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Z {letter}  :: The 27th letter of the Spanish alphabet
ZA {prop}  :: abbreviation of Zacatecas (Mexican state)
ZIP {acronym}  :: Zona Industrial de Procesamiento (Exportación) or Zona Industrial para el Procesamiento de las Exportaciones
Zabala {prop}  :: surname common on the Basque Country
Zabulón {prop} {m}  :: Zebulun [biblical character]
Zacapa {prop}  :: Zacapa (department)
Zacarías {prop} {m} [bible]  :: Zechariah (the book of the Bible)
Zacatecas {prop} {m}  :: Zacatecas (state)
Zafra {prop} {f}  :: surname
Zagreb {prop} {m}  :: Zagreb
Zaire {prop}  :: Zaire
Zaldívar {prop}  :: Zaldívar (village)
Zaldívar {prop}  :: surname
Zambia {prop} {f}  :: Zambia
Zambrano {prop}  :: surname
Zamora {prop} {f}  :: Zamora (province)
Zamora {prop} {f}  :: Zamora (city)
Zamora {prop} {f}  :: surname
Zanzíbar {prop}  :: Zanzibar
Zapata {prop}  :: surname
Zapata {prop}  :: The letter Z in the Spanish phonetic alphabet
Zapatero {prop}  :: surname
Zaragoza {prop} {f}  :: Zaragoza (province)
Zaragoza {prop} {f}  :: Zaragoza (city)
Zebedeo {prop} {m}  :: Zebedee
Zelanda {prop} {f}  :: Zealand
Zemfira {prop} {f}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Земфи́ра
Zeus {prop} {m} [Greek god]  :: Zeus
Zúñiga {prop} {mf}  :: surname
Zimbabue {prop} {m}  :: Zimbabwe
Zinacantán {prop} {m}  :: Zinacantán
Zinfandel {m}  :: zinfandel
Zornoza {prop}  :: surname
Zoroastro {prop} {m}  :: Zoroaster
Zárate {prop}  :: surname
Zúrich {prop} {m}  :: Zúrich (city)
Zuazo {prop}  :: surname
Zubiri {prop}  :: surname
Zuñiga {prop} {f}  :: surname
Zulma {prop} {f}  :: given name
Zulueta {prop}  :: Zulueta (village)
Zulueta {prop}  :: surname
Zumarraga {prop}  :: Zumarraga (town)
Zumarraga {prop}  :: surname
z {letter}  :: letter: zeta
za {interj} [usually said to an animal]  :: scat, get out of here
zabeca {f} [vesre]  :: head
zabordar {v} [nautical]  :: to run aground
zabullir {v}  :: to submerge
zacamecate {m} [Mexico]  :: A scourer made from plant fiber
zacatal {m} [Central America, Mexico, Philippines]  :: grassland, pasture
zacate {m} [Mexico, Central America, Philippines, California, Texas]  :: grass; forage
zacate {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: hay
zacate {m} [Mexico, colloquial]  :: scourer
zacatecano {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Mexican state of Zacatecas
zacatero {m} [chiefly Nicaragua]  :: One who works with hay either by cutting or selling it
zacatuche {m} [Mexico]  :: volcano rabbit
zafacón {m} [Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic]  :: wastebasket
zafar {vt}  :: To loosen; to untie
zafar {vr}  :: To come undone; to loosen up
zafar {vr}  :: To free oneself of; to get free of
zafarrancho {m} [nautical]  :: clearing the decks
zafarrancho {m} [colloquial]  :: destruction
zafarrancho {m} [colloquial]  :: rumpus, quarrel, row, shindy, dustup
zafarse {v}  :: reflexive of zafar
zaffaronismo {m}  :: The beliefs or support of Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni, Argentinian lawyer
zafiedad {f}  :: coarseness, rudeness
zafio {adj}  :: coarse; crude; crass
zafir {m}  :: alternative spelling of zafiro
zafiro {m}  :: sapphire
zafra {f}  :: colander (kitchen utensil)
zafra {f}  :: season (part of the year when something happens)
zafra {f}  :: oil bottle
zafral {adj}  :: seasonal
zaga {f}  :: rear (back part of someone or something)
zaga {f} [sports]  :: defense, rearguard
zagal {m}  :: swain, boy, lad, youth
zagala {f} [colloquial]  :: chick, sheila, gal
zagaletón {m} [Venezuela]  :: teenager
zagaletona {f} [Venezuela]  :: teenager
zagual {m}  :: canoe paddle
zaguate {m} [Costa Rica]  :: stray dog, mutt
zaguero {m} [soccer]  :: fullback
zaguán {m}  :: vestibule; front hall or entryway; foyer
zaherir {v}  :: to criticize severely
zaherir {v}  :: to wound
zahína {f}  :: sorghum
zahones {mp}  :: chaps
zahorí {m}  :: soothsayer; sagacious person
zahorí {m}  :: dowser
zahúrda {f}  :: pigsty
zaida {f}  :: demoiselle crane, Anthropoides virgo
zaino {adj}  :: chestnut (color)
zaireño {adj}  :: Zairian
zaireño {m}  :: Zairian
zalamería {f}  :: sweet-talk; flattery
zalamero {m}  :: flatterer; sweet talker
zalamero {adj}  :: flattering, fawning, smarmy
zalea {f}  :: sheepskin
zalema {f}  :: deep bow
zalema {f}  :: alternative spelling of zalamería
zamacueca {f} [Chile, Peru]  :: a folk dance and the music that goes with it
zamacueca {f}  :: (Puerto Rico) hypocrite
zamarrear {vt}  :: to shake
zambiana {f}  :: feminine noun of zambiano
zambiano {adj}  :: Zambian; of or relating to Zambia
zambiano {m}  :: Zambian; citizen of Zambia
zambo {adj}  :: Sambo
zamboangueño chavacano {m}  :: Zamboanga Chavacano
zambomba {f}  :: zambomba
zambombazo {m}  :: boom, bash, thud
zambombazo {m}  :: popping, explosion
zambra {f}  :: gypsy dance, zambra
zambra {f} [figurative]  :: uproar
zambullida {f}  :: dive, plunge
zambullidor {m}  :: grebe
zambullir {vr}  :: to dive
zambullirse {vr}  :: to dive; to plunge
zamorano {adj}  :: Of, relating to, or inhabiting any of a number of places bearing the name "Zamora," including those in Spain, Venezuela, and Mexico
zamorano {m}  :: An inhabitant of any of a number of places bearing the name "Zamora," including those in Spain, Venezuela, and Mexico
zampabollos {mf} [colloquial]  :: glutton
zampar {vt} [colloquial, also reflexive]  :: to scoff; wolf down (to eat or drink rapidly)
zampar {vt} [colloquial]  :: to tuck or hide away
zampatortas {mf} [colloquial]  :: glutton
zampoña {f}  :: pan flute
zampullín cuellinegro {m}  :: black-necked grebe
zanahoria {f}  :: carrot
zanca {m}  :: leg of a bird
zanca {m} [colloquial]  :: long, thin leg of a human
zancada {f}  :: step; stride; pace
zancadilla {f}  :: misstep, stumble; trip
zancadilla {f} [colloquial]  :: ruse; trick
zancadillear {vt}  :: to trip someone up; to hinder
zancajear {v}  :: to rush from one place to another
zanco {m}  :: stilt (a pole used for walking)
zancuda {f}  :: wading bird (aves zancudas)
zancudo {adj}  :: long-legged
zancudo {m} [Latin America]  :: mosquito
zanfona {f}  :: hurdy-gurdy
zanganear {v}  :: to drone
zanganear {v}  :: to loaf
zanja {f}  :: ditch; trench
zanjar {v}  :: to dig a trench
zanjar {v}  :: to resolve; to settle
zanjar {v}  :: to remove difficulties
zanjero {m}  :: An official in charge of water supplies
zanninismo {m}  :: The beliefs or support of Carlos Zannini, Argentinian lawyer and politician
zanquera {f}  :: stiltwalker
zanquero {m}  :: stiltwalker
zapador {m} [military]  :: sapper
zapallito {m}  :: pumpkin
zapallo {m}  :: zucchini, courgette
zapallo {m}  :: pumpkin, gourd
zapapico {m}  :: pickaxe
zapar {v}  :: to sap
zapar {v}  :: to undermine
zapata {f} [automotive]  :: brake shoe
zapata {f}  :: washer
zapatacón {m}  :: high-heeled shoe
zapatazo {m}  :: blow with a shoe
zapatazo {m}  :: strong kick
zapateado {m}  :: zapateado
zapatear {v}  :: to give the boot; to dismiss
zapatería {f}  :: shoe factory; shoestore
zapatería {f}  :: cobbler; shoemaker's
zapatera {f}  :: feminine noun of zapatero
zapatera remendona {f}  :: feminine noun of zapatero remendón
zapateril {adj} [politics]  :: Pertaining to the governance of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain between 2004 and 2011
zapaterismo {m}  :: The ideology of followers of the former prime minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
zapatero {adj}  :: tough; undercooked
zapatero {m}  :: shoemaker; cobbler
zapatero {m} [insects]  :: water strider
zapatero, a tus zapatos {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: cobbler, stick to thy last. Used to criticize someone who opines about a subject without knowing it
zapatero remendón {m}  :: cobbler (repairer of shoes)
zapatiesta {f} [colloquial]  :: shindy, slanging match
zapatilla {f}  :: slipper (house shoe)
zapatilla {f}  :: sneaker
zapatilla {f}  :: cleat
zapatillazo {m}  :: whack with a shoe
zapatillazo {m} [figurative]  :: piece of one's mind
zapatismo {m}  :: Zapatismo
zapatista {adj}  :: Zapatist
zapatista {mf}  :: Zapatista
zapatito {m}  :: diminutive of zapato
zapatón {m} [Latin America]  :: overshoe, galosh
zapato {m}  :: shoe
zapato de aguja {m}  :: stiletto
zapear {v} [Spain]  :: to channel hop
zapeo {m} [Spain]  :: channel hopping
zapán {f} [vesre]  :: paunch
zapote {m}  :: mamey sapote
zapote mamey {m}  :: The mamey sapote
zapoteca {f}  :: feminine noun of zapoteco
zapoteco {adj}  :: Zapotec
zapoteco {m}  :: Zapotec
zapoteco {prop} {m}  :: Zapotec (language)
zapping {m} [Spain]  :: channel hopping, channel surfing
zar {m}  :: tsar, czar
zarabanda {f}  :: saraband
zaragata {f} [colloquial]  :: quarrel; fight
zaragata {f} [colloquial]  :: disorder; confusion
zaragüellos {m}  :: overalls
zaragocí {adj}  :: Saragossan
zaragocí {mf}  :: Saragossan
zaragozano {adj}  :: From Saragossa (Zaragoza); Saragossan
zaragozano {m}  :: A person from Saragossa (Zaragoza); Saragossan
zarandajas {fp}  :: trifles, petty things
zarandear {vt}  :: to sift, to sieve
zarandear {vt}  :: to shake, to jiggle
zarapatera {f}  :: A Peruvian dish made of the meat of tortoise (especially the yellow-footed tortoise)
zarapito {m}  :: curlew
zarapito {m}  :: whimbrel
zaratán {m}  :: breast cancer
zarceta {f}  :: teal (small duck)
zarcillo {m}  :: (botany) tendril
zarco {adj}  :: light blue
zarigüeya {f}  :: opossum
zarina {f}  :: tsarina, czarina
zarismo {m}  :: czarism
zarista {adj}  :: czarist
zarista {mf}  :: czarist
zarpa {f}  :: paw
zarpa {f}  :: claw
zarpar {vi} [nautical]  :: to embark; to set sail
zarpazo {m}  :: a hit with a claw or paw
zarpazo {m}  :: thud
zarpazo {m}  :: clawing action
zarrapastroso {adj}  :: unkempt; untidy
zarumeña {f}  :: feminine noun of zarumeño
zarumeño {adj}  :: Of or from the city of Zaruma, Ecuador
zarumeño {m}  :: An inhabitant of the city of Zaruma, Ecuador
zarza {f}  :: blackberry bush
zarza {f}  :: bramble (thorny shrub)
zarza armeniana {f}  :: Himalayan blackberry
zarza boysen {f}  :: boysenberry
zarza californiana {f}  :: Douglas berry
zarza de California {f}  :: Douglas berry
zarza de Young {f}  :: youngberry
zarza de boysen {f}  :: boysenberry
zarza de olallie {f}  :: olallieberry
zarza douglas {f}  :: Douglas berry
zarza himalayana {f}  :: Himalayan blackberry
zarza olalia {f}  :: olallieberry
zarza pajarera {f}  :: dewberry
zarzal {m}  :: bramble
zarzal {m}  :: underbrush
zarzamora {f}  :: blackberry
zarzamora {f}  :: blackberry bush; bramble
zarzaparilla {f}  :: sarsaparilla
zarzaparrilla {f}  :: The sarsaparilla plant
zarzaparrilla {f}  :: The soft drink sarsaparilla
zarzo {m}  :: hurdle; wattle
zarzuela {f} [music]  :: zarzuela
zas {interj}  :: bang!
zasca {m} [colloquial]  :: rebuttal, smackdown
zasca {m} [colloquial]  :: smack, whack
zasca {interj}  :: bosh, bash (imitation of a hit)
zascandil {m} [Spain, colloquial]  :: layabout; gadabout
zascandilear {v}  :: to piss about; to fuss about
zayin {f}  :: zayin
zayn {f}  :: zayin; the Hebrew letter ז
zócalo {m} [architecture]  :: socle, base, footing, skirting, skirting board; frieze
zócalo {m} [chiefly Mexico]  :: public square, town square, plaza, zocalo
zódiac {f}  :: RIB, motorized rubber dinghy
zeatina {f} [biochemistry]  :: zeatin
zeaxantina {f} [organic compound]  :: zeaxanthin
zebra {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cebra
zelador {m}  :: zealot, zealotist
zelo {m}  :: obsolete form of celo
zempasúchil {m} [Mexico]  :: Variant of cempasúchil
zenit {m}  :: alternative spelling of cenit
zepelín {m}  :: zeppelin
zeptogramo {m}  :: zeptogram
zeta {f}  :: the letter Z
zeta {f}  :: zeta; the Greek letter Ζ, ζ
zeta {f}  :: theta; the Greek letter Θ, θ
zettametro {m}  :: zettametre
zeugma {m} [rhetoric]  :: zeugma
zeugmático {adj}  :: zeugmatic
zifio {m}  :: beaked whale
zifio calderón boreal {m}  :: northern bottlenose whale
zigomorfo {adj} [biology]  :: zygomorphic (having bilateral symmetry)
zigoto {m}  :: zygote
zigurat {m}  :: ziggurat
zigzag {m}  :: zigzag
zig-zag {m}  :: zig-zag
zigzagueante {adj}  :: Zigzagging; winding, curving, or twisting
zigzaguear {vi}  :: to zigzag
zigzagueo {m}  :: the action of zigzagging
zika {m}  :: zika
zimasa {f} [enzyme]  :: zymase
zimbabuense {adj}  :: Zimbabwean
zimbabuense {mf}  :: Zimbabwean
zimógeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: zymogen
zinc {m}  :: alternative spelling of cinc
zine {m}  :: A zine
zinnia {f}  :: zinnia
zip {m} [computing]  :: zip
zircón {m}  :: zircon
zirconita {f}  :: zirconite
zizaña {f}  :: obsolete spelling of cizaña
zloty {m}  :: zloty
-zón {suffix}  :: alternative spelling of -ón
zángano {m}  :: drone bee
zángano {m}  :: idler, loafer
zángano {m}  :: sponger, scrounger
zúngaro {m}  :: long-whiskered catfish
zíngaro {m}  :: alternative form of cíngaro
zíngaro {adj}  :: alternative form of cíngaro
zoca {f}  :: square
zocato {adj} [colloquial]  :: left-handed
zoclo {m}  :: clog; sabot
zoco {m}  :: souq (market)
zoco {adj}  :: left-handed
zodíaco {m}  :: zodiac
zodiac {m}  :: rubber dinghy
zodiacal {adj}  :: zodiacal
zodiaco {m}  :: zodiac
zoófito {m}  :: zoophyte
zoóloga {f}  :: feminine noun of zoólogo
zoólogo {m}  :: zoologist
zolpidén {m}  :: zolpidem
zombi {mf}  :: zombie
zombie {m}  :: alternative spelling of zombi
zombificar {v}  :: to zombify (convert into a zombie)
zompantli {m}  :: In some Mesoamerican civilizations, a wooden rack or palisade used for the public display of human skulls
zompopo {m}  :: A type of leafcutter ant
zona {f}  :: zone, district, area
zona del euro {prop} {f}  :: Eurozone
zona erógena {f}  :: erogenous zone
zona euro {prop} {f}  :: Eurozone
zona horaria {f}  :: time zone
zona roja {f}  :: red-light district
zonaje {m}  :: zoning
zonal {adj}  :: zonal
zonificación {f}  :: zonification; zoning
zonificar {vt}  :: to zone (to divide into zones)
zonzo {adj}  :: silly; stupid
zonzo {m}  :: idiot; dunce
zoo {m}  :: zoo
zoo- {prefix}  :: zoo-
-zoo {suffix} [zoology]  :: -zoan
zoofilia {f}  :: zoophilia
zoofílico {adj}  :: zoophilic
zoofobia {f}  :: zoophobia
zoografía {f}  :: zoography
zoológico {m}  :: zoo
zoológico {adj}  :: zoological
zoología {f}  :: zoology
zoom {m} [photography]  :: zoom
zoomorfo {adj}  :: zoomorphic
zoonosis {f}  :: zoonosis
zoonótico {adj}  :: zoonotic
zooplancton {m}  :: zooplankton
zoosanitario {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to animals' health
zoosanitario {m}  :: administrative body charged with the health of animals
zootecnista {mf}  :: zootechnician (specialist in zootechnics)
zooterapia {f}  :: zootherapy, animal-assisted therapy (AAT)
zooxantela {f}  :: zooxanthella
zooxantelado {adj} [zoology]  :: zooxanthellate
zopenca {f}  :: feminine of zopenco
zopenco {adj}  :: stupid, idiotic
zopenco {m}  :: idiot
zopilote {m}  :: a zopilote, a buzzard, a vulture
zoque {mf}  :: Zoque
zoque {m}  :: Zoque (language)
zoque {adj}  :: Zoque
zoquete {m} [colloquial]  :: blockhead; oaf
zoroastrianismo {m}  :: alternative form of zoroastrismo
zoroastriano {adj}  :: Zoroastrian
zoroastrismo {m}  :: Zoroastrianism
zorra {f}  :: vixen; female fox
zorra {f} [colloquial]  :: prostitute
zorra {f} [colloquial]  :: an attractive woman
zorra {f} [colloquial]  :: a cunning woman
zorrastrón {adj} [colloquial]  :: wily, crafty
zorrastrón {mf}  :: A rogue; a wily person
zorrear {v} [vulgar]  :: to whore, act like a slut
zorrete {m} [Argentina]  :: fox
zorrilla {f}  :: feminine of zorillo
zorrillo {m}  :: skunk
zorrillo {m} [pejorative, colloquial]  :: A badly smelling person
zorrita {f}  :: diminutive of zorra
zorro {m}  :: fox (carnivore)
zorro {m} [by extension, figuratively]  :: fox (sly or cunning person)
zorro {m} [Argentina]  :: jack (device used to raise and temporarily support a heavy object)
zorro {m} [by extension, figuratively]  :: beacon
zorro {adj}  :: clever, crafty, sly
zorro gris {m}  :: The South American gray fox
zorro patagónico {m}  :: The South American gray fox
zorro volador {m}  :: flying fox
zorruno {adj}  :: foxlike; foxy
zorzal {m}  :: thrush
zotol {m} [Mexico]  :: alternative spelling of sotol
zouk {m}  :: zouk
zozobra {f}  :: anxiety; worry
zozobrar {v} [nautical]  :: to capsize, to founder, to sink
zozobrar {v} [of a business or project]  :: To fail
zozobrar {v} [of a person]  :: To worry, or fret. To be anxious
zíper {m} [chiefly Central America and Mexico]  :: zipper
zuavo {m}  :: Zouave
zueco {m}  :: clog (shoe)
zueco {m}  :: galosh
-zuela {suffix}  :: alternative form of -uela
zuñi {m}  :: The Zuni (people)
zulú {adj}  :: Zulu
zulú {mf}  :: Zulu
zulú {m}  :: Zulu (language)
zuliano {adj}  :: of or from Zulia
zuliano {m}  :: Someone from Zulia
zulla {f} [colloquial]  :: human excrement, feces
zulla {f}  :: French honeysuckle (Hedysarum coronarium)
zulo {m}  :: cache, hiding place
zumacal {m}  :: sumach plantation
zumacar {m}  :: sumach plantation
zumaque {m}  :: sumac
zumaya {f} [Andalusia]  :: screech owl
zumba {f}  :: bashing, beating
zumbado {adj} [colloquial]  :: nuts; loopy; mad
zumbador {m}  :: intercom on a door
zumbador {m}  :: hummingbird
zumbadora {f}  :: Middle American indigo snake
zumbadora {f}  :: buzzer
zumbar {vi}  :: to hum; to buzz
zumbar {vt}  :: to hit
zumbar {vt}  :: to mock
zumbar {v} [colloquial]  :: to screw, shag (have sex)
zumbido {m}  :: buzz, hum (a buzzing or humming noise)
zumillo {m} [plant]  :: friar's cowl, Arisarum vulgare
zumillo {m} [plant]  :: cuckoo pint, Arum italicum
zumillo {m} [plant]  :: dragon arum, Dracunculus vulgaris
zumo {m} [Spain]  :: juice (liquid from a plant)
zumo {m}  :: profit, gain
zumo {m}  :: extract, herbal tincture
zumo de limón {m}  :: lemon juice
zumo de manzana {m}  :: apple juice
zumo de naranja {m}  :: orange juice
zumoso {adj}  :: juicy (having lots of juice)
zunga {f}  :: thong (swimwear)
zunzún {m}  :: hummingbird
zuquini {m}  :: (irregular) zucchini
zurcidor {adj}  :: mending
zurcidor {m}  :: mender; darner
zurcidora {f}  :: feminine noun of zurcidor
zurcir {vt}  :: To darn; to mend
zurda {f}  :: feminine noun of zurdo
zurdazo {m}  :: left-handed punch, backhand
zurdera {f}  :: left-handedness
zurdito {adj}  :: diminutive of zurdo
zurdo {m}  :: left-handed person
zurdo {adj}  :: left-handed
zurear {v}  :: to coo
zuro {m} [Spain]  :: corncob
zurracapote {f}  :: zurracapote
zurrar {v}  :: to thrash, thwack
zurriagazo {m}  :: lash, stroke (of whip)
zurriagazo {m}  :: misfortune
zurriago {m}  :: bullwhip
zurriar {v}  :: to buzz, whirr
zurribanda {f} [colloquial]  :: fight; quarrel; whipping
zurriburri {m} [colloquial]  :: ragamuffin; mob; uproar
zurrir {v}  :: to whir
zurrón {m}  :: globe daisy
zurrón {m}  :: Lincolnshire spinach
zurrona {f} [colloquial]  :: loose woman, tramp
zurubí {m} [Argentina, Bolivia]  :: alternative spelling of surubí
zurullo {m} [colloquial, slang]  :: turd
zutana {f}  :: feminine noun of zutano
zutano {m}  :: what's-his-name; so-and-so
zuzar {v}  :: to incite
zwingliana {f}  :: feminine noun of zwingliano
zwingliano {adj}  :: Zwinglian (relating to Zwingli, Swiss Protestant reformer)
zwingliano {m}  :: Zwinglian (a follower of Zwingli)
zwitterión {m} [chemistry]  :: zwitterion
zwitteriónico {adj} [chemistry]  :: zwitterionic