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-i {suffix}  :: A nominal suffix used in eg. syle-|fathom → [[syli bosom]], [[ukko man]] → [[ukki grandfather]]
-i {suffix} [archaic]  :: Used to mark the first part of a compound word, e.g. [[lehmä cow]] → lehmi-
-i {suffix}  :: Derives a number of adverbs of generally lative or locative meaning, e.g. aukea-|to open → [[auki open]], [[ylä- upper, high]] → [[yli over]]
I {abbr}  :: improbatur
ia {conj}  :: obsolete spelling of ja
-iainen {suffix}  :: Forms certain nouns
-iainen {suffix}  :: Forms certain vulgar nouns
-iainen {suffix}  :: Forms names of ceremonies from verbs (used in plural form)
iankaiken {adv}  :: forever
iankaikkinen {adj}  :: eternal, everlasting
iankaikkisesti {adv}  :: forever, eternally
iankaikkisuus {n}  :: eternity
iatrofobia {n}  :: iatrophobia (fear for doctors)
iatrogeeninen {adj} [medicine]  :: iatrogenic
iatrokemia {n}  :: iatrochemistry
iberianilves {n}  :: Iberian lynx
iberiankeisarikotka {n}  :: Spanish imperial eagle, Iberian imperial eagle, Adalbert's eagle, Aquila adalberti
Iberianmeri {prop}  :: The Balearic Sea
Iberian niemimaa {prop}  :: Iberian peninsula
iberiansusi {n}  :: Iberian wolf, Canis lupus signatus
ibizangenetti {n}  :: Ibizan genet, Genetta genetta genetta, formerly G. g. isabelae (subspecies of common genet a.k.a. small-spotted genet or European genet, Genetta genetta; the subsåecies is found on the Spanish island of Ibiza)
ibizanpodenco {n}  :: Ibizan Hound
ibogaiini {n} [chemistry]  :: ibogaine
iboteenihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: ibotenic acid
ibuprofeeni {n}  :: ibuprofen
ibuprofeiini {n}  :: alternative form of ibuprofeeni
Idaho {prop}  :: Idaho
idahonsiiseli {n}  :: Idaho ground squirrel, Spermophilus brunneus
idea {n}  :: idea
ideaali {n}  :: An ideal
ideaalikaasu {n}  :: ideal gas
ideaalikaasulaki {n} [chemistry]  :: ideal gas law
ideaalinen {adj}  :: ideal
ideaaliseos {n} [chemistry]  :: ideal solution
ideaaliside {n}  :: elastic bandage
ideaalistaa {vt}  :: To idealize
ideaalisuus {n}  :: ideality
idealismi {n}  :: idealism
idealisoida {vt}  :: To idealize
idealisointi {n}  :: idealization
idealisti {n}  :: idealist
idealistinen {adj}  :: idealistic
idealistisesti {adv}  :: idealistically
idempää {adv}  :: From further east
idempi {adj}  :: More eastern
idempänä {adv}  :: In more eastern location
idempotenssi {n} [mathematics]  :: idempotence
identifikaatio {n}  :: identification
identifioida {vt}  :: To identify
identifiointi {n}  :: identification
identifioitua {vi}  :: To identify with
identiteetti {n}  :: identity
identiteettifunktio {n} [mathematics]  :: identity function
identiteettikriisi {n}  :: identity crisis
identiteettimatriisi {n} [mathematics]  :: identity matrix
identiteettivarkaus {n}  :: identity theft (deliberate assumption of another person's identity)
identtinen {adj}  :: Identical
identtinen kuvaus {n} [mathematics]  :: identity function
identtisesti {adv}  :: identically
identtisyys {n}  :: identity, sameness
ideografia {n}  :: ideography
ideografia {n}  :: logography (use of logographs in writing)
ideografinen {adj}  :: ideographic
ideogrammi {n}  :: ideogram (graphic symbol which represents a defined idea without directly indicating the words that express the idea)
ideoida {vt}  :: To generate an idea of
ideointi {n}  :: ideation
ideologi {n}  :: ideologist
ideologia {n}  :: ideology
ideologinen {adj}  :: ideological
idiolatria {n}  :: idiolatry
idiolekti {n} [linguistics]  :: idiolect
idiomaattinen {adj}  :: idiomatic
idiomaattisesti {adv} [linguistics]  :: idiomatically
idiomaattisuus {n} [linguistics]  :: idiomaticity
idiomi {n}  :: idiom (set phrase which cannot be understood from its parts alone)
idiootti {n}  :: idiot
idioottimainen {adj}  :: idiotic
idioottimaisesti {adv}  :: idiotically
idioottimaisuus {n}  :: idiocy (act of lacking sense)
idioottivarma {adj}  :: foolproof
idiosynkrasia {n}  :: idiosyncrasy
idiotia {n} [medicine]  :: idiocy
idis {n} [slang]  :: idea
idänkenttämyyrä {n}  :: southern vole (Microtus rossiaemeridionalis, formerly Microtus epiroticus)
idännaakka {n}  :: Daurian jackdaw, Coloeus dauuricus
idänpäästäinen {n}  :: Laxmann's shrew (Sorex caecutiens)
idänsydänsimpukka {n}  :: lagoon cockle, Cerastoderma glaucum (species of saltwater clam in the family Cardiidae, found along the coasts of Europe and North Africa, including the Mediterranean and Black Seas and the Caspian Lake, and the low-salinity Baltic Sea)
idäntä {n}  :: sprouting
idänturturikyyhky {n}  :: A species of pigeon, oriental turtle dove, Streptopelia orientalis
idänvaivaispäästäinen {n}  :: slender shrew, Sorex gracillimus
idokraasi {n} [mineral]  :: vesuvianite
idoli {n}  :: idol
idoosi {n} [chemistry]  :: idose
idätellä {v} [frequentative, figuratively]  :: To nourish
idätellä {v} [frequentative]  :: To sprout, germinate
idättää {vt}  :: To sprout, germinate
idätys {n}  :: germination
iduronihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: iduronic acid
idylli {n}  :: idyll
idyllinen {adj}  :: idyllic
idyllisesti {adv}  :: idyllically
ien {n}  :: gum (part of mouth)
ientulehdus {n} [disease]  :: gingivitis
ies {n} [figuratively]  :: Yoke, restraint, burden, load; repression, slavery, oppression, persecution, tyranny
ies {n}  :: Yoke
iestää {vt}  :: To yoke; to put a yoke
iestys {n} [rhetoric]  :: A zeugma
iestys {n}  :: yoking (act of putting a yoke)
iestys {n}  :: yoking (the yoking arrangement)
iglu {n}  :: igloo
Ignatius {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ignoranssi {n}  :: ignorance
ignorantti {adj}  :: ignorant
ignoroida {v}  :: To ignore
ignorointi {n}  :: ignoring (act or instance)
iguaani {n}  :: A green iguana (Iguana iguana)
iguaani {n}  :: An iguana (any member of the genus Iguana)
igumeeni {n}  :: igumen
ihailevasti {adv}  :: adoringly
ihailija {n}  :: fan, admirer
ihailijakerho {n}  :: fan club
ihailijaposti {n}  :: fan mail
ihailla {v}  :: To adore, admire
ihailtava {adj}  :: admirable
ihailtavasti {adv}  :: admirably
ihailu {n}  :: admiration
ihala {adj} [archaic, poetic, of weather or the sky]  :: clear
Ihalainen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ihan {adv}  :: exactly
ihan {adv}  :: totally
ihana {adj}  :: fabulous, fantastic
ihana {adj}  :: lovely, adorable
ihana {adj}  :: wonderful, marvellous, marvelous
ihanampi {adj}  :: comparative form of ihana
ihanin {adj}  :: superlative form of ihana
ihanko totta {phrase}  :: you don't say, is that so, really (is it true)?
ihanne {n}  :: ideal (something held up and admired as a model goal)
ihanneaika {n} [sports]  :: A predetermined regularity time, standard course time or ideal time for a performance, used in sports as diverse as regularity rally and dog agility as an element of the scoring system
ihannemaailma {n}  :: ideal world
ihannepaino {n}  :: ideal weight
ihanneyhteiskunta {n}  :: ideal society
ihannoida {v}  :: to glamorize
ihannoida {v}  :: to idolize
ihannointi {n}  :: idolization, idolizing (excessive adoration)
ihanteellinen {adj}  :: ideal
ihanteellisesti {adv}  :: ideally
ihastella {v}  :: To admire
ihastua {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To fall for, become infatuated with
ihastua {vi} [intransitive + illative]  :: To fall in love with
ihastua {vi}  :: To be thrilled, pleased
ihastus {n}  :: crush, infatuation
ihastuttaa {vt}  :: To delight, fascinate, thrill
ihastuttava {adj}  :: charming
ihastuttava {adj}  :: stunning
ihka {adv}  :: An intensifier used before certain adjectives
ihkauusi {adj}  :: brand new
ihku {adj} [slang]  :: cute, nice, sweet
ihme {adj} [colloquial]  :: strange, weird
ihme {n}  :: a miracle, wonder
ihmeellinen {adj}  :: Wonderful
ihmeellisesti {adv}  :: wonderfully
ihmeessä {adv}  :: -ever (used together with an interrogative pronoun to emphasize a question)
ihmeessä {adv}  :: just, by all means (used to encourage)
ihmeidentekijä {n}  :: miracle worker
ihmeissään {adv}  :: olla ~: to be astonished
ihmeissään {adv}  :: [While being] astonished
ihmeköynnös {n}  :: bougainvillea
ihmelapsi {n}  :: child prodigy
ihmelääke {n}  :: panacea
ihmemaa {n}  :: wonderland
ihmetellä {v}  :: to wonder, to ask in surprise
ihmeteltävä {adj}  :: astonishing, surprising
ihmetys {n}  :: astonishment
ihmetyttää {v}  :: To confuse, puzzle, befuddle, bewilder
ihminen {n}  :: A human being
ihminen {n}  :: A person
ihminen {n}  :: As a former part of compound (as the stem ihmis-) signifying human
ihminen päättää, Jumala säätää {proverb}  :: man proposes, God disposes
ihmisalkio {n}  :: human embryo
ihmisapina {n}  :: great ape
ihmisjahti {n}  :: manhunt (organized search for a criminal or enemy)
ihmisjoukko {n}  :: A crowd of people
ihmiskauppa {n}  :: human trafficking
ihmiskeskeinen {adj}  :: anthropocentric
ihmiskeskeisyys {n}  :: anthropocentrism
ihmiskilpi {n}  :: human shield
ihmiskunta {n}  :: humankind, mankind
ihmislapsi {n}  :: human child
ihmisluonto {n}  :: human nature
ihmismeri {n}  :: huge crowd
ihmismäinen {adj}  :: anthropoid (having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance)
ihmismäinen {adj}  :: humanlike, manlike
ihmismäistyä {vi}  :: To become more human
ihmisääni {n}  :: human voice
ihmisoikeudet {n}  :: human rights (basic rights and freedoms that all humans should be guaranteed)
ihmisoikeus {n}  :: human right
ihmisoikeusjärjestö {n}  :: human rights organization
ihmisoikeusloukkaus {n}  :: human rights violation
ihmisoikeusrikos {n}  :: A crime against humanity
ihmispaljous {n}  :: A large crowd of people
ihmisparka {n} [of person]  :: poor thing
ihmisrakas {adj}  :: philanthropic
ihmisraunio {n}  :: human wreck
ihmisravinto {n}  :: Food appropriate for human consumption
ihmisrotu {n}  :: human race
ihmisryöstö {n}  :: kidnapping
ihmisryöstäjä {n}  :: abductor
ihmissalakuljettaja {n}  :: people smuggler
ihmissalakuljetus {n}  :: human smuggling
ihmissuhde {n}  :: relationship
ihmissusi {n}  :: A werewolf
ihmissyöjä {n}  :: (human) cannibal
ihmissyönti {n}  :: anthropophagy (act or practice of eating human flesh)
ihmissyönti {n}  :: cannibalism (act or practice of eating another human's flesh)
ihmistiede {n}  :: anthropology
ihmistyä {vi}  :: To become civilized
ihmistyövoima {n}  :: human labor
ihmisviha {n}  :: misanthropy
ihmisvihaaja {n}  :: misanthropist, misanthrope
ihmisystävä {n}  :: philanthropist
ihmisyys {n}  :: human condition
iho {n} [anatomy]  :: skin of a human being or an animal
iho {n}  :: skin of a human being
-ihoinen {adj}  :: skinned
ihojaoke {n}  :: dermatome
ihokarva {n} [anatomy]  :: hair, body hair; pilus (individual strand of body hair)
ihokarva {n}  :: In plural (ihokarvat); the body hair collectively
ihokasvain {n}  :: skin tumor
ihokudos {n}  :: skin tissue
ihomato {n}  :: blackhead, comedo
ihonalainen {adj}  :: subcutaneous, hypodermic
ihonalaiskerros {n} [anatomy]  :: hypodermis
ihonalaiskudos {n} [anatomy]  :: subcutaneous tissue, hypodermis
ihonsiirto {n}  :: skin transplant
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (color)
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (color of human skin)
ihonväri {n}  :: skin colour, skin color (ethnicity)
ihopoimu {n}  :: skinfold
ihosolu {n}  :: skin cell
ihosyöpä {n} [pathology]  :: skin cancer
ihotauti {n}  :: skin disease
ihotautilääkäri {n}  :: dermatologist (specialist in dermatology)
ihotautioppi {n} [medicine]  :: dermatology (study of the skin and its diseases)
ihottuma {n} [medicine]  :: rash
ihotulehdus {n}  :: dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
ihra {n} [derogatory]  :: excess fat accumulated in a human body
ihra {n}  :: fat (adipose tissue of an animal, especially of a pig)
ihra {n}  :: lard (pig fat prepared for use in cooking or pharmacy)
iibis {n}  :: ibis
iibisnokka {n}  :: ibisbill, Ibidorhyncha struthersii (species of wading bird in the monotypic family Ibidorhynchidae, inhabiting the shingle riverbanks of the high plateau of Central Asia and the Himalayas)
Iida {prop}  :: female given name
iik {interj}  :: eek! (scream)
iikka {n}  :: See joka iikka
-iikka {suffix}  :: -ics (suffix used to form names of fields of knowledge or practice)
Iikka {prop}  :: male given name
iiliäinen {n}  :: leech (annelid)
iiliäinen {n}  :: limpet (someone disregarding or ignorant of another's personal space)
iilimato {n}  :: leech
iiliskotti {n} [archaic]  :: trickster
iiliskotti {n} [dialectal]  :: hedgehog
Iina {prop}  :: female given name, cognate to English Ina
Iines {prop}  :: female given name, the Finnish equivalent of Ines or Inez
Iines Ankka {prop}  :: Daisy Duck
iiri {n}  :: The Irish language
iiriläinen {adj}  :: Irish
iiriläinen {n}  :: A Irish person
iirinkielinen {adj}  :: Irish (Irish-speaking, Irish-language)
iirintää {v}  :: To translate into Irish
iiris {n} [anatomy, rare]  :: An iris (part of an eye)
iiris {n}  :: An iris (flower)
Iiris {prop}  :: female given name
Iiro {prop}  :: male given name
Iisai {prop}  :: Jesse [biblical character]
Iisak {prop}  :: Isaac. [biblical character]
Iisak {prop}  :: male given name
Iisakki {prop}  :: male given name
iisi {adj} [colloquial]  :: easy
iisisti {adv} [colloquial]  :: easily
iisoppi {n}  :: herb hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)
iäisyys {n}  :: The eternity, as a religious term; the time that elapses after the death
Iita {prop}  :: female given name
-iitti {suffix} [geology]  :: -ite
iivana {n} [derogatory]  :: A Russian
Iivana {prop}  :: male given name
Iivana {prop} [pejorative]  :: Russian; Russians collectively (commonly used nickname during WWII)
Iivari {prop}  :: male given name
Iivari {prop}  :: The letter "I" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Iivo {prop}  :: male given name
Iivonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ikä {n}  :: age
ikä {n}  :: life
ikä {n}  :: lifetime
ikebana {n}  :: ikebana
ikäero {n}  :: age difference
iki {adv} [dated]  :: eternally
iki- {prefix}  :: eternal
iki- {prefix}  :: primitive
ikiaika {n} [literary]  :: eternity
ikiajoiksi {adv}  :: forever
ikäihminen {n}  :: A politically correct term for an old person
ikiliikkuja {n}  :: perpetual motion machine
ikimaailmassa {adv}  :: [with a negation verb, idiomatic] ei ikimaailmassa: never ever, never in this world, never in a million years (strong rejection)
ikimerkki {n}  :: forever stamp [US], non-value indicator stamp [UK]
ikimuistoinen {adj}  :: unforgettable, immemorial
ikinä {adv}  :: (with the negation verb) never, not ... ever
ikinä {adv}  :: [in question causes] ever
ikinä {adv}  :: [with the negation verb] never ever (emphatic never)
ikäinen {adj}  :: at the age of, aged
ikäinen {adj}  :: old
ikinen {adv}  :: joka ikinen: everyone
ikioma {adj}  :: very own, completely own
ikionnellinen {adj}  :: overjoyed
ikirauha {n}  :: everlasting peace, death
ikirouta {n}  :: permafrost
ikiuni {n} [poetic]  :: death
ikivanha {adj}  :: ancient, primeval
ikivanha {adj}  :: very old
ikivihanta {adj}  :: evergreen
ikivihreä {adj}  :: evergreen
ikäjakauma {n}  :: age distribution
ikäjakautuma {n}  :: alternative form of ikäjakauma
-ikko {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for a (land) surface covered in something
-ikko {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for groups of a particular number
-ikko {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for groups of something, often plants
-ikko {suffix}  :: Forms nouns for land characterised by something in general
ikkuna {n} [architecture]  :: window (all senses)
ikkuna {n}  :: sash (the opening part of a window)
-ikkunainen {adj}  :: windowed [used only in compounds]
ikkunakirjekuori {n}  :: window envelope
ikkunakuori {n}  :: window envelope
ikkunalasi {n}  :: window glass
ikkunalasta {n}  :: A squeegee
ikkunalauta {n}  :: windowsill
ikkunallinen {adj}  :: windowed (having a window)
ikkunaluukku {n}  :: exterior shutter
ikkunanlasi {n}  :: window glass
ikkunanpesijä {n}  :: window cleaner
ikkunanpuite {n}  :: sash, window sash
ikkunaostokset {n}  :: window shopping
ikkunapaikka {n}  :: window seat (in airplane, bus etc.)
ikkunapuite {n}  :: alternative form of ikkunanpuite
ikkunapöytä {n}  :: windowfront table
ikkunaruutu {n}  :: window screen
ikkunaton {adj}  :: windowless
ikkunoida {vt}  :: To screen, filter
ikäluokka {n}  :: generation, age group, age class
ikään {adv}  :: ikään kuin: as if
ikään {adv}  :: niin ikään: likewise
ikänä {adv}  :: negation verb + ~ never, not ... ever:
ikänä {adv}  :: (in question clauses) ever:
ikäneito {n}  :: spinster
ikneumoni {n}  :: Egyptian mongoose, ichneumon, Herpestes ichneumon
ikänäkö {n}  :: presbyopia (inability of the eye, due to ageing, to focus on nearby objects)
ikään kuin {conj}  :: as if
ikääntyä {vi}  :: To age
ikääntyminen {n}  :: aging
ikääntynyt {n}  :: Politically correct term for an old person
Ikonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
ikoni {n} [computing]  :: icon
ikoni {n}  :: icon (person)
ikoni {n}  :: icon (religious painting)
ikonimaalari {n}  :: An icon painter, one who paints religious icons
ikonimaalaus {n}  :: religious icon painting
ikoninen {adj}  :: iconic
ikonografia {n}  :: iconography
ikonoklasmi {n}  :: iconoclasm
ikonoklasti {n}  :: iconoclast
ikonologia {n}  :: iconology
ikonostaasi {n}  :: iconostasis
ikosaedri {n} [geometry]  :: icosahedron
ikäraja {n}  :: age limit
ikärajoitus {n}  :: age limit
ikärasismi {n} [colloquial]  :: age discrimination, ageism
ikäryhmä {n}  :: age group
iäkäs {adj}  :: elderly
iäksi {adv}  :: for ever
ikäsyrjintä {n}  :: age discrimination, ageism (discrimination based on age)
ikätoveri {n}  :: age-mate (one who is the same age as another)
iktyologi {n}  :: ichthyologist
iktyologia {n}  :: ichthyology
iktyoosi {n} [pathology, jargon]  :: ichthyosis (disease which gives the sufferer a dry, scaly skin)
ikuinen {adj}  :: everlasting, eternal
ikuinen {adj}  :: never-ending, perpetual
ikuisesti {adv}  :: eternally
ikuistaa {v}  :: To commemorate, immortalize
ikuisuus {n}  :: The eternity, as a non-religious concept
ikävä {adj}  :: bad, sad (e.g. accident)
ikävä {adj}  :: tedious, boring
ikävä {adv}  :: ikävä juttu: too bad
ikävä {adv}  :: ikävä kyllä: unfortunately
ikävä {adv}  :: sepä ikävä: what a pity
ikävä {n}  :: longing, yearning
ikävöidä {v}  :: To miss, long, yearn
ikävöinti {n}  :: longing, yearning
ikävuosi {n}  :: year of age
ikävystyä {vi}  :: To become bored
ikävystynyt {adj}  :: bored
ikävystyttää {vt}  :: To bore, tire, weary
ikäys {n}  :: dating (measurement of age)
ilahduttaa {vt}  :: to delight, cheer up
ilahtua {vi}  :: To be(come) delighted, be(come) pleased
ilakoida {v}  :: To rejoice
Ilari {prop}  :: male given name
ileostomia {n} [surgery]  :: ileostomy
iljanne {n}  :: slippery, icy ground
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To bring oneself (to do), dare ((to) do), venture (to do), have the nerve (to do)
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To (can) stomach (to do), can stand (to do)
iljetä {vt} [auxiliary + infinitive]  :: To have the impudence/nerve (to do), dare ((to) do), can (do)
iljettää {vt}  :: To disgust (to cause an intense dislike for something)
iljettävä {adj}  :: disgusting, gross
iljettävästi {adv}  :: disgustingly
iljetys {n}  :: abomination
ilkamoida {v}  :: To rejoice
ilkeä {adj}  :: bad, mean, wicked
ilkeä {adj}  :: mischievous, troublesome, cheeky, badly behaved
ilkeillä {vi}  :: To act badly, meanly, wickedly
ilkeämielinen {adj}  :: malicious
ilkeämielisyys {n}  :: malice
ilkeännäköinen {adj}  :: nasty looking
ilkeys {n}  :: wickedness, malice
ilki {adv}  :: totally, completely
ilkiö {n}  :: a rascal
ilkialasti {adv}  :: completely naked, stark naked
ilkialaston {adj}  :: stark naked
ilkimys {n}  :: rascal
ilkiteko {n}  :: outrage (offensive act)
ilkivalta {n} [insurance]  :: vandalism
ilkivalta {n}  :: mischief
ilkivaltainen {adj}  :: mischievous
ilkivaltaisesti {adv}  :: mischievously
Ilkka {prop}  :: Jaakko Ilkka ( hanged in 1597), leader of a Finnish peasant uprising
Ilkka {prop}  :: male given name, originally in honor of Jaakko Ilkka
ilkkua {v}  :: To jeer, scoff
ilkosen {adv}  :: stark (modifier used with words alasti and alaston)
ilkosen alasti {adv} [idiomatic]  :: stark naked; while being stark naked
ilkosillaan {adv}  :: stark naked
-illa {suffix}  :: Forms action verbs which denote an activity closely related with a noun
-illa {suffix}  :: Forms frequentative verbs. The resulting verb often describes a more or less leisurely or long-lasting activity, or an activity that is not overly goal-oriented
illakko {n}  :: dame's rocket, Hesperis matronalis
illalla {adv}  :: in the evening
illallinen {n}  :: dinner; in formal occasions often used in plural (illalliset)
illallistaa {v}  :: To supper, eat dinner
illansuu {n}  :: nightfall
illansuussa {adv}  :: at dark (during nightfall)
illanvietto {n}  :: rout
illanvietto {n}  :: social evening
illastaa {v}  :: To have a supper
illatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: illative
illegaali {adj}  :: illegal
illempana {adv}  :: Later in evening
illusionismi {n} [arts]  :: illusionism
illusionismi {n} [philosophy]  :: illusionism
illusionisti {n}  :: illusionist
illusorinen {adj}  :: illusory
illustraatio {n}  :: illustration
illustroida {v}  :: To illustrate
illuusio {n}  :: illusion
ilma {n}  :: air
ilma {n}  :: weather
Ilma {prop}  :: female given name
ilma-alus {n}  :: aircraft, airship
ilmaaminen {n}  :: bleeding (act of removing air from a fluid system)
ilmaannousu {n}  :: takeoff
ilmaantua {vi}  :: To appear, to emerge; to turn up, to show up
ilma-ase {n} [countable]  :: air gun
ilma-ase {n} [uncountable]  :: air force
ilmahehku {n}  :: airglow
ilmaherruus {n}  :: air supremacy, air dominance
ilmahälytys {n}  :: air alert, air alarm (the warning signal during an air attack)
ilmahyökkäys {n}  :: airstrike, air attack
ilmailla {vi}  :: To aviate
ilmailu {n}  :: aviation
ilmailuala {n}  :: aviation industry
Ilmailulaitos {prop}  :: A similar authority in another country; in this usage often uncapitalized
Ilmailulaitos {prop}  :: Finnish Civil Aviation Administration; a former authority of the Finnish government with the responsibility for managing Finland's passenger airports and air traffic control. In the beginning of 2010 it was reorganized to a publicly held company and operates under the name Finavia
ilmailuyhtiö {n}  :: airline
ilmainen {adj}  :: Gratis, free
ilmais- {prefix}  :: As defining part in compound words, free
ilmaiseksi {adv}  :: for free
ilmaisemistapa {n} [rare]  :: Alternative term for ilmaisukeino
ilmaisija {n}  :: expresser, expounder
ilmaisin {n}  :: A detector
ilmaiskappale {n}  :: free copy
ilmaisku {n}  :: airstrike
ilmaista {v}  :: to denote
ilmaista {v}  :: to express (oneself)
ilmaista {v}  :: to indicate, point out, show, make known
ilmaisu {n}  :: expression (particular way of phrasing an idea)
ilmaisukeino {n}  :: means of expression, way of expressing oneself
ilmaisutapa {n}  :: Alternative term for ilmaisukeino
ilmajäähdytys {n}  :: air cooling
Ilmajärvi {prop}  :: Lake Ilmen
ilmajuuri {n} [botany]  :: aerial root
ilmakehä {n} [meteorology]  :: atmosphere
ilmakirje {n}  :: air letter (thin sheet of paper which may be folded to an airmail letter)
ilmakitara {n} [music]  :: air guitar
ilmakivääri {n}  :: An air rifle
ilmakuivata {vt}  :: To air-dry
ilmakuivattaa {vt}  :: To air-dry
ilmakuljetus {n}  :: air transport
ilmakuoppa {n} [aviation]  :: air pocket
ilmakupla {n}  :: An air bubble
ilmakuva {n}  :: aerial photograph
ilmakuvakartoitus {n}  :: aerial mapping
ilmakuvakartta {n}  :: aerial map
ilmakuvata {vt}  :: To take aerial photographs
ilmakuvaus {n}  :: aerial photography
ilmakäytävä {n}  :: air corridor
ilmalainausmerkki {n}  :: air quote (hand gesture resembling a quotation mark)
ilmalaiva {n}  :: blimp, airship, dirigible
ilmaliikenne {n}  :: air traffic
ilmamassa {n}  :: airmass
ilman {prep}  :: without:
ilman että {prep}  :: without (used to connect a main clause and a subordinate clause which presents something without which the action described in the main clause is or should be carried out)
ilmanherruus {n} [dated]  :: alternative spelling of ilmaherruus
ilmanlaatu {n}  :: air quality
ilman muuta {adv}  :: absolutely, without doubt, unhesitatingly
ilmanottoaukko {n}  :: air intake
ilmanpaine {n}  :: air pressure
ilmanpaine {n}  :: atmospheric pressure (pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere above an area)
ilmanpainekäyrä {n} [meteorology]  :: isobar
ilmanpainemittari {n}  :: A barometer
ilmanpuhdistin {n}  :: air cleaner, air purifier
ilmanraikastin {n}  :: air freshener
ilmansaaste {n}  :: air pollutant
ilmansuodatin {n}  :: air filter
ilmansuunta {n}  :: A compass point or point
ilmanvaihto {n}  :: ventilation
ilmanvastus {n}  :: air resistance, drag, atmospheric drag (force which resists motion of an object through air)
ilmapallo {n}  :: balloon
ilmapalloilla {vi}  :: To fly a hot-air balloon
ilmapatsas {n}  :: air column
ilmapöhö {n} [pathology]  :: emphysema
ilmapiiri {n}  :: atmosphere (mood or feeling in a situation)
ilmapiiri {n}  :: climate (figuratively: context in general of a particular political, moral etc. situation)
ilmapistooli {n}  :: air pistol
ilmapistooliammunta {n}  :: shooting with an air pistol
ilmapumppu {n}  :: air pump
Ilmapumppu {prop}  :: The constellation Antlia
ilmapuntari {n}  :: barometer
ilmapuolustus {n}  :: air defense
ilmapussi {n} [anatomy]  :: air sac (of birds)
ilmarako {n} [botany]  :: stoma
Ilmari {prop}  :: male given name
Ilmarinen {prop}  :: A common name of ships
Ilmarinen {prop}  :: A skillful smith, one of the main characters of Kalevala
ilmarinta {n} [disease]  :: pneumothorax
ilmarosvo {n}  :: air pirate
ilmarosvous {n}  :: air piracy
ilmasilta {n}  :: airlift
ilmasota {n}  :: air war
ilmastaa {vt}  :: To aerate
ilmaste {n}  :: aerating substance
ilmastin {n}  :: An aerator (device)
ilmasto {n}  :: climate
ilmastodiagrammi {n}  :: climate diagram
ilmastoida {v}  :: To air-condition
ilmastointi {n}  :: air conditioning
ilmastointilaite {n}  :: air conditioner, climate control
ilmastointiteippi {n}  :: duct tape
ilmastollinen {adj}  :: climatic
ilmastomalli {n}  :: climate model
ilmastonmuutos {n}  :: climate change
ilmasto-oppi {n}  :: climatology
ilmastotiede {n}  :: climatology
ilmastotyyppi {n}  :: climate type
ilmastovyöhyke {n}  :: climate zone
ilmastua {vi}  :: To become aerated
ilmastus {n}  :: aeration (process)
ilmasuoja {n} [military]  :: anti-air cover
ilmata {v}  :: To bleed (to remove air from hydraulic system)
ilmatankkaus {n}  :: aerial refueling
Ilmatar {prop}  :: An air spirit in Finnish mythology; the mother of Väinämöinen in the Kalevala
Ilmatar {prop}  :: female given name
ilmatasku {n}  :: air pocket
ilmateitse {adv}  :: by air
ilmatie {n}  :: air (transport through the air)
ilmatie {n} [anatomy]  :: airway, trachea, windpipe
ilmatiede {n}  :: meteorology
ilmatieteellinen {adj}  :: meteorological
ilmatieteilijä {n}  :: climatologist
ilmatiiviisti {adv}  :: airtightly, hermetically
ilmatiivis {adj}  :: airtight
ilmatila {n}  :: airspace
ilmaton {adj}  :: airless
ilmatorjunta {n}  :: As modifier in compound terms, anti-aircraft
ilmatorjunta {n} [military]  :: air defense, air defence (all measures designed to nullify or reduce the effectiveness of hostile air action)
ilmatorjuntaohjus {n}  :: An anti-aircraft missile
ilmatäytteinen {adj}  :: air-filled
ilmatyyny {n}  :: airbag (protective system in automobiles)
ilmatyyny {n}  :: air cushion
ilmatyynyalus {n}  :: hovercraft, air cushion vehicle, ground-effect machine
ilmaurheilu {n}  :: air sport
ilmaus {n}  :: bleeding (act of removing air from a fluid system)
ilmaus {n}  :: expression (colloquialism or idiom)
ilmaus {n}  :: expression (particular way of phrasing an idea)
ilmava {adj}  :: fluffy, airy
ilmavaara {n}  :: air alarm (alarm sounded to warn for such hazard)
ilmavaara {n} [military]  :: air threat (threat of imminent enemy airstrike)
ilmavaivat {n}  :: flatulence
ilmavalokuva {n}  :: aerial photograph
ilmavalokuvaus {n}  :: aerial photography
ilmavarsi {n} [botany]  :: aerial stem
ilmavasti {adv}  :: airily (in the concrete sense only)
ilmaveivi {n} [ice hockey]  :: Michigan, high wrap, lacrosse move (deke consisting of lifting the puck with the stick and throwing it under the top corner of the goal, while skating behind the net)
ilmaverso {n} [botany]  :: aerial shoot
ilmavirta {n}  :: air current
ilmavirtaus {n}  :: air current
ilmaväli {n} [internet]  :: air gap (network security measure)
ilmavoima {n}  :: In plural, air force; see ilmavoimat
ilmavoima {n}  :: military force applied from the air
ilmavoimat {n}  :: air force
ilmavuus {n}  :: airiness
ilmaylivoima {n} [military]  :: air superiority
ilme {n}  :: air (feeling or sense)
ilme {n}  :: facial expression, look, mien, appearance, countenance (features and expression of the face)
ilmeetön {adj}  :: expressionless
ilmeettömästi {adv}  :: blankly, expressionlessly
ilmeettömyys {n}  :: expressionlessness
ilmehdintä {n}  :: making of faces (act of showing a number of facial expressions in a row, often to entertain someone or to draw attention to oneself)
ilmehtiä {v}  :: to make faces, make a face, pull a face
ilmeikkyys {n}  :: expressiveness
ilmeikäs {adj}  :: expressive
ilmeillä {v}  :: To make faces
ilmeinen {adj}  :: apparent, evident, obvious
ilmeisemmin {adv}  :: obviously
ilmeisesti {adv}  :: apparently, evidently, obviously
ilmeittää {v} [music, rare]  :: to give a personal touch or sound when playing or singing
ilmenemä {n}  :: manifestation
ilmeniitti {n} [mineral]  :: ilmenite
ilmentää {v}  :: to express
ilmentyä {vi}  :: To be manifested
ilmentymä {n} [biology]  :: expression (process of translating a gene into a protein)
ilmentymä {n} [computing]  :: instance
ilmentymä {n}  :: manifestation
ilmestyä {v}  :: to be issued, be released
ilmestyä {v}  :: to emerge (to come into view)
ilmestyä {v}  :: to show up, appear, pop up, materialize (to arrive, especially suddenly or erratically)
ilmestymisaika {n}  :: time of publication
ilmestymispäivä {n}  :: date of publication
ilmestymisvuosi {n}  :: year of publication
ilmestys {n}  :: Phenomenon, spectacle, sight
ilmestys {n} [religion]  :: Revelation
ilmestys {n}  :: Vision, apparition, manifestation
ilmestyskirja {n}  :: Revelation (A common term used of the last book of the Bible)
Ilmestyskirja {prop}  :: alternative spelling of ilmestyskirja
ilmestysmaja {n}  :: tabernacle (tent)
ilmetä {v}  :: To appear, turn out; to become apparent
ilmetty {adj}  :: (of a person, especially an actor) natural, veritable, genuine
ilmi {adv}  :: No direct English equivalent; expresses the idea of becoming evident, especially of something non-material that has been hidden or unknown. Examples:
ilmiö {n}  :: phenomenon
Ilmi {prop}  :: female given name, variant of Ilma
ilmiantaa {vt}  :: To inform, report (a crime, dissenter etc.)
ilmiantaja {n}  :: informer
ilmiasu {n}  :: appearance
ilmiasu {n}  :: phenotype
ilmiliekeissä {adv}  :: ablaze
ilmiömäinen {adj}  :: phenomenal
ilmiömäisesti {adv}  :: phenomenally
ilmiömäisyys {n}  :: phenomenality
ilmiselvä {adj}  :: obvious
ilmituoda {v}  :: To reveal
Ilmo {prop}  :: male given name
ilmoitella {v}  :: To inform, announce (repeatedly, indifferently)
ilmoitse {adv}  :: by air
ilmoittaa {v}  :: To report, in the sense of notifying; to announce
ilmoittaja {n}  :: informant
ilmoittautua {v} [hospital]  :: to register, check in, sign in, report (to the reception / receptionist, admissions office, or medical staff), say / give your name to the receptionist, fill in / complete your registration (form)
ilmoittautua {v} [military]  :: to report (to show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to enrol/enroll in, register in (school = kouluun, a course = kurssille)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to enter (a competition, contest = kilpailuun)
ilmoittautua {v}  :: to sign up for, join (to add one's name to the list of people who are participating in something, join an amateur team)
ilmoittautuminen {n}  :: enrolment, registration, entrance
ilmoittautumisaika {n}  :: registration time
ilmoittautunut {n}  :: registree, matriculant
ilmoittua {v} [rare]  :: To become aired (exposed to air)
ilmoitus {n}  :: advertisement
ilmoitus {n}  :: announcement
ilmoitus {n}  :: declaration
ilmoitus {n}  :: notification, notice
ilmoitus {n}  :: return; in [[veroilmoitus tax return]]
ilmoitustaulu {n}  :: bulletin board, notice board, message board
ilo {n}  :: joy, delight, happiness, pleasure
ilo {n}  :: love, lover (especially when used with a possessive suffix)
ilohuuto {n}  :: cry of joy
iloinen {adj}  :: glad
iloinen {adj}  :: happy, cheerful
iloisa {adj} [rare]  :: synonym of iloinen
iloisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of iloinen
iloisesti {adv}  :: happily, merrily, gaily
iloisuus {n}  :: joyfulness
iloita {v}  :: To be happy, glad, cheerful
ilokaasu {n}  :: laughing gas
ilolaulu {n}  :: paean (any loud and joyous song; a song of triumph)
ilolintu {n} [euphemistic]  :: prostitute
ilomielin {adv}  :: with pleasure (willingly; without argument)
Ilona {prop}  :: female given name
ilonkyynel {n}  :: A tear of joy
ilonpilaaja {n}  :: spoiler (document, review or comment that discloses the ending or some key surprise, or twist in a story)
ilonpilaaja {n}  :: spoilsport, cold fish, killjoy, party pooper, stick in the mud, wet blanket (someone who puts an end to others' fun)
ilonpitäjä {n}  :: merrymaker
ilonpito {n}  :: amusement, merrymaking
ilonpurkaus {n}  :: A burst of joy
ilosanoma {n}  :: gospel (message expected to have positive reception or effect)
ilostua {vi}  :: To become delighted
ilostuttaa {v}  :: To delight, cheer up
ilotalo {n}  :: fun house, brothel
ilotella {vi}  :: To frolic
ilotikku {n}  :: joystick
iloton {adj}  :: gloomy
ilottomuus {n}  :: joylessness (lack of joy)
ilotulite {n}  :: [usually plural] firework
ilotulitus {n}  :: fireworks
ilotulitusraketti {n}  :: skyrocket (type of firework)
ilotyttö {n}  :: A (young) female prostitute
Ilpo {prop}  :: male given name
Ilppo {prop}  :: male given name, variant of Ilpo
ilta {n}  :: evening
Ilta {prop}  :: female given name
iltaa {interj}  :: good evening
ilta-aurinko {n}  :: evening sun
iltahartaus {n}  :: evening prayer, evensong
iltahelokki {n} [plant]  :: evening primrose, evening star (Oenothera biennis)
iltahämärä {n}  :: dusk, nightfall, gloaming (evening twilight)
iltahämärissä {adv}  :: at dark (at the time of nightfall)
iltaihminen {n}  :: A night person
iltaisin {adv}  :: In the evening
iltakuusi {n}  :: Six o'clock at evening
iltalisä {n}  :: evening allowance (extra payment for working in the evening)
iltama {n}  :: soiree
iltapäivä {n}  :: An afternoon, roughly the period between 12 noon and 6 p.m
iltapäivälehti {n}  :: tabloid (newspaper that favours stories of sensational nature)
iltapuku {n}  :: evening dress (ladies' long, festive dress)
iltarusko {n}  :: sunset, sundown, sunset glow, afterglow (reddish glow seen in the sky after sunset)
iltasatu {n}  :: bedtime story
iltasoitto {n}  :: curfew, tattoo (music played in the evening to signal induce some action, such as soldiers returning to their quarters)
iltatee {n}  :: evening tea
iltatähti {n}  :: The evening star
iltavuoro {n}  :: evening shift
iltayö {n}  :: The time after evening and before midnight
iltti {n}  :: tongue (flap in a shoe)
ilve {n}  :: trick, joke
ilvehtiä {v}  :: To jest, to make fun
ilveilijä {n}  :: An antic, geek (grotesque performer)
ilveillä {vi}  :: To antic (to perform antics)
ilves {n}  :: Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
ilves {n}  :: lynx (any of the four species in genus Lynx)
Ilves {prop}  :: Finnish surname
Ilves {prop} [uncountable]  :: The constellation Lynx
imaami {n}  :: imam
imaginaariakseli {n} [math]  :: imaginary axis
imaginaariluku {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary number
imaginaarinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: imaginary
imaginaariosa {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary part
imaginaariyksikkö {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary unit
imaginaatio {n}  :: imagination
imaginääriluku {n} [mathematics]  :: imaginary number
imaginääriosa {n}  :: alternative form of imaginaariosa
imaista {vt}  :: To suck (rapidly, once)
imarre {n}  :: Short of kallioimarre, Polypodium vulgare
imarre {n}  :: With a modifier, used in the names of several similar-looking ferns of various genera
imarrella {vt}  :: To coax, cajole, beguile
imarrella {vt}  :: To flatter, compliment, (colloquially) to butter up, soft-soap, suck up to
imarrella {vt}  :: To toady to, truckle to, carry favor with, (colloquially) to brownnose, kiss/lick sb's ass/boots
imarteleva {adj}  :: flattering, complimentary
imartelija {n}  :: flatterer, sycophant (one who uses compliments to gain self-serving favor or advantage)
imartelu {n}  :: flattery
imbesilli {n}  :: imbecile
imeä {v} [medicine]  :: to aspirate
imeä {v}  :: to absorb
imeä {v}  :: to pull towards
imeä {v}  :: to suck
imeksiä {v}  :: To suck (using mouth)
imelä {adj} [figuratively]  :: cloying, syrupy
imelä {adj}  :: overly sweet, sugary, syrupy
imelöittää {v} [rare]  :: alternative form of imeltää
imelöittää {v}  :: to sweeten
imelle {n}  :: sweetener
imellyttää {v}  :: alternative form of imeltää
imeltää {vt} [cooking]  :: To sweeten starchy foods by keeping them warm over a lengthy period
imeltyä {vi}  :: To become sweet
imeskellä {vi}  :: To suck (casually, for a while; like e.g. a lollipop)
imettää {vt}  :: to breastfeed
imettäjä {n}  :: wet nurse
imettäväinen {n} [dated]  :: mammal
imetys {n}  :: breastfeeding, lactation (process of providing breast milk to the offspring)
imetysaika {n}  :: lactation period
imeväinen {n}  :: A suckling (baby that has not been weaned yet)
imeväiskuolleisuus {n}  :: infant mortality
imeväiskuolleisuus {n}  :: infant mortality rate (the ratio of the number of children dying before their first birthday to the number of births, usually expressed as number per thousand live births)
imeyttää {vt}  :: To cause to be absorbed
imeytyä {vi}  :: to become sucked up, absorbed
imidatsoli {n} [chemistry]  :: imidazole
imiini {n} [chemistry]  :: imine
imijä {n}  :: sucker
imikkä {n}  :: lungwort
imitaatio {n}  :: imitation
imitaattori {n}  :: impersonator, mimic, mimicker (entertainer whose act is based upon performing impressions of others)
imitoida {vt} [esp. of an impressionist, + partitive]  :: To imitate, mimic, impersonate
imitoija {n}  :: impressionist (a comedian who imitates famous people)
imitoiminen {n}  :: imitation
imitointi {n}  :: imitation
Immanuel {prop}  :: Immanuel [biblical character]
Immanuel {prop}  :: male given name, rare in this form. Short forms: Immo, Manu
immateriaalinen {adj}  :: immaterial
immateriaalioikeudet {n} [legal, accounting]  :: intellectual property (copyrights, patents and trademarks as property category)
immateriaalioikeus {n} [legal, accounting]  :: intellectual property (an individual copyright, patent or trademark as property item; usually used in plural)
immateriaalioikeus {n} [legal]  :: immaterial law (legislature that concerns intellectual property)
immenkalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: hymen, maidenhead, virginal membrane
immenkukka {n}  :: clarkia
immersio {n}  :: immersion
immigrantti {n}  :: immigrant
Immo {prop}  :: male given name
Immonen {prop}  :: Finnish surname
immunisaatio {n}  :: immunisation/immunization
immunisoida {vt}  :: To immunize
immunisoitua {vi}  :: To become immune
immuniteetti {n}  :: immunity
immunologi {n}  :: immunologist
immunologia {n}  :: immunology
immunologinen {adj}  :: immunological
immunometrinen {adj}  :: immunometric
immunoterapia {n}  :: immunotherapy
immunotoksiini {n}  :: immunotoxin
immunotoksikologia {n}  :: immunotoxicology
immuuni {adj}  :: immune
immuunijärjestelmä {n}  :: immune system
immuunikato {n}  :: AIDS, acquired immune deficiency syndrome
immuunistaa {vt}  :: To immunize
immuunistua {vi} [rare]  :: To become immune
immuunius {n}  :: immunity
immuunivaste {n}  :: immune response
immyt {n} [poetic]  :: virgin
impakti {n}  :: impact
impala {prop}  :: impala
impata {v}  :: To sniff, huff something in order to get intoxicated
impedanssi {n} [physics]  :: impedance
imperaattori {n}  :: imperator
imperatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: imperative
imperfekti {n} [grammar]  :: Simple past, imperfect (tense)
imperialismi {n}  :: imperialism
imperialisti {n}  :: imperialist
imperialistinen {adj}  :: imperialistic
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (area under the power of one person)
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (group of states)
imperiumi {n}  :: empire (political unit)
impeys {n}  :: virginity
impi {n} [dated]  :: virgin
Impi {prop}  :: female given name used around 1900; rare today
implantaatio {n}  :: implantation
implantaatti {n}  :: alternative form of implantti
implantoida {v} [medicine, professional jargon]  :: To implant (to insert surgically into the body)
implantti {n}  :: implant
implikaatio {n}  :: implication
implikoida {v}  :: To imply (to suggest a logical inference)
implikoida {vt}  :: To implicate, imply (to have as a necessary consequence or accompaniment)
implisiittinen {adj}  :: implicit
implisiittisesti {adv}  :: implicitly
implisoida {v}  :: alternative form of implikoida
imploosio {n}  :: implosion
implosiivi {n} [phonetics]  :: an implosive
imponoida {v}  :: To impress
importoida {vt}  :: To import
impotenssi {n}  :: Sexual impotence
impotentti {adj}  :: Sexually impotent
imppaus {n} [colloquial]  :: Sniffing or huffing, or the inhalation of the fumes, of something in order to get intoxicated
impregnoida {v}  :: To impregnate
impressaario {n}  :: impresario
impressionismi {n}  :: impressionism
impressionisti {n}  :: impressionist
impressionistinen {adj}  :: impressionistic
improbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, corresponds to fail
improvisaatio {n}  :: improvisation
improvisatorinen {adj}  :: improvisatory
improvisoida {v}  :: To improvise
improvisointi {n}  :: improvising
impudenssi {n}  :: impudence
impulsiivinen {adj}  :: impulsive
impulsiivisesti {adv}  :: impulsively
impulsiivisuus {n}  :: impulsiveness
impulssi {n}  :: impulse
impulssi {n} [physics]  :: impulse
impulssimomentti {n} [physics]  :: angular momentum
imputoida {v} [statistics]  :: To impute
imputointi {n} [statistics]  :: imputation
imu {n}  :: suction
imu {n}  :: undertow; also aaltojen imu (flow of water returning seaward from the waves breaking on the shore)
imujuoksutin {n} [rare]  :: A siphon
imujuuri {n} [botany]  :: haustorium
imukala {n}  :: seasnail (Liparis liparis)
imuke {n}  :: A cigarette holder
imukärsä {n} [biology]  :: proboscis
imukudos {n} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic tissue
imukuppi {n}  :: plunger (device that is used to remove blockages from a toilet or sink by suction)
imukuppi {n}  :: sucker (organ or body part that does the sucking of octopus and some fishes)
imukuppi {n}  :: suction cup
imuneste {n} [physiology]  :: lymph
imupaperi {n}  :: blotting paper
imurauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph gland
imuri {n}  :: fan (fan applied to exhausting air or other gas from somewhere - like from a house)
imuri {n}  :: vacuum cleaner
imuroida {vt} [computing]  :: To download
imuroida {vt}  :: To vacuum
imurointi {n} [colloquial, computing]  :: download
imurointi {n}  :: vacuuming
imusarja {n}  :: intake manifold, inlet manifold
imusolmuke {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph node
imusolmukeajos {n} [pathology]  :: bubo (inflamed swelling of a lymph node, especially due to an infection such as bubonic plague, gonorrhea, tuberculosis or syphilis)
imusolmukesyöpä {n} [oncology, pathology]  :: lymphoma
imusolmukkeentulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: A lymphadenitis
imusolu {n} [cytology, immunology]  :: lymphocyte
imusuonentulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: A lymphangitis
imusuoni {n} [anatomy]  :: lymph vessel, lymphatic vessel
imusuoniluomi {n}  :: lymphangioma (benign tumour of the lymph vessel)
imusuonisto {n} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic system
imuttaa {v} [slang]  :: To download
imuttaa {v} [slang]  :: To kiss intensively
-in {suffix}  :: Forms inanimate instrumental nouns from verbs
-in {suffix}  :: Forms superlative adjectives
-in {suffix}  :: Instructive case suffix
-in {suffix} [poetic]  :: A variant for the first-person singular possessive suffix -ni
-in {suffix} [rare]  :: Forms the genitive plural
-in {suffix}  :: Suffix variant for the illative singular, see -Vn
inahdus {n}  :: peep (feeble utterance or complaint)
inahtaa {vi}  :: To utter a sound
Inari {prop} [dated, rare]  :: male given name
Inari {prop}  :: female given name from the name of the lake
Inari {prop}  :: Inari (lake, municipality)
inarinsaame {n}  :: The Inari Sami language
indefiniitti {adj}  :: alternative form of indefiniittinen
indefiniittinen {adj}  :: indefinite
indefiniittipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: indefinite pronoun
indeksi {n}  :: index
indeksikori {n}  :: market basket
indeksoida {v}  :: To index
indeksointi {n}  :: indexing
indeksointikieli {n} [information science]  :: indexing language
indifferentti {adj} [mechanics]  :: neutral, indifferent, marginally stable
indigokarmiini {n} [chemistry]  :: indigo carmine
indigonsininen {adj}  :: indigo
indigonsininen {n}  :: indigo
indigosini {n}  :: indigo
indiisi {n} [legal]  :: indicium
indikaatio {n}  :: indication
indikaattori {n}  :: An indicator
indikatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: indicative, indicative mood
indikatiivinen {adj}  :: indicative (serving as a sign)
indikoida {v}  :: To indicate
indisio {n} [legal]  :: indicium
indisoida {v}  :: To induce
indium {n}  :: indium
individi {n}  :: individual
individuaali {n}  :: An individual
individuaalinen {adj}  :: individual
individuaalistaa {vt}  :: To individualize
individuaatio {n}  :: individuation
individualismi {n}  :: individualism
individualisoida {vt}  :: To individualize
individualisti {n}  :: individualist
individualistinen {adj}  :: individualistic
indoarjalainen {adj}  :: Indo-Aryan
indoeurooppalainen {adj}  :: Indo-European
indoiranilainen {adj}  :: Indo-Iranian
indoiranilainen {n}  :: An Indo-Iranian or (rarely) Aryan
indoktrinaatio {n}  :: indoctrination
indoktrinoida {vt}  :: To indoctrinate
indoktrinointi {n}  :: indoctrination
indonesia {n}  :: Indonesian (language)
Indonesia {prop}  :: Indonesia
indonesialainen {adj}  :: pertaining to Indonesian
indonesialainen {adj}  :: pertaining to the Indonesian language
indonesialainen {n}  :: an Indonesian person
indonesiansureli {n}  :: mitred leaf monkey, Presbytis melalophos
Indonesian tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Indonesia
induktanssi {n} [physics]  :: inductance
induktio {n} [logic]  :: induction
induktio {n} [physics]  :: induction
induskulttuuri {n}  :: Indus Valley Civilization
indusoida {vt} [physics]  :: To induce
indusoitua {vi} [physics]  :: To become induced
industrialismi {n}  :: industrialism
industrialisti {n}  :: industrialist
inee {adv} [slang]  :: in, inside (direction)
inehmo {n} [archaic]  :: human
-inen {suffix}  :: Creates adjectives from present active participles, indicating a tendency to be/do something
-inen {suffix}  :: Creates adjectives indicating a material of which something is made; -en
-inen {suffix}  :: Creates adjectives signifying a certain quality; -like, -ous, -y
inertia {n}  :: inertia
inertti {adj}  :: inert
ines {adv} [slang]  :: in, inside
inessiivi {n} [grammar]  :: inessive, inessive case
inessiivi {n} [slang]  :: indoors
infantiili {adj}  :: infantile
infarkti {n} [pathology]  :: infarct
infektio {n} [pathology]  :: infection (the growth of micro-organisms in a host)
infektoida {vt}  :: To infect
infektoitua {vi}  :: To be infected
inferentiaalinen {n} [statistics]  :: inferential
infernaalinen {adj}  :: infernal
infertiili {adj}  :: infertile
infinitesimaali {n} [mathematics]  :: infinitesimal
infinitesimaalinen {adj}  :: infinitesimal
infinitiivi {n} [grammar]  :: infinitive (uninflected form of a verb)
infinitiivi {n} [grammar]  :: verbal noun, infinitive (verbal noun)
inflaatio {n}  :: inflation
inflaatioteoria {n} [astronomy, physics]  :: inflation theory
inflammaatio {n} [medicine]  :: inflammation
inflatorinen {adj}  :: inflationary
influenssa {n} [pathology]  :: influenza
influenssaepidemia {n}  :: influenza epidemic
influenssi {n}  :: influence
infokratia {n}  :: infocracy
informaatikko {n}  :: informaticist, informatician (practitioner of informatics)
informaatio {n}  :: information
informaatioteknologia {n}  :: information technology
informaatioteoria {n}  :: information theory
informatiikka {n}  :: informatics
informatiivinen {adj}  :: informative
informoida {v}  :: To inform
infra- {prefix}  :: infra-
infraääni {n}  :: infrasound
infrapuna {n}  :: infrared
infrapunainen {adj}  :: infrared
infrapunakamera {n}  :: infrared camera
infrapunasignaali {n}  :: infrared signal
infrapunasäteily {n}  :: infrared radiation
infrapunateleskooppi {n}  :: infrared telescope
infrapunavalo {n}  :: infrared light
infrastruktuuri {n}  :: infrastructure
infuusio {n}  :: infusion
infuusio {n} [medicine]  :: intravenous therapy (infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein)
inha {adj}  :: appalling, gross, disgusting
inha {adj} [poetic]  :: bad, wicked, mean
Inha {prop}  :: Finnish surname
inhalaatio {n} [medicine]  :: inhalation (medicament inhaled in form of vapor)
inhalaatio {n} [rare in common language]  :: inhalation (act of inhaling)
inhalaattori {n} [medicine]  :: inhaler
inhaloida {v}  :: To inhale
inhalointi {n}  :: inhalation
inhibiittori {n}  :: inhibitor
inhibitio {n}  :: inhibition
inhibitorinen {adj}  :: inhibitory
inhiboida {vt}  :: To inhibit
inhiboitua {vi}  :: To become inhibited
inhimillinen {adj}  :: human
inhimillinen {adj}  :: humane
inhimillisesti {adv}  :: humanely
inhimillisin {adj}  :: superlative form of inhimillinen
inhimillistää {vt}  :: To humanize
inhimillistyä {vi}  :: To become more humane, to humanize
inho {n}  :: disgust, revulsion, abhorrence
inhoamaan {v} [fi-infinitive of, t=3a, inhota, c=ill]  ::
inhokki {n} [colloquial]  :: pet peeve, pet hate (something that is personally annoying; a personal dislike)
inhota {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To loathe, detest, abhor
inhottaa {vt}  :: To disgust (to cause an intense dislike for something)
inhottava {adj}  :: disgusting, foul, obnoxious, hideous, gross, loathsome
inhottavasti {adv}  :: disgustingly
inhottu {adj}  :: disliked
iänikuinen {adj}  :: ancient
iänikuinen {adj}  :: constant
iänikuinen {adj}  :: eternal
iänikuisesti {adv}  :: constantly, eternally
ininä {n}  :: buzzing sound
inistä {v} [colloquial]  :: to whine, complain, grouse, grip
inistä {v}  :: to buzz on a relatively high frequency, as a mosquito
initiaali {n}  :: An initial
initiaatio {n}  :: initiation
injektiivinen {adj}  :: injective
injektio {n}  :: injection
injektio {n} [mathematics]  :: injection
injektioruisku {n}  :: hypodermic syringe
injektoida {vt}  :: To inject
injektori {n}  :: injector
inka {n}  :: An Inca
Inka {prop}  :: female given name
iän kaiken {adv}  :: eternally
inkarnaatio {n}  :: incarnation
inkarnoitua {vi}  :: To be incarnated
Inkeri {prop}  :: female given name
Inkeri {prop}  :: Ingria
inkerikko {n}  :: An Izhorian
inkeriläinen {adj}  :: Ingrian
inkeriläinen {n}  :: An Ingrian
Inkerinmaa {prop}  :: Ingria
inkeroinen {n}  :: An Izhorian
inkeroinen {n}  :: The Ingrian language
inkivääri {n}  :: ginger (plant, herb)
inkivääriolut {n}  :: ginger beer, ginger ale
inkivääriolut {n}  :: root beer
inkkari {n}  :: injun
inkkari {n}  :: short for [[inkkarikanootti canoe]]
inkkarikanootti {n} [informal]  :: canoe, Canadian canoe (small, typically human-powered narrow boat)
inklinaatio {n} [geometry, astronomy]  :: inclination
inkluusio {n}  :: inclusion
inkoatiivinen {adj} [grammar]  :: inchoative
inkognito {adv}  :: incognito
inkontinenssi {n}  :: incontinence
inkorrekti {adj}  :: incorrect
inkubaatioaika {n}  :: germination time
inkubaattori {n}  :: incubator
inkunaabeli {n}  :: incunable
inkvisiittori {n}  :: inquisitor
inkvisitio {n}  :: inquisition
inkvisitorinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: Rigorously examining or rigorously investigative
inkvisitorinen {adj} [legal]  :: Inquisitorial (describing a trial system in which the prosecutor also acts as a judge)
iänmääritys {n}  :: dating (age estimation)
innoissaan {adv}  :: enthusiastic, excited, rapt; jazzed up (about = elative)
innoite {n}  :: inspiration (something that inspires)
innoittaa {vt}  :: to inspire (to act as a source for inspiration)
innoittaja {n}  :: inspirer
innoittua {vi} [rare]  :: to be inspired
innoitus {n}  :: inspiration
innokas {adj}  :: avid, eager, enthusiastic
innokkaasti {adv}  :: avidly, eagerly, enthusiastically
innostaa {vt}  :: To excite, inspire
innostaja {n}  :: inspirer
innostava {adj}  :: invigorating (giving strength, energy and vitality)
innostua {vi}  :: To get excited
innostuneesti {adv}  :: excitedly, enthusiastically
innostunut {adj}  :: excited
innostus {n}  :: enthusiasm
innostuttaa {vt}  :: alternative form of innostaa
innota {v}  :: To enthuse overly
innoton {adj}  :: halfhearted
innottomasti {adv}  :: halfheartedly
innovaatio {n}  :: innovation
innovatiivinen {adj}  :: innovative
innovoida {v}  :: To innovate
inosilikaatti {n} [mineralogy]  :: inosilicate (mineral)
inositoli {n} [chemistry]  :: inositol
insektisidi {n}  :: insecticide
inseminaatio {n}  :: insemination
insertti {n}  :: insert
insesti {n}  :: incest (sexual intercourse between near relatives)
insinööri {n}  :: An engineering degree granted by a polytechnic, used with or without the abbreviation amk, which specifies the level of education
insinööri {n}  :: A person who is qualified or professionally engaged in any branch of engineering, an engineer
insinööritaito {n}  :: engineering (application of science to the needs of humanity)
insinööritaito {n}  :: engineering skills (competence as engineer; often used in plural)
inskriptio {n}  :: inscription
inspehtori {n}  :: inspector
inspiraatio {n}  :: inspiration
inspiroida {vt}  :: To inspire
inspiroitua {vi}  :: To be(come) inspired
inssi {n} [colloquial]  :: driving test
inssi {n} [colloquial]  :: engineer
installaatio {n}  :: installation
installaatio {n}  :: installation artwork
installoida {v} [computing, slang]  :: To install
installointi {n} [computing, slang]  :: installation
instanssi {n}  :: instance
institutionaalinen {adj}  :: institutional
institutionaalistua {vi}  :: To be(come) institutionalized
institutionalismi {n}  :: institutionalism
institutionalisoida {v}  :: to institutionalize/institutionalise
institutionalisoitua {vi}  :: to be(come) institutionalized/institutionalised
instituutio {n}  :: institution
instituutti {n}  :: institute
instruktiivi {n} [grammar]  :: instructive
instrumentaali {n} [grammar]  :: instrumental case (noun case to express agency or means)
instrumentaali {n} [music]  :: instrumental (piece of music without lyrics)
instrumentaalirock {n} [music]  :: instrumental rock
instrumentaatio {n}  :: instrumentation
instrumentalisti {n} [music]  :: instrumentalist
instrumentoida {v}  :: To add measure instruments or code
instrumentoida {v}  :: To instrumentate (add an instrumental score)
instrumentoida {v}  :: To treat with instruments
instrumentti {n}  :: instrument
insuliini {n}  :: insulin
insulinooma {n} [oncology]  :: insulinoma
integraali {n} [mathematics]  :: integral
integraatio {n}  :: integration
integraatio {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integriini {n} [cytology]  :: integrin (protein that functions as receptor in communication between cells)
integroida {v} [mathematics]  :: To integrate (as opposed to differentiate)
integroiminen {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integrointi {n} [mathematics]  :: integration
integrointivakio {n}  :: constant of integration
integroitua {vi}  :: To integrate
integroituva {adj}  :: integrable
integumentti {n} [biology]  :: An integument (outer protective covering of an animal, such as skin or shell)
integumentti {n} [botany]  :: An integument (outer layer of an ovule, which develops into the seed coat)
intellektualismi {n}  :: intellectualism
intellektuelli {adj}  :: intellectual
intellektuelli {n}  :: intellectual
intelligenssi {n}  :: intelligence
intelligentsia {n}  :: intelligentsia
intelligentsija {n} [rare]  :: intelligentsia
intendentti {n}  :: intendant
intensiivikurssi {n}  :: intensive course, boot camp
intensiivinen {adj}  :: intensive
intensiivisesti {adv}  :: intensively
intensiivisyys {n}  :: intensiveness
intensiteetti {n}  :: intensity
intentio {n}  :: intention
interaktiivinen {adj}  :: interactive
interaktiivisesti {adv}  :: interactively
interaktiivisuus {n}  :: interactivity
interaktio {n}  :: interaction
interferenssi {n} [physics]  :: interference
interferoida {v} [physics]  :: to interfere (of waves, to be correlated with each other when overlapped or superposed)
interferometri {n}  :: interferometer
interferoni {n}  :: interferon
interglasiaali {n}  :: interglacial
interiööri {n}  :: interior
interjektio {n} [grammar]  :: interjection
interleukiini {n}  :: interleukin
intermittoiva {adj}  :: intermittent
internationaali {n}  :: An international
internet {n}  :: internet
Internet {prop} [Internet]  :: the Internet
internet-protokolla {n} [Internet]  :: Internet Protocol
internoida {v}  :: To intern (imprison)
interpolaatio {n} [mathematics]  :: The process of interpolation
interpoloida {vt} [mathematics]  :: To interpolate
interpolointi {n} [mathematics]  :: The process of interpolation
interrailaaja {n}  :: alternative form of interreilaaja
interrailata {vi}  :: To travel using the InterRail train pass
interreilaaja {n}  :: interrail passenger
interreilata {v}  :: alternative form of interrailata
interrogatiivipronomini {n} [grammar]  :: an interrogative pronoun:
interseksuaalisuus {n} [sexuality]  :: intersexuality
interstadiaali {n}  :: interstadial
interstellaarinen {adj} [astronomy]  :: interstellar
intersukupuolinen {adj} [sexuality]  :: intersexual
intersukupuolisuus {n} [sexuality]  :: intersexuality
intervalli {n}  :: interval
interventio {n}  :: intervention
Intia {prop}  :: India
intiaani {n}  :: Native American, Amerindian, (American) Indian
Intiaani {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Indus (Indus (constellation))
intiaanikanootti {n}  :: canoe, Canadian canoe (small, typically human-powered narrow boat)
intiaanikesä {n}  :: Indian summer
intiaanikieli {n}  :: An American Indian language
intiaanipokeri {n}  :: Indian poker (variant of poker)
intiaaniteltta {n}  :: teepee
intialainen {adj}  :: Indian (pertaining to India)
intialainen {n}  :: Indian (person from India)
intiankobra {n}  :: Indian cobra, Naja naja
intiankorppikotka {n}  :: Indian vulture, Gyps indicus
intianmusanki {n}  :: Jerdon's palm civet, Paradoxurus jerdoni
intianmuurahaiskäpy {n} [zoology]  :: Indian pangolin, Manis crassicaudata
intiannorsu {n}  :: Asian elephant, Elephas maximus
intiannorsu {n}  :: Indian elephant, Elephas maximus indicus
intianpuuvilla {n}  :: Indian cotton
intiansarvikuono {n}  :: Indian rhinoceros, Rhinoceros unicornis
intiansusi {n}  :: Indian wolf, Canis indica
intiantapiiri {n}  :: Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus)
intiantiikeri {n}  :: Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
intiantupaija {n} [in plural]  :: Anathana (genus)
intiantupaija {n}  :: Madras tree shrew, Indian tree shrew, Anathana ellioti (small shrew-like mammal, the only species in the genus Anathana)
Intian valtameri {prop}  :: The Indian Ocean
intianvaris {n}  :: house crow, Corvus splendens
intianviippa {n}  :: Jerdon's courser, Rhinoptilus bitorquatus
intiimi {adj}  :: intimate
intiimisti {adv}  :: intimately
intiimiys {n}  :: intimacy
intimiteetti {n}  :: privacy
intimiteettisuoja {n}  :: protection of privacy
into {n}  :: eagerness, enthusiasm
into {n}  :: passion, fervour/fervor, ardour/ardor
into {n}  :: zeal, fanaticism
Into {prop}  :: male given name
intohimo {n}  :: Passion, fervour/fervor
intohimoinen {adj}  :: passionate, zealous
intohimoisesti {adv}  :: passionately, zealously
intohimoisuus {n}  :: passionateness, zealousness
intoilija {n}  :: enthusiast, freak
intoilla {vi}  :: to be enthusiastic (about something)
intoksikaatio {n}  :: intoxication
intoleranssi {n}  :: intolerance (extreme sensitivity to a food or drug)
intolerantti {adj}  :: intolerant
intomieli {n}  :: enthusiast
intomielinen {adj}  :: enthusiastic
intomielisesti {adv}  :: enthusiastically
intomielisyys {n}  :: enthusiasm
intonaatio {n}  :: intonation
intos {n} [rare]  :: debate, argument
intoutua {vi}  :: To become enthusiastic
intranasaalinen {adj} [medicine]  :: intranasal
intranasaalisesti {adv} [medicine]  :: intranasally
intranet {n} [computing]  :: intranet
intransitiivinen {adj} [grammar]  :: Intransitive (of a verb, not taking a direct object)
intransitiivinen verbi {n} [grammar]  :: intransitive verb
intransitiiviverbi {n} [grammar]  :: intransitive verb
intravaskulaarinen {adj}  :: intravascular (pertaining to what is inside blood vessels)
intravenoosinen {adj}  :: intravenous (pertaining to what is inside veins)
intressi {n}  :: interest (business or amorous involvement)
intrigoida {v} [rare]  :: to intrigue (to conceive or carry out a secret plan)
intro {n} [informal]  :: intro (introduction)
introduktio {n}  :: introduction
introspektio {n} [psychology]  :: introspection
introversio {n}  :: introversion
introvertti {adj}  :: introvert
inttää {v}  :: To argue, insist
intti {n} [colloquial, military slang]  :: military (armed forces)
intuitiivinen {adj}  :: intuitive
intuitiivisesti {adv}  :: intuitively
intuitiivisuus {n}  :: intuitiveness
intuitio {n}  :: intuition
intuitionismi {n} [mathematics, philosophy]  :: intuitionism
inuktitut {n}  :: Inuktitut (language)
inuliini {n} [chemistry]  :: inulin
inva- {prefix}  :: invalid, disabled
invaasio {n}  :: invasion
invalidi {adj}  :: not valid, invalid
invalidi {n}  :: A person with a disability or a handicap
invalidisoida {v}  :: To disable (to cause a handicap)
invalidisoitua {vi} [of a person]  :: To become disabled
invaliditeetti {n}  :: handicap (mental or physical disadvantage)
invalidoida {vt}  :: To make someone disabled
invalidoitua {vi}  :: To become disabled
invarianssi {n}  :: invariance
invariantti {adj}  :: invariant
inventaari {n}  :: inventory (detailed list of all of the items on hand)
inventaari {n}  :: inventory (process of producing or updating such a list)
inventaario {n}  :: alternative form of inventaari
inventio {n} [music]  :: invention
inventoida {vt}  :: To produce an inventory
inversio {n}  :: inversion
inversio-ongelma {n}  :: inverse problem
investoida {vit} [intransitive, economics]  :: To invest (in something = illative)
investointi {n}  :: an investment
-io {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from other nouns, adjectives, numbers or their stems
-io {suffix}  :: Forms nouns from verbs or verbal stems
ioni {n}  :: An ion
ionisaatio {n}  :: ionization
ionisaattori {n}  :: ionizer
ionisidos {n} [physics]  :: ionic bond
ionisoida {vt}  :: To ionise/ionize
ionisointi {n}  :: ionization
ionisoitua {vi}  :: To be(come) ionised/ionized
ionosfääri {n}  :: ionosphere
ioota {n}  :: iota (ninth letter of the Greek alphabet)
ipana {n} [colloquial]  :: a young child
IP-osoite {n}  :: an IP address
Irak {prop}  :: Iraq
irakilainen {adj}  :: Iraqi
irakilainen {n}  :: an Iraqi
Iran {prop}  :: Iran
iranilainen {adj}  :: Iranian
iranilainen {n}  :: an Iranian person
iravadindelfiini {n}  :: Irrawaddy dolphin, Orcaella brevirostris
Irene {prop}  :: female given name
iridium {n}  :: iridium
iridosykliitti {n} [pathology]  :: iridocyclitis
iriitti {n} [pathology]  :: iritis
Irina {prop}  :: A transliteration of the Russian female given name Ири́на.
Irina {prop}  :: female given name of Finnish speakers
iriomotenkissa {n}  :: Iriomote cat, Prionailurus iriomotensis or Felis iriomotensis
irisoida {v} [rare]  :: to iridesce, be iridescent (to exhibit iridescence)
irisoiva {adj} [rare]  :: iridescent (reflecting light in a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colors)
Irja {prop}  :: female given name
irkata {vi} [Internet, slang]  :: To chat on IRC
irkku {n} [computing]  :: IRQ, interrupt request
irkku {n} [informal]  :: An Irishman or Irishwoman
irkku {n} [informal]  :: As a modifier in compound words, Irish
irkkukahvi {n} [colloquial]  :: An Irish coffee
irkut {n} [colloquial]  :: Ireland (seldom used in plain form)
irkut {n} [colloquial]  :: Irish people, Gaels
irkut {n}  :: (computing slang) IRQ's
irlanninkielinen {adj}  :: Irish (Irish-speaking, Irish-language)
Irlanninmeri {prop}  :: The Irish Sea
irlanninsetteri {n}  :: Irish Setter
irlanninsusikoira {n}  :: Irish Wolfhound
Irlannin tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Ireland
irlanti {n}  :: The Irish language
Irlanti {prop}  :: The island of Ireland
Irlanti {prop}  :: The Republic of Ireland
irlantilainen {adj}  :: Irish (pertaining to or originating from Ireland or the Irish people)
irlantilainen {n}  :: An Irishman or Irishwoman
irlantilainen {n}  :: In plural (irlantilaiset), the Irish (Irish people)
Irma {prop}  :: female given name
Irmeli {prop}  :: female given name
irmossi {n} [music]  :: irmos
irokeesi {n}  :: An Iroquois, a mohawk (hairstyle)
irokeesi {n}  :: An Iroquois (member of an Iroquois tribe)
irokeesikampaus {n}  :: An Iroquois hairdo
irokeesikieli {n}  :: Any of the languages spoken by the Iroquois
irokeesitukka {n}  :: An Iroquois, a mohawk (hairstyle)
ironia {n}  :: irony
ironikko {n}  :: ironist
ironinen {adj}  :: ironic
ironisesti {adv}  :: ironically
ironisoida {vt}  :: To ironize
irrallaan {adv}  :: loose, free, untethered (not bound or tethered or leashed)
irrallinen {adj}  :: loose, disconnected
irrallinen {adj}  :: random
irrationaaliluku {n}  :: irrational number
irrationaalinen {adj} [mathematics]  :: irrational
irrelevantti {adj}  :: irrelevant
irrota {vi}  :: To loosen, detach, separate
irrottaa {vt}  :: to loosen, free, detach, unfasten, undo
irrottautua {vi}  :: To detach oneself
irrottautua {vi}  :: To secede
irrottua {vi} [rare]  :: alternative form of irrottautua
irstaasti {adv}  :: lewdly
irstailija {n}  :: debauchee
irstailla {vi}  :: to behave lecherously, lead a loose life, lead a dissolute life; lech [slang]
irstailu {n}  :: debauchery
irstas {adj}  :: lewd, lascivious
irstaus {n}  :: lewdness, lasciviousness
irtaantua {vi}  :: To be detached, loosened
irtaantua {vi}  :: To secede
irtaimisto {n}  :: Movables (property not part of a real estate collectively)
irtaimistovakuutus {n}  :: contents insurance (insurance that pays for damage to, or loss of, an individual’s personal possessions whilst they are located within that individual’s home)
irtain {n}  :: movable, chattel
irtauma {n}  :: A part that has detached from something
irtautua {vi}  :: To secede
irtautuma {n}  :: alternative form of irtauma
irtautumislauseke {n} [legal]  :: escape clause (clause, term or condition in a contract that allows a party to that contract to avoid having to perform the contract or cancel it)
irti {adv}  :: clear (not touching, e.g. during defibrillation)
irti {adv}  :: Loose in the sense of not being fixed or stuck, unfastened, free
irtikytketty {adj}  :: disconnected, uncoupled
irtisanoa {v}  :: to dismiss (to terminate employment by the employer for reasons depending on the employee)
irtisanoa {v}  :: to fire, sack (slang verbs for any type of termination of employment by the employer)
irtisanoa {v}  :: to lay off (to terminate employment by the employer for reasons not depending on the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: dismissal (termination of employment by the employer due to reasons depending on the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: layoff (US), redundancy (UK) (termination of employment by the employer due to economic reasons, i.e. not connected to the behaviour of the employee)
irtisanominen {n}  :: sacking, getting the sack (UK)‚ firing (US) (colloquial for dismissal for any reason)
irtisanomisaika {n}  :: term of notice
irtisanomisilmoitus {n}  :: A notice of the termination of employment; pink slip [US]
irtisanomiskorvaus {n}  :: severance pay
irtisanomisraha {n}  :: severance payment
irtisanomissuoja {n}  :: protection against dismissal
irtisanoutua {vi}  :: To resign (one's office), quit, hand in one's notice, give in one's notice
irto- {prefix}  :: Used as modifier in compound terms to signify detachable, removable, separate, loose
irtokarkki {n}  :: bulk confectionery, loose candy, pick 'n' mix candy (candy sold by weight or piece)
irtolainen {n}  :: vagabond
irtolaisuus {n}  :: vagrancy
irtomaito {n} [dated]  :: milk dispensed into customer's container and paid by volume
irtonainen {adj}  :: loose (not packaged)
irtonaisesti {adv}  :: loosely (packed)
irtonumero {n}  :: A single copy of a newspaper or magazine, especially one sold at a newsstand; used when it is necessary to make a difference between subscriptions and retail sales of a paper
irtopää {n}  :: severed head
irtoparta {n}  :: fake beard
irtoseksi {n}  :: casual sex (sexual activity that is undertaken without commitment, emotional attachment or personal familiarity)
irtosolukoe {n} [pathology]  :: smear test, Pap test
irtotakki {n}  :: sports jacket or blazer (tailored jacket which is not part of a suit)
irvailla {v}  :: To make fun of, to poke fun at
irviä {v}  :: To grimace
irviä {v}  :: To mock, joke
Irvikissa {prop}  :: Cheshire cat (fictional character)
irvistää {vi}  :: To grimace
irvistää {vi}  :: To grin
irvistelijä {n}  :: grinner (one who grins)
irvistellä {vi}  :: To grimace
irvistys {n}  :: grimace
irvistyttää {v}  :: To feel like grinning
irvistyttää {v}  :: To make grin
irvokas {adj}  :: grotesque
irvokkaasti {adv}  :: grotesquely
irvokkuus {n}  :: grotesqueness
isä {n}  :: father
isä {n} [with capital initial]  :: Father (God)
-is {suffix} [colloquial]  :: -er; a suffix used to form nouns and proper nouns from place names, common nouns and adjectives; gives a familiar nuance to the original word; the original word is often truncated in the process
Isä {prop}  :: Father, Lord
-isa {suffix}  :: A suffix for making adjectives from some nouns and verbs
Isabella {prop}  :: female given name
Isebel {prop} [biblical]  :: Jezebel
isentrooppinen {adj}  :: isentropic (having a constant entropy)
isähahmo {n}  :: father figure
isi {n} [familiar]  :: dad, father
isintimä {n} [dialectal]  :: stepfather
iskä {n} [colloquial]  :: dad, daddy
iskari {n} [colloquial]  :: shock absorber
iskeä {v}  :: to attack
iskeä {v}  :: to crack down (to enforce more stringently or more thoroughly)
iskeä {v}  :: to hit on, flirt (to try to get someone romantically interested in oneself)
iskeä {v}  :: to strike, hit
iskeeminen {adj} [pathology]  :: ischemic
iskelmä {n}  :: schlager, hit song, adult pop song (piece of music made in schlager style)
iskelmämusiikki {n} [music]  :: schlager, schlager music (popular music style)
iskelmätähti {n}  :: adult pop star
iskemia {n} [cardiology]  ::  ischemia
iskeä silmää {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To wink (an eye)
iskettää {vt}  :: To have something hit
iskevä {adj}  :: witty
iskeytyä {vi}  :: To hit, impact
iskias {n} [disease]  :: sciatica
iskijä {n}  :: striker, hitter
Isko {prop}  :: male given name
iskos {n} [archaeology]  :: flake (prehistoric tool chipped out of stone)
iskostaa {vt}  :: to instill (to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature)
iskostua {v}  :: to get/be instilled (to become part of someone's nature)
iskostua {v}  :: to stick hard on; especially of something undesirable
isku {n}  :: attentat, attack, strike, raid
isku {n}  :: hit, blow
isku {n}  :: impact
iskuaalto {n} [physics]  :: A shock wave
iskuhaava {n}  :: A wound caused by striking
iskujoukko {n}  :: strike force
iskukuumennus {n}  :: ultra-high-temperature processing
iskukuumentaa {vt}  :: to process in UHT (especially milk and milk products)
iskulause {n}  :: slogan, catchphrase
iskulla {n}  :: singular adessive of isku
iskunappula {n}  :: punch (button of a joypad, joystick or similar device whose function is to cause a video game character to punch)
iskunkestävä {adj}  :: shockproof
iskunvaimennin {n}  :: shock absorber
iskupora {n}  :: hammer drill, percussion drill (rotary drill with a hammering action)
iskurepliikki {n}  :: pick-up line
iskuri {n}  :: firing pin, striker (in firearms)
iskusana {n}  :: buzzword
iskusana {n}  :: slogan
iskutilavuus {n}  :: engine displacement
iskuvasara {n}  :: hammer (part of a firearm)
islam {n}  :: the religion of Islam
islamilainen {adj}  :: Islamic
islamilainen fundamentalismi {n}  :: Islamic fundamentalism
islamintutkija {n}  :: Islamist (person who specializes in Islamic studies)
islaminusko {n}  :: Islam
islamismi {n}  :: Islamism
islamisti {n}  :: Islamist
islamistinen {adj}  :: Islamist
islanninhevonen {n}  :: Icelandic horse
islannin kieli {n}  :: The Icelandic language
islanninlammaskoira {n}  :: Icelandic Sheepdog
islanti {n}  :: The Icelandic language
Islanti {prop}  :: Iceland
islantilainen {adj}  :: Icelandic, of or relating to Iceland
islantilainen {adj}  :: Icelandic, relating to the Icelandic language:
islantilainen {n}  :: An Icelander
isällinen {adj}  :: fatherly, paternal
isällisesti {adv}  :: In a fatherly manner
Ismael {prop}  :: Ishmael [biblical character]
Ismael {prop} [rare]  :: male given name
isämeidän {n} [Christianity]  :: Lord's prayer, paternoster
Isä meidän {prop}  :: Our Father, Lord's Prayer (prayer taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount)
isämeidänrukous {n} [Christianity]  :: Lord's prayer, paternoster
Isä meidän -rukous {prop}  :: Our Father, Lord's Prayer
ismi {n}  :: ism
-ismi {suffix}  :: -ism
Ismo {prop}  :: male given name
isänisä {n}  :: paternal grandfather
isänäiti {n}  :: paternal grandmother
isänmaa {n}  :: fatherland, homeland, nation, mother country, Finland (context)
isänmaallinen {adj}  :: patriotic
isänmaallisesti {adv}  :: patriotically
isänmaallisuus {n}  :: patriotism
isänmaanrakkaus {n}  :: patriotism
isänmaanystävä {n}  :: patriot
isänmurha {n}  :: patricide (murder)
isännöidä {v}  :: To host
isännöidä {v}  :: To manage, especially real property such as an apartment buildin, typically as an agent for the building owners
isännöitsijä {n}  :: building manager, administrator of a condominium, deputy landlord
isännätön {adj}  :: masterless
isänpäivä {n}  :: Father's Day; in Finland, the second Sunday of November
isänpuoleinen {adj}  :: paternal
isäntä {n}  :: host
isäntä {n}  :: householder
isäntä {n}  :: master
isäntäeliö {n}  :: host organism
isäntäkasvi {n}  :: host plant, a plant that provides nourishment for pests or parasites
isäntämaa {n}  :: host country
isäntäsolu {n}  :: host cell
iso {adj}  :: big
iso {adj}  :: great
iso {adj}  :: In some compound terms, grand
iso {adj}  :: large
iso {n} [nautical]  :: As a short form of isopurje, a main (short form of mainsail)
iso- {prefix}  :: big, great, grand
iso- {prefix}  :: iso-
isoakseli {n}  :: major axis
isoakselin puolikas {n}  :: semimajor axis
isoalbatrossi {n}  :: shy albatross (Thalassarche cauta)
isoamyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isoamyl acetate
isoamyylinitriitti {n} [chemistry]  :: isoamyl nitrite
isoapollo {n}  :: apollo or mountain apollo (Parnassius apollo)
isoauringonkukka {n}  :: the most commonly cultivated species of sunflower, Helianthus annuus
isobaari {n}  :: isobar
isobaasi {n}  :: isobase
Iso Britannia {prop} [archaic]  :: Great Britain
Iso-Britannia {prop}  :: Great Britain (island consisting of England, Scotland and Wales)
Iso-Britannia {prop} [historical]  :: Great Britain, Kingdom of Great Britain
Iso-Britannia {prop} [inaccurately]  :: United Kingdom
Iso-Britannia ja Pohjois-Irlanti {prop}  :: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
isobutaani {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutane
isobutanoli {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutanol
isobutyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyl acetate
isobutyyrialdehydi {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyraldehyde
isoeno {n}  :: great-uncle, brother of grandmother
isoentsyymi {n} [chemistry]  :: isoenzyme
isoftaalihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: isophthalic acid
isohaarahaukka {n}  :: red kite (Milvus milvus)
isohampainen {adj}  :: Having large teeth, toothy
isohapero {n}  :: Russula paludosa, an edible mushroom
isohevosantilooppi {n}  :: roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus)
isohko {adj}  :: biggish
isohutia {n}  :: giant hutia (any rodent of the extinct subfamily Heptaxodontinae)
isoin {adj}  :: superlative form of iso
isoisä {n}  :: grandfather
isoisoisä {n}  :: great-grandfather
isoisoäiti {n}  :: great-grandmother
isoäiti {n}  :: grandmother
isoitiö {n} [botany]  :: megaspore
isoitiöpesäke {n} [botany]  :: megasporangium, macrosporangium
Isojalka {prop}  :: Bigfoot
isojalkakana {n}  :: megapode (bird of the family Megapodiidae)
isojärvisimpukka {n}  :: swan mussel (Anadonta cygnea)
isojättikenguru {n}  :: eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus)
isokaivajavyötiäinen {n}  :: greater fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus retusus)
Iso karhu {prop}  :: The constellation Ursa Major, the Big Bear
Iso Karhu {prop}  :: alternative spelling of Iso karhu
isokasuaari {n}  :: northern cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus)
isokenkäinen {n} [colloquial]  :: bigwig, nob
isokihu {n}  :: great skua (Stercorarius skua)
isokirvinen {n}  :: Richard's pipit (Anthus richardi)
iso kohtaus {n} [pathology, epilepsy]  :: grand mal
Iso koira {prop}  :: The constellation Canis Major, the Great Dog
isokokoinen {adj}  :: large-sized
isokorvaopossumi {n}  :: common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis)
isokoskelo {n}  :: A species of merganser, Mergus merganser
isokotipäästäinen {n}  :: greater white-toothed shrew (Crocidura russula)
isokäpylintu {n}  :: parrot crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus
isokroninen {adj}  :: isochronal
isokronismi {n}  :: isochronism
isokudu {n}  :: greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros)
isokuovi {n}  :: Eurasian curlew (Numenius arquata)
isolaatio {n}  :: isolation
isolaattikieli {n} [linguistics]  :: A language isolate
isolepakko {n}  :: common noctule, Nyctalus noctula
isolepinkäinen {n}  :: great grey shrike, Lanius excubitor
isoleusiini {n}  :: isoleucine
isoliitäjä {n}  :: great shearwater (Puffinus gravis)
isoloida {vt}  :: To isolate
isoloitua {vi}  :: To become isolated
isolokki {n}  :: glaucous gull (Larus hyperboreus)
isoluinen {adj}  :: big-boned
isomasto {n} [nautical]  :: mainmast
isometria {n}  :: isometry
isometrinen {adj}  :: isometric
Isometsä {prop}  :: Finnish surname
iso monikulmaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: trapezium bone (os trapezium)
isomorfia {n}  :: isomorphy
isompi {adj}  :: comparative form of iso
isomummo {n} [colloquial]  :: great-grandmother
isomuura {n}  :: black-throated antshrike
isomuurahaiskarhu {n}  :: giant anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla
isonauraja {n}  :: laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae)
Ison-Britannian ja Irlannin yhdistynyt kuningaskunta {prop} [historical]  :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (former official full name of the United Kingdom, used in 1801 - 1927)
Ison-Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin yhdistynyt kuningaskunta {prop}  :: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (official full name of the United Kingdom)
Ison-Britannian kuningaskunta {prop} [historical]  :: Kingdom of Great Britain
isonokkamuura {n}  :: fasciated antshrike
isonokkonen {n}  :: stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)
isontaa {vt}  :: To enlarge
isontua {vi}  :: To grow in size
isopanda {n}  :: giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
isopentaani {n} [chemistry]  :: isopentane
isopeura {n}  :: A red deer, Cervus elaphus
isopiikkohirvi {n}  :: red brocket or Peruvian red deer (Mazama americana)
isopistooli {n}  :: 25 metre center-fire pistol
isopistooliammunta {n}  :: 25 metre center-fire pistol shooting (shooting event)
isopreeni {n} [chemistry]  :: isoprene
isopropyylialkoholi {n}  :: isopropyl alcohol
isopropyyliasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: isopropyl acetate
isopuksipuu {n}  :: boxwood, Buxus sempervirens
isopunasotka {n}  :: canvasback (Aythya valisineria)
isopurje {n} [nautical]  :: mainsail
isopussikaniini {n}  :: greater bilby, Macrotis lagotis
isopyrstömuura {n}  :: large-tailed antshrike
isorakeinen {adj}  :: large-grained
isorintainen {adj}  :: big-breasted, busty, buxom
isorokko {n} [disease]  :: smallpox
isorotta {n}  :: brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)
isorumpu {n}  :: bass drum
isosetä {n}  :: great-uncle (brother of grandfather)
isosimppu {n}  :: A species of fish in the family Cottidae, commonly known as father lasher, shorthorn sculpin and with a lot of other common names, Myoxocephalus scorpius
isosirri {n}  :: red knot (Calidris canutus)
isosisko {n}  :: big sister
isostasia {n} [geology]  :: isostasy
Iso-Syrtti {prop}  :: The Gulf of Sidra
isota {vi}  :: To grow bigger
isota {vt} [archaic + partitive]  :: To hunger for, desire (e.g. power)
isot aivot {n}  ::  alternative spelling of isotaivot
isotaivot {n} [anatomy]  :: cerebrum
Isotalo {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Isotalo {prop}  :: Finnish surname
isotella {vi}  :: To talk big
isotermi {n} [physics, meteorology]  :: isotherm
isoterminen {adj} [physics, meteorology]  :: isothermic
isot häpyhuulet {n} [anatomy]  :: the labia majora
isotooppi {n}  :: An isotope
isotrappi {n}  :: great bustard (Otis tarda)
isotrooppinen {adj}  :: isotropic
isotropia {n}  :: isotropy
isotäti {n}  :: great-aunt
isoukki {n} [colloquial]  :: great-grandfather
Iso valtameri {prop} [rare]  :: The Pacific Ocean
isovanhempi {n}  :: grandparent
isovarvas {n} [anatomy]  :: big toe
isoveli {n}  :: A big brother
isoveli {n}  :: Also with capital initial, the Big Brother (government surveillance)
isoviha {n}  :: The Greater Wrath, a period of Russian occupation of Finland (1714–1721)
isoviiksisiippa {n}  :: Brandt's bat, Myotis brandtii
isoviistäjä {n}  :: Atlantic petrel (Pterodroma incerta)
isovoihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: isobutyric acid
isovoirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius scrobiculatus
isovyötiäinen {n}  :: giant armadillo (Priodontes maximus)
isovyötiäismyyrä {n}  :: greater fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus retusus)
isoympyrä {n}  :: great circle
isoympyräreitti {n} [navigation]  :: A great circle route
isäpuoli {n}  :: stepfather
Israel {prop}  :: Israel
israelilainen {adj}  :: Israeli
israelilainen {n}  :: An Israeli person
issias {n} [disease, dated]  :: A sciatica
issikka {n} [colloquial]  :: Icelandic horse
issikka {n} [dated]  :: horse cab
-istaa {suffix}  :: Forms verbs meaning "to make (into)", predominantly from adjectives; -ize/-ise
-istaa {suffix}  :: Occasionally used for other purposes, either as to apply a tool onto
-istaa {suffix}  :: or to equip:
istahtaa {vi}  :: To sit down for a short while
-isti {suffix}  :: -ist
isätön {adj}  :: fatherless
Isto {prop}  :: male given name
isättömyys {n}  :: fatherlessness
istua {v}  :: to be a member in a board or similar
istua {v}  :: to be in jail
istua {v}  :: to sit
istuin {n}  :: seat
istuinluu {n} [skeleton]  :: An ischium (bone)
istujaiset {n}  :: get-together (small and intimate social gathering)
istukas {n}  :: A fish grown in hatchery and ready for planting in natural waters
istukas {n} [agriculture]  :: A root vegetable kept for planting next spring
istukas {n} [botany]  :: planting (plant that has been freshly planted)
istukka {n} [anatomy]  :: placenta
istukka {n} [technology]  :: chuck, socket (mechanical device that holds an object firmly in place)
istuksia {v}  :: To sit around
istumalihas {n} [colloquial]  :: buttock
istumapaikka {n}  :: A seat (place in which to sit in a train, theatre etc.)
istuminen {n}  :: sitting
istunta {n}  :: sitting
istunto {n}  :: A meeting (session)
istunto {n}  :: A session (in computing, a sequence of interactions between the server and a user)
istunto {n}  :: A session (meeting of a council, court, or legislative body to conduct its business)
istunto {n}  :: A sit (a religious event, where the primary activity is to sit in meditation)
istuntopäivä {n} [legal]  :: A judicial day
istuskella {v}  :: To sit around
istute {n}  :: implant
istuttaa {vt}  :: To plant (place a seed or plant in soil or other substrate in order that it may live and grow)
istutus {n}  :: The act of planting
istutusaika {n}  :: planting time
istutuskuusikko {n}  :: planted spruce forest
istutuslapio {n}  :: A trowel (gardening tool)
istuutua {vi}  :: to sit down, take a seat, sit (take a seat)
isukki {n} [colloquial]  :: daddy
isäukko {n} [colloquial]  :: dad, father
isyys {n}  :: fatherhood, paternity
isyysloma {n}  :: paternity leave
isyysvapaa {n}  :: paternity leave
iätä {vt}  :: to date (to measure the age of)
itää {vi} [agriculture]  :: to germinate, sprout
itää {vi} [figuratively]  :: to develop, grow, take shape
itä {n}  :: east, one of the cardinal points of the compass
itä {n}  :: East, the Orient
itä {n}  :: (first part in compounds) east, eastern
itaalinen {adj}  :: Italic
Itä-Aasia {prop} [dated]  :: The East Asia
itäaasialainen {adj}  :: East Asian
itäaasialainen {n}  :: An East Asian person
itäafrikkalainen {adj}  :: East African
itäafrikkalainen {n}  :: A East African person
italia {n}  :: Italian (Romance language)
Italia {prop}  :: Italy
italiaano {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: Italian (person)
italialainen {adj}  :: Italian
italialainen {n}  :: Italian (person)
italialainen lakko {n}  :: work-to-rule
italialaistaa {vt}  :: To Italianize (to give something Italian characteristics)
italialaistua {vi}  :: To Italianize (to adopt an Italian way of life, or Italian manners)
italian kieli {n}  :: The Italian language
italiankielinen {adj}  :: Italian (expressed in Italian language)
italiankumina {n}  :: fennel
italiantaa {v}  :: To translate into Italian
italianvinttikoira {n}  :: Italian greyhound
italowestern {n}  :: spaghetti western
itara {adj}  :: stingy (covetous, meanly avaricious)
itarasti {adv}  :: stingily
itaruus {n}  :: stinginess
itäblokki {n} [historical]  ::  The Eastern Bloc
ite {pron} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: oneself (personal pronoun) (also plurally)
iteraatio {n}  :: iteration
iteraattori {n}  :: iterator
iterointi {n} [computing]  :: iteration
Itä-Eurooppa {prop}  :: Eastern Europe
itäeurooppalainen {adj}  :: Eastern European
itäeurooppalainen {n}  :: A Eastern European person
itäfriisi {n}  :: Saterland Frisian (Frisian language spoken mostly in the municipality of Saterland in Lower Saxony, Germany)
itägootti {n}  :: Ostrogoth
iäti {adv} [poetic, dated]  :: forever, eternally
itiö {n} [botany]  :: spore
itiöeläin {n}  :: An organism belonging to the phylum Apicomplexa
itiöemä {n} [biology]  :: A sporocarp or fruiting body of a fungus
itiökanta {n} [mycology]  :: basidium
itiökasvi {n} [botany]  :: cryptogam
itikka {n} [colloquial]  :: mosquito
itikka {n} [dialectal]  :: cow
itiökotelo {n} [mycology]  :: ascus
itiölava {n} [biology]  :: hymenium
itäinen {adj}  :: eastern
itiöpesäke {n} [botany]  :: A sporangium
itiöpöly {n}  :: spore dust
itäisempi {adj}  :: comparative form of itäinen
itäkaakko {n}  :: east-southeast
itäkarjalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the eastern Karelia
itkeä {vi}  :: To cry, weep
itkeä maahan kaatunutta maitoa {phrase}  :: to cry over spilt milk
itkeskellä {vi}  :: To cry (occasionally, an unspecified period of time); to be sad
itkettää {vt} [transitive + partitive]  :: To make (sb) cry
Itä-Kiinan meri {prop}  :: The East China Sea
itkijä {n}  :: crier, one who cries
itkijä {n}  :: wailer
itäkoillinen {n}  :: east-northeast
itku {n}  :: cry (shedding of tears)
itkuinen {adj}  :: weepy, tearful
itkupaju {n}  :: weeping willow (decorative variety of willow with pendulous branches)
itkupilli {n}  :: crybaby
itku pitkästä ilosta {proverb}  :: it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye
itämaalainen {adj}  :: oriental
itämaalainen {n}  :: An Oriental (person from the Orient)
itämainen {adj}  :: oriental
itämarkka {n}  :: A common term for the former East German currency (until 1990), the East German mark or ostmark. See: Itä-Saksan markka
itämerensimpukka {n}  :: Baltic macoma, Macoma balthica
itämerensuomalainen {adj} [linguistics]  :: Baltic-Finnic
Itämeri {prop}  :: The Baltic Sea
itämisaika {n}  :: germination time (time elapsed between sowing the seeds of a plant and the first appearance of the seedling)
itämisaika {n}  :: incubation period (time elapsed between an exposure to a pathogenic organism and the appearance of signs and symptoms)
iätön {adj}  :: ageless
itäosa {n}  :: eastern part
Itä-Preussi {prop} [historical]  :: East Prussia
itäpuoli {n}  :: eastside
itäraja {n}  :: eastern border
itäroomalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Byzantine Empire
itäroomalainen {n}  :: A person from Byzantine Empire
Itä-Saksa {prop}  :: East Germany
itäsaksalainen {adj}  :: East German
itäsaksalainen {n}  :: A East German person
Itä-Saksan markka {n}  :: The official term for the former East German currency (until 1990), the East German mark or ostmark
itsari {n} [colloquial]  :: suey [slang], suicide [standard]
itse {n} [psychology]  :: self, ego
itse- {prefix}  :: self-, auto-
itse {pron}  :: (as modifier in compound words) auto-, self-; see also separate entry for itse-
itse {pron}  :: by -self, on/by one's own
itse {pron}  :: oneself; used reflexively with a possessive suffix
itse {pron}  :: oneself; used to emphasize the person of the head word
-itse {suffix}  :: by, through; the suffix of the prolative, determines the channel by which something takes place
itseapu {n}  :: self-help
itsearviointi {n}  :: self evaluation, self assessment
itse asiassa {adv}  :: as a matter of fact
itsehallinnollinen {adj}  :: autonomous (self-governing)
itsehallinto {n}  :: autonomy
itsehallintoalue {n}  :: autonomous region
itsehedelmöitys {n} [biology]  :: self-fertilization
itsehillintä {n}  :: anger management (ability to control one's anger)
itsehillintä {n}  :: self-control, self-command (ability to control one's desires and impulses)
itsehillintä {n}  :: self-possession (calmness and composure, especially when under stress)
itseihailu {n}  :: self-admiration
itseinduktio {n} [physics]  :: self-induction
itseinho {n}  :: self-hatred
itseironia {n}  :: self-irony
itseisarvo {n} [ethics]  :: An intrinsic value
itseisarvo {n} [mathematics]  :: An absolute value
itseiva {n}  :: self-irony
itsejäljentävä {adj}  :: self-replicating
itsekannattava {adj}  :: self-supporting
itsekantava {adj}  :: self-supporting
itsekeskeinen {adj}  :: self-centered
itsekeskeisesti {adv}  :: In an self-centered or selfish manner
itsekeskeisyys {n}  :: self-centeredness, egocentricity
itsekiillottuva {adj}  :: self-polishing
itsekiinnittyvä {adj}  :: self-adhesive
itsekkäästi {adv}  :: selfishly
itsekkyys {n}  :: selfishness
itsekontrolli {n}  :: self-control
itsekriittinen {adj}  :: self-critical
itsekriittisyys {n}  :: self-distance (ability to critically reflect on oneself and one's relations from an external perspective)
itsekritiikki {n}  :: self-criticism
itsekäs {adj}  :: selfish
itsekseen {adv}  :: alone, by oneself, on one's own, unaided, unassisted
itsekukin {adj}  :: each one, everyone
itsekunnioitus {n}  :: self-respect
itsekuri {n}  :: self-discipline, self-restraint
itseliimautuva {adj}  :: self-adhesive
itselleen {adv}  :: to or for oneself
itseluottamus {n}  :: self-confidence, self-possession (confidence in one's own powers)
itsemme {pron}  :: The first-person plural of the reflexive pronoun, ourselves
itsemääräämisoikeus {n}  :: self-determination (political independence of a people)
itsemurha {n}  :: suicide
itsemurhaaja {n}  :: suicide (one who has committed suicide)
itsemurhahyökkäys {n}  :: suicide attack
itsemurhaisku {n}  :: suicide attack
itsemurhakandidaatti {n}  :: suicide candidate, suicidal (person who is planning a suicide)
itsemurhalentäjä {n}  :: kamikaze (pilot)
itsemurhalentäjä {n}  :: one who commits suicide with an aircraft
itsemurhapommittaja {n} [rare]  :: kamikaze
itsemurhapommittaja {n}  :: suicide bomber
itsemurhapommitus {n}  :: suicide bombing
itsemurhasopimus {n}  :: A suicide pact
itsemurhaviesti {n}  :: suicide note
itsemurhayritys {n}  :: suicide attempt
itseneuvova {adj}  :: self-guiding
itseni {pron}  :: The first-person singular of the reflexive pronoun, myself
itsenäinen {adj}  :: independent
itsenäisesti {adv}  :: independently
itsenäistää {vt}  :: To make independent
itsenäistyä {vi}  :: To become independent; (of a country) to gain independence
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: emancipation (act of setting free from the power of another)
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: nationhood (act of becoming an independent state)
itsenäistyminen {n}  :: The act of becoming independent
itsenäistyttää {v}  :: To force or encourage someone to reach independency, often against his or her own will
itsenäisyys {n}  :: independence
itsenäisyysjulistus {n}  :: declaration of independence
itsenäisyysliike {n}  :: independence movement
itsenäisyyspäivä {n}  :: Independence Day
itsenne {pron}  :: The second-person plural of the reflexive pronoun, yourselves (addressing many persons); yourself (addressing politely or formally one person)
itsenouseva {adj} [baking]  :: self-raising, self-rising
itsensä {pron}  :: The third-person singular and plural of the reflexive pronoun, himself, herself; itself; oneself; themselves
itsensä kehittäminen {n}  :: self-improvement
itsensäkieltäminen {n}  :: abnegation
itsensäpaljastaja {n}  :: exhibitionist
itsensäpaljastelu {n}  :: exhibitionism
itsensäruoskija {n}  :: flagellant (person who whips them self as part of a religious penance)
itsensä toteuttaminen {n} [psychology]  :: self-actualization (psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are fulfilled)
itsensä työllistäminen {phrase}  :: self-employment
itsensä työllistävä {adj}  :: self-employed (working for oneself, rather than for an employer)
itseohjaava {adj}  :: self-guiding
itseohjautuva {adj}  :: self-guided
itseoivallus {n}  :: self-realization
itseoppinut {adj}  :: autodidact, self-taught, self-educated
itsepalvelu {n}  :: self-service
itsepalvelupesula {n}  :: launderette; laundromat (US) (place that has facilities for washing and drying clothes that the public may pay to use)
itsepetos {n}  :: self-deception, self-delusion, self-deceit
itsepäinen {adj}  :: stubborn, opinionated
itsepintainen {adj} [medicine]  :: refractory (difficult to heal)
itsepintainen {adj}  :: obstinate, refractory, stubborn
itsepintaisesti {adv}  :: stubbornly
itsepintaisuus {n}  :: stubbornness
itsepäisesti {adv}  :: stubbornly
itsepäisyys {n}  :: stubbornness
itsepölytys {n} [biology]  :: self-pollination
itsepuolustus {n}  :: self-defense
itserakas {adj}  :: conceited (having an excessively favorable opinion of oneself)
itserakkaus {n}  :: self-love
itseriittoinen {n}  :: self-absorbed
itseruoskinta {n}  :: self-flagellation
itsesaastuttaja {n}  :: masturbator
itsesaastutus {n} [archaic]  :: self-pollution (masturbation)
itsesensuuri {n}  :: self-censorship
itsesi {pron}  :: The second-person singular of the reflexive pronoun, yourself
itsesiitos {n} [biology]  :: self-fertilization, autofecundation
itsesiliävä {adj}  :: non-iron
itsesäilytysvaisto {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesäilytysvietti {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesääli {n}  :: self-pity
itsessä {adv}  :: in and of itself, per se
itsesäätöinen {adj}  :: self-regulating, self-adjusting, self-steering
itsestään {adv}  :: by itself, spontaneously
itsestään selvä {adj}  :: self-evident
itsestään selvä {adj}  :: taken for granted (assumed to be true without verification or proof)
itsestäänselvyys {n}  :: something considered self-evident
itsestäänselvyys {n}  :: something taken for granted
itsesäätyvä {adj}  :: self-regulating, self-adjusting, self-steering
itsesuggestio {n}  :: autosuggestion
itsesuojelu {n}  :: self-preservation
itsesuojeluvaisto {n}  :: survival instinct
itsesyttyminen {n}  :: spontaneous combustion
itsesytyntä {n}  :: spontaneous combustion
itsetehty {adj}  :: self-made (made with one's own hands)
itse teossa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: in the act
itsetietoinen {adj}  :: self-conscious
itsetoiminen {adj}  :: automatic
itsetärkeä {adj}  :: self-important
itsetuho {n}  :: self-destruction
itsetuhoinen {adj}  :: suicidal
itsetuhoisuus {n}  :: self-destructiveness, suicidality
itsetunto {n}  :: self-esteem
itsetutkiskelu {n} [psychology]  :: self-examination, introspection
itsetyydyttäjä {n}  :: onanist
itsetyydytys {n}  :: masturbation
itsetyytyväinen {adj}  :: smug
itsetyytyväisesti {adv}  :: smugly
itsetyytyväisyys {n}  :: self-satisfaction
itsevalaiseva {adj}  :: self-luminous
itsevalta {n}  :: autocracy
itsevaltainen {adj}  :: absolute; as in absolute monarchy
itsevaltainen {adj}  :: autocratic, despotic
itsevaltias {n}  :: autocrat
itsevaltias {n}  :: sovereign
itsevaltius {n}  :: despotism {gloss|government by a singular authority, which rules with absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way}}
itsevarma {adj}  :: self-assured (confident in one's own abilities)
itsevarmuus {n}  :: self-assurance
itseviittaus {n}  :: self-reference
itsevoiteleva {adj}  :: self-lubricating
itseys {n}  :: selfness
itäsiperianlaika {n}  :: East Siberian laika
itäsuomalainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the eastern Finland
itäsuomalainen {n}  :: A person from the eastern Finland
-ittain {suffix}  :: Forms adverbs from adjectives, that express a manner of doing something
-ittain {suffix}  :: Forms adverbs from adjectives, that expresse a point of view
-ittain {suffix}  :: Forms adverbs from nouns or numerals, that express a multiple of a quantity, often translated as by the or in their into English
Itä-Timor {prop}  :: East Timor
itätuuli {n}  :: eastern wind
itu {n}  :: sprout
iturata {n}  :: germline
Itävalta {prop}  :: Austria, a country in Central Europe
itävaltalainen {adj}  :: Austrian, related to Austria
itävaltalainen {n}  :: An Austrian person
itävaltaunkarilainen {adj}  :: Austro-Hungarian
itäviitta {n} [nautical]  :: The cardinal mark for east
iva {n}  :: ridicule, sarcasm, mockery, derision; irony
ivailla {vt}  :: To ridicule, sneer
ivallinen {adj}  :: mocking, sardonic
ivata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To ridicule, mock, sneer, jeer at, scoff, satirise/satirize, deride