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WC {mp} [plural only]  :: WC (toilets)
Wallis et Futuna {prop}  :: alternative form of Wallis-et-Futuna
Wallis-et-Futuna {prop} [geography]  :: The French overseas territory Wallis and Futuna, in the South Sea, part of Oceania, named after its main islands
Wallon {m}  :: person from or living in Wallonia, Belgium
Wallonie {prop} {f}  :: Wallonia
Wallonne {f}  :: feminine noun of Wallon
Washingtonien {m}  :: Washingtonian (all senses)
Washingtonienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Washingtonien
Waterloo {prop}  :: A village in Walloon Brabant, Belgium; the site of a major military battle in 1815
Web {prop} {m}  :: the Web; the World Wide Web
Wendat {prop}  :: A Native American people of the Huron Confederacy. The Wyandot and the Huron-Wendat are their cultural descendants
Wendat {prop}  :: The Iroquoian language of this people
Wendat {m}  :: A member of this people
Westphalie {prop} {f}  :: Westphalia
Westphalien {m}  :: Westphalian
Westphalienne {f}  :: feminine noun of Westphalien
Wikipédia {f}  :: Wikipedia
Wiktionnaire {m}  :: Wiktionary
Wilfrid {prop} {m}  :: given name, equivalent to English Wilfred
Wilfried {prop} {m}  :: given name
William {prop}  :: given name
Williams {prop}  :: surname
Wilson {prop}  :: surname
Winnipeg {prop}  :: Winnipeg, a city in Manitoba, Canada
Winnipeg {prop}  :: Lake Winnipeg, a large lake in Manitoba
Winnipeg {prop}  :: Winnipeg River, a river that flows from Lake of the Woods, into Lake Winnipeg
Winnipegosis {prop}  :: A placename
Winnipegosis {prop}  :: Lake Winnipegosis, a lake in Manitoba, Canada
Winnipegosis {prop}  :: An unincorporated community in Manitoba
Wissembourg {prop}  :: A commune in the Bas-Rhin département, Alsace, France
Wyoming {prop} {m}  :: Wyoming
w {letter}  :: w
waama {prop}  :: the Waama language
wafer {m}  :: wafer (electronic component)
waggine {f}  :: alternative form of waguine
wagnerolâtre {mf}  :: Wagnerian (glutton for Wagnerian music)
wagnérien {adj}  :: Wagnerian; of or pertaining to Richard Wagner
wagnériennement {adv}  :: Wagnerianly
wagnérisme {m}  :: Wagnerism
wagon {m}  :: a railway carriage (note that the word voiture is preferred for passenger transport)
wagon-bar {m}  :: buffet car
wagon-citerne {m}  :: tank car; tank wagon
wagon-couchette {m}  :: sleeping car (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.)
wagon-foudre {m}  :: A railway car carrying a large vat or barrel used to transport liquid
wagon-lit {m}  :: sleeping car (a railroad car with sleeping facilities for passengers travelling overnight.)
wagonnée {f}  :: wagonload
wagonnet {m}  :: minecart
wagonnier {m}  :: A railway worker responsible for moving carriages; a shunter
wagon-poste {m}  :: mail car
wagon-restaurant {m}  :: dining car
wagon-salon {m}  :: saloon carriage
waguine {f}  :: cart, trolley
wahhabisme {m}  :: Wahhabism
wahhabite {adj}  :: Wahhabite
wahhabite {mf}  :: Wahhabite
walkyrie {f}  :: Valkyrie
wallaby {m}  :: wallaby
wallah {interj} [slang]  :: wow (an expression of surprise)
wallah {interj} [slang, Tunisia]  :: I'm serious
wallisien {adj}  :: Wallisian
wallisien {m}  :: Wallisian (language)
wallon {adj}  :: Walloon
wallon {m}  :: Walloon language
wallonisme {m}  :: An expression borrowed from the Walloon language
walou {pron} [colloquial]  :: nothing
wampi {m}  :: wampee
waouh {interj}  :: wow (expression of excitement, pleasure, surprise), yay, yippie; yahoo
waouh {interj}  :: wow (expression of amazement, admiration)
wapiti {m}  :: wapiti
warfarine {m}  :: warfarin
wargame {m} [video games]  :: war game
warm up {m}  :: heat (preliminary race, used to determine the participants in a final race)
warm up {m}  :: warm-up
warranter {v}  :: to guarantee (with a warrant)
washingtonien {adj}  :: Washingtonian (all senses)
wassingue {f} [North of France]  :: floorcloth
water {m}  :: toilet, bathroom
water {m}  :: ellipsis of water-closet
water polo {m}  :: alternative spelling of waterpolo
water-closet {m} [dated]  :: water closet; WC
water-polo {m}  :: alternative spelling of waterpolo
waterpolo {m} [sport]  :: water polo
waterzooi {m}  :: waterzooi
watmille {adv}  :: alternative spelling of whatmille
watt {m}  :: watt
wattheure {m}  :: watt-hour
wattman {m} [dated or dialect]  :: tram driver
wattmètre {m}  :: wattmeter
w.-c. {mp}  :: toilet, lavatory
webcam {f} [computing, photography]  :: webcam
webcaméra {f} [Quebec]  :: webcam
webcast {m}  :: webcast
webdocumentaire {m} [Internet]  :: web documentary (multimedia documentary published on the Internet)
weber {m}  :: weber
webmania {f}  :: Excessive use or reliance upon the Internet considered as a disease
webmestre {m}  :: webmaster (person responsible for maintaining a website)
webzine {m}  :: webzine
weekend {m} [1990 spelling reform]  :: alternative form of week-end
week-end {m}  :: weekend
wehnelt {m}  :: Wehnelt cylinder
wendate {f}  :: feminine singular of Wendat
wesh {interj} [slang]  :: hello
wesh {interj} [slang]  :: what's up?
wesh {m}  :: dude or similar word for a person given to using this interjection
western {m}  :: western (film genre)
westphalien {adj}  :: Westphalian
whatmille {adv} [slang]  :: Many, a large number or amount
whig {m}  :: Whig
whiskey {m}  :: whiskey (drink)
whisky {m}  :: whisky, whiskey
whist {m}  :: whist
white-spirit {m}  :: white spirit
wifi {m}  :: alternative form of Wi-Fi
wiki {m}  :: wiki
wikien {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to a wiki
wikification {f}  :: Wikification
wikifier {v}  :: to wikify
wikipédiste {mf}  :: Wikipedian
wilaya {f}  :: administrative division in some African and Asiatic countries
wilhelmien {adj}  :: Wilhelmian
winchester {f}  :: Winchester (rifle)
winstub {m} [Alsace]  :: a cafe, restaurant or bar that specialises in wine
wishbone {m} [nautical]  :: wishbone
wisigoth {adj}  :: Visigothic
wisigothique {adj}  :: Visigothic
wisigothiquement {adv}  :: Visigothically
withérite {f} [mineralogy]  :: witherite
wolfram {m}  :: wolframite
wolfram {m}  :: tungsten
wolframite {f} [mineral]  :: wolframite
wollastonite {f} [mineral]  :: wollastonite
wolof {adj}  :: Wolof
wolof {f}  :: Wolof (language)
-woman {suffix}  :: used to form the names of female sportspersons or professions
wombat {m}  :: wombat
won {m}  :: won (unit of currency)
woofer {m}  :: woofer
woofing {m}  :: woofing (travelling to volunteer on an organic farm)
wormien {adj} [anatomy]  :: Wormian
wotanique {adj}  :: Wotanic
wotanisme {m}  :: Wotanism
wouaf {interj}  :: alt form ouaf
wrap {m}  :: wrap (sandwich)
wronskien {m} [maths]  :: Wronskian
wu {m}  :: Wu (Sinitic language)
wulfénite {f} [mineralogy]  :: wulfenite
wurtembergeois {adj}  :: Of Württemberg in Germany
wyandotte {f}  :: Wyandotte (poultry)