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L {abbr}  :: laudatur
L {letter}  :: letter: äl, el
la {abbr}  :: lauantai (Saturday)
-la {suffix}  :: Forms nouns that signify a place, such as an abode, a house, a land of, etc. Often denotes a farm in many place names
laadinta {n}  :: drafting
laadukas {adj}  :: quality, good-quality, sterling, high-class (being of good quality)
laadukkuus {n}  :: quality (state or quality of being or having quality); qualityness (rare)
laadullinen {adj}  :: qualitative
laadullisesti {adv}  :: qualitatively
laadullistaa {vt}  :: to qualify
laadullisuus {n}  :: qualitativeness
laadunhallinta {n}  :: quality control
laaduntarkastus {n}  :: quality control
laaduntarkkailu {n}  :: quality control
laadunvalvonta {n}  :: quality control
laadunvalvontalaboratorio {n}  :: quality control laboratory
laadunvarmistus {n}  :: quality assurance
laahaantua {vi}  :: To be dragged
laahata {vt}  :: To drag, trail
laahautua {vi}  :: To be dragged
laahia {v}  :: To hone
laahus {n}  :: train (of a gown etc.)
laahusloki {n} [nautical]  :: taffrail log
laahustaa {v}  :: to scuff, drag (to walk slowly and with difficulty, especially by dragging one's feet along the ground)
laahustaa {v}  :: to shuffle (to walk without picking up one's feet)
laahustin {n} [rare]  :: alternative form of laahus
laaja {adj}  :: extensive, comprehensive
laaja {adj}  :: wide, broad, vast
laaja-alainen {adj}  :: all-round (having a wide scope)
laajahko {adj}  :: Quite wide
laajakaista {n} [Internet, telecommunication]  :: broadband
laajakaistainen {adj}  :: broadband (of, pertaining to, or carrying a wide band of electromagnetic frequencies)
laajakaistaverkko {n}  :: broadband network
laajakaistayhteys {n} [telecommunications]  :: broadband, broadband connection (high-capacity internet connection)
laajakangas {n}  :: widescreen
laajakulmaobjektiivi {n} [photography]  :: wide-angle lens (short focal length lens having a wide angle of view)
laajakuva {n}  :: widescreen
laajalle levinnyt {adj}  :: widespread
laajalti {adv}  :: widely
laajamittainen {adj}  :: widescale
laajarunkoinen {adj}  :: wide-trunked
laajasti {adv}  :: widely
laajaverkko {n}  :: wide area network, WAN
laajempi {adj}  :: comparative of laaja
laajeneminen {n}  :: expansion
laajenemiskerroin {n} [physics]  :: expansion coefficient
laajennus {n}  :: An expansion, extension
laajennuskortti {n} [computing]  :: expansion card
laajennussuunnitelma {n}  :: expansion plan
laajennustyö {n}  :: expansion work
laajentaa {v} [medicine]  :: to distend [blood vessels], dilate [pupils]
laajentaa {v}  :: to expand, broaden, widen; extend, enlarge, increase
laajentaa {v}  :: ~ (vähitellen) = to escalate
laajentua {vi} [medicine, of blood vessels]  :: To (become) distend(ed), (of pupils) to dilate
laajentua {vi}  :: To expand, broaden, widen (out(wards)); extend; enlarge; increase
laajentuma {n}  :: enlargement
laajentuma {n}  :: extension
laajentuma {n}  :: swelling
laajentuminen {n}  :: expansion
laajeta {vi}  :: to expand
laajin {adj}  :: superlative of laaja
laajuus {n}  :: scope, extent
laaka {n}  :: [in prefixes] horizontal, flat
laaka {n}  :: [[[pesäpallo]]] A horizontal hit
laakamato {n}  :: flatworm
laakamyrkkyseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius limonius
laakaruoti {n} [botany]  :: phyllode
laakavarsi {n} [botany]  :: platyclade
laakaverso {n} [botany]  :: cladode
laakea {adj}  :: flat
laakea {adj}  :: shallow (significantly less deep than wide)
laakeri {n}  :: A bearing
laakeri {n}  :: laurel
laakerinlehti {n}  :: A bay [leaf]
laakeripuu {n} [plant]  :: bay, laurel
laakeriseppele {n}  :: laurel wreath
laakeroida {v}  :: To crown with laurels
laakeroida {v}  :: To equip with bearings
laaki {n} [colloquial]  :: A hit, blow
laakio {n}  :: plateau
Laakkonen {prop}  :: surname
laakso {n}  :: valley
Laakso {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland, including a district of Helsinki
Laakso {prop}  :: surname
Laaksonen {prop}  :: surname
laama {n}  :: llama
laamagaselli {n}  :: dibatag, Clarke's gazelle, Ammodorcas clarkei (species of antelope)
laamanni {n} [legal]  :: Chief Justice
laamanni {n} [legal, historical]  :: lawspeaker
laamanni {n} [legal]  :: lagman
laantua {vi}  :: to abate, subside
laantua {vi}  :: to die down (to become less virulent)
laantumaton {adj}  :: unabated
laapis {n}  :: silver nitrate (common name)
laapiskivi {n} [chemistry]  :: A common name for silver nitrate
laapiskynä {n} [chemistry]  :: alternative term for laapispuikko
laapispuikko {n} [chemistry]  :: lunar caustic (silver nitrate fused into a stick and used for cauterizing)
laardi {n}  :: lard (pig fat prepared for use in cooking or pharmacy)
laari {n}  :: bin
laasta {vt} [rare]  :: To sweep
laastari {n}  :: Adhesive bandage, band-aid [US]; sticking plaster, plaster [UK]
laastaroida {v}  :: To band-aid
laasti {n}  :: mortar (mixture of lime or cement, sand and water)
laastilapio {n}  :: A trowel (mason's tool)
laastita {v}  :: To plaster (to apply a plaster on walls etc.)
laata {v} [literary]  :: To cease
laatata {v} [colloquial, slang]  :: To puke, to vomit
laatia {v}  :: to compose, make, devise (to construct by mental labor; to think up)
laatija {n}  :: One who draws up a document; composer, author, writer
laatikko {n}  :: box
laatikko {n}  :: casserole
laatikko {n}  :: drawer
laatikkokamera {n} [photography]  :: box camera (type of simple camera)
laatikkomyymälä {n}  :: warehouse store, warehouse supermarket (type of discount grocery store)
laatikkoviini {n} [colloquial]  :: box wine; cask wine [Australia, NZ]
laatikoida {vt}  :: To box
laatoittaa {v}  :: to flag (to lay down flagstones)
laatoittaa {v}  :: to tile, lay tiles (to cover with tiles)
laatoitus {n}  :: tiling
laatokannorppa {n}  :: Ladoga ringed seal, Pusa hispida ladogensis (freshwater subspecies of the ringed seal, found in Lake Ladoga)
Laatokka {prop}  :: Ladoga (lake in NW Russia, the largest freshwater lake in Europe)
laatta {n}  :: A (ceramic) tile
laatta {n}  :: A flagstone
laatta {n}  :: A slab, as a flat, broad piece of a relatively stiff material
laatta {n}  :: A washer, as a flat support ring under the head of a screw etc
laatta {n} [colloquial, slang]  :: A vomit
laattalattia {n} [architecture]  :: tile floor, tiled floor
laattatektoniikka {n} [geology]  :: plate tectonics
laatu {n}  :: quality
laatu {n}  :: sort
laatuaika {n}  :: quality time
laatuero {n}  :: difference in kind
laatuero {n}  :: difference in quality]]
laatuinen {adj}  :: of a certain quality or sort
laatuisa {adj}  :: Having a good quality
laatulehti {n}  :: quality magazine
laatuluokka {n}  :: quality class
laatupainotettu elinvuosi {n}  :: quality-adjusted life year (medicine: unit of measurement, equivalent to one year of life in perfect health)
laatupiiri {n}  :: quality circle
laatusana {n} [grammar, dated]  :: adjective
laatuvika {n}  :: quality defect
laava {n}  :: lava
laavajärvi {n}  :: lava lake
laavakivi {n}  :: scoria (harsh rock formed from solidified lava)
laavakivi {n}  :: volcanic rock
laavatunneli {n} [geology]  :: lava tube
laavavirta {n}  :: lava flow
laavu {n}  :: lean-to (type of shelter for hikers, open on one side; now usually refers to a permanent structure, originally a temporary shelter, see havulaavu)
labbis {n} [colloquial]  :: laboratory, lab
labbis {n} [informal]  :: labrador (breed of dog), lab
labiaali {n} [linguistics]  :: labial
labiaalinen {adj}  :: labial
labiaalinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: labial
labiili {adj}  :: labile, unstable, critical
labiilisuus {n}  :: lability
labioplastia {n}  :: labiaplasty
laborantti {n}  :: laborant
laboratorio {n}  :: A laboratory
laboratoriotesti {n}  :: laboratory test
laboroida {v} [rare]  :: to perform laboratory work, to do the lab work
labra {n} [informal]  :: A lab (laboratory)
labradori {n}  :: Labrador retriever
labradori {n} [mineral]  :: labradorite
labradoriitti {n} [mineral]  :: labradorite
Labradorinmeri {prop}  :: The Labrador Sea
labradorinnoutaja {n}  :: A Labrador retriever, Labrador, labrador (breed of dog)
labyrintti {n}  :: labyrinth
ladata {vt} [computing]  :: to download
ladata {vt} [computing]  :: to load
ladata {vt} [energy]  :: to charge
ladata {vt} [weaponry]  :: to load
ladella {v}  :: to reel off, to spout out
ladella {v}  :: to set, to arrange, to put up
ladelma {n} [printing]  :: typesetting
ladonta {n}  :: typesetting
lafka {n} [slang]  :: A firm, business
laguuni {n}  :: lagoon
lahdata {v}  :: To slaughter
lahdeke {n}  :: A small bay
lahdelma {n}  :: small bay, cove
lahja {n} [figuratively]  :: talent, gift
lahja {n}  :: present, gift
Lahja {prop}  :: given name
lahjahevonen {n}  :: A gift horse; appears most often in the proverb lahjahevosen suuhun ei saa katsoa
lahjahevosen suuhun ei saa katsoa {proverb}  :: don't look a gift horse in the mouth
lahjakas {adj}  :: gifted
lahjakkaasti {adv}  :: giftedly
lahjakkuus {n}  :: giftedness
lahjansaaja {n}  :: presentee (one to whom something is presented)
lahjaton {adj}  :: untalented
lahjattomuus {n}  :: talentlessness
lahje {n}  :: leg, pant leg, trouser leg (part of trousers)
lahjoa {vt}  :: To bribe
lahjoittaa {v}  :: to donate
lahjoittaja {n}  :: benefactor
lahjoittaja {n}  :: donor
lahjoitus {n}  :: donation
lahjomaton {adj}  :: immune to external influences
lahjomaton {adj}  :: incorruptible, unbribable
lahjominen {n}  :: bribery
lahjonta {n}  :: bribery
lahjus {n}  :: bribe
lahjussyytös {n}  :: bribery claim
lahjustutkinta {n}  :: bribery probe
lahko {n} [biology, taxonomy]  :: order
lahko {n}  :: cult (group of people with a sect-like religious identity but exploitative or regarded by outsiders as exploitative towards its members)
lahko {n}  :: sect (offshoot of a larger religion sharing at least some unorthodox beliefs)
lahkolainen {n}  :: sectarian, a member of a sect
lahkolaisuus {n} [derogatory]  :: sectarianism (rigid adherence to a particular group)
lahkolaisuus {n}  :: sectarianism (rigid adherence to a particular sect)
lahna {n}  :: bream (any European fresh-water cyprinoid fish of the genus Abramis)
lahna {n}  :: carp bream, bream [UK], Abramis brama
lahna {n} [colloquial]  :: Someone who does nothing but lay there during sex, forcing their partner to do all the work
lahnanruoho {n} [plant]  :: A quillwort
laho {adj} [of wood]  :: rotten
laho {n}  :: rotten wood, especially a rotten section of wood in otherwise sound timber
lahokas {n}  :: European polecat, Mustela putorius
lahokka {n} [mushroom]  :: A mushroom of the genus Hypholoma
lahopuu {n}  :: rotten wood
lahota {vi} [of wood]  :: To decay, rot
lahottaa {vt}  :: To rot, decay
lahottaja {n}  :: A common usage term for a saprotroph
lahouma {n}  :: Rotten part of wood
lahoutua {v}  :: alternative form of lahota
lahovika {n}  :: On wood, a defect caused by rot
lahtari {n} [dialectal]  :: butcher
lahtari {n} [historical, offensive]  :: A term used by the Reds for Whites in the Finnish Civil War
lahtari {n} [offensive]  :: bourgeois, capitalist, an exploiter of the proletariat
Lahtela {prop}  :: surname
lahtelainen {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the city of Lahti or its citizens
lahtelainen {n}  :: A person from, or an inhabitant of, Lahti
lahti {n}  :: A bay, gulf
lahti {n}  :: A culling, slaughter (killing animals)
Lahti {prop}  :: A city in Southern Finland, about 100 km NNE of Helsinki, the sixth largest city in Finland
Lahti {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Lahti {prop}  :: surname
Lahtinen {prop}  :: surname
lahtivalas {n}  :: minke whale, Balenoptera acutorostrata
lahtivalas {n}  :: southern minke whale, Antarctic minke whale, Balaenoptera bonaerensis (the southern hemisphere population, sometimes regarded as separate species)
laidoitus {n} [nautical]  :: shell (outer covering of the hull of a vessel)
laidoituskerros {n} [nautical]  :: strake
laidun {n}  :: pasture, pastureland
laidunmaa {n}  :: pasture, pastureland
laidunmaa {n}  :: range (area of open, often unfenced, grazing land)
laiduntaa {vti}  :: To pasture, graze
laiha {adj}  :: lean
laiha {adj}  :: thin
laiha lohtu {n} [idiomatic]  :: cold comfort, small consolation
laihduttaa {v} [figuratively]  :: to slim down, cut (to cause to become thinner or less)
laihduttaa {v}  :: to lose, lose weight, slim, slim down reduce (to cause to lose weight)
laihduttava {adj}  :: slimming (causing weight loss)
laihdutus {n}  :: intentional weight loss
laihdutuskuuri {n} [colloquial]  :: diet (controlled regimen of food and drink for losing weight)
laiheliini {n} [informal]  :: A thin person; skinny
laihempi {adj}  :: comparative of laiha
laihentaa {vt}  :: To thin
laihentua {vi} [rare]  :: to lose weight
laihentua {vi}  :: to thin (to become thinner, said e.g. of a mixture)
laiho {n} [poetic]  :: crop
laihtua {v} [figuratively]  :: to become thinner or less
laihtua {v}  :: to lose weight (to become less heavy)
laihuus {n}  :: thinness
laihuushäiriö {n} [rare]  :: anorexia nervosa
laika {n}  :: Laika (dog breed)
laikka {n}  :: abrasive disc
laikka {n}  :: spot, splotch
laikkaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius papulosus
laikku {n}  :: fleck (small spot or streak)
laikku {n}  :: patch (small area, a small piece of ground)
laikku {n}  :: spot (an area on a surface which differs from the rest due to its color)
laikkuinen {adj}  :: spotted
laikkuisuus {n}  :: spottedness
laikukas {adj}  :: spotted
laikullinen {adj}  :: spotted
Laila {prop}  :: given name
lailla {postp}  :: like, as (in a manner similar to)
laillinen {adj}  :: legal, lawful, legitimate (allowed by, conforming to, permitted by or recognised by law)
laillisesti {adv}  :: de jure
laillisesti {adv}  :: legally
laillistaa {vt}  :: To legalize, make legal, decriminalize
laillistaminen {n}  :: legalization, decriminalization
laillistua {vi}  :: To become legal
laillistus {n}  :: legalization
laillistuttaa {vt}  :: To have something made legal
laillisuus {n}  :: legality
laillisuus {n}  :: validity
laillisuusperiaate {n} [legal]  :: rule of law, rule-of-law principle
laimea {adj}  :: dilute, diluted
laimea {adj}  :: lukewarm, tepid; not very enthusiastic
laimeahko {adj}  :: Quite diluted
laimenne {n}  :: diluent
laimennus {n}  :: dilution (process)
laimentaa {vt}  :: to dilute, water down
laimentamaton {adj}  :: undiluted (not diluted or mixed with other substances)
laimentua {vi}  :: to become diluted
laimeta {vi}  :: to be diluted
laimi {n}  :: Lime juice
Laimi {prop}  :: given name
laiminlyödä {vt} [legal, economics]  :: To default on
laiminlyödä {vt}  :: To fail (to do sth, when it is possible), miss out (on a chance)
laiminlyödä {vt}  :: To neglect, be neglectful/negligent, (~ velvollisuutensa) to shirk one's responsibility
laiminlyönti {n}  :: neglect
laiminlyönti {n}  :: omission
laiminlyöty {adj}  :: neglected, uncared for
laimistaa {vt}  :: To dilute
laimistua {vi}  :: alternative form of laimentua
laina {n}  :: loan
Laina {prop}  :: given name
laina-aika {n}  :: The term of a loan
lainaaja {n}  :: borrower
lainaaja {n}  :: lender
lainaaja {n}  :: quoter
lainailla {v}  :: To borrow repeatedly
lainanantaja {n}  :: lender
lainanlyhennys {n} [accounting, finance]  :: loan amortization
lainanottaja {n}  :: borrower
lainasana {n} [linguistics]  :: A loanword
lainata {vt}  :: To borrow
lainata {vt}  :: To loan, lend
lainata {vt}  :: To quote (from someone = partitive), cite
lainaus {n}  :: lending, borrowing (act, activity)
lainaus {n}  :: quotation, quote
lainausaika {n}  :: The term of a borrowing
lainausmerkki {n}  :: ditto mark, or shortly ditto, when used to indicate repetition or likeness e.g. in a list
lainausmerkki {n}  :: quotation mark, quote
lainautua {vi}  :: To be loaned
laine {n}  :: wave
Laine {prop}  :: surname
lainehdinta {n}  :: waving, billowing, undulation
lainehtia {v}  :: to wave, billow, undulate
laineikas {adj}  :: wavy (full of waves)
lainelauta {n}  :: surfboard
lainelautailija {n}  :: surfer
lainelautailla {v}  :: to surf (to ride a surfboard)
lainelautailu {n}  :: surfing
-lainen {suffix}  :: Combined with a common noun, forms nouns for people characterized by this noun
-lainen {suffix}  :: Combined with a name, forms an adjective for a member of an organization or other defined group, a follower of philosophy etc
-lainen {suffix}  :: Combined with a place name, forms the noun for the inhabitant of a place; or an adjective meaning "of or relating to (the place)"
-lainen {suffix}  :: Combined with a pronoun, forms an adjective relating to the kind or nature of a person or an object
-lainen {suffix}  :: Combined with the genitive form of an adjective, forms an adjective indicating a smaller degree of the quality than that described by the original adjective
lainhuudatus {n} [legal]  :: land registration (the process of officially registering a property deal and providing public notice of change of ownership)
lainkaan {adv}  :: at all
lainkohta {n}  :: point in the law, section of a law
lainkuuliainen {adj}  :: law-abiding
lainkäyttövalta {n}  :: jurisdiction (the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law)
lainoittaa {v}  :: to lend (to provide a loan for)
lainopillinen {adj}  :: juridical, legal (relating to the law, especially from the theoretical point of view)
lainoppinut {n}  :: legist
lainsäädännöllinen {adj}  :: legislative
lainsäädäntö {n}  :: legislation
lainsäädäntövalta {n}  :: legislative branch
lainsäädäntövalta {n}  :: legislative power
lainsäätäjä {n}  :: legislator, lawmaker
lainsuojaton {n}  :: An outlaw
lainvastainen {adj}  :: against the law; unlawful, illegal, criminal
lainvastaisesti {adv}  :: unlawfully, illegally
laipio {n}  :: ceiling
laipio {n} [nautical]  :: bulkhead
laippa {n}  :: flange
laisinkaan {adv}  :: alternative form of lainkaan
laiska {adj}  :: lazy
laiskajaakko {n} [colloquial]  :: A lazy person
laiskamato {n} [humorous]  :: A lazy person
laiskanlinna {n} [informal]  :: easy chair
laiskanläksy {n}  :: imposition (task imposed as punishment)
laiskanpulskea {adj}  :: lazy
laiskasti {adv}  :: lazily
laiskempi {adj}  :: comparative of laiska
laiskiainen {n}  :: sloth (animal)
laiskiintua {vi} [rare]  :: to become lazy
laiskimus {n}  :: slacker
laiskistaa {vt}  :: to make lazy
laiskistua {vi}  :: To become lazy/lazier
laiskotella {v}  :: to loll, slack, laze, idle (to act lazily or indolently; to lie at ease)
laiskuri {n}  :: slacker, slob
laiskuus {n}  :: sloth, laziness
laistaa {vi} [ , + elative]  :: To shirk, neglect
laita {n}  :: brim (topmost rim or lip of a container)
laita {n}  :: edge, margin, border, verge, brink, side (outer limit of something)
laita {n} [ice hockey]  :: board
laita {n}  :: outskirt (remote part of a town or city)
laita {n} [sports]  :: wing
laita {n}  :: state of affairs, status; often translated into English with "to be doing"
laitahyökkääjä {n} [American football]  :: wide receiver
laitahyökkääjä {n} [basketball]  :: forward
laitahyökkääjä {n} [sports]  :: winger
laitakaupunki {n}  :: The wrong side of the tracks
laitakukka {n} [botany]  :: A ray flower
laitama {n}  :: fringe, outskirts
laitamyötäinen {n}  :: drunkenness, intoxication (state of being under the influence of alcohol)
laitamyötäinen {n} [nautical]  :: broad reach
laitataklaus {n} [ice hockey]  :: boarding
laite {n}  :: apparatus, device
laitella {v}  :: frequentative form of laittaa
laiteriippumaton {adj} [computing]  :: machine-independent, device-independent
laitesukellus {n}  :: scuba diving
laitevaurio {n}  :: device damage
Laitila {prop}  :: A municipality in southwestern Finland
Laitila {prop}  :: surname
Laitinen {prop}  :: surname
laiton {adj}  :: illegal, illegitimate, lawless, unlawful (contrary to or forbidden by law)
laiton {adj}  :: lawless, extralegal (not governed by any law)
laiton {adj}  :: lawless (not restrained by the law or by discipline)
laiton {adj}  :: unlawful, illicit (not approved by law, but not invalid)
laitos {n}  :: department
laitos {n}  :: edition (of a book)
laitos {n}  :: facility
laitos {n}  :: faculty
laitos {n}  :: institution
laitos {n}  :: plant
laitoshoito {n}  :: institutional care
laitostaa {vt}  :: To institutionalize
laitostua {vi}  :: To be institutionalized, succumbing to hospitalism
laittaa {vt}  :: [outdated] To criticize
laittaa {vt}  :: ~ ruokaa = to prepare food
laittaa {vt}  :: To put, set, place
laittaa kylmäksi {vt} [idiomatic]  :: To kill, slay, do in, knock off, bump off (literally: "to make cold")
laittaa nukkumaan {v} [idiomatic]  :: to put to sleep (to help someone to bed)
laittaa päälle {vt}  :: To turn on, switch on (a machine, device)
laittaa pois päältä {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: to turn off, switch off, power down, shut down (a machine, device)
laittautua {vi}  :: To dress up
laittautua {vi}  :: To prepare oneself by showering, getting dressed, doing one's hair, etc
laitteisto {n}  :: hardware, apparatus, equipment
laitto {n}  :: putting, setting, placing
laittomasti {adv}  :: illegally
laittomuus {n}  :: illegality
laittomuus {n}  :: lawlessness (lack of law and order)
laituri {n}  :: A pier, wharf, quay, dock, mole
laituri {n} [ice hockey, colloquial]  :: A winger
laiva {n} [architecture]  :: nave
laiva {n}  :: ship
laivakorppu {n} [nautical]  :: A biscuit
laivalaituri {n}  :: quay
laivalastillinen {n} [nautical]  :: shipload
laivamato {n}  :: shipworm, Teredo navalis
laivanhylky {n}  :: shipwreck
laivankansi {n}  :: deck
laivanrakennus {n}  :: shipbuilding
laivanrakentaja {n}  :: shipbuilder (person or firm)
laivanupotus {n}  :: battleship (guessing game)
laivanvarustaja {n}  :: shipowner
laivanvarustamo {n} [nautical]  :: merchant shipping company
laivasto {n}  :: fleet
laivasto {n}  :: navy
laivasto {n}  :: shipping (body of ships belonging to one nation, port or industry)
laivastonsininen {adj}  :: navy, navy blue
laivastonsininen {n}  :: navy, navy blue
laivastopeli {n}  :: battleship, battleships (guessing game)
laivastotukikohta {n}  :: naval base
laivata {vt}  :: To ship, to transport using a ship
laivue {n} [air force]  :: squadron
laivue {n} [nautical]  :: flotilla
laji {n} [biology, taxonomy]  :: species
laji {n}  :: kind, sort
laji {n} [sports]  :: sport (certain type of sport, such as football or javelin, as opposed to sports in general)
lajikas {adj}  :: Rich in species; diverse
lajike {n} [botany]  :: cultivar
lajiliitto {n}  :: sport governing body, governing body (national or international federation that has a regulatory or sanctioning function over a specified type of sport)
lajinkehitys {n}  :: phylogeny (evolutionary history of an organism)
lajinmurha {n} [science fiction]  :: xenocide (genocide of an entire alien species)
lajirikas {adj}  :: Rich in species; diverse
lajitella {v}  :: to classify, categorize (to identify by or divide into classes)
lajitella {v}  :: to size (to classify or arrange by size)
lajitella {v}  :: to sort (separate according to certain criteria)
lajitelma {n}  :: assortment
lajitin {n} [rare]  :: lajittelija (sorting device)
lajittaa {v}  :: alternative form of lajitella
lajittelija {n}  :: A sorter, classifier, distributor (person or device which sorts)
lajittelu {n}  :: sorting
lajiutua {vi} [biology]  :: To speciate; to divide into new species
lajiutuminen {n} [biology]  :: speciation (process by which new distinct species evolve)
Lajunen {prop}  :: surname
lakaisija {n}  :: sweeper (one who sweeps floors, streets etc.)
lakaista {vt}  :: To sweep, broom (to sweep with a broom)
lakaista jotakin maton alle {phrase}  :: To sweep something under the rug
lakana {n}  :: Any large square or rectangular piece of textile, especially a banner
lakana {n}  :: A sheet (bedsheet); a bedsheet
lakanakangas {n}  :: bed sheet fabric
lakastua {v}  :: to go to seed
lakastua {v}  :: to wither, fade, wilt
lakata {v}  :: to cease, come to an end, end, stop, finish
lakata {v}  :: to shellac (to coat with shellac)
lakata {v}  :: to varnish, lacquer
lakeeri {n}  :: patent leather
lakeija {n}  :: A lackey (servant)
lakeija {n}  :: A lickspittle
lakelandinterrieri {n}  :: Lakeland terrier
lakeus {n}  :: expanse
laki {n}  :: A summit, topmost point of eg. a hill or trajectory
laki {n}  :: code (official collection of laws)
laki {n} [countable]  :: act (a specific legal statute, inferior to a constitution)
laki {n} [countable]  :: statute (written law, either a constitution or an act, as laid down by the legislature)
laki {n} [uncountable]  :: law (collection of acts, sense 1)
lakiasäätävä {adj}  :: legislative
lakiehdotus {n} [politics]  :: bill (draft of law)
lakiesitys {n} [politics]  :: bill (draft of law)
laki ja järjestys {phrase}  :: law and order (strict obeyance of rules and regulations)
lakikieli {n} [Legal , matters]  :: legalese (technical talk of the legal profession)
lakikirja {n}  :: A lawbook
lakikivi {n} [architecture]  :: keystone (top stone of an arch)
lakimies {n}  :: A jurist or a lawyer [expert in law]
lakinlippa {n}  :: visor (fore piece of a cap, projecting over, and protecting the eyes)
lakio {n} [heraldry]  :: chief (top part of a shield or escutcheon)
lakipunos {n} [heraldry]  :: A wreath (appendage to the shield, placed above it, and supporting the crest)
lakisääteinen {adj}  :: legal (prescribed by law)
lakittaa {v}  :: To put a hat on someone's head
lakka {n}  :: cloudberry; bakeapple [Eastern Canada]; knotberry, knoutberry [archaic, England]; aqpik, low-bush salmonberry [Alaska]; averin, evron [Scotland]; Rubus chamaemorus (yellow berry)
lakka {n}  :: dovecote
lakka {n}  :: lac (scarlet resinous substance)
lakka {n} [slang]  :: gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), when used as recreational drug
lakka {n}  :: varnish, lacquer
lakkaamaton {adj}  :: unending, incessant
lakkaamaton {adj}  :: unvarnished
lakkahillo {n}  :: cloudberry jam
lakkakerros {n}  :: A layer of varnish
lakkalikööri {n}  :: cloudberry liqueur
lakkarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius cremor
lakkasprii {n}  :: white spirit
lakkaus {n}  :: varnishing
lakkauttaa {v}  :: to abolish, disband (to break up or cause to cease to exist)
lakkauttaa {v}  :: to shut down, close down
lakkauttaa {v}  :: to suppress
lakkauttaa {v}  :: to suspend (to discontinue a function, task or position)
lakkauttaminen {n}  :: abolition (act of abolishing)
lakki {n}  :: cap (type of headwear)
lakki {n}  :: headwear (any covering of the head)
lakkiaiset {n}  :: graduation party
lakki kourassa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: hat in hand
lakkimakaki {n}  :: toque macaque Macaca sinica
lakko {n}  :: strike (work stoppage)
lakkoilija {n}  :: striker (one who is on strike)
lakkoilla {vi}  :: To strike (stop working)
lakkoraja {n}  :: A limit of strike activity
lakkovaroitus {n}  :: strike notice
lakmus {n}  :: litmus
lakmuskoe {n}  :: litmus test
lakmuspaperi {n}  :: litmus paper
lakmustesti {n} [chemistry]  :: litmus test
lako {n} [agriculture]  :: The state where crop has been flattened
lakoninen {adj}  :: laconic
lakonisesti {adv}  :: laconically
lakonrikkoja {n}  :: strikebreaker, scab
lakoontua {vi} [of crops]  :: To flatten
lakoutua {v}  :: alternative form of lakoontua
lakrimaatio {n} [medicine]  :: lacrimation
lakritsa {n}  :: liquorice, licorice
lakritsi {n}  :: liquorice
lakritsijuuri {n}  :: liquorice root/licorice root
lakritsirousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius helvus
lakrymaattori {n}  :: lachrymator (any substance that causes tears)
laksatiivi {n}  :: laxative
laksatiivinen {adj}  :: laxative
laktaami {n} [organic chemistry]  :: lactam
laktaasi {n}  :: lactase
laktaattidehydrogenaasi {n} [enzyme]  :: lactate dehydrogenase
laktidi {n} [organic compound]  :: lactide
laktoni {n} [chemistry]  :: lactone
laktoosi {n}  :: lactose
laktoosi-intoleranssi {n} [pathology]  :: lactose intolerance (inability to metabolize lactose)
laktoosi-intolerantti {adj}  :: lactose intolerant
laktoositon {adj}  :: Having no lactose
lakto-ovovegetaristi {n}  :: lacto-ovo-vegetarian
laktovegetaarinen {adj}  :: lactovegetarian
laktovegetaristi {n}  :: A lactovegetarian
laku {n} [colloquial]  :: liquorice
laku {n} [derogative]  :: black (person)
lakustrinen {adj} [geology]  :: lacustrine (of or relating to lakes)
lallukka {n}  :: A fat, indolent person
lallus {n}  :: wimp (someone who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy)
lama {n} [Buddhism]  :: lama
lama {n} [economics]  :: depression
lama {n}  :: paralysis, depression (state of being inable to act)
lamaannuttaa {v}  :: alternative term for lamauttaa
lamaantua {vi}  :: To become depressed
lamaismi {n} [religion]  :: lamaism
lamakausi {n} [economics]  :: A depression
lamalaisuus {n} [religion]  :: lamaism
lamantiini {n}  :: manatee
lamarckismi {n}  :: Lamarckism
lamata {v}  :: alternative term for lamauttaa
lamauttaa {v}  :: to paralyze, disable, cripple, incapacitate (to render unable to function properly)
lamauttaa {v}  :: to paralyze, numb (to render unable to move; to immobilize, especially temporarily)
lamauttaa {v}  :: to unnerve (to deprive of nerve, force, or strength)
lamautua {vi}  :: To be paralyzed
lamavuosi {n} [economics]  :: depression year (a year characterized by economic depression)
lambada {n}  :: lambada
lambda {n}  :: lambda (Greek letter)
lambdakalkyyli {n}  :: lambda calculus
lamee {n}  :: lamé (fabric)
lamelli {n}  :: lamella
laminaarinen {adj}  :: laminar
laminaatti {n}  :: A laminate
laminoida {v}  :: To laminate
laminointi {n}  :: lamination
lammas {n}  :: lamb (meek person)
lammas {n}  :: mutton (meat as food)
lammas {n}  :: sheep
lammaskoira {n}  :: sheepdog (breed of dog, used for herding or guarding sheep)
lammasmainen {adj}  :: sheepish
lammasnavetta {n}  :: sheep barn
lammaspaimen {n}  :: A shepherd (person who tends sheep)
lammassuoja {n}  :: sheep barn
lammikko {n}  :: A puddle
lammikko {n}  :: A small pond
lampaankääpä {n}  :: sheep polypore (Albatrellus ovinus)
lampaanliha {n}  :: mutton
lampaannata {n}  :: sheep's fescue
lampaantalja {n}  :: sheep hide
lampaan täikärpänen {n}  :: sheep ked, Melophagus ovinus (parasitic fly)
lampaanvilla {n}  :: sheep wool
lampi {n}  :: pond (inland body of standing water, usually natural, that is smaller than a lake)
Lampinen {prop}  :: surname
lampola {n}  :: sheep barn
lamppu {n}  :: lamp
lamppu {n}  :: light bulb
lamppuvitsi {n}  :: A variant of lampunvaihtovitsi
lampsia {vi}  :: to walk in a lazy, slouchy manner; to dawdle, slog
lampunvaihtovitsi {n}  :: light bulb joke
lampunvarjostin {n}  :: A lampshade
lana {n}  :: leveling drag
lanata {v}  :: To level using a leveling drag
lande {n} [slang]  :: countryside
landepaukku {n} [slang]  :: woolly back (unsophisticated person from the countryside)
langata {v}  :: to floss
langaton {adj} [telecommunication]  :: wireless
langaton {n}  :: short for langaton verkko [wireless network, Wi-Fi]
langennut {adj}  :: fallen
langeta {vi}  :: To fall
langeta {vi}  :: To lapse
langeta {vi}  :: To sin
langeta loveen {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to fall into a trance
langettaa {v}  :: To give a verdict
langobardi {n}  :: A Lombard or more rarely, Langobard (member of a Germanic people who invaded Italy in the 6th century)
langokset {n}  :: brothers-in-law (male non-blood relatives of one's generation, separated by one degree of marriage, notably husband and his wife's brothers)
langusti {n}  :: spiny lobster
lanka {n}  :: thread
lanka {n}  :: wire (metal formed into a thin, even thread)
lanka {n}  :: wire (piece of such material)
lanka {n}  :: yarn
lankakerä {n}  :: ball, clew (quantity of string, thread, etc., wound into a spherical shape)
lankalauantai {n}  :: Holy Saturday
lankalinja {n}  :: landline (fixed telephone communications cable)
lankapuhelin {n}  :: landline (telephone connected by a fixed wire, as opposed to wireless/mobile)
lankata {v}  :: to polish (to polish shoes)
lankkaus {n} [colloquial]  :: shoeshine (act of polishing shoes)
lankki {n} [colloquial, dialectal]  :: shoe polish
lankkipoika {n}  :: shoeshine boy (boy who earns money by polishing shoes for a fee)
lankku {n}  :: a plank (long, broad and thick piece of sawn timber)
lanko {n}  :: brother-in-law
lankonki {n}  :: gangplank, gangway
lankous {n}  :: family relationship between a person and his/her spouse's brother
lankous {n} [legal]  :: affinity (family relationship through marriage, especially that above)
lankuttaa {v}  :: to plank (to cover with planking)
lanne {n}  :: hip, haunch
lannenikama {n} [skeleton]  :: A lumbar vertebra
lannepisto {n} [medicine]  :: lumbar puncture
lanneselkä {n} [anatomy]  :: small of the back (the lumbar region of the back)
lannevaate {n}  :: breechcloth, loincloth
lannistaa {vt}  :: To discourage, demoralise/demoralize, dispirit
lannistua {vi}  :: To despond, be(come) discouraged, be(come) demoralized/demoralised
lannistumaton {adj}  :: indomitable, undaunted
lannistumattomuus {n}  :: perseverance, resilience; the mindset of not letting yourself be discouraged, of not giving up
lannistuneempi {adj}  :: comparative of lannistunut
lannistunein {adj}  :: superlative of lannistunut
lannistunut {adj}  :: discouraged, demoralized
lannoite {n}  :: fertiliser/fertilizer
lannoitin {n} [agriculture]  :: fertilizer spreader
lannoittaa {v}  :: To fertilize (to add nutrients to)
lannoittaa {v}  :: To manure, dung (to fertilize with dung)
lannoittua {vi}  :: To become fertilized (by nutrients)
lannoitus {n}  :: fertilization (adding nutrients)
lanseerata {v}  :: to launch (to send out, start something new)
lanseeraus {n}  :: launch (act of launching)
lanta {n}  :: Animal feces used as fertilizer; manure, dung
lanta {n}  :: The parts of Finland south of Sápmi
lantaani {n}  :: lanthanum
lantakasa {n}  :: dung heap, midden
lantala {n} [agriculture]  :: manure storage
lantalainen {n} [dialectal, Northern dialects]  :: southerner (native or inhabitant of the south)
lantanoidi {n} [chemistry]  :: lanthanide
lantatunkio {n}  :: dunghill
lanteilla {adv} [of arms]  :: akimbo
lantio {n} [anatomy]  :: pelvis
lantionpohja {n} [anatomy]  :: pelvic floor (muscular partition formed by the muscle fibers of the levator ani, the coccygeus, and associated connective tissue which span the area underneath the pelvis)
lantiorengas {n} [skeleton]  :: pelvis
lantti {n}  :: coin
lanttu {n} [colloquial]  :: head, brain, noodle; usually together with the verb leikata
lanttu {n}  :: swede, rutabaga (root and the plant)
lanttulaatikko {n}  :: Traditional Finnish rutabaga casserole
lanttuperhonen {n}  :: green-veined white (Pieris napi)
lao {n}  :: Lao, Laotian (ethnic Lao person)
lao {n}  :: Lao, Laotian (language)
laon kieli {n}  :: Lao, Laotian (language)
laonkielinen {adj}  :: Lao, Laotian (of or in Lao language)
Laos {prop}  :: Laos (country in Asia)
laosilainen {adj}  :: Laotian (of or pertaining to Laos, its people or culture)
laosilainen {n}  :: A Laotian (person)
laota {vi}  :: To fall down en masse, like e.g. grain as a result of heavy rainfall, or soldiers in a devastating battle
Laotse {prop}  :: Laozi
laottaa {vt}  :: to lodge
lapa {n}  :: A blade of an oar or propeller
lapa {n} [anatomy]  :: A shoulder of a horse or other animal or, dialectally, of a man
lapakko {n} [botany]  :: axis
lapaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A scapula or shoulder blade
lapamato {n}  :: broad tapeworm, fish tapeworm, broad fish tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum)
lapanen {n}  :: A knitted mitten
laparoskopia {n} [medicine]  :: laparoscopy
lapasampi {n}  :: paddlefish (Polyodon spathula)
lapasotka {n}  :: greater scaup, Aythya marila
lape {n}  :: edge
lape {n}  :: periphery
lape {n}  :: The flat of a blade
lapikas {n}  :: A type of boot whose toe curves upward
lapinharakka {n}  :: great grey shrike, Lanius excubitor
lapinkirvinen {n}  :: red-throated pipit, Anthus cervinus
lapinleinikki {n}  :: Lapland buttercup, Ranunculus lapponicus (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
lapinmyyrä {n}  :: tundra vole, root vole (Microtus oeconomus)
Lapin Otava {prop}  :: Ursa Minor, Little Dipper
lapinpöllö {n}  :: great grey owl, Strix nebulosa
lapinporokoira {n}  :: Lapponian Herder
lapinrousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius lapponicus
lapinsirkku {n}  :: Lapland longspur, Lapland bunting (Calracius lapponicus)
lapinsirri {n}  :: Temminck's stint, Calidris temminckii
lapintiainen {n}  :: Siberian tit, Poecile cincta
lapintiira {n}  :: Arctic tern, Sterna paradisaea
lapinuunilintu {n}  :: Arctic warbler, Phylloscopus borealis
lapinvuokkorousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius dryadophilus
lapio {n}  :: A shovel
lapio {n}  :: A spade
lapioida {v}  :: To shovel
lapioida {v}  :: To trowel (to apply with a trowel)
lapiollinen {n}  :: shovelful
lapislatsuli {n} [mineral]  :: lapis lazuli
lappaa {v}  :: to scoop
lappalainen {n} [dated]  :: A Sami
Lappalainen {prop}  :: surname
Lappeenranta {prop}  :: Lappeenranta
lappi {n} [poetic]  :: A Sami person
lappi {n}  :: The Sami language, Lappish
Lappi {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland outside Lapland (named for ancient Sami residence)
Lappi {prop}  :: surname derived from lappi
Lappi {prop} [uncountable]  :: Lapland, the geographical area that covers the northmost parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland plus a Northwestern corner of Russia
Lappi {prop} [uncountable]  :: The northernmost maakunta of Finland
lappilainen {n}  :: A resident of Lapland (but not necessarily a Sami)
lappo {n}  :: siphon (a bent pipe or tube with one end lower than the other)
lappu {n}  :: A small piece of paper, textile etc
lappu {n}  :: A tag, label
lappuliisa {n} [colloquial]  :: meter maid
lapsekas {adj}  :: childish
lapsekkaasti {adv}  :: childishly
lapsekkuus {n}  :: childishness
lapsellinen {adj}  :: childish
lapsellisesti {adv}  :: childishly, naively
lapsellisuus {n}  :: childishness
lapsenkaitsija {n}  :: babysitter
lapsenkasvoinen {adj}  :: baby-faced (having a face that appears childlike, innocent, or youthful)
lapsenkieli {n}  :: baby talk
lapsenkina {n}  :: vernix caseosa, vernix
lapsenlapsenlapsi {n}  :: great-grandchild
lapsenlapsi {n}  :: grandchild (child of someone’s child)
lapsenlikka {n}  :: childminder
lapsenmielinen {adj}  :: childish
lapsenmurha {n}  :: infanticide
lapsenomainen {adj}  :: childish
lapsenomainen {adj}  :: filial
lapsenpihka {n}  :: meconium (dark green mass, the contents of the fetal intestines during the later stages of mammalian gestation)
lapsenpiika {n}  :: childminder
lapsenpäästäjä {n} [archaic]  :: A midwife
lapsen seksuaalinen hyväksikäyttö {n} [law]  :: child sexual abuse, sexual abuse of a minor
lapsenvahti {n}  :: babysitter
lapseton {adj}  :: childless
lapsi {n}  :: child (daughter or son)
lapsi {n}  :: child (person who is below the age of adulthood)
lapsihalvaus {n} [pathology]  :: polio
lapsikulta {n} [used chiefly as address]  :: dear child
lapsikuolleisuus {n}  :: child mortality child mortality rate (the ratio of children dying before their fifth birthday to the number of births, usually expressed as number per thousand live births)
lapsikuoro {n}  :: child choir
lapsilisä {n}  :: child benefit
lapsimorsian {n}  :: child bride
lapsiparka {n} [pitied]  :: poor child
lapsiperhe {n}  :: family with children
lapsiporno {n}  :: child pornography
lapsiprostituoitu {n}  :: child prostitute
lapsiprostituutio {n}  :: child prostitution
lapsisotilas {n}  :: child soldier
lapsiturvallinen {adj}  :: childsafe, childproof
lapsityö {n}  :: child labor
lapsityövoima {n}  :: child labor
lapsivesi {n} [anatomy]  :: amniotic fluid
lapsivesi {n}  :: water (amniotic fluid)
lapsivesipisto {n} [medicine]  :: amniocentesis (procedure for obtaining amniotic fluid)
lapsivesipunktio {n} [medicine]  :: amniocentesis (procedure for obtaining amniotic fluid)
lapsivihamielisyys {n}  :: kinderfeindlichkeit (institutionalized hostility or coldness towards children)
lapsivuode {n}  :: childbed (the bed in which a baby is delivered)
lapsivuode {n}  :: short for lapsivuodeaika: childbed (the period immediately before giving birth, when the mother is confined in bed)
lapsivuode {n}  :: short for lapsivuodeaika: puerperium (the period immediately after giving birth, when the mother's body is returning to the prenatal state)
lapsivuodeaika {n} [medicine]  :: puerperium
lapsivuodekuume {n} [pathology]  :: puerperal fever, childbed fever
lapsuudenaika {n}  :: childhood time
lapsuudenkoti {n}  :: childhood home
lapsuudenystävä {n}  :: childhood friend
lapsuus {n}  :: Childhood
lapsuusaika {n}  :: childhood time
Lari {prop}  :: given name, short for Ilari
larpata {vi}  :: to LARP, play LARP
larppaaja {n}  :: larper, LARPer
larppaus {n}  :: LARPing, larping
larppi {n}  :: LARP, live action role-play
laryngiitti {n} [pathology]  :: laryngitis
laryngospasmi {n}  :: laryngospasm
lasagne {n}  :: lasagna
lasaretti {n} [dated]  :: hospital
laseerata {v} [dialectal, colloquial]  :: alternative form of glaseerata
laser {n}  :: laser
laseri {n}  :: laser
laserkirjoitin {n}  :: laser printer
laserlevy {n}  :: Laserdisc
laserprintteri {n} [colloquial]  :: laser printer
lasersäde {n}  :: laser beam
lasertulostin {n}  :: laser printer
lasi {n}  :: glass
lasi {n} [nautical]  :: bells, a mark given by the bells of a ship every half hour to mark the passing of time during a four-hour watch. There were eight bells per watch and then the counting started from beginning
lasi {n} [slang, drugs]  :: ice (crystal form of methamphetamine)
lasiainen {n} [anatomy]  :: vitreum, humour/humor
lasiharmonikka {n} [musical instruments]  :: glass harmonica
lasihelmi {n}  :: glass bead
lasikaappi {n}  :: showcase
lasikatto {n}  :: glass ceiling
lasikivi {n}  :: glass jewel (imitation of jewel made of glass)
lasikko {n}  :: showcase
lasikuitu {n}  :: fibreglass/fiberglass
lasikuituinen {adj}  :: Made of fiberglass
lasikuituoptiikka {n}  :: fiber optics
lasikuitusauva {n}  :: A ski pole made of fibreglass
lasikuula {n}  :: glass marble (marble made of glass)
lasillinen {n}  :: glass (quantity)
lasimaalaus {n}  :: stained glass (piece of art)
lasimaalaustaide {n}  :: stained glass (form of art)
lasimainen {adj}  :: Resembling glass; glassy
lasimaisempi {adj}  :: comparative of lasimainen
lasimaisin {adj}  :: superlative of lasimainen
lasimaljakko {n}  :: glass vase
lasinalunen {n}  :: coaster (small piece of material used to protect the surface of a table, upon which one places cups or mugs)
lasinen {adj}  :: glassy (made of glass)
lasinleikkuri {n}  :: glass cutter
lasinpuhallus {n}  :: glassblowing
lasinpuhaltaja {n}  :: glassblower
lasinsirpale {n}  :: shard, a piece of broken glass
lasinsiru {n}  :: A shard of glass
lasiohjaamo {n}  :: glass cockpit
lasiovi {n}  :: French window
lasiovi {n}  :: glass door (door made of or mainly of glass)
lasipullo {n}  :: glass bottle
lasisilmä {n}  :: glass eye
lasit {n}  :: spectacles
lasite {n}  :: glaze
lasitiili {n}  :: glass brick, glass block (brick-like construction element made of glass)
lasittaa {vt}  :: to glaze
lasittua {vi}  :: to glaze (to become glazed)
lasiveitsi {n}  :: glass cutter
lasivilla {n}  :: glass wool
laskea {vi} [e.g. of a road or hill]  :: to slope down, descend, drop off
laskea {vi} [of a river]  :: to flow to a larger body of water
laskea {vi} [of the Sun]  :: to set
laskea {vi}  :: to fall, drop
laskea {vi}  :: to lower (e.g. of prices), decrease (e.g. of the amount of sth)
laskea {vi}  :: to slide (down; by using some vehicle or instrument)
laskea {vt}  :: (+ genitive-accusative + translative) to find, consider
laskea {vt}  :: ~ liikkeelle/liikkeeseen = to release, put into circulation, issue
laskea {vt}  :: to calculate, figure
laskea {vt}  :: to count, tally (the number of sth)
laskea {vt}  :: to lay (e.g. the foundation of sth)
laskea {vt}  :: to (let) run, (let) flow
laskea {vt}  :: to lower, drop
laskea {vt}  :: to lower (e.g. prices), to decrease (the amount of sth)
laskea {vt}  :: to put down, set down, lay down
laskea {vt}  :: (with adverbs or verbs) to let
laskea alleen {v}  :: to piss one's pants
laskea yhteen {vt}  :: to add, sum
laskelma {n}  :: calculation (result of calculating)
laskelmoida {vi}  :: To calculate, plan
laskematon {adj}  :: uncounted
laskematon {adj}  :: undescended
laskenta {n}  :: calculus
laskenta {n}  :: computation, calculation
laskentakeskus {n} [computing]  :: data center
laskentataulukko {n}  :: spreadsheet
laskentatoimi {n} [accounting]  :: accounting (the practice of)
laskento {n} [dated]  :: calculus (elementary calculus as school subject)
laskeskella {v}  :: To count
lasketella {vi}  :: rattle off
lasketella {vi}  :: To do slalom skiing
laskettaa {vt}  :: To have (something) calculated (by someone = adessive), make (someone = allative) calculate (something)
laskettelija {n}  :: An alpine skier, downhill skier
laskettelu {n}  :: downhill, downhill skiing, alpine skiing
laskettelukeskus {n}  :: ski center, ski centre
laskettelurinne {n}  :: piste, ski slope, ski run, slalom slope
laskeuma {n}  :: fallout
laskeuma {n} [pathology]  :: prolapse
laskeutua {vi} [of a flying object]  :: to land
laskeutua {vi}  :: to fall, drop, settle
laskeutua {vi}  :: to go down, descend
laskeutuma {n}  :: alternative form of laskeuma
laskeutuminen {n}  :: descent (act of descending)
laskeutuminen {n}  :: landing (coming to earth, as of an airplane)
laskeutuminen {n}  :: settling (process of sinking gradually to a lower level, as the foundation of a house)
laskeutuminen {n}  :: settling, sinking (the process of falling to the bottom, as dregs of a liquid, or the sediment of a reservoir)
laskeutuminen {n}  :: splashdown (landing of a space capsule on water)
laskiainen {n} [colloquial]  :: Shrove Tuesday
laskiainen {n}  :: Shrovetide
laskiaissunnuntai {n}  :: Shrove Sunday
laskiaistiistai {n}  :: Shrove Tuesday
laskija {n}  :: One who performs calculations; statistician, analyst; calculator, computer
laskija {n}  :: One who puts down; layer, dropper etc
laskija {n}  :: One who slides down
laskija {n}  :: One who takes count: counter
laskimo {n} [anatomy]  :: vein
laskimonsisäinen {adj}  :: intravenous (pertaining to what is inside veins)
laskimotulppa {n} [pathology]  :: deep vein thrombosis
laskin {n}  :: calculator
laskin {n}  :: pocket calculator
lasko {n} [medicine]  :: erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ESR
laskos {n}  :: fold, crease
laskostaa {v}  :: to flute, crease
laskostaa {v}  :: to fold
laskostettu {adj}  :: fluted (decorated with flutes)
laskostua {vi}  :: To fold
lasku {n}  :: bill, check
lasku {n}  :: calculation, computation
lasku {n}  :: decline, decrease
lasku {n}  :: descent, an instance of descending, sliding down a hill, landing of an airplane etc
laskulauta {n} [rare]  :: An abacus (calculating frame)
laskuri {n}  :: counter (object or contrivance used in counting or keeping count)
laskusana {n} [grammar]  :: A measure word
laskusiiveke {n} [aviation]  :: flap
laskusilta {n}  :: drawbridge (hinged bridge which can be raised to prevent it being crossed, as across a moat)
laskusilta {n} [nautical]  :: gangway (bridge that can be lowered from a ship to allow crossing to and from the vessel)
laskusuhdanne {n} [economics]  :: bear market (period of falling stock market prices)
laskusuunta {n}  :: downtrend
laskutaito {n}  :: numeracy (ability to understand numbers and perform arithmetic)
laskutaitoinen {adj}  :: numerate (able to understand numbers and perform arithmetic)
laskutaulu {n}  :: An abacus (calculating frame)
laskutaulu {n}  :: A table, used in elementary schools to teach the principles of calculus
laskutaulu {n}  :: A table which shows the numeric results of a calculation as function of one or more variables
laskutaulukko {n}  :: spreadsheet
laskuteline {n} [aviation]  :: landing gear, undercarriage (wheels, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers etc of an aircraft)
laskutikku {n}  :: slide rule
laskuttaa {v}  :: To bill, invoice
laskutus {n}  :: billing
laskutusosoite {n}  :: billing address
laskutuuli {n} [meteorology]  :: katabatic wind (cold wind that blows down from a snow-capped mountain or glacier)
laskuvarjo {n}  :: parachute
laskuvarjohyppy {n}  :: parachute jump (individual jump)
laskuvarjohyppy {n}  :: parachuting (sport)
laskuvarjojääkäri {n}  :: paratrooper
laskuvesi {n}  :: ebb, low tide
Lasse {prop}  :: given name
Lassi {prop}  :: given name
lassie {n} [colloquial]  :: rough collie (breed of dog)
Lassila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Lassila {prop}  :: surname
lasso {n}  :: lasso
lassota {v}  :: To lasso
lasta {n} [medicine]  :: splint
lasta {n}  :: putty knife, spackle knife, scraper, spatula (construction tool)
lasta {n}  :: spatula, scraper (kitchen tool)
lasta {n}  :: squeegee (window wiping tool)
lasta {n}  :: taping knife, joint knife (broad smoothing tool)
lasta {n}  :: turner (kitchen tool)
lastaaminen {n}  :: loading
lastaaminen {v}  :: infinitive of lastata
lastain {n}  :: spatula
lastata {vt}  :: To load, lade
lastaus {n}  :: loading
lastenhoitaja {n}  :: nanny, nurse (of children)
lastenhoito {n}  :: childcare
lastenkoti {n}  :: children's home; child caring institution (public institution for the care and protection of orphans and children whose parents are unable to take care of them)
lastenkoti {n}  :: orphanage
lastenleikki {n}  :: child's play, cinch (something particularly simple or easy)
lastenlääkäri {n}  :: pediatrician
lastenosasto {n}  :: children's department
lastenrattaat {n}  :: stroller [US]; pushchair, baby buggy [UK] (small vehicle in which a baby is pushed around in a sitting position)
lastensuojelu {n}  :: child welfare
lastentarha {n}  :: kindergarten
lastentarhanopettaja {n}  :: kindergarten teacher
lastentauti {n} [figurative, in plural]  :: teething troubles, teething issues, teething problems (minor problems e.g. in launching a new product or service)
lastentauti {n} [literal]  :: childhood disease (disease that usually troubles infants)
lastentautioppi {n} [medicine]  :: pediatrics
lastenvahti {n}  :: babysitter
lastenvaunut {n}  :: pram, perambulator [UK]; baby carriage [US]; carrycot (small vehicle in which a newborn baby is pushed around in a lying position)
lasti {n} [informal]  :: cargo
lastiluettelo {n}  :: manifest (a list of goods)
lastimerkki {n} [nautical]  :: Plimsoll line, International Load Line
lastiruuma {n} [nautical]  :: cargo hold
lastoittaa {v} [medicine]  :: to splint (to fasten with a splint, like a broken limb)
lastu {n}  :: A chip (small piece broken from a larger piece of solid material, especially wood)
lastu {n}  :: A chip (thin, crisp, baked piece of vegetable or vegetable mass), usually in compound terms with a modifier which specifies the raw material: perunalastu
lastu {n}  :: A shaving (thin, shaved off slice of wood, metal, or other material)
lastulevy {n}  :: chipboard, particleboard, particle board
lastuvilla {n}  :: excelsior
lasuriitti {n} [mineral]  :: lazurite
lasvegasilainen {adj}  :: Las Vegan
lasvegasilainen {n}  :: Las Vegan
lata {n}  :: field drag
lataamo {n}  :: loading station
lataus {n}  :: charge
lataus {n}  :: download
latauspuikko {n}  :: ramrod (device used with early firearms)
latautua {vi}  :: To charge, recharge
lateksi {n}  :: latex
latenssi {n} [electronics]  :: latency
latenssiaika {n} [pathology]  :: latent phase
latentti {adj}  :: latent
lateraalinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: lateral (pertaining to the left or right of the body, located towards the side)
lateraalinen {adj}  :: lateral (of or pertaining to the side; of movement directed towards the side of)
lateraalinen {adj} [linguistics]  :: lateral (pertaining to sounds generated by partially blocking the egress of the airstream with the tip of the tongue touching the alveolar ridge, leaving space on one or both sides of the occlusion for air passage)
lati {n} [idiomatic]  :: penny (small amount of money), in the expression ei latin latia ("not a penny")
lati {n}  :: lat (former Latvian unit of currency)
latiivi {n} [grammar]  :: lative case
latimeria {n}  :: coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae)
latina {n}  :: Latin language
latinainen {adj}  :: alternative form of latinalainen
latinaistaa {v}  :: to Latinize, romanize (to transliterate into Latin script)
latinaistus {n}  :: Latinization (act, process or result of Latinizing)
latinalainen {adj}  :: Latin (of or relating to the Latin language or script)
Latinalainen Amerikka {prop}  :: Latin America (Latin America)
latinalaisamerikkalainen {adj}  :: Latin American, Latin (of or relating to Latin America, its people or culture)
latinalaispurje {n}  :: lateen, lateen sail
latinalaistaa {v}  :: alternative form of latinaistaa
latinantaa {vt}  :: to Latinize (to translate into Latin)
latinisaatio {n}  :: romanization/romanisation, Latinization
latinismi {n}  :: Latinism
latinisoida {v} [archaic]  :: To Latinize (to make a word similar in appearance to a Latin word)
latinoida {v}  :: To Latinize (to make a word similar in appearance to a Latin word)
latistaa {vt}  :: To flatten
latistaa {vt}  :: To make commonplace
latistua {vi}  :: To flatten
latitudi {n} [geography]  :: latitude
latkia {v} [onomatopoeia]  :: To lap, slurp like a dog
latkinta {n}  :: lapping, slurping
lato {n}  :: A hovel, barn (unheated inexpensively built roofed storage for agricultural equipment or products, especially hay)
latoa {v}  :: To roll, let fly (speech)
latoa {v}  :: To stack, pile up, line up
latoa {v}  :: To typeset, compose (printing)
latoja {n}  :: A typesetter, typo, compositor
latriini {n}  :: latrine
latsuriitti {n} [mineral]  :: lazurite
latta {n} [nautical]  :: batten (strip inserted in a pocket sewn on the sail in order to keep the sail flat)
lattajalka {n}  :: flatfoot (condition or person)
lattajalkainen {adj}  :: flatfooted, flat-footed
lattana {adj}  :: flat
lattari {n} [colloquial]  :: A latino/latina
lattari {n} [colloquial, dance]  :: Any Latin American dance
lattarintainen {adj}  :: flat-chested (of a girl or woman: having small breasts)
latte {n}  :: latte
lattea {adj}  :: flat (shape)
lattea {adj}  :: hackneyed, clichéd, banal (common in a boring way, containing nothing new or fresh)
lattea {adj}  :: insipid
latteus {n}  :: blandness
latteus {n}  :: dullness (quality of being uninteresting, especially when used of opinions)
latteus {n}  :: flatness
latteus {n} [linguistics]  :: A cliché, platitude
lattia {n}  :: floor (bottom of a room)
lattiakaivo {n}  :: floor drain
lattialaatta {n}  :: floor tile
lattianhoitokone {n}  :: floor cleaning machine
lattianraja {n}  :: floor level
lattiarätti {n}  :: floorcloth
lattiavasa {n}  :: A supporting beam on floor
lattinki {n} [nautical]  :: A baggywrinkle
latu {n} [figuratively]  :: course
latu {n}  :: ski track
laturi {n} [automotive]  :: alternator
laturi {n}  :: charger (device that charges or recharges a battery)
latuskajalka {n}  :: flatfoot (condition or person)
latva {n}  :: headwaters
latva {n}  :: treetop
latva-artisokka {n}  :: artichoke, globe artichoke (Cynara cardunculus)
Latvala {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Latvala {prop}  :: surname
latvia {n}  :: The Latvian language
Latvia {prop}  :: Latvia
latvialainen {adj}  :: Lettish or Latvian, of or relating to Latvia
latvialainen {adj}  :: Lettish or Latvian, relating to the Latvian/Lettish language, Lett:
latvialainen {n}  :: A Lett or Latvian
latvialaisuus {n}  :: Latvianness (state or quality of being Latvian)
Latvian tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Latvia
latvoa {vt} [horticulture]  :: to pinch
latvonta {n} [botany]  :: pinching
latvusto {n}  :: canopy
lauantai {n}  :: Saturday
lauantaiaamu {n}  :: Saturday morning
lauantai-ilta {n}  :: Saturday evening
lauantailisä {n}  :: Saturday allowance (extra payment for working on Saturday)
lauantaimakkara {n}  :: A type of bologna sausage
lauantainen {adj}  :: Pertaining to Saturday
lauantaisin {adv}  :: On Saturdays
laudanumi {n}  :: laudanum
laudatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the highest possible grade, summa cum laude
laudatur {n}  :: The longest university syllabus in Finland
laude {n}  :: In plural (lauteet), a sitting platform or "pew" in the hot room of a sauna
laude {n}  :: In singular only in compound words
laudoittaa {v}  :: To board, to cover with boards
laueta {vi}  :: To go off (explosion, gun, trap etc.)
laueta {vi}  :: To relax (tense situation)
laueta {v}  :: To ejaculate
lauha {adj}  :: mild, temperate (weather, climate)
lauha {n} [botany]  :: hair grass, tussock grass: grass in genus Deschampsia
lauhde {n}  :: condensate
lauhdutin {n} [machinery]  :: condenser, steam condenser
lauhduttaa {vt}  :: to condense
lauhentaa {vt}  :: to make or cause to be (more) temperate, especially of climate
lauheta {vi} [rare]  :: alternative form of lauhtua
lauhkea {adj}  :: tame
lauhkea {adj}  :: temperate
lauhtua {v}  :: [of a person] To calm down
lauhtua {v}  :: [of cold weather] To abate
laukaisija {n}  :: A trigger, release
laukaisija {n}  :: One who launches; launcher
laukaisin {n}  :: trigger
laukaista {vt}  :: To fire (a gun)
laukaista {vt}  :: To launch (a rocket)
laukaista {vt}  :: To trigger
laukaisu {n}  :: firing
laukaisu {n}  :: launch (of a rocket)
laukaisualusta {n}  :: launchpad, launch pad
laukaisuikkuna {n}  :: launch window
laukaisuteline {n}  :: gantry scaffold
laukata {v} [figuratively]  :: to gallop
laukata {vi}  :: to gallop; (slow) to canter, lope
laukaus {n} [weaponry]  :: gunshot
laukka {n}  :: [horsemanship] canter (ride)
laukka {n}  :: [horsemanship] canter (three-beat gait)
laukka {n}  :: [horsemanship] gallop (four-beat gait)
laukka {n} [in plural]  :: The genus Allium
laukka {n}  :: onion (any plant of the genus Allium)
Laukkanen {prop}  :: surname
laukkoa {v}  :: alternative form of laukata
laukku {n}  :: A bag (soft)
laukku {n}  :: A case (hard)
laukkuryssä {n} [historical]  :: In 19th century, a wandering trader of Karelian or Russian origin
laukoa {vt}  :: to fire, shoot, repeatedly
laukoa {vt}  :: to fire (to forcibly direct)
laukonpeura {n} [obsolete]  :: white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus
laukullinen {adj}  :: with a bag, carrying a bag
laukullinen {n}  :: bagful
laulaa {vti}  :: To sing
laulaja {n}  :: singer
laulaja-lauluntekijä {n}  :: A singer-songwriter
laulajankyhmy {n} [pathology]  :: Another name for äänihuulikyhmy
laulajatar {n}  :: Female singer
laulattaa {v}  :: to feel like singing, to want to sing
laulattaa {v}  :: to make someone sing
laulella {vi}  :: to sing (casually)
laulelma {n}  :: tune, jingle
lauleskella {v}  :: to sing (casually, like for one's own pleasure)
laulu {n}  :: singing
laulu {n}  :: song
Laulujen laulu {prop}  :: the Song of Songs, Song of Solomon (22nd book of the Old Testament)
laulujoutsen {n}  :: whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)
laulukaskas {n}  :: A cricket (insect)
laulukilpailu {n}  :: singing contest
laulukirja {n}  :: songbook
laululintu {n}  :: songbird
lauluääni {n}  :: singing voice, set of pipes (voice for singing)
lauluntekijä {n}  :: songwriter (one who writes the lyrics and usually the music of songs)
laulusarja {n} [music]  :: song cycle
lauluyhtye {n} [music]  :: vocal group, a cappella group
lauma {n}  :: crowd, mob, flock (large uncontrolled group of people)
lauma {n}  :: herd (large group of land animals)
lauma {n}  :: pod (group of seals or hippopotami)
laumaeläin {n}  :: gregarious animal
laumasielu {n}  :: lemming (person inclined to groupthinking)
laumasieluisuus {n}  :: groupthink
laupias {adj}  :: merciful
Laura {prop}  :: given name
Lauri {prop}  :: given name
Lauri {prop}  :: The letter "L" in the Finnish tavausaakkoset, a spelling system similar to ICAO spelling alphabet
Laurila {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Laurila {prop}  :: surname
lause {n} [grammar]  :: clause
lause {n} [informal, nonstandard]  :: sentence
lause {n} [mathematics]  :: theorem (mathematical statement of some importance that has been proven to be true)
lauseenjäsen {n} [grammar]  :: A sentence element
lauseenvastike {n} [grammar]  :: absolute construction
lauseenvastike {n} [grammar]  :: participial phrase (short phrase consisting of a participle and any modifiers, objects, and complements)
lauseke {n} [grammar]  :: phrase (word or group of words that functions as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence)
lauseke {n} [mathematics]  :: expression (arrangement of symbols denoting values and operations performed on them)
lauseke {n} [music]  :: phrase
lauseoppi {n} [grammar]  :: syntax
lausua {vt}  :: to articulate, put into words (a thought)
lausua {vt}  :: to pronounce, sound out (a word)
lausua {vt}  :: to recite, interpret (orally), do/give a reading of (a poem)
lausua {vt}  :: to say, speak, utter, pronounce
lausua {vt}  :: to state, express (an opinion)
lausunta {n}  :: elocution
lausunta {n}  :: [especially] poetry reading
lausunta {n}  :: [rare] pronunciation
lausunta {n}  :: [rare] recitation of other texts
lausunto {n}  :: statement
lausunto {n}  :: verdict
lauta {n}  :: A board (long, wide and thin piece of sawn timber)
lauta {n}  :: An element in many compound words, where the English equivalent is "board" (The Finnish equivalent for "board" may also be taulu or levy). These compounds can be shortened to plain lauta, if there is no danger of confusion
lauta {n} [colloquial]  :: A woman who has small breasts
lautailija {n}  :: skateboarder
lautailija {n}  :: surfer
lautakunta {n}  :: Any committee, board, jury or similar to which the nominating organization has decided to give that name
lautakunta {n} [Finland]  :: In municipal government, a committee appointed by the municipal council, which has the authority to make decisions within an agenda specified by the law and the municipal council concerned; sometimes also translated into English as board
lautamiehistö {n} [legal]  :: jury
lautamies {n} [legal]  :: A juror, member of a jury
lautamies {n} [legal]  :: A lay judge
lautanen {n}  :: A croup, in Finnish usually in plural (lautaset) (part of horse's body)
lautanen {n}  :: A cymbal, often in plural (lautaset)
lautanen {n}  :: A plate (for eating)
lautanen {n}  :: A saucer
lautapeli {n}  :: board game
lautasaura {n} [agriculture]  :: A type of plough
lautasellinen {n}  :: A dish, plateful (content of a plate used for serving food)
lautasäes {n} [agriculture]  :: disc harrow
lautasliina {n}  :: A serviette or napkin (serviette)
lautatarha {n}  :: lumberyard (facility dedicated to the preparation of lumber)
lauteet {n}  :: benches, as wooden platforms in a sauna for people to sit on
lautta {n}  :: ferry
lautta {n}  :: raft
lava {n}  :: bed (platform of a truck or other vehicle that supports the load)
lava {n}  :: platform (raised stage for speeches etc.)
lava {n}  :: stage (in a theatre etc.)
lava-auto {n}  :: pickup truck
lavakuorma-auto {n}  :: dump truck [US], dumper truck [UK]
lavantauti {n} [disease]  :: typhoid fever
lavastaa {v}  :: to create a stage in theatre
lavastaa {v}  :: to frame, set up
lavastaa {v}  :: to stage (to demonstrate in a deceptive manner)
lavastaja {n} [film]  :: scenographer
lavastaminen {n}  :: moulage
lavastaminen {n}  :: staging (process of preparing a deceptive demonstration)
lavaste {n} [theater]  :: any item of scenery except props
lavastus {n}  :: framing (making someone appear guilty)
lavastus {n}  :: scenography (design of theatrical sets)
lavastus {n}  :: set (scenery for a film or play)
lavasukellus {n}  :: stage diving
lavea {adj}  :: wide
laveerata {v} [arts]  :: to paint using the wash technique, i.e. with a paintbrush holding a large amount of solvent and a small amount of paint
laveeraus {n} [arts]  :: wash (smooth and translucent painting created using a paintbrush holding a large amount of solvent and a small amount of paint)
laveeraus {n}  :: wash (the technique applied to produce such paintings)
laveeri {n} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of laveri
laventaa {vt} [algebra]  :: to expand
laventaa {vt}  :: to widen
laventeli {n}  :: lavender
laventua {vi} [algebra]  :: To be expanded
laveri {n}  :: A rough wooden bed or platform for sleeping
laveri {n} [furniture]  :: A simple wooden bed, the bottom of which is typically made of laths
laverrella {vi}  :: to chatter, blabber, blab
laverrella {vi}  :: to tell tales
lavetti {n} [military]  :: gun carriage
laviini {n}  :: snow avalanche
lavitsa {n}  :: A rough wooden bed or platform for sleeping
lavuaari {n}  :: sink, washbasin
lawrencium {n}  :: lawrencium
Lea {prop}  :: given name
Lea {prop}  :: Leah [biblical character]
leasingyhtiö {n}  :: leasing company
ledi {n}  :: light-emitting diode, LED
Leea {prop}  :: given name, a variant of Lea
leegio {n}  :: legion (large group)
leego {n}  :: alternative spelling of lego
Leena {prop}  :: given name
Leevi {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin. Currently quite popular
Leevi {prop}  :: Levi [biblical character]
leffa {n} [colloquial]  :: flick, movie
leffa {n} [colloquial]  :: movies (cinema)
legaalinen {adj}  :: legal
legaalistaa {vt}  :: to legalize
legalisoida {vt}  :: To legalise/legalize
legenda {n}  :: A legend
legendaarinen {adj}  :: legendary
legi {n} [nautical]  :: A board or a leg, as the distance sailed with sails constantly on the same side of the ship
legi {n} [nautical]  :: A leg (one side of a course in a sailing race)
legi {n} [nautical]  :: A leg (stage of a sailing journey)
legionelloosi {n}  :: legionellosis
legioona {n}  :: legion
legioonalainen {n}  :: legionary
legioonalaistauti {n}  :: legionellosis
legitiimi {adj}  :: legitimate
legitimiteetti {n}  :: legitimacy
legitimoida {vt}  :: To legitimise/legitimize
lego {n}  :: LEGO, lego (type of plastic toy brick)
leguaani {n}  :: An iguana (any of several members of the lizard family Iguanidae)
lehahtaa {v}  :: to blush; with punaiseksi
lehahtaa {v}  :: to flush, take wing; usually with lentoon (to take suddenly to flight, especially from cover)
lehahtaa {v}  :: to waft
lehdenjakaja {n}  :: A paperboy
lehdetön {adj}  :: leafless
lehdettömyys {n}  :: leaflessness
lehdistö {n}  :: The press (newspaper media)
lehdistöhuone {n}  :: pressroom
lehdistökeskus {n}  :: press center
lehdistökonferenssi {n}  :: press conference
lehdistökortti {n}  :: press card
lehdistönvapaus {n}  :: freedom of the press
lehdistösihteeri {n}  :: press secretary
lehdistötiedote {n}  :: press release
lehdistötilaisuus {n}  :: press conference (question and answer session with members of television, print and other media)
lehdykkä {n} [botany]  :: leaflet (part of a compound leaf)
lehdykkä {n}  :: leaflet (brochure)
lehdykkä {n} [music]  :: reed (part of the mouthpiece of certain woodwind instruments)
lehdykkäsoitin {n} [music]  :: reed (type of woodwind instrument)
Lehikoinen {prop}  :: surname
lehmä {n}  :: any female ruminant; often with a modifier
lehmä {n}  :: cow (female of Bos primigenius taurus)
lehmä {n} [derogatory]  :: heifer (ugly or objectionable woman)
lehmähaikara {n}  :: cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis)
lehmi- {prefix}  :: cow-
lehmihaka {n}  :: cow pasture
lehmipoika {n} [humorous, belittling]  :: cowboy (man who attends cattle, especially in the American West)
lehmänkello {n}  :: cowbell
lehmänlanta {n}  :: cow manure, cow dung
lehmänläjä {n}  :: cowpie: meadow muffin [US]; cow pat, cow patty [UK]
lehmänmaito {n}  :: cow's milk
lehmänrokko {n} [disease]  :: cowpox
lehmäntatti {n}  :: birch bolete (Leccinum scabrum)
lehmus {n}  :: linden, lime (tree from the genus Tilia)
lehmus {n}  :: linden (wood from Tilia)
lehmus {n}  :: small-leaved lime, Tilia cordata
lehteri {n}  :: balcony
lehtiä {vi} [poetic]  :: to grow leaves
lehti {n} [in plural]  :: foliage (leaves of a plant collectively)
lehti {n}  :: leaf (anything resembling the leaf of a plant)
lehti {n}  :: leaf (computing, mathematics: tree node without descendants)
lehti {n}  :: leaf (part of a plant)
lehti {n}  :: leaf (sheet of a book)
lehti {n}  :: leaf (sheet of any substance beaten or rolled until very thin)
lehti {n}  :: magazine
lehti {n}  :: newspaper
lehtiö {n}  :: block, pad of paper
Lehti {prop}  :: surname
lehtiensyöjä {n} [zoology]  :: folivore
lehtijousipakka {n}  :: leaf spring
lehtikaali {n}  :: collard greens
lehtikaali {n}  :: kale
lehtikala {n}  :: freshwater angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)
lehtikanta {n} [botany]  :: petiole, leafstalk (stalk of a leaf, attaching the blade to the stem)
lehtikioski {n}  :: newsstand
lehtikoju {n}  :: newsstand
lehtikorvake {n} [botany]  :: stipule (basal appendage of a typical leaf of a flowering plant)
lehtikulta {n}  :: gold leaf
lehtikuusi {n}  :: larch
lehtikuva {n}  :: A photograph taken for and published in a newspaper
lehtikuva {n}  :: With capital initial, a Finnish photo agency owned by several competing newspapers, see: STT-Lehtikuva
lehtilapa {n} [botany]  :: blade, lamina (flat part of a leaf)
lehtimaha {n} [anatomy]  :: omasum
lehtimetsä {n}  :: deciduous forest
lehtimies {n}  :: A journalist
lehtimuoto {n} [botany]  :: leaf shape
-lehtinen {adj}  :: -leafed
lehtinen {n}  :: diminutive of lehti
lehtinen {n}  :: leaflet (small sheet of paper)
Lehtinen {prop}  :: surname
lehtipuu {n}  :: deciduous tree
lehtipuu {n}  :: hardwood
lehtiruoti {n} [botany]  :: rib (main, or any of the prominent veins of a leaf)
lehtisaha {n}  :: coping saw, fretsaw
lehtisaha {n}  :: jigsaw
lehtisammal {n}  :: bryophyte
lehtisammal {n}  :: moss
lehtiserpentiini {n} [mineral]  :: antigorite
lehtitaikina {n}  :: puff pastry dough
lehtitaikinaleivonnainen {n}  :: puff pastry
lehtitina {n}  :: tinfoil (thin sheet of tin)
lehtivihreä {n}  :: chlorophyll
lehto {n}  :: broad leaf woodland
lehto {n}  :: grove
Lehto {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland and in Karelia (former Finland)
Lehto {prop}  :: surname
lehtohorsma {n} [botany]  :: broad-leaved willowherb (Epilobium montanum)
lehtokorte {n}  :: shade horsetail or meadow horsetail, Equisetum pratense
lehtokorvasieni {n} [mushrooms]  :: snow morel, Gyromitra gigas (edible mushroom)
lehtokurppa {n}  :: Eurasian woodcock, Scolopax rusticola (type species of the genus Scolopax)
lehtokurppa {n}  :: woodcock (any of the wading birds in the genus Scolopax of the sandpiper family)
Lehtola {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Lehtola {prop}  :: surname
lehtolapsi {n} [archaic]  :: A lovechild, bastard (child born to unmarried parents)
lehtoleinikki {n}  :: Ranunculus cassubicus (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
lehtolimaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius pumilus
lehtolohisieni {n}  :: A mushroom, Laccaria amethystina
lehtomaitikka {n} [plant]  :: wood cow-wheat (Melampyrum nemorosum)
lehtomyrkkyseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius orellanus
Lehtonen {prop}  :: surname
lehtopöllö {n}  :: tawny owl (Strix aluco)
lehtori {n}  :: lecturer
lehtorousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius bertilloni
lehtoseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius nemorensis
lehtosillihapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula graveolens
lehtovyörousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius zonarius
lehvä {n}  :: sprig
lei {n}  :: A lei (Hawaiian garland of flowers)
lei {n} [nonstandard, obsolete]  :: A leu (unit of currency of Romania and Moldova)
leidi {n}  :: lady
leija {n}  :: kite
leija {n} [volleyball]  :: float (overhand serve in which the ball is hit with no spin so that its path becomes unpredictable)
leijailla {v}  :: To float, hover, soar (to be in the state of suspension in a gas or liquid, but not on top of it)
leijata {v}  :: alternative form of leijailla
leijata {v}  :: To design a layout
leijona {n}  :: A lion, Panthera leo
leijona {n} [astrology]  :: One born under the sign of Leo
Leijona {prop}  :: The constellation Leo, the Lion
Leijona {prop}  :: The zodiac sign Leo
leijonakoira {n}  :: foo dog (breed of dog)
leijonakoira {n}  :: foo dog (Chinese guardian lion statue)
leijonanharja {n}  :: A lion's mane
leijonankesyttäjä {n}  :: lion tamer
leijonanlyhty {n}  :: lion’s leaf, Leontice leontopetalum (perennial plant native to North Africa and easterm Mediterranean)
leijonapostimerkki {n} [informal]  :: "lion stamp" (any of the Finnish definitive stamps depicting the lion of Finland's coat of arms)
leijonaseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius elegantior
leijua {vi}  :: To hover, float in air
leijunta {n}  :: hovering, levitation
leijuri {n} [historical]  :: helicopter (Finnish-language term proposed by professor Aarni Penttilä, which never gained ground, but survives as curiosity)
leijuri {n} [science fiction, computer games]  :: A fictional aircraft capable of hovering
leijuri {n} [zoology]  :: anomalure, anomalurid, scaly-tailed squirrel (any member of the Anomaluridae, a family of rodents found in central Africa)
leikari {n}  :: swivel
leikata {v} [colloquial]  :: adessive + 3rd-pers. sg: to get it
leikata {v} [film]  :: to edit
leikata {v} [medicine]  :: to operate
leikata {v}  :: to cut (to perform an incision on; to divide with a sharp instrument; to separate from prior association; to remove and place in memory for later use; to reduce, especially intentionally; to form or shape by cutting; to intersect or cross in such a way as to divide in half or nearly so)
leikata {v}  :: to fix (to render an animal infertile)
leikata {v}  :: to incise (to cut in or into with a sharp instrument)
leikata {v}  :: to knife (to cut through as if with a knife)
leikata {v}  :: to knife (to use a knife to cut)
leikata {v}  :: to mow (to cut something down, especially grass or crops)
leikata {v}  :: to trim (to reduce slightly, especially, to remove excess)
leikattu {adj}  :: cut (having been cut)
leikattu {adj}  :: Depending on usage, other English past participles may apply instead of "cut"
leike {n}  :: clip
leike {n}  :: escalope
leikellä {vt}  :: to shave, slice
leikisti {adv}  :: Not seriously
leikiten {adv}  :: Like child's play
leikkaaja {n} [cinema]  :: film editor, editor
leikkaaja {n}  :: cutter (one who cuts)
leikkaaja {n} [mathematics, geometry]  :: secant (straight line that intersects a curve at two or more points)
leikkaantua {vi}  :: To be cut
leikkaava {adj} [geometry]  :: transverse (of an intersection: not tangent)
leikkain {n}  :: cutter (cutting tool)
leikkaus {n} [cinematography]  :: editing
leikkaus {n}  :: cut, cutting (act or result of cutting)
leikkaus {n} [set theory]  :: intersection
leikkaus {n} [surgery, as modifier in compound terms]  :: perioperative (relating to the period around and during an operation)
leikkaus {n} [surgery]  :: operation, surgery
leikkaushaava {n}  :: surgical wound
leikkaushoitaja {n} [surgery]  :: perioperative nurse
leikkausmaski {n}  :: surgical mask, procedure mask
leikkauspiste {n}  :: intersection
leikkauspöytä {n}  :: operating table, operating room table (table on which a patient lies during a surgical operation)
leikkaussali {n} [medicine]  :: operating room; surgery; operating theatre, theatre (room in which surgery is performed)
leikkauttaa {vt}  :: To have something cut
leikkautua {vi}  :: To be cut
leikkele {n}  :: cold cuts
leikkiä {v}  :: To play (e.g. children's play, not a game or an instrument)
leikkiä {v}  :: To pretend
leikki {n}  :: A play (children's activity)
leikkiauto {n}  :: toy car
leikkihuone {n}  :: playroom (room allocated as a children's playing area)
leikkijä {n}  :: One who plays; player
leikkikalu {n}  :: toy
leikkikehä {n}  :: playpen
leikkikenttä {n}  :: playground
leikkimökki {n}  :: playhouse, play house, Wendy house, cubby house (small house for the children to play in)
leikkipuisto {n}  :: playground, child park
leikkisä {adj}  :: playful
leikkisästi {adv}  :: playfully
leikko {n}  :: leaf-nosed bat, American leaf-nosed bat (bat of the family Phyllostomidae)
leikkokukka {n}  :: cut flower (flower, and usually some stem and leaves, cut from the plant bearing it for decorative use)
leikkuri {n}  :: cutter
leikkuu {n}  :: cutting
leikkuulauta {n}  :: chopping board
leikkuupuimuri {n} [agriculture]  :: combine, combine harvester
Leila {prop}  :: given name of Arabic origin
leili {n}  :: flagon (vessel of about 2 to 3 liters, used for drink, in Finland made primarily of wood, elsewhere also of leather, metal, glass or ceramic)
leima {n}  :: stain, taint as in tainted reputation
leima {n}  :: stamp
leimahtaa {v}  :: to deflagrate (to burn with intense light and heat)
leimahtaa {v}  :: to flame, flare up (to break out in violence of passion)
leimahtaa {v}  :: to flame (to burst forth like flame)
leimahtaa {v}  :: to flare up (to burn brightly again)
leimamerkki {n}  :: Any similar mark such as imprint, ribbon, sticker or label used as proof of payment of tax
leimamerkki {n}  :: revenue stamp, fiscal stamp, tax stamp (stamp to affix as proof that the tax due on the marked product has been paid)
leimasin {n}  :: A stamp, die (embossed device used in stamping)
leimata {vt}  :: To denounce
leimata {vt}  :: To stamp (with a stamp)
leimata {vt}  :: To taint a person's reputation
leimauslaite {n}  :: stamping machine, ticket stamping machine
leimautua {vi}  :: To be marked
leimavero {n}  :: stamp duty
leimikko {n} [agriculture]  :: A forest to be cut
leimu {n}  :: flame, flare, blaze
leimuta {vi}  :: To blaze, flare
leini {n} [dialectal]  :: rheumatism
leinikki {n} [plant]  :: buttercup
leinikkikasvi {n} [botany]  :: Any of the plants in the family Ranunculaceae
leinikkikasvit {n}  :: The buttercup family; Ranunculaceae
leino {adj} [archaic, ,, poetic]  :: sad
Leino {prop}  :: surname, notably of the poet Eino Leino
Leinonen {prop}  :: surname
leipä {n} [countable]  :: any variety of bread
leipä {n} [countable]  :: in the game of ducks and drakes, an individual jump of the stone from the surface of the water, see heittää leipiä
leipä {n} [countable]  :: loaf of bread
leipä {n} [uncountable]  :: bread (foodstuff)
leipä {n} [uncountable]  :: living, livelihood, meal ticket (something that provides income)
leipien heitto {n}  :: stone skipping, stone skimming, stone skiffing, playing ducks and drakes (act of throwing flat stones to the surface of water and trying to make them bounce)
leipä ja sirkushuvit {n}  :: bread and circuses
leipäjono {n}  :: breadline
leipäjuusto {n}  :: Cheese curd processed into flat bread-like cakes, eaten normally as dessert or with coffee
leipäkone {n}  :: bread maker, bread machine
leipäkori {n}  :: breadbasket (basket used for storing or carrying bread)
leipälaatikko {n}  :: breadbox [US], bread bin [UK]
leipälapio {n}  :: A peel (spade-like tool for moving bread into and out of the baking oven)
leipäläpi {n} [colloquial]  :: mouth, piehole (usually used of someone who talks too much)
leipääntyä {vi}  :: To get irritated, frustrated, bored
leipoa {v}  :: To bake
leipoja {n}  :: A baker (one who bakes)
leipominen {n}  :: baking
leipomo {n}  :: bakery
leipomotuote {n}  :: A bakery product, especially as an item of trade; often used in plural leipomotuotteet
leipomus {n}  :: leivonnainen
leipäpuu {n}  :: A breadfruit tree
leipäteksti {n}  :: body (content of a newspaper article or other printed document, as distinct from summary, introduction, signatures, salutations, headers, and so on)
leipäteksti {n} [by extension]  :: body (content of any text)
leipuri {n}  :: baker
leiri {n}  :: A camp
leirintä {n}  :: camping
leirintäalue {n}  :: campsite, camp site, camping site, camping area, campground, camping park
leiripaikka {n}  :: campsite, camp site, campground
leiriytyä {vi}  :: To camp (to set up a camp)
leiska {n} [colloquial]  :: layout
leiskua {vi}  :: To flame
leiskunta {n}  :: flaming
leivinjauhe {n}  :: baking powder
leivinpaperi {n}  :: parchment paper; also baking parchment, bakery paper, baking paper, rarely bakery release paper (cellulose-based paper used in baking as a disposable non-stick surface)
leivinuuni {n}  :: baking oven, oven (any oven used for baking)
leivinuuni {n}  :: Masonry oven (baking oven with a baking chamber made of fireproof brick, stone or similar material)
leiviskä {n}  :: old weightmeasure, 10 kilograms
leivittää {v} [cooking]  :: To batter
leivittää {v} [cooking]  :: To breadcrumb, bread, crumb
leivänheitto {n}  :: alternative form of leipien heitto
leivänmuru {n}  :: breadcrumb
leivänmuru {n} [Internet]  :: In plural also breadcrumbs (trail of hyperlinks that lead consecutively to the current page)
leivänmurunen {n}  :: breadcrumb
leivänmurunen {n}  :: diminutive of leivänmuru
leivänmurut {n} [Internet]  :: breadcrumbs (trail of hyperlinks that lead consecutively to the current page)
leivänpaahdin {n}  :: toaster
leivo {n}  :: A lark
leivo {n}  :: Slang term used to describe one who plays MMO games for lengthy amounts of time daily with little to no breaks, until they have reached the highest achievement possible before anyone else is able to
leivonnainen {n}  :: baked good, especially a sweet one, such as a cake, pastry or cookie
leivonta {n}  :: baking
leivos {n}  :: pastry
leivätön {adj}  :: breadless
lejeerinki {n} [metallurgy]  :: alloy
leka {n}  :: A sledgehammer, maul
leka {n} [slang]  :: A bottle, especially of moonshine
lekkeri {n}  :: alternative term for leili
leko {n} [military, jargon]  :: An airplane
lekotella {v}  :: to lounge
lekottaa {v} [of a bird]  :: to fly in a lazy manner
lekottaa {v} [of the sun]  :: to shine warmly
lekottaa {v}  :: to lounge
leksikaalinen {adj}  :: lexical
leksikko {n}  :: lexicon (vocabulary of a language)
leksikografia {n}  :: lexicography
leksikologia {n}  :: lexicology
lekuri {n} [colloquial]  :: doc, doctor
lelliä {v}  :: to pamper, coddle (to treat with excessive care, attention or indulgence)
lelliä {v}  :: to spoil (to ruin the character of someone by overindulgence)
lellikki {n} [pejorative]  :: pet, favourite (someone thought to receive preferential treatment)
lellivauva {n} [pejorative]  :: pet, favourite (someone thought to receive preferential treatment)
lellua {vi} [of jelly, fat etc.]  :: to shake
lelu {n}  :: toy
lelukauppa {n}  :: toyshop, toystore
lelulaatikko {n}  :: toybox
lemma {n} [linguistics]  :: lemma
lemma {n} [mathematics]  :: lemma
lemmekäs {adj}  :: amorous (indicating love or sexual desire)
lemmenjuoma {n}  :: love potion; aphrodisiac (drink believed to arouse or intensify sexual desire)
lemmenlääke {n}  :: aphrodisiac (drug, food or drink believed to arouse or intensify sexual desire)
Lemmijoki {prop} [rare]  :: The Finnish name of the municipality of Lakselv in the north of Norway
lemmikki {n}  :: forget-me-not (flowering plants of the genus Myosotis)
lemmikki {n}  :: pet (animal kept as companion)
Lemmikki {prop}  :: given name
lemmikkieläin {n}  :: pet
lemmikkieläinkauppa {n}  :: pet shop
Lemminkäinen {prop} [Finnish mythology]  :: A hero and one of the central characters in Kalevala, the national epic of Finland
lemmiskellä {v}  :: To make love
Lemmitty {prop}  :: given name
lemniskaatta {n}  :: lemniscate
lempata {v}  :: (slang) to sack (to discharge from a job or position)
lempata {vt}  :: to throw away
lempeä {adj}  :: balmy
lempeä {adj}  :: indulgent
lempeä {adj}  :: lenient
lempeä nostattava {adj}  :: aphrodisiac (arousing or intensifying sexual desire)
lempeästi {adv}  :: gently, kindly
lempeys {n}  :: tenderness
lempiä {vti} [+ partitive]  :: To make love
lempi {n}  :: As a very common former part of compound signifies favourite/favorite
lempi {n} [poetic, archaic]  :: love
lempi {n} [poetic, euphemistic]  :: love-making, sex
Lempi {prop}  :: given name
lempiaihe {n}  :: pet topic, soapbox (one's favorite topic, especially when only tangentially relevant to an ongoing discussion)
lempijuoma {n}  :: favorite drink, favourite drink
lempilelu {n}  :: A binky (child's dearest toy)
lempinimi {n}  :: nickname
lempiruoka {n}  :: favorite food, favourite food
lempiväri {n}  :: favorite color
Lempäälä {prop}  :: A municipality in the region of Pirkanmaa, Finland
lemppari {n} [slang]  :: fave, fav, favorite
lemu {n}  :: reek, stench
lemuta {vi}  :: To stink, reek
Leningrad {prop}  :: Leningrad
leniniläinen {adj}  :: Leninist
leniniläinen {n}  :: A Leninist
leniniläisyys {n}  :: Leninism
leninismi {n}  :: Leninism
leninisti {n}  :: Leninist
leninki {n}  :: A frock or a dress (female garment)
leninkikangas {n}  :: dress fabric
lenkkari {n}  :: in plural also, running shoes, sneakers, trainers, tennis shoes (pair)
lenkkari {n}  :: running shoe, sneaker, trainer, tennis shoe (single)
lenkkeilijä {n}  :: jogger
lenkkeillä {vi}  :: to jog
lenkkeily {n}  :: jogging
lenkki {n}  :: A link of a chain
lenkki {n}  :: A metal fastener shaped as semicircle and fixed to a wall etc
lenkki {n}  :: Any reasonably large loop or ring that is used for securing objects into it. A small loop may be called silmä (eye)
lenkki {n}  :: A round (circular object)
lenkki {n}  :: A running, skiing, bicycling etc. exercise
lenkki {n} [nautical]  :: A becket, as e.g. the U-shaped part of a shackle
lenkki {n}  :: Short for lenkkimakkara, a sausage shaped to a ring or oval by tying the ends together
lenkki {n}  :: Something that resembles a loop or a round
lenkkimakkara {n}  :: A cervelat-style sausage, usually at least slightly curved
lenkkitossu {n}  :: running shoe, sneaker, trainer, tennis shoe
lenko {adj}  :: crooked, bent
Lennart {prop}  :: given name
lennellä {v}  :: to fly back and forth at least seemingly aimlessly
Lenni {prop}  :: given name
lennin {n} [anatomy]  :: A wing or winglike body part
lenninräpylä {n} [anatomy]  :: bat patagium
lennokas {adj}  :: lively
lennokki {n}  :: miniature aircraft; anything from a paper airplane to a radio-controlled military drone
lennokki {n}  :: Short for mallilennokki (built-to-scale miniature aircraft which resembles a real aircraft model and is capable of flying)
lennonjohtaja {n}  :: air traffic controller (person who operates an air traffic control system)
lennonjohto {n}  :: air traffic control
lennonjohto {n}  :: flight control
lennossa {adv} [idiomatic]  :: on the fly
lennosta {adv}  :: mid-air, midair (the middle of the air, as while in flight)
lennosta {adv}  :: on the fly
lennätin {n}  :: telegraph
lennätinpylväs {n} [historical]  :: telegraph post (for telegraphs)
lennättää {vt}  :: To fly
lentää {vi} [colloquial]  :: To fall down
lentää {vi}  :: To fly
lentää {vt}  :: To fly a plane etc
lentäjä {n}  :: flyer
lentäjä {n}  :: pilot, aviator, airman
lentäjä-ässä {n}  :: flying ace
lentää kukasta kukkaan {phrase} [euphemism]  :: to bed-hop (to be promiscuous)
lentäminen {n}  :: flying
lento {adv} [music]  :: lento (slowly)
lento {n}  :: The act of flying or being in the air
lento {n}  :: The flight in a flying vehicle or spacecraft
lentoaika {n}  :: flying time
lentoasema {n}  :: airport
lentoauto {n}  :: flying car
lentoemäntä {n} [aviation]  :: stewardess, air hostess (female flight attendant)
lentoemo {n} [pejorative]  :: trolley dolly, sky girl
lentokala {n}  :: flying fish
Lentokala {prop}  :: The constellation Volans
lentokelpoinen {adj}  :: airworthy (being able to fly,meeting standards for safe flight)
lentokenttä {n}  :: airfield (place where airplanes can take off and land but unlike an airport must not necessarily have terminals or paved runways)
lentokenttä {n}  :: airport
lentokieltoalue {n}  :: no-fly zone, no-flight zone
lentokoira {n}  :: lentävä koira
lentokone {n}  :: aeroplane
lentokoneellinen {n}  :: planeful
lentokonehalli {n}  :: hangar
lentokonesuoja {n}  :: hangar
lentokorkeus {n}  :: flight altitude
lentokyky {n}  :: flying skill (ability to fly)
lentokyvytön {adj}  :: flightless
lentolaite {n}  :: flyer (machine that flies)
lentolehtinen {n}  :: flyer (leaflet, often for advertising)
lentoliikenne {n}  :: air traffic
lentolippu {n}  :: air ticket, airline ticket, flight ticket, plane ticket
lentolisko {n}  :: pterosaur
lentolyönti {n} [tennis]  :: volley
lentomuurahainen {n}  :: An ant queen or a drone during nuptial flight
lentonopeus {n}  :: flying speed
lentoonammunta {n} [hunting]  :: Shooting of flying birds
lento-onnettomuus {n}  :: aviation accident
lentopaikka {n} [aviation]  :: airstrip
lentopallo {n} [countable]  :: volleyball (ball)
lentopallo {n} [uncountable]  :: volleyball (sport or activity)
lentopalloilija {n}  :: volleyball player, volleyballer
lentopalloilu {n}  :: volleyball (sport or activity)
lentopoikanen {n}  :: fledgling (young bird which has just developed its flight feathers)
lentopommi {n}  :: aerial bomb
lentoposti {n}  :: airmail, air mail
lentopostikirje {n}  :: airmail, airmail letter (any letter sent as airmail)
lentopotku {n} [American football]  :: punt
lentorata {n}  :: flight path
lentorata {n}  :: trajectory (the path of a body as it travels through space)
lentoreitti {n}  :: airway, flight route
lentosimulaattori {n}  :: flight simulator
lentosotamies {n} [military ranks]  :: The lowest rank in the air force
lentosulka {n} [ornithology]  :: flight feather (any asymmetrical feather of the wing or tail of a bird)
lentosuukko {n}  :: flying kiss
lentotaito {n}  :: Flying skills
lentotaito {n} [of animals]  :: The ability of flying
lentotukialus {n}  :: aircraft carrier
lentotukikohta {n} [military]  :: airbase
lentotunti {n}  :: A flight hour
lentoturma {n}  :: flight accident
lentovene {n}  :: flying boat
lentoyhtiö {n}  :: An airline
lentsikka {n} [colloquial]  :: airplane
lentsu {n} [colloquial]  :: flu, common cold
lentue {n}  :: flight (air force unit consisting of 3 to 6 aircraft)
Lentävä hollantilainen {prop} [nautical , folklore]  :: Flying Dutchman (mythical ghost ship)
lentävä koira {n}  :: flying fox (large Australasian bat of the genus Pteropus)
lentäväkoira {n}  :: alternative spelling of lentävä koira
lentävä lautanen {n}  :: A flying saucer
Leo {prop}  :: given name, cognate to English Leo
leonidit {n} [astronomy]  :: The Leonids
leopardi {n}  :: leopard (Panthera pardus)
leopardigekko {n}  :: leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius)
leopardihai {n}  :: leopard shark (Triakis semifasciata)
leopardikissa {n}  :: leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis)
leopardimonninen {n}  :: threestripe corydoras, leopard catfish, three line catfish (Corydoras trilineatus)
lepakko {n}  :: bat (flying mammal)
lepakko {n} [slang]  :: lesbian, dyke
lepakkohaukka {n}  :: bat hawk (Macheiramphus alcinus)
lepakkotutkija {n}  :: chiropterologist (one who studies bats)
lepattaa {v}  :: To flare (burn unsteadily)
lepattaa {v}  :: To flicker
lepattaa {v}  :: To flutter
lepatus {n}  :: flicker
lepertää {vi}  :: to babble ('as to babies')
lepidoliitti {n} [mineral]  :: lepidolite
lepikkö {n}  :: alternative form of lepikko
lepikko {n}  :: A concentration of alder, as often seen at the rim of a coniferous forest by a field or lake
lepikko {n}  :: An alder forest
lepikkohapero {n}  :: A brittlegill, Russula alnetorum
lepikkorousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius obscuratus
lepikkoseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius alnetorum
lepinkäinen {n}  :: shrike
lepinkäismuura {n}  :: great antshrike
Lepistö {prop}  :: surname
lepo {interj} [military]  :: at ease!
lepo {n}  :: rest, repose
lepoaika {n}  :: resting period; pause
lepoitiö {n} [biology]  :: resting spore, cyst
lepolesti {n}  :: shoe tree (device to keep shoes in shape)
lepomassa {n} [physics]  :: rest mass
lepopäivä {n}  :: a rest day
leposide {n} [medicine]  :: A limb restraint, a type of medical restraint used in psychiatric emergencies
leposyke {n} [cardiology]  :: resting heart rate; a person's heart rate when in rest
lepotauko {n}  :: A rest, break
lepotila {n} [computing]  :: sleep, standby, suspension
lepotila {n}  :: dormancy
lepotila {n} [physics]  :: rest
lepotuoli {n}  :: chaise longue, lounge chair
lepovuosi {n}  :: sabbatical year (year of rest)
leppä {n}  :: A grey alder (harmaaleppä by its full Finnish name), Alnus incana
leppä {n}  :: An alder, any of the trees in the genus Alnus
leppeä {adj}  :: balmy
leppein {adj}  :: superlative of leppeä
leppeämpi {adj}  :: comparative of leppeä
leppäkerttu {n}  :: ladybird, ladybug
leppäkorpiseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius helvelloides
Leppälä {prop}  :: Any of a number of small places in Finland
Leppälä {prop}  :: surname
leppälinnut {n}  :: The genus Phoenicurus (true redstarts)
leppälintu {n}  :: common redstart, Phoenicurus phoenicurus
leppälintu {n}  :: In plural, true redstarts (genus Phoenicurus)
leppälintu {n}  :: redstart (any of the birds in related genera Hodgsonius (tiheikköleppälinnut), Rhyacomis (jokileppälinnut) and Chaimarromis (virtaleppälinnut))
leppälintu {n}  :: redstart (any of the birds in the genus Phoenicurus)
leppälintu {n}  :: robin (any of the birds in related genera Myiomela (sinileppälinnut) and Cinclidium (viidakkoleppälinnut))
Leppänen {prop}  :: surname
leppoisa {adj}  :: jovial
leppoisa {adj}  :: mild, placid
leppoistaminen {n}  :: downshifting (social trend towards living a simpler, less ambitious life with a better work-life balance)
leppäpirkko {n}  :: ladybird
leppärousku {n}  :: Either of the two species of milk-caps (Lactarius deterrimus, Lactarius deliciosus)
leppyä {vi}  :: To relent
leppyä {vi}  :: To stop being angry
leppymätön {adj}  :: relentless, implacable
leppymättömästi {adv}  :: relentlessly
leppymättömyys {n}  :: relentlessness
lepra {n} [diseases]  :: leprosy
leptoni {n} [particle]  :: lepton
leptospiroosi {n} [pathology]  :: leptospirosis
lepuuttaa {vt}  :: To rest (to relieve; give rest to)
lepuuttaja {n} [nautical]  :: A fender (cushion-like object placed along the sides of a boat to prevent damage)
lepyttää {v}  :: to appease
lepyttää {v}  :: to placate
lerppu {n} [computing]  :: 5.25-inch floppy
lesbismi {n}  :: lesbianism
lesbo {n}  :: lesbian
lesbolainen {n} [dated]  :: Lesbian
lesbolaisuus {n}  :: lesbianism
lesbous {n}  :: lesbianism
lese {n}  :: [chiefly used in plural] bran (outside layer of a grain when separated from the grain)
lesitiini {n} [chemistry]  :: lecithin
leskenlehti {n} [botany]  :: coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara
lesken osuus {n} [legal]  :: A dower (part of estate given to widow or widower)
leskeys {n}  :: The state of being a widow or widower; widowhood or widowerhood
leskeytyä {v}  :: (intransitive) to become a widow or widower
leski {n}  :: widow [female], widower [male]
leskikuningatar {n}  :: queen dowager
leskimies {n}  :: widower
Leskinen {prop}  :: surname
leskirivi {n}  :: widow, widow line (single line of type at the top of page)
Lesotho {prop}  :: Lesotho
lesottaa {v} [informal, dialectal]  :: To brag, boast
lesottaja {n} [informal, dialectal]  :: A braggart, bragger, boaster, braggadocio
lespata {v}  :: To lisp
lestä {vt}  :: To refine grains
lestadiolainen {adj} [religion]  :: Laestadian (of or pertaining to Laestadianism)
lestadiolainen {n} [religion]  :: Laestadian (follower of Laestadianism)
lestadiolaisuus {n} [Christianity]  :: Laestadianism (revivalist movement)
lesti {n}  :: last (shoemaker's tool)
lesti {n}  :: shoe tree
lesty {n}  :: Flour made from peeled grains
letittää {v}  :: to braid (to weave together, intertwine)
letka {n}  :: A line (of cars etc.)
letkeä {adj} [colloquial]  :: chill, relaxed, laid-back (of people, of an atmosphere, etc.)
letku {n}  :: A hosepipe, hose
letkukiristin {n}  :: alternative form of letkunkiristin
letkunkiristin {n} [technical]  :: A hose clamp or hose clip (device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting)
letkunkiristäjä {n}  :: alternative form of letkunkiristin
letti {n}  :: A plait, braid, pigtail
letti {n} [colloquial]  :: Hair (collection of human head hair)
letto {n}  :: fen, a type of treeless swamp
lettu {n}  :: A type of pancake resembling a crêpe
lettutaikina {n}  :: pancake dough
letukka {n}  :: hussy
leu {n}  :: A leu (unit of currency of Romania and Moldova)
leuanveto {n}  :: pull-up
leudontaa {vt}  :: to make (more) temperate
leudontua {vi}  :: To become (more) temperate
leuhka {adj}  :: boastful
leuhkia {v}  :: To brag, boast
leuka {n}  :: chin
leuka {n}  :: jaw
leukahihna {n}  :: throatlatch, throatlash (part of a horse's bridle)
leukalappu {n}  :: bib
leukalappumuura {n}  :: saturnine antshrike, Thamnomanes saturninus
leukalinja {n}  :: jawline
leukaluu {n} [colloquial]  :: lower jawbone, mandible
leukaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: jawbone (any of the bones in the lower or upper jaw)
leukaparta {n}  :: whisker (part of the beard)
leukaraaja {n}  :: A mandible (mouthpart of an arthropod)
leukemia {n}  :: leukemia
leukoija {n}  :: stock (flower of the genus Matthiola)
leukosyytti {n} [hematology, cytology, immunology]  :: leukocyte
leuku {n}  :: A type of hunting knife with a long blade originating in Lapland
leusiini {n}  :: leucine
leusiitti {n} [mineralogy]  :: leucite (mineral)
leuto {adj}  :: balmy, temperate, mild, gentle
leutous {n}  :: balminess
levä {n}  :: alga
levä {n}  :: seaweed
levanki {n} [nautical]  :: mainsheet traveler (device that allows sideways movement of the point in which the mainsheet tackle connects to the boat)
Levantti {prop}  :: Levant
leveä {adj}  :: wide
leveäheisimato {n}  :: synonym of lapamato
leveähuulisarvikuono {n}  :: white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum)
leveillä {v}  :: to flaunt, to show off, to brag (for example, one's language skills or skills in some other area)
levein {adj}  :: superlative of leveä
leveälehtinen {adj} [botany]  :: broad-leaved
leventää {vt}  :: to broaden, widen
leventyä {vi}  :: To broaden, widen
leveäpyrstökihu {n}  :: pomarine skua, Stercorarius pomarinus
leveärunkoinen {adj} [aeronautics]  :: widebodied
leveästi {adv}  :: broadly, widely [in concrete sense]
levetä {vi}  :: To widen
leveys {n}  :: beam (maximum width of a ship)
leveys {n}  :: in combination with pohjoinen or eteläinen: latitude (angular distance north or south of the equator)
leveys {n}  :: width or breadth of an object
leveysaste {n}  :: A latitude (angular distance from the equator)
leveyspiiri {n} [geography]  :: latitude (imaginary circle around the earth running parallel to the equator)
levähdys {n}  :: A short respite, a breathing spell
levähdys {n} [colloquial]  :: A breakdown
levähdysalue {n}  :: rest area
levähtää {v} [colloquial]  :: To break down
levähtää {v}  :: To rest for a while
leviäin {n} [botany]  :: An plant organ used in spreading
levike {n}  :: a stop (widened portion of road to stop temporarily)
levike {n}  :: widener (especially a kit to widen something)
levikki {n}  :: circulation, distribution (of a newspaper)
leviäminen {n}  :: spreading
levinneisyys {n}  :: distribution (of organisms)
levinneisyysalue {n} [ecology]  :: range
levintä {n}  :: dispersion
levitä {vi} [colloquial, of a car]  :: To break down
levitä {vi}  :: To sprawl
levitä {vi}  :: To spread
levitaatio {n}  :: levitation
levite {n}  :: table spread
levitin {n}  :: A spacer, spreader
levitoida {vi}  :: To levitate
levittää {v} [figuratively]  :: to peddle (to spread or cause to spread)
levittää {v}  :: to apply (paint; lotion, cream)
levittää {v}  :: to distribute (e.g. movie or music copies)
levittää {v}  :: to propagate, disseminate
levittää {v}  :: to roll out
levittää {v}  :: to spread, spread out
levittää {v}  :: to widen, expand; extend
levittäjä {n}  :: one who spreads
levittäminen {n}  :: spreading
levittyä {vi}  :: To spread
levittäytyä {vi}  :: To spread out, radiate
leväkkö {n} [plant]  :: rannoch-rush, Scheuchzeria palustris
leväkukinta {n}  :: algal bloom
levällään {adv}  :: in bits and pieces
levällään {adv}  :: outstretched
levällään {adv}  :: spread around
levällään {adv}  :: wide open
levollinen {adj}  :: calm (free of noise and disturbance)
levollinen {adj}  :: peaceful, calm (free from anger and anxiety)
levollisuus {n}  :: tranquility, calm
levottomasti {adv}  :: restlessly
levottomuus {n}  :: anxiety
levottomuus {n}  :: restlessness
levottomuus {n}  :: unrest, trouble
leväperäinen {adj}  :: negligent, neglectful, lax
levätä {vi} [of a dead person]  :: To rest, repose, lie, be buried
levätä {vi}  :: panna lakiesitys lepäämään (vaalien yli) = to table/shelf a bill (until after the election)
levätä {vi}  :: To lie (down), sleep
levätä {vi}  :: To lie (unused), be out of use
levätä {vi}  :: To rest, take a break/breather
levätä {v} [of a field]  :: to lie fallow
levätiede {n}  :: phycology, algology
levätieteellinen {adj}  :: phycological
levätä laakereillaan {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: to rest on one's laurels (to rely on a past success instead of trying to improve oneself further)
levätutkija {n}  :: phycologist (one who studies algae as a profession)
levätutkimus {n}  :: phycological research
levy {n}  :: A board, as a flat construction material supplied in sheets, such as chipboard, or a sheet of such material
levy {n}  :: A disk for storing data
levy {n}  :: A recording of a piece of music made on a disc, or a disc on which music is saved. If there's a need to be specific, a recording may also be called levytys
levy {n}  :: A slab, as a thick, flat piece of material
levy {n}  :: A thin, flat object of uniform thickness; a plate. (A thick plate may also be called laatta)
levyasema {n} [computing]  :: disk drive
levyautomaatti {n}  :: A jukebox (coin-operated machine that plays recorded music)
levyinen {adj}  :: wide, of the width
levyjarru {n}  :: disc brake
levyke {n}  :: floppy disk
levykeasema {n} [computing]  :: floppy drive
levykuva {n} [computing]  :: A disk image
levylautanen {n}  :: turntable (circular rotating platform of a record player or similar)
levynkansi {n}  :: album cover
levypallo {n} [basketball]  :: rebound
levysoitin {n}  :: A record player
levytanko {n}  :: barbell
levyte {n}  :: recording
levyttää {v}  :: To make a musical record
levytys {n}  :: recording (reproduction of sound stored in a permanent medium, especially on a disc)
levy-yhtiö {n}  :: record label, label, record company
leyhähdellä {v}  :: to waft, repeatedly
leyhähtää {v}  :: to waft
leyhytellä {v}  :: to fan (to blow air on something or someone by means of a hand fan or other implement)
lähde {n} [electronics]  :: source (one of the terminals of a field effect transistor)
lähde {n} [often in plural]  :: source (collection of water on or under the surface of the ground in which a stream originates)
lähde {n}  :: source (book, article, interviewee etc. referenced in a written work; an item in the bibliography of a written work)
lähde {n}  :: source, origin (person, place or thing from which something comes or is acquired)
lähde {n}  :: source (reporter's informant)
lähde {n}  :: spring (place where water emerges from the ground)
lähdekieli {n} [linguistics, computing]  :: A source language
lähdekoodi {n} [computing]  :: source code
lähdeluettelo {n}  :: bibliography (section of a written work containing citations, not quotations, to all the books referenced in the work)
lähdeteksti {n} [linguistics]  :: A source text
lähdeteos {n}  :: reference book (book providing factual information)
lähdettää {vt}  :: to abort (a fetus)
lähdevesi {n}  :: mineral water
lähdevesi {n}  :: spring water
läheinen {adj}  :: approximate
läheinen {adj}  :: close, intimate, familiar
läheinen {adj}  :: close, near, adjacent
läheinen {n}  :: A close relative
läheisempi {adj}  :: comparative of läheinen
läheisesti {adv}  :: closely
läheisyys {n}  :: proximity, closeness
lähekkäin {adv}  :: close to each other, head to head
lähellä {adv}  :: near, close, nearby; nigh (in a position nearby)
lähellä {postp}  :: near, close to, in the vicinity of
lähelle {adv}  :: near, close, nearby; nigh (to a position nearby)
lähelle {postp}  :: near, close to, to the vicinity of
läheltä {adv}  :: from near, from the vicinity (from a position nearby)
läheltä {postp}  :: from near, from the vicinity of
läheltä piti {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: it was close, it was a close shave
läheltä piti -tilanne {n}  :: close shave (near accident or mishap)
lähemmä {adv} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of lähemmäs ("nearer, closer)
lähemmäksi {adv}  :: nearer, closer (to a position that is nearer to something than the current one)
lähemmäs {adv}  :: nearer, closer (to a position that is nearer to something than the current one)
lähempää {adv}  :: closer (from or at a closer distance (than something else))
lähempi {adj}  :: closer, nearer (being in a position that is nearer to something than something else)
lähempänä {adv}  :: closer, nearer (in a position that is nearer than another)
lähennellä {v}  :: to come on (to show sexual or relational interest)
lähennellä {v}  :: to verge (to come very close; to approach)
lähentää {vt}  :: to bring closer together
lähentäminen {n}  :: approximation
lähentyä {vi}  :: To get closer, to come closer, to converge
lähes {adv}  :: almost, nearly, close to
läheskään {adv}  :: [with ei]: Far from enough; not even closely
lähestulkoon {adv}  :: almost, nearly, close to
lähestyä {vi}  :: To approach, come close(r)/near(er)
lähestyä {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To approach, come close(r) to/near(er) (sth/sb)
lähestyjä {n}  :: approacher
lähestyminen {n}  :: approximation
lähestymiskielto {n} [legal]  :: Restraining order; peace bond
lähestymistapa {n}  :: The manner of an approach
lähestyttävä {adj}  :: with a modifier such as helposti or vaikeasti describes how a person reacts when being approached by another person:
lähetä {vi}  :: To become closer
lähete {n}  :: referral
lähetellä {v}  :: to be sending, to keep sending
lähetetyt-kansio {n}  :: outbox (computer file)
lähetin {n}  :: transmitter
lähettää {v} [computing]  :: to dispatch (to pass on for further processing)
lähettää {v} [Internet]  :: to upload
lähettää {v}  :: lähettää edelleen/eteenpäin: to forward, relay
lähettää {v}  :: lähettää pois: to dismiss
lähettää {v}  :: lähettää uudelleen: to resend
lähettää {v}  :: to dispatch (to send with promptness)
lähettää {v}  :: to send (to make something go from one place to another)
lähettää {v}  :: to ship (to send a parcel or container to a recipient by any means of transport)
lähettää {v}  :: to transmit (to spread a signal)
lähetti {n}  :: A messenger or courier (person who delivers messages)
lähetti {n}  :: A missionary (person who travels attempting to spread a religion or a creed)
lähetti {n}  :: An errand boy (person who runs errands)
lähetti {n}  :: An orderly (soldier who carries out minor tasks for a superior officer)
lähetti {n} [chess]  :: A bishop (chess piece)
lähettiläs {n} [chess]  :: bishop
lähettiläs {n}  :: emissary
lähetti-rna {n} [biology]  :: messenger RNA
lähettäjä {n}  :: sender
lähettämään {v}  :: infinitive of lähettää
lähettyvillä {adv}  :: near, nearby, in the neighbourhood of
lähetys {n}  :: A broadcast (by television, radio), a transmission
lähetys {n}  :: A delivery (of goods, post)
lähetys {n}  :: An evangelist missionary mission
lähetysaika {n}  :: airtime, broadcasting time
lähetysluettelo {n} [legal, transport]  :: shipping list, packing list, delivery order, waybill, bill of lading (list of items included in a shipment)
lähetyspappi {n}  :: missionary priest
lähetyssaarnaaja {n} [religion]  :: missionary (person who travels attempting to spread a religion or a creed)
lähetyssaarnaaja-asento {n} [sex]  :: missionary position (a sex position)
lähetystö {n}  :: delegation
lähetystö {n}  :: embassy
lähetystiede {n}  :: missiology
lähetystyö {n} [religion]  :: Christian or Islamic mission
lähetystyöntekijä {n} [religion]  :: missionary (person who travels attempting to spread a religion or a creed)
lähiö {n}  :: suburb (urbanized area on the periphery of a city)
lähi- {prefix}  :: A prefix signifying near, close
lähiaika {n} [colloquial]  :: recent past
lähiaika {n}  :: near future
lähiaikoina {adv}  :: [colloquially] recently, lately, in the recent past
lähiaikoina {adv}  :: soon, shortly, in a short time, in the near future
lähialue {n}  :: vicinity (nearby region)
lähihoitaja {n}  :: practical nurse
Lähi-itä {prop}  :: Middle East
lähijuna {n}  :: commuter train
lähikauppa {n}  :: corner store, convenience store (small retail store carrying a limited selection of items)
lähikunta {n}  :: A nearby municipality
lähikuva {n}  :: closeup
lähikuvaus {n}  :: close-up photography, macrophotography (photography that is done up close)
löhöillä {v}  :: Frequentative form of löhötä
löhöily {n}  :: idling, lolling (event of lying lazy)
lähimmäinen {n} [biblical]  :: neighbour (any fellow human being)
lähimpää {adv}  :: nearest, closest (from the shortest distance)
lähimuisti {n}  :: short-term memory
lähin {adj}  :: closest, nearest
lähinnä {adv}  :: closest to
lähinnä {adv}  :: mostly, predominantly
lähiomainen {n}  :: next of kin
lähipiiri {n}  :: inner circle (one's closest friends and family)
lähipiste {n}  :: near point (nearest point upon which an eye can focus)
lähipäivä {n}  :: Any of the days near a given date
lähipäivä {n}  :: Any of the next few days
lähipäivinä {adv}  :: one day, one of these days, someday (at unspecified time in the future)
lähiseutu {n}  :: neighbourhood
lähistö {n}  :: vicinity, proximity, neighborhood
lähisukulainen {n}  :: close relative
lähitulevaisuus {n}  :: near future
lähivalo {n}  :: low beam of an individual headlight; as in English, the plural is used for the pair, see lähivalot
lähivalot {n}  :: in a road vehicle, the low beams
lähiverkko {n} [computing]  :: local area network, LAN
lähiviikko {n}  :: Any of the next or past few weeks; mostly used in plural
lähivuosi {n}  :: One of next few years; normally used in plural
lähiympäristö {n}  :: milieu (person's social setting or environment)
lähiympäristö {n}  :: vicinity, neighborhood, neighbourhood, surroundings ‎(nearby region)
lähtö {n}  :: departure
lähtö {n}  :: launch (of a rocket)
lähtö {n} [sports]  :: start
lähtö {n}  :: takeoff (of a plane)
löhötä {vi}  :: to lie lazy, loll, lounge
lähtöaika {n}  :: time of departure, departure time
lähteä {v} [of a stain, shirt button, fur, hair]  :: to come out, come off, shed, fall out
lähteä {v}  :: to come from, stem
lähteä {v}  :: to leave, go, go away, start, start out, start off, set off, take off, depart, sail
Lähteenmäki {prop}  :: surname
lähteä kävelemään {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To leave, go away, quit; get lost
lähteä kävelemään {v} [idiomatic, colloquial]  :: To walk (to be stolen)
lähteä kävelylle {v}  :: To go for a walk
lähteä matkaan {v}  :: to set forth, set out (to begin a journey or expedition)
lähteminen {n}  :: leaving
lähtemätön {adj}  :: indelible (difficult to remove, wash away, blot out, or efface)
lähtemätön {adj}  :: indelible (incapable of being canceled, lost, or forgotten)
lähtöenergia {n} [firearms]  :: The muzzle energy
lähteä soitellen sotaan {v} [idiomatic]  :: To bring a knife to a gunfight (to enter into a confrontation or other challenging situation without being adequately equipped or prepared)
lähtevät-laatikko {n}  :: outbox (physical box)
lähtöhinta {n}  :: starting price, upset price, opening price (price from which an auction starts)
lähtien {postp}  :: (temporal) since, as of, from, from ... onwards, from ... forward (of time)
lähtijä {n}  :: leaver
lähtöisin {adv}  :: originating from
lähtökohta {n}  :: basis
lähtökohta {n}  :: starting point
lähtökohtaisesti {adv}  :: as a rule
lähtökohtaisesti {adv}  :: fundamentally
lähtökohtaisesti {adv}  :: in principle
lähtökohtaisesti {adv}  :: in theory
lähtökohtaisesti {adv}  :: per se, basically
lähtökuoppa {n} [athletics]  :: A small hole in the ground into which a runner can fit the toe of his running shoe at the start of a heat; normally used in plural (lähtökuopat)
lähtökuoppa {n} [figuratively]  :: bullpen (the state of being ready to start)
lähtölaskenta {n}  :: countdown
lähtönopeus {n} [firearms]  :: The muzzle velocity
lähtöpaikka {n}  :: point of departure
lähtöselvitys {n}  :: check-in (registration for a flight or sail as a passenger)
läähättää {v}  :: To pant
lähtötaso {n}  :: starting level
läähättäjä {n}  :: panter (one who pants, breaths heavily or labouredly)
läähätys {n}  :: panting
liaani {n}  :: liana
liata {vt}  :: To dirty, soil, begrime; (figuratively) to tarnish, sully
libaatio {n} [rare, theology]  :: libation
Libanon {prop}  :: Lebanon
libanonilainen {adj}  :: Lebanese
libanonilainen {n}  :: A Lebanese person
liberaali {adj}  :: liberal
liberaalinen {adj}  :: liberal
liberaalistaa {vt}  :: alternative form of liberalisoida
liberaalistua {vi}  :: To become more liberal, liberalize
liberaatio {n}  :: liberation
liberaattori {n}  :: liberator
liberalismi {n}  :: liberalism
liberalisoida {vt}  :: to liberalize
liberalisoitua {vi}  :: To be liberalized
liberalisti {n}  :: liberalist
liberalistinen {adj}  :: liberal
Liberia {prop}  :: Liberia
libertarismi {n}  :: libertarianism
libertaristi {n}  :: libertarian
libraatio {n} [astronomy]  :: libration (apparent wobble of the Moon or other celestial object)
libretto {n}  :: book, libretto (script of a musical)
Libya {prop}  :: Libya
libyalainen {adj}  :: Libyan
libyalainen {n}  :: A Libyan person
lidokaiini {n} [chemistry]  :: lidocaine
Liechtenstein {prop}  :: Liechtenstein
liehakas {adj}  :: smug, flattering
liehakka {adj}  :: smug, flattering
liehakko {n}  :: flatterer
liehakoida {v}  :: To court, flirt
liehitellä {v}  :: to chat up
liehittelijä {n}  :: wooer
liehua {vi}  :: To flutter
liehureuna {n}  :: A fly (the free vertical edge of a flying flag)
lieju {n}  :: mud
liejukana {n}  :: common moorhen, Gallinula chloropus
liejukana {n}  :: In plural (liejukanat), the genus Gallinula
liejukana {n}  :: moorhen (any bird of the genus Gallinula)
liejukko {n}  :: muddy place
liejupiru {n}  :: hellbender
liejuryömijä {n}  :: mudskipper
liejusimpukka {n}  :: Baltic macoma, Macoma balthica
liejuuntua {vi}  :: To become muddy
lieka {n}  :: tether
liekehdintä {n}  :: flaming
liekehtiä {v}  :: To flame, blaze
liekehtivä {adj}  :: flaming
liekinheitin {n}  :: flamethrower
liekitetty {adj}  :: flambéed
liekittää {v} [cooking]  :: to flambé
liekitys {n}  :: flambé, flambéing (act of flambéing)
liekki {n}  :: flame
liekkikala {n}  :: red bandfish, Cepola macrophthalma, also Cepola rubescens
liekkilasi {n}  :: chimney (the glass flue surrounding the flame of an oil lamp)
liekku {n} [dialectal]  :: A cradle
lieko {n} [plant]  :: Any plant in the family Lycopodiaceae, a club moss or clubmoss
liekokasvi {n}  :: in plural (liekokasvit), the family Lycopodiaceae (club mosses)
liekokasvi {n} [plant]  :: club moss (any of the species in the taxonomic family Lycopodiaceae)
Lieksa {prop}  :: A township in eastern Finland
liemi {n}  :: brine
liemi {n}  :: broth
liemi {n}  :: liquor
liemi {n}  :: stock
liemikilpikonna {n}  :: A green turtle or green sea turtle
liemikulho {n}  :: tureen
liemikuutio {n}  :: stock cube
liemimalja {n}  :: tureen
lientyä {vi}  :: To abate
lientyä {vi}  :: To alleviate, ease
liereä {adj}  :: cylindrical
lieri {n}  :: brim (of a hat)
lieriö {n}  :: cylinder
lierihattu {n}  :: brimmed hat
lierikko {n}  :: A brimmed hat
lieriömäinen {adj}  :: cylinder-like, cylindrical
lieriöprojektio {n}  :: cylindrical projection
liero {n}  :: earthworm (any species of the family Lumbricidae)
liero {n}  :: jackal, skunk (opportunistic and/or treacherous person)
liesi {n}  :: fire (stove)
liesituuletin {n}  :: range hood [US], cooker hood, kitchen hood, extractor hood [UK] (kitchen device)
lieska {n}  :: flame
liesma {n} [nautical]  :: bolt-rope
liestyä {vi}  :: To fray
liesu {n} [plant]  :: rockbrake, parsley fern, Cryptogramma crispa
liesu {n} [used chiefly adverbially in inessive, elative and illative singular]  :: the condition of not being at home; being out
liesuta {v}  :: to be out (to be somewhere else than at home)
liete {n}  :: silt
liete {n}  :: sludge
lietekivi {n} [geology]  :: mudstone
lietso {n}  :: A blower, especially the bellows used for blowing air into a furnace
lietsoa {v}  :: To blow air into a fire or embers to make them burn better or in a higher temperature
lietsoa {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To agitate, stir up, ferment, provoke, wage, instigate, incite
lietsoin {n} [archaic]  :: alternative form of lietso
lietsu {n}  :: synonym of liesu
lietsuta {v}  :: alternative term for liesuta
liettää {vt}  :: To silt
liettua {n}  :: Lithuanian (language)
Liettua {prop}  :: Lithuania
liettualainen {adj}  :: Lithuanian, of or relating to Lithuania
liettualainen {adj}  :: Lithuanian, relating to the Lithuanian language:
liettualainen {n}  :: A Lithuanian person
liettualaisuus {n}  :: Lithuanianness (state or quality of being Lithuanian)
Liettuan tasavalta {prop}  :: The Republic of Lithuania
liettyä {vi}  :: To silt up
lievä {adj}  :: mild
lievä {adj}  :: slight
lieve {n}  :: hem (rim or margin of something)
lieve {n}  :: In plural of adessive, ablative and allative cases used to indicate approximate location; see liepeillä, liepeiltä, liepeille
lieve {n}  :: the lower edge of a garment; hem
lievennys {n}  :: abatement, mitigation
lieventää {vt}  :: to mitigate, attenuate, extenuate
lieventävä asianhaara {n} [legal]  :: An extenuating/mitigating/attenuating circumstance
lieventyä {vi} [algebra]  :: to be mitigated
lievetä {vi}  :: Alternative form of lieventyä
lievike {n}  :: A remedy
lievin {adj}  :: superlative of lievä
lievittää {vt}  :: to ease, alleviate, relieve, soothe, assuage (pain, suffering)
lievittyä {vi}  :: To ease, be alleviated
lievästi {adv}  :: slightly
lievyys {n}  :: lightness, leniency
liftaaja {n}  :: hitchhiker
liftari {n} [colloquial]  :: A hitchhiker
liftata {vi}  :: to hitchhike, hitch a ride, hitch, thumb a lift [UK], thumb a ride [US]
liftaus {n}  :: hitchhiking
lifti {n} [slang]  :: lift
ligaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: ligase
ligamentti {n} [anatomy]  :: ligament
ligatuuri {n} [linguistics]  :: ligature (character that visually combines multiple letters, such as æ, œ)
ligatuuri {n} [music]  :: ligature (curved line that indicates such a phrase)
ligatuuri {n} [music]  :: ligature (group of notes played as a phrase)
ligatuuri {n} [music]  :: ligature (piece used to hold a reed to the mouthpiece on woodwind instruments)
ligniini {n} [organic chemistry]  :: lignin
ligniitti {n}  :: lignite
Ligurianmeri {prop}  :: The Ligurian Sea
liha {n}  :: flesh
liha {n}  :: meat
lihahyytelö {n}  :: head cheese [US], brawn [UK] (meat jelly cooked of the head of a pig or calf)
lihahyytelö {n}  :: meat jelly
lihainen {adj}  :: meaty, fleshy
lihaisa {adj}  :: fleshy, meaty
lihakarja {n}  :: beef cattle
lihakas {adj}  :: meaty, muscular
lihakauppa {n}  :: butchershop
lihake {n} [anatomy]  :: caruncle (small, fleshy excrescence that is a normal part of an animal's anatomy)
lihakeitto {n}  :: meat soup
lihakirves {n}  :: A meat cleaver
lihaksekas {adj}  :: muscular, brawny
lihaksikas {adj}  :: beefy
lihaksikas {adj}  :: brawny
lihaksikas {adj}  :: buff
lihaksikas {adj}  :: built
lihaksikas {adj}  :: muscular
lihaksisto {n}  :: musculature
lihakulli {n} [vulgar]  :: shower (man whose penis appears full size both when flaccid and when erect)
lihakulli {n}  :: (vulgar) such penis
lihallinen {adj}  :: fleshly, carnal
lihallinen yhteys {n} [archaic, legal]  :: carnal knowledge
lihamuhennos {n}  :: meat stew
lihamureke {n}  :: meatloaf
lihamylly {n}  :: mincer, meatgrinder
lihankidutus {n} [dated]  :: asceticism
lihanpala {n}  :: alternative form of lihapala
lihanpalanen {n}  :: alternative form of lihapala
lihansyöjä {n}  :: carnivore
lihansyöjäkasvi {n} [botany]  :: carnivorous plant (any of several unrelated plants modified to capture and digest animals)
lihapala {n}  :: piece of meat
lihapata {n}  :: meat stew
liha-perunasoselaatikko {n}  :: casserole consisting of minced meat and smashed potatoes
lihapiirakka {n}  :: meat pie
lihapiiras {n}  :: meat pie
lihapulla {n}  :: meatball
lihapyörykkä {n}  :: meatball
lihas {n}  :: muscle
lihaskramppi {n}  :: A cramp (painful contraction of muscles)
lihaskudos {n}  :: muscle tissue
lihasmaha {n} [anatomy]  :: gizzard
lihasoppa {n}  :: meat soup
lihaspuna {n} [protein]  :: myoglobin
lihassyy {n} [anatomy]  :: muscle fiber
lihava {adj}  :: fat
lihavampi {adj}  :: comparative of lihava
lihavan ahmimishäiriö {n} [pathology]  :: binge eating disorder (recurrent binge eating, but without the purging etc. associated with bulimia)
lihavoida {vt}  :: To bold (text)
lihavointi {n}  :: bolding (in text)
lihavuus {n}  :: obesity
lihavuuskirurgia {n} [medicine]  :: bariatric surgery (art and practice)
lihavuusleikkaus {n} [medicine]  :: bariatric operation
lihoa {v}  :: To put on weight, fatten (to become fatter)
lihominen {n}  :: fattening, weight gain (act or instance of gaining weight)
lihota {vi}  :: To gain weight, to fatten
lihottaa {v}  :: to be fattening (to), to fatten up
lihottaa {v}  :: to fatten (to cause to become fatter)
lihottaminen {n}  :: fattening
lihottava {adj}  :: fattening (causing weight gain)
lihotus {n}  :: fattening (the act of increasing fat)
liiallinen {adj}  :: excessive
liiallisesti {adv}  :: excessively
liiallisuus {n}  :: excessiveness
liian {adv}  :: too (much, old, young, etc.)
liidellä {vi}  :: to glide effortlessly back and forth
liidellä {vi}  :: to soar (to fly aloft with little effort, as a bird)
liidin {n}  :: glider
liiduta {vt}  :: To chalk
liiemmin {adv}  :: too much, very much, really
liietä {vi}  :: To have enough of something for being able to give part of it to someone else; may normally be translated into English with spare
liiga {n}  :: league (e.g., criminal group)
liiga {n}  :: league (in sports)
liigajoukkue {n}  :: league team (team playing in a league)
liigaottelu {n}  :: league match
liigautua {vi}  :: to form a gang
liihotella {v}  :: to flit
liika {n}  :: As modifier in compound adjectives, excessively
liika {n}  :: excess
liikaa {adv}  :: too much
liikahappoinen {adj}  :: hyperacid
liikahappoisuus {n} [pathology]  :: hyperchlorhydria, hyperacidity
liikahdella {v}  :: To move, stir
liikaherkkyys {n}  :: oversensitivity
liikahtaa {vi}  :: To move (a small amount)
liikakansoitus {n}  :: overpopulation
liikalihava {adj}  :: obese
liikalihavuus {n}  :: obesity
Liikanen {prop}  :: surname
liikanimi {n}  :: A nickname (kind of byname that describes a person by a characteristic of that person)
liikarakentaa {v}  :: to overbuild (to perform excessive construction)
liikarakentaminen {n}  :: overbuilding (excessive construction on an area)
liikata {v}  :: To limp
liikatarjonta {n} [economics]  :: excess supply
liikaunisuus {n} [pathology]  :: hypersomnia
liikauttaa {v}  :: To move a little, once
liikavarvas {n}  :: corn (callus)
liike {n}  :: motion
liike {n}  :: movement
liike {n}  :: shop, business
liikeaika {n}  :: business hours
liikearvo {n}  :: goodwill (intangible business value)
liike-elämä {n}  :: business world
liike-energia {n} [physics]  :: kinetic energy
liikehdintä {n}  :: motion, movement
liikehtiä {v}  :: to fidget, move about (to make small movements, repeatedly but not continuously)
liikehtiä {v}  :: to move (to perform movements)
liikekannallepano {n} [military]  :: mobilization
liikelahja {n}  :: business gift
liikelaitos {n}  :: An unincorporated business entity which is owned by state or one or more municipal governments. Liikelaitos is expected to be financially self-sustaining, and sometimes to earn a profit for the owners. They exist e.g. in water and electricity supply, harbour and railway operation. The English translations in use include "unincorporated state enterprise", "unincorporated municipal enterprise" and "authority"
liikematka {n}  :: business trip
liikemerkki {n}  :: logo
liikemies {n}  :: businessman
liikemies {n}  :: businessperson
liikemiesluokka {n}  :: business class (travelling class between first and economy class)
liikemäärä {n} [physics]  :: momentum (the product of mass and velocity of a body)
liikenainen {n}  :: businesswoman
liikenne {n}  :: traffic
liikennelaitos {n}  :: A municipal or regional authority responsible for providing public transportation in its area of operation. There's an ample supply of English equivalents, such as transit authority (New York), transit commission (Toronto), public transport authority (Western Australia)
liikennelentäjä {n}  :: commercial pilot
liikennemerkki {n}  :: traffic sign
liikenneministeri {n}  :: minister of transport
liikenneministeriö {n}  :: ministry of transportation or similar ministry with another name responsible for the administration of the transportation system in a country
liikenneministeriö {n}  :: shorter form often used of Finland's liikenne- ja viestintäministeriö
liikenneonnettomuus {n}  :: traffic accident
liikennepako {n} [legal]  :: hit-and-run (crime of fleeing the scene of a traffic accident)
liikennerikkomus {n}  :: traffic violation
liikenneruuhka {n}  :: Congestion, minor or short traffic jam (situation in which road traffic is very slow); (paha liikenneruuhka) traffic jam
liikennesäännöt {n}  :: traffic rules, rules of the road
liikennesääntö {n}  :: traffic rule
liikennetraktori {n}  :: A tractor registered for road use. These vehicles differ from agricultural tractors in some technical requirements, they are allowed 10 km/h or higher top velocity and the driver must possess a higher-level driving licence
liikenneturvallisuus {n}  :: traffic safety
liikennevalo {n}  :: [usually plural] traffic light
liikennevalot {n}  :: traffic lights
liikenneväylä {n}  :: traffic route
liikenneympyrä {n}  :: A traffic circle, roundabout [British], rotary [US]
liikennöidä {v}  :: To run or operate a (regular) traffic line
liikennöitsijä {n}  :: traffic contractor
liikenteenjakaja {n}  :: traffic island, refuge island, pedestrian island
liikeoppi {n} [physics]  :: kinematics
liikeri {n}  :: liger (animal born to a male lion and a tigress)
liikesalaisuus {n}  :: trade secret
liiketaloudellinen {adj}  :: economic, business, business economic (pertaining to business economics)
liiketalous {n}  :: business economics, business studies
liiketappio {n} [accounting]  :: operating loss
liiketila {n}  :: business space (premises built for business in general)
liiketila {n} [physics]  :: state of motion (direction and magnitude of the velocity of an object)
liiketila {n}  :: retail space (premises built for retail business)
liiketoiminnallinen {adj}  :: commercial
liiketoiminnallinen {adj}  :: transactional
liiketoiminta {n}  :: business (commercial, industrial or professional activity)
liiketunnistin {n}  :: motion detector (device used in security systems)
liikevaihto {n}  :: revenue (net gain before subtracting the loss)
liikevaihtovero {n}  :: sales tax
liikevoima {n}  :: impetus, momentum (force or energy associated with a moving body)
liikevoima {n}  :: motive power
liikevoitto {n}  :: business profit, trading profit, operating income, profit
liikeyhtymä {n}  :: corporation, combine
liikkeellä {adv}  :: on the go, on the move, on the run
liikkeellelasku {n}  :: emission, issuance or issue of securities, money, credit cards etc
liikkeeseenlaskupäivä {n} [finance]  :: date of issue
liikki {n}  :: (nautical) hoist (the edge of a fore-and-aft sail that is next to the mast or stay)
liikki {n} [nautical]  :: leech (vertical edge of a square sail or a free edge of a triangular sail)
liikkiö {n}  :: ham
liikkua {vi}  :: To move, stir
liikkua {vi}  :: To travel, go
liikkua heikoilla jäillä {phrase}  :: to skate on thin ice (to place oneself) in a risky, potentially dangerous or delicate situation)
liikkumati {adv} [dialectal]  :: still, motionless
liikkumaton faasi {n} [chemistry]  :: stationary phase (adsorbing phase of a chromatography system)
liikkuminen {n}  :: exercising
liikkuminen {n}  :: moving
liikkumisvapaus {n}  :: freedom of movement
liikkuva juhla {n}  :: movable feast
liikkuva kalusto {n}  :: rolling stock
liikkuvuus {n}  :: mobility
liikunnanohjaaja {n}  :: physical education instructor
liikunta {n}  :: exercise (physical activity)
liikunta {n}  :: physical education (element of an educational curriculum concerned with bodily development)
liikuntaesteinen {n} [euphemistic]  :: disabled, physically challenged (having a physical disability which affects one's ability to move around)
liikuntatiede {n}  :: human movement science, human movement (academic study of how human beings move around, perform and exercise, especially in sport)
liikuteltava {adj}  :: movable (capable of or designed to being moved easily from one place to another)
liikuttaa {vt}  :: To move (physically or emotionally)
liikuttaa {vt}  :: To rock to sleep
liikuttava {adj}  :: moving, touching, poignant
liikuttavasti {adv}  :: movingly
liikuttua {vi}  :: To become emotionally moved
liikuttunut {adj}  :: touched
liila {adj}  :: lilac
liila {n}  :: lilac
liima {n}  :: cement, as any material with strong adhesive properties
liima {n}  :: glue
liimaantua {vi}  :: To become glued
liimakangas {n}  :: iron-on fabric (fabric with a glue backing that melts into another fabric when heated; used in patching or strengthening places subject to wear)
liimake {n} [philately]  :: A stamp hinge
liimapuikko {n}  :: A glue stick
liimata {vt}  :: To glue
Liimatainen {prop}  :: surname
liimattu {adj}  :: glued, agglutinate (united with glue or as with glue)
liimautua {vi}  :: To be glued to
liimoittua {vi}  :: To become gluey
liina {n} [archaic]  :: linen (cloth made from flax fiber)
liina {n}  :: cloth (piece of garment)
liina {n}  :: line (rope, cord or string, especially a flat one)
Liina {prop}  :: given name, short for Karoliina and Pauliina
Liinahamari {prop}  :: The Finnish name of the Russian Arctic Ocean port and village of Liinakhamari or ru (Liinaxamari) in Russian
liinakko {n}  :: A chestnut horse which has a white tame and tail
liioin {conj}  :: nor
liioitella {v}  :: to exaggerate, overstate
liioiteltu {adj}  :: exaggerated
liioittelu {n}  :: exaggeration
liipaisin {n}  :: The trigger of a weapon
liipaisinherkkä {adj}  :: trigger-happy (having a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm irresponsibly)
liipaisinsormi {n} [figuratively]  :: trigger finger, temper; especially in the expression herkkä liipaisinsormi
liipaisinsormi {n}  :: trigger finger (finger used in pulling the trigger of a firearm)
liipaista {vi}  :: to pull a trigger
liipasin {n}  :: A dialectal and colloquial form of liipaisin
liipata {v}  :: to whet (to hone with a whetstone)
liipata läheltä {v}  :: to be close (that something happens, either positive or negative), to have a close call
liipattu {adj}  :: alternative form of sliipattu
liipotin {n}  :: balance wheel, balance
liippa {n} [dialectal]  :: whetstone
liippakivi {n} [dialectal]  :: whetstone
liippari {n}  :: alternative form of sliippari
liippaus {n}  :: whetting (act)
liira {n}  :: lira
liirata {vi} [informal]  :: To skid
liirtää {vi}  :: to skid
liirto {n}  :: skid (out of control sliding motion)
Liisa {prop}  :: Alice, the heroine of Lewis Carroll's books
Liisa {prop}  :: given name
liisankukka {n}  :: Swedish ivy, Plectranthus australis
liisata {v} [colloquial]  :: To lease (a car or device)
liisaus {n} [colloquial]  :: leasing
Liisi {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Liisa (Elizabeth)
liiskata {vt}  :: To squash, crush, smash
liiskautua {vi}  :: To (be) squash(ed), (be) crush(ed), (be) smash(ed)
liisteri {n}  :: wallpaper paste
liisteröidä {v}  :: To paste (wallpapers)
liisukka {n}  :: Swedish ivy, Plectranthus australis
liitää {v}  :: To sail (to move briskly and gracefully through the air)
liitää {v}  :: To sail (to move briskly)
liitää {v}  :: To soar ((figurative) to rise in thought, spirits, or imagination; to be exalted in mood)
liitää {v}  :: To soar (to fly aloft, as a bird; to mount upward on wings, or as on wings)
liite {n}  :: affix
liite {n}  :: appendix
liite {n}  :: attachment
liite {n}  :: pullout
liite {n}  :: supplement, addendum
liitely {n}  :: soaring (flying aloft)
liitepartikkeli {n} [linguistics]  :: A clitic
liiteri {n}  :: shed (small storage building)
liiteri {n}  :: woodshed (enclosed storage for firewood)
liitetiedosto {n} [Internet]  :: attachment (file sent along with an email)
liitin {n}  :: A connector, terminal, interface
liitäjä {n}  :: glider (anything that glides)
liitäjä {n}  :: shearwater (seabird of the genus Puffinus)
liitäjä {n}  :: soarer (anything that soars)
liitännäinen {n} [computing]  :: plug-in
liitännäisvaltio {n}  :: associated state
liitäntä {n}  :: interface, connection
liitäntälaki {n} [mathematics]  :: associative law
liito {n}  :: glide
liitokala {n}  :: flying fish
liitokone {n}  :: A glider that is not intended for soaring, especially a military glider designed for landing troops behind enemy lines
liitonarkki {n}  :: Ark of the Covenant
liito-orava {n}  :: flying squirrel
liito-orava {n}  :: Siberian flying squirrel, Pteromys volans
liitos {n}  :: bond
liitos {n}  :: hinge
liitos {n}  :: joint
liitos {n}  :: merger
liitos {n}  :: union
liitostaa {vt}  :: to concatenate
liitostransistori {n} [electronics]  :: junction transistor
liitovarjo {n}  :: A ram-air parachute
liitovarjoilija {n}  :: paraglider (person)
liittää {vt} [figuratively, + illative]  :: To associate, link, connect
liittää {vt} [+ illative]  :: To annex, incorporate
liittää {vt} [+ illative]  :: To attach, append, annex, enclose, include, insert, add
liittää {vt} [+ illative]  :: To join, connect, attach, fasten
liitto {n}  :: alliance, league
liitto {n}  :: cooperation based on common agreement, union
liitto {n}  :: marriage
liitto {n} [theology]  :: covenant
liitto {n}  :: trade union, organization
liittohallitus {n}  :: board of a union or federation, especially when the federation consists of independent member associations, each of which has its own board
liittokansleri {n}  :: federal chancellor, Bundeskanzler
liittokierros {n}  :: In the context of Finnish incomes policy (see usage notes under the entry tulopolitiikka), a collective bargaining round during which the negotiations are carried out between the individual employers' and employees' unions rather than between the labor market central organizations
liittokohtainen {adj}  :: union-specific, union-by-union (concerning each union or association individually)
liittokokous {n}  :: general assembly (official meeting of the members of an organization or of their representatives)
liittolainen {n}  :: ally
liittoluku {n} [math]  :: complex conjugate
liittotasavalta {n}  :: federal republic
liittoutua {vi}  :: to ally
liittoutumaton {adj}  :: unallied
liittoutuneet {n} [historical]  :: the Allies (the countries allied against the Axis Powers during WWII)
liittoutuneet {n} [historical]  :: the Allies (the countries allied against the Central Powers during WWI)
liittoutunut {adj}  :: allied
liittoutunut {adj}  :: Allied (of or pertaining to the Allies in WWI or WWII)
liittovaltio {n}  :: A federation; commonwealth, union (union of nations or states that are unified under one central authority which is elected by its members)
liittovaltio {n}  :: In attributive use often translated with the adjective federal
liittyä {v}  :: To be related to, be associated with, be part of
liittyä {v}  :: To have to do with
liittyä {v}  :: To join
liittymä {n}  :: exit, intersection, junction on a highway
liittymä {n}  :: (telephone) subscriber connection, cell phone plan
liittyvä {adj}  :: affiliated
liittyvä {adj}  :: associated
liittyvä {adj}  :: having to do with
liittyvä {adj}  :: related
liitu {n}  :: chalk
liitukausi {n} [geology]  :: Cretaceous, Cretaceous period
liitukautinen {adj}  :: Cretaceous
liitukivi {n}  :: chalk
liituraita {n}  :: pinstripe
liiturousku {n}  :: fleecy milk-cap, Lactarius vellereus
liitutaulu {n}  :: blackboard, chalkboard
liityntä {n}  :: connection
liivakko {n}  :: leaf gelatin
liivate {n}  :: gelatine
liivi {n}  :: A vest (protective sleeveless garment worn over outer clothing)
liivi {n}  :: A vest, waistcoat (sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, worn over a shirt, and often as part of a suit)
liivi {n}  :: In plural (liivit); bra (short of rintaliivit). The plural is sometimes used as short of any type of vest
liivi {n}  :: The Livonian language
liiviläinen {adj}  :: Livonian
liiviläinen {n}  :: Livonian (person)
Liivinmaa {prop}  :: Livonia (Baltic region)
liivipuku {n}  :: three-piece suit
liivit {n}  :: bra (short of rintaliivit)
lika {n}  :: dirt, stain
likaantua {vi}  :: To become dirty
likainen {adj}  :: dirty, unclean, filthy
likainen {adj}  :: dirty, unethical
likainen {adj} [explosives]  :: dirty (containing radioactive material)
likaisempi {adj}  :: comparative of likainen
likakaivo {n}  :: cesspool, sump
läike {n}  :: moiré
läikehtiä {v}  :: To glimmer, glint
likentää {vt} [dialectal]  :: to near, bring closer (to decrease the distance to something)
likentyä {vi} [dialectal]  :: to near, come closer
läikähdellä {vi}  :: to spill (repeatedly)
liki {adv}  :: almost, nearly, close to:
liki- {prefix}  :: [in few words] A prefix signifying nearly, almost, "close to"
likiarvo {n} [mathematics]  :: An approximation or an approximate value
likiarvoinen {adj}  :: approximate
läikikäs {adj}  :: spotted
likimääräinen {adj}  :: approximate
likinäköinen {adj}  :: myopic, nearsighted
likinäköisyys {n} [pathology]  :: myopia, nearsightedness
likipitäen {adv}  :: nearly, close to
likistää {vt}  :: To squeeze
likistäytyä {vir}  :: to squeeze oneself into or close to something
likiverkko {n} [telecommunication]  :: personal area network (very short range wireless communications network, intended for devices within a small room or cubicle)
läikkä {n}  :: spot, splotch
likka {n} [dialectal]  :: girl
läikkyä {vi}  :: To spill
likomato {n} [zoology]  :: A larva of a lamprey; ammocoete
likomärkä {adj}  :: soaking wet
likööri {n}  :: A cordial (liqueur prepared with infusion)
likööri {n}  :: A liqueur
liksa {n} [colloquial]  :: wage, salary
likvidi {adj} [finance]  :: liquid
likvidisyys {n}  :: dated form of likvidiys
likviditeetti {n} [finance]  :: liquidity
likvidiys {n} [finance]  :: liquidity (state of being eaisly convertible into cash)
likvidiys {n} [physics]  :: liquidity (state of being liquid)
likvidoida {vt}  :: To liquidate
likvidointi {n}  :: liquidation (killing)
likvori {n} [physiology]  :: cerebrospinal fluid
läikyntä {n}  :: spilling
läikytellä {vt}  :: to spill (repeatedly)
läikyttää {vt}  :: To spill, slop
lila {adj}  :: alternative form of liila
lila {n}  :: alternative form of liila
lilja {n} [heraldry]  :: fleur-de-lis
lilja {n}  :: lily (flower)
Lilja {prop}  :: given name
liljakukko {n}  :: scarlet lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii)
lilliä {vi} [colloquial]  :: to float
Lilli {prop}  :: given name
lilliputti {n}  :: lilliputian
lillua {vi} [colloquial]  :: to float
lillukanvarsi {n}  :: An insignificant detail in a discussion that sidetracks the attention from the main issue; literally the stem of a stone bramble
lillukka {n}  :: stone bramble, Rubus saxatilis
lima {n} [historical]  :: phlegm (one of the four humors making up the body in ancient and mediaeval medicine; said to be cold and moist, and often identified with mucus)
lima {n}  :: mucus (slippery secretion from mucous membranes)
lima {n}  :: phlegm (viscid mucus produced by the body, later especially mucus expelled from the bronchial passages by coughing)
lima {n}  :: slime (any viscous liquid matter)
lima {n}  :: slime (mucus-like substance that exudes from the bodies of some animals, e.g. snails and slugs)
limaantua {vi}  :: To become coated by slime
limainen {adj}  :: mucous (having the qualities of mucus)
limainen {adj}  :: slimy
limakalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: mucous membrane, mucosa
limakko {n} [biology]  :: plasmodium
limanahkiainen {n}  :: Atlantic hagfish (Myxine glutinosa)
limanahkiainen {n}  :: hagfish
limanuljaska {n}  :: slimeball (underhanded, sneaky person)
limanuljaska {n}  :: slimy spike-cap, Gomphidius glutinosus (slimy but edible mushroom)
limapää {n}  :: alfonsin, alfonsino (any of the fish in family Berycidae)
limapääkala {n}  :: beryciform fish (fish of the order Beryciformes)
limapussi {n} [anatomy]  :: bursa
limapussintulehdus {n} [pathology]  :: bursitis
limaseitikki {n} [fungi]  :: Any webcap of the subgenus Myxacium, characterized by their sliminess
limasieni {n}  :: slime mould
limaska {n}  :: duckweed (floating aquatic plant)
limata {v}  :: to slime
limautua {vi} [rare]  :: to become slimy
limbinen {adj}  :: limbic
limburgin murre {n}  :: Limburgish (dialect of Dutch spoken in SE Netherlands, NE Belgium and in Germany across the border)
lime {n}  :: lime (citrus tree and its fruit)
limerikki {n}  :: A limerick
limes {n} [mathematics]  :: limit, used mainly to read out formulas
limetti {n}  :: lime (citrus tree, its green fruit)
läimiä {v} [slang]  :: To slap, hit, beat
limisaumainen {adj} [boatbuilding]  :: clinker-built (with overlapping planks)
limisaumavene {n}  :: lapstrake, clinker-built boat (boat built with overlapping hull planks)
läimäistä {v}  :: To slap
limitin {n}  :: multiplexer
limittää {vt}  :: to interlace
limittäin {adv}  :: overlapping
limittyä {vi}  :: To overlap, interlace
limnologia {n}  :: limnology
limoittua {vi}  :: To become slimy
limonaati {n}  :: lemonade (carbonated beverage)
limonadi {n} [by extension]  :: soda, soda pop, pop, soft drink, fizzy drink (any fruit-flavored carbonated drink)
limonadi {n}  :: lemonade (carbonated beverage flavored with lemon)
limoniitti {n} [geology]  :: limonite
limoniitti {n} [mineralogy]  :: bog iron
limppari {n} [colloquial]  :: soda, (carbonated) soft drink
limppu {n}  :: round loaf of bread
limppuun {n}  :: illative singular of limppu
limpsa {n} [colloquial, childish]  :: alternative form of limsa
limsa {n} [colloquial]  :: soda, (carbonated) soft drink
limsiö {n} [mineral]  :: flint
limska {n} [colloquial]  :: lemonade (carbonated beverage)
läimätä {v}  :: alternative form of läimäyttää
limu {n} [colloquial]  :: soda, soft drink
limukka {n} [dialectal, northern Finland]  :: soda, soda pop (sweet, carbonated drink)
limusiini {n}  :: limousine
läimäyttää {v}  :: to slam something into something
läimäyttää {v}  :: to slap
linaloli {n} [chemistry]  :: linalool
Linda {prop}  :: given name
lineaarialgebra {n} [mathematics]  :: linear algebra
lineaariavaruus {n} [mathematics]  :: linear space
lineaarikombinaatio {n} [mathematics]  :: linear combination
lineaarikuvaus {n}  :: linear transformation
lineaarinen {adj}  :: linear
lineaarinen optimointi {n} [mathematics]  :: linear programming
lineaarisesti riippumaton {adj}  :: linearly independent
lineaatio {n} [geology]  :: lineation
linearisoida {vt} [mathematics]  :: To linearize
lingota {vt}  :: To centrifuge, spin in a centrifuge
lingota {vt}  :: To hurl, sling, fling
lingota {vt}  :: To spin-dry (laundry)
lingvaali {n} [phonetics]  :: lingual (sound articulated with the tongue)
lingvisti {n}  :: linguist
lingvistiikka {n}  :: linguistics
lingvistikko {n}  :: linguist
lingvistinen {adj}  :: linguistic
linimentti {n}  :: liniment
linja {n} [chess]  :: file
linja {n}  :: line (e.g. a bus line, phone line)
linja {n}  :: policy (principle of behaviour, conduct, or relationship towards something)
linja-auto {n}  :: bus, coach
linja-autoasema {n}  :: bus station (hub of bus lines, usually also providing services to both passengers and drivers)
linja-autokaista {n}  :: bus lane
linja-autonkuljettaja {n}  :: bus driver
linja-autopysäkki {n}  :: bus stop
linjakas {adj}  :: streamlined, graceful
linjakilpi {n}  :: destination sign, blind (sign mounted on a public transport vehicle displaying the route destination, number, name and/or via points, etc.)
linjalaiva {n} [nautical]  :: A ship of the line (large square-rigged warship)
linjamies {n}  :: lineman (installer and playing position)
linjanvetäjä {n}  :: policymaker (one centrally involved in the formulation of policies, especially top politicians)
linjaorganisaatio {n}  :: a permanent hierarchical (or linear) organization
linjata {v}  :: To align
linjatuomari {n} [soccer]  :: An assistant referee
linjatuomari {n} [sports]  :: A linesman
linjaus {n}  :: course of conduct, thought, occupation
linjaus {n}  :: definition of policy
linjavika {n}  :: A fault on a line, wire etc
linjeeraus {n} [figure skating]  :: spread eagle
linkata {v} [Internet]  :: alternative form of linkittää
linkata {v}  :: To limp
linkkari {n} [informal]  :: pocketknife, folding knife
linkki {n} [colloquial]  :: bus, coach
linkki {n} [computing]  :: hyperlink
linkki {n}  :: link
linkku {n}  :: handle (of a door)
linkkuveitsi {n}  :: pocketknife, folding knife; penknife [small]
linko {n}  :: short for pyykkilinko
linko {n} [technology]  :: centrifuge
linko {n} [weapon]  :: sling
linkoutua {vi}  :: To be slung, hurled
linna {n} [colloquial]  :: prison
linna {n}  :: fortress, castle, stronghold
Linna {prop}  :: surname
linnake {n}  :: stronghold, fortress
linnakundi {n} [slang]  :: inmate, prisoner; a male person who is in prison or has served a sentence in one
Linnea {prop}  :: given name borrowed from Swedish in the nineteenth century
linnoite {n} [military]  :: fortification (work or works erected to defend a place against attack)
linnoittaa {v}  :: to fortify (to increase the defenses of)
linnoittautua {vir}  :: To fortify, dig in (to build fortifications for one's own defense)
linnoittua {v}  :: alternative form of linnoittautua
linnoitus {n}  :: A fortress
linnoitus {n} [chess]  :: castling
linnunmaito {n} [informal]  :: nectar (delicious drink)
linnunmarja {n} [regional]  :: synonym of lillukka
linnunpelätin {n}  :: bird scarer
linnunpelätin {n}  :: scarecrow
linnunpelätti {n}  :: bird scarer
linnunpelätti {n}  :: scarecrow
linnunpönttö {n}  :: A nest box, birdhouse (small house for birds to nest in)
linnunpoikanen {n}  :: chick (young bird, from birth to adulthood)
linnunrata {n} [colloquial]  :: galaxy
Linnunrata {prop}  :: Milky Way
linnuntie {n}  :: straight line distance
linnuntietä {adv}  :: as the crow flies
linnustaa {v} [captative]  :: to hunt birds
linnusto {n}  :: birdlife
lino {n}  :: linocut
linoleumi {n}  :: linoleum
linolihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: linoleic acid
linssi {n}  :: A lens
linssi {n}  :: A lentil (seed and the plant)
linssikaukoputki {n}  :: refracting telescope, refractor
linssilude {n} [colloquial]  :: someone who loves having pictures of themselves taken
lintsari {n} [colloquial]  :: truant
lintsata {v} [slang]  :: to avoid, shirk one's duties
lintsata {v} [slang]  :: to skip, cut, bunk, skive, or ditch class (to play truant, not attend class)
lintu {n}  :: bird
lintu {n}  :: poultry (meat of domesticated fowl used for nutrition)
lintubongari {n}  :: A birdwatcher or twitcher
lintuemo {n}  :: bird mother
lintuharrastaja {n}  :: birdwatcher
lintuharrastus {n}  :: birdwatching
lintuhäkki {n}  :: birdcage
lintuhämähäkki {n}  :: tarantula
lintuinfluenssa {n} [pathology]  :: bird flu
lintujen tarkkailu {n}  :: birdwatching (observing or identifying wild birds)
lintujärvi {n}  :: bird lake
lintukka {n} [regional]  :: synonym of lillukka
lintukoira {n}  :: A bird dog, gun dog (breed of dog used for hunting birds)
lintukoto {n} [figuratively]  :: A place like a paradise
lintukoto {n} [mythology]  :: In Finnish mythology, a paradise-like place where birds migrate every winter; because it was located near the the edge of the sky dome, the sky was very close to the ground and therefore its inhabitants were dwarfs
lintulaji {n}  :: A species of bird
lintulauta {n}  :: A simple bird feeder, consisting basically of a piece of board and possibly a wooden roof
lintuliima {n}  :: birdlime (sticky substance applied e.g. on a branch of a tree in order to trap birds)
lintunen {n}  :: little bird
lintuniisikangas {n}  :: gauze (thin fabric with a loose, open weave)
lintuperspektiivi {n}  :: A bird's-eye view
lintutalo {n}  :: bird house, aviary (house or enclosure for keeping birds confined)
lintutarha {n}  :: aviary (large cage, or other place for keeping birds confined)
lintutiede {n}  :: ornithology
lintutieteellinen {adj}  :: ornithological
lintutieteilijä {n}  :: ornithologist
lintutorni {n}  :: bird observation tower; birdwatching blind [US] (lightweight tower built for birdwatchers)
liota {vi}  :: To soak
liottaa {vt}  :: to ret (of stalks of flax, hemp etc.)
liottaa {vt}  :: to soak
lipaasi {n} [chemistry]  :: lipase
lipaista {v}  :: (semelfactive) to lick once with tongue
lipas {n}  :: ammunition magazine
lipas {n}  :: box, chest
lipasto {n} [furniture]  :: chest of drawers; bureau [US]
lipeä {n} [chemistry]  :: lye (common name for sodium hydroxide)
lipeäkala {n}  :: lutefisk
lipeäkivi {n} [chemistry]  :: A common name for sodium hydroxide
liperi {n}  :: lovage
Liperi {prop}  :: A town in the region of North Karelia, Finland
lipevä {adj}  :: Oleaginous, unctuous [falsely or affectedly earnest]
lipevä {adj}  :: Slick, oleaginous, greasy
lipidi {n} [chemistry]  :: lipid
liplattaa {vi}  :: to ripple, churn, slosh, bubble (of bodies of water)
liplatus {n}  :: ripple (sound similar to that or undulating water)
lipoa {v}  :: To lick
lipogeneesi {n} [biochemistry]  :: lipogenesis
lipogrammi {n}  :: lipogram
lipokas {n}  :: A slip-on shoe; a slipper
lipooma {n} [pathology]  :: lipoma
lipopolysakkaridi {n} [chemistry]  :: lipopolysaccharide
lipoproteiini {n} [protein]  :: lipoprotein
lipota {vt}  :: to catch fish, especially whitefish, with a long-handled hand net (scoop net)
lippa {n}  :: A peak, visor (horizontal flap in front part of a hat, protecting eyes from the sun)
lippa {n} [fishing]  :: A spinnerbait
lippalakki {n}  :: Any soft or hard cap that has a horizontal visor in front, protecting the eyes for the sun, such as a baseball cap
lippis {n} [colloquial]  :: cap (hat)
lippo {n}  :: long-handled hand net/scoop net/dip net
Lipponen {prop}  :: surname
lippu {n}  :: colours (standard or banner)
lippu {n}  :: flag, banner
lippu {n}  :: ticket (pass entitling the holder to admission to a show, concert, etc.)
lippu {n}  :: ticket (pass entitling the holder to board a train, a plane, or other means of transportation)
lippueamiraali {n} [military ranks]  :: An officer rank in the Finnish navy. The official English translation is commodore
lippukoppi {n}  :: ticket booth, ticket office
lippukunta {n} [military, archaic]  :: The basic fighting unit of Finnish infantry (part of Swedish armies) in 16th and 17th century consisting originally of about 500 men. In early 17th century the army was reorganized, the size of lippukunta was reduced to 200 and subsequently renamed to komppania
lippukunta {n} [scouting]  :: scout group (local chapter of Scouts movement)
lippulaiva {n}  :: flagship
lippusalko {n}  :: flagpole, flagstaff
lippusolmu {n} [knots]  :: double sheet bend
lipputanko {n}  :: flagpole, flagstaff
lipputiede {n}  :: vexillology (study of flags)
lipsahdus {n}  :: A slip, slip of the tongue
lipsahtaa {vi}  :: To slip
lipsauttaa {vt}  :: To let something slip
lipsua {vi}  :: To slide (involuntarily)
lipsua {vi}  :: To slip
lipua {v}  :: To float (to drift or wander aimlessly)
lipua {v}  :: To float (to move in a particular direction with a liquid on which one is floating)
lipua {v}  :: To glide, float (to move softly, smoothly, or effortlessly)
lipuke {n}  :: ticket
lipunmyyjä {n}  :: booking clerk
lipunryöstö {n}  :: capture the flag (game)
lipuntarkastaja {n}  :: ticket inspector
liput liehuen {phrase}  :: with flying colors
liputtaa {v}  :: To fly a flag
liputtaa {v}  :: To register a ship to (a foreign) state
liputus {n}  :: act of flying a flag or flags
liputus {n}  :: flag (use of flag, e.g. to start a race)
liputuspäivä {n}  :: flag day, any of the officially designated days when flags must be flown
liriä {v} [colloquial]  :: to piss
liri {n} [colloquial]  :: trouble
liri {n}  :: olla lirissä: to be in trouble
lirinä {n}  :: The sound of a small stream; purl, gurgle
liristä {vi}  :: To purl, gurgle
liro {n}  :: wood sandpiper
liru {n}  :: A beverage not strong enough, or having low quality
lirua {vi}  :: To slide
lirua {vi}  :: To trickle
lisää {adv}  :: more (nouns in partitive can be used with this):
lisä {n}  :: Addition, increase
lisä {n}  :: As a former part of compound (lisä-) signifies additional
lisä- {prefix}  :: extra, auxiliary, supplemental, additional
lisäaika {n}  :: extra time
lisäaine {n}  :: (food) additive
liseeni {n} [architecture]  :: lesene
lisensiaatti {n}  :: licentiate (holder of an academic license degree)
lisensioida {v}  :: To license
lisensoida {vt}  :: To license
lisenssi {n}  :: license
lisäjoukot {n} [military]  :: reinforcement
läiske {n}  :: splash
lisäke {n}  :: appendage (part that is joined to something larger)
lisäke {n} [banking]  :: allonge
läiskähtää {vi}  :: to splash
läiskiä {v} [slang]  :: To hit, beat
läiskiä {v}  :: To slap repeatedly
läiskikäs {adj}  :: speckled
läiskikäs {adj}  :: spotty, spotted
lisäkilpirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: parathyroid gland
läiskinä {n}  :: alternative form of läiske
läiskintä {n}  :: hitting, slapping
läiskis {interj}  :: splash
läiskäistä {v}  :: To swat
lisäkives {n} [anatomy]  :: epididymis
lisko {n}  :: lizard
lisko {n}  :: newt
liskolintu {n}  :: An archaic bird such as the Archaeopteryx
lisäksi {adv}  :: in addition, additionally, moreover, furthermore:
lisäksi {postp}  :: in addition to, along with:
läiskyä {vi}  :: To splash
lisämaksu {n}  :: surcharge (addition of extra charge on the agreed or stated price)
lisämunuainen {n} [anatomy]  :: adrenal gland, suprarenal gland
lisämunuaiskuori {n} [anatomy, pathology]  :: adrenal cortex (outer part of adrenal gland)
lisänimi {n}  :: A nickname (kind of byname that describes a person by a characteristic of that person)
lisääntyä {v}  :: To increase (in number or property)
lisääntyä {v}  :: To reproduce
lisääntyminen {n}  :: reproduction
lisääntymiselin {n} [anatomy]  :: reproductive organ
lisääntymiskyky {n}  :: fecundity
lisääntymiskykyinen {adj}  :: fertile (capable of reproducing)
lisääntymiskyvytön {adj}  :: infertile (incapable of reproducing)
lisääntymiskyvyttömyys {n}  :: infertility
lisääntyvyys {n}  :: reproductivity
lisäosa {n}  :: accessory
lisäosa {n}  :: any additional part
lisäosa {n}  :: expansion (new addition)
lisäosakeoptio {n}  :: green shoe option
lisäpalvelu {n}  :: additional service
lisäpiste {n}  :: extra point
lisärakennus {n}  :: annex (addition or extension to a building)
lisärakentaminen {n}  :: additional development
lisäravinne {n}  :: additional nutrient
Lissabon {prop}  :: Lisbon
lisätä {vt}  :: To add
lista {n}  :: batten (thin strip of wood, especially one used for decorative purposes)
lista {n} [informal]  :: list (register)
lista {n} [music]  :: record chart (ranking of music according to popularity during a given period of time)
lista {n}  :: Short for pörssilista or kaupankäyntilista ("list of securities traded in a given marketplace")
lista {n}  :: Short for ruokalista
listahinta {n}  :: list price
listata {vt}  :: To list; to inventory
listaus {n}  :: listing
listautua {vi}  :: To enlist
listautumisanti {n} [finance]  :: initial public offering, IPO (first offering to members of the public of stock in a company, followed by a listing of that stock on a stock exchange)
listerioosi {n} [pathology]  :: listeriosis
listiä {v} [figuratively]  ::  to kill, crush, especially in a matter-of-factly manner and in large numbers such as when killing mosquitoes
listiä {v}  :: to cut the tops off the root vegetables
lisätieto {n}  :: additional information
lisätila {n}  :: additional space
lisätty todellisuus {n} [computing]  :: augmented reality
lisuke {n}  :: accompaniment (that which accompanies, in gastronomy or elsewhere)
lisuke {n} [gastronomy]  :: side dish, side order
lisävaruste {n}  :: accessory (attachment)
lisävuode {n}  :: extra bed (lightweight, often foldable bed or cot which may be supplied to a hotel room to provide extra occupancy)
lisäys {n}  :: addition, inclusion, amendment
litania {n}  :: litany
liti {n}  :: Lithuanian litas
litinä {n}  :: squelch (splashing sound)
litistää {vt}  :: To flatten
litistä {vi}  :: To squelch (make a sucking, splashing sounds)
litistyä {vi}  :: To be flattened
litium {n}  :: lithium
litiumhydroksidi {n} [inorganic compound]  :: lithium hydroxide
litiumioniakku {n}  :: lithium ion battery
litiumkarbonaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: lithium carbonate
litiumparisto {n}  :: lithium battery
litkiä {v}  :: To lap
litku {n}  :: A beverage, soup etc. not strong or tasty enough, or having low quality
Litmanen {prop}  :: surname
lito {n}  :: lithograph
litofyytti {n} [botany]  :: lithophyte
litografi {n}  :: lithographer
litografia {n}  :: lithograph
litografia {n}  :: lithography
litografinen {adj}  :: lithographic
litorinakausi {n} [geology]  :: Littorina Sea phase of the Baltic Sea
Litorinameri {prop}  :: The Littorina Sea, a phase of the Baltic Sea
litosfääri {n}  :: lithosphere
litra {n}  :: litre
litroittain {adv}  :: By liters/litres
litsa {n} [nautical]  :: A hank (ring or shackle that secures a staysail to its stay)
litsa {n} [nautical]  :: A type of knot
litsi {n}  :: lychee
litteä {adj}  :: flat
litteä kuin pannukakku {phrase}  :: flat as a pancake
littera {n}  :: denomination (of a bank note)
litteroida {vt}  :: To transcribe
litu {n} [botany]  :: A silicle, silicula or silicule (short)
litu {n} [botany]  :: A silique or siliqua (long – length more than twice the width – fruit of a cruciferous plant)
litukka {n} [plant]  :: bittercress, a plant of the genus Cardamine
litulaukka {n} [plant]  :: garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata
liturgi {n}  :: A liturgist
liturgia {n}  :: liturgy
liturginen {adj}  :: liturgic, liturgical
liudennus {n}  :: (linguistics) iotation
liudennus {n} [linguistics]  :: palatalization (instance of palatalizing)
liudentaa {vt} [linguistics]  :: to palatalize
liudentua {vi} [linguistics]  :: To become palatalized
liudentuminen {n}  :: palatalization
liuennut {adj}  :: dissolved
liueta {vi}  :: To dissolve (to disintegrate by immersing into a liquid)
liukas {adj}  :: slippery
liukastaa {vt}  :: To make more slippery, lubricate
liukaste {n}  :: lubricant
liukaste {n}  :: personal lubricant (lubricant used during human sexual activity to reduce friction)
liukastua {vi}  :: To slip, slide
liukastuttaa {vt}  :: To make something slippery
liukeneminen {n}  :: dissolution (dissolving, going into solution)
liukeneva {adj}  :: dissolving
liukeneva {adj}  :: soluble (able to be dissolved)
Liukka {prop}  :: surname
Liukkonen {prop}  :: surname
liukoinen {adj}  :: soluble
liuku {n}  :: skid (out-of-control sliding motion)
liukua {vi}  :: to slide
liukuhihna {n}  :: A conveyor belt
liukuikkuna {n}  :: Any type of window with sliding panes
liukuikkuna {n}  :: sash window (window consisting of two sliding panels or sashes)
liukujälki {n}  :: skidmark
liukulaakeri {n}  :: A bushing (type of bearing)
liukuluku {n} [computing]  :: floating-point number
liukulukulasku {n} [computing]  :: A floating point operation
liukuma {n}  :: flexitime (in flexitime arrangement for working hours, the limits of time within which the employees can choose when they arrive to and leave from the work)
liukumiina {n} [colloquial]  :: cowpie; meadow muffin [US]; especially a fresh one
liukumäki {n}  :: children's slide
liukuovi {n}  :: sliding door
liukuportaat {n}  :: escalator
liukuva työaika {n}  :: flexitime (working time arrangement that allows employees to set their own working hours within agreed limits)
liuos {n} [chemistry]  :: solution
liuota {vi}  :: To dissolve
liuote {n}  :: solvent
liuotin {n}  :: A solvent
liuotinbensiini {n}  :: petroleum ether (volatile petroleum fraction, usually available in a number of fractions boiling between 40°C and 140°C, used as a solvent)
liuottaa {vt}  :: To dissolve
liuottaminen {n}  :: dissolution (dissolving, making into solution)
liuska {n}  :: sheet, strip (of paper)
liuske {n}  :: flagstone
liuske {n}  :: schist, slate
liuskekaasu {n}  :: shale gas
liuskemusta {n}  :: slate black (black pigment made of black slate or schist)
liuskepuumuura {n}  :: Guianan slaty antshrike
liuskoittua {vi}  :: To divide into lobes
liuta {n} [colloquial]  :: A large number; slew, flock, swarm
liu'unta {n}  :: sliding
liu'uttaa {vt}  :: To make or cause something to slide
livahtaa {v}  :: ~ sisään: to sneak in (to enter without being noticed)
livahtaa {v}  :: to slip, slope ‎(to move quickly and often secretively; to depart, withdraw, enter, appear, intrude, or escape as if by sliding)
livahtaa {v}  :: ~ ulos: to sneak off, slide off, slip away, slip off, sneak away (to leave a place, or a meeting, without being seen or heard)
live {adj} [nonstandard]  :: live
live {n} [dialectal]  :: lye
livekala {n}  :: alternative term for lipeäkala
livertää {vt}  :: To twitter
livetä {vi}  :: To slip
livistää {vi}  :: To run away, decamp, abscond
livree {n} [archaic]  :: livery
läjä {n}  :: heap (collection of things laid in a body, or thrown together so as to form an elevation)
läjä {n}  :: heap, ream (unspecified large amount); see also läjittäin, läjäpäin
läjittäin {adv}  :: loads of something, heaps of something, tons of something
läjäpäin {adv}  :: loads of something, heaps of something, tons of something
läjätä {vt}  :: To pile
lääke {n}  :: medicine (substance), remedy, drug
lääkeaine {n}  :: drug, medicament
lääkeannos {n}  :: A dose of medicine
lääkekaappi {n}  :: dispensary (small pharmacy in the countryside, often managed by non-professional staff)
lääkekaappi {n}  :: medicine cabinet (cupboard where drugs and medical paraphernalia are stored)
lääkekasvi {n}  :: medicinal (plant that can be used medicinally)
lääkelaastari {n} [medicine]  :: transdermal patch
lääkepullo {n}  :: vial (small bottle for storing medicine)
lääketiede {n}  :: medicine (the field of study)
lääketieteellinen {adj}  :: medical
lääketieteellisesti {adv}  :: medically
läkähtyä {vi}  :: To suffocate
läkähtyä {v}  :: To swelter, boil (to feel uncomfortably hot)
lääkintä {n}  :: medical treatment, medication
lääkintämies {n}  :: medic
lääkintäviranomainen {n}  :: public health official
lääkitä {vt}  :: to medicate
lääkitys {n}  :: medication (all the medicines regularly taken by a patient)
läkki {n}  :: tin plate
läkkipelti {n}  :: tin plate
lökäpöksy {n}  :: A person wearing such trousers
lökäpöksy {n} [in plural]  :: bagging trousers
lääkäri {n}  :: physician, medical doctor
lääkäriasema {n}  :: medical center, private clinic, clinic (privately owned facility for providing outpatient services)
lääkärintarkastus {n} [colloquial]  :: synonym of lääkärintutkimus
lääkärintarkastus {n}  :: physical examination, clinical examination, medical examination, medical; especially one performed on asymptomatic patients for medical screening purposes
lääkärintodistus {n}  :: medical certificate, doctor's certificate
lääkärintutkimus {n}  :: physical examination, clinical examination, medical examination
lääkäripelko {n}  :: iatrophobia
läksiäiset {n}  :: farewell party, send-off
läksy {n}  :: homework (school exercise set by a teacher); often used in plural, especially as an object with verbs tehdä, lukea
läksy {n}  :: lesson (learning task assigned to a student)
läksy {n}  :: lesson (something that serves as a warning or encouragement)
läksyttää {v}  :: to scold, berate, lecture, lambaste
lököttää {v}  :: to bag (chiefly of trousers, to hang loose like an empty bag)
-lla {suffix}  :: Case suffix of the adessive case. Adessive is used in Finnish:
-lle {suffix}  :: onto (indicates the allative case of a noun, adjective, numeral or pronoun)
-llinen {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives that indicate likeness
-llinen {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives that indicate possession or relationship
-llinen {suffix}  :: Forms adjectives that indicate time
-llinen {suffix}  :: Forms nouns that define a person through his characteristics or possessions
-llinen {suffix}  :: Forms nouns that indicate an amount
löllö {adj} [colloquial]  :: Alternative term for vetelä
lällislää {interj}  :: nyah, nyah-nyah (expression of schadenfreude)
lälläri {n} [colloquial]  :: citizens' band radio transceiver
lällätilää {interj}  :: nyah, nyah-nyah (expression of schadenfreude)
löllyä {vi} [of jelly, fat etc.]  :: To shake
lämmetä {vi} [figuratively]  :: to warm
lämmetä {vi}  :: to warm up
lämmike {n}  :: warmer (anything to warm somebody up, including pieces of cloth or alcoholic drinks)
lämmin {adj}  :: warm
lämmin käyttövesi {n}  :: domestic hot water
lämminverinen {adj}  :: warm-blooded
lämmitä {vi}  :: To warm
lämmitellä {v}  :: To heat up slowly
lämmitellä {v}  :: To warm (to make oneself warm)
lämmitellä {v}  :: To warm up (oneself)
lämmitin {n}  :: A heater
lämmittää {v}  :: to reheat (to heat food after it has cooled off)
lämmittää {v}  :: to warm, heat, heat up
lämmittely {n}  :: A warm-up
lämmittäjä {n}  :: boilerman, stoker, fireman (one who stokes coal into a boiler)
lämmittäjä {n}  :: warmer (piece of clothing for warmth)
lämmittäjä {n}  :: warmer (something that warms)
lämmitys {n}  :: heating
lämmitysöljy {n}  :: heating oil
lämmönjohtavuus {n} [common language]  :: heat conductivity, heat conductance
lämmönjohtavuus {n} [physics]  :: thermal conductivity
lämmönjohtokyky {n} [common language]  :: thermal conductivity, thermal conductance
lämmönjohtokyky {n} [physics]  :: thermal conductivity
lämmönkestävä {adj}  :: heatproof
lämmönnousu {n}  :: rise of temperature
lämmöntalteenottokattila {n}  :: heat recovery boiler, recovery boiler ‎(boiler used to recover heat from a hot process stream, such as flue gas from a gas turbine)
lämmönvaihdin {n} [technical]  :: A heat exchanger
lämpö {n}  :: fever
lämpö {n} [physics]  :: heat
lämpö {n}  :: warmth, heat
lämpöaalto {n}  :: heat wave
lämpöaste {n}  :: A degree on the Celsius scale that is above zero
lämpöaste {n} [in plural]  :: above-zero temperature in Celsius scale
lämpöero {n}  :: temperature difference
lämpöhalvaus {n}  :: A heatstroke or hyperthermia
lämpiö {n}  :: foyer, lobby
lämpiö {n}  :: green room
lämpimämpi {adj}  :: comparative of lämmin
lämpimästi {adv}  :: warmly
lämpimyys {n}  :: warmness
lämpöinen {adj} [uncomparable]  :: being of or in a temperature; always used with a headword in this sense, the head being in genitive
lämpöinen {adj}  :: warm
lämpöisesti {adv}  :: warmly
lämpökamera {n}  :: thermal camera, thermographic camera
lämpökapasiteetti {n} [physics]  :: heat capacity
lämpökatko {n}  :: thermal break
lämpökonduktanssi {n} [physics]  :: heat conductance
lämpökone {n}  :: A heat engine
lämpökäsittely {n} [technical]  :: A heat treatment
lämpökuolema {n} [physics]  :: heat death
lämpökuvaus {n}  :: thermography, thermal imaging (practice of creating images from infrared radiation rather than visible light)
lämpökynttilä {n}  :: tealight, tea light (small candle cast inside a thin metal cup allowing the wax to melt completely when the candle is lit)
lämpölaajenemiskerroin {n} [physics]  :: coefficient of heat expansion
lämpömittari {n}  :: thermometer (apparatus used to measure temperature)
lämpönielu {n}  :: A heat sink
lämpöoppi {n} [physics]  :: thermodynamics
lämpöpaperi {n}  :: thermal paper, thermochromic paper
lämpöpatteri {n}  :: radiator (finned metal fixture that carries hot water or steam in order to heat a room)
lämpöpumppu {n}  :: A heat pump
lämpörajakerros {n} [geology]  :: thermal lithosphere, thermal boundary layer, TBL (transition zone between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere)
lämpäre {n}  :: puddle, pool
lämpösäde {n}  :: heat ray
lämpösäteily {n} [physics]  :: thermal radiation, infrared radiation
lämpötahna {n} [electronics]  :: thermal grease, thermal compound, thermal gel, thermal paste, heat paste, heat sink paste, heat sink compound (viscous fluid substance, which increases the thermal conductivity of a thermal interface)
lämpötila {n}  :: temperature
lämpötila-aisti {n} [biology]  :: thermoception (sense of heat and cold)
lämpötilakerroin {n} [science]  :: temperature coefficient
lämpötulostin {n} [computing]  :: thermal printer
lämäri {n} [ice hockey, colloquial]  :: slap shot (fastest shot in ice hockey)
lämsä {n}  :: Same as suopunki
lämätä {v} [ice hockey]  :: To do a slap shot
länget {n}  :: A collar, also called horse collar (part of harness)
lääni {n}  :: A translation for a similar administrative unit in another country, especially Sweden (län), Norway (fylke) or Russia (oblast)
lääni {n} [colloquial]  :: A land area or a house in private ownership, especially if it is large
lääni {n}  :: The term used for an official regional government unit between the state and the municipalities in Finland. It is usually translated as province into English
lääninhallitus {n}  :: provincial government (in Finland and Sweden)
lääninoikeus {n} [legal]  :: Until 1999 (since then alueellinen hallinto-oikeus - "regional administrative court"), a province-level administrative court which handled taxation-related and other administrative cases
lääninraja {n}  :: province (lääni) boundary
lääninrovasti {n}  :: rural dean
läänitys {n}  :: fiefdom (estate controlled by a feudal lord)
länketti {n} [Finglish]  :: blanket
länkisääri {n}  :: bowleg, genu varum
länkisäärinen {adj}  :: bow-legged (having a bowleg)
länkkäri {n} [colloquial]  :: western (narrative work dealing with the American Old West, especially a movie)
länkkäri {n}  :: cowboy (man who tends free-range cattle, especially in the American West)
lönkytellä {v}  :: to jog (to move at a pace that is faster than walk but slower than run)
lönkyttää {v}  :: to jog (to move at a pace that is faster than walk but slower than run)
lännempi {adj}  :: more western
lännenelokuva {n}  :: western (film)
lännenfilmi {n} [film]  :: A western
lännenhyytelöjäkälä {n}  :: Collema nigrescens (a lichen)
lännenmuura {n}  :: bicolored antvireo
lännenplataani {n}  :: sycamore, American sycamore, American planetree, occidental plane, buttonwood, Platanus occidentalis
lännenvaivaishiiri {n}  :: western harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis)
lännettyä {vi}  :: To become politically more western
länsi {n}  :: the West
länsi {n}  :: west
länsiatlantinsardelli {n}  :: bay anchovy, Anchoa mitchilli
Länsi-Eurooppa {prop}  :: Western Europe
länsieurooppalainen {adj}  :: Western European
länsieurooppalainen {n}  :: A Western European person
länsifriisi {n}  :: West Frisian (language spoken mostly in the province of Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands)
Länsi-Intia {prop}  :: The West Indies (islands)
länsilounas {n}  :: west-southwest
länsiluode {n}  :: west-northwest
länsimaa {n} [usually plural]  :: A western country
länsimaailma {n}  :: The western world
länsimaalainen {adj}  :: occidental
länsimaalainen {n}  :: westerner, an inhabitant of the West
länsimainen {adj}  :: western, occidental
länsimaistaa {vt}  :: To westernize
länsimaistaminen {n}  :: westernization (the process of causing to westernize)
länsimaistua {vi}  :: To become westernized
länsimaistuminen {n}  :: westernization (the process of becoming westernized)
länsiosa {n}  :: western part
länsipuoli {n}  :: westside
länsiraja {n}  :: western border
Länsiranta {prop}  :: The West Bank
Länsi-Sahara {prop}  :: Western Sahara
Länsi-Saksa {prop}  :: West Germany
Länsi-Suomi {prop} [geography]  :: The western parts of Finland; not a well defined area, but roughly equals the area that lies west of the line that connects Kokkola and Hanko, overlaps with Etelä-Suomi in the south
Länsi-Suomi {prop} [government]  :: A former (1997-2012) province (lääni) of Finland
Länsi-Suomi {prop} [linguistics, culture]  :: Those parts of Southern Finland in which the so called western dialects are spoken (see map)
länsituuli {n}  :: west wind
länsivallat {n}  :: The Western powers
länsiviitta {n} [nautical]  :: The cardinal mark for west
Länsi-Virginia {prop}  :: West Virginia
läntinen {adj}  :: western
läntisempi {adj}  :: comparative of läntinen
läntti {n} [colloquial]  :: A small spot of land
läntti {n} [colloquial]  :: splotch, stain
löntti {n}  :: Alternative form of klöntti
löntystää {vi}  :: to saunter
löntystellä {vi}  :: To saunter
loanheittäjä {n}  :: mudslinger
loata {v}  :: To spoil, dirt
lobata {v}  :: To lobby
lobbaaja {n}  :: lobber
lobbailla {v} [frequentative]  :: To lobby
lobbari {n}  :: lobbyist
lobbaus {n}  :: lobbying
lobbismi {n}  :: lobbying
lobbisti {n}  :: lobbyist
lobelia {n}  :: lobelia
lobotomia {n}  :: lobotomy
lodentakki {n}  :: loden coat
logaritmi {n} [mathematics]  :: logarithm
logaritminen {adj} [mathematics]  :: logarithmic
logaritmipaperi {n}  :: log-log paper
logaritmitaulu {n} [calculus]  :: table of logarithms, logarithm table
logaritmitaulukko {n} [calculus]  :: table of logarithms, logarithm table
-logi {suffix}  :: -logist
-logi {suffix}  :: -logy
-logia {suffix}  :: -logy
logiikka {n} [electronics]  :: programmable logic controller
logiikka {n}  :: logic
-loginen {suffix}  :: -logical
logistiikka {n}  :: logistics
logistikko {n}  :: logistician
logistinen {adj}  :: logistical
logo {n}  :: logo
logografi {n}  :: logograph (graphic symbol which represents a word or phrase)
logogrammi {n}  :: logogram (graphic symbol which represents a word or phrase)
logologia {n} [rare]  :: logology (study of words in search for God)
logopatia {n}  :: logopathy
logopedi {n}  :: logopedist
logopedia {n}  :: logopedics
logotutkimus {n}  :: logology (study of logos)
lohduke {n}  :: consolation
lohduton {adj}  :: hopeless, inconsolable, desperate
lohduttaa {vt}  :: To comfort
lohduttaja {n}  :: A comforter, consoler
lohduttaja {n}  :: The Comforter; often capitalized (alternative term for the Holy Spirit)
lohduttautua {vi}  :: To take solace; to comfort oneself
lohdutus {n}  :: comfort, consolation
lohdutuspalkinto {n}  :: consolation prize
lohdutuspalkinto {n}  :: rebound (romantic partner with whom one begins a relationship for the sake of getting over a previous, recently-ended romantic relationship)
lohestaa {v}  :: to fish salmon
lohi {n}  :: A salmon
lohi {n}  :: Specifically Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
lohikäärme {n}  :: dragon
lohikäärme {n}  :: drake (small dragon)
lohikäärme {n}  :: wyvern
Lohikäärme {prop}  :: The constellation Draco
lohikäärmeen veri {n}  :: dragon's blood
lohikäärmepuu {n}  :: dragon tree (tree of the genus Dracaena)
lohiporras {n}  :: salmon ladder, fish ladder, fishway, fish pass, fish steps
Lohja {prop}  :: A town in Uusimaa, Finland
lohjeta {vi}  :: To split (off), break (off), chip (off)
lohkaista {vt}  :: To split, chip off
lohkare {n}  :: block
lohkare {n}  :: boulder
lohko {n} [anatomy]  :: lobe of brain
lohko {n} [computing]  :: block, chunk
lohko {n}  :: section
lohko {n} [sports]  :: group (a set of teams playing each other in the same division, while at the same time not playing teams that belong to other sets in the division)
lohkoa {vt}  :: To cut up
lohkohedelmä {n} [botany]  :: schizocarp
lohkokaavio {n}  :: block diagram (pictorial representation of a system)
lohkoketju {n} [informatics]  :: blockchain (shared record)
lohkolämmitin {n}  :: block heater
lohkoontua {v}  :: alternative form of lohkoutua
lohkoutua {vi}  :: to be sectioned, to be cut into pieces
lohtu {n}  :: comfort, consolation, solace
lohtunainen {n}  :: Comfort woman
loihtia {v}  :: To conjure
loikata {vi}  :: To defect
loikata {vi}  :: To leap
loikka {n}  :: A leap
loikkari {n}  :: defector
loikkia {vi}  :: to leap, to proceed with leaps (repeatedly)
loikoa {vi}  :: To loll, recline
loikoilla {v}  :: To loll, lounge, lie
Loimaa {prop}  :: A town in the region of Southwest Finland
loimi {n}  :: rug [UK], blanket [US], caparison [often ornamental] (covering for an animal to protect it from the weather, or for ornamental purposes)
loimi {n}  :: warp (set of yarns placed lengthwise in a loom)
loimitukki {n}  :: A fore beam of a loom
loimu {n}  :: blaze
loimukoivu {n}  :: flamed birch; a variant of silver birch (Betula pendula), the grain of which is not straight, but has the form of a flame
loimukoivuinen {adj}  :: made of loimukoivu
loimukuvio {n} [instrument making, cabinetmaking]  :: flame, curl (contrasting light and dark figure seen in wood)
loimuta {vi}  :: To blaze, flare
loimuttaa {v} [cooking]  :: To cook using open fire
loinen {n}  :: As a former part of compound (as the stem lois-) signifies parasitic
loinen {n}  :: Parasite
lois- {prefix}  :: parasitic
loiseläin {n}  :: A parasitic animal
loisia {v}  :: to parasitize (to live on or in a host organism as a parasite)
loiskahdus {n}  :: splash
loiskasvi {n}  :: A parasitic plant
loiske {n}  :: splash
loiskia {vt}  :: to splash
loiskina {n}  :: The sound of waves; splash, lap
loiskinta {n}  :: The sound of waves; splash, lap
loiskis {interj}  :: splash
loiskua {vi}  :: To splash
loiskuna {n}  :: alternative form of loiskunta
loiskunta {n}  :: splash, lap
loiskuta {vi}  :: To splash
loiskuttaa {vt}  :: To splash
loismato {n}  :: any parasitic worm
loispistiäinen {n}  :: parasitoid wasp
loissieni {n}  :: fungal parasite
loistaa {vi}  :: To excel, shine (to distinguish oneself)
loistaa {vi}  :: To shine, glow, glare, sparkle (to emit light)
loistaa poissaolollaan {vi} [idiomatic]  :: To be conspicuous by one's absence, be conspicuously absent
loistartunta {n}  :: parasite infection
loistava {adj}  :: perfect, very good, excellent, brilliant, splendid
loistava {adj}  :: shining, glowing, glaring, sparkling, resplendent
loistavampi {adj}  :: comparative of loistava
loistavasti {adv}  :: perfectly, excellently
loistavasti {adv}  :: shiningly
loiste {n}  :: shine (brightness from a source of light)
loistediodi {n}  :: light-emitting diode, LED
loisteho {n} [electrical engineering]  :: reactive power
loistelamppu {n}  :: fluorescent lamp
loistelias {adj}  :: glorious
loisteputki {n}  :: fluorescent lamp (a gas-discharge lamp)
loisteputki {n}  :: strip light
loisto {n}  :: glitter, gleam, shine
loisto {n}  :: luxury, often as modifier in compound terms
loisto {n} [nautical]  :: A beacon equipped with light, often showing different colours to different directions and blinking according to a recognizable pattern
loisto {n}  :: splendor, glory
loistoaika {n}  :: golden age, heyday
loistohotelli {n}  :: luxury hotel
loistokas {adj}  :: glamorous
loistokkuus {n}  :: shine (excellence in quality or appearance)
loistorapu {n} [dated]  :: synonym of krilli
loistoristeilijä {n}  :: A luxury cruiser
loitolla {adv}  :: away, back, far away
loitolle {adv}  :: away, back, far away (to a place far from here)
loitolta {adv}  :: from a distance, from far away
loitommaksi {adv}  :: farther away (to a location that is farther away)
loitommalla {adv}  :: farther away (in a place that is farther away)
loitommalle {adv}  :: farther away (to a place that is farther away)
loitommalta {adv}  :: from farther away (from a place that is farther away)
loitommas {adv}  :: alternative form of loitommaksi
loitompaa {adv}  :: from farther away (from a location that is farther away)
loitompana {adv}  :: farther away (in a location that is farther away)
loitompi {adj}  :: comparative of loitto
loitontaa {vt}  :: To move away, to distance
loitontajahermo {n} [anatomy]  :: abducens nerve, VI cranial nerve (nerve which controls the lateral rectus muscle, in the eye)
loitontajalihas {n} [anatomy]  :: abductor (muscle)
loitontua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To move further away
loitota {vi}  :: to move away, recede
loitsia {v}  :: to cast a spell, enchant, incant
loitsu {n}  :: A spell
loitto {adj} [archaic]  :: distant (located far away)
loittorengas {n} [photography]  :: extension tube, extension ring (element used to lengthen a camera objective thus allowing closer focusing than without it)
loiva {adj}  :: gentle (slope)
loiventaa {vt}  :: To make less steep
loiventava {n} [colloquial]  :: A hair of the dog, a drink taken to make the wear-off of alcohol more shallow, or to lessen the hangover experience
loiventua {vi}  :: To become less steep
loiveta {vi}  :: synonym of loiventua
lojaali {adj}  :: loyal
lojaalinen {adj}  :: loyal
lojaalisesti {adv}  :: loyally
lojaalisti {adv}  :: loyally
lojaalisuus {n}  :: loyalty, fidelity
lojaalius {n}  :: loyalty, fidelity
lojaliteetti {n}  :: loyalty
lojban {n}  :: Lojban (language)
lojua {v}  :: To lay around
lojua {v}  :: To sprawl
loka {n}  :: Mud, dirt (wet)
lokaali {adj} [mathematics]  :: local
lokaalinen {adj}  :: local
lokakuinen {adj}  :: Pertaining to October
lokakuu {n}  :: October
lokalisaatio {n}  :: localization
lokalisoida {vt}  :: To localize
lokalisoitua {vi}  :: To become localized
lokari {n} [colloquial]  :: A fender, wing [UK] (panel of a car which encloses the wheel area)
lokari {n} [Finglish]  :: A logger
lokasuoja {n}  :: A fender, wing [UK] (panel of a car which encloses the wheel area)
lokatiivi {n} [grammar]  :: locative case, locative (grammatical case)
lokerikko {n}  :: pigeonhole message box
lokero {n}  :: pigeonhole (one of an array of compartments for sorting post, messages etc.)
lokero {n}  :: small compartment or box
lokeroida {v}  :: To compartmentalize, to pigeonhole, to label
lokeronivusajos {n} [disease]  :: lymphogranuloma venereum
loki {n} [nautical]  :: log (device to measure the speed of a vessel)
lokikirja {n}  :: logbook
lokinsiipi {n}  :: A car equipped with gull-wing doors
lokki {n}  :: gull, seagull (any bird of the genus Larus within the family Laridae)
lokki {n} [taxonomy]  :: gull, seagull (any bird of the family Laridae)
lokkiparvi {n}  :: A flock of gulls
lokoilla {v}  :: To while away, idle, rest (to spend one's time comfortably and care-free)
lokomobiili {n} [archaic]  :: A traction engine
lokomotiivi {n} [archaic]  :: A locomotive (railway engine)
loksaa {v}  :: alternative form of loksua
loksahtaa {v}  :: to snap (to fit or fasten together with a snapping sound)
lokse {n}  :: clatter, rattle (the sound of loose metallic parts)
loksodromi {n}  :: loxodrome
lokum {n}  :: Turkish delight (traditional sweet)
lokus {n}  :: locus (a fixed position on a chromosome)
lokvatti {n} [plant]  :: loquat, Eriobotrya japonica
lolita {n}  :: lolita, nymph, nymphette (sexually attractive young girl)
loma {n}  :: gap
loma {n}  :: holiday, vacation; furlough
loma-aika {n}  :: vacation period
lomaan {adv}  :: To between
loma-asunto {n}  :: vacation home [US], holiday home [UK] (building or piece of property used as a secondary residence during vacations)
lomailija {n}  :: holiday-maker, vacationer, holidayer
lomailla {vi}  :: To (go on) vacation, holiday
lomake {n}  :: form (document)
lomakeskus {n}  :: holiday resort, holiday centre, holiday center
lomakohde {n}  :: resort (a relaxing environment to people on vacation)
lomakorvaus {n}  :: vacation compensation
lomapäivä {n}  :: holiday, vacation day (day taken off work by an employee for leisure)
lomauttaa {v}  :: to lay off temporarily
lomautus {n}  :: (temporary) layoff; furlough [US]
lombardia {n}  :: The Lombard language
Lombardia {prop}  :: Lombardy (province of Italy)
lombardialainen {adj}  :: Lombard (of or relating to Lombardy or its people)
lombardialainen {n}  :: A Lombard (person originating from Lombardy)
Lombard-korko {n} [finance]  :: Lombard rate
lomitse {postp}  :: from among
lomittua {vi}  :: to interlock
lomittua {v} [quantum physics]  :: to be entangled
lomittuminen {n} [physics]  :: quantum entanglement (quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects are spatially separated)
lommahdus {n}  :: buckling
lommo {n}  :: dent, dimple
lommoontua {vi}  :: To dent
lommoutua {v}  :: alternative form of lommoontua
lompakko {n}  :: wallet
lompsa {n} [colloquial]  :: wallet
Long Island {prop}  :: Long Island (any place called "Long Island" in English, particularly an island to the east of New York City)
longitudi {n} [geography]  :: longitude
lonka {n}  :: A single, large cloud
lonka {n} [dialectal]  :: pitko (baked good)
lonkermanni {n} [colloquial]  :: middle finger
lonkero {n} [colloquial]  :: A type of canned or bottled drink or long drink similar to alcopop, typically consisting of one liquor and one mixer and in modern prodution made by fermenting. The alcohol content is about 5%
lonkero {n}  :: tentacle
lonkerojalkainen {n}  :: brachiopod
lonkerokiehkura {n} [zoology]  :: calyx (crown of a crinoid)
lonkka {n} [anatomy]  :: hip, haunch
lonkkaluu {n} [skeleton]  :: A hip bone or innominate bone
lonkkamalja {n} [skeleton]  :: acetabulum (bony cup)
lonkkanivel {n} [anatomy]  :: hip joint
lonkkari {n} [slang]  :: longboard (large skating board)
lonkkavika {n} [disease, colloquial]  :: Canine hip dysplasia
Lontoo {prop}  :: London (capital city of the United Kingdom)
lontoolainen {adj}  :: London (as modifier: of, from or pertaining to London in the UK)
lontoolainen {adj}  :: Londonish
lontoolainen {n}  :: A Londoner (a person from, or an inhabitant of, London, UK)
loogikko {n}  :: logician
loogillinen {adj}  :: dated form of looginen
looginen {adj}  :: Logical
looginen {adj}  :: Related to logic
loogisesti {adv}  :: logically
loogisuus {n}  :: logicality
loordi {n}  :: alternative spelling of lordi
loosi {n}  :: compartment, box (area partly separated in a restaurant etc.)
loosi {n}  :: lodge (group of Freemasons)
loota {n} [colloquial]  :: box
lootus {n}  :: lotus (plant of the genus Nelumbo)
lootusasento {n}  :: lotus position (cross-legged sitting position)
lopen {adv}  :: altogether, to death
lopettaa {vi}  :: to call it a day
lopettaa {vt} [computing]  :: to close
lopettaa {vt} [esp of animals]  :: to kill, put down, put to sleep, destroy, euthanize
lopettaa {vt} [legal]  :: to cease and desist (to stop and to not resume an action)
lopettaa {vt}  :: to complete
lopettaa {vt}  :: to stop, end, finish, quit
lopettaminen {n}  :: ending, finishing
lopetus {n}  :: ending, stopping, finishing, ceasing
lopetuskodoni {n} [biology]  :: stop codon (codon that instructs protein synthesis to stop)
Loping-epookki {n} [geology]  :: Lopingian, Upper Permian, Later Permian (last epoch of the Permian)
loppasuu {n} [slang]  :: glutton (one who quickly devours all available food and drink)
loppiainen {n}  :: Epiphany
loppiaisaika {n}  :: A period of the protestant liturgical year beginning from Epiphany and lasting until Shrove Tuesday
loppiaiskakku {n}  :: king cake
loppu {adv}  :: out of, in the expression ablative + 3rd-pers. singular of olla + nominative + loppu = to be out of
loppu {n}  :: A conclusion (end, finish, close or last part of something)
loppu {n}  :: A finish (end of anything)
loppu {n}  :: An end
loppu {n}  :: An ending (last part of something)
loppu {n}  :: (in plural, loput + nominative plural) The rest, the remaining
loppua {vi}  :: To (come to an) end, finish, get over, stop, cease
loppua {vi}  :: To run out
loppuaika {n}  :: finish time
loppuelämä {n}  :: The rest of one's life
loppuheitto {n} [linguistics]  :: apocope
loppu hyvin, kaikki hyvin {proverb}  :: all's well that ends well
loppuilta {n}  :: late evening
loppuilta {n}  :: rest of the evening
loppujen lopuksi {adv}  :: after all, when all is said and done
loppukausi {n}  :: late season
loppukesä {n}  :: late summer
loppukevät {n}  :: late spring
loppukilpailu {n}  :: final (contest for selecting the winners from the finalists)
loppukilpailu {n} [sports]  :: final (last round, game or match in a contest, after which the winner is determined)
loppukiri {n}  :: final spurt (increased effort towards the end of an action)
loppukiri {n}  :: kick (an increase in speed in the final part of a running race)
loppukäyttäjä {n}  :: end user (final consumer of a product)
loppuliite {n} [grammar]  :: suffix
loppumaton {adj}  :: endless
loppuminen {n}  :: ending
loppuosa {n}  :: remainder, balance (whatever is left of an original amount after something has been taken away first)
loppuottelu {n} [sports]  :: championship, final
loppupeli {n} [chess]  :: endgame (part of a chess game in which there are few pieces left)
loppupeli {n}  :: endgame (final stage of an extended process or course of events)
loppupäivä {n}  :: in plural, rest of the days, the remaining days
loppupäivä {n}  :: in singular, rest of the day
loppupuoli {n}  :: last half or a more vaguely defined last part of anything, like of a period of time, semester, holiday, trip etc
loppuratkaisu {n} [drama]  :: dénouement (conclusion or resolution of a plot)
loppusanat {n}  :: epilogue
loppusarja {n} [sports]  :: finals (series of last rounds, games or matches in a contest, after which the winner is determined)
loppusointu {n}  :: rhyme
loppusumma {n}  :: grand total (entire or final sum)
loppusuora {n}  :: home stretch (final part of a race course)
loppusuora {n} [idiomatic]  :: home stretch (final part of a distance or effort needed)
loppusyksy {n}  :: late autumn/fall
lopputalvi {n}  :: late winter
lopputekstit {n} [film, video]  :: credits (written titles shown in the end of a film or video)
lopputili {n}  :: pink slip
lopputulos {n}  :: final result; used to point out the difference to välitulos
lopputuote {n}  :: end product
lopputurnaus {n}  :: final, finals (the last round, game or match in a contest, after which the winner is determined)
lopputurnaus {n}  :: finals, final (contest that narrows a field of contestants to ranked positions)
lopputyö {n}  :: diploma work, degree work
loppuunkäsitelty {n}  :: exhausted
loppuunmyydä {v}  :: alternative form of myydä loppuun
loppuunmyynti {n}  :: closing-down sale, closeout, clearance (sale in which all merchandise is sold, at whatever reduced price is necessary)
loppuvaihe {n}  :: final stage
loppuviikko {n}  :: Any of the last weeks of a longer period of time
loppuviikko {n}  :: Some cases are used adverbially to produce expressions similar to English "late + this/next/last + week", see loppuviikolla, loppuviikosta
loppuviikko {n}  :: The end or second half of a week, usually understood to refer to a working week, i.e. to Thursday and Friday, sometimes Wednesday
loppuvuosi {n} [in the plural]  :: The last or remaining years of a period
loppuvuosi {n}  :: The last or remaining months of a year
lopuke {n}  :: cadence
lopuksi {adv}  :: lastly, finally, ultimately (indicating the last item)
lopullinen {adj}  :: decisive
lopullinen {adj}  :: definitive
lopullinen {adj}  :: final, ultimate
lopullinen {adj} [legal]  :: peremptory (not admitting of question or appeal)
lopullisesti {adv}  :: finally, conclusively, once and for all, for good (completely; beyond recovery)
lopullisuus {n}  :: finality
lopulta {adv}  :: at last (after a long time)
lopulta {adv}  :: at last, eventually, finally, in the end
lopun ajat {n}  :: end times
lopussa {adv}  :: in the end
lopussa {adv}  :: olla lopussa: to be over, finished; to be exhausted
loputon {adj}  :: Endless
loputtomasti {adv}  :: endlessly, unendingly
loputtomiin {adv}  :: endlessly
loputtomuus {n}  :: endlessness, infinity
lorauttaa {vt}  :: to pour loudly
lordi {n}  :: lord (British aristocrat, especially a member of the House of Lords)
lordoosi {n} [pathology]  :: lordosis
lori {n}  :: loris
lorina {n}  :: gurgle
lornetti {n}  :: a lorgnette
lorotella {v} [colloquial]  :: to drizzle (to urinate)
lorotella {v}  :: to pour (of pouring a liquid loudly)
lorottaa {v} [colloquial]  :: To drizzle (to urinate)
lorottaa {vt}  :: To pour liquid loudly
loru {n}  :: short rhyme, e.g. nursery rhyme
loruta {vi}  :: to chatter, blather
lorvailla {vi}  :: To slack off
lorvehtia {v}  :: alternative form of lorvailla
lorvia {v}  :: alternative form of lorvailla
Los {prop} [informal]  :: LA (Los Angeles, metropol in California)
Los Angeles {prop}  :: Los Angeles
losangelesilainen {adj}  :: Los Angeleno, Los Angelean
losangelesilainen {n}  :: Los Angeleno, Los Angelean
losilainen {adj} [informal]  :: Angeleno
losilainen {n}  :: (informal) Angeleno
loska {n}  :: slush
loskakeli {n}  :: slushy road condition
lossi {n}  :: cable ferry
Lothringen {prop}  :: Lorraine (region in NE France)
lotina {n}  :: squelch
lotista {vi}  :: To squelch (make a sucking, splashing sounds); very close in meaning to the verb litistä, but describes a more low-pitched sound
lotja {n}  :: barge
lotota {vi}  :: to play lotto
lotrata {v}  :: To play with water
lotta {n}  :: A member of Lotta Svärd
Lotta {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of the Swedish Charlotta
lotto {n}  :: lotto, (type of lottery in which a small number - often six, in Finland currently seven - of numbers are drawn from a larger body of numbers, typically around 40 to 50)
lottoaja {n}  :: lotto player
lottovoitto {n}  :: lottery win
loue {n}  :: A type of hiking tent which utilises a similar structural idea
loue {n}  :: A type of light temporary shelter consisting of a triangular piece of canvas (called louevaate), which is supported by a flexible pole
louevaate {n}  :: A piece of canvas or other material specifically made to serve for setting up a loue
louhe {n}  :: blasted stone (stone that has been separated from rock by blasting or otherwise)
Louhi {prop} [mythology, Kalevala]  :: In Finnish mythology, a powerful witch and the queen of the land of Pohjola
louhia {v} [computing]  :: to mine (to create cryptocurrency)
louhia {v}  :: to blast (to shatter, as if by an explosion)
louhia {v}  :: to mine (to remove ore from the ground)
louhia {v}  :: to quarry (to obtain stone from a quarry)
louhikko {n}  :: A field of jagged rocks
louhikäärme {n} [archaic]  :: alternative form of lohikäärme
louhinta {n}  :: mining, quarrying, blasting
louhos {n}  :: quarry (site for mining stone, limestone or slate)
loukata {vt} [+ genitive-accusative]  :: To wound, hurt, injure (physically)
loukata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To violate, infringe upon, encroach upon, make inroads on
loukata {vt} [+ partitive]  :: To wound, hurt, injure (mentally), to offend, insult
loukkaantua {vi}  :: To be hurt, be injured, be wounded
loukkaantua {vi}  :: To be insulted, be bruised, come to harm
loukkaantua {vi}  :: To be offended at, take umbrage
loukkaantua {vi}  :: To come to grief
loukkaantuminen {n}  :: injury
loukkaantuminen {n}  :: offense
loukkaava {adj}  :: derogatory, offensive
loukkaava {adj}  :: insulting
loukkaus {n}  :: insult, affront
loukkaus {n}  :: violation, infringement
loukkautua {vi}  :: alternative form of loukkaantua
loukku {n}  :: trap (especially mechanical trap to catch animals)
lounainen {adj}  :: southwestern, southwesterly
lounais- {adj}  :: alternative form of lounainen
Lounais-Afrikka {prop} [historical]  :: South West Africa (the colonial name of the area which is now Namibia)
lounaisosa {n}  :: southwestern part
lounaispuoli {n}  :: southwestern side
Lounais-Suomi {prop}  :: southwest Finland
lounaistuuli {n}  :: southwest wind
lounas {n}  :: lunch
lounas {n}  :: southwest
lounasaika {n}  :: lunchtime
lounastaa {vi}  :: To lunch
loveta {vt}  :: To notch
lovi {n}  :: cleft (V-shaped cut)
lovi {n}  :: notch (V-shaped cut; such a cut used for keeping a record)
lovi {n}  :: trance; used only in the expression langeta loveen, which means "to fall into a trance"
Loviisa {prop}  :: A town on the SE coast of Finland, named in 1752 for Queen Lovisa Ulrika of Sweden
Loviisa {prop}  :: given name
lovileuka {n} [anatomy]  :: cleft chin
löpö {n} [slang]  :: gas, gasoline
löpö {n} [slang]  :: heating oil
löpö {n} [slang]  :: scaber stalk mushroom, (Leccinum scabrum)
läpeensä {adv}  :: thoroughly
löperö {adj}  :: inefficient (incapable of, or indisposed to, effective action)
löperö {adj}  :: negligent, neglectful, careless (without appropriate or sufficient attention)
lööperi {n} [colloquial]  :: nonsense, rubbish
löperösti {adv}  :: inefficiently
löperösti {adv}  :: negligently, neglectfully, carelessly
löperyys {n}  :: inefficiency
löperyys {n}  :: negligence
läpi {adv}  :: over (thoroughly; completely)
läpi {adv}  :: through:
läpi {n} [colloquial, in negative contexts]  :: a mouth, hole:
läpi {n} [rare]  :: Hole (usually for ventilation), (depending on the place of the hole) window, shutter, door
läpi {postp}  :: across:
läpi {postp}  :: päästä jostakin (elative) läpi = to pass something (such as test or examination)
läpi {postp}  :: through:
läpi- {prefix}  :: trans-, cross-
läpiajo {n}  :: In certain card games, a situation where one player or a pair takes all tricks
läpiajo {n} [sports]  :: In ice hockey, a breakaway
läpikotainen {adj}  :: thorough
läpikotaisesti {adv}  :: thoroughly
läpikotaisin {adv}  :: thoroughly, entirely, through and through, to the core
läpikuultamaton {adj}  :: opaque
läpikuultamattomuus {n}  :: opaqueness
läpikuultava {adj}  :: translucent, see-through
läpikäydä {v}  :: alternative form of käydä läpi
läpileikkaus {n}  :: cross-section (representative sample)
läpimeno {n}  :: passage, pass, passing (of an exam, legislation etc.)
läpimeno {n} [sports]  :: intersection [e.g. in synchronized skating]
läpimitta {n}  :: diameter (length)
läpimärkä {adj}  :: soaked, sodden, drenched, soaked to the skin, soaked to the bone, all wet
läpimurto {n}  :: A breakthrough (major progress)
läpimurto {n}  :: A breakthrough (military advance)
läpimurto {n}  :: As a modifier in a compound term, breakthrough
löpinä {n}  :: twaddle
läpinäkymätön {adj}  :: opaque
läpinäkymättömyys {n}  :: opacity
läpinäkyvä {adj}  :: transparent, see-through
läpinäkyvyys {n}  :: transparency
läpäisevä {adj}  :: permeable
läpäistä {v} [military]  :: to pass through, infiltrate
läpäistä {v}  :: to hole (to make a hole, especially a large one)
läpäistä {v}  :: to make a hole
läpäistä {v}  :: to pass (an exam or inspection)
läpäistä {v}  :: to pierce, penetrate
löpistä {vi}  :: To chatter, blather
läpisyöttö {n} [soccer]  :: through ball
läpisyöttö {n} [tennis]  :: ace (serve won without the opponent hitting the ball)
läpitunkematon {adj}  :: impenetrable
läpitunkeva {adj}  :: penetrating
läpitunkeva {adj}  :: piercing
läpitunkevasti {adv}  :: penetratingly, piercingly
läpivalaisu {n}  :: transillumination, X-ray
läpivalaisuelektronimikroskooppi {n}  :: transmission electron microscope
läpivärjätä {v}  :: To pad (to imbue uniformly with a mordant)
läpällä {adv} [slang]  :: for kicks, for laughs, for fun, for shits and giggles
läppä {n} [anatomy]  :: valve
läppä {n}  :: flap
läppä {n} [slang]  :: joke
lääppiä {v}  :: grope, fondle, touch up (inappropriately)
lööppi {n}  :: headline poster, newspaper poster; [UK] newspaper billboard (poster that promotes a particular issue of a newspaper)
Löppönen {prop}  :: surname
läppäri {n} [colloquial]  :: laptop
läppäsilta {n}  :: bascule bridge, drawbridge (bridge consisting of one or two opening leafs to allow watercrafts to pass)
läppävika {n} [pathology]  :: valvular defect
läpsää {v}  :: to slap (to produce the sound repeatedly)
läpsiä {v}  :: To slap (repeatedly)
läpsytellä {v}  :: To slap (repeatedly, indifferently)
läpätä {v}  :: to slap gently, as in order to get someone's attention or to wake someone up
lörppä {n}  :: Alternative term for lörppö
lörppö {adj}  :: talkative, chattery
lörppö {n}  :: babbler, blabber, blabbermouth (one who reveals secrets by talking too much)
lörppö {n}  :: chatterbox, babbler, blabber (one who chats or talks to excess)
lörpötellä {vi}  :: to chatter, blab, blabber, kibitz
lörpöttää {vi}  :: to chatter, blather
lörpöttelijä {n}  :: Alternative term for lörppö
lörpöttely {n}  :: chatter, babble, prattle, gabble, twaddle (talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk, idle talk)
lörpötys {n}  :: Alternative term for lörpöttely
lörötellä {v} [dialectal]  :: alternative form of lorotella
lörtsy {n}  :: A thin, half-moon shaped pastry commonly served as street food in eastern Finland; can be made with a variety of fillings from savoury meats to jam
lärvi {n} [colloquial]  :: mug, face
läsiä {v} [dialectal, rare]  :: to ail (to suffer from a disease)
läsi {n}  :: A blaze (mark resembling fire on an animal's face)
läski {adj} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: fat
läski {n} [derogatory]  :: fatso, fat person
läski {n}  :: fat (animal tissue)
läski {n}  :: salo (non-rendered pig fat used as food)
läskimaha {n}  :: fat gut, spare tire, fat-ass
läskivasara {n} [pejorative, slang]  :: fatso
läsnä {adv}  :: present (being in the immediate vicinity)
läsnä oleva {adj}  :: present
läsnäolevuus {n} [psychology]  :: mindfulness (tendency to be mindful)
läsnäolija {n}  :: One who is present
läsnäolo {n}  :: presence
lössi {n} [colloquial]  :: group of people
lössi {n} [geology]  :: loess
lössiylänkö {n}  :: loess upland (high-lying, non-mountaineous area, the soil of which consists of loess)
lässyttää {vi}  :: To talk to someone in an overly affectionate or childish manner, such as when speaking to one's pet, baby or sexual partner
lästi {n}  :: last (old unit of weight and/or carrying capacity of a ship)
-ltä {suffix}  :: alternative form of -lta (ablative case suffix for words with front vowel harmony). For usage notes see Finnish entry for ablatiivi
-lta {suffix}  :: from (indicates the ablative case). For usage notes see Finnish entry for ablatiivi
lääte {n} [plant]  :: alpine saw-wort, Saussurea alpina
-lti {suffix} [rare]  :: Forms adverbs from some adjectives, that mean "in the manner of being something". The meaning is roughly the same as that of -sti. The corresponding English expressions are not necessarily obvious
lätistä {vi}  :: to chatter
lätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: Any relatively flat and small object. Translation into English depends on the kind of object. One may consider e.g. disk, flap, scrap, badge or simply piece
lätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: ice hockey
lätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: olla lätkässä = to be infatuated, enamoured, to have a crush
lätkä {n} [colloquial]  :: The puck used in ice hockey
lätkä {n}  :: paddle (spanking implement)
lätkä {n} [slang]  :: Hashish
lötkö {adj} [colloquial]  :: Alternative term for veltto
ltk {abbr}  :: abbreviation of laatikko (box, as unit of counting)
ltk {abbr}  :: abbreviation of lautakunta (committee or board)
LTK {initialism}  :: Liiketyönantajain Keskusliitto, a former employers' association for retail and wholesale businesses, now part of EK
lätkiä {v}  :: To slap
lätkintä {n}  :: slapping
lätäkkö {n}  :: puddle
lötkötellä {v}  :: synonym of löhötä
lötköttää {v}  :: Alternative term for löhötä
läträtä {v}  :: To play with water
lätti {n}  :: Latvian language
lätti {n}  :: piggery
lättäjalka {n} [informal]  :: flatfoot (condition or person)
lättäjalkainen {adj} [informal]  :: flatfooted
lättänä {adj}  :: flat
lättäpalmikko {n} [nautical]  :: baggywrinkle
lätty {n}  :: A thin pancake, crepe
lätty {n} [slang]  :: A face, especially an ugly one
lubenter approbatur {n}  :: An academic grade used in Finnish abitur and university theses, the second-lowest pass grade
luddiitti {n}  :: A Luddite
lude {n}  :: a bedbug
lude {n}  :: a bug (an insect of the order Hemiptera)
Ludvig {prop}  :: Louis - this Swedish name is used for historical persons
lueksia {v}  :: alternative form of lueskella
luennoida {v}  :: To lecture
luennoija {n}  :: A lecturer
luennoitsija {n}  :: alternative form of luennoija
luenta {n}  :: reading
luento {n}  :: A lecture, especially one given in a higher learning institution as part of the curriculum
luentosali {n}  :: lecture hall, auditorium
lueskella {vt} [+ partitive]  :: to read cursorily (in an indifferent manner), glance/flip/browse through
luetella {vt}  :: To list, itemise/itemize, enumerate
luettaa {vt}  :: To have something read (by somebody = adessive, -lla/llä), make somebody (= adessive, -lla/llä) read something
luettava {adj}  :: legible, readable
luettavuus {n}  :: legibility
luettavuus {n}  :: readability
luettelo {n}  :: list, catalogue
luetteloida {vt}  :: To list, catalogue
luetuttaa {v} [deprecated]  :: alternative form of luettaa
luffata {v} [nautical, slang]  :: To haul (to sail closer to the wind)
luhistaa {vt}  :: To collapse (to cause to collapse)
luhistua {vi}  :: To collapse, to implode
luhta {n} [ecology]  :: flood meadow
luhta {n} [ecology]  :: swamp
luhtakana {n}  :: Any bird of the genus Rallus
luhtakana {n}  :: water rail (Rallus aquaticus)
luhtalitukka {n}  :: cuckoo flower, lady's smock (Cardamine pratensis)
luhti {n}  :: The upper floor of a granary etc
luihu {adj}  :: deceptive
luikero {n}  :: Combtooth blenny, a fish of the family Blenniidae
luikerrella {v}  :: to slither (of a snake)
luiku {n} [rare]  :: skid
luimistaa {v}  :: to put back one's ears (of an animal)
luinen {adj}  :: bony (made or consisting of bone)
luiru {n}  :: too thin beverage
luiseva {adj}  :: bony (having a lot of bone and little flesh)
luiska {adj}  :: slanted, inclined
luiska {n}  :: A ramp (inclined surface that connects two levels)
luiska {n}  :: A slanted edge of a road, ditch, embankment or other man-made land formation
luiskahdella {vi}  :: To slip (repeatedly)
luiskahtaa {vi}  :: To slip (suddenly)
luistaa {v}  :: To avoid (work, responsibility)
luistaa {v}  :: To go, run smoothly or successfully (of business etc.)
luistaa {v}  :: To slide
luistelija {n}  :: skater, ice skater
luistella {vi}  :: To (ice-)skate
luistelu {n}  :: ice skating
luisteluhiihto {n}  :: skate skiing
luistin {n}  :: ice skate, skate
luistinrata {n}  :: ice skating track
luisto {n}  :: slide, slip, slipping
luisua {vi}  :: To slide
luja {adj}  :: fast
luja {adj}  :: firm
luja {adj}  :: sound
lujahermoisuus {n}  :: mettle (quality of endurance and courage)
lujasti {adv}  :: firmly
lujentaa {vt} [rare]  :: to strengthen
lujeta {v}  :: of a sound, to become louder
lujeta {v}  :: to become firmer or stronger
lujike {n}  :: reinforcement
lujite {n}  :: reinforcement
lujittaa {vt}  :: To strengthen (an agreement, friendship, pact etc.)
lujittaa {vt}  :: To strengthen (a structure)
lujittaminen {n}  :: firming up, consolidation, strengthening, reinforcement
lujittua {vi}  :: To be cemented
lujuus {n}  :: resolution, fortitude, steadfastness (mental property)
lujuus {n}  :: strength, firmness (physical and mental property)
Luka {prop}  :: given name of modern usage. [Luka is also used as the transliteration of the Russian male given name Лука́.]
lukaista {v}  :: To read something quickly (from its beginning to its end)
lukea {v} [obsolete]  :: to count, still used in some expressions like mukaan luettuna, mukaan lukien
lukea {vt}  :: to read
lukea madonluvut {v} [idiomatic]  :: To read somebody the riot act (lit.: to read somebody the numbers of a worm)
lukema {n}  :: Reading (a value indicated by a measuring device)
lukematon {adj}  :: countless, uncountable
lukematon {adj}  :: unread
lukemattoman {adv}  :: uncountably (too many to be counted)
lukeminen {n}  :: reading (act of reading)
lukeminen {n}  :: reading (the material read)
lukemisto {n}  :: reading material, reading (something to read)
lukeneisto {n}  :: literati (well-educated people)
lukeutua {vi} [ , + illative]  :: To belong, be counted as, be reckoned as
lukihäiriö {n}  :: dyslexia (learning disability)
lukija {n}  :: reader
lukijakunta {n}  :: readership, audience
lukinkalvo {n} [anatomy]  :: arachnoid mater
lukinkalvonalainen {adj} [anatomy]  :: subarachnoid (located or occurring below the arachnoid membran)
lukinkalvonalaistila {n} [anatomy]  :: subarachnoid space (space between the arachnoid mater and the pia mater that surround the brain and spinal cord}
lukio {n}  :: In Finnish school system, a 3-year school that prepares the students for academic studies (grades 10 to 12), corresponds the senior high school (US) and high school in many other places
lukiolainen {n}  :: highschooler
lukita {vt}  :: to lock (to fasten with a lock or as if with a lock)
lukitsin {n}  :: lock (device or mechanism that locks, but is operated without a key)
lukittua {vi}  :: To become locked, to get locked
lukitus {n}  :: locking
lukkari {n}  :: A church officer, similar to a sexton
lukkari {n} [sports, pesäpallo]  :: pitcher
lukki {n}  :: A harvestman (arachnid)
lukki {n}  :: A straddle carrier (vehicle used in ports and yards for stacking and moving containers)
lukkiintua {vi} [colloquial]  :: To lock
lukkiutua {v}  :: to become locked, get locked
lukkiutua {v}  :: to lock (to become fastened in place)
lukko {n} [guns]  :: bolt
lukko {n} [jewellery]  :: clasp
lukko {n}  :: lock
lukkokaappi {n}  :: locker (lockable cabinet)
lukkolokero {n}  :: locker (lockable compartment, usually in a cabinet comprising of a number of them)
lukkoseppä {n}  :: locksmith
lukkoutua {vi}  :: alternative form of lukkiutua
lukossa {adv}  :: olla lukossa: to be locked
luksaatio {n} [medicine]  :: luxation, dislocation
luksi {n} [physics]  :: lux (in SI-system, the derived unit of illuminance)
luksus {n}  :: luxury
luksusristeilijä {n}  :: luxury cruiser
luku {n}  :: chapter (one of the main section into which the text of a book is divided; one of the main part in a legal statute)
luku {n} [grammar]  :: number
luku {n}  :: number, count, quantity
luku {n}  :: reading
luku {n}  :: story, especially as follows
luku {n}  :: together with a year, used to indicate decade, century or sometimes even millennium
lukuaine {n}  :: [school] theoretical subject
lukuinen {adj} [as headword in compound terms]  :: Capable of reading or being read in the way defined by the modifier
lukuinen {adj} [as headword in compound terms]  :: Consisting of a number of elements or parts in the way defined by the modifier
lukuinen {adj} [rare]  :: numerous
lukuisa {adj}  :: numerous
luku- ja kirjoitustaidoton {adj}  :: illiterate (unable to read and write)
luku- ja kirjoitustaidoton {n}  :: illiterate (person who cannot read nor write)
lukujärjestelmä {n} [mathematics]  :: A number system, numeral system
lukujärjestys {n}  :: school timetable
lukukausi {n}  :: A semester (term lasting roughly one half of an academic year)
lukukausi {n}  :: A term (division of an academic year)
lukukausi {n}  :: A trimester (term lasting roughly one third of an academic year)
lukukausimaksu {n}  :: tuition (sum of money paid for instruction)
lukukelpoinen {adj}  :: readable
lukukelvoton {adj}  :: illegible
lukukelvoton {adj}  :: unreadable
lukulaite {n}  :: e-reader (electronic device for reading books, newspapers etc)
lukulaite {n}  :: reader (device for optical reading of coded messages such as barcodes)
lukulasit {n}  :: reading glasses
lukumäärä {n}  :: amount (number)
lukumäärä {n}  :: number, count
lukumääräinen {adj}  :: numerical, quantitative (of, or relating to countable amounts)
lukumuisti {n} [computing]  :: read-only memory
lukusali {n}  :: reading room (room in a library)
lukusana {n} [grammar]  :: numeral
lukutaidoton {adj}  :: Illiterate (unable to read)
lukutaidoton {n}  :: Illiterate (person unable to read)
lukutaidottomuus {n}  :: illiteracy
lukutaito {n}  :: Literacy
lukutaitoinen {adj}  :: Literate
lukuteoria {n}  :: number theory
lukutoukka {n}  :: bookworm (avid book reader)
lukuun ottamatta {adv}  :: except, with the exception of
lukuun ottamatta {adv}  :: other than, apart from
lukuvuosi {n}  :: academic year
lukuvuosi {n}  :: school year
lullukka {n}  :: wuss
lume {n}  :: illusion
lumeavioliitto {n}  :: Alternative term for näennäisavioliitto
lumelääke {n} [pharmacology]  :: placebo
lumemaailma {n} [computing]  :: virtual world
lumen {n} [physics, anatomy, botany, medicine]  :: lumen
lumeton {adj}  :: snowless
lumettua {vi}  :: To become covered by snow; to become snowy
lumeutua {v}  :: alternative form of lumettua
lumi {n}  :: snow
Lumi {prop}  :: given name of modern usage
lumiaita {n}  :: snow fence
lumiapina {n}  :: golden snub-nosed monkey, Rhinopithecus roxellana (species of monkey endemic to the mountainous forests of central China)
lumiaura {n}  :: snow plow [US], snow plough [UK]
lumienkeli {n}  :: snow angel
lumihanhi {n}  :: snow goose (Chen caerulescens)
lumihanki {n}  :: snow blanket
lumihiutale {n}  :: snowflake
lumihuippuinen {adj}  :: snow-capped
lumijumi {n} [colloquial]  :: condition of being stuck in snow
lumijumi {n} [colloquial]  :: difficult road conditions caused by heavy snowfall
lumikello {n}  :: snowdrop (plant of the genus Galanthus)
lumikenkä {n}  :: snowshoe
lumikenkäjänis {n}  :: snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus)
lumikenttä {n}  :: snowfield
lumikide {n}  :: snow crystal
lumikinos {n}  :: snow drift
lumikki {n}  :: bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis
Lumikki {prop}  :: given name, quite rare, and usually a middle name
Lumikki {prop}  :: Snow White
lumikko {n}  :: least weasel (Mustela nivalis)
lumikurki {n}  :: Siberian crane (Grus leucogeranus)
lumikvartsi {n} [mineral]  :: milky quartz
lumilapio {n}  :: snow shovel
lumilauta {n}  :: snowboard
lumilautailla {v}  :: To snowboard
lumileinikki {n}  :: snowy buttercup, Ranunculus nivalis (a flowering plant in the genus Ranunculus)
lumileopardi {n}  :: snow leopard (Uncia uncia)
lumilinko {n}  :: snowblower
lumilinna {n}  :: snow fort
lumimies {n} [cryptozoology]  :: abominable snowman, yeti
lumimyrsky {n}  :: blizzard, snowstorm
lumimyyrä {n}  :: European snow vole, snow vole, Chionomys nivalis
luminen {adj}  :: snowy
luminesenssi {n} [physics]  :: luminescence
luminoli {n} [chemistry]  :: luminol
lumipallo {n}  :: snowball
lumipalloefekti {n}  :: snowball effect
lumipeite {n}  :: snow cover
lumiraja {n}  :: snow line
lumisade {n}  :: snowfall
lumisade {n}  :: static (on TV screen)
lumisohjo {n}  :: slush
lumisokea {adj}  :: snow-blind
lumisokeus {n}  :: snowblindness (the state of being snow-blind)
lumisota {n}  :: A snowball fight
lumisotasilla {adv} [dated]  :: playing a snowball fight; used in the expression olla lumisotasilla ("to play snowball fight, to snowball")
lumitykki {n}  :: snow cannon
lumiukko {n}  :: snowman
lumivaippa {n}  :: snow blanket
Lumivalko {prop}  :: Snow White, from the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red"
lumivalkoinen {n}  :: snow-white
lumivuohi {n}  :: mountain goat, Oreamnos americanus
lumivyöry {n}  :: snow avalanche
lumme {n}  :: water lily (a flower of the genus Nymphaea)
lumo {n}  :: charm (the ability)
lumooja {n}  :: enchanter, charmer
lumoojatar {n}  :: An enchantress
lumota {vt}  :: To enthrall, mesmerise/mesmerize
lumottu {adj}  :: bewitched, enchanted (under a magic spell)
lumous {n}  :: enchantment, spell
lumoutua {vi}  :: To be enchanted
lumpeenlehti {n}  :: lily pad
lumpeikko {n}  :: surface of water covered by waterlilies
lumpio {n} [anatomy]  :: kneecap
lumppari {n} [colloquial]  :: snowball
lumppu {n} [colloquial, derogatory]  :: a sexually promiscuous woman, a slut
lumppu {n}  :: rags (waste cloth for processing)
lumpsahdus {v}  :: splash, plop (splashing or plopping sound)
lumpsahtaa {v}  :: to splash, plop (to produce a splashing or plopping sound)
lunastaa {v}  :: To reclaim
lunastaa {vt} [religion]  :: To redeem
lunnaat {n}  :: ransom
lunnasraha {n}  :: ransom
lunni {n}  :: Atlantic puffin, Fratercula arctica (the type species of the family)
lunni {n}  :: in plural (lunnit), the family Fratercula
lunni {n}  :: puffin (any seabird of the genus Fratercula of the auk family Alcidae)
luntata {v}  :: To cheat in an exam
lunttilappu {n}  :: cheat sheet, crib note (sheet of paper used to assist on a test)
lunttilappu {n} [humorous]  :: crib sheet
lunttu {n} [historical, firearms]  :: slow match
lunttu {n} [pejorative]  :: tart (woman with loose sexual morals)
lunula {n}  :: lunula (pale area at the base of a fingernail)
luo {postp} [of movement]  :: to, (with a person's home or some such as an object) to ('s place):
luoda {vt}  :: luoda lunta: To shovel snow
luoda {v}  :: To exuviate, slough, molt (to shed or cast off a covering, especially a skin); used always with an object that reveals what is being exuviated
luoda {vt}  :: To create
luoda {vt}  :: To shed
luodata {v} [nautical]  :: to plumb, cast, fathom (to heave a lead and line in order to ascertain the depth of water)
luodata {v} [nautical]  :: to sound, fathom (to ascertain the depth of water by any method, in modern times normally with a sonar)
luodata {v}  :: to probe (to measure with a probe, especially from a distance, as with a space probe)
luode {n}  :: ebb (low tide)
luode {n}  :: northwest
luodikko {n}  :: hunting rifle
luodinkestävä {adj}  :: bulletproof
luodinreikä {n}  :: bullet hole
luoja {n}  :: creator
Luoja {prop} [religion, Christianity]  :: The Creator
Luojan kiitos {interj}  :: thank goodness
Luoja tietää {phrase}  :: God knows
luokanopettaja {n}  :: class teacher (a teacher who teaches all or a majority of subjects to a class)
luokitella {vt}  :: To classify, categorise/categorize
luokitin {n}  :: classifier
luokittelu {n}  :: classification
luokittua {vi}  :: To be categorized
luokitus {n}  :: rating
luokka {n}  :: class (category of seats in an airplane, train or other means of mass transportation)
luokka {n}  :: class (group, collection, category or set sharing characteristics or attributes)
luokka {n}  :: class (group of students in a regularly scheduled meeting with a teacher)
luokka {n}  :: classroom
luokka {n}  :: class, school class (group of pre-college students who regularly attend lectures together)
luokka {n}  :: class, social class (social grouping, based on job, wealth, inheritance etc.)
luokka {n}  :: grade (North America: a level of pre-collegiate education)
luokka {n} [mathematics]  :: class (collection of sets definable by a shared property)
luokka {n} [taxonomy]  :: class
luokkahuone {n}  :: classroom
luokkakaveri {n}  :: classmate
luokkaraja {n}  :: class border
luokkaretki {n}  :: field trip
luokkasota {n}  :: class war, class warfare, class conflict
luokkataistelu {n}  :: class struggle
luokkatietoinen {adj}  :: class-conscious
luokkatoveri {n}  :: classmate
luokkayhteiskunta {n}  :: class society
luokki {n}  :: shaft bow
luoko {n}  :: windrow
luokse {postp} [of movement]  :: to, (with a person's home or some such as an object) to ('s place):
luoksepääsemätön {adj}  :: inaccessible
luoksepääsemättömyys {n}  :: inaccessibility
luola {n}  :: A cavern (large cave)
luola {n}  :: A cave (underground cavity big enough to enter, natural or man-made)
luola {n}  :: A grotto (small cave)
luolaihminen {n}  :: caveman
luolakahlaaja {n}  :: crab plover, Dromas ardeola (wading bird)
luolakarhu {n}  :: cave bear (Ursus spelaeus)
luolamaalaus {n}  :: cave painting
luolamainen {adj}  :: Cave-like, resembling a cave
luolamies {n}  :: caveman
luolasto {n}  :: A cave system, cave complex
luolasto {n}  :: A sett (system of tunnels that is the home of a badger)
luolataide {n}  :: cave art
luolataskurapu {n}  :: Dungeness crab, Metacarcinus magister (Pacific species of crab)
luolatutkija {n}  :: A speleologist
Luoma {prop}  :: surname
luomakunta {n}  :: The creation (all that exists)
luometon {adj}  :: lidless (eye)
luometon {adj}  :: moleless (having no moles on skin)
luomi {n}  :: eyelid
luomi {n}  :: mole, nevus (benign lesion on the skin)
luomikouristus {n} [pathology]  :: blepharospasm
luominen {adj}  :: Having many moles
luominen {n}  :: The act of creation
luomiskyky {n}  :: creativity
luomisoppi {n}  :: creationism
luomistaru {n}  :: creation myth
luomisvoima {n}  :: creative power
luomitukirauhanen {n} [anatomy]  :: meibomian gland
luomiväri {n}  :: eye shadow
luomu {n}  :: organic food
luomu {n} [slang]  :: natural (of woman's breasts)
luomu {n}  :: When used as modifier in compound terms, organic
luomus {n}  :: A creation
luomutuote {n}  :: organic product
luomuviljely {n}  :: organic farming
luona {postp}  :: (static) at sb's (place):
luona {postp}  :: (static) by, near, close to; in front of, outside:
luonne {n}  :: nature, character (e.g. of person)
luonne {n}  :: personality
luonnehdinta {n}  :: characterization
luonnehtia {v}  :: To describe, characterize (something = partitive, as something = translative)
luonnikas {adj} [dialectal]  :: natural, relaxed, easygoing, smooth
luonnistua {v}  :: succeed, go well
luonnollinen {adj}  :: natural
luonnollinen henkilö {n} [legal]  :: natural person
luonnollinen luku {n} [mathematics]  :: natural number
luonnollinen monopoli {n}  :: natural monopoly
luonnollisesti {adv}  :: naturally
luonnollisuus {n}  :: naturalness
luonnonfilosofia {n}  :: natural philosophy
luonnonilmiö {n} [legal]  :: act of God (natural disaster as unforeseen occurrence beyond one's control)
luonnonilmiö {n}  :: natural phenomenon
luonnonjärjestys {n}  :: natural order
luonnonkaasu {n}  :: natural gas
luonnonkatastrofi {n}  :: natural disaster
luonnonkivi {n}  :: natural stone
luonnonkuitu {n}  :: natural fiber
luonnonlahja {n}  :: natural talent
luonnonlaki {n}  :: A law of nature
luonnonlääketiede {n}  :: naturopathy
luonnonmaantiede {n} [geography]  :: biogeography
luonnonmagneetti {n}  :: lodestone, loadstone
luonnonmukainen {adj}  :: natural
luonnonmukainen {adj}  :: unrefined
luonnonmukaisuus {n}  :: naturalness
luonnonmullistus {n}  :: natural disaster, convulsion of nature (natural phenomenon that causes great damage)
luonnonmuodostuma {n}  :: natural formation
luonnonoikeus {n} [law]  :: natural law
luonnonoikku {n}  :: A freak of nature
luonnonpuisto {n}  :: natural park, nature park, nature reserve
luonnonsuojelija {n}  :: conservationist, environmentalist
luonnonsuojelu {n}  :: conservation of nature
luonnonsuojelualue {n}  :: conservation area, protected area
luonnontiede {n}  :: natural science
luonnontieteiden kandidaatti {n}  :: Bachelor of Science
luonnontutkija {n}  :: A naturalist
luonnonuskonto {n}  :: An animistic religion
luonnonvalinta {n}  :: natural selection
luonnonvara {n}  :: natural resource
luonnonvoima {n}  :: A power of nature, element
luonnonvärinen {adj} [heraldry]  :: proper (of natural color)
luonnonvärinen {adj}  :: natural (of a color of a material that has not been adjusted or added to)
luonnos {n}  :: bill, draft law
luonnos {n}  :: sketch, draft
luonnostella {v}  :: To sketch, draft
luonnoton {adj}  :: unnatural
luonnottomasti {adv}  :: unnaturally
luontainen {adj}  :: natural, without additives
luonteenomainen {adj}  :: characteristic
luonteenpiirre {n}  :: personality trait
luonteikas {adj}  :: lifelike
luonteva {adj}  :: natural, likely (belonging as a natural element)
luonteva {adj}  :: natural, relaxed, easygoing, smooth (behaving in a natural and uncomplicated manner, being oneself)
luontevasti {adv}  :: naturally, easily
luonti {n}  :: creation, generation
luonti {n}  :: [of snow] plowing
luonto {n}  :: characteristics of a person (the derived adjective -luontoinen is more common)
luonto {n}  :: luonnossa = in kind
luonto {n}  :: nature, environment
luontoinen {adj}  :: Having a certain type of nature
luontoinen {adj}  :: natured (having or possessing the specified disposition or temperament)
luontoisetu {n} [accounting, legal]  :: A benefit in kind (remuneration given in other than monetary form, typically on top of pay)
luontoissuoritus {n} [accounting, legal]  :: A payment in kind (payment in goods, instead of money)
luontoäiti {n}  :: Mother Nature
luontokuvaaja {n}  :: nature photographer
luontua {vi}  :: be suited for
luopio {n}  :: apostate
luopio {n}  :: traitor
luopua {vi}  :: to abandon, relinquish
luopumaan {v}  :: infinitive of luopua
luostari {n}  :: Abbey, cloister; (for monks) monastery; (for nuns) convent, nunnery
luostarikirkko {n}  :: abbey (church of a monastery)
luota {postp}  :: from (somewhere or somebody's place)
luotaantyöntävä {adj}  :: repulsive
luotaantyöntävästi {adv}  :: repulsively
luotain {n}  :: probe
luotaus {n}  :: probing
luoteinen {adj}  :: northwestern
luoteis- {adj}  :: alternative form of luoteinen
luoteisosa {n}  :: northwestern part
luoteispuoli {n}  :: northwestern side
Luoteisterritoriot {prop}  :: Northwest Territories (territory in northern Canada)
luoteistuuli {n}  :: northwest wind
Luoteisväylä {prop}  :: The Northwest Passage
luotettava {adj}  :: reliable
luotettavuus {n}  :: reliability
luoti {n}  :: bullet (projectile or ammunition)
luoti {n}  :: plumb bob
luotijuna {n}  :: bullet train
luotiliivi {n}  :: bulletproof vest
luotisade {n}  :: hail of bullets
luoto {n}  :: An islet, especially a rocky one or one that is far from any larger land mass
luoto {n}  :: A rock as a small island with no or just a little vegetation, larger than kari
luotonantaja {n}  :: creditor
luotsata {vt} [nautical]  :: To pilot
luotsaus {n}  :: piloting (guiding a ship)
luotsi {n} [nautical]  :: A pilot
luotta {n} [rare]  :: stencil (utensil)
luottaa {vi} [ , + illative]  :: To trust, rely on, count on
luottamuksellinen {adj}  :: confidential
luottamuksellisesti {adv}  :: confidentially
luottamus {n}  :: trust
luottamushenkilö {n}  :: A person who is elected to serve as a member of a council, board, subcommittee or other decision-making organ in a municipality, association, foundation etc
luottamushenkilö {n}  :: shop steward
luottamuslauseäänestys {n} [politics]  :: A vote of confidence
luottamusmies {n} [legal]  :: A union representative whose powers are based on a collective agreement between an employers' association and a trade union, as contrasted with luottamusvaltuutettu
luottamusmies {n}  :: union representative, union steward, [UK] shop steward, [US] workplace steward
luottamusnainen {n} [rare]  :: shop steward (female)
luottamustehtävä {n}  :: position of responsibility
luottamustehtävä {n}  :: public office; (political, elected, public) office, post, position, role; be a member of a political body; (political) mandate; be entrusted with
luottamustehtävä {n}  :: (rarely) position of trust (used only in descriptive or legal senses)
luottamustoimi {n}  :: an official post, an official
luottamustoimi {n}  :: position of responsibility (position held by a person, often in public life, with formal responsibility to make decisions for the general good, setting aside personal interests)
luottavainen {adj}  :: trustful, confident
luottavaisesti {adv}  :: confidently
luottavaisesti {adv}  :: trustfully
luottavaisuus {n}  :: trustfulness
luotti {n} [botany]  :: A stigma, as a part of the pistil
luotto {n}  :: credit (as in credit card)
luottokelpoinen {adj}  :: creditworthy (deemed likely to repay debts; having an acceptable credit rating)
luottokelpoisuus {adj}  :: creditworthiness (property of being creditworthy)
luottokortti {n}  :: A credit card
luottolama {n}  :: credit crunch
luottoraja {n}  :: An overdraft (maximum amount that may be overdrawn from a bank account)
luottoraja {n}  :: credit limit
luottotappio {n} [business, accounting]  :: bad debt, credit loss (debt which cannot be recovered from the debtor)
luottotiedot {n}  :: credit, credit rating (person's credit rating or creditworthiness, as represented by their credit report)
luottotiedot {n}  :: credit report (document containing data on a borrower's credit standing)
luova {adj}  :: creative
luovasti {adv}  :: creatively, outside the box
luovi {n} [nautical]  :: board, leg, tack (distance sailed with sails constantly on the same side of the ship)
luovia {v} [nautical]  :: to tack, sail close to the wind
luovin {adj}  :: superlative of luova
luovuttaa {vi}  :: to give up, forfeit, surrender, capitulate
luovuttaa {vt} [accounting]  :: to dispose
luovuttaa {vt} [chemistry]  :: to emit, give off, release
luovuttaa {vt} [legal]  :: to extradite
luovuttaa {vt} [medicine]  :: to donate
luovuttaa {vt}  :: to hand over, surrender, give up, deliver, relinquish
luovuttaa {vt}  :: to present, hand over
luovuttaja {n}  :: donor
luovuttaja {n}  :: One who surrenders, gives up
luovuttamaan {v}  :: infinitive of luovuttaa
luovutus {n} [accounting]  :: disposition, disposal
luovutus {n}  :: donation (of blood or organs)
luovutus {n}  :: extradition (a formal process by which a criminal suspect is handed over to another government)
luovutus {n}  :: release, surrender (of property)
luovuus {n}  :: creativity
lupa {n}  :: a license, permit
lupa {n}  :: permission
lupaava {adj}  :: auspicious
lupaava {adj}  :: promising
lupaavasti {adv}  :: auspiciously
lupaavasti {adv}  :: promisingly
lupailla {v}  :: To promise (not trustworthy, or tentatively)
lupaus {n}  :: promise, pledge
lupautua {vi}  :: to promise (to do something)
lupiini {n}  :: lupine (plant)
lupiini {n}  :: specifically, Lupinus polyphyllus
luppi {n}  :: loupe, magnifying glass
luppoaika {n}  :: idle time, free time
lupsakas {adj}  :: alternative form of lupsakka
lupsakin {adj}  :: superlative of lupsakka
lupsakka {adj}  :: folksy
lupsakka {adj}  :: jovial
luri {n}  :: lory (any of several species of parrot)
lurikki {n}  :: lorikeet (any of several species of birds in parrot family)
lurjus {n}  :: scoundrel, villain
lusia {vi} [colloquial]  :: to serve time (to be in jail)
lusiferaasi {n} [biochemistry]  :: luciferase
lusiferiini {n} [biochemistry]  :: luciferin
lusikallinen {n}  :: A spoonful (amount a spoon will hold)
lusikka {n}  :: spoon
lusikkahaarukka {n}  :: A spork
lusikkauistin {n}  :: spoon lure
lusikoida {vt}  :: To eat using a spoon
lusmu {n}  :: A poltroon, dastard, craven (ignoble or arrant coward; a mean-spirited wretch)
lusmuilija {n}  :: slacker
lusmuilla {v}  :: To act like a poltroon, act cowardly
lussuttaa {vt} [colloquial]  :: To suck (in concrete sense)
luste {n}  :: ryegrass
lusti {n} [archaic]  :: pleasure, joy
lusti {n} [archaic]  :: strong, non-sexual desire
lustitarha {n} [archaic, Biblical]  :: The paradise of christian religion
lusto {n}  :: growth ring
lustraatio {n}  :: lustration
luterilainen {adj}  :: Lutheran
luterilaisuus {n}  :: Lutheranism
lutetium {n}  :: lutetium
luti {n} [military slang]  :: lieutenant
lutikka {n}  :: bedbug
lutikkarousku {n}  :: A milk-cap, Lactarius serifluus
lutka {n} [vulgar, derogatory]  :: slut, bitch
lutkuttaa {v} [colloquial]  :: to suck (for example, of cats when kneading)
lutuinen {adj}  :: cute
lutukka {n}  :: shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris)
lutunen {adj} [colloquial]  :: cute, lovely
lutviutua {vi}  :: to improve, succeed (start yielding desired results)
lutviutua {vi}  :: to take a turn for the better, be all right
luu {n}  :: bone [material]
luu {n}  :: bone [part of a corset]
luu {n} [skeleton]  :: bone
luufinni {n}  :: milium, milk spot, oil seed
luuhata {v}  :: To hang around, loiter
luuhauki {n}  :: gar, garfish
luukala {n}  :: bony fish
Luukas {prop}  :: given name
Luukas {prop}  :: Luke [biblical character]
luukasa {n}  :: bag of bones (skinny, malnourished person)
luukato {n} [pathology]  :: osteoporosis
luukeitto {n}  :: bone soup
luukku {n}  :: A hatch (horizontal door)
luukku {n}  :: A hatch (opening)
luukku {n}  :: A hatch (small door)
luukku {n} [colloquial]  :: A residence (from postiluukku)
luukudos {n} [anatomy]  :: bone tissue, osseous tissue
Luulaja {prop}  :: Luleå (city in the north of Sweden)
luulajansaame {n}  :: The Lule Sami language
luulla {vi}  :: To suppose, guess
luulla {vi}  :: To think, believe
luulla {vt}  :: To (mis)take someone (= partitive) for someone/something (= translative)
luulo {n}  :: belief, thought, impression, especially a wrong or misled one
luulosairaus {n} [colloquial]  :: hypochondriasis
luultava {adj}  :: probable
luultavasti {adv}  :: probably
luumainen {adj}  :: bony (resembling bone)
luumarja {n} [botany]  :: drupe, stone fruit
luumen {n} [physics]  :: In the International System of Units lumen
luumu {n}  :: a fruit of that plant
luumu {n}  :: plum (Prunus domestica)
luumuhillo {n}  :: plum jam
luumupuu {n}  :: plum tree
luumuvanukas {n}  :: plum pudding
luunemosolu {n} [cytology]  :: osteoblast
luunkova {adj}  :: bone hard
luunmurskaaja {n}  :: bone crusher
luunmurtuma {n}  :: bone fracture
luunsärkijä {n}  :: bone-crusher
luunsyöjäsolu {n} [anatomy]  :: An osteoclast
luupää {n}  :: bonehead
luupäinen {adj}  :: boneheaded
luuppi {n}  :: alternative form of luppi
luuppi {n} [computing, slang]  :: A loop
luuranko {n} [skeleton]  :: A skeleton
luurankolihas {n} [anatomy]  :: skeletal muscle
luurankomainen {adj}  :: Skeletal
luurata {v}  :: to lurk
luuri {n}  :: A handset of a telephone
luuri {n}  :: A lur, a Scandinavian metal wind instrument from the Bronze Age
luuri {n} [colloquial]  :: A mobile phone
luuseri {n} [colloquial]  :: loser
luuska {n}  :: nag (old useless horse)
luusolu {n} [anatomy]  :: osteocyte
luuta {n}  :: broom
luuta ja nahkaa {phrase} [idiomatic]  :: skin and bones (very skinny, as from lack of nutrition)
luutarha {n} [archaic]  :: A sacred place in which dead humans have been buried in past, a graveyard
luutia {v}  :: To sweep with a broom
luutnantti {n}  :: A lieutenant (an aide)
luutnantti {n}  :: As a modifier in the military ranks of everstiluutnantti and kenraaliluutnantti
luutnantti {n}  :: lieutenant (military)
luutnantti {n} [military ranks]  :: The second-lowest junior officer rank ("OF-2") in the Finnish defence forces. The official English translation used by the army and air force is lieutenant; and by the navy, lieutenant junior grade. The corresponding rank in the US Navy is lieutenant and in the UK Royal Navy it is sub-lieutenant
luuton {adj}  :: boneless
luuttu {n} [colloquial]  :: A piece of cloth used in washing floors
luuttu {n}  :: lute
luutua {vi}  :: To ossify (to become inflexible in habits and opinions)
luutua {vi}  :: To ossify (to turn into bone)
luutumaton {adj}  :: in the gristle (not yet hardened into bone)
luututa {vt}  :: To mop
luuvalo {n} [archaic, pathology]  :: A recurring pain in limbs; could mean several diseases, most probably gout
luuvartti {n} [nautical]  :: The weatherboard (windward side of a vessel)
luuvata {v} [nautical, slang]  :: To haul (to sail closer to the wind)
luuviitonen {n} [euphemistic]  :: A fist (hand with the fingers clenched or curled inward)
luuvitonen {n} [slang]  :: bunch of fives (fist)
luuviulu {n} [colloquial]  :: skin and bones (very skinny person)
luuydin {n} [anatomy]  :: bone marrow, marrow
luuydinsyöpä {n} [pathology]  :: myeloma
luvallinen {adj}  :: permissible, admissible
luvallistaa {vt}  :: to legitimize
luvanvarainen {adj}  :: subject to license
luvanvaraistaa {vt}  :: To make something subject to license
luvata {vt}  :: To bode
luvata {vt}  :: To promise (to do = infinitive)
luvata {vt}  :: To vow
luvaton {adj}  :: unauthorized, illicit
luvattomasti {adv}  :: illicitly
luvattomuus {n}  :: illicitness
Luvia {prop}  :: A municipality in Finland
luvialainen {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Luvia, a municipality in Finland
luvialainen {adj}  :: of or pertaining to Luwia
luvialainen {n}  :: A Luwian, a member of an ancient Anatolian people related to the Hittites
luvialainen {n}  :: An inhabitant of Luvia, a municipality in Finland
luvullinen {adj} [grammar]  :: countable (usable in singular and plural)
luvuton {adj}  :: countless, uncountable (so many as to be incapable of being counted)
luvuton {adj} [grammar]  :: uncountable (having no plural)
luvuttomasti {adv}  :: uncountably, countlessly
luxemburg {n}  :: The Luxembourgish language
Luxemburg {prop}  :: Luxembourg
Luzoninsalmi {prop} [geography]  :: Luzon Strait
läävä {n} [agriculture]  :: sheepfold, pen for sheep
läävä {n} [dialectal]  :: barn, cowhouse
läävä {n} [figuratively]  :: a pigpen, a pigsty (shabby or dirty place)
lävikkö {n}  :: colander
lävistää {vt}  :: To pierce, penetrate, puncture, punch, hole
lävistin {n}  :: A punch (device for creating holes in thin material)
lävistäjä {n}  :: diagonal
lävistäjämatriisi {n}  :: diagonal matrix
lävistys {n}  :: penetration
lävistys {n}  :: piercing
lävitse {adv}  :: through
lävitse {postp}  :: through:
löwchen {n}  :: löwchen (breed of dog)
lyödä {vi}  :: to crash [of waves]; to flap [of a sail]; to knock [of knees]; to chatter [of teeth]; to pound, beat [of a heart, rain]; to beat [of an artery]; to strike [of lightning; of time]; to ring [of a sound]
lyödä {vt} [also , figuratively]  :: to beat
lyödä {vt}  :: ~ rahaa = to mint/coin money
lyödä {vt}  :: to hit, strike, knock
lyödä {vt}  :: to hurl, chuck, pitch, heave
lyödä ällikällä {v} [idiomatic]  :: to strike with awe, see also awestrike
lyödä ritariksi {v}  :: to knight (to confer a knighthood upon)
löydös {n}  :: finding (result of research or an investigation)
lyödä vetoa {v}  :: To bet, wager, make a bet, lay a wager
löyhä {adj}  :: loose (not fixed firmly)
lyhde {n}  :: sheaf (bundle of grain or straw)
löyhdyttää {vt}  :: to loosen
lyhempi {adj}  :: comparative of lyhyt
lyhenne {n}  :: An abbreviation (shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase)
lyhennelmä {n}  :: summary, abbreviation
lyhennesana {n}  :: acronym
lyhennös {n}  :: abbreviation (act or result of shortening or reducing)
löyhennys {n}  :: loosening (act)
lyhennys {n}  :: abbreviation (act or result of shortening or reducing)
lyhennys {n}  :: shortening
lyhennysmerkki {n} [music]  :: abbreviation (dash through the stem of a note)
lyhennysvapaus {n}  :: moratorium (authorization to a debtor, permitting temporary suspension of instalments)
löyhentää {vt}  :: to loosen
lyhentää {vt}  :: To abbreviate
lyhentää {vt}  :: To shorten
lyhentäminen {n}  :: Abbreviating, abbreviation (the act of shortening or reducing)
lyhentämätön {adj}  :: unabbreviated
lyhentämätön {adj}  :: unabridged
lyhentämätön {adj}  :: unshortened
lyhentämätön {adj}  :: untruncated
löyhentyä {vi}  :: To be loosened
lyhentyä {vi}  :: To shorten
löyhetä {vi}  :: to loosen
lyhetä {vi}  :: To shorten, to become shorter
löyhähdellä {v}  :: alternative form of leyhähdellä
löyhähtää {v}  :: Alternative form of leyhähtää
lyhin {adj}  :: superlative of lyhyt
löyhkä {n}  :: stink, stench, reek
lyhkäinen {adj}  :: short
löyhkämäyrä {n}  :: Palawan stink badger, Mydaus marchei
löyhkäseitikki {n} [mushroom]  :: A webcap, Cortinarius camphoratus
löyhkätä {vi}  :: To stink, reek
löyhäkätinen {adj}  :: loose-handed, lax, neglectful, negligent (lacking care)
löyhäpäinen {adj}  :: stupid, crazy, silly
löyhärakenteinen {adj}  :: loosely structured, loosely-structured
löyhästi {adv}  :: loosely
löyhäsuinen {adj}  :: loose-tongued, loose mouthed, open-mouthed, talkative (prone to speaking excessively, often about things which a wiser person would keep to himself)
löyhätapainen {adj}  :: loose (promiscuous)
löyhtyä {vi}  :: to loosen
lyhty {n}  :: lantern
lyhtykoiso {n}  :: bladder cherry, winter cherry (Physalis alkekengi)
lyhtymeriahven {n}  :: Serranus baldwini (fish)
lyhyehkö {adj}  :: Quite short
lyhyempi {adj}  :: comparative of lyhyt
lyhyenläntä {adj}  :: A short person
lyhyesti {adv}  :: shortly
lyhyt {adj}  :: short
lyhytaikainen {adj}  :: brief, transient, momentary, ephemeral, short-term
lyhytaikaisesti {adv}  :: briefly, momentarily, transiently
löyhytellä {v}  :: alternative form of leyhytellä
lyhythihainen {adj}  :: short-sleeved
lyhythäntäkenguru {n}  :: quokka (Setonix brachyurus)
lyhytikäinen {adj}  :: short-lived
lyhytkarvainen {adj}  :: short-haired (fur)
lyhytnäköinen {adj} [figuratively]  :: short-sighted
lyhytnäköisesti {adv}  :: shortsightedly
lyhytnäköisyys {n}  :: short-sightedness
lyhytromaani {n} [literature]  :: novella
lyhytsanainen {adj}  :: concise
lyhytsanainen {adj}  :: laconic
löyhyttää {v}  :: alternative form of löyhytellä
löyhyys {n}  :: looseness
lyhyys {n}  :: shortness
lyijy {n}  :: lead (metal)
lyijyasetaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: lead acetate
lyijyatsidi {n} [chemistry]  :: lead azide
lyijyhohde {n} [mineral]  :: galena
lyijykromaatti {n} [chemistry]  :: lead chromate
lyijykynä {n}  :: pencil, lead pencil
lyijykynäpiirros {n}  :: A pencil drawing
lyijykynäpiirustus {n}  :: pencil drawing
lyijymuura {n}  :: plumbeous antvireo
lyijymyrkytys {n} [pathology]  :: lead poisoning, plumbism, saturnism
lyijymyrkytys {n} [slang]  :: lead poisoning (instance of being shot)
lyijyoksidi {n}  :: lead oxide
lyijypitoinen {adj}  :: Containing lead; leaded
lyijypuumuura {n}  :: Natterer's slaty antshrike
lyijysinetti {n}  :: lead seal, bulla
lyijytä {vt}  :: To lead (with lead)
lyijytön {adj}  :: unleaded, lead-free
lyijyttää {v}  :: alternative form of lyijytä
lyijyttömyys {n}  :: The state or condition of being unleaded or lead-free; although the term "unleadedness" appears in some texts, this term is probably better translated into English using some alternative structure
lyijytäytekynä {n}  :: A mechanical pencil
lyöjä {n}  :: batter
lyöjä {n}  :: hitter, striker, knocker, beater; one who hits
lykantropia {n}  :: lycanthropy
lykkiä {vt}  :: to push, to ski
lykkääntyä {vi}  :: To be postponed
lykky {n} [dialectal]  :: luck
lykkäys {n}  :: abeyance
lykkäys {n} [military]  :: A deferment
lykkäys {n}  :: postponement
lykkäys {n}  :: procrastination
lykkäys {n}  :: stay
lykkäytyä {vi}  :: To be postponed
lykkyä tykö {phrase}  :: good luck!
lykästää {vi}  :: to be lucky
lykätä {v} [dialectal]  :: To push
lykätä {v}  :: To defer
lykätä {v}  :: To postpone, reschedule
lykätä {v}  :: To procrastinate
lyllertää {vi} [colloquial]  :: to walk with waddling steps (usually of animals, such as penguins, pandas, bears etc., or of toddlers)
lyllyä {vi} [of jelly, fat etc.]  :: To shake
löyly {n} [figuratively]  :: heat, pressure, intensity
löyly {n} [in plural]  :: sauna bath, sauna (act of taking a bath in a sauna)
löyly {n} [obsolete]  :: spirit
löyly {n}  :: the steam that rises from the sauna stove (kiuas) or the heat of the sauna
lyly {n} [archaic]  :: left, longer ski
lyly {n}  :: reaction wood
löylyhuone {n}  :: The hot room in a sauna
löylykauha {n}  :: A scoop for throwing water on the sauna stove
löylymies {n}  :: "sauna man" (male who is unusually eager sauna-goer)
löylynlyömä {adj} [colloquial]  :: stupid, crazy, silly
löylyttää {v} [sports]  :: to trash (to beat soundly in a game)
löylyttää {v}  :: to trounce someone, to beat someone in a fight
löylytys {n}  :: beating
löylyvesi {n}  :: water for producing steam for a sauna by throwing small amounts of it on the sauna stove
lymfa {n} [physiology, immunology]  :: lymph
lymfaattinen {adj} [anatomy]  :: lymphatic
lymfooma {n} [oncology, pathology]  :: lymphoma
lymfosyytti {n} [cytology, immunology]  :: lymphocyte
lyömäsoitin {n}  :: in plural, percussion (section of an orchestra)
lyömäsoitin {n}  :: percussion instrument (individual instrument)
lyömätön {adj}  :: unbeatable
lymyillä {vi}  :: to skulk
lymytä {vi}  :: To hide, lurk
lynkata {vt}  :: To lynch
lynkkaus {n}  :: lynching
lyönti {n}  :: A hit
lyöntilaukaus {n} [ice hockey]  :: slap shot (fastest shot in ice hockey)
lyöntivirhe {n} [numismatics]  :: fido (defectively minted coin)
lyöntivirhe {n}  :: typographical error, typo, typing error (mistake made in typing)
lypsää {vt}  :: to milk (to express milk from a mammal)
lypsy {n}  :: milking
lypsykarja {n}  :: dairy cattle
lypsylehmä {n} [agriculture]  :: dairy cow, milk cow
lypsylehmä {n} [business, by extension]  :: cash cow (product, service, or enterprise that generates ongoing, high net free cash flows)
lypsylehmä {n}  :: cash cow, moneymaker (someone or something which is a dependable source of easy, appreciable income)
lyriikka {n}  :: lyric poetry
löysä {adj}  :: baggy
löysä {adj}  :: loose
löysä {adj}  :: slack
löysä {adj}  :: soft
löysennys {n}  :: loosening (act)
löysentää {vt}  :: to loosen
löysentyä {vi}  :: To be loosened
lyseo {n}  :: lyceum (school)
lysergihappo {n} [chemistry]  :: lysergic acid
löysetä {v}  :: Alternative term for löystyä
löysähkö {adj}  :: softish, loosish, slackish, baggish (somewhat soft, loose, slack or baggy)
lysiini {n} [amino acid]  ::  lysine
lysotsyymi {n} [biochemistry]  :: lysozyme (bacteriolytic or antibiotic enzyme)
löysäpäinen {adj}  :: Alternative term for löyhäpäinen
löysästi {adv}  :: loosely, slackly, softly
löysätä {v}  :: to loose (to make less tight)
löysätä {v}  :: to slack off
lystikäs {adj}  :: droll, funny
lystätä {v}  :: to please (to desire; to will; to be pleased by‎)
löystyä {vi}  :: to loosen
löystyttää {v}  :: Alternative term for löysentää
löystytys {n}  :: loosening (act)
löysyys {n}  :: softness, looseness, slackness, bagginess
löytää {vt}  :: To find; to discover; to come across
löytö {n}  :: bargain (purchase with an advantageous price)
löytö {n}  :: discovery
löytö {n}  :: find (anything that is found)
löytöeläin {n}  :: found animal (animal, often a pet, which has been lost by its owner and then found by someone else)
lytistää {vt}  :: to flatten
löytäjä {n}  :: finder (one who finds)
löytölapsi {n}  :: foundling
löytöpaikka {n}  :: find site, place of finding; a place where something was found
löytöpalkkio {n}  :: reward (reward paid to the finder of lost property for returning the property to its rightful owner, or to the finder of treasure trove by the state)
löytöretkeilijä {n}  :: explorer
löytöretki {n}  :: (scientific) expedition
lyöttää {vt}  :: To have something minted
lytätä {v}  :: To pan (to disparage; belittle; put down; criticise severely)
lytätä {v}  :: To press flat, to crush
löytötavara {n}  :: lost and found item [individual item]; lost and found items [collectively]
löytötavaratoimisto {n}  :: lost and found [US], lost property [UK] (department in which lost items may be claimed)
lyöttäytyä {v}  :: To join, gang
lyöttäytyä yhteen {v}  :: To hook up (to form an association (with) someone)
lyttyyn {adv}  :: flattened, squeezed between something or collapsed, but still in one piece
löytyä {vi}  :: To be found, be discovered, turn up
löytymätön {adj}  :: not found, unfound
löytymättömiin {adv}  :: lost, disappeared, not available, unavailable (indicates transformation to a state of not being findable)
löytymättömissä {adv}  :: lost, disappeared, not available, unavailable (in the state of not being findable)
lytyssä {adv}  :: flattened, squeezed between something or collapsed, but still in one piece
löytyvyys {n} [information science]  :: findability (quality of a particular object being locatable)
Lyydi {prop}  :: given name, short form of Lyydia
Lyydia {prop}  :: given name of biblical origin
Lyydia {prop}  :: Lydia [biblical character]
lyyhistää {vt}  :: to collapse
lyyhistyä {vi}  :: To collapse
lyykistää {v}  :: alternative form of lyyhistää
lyykistyä {vi}  :: alternative term for lyyhistyä
lyyli {n} [dialectal]  :: luck
lyyli {n} [obsolete]  :: (pagan) worship
lyyli {n} [slang, dated]  :: woman, girl
Lyyli {prop}  :: given name
Lyypekki {prop}  :: Lübeck
lyyra {n}  :: lyre
Lyyra {prop} [constellation]  :: The constellation Lyra
lyyralintu {n}  :: lyrebird
lyyrikko {n}  :: lyricist
lyyrikko {n}  :: lyrist
Lyyti {prop}  :: given name