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l {letter}  :: The 12th letter of the Spanish alphabet
L {letter}  :: The 12th letter of the Spanish alphabet
la {art}  :: the
la {m} [music]  :: A (the musical note or key)
la {m} [music]  :: la (sixth note of the scale)
la {pron}  :: Accusative of ella, ello (when the antecedent's implied gender is feminine), and usted (when referring to a woman); her, it, you (formal)
la {pron}  :: Impersonal neuter pronoun (accusative) in certain colloquial phrases: 'it', 'this'
Lía {prop}  :: female given name
Lía {prop}  :: Leah [in modern versions of the Bible]
laberinto {m}  :: labyrinth (maze)
labio {m}  :: lip
labiodental {adj}  :: labiodental
labiodental {f}  :: labiodental consonant
Labán {prop}  :: Laban (Biblical character)
labor {f}  :: job
labor {f}  :: labor
labor {f}  :: work
laborable {adj}  :: plowable
laborable {adj}  :: working
laborada {v} [feminine past participle of, laborar]  ::
laboradas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, laborar]  ::
laborados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, laborar]  ::
laboral {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to labor
laborar {v}  :: to labor, to work
laboratorio {m}  :: laboratory
laboreo {m}  :: working, tilling (of the soil, etc.)
laboriosidad {f}  :: industriousness, laboriousness
laborismo {m}  :: labour movement
laborista {adj} [politics]  :: Labour (of the Labour government)
laborista {m} [politics]  :: Labour Party member or supporter
labra {f}  :: working
labrada {f}  :: A field that has been worked in preparation for planting
labrador {f}  :: farmer, husbandman
labrador {f} [rare]  :: worker, laborer
labradora {f}  :: feminine form of labrador
labranza {f}  :: farm
labranza {f}  :: farming (business of cultivating land)
labranza {f}  :: farmland
labrar {v}  :: to carve, to craft
labrar {v}  :: to plough
laburo {m} [colloquial, Argentina and Uruguay]  :: effort
laburo {m} [colloquial, Argentina and Uruguay]  :: work
laca {f}  :: lacquer, hair spray
la cabeza blanca y el seso por venir {proverb}  :: there's no fool like an old fool
lacayo {m}  :: lackey
lacear {v}  :: to lasso, to snare
lacear {v}  :: to trap
laceración {f}  :: laceration
lacerar {v}  :: to cut, to lacerate
lacha {f} [Chile, Peru, pejorative]  :: female lover
lacha {f} [Spain]  :: shame
lacho {f} [Chile, Peru, colloquial]  :: womanizer
lacho {f} [Chile, Peru, pejorative]  :: lover
lacio {adj}  :: languid
lacio {adj}  :: limp, flaccid, flabby
lacio {adj}  :: limp (lacking stiffness)
lacio {adj}  :: straight (of hair)
Lacio {prop}  :: Latium
lacón {m}  :: pork shoulder
lacónico {adj}  :: laconic, brief, concise
la concha de la lora {phrase} [Argentina, vulgar]  :: fucking shit; holy fuck (expression of extreme anger, frustration, disappointment etc.)
La Coruña {prop}  :: La Coruña
lacra {f}  :: fault, defect
lacrar {v}  :: to seal
lacre {m}  :: sealing wax
lacrimal {adj}  :: lachrymal
lacrimar {v}  :: to weep
lacrimógeno {adj}  :: lachrymatory
lacrimógeno {adj}  :: tear (attributive); tear-inducing
lacrimógeno {adj}  :: tearful, causing tears; sad, emotional
lacrimoso {adj}  :: lachrymose; of or relating to tears or weeping
lacrosse {m} [sports]  :: lacrosse
lactancia {f}  :: breastfeeding
lactancia {f}  :: breastfeeding period
lactante {m}  :: a baby, usually from one to twelve months old
lactar {v}  :: to breast-feed
lactasa {f} [enzyme]  :: lactase
lactato {m}  :: lactate
lactoalbúmina {f} [protein]  :: lactalbumin
lactosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: lactose
la curiosidad mató al gato {proverb}  :: curiosity killed the cat
laúd {m}  :: lute
ladear {vr}  :: to lean
ladear {v}  :: to bend
ladear {v}  :: to lean
ladear {v}  :: to tilt
ladear {v}  :: to tip
ladearse {vr}  :: reflexive form of ladear
ladera {f}  :: slope
ladero {adj}  :: lateral
ladilla {f}  :: crab louse
ladino {adj}  :: astute, crafty, acute
ladino {adj}  :: mestizo
ladino {m}  :: a mestizo person
ladino {m}  :: Ladino; the Judeo-Spanish language
ladino {m}  :: the Ladin language of Italy
Ladislao {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to English Ladislaus
lado {m}  :: face
lado {m}  :: side
ladrador {adj}  :: barking, barky (prone to bark)
ladrar {v} [of dogs]  :: to bark
ladrido {m}  :: bark, yelp, yap, yip (short, loud, explosive utterance)
ladrillo {m}  :: brick
ladrón {adj}  :: having the qualities of a thief
ladrón {f}  :: thief; robber; crook
ladro {m}  :: woof, bark
ladrona {f}  :: female thief, robber
laforina {f} [enzyme]  :: laforin
lagaña {f} [informal]  :: sleep (in the corner of the eye)
lagartija {f}  :: (small) lizard
lagarto {m}  :: lizard
lago {m}  :: lake
lagomorfo {adj}  :: lagomorph, lagomorphic
lagomorfo {m}  :: lagomorph
lagosta {f} [obsolete]  :: locust, lobster
la gota que colmó el vaso {n} [idiomatic]  :: the straw that broke the camel's back
lagrimar {v}  :: to cry
lagrimear {v}  :: to water up; to cry easily
laguna {f}  :: gap, hole
laguna {f}  :: lagoon
lagunero {adj}  :: from San Cristóbal de La Laguna
lagunero {f}  :: Someone from San Cristóbal de La Laguna
La Habana {prop}  :: Havana
La Haya {prop}  :: The Hague (Dutch city)
laicado {m}  :: laity
laicidad {f}  :: laicity
laicizar {v}  :: to laicize, to secularize
laja {f}  :: slab
La Laguna {prop}  :: La Laguna (city)
la leche {phrase} [Spain, idiomatic]  :: wow
Lali {prop}  :: female given name
Lalo {prop}  :: male given name
lama {f} [Chile, Colombia, Costa Rico, Mexico]  :: moss
lama {f}  :: fine sand
lama {f}  :: slime, mud
lama {m} [Buddhism]  :: lama (master of Tibetan Buddhism)
la madre que te parió {interj} [pejorative]  :: son of a bitch, holy fuck (literally, "the mother who bore you"; an insult said out of anger)
la mamá de Tarzán {phrase}  :: the bee's knees
lambada {f}  :: lambada
lambda {f}  :: lambda; the Greek letter Λ, λ
lambel {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: label
lamber {v}  :: to lick
lameculos {m}  :: toady, sycophant, brown noser
lamentable {adj}  :: lamentable
lamentablemente {adv}  :: unfortunately, sadly
lamentación {f}  :: lamentation
lamentar {v}  :: to lament
lamento {m}  :: wail
lamer {v}  :: to lick
lamera {f}  :: feminine form of lamero
lamero {adj} [slang]  :: related to lamers
lamero {f} [slang]  :: lamer
lamero {m} [La Gomera]  :: a water harvesting system
lamero {m} [mining]  :: person in charge of placing the dinamite.
lamida {v} [feminine past participle of, lamer]  ::
lamidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, lamer]  ::
lamidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, lamer]  ::
laminar {adj}  :: laminar
laminar {v}  :: to laminate
laminilla {f} [mycology]  :: lamella
laminina {f} [protein]  :: laminin
lampiño {adj}  :: beardless
lampiño {adj}  :: hairless bodied
lampiño {adj}  :: having less or smaller body hair than other similar
lamprea {f}  :: lamprey (a fish)
lana {f} [colloquial]  :: cash, money
lana {f}  :: wool
lance {m}  :: cast (fishing)
lance {m}  :: launch (act of launching)
lance {m}  :: throw
lancear {v}  :: to spear
lanceta {f}  :: lancet
lancha {f}  :: boat
landa {f}  :: plain (a sandy plain)
landgrave {m}  :: landgrave
-landia {suffix}  :: -land, land of
Landron {prop}  :: Spanish surname meaning long
langosta {f}  :: lobster
langosta {f}  :: locust
langostino {m}  :: prawn
languidecer {v}  :: to languish, pine away
languidecida {v} [feminine past participle of, languidecer]  ::
languidecidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, languidecer]  ::
languidecidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, languidecer]  ::
languidez {f}  :: languor
languor {m} [rare]  :: languor
la niña bonita {f} [Spain, colloquial]  :: The number fifteen in some Spanish card games
la noche es capa de pecadores {proverb}  :: the night is a cloak for sinners.
lanolina {f}  :: lanolin
lantano {m}  :: lanthanum
lanteja {f}  :: obsolete spelling of lenteja
lanudo {adj}  :: longhaired, shaggy-haired
lanudo {adj}  :: woolly
lanugo {m}  :: lanugo
lanza {f}  :: lance, spear, glaive
lanzacohetes {m}  :: bazooka, rocket-propelled grenade
lanzada {f}  :: lance thrust
lanzadera {f}  :: shuttle
lanzado {adj}  :: fearless, reckless
lanzado {adj}  :: forward
lanzado {adj}  :: very fast
lanzador {f}  :: pitcher, in baseball
lanzadora {f}  :: (female) pitcher, in baseball
lanzafuegos {m}  :: flamethrower
lanzallamas {m}  :: flamethrower
lanzamiento {m}  :: launch (act of lauching)
lanzamiento {m}  :: release
lanzamiento de peso {m} [athletics]  :: shot put
lanzamisiles {m}  :: rocket launcher
lanzar {v}  :: to launch
lanzar {v}  :: to pitch, in baseball
lanzar {v}  :: to throw
lanzón {m}  :: lancetfish
lanzuela {f}  :: diminutive form of lanza
lao {adj}  :: Lao (language)
lao {adj}  :: Lao (of or relating to Laos)
lao {adj}  :: Lao (person)
lao {m}  :: Lao (person)
lao {prop}  :: Lao (ethnic group)
lao {prop}  :: Lao (language)
Laos {prop}  :: Laos
laosiano {adj}  :: Laotian, Lao
laosiano {f}  :: Laotian, Lao (person)
lapa {f}  :: limpet
laparoscopia {f} [surgery]  :: laparoscopy
laparoscopio {m} [surgery]  :: laparoscope
laparotomía {f} [surgery]  :: laparotomy
La Paz {prop}  :: La Paz (capital of Bolivia)
lapicera {f}  :: pen
lapicero {m} [Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala]  :: pen
lapicero {m} [Mexico]  :: mechanical pencil
lapicero {m}  :: pencil
lapicero {m}  :: pencil box
lapidación {f}  :: lapidation, stoning
lapidar {v}  :: to stone (to throw stones at)
lapislázuli {m}  :: lapis lazuli (blue stone)
laplaciano {adj}  :: Laplacian (of, or relating to Laplace)
laplaciano {m} [mathematics]  :: Laplacian (operator)
lapso {m}  :: A lapse
lapsus linguae {m}  :: A lapsus linguae; an inadvertent remark, a slip of the tongue
laquear {v}  :: to lacquer
lar {m}  :: home
La raza {prop}  :: (literally, "The race") A term which many Mexicans commonly use to denote mestizo ancestry
la reconcha de la lora {phrase} [Argentina, vulgar]  :: alternative form of la concha de la lora
largar {vr}  :: to go away (leave) blow
largar {v}  :: to chase away
largar {v}  :: to let go
largar {v}  :: to release
largarme {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, largar, me, mood=inf]  ::
largarnos {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, largar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
largarse {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, largar, se, mood=inf]  ::
largarte {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, largar, te, mood=inf]  ::
largate {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, larga, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
largo {adj}  :: long
largometraje {m}  :: feature film (full-length film)
largo y tendido {adv} [idiom]  :: long and hard
largueza {f}  :: largess
larguirucho {adj} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: lanky
larguirucho {m} [colloquial, pejorative]  :: beanpole (tall and thin person)
larguémonos {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, larguemos, nos, mood=imp, person=nosotros]  ::
larguísimo {adj} [figuratively]  :: endless, interminable
larguísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of largo
laringe {f}  :: larynx
laringitis {f} [pathology]  :: laryngitis
laringólogo {m}  :: laryngologist
laringología {f}  :: laryngology
La Rioja {prop}  :: La Rioja
La Rueda de la Fortuna {prop}  :: A Spanish translation for Ferris Wheel
La Rueda de la Fortuna {prop}  :: The Argentinian adaptation of the American bred game show Wheel of Fortune
La Ruleta de la Fortuna {prop}  :: The Spanish or Ecuadorian adaptation of the American bred game show Wheel of Fortune
larvado {adj}  :: hidden, suppressed, concealed
larvado {adj}  :: latent
las {art}  :: the
las {pron}  :: Accusative of ellas and ustedes (when referring to more than one woman); them, you all (formal)
las {pron}  :: feminine plural pronoun
lasaña {f}  :: lasagna
lasca {f}  :: stone chip, lithic flake
lasca {f}  :: thin slice
lascivia {f} [dated]  :: immoderate appetite, longing
lascivia {f}  :: lasciviousness
lascivo {adj}  :: lewd, lascivious
laserpicio {m} [plant]  :: Laserpitium siler L.
lasitud {f}  :: lassitude, exhaustion
Las Palmas {prop}  :: Las Palmas
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria {prop}  :: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
lastimado {adj}  :: hurt, injured
lastimar {vr}  :: to hurt oneself
lastimar {v}  :: to damage, harm
lastimar {v}  :: to hurt (cause physical or emotional pain)
lastimar {v}  :: to injure
lastimar {v}  :: to offend
lastimar {v}  :: to pity
lastimarlo {v} [es-compound of, lastim, ar, lastimar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
lastimarme {v} [es-compound of, lastim, ar, lastimar, me, mood=inf]  ::
lastimarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of lastimar To hurt oneself, to feel sorry for
lastimarte {v} [es-compound of, lastim, ar, lastimar, te, mood=inf]  ::
lastimoso {adj}  :: shameful, pitiful
lastra {f}  :: a large flat stone, a slap of stone
lastrar {v}  :: to ballast
lastre {m}  :: burden
lastre {m} [nautical]  :: ballast
lastre {m}  :: prudence
lata {f}  :: can, tin (vessel)
lata {f} [colloquial]  :: annoyance (that which annoys)
lata {f} [colloquial]  :: pity
lata {f}  :: plate, sheet of metal
lata {f}  :: tin, tin-plate (material)
latencia {f}  :: latency
latente {adj}  :: latent
lateral {adj}  :: lateral, to the side
lateralmente {adv}  :: laterally
latido {m}  :: beat, pulsation
latifundio {m}  :: large estate, large land property
latigazo {m}  :: lash, whiplash (stroke with a whip)
latinar {v}  :: to speak Latin
latinar {v}  :: to write in Latin
latinismo {m}  :: Latinism
latin lover {m} [colloquial]  :: Don Juan, playboy, lady's man
latino {adj}  :: of or related to any of the various romance languages
latino {adj}  :: of or related to Latin people, speakers of romance languages
latino {adj}  :: of or related to Lazio, Italy
latino {adj}  :: of or related to the Latin language
latinoamericano {adj}  :: Latin American
latinoamericano {f}  :: Latin American
Latinoamérica {prop}  :: Those countries in the Americas and related islands which speak Latin-derived languages, mostly Spanish and Portuguese: Latin America
latir {v} [of a dog]  :: to bark
latir {v}  :: to beat, to throb
latitud {f}  :: latitude
latín {prop}  :: Latin; the language of the ancient Romans
latón {m}  :: brass
latón {m} [colloquial]  :: hackberry
latoso {adj} [colloquial]  :: annoying, tedious, boring
laucha {f}  :: mouse (small rodent or computer mouse)
laucha {f}  :: sagacious person
lauchita {f}  :: diminutive form of laucha
laudabilidad {f}  :: laudableness
laudada {v} [feminine past participle of, laudar]  ::
laudadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, laudar]  ::
laudados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, laudar]  ::
laudar {v} [archaic]  :: to laud
laudar {vt} [legal]  :: to rule or deliver a verdict
laude {f} [lb, es, archaic]  :: praise
laude {f}  :: tombstone
laudo {m} [legal]  :: arbitration award
Laura {prop}  :: female given name
laurear {v}  :: to honor
laurel {m} [plant]  :: laurel
laurencio {m}  :: lawrencium
lauroceraso {m}  :: cherry laurel (shrub)
lava {f}  :: lava
lava {f}  :: washing
lavable {adj}  :: washable
lavabo {m}  :: washbasin
lavacoches {m}  :: carwash
lavada {f}  :: a washing, a cleaning, a laundry load
lavadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, lavar]  ::
lavadero {m}  :: laundry (washing place)
lavadero {m}  :: washboard
lavadero {m}  :: washing sink
lavado {m}  :: laundering
lavado {m}  :: laundry
lavadora {f}  :: washing machine
lavamanos {m}  :: sink
lavanda {f}  :: lavender (color)
lavanda {f}  :: lavender (plant and flower)
lavandería {f}  :: laundry, laundromat
lavaparabrisas {m}  :: windshield washing fluid, screen wash
lavaplatos {m}  :: dishwasher
lavar {vt}  :: to wash
lavar {vt}  :: to wipe, clear (disgrace, doubt etc)
lavarme {v} [es-compound of, lav, ar, lavar, me, mood=inf]  ::
lavarropas {m}  :: washing machine
lavarse {v}  :: to wash oneself
lavarte {v} [es-compound of, lav, ar, lavar, te, mood=inf]  ::
lavativa {f}  :: enema
lavavajillas {m}  :: dishwasher
la vida son dos días {n}  :: life is short
lawrencio {m}  :: alternative spelling of laurencio
laxante {adj}  :: laxative
laxante {m} [medicine]  :: laxative
laxar {v}  :: to ease, to loosen
laxitud {f}  :: laxness, laxity
lazada {v} [feminine past participle of, lazar]  ::
lazadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, lazar]  ::
lazados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, lazar]  ::
lazar {v}  :: to lasso something
lazo {m}  :: bond
lazo {m}  :: bow (type of knot)
lazo {m}  :: lasso
lazo {m}  :: link
lazo {m}  :: ribbon
lazo {m}  :: snare, trap
Líbano {prop}  :: Lebanon
lábaro {m}  :: labarum
lóbrego {adj}  :: dark
lóbrego {adj}  :: gloomy
lóbrego {adj}  :: sad
lúbrico {adj} [biology, mycology]  :: lubricous, slimy
lúbrico {adj}  :: lusty
lúbrico {adj} [rare]  :: vicious
lúbrico {adj}  :: slippery
lóbulo {m}  :: ear lobe
lóbulo {m}  :: lobe
lóbulo {m}  :: lobule
lóbulo frontal {m} [neurology]  :: frontal lobe
lóbulo occipital {m} [neurology]  :: occipital lobe
lóbulo parietal {m} [neurology]  :: parietal lobe
lóbulo temporal {m} [neurology]  :: temporal lobe
LCD {initialismm} [electronics, computing]  :: LCD (liquid crystal display)
lúcido {adj}  :: lucid
lícitamente {adv}  :: licitly
lícito {adj}  :: just
lícito {adj}  :: licit
lácteo {adj}  :: dairy (containing or made from milk)
lácteo {adj}  :: lactic, milk (attributive) (of, or relating to milk)
lácteo {adj}  :: milky (resembling milk)
lácteo {m}  :: A dairy product
lácteo {m} [in the plural]  :: dairy
láctico {adj}  :: lactic
lúcuma {f}  :: lucmo (fruit)
líder {mf}  :: leader (of a group of people, a sports team etc.)
lúdico {adj}  :: ludic
le {pron}  :: To her, for her (dative of ella)
le {pron}  :: To him, for him (dative of él)
le {pron}  :: To it, for it (dative of ello)
le {pron}  :: To you, for you (formal; dative of usted)
leña {f}  :: firewood (pieces gathered to make fire)
Lea {prop}  :: female given name
Lea {prop}  :: Leah [biblical figure]
leñador {f}  :: firewood seller
leñador {f}  :: lumberjack, logger
leñador {f}  :: lumber seller
leñador furtivo {m} [logging]  :: poacher
leal {adj}  :: loyal
lealdad {f}  :: obsolete form of lealtad
lealmente {adv}  :: loyally
lealtad {f}  :: loyalty
Leandro {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Leander
Leandro {prop}  :: male given name
lebrasta {f}  :: feminine form of lebrasto
lebrastillo {f}  :: diminutive form of lebrasto; a small leveret
lebrastón {m}  :: leveret
lebrasto {f} [obsolete]  :: leveret
lebrato {m}  :: leveret
lebrel {m}  :: sighthound, whippet
lebruno {adj}  :: harelike
lección {f}  :: lesson
lecha {f}  :: milt
lechal {adj}  :: suckling
lechar {adj}  :: milky
lechar {v} [Latin America]  :: to milk
lechar {v} [Latin America]  :: to whitewash
lechazo {f}  :: The meat of a young, unweaned lamb
leche {f} [food]  :: milk
leche {f} [Spain, vulgar]  :: cum, sperm (semen fluid)
leche {interj} [vulgar, Spain]  :: shit
leche condensada {f}  :: condensed milk
leche de almendra {f}  :: almond milk
leche de arroz {f}  :: rice milk
leche de avellana {f}  :: hazelnut milk
leche de avena {f}  :: oat milk
leche de cáñamo {f}  :: hemp milk
leche de coco {f}  :: coconut milk
leche desnatada {f}  :: skim milk
leche de soja {f}  :: soy milk
leche de tigre {f} [Peru]  :: A sauce or marinade with a lime-fish base
lechera {f}  :: milk churn
lechera {f}  :: milkmaid
lechería {f}  :: dairy, creamery
lechero {adj}  :: milky
lechero {f}  :: milkman
lechón {m}  :: suckling piglet
lecho {m}  :: bed
lecho {m}  :: riverbed
lechoso {adj}  :: milky
lechoso {m} [Ecuador]  :: A type of tree found in the Galápagos, in the genus Scalesia
lechuga {f}  :: lettuce
lechuga {interj} [informal, euphemistic]  :: Expresses anger, upset, or annoyance. Euphemism for leche
lechugas {interj} [informal, euphemistic]  :: Expresses anger, upset, or annoyance. Euphemism for leche
lechuza {f}  :: barn owl
lechuza {f}  :: owl
lectina {f} [protein]  :: lectin
lectivo {adj} [attributive]  :: teaching, school, schooling
lector {adj}  :: reading
lector {adj}  :: reading aloud to other people
lector {f}  :: reader
lectura {f}  :: reading
leída {v}  :: past participle of leer
leídas {v}  :: past participle of leer
leído {adj}  :: read
leído {adj}  :: well read
leídos {v}  :: past participle of leer
leela {v} [es-compound of, le, er, lee, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
leer {v}  :: to read
leerla {v} [es-compound of, le, er, leer, la, mood=inf]  ::
leerlo {v} [es-compound of, le, er, leer, lo, mood=inf]  ::
leñero {adj} [colloquial, El Salvador]  :: rude (when playing a sport)
legaña {f} [informal]  :: rheum or sleep (in the corner of the eye)
legado {m}  :: legacy
legal {adj}  :: legal
legalidad {f}  :: legality
legalización {f}  :: legalization
legalizar {v}  :: to legalize
legalizar {v}  :: to register (a vehicle)
legalmente {adv}  :: legally, lawfully
leganense {adj}  :: Of or from Leganés
leganense {m}  :: Someone from Leganés
Leganés {prop}  :: Leganés (city)
legar {v}  :: to hand down
legendario {adj}  :: legendary
legibilidad {f}  :: legibility
legible {adj}  :: legible
legión {f}  :: legion
legionario {adj}  :: legionary
legionario {m}  :: legionary
legislación {f}  :: legislation
legislador {f}  :: legislator
legislar {v}  :: to legislate
legislativo {adj}  :: legislative
legislatura {f}  :: legislature
legitimar {v}  :: to legitimize
legitimidad {f}  :: legitimacy
lego {adj}  :: ignorant, lay
lego {f}  :: layman
legrado {m} [surgery]  :: curettage
legítimamente {adv}  :: legitimately
legítimo {adj}  :: legitimate
legítimo {adj}  :: real, true
legua {f}  :: league (distance)
legumbre {f}  :: legume
legumbre {f}  :: vegetable
leguminoso {adj}  :: leguminous
lehendakari {m}  :: lehendakari
Leire {prop}  :: female given name
lejía {f}  :: lye
lejanía {f}  :: distance, remoteness
lejanía {f}  :: faraway place
lejano {adj}  :: far, faraway
Lejano Oriente {prop}  :: Far East
lejos {adv}  :: far
léelo {v} [es-compound of, le, er, lee, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lema {m}  :: headword, term, title
lema {m} [heraldry]  :: motto
lema {m}  :: lemma
lema {m}  :: motto
lema {m}  :: subject
lemario {m}  :: index of entries in a linguist work (such as a dictionary)
lemming {m}  :: lemming (rodent)
lempira {f}  :: lempira
Lempira {prop}  :: One of the departments of Honduras
león {f}  :: antlion
león {f} [Central America, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela]  :: cougar, puma, mountain lion
león {f} [figurative]  :: A brave person
león {f} [heraldiccharge]  :: lion
león {f}  :: lion
León {prop}  :: León (region, department)
León {prop}  :: male given name
León {prop}  :: Spanish surname
León {prop}  :: Spanish surname
lencería {f}  :: lingerie
lendakari {m}  :: lehendakari
lendano {adj}  :: From Lérida
lendano {f}  :: Someone from Lérida
lendroso {adj}  :: nitty (having nits in one's hair)
lenga {f}  :: lenga (tree)
lengüeta {f}  :: flap; tab
lengüetazo {m}  :: (big) lick
lengüetear {v}  :: to lick
lengua {f}  :: language
lengua {f}  :: tongue
lenguado {m}  :: sole (fish)
lenguaje {m}  :: language as in choice of words
lenguaje {m}  :: programming language
lenguaje de programación {m}  :: A programming language
lengua materna {f}  :: mother tongue
lenguarada {f}  :: lick
leninismo {m}  :: Leninism
leninista {adj}  :: Leninist
leninista {m}  :: Leninist
león marino {m}  :: sea lion
lentamente {adv}  :: slowly
lente {m}  :: lens
lente de contacto {f}  :: contact lens
lenteja {f}  :: lentil
lentejar {m}  :: A lentil field
lentejuela {f}  :: spangle; sequin
lentes {mp}  :: glasses
lentes {mp}  :: Plural of lente
lentilla {f}  :: contact lens
lentillo {m}  :: contact lens
lentisco {m}  :: mastic
lentitud {f}  :: slowness
lento {adj}  :: slow
leño {m} [Honduras, slang]  :: joint
leño {m}  :: log; piece of wood, timber
Leo {prop}  :: Leo, the constellation
leona {f}  :: feminine form of león, a female lion; lioness
leonado {adj}  :: tawny
Leonardo {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Leonard
Leonor {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Eleanor
leonés {adj}  :: Leonese
leonés {f}  :: Leonese person
leonés {prop}  :: Leonese language
leopardo {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: leopard
leopardo {m}  :: leopard
leopardo de las nieves {m}  :: snow leopard
Leopoldo {prop}  :: male given name
leñoso {adj}  :: woodlike
leporino {adj} [upper lips]  :: cleft- or hare-
lepra {f}  :: leprosy
leproso {adj}  :: leprous
leptina {f} [hormone]  :: leptin
leptón {m}  :: lepton
leptónico {adj}  :: leptonic
lerense {adj}  :: From Pontevedra
lerense {m}  :: Someone from Pontevedra
lero {interj} [El Salvador, Often used repeatedly]  :: Used to indicate a long and dull conversation
lero {interj} [Guatemala, Often used repeatedly]  :: Used to indicate mockery
les {pron}  :: dative of ellos and ellas; to them, for them
les {pron}  :: dative of ustedes; to you all, for you all (formal)
lesbiana {f}  :: lesbian
lesbianismo {m}  :: lesbianism
lesbiano {adj}  :: Lesbian (of or from Lesbos)
lesbiano {f}  :: Lesbian (native of Lesbos)
lesbio {adj}  :: Lesbian (of or from Lesbos)
lesbio {adj}  :: lesbian (of or pertaining to lesbians and lesbianism)
lesbio {f}  :: Lesbian (native of Lesbos)
lesión {f}  :: lesion; injury
lesionar {v}  :: to wound
leísmo {m}  :: The nonstandard practice of using le as a direct object pronoun when referring to people
lesna {f}  :: awl
lesotense {adj}  :: relating to Lesotho
lesotense {m}  :: Mosotho
Lesoto {prop}  :: Lesotho
letal {adj}  :: lethal
letanía {f}  :: litany
Lete {prop}  :: Lethe
Leteo {prop}  :: Lethe
Leticia {prop}  :: female given name
letón {adj}  :: Latvian (from or native to Latvia)
letón {adj}  :: Latvian (pertaining to Latvia)
letón {f}  :: a Latvian
letón {prop}  :: the Latvian language
letona {f}  :: feminine form of letón
Letonia {prop}  :: Latvia
letra {f}  :: A letter (symbol)
letra {f}  :: handwriting
letra {f}  :: lyrics
letrado {adj}  :: educated; erudite
letra mayúscula {f}  :: capital letter
letra minúscula {f}  :: lower-case letter
letra pequeña {f}  :: fine print, small print
letrero {m}  :: sign, signboard, signpost
letrina {f}  :: latrine
leu {m}  :: leu
leucemia {f} [pathology]  :: leukemia
leucina {f} [amino acid]  :: leucine
leucisco {m}  :: roach (fish)
leucémico {adj}  :: leukemic
leucémico {f}  :: A person who has leukemia
leucocito {m}  :: leukocyte
leucoplasto {m} [cytology]  :: leucoplast
leucotomía {f} [surgery]  :: leukotomy
Leví {prop}  :: Levi (Biblical character and tribe)
leva {f} [mechanical]  :: cam
leva {f} [mechanical]  :: cog
leva {f} [military]  :: draft (of troops)
levadura {f}  :: yeast
levadura de panadería {f}  :: baker's yeast
levantamiento {m}  :: lifting, raising
levantamiento {m}  :: uprising
levantar {vr}  :: to wake up
levantar {v}  :: to lift
levantarlo {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levantar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
levantarme {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levantar, me, mood=inf]  ::
levantarse {v}  :: to get up, to get out of bed
levantarse con el pie izquierdo {v} [idiomatic]  :: to get out of bed on the wrong side
levantarte {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levantar, te, mood=inf]  ::
levante {m}  :: east
levante {m}  :: East (wind), levanter
levantisco {adj}  :: rebellious
levantista {m} [soccer]  :: A person connecting with Levante UD, as a fan, player, coach etc.
leve {adj}  :: minor; trivial
leve {adj}  :: slight; light
levedad {f}  :: lightness; levity
levemente {adv}  :: lightly
levemente {adv}  :: softly
levógiro {adj}  :: counterclockwise, anticlockwise, widdershins
leviatán {m}  :: leviathan (all senses)
levigada {v} [feminine past participle of, levigar]  ::
levigadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, levigar]  ::
levigados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, levigar]  ::
levigar {v}  :: to levigate, to make smooth
levitación {f}  :: levitation
levitar {v}  :: to levitate
levántala {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levanta, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
levántalo {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levanta, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
levántate {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levanta, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
levántenlo {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levanten, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
levántense {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levanten, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
levántese {v} [es-compound of, levant, ar, levante, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
levísimo {adj}  :: superlative form of leve
levístico {m}  :: lovage
lexema {m}  :: lexeme
lexicógrafo {f}  :: lexicographer
lexicografía {f}  :: lexicography (art or craft of writing dictionaries)
ley {f}  :: law
ley {f}  :: religion, credence, worship of a god
leyenda {f}  :: caption, footer (on a photo or illustration)
leyenda {f}  :: legend, idol (famous and admired person)
leyenda {f}  :: legend, inscription (on a coin or medal)
leyenda {f}  :: legend, saga, traditional story
leyenda {f}  :: life of a saint
leyenda {f}  :: the act of reading
Leyenda Negra {prop}  :: Black Legend
Leyenda Rosa {prop}  :: White Legend
ley orgánica {f}  :: organic law
lezna {f}  :: awl
légamo {m}  :: slime
LGBT {initialism}  :: LGBT
lógica {f}  :: female logician
lógica {f}  :: logic
lógicamente {adv}  :: logically
lógico {adj}  :: logical
lógico {m}  :: logician
-lógico {suffix}  :: -logical, -logic
lágrima {f}  :: tear, teardrop
lúgubre {adj}  :: lugubrious, mournful, gloomy
liña {f} [archaic]  :: line
liada {v} [feminine past participle of, liar]  ::
liadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, liar]  ::
liados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, liar]  ::
liana {f}  :: liana
liar {v} [colloquial]  :: to deceive
liar {v}  :: to bind, to tie
liar {v}  :: to wrap, to wrap up
liasa {f} [enzyme]  :: lyase
libanés {adj}  :: Lebanese (A person from Lebanon)
libanés {m}  :: Lebanese (A person from Lebanon)
libar {v}  :: to swig or sip a beverage (usually implies an alcoholic beverage)
libídine {f}  :: lust
liberación {f}  :: liberation
liberado {adj}  :: liberated
liberador {f}  :: liberator
liberal {adj}  :: liberal
liberalismo {m}  :: liberalism
liberalización {f}  :: liberalization
liberar {v}  :: to liberate or to release or make it free
liberarme {v} [es-compound of, liber, ar, liberar, me, mood=inf]  ::
liberarse {vr}  :: reflexive form of librar
liberarte {v} [es-compound of, liber, ar, liberar, te, mood=inf]  ::
Liberia {prop}  :: Liberia
liberiano {adj}  :: Liberian
liberiano {f}  :: Liberian
libertad {f}  :: freedom
libertador {adj}  :: liberating; that which liberates or frees
libertador {f}  :: liberator
libertar {v}  :: to liberate or set free
libertarianismo {m}  :: alternative form of libertarismo
libertario {adj}  :: libertarian
libertario {f}  :: libertarian
libertarismo {m} [politics]  :: libertarianism
libertinaje {m}  :: debauchery
libertinaje {m}  :: libertinage
Libia {prop}  :: Libya (country in Northern Africa)
libidinoso {adj}  :: libidinous, lustful
libido {m}  :: libido, sex drive
libio {adj}  :: Libyan
libio {f}  :: Libyan
libélula {f}  :: dragonfly
libra {f}  :: pound (unit of currency of the United Kingdom and its dependencies)
libra {f}  :: pound (unit of mass or force/weight)
Libra {prop}  :: Libra (astrological sign)
Libra {prop}  :: Libra (constellation)
libra esterlina {f}  :: pound sterling
libramiento {m} [finance]  :: payment order
libramiento {m}  :: liberation
librar {v}  :: to expel the placenta
librar {v}  :: to free, to exempt
librar {v}  :: to give birth
librar {v}  :: to issue (a check, a decree)
librar {v}  :: to make (an appointment)
librar {v}  :: to place, to put (hope, trust)
librar {v}  :: to save, to rescue, to deliver, to preserve
librar {v}  :: to wage, to engage (battle, war)
librarme {v} [es-compound of, libr, ar, librar, me, mood=inf]  ::
librarse {v} [es-compound of, libr, ar, librar, se, mood=inf]  ::
librarte {v} [es-compound of, libr, ar, librar, te, mood=inf]  ::
librazo {m}  :: A hit with a book
libre {adj}  :: free, clear, at liberty
LIBRE {prop}  :: Liberalismo Renovador
librea {f}  :: livery
libremente {adv}  :: freely
librepensador {f}  :: freethinker
librería {f}  :: bookshop, bookstore
librero {f}  :: bookseller
libreta {f}  :: notebook
librito {m}  :: diminutive form of libro
libro {m}  :: book
libro de bolsillo {m}  :: paperback
libro de familia {m} [Spain]  :: family record book
libro de texto {m}  :: textbook
libérrimo {adj}  :: absolute superlative of libre
licenciado {adj}  :: licensed
licenciado {f}  :: bachelor (person having the first university degree)
licenciar {v}  :: to license
licenciatura {f}  :: degree, bachelor, Bachelor's degree (first academic degree)
licencioso {adj}  :: licentious
liceo {m} [Latin American Spanish]  :: secondary school, high school (in some countries)
lichi {m}  :: alternative form of lychee
licitación {f}  :: bid
licitar {v}  :: to bid
licántropo {f}  :: werewolf, lycanthrope
licor {m}  :: liqueur
licorería {f}  :: liquor store
licuada {v} [feminine past participle of, licuar]  ::
licuadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, licuar]  ::
licuado {m}  :: smoothie, blended drink made with milk, fruit and usually ice
licuadora {f}  :: blender
licuadora {f}  :: juicer
licuados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, licuar]  ::
licuar {v}  :: to puree; to blend; to liquify using a blender
licuefacción {f}  :: liquefaction
lid {f}  :: fight
lid {f}  :: lawsuit
liderar {v}  :: to lead
liderato {m}  :: leadership (state or position of being a leader)
liderazgo {m}  :: leadership
Lidia {prop}  :: female given name
Lidia {prop}  :: Lydia [biblical character]
lidiar {v}  :: to argue, litigate
lidiar {v}  :: to attempt to negotiate with an annoying person
lidiar {v}  :: to bullfight until the animal dies
lidiar {v}  :: to fight, battle
lidiar {v}  :: to oppose someone
liebre {f}  :: hare
Liechtenstein {prop}  :: Liechtenstein
liechtensteiniano {adj}  :: Of, from, or relating to, Liechtenstein
liechtensteiniano {f}  :: Liechtensteiner
liendre {f}  :: nit (egg of a louse)
lienzo {m}  :: canvas
lienzo {m}  :: linen
liga {f}  :: band; suspender (UK), garter (US)
liga {f}  :: elastic band
liga {f} [metallurgy]  :: alloy, mixture
liga {f}  :: mistletoe
liga {f} [politics, general]  :: league
ligación {f}  :: binding, joining, union
ligado {m}  :: ligature
ligadura {f}  :: knot
ligadura {f}  :: ligature
ligamento {m}  :: ligament
ligar {v}  :: to flirt
ligar {v}  :: to link, to join
ligar {v}  :: to tie
ligasa {f} [enzyme]  :: ligase
ligeramente {adv}  :: lightly
ligeramente {adv}  :: slightly
ligereza {f}  :: agility
ligereza {f}  :: inconstancy, instability
ligereza {f}  :: lightness, levity
ligero {adj}  :: light, not heavy
light {adj}  :: [by extension] Lacking substance or seriousness; lite
light {adj}  :: light (low in fat, calories, salt, alcohol, etc.)
light {adj}  :: [of cigarettes] light (low in tar, nicotine and other noxious chemicals)
lignificación {f}  :: lignification
lignina {f} [biochemistry]  :: lignin
ligre {m}  :: liger; a species crossbred between a male lion and a female tiger
ligue {m}  :: cruising (a concerted effort to find sex) or gay sex
liguero {adj} [attributive]  :: league
liguero {m}  :: garter belt
liguilla {f}  :: small league, play-off competition
lija {f}  :: sandpaper
lijar {v}  :: to sand
likear {v} [Internet]  :: to like
lila {adj}  :: colored lilac, purple, violet
lila {f}  :: a lilac's flower
lila {f} [plant]  :: a lilac shrub
Lilia {prop}  :: female given name, equivalent to the English Lilia
Liliana {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Lilian
lima {f}  :: file (tool to smoothen a surface)
lima {f}  :: lime (fruit)
Lima {prop}  :: Lima (capital of Peru)
limaco {m}  :: slug (animal)
limar {v}  :: to file (with a file or rasp)
limbo {m} [astronomy]  :: limb
limbo {m} [botany]  :: blade, edge
limbo {m} [Roman Catholic theology]  :: limbo
Limburgo {prop}  :: Limburg
limen {m} [poetic]  :: threshold, doorstep
limeño {adj}  :: of or from Lima
limeño {f}  :: someone from Lima
limitación {f}  :: limitation
limitar {vi}  :: to border
limitar {vt}  :: to limit
limón {m}  :: lemon
limón {m} [Mexico]  :: lime
limo {m}  :: mud, slime, silt
limonada {f}  :: lemonade
limonado {adj}  :: lemon colored or flavored
limoncillo {m}  :: mamoncillo
limonera {f}  :: lemon seller
limonero {f}  :: lemon seller
limonero {m} [Latin America]  :: lime tree [citrus]
limonero {m}  :: lemon, lemon tree
limonero {m}  :: wagon shaft
limosina {f}  :: limousine
limosna {f}  :: alms
limosna {f}  :: charity; charitable donation
limosnear {v}  :: to beg for alms
limparse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of limpiar) to clean oneself
limpia {f}  :: a cleansing, a cleaning
limpiabotas {m}  :: Work that consists in washing shoes and boots
limpiachimeneas {m}  :: chimney sweep
limpiacristales {m}  :: window cleaner (person)
limpiacristales {m}  :: window cleaner (product)
limpiador {adj}  :: cleaning
limpiador {m}  :: cleaner (cleansing product)
limpiador {m}  :: windscreen wiper, windshield wiper
limpiamente {adv}  :: cleanly
limpiaparabrisas {m}  :: windshield wiper; windscreen wiper
limpiar {v}  :: to clean
limpiar {v}  :: to wash
limpiarlo {v} [es-compound of, limpi, ar, limpiar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
limpiarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of limpiar) to clean oneself
limpiarte {v} [es-compound of, limpi, ar, limpiar, te, mood=inf]  ::
limpieza {f}  :: cleaning
limpieza {f}  :: cleanliness
limpieza de sangre {f}  :: Pure (usually Iberian) Christian ancestry, absent Muslim or Jewish blood
limpio {adj}  :: clean
limpio {adj} [colloquial]  :: broke, out of pocket
limítrofe {adj}  :: neighboring, bordering
limusina {f}  :: limousine, limo
linaje {m}  :: ancestry, lineage
linalol {m} [chemistry]  :: linalool
linar {m}  :: flax field
Linares {prop}  :: Spanish surname
linaza {f}  :: [[flaxseed, linseed]]
lince {m}  :: lynx
linchamiento {m}  :: lynching
linchar {v}  :: to lynch
lindano {m} [organic compound]  :: lindane
lindante {adj}  :: bordering
lindar {v}  :: to border
lindo {adj}  :: pretty
lineada {v} [feminine past participle of, linear]  ::
lineadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, linear]  ::
lineados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, linear]  ::
lineal {adj}  :: linear
linealmente {adv}  :: linearly
linealmente independiente {adj} [linear algebra]  :: linearly independent
linear {adj} [botany]  :: linear
linear {v}  :: to line
linear {v}  :: to outline, to mark out
linfa {f}  :: lymph
linfa {f} [poetical]  :: water
linfocito {m} [cytology, immunology]  :: lymphocyte
linfoma {m}  :: lymphoma
linfático {adj}  :: lymphatic
lingüicidio {m}  :: linguicide
lingüista {m}  :: linguist
lingonberi {m}  :: lingonberry
lingote {m}  :: ingot
lingüística {f}  :: linguistics
lingüística diacrónica {n} [linguistics]  :: diachronic linguistics
lingüística histórica {n} [linguistics]  :: historical linguistics
lingüístico {adj}  :: linguistic
linóleo {m}  :: linoleum
lino {m}  :: flax
lino {m}  :: linen
linoleato {m}  :: linoleate
linoleico {adj}  :: linoleic
linterna {f}  :: flashlight, torch
linterna {f}  :: lantern
linterna eléctrica {f}  :: flashlight
Liorna {prop}  :: Livorno (town)
lipasa {f} [enzyme]  :: lipase
lipídico {adj}  :: lipidic; of or pertaining to lipids
lipoma {m} [oncology]  :: lipoma
lipooxigenasa {f} [enzyme]  :: lipooxygenase
lipopolisacárido {m} [organic compound]  :: lipopolysaccharide
liposoluble {adj}  :: liposoluble
liposucción {f}  :: liposuction
liquen {m}  :: lichen
liquidación {f}  :: sale, liquidation sale, clearance sale, closeout sale (sale of goods at reduced prices)
liquidar {v}  :: to liquefy
lira {f}  :: lira (former currency of Italy)
lira {f}  :: lyre
lirio {m}  :: flag (plant)
lirio {m}  :: iris (plant)
lirón {m}  :: dormouse
lisa {f}  :: mullet, white mullet
Lisboa {prop}  :: Lisbon (capital of Portugal)
lisboeta {adj}  :: From Lisbon
lisboeta {adj}  :: Of or relating to Lisbon
lisboeta {m}  :: A native of Lisbon; Lisboner
lisiar {v}  :: to cripple
lisina {f} [amino acid]  :: lysine
lisis {f} [chemistry]  :: lysis
liso {adj}  :: flat
liso {adj}  :: flat-chested (woman)
liso {adj}  :: plain
liso {adj}  :: smooth
liso {adj}  :: straight
lisonja {f}  :: flattering comment
lisonjeador {f}  :: flatterer
lisonjear {v}  :: to delight; to please
lisonjear {v}  :: to flatter; to wheedle; to fawn
lisonjear {v}  :: to pay compliments to
lisonjeramente {adv}  :: flatteringly, fawningly
lisonjero {adj}  :: complimentary
lisonjero {adj}  :: flattering, fawning
lisonjero {adj}  :: pleasing, agreeable
lisonjero {f}  :: flatterer, fawner
lisosoma {m} [cytology]  :: lysosome
lisozima {f} [enzyme]  :: lysozyme
lista {f}  :: a list, roll
lista {f}  :: a stripe
lista de reproducción {f}  :: playlist
listado {adj}  :: readied
listado {m}  :: list
listado {m}  :: skipjack (official term)
listar {v}  :: to list
listeza {f}  :: cleverness
listillo {f} [colloquial]  :: smart aleck, smartass
listín {m}  :: list of highlights
listín {m}  :: telephone book
listón {m}  :: batten, slat
listón {m} [figurative]  :: bar
listón {m}  :: lath
listón {m}  :: ribbon
listón {m} [sports]  :: bar, crossbar
listón {m}  :: strip
listo {adj}  :: alert
listo {adj}  :: clever (with ser)
listo {adj}  :: ready (with estar)
listo {interj}  :: get set! (before starting a race)
listo {interj}  :: that's it! (it's finished!)
lisura {f} [Latin America]  :: cheeky remark, disrespectful comment
lisura {f}  :: sincerity
lisura {f}  :: smoothness, calmness
lisura {f}  :: smoothness, flatness
litar {v}  :: to make a sacrifice in order to please the gods
litera {f}  :: bunk
literal {adj}  :: literal
literalmente {adv}  :: literally
literalmente {adv}  :: verbatim
literario {adj}  :: literary
literato {f}  :: literatus, man of letters
literatura {f}  :: literature
litógrafa {f}  :: feminine form of litógrafo
litógrafo {f}  :: lithographer
litigada {v} [feminine past participle of, litigar]  ::
litigadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, litigar]  ::
litigados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, litigar]  ::
litigar {v}  :: to litigate
litigio {m}  :: litigation, lawsuit
litio {m}  :: lithium
lito- {prefix}  :: litho-
-lito {suffix}  :: -lith, -lite
Lito {prop}  :: male given name
litografía {f}  :: lithography
litográfico {adj}  :: lithographic
litoral {adj}  :: coastal
litoral {m}  :: coast; coastline
litote {f}  :: Litotes, understatement.
litúrgico {adj}  :: liturgical
litro {m}  :: litre
lituana {f}  :: feminine form of lituano
Lituania {prop}  :: Lithuania
lituano {adj}  :: Lithuanian (from or native to Lithuania)
lituano {adj}  :: Lithuanian (pertaining to Lithuania)
lituano {f}  :: a Lithuanian
lituano {prop}  :: the Lithuanian language
Litueche {prop}  :: Litueche
liturgia {f}  :: liturgy
liturgia {f}  :: ritual
Liubliana {prop}  :: Ljubljana (Capital city of Slovenia)
livermorio {m}  :: livermorium
liviano {adj}  :: light (not heavy)
livone {f}  :: Livonian; a person from Livonia
livonio {prop}  :: the Livonian language
livor {m}  :: a bluish color
livor {m} [archaic, literary]  :: bruise
livor {m}  :: malice, malignity
lixosa {f} [carbohydrate]  :: lyxose
ll {letter}  :: elle, the 14th letter of the Spanish alphabet, after l and before m
Ll {letter}  :: The 14th letter of the Spanish alphabet
LL {letter}  :: elle, the 14th letter of the Spanish alphabet, after L and before M
llaga {f}  :: sore
llaga {f}  :: ulcer
llaga {f}  :: wound
llama {f}  :: flame
llama {f}  :: llama (mammal)
llamada {f}  :: call
llamada a la oración {f} [Islam]  :: call to prayer
llamado {adj}  :: called
llamado {m}  :: call
llamador {m}  :: caller
llamador {m}  :: door knocker
llamador {m}  :: messenger
llamame {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamá, me, mood=imp, person=vos]  ::
llamamiento {m}  :: call, appeal
llamamiento {m} [legal]  :: bequest (of personal property), devise (of real property)
llamar {vr} [Spain, colloquial]  :: to cost
llamar {vr}  :: to be called
llamar {v}  :: to appeal; to attract
llamar {v}  :: to refer to
llamar {v}  :: to summon
llamarada {f}  :: flushing
llamarada {f}  :: sudden flare-up, blaze
llamarada de petate {f} [idiomatic]  :: flash in the pan
llamarla {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, la, mood=inf]  ::
llamarle {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, le, mood=inf]  ::
llamarlo {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
llamarlos {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, los, mood=inf]  ::
llamarme {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, me, mood=inf]  ::
llamarse {vr}  :: (reflexive form of llamar) to be called (to call oneself)
llamarte {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamar, te, mood=inf]  ::
llamativa {f}  :: flamboyant
llamativo {adj}  :: (said of food) dry; inducing thirst
llamativo {adj}  :: striking, showy
llameante {adj}  :: flaming, blazing
llamear {v}  :: to blaze
llamándola {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamando, la, mood=part]  ::
llamándolo {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamando, lo, mood=part]  ::
llana {f}  :: trowel
llanamente {adv}  :: candidly
llanero {m}  :: (South America) plainsman, cowboy, llanero
llaneza {m}  :: frankness
llaneza {m}  :: plainness
llaneza {m}  :: simplicity
llano {adj}  :: even; flat; level
llano {adj}  :: plain
llano {adj}  :: straightforward
llano {m}  :: a plain (an open, grassy, mostly treeless land)
llanta {f} [idiomatic, Mexico]  :: fat, protruding belly
llanta {f} [Latin America]  :: tyre
llanta {f} [obsolete]  :: plant
llanta {f}  :: tyre rim
llantén {m}  :: plantain (plant of the genus Plantago)
llantén {m}  :: Ribwort Plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
llantén menor {m}  :: ribwort (Plantago lanceolata or Plantago major)
llanto {m}  :: crying
llanura {f} [landforms]  :: plain
llapingacho {m} [Ecuador]  :: A pancake made with potato and cheese
llave {f}  :: curly bracket
llave {f}  :: key (of musical instrument)
llave {f}  :: key (to open doors)
llave {f}  :: spanner, wrench
llave {f}  :: valve, faucet
llave de cierre {f}  :: stopcock
llavero {m}  :: keyring
lleca {f} [vesre]  :: street
llegada {f}  :: arrival
llegar {v}  :: to arrive, get (to)
llegar a final de mes {v} [idiomatic]  :: to make ends meet
llegar a la suela del zapato {v} [idiomatic, usually in the negative]  :: To not compare to, to have nothing on
llena como una ballena {adj} [simile]  :: full as a goog (having eaten too much)
llenador {adj}  :: filling
llenar {v}  :: to complete a group
llenar {v}  :: to fill out or complete a form
llenar {v}  :: to fill something up
llenarse {vr}  :: to gorge oneself
llenito {adj}  :: chubby; plump
llenito {adj}  :: diminutive form of lleno
lleno {adj}  :: full
llesca {f} [slang]  :: weed, dope (marijuana)
lleísmo {m}  :: the practice of merging the sound of the Spanish letter ye ("y") into the sound of the digraph elle ("ll")
llevadero {adj}  :: entertaining
llevadero {adj}  :: tolerable
llevar {vt}  :: to have spent time
llevar {vt}  :: to include (have as a component, part, accesory or ingredient)
llevar {vt}  :: to lead away; to carry away (implies moving someone further from the speaker)
llevar {vt}  :: to take, carry, take away, carry away (implies to move something further from who speaks)
llevar {vt}  :: to wear (short form of llevar puesto)
llevar a cabo {v}  :: carry out, fulfill, accomplish
llevar adelante {v} [idiom]  :: to carry out, carry through
llevarla {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, la, mood=inf]  ::
llevarlas {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, las, mood=inf]  ::
llevarle {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, le, mood=inf]  ::
llevarles {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, les, mood=inf]  ::
llevarlo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
llevarlos {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, los, mood=inf]  ::
llevar los pantalones {v} [idiomatic]  :: to wear the trousers
llevarme {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, me, mood=inf]  ::
llevarnos {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, nos, mood=inf]  ::
llevarse {v}  :: to wear
llevarse el gato al agua {v} [idiomatic]  :: to pull it off (succeed)
llevarse la palma {v} [idiomatic]  :: to win, run away with the prize
llevarte {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, te, mood=inf]  ::
llevémoslo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevemos, lo, mood=imp, person=nosotros]  ::
llevárselo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, se, lo, mood=inf]  ::
llevártelo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, llevar, te, lo, mood=inf]  ::
llámala {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llama, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llámalo {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llama, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llámalos {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llama, los, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llámame {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llama, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llámelo {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llame, lo, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
llámeme {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llame, me, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
llámenme {v} [es-compound of, llam, ar, llamen, me, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llobaca {m} [vesre]  :: horse
llorar {v}  :: to cry
lloriquear {v}  :: to cry a little
lloriqueo {m}  :: whimper
lloriqueo {m}  :: whining
llorón {f}  :: crybaby
llorona {f}  :: (female) crybaby
lloroso {adj}  :: mournful, sad
lloroso {adj}  :: weeping
llovedizo {adj}  :: leaky
llover {vi} [impersonal]  :: to rain
llover a cántaros {v} [idiomatic]  :: To pour; to rain heavily; to rain cats and dogs
llover a mares {v} [idiomatic]  :: To pour; to rain heavily; to rain cats and dogs
llovida {v} [feminine past participle of, llover]  ::
llovidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, llover]  ::
llovidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, llover]  ::
llovizna {f}  :: drizzle
lloviznar {vi} [impersonal]  :: to lightly rain; to drizzle
llueva o truene {adv} [lb, es, idiomatic]  :: come rain or shine (regardless of the circumstances)
llueva, truene o relampaguee {adv} [lb, es, idiomatic]  :: come rain or shine (regardless of the circumstances)
lluvia {f}  :: rain
lluvia ácida {f}  :: acid rain
lluvia de estrellas {f}  :: A meteor shower
lluvia de meteoros {f}  :: A meteor shower
lluvioso {adj}  :: rainy
llévala {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévale {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, le, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévalo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévalos {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, los, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévame {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévanos {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, nos, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévate {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévatela {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, te, la, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
llévatelo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleva, te, lo, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lléveme {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleve, me, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
llévenla {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, la, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévenlo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévenme {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, me, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévense {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévensela {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, se, la, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévenselo {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleven, se, lo, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
llévese {v} [es-compound of, llev, ar, lleve, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
lámina {f} [botany, anatomy]  :: lamina
lámina {f} [botany]  :: blade
lámina {f}  :: engraving
lámina {f}  :: slap, sheet
límite {m}  :: limit, threshold
lámpara {f}  :: lamp
lámpara {f}  :: torch, flashlight
límpiate {v} [es-compound of, limpi, ar, limpia, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lémur {m}  :: lemur
línea {f}  :: a thin, long dose of cocaine (slang)
línea {f}  :: command, order (government and enterprises)
línea {f}  :: government policy, government action (e.g. línea dura = hard or strict government policy)
línea {f}  :: individual script, dialogue for each actor (theatre and TV)
línea {f}  :: line (mathematics, art, electricity or telephone)
línea fija {f}  :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
lánguido {adj}  :: languid, weak
lúnula {f} [geometry]  :: lunula
lánzame {v} [es-compound of, lanz, ar, lanza, me, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lío {m}  :: bundle
lío {m}  :: huddle
lío {m}  :: trouble
lo {art}  :: neuter definite article used to make abstract nouns from adjectives; the
lo {pron}  :: Accusative of él, ello, and usted (when referring to a man); him, it, you (formal)
lo {pron}  :: impersonal neuter pronoun; it, that
loa {f}  :: praise
loable {adj}  :: laudable
loablemente {adv}  :: laudably, commendably
loar {v}  :: to praise
loba {f}  :: feminine form of lobo she-wolf
loba {f} [slang]  :: an attractive woman
lobato {m}  :: a wolf cub, a wolfling
lobezno {m}  :: a wolf cub, a wolfling
lobisón {m}  :: werewolf
lobo {f}  :: wolf
lobo del mar {m}  :: seal
lobo del mar {m}  :: sea lion
lobo de Tasmania {m}  :: thylacine
lobo marino {m}  :: seadog
lobo marino {m}  :: seal
lobo marino {m}  :: sea lion
lobotomía {f}  :: lobotomy
lobuno {adj}  :: lupine, wolflike, wolfish
loca {f}  :: feminine form of loco
loca {f}  :: (slang) an effeminate man or boy
loca {f}  :: (slang) a very flirtatious homosexual man or boy
locación {f}  :: rental, leasing
local {adj}  :: local
local {m}  :: premises, rooms
local de alterne {f}  :: hostess bar
localidad {f}  :: place, locality
localización {f}  :: finding, location
localización {f}  :: localization
localizado {adj}  :: located
localizador {f}  :: localizer
localizar {vr}  :: to be located, localized
localizar {vt}  :: to find
localizar {vt}  :: to localize, locate
localizarlo {v} [es-compound of, localiz, ar, localizar, lo, mood=inf]  ::
locamente {adv}  :: madly, crazily
locera {f} [colloquial, Honduras, and, Venezuela]  :: A woman who makes or sells items made of china.
locero {m} [colloquial, Honduras, and, Venezuela]  :: One who makes or sells items made of china.
locha {f}  :: loach (freshwater fish)
loción {f}  :: lotion
loco {adj}  :: crazy, insane, mad (asserting that something is out of place in the head)
loco {adj}  :: loose (pipe fittings, pulley)
loco {adj}  :: overgrown, rambling
loco {adj}  :: rash, risky, imprudent
loco {adj}  :: sexy (only with "ser" ex. soy loco)
loco {adj}  :: tremendous, terrific, huge, enormous
loco {f}  :: A highly affected homosexual; fruit
loco {f}  :: A plant in the genus Astragalus or Oxytropis
loco {f} [Chile]  :: Chilean edible gastropod mollusk resembling abalone but is, in fact, a muricid (Concholepas concholepas)
loco {f} [pejorative]  :: A crazy person
loco de remate {adj}  :: stark raving mad
locomoción {f}  :: locomotion
locomoción {f}  :: transportation
locomotora {f}  :: engine, locomotive
locos y niños dicen la verdad {phrase}  :: Children and crazy people tell what's true, meaning they have no inhibition to express how they see things
locrio {m}  :: dish made from rice cooked with meat
locuacidad {f}  :: loquacity, talkativeness, garrulity, flippancy
locuaz {adj}  :: loquacious
locución {f}  :: idiom
locución adverbial {f}  :: adverbial phrase
locura {f}  :: an act of madness
locura {f}  :: madness
locus {m} [genetics]  :: locus
locutor {m} [media]  :: announcer, newscaster, newsreader, commentator
locutorio {m}  :: call shop
lodazal {m}  :: A muddy place; morass, mire, mudhole
loden {m}  :: loden
lodo {m}  :: mud; muck; mire
-logía {suffix}  :: -logy, -ology
logana {f}  :: loganberry
loganberi {m}  :: loganberry
logar {vt} [archaic]  :: to rent
logaritmo {m}  :: logarithm
logia {f}  :: lodge (Freemasons)
-logo {suffix}  :: -logist (one who studies)
logotipo {m}  :: A logo
logotipo {m}  :: A mascot
logrado {adj}  :: successful
lograr {vt}  :: to achieve
lograr {vt}  :: to get; to obtain
lograrlo {v} [es-compound of, logr, ar, lograr, lo, mood=inf]  ::
lograrse {vr}  :: to be successful
logro {m}  :: attainment, success
logro {m} [video games]  :: achievement
Logroño {prop}  :: Logroño
logroñés {adj}  :: Of or from Logroño
logroñés {f}  :: Someone from Logroño
logística {f}  :: logistics
logístico {adj}  :: logistical
Loira {prop}  :: Loire (department)
Loira {prop}  :: Loire (river)
lola {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: girl
lola {f} [colloquial, usually in plural, Mexico]  :: breasts, bosom, boobies, knockers
Lola {prop}  :: female given name
Lolita {prop}  :: female given name
lolo {adj} [colloquial, Chile]  :: young, teen, juvenile (person)
lolo {f} [colloquial, Chile]  :: kid, boy, girl
Lolol {prop}  :: Lolol
loma {f}  :: hill
loma {f}  :: suburb
Lombardía {prop}  :: Lombardy
lombardo {adj}  :: Lombard
lombardo {f}  :: Lombard
lombriz {f}  :: a worm
lombriz solitaria {f}  :: tapeworm
lomo {m}  :: back (the rear of body)
lomo {m}  :: crease
lomo {m} [Latin America, colloquial]  :: flesh
lomo {m}  :: loin
lo más mínimo {adv} [idiomatic]  :: (not) in the slightest
lona {f}  :: canvas
lona {f}  :: cotton duck
lona {f}  :: sail cloth
lona {f}  :: tarpaulin
loncha {f}  :: slab
loncha {f}  :: slice
lonche {m} [Latin America]  :: a light meal or snack taken at noon or in the afternoon.
lonche {m} [Peru]  :: tea (light meal with tea or coffee)
lonchera {f}  :: lunchbox
lonchería {f}  :: snack bar
lonco {m}  :: lonco
londinense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to London
londinense {m}  :: Londoner
Londres {prop}  :: London
longa {f} [music]  :: longa
longaniza {f}  :: pork sausage
longaniza {f} [slang]  :: wiener, dick (penis)
longevidad {f}  :: longevity
longitud {f}  :: length
longitud {f}  :: longitude
longitudinal {adj}  :: longitudinal
longitudinalmente {adv}  :: longitudinally
longko {m}  :: alternative form of lonco
look {m} [informal]  :: Look; style, appearance
Lope {prop}  :: male given name
lo primero es lo primero {proverb}  :: first things first
loquear {v}  :: to act foolishly
lo que no mata, engorda {proverb}  :: That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
loquero {f} [colloquial, deprecative]  :: A psychologist or psychiatrist
loquito {adj}  :: diminutive form of loco
loquito {f}  :: diminutive form of loco
lord {m}  :: lord (British title)
Lorena {prop}  :: female given name transferred from the place name
Lorena {prop}  :: Lorraine ( region )
Lorenza {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Lorenzo
Lorenzo {prop}  :: male given name, equivalent to Laurence
Lorenzo {prop}  :: The letter L in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
loriga {f}  :: bard (armor for a horse)
loriga {f}  :: mail, chain mail
loro {f}  :: a chatterbox
loro {f}  :: parrot, parakeet
loroco {m}  :: loroco flowers, commonly used in pupusas
loroco {m}  :: loroco vine, Fernaldia pandurata
loro tricahue {m}  :: burrowing parrot (Cyanoliseus patagonus)
los {art}  :: the
los {pron}  :: Accusative of ellos and ustedes (when referring to more than one man); them, you all (formal)
los {pron}  :: Plural masculine or neuter pronoun, e.g. los que no hablan, "those who do not speak"
losa {f}  :: flagstone, slab, tile
losange {m} [heraldiccharge]  :: lozenge
losange {m}  :: rhombus
lo siento {interj}  :: sorry
loísmo {m}  :: The standard practice of using lo/la as direct object pronouns when referring to people, instead of the nonstandard le
Los Ángeles {prop}  :: Los Angeles (seaport in southern California)
Los Ángeles {prop}  :: The angels
Lot {prop}  :: Lot (Biblical character)
lote {m} [informatics]  :: batch
lote {m}  :: lot (chance assignement)
lote {m}  :: lot, claim
lote {m}  :: plot (of land)
lote {m} [production]  :: batch
lotear {vt}  :: to distribute into lots
lotería {f}  :: lottery
lotificación {f}  :: subdivision of land
loto {m}  :: lotus
Lourdes {prop}  :: female given name
Lovaina {prop}  :: Leuven/Louvain (Belgian city)
loza {f}  :: ceramic floor tile
loza {f}  :: dishes, dishware
loza {f}  :: earthenware
loza {f}  :: porcelain, china
lozano {adj}  :: fresh; lush
lozano {adj}  :: healthy-looking
López {prop}  :: Spanish surname
lápida {f}  :: tombstone, gravestone
lípido {m} [organic compound]  :: lipid
lápiz {m}  :: pencil
lápiz de labios {m}  :: lipstick
lápiz labial {m}  :: lipstick
lúpulo {m}  :: hop plant
LQSA {initialism}  :: La que se avecina, a Spanish sitcom
líquido {adj}  :: liquid
líquido {m}  :: liquid
líquido cefalorraquídeo {m}  :: cerebrospinal fluid
líquido cerebroespinal {m}  :: cerebrospinal fluid
lárgate {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, larga, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lárguense {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, larguen, se, mood=imp, person=ustedes]  ::
lárguese {v} [es-compound of, larg, ar, largue, se, mood=imp, person=usted]  ::
líricamente {adv}  :: lyrically
Lérida {prop}  :: Lleida (city)
Lérida {prop}  :: Lleida (province)
Lérida {prop}  :: The letter L in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
lésbico {adj}  :: lesbian
láser {m}  :: laser
lástima {f}  :: a pity
LTA {prop} [Argentina]  :: La Tenes Adentro
látex {m}  :: latex
látigo {m}  :: whip
Luanda {prop}  :: Luanda
lubina {f}  :: sea bass
lubricación {f}  :: lubrication
lubricada {v} [feminine past participle of, lubricar]  ::
lubricadas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, lubricar]  ::
lubricados {v} [masculine plural past participle of, lubricar]  ::
lubricante {m}  :: lubricant
lubricar {v}  :: to lubricate
lubrificación {f}  :: lubrication
lubrificante {m}  :: lubricant
lubrificar {v}  :: to lubricate
luca {f} [Chile, colloquial]  :: thousand pesos
Lucía {prop}  :: female given name; Spanish equivalent of Lucy or Lucia
Lucas {prop}  :: Luke [biblical character]
Lucas {prop}  :: Luke [book of the Bible]
Lucas {prop}  :: male given name
lucense {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lugo
lucense {m}  :: Someone from Lugo
Lucerna {prop}  :: Lucerne (city)
lucero {m}  :: brilliance, luster
lucero {m}  :: luminary (natural light-giving body)
lucífero {adj} [poetic]  :: bright, radiant, dazzling, luminous, giving off light
lucífero {m}  :: the morningstar, daystar, planet Venus
lucha {f}  :: fight
lucha {f}  :: struggle
Lucha {prop}  :: female given name, Luz María or María de la Luz
luchador {adj}  :: fighting
luchador {f}  :: fighter
luchador {f}  :: wrestler
luchadora {f}  :: feminine form of luchador
lucha en lodo {f}  :: mudwrestling
lucha grecorromana {f} [martial arts]  :: Greco-Roman wrestling
lucha libre {f} [martial arts]  :: free-style wrestling
luchar {v}  :: to fight
Lucho {prop}  :: Nickname for Luis
Luciana {prop}  :: female given name, feminine form of Luciano
Luciano {prop}  :: Lucian, the Sophist
Luciano {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Lucian
lucida {v} [feminine past participle of, lucir]  ::
lucidas {v} [feminine plural past participle of, lucir]  ::
lucidez {f}  :: lucidity, lucidness
lucidos {v} [masculine plural past participle of, lucir]  ::
Lucifer {prop}  :: Lucifer
lución {m}  :: slowworm
lucio {adj}  :: bright, luminous
lucio {adj}  :: shiny
lucio {m}  :: pike (any carnivorous freshwater fish of the genus Esox)
lucio {m}  :: slowworm
lucir {v}  :: to shine
lucir {v}  :: to show off, to display
lucir {v}  :: to sport
luciérnaga {f}  :: firefly
lucrar {vr}  :: To make a killing, get rich
lucrar {v}  :: to obtain one's desires
lucrar {v}  :: to profit, win, gain, opportune, lucrate
lucrativo {adj}  :: lucrative, profitable
lucro {m}  :: profit, gain, lucre
lucroniense {adj}  :: Of or from Logroño
lucroniense {m}  :: Someone from Logroño
luctuoso {adj}  :: sad, mournful, grieving
láudano {m}  :: laudanum
ludista {m}  :: Luddite
ludoteca {f}  :: games room
ludoteca {f}  :: playroom
luego {adv}  :: later
luego {adv}  :: soon
luego {adv}  :: then
luego {adv}  :: therefore
luego luego {adv}  :: at once, immediately
luengo {adj} [obsolete, poetic]  :: long
lugar {m}  :: place
lugarteniente {m}  :: deputy, lieutenant
Lugo {prop}  :: Lugo (city)
Lugo {prop}  :: Lugo (province)
lugués {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Lugo
lugués {f}  :: Someone from Lugo
Luis {prop}  :: male given name, cognate to Louis
Luisa {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to Louise
Luisiana {prop}  :: Louisiana
Luisito {prop}  :: male given name
lujo {m}  :: luxury
lujoso {adj}  :: luxurious
lujuria {f}  :: excess
lujuria {f}  :: lust
lujurioso {adj}  :: lustful
Lula {prop}  :: A pet form for Lourdes (including María de Lourdes)
lulo {m}  :: Solanum quitoense; a tart tomato-like fruit that grows in Colombia and Ecuador
lumbago {m} [pathology]  :: lumbago
lumbar {adj}  :: lumbar
lumbre {f}  :: combustible material
lumbre {f}  :: fire (matter that has produced or is capable of producing fire)
lumbre {f}  :: light produced by fire
lumbre {f}  :: luminosity, clearness
lumbrera {f} [dated]  :: lamp or other device for giving light
lumbrera {f}  :: louver
lumbrera {f}  :: luminary (all senses)
lumbrera {f} [nautical]  :: porthole
lumbrera {f} [poetic, in the plural]  :: eyes
lumia {f}  :: whore; hooker
luminaria {f}  :: altar lamp
luminaria {f}  :: lamp, light
luminaria {f}  :: vigil fire
luminaria {m}  :: luminary, star, celebrity
luminol {m} [organic compound]  :: luminol
luminoso {adj}  :: luminous, bright
lumínico {adj}  :: relating to light
lumpectomía {f} [surgery]  :: lumpectomy
luna {f}  :: moon
Luna {prop}  :: Earth's Moon
Luna {prop}  :: female given name of modern usage
Luna {prop}  :: Spanish surname
luna de miel {f}  :: honeymoon (trip taken by a newly married couple)
lunamoto {m}  :: moonquake
lunar {adj}  :: lunar
lunar {m}  :: mole, birthmark
lunes {m}  :: Monday
luneta {f} [architecture]  :: lunette
luneta {f}  :: box (seating compartment in a theater)
luneta {f} [candy, Mexico]  :: a lens-shaped colour-varied sugar-coated chocolate confectionery (like M&M's plains)
luneta {f}  :: lens
lunfa {m} [informal]  :: alternative form of lunfardo
lunfardismo {m}  :: A word or phrase in Lunfardo
lunfardo {m}  :: Lunfardo
lunático {f}  :: lunatic
lupa {f}  :: magnifying glass
lupanar {m}  :: brothel
Lupita {prop}  :: female given name
lupus {m}  :: lupus
luso-español {adj}  :: Luso-Spanish
luso-francés {adj}  :: Luso-French
lustrabotas {m}  :: shoeshiner
lustrar {v}  :: to polish
lustre {m}  :: lustre
lustro {m}  :: lustrum
lustroso {adj}  :: lustrous, glossy
lutecio {m}  :: lutetium
Lutero {prop}  :: Luther
luto {m}  :: mourning
lutria {f}  :: otter
lux {m}  :: lux
luxación {f}  :: dislocation
Luxemburgo {prop}  :: Luxembourg
luxemburguesa {f}  :: feminine form of luxemburgués
luxemburgués {adj}  :: Luxembourgish (from or native to Luxembourg)
luxemburgués {adj}  :: Luxembourgish (pertaining to Luxembourg)
luxemburgués {f}  :: A person from Luxembourg
luxemburgués {prop}  :: the Luxembourgish language
luz {f} [anatomy]  :: lumen
luz {f} [figurative]  :: brightness, intelligence
luz {f}  :: light
Luz {prop}  :: female given name
luz de cruce {f}  :: dipped headlight
luz trasera {f}  :: taillight; taillamp
luz zodiacal {f} [astronomy]  :: zodiacal light
lávate {v} [es-compound of, lav, ar, lava, te, mood=imp, person=tú]  ::
lívido {adj}  :: livid, ashen, leaden gray
léxico {adj}  :: lexical
léxico {m}  :: lexicon (dictionary or vocabulary)
Lyón {prop}  :: Lyons (a city in France)
Lyon {prop}  :: alternative form of Lyón
Lázaro {prop}  :: Lazarus