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X {letter}  :: letter: äks, eks
XA {abbr}  :: Golden Dawn (political party) (Greek political party)
x-akseli {n}  :: x-axis
X-bosoni {n} [nuclear physics]  :: X boson (hypothetical elementary particle)
xerokopio {n}  :: xerocopy
X-kromosomi {n}  :: X chromosome
X-lentokone {n}  :: X-plane (any of a series of U.S. experimental aircraft used to test and evaluate new technologies and aerodynamic concepts)
X-sukupolvi {n}  :: Generation X
xtc {n} [slang]  :: alternative term for ekstaasi (drug)
X-tehokkuus {n} [microeconomics]  :: X-efficiency (efficiency of an economic unit (business) in producing whatever it produces with given factors of production)
xuan-paperi {n}  :: Xuan paper (traditional Chinese calligraphic paper)
xylografia {n} [rare, dated]  :: alternative spelling of ksylografia