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p {n}  :: See under P
P {letter}  :: letter: pi
paba {n}  :: short for acido para-aminobenzoico
paca {m}  :: paca
pacando {v}  :: gerund of pacare
pacandosi {v}  :: gerund of pacarsi
pacare {vt} [literary]  :: to calm or calm down
pacarsi {vr} [literary]  :: To calm, calm down, or appease
pacatamente {adv}  :: calmly, placidly
pacatezza {f}  :: calm, calmness
pacato {adj}  :: placid
pacato {adj}  :: quiet, calm
pacca {f}  :: slap
paccata {f} [informal]  :: A large quantity or amount (of)
pacchebotto {m} [nautical]  :: packet (type of boat)
pacchero {m} [especially in plural]  :: A form of Neapolitan pasta in the form of very large macaroni
pacchetto {m}  :: package, packet, parcel, small parcel
pacchia {f}  :: An easy task; a piece of cake
pacchia {f}  :: A pleasant situation; a bed of roses
pacchianamente {adv}  :: garishly, tackily
pacchianata {f}  :: tat (tacky or garish object)
pacchianata {f}  :: vulgarity (behaviour)
pacchianeria {f}  :: garishness, gaudiness, tackiness
pacchiano {adj}  :: garish, tacky
pacchierotto {adj}  :: plumpish
pacciamando {v}  :: gerund of pacciamare
pacciamare {vt}  :: To mulch (to apply mulch)
pacciamatura {f}  :: mulching
pacciame {m}  :: mulch
pacco {m}  :: bundle, deck
pacco {m}  :: parcel, package
pacco {m} [slang]  :: bulge (visible protrusion of the penis through clothing)
pacco {m} [slang, fraud]  :: swindle, con
paccottaglia {f}  :: junk, trash, rubbish
paccottaglia {f}  :: shoddy goods
paccottiglia {f}  :: jumble
paccottiglia {f}  :: trash, junk, rubbish, garbage
pace {adv} [colloquial]  :: that's it; end of the story
pace {f}  :: peace
Pace {prop}  :: surname
pace della mente {f}  :: peace of mind, inner peace
pace interiore {f}  :: inner peace, peace of mind
pachicaule {m}  :: A succulent plant of the genus Pachypodium
pachiderma {m} [zoology]  :: pachyderm
pachidermico {adj}  :: heavy (elephant-like)
pachidermico {adj}  :: pachydermatous
pachidermico {adj}  :: rough, coarse (especially of skin)
pachimeninge {f} [anatomy]  :: pachymeninx, pachymeninges
pachistana {f}  :: alternative spelling of pakistana
pachistano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of pakistano
pachistano {m}  :: alternative spelling of pakistano
pachitene {f}  :: pachytene
paciere {m}  :: pacifier
paciere {m}  :: peacemaker
pacificabile {adj}  :: That can be pacified; pacifiable
pacificamente {adv}  :: peacefully
pacificando {v}  :: gerund of pacificare
pacificare {vt}  :: to pacify
pacificare {vt}  :: to reconcile (people)
pacificatore {m}  :: pacifier
pacificatore {m}  :: peacemaker
pacificazione {f}  :: pacification
pacifico {adj}  :: peaceable, peaceful
Pacifico {prop}  :: The Pacific (ocean)
pacifismo {m}  :: pacifism
pacifista {f}  :: pacifist
pacifistico {adj}  :: pacifistic
Pacillo {prop}  :: surname
pacioccona {f}  :: easy-going woman
pacioccone {adj}  :: easy-going
pacioccone {m}  :: easy-going person
paciosamente {adv}  :: calmly, peaceably, quietly
pacioso {adj}  :: calm, easygoing, peaceable
Padania {prop}  :: Padania
padanità {f}  :: The property of being pertaining to or originating in the valley of the river Po
padano {adj}  :: Of, pertaining to or originating in the valley of the river Po
padda {m}  :: the Java sparrow (Lonchura oryzivora)
padella {f}  :: bedpan
padella {f}  :: frying pan [British], skillet [US]
padellata {f}  :: A blow with a frying pan
padellata {f}  :: panful
padellina {f}  :: pan (of a flintlock mechanism)
padellino {m}  :: pannikin
padiglione {f}  :: a large tent
padiglione {f}  :: canopy
padiglione {f}  :: marquee
padiglione {f}  :: pavilion
padiglione auricolare {m} [anatomy]  :: pinna (external ear)
padiscià {m} [history]  :: Padishah
Padova {prop}  :: Padua
Padova {prop}  :: The letter P in the Italian phonetic alphabet
padovana {f}  :: A native or inhabitant of Padua (female)
padovano {adj}  :: Of, or from, Padua (Padova)
padovano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Padua
padre {m}  :: father
padreggiando {v}  :: gerund of padreggiare
padreggiare {vi}  :: To take after one's father
padre nostro {n}  :: Lord's Prayer, Our Father
padrenostro {m}  :: alternative form of padre nostro
padreterno {m}  :: A very important, influential or expert person
padreterno {prop}  :: God Almighty; God the Father
padrigno {m}  :: stepfather
padrino {m}  :: godfather
padrino {m}  :: second (at a duel)
padrino {m}  :: sponsor (at a baptism)
padron {m}  :: apocopic form of padrone
padrona {f}  :: employer, boss
padrona {f}  :: flagship of a naval squadron (pre-18th c.)
padrona {f}  :: hostess
padrona {f}  :: landlady
padrona {f}  :: mistress, lady
padrona {f}  :: owner
padrona di casa {f}  :: housewife
padrona di casa {f}  :: lady of the house
padrona di casa {f}  :: madam
padrona di casa {f}  :: mistress
padronale {adj}  :: main, principal (entrance etc)
padronale {adj}  :: master (bedroom etc)
padronanza {f}  :: command
padronanza {f}  :: mastery
padronato {m}  :: An agricultural enterprise that has a single owner
padronato {m}  :: The ruling classes
padroncino {m}  :: A small company
padroncino {m}  :: A young master or proprietor, or the son of one
padrone {m}  :: employer, boss
padrone {m}  :: host
padrone {m}  :: landlord
padrone {m}  :: master
padrone {m}  :: owner
padrone di casa {m}  :: landlord
padroneggiando {v}  :: gerund of padroneggiare
padroneggiare {v}  :: to control
padroneggiare {v}  :: to master
padronissimo {interj}  :: you're the boss!
padule {m}  :: (Tuscany) a marsh or bog
paesaggio {m}  :: landscape
paesaggio {m}  :: view, panorama
paesaggismo {m} [arts]  :: landscape painting
paesaggista {mf} [arts]  :: landscape painter
paesaggistica {f} [arts]  :: landscape painting
paesaggisticamente {adv}  :: with regard to the landscape
paesaggistico {adj}  :: landscape (attributive)
paesaggisticoambientale {adj}  :: Relating to environmental aspects of landscape
paesano {adj}  :: country (attributive)
paesano {adj}  :: rustic
paesano {m}  :: comrade or friend (usually from the same neighborhood, city, or region)
paesano {m}  :: fellow countryman
paesano {m}  :: fellow Italian
paesano {m}  :: peasant, rustic villager
paese {m}  :: country (nation)
paese {m}  :: village, town
paese che vai, usanza che trovi {proverb}  :: alternative form of paese che vai, usanze che trovi
paese che vai, usanze che trovi {proverb}  :: One should not be surprised by how different someone else's culture and traditions might be, and should therefore accept them
paese della cuccagna {m}  :: Cockaigne
Paese del Sol Levante {prop} [periphrasis]  :: the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan)
paesello {m}  :: small village
paesetto {m}  :: Small village
Paesi Baschi {prop}  :: The Basque Country
Paesi Bassi {prop}  :: The Netherlands
paesino {m}  :: small village
paesista {mf} [arts]  :: landscape painter
paesistico {adj}  :: landscape (attributive)
paesone {m}  :: big village
Paestum {prop}  :: (the site of) a Graeco-Roman city on the coast of present-day Campania
paffutello {adj}  :: plumpish
paffuto {adj}  :: plump, chubby
Pafo {prop}  :: Paphos
paga {f}  :: pay
paga {f}  :: reward, recompense
paga {f}  :: wages
pagabile {adj}  :: payable
pagaia {f}  :: paddle
pagaiando {v}  :: gerund of pagaiare
pagaiare {vi}  :: To paddle
paga lorda {f}  :: gross pay
pagamento {m}  :: payment
pagamento {m}  :: pay (salary)
paganamente {adv}  :: paganly
pagando {v}  :: gerund of pagare
pagandosi {v}  :: gerund of pagarsi
paganeggiando {v}  :: gerund of paganeggiare
paganeggiante {adj}  :: paganism (attributive)
paganeggiante {v}  :: gerund of paganeggiare
paganeggiare {vi}  :: To think or act according to pagan principles
paganesimo {m}  :: paganism
Paganica {prop}  :: a hillside town in the province of L'Aquila, in the Abruzzo region of southern Italy
Paganini {prop}  :: Niccolò Paganini, Italian composer and violinist
Paganini {prop}  :: surname
Paganini non replica {phrase}  :: rare form of Paganini non ripete
Paganini non ripete {phrase} [usually , jocular, sometimes , menacing]  :: Said when someone is unwilling to repeat what they have already said
paganità {f}  :: paganism
paganizzando {v}  :: gerund of paganizzare
paganizzare {vt}  :: to paganize
paganizzazione {f}  :: paganization
pagano {adj}  :: pagan
pagano {m}  :: pagan
pagante {adj}  :: paying (describing the one who pays)
pagare {vit}  :: to pay
pagarsi {v}  :: reflexive of pagare
pagarsi {v}  :: to be satisfied
pagarsi {v}  :: to keep back a sum of money as recompense or tip, etc
pagato {adj}  :: paid
pagatore {adj}  :: paying, pay (attributive)
pagatore {m}  :: payer
pagatrice {f}  :: payer (female)
pagella {f} [education]  :: school report, report card
pagello {m}  :: sea bream (of genus Pagellus)
paggetto {m}  :: pageboy, page
paggio {m}  :: page
paggio {m}  :: pageboy
pagglialore {m}  :: A rural Sicilian building housing donkeys on the ground floor, chickens and/or goats on the first floor and a farming family on the second floor
pagherò {m}  :: IOU
paghetta {f}  :: pocket money
pagina {f}  :: page [of a book, etc.]
pagina iniziale {f} [Internet]  :: The landing page of a website; the site's homepage
paginando {v}  :: gerund of paginare
paginare {vi} [computing]  :: to page
paginare {vt}  :: to paginate
paginatura {f}  :: foliation
paginatura {f}  :: pagination
paginazione {f} [computing]  :: paging
paginazione {f}  :: pagination
paginetta {f} [informal]  :: blog or similar publication
paginetta {f}  :: short page
paginone {m}  :: spread (especially a double-page spread)
paglia {f}  :: straw (dry stalks, colour)
Paglia {prop}  :: A river that flows in Tuscany
pagliaccesco {adj}  :: clownish, clownlike
pagliaccetto {m} [clothing]  :: onesie, romper suit
pagliaccetto {m}  :: diminutive of pagliaccio
pagliacciata {f}  :: buffoonery, clowning
pagliaccio {m} [also , pejorative]  :: clown, buffoon
paglia e fieno {n}  :: paglia e fieno
pagliaio {m}  :: haystack
Pagliaro {prop}  :: surname
pagliativo {adj}  :: Variant of palliativo
pagliericcio {m}  :: straw mattress, pallet
paglierino {adj}  :: straw-coloured
paglietta {f}  :: boater (straw hat)
paglietta {f}  :: steel wool
paglietto {m} [nautical]  :: mat
paglino {adj}  :: straw (attributive)
paglino {m}  :: straw seat of a chair
pagliolato {m} [nautical]  :: dunnage
pagliolo {m} [nautical]  :: dunnage
paglione {m}  :: pallet
paglione {m}  :: palliasse
pagliuzza {f}  :: blade or wisp of straw
pagliuzza {f}  :: speck or tiny particle of metal
pagnotta {f}  :: (round) loaf
pago {adj}  :: contented
pago {m} [archaic]  :: pay, fee
pago {m} [archaic]  :: price
Pago {prop}  :: Pag (island of Croatia)
pagoda {f} [architecture]  :: pagoda
paidocentrismo {m}  :: Variant of pedocentrismo
paidologia {f}  :: Variant of pedologia
paillard {m}  :: paillard (grilled sirloin)
paillette {f}  :: sequin
paio {m}  :: pair
paiolata {f}  :: potful
paiolo {m}  :: A cauldron
paiolo {m}  :: A copper cooking pot
Pakistan {prop}  :: Pakistan
pakistana {f}  :: Pakistani (female)
pakistano {adj}  :: Pakistani
pakistano {m}  :: Pakistani
pala {f}  :: altarpiece
pala {f}  :: blade (of a propellor, fan etc)
pala {f}  :: paddle
pala {f}  :: pall
pala {f}  :: retable
pala {f}  :: shovel
paladina {f}  :: (female) champion, defender, paladin
paladino {m}  :: champion, defender
paladino {m}  :: paladin
palafitta {f}  :: pile-dwelling
palafitta {f}  :: piles; piling (structural)
palafittando {v}  :: gerund of palafittare
palafittare {vt}  :: To support with piles
palafitticolo {adj}  :: pile-dwelling (often lake-dwelling)
palafitticolo {m}  :: pile-dweller (often on a lake)
palafreniere {m}  :: groom
palafreno {m}  :: palfrey
palaghiaccio {m}  :: ice rink
palagonitico {adj} [geology]  :: palagonitic
Palamede {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Palamedes
palamento {m}  :: rowing (a boat)
palamento {m}  :: shovelling
palamidone {m}  :: greatcoat (or similar long winter coat)
palamidone {m}  :: lanky person
palamita {f}  :: (Atlantic) bonito (Sarda sarda)
palanca {f}  :: board
palanca {f}  :: money
palanchino {m}  :: crowbar
palanchino {m}  :: palanquin
palancola {f}  :: (plank) footbridge
palando {v}  :: gerund of palare
palandrana {f}  :: long, wide (tent-like) clothing
palare {vt}  :: to row [a boat]
palare {vt}  :: to shovel
palasport {m}  :: stadium, arena (indoor sports hall)
palata {f}  :: shovelful (large amount)
palatabile {adj}  :: palatable
palatabilità {f}  :: palatability
palatale {adj}  :: palatal
palatale {f}  :: palatal
palatalizzando {v}  :: gerund of palatalizzare
palatalizzare {vt}  :: To palatalize
palatalizzazione {f} [phonetics]  :: palatalization
palatinato {m}  :: palatinate
Palatinato {prop}  :: Palatinate, Electorate of the Palatinate
palatino {adj} [anatomy]  :: palatine, palatal
palatino {adj}  :: Palatine
palatino {adj}  :: palatine, palatial, palace (attributive)
palatino {m}  :: palatine
Palatino {prop}  :: Palatine (hill)
palato {adj} [heraldry]  :: paly
palato {m} [anatomy, sense of taste]  :: palate
palato- {prefix} [anatomy]  :: palato-; pertaining to the palate
palato- {prefix} [linguistics, phonetics]  :: palato-; articulated on the palate
palatoalveolare {adj} [linguistics, phonetics]  :: alveolopalatal
palatofaringeo {adj} [anatomy]  :: palatopharyngeal
palatofaringeo {m} [muscle]  :: palatopharyngeus, palatopharyngeal muscle, pharyngopalatinus
palatoglosso {m} [muscle]  :: palatoglossus, glossopalatinus, palatoglossal muscle
palatoschisi {f} [pathology]  :: cleft palate
Palau {prop}  :: Palau
palauana {f}  :: Palauan
palauano {adj}  :: Palauan
palauano {m}  :: Palauan
palaziale {adj}  :: palatial
Palazzaccio {prop} [Rome, informal]  :: The Palace of Justice, Rome, the supreme court in Rome
palazzetto {m}  :: A sports hall or similar building also used for concerts etc
palazzina {f}  :: house
palazzina {f}  :: Small building, small apartment building
palazzinaro {m}  :: building speculator
palazzo {m}  :: A palatial urban building, a palazzo
palazzo {m}  :: A royal palace
Palazzo {prop}  :: surname
Palazzo di Westminster {prop}  :: Palace of Westminster (the British Houses of Parliament)
palazzone {m}  :: A big palace
palazzone {m}  :: A large apartment building, a large tenement
palchettista {mf}  :: ticket holder for the gallery or an upper tier box (in a theatre)
palchetto {m}  :: gallery; upper-tier box (in a theatre)
palchetto {m}  :: shelf (of a piece of furniture, especially of a bookcase)
palco {m}  :: box (theatre)
palco {m}  :: scaffold, scaffolding
palco {m}  :: stage (theatre)
palco {m}  :: stand, platform
palco {m} [zoology]  :: antler
palcoscenico {m}  :: stage (theatre)
Pale {prop}  :: a Roman god
paleartico {adj}  :: Palearctic
paleggio {m}  :: The excavation and removal of loose earth (typically using shovels and wheelbarrows)
paleo- {prefix}  :: paleo-
paleoalveo {m}  :: ancient riverbed
paleoambientale {adj}  :: paleoenvironmental
paleoambiente {m}  :: paleoenvironment
paleoamericano {m}  :: Paleo-Indian
paleoantropologia {f}  :: paleoanthropology
paleoantropologico {adj}  :: paleoanthropological
paleoantropologo {m}  :: paleoanthropologist
paleoasiatico {adj}  :: paleoasiatic
paleobiologia {f}  :: paleobiology
paleobotanica {f}  :: paleobotany
paleobotanico {adj}  :: paleobotanical
paleoclimatologia {f}  :: paleoclimatology
paleoclimatologo {m}  :: paleoclimatologist
paleocristiano {adj}  :: paleochristian
paleoecologia {f}  :: paleoecology
paleoetnologia {f}  :: paleoethnology
paleofitologia {f}  :: paleophytology
paleogeografia {f}  :: paleogeography
paleogeografico {adj}  :: paleogeographic
paleogeografo {m}  :: paleogeographer
paleografia {f}  :: paleography
paleografico {adj}  :: paleographic
paleografo {m}  :: paleographer
paleoindio {adj}  :: Paleoindian
paleoispanico {adj}  :: Paleohispanic
paleolitico {adj}  :: Paleolithic
paleomagnetismo {m}  :: paleomagnetism
paleomericido {m}  :: palaeomerycid
paleonimo {m}  :: paleonym
paleontologa {f}  :: paleontologist (female)
paleontologia {f} [sciences]  :: paleontology
paleontologico {adj}  :: paleontological
paleontologo {m}  :: paleontologist
paleopatologia {f}  :: paleopathology
paleoslavo {m}  :: Old Church Slavonic
paleotettonica {f}  :: paleotechtonics
Paleoveneti {prop}  :: the early inhabitants of the Veneto
paleoveneto {adj}  :: Relating to the Veneto in prehistoric times
paleozoico {adj}  :: Paleozoic
paleozoico {m}  :: Paleozoic
paleozoologia {f} [zoology]  :: paleozoology
paleria {f}  :: stakes or poles (collectively)
palermitano {adj}  :: from or pertaining to Palermo, Sicily
palermitano {m}  :: a male inhabitant of Palermo
Palermo {prop}  :: Palermo (city)
Palermo {prop}  :: Palermo (province)
palesamento {m}  :: manifestation, disclosure, revelation
palesando {v}  :: gerund of palesare
palesandosi {v}  :: gerund of palesarsi
palesare {vt}  :: To reveal or disclose
palesarsi {vr}  :: To reveal oneself
palesato {adj}  :: revealed, disclosed
palese {adj}  :: clear, evident
palesemente {adv}  :: clearly, evidently, obviously, manifestly
Palestina {f}  :: A large size of type standardized as 24 points
Palestina {prop}  :: Palestine
palestinese {adj}  :: Palestinian
palestinese {f}  :: A Palestinian woman
palestinese {m}  :: A Palestinian
palestra {f}  :: gym, gymnasium
palestrato {adj}  :: muscular
palestrato {m}  :: A person who regularly works out (at a gym)
Palestrina {prop}  :: A town in the province of Roma in Lazio
paletò {m}  :: overcoat, greatcoat
paletnologia {f}  :: paleoethnology, palaeoethnology
paletnologico {adj}  :: paleoethnological, palaeoethnological
paletnologo {m}  :: paleoethnologist, palaeoethnologist
paletta {f}  :: dustpan
paletta {f}  :: shovel (fireside)
paletta {f}  :: spade (toy)
paletta {f}  :: trowel
palettando {v}  :: gerund of palettare
palettare {vt}  :: To stake
palettizzabile {adj}  :: alternative form of pallettizzabile
palettizzando {v}  :: gerund of palettizzare
palettizzare {v}  :: alternative form of pallettizzare
palettizzazione {f}  :: alternative form of pallettizzazione
paletto {m}  :: bolt (for a door)
paletto {m}  :: stake, peg, pile
palificando {v}  :: gerund of palificare
palificare {v}  :: to pile drive; to drive piles into the ground
palificazione {f}  :: pile driving
palificazione {f}  :: piling
palilogia {f}  :: palilogy (repetition of a word for rhetorical effect)
palin- {prefix}  :: Forms terms, of Greek origin, related to repetition or recapitulation
palina {f}  :: ranging rod or pole (with red and white stripes)
palina {f}  :: signpost
palindromico {adj}  :: palindromic
palindromo {adj}  :: palindromic
palindromo {m}  :: palindrome
palingenesi {f}  :: palingenesis
palingenetico {adj}  :: palingenetic
palinodia {f}  :: palinode
palinologia {f}  :: palynology
palinsesto {m}  :: A listing of broadcast programs, e.g. a TV guide
palinsesto {m}  :: palimpsest
Palinuro {prop}  :: Palinurus
palio {m}  :: banner [especially one given as a prize]
Palio {prop}  :: The Palio delle Contrade
Palio delle Contrade {prop}  :: The Palio di Siena
paliotto {m}  :: antependium
palischermo {m} [nautical]  :: skiff, pinnace
palissandro {m}  :: rosewood
palizzata {f}  :: palisade, fence, stockade, paling
palla {f}  :: ball
palla {f}  :: bullet, shot
palla {f}  :: testicle, and, by extension, an arduous and/or boring undertaking or event
palla a canestro {f}  :: alternative spelling of pallacanestro
palla a mano {f}  :: alternative spelling of pallamano
palla a nuoto {f}  :: alternative spelling of pallanuoto
palla a volo {f}  :: alternative spelling of pallavolo
pallabase {n}  :: baseball
pallacanestro {f}  :: basketball, basket
pallacorda {n}  :: real tennis, royal tennis
Pallade {prop}  :: Pallas
palladianesimo {m} [architecture]  :: Palladianism
palladiano {adj}  :: Palladian
palladiano {m}  :: Palladian (follower or imitator)
palladico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: palladic
palla di cristallo {f}  :: crystal ball
palla di neve {f}  :: snowball (ball of compacted snow)
palladio {m} [chemistry]  :: palladium
Palladio {prop}  :: Andrea Palladio, Italian architect
Palladio {prop}  :: surname
pallamaglio {n}  :: pall mall (game)
pallamanista {mf} [sports]  :: handball player
pallamano {f} [sports]  :: handball
pallamuro {n}  :: fives (game)
pallanotista {mf}  :: water polo player
pallanuotista {f} [sports]  :: water polo player
pallanuoto {f}  :: water polo
pallapugno {m}  :: A ballgame in which a rubber ball is hit with the fists
pallavolista {f} [sports]  :: volleyball player, volleyballer
pallavolistico {adj}  :: volleyball (attributive)
pallavolo {f}  :: volleyball
palleggiamento {m}  :: passing the buck
palleggiamento {m} [sports]  :: dribbling, passing
palleggiamento {m} [tennis]  :: rally, knock-up
palleggiando {v}  :: gerund of palleggiare
palleggiandosi {v}  :: gerund of palleggiarsi
palleggiare {vt} [sports]  :: to practise with a ball, especially to repeatedly bounce it while retaining control
palleggiare {vt}  :: to knock up (in tennis)
palleggiarsi {vr} [sports]  :: to practise with a ball, especially to repeatedly bounce it while retaining control
palleggiatore {m} [football]  :: dribbler
palleggiatore {m} [volleyball]  :: setter
palleggiatrice {f} [volleyball]  :: female setter
palleggio {m}  :: knock-up (at tennis)
palleggio {m}  :: practise with a ball
pallettizzabile {adj}  :: palletizable
pallettizzando {v}  :: gerund of pallettizzare
pallettizzare {vt}  :: to palletize
pallettizzazione {f}  :: pelletization
pallettone {m}  :: buckshot
palliativo {adj}  :: palliative
palliativo {adj}  :: stopgap
palliativo {m}  :: palliative
palliativo {m}  :: Temporary or stopgap measure
pallidamente {adv}  :: palely, pallidly, faintly
pallidezza {f}  :: paleness, pallor
pallidiccio {adj}  :: palish (rather pale)
pallidino {adj}  :: palish (rather pale)
pallidissimo {adj}  :: Very pale
pallidità {f}  :: paleness, pallor
pallido {adj}  :: bleak
pallido {adj}  :: pale
palliduccio {adj}  :: palish (rather pale)
pallina {f}  :: marble (glass ball)
pallinatura {f}  :: shot peening, shot blasting
pallino {m} [billiards, snooker]  :: cue ball
pallino {m}  :: craze, obsession
pallino {m}  :: dot (pattern)
pallino {m}  :: jack (bowls)
pallino {m}  :: knack
pallino {m}  :: pellet (from a gun)
pallista {mf}  :: bullshitter
pallonaio {m}  :: ball or balloon maker or seller
pallonaro {m}  :: liar, fibber
pallonata {f}  :: blow from a ball
palloncino {m}  :: balloon (toy)
palloncino-scultura {m}  :: balloon sculpture
pallone {m}  :: ball, football
pallone {m}  :: balloon, aerostat
pallone gonfiato {m}  :: bighead, swellhead, egotist
pallone sonda {f}  :: weather balloon
pallonetto {m}  :: lob (with a ball)
pallonista {m}  :: ballplayer
pallore {m}  :: paleness, pallor
pallosamente {adv} [colloquial]  :: boringly
pallosità {f} [colloquial]  :: tediousness, boringness
palloso {adj} [colloquial]  :: boring, square
pallottino {adj}  :: Pallottine
pallottola {f}  :: ball (of paper etc)
pallottola {f}  :: bullet
pallottoliere {m}  :: abacus
pallovale {n} [sports]  :: rugby
palma {f}  :: palm (corresponding part of the forefoot of a lower mammal)
palma {f}  :: palm (of the hand)
palma {f}  :: palm tree, palm
palma da cocco {f}  :: coconut palm
palma da datteri {f}  :: date palm
palma da dattero {f}  :: date palm
palma da olio {f}  :: oil palm
Palmanova {prop}  :: a town in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Italy
palmare {adj}  :: evident, obvious
palmare {adj}  :: handheld
palmare {m}  :: Any palm-held electronic device
palmares {m}  :: prize list
palmares {m}  :: record of achievements
palmarino {adj}  :: Of, or from, Palmanova
palmarino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Palmanova
palmarmente {adv}  :: in the palm of the hand
Palmarola {prop}  :: An island of the Pontine Islands
palmatifido {adj} [botany]  :: palmatifid
palmato {adj} [botany]  :: palmate
palmato {adj}  :: webbed (feet)
palmatosetto {adj} [botany]  :: palmatisect
palmento {m}  :: millstone
palmeto {m}  :: palm grove
palmetta {f} [architecture]  :: palmette
palmetta {f}  :: fan training (of fruit trees etc)
Palmi {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Reggio Calabria in Calabria
palmifero {adj}  :: palmiferous
palminervio {adj} [botany]  :: palminerved
palmipede {adj}  :: web-footed
Palmira {prop}  :: Palmyra
palmireno {adj}  :: Palmyrene
palmireno {n}  :: Palmyrene (language)
Palmiro {prop}  :: given name
palmitico {adj}  :: palmitic
palmitina {f} [organic compound]  :: palmitin, tripalmitin
palmitoleico {adj}  :: palmitoleic
palmizio {adj}  :: palm (attributive)
palmizio {m}  :: palm tree
palmizio {m}  :: palm (used in religious ceremonies)
palmo {m} [regional]  :: palm (of the hand)
palmo {m}  :: span (of hand)
palo {m} [football]  :: goalpost
palo {m} [heraldry]  :: pale
palo {m}  :: stake, pole, pile
palo della luce {m}  :: lamppost
palo del telefono {m}  :: telephone pole
palo del telegrafo {m}  :: telegraph pole
palomba {f}  :: stock dove, wood pigeon
palombaro {m}  :: deep-sea diver
palombaro {m}  :: hard hat diver
Palombi {prop}  :: surname
palombo {m} [regional]  :: wild pigeon
palombo {m}  :: smooth hound
palorcio {m}  :: A simple ropeway used to transport materials
palpabile {adj}  :: palpable, tangible
palpabilità {f}  :: tangibleness
palpabilmente {adv}  :: palpably, tangibly
palpando {v}  :: gerund of palpare
palpare {vt}  :: to feel, finger
palpare {vt}  :: to palpate
palpata {f}  :: grope
palpata {f}  :: touch, feel
palpatina {f}  :: little grope
palpatina {f}  :: little touch, little feel
palpatorio {adj}  :: palpatory
palpazione {f} [medicine]  :: palpation
palpebra {f}  :: eyelid
palpebrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: palpebral
palpeggiamento {m}  :: groping, fondling
palpeggiando {v}  :: gerund of palpeggiare
palpeggiare {vt}  :: To grope, paw, fondle, cop a feel
palpeggiata {f}  :: grope, paw
palpitando {v}  :: gerund of palpitare
palpitante {adj}  :: trembling or quivering (with)
palpitare {vi}  :: to throb, pound
palpitare {vi}  :: to tremble, quiver
palpitazione {f}  :: palpitation
palpito {m}  :: beat (of the heart)
palpito {m}  :: throb
paltò {m}  :: coat, overcoat
palta {f}  :: swamp, bayou
palude {f}  :: marsh, fen, swamp, bog
paludicolo {adj}  :: palustrine, paludal
paludoso {adj}  :: swampy, marshy
Palumbo {prop}  :: surname
palustre {adj}  :: marsh, swamp (attributive)
Paluzza {prop}  :: A small town in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia
pamiri {adj}  :: Pamir (attributive)
pamiri {mf}  :: Pamir (native or inhabitant)
pampa {f}  :: pampas
pampepato {m}  :: alternative form of panpepato
pamphlet {m}  :: pamphlet (essay on a current topic)
pampino {m}  :: vine leaf
pampinoso {adj}  :: Covered, or decorated with vine leaves
pampsichismo {m}  :: synonym of panpsichismo
pan- {prefix}  :: pan-
Pan {prop} [Greek god]  :: Pan
panacea {f}  :: panacea, cure-all
panache {m}  :: panache
panafricanismo {m}  :: Pan-Africanism
panafricanista {mf}  :: Supporter of Pan-Africanism
panafricano {adj}  :: Pan-African
panama {m}  :: basketweave
panama {m}  :: Panama hat
Panama {prop}  :: Panama
panamegno {adj}  :: Panamanian
panamense {adj}  :: Panamanian
panamense {mf}  :: Panamanian
panamericanismo {m}  :: Pan-Americanism
panamericano {adj}  :: Pan-American
panando {v}  :: gerund of panare
panarabismo {m}  :: pan-Arabism
panarabo {adj}  :: pan-Arab, pan-Arabian
panare {vt}  :: To bread, to coat with breadcrumbs
Panarea {prop}  :: One of the Lipari Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Panaro {prop}  :: A river that flows in Emilia-Romagna
panasiatico {adj}  :: Pan-Asian, Pan-Asiatic
panasiatismo {m}  :: Pan-Asiatism
panata {f}  :: panada (bread soup)
Panatenee {prop} [historical]  :: Panathenaea
panatica {f}  :: board (money for provisions etc)
panato {adj}  :: breaded, covered with breadcrumbs
Panatta {prop}  :: surname
Panatta {prop}  :: Adriano Panatta, Italian tennist player
panbabilonismo {m}  :: panbabylonism
pan bagnato {m}  :: The Italian equivalent of the French pan bagnat
panbeozia {f}  :: Pamboeotia
panca {f}  :: bench
panca {f}  :: pew
pancaccio {m}  :: A simple bunk bed (especially in a prison)
pancarré {m}  :: A triangular slice of white bread with the crusts removed; used for making tramezzini
pancarré {m}  :: Square sliced bread
panceltico {adj}  :: pan-Celtic
pancetta {f}  :: pancetta (cured belly of pork)
pancetta {f}  :: paunch
Panchen Lama {n}  :: Panchen Lama
panchetta {f}  :: footstool, stool
panchetto {m}  :: stool, footstool
panchina {f}  :: bench or seat (in a garden or park)
panchinaro {m} [sports]  :: bench warmer
pancia {f}  :: belly, stomach, paunch
panciata {f}  :: belly flop
panciera {f}  :: corset, girdle
pancino {m} [informal]  :: tummy, tum tum
panciolle {adv}  :: With the belly uppermost
pancione {m}  :: big tummy, bump (of a pregnant woman)
pancione {m}  :: fatty, paunchy person
pancione {m}  :: pot belly, paunch
panciotto {m}  :: waistcoat
pancitopenia {f} [medicine]  :: pancytopenia
panciuto {adj}  :: bellied, paunchy, potbellied
pancone {m}  :: bench, workbench
pancone {m}  :: large or heavy plank or board
pancone {m} [music]  :: wrest block
pancotto {m}  :: panada (bread soup)
pancrazio {m} [sports]  :: pankration
Pancrazio {prop}  :: Pancras (given name, saint)
pancreas {m}  :: pancreas
pancreatico {adj}  :: pancreatic, pancreas (attributive)
pancreatina {f}  :: pancreatin
pancreatite {f} [pathology]  :: pancreatitis
pancromatico {adj}  :: panchromatic
panda {m}  :: panda
panda gigante {m}  :: giant panda ( Ailuropoda melanoleuca)
panda rosso {m}  :: panda (Ailurus fulgens)
pandeiro {m}  :: pandeiro
pandeismo {m}  :: pandeism
pandemia {f} [pathology]  :: pandemic
pandemico {adj} [pathology]  :: pandemic
pandemonio {m}  :: pandemonium, bedlam, chaos
pandetta {f}  :: pandect
pandiculazione {f}  :: pandiculation
pandispagna {m}  :: sponge cake (as an ingredient in trifles or other desserts)
pan di Spagna {m}  :: alternative spelling of pandispagna
pandolce {m}  :: genoa, Genoa cake (A form of bread-like Christmas cake from Genoa)
Pandolfo {prop}  :: given name
Pandora {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pandora
pandoro {m}  :: pandoro (Christmas sweet bread loaf in the shape of a star)
panduriforme {adj}  :: panduriform
pane {m}  :: block (of butter etc)
pane {m}  :: bread
panegirico {m}  :: panegyric
panegirista {mf}  :: eulogist
panegirista {mf}  :: panegyrist
panel {m}  :: panel (various groups of people)
panellenico {adj}  :: Panhellenic
panellenismo {m}  :: panhellenism
panellenista {mf}  :: panhellenist
panello {m}  :: oil cake
panenteismo {m} [religion]  :: panentheism
panenteistico {adj}  :: panentheistic
panettaio {m}  :: A person who divides and shapes butter into pats
panettatrice {f}  :: A machine that divides and shapes butter into pats
panetteria {f}  :: baker's, bakery
panettiera {f}  :: baker (female)
panettiere {m}  :: baker
panetto {m}  :: Small block (of butter etc)
panettone {m} [informal]  :: bollard (post preventing vehicles from entering pedestrian area)
panettone {m}  :: panettone (Christmas brioche with candied fruit)
paneuropeo {adj}  :: Pan-European
Panezio {prop}  :: Panaetius (stoic philosopher of Rhodes)
panfilo {m} [nautical]  :: yacht
panflettista {mf}  :: pamphleteer
panflettistica {f}  :: The production and dissemination of political pamphlets
panflettistico {adj}  :: pamphlet (attributive)
panforte {m}  :: panforte
pangasio {m}  :: pangasius
Pangea {prop}  :: Pangaea
pangermanesimo {m}  :: Pan-Germanism
pangermanista {mf}  :: Pan-Germanist
pangermanistico {adj}  :: Pan-German, Pan-Germanic
pangiallo {m}  :: A form of Christmas cake, from Rome, made using maize flour
pangolino {m}  :: pangolin
pan grattato {m}  :: alternative form of pangrattato
pangrattato {m}  :: breadcrumb
pania {f}  :: birdlime
pania {f}  :: lure, snare
panicato {adj}  :: measly (infected with measles or tapeworms)
panicatura {f}  :: measle (tapeworm larva)
paniccia {f}  :: A type of polenta or focaccia made from chickpea flour
paniccia {f}  :: soggy mass or ground
panicità {f}  :: Panic sentiment (an identification with the natural world)
panico {adj}  :: panic (attributive)
panico {adj}  :: Panic, Pandean (characteristic of Pan)
panico {m}  :: foxtail millet, Italian millet (Setaria italica)
panico {m}  :: panic
panicolato {adj} [botany]  :: paniculate
paniera {f}  :: basketful
paniera {f}  :: hamper
paniera {f}  :: (large) basket
panieraia {f}  :: Maker or seller of baskets (female)
panieraio {m}  :: Maker or seller of baskets
panierata {f}  :: basket, basketful
panierata {f}  :: hamper
paniere {m}  :: basket
paniere {m} [finance]  :: market basket
paniere {m}  :: pannier
panierino {m}  :: lunch box
panierino {m}  :: Small basket
panificabile {adj}  :: breadmaking (attributive), bread (attributive)
panificando {v}  :: gerund of panificare
panificare {vi}  :: To make bread
panificatore {adj}  :: baking
panificatore {m}  :: baker
panificatrice {f}  :: baker (female)
panificazione {f}  :: bread production
panificio {m}  :: baker's
panificio {m}  :: bakery
paniforte {m}  :: blockboard
panigada {f}  :: elderflower
paninaro {m}  :: A member of a youth movement associated with fast food such as burgers
panineria {f}  :: sandwich shop
paninetto {m}  :: bagel
panino {m}  :: bread roll, roll, bun
panino {m}  :: sandwich
paninoteca {f}  :: sandwich shop or bar
paniscia {f}  :: alternative form of panissa
panislamico {adj}  :: Pan-Islamic
panislamismo {m}  :: Pan-Islamism
panismo {m}  :: Panic sentiment (an identification with the natural world)
panissa {f}  :: A form of risotto from Piedmont and Lombardy
panizza {f}  :: A type of polenta or focaccia made from chickpea flour
panlogismo {m}  :: panlogism
panna {f}  :: cream
panna cotta {f} [usually , uncountable]  :: panna cotta (Italian dessert made from double cream)
panna montata {f}  :: whipped cream
panne {f}  :: breakdown (of a car etc)
panneggiamento {m}  :: drapery, drapes
panneggiando {v}  :: gerund of panneggiare
panneggiare {vt}  :: To drape
panneggio {m}  :: drapery
pannellatura {f}  :: panelling (collection of panels)
pannello {m}  :: panel (structural element)
pannicello {m}  :: crumb (small amount of something of little importance)
pannicolite {f} [disease]  :: panniculitis
pannicolo {m} [anatomy]  :: panniculus
panno {m}  :: cloth
panno {m} [in the plural]  :: clothes, laundry, washing
pannocchia {f}  :: corncob, ear
pannocchia {f}  :: panicle
pannolana {n}  :: woolen cloth/fabric
pannolino {m}  :: nappy, diaper
pannolino {m}  :: sanitary towel, sanitary napkin, pad
pannolone {m}  :: incontinence pad
Pannonia {prop}  :: Pannonia
pannonico {adj}  :: Pannonian
pannoso {adj}  :: creamy
panoplia {f}  :: panoply
panoplia {f}  :: trophy
panorama {m}  :: outline
panorama {m}  :: view, panorama
panoramica {f}  :: pan (cinema shot)
panoramica {f}  :: panorama (photographic)
panoramica {f}  :: scenic route
panoramicamente {adv}  :: panoramically
panoramicando {v}  :: gerund of panoramicare
panoramicare {vit}  :: to pan (turn horizontally)
panoramicità {f}  :: panoramic character
panoramico {adj}  :: panoramic
panottico {adj}  :: panoptic
pan pepato {n}  :: Variant of panpepato
panpepato {m}  :: a baked dessert containing nuts, spice, cocoa etc; many regional variations
pan per focaccia {phrase}  :: tit for tat (idiomatic) equivalent retribution, an eye for an eye, returning exactly what you get
panperso {m}  :: French toast
panporcino {m}  :: cyclamen
panpsichismo {m}  :: panpsychism
panromanzo {adj}  :: pan-Romance (languages)
pansessualismo {m}  :: pansexuality
pansessualità {f}  :: pansexuality
panslavismo {m}  :: Pan-Slavism
panslavista {mf}  :: Pan-Slavist
pansovietico {adj}  :: pan-soviet
pantacalze {fp}  :: leggings
pantacollant {m}  :: leggings (for female use)
pantagonna {f}  :: culottes (divided skirt)
Pantagruele {prop}  :: Pantagruel
pantagruelico {adj}  :: enormous (of an appetite)
pantagruelico {adj}  :: pantagruelian
pantalonaia {f}  :: Maker of trousers (female)
pantalonaio {m}  :: Maker of trousers
pantaloncino {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: shorts
pantalone {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: trousers; trouser suit
Pantalone {prop}  :: Pantaloon (Venetian theatrical character)
pantan {m}  :: apocopic form of pantano
pantana {f}  :: greenshank (Tringa nebularia)
pantano {m}  :: quagmire, marsh, swamp, bog
pantanoso {adj}  :: marshy, boggy
pantanoso {adj}  :: muddy
Pantasilea {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Pentesilea
pantegana {f}  :: sewer rat
panteismo {m}  :: pantheism
panteista {mf}  :: pantheist
panteisticamente {adv}  :: pantheistically
panteistico {adj}  :: pantheistic
Pantelleria {prop}  :: A volcanic island between Sicily and Tunisia
pantera {f}  :: Italian police car
pantera {f}  :: panther
pantesco {adj}  :: Of or from Pantelleria
pantocratore {adj}  :: all-powerful, omnipotent
pantocratore {m}  :: Pantocrator
pantodonto {m}  :: pantodont
pantofago {adj}  :: pantophagous, omnivorous
pantofobia {f}  :: pantophobia
pantofola {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: slipper
pantofolaia {f}  :: (female) couch potato, lazybones, stay-at-home
pantofolaio {adj}  :: idle, stay-at-home
pantofolaio {m}  :: couch potato, lazybones, stay-at-home
pantofolaio {m}  :: slipper maker
pantofolaio {m}  :: slipper shop
pantofoleria {f}  :: slipper factory or shop
pantografista {mf}  :: pantographer
pantografo {m}  :: bow collector
pantografo {m}  :: pantograph (all senses)
pantolesto {m}  :: pantolest
pantomima {f}  :: mime
pantomimico {adj}  :: pantomimic; pantomime (attributive)
pantomimo {m}  :: mime (artist)
pantoscopico {adj} [optics]  :: pantoscopic
pantotenato {m} [biochemistry]  :: pantothenate
pantotenico {adj}  :: pantothenic
panturchista {adj}  :: Pan-Turkist
panturchista {mf}  :: Pan-Turkist
panza {f}  :: paunch
panza {f}  :: stomach
panzana {f}  :: fib, tall story, cock and bull story
panzanella {f}  :: A summer bread salad including sliced bread and fresh tomatoes, flavored with basil, olive oil and vinegar
panzarotto {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: large raviolo ravioli, typically filled with mozzarella and prosciutto crudo etc, fried in oil
Panzera {prop}  :: surname
panzerotto {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: A large form of ravioli
Paola {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Paolo ( =Paul), equivalent to English Paula
paolinismo {m}  :: Paulinism
paolino {adj} [Christianity]  :: Of Paul (the apostle)
Paolo {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Paul
Paolo {prop}  :: Paul [biblical character]
paonazzo {adj}  :: purple
papà {m}  :: dad, papa
papa {m}  :: pope
papabile {adj}  :: likely to be elected Pope
papabile {m}  :: One of the cardinals thought likely to be elected Pope
Papafava {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
Papafava {prop}  :: surname
papaia {f}  :: papaya (fruit, tree)
papaina {f} [enzyme]  :: papain
papale {adj}  :: papal
papalina {f}  :: nightcap
papalina {f}  :: skullcap
papalina {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: sprat
papalino {adj}  :: papal
papalino {adj}  :: papist, popish
papalino {m}  :: papal guard
papalino {m}  :: papal soldier
papalino {m}  :: papist
papamobile {f}  :: Popemobile
paparazza {f}  :: paparazza, mamarazzi (female paparazzo)
paparazzato {adj}  :: photographed (especially secretly) by a paparazzo; paparazzied
paparazzo {m}  :: paparazzo
paparino {m}  :: daddy
papato {m}  :: papacy
papaveracea {f} [botany]  :: poppy, papaveraceous plant
papaveraceo {adj} [botany]  :: papaveraceous
papaverina {f} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: papaverine
papavero {m}  :: poppy
papera {f}  :: error
papera {f}  :: feminine of papero
Paperina {prop}  :: Daisy Duck (Disney character)
paperino {m}  :: diminutive of papero: gosling
Paperino {prop}  :: Donald Duck (Disney character)
papero {m}  :: gosling
Paperone {mf} [informal]  :: moneybags, Uncle Scrooge (rich person)
Paperone {prop}  :: Scrooge McDuck, Uncle Scrooge (Disney character)
paperopolese {adj}  :: Duckburgian, relating to Duckburg (fictional town in the Disney universe) or its people
paperopolese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Duckburg; a Duckburgian
Paperopoli {prop}  :: Duckburg (fictional city where Donald Duck lives)
papesco {adj}  :: popish
papessa {f}  :: A rich or powerful woman
papessa {f}  :: high priestess
papiglionaceo {adj} [botany]  :: papilionaceous
papilla {f}  :: papilla
papillare {adj} [anatomy]  :: papillar, papillary
papilledema {m} [medicine]  :: papilledema
papillite {f} [pathology]  :: papillitis
papilloma {m} [medicine]  :: papilloma
papillon {m}  :: bow tie
papilloso {adj} [botany]  :: papillose
papino {m}  :: daddy
papiraceo {adj}  :: papyrus (attributive), papyraceous
papiriforme {adj} [architecture]  :: papyriform
papiro {m}  :: papyrus
papirologia {f}  :: papyrology
papirologo {m}  :: papyrologist
papismo {m}  :: papism
papismo {m}  :: popery
papista {mf}  :: papist
papistico {adj}  :: papist
papocchio {m}  :: mess
pappa {f}  :: baby food
pappa {f}  :: pap, mush
pappafico {m} [nautical]  :: fore-topgallant (sail)
pappagallescamente {adv}  :: parrot-fashion
pappagallescamente {adv}  :: parrot-like
pappagallesco {adj}  :: parrot-like, parrot-fashion
pappagallino {m}  :: budgerigar
pappagallino {m}  :: parakeet
pappagallismo {m}  :: catcalling
pappagallismo {m}  :: parroting
pappagallo {m}  :: a person repeating others' words and phrases in a unpleasant way (colloquial - see ripetere tutto come un pappagallo)
pappagallo {m}  :: bedpan (for urination only)
pappagallo {m}  :: parrot
pappagallo {m}  :: wolf (slang, amorous man)
pappagorgia {f}  :: dewlap
pappagorgia {f}  :: double chin
pappamolla {m}  :: coward
pappamolla {m}  :: wimp (spineless person)
pappando {v}  :: gerund of pappare
pappardella {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: a wide form of fettuccine, or a narrow form of lasagne, traditionally eaten with a meat sauce (especially one made with hare)
pappardella {f} [figuratively]  :: an argument
pappare {vt}  :: to appropriate or walk off with
pappare {vt}  :: to gobble up or tuck into (food)
pappataci {m}  :: sandfly (Phlebotomus papatasi)
pappatacio {m}  :: sand fly (of the genus Phlebotomus)
pappatore {m}  :: trencherman
pappatoria {f}  :: trenchermanship
pappetta {f}  :: pap, mush
pappina {f}  :: poultice, plaster
pappina {f}  :: slap
pappina {f}  :: telling off
pappo {m} [botany]  :: pappus
pappone {m}  :: glutton
pappone {m} [informal]  :: pimp
pappone {m} [informal]  :: sleaze, sleazy man
papposo {adj} [botany]  :: pappose, pappous
papposo {adj}  :: pappy
pappuccia {f}  :: synonym of babbuccia
paprica {f}  :: paprika
papua {adj}  :: Papuan
papua {mf}  :: Papuan (all senses)
papuana {f}  :: Papuan (female)
papuano {adj}  :: Papuan
papuano {m}  :: Papuan
papuano {prop}  :: Papuan language
Papua Nuova Guinea {prop}  :: Papua New Guinea
Papua-Nuova Guinea {prop}  :: Papua New Guinea
Papuasia {prop}  :: Papua New Guinea
papuaso {adj}  :: Papuan
papula {f} [pathology]  :: papule
papulare {adj}  :: papular
papuloso {adj} [pathology]  :: papulose
parà {m}  :: para (paratrooper)
para {f}  :: crepe (for shoes)
para {f}  :: para rubber
para- {prefix}  :: para- (all senses)
parabancario {adj}  :: extended banking (attributive)
parabasi {f}  :: parabasis
parabiaghese {adj}  :: Of or from Parabiago
Parabiago {prop}  :: A town in the Milano province of Lombardia
parabile {adj} [sports]  :: savable (that can be saved or parried)
parabiosi {f}  :: parabiosis
parabola {f} [mathematics]  :: parabola
parabola {f}  :: parable
parabola {f}  :: satellite dish
parabolica {f}  :: satellite dish
parabolicamente {adv}  :: parabolically
parabolico {adj}  :: parabolic
paraboloide {m} [mathematics]  :: paraboloid
parabordo {m} [nautical]  :: fender
parabrace {m}  :: fender (in a fireplace)
parabrezza {n}  :: windscreen, windshield (of a car)
parabronco {m} [anatomy]  :: parabronchus
paracadutando {v}  :: gerund of paracadutare
paracadutandosi {v}  :: gerund of paracadutarsi
paracadutare {vt}  :: To parachute something
paracadutarsi {vr}  :: To parachute (to jump, wearing a parachute)
paracadute {m}  :: parachute
paracadutismo {m}  :: parachuting
paracadutista {mf}  :: parachutist
paracadutista {mf}  :: paratrooper
paracadutistico {adj}  :: parachute (attributive)
paracalli {m}  :: corn plaster
paracamino {m}  :: fireguard
paracarro {m}  :: guard stone (at the roadside corner of a building)
paracarro {m}  :: kerbstone
Paracelso {prop}  :: Paracelsus
paracenere {m}  :: fender (in a fireplace)
paracentesi {f} [surgery]  :: paracentesis
paracetamolo {m} [pharmaceutical drug]  :: paracetamol
paracielo {m}  :: canopy
paracinesia {f}  :: parakinesia
paracletico {adj}  :: paracletic
Paracleto {m}  :: Holy Spirit
Paracleto {m}  :: Paraclete / paraclete
paracolpi {m} [automobiles]  :: bumper
paracolpi {m}  :: bumper (for baby cribs)
paraconsistente {adj} [logic]  :: paraconsistent
paracqua {m}  :: umbrella
paracrino {adj} [physiology]  :: paracrine
paracromatismo {m}  :: parachromatism
paracromatopsia {f}  :: parachromatopsia
paracromoforo {adj}  :: parachromophoric, parachromophorous
paraculata {f}  :: brown-nosing
paraculo {m}  :: a cunning opportunist individual, sly in taking advantage of the social mechanisms that govern the world without showing it. Servile and brown noser towards power
paraculo {m}  :: faggot (homosexual person)
paraculo {m}  :: smart aleck
paracuore {m}  :: lungs (of an animal, as offal)
paracurarina {f}  :: tubocurarine
paracuraro {m}  :: tube curare, bamboo curare
paradenti {m}  :: gumshield
paradentosi {f}  :: paradentosis
paradigma {m}  :: paradigm
paradigmaticamente {adv}  :: paradigmatically
paradigmatico {adj}  :: paradigmatic
paradisea {f}  :: bird of paradise (of genus Paradisaea)
paradisiaco {adj}  :: heavenly
paradiso {m}  :: paradise, heaven (especially figuratively)
Paradiso {prop}  :: Paradise
paradiso fiscale {m}  :: tax haven
Paradiso terrestre {prop}  :: the Garden of Eden
paradontologia {f}  :: periodontology
paradontologo {m}  :: periodontist
paradontosi {f}  :: alternative form of paradentosi
paradorso {m} [military]  :: parados
paradossale {adj}  :: paradoxical
paradossalità {f}  :: paradoxicalness
paradossalmente {adv}  :: paradoxically
paradosso {adj}  :: paradoxical
paradosso {m}  :: paradox
paradosso del gatto di Schrödinger {n}  :: Schrödinger's cat
paradosso francese {m}  :: French paradox
parafa {f}  :: initials (as a signature)
parafa {f}  :: paraph
parafando {v}  :: gerund of parafare
parafango {m}  :: dashboard
parafango {m}  :: mudguard (on a vehicle)
parafare {vt}  :: To initial (instead of signing)
parafarmaceutico {adj}  :: parapharmaceutical
parafarmacia {f}  :: parapharmacy (health and beauty industry or shop)
parafarmaco {m}  :: health or beauty product
parafasia {f}  :: paraphasia
parafenelendamina {f} [organic compound]  :: paraphenylenediamine
parafernale {adj}  :: paraphernal (law)
parafernalia {mp}  :: gear
parafernalia {mp} [legal]  :: paraphernalia
paraffina {f}  :: paraffin, alkane
paraffinando {v}  :: gerund of paraffinare
paraffinare {vt}  :: To paraffin
paraffinico {adj}  :: paraffinic
parafiamma {m}  :: Any of several devices used to prevent fire
parafiamma {m}  :: firewall (fireproof partition or bulkhead)
parafiletico {adj}  :: paraphyletic
parafilia {f} [psychology]  :: paraphilia
parafiscale {adj}  :: parafiscal
parafiscalità {f}  :: parafiscal taxes
parafrasabile {adj}  :: paraphrasable
parafrasando {v}  :: gerund of parafrasare
parafrasare {vt}  :: To paraphrase
parafrasi {f}  :: paraphrase
parafrasia {f}  :: paraphrasia
parafrastico {adj}  :: paraphrastic
parafulmine {m}  :: lightning conductor
parafuoco {m}  :: fireguard, fire screen
paragenesi {f}  :: paragenesis
paragenetico {adj}  :: paragenetic
paraggio {m} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: neighbourhood, vicinity
paragnatide {m}  :: cheekpiece
paragoge {f}  :: paragoge
paragogico {adj}  :: paragogic
paragonabile {adj}  :: comparable
paragonabilità {f}  :: comparability
paragonando {v}  :: gerund of paragonare
paragonandosi {v}  :: gerund of paragonarsi
paragonare {v}  :: to compare (to) or (with)
paragonarsi {vr}  :: ‎ To compare oneself (to) or (with)
paragone {m}  :: comparison
paragone {m} [uncountable, printing, dated]  :: A large size of type, standardized as 20 point
paragrafando {v}  :: gerund of paragrafare
paragrafare {vt}  :: To paragraph
paragrafematico {adj} [linguistics]  :: paragraphematic, paragraphemic
paragrafetto {m}  :: Short paragraph
paragrafo {m}  :: paragraph
paraguagio {adj}  :: Paraguayan
paraguagio {m}  :: Paraguayan
paraguaiana {f}  :: Paraguayan (female)
paraguaiano {adj}  :: Paraguayan
paraguaiano {m}  :: Paraguayan
paraguance {m}  :: cheekpiece
Paraguay {prop}  :: Paraguay
paraguayano {adj}  :: alternative spelling of paraguaiano
paraguayano {m}  :: alternative spelling of paraguaiano
paraidrogeno {m}  :: parahydrogen
parainfluenzale {adj}  :: parainfluenza
paraipofisario {adj} [anatomy]  :: parahypophyseal, parapituitary
paraletteratura {f}  :: popular literature
paralimpico {adj}  :: Paralympic
paralinguaggio {m}  :: paralanguage
paralinguistica {f}  :: paralinguistics
paralinguistico {adj}  :: paralinguistic
paralipomeni {n}  :: paralipomena
paralisi {f} [figuratively]  :: paralysis
paralisi {f} [pathology]  :: palsy, paralysis
paralitico {adj}  :: paralytic
paralizzando {v}  :: gerund of paralizzare
paralizzante {adj}  :: paralyzing
paralizzare {vt}  :: to paralyze
paralizzato {adj}  :: paralyzed
parallasse {f}  :: parallax
parallattico {adj}  :: parallactic
parallela {f} [in the plural]  :: parallel bars
parallela {f}  :: parallel (line)
parallelamente {adv}  :: parallel, parallelly
parallelepipedo {adj}  :: Having this shape
parallelepipedo {m} [geometry]  :: parallelepiped
parallelinervio {adj} [botany]  :: parallelinerved
parallelismo {m}  :: parallelism
parallelizzabile {adj} [computing]  :: parallelizable
parallelizzando {v}  :: gerund of parallelizzare
parallelizzare {v} [computing]  :: To parallelize
parallelizzazione {f}  :: parallelization
parallelo {adj} [geometry]  :: parallel (all senses)
parallelo {m} [geometry, geography]  :: A parallel (all senses)
parallelogramma {m}  :: alternative form of parallelogrammo
parallelogrammo {m}  :: parallelogram
paralogismo {m}  :: paralogism
paralogistico {adj}  :: paralogistic
paralogo {adj}  :: paralogous
paraluce {m} [photography]  :: lens hood
paralume {m}  :: lampshade
paramagnetico {adj}  :: paramagnetic
paramagnetismo {m} [physics]  :: paramagnetism
paramano {m}  :: cuff (of a sleeve)
paramano {m}  :: facing brick
paramecio {m}  :: paramecium
paramedico {adj}  :: paramedical
paramedico {m}  :: paramedic
paramento {m}  :: hanging, drapery
paramento {m}  :: vestment
parametrando {v}  :: gerund of parametrare
parametrare {vt}  :: To parameterize
parametrico {adj}  :: parametric (all senses)
parametrizzando {v}  :: gerund of parametrizzare
parametrizzare {vt}  :: to parametrize
parametrizzato {adj}  :: parameterized
parametrizzazione {f}  :: parameterization
parametro {m}  :: parameter
paramezzale {m} [nautical]  :: keelson
paramilitare {adj}  :: paramilitary
paramine {m}  :: paravane
paramnesia {f}  :: paramnesia
paramontura {f}  :: facing of a lapel
paramorfina {f}  :: paramorphine
paramorfismo {m} [medicine]  :: paramorphism
paramorfo {adj}  :: paramorphic
paramorfosi {f} [geology]  :: paramorphism
paramosche {m}  :: fly net
Paraná {prop}  :: Paraná (river in South America)
paranasale {adj} [anatomy]  :: paranasal
paranavetta {adj}  :: Describing any safety device that prevents the shuttle of a loom from leaving its normal track and causing damage
paranco {m}  :: hoist
parando {v}  :: gerund of parare
parandosi {v}  :: gerund of pararsi
paraneoplastico {adj} [medicine]  :: paraneoplastic
paraneve {m}  :: snow fence
paranilotico {adj}  :: Paranilotic
paraninfo {m}  :: bridesman, groomsman
paraninfo {m}  :: procurer
paranoia {f} [psychology, figuratively]  :: paranoia
paranoicamente {adv}  :: paranoidly
paranoico {adj}  :: paranoid
paranoico {m}  :: paranoid (person)
paranoide {adj}  :: paranoid
paranoide {mf}  :: paranoid
paranormale {adj}  :: paranormal, preternatural
paranormalità {f}  :: paranormality
paranucleare {adj}  :: paranuclear
paranza {f} [nautical]  :: trawler
paranza {f}  :: trawl (net)
paraocchi {m}  :: blinkers
paraocchio {m}  :: eyeshade
paraolimpiadi {fp}  :: Paralympics
paraolimpico {adj}  :: Paralympic
paraonde {m}  :: breakwater
paraorecchie {m}  :: earflap (of a hat)
paraorecchie {m}  :: earmuffs
parapalle {m}  :: butt (gunnery shelter)
parapendio {m}  :: paraglider
parapendio {m}  :: paragliding
parapetto {m}  :: balustrade
parapetto {m}  :: ledger board
parapetto {m}  :: parapet
parapiglia {f}  :: uproar, commotion, turmoil, hurly burly
parapioggia {m}  :: umbrella, brolly, gamp
paraplegia {f} [pathology]  :: paraplegia
paraplegico {adj}  :: paraplegic
paraplegico {m}  :: paraplegic
parapsichico {adj}  :: parapsychic
parapsicologia {f}  :: parapsychology
parapsicologico {adj}  :: parapsychological
parapsicologo {m}  :: parapsychologist
parare {v}  :: to adorn or deck (out)
parare {v}  :: to parry (a blow)
parare {v}  :: to save (a goal)
parare {v}  :: to shield (the eyes)
pararigori {m} [football]  :: A goalkeeper who saves from a penalty kick
pararsi {v}  :: reflexive of parare
pararsi {vr}  :: to appear (present oneself)
pararsi {vr}  :: to cover, protect [one's back]
parasagittale {adj}  :: parasagittal
parasailing {m}  :: parasailing
parasartie {f} [nautical]  :: gunwale
parasassi {m}  :: A safety device that prevents rocks falling from overhead
parascenio {m}  :: parascenium
parasceve {f}  :: The Friday before the Jewish sabbath
paraschegge {m}  :: splinter guard
paraschiena {m}  :: back protector
parascintille {m}  :: fireguard (to stop sparks flying)
parascolastico {adj}  :: extracurricular
paraselene {m}  :: paraselene
parasimpatico {adj}  :: parasympathetic
parasimpaticomimetico {adj}  :: parasympathomimetic
parasimpaticomimetico {m} [pharmacology]  :: parasympathomimetic
parasintesi {f} [linguistics]  :: parasynthesis
parasintetico {adj} [linguistics]  :: parasynthetic
parasociale {adj} [finance]  :: Between shareholders
parasole {m}  :: parasol
parasole {m}  :: sunshade
paraspigolo {m}  :: edge or corner protector
paraspruzzi {m}  :: dashboard
paraspruzzi {m}  :: mudguard
paraspruzzi {m}  :: splashback
parassita {adj}  :: parasitic
parassita {m}  :: parasite
parassitando {v}  :: gerund of parassitare
parassitare {vt}  :: To infest with parasites
parassitariamente {adv}  :: parasitically
parassitario {adj}  :: parasitic
parassiticida {adj}  :: parasiticidal
parassiticida {m}  :: parasiticide
parassitico {adj}  :: parasitic
parassitismo {m}  :: parasitism
parassitistico {adj}  :: parasite (attributive)
parassitistico {adj}  :: parasitic
parassito {adj}  :: Variant of parassita
parassito {m}  :: Variant of parassita
parassitoide {m} [biology]  :: parasitoid
parassitologia {f} [biology]  :: parasitology
parassitologico {adj}  :: parasitological
parassitologo {m}  :: parasitologist
parassitosi {f} [pathology]  :: parasitic disease, parasitosis
parastatale {adj}  :: state- or government-controlled
parastatistica {f} [physics]  :: parastatistics
parastatistico {adj} [physics]  :: parastatistic
parastato {m}  :: quango (or one of its employees)
parastinchi {m}  :: shinguard, shin pad
parasubordinato {adj}  :: consultant (attributive)
parasubordinato {m}  :: consultant
parata {f}  :: review, parade (military)
parata {f}  :: save, parry (sports)
paratassi {f}  :: parataxis
paratattico {adj}  :: paratactic
paratia {f} [nautical]  :: bulkhead
paratifo {m}  :: paratyphoid fever
paratipo {m} [biology, taxonomy]  :: paratype
paratiroide {f} [anatomy]  :: parathyroid
paratiroidectomia {f} [surgery]  :: parathyroidectomy
paratiroideo {adj} [anatomy]  :: parathyroid
paratiroidismo {m} [medicine]  :: parathyroidism (disease of the parathyroid glands)
paratoia {f}  :: floodgate
paratopo {m} [immunology]  :: paratope
paratore {m}  :: decorator
paratormone {m}  :: parathormone (parathyroid hormone)
paratrice {f}  :: decorator
paratungstato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: paratungstate
paratura {f}  :: decoration
paratura {f}  :: hangings
parauniversitario {adj}  :: university- or degree-level
paraurti {m}  :: bumper [British], fender [US] (of a car)
paravalanghe {m}  :: snow shed
paravenoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: paravenous
paravento {m} [furniture]  :: screen, folding screen, room divider
paraventricolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: paraventricular
paravirtualizzazione {f} [computing]  :: paravirtualization
parcamente {adv}  :: frugally, moderately, sparingly
parcamento {m}  :: parking
parcamento {m}  :: parking place
parcando {v}  :: gerund of parcare
parcare {vt}  :: To park
parcella {f}  :: fee
parcella {f}  :: parcel
parcellare {adj}  :: divided into parcels or lots; parcelled
parcellare {adj} [pathology]  :: localized
parcellazione {f}  :: parcelling out
parcellizzando {v}  :: gerund of parcellizzare
parcellizzare {vt}  :: to fragment
parcellizzazione {f}  :: fragmentation
parcellizzazione {f}  :: parcelling out, apportionment
parchè {m}  :: parquet (flooring)
Parche {prop}  :: Parcae, Fates
parcheggiabile {adj}  :: That can be parked
parcheggiando {v}  :: gerund of parcheggiare
parcheggiare {vt}  :: To park
parcheggiare contropista {v}  :: to backtrack (taxiing the opposite way down a runway)
parcheggiatore {m}  :: parking attendant
parcheggio {m}  :: (act of parking) parking
parcheggio {m}  :: (parking space) car park, parking lot, parking space
parchettatura {f}  :: parqueting (laying of parquet flooring)
parchettista {mf}  :: Person who lays parquet flooring
parchetto {m} [Switzerland, and the building trade]  :: parquet (flooring)
parchezza {f}  :: sobriety
parchimetro {m}  :: parking meter
parcità {f}  :: sobriety
parco {adj}  :: frugal, moderate, temperate, sparing
parco {m}  :: park, garden
par condicio {f}  :: An Italian broadcast law guaranteeing equal treatment to all political parties during elections
par condicio {f}  :: equal treatment; equal opportunity
pardo {m} [obsolete]  :: pard, leopard, panther
parecchie {pron}  :: several
parecchio {adj}  :: (plural) several, many, quite a lot of
parecchio {adj}  :: quite a lot of, rather a lot of, a fair bit of, quite a long time, quite a while
parecchio {adv}  :: really, rather, quite a lot, quite a bit
parecchio {pron}  :: (plural) several, quite a lot, quite a few
parecchio {pron}  :: quite a lot, rather a lot, a fair bit
pareggiabile {adj}  :: balanceable
pareggiabile {adj}  :: matchable, comparable
pareggiamento {m}  :: balancing
pareggiamento {m}  :: equalizing
pareggiamento {m}  :: evening up
pareggiamento {m}  :: levelling
pareggiando {v}  :: gerund of pareggiare
pareggiare {vi}  :: To draw (have equal scores in sport)
pareggiare {vi}  :: To equalize
pareggiare {vt} [Accounting]  :: To level or to balance
pareggiare {vt}  :: To make equal (in all senses)
pareggio {m}  :: balance
pareggio {m}  :: draw (sport)
paregorico {m} [medicine]  :: paregoric
parelio {m} [astronomy]  :: perihelion
paremiografia {f}  :: paremiology
paremiografo {m}  :: paremiologist
paremiologia {f}  :: paremiology (study of proverbs)
parenchima {m} [anatomy, botany]  :: parenchyma
parenchimale {adj}  :: parenchymal
parenchimatico {adj}  :: parenchymatous, parenchymal
parenchimatoso {adj}  :: parenchymatous
parendo {v}  :: gerund of parere
parentado {m}  :: One's entire family of relatives or relations
parentale {adj}  :: inherited from parents
parentale {adj}  :: parental
parentale {adj}  :: pertaining to one's relatives
parente {mf}  :: a relative or relation
parente {mf}  :: sibling
parente acquisito {m}  :: in-law
parentela {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: kin, relations; relatives
parentela {f}  :: relationship
parente prossimo {m}  :: next of kin
parenterale {adj} [medicine]  :: parenteral
parenteralmente {adv}  :: parenterally
parentesi {f}  :: bracket, parenthesis
parentesi angolare {f}  :: angle bracket
parentesi angolata {f}  :: angle bracket
parente stretto {m}  :: blood relative, close relative
parentetico {adj}  :: parenthetic, parenthetical
parenzano {adj}  :: Of, or from, Parenzo
parenzano {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Parenzo
Parenzo {prop}  :: Poreč, a town in Croatia
pareo {m}  :: pareo (A wraparound garment, worn by men or women, similar to a Malaysian sarong)
parere {m}  :: estimate, judgment
parere {m}  :: opinion, view, comment
parere {vi}  :: to look, seem, appear
parere {vi}  :: to sound (like)
parere {vi}  :: to think (of)
paresi {f} [pathology]  :: paresis, palsy
parestesia {f} [pathology]  :: paresthesia
parete {f}  :: (alpinism) face, wall
parete {f} [anatomy]  :: paries, wall
parete {f}  :: (surface) side, surface, wall
parete {f}  :: wall
parete cellulare {f} [cytology, botany]  :: cell wall
paretico {adj}  :: paretic
paretimologia {f}  :: false etymology
paretone {m}  :: a large rock face
paretone {m} [archaeology]  :: The remains of ancient dry-stone walls found around Salento
pargoleggiando {v}  :: gerund of pargoleggiare
pargoleggiare {vi}  :: To behave childishly
pargoletto {adj}  :: infantile
pargoletto {m}  :: child
pargolo {adj}  :: young
pargolo {m}  :: child
pari {adj}  :: equal
pari {adj}  :: even (of a number)
pari {adj}  :: rival
paria {m}  :: outcast
paria {m}  :: pariah
Paride {prop}  :: given name
Paride {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Paris (the person)
parietale {adj} [anatomy]  :: parietal (Of or pertaining to the wall of a body part or to the parietal bone)
parietale {adj}  :: wall (attributive), parietal
parietale {m} [skeleton]  :: parietal, parietal bone
parietaria {f}  :: pellitory
parificando {v}  :: gerund of parificare
parificare {vt}  :: To officially recognize (a school etc)
parificato {adj}  :: Officially recognized
parificazione {f}  :: recognition (official)
Parigi {prop}  :: Paris, the capital city of France
parigina {f} [printing, dated]  :: A small size of type, standardized as 5 point
parigino {adj}  :: Parisian
parigino {m}  :: Parisian
pariglia {f}  :: pair (of horses pulling a coach etc)
pariglia {f}  :: tit for tat
parimente {adv}  :: alternative form of parimenti
parimenti {adv}  :: equally
parimenti {adv}  :: evenly
parimenti {adv}  :: likewise
Parini {prop}  :: surname
Parioli {prop}  :: Parioli
pariolino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Parioli district of Rome, or to its inhabitants
pariolino {m}  :: A native or inhabitant of Parioli
pariolino {m} [informal]  :: A person with a bourgeois standard of living and right-of-centre politics
pariolino {m}  :: (locally, slang) A bourgeois fashioned youngster of Rome
pariolino {m}  :: (spregiative, in the past) A bourgeois and snobby behaviour
paripennato {adj} [botany]  :: paripinnate, even-pinnate
Parisi {prop}  :: surname
Parisi {prop}  :: Heather Parisi, Italian showgirl
parisillabo {adj}  :: parisyllabic
parità {f}  :: equality
parità {f}  :: parity (all senses)
paritariamente {adv}  :: according to parity
paritariamente {adv}  :: equally
paritario {adj}  :: Based on parity; equal
pariteticamente {adv}  :: equally
pariteticamente {adv}  :: jointly
pariteticità {f}  :: joint character or quality
paritetico {adj}  :: equal
paritetico {adj}  :: joint
parkerizzando {v}  :: gerund of parkerizzare
parkerizzare {vt}  :: To Parkerize or rustproof
parkerizzazione {f}  :: Parkerization
parkinsoniano {adj}  :: parkinsonian
parkinsonismo {m} [pathology]  :: Parkinson's disease
parlabile {adj}  :: speakable
parla come mangi {phrase} [idiomatic, informal, jocular]  :: Used to invite someone who uses an excessively cultivated language to speak in a simpler and clearer way
parla inglese {phrase} [formal]  :: do you speak English?
parlamentando {v}  :: gerund of parlamentare
parlamentare {adj}  :: parliamentary
parlamentare {mf}  :: Member of Parliament, MP
parlamentare {vi} [but takes avere as auxiliary]  :: to parley, negotiate
parlamentarismo {m}  :: parliamentarianism (parliamentary system)
parlamentarista {f}  :: parliamentarian
parlamento {m} [obsolete]  :: conversation, talk
parlamento {m}  :: public assembly or meeting
Parlamento europeo {m}  :: European Parliament
parlando {v}  :: gerund of parlare
parlandosi {v}  :: gerund of parlarsi
parlante {adj}  :: lifelike (painting)
parlante {adj}  :: talking
parlante {m}  :: sayer
parlante {m}  :: speaker (of a particular language)
parlantina {f}  :: talkativeness
parlar {v}  :: apocopic form of parlare
parlare {v} [heraldry]  :: to cant
parlare {v}  :: to speak
parlare {v}  :: to talk
parlare a braccio {v} [idiomatic]  :: to improvise
parlare a braccio {v}  :: to extemporize
parlare con la erre moscia {v}  :: to burr (to pronounce with a rolled “r”)
parlare con tono di condiscendenza {v}  :: to speak condescendingly
parlare con tono di condiscendenza {v}  :: to talk down to, to patronize
parlare male {v}  :: to speak ill, knock
parlare più forte {v}  :: to speak up
parlare tra il serio e il faceto {v}  :: to talk half seriously
parlarsi {vr}  :: To talk to each other (or to oneself)
parlata {f}  :: parlance
parlatore {m}  :: speaker, orator
parlatorio {m}  :: parlour
parlatorio {m}  :: visiting room (of a prison)
parli inglese {phrase} [informal]  :: do you speak English?
parlottando {v}  :: gerund of parlottare
parlottare {vi}  :: To mutter
parlottio {m}  :: muttering
parlucchiando {v}  :: gerund of parlucchiare
parlucchiare {vt}  :: To have a smattering (of a language)
Parma {prop}  :: Parma (province)
Parma {prop}  :: Parma (town)
Parma {prop}  :: The river that crosses the city
Parmenide {prop}  :: Parmenides
parmenideo {adj}  :: Parmenidean
parmense {adj}  :: Of or relating to the province of Parma or its people
parmense {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of the province of Parma
parmigiana {f}  :: A southern Italian dish made from aubergines baked with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese
parmigiana {f} [by extension]  :: Any food cooked with Parmesan and tomato sauce; a parmigiana
parmigiana {f} [now , rare]  :: A woman from Parma
parmigiana di melanzane {f}  :: A southern Italian dish made from aubergines baked with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese
parmigiano {adj}  :: Of, or relating to Parma, its inhabitants or culture
parmigiano {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Parma
parmigiano {m}  :: parmesan cheese
Parmitano {prop}  :: surname
Parmitano {prop}  :: Luca Parmitano, Italian astronaut
Parnaso {prop}  :: Parnassus
parnassianesimo {m}  :: Parnassianism (school of poetry)
parnassianismo {m}  :: Parnassianism (school of poetry)
parnassiano {adj}  :: Parnassian
-paro {suffix}  :: -parous
Paro {prop}  :: Paros (island of Greece)
parodia {f}  :: parody
parodiando {v}  :: gerund of parodiare
parodiare {vt}  :: to parody, mimic
parodicamente {adv}  :: parodically
parodico {adj}  :: Variant of parodistico
parodista {mf}  :: parodist
parodistico {adj}  :: parodic
parodontale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periodontal
parodonto {m} [anatomy]  :: periodontium
parodontologia {f}  :: periodontology
parodontosi {f}  :: paradentosis
parola {f}  :: instruction or truth
parola {f}  :: speech (the ability to use vocalisations to communicate)
parola {f}  :: word (distinct unit of language)
parola {f}  :: word (something promised)
parolaccia {f}  :: swear word
parola chiave {f}  :: keyword
parola composta {f}  :: compound (linguistics: word formed by combining other words)
parola d'ordine {f} [computing, rare]  :: A password
parola d'ordine {f} [figuratively, military]  :: A password, a watchword
parolaia {f}  :: windbag (talkative woman)
parolaio {m}  :: windbag (talkative person)
parole {fp} [of a song]  :: lyrics, words
paroletta {f}  :: little word; chat (short, personal speech)
paroliera {f}  :: lyricist (female)
paroliere {m}  :: lyricist
parolina {f}  :: A short talk; a few words
parolona {f}  :: A long, or difficult word
paronichia {f} [pathology]  :: paronychia
parorale {adj}  :: paroral
parossismo {m}  :: height (of anger etc)
parossismo {m}  :: paroxysm
parossisticamente {adv}  :: paroxysmally
parossisticamente {adv}  :: violently
parossistico {adj}  :: paroxysmal
parossistico {adj}  :: violent
parossitona {f}  :: paroxytone
parossitonesi {f}  :: paroxytonesis
parossitonia {f}  :: paroxytonesis
parossitonico {adj}  :: paroxytone
parossitono {adj}  :: paroxytone
parotide {f} [anatomy]  :: parotid
parotideo {adj} [anatomy]  :: parotid (attributive), parotidean
parotite {f} [disease]  :: parotitis
paroxetina {f} [medicine]  :: paroxetine
parquet {m}  :: basketball court
parquet {m}  :: floor of the stock exchange
parquet {m}  :: parquet (wooden flooring)
Parri {prop}  :: surname
Parri {prop}  :: Ferruccio Parri, Italian politician
parricida {mf}  :: parricide (person)
parricidio {m}  :: parricide (act)
parrocchetto {m}  :: foretopmast
parrocchetto {m}  :: foretopsail
parrocchetto {m}  :: parakeet
parrocchetto cenerino {m}  :: African grey parrot
parrocchetto dal collare {m}  :: rose-ringed parakeet or ring-necked parakeet
parrocchia {f}  :: parish
parrocchia {f}  :: parish church
parrocchiale {adj}  :: parish (attributive), parochial
parrocchiale {f}  :: parish church
parrocchialità {f}  :: The property of being parochial
parrocchiana {f}  :: parishioner (female)
parrocchiano {m}  :: parishioner
parroco {m}  :: parish priest
parrucca {f}  :: wig
parruccaio {m}  :: wig maker or seller
parrucchiera {f}  :: hairdresser
parrucchino {m}  :: Small wig that only covers a bald patch
parruccone {m}  :: old fogey
Parìs {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Paride
parsec {m}  :: parsec
Parsifal {prop}  :: Percival
parsimonia {f}  :: thrift, thriftiness, frugality, sparingness, parsimony
parsimoniosamente {adv}  :: thriftily, sparingly, frugally
parsimonioso {adj}  :: thrifty, frugal, parsimonious, sparing
parsismo {m}  :: Parsiism, Parseeism
partaccia {f}  :: A demanding or unrewarding part (theatrical or cinema)
partaccia {f}  :: A telling-off
partaccia {f}  :: Unfair or reprehensible misconduct
parte {f}  :: deal
parte {f}  :: part
partecipabile {adj}  :: communicable
partecipando {v}  :: gerund of partecipare
partecipante {adj}  :: participating (in)
partecipante {adj}  :: taking part (in)
partecipante {mf}  :: competitor (sport)
partecipante {mf}  :: entrant (competition)
partecipante {mf}  :: participant
partecipare {vi}  :: to attend, to be present
partecipare {vi}  :: to take part in, to participate in, to share
partecipare {vt}  :: to inform, to acquaint
partecipare ad una bravata {v}  :: to goof
partecipativamente {adv}  :: participatorily
partecipativo {adj}  :: participatory
partecipazione {f}  :: appearance (in a show etc)
partecipazione {f}  :: involvement (in a conspiracy etc)
partecipazione {f}  :: participation
partecipe {adj}  :: participating
parte civile {m}  :: plaintiff
parte del discorso {f} [grammar]  :: part of speech
parteggiamento {m}  :: The taking of sides or position
parteggiando {v}  :: gerund of parteggiare
parteggiare {vi}  :: To side (with); to take the side (of)
partenariato {m}  :: partnership (especially in politics or economics)
partendo {v}  :: gerund of partire
partenio {m}  :: feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium)
Partenio {prop}  :: Parthenius
parteno- {prefix}  :: parthen-
partenogenesi {f}  :: parthenogenesis
partenogeneticamente {adv}  :: parthenogenetically
partenogenetico {adj}  :: parthenogenetic
Partenone {prop}  :: Parthenon
partenopea {f}  :: Neapolitan (female)
partenopeo {adj}  :: Neapolitan
partenopeo {prop} {m}  :: Neapolitan
partente {adj}  :: leaving, departing
partente {mf}  :: leaver, departing person
partente {mf} [sports]  :: starter
partenza {f}  :: blast-off (of a missile or rocket)
partenza {f}  :: departure, leaving, starting
partenza {f}  :: sailing (of a boat)
partenza {f} [sports]  :: start
partenza {f}  :: take-off (of a plane)
partibile {adj}  :: divisible
particella {f} [grammar, physics]  :: particle
particella elementare {f} [physics]  :: elementary particle
particellare {adj}  :: particulate; particle (attributive)
particella subatomica {f} [physics]  :: subatomic particle
particella virtuale {f}  :: virtual particle
particina {f}  :: bit part, minor role
participio {m} [grammar]  :: participle
participio passato {m}  :: past participle
partico {adj}  :: Parthian
particola {f} [grammar]  :: particle
particola {f}  :: host (communion wafer)
particolar {adj}  :: apocopic form of particolare
particolare {adj}  :: (antonym of general) particular, private, personal
particolare {adj} [euphemistic, of a relationship]  :: homosexual
particolare {adj}  :: (unusual, special) singular, unusual, particular, special, distinctive
particolare {m}  :: detail, particular
particolareggiando {v}  :: gerund of particolareggiare
particolareggiare {vi}  :: To go into details
particolareggiare {vt}  :: To detail
particolareggiatamente {adv}  :: In a very detailed manner
particolareggiato {adj}  :: Very detailed
particolarismo {m}  :: particularism
particolarissimo {adj}  :: Very particular
particolarista {adj}  :: particularist
particolarista {f}  :: particularist
particolaristicamente {adv}  :: particularistically, with regard to particularism
particolaristico {adj}  :: particularistic
particolarità {f}  :: A particularity, peculiarity or feature
particolarizzando {v}  :: gerund of particolarizzare
particolarizzare {vt}  :: to make explicit
particolarizzare {vt}  :: to specify in detail, particularize
particolarmente {adv}  :: particularly
particolato {m} [ecology]  :: particulate
partigianamente {adv}  :: passionately, ardently
partigianeria {f}  :: partisanship
partigianesco {adj}  :: partisan
partigianesco {adj}  :: tendentious
partigiano {adj}  :: partisan
partigiano {m}  :: by antonomasia, a member of the Italian resistance movement in World War II
partigiano {m}  :: partisan
parti intime {fp} [plurale tantum]  :: privates, genitals, sex organs
partir {v}  :: apocopic form of partire
partire {v}  :: depart, leave
partita {f} [accounting]  :: entry, item
partita {f}  :: (commerce) lot, parcel, batch, stock
partita {f} [sports]  :: match, game
partita doppia {f} [bookkeeping]  :: double-entry (a method of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered in two accounts, for debits and for credits)
partita IVA {f}  :: VAT registration number
partitario {m}  :: ledger
partita semplice {f} [Accounting]  :: single-entry (bookkeeping in one account)
partita tra squadre locali {f}  :: local derby
partitella {f} [sports]  :: friendly match, exhibition match
partiticamente {adv}  :: according to (political) party; on a party basis
partiticità {f}  :: party-mindedness
partitico {adj} [politics]  :: party (attributive)
partitino {m}  :: A minor political party
partitismo {m}  :: party politics
partitissima {f} [football]  :: An important or decisive match
partitivo {adj} [grammar]  :: partitive
partito {adj} [heraldry]  :: party; divided into two equal parts vertically, per pale
partito {m}  :: (political group) party, political party
partito {m}  :: (possible wife or husband) match, catch
partito {m}  :: (resolution) resolution, decision
partitocratico {adj}  :: dominated by political parties
partitocrazia {f}  :: government by political parties, particracy
partitone {m}  :: A big match
partitone {m}  :: A big political party
partitore {m}  :: partition, divider
partitura {f} [music]  :: score
partitura {f} [rare]  :: partition, division
partizionamento {m} [computing, ]  :: partitioning, disk partitioning
partizionando {v}  :: gerund of partizionare
partizionare {vt}  :: [computing, ] To partition
partizionato {adj}  :: partitioned
partizione {f}  :: partition, division
partner {mf}  :: partner (all senses)
parto {adj}  :: Parthian
parto {m}  :: childbirth, labour, parturition
parto {m}  :: Parthian
parto podalico {m}  :: breech birth
partorendo {v}  :: gerund of partorire
partoriente {f}  :: woman in labour
partorire {vt}  :: to give birth to
partorire {vt}  :: to produce
party {m}  :: party (social gathering)
parure {f}  :: A set of matching lingerie or jewellery
parusia {f}  :: parousia
parvalbumina {f} [protein]  :: parvalbumin
parvenu {m}  :: parvenu
parvenza {f}  :: semblance
parvocellulare {adj}  :: parvocellular
parziale {adj}  :: biased
parziale {adj}  :: partial, limited
parzialità {f}  :: bias (towards or against)
parzialità {f}  :: partiality
parzializzabile {adj}  :: divisible into parts
parzializzando {v}  :: gerund of parzializzare
parzializzare {vt}  :: to divide into parts
parzializzatore {m}  :: shutter
parzializzazione {f}  :: partitioning (division into parts)
parzialmente {adv}  :: partially, partly, semi-
parzialmente scremato {adj}  :: semi-skimmed
parziarietà {f}  :: partition (state of being partitioned)
parziario {adj}  :: partitioned (divided into parts)
pascal {m}  :: pascal
pascale {adj}  :: obsolete form of pasquale
Pascarella {prop}  :: surname
pascendo {v}  :: gerund of pascere
pascendosi {v}  :: gerund of pascersi
pascer {v}  :: apocopic form of pascere
pascere {vi}  :: To graze
pascere {vt}  :: To graze on
pascersi {vr}  :: ‎ To feed (on)
pascià {m} [historical]  :: pasha
pascialato {m}  :: pashadom
pascialato {m}  :: pashaship
pasciuto {adj}  :: well-fed
pasco {m}  :: feeding
pasco {m}  :: food
pasco {m}  :: pasture
pascolando {v}  :: gerund of pascolare
pascolare {vi}  :: To graze or crop (to eat grass or herbage in the fields)
pascolare {vt}  :: To graze or pasture (put animals out to grass)
pascolatico {m}  :: The right to graze animals (on common land)
pascolativo {adj}  :: pasture (attributive)
pascolo {m}  :: grazing
pascolo {m}  :: pasture
Pascqua {prop}  :: Common misspelling of Pasqua
Pascua {prop}  :: Common misspelling of Pasqua
Pasifae {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pasiphaë
pasionaria {f}  :: A female fighter in a left-wing organization
Pasmano {prop}  :: Pašman (island of Croatia)
Pasolini {prop}  :: surname
Pasolini {prop}  :: Pier Paolo Pasolini - film director, journalist etc
paspalo {m}  :: paspalum (plant of the genus Paspalum)
pasqua {f}  :: Passover (ancient and modern Gentile Christian / Jewish Christian / Messianic Jewish festival)
pasqua {f}  :: Passover (Israelite / Jewish festival)
Pasqua {f}  :: Easter
Pasqua {f}  :: Passover, passover, Pasch, pasch
pasquale {adj}  :: Easter [attribute], paschal
Pasquale {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Pascal
pasquarosa {f}  :: Whitsun, Whitsunday
pasquetta {f}  :: Easter Monday
Pasquetta {prop}  :: Easter Monday
pasquinata {f}  :: pasquinade
Pasquino {prop}  :: A talking statue in Rome
passabanda {adj}  :: band-pass
passabile {adj}  :: passable, acceptable, not bad, goodish
passabilmente {adv}  :: passably, quite well
passacaglia {f}  :: passacaglia
passacarte {mf}  :: paper-pusher
passacavo {m} [nautical]  :: fairlead
passafili {m}  :: thread carrier
passaggio {m}  :: aisle
passaggio {m}  :: passage, passing, gap
passaggio {m}  :: route
passaggio {m} [sports]  :: pass
passaggio {m}  :: traffic
passaggio {m}  :: transfer, transition
passaggio a livello {m}  :: level crossing, grade crossing
passamaneria {f}  :: braid, trimming
passamano {m}  :: braid
passamontagna {m}  :: balaclava
passanastro {mf}  :: bodkin
passando {v}  :: gerund of passare
passandosi {v}  :: gerund of passarsi
passante {adj} [heraldry]  :: passant
passante {adj}  :: passing, through
passante {mf}  :: passerby
passante {m}  :: loop (of a belt)
passante {m}  :: railway link
passante {m}  :: road link, bypass road
passaparola {m}  :: A cordless telephone
passaparola {m}  :: An order, repeated in a low voice, from one soldier to another in a series; Chinese whispers
passaparola {m}  :: grapevine (spontaneous communication between a group of people)
passapatate {mf}  :: potato masher
passaporto {m}  :: passport
passare {vi}  :: to pass
passare {vi}  :: to stop by
passare {v}  :: to spend (time)
passare {vt}  :: to pass something
passare {vt}  :: to swipe (scan or register by sliding something through a reader)
passare le acque {v}  :: To take the waters
passarsela {v}  :: to stay alive
passarsi {v}  :: reflexive of passare
passarsi {vr}  :: to exchange things between people
passarsi {vr}  :: to infect [members of one's family, etc.]
passaruota {m} [automobiles]  :: wheelhouse
passata {f}  :: glance, look
passata {f}  :: puree
passata {f}  :: tomato purée, pureed tomatoes
passatello {adj}  :: elderly
passatello {m}  :: (especially in plural) A form of pasta served in a broth
passatempo {m}  :: pastime, hobby
passatismo {m}  :: traditionalism
passatista {f}  :: traditionalist
passatistico {adj}  :: antiquated
passato {adj}  :: last
passato {adj}  :: past
passato {m} [grammar]  :: past tense, past
passato {m}  :: past (time before the present)
passato {m}  :: purée (especially of tomato)
passatoia {f}  :: runner (long, narrow carpet for stairs or hall)
passatoio {m}  :: stepping stone
passato prossimo {m} [grammar]  :: The past tense
passatore {m}  :: ferryman
passatore {m}  :: guide
passatore {m} [sports]  :: passer
passato remoto {m} [grammar]  :: past historic tense, past historic
passatutto {m}  :: Variant of passaverdura
passaverdura {n}  :: food mill, vegetable mill
Passavia {prop}  :: Passau
passavivande {m}  :: hatch
passavivande {m}  :: service hatch (in a restaurant etc)
passeggero {adj}  :: passing
passeggero {adj}  :: transient
passeggero {m}  :: passenger
passeggiando {v}  :: gerund of passeggiare
passeggiare {vi}  :: to walk, to take a walk, to promenade, to stroll
passeggiare {vt}  :: to walk
passeggiata {f}  :: (act) walk, stroll, promenade
passeggiata {f} [colloquial, easy activity]  :: piece of cake, cinch, doddle, picnic
passeggiata {f}  :: (place) public walk, promenade
passeggiatina {f}  :: Short stroll
passeggiatore {m}  :: walker
passeggiatrice {f}  :: streetwalker, prostitute
passeggiero {adj}  :: alternative form of passeggero
passeggino {m}  :: (baby stroller) stroller, pushchair
passeggio {m}  :: (place) public walk, promenade
passeggio {m}  :: (the act of walking/strolling) walk, stroll, promenade
passendo {v}  :: gerund of passire
passepartout {m}  :: alternative spelling of passe-partout
passe-partout {m}  :: mat (thick paper or paperboard border used to inset and center the contents of a frame)
passe-partout {m}  :: skeleton key, master key
passera {f}  :: hedge sparrow, dunnock
passera {f} [slang]  :: pussy (pubic hair)
passeraceo {adj} [ornithology]  :: passerine
passera d'Italia {f}  :: Italian sparrow
passera lagia {f}  :: rock sparrow
passera mattugia {f}  :: tree sparrow (Passer montanus)
passera sarda {f}  :: Spanish sparrow
passera scopaiola {f}  :: dunnock
passera spagnola {f}  :: Spanish sparrow
passerella {f}  :: catwalk
passerella {f}  :: footbridge, walkway, boardwalk
passerella {f}  :: gangway (of a ship)
passerella {f}  :: runway (a narrow platform extending from a stage on which people walk, especially used by models in fashion shows)
passerella d'imbarco {f}  :: gangway
passeriforme {m} [ornithology]  :: passerine
passero {m}  :: sparrow
passero domestico {m}  :: house sparrow
passero italiano {m}  :: Italian sparrow
passero lagio {m}  :: rock sparrow
passero mattugio {m}  :: tree sparrow (Passer montanus)
passero solitario {m}  :: blue rock thrush
passerotto {m}  :: A young sparrow
passettino {m}  :: A small step
passibile {adj}  :: liable, subject
passibilità {f}  :: liability
passiflora {f}  :: passionflower (of genus Passiflora)
passino {m}  :: sieve, strainer
passionale {adj}  :: of passion
passionale {adj}  :: passionate, excitable
passionalità {f}  :: passionality (the essence of passion)
passionalmente {adv}  :: passionately, excitably
passionalmente {adv}  :: with passion
passionario {m}  :: passionary
passionatamente {adv}  :: passionately
passionato {adj}  :: passionate (in all senses)
passione {f}  :: bug
passione {f}  :: fervour, enthusiasm
passione {f}  :: passion, love, addiction
passione {f}  :: suffering, grief, (religion) passion
passionista {m}  :: Passionist
passire {vi}  :: Variant of appassire
Passirio {prop}  :: A river that flows in Trentino-Alto Adige
passista {f} [cycle racing]  :: all-rounder, rouleur
passito {m}  :: Any of several more alcoholic wines obtained by first drying the grapes on rush matting
passivamente {adv}  :: passively
passivando {v}  :: gerund of passivare
passivante {adj} [grammar]  :: passive
passivare {vt}  :: [chemistry] To passivate
passivazione {f} [chemistry]  :: passivation
passivismo {m}  :: passivism
passività {f}  :: liabilities
passività {f}  :: passivity, passiveness
passivo {adj}  :: passive
passivo {m} [business]  :: liabilities
passivo {m} [grammar]  :: passive voice
passo {m}  :: footprint
passo {m}  :: footstep (sound)
passo {m}  :: gauge (film size)
passo {m}  :: pace
passo {m}  :: passage (of text)
passo {m}  :: pitch (distance between evenly spaced objects)
passo {m}  :: step
passo {m}  :: wheelbase
passo a passo {adv}  :: step by step, little by little, gradually
passo carrabile {m}  :: A section of pavement (sidewalk) between the entrance to a building and the roadway, often having a bevelled kerb, over which motor vehicles are allowed to travel
passo carrabile {m}  :: A sign, usually on the entrance, warning of this official designation, implying no parking
passo di lumaca {m}  :: snail's pace (idiomatic) A very slow pace
password {f} [computing]  :: password
pasta {f}  :: cake, tart
pasta {f}  :: dough
pasta {f}  :: pasta, noodles
pasta {f}  :: paste
pasta {f}  :: texture
pasta abrasiva {f}  :: abrasive paste (for polishing or grinding)
pasta acida {f}  :: sourdough
pasta alimentare {f}  :: edible pasta (legal definition - often having to be made from specified flour and to have specified characteristics)
pasta all'uovo {f}  :: egg pasta
pasta asciutta {f}  :: Variant of pastasciutta
pasta brisée {f}  :: pâte brisée (shortcrust pastry made with butter)
pasta chimica {f}  :: wood paste (for making paper)
pasta con le sarde {n}  :: a Sicilian dish of pasta served with a sauce containing sardines, anchovies, fennel, raisins, pine nuts and saffron
pasta cresciuta {f}  :: A form of batter used to coat food before deep frying
pasta da carta {f}  :: wood paste (or paste from recycled paper; used to make paper and cardboard)
pasta di alluminio {f}  :: Finely triturated aluminium used for making metallic paint
pasta di fondo {f} [geology]  :: The matrix of fine particles the fills the space between mineral particles in rocks
pasta di legno {f}  :: wood paste (for making paper)
pasta di mandorle {f}  :: almond paste
pasta di paglia {f}  :: A paste obtained by the chemical treatment of straw - used to make cardboard etc
pasta di stracci {f}  :: A paste made from treating rags; used for making paper etc
pasta di vetro {f}  :: metal (molten glass, cooled enough to be formed into articles)
pasta d'uomo {f}  :: a good man
pasta e fagioli {n}  :: a soup made with pasta and cannellini beans
pasta fresca {f}  :: fresh pasta (that takes just a couple of minutes to boil)
pasta frolla {f}  :: shortcrust pastry
pastafrolla {f}  :: alternative form of pasta frolla
pasta glutinata {f}  :: Dietary pasta rich in gluten
pastaia {f}  :: pasta maker (female)
pastaia {f}  :: pasta seller (female)
pastaia {f}  :: worker at a pasta factory (female)
pastaio {m}  :: pasta maker
pastaio {m}  :: pasta seller
pastaio {m}  :: worker at a pasta factory
pasta madre {f}  :: sourdough
pastasciutta {f}  :: pasta
pastasciuttaia {f}  :: big pasta eater (female)
pastasciuttaio {m}  :: big pasta eater
pasta sfoglia {f}  :: puff pastry, flaky pastry
pastasfoglia {f}  :: alternative form of pasta sfoglia
pastecca {f} [nautical]  :: A type of pulley block that opens on hinges to allow quick access to the rope
pasteggiabile {adj}  :: table (attributive, of a wine)
pasteggiando {v}  :: gerund of pasteggiare
pasteggiare {vi}  :: To consume a meal (with)
pastella {f}  :: batter
pastellista {mf} [arts]  :: pastellist
pastello {adj}  :: pastel
pastello {m} [arts]  :: pastel
pastellone {f}  :: A type of hard flooring similar to terrazzo
pastetta {f}  :: Variant of pastella
pasticca {f}  :: tablet, pill, lozenge
pasticcera {f}  :: Variant of pasticciera
pasticcere {m}  :: Variant of pasticciere
pasticceria {f}  :: cakes and pastries
pasticceria {f}  :: cake shop, confectioner's (shop)
pasticceria {f}  :: confectionery
pasticciaccio {m} [colloquial]  :: awful mess
pasticciando {v}  :: gerund of pasticciare
pasticciare {vi}  :: To make a mess, to muddle
pasticciare {vt}  :: To mess up or make a mess of
pasticciera {f}  :: confectioner (female)
pasticciera {f}  :: pastrymaker (female)
pasticciere {m}  :: confectioner
pasticciere {m}  :: pastrymaker
pasticcino {m}  :: petit four
pasticcio {m} [architecture]  :: relief
pasticcio {m} [cooking]  :: pie, pasty
pasticcio {m} [figuratively]  :: mess, confusion
pasticcio {m}  :: jam
pasticcio {m}  :: pastiche
pasticciona {f}  :: bungler
pasticciona {f}  :: butterfingers
pasticciona {f}  :: messy person
pasticcione {adj}  :: bungling
pasticcione {adj}  :: clumsy
pasticcione {m}  :: bungler
pasticcione {m}  :: butterfingers
pasticcione {m}  :: messy person
pasticciotto {m}  :: pasticciotto
pastiera {f}  :: pastiera (Neapolitan Easter tart)
pastificando {v}  :: gerund of pastificare
pastificare {vi}  :: To make pasta (especially as an industrial process)
pastificatore {m}  :: pasta maker (commercial)
pastificazione {f}  :: pasta making (commercial)
pastificio {m}  :: pasta factory
pastiglia {f}  :: pastille, lozenge
pastiglietta {f}  :: a small pastille or lozenge
pastina {f}  :: Small piece of pasta used in soups etc
pastinaca {f}  :: parsnip (plant or vegetable)
pastinaca {f}  :: stingray
pastinaca comune {f}  :: stingray
Pastine {prop}  :: surname
pasto {m}  :: meal
pastocchia {f}  :: deception
pastocchia {f}  :: lie
pastoia {f}  :: fetters, shackles
pastoia {f}  :: hobble
pastone {m}  :: Chicken feed
pastone {m}  :: hodgepodge
pastone {m}  :: Mush
pastora {f}  :: shepherd (female)
pastorale {adj}  :: bucolic
pastorale {adj}  :: pastoral
pastorale {adj}  :: rural
pastorale {f} [music]  :: pastorale
pastorale {f}  :: pastoral (letter)
pastorale {m}  :: crook, crosier
pastoralmente {adv}  :: bucolically
pastoralmente {adv}  :: pastorally
pastore {m}  :: minister, pastor, parson (a protestant minister)
pastore {m}  :: shepherd
pastorella {f} [music]  :: A type of song sung by troubadors about young shepherdesses
pastorella {f} [music]  :: Christmas music played on the bagpipes through the street, on on the organ in church
pastorella {f}  :: Young shepherdess
pastorello {m}  :: shepherd boy
pastore tedesco {m}  :: German shepherd, Alsatian
pastorizia {f}  :: The rearing of sheep; shepherding
pastorizio {adj}  :: sheep-rearing (attributive)
pastorizzando {v}  :: gerund of pastorizzare
pastorizzare {vt}  :: to pasteurize
pastorizzato {adj}  :: pasteurized
pastorizzatore {m}  :: pasteurizer (machine or its operator)
pastorizzazione {f}  :: pasteurization
pastosità {f}  :: doughiness
pastoso {adj}  :: dense
pastoso {adj}  :: doughy, pasty
pastoso {adj}  :: mellow
pastrano {m}  :: greatcoat
pastrocchiare {v}  :: to muddle
pastrocchio {m}  :: hotchpotch
pastrocchio {m}  :: muddle
pastura {f}  :: bait (for fish)
pastura {f}  :: pasture, grazing
pasturale {adj}  :: pastoral
pasturale {m}  :: pastern (bone)
pasturando {v}  :: gerund of pasturare
pasturare {vt}  :: To pasture or graze
paté {m}  :: pâté, pate
-pata {suffix}  :: -path
patacca {f}  :: grease spot or stain
patacca {f}  :: junk, piece of junk, fake
patacca {f}  :: medal, decoration
patacca {f} [vulgar]  :: cunt, pussy
pataccaro {m}  :: duffer, swindler
pataccata {f}  :: swindle, fraud
pataccone {m}  :: junk (fake object)
pataccone {m}  :: slob
pataffio {m}  :: alternative form of epitaffio
patafisica {n}  :: pataphysics
patagio {m}  :: patagium
patagone {adj}  :: Patagonian
patagone {mf}  :: Patagonian
patapum {m}  :: boom (noise)
patapum {m}  :: thud, bang
pataracchio {m}  :: alternative form of pateracchio
pataria {f}  :: An eleventh-century religious movement
patarino {adj}  :: Paterine
patarino {m}  :: Paterine
patassio {m}  :: hubbub, buzz
patata {f}  :: potato
patata {f} [slang]  :: pussy (vagina)
patata americana {f}  :: sweet potato
patata dolce {f}  :: sweet potato
patate fritte {fp}  :: french fries, fries, chips
patatina {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: chip (UK), French fry (US)
patatine fritte {p}  :: french fries, fries, chips
patatrac {m}  :: collapse, cave-in
patatrac {m}  :: crash (sound and event)
patatucco {m}  :: simpleton, blockhead
patavinità {f}  :: Patavine character or quality
patavino {adj}  :: Paduan
patavino {adj}  :: Patavine
patchwork {m}  :: patchwork (all senses)
patella {f} [mollusk]  :: limpet
patella {f} [skeleton]  :: patella, kneecap, rotula
patellare {adj} [skeleton]  :: patellar
patema {m}  :: anxiety
patena {f}  :: paten
patendo {v}  :: gerund of patire
patentato {adj}  :: licensed, certified
patentato {adj}  :: permitted
patentato {adj}  :: utter, thorough, patent (nonsense etc)
patente {adj}  :: obvious
patente {f}  :: licence, permit
patente di guida {f}  :: driver's license
patentemente {adv}  :: evidently, clearly, openly, patently
patentino {m}  :: temporary or provisional licence
pateracchio {m}  :: muddle
pateracchio {m}  :: pact, covenant (especially a type of marriage contract)
paterazzo {m} [nautical]  :: backstay
patereccio {m}  :: whitlow, paronychia
paternale {f}  :: rebuke, reprimand, scolding
paternalismo {m}  :: paternalism
paternalista {adj}  :: paternalistic, paternalist
paternalista {f}  :: paternalist
paternalisticamente {adv}  :: paternalistically
paternalistico {adj}  :: paternalistic
paternamente {adv}  :: paternally, fatherly
paternità {f}  :: authorship
paternità {f}  :: paternity, fatherhood, parenthood
paterno {adj}  :: paternal, father's, fatherly
paternostro {m}  :: paternoster
paternostro {m}  :: rosary
pateticamente {adv}  :: pathetically
pateticità {f}  :: pathetic character
patetico {adj}  :: sentimental
patetico {adj}  :: with pathos (not 'pathetic' in the sense of feeble)
patetico {m}  :: sentimentalism
-patia {suffix}  :: (feeling or passion) -pathy
-patia {suffix} [pathology, abnormal state]  :: -pathy
patibile {adj}  :: tolerable
patibolare {adj}  :: gallows (attributive)
patibolare {adj}  :: sinister
patibolo {m}  :: scaffold, gallows
-patico {suffix}  :: -pathic
patimento {m}  :: suffering
patina {f}  :: A coat, film, glaze, size, patina
patina {f}  :: A patina (of age)
patinando {v}  :: gerund of patinare
patinare {vt}  :: To coat, glaze, size or patinate
patinato {adj}  :: fake
patinato {adj}  :: glossy, glazed, coated, slick, patinated
patinatore {m}  :: sizer (in paper making)
patinatrice {f}  :: sizer (machine)
patinatura {f}  :: coating, glazing (of paper)
patinatura {f}  :: patination
patinoso {adj}  :: furred
patinoso {adj}  :: patinated
patire {vt}  :: To suffer (from) or endure
patito {adj}  :: run down, wan
patito {m}  :: fan, lover [of a sport, etc.]
Patmo {prop}  :: Patmos
pato- {prefix}  :: patho-
patofisiologia {f} [pathology]  :: pathophysiology
patofisiologico {adj} [pathology]  :: pathophysiologic, pathophysiological
patofobia {f}  :: pathophobia
patogenesi {f}  :: pathogenesis
patogenetico {adj}  :: pathogenetic
patogenicità {f}  :: pathogenicity
patogenico {adj}  :: pathogenic
patogeno {adj}  :: pathogenic
patogeno {m} [immunology, pathology]  :: pathogen
patognomonico {adj}  :: pathognomonic
patois {m}  :: patois
patologa {f}  :: pathologist (female)
patologia {f} [branch of , medicine]  :: pathology
patologia {f}  :: disease, pathology
patologia {f}  :: malfunction, pathology
patologicamente {adv}  :: pathologically
patologico {adj}  :: pathological, pathologic
patologo {m} [medicine]  :: pathologist
patos {m}  :: pathos
Patrasso {prop}  :: Patras
patre {m}  :: obsolete form of padre
patria {f}  :: fatherland
patria {f}  :: homeland
patria {f}  :: one's native land or country
patriarca {m}  :: patriarch
patriarcale {adj}  :: patriarchal
patriarcato {m}  :: patriarchy
patrigno {m}  :: stepfather
patrilignaggio {m}  :: patrilineage
patrilineare {adj}  :: patrilineal
patrilinearità {f}  :: patrilineality
patrilocale {adj}  :: patrilocal
patrilocalità {f}  :: patrilocality
patrimoniale {adj}  :: patrimonial
patrimonialmente {adv}  :: patrimonially
patrimonio {m}  :: estate, property
patrimonio {m}  :: fortune
patrimonio {m}  :: heritage
patrimonio {m}  :: wealth
patrio {adj}  :: native
patrio {adj}  :: of one's country
patrio {adj}  :: paternal
patrionimico {adj}  :: patrionymic
patrionimico {m}  :: patrionym
patriota {mf}  :: patriot
patriotico {adj}  :: alternative spelling of patriottico
patriotta {mf}  :: alternative spelling of patriota
patriottardo {adj}  :: jingoistic
patriotticamente {adv}  :: patriotically
patriottico {adj}  :: patriotic
patriottismo {m}  :: patriotism
patristica {f}  :: patristics
patristico {adj}  :: patristic
Patrizia {prop}  :: given name, cognate to Patricia
patriziato {m}  :: aristocracy
patriziato {m}  :: patriciate
patrizio {adj}  :: patrician
patrizio {m}  :: patrician
Patrizio {prop}  :: Patrick
patrocinando {v}  :: gerund of patrocinare
patrocinare {vt} [legal, business]  :: to defend, patronize
patrocinare {vt}  :: to support [a candidate, etc.]
patrocinatore {m} [legal]  :: defence counsel, defence attorney
patrocinatore {m}  :: sponsor, supporter, patron
patrocinio {m}  :: patronage
Patroclo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Patroclus
patrollatore {m}  :: patroller
patrologia {f}  :: patrology
patrologico {adj}  :: patrological, patrologic
patrologo {m}  :: patrologist
patron {m}  :: patron (of a sports event etc)
patron {m}  :: pattern (paper, for knitting)
patrona {f}  :: patron saint
patronale {adj}  :: patron (attributive)
patronale {adj}  :: patron saint (attributive)
patronato {m}  :: patronage
patronessa {f}  :: patroness
patronimia {f}  :: patronymy
patronimico {adj}  :: patronymic
patronimico {m}  :: patronymic
patrono {m}  :: A patron, supporter or protector
patrono {m}  :: (Feminine patrona) A patron saint
patrono {m}  :: (Feminine patronessa) A benefactor, a patron
patta {f}  :: draw, tie (sports)
patta {f}  :: flap (of a pocket)
patta {f}  :: fly (of trousers)
patteggiabile {adj}  :: negotiable
patteggiamento {m}  :: bargaining
patteggiamento {m} [legal]  :: plea bargaining
patteggiando {v}  :: gerund of patteggiare
patteggiare {vit}  :: to (come to a) compromise
patteggiare {vit}  :: to negotiate (with)
patteggiatore {m}  :: negotiator
pattina {f} [especially, in plural]  :: A felt pad worn on the feet when walking on a polished floor
pattina {f}  :: potholder
pattinaggio {m}  :: skating
pattinando {v}  :: gerund of pattinare
pattinare {vi}  :: to skate
pattinare {vi}  :: to skid
pattinatoio {m}  :: ice rink
pattinatoio {m}  :: roller skating rink
pattinatore {m}  :: skater (person who skates)
pattinatrice {f}  :: skater (female person who skates)
pattino {m} [aeronautics]  :: skid (ski-shaped runner under an aircraft for landing and taking off)
pattino {m} [obsolete, footwear]  :: A slipper or a similar piece of footwear
pattino {m} [sports, footwear]  :: skate
pattino {m} [watercraft]  :: A type of recreational watercraft consisting of two parallel floaters joined together, propelled by oars
pattinodromo {m}  :: skating rink
pattiziamente {adv}  :: pactionally
pattizio {adj}  :: pactional
patto {m}  :: pact, agreement
pattona {f}  :: polenta made from chestnut-flour
pattuendo {v}  :: gerund of pattuire
pattuglia {f}  :: patrol
pattugliamento {m}  :: patrolling
pattugliando {v}  :: gerund of pattugliare
pattugliare {vt}  :: To patrol
pattugliatore {m}  :: patrolman
pattuire {vt}  :: To agree, settle, negotiate or stipulate
pattuito {adj}  :: agreed, settled, stipulated
pattuito {m}  :: terms, agreement, agreed sum
pattuizione {f}  :: agreement, pact
pattume {m}  :: garbage, trash, rubbish
pattumiera {f}  :: garbage can, trash can, rubbish bin
patulina {f} [organic compound]  :: patulin
paturnie {fp}  :: angst, blues, dumps
paucità {f}  :: paucity
paulista {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to São Paulo or its inhabitants
paulista {adj}  :: Pauline
paulista {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of São Paulo
paulonia {f}  :: foxglove tree (of genus Paulownia)
pauperismo {m}  :: pauperism
pauperistico {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to pauperism; pauperistic
paupero {m}  :: pauper
paupulando {v}  :: gerund of paupulare
paupulare {vi}  :: To call (especially of a peacock)
paura {f}  :: fear
paura {f}  :: worry, anxiety
paurosamente {adv}  :: fearfully
paurosamente {adv}  :: frighteningly
pauroso {adj}  :: fearful, scary
pauroso {adj}  :: frightful, shocking, incredible, terrible
pausa {f} [music]  :: rest
pausa {f}  :: pause, break, stop, interval
Pausania {prop}  :: Pausanias
Pausini {prop}  :: surname
Pausini {prop}  :: Laura Pausini, Italian singer
pavé {m}  :: cobblestone
pavé {m}  :: cobblestone road
Pavarotti {prop}  :: surname
Pavarotti {prop}  :: Luciano Pavarotti, Italian lyrical singer
paventando {v}  :: gerund of paventare
paventare {v}  :: to dread
paventato {adj}  :: dreaded
paventoso {adj} [literary]  :: timorous, timid, fearful
pavesando {v}  :: gerund of pavesare
pavesare {vt} [nautical]  :: to dress [with flags]
pavesare {vt}  :: to decorate, deck, adorn
pavesata {f} [nautical]  :: bunting, flags
pavese {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Pavia or its inhabitants
pavese {m}  :: bunting (decoration)
pavese {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Pavia
Pavia {prop}  :: Pavia (province)
Pavia {prop}  :: Pavia (town)
pavidamente {adv}  :: fearfully, timidly, pavidly
pavidità {f}  :: fearfulness, timidity
pavido {adj}  :: fearful, timid, pavid
pavimentale {adj}  :: floor (attributive)
pavimentando {v}  :: gerund of pavimentare
pavimentare {vt}  :: to floor
pavimentare {vt}  :: to pave
pavimentatore {m}  :: paver, paviour (person)
pavimentatrice {f}  :: paver (road paving machine)
pavimentazione {f}  :: flooring
pavimentazione {f}  :: paving
pavimentazione {f}  :: tessellation
pavimentazione stradale {f}  :: pavement (road surface)
pavimentista {m}  :: paver, paviour (person)
pavimento {m}  :: floor
pavimentoso {adj} [anatomy]  :: squamous
pavimentoso {adj}  :: scale or tile (attributive)
pavimento stradale {m}  :: pavement (road surface)
pavloviano {adj}  :: Pavlovian
pavona {f}  :: peahen
pavonazzo {adj}  :: alternative form of paonazzo
pavoncella {f}  :: lapwing or peewit
pavone {m}  :: peacock, peafowl
Pavone {prop}  :: surname
Pavone {prop}  :: Rita Pavone, Italian actress and singer
pavone blu {m}  :: Indian peafowl or common peafowl
pavone comune {m}  :: Indian peafowl or common peafowl
pavoneggiando {v}  :: gerund of pavoneggiarsi
pavoneggiandosi {v}  :: gerund of pavoneggiarsi
pavoneggiarsi {vr}  :: to show off, swagger
pavoneggiarsi {vr}  :: to strut about
pavonesco {adj} [figuratively]  :: boastful, showoff [attributive], vainglorious
pavonesco {adj}  :: of or pertaining to a peacock
pavonessa {f}  :: peahen
pavonia {f}  :: emperor moth (of genus Saturnia)
pavonia {f}  :: peacock's tail (Padina pavonica)
pazientando {v}  :: gerund of pazientare
pazientare {vi}  :: To be patient
paziente {adj}  :: patient
paziente {mf}  :: patient
pazientemente {adv}  :: patiently, with patience
pazientina {f}  :: A type of rich cake, from Padova, having layers flavoured with almonds, chocolate and zabaglione sauce
pazienza {f}  :: patience, endurance, forbearance
pazzamente {adv}  :: madly, crazily
pazzerello {adj}  :: capricious
pazzerello {adj}  :: loony
pazzerellone {m}  :: madcap
pazzescamente {adv}  :: madly, wildly, foolishly
pazzesco {adj}  :: crazy, insane
pazzesco {adj}  :: great, fantastic, terrific, fabulous
pazzia {f}  :: madness, lunacy
pazziando {v}  :: gerund of pazziare
pazziare {v}  :: To play the fool
pazzo {adj}  :: crazy, insane
pazzo {m}  :: madman
pazzoide {adj}  :: crazy, whacky; madcap (attributive)
pazzoide {mf}  :: madcap, nutcase
PCI {prop}  :: Partito Comunista Italiano (Italian Communist Party)
PCR {initialism}  :: CRP
PCUS {prop}  :: CPSU (initialism of Partito Comunista dell'Unione Sovietica)
PE {prop}  :: abbreviation of Pescara (city in Abruzzo)
peana {f}  :: paean
Peano {prop}  :: surname
Peano {prop}  :: Giuseppe Peano (1858–1932), Italian mathematician
pebrina {f}  :: pébrine
pecari {m}  :: peccary
pecca {f}  :: flaw, fault, defect
peccabile {adj} [literary]  :: fallible
peccaminosamente {adv}  :: sinfully
peccaminosità {f}  :: sinfulness
peccaminoso {adj}  :: sinful, wicked
peccando {v}  :: gerund of peccare
peccare {vi}  :: to sin
peccato {interj}  :: What a shame!; what a pity!
peccato {m}  :: bummer (singular only, as in è un peccato)
peccato {m}  :: sin
peccato capitale {m}  :: synonym of vizio capitale
peccato mortale {m}  :: mortal sin
peccato originale {m}  :: original sin
peccatore {m}  :: sinner
peccato veniale {m}  :: venial sin
peccatrice {f}  :: sinner (female)
peccatuccio {m}  :: peccadillo (small fault)
pecchero {m} [heraldry]  :: A covered cup
pecchia {f} [zoology]  :: bee
pecchiaiolo {m}  :: honey buzzard
pecchione {m}  :: drone (male bee)
peccio {m}  :: spruce
pece {f}  :: pitch (resinous material)
pecetta {f}  :: A greasy stain on clothing
pecetta {f}  :: A patch
pecetta {f}  :: A small black rectangle used to cover offending parts of a newspaper photograph
pechblenda {f}  :: pitchblende
pechinese {adj}  :: Pekingese
pechinese {m}  :: Pekingese
pechinese {m}  :: Pekingese (person)
Pechino {prop}  :: Beijing, Peking
pecioso {adj}  :: pitchy
pecora {f}  :: ewe
pecora {f} [figuratively]  :: sheep, milksop
pecora {f}  :: sheep
Pecora {prop}  :: A small river in Tuscany
pecoraggine {f}  :: conventionality, conformity
pecoraggine {f}  :: cowardice and stupidity
pecoraia {f}  :: shepherd (female)
pecoraio {m}  :: shepherd
pecorame {f}  :: flock of sheep (in a pejorative sense)
pecorame {f}  :: Variant of pecorume
pecorara {f}  :: (Variant of: pecoraia) shepherd (female)
pecoraro {m}  :: (Variant of: pecoraio) shepherd
pecoreccio {adj} [figuratively]  :: coarse, vulgar
pecoreccio {adj}  :: sheep (attributive)
pecoreccio {m} [figuratively]  :: troubled situation, quagmire
pecoreccio {m}  :: sheep droppings
pecorella {f}  :: Diminutive of pecora, lamb (animal)
pecorescamente {adv}  :: sheepishly, docilely
pecoresco {adj}  :: sheeplike, sheepish
pecorile {adj} [figuratively]  :: sheeplike, sheepish
pecorile {adj}  :: sheep (attributive)
pecorile {m}  :: fold (enclosure for sheep)
pecorile {m}  :: sheep droppings
pecorina {f}  :: doggy style (sex position)
pecorina {f}  :: lamb
pecorina {f}  :: little sheep
pecorina {f}  :: on all fours
pecorina {f}  :: parchment, vellum
pecorina {f}  :: sheep droppings
pecorino {adj} [attributively]  :: sheep
pecorino {adj} [figuratively]  :: sheeplike, sheepish
pecorino {m}  :: pecorino (cheese made with sheep milk)
pecorino romano {m}  :: a form of pecorino cheese originally from Rome
pecorino sardo {m}  :: a form of pecorino cheese from Sardinia
pecoro {m}  :: ram (male sheep)
pecoro {m}  :: servile and passive man; sheep
pecorone {m}  :: A gullible person
pecorone {m}  :: ram (male sheep)
pecoroso {adj}  :: rich in pastures and sheep
pecorume {f}  :: cowardice, servility
pecorume {f}  :: servile people
pectasi {f} [enzyme]  :: pectase
pectico {adj}  :: pectic (all senses)
pectina {f} [carbohydrate]  :: pectin
pectinasi {f} [enzyme]  :: pectinase
pectineo {adj}  :: pectinate
peculato {m} [legal]  :: embezzlement
peculiare {adj}  :: peculiar (to)
peculiare {adj}  :: typical (of)
peculiare {adj}  :: whimsical
peculiarità {f}  :: peculiarity
peculiarmente {adv}  :: peculiarly, distinctively
peculio {m} [dated]  :: savings
peculio {m} [obsolete, figuratively]  :: herd
peculio {m} [obsolete]  :: livestock
peculio {m} [Roman law]  :: A small fortune whose management (but not property) is conceded by the head of household to a son or servant
pecuniariamente {adv}  :: financially, monetarily, pecuniarily
pecuniario {adj}  :: financial, monetary, pecuniary
pedaggiamento {m}  :: toll collecting
pedaggio {m}  :: toll
pedagna {f} [nautical]  :: (rowing) stretcher
pedagogia {f}  :: pedagogy
pedagogia speciale {f}  :: special education (literally "special pedagogy")
pedagogicamente {adv}  :: pedagogically
pedagogico {adj}  :: pedagogic
pedagogico {adj}  :: pedantic
pedagogista {mf}  :: teacher, educator
pedagogo {m}  :: educator
pedagogo {m}  :: pedagogue
pedagogo {m}  :: pedant
pedalò {m} [watercraft]  :: pedalo
pedalabile {adj}  :: rideable (of an ascent, with a bicycle)
pedalabilità {f}  :: Property of being rideable
pedalando {v}  :: gerund of pedalare
pedalare {vi}  :: To pedal
pedalata {f}  :: A push on the pedals
pedalatore {m} [cycle racing]  :: hard-working rider
pedalatore {m}  :: cyclist, pedal pusher
pedale {m}  :: pedal
pedale {m}  :: treadle
pedaleggiando {v}  :: gerund of pedaleggiare
pedaleggiare {vi}  :: [music] To use the pedals (of a piano, etc.)
pedaliera {f}  :: pedal keyboard, pedalboard
pedaliera {f}  :: rudder bar
pedaliera {f}  :: rudder pedals
pedalina {f}  :: platen
pedalino {m}  :: (man's) sock
pedana {f} [fencing]  :: piste
pedana {f}  :: footrest
pedana {f}  :: springboard
pedana {f}  :: throwing circle (discus etc)
pedante {adj}  :: pedantic
pedante {mf}  :: pedant
pedante {mf}  :: schoolmaster
pedante {mf}  :: teacher
pedanteggiando {v}  :: gerund of pedanteggiare
pedanteggiare {vi}  :: To be pedantic
pedantemente {adv}  :: pedantically, fussily
pedanteria {f}  :: pedantry, fastidiousness
pedantesco {adj}  :: pedantic
pedata {f}  :: footprint, footmark
pedata {f}  :: kick
pedatorio {adj} [informal]  :: football (attributive)
pedecollina {f}  :: foothills (area at the foot of a hill/mountain)
pedecollinare {adj}  :: foothills (attributive)
pedemontano {adj}  :: piedmont
pederasta {m}  :: pederast
pederastico {adj}  :: pederastic
pederotico {adj}  :: pederastic (used especially to describe such poetry or literature)
Pedersoli {prop}  :: surname
pedestre {adj}  :: pedestrian
pedestremente {adv}  :: pedestrianly
pediatra {f}  :: pediatrician, paediatrician
pediatria {f} [medicine]  :: pediatrics, paediatrics
pediatricamente {adv}  :: pediatrically
pediatrico {adj}  :: pediatric, children's
pedice {m}  :: subscript
pedicellato {adj} [botany]  :: pedicellate
pedicello {m} [botany]  :: pedicel, peduncle, footstalk
pedicello {m} [obsolete]  :: a small worm
pedicello {m} [regional]  :: a small boil
pediculosi {f} [pathology]  :: pediculosis
pedicure {f}  :: pedicure
pediera {f}  :: footboard
pediluvio {m}  :: footbath
pedina {f}  :: draughtsman (piece in draughts)(checkers)
pedina {f}  :: pawn (chess)
pedina {f}  :: pawn (colloquial)(someone been manipulated)
pedina {f}  :: puppet
pedinamento {m}  :: shadowing, tailing, following, stalking
pedinando {v}  :: gerund of pedinare
pedinare {vt}  :: To shadow, to dog, to tail
pedinatore {m}  :: tail (one who surreptitiously follows another)
pedipalpo {m} [zoology]  :: pedipalp
pedissequamente {adv}  :: literally
pedissequamente {adv}  :: servilely
pedissequamente {adv}  :: slavishly
pedissequo {adj}  :: literal (translation)
pedissequo {adj}  :: servile
pedissequo {adj}  :: slavish
pedivella {f}  :: pedal crank (of a bicycle)
pedo- {prefix}  :: paedo-, pedo-, relating to children
pedo- {prefix}  :: relating to soil, pedo-
pedocentrico {adj}  :: pedocentric, paedocentric
pedocentrismo {m}  :: pedocentrism, paedocentrism
pedodonzia {n}  :: paedodontics / pedodontics (pediatric dentistry)
pedofilia {f}  :: pedophilia / paedophilia
pedofilo {adj}  :: pedophilic / paedophilic
pedofilo {m}  :: pedophile / paedophile
pedogenesi {f}  :: pedogenesis (all senses)
pedogenetico {adj}  :: pedogenetic
pedologia {f}  :: pedology (all senses)
pedologico {adj}  :: pedologic (all senses)
pedologo {m}  :: pedologist (soil scientist)
pedometro {m}  :: pedometer
pedonabile {adj}  :: pedestrian
pedonabile {adj}  :: walkable
pedonale {adj}  :: pedestrian [attributive]
pedonalità {f}  :: pedestrian areas, roads or paths
pedonalizzando {v}  :: gerund of pedonalizzare
pedonalizzare {vt}  :: to pedestrianize
pedonalizzazione {f}  :: pedestrianization
pedone {m} [chess]  :: pawn
pedone {m}  :: pedestrian
pedopornografia {f}  :: child pornography
pedopornografico {adj}  :: child pornography (attributive)
pedosfera {f}  :: pedosphere
Pedrazzini {prop}  :: surname
Pedroni {prop}  :: surname
peduccio {m} [architecture]  :: corbel
peduccio {m}  :: paw (of a hare); hoof (of a sheep or goat); trotter (of a pig)
pedula {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: hiking or climbing boot
pedule {m}  :: foot (of a sock or stocking)
pedule {n}  :: hiking or climbing boots
peduncolare {adj}  :: peduncular
peduncolato {adj} [botany]  :: pedunculate, pedunculated
peduncolo {m} [botany]  :: peduncle
pegamoide {f}  :: pegamoid
pegaso {m} [heraldry]  :: A winged horse
Pegaso {prop}  :: Pegasus
peggio {adj}  :: (the) worst
peggio {adj}  :: worse
peggio {adv}  :: worse
peggio {f} [singular only]  :: the worst
peggio {m} [singular only]  :: the worst thing, the worst part
peggior {adj}  :: apocopic form of peggiore
peggioramento {m}  :: worsening, deterioration
peggiorando {v}  :: gerund of peggiorare
peggiorare {vi}  :: To worsen (become worse)
peggiorare {vt}  :: To worsen (make worse)
peggiorativamente {adv}  :: pejoratively
peggiorativo {adj}  :: pejorative
peggiorativo {m} [grammar]  :: pejorative
peggiore {adj}  :: the worst
peggiore {adj}  :: worse
peggiore {mf}  :: the worst
peggiormente {adv}  :: more badly; worse
pegli {contraction}  :: per gli
pegmatite {f} [geology]  :: pegmatite
pegno {m}  :: earnest
pegno {m}  :: pledge, security (in a pawnshop etc)
pegno {m}  :: token
pegola {f}  :: synonym of pece
pei {contraction}  :: per i
pel {contraction}  :: contraction of per + il
pelagianesimo {m}  :: Pelagianism
pelagiano {adj}  :: Pelagian
pelagiano {m}  :: Pelagian
pelagico {adj}  :: pelagic
Pelagio {prop}  :: Pelagius
pelago {m}  :: deep sea, open sea
pelame {m}  :: hair, coat, fur
pelando {v}  :: gerund of pelare
pelandrone {m}  :: idler, loafer
pelapatate {m}  :: potato peeler
pelare {vt}  :: to peel [fruit, etc.]
pelare {vt}  :: to pluck [feathers]
pelare {vt}  :: to skin [an animal]
pelargonio {m}  :: pelargonium
Pelasgi {p}  :: Pelasgians
pelasgico {adj}  :: Pelasgic
pelata {f}  :: bald patch
pelato {m}  :: bald
pelato {m}  :: peeled
pelatrice {f}  :: peeler (device)
pelatura {f}  :: peeling
pelatura {f}  :: skinning, plucking
Peleo {prop}  :: Peleus
Pelide {prop}  :: son of Peleus; an epithet for Achilles
pelioma {m}  :: pelioma
pell' {contraction}  :: per l'
pella {contraction}  :: per la
pellaccia {f}  :: The tanned hide of an animal
pellaccia {f}  :: tough guy, tough cookie
pellagra {f} [pathology]  :: pellagra
pellagrosa {f} [pathology]  :: pellagra sufferer, pellagrin (female)
pellagroso {adj} [pathology]  :: pellagrous
pellagroso {m} [pathology]  :: pellagra sufferer, pellagrin
pellaio {m}  :: tanner (of hides)
pellame {m}  :: hides, leather
pelle {f}  :: hide (animal's skin)
pelle {f}  :: leather
pelle {f}  :: skin
pelle {prep} [obsolete]  :: contraction of per le
pelle d'oca {f} [usually, in the singular]  :: goose bumps, goose flesh, goose pimples, goose skin
pellegrina {f}  :: A short cloak
pellegrina {f}  :: pilgrim (female) (see also pellegrino)
pellegrinaggio {m}  :: pilgrimage
pellegrinaggio {m}  :: pilgrims
pellegrinando {v}  :: gerund of pellegrinare
pellegrinare {vi}  :: To make a pilgrimage
Pellegrini {prop}  :: surname
Pellegrini {prop}  :: Federica Pellegrini, Italian swimmer
pellegrino {m}  :: pilgrim
pellerossa {mf}  :: redskin (Native American)
Pellestrina {prop}  :: A township on the Lido of Venice
pellestrinotto {adj}  :: Of or from Pellestrina
pelletteria {f}  :: A shop selling leather goods
pelletteria {f}  :: The leather trade
pellettiere {m}  :: leather goods manufacturer or dealer
pellettizzando {v}  :: gerund of pellettizzare
pellettizzare {vt}  :: To pelletize
pellettizzazione {f}  :: pelletization
Pelli {prop}  :: surname
pellicano {m}  :: pelican
pellicano australiano {m}  :: Australian pelican
pellicano comune {m}  :: white pelican
pellicceria {f}  :: fur processing
pellicceria {f}  :: furrier's
pellicceria {f}  :: furs
pelliccia {f}  :: fur coat
pelliccia {f}  :: fur (of an animal)
pelliccia {f} [heraldry]  :: fur
pellicciaia {f}  :: furrier (female)
pellicciaio {adj} [anatomy]  :: cutaneous (of a muscle)
pellicciaio {m}  :: furrier
pellicciame {m}  :: furs
pellicciotto {m}  :: fur jacket
Pellice {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont
pellicina {f}  :: cuticle
Pellico {prop}  :: surname
Pellico {prop}  :: Silvio Pellico, Italian writer
pellicola {f}  :: film (all senses)
pellicola {f}  :: layer
pellicola {f}  :: plastic wrap
pellicolare {adj}  :: pellicular; skin (attributive)
pellirossa {mf}  :: redskin (Native American)
pellistore {m}  :: pellistor
pello {contraction}  :: per lo
pellucidità {f}  :: pellucidity
pellucido {adj}  :: translucent or transparent; pellucid
pelo {m}  :: hair (on the body)
pelo {m}  :: surface (of the water)
pelobate {m}  :: spadefoot (toad)
pelo dell'acqua {m}  :: the water's surface
peloponnesiaco {adj}  :: Peloponnesian
peloponnesiaco {m}  :: Peloponnesian
Peloponneso {prop}  :: Peloponnese
peloritano {adj}  :: relating to Capo Peloro or, by extension, to Messina
Pelosi {prop}  :: an Italian surname, from peloso
Pelosini {prop}  :: an Italian surname
pelosità {f}  :: hairiness, shagginess
peloso {adj}  :: hairy
Peloso {prop}  :: an Italian surname, from peloso
peltasta {m}  :: peltast
peltaste {m}  :: peltast
peltato {adj} [botany]  :: peltate
peltinervio {adj} [botany]  :: peltinerved
peltro {m}  :: pewter
pelucco {m}  :: down (soft feathers, hair etc)
pelucco {m}  :: pile
peluche {m}  :: plush (fabric)
peluche {m}  :: soft toy, plush
peluria {f}  :: down (soft feathers etc)
peluria {f}  :: pile
pelvi {f} [anatomy]  :: pelvis
pelvico {adj} [anatomy]  :: pelvic
pelvimetria {f}  :: pelvimetry
pemfigo {m} [disease]  :: pemphigus
pemfigoide {m} [disease]  :: pemphigoid
pena {f}  :: pain
pena {f}  :: pity
pena {f}  :: sentence, penalty, punishment
pena {f}  :: sorrow
pena {f}  :: trouble
pena {f}  :: worry, anxiety
pena capitale {f}  :: death penalty
pena di morte {f}  :: death penalty
penale {adj}  :: penal, criminal
penale {f}  :: penalty (legal)
penalista {f}  :: criminal lawyer
penalistico {adj} [legal]  :: Of criminal law
penalità {f}  :: penalty
penalizzando {v}  :: gerund of penalizzare
penalizzante {adj}  :: penalizing
penalizzare {vt}  :: to penalize
penalizzato {adj}  :: penalized
penalizzazione {f} [sports]  :: penalty
penalmente {adv}  :: penally
penando {v}  :: gerund of penare
penare {vi}  :: to suffer
pencolando {v}  :: gerund of pencolare
pencolante {adj}  :: hesitating, wavering
pencolante {adj}  :: swaying, wobbling
pencolare {vi}  :: To sway, wobble or shake
pencolio {m}  :: continuous swaying or wobbling
pendaglio {m}  :: pendant
pendaglio da forca {m} [idiomatic]  :: gallows bird (someone deserving hanging)
pendant {m}  :: match (matching item)
pendant {m}  :: pendant (dangling earing)
pendendo {v}  :: gerund of pendere
pendente {adj}  :: leaning
pendente {adj}  :: pending (legal)
pendente {f}  :: drop earring
pendente {f}  :: pendant
pendenza {f} [legal]  :: pending suit
pendenza {f}  :: slope, gradient
pendere {vi} [nautical]  :: To list (of a ship)
pendere {vi}  :: to be pending
pendere {vi}  :: to droop
pendere {vi}  :: to hang (from)
pendere {vi}  :: to slope or slant
pendice {f}  :: slope (of a hillside or mountain)
pendio {m}  :: slope, slant
pendolamento {m}  :: oscillation
pendolando {v}  :: gerund of pendolare
pendolare {adj}  :: commuter [attributive]
pendolare {adj}  :: pendular, pendulum [attributive]
pendolare {mf}  :: commuter
pendolare {vi}  :: to swing, oscillate
pendolarismo {m}  :: commuting
pendolarità {f}  :: commuting
pendolarmente {adv}  :: back and forth (like a pendulum or a commuter)
pendolo {m}  :: pendulum
pendulo {adj}  :: pendulous
pene {m} [anatomy]  :: penis
penello {m}  :: alternative form of pennello
Penelopè {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Penelope
Penelope {prop}  :: given name
Penelope {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Penelope
Peneo {prop}  :: Pineios (Greek river)
penepiano {m}  :: peneplain
penero {m}  :: fringe
Penestrino {prop}  :: medieval spelling of Palestrina
penetrabile {adj}  :: penetrable
penetrabilità {f}  :: penetrableness
penetrando {v}  :: gerund of penetrare
penetrante {adj}  :: penetrating, pervasive, piercing, sharp
penetrantemente {adv}  :: penetratingly, pervasively
penetranza {f} [genetics]  :: penetrance
penetrare {vi}  :: To enter, to get in, to filter, to steal in
penetrare {vt}  :: To penetrate, pound
penetrare {vt}  :: To seek through, to soak in, to pass through, to permeate
penetrativo {adj}  :: penetrative
penetratore {adj}  :: penetrating
penetratore {m}  :: penetrator
penetrazione {f} [sex, figuratively]  :: penetration
Penfredo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pemphredo, one of the Graeae
penicillasi {f}  :: Variant of penicillinasi
penicillina {f} [medicine]  :: penicillin
penicillinasi {f} [enzyme]  :: penicillinase
penicillinico {adj}  :: penicillin (attributive)
penicillio {m}  :: penicillium
penicillo {m}  :: penicillus
peninsulare {adj}  :: peninsular
penisola {f}  :: peninsula
Penisola di Crimea {prop}  :: Crimean Peninsula
penitente {mf}  :: penitent
penitenza {f}  :: penitence, repentance
penitenziagite {interj}  :: repent!
penitenziale {adj}  :: penitential
penitenziario {adj}  :: penal
penitenziario {m}  :: penitentiary [US]
penitenziario {m}  :: prison
penitenziere {m}  :: penitentiary
penitenzieria {f}  :: penitentiary
penititi {mp}  :: repentant Mafiosi, especially those who give evidence at the trials of others
penna {f}  :: feather
penna {f}  :: (in plural) penne (type of pasta)
penna {f}  :: pen
penna a sfera {f}  :: ballpoint pen, Biro (Britain, Australia, New Zealand)
pennacchio {m}  :: plume
pennaccino {m} [nautical]  :: dolphin striker
pennaiolo {m}  :: scribbler
pennarello {m}  :: felt-tip pen, felt-tip
penna stilografica {f}  :: fountain pen
pennato {adj}  :: feathery
pennatula {f}  :: sea pen (of order Pennatulacea)
penne all'arrabbiata {mp}  :: a dish of penne pasta with a sauce of tomato, garlic and chili
pennecchio {m}  :: staple (short flax or wool fibres)
pennellando {v}  :: gerund of pennellare
pennellare {vt}  :: To paint (a wall etc)
pennellata {f}  :: brushstroke
pennellatura {f}  :: painting
pennellessa {f}  :: flat paintbrush
pennellificio {m}  :: brush factory
pennello {m}  :: brush, paintbrush
penne rigate {n}  :: penne rigate
pennetta {f} [especially in plural]  :: A smaller form of penne pasta
Pennetta {prop}  :: surname
Pennetta {prop}  :: Flavia Pennetta, Italian tennist player
pennichella {f}  :: nap, snooze, doze, forty winks
pennidico {adj}  :: Pennidic / Penninic
Pennine {prop}  :: Pennine Alps
penninervio {adj} [botany]  :: penninerved
pennino {m}  :: nib (of a pen)
pennivendolo {m}  :: hack (writer)
pennone {m}  :: banner, standard
pennone {m}  :: flagstaff, flagpole
pennone {m} [nautical]  :: yard (spar)
pennuto {adj}  :: feathered
pennuto {m}  :: bird
penombra {f}  :: half-light, semi-darkness
penombra {f}  :: penumbra
penosamente {adv}  :: painfully
penosamente {adv}  :: pitifully, pathetically
penosissimo {adj}  :: Very painful, very distressing
penosissimo {adj}  :: Very pitiful, very pathetic
penosità {f}  :: painfulness
penosità {f}  :: pitifulness
penoso {adj}  :: anxious
penoso {adj}  :: difficult
penoso {adj}  :: painful
penoso {adj}  :: pathetic, pitiful
pensabile {adj}  :: thinkable, imaginable, conceivable
pensabilità {f}  :: thinkability, thinkableness
pensaci tu {phrase}  :: You deal with it; do it yourself. (imperative)
pensando {v}  :: gerund of pensare
pensandosi {v}  :: gerund of pensarsi
pensante {adj}  :: thinking
pensarci {v}  :: to think of it, think about it, take care (of)
pensare {vit}  :: to realize
pensare {vit}  :: to think
pensarsi {vr}  :: To think of oneself
pensata {f}  :: thought, idea
pensatamente {adv}  :: thoughtfully
pensato {adj}  :: designed (for)
pensato {adj}  :: well thought-out or considered
pensatoio {m} [informal]  :: somewhere to think
pensatore {m}  :: thinker
pensatrice {f}  :: thinker (female)
penseroso {adj}  :: alternative form of pensieroso
pensier {m}  :: apocopic form of pensiero
pensierino {m}  :: short composition, sentence
pensierino {m}  :: small gift, little present
pensiero {m}  :: thought
pensiero {m}  :: worry
pensierosamente {adv}  :: pensively, thoughtfully
pensierosità {f}  :: pensiveness, thoughtfulness
pensieroso {adj}  :: pensive, thoughtful
pensile {adj}  :: hanging, suspended
pensile {m}  :: wall cabinet; wall cupboard
pensilina {f}  :: A bus shelter
pensilina {f}  :: A projecting or suspended roof; any structure having such a roof
pensilina {f}  :: marquee
pensionabile {adj}  :: pensionable, of retirement
pensionabilità {f}  :: The condition of being pensionable
pensionamento {m}  :: retirement
pensionando {v}  :: gerund of pensionare
pensionante {mf}  :: lodger
pensionante {mf}  :: resident (in a hotel)
pensionare {v}  :: to pension (make someone retire with a pension)
pensionariato {m}  :: The condition of having a pension or annuity, or the time that one has it
pensionata {f}  :: pensioner (female)
pensionato {m}  :: hostel
pensionato {m}  :: pensioner
pensione {f}  :: boarding house
pensione {f}  :: pension
pensione di anzianità {f}  :: old age pension
pensionistico {adj}  :: pension (attributive)
pensionometro {m} [finance]  :: Any of several systems, typically part of a website, that people can use to calculate when they will be able to retire
pensosamente {adv}  :: thoughtfully
pensosità {f}  :: thoughtfulness
pensoso {adj}  :: thoughtful, pensive
penta- {prefix}  :: penta-
pentacarbonile {m}  :: pentacarbonyl
pentaciclo {adj}  :: pentacyclic
pentacisdodecaedro {m} [mathematics]  :: pentakis dodecahedron
pentaclorofenolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pentachlorophenol
pentacol {n}  :: apocopic form of pentacolo
pentacolare {adj}  :: pentacle (attributive)
pentacolo {m}  :: amulet of metal or stone, hung around the neck
pentacolo {m}  :: pentacle
pentacontagono {m} [mathematics]  :: pentacontagon
pentacordo {m}  :: pentachord
pentacosiomedimno {m}  :: See pentacosiomedimni
pentacrinite {f}  :: pentacrinite
pentacrino {m}  :: Variant of pentacrinite
pentacubo {m} [mathematics]  :: pentacube
pentadattilo {adj}  :: pentadactyl
pentadecagono {m}  :: pentadecagon
pentadiene {m} [organic compound]  :: pentadiene
pentadodecaedro {m} [mathematics]  :: pentadodecahedron
pentaedrico {adj}  :: pentahedral
pentaedro {m}  :: pentahedron
pentaeritrile {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: pentaerythrityl
pentaeritritolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pentaerythritol
pentafluoruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di antimonio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: antimony pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di arsenico {m} [inorganic compound]  :: arsenic pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di azoto {m} [inorganic compound]  :: nitrogen pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di bromo {m} [inorganic compound]  :: bromine pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di cloro {m} [inorganic compound]  :: chlorine pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di fosforo {m} [inorganic compound]  :: phosphorus pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di iodio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: iodine pentafluoride
pentafluoruro di uranio {m} [inorganic compound]  :: uranium pentafluoride
pentagonale {adj}  :: pentagonal
pentagonite {f} [mineralogy]  :: pentagonite
pentagono {m} [geometry]  :: pentagon
Pentagono {prop}  :: The Pentagon
pentagramma {m}  :: pentagram
pentagramma {m}  :: staff or stave (in music)
pentagrammato {adj} [music]  :: staff / stave (attributive)
pentaidrato {m} [chemistry]  :: pentahydrate, pentahydroxide
pentaidrite {m} [mineralogy]  :: pentahydrite
pentaidroborite {f} [mineralogy]  :: pentahydroborite
pentalfa {f}  :: pentalpha, pentangle
pentamerico {adj} [chemistry]  :: pentameric
pentamero {adj}  :: pentamerous
pentamero {m} [chemistry]  :: pentamer
pentametro {m}  :: pentameter
pentamino {m}  :: pentomino
pentano {m}  :: pentane
pentanoico {adj}  :: pentanoic
pentanolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pentanol
pentapartitico {adj}  :: five-party (attributive)
pentapartito {adj}  :: Formed of five political parties
pentapodia {f}  :: pentapody
pentaprisma {m}  :: pentaprism
pentaprismatico {adj}  :: pentaprismatic
pentaquark {m} [physics]  :: pentaquark
pentarchia {f}  :: pentarchy
pentasillabo {adj}  :: pentasyllabic
pentaspecchio {m}  :: pentamirror
Pentateuco {prop}  :: Pentateuch
pentathlon {m}  :: pentathlon
pentatleta {mf}  :: pentathlete
pentatomico {adj} [chemistry]  :: pentatomic
pentatonico {adj}  :: pentatonic
pentavalente {adj}  :: pentavalent
pentazocina {f} [medicine]  :: pentazocine
pentecontera {f} [nautical]  :: penteconter
pentecontero {m}  :: Variant of pentecontera
pentecostale {adj}  :: Pentecostal
pentecostalismo {m}  :: Pentecostalism
Pentecoste {prop}  :: Pentecost, Whit Sunday
pentendosi {v}  :: gerund of pentirsi
pentene {m} [organic compound]  :: pentene
penteratto {m} [mathematics]  :: penteract
Pentesilea {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Penthesilea
pentile {m} [organic chemistry]  :: pentyl
pentimento {m}  :: a pentiment
pentimento {m}  :: penitence, penance, repentance
pentimento {m}  :: remorse
pentirsi {vr}  :: to regret
pentirsi {vr}  :: to repent
pentitismo {m}  :: The so-called repentance of criminals who collaborate with the police
pentito {m}  :: A criminal who cooperates with police or government authorities and testifies against or provides harmful information on fellow criminals; a turncoat or informant. Used mostly in reference to ex-Mafiosi
pentito {m}  :: One who repents
pentodo {m}  :: pentode
pentola {f}  :: pot (for cooking, etc), saucepan
pentola {f}  :: potful
pentola a pressione {f}  :: pressure cooker (cooking vessel)
pentolaccia {f} [Latin American culture]  :: pinata, piñata
pentolaccia {f}  :: pejorative of pentola
pentolaio {m}  :: A person who makes or sells pots and pans
pentolame {m}  :: pots and pans
pentolata {f}  :: pot (quantity), potful
pentolino {m}  :: Small saucepan
pentolone {m}  :: A big pot
pentolone {m}  :: stockpot
pentosano {m} [carbohydrate]  :: pentosan
pentosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: pentose
pentoso {m} [organic chemistry]  :: pentose
pentossido {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pentoxide
pentossido di diazoto {n}  :: dinitrogen pentoxide
penula {f}  :: paenula, a kind of cloak or mantle used by Romans
penultimo {adj}  :: penultimate
penuria {f}  :: shortage, lack, scarcity, scarceness
penzolando {v}  :: gerund of penzolare
penzolante {adj}  :: sagging
penzolare {vi}  :: To hang or dangle
penzolato {adj}  :: hanging, dangling
penzolo {m}  :: bunch, cluster
penzolo {m}  :: pendant
penzoloni {adv}  :: hanging, dangling
peocio {m} [Foods, ichthyology]  :: mussel
peone {m}  :: peon
peonia {f} [flowers]  :: peony
pepaiola {f}  :: pepper mill
pepaiola {f}  :: pepper pot
pepando {v}  :: gerund of pepare
pepare {vt}  :: To pepper
pepatello {m}  :: (especially in plural) A type of cantuccini, from Abruzzo, flavoured with pepper
pepato {adj}  :: peppery, hot
pepato {adj}  :: sharp, pungent
pepe {m} [seasonings]  :: pepper
Pepe {prop}  :: given name, diminutive of Giuseppe
Pepe {prop}  :: surname
pepe della Giamaica {m}  :: allspice
pepe della Giamaica {m}  :: Jamaica pepper
pepe della Giamaica {m}  :: pimento
peperino {m} [geology]  :: peperino
peperino {m}  :: live wire (high-spirited person)
peperonata {f}  :: a dish of stewed peppers, onions and tomatoes
peperoncino {m}  :: chili pepper
peperone {m}  :: bell pepper, sweet pepper
peperone {m}  :: capsicum
pepiera {f}  :: pepper pot, caster
pepita {f}  :: nugget (especially of gold or platinum)
pepita {f}  :: Variant of pipita
peplo {m}  :: peplos
peponocefalo {m}  :: melon-headed whale, electra dolphin (of genus Peponocephala)
Peppe {prop}  :: A diminutive of the male given name Giuseppe
Peppenuzzo {prop}  :: given name
Peppinello {prop}  :: given name
Peppinetto {prop}  :: given name
Peppino {prop}  :: given name
Peppo {prop}  :: given name
peppola {f}  :: brambling
Peppone {prop}  :: given name
Peppuccio {prop}  :: given name
pepsina {f} [enzyme]  :: pepsin
pepsinogeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: pepsinogen
peptico {adj}  :: peptic
peptidasi {f} [enzyme]  :: peptidase
peptide {m} [biochemistry]  :: peptide
peptidico {adj}  :: peptidic
peptidilico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: peptidyl
peptizzazione {f}  :: peptization
peptogeno {adj} [biochemistry]  :: peptogenic
peptogeno {m} [biochemistry]  :: peptogen
peptone {m}  :: peptone
peptonizzando {v}  :: gerund of peptonizzare
peptonizzare {v} [biochemistry]  :: To peptonize
peptonizzazione {f} [biochemistry]  :: peptonization
però {conj}  :: yet, but, however, nevertheless
per {prep}  :: as
per {prep}  :: by
per {prep}  :: for
per {prep}  :: in or on
per {prep}  :: through
per {prep}  :: with
Perù {prop}  :: Peru
pera {f}  :: pear [the fruit]
pera {f} [slang]  :: fix (dose of drug)
peracetico {adj}  :: peracetic
peracido {m} [chemistry]  :: peracid
peracottaro {m} [figurative]  :: An incompetent professional
peracottaro {m} [originally]  :: A person who sold cooked pears (at local fairs)
peragrando {v}  :: gerund of peragrare
peragrare {vi}  :: To travel or voyage
peragrare {vt}  :: To cover (distance); to follow (a road etc)
peraltro {adv}  :: however
peraltro {adv}  :: moreover
peraltro {adv}  :: on the other hand
Peranda {prop}  :: surname
Peranda {prop}  :: Sante Peranda, Italian painter
perastatato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perastatate
Perasto {prop}  :: Perast (town in Montenegro)
perastro {m}  :: wild pear (tree)
perbacco {interj}  :: by Jove!, good heavens!
perbacco {interj}  :: gee, blast, blimey, crikey
per bene {adj}  :: alternative spelling of perbene
per bene {adv}  :: alternative spelling of perbene
perbene {adj}  :: respectable, decent
perbene {adv}  :: well, properly
perbenino {adv}  :: properly, well, nicely
perbenismo {m}  :: conformism, prissiness, respectability
perbenista {adj}  :: conformist, prissy, bourgeois
perbenista {f}  :: Such a person
perbenisticamente {adv}  :: in a conformist or bourgeois manner
perbenisticamente {adv}  :: prissily
perbenistico {adj}  :: conformist, prissy, bourgeois
perborato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perborate
perbromato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perbromate
perbromico {adj}  :: perbromic
perca {f} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: perch, Perca fluviatilis
percarbonato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: percarbonate
per carità {interj}  :: for goodness' sake!
per carità {interj}  :: please!
per carità {interj}  :: you've got to be joking!
per caso {adv}  :: by chance
percentile {m} [statistics]  :: percentile
per cento {adj}  :: percent
per cento {m}  :: percent
percento {m}  :: percent
percentuale {adj}  :: percentage (attributive)
percentuale {f}  :: percentage
percentualizzando {v}  :: gerund of percentualizzare
percentualizzare {vt}  :: To express an amount as a percentage
percentualizzazione {f}  :: The expression of an amount as a percentage
percentualmente {adv}  :: Using percentages
percependo {v}  :: gerund of percepire
percepibile {adj}  :: perceptible
percepibilità {f}  :: Property of being perceptible
percepimento {m}  :: receipt (act of receiving)
percepire {vt}  :: to perceive, notice or understand
percepire {vt}  :: to receive (a sum of money)
percettibile {adj}  :: audible
percettibile {adj}  :: perceptible
percettibilità {f}  :: perceptibility
percettibilmente {adv}  :: perceptibly
percettivamente {adv}  :: perceptively
percettività {f}  :: perceptiveness
percettivo {adj}  :: perceptive
percetto {m}  :: percept
percettologia {f}  :: The study of perception
percettore {f}  :: recipient (of a sum of money)
percezione {f}  :: perception
perché {adv}  :: why
perché {conj}  :: because, why
perché {conj}  :: (followed by the subjunctive) so, so that, in order that
perché {m}  :: the whys, the reason
perchia {f}  :: comber (marine fish of the family Serranidae)
perché mai {adv} [idiomatic]  :: why on Earth
perché no {adv}  :: why not?
perciò {conj}  :: so, therefore, consequently, thus
percipiente {adj}  :: percipient
perclorato {m}  :: perchlorate
perclorato di magnesio {n}  :: magnesium perchlorate
perclorico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perchloric
percloruro {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perchloride
percoca {f}  :: Any of several local varieties of peach
percolamento {m}  :: synonym of percolazione
percolando {v}  :: gerund of percolare
percolare {vit}  :: to percolate
percolato {adj}  :: percolated
percolatore {m}  :: percolator
percolazione {f}  :: percolation
percome {mp}  :: wherefores
per conto di {prep}  :: on behalf of
per converso {adv}  :: conversely
percorrendo {v}  :: gerund of percorrere
percorrenza {f}  :: haul (distance covered on a journey)
percorrere {vt}  :: to cover [distance, etc.]
percorrere {vt}  :: to follow [a road, etc.]
percorribile {adj}  :: drivable, passable (road)
percorribile {adj}  :: navigable
percorribile {adj}  :: practicable
percorribilità {f}  :: availability (of a road, for driving on)
percorso {m}  :: course (sport)
percorso {m}  :: distance
percorso {m}  :: journey
percorso {m}  :: route, run
percossa {f}  :: blow
percotendo {v}  :: gerund of percuotere
percotimento {m}  :: attack
percotimento {m}  :: hit, blow
percotitore {m}  :: attacker
percuotendo {v}  :: gerund of percuotere
percuotendosi {v}  :: gerund of percuotersi
percuotere {vt}  :: to attack, fall
percuotere {vt}  :: to hit, strike, beat, thrash
percuotersi {v}  :: reflexive of percuotere
percuotersi {vr}  :: to beat [one's breast, one's head, etc.]
percuotersi {vr}  :: to hit one another
percussione {f}  :: percussion (all senses)
percussionista {f}  :: percussionist
percussivo {adj}  :: percussive
percussore {m}  :: firing pin
percussore {m}  :: striker
percutaneo {adj} [medicine]  :: percutaneous
perdendo {v}  :: gerund of perdere
perdendosi {v}  :: gerund of perdersi
perdente {adj}  :: losing
perdente {mf}  :: loser
perdenza {f}  :: loss
perdenza {f}  :: waste
perder di vista {v}  :: to lose the plot
perder di vista {v}  :: to lose touch
perdere {vit}  :: to lose
perdere {v}  :: to destroy
perdere {v}  :: to miss, to be late for something
perdere {v}  :: to waste
perdere il lume della ragione {v}  :: to lose the plot
perdere la bussola {v}  :: to lose the plot
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((intransitive) admit defeat) capitulate, surrender, wave the white flag
perdere la speranza {v}  :: to give up
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((transitive) abandon) desert, forlet, forsake
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((transitive) lose hope concerning)
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((transitive) relinquish) surrender, yield
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((transitive) stop or quit) blin, cease, discontinue
perdere la speranza {v}  :: ((transitive) surrender) surrender, yield
perdere la testa {v}  :: to lose the plot
perdere la trebisonda {v}  :: to lose control
perdere le staffe {v} [idiomatic]  :: to lose one's temper, to lose it
perdere tempo {vi}  :: To waste time
perdersi {v}  :: reflexive of perdere
perdersi {v}  :: to fade away, disappear
perdersi {v}  :: to lose one's way, get lost
perdiana {interj}  :: An expression of surprise or irritation
perdibile {adj}  :: losable
per dieci {adv}  :: much, a lot (literally, for ten people)
perdifiato {m}  :: Used only in the phrase a perdifiato
perdigiorno {mf}  :: idler, loafer, time-waster
perdimento {m}  :: destruction
perdimento {m}  :: getting or being lost
perdimento {m}  :: loss
perdinci {interj}  :: An expression of disappointment or impatience; for goodness' sake
per dindirindina {interj}  :: my goodness!
perdindirindina {interj}  :: An expression of disappointment, impatience or surprize; for goodness' sake
perdio {interj}  :: An expression of disappointment or impatience; for God's sake
per di più {adv}  :: what is more, moreover, furthermore, besides
perdita {f}  :: leak, leakage
perdita {f}  :: loss, waste, deprivation
perditempo {mf}  :: time-waster
perditempo {m}  :: waste of time
perdizione {f}  :: perdition, damnation
perdonabile {adj}  :: forgivable, excusable
perdonabilità {f}  :: Property of being forgivable or excusable
perdonando {v}  :: gerund of perdonare
perdonandosi {v}  :: gerund of perdonarsi
perdonanza {f}  :: pardon, indulgence (remission of sins)
perdonare {vi}  :: to forgive, pardon
perdonare {vt}  :: to forgive, pardon, excuse
perdonarsi {v}  :: reflexive of perdonare
perdonarsi {v}  :: to forgive oneself or each other
perdonatore {adj}  :: pardoning, forgiving
perdonatore {m}  :: pardoner, forgiver
perdono {m}  :: forgiveness, pardon
perducendo {v}  :: gerund of perdurre
perdurabile {adj}  :: perdurable
perdurabilemente {adv}  :: perdurably
perdurabilmente {adv}  :: perdurably
perdurando {v}  :: gerund of perdurare
perdurare {vi}  :: to persist
perdurre {v}  :: To guide
perdurre {v}  :: To lead
perdutamente {adv}  :: desperately
perdutamente {adv}  :: With great intensity or passion
perduto {adj}  :: lost
per eccellenza {adj}  :: par excellence, best of its kind, ultimate, quintessential
peregrinando {v}  :: gerund of peregrinare
peregrinare {vi}  :: to wander, roam
peregrinazione {f}  :: peregrination
peregrinazione {f}  :: wandering, roaming
peregrinità {f}  :: singularity
peregrino {adj}  :: rare, strange, unusual, singular
perendo {v}  :: gerund of perire
perennante {adj}  :: perennial
perenne {adj}  :: perennial, eternal, perpetual, never-ending, undying
perenne {f} [botany]  :: perennial
perennemente {adv}  :: perennially, always
perennibranchiato {adj} [zoology]  :: perennibranchiate
perennità {f}  :: perenniality, perpetuity
perentoriamente {adv}  :: peremptorily
perentorietà {f}  :: incontrovertibility
perentorietà {f}  :: peremptoriness
perentorio {adj}  :: peremptory
perenzione {f}  :: expiration, lapse
perenzione {f}  :: peremption
perequando {v}  :: gerund of perequare
perequare {vt}  :: To equalize or equate
perequativo {adj}  :: equalizing (in terms of taxation etc)
perequazione {f}  :: equalization (of taxes etc)
per errore {adv}  :: mistakenly, by mistake, in error, wrongly
per esempio {adv}  :: for example, for instance
perestrojka {f}  :: perestroika
pereto {m}  :: an orchard of pear trees
peretta {f}  :: enema
peretta {f}  :: rubber syringe
peretta {f}  :: small pear
perfacendo {v}  :: gerund of perfare
perfare {vt} [obsolete]  :: to complete
perfare {vt} [obsolete]  :: to make good
per favore {adv}  :: please
per favore {interj}  :: please
perfettamente {adv}  :: perfectly
perfettibile {adj}  :: perfectible
perfettibilità {f}  :: perfectibility
perfettissimo {adj}  :: Absolutely perfect
perfettivo {adj}  :: perfective
perfetto {adj}  :: perfect
perfetto {m} [grammar]  :: perfect tense
perfezion {f}  :: apocopic form of perfezione
perfezionabile {adj}  :: improvable
perfezionabile {adj}  :: perfectible
perfezionabilità {f}  :: improvability
perfezionabilità {f}  :: perfectibility
perfezionamento {m}  :: improvement (in)
perfezionamento {m}  :: perfection (of)
perfezionando {v}  :: gerund of perfezionare
perfezionandosi {v}  :: gerund of perfezionarsi
perfezionare {vt}  :: To perfect something (by modifying it)
perfezionarsi {vr}  :: To perfect (a skill etc)
perfezionato {adj}  :: perfected
perfezionatore {m}  :: perfecter
perfezione {f}  :: perfection
perfezionismo {m}  :: perfectionism
perfezionista {adj}  :: perfectionistic (inclined to perfectionsim)
perfezionista {mf}  :: perfectionist
perfezionisticamente {adv}  :: perfectionistically
perfezionistico {adj}  :: perfectionistic (related to perfectionism)
perfezionistico {adj} [rare]  :: perfectionistic (inclined to perfectionism)
perfidamente {adv}  :: fiercely
perfidamente {adv}  :: perversely
perfidamente {adv}  :: treacherously
perfidia {f}  :: perfidy
perfidioso {adj} [literary]  :: perfidious
perfido {adj}  :: perfidious
per filo e per segno {adv}  :: in minute detail
perfino {adv}  :: even, just
perfoliato {adj} [botany]  :: perfoliate
perforabile {adj}  :: That can be perforated or pierced; penetrable
perforabilità {f}  :: penetrability
perforamento {m}  :: drilling, boring, punching (holes)
perforamento {m}  :: perforation, piercing
perforando {v}  :: gerund of perforare
perforare {vt}  :: to drill
perforare {vt}  :: to perforate
perforare {vt}  :: to pierce
perforare {vt}  :: to punch (a hole)
perforato {adj}  :: perforated
perforato {adj}  :: pierced
perforatore {m}  :: card punch
perforatore {m}  :: perforator (machine)
perforatore {m}  :: punch card operator (Feminine: perforatrice)
perforatrice {f} [computing]  :: card punch (machine)
perforatrice {f} [computing]  :: punch card operator (Masculine: perforatore)
perforatrice {f}  :: hole punch (device)
perforatrice {f} [mining]  :: hammer drill, jackhammer, drifter
perforatura {f}  :: perforation
perforazione {f}  :: drilling
perforazione {f}  :: perforation
perforina {f} [protein]  :: perforin
performance {f}  :: performance
performando {v}  :: gerund of performare
performante {adj}  :: high-performance
performare {v}  :: To perform
performatività {f}  :: performativity
performativo {adj} [linguistics]  :: performative
per fortuna {adv}  :: luckily, fortunately
per forza {adv}  :: against one's will, unwillingly
per forza {adv}  :: indeed, sure, definitely, of course
per forza {adv}  :: necessarily
perfosfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: superphosphate
perfrigerazione {f}  :: rapid freezing (of foodstuffs); deep-freezing
perfusione {f} [medicine]  :: perfusion
pergamena {f}  :: parchment
pergamenaceo {adj}  :: parchment (attributive)
pergamenaceo {adj}  :: pergameneous
pergamenato {m}  :: parchment
pergamo {m}  :: pulpit
Pergamo {prop}  :: Pergamum, Pergamon
per giunta {adv}  :: in addition, what is more, moreover, furthermore
pergola {f} [heraldry]  :: pall
pergola {f}  :: pergola
pergolato {m}  :: pergola
pergolato {m}  :: trellis
Pergolesi {prop}  :: surname
Pergolesi {prop}  :: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Italian composer
peri- {prefix}  :: peri-
perianale {adj} [anatomy]  :: perianal
perianzio {m} [botany]  :: perianth
periapside {f}  :: periapsis
periareolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: periareolar
periarticolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: periarticular
periartrite {f} [pathology]  :: periarthritis
periastro {m} [astronomy]  :: periapsis
pericapside {m}  :: pericapsid, viral envelope
pericapsidico {adj}  :: pericapsidic
pericardico {adj}  :: pericardial
pericardio {m}  :: pericardium
pericardite {f} [pathology]  :: pericarditis
pericarpio {m} [botany]  :: pericarp
pericarpo {m} [botany]  :: pericarp
pericentriolare {adj}  :: pericentriolar
pericentromerico {adj}  :: pericentromeric
periclasio {m} [mineral]  :: periclase
Pericle {prop}  :: Pericles
periclinale {adj} [botany]  :: periclinal
periclitante {adj}  :: in harm's way
pericolando {v}  :: gerund of pericolare
pericolante {adj}  :: precarious
pericolante {adj}  :: shaky
pericolare {vi}  :: to be in danger
pericolare {vi}  :: to be unsafe
pericolo {m}  :: peril, danger
pericolosamente {adv}  :: dangerously
pericolosissimo {adj}  :: Very dangerous, very unsafe
pericolosità {f}  :: danger (all senses)
pericoloso {adj}  :: dangerous, risky, insecure, unsafe
pericondrio {m} [anatomy]  :: perichondrium
pericondrite {f} [diseases]  :: perichondritis
pericope {f}  :: pericope
pericranio {m} [anatomy]  :: pericranium
peridoto {m} [mineralogy]  :: peridot
peridurale {adj} [anatomy]  :: peridural
periegesi {f}  :: periegesis
periegetico {adj}  :: periegetic
perielio {m} [astronomy]  :: perihelion
periferia {f}  :: fringe, periphery
periferia {f}  :: outskirts, suburbs
periferica {f} [computing, ]  :: peripheral, device, peripheral device
perifericamente {adv}  :: in the suburbs, on the outskirts
perifericamente {adv}  :: peripherally
periferico {adj} [anatomy]  :: peripheral
periferico {adj}  :: suburban, outlying, in the suburbs, on the outskirts
perifrasi {f}  :: circumlocution, periphrase
perifrasticamente {adv}  :: periphrastically
perifrastico {adj}  :: periphrastic
perigastrico {adj} [anatomy]  :: perigastric
perigeo {m} [astronomy]  :: perigee
periglaciale {adj}  :: periglacial
perigonio {m} [botany]  :: perigone
perigordino {adj}  :: Perigordian (of or from Périgord or Périgueux)
periidro {adj} [organic chemistry, especially in combination]  :: perihydro
perilacuale {adj}  :: synonym of circumlacuale
per il resto {adv}  :: otherwise, apart from that, for the rest
perimediterraneo {adj}  :: peri-Mediterranean
perimento {m} [legal]  :: loss or destruction
perimetrale {adj}  :: outer
perimetrale {adj}  :: perimetric
perimetralmente {adv}  :: perimetrically
perimetrato {adj}  :: bounded
perimetrazione {f}  :: A perimeter that forms the limits of a territory
perimetrazione {f}  :: The determination of the perimeter of an area
perimetrico {adj}  :: perimetric
perimetro {m}  :: perimeter
perinatale {adj}  :: perinatal
perinatalità {f}  :: perinatal period
perinatologia {f} [medicine]  :: perinatology
per inciso {adv}  :: incidentally, by the way
perineale {adj} [anatomy]  :: perineal
perineo {m} [anatomy]  :: perineum
perineuronale {adj} [anatomy]  :: perineuronal
Perini {prop}  :: surname
perinucleare {adj}  :: perinuclear
periocardiofrenico {adj}  :: pericardiacophrenic
perioculare {adj} [anatomy]  :: periocular
periodato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: periodate
periodicamente {adv}  :: periodically
periodicità {f}  :: interval
periodicità {f}  :: periodicity
periodico {adj}  :: periodic (all senses)
periodico {adj}  :: periodic (iodine oxyacid)
periodico {m}  :: magazine
periodico {m}  :: periodical (publication issued regularly, but less frequently than daily)
periodico {m}  :: publication
periodizzazione {f}  :: periodization
periodo {m}  :: age, epoch
periodo {m}  :: moment
periodo {m}  :: period, time, span, run
periodo {m}  :: season
periodontite {f}  :: periodontitis
periodonto {m} [anatomy]  :: periodontium
perioftalmo {m}  :: mudskipper (fish of the genus Periophthalmus)
periombelicale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periumbilical
perioperatorio {adj} [surgery]  :: perioperative
periorale {adj} [anatomy]  :: perioral
periorbitale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periorbital
periorbitario {adj} [anatomy]  :: periorbital
periostale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periosteal
periosteo {adj} [anatomy]  :: periosteal
periosteo {m}  :: Variant of periostio
periostio {m} [anatomy]  :: periosteum
periostite {f}  :: periostitis
peripatetica {f}  :: prostitute, trollop, strumpet, whore
peripatetica {f}  :: streetwalker
peripatetico {adj}  :: peripatetic
peripezia {f}  :: adventure (story)
peripezia {f}  :: peripeteia
periplasma {m}  :: periplasm (periplasmic space)
periplo {m}  :: circumnavigation (of an island or continent)
periptero {m}  :: peripteral temple
perire {v}  :: to die, perish
periscopico {adj}  :: periscopic
periscopio {m}  :: periscope
per iscritto {adv}  :: in writing
perispomena {f}  :: perispomenon
perissodattilo {m}  :: perissodactyl
perissologia {f}  :: perissology (form of tautology)
peristalsi {f} [physiology]  :: peristalsis
peristaltico {adj} [physiology]  :: peristaltic
peristasi {f} [architecture]  :: peristasis, peristyle
peristilio {m} [architecture]  :: peristyle
peritale {adj}  :: expertly
peritecio {m} [botany]  :: perithecium
perito {m}  :: expert
perito {m}  :: surveyor
peritoneale {adj} [anatomy]  :: peritoneal
peritoneo {m} [anatomy]  :: peritoneum
peritonite {f} [disease]  :: peritonitis
peritrico {adj}  :: peritrichous
perituro {adj}  :: transient, passing
periungueale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periungueal
periurbano {adj}  :: periurban
periuretrale {adj} [anatomy]  :: periurethral
perivascolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: perivascular
periventricolare {adj} [anatomy]  :: periventricular
periviscerale {adj}  :: perivisceral
perizia {f}  :: report or opinion (written by an expert)
perizia {f}  :: skill, ability
periziale {adj}  :: expert (attributive)
periziando {v}  :: gerund of periziare
periziare {vt}  :: To survey or value
perizoma {m}  :: G-string, thong
perizoma {m}  :: loincloth
perizomata {f} [informal]  :: A woman who wears a thong (or G-string)
perlé {adj}  :: pearl (attributive)
perla {adj}  :: pearl (attributive)
perla {f}  :: pearl (also figuratively)
perla {f} [printing, dated]  :: A small size of type, standardized as 4 point
perlaceo {adj}  :: pearly
perlage {m}  :: effervescence (of sparkling wine)
per la miseria {interj}  :: good grief
per la miseria {interj}  :: wow (An indication of excitement or surprise)
perlaquale {adv}  :: smoothly, well
perlato {adj}  :: decorated with pearls
perlato {adj}  :: pearl (attributive)
perlato {adj}  :: pearly
perlifero {adj}  :: pearl (attributive)
perlifico {adj}  :: pearl-bearing
perlina {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: bead, jewel
perlinato {adj}  :: beaded
perlinguale {adj}  :: sublingual
perlite {f} [mineralogy]  :: perlite
per lo meno {adv}  :: Variant of perlomeno
perlomeno {adv}  :: at least
per lo più {adv}  :: mostly, mainly
perlopiù {adv}  :: for the most part, usually
perlucente {adj} [rare]  :: very bright
perlustrando {v}  :: gerund of perlustrare
perlustrare {vt}  :: To patrol or reconnoitre
perlustratore {m}  :: patroller, patrol man
perlustrazione {f}  :: patrol, reconnaissance
permacultura {f}  :: permaculture
permaculturale {adj}  :: permacultural, permaculture [attributive]
permagelo {m}  :: permafrost
permalosità {f}  :: touchiness
permaloso {adj}  :: thin-skinned
permaloso {m}  :: A touchy person
permanendo {v}  :: gerund of permanere
permanentato {adj}  :: permed (hair)
permanente {adj}  :: permanent
permanente {f}  :: permanent wave, perm
permanentemente {adv}  :: permanently
permanenza {f}  :: permanence, persistence, continuation
permanenza {f}  :: stay, sojourn
permanere {vi}  :: to remain
permanganato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: permanganate
permanganico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: permanganic
permeabile {adj}  :: permeable
permeabilità {f}  :: permeability
permeabilizzazione {f}  :: permeabilization
permeando {v}  :: gerund of permeare
permeanza {f} [physics]  :: permeance
permeare {v}  :: to permeate (with)
permesso {adj}  :: allowed, permitted
permesso {adj}  :: (followed by a question mark; permesso?) may I?; may I come in?; knock knock
permesso {adj}  :: (said as a request to pass) excuse me
permesso {m}  :: clearance
permesso {m}  :: permission, permit, consent, leave, licence
permettendo {v}  :: gerund of permettere
permettendosi {v}  :: gerund of permettersi
permetter {v}  :: apocopic form of permettere
permettere {vt}  :: to allow, to let, to permit, to authorize, to entitle
permettersi {vr}  :: to afford, to allow oneself, to dare, to take the liberty of
permettività {f} [physics]  :: permittivity
per mezzo di {prep}  :: by, through, by means of
permiano {m}  :: Permian
permico {adj}  :: Permian
permissibile {adj}  :: permissible
permissivismo {m}  :: permissiveness
permissività {f}  :: permissiveness
permissivo {adj}  :: permissive
permittività {f} [physics]  :: permittivity
permuta {f}  :: swap
permuta {f}  :: trade-in
permuta {f}  :: transfer
permutabile {adj}  :: exchangeable
permutabile {adj}  :: permutable
permutabilità {f}  :: exchangeability
permutabilità {f}  :: permutability
permutare {v}  :: to swap, shift, exchange
permutatore {m}  :: converter
permutatore {m}  :: exchanger
permutazion {f}  :: apocopic form of permutazione
permutazione {f} [mathematics]  :: permutation
permutite {f}  :: permutite
pernacchia {f}  :: raspberry (noise imitating flatulence)
pernambucano {adj}  :: Pernambucan
pernambucano {m}  :: Pernambucan
pernice {f}  :: partridge
pernice bianca {f}  :: ptarmigan
perniciosa {f} [disease]  :: pernicious malaria
perniciosamente {adv}  :: perniciously
perniciosissimo {adj}  :: Very pernicious
perniciosità {f}  :: perniciousness
pernicioso {adj}  :: pernicious
per niente {adv}  :: by no means, in no way, not in the least, the least bit; (after a negative) in the least, by any means, in any way
pernizioso {adj}  :: obsolete form of pernicioso
perno {m}  :: pivot (all senses)
per non dimenticare {phrase}  :: "do not forget"
per non dimenticare {phrase}  :: "not to forget"
pernottamento {m}  :: overnight stay
pernottando {v}  :: gerund of pernottare
pernottare {vi}  :: To spend the night, to overnight
pero {m}  :: pear tree
perocché {conj}  :: Variant of però che used (in literature) in place of poiché or affinché
perone {m} [skeleton]  :: fibula, calf bone
peroneale {adj} [skeleton]  :: fibular
peroneo {adj} [skeleton]  :: fibular
peroniero {adj} [skeleton]  :: fibular
peronismo {m}  :: Peronism
peronista {adj}  :: Peronist
peronista {mf}  :: Peronist
peronospora {f}  :: downy mildew
per opera di {prep}  :: By means of; through the action of; due to; of
per ora {adv}  :: for now; for the time being
perorando {v}  :: gerund of perorare
perorare {vt} [legal]  :: to plead [a case]
perorare {vt}  :: to advocate [a cause, etc.]
perorazione {f}  :: peroration
perossidasi {m} [enzyme]  :: peroxidase
perossidazione {f}  :: peroxidation
perossido {m} [chemistry]  :: peroxide
perossido di idrogeno {m} [inorganic compound]  :: hydrogen peroxide
perossimonosolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: peroxomonosulfate
perossisoma {m} [cytology]  :: peroxisome
perossisomale {adj}  :: peroxisomal
perovskite {f} [mineral]  :: perovskite
per partito preso {adv}  :: deliberately, on principle
perpendicolare {adj} [geometry]  :: perpendicular
perpendicolare {m} [geometry]  :: perpendicular
perpendicolarità {f}  :: perpendicularity
perpendicolarmente {adv}  :: perpendicularly
perpendicolo {m}  :: perpendicular (line)
perpetrando {v}  :: gerund of perpetrare
perpetrare {vt}  :: to commit, perpetrate
perpetrazione {f}  :: committal
perpetrazione {f}  :: perpetration
perpetuabile {adj}  :: That can be perpetuated
perpetuamente {adv}  :: perpetually
perpetuando {v}  :: gerund of perpetuare
perpetuandosi {v}  :: gerund of perpetuarsi
perpetuare {vt}  :: to perpetuate
perpetuarsi {v}  :: reflexive of perpetuare
perpetuarsi {v}  :: to be perpetuated, last
perpetuatore {m}  :: perpetuator
perpetuazione {f}  :: perpetuation
perpetuità {f}  :: perpetuity
perpetuo {adj}  :: perpetual
per piacere {adv}  :: please
per piacere {interj}  :: please
Perpignano {prop}  :: Perpignano (city)
perplessità {f}  :: perplexity
perplesso {adj}  :: perplexed, puzzled
perplimendo {v}  :: gerund of perplimere
perplimere {v} [informal, colloquial, humorous]  :: to perplex
per poco {adv}  :: by a little, by a small margin, just
per poco {adv}  :: cheap
per poco {adv}  :: (followed by non) almost, nearly, just, narrowly
per quanto {conj}  :: as far as, much as, as much as, however much
per quanto concerne {prep}  :: as to, as for, regarding, concerning, with regard to, as regards
per quanto riguarda {prep}  :: as to, as for, regarding, concerning, with regard to, as regards
per quanto si sa {adv}  :: as far as one knows
per questo {adv}  :: for this reason; for that reason; for this; this is why
perquisendo {v}  :: gerund of perquisire
perquisire {vt}  :: To search (house, luggage, person, etc.)
perquisizione {f}  :: search
perrenato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perrhenate
per sbaglio {adv}  :: mistakenly, by mistake, in error, wrongly
per scaramanzia {adv}  :: for good luck
perscrutabile {adj} [literary]  :: That can be scrutinized
perscrutando {v}  :: gerund of perscrutare
perscrutare {vt} [literary]  :: To scrutinize
persecutore {m}  :: persecutor
persecutorio {adj}  :: persecutory
persecuzione {f}  :: persecution
Persefone {prop} [Greek god]  :: Persephone
perseguendo {v}  :: gerund of perseguire
perseguibile {adj} [legal]  :: Able to be prosecuted
perseguibilità {f}  :: liability to prosecution
perseguimento {m}  :: prosecution
perseguimento {m}  :: pursuance
perseguire {vt} [legal]  :: to prosecute
perseguire {vt}  :: to pursue
perseguitando {v}  :: gerund of perseguitare
perseguitare {vt}  :: To persecute (all senses)
perseguitata {f}  :: victim of persecution (female)
perseguitato {m}  :: victim of persecution (male)
per sempre {adv}  :: forever, for ever, forevermore, for good
Perseo {prop}  :: given name
Perseo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Perseus
Persepoli {prop}  :: Persepolis
perseveramento {m}  :: perseverance, persevering
perseverando {v}  :: gerund of perseverare
perseverante {adj}  :: perseverant
perseverantemente {adv}  :: perseverantly
perseveranza {f}  :: perseverance
perseveranza {f}  :: persistance
perseverare {vi}  :: ‎ To persevere (in)
Persia {prop}  :: Persia
persiana {f}  :: sash (of window)
persiana {f}  :: shutter
persiana {f}  :: Venetian blind
persianizzazione {f}  :: Persianization / Persianisation
persiano {adj}  :: Persian, Iranian
persiano {m}  :: Any of the languages of Persia (masculine only)
persiano {m}  :: Persian (both native of Persia and the domestic cat)
persiano {m}  :: The fur of the karakul (masculine only)
persico {adj}  :: Persian Gulf (attributive)
persico {m}  :: peach (tree)
persico {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: perch, Perca fluviatilis (fish)
Persico {prop}  :: surname
persino {adv}  :: even, just
persistendo {v}  :: gerund of persistere
persistente {adj}  :: persistent
persistentemente {adv}  :: persistently
persistenza {f}  :: persistence
persistere {m}  :: persistance
persistere {vi}  :: to persist
perso {adj}  :: lost, wasted
persolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: persulfate
persona {f}  :: body, figure
persona {f} [legal]  :: person, body
persona {f}  :: person, {p} people, persons
persona {f} [psychology]  :: persona
persona {f}  :: someone, somebody, anybody
persona alla deriva {n}  :: drifter
persona difficile da raggiungere {n}  :: hard man to reach
personaggio {m}  :: (being in a story) character
personaggio {m}  :: character, fellow, guy
personaggio {m}  :: figure, personality, personage
personale {adj}  :: personal, private
personale {f} [of painter, sculptor, photographer, etc]  :: solo exhibit
personale {m}  :: figure
personale {m}  :: personal sphere, personal affairs
personale {m}  :: staff, personnel
personalismo {m}  :: personalism
personalissimo {adj}  :: Strictly personal, very personal
personalista {mf}  :: personalist
personalistico {adj}  :: personalist
personalità {f}  :: (celebrity) celebrity, personality
personalità {f} [legal]  :: legal personality
personalità {f} [psychology]  :: personality
personalizzabile {adj}  :: That can be personalized; personalizable, customizable
personalizzabilità {f}  :: customizability
personalizzando {v}  :: gerund of personalizzare
personalizzare {vt}  :: to personalize, customise/customize
personalizzazione {f}  :: personalization
personalmente {adv}  :: personally, in person, oneself, directly
personificando {v}  :: gerund of personificare
personificare {vt}  :: to embody
personificare {vt}  :: to personify
personificazione {f}  :: embodiment
personificazione {f}  :: epitome
personificazione {f}  :: personification
per soprammercato {adv}  :: in addition, into the bargain, what's more, to cap it all
perspicace {adj}  :: discerning, shrewd, perceptive, perspicacious
perspicacemente {adv}  :: sharply, keenly, perceptively, shrewdly
perspicacia {f}  :: perspicacity, shrewdness
perspicacità {f} [rare]  :: perspicacity, shrewdness
perspicuamente {adv}  :: perspicuously
perspicuità {f}  :: perspicuousness
perspicuo {adj}  :: perspicuous
perspirazione {f} [physiology]  :: perspiration
persuadendo {v}  :: gerund of persuadere
persuadendosi {v}  :: gerund of persuadersi
persuadere {vt}  :: to persuade or convince
persuadersi {v}  :: reflexive of persuadere
persuadersi {vr}  :: to become convinced
persuadersi {vr}  :: to convince oneself
persuadibile {adj}  :: persuadable
persuasibile {adj}  :: Variant of persuadibile
persuasione {f}  :: belief, conviction
persuasione {f}  :: persuasion
persuasivamente {adv}  :: persuasively
persuasivo {adj}  :: persuasive
persuasore {m}  :: persuader
pertanto {conj}  :: so, therefore, thus
pertecnetato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pertechnetate
per tempo {adv}  :: early, beforehand, as soon as possible
per tempo {adv}  :: on time
pertenere {v}  :: to pertain (to)
pertica {f}  :: beanpole
pertica {f}  :: pole, rod
pertinace {adj}  :: pertinacious
pertinacemente {adv}  :: tenaciously, stubbornly
pertinacia {f}  :: pertinacity
pertinente {adj}  :: pertinent or relevant (to)
pertinentemente {adv}  :: pertinently, relevantly
pertinenza {f}  :: jurisdiction (of a court)
pertinenza {f}  :: pertinence, relevance
pertinenziale {adj} [legal]  :: jurisdictional
Pertini {prop}  :: surname
Pertini {prop}  :: Sandro Pertini, Italian politician and seventh President of Italy
pertosse {f} [diseases]  :: pertussis, whooping cough
pertrattazione {f}  :: exhaustive, in-depth treatment
pertugio {m}  :: hole, opening
perturbamento {m}  :: anxiety, worry, upset
perturbamento {m}  :: perturbation
perturbando {v}  :: gerund of perturbare
perturbandosi {v}  :: gerund of perturbarsi
perturbare {vt}  :: to upset, disturb, perturb
perturbarsi {v}  :: reflexive of perturbare
perturbarsi {v}  :: to become upset, disturbed, perturbed
perturbatamente {adv}  :: perturbedly
perturbativo {adj}  :: perturbative
perturbato {adj}  :: upset, disturbed, perturbed
perturbatore {adj}  :: disruptive
perturbazione {f}  :: perturbation (all senses)
per tutti i diavoli {interj}  :: wow (An indication of excitement or surprise)
Perugia {prop}  :: Perugia
perugino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Perugia
perugino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Perugia
per ultima cosa {adv}  :: ultimately, eventually, at last
per ultimo {adj}  :: last, ultimately
per un pelo {adv}  :: closely, narrowly
perusto {adj}  :: burnt
perusto {adj}  :: dry, arid
perusto {adj}  :: torrid
peruviana {f}  :: Peruvian (female)
peruviano {adj}  :: Peruvian
peruviano {m}  :: Peruvian
Peruzzi {prop}  :: surname
pervadendo {v}  :: gerund of pervadere
pervadere {vt}  :: to pervade, permeate
pervasivamente {adv}  :: pervasively
pervasività {f}  :: pervasiveness
pervasivo {adj}  :: pervasive
pervenendo {v}  :: gerund of pervenire
pervenire {vi}  :: to arrive (at)
pervenire {vi}  :: to come (to)
pervenire {vi}  :: to reach
perversione {f}  :: perversion
perversità {f}  :: perversity
perverso {adj}  :: perverse (of desires etc)
perverso {adj}  :: perverted
pervertendo {v}  :: gerund of pervertire
pervertendosi {v}  :: gerund of pervertirsi
pervertimento {m}  :: corruption, depravity
pervertimento {m}  :: perversion
pervertire {vt}  :: To pervert or corrupt
pervertirsi {vr}  :: To become perverted, corrupted or debased
pervertito {adj}  :: perverted
pervertito {m}  :: pervert
pervertitore {adj}  :: perverting, corrupting
pervertitore {m}  :: perverter, corrupter
per via orale {adv}  :: orally
pervicace {adj}  :: stubborn, obstinate
pervicacemente {adv}  :: stubbornly, obstinately
pervicacia {f}  :: stubbornness, obstinacy
Pervicchio {prop}  :: Prvić (island of Croatia)
pervietà {f}  :: patency
per vie traverse {adv}  :: In a manner not conforming to the law
per vie traverse {adv}  :: unlawfully, dishonestly
pervinca {adj}  :: periwinkle
pervinca {f}  :: periwinkle (plant)
pervinca {m}  :: periwinkle (colour)
per volta {adv}  :: at a time, at the same time
perxenato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perxenate
perxenico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: perxenic
Perzagno {prop}  :: Prčanj (town in Montenegro) {abbr}  :: e.g. (per esempio)
pesa {f}  :: weighbridge
pesa {f}  :: weighing
pesa {f}  :: weighing machine
Pesa {prop}  :: A river that flows in Tuscany
pesabambini {mf}  :: baby scales
pesabile {adj}  :: weighable
pesafiltro {m} [chemistry]  :: weighing bottle
pesalettere {m}  :: letter-scales
pesando {v}  :: gerund of pesare
pesandosi {v}  :: gerund of pesarsi
pesante {adj}  :: heavy
pesante {adj}  :: oppressive, depressing
pesantemente {adv}  :: heavily, hard
pesantezza {f}  :: heaviness, weight, weightiness
pesantissimo {adj}  :: Very heavy
pesapersone {m}  :: scales (bathroom etc)
pesare {vit}  :: to weigh
pesarese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Pesaro or the Pesaro people
pesarese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of the Italian town of Pesaro
Pesaro {prop}  :: Pesaro
Pesaro e Urbino {prop}  :: Pesaro e Urbino
pesarsi {vr}  :: To weigh oneself (e.g. on bathroom scales)
pesatore {m}  :: A weights and measures inspector (or similar)
pesatura {f}  :: weighing
pesca {adj}  :: peach (in colour)
pesca {f} [also , sport]  :: fishing
pesca {f}  :: dip, lucky dip
pesca {f}  :: peach (colour)
pesca {f}  :: peach (fruit)
pesca con la lenza {f}  :: angling
pesca con la mosca {f}  :: fly fishing
pescaggio {m}  :: dredging
pescaggio {m}  :: fishing
pescaggio {m} [nautical]  :: draught (of a vessel)
pescaia {f}  :: weir
pescando {v}  :: gerund of pescare
pescanoce {f}  :: nectarine (fruit)
Pescara {prop}  :: Pescara (province)
Pescara {prop}  :: Pescara (town)
pescare {v}  :: to fish
pescare {v}  :: to get (find)
pescare con rete a strascico {v}  :: To fish from a slow moving boat
pescare con rete a strascico {v}  :: To take fish, or other marine animals, with a trawl
pescare con rete a strascico {v}  :: to trawl
pescarese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Pescara or the Pescara people
pescarese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Pescara
pescasportivo {m}  :: angler
pescatora {n}  :: Only used in the term alla pescatora
pescatore {m}  :: fisherman
pescatrice {f}  :: female fisherman, fisherwoman
pesce {m}  :: fish
pesce abissale {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: abyssal fish
pesce angelo {m}  :: angelfish (marine fish of the family Pomacanthidae)
pesce azzurro {m}  :: a variety of small fishes with blueish green color such as: herrings, mackerels, anchovies, sardines
pesce balestra {m}  :: triggerfish (marine fish of the family Balistidae)
pescecane {m}  :: dogfish
pesce cardinale {m}  :: cardinalfish (marine fish of the family Apogonidae)
pesce chirurgo {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: surgeonfish
pesce civetta {m}  :: flying gurnard (marine fish of the family Dactylopteridae)
pesce combattente {m}  :: fighting fish (freshwater fish of the family Osphronemidae)
pesce d'aprile {m}  :: April fool (literally: April fish)
pesceduovo {m}  :: A frittata in the shape of a fish
pesce farfalla {m}  :: butterflyfish
pesce gatto {m}  :: catfish
pescegatto {m}  :: alternative spelling of pesce gatto
pesce istrice {m}  :: porcupinefish (marine fish of the family Diodontidae)
pesce luna {m}  :: sunfish (marine fish of the family Molidae)
pesce lupo {m}  :: wolffish (marine fish of the family Anarhichadidae)
pesce martello {m}  :: hammerhead
pesce pagliaccio {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: clownfish, anemonefish
pesce palla {m}  :: pufferfish, puffer, globefish
pesce pappagallo {m}  :: parrotfish
pesce persico {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: perch, Perca fluviatilis
pesce pietra {m}  :: stonefish (marine fish of the family Synanceiidae)
pesce pilota {m}  :: pilot fish
pesce remo {m}  :: oarfish (marine fish of the family Regalecidae)
pesce rosso {m}  :: goldfish
pesce sega {m}  :: sawfish (marine fish of the family Pristidae)
pesce spada {m}  :: swordfish
pescespada {m}  :: swordfish
pesce timone {m}  :: Bermuda chub (marine fish of the species Kyphosus saltarix)
pescetto {m}  :: Small fish (such as whitebait)
pesce unicorno {m} [zoology, ichthyology]  :: unicornfish
pesce vela {m}  :: sailfish (marine fish of the family Istiophoridae)
pesce vipera {m}  :: viperfish (abyssal fish of the family Stomiidae)
peschereccio {adj}  :: fishing (attributive)
peschereccio {m} [nautical]  :: fishing boat, smack; trawler; fishing fleet, drifer
pescheria {f}  :: fishmonger's (shop)
pescheto {m}  :: peach orchard
peschicolo {adj}  :: peach-growing (attributive)
peschiera {f}  :: fish farm
peschiera {f}  :: fish pond
Peschiera del Garda {prop}  :: A lakeside town in the province of Verona in Veneto
peschierano {adj}  :: Of or from Peschiera (especially Peschiera del Garda)
peschierotto {adj}  :: Of or from Peschiera (especially Peschiera del Garda)
Pesci {prop}  :: Pisces (the constellation)
Pesci {prop}  :: Pisces (the star sign)
Pescia {prop}  :: A small town in the Pistoia province of Tuscany
pesciaiola {f}  :: fish kettle
pesciaiola {f}  :: smew (Mergellus albellus)
pesciatino {adj}  :: Of or from Pescia
pescicoltore {m}  :: fish farmer; pisciculturist
pescicoltura {f}  :: fish farming; pisciculture
pesciera {f}  :: fish kettle
pesciolino {m}  :: Any of several small, fast fish
pesciolino {m} [informal]  :: A lively child
pescivendolo {m}  :: fishmonger
pescivendolo {m}  :: fishmonger's (shop)
pesco {m}  :: peach (tree)
pesconoce {m}  :: nectarine (tree)
pescosità {f}  :: abundance in fish (of a sea, river etc)
pescoso {adj}  :: abundant in fish (of a sea, river, etc)
peseta {f}  :: peseta
pesiera {f}  :: A set of weights
Pesio {prop}  :: A river that flows in Piedmont
pesista {mf}  :: shot putter
pesista {mf}  :: weightlifter
pesistica {f}  :: weightlifting
peso {m}  :: weight
peso lordo {m}  :: gross weight
peso specifico {m} [physics]  :: specific gravity
pessario {m} [medicine]  :: pessary
-pessi {suffix}  :: -pexy
pessimamente {adv}  :: terribly (very badly)
pessimismo {m}  :: pessimism
pessimista {adj}  :: pessimistic
pessimista {mf}  :: pessimist
pessimisticamente {adv}  :: pessimistically
pessimistico {adj}  :: pessimistic, pessimist (attribute)
pessimo {adj}  :: very bad, awful, foul, dreadful
pestaggio {m}  :: beating up, beating, thrashing, going over
pestalozziano {adj}  :: Pestalozzian
pestando {v}  :: gerund of pestare
pestar {v}  :: apocopic form of pestare
pestare {vt}  :: to beat, beat up, bash, rough up
pestare {vt}  :: to crush, grind, pound
pestare {vt}  :: to trample, step on, tread on
pestar l'acqua nel mortaio {v} [idiom]  :: To do something useless; to waste time
pestata {f} [culinary]  :: paste made by grinding ingredients
pestata {f}  :: pounding, beating
pestata {f}  :: trample
pestatoio {m}  :: pestle
pestatura {f}  :: beating
pestatura {f}  :: crushing
pestatura {f}  :: grinding
peste {f} [diseases]  :: plague
peste {f}  :: pest, nuisance (person)
peste {f}  :: urchin (mischievous child)
pestello {f}  :: pestle
peste suina {f} [veterinary medicine]  :: swine fever
pesticida {adj}  :: pesticidal
pesticida {m}  :: pesticide
pestifero {adj}  :: noxious (smell)
pestifero {adj}  :: pestilential, pestiferous
pestilenza {f}  :: plague, pestilence
pestilenza {f}  :: stench
pestilenziale {adj}  :: noxious (smell)
pesto {adj}  :: crushed, ground, beaten
pesto {adj}  :: livid, bluish, black
pesto {adj}  :: pitch-dark, pitch-black
pesto {m} [foods]  :: pesto
pestone {m}  :: pounder (tool)
pestone {m}  :: treading, trampling
pestoso {adj} [pathology]  :: plague (attributive)
petalo {m} [botany]  :: A petal
petaloideo {adj} [botany]  :: petaloid
petaloso {adj} [neologism, colloquial, botany]  :: petalous, petalsome (full of petals)
petametro {m}  :: petametre
petardo {m}  :: cracker, firecracker, banger, petard
petaso {m}  :: petasus
petauro {m}  :: sugar glider (of genus Petaurus)
petauro dello zucchero {m}  :: sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps)
petecchia {f} [pathology]  :: petechia
petecchiale {adj}  :: petechial
petit-gris {m}  :: fur of the gray squirrel
petitorio {adj} [legal]  :: petitory
petizione {f}  :: petition
peto {m}  :: fart, toot
petonciana {f}  :: rare form of petonciano
petonciano {m} [rare, Central Italy, chiefly , Tuscan]  :: aubergine [British]; eggplant [US]
petraia {f}  :: heap of stones
petraia {f}  :: quarry
Petralli {prop}  :: surname
Petrarca {prop}  :: Petrarch
petrarcheggiando {v}  :: gerund of petrarcheggiare
petrarcheggiante {adj}  :: imitative of the style of Petrarch
petrarcheggiare {vi} [[[poetry]]]  :: to write according to the Petrarchan style; to imitate Petrarch's poetry
petrarchescamente {adv}  :: in the manner of Petrarch
petrarchesco {adj}  :: Petrarchan
petrarchismo {m}  :: Petrarchism
petrarchista {mf}  :: Petrarchist
petrarchistico {adj}  :: Petrarchan
Petrassi {prop}  :: surname
Petrassi {prop}  :: Goffredo Petrassi, Italian composer
petrello {m}  :: petrel
petrello di Madera {m}  :: Zino's petrel
petriera {f} [military]  :: petrary
petrinale {m} [military]  :: petronel
petro- {prefix}  :: petro- (all senses)
petrodollaro {m}  :: petrodollar
petrogenesi {f} [geology]  :: petrogenesis
petroglifo {m}  :: petroglyph
petrografia {f}  :: petrography
petrografico {adj}  :: petrographic
petrografo {m}  :: petrographer
petrolato {m}  :: petrolatum; petroleum jelly
petrolchimica {f}  :: petrochemical industry
petrolchimico {adj}  :: petrochemical
petrolchimico {m}  :: petrochemical
petroldollaro {m}  :: petrodollar (Variant of petrodollaro)
petroliera {f}  :: tanker, oil tanker
petroliere {m}  :: oilman (worker in the oil industry)
petroliero {adj}  :: oil (attributive)
petrolifero {adj}  :: oil, petroleum (attributive)
petrolio {m}  :: paraffin (oil), kerosene
petrolio {m}  :: petroleum, (with the same meaning) oil
petrologia {f} [geology]  :: petrology
petrologico {adj}  :: petrological
petronciana {f}  :: rare form of petonciano
petronciano {m}  :: rare form of petonciano
Petronio {prop}  :: given name, equivalent to Petronius
petrosità {f}  :: stoniness
petroso {adj}  :: hard (as stone)
petroso {adj}  :: rocky, stony
pe-tsai {m}  :: bok choy (Chinese cabbage)
pettazzurro {m}  :: bluethroat
pettegola {f}  :: gossip (female)
pettegola {f}  :: redshank, properly the common redshank
pettegolando {v}  :: gerund of pettegolare
pettegolare {vi}  :: To gossip
pettegolezzo {m}  :: gossip (talk)
pettegolio {m}  :: gossiping, chatter (continuous talk)
pettegolo {adj}  :: gossipy
pettegolo {m}  :: gossip
pettinando {v}  :: gerund of pettinare
pettinandosi {v}  :: gerund of pettinarsi
pettinare {vt} [manufacturing]  :: to comb, card, tease, hackle
pettinare {vt} [of , hair]  :: to comb, dress
pettinarsi {vr}  :: to comb one's hair, to arrange one's hair, to do one's hair
pettinata {f}  :: comb, combing
pettinato {adj}  :: carded
pettinato {adj}  :: combed
pettinato {m}  :: worsted
pettinatore {m}  :: comber (person)
pettinatrice {f}  :: comber (machine)
pettinatura {f}  :: combing or carding of yarn
pettinatura {f}  :: hairstyle, hairdo
pettine {m}  :: comb
pettine {m}  :: reed
pettirosso {m}  :: robin - bird
petto {m}  :: breast (especially of chicken etc)
petto {m}  :: chest (anatomical)
pettola {f} [especially, in plural]  :: Deep-fried, savoury doughnut(s)
pettolina {f}  :: A small pettola
pettorale {adj}  :: pectoral
pettorina {f}  :: bib
pettoruto {adj}  :: broad-chested (man)
pettoruto {adj}  :: buxom (woman)
petulante {adj}  :: petulant
petulantemente {adv}  :: petulantly
petulanza {f}  :: petulance
petunia {f}  :: petunia (flower)
peziolo {m} [botany]  :: petiole
pezza {f}  :: bolt (of cloth)
pezza {f} [heraldry]  :: ordinary
pezza {f}  :: patch (of fabric)
pezza {f}  :: rag
pezza da piedi {f} [figuratively]  :: doormat (someone who is overly submissive to others' wishes)
Pezzali {prop}  :: surname
Pezzali {prop}  :: Max Pezzali, Italian singer
pezzato {adj}  :: piebald
pezzato {m}  :: piebald (horse)
pezzatura {f}  :: size
pezzatura {f}  :: spots, dapple
pezzente {mf}  :: beggar
pezzente {mf}  :: miser
pezzente {mf}  :: wretch
pezzettino {m}  :: little piece, bit
pezzetto {m}  :: small piece, bit
pezzo {m}  :: piece
pezzo {m}  :: plot
pezzo grosso {m}  :: boss, chief, leader, master, top banana, big cheese, big enchilada, big kahuna, grand poobah, head honcho, kingpin, muckety muck, top dog
pezzo grosso {m} [idiomatic]  :: big shot, big wheel, bigwig,
pezzotto {m}  :: patchwork carpet
pezzuola {f}  :: large handkerchief
pezzuola {f}  :: rag
p·f {adj} [music]  :: piano the first time and forte the second time
PG {initialism} [dated]  :: Perugia (on car number plates)
P.G. {initialism}  :: procura generale
PG {initialism}  :: procura generale
P.G. {initialism}  :: procuratore generale
PG {initialism}  :: procuratore generale
Phecda {prop}  :: Phecda, a star in the constellation of Ursa Major
phi {m}  :: phi (Greek letter)
philofobia {f}  :: philophobia
pH-metro {m}  :: pH meter
pHmetro {m}  :: pH meter (variant of pH-metro)
phon {m}  :: hairdryer
piè {m}  :: apocopic form of piede
piè {m} [poetic]  :: foot
piè {m}  :: The footer, in a printed document
pi {m} [mathematics]  :: synonym of pi greco
pi {m}  :: The name of the Greek-script letter Π/π; pi
pi {n}  :: letter: p; pee
più {adj}  :: more
più {adv}  :: comparative of molto; more
più {prep}  :: plus
piaccametro {m}  :: alternative form of pH-metro
piacendo {v}  :: gerund of piacere
piacendosi {v}  :: gerund of piacersi
piacente {adj}  :: attractive, pleasing
piacentemente {adv}  :: attractively, pleasingly
Piacentini {prop}  :: surname
piacentiniano {adj}  :: Related to Piacenza
piacentino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to Piacenza
piacentino {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Piacenza
Piacenza {prop}  :: Piacenza (province)
Piacenza {prop}  :: Piacenza (town)
piacer {n}  :: apocopic form of piacere
piacer {v}  :: apocopic form of piacere
piacere {interj}  :: pleased to meet you
piacere {m}  :: delight
piacere {m}  :: favour, kindness
piacere {m}  :: pleasure, enjoyment
piacere {vi}  :: (followed by a or preceded by an indirect object) to be pleasing to (usually translated into English as like with exchange of the subject and object)
piacere {vi}  :: to be fond of
piacersi {v}  :: reflexive of piacere
piacersi {v}  :: to be interested in, attracted to, each other
piacersi {v}  :: to please oneself
piacevole {adj}  :: pleasing, pleasant, agreeable
piacevolezza {f}  :: pleasantness
piacevolezza {f}  :: pleasure
piacevolissimo {adj}  :: Very pleasant
piacevolmente {adv}  :: pleasantly, agreeably
piacibile {adj}  :: pleasant, enjoyable
piacimento {m}  :: pleasure, satisfaction
piaciona {f}  :: Woman who is trying to please to everyone; likeable woman but also brown-noser
piacione {m}  :: Person who is trying to please to everyone; likeable person but also brown-noser or yes man
piada {f}  :: A thin flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna region
piadina {f}  :: A thin flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna region
piaga {f}  :: curse
piaga {f}  :: plague
piaga {f}  :: sore, scab
piagando {v}  :: gerund of piagare
piagandosi {v}  :: gerund of piagarsi
piagare {vt}  :: To produce sores, to wound, to hurt
piagarsi {vr}  :: To develop or produce sores
piagato {adj}  :: Covered in sores
piaggeria {f}  :: flattery, adulation
piaggia {f} [archaic]  :: stretch of flat terrain interrupting a slope
piaggia {f} [archaic]  :: stretch of sloping terrain, slope
piaggiamento {m}  :: flattery, toadyism
piaggiando {v}  :: gerund of piaggiare
piaggiare {vt} [literary]  :: To fawn, flatter or adulate
piaggiatore {m}  :: flatterer, toady
piagnisteo {m}  :: wailing
piagnisteo {m}  :: whine
piagnisteo {m}  :: whining, whimpering
piagnone {m}  :: A person who is constantly crying or lamenting
piagnucolamento {m}  :: whimpering, whining
piagnucolando {v}  :: gerund of piagnucolare
piagnucolare {vi}  :: To whine, wail or whimper
piagnucolio {m}  :: whimpering, whining
piagnucolio {m}  :: whine
piagnucolone {m}  :: moaner, whiner
piagnucolosamente {adv}  :: querulously, with whining
piagnucoloso {adj}  :: whining, whimpering, moaning
piagoso {adj}  :: Covered in sores
pialla {f}  :: plane (tool)
piallaccio {m}  :: veneer
piallando {v}  :: gerund of piallare
piallare {vt}  :: To plane (woodworking)
piallatore {m}  :: planer (person)
piallatrice {f}  :: planing machine
piallatura {f}  :: planing
pialletto {m}  :: float (plasterer's trowel)
pialletto {m}  :: jack plane (carpenter's tool)
piallone {m}  :: trying plane (carpenter's tool)
pia madre {n}  :: pia mater
piamadre {n}  :: alternative form of pia madre
piamente {adv}  :: charitably
piamente {adv}  :: piously, devoutly
pian {adv}  :: apocopic form of piano
piana {f}  :: plain
pianale {m}  :: flatbed (of a vehicle)
pianale {m}  :: plain (flat countryside)
pianale {m}  :: shelf
pianalto {m} [geology]  :: A plane, in the Alpine foothills formed by the meeting of glaciers
piana salina {f}  :: salt flat
pianeggiando {v}  :: gerund of pianeggiare
pianeggiante {adj}  :: flat, level
pianeggiare {vi}  :: To be flat or level
pianeggiare {vt}  :: To level off or smooth down
pianella {f}  :: mule (heelless slipper)
pianella {f}  :: tile (paving or roof)
pianerottolo {m}  :: landing, stoop (platform in a staircase)
pianerottolo {m}  :: (Northeastern US, Canada) stoop (The staircase and landing or porch leading to the entrance of a residence)
pianeta {m}  :: planet
pianeta nano {m} [astronomy]  :: dwarf planet
pianeta rosso {m}  :: The red planet
pianetino {m}  :: planetoid
piangendo {v}  :: gerund of piangere
piangendosi {v}  :: gerund of piangersi
piangente {adj}  :: crying, weeping
piangente {adj}  :: plaintive
pianger {v}  :: apocopic form of piangere
piangere {vit}  :: to weep, cry
piangersi {v}  :: reflexive of piangere
piangersi {v}  :: to cry, weep
pianificabile {adj}  :: That can be planned
pianificabilità {f}  :: The condition of what can be planned
pianificando {v}  :: gerund of pianificare
pianificare {vt}  :: To plan, to programme
pianificato {adj}  :: planned
pianificatore {adj}  :: planning (attributive)
pianificatore {m}  :: planner
pianificazione {f}  :: planning
pianissimo {adv}  :: Superlative of piano
pianista {f}  :: pianist (female)
pianista {m}  :: pianist (male)
pianistico {adj}  :: piano (attributive)
piano {adj}  :: flat, level
piano {adj}  :: penultimate accented
piano {adj}  :: plain
piano {adj}  :: plane
piano {adj}  :: soft
piano {adv}  :: carefully
piano {adv}  :: slowly
piano {m}  :: floor, storey [British], story [US] (of a building)
piano {m}  :: piano (musical instrument)
piano {m}  :: plane
piano {m}  :: plan, tactic, stratagem, scheme, plot
pianoconcavo {adj} [optics]  :: planoconcave
pianoconvesso {adj} [optics]  :: planoconvex
pianoforte {m}  :: piano, pianoforte
pianola {f} [musical instruments]  :: player piano
piano-parallelo {adj} [maths]  :: plane-parallel
piano piano {adv}  :: little by little, slowly
pianoro {m}  :: plateau, tableland
Pianosa {prop}  :: An island of the Tyrrhenian Sea, situated near the Elba island
pianoterra {m}  :: Variant of pianterreno
pianparallelo {adj}  :: alternative form of piano-parallelo
pian piano {adv}  :: little by little, slowly
pianta {f}  :: [in a shoe or foot] sole
pianta {f}  :: map
pianta {f}  :: plant, tree
piantabile {adj}  :: plantable
pianta da appartamento {f}  :: houseplant
pianta d'appartamento {f}  :: houseplant
piantaggine {f}  :: plantain (Plantago lanceolata)
piantagione {f}  :: plantation
piantagrane {mf}  :: hellion
piantagrane {mf}  :: troublemaker
piantamento {m}  :: planting
piantana {f}  :: pole (scaffolding)
piantana {f}  :: standard lamp
piantana {f}  :: upright
piantando {v}  :: gerund of piantare
piantandosi {v}  :: gerund of piantarsi
pianta perenne {f} [botany]  :: perennial (plant)
piantare {vt}  :: to hammer, drive, stick into
piantare {vt}  :: to jilt
piantare {vt}  :: to plant, sow
piantare le tende {v}  :: to settle down
piantarla {v}  :: to stop or give up an activity; to leave off
piantarsi {v}  :: reflexive of piantare
piantarsi {vr} [informal]  :: to break up [a loving relationship]
piantarsi {vr}  :: to be implanted
piantarsi {vr}  :: to enter
piantata {f} [agriculture]  :: planting
piantato {adj}  :: planted
piantatoio {m}  :: dibber
piantatore {m}  :: planter (person)
piantatrice {f}  :: planter (female)
piantatrice {f}  :: planter (machine)
piantatura {f}  :: A planting
pian terreno {m}  :: alternative spelling of pianterreno
pianterreno {m}  :: ground floor, first floor (floor at the level of the street)
pianticella {f}  :: seedling
piantina {f}  :: A map or a small map
piantina {f}  :: A seedling or a young plant
pianto {m}  :: crying, weeping
piantonaia {f}  :: nursery (for plants)
piantonaio {m}  :: alternative form of piantonaia
piantonamento {m}  :: guarding (watching over)
piantonando {v}  :: gerund of piantonare
piantonare {vt}  :: To guard or watch over
piantone {m} [agriculture]  :: shoot, scion, sucker
piantone {m} [automobiles]  :: steering column
piantone {m}  :: guard
piantone dello sterzo {m} [automobiles]  :: steering column
piantumando {v}  :: gerund of piantumare
piantumare {vt}  :: To plant (a garden or orchard)
piantumato {adj}  :: planted
piantumazione {f}  :: planting (especially of trees)
piantume {m}  :: cultivated trees
pianura {f}  :: plain
pianuzza {f}  :: plaice
piastra {f}  :: hotplate
piastra {f} [military]  :: The baseplate of a mortar
piastra {f}  :: piastre (money)
piastra {f}  :: sheet, plate (of metal etc)
piastra {f}  :: slab
piastra {f}  :: The firing mechanism in antique firearms
piastrella {f}  :: tile
piastrellaio {m}  :: tile maker or layer
piastrellamento {m}  :: bouncing
piastrellando {v}  :: gerund of piastrellare
piastrellare {vi}  :: To bounce
piastrellare {vt}  :: To tile
piastrellista {m}  :: tile maker or layer
piastretta {f}  :: frizzen
piastrina {f}  :: die
piastrina {f}  :: platelet (in the blood)
piastrina {f}  :: tag (ID)
piastrinico {adj} [medicine]  :: platelet (attributive)
piastrino {m}  :: platelet (in the blood)
piastrino {m}  :: plate, plaque (on a wall)
piastrino {m}  :: tag (around the neck)
piastrinopatia {f} [pathology]  :: platelet disorder or disease
piastrinopenia {f} [pathology]  :: thrombocytopenia, thrombopenia
piastrinosi {f} [pathology]  :: thrombocytosis
piastrone {m}  :: plastron
piastrone {m}  :: slab
piatendo {v}  :: gerund of piatire
piatire {vi}  :: To complain
piatire {vt} [legal]  :: To sue
piatire {vt}  :: To beg or nag
piattabanda {f} [architecture]  :: platband, lintel
piattaforma {f}  :: A platform (all senses)
piattaformismo {m} [philosophy]  :: platformism
piattaformista {mf} [philosophy]  :: platformist
piattaia {f}  :: dish rack, plate rack
piattamente {adv}  :: insignificantly, expressionlessly, unimaginatively
piattello {m}  :: plate, disk
piattello {m} [sports]  :: clay pigeon
piattezza {f}  :: flatness (all senses)
piattina {f} [electricity]  :: twin lead
piattina {f}  :: strap (of metal)
piattino {m}  :: saucer (small dish)
piatto {adj}  :: flat
piatto {m}  :: dish (object or food item)
piatto {m} [musical instruments]  :: cymbal
piatto {m}  :: plate
piatto {m}  :: platter, turntable
piatto fondo {m}  :: soup plate
piattola {f} [by extension]  :: pain in the neck
piattola {f}  :: crab louse, crab (insect)
piattola {f} [regional]  :: cockroach
Piave {prop}  :: A river in the Veneto that was the scene of heavy fighting in World War I
piazza {f}  :: market
piazza {f}  :: space, post
piazza {f}  :: square
piazzaforte {f}  :: fortified town
piazzaforte {f}  :: stronghold, fort
piazzaiolo {m}  :: vulgar or coarse person
piazzale {m}  :: A large, open square in a city (Capitalized if named e.g. Piazzale Roma in Venice)
piazzale {m}  :: service area on a motorway etc
piazzamento {m}  :: place
piazzamento {m}  :: placing
piazzando {v}  :: gerund of piazzare
piazzandosi {v}  :: gerund of piazzarsi
piazzare {vt}  :: to land (a punch)
piazzare {vt}  :: to place or put
piazzare {vt}  :: to sell
piazzarsi {v}  :: reflexive of piazzare
piazzarsi {vr} [sports]  :: to come, be placed
piazzarsi {vr}  :: to settle oneself, place oneself, plonk oneself
piazzetta {f}  :: A small square in a city, or a small extension to a piazza (Capitalized if named e.g. Piazzetta San Marco in Venice)
piazzista {mf}  :: salesman / saleswoman
piazzista {mf}  :: sales representative
piazzola {f}  :: green (area around the hole in golf)
piazzola {f}  :: gun emplacement
piazzola {f}  :: lay-by (at the side of a highway)
piazzola {f}  :: loading bay
piazzola {f}  :: ramp, apron (parking places for aircraft at an airport)
piazzuola {f}  :: alternative form of piazzola
picaresco {adj}  :: picaresque
picassesco {adj}  :: Picassoesque
picca {f} [in the plural]  :: spades (suit of playing cards)
picca {f}  :: pike
picca {f}  :: pique, obstinancy, stubbornness, animosity
piccando {v}  :: gerund of piccarsi
piccandosi {v}  :: gerund of piccarsi
piccante {adj} [of cheese]  :: strong
piccante {adj} [of food]  :: spicy, hot
piccante {adj}  :: piquant
piccante {adj}  :: risqué, titillating
piccantissimo {adj}  :: Very spicy, very hot
Piccardia {prop}  :: Picardy
piccardo {adj}  :: Picardy (attributive)
piccardo {m}  :: dialect of Picardy (masculine singular only)
piccardo {m}  :: Native or inhabitant of Picardy
piccare {vi}  :: To peak
piccarsi {vr}  :: to claim [to do something]
piccarsi {vr}  :: to take offense
piccata {f}  :: a dish of escalope of veal fried in butter with parsley and lemon
piccata {f}  :: prick (act of pricking)
piccato {adj}  :: resentful
picchè {m}  :: piqué
picchettaggio {m}  :: picketing (by strikers)
picchettamento {m}  :: picketing
picchettamento {m}  :: staking out
picchettando {v}  :: gerund of picchettare
picchettare {vt}  :: to picket
picchettare {vt}  :: to stake out [plants]
picchettatura {f}  :: staking out
picchettazione {f}  :: staking out
picchetto {m}  :: picket
picchetto {m}  :: stake, peg
picchiaduro {m}  :: fighting game (genre of video game)
picchiando {v}  :: gerund of picchiare
picchiandosi {v}  :: gerund of picchiarsi
picchiare {vi}  :: to beat, to knock, to thump, to tap, to bang
picchiare {vi}  :: to insist
picchiare {vi}  :: to pound, throb
picchiare {vt}  :: to beat, to hit, to thrash, to hammer
picchiare {vt}  :: to strike, to bang, to pat, to tap
picchiare in testa {v} [engine]  :: to hammer of engine's valves
picchiarsi {v}  :: reflexive of picchiare
picchiarsi {vr}  :: to beat oneself
picchiarsi {vr}  :: to fight, have a fight
picchiata {f}  :: nosedive
picchiatello {m}  :: crackpot
picchiatore {m} [boxing]  :: slugger
picchiatore {m}  :: thug, goon, beater
picchiere {m}  :: pikeman
picchierellando {v}  :: gerund of picchierellare
picchierellare {vit}  :: to tap, drum (on)
picchiettando {v}  :: gerund of picchiettare
picchiettare {vi}  :: To patter
picchiettare {vi}  :: To tap (make a tapping sound)
picchiettare {vt}  :: To spot, dab, dot or fleck
picchiettatura {f}  :: pattering
picchiettatura {f}  :: tapping
picchiettio {m}  :: patter, pattering, tapping, drumming
picchio {m}  :: rapping, tapping, knocking
picchio {m}  :: rap, tap, knock
picchio {m}  :: woodpecker
picchio cenerino {m}  :: grey-headed woodpecker
picchio muraiolo {m}  :: wallcreeper
picchio muratore {m}  :: Eurasian nuthatch
picchio rosso maggiore {m}  :: great spotted woodpecker
picchio tridattilo {m}  :: three-toed woodpecker, properly the Eurasian three-toed woodpecker
picchiotto {m}  :: knocker (on a door)
picchiotto {m}  :: nuthatch (of family Sittidae)
picchio verde {m}  :: green woodpecker
piccina {f} [informal]  :: little one (young child)
piccineria {f}  :: pettiness, meanness, small-mindedness
piccinina {f}  :: dressmaker's apprentice
Piccinni {prop}  :: surname
Piccinni {prop}  :: Niccolò Piccinni, Italian composer
piccino {adj}  :: little, small, tiny
piccino {m} [informal]  :: little one (young child)
picciolato {adj} [botany]  :: pedunculate, pedunculated, stalked
picciolo {m} [botany]  :: stalk
piccionaia {f}  :: loft
piccionaia {f}  :: pigeon loft
piccionaia {f}  :: The gods (in a theatre)
piccioncino {m}  :: lovebird (all senses)
piccione {m}  :: A pigeon; more accurately the rock pigeon, feral pigeon or domestic pigeon
picciotto {m} [historical]  :: A member of Garibaldi's army that liberated Sicily
picciotto {m}  :: [Sicily] A young man
picciotto {m}  :: The lowest rank of the mafia hierarchy
picco {m} [figuratively]  :: peak, high
picco {m} [geography]  :: peak, summit
picco {m}  :: peak (of a graph)
picco del petrolio {m}  :: peak oil
piccola {f} [idiomatic]  :: A small glass of beer
piccoletto {adj}  :: Short (in stature)
piccoletto {m}  :: A short person
piccolezza {f}  :: meanness
piccolezza {f}  :: smallness
piccolezza {f}  :: trifle (small, unimportant thing)
piccolina {f}  :: little one (young child)
piccolino {adj}  :: small, tiny
piccolino {m}  :: little one (young child)
piccolissimo {adj}  :: smallest
piccolo {adj}  :: little
piccolo {adj}  :: small
piccolo {adj}  :: young
piccolo male {m} [pathology]  :: petit mal
piccolo trocantere {m} [skeleton]  :: lesser trochanter
picconando {v}  :: gerund of picconare
picconare {vti}  :: To criticize severely
picconare {vti}  :: To pickax
picconata {f}  :: blow with a pickaxe
picconata {f} [by extension]  :: harsh criticism
picconatrice {f}  :: pneumatic pick
piccone {m}  :: pickaxe / pickax, pick
picconiere {m}  :: labourer (who wields a pickaxe)
piccosamente {adv}  :: peevishly
piccosità {f}  :: peevishness
piccosità {f}  :: stubbornness
piccoso {adj}  :: stubborn
piccoso {adj}  :: touchy, peevish
piccozza {f}  :: ice axe / ice ax
Piceni {prop}  :: Picentes
Picenti {prop}  :: Picentes
più che altro {adv}  :: mainly, above all, mostly
pici {mp}  :: pici
picnic {m}  :: picnic (outdoor meal)
picnoclino {m}  :: pycnocline
picnometro {m}  :: pycnometer, density bottle
picnosi {f}  :: pyknosis
picnotico {adj}  :: pyknotic
Pico {n} [rare]  :: given name
picolinato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: picolinate
picometro {m}  :: picometer
picrato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: picrate
picrico {adj}  :: picric
picro- {prefix}  :: picro-
picrotossina {f}  :: picrotoxin
pidduista {mf}  :: alternative form of piduista
pidiessino {adj}  :: Of or pertaining to the Partito Democratico della Sinistra (Democratic Party of the Left), an Italian dissolved political party
pidiessino {m}  :: A member of this party
pidocchieria {f}  :: meanness, stinginess
pidocchio {m}  :: louse
pidocchiosamente {adv}  :: lousily
pidocchioso {adj}  :: lousy (in all meanings)
piduismo {m}  :: The activities of the P2 masonic lodge
piduista {f}  :: Member of the Masonic lodge P2
piùe {adj} [poetic]  :: obsolete form of più
piùe {adv} [poetic]  :: obsolete form of più
piùe {prep} [poetic]  :: obsolete form of più
piedarm {interj} [military]  :: order arms
piedarm {m} [military]  :: order arms
pied-de-poule {m}  :: houndstooth (check pattern)
piede {m}  :: foot
piede d'atleta {m} [disease]  :: athlete's foot
piede dell'atleta {m}  :: Variant of piede d'atleta
piede di corvo {m}  :: caltrop (metal object)
piede di porco {m}  :: crowbar
piedestallo {m}  :: Variant of piedistallo
piedino {m}  :: An insert placed at the foot of a column or page of a newspaper
piedino {m}  :: A small terminal in an electronic assembly
piedino {m}  :: The part of a sewing machine that holds the fabric in place
piedipiatti {mf} [slang]  :: cop, flatfoot
piedistallo {m}  :: pedestal
piedritto {m} [architecture]  :: pier (vertical support)
piega {f}  :: crease
piega {f}  :: fold
piega {f}  :: pleat
piega {f}  :: tuck
piega {f}  :: twist
piegabaffi {m}  :: snood
piegabile {adj}  :: folding
piegabile {adj}  :: pliable, foldable
piegaciglia {m}  :: eyelash curler
piegaferro {m}  :: Device that, or person who bends steel bars (for use in reinforced concrete)
piegamento {m}  :: bending
piegamento {m}  :: folding
piegando {v}  :: gerund of piegare
piegandosi {v}  :: gerund of piegarsi
piegare {vt} [sports]  :: to defeat
piegare {vt}  :: to bend
piegare {vt}  :: to fold
piegare {vt}  :: to fold up
piegarsi {v}  :: reflexive of piegare
piegarsi {v}  :: to bend, droop
piegarsi {v}  :: to submit, yield
piegatore {m}  :: folder, bender (person)
piegatrice {f}  :: folder, bender (machine)
piegatura {f}  :: fold
piegatura {f}  :: folding, bending
piegatura {f}  :: warp
pieghettando {v}  :: gerund of pieghettare
pieghettare {vt}  :: To pleat
pieghettatura {f}  :: pleating, crimping
pieghettatura {f}  :: pleats
pieghevole {adj}  :: folding
pieghevole {adj}  :: pliable, bendable
pieghevole {adj}  :: yielding
pieghevolezza {f}  :: pliability, flexibility
pieghevolmente {adv}  :: pliably
pieghevolmente {adv}  :: yieldingly
pielego {m} [Venice]  :: A kind of boat similar to a bragozzo, used in the nothern part of theAdriatic Sea
pielite {f} [pathology]  :: pyelitis
pielografia {f}  :: pyelography
pielonefrite {f} [pathology]  :: pyelonephritis
pieloscopia {f}  :: pyeloscopy
Piemonte {prop}  :: Piedmont (region in northwestern Italy)
piemontese {adj}  :: Piedmontese (relating to Piedmont)
piemontese {mf} [masculine , singulare tantum]  :: Piedmontese (language)
piemontese {mf}  :: Piedmontese (an inhabitant of Piedmont)
piemontesismo {m} [historical]  :: The cultural and political supremacy of Piedmont over the rest of Italy after he declaration of the Kingdom of Italy (1861)
piemontesismo {m} [linguistics]  :: An idiom or expression that is typical of the Piedmontese language
piemontesità {f}  :: The quality or property of being Piedmontese, Piedmonteseness
piemontesizzazione {f} [historical]  :: During the second half of the 19th century, the extension of the political and administrative system of the Kingdom of Sardinia to the rest of Italy following the unification of the country, also known in English as Piedmontization
piemontite {f} [mineralogy]  :: piemontite, piedmontite
piena {f}  :: crowd, throng
piena {f}  :: flood, spate (condition of a river)
pienamente {adv}  :: fully, completely, absolutely, quite
pienezza {f}  :: fullness
pienissimo {adj}  :: Very full; full up
pieno {adj}  :: full
pieno {adj}  :: full (with food)
pieno come un uovo {adj}  :: full up
pienone {m}  :: full house (crowd of people filling a place)
pienotto {adj}  :: plump, chubby
pieno zeppo {adj}  :: full up [after a large meal]
Piera {prop}  :: given name, feminine form of Piero
Pierangelo {prop}  :: given name
pieride {f}  :: andromeda, a genus of shrubs
pieride {f}  :: pierid, a genus of butterflies
pierino {m}  :: scamp (impertinent child)
Pierino {prop}  :: Dennis the Menace (character)
Pierino {prop}  :: Little Johnny (character)
Pierluigi {prop}  :: given name
Piero {prop}  :: given name; equivalent to English-language Peter
Piero {prop}  :: Peter [biblical character]
Piero {prop}  :: the Epistle of Peter
pierre {mf}  :: Person who works in public relations
pierrot {m}  :: A person dressed in a Pierrot costume
pietà {f}  :: piety
pietà {f}  :: pity, compassion, godliness
pietanza {f}  :: dish, course (of a meal)
pietate {f}  :: obsolete form of pietà
pietica {f}  :: A device used to hold tree trunks that are to be sawed
pietismo {m}  :: pietism, Pietism
pietista {mf}  :: bigot
pietista {mf}  :: Pietist
pietisticamente {adv}  :: pietistically
pietistico {adj}  :: pietistic
pietosamente {adv}  :: mercifully
pietosamente {adv}  :: pitifully, pathetically
pietoso {adj}  :: merciful, compassionate
pietra {f}  :: stone
pietra di paragone {f}  :: touchstone
pietra focaia {f}  :: flint
pietraia {f}  :: pile of stones
pietraia {f}  :: scree
pietraia {f}  :: stone quarry
pietraia {f}  :: stony ground
pietrame {m}  :: (heap of) stones
pietra miliare {f}  :: milestone
Pietrangeli {prop}  :: surname
Pietrangeli {prop}  :: Nicola Pietrangeli, Italian tennist player
Pietrapana {prop}  :: An alpine mountain now called Pania della Croce
pietra preziosa {f}  :: gem
pietra preziosa {f}  :: precious stone
pietra tombale {f}  :: ledger
pietra tombale {f}  :: tombstone
pietrificando {v}  :: gerund of pietrificare
pietrificandosi {v}  :: gerund of pietrificarsi
pietrificare {vt}  :: To petrify (all senses)
pietrificarsi {vr}  :: To be petrified (all senses)
pietrificazione {f}  :: petrification
pietrina {f}  :: flint (for a lighter)
pietrisco {m}  :: road metal, gravel, rubble
Pietro {prop}  :: given name; equivalent to English-language Peter
Pietro {prop}  :: Peter [biblical character]
Pietro {prop}  :: the Epistle of Peter
pietrosità {f}  :: stoniness
pietrosità {f}  :: stony ground
pietroso {adj}  :: stony, stone (attributive)
pievania {f}  :: parish
pievania {f}  :: parsonage
pievania {f}  :: rectory
pievano {m}  :: Variant of piovano
pieve {f} [southern and central Italy]  :: A rural parish church
pieveloce {m}  :: A swift-footed person
piezo- {prefix}  :: piezo-
piezoelettricità {f} [physics]  :: piezoelectricity
piezoelettrico {adj}  :: piezoelectric
piezometrico {adj}  :: piezometric
piezometro {m}  :: piezometer
pifferaia {f}  :: piper (female)
pifferaio {m}  :: piper
piffero {m}  :: fife
Pigafetta {prop}  :: Antonio Pigafetta, Italian scholar and explorer
Pigafetta {prop}  :: surname
pigiama {m}  :: pyjamas
pigiamino {m}  :: sleepsuit
pigiando {v}  :: gerund of pigiare
pigiapigia {m}  :: crowd, throng
pigiare {vt}  :: to press
pigiare {vt}  :: to tread (grapes)
pigiatore {m}  :: A person who treads grapes for making wine
pigiatrice {f}  :: wine press
pigiatura {f}  :: Pressing, treading, of grapes
pigidio {m} [entomology]  :: pygidium
pigionale {mf}  :: tenant
pigionante {mf}  :: A lodger
pigionante {mf}  :: A person who lives in rented accommodation
pigione {f}  :: rent
pigliabile {adj}  :: grabbable
pigliamosche {m}  :: flycatcher, properly the spotted flycatcher
pigliamosche {m}  :: Venus flytrap
pigliando {v}  :: gerund of pigliare
pigliare {vt}  :: A more familiar form of prendere, to take
pigliatutto {adj}  :: all-conquering
pigliatutto {adj}  :: catch-all
piglio {m}  :: look, countenance
pigmalione {m}  :: talent scout
Pigmalione {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pygmalion
pigmea {f}  :: pygmy (female)
pigmentando {v}  :: gerund of pigmentare
pigmentandosi {v}  :: gerund of pigmentarsi
pigmentare {vt}  :: To pigmentate
pigmentarsi {vr}  :: To pigment
pigmentazione {f}  :: pigmentation
pigmento {m}  :: pigment
pigmeo {adj}  :: pygmy
pigmeo {m}  :: pygmy
pigna {f}  :: pine cone
pignatta {f}  :: cooking pot
pignatta {f}  :: hollow block (for building)
pignatta {f} [Latin American culture]  :: pinata
Pignatti {prop}  :: surname
pigneta {f}  :: (Variant of: pineta) pinewood (forest)
pignolata {f}  :: Either of two Italian desserts
pignoleggiando {v}  :: gerund of pignoleggiare
pignoleggiare {vi}  :: To nitpick or quibble
pignoleria {f}  :: fastidiousness, fussiness
pignolo {adj}  :: fussy, fastidious, pernickety
pignolo {m}  :: A fussy person
pignone {m}  :: embankment, dyke
pignone {m}  :: gable
pignone {m}  :: pinion
pignorabile {adj} [legal]  :: That can be distrained; distrainable
pignorabilità {f} [legal]  :: Property of being subject to distraint
pignoramento {m} [legal]  :: distraint
pignorando {v}  :: gerund of pignorare
pignorante {adj}  :: distraining
pignorare {vt}  :: [legal] To distrain
pignoratario {m} [legal]  :: distrainor
pignoratizio {adj} [legal]  :: pledged
pigo {m}  :: kind of freshwater fish of the family Cyprinidae (Rutilus Pigus)
pigolamento {m}  :: cheeping, chirping
pigolando {v}  :: gerund of pigolare
pigolare {v}  :: to cheep
pigolare {v}  :: to chirp
pigolio {m}  :: cheeping, chirping
pigramente {adv}  :: lazily
pi greco {m} [mathematics]  :: pi
pigrezza {f}  :: synonym of pigrizia
pigrissimo {adj}  :: Very lazy
pigrizia {f}  :: laziness, idleness
pigro {adj}  :: lazy
pigrona {f}  :: (female) lazybones, slouch
pigrone {m}  :: lazybones, slouch
PIL {initialism}  :: GDP (prodotto interno lordo)
pila {f}  :: basin
pila {f}  :: battery (electrical)
pila {f} [heraldry]  :: pile (one of the standard geometric designs placed across the center of a coat of arms, such as a pale or fess)
pila {f}  :: pile (all senses)
pila {f}  :: torch / flashlight
pila Bunsen {n}  :: Bunsen pile
pila Bunsen {n} [chemistry]  :: An early electrical battery using multiple cells of zinc and graphite in dilute chromic acid
Pilade {prop}  :: given name
Pilade {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pylades
pilastrata {f}  :: pilastrade
pilastrata {f}  :: pillars, pilasters
pilastrino {m}  :: A small column or pillar (especially one of a series)
pilastro {m}  :: mainstay
pilastro {m}  :: obelisk
pilastro {m}  :: pilaster
pilastro {m}  :: pillar, column
pilatesco {adj}  :: harsh, cruel
Pilato {prop}  :: Pilate
pilatura {f}  :: husking
pile {m}  :: fleece (all senses)
pileato {adj}  :: Wearing a pileo (pileus)
pileo {m}  :: pileus
pileoriza {f} [botany]  :: pileorhiza, calyptra
pilifero {adj}  :: piliferous, hair (attributive), hairy
pillacchera {f}  :: splatter or limp of mud
pillaccheroso {adj}  :: mud-splattered
pillola {f}  :: contraceptive pill, the pill
pillola {f}  :: pill
pillola del giorno dopo {f}  :: morning-after pill
pillolina {f}  :: Little pill; contraceptive pill
pilone {m}  :: pier (of a bridge)
pilone {m}  :: pylon (electrical)
pilone {m} [rugby]  :: prop
pilorico {adj} [anatomy]  :: pyloric
piloro {m} [anatomy]  :: pylorus
pilorospasmo {m}  :: pylorospasm
pilota {adj}  :: pilot (attributive)
pilota {mf}  :: driver (vehicle)
pilota {mf}  :: pilot (aircraft or ship)
pilotabile {adj}  :: steerable
pilotabile {adj}  :: that can be manipulated or influenced
pilotaggio {m}  :: navigation
pilotaggio {m}  :: piloting
pilotando {v}  :: gerund of pilotare
pilotare {vt}  :: to drive [vehicle]
pilotare {vt}  :: to pilot [aircraft or ship]
pilotina {f} [nautical]  :: pilot cutter
piluccare {vt}  :: To pick, pick at, peck or nibble
piluccone {m}  :: A person who picks at his food
pimentando {v}  :: gerund of pimentare
pimentare {v}  :: to spice up (To enhance the flavour of something by adding spice to it)
pimento {m}  :: allspice
pimento {m}  :: pimento
pimpante {adj}  :: lively, exuberant
pimpinella {f}  :: pimpernel (of genus Lysimachia)
pina {f} [regional, variant of pigna]  :: pine cone
Pina {prop}  :: given name
pinacola {m}  :: A card game similar to pinochle
pinacolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pinacol
pinacoteca {f}  :: art gallery, especially one devoted to paintings
pinacoteca {f}  :: pinacotheca
pinaggio {m}  :: A process in the refining of copper in which a pine trunk is inserted into the molten metal
Pinamonte {prop}  :: surname
pinastro {m}  :: maritime pine
Pincherle {prop}  :: surname
Pincherle {prop}  :: Salvatore Pincherle, Italian mathematician
Pincio {prop}  :: A hill in Rome (Pincian hill)
pincopallino {m}  :: Joe Bloggs, John Doe (unknown male person)
Pinco Pallino {prop}  :: Joe Bloggs; John Doe; Joe Average
pindaricamente {adv}  :: Pindarically
pindarico {adj}  :: Pindaric (characteristic of Pindar or his works)
Pindaro {prop}  :: Pindar
Pindo {prop}  :: Pindus
pineale {adj}  :: pineal
pinene {m} [organic compound]  :: pinene
pineta {f}  :: pinewood (pine forest)
pinetina {f}  :: A small pinewood
pineto {m}  :: (Variant of pineta) pinewood (pine forest)
pingendo {v}  :: gerund of pingere
pingere {vt}  :: Variant of spingere
ping pong {m}  :: ping pong
ping-pong {m}  :: ping pong or table tennis
pingue {adj}  :: fat, chubby, plump
pingue {adj}  :: fertile
pingue {adj}  :: rich
pinguedine {f}  :: fatness, chubbiness
pinguemente {adv}  :: chubbily, plumply
pinguemente {adv}  :: fertilely
pinguemente {adv}  :: richly
Pinguente {prop}  :: Buzet, a town in Croatia
pinguino {m}  :: penguin
pinguino africano {m}  :: African penguin
pinguino crestato {m}  :: erect-crested penguin
pinguino dal becco grosso {m}  :: Fiordland penguin or Fiordland crested penguin
pinguino degli antipodi {m}  :: yellow-eyed penguin
pinguino del Capo {m}  :: African penguin
pinguino del Fiordland {m}  :: Fiordland penguin or Fiordland crested penguin
pinguino delle Galapagos {m}  :: Galápagos penguin
pinguino delle Snares {m}  :: Snares penguin, Snares crested penguin or Snares Islands penguin
pinguino di Humboldt {m}  :: Humboldt penguin
pinguino di Magellano {m}  :: Magellanic penguin
pinguino fronte dorata {m}  :: macaroni penguin
pinguino imperatore {m}  :: emperor penguin
pinguino macaroni {m}  :: macaroni penguin
pinguino minore {m}  :: little penguin
pinguino occhigialli {m}  :: yellow-eyed penguin
pinguino papua {n}  :: gentoo penguin
pinguino reale {m}  :: king penguin
pinguino reale {m}  :: royal penguin
pinguino saltarocce {m}  :: rockhopper penguin
pinguino saltatore {m}  :: rockhopper penguin
pinifero {adj}  :: pine-bearing
pinifero {adj}  :: with many pine trees
pinite {f} [mineral]  :: pinite
pinna {f}  :: fin
pinna caudale {f} [zoology]  :: caudal fin
pinnacola {m}  :: pinochle (or similar card game)
pinnacolo {m}  :: pinnacle
pinnacolo {m}  :: pinochle
pinnipede {m}  :: pinniped
pino {m}  :: pine, pine tree
pino {m}  :: pine, pinewood (wood of pine tree)
pinocchiata {f}  :: A type of Umbrian sweet made from pinenuts
pinocchio {m}  :: pine nut, pine kernel
Pinocchio {prop}  :: Pinocchio [character and fairy tale]
pinocitosi {f} [biology]  :: pinocytosis
pinolo {m}  :: pine nut
pino marittimo {m}  :: maritime pine
pinsapo {m}  :: Spanish fir (tree)
pinta {f}  :: pint
Pinturicchio {prop}  :: Nickname of the Italian painter "Bernardino di Betto Betti"
Pinuccio {prop}  :: given name
pinza {f} [chiefly, in the plural]  :: pliers, pincers, tongs, forceps
pinza a coccodrillo {f}  :: synonym of connettore a coccodrillo
pinzando {v}  :: gerund of pinzare
pinzare {vt}  :: To staple (documents)
pinzata {f}  :: staple
pinzatrice {f}  :: stapler, staple gun
pinzatura {f}  :: stapling
pinzatura {f}  :: sting, bite (of an insect)
pinzetta {f}  :: tweezers
pinzimonio {m}  :: A mixture of olive oil, pepper and salt, into which small pieces of raw vegetables are dipped
pinzochero {m} [obsolete]  :: bigot
pio {adj}  :: charitable
pio {adj}  :: pious, devout, prayerful
pio- {prefix}  :: pyo-
Pio {prop}  :: given name derived from the Latin Pius
pioderma {m} [disease]  :: pyoderma
piodermite {f} [pathology]  :: pyodermitis, pyodermatitis
piogenico {adj}  :: pyogenic
piogeno {adj} [pathology]  :: pyogenic
pioggerella {f}  :: drizzle
pioggerellina {f}  :: mizzle
pioggia {f}  :: rain
pioggia acida {f}  :: acid rain
piolo {m}  :: peg, stake
piolo {m}  :: rung, round (of a ladder)
piombabile {adj}  :: sealable (with lead)
piombaggine {f}  :: leadwort
piombaggine {f}  :: plumbago, graphite
piombaggio {m}  :: plombage
piombando {v}  :: gerund of piombare
piombare {vi}  :: to arrive unexpectedly; to turn up
piombare {vi}  :: to pounce (on)
piombare {vi}  :: to swoop (down) (on)
piombare {vt}  :: to fill (teeth)
piombare {vt}  :: to seal (originally with lead)
piombatura {f}  :: filling (all senses)
piombatura {f}  :: seal
piombatura {f}  :: sealing
piombemia {f} [pathology]  :: The presence of lead salts in the blood, characteristic of lead poisoning
piombifero {adj}  :: plumbiferous, lead-bearing
piombinese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Piombino (a Tuscan town) or the Piombino people
piombinese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Piombino
piombino {m}  :: seal (of lead)
piombino {m}  :: sinker (fishing weight)
Piombino {prop}  :: a town in the province of Livorno in Tuscany in Italy
piombo {m} [chemistry]  :: lead
piombo {m}  :: grey
piomboso {adj}  :: leaden, plumbeous
più o meno {adv}  :: more or less, approximately, around
piometra {f} [pathology]  :: pyometra
pione {m} [physics]  :: pion
pionefrosi {f} [pathology]  :: pyonephrosis
pioniera {f}  :: pioneer (feminine)
pioniere {adj}  :: pioneer (attributive), pioneering
pioniere {m}  :: pioneer, pathfinder
pioniere {m}  :: sapper
pionierismo {m}  :: pioneering attitude or action
pionieristicamente {adv}  :: pioneeringly
pionieristico {adj}  :: pioneer (attributive), pioneering
pionio {m} [physics]  :: pionium
pioppa {f}  :: Variant of pioppo
pioppaia {f}  :: poplar grove
pioppeto {m}  :: poplar grove
pioppicolo {adj}  :: poplar (attributive)
pioppicoltore {m}  :: poplar grower
pioppicoltura {f}  :: poplar growing
pioppo {m}  :: poplar (tree of the genus Populus)
pioppo {m}  :: the wood of such tree
piorrea {f} [pathology]  :: pyorrhea, pyorrhoea
piorroico {adj}  :: pyorrheal
piota {f}  :: sod, turf
piovanello {m}  :: sandpiper
Piovani {prop}  :: surname
piovano {adj}  :: rain (attributive)
piovano {m}  :: parish priest
piovasco {m}  :: shower (fall of light rain)
piovendo {v}  :: gerund of piovere
piovere {v}  :: to fall (figurative)
piovere {v}  :: to rain (singular only)
piovere a catinelle {v}  :: rain cats and dogs (to rain very heavily)
Pioverna {prop}  :: A small river that flows in Lombardy
piovigginando {v}  :: gerund of piovigginare
piovigginare {vt}  :: To drizzle or mizzle
pioviggine {f}  :: drizzle, mizzle
piovigginoso {adj}  :: drizzly
piovischio {m}  :: drizzle, light rain
piovosità {f}  :: rainfall
piovoso {adj} [weather]  :: rainy, wet
piovoso {m} [historical]  :: Pluviôse (the fifth month of the French Republican Calendar)
piovra {f}  :: octopus
pipì {f} [informal]  :: pee, wee
pipa {f}  :: pipe
pipaio {m}  :: pipe-maker
pipando {v}  :: gerund of pipare
pipare {vit}  :: To smoke (a pipe)
pipata {f}  :: pipe smoke (instance of smoking a pipe)
piperita {adj} [only used in menta piperita, peppermint]  :: pepper, peppery
piperno {m} [geology]  :: A type of igneous rock found in volcanic regions
pipetta {f}  :: pipette
Pipino {prop}  :: Pippin, Pepin
pipistrello {m}  :: bat (flying mammal)
pipita {f}  :: hangnail
pipita {f}  :: pip (disease of poultry)
pippa {f}  :: pipsqueak, squirt (person)
pippa {f}  :: wank, hand job
pippaiolo {m}  :: wanker
pippare {vt} [slang]  :: To snort or sniff (cocaine)
Pippi Calzelunghe {prop}  :: Pippi Longstocking (fictional character invented by Astrid Lindgren)
pippiolino {m}  :: picot
Pippo {prop}  :: given name
Pippo {prop}  :: Goofy (Disney character)
pippolo {m}  :: pimple
pippolo {m}  :: pip, grain, seed
pira {f}  :: pyre
piragna {m}  :: piranha
piramidale {adj}  :: pyramidal
piramidale {m} [muscle]  :: pyramidalis, pyramidalis muscle
piramidale {m} [skeleton]  :: triquetral bone, triquetral, pyramidal bone
piramide {f}  :: pyramid
piramidione {m}  :: pyramidion
piramidologia {f}  :: pyramidology
piramidologo {m}  :: pyramidologist
piramidone {m}  :: pyramidon, aminophenazone
Piramo {prop}  :: Pyramus
Piramo {prop}  :: The ancient name of the Ceyhan river, that flows in Turkey
pirandellianamente {adv}  :: In a Pirandellian manner, Pirandellianly
pirandelliano {adj}  :: Pirandellian (characteristic of the works of Luigi Pirandello)
Pirandello {prop} [masculine , only]  :: Luigi Pirandello (1867–1936), Italian dramatist and poet
Pirandello {prop}  :: surname
piranha {m}  :: piranha
Pirano {prop}  :: Piran (small town in Slovenia)
piranosico {adj}  :: pyranose (attributive)
piranosio {m} [carbohydrate]  :: pyranose
pirargirite {f} [mineralogy]  :: pyrargyrite
pirata {adj} [intellectual property]  :: pirated, ripped
pirata {m}  :: pirate, filibuster, buccaneer, corsair
pirata {m}  :: swindler, shark
pirata della strada {m}  :: hit-and-run driver, road hog
pirata informatico {m} [computing]  :: hacker, cracker
piratando {v}  :: gerund of piratare
piratare {vt} [computing]  :: To hack
pirateggiando {v}  :: gerund of pirateggiare
pirateggiare {vi}  :: To commit piracy
pirateria {f}  :: piracy (all senses)
piratescamente {adv}  :: piratically
piratesco {adj}  :: piratical
pirazinamide {f} [medicine]  :: pyrazinamide
più recente {adj}  :: most recent, last, latest
pireliometro {m}  :: pyrheliometer
Pirelli {prop}  :: surname
Pirelli {prop}  :: Pirelli Tyre company
Pirellone {prop}  :: (by extension) The regional government of Lombardy
Pirellone {prop}  :: The Pirelli company skyscraper in Milan
pirenaico {adj}  :: Pyrenean
pirene {m} [organic compound]  :: pyrene
Pirenei {prop}  :: Pyrenees
piressia {f} [medicine]  :: pyrexia
piretico {adj}  :: pyrexial, pyrexic, pyretic
piretogeno {adj} [pathology]  :: pyrogenic, pyrogenous
piretoterapia {f}  :: pyretotherapy, pyrotherapy
piretro {m}  :: pyrethrum (plant and insecticide)
pirex {m}  :: pyrex
pirico {adj}  :: guns, burning (attributive)
piridina {f} [organic compound]  :: pyridine
piridinico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: pyridinic; pyridine (attributive)
piridinio {m} [organic chemistry]  :: pyridinium
piridossina {f} [organic compound]  :: pyridoxine
pirimidina {f} [organic compound]  :: pyrimidine
pirimidinico {adj}  :: pyrimidinic
pirite {f}  :: pyrite
piritico {adj}  :: pyritic, pyritous
piritoedro {m} [mathematics]  :: pyritohedron
Piritoo {prop} [Greek mythology]  :: Pirithous
pirla {mf}  :: fool, moron, idiot
pirla {m} [regional, vulgar]  :: dick, cock, prick
pirlo {m}  :: An apéritif made from white wine, Campari and seltzer
piro- {prefix}  :: pyro-
pirocatechina {f} [organic compound]  :: synonym of pirocatecolo
pirocatechinico {adj} [organic chemistry]  :: pyrocatechinic
pirocatecolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pyrocatechol
piroclastico {adj}  :: pyroclastic
piroclasto {m} [geology]  :: pyroclast
pirocloro {m} [mineral]  :: pyrochlore
piroconducibilità {f}  :: pyroconductivity
piroelettricità {f} [physics]  :: pyroelectricity
piroelettrico {adj}  :: pyroelectric
piroetta {f}  :: pirouette
piroettando {v}  :: gerund of piroettare
piroettare {vi}  :: To pirouette
pirofila {f}  :: heat-resistant or ovenproof dish
pirofilo {adj}  :: heat-resistant, ovenproof
pirofobia {f}  :: pyrophobia
piroforico {adj}  :: pyrophoric
pirofosfatasi {f} [enzyme]  :: pyrophosphatase
pirofosfochinasi {f} [enzyme]  :: pyrophosphokinase, pyrophosphatase
pirofosforico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pyrophosphoric
pirofregata {f} [nautical]  :: A frigate that was powered by steam as well as sail
piroga {f} [nautical]  :: dugout canoe (or similar)
pirogallico {adj}  :: pyrogallic
pirogassificazione {f}  :: pyrogasification
pirogenando {v}  :: gerund of pirogenare
pirogenare {vt}  :: [organic chemistry] To crack (hydrocarbons)
pirogenazione {f} [organic chemistry]  :: cracking (of hydrocarbons)
pirogeno {adj}  :: pyrogenic
pirografia {f}  :: pyrography, pokerwork
pirografico {adj}  :: pyrographic
pirografista {mf}  :: pyrographer
pirografo {m}  :: poker (used in pyrography or pokerwork)
pirolisi {f} [chemistry, physics]  :: pyrolysis
pirolitico {adj}  :: pyrolytic
pirolo {m}  :: button (to be pressed)
pirolo {m}  :: peg (on a musical instrument)
pirolo {m}  :: pivot
pirolusite {f} [mineralogy]  :: pyrolusite
piromane {mf}  :: pyromaniac
piromania {f}  :: pyromania
piromanzia {f}  :: pyromancy
pirometallurgia {f}  :: pyrometallurgy
pirometallurgico {adj}  :: pyrometallurgical
pirometro {m}  :: pyrometer
piromorfite {f} [mineral]  :: pyromorphite
piro-piro {m}  :: sandpiper
piroplasmosi {f}  :: piroplasmosis, babesiosis
piroscafo {m}  :: steamer, steamship
piroscissione {f} [chemistry]  :: pyrolysis, cracking
piroscissione a vapore {f} [organic chemistry]  :: steam cracking
pirosfera {f} [geology]  :: pyrosphere
pirosi {f} [pathology]  :: pyrosis
pirosolfato {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pyrosulfate
pirosolfito {m} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pyrosulfite
pirosolforico {adj} [inorganic chemistry]  :: pyrosulfuric
pirossenite {f} [geology]  :: pyroxenite
pirosseno {m} [mineralogy]  :: pyroxene
pirotecnia {f}  :: alternative form of pirotecnica
pirotecnica {f}  :: pyrotechnics
pirotecnico {adj}  :: pyrotechnic
pirottino {m}  :: muffin / fairy cake case (paper)
pirottino {m}  :: ramekin
pirrico {adj}  :: Pyrrhic
Pirro {prop}  :: Pyrrhus
pirrolo {m} [organic compound]  :: pyrrole
Pirrone {prop}  :: Pyrrho
pirroniano {adj} [philosophy]  :: Pyrrhonian
pirronismo {m}  :: Pyrrhonism (form of scepticism)
pirrotina {f} [mineralogy]  :: pyrrhotite
piruvato {m} [organic chemistry]  :: pyruvate
piruvico {adj}  :: pyruvic
Pisa {prop}  :: Pisa (city)
Pisa {prop}  :: Pisa (province)
Pisacane {prop}  :: surname
Pisacane {prop}  :: Carlo Pisacane, Italian patriot
Pisani {prop}  :: A noble family of Venice
Pisani {prop}  :: surname
pisano {adj}  :: of Pisa (city of Italy); from Pisa; Pisan
pisano {m}  :: Pisan (native or inhabitant of Pisa)
Pisano {prop}  :: a municipality in Piedmont
Pisano {prop}  :: surname
Pisano {prop}  :: the region surrounding the city of Pisa, Tuscany
Pisaroni {prop}  :: surname
piscatorio {adj}  :: piscatory, piscatorial
pischello {m}  :: boy, lad
pischello {m}  :: greenhorn, novice
piscia {f}  :: piss
pisciacane {m}  :: dandelion
piscialetto {m}  :: brat (child)
piscialetto {m}  :: piss-a-bed (dandelion)
piscialetto {m}  :: rookie, greenhorn
pisciando {v}  :: gerund of pisciare
pisciare {v} [vulgar]  :: to urinate, to piss
pisciarella {f} [informal]  :: A need to urinate often
pisciasangue {m}  :: babesiosis
pisciasotto {m}  :: coward
pisciasotto {m}  :: wimp
pisciatoio {m}  :: urinal (public)
piscicoltore {m}  :: Variant of pescicoltore
piscicoltura {f}  :: Variant of pescicoltura
piscina {f}  :: swimming pool
piscio {m}  :: piss
piscione {m} [informal]  :: pisser
piscioso {adj} [vulgar]  :: pissy, covered in piss
piscivoro {adj}  :: piscivorous
pisellaia {f}  :: pea field, pea bed
pisellaio {m}  :: (Variant of: pisellaia) pea field, pea bed
pisellino {m} [childish]  :: willy, wee wee, peter (penis)
pisellino {m}  :: diminutive of pisello
pisello {m}  :: pea (plant and vegetable)
pisello {m} [vulgar, slang]  :: cock, pickle (penis)
pisello odoroso {m} [flowers]  :: sweet pea
più siamo meglio è {proverb}  :: A greater amount of something is better
più siamo meglio è {proverb}  :: It is more fun with more people
più siamo meglio è {proverb}  :: the more the merrier
pisiforme {adj}  :: pisiform
pisiforme {m} [skeleton]  :: pisiform, pisiform bone
Pisistrato {prop}  :: Pisistratus
pisolando {v}  :: gerund of pisolare
pisolare {vi}  :: to nap or doze
pisolino {m}  :: snooze, nap, forty winks
pisolite {f}  :: pisolite
pisolite {f}  :: pisolith
pisolo {m}  :: nap (short period of sleep)
Pisolo {prop}  :: Sleepy (Disney character)
pispola {f}  :: meadow pipit (Anthus pratensis)
pisquano {m}  :: pip-squeak (insignificant person)
pisside {f}  :: pyx
pista {f} [aviation]  :: runway
pista {f} [skiing]  :: ski run, ski slope, piste, trail
pista {f} [slang]  :: line (of cocaine)
pista {f} [sports]  :: track, racetrack, racecourse, course, rink
pista {f}  :: track (sound stored on a record, cassette, etc)
pista {f}  :: track, trail, scent, clue
pistacchio {m}  :: nut (of a tree, generally)
pistacchio {m}  :: pistachio (tree and nut)
pista d'atterraggio {f}  :: landing strip
pista di atterraggio {f}  :: airstrip
pista di atterraggio {f}  :: runway
pista di decollo {f}  :: airstrip for landing and take off
pista di decollo {f}  :: runway for landing and take off
pistagna {f}  :: coat collar
pistard {mf} [cycle racing]  :: track cyclist, track rider
pisticcese {adj}  :: Of or from Pisticci
Pisticci {prop}  :: A town in the Matera province of Basilicata
pistillifero {adj} [botany]  :: pistilliferous, pistillate
pistillo {m} [botany]  :: pistil
pistino {m}  :: A racetrack (or similar course) for mountain bikes
Pistoia {prop}  :: Pistoia (province)
Pistoia {prop}  :: Pistoia (town)
pistoiese {adj}  :: Of or relating to Pistoia or the Pistoia people
pistoiese {mf}  :: A native or inhabitant of Pistoia
pistola {f}  :: alternative dated form of epistola
pistola {f}  :: pistole
pistola {f}  :: pistol, gun
pistola ad acqua {f}  :: water pistol, squirt gun, water gun
pistolero {m}  :: gunman
pistolese {adj}  :: Of or from Pistoia
Pistolese {mf}  :: Native or inhabitant of Pistoia
pistolettata {f}  :: shot (from a pistol)
pistolino {m} [childish]  :: willy, wee wee, peter
pistolotto {m}  :: lecture, talking to, telling off
pistolotto {m}  :: peroration
pistoncino {m}  :: small piston, plunger
pistone {m}  :: piston
pistone {m}  :: valve - of a musical instrument
pistrino {m} [obsolete]  :: mill
pitaffio {m}  :: alternative form of epitaffio
Pitagora {prop}  :: Pythagoras
pitagoricamente {adv}  :: in a Pythagorean manner
pitagoricamente {adv}  :: very frugally
pitagorico {adj}  ::