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y {letter}  :: a letter in the French alphabet, after x and before z
y {pron}  :: there (at a place)
y {pron}  :: there, thither (to there)
y {pron}  :: Used as a pronoun to replace à followed by an indirect object
y {pron}  :: With verbs: see Appendix:French verbs followed by à for verbs which use this structure
y {pron} [archaic]  :: With adjectives. Only used with handful of adjectives (the most usual being y compris, which is a special case), mainly in juridical language
y {pron} [Quebec, France, colloquial]  :: He: alternative form of il
y {pron} [Quebec, France, colloquial]  :: They: alternative form of ils
y {pron} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: They: alternative form of elles
{pron}  :: eye dialect of je (representing the Hispanic pronunciation)
{phrase} [Quebec, colloquial]  :: he's, it's: contraction of il est
y'a {v}  :: contraction of il y a
yacht {m}  :: Yacht
yacht-club {m}  :: yacht club (sports club for sailing and yachting)
yachtman {m}  :: alternative form of yachtsman
yachtsman {m}  :: yachtsman
yachtswoman {f}  :: yachtswoman
yachtwoman {f}  :: alternative spelling of yachtswoman
yack {m}  :: yak (ox-like mammal)
yak {m}  :: alternative spelling of yack
yakusa {m}  :: alternative spelling of yakuza
yakuza {m}  :: yakuza
y aller {v} [colloquial]  :: to leave; to depart
yang {m}  :: yang
Yann {prop}  :: given name
Yannick {prop}  :: given name
yaourt {m} [chiefly France]  :: yoghurt
yaourter {v}  :: to attempt to speak or sing in a foreign language, usually English, and incorporating many mondegreens
yaourtière {f}  :: Yoghurt making apparatus
yard {m}  :: yard (unit of length)
Yasmina {prop} {f}  :: given name
Yasmine {prop} {f}  :: given name
yatagan {m}  :: yataghan
y avoir {vt} [impersonal]  :: there be
y avoir anguille sous roche {v} [by extension, idiomatic]  :: To suspect that there is something being hidden from us; to smell a rat
yèble {f}  :: alternative form of hièble
y compris {prep}  :: including (being part of the group or topic just mentioned)
yen {m}  :: yen (currency)
yero {m}  :: alternative spelling of gyros (Greek sandwich)
yes {interj} [chiefly Quebec, colloquial]  :: yes!
yeuse {f}  :: holm oak
yeux doux {n}  :: doe eyes
yiddish {adj}  :: Yiddish (of or pertaining to the Yiddish language)
yiddish {m}  :: Yiddish (language)
Yi-King {prop} {m}  :: I Ching
yin {m}  :: yin
yin-yang {m} [Chinese philosophy]  :: yin-yang (opposite principles in Chinese philosophy)
YK {initialism}  :: Yukon, a Canadian territory
ylure {m} [organic chemistry]  :: ylide
Yémen {prop} {m}  :: Yemen
yéménite {adj}  :: Yemeni
Yéménite {mf}  :: Yemeni (A person from Yemen or of Yemeni descent)
-yne {suffix} [chemistry]  :: -yne
Yo {m} [SI]  :: abbreviation of yottaoctet
yobioctet {m}  :: yobibyte
yoctokatal {m}  :: yoctokatal
yodler {vi}  :: to yodel
yoga {m}  :: yoga
yoghourt {m}  :: alternative spelling of yaourt
yogi {m} [yoga]  :: yogi
yogique {adj}  :: yogic (of or pertaining to yoga)
yogiquement {adv}  :: yogically
yogourt {m}  :: alternative spelling of yaourt
yohimbehe {m}  :: yohimbe
Yolande {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Yolanda
yole {f} [nautical]  :: yawl
Yom Kippour {prop}  :: Yom Kippur
yoni {m}  :: yoni
yonnais {adj}  :: Of or from La Roche-sur-Yon
yorkais {adj}  :: Of or from York
yorkshire {m}  :: Yorkshire terrier
yoruba {m}  :: the Yoruba language
yottaoctet {m} [computing]  :: yottabyte
yougoslave {adj}  :: Yugoslav, Yugoslavian
Yougoslave {mf}  :: Yugoslav, Yugoslavian (someone from Yugoslavia)
Yougoslavie {prop} {f}  :: Yugoslavia
yougoslavisme {m}  :: The Yugoslavian independence movement
youpi {interj}  :: whoopee; yippie
youpin {m} [vulgar slang, racially offensive]  :: kike, yid
yourte {f}  :: yurt (large, round tent with vertical walls and conical roof)
youtubeur {m}  :: YouTuber
youtubeuse {f}  :: feminine singular of youtubeur
you-you {m}  :: ululation of celebration, made by women in many North African cultures
youyou {m} [nautical]  :: dinghy
yoyo {m}  :: yo-yo
ypréau {m}  :: broad-leaved elm
Ypres {prop} {f}  :: Ypres
ypérite {f}  :: mustard gas
yprois {adj}  :: Yprois: of, from, or pertaining to the city of Ypres
Yprois {m}  :: An Yprois: one who is from, or who lives in, Ypres
Yproise {f}  :: feminine singular of Yprois
Ys {prop} {f} [mythology]  :: Ys (sunken city)
Yseult {prop}  :: given name, a variant spelling of Iseult, cognate to German Isolde
ysopet {m}  :: A compendium of medieval fables
yéti {m} [cryptozoology]  :: yeti
ytterbium {m}  :: ytterbium
yttrifère {adj}  :: yttriferous
yttrique {adj}  :: yttric
yttrium {m}  :: yttrium
yuan {m}  :: yuan (Chinese currency)
Yukon {prop} {m}  :: Yukon Territory
yukonnais {adj}  :: Yukon (from Yukon)
Yukonnais {m}  :: Yukoner (someone from Yukon)
Yukonnaise {f}  :: feminine noun of Yukonnais
yumi {m}  :: yumi (Japanese longbow)
Yvelines {prop}  :: Yvelines
Yves {prop}  :: given name, borne by two French saints, and known in medieval romance
Yvette {prop} {f}  :: given name, the feminine form of Yves
Yvette {f} [Quebec, politics, derogatory, dated]  :: Yvette
Yvon {prop}  :: given name, a medieval diminutive form of Yves
Yvon {prop}  :: surname
Yvonne {prop}  :: given name, the feminine form of Yvon
yéyé {m}  :: Pop singer, or fan, of the early 1960s
yéyé {m}  :: pop music (of the early 60s)
yé-yé {m}  :: alternative form of yéyé
yézidi {adj}  :: Yazidi (attributive)