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ñ {letter} :: letter
Ñ {letter} :: The 15th letter of the Spanish alphabet
ñaña {f} [colloquial, Andes, Colombia] :: sister, especially a liked one
ñaña {f} [colloquial, colloquial, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru] :: sister
ñaña {f} [Latin America, dated] :: nursemaid, wet nurse
ñaña {f} [Spain, rare, colloquial, dated] :: maternal grandmother
ñañita {f} [Latin America, colloquial] :: little sister
ñañita {f} [Chile, colloquial] :: brat, spoiled, coddled, sometimes a term of endearment
ñañita {f} [Chile, rare] :: small bruise, specially on small children
ñajo {m} [pejorative, colloquial, Spain] :: brat
ñam {interj} :: yum
ñam ñam ñam {interj} :: nom nom nom
ñame {m} :: yam
ñandú {m} :: American ostrich, rhea, nandu
ñango {adj} :: alternative form of ñengo
ñaño {m} :: older brother
ñapa {f} :: Something that is added, especially something that a merchant gives to a buyer to complete the amount requested, or something extra given as a bonus; a gratuity, lagniappe
ñato {adj} :: snub-nosed
ñau {interj} :: meow, miaow
ñefle {m} [vulgar, Chile] :: a penis, dick
ñema {f} [Costa Rica] :: tip of the penis, glans
ñembyense {adj} :: Of or from Ñemby
ñembyense {mf} :: Someone from Ñemby
ñengo {adj} [colloquial, Mexico] :: sickly, stunted, weak
ñeque {m} [Colombia] :: agouti
ñew {interj} [Chile] :: mew, meow, miaow
ñáñigo {adj} :: referring to the members of the Abakuá, an Afro-Cuban men’s secret society
ñisñil {m} :: cattail
n {letter} :: letter
{pron} :: eye dialect of nada
n. {m} :: abbreviation of nombre
n.º {n} :: abbreviation of número
N {letter} :: The 14th letter of the Spanish alphabet
N {abbr} :: abbreviation of norte; north
na {contraction} [obsolete] :: en la
NA {abbr} :: Nayarit (Mexican state)
naam {m} :: naan (bread)
naba {f} :: (botanical) rape, swede, rutabaga
nabaja {f} :: obsolete spelling of navaja
nabal {adj} :: Of, or pertaining to turnips
nabar {adj} :: Of or pertaining to turnips
nabar {m} :: Place where turnips are grown
nabatea {f} :: feminine noun of nabateo
nabateo {m} :: Nabataean
nabateo {adj} :: Nabataean
nabo {m} :: turnip
nabo {m} :: any thick root
nabo {m} [nautical] :: mast
nabo {m} :: heart (of split wood)
nabo {m} [slang] :: penis
naboriano {adj} :: of or pertaining to Nabor, or Nabor and Felix, Christian martyrs
Nabucodonosor {prop} :: Nebuchadnezzar (Biblical king)
nacarado {adj} :: nacreous, pearly
nacarado {adj} :: Decorated or laden with nacre
nacatamal {m} [Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua] :: A tamale filled with pork or chicken, rice, potatoes, herbs, spices, and other ingredients
nacer {v} :: to be born, to sprout, to begin to grow; to hatch (out)
nacer {v} :: to grow; to rise, to have its source (river); to rise (sun); to have its roots
nacer con estrella {v} [idiomatic] :: to be jammy (lucky)
nacer de pie {v} [idiom] :: to be born lucky
nacho {m} :: nacho
Nacho {prop} {m} :: given name
Nacianzo {prop} :: Nazianzus
nacido {adj} :: born
nacido {adj} :: natural, inborn, innate
nacido {m} :: human being
nacido {m} [medicine] :: growth, tumour
naciencia {f} [obsolete] :: birth
naciente {adj} :: nascent, new
nacimiento {m} [medicine] :: birth (The act of being born)
nacimiento {m} :: birth (beginning; start)
nacimiento {m} :: crib (biblical eg. nativity)
nación {f} :: nation
nacional {adj} :: national (of or pertaining to a nation)
nacional {adj} :: national (native to a nation)
nacional {m} :: A member of the national militia
nacionalcatólico {adj} :: nationalistic Catholic (relating to the National Catholicism ideology)
nacionalcatolicismo {m} :: National Catholicism
nacionalidad {f} :: nationality
nacionalismo {m} :: nationalism
nacionalista {mf} :: nationalist
nacionalista {adj} :: nationalist
nacionalización {f} :: nationalization
nacionalizador {adj} :: nationalizing, uniting
nacionalizar {v} :: to nationalize
nacionalmente {adv} :: nationally
nacionalsocialismo {m} :: National Socialism; Nazism
nacionalsocialista {adj} :: National Socialist; Nazi
nacionalsocialista {mf} :: National Socialist; Nazi
Naciones Unidas {prop} {f} :: United Nations
naco {adj} [Mexico, pejorative] :: Indigenous; Indian
naco {adj} [Mexico, pejorative] :: Uncultured; backwards; vulgar
nada {pron} :: nothing, zero, zilch
nada {pron} [when used with a negative verb] :: anything
nada {f} :: nothingness
nada del otro mundo {phrase} :: nothing special, nothing to write home about
nadadera {f} [swimming] :: float
nadador {m} :: swimmer
nadadora {f} :: feminine noun of nadador
nadal {m} [dated] :: Christmas day, Nativity day
nada más {pron} :: nothing else
nada más {prep} [formal] :: Just after, right after, upon
nadando {adj} [heraldry] :: naiant
nadar {vi} :: to swim
nadar {vi} :: to be swimming in (used with "en")
nadar y tener la ropa {v} [idiomatic] :: to have one's cake and eat it
nadaísmo {m} :: Nadaism
nadie {pron} :: no one, nobody; anyone, anybody
nadie es perfecto {phrase} :: nobody's perfect
naíf {adj} :: naive
nafa {f} :: naphta
naúfraga {f} :: feminine noun of naúfrago
naúfrago {adj} :: shipwrecked
naúfrago {m} :: One who is shipwrecked
nafta {f} :: petroleum ether
nafta {f} [Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay] :: petrol, gasoline, gas
naftalato {m} [chemistry] :: naphthalate
naftaleno {m} :: naphthalene
naftalina {f} :: naphthalene
naftero {adj} [of a vehicle] :: Powered with gasoline (not diesel)
naftilo {m} [organic chemistry] :: naphthyl
Nagorno-Karabaj {prop} {m} :: Nagorno-Karabakh (region in South Caucasus)
nagua {f} :: skirt
nagual {m} :: alternative form of nahual
naguatata {f} :: feminine noun of naguatato
naguatato {m} :: obsolete spelling of nahuatlato
naguatlata {f} :: feminine noun of naguatlato
naguatlato {m} :: alternative form of nahuatlato
Nahúm {prop} {m} [bible] :: Nahum (the book of the Bible)
nahua {adj} :: Nahua
nahua {mf} :: Nahua
nahual {m} [Central America, Mexico] :: sorcerer
nahual {m} [Central America, Mexico] :: healer, witch doctor
nahual {m} [in Mesoamerican mythology] :: nahual (animal form which a person may take)
nahual {m} [in Mesoamerican mythology] :: nahual (person able to take animal form)
nahuatlato {m} [historical] :: A person who spoke Nahuatl and Spanish and could serve as an interpreter
nahuatlato {m} :: A person who speaks, studies or translates Nahuatl
nahuatlismo {m} :: Nahuatlism
nahuizalqueña {f} :: feminine noun of nahuizalqueño
nahuizalqueño {adj} :: Of or from the municipality of Nahuizalco in El Salvador
nahuizalqueño {m} :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Nahuizalco in El Salvador
naif {adj} :: naive
nailon {m} :: nylon
naipe {m} :: playing card
naipe {m} [in plural] :: deck of cards
Naipyidó {prop} :: Naypyidaw
naira {f} :: naira
Nairobi {prop} :: Nairobi
Najicheván {prop} :: Nakhichevan
Najodka {prop} :: Nakhodka
naled {m} :: naled (insecticide)
nalga {f} :: buttock
nalgada {f} :: spanking, a beating on the bottom
nalgada {f} :: a hit given with the buttocks
nalgada {f} [archaic] :: a pig's pernil
nalgatorio {m} [colloquial] :: bottom, buttocks, posterior, behind, fanny
nalgatorio {m} :: (Nicaragua) (colloquial) great butt
nalgón {adj} :: having big buttocks
nalguear {vi} :: to move the buttocks excessively while walking
nalguear {vt} [Costa Rica and Mexico] :: to spank
nalguita {f} :: diminutive of nalga
naloxona {f} :: naloxone
namasté {interj} :: namaste (an interjection)
Namibia {prop} {f} :: Namibia
namibio {adj} :: Namibian
namibio {m} :: Namibian
Namur {prop} {m} :: Namur (province)
Namur {prop} {m} :: Namur (city)
Naún {prop} {m} :: Nahum
nana {f} [Latin America] :: nanny
nana {f} [colloquial] :: granny, grandmother
nana {f} :: lullaby
nanacate {m} [Mexico] :: An edible or hallucinogenic mushroom
nance {m} :: A fruit tree of the species Byrsonima crassifolia in the acerola family
nance {m} :: The fruit of this tree
nance {m} :: A kind of coffee grown in Costa Rica
nanómetro {m} :: nanometre
nano- {prefix} :: nano-
nano {m} :: man, dude
nanocoulomb {m} [physics] :: nanocoloumb
nanocápsula {f} :: nanocapsule
nanocristal {m} :: nanocrystal
nanoculombio {m} [physics] :: nanocoulomb
nanoestructura {f} :: nanostructure
nanofaradio {m} [physics] :: nanofarad
nanofósil {m} [paleontology] :: nanofossil
nanogramo {m} :: nanogram
nanoherramienta {f} :: nanotool
nanohilo {m} :: nanowire
nanomaterial {m} :: nanomaterial
nanomáquina {f} :: nanomachine
nanométrico {adj} :: nanometric
nanopartícula {f} :: nanoparticle
nanorrobótica {f} :: nanorobotics
nanoscópico {adj} :: nanoscopic
nanosegundo {m} :: nanosecond
nanotecnología {f} :: nanotechnology
nanotransportador {m} :: nanotransporter
nanotubo {m} :: nanotube
nansú {m} :: nainsook
napalm {m} :: napalm
napias {fp} :: nose
napo {m} [Spain, colloquial] :: a thousand pesetas
Napoleón {prop} {m} :: Napoleon
napoleónico {adj} :: Napoleonic
napolitana {f} :: pain au chocolat
napolitana {f} :: feminine of napolitano
napolitano {adj} :: Neapolitan
napolitano {m} :: Neapolitan (person)
napolitano {m} :: Neapolitan (language)
naranja {adj} :: orange (having orange color)
naranja {f} :: orange (fruit)
naranja {m} :: orange (color)
naranjada {f} :: orangeade
naranjal {m} :: orange grove
naranja sanguina {f} :: blood orange
naranjero {adj} :: Of or related to oranges or orange growing
naranjero {m} :: Someone who grows or sells oranges
naranjero {m} :: An orange tree
naranjilla {f} :: A naranjilla (subtropical plant)
naranjilla {f} :: A naranjilla (fruit)
naranjita {f} :: diminutive of naranja
naranjiteña {f} :: feminine noun of naranjiteño
naranjiteño {adj} :: Of or from Naranjito
naranjiteño {m} :: Someone from Naranjito
naranjo {m} :: orange tree
naranjo chino {m} :: a kumquat
naranjo enano {m} :: a kumquat
narca {f} :: feminine noun of narco
narcicismo {m} :: narcissism
Narcisa {prop} {m} :: given name, feminine form of Narciso. Name of a 19th century Peruvian saint
narcisismo {m} :: narcissism
narcisista {adj} :: narcissistic
narcisista {mf} :: narcissist
narciso {m} :: daffodil
Narciso {prop} {m} [Greek mythology] :: Narcissus
Narciso {prop} {m} :: given name, borne by several saints
narco {m} :: drug dealer, drug lord
narco {m} [colloquial] :: drug trafficking
narco- {prefix} :: narco-
narcoactividad {f} :: activity in the narcotics industry
narcoavioneta {f} :: aircraft used in the narcotics industry
narcobarón {m} :: narcotics baron
narcocorrido {m} [Mexico, music] :: narcocorrido
narcocultivo {m} :: drug cultivation
narcocultura {f} :: The culture associated with the Latin American drug trade
narcocumbre {f} :: A summit held by multiple drug cartels
narcodelictivo {adj} :: of or relating to narcotics crime
narcodictadura {f} :: narco-dictatorship
narcodólar {m} [usually plural] :: narcodollar
narcoeconomía {f} :: The narcoeconomy
narcoestado {m} :: narcostate
narcofiesta {f} :: A party held by a drug cartel
narcofosa {f} :: A makeshift grave of someone killed by a drug cartel
narcogeneral {mf} :: general of a narcotics regime
narcogobierno {m} :: A government run by a drug cartel
narcoguerrilla {f} :: narcoguerrilla
narcoindulto {m} :: pardoning of a narcotics criminal
narcoinvernadero {m} :: greenhouse used to grow illegal drugs
narcolaboratorio {m} :: drug lab
narcolancha {f} :: speedboat used in the narcotics industry
narcolepsia {f} :: narcolepsy
narcomansión {m} :: A mansion owned by a druglord
narcomanta {m} :: A message left by a drug cartel on a cloth banner, usually containing threats or explanations of criminal activity
narcomayoreo {m} :: the sale of illegal drugs in large quantities; illegal drug trade
narcomensaje {m} :: A message left by a drug cartel, usually containing threats or explanations of criminal activity
narcomenudeo {m} :: the sale of illegal drugs in relatively small quantities
narcomenudista {mf} [Mexico] :: A small-time drug dealer
narconovela {f} :: A story of narcotics
narcoperiodismo {m} :: journalism related to narcotics
narcopolítico {m} :: A politician who works for the drug cartels
narcopolítico {adj} :: Of or relating to the politics of drug dealing
narcosanta {f} :: A saint worshipped in the religious practices associated with the drug cartels
narcosanto {m} :: A saint worshipped in the religious practices associated with the drug cartels
narcosobrino {m} :: Either of the two nephews of Nicolás Maduro, arrested for drug trafficking
narcoterapia {f} :: narcotherapy
narcoterrorismo {m} :: narcoterrorism
narcoterrorista {mf} :: narcoterrorist
narcotest {m} :: drug test
narcotiendita {f} [Mexico, slang] :: A place where small quantities of drugs are sold on the street
narcotización {f} :: narcotization
narcotizar {v} :: to drug, to administer narcotics
narcotúnel {m} :: a tunnel used by narcotics dealer
narcotraficante {mf} :: drug trafficker
narcotráfico {m} :: drug trafficking
narcozoológico {m} :: A private zoo owned by a druglord
narcótico {adj} :: narcotic
narcótico {m} :: drug
nardo {m} :: nard, spikenard (Nardostachys grandiflora or Nardostachys jatamansi)
narghile {m} :: alternative form of narguile
narguile {m} :: hookah (pipe)
Narian-Mar {prop} :: Naryan-Mar
narices {adv} :: the heck; on earth
naricilla {f} :: diminutive of nariz
naricita {f} :: diminutive of nariz, little nose
nariñense {adj} :: Of or from Nariño Department
nariñense {mf} :: Someone from Nariño Department
narigudo {adj} :: big-nosed
narina {f} :: nostril
nariz {f} :: nose (organ on face)
nariz {f} :: nose; smell (sense of smell)
narizón {adj} :: Having a large nose
narniana {f} :: feminine noun of narniano
narniano {adj} :: Narnian
narniano {m} :: Narnian
narración {f} :: narration, story
narrador {m} :: narrator, storyteller
narradora {f} :: feminine noun of narrador
narrar {v} :: to narrate
narrativa {f} :: narrative
narrativa {f} :: narration
narrativamente {adv} :: narratively
narratividad {f} :: narrativity
narrativo {adj} :: narrative
Narvaez {prop} :: surname
narval {m} :: narwhal
nasa {f} :: weir
nasa {f} :: fish-trap
nasal {adj} :: nasal
nasal {f} :: nasal, nasal consonant
nasalidad {f} :: nasality
nasalización {f} :: nasalisation
nasobuco {m} [Cuba] :: surgical mask; procedure mask
nasofaríngeo {adj} :: nasopharyngeal
nasogeniano {adj} :: nasogenian
nasogástrico {adj} :: nasogastric
nasserismo {m} :: Nasserism
nastuerzo {m} :: alternative spelling of mastuerzo
Nasáu {prop} {m} :: Nassau
nata {f} :: (dairy) cream
nata {f} :: skin (on boiled milk)
nata {f} :: elite
nata {f} [in plural] :: whipped cream; custard
Nata {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Renata
natación {f} :: swimming
natación sincronizada {f} :: synchronized swimming
natal {adj} :: natal
natal {adj} :: native
natal {adj} :: home
Natalia {prop} {f} :: given name
natalicio {adj} :: Of, or pertaining to someone's birthday
natalicio {m} [formal] :: birth, birthday
natalidad {f} :: birth rate
Natalio {prop} {m} :: given name. The masculine form of Natalia
natalismo {m} :: natalism
nata montada {f} :: whipped cream
Natan {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Nathan
natatorio {adj} :: swimming
Nati {prop} {f} :: A diminutive of the female given name Natalia
natilla {f} [Costa Rica] :: sour cream
nativa americana {f} :: Native American
nativamente {adv} :: natively
natividad {f} :: nativity or birth
Natividad {prop} {f} :: given name
nativismo {m} :: nativism
nativista {mf} :: nativist
nativo {adj} :: native
nativo {m} :: native of a place
nativo americano {m} :: Native American
Natán {prop} {m} :: given name, equivalent to Nathan
nato {adj} :: born
natío {adj} [obsolete] :: native, natural
natío {m} [obsolete] :: birth
natío {m} [obsolete] :: nature (inherent features of something)
natriurético {adj} :: natriuretic
natrón {m} :: natron
natrolita {f} :: natrolite
natura {f} :: nature
natural {adj} :: natural
naturaleza {f} :: nature
naturaleza humana {f} :: human nature
naturaleza muerta {f} :: still life
naturalidad {f} :: naturalness
naturalismo {m} [arts, philosophy] :: naturalism
naturalista {adj} :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalista {mf} :: naturalist (all senses)
naturalización {f} :: naturalization
naturalizado {adj} :: naturalized
naturalizar {v} :: to naturalize
naturalmente {adv} :: naturally, of course
naturismo {m} :: The belief in using natural products to protect health and treat illness
naturista {adj} :: natural; healthful by means of natural products
naturista {mf} :: A person who believes in the preservation of health by natural means
naturopatía {f} :: naturopathy
naturópata {mf} :: naturopathist
naufragar {v} :: to be shipwrecked
naufragar {v} :: to fail, founder
naufragar {v} :: fall, go down (to be defeated)
naufragio {m} :: shipwreck
Nauru {prop} {m} :: Nauru
nauruana {f} :: feminine noun of nauruano
nauruano {adj} :: Nauruan
nauruano {m} :: Nauruan
Nausícaa {prop} {f} :: Nausicaa
nauseabundo {adj} :: nauseating, sickening
nauta {mf} :: seaman
-nauta {suffix} :: -naut (forms nouns meaning a voyager)
nautilo {m} :: nautilus
navaja {f} :: razor
navaja {f} :: penknife, jackknife
navaja {f} :: razor shell, razor clam (edible clam of genus Ensis)
navaja de afeitar {f} :: straight razor, cut-throat razor
navaja de Occam {f} :: Occam's razor
navajazo {m} :: stab with a knife
navajina {f} :: diminutive of navaja
navajo {adj} :: Navajo
navajo {m} :: Navajo
naval {adj} [nautical] :: naval (of or relating to a navy)
navarra {f} :: feminine of navarro
Navarra {prop} {f} :: Navarra (autonomous community/and/province)
Navarra {prop} {f} :: The letter N in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
navarrismo {m} :: Pro-Navarra feelings
navarro {adj} :: Navarrese
navarro {m} :: Navarrese
Navarro {prop} :: surname
nave {f} :: ship
nave {f} [architecture] :: nave, aisle
navecilla {f} :: diminutive of nave
navecita {f} :: diminutive of nave
nave espacial {f} :: spaceship, spacecraft
navegabilidad {f} :: navigability
navegable {adj} :: sailable, navigable
navegación {f} :: navigation
navegación {f} :: sailing
navegador {adj} [nautical] :: navigating
navegador {m} [nautical] :: navigator
navegador {m} [computing] :: browser (software component capable of rendering HTML)
navegadora {f} :: feminine noun of navegador
navegador GPS {m} [technology] :: GPS receiver, satnav
navegador web {m} [computing] :: browser (software component capable of rendering HTML)
navegante {mf} :: navigator
navegante {mf} :: mariner, sailor
navegar {v} :: to navigate, to sail
navegar {v} [Internet] :: to surf, to navigate
navicular {adj} :: navicular
navicular {m} :: navicular bone
navidad {f} :: alternative letter-case form of Navidad
Navidad {prop} {f} :: Nativity; the birth of Jesus Christ
Navidad {prop} {f} :: Christmas; the feast day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
Navidad {prop} {f} [sometimes used in the plural] :: Christmastide, Christmas time, Christmas season, the time between Christmas and Epiphany
Navidades {f} :: The Christmas season; yuletide
navideño {adj} :: related to Christmas
naviera {f} :: shipowner
naviera {f} :: shipping company
naviero {adj} :: shipping
naviero {m} :: ship operator
naviero {m} :: shipowner
navío {m} :: large ship
navy {m} :: navy (marine forces)
Nayarit {prop} {m} :: Nayarit (state)
nayarita {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Nayarit
Nayeli {prop} {f} [Latin America] :: given name
nazareno {adj} :: Nazarene
nazareno {adj} :: from Dos Hermanas, a city in Seville
nazareno {m} :: Nazarene
nazareno {m} :: Someone from Dos Hermanas, a city in Seville
Nazaret {prop} {m} :: Nazaret (city)
nazi {mf} :: Nazi
nazi {adj} :: Nazi
nazismo {m} :: Nazism
nazista {adj} :: Nazi
nazista {mf} :: Nazi
nébeda {f} :: catnip
núbil {adj} :: nubile
nácar {m} :: nacre, mother of pearl
nácara {f} :: A type of military drum
núcleo {m} :: nucleus
núcleo atómico {m} [physics] :: atomic nucleus
néctar {m} :: nectar (all senses)
nódulo {m} :: module
neandertal {m} :: a neanderthal
neanderthal {adj} :: neanderthal
neblina {f} :: fog
neblina {f} :: haze
neblinoso {adj} :: misty, foggy
nebliselva {f} :: cloud forest
Nebraska {prop} {f} :: Nebraska
nebrediano {adj} :: Made by, or in the style of, Vicente Nebrada, a Venezuelan dancer and choreographer
nebrina {f} :: prickly juniper berry
nebulizador {m} :: nebulizer
nebulosa planetaria {f} :: planetary nebula
nebulosidad {f} :: nebulosity
nebuloso {adj} :: cloudy, overcast
nebuloso {adj} :: unclear, uncertain
necaxista {adj} [attributive, football] :: Club Necaxa
necaxista {mf} [football] :: Someone associated with Club Necaxa, as a fan, player, coach etc
necear {v} :: to act foolishly; to fool around
necedad {f} :: foolishness, stupidity
necedad {f} :: a foolish or stupid action
necedad {f} :: stubbornness
necesariamente {adv} :: necessarily
necesario {adj} :: necessary
neceser {m} :: washbag, toilet bag, sponge bag
necesidad {f} :: need
necesidad {f} :: necessity
necesidad {f} :: neediness, state of being in need
necesitado {adj} :: needy, in need (of)
necesitan ayuda {phrase} [polite, plural, Latin America] :: do you need help?
necesitar {vt} :: to need
necesitas ayuda {phrase} [familiar] :: do you need help?
necesita usted ayuda {phrase} [polite] :: do you need help?
necesitáis ayuda {phrase} [familiar, plural, Spain] :: do you need help?
necesito papel higiénico {phrase} :: I need toilet paper
necesito su ayuda {phrase} [polite] :: I need your help
necesito tu ayuda {phrase} [familiar] :: I need your help
necesito una bebida {phrase} :: I need a drink
necesito una copa {phrase} :: I need a drink (alcoholic)
necesito un condón {phrase} :: I need a condom
necessario {adj} :: obsolete spelling of necesario
necessidad {f} :: obsolete spelling of necesidad
neciamente {adv} :: foolishly
necio {adj} :: stupid, ignorant
necio {adj} :: stubborn
necio {m} :: fool
necrófago {m} [biology] :: necrophage (organism that eats dead or decaying flesh)
necrófago {adj} [biology] :: necrophagous (that eats dead or decaying flesh)
necrófila {f} :: necrophiliac (person who engages in necrophilia)
necrófilo {m} :: necrophiliac (person who engages in necrophilia)
necro- {prefix} :: necro-
necrodactilia {f} :: The process of fingerprinting a corpse
necrofilia {f} :: necrophilia
necrofílico {adj} :: necrophilic
necrofílico {m} :: necrophile, necrophiliac
necrofobia {f} :: necrophobia
necrológico {adj} :: obituary
necrológico {adj} :: necrological
necrología {f} :: necrology
necromancía {f} :: alternative form of necromancia
necromancia {f} :: necromancy
necropsia {f} :: necropsy, autopsy
necrosis {f} :: necrosis
necrotizante {adj} :: necrotizing (causing necrosis)
necrópolis {f} :: necropolis
nectarina {f} :: nectarine
nectario {m} [botany] :: nectary
nectarívoro {m} :: nectarivore
necton {m} [biology] :: nekton
nectáreo {adj} :: nectarous; nectareous
neerlandesa {f} :: feminine noun of neerlandés
Neerlandia {prop} {f} :: Netherlands
neerlandés {adj} :: Dutch, Netherlandish (from or native to the Netherlands)
neerlandés {adj} :: Dutch, Netherlandish (pertaining to the Netherlands)
neerlandés {m} :: a Dutchman
neerlandés {m} :: the Dutch (Netherlandish) language (including Flemish)
nefando {adj} :: vile; nefarious
nefario {adj} :: nefarious
nefasto {adj} :: ill-omened, ominous
nefasto {adj} :: disgraceful, loathsome
nefelina {f} [mineral] :: nepheline
neófita {f} :: feminine of neófito
neófito {m} :: neophyte, novice
nefología {f} :: nephology
nefridio {m} :: nephridium
nefrita {f} [mineral] :: nephrite
nefritis {f} :: nephritis
nefróloga {f} :: feminine noun of nefrólogo
nefrólogo {m} :: nephrologist
nefrocito {m} [cytology] :: nephrocyte
nefroesclerótico {adj} :: nephrosclerotic
nefroide {adj} :: nephroid
nefroide {f} :: nephroid
nefrológico {adj} :: nephrological
nefrología {f} :: nephrology
nefrona {f} :: nephron
nefropatía {f} :: nephropathy
nefrosclerosis {f} :: nephrosclerosis
nefrotoxicidad {f} :: nephrotoxicity
nefrítico {adj} :: nephritic
nefrótico {adj} :: nephrotic
negación {f} :: denial
negacionismo {m} :: denial (especially on a large scale)
negacionista {adj} :: denialist (relating to denial in a controversial debate)
negacionista {mf} :: denialist (one who denies an assertion in a controversial debate)
negado {adj} :: incompetent, hopeless
negador {adj} :: denying; refuting
negadísimo {adj} :: superlative of negado
negar {v} :: to deny
negar {vr} :: to refuse
negativa {f} :: refusal, denial
negativamente {adv} :: negatively
negatividad {f} :: negativity
negativo {adj} :: negative
negativo {m} :: minus sign
negativo {m} :: negative (photographic)
negligencia {f} :: neglect
negligencia {f} :: malpractice
negligente {adj} :: negligent, careless
negligentemente {adv} :: negligently
negligir {v} :: to neglect
negociable {adj} :: negotiable
negociación {f} :: negotiation
negociador {m} :: negotiator
negociadora {f} :: feminine noun of negociador
negociante {mf} :: a businessman
negociar {v} :: to negotiate
negociazo {m} :: augmentative of negocio
negocio {m} :: business, enterprise (commercial enterprise or establishment)
negocio {m} :: deal (a particular instance of buying or selling, a transaction)
negocio {m} :: deal (agreement between parties)
negocio {m} :: shop
negocito {m} :: diminutive of negocio
negra {f} :: feminine noun of negro
negra {f} :: black woman, negress
negra {f} [music] :: crotchet, quarter note
negra {f} [chess] :: black piece
negra {f} :: bad luck
negrecer {v} :: to turn black, become black
negrero {adj} :: tyrannical
negrero {m} :: slaver [especially of black slaves]
negriazul {adj} :: black and blue
negrificar {v} :: to blackify
negrillo {m} :: diminutive of negro
negrita {f} [typography] :: boldface, bold type
negrita {f} [slang] :: darling, sweetheart
negrita {f} [slang] :: black woman, black girl
negrito {m} :: A person of African descent
negritud {f} :: negritude
negro {m} :: the black colour
negro {m} :: the black ethnicity
negro {m} :: ghost writer
negro {adj} :: black (color)
negro {adj} :: dirty
negro {adj} :: sad
negro {adj} :: clandestine
negro {adj} [Spain] :: angry
negro de la uña {m} [archaic, idiom] :: iota; tad; inkling
negrofobia {f} :: Negrophobia
negroide {m} :: negroid
negrísimo {adj} :: superlative of negro
negrura {f} :: blackness
negrura {f} :: darkness
negruzco {adj} :: blackish
Nehemías {prop} {m} [bible] :: Nehemiah (the book of the Bible)
nejayote {m} :: The limewater used in nixtamalization
nelore {m} :: Nelore (cow breed)
nematelminto {m} :: synonym of nematodo
nematocisto {m} [zoology] :: nematocyst
nematodo {m} :: nematode, roundworm
nematología {f} :: nematology
nematomorfo {m} [zoology] :: nematomorph
nemertino {m} :: nemertean
nemotecnia {f} :: mnemonic (memory device)
Nemrod {prop} :: Nimrod
nemátodo {m} :: alt form nematodo
neón {m} :: neon
neón {m} [colloquial] :: neon light, fluorescent lamp
nené {m} [colloquial] :: kid, kiddo
nena {f} :: baby girl. feminine noun of nene
nena {f} [slang] :: term of endearment to a woman or girl. babe, dear
nenaza {f} [colloquial] :: chicken, yellow belly
nene {m} :: baby
nenúfar {m} :: water lily, white waterlily
nenita {f} [Argentina] :: diminutive of nena; sistergirl, homegirl, girlfriend, honey
nenito {m} :: diminutive of nene
nenuca {f} :: little girl
neo- {prefix} :: neo-
neoandino {adj} :: Of or pertaining to a modern style of architecture from the Andes
neobarroco {adj} :: Neo-Baroque
neobizantino {adj} :: Neo-Byzantine
neocaledonio {adj} :: New Caledonian
neocaledonio {m} :: New Caledonian
neocelandés {adj} :: of, or relating to, New Zealand
neocelandés {m} :: New Zealander
neocentralista {m} :: neocentralist
neoclasicismo {m} :: neoclassicism
neoclásica {f} :: feminine noun of neoclásico
neoclásico {adj} :: neoclassical
neoclásico {m} :: neoclassicist
neococina {f} :: nouvelle cuisine
neocolonia {f} :: neo-colony
neocolonial {adj} :: neocolonial
neocolonialismo {m} :: neocolonialism
neocolonialista {adj} :: neocolonialist
neocolonialista {mf} :: neocolonialist
neocomunista {adj} :: neocommunist
neocomunista {mf} :: neocommunist
neocon {m} :: neocon
neoconcretismo {m} :: neoconcretism
neoconservador {adj} :: neoconservative
neoconservadurismo {m} :: New Conservatism
neocórtex {m} :: neocortex
neodictadura {f} :: neodictatorship
neodimio {m} :: neodymium
neoescocés {adj} :: Nova Scotian
neoescocés {m} :: Nova Scotian
neoespartana {f} :: feminine noun of neoespartano
neoespartano {adj} :: Of or from Nueva Esparta
neoespartano {m} :: Someone from Nueva Esparta
neofascismo {m} :: neofascism
neofascista {adj} :: neofascist
neofascista {mf} :: neofascist
neofiguración {f} :: neo-figurative art
neoflavonoide {m} [organic chemistry] :: neoflavonoid
neofobia {f} [psychology] :: neophobia
neofranquista {mf} :: neo-Franquist
neognato {m} :: neognath
neogranadino {adj} :: Of or from New Granada
neogranadino {m} :: Someone from New Granada
neogótico {adj} :: neogothic
neohablante {mf} :: A person in a new generation who speaks a minority language
neoimperialista {adj} :: neoimperialist
neoimperialista {mf} :: neoimperialist
neokeynesiano {adj} :: Neo-Keynesian
neolengua {f} :: newspeak
neoleonés {adj} :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Nuevo León
neoliberal {adj} :: neoliberal
neoliberalismo {m} :: neoliberalism
neologismo {m} :: neologism (all senses)
neolítico {adj} :: neolithic
neomachismo {m} :: neomasculinity
neomalthusianismo {m} :: Neo-Malthusianism
neomercantilista {mf} :: neomercantilist
neomodernismo {m} :: neomodernism
neonacionalismo {m} :: neonationalism
neonacionalista {mf} :: neo-Nazi
neonata {f} :: feminine noun of neonato
neonatal {adj} :: neonatal
neonatóloga {f} :: neonatologist
neonatólogo {m} :: neonatologist
neonato {m} :: newborn
neonatología {f} :: neonatology
neonazi {adj} :: neo-Nazi
neonazi {mf} :: neo-Nazi
neonazismo {m} :: neo-Nazism
neonazista {adj} :: neo-Nazi
neonazista {mf} :: neo-Nazi
neontología {f} :: neontology
neopaganismo {m} :: neopaganism
neopalladiano {adj} :: neo-Palladian
neopentecostal {adj} :: neo-Pentecostal
neopitagórico {adj} :: neopythagorean
neoplasia {f} :: neoplasia
neoplasia {f} :: neoplasm
neoplatónico {adj} :: Neoplatonic
neoplatonismo {m} :: Neoplatonism
neoplástico {adj} :: neoplastic
neopopulismo {m} :: neopopulism
neopositivismo {m} :: neopositivism
neopreno {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: neoprene
neopreno {m} :: wetsuit
neoprogresista {adj} :: neoprogressive
neorrealismo {m} :: neorealism
neorrealista {adj} :: neorealist
neorrealista {mf} :: neorealist
neorrenacentista {adj} [attributive] :: Renaissance Revival
neorrenacimiento {m} :: Neo-Renaissance
neorrománico {adj} :: neo-Romanesque
neorromántico {adj} :: neo-romantic
neotaberna {f} :: wine bar
neotipo {m} :: neotype
neotérico {adj} :: neoteric
neotropical {adj} :: neotropical
neoumbilicoplastia {f} [surgery] :: neoumbilicoplasty
neovanguardista {adj} :: neo-avant-garde
neovasco {adj} :: neo-Basque
neoyorkino {adj} :: alternative spelling of neoyorquino
neoyorkino {m} :: alternative spelling of neoyorquino
neoyorquino {adj} :: Of or relating to New York
neoyorquino {m} :: A New Yorker; somebody from New York
neozelandesa {f} :: feminine noun of neozelandés
neozelandés {adj} :: of, or relating to, New Zealand
neozelandés {m} :: New Zealander (a person from New Zealand or of New Zealand descent)
nepalí {m} :: alternative spelling of nepalés
Nepal {prop} {m} :: Nepal
nepalesa {f} :: feminine noun of nepalés
nepalés {adj} :: Nepali
nepalés {m} :: Nepali
Nephtalí {prop} :: Naphtali (Biblical character and tribe)
nepotismo {m} :: nepotism
nepotista {adj} :: nepotistic
nepotista {mf} :: nepotist
neptunio {m} :: neptunium
Neptuno {prop} {m} :: Neptune
nerca {f} [vesre] :: meat
nerd {mf} :: nerd
nerda {f} :: feminine noun of nerdo
nerdaco {m} :: nerd, geek
nerdo {m} [slang] :: nerd
Nerea {prop} {f} :: given name
nereida {f} :: nereid
Nerón {prop} {m} :: Nero (Roman emperor)
neroniano {adj} :: Neronian (of or pertaining to the emperor Nero)
neroniano {adj} :: ruthless, cruel
nerítico {adj} :: neritic
nervado {adj} :: nervate; nerved
nervadura {f} [botany] :: midrib, nerve (of a plant leaf)
nervadura {f} [architecture] :: rib (of a building, especially a vault)
nerviación {f} [botany] :: nerve
nervio {m} :: nerve
nervio ciático {m} [neuroanatomy] :: sciatic nerve
nervio craneal {m} [anatomy] :: cranial nerve
nervio facial {m} :: facial nerve
nervio óptico {m} [anatomy] :: optic nerve
nerviosamente {adv} :: nervously
nerviosidad {f} :: nervousness
nerviosismo {m} :: nervousness
nervioso {adj} :: nervous
nerviosísimo {adj} :: superlative of nervioso
nervio trigémino {m} :: trigeminal nerve
nervudo {adj} [of a person] :: wiry, sinewy
nervudo {adj} :: tough, robust
nesga {f} [fabric] :: gore
nesosilicato {m} :: nesosilicate
nestorianismo {m} :: Nestorianism
netamente {adv} :: solely, genuinely
netbook {m} :: netbook
neto {adj} :: net (remaining after deductions)
networking {m} :: networking (meeting new people)
neuma {m} [music] :: neume (sign used in early musical notation)
neumóloga {f} :: feminine noun of neumólogo
neumólogo {m} :: pulmonologist
neumocócico {adj} :: pneumococcal
neumococo {m} :: pneumococcus (bacterium)
neumoconiosis {f} [medicine] :: pneumoconiosis
neumológico {adj} :: pulmonological
neumología {f} :: pneumology
neumonía {f} :: pneumonia
neumonitis {f} :: pneumonitis
neumotórax {m} [medical] :: pneumothorax
neumópata {adj} :: suffering from lung disease
neumático {adj} :: pneumatic
neumático {m} :: tyre [of an automobile]
neumático liso {m} [motor racing] :: slick (tire with a smooth surface instead of a tread pattern)
neuquino {adj} :: of or from Neuquén
neuquino {m} :: Someone from Neuqén
neural {adj} :: neural
neuralgia {f} [pathology, neurology] :: neuralgia
neuraminato {m} :: neuraminate
neuraminidasa {f} [enzyme] :: neuraminidase
neuramínico {adj} :: neuraminic
neurastenia {f} [psychiatry] :: neurasthenia (condition characterized by lassitude, fatigue, headache and irritability)
neurasténico {adj} :: neurasthenic
neuritis {f} :: neuritis
neurálgico {adj} :: neuralgic
neurálgico {adj} :: central or decisive to a situation, problem, etc
neurólogo {m} :: neurologist
neuro- {prefix} :: neuro-
neuroactivo {adj} :: neuroactive
neuroanatomista {mf} :: neuroanatomist
neurobióloga {f} :: neurobiologist
neurobiólogo {m} :: neurobiologist
neurobiología {f} :: neurobiology
neurociencia {f} :: neuroscience
neurocientífico {adj} :: neuroscientific
neurocirugía {f} [surgery] :: neurosurgery
neurocirujana {f} :: feminine noun of neurocirujano
neurocirujano {m} :: neurosurgeon
neurocognitivo {adj} :: neurocognitive
neurocomportamiento {m} :: neurobehavior
neuroconductual {adj} :: neurobehavioural
neurodegeneración {f} :: neurodegeneration
neurodegenerativo {adj} :: neurodegenerative
neurodermatitis {f} [dermatology] :: neurodermatitis
neurodermitis {f} :: alt form neurodermatitis
neurodesarrollo {m} :: neurodevelopment
neuroendocrino {adj} :: neuroendocrine
neuroestética {f} :: neuroesthetics
neuroetología {f} :: neuroethology
neurofibrilar {adj} :: neurofibrillary
neurofibromatosis {f} [medicine] :: neurofibromatosis
neurofisióloga {f} :: neurophysiologist
neurofisiólogo {m} :: neurophysiologist
neurofisiológico {adj} :: neurophysiological
neurofisiología {f} :: neurophysiology
neurogénesis {f} :: neurogenesis
neurogénico {adj} :: neurogenic
neuroide {adj} :: neuroid, neuroidal
neuroimagen {f} :: neuroimage
neurológico {adj} :: neurological
neurolingüística {f} :: neurolinguistics
neurología {f} :: neurology
neuroléptico {m} :: neuroleptic
neuroma {m} :: neuroma
neuromielitis {f} :: neuromyelitis
neuromuscular {adj} :: neuromuscular
neurona {f} :: neuron; nerve cell
neuronal {adj} :: neuronal
neuropatía {f} [pathology] :: neuropathy
neuropatología {f} :: neuropathology
neuroplasticidad {f} :: neuroplasticity
neuropéptido {m} :: neuropeptide
neuroprotección {f} :: neuroprotection
neuroprotector {m} :: neuroprotector
neuroprótesis {f} :: neuroprosthesis
neuropsicológico {adj} :: neuropsychological
neuropsicología {f} :: neuropsychology
neuropsiquiatra {mf} :: neuropsychiatrist
neuropsiquiatría {f} :: neuropsychiatry
neuropsiquiátrico {adj} :: neuropsychiatric
neuropático {adj} :: neuropathic
neurosicología {f} :: neuropsychology
neurosis {f} :: neurosis
neurosporaxantina {f} [organic compound] :: neurosporaxanthin
neuroticismo {m} :: neuroticism
neurotoxicidad {f} :: neurotoxicity
neurotoxina {f} :: neurotoxin
neurotípico {adj} :: neurotypical
neurotransmisión {f} :: neurotransmission
neurotransmisor {m} :: neurotransmitter
neurotrófico {adj} :: neurotrophic
neuróptero {m} :: neuropteran
neurótica {f} :: feminine noun of neurótico
neurótico {adj} :: neurotic
neurótico {m} :: neurotic
neurótomo {m} :: neurotome
neuston {m} :: neuston
neutle {m} [Mexico] :: pulque
neutral {adj} :: neutral
neutralidad {f} :: neutrality
neutralista {mf} :: neutralist
neutralización {f} :: neutralization
neutralizador {adj} :: neutralizing
neutralizador {m} :: neutralizer
neutralizar {v} :: to neutralise (UK), to neutralize (US)
neutrófilo {adj} [biology, medicine] :: neutrophil (easily stained by neutral dyes)
neutrófilo {m} [biology, medicine] :: neutrophil (a cell that is easily stained by neutral dyes)
neutrino {m} :: neutrino
neutrino electrónico {m} :: electron neutrino
neutrino muónico {m} :: muon neutrino
neutrino tauónico {m} :: tauon neutrino
neutrón {m} :: neutron
neutro {adj} :: neuter (neither the one thing nor the other)
neutro {adj} [grammar] :: neuter
neutro {adj} :: neutral
neutro {adj} [chemistry, physics] :: neutral pH, neutral electrical charge
neutro {adj} :: lacking sexual organs; neutered
neutronización {f} :: neutronization
nevada {f} :: snowfall
nevada {f} :: snow storm
Nevada {prop} {f} :: Nevada
nevado {adj} :: snowy
nevado {adj} :: white as snow
nevar {vi} [impersonal] :: to snow
nevasca {f} :: blizzard, snowstorm (bad weather involving blowing winds and snow)
nevazón {m} :: blizzard
nevera {f} :: refrigerator
nevería {f} [Mexico] :: ice cream shop
nevero {m} :: névé
nevero {m} :: A location with continuous snow throughout the year
nevisca {f} :: light snow
neviscar {vi} [impersonal] :: to sleet
neviscar {vi} [impersonal] :: to snow lightly
newton {m} :: newton
newtoniano {adj} [physics] :: Newtonian
nexo {m} :: link, nexus
Neymar {prop} {m} :: given name
Núñez {prop} :: surname
Níger {prop} {m} :: Niger (country)
Níger {prop} {m} :: Niger (river)
nguemista {m} :: A supporter of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea
nguemista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea, or his politics
náhuatl {adj} :: Nahuatl (attributive)
náhuatl {prop} {m} :: Nahuatl; Classical Nahuatl
náhuatl {prop} {m} :: Nahuatl, any of several modern languages and dialects of the Nahuan (or Aztecan) language family
náhuatl clásico {m} :: Classical Nahuatl
ni {conj} [coordinating] :: neither... nor
ni {conj} :: nor, or
ni {adv} :: not even, even
ni {f} :: nu; the Greek letter Ν, ν
niña {f} :: feminine noun of niño, girl
niña bonita {f} [Spain, colloquial] :: The number fifteen in some Spanish card games
niacina {f} :: niacin
ni a la de tres {adv} [idiom] :: no way; over my dead body
Niamey {prop} :: Niamey
niña probeta {f} :: feminine noun of niño probeta
niñato {adj} [colloquial, pejorative] :: childish
niñato {m} [colloquial, pejorative] :: kid
ni bien {adv} [idiomatic] :: as soon as
ni borracho {adv} :: no way, not a chance
nica {adj} [slang] :: Nicaraguan
nica {mf} [slang] :: A Nicaraguan
nicaragüense {adj} :: Nicaraguan
nicaragüense {mf} :: Nicaraguan
nicaragüeño {m} :: Nicaraguan
Nicaragua {prop} {f} :: Nicaragua
niceno {adj} :: Nicene, Nicaean
ni chicha ni limonada {phrase} [idiomatic] :: neither fish nor fowl; not easily conforming to categorization. (Said of something that is unknown or unclear)
nicho {m} :: niche
nicho {m} [ecology] :: niche
nicho {m} :: burial niche
Nico {prop} {m} :: given name
Nicolás {prop} {m} :: given name, cognate to Nicholas
Nicomedia {prop} {f} :: Nicomedia
ni come, ni deja comer {phrase} :: dog in the manger
Nicosia {prop} :: Nicosia
nicotina {f} :: nicotine
nicotinamida {f} :: nicotinamide
nicotínico {adj} :: nicotinic
Nicópolis {prop} {m} :: Nicopolis
nictalopía {f} [medicine] :: nyctalopia
nictitante {adj} :: nictating
nictálope {adj} [medicine] :: nyctalopic
nidada {f} :: clutch (of eggs)
nidada {f} :: brood (of chicks)
ni de coña {adv} :: no way, not a chance
nidificación {f} :: nesting, nidification
nidificante {adj} :: nesting (of wildlife)
nidificar {v} :: to nidify; to build a nest
nidito {m} :: diminutive of nido
nido {m} :: nest
niebla {f} :: fog
ni en sueños {adv} [idiom] :: over someone's dead body; in one's dreams
niñera {f} :: baby-sitter
niñería {f} :: childishness
niñería {f} [archaic] :: trifle; triviality
niñero {m} :: baby-sitter
nieta {f} :: granddaughter
nietastro {m} :: stepgrandson
nietecita {f} :: diminutive of nieta
nietecito {m} :: diminutive of nieto
nietito {m} :: diminutive of nieto
nieto {m} :: grandchild; grandson
Nieto {prop} :: surname
nietzscheano {adj} :: Nietzschean
nietzscheano {m} :: Nietzschean
nieve {f} :: snow
nieve {f} [Mexico] :: ice cream
Nieves {prop} {f} :: given name
Nieves {prop} {f} :: surname derived from the given name, or from a nickname for someone with white hair
niñez {f} :: childhood
ni fu ni fa {adj} :: so-so
ni fu ni fa {adj} [idiomatic] :: OK, nothing special
ni fu ni fa {interj} :: whatever
Nigeria {prop} {f} :: Nigeria
nigeriana {f} :: feminine of nigeriano
nigeriano {adj} :: Nigerian
nigeriano {m} :: Nigerian
nigerino {adj} :: Nigerien
nigerino {m} :: Nigerien
nightclub {m} :: nightclub
nigiri {m} :: nigiri
nigromante {m} :: necromancer
ni hablar {phrase} :: no way, don't go there
ni harto de vino {adv} [idiomatic] :: no way, by no means
nihilismo {m} :: nihilism
nihilista {adj} :: nihilistic
nihilista {mf} :: nihilist
nihil obstat {m} :: nihil obstat
nihonio {m} [chemistry] :: nihonium
ni idea {interj} :: no idea
ni ir ni venir {v} [impersonal, idiomatic] :: to be neither here nor there; to have nothing to do with it
niñita {f} :: diminutive of niña
niñito {m} :: diminutive of niño small child
nikkei {mf} :: nikkei
Nilda {prop} {f} :: given name
nilgó {m} :: nilgai
nilón {m} :: nylon
Nilo {prop} {m} :: Nile
nilótico {adj} :: Nilotic
nimbado {adj} :: decorated
nimbo {m} :: halo, aureola
nimbo {m} :: nimbus (cloud)
Nimega {prop} :: Nimega (city)
nimiamente {adv} :: trivially
nimiedad {f} :: trifle, triviality
nimiedad {f} :: excess
nimio {adj} :: insignificant, trivial
nimio {adj} :: meticulous, thorough
nimio {adj} :: excessive, exaggerated
nimrávido {m} :: nimravid
ni muerto {adv} :: no way, not a chance
ninfa {f} :: nymph
ninfea {f} :: water lily
ninfómana {f} :: nymphomaniac
ninfómano {m} :: nymphomaniac
ninfomanía {f} :: nymphomania
ningún nacido {m} :: nobody
ninguna {pron} :: feminine singular of ninguno
ningunear {v} :: to ignore, forget
ningunear {v} :: to disrespect, belittle
ninguno {adj} :: no; none
ninguno {pron} :: nobody; no one
ninguno {pron} :: none; neither, any
nini {mf} [colloquial] :: neet, NEET
ninja {mf} [martial arts, historical] :: ninja (person trained in stealth, espionage, assassination and ninjutsu)
niño {m} :: child; boy, girl
niobio {m} :: niobium
niño probeta {m} :: test tube baby
niño soldado {m} :: child soldier
nipón {adj} [educated] :: Nipponese
nipón {m} [educated] :: Nipponese
nipo- {prefix} :: Nippo-
nipofilia {f} [usually uncountable] :: Japanophilia (strong interest in Japan)
nipofilo {m} :: Japanophile
niponización {f} :: Japanification
ni por asomo {adv} [idiom] :: by no means
niqab {m} :: niqab
ni que {conj} [followed by a subjunctive clause] :: It's as if; anyone would have thought (that)
niquelero {adj} :: nickel
niquelífero {adj} :: nickel
nirvana {m} :: nirvana
ni siquiera {adv} :: not even
ni tanto ni tan calvo {phrase} [idiom] :: don't exagerrate; don't get carried away
nitidez {f} :: clarity
Nito {prop} {m} :: A male pet name
nitración {f} [chemistry] :: nitration
nitrato {m} :: nitrate
nitrería {f} :: nitrary
nitrógeno {m} :: nitrogen
nitrificación {f} :: nitrification
nitrificador {m} :: something that nitrifies
nitrificador {adj} :: nitrifying
nitrificar {v} :: to nitrify
nitrilo {m} [organic compound] :: nitrile
nitrito {m} [chemistry] :: nitrite
nitro- {prefix} :: nitro-
nitroareno {m} [organic chemistry] :: nitroarene
nitrobenceno {m} [organic compound] :: nitrobenzene
nitrofurano {m} [organic compound] :: nitrofuran
nitrogenado {adj} :: nitrogenous
nitrogenasa {f} [protein] :: nitrogenase
nitronio {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitronium
nitrosación {f} [organic chemistry] :: nitrosation
nitrosamina {f} [organic chemistry] :: nitrosamine
nitroso {adj} [chemistry] :: nitrous
nitroxilo {m} [chemistry] :: nitroxyl
nitruración {f} :: nitriding
nitruro {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitride
nitróxido {m} [inorganic chemistry] :: nitroxide
nival {adj} :: snow; snow
nivariense {adj} :: Of or from Santa Cruz de Tenerife
nivariense {mf} :: Someone from Santa Cruz de Tenerife
nivel {m} :: level, height (distance relative to a given reference elevation)
nivel {m} :: level (degree or amount)
nivel {m} :: level (tool for finding whether a surface is level)
nivelación {f} :: levelling, flattening
nivelador {adj} :: levelling
nivelador {m} :: level (tool)
nivelador {m} :: leveller
nivelar {v} :: to level out, to make even
nivelar {v} :: to balance
nivelar {v} :: to survey
nivelar {vr} :: to level out, to become even
nivel de agua {m} :: water level
nivel del agua {m} :: water level
nivel del mar {m} :: sea level
nivel energético {m} :: energy level
nixtamal {m} :: hominy, nixtamal
nixtamalización {f} :: nixtamalization
nixtamalizar {v} :: to nixtamalize
Niza {prop} {f} :: Niza (city)
nizardo {adj} :: Niçois
nizardo {m} :: Someone from Nice, France
nizatidina {f} [organic compound] :: nizatidine
NL {abbr} :: Nuevo León (Mexican state)
Nálchik {prop} :: Nalchik
NLE {abbr} :: Nuevo León, a state of Mexico
núm. {m} :: No., number
núm {m} :: alternative form of núm.
nómada {adj} :: nomadic
nómada {mf} :: nomad
NMC {initialism} [internet slang] :: no me chingues ("don't fuck with me")
número {m} :: number (counting)
número {m} :: musical number
número {m} [grammar] :: number
número {m} [colloquial] :: spectacle
número {m} [military] :: man, soldier
número arábigo {m} :: Arabic numeral
número atómico {m} [physics, chemistry] :: atomic number
número cardinal {m} :: cardinal number
número complejo {m} :: complex number (number of the form a + bi)
número de Avogadro {m} [chemistry] :: Avogadro's number
número de teléfono {m} :: telephone number
número entero {m} :: A whole number
número imaginario {m} :: imaginary number (number of the form ai)
número impar {m} :: odd number
número irracional {m} [mathematics] :: irrational number
número natural {m} [mathematics] :: natural number
número par {m} :: even number
número primo {m} :: prime number (natural number)
número racional {m} [mathematics] :: rational number
número real {m} :: real number
número romano {m} :: Roman numeral (number of a system using the letters I, V, X, L, C, D and M)
Números {prop} {mp} [bible] :: Numbers (the book of the Bible)
némesis {f} :: punishment
númido {adj} :: Numidian
nómina {f} :: salary
Nínive {prop} {f} :: Nínive (ancient city)
no {adv} :: no
no {adv} :: not
no {m} :: no
no {m} :: abbreviation of número; no.
Noé {prop} {m} :: Noah [biblical character]
no atar ni desatar {v} [idiomatic] :: to make no progress; to go nowhere fast
nobel {m} :: Nobel Prize
nobelio {m} :: nobelium
nobiliario {adj} :: noble
nobilísimo {adj} :: superlative of noble
noble {adj} :: noble
noblemente {adv} :: nobly
nobleza {f} :: nobility
noblote {adj} :: noble
no callarse ni bajo el agua {v} [idiomatic] :: to never shut up; to be a chatterbox
nocao {m} :: knockout
nocaut {m} [boxing] :: knockout
nocharniego {adj} :: nocturnal
noche {f} :: night (time)
Nochebuena {prop} {f} :: Christmas Eve
noche cerrada {f} :: dead of night
nochecita {f} :: diminutive of noche
noche de perros {f} [idiom] :: awful night; night from hell
Nochevieja {prop} {f} :: New Year's Eve
nocicepción {f} :: nociception
noción {f} :: notion
nocividad {f} :: harmfulness
nocivo {adj} :: noxious
nocivo {adj} :: harmful
no comprendo {phrase} :: I don't understand
noctámbulo {adj} :: Tending to be awake or up and about at night
noctámbulo {m} :: One who is awake at night; a night owl
nocturnidad {f} :: nocturnality
nocturno {adj} :: of or relating to night
nocturno {adj} :: nocturnal
nocturno {m} :: nocturne (composition)
noctívago {m} :: sleepwalker
noctívago {adj} :: sleepwalking
noctívago {adj} :: nocturnal (active at night)
nodal {adj} :: nodal
no dar palo al agua {v} :: alternative form of no dar un palo al agua
no dar pie con bola {v} [idiom] :: to screw up; keep on screwing up
no dar una a derechas {v} [idiomatic] :: to not get anything right, get it all wrong
no dar un palo al agua {v} [idiomatic] :: to not lift a finger
no decir ni pío {v} [idiomatic] :: to be mums; to not say a word
no decir pío {v} [idiomatic] :: to be mums; to not say a word
no dejar títere con cabeza {v} [idiomatic] :: to smash up everything in sight
no dejar títere con cabeza {v} [idiomatic] :: to do away with everything
nodo {m} :: node
nodosáurido {m} :: nodosaur
no doy {phrase} [colloquial] :: well duh! no shit; no shit, Sherlock
nodriza {f} :: wet nurse
noduloso {adj} :: nodulose
Noe {prop} {f} :: given name
Noelia {prop} {f} :: given name, cognate to English Noelle and French Noëlle
Noemí {prop} {f} :: Naomi (Biblical figure)
Noemí {prop} {f} :: given name
no entiendo {phrase} :: I don't understand
no es oro todo lo que reluce {proverb} :: all that glitters is not gold
no está el horno para bollos {v} [idiom] :: it's not the right time
no faltaba más {phrase} [idiomatic] :: don't mention it; you're welcome
nogada {f} :: A sauce made from walnuts and spices
nogal {m} :: walnut tree
nogal {m} :: walnut wood
nogayo {adj} :: Nogai
nogayo {m} :: Nogai
nogayo {m} :: Nogai (language)
no, gracias {phrase} :: no thanks
noguera {f} :: walnut (tree)
Noguera {prop} :: surname
no haber color {v} [idiomatic] :: there be no comparison
no haber inventado la pólvora {v} [idiomatic] :: to be nothing special; to not be especially smart
no hablo español {phrase} :: I don't speak Spanish
no hablo inglés {phrase} :: I don't speak English
no hay de qué {phrase} :: don't mention it; used as you're welcome in the sense of no problem
no hay derecho {phrase} :: no fair; it's not fair
no hay mal que por bien no venga {proverb} :: every cloud has a silver lining
no hay moros en la costa {phrase} :: the coast is clear
no hay problema {interj} :: No problem!
no jodas {phrase} [colloquial] :: no way; fuck off (expression of disbelief (often used ironically))
Nolasco {prop} {m} :: given name
Nolasco {prop} {m} :: surname
no llegar el sangre al río {v} [idiom] :: to not be a big deal, to not escalate, to have no blood shed
no lo sé {phrase} :: I don't know
noluntad {f} :: unwillingness, resistance
NOM {f} :: initialism of w:Norma Oficial Mexicana (Official Mexican Standard), each of a series of official, compulsory standards and regulations for diverse activities in Mexico
nomadismo {m} :: nomadism
no mames {phrase} [colloquial, Mexico] :: no way!; are you fucking kidding?; gimme a break
nombradía {f} :: fame; renown
nombramiento {m} :: appointment (to a position)
nombrar {v} :: to name
nombre {m} :: name
nombre {m} [grammar] :: noun (sensu lato)
nombrecito {m} :: diminutive of nombre
nombre colectivo {m} :: collective noun
nombre común {m} :: common noun
nombre completo {m} :: full name
nombre de agente {m} [grammar] :: agent noun
nombre de pila {m} :: given name
nombre de soltera {m} :: maiden name
nombre incontable {m} :: uncountable noun; mass noun
nombre numeral {m} [grammar] :: noun numeral, a noun that represents a number
nombre propio {m} :: proper noun
nombre propio {m} :: given name
no me digas {phrase} :: no kidding
nomenclatura {f} :: nomenclature
nomenclatura binominal {f} :: binomial nomenclature
nomenclátor {m} :: name catalogue; binder of names
nomeolvides {mf} :: forget-me-not (flower)
nomina {f} :: payroll
nominación {f} :: nomination
nominado {adj} :: nominated
nominado {m} :: nominee
nominador {adj} :: nominating
nominal {adj} :: nominal
nominalismo {m} :: nominalism
nominalista {adj} :: nominalist
nominalista {mf} :: nominalist
nominalización {f} [grammar] :: nominalization
nominalizar {v} :: to nominalize
nominalmente {adv} :: nominally
nominar {v} :: to nominate
nominativo {adj} :: nominative (giving a name, naming; designating)
nominativo {adj} :: nominative (grammar)
nominativo {m} :: nominative case
nomo {m} :: alternative form of gnomo
nomofobia {f} :: nomophobia
nomología {f} :: nomology
Nom Pen {prop} :: Phnom Penh
nomás {adv} [Latin America] :: only, just
nonada {f} :: A thing or event of little or no importance or value
nonadecágono {m} [geometry] :: enneadecagon
nonaflato {m} [organic chemistry] :: nonaflate
nonagenaria {f} :: feminine of nonagenario
nonagenario {adj} :: nonagenarian
nonagenario {m} :: nonagenarian
nonagonal {adj} :: nonagonal
nonagésima {f} :: feminine noun of nonagésimo
nonagésimo {adj} :: ninetieth
nonagésimo {m} :: ninetieth
nonato {adj} :: unborn
nonbre {m} :: obsolete spelling of nombre
nones {adv} :: absolutely not; no way
noneto {m} :: nonet
nonágono {adj} :: nonagonal
nonágono {m} :: nonagon
noni {f} :: noni (fruit)
nonillón {num} :: 1054
noningentésimo {adj} :: nine hundredth
nono {adj} [unusual] :: ninth
no obstante {conj} :: notwithstanding; albeit
no obstante {conj} :: nevertheless
no obstante {conj} :: however
no obstante {conj} :: yet
noodle {m} :: noodle (food)
nootrópico {adj} :: nootropic
nop {interj} [colloquial, neologism] :: nope
nopal {m} :: nopal (plant)
nopaleda {f} :: Terrain abundant in nopal plants
nopalera {f} :: Terrain abundant in nopal plants
no pasa nada {phrase} :: it doesn't matter
no pasarán {phrase} :: they shall not pass
no poder hacer carrera {v} [idiom] :: to not get anywhere with
no por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano {proverb} :: things will happen at their own time, you can't rush art
noquear {v} :: to knock out
noradrenalina {f} [hormone] :: noradrenaline
norafricana {f} :: feminine noun of norafricano
norafricano {adj} :: North African
norafricano {m} :: North African
noray {m} [nautical] :: bollard
norbornano {m} [organic chemistry] :: norbornane
norcentral {adj} :: north-central
norcoreana {f} :: feminine noun of norcoreano
nor-coreana {f} :: feminine noun of nor-coreano
norcoreano {adj} :: North Korean
norcoreano {m} :: North Korean
nor-coreano {adj} :: North Korean
nor-coreano {m} :: North Korean
nordeste {m} :: northeast
Nordeste de Inglaterra {prop} :: North East England
nordestino {adj} :: northeastern
nordista {mf} :: northerner
nordista {mf} :: Northerner
norepinefrina {f} [hormone] :: norepinephrine, noradrenaline
noreste {m} :: northeast
noreuropeo {adj} :: Northern European
noria {f} :: noria
noria {f} :: Ferris wheel
Noriega {prop} {m} :: surname, most associated with Panaman president and dictator Manuel Noriega
norirlandés {adj} :: Northern Irish
norma {f} :: rule, norm, standard, touchstone
normal {adj} :: normal, standard, regular
normal {adj} [geometry] :: perpendicular
normal {f} [education] :: a school for becoming a teacher
normalidad {f} :: normality
normalista {mf} :: student teacher
normalito {adj} :: diminutive of normal
normalización {f} :: normalization
normalización {f} :: standardization
normalizador {adj} :: normalising
normalizador {m} :: normalizer
normalizar {v} :: to normalize
normalmente {adv} :: normally; usually; most of the time; customarily
normalísimo {adj} :: superlative of normal
normal y corriente {adj} [idiomatic] :: run-of-the-mill, meat and potatoes, regular
normanda {f} :: feminine noun of normando
Normandía {prop} {f} :: Normandía (region)
normando {adj} :: Norman
normando {m} :: Norman
normar {v} :: to norm
normar {v} :: to normalize, standardize
normativa {f} :: rules, regulations
normativamente {adv} :: normatively
normatividad {f} :: regulation
normativismo {m} :: normativism
normativización {f} :: normativization
normativizar {v} :: to normativize
normativo {adj} :: normative
normovidente {mf} :: normal-sighted person
nornoroeste {adj} :: north-northwest
noroccidental {adj} :: northwestern, northwesterly
noroeste {m} :: northwest
Noroeste Pacífico {m} :: Pacific Northwest
nororiental {adj} :: northeast, northeastern
nororiente {adj} :: northeast
norovirus {m} [virology] :: norovirus
norponiente {adj} :: northwest
nortamericana {f} :: feminine noun of nortamericano
norte {adj} :: north, northern
norte {m} [uncountable] :: north (compass point)
norte {m} [uncountable] :: north wind
norte {m} [countable] :: guide, inspiration
norte {m} [countable] :: goal, objective
norteña {f} :: feminine noun of norteño
norteafricano {adj} :: North African
norteamericano {m} :: Born in, belonging or relative to the United States
norteamericano {m} :: American [of the United States]
norteamericano {adj} :: Born in, belonging or relative to the United States
norteamericano {adj} :: American [of the United States]
Norteamérica {prop} {f} :: North America
norteño {adj} :: northern
norteño {m} :: northerner
nortesantandereana {f} :: feminine noun of nortesantandereano
nortesantandereano {adj} :: Of or from the department of Norte de Santander Department in Colombia
nortesantandereano {m} :: An inhabitant of the department of Norte de Santander Department in Colombia
Northumbria {prop} {f} :: alternative form of Nortumbria
nortina {f} :: feminine noun of nortino
nortino {adj} :: of or pertaining to Club Sport Norte América
nortino {m} :: Someone connected to Club Sport Norte América, as a player, coach, fan etc
Nortumbria {prop} {f} :: Northumbria
nortumbrio {m} :: Northumbrian
nortumbrio {adj} :: Northumbrian
noruega {f} :: feminine noun of noruego
Noruega {prop} {f} :: Norway
noruego {adj} :: Norwegian (from or native to Norway)
noruego {adj} :: Norwegian (pertaining to Norway or the Norwegian language)
noruego {m} :: a Norwegian
noruego {m} :: the Norwegian language
norvietnamita {adj} :: North Vietnamese
norvietnamita {mf} :: North Vietnamese
no sé {phrase} :: I don't know
nos {pron} :: us (dative and accusative form of nosotros and nosotras)
no saber a qué carta quedarse {v} [idiomatic] :: to be in two minds; to be undecided
no saber hacer la o con un canuto {v} [idiomatic] :: to not know one's head from a hole in the ground
no se ganó Zamora en una hora {proverb} [idiomatic] :: It takes a long time to do something complicated or impressive. (Rome wasn't built in a day)
no ser moco de pavo {v} [idiomatic] :: to be nothing to sneeze at
nosocomial {adj} :: nosocomial
nosocomio {m} [Latin America] :: hospital
no soltar prenda {v} [idiomatic] :: to keep one's mouth shut, to not utter a single word
nosotras {pron} :: we (feminine plural)
nosotros {pron} :: we (masculine plural)
no sé qué y no sé cuánto {phrase} [idiom] :: blah blah blah, this and that
nostalgia {m} :: nostalgia
nostálgicamente {adv} :: nostalgically
nostálgico {adj} :: nostalgic
nos van a dar las uvas {phrase} :: get a move on; hurry up; chop chop
nos vemos {interj} :: see you later! (literally, we see each other)
nos vemos {interj} :: cheers, goodbye
nota {f} :: note, memo
nota {f} [music] :: note
nota {f} :: mark, academic score
nota bene {phrase} :: nota bene (used to add an aside or warning to a text)
notabilidad {f} :: notability, noteworthiness
notabilísimo {adj} :: superlative of notable
notable {adj} :: notable
notablemente {adv} :: notably
notación {f} :: notation
notación algebraica {f} [chess] :: algebraic notation
notación musical {f} :: musical notation
notar {vt} :: to note (make a written record of and/or purposefully commit to memory)
notaría {f} :: office of a notary
nota reversal {f} :: A kind of diplomatic agreement between two or more parties
notaria {f} :: feminine of notario
notariado {m} :: lawyers
notarial {adj} :: notarial
notario {m} :: notary, lawyer, solicitor, counsel, attorney, barrister
notarización {f} :: notarization
notarizar {v} :: to notarize
notarse {v} :: reflexive of notar
no te acostarás sin saber una cosa más {proverb} :: you learn something new every day, every day is a school day
notebook {m} [computing] :: notebook
no tener dos dedos de frente {v} [idiomatic] :: to be an idiot, to be thick as a plank
no tener ni para pipas {v} [idiomatic, colloquial, Spain] :: to be skint, to be broke; to not have a pot to piss in
no tener ni pies ni cabeza {v} [idiom] :: to make no sense
no tener pelos en la lengua {v} [idiomatic] :: to not mince one's words, to speak one's mind
no tener un pelo de tonto {v} [idiomatic] :: to be a brainbox; to be no fool
no te preocupes {phrase} [colloquial] :: don't worry
notera {f} :: feminine of notero
notero {m} [Latin America] :: journalist
noética {f} [philosophy] :: noetics
noticia {f} :: message
noticia {f} :: communication
noticia {f} :: news, piece of news
noticiable {adj} :: newsworthy
noticiario {m} :: news program
noticiera {f} :: female newsman, reporter
noticiero {m} :: newsman, reporter
noticiero {m} :: news
noticiero {m} :: newsreel
notición {f} :: heads-up (call for attention)
noticioso {adj} :: newsworthy
noético {adj} [philosophy] :: noetic
notificación {f} :: notification
notificar {v} :: to notify, announce, inform, intimate, make known
notocorda {f} [anatomy, zoology] :: notochord
notocuerda {f} :: alternative form of notocorda
notoriamente {adv} :: notoriously
notoriedad {f} :: notoriety
notorio {adj} :: well-known
notorio {adj} :: clear, apparent, obvious
novación {f} [legal] :: novation
novar {v} [legal] :: to novate
novatada {f} :: student prank, rag, ragging, haze, hazing
novatada {f} :: blunder, newbie error, rookie mistake
novato {adj} :: newbie
novato {m} :: beginner, newbie
novecentismo {m} :: Any of the arts and literature of the twentieth century (1900s)
novecientas {num} :: feminine of novecientos
novecientos {num} :: nine hundred
novedad {f} :: novelty
novedoso {adj} :: novel, new
novedosísimo {adj} :: superlative of novedoso
novel {adj} :: novel, new
novel {mf} :: newbie, green
novela {f} :: novel
novelable {adj} :: Apt to putting into a novel, novelworthy
novelado {adj} :: fictional
novela gráfica {f} :: graphic novel
novelar {v} :: to novelize; to make a novel out of
novelería {f} :: obsession with new things
novelería {f} :: fantasy; living in a fantasy world
novelería {f} :: banal news
novelera {f} :: feminine noun of novelero
novelero {m} :: novel reader
novelero {adj} :: novel-loving
novelero {adj} :: highly imaginative
novelero {adj} :: fond of new things
novelesco {adj} :: fictional, fictitious, storybook
novelista {mf} :: novelist
novelita {f} :: novelette
novelización {f} :: novelization, fictionalization
novelón {m} :: augmentative of novelo, great novel
novelón {m} :: pejorative of novelo, pulp novel
novelín {m} :: diminutive of novela
novelístico {adj} :: novelistic
novena {f} [Roman Catholicism] :: novena
novenario {m} [Catholicism] :: novena
no vender una escoba {v} [idiomatic] :: to be a dead loss
noveno {adj} :: ninth
noveno {m} :: ninth
noventa {num} [cardinal] :: ninety
noventas {mp} :: nineties; 90s (1990s)
noventa y cinco {num} :: ninety-five
noventa y cuatro {num} :: ninety-four
noventa y dos {num} :: ninety-two
noventa y nueve {num} :: ninety-nine
noventayochismo {m} [literature] :: The style of the Generation of '98 (a Spanish literary group at the end of the 19th century)
noventayochista {adj} :: Of or pertaining to (the style of) the Generation of '98 (Spanish literary group of the end of the 19th century)
noventayochista {mf} :: A member of the Generation of '98 (Spanish literary group of the end of the 19th century)
noventa y ocho {num} :: ninety-eight
noventa y seis {num} :: ninety-six
noventa y siete {num} :: ninety-seven
noventa y tres {num} :: ninety-three
noventa y uno {num} :: ninety-one
noventero {adj} [attributive] :: 1990s
noventero {m} :: Someone born in the 1990s
noventista {adj} [attributive] :: nineties (relating to the 1990s, 1890s etc.)
novgorodense {adj} :: Novgorodian
novgorodense {mf} :: Novgorodian
novia {f} :: feminine noun of novio, girlfriend, fiancée
novia {f} [wedding] :: feminine noun of novio, bride
noviar {v} [Argentina, Chile, Uruguay] :: to date; go steady with
noviazgo {m} :: engagement, betrothal (period of time when marriage is planned or promised)
noviazgo {m} :: relationship (the time when a couple was together)
novicia {f} :: feminine noun of novicio
noviciado {m} [Christianity] :: novitiate
novicio {m} :: novice
noviecita {f} :: diminutive of novia
noviecito {m} :: diminutive of novio
noviembre {m} :: November
novieta {f} :: girlfriend, other half
noviete {m} :: boyfriend, other half
novillada {f} [bullfighting] :: novillada
novilleril {adj} [bullfighting] :: of or pertaining to novillos or novilleros
novillero {m} [bullfighting] :: young trainee bullfighter (who fight against novillos)
novillo {m} :: young ox, young bull
novilunio {m} :: new moon
novio {m} :: boyfriend; fiancé; romantic partner
novio {m} [wedding] :: groom
noviolencia {f} :: nonviolence
noviolento {adj} :: nonviolent
novo {adj} :: obsolete spelling of nova
novohispano {m} :: Someone from Nueva España
novohispano {adj} :: Of or from Nueva España
novoprogresista {adj} :: Of or from the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico
novoprogresista {mf} :: a member or supporter of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico
novísimo {adj} :: superlative of nuevo
Nápoles {prop} {f} :: Nápoles (city)
níquel {m} :: nickel
nórdico {adj} :: Norse (from or native to the Nordic lands)
nórdico {adj} :: Nordic (pertaining to Nordic languages)
nórdico {m} :: the Nordic group of languages
nórdico antiguo {m} :: Old Norse
Núremberg {prop} {m} :: Nuremberg
níspero {m} :: medlar (Mespilus germanica, now Crataegus germanics)
níspero {m} :: loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)
níspero {m} :: sapodilla (Manilkara zapota and Manilkara huberi)
níspero {m} :: great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis)
níspero europeo {m} :: The medlar
níspero japonés {m} :: The loquat (tree & fruit)
Néstor {prop} :: Nestor
-nte {suffix} :: alternative form of -ante
nítidamente {adv} :: clearly, distinctly
nítido {adj} :: pure, clear, clean
nítido {adj} :: clear, distinct
nítrico {adj} :: nitric
Nuakchot {prop} :: Nuakchot (city)
nubarrón {m} :: storm cloud
nube {f} :: cloud
nube {f} :: multitude, or crowd, of people
nubecilla {f} :: diminutive of nube: small cloud
nubecita {f} :: marshmallow
nube de electrones {f} :: electron cloud
nube de hongo {f} :: mushroom cloud
nube de Oort {f} :: Oort cloud
nubia {f} :: feminine noun of nubio
nubio {m} :: Nubian
nubio {adj} :: Nubian
nublado {adj} :: cloudy
nublar {v} :: to cloud
nublar {vr} :: to become cloudy
nublo {adj} [Latin America] :: cloudy
nubloso {adj} :: cloudy
nubosidad {f} :: cloudiness
nuboso {adj} :: cloudy
nuca {f} [anatomy] :: nape, back of the neck
nucal {adj} :: nuchal
nucela {f} :: nucellus
nucleación {f} :: nucleation
nuclear {adj} :: nuclear
nuclear {v} :: to join up; unite
nuclearmente {adv} :: in a nuclear way; related to a nucleus or to nuclear power; nuclearly
nucleasa {f} [enzyme] :: nuclease
nucleófilo {m} [chemistry] :: nucleophile
nucleófilo {adj} :: nucleophilic
nucleico {adj} :: nucleic
nucleido {m} :: nuclide
nucleón {m} :: nucleon
nucleína {f} [biochemistry] :: nuclein
nucleocitoplasmático {adj} :: nucleocytoplasmic
nucleoenergético {adj} [attributive] :: nuclear energy
nucleofílico {adj} :: nucleophilic
nucleogénico {adj} :: nucleogenic
nucleolar {adj} :: nucleolar
nucleoplasma {m} [cytology] :: nucleoplasm
nucleoporina {f} [protein] :: nucleoporin
nucleoproteína {f} [protein] :: nucleoprotein
nucleosintético {adj} :: nucleosynthetic
nucleosíntesis {f} :: nucleosynthesis
nucleosoma {m} [cytology] :: nucleosome
nucleósido {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleoside
nucleótido {m} [biochemistry] :: nucleotide
nucléolo {m} :: nucleolus
nudibranquio {m} :: nudibranch
nudillista {mf} [baseball] :: knuckleballer
nudillo {m} [anatomy] :: knuckle
nudismo {m} :: nudism
nudista {adj} :: nudist
nudista {mf} :: nudist
nudo {m} :: knot (a looping piece of a long, flexible material)
nudo {m} :: knot (nautical unit of speed)
nudo {adj} [formal] :: nude
nudo corredizo {m} :: slipknot
nudo de ocho {m} :: figure-of-eight
nudo de rizo {m} :: reef knot
nudo gordiano {m} :: Gordian knot
nudo llano {m} :: reef knot
nudoso {adj} :: knotty, knotted
nudrir {v} :: alternative form of nutrir
nuer {mf} :: Nuer
nuer {m} :: Nuer (language)
nuera {f} :: daughter-in-law
nueso {adj} [obsolete] :: our
nuestra {pron} :: feminine singular of nuestro
nuestras {pron} :: feminine plural of nuestro Ours
Nuestra Señora {prop} {f} :: "Our Lady", the title for the Virgin Mary
nuestro {pron} :: Ours
nuestro {adj} :: Our, ours, to us
nuestros {pron} :: plural of nuestro: Ours
nueva {f} :: news, novelty
Nueva {adj} :: New
Nueva {prop} {f} :: A village in the north-east of Asturias, Spain
Nueva Caledonia {prop} {f} :: New Caledonia (overseas territory of France)
Nueva Delhi {prop} {f} :: New Delhi
Nueva Escocia {prop} {f} :: Nova Scotia
Nueva Gales del Sur {prop} {f} :: Nueva Gales del Sur (state)
Nueva Granada {prop} {f} :: New Granada
Nueva Guinea {prop} {f} :: New Guinea
Nueva Hampshire {prop} {f} :: New Hampshire
Nueva Inglaterra {prop} {f} :: New England
Nueva Jersey {prop} {f} :: New Jersey
nuevamente {adv} :: again
nuevamente {adv} :: newly
Nueva Orleans {prop} {f} :: Nueva Orleans (city)
Nueva Segovia {prop} {f} :: Nueva Segovia (department)
Nueva York {prop} {f} :: Nueva York (state)
Nueva York {prop} {f} :: Nueva York (city)
Nueva Zelanda {prop} {f} :: New Zealand
Nueva Zelandia {prop} {f} :: New Zealand
Nueva Zembla {prop} {f} :: Novaya Zemlya
nueve {num} [cardinal] :: nine
nueve {f} :: The digit or figure 9
nuevecito {adj} :: diminutive of nuevo
nuevito {adj} :: diminutive of nuevo
nuevo {adj} :: new
Nuevo {prop} :: surname
Nuevo Brunswick {prop} {m} :: New Brunswick
Nuevo León {prop} {m} :: Nuevo León (state)
nuevoleonés {adj} :: (of a person) Of or from the Mexican state of Nuevo León
Nuevo Mundo {prop} {m} :: New World
Nuevo México {prop} {m} :: New Mexico (US State)
Nuevo Testamento {prop} {m} :: New Testament (second half of the Christian Bible)
nuevísimo {adj} :: superlative of nuevo
nuez {f} :: walnut (nut)
nuez de Adán {f} :: Adam's apple (the lump in the throat)
nuez de areca {f} :: betel nut
nuez moscada {f} :: nutmeg (seed of the nutmeg tree)
nuez pecana {f} :: pecan (nut)
náufrago {m} :: shipwrecked person
nuégado {m} :: nougat
nukear {v} [internet] :: to nuke
nulidad {f} :: nullity, void
nulidad {f} :: inept person
nulo {adj} :: null, void, invalid
nulo {adj} :: useless, good-for-nothing
numantina {f} :: feminine of numantino
numantino {adj} :: heroic
numantino {adj} [historical] :: Numantian (of or from the city of Numantia)
numantino {m} :: Numantian (inhabitant of Numantia)
numen {m} :: numen
numen {m} :: muse (source of inspiration)
numerable {adj} :: countable; numerable
numeración {f} :: numbering
numerado {adj} :: numbered
numerador {m} [arithmetic] :: numerator (number or expression written above the line in a fraction)
numeral {m} [linguistics] :: numeral
numerar {v} :: to number
numerar {v} :: to calculate
numerario {adj} :: numerary
numerario {m} :: cash; loose cash
numerismo {m} :: numeracy
numerito {m} :: diminutive of número
numerónimo {m} :: numeronym
numerosidad {f} :: numerousness
numeroso {adj} :: numerous
numerosísimo {adj} :: superlative of numeroso
numismática {f} :: feminine noun of numismático
numismática {f} :: numismatics
numismático {adj} :: numismatic
numismático {m} :: numismatist
numéricamente {adv} :: numerically
numérico {adj} :: numeric
nunca {adv} :: never
nunca {adv} :: ever
nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena {phrase} :: better late than never
nunca jamás {adv} :: never ever
nunca mejor dicho {phrase} :: you said it; I couldn't have said it better myself; damn straight (used to agree wholeheartedly with a statement)
nunca mucho cuesta poco {phrase} :: you get what you pay for; literally: much never costs little
nunciatura {f} :: nunciature
nuncio {m} :: messenger
nuncio {m} [Catholicism] :: nuncio
nupcial {adj} :: nuptial (pertaining to wedding and marriage)
nupcias {fp} :: wedding, nuptials
Nuria {prop} {f} :: given name
néurula {f} :: neurula
náusea {f} :: nausea
náusea {f} :: repugnance, disgust
nutación {f} :: nutation
nutela {f} :: chocolate spread
nutella {m} :: Nutella
nutella {m} :: Any chocolate spread
náutica {f} :: sailing
náutico {adj} :: nautical
nutria {f} :: otter
nutria {f} [Spain] :: nutria, coypu
nutria gigante {f} :: giant otter
nutrición {f} :: nutrition
nutricio {adj} :: nutritional
nutricional {adj} :: nutritious
nutricionalmente {adv} :: nutritionally
nutricionista {mf} :: nutritionist
nutrido {adj} :: well-stocked
nutrido {adj} :: decent, large, great (number of things)
nutriente {m} :: nutrient
nutrióloga {f} :: nutritionist
nutriólogo {m} :: nutritionist
nutrimental {adj} :: nutritious
nutrimento {m} :: nourishment
nutrimento {m} :: nutrient
nutrir {v} :: to nourish
nutritivo {adj} :: nutritious
Nuuk {prop} :: Nuuk
nóvel {adj} :: fresh, new
nóvel {adj} :: newbie, newcomer
níveo {adj} [poetic] :: niveous, snowy (of or resembling snow)
Nóvgorod {prop} {m} :: Nóvgorod (city)
ny {f} :: nu; the Greek letter Ν, ν
náyade {f} [Greek mythology] :: naiad (female deity)
náyade {f} :: naiad (aquatic larva)
nylon {m} :: nylon
ñoba {m} [vesre, lunfardo] :: bathroom
ñoñear {v} :: to whine
ñoñería {f} :: dotage
ñoño {adj} :: senile
ñoño {adj} :: whiny
ñoño {adj} :: pathetic
ñoño {adj} :: fussy
ñoño {adj} :: characterless
ñoño {adj} :: The letter Ñ in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
ñoqui {m} :: dumpling, gnocchi
ñoquis {mp} :: gnocchi
ñor {m} [colloquial] :: clipping of señor
ñorsa {f} [Paraguay] :: chick; sheila; gal
ñorso {m} [Paraguay] :: dude; guy; bloke
ñu {m} :: gnu, wildebeest
ñublo {m} [obsolete] :: cloud
ñubloso {adj} [obsolete] :: cloudy
ñudo {m} [rare] :: alternative spelling of nudo
Ñuñoa {prop} :: Ñuñoa (city)