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Y {letter}  :: The 26th letter of the Spanish alphabet
YC {abbr}  :: Yucatan (Mexican state)
Yagüe {prop}  :: surname
Yagüe {prop}  :: A neighbourhood in Logroño, Spain
Yagüe {prop}  :: The letter Y in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Yago {prop} {m}  :: given name
Yahannam {prop} {m}  :: Jahannam
Yahvé {prop} {m}  :: Yahweh (personal name of God)
Yahveh {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Yahvé
Yahweh {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Yahvé
Yakarta {prop} {f}  :: Jakarta
Yamaguchi {prop}  :: surname
Yamena {prop}  :: N'Djamena
Yaracuy {prop}  :: Yaracuy (state)
Yaretzi {prop} {f} [Latin America]  :: given name of modern usage
Yaritza {prop} {f} [Latin America]  :: given name of modern usage
Yaundé {prop} {f}  :: Yaoundé
Yavé {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Yahvé
Yekaterimburgo {prop} {m}  :: alternative form of Ekaterimburgo
Yemen {prop} {m}  :: Yemen
Yemen del Norte {prop} {m}  :: North Yemen
Yemen del Sur {prop} {n}  :: South Yemen
Yepes {prop}  :: surname
Yesenia {prop} {f}  :: given name used since 1970
Yibuti {prop} {m}  :: Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti)
Yolanda {prop} {f}  :: given name
Yoli {prop} {f}  :: A diminutive of the female given name Yolanda
Yom Kipur {prop}  :: Yom Kippur
YouTube {prop} {m}  :: YouTube (a video-sharing website)
Yuba {prop}  :: Juba
Yucatán {prop} {m}  :: Yucatán (state)
Yucatán {prop} {m}  :: Yucatán (peninsula)
Yugoslavia {prop}  :: Yugoslavia
Yurixi {prop} {f} [rare]  :: given name
y {letter}  :: letter: ye, i griega
y {conj}  :: and
y {conj} [in names of number]  :: and
y {conj} [in arithmetic]  :: plus, and
y {conj} [colloquial]  :: well
y comercial {f}  :: ampersand
y medio {adv} [after a number]  :: and a half
y medio {adv} [after an adjective or noun]  :: more than (one and a half times)
y para de contar {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: and that's all, and that's it, period
y un huevo {interj} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: no way, no way José
y una mierda {phrase}  :: my ass
ya {adv}  :: now
ya {adv}  :: already, yet
ya {adv}  :: in the near future; soon
ya {adv}  :: immediately
ya {adv}  :: anymore; no longer
ya {adv}  :: emphatical (similar to the use of English "so" or "oh" as an interjection)
ya {adv} [in negatives]  :: only
ya {adv} [before pero]  :: yes
ya {adv} [before que]  :: since, now
ya {conj}  :: first (something) then (something else); first (something), now (something else)
ya {conj}  :: whether (something) or (something else)
ya {interj}  :: come on!, let's go!
ya era hora {phrase}  :: (it was) about time
ya que {conj}  :: as, due to, since
ya que estamos {adv} [idiomatic]  :: while we are at it, for that matter
ya te digo {phrase}  :: you betcha; damn right; too right (used to express agreement)
yaacabó {m}  :: A bird of South America
yaca {f}  :: soursop tree
yacaré {m} [Central America]  :: caiman
yacente {adj}  :: lying, recumbent
yacer {v}  :: to lie; to recline
yacija {f}  :: bed; couch; tomb
yacimiento {m}  :: deposit; bed
yacimiento {m}  :: site
yagán {adj}  :: Yaghan
yagruma {f}  :: The pumpwood tree
yagrumo {m}  :: Any number of tropical trees, most notably pumpwoods and umbrella trees
yagua {f}  :: royal palm
yaguajayense {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality of Yaguajay, Cuba
yaguajayense {mf}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality of Yaguajay, Cuba
yaguareté {m}  :: jaguar
yaguarlocro {m} [Ecuador]  :: A traditional Ecuadorian soup made of the cleaned viscera of a goat, usually served with fried lamb blood, avocado and pickled red onion rings
yaguarundí {m}  :: jaguarundi
yaguasa {f}  :: whistling duck
yahuarlocro {m} [Ecuador]  :: alt form of yaguarlocro
yak {m}  :: yak (bovine)
yakuza {m}  :: yakuza
yambo {m} [poetry]  :: iamb
yambo {m}  :: jambul
yaniqueque {m}  :: (Dominican) deep fried pocket of dough
yankee {adj}  :: alternative spelling of yanqui
yankee {mf}  :: alternative spelling of yanqui
yanki {mf}  :: alternative spelling of yanqui
yanki {adj}  :: alternative spelling of yanqui
yanqui {mf}  :: Yankee (native or inhabitant of the U.S.)
yanqui {adj}  :: Yankee
yanquilandia {f} [colloquial]  :: the United States
yantar {m} [archaic]  :: food
yantar {v} [archaic]  :: to lunch, dine (eat lunch)
yantar {v} [archaic]  :: to eat
yapa {f}  :: Something that is added, especially something that a merchant gives to a buyer to complete the amount requested, or something extra given as a bonus; a gratuity, lagniappe
yapar {v}  :: to add a bit extra to a customer's order for free or in order to complete the ordered amount
yaqui {adj}  :: Yaqui
yaqui {mf}  :: Yaqui
yaracuyano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the state of Yaracuy, Venezuela
yaracuyano {m}  :: Someone from the state of Yaracuy, Venezuela
yarará {f}  :: Any of a number of pit vipers of the genus Bothrops
yarda {f}  :: yard (distance)
yarda {f} [US]  :: yard sale
yardaje {m}  :: yardage
yaro {m}  :: alternative form of aro (arum lily)
yarumo {m}  :: The pumpwood tree
yatagán {m}  :: yataghan (type of sword)
yate {m}  :: yacht
yautía {f}  :: yautia, Xanthosoma
yaya {f}  :: granny, gran
yayabera {f}  :: feminine noun of yayabero
yayabero {adj}  :: Of or from the municipality and city of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
yayabero {m}  :: An inhabitant of the municipality and city of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba
yayo {m} [mainly Spain, Catalonia, colloquial]  :: grandpa, pops
yazidí {adj}  :: Yazidi
yazidí {mf}  :: Yazidi
yazidi {adj}  :: Yazidi
yazidi {mf}  :: Yazidi
yazidismo {m}  :: Yazidism
yíddish {m}  :: alternative form of yidis
yídish {m}  :: alternative form of yidis
ye {f}  :: letter: y
yeca {f}  :: alternative spelling of lleca
yedra {f}  :: ivy
yegua {f}  :: mare
yegua {f}  :: heifer
yegua {f}  :: a contemptible fat woman
yegua {f}  :: The letter Y in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
yelmo {m}  :: an ancient helmet that covers head and face
yelmo {m} [heraldry]  :: helmet (of a coat of arms)
yema {f} [botany]  :: bud; shoot
yema {f}  :: yolk (of an egg)
yema del dedo {f}  :: fingertip
yemení {adj}  :: Yemeni
yemení {mf}  :: Yemeni
yemenita {adj}  :: Yemenite; Yemeni
yemenita {mf}  :: Yemenite; Yemeni
yen {m}  :: yen
-yendo {suffix}  :: -ing
yerba {f}  :: yerba (Ilex paraguaiensis)
yerba {f}  :: alternative form of hierba
yerba buena {f}  :: alternative form of hierba buena, mint
yerba del manso {f}  :: alternative form of yerba mansa
yerba mansa {f}  :: yerba mansa
yerba mate {f}  :: Ilex paraguariensis, a plant used to make maté
yerbabuena {f}  :: alternative spelling of yerba buena
yerbaluisa {f}  :: alternative spelling of hierbaluisa
yerbera {f}  :: feminine noun of yerbero
yerbero {m}  :: alternative form of hierbero
yermar {v} [obsolete]  :: to lay waste
yermar {v} [obsolete]  :: to leave fallow, to abandon as wasteland
yermo {m}  :: wasteland
yermo {adj}  :: barren; deserted
yerno {m}  :: son-in-law
yerro {m}  :: error, blunder
yersi {m} [Latin America]  :: alternative form of jersey
yerto {adj}  :: stiff; rigid
yesca {f}  :: tinder
yesería {f}  :: plastering, plasterwork
yeísmo {m}  :: the merging of the sounds represented by the letter elle ("ll") and the letter ye ("y")
yeso {m}  :: plaster
yeso {m}  :: gypsum
yeso {m}  :: plaster cast
yesquero {m}  :: tinderbox
yeti {m}  :: yeti
yeyé {m}  :: yé-yé
yeyo {m} [Dominican Republic, slang]  :: dizziness
yeyuno {m} [anatomy]  :: jejunum
yeyuno {adj}  :: jejune
yezgo {m}  :: dwarf elder
yibutiano {adj}  :: Djiboutian
yibutiano {m}  :: Djiboutian
yidahista {mf}  :: jihadist
yiddish {m}  :: alternative form of yidis
yidis {m}  :: Yiddish
yigüirro {m} [Costa Rica]  :: the clay-colored thrush (Turdus grayi)
yihad {f}  :: jihad
yihadismo {m}  :: jihadism
yihadista {mf}  :: jihadist
yin yang {m}  :: yin yang
yincana {f}  :: gymkhana
yines {mp}  :: jeans
yinn {m}  :: jinn, djinn
yinyang {m}  :: yin-yang
yipeta {f} [Dominican Republic]  :: SUV, sport utility vehicle
yipi {m}  :: jeep
yira {f} [colloquial, Latin American Spanish, pejorative]  :: harlot; prostitute
yirar {vi} [Argentina, Paraguay]  :: To wander, to ramble (to walk without a purpose or destination)
yámana {adj}  :: Of the Yaghan people
yámana {mf}  :: A member of the Yaghan people
yámbico {adj}  :: iambic
yo {pron}  :: First-person singular pronoun in the nominative case; I
yo {m} [psychoanalysis]  :: Freud's concept of the ego
y/o {conj}  :: and/or
yo no hablo español {phrase}  :: I don't speak Spanish
yo no hablo inglés {phrase}  :: I don't speak English
yo no he sido {phrase}  :: it wasn't me
yo que tú {phrase}  :: if I were you
yo sabré {interj}  :: it is my life
yo soy británica {phrase}  :: I am British
yo soy británico {phrase}  :: I am British
yo también {phrase}  :: me too
yobaca {m}  :: alternative spelling of llobaca
yoctogramo {m}  :: yoctogram
yodación {f}  :: iodination
yodado {adj}  :: iodized
yodato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: iodate
yodización {f}  :: iotation
yodo {m}  :: iodine
yodoformo {m} [chemistry]  :: iodoform
yodopsina {f} [protein]  :: photopsin, iodopsin
yodurar {v}  :: to iodize
yoduro {m}  :: iodide, I-
yoga {m}  :: yoga
yogui {m}  :: yogi; yoga practitioner
yogur {m}  :: yogurt
yogurín {m} [colloquial]  :: toy boy
yogurín {m} [colloquial]  :: Jack the lad
yogurt {m}  :: alternative form of yogur
yogurtería {f}  :: yogurt shop
yoista {adj}  :: Yoist
yoista {mf}  :: Yoist
yola {f}  :: yawl; small boat with oars and sail
yongberi {f}  :: youngberry
yonki {mf}  :: alternative form of yonqui
yonqui {mf} [colloquial]  :: A drug user
yoreño {adj}  :: Of or from Yoro, Honduras
yoreño {m}  :: Someone from Yoro, Honduras
yoruba {m}  :: Yoruba (language)
yoruba {mf}  :: Yoruba (people)
yorugua {m} [vesre]  :: Uruguayan
yottametro {m}  :: yottametre
youtuber {mf}  :: YouTuber
yoyó {m}  :: yo-yo
yoyega {m} [vesre]  :: Galician
yoyega {m} [vesre, by extension]  :: Spaniard or Latin American of direct Spanish descent
yoyo {m}  :: yo-yo
yrigoyenismo {m}  :: The beliefs or support of Hipólito Yrigoyen
yrigoyenista {adj}  :: Of, relating to, or supporting, Hipólito Yrigoyen, President of Argentina 1916-1922, and 1928-1930
yrigoyenista {mf}  :: A supporter of Hipólito Yrigoyen
yérsey {m} [Latin America]  :: alternative form of jersey
yuan {m}  :: yuan
yubarta {f}  :: humpback whale
yuca {f}  :: yucca plant
yuca {f}  :: cassava
yucal {m}  :: piece of land cultivating yucca
yucateca {f}  :: feminine noun of yucateco
yucateco {adj}  :: of the Yucatán
yucateco {m}  :: a person from the Yucatán
yudo {m}  :: judo
yudoca {mf}  :: judoka
yue {m}  :: Yue (the Sinitic language which includes Cantonese)
yugada {f}  :: yoke (animals who pull a yoke)
yugal {adj}  :: jugal
yugo {m}  :: yoke
yugoslavo {adj}  :: Yugoslavian
yugoslavo {m}  :: Yugoslavian
yuguero {m}  :: ploughman
yugular {adj}  :: jugular
yugular {f} [anatomy]  :: jugular
yugular {v}  :: to cut someone's throat
yugular {v}  :: to cut off
yumurino {adj}  :: Of or from Matanzas
yumurino {m}  :: Someone from Matanzas
yunco {m}  :: petrel
yungas {fp}  :: tropical valleys
yunque {m}  :: anvil
yunquecito {m}  :: little petrel
yunta {f}  :: a pair or yoke of oxen
yunta {f}  :: cuff link, cufflink
yupi {m}  :: alternative form of yuppy
yuppie {m}  :: alternative spelling of yuppy
yuppy {m}  :: yuppy (young upwardly mobile urban professional person)
yurta {f}  :: yurt (large, round tent with vertical walls and conical roof)
yuso {adv} [obsolete]  :: down
yute {m}  :: jute
yuxtaponer {vt}  :: to juxtapose
yuxtaposición {f}  :: juxtaposition
yuyera {f}  :: feminine noun of yuyero
yuyero {m} [Paraguay, Argentina]  :: herbalist
yuyo {m}  :: Chondracanthus chamissoi, an edible seaweed
yuyo {m}  :: tea
yuyu {m} [colloquial, childish]  :: the creeps, the heeby-jeebies
yuzu {m}  :: yuzu