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G {letter}  :: letter: gee
gaala {n}  :: gala
gaalailta {n}  :: gala night
gabardiini {n}  :: gabardine
gabbinkissafretti {n}  :: Northern olingo (Bassaricyon gabbii)
gabbinolingo {n}  :: Northern olingo (Bassaricyon gabbii)
Gabon {prop}  :: Gabon
gabonilainen {adj}  :: Gabonese
gabonilainen {n}  :: A Gabonese person
gaboninkyy {n}  :: Gaboon viper (Bitis gabonica)
gaboninmahonki {n}  :: angouma, gaboon, okoumé (Aucoumea klaineana)
gaboninmarakatti {n}  :: Angolan talapoin (Miopithecus talapoin)
Gabriel {prop}  :: Gabriel (Archangel)
Gabriel {prop}  :: given name
gabro {n} [geology]  :: gabbro
Gadolin {prop}  :: surname
gadoliniitti {n} [mineral]  :: gadolinite
gadolinium {n}  :: gadolinium
gadoteerihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: gadoteric acid
gaeli {n}  :: Scottish Gaelic (language)
gaelin kieli {n}  :: Scottish Gaelic language
gaelinkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Scottish Gaelic language
gaelinkielinen {adj}  :: Speaking Scottish Gaelic
gaelintaa {v}  :: to translate into Scottish Gaelic
gagaatti {n}  :: jet (coal)
Gaia {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Gaea
galago {prop}  :: galago
galaksi {n} [astronomy]  ::  galaxy
galaksijoukko {n} [astronomy]  :: galaxy cluster
galaksimuuri {n} [cosmology]  :: galaxy filament, supercluster complex, great wall (massive, thread-like formation of gravitationally bound galaxies forming the boundaries between large voids in the universe)
galaksipari {n}  :: galaxy pair (system of two galaxies that are sufficiently close to each other to interact gravitationally)
galaksiryhmä {n} [astronomy]  :: galaxy group
galaktaani {n}  :: galactan (polysaccharide consisting of many galactose residues)
galaktinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: galactic
galaktoosi {n} [carbohydrate]  :: galactose
galaktorrea {n} [medicine]  :: galactorrhoea
galaliitti {n}  :: Galalith
galantti {adj} [rare]  :: gallant
galapagoksenjättirotta {n}  :: alternative spelling of galapagosinjättirotta
galapagosinhiiru {n}  :: Galápagos mouse (mouse of the genus Nesoryzomys, native to Galápagos Islands)
galapagosinhiiru {n}  :: indefatigable Galápagos mouse, Nesoryzomys indefessus
galapagosinhylje {n}  :: Galápagos fur seal, Arctocephalus galapagoensis
galapagosinjättirotta {n}  :: Galápagos giant rat, Megaoryzomys curioi (an extinct sigmodontine rodent known only from Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos Islands)
galapagosinmerikarhu {n}  :: Galápagos fur seal, Arctocephalus galapagoensis
galapagosinmerileijona {n}  :: Galápagos sea lion (Zalophus wollebaeki)
galapagosinriisirattu {n}  :: Galápagos rice rat, Aegialomys galapagoensis, formerly Oryzomys g.
galatalainen {adj} [archaic]  :: Galatian (of or pertaining to Galatia, a region in central Turkey)
galatalaiskirje {n}  :: Galatians (St. Paul's letter to the Galatians)
Galatalaiskirje {prop}  :: Galatians (book in the New Testament)
galatialainen {adj}  :: Galatian (of or pertaining to Galatia, a region in central Turkey)
galatialainen {adj}  :: Galatian (person from Galatia)
galeassi {n} [nautical, historical]  :: A galleass (type of ship)
galego {n}  :: Galician (language)
galegon kieli {n}  :: Galician language
galeniitti {n} [mineral]  :: galena
galicia {n}  :: Galician (language)
Galicia {prop}  :: Galicia (region in NW Spain, north of Portugal)
galician kieli {n}  :: Galician language
galilealainen {n}  :: Galilean (person)
galilealainen {adj}  :: Galilean
Galitsia {prop}  :: Galicia (historical kingdom in Central Europe, now divided between Poland and Ukraine)
galla {n} [dated]  :: Oromo (a language of Ethiopia)
gallan kieli {n} [dated]  :: Oromo language
Gallen {prop}  :: surname
galleria {n}  :: gallery
galleristi {n}  :: gallerist
gallialainen {adj}  :: Gallic
gallialainen {n}  :: A Gallic person
gallialaisuus {n}  :: Gaulishness
galliinihappo {n}  :: gallic acid
gallium {n}  :: gallium
galliumarsenidi {n} [chemistry]  :: gallium arsenide
galliumfosfidi {n} [chemistry]  :: gallium phosphide
Gallén {prop}  :: surname
gallomaani {n}  :: Gallomaniac (enthusiast of all things French)
gallona {n}  :: gallon
gallup {n}  :: Gallup poll
gallupkysely {n}  :: Gallup poll
gallupoida {v} [colloquial]  :: To poll, survey (opinions)
gallupointi {n}  :: polling, surveying
galluptutkimus {n}  :: Gallup survey
gallushappo {n} [chemistry]  :: gallic acid
galmeija {n} [mineral]  :: calamine
Galápagossaaret {prop}  :: Galapagos Islands
galvaaninen {adj}  :: galvanic
galvaanisempi {adj}  :: comparative of galvaaninen
galvaanisesti {adv}  :: galvanically
galvaanisin {adj}  :: superlative of galvaaninen
galvanisaatio {n}  :: galvanization
galvanoida {vt} [chemistry]  :: To galvanise/galvanize
galvanointi {n}  :: electroplating
galvanointi {n}  :: galvanizing
galvanoitua {v}  :: to be galvanized
galvanotekniikka {n}  :: electroplating technology
Gambia {prop}  :: Gambia
gambialainen {n}  :: a Gambian person
gambialainen {adj}  :: Gambian
gambianaurinko-orava {n}  :: Gambian sun squirrel, Heliosciurus gambianus
gambianepolettihekko {n}  :: Gambian epauletted fruit bat, Epomophorus gambianus
gambianmangusti {n}  :: Gambian mongoose, Mungos gambianus
gambianolkalepakko {n}  :: Gambian epauletted fruit bat, Epomophorus gambianus
gambiitti {n} [chess]  :: gambit
gameetti {n} [cytology]  :: gamete
gametosyytti {n} [cytology]  :: gametocyte (cell that develops into a gamete)
gamma {n}  :: gamma
gamma-aminovoihappo {n} [pharmacology]  :: aminobutyric acid
gammafunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: gamma function
gammaglobuliini {n}  :: gamma globulin
gammahydroksibutyraatti {n}  :: gamma-hydroxybutyrate (chemstry: salt or ester of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid)
gammahydroksivoihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: gamma-hydroxybutyric acid
gammakuvaus {n}  :: gamma imaging (photography using gamma rays, applied e.g. in medical examination)
gammapurkaus {n} [astronomy]  :: gamma-ray burst, GRB
gammasäde {n} [physics]  :: gamma ray
gammasäteilijä {n} [physics]  :: gamma emitter
gammasäteily {n}  :: gamma radiation
gammayökkönen {n}  :: silver Y, Autographa gamma (migratory moth of the family Noctuidae, named for the silvery Y- or gamma-shaped mark on each of its forewings)
gangesingaviaali {n}  :: gavial, gharial (crocodilian Gavialis gangeticus; the only extant species of the family Gavialidae)
gangesinjokidelfiini {n}  :: Ganges river dolphin, Platanista gangetica sp. gangetica, a subspecies of Souh Asian river dolphin, Platanista gangetica
gangesinsusu {n} [dated]  :: Ganges river dolphin, Platanista gangetica sp. gangetica, a subspecies of Souh Asian river dolphin, Platanista gangetica
ganglio {n} [anatomy]  :: ganglion
ganglio {n} [medicine]  :: ganglion cyst
gangliosidoosi {n} [pathology]  :: gangliosidosis
gangliosolu {n} [anatomy]  :: ganglion cell
gangreeni {n} [medicine]  :: gangrene
gangsteri {n}  :: gangster, mobster
gangsterielokuva {n}  :: gangster movie, gangster film
gangsteriliiga {n}  :: gang (group of criminals who band together for mutual protection and profit)
gangsterismi {n}  :: gangsterism
Ganymedes {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Ganymede
Ganymedes {prop} [astronomy]  :: Ganymede, the satellite of Jupiter
gardenia {n}  :: gardenia
garderobi {n}  :: garderobe, wardrobe
gargoili {n}  :: gargoyle
garifuna {n}  :: Garifuna (person)
garifuna {n}  :: Garifuna (language)
garridonhutia {n}  :: Garrido's hutia, Mysateles garridoi (critically endangered species of hutia found in the Greater Antillean moist forests)
gascognenajokoira {n}  :: Either of two breeds of dog, iso gascognenajokoira (grand bleu de Gascogne) or pieni gascognenajokoira (petit bleu de Gascogne)
gascognenbassetti {n}  :: basset bleu de Gascogne (breed of short-legged hound of French origin)
gaselli {n}  :: gazelle
gasellikotka {n}  :: martial eagle, Polemaetus bellicosus (large eagle found in open and semi-open habitats of sub-Saharan Africa)
gasti {n} [nautical]  :: sailor (other than helmsman)
gastrektomia {n} [surgery]  :: gastrectomy (removal or partial removal of the stomach)
gastriitti {n} [pathology]  :: gastritis
gastroenteriitti {n} [medicine]  :: gastroenteritis
gastroenterologia {n} [medicine]  :: gastroenterology
gastronomi {n}  :: gastronome
gastronomia {n}  :: gastronomy
gastronominen {adj}  :: gastronomical
gastronomisesti {adv}  :: gastronomically
gastroskopia {n} [medicine]  :: gastroscopy (endoscopic inspection of stomach and intestines)
gastrula {n} [embryology]  :: gastrula
gaullelainen {adj}  :: Gaullist
gaullelainen {n}  :: A Gaullist
gaullismi {n}  :: Gaullism
gaullisti {n}  :: Gaullist
gaullistinen {adj}  :: Gaullist
gauri {n}  :: gaur (Bos gaurus)
gaviaali {n}  :: gavial, gharial, Gavialis gangeticus
gaviaali {n}  :: gavialid (any crocodilian of the genus Gavialis)
gavotti {n} [dance]  :: gavotte
gay {n} [colloquial]  :: gay
Gazan kaista {prop}  :: Gaza Strip (Gaza Strip)
gazpacho {n}  :: gazpacho
G-duuri {n} [music]  :: G major
gee {n}  :: letter: g
gee {n} [physics]  :: the unit of acceleration equal to that exerted by gravity
geeli {n}  :: gel (colloid)
geeli {n}  :: gel (cosmetic product)
geelikynä {n}  :: gel pen
geeni {n}  :: gene
-geeni {suffix}  :: -gen
geeniekspressio {n} [genetics]  :: gene expression (transcription and translation of a gene into messenger RNA and thus into a protein)
geenihoito {n}  :: gene therapy
geeni-insinööri {n}  :: genetic engineer
geenikartoitus {n}  :: gene mapping
geenikartta {n}  :: gene map
geenikasetti {n} [genetics]  :: gene cassette
geenimanipulaatio {n}  :: genetic manipulation
geenimuokattu {adj}  :: genetically modified
geenimutaatio {n}  :: genetic mutation
geenimuunneltu {adj}  :: genetically modified
geenimuuntelu {n}  :: genetic modification
geenimuutos {n} [genetics]  :: mutation (any heritable change of the base-pair sequence of genetic material)
-geeninen {adj}  :: -genic
geenin hiljentäminen {n} [genetics]  :: gene silencing (any technique or mechanism in which the expression of a gene is prevented)
geeninsiirto {n}  :: gene transfer
geenipankki {n}  :: gene bank (repository of genetic material)
geeniperhe {n} [genetics]  :: gene family (group of closely related genes)
geeniperimä {n} [genetics]  :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
geeniperintö {n} [genetics]  :: synonym of geeniperimä
geenipääoma {n} [rare]  :: synonym of geenipooli
geenipooli {n} [genetics]  :: gene pool (complete set of unique alleles that would be found by inspecting the genetic material of every living member of a species or population)
geenipyssy {n}  :: gene gun
geeniruoka {n}  :: genetically modified food
geenisiirto {n}  :: alternative form of geeninsiirto
geenistö {n} [genetics]  :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
geenitekniikka {n}  :: genetic engineering
geeniteknologia {n}  :: gene technology
geeniterapia {n}  :: gene therapy
geenitesti {n}  :: genetic test
geenituote {n} [genetics]  :: gene product
geenitutkija {n}  :: genetic engineer (scientist whose speciality is genetic engineering)
geenitutkimus {n}  :: genetic research
geenitykki {n}  :: gene gun
geenivarasto {n} [genetics]  :: synonym of geenipooli
geenivarat {n} [genetics]  :: synonym of geenipooli
geenivirhe {n}  :: genetic error
geenivirta {n} [genetics]  :: gene flow
geiša {n}  :: alternative spelling of geisha
geigermittari {n}  :: Geiger counter
geimit {n} [slang]  :: alternative form of keimit
geisha {n}  :: A geisha
geisha {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms, may also refer to "Geisha" chocolate brand, e.g. geishakakku, geishajäädyke
geishakuula {n} [sex]  :: A geisha ball, Ben Wa ball
geishapallo {n} [sex]  :: A geisha ball, Ben Wa ball
geisir {n}  :: alternative spelling of geysir
gekko {n}  :: gecko
gelada {n}  :: synonym of tselada
gelatiini {n}  :: gelatine
gemena {n}  :: lower case
gemena {adj}  :: lower case
geminaatio {n} [phonetics]  :: gemination
geminaatta {n} [phonetics]  :: geminate consonant
geminoida {v} [phonetics]  :: to geminate (to pronounce a consonant audibly longer than is regarded as normal)
gemmologi {n}  :: gemmologist
gemmologia {n}  :: gemology
gemmologinen {adj}  :: gemological
gemmologisesti {adv}  :: gemologically
gemssi {n}  :: chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
gender-tutkimus {n}  :: gender studies
genealogi {n} [rare]  :: genealogist
genealogia {n}  :: genealogy
geneerinen {adj}  :: generic
geneesi {n}  :: genesis
-geneesi {suffix}  :: -genesis
geneetikko {n}  :: geneticist
geneettinen {adj}  :: genetic
geneettinen algoritmi {n} [computing]  :: genetic algorithm
geneettisesti {adv}  :: genetically
generaattori {n}  :: generator
generalissimus {n}  :: generalissimo
generatiivinen {adj}  :: generative (having the power of generating, propagating, originating, or producing)
generoida {vt}  :: To generate
generointi {n}  :: The act of generating; generation
Genesaretinjärvi {prop}  :: Sea of Galilee (lake in northern Israel)
genetiikka {n} [biology, genetics]  :: genetics
genetiivi {n} [grammar]  :: genitive, genitive case
genetiiviakkusatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: genitive-accusative
genetiiviattribuutti {n} [grammar]  :: genitive attribute
genetiivimuoto {n}  :: genitive form
genetiivinen {adj}  :: genitival, genitive (having genitive form; pertaining to, or derived from, the genitive case)
genetiivisija {n} [grammar]  :: genitive case
genetti {n}  :: genet (any of the feliform mammals in the genus Genetta)
genetti {n}  :: common genet, Genetta genetta
Geneve {prop}  :: Geneva, the city in Switzerland
geneveläinen {adj}  :: Genevan (of or pertaining to Geneva)
geneveläinen {n}  :: Genevan (person from Geneva)
genever {n}  :: jenever, genever, Dutch gin
genisteiini {n} [chemistry]  :: genistein
genitaaliherpes {n} [pathology]  :: genital herpes
genitaalinen {adj}  :: genital
genitaalit {n} [pluralonly]  :: genitals
genomi {n} [genetics]  :: genome (complete genetic information of an organism)
genomiikka {n}  :: genomics
genominen {adj}  :: genomic
genotyyppi {n}  :: genotype
genotyyppinen {adj} [genetics]  :: genotypical (of or relating to genotype)
Genova {prop}  :: Genoa (Italian city)
genovalainen {adj}  :: Genoan (of or pertaining to Genoa)
genovalainen {n}  :: Genoan (person from Genoa)
genre {n}  :: genre
gentlemanni {n}  :: gentleman
gentlemannisopimus {n}  :: synonym of herrasmiessopimus
geo- {prefix}  :: geo-
geobiologia {n}  :: geobiology
geobotaniikka {n}  :: synonym of kasvimaantiede
geodeetti {n}  :: geodesist
geodeettinen {adj}  :: geodetic
geodeettisesti {adv}  :: geodetically
geodesia {n}  :: geodesy
geodi {n} [mineralogy]  :: A geode
geodiversiteetti {n}  :: geodiversity
geodynamiikka {n}  :: geodynamics
geoffroynhämähäkkiapina {n}  :: Central American spider monkey, Ateles geoffroyi
geoffroynkuonolepakko {n}  :: Geoffroy's tailless bat, Anoura geoffroyi
geoffroynsavanniorava {n}  :: striped ground squirrel, Xerus erythropus
geoffroynsilkkiapina {n}  :: Geoffroy's marmoset, white-headed marmoset, Callithrix geoffroyi
geoffroyntamariini {n}  :: Geoffroy's tamarin, Saguinus geoffroyi
geofoni {n}  :: geophone
geofysiikka {n}  :: geophysics
geofysikaalinen {adj}  :: geophysical
geofysikaalisesti {adv}  :: geophysically
geofyysikko {n}  :: geophysicist
geofyysinen {adj}  :: geophysical
geografia {n}  :: geography
geografinen {adj}  :: geographic
geohydrologia {n} [geology, hydrology]  :: hydrogeology
geoidi {n} [surveying]  :: geoid (surface of constant gravitational potential at zero elevation)
geoinformatiikka {n} [science, engineering]  :: geoinformatics
geokemia {n}  :: geochemistry
geokoodi {n}  :: geocode
geokorona {n}  :: geocorona
geokronologia {n}  :: geochronology
geokätkö {n}  :: geocache
geokätkentä {n}  :: geocaching
geokätköillä {v}  :: to geocache
geokätköily {n}  :: geocaching (pastime)
geolääketiede {n}  :: geomedicine (branch of medicine)
geologi {n}  :: geologist
geologi {n}  :: mineralogist (geologist specialized in mineralogy)
geologia {n}  :: geology
geologinen {adj}  :: geologic
geologinen kausi {n}  :: geologic age
geologisesti {adv}  :: geologically
geomagnetismi {n}  :: geomagnetism
geomantia {n}  :: geomancy
geomatiikka {n}  :: geomatics (discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information)
geometria {n}  :: geometry
geometrikko {n}  :: geometrician
geometrinen {adj}  :: geometric
geometrinen keskiarvo {n}  :: geometric mean
geometrinen sarja {n} [analysis]  :: geometric series
geometrisesti {adv}  :: geometrically
geometrisuus {n} [math]  :: geometricity (condition of being geometric)
geomorfologia {n}  :: geomorphology
geomorfologinen {adj}  :: geomorphological
geomorfologisesti {adv}  :: geomorphologically
geopoliittinen {adj}  :: geopolitical
geopoliittisesti {adv}  :: geopolitically
geopolitiikka {n}  :: geopolitics
georgia {n}  :: Georgian language
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (a country in Eastern Europe)
Georgia {prop}  :: Georgia (a US state)
georgialainen {adj}  :: Georgian
georgialainen {n}  :: A Georgian
georgian kieli {n}  :: Georgian (language)
georgiankielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Georgian language
georgiankielinen {adj}  :: Speaking Georgain
georgiantaa {vt}  :: to translate into Georgian
georgiini {n} [rare]  :: dahlia (plant of the genus Dahlia, commonly cultivated as ornamental plant due to their showy and long-lasting flowers)
geosentrinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: geocentric
geostatiikka {n}  :: geostatics
geostationaarinen {adj}  :: geostationary
geostatistiikka {n} [geology, statistics]  :: geostatistics
geostrateginen {adj}  :: geostrategic
geosynkroninen {adj}  :: geosynchronous
geotekniikka {n}  :: geotechnical engineering
geotekstiili {n} [engineering]  :: geotextile
geotektoniikka {n}  :: synonym of tektoniikka
geoterminen {adj} [geology]  :: geothermal
geotermisesti {adv}  :: geothermally
geotiede {n}  :: geoscience, earth science (any of several sciences that deal with the Earth)
geotooppi {n}  :: geotope
gepardi {n}  :: cheetah, Acinonyx jubatus
geranyylipyrofosfaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: geranyl pyrophosphate
gerbera {n}  :: gerbera
gerbiili {n}  :: gerbil
gerbilli {n}  :: alternative spelling of gerbiili
gerenukki {n}  :: gerenuk (Litocranius walleri)
geriatria {n} [medicine]  :: geriatrics
geriatrikko {n} [slang]  :: geriatric (old person)
geriatrinen {adj}  :: geriatric
geriatrisesti {adv}  :: geriatrically
gerillasota {n}  :: guerrilla war
germaani {n}  :: A German (member of a Germanic tribe)
germaani {n} [colloquial]  :: A German (person from Germany)
germaaniheimo {n}  :: Germanic tribe
germaaninen {adj}  :: Germanic
germanisti {n}  :: Germanist
germanistiikka {n}  :: Germanics, Germanistics
germanium {n}  :: germanium
germaniumtetrahydridi {n} [chemistry]  :: germane, germanium tetrahydride, GeH4
germinaatio {n}  :: germination
geronteknologia {n}  :: gerontechnology (interdisciplinary academic and professional field combining gerontology and technology)
gerontofilia {n}  :: gerontophilia
gerontokratia {n}  :: gerontocracy
gerontologi {n}  :: gerontologist
gerontologia {n}  :: gerontology
gerontologinen {adj}  :: gerontological
gerontologisesti {adv}  :: gerontologicically
geropsykologia {n}  :: geropsychology
gerundi {n} [grammar]  :: gerund
gerundirakenne {n} [grammar]  :: gerund construction
gervaisinvalas {n}  :: Gervais' beaked whale, Antillian beaked whale, Gulf Stream beaked whale, European beaked whale, Mesoplodon europaeus
ges {n} [music]  :: G-flat
Ges-duuri {n} [music]  :: G-flat major
gestapo {n} [military slang]  :: the grey long raincoat used by the Finnish military
Gestapo {prop}  :: Gestapo (Nazi secret police)
gestuno {n}  :: Gestuno (international sign language)
getto {n}  :: ghetto
gettoistua {vi}  :: To become a ghetto or ghetto-like
gettoutua {vi}  :: To become a ghetto or ghetto-like
geysir {n}  :: geyser (boiling natural spring)
Ghana {prop}  :: Ghana
ghanalainen {n}  :: Ghanaian (person)
ghanalainen {adj}  :: Ghanaian (of or pertaining to Ghana)
ghetto {n}  :: alternative spelling of getto
ghettoutua {vi}  :: To become a ghetto
gibboni {n}  :: A gibbon
gibraltarilainen {adj}  :: Gibraltarian
gibraltarilainen {n}  :: A Gibraltarian person
Gideon {prop}  :: Gideon (biblical character)
Gideon {prop} [rare]  :: given name
Gideon {prop}  :: The letter “G” in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to the ICAO spelling alphabet
giga- {prefix}  :: giga-
gigabitti {n} [computing]  :: gigabit
gigahertsi {n}  :: gigahertz
gigantti {n} [mythology]  :: giant, gigas
giganttinen {adj}  :: gigantic
giganttisesti {adv}  :: gigantically
giganttisuus {n}  :: gigantism
gigatavu {n}  :: gigabyte
gigawatti {n}  :: gigawatt
gilalisko {n}  :: Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum)
giljotiini {n}  :: guillotine (the machine used for the application of capital punishment)
gimbaali {n}  :: gimbal (balancing device)
gimma {n} [slang]  :: A girl
gingiviitti {n} [disease]  :: gingivitis
gini {n}  :: gin
ginkgohammasvalas {n}  :: ginkgo-toothed beaked whale, Mesoplodon ginkgodens (poorly known species of whale found in tropical and temperate parts of the Pacific and Indian Ocean)
ginsengjuuri {n}  :: ginseng, ginseng root (forked root of a plant of the genus Panax, believed to have medicinal properties)
gis {n} [music]  :: G-sharp
gladiaattori {n}  :: gladiator
gladiaattoriareena {n}  :: gladiator arena
gladiaattoritaistelu {n}  :: gladiator fight
gladius {n}  :: gladius (Roman sword)
glagoliittinen {adj}  :: Glagolitic
glamour {n}  :: glamour (charm)
glasee {n}  :: Fine, white-tanned lambskin from a young animal, used e.g. for luxurious and warm gloves
glasee {n} [textiles]  :: A type of silk fabric in which the warp and weft are of complementary colours
glaseehansikas {n}  :: lambskin glove (luxurious and warm glove made of white-tanned skin of young lamb)
glaseerata {vt} [ceramics]  :: to glaze
glaseerata {vt} [arts]  :: to glaze (to apply a thin, transparent layer of coating on a painting)
glaseerata {vt} [cooking]  :: to ice
glaseeraus {n} [ceramics]  :: glazing
glaseeraus {n} [art]  :: glazing (thin, transparent layer of coating on a painting)
glaseeraus {n} [gastronomy]  :: icing
glasiaaliaika {n}  :: The Glacial
glasiaaligeologia {n}  :: glacial geology
glasiaalinen {adj}  :: glacial
glasiaatio {n} [geology]  :: glaciation
glasiologia {n}  :: glaciology
glasnost {n}  :: glasnost
glaukofaani {n} [mineral]  :: glaucophane
glaukoniitti {n} [mineral]  :: glauconite
glaukooma {n}  :: glaucoma
glencheck {n}  :: Glen plaid
glögi {n}  :: mulled wine, glogg, vin chaud
glögijuhla {n}  :: glogg party
glögitilaisuus {n}  :: glogg party
gliasolu {n} [anatomy]  :: glial cell
gliooma {n} [oncology]  :: glioma
glitatsoni {n} [pharmacology]  :: glitazone (diabetes drug)
globaali {adj}  :: global
globaali {adj} [mathematics]  :: global
globaalihallinta {n}  :: global governance
globaalinen {adj}  :: global
globaalisesti {adv}  :: synonym of globaalisti
globaalistaa {vt}  :: To globalize
globaalisti {adv}  :: globally
globaalistua {vi}  :: To become globalized
globaalistuminen {n}  :: globalization
globaalisuus {n}  :: globality (quality of being global in the sense "concerning all parts of the world")
globaalisuus {n}  :: globality (hypothetical final state of globalization)
globaalitalous {n}  :: global economy
globaalius {n}  :: synonym of globaalisuus
globalisaatio {n}  :: globalization/globalisation
globalisoida {vt}  :: To globalize
globalisoiminen {n}  :: globalizing (making global)
globalisoitua {vi}  :: To be globalized, become global
globalisoituminen {n}  :: globalization (becoming global)
globuliini {n}  :: globulin
gloksinia {n}  :: Gloxinia
glooria {n}  :: glory (optical phenomenon)
glooria {n}  :: honour
gloria {n}  :: glory (optical phenomenon)
glorifioida {v}  :: to glorify (all senses)
glossaario {n}  :: glossary
glossiitti {n} [medicine]  :: glossitis
glottaali {n} [phonology]  :: glottal stop
glottaaliklusiili {n} [phonetics]  :: glottal stop
glukogeeninen {adj} [biochemistry]  :: glucogenic
glukoosi {n}  :: glucose
glukosamiini {n}  :: glucosamine
glukosinolaatti {n} [biochemistry]  :: glucosinolate
gluoni {n} [physics]  :: gluon
glutaarihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: glutaric acid
glutamaatti {n}  :: glutamate
glutamiini {n}  :: glutamine
glutamiinihappo {n}  :: glutamic acid
glutationi {n}  :: glutathione
gluteeni {n}  :: gluten
gluteeniton {adj}  :: gluten-free
glyfosaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: glyphosate
glykaani {n} [chemistry]  :: glycan
glykeeminen {adj}  :: glycemic
glykemiaindeksi {n}  :: glycemic index, glycaemic index, GI (measure of how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a particular type of food on a scale where the index of glucose or ordinary table sugar is 100)
glykoalkaloidi {n} [chemistry]  :: glycoalkaloid
glykogeeni {n}  :: glycogen
glykogenolyysi {n}  :: glycogenolysis
glykoli {n} [organic chemistry]  :: ethylene glycol
glykolipidi {n} [chemistry]  :: glycolipid
glykolyysi {n} [biology]  :: glycolysis
glykoosi {n}  :: glycose
glykosidi {n}  :: glycoside
glykyrritsiini {n} [organic chemistry]  :: glycyrrhizin (sweet-tasting compound extracted from the root of liquorice plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra)
glyseraldehydi {n} [chemistry]  :: glyceraldehyde
glyseridi {n} [chemistry]  :: glyceride
glyseriini {n}  :: glycerine
glyseroli {n}  :: glycerol
glysiini {n}  :: glycine
glysyrritsiini {n}  :: alternative form of glykyrritsiini
gneissi {n} [mineralogy]  :: gneiss
gneissigraniitti {n} [mineralogy]  :: gneiss-granite (granite that has undergone metamorphic process resulting in gneiss-like layered structure)
gneissijuonne {n}  :: gneiss vein, vein of gneiss
gängi {n} [slang]  :: gang
gnocchi {n}  :: gnocchi
gnoseologia {n}  :: epistemology
gnostikko {n}  :: a Gnostic
gnostilainen {adj}  :: Gnostic
gnostilaisuus {n}  :: Gnosticism
gnostinen {adj}  :: Gnostic
gnostisismi {n}  :: Gnosticism
gnostisistinen {adj}  :: Gnostic
gnostisistisesti {adv}  :: Gnostically
gnotobiootti {n} [biology]  :: gnotobiont
güntherindikdikantilooppi {n}  :: Günther's dik-dik, Madoqua guentheri (small East African antelope)
gnu {n}  :: gnu, wildebeest (antelope of the genus Connochaetes)
gnu {n}  :: black wildebeest, white-tailed gnu, Connochaetes gnou (large antelope native to south Africa)
gnu {n}  :: blue wildebeest, brindled gnu, Connochaetes taurinus (large antelope native to eastern Africa)
gnuantilooppi {n}  :: synonym of gnu
gnuu {n}  :: alternative spelling of gnu#Finnish
gnuuantilooppi {n}  :: synonym of gnuu
gobeliini {n}  :: gobelin
gobinkarhu {n}  :: Gobi bear, Ursus arctos gobiensis
gofferihärkäkäärme {n}  :: Pacific gopher snake, coast gopher snake, Pituophis catenifer (nonvenomous colubrid snake endemic to North America)
go-go {n} [music]  :: go-go
go-go-tyttö {n}  :: go-go girl (young woman hired to entertain crowds as dancer at a discotheque or other establishment where music is played)
goijata {v} [slang]  :: to sleep
goji-marja {n}  :: wolfberry, goji berry (fruit of Lycium barbarum or some related species)
golf {n}  :: golf
golfaaja {n}  :: golfer
golfata {vi}  :: To play golf
golfauto {n}  :: golf cart
golfetiketti {n}  :: golf etiquette
golffari {n}  :: golfer
golfhousut {n}  :: golf pants
golfinpelaaja {n}  :: golf player
golfkentänhoitaja {n}  :: greenkeeper (employee responsible for the maintenance of a golf course)
golfkenttä {n}  :: A golf course
golfkerho {n}  :: golf club (organization)
golfklubi {n}  :: golf club (organization)
golfmaila {n}  :: golf club (implement)
golfpallo {n}  :: golf ball
golfrata {n}  :: golf course
Golgin laite {n} [cytology]  :: Golgi apparatus
Goljat {prop} [biblical character]  :: Goliath
goljatkuoriainen {n}  :: Goliath beetle (very large African beetle of the genus Goliathus)
goljatsammakko {n}  :: Goliath frog, Conraua goliath
goljatti {n}  :: alternative form of koljatti
gona {n} [military slang]  :: A conscript who has served over 180 days in the (Finnish) Army
gonadi {n} [anatomy, rare]  :: gonad (gland in which sex cells are produced)
gonahtaa {v} [military slang]  :: To lose the military discipline due to small amount of service time left
gondoli {n}  :: gondola (Venetian boat)
gondoli {n}  :: gondola (of airship)
gondoli {n}  :: gondola (lift)
gondolieeri {n}  :: gondolier
gonggongi {n} [musical instruments]  :: gong
gongi {n}  :: gong (percussion instrument)
goniometri {n}  :: goniometer
gonokokki {n}  :: gonococcus
gonorrea {n} [pathology]  :: gonorrhea
goodwill {n}  :: goodwill (intangible business value)
googlata {vt}  :: To google (using Google)
googlettaa {v}  :: to google (using Google)
googletus {n}  :: googling (act or process)
gooni {n} [geometry]  :: synonym of uusaste (gradian; also gon)
gootin kieli {n}  :: The Gothic language
gootinkielinen {adj} [date]  :: Expressed in Gothic language
gootinkielinen {adj}  :: (dated) Speaking Gothic
gootti {n}  :: A Goth
gootti {n}  :: The Gothic language
gootti {n}  :: A goth, member of the goth subculture
goottikulttuuri {n}  :: goth subculture
goottilainen {adj}  :: Gothic
goottilaistyyli {n}  :: gothic style (style of architecture that flourished in Europe during the high and late medieval period)
goottilaistyylinen {adj}  :: gothic, Gothic (of or relating to the gothic architectural style favored in western Europe in the 12th to 16th centuries)
goottilaisuus {n} [architecture, literature]  :: Gothicness, Gothicity (state or condition of being Gothic)
goottilaisuus {n}  :: gothness (traits associated with the goth subculture)
goottimetalli {n} [music]  :: gothic metal
goottimusiikki {n}  :: goth music (music genre)
goottirock {n} [music]  :: gothic rock
goraali {n}  :: Himalayan goral, gray goral (Naemorhedus goral)
Gorbatshov {prop}  :: Gorbachev (Russian surname)
Gordionin solmu {prop}  :: The Gordian knot
gordoninsetteri {n}  :: Gordon setter (gundog originally bred in Scotland)
gorgo {n}  :: gorgon
gorgonzola {n}  :: gorgonzola
gorgonzolajuusto {n}  :: gorgonzola
gorgonzolanjuusto {n}  :: alternative form of gorgonzolajuusto
gorilla {n}  :: gorilla
Gorki {prop}  :: Gorky (former name of Nizhny Novgorod, from 1932 to 1990)
Gorki {prop}  :: Gorky (Russian surname)
gospel {n} [music]  :: gospel
gospelkuoro {n} [music]  :: gospel choir
gospelmusa {n} [music, colloquial]  :: gospel music
gospelmusiikki {n} [music]  :: gospel music
gospelrock {n} [music]  :: gospel rock
gotiikka {n}  :: Gothic style
gotlanninajokoira {n}  :: Gotland hound (Swedish breed of dog originating from the Gotland island; recognized by the Swedish kennel association, but not internationally)
Gotlanti {prop}  :: Gotland
gotlantilainen {n}  :: Gotlander (person)
gotlantilainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Gotland or its residents
gouda {n}  :: gouda (semi-hard Dutch cheese)
goudajuusto {n}  :: gouda (type of cheese)
goudanjuusto {n}  :: alternative form of goudajuusto
gouldinvaraani {n}  :: sand goanna, Gould's monitor, sand monitor, racehorse goanna, Varanus gouldii (large Australian monitor lizard)
gourmetravintola {n}  :: gourmet restaurant
gourmetruoka {n}  :: gourmet food
g-piste {n} [anatomy]  :: A G-spot
graadi {n} [geometry]  :: synonym of uusaste (gradian; also grad, grade)
graafi {n}  :: A graph, mathematical diagram
graafi {n} [graph theory]  :: A graph
graafikko {n}  :: graphic artist
graafinen {adj}  :: graphic (drawn, pictorial)
graafinen {adj}  :: graphical (of or relating to graphics)
graafinen käyttöliittymä {n} [computing]  :: graphical user interface
graafinen laskin {n}  :: graphing calculator
graafinen suunnittelu {n}  :: graphic design
graafisesti {adv}  :: graphically
graafiteoria {n} [mathematics]  :: The graph theory
Graalin malja {prop} [mythology]  :: The Holy Grail
graani {n} [historical]  :: grain (small unit of weight)
graavaantua {vi}  :: to cure raw in salt and spices, as e.g. gravlax
graavata {v}  :: to cure raw fish overnight with salt and spices; there appears to be no exact English equivalent for this verb
graavi {n}  :: pickled raw fish
graavi {n}  :: grave accent mark
graavikala {n}  :: fresh-salted fish (any fish prepared in the style of gravlax)
graavilohi {n}  :: gravlax (appetizer of dry-cured salmon)
gradiaani {n} [geometry]  :: synonym of uusaste (gradian)
gradientti {n}  :: gradient
gradu {n} [colloquial]  :: master's thesis
graduaali {n} [Roman Catholicism]  :: gradual (antiphon or responsory sung after the epistle in the Mass)
graduaali {n}  :: (Roman Catholism) gradual (service book containing the musical portions of the Mass)
graduaali {n}  :: (Protestantism) gradual (hymn sung after the epistle and before the gospel)
graduaalinen {adj}  :: gradual (proceeding by steps or small degrees)
graduaalisesti {adv} [rare]  :: gradually
graduaalivirsi {n}  :: gradual (hymn sung after the epistle and before the gospel in a Protestant mass)
gradutyö {n}  :: master's thesis (thesis submitted for a master's degree)
grafeemi {n}  :: grapheme
grafeeni {n} [chemistry]  :: graphene
grafemiikka {n} [linguistics]  :: graphemics (study of the graphemes)
graffari {n}  :: One who makes graffiti
graffiti {n}  :: graffiti
-grafi {suffix}  :: -graph
-grafia {suffix}  :: -graphy
grafiikka {n}  :: graphics, graphic arts
grafiikka {n} [computing]  :: graphics
grafiitinharmaa {adj}  :: graphite (shade of grey)
grafiitti {n}  :: graphite (allotrope of coal)
grafologi {n}  :: graphologist
grafologia {n}  :: graphology (study of handwriting)
grafologinen {adj}  :: graphological
grafologisesti {adv}  :: graphologically
graham {n}  :: graham (flour)
grahamjauho {n}  :: graham, graham flour (wheat flour made by grinding wheat berries including the bran)
grahamkeksi {n}  :: Graham biscuit, graham biscuit
grahamkorppu {n}  :: whole wheat rusk (rusk baked with whole wheat, or graham, flour)
grahamleipä {n}  :: Graham bread, graham bread (bread baked of graham flour)
grahamnäkkileipä {n}  :: graham cracker
grahamsämpylä {n}  :: graham roll (roll baked with graham flour)
gramma {n}  :: gram
grammaattinen {adj}  :: grammatical
grammaattisesti {adv}  :: grammatically
grammamolekyyli {n} [chemistry]  :: gram molecule
grammari {n} [colloquial]  :: A gramophone
grammari {n} [colloquial]  :: A record player
-grammi {suffix}  :: -gram
gramofoni {n}  :: gramophone
gramofonilevy {n}  :: gramophone record
gramofoninen {adj}  :: gramophonic
granaatti {n} [mineral]  :: garnet
granaattiomena {n}  :: pomegranate (fruit)
granaattiomena {n}  :: pomegranate, Punica granatum (tree, especially as species)
granaattiomenapuu {n}  :: pomegranate, pomegranate tree, Punica granatum (fruit-bearing shrub or small tree)
granaattiomenasiirappi {n}  :: synonym of grenadiini (syrup)
granadilla {n} [rare]  :: passion fruit
graniitti {n}  :: granite
graniittigneissi {n} [mineralogy]  :: granite gneiss (gneiss formed through a metaphormic process from granite)
graniittinen {adj}  :: granitic
graniittipatsas {n}  :: granite statue
grantingaselli {n}  :: Grant's gazelle, Gazella granti
granulaatiokudos {n}  :: granulation tissue (new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process)
granuliitti {n} [geology]  :: granulite
granulointi {n}  :: granulation
granulooma {n} [medicine]  :: granuloma
grappa {n}  :: grappa
gratiini {n} [cooking]  :: gratin
gratiinikastike {n} [cooking]  :: gratin sauce (sauce used in gratinating)
gratinoida {vt}  :: To gratinate
gratinointi {n}  :: gratinating
gratinointikastike {n} [cooking]  :: alternative form of gratiinikastike
gratista {n}  :: In an academic promotion ceremony (see: promootio) a female chairman of the committee that is responsible for the preparations for the festivities
gratisti {n}  :: In an academic promotion ceremony (see: promootio) a male chairman of the committee that is responsible for the preparations for the festivities
Gravesin tauti {n} [pathology]  :: Graves' disease
gravidi {adj}  :: pregnant, gravid
graviditeetti {n}  :: gravidity
gravis {n}  :: grave accent (diacritical mark)
gravisaksentti {n}  :: grave accent (diacritic mark ( ˋ ))
gravitaatio {n} [physics]  :: gravity
gravitaatioaalto {n} [physics]  :: gravitational wave
gravitaatiokenttä {n}  :: gravitational field
gravitaatiolaki {n}  :: law of gravity, Newton's law of universal gravitation
gravitaatioteoria {n} [physics]  :: theory of gravitation
gravitaatiovakio {n} [physics]  :: gravitational constant
gravitaatiovoima {n}  :: gravitational force
graviteetti {n} [rare]  :: gravity
graviteetti {n}  :: (rare) gravity, graveness (state or condition of being grave)
gravitoni {n} [physics]  :: graviton
gravyyri {n}  :: synonym of kaiverrus
gray {n}  :: gray (SI unit)
graynvalas {n} [archaic]  :: synonym of suippokuononokkavalas
gredliini {n}  :: gredline
Greenwichin aika {n}  :: Greenwich Mean Time, GMT
gregoriaaninen {adj}  :: Gregorian
greippi {n}  :: grapefruit
greippihedelmä {n} [rare, redundant]  :: grapefruit
greippimehu {n}  :: grapefruit juice
greliini {n}  :: ghrelin (peptide hormone)
Grenada {prop}  :: Grenada
grenadalainen {adj}  :: Grenadian
grenadalainen {n}  :: A Grenadian person
grenadiini {n}  :: grenadine (syrup)
grenadiini {n}  :: grenadine (fine fabric)
grevynseepra {n}  :: Grévy's zebra, imperial zebra, Equus grevyi (largest of the extant zebras)
grid-menetelmä {n} [psychology]  :: repertory grid (interviewing technique developed by George Kelly which uses factor analysis to determine an idiographic measure of personality)
griippi {n} [mythology]  :: griffon, griffin (mythical animal)
griljeerata {vt}  :: To grill (to brown)
grillaantua {v}  :: synonym of grillautua
grillata {v}  :: to grill, barbecue, broil (to cook food over direct heat)
grillata {v} [colloquial]  :: to interrogate, grill
grillattu {n}  :: porilainen (snack)
grillaus {n}  :: grilling
grillauskastike {n}  :: barbecue sauce
grillausmauste {n}  :: barbecue spice
grillauspihdit {n}  :: barbecue tongs
grillautua {vi}  :: To be(come) grilled
grilli {n}  :: A grill, barbeque, barbecue (fireplace or pit)
grilli {n}  :: A restaurant or a stand specializing in grilled food; also called grilliravintola (restaurant), grillibaari (modest restaurant) or grillikioski (stand)
grillibaari {n}  :: barbecue pub, barbecue restaurant (modest-end restaurant or other eatery specializing in barbecued food, often with licence to sell beer but no liquor)
grillihiili {n}  :: barbecue coal
grillikastike {n}  :: barbecue sauce
grillikioski {n}  :: A kiosk from which hamburgers, hot dogs and the like are sold to passers-by
grillikyljys {n}  :: barbecue chop
grillikylki {n}  :: barbecue ribs
grillimakkara {n}  :: A kind of sausage intended for grilling or barbecuing
grillimauste {n}  :: barbecue spice
grillipihdit {n}  :: barbecue tongs
grillipihvi {n}  :: barbecue steak
grilliravintola {n}  :: barbecue restaurant
grilliruoka {n}  :: barbecue food
grillituote {n}  :: barbecued product
grilliuuni {n}  :: grill oven (oven equipped for preparing barbecued food)
grimminsukeltajakauris {n}  :: common duiker, bush duiker, grey, Sylvicapra grimmia (small antelope found in most of Sub-Saharan Africa)
grisoni {n}  :: grison (South American mustelid mammal of the genus Galictis)
grisoni {n}  :: greater grison, Galictis vittata (larger of the two species of this genus)
grivna {n}  :: hryvnia
Grölanninmeri {prop}  :: Greenland Sea
grönlanninhai {n}  :: Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus
grönlanninhylje {n}  :: harp seal (Phoca groenlandica)
grönlannin kieli {n}  :: The Greenlandic language
grönlanninkielinen {adj}  :: Expressed in Greenlandish language
grönlanninkielinen {adj}  :: Speaking Greenlandish
grönlanninkoira {n}  :: Greenland dog
grönlanninpallas {n}  :: Greenland halibut, Reinhardtius hippoglossoides or Pleuronectes hippoglossoides
grönlanninvalas {n}  :: bowhead whale, bowhead, Balaena mysticetus
grönlanti {n}  :: Greenlandic
Grönlanti {prop}  :: Greenland
grönlantilainen {n}  :: Greenlander
grönlantilainen {adj}  :: Greenlandic
grogi {n}  :: highball (alcoholoc drink consisting of a liquor and a mixer)
grogi {n}  :: grog (alcoholic beverage made with rum and water, especially that once issued to sailors of the Royal Navy)
grogilasi {n}  :: lowball glass (short tumbler with a thick base)
grogilasi {n}  :: A serving of grogi (sense: simple mixed drink) served in any style of glass; probably best translated into English as "drink"
groovejazz {n} [music]  :: groove jazz
grosspitz {n}  :: German spitz (breed of dog, bred in Germany round A.D. 1000 from the herding dogs of the Vikings)
groteski {adj}  :: grotesque
groteski {adj}  :: antic (grotesque)
groteskisti {adv}  :: grotesquely
groteskius {n}  :: grotesqueness
grovejazz {n} [music]  :: alternative form of groovejazz
Groznyi {prop}  :: Grozny (capital of Chechnya)
gruneriitti {n} [mineral]  :: grunerite
gruusia {n} [dated]  :: the Georgian language
Gruusia {prop} [dated]  :: Georgia (country)
gruusialainen {adj} [dated]  :: Georgian
gruusialainen {n} [dated]  :: A Georgian person
gruusian kieli {n} [dated]  :: Georgian (language)
gruusiankielinen {adj} [dated]  :: Expressed in Georgian language
gruusiankielinen {adj} [dated]  :: Speaking Georgain
gruuvi {n} [music]  :: groove (pronounced, enjoyable rhythm)
gruyère {n}  :: gruyere, Gruyère (cheese)
gruyèrejuusto {n}  :: gruyere, Gruyère (cheese)
gruyèrenjuusto {n}  :: synonym of gruyèrejuusto
gryndata {v} [colloquial, construction]  :: to develop (to act as founder-contractor in a real estate project)
gryndaus {n} [colloquial, construction]  :: synonym of perustajaurakointi
grynderi {n} [colloquial, construction]  :: synonym of perustajaurakoitsija
grynderifirma {n} [colloquial, construction]  :: real estate development firm
grynderitoiminta {n}  :: synonym of perustajaurakointi
Gt {symbol}  :: gigatavu; GB (gigabyte)
Göteborg {prop}  :: Gothenburg (city on the west coast of Sweden)
göteborgilainen {n}  :: Gothenburger (person)
götiitti {n} [mineral]  :: goethite
guacamole {n}  :: guacamole (dip)
Guadalupe-epookki {n} [geology]  :: Guadalupian, Middle Permian (middle epoch of the Permian)
guadalupenmerikarhu {n}  :: Guadalupe fur seal, Arctocephalus townsendi
guadeloupelainen {adj}  :: Guadeloupean (of or pertaining to Guadeloupe)
guadeloupelainen {n}  :: Guadeloupean (person from Guadeloupe)
guadeloupensupi {n}  :: Guadeloupe raccoon, Procyon lotor minor (subspecies of common raccoon endemic to Guadeloupe and nearby islands in the Lesser Antilles)
guamilainen {adj}  :: Guamanian (of or pertaining to Guam)
guamilainen {n}  :: Guamanian (person from Guam)
guaminlentäväkoira {n}  :: Guam flying fox, Pteropus tokudae (extinct megabat from Guam island)
guaniini {n}  :: guanine
guaniinideaminaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: guanine deaminase
guano {n}  :: guano
guaraani {n}  :: alternative spelling of guarani
guarani {n}  :: Guaraní (language)
guarani {n}  :: Guaraní (member of the Guaraní people)
guassi {n}  :: gouache (painting)
guassiväri {n}  :: gouache, gouache paint (paint)
Guatemala {prop}  :: Guatemala (country)
Guatemala {prop}  :: Guatemala City (capital)
guatemalalainen {adj}  :: Guatemalan (of or pertaining to Guatemala)
guatemalalainen {n}  :: Guatemalan (person from Guatemala)
guava {n}  :: guava
gube {n} [Helsinki slang]  :: An old man
gube {n}  :: dude, fella
gudžarati {n}  :: The Gujarati language
guemuli {n}  :: Peruvian guemal, Hippocamelus antisensis (species of deer native to South America)
gueretsa {n}  :: A colobus (any of several large arboreal African monkeys of the genus Colobus)
gueretsa {n}  :: A guereza, Colobus guereza
guerillasota {n}  :: synonym of sissisota
guernseyläinen {adj}  :: Guernsey (of or pertaining to Guernsey; adjectival usage of a noun)
guernseyläinen {n}  :: Guernseyman (person from Guernsey)
guinea {n}  :: guinea (British gold coin)
Guinea {prop}  :: Guinea
Guinea-Bissau {prop}  :: Guinea-Bissau
guineabissaulainen {adj}  :: Guinea-Bissauan, Bissau-Guinean (of or pertaining to Guinea-Bissau)
guineabissaulainen {n}  :: Guinea-Bissauan, Bissau-Guinean (person from Guinea-Bissau)
guinealainen {adj}  :: Guinean (of or pertaining to Guinea)
guinealainen {n}  :: Guinean (person from Guinea)
guineangueretsa {n} [dated]  :: western red colobus, Procolobus badius (West African monkey)
Guineanlahti {prop}  :: The Gulf of Guinea
guineanmarakatti {n}  :: mona monkey, Cercopithecus mona
guineanruostegueretsa {n} [dated]  :: western red colobus, Procolobus badius (West African monkey)
guineansimpanssi {n} [dated]  :: western chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes verus (one of the subspecies of the common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes)
guineansuomuhäntäorava {n}  :: Pel’s scaly-tailed squirrel, Anomalurus pelii
gujarati {n}  :: alternative spelling of gudžarati
gulassi {n}  :: goulash
guldeni {n}  :: guilder
guloosi {n} [chemistry]  :: gulose
gundi {n}  :: gundi, ctenodactylid
gundi {n}  :: common gundi, Ctenodactylus gundi (species of rodent)
gunnisoninpreeriakoira {n}  :: Gunnison's prairie dog, Cynomys gunnisoni
gurmandi {n} [rare]  :: gourmand (person who eats a lot)
gurmandi {n}  :: (rare) gourmand (person who appreciates good food)
gurmee {adj}  :: gourmet (of food: fine)
gurmee {adj}  :: delicious
gurmee {n}  :: gourmet quality, gourmet food
gurmeeravintola {n}  :: synonym of gourmetravintola
gurmeeruoka {n}  :: synonym of gourmetruoka
guru {n}  :: A guru
guslinsoittaja {n} [music]  :: gusli player
guttaperkka {n}  :: gutta-percha
Guyana {prop}  :: Guyana (country in South America)
guyanalainen {adj}  :: Guyanese
guyanalainen {n}  :: A Guyanese person
gynekofobia {n} [psychology]  :: gynaecophobia
gynekologi {n}  :: gynecologist
gynekologia {n}  :: gynecology
gynekologinen {adj}  :: gynecological
gynekologisesti {adv}  :: gynecologically
gynoidi {n}  :: gynoid, fembot
gyrokompassi {n}  :: gyrocompass
gyrokopteri {n}  :: gyrocopter
gyroskooppi {n}  :: gyroscope