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K7 {abbr} :: cassette
ka {m} :: kay, letter: k
kabbale {f} :: Kabbalah
kabbaliste {mf} :: Kabbalist
kabbalistique {adj} :: Kabbalistic
kabbalistiquement {adv} :: cabalistically
Kaboul {prop} :: Kabul, capital of Afghanistan
kabyle {adj} :: Algerian Berber
kacha {f} :: kasha
kadhafiste {mf} :: Gaddafist
kadhafiste {adj} :: Gaddafist
kadogo {m} [Africa] :: A child soldier
kafir {mf} :: alternative form of kâfir
kafkaïen {adj} :: Kafkaesque
kafta {m} :: kofta, a Middle Eastern spiced balled ground beef dish
kafta kebab {m} :: kafta kebab
kahanisme {m} :: Kahanism
kahaniste {adj} :: Kahanist
kaiserlick {m} [military slang] :: an Austrian soldier during the French Revolution
kaki {m} :: persimmon, Sharon fruit
kaki {m} :: a persimmon tree
kaki {mf} :: the colour khaki
kaki {adj} :: of the colour khaki
kakémono {m} :: kakemono
kakuro {m} [games] :: kakuro
kalachnikov {f} :: A Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle
kalash {f} :: alternative case form of Kalash
Kalash {f} :: clipping of Kalashnikov
kalashnikov {f} :: A Kalashnikov assault rifle
kaléidoscope {m} :: kaleidoscope (tube of mirrors rotated to produce symmetrical designs)
kaléidoscopique {adj} :: kaleidoscopic
kaliémie {f} [pathology] :: kalemia
kalmouk {m} :: Kalmyk
kamikaze {mf} :: kamikaze
Kamâl {prop} :: Atatürk's given name
Kampuchéa {prop} {m} [history] :: Kampuchea
kanak {adj} :: Kanak (attributive)
Kanak {m} :: Kanak
kandjar {m} :: khanjar
kangourou {m} :: kangaroo
kaïnite {f} :: kainite
kanji {m} :: kanji
kannada {m} :: Kannada (language)
kannara {m} :: Kannada language
Kansas {prop} {m} :: Kansas
kantien {adj} :: Kantian (relating to Immanuel Kant or his work)
kantisme {m} [philosophy] :: Kantism
Kaolack {prop} :: A city in central Senegal
kaolin {m} :: kaolin
kaoliniser {v} :: to kaolinize
kaon {m} [particle] :: kaon
kaonique {adj} [physics] :: kaonic
kapo {m} [historical] :: kapo
kappa {m} :: kappa (Greek letter)
karaoké {m} :: Karaoke
karaté {m} :: karate
karatchaï-balkar {adj} :: Karachay-Balkar
karatchaï-balkar {m} :: Karachay-Balkar (language of Karachays and Balkars)
karcher {m} :: pressure washer
karen {adj} :: Karen (people, attributive)
Karine {prop} :: given name derived from Swedish Karin ( =Catherine)
karité {m} :: shea tree
karst {m} [geology] :: karst
karstique {adj} :: karstic
karstologie {f} [geology] :: karstology
karstologique {adj} :: karstological
karstologue {mf} :: karstologist
karting {m} :: karting
karyocinèse {f} :: alternative form of caryocinèse
karyokinèse {f} :: karyokinesis
kasbah {f} :: alternative spelling of casbah
kascher {adj} :: kosher
kashmiri {m} :: alternative spelling of cachemiri
kashrout {f} :: alternative spelling of cacherout
kasra {mf} :: kasra
katana {m} :: Japanese sword
Katanga {prop} {m} :: A region in southeastern Congo, originally conquered by the Congo Free State (owned by the Belgian king, not his European state) but administered as a corporate mining concession
Katanga {prop} {m} :: Since 1910, an autonomous part of the Belgian colony Congo
Katanga {prop} {m} :: Since 1933, a regular province, until 1947 however named after its capital: Elisabethstad in Dutch or Elisabethville in French
Katanga {prop} {m} :: In 1960 a unilaterally declared independent state; in 1961-63 reconquered by Congo and reorganized in three provinces until 1966; renamed Shaba 1972-1997 as part of president Mobutu's Zairization
katangais {adj} :: Katangese, from, in or relating to Katanga (all senses)
Katangais {m} :: A Katangese, person from or descended from the people if Katanga (all senses)
Katangaise {f} :: feminine noun of Katangais
Katar {prop} {m} :: Qatar (a country in the Middle East)
kathakali {m} :: kathakali
Katia {prop} {f} :: given name of modern usage, cognate to Katya
Katmandou {prop} {f} :: Kathmandu
kawa {m} :: alternative form of caoua, meaning coffee
kawi {m} :: Kawi (language)
kayak {m} :: kayak
kayaker {v} :: to kayak
kayakeur {m} :: kayaker (one who kayaks)
kayakeuse {f} :: feminine noun of kayakeur
kazakh {m} :: Kazakh (language)
kazakh {adj} :: Kazakh
kazatchok {m} :: kozachok (Ukrainian and Russian couple-dance style)
kébab {m} :: kebab
Kébécois {m} [slang] :: Quebecer; Québécois person
Kébécoise {f} :: feminine noun of Kébécois
kebab {m} :: kebab (dish of skewered meat and vegetables)
keepsake {m} [historical] :: keepsake, literary album
keffieh {m} :: keffiyeh (cloth worn on head)
keirin {m} [cycling] :: keirin
kekulène {m} [organic compound] :: kekulene
kelvin {m} :: a kelvin
Kenya {prop} {m} :: Kenya
kenyan {adj} :: Kenyan
kermesse {f} :: fête
kermodisme {m} :: Kermodism
kermès {m} :: kermes oak
kermésite {f} [mineralogy] :: kermesite
ketchup {m} :: ketchup
keuf {m} [slang, verlan, backslang] :: cop, pig, rozzer
keum {m} [slang] :: bloke, guy
keusteu {adj} [slang, verlan, backslang] :: stuck
keut {m} [slang, backslang, verlan] :: apocopic form of keutru
keutru {m} [slang, backslang, verlan] :: thing
Kevin {prop} :: given name recently borrowed from
kevlar {m} :: Kevlar
keynésianisme {m} [economics] :: Keynesianism
keynésianiste {adj} [economics] :: Keynesianist
keynésien {adj} :: Keynesian
kéfir {m} :: kefir (fermented milk)
kâfir {mf} [Islam] :: kafir (non-believer; any non-Muslim)
KGB {prop} {m} :: KGB (the former Soviet State Security Committee)
khaki {adj} [archaic] :: alternate spelling of kaki
khalife {m} :: caliph
khammessat {m} :: A form of sharecropping, in the Mahgreb, in which the farmer retained a fifth of the produce
khammès {m} :: A sharecropper, in the Mahgreb, who retained a fifth of the produce
kharidjisme {m} [Islam] :: Khawarij (branch of Islam)
kharidjite {mf} [Islam] :: Kharijite
kharijisme {m} :: alternative form of kharidjisme
kharijite {mf} :: alternative form of kharidjite
khat {m} :: khat; qat
khey {m} [slang] :: brother
khey {m} [slang] :: bro; dude
kheyette {f} :: feminine singular of khey
khâgne {f} [colloquial] :: The second year course, preceded by hypokhâgne, of a two-year academic cycle in France (called Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles, Humanities section) whose aim is to prepare students for the entrance competition to the École normale supérieure in Paris
khi {m} :: chi (Greek letter)
khôl {m} :: kohl
kählérien {adj} :: Kählerian
khmer {m} :: Khmer (the national language of Cambodia)
khmer {adj} :: Khmer
khopesh {m} :: alternative form of khépesh
khépesh {m} [weapons] :: khopesh
kibboutz {m} :: kibbutz (community)
kibioctet {m} :: kibibyte
kiceki {phrase} [internet slang, texting] :: qui est-ce qui
kickboxeur {m} :: kickboxer
kickboxeuse {f} :: feminine singular of kickboxeur
kicker {m} [Belgium] :: table football, table soccer
kicker {v} [internet] :: to kick; to eject [e.g. from a forum]
kidnapper {v} :: to kidnap
kidnappeur {m} :: kidnapper
kidnappeuse {f} :: female kidnapper
kidnapping {m} :: a kidnapping
kief {m} :: siesta
kief {m} :: (drug-induced) ecstasy, stupor
kief {m} :: alternative form of kif
kielbasa {mf} :: kielbasa (Polish sausage)
kieselguhr {m} :: kieselguhr
kieselguhr {m} :: diatomaceous earth
kiesérite {f} :: kieserite
Kiev {prop} {m} :: Kiev
kif {m} :: kif
kifer {v} [slang] :: alternative spelling of kiffer
kiffer {vt} [slang] :: to love or like
kiffer {v} [slang] :: to smoke hashish
kif-kif {adj} [colloquial] :: same, alike
kif-kif bourricot {adj} :: all the same
kiki {m} [dated] :: throat
kiki {m} [childish] :: penis
kikongo {m} :: Kikongo (language)
kikongo {adj} :: Kikongo (attributive)
Kikuchi {prop} :: surname
kikuyu {adj} :: Kikuyu
kikuyu {m} :: Kikuyu
kikuyu {m} :: Kikuyu grass
kilo {m} :: kilo
kilo- {prefix} :: kilo-
kiloampère {m} :: kiloampere
kilogramme {m} :: kilogram
kilogrammètre {m} :: kilogram-metre
kilokatal {m} :: kilokatal
kiloélectronvolt {m} :: kiloelectronvolt
kilométrage {m} :: kilometrage (equivalant to mileage)
kilomètre {m} :: kilometre
kilométrique {adj} :: kilometric
kilométrique {adj} [colloquial] :: very long, long as one's arm
kilométriquement {adv} :: kilometrically
kilooctet {m} [computing] :: kilobyte
kilowatt {m} :: kilowatt
kilowattheure {m} :: kilowatt-hour
kimbanguisme {m} :: Kimbanguism
kimchi {m} :: kimchi
kiné {mf} [colloquial] :: physio (physiotherapist)
kinesthésique {adj} :: kinesthetic
kinesthésiquement {adv} :: kinesthetically
Kingersheim {prop} :: A commune in the Haut-Rhin département, Alsace, France
kinkajou {m} :: kinkajou
kinkajou {m} [obsolete] :: wolverine
kinois {adj} :: Kinshasan
Kinois {m} :: Kinshasan
Kinoise {f} :: feminine singular of Kinois
kinovate {m} [organic chemistry] :: kinovate
kinovique {adj} [organic chemistry] :: kinovic, quinovic
kinèse {f} :: kinesis
kinésiologie {f} :: kinesiology
kinésique {f} :: kinesics
kinésithérapeute {mf} :: physiotherapist
kinésithérapie {f} :: kinesiotherapy
kinétique {adj} :: alternative form of kinésique
kinétique {adj} :: alternative form of cinétique
kinétochore {m} [biology] :: kinetochore
kinétoplastidé {m} [biology] :: kinetoplastid
kinyarwanda {m} :: Kinyarwanda (language)
kiosque {m} :: kiosk (enclosed structure)
kiosque {m} :: clipping of kiosque à musique; bandstand
kippa {f} :: kippah, skullcap
kir {m} :: kir (beverage)
kir breton {m} :: a cocktail made with a measure of crème de cassis topped up with cider
kirghiz {adj} :: Kyrgyz (of, or relating to, Kyrgyzstan)
kirghiz {m} :: Kyrgyz (language)
Kirghizistan {prop} {m} :: Kyrgyzstan
Kirghizstan {prop} {m} :: Kyrgyzstan
kirpan {m} [Sikhism] :: A kirpan
kirsch {m} :: kirsch
kirundi {m} :: Kirundi
kisdé {m} [slang] :: (plainclothes) cop
Kissami {prop} :: surname
kissel {m} :: kisel
kitch {m} :: kitsch
kitch {adj} :: kitsch
kitesurf {m} :: kitesurfing
kitschissime {adj} :: Very kitch
kiwi {m} :: kiwi; kiwi fruit
klaxon {m} :: horn (of car)
klaxonner {v} :: to honk (sound a horn)
Kleenex {m} :: Kleenex
Klein {prop} :: surname
kleinéen {adj} [maths] :: Kleinian
klephte {m} :: klepht
kleptocratie {f} :: kleptocracy
kleptomane {mf} :: kleptomaniac
kleptomanie {f} :: kleptomania
klezmer {m} [music] :: klezmer
klingon {m} :: the Klingon language
klingon {adj} :: Klingon
Klingonne {f} :: feminine noun of Klingon
klossowskien {adj} :: Klossowskian
klystron {m} [physics] :: klystron
kémalisme {m} :: Kemalism
kémaliste {adj} :: Kemalist
kémite {adj} :: Kemetic
kémitisme {m} :: Kemetism
knicker {m} :: alternative spelling of knickers; knickerbockers
knickerbocker {m} :: alternative spelling of knickerbockers
knickerbockers {mp} :: knickerbockers
knickers {mp} :: knickerbockers
knockouter {vt} :: To knock out [boxing]
knock-outer {v} :: alternative form of knockouter
kânoun {f} :: alternative form of qanûn
knout {m} :: knout, scourge
knout {m} :: a flogging administered with such a multiple whip; a condemnation to suffer it
ko {m} :: abbreviation of kilooctet (kilobyte)
koala {m} :: koala
koan {m} :: koan
koi {pron} [internet slang, texting] :: alternative spelling of quoi
koinè {f} :: koine
koinè {f} :: Koine (language)
Kojima {prop} :: surname
kolkhoze {m} :: kolkhoz (farming collective)
kombu {m} :: kombu
Komintern {prop} {m} :: Comintern (international association of Communist parties)
kommando {m} :: A group of French Second World War prisoners of war in Germany
Kondo {prop} :: surname
konkani {m} [uncountable] :: The Konkani language
konkani {m} :: A Konkani person
konzo {m} :: konzo
koppa {m} :: alternative spelling of coppa
kosovar {adj} :: Kosovan
Kosovar {m} :: Kosovar (man from Kosovo)
Kosovare {f} :: feminine singular of Kosovar
kot {m} [Belgium] :: student flat, student room
koto {m} :: koto (musical instruments)
Kouan-yin {prop} :: alternative form of Guanyin
Kouban {prop} {m} :: Kuban (area of Russia)
Kouban {prop} {m} :: Kuban (river in Russia)
kouffar {mf} :: kafir
kouglof {m} :: Gugelhupf; bundt cake
kouign-amann {m} :: A traditional Breton butter cake
koulak {m} :: kulak (a prosperous peasant)
koulibiac {m} :: coulibiac
koulibiak {m} :: coulibiac
koumis {m} :: koumiss
kourtchatovium {m} :: kurchatovium
koweitien {adj} :: Kuwaiti
Koweït {prop} {m} :: Kuwait
koweïtien {adj} :: Kuwaiti
képi {m} :: kepi (cap with a flat circular top)
krach {m} [finance] :: crash
kraftwerkien {adj} :: Kraftwerkian
kraken {m} :: Kraken
kératectomie {f} [surgery] :: keratectomy
kératine {f} [protein] :: keratin
kératinisation {f} :: keratinization
kératiniser {v} :: to keratinize
kératite {f} [disease] :: keratitis
kératoconjonctivite {f} [disease] :: keratoconjunctivitis
kératogène {adj} :: keratogenic
kératose {f} [pathology] :: keratosis
Kremlin {prop} {m} :: Kremlin (the Moscow Kremlin)
kremlinologie {f} :: Kremlinology
kérite {f} :: kerite
kronprinz {m} :: crown prince (of a German-speaking country)
kérosène {m} :: kerosene (fuel oil)
krypton {m} :: krypton
késaco {interj} [colloquial] :: What is it?
ksar {m} :: ksar
ksi {m} :: xi (Greek letter)
késita {m} :: A Biblical silver coin (of unknown worth)
k-sos {m} [slang] :: Someone excessively stupid
k-sos {m} [slang] :: Someone annoying
kétamine {f} [medicine] :: ketamine
ku {m} :: cue, letter: q
Kuala Lumpur {prop} {m} :: Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia)
Kuala Lumpur {prop} {m} :: Kuala Lumpur (federal territory in Malaysia)
kufique {adj} :: Kufic
kummel {m} :: kummel
kuna {mf} :: kuna (currency of Croatia)
kung-fu {m} :: kung fu
kurde {adj} :: Kurdish
kurde {m} :: Kurdish (language of Kurdistan)
Kurde {mf} :: Kurd
Kurimoto {prop} :: surname
kvas {m} :: kvass (traditional Slavic drink)
Kévin {prop} :: given name, a less common spelling of Kevin
K-way {m} :: windbreaker, raincoat
kyllopodie {f} [pathology] :: kyllosis, clubfoot
kymographie {f} :: kymography
kyrie {m} [Christianity] :: kyrie (prayer)
kyrie eleison {m} [Christianity] :: A prayer, beginning with the words Kyrie eleison, that is part of the Christian liturgy: a kyrie
kyrielle {f} [dated] :: rigmarole
kyrielle {f} :: host, stream (de (of))
kyrielle {f} [prosody] :: kyrielle
kyste {m} :: cyst (sac which develops in the natural cavities of an organ)
kystique {adj} :: cystic (relating to a cyst)