: çoğulluk
plus {n} (plus sign) SEE: plus sign ::
plus {conj} (arithmetic: sum) :: artı
plus {conj} (in addition to) :: artı, ayrıca
plus {adj} (being positive rather than negative or zero) :: artı
plush {n} (toy) SEE: plush toy ::
plush toy {n} (child's soft toy with a plush covering) :: peluş
plus sign {n} (mathematical symbol) :: artı
Pluto {prop} (god) :: Plüton
Pluto {prop} (Kuiper belt object - a dwarf planet) :: Plüton
plutoid {n} (trans-Neptunian dwarf planet) :: plütoid
plutonic {adj} (of rock that cooled and hardened below the surface of the Earth) :: plutonik
plutonium {n} (chemical element) :: plütonyum
PMSL {initialism} (pissing myself laughing) :: Gülmekten Altıma İşedim
pneumoconiosis {n} (disease of the lungs) :: pnömokonyoz
pneumonia {n} (inflammation of the lungs) :: zatürre, pnömoni
Po {prop} (longest river in Italy) :: Po
pocket {n} (bag stitched to an item of clothing) :: cep
pocket {n} (billiards: net into which balls are struck) :: cep, delik
pocket {v} (to cause a ball to go into a pocket of a billiard table) :: cebe düşürmek
pocket {v} (to take and keep (especially money) that is not one's own) :: cebe indirmek
pocket {adj} (of a size suitable for putting into a pocket) :: [addan önce] cep
pocketbook {n} (small book) :: cep kitabı
pocketknife {n} (small knife whose blades or tools can fold in its handle) :: çakı, cep bıçağı
pocket money {n} (money given to a child) :: harçlık, cep harçlığı
pocket watch {n} (watch) :: cep saati, köstekli saat
Podgorica {prop} (capital city of Montenegro) :: Podgorica, Podgoritsa
poem {n} (literary piece written in verse) :: nazım, şiir, manzume, koşuk
poem {n} (piece of writing in the tradition of poetry) :: şiir
poem {n} (piece of poetic writing) :: şiir
poet {n} (person who writes poems) :: şair, ozan
poetic {adj} (relating to poetry) :: şiirsel
poetry {n} (class of literature) :: şiir
poetry {n} :: şıır
pogrom {n} (riot with the intent to massacre or terrorize a certain group, usually Jews) :: pogrom
poinsettia {n} (plant) :: Atatürk çiçeği
pointer {n} (advice) SEE: advice ::
pointer {n} (computing: icon indicating mouse position) SEE: cursor ::
point guard {n} (ballhandling guard in basketball) :: oyun kurucu
point of view {n} (A position from which something is seen; outlook; standpoint) :: bakış açısı
point of view {n} (An attitude, opinion, or set of beliefs) :: görüş
point of view {n} (The perspective from which a narrative is related) :: bakış açısı
poise {n} (state of balance, equilibrium or stability) :: itidal, ılımlılık
poise {n} (composure; freedom from embarrassment or affectation) :: soğukkanlılık, hakimiyet
poison {n} (substance harmful to a living organism) :: zehir, ağı
poison {n} (something that harms) :: zıkkım
poison {n} (liquor) :: zıkkım
poison {v} (to use poison to kill or paralyse) :: zehirlemek, ağılamak
poison {v} (make worse) :: zehirlemek
poison hemlock {n} (poisonous plant) SEE: hemlock ::
poison ivy {n} (one of several ivy-like urushiol-producing plants) :: zehirli sarmaşık
poisonous {adj} (containing sufficient poison to be dangerous) :: zehirli
poke {n} (ice cream cone) SEE: ice cream cone ::
poker {n} (card game) :: poker
Poland {prop} (European country) :: Polonya, Lehistan
polao {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf ::
polar bear {n} (Ursus maritimus) :: kutup ayısı
polar fox {n} (arctic fox) SEE: arctic fox ::
Polaris {prop} (star) :: Kutup Yıldızı, Demirkazık, Kuzey Yıldızı
pole {n} (long and slender object) :: kutup
pole {n} (extreme of an axis) :: kutup
Pole {n} (person from Poland) :: Polonyalı, Leh, Polonez
polecat {n} (Mustela putorius) :: kokarca
polecat {n} (skunk) SEE: skunk ::
polemic {n} (argument or controversy) :: polemik
police {n} (an organisation that enforces the law) :: polis
police force {n} (police organization, constabulary) :: polis kuvvetleri {p}
policeman {n} (a member of a police force) :: polis
police officer {n} (an officer in a law enforcement agency) :: polis
police station {n} (building of police force) :: polis merkezi, karakol
policewoman {n} (a female police officer) :: polis, kadın polis
policy {n} (law: insurance document) :: poliçe
policy {n} (law: insurance) SEE: insurance ::
poliomyelitis {n} (infection by the poliovirus) :: çocuk felci, poliomyelit
Polish {adj} (of Poland or its language) :: Polonyalı, Leh
Polish {prop} (the language of Poland) :: Lehçe
polite {adj} (well-mannered) :: kibar, nazik
political {adj} (concerning or relating to politics) :: siyasi, siyasal, politik
political party {n} (political organization) :: parti, siyasî parti
politician {n} (one engaged in politics) :: politikacı
politician {n} :: devlet adami
politics {n} (a methodology and activities associated with running a government) :: politika, siyaset
pollen {n} (fine granular substance produced in flowers) :: çiçek tozu, polen
polo {n} (ball game) :: polo, çevgen
polonium {n} (chemical element) :: polonyum
polyamide {n} (polymer) :: poliamit
polyclinic {n} (a clinic in which diseases of many sorts are treated) :: poliklinik
polyethene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene ::
polyethylene {n} (polyethylene) :: polietilen
polyglot {adj} (Versed in, or speaking, many languages) :: çokdilli
polyglot {adj} (Containing, or made up of, several languages) :: çokdilli
polyglot {adj} (Comprising various linguistic groups) :: çokdil
polygon {n} (plane figure bounded by straight edges) :: çokgen
polymath {n} (person with extraordinarily broad and comprehensive knowledge) :: allame
polymer {n} (molecule consisting of many identical monomers) :: polimer
polymeride {n} (polymer) SEE: polymer ::
polymorphic {adj} (relating to polymorphism) :: çok biçimli
polymorphism {n} (ability to assume different forms or shapes) :: çok biçimlilik, polymorfizm
polymorphism {n} (computer science: feature of object-oriented programming) :: çok biçimlilik, polymorfizm
polymorphism {n} (genetics: regular existence of two or more different genotypes within a given species or population) :: çok biçimlilik, polimorfizm
Polynesia {prop} (part of Oceania) :: Polinezya
polynomial {adj} (in algebra) :: polinom
polynomial {n} (algebraic expression) :: polinom
polypeptide {n} (organic chemistry: any polymer amino acids joined via peptide bonds) :: polipeptit
polyphonic {adj} (of or relating to polyphony) :: polifonik
polysaccharide {n} (complex carbohydrate) :: polisakkarit
polysyllable {n} (a word with more than two syllables) :: çok heceli
polytechnic {n} (educational institute) :: politeknik {f}
polytheism {n} (belief in the existence of many gods) :: politeizm, çoktanrıcılık
polytheist {n} (believer in polytheism) :: çok tanrıcı, politeist
polythene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene ::
pomegranate {n} (shrub/tree) :: nar
pomegranate {n} (fruit) :: nar
pomelo {n} (grapefruit) SEE: grapefruit ::
pommel horse {n} (gymnastic apparatus) :: kulplu beygir
ponce {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp ::
pond {n} (small lake) :: gölet
ponderous {adj} (dense) SEE: dense ::
pong {n} (bad smell) :: koku
pong {v} (to stink) :: kokmak
pony {n} (small horse) :: midilli
poo {n} (faecal matter) :: kaka
pooch {n} (slang: dog) :: it, köpek
poodle {n} (any of various breeds of poodle) :: kaniş
pool {n} (body of water) :: birikinti, gölet, havuz
pool {n} (small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle) :: birikinti, gölet
pool {n} (swimming pool) SEE: swimming pool ::
poop {n} (feces) SEE: poo ::
poop {n} (stern) SEE: stern ::
poop {v} (to break wind) SEE: break wind ::
poor {adj} (with little or no possessions or money) :: fakir, yoksul, züğürt, fukara
poor {adj} (of low quality) :: berbat, zayıf, kötü
poor {adj} (used to express pity) :: zavallı, perişan, rezil
poor {n} (those with no possessions) :: fakir, fukara
poorly {adj} (ill) SEE: ill ::
pop {v} (to hit) SEE: hit ::
pop {v} (to ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate ::
popcorn {n} (a snack food made from corn kernels popped by dry heating) :: patlamış mısır
pop culture {n} (popular culture) SEE: popular culture ::
pope {n} (head of the Roman Catholic Church) :: papa
Popeye {prop} (tough cartoon sailor) :: Temel Reis
popinjay {n} (Picus viridis) SEE: green woodpecker ::
popinjay {n} (parrot) SEE: parrot ::
poplar {n} (any of various deciduous trees of the genus Populus) :: kavak
poppy {n} (plant) :: gelincik
pop rock {n} (genre combining pop music and rock music) :: pop rock
populace {n} (inhabitants of a nation) SEE: population ::
populace {n} (common people) :: avam, derinti, halk, kitle, ayaktakımı [pejorative]
popular {adj} (liked by many people) :: popüler
popular culture {n} (prevailing vernacular culture) :: popüler kültür
popular science {n} (of, or having to do with popular science) :: popüler bilimsel
population {n} (all people living within a political or geographical boundary) :: nüfus, popülasyon
population {n} (number of residents in a given area) :: nüfus
porcelain {n} (hard, white, translucent ceramic) :: porselen
porcelain {n} (anything manufactured from this material) :: porselen
porch {n} (a covered and enclosed entrance to a building) :: sundurma, veranda
pork {n} (meat of a pig) :: domuz eti
porn {n} (pornography) :: porno, pornografi
porn {n} (pornographic work) :: porno, seks filmi
pornographic {adj} (containing an explicit depiction of sexual activity) :: porno, pornografik, müstehcen, açık saçık
porn star {n} (actor or actress famous for appearing in pornographic films) :: porno yıldızı
Poroshenko {prop} (Ukrainian surname) :: Poroşenko
porpoise {n} (cetacean) :: musur
port {n} (dock or harbour) :: liman
port {n} (computing: logical or physical construct into and from which data are transferred) :: port
port {v} (computing: to adapt a program so that it works on a different platform) :: liman
port {n} (port city) SEE: port city ::
port city {n} (city built around a port) :: liman kenti, şehri
portcullis {n} (gate in the form of a grating) :: tarla sürgüsü
portend {v} (to serve as a warning or omen) :: önceden belirtmek, önceden haber vermek
portend {v} (to signify) :: alâmet olmak, delâlet etmek, (kötüye) işâret olmak
portion {n} (allocated amount) :: pay, hisse
portmanteau {n} (case) :: bavul
portmanteau {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word ::
portmanteau word {n} (word which combines the meaning of two words) :: birleşik kelime, birleşik sözcük
portrait {n} (painting of a person) :: portre
Portugal {prop} (country) :: Portekiz
Portuguese {adj} (of or relating to the Portuguese language) :: portekizce
Portuguese {n} (person native to Portugal) :: Portekizli
Portuguese {prop} (the language) :: Portekizce
Portuguese Water Dog {n} (Portuguese Water Dog) :: Portekiz su köpeği
positive {adj} (legal: formally laid down) :: pozitif, olumlu
positive {adj} (fully assured in opinion, confident) :: emin
positive {n} :: pozitif
positively {adv} (in a positive manner) :: olumlu
positron {n} (positron) :: pozitron
POSIX {n} (computing: set of standards providing application portability between UNIX variants) :: POSIX
possess {v} (to have; to have ownership of) :: sahip olmak, malik olmak
possessive {adj} (grammar: indicating possession) :: sahiplik, aitlik, iyelik
possessive adjective {n} (possessive determiner) :: iyelik sıfatı
possessor {n} (One who possesses) :: iye, elmen, sahip, malik
possibility {n} (quality of being possible) :: ihtimal, olasılık, imkân
possible {adj} (able but not certain to happen) :: olası, mümkün
possibly {adv} (adverb indicating that a proposition may be true or false) SEE: perhaps ::
post {n} (long dowel or plank protruding from the ground) :: direk, kazık
postage stamp {n} (piece of paper indicating postage has been paid) :: posta pulu, pul
postal code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode ::
postbellum {adj} (of the period following a war) :: savaş sonrası
post box {n} (box in which post can be left to be picked up) SEE: mailbox ::
postcard {n} (rectangular piece of thick paper to be mailed without an envelope) :: kartpostal
postcode {n} (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address) :: posta kodu
postdoctoral {adj} (after receiving a doctorate) :: doktora sonrası
poster {n} (advertisement, see also: placard) :: afiş
posterity {n} (all the future generations) :: nesil, soy, zürriyet
postman {n} (mailman) SEE: mailman ::
postmodernism {n} (a style of art, literature, etc) :: postmodernizm
post office {n} (place) :: postane
postpone {v} (to delay or put off an event) :: ertelemek
postposition {n} ((grammar) words that come after the noun) :: sontakı
pot {n} (vessel for cooking or storing food etc.) :: tencere
potassium {n} (the chemical element) :: potasyum
potassium hydroxide {n} (potassium hydroxide) :: potasyum hidroksit
potassium nitrate {n} (potassium nitrate) :: güherçile, potasyum nitrat
potato {n} (plant tuber eaten as starchy vegetable) :: patates, yeryumru, yerkök, yerelması [rare in this sense]
potato in its jacket {n} (baked potato) SEE: baked potato ::
pot calling the kettle black {n} (situation in which somebody accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser) :: tencere dibin kara, seninki benden kara ("Pot, your bottom is black." "Yours is blacker!")
potential {n} (currently unrealized ability) :: gizil, gizli, potansiyel
potential {n} (physics: the radial component of a gravitational field) :: gizil güç, potansiyel
potential {n} (energy of a unit electrical charge) :: gizil güç, potansiyel
potential {adj} (existing in possibility) :: gizil
potentiation {n} (the action of a substance) :: potansiyasyon
pothead {n} (a person who smokes cannabis frequently) :: esrarkeş
pothole {n} (a hole in a road) :: yol çukuru
Poti {prop} (a port city in Georgia) :: Poti
potion {n} (small portion or dose of a liquid which is medicinal, poisonous, or magical) :: iksir, posyon
potter {n} (one who makes pots and ceramic wares) :: çömlekçi
potter's wheel {n} (machine used by a potter) :: çömlekçi çarkı
potty {n} (bathroom) SEE: bathroom ::
potty {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet ::
potty {n} (latrine) SEE: latrine ::
pound {n} (unit of mass (16 ounces avoirdupois)) :: libre
pound {n} (US: symbol #) SEE: hash ::
pound sign {n} (symbol #) SEE: hash ::
pound sterling {n} (currency of the UK) :: İngiliz sterlini
pour {v} (to cause to flow in a stream) :: dökmek
pour gasoline on the fire {v} (add fuel to the fire) SEE: add fuel to the fire ::
Po valley {prop} (large plain in northern Italy) :: Po Ovası
poverty {n} (quality or state of being poor) :: fakirlik, yoksulluk
powder {n} (fine particles of any dry substance) :: pudra, toz
powder {n} (gunpowder) SEE: gunpowder ::
powdered milk {n} (dairy product) SEE: milk powder ::
powdered sugar {n} (very finely ground sugar used in icings, etc) :: pudra şekeri
power {n} (capability or influence) :: güç
power {n} (people in charge of legal or political power) :: iktidar
power {n} (physical force or strength) :: güç
power {n} (physics: measure of the rate of doing work or transferring energy) :: güç
power {n} (maths: product of equal factors) :: üs, kuvvet
power {v} (to provide power for) :: güç sağlamak
powered {adj} :: beslemeli, tahrik edilen [postpositioned]
powerful {adv} (having or capable of exerting power, potency or influence) :: güçlü
power supply {n} (part of apparatus) :: güç kaynağı
pox {n} (syphilis) SEE: syphilis ::
practicability {n} (being practicable) :: uygulanabilirlik, yapılabilirlik
practice {n} (repetition of an activity to improve skill) :: alıştırma, egzersiz
practice {n} (actual operation or experiment, in contrast to theory) :: pratik
pragmatics {n} (study of the use of the language in a social context) :: edimbilim, kullanımbilim
pragmatism {n} (philosophical idea that beliefs are identified with the actions of a believer) :: pragmatizm, faydacılık, yararcılık
Prague {prop} (capital of the Czech Republic) :: Prag
praise {n} (commendation; favorable representation in words) :: övgü, methiye
praise {n} (worship) :: hamt
prank {n} (practical joke or mischievous trick) :: muziplik, eşek şakası
prankster {n} (one who performs pranks) :: şakacı
praseodymium {n} (chemical element) :: praseodim
prate {n} (talk to little purpose) :: gevezelik
prate {v} (to talk much, to chatter) :: boş konuşmak, gevezelik etmek
prawn {n} (large shrimp) :: karides
pray {v} (to petition a higher being) :: dua etmek
pray {v} :: dua etmek
prayer {n} (practice of communicating with one's God) :: dua, namaz
prayer {n} (the act of praying) :: dua
prayer {n} (the specific words or methods used for praying) :: dua
prayer {n} (a meeting held for the express purpose of praying) :: dua
prayer beads {n} (string of beads, see also: rosary) :: tespih
prayer mat {n} (prayer rug) SEE: prayer rug ::
prayer rug {n} (small rug on which Muslims kneel to pray) :: seccade, namazlık
praying mantis {n} (any of various predatory insects of the Mantidae family) :: peygamberdevesi, peygamber devesi
preacher {n} (one who preaches) :: vaiz
preamble {n} (short statement or remark, especially an explanatory introduction to a formal document or statute) :: giriş, önsöz
precariousness {n} (state of being uncertain) :: istikrarsızlık
precaution {n} (Previous caution or care) :: önlem
precede {v} (go before, go in front of) :: önce gelmek, önce gitmek
precedent {n} (past act used as example) :: emsal, teamül
precedent {n} (prior judgment in law) :: içtihat
precept {n} (rule or principle governing personal conduct) :: ta'lim, ögreti, ta'lim buyurmak
precious {adv} (intensifier) SEE: very ::
precious {adj} (of high value or worth) :: değerli, kıymetli
precious {adj} (regarded with love) :: değerli, kıymetli
precipice {n} (a very steep cliff) :: uçurum
precipitate {n} (chemistry: solid that exits the liquid phase of a solution) :: çökelti, tortu, çökelek
precipitation {n} (weather: water falling from the atmosphere) :: yağış
precipitation {n} (chemistry: chemical reaction forming solid in liquid) :: çökelme
precise {adj} (exact) :: dakik, kesin
precompiler {n} (that which precompiles) :: ön derleyici
precondition {n} (preexisting requirement) :: önşart, önkoşul
precursor {n} (forerunner, predecessor) :: öncül
predecessor {n} (one who precedes) :: öncü
predecessor {n} (model or type which precedes) :: öncü
predefine {v} (To define in advance) :: önceden tanımlamak
predicate {n} (grammar) :: yüklem
predicative {adj} (used after a verb) :: yüklemcil
preemptive {adj} :: [computing] duraklatılma, [business] satın almada öncelikli
prefecture {n} (The office of a prefect) :: valilik
prefer {v} (to favor) :: tercih etmek
preferably {adv} (in preference) :: tercihen
preference {n} (selection) :: tercih
preference {n} (option to select or selected) :: tercih
preference {n} (state of being preferred) :: tercih
preference {n} (liking) :: tercih
preference {n} (bias) :: tercih
preferences {n} (plural of "preference") SEE: preference ::
prefix {n} (morpheme at the beginning of a word) :: önek, ön ek
pregnancy {n} (condition) :: hamilelik
pregnant {adj} (fertile) SEE: fertile ::
pregnant {adj} (carrying developing offspring within the body) :: gebe, hamile
pregnant {adj} (having many possibilities or implications) :: gebe
preliminary {adj} (in preparation for the main matter) :: geçici, ilk, ön, öncü
prelude {n} (introductory event) :: giriş
premeditated {adj} (planned, considered or estimated in advance; deliberate) :: kasıtlı, plânlanmış, taammüden [law]
premier {n} (prime minister of a country) SEE: prime minister ::
premiere {n} (first showing of a film, play or other form of entertainment) :: prömiyer
première {n} (premiere) SEE: premiere ::
prenuptial agreement {n} (document stating legal claims upon a divorce) :: evlilik sözleşmesi
prep {n} (homework) SEE: homework ::
prep {n} (preparation) SEE: preparation ::
preparation {n} (act) :: hazırlık
prepare {v} (to make ready for a specific future purpose) :: hazırlamak
prepare {v} (to make ready for eating or drinking) :: sofra kurmak, hazırlamak
prepare {v} (to make oneself ready) :: hazırlanmak
prepared {adj} (willing) :: hazır
preposition {n} (grammar: a type of word like "of, from, for, by") :: ilgeç, edat
prepositional phrase {n} (phrase containing both a preposition and its complement) :: ilgeç öbeği
prepuce {n} (foreskin of certain animals) SEE: sheath ::
prepuce {n} (foreskin) SEE: foreskin ::
prerogative {n} (right, generally) SEE: right ::
presbyopia {n} (inability of the eye, due to ageing, to focus on nearby objects) :: presbiyopi
preschool {adj} (relating to years before primary school) :: okul öncesi
preschool {n} (nursery school) SEE: nursery school ::
prescribe {v} (to order a drug or medical device) :: reçete yazmak
present {n} (gift) SEE: gift ::
present {n} (present tense) SEE: present tense ::
present {adj} (pertaining to the current time) :: hazır, şimdiki
present {v} (bring into the presence of) :: sunmak, takdim etmek, kaleme vermek
presentation {n} (presenting to an audience) :: sunum, takdim
present continuous {n} (tense that describes an ongoing action in the present) :: şimdiki zaman
presenter {n} (Someone who presents a broadcast programme) :: sunucu, takdimci
presenter {n} (Someone who presents a thing or person) :: tanıtıcı
presenter {n} (computing: Device for remote control) :: uzaktan kumanda
present perfect {n} (tense that expresses action in the past with consequences in the present time) :: kusursuz şimdiki zaman
present tense {n} (form of language) :: şimdiki
preserve {v} (to protect) :: korumak, muhafaza etmek
preserve {v} (to keep; to maintain the condition of) :: devam ettirmek, muhafaza etmek, sürdürmek
president {n} (the head of state of a republic) :: cumhurbaşkanı
president {n} (the primary leader of a corporation) :: başkan
presidential palace {n} (White House) SEE: White House ::
press {v} (to press) SEE: bear ::
press {n} (publisher) SEE: publisher ::
press conference {n} (question and answer session with members of television, print and other media) :: basın konferansı, basın toplantısı
pressure {n} (physics: amount of force divided by area) :: basınç
pressure cooker {n} (cooking vessel) :: düdüklü tencere
pretentious {adj} (marked by an unwarranted claim to importance or distinction) :: iddialı, kasıntılı
pretentious {adj} (intended to impress others) :: gösterişçi, iddialı
preternatural {adj} (beyond or different from what is natural or according to the regular course of things) :: fevkalade, olağanüstü
pretty {adj} (especially of women and children: pleasant, attractive) :: güzel
pretty Polly {phrase} (phrase said to parrots) :: cici kuş
prevalent {adj} (widespread, preferred) :: Her yerde bulunan.
previous {adj} (prior) :: önceki
price {n} (cost required to gain possession of something) :: fiyat, paha
price {n} :: fiyat [-tı]
priceless {adj} (so precious as not to be sold at any price) :: paha biçilemez
pride {n} (quality or state of being proud; inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable conceit of one's own superiority in talents, beauty, wealth, rank etc.) :: kibir, gurur
pride {n} (sense of one's own worth, and abhorrence of what is beneath or unworthy of one) :: gurur
pride {n} (proud or disdainful behavior or treatment; insolence or arrogance of demeanor; haughty bearing and conduct) :: kibir
pride {v} (take or experience pride in something) :: gurur duymak, övünç duymak
priest {n} (clergyman (clergywoman, clergyperson)) :: papaz, din adamı, rahip, keşiş
priestess {n} (woman with religious duties) :: rahibe
primality {n} (condition of being a prime number) :: asallık
primary key {n} (key in database table) :: birincil anahtar
prime {adj} (first in time, order, or sequence) :: birincil
prime minister {n} (chief member of the cabinet and head of the government) :: başbakan
prime number {n} (natural number) :: asal sayı
primitive {n} :: ilkel
Primitive Irish {prop} (language) :: İptidaî İrlandaca
primordial {adj} (earliest) :: esasî, ilk, kökensel
primordial soup {n} (state of the Earth's oceans at a very early time in the planet's history) :: ilkel çorba
primorial {n} (product of primes) :: primoriyel
prince {n} (male ruler or head of a principality) :: prens
prince {n} (son or male-line grandson of a reigning monarch) :: prens, şehzade, beyrek
Prince Charming {n} (the fictional character) :: yakışıklı prens
Prince Charming {n} (romantically ideal man) :: yakışıklı prens
princess {n} (female member of royal family) :: prenses {f}
princess {n} (female monarch, or wife of a ruler) :: prenses {f}
principal {n} (essential point or rule) SEE: principle ::
principality {n} (region) :: prenslik
Principality of Albania {prop} (monarchy in Albania from 1914 to 1925) :: Arnavutluk Prensliği
Principality of Andorra {prop} (official name of Andorra) :: Andorra Prensliği
principle {n} (fundamental assumption) :: prensip, ilke
principle {n} (moral rule or aspect) :: ilke, prensip
principle {n} (rule of nature) :: ilke, kanun
print {v} (to produce a copy of a text or image on a surface, especially by machine) :: yazdırmak
print {n} (fingerprint) SEE: fingerprint ::
print {n} (footprint) SEE: footprint ::
printed {adj} (written or published) :: basılı
printer {n} (operator of a printing press) :: matbaacı
printer {n} (computing: device used to print text or images) :: yazıcı
printer-friendly {adj} (that can be printed out) :: yazıcı dostu
printing press {n} (machine for printing) :: baskı presi
printout {n} (A hard copy) :: çıktı
prior {adj} (former) SEE: former ::
prioritized {adj} (quality or state of being prior or antecedent in time, or of preceding something else) :: öncelik, takaddüm
priority {n} (attributive use) SEE: prioritized ::
prise {n} (prize) SEE: prize ::
prismatic {adj} (of or pertaining to a prism) :: prizmatik
prismatic colors {n} :: tayf renkleri {p}
prismatic colours {n} :: tayf renkleri {p}
prison {n} (place of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes) :: hapis, hapishane, cezaevi
prisoner {n} (person incarcerated in a prison) :: mahkum
prisoner {n} (figurative: any person held against his or her will) :: esir, tutsak
Priština {prop} (city) :: Priştine
private {n} (soldier) :: er
private detective {n} (any agent hired by a private party for the purpose of investigation or evidence gathering) :: özel dedektif, özel ajan
private parts {n} (genitals or sex organs) SEE: genitalia ::
private school {n} (fee charging school) :: özel okul
privet {interj} (hello) SEE: hello ::
privilege {n} (particular benefit, advantage, or favor) :: ayrıcalık, imtiyaz, torpil, kıyak
privy {n} (lavatory or toilet) SEE: toilet ::
privy {n} (latrine) SEE: latrine ::
prize {n} (something captured) :: ganimet
prize {n} (anything captured using the rights of war) :: ganimet
prize {n} (honor or reward striven for in a competitive contest) :: ödül, mükafat
prize {n} (that which may be won by chance) :: ikramiye
prize {n} (lever) :: manivela, kaldıraç
prize {v} (to consider something highly valuable) :: değer vermek
probability density function {n} (function) :: olasılık yoğunluk fonksiyonu
probability distribution {n} (mathematical function) :: olasılık dağılımı
probably {adv} (in all likelihood) :: muhtemelen, her halde
probiotic {n} (food or dietary supplement) :: probiyotik
probiotic {adj} (that contains live bacteria for therapeutic purposes) :: probiyotik
problem {n} (difficulty) :: sorun, problem
problem {n} (schoolwork exercise) :: soru
problematic {adj} :: sorunsal, problematik
problematical {adj} (problematic) SEE: problematic ::
procedure {n} (method for performing a task) :: metod, yöntem
procedure {n} (set of established forms or methods of an organized body) :: işlem, prosedür
procedure {n} (computing: subroutine or function coded to perform a specific task) :: yordam
proceed {v} (go forward) :: ilerlemek, gitmek
proceed {v} (pass from one point to another) :: ilerlemek
proceed {v} (go on in an orderly or regulated manner) :: devam etmek, ilerlemek
process {n} (series of events to produce a result) :: süreç
process {n} (path of succession of states through which a system passes) :: işlem
procession {n} (group of people or thing moving along in an orderly manner) :: alay, kortej
processor {n} (microprocessor) :: işlemci
proclaim {v} (to excitedly, verbosely and candidly describe) :: duyurmak, ilan etmek
proclaim {v} (to announce or declare) :: ilan etmek
proclamation {n} (a statement which is proclaimed) :: ilan, beyan, duyuru
proclivity {n} (A predisposition or natural inclination, propensity, or a predilection) :: yatkınlık, eğilim, temayül [obsolete]
procrastinate {v} (put off; to delay taking action) :: gecikme
procrastinate {v} (put off; delay something) :: geciktirmek
prodigal {adj} (wastefully extravagant) :: müsrif, savurgan
prodigal {n} (prodigal) SEE: spendthrift ::
prodigious {adj} (gigantic or huge) :: devasa, kocaman, muazzam
prodigious {adj} (amazing) :: hayret verici, şaşırtıcı
prodigy {n} (something from which omens are drawn) :: kâhin
prodigy {n} (wonderful example of something) :: mucize
prodigy {n} (extremely talented person, especially a child) :: dâhi çocuk
produce {v} (to make or manufacture) :: üretmek
produce {n} (offspring) SEE: offspring ::
producer {n} (in economics) :: üretici
product {n} (commodity for sale) :: ürün, mahsul, mal
product {n} (consequence of efforts) :: ürün, meyve, sonuç, netice
product {n} (result of chemical reaction) :: ürün
product {n} (multiplication result) :: sonuç, çarpım
product {n} (any tangible output) :: ürün, mahsul, meyve
production {n} (the act of producing) :: üretim
profess {v} (to declare; to assert; to affirm) :: bir şeyi itiraf etmek
profession {n} (occupation) :: meslek
professionalism {n} (status or methods of a professional) :: profesyonellik
professor {n} (a higher ranking for a teacher or faculty member at a college or university) :: profesör, hoca
proficient {adj} (skilled) :: becerikli, ehliyetli, kabiliyetli, mahir, mütehassıs, usta, uzman, yeterli
proficient {n} (expert) :: usta
profile {n} (shape, view, or shadow of a person's head from the side) :: profil
profile {n} (reputation) SEE: reputation ::
profit {n} (benefit) :: kazanç, fayda
profit {v} :: kar
profound {adj} (descending below the surface) :: derin
profound {adj} (intellectually deep) :: derin
profuse {adj} (In great quantity or abundance) :: bol, bolca, çok
progenitor {n} (any of a person's direct ancestors) :: ata, cet
progenitor {n} (an individual from which (a) people(s) descend) :: cet, dede
progenitor {n} (an ancestral form of a species) :: ata, cet
progenitor {n} (a predecessor of something) :: öncü, öncü
progenitor {n} (someone who originates something) :: üretici
program {n} (set of structured activities) :: izlence, program
program {n} (leaflet listing information about a play, game or other activity) :: program
program {n} (performance of a show or other broadcast on radio or television) :: program
program {n} (software application) :: program
programmable logic controller {n} (programmable electronic device) :: Programlanabilir Mantıksal Denetleyici
programmatically {adv} (programming: doing something by code) :: programlanarak, programlanmış şekilde
programme {n} (programme) SEE: program ::
programming {n} (activity of writing a computer program) :: programlama
programming language {n} (code of reserved words and symbols) :: programlama dili
progress {n} (a moving forward) :: ilerleme
progress {n} (advance or growth of civilization) :: ilerleme, terakkî etme [obsolescent]
progressive {adj} (continuous) SEE: continuous ::
prohibited {adj} (forbidden) SEE: forbidden ::
project {n} (planned endeavor) :: proje
projection {n} (display of an image by a projector) :: yansı
project management {n} (discipline of organizing and managing project resources) :: proje yönetimi
projector {n} (optical device) :: yansıtım aygıtı, gösterici, projektör
prolific {adj} (Fertile, producing offspring or fruit in great abundance) :: doğurgan, velüt; bereketli, mahsûldar, verimli, münbit
prolific {adj} (Similarly producing results or works in abundance) :: bereketli, üretken, verimli, yediveren
prolocutrix {n} (female prolocutor) SEE: spokeswoman ::
prom {n} (a formal ball) :: balo
promethium {n} (chemical element) :: prometyum
prominent {adj} (eminent, distinguished above others) :: önde gelen
promiscuous {adj} (made up of various disparate elements mixed together) :: gelişigüzel, karışık, rastgele
promiscuous {adj} (made without careful choice; indiscriminate) :: keyfî
promiscuous {adj} (indiscriminate in choice of sexual partners) :: herkesle yatan
promise {n} (vow) :: söz, vaat
promise {v} (to commit to something or action) :: söz vermek
promote {v} (raise someone to a more important, responsible, or remunerative job or rank) :: desteklemek
promotion {n} (advancement in position) :: terfi
promotion {n} (dissemination of information) :: promosyon
prompter {n} (person in a theater) :: suflör
pronged {adj} (having prongs) :: çatallı
pronoun {n} (type of noun) :: zamir
pronounce {v} (to pronounce) SEE: say ::
pronounce {v} (to sound out a word) :: telâffuz etmek
pronunciation {n} (sound of a word) :: telaffuz
pronunciation {n} (way in which words are pronounced) :: sesletim, telaffuz
proof {n} (any effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth) :: ispat
propaganda {n} (concerted set of messages) :: propaganda
propane {n} (aliphatic hydrocarbon: C3H8) :: propan
propeller {n} (mechanical device used to propel) :: pervane
propensity {n} (tendency) :: eğilim, meyelan, meyil, temayül
proper {adj} (fit, suitable) :: düzgün
proper noun {n} (the name of a particular person, place, organization or other individual entity) :: özel ad, özel isim
property {n} (something owned) :: mal
property {n} (piece of real estate) :: mülk, emlak
property {n} (exclusive right of possessing, enjoying and disposing of a thing) :: mülkiyet
property {n} (attribute or abstract quality associated with an object, individual or concept) :: nitelik, vasıf
prophecy {n} (prediction) :: vahiy
prophet {n} (one who speaks by divine inspiration) :: peygamber, nebi, resul, serdar-ı ekrem, Allah'ın elçisi, yalvaç
proponency {n} (advocacy) SEE: advocacy ::
proportion {n} (quantity that is part of the whole) :: orantı
propose {v} (to suggest a plan or course of action) :: teklif etmek
propose {v} (to ask for one's hand in marriage) :: evlenme teklif etmek
propose {v} (to intend) :: niyet etmek
pros and cons {n} (for and against) :: artılar ve eksiler {p}, avantajlar ve dezavantajlar {p}, lehte ve aleyhte olanlar
prose {n} (written language not intended as poetry) :: nesir
prosecutor {n} (a person instituting criminal prosecution) :: savcı, davacı
prosody {n} (linguistics: study of rhythm and other attributes in speech) :: vezin
prospect {n} (position affording a fine view) SEE: lookout ::
prospective {adj} (likely or expected to happen or become) :: muhtemel, olası
prosper {v} (to be successful) :: başarmak
prosperity {n} (condition of being prosperous) :: refah, gönenç
prostate {n} (prostate gland) :: prostat
prostate gland {n} (prostate) SEE: prostate ::
prostitute {n} (a person having sex for profit) :: orospu, fahişe, hayat kadını, orta malı, paçoz, sürtük, seks işçisi, kevaşe, nataşa [slur]
prostitute {n} (promiscuous person) SEE: whore ::
prostitution {n} (having sex for profit) :: fahişelik
protactinium {n} (chemical element) :: protaktinyum
protect {v} (to keep safe) :: korumak
protected {adj} (defended) :: koruma altında, korunmuş
protector {n} (someone who protects or guards) :: hami, koruyucu, mevla, sahip, veli
protege {n} (protégé) SEE: protégé ::
protein {n} (biochemistry: complex molecule) :: protein
protein {n} (class of food) :: protein
protest {n} (formal objection) :: itiraz
Protestantism {n} (faith) :: Protestanlık
protégé {n} (person who is guided and supported) :: çırak
protist {n} (eukaryotic unicellular organisms) :: protist
protocol {n} (rule, guideline etc which guides diplomatic behaviour) :: protokol
Proto-Indo-European {prop} (ancestor language of most European and Indian languages) :: Proto-Hint-Avrupaca
Proto-Indo-European {n} (person who spoke the Proto-Indo-European language) :: Proto-Hint-Avrupalı
Proto-Indo-European {adj} (pertaining to the Proto-Indo-European language, or the people who spoke it, see also: Indo-European) :: Proto-Hint-Avrupa grubuna ait, Proto-Hint-Avrupa grubundan
Proto-Indo-Germanic {prop} (Proto-Indo-European) SEE: Proto-Indo-European ::
protolysis {n} :: protoliz
proton {n} (positively charged nucleon) :: proton
prototype {n} (an original object or form which is a basis for other objects) :: prototip, model
prototype-based {adj} (using entities called objects) :: prototip tabanlı
prototype-based programming {n} :: prototip tabanlı programlama
prototype-oriented programming {n} (programming paradigm that uses prototypes to design application and computer programs) :: prototip yönelimli programlama
prototyping {n} (creation of prototypes) :: prototipleme
protractor {n} (a circular or semicircular tool for measuring angles) :: açıölçer
prove {v} (to demonstrate that something is true; to give proof for) :: ispat etmek
provenance {n} (place or source of origin) :: köken, menşe
provenance {n} (in arts: the history of ownership of a work of art) :: köken, menşe
provenance {n} (of a person: background, history, place of origin, ancestry) :: köken, menşe
Provence {prop} (region in France) :: Provence
proverb {n} (phrase expressing a basic truth) :: atasözü
provided {conj} (only if) :: -diği taktirde, şartıyla
provider {n} (provider) :: sağlayıcı
province {n} (a subdivision of government usually one step below the national level) :: il
provisioning {n} (act of supplying with provisions) :: tedarik etme
provocation {n} (act of provoking) :: kışkırtma, provokasyon
prow {n} (fore part of a vessel; bow) :: pruva
prowess {n} (skillfulness and manual ability; adroitness or dexterity) :: hüner, maharet
prowess {n} (distinguished bravery or courage) :: cesaret, kahramanlık, yiğitlik, yüreklilik
proximately {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately ::
proximity {n} (closeness; the state of being near as in space, time, or relationship) :: yakınlık
proxy {n} (agent or substitute authorized to act for another person) :: ihda, vekil
proxy {n} (authority to act for another, especially when written) :: yetkili temsilci
proxy {n} ((software) An interface for a service) :: proxy, vekil sunucu
proxy server {n} (hardware server) :: vekil sunucu
prude {n} (A person who is or tries to be excessively proper) :: sofu, bağnaz, mutaassıp, yobaz, iffet taslayan, iffetli geçinen, iffetçi
prudent {adj} (sagacious in adapting means to ends) :: ihtiyatlı, tedbirli, sakıngan, önlemli, sakıntılı
prudent {adj} (practically wise, judicious, shrewd) :: ihtiyatlı, tedbirli
prudent {adj} (frugal; economical; not extravagant) :: tutumlu
prudery {n} (condition of being prudish; prudishness) :: iffet, iffetçilik
prudery {n} (prudish behaviour) :: iffetçilik
prudish {adj} (exaggeratedly proper) :: bağnaz, mutaassıp, yobaz, iffet taslayan, iffetçi
prune {n} (plum) SEE: plum ::
prune {n} (dried plum) :: kuru erik
prune {n} (old woman) :: muşmula, muşmula suratlı
Prussia {prop} (former baltic country) :: Prusya
Prussian blue {n} (colour) :: prusya mavisi
Prussian blue {adj} (colour (tinted with green)) :: prusya mavisi
psalm {n} (sacred song) :: ilahi, mezmur, zebur
psalm {n} (a hymn collected into one book of the Old Testament) :: ilahi, zebur, mezmur
psalter {n} (The Book of Psalms) :: zebur
pseudo {adj} :: sahte, kalp yalanci
pseudo {adj} (insincere) SEE: insincere ::
pseudocroup {n} (croup) SEE: croup ::
psoriasis {n} (facial skin disease) :: sedef hastalığı
PSTN {n} (public switched telephone network) :: PSTN
psyched {adj} (thrilled) :: heyecanlı
psychiatric {adj} (of, or relating to, psychiatry) :: psikiyatrik
psychiatrist {n} (doctor specializing in psychiatry) :: psikiyatr, psikiyatrist
psychiatry {n} (branch of medicine dealing with mental illness) :: psikiyatri
psycho- {prefix} (relating to the mind) :: psiko-
psychokinesis {n} (movement inanimate objects by the use of psychic power) :: telekinezi
psycholinguistics {n} (study of comprehension and production of language) :: psikolinguistik
psychological {adj} (of or pertaining to psychology) :: ruh bilimsel
psychologically {adv} (in a psychological manner) :: psikolojik olarak, psikolojikman, tinbilimsel
psychology {n} (study of the human mind) :: ruh bilimi
psychology {n} (the study of the human behavior) :: ruh bilimi
psychology {n} (the study of animal behavior) :: ruh bilimi
psychology {n} (the mental characteristics of a particular individual) :: psikoloji
psychology {n} :: psikoloji
psychometry {n} (paranormal ability) :: psikometri
psychopolitics {n} (interaction between psychology and politics) :: psikopolitika
psychosis {n} (mental disorder) :: psikoz
psychosomatic {adj} (of physical effects with mental causes) :: psikosomatik
psychotherapist {n} (who practices psychotherapy) :: psikoterapist
psychotherapy {n} (treatment of those with mental illness) :: psikoterapi
psychotic {adj} (of, related to, or suffering from psychosis) :: psikotik
psychotic {n} (a person affected by psychosis) :: psikoz hastası, psikozlu
Ptolemy {prop} (name of Greek origin) :: Batlamyus
pub {n} (public house) :: meyhane, birahane
pubic hair {n} (collectively) :: kasık kılı
pubis {n} (the pubic bone) :: kasık kemiği
public finance {n} (field of economics) :: maliye
public house {n} (pub) SEE: pub ::
public key {n} (the public one of the two keys used in asymmetric cryptography) :: açık anahtar
public law {n} (law) :: kamu hukuku
public servant {n} (convict) SEE: convict ::
public servant {n} (civil servant) SEE: civil servant ::
public transit {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport ::
public transport {n} (form of transport) :: toplu taşıma
public transportation {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport ::
publish {v} (to issue a medium (e.g. publication)) :: basmak, çıkarmak, yayımlamak, yayınlamak
publish {v} (to issue something (usually printed work) for sale and distribution) :: yayımlamak, yayınlamak
publish {v} (to announce to the public) :: açıklamak
publisher {n} (One who publishes, especially books) :: yayıncı, yayımcı
publishing {n} (the industry of publishing) :: yayımcılık, yayıncılık
pudding {n} (any dessert) SEE: dessert ::
puddle {n} (a small pool of water) :: gölet
Puerto Rican {n} (person from Puerto Rico) :: Porto Rikolu
Puerto Rico {prop} (Caribbean Commonwealth) :: Porto Riko
puff up {v} (to become fluffy) :: kabarmak
pulao {n} (pilaf) SEE: pilaf ::
pull {v} (transitive: apply force to (something) so it comes towards one) :: çekmek
pull a fast one {v} ((idiomatic) to deceive or trick) :: [colloquial] katakulli yapmak, [colloquial] katakulliye getirmek, [colloquial] numara yapmak, oyun etmek, [colloquial] oyun oynamak, oyuna getirmek
pullet {n} (spineless person) SEE: chicken ::
pullover {n} (sweater) :: kazak, süveter
pull someone's leg {v} (to tease someone) :: dalga deçmek
pulmonary circulation {n} (part of blood circulation) :: küçük kan dolaşımı
pulmonary tuberculosis {n} (tuberculosis infecting the lungs) :: tüberküloz
pulsar {n} (rotating neutron star) :: pulsar, atarca
pulse {n} (regular beat caused by the heart) :: nabız
pumice {n} (pumice) :: ponza
pump {n} (device for moving liquid or gas) :: pompa
pumpkin {n} (plant) :: bal kabağı, kabak
pumpkin {n} (fruit of this plant) :: bal kabağı
pun {n} (joke or type of wordplay) :: kelime oyunu
punch {v} (to herd cattle) SEE: herd ::
punching bag {n} (device used to practice punching) :: boks torbası
punctual {adj} (prompt) :: dakik
punctuate {v} (emphasize, stress) SEE: emphasize ::
punctuation {n} (set of symbols) :: noktalama
puncture {v} (puncture) SEE: pierce ::
pundit {n} (a self-professed expert) :: bilgin, uzman
pundit {n} :: bilgin, âlim
punditry {n} (the state of being a pundit) :: bilginlik
pungency {n} (foul odor) :: koku
punish {v} :: cezalandırmak
punishment {n} (the act of punishing) :: ceza
Punjabi {n} :: Pencapça
punk {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute ::
punk rock {n} (fast, often distorted rock music) :: punk rock
pupa {n} (insect) :: krizalit
pupil {n} (the hole in the middle of the iris of the eye) :: gözbebeği
puppet {n} (movable model of a person or animal) :: kukla
puppet {n} (doll) SEE: doll ::
puppeteer {n} (person who uses a puppet) :: kuklacı
puppetry {n} (art of making and performing with puppets) :: kuklacılık
puppy {n} (young dog) :: köpek yavrusu, enik
pure {adj} (free of flaws or imperfections) :: temiz
pure {adj} (free of foreign material or pollutants) :: saf
purely imaginary number {n} (imaginary number) SEE: imaginary number ::
purgatory {n} (Purgatory) SEE: Purgatory ::
Purgatory {prop} (intermediate state after physical death) :: mahşer
purge {n} (the act of purging) :: tahliye, tehcir, tenkil, siyasal nedenlerle yer degistirtme
purine {n} (organic heterocyclic base) :: pürin
puritan {n} (puritanical person) :: püritan, sofu, püriten
puritan {adj} (having very strict moral standards) :: püritan, sofu, püriten
Puritan {n} (member of a particular Protestant religious sect) :: püritan, püriten
Puritanism {n} (practices of the Puritans) :: püritanizm, püritenizm
purity {n} (the state of being pure) :: arılık
purple {n} (colour) :: mor, erguvani (purple-coloured)
purple {adj} (colour) :: mor, erguvani
purplish {adj} (somewhat purple in colour/color) :: morumsu, morumtırak
purported {adj} (Supposed) :: gibi görünmek
purportedly {adv} (supposedly; putatively; reputedly) :: güya, sözde
purr {v} (cat to make a vibrating sound in its throat) :: mırlamak
purr {n} (vibrating sound made by a cat when contented) :: mırlama
purse {n} (small bag for carrying money) :: cüzdan
purse {n} (small bag for carrying personal items) :: el çantası
purslane {n} (Portulaca oleracea) :: semizotu
pursue {v} (to follow urgently) :: kovalamak
pursue {v} (to aim for) :: hedeflemek
pursue {v} (to participate in, practise (an activity, profession)) :: başlamak
pursuit {n} (hobby or recreational activity) :: uğraş, meşgale
purview {n} (law: enacting part of a statute) :: kanunun hüküm kısmı
purview {n} (law: scope of a statute) :: amaç
purview {n} (scope or range of interest or control) :: görüş alanı
pus {n} (fluid found in regions of infection) :: cerahat, iltihap, irin
push {v} (transitive: apply a force to (an object) so that it moves away) :: itmek
pushcart {n} (small pushable cart) :: el arabası
pushing up daisies {adj} ((euphemism) dead) :: nalları dikmiş
Pushkin {prop} (Russian surname) :: Puşkin
pushpin {n} (thumbtack) SEE: thumbtack ::
push scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter ::
pushup {n} (push-up) SEE: push-up ::
push-up {n} (exercise performed by resting on one's toes and hands and pushing one's weight off the floor) :: şınav
pushy {adj} (Aggressively ambitious; overly assertive, bold or determined) :: aceleci, saldırgan, yüzsüz
pusillanimous {adj} (showing cowardice) :: tabansız
pussy {n} (informal: affectionate term for a cat) :: kedi, [archaic] pisi pisi
pussy {n} (slang: female genitalia) :: am, amcık
put {v} (to place something somewhere) :: koymak
putative {adj} (commonly believed or deemed to be the case) :: varsayılan, farz edilen
put away {v} (to kill someone) SEE: kill ::
put on {v} (to don clothing) :: giymek
put one's foot in one's mouth {v} (misspeak; say something embarrassing or wrong) :: pot kırmak, çam devirmek, gaf yapmak
put on the block {v} (to sell) :: satışa çıkarmak
put out {v} (consent to sex) :: vermek
putsch {n} (a coup; an illegal effort to forcibly overthrow the current government) :: darbe
put together {v} (create, assemble or build) :: birleştirmek, bir araya getirmek
put up {v} (to place in a high location) :: koymak
put up with {v} (to put up with) SEE: bear ::
puzzle {n} (crossword puzzle) SEE: crossword ::
puzzle {n} (anything difficult to understand or make sense of) :: bulmaca
puzzle {n} (jigsaw puzzle) SEE: jigsaw puzzle ::
pylon {n} (a gateway to the inner part of an Ancient Egyptian temple) :: pilon
pylon {n} (a tower like structure used to support high voltage electricity cables) :: pilon
pylon {n} (obelisk) SEE: obelisk ::
Pyongyang {prop} (capital of North Korea) :: Pyongyang
pyramid {n} (ancient construction) :: piramit
pyramid {n} (construction) :: piramit
pyramid {n} (in geometry, a solid with triangular lateral faces and a polygonal base) :: piramit
Pyrenees {prop} (the mountain range separating Spain from France) :: Pireneler
pyrogen {n} (substance that produces fever) :: pirojen
pyrolysis {n} (decomposition of a material or compound due to heat where there is no oxygen or other reagents) :: piroliz
pyrotechnics {n} (firework) SEE: firework ::
Pythagoras {prop} (Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher) :: Pisagor
python {n} (constricting snake) :: piton