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+ {adv} [text messaging, slang]  :: more
& {conj}  :: e
& {conj}  :: y
đ {prep}  :: Written form of de often found on signs rather than in literature
¡ {symbol}  :: An inverted exclamation mark
{symbol}  :: each one
{symbol}  :: existential quantifier: existe
{symbol} [mathematics]  :: abbreviation of pertenece a
{symbol}  :: Starts an emphatic question in languages which begin questions and exclamations with inverted punctuation marks
¿ {symbol}  :: The symbol for an upsidedown question mark; the inverted question mark
@ {symbol}  :: The symbol for o and a to include both masculine and feminine forms
@ {symbol}  :: The symbol for the arroba unit of weight and volume
∃! {symbol}  :: unique existential quantifier: existe un único
{symbol}  :: universal quantifier: para todo
{abbr}  :: 1st
{abbr}  :: 1st
11-S {abbr}  :: 9/11 (the terrorist attacks)
1a {abbr}  :: 1st (primera)
1o {abbr}  :: 1st (primero)
{abbr}  :: 2nd
{abbr}  :: 2nd
2o {abbr}  :: 2nd (segundo)
{abbr}  :: 3rd
{abbr}  :: 3rd
&c. {abbr}  :: obsolete form of etc