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paan {n} (psychoactive preparation of betel leaf)  :: ăn trầu
Pacific Ocean {prop} (the world's largest body of water)  :: Thái Bình Dương (太平洋)
pacifier {n} (for a baby)  :: núm vú giả
pacifism {n} (doctrine that disputes should be settled without violence)  :: chủ nghĩa hoà bình
package {n} (something which is packed)  :: kiện hàng, gói, bưu kiện
packet {n} (small pack)  :: gói
paddleboat {n} (pedalo) SEE: pedalo  ::
paddy {n} (wet land where rice grows)  :: ruộng lúa
paddy field {n} (field where rice is grown) SEE: paddy  ::
page {n} (boy child) SEE: boy  ::
page {n} (one side of a leaf of a book)  :: trang
page {n} (Internet: web page) SEE: web page  ::
pageant {n} (beauty pageant) SEE: beauty pageant  ::
pager {n} (device)  :: máy nhắn tin
pagoda {n} (a tiered tower with multiple eaves)  :: chùa, chùa chiền
pail {n} (bucket) SEE: bucket  ::
pain {n} (ache or bodily suffering)  :: đau, sự đau đớn
pain {n} (suffering or anguish, especially mental)  :: khổ
painful {adj} (suffering with pain)  :: đau đớn
paint {n} (substance)  :: nước sơn
paint {v} (apply paint to)  :: sơn
painter {n} (artist)  :: họa sĩ
painter {n} (laborer)  :: thợ sơn
painting {n} (an illustration or artwork using paint)  :: bức tranh
pair {n} (number of things resembling one another, or belonging together) SEE: set  ::
pair {n} (two similar or identical things)  :: đôi
pair {n}  :: đôi, cặp
pair of compasses {n} (tool used to draw circles)  :: com-pa
pair of eyeglasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of glasses {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of scissors {n} (scissors) SEE: scissors  ::
pair of specs {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pair of spectacles {n} (spectacles) SEE: spectacles  ::
pajamas {n} (clothes for wearing to bed and sleeping in)  :: pijama, quần áo ngủ
Pakistan {prop} (country in South Asia)  :: Pa-ki-xtan
palace {n} (large, lavish residence)  :: cung điện (宮殿)
Palace of Westminster {prop} (building in London housing the House of Commons and House of Lords)  :: cung điện Westminster
palanquin {n} (a covered type of litter)  :: kiệu (), cáng
Palau {prop} (Republic of Palau)  :: Pa-lau
Paleozoic {prop} (Paleozoic era)  :: đại Cổ Sinh
Palestine {prop} (West Bank and Gaza Strip collectively)  :: Palestine
palladium {n} (chemical element)  :: palađi
palm {n} (inner, concave part of hand)  :: gan bàn tay, lòng bàn tay
palm {n} (palm tree) SEE: palm tree  ::
palm sugar {n} (sugar made from the sap of the palm tree)  :: đường thốt nốt
palm tree {n} (tropical tree)  :: cọ,
pamphlet {n} (booklet) SEE: booklet  ::
pan {n} (flat vessel used for cooking, see also: frying pan)  :: cái chảo [frying pan], khay nướng, khuôn nướng [sheet pan]
pan {n} (cylindrical receptacle with one long handle)  :: cái nồi, cái xoong, cái soong
pan {n} (wide receptacle used in gold washing)  :: cái giần
pan {n} (geography: type of lake, natural depression or basin)  :: cái lòng chảo
pan {n} (strong criticism)  :: sự chỉ trích, sự đả kích
pan {n} (loaf of bread)  ::
Panama {prop} (country)  :: Pa-na-ma
Panama Canal {prop} (Canal)  :: kênh đào Panama
pancake {n} (thin batter cake)  :: bánh tráng
Panchen Lama {n} (second-highest ranking lama of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism)  :: Ban-thiền Lạt-ma
pancreas {n} (gland near the stomach)  :: tụy
Pangaea {prop} (supercontinent prior to Triassic)  :: Pangaea
pangolin {n} (mammal)  :: (con) tê tê, (con) trút
pant {n} (a pair of pants) SEE: pants  ::
pantheism {n} (belief that the universe is divine)  :: thuyết phiếm thần
panther {n} (big cat with black fur)  :: báo đen
panties {n} (short underpants for women or girls)  :: quần trẻ con, xi-líp
pants {n} (garment covering the body from the waist downwards)  :: quần lót dài, quần
panty {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
pap {n} (porridge) SEE: porridge  ::
papa {n} (Father (familiar, conversational)) SEE: dad  ::
paparazzi {n} (paparazzo) SEE: paparazzo  ::
paparazzo {n} (freelance photographer of celebrities)  :: thợ săn ảnh
papaya {n} (tree)  :: cây đu đủ
papaya {n} (fruit)  :: đu đủ
paper {n} (sheet material)  :: giấy ()
paper {n} (written document shorter than a book)  :: bài văn
paper {adj} (made of paper)  :: bằng giấy
paper {n} (newspaper) SEE: newspaper  ::
paper {n} (wallpaper) SEE: wallpaper  ::
paper {v} (to document) SEE: document  ::
paper money {n} (banknotes)  :: tiền giấy
paperweight {n} (small, decorative, somewhat weighty object)  :: bàn thẩm, chặn giấy
papier-mâché {n} (paper mixed with glue to create a sculptural object)  :: pa-pi-ê-ma-sê
Papua New Guinea {prop} (country in Oceania)  :: Pa-pua Niu Ghi-nê
parabola {n} (a conic section)  :: parabôn
Paracel Islands {prop} (group of islands)  :: Quần đảo Hoàng Sa (群島黃沙), Tây Sa Quần đảo (西沙群島)
parachute {n} (a device designed to control the fall of an object)  :: cái dù
parade {n} (organized procession)  :: sự phô trương
paradise {n} (heaven)  :: thiên đường (天堂)
paraffin {n} (kerosene) SEE: kerosene  ::
paragraph {n} (passage in text)  :: đoạn
Paraguay {prop} (country in South America)  :: Pa-ra-goay
parallax {n}  :: thị sai
parallelogram {n} (convex quadrilateral in which each pair of opposite edges are parallel and of equal length)  :: hình bình hành
paramita {n} (perfection (Buddhism))  :: ba-la-mật-đa
paranormal {adj} (can not be explained by scientific methods)  :: siêu tâm linh, huyền bí
parcel {n} (package wrapped for shipment)  :: gói, bưu kiện
pardon {v} (to forgive)  :: tha thứ
parents {n} (one's parents)  :: bố mẹ, cha mẹ
Paris {prop} (capital of France)  :: Pa-ri
parish {n} (part of a diocese)  :: giáo xứ
parish {n} (civil subdivision of a county)  ::
park {n} (ground for recreation)  :: công viên (公園)
park {v} (bring to a halt)  :: đậu, đỗ
parking {n} (space)  :: bãi đỗ xe
parking lot {n} (open area, generally paved, where automobiles may be left when not in use)  :: bãi đậu xe, khu vực đỗ xe
parking space {n} (space in which a vehicle can be parked)  :: chỗ đậu xe, chỗ đỗ xe
parliament {n} (institution with elected or appointed members)  :: nghị viện, nghị trường, quốc hội
parliamentarian {n} (member of parliament)  :: nghị sĩ
parliamentary {adj} (of, relating to, or enacted by a parliament)  :: quốc hội
paroemia {n} (proverb) SEE: proverb  ::
parrot {n} (kind of bird)  :: vẹt
parsley {n} (herb)  :: mùi tây
part {n} (fraction of a whole )  :: phần
part {adj} (partial) SEE: partial  ::
Parthia {prop} ((historical) region)  :: Parthia, Parthava
partial {adj} (existing in part)  :: một phần, bán phần
partial {adj} (biased)  :: thiên vị
partial differential equation {n} (equation)  :: phương trình vi phân riêng phần
participant {n} (one who participates)  :: người tham gia
participate {v} (to join in, to take part, to involve oneself)  :: tham gia
particle {n} (body with very small size)  :: hạt
particle {n} (word)  :: trợ từ
partisan {n} (member of a body of detached light troops) SEE: guerrilla  ::
partiture {n} (score (music)) SEE: score  ::
part of speech {n} (the function a word or phrase performs)  :: từ loại
part-time {adj} (involving less than the normal time)  :: làm thêm
party {n} (social gathering)  :: tiệc
party {n} (political group) SEE: political party  ::
paska {n} (paskha) SEE: paskha  ::
paskha {n} (Easter dessert)  :: món pa-xơ-kha
pass {n} (opening, road, or track, available for passing)  :: đèo [mountain pass], đèo núi [mountain pass]
pass {n} (password) SEE: password  ::
pass away {v} (to die (euphemistic))  :: qua đời, từ trần
passenger {n} (one who rides or travels in a vehicle)  :: hành khách
passion {n} (any great emotion)  :: đam mê
passion {n} (suffering of Jesus)  :: thương khó, khổ nạn
passionate {adj} (fired with intense feeling)  :: đam mê, dể giận
passion fruit {n} (edible fruit)  :: chanh dây, chanh leo
passion fruit {n}  :: trái mác mác
passive {adj} (not active, but acted upon)  :: bị động
passive {adj} (taking no action)  :: thụ động
pass on {v} (To die) SEE: die  ::
Passover {prop} (Pesach)  :: lễ Vượt Qua, lễ Quá Hải
passport {n} (official document)  :: hộ chiếu (護照)
password {n} (word used to gain admittance)  :: mật khẩu
past {adj} (ago) SEE: ago  ::
past {n} (period of time that has already happened)  :: quá khứ (過去)
pastor {n} (shepherd) SEE: shepherd  ::
pastor {n}  :: linh mục
past tense {n} (form of language)  :: thời quá khứ
pasture {n} (land on which cattle can be kept for feeding)  :: bãi chăn
patch {n} (paltry fellow) SEE: fool  ::
patch {n} (piece of cloth used to repair a garment)  :: mảnh vá, miếng vá
patch {n} (computing: file describing changes made to source code)  :: bản vá
patch {n} (computing: patch file) SEE: patch file  ::
patch file {n} (patch) SEE: patch  ::
patch file {n} (input to a patch program)  :: bản vá
paternal grandfather {n} (one's father's father)  :: ông nội
paternal grandmother {n} (one's father's mother)  :: bà nội
paternal uncle {n} (brother of one's father)  :: bác [father’s elder brother], chú [father’s younger brother]
paternoster {n} (a rosary) SEE: rosary  ::
path {n} (a trail for the use of, or worn by, pedestrians)  :: đường mòn
path {n} (a course taken)  :: đường đi, đường lối, lối, lối đi
path {n} (a metaphorical course)  :: con đường, nẻo, lối đi
path {n} (a method or direction of proceeding)  :: con đường, nẻo, lối đi
path {n} (computing: a specification for a location within a hierarchical or tree-like structure)  :: đường dẫn
path {n} (graph theory: a sequence of vertices from one vertex to another)  :: bước, đường đi
path {n} (topology: a continuous map)  :: quỹ đạo
pathology {n} (the branch of medicine)  :: bịnh lý học (病理學), bệnh học (病學)
pathology {n} (an abnormality)  :: bệnh, bệnh tật, bệnh lý (病理)
patient {n} (someone who receives treatment from a doctor)  :: kiên nhẫn
Patrick {prop} (given name)  :: Patriciô
patriot {n} (person who loves, supports and defends their country)  :: người yêu nước, nhà ái quốc
patriotism {n} (love of one's own country)  :: lòng ái quốc, chủ nghĩa yêu nước
patronising {adj} (offensively condescending) SEE: condescending  ::
patronizing {adj} (offensively condescending) SEE: condescending  ::
patronymic {n} (a name from father's name)  :: phụ danh, tên gọi theo tên cha
Paul {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Phao-lô, Phaolô, Bảo Lộc
pavement {n} (footpath)  :: vỉa hè
pavement {n} (surface of road)  :: vỉa hè
paw {n} (soft foot of an animal)  :: chân, cẳng
pawnshop {n} (business premises of a pawnbroker)  :: tiệm cầm đồ
pay {v} (to give money in exchange for goods or services)  :: trả, thanh toán
pea {n} (plant)  :: đậu, cây đậu
peace {n} (tranquility, quiet, harmony; absence of violence)  :: hoà bình (和平), thái bình (太平)
peace {n} (state of mind)  :: yên tĩnh
peace {n} (harmony; lack of conflict in personal relations)  :: hòa bình, hoà bình
peace {n} (state of being free from war)  :: hòa bình, hoà bình
peaceful {adj} (not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil)  :: hòa bình
peacetime {n} (period of peace)  :: thời bình
peach {n} (fruit)  :: đào, cây đào
peachtree {n} (peach) SEE: peach  ::
peacock {n} (pheasant of one of the genera Pavo and Afropavo)  :: chim công
peak hour {n} (rush hour) SEE: rush hour  ::
peanut {n} (a legume resembling a nut)  :: đậu phộng
pear {n} (fruit)  :: , quả lê, trái lê
pear {n} (tree)  :: cây lê
pearl {n} (mother-of-pearl) SEE: mother-of-pearl  ::
pearl {n} (rounded shelly concretion produced by certain mollusks)  :: ngọc trai, trân châu (珍珠)
pearl diver {n} (dishwasher) SEE: dishwasher  ::
pearl tapioca {n} (edible balls made from tapioca) SEE: tapioca pearl  ::
peasant {n} (member of the agriculture low class)  :: nông dân (農民)
peasantry {n} (impoverished rural farm workers)  :: nông dân (農民)
pecker {n} (slang for penis) SEE: dick  ::
pecker {n} (slang for woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
pecker {n} (slang for courage) SEE: courage  ::
peckerwood {n} (woodpecker) SEE: woodpecker  ::
ped {n} (pedestrian) SEE: pedestrian  ::
pedal {n} (lever operated by one's foot)  :: bàn đạp
pedal {v} (to operate a pedal)  :: đạp
pedalo {n} (small boat propelled by pedals)  :: thuyền đạp
pedestrian {n} (somebody walking rather than using a vehicle)  :: bằng chân
pediatrician {n} (physician who specialises in pediatrics)  :: bác sĩ khoa nhi, bác sĩ nhi
pedicab {n} (vehicle)  :: xích lô [from "cyclo"], xe xích lô
pedicure {n} (superficial cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails)  :: sửa móng chân
pedophilia {n} (sexual feeling or desire by adults towards children)  :: ái nhi
pee {n} (urine)  :: nước đái, nước tiểu
pee {v} (to urinate)  :: đái, tiểu
pee {n} (name of the letter P, p)  :: , pờ
pee {n} (liquid excrement) SEE: urine  ::
peel {v} (to remove skin)  :: gọt
Pe̍h-ōe-jī {n} (a Latin alphabet-based orthography for Min Nan)  :: Phiên âm Bạch thoại, Bạch thoại tự
Pekin duck {n} (breed of domestic duck)  :: vịt Bắc Kinh
Peking {prop} (Beijing) SEE: Beijing  ::
Peking duck {n} (dish consisting of duck and pancake)  :: vịt quay Bắc Kinh
Peking opera {n} (form of Chinese theatre)  :: Kinh kịch (京劇), kinh hí
pelican {n} (any of various seabirds of the family Pelecanidae)  :: chim bồ nông, bồ nông
pelmeni {n} (Russian dumplings)  :: mằn thắn
pelvis {n} (bone)  :: khung chậu
pen {n} (wing) SEE: wing  ::
pen {n} (writing tool)  :: bút mực, bút bi [ballpoint pen], bút máy [fountain pen], viết mực, viết máy
penalty {n} (punishment for violating rules of procedure)  :: trừng phạt
penalty {n} (penalty kick) SEE: penalty kick  ::
penalty kick {n} ((soccer) a form of direct free kick)  :: đá phạt, đá phạt đền, phạt đền
pencil {n} (graphite writing-instrument)  :: bút chì
pencil box {n} (container for stationery) SEE: pencil case  ::
pencil case {n} (object purposed to contain stationery)  :: hộp bút
pencil sharpener {n} (a device used to sharpen pencils)  :: cái gọt bút chì, đồ chuốt viết chì
pen drive {n} (a small electronic device used to store digital data)  :: bút nhớ
penfriend {n} (person with whom one exchanges letters) SEE: pen pal  ::
penguin {n} (flightless sea bird)  :: chim cánh cụt
penicillin {n} (penicillin)  :: penicillin
peninsula {n} (a piece of land projecting into water)  :: bán đảo (半島)
penis {n} (male organ for copulation and urination)  :: dương vật (陽物)
penis {n} (penis) SEE: member  ::
penmanship {n} (art of good handwriting)  :: thư pháp
penny {n} (one-cent coin in US and Canada) SEE: cent  ::
pen pal {n} (friend with whom one communicates using letters)  :: bạn qua thư
pentaquark {n} (subatomic particle consisting of five quarks)  :: ngũ quark
peony {n} (Paeonia genus of flowering plants)  :: mẫu đơn
people {n} (a body of human beings; a group of two or more persons)  :: nhân dân (人民), người
people {n} (a group of persons forming or belonging to a particular nation etc.)  :: nhân dân (人民), dân tộc (民族)
people {n} (a group of persons regarded as being employees etc.)  :: dân [not employees], nhân viên [employees]
people {n} (a person's ancestors, relatives or family)  :: gia đình
People's Republic of China {prop} (official name of China)  :: Cộng hòa Nhân dân Trung Hoa, CHNDTH
pepper {n} (spice)  :: hạt tiêu
pepper spray {n} (non-lethal riot-control agent)  :: bình xịt hơi cay
per capita {adj} (per person)  :: đầu người
percent {n} (a part or other object per hundred)  :: phần trăm
perestroika {prop} (reform in the Soviet Union in 1980s)  :: perestroika
perfect {adj} (fitting its definition precisely)  :: hoàn toàn
perfect {adj} (without fault or mistake)  :: hoàn hảo
perfect {adj} (grammar: of a tense or verb form: representing a completed action)  :: hoàn thành
perfect {adj} (music: interval or any compound interval of a unison, octave, or fourths and fifths that are not tritones.)  :: đúng
perfume {n} (pleasant smell)  :: mùi thơm, hương thơm, hương vị
perfume {n} (substance providing a pleasant smell)  :: nước thơm, nước hoa
perfume {v} (to apply perfume to)  :: xịt nước thơm (vào)
perhaps {adv} (indicating a lack of certainty)  :: có lẽ, có thể
pericarp {n} (outermost layer of a ripe fruit or ovary)  :: vỏ quả
perigee {n}  :: điểm cận địa (點近地)
perihelion {n} (point where the planet or comet is nearest to the Sun)  :: điểm cận nhật (點近日)
perilla {n} (East Asian herb)  :: tía tô
perineum {n} (anatomical term)  :: hội âm (會陰)
period {n} (history: period of time seen as coherent entity)  :: giai đoạn
period {n} (menstruation) SEE: menstruation  ::
periodization {n} (process of categorizing something (e.g. history) into named periods)  :: thời đại hóa, phân chia thời đại
peripheral {n} (computing device) SEE: peripheral device  ::
peripheral device {n} (device that is outside the computer's system unit)  :: thiết bị ngoại vi
perish {v}  :: diệt vong
peristalsis {n} (rhythmic contraction of the digestive tract)  :: sự nhu động
peritoneum {n} (serous membrane in mammals)  :: màng bụng
Perm {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Pecmi
permanence {n} (the state of being permanent)  :: sự thường xuyên
Permian {prop} (Permian period)  :: kỉ Péc-mi
per mille {n} (permille) SEE: permille  ::
permille {n} (per thousand)  :: phần nghìn, phần ngàn
persecution {n} (the act of persecuting)  :: sự khủng bố
Persia {prop} (Iran) SEE: Iran  ::
Persia {prop} (region of ancient Iran)  :: Ba Tư (波斯)
Persian {prop} (the Persian language)  :: tiếng Ba Tư
Persian Gulf {prop} (gulf between Iran and the Arabian peninsula)  :: Vịnh Ba Tư
persimmon {n} (fruit)  :: quả hồng vàng, hồng
persimmon {n} (tree)  :: hồng
persist {v} (continue to exist)  :: kiên trì
persistent {adj} (refusing to give up)  :: khăng khăng, nhất mực, một mực, cố chấp (固執), ngoan cố (頑固)
person {n} (individual)  :: người
personal computer {n} (small computer for use by one person at a time, see also: PC)  :: máy tính cá nhân
personality {n} (set of qualities that make a person distinct from other people)  :: tính cách (性格), nhân cách /人格/
perspiration {n} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
perspire {v} (sweat) SEE: sweat  ::
persuade {v} (convince)  :: thuyết phục
Perth {prop} (in Western Australia)  :: Perth
pertussis {n} (whooping cough) SEE: whooping cough  ::
Peru {prop} (country in South America)  :: Pê-ru
pervasive {adj} (manifested throughout)  :: lan toả, rộng khắp
Pesach {prop} (Passover) SEE: Passover  ::
pet {n} (an animal kept as a companion)  :: vật cưng, thú kiểng
petal {n} (one of the component parts of the corolla of a flower)  :: cánh hoa
Peter {prop} (the Apostle)  :: Phêrô [Roman Catholic], Phierơ [Protestant]
Peter {prop} (one of the epistles of Peter)  :: Phêrô [Roman Catholic], Phierơ [Protestant]
petrol {n} (gasoline) SEE: gasoline  ::
petroleum {n} (oil) SEE: oil  ::
petrol station {n} (gas station) SEE: gas station  ::
petrol tank {n} (petrol tank) SEE: gas tank  ::
phallicism {n} (phallus-worship)  :: sự tôn thờ dương vật
phallus {n} (penis) SEE: penis  ::
pharaoh {n} (supreme ruler of ancient Egypt)  :: Pharaông, Pharaon
pharmaceutics {n} (pharmacy) SEE: pharmacy  ::
pharmacology {n} (science that studies the effects of chemical compounds on living animals)  :: dược lý học (藥理學)
pharmacy {n} (a place where prescription drugs are dispensed)  :: dược khoa, khoa bào chế, nhà thuốc
phenomenon {n} (observable fact or occurrence)  :: hiện tượng
phenomenon {n} (unusual, curious, or astonishing fact or event)  :: hiện tượng
phenomenon {n} (philosophy: experienced object structured by the mind)  :: hiện tượng
philander {n} (lover) SEE: lover  ::
philharmonic {n} (full-sized symphonic orchestra) SEE: symphony orchestra  ::
philharmonic orchestra {n} (symphony orchestra) SEE: symphony orchestra  ::
philia {n} (friendship) SEE: friendship  ::
Philip {prop} (biblical persons)  :: Philípphê
Philippine {adj} (Filipino) SEE: Filipino  ::
Philippine eagle {n} (species of eagle endemic to the Philippines)  :: Đại bàng Philippines
Philippines {prop} (Republic of the Philippines)  :: Phi-líp-pin, Phi Luật Tân
philology {n} (historical linguistics)  :: bác ngữ học, môn ngữ văn, ngôn ngữ học
philosopher's stone {n} (philosopher's stone)  :: hòn đá phù thủy, đá tạo vàng
philosophy {n} (academic discipline)  :: triết học
philtrum {n} (shallow groove running down the centre of the outer surface of the upper lip)  :: nhân trung (人中)
Phnom Penh {prop} (Capital city of Cambodia)  :: Phnôm Pênh, Nam Vang
pho {n} (Vietnamese rice noodle)  :: phở
phone {v} (to call (someone) on the telephone)  :: gọi điện thoại, gọi điện, kêu điện thoại
phone {n} (telephone) SEE: telephone  ::
phonecard {n} (a chargecard used to pay for telephone calls)  :: card điện thoại, thẻ điện thoại
phoneme {n} (indivisible unit of sound)  :: âm vị /音素/
phone number {n} (telephone number) SEE: telephone number  ::
phonetics {n} (study of speech sounds and their representation by written symbols)  :: ngư âm học (語音學)
phonograph {n} (archaic record player) SEE: gramophone  ::
phonology {n} (subfield of linguistics concerned with the way sounds function in languages)  :: âm vị học
phosphorus {n} (element)  :: photpho, phốtpho
photocell {n} (photoelectric cell) SEE: photoelectric cell  ::
photoelectric cell {n} (transducer)  :: tế bào quang điện
photograph {n} (picture)  :: tấm hình, hình, bức ảnh, ảnh
photograph {v} (to take a photograph)  :: chụp ảnh, chụp hình, chụp
photographer {n} (one who takes photographs)  :: nhà nhiếp ảnh, thợ nhiếp ảnh
photography {n} (art and technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces)  :: nhiếp ảnh
photon {n} (quantum of light)  :: quang tử (光子)
photopaper {n} (paper for photographic prints)  :: giấy ảnh
photosynthesis {n} (biological process)  :: quang hợp (光合)
phrase {n} (short written or spoken expression)  :: cụm từ, câu
phrase {n} (grammar: group of two or more words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence)  :: cụm từ
phycology {n} (study of algae)  :: thuộc tảo
phylogenetics {n} (study of organism relationships)  :: phân loại theo tiến hóa
phylum {n} ((biology, taxonomy) A rank in the classification of organisms, below kingdom and above class)  :: ngành
physical culture {n} (bodybuilding) SEE: bodybuilding  ::
physical education {n} (curriculum component)  :: thể dục (體育)
physics {n} (branch of science)  :: vật lý học (物理學)
physiology {n} (branch of biology)  :: sinh lý học (生理學)
piano {n} (a keyboard musical instrument)  :: dương cầm
piccolo {n}  :: sáo nhỏ
pick {v} (to pick) SEE: choose  ::
pickle {n} (any vegetable preserved in vinegar and consumed as relish)  :: dưa
pick one's nose {v} (insert a finger into one's nostril)  :: ngoáy mũi, cạy rỉ mũi
pickpocket {n} (one who steals from the pocket of a passerby)  :: kẻ móc túi
pick up {v} (to collect a passenger)  :: đón
pickup {n} (pickup truck) SEE: pickup truck  ::
pickup truck {n} (truck with an open cargo bed)  :: xe bán tải
picnic {n} (a meal eaten outdoors)  :: du ngoạn
pictorial {n} (magazine)  :: họa báo
picture {n} (representation of visible reality produced by drawing, etc)  :: hình ảnh
picture {n} (photograph)  :: hình, tấm hình
picture {n} (painting) SEE: painting  ::
pie {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza  ::
piece {n} (part of a larger whole)  :: miếng, mảnh, mẩu
piemontite {n} (mineral)  :: piemontit
pig {n} (mammal of genus Sus)  :: heo, lợn
pig {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pig {n} (pork) SEE: pork  ::
pigeon {n} (bird of the pigeon and dove family Columbidae)  :: chim bồ câu
piggy bank {n} (a small container to store small saved coins in)  :: ống heo
piglet {n} (young pig)  :: lợn con
pigling {n} (piglet) SEE: piglet  ::
pigment {n} (any color in plant or animal cells)  :: sắc tố (色素)
Pilate {prop} (Pontius Pilate)  :: Philatô [Roman Catholic], Phi-lát [Protestant]
pile {n} (hemorrhoid) SEE: hemorrhoid  ::
pile {n} (obsolete: reverse of a coin) SEE: tails  ::
pile up {v} (to form a pile etc.)  :: vun
pill {n} (small object for swallowing)  :: viên, viên thuốc
pillow {n} (soft cushion used to support the head in bed)  :: gối
pilot {n} (controller of aircraft)  :: phi công
pimp {n} (prostitution solicitor)  :: kẻ mối lái
pimple {n} (inflamed spot on the surface of the skin)  :: mụn nhọt
pin {n} (needle without an eye, used for fastening)  :: ghim, đinh ghim
pin {n} (jewellery attached with a pin) SEE: brooch  ::
pincers {n} (gripping tool)  :: kềm, kìm
pinch {v} (to squeeze a small amount of skin)  :: véo, nhéo
pine {n} (tree of the genus Pinus)  :: thông ()
pineapple {n} (plant)  :: (cây) dứa, (cây) thơm
pineapple {n} (fruit)  :: (trái) dứa, (quả) thơm, khóm
pine tree {n} (pine) SEE: pine  ::
ping pong {n} (table tennis) SEE: table tennis  ::
pink {n} (pale red colour)  :: hồng
pink {adj} (colored/coloured between red and white)  :: màu hồng
pinkie {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
pinky {n} (little finger) SEE: little finger  ::
Pinyin {prop} (romanization of Mandarin Chinese)  :: bính âm (拼音)
pipe {n} (hollow tube)  :: ống
pipe {n} (smoking tool) SEE: tobacco pipe  ::
piranha {n} (South American fish)  :: cá răng đao, cá piranha
pirate {n} (one who plunders at sea)  :: kẻ cướp biển, thủy tặc, hải tặc
Pisces {prop} (constellation)  :: Cung song ngư
pismire {n} (ant) SEE: ant  ::
pissaladière {n} (pizza-like pie from southern France)  :: bánh hỏi
pisser {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
pistachio {n} (fruit)  :: hạt dẻ
pistol {n} (handgun)  :: súng ngắn
pit {n} (mine) SEE: mine  ::
pit {n} (armpit) SEE: armpit  ::
pitaya {n} (dragon fruit) SEE: dragon fruit  ::
pith {n} (albedo) SEE: albedo  ::
pith {n} (spinal cord; marrow) SEE: spinal cord  ::
pity {v} (to feel pity for someone or something)  :: trắc ẩn
pity {interj} (what a pity) SEE: what a pity  ::
pixel {n} (one of the tiny dots that make up the representation of an image in a computer's memory)  :: điểm ảnh
pizza {n} (baked Italian dish)  :: bánh pizza, pizza
placate {v} (to calm)  :: xoa dịu
place {n} (location, position)  :: nơi, chỗ
place {n} (open space, courtyard, market square)  :: quảng trường
placename {n} (the name of a place)  :: địa danh
placenta {n} (anatomy: placenta)  :: nhau, thực giá noãn
plagiarism {n} (copying of someone's ideas)  :: đạo văn
plague {n}  :: bệnh dịch
plaice {n}  :: bơn sao
plain {n} (an expanse of land with relatively low relief)  :: đồng bằng
plaintiff {n} (party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendant)  :: nguyên cáo
plait {n} (braid)  :: bím tóc
plan {n} (set of intended actions)  :: kế hoạch
Planck's constant {n} (constant)  :: hằng số Planck
plane {adj} (of a surface: flat or level.)  :: bằng, phẳng, bằng phẳng
plane {n} (math: flat surface extending infinitely in all directions)  :: mặt phẳng
plane {n} (level of existence)  :: trình độ, mức
plane {n} (a tool)  :: bào
plane {v} (to smooth with a plane)  :: bào
plane {n} (airplane)  :: máy bay, [poetic] tàu bay
plane {n} (deciduous tree)  :: cây tiêu huyền
planet {n} (each of the seven major bodies which move relative to the fixed stars in the night sky)  :: hành tinh (行星)
planetarium {n} (museum which displays images of space)  :: cung thiên văn
planetree {n} (plane) SEE: plane  ::
Planet X {prop} (hypothetical planet)  :: hành tinh X
plant {n} (organism capable of photosynthesis)  :: thực vật, cây
plant {v} (place in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow)  :: trồng
plant {n} (factory) SEE: factory  ::
plasma {n} (component of blood)  :: huyết tương (血漿)
plastic {n} (synthetic thermoplastic polymer)  :: nhựa, chất dẻo
plastic bag {n} (type of packaging)  :: bao bì nilon
plate {n} (Cockney rhyming slang: foot) SEE: foot  ::
plate {n} (flat dish)  :: dĩa
plateau {n} (level expanse)  :: cao nguyên (高原)
platform {n} (travel: raised structure for passengers)  :: sân ga
platinum {n} (metal)  :: platin
platypus {n} (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)  :: thú mỏ vịt /duck-beaked mammal/
play {v} (act in a manner such that one has fun)  :: chơi
play {n} (playful activity)  :: chơi
playhouse {n} (venue for performing plays) SEE: theater  ::
playing card {n} (one of usually 52 rectangular pieces of card)  :: bài
playwright {n} (writer of plays for the theatre)  :: nhà soạn kịch
playwriter {n} (playwright) SEE: playwright  ::
plaza {n} (a towns' public square)  :: quảng trường (廣場)
pleasant {adj} (giving pleasure; pleasing in manner)  :: dễ chịu
please {v} (to make happy or satisfy)  :: làm ơn
please {adv} (interjection to make a polite request)  :: làm ơn, xin
please {adv} (expression of annoyance or impatience)  :: thôi , trời ơi
pleased {adj} (happy, content)  :: hân hạnh
pleased to meet you {phrase} (polite formula used when being introduced to somebody)  :: rất vui được gặp bạn [generic, replace bạn with an appropriate pronoun]
please sit down {phrase} (please sit down)  :: làm ơn ngồi xuống, hãy ngồi xuống
please speak more slowly {phrase} (please speak more slowly)  :: làm ơn nói chậm hơn
please turn left {phrase} (please turn left)  :: làm ơn rẽ trái
please turn right {phrase} (please turn right)  :: làm ơn rẽ phải
pleasure {n} (a state of being pleased)  :: niềm vui thích
pleat {n} (plait) SEE: plait  ::
pledge {v} (to make a solemn promise)  :: cam kết, thề
Pleiades {prop} (astronomy)  :: Tua Rua
pleurisy {n} (inflammation of lung pleura)  :: viêm màng phổi
pliers {n} (gripping tool which multiplies the strength of the user's hand)  :: cái kìm, kềm
Plough {prop} (Big Dipper) SEE: Big Dipper  ::
plover {n} (wading bird of the family Charadriidae)  :: choi choi
plucky {adj} (having or showing pluck)  :: can đảm
plum {n} (the fruit)  :: mận, quả mận, trái mận
plum {n} (the tree)  :: cây mận
plum {n} (the colour)  :: màu mận
plum {n} (a desirable thing)  :: (noun +) chọn lọc, món bở
plum {n} (edible, fleshy stone of Prunus mume)  :: (trái)
plum {adj} (colour)  :: màu mận
plum {adj} (choice)  :: chọn lọc
plum {adv} (completely; utterly)  :: quá sức (tưởng tượng)
plum {n} (raisin) SEE: raisin  ::
plumber {n} (one who fits, etc, pipes for water, gas or drainage)  :: thợ sữa ống nước
plum blossom {n} (the blossom of the Prunus mume)  :: hoa mơ, mai hoa
plum tree {n} (tree that bears plums) SEE: plum  ::
plural {n} (the plural number)  :: số nhiều
plural {n} (word in plural form)  :: số nhiều
plus {conj} (arithmetic: sum)  :: cộng
Pluto {prop} (Kuiper belt object - a dwarf planet)  :: Diêm Vương Tinh
plutonium {n} (chemical element)  :: plutoni
Pluviôse {prop} (the fifth month of the French Republican Calendar)  :: tháng mưa
plywood {n} (construction material)  :: ván ép
pneumatic drill {n} (pneumatic drill) SEE: jackhammer  ::
pneumonia {n} (inflammation of the lungs)  :: viêm phổi
pocket {n} (bag stitched to an item of clothing)  :: túi, túi áo [shirt, jacket], túi quần [pants]
Podgorica {prop} (capital city of Montenegro)  :: Podgorica
poem {n} (literary piece written in verse)  :: bài thơ, thơ
poem {n} (piece of writing in the tradition of poetry)  :: bài thơ
poem {n} (piece of poetic writing)  :: bài thơ
poet {n} (person who writes poems)  :: thi sĩ, nhà thơ
poetry {n} (class of literature)  :: thơ ca, thi ca, thơ
poetry {n}  :: thơ
point {n} (location or place)  :: nơi
pointer {n} (advice) SEE: advice  ::
pointer {n} (anything that points or is used for pointing)  :: que chỉ
point of tangency {n}  :: tiếp điểm
poison {n} (substance harmful to a living organism)  :: chất độc, thuốc độc
POJ {n} (a Latin alphabet-based orthography for Min Nan) SEE: Pe̍h-ōe-jī  ::
Poland {prop} (European country)  :: Ba Lan (波蘭)
polar bear {n} (Ursus maritimus)  :: gấu trắng Bắc Cực, gấu Bắc Cực, gấu trắng
Polaris {prop} (star)  :: Polaris
polecat {n} (skunk) SEE: skunk  ::
police {n} (an organisation that enforces the law)  :: cảnh sát (警察)
policeman {n} (a member of a police force)  :: cảnh sát (警察)
police officer {n} (an officer in a law enforcement agency)  :: cảnh sát
policewoman {n} (a female police officer)  :: nữ cảnh sát
policy {n} (principle of conduct)  :: chính sách
policy {n} (law: insurance) SEE: insurance  ::
Polish {prop} (the language of Poland)  :: tiếng Ba-lan
politburo {n} (the governing Communist council)  :: bộ chính trị
polite {adj} (well-mannered)  :: lịch sự, lể phép
political {adj} (concerning or relating to politics)  :: chính trị
political party {n} (political organization)  :: chánh đảng (政黨), đảng ()
political prisoner {n} (person)  :: tù nhân chính trị
political scientist {n} (political science expert)  :: nhà chính trị học
political system {n}  :: chế độ chính trị
politician {n} (one engaged in politics)  :: chính khách (政客), nhà chính trị (家政治), chính trị gia
politics {n} (a methodology and activities associated with running a government)  :: chính trị (政治)
pollution {n} (the contamination of the environment by harmful substances)  :: sự ô nhiễm
polo {n} (ball game)  :: mã cầu, pô-lô
polonium {n} (chemical element)  :: poloni
poltergeist {n} (a disruptive ghost)  :: yêu tinh
polyethene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
polyethylene {n} (polyethylene)  :: polyetylen
polygon {n} (plane figure bounded by straight edges)  :: đa giác
polymer {n} (molecule consisting of many identical monomers)  :: hợp chất cao phân tử
polymeride {n} (polymer) SEE: polymer  ::
Polynesian {n} (person from Polynesia)  :: người Pô-li-nê-di
Polynesian {n} (language group of Polynesia)  :: (thuộc) Pô-li-nê-di
polysyllabic {adj} (having more than one syllable)  :: đa âm tiết, nhiều âm tiết
polytheism {n} (belief in the existence of many gods)  :: thuyết đa thần
polythene {n} (polyethylene) SEE: polyethylene  ::
polyunsaturated fatty acid {n} (fatty acid)  :: axit béo không no nhiều nối đôi, đa axit béo không bão hòa nhiều nối đôi
pomegranate {n} (fruit)  :: quả lựu
pomelo {n} (grapefruit) SEE: grapefruit  ::
pomelo {n} (large fruit of the C. maxima or grandis)  :: bưởi
ponce {n} (pimp) SEE: pimp  ::
pond {n} (small lake)  :: ao
ponderous {adj} (dense) SEE: dense  ::
Pondicherry {prop} (Puducherry) SEE: Puducherry  ::
pony {n} (small horse)  :: ngựa pôni
poo {n} (faecal matter)  :: phân
pood {n} (Russian unit of mass)  :: pút
pool {n} (body of water)  :: bể
pool {n} (small body of standing or stagnant water; a puddle)  :: vũng
pool {n} (swimming pool) SEE: swimming pool  ::
poop {n} (feces) SEE: poo  ::
poor {adj} (with no possessions or money)  :: nghèo, khó
poorly {adj} (ill) SEE: ill  ::
pop {v} (to hit) SEE: hit  ::
pop {v} (to ejaculate) SEE: ejaculate  ::
popcorn {n} (a snack food made from corn kernels popped by dry heating)  :: bắp rang, bỏng ngô
pope {n} (head of the Roman Catholic Church)  :: giáo hoàng, giáo hoàng ở La Mã
popiah {n} (a kind of spring roll)  :: bò bía
popinjay {n} (parrot) SEE: parrot  ::
poplar {n} (any of various deciduous trees of the genus Populus)  :: dương
populace {n} (inhabitants of a nation) SEE: population  ::
popular {adj} (of or pertaining to the common people)  :: nhân dân, bình nhân
popular {adj} (aimed at the general public)  :: đại chúng, phổ cập
popular {adj} (liked by many people)  :: phổ biến, nổi tiếng
popular opinion {n} (public opinion) SEE: public opinion  ::
population {n} (all people living within a political or geographical boundary)  :: dân số, dân cư, cư dân
population density {n} (average number of people per area)  :: mật độ dân số
populous {adj} (having a large population)  :: đông, đông đảo
porcelain {n} (hard, white, translucent ceramic)  :: sứ
porcelain {n} (anything manufactured from this material)  :: đồ sứ
porcupine {n} (large rodent)  :: nhím
pore {n} (a tiny opening in the skin)  :: lổ chân lông
pork {n} (meat of a pig)  :: thịt heo
pork rind {n} (food made from pork skin)  :: tóp mỡ
pornographic {adj} (containing an explicit depiction of sexual activity)  :: khiêu dâm
porpoise {n} (cetacean)  :: cá heo
porridge {n} (breakfast cereal dish, see also: oatmeal)  :: cháo
port {n} (dock or harbour)  :: cảng ()
port {n} (left-hand side of a vessel when facing the front)  :: mạn trái
port {adj} (of or relating to port, the left-hand side of a vessel)  :: trái
port {n} (opening where a connection is made)  :: cửa tàu
port {n} (computing: logical or physical construct into and from which data are transferred)  :: cổng
port {v} (computing: to adapt a program so that it works on a different platform)  :: chuyển, chuyển đổi
port {n} (computing: program adapted to work on a different platform; act of adapting)  :: phiên bản chuyển đổi
Port-au-Prince {prop} (capital of Haiti)  :: Port-au-Prince
portion {n} (allocated amount)  :: phần ()
portmanteau {n} (case)  :: va li
portmanteau {n} (portmanteau word) SEE: portmanteau word  ::
portmanteau word {n} (word which combines the meaning of two words)  :: từ kết hợp
Port Moresby {prop} (capital of Papua New Guinea)  :: Port Moresby
portrait {n} (painting of a person)  :: ảnh chân dung, hình ảnh
portrait {n} (an accurate depiction of a person, a mood, etc.)  :: điển hình
Portugal {prop} (country)  :: Bồ Đào Nha (葡萄牙)
Portuguese {adj} (of or relating to the region of Portugal)  :: (thuộc) Bồ-đào-nha
Portuguese {n} (person native to Portugal)  :: người Bồ-đào-nha
Portuguese {prop} (the language)  :: tiếng Bồ-đào-nha, tiếng Bồ Đào Nha
portyanki {n} (footwrap) SEE: footwrap  ::
possess {v} (to have; to have ownership of)  :: sở hữu
possibility {n} (quality of being possible)  :: sự có thể, khả năng
possibly {adv} (adverb indicating that a proposition may be true or false) SEE: perhaps  ::
post {v} ((Internet) to publish a message)  :: đăng
postage stamp {n} (piece of paper indicating postage has been paid)  :: tem
postal code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode  ::
post box {n} (box in which post can be left to be picked up) SEE: mailbox  ::
postcard {n} (rectangular piece of thick paper to be mailed without an envelope)  :: bưu thiếp
postcode {n} (sequence of letters and/or numbers added to a postal address)  :: mã bưu chính, mã thư tín
poster {n} (advertisement, see also: placard)  :: bích chương
poster {n} (picture intended to be attached to a wall)  :: bích chương
postgraduate {adj} (of studies taking place after completing a degree)  :: cao học
postman {n} (mailman) SEE: mailman  ::
post office {n} (place)  :: sở bưu điện (所郵電), phòng bưu điện (房郵電)
post-traumatic stress disorder {n} (condition that develops following some stressful situation)  :: rối loạn stress sau sang chấn
pot {n} (vessel for cooking or storing food etc.)  :: nồi
potassium {n} (the chemical element)  :: kali
potato {n} (plant tuber eaten as starchy vegetable)  :: khoai tây
pot calling the kettle black {n} (situation in which somebody accuses someone else of a fault shared by the accuser)  :: chó chê mèo lắm lông /the dog calling the cat hairy/
potentiometer {n} (user-adjustable variable resistor)  :: biến trở, chiết áp
pothole {n} (a hole in a road)  :: ổ gà
potty {n} (bathroom) SEE: bathroom  ::
potty {n} (toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
potty {adj} (insane) SEE: insane  ::
poultry {n}  :: gà vẹt, chim nuôi, qué
pound sterling {n} (currency of the UK)  :: bảng Anh
pour {v} (to cause to flow in a stream)  :: đổ, rót, giội, trút
pour gasoline on the fire {v} (add fuel to the fire) SEE: add fuel to the fire  ::
pout {v} (push out one’s lips)  :: chu môi, chu mỏ, dẩu môi, dẩu mỏ
poverty {n} (quality or state of being poor)  :: sự nghèo nàn
powder {n} (fine particles of any dry substance)  :: bột, bụi
powder {n} (gunpowder) SEE: gunpowder  ::
power {n} (capability or influence)  :: quyền lực
power {n} (electricity, electricity supply)  :: điện lực
power {n} (set theory: cardinality) SEE: cardinality  ::
powerful {adj} (having or capable of exerting power, potency or influence)  :: mạnh mẽ, hùng mạnh, hùng cường
power plant {n} (power station) SEE: power station  ::
power station {n} (an industrial complex where electricity is produced)  :: trạm phát điện, nhà máy điện
practice {n} (repetition of an activity to improve skill)  :: sự luyện tập
practise {v} (to repeat an activity as a way of improving one's skill)  :: luyện tập
Prague {prop} (capital of the Czech Republic)  :: Praha
Prairial {prop} (the ninth month of French Republican Calendar)  :: tháng đồng cỏ
praise {v} (to give praise to)  :: khen ngợi
pramana {n} (means of knowledge)  :: lượng ()
praseodymium {n} (chemical element)  :: prazeođim
prawn {n} (large shrimp)  :: tôm
pray {v} (to petition a higher being)  :: cầu nguyện
pray {v} (to talk to God)  :: cầu, cầu nguyện
prayer {n} (practice of communicating with one's God)  :: kinh cầu nguyện, kinh nguyện
prayer beads {n} (string of beads, see also: rosary)  :: tràng hạt
precious {adv} (intensifier) SEE: very  ::
precious {adj} (of high value or worth)  :: quý, quý báu
precious stone {n} (gem)  :: đá quý
predicate {n} (grammar)  :: thuộc từ, vị ngữ
preface {n} (beginning or introductory portion coming before the main text of a document or book)  :: lời tựa
prefecture {n} (The district governed by a prefect)  :: tỉnh ()
pregnancy {n} (condition)  :: sự có thai
pregnant {adj} (carrying developing offspring within the body)  :: có thai, có mang thai, có chửa
premature ejaculation {n} (premature ejaculation)  :: xuất tinh sớm
premier {n} (prime minister of a country) SEE: prime minister  ::
prepare {v} (to make ready for a specific future purpose)  :: chuẩn bị
preposition {n} (grammar: a type of word like "of, from, for, by")  :: giới từ (介詞)
prepositional {n} (the prepositional case) SEE: prepositional case  ::
prepositional case {n} (case serving as object of a preposition)  :: giới cách
preposterous {adj} (absurd, or contrary to common sense)  :: vô lý
prepuce {n} (foreskin of certain animals) SEE: sheath  ::
prepuce {n} (prepuce / foreskin)  :: bao quy đầu
prerogative {n} (right, generally) SEE: right  ::
presbyopia {n} (inability of the eye, due to ageing, to focus on nearby objects)  :: lão thị
prescription {n} (written order for the administration of a medicine)  :: toa thuốc
present {n} (gift) SEE: gift  ::
present {n} (current time)  :: hiện tại (現在)
preservative {n} (any agent, natural or artificial that acts to preserve)  :: chất bảo quản
president {n} (the head of state of a republic)  :: tổng thống [of a capitalist state], chủ tịch [of a socialist state]
president {n} (the primary leader of a corporation)  :: chủ tịch, chủ tịch hội đồng quản trị
presidential palace {n} (White House) SEE: White House  ::
press {v} (to press) SEE: bear  ::
press {n} (printed media)  :: báo chí
press {v} (to apply pressure)  :: ấn, ép
press {n} (publisher) SEE: publisher  ::
press release {n} (official written media statement)  :: thông cáo báo chí
pressure {n} (physics: amount of force divided by area)  :: áp lực
pretty {adj} (especially of women and children: pleasant, attractive)  :: xinh xắn
prevalent {adj} (widespread, preferred)  :: thịnh
previous {adj} (prior)  :: qua
priapism {n} (medical condition)  :: chứng cương đau
price {n} (cost required to gain possession of something)  :: giá, giá cả
priest {n} (clergyman)  :: linh mục
primary education {n} (basic schooling)  :: tiểu học
primate {n} (mammal)  :: động vật tay, động vật linh trưởng
primate {n} (archbishop or bishop)  :: tổng giám mục
prime minister {n} (chief member of the cabinet and head of the government)  :: thủ tướng
prime number {n} (natural number)  :: số nguyên tố
primer {n} (introductory textbook)  :: sách vỡ lòng
prince {n} (male ruler or head of a principality)  :: hoàng tử
prince {n} (son or male-line grandson of a reigning monarch)  :: vương tử, hoàng tử
Prince Charming {n} (romantically ideal man)  :: bạch mã hoàng tử
princess {n} (female member of royal family)  :: công chúa, bà chúa
princess {n} (female monarch, or wife of a ruler)  :: công chúa, công nữ
princess {n}  :: công chúa
principal {adj} (primary, main)  :: chủ yếu, chính
principal {n} (the principal administrator of a school)  :: hiệu trưởng (校長)
print {v} (to produce a copy of a text or image on a surface, especially by machine)  :: in, chư in
printer {n} (computing: device used to print text or images)  :: máy in
printing house {n} (commercial company)  :: nhà in, xưởng in
printshop {n} (printing house) SEE: printing house  ::
prior {adj} (former) SEE: former  ::
prison {n} (place of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes)  :: ngục, nhà tù
prisoner of war {n} (soldier or combatant captured by the enemy)  :: tù binh
Priština {prop} (city)  :: Priština
privet {interj} (hello) SEE: hello  ::
privilege {n} (particular benefit, advantage, or favor)  :: đặc quyền
privy {n} (lavatory or toilet) SEE: toilet  ::
probably {adv} (in all likelihood)  :: có lẽ, có thể
probe {n} (spacecraft)  :: thăm dò
problem {n} (difficulty)  :: vấn đề
procedure {n} (method for performing a task)  :: phương pháp
process {n} (series of events to produce a result)  :: qui trình, quá trình
procreation {n} (the act of reproducing new individuals biologically) SEE: reproduction  ::
produce {v} (to make or manufacture)  :: sản xuất
product {n} (commodity for sale)  :: sản phẩm, hàng hóa
profession {n} (occupation)  :: nghề, nghề nghiệp
professional {adj} (expert)  :: chuyên gia
professor {n} (a higher ranking for a teacher or faculty member at a college or university)  :: giáo sư (教師)
profit {n} (benefit)  :: lợi ích (利益), lợi
prognosis {n} (forecast of the future course, or outcome, of a situation)  :: dự đoán, chẩn đoán
program {n} (set of structured activities)  :: chương trình, kế hoạch
program {n} (performance of a show or other broadcast on radio or television)  :: chương trình
program {n} (software application)  :: chương trình
programme {n} (programme) SEE: program  ::
programmer {n} (one who writes computer programs)  :: lập trình viên
programming language {n} (code of reserved words and symbols)  :: ngôn ngữ lập trình
progress {n} (a moving forward)  :: tiến bộ (進步)
progress {n} (advance or growth of civilization)  :: tiến bộ
progressive {adj} (continuous) SEE: continuous  ::
project {n} (planned endeavor)  :: kế hoạch, đề án
promethium {n} (chemical element)  :: prometi
promise {n} (vow)  :: hứa
promise {v} (to commit to something or action)  :: hứa
pronoun {n} (type of noun)  :: đại từ (代詞)
pronounce {v} (to pronounce) SEE: say  ::
pronounce {v} (to sound out a word)  :: phát âm (發音)
pronunciation {n} (sound of a word)  :: cách phát âm (發音), cách đọc
pronunciation {n} (way in which words are pronounced)  :: cách phát âm (發音)
proof {n} (any effort, process, or operation designed to establish or discover a fact or truth)  :: bằng chứng
propeller {n} (mechanical device used to propel)  :: cánh quạt
propelling pencil {n} (mechanical pencil) SEE: mechanical pencil  ::
property {n}  :: quyền sở hữu
prophet {n} (one who speaks by divine inspiration)  :: nhà tiên tri
propiska {n} (system of mandatory registration in ex-USSR)  :: đăng ký, đăng ký cư trú
propiska {n} (stamp)  :: dấu đăng kí
propolis {n} (glue-like substance)  :: keo ong
proportion {n} (quantity that is part of the whole)  :: tỉ lệ
prose {n} (written language not intended as poetry)  :: văn xuôi
prostate {n} (prostate gland)  :: nhiếp hộ tuyến, tuyến tiền liệt
prostate gland {n} (prostate) SEE: prostate  ::
prostitute {n} (a person having sex for profit)  :: đĩ, điếm, gái mại dâm
prostitute {n} (promiscuous person) SEE: whore  ::
prostitution {n} (having sex for profit)  :: sự mại dâm
prostokvasha {n} (soured milk)  :: sữa chua, sữa chua đặc
protactinium {n} (chemical element)  :: protactini
protect {v} (to keep safe)  :: bảo vệ
Protestant {n} (someone who is a member of such a denomination)  :: người phản kháng
Protestantism {n} (faith)  :: Tin Lành
protist {n} (eukaryotic unicellular organisms)  :: sinh vật đơn bào
proto-language {n} (common ancestor language)  :: ngôn ngữ nguyên thủy, ngôn ngữ tổ tiên chung
proton {n} (positively charged nucleon)  :: proton
proverb {n} (phrase expressing a basic truth)  :: tục ngữ
province {n} (a subdivision of government usually one step below the national level)  :: tỉnh
Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam {prop} (underground government in South Vietnam)  :: Chính phủ Cách mạng lâm thời Cộng hòa miền Nam Việt Nam
proximately {adv} (approximately) SEE: approximately  ::
prune {n} (plum) SEE: plum  ::
psalm {n} (sacred song)  :: thánh ca, thánh thi
psychically {adv} (in a psychical or psychic manner)  :: siêu linh
psychologist {n} (expert in the field of psychology)  :: bắc sĩ tâm lý, nhà tâm lý học
psychology {n} (study of the human mind)  :: tâm lý học
psychotherapy {n} (treatment of those with mental illness)  :: tâm lý trị liệu
pâté {n} (finely-ground paste of meat, fish or vegetables)  :: ba tê
pub {n} (public house)  :: quán rượu, tiệm rượu
pubic hair {n} (collectively)  :: lông mu
public {adj} (pertaining to people as a whole)  :: công cộng
public {adj} (open to all members of a community)  :: công cộng
public house {n} (pub) SEE: pub  ::
public opinion {n} (opinion of the public)  :: ý kiến công chúng (意見公眾)
public school {n}  :: trường công
public transit {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
public transport {n} (form of transport)  :: giao thông công cộng (交通公共)
public transportation {n} (public transport) SEE: public transport  ::
publish {v} (to issue a medium (e.g. publication))  :: xuất bản
publish {v} (to issue something (usually printed work) for sale and distribution)  :: xuất bản
publish {v} (to announce to the public)  :: công bố
publish {v} ((Internet) to convert data of a Web page to HTML)  :: đăng, xuất bản
publish {v} ((Internet) to disseminate publicly via a newsgroup, forum, blog, etc.)  :: đăng
publisher {n} (One who publishes, especially books)  :: [person] người xuất bản, [company] nhà xuất bản
publishing house {n} (company that produces books)  :: nhà xuất bản
pudding {n} (any dessert) SEE: dessert  ::
puddle {n} (a small pool of water)  :: vũng nước, hũm
Puducherry {prop} (Puducherry, India)  :: Puducherry
puffy {adj} (inflated)  :: sưng vù
pull {v} (transitive: apply force to (something) so it comes towards one)  :: kéo, giật
pullet {n} (spineless person) SEE: chicken  ::
pullover {n} (sweater)  :: áo len có nón, áo len chui đầu, áo pu-lơ-vơ
pulpit {n} (raised platform in church)  :: tòa giảng, toà giảng, giảng đài, bục giảng
pulsar {n} (rotating neutron star)  :: sao xung
pumice {n} (pumice)  :: đá bọt
pump {n} (device for moving liquid or gas)  :: bơm
pumpkin {n} (plant)  :: bí ngô, bí đỏ
pumpkin {n} (fruit of this plant)  :: bí ngô, bí đỏ
punch {v} (to herd cattle) SEE: herd  ::
punctuation {n} (set of symbols)  :: chấm câu
punish {v} (to cause to suffer for crime or misconduct)  :: phạt, trừng phạt
punishment {n} (the act of punishing)  :: hình phạt, trừng trị, sự phạt
punk {n} (prostitute) SEE: prostitute  ::
pupa {n} (insect)  :: nhộng ()
pupil {n} (learner)  :: học sinh, học trò
pupil {n} (the hole in the middle of the iris of the eye)  :: con ngươi, đồng tử
puppet {n} (movable model of a person or animal)  :: con rối
puppet {n} (person or country controlled by another)  :: con rối, bù nhìn
puppet {n} (doll) SEE: doll  ::
puppy {n} (young dog)  :: chó con, cún, cún con
purple {n} (colour)  :: tía
purple {adj} (colour)  :: đỏ tía, màu tím
purse {n} (small bag for carrying money)  :: ví tiền
purslane {n} (Portulaca oleracea)  :: rau sam
pus {n} (fluid found in regions of infection)  :: mủ
Pusan {prop} (Busan) SEE: Busan  ::
push {v} (transitive: apply a force to (an object) so that it moves away)  :: , đẩy
push scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter  ::
pushup {n} (push-up) SEE: push-up  ::
push-up {n} (exercise performed by resting on one's toes and hands and pushing one's weight off the floor)  :: hít đất [dirt-inhaling]
pussy {n} (slang: female genitalia)  :: lồn
put {v} (to place something somewhere)  :: để, đặt
put away {v} (to kill someone) SEE: kill  ::
Putin {prop} (surname)  :: Putin
Putinism {prop} (the political policies of Vladimir Putin)  :: chủ nghĩa Putin
put on {v} (to don clothing)  :: mặc vào, [spectacles, earrings, etc.] đeo vào, [shoes] đi vào
Putonghua {prop} (the official language of the People's Republic of China, see also: Mandarin)  :: tiếng Phổ thông (tiếng + 普通), phổ thông thoại
puttee {n} (strip of cloth wound round the leg for protection)  :: cạp
put up with {v} (to put up with) SEE: bear  ::
puzzle {n} (anything difficult to understand or make sense of)  :: sự bối rối , sự khó xử , vấn đề khó xử , vấn đề khó giải quyết , vấn đề nan giải
puzzle {n} (game for one person)  :: trò chơi đố , câu đố
puzzle {n} (riddle)  :: câu đố
Pyongyang {prop} (capital of North Korea)  :: Bình Nhưỡng (平壤)
pyramid {n} (ancient construction)  :: kim tự tháp
pyrotechnics {n} (firework) SEE: firework  ::
Pythagoras {prop} (Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher)  :: Pytago
Pythagorean theorem {prop} (mathematical theorem)  :: định lí Pi-ta-go
python {n} (constricting snake)  :: trăn